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On Sunday night i had a horrible acid flashback and tripped out bad, really bad. (I didn't do more acid, i just tripped out unprovoked) Things started off ok, colors became more vivid, i started seeing things a little. Then it got progressively worse. Those vivid colors started flashing wildly. The first major thing besides the colors was that my left wall started to breathe in and out. The posters on my right wall started to "dance" to the music i was listening to. They then started to rearrange themselves. The crooked ones straightened, the straight ones became crooked. That wall also started to breathe in and out. I noticed someone was watching me from inside my closet. I could see him move, but i couldn't see his face. The walls kept breathing harder, more angrily. The posters started to meld together and the walls started to melt. Keep in mind that i was listening to music the whole time. More people appeared. One was crouching down on the right side of my bed, but when i looked he was gone. He sometimes appeared right above my head. He was always just out of reach. Light started flooding through the room, yet it stayed dark. The Light was in the center of my room swirling like a galaxy. They swirled fast and faster and became brighter and brighter and then just stopped. Everything went black for a moment and then the light of the room returned to normal. Nothing else happened for a bit, then i saw that more people were within my peripheral vision. Some appeared in my direct line of vision, some to my left or to my right. I tried to fix my attention on something solid, which happened to be my lampshade, but that too started to change. It looks nothing like a flower normally, but as i watched it, it started to grow. The lampshade blossomed out and spread into many beautiful flowers. it was like a hundred roses made love to cherry blossoms. That moment of beauty was lost very quickly because i became aware of the people who were around me. Two were on my left, talking to each other. When i tried to look at them they vanished. The sheet on my bed began to move, a lot like how a snake moves. Without knowing how, this sheet was wrapping itself around me. I got free and things calmed down a little. Before long, though, things went nuts again. I saw more and more people, and my music started to just turn into noise. So much was going on i couldn't stand it. People to my left and right were talking so loudly but i couldn't understand what they were saying, and when i looked they were gone. Everything was spinning, the walls were screaming and black hands were reaching out of the tv. My laptop keys started moving up and down like they were the ocean. They turned green, they turned red and back to white again. Eventually i passed out. I literally thought i was losing my mind. But my beautiful, loving, caring girlfriend kept talking to me, kept trying to reason with me. She was telling me everything was going to be ok. Even though she wasn't phsysically with me, she was there. I don't know what i would have done without her. I love her so much.

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