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Yo Peeps
waz up peeps   my name is brasndon and at my school im the class clown so yeah im funny. i also play football. im pretty new on this website and i have lots of freinds already so yeah. i am popular so yeah. so check my blog out and everything else. i make you popular to if your my friend. thats the end so thanks for reading it love, brandon  
My Freind
You know today I found out one of my friends died, I have known Rich for 20 years..I wondered why he hasn't called me in a long time,,I grew up with him from 9th grade till my twenties and then we both did our thing but always called on holidays to say hello and give greetings and such,,His family was mine as mine his.   Rich was a good guy, we were close he had 40 acres in West Virginia...It killes me too see him gone..All I can say is if you have family or friends in your life stay close and stay in touch,,because I haven't been this sad in a long time..Every step makes a never know when your gonna loose someone......Rest In Peace Richard ya,,,I will miss u...hopefully he can see this
So, I come in to work last night, just to find out that completely unbeknownst to me, it was changed and now starting this week my wknds fall on Fridays and Saturdays. YES!!! I didnt even mind them stealing those 2 nights I didnt go to work from me. I'll make it up.  So now I work Sun-Thurs, which means I can finally go out with my Urban Exploration group.   They go to abandoned hospitals, tunnels, schools, etc. I am pretty stocked, and already dug out my shitty clothes and DcMartens for that purpose.
What Kind Of Junk Food Would U Eat
would u eat chips or candy
People Offering To Pay For Rates
Whats the deal with all the people offering to pay for rates and then not paying you when you have rated them it makes 5 times i've been F%$#@#$$% out of bucks for rateing people it's getting to the point i don't want to help anyone anymore. I'm not saying everyone screws you but about half or more because there are honest people on here but damn the dregs are taking over It's getting to the point where people will do anything for a rate even stab there friends in the back . It's truly sad to see fubar taken over by haters and asshats
Hey...just an update to those who actually care.  I have finally making a decision....I will be enlisting in the National Guard Reserve next month unless something comes up.  I want to be able to do more for Morgan.  This will allow me to finish school and to focus on it.  I can't be deployed till I graduate and when I do I will be a nco...and probably have 3 years left of active duty.  I know most of the risks...I know most of the benefits...I know that I will be losing contact and touch with alot of people tho'...but in the struggle to right the wrongs done to me by my daughter's mom....and to be there for my daughter no matter's a small price to pay.  To the friends who have stuck by me no matter what...thank you.  To the ones who tried to shield me from fu-drama realizing that I had more in real life than most...I appreciate it.  I have 9 weeks of basic and at least that long for advanced training coming no computer for that long...any penpals are welcome as it wo
Dj Wild Sugar Dumplings Bully
  Guess who is getting wild DJ Wild SugarDumpling is getting wild @ Double Trouble Click on any Pic to cause some double trouble with us Partners with check it out
My Bully
Guess who is getting wild DJ Wild SugarDumpling is getting wild @ Double Trouble Click on any Pic to cause some double trouble with us Partners with check it out
you walk out of my life like I never mattered to at all,then when my best friend dies you come back around,a month later you have me come and get you cause he is beating you,You tell me how much you love me and want to marry me then just like that you are gone,do not get why you would want to be with someone who beats you and controls everythig you do.I do not understand why you did this to me,I was just about over you and now I have to start over again.The worst part is you wont even talk to me to say anything is that cause you feel bad about what you have done?
What Is A Honest Moment?
A friend of mine wanted to know how you can see a person as they are and I told him to look for a Honest Moment. He looked puzzled and I explained it to him... A Honest Moment is when a person is caught without any of the masks or filters they use to deal with the day-to-day throng of humanity. An example would be when a friend of his was interracting with a small child. She didn't think anyone was watching and her face relaxed and a honest smile crossed her face. As soon as she noticed that someone saw her in her moment, the mask and facade went back up. In a Honest Moment, you can see the potential of a person, their happiness and their sadness. Their rage dancing with their fears. I learned that people want others to think of them in a certain way while totally not being true to their essence of self. If you are lucky to see a person's Honest Moment, you will most definitely see what I mean. A photograph can rarely capture a Honest Moment but it does happen.
Auto11/cherry Bomb Raffle
Ok...I am going to raffle off an AUTO11/Cherrybomb. Entry to the raffle will require you buy a FuOwned from me. To show that it is an Auction Entry you will buy then for an amount ending in 422. For example 1,000,422 Fubux... Or 20,422 FuBux. There is no bottom limit to the FuOwns price to Qualify. The Lowest possible bid accepted for an entry will be 20,422 FuBux. In other words if the Min bid is only 12,000 have to change the bid to 20,422 fubux. I will pick the winner by using a random name generator called Mad Hatter. I will attempt to video the draw. If you don't trust me..don't participate. Each FuOwned Purchased will be considered an entry as long as the purchase price ends in 422 so you can have multiple entries. Consider each FuOwned you buy as a ticket Raffle Entries Start NOW..and continue until May 3rd 12:00 PM PST. Raffle is open to anyone that I don't have blocked or that has me blocked.  NEW RULES! I will draw for 2 blings now instead  of just one.
Ur Kidding Me Right??
Ok so I made a stupid decision at work and decided to.....hook up with a co worker. BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA!!!! Now I know why i never wanted to do that....*sigh* The guy was cool, got along with him great, the attraction between us was always there..Well we let it go to the next level.. beyond flirting..beyond hitting eachother..we got to my lips on his, his fingers uhh..busy lol and my hand uhh..busy! it felt good and i liked it......well fuck me for liking it! That was a fucking mistake... The guy has a fiance'...yeah I know im fucking stupid...moving well supposedly i wrote something on my myspace that went to far...what exactly? I have no idea....never mentioned his name what so ever for her to figure it she tripped over something possibly really she flips and OoOohh deletes me from his myspace....BFD! Yeah im super upset about it. *note sarcasm*... I knew this wasnt going to progress into anything because I just cant be that girl. Its
Rangers 1972: Domestic Failures To European Heroes
  Rangers 1972: Domestic Failures to European Heroes February 8, 2008 · By Editor · Filed Under Europe, Features, Legends, Rangers   THE ROAD TO BARCELONA In the long and distinguished history of Rangers their biggest triumph probably came in the European Cup Winners Cup of 1972. In a period where Celtic were dominating Scottish football and had reached two European Cup Finals in four years, Rangers were trailing behind without a trace. In 1967, the same year of Celtic's legendary European Cup Win in Lisbon, the Cup Winners Cup offered Rangers salvation as they reached the final in Nuremberg which took place a week after Celtic's victory in Lisbon. However, in a tight match, Rangers cruelly lost a goal in extra time after a 0-0 draw in 90 minutes, Bayern's Franz Roth the scorer and they had yet again lost at the final hurdle of this competition for a second time. By the time the 1971/1972 season had come about thing were not going a lot better for Rangers as Celtic had
yo everyone drinking time!!!!!
The Strength Of A Man
The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders. It's seen in the width of his arms that encircle and protect you. The strength of a man isn't in the words he speaks. It's in how he keeps his word. The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work. It's in how he is respected at home. The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits. It's in how tender he touches. The strength of a man isn't in how many women he's loved. It's in whether he can be true to the ONE woman he's trying to love. The strength of a man isn't in how much food he eats from your table. It's in the effort he puts forth when you are unable.
so many partings...     so many partings sometimes it's sad to let go... again i hope to see your smile hear your laughter share this dream deep down inside this love will grow...     4.25.09 james c leveroni  
Screw Emotions
You give yourself hope and you think. Why try. Same thing always happens. Just leave me be. Just let me alone. Let me be with my thoughts, emotions. Feel for me, but then dont. Feel for me for i will be ok. Dont feel for me because why would you. What is there to do when all fears have gone and theres nothing? But, it really is never just nothing. Its the constentness of it. The constent repeat of the same thing over and over again. You think you learn, but heres the funny thing lol, you really never do learn do you. Pain. Is that way how you find true love it, or is true that you have to know true pain before you could know happieness. Human emotion. What is it? Is it our souls telling us that pain is emotion. But back to what is emotion? Why have it. I mean i have great love for my childen and that is unconditional. But that love is different. That emotion is different. When can you believe somone? They can tell you all day long you can, but can you, or is it you just put to much tho
How are you? I love to be with interesting people and be friend with them. If you interested to know more about me, you can add me to your y a h 0 0 m/e/s/s/e/n/g/e/r; here's my 1D lesuzanne07. Take care.
Rangers 3-0 St Mirren
Page last updated at 13:09 GMT, Saturday, 25 April 2009 14:09 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Rangers 3-0 St Mirren By Andy Campbell Boyd celebrates reaches a century of goals for Rangers Rangers progressed to the final of the Homecoming Scottish Cup with a comfortable win over St Mirren. Andrius Velicka gave the holders a second-minute lead with a close-range finish past goalkeeper Mark Howard. Saints threatened an equaliser through Steven Thomson's strike but keeper Neil Alexander saved well. Kris Boyd's 100th Rangers goal stretched the Ibrox club's lead in the 66th minute and Kenny Miller's volley four minutes later sealed victory. Falkirk or Dunfermline await Rangers in the final, which takes place on 30 May. Rangers went in front with their first serious advance at a sun-drenched Hampden as Steven Davis mounted an attack down the inside-right channel. The Northern Ireland midfie
Fire And Ice
Fire and Ice by Robert Frost Some say the world willl end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great and would suffice I have to say this is the way I have seen my life lately. I want to know what everyone else thinks and how you would deal with the problem of fire and ice. Thanks everyone
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Secret Agent Of God Question Question Questions Poem
i am gods secret agent.with a hat covering my face as a mask.why a hat ?so people wont assume i ahve a halo or maybe im an no angel,i have sins or maybe horns.where thoughts of my pass sting me like a two cursed thorns.praying and forgiving it all part of the way we should live as a christian.yet i am just trying to fullfill gods given task.i hardly speak due to lack of courage to discribe i  speak  my mind on page of a blog with my rage of faith immulating verbs.trying to connect,compose,inspirational words that no has ever been the  pages turn on the internet.sometimes being lost  with a mistaken click.trying to hit back and refresh but it dissapears like a illussion like a magic i think of who next should I speak to, to witness.i am gods secret agent with a hat as a mask.if i can get one person to read their bible god will see me as not of doubt but a source thats really reliable.if i can get a second person to go to church then hopefully
Voice Of Seduction
It was another lonely eveningIn another lonely barWhen across the crowded gatheringI see, there you areIntoxicating beauty and grace and poiseSeemingly unaffected by the crowd and the noiseI watched you deflect suitors by the dozenHovering about and stalking you like a covenI sat and we talked and I no longer had a choiceUncommon beauty and a lively intelligenceA rare combination beneath such a lovely countenanceAnd, oh lord, such an exquisite voiceLow and breathy, full of promiseThe voice of seductionEroticism, witticism, full of compassionA voice that prompts thoughts ofNights of wild abandonOf full moons.... Above warm tropical rainsOf long moonlit walks on the sandsOf fine wines and candlelit dinnersOf mountain log cabins with crackling firesOf romantic destinations, nights filled by sighsA woman whose conversation is an eventIntelligent, inventive, romantic, and heaven-sentKnowledgeable about so many subjectsWith a voice that entrances sweet and directA woman's maturity and a litt
I Want More
I see myself holding you close to me,Squeezing your body tight.But for all I see as I daydream-I know I'll get tenfold tonight.Running my palms across your breast,As you tremble and bite your lip.Feeling your hands upon my chest,The softness of each fingertip.Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft,And slowly lowering my kiss.Over pert nipples, across your navel,And finally into pure bliss.Looking upon your face from below-As you tilt back your head.Feeling your fountains begin to flow-As you ease back on the bed.Your "innocent little devil" look-Crying insatiably with the sensation.Lip to lip lapping up every drip-From the well of your creation.The way you pull me up by the hair-To the heat of your mouth, on fire.No other thoughts, no other cares,Just the quenching of mad desire.Riding the tide of passion,Pushing my love into you.On the waves of your emotion-In slow motion, so sweet and true.Pulse pounding in resounding rapture,Taken to the hilt, then just past.Rhythm growing, faces glowi
Angel Of Mine
I am blessed with the love of a angel,who's smile is brighter than the sun,with eyes that sparkle more than any star,whose kiss is sweeter than the finest of winesand love more powerful than any drug,no dream could ever compare to my angel's presents,nor replace the tenderness of her precious kiss,for me my angel is a dream come true,and my love for her will last until the end of time,I will always worship the times we haveand hold dear to my heart the linger of her last touch;until we meet again,each night I will look at the moon and sayI love you to my angel, and be thankful for my dream come true!
Dream Only Of Me
"Dream of me", she said as she hung up the phone"Dream only of me my love, and me alone"And later that night, when his body hit the bed,Visions of her beauty danced through his headHis first dream of her was in Paris, along the Champs ElyessesDancing with the night, playing hide-and-seek with the dayThe beauty of her face reflected in his eyesNever before had he felt so happy, never before had he felt so aliveHis next dream of her was paradise, it looked like BelizeThere they drank Pina Coladas and lived a life of easeThe beauty of her body reflected in the sunIt was then that he knew in his heart that she was the only oneHis last dream of her was the best of the threeIt was a vision of the one thing that he hoped someday would beThe warmth of her body next to him, reflected in candlelightHe longed for it to be like this, each and every nightHe rose from his dream in the middle of the nightStretching out his arms and rubbing the sleep from his sightAnd as he moved slowly from his bedHe
A Dream
Here I sit, thinking only of youWondering what is to become of usUnderstanding all you have been throughHoping to slowly gain your trustMy heart aches for you, and also I yearnI want to understand youIn hopes that I will learnYour unique and special qualities amaze meYour smileYour mindYour voice and its beautiful soundYour eyesYour hairYour ability to cheer me upWhen you see that I am downMy feelings for you go beyond that of wordsAnd at first it didn't seem realBut that just taught me a lessonIn doubting what I feelIt seems I dreamed you into lifeAnd the reason for my stareThe bluest skyThe deepest seaDon't even compareBecky, you're so very special in every single wayAnd thoughts of youRun through my headEvery hour of the dayI hope that you will understandJust how I feel about youI want to be your guiding handFor all that you go through
Thoughts Of You
How many times have I thought of youAnd the many things I’d like to do.I sleep at night with you on my mind,One night with you, would be just fine.Your white robe is what I see,I wonder, wonder, how it would be.If I could touch your lips with mine,The thought of this is so divine.I want to see you without that robe,Your body to touch, caress, and probe.I’d lay you down, your body to admire,One look at you, sets my soul on fire.I want to feel you, touch, and kiss,send you into . . . . heavenly bliss,I want you, need you, feel my desire,Me inside you, I would never tire.I could make love to you all night long,It would feel so good, it couldn’t be wrong,These are my thoughts, what I fantasize,You’re all too perfect in this man’s eyes.
As Our Bodies Come To Meet
When I see you I can feel youIn my soul - my heart takes flight.I can hardly wait to taste youIn the darkness of the night.I feel your breath so hot and sweetCircling in my soul.When our bodies come to meetIt's then that I feel whole.
How I Feel When Im Around You
It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you,How my heart pounds when you come into a room.I look at you and think: My God! How lovely!And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine,Not as a possession but a goal,Something almost unimaginable:The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heavenOr just within the hour condemned to die,My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over,With you, and only you, the reason why.
When You Said I Love You
When you said, "I love you,"I went over the moon.My heart sang its glory,The stars sang in tune. As when with a wordGod brought forth light,So with these wordsYou ended my night. So with these wordsYou made something new:A bond of devotionBetween me and you. How powerful wordsTo shape who we are!We ponder in silence;Our words cross a bar. Your words crossed a thresholdAnd entered the past,Yet they have createdA world that will last.
Louisiana Alligators
Louisiana alligators are known to roam in springtime when they search for mates, but a Golden Meadow woman was mystified to find one parked on her doorstep. Belinda Donaldson got a call Thursday morning from a neighbor who warned her to stay inside because an 11-foot alligator was lounging on her front stoop. She looked out the window and there it was, just outside her door...."
Everyone Needs SomeonePeople need people and friends need friendsAnd we all need love, for a full life dependsNot on vast riches or great acclaimNot on success or worldly fameBut just in knowing that someone caresAnd holds us close in their thoughts and prayersFor only the knowledge that we're understoodMakes everyday living, feel wonderfully goodAnd we rob ourselves of life's greatest needWhen we "lock up our hearts" and fail to heedThe outstretched hand reaching to findA kindred spirit whose heart and mindAre lonely and longing to somehow shareOur joys and our sorrows and to make us awareThat life's completeness and richness dependsOn the things we share with our loved ones and friends
Bye Forever
When you get hurt as bad I as did recently you have to reflect on things and wonder what is the cuase of it.  Based on a voicemail that I received from a person that I can not live with out in my life.  I have been a terrible person.  Let her down tremendously.  It gets worst.  She will no longer talk with me or want to have anything to do with me.  There is no reason for me to go into the details of everything as it doesnt really matter the result becuase I am looking for the cuase In my life my dad had tought me to be a sopporting and loving person.  Always put another persons needs infront of yours.  Good things till come to you.  I though that I was doing that through life.  But something must be wrong.  Daily I find myself alone.  THe friends that I do make leave me for one reason or another.  Maybe its my perception on life.  I have no idea.  So becuase I can not figure it out and I am in a lot of mental pain i will be leaving you all.  This page will be left up as a mememory i
The following are some of my favorite quotes from the book "Hagakure:  The Book of the Samurai".  "A warrior should not say something fainthearted even casually.  He should set his mind to this beforehand.  Even in trifling matters the depths of one's heart can be seen.""If we were to cast aside every man who made a mistake once, useful men could probably not be come by.  A man who makes a mistake once will be considerably more prudent and useful because of his repentance.""There is something to be learned from a rainstorm.  When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road.  But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet.  When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you get the same soaking.  This understanding extends to everything."" is better not to become acquainted with men about whom you have formerly had some doubts.  No matter what you do, they will be people by whom you w
I Am Exhausted
I woke up at 3:00 am out of a sound sleep.  I can't get back to sleep it seems.  It is now 3:45 so I am going to try and get back to bed and see what happens after taking a muscle relaxer.
Please Go Rate His Pics And Bomb Him Ty Hugs All
Friends Being Friends And Stuff
Very few people on here know that i was very close to losing my big sister to  drunk driver, but that has shaped the way i am when it comes to drinking. If i go out... I will have one MAYBE two drinks.. nothing more... if i am going to get drunk i drink at home or when i am camping, places where i am not going to be driving. Some of my friends don't know about this... so.. sometimes i have to enlighten them as to why i am sitting behind their car not letting them back out of the parking space after they are trashed... One of my friends tonight got VERY drunk... I quite literally manhandled her to get her keys and into the passenger seat of my car. thank the gods i outweigh her by a lot.. after finally getting her sober.. (2.5 hours later) i finally gave her the keys back.. then i explained to her just why i did that. I refuse to lose another friend.. i have lost to many because they were drinking. I have come close to losing my big sister... after i explained to her why i acted t
Remembering Jennifer
I know that there have been several memorial images created for Huggable Loveable Kissable here is another. If you knew Jen, you knew her sparkle and her spirit - and I hope that it stays in your memory. When someone leaves us, that is when we have regrets. Regrets that we didn't spend more time with them. Regrets that we didn't take the opportunity to get to know them better. Perhaps regrets that we treated them with less kindness than we could have. Hopefully, we can try to make a change so that we won't have those regrets. Love with no limits, and respect everyone as we do ourselves. That is where the true treasure lies.             She'll be gone, but not forgotten.   Much love to my friends. -HS    
Coast To Coast
I grew up Florida raised. And moved to the nidwest due to family and cost of living. But, now in California it's like being back home but not. I find it refreshing. I find it an exciting change of pace. Most of all  I find it a new oppurtunity ahead of me. Unexplored possibilites waiting to be had.
Bloody Enough With The Factions!
Sinple as that.This constant bickering needs to end NOW.We've all forgotten the faces of our fathers as Roland would say.Now, I truly DON'T give a fuck WHO patronizes WHAT lounges.We're a family, united by a common thread;a love of metal.So fucking ENOUGH fighting!We pull together and stand as ONE, regardless of faction, or I swear by Odin I WILL kill each and every last one of you.And your family, friends, pets too.In fact I'll MAKE ya watch them die FIRST.There WILL be order goddamit!Now droogs, is that crystalline clear, or do I have to make an example outta someone?   Aye.That's what I thought.Now sit down and shaddup we're heading for bat country.   "No remorse is the one command."
                                 hi i am Ihsan-Ullah M.Phil biotechnology and serving in sarhad university peshawar as lecturer. i like search and research activities, reading books and searching net
Romance In The Air
In the still of the eveningWithout sunlight to intrudeI see the twilight's in your eyesAs the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and lowWhile romance fills the airI can't help but feel arousedThe very moment you come near You submit to my embraceWhile candles flick their flameAnd the smell of sweet perfumeSeems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyesAnd run my fingers through your hairI taste the sweetness of your neckAs I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of loveAs you answer with a sighAnd in a very sexy wayYour sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desireAs we slowly come undressI then start to lay you downWhile you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curvesYou have a taste I can't resistAnd your breast show some responseWhen I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your loveTo a sexy love conditionFeeling passions start to riseWhile making love in all positions You give me so much pleasureFor ecstasy is hereWith you wrapped inside my armsTo
I Want You
I'll tell it rather simply;I'll say it plain and true-A single thing is all I wantAnd all I want is you. There are no other riches,No treasures or possessionsThat ever could compare with you,My fondest of obsessions. You are the very air I breathe,The ration that sustains me.You're all my thoughts tied up as one,The laugh that entertains me. You're all that life need ever give,The maximum that's due.If I could ask for anything,I'd only ask for you.  
My Heart
I love you with all my heart;I long for you when we're apart; I wish I could wipe away all your tears;Look you in your eyes and somehow take away all your fears; I wish I could also take away your pain;Love you in such a way that you will know you have everything to gain; I want to take you in my arms and hold you ever tight;Show you that you're the one I love with all my might; I know in my heart you're the best;There is no comparison to the rest; Being with you makes my heart sing;I believe together we could do anything; I'm ever consumed by your presence;It only takes your essence; The chemistry between us is on fire;My love for you will never tire.  
I Love You With All I Am
I love you with all I amAnd all I'll ever be.You are my moon, my sun and stars,My earth, my sky, my sea. My love for you goes down and downBeneath both life and death,So deep it must remain when IHave drawn my last faint breath. Holding you for months and yearsWill make Time disappear,Will make your lips my lips, your faceMy face, your tear my tear; Will make us one strange personageAll intertwined in bliss,Not man or woman, live or dead--Just nothing--but a kiss!   
The Panties
When Patty and Dale told me that someone was stealing their panties, I thought, "Oh, sure! Like there's a panty thief on the loose!" Dale and Patty are my really, really best friends, but on one of their wilder nights, those girls have, like, no idea what happened to their panties when they wake up without them the next morning. Their story about someone stealing them when they were doing laundry sounded like just about the lamest excuse that I'd ever heard. Anyways, that's what I thought until a couple of pairs of my own underwear turned up missing from a load of clothes that I'd left in a dryer in the laundry room of our apartment house. I was really mad. The ones that disappeared were my very favorites and about the only two pairs I had that weren't, like, pretty raggedy. I didn't have a thing left to wear on a hot date, because there's nothing more embarrassing than having some guy pull down your jeans and see that you're wearing panties with these big holes in them. "See what we
To Drunk To Remember
Ever so often the family gets together at some ones house and we have a cook out and let all the kids play, now this time it was at our house, so they brought the side dishes and anything else they wanted, we supplied the meat and beer, I have three taps built into the bar outsider, so I have lots of visitors.They got there early, so the festivities started when they got there, which meant the drinking did too.I fired up the grill, started the hamburgers, chicken, brats and hot dogs. We were all having a really good time, we threw the kids into the pool, splashed around with them and had family fun together, well at least until the oldest, Paul got a little to much beer under his belt, then he gets totally stupid, and loud.His fiancee tried to calm him down, she even took him into one of the bedroom and supposedly gave him a blow job to try to calm him, but to no avail.Eventually he passed out and the party went on, now the fiancee, Heather, she is about 5'3" cute little thing, it's fu
One Night Of Passion
She walked into the room and just looked at him. He looked back, taking in her full beauty. He couldn't stop himself from walking over to her, grabbing her around the waist, and kissing her. They kissed gently at first, but then they fully engulfed each other with their arms and the kiss grew more passionate and deep. They loved the taste and feel of each other's tongues pressing against theirs. She felt herself walking backwards and leading them until her back was up against the kitchen counter. He lifted her up so she was sitting on the counter, and they never broke their kiss. They stopped and pulled away, each staring into the other's eyes. She looked down and began to unbutton his shirt. He tore it off and reached to remove hers. He lifted it over her head and started kissing her again, passionately. He pulled her off of the counter and they made their way to the bedroom, stopping against a few walls along the way to kiss each other more. They tumbled onto the bed, and he stoppe
Her Room
I am 18 years old and at university, and I first had sex two years ago in grade 11. My first time for sex was with my first real girlfriend (real as in first since I was 4), who was my first for a lot of things. To this day, she is my only girlfriend, my best friend and the best part of my life. As she is my first girlfriend, I was really shy when we first started going out. Whenever someone walked in on us together even if we were just holding hands I would jump away. At first, I was really nervous and definitely not ready for sex, so it is probably a very good thing that I didn't have any until I was ready. As it happens, it took 8 months before it happened. I first touched her vagina a few months before, and we both had given each other handjobs on numerous occassions, but I never felt ready to go all the way, and so I waited. She originally had said that she wanted to wait until she was married before having sex, but then that changed to waiting until she was eighteen, then suddenl
"play Dead"
A moth into a butterfly And a lie Into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try To call your name but I'm Silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And in the heart of this autumn I fall With the leaves from the trees I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I cry Like God cries the rain And I'm just one step away from the end of today I see the reasons changing And in the warmth of the past I crawl Scorched by the shame I play dead To hide my heart Until the world gone dark fades away I stay dead Until you veil my scars and say goodbye to fate Before it's too late
The Happy Poem
So here it is,The happy one.Today I'll have a bit of fun. A rhapsody.A melody.My opus and my symphony. A delectable, delightful treat.A candy, oh, a wicked sweet. My soul.A stroll.Completely droll.Delightfully out of control. So here you go.My vertigo.My trip through miles and miles of snow. Hold on tight.Don't try to fight.My happy poem,Just drips delight Like honey from a child's tongue,Or whispers of the aging young. A lullaby that makes you cry,The tears of happy years gone by. Watch your step,The path is steep,So take a breath before you leap Into a world of endless bliss,As charming as a baby's kiss. And right when you arrive right there,You'll never leave.It's true.I swear. My world,My truth.My universe.My haven in my merry verse. It welcomes you,With open arms.You're flattered by its mirthful charms. So stay awhile.Right in the shadeOf the happiest poemI've ever made.
"in Love And Lonely"
In love and lonely In love and lonely I'm not with you my baby Just to see you cry I'm in love with you Not the tears in your eyes I can't remember The last time you smiled Oh I know how it feels I know what it's like To be In love and lonely In love and lonely Don't know what to do my baby It's not alright This can't be the end The time to say good bye No I won't walk away that easy After all this time Oh you know how it feels You know what it's like To be In love and lonely In love and lonely Oh you know how it feels You know what it's like You know how it is But you just can't stop crying In love and lonely In love and lonely In love and lonely In love and lonely
"death Is In Love With Us"
I know it hurts too much I know that you're scared I know you're running out of trust Wishing you were dead In your misery You're not alone So come share your tears with me And witness it all go wrong I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts 41+66.6 = our loss We're breathing only to fade away We're running just to get caught What love's lies blessed What love's light cursed Just fear for the best And hope for our worst I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts Death's in love with us oh oh The Reaper holds our hearts oh oh Death's in love with us oh oh And the Reaper holds our hearts oh oh I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts
The World Is Mine
whats up people this is lover boy and im new on this thing so give me a break im just trying to make friends on here so just drop me a line and i will get back to you thanks
suicide is this life worth living if all i get is pain? for me things are getting to the point that i just want to cut and hurt myself. i am feeling depressed and out of sorts. i know things are not worth doing stupid shit like hurting or cutting myself let alone suicide. but the way my mind is set now it might be better for everyone and myself to just disappear. to never show my face again it would probably be better to be six feet under the ground. i want so hard to be with my amazing girlfriend and her daughter and have kids with her and spend the rest of my life with her. i know nothing is worth killing yoursaelf over but if i died today i wouldnt have to worry about the pain and no one would even miss me for the most part just when they want to use me for something. oh well maybe tomorrow will bring better light hopefully. if not there is nothing other than doing the damn deed.hope people that read this dont worry but if you dont hear from me in a few days you might need to won
Sloppy Joe, Sloppa, Sloppy Joe Now ...
My daughter started kindergarten this last fall. I actually had no idea how much it would affect me until I walked her to school the first day. I know that every kid ( and parent ) goes through it, but there is something about pushing your own out of the nest that is a little heartbreaking. The school seemed HUGE!! It was so much bigger than my school when I was a kid. In fact, everything seemed different.That is, until I met her for lunch.To help ease the transition, I joined her for lunch a few days into the week. I waited outside in 100+ degree heat for the row of tiny ducklings to come marching out of their classroom. When she saw me, she flashed a smile, but didn’t want to break ranks from the line. I marched next to her all the way to the lunchroom. Once we walked inside, I asked her, “What do we do now?”.“We get our food from that lady”, She pointed.As I looked to see where she was pointing, it all came crashing back …… those rubber gl
How Many Ppl Have I Helped
how many ppl have i helped on here and no one has the nerve to help me back.  I am so sick of buying autos and bombs for ppl and when they get a chance do you think that they would return the love to me hell fuck no they don't all they do is care about themselves and personally i am tired of helping ppl.... i have sat for hours rating auto 11 and bomb after bomb.  do i even get help back nope not a damn bit of help.... i have 16 mil to oracle and because i am not skinny and don't have nsfw pics of me no one takes a second look at my profile.  I have even done vip's and blings and this is what i get in return nada zilch none and i am done being the nice one and trying to share my love with everyone for no one to give a flying fuck about me so here it is if you don't start showing me love and really hitting my page then fuck all of you........
Good Night
Love To Squirt
Rangers V St Mirren
Rangers v St Mirren Venue: Hampden Park Date: Saturday 25 April Kick-off: 1215 BST Coverage: BBC Radio Scotland & BBC Sport website. Highlights on BBC One Scotland on Saturday at 2230 BST.   Rangers captain Barry Ferguson misses the Scottish Cup semi-final after suffering a calf injury last week. Defender Sasa Papac is suspended and Lee McCulloch, Kirk Broadfoot, Kyle Lafferty and Kevin Thomson are out. St Mirren striker Billy Mehmet will be given a late fitness test as he struggles with a hamstring injury. John Potter returns from a ban but Steven Robb, Stephen O'Donnell, Franco Miranda, Chris Smith and Tom Brighton all miss out for the clash at Hampden. Rangers (from): Alexander, Whittaker, Weir, Bougherra, Naismith, Davis, Edu, Mendes, Boyd, Velicka, Novo, McGregor, Miller, Aaron, Fleck, Wilson, S Smith, Dailly. St Mirren (from): Howard, Ross, Camara, Cuthbert, Potter, Haining, McGinn, Thomson, Dorman, Murray, Dargo, Mason, Brady, Hamilton,
(CNN) -- When 3-year-old Rowan Isaacson darted away from his father and dived into a herd of grazing horses, it easily could have been the end of the small autistic boy. He was babbling under the hooves of a boss mare. Rupert Isaacson says he noticed immediate improvement in his son's language skills when he started riding. "I thought he was going to get trampled," recalled Rupert Isaacson, Rowan's father. But the horse, Betsy, dipped her head and chewed with her mouth in submission. Isaacson, who had trained horses for a living, had never seen it happen so spontaneously. Rowan had seemingly made a connection. The Austin, Texas, family had been struggling with Rowan. His wild tantrums were nearly driving Isaacson and his wife, Kristin Neff, to divorce. All the while, little Rowan was becoming unreachable. "He would just stare off into space," Isaacson said. "I was worried it was going to get progressively worse and that eventually, he might float away from us entirely. Luckily, r
I Am Someone
  I am someoneI walked past a dead faceeven though the person was aliveI saw my eyes in the mirrorand cried at the sightI looked at a person I didn¹t knowand I met a friendI got heads to turnwhen I walked pastI learned a lot about myselfwhen I lost a new friendI cried every tear in my bodywhen I thought about loveI got hit badthen got back in the ringI climbed a mountain of rocksand saw an eagle fly over- headI heard terrible things about myselfwhen no one thought I was listeningI realized I was strongwhen I didn¹t cry when it hurtI found out who I waswhen I was with someone elseI thought I was lost foreverwhen a friend found meI held a life in my handand it was my ownI was a pawn in someone else's gameso I surrendered to a brookI walked the fine line between survivingand not wanting to surviveI still amI am someone
Here Agian
so here i am agian just want to get back with some cool ass chill people
Robert Pattinson Scared To Love
Robert Pattinson scared to love Friday, 24 April 2009 Robert Pattinson fears he will "ruin" prospective girlfriend's lives. The 22-year-old star - who shot to fame after starring in 2008 vampire movie 'Twilight' - is too nervous to date in case the pressure of being seen with him becomes too much. Click here to see photos of Rob in Harry Potter > He said: "I'm always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren't famous. It's such a massive change. I'm kind of a paranoid wreck." Robert also revealed he still hasn't got used to seeing his face in magazines. He explained to US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's getting photographed. You have people who analyse your facial expressions to the tiniest degree. So you're just trying to avoid getting photographed. You're like, 'Jesus, you can't win!' " Robert has previously admitted he finds his new sex symbol status confusing, revealing he was never a hit with women when he was growing up. He reveale
Everyone's An E-cop
Okay further to my blog on Scarred.   Let me advise that I am not aware that Scarred has returned in any way shape or form.....   I have not spoken to him and quite frankly, if I did, I wouldn't be telling anyone about it.   I, like many, am an online friend of Scarred.  Nothing more.   I have had contact with green accounts ... but they could be anyone.   I know of a number of people that were out to tarnish his name and reputation, due to the fact they didn't get what they wanted from him   I will no longer answer any questions from anyone about Scarred.   I have blocked Jaded Angel and DJ Icepick or whatever his name is ... due to the fact that they pop in and pop out at their leisure seeking information from what is going on in my profile.   If this doesn't cease I will report to Fubar Admin, and claim harrassment.   Leave me out of it.   Now eff off and find another dead horse to flog.   With Love   Xena
I'm Bored
->~Tommy~Fo ...: uh no...isn't it past your bedtime?~Tommy~Fo ...: u have any nsfw pics->~Tommy~Fo ...: what?~Tommy~Fo ...: cool can u bling me->~Tommy~Fo ...: near Tupelo~Tommy~Fo ...: where is mooorevill ms->~Tommy~Fo ...: ok~Tommy~Fo ...: i live in ms 2   who wants to buy me stuff and show me their NSFWs?    
New Moon - Robert Pattinson's Inner Pain
New Moon - Robert Pattinson's inner pain Friday, 24 April 2009 Robert Pattinson was the only person who managed to get under Edward's skin at the Twilight auditions. We are really glad the Rob was cast alongside Kristen Stewart as it was their chemistry onscreen that made Twilight such a success. Check out the latest New Moon set photos > If someone else had played Edward then there probably wouldn't have been a New Moon or Eclipse movie for us to look forward to. Rob states on the official Twilight DVD: "When I did the audition what people said about why my audition was apparently good was because it was a lot more pained so I kind of built on the fact that he was extremely tortured." The New Moon screenwriter added: "It's really important that he's constantly fighting this thirst for her blood and it's just an internal struggle that's going on constantly." Stephenie Meyer agrees that Rob is the perfect Edward. She said: "A lot of guys are pretty but they're not dangerous and
Possible Singer
This is probably the first song you will hear me sing love. I really like it.  
The Pic
the pic is my brother i am a female
So We Found Out Today
The Little Squishy is a Girl.Vivian Diane KayLynn.DEF.Already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger and she isn't even here yet.No medical problems that were found.So far so good with our little miracle.Future ARMY Brat thats going to break hearts.LOL.HOOAH!
Old Poem I On And Off This Way.
What can I say what can I do I  guess  I am what they call a hopeless foul. I don’t know what I want I don’t know what I need but there something that I feed upon.That use to be so strong its getting weaker my fix isn’t  as easy as it use to be . It doesn’t give me the same high.The more I get the more I crave I cant get enoughBut the want is seeming to get less and less. But the want for the high still doesn’t dieI wish I knew how to stay satisfiedThis smile is fading and I am starting to get jaded and  the rage an pain sometimes gets to be too much I feel like I might loss touch.Wishing I was numb wishing I could escape this pain its like a cut that wont heal. Energy I can not deplete I get no fucking sleep my mind is simply starting to work off bleeps.
Welcome Lord Icarus!!!
I would like to take this moment to welcome my gorgeous husband, Ian, to Fubar!!   He's my #1, of course.. under †Lord Icarus†.   GO SPANK HIM WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LOVE!!!!     I love you baby!!!
you know it confuses me ,, when i am nice to somone who is atractive or i compliment the way they look it always seems to blow up in my face my kindness does not mean i want to be with you it does not mean that i want to have sex it doesnt mean anything i have been branded and embaressed humilated and lied on it is the end of the road ppl dont you understand how short life is ,, so i live it with no more regrets no speed limit signs on my highway ... i am very flirtacious when it comes to women always have been but now i see that doesent get me very far i care about somone very much to wich i thought would grow... so many mistakes i wish i could take back but i cant no regrets just moving forward.. life and it's struggles are strange but you can always find the lesson you learned deep inside if your looking .. all the while i sit here confused if i acted like an asshole or offended ppl i am sorry if had done things that made you feel like shit or made you feel stupid i am sorry but no
Kick Ass Bitch!!!!
***AMBSTUCKPromoter @ Den of sin">@ fubar
At First Sight...
I'm deep into some Romeo and Juliet right now, and I'm at the scene in which Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. Romeo's problem thus far is his infatuation with a woman who doesn't love him, and upon seeing Juliet he forgets all about Rosalind. I'm not sure if I really believe in love at first sight, I'm having general problems believing in love as it is. However, I think there has been the one of two people I have seen, and immediately known that I could lose myself in them if I were ever allowed to. Maybe not love at first sight, but the possibility of love at first sight. Although I think it would be nice to see that one person, and instantly just be on with them, and have that connection, and know that yes, I could see myself ending it all over the loss of this person. Passion, however motivated, is powerful.
It's Not The Years In Your Life But The Life In Your Years
Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years, People grow old by deserting their ideals, dreams, goals and beliefs. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up goals, dreams and beliefs wrinkles the soul.    It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. The best part of the art of living is to know how to grow old gracefully. The knowledge you possess. All the mistakes you have made throughout your life and learned and have grown from them.   You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old. You're never to old to become younger in your heart and in your thoughts. Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.    I truly don't know what the big deal is about old age. So many elderly shine from inside and look 10 to 20 years younger. Are you truly only as old as you feel. As for me; Some days I feel 25 other days I feel 65. So what's up with that. The funny thing about all this is; If your completely stressed out you fell 70. If y
If You Offend Easy..stay Out Wimpy!!!
Have you ever noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "illegal immigrants" and add a few more letters, it actually spells out:"Fuck off and go home all you benefit-stealing, kid-producing, no-English-speaking cocksuckers, and take those hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, goat-fucking, mutton-eating, smelly raghead bastards with you.? How weird is that ?
To Be Loved Be Lovable
You'll never be happy if you can't figure out that loving people is all there is. And that's is more important to love than be loved. Because that is when you feel love, by loving somebody.   The simple but observable fact is that the more you love, the more you are able to love. Understand that saving love doesn't bring any interest. So many are afraid to show their love and give it out unconditionally. How can one expect to truly be loved when you can't give it yourself.    We all have barriers that have gone up because of a bad experience. This is normal, but we can't live in the past. Learn from the experience, understand it's over and move on. Don't make your new partner pay for what your last one did to you. Give your new partner a chance.    You don't have to go looking for love when it's where you come from. The love we desire is already within us. When your really ready to be loved, it will find you.   The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved. If you e
Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without saying a word. Nine times out of ten, when you extend your arms to someone, they will step in, because basically they need precisely what you need. A meaningful hug is truly like a handshake from the heart.   Everyone wants and sometimes needs a hug, it translates into any language. It's pretty much universal. You can hug your money all day long but I assure you, it will never hug you back.   When it comes down to a kiss; here are some clichés.  A kiss is a beautiful thing designed by nature to stop speech when words become meaningless.  A thing of no use to one, but prized by two.  Kiss: is a word by poets as a rhyme for bliss.  A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every one ought to know .  A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving.   Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with
The Leash
The Leash Dusk I wake... Sultry night... Caress the shade... Fly the light Prowl the dark, choose a flower; Garden delight her scent devoured Blonde, Brunette and Auburn hair; Lithe and supple my sport and fare Morsel spied... Game selected; My craft, my cunning tried and tested Heart warm and flesh so frail; Hunger rising full of need... Desire's height now I feed In pain, anguish and rage... I scream and wail My Angel's got me by the fork 'n' tail!
Florida Really Is Home
finally back in fl after 6 yrs away. Swore never wanted to be here when I ran so far away. How did I tell myself so many lies....... just glad to see reality and be home again atlast!
The White Devil
The White Devil I am the White Devil of peace, hope and love Take my gifts or take my glove; I offer thee choice of sword or dove Chance be there take thy pick But if it's sword thine ass I'll kick!
Song Of The Rose
Song of the Rose Mighty does suffer the soul of man; For want of mere gentle succor By sword and scourge fire and chain; We seek our God through measure of pain We find no peace in Sacred Chalice; but heap dread scorn and bitter malice Pray nay listen hateful cries that bind the heart with pain and lies Proffer not wages of war and hate; Nay child!  Be true thy heart O' child of fate Accept this Rose warm and wise; Full of grace 'neath endless skies
Sacramental Maiden
Sacramental Maiden On dewey breast doest wisdom lie; Psyche freed our hearts bid flyFruit of Sidhe O' magick's snareour souls delight when chance we dareMeaty flesh of maiden's fareourselves we lost when bodies pairThoughts released and tongues be bound When Goddess gift at first we foundAbandon now your will to be this sacred flesh has set us free
As Seen Through Dale Jr.'s Eyes
First published in a column Oct. 18, 2000 by Dale Earnhardt Jr. I know a man who's hands are so callused that gloves aren't necessary. Once while cutting down a tree, he cut the back of his hand down to the bone with a chainsaw. He didn't even stop to look until the job was done. I've seen him get thrown from a tractor, the tractor as big as a small home, was flipped by the trunk of a stubborn oak tree. His first thought was not fear, but how quickly he could the tractor back on it's tracks to complete the task. He has suffered broken bones and never had one complaint, not to anyone, not even to himself. This man could lead the world's finest army. He has wisdom that knows no bounds. No fire could burn his character, no stone could break it. He maintains a private existence. One that shelters his most coveted thoughts from the world. His upbringing was no controlled creation. His hard working family was like many of that era. He gained his knowledge in hard dirt and second hand to
Gravity Sucks I took her home to dominate and posses Her will By design I became her slave By her very submission Conceding her every carnal whim I surrendered my pride and dignity No sense of self or will or purpose I hastened to her call Want of freedom never dreamed; My will completely hers in hand 'til such time as Gravity called it's due and cast from me these bonds of obsession
Fubar Friends
Forbidden Fruit
Just the sight of that juicy fruit Makes me want to take a bite But forbidden it is and I must resist Fighting with all my might From the first time I laid my eyes on it I knew it should be mine The desire in my heart for something so tempting Makes me want to have it all the time The color, the smell, even the touch Makes my heart jump like it's on fire The more I see it I want it to be My most intimate and raw desire But a forbidden fruit it will remain for now Because it does not belong to me From a distance I shall stand, admire and wait Until it becomes free (need Help)
My name is KellieI am 18years from Orange Texas ...Im on this site called MFi (Myfreeimplants) its a site deticated too Woman to Raise money too get Breat Implants... Guys Go online and $$$ Donate too woman . .soo Girls if yall Read This and want implants Sign up too that site its easy and fun This is my Link : So if Any of yall are Interested in Helpn a Girl Out Please Do anything would be Highly appricated =)What size Im looking to going to and 10 reasons why: 38DD Or BIGGER!!! 1.Tall broad shoulderd soo It would fill me Out Perfectly2.Had a Kid went from 34a-34DD Now a 36c(soo i got strechmarks and hopen to fill that skin all out)3.Itd be Nice too Have a Full Cup4.Theres STuff REAL & Small Boobs cant wear 5.I wanna Look like The Model Playboy/Porn Star Girls6.My Mom and sister Both got BOOBJOBs (34DD)7.It would make me Feel Good 8.Need a Reason too Buy Sexy lingerie, low cut tops..ect 9.Want Something to be PROUD Of And SHOW O
Going To Dubia
I will be going to Dubia for 8 days in july cant wait. Need the vaction and get away there is so much to do and see there plus the ocean is great there there is alot of night life. Let Chat
phew where do I begin?! traveling, music, movies, tv, food, cooking, cleaning, animals, astronomy, beaches, shopping, going to new clubs, meeting new people, excersice (okay wishful thinking on that one), the paranormal (I know, I know), boys, girls, people in general, dancing, my work, fishing, FOOTBALL! BOOMER.... SOONER!!!!!! Sooner Born, Sooner Bred. My GB PACKERS! Favre is my idol! A good Coors Light every now and again.. I could go on and on. I love so many things.
Destined To Be Alone
I sit alone, day after day, nite after nite, I see so many in here with with relationships, online and real life and I wonder why I can't find someone who wants me for me? What's wrong with me that I can't get close to anyone? Is it because of my violent past? Not that I haven't had men that haven't wanted to have 1 niters, but that's not me. I ache to feel a man's arms around me, to have him genuinely want to be with me, but it just never happens. I've been alone so long I can't bear it anymore, this doesn't mean I'm going to jump on anyone who wants a 1 niter, it has to have chemistry, has to have meaning. Something I have accepted will never happen to me again. I had my chance in my 20's. He was violent, abuse and cheated on me. Despite all that I fought to save my marriage. I loved him deeply, I've never had that feeling before or after. Unfortunately he didn't want me. Now I have been looking for that love for over 20 years. If you are lucky enough to have found that kind of lov
Dark Times In My Life...i Wanted It All To End
Just Another Chunky Cupcake Looking For Love
For all you horny guys out there, this chic will cam and cyberchat with you, for a blingpack that is. She may be on thechunky side, but she is one flithy, kinky bitch. Hit her up if you bored.
Prego At Large
 Police are looking for a pregnant woman they say tried to rob a North Carolina bank at gunpoint but left empty-handed after answering her cell phone. Which is funnier the fact that shes probibly blonde (i am a blonde and i even think shes blonde) or the fact that she still got away?
Words Of A Submissive....
Words of a submissive... I am a submissive woman. I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive/slave to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with his strength and wisdom. He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy. His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my bests interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh i
A Rose Within
A Rose Within A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully, and before it blossomed, he examined it. He saw the bud that would soon blossom and also the thorns. And he thought, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns?" Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and before it was ready to bloom, it died. So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects. We despair; thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us. We neglect to water the good within us, and eventually it dies. We never realize our potential. Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns and find the rose within others. This is the characteristic of love, to look
L'amour A Perdu
J'ai été engagé deux fois. Les deux a rompu. Le prochain gars m'est parti. Et le gars après que cela m'a frappé.
so one day while me and some of the other guys where having a airsoft war. one of my freinds who is always the decoy for our team asked me why he is always the decoy. i tell him that just the way it is. then he said to me give me three reasons. i said ok. heres the list 1. you always get shot first no matter what. 2. you never know where your going or what you doing. 3. becouse you cant hit the shit no matter how close you are, and i would never let you cover me when things get hard. well after that we started up the game like normal, and for once in the whole time i have ever played ever one was it multiply times. must of them came from the same team( my freind). well from then on we started to call my freinds a team killing fucktard
My Friends
Yesterday I Was Asked By A Friend Of Mine If Her Man Touches Me When They're Here And I Told Her The Truth That He Grabs My Butt When He's Drinking. He's All Pissed Off Now And Calling Me A Liar And A Stupid Bitch. I Dont Want Him!!!!! I've Told Her This Many Times! He Also Kissed Me The First Night I Met Him And Her. I Want Peace. Im Tired Of Drama.I Try To Ignore It When He Does This. I Don't Need This Crap! I Have 2 Kids To Take Care Of And Worry About.    You Know Who You Two Are Too!
Excerpt From Henry V By Shakespeare
He that shall live this day, and see old age, Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.” Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars, And say “These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.” Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot, But he’ll remember, with advantages, What feats he did that day. Then shall our names, Familiar in his mouth as household words- Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter, Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester- Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red. This story shall the good man teach his son; And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in England now-a-bed Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
So Screw It
Since people keep asking be about my status and what I consider friends I guess I'll post it here.  What I mean is basically there are certain people on here who have alternate ways to chat or whatever with me.  Be it yahoo, MSN, facebook, myspace,  texting..whatever.  Most of these people are upset at me for not being here on fubar more often where they can talk to me.  This includes people in my friends and family list both.  As most know I'm pretty much tired of this site and how money driven its become and how levels don't mean a damn thing anymore, basically your bank account determines your level.  Or if your friends with someone who has a big bank account you can level.  I'm not bitching or whining or anything, just simply stating facts.  If I wanted to have a monthly VIP or anything like that I could, no I dont' have the greatest job in the world but it pays me enough to pay my bills, my child support and still give me money left over.  I've chosen to not spend that money on he
Looking For Some New Friends?
Looking for some new friends  that have same Intrests as I do  that live in dallas,tx plano,tx las cruces,nm and mcalester,ok?
Just Sayin
these are thins that satara is just sayin   (i like this format better)   taken out of context they take on a whole new meaning sometimes
Take Pride
I see not just Women but Men as well day in and day out, not just plus sized, but averaged and small as well who for some reason or another have chosen to not take pride in how they look or who they are.I do not mean that one must primp themselves and make themselves up every day. But at least take some pride in how you look. Even if it is as little as doing something with your hair. Wearing nice clean clothes. Hold your head high when you walk. Look people in the eye when you talk to them. Take pride in who you are no matter what your circumstances are.I think most people forget that most of our self esteem also come from us taking pride in ourselves. If we are not proud of who we are, how can we have any confidence in ourselves let alone expect anyone else to have confidence in us. We all make choices in our lives that may not always be the best, but as long as we have learned from it and accepted those mistakes why can we not move on and try to do better.I've always been a large Wom
My Husband Fukin Rocks!
The one night my mind wont let goWas the first night that I ever came homeYou met me there with a smile so wideWas the first time I felt I had no need to hideAnd then the days we traveled with the bandWhen I got so drunk that I couldn't standBut you were always there to hold me upwe were still dancin while they were packin upWe've been through so many good timesWe've been through so many badBut through the worst of times I can't recall ever being sadWe've been through so much laughterWe've been through a few tearsTime goes by so fast I can't believe it's been seven yearsOf my forever lifeWe used to sneak around thought we were so wiseHiding away from everyones eyesParked your car out in plain viewI look back now can't believe what we'd doAnd now I celebrate every dayI come home from work and it's all okI just fall into your loving armsAnd I feel so safe from all lifes harmsChorusEvery now and thenI look back at where I've beenAnd all the things you've brought me throughI don't know whe
He's Just Not That Into You
Great movie...go and watch. If you haven't learn a thing or two about dating/relationsihps then it again. If it hasn't changd your perception about dating/reatlonships WTF you're just a loss cause.   Why do us women psycho analyze situations? Why do we make up excuses for assholes? Is it because we're trained that the guy who picks on you is the one who likes you....aka the asshole....why do we make up excuses? "If a guy isn't going to call you, he doesn't want to call you." "Exceptions........some women/men are exceptions, but other times we're the rule..most of the time......  
Being a mom is becomes heart breaking when your child cannot be as active as they wish due to asthma :(  My daughter (4) has asthma, everynight breathing treatments and everyday the inhaler..all she wants to do is run, dance and play.  Then I have to tell her to stop and rest, because of her breathing ...My son (7) I wish would be active and move..but he doesn't..not for health reasons..for laziness.  It is so frustrating having 2 kids wishing one would be more active and competitive and having to prevent the other from those very acts.. Just a random blog..cuz that is what I am thinking about
Hooooaaaahhhhhhh Shown The Military Some Love
*Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance:* 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their rear.2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their rear.3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second.Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great.. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their rear!4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or
If ?
You found yourself undressing playing strip poker, would you consider that winning or losing?
For Those Who Keep Tabs
It has been made very clear to me since our break up july of '08 that my 2nd marriage will never reconcile.  It has been a hard break up for me.  I only recently updated my profile.  If any of you have known me well enough or long enough,  I was trying to make it work.  It was put to me that it would never be given another chance in dec '08.  I do have a girlfriend now and am very happy.  I am very loyal to who I am with.  Since it was questioned recently,  I am setting the record straight.  It finally dawned on me what my wife was saying and I am moving on.  Hope this clears things up.  Any questions you may have I will answer.   Duncan  aka Nitrojetta
Observations About The Bus
Well I was on the bus today...No real adventure today but more of an observation. 99.9% of the people on the bus look downtrodden and dejected. It's pretty sad actually. Anyway I was dressed for work. I wear a nice button down shirt and just some dockers. Oddly enough nobody would sit near me. And when the bus had filled up the one person who did got up immediately after the first seat away from me opened. I showered used deoderant. It was just odd. Maybe I am just that repulsive..Who knows.... Another day for me on the Bus...
William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils
Saw him perform this song on tv tonight, thought it was awesome.   The old devils are at it again. who knows what they'll do. it's true right now like it was back then. The old devils are at it again. from behind these bars the view don't change. desperation death and despair. from what little i hear of the outside world. well its not to different out there.  and they tell me there's a war without no end. The old devils are at it again.  they die by the millions children women and men. The old devils are at it again. when i say devil you know who i mean these animals in the dark malicious politicians with nefarious schemes charlatans and crooked cops the moonshine still gives you five to ten The old devils are at it again. stripes on your back and a ball and chain The old devils are at it again. two men stare out of prison bars wonderin what got'em here. one saw mud but the other saw stars. prayin that the end is near. well the billboard outside says "confess your
I was talkin to my mom the other night, and we got to talkin about genes, since that was her job field.   Is it wrong to be mad at someone for passing on all the bad genes?  Out of all the awesome qualities that both my parents and grandparents have, I got stuck with shit.  My mom has a PhD but is short and has bad sinuses. Guess which trait I've inherited? Dad has a PhD, bad temper, migraines. Which ones did I get? Grandma had a PhD, huge boobs, and wonderful personality. But she had a poor self control. Again, wtf did I get stuck with? Granpa has a PhD, but can't do anything for himself for shit. Yay, lets guess. So out of all the smart ppl in my fam, I have inherited all their negative qualities it seems. Its like they had some bad sex, and went : "shit, yeah, the condom broke". I am startin to get bitter about it.
No Longer Single
i know i havent been on here in forever....thats because most of my free time is spent talking with my boyfriend now.  I have been with him over a month now and am happy for the first time in a very long time.  I had thought that love was lost to me and that i would be alone the rest of my life.  But alas... he found me and we are very happy... he isnt the type f guy i am used to dating...he is a bit more  he and i lived in the same town for years and never ran into each  We are taking things slow, but everyday we grow more and more fond of each other.  We have some of the same friends and they are happy for us.  My sister even likes him (whih is hard to believe since my family never thinks highly of the guys i date.. well love to all, and sorry if i dont come online much anymore...but im sure you can understand that sometimes life is more important than hanging out online.
Hoping For A New Job...
I am in the process of looking for a new job.. yea probably not the greatest of moments seeing how the economy is but oh well. If anyone in my local area knows of any decent places that are hiring let me know. I am preferably looking for customer support/ help desk IT work. Let me know if you know of any decent places. Even if it doesn't fall under that exact job field but it's a half decent job let me know.Much thanks!
Re My Page
Ok so this is how i roll . Any one who comes to my page and just checks me out especially Bag Heads and Freah meat or any one else for that matter and doesnt rate etc or sends me a friend add or tells me o so how they are in love with me or any of that BULL SHIT will be blocked with out notice. I am a real person not some fake ass and i dont like bein jerked around. So i make my self very clear when i say this . U will be blocked if u look suss to me > Nuf Sed !!!!!!
Riddla On The Roof
[Verse 1: SPM]SilentlyI receive my degreeI got my masters in dope fiend psychiatryLike the weed my brain buzzin like a beeFlyin free I only fear sobrietyShy policeInvading my privacyWe set a lot in courtThey take my briberyFinally I let this irony inspire meThey dying silentlyReally jus tryin to beSociety denying meSo my pro-bityIs flippin ghetto ivoryOh my dear diaryMy hood is fieryThey admire meWill I die a G or build a fuckin dynasty[Chorus x4: Robin][Bridge x2: Rasheed]It's the riddla on the roofRose from the bottom came to speak the truthIt's the riddla on the roofAn eye for an eyeA tooth for a tooth[Rasheed talking]Yeah that's right it's ya boy RasheedAll the way from the North Philadelphia ghettosTo the South Park slumsRepresentin in that Dope House with my manThe South Park MexicanSay Los break these boys off once again[Verse 2: SPM]It's that vatoConvo you know how the song goGet my freak on soWatch for SantoProntoLike a broncoTurn him to a John DoeI make ya body need bondoI st
Sit Down And Shut Up
I've been doing something on Fu I haven't done in a while: surfing a few blogs. I ran across more than one blog/comment/status message that basicly says the same thing. "Fu's changed, I'm leaving." To this I say "Sit Down and Shut Up". If you want to leave, cool. Leave. No one has you chained to this site. But don't proclaim how everything has changed and everyone is fake and everything is about money and points now and waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Fu is like life: you dont have to be a big spender to have a good time. In life you have people who like to drop a few hundred on a night out on the town, and you have those that like to take a walk thru the park for free. In the end, both have a good time in their own way. Don't be jealous of those that drop $1,000 a month on this site. They have their own fun, others have fun just chatting in lounges or rating folks. Nothing irks me more than the big send off blog or status message. I see nothing different between that and those th
The D Got Their Title Back!
In March 2008, Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with eight felonies, including perjury and obstruction of justice. In August, he violated his bail agreement and was thrown in jail. His actions were deplorable for anybody, but Kilpatrick was no Average Joe--he was the mayor of Detroit. Unfortunately for the Motor City, Kilpatrick, 38, is just one ripple in the area's sea of crime. Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America's most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000 people. "Detroit has, historically, been one of the more violent cities in the U.S.," says Megan Wolfram, an analyst at iJet Intelligent Risk Systems, a Maryland-based risk-assessment firm. "They have a number of local crime syndicates there--a number of small gangs who tend to compete over territory." Detroit was followed closely on the list by the greater Memphis, Tenn., and Miami, Fla., metropolitan areas. Those three were the only large cities in America wit
Like Music Not Noise
Hi everyone. I love playing music with my band SightUnseen. Check out our music at and sign our guest book. Man, I'm thirsty!
My Family Here At Home!!
Ok the reason that I am here writing my blog to let you all know that I have some strange feeling thinking why my parents had been married for 50 yrs and damn I should've done myself marry to someone who been marry that long... Which I thought they would you know divource or seperate but nooooo they stay together for 50 yrs so I want each everyone of you could mind show some love to my family who celebrite 50th Anniversary tomorrow and I will be honor to tell them about what you show or how you show them that you were thinking of them!!!!
Club Sn@zzy!
Vixens Hos
Do you have what it takes to be a Ho? Come Join all the Sexi Bishes of Devils Rejects and see if you have the stuff!!
Comfortably Numb
i totally fucked my back up yesterday and have been on im morphine for the last 30 some hours this is my alibi for anything i say or do in the ear future
Love Twice
New # 1
In all the Days that we Live ours Lives. Doesn't matter how Strong we are, Trauma always leaves behind Scares that Hurts all of us. It follows us to Work, Home and everywhere we go in our Lives. Trauma messes Everyone up, But if you think about it Maybe thats the Point of it all. All the Pain,Fear and the Crap that We have to Deal with, Maybe going  through all that in Ours Lives is what Keeps us Moving Forward. It's what Pushes us it's makes us Continue to go on in ours Lives. So if you Think about it and I Really meanThink about it, Maybe we all need to be a little Messed up in order to Step up.
Usa 3, Pirates 0
In Africa from Djibouti at the southern end of the Red Sea eastward through the Gulf of Aden to round Cape Guardafui at the easternmost tip of Africa (also known as "The Horn of Africa") is about a 600 nm transit before you stand out into the Indian Ocean.  That transit is comparable in distance to that from the mouth of the Mississippi at New Orleans to the tip of Florida at Key West-- except that 600 nm over there is infested with Somalia pirates. Ships turning southward at the Horn of Africa transit the SLOC (Sea Lane of Commerce) along the east coast of Somalia because of the prevailing southerly currents there.  It's about 1,500 nm on to Mombassa, which is just south of the equator in Kenya.  Comparably, that's about the transit distance from Portland Maine down the east coast of the US to Miami Florida.  In other words, the ocean area being patrolled by our naval forces off the coast of Somalia is comparable to that in the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi River east to Miami t
You want it, I got it, You said it, I didn't I spoke, you reprimanded, i choked, you stopped and looked, And walked away.
The Truth
A black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him.The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here."The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:"When I was born I was black,""When I grew up I was black,""When I'm sick I'm black,""When I go in the sun I'm black,""When I'm cold I'm black,""When I die I'll be black.""But you sir...""When you're born you're pink,""When you grow up you're white,""When you're sick, you're green,""When you go in the sun you turn red,""When you're cold you turn blue,""And when you die you turn purple.""And you have the nerve to call me colored"The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...STOP RACISIM!!Rate high if you agree^
Misty Morning
Misty Morning, Woken dreams, Catching glimpses through the haze of the willow trees. Crisp white crunches underfoot, midnight waters wain.   all dreams i had, now you fade, your smell, your sentiment, that was once my life, times again, laughing through tears, crying in vain, you left, i survived, it wont happen again.
If U Want To Now Anything About Me
Hi my name in just i'm a truck driver been around some i'm a cool easy going guy that likes anything fun to do
Short Tops & Short Skirts
I love Springtime - Thank You to all the females, Eyecandy is a wonderful thing!   
Workin On It
  †Яåîñ† ~~ ஐ Slave to Crazed ஐ~~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar
Lol...thanks Seamus For Pointin This Out To Me
I know I am goin to hell...but I giggled at the irony ;)   COLORADO SPRINGS - Talk about a bad day. A pregnant woman not only was chased down by a brown bear, but got hit by a car in her attempt to get away. It happened Thursday morning on a trail in Colorado Springs near woodman road and Vincent Drive. On the trail, there are warnings about possible flash flooding. But nothing prepared a pregnant Ashley Swendsen for a dangerous encounter with wildlife. "I heard a rustle. I looked behind me and it was a bear--2 feet away," says Swendsen, who is 6 months pregnant. The 26-year-old kept on walking, and then noticed the bear was following her. "I freaked out and start running. It was chasing me for about 20 seconds," she says. She made it to the street. But her troubles were far from over. "This lady hit me with her car. She wasn't going that fast. I just rolled off her car," she says. An elderly woman hit her from behind then took off. The female bear also took off. Officers la
April 20 2009 R.i.p. Jen
LEE, JENNIFER MARIE; April 20, 2009; of Pontiac; age 37. Beloved mother of Nicholas and Katelyn Lee; loving sister to Rodger Lee, Mary A. Vied, Debra Kay (David) Looks and Michelle Robertson; Jennifer is also survived by her nieces and nephews, David Vied, Heather Lee, Amanda Vied, Andrea Messing and Summer Robertson; great nieces and nephews, Destiny, Faith, and Michael Trowsse and Austin Messing; and friend, Dennis Robertson. Jennifer was preceded in death by her parents, Donald and Donna Lee. Funeral Service will be held on Friday, April 24, 2009, at 8 p.m. at the Pontiac Chapel of Sparks - Griffin Funeral Home. The family will receive friends on Friday, 6 to 8 p.m. Interment Perry Mount Park Cemetery. To share a reflection,visit JEN WAS ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS HERE, SOMEONE I KNEW I COULD ALWAYS COUNT ON, SOMEONE I KNEW WOULD ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK. FRIENDS LIKE THAT DON'T COME ALONG OFTEN. I CHERISH EVERY MOMENT I HAD WITH HER. SHE W
Legalize Weed?? Heres How!!!!!
Wanna help legalize weed?......I know you do!Here's how to help...Call this number 973-409-3274 Its legit!Obama said he would pass the bill if he got a million votes.Call the number and fallow instructions...its easy, free, and quick.When you call, press the pound button to say yes to legalize weed, the pound button looks like this.... case any of you are too stoned to remember.Every vote counts and together we are one step closer to freedom!Thanks and tell a friend~
Today is a wonderful day..  got to ride my quad and i cleaned my golfcart today, cause there was nothin els to do. had to keep myself busy somehow. but on the other hand i could have went to bed but then i did not want too. cause i had stuff to do outside. and plus it was a Wonderful day outsideand wanted to enjoy the weather.. well gotta go talk later Love always Lori Ellen
Don't Give Up
In this world that surrounds us We sometimes brake down and fall Those who stand above us Can make us seem so small We tremble under the weight Of the problems that hold us down And when we start to collapse There seems to be no one around We try to fight in this world That always seems to fight back Sometimes we’re not strong enough though There are too many things we lack We’ll hide away in corners Put upon ourselves pain But there’s no escape from this life We all must suffer the same But although we may struggle And yes we all do fall I’ll stand by your side I’ll stay with you through it all And if you start to tremble Or even brake down I’m your shoulder to cry on I’ll always be around We all have our faults Are up and are downs We cant always smile all the time Everyone has to frown No, no ones perfect And no one is the same We’re in this world together We all play the same game If we stick together No matter whats to come With a
Angel Of Your Pain
You all believe I'm an angel Holy good and pure You think my wounds are healed But believe me they're still sore You think I'm an innocent I'm the helping hand You've really just never looked deeper But still you'd never understand You don't know of what I am None of you know what I see For when I close my eyes I see you all bleed I hear all your thoughts I feel everything you feel No this isn't just a poem This is for real The pain you're receiving I'm receiving too So what do you think happens If you don't make it through You all kill me each day With your sorrows and your pain You cut yourselves Until I'm drenched in blooded rain But do you stop? When I beg you all too You don't all realise the effects of the cutting that you do So I'll help you with your pain I'll try make it go away How I do it all I'm afraid I cannot say But please stop what your doing All you who bleed The damage you're doing Is far more than you can see Beca
Just One Rate Please
      I am in a contest for rates to win a bomb. I could use just one rate from each of my friends please. Please be sure to click my linkand while you are theremake sure you show the host some love as well. Howey ☠ The Vagisnorkel ☠ Feltersnatch¢â¢¾'s My Mels@ fubar (repost of original by 'Andrea }i{ Greeter/DJ @The House of Fantasy's }i{' on '2009-04-24 11:23:05')(repost of original by '~Sweet~N~Sexxay~Fubars Finest Melons~fu owned by Rebbie & MsCharlotte2U' on '2009-04-24 13:32:47')(repost of original by 'Andrea }i{ Greeter/DJ @The House of Fantasy's }i{' on '2009-04-24 13:38:32')(repost of original by '~Sweet~N~Sexxay~Fubars Finest Melons~fu owned by Rebbie & MsCharlotte2U' on '2009-04-24 14:31:00')(repost of original by 'Andrea }i{ Greeter/DJ @The House of Fantasy's }i{' on '2009-04-24 14:31:29')  
How Do We Heal A Broken Heart...
How do we forget someone We once loved so much How do memories ever fade Of their soft gentle touch How do we walk away When we don't really want too How do we forgive someone Who lied when they said they loved you How do we trust another When we've been deceived before How do we open our hearts When they're still so sore? How do we start to see the light After living in so much grey How do we turn our back When we want so badly to stay How do we move on When it hurts so deep inside How do we put a stop To the tears we always cry How does the pain Ever go away How do we survive When the one we loved walks away...
Bigger Then Myspace, Twitter, Youtube Or Facebook!
IMAGINE a Portal like MySpace or Facebook where you can promote Your Opportunity with 20 pages instead of ONE (signing up as a Pro Member at MMT for $19.99 a month)- When people visit your pages in MMT - You..ll get Paid!- Every time you chat with others You..ll get Paid!- Send a message to another person and You..ll get Paid!- Play music from a database of 250,000 songs and You..ll get Paid!- Create a free email address and Get Paid each time you sendor receive emails!- Play free GAMES and Get Paid!- Create a blog and Get Paid!- Write a few words on a BLOG and Get Paid!- Every time visitors watch a video on one of your 20 pagesYou..ll get Paid!.... also when you add videos on YouTube and other channelsYou'll Get Paid!IMAGINE the same Portal where you can promote Your Opportunity with 50 pages instead of ONE (signing up as Premium Pro Member at MMT for $59.99 a month)AND GET PAID EACH TIME ANYONE, ANY TIME ON THE ENTIRE MMT WEBSITE- Each time visitors are listening to music on your pag
Promise Me
Will you be my warrior Brave strong and true When my world falls down Can I always count on you Will you lend me your wings When I can no longer fly Will you take me to the moon To help stop me cry When I'm locked in the tallest tower With no way out Will you somehow reach me And be rid of my doubts When all the stars in my sky Have all flown away Will you find them all again So their no longer astray Will you hold me in the dark Always show me the light When I'm feeling lonely Can I count on you to hold me tight Through all the bad times That we may go through Can you honestly say I'll always have you There's so much pain That I always feel So just promise me That you're real
Passionate Lies And Painful Feelings
Leave your hand prints on my body To show where you have been Make a memory in your mind Of all you have seen Taste my lips of poison Find what I hide Touch every part of me Fix all the broken pieces inside Drink my blood of life Stare into mysterious eyes See through to my soul Past hidden truth and lies Read my mind of pain Understand my every move Know every detour of my body From every last curve to groove Watch my body dance slowly To the wind of the song I hear Listen to my voice since sadly Know the story of every tear Don't see me as I show me But how you know it to be true See through all that is hidden How I really feel about you Watch me in my locked prison In a world of shattered dreams Where everything is so twisted And nothing is as it seems Break the bars around me Retrieve and set my soul free Watch me create a peaceful reality where the real me you can see Hold me under it's full moon with crying stars above kiss my cry
How In The World Do You....
How do you make pics that look like slideshows to use as your main/primary pic? How do you make those pics that turn from you into something else like a wolf or a movie star? Any help with this is greatly appreciated xxOxx
Missed The Deadline...
alright. so i missed the deadline to sign up for the upcoming art show. it was a good chance to throw the venue owners for a loop, seeing as that they dont want me at their "gallery" anymore...yet still have my art work displayed from at least a year ago. i just wanted to find out if they changed the name on the painting haha. but who cares?!...theres another one set up for the next week or so coming up. i'll hustle my maniacal art there! ah ha. then the art exchange at the end of may. thats my biggest concern...cant be co-partner of the show and not SHOW. so check! damn work except artwork. it'll have to be a hustle cuz i have no money and i need it! maybe i need to make more least as a promo to get my stuff out in the open more. you never get paid for what you love to do? so ive i guess i dont love art...its a lustful curse to create. ha ha! with that in mind...time to do some dirty thinkin and defile some blank spaces with this "disease".
48 In Da Clip - Directed By Tzr
Looking For More Friends?
Looking for  new friends that have same intrests too.  and live near mcalester,ok  and dallas,tx  Las cruces,nm. and plano,tx
Angel Lyrics
Angel lyrics I just want to tell you all the things you are And all the things you mean to me You've been with me forever Through the changes in my life Through all the tears and laughter When I find myself believing there's no place to go When I feel the loneliness inside my heart You're the answer to my prayers And you're with me everywhere You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight Give me shelter from the rain You breathe life in me again You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight Life is just a moment We're blowing in the wind We're trying to find a friend And only time can tell us If win or if we lose And who will stand beside us When there's darkness all around me You're the light I see When I need someone to ease my troubled mind You're the answer to my prayers And you're with me everywhere You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight Give me shelter from the rain You breathe life in me again You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to
The Wristler
who thought that that move was bad i watch it it was more about a strip club the wristling
What Pets Write In Their Diaries
WHAT PETS WRITE  IN THEIR DIARIES    Excerpts  from a Dog's Diary......      8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing!9:30 am - A  car ride! My favorite thing!9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite  thing!10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!12:00 pm  - Lunch! My favorite thing! 1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My  favorite thing! 3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite  thing! 5:00 pm - Milk Bones! My favorite thing! 7:00 pm  - Got to play ball! My favorite thing! 8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV  with the people! My favorite thing!
What Up
what all yall doin
Redneck Joke In The Making!
This is taken from San Francisco Chronicle online. BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) -- Police said a 23-year-old man is in stable condition after he pretended that he was falling off a bridge over the Minnesota River, then actually fell off the bridge. Police got a call just before 5 a.m. Sunday from a 21-year-old man who said his friend fell off the Highway 77 bridge and into a marshy area about 30 feet below. The caller said he was driving north when his friend, who he said had been drinking, told him to pull into the bridge's emergency lane so he could urinate. The 23-year-old stood eventually climbed to the ledge of the bridge, then looked at his friend and pretended to fall. "He then in fact fell," reads a press release from the Bloomingtin Police Department. Police from Bloomington and Eagan responded, and the Eagan Fire Department used a chair lift to retrieve the man. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where was treated.
              佳 丽             雅 各 布                琦 丽             艾 莉 莎                朱 丽                伊恩
Omg! My Poor 13 Year Old Has More To Deal With!
ok, I went to pick up my 13 year old from her school today (the one that was assaulted at her old school), and she ran out to my car in tears.  I asked her what happened and she said her human growth teacher and track coach (a woman, the same for both activities) locked her in her office, cornered her and yellled at her about her absences!  She wouldn't let her leave.  She didn't go to track today cuz her asthma is so bad that I didn't want her to have to go through with it til we get her a new inhaler or something.  I don't keep my kids home from school for just anything.  I know the importance of my kids being in school.  Kaitlin even had a Dr.s note when she went back after her absences!  Anyways...I stormed into the school and went right to the counselor and he called in the principal.  (I was late to get my other two kids at their school but it was ok.) BOTH the counselor and the principal are VERY CONCERNED.  They don't want to loose Kaitlin now cuz of this incident.  Kaitlin wa
i am writtting to inform everyone that oldsmoker has passed away on april 16 so if your wondering why he is asking now you know
Silly New Tune
Ok.. do not take this personal if u r friends with the person..but I am curious to how the Happy Hour girl whos up now.. has like 14 happy hours in one day at times..and is always having them. Seriously.. is she a millionaire..or do they just give some of the older top people free stuff?
Sooooo High">
B Real Gettin Real High
Love Cypress Hill">
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Hot Off The Press
HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just been asked to inform all of you.  The DNA results are in... He is NOT the husband!!!!  Loe asked me to inform all of you who may the past been reluctant to continue communication with him because of the person who continuously claims to be his "wifey", that she is not and will not be his wifey.  He is not in a relationship and he misses his friends he used to speak with.  He is asking you to write him so he can get back in touch with "you all."  Here is his address so you can write him to maintain contact... To send letters to him use this address: Lawrence Awoniyi  #09434-027 Unit Alex Federal Correctional Institution BOX 1000 Morganstown, West Virginia 26507-1000  He is looking forward to hearing from his friends.  This is his sister as usual in case you are wondering.  Peace.
The Gynocologist
A gynecologist had become fed up with malpractice insurance and HMO paperwork, and was burned out. Hoping to try another career where skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to become a mechanic.He went to the local technical college, signed up for evening classes, attended diligently, and learned all he could. When the time of the practical exam approached, the gynecologist prepared carefully for weeks, and completed the exam with tremendous skill.When the results came back, he was surprised to find that he had obtained a score of 150%. Fearing an error, he called the Instructor, saying, "I don't want to appear ungrateful for such an outstanding result, but I wonder if there is an error in the grade."The instructor said, "During the exam, you took the engine apart perfectly, which was worth 50% of the total mark. You put the engine back together again perfectly, which is also worth 50% of the mark."After a pause, the instructor added, "I gave you an extra 50% becau
Auto 11's & Fubucks
Auto 11's and Bonus Fu-Bucks!     Friday night through Saturday during my Auto 11's AND during ANY happy hour I will be paying 20k per 100 rates! Help me get to level 30 and help yourself at the same time!   Rules:     You MUST private message me after you are completed rating for the day, with your total number. ( please do NOT message me after each 100 completed) No shouts, gift messages, or comments with total PLEASE! (They get lost!!) Tell me the folder names you rated in the message, please.   I caught a cheater last time... I do check to see if you have rated what you claim. If I find you lying to me, you will get zip, zilch, and zero.     Back to the fun, happy happy, joy joy stuff! :-D Rate as much as you wish! Rate til your finger hurts, then rate some more! I also have 250 bombable folders! See you on my page soon!
Maid To Be Taken
She sat quietly at his feet, her arms wrapped around his leg, as he finished his phone conversation. "The game starts at eight. I've arranged for a little maid to serve refreshments." He grinned at her. "See you then." She closed her eyes, involuntarily squeezed his leg, and gulped. Master had just finished telling her what would be required of her tomorrow night. But only after listening to his conversation with one of his poker-playing buddies, did the full impact of the situation dawn on her. Her anticipation, her fears, her excitement, and her need to please Him collided in mid brain. As he set the receiver back in its cradle, he twirled a lock of her hair between his fingers. "What are you thinking, Sweet?" She chewed on her lip. She thought about answering, "Nothing, Master, but thought the better of it. She wiggled her bottom, as she remembered the last time she had avoided telling him her feelings. "Master, my feelings are all jumbled up. You know I want to please you
Private Folders Open...
Private folders are open for friends this weekend Please be kind RATE/COMMENT leave Me some Love!!! GODDESS
Asthma really sucks!
Dark Obsesssion
I never see you enter but with ever move I feel your eyes on me watching me type a word of laughter a word of kindness to someone other then you seeing them respond in like I feel your hatred build for them I feel you reaching out to grasp me tightly attacking them relentlessly until I am left alone like a dove Im caught and tossed into your cage of thorns pricking my wings on their jagged edges beating myself upon them until my wings are bloody and broken you watch this spectacle enjoying  the futile attempts fighting you in vain trying with all my heart to escape you when I cannot fight anymore you lift me from my cage of sorrow with such love and devotion soothing me with gentle words bandaging my wounds
today is the day that i sit in wonder of what is going on these days? i am in the dark about whats going on in my life right now that it is confusing and different to me. i am lost and don't know really how to get back to the light. all i know is i don't want any more games played with my heart or mind. i can not take any more i have dealt with enough as it is in my life. yes i know that shit happens and it happens for a reason but hey why can't the one thing that has gone right in my life stay that way for once. i am going to stay in this dark place for now until she realizes that she brings the light into my days and the moon into my nights. i will love no one else if she leaves and i will stay in this dark yet broken night. i am going to have to realize one day that i am not what she really wants or that it is me and no one else. i can not keep going on living wondering day by day if it were going to be my last with her. i know you guys and girls are tired of hearing this from me bu
Heavy Metal Ninja....
I wanna be a heavy metal ninja, loved by few hated by most....but respected by all!!!!!!! lol....what the fux you wanna be?
Now Your Gone By Basshunter
I have recently gained feelings for a guy but we've been having issues lately that have caused us to argue and fight. I feel as though my chance with him is gone completely because we just can't compromise on certain issues. Every since we started to fight this song has been stuck in my head. now your gone i realize my love for you is strong i miss you here now your gone i keep waiting here by the phone with your pictures hanging on the wall   now your gone i realize my love for you is strong i miss you here now your gone
Over The Bridge
Everyonce in awhile i go to this one place to clear my mind and my soul and all that good stuff. A place where i worry about nothing. Not money, not school,not bills, not anything.My mind is clear; only thing on my mind is the sounds of the birds chirping,the waves crashing on shore and the smell of the sea. This place is a beach, which once used to be a fort in some kind of war back in the day. Anywho, the landscape is amazing! Not just a beach with shells, but a backdrop of hills and trees and a cannon or two. I love this spot, i really do.   When it is time for me to leave, my mind is clear im not tense nor am i stressed. I drive down this quite little road with quaint little houses, and little old people. I smile; because everything is good. I get to the lights and i take that left turn, i go down the hill and over the bridge. Immediatly over the bridge, that atmosphere has completely changed,  The landscape now consists of empty warehouses, boarded up houses, a hooker or two, a
Rest In Peace My Sweet Friend
JEN YOU WILL BE MISSED,U ARE AN ANGEL NOW AND UP THERE IN THE SKY AND RAINBOWS NOW. LIFE WITHOUT YOU HERE ON FULAND WILL NOT BE THE SAME,AND LIFE WILL NOT BE THE SAME W/O U IN IT.. YOU ARE THE SUN WHEN SKIES ARE GREY.YOU BROUGHT LAUGHTER TO MY LIFE AND EVERYONE YOU CAME IN CONTACT WITH. I'M JUST SO LOST FOR WORDS AT THIS VERY MOMENT..I HAD A BLAST WHEN WE MET IN AUGUST,I WILL TREASURE THAT DAY FOREVER!!!!! I KNOW GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.. HUGZZZZZZZ MY SWEET FRIEND,I KNOW WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR THOUGHTS AND IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 22nd, 1971 - April 20th, 2009 Obituary: Jennifer Marie Lee;April 20, 2009; of Pontiac; age 37. Beloved mother of Nicholas and Katelyn Lee. Loving sister to Rodger Lee, Mary A. Vied, Debra Kay (David) Looks and Michelle Robertson. Jennifer is also survived by her nieces and nephews, David Vied, Heather Lee, Amanda Vied, Andrea Messing and Summer Robertson; great nieces and
Battle Of The Sexes
Who The Hell Are We?
I have been absent for awhile from fubar didn't know why until today then it hit me...people don't really want to be friends, people don't wnant to really know you, people just want to be popular...this said are we just here to see how many people we can add as friends, fans, family etc., so we look good out here? I see why now I needed a break! I don't need to be popular I'd rather be true to those who confide in me, those who really want someone to talk to from time to time and to be there to have fun as well. Well this oh look at me so I can get points and move up mentality is wearing on me and i'm thinking of leaving my fubar roots behind, and for most I know you could give a rats ass...this is today however, tomorrow I may and I say this "I may" with full heartfelt passion that those who claim to who they claim to be step up and be just that...
I Must Be Getting Old And Prudish
I have been in Fubar awhile now,  and have read alot of blogs and mumms that just for the lack of a better word piss me off to no end. But what really makes my skin crawl is woman who talk explicit gutter trash.  And show pictures of their personal parts . I have been brought up to believe a woman should have respect for her self and a good healthy set of morals. I am aware this is a adult site and its to be viewed as if you were in a bar.  You know men are gonna talk dirty to you.  Okay most maybe not all and it applys to woman as well I guess. But I honestly dont think a woman needs to lower her self to that level just to get a man to notice her. I think if a woman wants to talk dirty to her man that should be in the comfort of her home, apt.  Or if in here  the shout box or other means to have a convoe one on one and not for public viewing. So okay maybe I am a prude and my views are not as open and free as most and I dont honestly think they ever were yanno. I when growing u
The Morning After
Addiction Clouds tangled greyA body of silkThe delicate templeTumbleweeds to a desert in droughtMistreatedBitter tasteDry mouthPurple majestic cheeksStorm aloftRed moon violinsAboard grapevine tabletopsFists of furySeek revengePowder mothsCedar bark altersThorns of a crossSilk into polyesterButterflies and angels swoop downassault
Cam Rules
Rules for those on cam: Always ask a member of management ask before getting on cam Change your status to on cam in Bad Habitz or something simular so your friends can come join the fun! Please no long phone calls or just waking away from your compauter while on cam, if you are on cam you should be actively talking in the lounge. Member Cam Rules: No nudity or offensive behavior on member cam . . . doing so will result in getting kicked off cam and banned from the lounge. Please limit your time on member cam to one hour. *Note:  It is up to management whether you get on cam or not.  If we say no dont bitch . . . it will only make things worse for you. Fubar's Cam Rules:
Keeping It Real
I am dumbfounded truely at a loss here - it's weird how someone waltzes into your life and becomes something to you so easily only to expose themselves in a blinding revelation for something you never knew them to be. I have the hardest time sometimes seeing people for who they really are and seeing past the bullshit - but in a weird way it always seems to come full circle for me.  I try my hardest to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe it's a flaw because I want so badly to be loved and accepted - maybe cause my father was never there and my mother always put the men in her life first - or maybe I am just fucked in the head like everyone else walking the planet. I will be the first to admit that I exude poor judgement and that I look for love in all the wrong places... it doesn't take much to fool me and I am not proud of that. I guess I keep hoping that it I expect the best from people and don't look for the worst that one day it will just be as it
I Love To Be Funny Joke Around And Cuddle
iam 5/5 hazel eys short lite brown hair i like to walk in the park dinner moves dancing pool darts bowling camping swimming travle vball boating tubing baskball fishing our stay home and talk watch a good move on tv our watch tv hug cuddling and kiss to and hold hands
Update 4/24/09
Got down to Woodstock, GA & stayed for 3 days. Missed seeing Michele (my owner). She was offline so I had no way of contacting her to let her know I was there. Dodged a tornado Monday night. Twisted off some tree tops a mile & a half up the road!!! So, with no reason to stay there, I rolled down to Savannah, GA and spent a week hangin with beach48gal. What an incredible woman she is. No, nothing happened, I slept on the couch!!! Remember, I'm the consumate gentleman, and she is absolutely a lady!!! So, I'm gonna go up to N.C. before the $$$ runs out & I'm on the street...think I'm just delaying the inevitable.... Wish me luck all!!! I'll hollar from N.C. soon. Much Luv To All!!! Kisses & Hugs & Nibbles!!! Jeff
Perfection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can not find any video of this to enable. This woman voice is perfection. If you do anything today check this out. Trust me you will not regret it. Let me know your thoughts too after you watch it.
Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
    Actually it I have Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me in my head, but there's only so many Rocky Horror vids on youtube.   oh and I'm at work with no speakers so I can't even hear it, it's ok though, I swear I know the whole movie by heart anyways.
i don't mind nuts
A Short Silly Love Story...fubar Style.
This may or may not be a true may be guided at you or to many...but no matter what...enjoy. I walked into Fubar and looked around, new site, new faces, making new friends and gaining fans by the day. It was only a matter of time before I had a secret admirer. Soon, I would find out who she was and we made a match. She filled my shoutbox daily. I developed such a crush on her, so much so I found others couldn't even rate compared to her. I started blogging about her immensely. So with that I added her to my circle and it didn't take long before she became part of my family. We bought each other drinks, gave each other gifts, even showered each other in a little bling. All I know is this much, she was the absolute bomb, a real cherry...she completely fu-owned my heart and her worth in fubucks was priceless. Every moment, every fraction a time was always such a happy hour as far as we were concerned. She made me feel like every day was an Auto-11 day. I had no idea what I was
This Trick
yo all da females who read this sum fat ugly bitch rated me a 1 now ok now im not all that but a fuckn 1 is this true tell me plz!!!!!!!
How Can I Be Like You?
The moon isn’t half full or half emptyThe sun isn’t clear as day or as bright as lightningThe lemons aren’t as sour as the oranges are sweetBut the yellows taste as good as the greensSo juicy and full of goodnessHumans we may be, but why lie in clouded dreamsThe world is full of creativity and nativitySo why try to harness it in the ball of your handWhy just sit there like a zombie as they feed you a story not so trueWhy schedule your free time around a box with pictures in a tubeWhy wear only colors that match, when the rest look so goodWhy try to make me like you, your desires are different then mineWhy can’t you love me as I love you, your pages are as beautiful as mineThat is why I love you because I don’t seek myselfOur common interests keep us whole but our looks keep us apartYour tones are not mine; you ideas are not your ownShare them but don’t force them upon my browFor then I shall leave you bitter sweet in miseryIf we all where models then
My Many Faces
I was hoping you wouldn’t careAs I padded on the colors, I was hoping you would love meAs I shouted your true nature out the windowI was hoping you wouldn’t slam that drink at meThat look in your eyes when I approach scares meAs your gaze shifts away towards the crowdMy eyes glare back asking as if how could you look awayDon’t you see me as I see you in this worldFor your clothes don’t make you who you areSo why would you stand and judge me based on a models handFor my skin is  like yoursMy eyes as white as yours and they reflect just as much lightBut you walk in a cloud of dust around meMy dark colors keep you a bay, when I just want you to love meMy fingers reach out, but you slam the door crushing themWhy do I love you, for you hate me, you hate my every beingFor I choose to be who I am and you choose to be who they want youTo be…
In these arms wide openthe passion runs around the yardshe says if I leave before you darlingif I lay smiling in the tall grassone of us will die inside these arms made of goldas we lay naked as we came, without the clothes to cover our naked fleshpassion flows around the yard from the tips of the grass down through the pads of  mud below as the songbirds chirp off their love songswe lay in this garden hand in handas you giggle as your mind floats near and farmy grip tightens as I remember what it was like to not have you next to meas I laid awake in the garden without your grace or your soft touchas  your words travel in and out of my ears....i swear I don't hear a thing you sayi just smile as I look upon you in this daylightmy mind is off in the gardens beyond but I look at you and you are a warm dream to my eyesand I think to myself your so beautiful and I think everything is going to be alrightif you only don’t wander off as our path has become bumpyand your eyes are not as
Victory From A Love So Grand
Ensign: To And Fro
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                      24 April 2009 "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."  (Daniel 12:4)  When the prophet Daniel hears this in his vision of the Antichrist and the end of the world from chapters 11 and 12, he has the natural question any of us would.  "How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?"  We wouldn't phrase verse 6 quite this way, but we have got to be wondering, after two thousand years since Jesus promised He would come again, and about five hundred years more from the date of this prophecy (2,500 years), when's it all going to happen?  Part of it already has. Although our human understanding of God's Word and its impact on th
My VIP is up , guess that means I'm not special anymore :(
Just Wanna Forget The Past
It was after standing on the back porch wid my godson enjoying another southern evening peeing off the back porch with him, & looking at ach other laughing that the impact of childhood dawned upon me. Southern living southern life.. southern traditions. but, the one that came to mind was one of hurt. Being that I ama a black male, i am sometimes reminded of my so called place in society, which came to past just the other day  I am a painter by trade in this economically challenged time for a wealthy landowner here in our small town, She rented a trailer to  what some here in the south would call "poor white trash"> they have 3 children, they became good friends with me, the oldest being a young  girl 10 years old.She asked if i would be her Godfather, seeing I have so many underprivileged kids as friends, I said I'd love to. MY natural godaughter, whom is black became very upset bcause I said yes, & very prompley told me I couldn't do that because she's a white girl.  I have never ra
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts by Temptress A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangl
Ok So I Need Some Help With Money
ok well im asking everyone for their help in paying for my wedding and possible my rent...we are 3 months behind and if we get kicked out we will have to live on the streets with our two i have set up a paypal account if you would like to help us out just a little bit... send me and email at and give me your email and how much you would like to contribute....     thanks much love nici
To Mind's Edge
This is to my friend Mind's Edge...He is a paintballer as well.. This is from another friend's site..his tournament is called the..   GRIM REAPER SOCIETY  
Love Life Be Happy In Peace
check my play list out
Single Vs. Engaged Vs. Married!!
Sipping her drink, the single girl leered and said, "Last Friday at the end of the work day I went to my boyfriend's office wearing a leather coat. When all the other people had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels. He was so aroused that we made passionate love on his desk right then and there!" The engaged woman giggled and said, "That's pretty much my story! When my fiance got home last Friday, he found me waiting for him in a black mask, leather bodice, black hose and stiletto pumps. He was so turned on that we not only had sex all night, he wants to move up our wedding date!" The married woman put her glass down and said, "I did a lot of planning. I made arrangements for the kids to stay over at Grandma's. I took a long scented-oil bath and then put on my best perfume. I slipped into a tight leather bodice, a black garter belt, black stockings and six-inch stilettos. I finished it off with a black mask. When my husband
Gavin.. The Continuing Saga
I decided I was gonna take off early that night and kidnap Gavin. Of course Brandi had no problem with this. So I walked up to him and said, "Let's go." he said, "Love to." So we left my bar and went up to the shittiest bar I know.. "The Spanish Trail" aka "The Trailer" We ran into a couple of friends of mine. So Gav played pool with my guy friends and I played pool with their Girlfriend. We had a blast. We kept watching each other all night. Played around like kids. Just laid back fun. We closed the bar down and were hammered. (surprise) So we went back to the hotel. He said his roommate was a dick and wanted to get another room so we could spend more time together, so he did. We stayed up for a while, talking, bullshitting... I got up to go to the bathroom. When I was coming back, he was standing there... staring. I was so nervous. He slowly ran his hand under the back of my hair and held it in place..with the other hand he softly touched my face.. as he leaned in with the softest ki
My son is doing a fundraiser and we want your donation! Plz help for this great cause(March of Dimes),donations can be made via PayPal to the account Nothing is to small,thank you in advance.
Emotional Bankruptcy
Think of your heart like a emotional bank account. Just like a financial bank account, if you remove more than you have, you suffer consequences for it. For example, you can't take out 100.00 from an account that only has 50.00. You will be come over drawn and suffer penalties until you balance out your account.Now the same thing goes for your emotional bank account. If you keep giving out emitonally and either don't let people put back into your account or let people withdraw from your emotional bank account without them putting back, you will be come emotionally bankrupt.The penalties for emotional bankruptcy are anger, self loathing, depression, resentment ,and finally you just shut down emotionally. You don't want to be around any one. You don't feel good about yourself. You start to feel taken advantage of. The only way to avoid the penalties of emotional bankruptcy is to not give out more than you have in your "account", and to not let the people in your life just take from you
Penis Envy
Last night I had a dream, I was writing a blog about how i have penis envy, and i started to think about all the things men can do with their penises. Some of these things fascinate me for example, writing your name in the snow with your own urine... if I tempted to do that it would come out in a big spot. Also consider never having to hoover over a public toilet again, thus never having to wipe the toilet of the previous piss. Shaking and not wiping... damn you with your non removable penises. But then when i woke this morning and i thought about having my penis tucked into a box where i know it will not harm another person. It only has eyes for me and i make sure its always cleanly, I came to the conclusion that I can live with hovering over toilet seats and I can always find a way to write my name in the snow... Just my weird thoughts
Everyone Looks Better On A 50 Px X 50px Square.
What the Hell???? I am looking at the top bar and viewing all these hotties in their underwear or bikinis. Then when I go in for a close-up and it's some Hag that shouldn'tbe wearing what she is wearing ever. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! WTF? RULES FOR SEXY PHOTOGRAPHY OR WHY YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE IN A PLAYBOY. GET OFF THE COUCH GO TO A GYM CHANGE YOUR DIET TO NOT INCLUDE WHAT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE IN THE REFRIGERATOR WHEN YOU HAVE REACHED THE AGE OF 30-35 UNLESS YOU ARE A BODY BUILDER/ATHLETE OR HAVE GREAT GENES STAY AWAY FROM A BATHING SUIT IN PUBLIC. IF IT DOESN'T FIT ANYMORE ASK YOURSELF WHY? BBW DOESN'T MEAN: BIKINI BODY WOMAN. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A VAGINA AND BREASTS DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE SEXY AND WE WANT YOU. I make no appologies for this blog. It's you who should appologize to me for showing what you are showing without paying me to view to it. THAT IS ALL. HAVE A NICE DAY.
I guess it's about time for me to talk about it. Very few of you know this little saga of mine, but I guess it's time to share..  I met Gavin  October 11th 2008. I was bartending and this little Aussie guy runs up to the counter and asks for  "free jagerbombs" I said, "Ya ain't gettin' nothin' round here fo free son" He laughed and replied, "I can't say my 'th's'.." then he held up three fingers and said, "free.. I need free jagerbombs". We both died laughing. My best friend Brandi yelled out.. "Is that the cute one?" ( I hate her sometimes) My face turned 30 shades of purple and I looked straight at him and said, "yup that's the one!" Then I looked away dying of embarrassment. The rest of the night.. he kept flirting. Not once did either of us see him look at any other girl. Every time I walked by he kept trying to con me into a kisson the cheek. I refused several times.. but I finally gave in.  I overheard two guys from Alabama tell him, " You're doin' it all wrong... you gotta turn
Wanted To Say Thank You
    Thanks CommentsMyspace Comments - Myspace Layouts - Host Images   I just wanted to take this time to say thanks, and to let everyone know that all your thought and prayers are appreciated deeply by myself and my family. I am so blessed to have a new family and friends that are so dear to me here on Fu.,You've all been here with your love and your support through all of this. I don't know how I would get through this with out all of you. You all are so very special to me. To all my angel sisters a very special thankyou goes out to you,and also to Doc. You have all been my rock and my shoulder and I love you all so very much. Thank you all everyone you are all in my thoughts and prayers alway.   Love always: Mare            
Jack Bauer
- When bad things happen to good people, its probably fate. When bad things happen to bad people, it’s probably Jack Bauer.   - The city of Los Angeles once named a street after Jack Bauer in gratitude for his saving the city several times. They had to rename it after people kept dying when they tried to cross the street. No one crosses Jack Bauer and lives.   - The 2007 budget for the US Military covers Jack Bauer, two pistols and four billion rounds of ammunition.   - MTV once tried to 'Punk' Kiefer Sutherland by staging a robery in a store. Sutherland smiled and pulled out his SIG and shot 3 actors in the head. This is why there was a new cast on Punk'd after season one.   - If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.   - Jack Bauer can break anyone and anything, but he will always break the protocol first.   - Most pilots need 5,000 feet of runway to land a plane. Jack Bauer needs 100
Mourning Glories
  "NO, CHI CHI!!!!!" - was the command of an amazing little boy, whenever I would accidently cry in his presence. The finite amount of time that his life on earth, with us - his loving family - was not of the sort found on the statistical charts. No 72.5 years of life for him - not even 2.5 years would he have to leave a legacy. But he did an amazing job of changing the lives around him, bringing attention to the needs of cancer stricken children, and the funding required to continue to keep the research going to find a cure for leukemia. I saw a fishbowl in the church that was the physical space on April 22nd, 2009 in which 28 pictures - one for each month of Harper Gibson's sweet life - his favorite blankey, his teddy bear, a plastic egg with the message I LOVE YOU written by his five year old sister, and his remains were there for viewing by those left behind. Taped across that fishbowl were the words LEPROSY IS NOW CURABLE, PLEASE GIVE! And so I did. Today I bought a bracelet a
Last night I watched Ganglands, and they showed a coupla violent prison biker gangs, and a regular prison gang. And it struck me: the prison systems are for pussies in the US, and help breed that shit. Give them a solitary cell, no free time, and a bucket for a shitter, there would be NO prison gangs.Thats what happens when you have a liberal prison system, and too much time on your hands. Daym...  
Divorce Vs. Murder
  A nice, calm and respectable lady went into the pharmacy, walked up to the pharmacist, looked straight into his eyes, and said, 'I  would like to buy some cyanide.' The pharmacist asked, 'Why in the world do you needcyanide?' The lady replied, 'I need it to poison my husband.' The pharmacist's eyes got big and he exclaimed, 'Lordhave mercy! I can't give you cyanide to kill your husband.That's against the law! I'll lose my license! They'll throw both of us in jail! All kinds of bad things will happen. Absolutely not! You CANNOT have any cyanide!' The lady reached into her purse and pulled out a  picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife. The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, 'Well now, that's different..... You didn't tell me you had a prescription.'  
Sheer Nightgown
  A husband walks into Victoria 's Secret to purchase a >> sheer negligee for his wife. He is shown several >> possibilities that range from $250 to $500 in price -- the >> more sheer, the higher the price. Naturally, he opts for the >> most sheer item, pays the $500, and takes it home. He >> presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs, put it >> on, and model it for him. >> >> Upstairs the wife thinks (she's no dummy ), 'I have >> an idea. It's so sheer that >> it might as well be nothing. I won't put it on, but >> I'll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, and keep >> the $500 refund for myself.' >> >> She appears naked on the balcony and strikes a pose. >> >> The husband says, 'Good Grief! You'd think for >> $500, they'd at least iron it!' >> >> He never heard the shot. >> >> Funeral on Thursday at Noon. Closed coffin.
Hosting My First Happy Hour!!!
    I'm having my very first Happy Hour!!! Mon April 27th, 11pm Est *9pm Fu-time*!! I will have auto 11s on and a activating my bomb!!! So save your 11's and send me your bomb links!! This message brought to you by DJ Silentlizard
Nsfw Bullshit
why the hell are you going to join an adult site where you know there are going to be scantily clad women and men alike and then decide that you wanna be a total fuck head and rate ppls pics nsfw? i mean that just doesnt make nesense. if your a guy you know you wanna see the goods that the ladies have to offer and ladies i know we dont mind staring at a bit of man candy now and then. fuck were human its human nature to wanna see the goodies isnt it? or are the ppl that rate these just jackasses that have nothing better to do than flag pics nsfw and fuck ppl over? honestly how much of a god damn mother fucking pussy ass bitch can you be? sorry if this offends neone just letting off some steam.
I am so strange in fubar,but i still hope that i could make friends in here from worldwide! Hey,friend!Are you prepare to be a friend of lisa whoes from china?If you like to make friend,just add me!
Battle Of The Sexes
12 Year Old Girl Pitches A Perfect Game
BAYONNE, N.J. -- On the pitcher's mound, a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey is perfect. Mackenzie Brown is the first girl in Bayonne Little League history to throw a perfect game. She retired all 18 boys she faced on Tuesday. There are no official records of how many perfect games are thrown per season. Little League Baseball in Williamsport, Pa., estimates only 50 to 60 occur each year. No one knows how many have been thrown by girls. Brown says she knew she had something special going in the fourth inning and just tried not to mess up. She'll get to throw out the first pitch at Citi Field on Saturday when the New York Mets host the Washington Nationals. Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press
Profiles In Arrogance
Recently in his speech in France, Barack Obama called America "arrogant." 1 I'm sure the French loved it -- And so did the liberal press. But who is this president who calls the American people arrogant? This is the same politician whose supporters anointed him "The One" and a candidate who boasted that his election would be remembered as "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." 2 This is the same man who indicated his disdain for small town and working Americans when he said they "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them," while addressing a group of San Francisco caviar and champagne liberal elitists. How arrogant is that? Arrogant enough? In truth, President Obama seems to champion the twisted "Blame-America First" mentality of the worst of the American left. More importantly, it shows an absence of wisdom to criticize the United States while on foreign soil, and then join with the Pelosi-Reid Democrats i
New Name
New Name Contest: I asked for suggestions for a new name. I'm offering 100k Fubucks to the one that comes up with the winning name. I need you to write the number of your choice in the comment box. Good Luck to the entrants. I have a separate list of who came up with I know who did it. may vote on your own..but only once.     1) ILLiNoisyKindaGurl 2)angelick_seduction 3)angelthighs 4)smokin'goddess 5)unspokenLOVEangel 6)D3L3CT1BL3_COUGAR3SS 7)Sinful_Bliss 8)S3DUCT1V3_M1STR3SS 9)MADAM_AMBROS1A 10)Sintastic 11)Purrfectly_Sinful 12)the_Temptress 13)the_Real_Life_Barbie_Doll 14)hugmekissmeloveme 15)arraslildevil 16)ALMOST_ROCKSTAR 17)hotdeb_41 18)hotNsexyDeb41 19)simply_amazing 20)brewmescrewmedome 21)spankmebeatmeeatme 22)lickmekickmestickme 23)brbneedAsmoke 24)your#1lilDevil 25)LilMoments 26)HypnotizeTheMoon 27)Winkie 28)LilRockinHottie 29)WorldsBestestestPJWearer 30)RebalSnack 31)~Lollipop~Lixable~ 32)sexyNsensual 33)DedicatedEnerget
she didn't just say this but its good anyway Mine are massive with smaller nipples
Thats really gross
A Black Woman
The Black Woman   Black queen of beauty, thou hast given color to the world!Among other women thou art royal and the fairest!Like the brightest of jewels in the regal diadem,Shin'st thou, Goddess of Africa, Nature's purest emblem!  Black men worship at thy virginal shrine of truest love,Because in thine eyes are virtue's steady and holy mark,As we see in no other, clothed in silk or fine linen,From ancient Venus, the Goddess, to mythical Helen.  When Africa stood at the head of the elder nations,The Gods used to travel from foreign lands to look at thee:On couch of costly Eastern materials, all perfumed,Reclined thee, as in thy path flow'rs were strewn-sweetest that bloomed.  Thy transcendent marvelous beauty made the whole world mad,Bringing Solomon to tears as he viewed thy comeliness;Anthony and the elder Caesars wept at thy royal feet,Preferring death than to leave thy presence, their foes to meet.  You, in all ages, have attracted the adoring world,And caused many a bloody b
Hacker!!!! Nooooooo Add Him!!!!
This was just ssent to me so I am forwarding it to all my friends via this blog!     Douglas Davis: Passing this along....**ATTENTION!!!*** Do not accept a friend request from a CHRISTOPHER BUTTERFIELD he is a hacker. Tell every 1 on your list because if somebody on your list adds him, he'll be on your list too. He'll figure out ur computer's ID and address, so copy & paste this message to everyone even if u don't care for them cause if he hacks them, he hacks you!
Your "new Friends" Go Public! me a good laugh...Moo just added : Longslowlicks and another friend just added : bigblackone   Hahahaha 
Cold Wind Blows
Cold wind blows Cold wind blows on the back oh my neck gives me chills and cold sweat someone is watching me in my mind cus it's just a matter of time People laugh and they play don't care if I die today so if I go than I'll be out of the way Caskets seem to you I'd love to have a few take my pick before I lay in the ground While other people won't stand there their ground
I am gonna start a log of what is in store for ole' maverick today is an exciting for me and my little brother as today Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling is coming tonight to the phantasy theater in cleveland i excited cause this is history in wrestling form thier will be more historical wrestlers at this show tonight than i have ever seen. Anyway my day has started wierd i couldnt sleep much of the night but as of right now i am listening to an awesome band called the mighty stef and getting ready to go pick up a pack of smokes. This day will start boring this will be an opposite of spring where it comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. I am excited tho because i found out yesturday i will probably have 3 jobs this summer 2 out of 3 will be the most fun jobs i have ever had and the other eh but hey i need money to pay stuydent loans lol. So i hope everyone will like this dailey(sp) log of my life becuase this is better than a fucking twitter account lol LONG LIVE THE FU-NATION
My Selfish Love
I'm a distant person you loveAnd,my love is a burden to your heartLoneliness buried you withinThat loneliness brings tears to my eyesWhat can I do more?Separated by lands and seasI could only hope and prayThat my words can bring a little Relief to your empty soulForgive me for my selfish actsTo burden you with my loveSaying " I love you"I give you loneliness and despair A love shouldn't be that selfishBut,I cannot turn myself awayI should have kept it a secretBut you are my will to liveI'm using every bit of my energy To grab you tightI'm so afraid that I am hurting youBut if I loosen the gripI'm scare I might lose you Forgive meIf I'm making your heart bleedI cannot control myselfEvery breath I takeYou are the air that goes into my lungsWithout you,I can't imagine how my world is going to beLove is unselfishNot to meCause I'm holding on to youNot letting you slip awayEven if it doesn't feel rightI'll continue
    What are *YOUR* desires?Come check out Lucious Desires!Live Cams!Awesome Staff!We make you feel welcome!Not only do we have something to stimulate the men out there...But women, we havent forgotten about you!Soooooooooooooo....Come check us out! You wont regret it!Love being apart of Lucious Desires you wish to be staff?Let the owner, Lucious9774, know and she will discuss the possible staff positions available!Examples: Bartender, Cam Girl, Cam Guy, Enforcer...Come check us out...we are not only for the gentlemen...but for the ladies as well!SEE YOU SOON! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO ENTER:  
How To Tell If You Are Grown..
      GROWN WOMANGirls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and makeplans.Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where hefits.Girls want to control the man in their life.Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.Girls check you for not calling them.Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.Girls are afraid to be alone.Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.Girls ignore the good guys.Grown women ignore the bad guys.Girls make you come home.Grown women make you want to come home.Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hangingwith his friends).Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' evenmore special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.Girls think a guy crying is weak.Grown women offer the
Im fucked off. Ill admit it i am. The guy who i had a fling with who is married got in touch with me a few days ago. I should imagine he was probably BORED and felt like torturing some some so he picked ME. I am fucking angry because it was like he just wanted to FUCK with my head. Its not fair. Im TIRED of being messed about. IF YOUR MARRIED  IM NOT TOUCHING YOU!! I want loving and caring for. I dont want anyone to think i am here for games. I wanted this certain man to leave his wife. HE is too fucking WEAK and GUTLESS to leave. He loves his kids. Not sure if he loves his wife. But his wife threatened him that she would not let him see his kids. So... thats the end of me. Hes living in miserableness because his wife is stooping low and making childish nasty below the belt threats. BUT its not my problem any more. Im free of him
Derivatives: A $700+ Trillion Bubble Waiting To Burst
In the past three years, while banks all over the world and Wall Street were imploding, while some $40-$50 trillion of capital was being destroyed in global stock markets, one financial market kept growing. That market is the financial derivatives market. According to the Bank for International Settlements [BIS], the global Over the Counter [OTC] derivatives market has grown almost 65% from $414.8 trillion in December, 2006 to $683.7 trillion in June of 2008. On the BIS’s own website, there are no updated figures for the notional derivatives market since June 2008, so we can likely assume, with some margin of safety, that this market has now grown to more than $700 trillion. Comparatively speaking, the total market cap of all major global stock markets is approximately $30 trillion. Before I discuss how financial products could grow more than 65% during a time period when financial companies were imploding all over the world, let’s review the definition of a derivative, b
"new Law Makes Babies Government Possession"
HR20-New Mother's Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE! Posted April 14th, 2009 by runforron A sweeping government policy for all new births in the United States has just passed the House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate. The Mother's Act, if passed, will mandate that all new mothers be screened by means of a list of subjective questions that will determine if each mother is mentally fit to take their newborn home from the hospital. Just imagine that after your child is born, you are told that you can't take them home since a multiple choice questionnaire wasn't answered correctly. Just imagine being told that the only way you can take your child home is if you or your spouse goes into treatment or on anti-depressants which we know causes psychosis, delusions, and even homocidal thoughts. It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, this bill is on a fast track--No public debate, no public disclosure of the broad impact on our so
Are You Rude, I Guess I Am Sometimes...don't Mean To Be
I saw an article that made me think for a second. Hmmm I do that sometimes but do not think of it as rude perhaps I should take a step back. “Are you rude?” 1. You know what's rude? When someone -- Interruptions are offensive on many levels. When you interrupt someone, you suggest that your time and ideas are more important than everyone else's and that you have no interest in listening to what they have to say. A rare offense is forgivable, but habitual interruption is problematic, says professional coach Susan B. Wilson. "Some folks interrupt incessantly, whether you are on the phone, in a meeting, deep in thought or in another conversation." Thank the maker I don’t fall into every category! 2. No thanksAside from the phrases "Because I said so!" and "No," perhaps the most common thing you'll hear parents say to a child is, "And what do we say?" The prompt is, of course, for the child to thank someone for a kind gesture -- a practice lost on many adults.
Obama Not Trustable
Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law   Former Presidential candidate gives most dire warning yet about Obama agenda   Paul Joseph Watson Prison Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes has given perhaps his most dire warning yet, saying that the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections, which is why they are demonizing their political enemies as criminals and terrorists. Keyes is best known for his performance during the 2000 Republican presidential debates, when he was accredited by many media outlets as being the clear winner during a series of debates with George W. Bush and John McCain. “It’s obvious that they will stop at nothing,” Keyes told attendees of a reception in Fort Wayne, adding, “We may wake up one day and there’s a series of terrorist attacks, the economy is paralysed….martial law will be declared e
Are You Rude? I Guess I Can Be...don't Mean To Be...
I saw an article that made me think for a second. Hmmm I do that sometimes but do not think of it as rude perhaps I should take a step back. “Are you rude?” 1. You know what's rude? When someone -- Interruptions are offensive on many levels. When you interrupt someone, you suggest that your time and ideas are more important than everyone else's and that you have no interest in listening to what they have to say. A rare offense is forgivable, but habitual interruption is problematic, says professional coach Susan B. Wilson. "Some folks interrupt incessantly, whether you are on the phone, in a meeting, deep in thought or in another conversation." Thank the maker I don’t fall into every category! 2. No thanksAside from the phrases "Because I said so!" and "No," perhaps the most common thing you'll hear parents say to a child is, "And what do we say?" The prompt is, of course, for the child to thank someone for a kind gesture -- a practice lost on many adults.
Could It Be?
Ok, so I didn't wake up by my alarm clock this morning.  Instead I was woken up by a chirping bird.  Is this a sign that this is going to be a wonderful day and weekend?  I'd like to think so.  The only other person that I can think of who gets woken up by chirping birds is Cinderfreakinrella.  We know her situation and how it worked out for her.  So, that's what's on my mind right now...
Weekend In The Smokies..
I'm leaving out today for Cherokee NC for there annual bike rally...It's something i do twice a year spring and fall...It's a chance to see old friends and make new ones...I always look forward to this event every year..Have been going for the past 15yrs..Saturday nite 38special will be in concert so i'm very excited to see them..It's a chance to see some of the most beautiful Harleys and some really trick out bikes...I will post pics when i get back...I hope that all of you all will have a great weekend as well..See you sunday nite or monday morning.......                                  Peace & Love                               Tracy                                    
Friend Of The Day
its 320 am here...and im just kinda wakin up. ...gotta leave for stagecoach tonite...should be pretty interesting this year....the linup isnt as good as it has been in the past. but hopefully it will be good. .. the reserve seating is expensive as all hell, which means ppl th@ want reserve seating are going to pay...reserve stng. starts @ 299...and can get up to 799 per,,.the die hard country fans are pretty well screwed if they want a decent seat for the main stage....haha....and th@s where i come in. k...ttylfkrs RP
A Shame For You
I've been thinking that you've crossed the line,if you disagree well that will be just fine,cos you waste my time and waste my moneyand your not too cool and your not so funny!Spreading your seed all over the towngetting too greedy and messing around:Oh my gosh you must be joking meif you think that you'll be poking me.Don't take me on no, noDon't take me on no, noDdon't take me ooonShattered the lie but you think I don't already know,Don't try to deny cos my fuse is ready to blowIts your turn to learn I think that you know where to goIt's a shame, shame, shame for youPlease don't come around and knock on my doorcos I don't want to have to pick you up of the floor,when you ask if we can still be lovers,I'll have to introduce my brothers,Think that they could teach you a lesson or two,By the time they've finished you'll be black and blueYou'll be crying like a baby,A sea of tears they'll call the navy in.Don't take me on no, noDon't take me on no, noDon't take me ooonShattered the lie b
Sluts On Fubar
To all of the females on Fubar that post revealing pics of themselves: STOP BITCHING ABOUT PERVERTS. (for the record, I am not the pervert that is being bitched about lol) I'm tired of seeing shit that says "I'm not a slut!" attached to a butt ass naked profile pic of you! Just because I'm dressed this way... does NOT mean I'm a slut. Officer Officer, thank God. There's two men, they just robbed me. WOOH WOOH, slow down lady, just because I'm dressed this way, does NOT mean I'm a police officer! Thank you Dave Chapelle. Don't post slutty pics if you don't want to be treated like a slut. IM OUT!  
Taleban Announce Key Withdrawal
The Taleban say they have issued an order for fighters to withdraw from a town 100km from the Pakistani capital.
Orchard Losses 'threaten Species'
The disappearance of traditional fruit orchards from England's landscape threatens wildlife species, conservationists warn.
U.s. Soldier Vs. Fox News
Milk Protein Clue To Big Babies
Breast milk has less protein than formula, which could be why bottle-fed babies grow faster, a study suggests.
Raikkonen Rues Ferrari Slowness
Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen says he does not see his car making up the gap on pace-setters Brawn and Red Bull in a hurry.
Us And Russia Hold Nuclear Talks
Negotiators for the US and Russia meet in Rome to begin work on a new treaty to curb nuclear weapons.
Clean Power?
Roger Harrabin on the pros and cons of carbon capture
Thailand Lifts Bangkok Emergency
Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva lifts a two-week-old state of emergency imposed amid violent protests in Bangkok.
Milk Protein Clue To Big Babies
Breast milk has less protein than formula, which could be why bottle-fed babies grow faster, a study suggests.
X-men Origins: Wolverine
Actually, I was waiting fot this one to hit the big screen. I heard rumors of it leaking to the internet, but I didn't give in... first. I finally caved in, downloaded it, and watched. DAMN, I'm glad I did!!! The opening minutes are able to cover ALOT of Wolvie's past, and it seems to throw us right into the middle of the story. The combination of action and story-telling kept me watching. Now, of the few folks I've heard talk bad about this movie, their main gripe is the fact it doesn't follow the comic's history. That's true but anyone who saw the first X-MEN movie knew this WASN'T the comics. Bottom line: Great action, great story, and enough of both to leave you wanting more...   X-Men Origins: Wolverine on
Pirate Bay Lawyers Demand Retrial
Lawyers for the men jailed in the Pirate Bay trial call for a retrial, saying the judge 'had a conflict of interest'.
'no Pause' In Sri Lanka Fighting
The Sri Lankan army says there will be no more pauses in fighting against Tamil Tiger rebels, despite calls by the UN.
Is Pakistan A Threat To World Security?
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Pakistan poses a "mortal threat" to world security. Is she right?
Where I Am At In Life
As of this moment I made it through trouble at school and I will be graducating with my class. I am so tired of homework it makes me sick but I am happy to know I am getting it done. My boyfriend and I are understanding each other better and we are both working on things with ourselves so we are happier. I changed my room around to give it a different feel. I been getting my health in check and working on my personal development. In school I only have three chapters of Civic, five chapters in economics, finally on my sr project, one field trip, and seven chapters of math. Hopefully by may 1st I will be all done. Then when my boyfriend returns home I can spin my time with him with no worries.
Self Invites
There is a group of us that gets together once a week, cooking, drinking, hot tubbin, movies, building a fire, or whatever else comes to mind in a given week. This group is people that over time has come to know each other well and everyone get's along with everyone. I tend to take a lot of pics and post them on my MySpace, so everyone on my MySpace friendlist can view them. We have a lot of fun and on occation someone comes up asking why they are never invited. This one girl probably asks me every week and did again tonight. I can tolerate her, but several in the group really don't care for her, I hate having to hurt her feelings but there is just no way I can invite her. The group is made up of a total of about 30 people, in any given week about 15 will be present for dinner night. Due to jobs and the military they are never all there during a given week. It's a great group, you just can't bring someone in that'll make a current member feel uneasy. Not like it would just be for a
So I've been going thru a lot of stress lately and some depression. The first is mostly about bills and being able to get enough hours at work. The secound is partly cause I'm single again and lonely. Also, I read one of my friends on here's newest blog and found out just where my ex fiance is and it kinda hit home. Why am I still so broken up over him? I still love him and Jeremy but with what he did to me in leaving like he did is bad enough without it making me feel this way over and over again. I'm sick of going thru these spurts where all I can think of is him and how much I still love him. I know I need to move on with my life but it's so hard. It seems like almost everyone I trust fucks me over. Sick and tired of crying. The one man that I ever truly fully wanted to marry betrayed and abandoned me. It's been 7 months and it still hurts almost as much as the day he left. The worst thing is that I still don't know why. I'm sick of trying to pretend that I'm happy go lucky when I r
Late Night Typing
Will this ever lasting torture ever end!! The heat melts my flesh like I'm cheese sitting on a slice of toast under the grill, the weather man promised me rain and thunder! He lied he must of took me for a fool!! I cast a curse upon him! The day has dragged like the dead cowboys corpse tied to the horse. I cleaned and scrubbed my floors like Cinderella yet more scrubbing is required and there are no ugly sisters to help me. All these light sources are putting a strain on my eyes, The TV gives me bright light, the monitor gives me bright light and the sun burns my retinas. The caffeine flows though my system as if it was my blood, my eyes still close with tiredness, My arms are becoming heavy as my body fails and falls asleep, my fingers are unable to move from key to key of my blood stained keyboard….. Now I sleep
Evening Of Love~
The look of her eyes as always caused me to become aroused, while we were driving down the highway. As she drove down the road I could feel the familiar pressure of my cock starting to press tightly against my jeans, causing a little discomfort. After a couple of miles of this I pulled my cock out and start to stroke it slowly. I see her eyes drift toward my moving hand and when she sees what's going on she gets a grin on her face, now attempting to drive and look at me stroking my cock. She reaches over and starts to gently play with my balls; I shiver and moan in response to her gentle manipulations still stoking my cock. Taking a finger she plays with the tip on my firm cock and getting her own finger cover in pre-cum sucks on it looking at me with that lustful sexy look on her face.We pull into the driveway and as she turns of the engine before she starts to help me stoke my cock. She then bends over and starts to lick the pre-cum off of the top of my now rock had cock; removing my
He Taketh~
He loves weddings. Maybe it's the white dresses, maybe it's the anticipation of the wedding night or maybe it's the thrill of destroying something so pure and beautiful. No, it's just the fact that it's so easy to blend in. He loves to watch. That's all he's ever done. He loves it so much his subjects began curbing to his mind, fantasies and even his will. In the past years he has harnessed blunt suggestions and channeled them into skilled puppetry.Today's wedding, he knows, will be quite a show. Even though he has only seen photographs of the bride he can sense her sexual energy. She is divine. She might've hypnotized him instead she was so beautiful. Well, a lesser man anyway. He turns with all the guests as the large doors open. Her long dark hair beautifully set up. Her ample breasts expanded within the taught strapless corset gown. Her heavy nervous breathing was about to grow. She begins her unescorted march down the aisle with a single step. And a tingle. She keeps going. The ne
I Agree , Where Is Obama?
".i believe the environment should get a stimulus package"- NORTZ  
Tell Me This Can't Be!
Last week I went for my annual Pap Smear. Yes that time that most females dread each year. They just called me with the results today and told me that my Pap Smear was abnormal and that they think I might have Cervical Cancer.   If almost dying in 2003 was not I get this news delivered to me today!   I ask for the thoughts and prayers of all my friends out there!   Hugs and Kisses Kelly
In My Dream ....
In my dream, i awake to the day and feel no pain as i arise... i smile at myself in the mirror that shows no lines or imperfections and that smile glows back at me for the day is about to begin...i shower and feel the body of one who has had no children and the body of young mens dreams .... i stand and dry off feeling the happiness of a spring morning all fresh and waiting for me to approach it with excitement....suddenly i miss something -- i search for it but it eludes me .. still i search happily and expectant but experience some worry and just wish i could lay my hands on what im missing a moment i begin to cry ... lines appear and the sounds of children fill my ears callin momma i need i want ...... the day starts to feel full unlike when i awoke and suddenly the pain is there ever present and hard to carry .....i  peer into the mirror and i see someone much older than i feel ..lines cross where the laughter once was .... the body  no longer one of young mens dreams but th
Jesus Built My Beach Cruiser
i cant think of what to paint. its driving me a nicotine fit. i just typed that because i cant think of anything to friggin paint! time to get beyond creative and make up a whole new set of things. fcuk what they are...i need to create. what else do i do!? damn brain lock!
A Taste Of You~
When I think of you my heart jumps my stomach drops A shiver runs through me Your lips intrigue me, I can not help but wonder what they would feel like upon mine Your hands are a temptation mine cannot resist, I just wish to hold them and all will be right with my heart Your eyes dazzle me the light I see when they lock with mine no other gaze gives me that feeling Your voice, no matter the words makes my heart flutter and my eyes sparkle in delight You are my fuel, my addiction, my inspiration, my fantasy This love can not be calmed I understand how fragile it may be and I will protect it until I am strong enough to keep this love sheltered, while it flourishes but before then, I must have one taste, to keep me holding on, so I know it is as amazing as we imagine that it is worth the wait To My girl, Joy ~W.H.~   ~2009~
The Ultimate Connection
ya know i have often mused what i felt that ultimate connection was between two ppl ... this is what i think and feel it is and if u dont give a rats butt then stop reading now loll ........   u wake up in the morning and think bout that person and all ur thoughts and doings thru the day r omg i have to tell him bout that or u try desperatly to remember jokes just so he can laugh later if u can tell it correctly loll.. u fall asleep with that person with u no matter what even when hes far from u - ur safer for the connection and knowing that time cant separate u ..... you begin to value time to talk and share more than anything else in the world  and its like u have seen nothing be4 them ....u share ur self and give unconditionally and smile while u do it cause for some reason it just feels so damn good ......... u touch each others souls without actual touch and when u do touch in a physical sense its like bombs go off in ur body and slivers of silver slice ur heart and bind it b
Falling For You~
Speak now or forever hold your peace, Do you want me out of this place? Cuz you're throwing words back and forth, Do I have you to look foreward to? I'm built for sin, But I'm so pure when you're near. Nothing crosses my mind But white doves, and holy words. My soul, once shackled, Gives in to your kind words and sweet phrases. My body, so strong, Is now awakened by your tenderness. Is this forever, Or is it now and never? Your eyes may catch me, But your arms might turn away. Terrified of your redemption, I want more. You are my most deadly sin, But my most alive happiness. "Dedicated to Joy" ~W.H.~  ~2009~
Film Star
On the campaign trail with Indian silver screen idol
Live - Bahrain Gp Practice
Conditions are hot and dry in Bahrain with practice for the season's fourth Grand Prix due to get under way at 0800 BST.
Poem For You Master
I can't live without you.I would breathe the air,and my heart would beat,but I would not feel the joy of life.My dreams would be lostlike a leaf carted away by a storm.I would gaze at the starswithout appreciating theway they light up the sky.I would pass the roses in bloomwithout noticing their beauty.I would no longer look forwardto each sunset and each dawn.I would be broken,never to be mended again. Winter would own my heart;its icy breath would stealthe warmth in my soul,because I could not smilewithout your love.I could not know laughteror happiness.If you were lost to me,I'd have no reason to try,no reason to be.You are my prayer,my shelter fromhopelessness and despair,my sunshine, my light,my lazy days,my peaceful nights,and only you can keep thespark in my soul burning bright.
The Happiest Ever!!
im so blessed to have met the perfect man in the world he is more than my boyfriend he is my best friend and i dont know what id do without him he makes me a better person inside and out and i fall more in love with him each word that he says he is the best and i couldnt be any happier than i am right now. thanks baby for being you your so perfect and i cant wait to be with you
i was so tickled with the afternoon yesterday -- since the whole i was sick thing most days i strive to see things that will be memories and leave that for the kids ...yesterday we were outside the day was sunny and warmer than it had been in a while ... the kids constance - becca- melody and macy were running and playing while matt of course was on the puter ... go figure ...but all of a sudden these mallards a girl and a boy flew down and began to walk around and quack - the kids went nuts so much so that i had to go get bread to feed them--we tried to get them to walk back over to the apartment  but alas they werent buying it ... they did however come up to us very close and then we got to watch them wiggle their butts and quack more -- the girls were in a frenzy and of course becca wanted to pet them but they eventually flew away ... was the sweetest thing and i thought what a wonderful thing --we did the ducky song and talked bout them and i enjoyed that sooo much ... building mem
Randy the Vampire... This jerk is going around & stealing pictures. Don't bother downrating him, just block him right away...try to do it when he's not online since he'll be able to get to them before you can block him. There's nothing you can do but set your profile to "friend's only" & mark your folders the same. Just a head's up so he doesn't get yours, too!Kat
Pet Peeves
this blog is a holla out to ppl who have had the same problems --- i have a few pet peeves -- we all do however there r some that make me a tad irritable and for some unknown reason they rnt isolated happenings but recurrent issues .... leaving the toilet seat up --now if i find it that way ill put it down however i DID NOT PUT IT UP  so a part of the issue is right there in caps .... but i must say i dont mind and will not say a word re that UNLESS the act proceeds my imminent late nite dipfest into said toilet then all hell breaks loose and me and my wet bottom will vocally object even at 3 am.... and trust in this u WILL  wake up loll wrong numbers - not just any wrong numbers .. some ppl have enuf raising to say oh im sorry i must have the wrong number to confirm that they dialed wrong and to not redial the same number ... THEN THERE R THOSE OTHER PPL  who call once sometimes more but seemingly daily here to ask for shanequa now i say to them no there is noone here by that name a
Fittin In...
thats one thing I have never accomplished. Is it such a bad thing? I constantly hear people yap about being "unique", "individual", "unconformmist", other crap. Which basically means they still want to conform to the non conformity. Just like people that get tattoos and piercings in order to be unique, and then flock to the like ones. I recently have realized that I am jealous of people that fit in, that have their own niche, that know who they are and have respect based on that. Growing up, I always wanted to fit in, but couldn't.  In Russia, I was the only Jew in my entire school, and I had to make sure that anyone that tried to assault my dignity based on my ethnicity had their faces beat in.  I succeeded, mostly due to my violent personality when I was a kid, and not out of respect for my nation. I had friends, but it wasn't the same. I spent all my time going to music school while they played in the streets, so after a while, they got tired of inviting me with them, and I was le
Watch Out For This Guy......
Randy the Vampire... jerk is going around & stealing pictures. Don't bother downrating him, just block him right away...try to do it when he's not online since he'll be able to get to them before you can block him. There's nothing you can do but set your profile to "friend's only" & mark your folders the same.Just a head's up so he doesn't get yours, too! Brenda
About Us
Now Your Dog Can Have the Best Health Care, Thanks to our Animal Hospital’s English-Speaking Veterinarian Welcome to Cabinet Veterinaire International’s website – one that we hope you will find comprehensive and informative – much like our own English speaking veterinarian, Dr. N.J. Omaboe. You’ll find us only minutes from Geneva and ...
there cums a point in ur life when you think back on the past well wat if i would hav have done this or this would u stillb here wat if i didnt lose weight and stand overweight would i still love my life? or since i lost the weight would that homecoming king till look at me if i was overweight as he does when i skinny? this world is cruel and hate ful and not only judges u by ur money but ur looks now every 1 tells me im speaical im a angel i tell em there blind and dnt kno wat there takin bout bu then i dig deep in my heart and see y they tell me this i c soemthign some of this world dnt hav 4 every1 i hav a heart so do the girl whos over weight or the pouplar girl whos in love w the geek go 4 ur dreams dnt hold back bc at 1 time in ur life ur goin 2 look back be lik damn i wish i wouldve gone 4 it  
More Information
Dr. Omaboe’s Training Dr. Omaboe’s ability to fully care for your cat is supported by his broad resume, including specific holistic veterinary training and certification in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Doctorate in Cardiomyopathy, Diagnostic Pathology Residency, and Service as Clinical Neurology Assistant, all with The University of Bern, ...
Seasonal Concerns
This message is endorsed by sneezing and itching dogs across the globe. Dogs’ Allergy Symptoms are Troublesome in Any Language Whether you find yourself in the midst of a bleak Winter, or beneath the oppressive heat of a Summer sun, you will eventually, and inevitably, find yourself immersed in yet another Spring. ...
About Us
Now Your Dog Can Have the Best Health Care, Thanks to our Animal Hospital’s English-Speaking Veterinarian Welcome to Cabinet Veterinaire International’s website – one that we hope you will find comprehensive and informative – much like our own English speaking veterinarian, Dr. N.J. Omaboe. You’ll find us only minutes from Geneva and ...
Chaplain Fired ...
Chaplain discharged after rulingBy Leo Shane III, Stars and StripesWASHINGTON -— A Navy chaplain who claimed he was punished for praying "in Jesus' name" at public military events was formally discharged from the service Wednesday. Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who had served as a Navy chaplain for 16 years, said service officials delivered his discharge papers Wednesday, just hours after a federal appeals court lifted it order to delay his separation.I've lost my military career, I've lost a million-dollar pension, my family has been evicted from military housing, my family lost its health insurance," he said. I'm obviously disappointed, but I would do it all over again to stand up for what I believe."Read entire article here: MY RESPONSE i have read the articles ... and yes hes a man who stands firm on his priciples however as supportive as i am of anyone standing up for their beliefs is also a chaplain
Sometimes you hear that perfect song at that perfect time... & it makes it all go away....   ♥ PoStaL
Dont Piss Off Ur Nurse Evah
A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix.   The doctors operated and advised him that allwas well.  However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his crotch.   Worried that it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable.   Taped firmly across his pubic hair were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily. Written in large black letters was the sentence. "Get well quick..... from the nurse you gave a ticket to last week."
I know people have some messed up stories about how crazy there family is and by all means if you want share with me.. But I can almsot imagine I can top them off. My cousin and I who ive been best friends with since Birth.. Literatly.. I was there when she was born and vice versa. I'm a couple months older though. Wewt. We went with one of her friends whos 18 and he friends bf hes 16..and crazy....there was a tiny lil carnival going on so we decided to go chill and be cool.. we all naturally had a good time but since she was with me and my cousin who wont let her take shit from her controlling bf he was getting mad cus she wasnt bowing down to her. Well he pulled her aside once while we were in walmart then he did it again as we were getting food....Im not really sure what this kids problem is but its something...well he kept fucking around being stupid with her and she broke up with him..well he flipped out and was screaming at anyone that looked at him..imagine a 16 year old callin
Age From When I Was Turning 40 Ugh
things that change as u age ............ my face has changed -- i begin to see in the mirror someone akin to a basset hound instead of the firm faced beauty of my youth ... im not terribly vain yet this is disconcerting....this woman who said wear ur age like a medal and forget the plastic surgery deal ....... ponders how much each individual surgery and the cost factor would be lollllllll ..... my my how times have changed.... i never had acne be4 yet all of a sudden lil blemishes r coming out .. sneaky like ... each day i wake and go well hells bells ... so i go purchase meds for it hoping that something will stop this madness......... they rnt numerous yet they r unsightly and i wonder if they have been laying in wait till my genetic material said come out and play........ since during my youth i had no such issue ....... if only my strength of character would protect me from the snow ball effect loll my breasts r no longer the mounds of perky happy woman hills but ya know this i
Letter To Proctor And Gamble
AN OPEN LETTER TO Mr. JAMES THATCHER, BRAND MANAGER, PROCTER & GAMBLE.- - - -Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your Always maxi pads for over 20 years, and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core(tm) or Dri-Weave(tm) absorbency, I'd probably never gohorseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. Ican't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? Ever suffered from "the curse"? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my "time of the month" is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now, my body will adjust and I'll be transformed
A Dedication.
Well I would just like to Dedicate my frist blog to two really cool and Hawt people that I recently became friends with. Yea you know who you are SHAROL AND JESSICA!!!! You guys are the coolest FuBar/Scape/Internet Friends anyone could ask for and I hope we have a long we can fly to jessicas house on the beach where she raises her horses and make sweet music videos. So my First blog I want to dedicate to you guys I
Only True Friends Knew Him
This world can analyze and size you up and throw you on the scales They can I.Q. you and run you through Their rigorous details They can do their best to rate you And they'll place you on the charts And then back it up with scientific smarts But there's more to what you're worth Than their human eyes can see Oh, I say the measure of a man Is not how tall you stand How wealthy or intelligent you are 'Cause I've found out the measure of a man God knows and understands For hel ooks inside to the bottom of your heart And what's in the heart defines The measure of a man.
Cold Wax Loll
--Cold Wax...> >  > >    This is funny!> >    CAUTION: Be prepared to laugh out loud ......> >   ...... I had to reapply my eye makeup after this one!!!> >  > >    All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy,> >   painless removal - The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax.> >  > >    My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, and> >   play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my> >  > >   mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of> >   the medicine> >    cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom.> >  > >    It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you> >   just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them> >  > >   apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair> >   right off....> >   No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be?> >  > >    I mean, I'm not a Genius, but I
What Is Love
*What Does Love Mean?*A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think:"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all even when his hands got arthritis, too. That's Love. Rebecca - age 8When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French Fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." Terri - age 4"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK."
Brilliant Dance
So this is odd, the painful realization that has all gone wrong. And nobody cares at all, and nobody cares at all. So you buried all your lover's clothes and burned the letters lover wrote, but it doesn't make it any better. Does it make it any better? And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss reminds you that the memories will fade. So this is strange, our sidestepping has come to be a brilliant dance where nobody leads at all, where nobody leads at all. And the picture frames are facing down and the ringing from this empty sound is deafening and keeping you from sleep. And breathing is a foreign task and thinking's just too much to ask and you're measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights.This is incredible. Starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time. Well you'd like to think that you were invincible. Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time? Well this is the last time.
New Saying 3
You think im afraid of death? well your wrong, death is afraid of me i shall conquer it and i shall overcome, you shall die by my blade.
I Didn't Want
but i did it, When i see these photos, I ask myself, what happened to me in my sofa?
The Dorky Me
~the dorky me~ Current mood:  chipper I was asked a while back what made me change my personality so drastically....( this from a girl I knew way back in elementary school)... I told her I didnt really change all that much... I have just become free to express myself differently... I am free from the fear that was making me hide who i truely was and am! I was thinking of this because I was recently asked why I think I am suck a dork and retard... this person(s) dont think im a dork or retard! but then again they havent seen me in YEARS!!! I decided that I would write a blog to describe exactly what I am talking about, so here goes:When I was a child I was afraid of my own shadow let alone what other people thought of me. I would be so afraid of even talking to people that I would do just about anything to make me disappear. I wouldnt talk unless spoken to, then just answer the question and be quiet again... that all changed when I was in high school in St Regis Montana. That was w
Poem I Love
Touched By An Angel by Maya AngelouWe, unaccustomed to courageexiles from delightlive coiled in shells of loneliness until love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight to liberate us into life. Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies old memories of pleasure ancient histories of pain. Yet if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls. We are weaned from our timidity In the flush of love's light we dare be brave And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.  
Lyrics To "final Exam"
Its time to Raise up & Jump aroundHouse of Pain style get off the ground The beats a killa in your head all day My lyrics are drugs & the streets are my prey You can't hustle a hustler this I don't doubt Sensing others fears thats what its about Its time to Raise up & Jump aroundHouse of Pain style get off the ground The beats a killa in your head all day My lyrics are drugs & the streets are my prey You can't hustle a hustler this I don't doubt Sensing others fears thats what its about You think I'm a fuckin pussy then try & test me The results you'll see cops tryin to arrest me Cuz I'll have no fear 
Lyrics To "confessions Of A Wanting Man"
Every night before I sleepMy mind drifts off and causes my heart to skip a thousand beats.Please tell me why its your faceThat I choose to haunt mefrom outer space.Over and Overmy soul tries to retreatBut all it yearns for is the warmth of your body heat.All this man wants to dois spend all his time wit youOpen up a world of newwhile holdin your hands this much is trueAll this man wants to haveis your food to cookMy words could fill a book catch you a fish from any brook.Even catch this worlds number one crookAll this man wants you to be told whle keepin you warm when its coldAnd to help your wounds to moldour time together will never get old Every night before I sleepMy heart skips a thousand beats.Please tell me why its your eyes that melts my heart Like when the sun plays its partIn applying to your perfect skinthat gorgeous tan.These are the confessionsof a wanting man. Every night before I sleep My mind drifts off and causes my heart to skip a thousand beats.Please tell me why i
Lyrics To "changin' The Game"
Stop for a minute and feel the beatCuz Im about to spit some heatNow start the music with the volume upCuz its the game Im changin upI got mad skillz Im about to flashIts the charts Im about to smashMy flow may be bold But its never  cold So put your feelings on hold And listen to what your about to be toldIts time to get off the six-pack And drink from the man wit the kegTell me what you want Theres no need to begThis man's gotplenty of fuckin beerTo supply you a grin from ear to earNow listen to my words that your about to hearDo a keg stand& try to walk a lineThats how you'll feel after my 69Light headed & feeling dizzyNow its time for us to get busyIf ya think a horseis fun to rideBaby I'm a bull and I say it wit pridePush my button the way I wantI'll guaranteeyou've never been touchedlike the way I huntAs you can see my words may be bluntBut Im not outto just bust a nutBaby its youIm about to pleaseI just demand 210%when your on your knees Kissing your neckwit such a passionMy li
Attraction to short people.
Politicians. Little Tin Gods on Wheels.  -  Rudyard Kipling
paladin \PAL-uh-din\, noun:1. A knight-errant; a distinguished champion of a medieval king or prince; as, the paladins of Charlemagne.2. A champion of a cause.
Rob Pattinson: Eclipse Director & Release Date Confirmed
Rob Pattinson: Eclipse Director & Release Date Confirmed We previously reported that Eclipse with Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) will be released in theaters on June 30, 2010. Summit emailed us a confirmation of this date along with the announcement that David Slade will direct Pattinson and his co-stars in the third film of the Twilight series.Currently, Pattinson is still in the process of filming New Moon which is directed by Chris Weitz. New Moon will be released in theaters on November 20, 2009.Thanks to Summit Entertainment for letting us know.
My Treatments Coming 2 An End Soon???
I've got one more chemo treatment to go an thats on the 7th of next month, then I have 3 more internal ones and of course the externals not sure how many I've got left on those well my book says 3 however seeing I'm getting the internals on the days in which I'm to have the externals the doctor will be adding a few more on I believe he said at least 4-5 more which doesn't bother me none it's the rest of it that I can't handle.... I can not wait till it's all done and over with and they say it's gone (NO MORE CANCER), what a joy that would be. I've went this far in my (HELL) on earth so it's time to get something back in return from the gods... Anyways I got the results back from the bone scan in which came back normal which is good, however now we need to find out why my back has been hurting me like hell, my RADIATION doctor says it's a muscle related issue which I'm sure thats what it is seeing I've went through 3 CT scans an 1 PET scan plus this BONE scan and they didn't find anythi
Help An Angel Her Get Her Wings
                      Denials      During President Obama's visit to Turkey he denied that the United States of America is a Christian or Jewish or Muslim country; it is a country of citizens. This is a rather odd proclamation in a secular Muslim country where conversions away from Islam are not illegal, but they can definitely be punished outside the rigors of national law. That is why the Catholic converts there have to keep a very low profile and the Church keeps quiet about the new Catholics there.     Another denial came from the White House after President Obama, the elected citizen leader of a nation of citizens, bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: they denied the obvious fact before the eyes of millions of viewers and told us that the citizen president did not bow to a Muslim king.      A third denial from the White House after President Obama had requested to address the economy at Georgetown University. The prominent displays of IHS - the first three letter
Im A Flirt
Ok It's Tru I Dn't Deny It,So Keepin It Real Like I Do Imma Break Sum Shit Down.It's On My Profile If You Wanna Know Just Ask.So Heres Da Deal I've Been Wit My Girl Off And On Since 93.Like Most Couples We Have Our Prblms,We Have Our Up's And Down.Now I Luv My Gurl No Doubt Bout That,But Like Da Old Sayin Goes Wat 1 Woman Won't Do Da Next 1 Will.So I'm Not Just Flirtin I'm Lookin 4 Dat Next Woman 2 Be My WOMAN.There Does Come A Tyme When You Must Sho Ur Man Luv Or He Will Find Sumbody Who Will.Bottom Line My Gurl  Withold's Da Luv.You Know ( Da Booti,Da Ass,Da Pussy) Wat Eva You Chose To Call It It Still Da Same I Ain't Gettin None At Home.And Lady's You Say A Good Man Is Hard Find.(And You Think All Da Good Men Are Etha Taken Or Gay).Well Half Of Dat May Be Tru  But I'm A Good Man And Yes I May Be Taken But I'm Far From Happy.So Just Cause Dat Good Man Is Taken Dn't Alwyz Mean He Happy Give A Brotha A Chance You Never Know Dat Man U Turn Ur Back On May Be Da 1 Ur Lookin 4.
Masters Magic Box~
Dim lit room, soft shadowed gloom. Dark as night, shivers of fright. Come to me slave, and kneel before me. I am your Master and fearfully you adore me. Pain is the vessel, it carries the gift. Knowing it is coming makes your spirits lift. ...Kneeling before him, you look quietly at the floor and shiver in partial fear and anticipation. Your Master looms before you and you hear him pushing it along in front of him with his foot. "Oh, GOD!" You feel butterflies in your stomach, you feel a lump of dread weighing heavy on your soul. Oh, what powerful sensations course through your shivering body! Inching closer, you can see it from the corner of your downcast eyes and you release a soft and quiet sigh. "The box!" Joy and fear crowd together in your mind. You hear the box stop and your Master walk to stand directly behind you, he leans down and roughly grasps your hair in his hand and pulls you to your feet. "Thank you Master" you say in a soft and quivering voice and then you wince from t
The sun shone through the curtains as slave sue woke. she opened her eyes to find Master watching her. He was sitting on the bed in His robe and He bent forward to kiss her. 'Good morning, my pet,' He said. 'I have a surprise for you this morning'. slave sue smiled sleepily. Master's surprises might be fun, or embarrassing, or erotic, but she loved them all.The door bell rang, and Master was clearly expecting someone. 'Wait here,' He said. slave sue lay back in bed and tried to listen as He answered the door, but Master was speaking too softly. she could hear a man talking to Him. The door was closed and Master returned to the bedroom. He picked up a blindfold from the bedside table and told slave to put it on. When her eyes were covered, He pulled back the covers and told her to step out of bed. she stood beside the bed as He tidied it, then He helped her back onto it, so she lay naked across it, on top of the covers. 'Put your feet on either side of the window pet,' He said. slave di
My Last Week Of Freedom
I am sitting at the car dealership, getting my truck service and replacing the 8 coil that went out of the spark plug, figure the odds of that happening with a week before deployment, not mention having a baseball hit you windshield last week.  Oh well life goes on.    I have been trying to figure out how I write this blog about a week before I leave.   It is kind of hard, mainly because there is a wide variety of emotions with just as intense power  where you are just  numb from the intensity of emotions, however I am  a vet been through this  task too numerous times since the turn of the century.   The biggest emotion at this moment with a week left of civil freedom, is a frustration.    The level of frustration has dramatically intensified.   It is hard to explain the level of horniness that I going through right now with no visible chance of getting any relief.   It was bad enough having to deal with the slow process of healing from the divorce and try to build up relationships w
You did exactly as I told you. You were naked before me with the black fabric tied securely behind your head to obscure your sight. As I kissed your lips, I could feel the want in you as your tongue swirls around mine. I carefully lead you towards the bed as I reach for the ties on the corner of the bed. Soon, I had your back on the bed and your right arm tied carefully to the post. As I assured you what I was doing, I slowly made my way around the bed to tie off your right ankle, your left ankle and finally your left wrist. You looked comfortable on the bed awaiting the treat I had set for you. I leave the room so that you would have no idea of what treatment you would be in for. As I watch you squirm on the bed, I basked in your beauty in your helplessness. I then walked into the room with our guests as I hold my finger over my mouth to indicate to them to be silent. I had one of our guests take a position between your outstretched legs. You could feel our guest's tongue slide gently
I'm Happy About Something That Happien Today
i went to go take the writen test for diving but its took me two time to do it unstill i pass it lol but i was so happy after ward.i'm on the other hand i would have to wait untill sep untill i get to get my diving id but i think that an good thing to but i have to dive with someone in an car at all time but what i want to know from everybody how many time u had to take the test over.
Fuicide is always the answer to this question
Expressing Myself
I find myself lost without words ao I will do my best.   I have been on this site for over a year now and I have by far talk to some great people on this site. But when I came here it was in hopes of finding someone. But the same problem has always came up, either they were married and playing head games with me or they live too far away. I can't continue to talk to a few different women on here always having the thoughts of wow, what a great woman giving myself false hope of being with them. I rather be water borded then have my heart tortured. I am one of the few men out there that truely wants a meaningful loving relationship that every woman on here has talked about. But the more I learn that they have been in a abusive relationship and continue to stay in it with the hopes of that guy getting better never happens just turns my stomach! The last two relationships I have been in just ripped my heart out from my chest and stepped all over it. I have started to think that if I real
1st Day
Today we had our first show in Rally Advance Excellent, as pursuant to his name sake what could go wrong did! Qualified in Exc, and No Qual in Adv so we did not get any "points" toward our title . So far we have never qualified on our first outing in any level, most of the times it has been my fault and I assume that responsiblity, we did have a good time and met some nice people , Tomorrow is another day and we can relax now the first blunder is behind us
Give And You Will Get-respect-christian Common Sense Poem
All we need in this life is a little respect.It is on of the ten commandments for us to live without war and problems.If you respect you mom shell brag about her son if you respect your father hell think of you as a wise man who hes proud ofand come to you to for a lesson.respect you wife, and shes be faithfull until the end of her life.respect your girl and shell think hes the one thing in need in her world.respect your friends and theyll always have you back and laughter youll never lack.respect you teacher and they will teach you all there knowledgeand you accomplishments will rise faster that rocket whitch makes you on top of you class becuase with knowledge youll far surpase,others..respect people with love and they will consider you their family.respect god and you will have his favor.respect jesus and he be your in reality you getting a  tast of to manificent flavors,of love.respect a christian and hell call you brother because all they were taught was to love one anot
Can Something Be Wrong?
Ive been posed with a question lately that i just cant seem to answer. Everytime i meet a nice girl she always asks me "Why is a great guy like you still single?" I really  never have a good answer. I mean i dont want to be single, i dont like being single, as far as i know theres nothing wrong with me, heck i even make a stupid amount of money....but for some reason I just cant seem to find the right girl. After i got back from the war i lost my woman, and needed some time off, i chose to be single for a while...but since i started looking again, i just seem to never be able to find anyone who wants to stay around for any amount of time. I guess lately ive just been thinking that maybe there is something wrong with me and the girls just are too nice to tell me, how many times can you hear....Im just not ready yet, or its not you its me...before you start to realize they are just lines from someone trying to spare your feelings. Ive been trying to evaluate myself a lot lately, and see
Broken Heart
When you realize that the life that you believed was real was all just a lie you are broken. When you think that you are safe, that the person that you love and trusted the most has betrayed you, then you are broken hearted. The hard part to all of this is figuring out how to pick up the shattered pieces of what is left of your heart and move on.
Things Men Have Said To Me:
Guy 1: 1a. "Hmmm. Well I've got $300 burnin a hole in my pocket. Its yours if you let me get with ya. "- Yes I'm a prositute...uh no. 1b. "Okay fine. $400. That would be cool with me." 1c. Ok I can understand. How about $600 for your time. That's more than fair. 1d. "so what would be agreeable.  perhaps i can give you $700 and we can be together and go to dinner as well"   This weekend okay with you?-Seriously can a man take rejection? I'll continue to add as time goes on.....
Get A Wiff Of This Load Of Crap
Forget the Botox — just spritz away! Makers of a new perfume claim the scent can shave eight years off your apparent age. Hence the name "Ageless" Lmao  Outrageous? ah yeaaa Ageless Fantasy by Harvey Prince is being marketed as a new genre of "anti-age" scents. Phewww!  Available in upscale beauty shops and online, it will cost you just a fraction of a muscle paralyzer. On the other hand, at $120 for 3.04 fluid oz., it's not as cheap as just lying about your age. Promotional material for Ageless says men in focus groups associated the scent of roses with an "old lady," and that of tropical fruits and grapefruits with "younger women." Consequently, the Ageless concoction contains lots of fruity notes. Overall, it smells super-sweet and, well, rather adolescent. Men in a survey by Ageless reportedly guessed that Ageless wearers were nearly a decade younger than their true ages. That inspired me to conduct my very own wildly unscientific survey.  First, wearing no perf
Another Thing On The Net....
Easy ways to tell if a girl is interested in you: She constantly makes attempts to touch your hand. She buys you small gifts for no reason. She leans towards you when you talk to each other. She smiles at you a lot. She laughs at your comments and jokes. She acts giddy around you. She mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together. Her eyes light up when she sees you or hears your name. She touches you more often than what friends do. She constantly asks about your status with girls and asks your preference in types of girls She flirts with you. During a conversation, she mirrors your actions and your voice fluctuations. This action is referred to as "mirroring" and is a very positive sign that she is interested. She asks you out to lunch or dinner. Her face turns red when you're near her, or when you talk to her. Her pupils dilate when he looks at you. Our pupils will dilate when we are looking at anything we l
I Recently got engaged to the man of my dreams after loving him secretly for years. We finally told each other how we felt and fell even deeper in love with one another. I never thought I could be so happy with someone as I am with him. We will be married July 13, 2009 and I am so excited about it. I cant wait to start my new journey with my new husband.
Aquarius January 20 - February 18 What are you trying to do? Do you want to kill yourself working? The time has come to rest, dear Aquarius! You need to recharge your batteries. You might feel very energetic mentally, but your body needs to rest for a while. You must prepare yourself for challenging days ahead that will demand that you be at 100-percent operating capacity. holy hell! Its gonna get more challenging? *goes to bed* ♥
I Found This On The Internet...are We So Obvious?
Easy ways to tell if a guy is interested in you: He flirts with you. He smiles at you a lot. He always teases you or makes fun/jokes. He will also go out of his way to be as near you as possible without being obvious. He sends you flowers. During a conversation, he mirrors your actions and your voice fluctuations. This action is referred to as "mirroring" and is a very positive sign that he is interested. He compliments you a lot. He develops a special nickname for you. He is very willing to help you out or do you favors (like rides home, or physical work). He laughs at all your jokes/will try to make you laugh. He mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together. He remembers little things that you've talked about before a long time ago, and brings them up in conversations to let you know that he remembered. His pupils dilate when he looks at you. Our pupils will dilate when we are looking at an
I Need FuMarry a point whore.       That is all
Retired & Lost:
I`ve been riding here & there & everywhere. Planes, cars, hitchhike, walked the road, name it been there. Now I find myself @ 61 yrs. old (never thought I last this long) & everywhere I went.....all my hangouts are gone!!!!!! North, South, East & West. Now i`m home trying to get used to the retired life(sucks), wife`s happy, sons are happy......How do I tame myself to be a ......I don`t know.....I would say a stay a home person. Worked all my life, here, there, everywhere. finally home, friends are either gone or past away. Bars are the type that you can`t wear sandles, sorry sir- you can`t come in with a tank top. To explain this further, i live in a peninsula, beach on one side bay on the other. Condos, too expensive rest......I`ll be DAMN pissed if I have to wear a tie to shoot a good game of DARTS w ith a beer chaser. Well to make a long story short, I took a ride towards the end of the Peninsula. There ....a falling apart bar I found my place, met some still living friends......I
This Isi Chance For Me To Look At My Self And Mybe Get It Rigth Befor It To Late
it a chance to write what i fell and maybe get it right beor it to late or at lest understand why
use to think that being alone is the best no pain, not having to worry about other. as time rolls along you learn that no painis feeling nothing is just being,careing about other is selfness and not very filling to one self my biggest argument was i could do what i want and no boss to that i find i happy doing for other and dont do much for my self. so i fill i learn that i rather be dump and hurt eery day give my whole life to other have a boss that on me all the time  then be alone any longer i dont reget it but glad grew out of it sio enjoy your mate if luck to have one they could be gone tomorrow the fool on the hill
The Aura Of Yur Fragrence Is The Taste Of Luv
Dumbass Pic Of The Year....
My Pussy Is Always Hungry For A Big Piece Of Meat
      to watch my little pussy is a show you say that your pussy is clever and so slick but i think that your pussy's kinda sick   :)    
Welcome 2 My World
I told u my worlds a game Wher they  all -- know -- my -- name Stitegic and COWKULATED,N every move silence is heared Life N my hand and truth N my word Breeth 4 this death as i bleed 4 this breath live,move and sleep through these streets The scooby snacks r the treats that i eat Keep it descreets,on a whole nuthR level I tangle with animal instinks,the beast and the devil I shed tears 4 the heartless luv that i C 4 the memory of when I was murderN he The killN of she :( And the conviction-3g,1st degree,cuz they was tired of dealN with me So i strugL 4 betR,but the hustle is pain fukN giv me the gun,we'll keep it simpL & plain And hav u 4ever remember my name                                                    -JUICE
email me@ because its hard to get in touch with u  
The Movie...
The MOVIE... THe movie will begin in 5 moments..the mindless voice announced... THose who are not seated will await the next show.. As we are seated and darkend the voice continued... "The program for this evening is not new, weve seen this entertainment through and through.. Weve seen your birth..your life and might recall of the rest..did you have a good world when you died?.enough to base the movie on?                                       jm               
Lyrics To My Song "changin The Game"
"Changin' the Game" Stop for a minute and feel the beatCuz Im about to spit some heatNow start the music with the volume upCuz its the game Im changin upI got mad skillz Im about to flashIts the charts Im about to smashMy flow may be bold But its never  cold So put your feelings on hold And listen to what your about to be toldIts time to get off the six-pack And drink from the man wit the kegTell me what you want Theres no need to begThis man's gotplenty of fuckin beerTo supply you a grin from ear to earNow listen to my words that your about to hearDo a keg stand& try to walk a lineThats how you'll feel after my 69Light headed & feeling dizzyNow its time for us to get busyIf ya think a horseis fun to rideBaby I'm a bull and I say it wit pridePush my button the way I wantI'll guaranteeyou've never been touchedlike the way I huntAs you can see my words may be bluntBut Im not outto just bust a nutBaby its youIm about to pleaseI just demand 210%when your on your knees Kissing your neckwi
I Love This Fubar
Hedonism is the basic desire to feel good on many different levels. Indulgence is free - Do so! Anyone reading this blog should know exactly what I  am talking about because Fubar was created to make people feel good. This site is addicting and therefore has many perks, has many things about it that that embrace the topic of indulgence. Satisfied with just a few points? HELL NO! GIMME!! Wanna check out people, browse them as if they are lined up in a catalogue for our enjoyment. And in turn, people want to be seen and browse away, bomb their asses like it's WAR. Thank you Fubar - you sick and twisted fucking site you!!
Missy Dangerous Curves
im still tryna work this site out maybe u can hep me  
sin is the path that we pave thats why aftR 3 days HE rose from the grave spring,flowRs N bloom,its the Bginning of life finilly a chance 2 b 4 givN 4 all of R strife so we celibrate the shineN of lite decurating eggs with colors beaytiful & brite hidden 4 the childern 2 find,fun is had smiles all around,not a face is sad gathRd N a basket,while laughs R shared all as a reminder how lives R spared and of a LORD that cared anuff 2giv us a SON we seek with all R heart gatherD and held close tell the day we depart                                                     -JUICE
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time there was a group of pretty little cupcake... with pretty little frosting AND....
Ok.. So I'm Gonna Meet Some Fubar Friends..
i can't believe i'm gonna meet 6 of my fubar friends this weekend!!  i've have talked to them since Nov and now we are all going to be in the same house togethe!  i can't wait! we all are excited!
Results N Such
Firstly THANKYOU ur kind words and gifts and prayers have touched me more than u know.   so yesterday i went back to the oncology center to get some results n see where we go from here .. well i think i need my very own ........ HOUSE.. he could cure me  but seriously  i am still severly anemic, but no bleeding any where so its not loss of blood, my iron stores are also very good .. my sugar was a wee bit high as was my calcuim still. my oncologist feels the cancer is within the bone marrow.. he said something about the red cells im producing are dying or being attacked .. so a week friday i go back to the cancer center for a bone marrow biopsy.. and yes he stuck me in hospital today torecieve my fourth transfusion .. i will keep u all posted i done it in a blog .. purely so i didnt have to type it 50 times :P:P   love u guys   Sarah xxxxxx
And So The Bus Adventure Begins
Ok so now I am reduced to riding the bus for a while (It should be the shortbus but isn't) Anyway I met two crazy people today. The first asked me for 2 dollars then told me about the Govt. messing up his life. The second talked to the first scared the first aways. Walked up to some guy who was reading pulls hi paper down and then see he's reading about the Orlando Magic and starts singing at the top of his lungs "I love My Magic..I love My Magic" for about ten minutes straght as he's singing he takes off his coat throws it into a tree then fights with the tree to get it back. Beats on a bus sign. Then sits (Still singing) sees a bird find an empty beer can (The bird is about 30 yards away) he kicks the can and it lands 3ft in front of him. Picks up the can and drinks from it. Crushes it then throws it at the bird (Lands now 5ft from him). Another bus pulls up this man takes off his jacket and uses it to "Clean" the windows. Then he yells at the bird "If Tiger Woods  doesn't get you I
>NickG: how come?NickG: your pretty creepyNickG: actually, I would like to kill you first, then have sex with youNickG: first you wanna have sex and then u wanna kill me. thats really weird->NickG: why is that weird?NickG: because your talking about killing me->NickG: why?NickG: thats kinda weird->NickG: so I can dismember youNickG: lol why do u need a chainsaw?->NickG: yes, can i bring my chainsaw?NickG: tonight?->NickG: at like 9NickG: when are you coming?NickG: 7171 w gunisson->NickG: sure, whats your address?NickG: or you can come over tonightNickG: my place. 4 oclock->NickG: name a place and timeNickG: ok where at?->NickG: tomorrowNickG: very nice. when?->NickG: ofcourse i will fuck youNickG: do you like me?->NickG: yes, I go to the circusNickG: do you fool around?->NickG: yupsNickG: are you married?
New Manager
Welcome to our newest Family Manager... burghbabe *FU-Bomber Family Manager*and fu-owned by WillyMakit@ fubar
My First Erotic Story
You call me up late one night and ask if I was in the mood to have some "fun." I of course just had watched my neighbors have their playdate and wanted to have our own. So I say yes to you coming over. We hang up so that you can get ready. As for myself, I start to put out some vanilla and strawberry scented candles, light them so that the room smells sweet, put on some soft romantic music, and get myself ready for my man. About an hour goes by and everything is all set up. The candles are lit, the music is playing, chocolate sryup and marshmellows lay alongside one side of the bed, handcuffs, a whip, a feather, and some other toys on the other side of the bed. You knock on the door and I just get these butterflies in my stomach and a huge smile is on my face. I can feel my cheeks start to flush with emberassment just thinking about you having your way with me. So I tell you to enter and I can see you walk in with self confidence and this content look within you. And quite a hand
Looking For People Tp Chat
Hey I m new to this site  and really confused with it can somebody add me soI can have the full experience on fubar.....PLEASE Biggy
Gizmos And Tweaks
Once upon a time, in a land thought dead There lived a strange creature with eyes glowing red It's soul was not twisted, as you might expect Just shaped in the mood of the world one would suspect Not far from the abode of the creature called Tohm Stood a dreary village, as if it were hit by a bomb All the poor citizens, especially the children Had no reason to smile in their village of Boraiden Sitting alone in his home in an endless brood Tohm frowned and winced, in a constant sad mood When a sudden loud crash sounded from nearby Tohm shrieked and wailed as he thought he was going to die Recollecting himself and emerging from the corner Tohm didn't think he was to be a victim of murder Stepping outside after a cautious stride He opened the door, but used it to hide Peeking from behind his wooden barrier Tohm discovered soon the sound was a carrier Carrying supplies to the land called Kiljoy But mistakenly dropping a precious toy Tohm lifted the object with peaked curiosity He studied
Repost Bully Please
      Come meet your new Fu Bomber top family Click there pic to show them love get to know them if you have any questions hit them up Tee Fu Bomber Family Owner JamieDawn Fu Bomber OPERATIONS MANAGER WillyMakit *FuBomber Family Manager* burghbabe *FU-Bomber Family Manager* JEWEL OF THE SEA*FUBOMBERS FAMILY MANAGER* NICCI~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~ if you want to become a fu bomber click here FU-Bombers*READ THE WHOLE PAGE*@ fubar (repost of original by 'NICCI~OWNER OF DEMENTED NAUGHTY ANGELS~FU BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER~KASEY & ADAMS MISTRESS' on '2009-04-23 13:29:12')
I Found This On My Computer
I dunno if or when I wrote this, but I found it today. enjoy, I think I was pretty high when I did if I did. woo hoo... I make no claim to vast intelligence. That said, this is the sum of the economic situation right now and why capitalism is every bit as bad as communism, as well as the reason why all americans need to get over themselves and deal with reality:   AIG nears demise, government steps in, gives them  billions upon billions to get better. (I get no money, but then I've only got CANCER not poor planning biting me in the ass) Months later, they (AIG)(ie-the same company whose executives took their bailout money and continued to fuck everything up) come back and get ANOTHER 30 billion. (need I mjention 30 THOUSAND dollars would pay for almost THREE YEARS of my pre-CANCER life without loss of any of the comforts I love?) Now AIG is saying theyre CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to pay the same executives millions in bonuses. (I never got a bonus at work even though Im the only
Words Misderstood Lost In Fubar_christian Poem
I am lost in Fubar,So I cry as my thoughts drifts way.Not by the wind but  drifts down by my tears.Silent cries unheard by the ears.Im trying to be manly but emotions of people going to hell and alone, not with God, not being able to make to heaven. i just get comprehend it. So I speak my mind on the pages of a site. That i really dont belong on. Come on its a bar it just doesnt feel right.They dont not Understand me or my words.Problely they think im the most rediculous asian they have ever heard.All im trying to do witness with my blogs.But private comments sometimes make feel like im trapped in  mist, lost in fog.Trying to do good like God is very hard.They say "youre a scitzofreniass man youre a retard".If my spoken words are as clear water or as clear as writtens.Then I wouldve never ever,ever been bitten,by peoples words.Im the quiet one in the bar without a drink,in bathroom i dont go to throw up or puke and go to use the sink.Oh yea, here are my thoughts about writing in a site
It seems like we are removing a lot of members from the family. And yes we are. Members that have been removed were not active in love week or helping bomb.  Even though our family is getting smaller a small active group can be MIGHTER than a large inactive group. A special THANKS to all of you that have remained faithful by being active. HUGGS to you all. As of today founder and co-founder have decided this is no longer a family. We don't act like a family and no1 is rating club or members and if we delete more inactive members there would only b like 5 or 6 people. No1 is payin attention 2 leader status's and now we have hosts bein sent harsh messages. So from now on we've done away w/ the rules. We r still keeping page since high rank but no longer will anything b required.  No longer will any1 b comin on the page 2 do rates everyday. This was a very very hard decision 4 us but we believe it is 4 the best due 2 circumstances. TY 2 those that were very active and faithful 2 th
My Heart
Dear friends as you know iv'e been having issues with my heart. well i went to my dr. appt today and found out that theres a few things that will need attention.1st i have blood leaking from my aorta valve.this was caused by a faulty cusp inside my aorta.the cusps are supposed to control blood flow from the aorta to my blood stream. this may require surgery to correct,but i'm not sure when this will be.need more tests first.and 2nd my outer wall of my aorta is weakened to the point that colapsing is a possibility.this i'm told is the most serious problem i have right now. i need another echo cardiogram asap to see what will need to be done next. i have many dear friends here and to send messages to each of you isn't possible so i made this blog to let you all know whats wrong and that i'm greatful for all your love and support in this the most trying time of my life. ty all and i love you!!! twaddle
Who I Am
Don't know who I am, So I'm searching deep inside, Not who I was before, Because that person died. I'm lonely and broken, Can't recognise my own face, Nothing feels right, I've fallen out of place. And slowly I'm breathing, Planning out the days, I'm not just some little girl, And this isn't just a faze. For I lost myself, Oh so long ago, And I'm carrying so much, I wish I didn't know. All of the missing pieces, Are lost inside so deep, I'm calling out, Singing myself to sleep. Time is taking over, And there's so much to say, But the words won't come, And I'm pushing the moments away. The sweet melody I once knew, Got swallowed up by choice, Nobody's there to listen, Don't wanna hear my voice. She's there somewhere, The girl I used to know, And I don't know who I am, Because she choose to let me go.
I Watch You Walk Away...
You walk out of my life Like you were never there You leave me standing here As if you never cared You give me back my heart Like it was never yours You leave without a tear Like you don't care anymore I could fall to my knees Begging for you to stay But I let my heart break As I watch you walk away But its hurting so much To keep it all inside I try to fight the tears But they're so hard to hide And only if you knew How much it hurt that day To watch the one I love... As he slowly walked away
  There is discipline in A Soldieryou can see it when he walks, There is honor in A Soldieryou hear it when he talks.There is courage in A Soldieryou can see it in his eyes, There is loyalty in A Soldierthat he will not compromise.There is something in A Soldierthat makes him stand apart, There is strength in A Soldier that beats from his heart.A Soldier isn't a title any man can be hired to do, A Soldier is the soul of that manburied deep inside of you.A Soldier's job isn't finished afteran 8 hour day or a 40 hour week, A Soldier is always A Soldiereven while he sleeps.A Soldier serves his country firstand his life is left behind, A Soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind.If you are civilian -I am saying this to time you see A Soldierremember what they do.A Soldier is the reason our landis 'Home of the free', A Soldier is the one that is brave protecting you and me.If you are A Soldier -I am saying this to you.....Thank God for EVERY SOLDIERThan
The Unforgiving
Tormented words written in ink God will give them blood to drink Golden rules for all the living Rejected boldly by the unforgiving Words written in many ancient fables Revisited in the house of seven gables Though if you take a deeper look You might find them in the good book Revenge is sweet to the witches Coveting carnal wealth and riches Buried treasures in tainted ground What is given freely comes around Darkness comes to the wicked in a curse For everything holy there is the reverse It all boils down to a simple choice We may be sorry, or we may rejoice We may judge, and cast the first stone Yet, judgment is for the Lord alone Forbearance of contrite sisters and brothers As we are forgiven we must forgive others When we turn away from blessed bread Our heart is cold and our soul is dead Our mind's often too proud too think That God will give us blood to drink The world has been baptized by flood Mercifully cleansed by divine blood We may ris
Death Rise
as that rise from the deep of hell the mortal will be no more is the AS DAYLIGHT DIES
Leveling Blog #439
DoubleTap @ fubar 4,135 to level 14
Very Frustrared
I am currently really overwhelmed and frustrated with school. I keep getting jerked around with what classes I should take, and what my major should be. Everything is so complicated, I have to have certain classes to get my AA, I have to have certain classes in order to transfer, and I have to have certain classes for the job I want. I was planning on working next semester at my college but I am not sure how I will manage that one, when they want me to take up to five classes in one semester...all to get done in 2 1/2 years.I also need to finish my CSI certificate program and get the ball rolling with the volunteer position at the coroners office. There doesn't seem to be enough time for me to be able to accomplish what I need to. I need a set plan and a set schedule... not this constant changing of things.. I swar counclers are useless!!! they tell me one thing, teachers tell me another thing, and the people that I want to work for tell me another... I am literally sitting here asking
Sandness,happyness,and Hope-christian Poem
It is said that if you have faith in HIM,God.He will take you to place called heaven. when you get old,where there arent any desease,death or even a place where drugs are being sold.Little things like that is the main reason i am aiming for that place.All you need is hope,repent,and faith and eventually you end up in a better envirement and God and his not trying to rhyme here it just occurs naturally.But yea dont give up hope be kind to one another and God will bless you.Where there's joy there's happens in everybody's daily life.But at the if you dont believe in him,youll not even enjoy happyness.All youll have is pain,suffering,and strife.So here is hope from me.Take me word at the end youll see. God never promised a life without painLaughter without tears or sun without rain.But He did not promise strength for the day,Comfort for the tears and the light for the way,And for all who believe In His Heaven aboveHe rewards their faith In His everlasting love.
Puzzled (james)
How is it that i am so in love but yet i feel so broken and hopeless and will never be the way it was? I know this wont make sense to anyone but the one person who put me this way but i felt like putting this some where besides in my head. Baby i love you and i always will til the day i die. I dont want anyone else just you. wish things were the way they used to be. i miss you and the kids so much. But id rather have you in my life as a friend then not have ya'll in my life at all. I want you happy so if that means you being with someone else then thats the way it needs to be. Just please dont keep leading me on one day and not the next. Let me go completely if you dont see a future with me anymore. I know you say you still love me but is it enough??? I would still marry you i told you once i would and i meant it then and i mean it now and i'll mean it 6 years from now.
MADNESS   I open up my heart to you Let you in my soul Fill me with your love Look deeply in my eyes See me through, see me through Take control over me Kiss me with your tender lips Caress me with your finger tips Indulge into the sensation Make me yours, all yours
Stare     Rest peaceably on my lap And let me watch you sleep I’ll never take my eyes off you As you fall in deep Light kisses on your forehead Nose, cheeks and lips Caressing your shoulders
How I Feel This Month....
My first blog...   All my blogs will be lyrics to songs...since a lot of them apply to my life...This is my theme song....had it since high school....This sums up how I feel, I'm just sick of it all...   Heart breaker, soul shaker I've been told about you Steamroller, midnight stroller What they've been saying must be true Red hot mama Velvet charmer Time's come to pay your dues Now you're messin' with a A son of a bitch Now you're messin' with a son a' bitch Now you're messin' with a A son of a bitch Now you're messin' with a son a' bitch Talkin' jivey, poison ivy You ain't gonna cling to me Man taker, born faker I ain't so blind I can't see Now you're messin' with a A son of a bitch Now you're messin' with a son a' bitch Now you're messin' with a A son of a bitch Now you're messin' with a son a' bitch
When Does The Player Game Stop
when do guys grow up and stop playing , my ex has gone from woman to woman using his hd to survie, when does he and guys like him grow up and find self worth ,is it the life you want and when you die you have nothing to show for it , going from place to place not lasting long . at 19 i found my self worth set goals and went for them , never depending on a man but sharing in the resposablity of the relationship. does it make you feel good really feel good , i think part of him wanted the roller coster to end as when i brought thins that piss me off he tried to change . but then whne a offer from a fat ex comes that she will buy his cigs and his beer again hes gone , im relieved aas i dont want this typoe of man in my life . i had hope for his health reason he see the light and i still do not for me but for his ass. im not a hatful person just dont see since in wasting your life away no self worth , no value in self . blamming others for the reason hes angered , he needs to reach inside
Russian Love
i've come to the conclusion that most of the women on fubar suffer from penis envy... kinda makes me want to rub it in their face a bit... literally and figuratively  so since i can't do both i'll just try the latter  3 cheers for my cock and balls =D
I REALLY need to lose some fuckin weight for the summer, so I have started running...twice...and that was it. My fat ass is just unmotivated enough to go every day, and I always expect instant results. Like if I go once, I expect to lose 15 fuckin lbs. I wish I could go to a bootcamp or somethin. I have no discipline at all... I have great agility and muscle strength, but otherwise shamu, here I come. ughh...   /sadz
My Damned Angel
Stayed in the shadows so long, The moon was burned into his eyes Around that moon, sallow and pale Was unbreakable darkness in the skies His eyes are everything black and white A portrait far too pure A honey warmth when he's calm, But solid black when he's unsure I can't see anything past those screens I've never seen anything like them on earth. It's in my heart when they change From depression to unshakeable mirth. What has God done to such an angel? And why is he so sad? Poor angel, my damned angel, The injustice makes me mad. Promise after promise is made Not one can be carried out. Poor angel, my cruel angel, I hear him as he shouts. He says he wants to see the sun Once more before, too much at steak. I can't watch my angel, my broken angel, He slowly starts to break. My angel, my everlasting angel. I love him with all the power of the sun. My heart burns and I'm on fire, My angel, my precious angel is the one. Eyes lance through my soul
~* Association*~
Does whom we associate with make us who we are as a person? If you choose to be friends with someone is it not because you like them as a person and don't judge on how they act toward others? I feel many people tend to judge a person by their friends or whom they in turn associate with. If we are seenwith someone who cusses alot and degrades others in a mannor in which you do not do yourself why is it in a public view this makes you the same?    In this i have come to realise that many people tend to judge a book by its cover and who the person associates with in gerneral without taking the time to actually know a person before making up their minds. is it just me or should everyone not be given a chance in life to make of themselves what they will without being compared to what they look like or who they choose to befriend?   Theres my random thought for the day do what you will with it ...
be naughty chicks!seriously!
Time To Go
The time has come I think you know the Lord is calling so I must go I love you so much; I wish it wasn't so I wish I could stay; I don't want to go You're the best family a dog ever had so kind and gentle, never mean or mad I'll never forget the day that we met I was so lucky to become your pet You opened your door and showed me your heart I'll never forget you; we'll never part You loved me and cared for me over the years you taught me everything and took away my fears The Lord is calling now I must go but before I go I want you to know I know it hurts to lose a friend but I'll always be with you even to the end.
No More Tears
The time has come for the tears to end for you to be happy and cheerful again. I am safe in God's home above cradled in His arms; covered with His love. We run and play by the Bridge all day waiting for the day when you'll be here to stay. You've been crying so much I feel bad I want you to be happy and not so sad. Remember the time when I was so small I couldn't even pickup the rubber ball. I fought that ball from morning to night it made you laugh, I was quite a sight. Remember teaching me sit and stay we had such fun since I didn't really obey. but you kept at it with test after test so when I entered my first show I was the best. Remember the great times we had in the past like when we walked to the park we had a blast. We'd run and play all through the park until the sun went down and it got dark. Remember the times we went for a ride I was so excited I'd jump right inside. Away we went to who knows where but you and I we didn't really care. I'll always love you, you're
I guess I don't get what this site is about
Windswept and cold, but the night has no feeling. I soak up the rain, but my heart is not healing. Heartbroken and sad, and feeling a little let down. The silence is so loud, and yet there's no sound. I wish to break these chains, biting into my heart. I'm bound to an eternity of always falling apart. The night settles in, the sun has laid its head, I wait to find the love, when I know that it is dead. Naked in the dark, I am searching for some sleep. Bleeding through invisible wounds that are too deep. I'm scared of what I've done to you, why I am alone, Because I know it's not your fault, it's entirely my own. Pills won't cure the constant headaches that I get, Knives can't cut out the memories I wish to forget. I'm feeling a little defeated and I guess it really shows, But this is the path I'm walking; this is the path I chose. Everything was a lie, and no truth was ever spoken. You told me you could heal my heart, so broken. Through crystal eyes, I see now
A Dog's Prayer
To Those Who Love & Those Who Love Me When I am gone, release me, let me go- I have so many things to see and do. You must not tie yourself to me with tears, Be happy that we had so many years. I gave you my love, you can only guess How much you gave me in happiness. I thank you for the love you have each shown. But now it is time I traveled alone. So grieve awhile for me if grieve you must, Then let your grief be comforted by trust, It is only for a while that we must part, So bless the memories within your heart, I will not be far away, for life goes on, So if you need me, call and I will come. Though you can not see or touch me, I will be near. And if you listen with your heart, you will hear All my love around you soft and clear. And then, when you must come this way alone, I will greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home".
Love's Ghost
Whispered thoughts into your ear, But they went unheard and disappeared, I held my breath and let it go, But there was nothing but sorrow. I lifted my arms into the wind But it just flowed right through my skin. I reached for you and then I sighed But felt nothing down deep inside. Knew there was something I was missing The warmth I felt when we were kissing I touched you with my soft, raw lips But my hope was lost in sinking ships. I watched your eyes just slightly open But shivered when I saw they were broken I wiped away a tear and soon dropped it I touched your heart but you had locked it. Danced around in rain and thunder But the rain was thick and put me under Drowned in the tears that I never cried Pushed beneath the pain I couldn't hide. I gasped for air but my lungs drew back For in my death, my love had cracked. I am nothing but a piece of the past, And an unwanted thought that died at last. Disregarded like the scent of night The touch of
Is He Really Out There?
i hate being alone. i hate being in a meanless relationship. so i broke it off. now hes feeding me lie after lie. just trying to stay with me. im not falling for it. why do men do that? why do i have to be the one to keep going through this? will i ever find the right man? will i ever find the one and only man for me that will just take me out once in a while? wont hide me from his family and friends? and some one that will be willing to take the time and spend time with me? im tierd of being used and im tierd of being alone. i just want some one that i can curl up next to and cuddle with right now.
~little Dick2...jealous Fella~ we go again.....just finished a bomb and was talking with friends here...when out of nowhere comes a little dick and buys one of my 'fu-owned' friends....she is new to me but has sincere and kind words on her page....well, silly guido thinks this is a fun site and we all try to raise the fu-value of those we 'own' as fun and games..... Next this dude starts to 'fu-kill' my worries...I have many friends that help out there. Now here comes my problem and what I have issue with....he starts hitting my good friend's shout box and telling them stupid shit about me 'leaving his girl friend alone'.....trouble is...she is sending me messages on how happy she is that I fu-own here.....weird huh. It gets better.....he tells my friend that I will 'go broke' and he has enough power as an Evil Oracle to keep killing my fubuzz....(whoop te doo). My friend counters with she has enough power to keep shitfacing me.....Now, I don't care if some asshat doesn't like me or says
Curious Is All.
"One nation, under god, individual, for liberty and justice for all" That line out of our pledge of alleigance sticks in my head..We say we live by That pledge..That its our way of living..I find that hard to believe. Take for instance "For liberty and Justice for all" Look very closely at that sentance, Its basically saying that everyone has there own certain justice, everyone should be equal  and no matter what it says in the bill of right of us "All men and woman are equal" its a complete Lie. I mean look around us, Have we all gathered together as one and completely agreed that everyone is equal? If everyone was equal how come those in Africa are still treated like slaves?. How come Black men and woman still get treated with Racism through the Usa? How come even white men and woman get treated with Racism throughout the world? I can answer that..Its simple, its because we are selfish..We dont care about other peoples feelings all we care about is What we want and what we think as a
If Just For A....
If just for one day Can I be your girl? I swear I’ll make it up to you I’ll be your entire world If just for one day Can you hold me tight? Fool me into believing That everything’s alright? If just for one second Can you show me a true kiss? I’ve never felt so welcome I know I’d treasure this If just for a mere moment Can I be the one you see? I’m tired of feeling so transparent Cloaked with invisibility If just for a lifetime Can you show me security? Can you introduce me to a lifetime Of painless purity? If just for a weekend Could you take me away? I promise I’ll leave Whenever you say But if just for a second I felt that you were mine The eternity of pain of which I’m bound Would really be quite fine.
Goddess Of Rain
What’s the point in saying things If you know that they’re not true? What’s the point in making a promise If you don’t plan to pull through? The rain pours down these questions It appears, out of thin air I don’t know why it is no one notices Or if they just don’t care But it means so much to me When someone can leave behind The problems that they created On the rest of all mankind Fathers who’ve forgotten daughters A mistake that’s in the past Thoughts that lead to suicide It all happens so fast The cuts that lay engraved on her wrist Remind her of all the times she was alone Of all the pain she was born to create On her wrist, thoughts set in stone Like the lightening through the rain And the booming thunder that you hear That’s the sound of her majesty’s cries Whenever she draw near So whenever you see rainfall Know that she’s around Because each rain drop is a tear Multiplying on the ground She’s just a mishap Something to forget Just a m
Your Reflection
Such a forgotten disaster I am but broken shards of glass All that's left is the blood And my heart that beats, at last. I am a reflective recollection I have no secrets to hide What you see is what you get There is nothing inside. No blue veins filled with regret No tears that I can cry Only the immortal restlessness Cradled in one eye Behold my gaze and don't tremble Try not to lose your breath For if you do, I cannot release The hold you have on death Look at me, but don't pity But keep your eyes open For what you see is what you get A mortal that is broken What did you see in my eye? Is it what I foretold? Am I to die every day of my life With hands left shaking cold? How can this be beautiful When it's all I've ever known Days of thoughtless grays And nights I spent alone How can you still be standing But I tremble at what I see? Is it that mournful tear you shed For the sake of losing me? Though I have one eye to cry And only one
Don't Get It Twisted
UGH! I try my best to do the right thing... I really do, but there comes a point in your life where you just want to say "Fuck It". Yep, I said it.... the "F" word. Crazy right? lol. I just don't get folks. When I'm a sweet as syrup, people want to treat me like shit. When I turn BWA(Bitch With Attitude), people are nice. I am a very happy-go-lucky person and i prefer to always be a sweetheart, so what gives? Men answer me please... why do some find bitchiness such a turn on?
Power Of Worrying
Death was walking toward a city one morning and a man asked,"What are you going to do?""I'm going to take 100 people," Death replied."That's horrible!" the man said."That's the way it is," Death said. "That's what I do."The man hurried to warn everyone he could about Death's plan.As evening fell, he met Death again."You told me you weregoing to take 100 people," the man said."Why did 1,000die?""I kept my word," Death responded. "I only took 100 people.Worry took the others."This interesting tale portrays so well what the NationalMental Health Committee reported a few years ago - half ofall the people in America's hospital beds are constantworriers.Mental distress can lead to migraine headaches,arthritis, heart trouble, cystitis, colitis, backaches, ulcers,depression, digestive disorders and yes, even death.Add to that list the mental fatigue of nights without sleepand days without peace, then we get a glimpse of the havocworry plays in destroying the quality and quantity of life.Worry
Come down to Stingers in Malvern Oh and check out the dancers! Im one and we would love to keep you company! The address is 5252 Alliance rd Malvern oh We have dancers on tues an wed nights from 6 to 1 Come and enjoy yourself!
I Want My Wings
I have decided to make a run for Angel this weekend.  I am planning on activating my Auto on Friday at 9PM EST so if you happen to be free and can spare some rates I would love to be an Angel by the end of the weekend.   I always say I have the best friends on Fubar and from the time I started the upper levels Godfather and up so many of my friends have been there every time.  I am proud that I have the ones that still believe in friendship and are always there when you need them.   I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and thand you now for helping cause if you cared enough to read my blog I know you will be there to help me get my wings.   Much love to all of you   Kathleen
Check This Out!!!
Click this banner to request my music. I won't be searchable for 48 Hrs though but there are many great artists to also listen to. Also, if you are a band or a solo artist, you can submit your music here. Rock and Metal ONLY!! Thanks and laterz.   Six  
What does everyone predict on who will be in the finals? Who will wwin the finals..Big basketball fan so just seeing peoples opinions on it
Wishing For A Heart
I wish I could tell myself you never loved me, Wish I could say you never had my heart, But I know that I'd be lying to myself Because it's been yours from the start. I wish I could find those words That could finally make you care. I wish I could snatch them from the sky, As if they're flying way up there. I wish I could warm your bitter heart, The way I used to when we touched, But you'd only fly away again No matter how hard I clutched. Sometimes I wish you were a star, Singing to me from the night sky, Burning bright, for me, it seems, With a deep love we can't deny. I wish that I could put my heart in a box, Safe, with a lock and a hidden key, So I could forget the day I fell in love And forget you fell for me. I wish with a fiery passion from within, One that burns hotter than the sun, That you'd give me back a beating heart, Instead of this tattered, broken one.
If I Could Be Beautiful
If I could be more beautiful Would you tell me I'm the one? That your life revolves around me Like the planets to the sun If I could have eyes like heaven, Would you stay and look at me? Forever in my loving arms, In nothingness, yet happily If I could have skin like paper, Would you swear to treat me right? Like a princess left abandoned, Could you be my shining knight? If I could be more seductive, Would your heart start to race? Or would it remain indifferent To the passion in my embrace If I could be more beautiful, Would it be me you finally see? What it is you see in her, I wish you would see in me. If I could be just a bit better, Or more loving or less of, If I could be more beautiful, Could I be the one you love?
Nothing To Do
Really really bored with nothing to do, I think I'm going to go outside. See ya'll later tonight.
Meet The Bratz
True Love
Please love , dry your eyes .. There's no reason for you to cry . You loved him lots ; I know it hurts , But all these tears he's just not worth . He made his choice , now let him go ; His mistake , and he'll soon know . It won't be long , he'll be on his knees .. But walk away , and ignore his pleas . The day will come ; Your heart won't ache . No more nights will you lie awake . The tears will stop , as the memories cease ; His name won't hurt , and the pain will ease . But until the day that all this ends , Remember that you've got your friends . Just take our hand , and we'll help you heal ; Showing you how true love feels .
wuts up hottest.
80's Night
      All right DJ Big Sexxy is back on the air 80's Night Every Monday 8-10Pm Mountain Standard Time @ The Seven Deadly Sins  
for those of you who dont know me this is it i have lived in augusta ga my entire life thats a long freakin time i work non stop hang out with my friends and mainly just like to chill kick back have a guinness and throw darts at the bar as you can see from my pic i wrestled for a while and got decent at it but the time came to move on to other things anyway for those of you who read this i have a new toast for you always say a toast whenever you take a drink in a group its a barlaw may those who love of us love us and for those who dont love us may god turn their hearts but if he cant turn their hearts may he turn their ankles so well know them by their limpming cheers b*tch

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