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How Old!!!!!
8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband OMG........He is a bit too young for her don;t you think.....LMAOOOOOO
Every Body
sup people like i said hit me up,if u want to have a real party any one from dayton,ohio can call me at 937-267-4389. peace.
To See Death Ahead Is To Chase Life Today
another day I awake another one I am thankful for.  I push past the thought of the pain and push through my day my favorite song buzzed through my head into the mystic.  I look around at the petiness of people not realizing how much worse things could be for them.  And yet I feel like a thief stealing one more day from what is trying to be taken from me.  I will fight in my mind and against my body.  I will let you watch over me for now.  But the end is inevitably mine.  And I will choose it for all the right reasons.  I do appreciate that wisp of breeze bringing in the sweet smell of fresh blooming honeysuckle.  Do others notice it does not matter.  I see more of life than I wanted to at this age I am more aware of what some cannot expect to have to go through.  but I can tell you this I won't waste one single minute on anger hate or disappointment or let anyone take me to a place where I lose my precious moments in time.  Make everyone count.  Stay above the Fray!
My Life
hey everyone my life as of right now is ok my daughter is 13 months she will be 14 months on the 3rd. The father of my kid and i arent toghter anymore but tryen to start over as friends and all that other shit.
Scars Of My Imagination
Hidden underneath my scars,This was always the hardest part,To bleed my true identity,I don't understand what life has done to me.Breathing from the inside out,I close my eyes,My tears slowly shout.A broken bruise,In a fallen heart,I don't know who I am,I didn't from the start.You say you know me,But you really don't,You see the Hurt,That once had shadowed me.I lie to you,Because you lie to me,When you say Im beautiful,The inevitable truth is seen.I cover my pain,I smile through tears,This is me faking,I've done it all these years.You will never know,What I truly feel,You will never see,Who I really am,Because not even I,Know that person.Other than the scars I have left,And the pain I seem to leave,You are nothing but an infigment of my imagination.You are the Scars of my Imagination.  So what good am I to anyone ... really? I love with more only to lose it all!!
I Know what you want me to say,To make the truth go away,But I won't lie,It's just not in me,That letter I wrote,Was meant for you to see.It's not what you want to hear,But I'm being pure,Read it and leave,If it's what you want.I'll be here if you need me,I'll give you my eyes to see,My breathe to breathe,My love if you need.......I know what you want me to say,But honestly,The truth, will NEVER go away. 
Not What I Wanted
I want to cry,My life has spun around,My dropping tears,Are the only sound.Killing me in my dreams awake,My life is at stake.To crawl in a corner,And shut myself out,Lately my life,Has been filled with doubt.Ignoring my thoughts,And regretting my past,I hide under the covers,How much longer will this hurt last?Swimming in fears,Forever forgotten,I hate myself,This is not what I wanted. 
Have You Ever..
Have you ever felt out of your own though your watching in....seeing all ur dont know where to see yourself you fall to your see in your eyes you want to die....but your praying to god please...have you ever felt not though you were someone else....looking in the see a is our fear...that puts us in danger...have you ever felt like your not even though your in a movie...and all you feel is go by the lines...never worrying whats at stake...have you ever wondered why this poem makes sense...because like you...ive felt this way too...we lose thought of ourselves...and dont know what to do...we run...and find a different that will make us something more question...just from thought...have you ever wanted to just know who you are...without it being sought...that is something...we must feel alone...for we are only is not the w
please come join us at rawkmyworld....... where all the fun is... it is a great room we just need ppl to join us and make it even more fun
please come join us at rawkmyworld....... where all the fun is... it is a great room we just need ppl to join us and make it even more fun
Swine Flu Makes Zombies???
There has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in London due to mutation of the H1N1 virus into new strain: H1Z1. Similar to a scare originally found in Cambodia back in 2005, victims of a new strain of the swine flu virus H1N1 have been reported in London. After death, this virus is able to restart the heart of it’s victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.” The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alert to phase six, its highest level, and advised governments to activate pandemic contingency plans. In Mexico, the epicentre of the outbreak, President Felipe Calderon urged people to stay at home over the next five days. There are many cases elsewhere - including the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Israel, and New Zealand. BBC health correspondent
Auction Hot Me Up!
  You know you love me so come bid on me!" target=_blank>" border=0>  
Relationships That Keep You Happy
To all my friends who have been through hell and back. Keep in mind the more your relationship is full of respect and love and open communication you will be very happy. If it is not then find a way to come to equal ground or just walk away from each other. It is not worth the pain and effort of running back to each other.  Always remember that those who you let go and come back to you that it was meant to be. Do and don'ts: Do have friends of both sexs: This helps because you both will understand each other and able to have a healthy relationship Don't make everything about you: This is dangerous especially all you males reading this.. Never abuse or degrade who you are with. Even though it may seem fun at the time it will end you up in jail and possibly probation or more Do take the time and do something romantic: OMG yes this one is a major plus in there book. Number one way to keep the spark alive is to make her feel wanted and needed. You don't need game for this just give you
Crazy About...
Horses. I own 2 now and have 2 trainers work'n 4 me. If you like horses, lets chat..........Sue
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Writtings In The Sand
My Fu Owner
[ - *Glitter Photos*]   the man i fondly call "TONY"  
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My Brother Emmett Cullens Profile
Emmett Cullen@ fubar
My life feels like a constant ocean beating the shore Every wave slapping the rocks the way a hand meets your face with furry Your words feel like those waves Never ending And always back to hurt more With every sentence another wave With every wave another agonizing blow The more intense the storm the more intence the waves The shelter in the truth has been lost. What once was clear is now just a reminder of what used to be.
Southwest Styles & K.o.s.
Look for the up comming album release!!!
Le Sigh
Am I the only one that when upset says whatever is on my mind at the moment, even if its something I am not wanting? My mouth has always been my worst enemy and I wish I knew how to correct it. Ya, I have heard stop and think before speaking, but there are times when I am hurting that I can't stop and anything on the tip of my tongue is spewed. Maybe living life as a mime would be better at times, yet I could never not speak, I am too much of a people person. I won't say what this blog is really pertaining to, all I will say is once again my mouth did it to me :(
*spanish Words Of The Day!*
1. *Cheese*  The teacher told Pepito to use the word cheese in a sentence.  Pepito replies: Maria likes me, but cheese fat! 2. *Mushroom*  When all my family get in the car, there's not mushroom! 3.  *Shoulder*  My fren wanted to become a citizen but she didn't know how to read so I shoulder. 4.  *Texas*  My fren always Texas me when I'm not home wondering where I'm at! 5.  *Herpes*  Me and my fren ordered pizza.  I got mine piece and she got herpes. 6.  *July*  Ju told me ju were going to tha store and July to me! Julyer! 7.  *Rectum*  I had 2 cars but my wife rectum! 8.  *Chicken*  I was going to go to the store with my wife but chicken go herself. 9.  *Wheelchair*  We only have one enchilada left, but don't worry wheelchair! 10.  *Chicken* *Wing*  My wife plays the lottery so chicken wing! 11.  *Harassment*  My wife caught me in bed with another woman and I told her "Honey, herassment nothing to me!" 12.  *Bishop*  My wife fell down the stair so I had to pick the bishop!
Reality F*cking Check
Swine flu may sound nasty. As of late Thursday, there are 236 cases of swine flu and eight confirmed deaths worldwide. But by comparison an estimated 600 people die of tuberculosis, about 1,400 people die from strep and 2,704 people die from a common asbestos-related lung cancer in the United States every year. Last year the seasonal flu took the lives of 83 children and an estimated 36,000 adults in the United States, according to the CDC. Of course, pandemics can be deadly and need public health measures. The 1918-1919 influenza pandemic killed more people than the entire First World War. Estimates range from 30-50 million lives lost, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But in every flu pandemic since, the numbers have luckily dwindled. The 1957-1958 pandemic flu took 70,000 deaths above the normal flu season, and the 1968-1967 pandemic flu caused 33,000 more deaths than the average flu season. The virulence of the virus does matter, but public
I know that the Swine Flu thing is SERIOUS, however here is a cute lil joke:   Miss Beatrice, The church organist, Was in her eighties And had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness And kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor Came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, The young minister noticed a   cute glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water, and in the water Floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned With tea and sco
Hugh's Fueral
All week Hugh has been telling me how he is dieing of the Swine Flu, I shed many tears this week knowing that a dear friend would shortly perish. Today he tells me hes feeling better, this comes as a disappointment since Ive picked out the dress. I even had my whole Mystery woman outfit picked out. I was going to wear Jacki O sunglasses a big wide brim hat and red lipstick with a black slinky dress and high heals. I had the whole placing a single red rose on his casket and sighing planned out. Hes taken all this away from me, so my choices were limited, hence why I picked out a few people to help me Kill HIM.... I WILL NOT LOOSE MY CHANCE TO PLAY THE MYSTERY WOMAN....  
Tryin It Out
I'm new here so yeah I'm tryin stuff out. I think I like this place. I might have to stick around. If you want me to stick around send me a message, or a friends request or something and holla atcha girl and let me know. I might actually use this thing to let people know what's goin on with me too lol... Muah have a great day!
I hade my first asparagus of the season last night, now everytime I go for a wee, it smells like something crawled up my winky and died.
New Flavor Of Ice Cream
New Flavor Icecream!!   > In Honor of the 44th> President of the  United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has issued a new flavor, " Barocky Road .">>> Barocky Road is a blend of half Vanilla, half> Chocolate, and surrounded> By Nuts and Flakes.>>> The Vanilla portion of the mix is not>  openly advertised and usually Denied as an> ingredient.>> The Nuts and Flakes are all very bitter and hard> to
A Darn Shame!
WRITTEN BY A 15 yr. old SCHOOL KID: Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word 'God' is mentioned... . A kid wrote the attached foe a school project. NEW School prayer: - Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It now violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes us liable. We can elect a
a piercing scream breaks the silence! there are no signs of a struggle, no signs of violence he looks around bewildered and confused was it a trick of the imagination? some sort of mental ruse? he stops and ponders, then ups, and wanders, searching for the source. where did it come from? a cry uttered with such force. he sits on the groud and tries to clear his mind. a silent meditation looking for an answer from inside. in his trance-like state he sees his own desires, laid out before him on the landscape of his soul. in his mind he stands alone, he sees a path ahead, should he stand and should he walk, or should he heed the dread? in his mind he makes a decision, he will stand and explore this vision. he rises on legs of lead, his footsteps sap his strength, he starts to walk along the path of undecided length. as he walks he passes things he has seen before, people he has met, places he has been, all appear like he has opened an invisible door. he walks past the terror
Guys Point Of View?
From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the roomand you jump up and tackle him without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till he morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. LET US PAY FOR YOU! DON'T 'FEEL BAD' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'thank you.' Kiss us when no one's watching. If you kis
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Joke Of The Day...
Joke of the Day A crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside. As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:   COLD BEER: $2.00HAMBURGER: $2.25CHEESEBURGER: $2.50CHICKEN SANDWICH: $3.50HAND JOB: $50.00   Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers.   She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker.   "Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?"   The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?   "She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".   The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good
What Flavor Smoothie Are You?
You Are a Pineapple Smoothie You are adventurous and brave. You aren't afraid of much. You are in love with new experiences. You are usually the first to try something. You get bored rather easily, and you need to be challenged in life. You are turbo charged. Most people find it impossible to keep up with you in any capacity. What Flavor Smoothie Are You?
The Rose Test
You Believe that Love is Mysterious When you think of love, you think of what could be possible in the future. In love, you see things how they could be. You are wrapped up in your own dreams. If you are in love, you want the whole world to know it. You don't hold back with letting people know. You are impatient in love. You are so eager to fall in love that you often fall for the wrong person. The Rose Test
On The Block Again
Of Students, Former Students & Panties
As a high school teacher, I meet some interesting folks. A few events from April of '09 prove this point. - April 9 ~ A former students went on trial for murder, was found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison. - April 15 ~  A bright, hard working, yearbook staff member from 16 years ago was charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual battery. One assault was on a 78 year old women, another was of a boy of 13. - Most recently, one of my student aides, a 2001 graduate, was  describe by authorities as having "an underwear fetish" after police recovered 276 pairs of women's underwear, 38 bras, 58 bottles of perfumes and lotions, and "hundreds of photos of his victums taken as souveniors."  I could go on and on, but hey, we all know there are some strnge folks of there. In fact,  we could be one of them - lol                                   
Touches Your Heart
A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart
What Do U Like
what kind of ice cream do u like mint or orange cream
When You Cant Makeup Your Mind
The More You Have
Do Not Judge Me!
If you judge people, you have no time to love them
Treat People
Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.
Not Afraid
Free Tats
so a roommate  that is moving in with me works on cars and a tattoo artis as well and he is going to do some art on my body for free since i help him out with rent and things he is a pretty cool dude who had a fuck up life like i did some what   the problem is iam not really sure what i want but since the size nor the color matter i guess i have tons to pick from   i also plan on getting a few more pierceings i plan on getting my nipples done althought my friend had his doner and said his hurt like hell for a month i wouldl ike to know if that is true but i am for sure going to get my dick pierced in time
You Love A Woman Because;
So Dougie and I, being both foreign movie junkies, got this Italian movie from Netflix- Salo.   I dont think I will ever be the same... It is based in Nazi Italy, and is revolved around a buncha old sick men and women capturing a buncha boys and girls, raping and torturing them in process.   This movie is perfect for you, if you are into:   naked 17 yo boys and girls a 17 year old boy fucking an old man up the ass an old man making a naked girl eat his shit an old man spreading his ass and showing it off to everyone bizarre graphic orgies a teen boy jerking an old dude off an old woman graphically describing having anal at 7 yo with a 50 yo guy describing him jerking off and cumming on her face after she peed in his mouth when she was 9yo   teens fucking each other as punishment   nipples being burnt off   a tongue being cut out   an eyeball being cut out catch the drift  
May God Look Over His Family
Authorities say 32-year old Shawn Stewart of Walkersville was killed Monday while turkey hunting in Lewis County. A search of the Stonewall Jackson Wildlife Management area was launched when Stewart failed to meet up with members of his hunting party after a day in the woods. A number of volunteers and emergency personnel combed the woods until locating Stewart's body Tuesday evening across the bay from the Vandalia Ramp of Stonewall Jackson Lake. He had been shot in the head.   State Police and Conservation Officers from the DNR are investigating the incident. Officers say he suffered a gunshot wound to the head, but investigators aren't saying if it was a rifle or shotgun. State Police collected forensic evidence Tuesday and authorities are today interviewing other hunters who may have been in the area at the time of the shooting.   Stewart was an avid outdoorsman and very familiar with the area. He was an accomplished bass fisherman with several wins on the West Virginia Bass F
my email is hit me up if u wanna chat
sometime today maybe later tonight i will be pulling the plug on our puters and moving them over to our new place its not supposed to be hooked backup til the 7th of may so ill be gone for a bit butttt i will have my yahoo on my cell turned on so if any of yu that need me and have me on yahoo just shout:P
Im looking for someone willing to Make a trade; ive got BLING, and im looking to trade to get Bling packs for a Couple friends of mine; If anyones able to, or knows of anybody that can, please do let me know!   Packs large and Small; anythings doable!   PM, or SB me, if you coudl assist me on this!
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry   I'm sorry if I let you down I'm sorry if I made you frown I'm sorry if I made you cry I'm sorry but I'm not sure why...   I'm sorry if I hurt your heart I'm sorry if you fell apart I'm sorry but I need to know what's going on so I can grow...     4.30.09 fester   I'm sorry
1.Have you ever gone muddin'? nope2.Have you ever lived on a dirt/gravel road? yes3.Ever been swimming in a lake or river? Nope. But I have been swiming in a pond4.Ever been to a bonfire party? No5.Have you ever driven a tractor? nope6.Have you ever been on a horse? Sure have, love it 7.Ford or Chevy? Chevy 8.Kissed someone in a pick up? yep9.Whats your favorite country song? I don't have one10.Ever done 90 miles per hour down a dirt road? no11.Worked / Lived on a farm? No 12.Been to a rodeo? uhhh, no13.Do you own cowboy boots? Nope. I did when I was in 4th grade though, lol. They were blue jean =/ 14.Do you have a cowboy hat? nope15.Have you ever said git r done?
for all my friends isay hi and nice to met you all thanx
New Member Here's A Little Info
A real wild passionate sensual man down to try out all new things with the ladies also looking to meet real down ass people.
Up Late, Home From Work Where's The Party?
So , I am usually up late after work. Bars are closed so it's either T.V. or computer.I live in Tacoma, Wa.and am looking for some fun. Let me know what's going on...
One More Thing!
I figured that once all this shit is over and know for sure they've gotten it all, I'm going to get a tattoo with the color for cervical cancer put on my neck with I  Survived an won the fight! Let me know what ya'll think?
Good News???
Well the day before yesterday I got word that  Dr. Chester isn't going with the extra 5 external radiation treatments not to sure why but he also lowered the dose in which I've been getting anyways I have 2 more to go an 1 chemo plus 2 more internal radiations which I think is good news, Chester had done an exam on me an said that it seems that their getting it all however I will have to wait for at leat 2-3 weeks if not longer for the swelling to go down in my (PUSS).....LOL...... Then they will be doing a CT scan again to make sure they've gotten it and damn I hope & pray they have cause if not I don't know if I can handle another round of this shit or even going through surgery to have everything taken out, but anyhow I wanted you all to know that to me this is good news & I can not wait to hear them say we've killed it all an not have to worry anymore and go on with my life although I do know that I'll have to see them for check-ups after all this to make sure there isn't cancer el
Glorious May
Yay may is here and with it the last month before winter. It's now friday night (New Zealand time) and I was just popping on to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I won't be on as im away duck shooting. Cheers all, have a good one Andy
Jst Tht
 jst thnk'n bout sum shyt. check'n out thz kindof old move SEE NO EVIL,                            i seen jst bout all da good movie. but shty like,.. THE EYE-ASYLUM-the number23-ONE MISSED CALL- HANNIBAL, & sumother'z. tht  'kane' wuz da shyt                                 get bck wit mea                                                       
Doug Fir (portland Or.) May8
Hey, good show coming up at the doug fir in Portland,5/09/09 come by if you see me say hey. I will maybe buy you a drink, If you are hot enough. jUst look for the guy with mohawk....
  I wake up staring at the ceiling. I stare into the white paint as I lie there…alone. I get up and get dressed wondering what new things are to come in this day. I try to speak to people around me, but their responses are blank and dull. I realize I should have not spoken at all I should have stayed away…alone. I loved a person once. I loved them so much that I didn’t care what wrongs they did as long as they came back to me, and stayed with me. I thought I had found a person to love and have with me, and in my life. The person left and didn’t look back and they left me…alone. I almost gave up all hope on finding a person, another like my self, and someone whom I could be with. I again thought I found someone. I thought it was true and real. The love, passion, and connection were beyond that of anything I had ever known. As I got closer and everything got stronger I began to get further from them. The more I learned about them the further apart things
Losers On Drugs
I was ask the other day  about my views on drugs.  I told my friend you really honestly dont want my opinion do you He said yes.  I said well if I tell you,  it may end our friendship.  He looked at me strange but said no come on I ask the question say your piece. I said and I tried hard not to bore him or now bore you with the details but here goes Since the age of 5 years old,  my mother (not bio mom) got hooked on meds to help her slim down.  It went from them to harder shit.  Most were uppers and downers. It was a horrible life,  she was always out of her mind on drugs.  She would slide across the floor pissin and shittin,  yelling to the top of her lungs. I never understood why my father not real father bu adopted,  stayed with her. She made my life a living hell and I feared for my life all those years till I moved out at the age of 19. The only good thing she ever taught me was what drugs will do to you.  They fuck you up!!!! I said so in my opinion drugs are for losers.
Little Mann From A Land Of Spice And Curry-rap
sHort man came from a far eastern land a dreamers gotta dream to fill his heart desire to be heard music from the city light has lead to seek you out to place where people die daily in quicksand flows of music that drift little man to a new land facing with a new hands a fiens addiction for fire rock reminisse of there first hit passions their heart with conpirecy as customer sneak,hide,and avoid the popo for just to chance switch 20 bucks for a dub from a man while hes standing but we all gotta eat someway so folks please understand them it’s at an era where taking care of your self takes an earlier age if you want to be able last in this game, twelves yeara old trying
Lamps Bleed Sick Light
Night overwhelms burning eyes although birds do choose to sing while it comes to no surprise sleeping is too hard a thing Lamps bleed sick light feeling like Im bound turning off the light makes me sleep sound
Cupcake Application
    So you wanna be a Cupcake?MUST meet the following requirements.*You must be an ACTIVE member of the Beautiful Brutality Lounge**You HAVE to show us that you can be brutal.. we may all LOOK sweet & stuff.. but that is NOT ALL we can be**You must have your page open to the public so that all the girls can go and see what your about and get to know you on they're own**You must have a yim & give it to one of us so we have a way of contacting you**We do EVERYTHING together... if you think this is one of those groups you can just put in your name & not participate in.. you're dead wrong**IF all members of the mafia think you "fit" into our family we will then welcome you in**You must provide ur OWN photoshopped or painted tranny hamster & give it a name* (we will explain the meaning of this upon entry to the group)*This is not an easy group to get into although it seems like it is.. we LOVE our family and ONLY bring in the BEST of the best girls.. and we ARE r/l best friends with one a
Cupcake Application
  So you wanna be a Cupcake?MUST meet the following requirements.*You must be an ACTIVE member of the Beautiful Brutality Lounge**You HAVE to show us that you can be brutal.. we may all LOOK sweet & stuff.. but that is NOT ALL we can be**You must have your page open to the public so that all the girls can go and see what your about and get to know you on they're own**You must have a yim & give it to one of us so we have a way of contacting you**We do EVERYTHING together... if you think this is one of those groups you can just put in your name & not participate in.. you're dead wrong**IF all members of the mafia think you "fit" into our family we will then welcome you in**You must provide ur OWN photoshopped or painted tranny hamster & give it a name* (we will explain the meaning of this upon entry to the group)*This is not an easy group to get into although it seems like it is.. we LOVE our family and ONLY bring in the BEST of the best girls.. and we ARE r/l best friends with one anot
Relationships are hard. It’s like a full-time job, and we should treat it like one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks’ notice. There should be severance pay, and before they leave you, they should have to find you a temp
I M Up For Auction For The First Time, You Want Me? Check Me Out Then Bid, Bid, Bid, I Have Lots To Offer U Won T Regret It (repost)
Happy And Sad
Blessed are the cracked; for it is they who let in the light.
A Message From A Friend Of 14 Years 4 /30/ 2009
Larr , i got Bad news todayMy Doctor told me i haveLiver Cancer ,  Jim
Prayers And Thoughts Needed
  I want you guys to meet a very wonderful woman,i guess you could say she is my sister....we always have. Her parents were my babysitters but it grew into so much more than that. I was with them more as a young child that my own parents it seemed so anyway. Not because i was neglected mind you but because in my eyes they was my Mama Darlene and Daddy Cecil. They always treated me as their own. We lost daddy Cecil to cancer not long aftebr losing my own mother to cancer, and then we lose Mama Darlene to cancer soon after losing my step mother to cancer. Cancer is a horrid thing to go through. Its hell on the patient and family also. And I know this woman is worried but I also know it is more for her family than herself. She was my world as a child I followed her everywhere. My sister if not by blood but also my idol. Well to say the worst she has found out that not only did her cancer come back but has spread to other organs as whether you believe or not please take just
Damn It
Will I be able to sleep tonight or will I be just laying in bed thinking... I can't take my sleeping pill...i work tomorrow... I have so much on my mind that it's killing me and depressing me....   I wish things could just be easier....    
Rewarding Our Faith.
I've been in this bathroom looking myself over for the last five minutes.Lost contemplating the amassing lines and crevaces on my smile, at the edge of my eyes... on my constantly befuddled brow. When did the handsome boy die? Replaced by this empty ambitionless man. I used to chase stars, I used to smell heaven. I used to live for the impossibility of true love.That I could fix anything. I could help anyone.That I could some day be perfect. A few handfuls of water, a fresh spray of spit on the mirror and he's still there, looking back at me with uneven features, and a sloped hairline... just like my cowlick twenty years ago. Twenty years... and I'm still somehow here. I thought little boys disapeared after 16.That there was no life after that. Just a snap of the fingers, a click of the zinc pin and the wonderful alchemy of black grit to fire, propelling a metal orb that vanished us away. Death is magic. So is sex.And these days things have been a bit mundane.
Your So-called "drama" Is Not Mine...
I would just like to say that I feel that I am in the very fortunate situation to actually say, that I have no antimosity towards anyone on here. I have no beef with no guy or girl, regardless of mutual relationships or situations. I am here STRICTLY in a recreational and entertaining manner. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am just a big goofball. I don't take any of this fu-stuff seriously, and I'm not supposed to. More of you that do take this too seriously, should re-evaluate priorities and "relationships" on here. I refuse to take a place or medium seriously where you can give a $100 unicorn to someone, and have it mean "something" lol. I understand that not everyone on here will get along with certain others. However, that doesn't mean that the enemy of my "friend" is my enemy. I don't give a flying rat's butt cheek about someone's "beef" with another. And no, that doesn't mean I'm a punk, or a pussy, or a "lame ass nigga", as has been mentioned in my shoutbox or random profi
The Beginning
I'm not sure when I actually started changing. Some would argue that you always change. But up until a certain point, I didn't. Everything I believed in, everything about me, stayed basically the same. When i was 20, I met a woman. Someone I told everything to, shared all my dreams, all my expectations in life. Her name was Rachel. She was three years younger than me. I still remember the first night I met her.One of her friends had the hots for my best friend. They came to my house and my mom's boyfriend had a karoake machine. I sang to her and the rest was history. I still remember our first time together, it was Valentines Day. We had tried many times, but never had the privacy till that day, and the day before she had her wisdom teeth cut out, so her face was swollen, she looked like a chipmunk, I'm sure she was in pain, but she didn't care, and I didn't care what she looked like, she was the woman I loved. After she finished high school we got a place together. Had alot of ups
Forgotten One.
Never look back. Never turn back. There's nothing left for the forgotten one. For the one I love. The one I've always tried to save but only ended up hurting. I've pushed you away with no reason for you to return. I now only have one purpose in life, Not to help but to hide. Hide from the world I once knew. Then I will have helped you. I live life alone hoping that one day you'll forgive me and my wrongs done to you. Maybe then my soul will be set free. Free to go to the happy place I once knew. A place when I was with you. Until then you'll remain in my heart. Forever and always.   ©ADP
Sell Me
ok so i want to buy a bling pack or a cherry bomb but no one wants to sell me one or anything so i thought i would write a blog about my upsetness thats my new word well yea im upset because yea i wanted to bling ppl and cherry bomb ppl but cant well i guess ill go if your selling pm me will buy for 1mil-hector
..i have a twin sister who is the yen 2 my yang. She has a beautiful soul but her mind is sick; her spirit is crippled & is, there4, fundamentally bad. I love her but do not like her. I, too, am mentally ill. DON'T BE SCARED! I function well most days & have the know w/ all 2 stay the hell away from the world when im not. Its the nature of the beast; it runs deep n my mother's family & affects mostly the women. I am not lost because i know that a sick head is chemistry. My soul is wise & my heart is happy so there is a perpetual belief that theres a cold beer & a hug on the other side of my hell. It makes the crawl thru much easier 2 toler8. Does that make sense? I hav an xtremely low self esteem but am selfless by nature so it doesn't diminish the quality of my life. I'v never had an enemy. Every1 i have evr known has loved me & does love me still. I fall in love easily but without pain and it is forever. I am happy when sum1 i love falls n love w/ anothr. love isnt a possession. ..
Im Sick Of Smiling & So Is My Jaw
I heard about your trip.I heard about your souvenirs.I heard about the cool breeze, in the cool nights,and the cool guys that you spent them with.Well I guess I should have heard of them from you.I guess I should have heard of them from you.Don't you see, don't you see,that the charade is over?And all the "Best Deceptions" and "Clever Cover Story" awards go to you.So kiss me hard'cause this will be the last time that I let you.You will be back somedayand this awkward kiss that tells of other people's lips will be of serviceto keeping you away.I heard about your regrets.I heard that you were feeling sorry.I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us.Well I guess I should have heard of them from you.I guess I should have heard of them from you.I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers,I'll be all right when my hands get warm.Ignoring the phone,I'd rather say nothing. I'd rather you'd never heard my're calling too late,too late to be gracious and yo
"mistress Of The Night!"
          Power she has...               Control she is in...                  Never disgrace for it will               tear your soul apart...                Always obey her everlasting                commands...               Mistress of the Night...               Do as instructed...               Never resist for offering is ever               so tempting...               Always & forever will domonate your           &nb
Lost And Looking For Reason
I thought I was on a path that was clear only to find that im in a strange place and not knowing whats going on anymore.Thoughts of how did i get here and what will become of what i thought was myself.Lookin for the outside in wonderin where to begin findin a bitter sweet truth that nothing is what it seems.In the light of indiffrence I seem to have found a sence of peace in this alterd state 
i think of you and my body trembles, the way you touch me, the way you kiss me, the way yo squeeze me...can you be that man my life is missing?? one can make me feel like you hug me like you love me, you kiss me like you'll never see me again, you squeeze me like you need say i will always have your heat, i you still love me???? stir feelings in me that have been locked away for a long time...confused...lost...needing...i feel that you can give my soul what it's been missing...your essence, your skin, your hands, your lips...all i think about is you!!!!!...your Mr. Hyde holds me back, not wanting to deal with him....i want to be with you constantly...a tender squeeze makes my river ripple...a sensual kiss makes my river rush...a long passionate hug makes my river enraged!!!!!...i think of opening my love door, pretending i can't find the key, bricks laying around the door...i put back can i love when i don't believe in love??
Stuff You Might Wanna Know About Me ^^
1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT?I have one on my left ankle from taking a drunk tumble down the stairs at a club2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM?A WoW poster, and tinkerbell crap3. DO YOU SNORE, GRIND YOUR TEETH, OR TALK IN YOUR SLEEP?I twitch4. WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?Absolutely everything5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN?6:35am6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW?To snuggle a certain someone 7. WHAT DO YOU MISS?My doggie8. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION(S)?My computer, my cats..and do my boobs count?9. HOW TALL ARE YOU?5'510. DO YOU GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC?newp11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK?Nope 12. THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY?My Mom13. WHAT'S YOUR WORST FEAR?Deep water that I can't see to the bottom of 14. WHAT KIND OF HAIR/EYE COLOR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX?Light eyes 15. WHERE CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF PROPOSING?I'd hope I was the one being proposed to 16. COFFEE OR ENERGY DRINK?Ew, neither. 17. FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING?pepperoni
Hosting An Auction
    Hey All I am hosting a Auction.....please message me for details thank you.
When Reality And Make Believe Come Face To Face
Fu-land is an amzing place at times. Then there are the times it bites you in the bum. I have a friend a very special friend he is a real face to face friend. I get to hug him and hold his hand I tell him my worries. In return he gets to hug me hold my hand and we comfort each other. For days an online friend of his keeps coming to me asking personal questions. I answer tentatively and do not feed her curiosity. tonight I get a message from her telling me she is his girlfriend and lover for the past two years. We live cleear across the country he and I in one city she as far away as possible. I tried to explain to her that prostituting yourself on cam is not being a lover and chatting online is not being a girlfriend.... But then i still feel as if even though he is my real life friend somehow I have been cheated and misled... I do not feel jealous or angry just confused at how never meeting someone you can tell a real life friend to stay away from your MAN. How can she live with anoth
Moving Math
I'm a little less than half way home.  Or, "home," as it doesn't seem like home, yet. Thus far: Hours between return from Guatemala and departure for great plains: 58. Number of kitties sleeping contentedly on lap: 1. Hours it took to load all of my things into a 20 foot trailer: 7. Number of people it took to load said trailer: 5. Conservative estimate of the number of sexual favors necessary to garner said people's help moving: 17. Number of blown tires on trailer: 2. Number of showerheads in my Iowa hotel room: 2. Number of showerheads that work: 0.
Last Time To Own Me For A While
    Heres your chance to own Ponyboy0827! He's the truest most reliable friend on Fubar you could have. So.. what are you waiting for? Click the picture below and > > BID BID BID This auction is an all type bid auction. Bids of tickers, blasts, VIP's, Bling, HH's are preferred, however, fu-bucks are all welcome. But, cash gifts outway fubuck offers. Auction runs 5pm Est. March 30th - 5pm Est. April 7th.
It's Cold
Winter's coming .. I feel like sneaking under the covers and goin to sleep. It's too cold.
The Reason I Draw And Paint
The reason I draw and paint is that in my late teens I met a woman by the name of Carmin, whom inspired me on so many levels it's difficult to describe. From my understanding both Carmin and my mother Sharon both grew up in the same neighborhood as children, and were best friends most of high school. One day Carmin started smoking marijuana. Supposedly a lot of students were doing it at the time although my mother never did. Everything seemed to be going fine both of their grade averages were high as usual. Then one Friday night my mother borrowed the family car and they went to a nearby drive-in theater to see the movie Jaws 3-D. Apparently after a large soda and presumably some popcorn Carmin and my mother made their way over to the washrooms. On their way back to the car a tall man in a gray trench coat and long brimmed stetson hat fifty years out of style asked them if they wanted to buy some magic beans. Normally they would ignore a complete stranger however Carmin giggled, &ldquo
im really bored...cant ya tell lol
did you ever notice things aroud you that seem to be a coinicedencemay be there were songs on the radio that you and your lover had...hay is this, yet may seem strange to some maybe no one pays attetion.ive notice sometimes that life can bring back a lot form the past. it may seem werid but it can come true.   the past was yesterday and yars and a second ago, if anyone pasys attetion they may see the past come back. ny hypothasis is maybe karma erworking backwords may be its just a coincidense no one knows, it doeshave a reason and its a good one to prevebt mistakes over and over. i know ive seen things life may or maynot restart itself. but what do we all know
Just becouse you get older, doesent mean you are dead. So live life and god blesss.
Why Do I Feel So ............
I just got a call from my father. Oy vey! How is it that he can still make me feel so goddamn small? I'm damn near 51 years old and he still fucking intimidates the FUCK outta me! Dammit Jim! Now I'm in a bad mood and such! :( Somebody snap me out of it!!    
Taxes Does This Pertain To You Hmmmm
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Taxpayers to get rude surprise INSIDE WASHINGTON: Millions of couples, retirees may have to repay some of Obama tax credit Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press Writer On Thursday April 30, 2009, 6:55 pm EDT Buzz up! Print WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millions of Americans enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama's "Making Work Pay" tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring. The government is going to want some of that money back. The tax credit is supposed to provide up to $400 to individuals and $800 to married couples as part of the massive economic recovery package enacted in February. Most workers started receiving the credit through small increases in their paychecks in the past month. But new tax withholding tables issued by the IRS could cause millions of taxpayers to get hundreds of dollars more than they are entitled to under the credit, money that will have to be repaid at tax time. At-risk taxpay
Ooohs, Another Lovely Request
Do I not get the bestest requests :P hi how are u babe.. From you a lot of like .. Request from you.. msn messanger Do you give me your address?? me msn address > > > > > darkman-  add pls.. save your kisses for me babe.... my pennis Do you want to see... Chest very beautifull ..I want to lick the chests danielguiz LMFAO
Break Ups
I thought our love would grow,but i guess that isn't so.I thought our love was vastTurns out it didn't last.I'm not sure what i didor what i could of done.I guess it was all in fun,the kind that always ends,you were the kind that always pretends.your love for me wasn't real,and im so quick to heal,your love was sure to grow maybe because someone else sowed,her name ill leave out of this,but you i will not have done me wrong,never treated me right,here comes another fight.I only tried my best But you loved your girlfriends chest.I gave you all i had theres nothing left aroundbroken branches and no sound.soon the seeds will bloom of another relationship hopefully not of doom.the sun is rising high theres a tear in my eye,I watch the last of yourempty lies blow away.away away away.
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Billy Grunts.
  The door squeaked as it pushed open from the outside. Slipping in behind a gust of wind, and the sound of a city engulfed with the end of the day rushed, were three men. Dressed, as anyone in this neighborhood would say, "to the nines", they shook off the cold, and the snow, but somehow could not shake off the eyes of everyone seated within this homage to the long lost saloons of days now gone. Everything made of wood, and covered in at least several years worth of spilt liquor and/or beer. Holes in every wall, from one guys fist, or maybe another guys head. And the faint smell of blood, and what could be feces, or just could be the combined breath of every dirty and drunk person scattered about the interior.       The three men stood still for a moment, and took everything in. The first man, an elderly gentleman by the name of Peter "Petro" Cassaro stood at the forefront of the trio. His cream colored sharkskin jacket tapered perfectly to his body, concealing the Derringer he kep
please keep my lil bro in your thoughts and prayers, he is right now waiting on his taxi to take him to post. he leaves for kuwait tonight for a year tour. thanks so much!                                        kisses,                                              booboo
Kick Ass Lounge!!!!!!!
The Legends Bar & Grill">@ fubar
Convo Between Me And Two Others
I really hate it when others start shit with me, that doesnt even involve them, nosey bitches, no offence or anything but yeah thats pretty much of what you are.. plus someone doing someone elses work for them also called kissing someone elses ass because of whatever that person did, when it IS in the wrong. this is what you dont do to me, because i dont do it to someone else.This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, This is what NOT to do with Millie, assuming shit from her, you wont like the outcome, and then kissing someone elses ass by doing of what the person that has done wrong needs to do for THEMSELVES! i tend to do these rantings about the wrongness of others. how would you like it if someone IMs or SB you about something like this?! would you feel the way i do and do something similar... or... do it an another way? well me, i dont care either way, i just hope that these people tend to do it the RIGHT way and NOT the WRONG way. (Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right).. anywho tr
The answers were so FUN Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you!Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT!1. Would you be in control?    I love being the submissive one2. Would you pull my hair?    Yes. When I am about to have an orgasim I either will pull hair or dig my nails in your back3. Would you whisper in my ear?    When we are out with friends I will whisper the things we would be doing...4. Would you talk dirty to me?    In and out of the bedroom5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?    a little in the beginning and then a lot6. Would you say my name?    Of course7. Would you go down on me?    If I am into you hell yes8. Would you let me give you a hickie?    With my job I can't 9. How many rounds would we go?   If we are into eachother all through the night10. What would you wanna do afterwards?     Cuddle11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?     Yes12
Prequel To Ho Ass Dude
I jus cant stand bitch made ass niggas these niggas are the ones that seem all good to ur face but behind doors they are the one stabbing you in the back talkin shit str8 disrespcting. After a while u realize that  there all around u and every person u thought was a friend.. isnt. And trying to get these people to realize that there hoes and u cant .. so u have to play their games but jus before u start to become jus like them u fuck them over.. you might have to rob them or beat their ass but it worth it... its the only way you can get these people away.. yea,  you might have to hurt some real friends along the way but its all worth it. To them its gonna hurt so bad its gonna rock their world. They'll get mad and start to tell everyone they kno that such and such is a bitch or wateva but realize that they were doin it before u fucked them over.  
Fu Slammers Family
i am starting fu slammers family and it will be a family that will help and assist other family members level and other problems that members are having.and help there friends when possible  must add - fan - rate - add to family all members of the family.... so please shout me or private message me if you like to join.
The Sum Of My Thoughts
through it all, the last two years in this exile I have but one thought. Life might be worth living if I had even a single friend. what Id like to know is why it is theres so many weepy shows about suicide right now even as nobody does anything about the self absortion and snobbery that drive folks like me to that point. hear this now-when I do go I dont want anybody tearily recounting how they tried to reach out to me. cause reaching out to a person doesnt mean shit if you do it with nothing but insults and crap. oh and to my neighbors-if you want me to talk to you like human beings you shopuld try treating me like one. Just cause I ignore your trash talk doesnt mean Im deaf.
My Grandson Was Born 3 Months Pre-mature
on March 29,2009 my grandson Daniel was born 3mos. pre-mature and to this day remains in the hospital and will stay at least till june thought my friends should know
They are everywhere here!!!  I think I'm the only female without boob shots or nekkidness in my photos.  If you wanna see my boobies, just see me drunk at a bar somewhere...ask my boyfriend.  Maybe I will post boob pictures the next time I am shitfaced on fubar...'cause my boobs come out at the bar when I am shitfaced there.    (really, I am kidding...about the fubar thing, anyway...)   PS - This is not an eBay listing...LOL!
My First Auction
Want to own me?  I'm in my first auction.  I'm offering the following: Here's the link: Even if you don't want to own me, feel free to come rate my pic.  Thanks!
Wherever You Go
Perspectivev Right Leg Quote Tatt's
This will be a list of quotes i like/love and would like to get tattoo's on my right leg in scroll work 1) "You do not love a woman because she is beautiful, She is beautiful because you love her - Unknown" 2) "Any time spent with a redhead is worth more than any man can afford - Me" 3) "While the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, Redheads derive from cats - Mark Twain" 4) “Sex is like air, it's not important unless you aren't getting any - Unknown” 5) "Try not, Do or do not, there is no try - Yoda"
A Fake!
Real_Soldier he is such a real soldier than why judge a person such as myself all cause I have a chipped tooth, I am not one for judging someone but I say he had no right to do that all cause I didn't give him my cell phone number. *rolls eyes* an he has no salute either only has one pic and that is not right being level 12 to the rest of us who does a salute.
Sad Month
I hope everyone will bare with me for a while , May is a bad month for me and my husband..This would have been the month i was supposed to have my baby, My only baby that we have been trying for 10 yrs... And i lost him this past dec at 5 months along...I had him crematied and so he sits here in my room on a shelf.. We have been thinking bout haveing him buried so i know he is safe.  If anyone wants to see picsture of him  let me know... So please bare with me if im moody,, R.I.P Christian Joesph Spencer MOMMY and DADDY LOVE AND MISS U SO MUCH  
Anything I Feel Like Writing
I have many friends on Fubar, and i like them just fine but of course i believe there is more to accepting friend requests to others. They see it as getting points or fucks, oh big whoop! The meaning to having a true friend on any given social network is the connection you have with them ultimately.
4-h Lamb For Girl Troll
Well - I thought we would have to wait another year -but -it turns out my daughter is old enough to show a lamb at the county fair this summer.  We are going to pick it up tomorrow.  She is excited!!   I hope she doesnt cry when she has to sell it.
What I Want
This is what I want. I want to for once to find someone that I can be happy with and  feel like I mean the world to him. I want to be able be comfortable talking with that person about anything and not regret what I say. I want to be happy,silly, I want to feel like i am the one of the greatest things his life and have him feel the same way. I want to feel pain, heartache and frusteration so that i know that it is real at times when it doesnt. I want to be different and not be judged, have emotions and not be laughed at and differences and not be critisized. I want to feel like are always 2gether no matter how miles part us and to know that know that no matter what we are always there 4 each other to rely on for comfort,guidance and a little reassurance to know that everything is ok. That is what I want.
3 Words
If we woke up naked together using only 3 words what would you say to me? Pass it on to both genders see what funny things you get
"Of course I had feelings for her! I saw her naked!" "There's no place for truth on the internet" -Harold Wolowitz(The Big Bang Theory)
Wanting More
I see myself holding you close to me,Squeezing your body tight.But for all I see as I daydream-I know I'll get tenfold tonight.Running my palms across your breast,As you tremble and bite your lip.Feeling your hands upon my chest,The softness of each fingertip.Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft,And slowly lowering my kiss.Over pert nipples, across your navel,And finally into pure bliss.Looking upon your face from below-As you tilt back your head.Feeling your fountains begin to flow-As you ease back on the bed.Your "innocent little devil" look-Crying insatiably with the sensation.Lip to lip lapping up every drip-From the well of your creation.The way you pull me up by the hair-To the heat of your mouth, on fire.No other thoughts, no other cares,Just the quenching of mad desire.Riding the tide of passion,Pushing my love into you.On the waves of your emotion-In slow motion, so sweet and true.Pulse pounding in resounding rapture,Taken to the hilt, then just past.Rhythm growing, faces glowi
Ohh Yea!
~*tink Is Up For Auction...own Your Very Own Sinner*~
Lovers Dance
Glistening bodies entwined in an ageless erotic dance,seeking pleasures from each other,seeking wonder and romance.She touches his face with tenderness.He draws her body near.Aching, needing hunger will make their destiny clear. Their lips meet in soft kisses,their tongues begin passion's war.Forgotten now, the outside world. All is here, behind this door. He strokes her body tenderly,she arches up for his caress.He finds her silken portal and her womanly wetness.She moans in fiery desire and pulls his hand away,wishing to end this exquisite torture and get on with passion's play. She straddles his waiting body,eases him into her feminine hollow.She leads him on a rhythmic dance,his thrusting hips must follow. She rides him faster, even then,to hear his wondrous sighs.She shows him all the delights she has between her womanly thighs. They stare into each other's eyes and gasp as ecstasy unreels,and tangles them in a lover's knot that every answer reveals. Sated, they lie side by side,s
Be Strong!!
Could Be Mine
You could be mine,The taste of your skin rollingGliding over my senses.Erotic fantasies flashing overIn my mind, to let me know howMuch they don't compare to you.I can almost feel the soft press ofYour body, warm, firm, molding withMine to form a perfect being.Nimble fingers and hands workingTheir spell over my desires.We could be one, you know that,We could become trapped in ourFancies staying tied down in ourOwn little play world held back byA thirst that can't be quenched.I could be yours, wrapped in clearBlanket on display for your amusementTo show everyone the catch you've madeThe servant you're found, the lover you choose.We could be ours.
People And Places
I had great fun doing a TV interview for Sunrise TV3 New Zealand. They basically put me in the BEST spa in Auckland and sent a camera crew and presenter to conduct the interview during the treatments. All at 7am! The East Day Spa is by far the best spa I have ever seen in my life! The girls there started doing these awesome massages just as the bloke started asking questions. “So, Janey, what makes you funny?” I was melting slowly into the soft sofa all tucked up with warm blankets and having chocolate and rose oil painted into my face looked slightly racist but with a good smell. I could hardly speak! All I could do was moan, then we got foot and hand and head massages...I wanted to punch the presenter and lie there to enjoy the relaxing feelings. I have had the worst period of my life and needed the good vibes and therapy, not some TV bloke interrupting me constantly. He was lovely though and I am looking forward to seeing the show on DVD.Last night we did the 5 sta
Db Bs
ESPN NFL Alert:   Denver Broncos released RB Selvin Young, who started 13 games in two seasons with the team.   Rayne Alert:   TOTAL BULLSHIT! I HATE YOU JOSH MCDANIELS! I HOPE YOU GET THE SWINE FLU AND HERPES!! Ok maybe not herpes but I still hate you.
Someone help me gain some perspective because I'm slightly freaking out. Sure I know I went to a private college for four years. I understand that it was expensive and that I took out student loans. Of course I KNOW how much I took out over the 4 years. But it all just slapped me in the face. Right now with the interest that has already accrued on some of the accounts my grand total of student loan debt is: $59,335 This scares me. I feel like I'm going to be paying this money back until I'm retired. This total makes me think of a nice luxury car that I gave up owning because I HAD to get a college degree. Please someone slap some sense into me and tell me I did the right thing. The only blessing I see right now is that my graduate school is COMPLETELY paid for and it is a guaranteed $3,000-5,000 more in my salary. *goes back to stressing out* My heart is kind of beating fast right now.
Lost Love.......
I've tried to make you love meYou've tried to find a spark of the flame that burnedBut somehow turned to smoke rings in the darkThe loneliness within meTakes a heavy toll'Cause it burns as slow as whiskey through an empty aching soulAnd the night is like a daggerLong and cold and sharpAs I sit here on the front stepsBlowing smoke rings in the darkI know I must be going'Cause love's already goneAnd all I'm taking with me are the pieces of my heartAnd all I'll leave are smoke rings in the dark
You Were All I've Got
Hurt me,break doesn't matter anywayno..don't say a word,just turn around and walk awayi don't need you,i can do it on my ownno..i don't want you,I'd rather be alonego away,oh..please just don't come back againit's just a matter of time,I'll get used to the painyou're sorry..really,please keep it insideI'm learning now to live,without you by my sideI'm trying real hard,i know you're no longer mine"am i okay?"..yeah,everything is finei just lost you,the one thing I'm living forso what?you just so simply walked out the dooryou're not coming back..yeah,i know you won't"i don't have to cry" see babe,i don'twhat's wrong with me?",I'm all okaynot a big deal,I've just had my heart broken today"you will stay away to comfort me",thanks it really helps me"you don't wanna see me sad",I'm smiling..can't you seeif this faking will help you,i shall make you happy before i goi will keep all the suffering to myself,i promise i won't let it showyou ask me"do i forgive you?" i reply"why s
Dont Wanna
When we talk its like every night we shoutand the things you say....its all i ever cry aboutall your questions that run through your headlike if you love me? and if you really cared? shall i go aheadi tell you that i loved you with all my hearti loved you now and i loved you from the starti don't know how to help you Ive showed everything i felti have given you everything there best card Ive dealtand now that you don't know anymorehow do you think i am to deal with my heart you toreyou tore it into pieces that night you shared this with mei was blinded by your words Ur true feelings i couldn'tseei don't want to let you go.....i never wanted to you knowbut now that your hurting also i should let you gobut just remember I'm doing this for youif i had to choose we would be together until "i do"and even though thats out of the picture nowand as we are going our separate waysjust know that my love will always be yours through all my daysand that even though you broke my hearti will l
Part Of The Pain I Am Going Through
ok all it is time for the truth once again.i sit here torn up inside because my heart is telling me to say the words to someone.but i can't do it seems no matter what i always get hurt in the i have always said i am heart is being torn up inside now.i wish the gods would give me a break just once in my sit here torn up i can feel myself just wanting to scream.WHY GODS WHY ME?why is my heart always so torn up for the truth for all of you now that i am done saying all of heart is torn because of 4 different women.i will not say any names but they know who they are lives not far away from me but i can't tell her how i feel even though we have been together a few times seems as if i will keep my feelings to myself now,as i can't deal with love is hurting me way to i will keep sitting here listening to the same words over and over again from the two songs. song one is by creed called six feet fr
[when Come Back Bring Pie!!!]
Props if you catch the reference. Now... like I said, I was thinking about shepherds pie last night. So of course I couldn't sleep until I made it. ... It was a catastrophe!!! But I got some good ideas for next time. For this pie you will require a pie tin.A masher or hand mixerA pressure cooker or heavy duty potA 10-12 inch skillet One portion of ox tailOne slice of ox shank2-3 cups of ground or stew lamb meatOne and a half cups of beef stock/broth2/3 to One cup of DARK dry red wineThyme, salt, pepper,1 1/2 russet potatoes 1/4th-1/2 a white onion2 cloves garlicCheeze!!! ... of your choice, more on this later. Oh... and we're gonna fuck this up a bit next version. Portion your potatoes into 1 inch cubes shaved and naked.Put your potatoes and shank/tail into your pressure cooker and add the wine, beef stock, 1/2 tablespoon of salt, 2-3 springs of thyme, and lid that sucker up nothing over 350 for 10-12 minutes. Tall portions of ox tail are better here as they will be easier to ha
Oooooo Lala Time To Own Me Agian
    Here is your chance to own your very own fu-slave for a month. Have you owned Carolvision (me) yet? What are you waiting for? Click the picture below and... BID BID BID This auction is an all type bid auction. Bids of tickers, blasts, VIP's, Bling, HH's and of course fu-bucks are all welcome. Cash bids outway fubuck offers. The auction starts at 5pm Est. March 30th and ends 5pm Est. April 7th. So hurry and get your bid in quick. By chance if you haven't had the pleasure of becoming friends with me yet, now is a great time!
My First Blog Post * A Friendly Greeting
Hi Everyone, I wish I could tell you all that I came here to enjoy the site like everyone else. I'm going to, when time allows, however, I work online, so my time is limited... And I really don't want to have sensless conversation's here with all you FUBARS, but I do want to meet those that like good rock-n-roll and like to have fun without all the insane drama. I do play and teach guitar, and have a good band that enjoys entertaining those of you who like to get FUBARED   You can read more about that at: I'll tell you more about the band in my next blog post. For now, I'm just trying to partake being a member here and get to know people from Michigan who like good rock-n-roll, and with any luck, meet some great folks who can always use a friend, or... Some great new friends. Well, that's good for now If you're from Michigan, give me a hello hollar!
I Owe Much Luv
i know i have been slackin and i owe tons of luv to many....i will be around to return the luv you have left for me..kisses and much luv... your gurl ~sunshine
Big Bling Auction
This auction is for the choice of either an Auto11 bling or Cherry Bomb bling. This auction will end Sunday, may 3rd 2009 at 10 pm est. High bidder to pay and then choose bling he or she wants. Thanks and good luck. Bid inside this blog. All other bids are void.
Come Bid On Your Favorite Dilligaf
Just A Fun Sb With Captain Ignorant
stein love...: i realy like how talking to you made me feel superior to at least one person on here, i dont know what to say but thanksstein love...: ok will do, thanks for the humor and stuff for my other blog->stein love...: no...and i've grown tired of you. your entertainment value has ceased to exist. feel free to continue talking in my sb...just don't expect any replysstein love...: but realy i need to take a shower but id realy like to continue this after im outstein love...: i will be smoking at least that many, you smoke? wish i could quit smoking cigs id say thats the one think about me i need to change->stein love...: you should smoke several bowls...i'm sure there are three or four hiding cells in your skull somewherestein love...: ok so being i dont like you or anything im a hoodlum? see thats where i know your ignorant, i mean, thats realy just kinda sadstein love...: hey you gona be on much longer cuz i need to take a shower realy quick before some freinds get here, gona
It's A Hot One!!
So,it's that time, we have some new faces on the block...and they have some great offers,come check em' out,bid on em',love em' won't regret it!!Auction starts May 1st and ends the 15th. Check out who alls in it...just click any link below and it'll take you to the AUCTION folder!! What are you waiting for?? NICCI~OWNER OF DEMENTED NAUGHTY ANGELS~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~KASEY & ADAMS MISTRESS ▪Вīģ.Đ▪The Do it Guy qtaubrey sexiimama ash ~Greeter @ Club VooDoo~ SIDEWAYS OWNED BY WikedlySweet SwEeT ImPerFeCTiOn Bi-Green Eyed Angel Tech N9ne Soldier (aka HPLP1978) tina r/w to lost(derrick)~Owner of The Blue Moon Pub~fu married to lost~member of rating relovutions Big Steve *~One Hot Sexy Mama~* {Ashlyn*s Mommy}{R/L GF & Master 2 Twisted~Rebel}{Promoter@SDL}
Go Betty Go -- Ticking Bombs
It isn't easyTo continue what we've got hereWhat should we do?It's been years since the first time it startedI thought I knewI'm not the same person that I was back thenTime passed and I'm so uncertain about thisMore and more you cry each nightIt's all my fault and you wonderWhy I'm gone so all the timeIt's like a bomb ticking in our livesI'm sorry but it's hard being honestI'm not like youI'm getting doubtsAnd I don't know how to stop themI can't tell youDisappointments add up when it's hard to reach youAll the thingsWe both worked hard forWe'll loseMore and more you cry each nightIt's all my fault and you wonderWhy I'm gone so all the timeIt's like a bomb ticking in our livesYou have to know that I'm getting sad and quiet, it's nothing newI try so hard to bring up fallen causesI always loseMore and more you cry each nightIt's all my fault and you wonderWhy I'm gone so all the timeIt's like a bomb ticking in our livesIt isn't easyTo continue what we got hereWhat should we do?It's been
I Need Bids
Please check out my bully and come to bid on me. This is my first auction so I need all the help I can get. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!!!
My Poem From Edward I Love You Baby
"This feeling overwhelms me A swelling of the heart I never truly thought I would be This happy at the start. You take me by the hand And lead me by the heart Over a beach of sand Through the grasses that we part. With you I let go Of intuition and sound of mind My feelings I cannot help but show To a person who is so kind. You kiss my lips so tender Embrace me through the night To you I have surrendered Myself so hold on tight. So strongly you hold my hand Whisper softly in my ear I really feel that you understand Everything you here. I lose myself in you This close I have never been These feelings are so new To have a lover who is my friend."
Mumm Blog
since i can't make mumms anymore...  ok so today i had to go to the social security office and wouldn't you know it with my luck they moved as of... TODAY... ok it was in the paper but i didn't read it... blah so i call them up... no fucking answer... go figure... so after 2 hours i track down the fuckers and wouldn't you know it 3 of them lazy sons of bitches just jabbering away... to lazy to answer the fucking phone... and my luck being what it is... "oh we can't help you till monday... " and they go back to sitting around doing nothing... so my question is as trendy and sheep like as i am... should i blame this faggotry on the obama leadership?    ummm options are suck my dick or GTFO please vote :)  
My Life
I am so sick of the way things are. I am stuck at home 24/7 with kids damn near all day. My other half and *the roommates* get to go out all the time, but me hell no. It's always can you watch the kids, do you mind watching the kids? For all that matters I am nothing more than a live in babysitter and a door mat. I am very tempted to move out and leave my other half with the kids damn near all day and let him know how I feel. I would love to be single and live by myself again. But can I really do that?
Please Help !!!!
I f you could help me please go to this page and show him some mad love he is a very good friend that is new here and I been doing my best to help him, but could use some help..... Thank you Bluewizard CoFounder of the Spider Bombers and Member of the Shadow Levelers & member of the Rating Revolution......
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Mnogotochie- Na Serdtse Bol'
movie - Svolochi
  I am in my 1st auction! Help a girl out! Bid! Bid! Bid! [ photo: 3022000703 ]
Swine Flu.....a.k.a...... what u get for screwin around with pigs!...hahahahaha     but seriousely though..... ppl said a black man would be president only when pigs fly...100 days into his presidency....Swine Flu!       rp   ps. LA is much fun...l8r.
Fubar...a Bit Overwhelming.
It's been A few days, I don't even remember how I stumbled across this site. I was intrigued, interesting concept. I've not ever done the "social networking" thing so this is pretty new to me. Seems like abit of a learning curve. I'm still getting 'the lay of the land'. Debating whether to put real photo up, maybe a salute?? Seems to me that this ratings/points system is skewed toward rating one another high. I'm one who doesn't really believe in 10's. I'm adjusting that for this site. Anyway, don't know if folks really read these. If so, cheers!
Been in a few of these. Before. You know, I wonder if people think this is all I do all day.
For Those Who Know Everything...
The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for Blood plasma. No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven (7) times. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television. Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or older. The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum. The King of Hearts is the only king WITHOUT A MUSTACHE American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one (1) olive from each salad served in first-class. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. Since Venus is normally associated with women, what does this tell you!) Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. Most dust particles in your house are made from DEAD SKIN! The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer. So did the first "MarlboroMan." Walt Disney was afraid OF MICE! PEARLS MELT IN VINEGAR
Nsfw - A Special Night With Special Lady Pt. 2
Your eyes open widely at me and you ask, “what else do you have planned for us after THAT!” I smile and wink at you, “Baby, tonight I’m going to start making up for all those times I wasn’t in your arms.” You laugh and say that a few more nights of what you just got would do that, but I shake my head. “This time, I’m going to spoil you a little bit, to let you know who’s your man….and why you’re my slut.” You laugh again and I tell you to go take a shower. You raise an eyebrow, but I motion you towards the bathroom as I pick up my phone and start texting someone. You hear me yell from the bedroom, “make sure to shave again!” You roll your eyes and begin to wash up. When you come back out of the bathroom, you find me standing at the edge of the bed drying off and getting dressed. We have two showers, and you were wondering why the hot water was a little cooler then usual. On the bed is a big box with a
Nsfw - A Special Night With Special Lady Pt. 1
You are sitting in your office at work, and a flower delivery man approaches you. “I’m looking for Angel,” the man says. You smile and look up, “I’m Angel.” The man hands you a box of flowers and asks you to sign for it. You think to yourself, it’s not my birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, so who’s sending me flowers. You open the box and find that inside is your favorite flowers, a nice bouquet of daisies. You pull the vase out and see a card fall out as well. You open it to find a sweet card inside it.   “Honey, I love you and I hope that this puts a smile on your face. The kids are staying with their grandparents and we have the evening to ourselves. Hurry home and I’ll see you soon.”   You smell a faint whiff of my cologne and you feel yourself get a little excited just at the thought. You spend much of the rest of the day watching the clock and distracted. You are wondering what kind of plans I have cooked u
I left my cell at work, but want to go over to my dad's (he lives above me, down the hall). I am thinkin of just goin over there, but worried that he might be "doin it" with his wife. And that would be traumatic.     grrr..
Here help out my freind with her site and spread the word, read her about me Miss Syn Angel -  This is her site:
To Tom (06hdfxwg) Muah
It's 1 am... 4 quarters and a heartache later.. I called to say hello... Im sure I shouldve called befor... to say I miss you... But what I really needed was to hear it from you ... For the first time I can remember without saying you told me how you felt .. That you beleive in love an d truth and honest...  I want love like rain is to earth needed.... Like rain and and earth collide.. As long as were happy.....                                           IM FOREVER BY YOUR SIDE                                                   LISA
Lately it seems that people are gigantic penises/ vaginas.   I am not spending more than 5 mins on sex, na ah
Done With The Fu!!!
I am really beinging to wonder if I should just say fuck it and delete my account on here... I'm holding a NSFW auctioni and was going to post a ticker about it... It got denied because I used the letters NSFW!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?! So I sent a reply asking why it was denied... and instead of answering me they tell me I need to change my status (which said " NSFW auction, read blog for more info") I replied again and was told that i change my status or they would lock it! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! seriously... this site says NSFW all over it but I am not allowed to put it in my fucking status?!?! It's not like I have a fucking wagging cock on it or a big pair of tits! I am seriously sick of this shit... I think I'm going to hold this auction (since I already have people in it) and then get the fuck off here... I'm on many other sites for those of you who want to keep up with me... Myspace, facebook (my fav), twitter (my least fav). Just let me know if you want the info!
My Lullaby From Edward In Which He Hums To Me
 Everybody says that there is only a one true love for everybody and when you find that person you will know,you wont question it or second guess it. Lately I have been really confused cause I hear about all my friends being "In Love" and they just know it cause they can feel it. But then not long after they say that there is always another person that they like but they like them both in the same way and wanting to progress it and see which one lasts longer and who gets on there nerves. I guess I am wondering "Is this love"? Does anybody know what love is? Is it just a word that people say to make themselves think that they care about a person or something that they say to please the other person? Another thing is others say "Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" is this a accurate saying? If this was/is true then why is it that long distance relationships dont work,even if it is for a short period of time? Does that saying make any sence,or the word "Love" or the feeling of being lov
New Pics Just Added Take A Look.
Moral Of Story
There were two fish in the stream. The first fish said to the other fish see the  fly on that branch? well in just a minute i am going jump out of the water and eat that fly. the second fish said sounds like a good Idea to me. There was two bears sitting near the stream. the first Bear said  see that  fly on that branch? well in just a minute a fish will jump up to eat that flyu , and when he does i am going to catch the fish and eat it.  the second Bear said sounds like a good idea to me. There were two men behine a big rock in back of the bears. The first man said. see that fly on that branch? Well in a minute  a fish will jump up to eat it , and when he does a bear will catch the fish to eat it, and then i will stand up and shoot the bear. The second man said , that sounds like a good idea to me. There behind the men were two  Squirrels. The first one said  see that fly on that branch? well in just a minute a fish will jump out of the water to  eat the fly, and when he does a Bea
New Lounge Staff Settings
Okay so we just put out a new lounge change that allows you much better access over what each one of your mods is able to do: This page can be found by navigating to your "edit lounge" page and then clicking "manage lounge staff": Please respond here with comments, feedback, bugs, and other issues regarding lounge mods. Note:  If you previously had lounge co-owners, you'll want to go into this settings page and set their 'staff' and/or  'settings' permissions to YES as for what you desire your co-owners to be able to do. thanks, -eric
For Nevaeh!
You were our little angel we loved to hold so close the softness of your baby skin like petals of a rose.   We loved it when we cuddled you in our arms You were our little angel with sweet angelic arms. We think back to memories so precious and so few.   For God had chosen you to be one of His little angels too.   For NEvaeh Rose Roush born: July 27, 2008 sadly taken: July 27, 2008   I love you Nevaeh!
Supposed To Be 74 Bands/artists Hidden Here
 Condoms aren't completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus. -Bob Rubin. 
I Am This Man
I AM THIS GUY!!!The guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams.The guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears.The guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on, wearing sweats and a big t-shirt.The guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to.The guy who will show up at your house with soup and a movie when you aren't feeling well.The guy who kisses you on the forehead.The guy who'll randomly tickle you just to hear you giggle.The guy who doesnt kiss and tell the guy who actually listens to you when you talk.The guy who's excited all day because im looking forward to our date that night.The guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more.The guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room.The guy who'll say i love you first because not afraid to say it.The guy who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling.The gu
My Question..
Help us Keep the TRUTH alive! donate to my account today and you will be able to get all the truth that YOUR goverment is hiding from you
April 30th 2009
I see more than thoughts within my words.
Deepest Condolensces To My Dear Friend
My heart goes out to my dearest friend, Tracie, who lost her mother today to a battle with cancer. This fight has been so hard for her, and I pray that perhaps now she will be granted much strength and support, like that which she has always shown to me in my hard times. She is the first friend I made here on lost cherry, and we remain the best of friends always. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers for me. Sincerely, Deb
Dream World
When are we supposed to bealbe to tell the difference between a dream and reallity. So many people live in that dream world that everything is ok and there is no real evil in this world. But what if you are one of those people that cant help but see threw all those fanticies. I think the thing I hate the most is when someone says, " I am the way I am because of the envirment I grew up in." Bullshit. That is nothing but a load of bullshit. You make yourself who you are by your actions noone eleses. If you choose to live the life of a so called ganster, well then not only are you a fool for thinking that other people that you really dont even know who are telling you to go out and do stupid things to get others hurt or yourself, well again your a dumbass. I know a little bit off topic sorta but I also have to say this to all those ganster wanna bes, do you really want to know who the true gansters are real ones there are two different kinds. There is the Mob any of them orginized crime.
Jus Cuz I Can
Sexy Slow** Time slow, climb so, close we combine bones. Our thighs roam, the passionate music rings, cries, moans. Pleasure me, your treasury, makes me feel heavenly. You've sexually arrested me. But really we sexin free. Taste me, I'll taste you the space below ya waste too. Feel my tongue trace you, and my arms embrace you. Spread wide, hold close, fingers cluth the bed post. Then I'll softly coast, slow it down and softly coast. Lick you, lips move all along ya hips groove. I wanna kiss you, til ya body drips loose. Grindin it, you ride and twist. I wanna spend time with it, arch ya back, bend ya wrist. Ya spot my tongue is findin it. Sweat exposed hickies on ya neck & breast, flexed ya toes. I leave you Wet, Unclothed Rockin So sexy slow by lilmama
Sex NoteCrown Royal On Ice That's How I Explain The Way We Make Love Patron With Lime Is How I Explain The Way We Fuck Yew Could've Sworn I Was An Alcoholic By The Way I Express Our Sex Life The Way Yew Come To Me && Tell Me Yew Love Me Over So When Yew Removed My Hair From Its Ponytail I Wasn't Surprised What Yew Really Wanted My Hair Falls To My Shoulders Your Hands Caress My Back While Yew Kiss My Cheek I Pull Yew Closer I Wanna Be In Your Arms While Yewr Slidin In So Deep Im Breathin For Yew Body Full Of Emotions Ready To Bust Grippin On Yo Braids Never Felt Oh So Right My Body Tryna Keep The Secrets Yo Tongue Has Told Me Licking In Every Motion Lick My Spot From Side To Side
A white guy asked a Mexican if they had Jews in Mexico? Mexican says Yes estupid. We have orange jews, apple jews, grape jews, & horchata!
It is the spring but yet I'm cold Because this girl ran away with my soul I wonder if she knows That although Separate places we will go I will be filled with sorrow But yet she will always be on mind Because she was my definition of fine And sometimes I would find Myself saying, "It would be nice to call her mine" Because her beauty was so divine And the way she smiled and laugh made my heart shine Oh, I wish I could turn back the hands of time So we can go back to the beginning But this time it wouldn't have an ending 2 kids just laughing and grinning I can't explain how much I loved that feeling Many times I found myself contemplating And meditating On how devastating And it was aggravating The hell out of me Because I saw what her "soul-mate" couldn't see That she should be treated like royalty So I made it my sole responsibility To keep her as happy as she could be Thinking that eventually There may be a possibility That she would leave her for me But she explained very clearly Th
A Beautiful Story!
This is something you will never see in the news. Here's a tough, but heartwarming story and a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq . His wife, Mindy, related that this little girl's entire family was executed. They intended to execute her also and shot her in the head, but they failed to kill her. She was cared for by John's hospital and is healing, but has been crying and moaning The nurses said John is the only one she seems to calm down with, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both sleep in that chair. The girl is coming along with her healing.*He is a real Star of the war and is representative of what America is trying to do. Please keep this going. Nothing will happen if you don't. The American public needs to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we're doing over there is making a difference. Even if it is one little girl at a time.James Gates U.S. Navy.
One Hot Momma(my Mom) Hot MommaMy Mom needs to level lets show her some love!!!
I Expressed Myself
My father recently got a facebook account, so i've had to sensor myself on there. Yesterday, however, something happened that made me extremely angry. So I reset my status. My status was something along the lines of an asshole needs to go fuck himself and die or something like that. The point is, I cursed or cussed or how ever you want to say it. I was chastised by him for saying the words fuck and ass....I'm almost 21, I don't live at home, and I am an adult. I think my time has come to where I can say whatever the hell I want. Now, the reason I write this blog is cause I want to know why some words ("curse words") are bad, when words that mean the exact same thing are not. Since I can't say the word Fuck, then shouldn't the words Sex, Intercourse, and Making Love also be outlawed. How about the word Shit, well then the words Poop and Crap should be forbidden as well. How about Ass, well there goes the word butt. And the word Piss is just like Pee. I'm not saying that 8 year old
Blaxjax(my Dad) show my dad some love he is my real dad!!!
Well Had To Pop The Blog Cherry Somehow!
So why not with a survey thingie....ported from myspace. lol What are your initials?RDG...yeah, try saying that 5 times fast What is your favor..ite thing..​ to wear?look in a Hot Topic window...there you go Last thing.. you ate?Cinna-toast with cream cheeseName one thing.. that scare..s you?being alone....emo, i know I say Shotgun, you say:MINES!Who was the last person other than you in your bed?no idea.... What were you doing.. at 7:00am?waking up....kindaLast person you hugged?My Drew-drewDoes anyone you know want to date you?not that i think...but others seem to think differently. doesn't really matter. When was your last encounter with the police?when they were escourting me out of jail...good times.Have you ever driven without a license?nope, i haven't drove in about a year. The last place you went out to dinner?Taco Bell...with myself. Do you like your name?it's grown on me. What time of the day is it?mid-day....10-ish Who/What made you angry today?me.Baseball or
Ghost And Death?
Today, sis asked me if i would like to join her and our aunties to watch malay horror movie in the cinema. By 7.30pm, we went to fetch my aunt who lives few miles away and moved on to Down Town east. Once we reached there, we meet up with my another aunt and cousins. It was quite a busy evening because tomorrow is a public holiday. Haha, i had my salted popcorns. It was alright, i didnt feel like eating anything heavy at that moment. Yay, we got the middle seats and it was a clear view but unfortunately, there was this boy with strong smelly feet resting his feet at the back of my seat and it was a bigggggg turrrnnn off! Even my salted popcorn taste horrible cos of the smell of smelly feet lol Omg, sometimes i just hate the sound effect of the movie. It's the sound that gives the suspense everytime the ghost appears. As usual, i would closed my eyes when i knew the ghost was about to appear. It was abit predictable. I was so scared that i finished up the popcorn without realising it
Ensign: Child Training
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                      30 April 2009 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I do wish that the oft-quoted Proverbs 22:6 sounded more like a promise to my ears; at first reading and out of context with the rest of the chapter – heck, with the rest of the Bible – it doesn’t.  But you and I both know of cases where children who’ve grown up in ostensibly Christian homes have ultimately made the decision to not pursue the faith that their parents have, or perhaps not in the way that they have. It’s a little scary how alike our children look to their parents and most of the time how they act.  Granted, I don’t worry about this as much yet since my daughter&rsq
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Bill and Sam, two elderly friends, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.        One day Bill didn't show up. Sam didn't think much about it and figured maybe he had a cold or something. But after Bill hadn't shown up for a week or so, Sam really got     worried.  However, since the only time theyEver got together was at the park, Sam didn't know where Bill lived, so he was unable to find out what had happened to him.    A month had passed, and Sam figured he had seen the last of Bill, but one day, Sam approached the park and -- lo and behold!--there sat Bill!  Sam was very excited and happy to see him and told him so. Then he said, "For crying out loud Bill, what in       the world happened to you?"   Bill replied, "I have been in jail."     "Jail?" cried Sam. "What in the world for?"     "Well," Bill said, "you know Sue, that cute little blonde waitress at the coffee shop where I sometimes go?"   "Yeah," said Sam, "I r
Something To Ponder On.....
We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After that we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire. The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D Souza. He said, "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life wou
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Shoshonni Walker
made you look!!!!!
You & Mi' On The Ice....
You and Me on the Ice...  Since you are playing on the ice... let me take you someplace warm... and very nice.... would you like somewhere to place that puck... I know a place.... and .. .would be a great fuck.... you could put it in my ...aaaahhhhhhhhh.... clit... ooohhhh.... such a warm... wet.....soft... and nice ... little slit... ohhh.....please come slap it with your stick.... and hit me again....and again... I would tell you...
How To Avoid Getting The Swine Flu
Don't do this...
Just Curious
Why is it when a guy goes to add another as a friend, there's gotta be a reason for it? It's not a gay thing so what's the deal?
No More Bus
Well I finally have some wheels..No more bus for now..Oddly anough as I was riding to work I saw the busses I was taking and felt a little sad..I was no longer part of their community...Oh well life goes on...
4/30/09 Dilbert
  Am not quite sure what I'm doing anymore...Ever. And just so you know, this isn't meant to be one of those "Oh please, show me some pity!" Deals. This is just for me to say. I wake up with no real aim, I mean I know what I want to do with my life, but I don't know how to occupy my life until then. I'm always broke, so when my friends do something, I need to get money from them and I can't pay them back, which makes me feel like shit.   I can never keep a relationship because I can't seem to keep anyone happy. I can always find a way to do something wretchedly stupid. And anyone I seem to crush on remotely, finds someone else. And if that's not it, they live thousands of miles away. The most amazing, beautiful, wonderful girl I have ever meant lives clear across the country, and as much as I want her, I'm afraid, like everything else, it won't work out.   When the weather starts getting nice I get depressed, but just when it starts, not when it stays. Most people get depressed in wi
Well I turned another day/yr older yesterday and I'm not very happy I want to be a free bird to do as I please like I used to when I was younger. Each day that passes seems like I am more stuck and just slowly dieing in this mundan place. I would like to meet some causual to hang out with that live in the lincoln area and if you like to party better yet
Free Bird
If I leave here tomorrow, Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. And the bird you can not change. And this bird you can not change.Lord knows, I can't change.Bye bye baby, it's been a sweet love. Yea. And though this feeling I can't change. But please don't take it so badly, 'Cause the Lord knows I'm to blame. And if I stay here with you girl, Things just couldn't be the same. Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you'll never change.And the bird you can not change. And this bird you can not change.The Lord knows, I can't change. Lord help me, I can't change.Lord I can't change.Won't cha fly high free bird, yeah.
Medical Marijuana Initiative (mmi)™ Logo Badge Cap
Check out the cool MMI™ Logo Badge merch at my Hempaz-Zazzle Gallery of Products! Robert Hempaz.
The Old Man Joke
An 85-year old man was requested by hisdoctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam.The doctor gave the man a jar andsaid, "Take this jar home,  and bring back a semensample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year old manreappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar,which was as clean and empty as on the previous day. The doctor asked what happened, and theman explained, "Well, doc, it's like this – firstI tried with my right hand, but nothing.  Then I tried withmy left hand, but still nothing.. Then I asked my wife for help.  Shetried with her right hand, then her left, still nothing.She tried with her mouth, first with teeth in, then with herteeth out, still no thing. "We even called up Arleen, thelady next door, and she tried, too, first with both hands,then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it betweenher knees, but still nothing.." The doctor was shocked! "You askedyour neighbor?"   the old man replied, "Yep noneof us could get the jar open."
Please Don't Leave Me
Da da da da, da da da daDa da da da-da daI don't know if I can yell any louderHow many time have I kicked you outta here?Or said something insulting?da da da da-daI can be so mean when I wanna beI am capable of really anythingI can cut you into piecesWhen my heart is....brokenDa da da-da daPlease don't leave mePlease don't leave meI always say how I don't need youBut it's always gonna come right back to thisPlease, don't leave meHow did I become so obnoxious?What is it with you that makes me act like this?I've never been this nastyCan't you tell that this is all just a contest?The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardestBut baby I don't mean itI mean it, I promiseDa da da-da daPlease don't leave meDa da da-da daPlease don't leave meDa da da-da daI always say how I don't need youBut it's always gonna come right back to thisPlease, don't leave me[Please Don't Leave Me Lyrics On ]I forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to meI can't be
When Pigs Fly
It was once said that a black man would be president "when pigs fly"   indeed 100 days into Obama's presidency.  .  . Swine flu
Boundary Issues
I work with someone that has boundary issues.  Seems like everything they do, they want to run it by me.  E-mail, phone calls (both at the desk and on the mobile if I am not at my desk) at all hours to ask me questions or to just check in.  What is really annoying to me is that this person does not work for me, nor are they even on my team.  Yes I know a lot about the system, it is my design after all, but that doesn't mean I am on your 24X7 call because you are just unsure about your job.  I really try not to let me frustration over the whole matter come out, but it's difficult for me.  I'll let you all know how to really annoy me fast.  Try to contact me with the urgency of a house fire.  Seriously, I got a phone call (which I didn't pick up because I didn't hear), a voice mail, a text and an e-mail all for something that could have waited for no less than six hours.  Even now just typing this I am getting a little annoyed.  Anyone have an idea about this, should I A) Just get bett
Swine Flu
My husbands boss is bringing in a bunch of mexicans to work for him right now.  Kinda a scary thing..with this swine flu going on.  What amazes me..hes had a lot of people laid off since november..because of no work. Why not bring them back..before worrying about bringing over people to work?  He does it because he can pay them for cheap labor. He already has a bunch of mexicans working for him now.  Then people wonder..why can't you find a job in America? is partly due to the economy..and partly due to cheap ass people like him..who doesn't want to pay people for what they due.
why are women so damm difficult they are the reason relationships end and marriages fail they are indecisive and change their minds at the drop of a pin. Yes men are bad to but women are worse!
Just A Update
Well I have been extremely busy with clients websites and designing everything from simple interface icons to full blown cms themes.  I got my portfolio started but it isn't live yet.  No one n i mean no one gets the link till its live.   I have some free time for a week or so.  If anyone needs any work done to photos or you need a custom "skin" for your page or lounge or w/e u need done let me know.  I am more then willing to help everyone out.  If you need some examples of my work please ask, I can give you a private folder on my server that has everything. Best way to get ahold of me is either in my shoutbox leave your Yahoo IM ID or just simply add mine:  J.Studios Take care everyone.  
Do you have what it takes to be a Reject?
And Im Crazy?!!
All i can say is that when you think youre ahead youre really not.   so im told after my one little fuck up that i need to see a threapist and all kinds of shit.  i mean hell i knew i was nucking futs but i dont need to pay 600 and hour to have some one tell me about that.
Sanguine Expectations
Wow.  Just wow.  What an experience!   Body limp and head dizzy, I opened my eyes and tried to focus.  Soon, she came into my view and I gazed at her gorgeous face as she looked down upon me.  Her body was stretched out across mine and she held one hand behind my head while the other one gently touched my cheek.  Her partner, equally as gorgeous, sat next to us while she gently held my wrist – fingers caressing.  She looked busy in thought and appeared to be counting the memories we just shared.  I tried to sit up, but they both just pushed me back into the comfort of the couch.   “There now”, the first woman said.  “Just relax, let us take care of you.”   “I’m going to pour you a drink”, the second woman affirmed.   My feet were still tingling and my forehead beading with sweat.  My head was still swimming as I was trying to come to grips with my fortune.  How was it that I had known them for only a short time, yet here I was bei
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Speakeasy Seder
On the second night of Passover, the same evening that Obama hosted the first U.S. Presidential Seder in the White House, I hosted a Seder at the Speakeasy. Passover, or (in Hebrew) Pesach, is my second favorite favorite of the Jewish calendar. Purim is my #1 holiday, mainly because Queen Esther is such a fox, a teenage beauty contest winner who saves her people from genocide using her powers of sexual seduction, as my Porn ‘n’ Purim Bacchanal so aptly demonstrates, and the whole Purim celebration is one big party with theatrical costumes, masks, noisemakers, intrigue and drinking so much wine that “you can’t tell the bad guys from the good.” Passover is not as sexy as Purim, but it also features a lot of drinking (four cups of wine) and a different kind of ritual theater. Passover also features a lot of eating, much of which is symbolic. The parsley symbolizes Spring. The hard-boiled eggs represent rebirth and resurrection (same as the Easter egg). A conc
Your One Of Us Now
You Want It ,come Get It!!
So,it's that time, we have some new faces on the block...and they have some great offers,come check em' out,bid on em',love em' won't regret it!!Auction starts May 1st and ends the 15th. Check out who alls in it...just click any link below and it'll take you to the AUCTION folder!! What are you waiting for?? NICCI~OWNER OF DEMENTED NAUGHTY ANGELS~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~KASEY & ADAMS MISTRESS ▪Вīģ.Đ▪The Do it Guy qtaubrey sexiimama ash ~Greeter @ Club VooDoo~ SIDEWAYS OWNED BY WikedlySweet SwEeT ImPerFeCTiOn Bi-Green Eyed Angel Tech N9ne Soldier (aka HPLP1978) tina r/w to lost(derrick)~Owner of The Blue Moon Pub~fu married to lost~member of rating relovutions Big Steve *~One Hot Sexy Mama~* {Ashlyn*s Mommy}{R/L GF & Master 2 Twisted~Rebel}{Promoter@SDL}
My Vows To Craven, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Cherished are the memories thatBrought us to this day,For yesterday, was just a dream ...A wish to contemplate.A fantasy where in my mind,A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...A vision of the true desiresI longed for endlessly.And when I dreamed, I did not knowThe love I'd feel today;The height of my true feelings,And the depths they would portray.And if I had one wish today,A simple wish t'would be ...Is that the love we feel this moment,Lasts eternally.Reality has merged nowAs you stand here by my side;And as I join your hand in mine,My heart does fill with pride.For as I pledge my love to you,I see in many ways,Reflections of my love for youAre mirrored in your gaze.And by our presence here today,And for the love we share,I thank you for our yesterdaysThat brought us to be here.But more than this, I vow to you,My wishes yet to come ...Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,This day that we are one.Tomorrow's an adventureThat we'll share together now;Our future's intertwined forever,Through this ho
To All People
After 8 long years I finally got up the courage to start a book on the tragedy of  september 11, 2001. This is not for profit or to disrespect any one's feelings, just to put the common people's thought's on the day, there feelings that day, there feelings now about what the government should have done, and what you were doing on that day. This is the true American's story of September 11, 2001.
Hand In Hand
Laying underneath the stars,On a warm silent night.Your arms are wrapped around me,And everything feels right.You kiss me sweet and softly,I feel your warm gentle touch,You help me feel protectedUnder the sweet night sky rush.My world before me is perfect.There's nowhere else I want to be,Except laying underneath the starsHand in hand, you and me.Just when everything is perfect,And you seem so delicately sweet,A rush of wind comes past meAs I'm swept beneath my feet.Nothing could be more right,There's nowhere else I want to be.Let's take a walk my only love,Hand in hand, you and me.
Not so timely advice to the guy smoking crack in the open stairwell last night in my dream.   I wasn't there to bust you so you didn't need to try to be so inconspicous.  It was a lousy act and only drew my attention more to you. In dream reality I was merely trying to find the rest of the people from a high school reunion I was attending even though I didn't go to that high school and neither did most of the people at the reunion. I hope that you got back to enjoying your crack after I left you alone.   I don't remember catching up with the rest of the reunionees but I don't blame our little interlude. Cheers.
Woman And A Fork
Woman and a Fork   There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness  and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and  had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes.She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her.'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly. 'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply. 'This is very important,' the young woman continued.  'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.' The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say. 'That surprises you, doesn't it? ' the young woman asked. 'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor. The young woman explained.'My grandmot
It Was 32 Years Ago Today...
(Originally posted to my real blog on 4/30/06) April 30, 1977 - Led Zeppelin breaks the record for the largest attendance for a single-act show in the Pontiac Silverdome with 76,229 in attendance.I was one of the 76,229 fortunate souls, and arguably the happiest person in the entire stadium. I was 15 at the time - ridiculously naive, yet still pretending that I'd seen it all, done most of it, and perfected a lot of it. Led Zeppelin was my favorite band. Actually, it still is my favorite band. One of the things I miss the most about being a teenager is experiencing the sheer joyful rapture that a certain band could bring to you. Those days are gone forever for me now, but I still have a ton of memories. I've seen the original Elton John band; Alice Cooper, back in the days when he was still thought of as a menace; I was fortunate enough to see Freddie Mercury and Queen several times; I've probably seen Kiss more times than I've attended
‘secret’ Css Code Aka Dvd Encyription
#includetypedef unsigned int uint;char ctb[512]="33733b2663236b763e7e362b6e2e667bd393db0643034b96de9ed60b4e0e4\69b57175f82c787cf125a1a528fca8ac21fd999d10049094190d898d001480840913d7d35246\d2d65743c7c34256c2c6475dd9dd5044d0d4594dc9cd4054c0c449559195180c989c11058185\081c888c011d797df0247074f92da9ad20f4a0a429f53135b86c383cb165e1e568bce8ec61bb\3f3bba6e3a3ebf6befeb6abeeaee6fb37773f2267276f723a7a322f6a2a627fb9f9b1a0e9a9e\1f0b8f8b0a1e8a8e0f15d1d5584cd8dc5145c1c5485cc8cc415bdfdb5a4edade5f4bcfcb4a5e\cace4f539793120692961703878302168286071b7f7bfa2e7a7eff2bafab2afeaaae2ff";typedef unsigned char uchar;uint tb0[11]={5,0,1,2,3,4,0,1,2,3,4};uchar* F=NULL;uint lf0,lf1,out;void ReadKey(uchar* key){int i;char hst[3]; hst[2]=0;if(F==\NULL){F=malloc(256);for(i=0;i21)^(lf1>>24))&1;lf0=(lf0
My Favorite Song Right Now....
I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to you Tell me that you will listen Your touch is what I'm missing And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing you Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of you I don't wanna live I don't wanna breathe 'les I feel you next to me you take the pain I feel waking up to you never felt so real I don't wanna sleep I don't wanna dream 'cause my dreams don't comfort me The way you make me feel Waking up to you never felt so real I hate living without you Dead wrong to ever doubt you But my demons lay in waiting Tempting me away Oh how I adore you Oh how I thirst for you Oh how I need you
Love Pics And Photgraphy Check This Out
Hello Everyone!
Faq About The Teddy Bears
Hi - I get asked a lot of questions about the teddy bears, so I thought I would answer them here. When did you start making teddy bears? I started making them a long time ago. I started to impress a woman I cared very much for who collected teddy bears. Wait, you're straight? Lots of guys who are straight make teddy bears. Ok, maybe not "Lots".... Why do you still make teddy bears? I find it relaxing. I work on computers all day, so it's nice to have a hobby that doesn't require one. Also, I work on the miniature bears (smaller than 4" tall) when I travel for business - mostly because I can't get my sewing machine past airport security. :) What do you do with the teddy bears when they're done? The full sized bears are usually donated to charities for auctions. The miniatures I give away to close friends. Do you ever sell the teddy bears? No. If I did it would become too much like work, and I already have a full time job. Besides, if I had to take one of my hobbies and turn it
Will Pay 3.5 mil for a 30 day blast! Please contact me and pass this on. Thanks!
Good News
OK so someone went on a flagging  spree, and guess what? I'm sick of it. Red names can hold fingers over their nips and have their whole effing bewbs hanging out, but my CLOTHED photos are a no-no. LOL. Eff you Fubar, you gd prudes. The gd newsletter with their slut of the month makes you think Fubar is all about nudies. Soo all future GGW teaser pics, or just "forbidden" photos will NOT be posted on Fubar, because won't someone please think of the children?! is way better. And free! I should lock all my non-default albums to family only. At least they can be trusted
Yesterdays Mumm
OK, so yesterday I posted a MUMM about President Obama's first 100 days.  I foud out there are alot of Bush supporters here, so I just want to make a point.  I serveved 4 years in the Army (not gonna say when)  I support the Commander In Cheif no matter who it is.  I have to say though Bush was the worst President in American history, Jimmy Carter may be second worse, although I think he does alot of good now.  Now as a person I like Bush, but his policies, or lets say Carl Rove's and Dick Chenney's policies have cused this country harm from wich it may never recover.  Bush went to war with a country who could not have attacked us, and left an unfinished war with a country who supported thos who did.  Then allied with Pakistan, who is more of a threat than any other country on the planet, and has Nuclear weapons.  Then he csused the housing crisis by having the feds lower interes rates right up till nov 2004 (mid term elections) now look at the mess.  Now you Republicans are saying the
Hybrid Car
My uncle in Detroit tried to make a new kind of car. He took the engine from a Ford, the transmission from an Oldsmobile, the tires from a Cadillac, and the exhaust system from a Plymouth." "Really? What did he get?" "Fifteen years for theft."
My Sister Alice Cullen Profile
Alice Cullen@ fubar
My Husband Edward Cullen Profile
Edward Cullen ( A Twilight role playing profile) Looking for my Bella@ fubar
Watch Out For Him He Will Scam U
watch out for this fucking guy he scammed a good friend of mine and now she is out of alot of fubucks buecause of this jerk   Little Angel AKA Michelle,OWNED BY KAT1114 SHADOW LEVAL:this fucking jerk scamed me out of 6 mill told me he would send me a 65 credit bling pack, i sent the fubucks but he didnt sent the bling pack 
My Sister Rose's Profile
rosealie cullen`A TWILIGHT ROLEPLAYING PROFILE`@ fubar
Gavin- The Final Chapter?
LA happened in November.  When he left, I felt incomplete.  We kept in touch as much as possible.  He had issuess with his phone, and whatever service I'm using to call him is crap because I have a hard time getting through to him. I never know when or if it's going to work.  There was a period of time I thought he was gone.  His Uncle had cancer. I knew this. He was going to try to get back here in time for my birthday. He had been saving since he got back home. Well, when he disappeared, I assumed he was over me.  A month later I heard from him. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was sobbing uncontrolably.  He thought it was out of sorrow or anger. I was surprised myself to find it was out of happiness.  I didn't care that he had disappeared. I was only greatful and happy that he was back.  His Uncle HAD in fact died.  He had gone to Queensland to take care of his family.  I completely  understand that.  So now we are up to date. I haven't been able to get a hold of him again. I'm sti
Live Life To The Fullest!
Live life to the fullest! Otherwise u will miss things that truely matter in life.
I would like to thank all of my friends, family, and complete stangers for helping me level.Not only did I level, you guys pushed me to  "Top Dude" of the week, Rated #61. This would have never happened, without the help of all of you!! During this past week, we all know Fu has been messed up,and things have gone missing. Many of these items included messages, rates, and people who left lots of rates. A lot of these items never got a thank you, from me. I want everyone who stopped by my page to know how much your rates, or views is appreciated. Thank you all, Mike UPDATE: Well, you all got me to Oracle. There are too many friends that have helped me along the way. So many, I;m afraid I would miss someone to try and name them all. You are all very special in one way, or another. You bombed me,rated me,pimped me, and blinged me. There are also people who rated my pics, that I never got to thank. I hope you will read this, and accept my much appreciated thanks. Please don't be a strang
Crash During Festive Event Queensday 2009 In Apeldoorn
Queensdag 2009 in Apeldoorn (celebration of b-day Dutch Queen). In footage you see open top bus which has Royal family in them...witnessing the accident. Causing now 4 deaths and 5 severly injured others less severe injured. 1 policeofficer injured 1 mp officer injured. A black page in history *update* indicated that this incident was done on purpose by attacker !!!    
Who I Am Bella Swan(cullen)
Bella moves to her father's house in Forks, Washington, meets the mysterious Cullen family, and falls in love with Edward Cullen. However, she soon discovers that the family is a coven of vampires. Bella expresses a desire to become a vampire herself, despite Edward's wishes. In the second novel, New Moon, Edward leaves Forks in an effort to keep Bella safe from the world of vampires. Jacob Black, a werewolf from the Quileute tribe, comforts her in that time and Bella falls in love with him as well. In Eclipse, Bella becomes engaged to Edward and they marry in Breaking Dawn. Edward then transforms Bella into a vampire after she gives birth to their daughter, Renesmee. There, she becomes intrigued by a student, Edward Cullen. Edward saves her life on multiple occasions, exhibiting super-human qualities. Bella learns from family friend Jacob Black that legends say the Cullen family are vampires.[3] Edward eventually admits to this truth, though his family hunts only animals, not humans,
hey wats good could u do me a favor a register to my search engine i just made just type this in i just want people to look out it only takes a few seconds honestly and when your done can u copy this message and send it 2 ya friends please This is not a spam message it is really me Melvin aka Yung Fresh aka Mj lol help me out
What If...
what if...   what if things work out what if it's all ok what if dreams really do come true what then is it that you say...     4.30.09 fester 3am thinking of her
*i Hate It When...*
Yeah this is kinda about me being dumb and believing that a certain person actually cared more than my friends HAHA I hate it when people think that after breaking your heart or pushing you away... you'll always come back.  Guess what... this time was one time too many.  You can push a person away over and over... and all that's going to do is make them lose interest.  I know that shit happens... so guess what else... pick up the pieces and move the hell on!  You're gonna miss me... and I know it... because I gave you everything I had.  Trust... you'll never be able to get to me again.  I wish you the best and good luck in whatever you decide to do!  Deuces and I'm out...
I See Your Bad Intentions
I'll take you under with my poisnous kiss, I see who you are and I see what you wish. I am something you do not wanna mess with. Do you wanna read my story? it is a giant book. I see through you and what you wanna do, just know that I got you and I'll get you right back. I don't take kindly to the intentions that you carry, so I warn you now before you set this hurricane in motion. I will drag you down to the bottom of the ocean, break my bones..I'll set the tone, you will never take me for your own after all you have shown. I'll teach you a lesson, and deliver it with mass tention. I'll just be given you a taste of your own venom and then some. I will show you all the pain you cause with the bitterness of my bite in our fight. You will think twice before you ever take another away to indure your inflicting pain and fights. I will take you on and give fame to this game. You are a preditor, but you can't hunt what has already been hunted. Therefore, you are dealing with the huntres
[brain Storm]
I was thinking about sheperd's pie today. I mean... I've got all the ingredients for it, why not?I'm gonna fuck it up a bit though. Elevate it a nudge or two. I've got the power. I've got the garlic and ox tail... and a pressure cooker. My dog is licking her broken claw, and I'm trying to talk myself into sleep so I can wake up and go to the grocery store. I'm gonna try some home made nan to go with my curry. Might pick up some stew-lamb since all I've got is ground... course if I go, I'll be tempted to grab fish, and if I grab fish... I'm gonna cook fish.That day. I could go right now, but we're kinda on a roll waking up before noon. Talked to my brother today, played a couple games with him, it was good for my soul. And yeah, no small coincidence that I interviewed for a very VERY bad job today, and will likely get it. So yeah, I've got a full weekend of cooking ahead of me.And bills... with no means to pay for it. Life is good. Nah, actually I just wanted to say thisRainbows
In Silence....
In Silence ...we lay naked in silence  staring into  each others  eye's  smiling  at how much love  we have for one another   and  how long that love  has been in our hearts  .... we lay in silance admiring  each others  true beauty   as our body's shine in the moonlight  in the dead of night .... we lay in silance and  and giggle at what  comes to  mind  that we would like to tell one another  but it's to funny to say out loud ... we lay in silance  and wonder what  drew us together  8 years ago when we first met  and  first realized we were  right for each other when the  fireworks  went off  when cupids aero   hit us  before we knew it ...  we lay in silance and  hope that our love never disapears   as we  grow old  together  and and still experience new  things about each other that  neither one has shared with someone they truely love ....  we lay in silance  as we enjoy every movement  we make during making love  by the fire .... we lay and silance  as  we lean in and whisper I l
Stone Sour-zzyzx Rd
I don't know how else to put this It's taken me so long to do this I'm falling asleep and I can't see straight My muscles feel like a melee My body's curled in a U-shape I put on my best but I'm still afraid Propped up by lies and promises Saving my place as life forgets Maybe its time I saw the world I'm only here for a while But patience is not my style And I'm so tired that I gotta go Where am I supposed to hide now? What am I suppose to do? Did you really think I wouldn't see this through Tell me I should stick around for you Tell me I could have it all I'm still too tired to care and I gotta go I get to go home in one week But I leaving home in three weeks They throw me a bone just to pick me dry I'm following suit and directions I crawl up inside for protection I'm told what to do and I don't know why I'm over existing in limbo I'm over the myths and placebos I don't really mind if I just fade away I'm ready to live with my family I'm ready to die in obscurity Cause I'm s
Country Singer Vern Gosdin Dies At Age 74
Country singer Vern Gosdin dies at age 74 April 29, 2009, 1:07 PM EST NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Singer Vern Gosdin, who recorded country music hits like the award-winning "Chiseled in Stone" during a 30-year career, has died. He was 74. Michael Illobre, funeral director at Mount Olivet Funeral Home in Nashville, says Gosdin was under hospice care and died late Tuesday at an area hospital. The singer's administrative assistant, Dawn Hall, told The Tennessean that he suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. "Chiseled in Stone" was voted 1989 song of the year by the Country Music Association. His other hits include "Set 'em Up Joe," "I Can Tell by the Way You Dance," "I'm Still Crazy," "That Just About Does It," "Who You Gonna Blame It on This Time," "Way Down Deep," "Dream of Me" and "Yesterday's Gone," a duet with Emmylou Harris.   Photos: In Memoriam 2009
Nunca Te Olvidare?translation Please Lol
Nunca Te Olvidare lyricsPueden pasar tres mil anos.Puedes besar otros labios,pero nunca te olvidare,pero nunca te olvidare.Puedo morirme manana.Puede secarse mi alma,pero nunca te olvidare,pero nunca te olvidare.Pueden borrar mi memoria.Pueden robarme tu historia,pero nunca te olvidare,pero nunca te olvidare.Como olvidar tu sonrisa.Como olvidar tu mirada.Como olvidar que rezabapara que no te marcharas.Como olvidar tus locuras.Como olvidar que volabas.Como olvidar que aun te quieromas que a vivir, mas que a nada.Pueden pasar tres mil anos.Puedes besar otros labios,pero nunca te olvidare,pero nunca te olvidare.Puedo morirme manana.Puede secarse mi alma,pero nunca te olvidare,pero nunca te olvidare.Puedes echarme de tu vida.Puedes negar que me querias,pero nunca te olvidare.Sabes que nunca te olvidare.Como olvidar tu sonrisa.Como olvidar tu mirada.Como olvidar que rezabapara que no te marcharas.Como olvidar tus locuras.Como olvidar que volabas.Como olvidar que aun te quieromas que a vivir
The Age Factor
Okay here it goes.  About 5 years ago in the other chat I belong to.  I met a friend whos like 12 years younger then me. We chatted and became friends.  Hes my rock most of the time.  Knows all about my depression and my mood swings when I am over whelmed.  And I know all about his physical disabitys with his spinal biffida, etc. He knows how to bring me out of my dark space and get me laffin again.  I go to visit him once a year,  we  go shopping and do the resturant thing,  go to shows you name it.  Its a blast. Yet!!!  Even thou we are just good friends,  I feel out of place some time and honestly un comfortable.  I see people starring at us and wonder what are they thinking. He tends to hold my hand when we are sitting and chatting,  why dunno and I dont mind. I am very honest with hubby never do I hide a dam thing from him.  He even speaks to my bud and laughs and carrys on a convoe. But I cant help think,  sometimes my budd needs to find a young lady and start a relation
I know everyone has stress, and that it's normal to experience it. I am under so much stress right now. I have a bunch of children at work I have to babysit. I've been there a month, and am already thinking about getting a different job. The stress just isn't worth the paycheck. I also have some personal things to deal with. I haven't shared anything with anyone, and really, I don't know if I want to. There's someone in my life I am growing very fond of, and I think she's becoming the same towards me. If you're reading this, you know who you are. If you want to know what the personal things are, just ask. I don't keep many people close to me, and letting this person get close to me is a scarey thing for me. I let one person get close to me, and she betrayed my trust. I know that this person won't do that to me, but it's hard to lower my guard, when I've had it up for so long now. I really want her and I to get close, and trust eachother. I really want to let her into my deepest recesse
Military Supporter110% All The Way
    I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. 'Petawawa. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Afghanistan . After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard the soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait till we get to base ' His friend agree
Help Celebrate My 40th Birthday Today
I Love You, Man
Probably not the best thing Rudd or Segel have been in, but still hysterically funny at points.  Kinda felt like someone had a bunch of scenes they thought would be good in a comedy, and then haphazardly stitched them together, but if it makes you laugh, it works, right? And frankly I could watch Rudd and Segel in ANYTHING.  I have teh biggest mancrush on Jason Segel.
Eye Of The Storm By The Cruxshadows
The trials you now are facingThey are not greater than your willFor there is nothing under heavenYou cannot overcomeSee the door that lies before youAnd know this too shall passThe confrontation of your tearsIn strength drawn from the pastWhen the silent voices whisperFind the course that is your ownAnd however great the obstacleYou will never be aloneFor I have watched the path of angelsAnd I have heard the heavens roarThere is strife within the tempestBut there is calm in the eye of the stormIn fragments of an instantThe chaos has returnedAnd all that was left to sentimentBeneath the banner burnedAnd as that voice was slow recededInto echoes, memory My doubts were re-ignitedAnd fear awakened from its sleepI believe in what I fight forAnd I have paid for it with painI am here because my contributionsMay help turn this fate awayAnd all who stood by and did nothingWho are they to criticize?The sacrifices of othersOur blod has bought their livesThis is the moment of truthAt the point of
Once Beautiful - The Last Dance
When I listenWhen I hear and never listenIt makes me wonder, makes me bleedMake me see, make me listen, make me wonderMake me feel, make me dream and still rememberMore, no more, no less, no more to findBreathe, bleeding, haunting, silentlyEnough just to feelEscaping, missing, silentlyOnce beautifulMake me see, make me listen, make me wonderMake me feel, make me dream and not surrenderAs my voice, it's silentAnd my heart, it feels less than beforeAnd my feelings fail mePretending to be lovelyMake me beautiful againAnd feel like I'm special stillAnd remind me how to smileAnd feel like diamondsMake me beautiful againCry my tears and vanish themWhisper in my ear as I run away and hidePretend to be lovelyMake me bleed, make me whisper, make me secretMake me wish I was never born to say thisAs I wait for such simplenessAs I hear my quiet hauntingAs I feel this silence collapses meMake me beautiful againAnd feel like I'm special stillAnd remind me how to smileAnd feel like diamondsMake me be
About D Nation
D Nation Commandments
Ten Commandments "I swear to be faithful to D Nation, should I betray, my flesh will burn!" 1.  You must use the D Nation Banner at all times when playing mobsters2.  You are responsible for adding all of the D Nation Family3.  You should report to our War Room every time you log in4.  Always being available for D Nation when in the mobsters app is a duty    5.  You should not use the family as personal body guards.  We are down for our family but do not involve the family in minor scuffles like "he or she hit me 4 or 5 times off the fight list.6.  You should be willing to protect your family, even if you must die to do so!7.  Never commit to an alliance between D Nation and any other Family without approval from the D Nation Godfather.8.  All Family members must be treated with respect9.  When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth10.  People who cannot be a part of D Nation:Anyone who holds title in another mobster familyAnyone who behaves poorly & doesn't hold to
Leaving Fubar?
Don't let your fubucks go to waste. I have 5 million points to go before I leave the fabled spotlight limit of level 25. Am thinking about trying to see if I can do one more spotlight before that happens and am thinking of doing another themed one as well (see previous blogs) if I get it again. I know this sounds so forward, but feel free to donate to me anything you like if you like (especially if you're leaving...your earned fubucks would not be earned in vain). Thank you for your attention and cooperation with me with this matter.
Makes Me Wonder!
When you rate others folders, bling them, bomb them, just plain spoil them and you get nothing back in return, is it time to get upset? Do you delete them from your friends list? I never delete anyone cause I feel everyone deserves to have friends, but I have to say, I work my fingers to the bone luving on others to help them level, notice when it is their birthadays and send them gifts, even send drinks to those I notice level and I don't get the same in return....hmmm... I bomb however many people I can in as short of time I can even if some don't have elevens turned on, But when it comes to showing the same fovors back I don't see it. I have gotten a few bling, but even those are scarce. When I don't have elevens on I will rarely ever see a bomb on my folder. Is being nice too much or should I just continue being the nice person I am and love on my friends anyway? I want to say though, to those few that do atleast acknowlede their appreciation to what I do for them, THANK YOU!
Slow Dance
SLOW DANCEHave you ever watched kidsOn a merry-go-round?Or listened to the rainSlapping on the ground?Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?You better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Do you run through each dayOn the fly?When you ask How are you?Do you hear the reply?When the day is doneDo you lie in your bedWith the next hundred choresRunning through your head?You'd better slow downDon't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Ever told your child,We'll do it tomorrow?And in your haste,Not see his sorrow?Ever lost touch,Let a good friendship dieCause you never had timeTo call and say,"Hi"You'd better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.When you run so fast to get somewhereYou miss half the fun of getting there.When you worry and hurry through your day,It is like an unopened gift....Thrown away.Life is not a raceDo take it slowerHear the musicBefore the song is over.
New Nsfw Auction!!!
      I'm going to host another auction! This time it's going to be NSFW!!!   Interested??? If you want in all you need is a SFW pic, a NSFW pic, and the 10k entry fee. Oh yeah, and you must be willing to do a NSFW salute for your winning bidder! The auction will run from May 8th- May 15th!   Still interested??? If so send a PM to me with the following: -The link to your SFW pic
Beau Puma
c'est amazin comment quelque chose aussi simple qu'un sourire peut vous inciter à changer votre vue sur des choses. Tandis que non étonné par ce seul. je suis étonné comment un sourire que vous ne pouvez pas voir vous rend heureux. Merci sexy. Vous m'étonnez conitnually. Hmmm fait le massage la nuit venir à l'esprit…
My Brain Does What It Wants
I dumped my boyfriend of nine years a few weeks ago. It has been weird, because he has communicated more and been nicer since I dumped him than he has in the past two years, thanks to the fact that we still share a phone plan and just bought the crackberry curve... Actually, if you want the truth, I finalized the break-up via blackberry to blackberry messenger, a true sign of what a 21st Century Betty I am. I digress. I went to his myspace page today, and saw some girl I don't even know leave him photo comments. I didn't even have the decency to muster up any jealousy. My subconscious, on the other hand, seems to be doing that work for me. I woke up from a dream, in which my ex was marrying another woman, and when they got to the "hold their peace" part, I flew down the aisle, pleading and sobbing and making a giant scene about how I still loved him and asking him why he wouldn't marry me. Then, even more odd, the dream subdivided. In the first half, the wedding came to a halt,
New Tattoo
Dont Tell This Joke On Sunday Morning!!
GOD tells 4 nuns that its time to come home. He tells them to pray & wash the body parts they have sinned with in the lake. the 1st nun washes her hands in the h2o says her hail mary's and goes to heaven. the second nun sips some of the water says her hail mary's and goes to heaven the 3rd nun steps up to the h20 and the 4th nun  blurts out" hey can i sip summa that h2o before she puts her nasty ass in it?"
Jus A Lil Paul Mooney Jokey Joke Retold By The Degetodragon(2)
a white man finds a lamp in the sand...picks it up and rubs... genie pops out and says ' you have three wishes....' the white man said ' i wanna big mansion'...*poof* he gets a mansion...second wish ' i want beautiful naked women runnin through mansion'...*poof* beautiful naked women runnin through the mansion...hes third wish...three klansmen beat him to an inch of his life and hangs em...the genie is at the bar drinkin a beer and tells the bartender...'still to this white men all wanna mansion, all want naked women runnin through the mansion...but im always clueless about the third wish: why all white men wanna be HUNG LIKE A NIGGA'
Jus A Lil Paul Mooney Jokey Joke Retold By The Degetodragon
a black woman...finds a lamp in the sand she picks and rubs it and out comes a genie...and he said look ive been in that lamp for 300 years  i have no time for have two wishes...and she said 'y two?'..he said 'because ur a nigger and you only get two...'...she said i want a bridge and i want it stretched from LA to africa so my ppl can go back anytime they wish...he said " im not wish" she said ' well i wish my ppl and i had the same equal rights as white folks' and the genie said ' how do you want that bridge...wood or cement?'  lmao
Dead To Me
DEAD TO ME   fear me doubt me neglect me ignore me push me to the point of no return...   rise up stronger harder grinning as i see you burn...   you're dead to me in the past over done finished through...     you fear you doubt neglect ignore exactly what's inside of you...     4.29.09 fester  
If We Had Sex
The answers were so FUN Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you!Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT!1. Would you be in control?2. Would you pull my hair?3. Would you whisper in my ear?4. Would you talk dirty to me?5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?6. Would you say my name?7. Would you go down on me?8. Would you let me give you a hickie?9. How many rounds would we go?10. What would you wanna do afterwards?11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?12. Would you lick and bite me all over?13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?14. Would you want me to take my time?15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10?16. Would you want fast or slow?17. Where would you wanna "do it"?18. Would you be loud or quiet?19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?20. What position would we do it in?21. Do you like me?22. Would you call me the next day?23. Would you scratch me?
Some times in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you'll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding But theres also a chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better then you know yourself is the same who's been standing beside you all along.
81% of women openly admit that they flirt with men they don’t know on a regular basis, even if they’re in a relationship or married. What this means is that although they may not go any further than flirting, the vast majority of women do find enjoyment in playing and leading on guys other than their boyfriends or husbands. It therefore goes without saying that some, unfortunately, will get a taste for that pleasure and actually choose to take it the one step further – which usually means going behind their partners’ backs and sleeping with another guy. So what can you do as a man who suspects their girlfriend is cheating on them? If you ask her outright, she’ll probably deny it, which is neither here nor there when it comes to uncovering the truth. The answer lies in finding hard, undeniable proof of her deception, so you don’t need to directly ask her if she’s being faithful to you. In this article, I’m going to tell you about a few o
End Of The Road
When at the end of the road We find that we can no longer function We all face the same dilemma. What is there left to do? There seems to be this alternative: Either go on as best we can to the bitter ends Or find a new way to live.
That Time Has Come...
OK So I thought it was kinda that time...Time for me to leave and get in with the real things in life, like looking for a job...My profile will be locked down so no one can view it...It's been a good 2 n a half years. I've made some amazing friends, met my amazing other half and all round it's just been my get away from the harsh realities of life...Now it's time to focus on the real life things instead of shying away from them...I know many will try and talk me out of it but my mind is made up, I spend far to long on this site to the extent it was all I done, it made my depression worse now it's time to get out of that rut and start afresh... I guess at some point I could come back after some time away but I just don't know...I need to put myself first instead of a site, I know I won't be deleting because as forementioned I've met some amazing friends and my other half so its kinda like my reminder that good comes out of the online thing...I'll still have my yahoo for those who have t
For Once...
Life is starting to look up for me!! I've done a lot of stuff today and was so productive, and I feel great. I've got amazing people in my life, and I'm thankful for them every single day. I've got my guardian angel looking out for me, keeping me breathing and kicking ass daily.  I miss her so much, but I know she's still with me. I have my health and getting it taken care of.  Next up on the docket after my LEEP on the 28th of May [yes, that bastardly surgery has been rescheduled!]  is my hearing.  I'm going to an audiologist and possibly getting hearing aids.. yes, my hearing is that bad. Going to start giving voice lessons this summer for $10 for a half hour and $20 for an hour.  I figure I'm pretty good at what I do and if I can help somebody find their voice... it's that much better. I also have been offered to teach a baby sign class for moms-to-be and new mothers to help more efficiently communicate with their children.  Still debating it, but more than likely will take th
Playing With Fire
I sat with you on that last silver night, thinking that it was so cruel of God to allow the only flaw in that crisp evening to be the menacing glances flowing like currents through the water from your eyes to mine. I thought I would surely die from one more jolt of malice. But through my time-tested armor you rocked me at my core. Your disgust was tangible and it would be a few years before I sent that current back to you, the one who owned it, the one who deserved it. But oh, what damage was done before I could accept your failings as yours and not my own.
From Where I Sit ( A Rant On Gf/bf Stuff)
Ok, I've finally had it!!  I'm sick of hearing girls say "Guys are jerks, dicks, dogs, assholes, cocksuckers, motherfuckers...." or whatever. The list goes on. I'm not saying that they aren't partially correct though either. Guys have the ability to be extremely loyal, trustworthy ppl, or to be vicious, conniving, self-centered bastards. Girls are THE EXACT SAME WAY. Don't believe me? Just ask the girl who convinced me to dump the first girl I ever really loved, by feeding me this big ole' sob story and tellin me she was a virgin. She then Cheated on me with my best friend at the time. It sucks. Life in general. It all seems to be conspiring against the hopes and dreams of the good ppl. By good ppl I don't mean Jesus freaks. You know if you're a good person or not. It's not for anyone else to judge.  Anyway here's my point: assholes fuck over good girls, who then turn into scared girls: scared girls become easy targets for other assholes who then turn them into what I like to call Cra
Dentist ............
 they fix yer teeth but hurt you like hell !   my jaw is F-in hurty : (
I've often been the "It's complicated" status. It's usually not a good thing. I have this problem all the time, fortunately I trained it in classical music. I think this speaks for itself. And that should do it for now. :P
Love is like a butterfly. It has wings and can soar high--  Like the sprited eagle, or It crawls without flight, And like the tortise It never reaches its ectasy! So look above the clouds not beind you-- And your world will become a fantasy Of magic, mystery and romance. And you'll dance through life Meeting new challenges each day, whereas, If you crawl, only looking in front of you, Life will become dull and routine. So spread your wings and fly And like the butterfly, Life becomes a gift-- And your treasures in life Are wings of flight--- To any destination you choose
It's Only For Fun!!!!!!
Why do some people on this website take eveything so seriously?  I mean last I remember this is basicly a meet and greet site....right!  Everytime I log onto fubar i feel like walked back into high school.  You know what I mean?  You got your "in" clique, "stoners", "nerds", "jocks", "emo's", (they called them goths when I was in high school).  I come to fubar to unwind from the days restlessness and now I got to deal with the teenage mentality that some of the people have on here.  Now I am not saying that everyone on fubar is like that but there is a good number of people here that are.  I say at least say hi to the people that stop and talk to you.  You never know that person just might make your day.
This Is How They Expect To Gain Loyalty? Please see the link above first. Just in my department, in my hotel, we have been cut down to 35 hours a week for a year, and have been told that we will not recieve our annual raises this July.  They took away raises gven to our supervisors in January.  Our insurance company that pays less for our claims and our premiums were raised $10 per pay period.  We no longer recieve employer matching for our 401K. Yet, our CEO gets a RAISE for what I would gross in 10 years!  Why does this not make any sence?
Banned Again!
By Jim Scott updated 2 hours, 41 minutes ago Pit bulls and other popular breeds of dogs will be banned from all apartments run by the city Housing Authority starting this Friday."Finally someone is realizing that these potentially dangerous animals have no place in a confined urban space," City Councilman Peter Vallone told The New York Daily News.Vallone is not exactly a pit bull lover, having unsuccessfully lobbied state legislators to ban the dogs in the past.Pit bulls are often trained to be violent, but owners defended the breed saying it's the owner, not the dog that makes them a threat."It all depends on how you teach a dog," said pit bull owner Anthony Nieves. "My dog is like a puppy."Pit bulls aren't the only dogs being targeted by the Housing Authority.The new regulations are also specifically banning Dobermans and Rottweilers as well as any dog weighing over 25 pounds. The previous policy banned dogs weighing up to 40 pounds.The ASPCA opposes the ban and
Good Bye For Now To All My Fubar Friends
To all my friends i am losing my internet for a while but i will be back as soon as i can get my internet cut back on so to all my friends get drunk have fun and play a lot on fubar for me see you all when i do get to make it back take care friends
mellowmode@ fubar
A New Tat
well i can not find a good tat to get to cover old scars on my upper arm. it will be my left arm from about shoulder to elbow. i have a couple ideas. i am trying to find like a faerie vampire thing.  of some kinda flowers but im not a flower girl.  i really dont know
Emergency Rooms
So here it goes. I am an er nurse and have worked in many ers before. If you come to the er come in with some sence. I can not help you with something that happened 2 weeks ago. I can only help the present. By the way, I need a work note for yesterday is not an emergency. If you read the big Red letters that say EMERGENCY ROOM it should clue you in that it is not for check ups. Yes we want to help you but medicine is not exact. The person that can and will help you is you. Most doctors and nurses get clued into what is wrong and how to help from you.
Words Not Said
Sometimes you have to just not say some things, because saying them means you have to acknowledge them. Spoken words require an ear to hear, and hearing can be scary. Hearing means you have to deal with what is said. So sometimes we  sit in silence, cause the words that want to be said, can't be said. At times it can be a comfort, to be silent. At times it is the most painful thing ever. Sometimes it would be easy to give up, Sometimes hanging on is all I can do. Letting go would be so easy, but I can't quit. So I'll hang on, until the very end. Will I regret it? Most asuredly, on some lonely nights. Do I regret it now? Sometimes. And sometimes I sit in silence.
12 Things To Remember
12 Things to Remember...   Some of you have already seen the 12 Things to Remember video from The SHIFT Project.  I thought it would be great to send you the video's inspirational message in written format.   Here it is:     1. Life is short. If you are stressed, worry, eat unhealthy, or focus on the negative "stuff" - your life will end up being even shorter.   2. Your troubles of today are only temporary. Look for the silver lining. If you look hard enough, you will find the silver lining and it will make all the difference in how you perceive your situation and how you feel. 3. When things are good in your life, they will seldom become great. We rarely make changes when things are good. Only when we hit rock-bottom, are we forced to make changes -and that will lead you to greatness. So, if you have hit rock-bottom, hold on to your socks and start celebrating because... your greatest life is just around the corner! 4. Stop staring at the closed door (the negative stuff). 
The act of licking a person's eyeball for sexual arousal/fulfillment.
Example is the best precept.  -  Aesop
Bye All.....
To all my friends,    I think ive finally decided that its time to move on and delete my fubar profile. Thanks for all the laughs and the great times. Love you guys all. My profile should be gone in a few hours after posting this. If any of yall wanna stay in touch hit me up on yahoo and leave me a message, love u guys!!!! Nani
bumptious \BUMP-shuhs\, adjective: Crudely, presumptuously, or loudly self-assertive.
So Irritated!!!!!!
Hey Im back again! Today has been the most Irritating day ever. People tend to ask me why I have a hard time believing people or I just think that alot of people are liars? Well that is because they are, at least in my experience they are. I cant like someone and think that what they are telling me is the truth, and then all of a sudden there it goes everything changes and all the things that they have said is nothing but a bunch of crap! Go figure, I never have the luck where I can talk 2 someone and believe what they say and in the end it is all a lie cause they feel like being an ass and not talking to me bout something or asking me things for themselves. How irritating that I cant make arrangements for something and actually stick to it cause someone feels like being stupid and always has to find something to ruin it, not once but twice! How irritating that I cant talk to someone cause I have no clue if it is going to piss someone off or have the other person think of that conversa
Where Are The Women?
Why is it that many women look better on their profile than in reality, is it photoshop, or they are trying to be something they are not or is it that they spent 24/7 online and do not go out!Not being disrespectful ladies just curious, so do not get me wrong!  
Not Sorry
You were an indiscretion. It's a mistake I'd rather not repeat, though I know I probably will. I won't apologize, at least not to you. You got exactly what you asked for, though it may not have been what you wanted. That's how this works, i don't know why you can't see that. Nothing is asked of you, from you. Give you what you ask for, nothing more. You look past her, through her, never at her. You don't see HER. But you want her to see you, you need it. You know that's why you came, though it's probably not the excuse you give yourself and it's not the one you gave at the door. What do you tell yourself? Why do you keep going there? You can't hide it from her, she looks straight into you, exposes the lies you tell yourself, tears down your walls. So you go, unload all of your dirty secrets on her; no shame, no judgement, no regret, just release. You never ask what she keeps from you, what secrets she's hiding, wouldn't tell you if you did. But you thought you saw something, learned so
creeping so silent, right under my nose, it hides in the places, where no one goes. It hides from the pain, it withers in fears, no one can hear it, along with its tears. no one shall find it, for its inside of me, but its slowly dieing, for only i can see. the pain is gripping, breaking it down, screaming so loud, but out comes no sound. pierced with hot knives, its smothered in fear, making no sound, the end is so near. the beats are getting weaker, the blood is running thin, everything blackens, theres no chance to win. it cannot breathe,
in silence i suffer,no one shall know,the things that i do,will not let it show. this bleeding i do,is not seen by eyes,for everythings that bleeds,has its own descise. in silence i suffer,with nothing at all,nothing to hold me,tis why i fall. I grasp in the darkness,for something to hold,but the walls are smooth,nothin shall mold. the rush of this fear,that enters my heart,makes everything worse,than it was from the start. my insides are screaming, but nothing comes out,no matter how long,or how loud i do shout. everythings broken,nothings attached,nothing i find,can help it to patch. Im close to the end,that i do have no breath,it came to me so soon,everything has left. everythings is empty,for i have a shattered frame,who is to notice,and who is to blame. i do have no feeling,i am so numb,there is noting left,for me to become. the end is coming closer,the ground is so near,that the pain that i feel,tis to who that is dear. 
The blood that trickelsFrom these veinsAre caused by thoseWho brings these painsThe knife they useTo stab this heartJust makes it's beatCome apartThe breathe it takesIt loses quickThe blood that runsIs not so thickDarkness closesWith every breathIt tastes it's sorrowAnd it's deathThe life that flashesBefore it's eyesAre caught withEvery tear it criesIt envies allThe pain that's deltOf those that onlyIt has feltThe beat is slowing The bloods run dryNow aloneIt lays to dieTime is tickingIt's almost outSo where's the strengthFor one last shoutIt will not moveThere it liesWith one last breatheThat's where it dies
At Last!! Some Muy Excellente News!!
ok...i'll make this one quick! i am sotally gonna get vacation time all for!!  no kid, no work, no parental units!! just me, me, me!! and probably some form of alcohol. rofl.
A Bond That Runs Deep...
There are some bonds that run deep and wild like the fire in the blazing sun. For me there is one. Unique and rare, it is something I will not share. I will protect you and defend you even if you are wrong. I will be strong and take whatever comes as long as our life line aloung the river runs. I will forsake all others even if it is a mistake. I will never faulter or break. We have shared a life together, and witnessed each others bones break. We endured the stabbings of life and much pain with no gain.There is no shame. You and me, that is something to be! with many years to go we got a lot invested to show. Theres more to come with each rising sun. The better and the worst of days.. we will go through more pain but never be tame. I am forever yours and will always share in your every happiness and every pain. In my eyes you can do no wrong. When this world comes crashing down I will take it all from you with out even making a sound. You would do it for me, within a heart beat
Michelle Bachmann, Stupid Whore.
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, says she finds it an "interesting coincidence" that the last U.S. swine flu outbreak occurred under a Democratic president.  However, it occured in 1976, when Republican Gerald Ford was president.  Bachmann made her comments to Pajamas TV on Monday.  She said she's "not blaming this on President Obama" but found it an interesting coincidence.  A call to Bachmann's office Tuesday wasn't returned.  --taken from the Star Tribune, Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 I honestly hate this woman...  I don't know how she got reelected.  Let's nevermind that the outbreak happened outside of the U.S., and nevermind that it's pretty much a 50/50 chance that there'll be a Democrat in office when ANY kind of disease outbreak happens...
For My Owner Dino......daddys Little Boy
my son came home from school the other day, said daddy i know what i wanna be when i grow up. i looked down into his big brown eyes and said what is that son, he took my hand and we sat on the floor and he climbed up into my lap. he said daddy i wanna be a soldier just like u.i wanna fight for my country that i love so much. he stood up and gave me a hug and trotted off to his room, he was 5 then, when he turned 18 he came to me and asked me to join him for a ride. we went to the recruiters and he joind the military..i helped swear him in as a proud father,tears and over whelming emotions came over me. when we left from there and were driving home he stopped alongside an old country road, he turned and looked at me and said i did it dad i am a soldier now gonna do my best and make you proud. gonna serve my country and protect it the best i can. gonna give my all gonna be the best i can be he got his first orders iraq he was bound one whole year with out him around felt
I have 3 finals left until I am done with my first semester back to college. I should be studying right now, but I can't get motivated, blah. I'll be so happy once it's all over.
ok so i know someone who says she missed her period and hopes she aint pregnant but is pretty sure she mite be... even though she didnt think she would get that way bc they were sure they were protected in ways... but heres the problem... she hasnt told him... and she isnt planning on it although someone told her she should... she doesnt talk to him any more... and shes kind of not wanting to... that way she can make sure she dont hurt him bc hes already been hurt enuf... but shes thinkin she dont want to keep it... not abortion just give it up... she thinks she can hide it from everyone who knows him considering she wont see most of them much longer... should she tell him or just let him think nothings different... bc they dont talk to eachother anymore and she dont want him stuck with her over a mistake.... i just wanted to know what yall think so i can tell her bc i dont know what to think... please comment on this if you can... im begging you...
Accidents Do Happen.. But When It Hurts Someone It Blows
I'm always that person that thinks i say the wrong thing and it never happens.. but today it did and hopefully the person that i hurt reads this.. you get a forwarded text message and what do we do? we forward it.. well i accidently sent it to my very good friend by accident and it upset him.. i feel horrible... i care deeply for him and would do anything to take it back.....
Needing Out
So my mom basically called me a whore today! My spirit is completly broken! I dont know who i am anymore! Maybe i am everything that everyone has said about me! Im just a girl trying to find herself!
I Are A Point Whore
*holds my head in shame* Yes, I'm a point whore...sometimes! This weekend I'm running an auto and bombing too. If you feel like stopping by, then please do. :) I have a list of like 90 some friends to bomb, so keep an eye out for me stalking your page. That is all. Continue on with your fun on fubar.
Not A Two Way Street
i think its funny i have a friend on my friends list i wont give a name becuse iam not like that but anyways   i was asking her what was wrong and she said that she really hate men now and i ask why she said its becuse they treat her like shit and never really talk to her only when they want to pretty much and thats when i told her oh kind of like what you did to me at the time when we use to talk iam not shock thats happens alot to me  anyways what i think is funny alot of people on here men and woman alike say there looking for that special person wether it may be on here or offline if you dont want to be treat like a stuck up bitch like tons of people who act like it on here then start treating others the way you want to try walking in there shoes and no there is more to a person then there looks like there heart and personailty you may not have to like them but atlest respect them people of all races and ages still have  feelings rember that
Black Cross
A cross upon the bedroom wall, shrouded in darknes it calls out Wake up, the world is coming down. The street lamps light a wet old brick road, the dead now walk the earth. Non-surreal world, physical laws unapplied, who will save the sane? Some beings just cant change. Beautiful yet dangerous, a blaze about me upon this wall, laughter and a voice I do hear. One is myself, the bastard who nailed me up, and laughed at what Id done. The second unkown, her voice soft and calming, she said Burn Together We will burn together Sweet days of summer, the snow is not cold. She is a pyre incarnate, incinerate, an inferno turned to flesh. To my loved ones I call, so far to fall, a creepy green light in my eyes. A sparks smokey breath, like a moth drawn to the flame, see the sadness and longing in my eyes. Say the words Ive longed to hear, pinch, bite, kiss, suck, lick and sear, all in a pyromaniac way. At the funeral you will be there. Now and forever, Ill be there. Smoke swirling quickly
Dark Waters
Should he do it, he wondered then, Gazing at the melting shapes That whisper with vicious intent From the blindness of the cold water, The depths of which, Subvert his inner desire, Shattering dark bent Distortions, Whispering, ever so softly, Kissing his will away Should he do it, the seduction of eternity, Ripping his promises into shreds of Burnt paper Twisting his truths into Nests of poisoned lies, That dig roots inside of him, And he wondered if he should do it, Swirls of sound echo in the water, Half remembered faces plastered against the vibrant surface, Half forgotten demons scrap sharp claws on the circling madness inside his mind, And half felt pain, as he wonders Should he do it, distant dreams stay at bay, Distant from his mind, As he washes his soul deep into the core of doubt, The question filling his wounds, Making him void, Inscriptions in a pattern of a time that fades in the distance, His past is kept at bay well, And the distance stretches ever on, Makes him obli
The moon is full, The darkness surrounds me. And in the shallow streets, The people stare... But they cant have my innocence. A child roams, Cold and naked. All alone. With no one to feed him, Hold him, Love him. He is left to die. A woman cries... She drowns in her pool of atrophy. Her hunger eats at her, until she dissolves in her starvation. And that my friends, is only the beginning
New Pick Up Line...
"so you wanna come back to my moms house and watch my collection of scat porn?" the response should be something along the lines of fuck no you fucking creep... "so i take it you're not into that, how about you come back to my place and show me what you do like" :) it also weeds out the truly nasty freaks at the bar.. think i may try it out tonight... just saying
Whats This World Comeing Too
I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass bybecause it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality ofthis country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you'regoing to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of$250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action,the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get$833 a month until you re-marry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to ascreeching halt.Keep in mind that so
Show The Same Respect
is there anything wrong with a person complimenting another?if you dont like what they have to say,then say so,,,dont become friends with someone then block or restrict them from commenting on your pics or leaving you a hello,,IF YOU FAN,OR FRIEND SOMEONE,GIVE THEM THE SAME RESPECT THAT YOU DEMAND OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!
I'm The Dog....the Big Bad Dog...
The Bounty Hunta!!!!     Anyways, everytime I watch this show I just giggle. Although Beth is uber hot now that she lost weight and her boobs aren't as big...
Guilty Pleasure.....
Ok... I want to know a secret. Whats your guilty pleasure song the one that you really don't want others to know you like but it's stashed on your a playlist , cd, or ipod.   Mine is (here we go)   George Micheal...Faith (and i'm not even gay) lol          
We Need A Leader Like This
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.. Separately, Rudd angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. ' 'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom' 'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!' 'M
The Story Of Ding And Why I Write These Poems For Her
Sometimes I feel like the accident of Ding could've been avoided. I mean before I all happened my mother told me not to go outside and play. My mother was a new deriver and didn't want anybody outside when she 's practicing driving. Being my mischievist self I didn't listen. The nature of my younger sister was to follow me and not listen to mother because we were so close. She went everywhere I went did everything I did and even rough played like I did. We were like best friends.What happened was we were playing and mom came out of the house and started to practice driving for her licence. Due to my sisters curiousity to mom drive caught her attention. Well she went in from of the car and so did I to make sure she wasn't geting to close to the car. Mom had her head looking backwards trying to reverse .It didn't, it went forward .at that time my sister was in front of the car but I got scared and panic and my sister only six assumed that something was going to happen by reading my facia
A New Start On Life
I always say that life is an endless path and which ever way we take on that path is how we are going to live our lives. Some paths take us on enless adventures while others are bumpy obsticals. Whatever decision we make, it gets us to where we are all today. My life has been an endless obstical but rewarding in the same aspect. For those who don't know me as well, I'm a single mother of two beautiful children. They have been my rewarding obsticals in life. I've grown from those choices I have made in my past. My family are a HUGE part of my life and with out them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. My parents are a huge influence on my life and have been with me through thick and thin. No one could ask for better parents. Now comes the time in my life that I do something for them. I was informed today that my father has an awesome opportunity career wise in a whole different location of the United States. The only way he would follow through with this journey is if my children
We Feeling Ourselves In The Club!!!
Twas The Night Of An Orgy
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net People were horny--steamy and wet; The pussies were dripping as they soon knew That the cocks around them were stiffening, too; The ladies were ready, willing, and spread The men kneeling down, giving them head; Santa squeezed down the chimney, hoping to fuck; But found halfway down that he became stuck. A pole was stuck up his arse with some force, poor Santa thought he'd been kicked by a horse. They tried and they tried, but they couldn't unstick, He was wedged in the chimney by the size of his dick. The poledancers gathered round and had an idea, Perhaps if they sucked Santa's cock he could get himself clear. One by one, they sucked on his knob, knowing this wasn't a one-dancer job. The elves wondered how they could help, too, so they opened their mouths and awaited his goo. While they waited, the elves passed the time, by fucking the dancers in a Christmas conga-line. The reindeer were randy, they pace
Bestmoviestar News Letter Of April 2009
Newsletter   -BEST-MOVIESTAR   Newsletter Hey Everyone, Welcome to bestmoviestar newsletter . I'm Jackeline Dalton your host from -best-moviestar with the best news on the moment.      ♥ 3D CAMERA                               You will think I am sitting at your lap. NEW 3D HOSTING Announce   AnnouncementiFriendsV2, the first in the world to deliver the most intelligent experts to your home, and the first to wire the world's most gorgeous women and handsome hunks directly into your fantasies, has done it again. With low-cost, easy-to-use 3D, "being there" takes on entirely new meaning. It's the next level of video chat excitement and stimulation! Have you ever seen a 3D movie? Then you know how re
Nsfw Or Sfk
Ok... I get so pissed off at STUPID people.... its a responsiblity to have a lounge, but if its MARKED NSFW... and you have children old enough to understand or read what goes on in the room... THEN I THINK ITS TIME YOU (whoever you may be) Grow up and either.... DONT HAVE YOUR COMPUTER IN A FAMILY ROOM.... where all the activity goes on... or have them not paying attention to what you are doing. You are the parent, not them... I may be only 23, but I have a child and friends  that have children, and I know better then some of these people who are older and think they are wiser just cuz they are older... Sometimes I believe God put stupid ass people on this earth for us younger ones to LAUGH AT, NOT WITH, BUT AT.. And if you have something to say... dont have someone else tell me you said the shit.... be a man, or a woman and stand up and say something.... and if you think Im wrong... well I have others that agree with me and it dont fuckin matter what the hell you have to say... cuz
You & Mi' On The Ice....
You and Me on the Ice...  Since you are playing on the ice... let me take you someplace warm... and very nice.... would you like somewhere to place that puck... I know a place.... and .. .would be a great fuck.... you could put it in my ...aaaahhhhhhhhh.... clit... ooohhhh.... such a warm... wet.....soft... and nice ... little slit... ohhh.....please come slap it with your stick.... and hit me again....and again... I would tell you...
Everything Happens For A Reason
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there... to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become.   You never know
Kisses And Love!!
    "what a kiss means" Kiss on the stomach = Im readyKiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever"Kiss on the Ear = Your my everythingKiss on the Cheek = "We're friends"Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you"Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together"Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you"Kiss on the Lips = I love you"What the gesture means...Holding Hands = "we definitely love each other"Slap on the Butt = "That's mine"Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go"Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain love you"Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me"Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go"Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you"--Advice--Dont ask for a kiss, take one.If you were thinking about someone while reading this,you're definitely in Love.
Club Playing On Saturday!!!!
Saying Good-bye
Life is a maze  It'll leave you in a daze Where one door opens  Another will close Always feeling the pain  Though it never seems to go away Crying out for help  But not sure of what to say Play back the memories  As if they were today People come and go  Your heart playing the part of the revolving door As the tears fall  You know that you have lost it all Watching the leave is painful enough  But saying good-bye; that's always tough
Ladies Of Rock N Roll
Sixteen Years
Standing here alone  Staring into the sky  I ask God why  Why me Why take away sixteen years of my life  What did I do wrong I had a dream set and now it's gone  You're telling me that I have to stay strong? Well, how are you suppose to do that  When you feel like you don't belong I hate this  I feel so out of place It's as if  My soul has disappeared without a trace
Knights Honor #3
Oh my heart. My fair one. Dost thou tremble, In fear? Or better, Tis it the, Sweet fruit of, Anticipation? Nay, No need to speak, My heart. I see in thine eyes, Such love and trust, It melts this Knights heart, And I tremble with thee. Vibrate with thee. As if two lutes, Strummed, In sympathy. Know my love. How I honor thee. Love thee, More, Then all the celestial lights, In heaven. More than, These poor words speak. That I seek, Forever, To find my heart, In thee. My soul, In thee. My strength, In thee. Your trust, In me. Humbles. Yet, Makes this ache, I feel, A healing balm. A calm, I surrender to. Be strong of heart, My love. As I bind thee, Find thee, Pulse to pulse, To this, Most ancient, Of regal oaks. Feel its wisdom. Upon such, Ivory flesh, As thee's. Bereft of gown, I drown, With, Love besotted eyes, In this vision, Of thy perfection. Fear not, My fair one. My hearts delight. As I blind thee, With this silk. Thy favor, Upon my joust. I seek, Only thy pleasure. Thy hearts,
Knights Honor #2
Come my lady. My hearts desire. My Little one. Who inspires, Great deeds. Know that I love thee. Need thee. Will have thee. Show thee, My hearts, True blood. Crimson, As your, Moist lips. Ride upon, This brave steed, With me. Feel his power, Within your, Virgin loins. As he fly's us, As if the wind, To our place, Amongst the bowers. Let your flaxen, Flow as a brook, Within the breeze. Trust and believe, That I am he, Who covets thee, With an honorable heart. A wise tongue. A Passionate soul. He, who has always, Been the spectre, Within your, Erotic virgin dreams. Know that I, Am your knight. True of heart, And deeds. That I hold thee, In my palm, Even as I, Build your pedestal. Know that, No azure sky, Can compete, With thine eyes. No spun gold, With thy silken hair. No flower, With thy true scent. No fruit, With the lush, Nor the blush. Of thy lips. No velvet royal, With thy skin. No confection, Nor nectar, With thy taste. That thou, Is perfection, To me. Come my Heart. My lady
Some Thoughts
Ok so as i sit here wondering about so many things one come us more then once. What is up with crazy people? I mean first of all that guy from the Village goes compleatly nuts trying to pull some lame stunt. Then Billy Bob is screaming at some guy that just trying to do his job. Why do people think this is fun?
Knights Honor
My fair one. Like the snow, Draped in sunshine. Alabaster. Smooth as silk. Eyes of sky. So inviting, Sensual. Evoking my smile. Lips, That beg my kiss. How I love thee. Need thee. feel you, Stirring in me. Want you. Beneath me. Deep within thee. Within my realm. My castle walls, Protect thee. My armour, Shields thee. My sword, Defends thee. My arms surround thee. In coiled heat. My chains bind thee, In your dreams. My collar brands thee, As mine. I wait patiently, Upon my throne. You, Kneel to me. Obeisance, For me. Obey, Me. Give all you are, To me. Trust me, Implicitly. Desire me, Above all others. Your loins, In heat, for me. You breath, For me. You only dream, Of me. Your body dies, For me. As I would, And do, Indeed, Die, For thee. I am your, Lord. Your Master. The one, Who holds, the key. Your hearts, Desire. The one, Who strokes your fire. With my, Salt sweet seed. I am your Knight, In Honor. And I, Complete thee. As thee, My heart. Complete me.
I have worked in the HVAC service field for over 6 years now. I have had home owners answer door in robes, spandex and, various other sexy attire. I have been flirted with and casually touched. I am curious if some sexy housewives do more than that with some service men. I may have just not pursued it far enough. 
Not So Amazing Anymore.
Your not so amazing I'm so glad that I'm blazing. We lost total controll and now we both pay the toll. I guess I'll see you hell no need to dwell. When we first met we fell into love, your the one who was to fit like a glove. I used to think you were the one to save me now I hate everything you ever gave me. Your not so amazing anymore, now everyone knows the score. You got me played me for a fool, can't belive I fell for your lies you fucking tool. Now I am mind fucked and now I am crazy. I came out of this with the scares that you gave me. I bled and I bitched but it's over I quit. You can stay hiding forever but I will never...How many have you played at the end of your life? How many chances will you take till someone gives you a knife? Your not so amazing anymore quite frankly you were sort of a bore. Even for you being whore I fooled myself thinking I adored. You really got me this time and it's fine. Eventually you'll pay for all you've done in the end I'm the one who won.
Okay I have nothing to say about boobs.. however, I do have a thing or two to say about my shop on Anyone that wants to make their homemade goods and sell them has the right to do so on Etsy! It's a wonderful place. Please take a look at my pieces.I have 14 of them up for sale. Google MaryBetsy83 on and I promise  you'll find me there!   If you are a girl and you like bracelets on your wrist and you don't like to pay an arm and a leg for a braceelet, them I have the solution for you! !!!!!!!
Interview Hatred
Well I got news from the police job I applied for, and I failed at the interview stage.   Back to the drawing board for a job then....   On a lighter note, been typing up some students test scores at work today, and man these kids have some unfortunate names.   The highlights being; Nasteho (nasty ho) ZamZam (x2) Yo Yo   I mean, wth?   Anyways, 'till next mindless blog, thank you for reading
I'm Really Not Lying.
When my status says in a relationship... It means I am in one. *gasp!* are you serious? by george I am! I have a boyfriend, he is amazing. and I love him to death. He is a sweetheart and treats me like a princess. so please. No more asking to "hang" or to "hit you up" or if I have a webcam, and so on and so on. ...the constant nagging will only get you blocked. please. respect the redhead. I'd hate to block you. and this is not directed to one person...more so a plethera of testroteron overloaded men...ranging from 18 to 60 Thank you.
Help Me Finally Get My Horns
HELP ME GET MY HORNS   I will be starting an Auto 11 on Friday evening and would love to buy a cherry bomb from someone. Let's negotiate.  I've been stuck at this level since December and I'd really like to get my horns. Please, If you're looking to sell a Cherry Bomb come talk to me. Let's make a deal. Thanks
Sexy Legs Contest
The sexy legs contest I am in will open around June 1st.   I will post it as soon as it is open .. they are still collecting up to 20 pairs of legs to vote for. Bomb the comments with votes as soon as it opens.
Tracy Watch Her Folks She Is Such A Lowlife
"the Last Time"
i dont know ive been cold for far to long ive seen you through the bottom of a hole i know everything will be ok the suns gonna shine down on me some day youre my storm lightning dancing in the sky so keep on smiling, keep on laughing, till the rain goes away. i dont know ive been so cold those days are gonna come when the rain goes away and your laughing for the last keep on smiling the sun will shine some day the sun will shine some day
Well, I'm not GETTING the LOVE I Deserve and Expect from some of my Family Members,  So this Contest is OPEN to all Family, Friends and Fans and Fans of. SHOW ME THE LOVE. The TOP 5 People, whomever they may be, will be placed in my TOP of Family, Friends and whatever other positions of Honor. Will also receive 1-Cherry Bomb per week for a month 1-Auto 11 per week for a month The most expensive Bling that Fubar has A Salute   How do I get all this? BY SHOWING ME THE LOVE. HOW? You may ask, For the next 7 days, (RTF) Return the Favor. That's all you have too do, I rate your Page, You Rate mine. I rate 5 of your Pics, You rate 5 of mine.  Or any number therefore I but you a Drink, then you buy me one. And So on and So on.   SIMPLE.   GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.    
Unlady Gaga
  If I had to pick one person to be terrified of at this very moment, it would be Lady GaGa. *shiver*   I don’t know if it is the hair that never moves, the supposed dance moves and gyrating or those weird symbols that she wears in her face.     Remember back in the day everybody wore a band aid on their cheek? **sigh**  Those were the days, so much easier to accept.   Now there is some chick out the singing about a poker face and I can't understand her. And I'm the idiot that can't see art as in real form.   I hate these stupid little cultural tests! BBBBBOOOOOOOOO!
Getting Bored
Getting bored .......     AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET?   Hard to Find what i really want....   Show up soon.............     *sigh*
Xbox 360
My damn xbox 360 went if anyone has a extra one that they would like to donate hit me up:) i know most ppl will be like hell no but never hurts to ask.
Need Staff
we are looking for new staff greeter,enforcer,doorman,promotors djs,bartenders and u like to join talk to biker ,ice_biatch,djice,axebender
First Night In Nz
Ok, the flight from LA first. You all know about the debacle of me getting my finger sliced in a hotel toilet, well that’s all been resolved. The manager emailed me today and has refunded cash to my credit card regards my stay, well done Inn at Venice Beach!So, the flight from LA. Well, I managed to get three seats together which fit me perfect. The downside was the plane was flooded by the paedophile dream that is an entire cheer leading team. A ‘Squeakle’ (the collective noun for skinny girls in pink Lycia) of these teens all gathered around my seats. It seems they were seated in my special sleepy quiet bit of the plane!I was busy making my wee seat nest when all I could hear was the girls screeching and chattering, it was like the noise of you make when you rub a piece of damp polystyrene up and down a glass. So, I leaned over my seats and three big blue eyed 13 year old stared back.“Listen up girls, I am going be lying down for the entire flight, I am due my
Own Your Very Own Sinner Today!!!!
Own Your OWN Sinner.  Just check out my Auction Photo Album and place your bids ((Clicking the picture will not work, sorry)).  Who will be the lucky person to own THIS Sinner? :)  
Non-mumm By Admin Is Allowed To Stay!
Pretty cool, huh? I wish I could say I was surprised.
Its Auction Time
I can feel the smoothness of your skin My lips brush against your hair And follow the curve of your neck The same thing always brings me back here I'm addicted I can feel your heart beating so hard Your pulse I can feel at my lips I let my teeth tear at you You sink into me I'm addicted It's like floating, the feeling created You become part of me once again The moistness of your skin, the blood and just you I'm addicted My lips go to meet yours and you take yourself in The bitter-sweet taste and I'm yours again Forever addicted  
2 Girls Arrested At Mall For Kissing
Same sex couples who like to engage in PDAs while strolling through the mall better steer clear of San Antonio. A pair of smooching twentysomething female shoppers were arrested there at the Rolling Oaks Mall in December and now face criminal charges that range from trespassing to assaulting an officer of the law. It all started when 22-year-old Jessica Garcia and her 22-year-old girlfriend were kissing and, according to a mall spokesperson, sitting very close together with their legs intertwined. A mall security officer approached them and told them to leave because they were not complying with the shopping center's code of conduct. Although they left, the pair re-entered the mall through another entrance and this time, when told to leave, they became "physically combative and verbally abusive," according to a statement from mall spokesperson Les Morris. Security officers arrested the pair, charging one with criminal trespassing, interfering with the duties of a peace officer, and a
Getting Down And Dirty!
I am SOOOO freaking sick of guys shouting me asking me to talk dirty to them. So here it is- DO NOT ask me to talk dirty to you. DO NOT ask me for dirty pics or to see my NSFW pics. If I think you are worthy I will make that choice. If you ask for my messenger I will give it to you if I want to. Do not ask me repeatedly. IT WILL GET YOU NOWHERE! If I do give you my messenger the same rules apply. I will not talk dirty to there or send you pics. If I do give you my messenger do not expect me to be able to talk to me ALL the time. If you harass me I will not talk to you ever again. I DO have a life outside of fubar! Oh and I don't want to see your cock pics either!!! Remember this- I am a woman and I will not tolerate being treated with out respect. Be on your best behavior and you may get somewhere with me! Thanks for reading!
A Women
I see this Women Clad in dark, indigo denim and my entire, Accumulative Ambition as a male. The final abyss, Land of good company And the only home for me, Should be a sight mediocre when compared to this beauty (To put Beauty to shame). Honestly, it is a scientific fact that the sun rises each day only So that we may see this Morning Star and sets only so that we may not go blind from staring too long. My eyes afire, she walks about as the Love-child of sensuality and desire and the World trembles like the very earthquake that will swallow us all. She saunters and envy spreads Like the plague Across rivers, Oceans, Mountains, Continents (And in my more lubricated dreams, My bedroom); Filling the amber fields, Salty, blue water, And women everywhere. Clouded, Confused, We low folk with female attractions Must struggle with unfathomably strong desires and not nearly enough room in our pants as makes comfortable to sit (Though no one could help us if we were to stand). Her hips, Giver
Miro el alba y en el instantes pienso Recuerdos gratos, que dominan mi mente Tu aroma de mujer que en mi pecho aloja Sonrisas y pasiones que compartí contigo   Elevo una plegaria, para que mi amor te alcance Llene tu corazón, de emoción, e ilusión constante Al sentirte lejos de mis brazos, pues ya tú te marchaste Sabiendo que al final, seremos dos amantes
Wanna Level Up Fast
Hello all I recently lfigured out how to level up really fast. I started my page yesterday and Im already a 10. I rated all those people with auto 11's on. I havent run out of photo rates and level up extremly fast.  Most people with auto 11's have ez rate folders that make it even faster to rate.  It may not be as much fun as looking and rating pictures and people as you would prefer to check out but you will take off in you level.
To All
I am 5'3" I weigh 199 for now i will lose weight i have colored for now........I am alright till u piss me off like if u beat or cheat on them or talk bad about any body in my family i would have to kick ur ass so like i said dont piss me off other than that we will be fine to get along with
Family Dysfunction Continues
I get a call at a 4am on the 11th day of September from my grandparents, I did not wake when the phone rang so they left a message. They were just calling to tell me that they were sitting in a Rhode Island hospital with my mother and they didnt know what was going on. I called them as soon as I woke up and they were on their way back to Connecticut from Rhode Island. They said that they didn't know too much about what had happened and my mother wasn't in the right state of mind at the time they saw her to explain. I spent that morning calling around to different hospitals in Rhode Island to see if anyone knew anything about my mother. I finally found the hospital, Newport Rhode Island Hospital and was able to talk with her. They had placed her in the mental ward of the hospital since she tried to kill herself and she had only a couple minutes to talk to me. She went on to explain that she packed up the car with no plans of coming back. She had her and what was the rest of my fathers m
For Barmandon
when i was one and twenty i heard a wise man saygive crowns and pounds and guineasbut not your heart awaygive pearls away and rubiesbut keep ur fancy freebut i was one and twenty no use to talk to mewhen i was one and twentyi heard him say againthe heart of the bosomwas never given in vaintis paid with sighs a plenty and sold for endless rueand i am two and twentyand oh tis tru tis tru...A.E. HOUSTONty barmandon u made me think of this oldie but goodie poem
a subtle difference between madness and realityhidden through vacant skiesfalling far from this deitychaotic deafening criesI can't make sense anymoreof this juxtapositionhearing your voice in colorseeing this face through the tasteI can't comprehend my transitionI think I've lost it this timethe bearings bore too looseI've grown comfortablewith this decorative decaydon't know which path I can chooseyour face bears the reflectionof my brickwall enclosurelike playing chicken with a freight trainthese boundaries are soon to breakooooh this light is dauntinga choir of screamsfighting the sandmans chicaneryinterrupting my dreamsI think I've lost it this timethe bearings bore too looseI've grown comfortablewith this decorative decaydon't know which path I can choosemy madness overwhelmed......I'm lost for you.........
Weekend Events!!!!
MontanaBikerMagazine will be out for the month of May and it IS kickass!! Also the Horde is throwing their annual spring thaw event on sat for the 8th year!! and it is a great time..but before that the Roaddogs will be having their Show and Shine contest starting at 9:30..if anyone needs info on how to get there it is posted in the rag which is online at you can just ask me. Ridinginmt
I Want A Good Women
ok so i have tried a few different places to pick up women and have found that i dont like what i find there.  ive done the church thing and the bar scene and kinda online ( i met her in the bar but i got to know her online.  so where is a good place to meet women.
Gods Plan
Children From 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's
 Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God."      Mary Tiller Campbell> > > > > You have all heard these things before but it is always fun to revisit.> > > > > > > > > > > > Attached Message> > > > > > > > This brought back many memories...enjoy.> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > *THOSE BORN 1920-1979> > > > READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ> > ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED **> > **> > TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1920's,30’s 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! **> > **> > First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they> > were pregnant. **> > **> > They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get> > tested for diabetes. **> > **> > Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs> > covered with bright color ed lead-based paints. **> > **> > We** *had no child* **proof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets> > and whe
Halloween Bondage Party
  I went to a Halloween Bondage party at an old deserted house here in Bend, Oregon. There was 6 Dommes at the party and was suppose to be other subs at the party. But, it ended up that I was the only sub to show up for the party. I was told to be ready and wearing only my black nylon g-string by 7:00 pm. That a couple of Ladies would be there at my place to bring me to where the party would be held.At 7:00 pm I was sitting in my living room watching a scary movie of course waiting for them to show up. About 10 minutes after 7 I heard a knock on my door. I figured it was either the Ladies here to pick me up or it was tricker treaters. So, I put my bathrobe on before I opened the front door to see who it was. Lucky for me, it was 3 Ladies instead of 2 to take me to the party. As soon as I opened the door, they grabbed me and pinned my arms behind my back. One of the Ladies closed the door and then shoved a big red ballgag in my mouth and buckled it as tight as she could. The strap of t
Shown Love
I am looking at shupey and all is I see is a angel looking back at me.And if she give me a chance to be her friend I would show you love until the end.
  "What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart." -- Marshall B. Rosenberg "The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another." -- Thomas Merton "When we experience the pain of another person, we instinctively want to take away that pain. But by taking away the other person’s pain, we also take away his or her opportunity to grow. To be truly compassionate, we must be able to share another person’s suffering and pain -- knowing there is nothing we can do to relieve it and that we are not responsible for it, and yet knowing and understanding what that pain feels like." -- John Gray Compassion is a quality of soul.
Whatcha Waiting For?? Auction == 05.01.09 - 05.15.09 ==
So,it's that time, we have some new faces on the block...and they have some great offers,come check em' out,bid on em',love em' won't regret it!!Auction starts May 1st and ends the 15th. Check out who alls in it...just click any link below and it'll take you to the AUCTION folder!! What are you waiting for?? NICCI~OWNER OF DEMENTED NAUGHTY ANGELS~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~KASEY & ADAMS MISTRESS ▪Вīģ.Đ▪The Do it Guy qtaubrey sexiimama ash ~Greeter @ Club VooDoo~ SIDEWAYS OWNED BY WikedlySweet SwEeT ImPerFeCTiOn Bi-Green Eyed Angel Tech N9ne Soldier (aka HPLP1978) tina r/w to lost(derrick)~Owner of The Blue Moon Pub~fu married to lost~member of rating relovutions
Blood On The Moon
Blood on the moon and on your hands, Trouble on its way tonight, A party, a kiss, a broken dream, What a lovely, lonely night. Lovers intertwined, a sickening view, The calm before the storm breaks, My hands trace me swollen lips, And then my whole body shakes. I walk with my shadow, hand in hand I feel the darkness ease my pain, I hear echoes of your laughter, How quickly love makes you insane. Are you watching this moon too? As she lies on your bed? Funny how when you close your eyes, It's me you see instead. Friendships shouldn't be broken, Love should last above all, But what if the one that trips you, Only watches you fall? I walk alone amongst lovers, A freak amongst the rest, Am I damaged enough for you now? Did I pass the test? When you finally miss me, I hope you've memorized my face, It's your turn to reach out to me, And feel only empty space. Blood on the moon and on your hands, Trouble on its way tonight, I sit alone, small, tain
Every Failure's As Sweet As The Last
With starving appetites for arguments, You remind me of a secret I was never meant to tell. Life is just a trial, and we're waiting for the verdict, Guilty as charged, for loving you too much. Sentenced to losing it all. Your memories leave me gasping for breath I've long lost, Drowning in flames, Burning in water, Dying with a perfect smile on my face as you watch, Your biggest triumph, withering in front of you. Everybody's waiting for that something to hold onto, For something worth keeping. I'm tripping over all the promises into a self dug grave, I spiral down, just to find you. Every failure's as sweet as the last. I never knew you were a Saint, What a shameful fall from Grace, I'll catch you if you let me, I'll give you everything if you promise me tomorrow. You can smile smugly at me, Mockingly motion me forward Enjoying my weakness of heart, for following. But one day boy, you'll be locked up tight, In a heart shaped grave, I promise never to
I Heart You.
Suicidal yes a sad word but right now a light I might fall to that temptation and kill myself tonight but if i do always remember I heart you you are the one for me even if I'm not yours I will love you till the day i die I heart you always now and to the end my heart wont mend till I'm with you because that's how much I heart you
Starry Night
They sat in the grasslooking up at the night skyfive minutes later they were holding handsand looking into each other's eyesshe looked down at the grassbut he tilted her chin upthere were butterflies in her stomachand at that moment, she knew she was in lovehe kissed her ever so gentlyas if afraid she might breakhe was the one who saved herand together they helped each other escapehe was amazing to herand didn't seem to have any flawsin a room full of peoplehe was the only one that she sawshe sat wrapped in his armshearing his steady heartbeathe was her one and onlywho had swept her off her feethe loves her tooshe's his angel from up abovehe would do anythingfor his one true lovehe knew he was in loveby the way he felthow every time she came aroundhis heart would just start to melthe snapped back into realityand looked back down at the girlshe was adorable to himand to him she meant the worldwithout her would be likepiglett without poohif he lost his beautiful angelhe would not know wh
New People
Shattered Dreams
Life always changes course  It never stays the same Dreams are set into place  And within a second they are taken away Feeling empty  Tossing your day aside Feeling as if you have nothing  Except for that tear in your eye Gripping your life  Feeling the pain as it grows No hand to reach out to  Because nobody knows
The Forgotten One
The girl walks alone Only loneliness this world has shone Every night she silently cries As her emotions she tries to hide A remnant of someone real Is all she feels Shes no longer even remembered in this place By her fear every night she was chased She used to be But no longer can you see For she is long dead And this is what upon her tombstone was read "Hear lies the fallen girl Unknown to this entire world Left to die alone Now the earth in loneliness she roams."
*blah Day*
Once again, I've become numb to the feeling of emotion.  Never again will I feel what I felt for him.  The day he left this world, he took my heart and soul.  I think that was my one true chance for happiness. It has now become a black hole tangled and intertwined with pain and guilt.  Had I ever told him exactly how I felt, maybe he wouldn't have taken his life that day. He was the only person to make me feel like myself again. He was my best friend... I stopped by his grave on the way home from school... and all I could do was fall to my knees and cry.  I miss him so much. :( Life just isn't the same without him.  No more stumbling trips up the stairs to class while he's tickling me... no more late night phone calls just to let me know he was thinking of me... no more anything.  Had he not been with her... he would have seen the truth... that I couldn't live without him... but I had to let him make his own decisions... and I had to put my hapiness aside for his sake.  This my frien
One Certain Dj
There's a radio dj in this establishment that I am dieing to tell off.  I can't and won't say any names, but if that certain dj reads this, I hope your radio startion's doing a hell of a lot better than your fucking ego and personality are!  As far as I'm concerned, you can fuck off and go to hell!  Oh I forgot! You're already there!  So kiss my ass!
Gay Marriage Yay Or Nay
conversation i had with someone about gay marriage read from the bottom up or it wont make sense lol sorry ->"ICEMAN": that they are lying or are freaks? ->"ICEMAN": so you think all these people are just what crazy? "ICEMAN": not supposed to love same sex, but according to you its right an u can-> "ICEMAN": and thats not how its suppose to be? ->"ICEMAN": and some people say that the like guys or girls better ->"ICEMAN": your stating that people choose who they love then "ICEMAN": either way its WRONG but u only live once right, thats ur theory, 2 ppl love each other so its right, well u go ahead an do u then ya know ->"ICEMAN": thats what this whole thing is about tho the fact that becuase you dont ever want to see two guys going at it that men shouldnt be able to marrry eachother "ICEMAN": lol not hittn on u, an didnt say anything about 2men marrying each other ->"ICEMAN": now your going to hit on me becuase you dont anything else to back up why woman shouldnt be able to marry wo
U.s.a Fuppedduck Party Spots
List your favorite hangout or party spot:
Your Eyes
amazing, beautiful, capturing, demanding, excellent, fantastic, gorgeous, heart-warming, incredible, jaw dropping, kind, loving, magical, nice, outstanding, powerful, quiet, radiant, serious, tantalizing, unique, very sweet, wonderful, yearning. This is what i think of when i look into your beautiful brown eyes.
Looking For Friends
need people to talk too!
Legalize It
Every one who wants weed to be legal dial this number, as soon as they get a million calls, it will be presented to barack obama and they will try to leaglize marijuana!!!!   The number is 1-973-409-3274
Saturday May 2nd - In Salem
Saturday NIGHT!!!!SATURDAY, May 2nd starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MAThe Pub Crawl Schedule:Finz - 7 - 7:45CAPTS (Pickering Wharf) - 8 - 8:45Dodge Street Bar & Grill - 9 - 9:45Lobster Shanty 9:45 - 10 (guzzle and go)O'Neill's - 10 - 11Rockafella's - 11 - CloseWe hope to see you all there. Get the word out. Repost this to your friends that you would like to join the crawl!If you have questions, send me a PM.Maybe I'll see you out!Jeff
  I have some great friends on here, One even wants to see me level bad enough to give me Auto 11's!  I will unleash my 11's Friday around high funoon for those who would like to help me out in my Quest. In the meantime, feel free to rape him or rate him anyways. Oh, an give Kit your Fubucks. I would say go help out JWH but she's not being very nice. I even have a ticker now, however that works.  But I is getting organized. Now I'm scared." target=_blank>Just">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar
IS UP YAY!!!!!
Everything is perfectEverything is worthlessNo reason to liveNo need to dieI am the ugliestMost beautifulMost hatefulMost caring personI am in pain all dayAnd feel nothing all the sameI hate being in loveBut I love being lovedI despise violenceBut beat myself up everydayI hate being this wayBut I love being nothingI tried to pull the triggerBut nothing came out...
5 Balls To Juggle In Life
Hi! This time I thought I would share with you something wonderful I found on the internet. Its a wonderful piece on LIFE depicting us a Juggler. We juggle some of the most salient aspects of life as balls giving more importance to one and forgetting the others. The author of this piece is Unknown but truly, TRUTHS ARE UNIVERSAL. Here we go: Juggling Your Life >>> Imagine LIFE as a Game in which you are juggling some FIVE BALLS in the air. >>> You name them - Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit, and you’re keeping all of these in the air. >>> You will soon understand that WORK IS LIKE A RUBBER BALL. If you drop it, it will bounce back. >>> But the other FOUR balls: Family, Health, Friends and Spirit are made of Glass. // >>> // If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for BALANCE in your life. HOW? >> 1) Don’t undermine your worth
Well, I was going to put up some rawther convoluted poems that I  came up with last night, but now that I'm reading over them.....yeah, fuck that.   Anyways. lmao. some dude has Creed in all caps for his status message.   HOLD ME NOW I'M SIX FEET FROM THE EDGE        (and I'll push you. ^^)
Forbidden Words
FORBIDDEN WORDS I speak of thgs best leaft unspokenBut tongue will not ceaseno pen to writeThose things that in mine heartI cannot hide what is written insideOf love, of living, and of dreamsForgive me I prayThese words best left unspoken
Sitting Here Thinking About Everything
as i sit here listening to this song by creed the song six feet from the edge.i am thinking how i wish i could just die right now and just be finished with this life.hell it wouldn't be hard to kill myself right now after what all i have been through here lately.but then i think what is the fucking use.and then i remember what i vowed to myself so many years ago.fuck those thoughts i will never let this god damn world beat me.i have to much left to do in this life,and to many people i want to meet and see in real life.and i also remember how many of my close friends on here who would miss me.and for everyone who doesn't know i have taken time off as a dj here on fubar to take care of my father who was in a recent car wreck.i will be on here hanging out in the lounge i dj in DEVILS if you want to talk to me come in there and see me.or hit me up on my yim if you have it or in my shoutbox on if you come in i will see you all there.
Reverse Racism
I have always made a point of making sure that I did not take race, creed, or color into account upon indulging in personal relationships or in interactions. I now begin to think that I may have missed seeing some cases where reverse racism in others was in play. When my oldest son was in third grade he saw a group of girls walking by and said MMMMMM HOT CHOCOLATE!! - and the girl who had the lovely skin tone felt pointed out and disrespected so she told the principle, who immediately called me and told me of the incident and asked me to come to the school. I immediately went down to the school, the cause of equality burning in my heart, and I asked if all the children involved could gather. I then gave a little ad hoc speech on how it hurts to feel noticed because of a physical trait - like if you were fat, or skinny, black, wore glasses, had a pigeon toed walk, or really messed up hair one day. I told the kids that it was important to remember that we are ALL people, all the childr
Music And Me
Music and Me I believe in the Rhythm and rhymeThe twist of words and melodyThat is the songThat sends me soaring I am comforted by the Swing and swayThe wailing of guitar and voiceThat is the songThat sings the blues I am moved by theRock and Rolland beat of the drmsThat is the songThat sets my feet to dancing I am enlighted by the Tweet and TrillThat is the songThat touches my soul
Down Came The Rain And ...
On their way out this morning – Martha to drop her sister Mary off at work in Kmart before going in to McDonald’s herself – the sisters Karamazov pointed out a bird building its nest behind the downspout on the front of our house.  Both times Mary looked for the bird, she seemed to scare it off … Jeffrey saw the nest with me for Sarah was sleeping in for the second day in a row.  It’s what she gets for not taking naps, I say; anyway, I tried to tell my boss about this and I couldn’t come up with the word “downspout” and the way I told the story, it came out I was describing a nest blocking our spout.  I’ve found that when I speak if I’m not careful what I say, it does not take much for me to sound stupid.  Reminds me of a critique from the Disney movie “Flubber”; all too often, it is the science of daily life that eludes me. Sarah’s due to be enrolled in our church’s Sunday school this fall, and she&r
The Talking Chihuahua
My Secret
MY SECRET Hot violence burnsLike a cancer in my breastSubdued, controlled, hiddenPain grasps my heartIn a strangle holdHorrors Haunt meIn dreams in wandersUnwanted, unheeded, unbiddenFoul memories its sourceA secret barely kept
LOVE!! What does it really mean? To me love is something unconditional true and forgiving. It deals with the ups and downs. It deals with all the pain and suffering that the other one is dealing with with no regaurds of your own. There is nothing you wouldnt do for that other person. You will be there for them no matter what happens.  

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