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What I Am Telling My Best Friends
IM SO PROUD OF YOU TWO :) pulling through every thing you've pulled through you are two of the most AMAZING friends anyone could have ever asked for lol you were truly a blessing form God, but i kno i cant be selfish and keep you all to myself no matter how much i want to, god if only this last year wasnt wasted :( im so sry i wish i could go back becaue it was the biggest mistake ive ever made i missed hangin with you and talking with you sharing with you making memories with you. im sry but i kno that even though your graduating im still gonna see you but i still feel like its going to be forever.... and the missed i wish i could get back i love you guys your my best friends my sisters for life :)Ashley~ you are a strong person weather you realize it or not, you can make it through anything you've been my friend for 4 years and in that 4 years i come to love you as a sister. no matter how much we fight i always wanted the best for yo and you for me, im so proud of you and im sure you
My Heart
my heart melts when i hear your voice my heart melts when i talk to you on line my heart melts when i think of you now with not having you by my side i feel my heart slowly dieing my heart slowly dies as i know i cant have you back knowing my heart will eventually stop i force it †to keep going it will always have the love for you no matter what. †
Day Dreaming
Its been a long day I need to sit at my desk and just close my eyes for a few. Drifting away it my mind im thinking it would be nice to go for a ride in the mountains. We are riding together to the mountains in my Escalade. The fall foliage is so pretty this time of year. We have some soft jazz playing on Sirus. I crack the windows to let in a soft breeze , the air smelling so crisp. Your wearing a nice flowing skirt with sexiest riding boots that creeping up ya calves. I cant help but want to slide my hand up your skirt to admire your smooth trembling thighs. I use my hand to warm your thighs. Sliding further up I notice you have on no panties. Your slit is dripping wet. You unbutton your blouse to expose your heaving breast. I take your left nipple into my mouth. Your aroma is filling my nose your wearing "Very Sexy" damn it smells so good on you. The moisture from down below is so slippery, im getting wet from playing in your wetness. "Ring" I spread your lips to expose your clit
Want To Be Hypnotized?
Want to be hypnotized? I'm a certified hypnotist, working on my hypnotherapy degree. Erotic hypnosis is my very favorite *wink*.
For Amawitch On Her U Christa
Discipline of yourself is absolutely necessary before the power of God (as you may know him/her) is given to you. When you see others manifesting the power of God, you probably have not seen the discipline that went before. They made themselves ready. All your life is a preparation for more good to be accomplished when God knows that you are ready for it. So keep disciplining yourself in the spiritual life every day. Learn so much of the spiritual laws that your life cannot again be a failure. Others will see the outward manifestation of the inward discipline in your daily living.
Rest In Peace, Chonni And Hollie.
I was deeply saddened to get a phone call today to hear that my friend Chonni and her 11 year old daughter, Hollie, passed away last night. Chonni was 29 year old working mother of 3 with a disabled husband.† From what I heard, Chonni had picked Hollie up from a friends house, and on their way home, a freak accident happened, flipping the family's car.† Hollie wasn't wearing her seatbelt and died on impact.† Chonni watched her eldest daughter die, and succumbed herself in the hospital.† Her husband told me he thinks she died of a broken heart, and she passed shortly after he and their two other children arrived at the hospital.† My thoughts and prayers are with husband and father, Dale, who is paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident a few years ago.† Much love and many prayers for Chonni's two other children, 9 year old Katy and nearly 6 year old JD. Chonni and Hollie - I know you are up in heaven with Whitney, Laina, and Glenn.† Please help all of us get through this ho
As a little girl you always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding. Or having that perfect kiss with the perfect someone. You grow up and relalize finding the Mr.Right is a lot harder then the movies or television makes it seem. My name is janae Okonewski. I am twenty one and sit in my room everyday wondering when im going to find that one for me. I am tired of being treated like im a peice of ass. Everyone always asks why certain women are single. And Im that perfect example. Now, I am not a perfect person, I have made my share of mistakes just like everyone else. But I can Honestly say that I dont regret any minute of my life thus far. Further more I think My mistakes have made me who I am. I am an honest person with an extremely big heart who wants nothing more then to find someone who i can spend my life and heart with. I want someone to love who will love and respect me. I want to wake up†next to a beautiful face. I want to get dressed up nice to look good for my man. I want to su
GodBreakLeftin me out of my mindTell me how are we suppose to make change?Tell me how are we suppose to make change? if we can'tBreakin through tryin to deal with all of the shit that is somethin that I can't handle.††Why all of things that happen? All the things caused for no reason. Nothin is to believin everyone is seethin sufferin with no Breathin.Why change the world when we can't ? Why try to change the world when we can't? Nothin is/won't wouldn't be the same. Why try to change the world? When it can't be saved. This world is plauged.God why of all the things?†Why of all things? Why of all things. Why why of all the things. I can never know. Never been one to show how my life will go. Everything has been unknown to me. All has fhucked with me me I just don't see. Why of all theThings?Gettin me through this cycle. How can i make for myself. When I can't I just don't know. I never know I never know. I neverKnow.You bring me down fhuckin clown. When I see you ur gonna be ground. Go
UnLiving through all the shit fheelin sad. I'm alright not okay. Left for shit not to say. Everything I always take. Put me down bringin me down. All fheelin shit my life was nothin to be. It's all been a mystery.††††Fools clown no one's around.††† I never been one to be down.††† What do I do? When no one's around.††† I felt miseducated felt plaugedred hate†† All my life all my life I was told that††† I'd never be one to amount to nothin.So tell me why why why why why why my life's felt like a lie. I fheel so used. I never knew what to do I never knew. Alway's felt so crazed inside. All this laughter goin through my mind. Fheelin so blind hopin my life would rewind unlined.†Why why why why why why why why?My life felt like a lie lie lie. Fheel like a lielie Lie.All the shit†I never thought I take. Never thought I take for fhuck sake. I felt so jaded misused abused couldn't take it.Why why why why? I never knew why do you do? I never knew why do you do? I never knew why do you do? I nev
Hrrr goFhuck what you thinkFheelin less then what I am not to give a damn fheel afraid. Fhuck urself fhuck you go die get urself laid. Nothin left better to do then just talk ur shit think ur it. Not one to prowl go against the grain grew up insane. Try to make myself fheel part of this society then try bein less in reality. Never really felt how I was suppose to be thinkin how shit wouldGoLeftin me out of my mind goin blind where goes show to follow. I fheel so hollow seemin hard to swallow all shit that comes with not knowing where am i goinI don't knowLeave me leave me alone hate follows see it through ur inside. Shit fhuck what you think of me. Could care less How you fheel Fhuck you fhuck urself fhuck ur opinion fhuck this world fhuck everything inItFhuck you fhuck me fhuck this fhuck all the shit that comes that goes no one knows my life was never meant to be a partOf meMe me meGod doesn't want me to be god doesn't want me to be God doesn't want me to be fhuck all of world's soci
Was goin down don't kno how i'm fheelin now living myself away wishin I can just try to forget the things that are known to me. Try to pick myself up again & never let myselfFallGivin out from this. Take this pain let it go I don't kno where to try why. Wanna hide from all the people that do no good better then do themselves. How in showin what I am to be this. Take all this out fromMeI i'm goin crazy n I don't kno why i'm losin my mind don't see why shit is always this it's always that. I i'm doped up on sugar. What more I want then what I need to see what more to be. Don't come next to me don't get closer to me don't get next to me. You shall never know you shall never know. You will never know know who I who I am. Never will know no you will never not know who are I. You will never know meSo crazy goin crazy said I'm goin crazy losin my own dayum mind. Sugar I'm so hyper sugar i'm so hyper. Sugar don't come next to me sugar don't get close to me. Sugar i'll fhuck you up bitch right
Sup Fu-fools
Jus moved up here to Noblesville tryin to meet sum new people and ran across this site and thought it looked like a kick ass place to do so.†
Self Pride
Undress me with your mind you continue to see the beauty i deny your thoughts of my can not be declined to the inperfections you turn a blind eye You begin to open my eyes show me the perfect woman from the inside about my person do I begin to fantisize I no know the real meaning of self pride †
Still no contact. I wonder what happend ? †
Captain Cooter
What in the world does a person say about him? I'd think I'd have a pretty good idea, but he generally leaves me speechless.Me and him have been through a LOT. Probably more than most people on here that I'm friends with now would even understand. He's one of the few people on this site that I can honestly say that I trust. I know a few of my friends have issues with him, but I don't.Wow, I'm two paragraphs in and I am already at a loss for words. To me he's just an all around great friend. I know that if I needed him, I could call him and he'd listen and do his best to help me. I'm not sure of how many people would do that for someone that lives on the other side of the country.I think after everything, he is still† one of my best friends. One that I know I can be serious with and still joke around with. He tries his best to make me smile and laugh, even when I tell him I don't want to. He seems to know when I'm pissed off, just by the way I'm typing. He's not the only one that can do
I'm So Sorry I was sorry to learnof your loss ,And I Wanted to expressMy deepest sympathies. Not one of usKnows where our roadWill lead us or whereOur road ends.But in times ofSorrow, we receiveComfort from our friends. If there is anything I can do for youAnything at all...I'll be here for you;Always your friend. My deepest sympathiesTo you and your family. May God Bless You† and comfort you in your hour of grief.
Iced Earth - Last December
[Music : Schaffer / Lyrics : Schaffer] The howling winds blow On this moonlit night Eyes locked in fear With a dark embrace The bitter cold winds Freeze the tears that fall Hands held in grace As we take the final step Obsessed with our love Here is our fate To need the final call On this special winter day A message to our elders They surely won't forget Our love must last forever In death we shall not part It seems like only yesterday Our lives together planned They say it's just a passing phase We're damned by our youth Why does no one understand What we have is real This is not your average love it's forever Last December Mother you have forced us here Last December Father now we'll disappear Last December One last step we fade away So we take the final step Heed the final call Together we are strong Divided we must fall Teenage suicide Our only way out Together we might live Divided we must fall Last December Mother you have for
Thank You
No longer will I self degrade but sing self praise from the high you have taught† me to be unafraid giving me words to live by my secret I thank you to you I am ever so greatful my self neglect you have sliced through I no long have the need to be self hateful †
i am looking for true gril friend i am 18 am lonley ! i am hoping to fine the right some one if u are the rigth person right me at
A Dad!!
† †Your morning thought for the day:†† Any man can be a father. It takes†† someone special to be a dad. † †
Leveling Blog #444
Sunny♥@ fubar † I know its a little more than we usually do- but please do what ya can to help her Godfather:)Please leave a blog comment if ya help-Ty!!Not many of us on lately- we will get things going again as soon as we can- I will post a few as i see them! If ur a llama and are getting close to leveling let me know!Thanks and hugzz to my llamas!!JoAnna
People Piss Me Off.
I'm back one day and I'm already getting pissed off in the MuMMs. I make a very good point and my comment gets deleted. Someone replies to it, that gets deleted. I ask her if she's a deleter, and THAT gets deleted. † Good thing I didn't tell her I think she needs to keep her whore legs together and that when her kids grow up they are going to be ashamed of her.
F'd Up
Just got back from urgent care. I originally went in for my hand, left being told I have 3 things going on. Bursa in my shoulder, tennis elbow and tendinitis in my hand. They gave me a shot of toradol there and a different wrist brace then the one I usually use making it hard as hell to type, kind of one fingered. They sent me home with prednisone and a muscle relaxer. I guess I am suppose to take 40 of these damn predinsones in a week, blech!!!! Typing sucks
Heather...please Show Some Support And Love
This young lady right here is fighting something that many of us can not even imagine. She is so beautiful yet hidden behind those eyes lies pain and sickness. She is fighting cancer right now and we would like to show our support for her by making special salutes with kind words and laughter. If you would like to help simply make one with "Heather" on it and something else if you wish and let me know so I can add it to my file on my page.
~take Me Out Of The Dark~
Just what is it in me? Sometimes I just don't know What keeps me in Your love, Why you never let me go And though you're in me now, I fall and hurt you still My Lord, please show me how To know just how you feel You have forgiven me Too many times it seems I feel I'm not what you might call A worthy Christian after all And though I love You so Temptation finds its way to me Teach me to trust in You With all my heart To lean not on my own understanding I just forget You won't give me what I can't bear Take me out of the dark, my Lord I don't wanna be there You've never left my side You gave Your hand to me to hold Oh Jesus, I'm no longer in the cold And yet, I leave You there When I feel satisfied I'd like to thank You every day Not only when I feel that way I've never known a Man Who'd give His life for sinners like me And yet, because He loves us so He's promised us eternity And we can have that promise And be His if we have faith And just believe Teach us to trust in you With all my
Help Me Out
where do I find the link to invite people to join fubar so I get credit for it
I've Learned
I know now that people lie, and promises can be broken as quick as they’re made. I understand that I might never be loved, and too quickly good things fly in front of your eyes before you can reach out & grab them. I know that you can’t change or help time, so every now and then it will just run out. There isn’t a place for everyone in the world, so if you’re standing alone for a while, that’s why. Not everything in life comes easy, but when you work the hardest, that’s when it’s the best. You can’t always expect people to care, and even when your best friends stab you in the front, dont think for one minute that they didn’t already aim for your back. They missed for a reason. I found out too soon, that in the end, you’re your own best friend. Everyone will be broken at some point in their life & more often than not, its gonna hurt like hell. But you can’t stop it. You can’t change your fate. Some things are meant
Love And Happiness...
This is just a little note for those of you who are bored enough to read it, to remind you just how much a lil bit of love goes. During my busy ass day today, I stopped by my lil sisters house to see what was poppin'. I was there for†30 minutes without seeing her before I decided to go up to her room to check on her. She was sick as hell and her roomates just left her up there†alone. I couldn't stay long but I†gave her a kiss told her I loved her and made of her roomates make her some thera-flu. That one little act of love made her day, she was up and bouncing around before I left! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should run around kissing and hugging strangers, but you never know how a smile, or a joke, or any random act of kindness could improve someones day!!! I don't†know, just a thought!!!†
1st Impressions
Making a good first impression...It takes 5 seconds to make, and 5 years to change..first impressions are EVERYTHING..!Either you make a good impression or your ex'd out even before you start.. hahahaWhat is a "first impression"? It's the first thoughts a person has toward you after seeing, listening, talking, meeting you. Basically you have five seconds the first time someone see's you orthe first few minutes of a conversation to make a lasting impression...No matter how fine, hot, sexy, good looking, intelligent you are..You can f*ck this up.. Everyone has..† Sh*t I know I have... more then once. hahaaSo, here's some tips on how to leave a lasting impression on someone you just met.Respect is to women what looks are to men. A woman dating a man she doesn't respect is like a man dating a fugly woman.(fugly = f*ckin ugly..hahaha)- #1 - remember, that NO one is better then anyone else..!Why do I say that..??Because the biggest problem most people have with first impressions arewhen they
I haven't seen a more over rated activity in a history of mankind. Its pretty sad that people nowadays base most interactions based on shoving their body part into someone else. To be honest, there is a plethora of things I would rather do than have sex" watch TV, eat, go for a walk, dance, etc. You got the hint. Its especially sad when people base marriages on sex. The most common scenario: He meets her; he likes her T&A, she likes his arms/6pack/dick/whatever. He tries to impress her with dumbass shit that she will bite on, to get her into sack. She thinks he is amazing, he thinks she is amazing. They have great sex, and they have that in common. He finds some things about her annoying: mild nagging, dumb drama prone friends, incessant shopping habits, etc. She finds some things about HIM annoying: watching too much TV, loud obnoxious friends, playing too much XBox, not lowering the toilet seat. watching too much sports. But hey, the sex is just fantastic, and when they have it, the
Leap Frog..maybe
Not sure if this will work. The HTML on this is too tricky now. Anyway, this is suppose to be a 2nd grade computer test in China, which is to be completed in 2 minutes or less. I'm thinking they are pretty smart, or I just suck really bad. Click here to play it
An Escape
Days come as fast as they go.... take time for yourself. A special place to erase the sadness within your soul. Make sure to trace the happy times deep within to keep your smile† shining brightly on the outside. Everyone needs a place to escape every now and then.
A Journal Of A Slave 002
Master, you said that you wanted a journal entry. First, I love you so much that I think I will go crazy inside. We have been together six months, and I still get butterflies when I look at you. Can you imagine what it will be like years from now when the bond is stronger? † † The more things that you do to me, the more I find myself wrapped around your soul. I am wanting to surrender all of me to you. I hate it when I displease you when I am trying so hard to win back my collar, and the bond that we had before things went terribly wrong. † † You don't know what sort of fantasies go through my head, things so dark and sinister that the human mind could not comprehend. I still think of you wanting a second slave, though you tell me that you don't. The truth is that you have had more then one on a couple of occasions, so it is natural that you still think about it. With me being bisexual it makes it all the more reason, but fear sets into my mind of what would happen if we added
My Submission
I have longed so long to let go give over all control have no fear to show just hand over my soul I want to be yours to mold I am yours with complete submission your domination untold I will serve you with ambition †
To work for Carnal Desires, We ask to send the following Fubar Name: Fubar Profile Link: Yahoo Instant Messanger Screen Name (must have): What Position: Just click the picture below and it will direct you to where you need to send this info to
okay, so really...i'm getting annoyed w/ the 50+ year old broads who plaster their saggy boobs all over my page every day...whether it be in HHs or blasts....and not a single friggin' one of them will own up to their ages either...pathetic....and just for the record not a single one of them look young for their ages!!!!
Single Again Week One
Well, I just learned yesterday that the ole hag I made the mistake of making my wife filed for divorce.† She even did it by e-mail.†No surprise but she states she wants to "work out an agreement" yet she reained a lwyer for 5,000 dollars. She also wants a peaceful solution. Best laugh I have had in years! So.... it begins!
Read from bottom up. This guy hit me out of nowhere. Then he blocks me cause well I guess hes retarded. † † † -> ︻╦╤─C51™AR...: http:... tell him i want to know where the fuck you see me throwing up gang signs? maybe you masturbated too much as a child and you went blind but i would really love to see those pics. further more im a skater not a thug. you might've known that if you saw the actual clothes i was wearing. so before YOU assume you know what the fuck your talkin bout find out about the person before judging a book by its coverJohnnyEFromNC: don't ever assume you know me. Don't fucking preach to me dumb fuck*Fa∂Ý* MคЯ...: good looking out homieJohnnyEFromNC: stfu dick munching rejectJohnnyEFromNC: go fall off the back of your truck you fucking backwoods inbred turnip muncherJohnnyEFromNC: because you look like the typical guy who tries to act like your typical thug i see you wearing your hat too the side and t
The word still hangs†LifelessVoid of any colorShape or substanceJust an echo†A passing thoughtas you turn awayDid I not love you strong enoughLong enoughDid you doubt sincerityFor I know those wordsI said them over and overI love youBut stillAs you walk awayA wisp of hairon your collarA wrenching reminder†And as the distancegrows between us, I waitHopingPraying†That you care enough to turnTo see me one more timeSee my tearsThat they may move youPull you back to meBut you have walked so farNot once turning aroundNot seeing these tearsUnmovedNow...Not even an echo of your wordsIt truly is...Goodbye
Paint Or Penis??
Monica and I are arguing over if this chick has a penis or if it is body paint... I say body paint she says she has a penis LMFAO.. ( i know it's been awhile for her but sheesh) sorry pic is below cause i can't finger out how to put in pic fucking fubar changing shit that aint broke grrrrrrrrrrrrr † † †
The Harshness Of Reality
They say that love can fill an oceansail a ship across the seaFly a kite above the cloudsor solve Life's mysteries.They say mere words of love bring hopemending broken fences everydayIt's known to heal a tarnished heartor chase the blues awayThey say that love is the answerto questions we may have through timeand it's the only thing that mattersto give it up would be a crimeThat is what they say to meas I travel through my lifeThey never bothered telling mehow love could cut you like a knifeThey never said my heart could diethat trust and faith would both be goneor cause me to scream in painwhen I was treated wrongThey never said to me it crushesmortals agonized and brokenbecause they too believed the liewhen those three words were spokenThe harshness of realitythat love has brought to meIs bittersweet and locked awayand needs no company
When Smiles Collide
Two whispered soulsFrom across the roomWho have thoughtsof despair and gloom.But for just a moment†They're lost in timeAnd spirits liftWhen smiles collide.Suddenly, they feelthat all's not lostKindred souls togetherA simple gesture's brought.A gentle lift of sunshineupon lips that cannot hideThe act of human kindnessWhen smiles collide.
Thank You
There's always one friend, That will stand by you, Through the good times and the bad, No matter what you do. I've found that person, That has helped me all the way, When no one else seemed to care, They never seemed to stray. They were the only one who noticed, When something was wrong, Helped me through the hard times, When each day seemed so long. I appreciate their friendship, More than they would know, I just have to find a way, A way to let it show. Now I've written this poem, I know just what I'll do, I'll dedicate it to that special someone, And that special someone is you! I know it's only a poem, But it's truly how I feel, I don't know what I'd do without you, I just wouldn't be able to deal. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...thanks!!
Obama Surprised
I don't think I need to say anything else regarding what has already been said. † IS THIS GUY NUTS ? HERE is Obama's RESPONSE WHEN HE BACKED OFF FROM HIS DECISION TO LET THE MILITARY PAY FOR THEIR WAR INJURIES......... Bad press, including a major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon Stewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans carryprivate health insurance to cover the estimated $540 million annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of theopposition to his proposal. "Look, it's an all volunteer force,"† Obama complained. "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice ? It doesn't compute..." "I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country," Obama continued. "I wasn't asking for blood, just
I Stole The Stars For You
I stole the stars, all for youTore them from the sky.Close your eyes, my lovePut out your hand, trust meDon't question me why.I've given you my all.The only light I ever had,I've just spared for you,Now in the palm of your hand,Darkness might not be so bad.Lead me into foreverWherever that may be.Stay with me, my love,Hold my hand, never let goWithout you, it's too dark to see.I stole the stars, all for youTore them from the sky.Trusting you to guide my way,Staying always by my side,Please never pass me by. † Written for the Magic in the Sky!
Hello, My Name Is Me
sometimes all it takes is one tasteand before you know it you cant stop...its hard to let go,its hard to say no some timesits hard to have a constant reminderits hard to loose somthingbut when you do let goyou feel this empty feeling for some timethis space that its just therewith nothing around, nothing inside, nothing underthat is why its so hard to let you goi got addicted to ur smile,ur smell, ur voice, ur kissesthe sound of ur steps in the room,that feeling of safety i got when u were aroundmy skin feels empty nowmy lips are drymy finger are swollen from playing the same songi have no more tearsbut still i standstill i walkstill i think you made a mistakestill i wish you would come backhear that familiar ring on the phoneor maybe read those wordsi can say now i have a problemi admit i let you get too close too sooni know i need to let goi try to say no ...untill i feel confortable in my own skin againand i find someone not like youi need to get far awaybecause you are and always w
Numbness & Sacrifice
You make me feel more alive than I ever have, Yet you're slowly killing me more than I'd claim. How can that be possible both at the same time? 'Sometimes our hearts make the wrong and right thing the same' Love is never simple in the easiest of situations And this one is no exception to any rule; I'm hoping with everything I have that you're honest Otherwise I'm left to look like the naive fool. I'd rather be able to leave you behind Without a trace of the warm memories we shared, Which linger, with the sound of your solemn voice And the way it made you seem like you truly cared. At times I wish there was a way I could numb myself, From not just the lows, but the highs we can feel too. Be able to turn that numbness off whenever I want, Because being cold hearted isn't a good trait unless on cue. Then I wouldn't have to miss you at all once you're gone Or have this love left in my heart on a one way street, Then I wouldn't have felt the way I did when I was in
Big $ Cha Ching!!!
SouthernOutlawBiker~DSC~OwnedBy Cyn And InFArRed~ has just sent you 500000 fuBucks! † SHOW THIS MAN SOME LOVE. TRUST ME THE REWARDS ARE GREAT. BOMB CHERRIES OFF HIM.
I am auctioning myself off..does anyone want me? † 200 11s a week you in my family salute your link on my page rate your stash gifts weekly comments when I can :X † just put bid in box/comment if interested.. I am sure I wont go very high! †
Hope Is A Wasted Emotion
You can watch the still of the sunset alone,Waiting, watching, hoping in shades of pink and orangeThat someone will break the scenery,Sit with you, and watch as the day submits to the night.Always a dreamer, cover it with logic you only half believeThey'll believe you, and they don't care.But I don't believe you and maybe that's whyI'm sitting here watching the first stars push through, alone.It's okay, listen you here; some people are bornTo live and feel in solitude,It will all be okay for me,As long as you don't tell me otherwise.
Completed, Depleted
After the years we spent together I guess it's a little hard not to change. I've been taking all my medicine, been sleeping in the rain. I know you don't cry as much as you used to but you don't laugh quite the same. I'm left wandering these streets asking the pavement if I love too much. Without your breath in the morning I've been left so out of touch. So I put half my money on the lottery and the other half in the shares. If you knew all I had done, would you be likely to care? My hall is lined with your photos and a distant memory. Now I play with subtitles on the television trying to learn how to see.Some days I get so sick I can barely leave my bed. The doctor couldn't see anything wrong so I guess it's all in my head. There are these clouds passing by my window and they remind me of your skin and hair; wild, light with your favourite shampoo and always, always fair. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, I was too busy waiting by the phone, hoping maybe you'd be mad enough to dial my
My Auction Cum Getcha Sum
I'm up for Auction Come Get ya sum Auction starts Wednesday 5/27/09 12am futimeAuction EndsFriday 6/5/09 11:59pm futime Visit this link to bid Rules are as follows: 1.) Once something other than fubucks have been bid, fubucks alone may not be bid!!! 2.) Bidding STarts at 100K 3.) All offers good for 30 Days Muahhh! ~I'm Waiting for you~
Let Your Heart Make The Choice
Before you say goodbyeand walk out the doordarling think twicelet your heart make the choiceRemember our sweet nightsplaying stories of delightdon't throw the memories we madelocking it in the attic to fadeBefore you break my heartand tear our moments apartask yourself do I want thiswill I miss that kissDon't bring distance to our eyesmy flowers in the garden will diebefore you push my hands that clutchask..can I forget this touchLook back through the yearsof how we hold each other deara life without you is miserableto walk away from me are you ableDon't banish our beautiful lifeand leave me with strifefor my soul knows only youliving in this world for youSo before you say goodbyeand walk out the doordarling...think twicelet your heart make the choice
It Fun
I Can't Take It!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think I've reached my breaking pointFor those of you who know me, you know I live with my parents in Chandler. †Things were all fine and dandy. † Well, to rewind a bit, my mom and I have never had a regular relationship. †You know how some people can go to their mom and tell them absolutely everything, how they're like best friends with their mom,'s NEVER been like that with me and my mother. †I wouldn't know what it was like, or what to do if our relationship even turned into something like that. Today, I was sittin' on the computer, lookin' at car insurance quotes, because my policy is about to expire with Liberty Mutual and they want to double my monthly payments. †I'm minding my own business, when I hear my mom vaugely mention me to Steven's therapist. †She starts laughing as my mom is telling this story, so I stop what I'm doing and listen in... Now, I knew she was talking about something I've done, because she always tries to talk in thi
Death Of A Poet
The sun shown bright in the mid-day sun, as the poet sat so still that a rabbit of no size strolled by. "What†timely presence do I take who visits me so?" said the†poet. "A humble and insignificant rabbit of no size at all who only wishes to†stroll by." "Yes, I see but brave thou art for I am large and†of hunger.† You are small and insignificant; why stop to loosen gums." "I saw you standing and staring at the sun; why do you do such things?" Perplexed the poet thought...† and he thought... and he thought and could not answer the gray insignificant rabbit.† "And then he spoke,†I wish to die." "But why?"† "For the world no longer needs minstrils or merry men.† They have given their souls to the needless clatter of auto and train.† Listen for a moment how lonely the dardness trully is.† Begone my friend before I lose hope of a better tomorrow."
My New Fan!!!
Robert H: fuck off and get out my SB......dumb cunt ->Robert H: you hurt my feelings ..... Robert H: add stupid to that also Robert H: anything else u wanna be wrong with? ->Robert H: oh i apologize from teh depths of my soul that i was a bitch. Please forgive me Robert H: and as far as your most wont theory......that's out the fuckin wondow 2.....I got 92 comment as of right now Robert H: and that was after I asked nicely Robert H: I dont care if it does or not.....altho I know it would......and I said Im in a contest...I asked 4 u to help.....all u had to do is say no.....but know......u had to be a bitch about it ->Robert H: argh im feeling nice today.... so ill give you some advice... Number one coming to a womans page and asking her to rate your nsfw... not the way to do it.... most people who have been on here longer hten 5 minutes wont go fort it... second piece of advice if you took the time to look at my profile you would notice im not single .. hence why your penis doesnt mak
The Invitation©
I found this in Julz' blog. It hit me like a brick to the side of the face. I did not write this, but it's power made me want to post it in my blog. I chose not to put it in my poetry, because all of those are written by me. Yes, I know I should be laying down with a 104 fever. No, I couldn't fall asleep. I'm actually going to go lay back down after I post this, so don't get upset if I don't respond to you. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not here. This poem left me yearning someone, somewhere, somehow, who could actually think these things of me, and express feelings like this. I ache for that. Really. *sighs* It's feelings like this that stop me from becoming the pestilent prick I've been tempted to become. † † The Invitation©It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.I want to know what you ache forand if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.It doesn't interest me how old you are.I want to know if you will risk looking like a foolfor lovefor your dreamfor the
Why Dont Men Do This Lmao
• Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs.• Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything.• When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her• When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her• Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you• Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her• Call her before you sleep and after you wake up• Treat her like a person and not something to show off for• Tease her and let her tease you back.• Stay up all night with her when she's sick.• Watch her favorite movie with her.• TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS• Let her wear your clothes.• When she's bored and sad, hang out with her.• Let her know she's important.• Kiss her in the pouring rain.• When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is;"Who's ass am I kicking babe?"
New Pic Folder For Our Troops!
Refusing To Rate
Leave Out All The Rest
I dreamed I was missingYou were so scaredBut no one would listenCause no one else caredAfter my dreamingI woke with this fearWhat am I leavingWhen I'm done hereSo if you're asking meI want you to knowWhen my time comesForget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missedAnd don't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the restLeave out all the restDon't be afraidI've taken my beatingI've shared what I madeI'm strong on the surfaceNot all the way throughI've never been perfectBut neither have youSo if you're asking meI want you to knowWhen my time comesForget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missedDon't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the restLeave out all the restForgettingAll the hurt insideYou've learned to hide so wellPretendingSomeone else can come and save me from myselfI can't be who you areWhen my time comesForget the wrong that I've do
Fortune Cookie
my fortune cookie said,"you will take a chance on something in the near future." thank you confuscious/sherlock yes,i am a risk taker,but i have the bases covered."now i lay me down to sleep,i pray the lord my soul to keep." i mean,whats the worst that could happen? if you said die in your sleep you totally missed the point.i could stop here and be obtuse,but i prefer to spell it out.the most precious earthly resource we all have is time and free will.wasting chances at living and not making the best choices possible may seem "safe" but that road only leads to a handful of memories and regrets. the worst that could happen isnt that you die,but that you never truly live. what is worth your life? what is your life worth? take a chance spend it only have one
Fuck It
OK here i am at a cross roads in life. What i expect in life now is too treat nikki the best i can. Fuck it the girl im with now isnt worth losing m y daughter or life. Nikki is my life i love her more than anything and will do anything for her. So to you audie fuck off † †
I've Learned That
I've learned that ... "I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back.I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts.I've learned that you can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that, you'd better know something.I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do.I've learned that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it.I've learned that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides.I've learned that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.I've learned that it's a lot easier to react than it is to think.I've learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.I've learned that you can keep going long
Even More Stress
When my mom got home, she told me her husband was on his way home that he had gotten layed off today. He does the pipe fitting and cutting for sprinkler systems in new buildings. The stress is going to be high here :( I called the transitional place since she told me to call and check in with her today, she told me she is still waiting on my inpatient papers but had gotten the rest of the releases. I did inpatient in 2001. She said if she gets them today she can staff it tomorrow, if not it wont be staffed until next week, I am not quite sure what the staffing part means, I am assuming that it is where all of the staff come together and she discusses the interview that she had with me and all the releases she recieved back on me. †I just hope it happens soon, because I don't want to be the target of the stress that is going to be going on here.† †
13 Mistakes
13 mistakes 1. To attempt to set up your own standard of right and wrong.2. To try to measure the enjoyment of others by your own.3. To expect uniformity of opinions in the world.4. To fail to make allowance for inexperience.5. To endeavor to mold all dispositions alike.6. Not to yield on unimportant trifles.7. To look for perfection in our own actions.8. To worry ourselves and others about what can't be remedied.9. Not to help everybody whereever, however, and whenever we can.10. To consider impossible what we cannot ourselves perform.11. To believe only what our finite minds can grasp.12. Not to make allowances for the weakness of others.13. To estimate by some outside quality when it is that within which makes the most.
Broken hearts, love's deceit,pieces fall down to my feet.Broken promises, love's a lie,puddles form from tears I cry.Broken dreams, love's illusion,sorrowed cause of your intrusion.Broken hope, love's a game,doesn't last, ends the same.Broken sleep, love's the cause,digs at me with sharpened claws.Broken spirit, love of sorrow,stolen now is my tomorrow.Broken life, love is lost,Broken now and that's the cost.
feeling like a caged bird about to break its wings on the bars of the cage Love is a cage when its not returned trapped and struggling against the restraints A love unwanted cuts like a knife without the relief † freedom is savored but granted not to me.
Lost Love
as the rain clears..I wipe away my tears..for the love i cryed....may it rest in peace because it has died
Saga Of The Beast
I have this beast insidethat only I can see.He has always been thereThis was Grandfather Suns evil gift to meI 1st seen him when Iwas a very young boy.I played with rifleshad no time for toysI always shot trueI rarely missed.As boy I was well knownno one second guessedI was a hunter and many animals Ive killed.But even with thatThe beast was never fulfilledThen a sharp dressed manin a uniform of blue.Asked me did I have what it takesto be one of the proud and fewI looked in his eyes there was confidence, honorand no fear to be seen.I† then went and claimed mylife long title United States Marine.I soon became the elite of the elite.The feats I accomplishedfew could ever beatI became a killer of menand that fed my beast inside.His presence grew stronger he became even more aliveIve done some things some would say in shame.But I never waiveredI put the beast to blameThe beast was determined and he never would never fail.I think sometimeshe came directly from hellThere came a time when the
About Me
Howdy yall!†My name is charles, Im 21 living in Oklahoma, I am buying a 6 bed home with 16 acres, and love riding horses. I spend alot of time riding or at the lake. On here for fun, so.... Use your imagination... :) !
Tough times never last, tough people do.
For The Love Of Hugh
Hugh is having a bad day...... I need to make Hugh feel better...... I am asking for volunteers to help Hugh feel better... please bring a cup....the one that protects your penis..... I love Hugh....for Hugh † † The rest of you can f Hugh says.... Wicked PS Hugh means the world to me he is my starfish!! Be nice to him or die!
june 5th im having surgery for my inner ear problem.. hope im not away too long but itd be nice to get some love before i go ! love all my friends so ill miss ya while im gone.. c ya soon!
hello im new here at and so far it seems very cool. if u got any tips or advice, or whatever i would like to read all about it!!! thanks lots of love, becks
Hi Everyone
Looks like fun but kind of confusing to know what to do first here.† I actually see a few peeps I know - yay!† :)† I've got some more photos to add and some fun stuff when I get time to get it put in here.† In the meantime here is my webcam site: I'm working on some hot high-definition videos to add here too and here is the link to my chatroom (You can see if I'm in there chatting from the indicator and there are a few more photos in there): My Chatroom (the links are NOT safe for work, though my blog here will be).
"Is a hippopotamus really a hippopotamus or its it a really awesome opotamus?" --Mitch Hedberg
Healthy Living On The Go
† Times have changed. Our lifestyle today is a lot different from what it used to be 30 years ago. People worked the farms and the food was fresh and home cooked. Life was carefree and the only things that concerned people were everyday meals and community affairs. The most exercise people did was hard labor and walking from one point to another until they reach their destination. Needless to say, industrialization happened and along with it came a fast paced lifestyle. We now live in an age where career is at top priority and meals are “to go”. If you’re not driving a car, you find yourself chasing trains and buses to get to where you need to be. People go about life so fast they realize they’re losing their stamina and find themselves on the look out for ways to keep them going and succumb to various anti aging products available. How do you keep up with these changes? Stay healthy. The question how is met with a long list of health tips to choose from. But
A Journal Of A Slave
† I decided to open up my journal as a way for Master to see more of my thoughts. I often feel bashful to share some of my darkest secrets with the man that owns me, and owns me completely. I know right now things are hectic due to what I did, but I so long for the feel of a collar around my neck again to show his ownership of me. The bond is getting so strong for me, that I can not even think of my life without this man. Who is he? I have ideas, but nothing confirmed as of late. I have memories of past lives with him where candle wax was spilled on me, and the sound of screams. He derived his pleasure from me every night, or so it seemed, but he called me often enough. I remember the feel of his whip, and the way he kissed me. Even now I long for his tongue in my mouth because it is such a rush to my vaginal area. Oh yes, him being in my ass also is starting to light a fire between us. † † All I can think of is that sign of ownership in the dufflebag, and long for it around my ne
There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.
Some Other Mixes To Listen To from my IPARTY radio show † some newer party rock/top40 house shit
Top Four Favorite Songs Ever.
In No Particular Order..... † † It Had to be You-Motion City Soundrack- I'll get lost, messed up and bored when I'm alone too long I can't sleep, function or eat when I'm not with someone Late last fall, she ended it all and moved to who-knows-where Just like that, she vanished and packed and never even called You feel a certain sense of synergy between yourself and me A kind of macabre and somber Wonder-twin kind of harmony What if it was you? You that I needed all along I felt like a fool, Kicking and screaming and pretending we were wrong Let's get wrecked on pop tarts and sex and see the Taj Mahal Let's save birds from Prince William Sound and skateboard through the mall Let's fight crime with mangoes and limes and join the PGA Let's win big with every spin but hurry, I can't wait Do you spend a fortune on those late-night prepaid television scams In search of the perfect blend of steak knife and non-stick frying pan? What if it was you? You that I needed all along I felt li
So much heartache I hold inside For the day you left is the day I died So long ago when I was whole I was happy and smiled each and every day then one day you left and took half my soul no words were spoken, there were none to say But I break my silence and begin to speak all the words I should have said, that you deserved to hear you were my strength and without you near I am weak so far away you went, but one day will be again near many tears fell, many days I did cry so I sit hear alone afraid to look for another, afraid to try for no one can take your place in my heart and for but to try would rip it apart I know why you left, you had no choice when we meet in heaven, I will surely rejoice Before anyone asks or SB me, yes I am fine, no I don't need to talk about it, these are merely words that came to my mind so I decided to write them down.
Happy Birthday Ggb!!!
The Golden Gate Bridge, the powerful yet graceful landmark that has become synonymous with San Francisco around the world, opened 72 years ago today - but only to pedestrians. Drivers had to wait a day. Construction of the bridge, authorized in 1924 by the U.S. War Department, started in 1933, and cost $35 million in voter-approved bonds plus $39 million in interest that was gradually paid off by bridge tolls until 1971. The original toll was 50 cents in each direction for cars with four or fewer people; each additional passenger cost another nickel.
Old School Hiphop Mixset For You! † click & enjoy
Not Myself. . .
feel like ive lost myself in someone im not!i feel like a worthless piece of shiti feel bad for messing with your head like it was a toyrevenge wasnt as sweet as i thought it wastwo wrongs doesnt make a rightand for what i did i feel like a shitty personeven tho it was nothing compaired to what you did to meand im sorry.i know that doesnt make it rightbut atleast i feel better for admitting i was wrongwhen will you ever admit you was wrong tho?
To Kill The Pain. . .
I'd drink to kill the pain †but I know when I sobered up †it would still be there †I'd smoke to ease my heart †But trust me it would hurt just as bad when I came to Drugs are tempting But not worth getting hooked on †And throughing the rest of my life away So I choose to deal with my pain †There's no point in running
How To Hurt The Economy
America remains in recession, and Washington politicians keep talkingabout ways big government can fix the problem. But their solutionswould just dig the economy into a deeper hole.For example, liberals in Congress have outlined a 2010 budget planthat contains major tax hikes and other changes that would "hurt theeconomy in good times but will devastate it in its current weakenedstate," explains senior tax policy analyst Curtis Dubay.*† Hiking Taxes. Under the liberals' budget plan, the governmentwould raise taxes to Clinton-era levels on high-incomeindividuals, including many entrepreneurs and investors who arekey to recovery. Instead of raising tax rates, Congress shouldkeep them at current levels and allow taxpayers to invest theirmoney and help grow the economy.*† Failing to Kill the AMT. Congress is considering athree-year extension of the Alternative Minimum Tax patch, whichkeeps millions of middle-income Americans from facing a big taxincrease. But the patch's temporary nature b
as i stand there right in front of you with a million and one things to say i suddenly become speechless † i try to talk but nothing comes out its like im choking only on my own words † thoughts are racing through my head going a hundred miles an hour still nothing silence is the only sound †
My Weakness . . . Goodbye
my weakness isnt the fact i cant trust people or that im afraid of getting hurt im not really that shy and i have no problem with opening up † no my real weakness is saying goodbye! † and for some reason it always happens like clock work normaly after i warm up to someone after i trust them and let them in to the real me!
Fortune Cookie Wisdom 5-27-09
Focus on the color purple this week to bring you luck. † ~ okay so purple it is since I REALLY need the luck!
This Is Me
We were taught never to speak our minds to look into someones eyes and show deviance some choose to follow this path but many like myself we made our own path becoming strong in mind heart body and soul women are we that run with the wolves free to be as passionate as we want to speak our minds as well as well as look you in the eyes and dare you to condemn us I love with no bonds my passion can be great my words can send you to the heavens my love can sear your skin I will not be silent no longer this is me †
Reaching Out To You . . .
i find myself reaching out to you but like always your never there i wish just for once in my life you could be my mother i wish that we could get along † dont you realize that ive spent half of my life just trying to impress you and the other trying to prove im worthy enough to be called your daughter † all you ever really do is bring me down
A Hurting Friend
What† do say when a friend tells you they have cancer?What do you say when you know they are hurting All I know is That I love U And Im here for you anytime!!!!!!!!! Huggggs Sassy
Bess Frann . . .
i couldnt explain to you why we are bestfriends you wouldnt understand †before we was just foes but somehow we grew into what we are now our life is filled with so many laughs so many blonde moments and inside jokes (that only we get) † your always there for me and you back me up no matter what but let me know when im wrong †
Losing You . . .
I'm losing you And its hurting like hell † I'm trying so hard Though it may not seem like it † I'm so scared I've never felt this way before † It's been a while Since I have f*cked things up Just like I always do †
Just Venting...i Think
doesnt it seem like life is always twisting the oppisite way than we are, and bout the time we catch on and then catch up it starts twisting in a different way yet again............. as You draw closer, that one draws farther as You loop in,that one loops out as You begin to breathe, that one begins to smother † and so on and so forth./.........i just dont get it sometimes, maybe i ts not for me to get or understand, maybe its for me to learn from and grow, yet i dont see how it can rteally help me in that way...../....maybe the oppisite ...... † LIFE† SEEMS TO BE ONE BIG CIRCLE JERK...........and its wearing me thin.......... just need a quick breath of air, i guess, i'll be good to go, on battling thru this shit† called LIFE, for whatever reason, i cant fathom......... my frame of MIND, not GOOD nor SAFE,quite HAZARDOUS to MY HEALTH really, but thats ok.......... Breathe in DEEPLY.......Holdit.......Let it out SLOWLY....nope that didnt help..........oh i go ag
How I Feel . . .
By looking at me You would never guess That I'm bruised and broken On the inside † All the pain that I hide All the tears that I cry All I ever really wanted Was for someone to understand
Older Women
The appeal of older women we are simply a woman we no longer feel like lil girls all giggles and naive shyness is no longer there Daddys girls maybe that is something we never outgrow we are past the stage of wonderin what does a man want for we know the true appeal we have beauty inside and out we know what we want no longer do we hold back our passion for fear of being called a name we embrace all that we are what we have learned what we are we are simply in the truest† meaning a woman aging with grace like a fine wine maybe but i like to feel i am aging with a lil more like a fine crown royal i go down smooth but with a bite older women† are great lovers have you tried one today ....
That Guy . . .
the guy i like is blind † and i have came to realize that no matter how hard i try its never going to be quiet good enough not now not then and not ever † † i†realized no matter how many times i pick up that phone and tell him its all going to be ok
Ur Vacation To Detroit
plannin a trip to the d? here some safety tips for ya = Body: 1. First, you must learn to pronounce the city name. It's Deh-troit. NOTDEE-troit. If you pronounce it DEE-Troit then we will assume you arefrom Toledo and here for the country Music hoe-down. Deh-Twat is also acceptable if you live in the suburbs.2. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Detroit has its ownversion of traffic rules... Hold on and pray (I recommend praying 1st)!3. The morning rush hour is from 6:00 am to 10:00 am. The evening rushhour is from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Friday's rush hour starts Thursdaymorning. Weekends are open game.4. If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear-ended,cussed out and possibly shot. If you're first off the starting linewhen the light turns green, count to five before going across theintersection. This will avoid getting in the way of cross-traffic who just ran their yellow light to keep from getting rear-ended or shot.5. Schoenherr can ONLY be properly pr
What Ive Done . . .
theres noone left to save me from what i've done † there's nothing you can say or do that will fix it † you cant change me or my past with all the heartachs and mistakes † but i want to thank you for being there when i needed you the most † for holding me through the rain and wiping away my tears when things were a little messy † and telling me it was going to be ok even when its not
One Thing I Cannot Stand
now im sure we all have that one thing we can not stand † well the one thing that drives me nuts up the the wall insane pisses me off to no end
Your Smile
The storm outside seems to match my feelings Im not even sure how i got this way One day I looked up and saw your smile It was one that just stoled my breath I wanted more than anything to see it again A photo of it now is all i have Tears flow† when I think bout you Your so far away from me Will I ever see that face in person So close, I can touch it with fingertips Can I kiss the lips that formed that smile I say a silent prayer at night while the stars and moon gaze at me I plead† for them to help me To send you to me just once All I ask I dont want anything else No riches, No untold fantasy No† eternal bliss Why would I want all of that When I found it all Just looking at your smile †
I am sitting here thinking about running to urgent care, just cringing at that thought cuz I always hate the wait. Since last night my hand has been throbbing on top kind of below my thumb and between my finger but on top of the hand. A few times it has went down to my elbow :( Last night I took naproxen and today I took ibuprofen and neither one are touching it at all. I can be just sitting here not even moving my hand and get this pain going through it... I made a follow up with my doctor for the nerve conduction test, but cant get in there till June 8th. Being low income blows when it comes to getting dr appts. † Just thought I would whine and complain I hurt....
Hurting . . .
This lie's become a part of meFor months, I've played this gameActing like it doesn't hurtEach time I hear his nameIgnoring what's inside of mePretending I've moved onAs if the feelings I once hadFor him are somehow goneSpending each and every dayWith happiness and laughsForgetting all our memoriesAvoiding photographsBut last night when I saw himFor the first time since he leftMy heart stopped for a moment...I couldn't catch my breathWhen suddenly it hit meAs the tears started to flowThat even after all this time...I just can't let him go
Have You Ever . . .
felt so used so let down sooo pissed off just so confused and angery at someone? but still you keep trying? why do i even care it seems to me every time i do try i just get hurt so why do i try? im sick of everything im sick of the drama the lies the bs all of it! if you dont F***ING like me then dont make it out like you do
Intrepid And T'kumbra Infested With Pointed Eared Hoggoblins
I feel like the rest of my entries this week need to be prefaced with Wikipedia’s spoiler alert.† Warning: Plot, spoiler, or ending details follow.† Last night after work I got to Carmike Cinema just as “Star Trek” was starting, a movie I wanted to see yet didn’t have high aspirations for … I was resisting the temptation to compare its Kirk, Spock, and others to the original series characters.† It’s established by one character’s dialogue on the Enterprise bridge midway to the film that this is indeed an alternate reality, made so within the movie by the incursion of “Spock Prime” and a Romulan mining vessel in the wake of a planet’s destruction in the universe of television’s “Star Trek” series and the ten previous movies.† Today’s title in fact comes from two vessels crewed exclusively by Vulcans (Spock’s race) mentioned on the original “Star Trek” and “Deep Space Nine”
5 Secrets
Alright boys and gents, I was just thinking about how to talk to my wife seductively, and I bombed miserbly. I read for once in my life how to really talk to women. 1. Be inquistive-- Ask her where's she's from, her likes and dislikes. It can't be all about sex and "hey baby,†I really want you!" 2. Be patient-- Tell her she's beautiful and wait until she replies or starts a conversation with you. Don't be impatient and start the conservation yourself; otherwise you're just delaying the big no. 3. Act naturally-- Don't be acting like what you're not. This is hard for me to do, because of my speech implement. 4. Speak up-- Okay fellows, this can be tricky! When and if you do get a date with the woman of your dreams, ask her what she wants to do; don't assume that she wants to go see a fight or to a topless bar. 5. Don't push-- I can be pushy sometimes, but the more you push, the more she will push you away! Don't say, "Hey baby, I got a beef up hot pick-up and the seat right by me
Unknown . . .
So many thoughts,I don't know where to begin,I'll start from my heart,and what I feel within.I still have feelings,which haven't changed,because when you left memy life was re-arranged.I used to cryso many times a day,but lately those tearshave been fading away.I am hoping thatmy brighter day soon will come,and maybe, just maybe,I'll find that special someone.I will find someonewho's right for me,who loves meand lets me be all I can be.Yet the thought of you and him,is tearing me apart,because you will always have a special placein my broken heart.Do I still love you?Yes, I do,but another part of meis getting over you.I never thought I would say this,but I simply have to confess,with each and every day that goes by,I love you less and less.I just wanted to be with you,but now you're gone,and the time has comefor me to move on.You meant so much to me,in fact, you still do,from the bottom of my heart,I loved you too. -unknown
. . .
hey there how are you i know you think i dont care anymore or that im never there but the truth is i think about you all the time i guess im just growing up and things change but the one thing that will never change is all the memories we made nothing can ever replace that what ever happened to friends until the end
The Way You Are . . .
† you say im insane and im starting to believe your right no one and i mean no one would let them selfs be put through as much crap as you put me through † i dont even know why i try when i already know im setting my self up for the let down † you say your not like other guys and as hard as i try to believe that tacky line you prove me wrong again
Back Stabbing Bitch . . .
i hate the way you treat me like im some object and when your done with me you toss me to the side to bad you do that to everyone and they are just waking up † yea you never thought people would find out how two-faced you are †
Every Now And Again . . .
hey babe.... how have you been.... yea i know.... its been a long long time.... .... i dont think about you.... like i use to.... but every once in a while....
Dont Know Why . . .
dont know why why i care or why you mean so†much to me † all i wanted to be was your everything is that a crime † dont know what i was thinking † cause i wasnt thinking at all my heart took over
Every Moment
Make every moment, every thought, and every action, into a celebration. Whatever you find yourself doing, do it with a joyful heart."
Eh Im Sorry . . .
I'm sorry that I opened up to you, And told you that I [really] liked you.I'm sorry that I was [raised with respect, ] And that I don't sleep with every guy that comes around. I'm sorry that my body's not [perfect] enough, To 'satisfy' your wants. I'm sorry that I'm not 'hot'enough, To be [your girl].I'm sorry that I'm actually nice, And [not a bitch]. I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home [Cuddling with you, instead of goin out]. I'm sorry that I am always the one you need to talk to, But never [good enough] to date I'm sorry that I am there to [comfort] you, When you and your new girl got in a fight.I'm sorry If I start not being there, and being used as a [door mat], Only to be thrown to the side when a [hotter] girl catches your eye.I'm sorry If I don't answer my phone anymore when you call, To listen to you [wine] about how badly girls treat you. I'm sorry that you can't realize, I've been [the one all along]. I'm sorry If you read this, and [don't even care].But most o
. . .
Some day you'll cry for me like†i cried for you,Some day you'll miss me like†i missed you, Some day you'll need me like†i needed you, Some day you'll love me but†i won't love you.but you said you didn't want to see me get hurt, so does that mean you closed your eyes when I cried? Even when I pour my heart out to you,I'm not sure it shows,that I love you more than you'll ever know. And sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who wouldn't give up on them. when you come to say you love mei will be gone because i got tired of chasing you. you should have opened up your eyes and seen how much i really did love you. you played with my heart like a toyi have better things to do then be played be a boy. truth is, im sorry for the things that happened,i wish it could go back to normalchances are they wont.
A Moment Frozen In Time . . .
A MOMENT FROZEN IN TIME the days go on but i cant for get that moment † that moment frozen in time † all i can picture is you your eyes all i can live is that moment † that moment frozen in time † you mean nothing to me but when i sleep i see your eyes they tell that story † a moment frozen in time †
No Work And No Play Makes Jerm A Madman
nothing! im waiting on an art show to sell my artwork to make something. if it wasnt for family to bail my ass out...i'd be sparin' for change for anti-seizure pills. seeing that i work for my dad and no one is calling us. i cant ask for overtime or extra days. we have zero jobs lined up. im screwwed for now. so hopefully i can sell some of this artwork at The Art Exchange. im not going to get rich or maybe not even bum rich but at least i can make some connections. i can try and sell what i got for the least bit amount of money too. if this economy is bad...then haha...its worse over here. so the prices go down. im not a fcukin master well known needed artist anyway. so i guess if i sell anything again it'll be a hit for me. a good hit. a smack on the ass not a smack in the face. haha this is what happens when you get your head stuck in the stars and clouds. even if you want to come down its too late. im already there. ive got a reason to be happy though. money is
A Life Without Love. . .
I love this poem and its so true!!! A Sunset without a sun is no sunset at all. A life without love is no life at all. A rainbow without colors is no rainbow at all. And heart without feelings is no human at all. All these things need something to be, Either a sun or a person or a crayon, If only to create what nature said was meant to be. A sunset makes us feel as though the world has been born again. A life with love lets us know it's worth to let someone in. A rainbow with colors thats a moment frozen in time, to be grateful for all that is beautiful and feel all the glory inside. A heart that has feelings, well that would be me. For I love just the thought of you and hope you feel the same for me. Life without our love, is an emptiness I'm not sure I wish to face. Because I know that time will never be able to erase. I wish our love was as simple as a sunset, ready to be born again. But I know in truth love only comes from within. So I'll keep watching for my sunset, and look
Omg Funniest "weight Loss Program"
A man calls a company and orders their 5-day, 10 lb. weight lossprogram.The next day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck.She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company.The sign reads, 'If you can catch me, you can have me.'Without a second thought, he takes off after her.A few miles later huffing and puffing, he finally gives up.The same girl shows up for the next four days and the same thinghappens.On the fifth day, he weighs himself and is delighted to find he has lost 10 lbs. as promised.He calls the company and orders their 5-day/20 pound program.The next day there's a knock at the door and there stands the moststunning and beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life.She is wearing nothing but Reebok running shoes and a sign around herneck that reads, 'If you catch me you can have me.'Well, he's out the door after her l
Help Me Level To Oracle Pls
I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and familyf or rating and commenting on my pictures, all my gifts and profile comments!
My Life
I find myself falling back into that horrible unyielding place of sorrow. i feel as if my so called wonderful life is actually my downfall. it is only societies view of me, only an impression of happiness and humbleness to which has to true meaning of who i really am. my real person lay deep within a consuming shell surrounded by a cloud of deception. that deception only to keep the real truth inside. the truth that keeps me who i am, keeps me sane and gets me through each day. to know my truth would be to know a dark seceret, a seceret so painful that it was ment for me and noone else. So i drag this unrelenting sorrow through my daily up and downs of life. but i keep it locked away in the southern most abyss of my soul. where it will lie until it forces itself to the rippled surface of my dark ocean of emotions
WHY? Why? Why do I sit here and continue to tell myself meaningless truths that haunt me constantly, throughout each endless day of my worthless life. Lies that push me over the continuously shrinking edge forcing me to do horribly unspeakable things. Then, I begin to listen to those very lies and actually believe they might have some truth to them, but the amount of truth each of those lies possess is a mere, soft, attractive, cloud that covers the deep, crushing pains and sorrows that is peacefully waiting to rip my soul into pieces that will never again be together. It leaves me in a state of confusion and falsehood that is simply impossible to understand. Not to be overly broken, I fall into a haunting sleep, hoping to never wake. The next dayís sunrise slowly creeps into my dark, gloomy room as I continue to stare at my plain, empty ceiling, as I have for the past few but seemingly endless hours. When I actually get out of my cold, almost frozen bed, to begin the day; it seems tha
Tick, Tick, Tick
tick......tick......tick......tick...... the clock seemingly booms as I deeply stare in to the mirror. lookin for the slightest glimour of passion hidden deep in my tear filled eyes. i see nothing but salt-filled tears flowing down pale cheeks like a slow streamin waterfall. each tear building up slowly until it breaks on the brim of my red eye lid. thoughs continuously run around in his cluttered mind, confusion grows and grow. wat did i do?? wat should i do?? where is someone to talk to?? he tries number after number and reaches voicemail after annoying vocemail. so he looks and sees an old dusty note book with an ordinary black pen sitting on it. is that his sign, is that how he was ment to deal with his unrelenting pain and his deep crushing sorrow. ''wat the hell'' he says, ''might as well give it a shot'' so he begins to slowly write, really unsure about wat to put on this faded piece of lined paper. after writing a few words that he feels describes him, pain, anguish, sorrow,
Easy $$ (plaid Mafia)
with the lounge and group being fairly new we still have tons of room to grow! not only does it help the group but it will help you as well. at the end of each month the promoters will make any were between 1000-2000 fubux. the top promoter will make an aditional 2000. who ever gets the 100th member to join will get 100k as well as the 100th member. every 100 after that will get 50k for each so if you get the 200th member you will recive 50k as well as the 300th member at differnt times we may offer 50-200k for a random member number like 163. just depends on the day.
Easy Money!! (plaid Mafia)
with the lounge and group being fairly new we still have tons of room to grow! not only does it help the group but it will help you as well. at the end of each month the promoters will make any were between 1000-2000 fubux. the top promoter will make an aditional 2000. who ever gets the 100th member to join will get 100k as well as the 100th member. every 100 after that will get 50k for each so if you get the 200th member you will recive 50k as well as the 300th member at differnt times we may offer 50-200k for a random member number like 163. just depends on the day.
You can cry you can bitch. They'll find you in a ditch. Let your tears hit the ground. That's the spot where you will drown. All that pain what's to gain. What will you do when you are out of blame? It's a shame really is. I miss the days when we were kids. †††††††††††††††††††† (Chours) Cry just cry it all away. I'm sure you can make it another day. Death won't save you. No one will. Suck up the pain and the sorrow. Hope you will be here tomorrow. None of what we have gained can be worth all this pain. They'll piss on you just swallow shame. All your sorrows kind of sad. Me I'll always be glad. Unlike you I'm still me. Something you will never see. Death will come eventually. That's just how life is meant to be. ††††††††††††††††††† (Chours) Somedays it will feel like you got shot. Just carry on don't get cought. Just let your blood hit the ground. Know your body won't be found. All alone? So are we. Getting together won't set you free. Just be bound to what you are. In our sky the
Jail Bait!
This is going to be a two part series of what happened yesterday when i suddenly disappeared.......... here are the characters: me =me Jeff= significant other Kim= my driver dad= my dad Dave= Jeff's employee also Kim's husband i am sitting across my dinner table from my dad I just cut him a piece of cake and poured him a cup of coffee... he came over to see how my week was going and occasionally he will help me out at work... So were chatting away about this weeks issues with my work. when i get a phone call from Kim...... Kim: Jeff is being arrested, you need to go pick him up at strathcona trail and strathcona....(such place doesn't exist) Me: Why? and there is no such place Kim;I don't know Dave just called me Me: ill call Jeff Dad: whats going on I hang up the phone..look at my dad think shit....turn to him and say Me: Jeff wants me to call. Dad; ah hows Jeff doing, my friends really like him (happy about Jeff do i break his I then proceed to ind some
I Found This
Joke Of The Day:A teacher was wrapping up class, and started talking about tomorrow's final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up tomorrow, barring a dire medical condition or an immediate family member's death. One smart ass, male student said, "What about extreme sexual exhaustion?", and the whole classroom burst into laughter. After the laughter had subsided, the teacher glared at the student, and said, "Not an excuse, you can use your other hand to write."
Dear gawd how i would love to do that..... Two weekends ago I went fishing, this time of year crickets are the primary choice of bait. I load the truck with cooler, bait, polls, radio, just out for a good time. Being the woman driver I am, forget the crickets are in teh little round cage in the back and turn a curve to sharp, yep you guessed it the cricket cage goes rolling around the back ... once at my favorite fishing hole I clean up the crickets and processed with my relaxing day.... a few days later I notice I can still here crickets when I get in teh truck.... They somehow decided to take residence in my dashboard... Its been two weeks and I'm ready to flame the inside of my truck..... Ive tried Potato slices, I've tried fly paper, Someone suggested i put a frog in my truck but if he croaks and i cant find him he'll stink.... HAAAAAAAAAAAAlp the crickets are driving me mad!
Considering Surgery.....
Well here goes it. I have been losing weight and those of us that have weight issues know that afterwards there are areas of the body that just need fixed.† This is all new to me, the fixing me up part so I am not sure where I should even begin. I am not a gorgeous woman nor am I very pretty. (these are my internal thoughts) I have really let myself go over the last 6 years. Maybe I have done so due to depression, unhappiness or I have just lost my way†along this journey. Any way that I look at it I really need to make some serious changes. I am not happy being overweight. I have become this jealous monster inside. I have begun to hate who I am. The thoughts of dying cross my mind daily but I can't follow through with them because of my children and the man I love so deeply and passionately. BUT then again this part of me that is "sick" inside thinks†it is the answer to how I feel inside and out. So where do I begin? ONE: I need to change my internal thinking. How do I do that?
Lookin 4 Someone Special
whatsup ladies just got out of 14 yr relationship about 2 months ago lookin 4 someone new 2 hang out with
Meditation For The Day 5/27
Every strong and beautiful flower must have a strong root in the ground. It must send a root down so that it may be rooted and grounded while at the same time it sends a shoot up to be the flower that shall gladden the world. Both growths are necessary. Without a strong root, it would soon wither. The higher the growth upward, the deeper must be the rooting. My life cannot flower into success and helpfulness unless it is rooted in a strong faith, or unless it feels deeply secure in the goodness and purpose of the universe.
The Demon Lies
Insanities coils wrap my dreams into bleeding knots of worry. Wondering if that day will come to seize it all away. My dreams reflect the turmoil that is in my soul that is all caused by unconcience fear of betrayal. I need to get away and back into focus with myself instead of worrying over what the demon may try next. The tongue of the demon tells you to "Relax and do not worry, trust in me and you shall see what you feared is not to be". Do I trust the words of a demon thats sole purpose is to rip from me my joy? Hell fuckng no! It can not be trusted as I have seen because one thing comes from its mouth and its actions tell another story of lust. I think I will take a break from life and fuck the rest of the world, it seems that no one would miss me anyways and maybe when I am gone I can wake up from this fucking nightmare you have made me see. Go back to that pit of hell you surfaced from to haunt me no more. I do not care to know you demon in this cold and shadowed world.
Schedule May 27 Ė May 31
† Hey Everyone – thanks for your support of Bada Bing – Hopefully you all are enjoying the warmer weather and staying out of the rain. Lol – With summer months coming on, days online are slower. †So we will start planned shifts at 7 or 8 pm to adjust some for the summer daytime slowdown. As always in Bada, any DJ can get on any time of day – so you may see someone want to spin and get on air earlier – if they do they will change their status and put out a bully – However as far as scheduled planned shifts – they will most likely start at 7 or 8pm EST depending on the day and peoples schedules. As always, there are always tunes in Bada for anyone who wants to hang out and chat. Due to upcoming vacations of staff members, we are postponing this weeks live show for a couple weeks. Also We are having a DJ staff meeting on Thursday (see schedule) – if you cant make it or need any change in the schedule – Please let me know. TY for all y
Who Wants 1 Million Fubucks ?
I could use some help. I need a total of 25 referals. If you can get me referals, and for EACH REFERAL you get me i will give you your choice of either† (1 Million FuBucks ) or ( 500k FuBucks & a BLING ) Thank you for your help, if interested or i youhave a refearal for me just private mesage me so we can geteverything taken care of. † here is the referal link - ††††††††††† Thank You, †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Steve
My Photography Copyright Protection
No its not NSFW, but I have seen that with enough complaints all is NSFW and I am not going to get deleted for any housewife drama. Anyone wanting to feel interested I am the copyright holder of any and all pictures where the young lady says she is a Spirit Girl.Specificcally in case any misinformed souls believe that photos on fubar or any other social site are considered public domain.If you have not been following the news there is currently several major lawsuits involving infringement of fair use of copyrights on photographs. Myspace and other social sites are coming of an age where identy theft is becoming more and more prevalent. In the case of photographs, it is sometimes difficult to determine who owns the copyright and there may be little or no information about the owner on individual copies. Ownership of a “copy” of a photograph – the tangible embodiment of the “work” – is distinct from the “work” itself – the intangib
In Gratitude....
many a times the setting sun the evening calls me to itself makes me its own † many a times the setting sun promises a me a morning that will be my very own † many a times the setting sun reminds me of her her promises and more † today, this setting sun softens my eyes in gratitude a silent prayer for the benevolence a few words in gratitude. †
A Morning Prayer
Dear Lord,So far I've done alright,I haven't gossiped,haven't lost my temper,haven't been greedy,grumpy,nasty,selfish or indulgent.I'm really glad about that.But in a few minutes,God I'm going to get out of bed and from then on I'm going to need some help.
Ima Newbiy Here Need Help
sup peeps i need help to score points anyone intrested??
Eva Mendes
lil fact about me e been purposed to 6 times in real life....and these were my reactions. 1.ummm we are till in high school,how did u afford that ring? 2.iam 15 n your 32,its not legal 3.we just got done haven sex get off ur knee ur not thinking clearly. 4.we have only known each other for 2 months isnt this a lil soon?ask me again n a year. 5.are you serious? 6.oh no...then i said yes†(but i broke it off†2 months later) lol i have lots of pretty engagement rings for sale if ur interested!
I Cant Wait
a very good friend i have met on here decided to surprise me and buy me a round trip ticket home in june for a weekend visit. i so adore this man he is the kindest sweetest guy ive met in a long time. well† because of him i get to see my ex girlfriend that i screwed up with and made the biggest mistake of my life letting her go. she was the one for me the love of my life my other half. i get another shot at love with her and im so nervous on seeing her after nine† years. yeah thats a long time but my heart still skips a beat when i talk to her hear her voice or read her messages to me. and shes single haha isnt that fuckin fabulous? so in less than three weeks this is going to happen. i am so nervous excited so ready to see her and meet that wonderful man who is giving me this shot with her. † † i thank you with all my heart and soul kenneth. † love you long time
i love you unconditionallyno mateer what you do or sayi'm powerless to your wit and charmtho i try to fight it and walk awaysomething about you keeps pulling me backan uncontrollable force surrounds medrawing me ini am hopelessly lostforever boundforever yours
Pray 4 Maya
Please Keep Maya In Our PrayersSadly Maya's Mum Passed Away This Morning 27th May 2009 At 5-36am †All Im Asking Is For Her Friends To Show Support And Love At This Sad TimeSo Can You Please Stop By Her Page And Show Her That Shes In Your Prayers ♫♪MŚ•Ś ‡hŽ 8‡h –ŽŚ–L• SÓŮ♪♫(repost of original by 'TrŚĘ• ßhŚ–ūw LÍvÍlÍr †ÍŚm LÍŚ–Ír† «ū† ÷wŮÍr† ÷£~»rū†ÔĘ–rÍŚmß~' on '2009-05-27 08:12:04')
Rough Weekend
I had a great weekend and I will never forget, the pounding my body took which I will always regret. Playing a tennis tournament one day, rock climbing the next, then running a 5k in Laguna Hills my body did pay. A price to be paid for the pride to finish, was not the way for my body to be laid. Randbuf38
This is a poem I wrote in 1996,(just found it) after I found my girl friend in bed with my best friend when I came home from work early to suprise her. "For Me" Love is, Love was Love will always be, For Me. Love is taken, Love is stolen, Love can be the most painful thing. Love leads you to loneliness, and loneliness is a terrible thing. Loneliness is emptyness, not knowing who you are, or what you will be. By far lonliness is the worst thing ,
Thank you to all who called, noted and came by. I promise I am fine. We are NOT breaking up -- REALLY. I am not falling apart either -- I am just an angry mess part of the time. Don't worry though, with the rapid changes in weather during this time of the year the odds of me cheering back up are like spring showers - one minute here at full strength, another in a slight drizzle and even a few during the brightest hottest part of the day; in otherwords - ever changing. Yes, that means I can be quite moody.Below is an explaination/evaluation of things as I see them in order. Please note I do NOT put any of the blame on Paul, as he is only down here because of Will's encouragement. Will was the one who wanted this change, pushed for it and basically caused it to come to this point. He understands my accessment of this and why I am in this current state.We'll come out on the other side of this and see where life takes us. That which does not kill me, just leaves me more obligations to deal
Voice Comments
So I decided to add a voice comment widget. † I would love all my friends to leave a voice comment and tell me what's up and what they think. Hope to hear from you peeps soon and hope your having a great day!
Be My Master
† † When was the last time you were really fu owned or owner? I mean the ownership that you get something out of? I'm sure its been a long time. Hightimes420 is holding an auction! On Monday, June 1st at 9pm est We are looking for those that want to get some fubux and dont mind helping their owner out. If you are interested send a private message to Perpetual Bliss. She will fill you in on rules and terms PERPETUAL BLISS~GM OF ACES UP LOUNGE~MEMBER OF RR~@ fubar LIVE DJS AND CAMS MAKE YOUR REQUEST COME ON IN AND CHECK US OUT CLICK THE LINK TO ENTER HIGHTIMES420
Something A Bit Macabre
Take a look at yourself he saidWhat do you see?Do I even like me?This small statementbringing me to my kneesThe realization of self rejectionand self hatredThat I have carried with me for so many yearsNot realizing it is thereI cannot look at myself in the mirrorWith out seeing the pain, the hate, the scarsThis broken soul with no chance of redemptionThe pain and anguish cutting away at me,like a knife cutting against my skinslowly bleeding outtil I am no more
Please Explain
Could someone please explain to me the difference between Osama Bin Laden, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh? They all advocate for the failure of the current U.S. Administration. They all interpret books for there own particular interests. The book for Bin Laden is the Koran and the book for the other 3 is the Bible. They all describe that anyone that differs from their curious ideas are bad people. Bin calls these people Infidels. Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh call these people Liberals. They are all funded by wealth. Bin Laden and Limbaugh are funded by their own personal fortunes and Hannity/O’Reilly are funded by Rupert Murdoch. They all support the death of American Citizens. Bin Laden supports death for Americans through the efforts of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh support the death of Americans by promoting and campaigning for an unjust war under the guise of Manifest Destiny. So could someone please explain
A Beginner...
Ok, so we find something we would like more information on.† A new hobby, or a new life change, whatever it may be.† How do we go about finding info on it? I have always been interested in Wicca/Paganism.† I've just never taken the time to research it.† I have noticed there are a few on this site.† Does anyone have suggestions of where to start?† I'm interested in finding out about the religion of paganism.† I guess I need some kind of mentor, or someone locally in Phoenix that would meet up and help me out :) So, anyone have a good suggestion?† Should I go to the library and get some books? or would I need to buy them?† I'm an avid reader so books are a good thing. Eventually I would like to get into small spells, protection for loved ones mostly.† But I want to fully understand the religious aspects initially. Any help is greatly appreciated :)
Dirty Monkey???!!?!?!!?
so i went† down to key west, and had a blast (from what i can remember) actually the only part of fla i can remember is the wedding on the beach where people on the party boat was yelling at my boy "HEY MAN DON'T GET MARRIED!" pretty funny if you ask me. so we are trolling north roosevelt blvd, i gotta henny and coke in hand and my buddy and his wife talk me into drinking a dirty monkey. so my dumb ass gets a yard stick of it................then the rest of my trip was a blur.....i didn't get a bunch of text messages saying "im waiting in your room for you"........nothing happed i don't think ...cause i don't have any rashes and stuff...and all my money is still in tact. † .............thats all i got ......sigh ......IM SO FUCKIN GOING BACK IN THE FALL!!
My Future
Are you ever so sure about someting that you don't even question it? I am! When you search all your life for something and finally find it! Thats how I feel. All my life, I have waited to find him. I have been hurt, used, and physically abused as well as mentally. I have endured conditional love. This time I am ready to give myself completely. To truly love someone with my whole self. Amazing how love can feel when its mutual. I am blessed. So my journey begins.
Suthen-isms: ____ Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don't HAVE them, you PITCH them. _____ Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc., make up a mess. _____ Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of yonder. _____ Only a Southerner knows exactly how long directly is, As in: 'Going to town, be back directly.' _____ Even Southern babies know that Gimme some sugar is not a request for the white, granular sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl in the middle of the table. _____ All Southerners know exactly when by and by is. They might not use the term, but they know the concept well. _____ Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who's got trouble is a whole messa fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. If the neighbor's trouble is a real crisis, they also know to add a large banana puddin! _
9 Am Fu-time Autos Will Activate
Inside Again Is Now Available! Only $5!!!!!!
You can order your copy of "Inside Again" now!!!!!!!!! Only $5!!!! How can you go wrong? I'm pretty excited!!!!!!!!!
Joe Medlock-do You Know This Man?
i just wanted to let everyone know that the man behind the name 'twistedobssessions' is a low life woman user. he picks women with young kids, uses their money for his benifit, and is too violent with small children. i know because i was used and my son was abused. hopefully if u r reading this you will understand that he is a danger to you and your family. he spent 11yrs of his life behind bars for molestation of a 13yr old girl. look it up on the net and youll see. and if you, joe, are reading this, i am not scared of you. my GOD is stronger than anything you throw my way, so just leave me alone before Karma catches up with YOU> dawnmarie
Better Left Unsaid (repost)
Something’s are better left unsaidEngraved on the heart, erased from the headSomething’s people aren't brave enough to hearEven when the answer seems so clearSo I write these words no one wants to faceI can't let these thoughts that are so real go to wasteWith this pen I let flowThe secrets of my soulThis paper is my canvassGiving me freedom that is nothing short of miraculousPainting with words the pictures in my headReleasing the storms of my heart, created by things better leftunsaid
Im In An Auction.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I am currently in an auction. Plz use the link below to come by and check me out. Bid on me you wont be disappointed. The higher the bid the more I may throw in. If† you want something not listed let me know and I will see what we can do..:) Thank you for all the love. †
Im Back
well ive been gone for a i wanted to let am my family an friends know im back,an its so nice to see everyone again.kisses to you all!
Fun Night!
So I'm sitting at work last night, yahooing with my best friend Olga, who moved to CT to my despair.† She has been my friend for 11 yrs, and she moved from Siberia at the same time I moved from Moscow. Soo, as I'm bitching to her about her being so damn far, she tells me that I should expect a nasty phone call from her. † About 5 minutes later, at around 12 30am, the front doors open, and ...there she is! I was pretty psyched, and turns out that she had a 5 hr layover in Chicago, so she came to visit me. We had a blast in the lobby, layin around on a couch, jumping on a counter, and taking pics (will upload them soon) like 5 year olds. One of the best nights at work EVAH! ;p † yeah, that was random, I am just too stoked, so had to type this shit.
Beef Prices
It's a summer holiday weekend and a man walks into a†butcher shop†which has a sign in the window saying "Ground Sirloin: 29 cents per pound" The man says, "I'm having a cookout this weekend. I'd like 5 pounds of your ground sirloin, please."†The butcher shakes his head and says, "Sorry. I'm all out."†The man, disappointed goes down the street to another butcher shop and asks, "How much is your ground sirloin?"†The proprietor replies, "It's $3.29 per pound."†"Three twenty nine!?!" exclaimed the customer. "Just up the street he sells it for 29 cents!"†The butcher smiles calmly at the gentleman and asks, "Does he have any?"†"No. He's out of it right now."†"Well," says the butcher. "When I don't have any, I can sell it for 19 cents per pound!"†
Who Wants A 100k & A Bling ?
Trying to level ad could usesome help. I will have Auto 11's on for the next 2 days tll Friday 9:40am Eastern time. I am offering 100k and a Bling for all of my pics rated. Just comment the last pic in each folder, so i can keep track. And private message me when you are done rateing all pics so you can receve payment.†††††††††††††† Thank You,†††††††††††††††††††††††† Steve
Friends,flirts,backstabbers Please Read
† To Friends,Flirts & BackstabbersIn June I will be moving back to the City that I vacated in 98 for the good country living.My rent will be more affordable.I plan to renew my VIP for fubar at that time.I also plan on purchasing a 3 d program that I have tried out.L.W.Creations will resume.with myself creating all things.I will never have to ask others for 3 d's ever again.To a few of my so called friends.Some of you need to mind your own business when it comes to my personal business.If you can't Show Me Respect personal,Tags,Morphs.Perhaps u should Delete me from Friends.I admit I can be a bit of a bastard but I do show Morph or tag love creating for others weekly if not on fubar then on yrbk,myspace etc.Countdown of friends.There are 4 Luna's(Females)I Admire very much.3 of these 4 have my new 7 pic extreme Rogue.Smaller version of mine up top.Counting mine there are 5 of these extremes created.1 was created for a Flirtacious friend from yrbk.This will be a limited addition morph o
Well I've been on Fubar for about2 months now and have learned alot about the sight with those of you that are on here.† I do not judge or wish to be judged but its in our nature.† This morning when I logged on.† fewer messages than usual, which is cool, but one stuck out to me on my shout.. this guy compared me to "Ilovepapsmurf" In the beginning I talked with her and even added her as a friend, went to rate her photos and she had sveral nude photos, she is a cute girl, but because I would not put naked pics up or email her some she deleted me.† Thats fine.† But this jerk said I was an internet whore just like the bitch Ilovepapasmurf.† Am I missing something here?† Yes all you pervs will check her out to see the nakedness, thats cool, but is that what you are really looking for on this sight?† If this is what it is then Im int he wrong place.† I will not put pics up like that.† I have a son and a reputaion to keep.† You guys need to to think about it, you never know what dirty laundr
Paper Gangsta
Midnight rush with a pen in my hand. Dinkin, linking, sanscript with a fan. Remembering me before we began. Sometimes I feel so def in the jam. But the ones who loved me told me to stop. Like homegirl cant catch shit if it drop. A superwoman chick you know that I am. Some shit dont fly by me and the man. 'Cos I do not accept any less than someone. Just as real, as fabulous. Don't want no paper gangsta. Won't sign away my life to. Someone who's got the flavor. But don't got no follow through. Don't want no paper gangsta. Won't sign no monkey papers. I don't do funny business. Not interested in fakers. Don't want no paper gangsta. Oh Ohhh Don't want no paper gangsta. Oh Ohhh Don't want no paper gangsta. Got something so shiny to start. Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart. I've heard it before, yeah the dinners were nice. Till your diamond words melted into some ice. You should have been rapping to the beat of my song Mr. California paper gangsta raw. I'm looking for love, not
Need 2 Level
whoever helps me level here ill kiss there ass:plol
One More For Today Also Written By Me :)
Choices Good or bad we are forced to make choices everyday Mostly minor some major But why we make some of the choices we do is the true question Do we make our choices based on necessaity or because of our moral compass In actuality it is both Necessaity for survival, morality for our own peace of mind What if there is no higher power What if there is no god or goddess Would we make any moral choices at all What if we were left alone to our own election of right and wrong Would there even be a right or wrong Unfortuately I do not believe there would be. Without the belief of eternal damnation The desire for our soul to rest in peace Civil disobedience would engulf this little planet and there would be nothing left Out of chaos comes order when the right CHOICES are made. †
What Would You Bring?
Hmm.. So, imagine you're stranded on an Island. You are granted the ability to have 3 items (for say at least, 3 years). There are no phone towers on the island, so cell phones will have no signal. No need to worry about water, because there is a fairly clear stream near you, and plenty of animals on the island for food (if vegan there are multiple plant sources, and lots of arable soil).† No matter the kind of boat you ask for the current of the water will always pull you back to the island, and of course there is no electricity. What do ask for? † †
1. What are your initials?SLF 2. What is your favorite thing to wear?Jeans and a hoodie3. Last thing you ate?Pizza Rolls 4. One place you will NEVER eat at?I don't know....5. I say Shotgun, you say:wedding6. Last person you hugged?Daniel7. Does anyone you know wanna date you?[shrug] 8. Would you date anyone you met online?I have before, I'm single. Seeing as how that worked out for me...probably not.9. Name something you like physically about yourself:my eyes10. The last place you went out to dinner to?Out to dinner? I have no clue11. Who is your best friend?If I answer this, one person gets mad and then another. I have a few great friends...but to narrow it down to a BEST one...nah.12. What time of the day is it?morning13. Who/What made you angry today?nothing or no one14. Baseball or Football?baseball15. Ever gone skinny dipping?no16. Favorite type of Food?Christmas dinner, lol17. Favorite holiday:Flag Day ;)18. Do you download music:yeah19. Do you care if your socks are dirty?oh y
Who Do You Turn To
You go beyond your dutyWhen others call on youAlways there lending a handTo help get them through. With all your love and kindnessThat you show each dayNever asking anything in returnBut thats always been your way. Sometimes life can get you downWhen everyone depends on youSo when you have a need or wantWho is it that you turn to ?
Up For Sale Again!!! † Click and/or Copy/Paste the link... Go to it.† Bid away :)† ((I couldn't get the stupid html crap to work)) A LOT more to offer than previous auctions.† I went ALL out this time ;)
Top 10 Punk Records Of All Time [according To Mary.mayhem]
Top 10 Punk Rawk Records Of All Time!! 10. SOCIAL DISTORTION “Mommy’s Little Monster” – Kind of early in the list for this one huh? Yeah, well just you wait. Social Distortion is the most amazing Punk / Rock-a-Billy bands ever. This record shows their raw talent as well as the amazing lyrical and vocal capabilities of Mike Ness. Amazing record! Best Tracks: The Creeps, Another State Of Mind, Mommy’s Little Monster, Anti-Fashion 9. THE CLASH “London Calling” – Now if Social Distortion was too early in the ranking at 10 The Clash are insanely low at 9, but that’s how it goes. However, most people say that “The Clash” is the best record by The Clash, but I do have to say I enjoy this one much more. The Clash’s blues influenced punk has brought so much to the world. One of the most influential punk bands ever known the world lost something amazing the day Joe Strummer went away. Best Tracks: London Calling, Brand New
Just A Few Random Wtf's For You
A few WTF's for you Okay...a lot of you know I am one of the most random people you will ever meet. I say the dumbest things, and I have a very strange thought process indeed.† Sometimes I pay attention to things a little too closely.For example. I am sure that my most dedicated of readers remember when I posted the blog about the woman, in a commercial, †cascading across a pool and party decorations for a $7.00 bottle of wine. She claimed it was because it "is delicious." However, I saw a problem with that. I believed that could have been a silent cry for help. You know she has got to be an alcoholic to go through such great lengths for a drink.† I mean, the commercial showed her in a dead sleep on a lawn chair. As soon as she heard alcohol was involved...BANG...she went all Chuck and†began gliding across some paper lanterns. Everyone laughed it off at the party. I, myself, being so caring, would have called an immediate intervention. And we can't forget about the ridiculous commer
Somethin I Wrote #3
Voices screaming in my head Every day and every night telling me to end it all Run away from all the pain and suffering Leave all the anguish and torment behind What reasn do I have to stay I ask Why should I not end it right now And all I need is one reason A reflection of myself in the mirror A reminder of a time already passed A soul that needs protected A life that has so many possibilities He needs to be shown the correct path through my mistakes He needs his Dad The greatest reason to make my miserable existence bearable is through the greatest creation A child
Somethin Else I Wrote
Passing through the night Thoughts of love and lust filled her mind Will she find the one? True love has always escaped her Never giving anyone a chance Lusting for the feeling of love through carnal knowledge Only to fill empty inside yet again Love does not equate to sex She tries to remind herself Only to be betrayed by her mind again She cries inside, afraid to show her tears of dispair Wanting no one to pity her It was the reason why she committed this act she rationalized Love is what drove her to this action A smile crossed her face as she let the guilt fall away Like the gun she just dropped in the river below He will never hurt me again
Somethin I Wrote
The smell of rain filled the evening sky Gentle breezes swayed the the tree limbs up above You can hear the sounds of his majestys force of nature in the distance Moving faster now the cloud formations swirling in the sky Not sure which direction to travel till finally the swirling pattern becomes distinct They chase each other in a vortex Round and round the clouds go Shrouded by rain to disguise the game More clouds join in till the lords finger of distruction touches the earth below A swath of debris fills the air Like a childs toy but this time you cant turn it upside down and erase the damage done.
BID ON ME , THIS IS MY FIRST AUCTON ..... [ photo: 2911543772 ]
New Piercing
I got new piercings, which were my nipples. I got bar piercings. They were piercings that i've been debating on for a long while. But i finally go tthem done! I was a bit nervous getting them and it did hurt a little but not too bad. It made some weird crunching sound too lol...but I'm loving them :) now im off to's late..real late....night night
The Sun Is Always Shining
Remember the Sun There are times when gloom or darkness causes us to momentarily lose sight of the light. Although it is at these times when the thought of the sun can help us. Its warm, glowing rays brighten even our thoughts, and it’s good to remember that despite appearances the sun is shining right now. We may not be able to see it at this very moment, but if clouds block our view, they are only filtering the sun’s light temporarily. If darkness has fallen, we know that the sun is still shining at this very moment somewhere not too far away, and it’s only a matter of time before it will shine on us again. When we remember that the sun is still shining, we know that things are still in motion in the universe. Even if life feels like it is at a standstill, sometimes all we need to do is have faith and wait for the time when everything is in its perfect place. Or we can we can choose to follow the cues of the sun and continue doing our work and shining our light
Spreading Love Effortlessly
Kindness In the quest to create a gentler, more loving world, kindness is the easiest tool we can use. Though it is easy to overlook opportunities to be kind, our lives are replete with situations in which we can be helpful, considerate, thoughtful, and friendly to loved ones and associates, as well as strangers. The touching, selfless acts of kindness that have the most profoundly uplifting effects are often the simplest: a word of praise, a gentle touch, a helping hand, a gesture of courtesy, or a smile. Such small kindnesses represent an unconditional, unrestricted form of love that we are free to give or withhold at will. When you give the gift of kindness, whether in the form of assistance, concern, or friendliness, your actions create a beacon of happiness and hope that warms people’s hearts. The components of kindness are compassion, respect, and generosity. Put simply, kindness is the conscious act of engaging others in a positive way without asking whether those ind
Embraceable You
Comparing Yourself To Others You are unique. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. In honor of your unique self, it is good to acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you the person that you are. One way to do this is to not compare yourself with other people. It is human nature to want to see how we measure up in comparison to others – especially if we think that they are better than us or have more of something that we want. Yet the truth is that it is not a good use of time to compare ourselves with others because there is no one like us and this makes us incomparable. It is sometimes almost easier to look outside of ourselves and feel like we are deficient in comparison to other people rather than taking responsibility for our own progress in relation to the fulfillment of our life purpose. It actually takes more courage to be self-referential and look at ourselves to see whether we are measuring up to our standards or meeting our full pote
Sustenance For The Soul
Taking Time for Yourself Modern life compels us to rush. Because we feel pressured to make the most of our time each day, the activities that sustain us, rejuvenate us, and help us evolve are often the first to be sacrificed when we are in a hurry or faced with a new obligation. It is important we remember that there is more to life than achieving success, making money, and even caring for others. Your spiritual needs should occupy an important spot on your list of priorities. Each task you undertake and each relationship you nurture draws from the wellspring of your spiritual vitality. Taking the time to engage in spiritually fulfilling activities replenishes that well and readies you to face another day. Making time for the activities that contribute to your spiritual growth has little to do with being selfish and everything to do with your well-being. Regularly taking the time to focus on your soul’s needs ensures that you are able to nurture yourself, spend time with your
Share Experiances † Share This is your place to connect, explore &†share anonymously around the experiences that matter most to you.
Hard Learned Lessons
Bad Days We all have days from time to time when it feels like the world is against us or that the chaos we are experiencing will never end. One negative circumstance seems to lead to another. You may wonder, on a bad day, whether anything in your life will ever go right again. But a bad day, like any other day, can be a gift. Having a bad day can show you that it is time to slow down, change course, or lighten up. A bad day can help you glean wisdom you might otherwise have overlooked or discounted. Bad days can certainly cause you to experience uncomfortable feelings you would prefer to avoid, yet a bad day may also give you a potent means to learn about yourself. You may consider a bad day to be one where you’ve missing an important meeting because your car stalled, the dryer broke, and you received a piece of very bad news earlier in the morning. Multiple misfortunes that take place one after the other can leave us feeling vulnerable and intensely cognizant of our fragilit
Cultivating The Seed Within
Peace In our noisy world, we often find ourselves longing for peace and searching to find it somewhere else. While it’s true that there are places we can visit where we can experience peace, such as sacred sites or buildings, we do not need to wait until we get to one of these places to feel at peace. Instead, we can learn to locate the seed of peace inside ourselves and cultivate it so that it grows into a reliable source of serenity that we can always access, no matter where we are. We experience peace when we are in a state of mental calm and serenity. It might surprise you to notice how infrequently you allow yourself to be free from anxiety. Realizing this is the first step to inner peace. If you wait until all the details of your life are taken care of to allow yourself to experience peace, you will never feel peaceful because there is always something that your mind can grab onto to create anxiety. It is important to consciously set aside your worries and make time to
My Life In Lyrics
She hangs around the boulevardShe's a local girl with local scarsShe got home late, she got home lateShe drank so hard the bottle achedAnd she tried, and she tried, and she tried, and she triedBut nothin's clear in a bar full a fliesSo she takes, so she takes, she takes, so she takesShe understands when she gives it awayShe says* Man I gotta get outta this townMan I gotta get outta this painMan I gotta get outta this townOutta this town and out of L.A.She's got a gun, She's got a gunShe's got a gun she calls the lucky oneShe left a note right by the phoneDon't leave a message 'cause this ain't no homeAnd she cried, and she cried, and she cried, and she criedShe cried so long her tears ran dryThen she laughed, then she laughed, she laughed, then she laughed'Cause she knew she was never comin' backShe said[Repeat *]It's all she loves It's all she hates It's all too much for her to takeShe can't be sure just where it ends or where the good life beginsSo she took a train, she took a trainT
Come Bid Bid Bid *auction*
I am up for auction again! If you wanna be my owner then come bid. [ photo: 1742906411 ] †
Computer Problems
Hey y'all. Just wanted to let all my friends know, (those that care anyhow) that I won't be on much for a bit. Don't know how long, but my computer F'd up last night, and have to see about getting it fixed. Until then, I can use my roommate's computer, when she's not on it. Other than that, if you have either of my cell numbers, feel free to text or call me. I'll be on and off here periodically today, at least this morning. So if you have any ?s and catch me up here, hit me up.
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Get Paid 4 Yer Rates?!?!
† WHEN IM RUNNING AUTO 11'S!! WHEN NOT RUNNING AUTO'S THE PRICE IS 1/2 OF WHAT THE FOLDER LISTS!! SEE MY FOLDERS FOR THE AMOUNT OF PAY!! † I will happily pay for rates as long as you follow these few rules: † 1. Rate all the pics you want † 2. Leave a comment at the end of EACH folder rated saying "rated" or something similar. † 3. Private Message (PM) me with the folder names that you rated along with a grand total. † NO Shoutbox messages for pay!† NO Gift messages for pay! † ONLY PM messages that include the previously stated items will be paid. † THESE ARE THE ACTIVE RULES STARTING SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2009 @ 5:15PM † Cuz, most people forget this, Not only am I running Auto 11s, I'm paying you to rate† - So dont act like im asking too much here. † And now because of other fu's bein schmucks - I will NO LONGER be paying people without approved salutes! Sorry - people have tried to scam me! †
27th May 2009
Join your heart, soul and mind to your desires.
Single White Female
If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I do enjoy my freedom and that is still true about me but lately I would trade all the good times I have had sonce I became single just to be with someone. I'm really tired of seeing couples together. I'm tired of always being around people who has someone there to help them and give them support in all the things that they are doing. I miss being held for no reason at all but the fact that it was me. I hate rainy days now because I miss snuggling on the couch with the person that I am with and watching movies together with no cares about the world outside the house. I'm really tired of feeling used by everyone because I am single. I mean I am 28 years old I'm not getting younger and I do want kids someday. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I'm almost ready to settle down again but not all the way just yet cause I am far from ready for marriage anytime soon the last one burned ne pretty bad. Hell sometimes to tell the tr
Shop Till You Drop
Note 2 Self, Rouph Finish
† its been asked wat is true love, are there realy one heart and one soul for one other out there. i would like 2 think so. ive never know it 2 a fact. but i have ben in love twiced b4. ....actually 3 times. felt those butterflies in ur stomeck and felt all warm and good... kinda high. and u think thats as good as it gets but thats ONLY, the BEGINNING, of it all. was like i was loosing control of myself, never felt those fealings b4, and very hard 2 get those kinds of fealings, (very hard 2 get those relationships)the more ive tried 2 understand it, the fealings, the more control ive lost. was like walking in butter, like every hard thing ive know turned 2 marshmellows. my mined i guse wasnt capable 2 except it all so fast, (mayb thats whn they say i cant breath, ur smothering me, spend the day or week apart) but i never said that. but did hear this cool ass kick ass song by queens rice (or how u say the band name) was called sialent lucitity. that song, listin 2 it! WORD PER WORD! it
Rss The Future Of E-learning
RSS the Future of E-learning RSS wears many a hats - rich site summary, really simple syndication - RSS or evenResource Description Framework RDF. RSS is basically a lighter XML format designed for sharing Web content. As it is one of the simplest uses of XML, RSS has become widely distributed. The RSS file can include a logo, a site link, an input box, and multiple news items. Each news item consists of a URL, a title, and a summary. Because the data is in XML, and not a display language like HTML, RSS information can be flowed into a large number of devices. In addition to being used to create news summary web pages, RSS can be fed into stand-alone news browsers or headline viewers, PDAs, cell phones, email ticklers and even voice updates. RSS files are created by content publishers and then delivered to people who have subscribed to that feed using a "feed reader" application also called a news aggregator. The feed reader program checks with the originator of the content regularl
2 All The Ladies!!!
hey 2 all my ladyfriends,the lounge i work at has become a real sausage factory lol so would be awesome 2 have some feminin company 4 a change:D plz come and join at cherry's psycho lounge and party with me:p
I Must Have Missed Something Here
I have been in chats now since 1999.† And I guess I shouldnt be shocked at the lack of immaturity in these places. I think back to when I was in my 20's,† 30's and early 40's and think ,† humm did I act as lame as some of these peeps in here do? I like to be silly,† and tease friends,† but I know when to draw the line and when a joke is no longer a joke. Some in here forget we all have feelings and it doesnt matter if its the inter net or out side of it.† We still have feelings and words do hurt. We also dont like to be de graded for any reason yet most on here think its amuzing till it happens to them.† Then they are the ones posting mums whinning about how every one is bashing them. I have to laugh because its funny to see them whinning about being picked on and prior to that they were the ones picking on others.† Just little kids in a school ground out to play and† others poke fun at them or take their toys and run. Then you get these cyber bullys who dont know you from beans
all i long to do is thrive all i long to do is live somwhere beyond this passive parasitic existance i call life i only want a sign something signifying that things will get better if i could only see that i'd change anything just to feel something
My Grandpa
I sit in my bed watchin tv as another sleepless night slowly passes along. movie after move, show after show; i flip thought channels loosing interest almost immeditly in things i could spend countless hours watchin and enjoying. i just cant concentrate, cant focus on what is making my already cluttered mind race more than usual. to allow myself to think without visual distractions i turn the tv off in the attempt to fall asleep to my music. music that lets my mind wonder, think about things that i have and daringly take for granted along with pains that i pushed deep away as to free myself from their grip. the songs change from sad, slow, pain driven songs to joyful, love filled serenades of deamlands; in each one i find different sides of myself. in the sad sorrowful songs i have but one thing on my mind... Death. death is the most influent asset of my life for the past few years, so in-turn the word death brings rememberance. In this i see my otherside. my caring, big-hearted bein
Army Brats!! Got To Love Us Lol
Army Brats Category: Life You know you are a military brat if:. . . you always wish you were back at the last place you were stationed... even 20 years later.. . . you are amazed at people who have lived somewhere more than three years.. . . you are amazed at people who have never left their hometown.. . . you are asked if it is hard always moving around but you don't know anything different.. . . you are initially confused when asked where you are from, but quickly respond everywhere.. . . you didn't save things so you wouldn't go over the weight allowance of the next move.......your baby booties looked like combat had kiki leared to drive a tank before a car.......your mother never said "just wait till your father gets home" she delt out the learned more states history then any other subject in the differant schools you went KNOW what KP duity is.......your bed time stories were wepons ever go
My Midget
Heart beating in my chest, Pain rising from deep within, I push myself to do my best, But i ask myself, why this again?? The darkness clouds my hopes and dreams, Sometimes I'm all alone, as it seems, With only my crumbling heart pushing to thrive, Forcing my mind beyond truth, making me feel alive. Nothing is impossible, I am the source of my answer, And for some reason it still haunts me like a cancer, Disappearing, only to return again, worse than before, I feel myself slipping away, ever so slowly, The thoughts rip through my mind, reopening an old sore, Crushed and in doubt, i drift away, calmly. Listeing to my heart beat fade in the distance silence, Thump thump... thump.. thump...... thump.... With the silence fulfilled, ears deafened completely, The darkness surrounds my, consuming me entirely, Loneliness befriends my soul, hiding my deeper in the abyss, Looking up, I see no more happiness, Only the pain that pushed me over the edge, How i wish my f
*UNTITLED* I sit here with nothing but you on my mind, All i can tell myself is your one of a kind. You may blush, you may laugh, All i feel is your my better half. Every moment that passes without you by my side, Is overshowed by they kisses you try to hide. When im with you i feel complete, I can stare into your eyes and just lose myself, Without you now i feel alone, Without you here i feel lost, I cant stand being away for more than a few minutes, As i sit here wide awake and alone, You read my mind and call my phone, The sound of your voice so soothing, much needed, But the distance between us is unbareable, I dont know what else to say, But the look in your eyes tells a story more than words can describe, I miss you so much. I want you here right now *WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU* I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so soft and deep. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so tender and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the way you show
Dating Quistionare
The dating questionnaire † 1. Are you a nut job?†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Yes/no 2. No seriously are you a nut job††††††††† yes/ no 3 If no to any of the above questions what kind nut are you? 4.If answered yes to the first two questions, honesty is good , if you knew what kind of nut you were I heard planters is hiring , good luck and also try almond joy 5 are you employed?††††††††††††††††††† Yes/no 6. if unemployed , do you collect food stamps and what restaurants Do you go to? 7. if you answered no employment how many years do you think it will take for you to have j.o.b.? 1-3years 3-5 or waiting for a man 8. If unemployed do you think a blow job really is a job?†† Yes or no 9 if you answered yes lets shake hands and call it a day, going down is not a chore it’s a duty…..If I have too so do yo
Tater Is Sick-please Read
Skeleton Party Bullie
† Click Pic to Enter Ruthless SoulsThe Hottest DJsRawking YOU! Kick Ass Tunes..Kick Ass People..Join Us Now!If you DARE!!!!!
Im And The Stupid
I don't get the studs...I just get the duds! LOL snicedick: hime: Hisnicedick: asl?snicedick: im 33 male mountainviewsnicedick: ume: I don't think sosnicedick: u have picsnicedick: im 5-09 165 pound italian mansnicedick: youme: It's to the rightsnicedick: u are hottsnicedick: how tall are ume: 5'10"snicedick: nicesnicedick: u like italian manme: Truthfully, nosnicedick: im good loversnicedick: i wish u are here i like to buy you drinkme: How nice for yousnicedick: soo nicesnicedick: whats your name im tonyme: Gee, an Italian named Tony. The odds.snicedick: u like date?me: That sentence makes no sensesnicedick: i like to met you if u whanme: Have no desire to meet you nor did I express onesnicedick: i can make u soo happyme: No, you couldn'tsnicedick: try meme: No thankssnicedick: 9 incme: So?snicedick: all ways hardme: So's a dildo.snicedick: my real babyme: LOL Yeah...I ain't going theresnicedick: met meme: What part of NO didn't you quite grasp?
Written By One Of My Close Friends For Katt
Katt's Pyre I close both eyes and imagine you with me. I turn off the music and look away. The clouds bring reprieve from the sunshine The rain can't wash the ache away. What about those of us who love you? Werent we Good enough for you to stay? What did u see on the horizon? Who did you hear call your name? Accross the Shore, beyond the Pale moon's rising, The White Vessel travelled ; Oh Why couldn't it's trek be in vain? Does it radiate to you, accross the distant sea, the pain of your abscence? it does for me. Yet even in the chasam that is my heart, I take solstice in our time apart. The time we are apart, my love, my friend, one day must come to an end. When The White Vessel comes to me, When my soul travels accross that great sea, I know on the shore, the first face I will see, will be yours; You holding your arms out to me. You will smile and say"Welcome home, my friend!" and a true home it will be; The tears will dry, The pain will cease; only love, pea
So here goes. † this blog is based off something that happened to me just recently. † i'd say about a year or so ago i met this woman on here. and we started chatting here and there nothing huge, but for some reason about 8-9 months ago we started really talking, we'd text daily and many times a the point that i know we went well over 8000 texts in the span of maybe 4 months...i dont know about you but to me that's a shitload of texting † well i thought everything was going great, she was sexy, gorgeous, smart, funny, great personality and was very much like me, we liked the same movies and music, so im thinking to myself holy shit...JACKPOT. i found a keeper here. † we make some plans...she was gonna come down here to visit me so we could go to a show together and get to meet each other. well the time comes and goes...i bought her a ticket and ate the 50 bucks for the show...i was ok with it, she told me her work wouldnt let her go...which i understood. so i said fuc
Poem Number 1#
Many don't know this side of me, but before I became a manager I wrote poems nearly every day, but of course things happened and I don't write as frequently as I used to. Therefore, I decided to use this blog on here and† as well to see what people think of it. Like you, I have no idea how the response will be like, but hopefully it'll be positive. All I ask is if you don't like it, then comment constructively. As of May 26, 2009, I have a combined 431 poems. I'll kick this off with a poem that a got a small award for on At its peak it was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on, it's called "Tranquility". I love to touch your face, Your skin, your lips, your mind And I can hold your tears, Your doubt, your sorrow, your fears, I’m saying this, because I want to hold you near. I wish I could have your taste, On my lips, my mind, my soul. When we kiss, it will stay in my mind, Today, tomorrow, for all time.
Hey people. I'm really depressed. Wondering what to do with my life. Thinking of all of the things I want to do. Are they worth while? What is my ultimate goal? Will doing these things make me a better person? Please feel free to comment. Hearing the thoughts of others is always helpful.
''maybe'' Word
Sadness knocked my doorMy tears opened that doorWho took my lover??!!I lost my love now?!!Maybe it’s my mistake??Maybe it’s just a running lifetime ‘Maybe ‘word, it has a thousand meaning Maybe it’s not my faultMaybe my time has goneMaybe word is a sea of secretsA sea there is no harbors forOn that painful sea shores, her steps Those steps prince like a wounds wide openedAnd my eyes filling them with tearsMy days are lostMy dreams are burnedThe sun, that shining sunIt set long time now, sleep my poor eyesSleep over my wounds, but please don’t tell my secretsThe one was my soul, she hasn’t set yetShe still in my soul.Maybe it’s my faultMaybe my time has gone!!Every time I try to forgetMy heart yell: I can’tI can’t, but who can ,can.A journey was written long time agoAnd it has to be walked We have to travel.Maybe it’s my mistakeMaybe it’s my faultMaybe my time has goneMaybe word has a thousand meaningMaybe word is a
My Sweet Sister In Need Of Fu Luv
† † This is for one of the sweetiest woman on fubar I know. My sister & everyones friend indeed. She just had major surgury last week & the reason for her surgury is in her blog. Asking everyone to take the time to stop by her page & show her some welcome back luv & show her how much we luv her. She's almost to lvl 28 & makeing it will add sunshine to her life. Rallying gifts of luv so much would add & make a big difference. Rates & Blings & sorts & so on. What ever we can do to brighten her life in her time of pain suffering. to the people that know her. ~Sinfully DelicIous~Blondie~Dangerous Curves ♥IŖÔC♥DSC♥RR♥ ♥
Live Auction In Purple Magik!!!
Come & Hang Out With Us Tonight At!! > We have friendly people, good music, random bling for new members and live auction! So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends! We are having a live auction on May 27th @ 8pm fu time come and join and have sum fun!!! Here are our entry's so far!! ~Bratt~**Depends Who You Ask's** Stalkee:) «hŚotÔc PģÓŮÁŽ$$
Dinner And No Movie
Sometimes you eat dinner and there's no movie..but sometimes there's sex and beer and you forget all about the movie. Sometimes you crave poetry..other times you just wanna bend her over and pull her hair. † There's a time for roses and candles, but usually she'd rather have cunnilingus. † I'm thirsty.
Dead and Gone Lyrics I've been travelin on this road to long Just trying to find my way back home The old me is dead and gone dead and gone Ooooooo I've been travelin on this road to long Just trying to find my way back home The old me is dead and gone dead and gone Ever had one of dem days u wish woulda stayd home Run into a group of niggas getting they hate on U walk by they get wrong u reply then shit get blown Way outta proportion way past discussion Just u against them, pick one then rush em Figure u get your hair? that next They dont wanna stop there now they bussin Now u gushin, ambulance rushin u to the hospital with a bad concussion Plus ya hit 4 times plus it hit ya spine paralyzed waist down now ya wheel chair bound Nevermind that now u lucky to be alive, Just think it all started u fussin with 3 guys Now ya pride in the way but ya pride is the way u could fuck around get shot die anyday Niggas die every day all over bull shit dope money dice game stash box contents Could th
God Is My Copilot
Acouple of days ago i had someone leave a comment in my shout box about my status line of "God was my copilot but we crashed".† It said if god was my copilot than i was in the wrong seat.† This really pissed me off becouse this person does not know who i am, never asked what i meant by it or anything of the sort, if you don't understand something i write than ask me to explane it!† I am not afraid to explane anything or defend anything that i say.† So now that i got that out of the way my thought on the status line is this, God is my copilot he guides me(or pushes me† most of the time) and when i crash he is there to pick me up and ask me "Now what did you learn from this one?" If God was the pilot we would never crash, never fall down and scrape your knee, and never have to learn how to get back up and walk down the road. I think if God is your pilot you would never have to learn anything and therefor never grow mentaly and spiritually becouse you wouldn't have to do anything becouse
Whats The Big Deal
Got roped into another politically charged conversation again. "The Right for Same Sex marriages". Go for it. I've got nothing against it. If you are willing to commit to someone for the rest of your life it shouldnt matter wich way you swing.I say let them get married cause they have a right to be as miserable as everyone else lol
Why Is It That Most Of The Women's Pictures On Here Are Sleezy/
I have noticed for a long time now that 90% of the women on here have very sleezy to down right display images. I personally feel that women on here do not need to exploit themselves to get attention. I am well aware that this is a social network designed and creadted for adults. I am perfectly ok with the ones that have their flirtatious to sexual pictures in a private album of which members of this site by the owners choosing can view the photos. I however believe that a woman's breasts and pussy should not be spead from here to kindom come just to get men to talk to her. Even if the woman is not easy she is labeling herself that way for posting images like that. So to all you breast showing pussy spreading whores, make your fucking pictures private. Also do not bash me simply because I do not have any pictures of a sexual nature for all to veiw. I am proud of the fact that I do not need to reveal my body on this site or any other site to get to know people. I am not prude and am
My Expectations Of My Staff Members
ok it's about time i put one of these up. most of ya'll know how i am and what kind of person i am. those that don' close attention. i am a very laid back kind of guy, and i will give everyone a chance. i don't play around with bs and i take care of mine. i have stood up for my staff members always and will continue to do so...with that bein said. my expections: † Greeters: your job is to greet people as they come into the lounge. no matter whether you know them or not.get them involved in them feel at home. † Head Greeters:make sure the greeters are doin their jobs...and greeting as well.if you know of people you'd like to have as a greeter. you have the liberty of bringing that person in. † Promoters: your job is to bring people in anyway you know how. bully's,personal (hit them up in sb),advertise...tell them what we are like and see if they want to be a part of it. † Head Promoters: same as promoters...but also to make sure they are doin their part.
In Love, A Fire Burns....
Just embrace it Even when things arent always the best Never give up on it Never let it go Always love (glance at the beginning of each line and that is for whom my fire burns)
Love Is
Love Is knowing how lucky you are becasue you dont deserve them its doing everything in your power to make someone as happy as they make you its having nothin so you can give them everything Love is carrying the wieght of the world upon your shoulders becasue with out them you would have no world
The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled In The Name Of Science
The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science By Luke McKinney † #6. John Paul Stapp, Scientist and Human Bullet While other so-called heroes run around saving useless things like kittens and "civilians," John Paul Stapp looked at jet fighter pilots and thought, "Those poor guys need my help." Yes, the manliest profession in the world since "Grizzly Bear Rodeo" was outlawed, and World War II veteran Dr. Stapp was the man who saved them. He served as a flight surgeon in WWII, and after the war performed critical research on the effects of sudden deceleration on the human body. His human body. He used a rocket armed with four rocket engines and a total thrust of 6,000 pounds. The wider scientific community believed the human body could not survive more than 18 Gs of deceleration--Stapp hit 35. Because he goddamn could. He became the fastest man in the world, moving faster than a bullet--632 miles per hour. In 1954 he decelerated from 120 miles per hour to
Oh I, had a lot to say.Was thinking, on my time away.I missed you and things weren't the same.Cause everything inside, it never comes out right.And when I see you cry, it makes me wanna die.I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue.I'm sorry about all the things I said to you.And I know I can't take it back.I love how you kiss. I love all your sounds,And baby the way you make my world go round,And I just, wanted to say, I’m sorry.This time, I think I'm to blame.It's harder, to get through the days.We get older and blame turns to shame.Cause everything inside, it never comes out right.And when I see you cry, it makes me wanna die.I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry I'm blue.I'm sorry about all the things I said to you.And I know, I can't take it back.I love how you kiss. I love all your sounds, And baby the way you make my world go round,And I just, wanted to say, I’m sorry.Every single day, I think about how we came all this way.The sleepless nights and the tears you cried.It's nev
Tribute To 911...least We Forget !!!
† † † † † † "I'd Like To Think"i'd like to think...that beautiful blue morning you smiledi'd like to think...that you were with a friend that dayi'd like to think...that as you learned of the peril were able to be in peace...i'd like to think...that as the fire reached around heard the word of your LORD...i'd like to think...that as the towers finally gave way...whatever your last action felt the arms of angels...i'd like to think...that you know we will never forget you...i'd like to think...the reason no bodies were found...was because the "Lord " reached out with "His army of angelsto take you to the Heavens above...
My Father
as i said before about my parents i thought my father was a lil better then my whore of a mother well today he proved it after i already forgive him for alot of things today he called me and ask if i can go get my grandmothers belonging since they are moving into a new appointment in the same place they lived at well i went there with my bff once i got there i forgot to take a vike's before i started lifting things i know i should not becuse of my left arm its still needs time to heal but i cant just stop my life and depend on others i have alwasys been indenpent unless iam lazy lol then that"s deffrent but still he knows i have some health issues that mother fucker lay on his ass and does nothing to help all he did was sit on his couch and watch the news and his gf all she does is run her fat ass mouth and complaining iam now sweaty tire hurting stressing and i already know that tomorrow iam going to be hurting alot more† i put all my energy into doing all the damn work my bff help al
Mommy She's Baaaa Acccckkkk
there goes the neighbourhood † I wonder if I pick on her and shit if I will get deleted ? † †
The Hesperides, Daughters Of The Evening
We are the three sisters of Evening,We are the nymphs of a garden.Our voices bring forth beautiful singing,We can become trees among the golden.Their apples ripe with immortality,Ladon stand guard over them.Those who steal face fatality,He is the one who will condemn.He talks to us as we sing,Our voices lilting in the trees.Aegle is the luminous one,The willow blowing in the breeze.Erytheia is the crimson one,I am the willow in the grove.Hesperia is the evening one,Her poplar is full of love.Once our apples were stolen,Hercules had tricked the God Atlas.Aethena returned them crestfallen,The scared fruit returned alas.We are the Hesperides, Daughters of the Evening.
A Trembling Sigh
As I sit here, the walls close in I wonder what is yet to come.The shadows grow darker toward meMy light starting to fade some.The tears streak down my faceMy will lost to all.I shudder with resignationI am about to fall.I sigh readying myself for the killI tremble waiting for the slice.I wonder when it will happenI worry will death be nice.My pain is plainly seen on my faceMy darkness has grown high.I laugh at Death, he angersI grow quiet with a trembling sigh.
Back For More Punishment Lol
Hey all† its the devilish one himself Devilish DD yes i decided to come on back to the fu even though† its only been a month . I know kinda sad in some peoples eyes. Well i am back on the fu† and i am gonna be m,aking a new lounge† so† to all the loungers out thier that may read this. I need a station† to stream in my lounge so far only one has† been willing to say† stream me lol† so† before i pick any station im first gonna be spending time in thier lounges to see wich† kind of music and what kind of people it brings in. So† all the Radio Stations out thier i am sure i am gonna have to make a choice and narrow it on down .† Also i will need help with setting up the lounge anyways yes im back online† and on the fu† mostly in lounges† but i will return the rates. Also† one last thing† out of all† i have on† my list i only had 15 rate my profile page† now thats kinda riduclious had to say it ne ways† im back for more punishment lol
The Real Smile
The real smile. . . . . .comes without any effort.With every ending, there is a new beginning. And every new beginning, by it's own nature, creates it's own ending.A friend sent me this quote:"Clinging to what seems certain means never progressing beyond the past."And it rings so true.Really embracing means really letting go. To really let go, is also to really embrace.The deeper the embrace, the deeper the risk of pain and loss. To really go deep I have to step past that fear of pain and loss. And to really step past that fear of pain and loss I have to deeply embrace what is.Without judgment, and with open arms, the heart has to be kept open regardless of what arises. And it will arise until it does, that is grace.Hey, is it too late, or can I have an easier curriculum please?!Yes I know, it is WAY to late for that. . . and it is beautiful. Tell me this. . . . without the clouds, can you tell if it is a sunset, or sunrise?"Real Love is the one celebrating itself as two."
Hey You!
Yeah!Yeah YOU.Yes I'm talking to YOU, Bluetooth user. Guess what???? Noone gives a shit! Noone cares!!!Noone even knows who you are!Well, we didnt until you started yapping your imaginary friends ear off. Now we know to call you king of the loser tribe, who somehow was accidentally transported here from loserville. It must have been a time warp. A fuckin time warp placed perfectly in order to just screw up my day.Now we have to deal with you and your horrible voice. And your crooked lip. That lip makes me sick. Get your lip fixed. It looks like a worm stuck on the concrete searching aimelessly for the lawn. Which end of a worm is the head and which is the ass? I know you are an ass bluetooth user. I know that for sure. In fact you probably have two asses. One where I do and one somewhere else. Somewhere lame. Like your ankle. You have an ankle ass. It gets in the way when you are walking and thats why you have that stupid pathetic limp. Can't even walk striaght for christs sake with yo
She Scores!!!!
Goal accomplished. I have laid on the floor of my dining room, pressing my nose to the glass so that I could exchange glances with the raccoons that come to eat the treats I put out for them and whatever critters want them, for at least two weeks. I started talking to them a week ago. They got used to the sound of my voice, the look of my face, and the treats on the porch. I really wanted to feed one a shelled nut out of my hand. YES!!! I just did it!!! I slid open the glass door fractionally, while the two raccoons growled at each other. Apparently there is some raccoon†hierarchy†for feeding that has to be kept to - only one raccoon on a step at a time. While they were busy keeping each other on the proper steps, I got the door open enough for two fingers to slide out. The raccoon on the top step turned back, and I†rolled†a peanut out the door. He took it. I rolled another one. He took it. The next one I held in my fingertips and he took it! My fingertip touched his cute little nose.
After June 8th
Well since most of you all don't know this summer I'm starting back back college so I can work my way up to a better job and better life. Since I'll probably be busy with my homework and hopefully working again soon I wont be on Fubar as much as I usually am. However I will try to make here on the weekends but I'd rather be working out and trying to get in shape and tone up some. Anyways I just want to say that I have met some "real" nice people on here who actually have connected and bonded friendships. I just want to say that I will miss you all alot once I'm in classes and working and that I hope we remain friends. Also I'd like to say to everyone live your dreams and follow your hearts passion sure it may take time and have ups in downs but in the end it will be worth it. Until then take care everyone. Yours truly, Billy145891
True Love Lasts A Lifetime!!
True love lasts a lifetime♥ A golden beam , from a torchbrilliantly shines upon my porch,Lively, fully radiating with joy. A lovely life for which i long Only one person to take me along.A wish , A dream fulfilled. With warmth that covers the shallows of my heartEven though, by distance we are very far apart.a link joined to my mind.which without you i would never find. A voice bonding directly to my soulA sign of beauty ,things to come Together with love we will live My heart my breath, longs for youfor your mere presence sends me chills I love you from the bottom of my heart.I know i always will. Mistakes i know i made before makes me very sad and soreFor these I repent like never beforebut true love will bind us togetherand keep us as one forever ♥
3 Libras
threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back, a name in your recollection, thrown down among a million same. difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over when i've looked right through to see you naked and oblivious and you don't see me.but i threw you the obvious just to see if there's more behind the eyes of a fallen angel, the eyes of a tragedy. here i am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded. but i see through it all and see you. so i threw you the obvious to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy. oh well. apparently nothing. you don't see me. you don't see me at all.
Evil,wicked, Mean And Nasty
yes i`m referring to that one blog whore whose name is in the title i will never mention her name again, nor ever talk to her again † she talked me into taking tomorrow off work to play on fu, then after i call in, she tells me she has an all day appt with her accountant.† who know hookers had acct`s? things must be different in cyprus † seeing as how i have never blocked anyone before, would someone please tell me how to do that?
Mythical Creatures
Okay so I just finished the movie Water Horse. It was awesome I must add that. It got me to thinking that there very well might be such creatures out there. Their are so many unexplained events and happenings. Over the years there have been numourus reports of sightings of such creature's such has Mermaids(Sirens),Water horse (Loch Ness Monster),Jersey Devil (The 13th Child),woman of the side (Banshee), I'm sure you've think I've lost my mind by now but I do think that theres more in the world than just humans and animals. So many people have reported seeing a woman come to them and tell them the time of there demise. This is where the story behind the banshee comes in. The Banshee was considered a messenger from the Otherworld who announced a coming death. Water horse (Loch Ness Monster) sightings date† back to around the 6th century, but the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, nicknamed Nessie;got a boost in the early 1930s with several reported sightings and alleged photographic eviden
I'm not exactly sure what to write in this. I'm sure some people are thinking I'm going to be talking so bad about Tom. I'm not. But like I said....a lot about me has changed. I guess the time away from here helped. I'm thinking maybe I should take the break every so often and clear my head. Anyway, back to the actual blog. I've had a lot of time to think about everything that happened between me and him. While it ended pretty rough, while we were was pretty good. Now let me clear this up before anyone assumes anything...NO, I'm not making this in some attempt to get back with him. I just think the last blog I wrote was pretty damn mean. Yes it was what I was thinking at that exact moment..but still. I should have been a bigger person and just moved on. Instead, I wrote some pretty mean things. Granted, they were all true..but I should NOT had made it a public blog involving mutual friends. That was really low of me. At the time..I needed to vent and all I can do is ho
I almost blew my job interview tomorrow without even knowing it! I thought it was at 11 but its at 10! Thank goodness I looked at the email again...Anyways folks, wish me luck! This could be a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and kick open another door....*crosses fingers* I desperately want a job...I need to work...I'm not meant to be a stay at home mom...I'm an awesome mom when I don't have to be pinned to it 24/7 but right now I feel like the psycho of the year.
its been a long time!!! well lets see wgere to begin, its still just me and my three oldest daughters, and i am still going to the gym, i have lost 30 pounds so far and i am feeling great. my girls are doing great, and even though i havent had any spare time for myself, its going o.k. my soon to be ex wife is still being really cold to me, but i dont care cause i have my youngest at least 2-3 days a week, and i talk to her everynight on the phone. so as long as i give my ex money, shes happy. anyway, its late and i have work tomorrow, so i will be back on tommorow.
I don't know what to think anymore. why does it seem like i destroy everything I touch? Why does the thought of death not scare me? Even worse why does it bring a smile to my face? Why do I have nightmares almost daily? Why do I have an insatiable rage inside me? Why do people fuck with my head? Why do I care? † I just want to enjoy these next six weeks. Is that so mch too ask? † †
Sensual Suicide
look at yourself, see your wrist with that twisted scar? get a blade, go down a trail thats been traveled before feel the warm rush, see the world spin, life fades blood trickles, go on taste it think it needs some salt? everything is your fault colors blur together, your useless life is over
Summer Party
Alone at night I wait in silence Nobody there to hear my cry in silence No soul to share my pain in silence Cant wait to be released from silence †
Ppl Who R Fakes And Liars
Ok so I been thinking.... I have found alot of the people I know are fakes... They will tell you they are your friend and then never want anything to do with you... Or you havee them people who tell you up and down they want to be your man and then you find out its all a lie he was only a fake.... Then theres them people who only want to get into your pants... I don't know how many times a person has to say they are not here for sex or dating... And then some people have the nerve for cutting you down because they didnt succeed in getting your im or your phone number..... I have noticed that I am liking this site less and less due to the people on it and there is really no reason to want to stay on it...
My Father's Forgiveness - A Request
Well -- as if things haven't been enough I found out today that my father has cancer.† He has cancer cells on his liver and lungs.† It's incurable.† He begins chemo tomorrow and it will pretty much destroy his immune system.I sit here and type this blog just a couple hours after receiving the news and the only thought running through my head is that life is unfair.I think about all the hard times that my parents have had throughout their life and how they've overcome them while remaining together.† I look at all the emotional pain they put each other through and then remember that even during all of that, they managed to raise 3 kids and stay married for almost 49 yrs.They don't deserve this.† No matter what someone has done in life, they don't deserve the pain that comes with liver cancer.† I cried not because I'm afraid to lose him, but because of all the things he will miss in his lifetime after her he gone.I hope that in his own heart and mind that he can finally come to terms with
So why is it when a guy talks to me and my weight problem comes up he always asks "well do you want to lose weight?" I always respond "Well, yeah...eventually." then he seems to think he needs to come up with a fucking game plan for me. Jesus! I've lost 100+ pounds...I know what I'm doing, and I know you have to be in a good place mentally. A person has to be very motivated and ready to make changes in their life. Ugh...
Best Friends?
Ok, now I know I'm not a perfect person however there have been some things going on lately that have really been pissing me off.. So someone in your life calls themselves your "best friend"... ok what do you expect outta that person? I expect unconditional and unjudgemental love. That's what I put out there to all my friends and I stupidly expect it back. Now, my best friend as of late has not been acting like one. One of our good friends from HS is wayyy into me and when he didn't get what he wanted, he made a fake account on here and started spying on me. When I let him know that we weren't going to be an option (seeing as how I HAVE A MAN!!!!!) My best friend has slowly but surely taken his side. Over Memorial Day weekend when I was out of town, She went out to the bar with him and to his house the next night for a bonfire. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they shouldn't be friends but seriously??? When I have backed up every stupid thing you've ever done... at least give me
Tired Of Not Being Stopped On Fu!!
I posted a mum few weeks ago about buying a VIPO for some fubucks--Im not allowed to do that accprding to the "Fu-Lords"--now I cant even post any mums. Im tired of them trying to be my parents.Im not allowed to say what i feel or anything. I may get my page taken from me after typying this--I hope I dont--but Im really upset I cant post a mum asking for help--esp when Fubar was gonna get money out of it
Some Days
There are some days you just don't want to know certian things. Or see certian things. I hate Tuesdays that are Mondays in disquise. I hate a lot of days lately. Good thing most of my time is spent working, looking for a job, or sleeping. I've been getting a lot of sleep lately. That's a good thing I suppose. Haven't spent a lot of time at the computer, hope people are doing well. The two or so of you who read this :P I'll check in again eventually.
I just signed up here, and am learning all the fun stuff to do. I've made several friends, one enemy, and gotten shitfaced quite a few times! Woo! I'm sitting here dirnking beer and trying to figure out the best way to make points without reading the help files. Yes, I am one of those people that throws the instructions away with the box just to see if I can put it together. lol Wish me luck!
Exodus Tyson
(CNN) -- The 4-year-old daughter of boxing legend Mike Tyson died Tuesday, a day after she was injured in a treadmill accident at her home, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said. Exodus Tyson was prounounced dead at 11:45 a.m. local time Tuesday, said Sgt. Andy Hill, a Phoenix police spokesman. He gave no other details. The girl was found by her 7-year-old brother on a treadmill in the Phoenix home Monday "with her neck on ... a cable" attached to the machine, police said in an earlier statement. The mother "took her daughter off the cable" and called authorities, and Exodus was taken to a hospital, according to police. Former world heavyweight champion Tyson traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Phoenix where his daughter was on life support in critical condition on Monday, police said. ************************ Most of the obituary is about the freak Mike Tyson. Nothing really about the child.
Twilight Family!!!
††I am looking for my twilight family!! Hey if you Love TWILIGHT as much as I do then you need to come and see me asap!!!†to become part of my twilight family!! we are just a bunch of fans that get togather and role play some times... we all get to pick a twilight name. I am Alice Cullen, so we need a lot of fans right now. I will be keeping up with every one and every thing on here so we can be a happy family like the cullens!! I want to do it like the books as much as posible ok.. † thanks so much Alice † I will up date this blog as I get the famly members ok!! † Bella Swan- Edward Cullen- Renesmee- Rosalie Hale- Emmett Cullen- Alice Cullen- Salty baby Jasper Hale- Lasher Esme Cullen-
No Way To Delay That Trouble Comin Everyday
Ah the first post to the scheisse files, and as you can guess, this is about shit that happens in my life. Lets gets started by saying Im moving for the second time in 10 days. Turns out the place we moved to is no good (A/C doesn't work for nothing). So now I have to move into another place and spend more money that dont have and hope to god that everything works out. Next the job, oh what a piece this is. I do repair work on computers and I have to deal with all the bullshit customers who ask the DUMBEST questions know to the human existence. Plus, on top of that my boss is instituting new "policies" that are supposed to make things better, he couldn't be more wrong on that. Leave it to the paper pushing pricks upstairs to make policies that don't work or are just too inefficient to make the company profitable. Not to mention I only get paid $10.30 an hour to deal with these stupid policies and the retard customers. I guess a new job is in order, eh? I would love to have a p
can i get a vip please
I've been gone for about 2 and a half weeks and it seems like so much has changed. Not only on here, but with ME too. I don't know. Just don't see the reasoning behind some of the things I did before. I guess I was being childish. Actually no guessing, I was. Thing're going to see me talking to some people that I've had blocked. No one needs to know what's changed my mind or give me "hell" because I'm talking to them. I want to, end of story. Now on to what's been going on in my life since I left here. I've been working like crazy. In the past month I've had 5 days off. I'm use to having 2 days off a week, lol. My Step-dad found out he was a "carrier" for MRSA. We all were tested and everything came back fine. Then we find out that the hospital told him the wrong results. Who knows who is really a carrier. Kind of scary I think. I've been thinking about making a series of blogs. Each one about a different person. I'll probably end up doing it, but not right now...maybe I'll
Southwest Styles!!!
You Better get ready for the album to drop!!! South West Styles and I am TURTLE!!!
The Inner Workings
Don't particularly know why, but I felt the need to explain this. Is about how I use my brain and why I may say some of things I say on here, when you all may think I am being detrimental to myself. Basically, I have as few thoughts running around up there as possible. A clear mind, for me, allows me to use it to it's full extent when I actually have a reason to think. For example, you ask me a question, I can answer without other things interfering with the thought process. I am by no means a forward thinker, I think on the spot. To some, that is a bad thing, to me, I don't think so. If I don't know something, I don't trouble myself with useless thoughts, I either look it up, or ask someone who will know. Basically, anything you ask of me is a specifically thought out answer, I have no premeditated something for everyone answer, if that makes sense. Weirdly enough considering all I've written, I am a thinker in general. Emotions, feelings, rarely enter in to the equation
What A Long Weekend
I am back at home after having traveled well over a 1000 miles down to San Jose, San Franicisco and Travis AFB.† We got to see everyone in the family and we had a great time in SF for two days.† I got see my younger brother graduate from San Francisco State University and at two great dinners at Fisherman's Wharf.† We ate a Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday night and then at at Hard Rock Cafe at Pier 39 on Sunday night. I am stuffed. Now to go down to Travis AFB again in June for father's day. Then taking our youngest son down again in July to spend some time his grandma for two weeks.† Hmmmmm... I wonder what we will do for two weeks with no son in the house?... lol † † †
Being Inlove And Loving Someone..
(kinda long but worth reading ^^) A REPOST A teacher of mine said to us once: " We really dont fall in and out of love. Love is always there it just needs to be tapped inorder for it to blossom." We may never find our soulmate in this lifetime but who knows? He or she maybe just beside you waiting. Something to share~ Love Why hold someone back... when u know u don't love them... Why keep them to yourself... when u know you won't wanna have them? Why let them miss other chances...when they can have them? If you really don't love someone....let them go...hurt them NOW.. not later...for a longer relationship builds stronger emotions... A good relationship isn't a game you play or an ego trip you take. It is about love and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and it can hurt more than we can believe too. When it does not really hurt when that person did something disappointing to you, but re ally hurts when you see that person in pain and sadness, then
Love Me!
I'm gonna be gone for a few days... luv me while I'm gone and I'll return the love when† I get back... thx to all my fu-friends!
One And All
listen† and you will hear the sounds of our four legged brothers, their soulful voices echoing into the night anting the familgy in the kingdom to band together.. † we as a family shpuld spend more time getting to know one another... getting to the heart of the family and enjoy each others company and share our sorrows... † we are a band, a pack, and we share the bond.. † we are here for the† greater good of the pack..for we are only as strong as our weakest member... † but that goes for all of the members on here and in seperate families † † † †
Fuglee's Leathers
Ok I know its self serving and shamless but I have to plug my new website Why? Cuz we have top dollar leathers at crackhead prices. I mean really. yea sure you can buy the thin ass chaps from some cheap ass leather site than tear the first time you snag the blinker on your bike. Or you can buy these and wreck at 70 and most likely live to tell about it or atleast your skin wont be tore up. Anyway take a look, pass it on to your biker friends. We attend rally's nation wide, and are looking for local models to shoot for our upcoming calendar. We also sponsor wet T contests and best ass in chaps contests. More to come as we get busy so keep checking in. Thanks END of shameless plug lol.
Letting Go
** You came into my life when I list expected you. At first I was reluctant to accept you but as we became closer, I had no other choice but to fall for you. Many were not favor of this relationship, for what reason, I don’t know. So I promised myself to win this battle no matter what. ***It was very hard to adjust since I’m new with this kind of commitment. I tried everything to become perfect one for you. I had given you everything, my heart, my mind and my soul. You’ve always been my priority. I had set aside my family, my friends and yes, even myself. That’s how I LOVE YOU! *** I was preparing for our 18th monthsary then, when I woke up one morning only to find out that you were gone. You left me without giving me a reason. You abandoned me without giving a damn! I couldn’t explain the feeling that enveloped me during those times. I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry and I wanted to die. I didn’t know where to start. You’re my world and I did
To All Married Couples And Singles Who Intend To Get Married
When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer, she had lost my heart to a lovely girl called Dew. I didn't love her anymore..I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years
A Bed Of Nails...
Shatter me Break my bones Black my eyes I need more Nothing else can satisfy I don't want it I know I need it Shut me down Let me drift away Give me what I crave I'll take it from you I've become so numb I have to feel something Spoon fed pain all my days The suffering is all I know Put the screws to me Scar my soul Leave me as you found me Confuse and blind me Hate me with a smile Kick me when you have me low "She maketh me to lie on a bed of nails..."
Hi My Friends
helloo my friends can i ask you a favor?? which one of my defult album pics i should have as primary one?? if you think one of them is worth it comment it please muahhhhhz u alllll
" Life "
Life It Gets Harder As You Grow, You'll Lose Friends, Family, And More Than You'll Ever Know. Time Will Fly By And It'll Keep Getting Faster, And In One Day, Turn From Perfect To A Complete Disaster. Things Will Continue To Happen As Unexpected As The Rain, And The Thing That Brings You Joy Will Be The Same Thing That Causes You Pain. Your Children Will Advance From Crawling To Reading Books, And Then Thier 18 Before You Can Take A Second Look. The One You Use To Love Swore They'll Never Break Your Heart, In The End Not Only Breaks It, But Tears It Apart. But If It Wasn't For The Things That Make You Frown, Then The Happiness Would Never Keep Your Feet On The Ground. So Keep Life Precious For There Is No Second Ride, So To Have A Good Life Or A Bad Life? Well That's For You To Decide. †
~Ŗō–• «ģĶmŖ£Ä~
finally recover and the mood is right looking up into a neon sky child in me takes over, guess it's been too long since the last time that i tried to fly finally i find when i lose control inside my body crumbles it's like therapy for my broken soul inside my body crumbles all i need's a moment, chance to get away from the stressfulness of every day know if i don't question and i never doubt everything is gonna be okay finally i find when i lose control inside my body crumbles it's like therapy for my broken soul inside my body crumbles i don't know if i'll be alright is it okay to be myself why do we always have to fight now i know it's alright finally i find when i lose control inside my body crumbles it's like therapy for my broken soul inside my body crumbles
What Can You Say?
The stage when we are ready for True Love, is when we no long want the "falling in love" drug that only comes from our body. It†comes when we are ready for the Love that comes†within our Soul! A Love that comes back to us the way we Deserve! Acording to how much we†Gave, not only to how much we recieved
Off The Road!!!!!
so today i delivered in san last delivery. decided that the road was not my friend..will start to look for a local gig . don't know if it will be driving or not. only time will tell. maybe a walmart greater or a chef or who know, maybe i should just sell drugs,,,,that appears to be where the big bucks are...and the woman...oh my...but done with the road. so i will let you know what the future will bring...i had on my status this past is many people wrote me to agree..they were right,,,,it is short. to short to waste running all over the country doing a job you hate. so on to the next adventure. my new tat will giude wish me luck. in this economy i will need it..big cali hugs..marty
Meus Domus...
Born behind the sun Out of shadow we have come We run together in twilights glow Family is too weak a word We live beyond the kin of man We three are united forever by blood and love This dark trinity is what I choose Blood runs thicker than water We are bound by sanguine dreams I long to feel your love stinging me Together forever in our Embrace Three united as one "Beatus Is Domus"
The High End Of Low
The High End of Low
Oral Sex Linked 2 Mouth Cancer
Dam always takin all my fun away!!!!
My Dreams
You have been in my thoughts constantly. All that my mind wonders is, when I will see your face again. Hold you in my arms...feel your arms around me squeezing me until I melt. Your kisses are like a match striking my soul. My knees get weak and my body wants you NOW! Self-control is all that kept me from making love to you for hours. My body wants made me want you. My body yearned for your hardness... all I could do is think of you enter me... hittin' it just right. Letting me ride you like the stallion you are. With your body on top of mine... you hit my love spot until we both explode all over each other. We quiver with unbelievable passion as we try to catch our breath. We can feel each other's essence as we gaze into forever... Will this dream ever be real?† Or just in my dreams? Original piece by BlaqueKat Copyright 2003
"Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 buy, But sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when U stop dreaming. Hope ends when U stop believing. Love ends when U stop caring. Friendship ends when U stop sharing. To love without condition. To talk without intention. To give without reason. And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend... If U Care........ Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Dont Even Go There
I'm a slut because I'll wear shorts & a tanktop.. I'm anorexic because I eat as much as I want & don't gain weight.. I'm a bitch because I don't let you push me around., I'm a liar because I won't tell you everything.. I'm stupid because sometimes I'm wrong.. I'm ugly because my face isn't perfect.. I'm queer because I like Girls.. I'm annoying because I'm not chill enough.. I'm a loser because I'm not friends with your group.. I'm fake because most of the time I'm happy.. I'm weird because I'm not like you.. I'm controlling because I get mad sometimes.. I'm clingy because I like to be around people.. I'm greedy because I like to be satisfied.. I'm naive because I'm younger than you.. I'm conceited because I'm proud of who I am.. I'm rude because my manners aren't perfect.. I'm unappreciative because I don't praise you.. Don't try to tell me who I am because I already know! † So a very personal close friend of mine said i missed a few, so here they are † I'm a† tr
Love? That Is The Question..what Is It?
What exactly is Love?Is it when being away fromSomeone makes youWant them even more?Is it when he looks so deeplyInto your eyes,You feel like you’reThe only one in the worldThrough his eyes.Is it when he reaches out toGrab your hand,You always seem to find his atThat same time, andYou never want him to let go.Is it when he kisses youWith his soft lips,He leaves you speechless, andYou know “he’s got to be the one.”Is it when every timeHe tells you he loves you,You’re suddenly at a loss for words.You know you want him with you forever andHe’s everything you have ever wanted.Is it when you’d put everythingOn the line to make him happy,Even if that meant walking through fire.Is it when you hear his voice on the phone,You know he is there,But you wonder what he is doing, or ifHe is thinking what you are thinking.Is it when you hear his name,You turn around, thenRealize he’s really not there, butYou can hear him whispering your name, andChills
I Miss Things
i miss having someone to hold at night and someone to kiss i have a lot of love but no one to give it too . fuck i hate this feeling sigh i know i m not ugly . someone tell wtf am i doing wrong ? how do i meet the perfect woman ?
Omg, I Want!!!!!
I am so tired of reading this daily in status messages or bulletins. Seems like everyone wants cherry bombs, auto 11's, Happy Hours, blasts, VIP's, and blings. Crazier still is people ACTUALLY give them this stuff.† Blah my head hurts and I wanted to bitch
Meant To Be With Me?
The thought of you races through my beating heartHow we finally met is a long story, where do I startFrom the airport to the mall it never crossed my mindThere was love walking next to me, why was I so blindWe spent the nights going on our little walksOn the days we laugh, joke and have secret talksThe last three days I began to see the lightThat I was in love with you as we dance through the nightI was very scared, I did not know what to doJust hoping and praying that you felt the same way tooEvery time that we were together I wanted you to touch meThat night you did just that and it made me so happyOur moment came and gone, it was time to say goodbyeTrying to forget what we had and trying not to cryAs I lay across the world on my own bed, all I can think about is youWas this love? or infatuation with someone new?Thinking that these feelings will surely passBut all I could dream is us rolling through the grassHow it would be so wonderful being in your armsLoving how you make me smile
This cold room just seems to get bigger or is it me shrinking in the center Since you went away, to where i couldn't follow. I smile and laugh, but still feel hollow. I am just holding on, waiting for you to come home. Home to this little cold room, you can make it warm again. Your things are scattered around the place Your voice on the phone saying You are not alone in being alone The photos i have of you never seem enough Every word written in text, every word spoken on the phone. It won't ever be enough. Only when i can be held in your arms again, to fall asleep beside you, to wake up cradled in those same, loving, warm, gentle arms. To feel your breath on the back of my neck, the thought sends shivers down my spine. To have your eyes look at me, those beautiful brown eyes, like there was nothing else on this earth Just you and me.
1000 Miles Apart
The Pain of doing this hurts me a lot,But the Love I have for you hurts me moreThe distance between us is nothing,Just a little obstacle for us to climb. I wish I could be there for you,To cuddle you at nights.To kiss you on the lips.To hold you when you’re sad. But since I can’t be there right now.I’ve got to let you go.My brain tells me not to,My heart knows you’ll come back Though our ages are young,Our past relationships bad.Deep down I know,We’re the best we’ve ever had. I’m sorry for moving so fast,I feel really bad,Your in no hurry to grow up.But I’m holding out my hand. I hope you’ll come back soon,When you realize what you have,One†woman that deeply loves you,It’s your baby…im hereAnd I’m waiting for you…
Are U Real
We’re lost in a dreamworldJust you and INo one else in this private placeWe talk, we listen and we make loveI feel your lips moving over mineYour hand touching my faceJust you and I in our own little space. I may never look into your eyesI may never know your touchBut you’ve filled an emptiness insideThat I needed Oh so much.We met by fate, We loved in dreamsWas it really real?But I can close my eyesWhen ever I want and pretendIt’s you I feel. Your eyes, your touch, your kissThese I’ll never knowI keep them hidden deep insidewithin my very soulWhat ever else we may have hadYOU have made me whole
The heat is moving towards my fingers Smoke is filling up my eyes This bench is filling up with ashes And sadness is filling up my mind I don't even know what day it is While I sit here all alone The moon above is making me cold And dispair is bringing me home I need to keep busy I need to keep drinking I'll do whatever it takes To try and keep from thinking Because thinking brings sadness And sadness brings pain Physical...emotional... It all feels the same I don't want to die I swear I want to live But I need to keep drinking Because thinking is a sin
Seeing Through My Brother's Eyes
so flawed so addicted so conflicted narcissistic isn't the word to describe it i'd have to hate myself a lot less for that take shape take aim boy this is your life now fight for a cause you never truly bought but will ultimately pay for
Have Me...
You can have me on the bed... soft and warm You can have me on the floor... hard and rough You can have me across the table... the glass top might break You can have me on the grass... tickling that hot spot You can have me in the garage... the work bench is sturdy You can have me in the whirlpool... hot and bubbling You can have me in the garden... oops don't crush the tomatoes You can have me on the car... the engine is still hot You can have me in the elevator... can you take me to the top You can have me on the roof... feels like I can reach the stars You can have me in the front... work that shyt right You can have me from the back... now spank that ass right The answer is not "You can have me" The question is "Can you handle me???" Original piece by BlaqueKat Copyright 2001
The One
To the one personWho when speaking to youBlocks out the dread filled worldWhich we live in The one who makesThe world seem, such a better placeEven though day to dayI dont see your face The one who has shown meHow to love againSo I don’t have to live in pain The one who I think aboutFirst thing when I get upWhen the morning birds singThe one who I think aboutLast thing at nightWhen the sunset sky kicks in The one who I wishI could holdAnd stay in the one momentUntil we grow old The one I know I want to be nearSo I can wipe any tears The one who I knowI can share me hopes and dreamsThe one who makes me feelI can do anythingThe one I love from the bottom of my heartNo matter how many oceans apart
Falling Again
Hate, anger, tears,Built up walls full of fear.Gave up feelings gave up care.No more of my love would I share. Until a warrior came upon my wall.Courageous, determined , and enthralled.Seeking out the depths of my soul,Touching my heart with console. He captivated me with them brown†eyes.Looked past my smile full of guise.Slowly my wall became devouredMy pain, suffering and sorrow scoured. He was an intriguing undiscovered tale,A fiery soul longing for a love that would never frail.He held a flaming torch within my rapture.Now for this brave my heart he has captured. He fulfills my underlying happinessWith every empyrean kiss.As every minute transcends the love between us emergesAbove all life’s obstacles that face us we will surge. With patience, trust, faith, and generosity.We will meet our relationships velocity.Discovering each other to our inner core.The many different attributes of life we will explore. Our future together is as uncharted as the sea.However my devot
What Is Love, Honestly?
I've come to finally realize that no matter what you will always have people come in and out of your life.† A lot of times for reasons unknown, as to why a person is no longer in your life or as to why this person was brought into your life.† I've come to see that true friends won't walk out on you.† They will stand by you through thick and thin, never turning their back on you, accept you for who you are, not cut you up, make a mockery of you, but be there for you through your worst and best times, help you make decisions, be a confident, be a shoulder to cry on, be there to pick up the pieces of a shattered heart, just be a person that no matter how good or bad life is treating you, will stick through it right with you.Kind of like love...Love is such a beautiful thing.† I forgot what it was like to feel love, actually I think I became extremely bitter to love after a failed marriage.† How do you even describe love.† It's so hard to do, I mean honestly if we could all describe love a
Distorted Emotion
I'm so confused don't know what to do.† I open my heart a bit to try and understand another person's heart.† I see things I'm afraid of, so I rapidly close the door fast.† I want to let you in, let you see all my insecurities, but I'm so afraid once you see my true scars you will run and leave me alone.† I don't want to be alone and if I don't open up I may be, but who am I to know that for sure unless I risk the chance of finding out.† I don't want to open up and share my hidden secrets, for every time I have, I got shattered.† I don't want to walk alone in the dark, I need your gentle hand to help guide me.† I want to be able to trust you with every last breath in my body, but how can you trust somebody who does not even trust in their self.† I want a chance to show you how much I can and would love you, but would you really accept me for all that I am?† I would hope you would cast aside the fact that I've been hurt so bad and I'm so scared to show the way I could really care.† You'v
**~~*Jenni*~~** .√iolets.'s ToY@ fubar † I know everyone is going for spotlight right now, but she's been quietly collecting. Can you spare her a few. Jenni is a rl friend. ♥
Club Fantasia Skate
† ::Click skateland pic to goto the skateland blog:: Welcome to the first ever Fubar Skating Rink.. You want to meet some new friends Level up at the same time?? Then this is the place for you.. There are a couple rules to enter the skating rink:: 1. Must Fan, Rate, and Friend all the people skating (ADD Fubar's skateland IN THE SUBJECT OF FRIEND REQUEST IF U DONT DO THIS I DONT KNOW U WANT TO ENTER) if u are allready someones friend please leave a comment or buy a gift.. 2. Once you have done that (contact McLovin to be added when done). You will be added to the list so people can add, fan and friend you also. 3. If you like lvling and meeting new people then come on in and laces up them skates. 4. Having fun is most important. So enjoy meeting new people and besure to check out CLUB FANTASIA afterwards Where the drinks are always cold. BROUGHT TO YOU BY :::: McLovin:::: ḋ
The trip to illinois went awesome. i'm here with lucifer's disciple, smurfy and ghost. aside from some med side effects, i'm doing fucking awesome. i'm loving being here, i'm loving being with people that are hysterical, sweet and caring. it's good to feel surrounded by support. i know my family loves me but friends bring a different kind of love. so do boyfriends. duh lol. anyway i just wanted to drop a quick note to say i'm doing wonderful and i love being here (h) ~sin
My Thoughts On Barack Obama And The People Who Bash Him
A lot of you are bashing on Barack Obama because he has not brought "change" to America like he had promised in his campaign. What you all need to understand is this.....George W. Bush made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions that really messed up the United States during his 8 years in office. Obama has only been in office for 5 months and you expect all of that to be undone right away? How delusional are you? Nothing happens overnight, not even "overnight" mail. So many of you are calling him the worst president ever when he really has not even done that much yet. Not trying to start any arguments, though I am very sure that a few will start up, but I truly believe in my heart that most of you only bash on him because he is African-American and you hate the idea of having an African-American president. Now I am not calling any of you racist, I am just sharing my thoughts on the situation. If John Kerry had been elected and his first 5 months were the same as Obama's, would you be bas
Fvck You!
For all you idiots out there listen to me really fucking good okay? Im pissed right now. I just got offered 500 dollars to have sex with someone here. He was dead serious.You motherfucker your lucky Im not posting your name.That is utter disrespect towards a woman. Your lucky I dont get you arrested for propositioning me.I dont think its funny.I dont think its cute.I think you just spit on my moral character.I will say this once more.If ANYONE else disrespects me or my relationship again you will be blocked and deleted.I dont care if I had my pussy pics shining to the world that doesnt give anyone the right to put me down and degrade me.I am a LADY. I am in a loving relationship.I never want to be with any of you.I never want to fuck any of you.I never want to meet any of you.I have friends here and that is it.If you can't get that well I suggest you pay a 2 dollar whore.I will not be treated like a slut by anyone.I know who I am and I know how I am.Dont fuck with me.You might think Im
Till Then
Let me†roost upon the†feathery grass, Lie prone†among the flowers And while away the beautiful day,†Feeling your love for hours. Let fairies†purvey your†Angelic†kissesAnd†arrange†them on my cheek, Let†all thoughts of†wondrous moments Into my daydreams sneak.†Let the arms of nature†embrace usProtect from Winters chill.Release from us our burdens, Let†life and time†stand still. †Let me bask in rays of sunshine And feel the morning dew. Let me lay among the flowers Till I can be with you
†† † †† † We Have Come To Take Over Your Soul.Click Any Pic For A Soul Stealin' Good Time With No Drama & No Bull Shit!!!!(repost of original by 'Kare ~*Jeff's R/L Found Treasure*~' on '2009-05-26 13:12:28')(repost of original by '–J§ōZZM√—§' on '2009-05-26 13:20:36')
My Life So Far
Well let me start off with from now on in my life I am going to be doing background checks on any and all women that come into my life.† I only say this because there was this Gal that I thought was my friend when all my family and other friends was telling me she was TROUBLE.... Well I should have listened you see she played me as a fool and offered me all kinds of stuff in favor of doing shit for her!† Well when she wanted her house to burn so she could collect the insurance money on it she made an offer that sounded way to good but always kept her promises to me so I thought what the hell why not and went along with her plan!† Only to End up in Jail and countless court dates and what not so my life is shitty right now and I hope that it gets better!
As a tear falls in the palm of your hand, I smile in the sadness... All the pain, Is going away. I know you are here, I know I don't have anything to fear So why am I crying? I don't know. You hold my hand, I squeeze it tight you just softly smile and whisper three words. I Love You
My mind is willing, my heart closed my soul yearning, body transposed this thing I feel, pulling away telling me to go, telling me to stay confusing lines, mind in pain wanting change, and everything the same no sense in this, living in the past but I stood still, and life went by fast Love lost, happiness gone, soul tormented learning hurts, mind suffering, thoughts demented Maybe one day there will be no more pain no more thoughts of the past to drive me insane but then again, they keep my feet on the ground they are all thats left, your no longer around
26 May 2009
Master your self awareness by giving what is needed to others and yourself.
What Moses' Father-in-law Had To Say
“When Jethro, the priest of Midian, Moses’ father-in-law, heard of all that God had done for Moses, and for Israel his people, and that the LORD had brought Israel out of Egypt;” chapter eighteen of Exodus begins with Jethro coming with Zipporah, his daughter and Moses’ wife whom we last saw in chapter four verse twenty-six coming out with Moses’ sons to meet him.† Yes, Moses did have children, but past this book’s mention of them we know next to nothing about Gershom (first named in chapter two verse twenty-two) or Eliezer (mentioned in verse four here) save what their given names mean – respectively, “Sojourner There” and “my God is Help”.† † Verse five picks up with Jethro coming with his own family to meet Moses at the Israelites’ encampment “at the mount of God” which back at the beginning of chapter three is referred to as Horeb.† It’s also the point where Moses and his brother Aaron met
This Is What It Is To Live With Out Love In Your Heart
† The lonely feeling in your life and heart your soul is crying for love but you can’t even feel it in your heart it is crying for love the only thing you see is pain. and to see the love that you need is the one thing you can’t have in your life because of the past. The past is a big part of your darkness in your life and the one thing you lose is the one thing you can’t get back and the one thing you need is the love you lost and part of your heart died that night and than you put up a well telling your safe that you will not lent any one get that close to your heart and every love that came in your life fall part and you say to your safe is this what I want to feel like this all my life and to feel lonely and to feel like I will never feel love and to see all my friend’s in love you feel like I don’t be long in this world and you pray to dog to take this pain away and if you can’t than pleas kill me and I now you wont do that and I say I will do
See It In My Eye's For One Time
The thing that are in are mind that past and now and the one thing in life and all the thing we do in it we cant take back all the thing we say all the thing we do the only think we can do is that we don’t do it again and there thing that we wish we never did like me I did a lot of bad thing vary bad thing in the past but in my mind there were a reason why I did that in my family eye’s †may be not and in the acts I did I got two of my family member’s †killed I did not want the to happen but it did and what maid me do all this buy losing the big part of my life my x girlfriend and unborn baby all in one night that will change any one but to change in to something that don’t †care about any one or me safe that we hard but I get past it with me family help but this is for u all to thing about and that is take life slow in joy that woman or man u are with life can change in a blink of a eye in joy all the little thing in life thing that u would not think of and see
Auction... Own Me!
Life And Pain
Life is such a MYSTERY... Sometimes things turn out differently than what you expect... The best thing to do is ENJOY LIFE, counter the flow and have a lot of FAITH! Sometimes the best things in life are the ones we take for granted. It is so great to be In Love!!! Makes You Complete and inspires you A lot... NEVER lose the TRUST given to you by the person you LOVE since it would be impossible to earn it back and you would be left behind with nothing but HEARTACHES. The PAIN of REMINISCING is HARD enough but the GUILT is just incredibly UNBEARABLE... Life's full of mysteries and surprises, you just never know that the person you let walk by you could be the greatest thing that can happen to you...We were given two hands to hold two eyes to see two ears to listen but why only one heart? Because the other one was given to someone for us to find Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall Who you are now is not always who you will become in life.
so many haters i guess im doing someting right my name at *ick so keep it out your mouth u know who u r
The Ramblings Of A Manic Depressive
The Ramblings of a Manic Depressive † ††††††††††† Suicidal thoughts come and go. It’s always the same. Always the friend. Always the “hook up”. Never loved. So tired. Should this be the way it is? Is this all I’m here for? What is the meaning of life? Does life even HAVE a meaning? I don’t really want to go on. I’m so tired of being alone. Alone. Lonely. I laugh so I don’t cry. I make you laugh to hide how I feel. You don’t know. No one does. It won’t be long. The world closes in on me. Freedom is crushing me. So tired. So alone. Never my turn. Never me. Confined to my own mind. Rejected by society. I give in. I give up. Should I do it? Will anyone care? What’s stopping me? Life….it goes on for at least one more day. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.
Did you ever have one of those days when your children/or friend/familes children get so much under your skin not even a scalple could dig em out?????? † grr my daughter is driving me nutso today and I am at my wits end. why do kids now adays think screaming in a parents face is a smart choice??specially when they're only 3 apples tall??? what good do they think comes outta it?? Keep in mind that she is my step daughter and prob is still trying to settle into a new place and family being with my boys and I different from what she was used to before coming here. anyway I gave her a tap on her butt for the outburst she presented to the table now shes in her room screaming "I hate this place" "this place is not nice!!" because my hand found its way to her bottom for lashing out at me for puttin her in her room due to not listening to me for the 5th time today thus far. I remember even looking at my parents the wrong why when I was younger would have me sent to my room with more then
Only When He's Drunk
Only When He's Drunk A driver is stopped by a police officer. The driver asks, "What's the problem officer?" Officer: "You were going at least 75 in a 55 zone." Man: "No sir, I was going 65." Wife: "Oh, Harry. You were going 80." (The man gives his wife a dirty look.) Officer: "I'm also going to give you a ticket for your broken tail light." Man: "Broken tail light? I didn't know about a broken tail light!" Wife: "Oh Harry, you've known about that tail light for weeks." (The man gives his wife another dirty look.) Officer: "I'm also going to give you a citation for not wearing your seatbelt." Man: "Oh I just took it off when you were walking up to the car." Wife: "Oh Harry, you never wear your seatbelt." The man turns to his wife and yells, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" The Officer turns to the woman and asks, "Ma'am, does your husband talk to you this way all the time?" The wife says, "No, only when he's drunk."
You Have @ Check This Out">I Do It By Young Twan,t=1,mt=video"/>
Red Flowers
†I sat and stared Wondering where Are the people that care But no one was there I approached this seed And watched it bleed And beg and plead It's love I need I take her blade Her eyes portrayed She was glad I stayed A connection was made Her blade I sipped And purposely split My heart and sit Blood rushes to my lip Alone like this We shared a kiss Hard not to miss This infinite bliss Heavenly fumes Her body exhumes The seed now blooms Through layers of runes She glows bright red Lifts her head Love came ahead Without a word said
The Truth Excuse Me, Love?
†haven't had a real talk with you in a while. Now love, you are the most precious thing to me. You take my heart for a ride just by saying your name. Love, recently I haven't been able to stay honest with you. Well, not whole heartedly anyway. I do adore you above all else I mean, You can tell in everything I do. I smile for no particular reason at all I just, You make me so damn happy love. I almost feel like I owe you something. Your name holds power like you won''t believe. It seems like you surpass your own greatness, With each breath we take together. I can't get enough. That is until, You made a mistake. Love, I know you're not perfect, I mean, we've messed up a few times before, Together though. This time love, I just can't forgive you and I want to so bad, But at the same time I want to hurt you, In return for the everlasting pain you've created. How can you be love? If you were, you would never cause we this, This painful, deep, relentless torment that just won't stop, Won't g
Hey You Hey You
†know I can't see you But I'm close enough to know That after I whispered those two words to you so softly into your ear Letting you know they were only yours to hear That I felt when your heart leapt for joy And I could see you smile Without even catching a glimpse of your face. So close yet so far away from me. Show yourself Let me see be and hold your heart...please I just- Why would-why should you hide Away from me...or is it me... Is this how far you want me to go- get this close-too close-close enough-so close to One four letter word Love It's real And I know you're afraid Of what if I'm the one for you And somehow someway someday I decide to take my love away What if you get hurt What if you hurt me But what this†The reason why I know it's true Is found in the split silence Once I say Hey you
The Dark Mask Of A Secret Love
The angel of death took her hand, A secret love… tears of sorrow on the checks of a broken man. A dark haired beauty, unsurpassed, a faded rose from a time long past, haunting memories that will forever last. Years have come and years have past, but love remains even though… he still wears the secret mask. The faded rose he holds in his hand, memories of her, he will never abandon. As long as he holds the faded rose, his love lives and grows. This man in forever sorrow, he awaits the hand of the angel of death. For he shall love her until he takes his last breath.
I Think She Loves Me!
was standing in the old pool hall. She was sitting there on a bar stool, pretty and tall. I turned and whispered in her ear. She jumped up and hit me with a left hook that upset my beer. She caught me with a right that dropped me to my knees. Then she kicked be in the stomach and stomped on my head, until I bled. All of my old buddies made a quick exit into the hall. Then she pulled out her cell phone and made one quick call. Oh! I think she loves me! Cause she called an ambulance, before she called the law!
Lover's Rhyme
Oh! † Come love me now, for there will be plenty of time for sleep. Like a schooner at sea with massive white sails full blown in the wind, we shall ride the mighty waves of ecstasy together, heart over mind through the waves of good and troubled times. Then our lives will be forever one in this lover's rhyme!
A Little Sad...
So on the ticker scroll there was an article about Mike Tyson's daughter being strangled by a cord on a treadmill machine...poor child is not doing well...but what made me sad is that the story was started off with telling where the picture of Mike Tyson was taken....he was walking out of court for something else...what does it matter? The poor guy's daughter is in on life support and his past has to be brough up? Just kinda bothers me is all...
Bling Me
somebody show some luv
Wicked Turns Sappy For A Minute!
I want to tell you all about my wonderful friends I've made on Fubar... I could list names but i think you know who you are... I have to admit I'm a cold hearted bitch most of the time... I put up a wall and i try very hard to be a loaner... but these friends of mine keep drawing me out of my dark hole and seem to love the idea I'm kind of geeky... Now you all might see each other in my recent blogs, even commented on each other. But sadly you have not added each other as friends..... I want you all to love each other as dorks... stand untied and proud.. needless to say with my friends they are all pretty ice and excepting of how dorky i can be.. so i wanted to thank you ... you know who you are.. i crush you sometimes i say i love you and mostly i get to spend a little of my day with you.... Thanks for being you.. Wicked P.S. If you need a list of names to know your on the list just say so... oh my dads here ill be back in 30 †
Fu Happy
a new chapter of my life has began, who will be the first?
I don't mind giving it all up,sacrificing all i know.Leaving everything behind mefor the unknown.Two souls torn apart in another life.Seperated by death, then reborn again.Many miles apart were their heartswondering the earth in search for one another.She found me by luck of the drawHappyness reined when her voicecollided with my ears.Who was to know that we'd be seperated again.Through the vastness of space came a dead star.Falling to earth, shattering our bond.My heart crushedShe was lured in my what the star had to say.I waited around for my love,to come back again one day.Years passed, but i never gave up hopeMy love still a flickering flame inside my heart.I waited and waited in dismay.Not something i normally do,but i prayed and prayed.The god like creature that i call hopeanswered my prayers and lifted the smokefrom my loves eyes, allowing her to see what kind of manthat man had to be.8†years now from the time we first metI waited patiently, that's all i could do.Now my time has
One Way Relationship
So many miles seperate usWhy must we be so far apart.Staring at your pictureWishing you were here with me. I've come to realize your untouchableOne of god's gifts, but not to me.I know that i'll probably never see you face to faceNever feel your touch or your embrace. So untouchableLike a collectable put high on a shelf.Just slighty out of reachI offer you my hand.I†know it'll be a long waitHell hasn't frozen over yet.At least i can still look and dream.
Naked People
Ok, I'm a old guy. But it kind of disturbes me that people try and sell pics for a bling. a bomb or whatever. Like I really want to see you naked? Give it a rest! If you have a photo on this site, you should be proud to show it, Dont mark a photo as nsfw or whatever and then call it private. The people that do this are wannabes who have something you will never get just to get more points? Like I don't know what a naked lady looks like! You put you ass on a a page like this,,,then show it to all and stand proud!
A Couple Of My Poems
you have my heartyou have my soulyou are so deepi cant breath sometimesyoure in mindand all i findis an emptyness i cant replacewhen ur gonei miss you so muchim independant but losthow can one man own me so completely ------------------------------------------- im so in lovenever thought i would bedidnt know i knew howyou feel me with a needand wowi want to touch youfeel you next to mea touch that burns my soula look that says your minetatooed on my heart for all timei dont want anyone elsenoone else comparesyou make me meltwith just a wordi have never felt this way beforei could get lost in you--------------------------------------------- When all others let you downI'll be there without a soundI'll be there to show you the wayTo a brighter and better dayA shoulder you can lean onWhen you think all hope is goneYou're very special I hope you knowYou have my love, my heart, and my soul † †
A Fiend And His Lullaby
Darkness behind meNothing but layers of ashThe fiend walks on into the morningas a new day dawns.Painful memories behind himKnowing that something better lies ahead.The fiend has heard his lullabyHer song soothing and sweetThe fiend strong and readyfor what awaits ahead sings the song of his lullabysilently in his head.Day after day, the fiend does his jobComing home to nothing and wondershow he made it without her so long.Lullaby isn't someone newShe was in his pastDuring his darkest daysbut it's not the same lullaby that you see today.Lullaby sung a different songone not so sinfully sweetOne not so focused on the loveshe was destined to meet.Time passed and people changeand with it lullaby changed her tune.Now focused on the man she lovesthe one they considered doomed.The fiend he lived a dreaded lifeand many times he's failed.But with the song of his lullabyhe's in love instead
Category: Writing and Poetry The second I laid eyes on you, standing by the baggage claim. I knew all the bad relationships and hurt were through. I could hardly breathe as i stood next to you. Knowing that one day I’ll be standing next to you as your husband and you my wife. I cherish you now like I always have. Loving you more with each passing day. I'm leaving you my heart; I know it's in good hands. Maybe I seemed emotionless when we said goodbye. I†left my heart and my feelings behind so I wouldn't cry. I was sad and heartbroken to leave you, but mostly empty. Empty I am without you.
The scratches you left have almost healed.That means it's been too long,Since I’ve felt your nails against my flesh. What is it that hides behind those gorgeous eyes?Is it thoughts of men and women in leather, stretched across their thighs? You can tell me, with a whisper and a smilethat you can make my trip worth while. Although I can't deny I like it when you pryDeep in my dirty mindand perhaps in lost thoughts otherwise left behind. You’re a goddess in my mind, my lover lost in time. A short skirt and strap up boots Long legs wrapped around my waist.Up comes the skirt, perhaps I’ll take me a little tasteScratching and clawing at my back only makes me want more.Welcome back my scratches, isn't it great to be adored
Who Wants To Play A Game?
I'm going to be bored soon, because someone hot and sexy and awesome is going to work. So who wants to play a game? † Ze Game: Werewolf † Ze Idea: We are all villagers. (To be played on IRC, because, I have a bot for it.) One or two of the villagers are... DUN DUN DUN... WEREWOLVES! †:oSo then it goes in day-night cycles. Night cycles, everyone "sleeps", except the werewolves, who EAT PEOPLE! OH NOES! So we wake up and find a person dead each morning, then have to figure out who the werewolves are, while the werewolves try to make everyone think (subtly) that it isn't them. Then, at the end of each day-turn, we lynch someone. If we lynch the werewolves before there are more werewolves than people, the villagers win. If not... the werewolves win.There's also a seer, who can, while asleep, have a vision about one villager per turn to determine if they are or are not the werewolf... but admitting to being the seer means the werewolves will eat you faster, so it's VERY hard to use t
Fantasy Football All Year!!!!!1
If you like playing fantasy football you will love this. This is Called Goal Line Blitz You are the agent and you build a player and join teams. Click the Link to Check it out. ††††††††††††
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy!
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying a cocktail after work one night, when the bar door opened and the most gorgeous hunk of a man she had ever seen entered. He was tall, muscular, and handsome, with thick dark hair and beautiful, sparkling green eyes, and his every movement was so masculine and sensuous that the woman could not help but stare. The man noticed that he was the object of the woman's rapt attention, and with a sly, sexy smile, approached her. Blushing, she prepared to apologize for staring, but he leaned close and whispered in her ear. "I'll do anything," he whispered in a deep, soft voice. "Anything, absolutely anything you want, anything you have ever fantasized, for fifty dollars. There's just one condition..." Trembling with anticipation, the woman asked him the condition. The man said, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words."
2 Of My Poems
† Some doors open and others slam shut † † † Shutting you out before you can really hurt me † † † You’re fucking leaving † † † You might be ten doors down or whatever † † † BUT YOU ARE STILL FUCKING LEAVING † † † You’re not the only one who is going to miss everything † † † You ARE the only one with a choice † † † Shut your fucking face and know your fucking place † --------------------------------------- † † †
My Best Friend Katt Wrote This For Me A While Ago The Only Reason I Am Posting Because She Passed Away 5/25/2009
she sits in the dark corner of the bar,as she does everynight waiting for him to come in the door opens and in he walks.He slowly surveys his surroundings then walks threw the bar an mingles.The next night she comes out from her corner knowing he won't be coming in so she sits out front.Then to her suprize the door opens and he walks in.He walks by her looking down and brushing her cheek with his hand, she gets instant chills.As he makes his way past her he then kindof disapears into the darkness.She finishes her dinner and starts to head home walking slowly remembering his touch.All of a sudden she feels as if someone is watching her and following her every step.She gets to her front door and feels a hand on her shoulder as she turns no one is there.Thinking to herself i swear i felt a hand on my shoulder she unlocks the front door and steps inside.When she turns to lock the door she jumps as the mysterious man she has been watching at the bar is there looking right in her eyes."what
Never Understand Life
Update May 26th
Hey everyone, I just wanted to give people some updates on what has been going on with me.. Well, as of yesterday I finished my last 2 Hypobarics treatments yay!! Its where I went and layed in this machine and it went down in sea level and my ears popped and it filled my sores with 100% oxygen and took all the bad crap out of it.. I had to do 20 treatments of them and ur in this machine for 90 minutes.. and there was only the 1 time i over heated in there and sweated so bad and got really light headed and a fever and really pale and my eyes started to go in the back of my head that they had to take me out after 70 mins otherwise i have lasted the rest of the time.. The sore on left knee is healed quite a bit ,but its still there its just small.. Then the one on my right knee is†getting smaller its just pretty good sized still so they do that dressing changed 2 times a day.. Then the one on my right thigh is still very big it has only gotten smaller by like a half an inch or so and its
Go And See It. Should Rock
Hope you all go and see it when its out. Only did a few days here and there so not in the credits. Peace J TRON AKA TRON 2 Disk Productions Ltd. Prod: Sean Bailey, Steven Lisberger, Jeffrey Silver, Justis Greene Director: Joseph Kosinski DOP: Claudia Miranda PD: Darren Gilgro PM: Heather Meehan PC: Jennifer Metcalf Publicist: Lee Anne Muldoon LM: Kendrie Upton ALM: Hans Dayal SPFX: Alex Burdett, John Jordan Cast: Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner Casting: Mayrs/Brandstatter Extras: Lisa Ratke Sched: Apr 6 - Jul 1/09
The Ground Rules
I'm noticing that on a whole lot of profiles, specifically those run by females, there are a list of rules. I'm guessing it's mostly women who have these rules, I don't really spend all day trolling for dudes on here, but of the 3 random guys profiles I opened none of them had anything remotely resembling a list of rules. I'm not exactly sure what makes you fall under the jurisdiction of these rules, I'm guessing just viewing the page makes you at least a potential citizen of the Kingdom of *whoever's* Profile. These rules are pretty much all the same, and by my best guess are specifically designed to make you feel like an asshole for viewing her profile and having a penis at the same time. I picked a random lady's profile just to have something to work from, and what do you know? A list of rules! This particular profile has the rules under a fairly large profile paragraph. She talks about herself, her friends, and her kids. She says she's a Capricorn, which according to the quick go
Why Dad's Are Morons ...
“Hurry Sweetie!† We’re going to be late!” † There was an unusual buzz of excitement around the house this morning.† One of the local news stations was doing a series on child safety and were to be filming at my daughter’s karate studio in just one hour.† Yes, my little girl was going to be a TV star! † “Why don’t you have your uniform on yet?” “Daddy, I can’t find any clean panties!” “What about the Little Mermaid ones?” “Daddy, they’re too small!” “Oh they’re fine!† Just put them on!” “Daddy!!”† ** stomps foot, retreats to bedroom ** “Sweetie, if you don’t get dressed RIGHT NOW we’re going to miss the filming!” † Two minutes later, she comes out of her room fully dressed in uniform.† Dad ties on her orange belt, makes his best attempt at a ponytail, and shuttles her off for her debut to the television world. †
Wtf California!
PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- BULLETIN: The California Supreme Court upheld Prop. 8 by a 6-1 vote but ruled that the same sex marriages performed last year can stand. What the hell kind of sense does this make?! So, if you were previously married, it's okay, but if you're not sucks to be you?! That makes about as much sense as wiping your ass then taking a shit!
Its My Birthday
Its my birthday † and I am whoring for salutes... † will you make me one? † PLEASE
Evil77 Needs Help
To The Wanna Be Homewrecker
Fu Owned Read It Understand It
Ok i find it funny when people bitch piss and moan about who owns who and who doesn't i make it very clear no matter who owns who if your in a relationship with someone that is bought from you it does not mean your other half wants there new owner sure some are hot and some clame that there owner is fake and you may or may not notice that there owner look's a hell of alot like there EX and that may or may not bother you but it's just a game here on fu world you are all special in your own way and no one but you can ever own the person you are
Bet Between Mummers...
Alright, me an Papi made a bet earlier. I'm making this†blog just so it's in writing, though I trust HIM, this is more for HIS benefit lolz... We bet when (IF) the Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Lakers meet in the NBA Finals, that I have the CAVS and HE has the LAKERS. On the line: a 20$ bling pack. There, it's official =P
The First Issue
Okay so here we go this is the first issue of *Drum Roll Please* IRISH ENTERTAINMENT~Focus on AmericaIn this we (we being me myself and I) will be discussing the major issues absolving them selves in the various parts of America.Major Issues Included~Naming the Price Lately I have noticed I am getting ripped off by under charging for gigs. This section will cover Pricing and Charges in various regions of the US. Reader Requests will also be covered.~Then There Was One Another BIG thing in the Industry lately has been the rise in artists saying if you even play my song you must pay me. This has been causing me and others in the Industry a whole lot of grief. This section will keep you all in the loop so that you do not get any unexpected Charges in your next License statement. (example: New Metallica Songs are billed at a rate of .30 usd per play)~Legal Licensing Here I will cover the licensing process and explain the benefits to obtaining all of the available licenses even if your only
Thank God For Cell Phones
if I weren't for his cell phone..i would be at my house right now, planning supper and cleaning up the place, counting down the hours til he comes home. if it weren't for his cell phone, I'd probably still look like a complete fucking idiot who believes every word that has ever come out of his mouth. its female intuition. you can't beat it, hide from it, run from it, or ignore it. I opened that shit up real quick as soon as the water turned on and the shower started running. " you're fuckin sexy" "i see u still can't take a compliment" "love you babe." "i wanna work out again but I don't want to make ur boyfriend look bad." HELLO? WTF? yeah.. those weren't to me. This chick was all over his nuts, talkin bout "im outta class babe. love you." "i wanna be with u soo bad." FUCK THAT! this is the 3rd chick this year. I must be an idiot. he don't come home til 8am.. sent a pic of this chick naked to the owner of our place and asked the owner, "how would u feel if u
1st Free Style Let Me Kno Wat U Think
Things Are Changing
And hopefully it is for the better....We will see...Patience...temperance...timing...Going to have to wait it out and see...Will and Paul are looking for Ricki so they can rediscuss a three bedroom together. The boys went and looked at 2 and 3 bedrooms here in the complex today. Honestly, I am so ready for them to give me some space that I am being totally supportive...But I don't think Will realizes how much his life is really going to more using my more waking up and going to bed together...meals by invite only...and surprisingly, me finding other ways to spend my time rather then just hanging out here with him...Afterall, I won't have 2 fucking boys to add to my costs!!No more free ride...even if we aren't breaking up...from now he can feel what it is like to struggle again...I think he's forgotten...I will bet he's back living here in six months or less.oh and if you all think this isn't breaking my damn heart, well, then you don't fucking know me at all...M [s
5/26/09 Dilbert
Questions of my love Expressed from you to me Need not be spoken. For its clear as it can be. More than time can tell. And all the ways of counting. My love is very strong. And each day is surmounting. The next time you have questions. About our love so true. know this my darling. My heart belongs to you.
Have I Told You
Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. and so I sat and cried? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it, like some newly discovered species of flower? Have I ever told you that I
† Come Own me please † † † †
Just A Note
when a person feels they have been scorned they say and do some very hurtful and lasting things. things that can ruin a perfect relationship yes I know to err is human to forgive devine but forgetting is hard to do so just a word to the wise if you are hurt by somone you care deeply for take time to sit back and focus on what was said and done dont be so quick to say some thing you will regret (voice of experiance ) please for your sake and the sake of your loved one reflect on all the good and wait 24 hrs before you say or do any thing in rebutle a friend should never ever hurt another friend in any way thank you for letting me share
Guilt Trip
Sailing in her battered shipDriven by the winds of an undeserved guilt tripWandering aimlessly at seaFollowing a map written by someone elses deceitTossed by the raging wavesGoing down with the ship,she refuses to be savedNo one has told her she doesnt need to drownSo used to being lost, to afraid to be foundSlipping farther from the shoreIm afraid one day no one will be able to save her anymoreHer sails are torn and rippedBy the storm of an undeserved guilt trip
Why Is It?
† Spread the Stupidity Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.
I Simplified
My pain is made vainMagnified and playedTo an obsessed audience, made up of only 3That’s Me, Myself and IAnd I can’t hide from MyselfThat’s why I can only trust MyselfWhat’s trust worth?...WellThe key to one’s lifeAnd if you asked Me, that’s one hell of a priceSo I stick to MyselfAnd Myself is all I needCuz I am MyselfMyself synonymous with Me.
Koi Tattoo Meaning
The koi fish in Japanese folklore represents the overcoming of obstacles, because the koi fish travels up the yellow river and when it comes to the end of the river it transforms into the dragon; thus overcoming the adversity represented by the strong river to fufill its own destiny. The Legend of the Rainbow River (also known as The Yellow River) Japanese legend has it that every year thousands of Koi, a courageous, strong, and dedicated fish, make a perilous and difficult journey up the Rainbow (or Dragon) river. Out of perhaps a million Koi, only once in many years, one Koi is dedicated and strong enough to swim all the way to the head of the river, known as "The Dragon Gate" (or "The Rainbow Gate") and leap from the water. He is transformed into a dragon.† The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi According to Chinese Folklore there is an ancient tale of the nine holy Koi, who's quest was to endure the long arduous journey to Dragon Gate to make the magical transformation to become
Almost In Awe
The nuisance diminished to that of a†ghost's whisper My mind struggles to interperet the difference between you and it My heart is lighter now, unable to love, still my infatuation for you grows Make me whole again sweet own me.
80's Theme Day
I know your all excited so hitch up those leg warmers put on your roller skates cause today is 80's theme day...... The list so far is: † Jack Burton(Big Trouble in little China)=Husky redneck Falcor= Brain Ninja Claire(Breakfast Club)= Reeka Jareth=Blue Eyed Soul Alex (Flashdance)= VIndicated McGyver= Shits & Giggles † Baby (Dirty Dancing) = Pixie Johnny ( DIrty Dancing)= Mop Ferris (Ferris Bullers Day off) Soda Westly/dread pirate roberts†- princess bride= Hugh †Sheena= Name Crisis Mr T = Whorasaurus Charlotte 'Charlie' Blackwood from Top Gun!= Amykins Dan Fielding= chainsaw Charlie Blackwood= Amykins †Beast master= Witchie Remo Williams= Bounty Hunter Jo= Ms. D Peg Bundy= Cant sleep clowns..... Bernie Lomax= ketch22 Sonny (my lover)= Sasquatch Wonder woman= wicked wench CareBear= CareBear Heman=Raistlin Una= Sin Sin Honeythorn Gump=Pronty I know there's more of you so please help me update.... Now you are here in Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kira
Hamster Care
After buying her kids a pet hamster, after they PROMISED they would take care of it, Mom, as usual, ended up with the responsibility. One evening, exasperated, she asked them, "How many times do you think that hamster would have died if I hadn't looked after it?" After a moment, her youngest son replied quizzically, "Once?"
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The Dreaded Drum Fill
stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
Vitcoria Is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should We Be Concern??? Hell Yahhhhhh
Okay,† Umm I am no expert by a long shot,† but after the news lastnight and they spoke about North Korea and their testing of† nukes.† And how un stable their pres Kim Jong,† shouldnt we all be just a tad worried. The united nations from what I gathers isnt to sure as to what to do about this. I would take out any possiblity for north korea to get any more off the ground and be able to produce any more. I know that sounds easy and probley isnt.† But any thing enterring into that part of asia should be looked at with a fine tooth comb as to not all anything to be mast produced again to provide them with the equipment they need to re produce more nukes. That is my take on this UNITED NATIONS - The world's nations expressed opposition to North Korea on Monday for staging a nuclear test denounced even by key allies. President Bush called it “a threat to international peace and security,” and the U.N. Security Council weighed severe sanctions to punish the impoverished but
Inside Outside
if u know me im just a ghost also a poet...i thank u for the adds life is crazy without friends u want to know me take ur time i gotta see where ur heart is at its like when i write a poem its like im talking to u dont try to judge me by some flick im shy but im that gurl u need in ur life no need to think twice inside outside u might know me from another site picture in a frame or the ghost in the shell the ghost who sat by the door im more then u can think...dont blink true friends is all i need someone to talk to when my day turns bad sometimes feel sad can u lift me & make me laugh? im not them chicks ur used to im just me nothing like it
Its In The Status
------Some of Mine------ Hearts entwined,souls entangled,damn I tripped The darkness within is blinded by your light RÔ––lŽr's Randomness and Requests ............ I may be single, but I'm not looking either You are beautiful EGO sapio quae meus verus amicitia es Cultus Eternus Matris, Dea Venus Ave Dea, Ave, Tolle Dea, Ave, Ave Dea I speak with my heart, nothing else to say Beware the serpent with a silver tongue I am so Fu King happy Cutting out my heart, I don't want it anymore Her love fills my ♡, and plays ♬ in my soul 41n7 n0 £0v3 £1k3 933k £0v3 ------Other people's------ If you have to beg ppl for rates, fuicide works - Tastee Is anybody out there?!?!? - Whoda Giggedy, Giggedy, Giggedy - Italiabella I need a new life this one is defective - the king of pain Don't overlook what's right in front of you - Mental Terrorist
You Spin My Head Right Round....
Begging once again...dammit! † I am getting closer to the spotlight, but still not enough... † Whats a girl gotta do to get some help round here? † I iz broke since I am getting ready to move, so I can't afford to buy teh blings and the VIP and all the stuffz that usually helps... † Will someone please help me out here??? I want the spotlight! Jun 1st is the aimed date, gonna help me out or what???
People Crack Me The Hell Up!!
hmm so here is a thought.....if you can't deal with what someone gives you then go cry and pout on your own. I laugh at people who think they can say what they want then run away like a scared little girl when you fight back haha! I don't care what you think of me or what you think I am doing. My life is my life and if you don't like it go fuck yourself lmfao! Yeah that is all I have to say hehe
The Soothsayers Promise
this tuesday what does the soothsayer say good times are here to stay, life changes for the best that i am in for a time of my life that heaven waits for me, heavenly will be my way i know he makes me happy i know the truth of heaven and hell i live them each moment, here on earth but then what the hell i will take his word even if - a few moments of happiness is all that it is worth...
Heads Or Tails?
Just about everytime I go back home to Louisiana, my old neighbor Mr Gerald throws me a crawfish boil. He was kind of like a second dad to me back in the day, let me live there when I was having some hard problems with my dad, let me earn some money by working with him on his tire truck, changing flats on 18 wheelers and tractors, and didn't even kill me when he found out me and his daughter were, well, you know. (That would be Cassandra by the way) † Back to my story; so whenever I found myself down home, he'll throw a crawfish boil. If you aren't sure what that is, basically you buy a 20 pound sack of live crawfish and boil them in heavily seasoned water out in the front yard, and throw in some other things like button mushrooms, pearl onions, and corn on the cob, and when it's all done, pour it all out on a picnic table and let it cool for a few minutes, then every body dig in. What you're eating will look about like this: Now, if you've never had crawfish, basically the tail
THE OPENING OF THE TRUNK (BY JIM MORRISO) -Moment of inner freedom when the mind is opened & the infinite universe revealed & the soul is left to w ander dazed& confus,d searchung here & there for teachers friends. tis what happens when i pen my mind tospiritual meditations to ealive my stres in my life
My Memorial Day
I spent most of the day with my parents. We had breakfast at some Pancake place. It was very okay. Then we drove all they way down by Olympia WA to a casino called Little Creek. Spent a few hours there and ate at the buffet. I didn't win much...but mroe enough money for my next piercings.....weeeee Drove all the way back to town. Went to the store to grab some memorial stuff for my little friend and visited her grave stone. She would of been 22 if she was still alive. Came home for a bit, woke up Rich....went out and grabbed some food. Met up with one of his coworkers, his wife and their new baby. Damn, she's got big I'm sure it's cause she's breast feeding but still! Damn!! Went to the piercing place cause I had called earlier to see if they were open, since it was a holiday...yeah, they were open until 8pm. I got there a little after 7pm and they told me they were closing early because of the holiday and no one was coming in...bah!! So I couldn't get my piercings...b
Rip Mom .....
I heard the news yesterday, my mom has passed away. She surrvived almost a full 5 years over what the docs gave her to live if she didn't stop drinking. She never stopped, she couldn't, and that's sad. She lost her daughter, her home, her grandkids, her animals, her memories...and for what? *shrug* She is in a better place now, and I'm glad.† Death was her only escape from this awfull disease. I thank her for showing me the way to quitting, for without her I may have never quit. ♥ most of you PoStaL ps...I stashed "white bird" in her memory.† The David Leflamme concert she took me to when I was in 6th grade is my fondest memory of her.† She taught me how to flip someone off....LOL! The happy stuffs are making me sob. the end.
Point Around
To go through life so one sided must be nice. To walk around looking and judging. You say you lission to your point of view, but are you really. Take in what i say look at things the way they are. Thats why history is so intersting. Its truth, no matter how you look at it. Thats the point of it. History no longer cares what is the now but then. The only thing is if i were history i would give the world a big ass bitch slap. No one pays attion anymore. The only things that have really changed in the past houndred years is of course tecnoligy. The way people think is still the same the only thing is you cant beat someone in public for being how they are and showing it for the world to see. It still happens though. Everyone is entitled to there oppion. Even when you think that person is wrong. I am someone who can see every angle. It sucks some times. But i would rather do that then walk around with a stick up my ass thinking i know everything when in fact im the clueless person around. L
Just Not Here
is it possible 2 b lonely in a house full of ppl who love u? when u want something and cant have it sadness overwhelms all emotion and tears take their place we dont talk like we used to i miss the laughing till my abs ache i want to smile so hard my cheeks r sore i long to feel your caress i yearn to smell the honest scent of love a reminder of how much you really adore me i want to feel the fire inside the one that only love can extinguish when actions speak louder than words scream out i love you without whispering a sound i am missing you so very much and u are so damn close, just not here † † †
I Must Share The Hilarity
A pastime of mine is watching public cybersex on IRC. Why? Because it's fucking hilarious, that's why. Here is an excellent example. This chick - who is so amazingly bored (she is telling me so privately) - is tied up by a couple of guys currently. And this is what made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my bed: † suck my cock u slutty fucktoy †* cossette loves the sound of her face being cockslapped, the wet smack making her cunt clench harder around Shadowlover's pulsing cock, her tight little holes pushing back against him now making the tape around her ankles strain, humiliation at having her face abused by someone too lazy to type the word you making her blush † ................... † .................... † *roflfits some more*
Return From The Dead....
So I have returned. † See not a whole lot has changed. that's pretty sad. † My aging, decrepit, worst purchase evah on ebay laptop started going toes up almost from the day I got it, back in September. It hated to surf, hated Fubar, hated pretty much eveyrthing and it died back in mid-April. I've not been in a position to replace it. † Hence my silence. † A dear friend gifted me Friday with a top of the line Dell, that is a rush and sweet and everything else... † Yes, I said gifted me. I told him a ring would have been cheaper. † Either who - I return to find all of my mail is gone, so I have to wade through my friends list to find these codgers. It might take me a while. Be patient. † Glad to see more drinks. Disgusted to see the prices have gone up. Again. ODs this economy suck or what? † I see I'm no longer 'owned', which... I didn't get into anyway. † Are we still rating whores? Prolly. † Ah well...
Things I've Learned About The South
1.† Apparently it is impossible for Southerners to drive without highbeams at night. 2. Georgia exits are shaped like U-turns 3. The weather is more effed up than New England's 4. Churches outnumber everything 5. They cannot make a decent cup of coffee 6. They "darlin" everybody 7. BBQ rocks 8. They don't believe in Service areas on the highway .... just rest areas. 9. Gas and cigarette prices are phenomenal! 10. WAFFLE HOUSE!
My World Upside Down...... The World Of Mine Is On Fire....
It's times like these that seem to hurt the most.... For better or for worse nothing can heal a heart that is in dire need of saving....Is there anything left to salvage from this heart of mine? Or is all that matters just bleak with no hope of salvation in sight? A journey I must walk alone.... For there is no savior for me but I myself.... Is there anything left of who I am at this road I've come to in my life? Or is there nothing but a pit of emptyness and nothing more to be found insight. Am I forever lost and nothing more?† Only time will tell...... for I feel I am becoming more world-weary and cynical than ever before.
Burning Bridges..................
I live in a abyss of lies and deceit. For there is no means of escape. Those you care about only hurt you the most. Where all others could never even quite make a scratch like you have. For you to block all that was is something that can never be undone. For it remains a cruel state of all that is left of all the bullshit we have shared. You never really know a persons real intentions. For I did nothing at all and I get is pain for my troubles and all my kindness. Do I become something I'm not? Can I ever feel a numb to all you've done? Is there a point where I should just say good bye and never return? Nothing matters anymore.... All I've done is now no more because you have ruined it for everyone. Thank you so very much. All that once was all that I didn't do and yet all I should of done you destroyed it all with one action that can't be ever undone nor forgotten. I hope your proud of yourself. Thank you for making me see all that can be seen when it comes to you. Thank you for maki
I Am Not A Writer Any More...i'm More Than That
This is my latest project †
[i Met A Girl]
I met a girl.She's pretty damn neat.She's five years older than me (not the end of the world)and she lives in Denver (possibly the end of the world)and she's a scaredy cat (also not the end of the world) That smile was real though.Those eyes were real.That earnest, purity, those bites on my neckthat husky gasp as she ran her fingers down my shoulders... It all gave me some pretty sweet perspective about the direction my life is taking, and ... where she's been, and where I've been... and how I justkindaknew that I needed to talk to her.Not just for her sake, but to confront myself in meeting her. I dunno what more to say on that topicshe's an ecclectic pagan, I can tell by how she bites her lip and looks into my eyes, that she believes in me. Love?We'll see.I barely know her, but...there's something to be said for immediate connectivity and intensity.Right now I just want her to be okay with herself.If I have cosmic one with the universe sex during that process, so be it.If I real
I Hate Those Manic Times In Life.
I have this personality that is a blessing and a curse. No Im not bi-polar..I asked my doctor and went to a few to be sure.Im just highly emotional I guess you would say.I have what you call bad luck.People around me make comments like "with your luck" and "Gosh you have bad luck" that makes me feel bad. I am a blessed person don't get me wrong.Im well taken care of and have great family and boyfriend but bad things happen to me alot.Im accident prone.I hate it. Lately my luck has gotten worse.Ive had trial after trial lately and get quite down.But Im not the kind of person to stay down long.I usually get really angry or I cry it out and then Im fine and look forward to† bettering whatever problem it is. I feel everything deeply.When Im hurt inside it takes me over completely and I wont sleep.When something happens to someone I love...well I take their burden on myself.I can't help it.I wish I wasn't that way but I am.I am a worry wort.Dont ask why Im writing this random blog..well I k
Costume Problem Solved!
I'm going to be.... † well ok Dean is going to be Super Gay Dumbledore, I'll be... † dum dum dum dum...... † Hogwarts a prostitute, or Hogwarts whore, or Hog Hoe.... nevertheless I'll wear a cape and hooker clothes under it! † xp oh the sillyness.

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