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Grrrr !!
tried to upload some pics from today...but it wont'll try again tomorrow.
The Way It Is !
You know I been lookin' around ,and checking things out in this ole' world a long time. I been on my own since I was 9 yrs old. I have lived through many things in that time. I look on Television and the net,and see alot of complainin' goin' on ,about how folks are scared 'cause of the economy. Global warmin' ect. The one thing I know is we live here on this earth,and ther ain't a thang going on that this ole' world ain't seen before. Here in America we got it alot better then alot of folks. Thier is poor folks that cain't get nothin' to eat . There are countries where their leaders just go on mass murderin' spree's. Her in the U.S.A. we ain't got worry 'bout all that mess. We are still a great nation. My brother died for this nation we live in. Yeah maybe thangs cost a little more. All that means is ya gotta get yer hustle on. The rich ,and priviledged ain't gonna crash, and they need us regular Joe's to keep 'em rich ,and priviledged so we ain't either they cain't let that happen the
I'm One Lucky Dude....
It's great to meet you all and I consider myself lucky to have made friends, so quickly I might add, with such a group of cool and beautiful people as yourselves.  I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you better.  Until then cheers.  Michael
There she is againThe girl I wantI think of her all dayFinding her was a Treasure HuntWe talk everydayThe talks are goodI dream of meetingAnd leaving my hoodMoving will be greatI will start a new lifeTired of being backstabbedCan someone remove the knifeSo I sit here thinkingI want to hear her on the phoneAt times I get confusedI hope I'm not in this alone
My Story
I have been approached about 'my story'. Those who know me really and extremely well know what I mean. I have a few ideas on how to get it out there. I'm leaning more toward doing it in the form of artwork, with words...which was one of the idea's requested. I am having conflict with..WHY? Why should I? Is it REALLY that inspirational to have read someones story (or in my case, read AND viewed) knowing that whatever problem in life they may be having they can get through it if I can?  I have been asked a lot lately by various people who know most of my story even by some who know only a little bit about me.  I'm thinking that maybe doing an art piece of my story will be therepudic enough to just face some of the issues, I don't know. But for some reason people are really interested in wanting to know all the shit parts in my life.    Weirdos!
In Georgia, And Bored
Well as some of you know, I have left my comfortable life in Harker Heights, TX for a couple of months of schooling in Fort Gordon, GA.  I am attending Phases 1 and 2 of Advanced Leadership Course (formerly known as Basic NonCommissioned Officers Course).  Phase 1 is 2 weeks and is called Common Core because all NCOs get the same instruction over these 2 weeks.  Phase 2 is job specific, so only people with my same job will be in the class.  I am doing my best to not fall into the party path, but it is kind of hard.  There really is not that much to help keep us busy going on.  So we get out of class, do some details, go to formation, and then meet up in the break area and plot and plan.  Friday night, a group of us went to the post club, and after 6 pitchers of beer decided we were going to get away from all of the AIT students (we can't really interact with them due to some rules), and went to find a good bar.  We split up, and I and another guy when to the Country Club.  The rest w
Nice To Look At
massanetdevial">@ fubar
Been Busy Trying To Have Fun
Last Night I went to the Bandits game and we won a tough Game vs. Boston.  I wish I could go to NYC and go watch them play the titans the winner is the East Champs.  So that added to the busy week.   Then On monday I go back to work and go to Monday Night Raw.   That should be a fun time.   So Hopefully I will start the picture process of up loading and downloading and posting then.   So the week has been busy. It started out with dinning out for life. Yes there is a long wait everywhere and so you have to factor that in. I think it is a good cause. It gets people to go out and eat. Hey if the food is good they will come back. Then money goes to a good cause as well. We went to Boomerangs on Niagara St. The food was very good and I tried this chicken wing soup that was very tasty. I even got home in time to watch Fringe. So On Thursday Night I went to go see "L Save the World". I will admit it wasn't the same as the 2 other movies. First of all with an event like that I now found it
My Thoughts
just wondering why i bother. i am beggining to realize that i wasnt meant to have a good man in my life. i thought i found him, but he turned out to be a liar. every promise he made he didnt do everything he told me about himself was a lie. why do men lie i mean arent you grown cant you be real? speak the truth. i do.     just tired of tryin gonna give up the hope and accept ill be alone for the rest of my life
Salty Seaman In From The Sea
hot seaman looking for a port
Her Departure
well the night before we pre-packed so we could spend as much time together as possible... we missed the flight and had to reschedule her to leave 3 hours later, which I must admit I enjoyed... we spent more time talking.. making plans... when I dropped her off I can say I truly didnt want her to leave, I was torn, I knew she had to leave to get the kids, but I wanted her here with me...   I got out, we kissed and hugged on the curbside of the airport...gave her, her carry on... I pulled away with a completely lonely heart.... I texted her and talked to her nearly all the home, we originally were set up for 90 day turn around, but its going to look more like 5 weeks... I love her so, and cant wait to start my new life...   I love you Joy...
Obama A Tool Of Bilderberg? (no Offense To Anyone Including Myself Who Voted For Obama)
Senator suggests UN taxes on taxpayers in America not really such a bad idea By Victor Thorn As AFP has reported for years, Bilderberg has been trying since 1992 to “establish a UN tax” which would be used to finance their globalist-oriented programs. Of course, the brunt of this tax would fall on American workers, and it appears this is being spearheaded by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.On Feb. 14, 2008, an Obama-sponsored bill called the “Global Poverty Act” (S 2433) was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after passing the House. What this bill would do, in effect, is levy a global tax on the United States where an additional 0.7% of the gross national product would be earmarked to foreign aid (on top of what we already give).If passed this year, by 2021 the U.S. would be committed to an extra $845 billion in foreign aid. Not only would the United States be under the UN’s thumb in regard to taxation, but this bill (part
Her Answer...
she was almost crying, but muttered out a "yes omg yes!" I told her I have had many and all had a portion of what I was looking for, but she was complete, Im such a lucky person to have met her...   We went onto take pics of the Hollywood sign.... snuggling talking about the future what it intails, a lot of things need to happen, and all will happen, Im to go and help her move with her kids, set up a new home in Perris California...   Set up work office, get the kids schools handled, but as strange as this may sound...   Im so looking forward to being happy, I havent been for so long...   I find myself daydreaming of her, smiling at the things we have done...looking forward to the things we havent done...   When we arrived back at the hotel, we made arrangements to stay in watch a movie... she snuggled, and omg! she crashed on I woke her up and we whistled dixie for about three hours, then went to bed...   mmmm I love her 3am touch Master time....   Went to Hun
H5n1 Avian Bird Flu Drill In Texas
This is just “practice” folks… remember that. I do find it kind of weird that they decide to pick “2 billion” as a number out of thin air. Oh and remember Baxter just shipped some Flu Vaccines with live Avian Flu virii in them? Surely there can’t be any kind of dots to connect here… County plans to deal with unthinkable: - By Ron Maloney The Gazette-Enterprise Published March 19, 2009 SEGUIN — Around the world, up to two billion people have died — depending upon whose count one uses — and in the United States alone deaths could total one third of the population. Somewhere in the federal government, the decision is made and secret medical stockpiles stored at secret locations are loaded into aircraft and, within 12 hours, moved to wherever they are most likely to be able to stop a pandemic that threatens mankind. Local officials have 36 hours to treat their entire population
Her Puzzeled Look
I told her on wednesday I have somewhere I want to take her, she was all excited, she stated she wanted to take a pic of the "Hollywood" sign , I said, lets go!   We arrived at the store, it was almost hidden, its call TJ Stockroom, its a BDSM clothing and utilities type of store which include jewelry... she was taken back by the things, we spent a lot of time there...I said come here babygirl I want you to take a look at these rings...she looked said this one was nice...we returned to the car, I looked at her, told her...your all I have wanted in a female,   I told her I was nervious, she had a puzzeled look on her face... I took the ring out and said calmly...   Will you marry me?, I will do what it takes to keep you happy for the rest of your life...
The Perfect Song...
the words to this song are perfect.... sappy but perfect  
Loving, Learning,her...
I head off to the restroom to well hey Im a dude, I had to go potty!   I return still no Joy, Im like well shit!   Im standing near the flight board get a call, "Hey Baby!", where are you, Im right here, I started to discribe to her whats shes wearing, teasing her, laughing as I did, she said "hey baby thats not fair!"...   I said turn around...we locked eyes well kinda...we both wearing sunglasses... she walked to me...I took her into my arms, softly kissed her, whispered into her ear...   "Welcome Home baby girl"   We gathered her baggage, good lord what is it with females?, why so much shit.... We arrived at the hotel, and we barely made it to the room, and Im serious..Barely!   we spent time loving one another, learning one another, we talked about our past relationships, how we felt how they ended up, and both thankful that they did, or we wouldnt have found  US... I watched her sleep, she watched me sleep, its hard to explain, I mean I can honestly say, I found the
Waitin Is So Hard To Do~
Well I got up early, was very excited to see jJoy, we have talked many hours on the phone, and in MSN IM, as well as texting like two school kids...   Her flight was to arrive at 10:45AM on Monday, here it was 9AM Monday, I was like pacing, not nervous but so excited, ok ok I will admit I was, its just not the same as talking on a phone, this was like the breaking point..."what ifs" kept creeping up in my mind...   I arrive at John Wayne Airport located in Irvine/Costa Mesa area... I show up exactly at 10:45 AM with parking and all took a bit to get there, waiting around, then looked at the flight times, and my luck shes running late, I thought..."Dont that figure?"....   So she texts me from the plan as it taxis to the hub to unload passengers... Joy: Im here and im so excited... H.: well how much longer? Joy: its taking to much time H. well Im here waiting Joy: people are in the isles H. just wait let it clear Joy: here I come! then nothing for like 15 minutes Im like
Want 900k In Fubux
ok yall im offering 900k in fubux to the 50th person to cherry bomb me thats right i need 50 ppl to cherry bomb me i will be watching for it so go get ur cherry bombs and come bomb me and ty to be the 50th person
plz rate me my pics and comment them.
Russian Rap
Dare We Use The S-word?
by Scott Tucker via, May 1, 2009 that we’ve got the son of a Kansan mother and a Kenyan father presiding in Washington, the right-wing guttersnipes have gone back to an old game.  They have set up Barack Obama for target practice as a socialist.May Day, 2009 is therefore a good day to remember Obama’s repeatedly stated faith in a capitalist economy.  For the true believers on the right, that is not good enough.  Obama sometimes suggests that freedom should not be reduced to the free market.  Likewise, he has suggested that big banks and big business require public oversight and regulation.  These deviations from four-square gospel capitalism are sufficient for the heresy hunters on the right to find reds in the White House beds.">
When De;pression Slams You Like A Hammer
There is so much missery in this world, and its sad that people have to add to others life and purposely turn it up side down. If you have never experienced depression,  you're lucky.   NO! one can even fathem what its like to  try and keep your self in check. To not jump the gun and wonder if its you or others that are jumping on your ass for nothing. Your scared to even give your views on anything cause it will be taken the wrong way. You just want to crawl inside your self and let the world go by.  Anything is easier then dealing with other peoples shit. Yet here I am on this web site,  reading mumms. and shaking my head at  some very mean ass people with nothing better to do then be little others just for a laugh. Makes me wonder and think,  if they dont have some form of depression,  cause you see them lash out to a compleate stranger. I promised myself not to get to emotional over some mums I read and not take to heart the insults of others.  They dont know me so what word
The Mayan Series
The Mayan Seriesa dream-time descent into myselfby john p reed The Beginning#1 of the Mayan Series - Nothing is sweeter than a BeginningHow can one speak of the draw, the compulsionthe sounds that the stamping feetthe feathered and belled ankles makedancing around the cracked bone marrow sucked sacrificebreasts glistening in the firelight reflecting splattered blood, ignored for the entrails are sweeter meatshould I even raise the spectre of the tender heart I see that the priestess hides in her convoluted ceremoniesthe heart that is alone with her visions of the danceand offered to the gods darker than she can envisionshould I then expose my soft underbelly to herbefore of all these cheering jeering leering acolytesfor her to cut my heart out, and toss to them for snackingthe time and place of our crossing was determined ere we were born, but the manner of its approachwas chosen by me, but a few moments ago.if I was to speak of the things I see that lay behindher words my own soul wou
Soooo Awesome!
So, The Bamboozle day one  - The secret guest was ..... Journey!!! That was so awesome to finally be able to see them live! Too bad they didn't have a longer set, but they were great regardless.     (the Bamboozle is a rock festival in NJ for those not "in the know" - just an FYI)
I know that there are others out there that have experienced layoffs. I can only relate to my experience though. If anyone out there thinks that they work with or for friends, you may want to reconsider that thought. I loved my job. I will go ahead and get that out of the way. There were times that I would have rather been at work than be home. I had always dreamed of working in the type of environment I was in. I could laugh without feeling odd. I could talk to my co-workers. Hell, we even got along. I tried to help them out when the need arrised. I was consistently in the top 3 in terms of calls taken, tickets created, and tickets resolved. In fact, if you factor all three together, I was probably the top person on the Helpdesk. You would think that with all that, I would have been a sure thing to avoid getting laid-off. That wasn't the case though. It appears that there is other factors that goes into who gets the cut and who doesn't. I was laid off last month from my said job. N
Reasons For Being A Lonely Poetic Heart Of Jesus-poem
Excuse but do you guys believe that we came from God? How we were create and how we came to be It a simple question to some and to others,   it’s a figment of our desires Some people believe it a system man create to control the populous by conspiracy I say desire because it not just a thing we want to believe in but something we dream to fulfill our needs So here are my thoughts on this subject everyone please read Is our God that has design us, to created ,to craft,  then to bake From the dust that once was a very long time ago Why did he make Eve for Adam and not for Steve, why? Well Steve was guy that was not yet design I believe He created man to live in his image and immortal we were,  until we were lured, and lied we were decieved To proof that he is real would be a business no one would ever want to go in and deal
Your Not Alone
Your friends and family may fail you but the love and patience of our God will always be there to guide you through what ever you may be facing in your life. All you have to do is have faith and dont worry about tmr live in his glory today and tmr will always be better. You are never ever alone.
What The Hell?!
Something I don't quite understand anymore and I'm to the point of not giving a shit anymore. We all know that we live in a piss-poor economy and there really isn't anything that can be done about it. Some of us have to do what needs to be done in order to survive anymore. Others can only do so much then it's back to square one. All of us know that the economy sucks balls but most of us are too damn afraid to admit it to ourselves, not I. I know that the economy sucks and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm not even afraid of opening my mouth about it either. I don't give two shits that I'm talking to President Obama about the issue but I still wish I had a chance to throw it in Bush's face because I'd straight up tell him to go fuck off and that he shouldn't have even been president. All of you nay-sayers and Bush supporters can blow me because if I was standing face to face with Bush right now, I'd kick him in nuts and punch him right in his big-eared face and not gave two shits about it
~*party Boy Is Up For Auction*~
The Cake
Time poll crowns 4chan founder moot 'most influential person' 6:58 PM, April 27, 2009 ***i must point out one reference to the "cake"...the media was trolled there when they alleged it to be the chat room for anti scientology raids, lol*** North Americans are worrying about swine flu. PC users are worrying about the Conficker virus. And companies promoting democratic Internet polls have to worry about 4chan. Members of the underground message board appear to have successfully gamed Time's third annual World's Most Influential Person poll. Time has relented and officially crowned the founder of 4chan, who goes by the alias "moot," as the winner. Time directly addresses the apparent orchestration by 4chan to influence the poll's results in its follow-up article. Moot "handily beat the likes of Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Oprah Winfrey," Time writes. "To put the magnitude of the upset in perspective, it's worth noting that everyone moot beat out actually
North Carolina Bound
im weeping ... so sad and lost without him ....the man who checks ppl in said oh sweetheart did u enjoy california ... i said uhuh with the sound of my misery in my throat ... he said ull be back soon cause ur leaving ur heart here .. i can tell ... wise man ...i got on the plane and had some convos with other travelers and kept my sunglasses on ... so ppl souldnt see my eyes .... i tolerated the flights well and just envisioned being with him on a daily basis ... i got to RDU finally in NC and saw my daughter and smiled ... i missed my children and they missed me ... when i return to HIM it will be as a family .. our children ... jesse and matt and rebecca and yes even daniel... i stop and think bout our laughter and i am conforted .. he would be an offical southerner if while being intimate with me he whistled dixie ... omg he did ... was the cutest thing i had ever seen ... he is now a southerner thru and thru .... 267 baby woo hoo ... my lover my light my heart my soul my whole wor
My Niece
As some of you already know, my sister is 35 weeks pregnant and the baby has now flipped into the breech position. They are afraid they will have to do an emergency C Section this week. Please keep my sister and her little family in your prayers.   I know some people think this is wrong and cheesy but she is my sister and I could use a little support right now.  
Love Hurts.....
Love hurts , love scars,Love wounds, and marks,Any heart, not tough,Or strong, enoughTo take a lot of pain,Take a lot of
I'm So In Love
I love him, I love him, I love him, and when he comes i'll follow, i'll follow, i'll follow, he'll always be my hero, my hero, my hero from now until forever, forever, forever.. i will follow him, follow him where ever he may go, there isn't an ocean too deep, a mountain to high i can't reach, he is my destiny.
Trying So Hard...
not to fall but it's so hard when he writes me things like this. Yer gaze sets upon me like hours, that wilt away the pain of my life. Through blessings we gain, simple pleasure's insured. Through the bond's we share happiness but a moment with an emotion so brazen, but forever felt each morning with a kiss. I whisper your name in your dreams to meet you in distant memories of our future, past alone sitting no longer. For hands have meet and took grasp. Amazed by yer beauty and forever in your arms. I shall hold you close and tight, and ward off the evil around. So secure you will feel and nothing else will matter. And forever our love conquers. And we shall smile for all to see, why their lives shatter. God I think I'm falling in love with him.
Rangers 2-0 Hearts
Rangers 2-0 Hearts By Thomas McGuigan Andrius Velicka fired Rangers in front to ease the Ibrox fans' nerves Rangers moved to within a point of Scottish Premier League leaders Celtic with a comfortable win over a toothless Hearts side at Ibrox. Kris Boyd hit the bar with a clever lob before Andrius Velicka drilled the hosts in front just before the break with his fourth goal in as many games. Tricky winger Andrew Driver was the sole danger within the Hearts ranks. Boyd's 30th goal of the season sealed the points as Rangers narrowed the gap ahead of next weekend's Old Firm derby. Mike Tullberg almost gave Hearts the lead within three minutes after Driver's menacing run and cross but his shot from the edge of the area was well saved by Neil Alexander. But after that early chance, the opening 25 minutes was fairly low key with neither side willing to commit too many men forward. Rangers were struggling to create anything of note for strik
Californication Interlude 2
the hotel ....   we went in the hotel and the wydham was as always nice ... i have frequented nicer hotels all my life ... and this was special enuf to want things perfect ... besides a jacuzzi ummmmm yes pls ...we went to the room ... almost didnt make it .... couldnt stop touching and searching ... he closed his eyes for me and let me close mine and i slowly searched his face to memorize it in my heart .... when i am with him i cant stop the need to say over and over " i love you" and i have a strange habit of running my hand over his face top to bottom As my way of expressing it silently .. that light touch that comes from my heart tells hm all he needs to know ... he slides my hair from my face and by my neck when im sad or hurt or he knows i need his comfort and gentle touch ... we spent time learning each other and laughing ... smiles and hearts layed out for each other ... dedicated and in love ... u know that moment when the sex is sooooo good that ur body falls with shards o
Need A Vip!!
hey fam&friends,ive been back 2days now after my 3months off the net and could really use a vip so i can add more pics and stuff.if anyone could sell me one or knows someone interested in a trade for fu-$$ can you pass the word around?i would be so greatfull:D thx
Trivia #24 - Episode 104
Last night's Trivia coulda been alot bigger than what happened. But i believe i handled it better than ever before. So without our top two leaders in the room, the possibilities are endless. Here are the results of last night's event: HDass---------------42 Tigg-----------------30 Redlar---------------25 Tor-------------------22 Army-----------------21 DarqWolfs-----------20 Warmachine---------19 Punkette-------------18 MammaHelle---------18 Fireman--------------17 Kerry------------------14 Serenity---------------14 Sassy_Jen------------12 DJJoey----------------11 Strega----------------11 TiaMarie-------------10 Screwdriver-----------6 BrandyMae------------5 Molly-------------------5 Naomi-----------------4 OP_free---------------4 BlueEyed--------------3 Scorpio----------------3 Hardcore-------------1 Congrats to HDass for winning their first event! Keep up the great job everyone. So now we will move on to the running totals for the year. Xanrose--------------
We have had some good times,And we had some tough,But you always have been There,Even when times got rough,Some friends come and go,And some always remain,No matter if we change,Or if we stay the same, A truetnend will alwaysbe there, No matter what case,And you have always done that,No matter what i've faced,Please always know that whatever comes your way,I will always be a true friend for you,Until my dying day xoxox                   
I am in a really shitty mood today. I woke up just angry and pissed off at everyone and everything. Nothing seems to be going right in my world and frankly, I just can't take it anymore. Yeah, yeah...bitch because I wrote an emo blog...but then ya know what...just don't comment and go on your merry way. I feel like bitching and whining today and this is my blog, so I can fucking do as I please. 
Singin Simple Man
May 4th
    Sarge's Bad Girls May 4, 2009 Edition Show The Sarge And These Fine Bad Girls Lots Of Love! NICCIThe Sarge a/k/a Sarge's Bad GirlsHot&Fluffy
This Is A Must Read...go
Threesomes ShareNow, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other.Three Names I go by1. Anissa2. Anissa Christine3. I don't have any nicknamesThree Jobs I have had in my life1. Pharmacy Tech2. Elementary School Teacher3. Psychological ResearcherThree Places I have lived1. Michigan (lived there for 34 years)2. Ohio (while I went to college at the University of Toledo)3. Texas (where I have lived for the last 3 years)Three TV Shows that I watch1. Americas Next Top Model2. Project Runway3. LMN moviesThree places I have been1. Toronto, Canada2. Las Vegas, NV3. Lake Tahoe, CA Three people that e-mail me regularly1. The people I work with2. My friend Rusty3. David Three of my favorite foods1. Chinese (Kung Pow Chicken)2. Veggies3. Homemade Pizza (the kind that's better for you)Three things
Ttfn ;
i will probably be absent from here for the next 3 weeks excludeing  the weekends when ill be home friday night till sunday night if you still wish to chat with me or even drop a line your best bet would to have a myspace becasue my nintendo dsi handles myspace better than fubar lol... damn it time comes upon us fast.. ill be in sanford at the tdi wish me luck... that is all...  
When You Said
When you said forever, you meant a few months. When I said forever, I meant every day until the day I died. When you said always, you meant until you couldn't handle it anymore. When I said always, I meant until time ended. When you said you loved me, you meant I was no different from any other girl. When I said I loved you, I meant I had never felt what I felt for you.
It's Time To Get This Done
    SBG TICHA IS UNDER 600,000 FROM LEVELING! Ticha*FuGf2CuddleGoddess*FuEngaged2BigDaddy4LifeHIT THIS BAD GIRL HARD! TICHA RETURNS ALL LOVE! (Fumail her to be sure.)
Auto/bomb Auction #5 *new* Ends Sunday May 3rd 12 Pm Pst
I am auctioning an Auto11/Cherry Bomb! Your Choice. Starting bid is only 1 Fubuck! There will be a Buyout Bid of 15 million FuBux.(This means that someone wanting to insure a win of this bling can bid 15 million and the auction will close upon their payment of this buyout bid.) The Auction will Run until Midnight Saturday 5-3-09 PST. THIS ONE IS Running fast! Stay on it! All Bids must be posted in this blog by the bidder. If two bids for the same amount are posted the one POSTING on the blog first will hold that bid. Showing me your naked pictures does not constitute as a bid. Sexual favors must be presented in person before close of bidding to be considered valid. Samples Required. Payment is expected BEFORE delivery of the Bling. No Exceptions. Payment is expected within 12 hours of the auction close. In case of Default of Bid by winner, the bling will then go to the next highest bidder for their top bid. I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any
Gun Control
I think gun control is a stupid way to try and control crime.would you try to rob a house when you know the owner has a gun inside?or would you go to the house next door where the people are anti gun and you know they dont have one?what are you going to do call the cops ? how fast do you think they could get there 15-20 minutes? is that quick enough ? while you quiver like a leaf in your closet listening to whoever is in your house destroy it and take whatever they want.oh its not over yet here they come upstairs you hear them kicking doors open getting closer to you.they kick in your bedroom door take anything that means everything to you. then they kick in the closet door you see them they see you ok now what?do they kill you or just beat you into a bloody mess is that something your willing to gamble on?
Episode 104- The Expansion Pack 3.0
Last nights show was another huge success as "the expansion pack" involved the addition of a new affiliate to the show, we welcome in the Fire & Ice lounge of listeners. So our numbers are increasing every show, which is the plan. So, the beginning was crazy as fuck as we had to WELCOME them all in with Lil Beelzebub chiming away. I've noticed that when i go into and broadcast in other lounges, their "rules" are relaxed for my show. That is a good thing, otherwise it would piss off the Anti-Christ. Here is what was covered on last night's big ass show. Hellcast News w/ Punkette Top 15 Differences between a chicken's neck and a penis Hellcast Trivia #24 Movie Review- XMen Origins- Wolverine Redlars Good Deed of the week Rant- swine flu Sextalk w/ Shelly- The Octopus King of the Hill- Shinedown, Jamie Foxx, Litany for the Departed Drink of the week- Spocks Mind Meld Mojito Dumb Laws- Colorado Mad Lib- My Evil Plan to Take Over The World Tales of Redlar 23 Country of the week
Day 2
day 2 session 1 jack HATES the leash lol                         suzie is TOO happy, she doesnt wanna do anything to get near the fence lol
Californication Loll
prelude to a kiss i was flying into santa ana ... we were late cause of the weather out of houston where i had my layover ...thinkin over the last short time ... i cant believe how in love i am with the man i only met in my dreams .... problems and drama ... all of that faded with the final touch down ...i disembarqed .... was texting and callin him .. he was waiting in baggage claim for me. I wasnt nervous at all ... i was anxious ... i just needed to see his eyes ... that is the place where secrets stew and cannot be kept ... that is where love lives so that u can touch it ....i stood waiting to see him ...on the phone saying where are you ... lookin at every person knowing none of them were Him... he told me to turn around and there he was ... i walked over to him not knowing for sure how i got there that fast and he said hello ... i said hey baby like i always do to him.... his eyes were bright and so filled with love ... it was a palatable thing ... i could actually touch it ....
Back From San Diego
back from trip early ;san diego ; weather turned little bad! drinks on the house!
Teens Aquitted In Beating Death Part 2
Friends and relatives of two teens accused in the beating death of a Mexican immigrant struggled to contain their relief as not-guilty verdicts were announced on the most serious charges against the former high school football stars Friday.Gasps filled the courtroom and some had to be restrained by sheriff's deputies as they tried to rush the defense table after Derrick Donchak, 19, and Brandon Piekarsky, 17, were acquitted of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and ethnic intimidation for the death of Luis Ramirez.Piekarsky was also found not guilty of third-degree murder for the death of Ramirez, who died of blunt force injuries after an encounter with the teens last summer.However, the all-white jury of six men and six women from Schuylkill County jury found Piekarsky and Donchak guilty of simple assault.The case drew national attention to the small town of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, highlighting race relations and polarizing the community on who was to blame for the incident.L
Pennybuilder - Free £10 For The 1st 100 Who Register!
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my new shopping web site called Pennybuilder is now online and I am inviting you to join. Pennybuilder is a cashback web site that pays you to shop. If like me, you purchase stuff online, come to Pennybuilder first so that you get money back before you buy anything. New retailers are being added daily and there are some fantastic discounts and even a daily cashback page. To promote Pennybuilder I am offering to put £10 into your account for the first 100 people who sign up! See you there AL x
Daily Words Of Encouragement
Yes I KNOW it,s a bar not a church but i see alot of hurting people in here so this is for them
My Money
I would of never thaught that selling Avon would make me any money but it is great. New Car Here I Come. These products are great. No I was not paid to write this. Just sharing my joy.
Sundays Lead To Mondays
Rode the bike to orlando last night was greeted by a beautiful sunset and crazy car drivers to boot.  Took some roads off the beaten path was disheartened by homeless people or were they? holding signs asking for help.  I had to think in my mind what if all the people who were sick held a sign would people be more compassionate to them.  In times of strife how often does humanity reach out to help.  I believe in most peoples mind they whisper in their mind thank god that's not me!  I stopped into a bar had a quick drink observing people who were alone and with a significant other didn't really feel the depth of any happiness.  I can read people better than most and after my thirty min. of nursing my drink the dark problems of others seemed to come into my circle I knew it was time to go at this point.  But it's Sunday now my favorite day.  Pancakes always sunday paper never read the front page always go to the travel section nothing else matters because I don't need to know what's goin
Worthless People
  First and Foremost This is not a Racist or Predjudice Blog About a month ago, a Marine walking home from a party was jumped by 5, that's right 5 low life Mexicans. This Marine chose to give up his wallet, or anything they wanted. By their choosing, they decided to rough him up. They threw him down on the pavement, and proceeded to kick, and punch him while on the ground. This Marine was just going to take it, and let them take what they wanted. Then one participant decided he did not get enough licks in, and kicked this Marine in the temple. Big mistake, this awoke the sleeping giant. This Marine had taken enough!! In fear of great bodily harm,his fight, or flight mechinism kicked in. The Marine arose, with a cell phone in his hand, he proceeded to get up, and pummeled three into submission, out cold. The 4th member of the tough guys,stood out of the way, not wanting to get hit anymore. The 5th jackass, took off with his wallet, then Marine chased him down, tripping him,and beat
How goes it
Love On Me
BooBooKitty AkA Shauny66 You Know You Wanna Come Fan , Rate , And Add This Awesome Person. Hey While You Are There , Show Her Some Luv with Some Blings or A Blast or Something...She Is Definately Worth It   (repost of original by '♠ Ɗǰ ƪƈȩ ♠ Owned By Jmo~N~Fresh~N~BooBoo Kitty~' on '2009-05-03 05:43:12')
Vista: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.
u decide ,   VISTA: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.   This should come as no real surprise since the cynical spooks even assert this 'in-your-face' by advertising 'INTEL INSIDE', which says exactly what it means. More specifically, NSA have made great strides in this direction by having a back door built into Microsoft VISTA. Certain computers, especially those labelled with the logo of the 'fully collaborating' firm Hewlett Packard, have hard-core setups which facilitate the remote monitoring and controlling of personal computers by NSA, Fort Meade. We now understand that if you are using VISTA* you MUST NOT enable 'file and printer sharing' under any circumstances. If you say 'YES', so to speak, to 'file and printer sharing', your computer becomes a slave at once to NSA's master computers. DO NOT ENABLE SHARING.  
Dj Schedule
I shall finally be getting of my arse and making new salutes tonight, probably zombie ones, let me know if you want one.
I Was On Vacation
I was on vacation in Alabama and went to talladega need room for pics so plz rate my pics so I can get those pics on here. Thanks!
02 May 2009
Only when you can see past the obvious will you see the true meaning of what I write.
micro penis :(
My Sick Day
It was a rather depressing day at the office so I decided to call in a sick day. My boss was not overly thrilled but he didnt object to my leaving early. What would a caring compassionate guy like me have to be depressed about? Well, it started three weeks back when Marsha and I got into a huge fight resulting in her telling me she was moving out of our apartment of a year. She said I wasn't satisfing her needs. What else could I do? I fingered that lovely clit until juicies ran. I would eat her out pushing my tounge deep into that wonderfully tight cove of love until she screamed. I always put her needs ahead of my own selfish satisfaction. Isn't that what love is? Well, I thought it was. I thought we were doing great as a couple. All our friends said we were good together and wondered what the hell went wrong when Marsha packed a bag and walked out of our life. I didn't look forward to walking into the apartment still full of Marsha's belongings. I thought her leaving it behind would
why does it seem like as soon as the pain stops theres always another fight or a lie ending in sobs if you loved me really why did you do it thats just kinda silly then you got mad and threw a fit when really you were wrong you did the dirty deed and sang her that love song and even planted your seed why do you keep hurting what once wasent enough so you keep flirting so twice you try mu love but end of round two you did one last thing and lied about it too had a little fling this all could've been prevented if you'd just shut up and listen but i was wrong, but look in the end you tried to excuse it as jealous now you see that i was right and she came between us you were blind as night this is hard to deal with dont know whether to cry or throw a fit but ill try its all i can do the damage is already done was it worth it to you do you feel you won are you trying to test me see how much i can take sre you trying to see how long till i break all i a
Okay, its been forever since I was on Fubar. I have 3 kids now. My daughter is 13, my oldest son is 4 and my youngest son is 6 months old. He was born on Halloween. I now work taking care of a paralized guy at night. The great thing about that is that I can take my baby with me. And I get plenty of time to do things like update my fubar! :) Scott and I are still engaged. Hoping to get married soon. Other than that..I am the same.
Alls I ever wanted was a dad to play catch with and spend time with me But you were just to busy with yourself to take a few minutes a day to talk to me and toss a ball around Now down the road your tryin to make it up me But it might be a little to late for that I can always foregive you and love you But I will never forget how you always said no to me No when I asked you to spend just a few minutes with me If it was what you wanted to do, we did it But if it was what I wanted to do, we didnt do it Ill never be able to say these things to you in person I cant understand why I cant, but I want to So im askin you to PLEASE pick up a ball and toss it around with me before I die here in this hospital bed   FRLW  8-9-08
Can You Foregive Me?
If I never can fix these painful thoughts can you ever foregive me? Will you hold it against me for the rest of my life? How ever much longer it will be? No one knows, not even the doc These painful depressed thoughts are takin over Takin over more and more each day I dont know how to beat them alone anymore Im to afraid to ask anyone for HELP!! Thats my problem ive never been good at askin people for help Instead I suffer by myself and make the depressin worse more everyday Dien inside more and more each passin day Wishin I wont wake up tomorrow   FRLW  9-1-08
My So Called Life
look at me and what i was planning to be what happened to this? why does everything turn to sh*t? i think im going somewhere but end up in nowhere why does life suck and everything ends up bein f*cked why is everyone imposters when on the inside they're monsters i used to listen to teachers and even the preachers i was making big strides and going towards what i wanted to ne but look at me          
Time To Get Things Done
So here I sit, thinking, of exactly what needs to be done.  I will accomplish this.  Even if I have to take it from an inheritance that isnt mine.  See, there is a plan, set in motion, that I really can not speak aloud right now, but it requires a bus ticket, and a hell of a lot of pacients from me.  So people are not going to like the idea, but the chocie has been made.  Now, its time to follow through with it.  We will see, cause yea, I love her, and I'mma prove to the world, just how deep that runs.
A Poem I Wrote In Treatment
theres no more meaning thers no more time he goes he buys a bag, he buys a dime cant face the world, doesnt even want to try he snorts it up, shoots it in wants his brain to fry dont want to think, dont want to feel he sits out his window, so much time to kill   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do   needs some money, theres never enough hes comin down, hes out of stuff there goes the bracelette, there goes the ring there goes the rent, there goes the t.v.   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do   robbing a bank, stealing a car gunshots fired, didnt get very far out of the car running in fright two shots in the head in the middle of the night   nothing to do, nothing to see so many things he wanted to be he sits alone in his room nothing to see, nothing to do  
Mix Thoughts
My thoughts and words are mixed right now I dont know what to think or what to say I dont know if I want to unmix them, cuz Im afraid I might hurt you Hurt you with what I find when I unmix my fucked up mind and turn them into words Words that will hurt anyone I say them too    FRLW  3-16-09
Everytime I Think....
Everytime I think...It feels like your in my head with an eraserErasin all my thoughtsAs if you wanted to control meControl my thoughts...Control my words...Control my actions...Please put the damn eraser down and get out of my damn HEAD!!!!FRLW 3-16-09
A Lil Somethin
I ereased all of your pictures todayYour memory still burned in my f@uked headI tried to drink you awayInstead i almost drove off this cliffBut I relized your not worth it anymoreYou treated me like sh!tWhen I was on my death bedI fought to keep my life for youBut you never wanted me to began withFRLW 9-25-09
WOW    When he looks into my eyes I get lostThe way he touches me I want to melt.The things he says amazes me.He makes me feel alive, wanted, needed, comfortable, cared for.I want him more and more as the days go by.I want to taste his kisses again.I want to feel his body against mine again. I melt just thinking of these things and of him.I find myself lost in thoughts of him. I am scared though, I don't want to be hurt again.But I feel so safe with him.He has broke the walls to my body and soul and is starting to warm my heart.I am so scared of how I feel Does anyone one else feel this way?Or am I the only one who has these feelings and thoughts   Crystal M. Grossinger
World Full Of Emptiness
This world is full of  people.people who love,people who hate.Ones that are there,ones that are far away.Not everyone in this world enjoys everyone elsebecause like me they fell alonein a world full of people!!!!   Crystal M. Grossinger
An Analysis Of "fuzzy Wuzzy" By Rudyard Kipling Part 1
“Fuzzy Wuzzy” is a poem, a ballad of four narrative octets paired with four quatrains in chorus.                     “Fuzzy Wuzzy” first appeared on March 15, 1890, in the Scotts Observer published by W.E. Henley.  Considered to be part of an anticipated work known as “Barrack-Room Ballads”, a collection of twelve ‘soldier-song’ Rudyard Kipling had promised prior to his leaving India in 1889.[1]  “Fuzzy Wuzzy” was an instant success, achieving such reviews claiming “no single ballad has had such a furore of success”[2] and “It was that rare thing in poetry, a genuinely popular success…”[3]. “Fuzzy Wuzzy” was released later that year as a part of a collection known as “Departmental Ditties, Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verse” [4], collection containing some of Rudyard Kipling’s most lauded and memorable work.                  Born in Bombay, India in the final d
What I Want From A Man
I want him to hold me....* when i cry * when i'm cold* when something is wrongI want him to kiss me....* in public* in the rain*when we wake up* when we go to bed* for no reason at allIf he Loves me tell me.....* every chance he gets cause you never know when it will be the last moment of my lifeI want him to show me he loves me by the things he does and the way he acts around not just me but his friends his family everyone we know. I want him to take my hand and hold it just because he wants to, not because I want him to. I want him to take me in his arms in the rain and tell me he loves me and wants me and will never let me go and kisses me until me knees go weak and my heart skips a beat.   Crystal M. Shea
He's a touch of heavenHis eyes light up the roomHis kisses sweet as candyHis touch soft as silkHis words warm my soulWhat more could I ask for?What more could I want?Nothing cause he is perfect to me.   Crystal M. Shea
i want a man that loves menot one that controls meone that will hold me when i crynot make me crywont just buy me fancy things but just whisper in my ear you will be thereone that will do everything he can to keep a smile on my faceand not tear my spirit apart making his friends laughi want a man who will cherish me the way i cherish himbecause i want a man who will last forever!   Crystal M. Shea
Every moment spent with him time stands still.Every chance I get I want to hold him close.Every kiss shared I want to hold forever.No matter what is going on in our lives we are happy together.To look into his eyes means a glimpse of heaven.To get lost in his touch is total bliss.To know I could never let go is glorious. He is my Everything!!!! Crystal M. Shea
Why do they bother me, and occupy my mind so....The one picture of you...The verbal tapestry between friends...contrary to the reality of what is said to be a perversionDo you dream like me, breathe heavy like me, accept reality at its most real...or put on a happy face and walk through your own life.To know a persons character, tendencies, flaws, successes and accept them as they are is a big value meal indeed.I wanted to write about some encounter between two peoplebut i am absent from my own thoughts, life, own love.Why do i laugh at the cake being burnt for my Sons birthday, because i wish i was there to help make it better. Kinda like corn dogs.....or my moms cooking (She cooked by the smoke detector, if ;when it went off .... dinner was done...the voices told her so)...just another thing in hindsight that is so "DOH". From abortions to miscarriages to adultery to divorce and custody....its a book on its own.I loathe my decisions, and the past that was, and my current
New Beginings
Ok this is a little new to me, as I now find myself single again with another man living in my home, but here I am. Not even sure why I'm here so any input would be appreciated. But if you are the same type of tramp I am still unfortunately married to, then don't bother. Right now I am bitter and on guard, but I am working on it. Is there solice of actual friendship in here, or is it all just more BS for those with nothing better to do? Help me out here. Oh by the way. the tramp in the picture behind me fell off, but quickly jumped on a steroid freak, so good for her.
Blah...bored...10 Things About Me
I dont drink hard liquor I have a phobia of worms Most people dont like me I had a hit placed on me by mafia 13 yrs ago I have a terrible sweet tooth I like fish jerky I am fluent in 2 languages, understand 4 I almost fell off the 9th floor balcony when I was a baby I am the least materialistic person you know that doesn't live under the bridge I am really bitter      
Don't try to make sense of this, you won't be able to.   Well, the elephant talked to the train, but the train forgot what the elephant said. Did I forget to wash my underwear? Did I even change my underwear? I want to be a ninja!! Ninja's rock. You spin my head in cirlces, but that's ok, I didn't get dizzy. My butt itches, pass the gold bond cream. I want some ice cream! But the doctor said I needed to lose weight! FUCK OFF Wow. . .the world is round and not flat??? Wonder what would happen if I snorted some peanut butter?? Why is the sky blue? Why not purple? I hate the sun, it always burns me. Whatever happened to the Whammy game show?? I wonder if Jerry Springer wears boxers or briefs? WTF am I writing? I honestly have no clue. what the hell does the FU stand for in Fubar?? I'll sell ya my soul for a nickle, I'm broke. Obama sucks. I voted for McCaine. I think I need to shave my armpits. Did I put deoderant on today? Wonder what dogs would look like if they wer
I look into his eyesand find myself lost. Every thought racesthrough my mind. I wonder whathe's thinking? He touches my skinso soft and gentle. He sends a chilldown my body. My body is lostin his touch. My blood racesfrom his every touch. What is this feeling? It's new and exciting But so Forbibben! MARCH 17, 2009 Crystal M. Grossinger
An Analysis Of "fuzzy Wuzzy" By Rudyard Kipling Part 2
                      In the years of 1884 and 1885, when the two conflicts obliquely referenced by Kipling in “Fuzzy Wuzzy” took place, the Battle of Tamai and the Battle of Abu Klea,[1] both instances where the legendary British Square had been temporarily penetrated, for the first time ever, by enemy forces, the British Empire was at its height.  Standing at the apex of its power, a Pax Britannia was enforced globally through the Queen’s Army and the Royal Navy.  In China, the 2nd Opium War was a recent memory with British trade compacts and military rule firmly established over the dying Qing Empire.  India existed as an outpost, a staging place in the Asian world for colonial adventures into Malaysia, Burma and beyond.  In Africa, England had advanced against the Boers at the southern tip as well as invested heavily in the ancient sands of Egypt.  Throughout the world, European and American colonialism spread across the globe, gobbling up the land and resour
What Is Love?
Marble Heart
My Song To You Babe
Pain Of Love
We met on a day we will never forget. i saw you and was amazedyou saw me and that was all it took.we spoke a simple hello that will last the rest of our lives.the person you are makes me voice comforts meyour smile makes me keep my attention and want so much time my darling we will be mine and i yoursjust as we both want. so as you sleep right nowdream dreams of wonderful things and see us together as it be in the future.and i will watch over you to clear away any nightmares you may have.Sweet dreams my darling and i will see you tomorrow.4-26-09
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 1
Global Impacts of Multi-National Pharmaceutical Industries   Born of alchemists experimenting in an age of newly industrialized enlightenment, the modern pharmaceutical industry has today become a global goliath, a power in and of itself capable of eclipsing Nations.  Having risen from the humble labs of independent scientists in the 19th Century to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, Big Pharma, as it is often collectively referred to as, has become one of the largest and most dominant industries in the world today. With a global reach, capital unlimited and influence unrivaled in the corporate world, Big Pharma sways international politics, determines the dynamics of global health concerns, alters regional environments and upsets social structures as it works to guarantee its global economic position.  Through aggressive though morally suspect legal and marketing methods aimed at developing a protected, dependent and permanent consumer base for their products, Big Pharma
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 2
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 3
Clinical testing itself has turned into a cottage industry.  Human clinical trials are performed in four phases, the last phase being a post-marketing survey.[1]  More than half of the $900 million average cost it takes to bring a new drug to market in directly tied to the first three phases of clinical trials.  Of that, recruiting consumes 40%.[2]  A quick number crunch with those figures to work with means that just recruiting the test subjects costs, on average to bring a drug to market, costs a pharmaceutical company around $180 million dollars.  That’s a lot of money, a lot of incentive for profit down the line.  For conducting the research, especially in cross-border trials, pharmaceutical companies will outsource to organizations specifically dedicated to conducting research who will then outsource again to doctors.[3]  Herein develops one of the greater potential opportunities for the breakdown of ethical practices within the clinical trial industry.  In Russia, for examp
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 4
In 1955, a drug called Stalinon killed 102 individuals in France.  Between 1957 to 1962, Thalidomide was responsible for 12,000 fetal abnormalities.  145 infants were poisoned with 36 fatally by Morhange in 1972.[1]  Chilling numbers yet distant enough to where they could be, not excused, but explained as ‘primitive’ examples in the history of pharmaceutical testing before such standards as the “Good Clinical Practice” policy.  These were the ‘rough years’ when the industry was still untamed and thus tragic accidents could perhaps occur.  Sadly, this is not the case.  Even in this ‘modern age’ of pharmaceuticals, tragedy can be traced to greed.  During the race in the 1980s to open up pharmaceutical testing and speed up the processes in order to combat the terrifying new virus known as HIV, profit dominated and corruption occurred even at the highest and most trusted levels.  Factor VIII by Bayer Pharmaceuticals had accidently become tain
The Global Impact Of The Multi-national Pharmaceutical Industry Part 5
  What did happen and what effect has this incident had?    When Pfizer hastily went into Nigeria to test Trovan, an anti-biotic which promised to be Pfizer’s next big blockbuster drug, they were not the only group present trying to work with the epidemic.  Doctors Without Borders , a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing medical care in to third world areas in crisis, had already been on scene and ended up sharing many of the same facilities did Pfizer and witnessed what occurred.[1]  Pfizer selectively picked their test subjects from among those suffering and divided them into two groups of a hundred children each, on the test sample, the other the control.  For the control group, a product by Hoffmann-La Roche called Ceftriaxone proven effective and also being used by Doctors Without Borders was used.[2]  Ceftriaxone is meant to be injected directly into a vein or a muscle but for expediency’s sake, the Pfizer researchers injected the drug into the buttoc
My Issues With Executive Priviledge
  The whole concept of Executive Privilege bothers me.  The reasons for the existence of Executive Privilege and the manner in which it has been used are just the surface of my discontent.  To start, my personal perception of any President (as well as any Representative or Senator) is not of a “leader”, but instead of a “servant”.  Presidents may enjoy the title of Commander in Chief, but that is a military designation.  In regards to the relationship toward the People of the United States, the President is at most a temporary steward charged with upholding the Law upon which this Nation is founded.  This necessarily means that the standards set for by Law are of extreme importance insofar as the Presidents use of power is concerned.  As a temporary steward, the President must be bound, not only to the Law, but as an exemplar of that Law.  As a temporary steward, the President is also accountable in his OFFICIAL actions, those actions which he takes in the pr
"whipped Across The Bac"
"Oh Mistress!" "I am your slave to command!"   Whipped across the bac... Serve her... Serve her... Serve her... Mistress... Make me pay... The pain you impose upon me... Punishment... A form of reward for my loyalty unto you... Down in the dungeon... Awaiting your wrath... Hot wax running down my spine... Stock of roses in hand... Whipped across the bac... Fear her... Fear her... Fear her... Mistress... Worshipping... On my knees... Bowing unto thee... Liquid sting... The wax dropping on my skin... Rewarded... Permision granted to cum... All tied up... Lurking over me... Flogger in hand... Whipped across the bac...   Whipped across the bac...!
I Need Something "strange" This Weekend
ok guys, this is why i show it all off. i need some cock this weekend for my girlfriend and myself. if you have pics send them my way. i am only interested if you are availible in tx. you will have to wear a condom, but we both swollow and take facials. i only want to see that dick. oh, and dont think small is a bad thing. i do love anal but i can only handle a shorty. if it gets to be a regular thing, i will let you cum in me. thanks!!!!
A Personal Philosophy Of Education
A Personal Philosophy of Education This I feel is to be a ‘working’ composition as I recognize right off that “I am but an egg”, an uncarved block in regards to my own personal developing philosophy of education.  If I were to be bold and brash enough to state a philosophy direct, I’d have to say that I fall closest to the Progressivism branch (um, the metaphor I hope to allude to here is that of a Tree of Knowledge).  Actually, I think I need to hang my developing philosophy between two branches…it turns out the Existentialist branch also supports many of my positions and beliefs.  There, a not overly eclectic position to take, with two primary influences from which to hand my philosophy from.  Why?  Because I find myself, in a practical manner, tending strongly toward progressivist positions in most aspects of life, a reflection of my social and political philosophy as well.  The existentialist perspective calls strongly to my independent nature,
Mao Mix
Mao Mix After more than a century lost within an ever increasing morphic haze, the dynastic dreams of a Manchu empire, aspirations burnt away and consumed by a foreign addiction, remained as but ash upon the trash heap of history.   Beaten by foreign devils from both the East and West, the last vestiges of imperial rule had failed to match the ever increasing stride of the younger tribes and at last succumbed, like a weed grown too vast, into its own corruption.  A new world existed beyond the borders of ancient past, one unwilling to allow the safe passage of ancient ways, one unforgiving to traditions lost in the reverence of ancestral pasts.  The world was changing and the dreamland of eternal dynasty had been lost in a swirl of opium smoke and the harsh realities of industrialized progress.   Into this middle kingdom, one whose grandeur had been admired by unnumbered generations for forty centuries ‘ere its fall, was born a man of vision.[1] In 1911, having suffered despera
Half The Sky
“Hey, Comrade Mom, I’m Heading to the Disco!” “The world has changed.”  Thus the bizarre ritual of foot binding, a cruel technique to satisfy the particular aesthetic prejudices of a time long ago stand out in sharp contrast, drawing expressions of awe, wonder and amazement from even those most intimate to one who wears this social scar.  Foot binding, once a common practice involving the forced deformation of the feet of little girls was a practice rooted in matrimonial customs with the acknowledged aesthetic being that small feet were more desirable and thus created a better chance of the girl securing a more favorable husband.  Much like the western practice of castration, the practice of foot binding wouldn’t’ survive long into the 20th Century, the last of its victims now cultural oddities, relics of a time long past.  The world had changed. Cultures change and customs therein reflect.  It was once the custom in China (as with wide swath
An Aberration Of The Collective Human Psyche
  An aberration of the collective human psyche, one no stranger to history, is the potential for brutality exceeding all bounds of necessity or purpose.  Allowing for the violence associated with all warfare, the blind destruction with ultimate aims, the aberration, the excess is often associated with a cathartic release on the part of the perpetuators.  Throughout history, sieges have often climaxed in bloodbaths, entire populations reduced through sword and fire once the walls have been breached.  From Tyre to Jerusalem to Novosgrod, conquerors would spend their built up reserves of frustration and aggression in what could usually be expressed as climatic release; an orgy of chaotic killing to satisfy the pent-up aggressive potential.  Systematic, organized slaughter is not the typical tale told.                 In the later months of 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army became frustrated during the siege and conquest of Shanghai.  Opposition to their advance had proven harder than exp
For Your Information: A Dissertation On What The Fuck Is Going On.
First and foremost, I've unsubscribed from all lounges.  I am one person, and only one person.  If I go one place, I catch flak from one party, if I go another place, I catch flak from another party.  Sorry folks, I love you all dearly, and I'm not going to catch hell for that.  I am friends with multiple groups of people.  If I can't go to talk to them freely in various different places, then I simply don't want to be in any of those place.   Next on the agenda: I am not in a good place right now.  I spent about 4 years trying to build a future for myself that has ended in epic failure.  I wake up every day looking at this epic failure.  I need to get out of here.  That's my current mission, with my sanity at stake.    The prop business has pretty much dissolved into nothing.  It gets hard to do something you love, something you've been built up on being told it'll be great and wonderful, and then become disillusioned by it all.  I got fucked, hardcore, by various circumstances. 
Some Douche In My Sb Talking Trash...
->BULLET PRO...: lol BULLET PRO...: big deal you're still commenting me back lil sheep ->BULLET PRO...: And you are really amusing in your words of choice.. ->BULLET PRO...: Like I said... You're in MY SB BULLET PRO...: if you care you comment back BULLET PRO...: oh i do or you wouldn't be commenting ->BULLET PRO...: And I assure you, you do not ->BULLET PRO...: Nah... that would mean you matter to me lol... BULLET PRO...: hit a nerve dude? ->BULLET PRO...: You seem obsessed with the inbred stuff.. Of course you probably never had sex without saying, "NO Daddy. I have school tomorrow" BULLET PRO...: just telling ya whats going on lil inbred from up north lol ->BULLET PRO...: You're the one in my shoutbox BRO ->BULLET PRO...: Is the fear of cock left over from your days as a prison-bitch? Cuz I hear once they break you in they are quite gentle... BULLET PRO...: besides you all take this site seriously get a life bro BULLET PRO...: nio i fear cock ewwww ->BULLET PRO...: Yo
Never Before Been Given Chance.
Your lips speak soft sweetness, your touch a cool caress, I am lost in your magic, I think of you each morning and dream of you each night. I think of your arms being around me and cannot express my delight, never have i fallen, But i am quickly on my way, you hold a heart in your hands, that never has before been given chance.
In Hostipal Again
sorry i havent been in contact much lately ive been hostipal since wesnday morning. i had surgery on my right knee again on thursday, but everything im hoping it will look out for the better. doing vidials, dressing changes on my sores, every 4 hours as needed so we are not sure how long i will be in the hostipal. i will do better as trying to keep all of u updated on whats going on. I love ya and miss ya and i hope to come home soon.
*Lost*The eyes of da blind man see my pain,I took strength from within to shadow.The Mouth of a newborn spoke wise words,and told me not to sorrow.The rains of a storm cried with me said, "One day? it'll be over.The arms of a tree comforted me said, "child your so much stronger."The hearts of a million opened up to me to show they really cared.The game flipped on me to show it was never fair.I let down my guard for five minutes and deceit crept right on in.I know what to do in this situation "let the games begin!"I tried to call it a draw, no one lose we both walk away satisfied.You pushed all buttons,crossed all bridges, & you even lied.I lost my mind, i'm incomplete, not in control at all.I almost hit rock bottom, got back up, cause I've sworn to never fall.This situation have not defused, I'm tellin' you I never lose.I said what I had to say, still a woman of my word this very day. By: Mz.Understood© A.K.A.Sheri
Black Moon
Place the speachless embalmed headof mineas a trophyin your show window.Behind the glass,on a plastic thing,on which you will writemy name,date of birth,and several other measurments. I'll only need some dusting once in a while,and some words out of your sweet mouthas you show me to your visitors. Put me in there,and leave me in peace.  
Tonight At Work
Ok I am the night manager for a hotel. I think I run a nice hotel with some uhhhh unique moments. And tonight is one of those moments. A good friend of mine is staying here tonight. He came to me earlier about some screaming and things being thrown around. I stepped out the back door and could hear someone screaming bloody muder! I went back inside and called for help while he went to make sure everything was alright. I was standing outside talking to the police telling them what was going on. My friend knocked on the door and could hear "Stop hurting please help!!" and the door opened up....out came a 41 yr old naked man screaming! He tried to attack my friend!! Luckly Jam was aware and jumped out of the way. The guy knocked Jam's room key or whatever he had in his hand out of his hand. Ready for this? The guy's room is on the 2nd floor and all our rooms open to the outside. He leaped off the top of the stairs and land on his belly. Got up and started screaming. And throwing hims
It's not easy to fool my heart.For it knows everything,from the birthtill the deathof the world.Just a scene can't have enough.You're quivering up on my chest!
Lock The Door
Nothing matters anymoreI've turned away and locked the door I've turned the key and closed my eyes Let spill the tears and stop the lies I want no more to do with this place I want to leave without a trace To pack my bags and disappear To have no regret to have no fear To abandon all my life long dreams To stop the nighttime nightmare screams To leave behind the pain and despair To move on with existence without a care If only this could all be true To go away and start anew But I must live with these tears and lies So I'll lock the door and close my eyes
Deleting People From Friends List
Lost Angel
Have you ever walked into a room,and witnessed a miracle?To see such grace, That your heart wants to stopbut races out of control. To fall into such a hole that is filled with such happiness.Yes, its true! An angel does exist. For I was touch by his presence.To be so captivated,No, im in awe! Such beauty, Why does his smile cause me to feel so weak?That Eyes that pierce my soul,His aura is so becoming.I feel that I am in a dream with every second im in his space. I wish to never close my eyes. For now my mind drifts and my soul reaches out to the sky. Suddenly- my eyes blink and truth bares itself to me again.I look and notice that I'd lost my dream once again.
[atypical Reaction]
My forearms are getting chorded again, I guess that's what happens when you do nothing but chop vegetables and swing swords and weights. My foils are boxed up and ready to move.Unfortunately I don't really have the space I need to practice flicks unless I cleaned out my garage.I don't really want to work with foils anyway.I want to stick with something heavier.I need more weight.On my legs, on my body on my shoulders. All the power is in my forearms and wrists. All my speed and finesse is in the swing but it doesn't CRUSH! with despair.It cleaves.It's too refined. Too much theory not enough raw. I regret to inform you all that my heart is still on vacation.Maybe I need to spend more time in an electricless house.I know I'm a month overdue on bills again... I know I can cover it, but I can't cover what's coming next. I'm terrified right now.I need this awful job.I need to get by.I need to survive. ...still got my gun. Still got my ruthless crazed determinationthe kind that tells a co
            She looks so hot...             She looks quite the top...             She'll put you in your place...             Should you ever disgrace...             She'll eez your hate...             She'll make you wait...             I tell you no lies...             Goddess will make you scream out your cries...             Tears will be falling...             When Goddess is calling...             She will come out to play...             In pain...             She's gonna make you pay...             Eventhough she is a swich...             You're gonna love her pinch...             I tell you no lies...             You will notice Goddess has beautiful thighs...             I can't stop looking into her eyes...             Screaming...             Scratching...             Slapping...             I wanna feel her wrath...             I tell you no lies...             Goddess is a beautiful sight...             Goddess...             I wanna cry for you..
For Some Reason
In the end I never forgave you. The time I spent lost gave me clarity over my imprisonment.  See there was a chance and I took it, not for you, not for the idea that I loved you, but for me. Why would I want that chance to go away. Happy for a momment vs an empty life vs life long bitterness,,, I just chose the moment.  I blamed myself, I blamed you, I blamed the air if I could come up with a reason.  It was honestly just a moment.  Deep happiness for a time. The anger came in it not lasting. Maybe I give up to fast, maybe I rushed into it all. Maybe im just broken. Maybe just too many maybes. You came into my life and I didn’t stand up. And I regret that.the moment after it happened till years later im just a basket case of regret. Of taking the best thing in my life for granted. Sad part is, is that im human and I know it will happen again.  So I over compensate. Jump the gun and rush into a burning field with my head down.  Funny part is why keep your head down if you know y
Well, here I am gettin' drunk on Irish whiskey and MGD. I was playing my guitar (1 of 3) when I realized...why? I don't play anywhere. I've got a $3500 guitar and a $1300 guitar and I don't even play in public! wow...I really miss the American Legion where I played once a month. I've got a good voice and I play well. I do an AWESOME Elvis. And yet here I am playing in my garage. Oh well....some are destined for fame...and there are the rest of us. But you just can't beat an acoustic guitar. Maybe I can play for some of our neighbors this summer. Ah....well...I guess I'll just get drunk...and MAN my fingers are sore! Guess I'll just keep playin' anyway!   Dragon M'Bits
All My Boys Are Home
My boys stay so busy with all there activities. Tonight is the first night in a long time, that they are all here, under my roof sleeping. Dad feels right with the world.
The Road To Freedom Is Paved With Disobedience
The Road to Freedom is Paved With Disobedience You have most likely broken the law. As you sit there right now, reading this, you are probably doing or have done something recently that has transgressed some statute, some rule of government. You haven’t done anything to harm another, you haven’t stolen or damaged the property of another, and yet it is likely that those who rule over you have written some words down on a piece of paper somewhere, called it a law, and now they expect you to know this and obey its dictates. The absurdity of this system is clear for all to see, and yet you are at the mercy of those who call themselves “servants” of the people but then act as if they are the masters. They are a frightening group of people and if they set their sites on you, for whatever reason, you will end up being punished in some way.If you have somehow violated some “code” (a very appropriate word for small details to a larger law or set of laws sinc
Been Forever!
so i leave for a few months and the whole site is totally different im not even sure i know wth to do on here anymore LOL does anyone still get on here and has anyone missed me?!  (if so i cant tell :( )
Why Does Age Have To Be About Age?
                    As i grow older each year                      Time becomes more dear                      The heart starts to feel more                      And comes from deep within the core                      As we get older guys tend to become younger                      And the heart is pulled under                      But why does Age have to be about age ?                      It is just another book with more then one page                      Noone can choose who the heart loves                      It is just something that it does                      Sure love hurts and that is why walls are built                       To protect the heart that is like silk                       If I had just one wish
Doing A Good Deed
So today I did a good deed. I went and changed the oil in my ex's vehicle. As I was laying under the car watching the oil drip into the pan my mind started to wander. At first the oil poured out fast then slowed till it became just a drip. I realized this was just like my life. It started with a good flow. Everything was just moving along. As the years have gone by the days turned from flowing to a slow trickle then a slow drip. As each drop of oil landed in the pan I saw how it blended in with the rest of the oil. Much like the days of my life. I have been watching my life drip by and when the day falls into the black pool it just gets lost. Everyday simply appears then same. I look around and truly have no idea how I got to where I am. Yesterday has already dripped into the pan and blended in. I actualy felt sad realizing this. It's odd how  with something simple as an oil change you can get a glimpse of your life.
And So It Begins...
Well. Hi, folks. If anyone's reading this, there's something horribly wrong with you. Run while you still can and seek professional help. Really. I suppose the point of a blog is to recount recent events and share your thoughts with others. When the fuck did we stop calling that a journal or diary? Anyway. Let's see. I'm presently being stalked by a woman who's ugly as sin, 10 years older than me, and married with a kid. My job officially sucks. I've been fucked outta 7 months' worth of vacation and sick time because of my company. And now, instead of giving me full-time benefits like they SHOULD'VE 7 months ago (Okay. Technically, they had twelve weeks, so they shoulda given me full-time benefits 4 months ago. But whatever.) they're cutting my hours. I haven't seen my family in over two years. Which is really starting to suck. The girl I'd been dating finally told me she's bisexual. And her girlfriend is jealous of me. Lovely. I need a fuckin' drink. Damn you. Damn everyone. "I
Will I Ever Be The Same
Why does love hurt I hate this painAgain the heart breaksWill I ever be the sameI don't understandWhy things go this wayWondering why that isDoes love ever stay Fate keeping us apart Can't they all seeIt's written in the stars I know it's  meant to beTime it means nothing My love will always staySecond by secondDay after dayI will wait foreverIn shadow or lightKeeping  you in my dreamsNight after night
Without You
How do I breath, When I'm without you? My heart barely beats, It is forever blue.   Forever gasping for air,When we've not spoken. Keeping my thoughts close, My heart forever broken.   Can we have happiness, Is it ever to be. Should I start to worry, No longer carefree.   My mind always muddled, Knowing not what to say. Treading ever so lightly, Day after day. Worrying about tomorrow, All through the night. Tossing & turning, Nothing feeling quite right. With you I'm in heaven, A dream like state. But life without you, Seems to be my fate.   So If I have to live, In this world without you. Know in our heartsThis love is forever true.
Vote For Me Please
Bored? You should go rate this guy. Not for any particular reason, just because. ♥   I'm not what you're looking for@ fubar
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Love Love Is Not Good
my life is beautiful in love is p shit
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Things That'll Win My Heart
Okay, since I posted the last blog about things that piss me off, I figured I should write somethings that'll win me over! You should be happy, I never let people in the inner workings of my masterminding brain, heheh. *clears throat* How to win over the black, icy heart of Lucifer's Muse: ~Remember the little, trivial things about me. ~Don't take me for granted. ~Make me smile atleast once a day. And a laugh goes a long way. ~Surprise me, even though I tell you I don't like surprises. ~Stroke my face in a loving way. ~Hold my hair back when I puke. ~Laugh at my jokes, even when they're lame. ~Come back with a wisecrack when I lay one on you. ~Be a man. Know when it's okay to stand your ground. If you let me walk all over you, by the gods, I will. ~Treat me like a lady. ~Be good to my children. ~Don't be on the computer all day and night. Get out and do something with yourself! Hell, I'll help you work on the car. I'm not above getting dirt under my nails. I know this i
Asking For 1 Rate Please?
Everyone searches, Knowingly, or not But when they found what they want do they know what they've got A lifetime I've searched, and come up empty handed I've been knocked down, kicked around, and on my face I've landed But through luck, karma, chance, or just plain old coincedence In whichever you believe I've found for whom I've been searching, and all I'll ever need I've found someone worth more, than all I have to give someone who makes this life one worth the effort to live completed by her, finally whole, enthralled, enchanted by her firery soul making me want to latch on and never let go This lifetime, just won't be long enough for this love that I feel is strong enough to burn undying, eternally  
Proud To Be White!!!
I Am Proud! You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "Gringo" and you think it's OK....But when I call you Kike, sand nigger, rag head ,Towelhead, WOP, Camel Jockey, Gook, nigger, slant eyes or Chink you call me a racist.-You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?-You have the United Negro College Fund.-You have Martin Luther King Day.-You have Black History Month.-You have Cesar Chavez Day.-You have Yom Hashoah-You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi-You have Al Qaeda-You have the NAACP.-You have BET.-If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist.-If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist.-If we had white history month... we'd be racist.-If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist.-If we had a college fund that only gave white students know we'd be racist.-In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and r
How To Piss Me Off In 1 Second Flat
I'm generally a laid-back kinda broad. But there are things that really piss me the hell off when they're done to me, for example: ~Forget my birthday or our anniversary if I am in a relationship with you. Those should be special dates for you. I won't forget your birthday or anniversary, and I expect you do the same! ~Keep me hanging. I don't like being strung along. I have feelings! I expect the person I'm with to be straight-forward with me from the get-go. If you're not going to be honest with me, then stay the hell away from me. Don't keep me hanging. ~Talk down to me. You are not my daddy. You have no authority over me enough to call me names and chastise me. It hurts really, really bad. It's worse than getting punched in the face. Don't be surprised if I hit you with a baseball bat if you talk down to me. ~Lie to me. I know a good judge of character when I sense it. I also know when someone is lying to me. If I ever catch you in a lie, I can never trust you. It is really har
  Curing diseases may be a projection of your benevolence for the world. Many of us want to feel as though we are good people who have something to contribute. Disease and the cure thereof allow us to feel power to influence the outcome of other's lives. Getting a disease could be revealing of a self-defeating lifestyle choice if the disease creates a particular handicap. If the disease is transmitted from a particular person, you may be ambivalent about their influence in your life. If the affliction holds taboo quality, for example, AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease, there may be internal anxiety about the moral quality of your life. Getting a disease can also reflect a fear that is either rational (family history) or irrational (news story as trigger event). Is the disease peculiar in that it is only apparent to certain persons or only comes over you in the presence of certain others? The body often symbolizes the emotional content of relationships. Are you embarrassed
May 2nd Diet Blog
2 crossiants banana coffee .................. bag of chips coffee ............................................. same sandwich as yesterday... carrots with ranch low fat tapioca pudding diet green tea .................. rice cakes .......................... vietemse sandwich....had carrots, some other veggies meat chips diet soda mango
  Being overrun, even by a desirable commodity, is an undesirable experience. Even good things can get carried away. Many times, we feel as though our lives our out of control. In dreams, having an infestation of a particular person, object, insect, or animal may be a pictorial representation of feeling overwhelmed. If the infestation comes from a positive event, it may be a warning from your subconscious that other necessary obligations are being neglected due to your consumption by a singular activity. If the infestation is a categorically negative image, such as rats or mosquitoes, it may be that your life is getting severely undermined. Is the infestation happening in your home, car, or other intimate place? Are there any others present?
  In psychoanalytic technique, walls are generally held to be a symbol of the male personality, with a focus on power. This thinking seems to stem from the impressions a young child would have of dominant male power in the home (which is a fortress surrounded by walls and dominated by the patriarch). In dreams, many people encounter walls as a random barrier and/or a projection of power. In your dream, do you come upon a wall in your travels, or do you find yourself immediately surrounded by walls? Do you try to scale the wall, find its end, or simply ignore it?
  Spotted animals are interesting symbols because of their nonconformity to a uniform color. Often we may see people as spotted or as leopards if we suspect them of shiftiness or insincerity. To see a leopard mauling a kill, especially if it makes eye contact with you, likely means that you have been dealing with someone who you do not trust, and that you should take stock of recent dealings with that person and others like them.
  Weeping in dreams is not at all unusual. This is often because of the emotional power carried by the images and persons you are encountering. Weeping in the dream is generally separate from actual physical tears forming. It is more often that weepy feeling you get in your heart when a particularly moving scene is played out before you. The best advice is always to go with the dream. Emotional releases and revelations can have a very cleaning effect on the psyche and should be embraced whenever possible. However, you should try to determine the trigger event that caused the emotion. Did someone else make you cry directly? Were you crying for a particular reason, or was it for a general emotional release? Did the tears make you feel ultimately better or worse?
  Hawks are interesting dream figures. They aren't quite eagles, but they definitely rank above the crows. Like the eagle, hawks are common symbols in many cultures. Native American dreams revere the hawk and eagle the way the Greeks revere Zeus and Hermes. The hawk is the warrior-visionary while the eagle is the sacred wisdom and power. To dream of hawks is to see oneself as engaged in, but outwitting, opponents through the ability to perceive more completely. It may also be a dream of providing adequately through skillful acquisition or insightful maneuvering. Do you see yourself as soaring with the hawks or pecking with the pigeons in waking life? This may be wish-fulfillment or concern over the direction your life is heading.
Cross Or Crucifix
  This powerful religious symbol often carries with it either comfort, judgment, healing, pain, or a desire for protection. Obviously, how the object enters the dream and what effect it has on the dream plot is very important. The symbol can have either great attraction to the dreamer or revulsion and avoidance. To avoid the cross may indicate either judgment, shame, ambivalence about traditional values, or a memory-dodging consciousness. This memory-dodging is a defense mechanism to prevent looking all the way into the implications of choices or experiences tied to religious symbols in your life. On the positive side, the cross can feel very redemptive or provide a sense of security. Many religious icons operate as a positive taboo for us. Just as dark taboos are symbols, practices, or icons we do not mess with out of fear, certain positive symbols carry positive taboo power. We are secure because of the power of the symbol. Christians who encounter the cross in dreaming may experi
  If you have ever seen the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, you will understand at once that birds receive mixed reviews in the human saga. Birds have often been perceived as troublemakers and omens of bad tidings throughout history. To have the birds of the air pick the flesh off your bones was an awesome sign of judgment in the ancient Near East. Ravens, crows, and vultures could share in this task. However, the gift of flight has retained a sense of majesty for birds as a genus, and certain birds in particular. Note that the phrase Soaring on eagles' wings has been a sign of hope for twenty-five centuries. The visual acuity of many birds (i.e. the eyes of a hawk) also conveys positive perceptions, while ravens and owls are also stereotyped as vessels of wisdom in myth and literature. The ability of some birds to speak places them in a special category as far as non-human creatures are concerned. Some people may be characterized as bird-like in your dreams. If you speak with
 Who are you angry at? Why are you angry? What is the outcome of your anger in your dream? Being angry in a dream often represents an emotion we want to have in waking and will not allow ourselves to experience. This reflects the fact that anger can be destructive and sometimes ends up being treated as a taboo in our personality. The fact that it comes out in dreams may be attributed to the id. People who dream of being angry often have difficulty expressing the emotion constructively in waking life. Anger is a reaction to a perceived threat. As such, anger reflects our feeling that we are being denied what is ours by necessity or by right. Dreams that contain anger may often serve as an insightful beacon into our waking relationships. Sometimes, you may find yourself dreaming of being angry at someone who never angers you in waking life. This may simply be an indication that they are not perfect; a sort of check that reminds you that they are human.
Marble (stone Figurines, Buildings, Hallways)"
Marble in architecture is the premiere ostentatious element. Often, marble is reserved for dwellings of authority and power (government, big business, stately mansions, etc.). If you are fortunate enough to occupy the building, it may be that you are feeling a special allegiance with power structures. If you are occupying a corporate or government building, it may be a representation of power that you feel in daily living. The people who come to visit you in these structures are central to understand the meaning of the dream. If you are living in a marble mansion, you may be on the verge of a successful business venture. If you are visiting these places, note the feeling they arouse in you.
  Although we rarely dream of boundaries per se, we often encounter uncrossable fences, immovable gates, and other non-traversable obstacles. A Freudian approach would be to discern what might be gained by overcoming the barrier and then attempting to associate that gain with a taboo event. If you have any helpers to get you over, through, or under your obstacle, they may be co-conspirators in the violation-or, your joint conquest of the obstacle may be the taboo in itself. Depending on whether the taboo is anger, sex, or another violation, you may need to look closely at your feelings about what is on the other side of the fence, across the river, or whatever the obstacle is. It can be an eerie feeling to encounter a boundary where either you feel unable to go past or your dream companions keep reminding you that nobody goes over there. It may be that the perceived threat or inability to cross the boundary is the central message of the dream. Perhaps you see yourself as needing to
  Think of the gate in larger terms as an opening in a boundary or secured area where one is not normally allowed access. Is the gate locked or unlocked? Do you have to open it or is it opened for you? Depending on your answers, these questions may reveal some level of tension concerning an opportunity that may exist for you.What is inside the gate: a building, a sacred or taboo place, or a place of tranquillity and safety? You may see yourself going to such a place alone or with a helper for some kind of ritual experience. If you go through the gate with somebody, it may herald that a relationship in your life is moving on to a different level (for good or bad). Are you at a loss for opportunities, or do you feel prevented from making progress towards a particular goal? The gate may reflect potential progress, or the hope thereof, depending upon where it leads in your dream.
Nothing More Romantic Than Porn Vol 1
SugarI didn't realize that we talked that much on the phone. As much as shewas a stranger in my home she wasn't to me. She knew were the candleswere, and placed them about the bathroom. Filled the bathtub withscents she brought and turned off the lights. Fingertips pressedlightly against each button on her while blouse she then removed. Warmclasp pressed into her back she unhooked and let fall to the floor.Two buttons against her back undone allowed for her skirt to drop. Onestep over the rim and she sunk into the bath. White clouds of soapsprouted and popped against her chest. Her hands danced in her hair tokeep it dry outside the bath. Falling completely in but her faced, sheclosed her eyes, breathed in and waited.Walking in I knew things had changed. The new sent played heavy withmy eyes. Even the taste in the air seemed different. Not the coldapartment I had called home alone for so long. I laid down my thingsand looked around, fumbling in the dark. As I turned the knob of thebathr
Rough Vs Soft Can They Be The Same Thing... bed, So I'm sure we have all had our quickies, our one night stands, romantic nights with the one(S) you care about etc etc. I know most of us have our own styles for each BUT can different styles go with different feelings for you partner? typically the rough sex is one that brings out the more animalistic side of people and soft romantic sex is more of a demonstration of your feelings right? now here is were i get confused with rough sex can it mean both things if your with the right person? when i think of rough sex the word fuck comes to mind were as with the other it  that just sounds harsh but at the same time is there more passion with romantic soft sex or is the passion really found in the rough animalistic sex? with one you do just to bring one another to a climax but the other take your time to enjoy each other.... but which one would be considered caring for the other i mean getting some one to climax is probably the nicest thing you can do right? So trying as hard as
In these moments, I feel given in to insecurity. As though the past mocks and lets the future die. In these moments I am without the warmth of her company. Lost in the doubt of her return. In these moments I am gone. Away from comfort conditioned into isolation. In this shame I await for the pain of this new memory. In this shame I am left in my own resolve waiting for her answer. In my shame I stand. I am right I always am. In my own damn self pity I will keep company with every wing of every angel I have given flight from every kiss I gave her. And I will lay her, unmoving in a bed of these wings. Simplistic irony. Or my own stubbornness to realize I am always right.
Metalic Taste
Nothing more unique then the taste of metal. How a rosary feels so smooth, with all of its curves against your tongue. Chewing of a pen can be so jagged. The taste of the barrel of a gun can be so sweet. Tears rolling down sad eyes, running down old rough skin, down young smooth steel, to the hammer that I pull back. Warm breaths from my nose makes long mists of steam against the cold of the gun. Emotions from memories guide my muscles and tense around the trigger. "I love you" and doubt enters in "I won't hurt you" hate subsides "I shared with him everything" and adrenaline starts, my finger shaking squeezing the trigger. Gas fills the chamber and climbs to my mouth and death enters reprieve from the gun that jammed. Where was my luck when I met her, sarcasm in misery?  Drop the clip, pull the chamber, eject the bullet and try again. Shaking worse than before. I hate the taste of that gas so let's try the temple. Cock back the hammer close my eyes and think of her. Her and her ha
In My Mind
Why is it when I dream of you its always your touch that stands out the most? Its not the overly sexual one, but it's the most affectionate sensation ive ever felt. It has meaning and reassurance. It is safety and warmth. I could dream of rain covering me but its your hand in mine that I feel the most. Why is it when I think of you its your smile that I see? It guides the rest of the thoughts I have. I can think sad thoughts and I see those expressive lips showing me it will be ok. I can think of happy thoughts and see that smile and I know I have a friend. I can think of something to surprise you  and your lips form a circle that your hand quickly covers. Why is it when I breathe I can see your face in the trails of my exhale? Sad, happy, loved, I can see every change in every muscle in your expressions. I see the warmth of the curves in your hair with your head pressed to my chest. And yet with every inhale, every nightmare, and every moment I lack an idea, it is always the worst.
Dude, You're Sad
Some little faggoty-ass jerk stopped talking to me because I think Hatebreed SUCKS. I don't care. I wouldn't have went out with him even if he paid me $500. Take the fucking Big Mac out of your mouth, asslicker. Maybe you'll get a girlfriend. Doubt it though. Go plaster the ceiling with your pitiful 2 inch penis. Lucifer's Muse always cracks a rib laughing at idiots like you. Gotta love guys who whack off at bestiality porn in their mama's basements.   Fuckin' pathetic.
hi everyone hello, hows it going im new to this site help me out !!!
Nothing More Romantic Then Porn, Vol 10
In the end it’s just a vision. More than affection but less than a touch. In the end it’s just me resting in my mind of what could be from a simple picture. One that has a glance that shakes my nerves and convinces me I matter. That rush of ego, that sense of pride, takes over and I’m enraged of repressed desire. Tortured to let go. Touch your face, kiss you honestly and bite your lip in fear of the last taste. Have the air between us break from your hands finding curves against my chest.  Touching spines. Tasting skin. Eating flesh like it’s the first taste we had. A hand light against your thigh, a thumb tucked into curves, finding more. A taste of air and a feeling of its vapor. Moisture and texture, wet and soft. In both taste and feel. Aggravating a back to arch, a mouth to open, and your words to echo in my ears, “Help me.” Touch runs deeper. Body’s ache harder. All on the edge of exhaustion. Soft as air heavy as a feather dives into yo
Not Moving
so it turns out i wont be moving after all thank goodness for that the landlord was stupid enuff to come by and do the math in his head with out useing a calculator turns out he wanted more then the rent agreement well so he came by later on to say iam sorry so atlest he was able to admit that he fucked up god i wish everything was that easy in life
First Hire
=== 'Bluedemon Owner Of Demon House*KO/Forbidden Family*' wrote the following at '2009-05-02 19:44:19'..>> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > For More Details Visit Demon House Home Page> > > DemonHouseHeadquaters@ fubar> >
Last Thurday,  I had a busy day.   I had to take care of last minute bills and banking issues, pack my bags to go and be done by 4:00 pm so I could make it to see my youngest son's baseball game by 5:15.   at 8:00 am in the morning I got a text from the dragon (my ex), about some bullshit issue several text later I think I answered the question.  at 10.00 am ,  I get another text message concerning child support.   I was in the process of setting up my bill pay on the situation so Informed her of some of the changes and made adjustments let her know.  Several texts later and a phone call got that issue clear around 11am to 1:00 pm issue concerning my oldest around 2:00pm she texted me asking me if my brother was going to the graduation,  I said I suppose.  She texted back, I need to know.   after 15 texts that day I had enough.   I texted back,  I am packing to go to war. she texted back saying she understood.   Finished the primary packing in time, headed to the game.  Te
Totally liking on life, at the moment. Except, for a few glitches, I assume.  Nothin' I can't handle.  Lol...not liking living with someone, instead of being on my own....well, since it's my sister, it is really not that bad. Better than it was before. I am a bit confused about my next step in life. Tht is not unusual, though. Hehehe.
Thinking About My Friends
You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.
5/2/09 Dilbert
My Feelings On Relationships Etc
Hey Everybody i just want to get something cleared up when i see a relationship status on anyone's profile if that relationship status says in a relationship weather it be a male or female especially female or even if it says married  i respect that in a person so  i wouldn't ever try to break up that marriage or relationship especially if it is a strong marriage or a strong relationship i respect a loyal boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife  relationship/marriage so i hope this clears up my feelings on a relationship i respect all relationships including that of mum and dads with their kids or uncles and aunts with their nieces and nephews and granddads and grandmothers with their grandkids and so on from Bruce
And Hello To You Too
thick huge: hey there sexy....daaamn u got room for one kinky naughty guy with a huge thick cock on ur friends list?cz id love it if ud add me so wecan have sum nice tim
Fire (a Julie Inspired Poem)
Fire   We dance The fires edge Feeling its warmth Yet avoiding the lure. Of its lick The flame of its passion The burn The feeling so intense To sear our soul Forever reminding Of that which we desire But dancing on the edge
Dont Ever Lend A Friend Money
So i had this close friend id bling him and ive even vip'd him... he has returned the blinging back... But he lost his job cause booze was important to him anyways got to the point he had no food... So i sent $40 through western union to him... Then he didnt have the funds to make his computer payment so he said he would repay me so I made the computer payment for him $160... Anyways he has since got a job and new well i guess she isnt so new since the start of march but ive been watching as he is buying both of them auto11 and bombs and bling out the ass... He has given me $75 back and was told yestarday i would recieve the rest now im gettin the sad bullshit storey of oh my IE and FF dont work and he is seeing his kids this weekend and i am i trying to wreck that... Mother fucker i know you didnt!!!!! People need to pay back what they owe and stop fucking around....     *UPDATE* Its been a week and this fucking idiot has avoided me to all degrees... Everyone says I should be luc
Little Mans Lending Hand-bad Pass Poem
As thoughts come rushing in as a cry I wondered. My boy didn’t have to die it wasn’t his time So I take a sip of the henie and pour some for my little boy and his girl jenny Now jenny is not dead shes still here but it for serves a purpose and its all about the principles Reminnincing about the crazy times and crimes we did together Two young boys with the same dreams and heart I swear I thought we would’ve died together He was a little man but he was always holding  the biggest strap I’m talking  about ak,,glock nines,,and magnums,  big, with a heart to match Little man had a habbit to blink in one of his  eye Playings jokes and saying “can you see me” hiding behind his right side Little mac had a scar on his ear from being bitten He didn’t like cats and allergic to the smell of kittens But now im am going spill my emotion its about that time Dam L.M you should’nt have gone alone,you could’ve called me I had your back
Could It Be True
Could it be truecould these lonely nights finally be thruAs I've found my best friend to hold into the nighta sultry sexy lady that entices me with more then her sightHer laughter fills my heart with joyand one glance makes me feel like a teenage boyLike discovering  how love makes his heart pound out of his chestall the while wanting to give nothing but the bestCould it be one in a million chancecould these butter flies continue to dance with each glanceAs I've found my hearts desire all in one placea tantalizing woman who I continue to chaseHer eyes tell me a sincere story listening to her revealing beauties decreeIts no wonder I am captured and entranced with everyday we encompassall the while knowing there is no greener grass
Just Kick Me, Whydontcha?!!
I should not have gotten up this morning, much less gone to work. I get to work and FIRST thing, I turn on all the computers. BAM! I got no internet. Which means I can't process anything! Sooo I spend the next 3 hours scrambling to get tech support (ugh). The guy finally shows up, dinks around with a few switches, and BAM! I got internet. Great! Wonderful! The guy leaves. 15 minutes pass. All of a sudden there is a HUGE thunder and lightening storm with wind gusts of 60 miles per hour! POURING down rain and hail, which is literally going sideways.  then.... BAM! Electricity goes out. I'm in the dark, with 2 perplexed customers. I got nothin, no phone, no lights, and, now, DEFINITELY no internet. I finally said fuggit and closed up and went home. Fuck me crossways!! :P And how was YOUR day? Hmmmmm???   :D
The Phoenix
Out of my ashes will rise a new phoenix. A soaring being returning from death proving once again that life is eternal. I live forever because the spirit never dies. I will return in another body in another time, but it is me. The me who is me now will always be. As long as I live, I learn. And I live F o r e v e r
Lonely Heart Starving Soul
Being a poetic Christian sometimes make feel like im struggleling in the inside looking out. I don't don't even know where to begin. Seeing how people live there lives. Im a lonely heart, and love and can't seem to just win. Yet it seems as though ive seen many faces and to many places recalling image of scenery where I've been. Still I"m the outsider trying to look at what's in. My entire life is but lonelyness, emtyness, and pain. Help me Lord I don't want my life remain the same. Sometimes I feel like I just cant win. And every time I think I'll win It bounces back at and turns my odds against me to confusing place I have never been. Where there is no sunshine nothing but rain lonely hearted soul with emotion of pain Sometimes I feel like giving up not try to show what I can and willing to give. I do try to be in my friends and family's lives but going back around just to live trying be alive. My doubts of delusion and confusion started as something small. But going towards the sinf
Blinded By Rain
I aint got nothing to write aout today so I just pick a subject maybe a subject on I cant see the rain.what ever that means but I am gona go with the flow on this one.maybe someone wrote about it already I don’t know.whats ashanti’s rain song about ,I don’t kow but here I go in traditional poem style.     Trying to see image of you in the sky and wondering how it will be But the holly ghost is in my makes me think I can see Loud noise interrupting my concentration from the sea Rain drop pours clouding and blurred my eyes, now Fake tear drops rolling down my neck and my side I cant see you now though I know your up in the sky ,now Warms voices of angels whisperring in my ears about the event to come and how many will die Blaming you for not seeing the images my mind seems to create is a disgrace
I Have Returned
Yes, I decided to come back. But I still stand by all of the things I had said in my last blog. I still believe this place is shit. But I came back because of the friends I missed, that is all. Don't really know what else to say. Later.
Chester The Rabbit
We have a new rabbit.  He is very cute, fluffy, fat, and adorable.  When he is hungry, he comes and gets me so I can fill his bowl up.  When he wants a carrot he goes to the fridge, stands on his hind legs and tries to open the door.  When he wants me to pet him, he nibbles on my toes til I pet him.  BUT, Chester thinks he is a dog or cat.  He chases the cats and dogs around the house.  When I clean out the fridge, my dogs get the leftovers.  Chester hops right up, runs the dogs off and makes sure he gets first dibs on the food.  Hell, he ate lasagna the other day.  :|  AND, he chews on everything.  Boxes, mops, the broom, the dog's chew toys, paper, electrical cords.  I went to turn on the outside lights the other day and he had chewed through the wire.  He is lucky that no power was going through the line at the time.  He may be cute but looks are sure deceiving.  I will try to put up a pic of him soon.  He will be my one and only rabbit ever though.
A Promise Of Forever
Will You stay by my side, through everything? The good and the bad, whatever life may bring? Will You wipe away, all the sadness and tears? Help me through all, my anxieties and fears? Will You still be there, when things get tough? Picking me up, when I've had enough? Will You be the one, to never stop caring? To love me always, could You be that daring? Will You be the one, to never leave? So over You, I'll not have to grieve? Will You be the one, to not break my heart? Forever and ever, 'til death do us part? Will You be the one, to not cause me pain? To not break my heart, again and again? Will You be the one, to never cheat? even if sometimes, You feel beat? Will You be the one, to not raise a fist? Or put me down, with words that twist? Will You stay with me forever, for our whole lives through? Will You love me unconditionally, as I will You?
More Than A Friend Poem
As the sun glows with a pretty sunset, I think of the wonderful girl I have net, as stars shine with a heavenly light, thoughts of her touch have me higher than a kite, As day after day come to an end, I find comfort in knowing she is more than a best friend, as she looks at me in that caring way, There's no need to speak- her actions, they say, As she fills every room with care, you are more than a friend, your the meaning of love, and for you, I will always be there.    
Hurry Up And Wait....
Almost two weeks later I deliver the sample arrrangements to the Hotel... The assistant general manager likes them :).  Hopefully the General Manager and 4 Salespeople like them. *crosses fingers* What do you fuckers and lovelies think? ♥ PoStaL close up of small arrangement at front entry (flowers inspired by Nicole, please rate her she is close to Godfather :D) from afar Elevators on marble table...this sucker is about 6' tall :D vase
Swine Flu
It amazes me that 100 cases of swine flu break out and everyone is running around wearing protective masks, yet a million get aids and people still don't use condoms.  Go figure. Bunny
Last 5 Generation Pic
great grama pinky passed away April 20th 2009 in her home in bellingham washington she would have been 100 this month a few weeks shy of turning 100 she lived a long and happy life, my youngest daughter Soraya was last great grandchild to take a 5 generation picture with her. I will always remember the long talks an lectures on smoking and how its bad for my health. and when her husband use to pay 10 cents for a pack. in loving memory to our loveable Great Grandma Helmy Pinky we love an miss you always
Stop Hatin
why do ppl have to think they have to play games it gives nice guys like me bad rep that pisses me off that little boys cant get there head out of there ass so if any real women lookin 4 a real man let me know lataz 4 now
Angels 0f The Light
Why i rate ppls always 10? Am i lost my freedoom of choice?
Last Lullaby -december-
Confess to me your sins,Sing to me your sickness.The sound of beating wings arise,Miffling unheeded cries.A parody of deception and lies,Stalked by the wolves of demise.Little learned is little gained,When the important signs a fool disdains.Destiny shifts to Fate's desire,The paths converging to split once more.A thread is cut as a new is woven,The doors slam shut yet a window opens.Light is strained as darkness pools,The shattered fragments revert to whole.Shadows solid to stroke your face,Yet your wandering hands find naught but space.A vacancy here and a candle lit,A bridge broken over river styx.Hushed whispers rise to keen,Eerie wails still cold blood in veins.Hyperventilate within fight or flight,Walls close in, shadows thicken to form.Fall to knees within the snare,Futile cries for none to hear.Soft soothings cloud the mind,Filling the cracks with soft lullabys.Sweetest dreams in desperate moments,Horrific nightmares in serenest seconds spent.Confess to me your sins, And I'll h
That Man
  A man in just jeans, I am a sucker for.   The curve of his sex, the snugness of the jeans, makes my heart beat a little faster.   Oh that happy trail down his chest to his abdomen, it makes me go weak in the knees.   I just want to reach out and nibble my way down from his collarbone, sucking each one of his nipples, twirling my tongue around them then sucking gently. The ripples in his chest, what a heavenly site. Hairy chest or not, so erotically sexy to me. I feel his manhood grow as I work my mouth down lower and lower, his hands rub through my hair, thrusting his hips up to my neck. My fingernails tease him as I work my magic upon him. Oh that man, the way he groans in ecstacy, I could live forever just pleasing him.   His large hands holding onto my head so tight, his head thrown back as I pleasure him to no ends. To look up to him with my vixen eyes, seeing him in the process of orgasming, his hands trembling to hold on to my head. His legs shake, his heart quickens,
Love Duet - With Innocent Eric
I picked you up at your place early in the morning, wanting to make it to the cabin by lunch time if we could. We threw your bags in the back of my truck and headed out immediately. You were still sleepy and so you laid your head down on my lap and snoozed as I drove to the woods. We had been planning this trip for a long time, both of us wanting to get away from all the responsibilities of home and work. My job kept me away from home more often then not and so our intimacy had grown, but only through the phone. This trip was our chance to live the dreams we had only spoken about before. I rubbed my head in your lap, running my hands up against your thighs, slowly coming out of my sleepy haze. I feel one of your hands on my back, then rubbing underneath my shirt. The warmth of your hand against my skin sent a electrical like flow through my body. It’d been some time since we were last together, we needed some time to be alone, just us, THIS trip would be one to remember...a
Orgasmically Challenged *blank Stare*
Ok so I'm sitting here rating Diana's pic during her HH...My one son is playin the 360, the other on the couch beside me, he's 11...I hear this buzzzzzzzzz'ng sound and ignore it cuz I figure it's the 360...Then Nick my 11 yr old say MOM, what is this??? OMFG one of my worst fears hits me in the face...Nick has my small "toy" in his hand asking me what this is...I have this deer in the headlight look on my face I'm sure...He says I found this in your purse mom, what is it??? I said, you found that in MY purse??? Stalling (sp) so I can come up with some kind of believable reason that is in my purse...Yeah yeah I keep it in my purse "hidden" cuz the sperm donor is threatened by them and has always accidentally thrown the others in the trash...I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE WOW, YOU FOUND THAT IN MY PURSE???Well, my 13 yr old who is turning 30 says LOL that's a neck massager, RIGHT MOM??? Laughing his ass off the entire time...I said *shrugs* I guess it is...Nick is like oh cool I wanna us
Crazy One
Hes Insane and maybe a little Psycotic!! Come Chill with Dj Crazyone Reject style in The Devils Rejects!!!
Is Your Life Boring?
You Live an Exciting Life You are anything but a bore. You make sure that life is full of excitement. You have an adventurous spirit, and you don't like to sit still for too long. If you feel like doing something, you don't think about it. You just do it. There's no way you could ever live a boring life. There's too much to do and not enough time. Is Your Life Boring?
How Spicy Are You?
Your Spicy Score: Medium You enjoy letting loose and having fun, but you don't go overboard. You know that a little spice can go a long way. You keep yourself in check. When things are too boring, you really know how to bump up the temperature. When things are getting hot and completely out of control, you know how to pull back. How Spicy Are You?
What Kind Of Fast Food Are You?
You Are a Sub You are casual but a bit picky. You know what you like, and you know what you hate. If you're able to do things your way, then you can relax. You like to have a say. You love variety and adventure. You get bored easily if nothing changes. You're always looking for the next new thing. You tend to get creative and thin outside the box. What Kind of Fast Food Are You?
If You Are Surrounded By Angels
Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder,The Keepers of magic and dreams.Angels watch over you wherever you go,Keeping each day perfectand promising a bright new tomorrow. The motto of all angels is"It is a wonderful life." Wherever there is love,An angel is flying by. Angels help you carry the ball,carry a tune, carry your weightand carry on! Your guardian angel knows you insideand out and loves you just the way you are. Angels keep the world safe for hummingbirdsand butterflies and rainbows in spring.Angels keep it simple and always travel lightAngels love whispering secretsand whistling in the darkWhenever you hear music,an angel is speaking to you. Remember to leave space in your relationshipsso the angels have room to playYour guardian angel helps youfind a place when you feel there is no place to go. Keep a spare angel in your pocketAngels carry high-beam lightsto help you through the darkest hoursWhenever you feel lonely,a special angel drops in for tea. Every time yo
Just Random...
sittin' @ home,, with a thousand n' one thoughts racin' thru my mind.. i mean everything is runnin' around up there... y the chick @ Tim Hortons,, always gets my order wrong,, idk about u all,,, but when i say supreme.. i would think that.. that word alone would stand out allllll by itself in the order.. lol... y that one car backed outta his driveway... then when out on the street he stops n' just sat there.. in the middle of the road.. what was he doin'?? have to go to the store n' get something 4 supper... but what am i gonna buy?? y is my pic crooked on the wall... should i fix it... lol i mean really can anymore crap just wonderin' up there... well off i go..  to the store... lol Laterz....
If Im Yours
if im yours. if im yours then prove itif im yours would you show it? if you want me you would come and kiss meam i your angel or am i your worst deed? your my true love the rain drop that falls on my heartyou stole my heart and im not mad i was going to give it to you anyways i wish we would just bebut its a mythical dream waiting to be free i do love you and i do want youbut its so hard living when i cant have youhear my voice read my words im screaming for us to beyour written on my heart and theres no erasing lovei blocked you out but if im yours you will break throughand snatch me off my feetlove  -hector
Poker Princess's Auction!   COME BID ON ME! :) IM WORTH IT
I'm the girl who will put my head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you.  I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive restaurant. I'm the girl who says,"Okay, but you owe me...", not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you. I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you. I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like; I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms.  I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me.  I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have. I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it.  And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.  I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss. I'm the girl who you ca
When I have no one to turn toAnd I am feeling kind of low,When there is no one to talk toAnd nowhere I want to go,I search deep within myselfIt is the love inside my heartThat lets me know my Angels are thereEven though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my faceAnd the sun begins to shine.I hear a voice, so soft and sweetSaying, 'Everything will be just fine'It may seem that I am aloneBut I am never by myself at all.Whenever I need my Angels nearAll I have to do is call. An Angel's love is always trueOn that you can depend.They will always stand behind youAnd will always be your friend.Through darkest hours and brightest daysOur Angel's see us throughThey smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue.. Thanks for being my Angel my friendI will be there for you until the end.
I'm Feeling Sappy...
Michael Buble "That's All"I can only give you love that lasts forever,And a promise to be near each time you call.And the only heart I ownFor you and you aloneThat's all,That's allI can only give you country walks in springtimeAnd a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall;And a love whose burning lightWill warm the winter nightThat's all,That's all.There are those I am sure who have told you,They would give you the world for a toy.All I have are these arms to enfold you,And a love time can never destroy.If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear,You'll be glad to know that my demands are small.Say it's me that you'll adore,For now and evermoreThat's all,That's all.If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear,You'll be glad to know that my demands are small.Say it's me that you'll adore,For now and evermoreThat's all,That's all.
I just uploaded a few pictures of my daughter. She came over to show us her hair and make up for prom. She is so beautiful.   None of my sisters or I had ever went to prom so I am so proud of her. She is absolutely beautiful.... I can't wait to see pictures of her in her dress. I did get a sneak peak of it last week, its a strapless pink dress and beautiful..
Come Play with Sin Live in Devils Rejects! No Sin is as Satisfying as playin in the Devils Rejects!! so what are you waiting for?
Losing A Friend
I never really felt moved to write a blog before, but my experiences of the past week have left me reeling and sad.  It makes me question whether or not it is ever safe to call someone met on Fubar a friend... and, if it is, at what point do you do so? You see, what happened is that I have found someone special and am very vocal about it... not overly so, but as one might expect from someone who is excited that she has met someone as wonderful as I have.  My version of "shouting from the mountain tops" was in "shouting from my status message."  Most of my Fu-friends were simply happy for me... or at least feigned such.  My special man loved the gesture. However, one of my Fu-friends decided to contact me in YIM voicing his disapproval of my revealing my feelings for my special man... saying I was "being high school."  I asked him to elaborate and he would not. The following day, he used YIM to give me a hard time about it.  I was beginning to understand that he thought I should hide
Place Your Bids Here!
So here's where you place your bids for the Happy Hour Auction I'm conducting.  Top Bid wins as is determined by me.  The auction will end on May 9th, at 2:00 CDT (12:00pm futime).
Quotes I Live By (all About Being Me)
These are quotes that have meant alot to me . They make me think about the kind of person i want to be and the way to live everyday life and situations it may bring.   -Yes losing your hearts desire is tragic, but gaining your hearts desire? That's all you can hope for. This year i wished for immerse myself in someone else and wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted.And if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy. Because i wouldn't give it back for the world. Peyton Sawyer- One Tree Hill -Some love stories are not epic novels, some are short stories but that doesnt make them any less filled with love. Carrie Bradshaw- Sex and the City - Truth is still absolute. Believe that Even when the truth is hard and cold, and more painful than you ever imagined. Even when the truth is more cruel than any lie. Lucas Scott- One Tree Hill - Because it is only when you are tested that you discover who u truly are. and it is only when you are tested that you discove
This Does Not Exsist ! !
Just Another Week
So I managed to fry the keyboard to my computer Friday afternoon. I spilled a full glass of diet Dr. Pepper on it to find Friday afternoon it didn't work any more. So the cheapest place to buy a new one is Wal-Mart the catch is our Wal-Mart is new. The newest one and it is busy beyond belief. But super centers stay open 24 hours and I got up super early this morning and went to Biscuitville and then over to Wal-Mart by 6AM> I wandered around about 20 minutes thru what I am sure was by now another zip code entirely and found a new keyboard that is to my likeing. And while wandering around looking for the keyboard I found a good bargin on coffee, some blue jean shorts for summer and diet Dr.Pepper for $2.50 a 12 pack. I also wonder if the average person spends $40 going to the store to buy and $11 keyboard like I do?
Self Confidence
I was just at a person's profile and I decided to look at their pictures. Not that they were really "horrible" looking, trust me..I've seen worse, but I've seen better, much better. Thing is, I'm really wishing I had the self-confidence that this chick had. She's posting those pictures and making the captions about her being sexy and cute. To me she's not. I could NEVER post a picture of me saying I'm sexy or that "me being seductive". I see women that aren't that attractive posting pictures with captions like that all the time. If I could have one would be the self-confidence to think of myself like that.
Just A Note
Hi Everyone :D I just want to let ya'll in on a few things that are going on in the DDL We have had the DDL Radio in the lounge for awhile now.... we have 4 DJ's who are working the station right now Henoth (newest DJ ) WickedPagon (Station Manager) SexiDani (Assistant Manager) DarkLady
Kurt Kurt Kurt..kurt Cobain
...and I think ne one and everybody that was a fan of his or nirvana's should check this out...   its a tribute to urt cobain *as of April 8th Kurt has been dead for 15 years now.. these articles are an overview of the what if's, it theorithies the woulds and whats of kurt, also has some amazng pctures of him in his early years as a child and him with his child,(fancis farmer)  And I just want to pont out one thing about his daughter, alot of people think she was named after,francis Farmer(the  Hollywood actress dehumanized by insane asylum) Kurt Cobain named his daughter after Frances McKee of the Vaselines, not Frances Farmer, although he did write the song Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Drowned Youth: Part V).
Right To Bare Arms Being Threatened!
  Help us Keep the TRUTH alive! donate to my account today and you will be able to get all the truth that YOUR goverment is hiding from you
I'm Out Of The Hospital Again.
Hey all. seriously i still hate this new blog posting style. i really wish there was an "old crappy version" thing to click. If you're the type to read "cry for attention" in people's blog posts, skip to the last paragraph before bothering with the rest. This is for the people that give a shit, and ONLY for them, if you don't give a shit, close the blog. anyhow, i'm out of the mental hospital again. i went in before i tried to kill myself this time, figured it'd be a nice change of pace. the first night sucked. i was in the emergency room for 7 hours before they gave me any type of medication. my nails were literally digging into the flesh of my arms to the point that it bled. i still have little fucking half moon scabs on my arm that i pick at because i hate having them. you'd think i'd learn it'd heal faster if i didn't pick at it. i never claimed to be good at learning that shit. anyhow, like 7 hours in when i said to the nurse that someone needed to get me anti-anxiety meds becau
Oh! I Geddit!
Ive been wracking my brain as to why so many folks have rated me a ten on here...But I get it now, its cause nobody rates anyone on here other than 10 or 11! thats why EVERYONE has a rating of 10 point something. duh. Yeah, Im ugly poor and stupid. oh well. peace all.
Fubar People
afraid I just dont get it...why do so many people put up such flashy high profile pages on here with all the flashy goo gaws and when you go to view em they put restrictions on to keep you from seein it. whatever. its like how people use the word Free now, ironically (as in the use of a word for other than its literal intention not the messy vague inane use of the word ironic that has taken hold over the past couple decades) anyway. No worries, I have stated repeatedly I know Im ugly and that appearence and cash are all anyone in america wants to know about so Im pretty much going to live and die absolutely alone and it doesnt bother me anymore, but yeah, I think what is bugging me is the lies. oh well. I will still be honest even if the rest of you all choose not to be.
Just curious if anyone likes or buys avon?
Slowly Dying Each Day!
I have come to realize that I really do not like myself much! I realized that I do not respect myself much! I realized that I know what real love is and don't have it where it should be! I have realized that a part of me is dying each day but something new is growing and that is true beauty, intelligence and love! Sure I share it with friends but I want more. Perhaps it is selfish of me to want more but we were not meant to be alone! I want to share it with someone who appreciates what I give and will gladly return all those things without thinking! Each day is a new adventure and a new day to take full advantage of life! Life is too short to sit here and waste time wondering...I am going to find out :)
Ichi For Lovers Of Gore
Not Reconciled That The Square Root Of Soon Is Never
Past the first three words of today’s title, that line’s from last night’s new episode of “Phineas and Ferb” on the Disney Channel, one of my kids’ favorite shows (and their parent’s too, I laugh).  I liked it when I heard it, go figure … this morning at church we not only had our men’s group Breakfast with the Boys meet and eat but also fed the church ladies helping out with today’s rummage and bake sale.  Pastor Gerald who’s normally leading the devotion was away with some family matters, and I got to present the devotion I’d read in my quiet time this morning, one of fifty in John Piper’s “The Passion of Jesus Christ” (ISBN 1581346085) about a reason Jesus suffered and died on the cross.  Today’s – there’s fifty of them, so I’m reading one a day from Easter to Pentecost – was that Christ suffered and died to reconcile us to God.  My big problem with the text I re
Russian Rap- Spongebob
Ya Know I'm Just Sick Of It
I know this sits has every kind of person on here but i draw the line at people asking me to send them nude pic's seeing my just me folder or if i wanna cam it states on my page i'm in a relationship and i'm very very happy with my man....i may drive him nuts at time's but i know he loves me and YES i love him so if you have any respect for me please understand if you ask me for nudes to cam or peek at my just me folder i will delete and block you simple as that no questions asked...frist of all i don't have a cam even if i did my man would be the ONLY one to see second yes i have nudes but again he's the ONLY one to see and just because i have a folder that say just me what makes you think my pic's are in there for all you know they could be naked men well some of you know the truth about that one anyways like i said i will delete those of you who ask and have NO RESPECT for me Thank you
Visiting Youtube
this made me realize how much i miss that show :)
The Amorous Bereft
I am the Destroyer of LoveCrucifing all that is rightCrucifing the good in this lifeI am my own Disease You kill me like a bad DreamMy own personal NightmareBut i will stand when everything falls awayStand & fight this feeling forever or until i die So im volunteering Love For something realIts never worth this Pain I always feel So why are you running awayIs this life to much to takeTell me why do I look awayDo I shame this love to betake Is love ever to befall upon me Or will i waste away In the darkness of my heartScreaming for pleasure I unmask this desire Its more than just a bad DreamIts this fucken trascending NightmareSo deceptively i kill myself from withinOnly to wonder & realize.. Is this my sin Love was once the soundOf this heavenly voiced beamNow Love is the soundOf a peircing scream Is love ever to befall upon me Or will i waste away In the darkness of my heartScreaming for pleasure I unmask this desire What have I taken away?A smothering indistinctness Of chaos
Fun Times
It is so funny how small the world actually is when it comes to meeting people! Anyhoo I went out drinking last night with a friend of a friend. Had some good times met some cool people. Went to a few different bars and a club. I had a liquid cocaine shot, long island ice tea, mud slide, 2 tequila jello shooters, a irish car bomb, and a kama kazi. I was beyond trashed but I had a ton of fun.  The guy I went out with is having a birthday party and invited me back to that. So it should be some more good times:D
5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Fat..err..voluptuous Girl Now!
Bored and somewhat in denial of the long lists of tasks that I had to accomplish yesterday, I slipped into my age-old habit of seeing what was out there on cyberspace. Interestingly enough, I came across this blog post - a discussion of sorts as to why geeks make good lovers.It seems that girls are always hesitant on the geeks, no? This launched my own thoughts on what kind of girls  guys are always hesitant on. And then it hit me- Fat chicks..Uhhh..I think the more politically correct term would be Vertically challenged OR healthy. Anyway, as an answer of sorts, I’ve compiled my own reasons on why Healthy Chicks make better lovers! In no particular order, they are:1. Big girls are nicer to hug and cuddle with. A girl of skin and bones proportion would be nothing but hard edges and planes. Ouch! That’s sure to give you a bruising, especially with all the activities you’ll be doing in bed! Compare that to a voluptuous girl, and its like comparing a rock to a pillow! No
Mother's Day Tags!
Happy Mother's Day!Sweet Kandy Kisstina is making Mother's Day tags for anyone who wants one.Here are a few examples of ones she has done so far: If you would like one made then just drop her some FuMail with a link to the picture and a preferrable color!She is doing them free of charge, but donations and gifts are appreciated!SweetKandyKisstina @ Bad Influence - Owned by FreakyDawgy@ fubar Brought To You By Missy *DånGê®øuS CürVèS* ~Chiina Doll~@ fubar
No matter what its called, its still called the same, racism... wether your white, black, brown, green, orange, yellow, purple, or blue..... Its still called racism..   -Unknown-     You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.You call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK.But when I call you Nigger, Spook, Porch Monkey, Towelhead, Dothead, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Wetback, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist.You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live and why are there more black on black crimes than white on black crimes? You have: United Negro College Fund Martin Luther King Day Black History Month Cinco de Mayo Cesar Chavez Day Ma'uled Al-Nabi N.A.A.C.P B.E.T If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) we'd be racists.If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists.If we had white history month, we'd be racists.If we had an organization
Not really a rant but an update. Went to the orthepedic Dr. yesterday and I don't have any tears in my shoulder.  Bone spurs and inflamation, but no tears. This means no need to go on disability!!!!  Which is great because being a commissioned sales person gets little disability.  The bad news is, eventually, after rehab is done, i'll be on fubar a lot less... I'll still be on but not as much.  As with anything though, there's an upside... I'll be able to afford blings and such for my friends...!!!!
What Ever Happened To No Strings
This Blog is about No strings attached FUN. Not just sex but hanging with friends and not having to answer for it after the fact. I have checked out some of the online sites that promise you they have what your looking for , thier full of it. Spouses say go on and go have fun with your friends but what happens when you get home, you catch hell. Don't beleive me,call the spouse from work ,ask to go out for a few and spend a couple of hours and watch what happens. All for now but I will return with more.
all the kind of love
beautiful over wisdom to fit in with their style + your Cinderella story'sfor a price + vanity's a business built to fleece the uniquje + silicon and star collide, the rest will fall in line + just as beautiful as you are, it's so pitfull what you are + you should have seen this coming all along + visually you're stimulating to my eyes + your Cinderella syndrome's full of lies + your insecururities are concealed by your pride + pretty soon your ego will kill what's left inside + just as beautiful as your are,it's so pitful what you are + you should have seen this coming all along + it's so pitful what you are, as beautiful as you are + you should have seen coming all along + you're evertihng that's so typical + maybe you're alone for a reason.     
The Paradox Of Our Time
The paradox of our time in history, is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers. Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less. We buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families. More conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense. More knowledge, but less judgment. More experts, yet more problems. More medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little,drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We learned how to make a living, but not life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not b
Just A Thought On Most Famous People
Do famous people just wear whatever they want to these days? Most of them look like they got thier outfits right from the garbage can, or perhaps the thrift store and they just threw everything on all at once, and robably never check the mirror before they walked out of thier cozy little mansions.....Now, we have years and years of shit to talk over photos of these clueless people dressing so ridiculous, and the whole time they could have just dressed normal and maybe a few cute jewelery if your really rich instead all they layers of clothes/////like my god get a fucking clue people most of you got fat anyway although you tried so dam hard to stay skinny like us petites, and yet you still think your all that because you have all this money and all these cameras making money off of you while your flash us your goodies. Like, come on, get over yourselves. You guys ruined your own fame, and if everyone's opinion actually mattered, I would just like to say we need more classier people in h
Lol, Trying To Have A New Image"..
So Next Time When U Go For An Inteview Be Prepared For This Question...
Story IE: Do u have a boyfriend? C: I have. E: Is he working Locally? C: No. He is working Overseas. E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u! C: Why? E: U will not be able to settle down here permanently. And my Company don't want to pay extra expenses on the Overseas calls just because of u. Story II E: Any girl friends? C: No. E: So far chased any before? C: Have, but not successful. E: Ever think of getting a job first then start looking for a girlfriend? C: Career is first priority. Currently didn't want to consider This personal issue. E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u. C: Why? E: You are lacking of P.R skills and confidence!! Story III E: Any girlfriends? C: Yes. E: Is she pretty? C: Not quite. E: Sorry, my company cannot employ you. C: Why? Will this affect your company's reputation? E: No, it does not affect the company's reputation but because My company is dealing with arts, our company requested an artist. Story IVE: Any girlfriends? C: Yes. E: Is she pretty? C: Yes.
I Want Marez Ok
hello du you love me come my  id}and}and} and   '
Where Is The Humanity For Others
Yanno I like fu bar for the most part but honestly,  I am beinging to hate it with a passion. People here have no humanity or caring here.  I swear all they are here to do is bash people ,  be little others for their own amuzment. How sad is it that you have to get  your kicks out of the expense of others. Would you like it if the same people you bash or even the friends you have turn the tables on you.  Would you still think its funny? I think there needs to be a standard set here in fu bar.  Where people treat others with dignity and respect. Specially when it comes to BBW,  or were someone lives or their racis. Perhaps my expectations of people are to high.  I realize there are people with their own opinions and thats fine.  But come on why  pick on people,  are you that insecure of your own self you feel the need to bully others just to make your self feel good? I am seriosly thinking of dumping this chat thats how discussed I am at this present time.
Auto.bomb Auction #4
I am auctioning an Auto11/Cherry Bomb! Your Choice. Starting bid is only 1 Fubuck! There will be a Buyout Bid of 15 million FuBux.(This means that someone wanting to insure a win of this bling can bid 15 million and the auction will close upon their payment of this buyout bid.) The Auction will Run until Midnight Saturday 5-2-09 PST. THIS ONE IS Running fast! Stay on it! All Bids must be posted in this blog by the bidder. If two bids for the same amount are posted the one POSTING on the blog first will hold that bid. Showing me your naked pictures does not constitute as a bid. Sexual favors must be presented in person before close of bidding to be considered valid. Samples Required. Payment is expected BEFORE delivery of the Bling. No Exceptions. Payment is expected within 12 hours of the auction close. In case of Default of Bid by winner, the bling will then go to the next highest bidder for their top bid. I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any
Cat Training
training sessions 1 and 2 EPIC FAIL   2 reasons, my cats wanted to flop over instead of walking toward the edge annnnnnd its so windy out i couldnt hear the damn collar beep
Come Bid On Me
plz come bid on me in my first auction !!!!!!!!! show me support and luv.
Forever And Always
As I write, I'll sing this songfor the greatest love I've ever known.To my heart, you have the only key,I beg of you, never set me free.I prayed to God for a love so truenow, I, realize He already knew. In time my prayer WAS answered, the most wonderful womanHE BLESSED ME WITH YOU.What we share feels so rightto say I love you every night.Wonderful moments shared,precious memories, still tell me you care.I see your shadow,as I lay myself to sleep.Dreams of you, oh so sweetin my heart, I will keep.Look into my heart, my life.Tell me, what do you see?can you feel the need, the want, as Ito be your husband, you my wife.Much joy and happiness you've brought me.If I had life to live again, I'd want to with you,my lover, my best friend.Always and Forever, I'll love you till the end.
From The Heart
I fly like a bird to be where you are, to spend just an evening in your place afar. Beautiful music and exquisite wine - never has love been quite so divine! But soon I must leave so kiss me farewell, the last dance is over as love stories tell. I'll never forget the magic of you, as I'm flying back home OH! are you coming too? Beautiful romance it's love on the wing, never has true love made my heart and soul sing.
I want be the wind that fills your sail Be the hand that lifts your veil Be the moon that moves your tides The sun coming up in your eyes Be the spark that lights you up All that you've been dreaming of And more ... so much more I want be your everything!
Shin Dig
havein a shin dig down on the river for memorial weekend any takers??
The Meaning Of Love
As far as the ocean is wide through miles and miles of sea; You will be someone special a true miracle to me. As high upon the mountain tops as high as one can climb; You will be so dear to me the best friend I can find. As many stars that twinkle throughout the heavens above; You will be a a bright reminder of what it means to love.
Internet Porn: Worse Than Crack?
Internet pornography is the new crack cocaine, leading to addiction, misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs and erectile dysfunction, according to clinicians and researchers testifying before a Senate committee Thursday. Witnesses before the Senate Commerce Committee's Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee spared no superlative in their description of the negative effects of pornography. Mary Anne Layden, co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Therapy, called porn the "most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today." "The internet is a perfect drug delivery system because you are anonymous, aroused and have role models for these behaviors," Layden said. "To have drug pumped into your house 24/7, free, and children know how to use it better than grown-ups know how to use it -- it's a perfect delivery system if we want to have a whole generation of young addicts who will never hav
Paint Me A Birmingham
Tracy Lawrence, Paint Me a Birmingham Lyrics Artist: Lawrence Tracy Song: Paint Me a Birmingham Album: Strong He was sittin' there, his brush in hand Paintin' waves as they danced, upon the sand With every stroke, he brought to life The deep blue of the ocean, against the mornin' sky I asked him if he only painted ocean scenes He said for twenty dollars, I’ll paint you anything Could you Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned A little house on the edge of town Porch goin’ all the way around Put her there in the front yard swing Cotton dress make it, early spring For a while she’ll be, mine again If you can Paint Me A Birmingham He looked at me, with knowing eyes Then took a canvas from a bag there by his side Picked up a brush, and said to me Son just where in this picture would you like to be I said if there’s any way you can Could you paint me back into her arms again. Could you Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned
Nobody Knows
Title: Babyface - Nobody Knows It But Me lyrics   talking...Wish I told her how I feel,Maybe she'd be here right nowbut instead... singing...I pretend that I'm glad you went awayThese four walls closing more every dayAnd I'm dying insideAnd nobody knows it but meLike a clown I put on a showThe pain is real even if nobody knowsAnd I'm crying insideAnd nobody knows it but meWhy didn't I say the things I needed to sayHow could I let my angel get awayNow my world is just a-tumblin' downI can say it so clearly but you're nowhere aroundThe nights are so lonely the days are so sad andI just keep thinking about the love that we hadAnd I'm missing you And nobody knows it but meI carry smile when I'm broken in twoAnd I'm nobody without someone like youI'm trembling inside And nobody knows it but me (yeah)Lie awake, it's a quarter past threeI'm screaming at night if I thought you'd hear meYeah, my heart is calling youAnd nobody knows it but me (well, well)How blue can I get?You could ask my hea
22 Years Old What To Do?
New Results..
K again TY for everything, the words, the prayers, the bully's the comments, words fail me .. besides im crap at words :) i went back to Lawton Cancer care centre it seems im jus falling aprt .. biopsy i have to wait for .. they want to start an 8 week treatment of IV solution similar to iron .. my levels are below 3.. should be 9-12. my iron saturation is only 20 percent. so he took more blood to run some more tests get those results when i go back next week. so for now its a trip to cancer care centre for iv treatments he gave me some good ass pain pills and some sleeping pills . unfortunatly there isnt a pill to grow my hair back LOL ..Hell bloody hell Justins hair is longer than mine .. N e wayz Thankyou all so very much i really do mean that Sarah
Derby Day
Derby Day is a huge thing in Kentucky.  I remember being overseas the majority of my military career and being able to watch the derby on Armed Forces Television.  The unique thing of the derby, is the song "My Old Kentucky Home".  Overseas, it rang home hard in my heart when i heard it sang.  Standing there coming in from patrol, from being in the mud, the muck and the guts.  To this day i get just as misty eyed as i do with the Star Spangled Banner.  My Old Kentucky Home will always have a place in my heart, only a true Kentuckian would understand.   My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night (1853) Words & music by Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) 1. The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home, 'Tis summer, the darkies are gay, The corn top's ripe and the meadows in the bloom, While the birds make music all the day. The young folks roll on the little cabin floor, All merry, all happy and bright: By'n by Hard Times comes a knocking at the door, Then my old Kentucky Home
Passing Time.
Pnn Bullie
A Single Breath!!!
A Single Breath   I know the spinning Earth seems to drive you crazyas it keeps turning and you stand stillSo much to choose frombut no choices to makeYou feel this great decision looming ahead,too far away in the future,yet you still wonder--What if your life gets tiring?Always ahead of the beat never leaves time for youSo breathe the air that is now,kiss those you like,hug those you don't,enjoy the spinning circles,and dance like no one's watching.   Torill may 2nd 2009
Bcs Hearing On Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON -- Tackling an issue sure to rouse sports fans, lawmakers pressed college football officials Friday on switching the Bowl Championship Series to a playoff, with one Texas Republican likening the current system to communism and joking it should be labeled "BS," not "BCS." John Swofford, the coordinator of the BCS, rejected the idea of switching to a playoff, arguing it would threaten the existence of celebrated bowl games. Sponsorships and TV revenue that now go to bowl games would instead be spent on playoff games, "meaning that it will be very difficult for any bowl, including the current BCS bowls, which are among the oldest and most established in the game's history, to survive," Swofford said. “ It's like communism. You can't fix it. ” -- Texas Rep. Joe Barton   Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, who has introduced legislation that would prevent the NCAA from labeling a game a national championship unless it is the outcome of a playoff, bluntly warned Swoff
It makes me giggle that the same people who will sit and bash big people in the mumms are the same ones who say they don't judge and/or are constantly hitting on big girls everywhere,
Corrections Of Past
I was reading kahil gabran when he asks almitra to speak to him of love.  I cannot even imagine someone having such an intense feeling such as they did for each other and if they did surely death of one of them would lead to the death of the other just for the intense love they had for each other.  Time is rushed but I cannot say what I will or won't be able to get done in time but does it matter?  when your gone your gone.  You may leave someone else a memory but it's never everlasting unless a reminder of some sort jogs their memory.  a smell, sound or even a song.  life does on.  It's about keeping it to yourself and being selfish.  Joseph said it was okay to be selfish.  everything is slowly getting in order.  less work for someone else less headache no reason to wonder why when I'm gone why I kept all those stupid birthday cards.  Or just mementos that I go through now and then.  it's not about the past I know now it is about the now.  something so insignificant as a cricket chirp
After All
Ty To All Who Helped Me Godmother!!
I want to thank all who helped me level to Godmother!! ty ty ty.. I was overwhelmed with the kindness of people.  A special thank you to Natural_Witch for winning an auto 11 and sharing that with me and to benderblake for the cherry bomb!! ty ty ty.. I had so much fun!!!! ty all for being great friends to me, that means a lot!!! I love you guys! It was an awesome day!!!! ty =)
Teens Aquitted Of Serious Charges In Beating Death Of Mexican Immigrant
I was outraged When I read This !!!!!! No Wonder Why I trust No One ,,,, Especially The law!    POTTSVILLE, Pa. —  Prosecutors called the beating death of an illegal immigrant from Mexico a hate crime, and they urged an all-white jury in Pennsylvania coal country to punish two white teenagers for their roles in the attack.Instead, the jury found the teens innocent of all serious charges, a decision that elicited cheers and claps from the defendants' families and friends — and cries of outrage from the victim's.Brandon Piekarsky, 17, was acquitted of third-degree murder and ethnic intimidation, while Derrick Donchak, 19, was acquitted of aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation. Both were convicted of simple assault late Friday following a trial in which jurors were left to sort out the facts of an epithet-filled brawl that pitted popular football players against a 25-year-old Hispanic man, Luis Ramirez, who appeared willing to fight.A representative of Ramirez's family sa
Something Stupid
Written March 3, 2009 Sittin in da closet. let my tears fall. I told myself i wouldnt get hurt again. I did sumthing stupid dis morning. my ex couldnt b straight fwd wit me. so i found out da hard way dat she wit sum1 else. it had me broke dwn n cryin all morning. tried 2 call but da bitch just ignored me. so i took da blade 2 my wrist. n if it wasnt 4 my mommy callin me n demandin i go 2 da hospital. I wouldnt b here. now i gotta see a pyscologist. n get da rite medication i need. damn im such a fuckin fool 2 believe dat u was gonna b wit me.
Yahoo Screenname
My Yahoo was hacked into and deleted... I no longer have my yahoo account - I lose ALL of my contacts... Anyone that had my yahoo screen name and wants it again let me know and i'll be more than happy to give it to you :)
Walmart Job
So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter, A good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day...... About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, Unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, Yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. As I had been instructed, I said pleasantly, 'Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?' The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, 'Hell no, they ain't twins. The oldest one's 9, and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?' So I replied, 'I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am, I just couldn't believe someone slept with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.' My supervisor said I probably wasn't cut out for this line of work.
Test Blog My Way
~Inksp0t69~RR HEAD CREW LEADER~ENFORCER @ BUTTERY NIPPLES ~Fu-Owned By «♥jëånnìê@ fubar
Mazda Sends Hydrogen Rx-8s To Norway
By Tony Borroz April 30, 2009  |  2:32 pm  |  Categories: Alt Fuel Mazda, which has been fiddling with hydrogen cars for a long time, is sending some hydrogen-fueled RX-8 sports cars to Norway. Norway? Yep. Norway loves the stuff enough to build a hydrogen highway, and Mazda is more than happy to send them some cars that run on it.   Although there’s a lot of debate over hydrogen’s near-term viability, the possibilities it presents are, to paraphrase J. Robert Oppenheimer, just too technically sweet to overlook. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and it creates the opportunity for true zero-emissions propulsion. But there are some big hurdles to making it work - the distribution infrastructure alone is a big one - and a lot of people say hydrogen remains at least 40 years away. Most of the major automakers have jumped on the battery electric bandwagon, but Hon
The Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.  There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when
Bottle Of Wine
A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them is hurt. God works in mysterious ways .      After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers.      The woman says, 'So, you're a man. That's interesting. I'm a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but we're unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should be friends and live in peace for the rest of our days. '   Flattered, the man replies, 'Oh yes, I agree completely, this must be a sign from God! But you're still at fault.....women shouldn't be allowed to drive.' &
Norfolk And Norwich Festival
We went to the launch of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival last night, in front of the Millenium Library in Norwich.  Weirdest show I ever did see.  Nine people in flowing black robes gliding about like daleks, with their hats on fire, playing weird made-up instruments - I only wish I could track down some footage of it on YouTube to show ya.  It was damned cool though...  
Today is my Dad's birthday. I won't be able to see him today, he said he  had to work. But I am going to the mall and getting him something. Not sure what it is. What do you get a father that you haven't really been close to and just now started talking to?? lol.   Anyway, I don't know how much I'll be on today. I need to go down to the lobby and get my breakfast, take a shower, go shopping and see about switching rooms here. My internet is kind of shitty. I asked them about it last night and they asked me where my room was. I was informed then, that my room wouldn't have a good connection, since I'm next to the elevator. Great huh?   Have a great day!
I hate sittin in one place...the feeling of restlessness is just eating me up (go ahead, go to town with this one).   I can't wait to move back for a year or so, yet I'm really fuckin nervous.  When I went back after cozy 10 yrs in the US, I was freaked out for the first 2 days. It felt like Moscow was a totally foreign city, in which I was an outcast. I hated it, since it wasn't mine anymore. But it will change in a year, and I'll be able to claim it again.
9 More Referrals To Level if ya could please copy and paste this link for me and help me get my 25 referrals to level in would be much appreciated!!! thanks
Inviting Everyone To My New Lounge
Welcome, all patients, to the ward. Your medication will be given out shortly. In the mean time feel free to commit yourself and join us, one free straight jacket with every admitance and a hot nurse to medicate you. As a patient here you have the option of being heavily medicated, and are under the supervision of the hospital staff. Be yourself and go Wild, the walls are padded for a reason. Psycho Asylum
Hot Sb Sex
I am outta here
so this is my FIRST blog on fubar. and I AM  blogger. been doing it for 4 years now. and I thoroughly enjoy it. I SO BADLY want to level. I have been rating pics forever  . need to level so I can upload more pics which equals more points.    
Liz325- Social Security Thief
Liz325 was my payee for my social security disability payments. On 4/8/09 she stole all of my deposit and in turn I lost my apartment and all utilities. I went to the SSI office here and received a bank statement from the SSI office showing the deposit made that morning, by 2 pm that same day she withdrew all money and sent a short txt msg stating f--- you, I'm done. Now she has felony charges from SSI, APS, and the State of Tx for grand larceny, fraud against SSI, and exploitation of a disabled person by illegally withdrawing and using my disability money. Do you want a person like that on this fubar site? She will not be free much longer, the DA estimates about one week before she is formally charged and arrested.. The time she is facing is from 2-5 yrs. I thought you should know what kind of a person you have on your site. Thanx for your attention to this matter..
First Views
im a person that enjoys speeking his views. that being said there are alot of people out there that need to, for lack of better words, get there heads out of there ass. all day at work i here how crappy their lives are. "i have to put out all this money to pay off my cards", "theres not enough people back here to do all this work, they need to hire more". what the hell is wrong with them? you wont have to pay that money if you didnt rack it up! i took 400 out of my, at most 550, pay and gave it to the friends i lived with to split the bils. did i put more then needed in, yes, did i use some of my left over to get stuff for the house, yes. i got my smokes, the cheep ones, min. for my phone, lunches, and still got the other shit for the house for less then 150 every 2 weeks! at one point i walked 2 hrs. to get to a bus, that took me to work that i still had to walk another20 min. to get the rest of the way for 550 every 2 weeks. the thing is that i was thankfull to have a job, a home, an
Check It Out
Hey folks come and check out my band Destiny of's over on that one site..but hell see if you like it!   ~Mike
To Type Color
[font color="red" face="Comic Sans MS" size="2"] you got to change [] to < > for it to workthanks for the code lone wolf just blogging it cos i keep for getting it!!!![font color="fc04a7" face="Comic Sans MS" size="3"]pink   LMAO thank you Arkham and color chart
...what fascinating things. What great lengths (no pun int here) their owners would go to just stick them into some warm wet hole for about 15 min. Humiliation, bankruptcy, loss of power, etc. I would absolutely HATE to be a man. *Shudders at the thought   It was hard enough for me to get laid being a female (had to resort to finding ppl in a yahoo member directory, and inviting them over to my friend's).
Cool is almost like God everybody wants to be down with it not knowing how it came about, what it does or just its creation. Cool is imaginary look at the rap artist in the music industry, 2PAC for instance he often referred to himself as Machiavelli, Biggie or the “Notorious B-I-G” used the term, “I’m the Don”, the mob boss in other terms.  Or the Group called, “Junior Mafia”, what is a Junior Mafia?  We have another rapper that calls himself, “Scarface”, Hussein Fatal, Fidel Castro, Noriega, The “Bomb Liberace”.  All of these rapper comparing themselves to Italian mob figures, I find this to be a little humorous because Italian’s have always referred to us as “moolies”, fried chicken eaters, colored, niggers, and would even disown their very own family members if their daughters or sons would become romantically involved with someone other than Italians.  Why would you want to imitate something or som
My Story
My story - Finish the sentence:Hi, my name is.. DJ KAIJAW a.k.a. Christopher...last name should be WONDERFUL but thats another storyMy eyes are... BLUEMy status is... single and prowlinI want to have FUCKING FUN IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE WITH NO REGRETS but sad to say there will probably be some... I take it the ANY WAY I CAN GET IT CAUSE I'M A FLAT OUT SLUT, just kidding.....but i think GOING STEADY PACE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD IS GOOD BUT GOING STOPPING TO SEE THE STARS SHINE AND THE SUNLIGHT BLAZE IS A GOOD THINGI wish I was... IN THE BED CUDDLED UP PROBABLY MAKING SHADOW PUPPETS WITH FRIENDS, i'm a kid at heart so suck me beautiful lol Currently I am... HAVING A CONFUSING DAY CAN'T THINK OF WHAT I WANT TO DO GO GET MUSIC EQUIPMENT OR SPEND IT ON BOOZE...I Love...MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND MY MUSIC EQUIPMENT AND THE FACT THAT I'M STILL HERE HAVING ANOTHER DAY ON THIS EARTHNever in my life have I been to..ANYWHERE ON THE WEST COAST HOPEFULLY I WILL GO SOON...My favorite animal is... al
Meet My Big Brother Emmett Cullen
Emmett McCarty Cullen...Is my name, and my life is a hell of a lot more complicated then you would believe. I was born and raised in Tennessee, 1915 where I spent all my child hood and adult hood. I had my mother, my father, and my little sister. Though, I won't talk about them, since I don't even remember them at all. Being a teeneger was the most fun of all. You know what guys to when they get their heads into you know what? Well, yeah I did all that. Get drunk, partying, waking up beside girls I didn't know. Yeah, I was a good party boy.   Let's see now. Oh yeah, 1935, I was 20 years old, hiking and hunting in the montains of Tennessee. When suddenly a big bear showed up and started attacking me. Maulding me, yeah I was mauled by a bear. The lights were going away, and I knew I was dead. I was only tweenty years old and I was going to die, riped apart by a bear!Then that's when I saw her. My angel. My angel had come to help me, to bring me to havean. I was flying, the air was wo
Gangsta On The Outside Afith In The Inside
        Sorry I don’t got a hook for this Check check one   You got what you deserved it about time Imma take everything from you, youre baby mama shes mine,just kiddin you dudes better leap off the world is mine and imma take it with my dick im hung like lion so all you girls would want to run with this cat’,im a chink them shorties crazy they said “I know it’s only our first day but I want to feel you without the hat” naah get of my bed get  going you problyly got aids so get going and act dead imma take the world but what I ment by it was imma use my skills to spit and act like I got a little intelligence
Totally going there.Now I'm gonna have to tinker with the ACTUAL levels here. But so far I need milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, yogurt, and ... water!? ... No. No water.Crushed ice. Or even just using frozen yogurt.*shakes head* silly internub recipe makers.and just why the HELL would I want to use sugar when I could use honey? ... *more shaking of head* Alright, so I'm going to need about:1 cup of crushed ice2 tbs honey1 cup of cold milk1 cup of plain yogurt (I'd let you do vanilla if you think the fruit you're adding meshed) I noticed an approximation of about 1:2 ration water:milk products. What seemed to vary most was milk portion versus yogurt so I'm gonna go with an even split... for now. Now ... what are the possibilities of this semi-sour very smooth milkshake base? ... endless. There are recipes from EVERY kinda lassi from spiced, fruit, savory, and sweet to a brew similar to absynthe. so by all means -rosewater-cinnamon-soft fruits such as Kiwi, mangos (being the stapl
Tired Of Bs And Games
The Ledgend Of The Quileute People
The Legend .. Taha Aki "The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors." The quileute people believe we descended from wolves, to protect our people from "the cold ones" or as your people would call them "vampires" We descended from wolves, your people would call them "werewolves" It all started because the cullens came upon our land. Chief confronted the cullens and carlisle explained that they were not like all the other vampires we had encountered. That they were "vegetarians", they did not feed off of humans.The chief said that they could go on, but if any of them bit a human. The war begins.   The Change .. Wolfy "Speed is my anti-drug."
How Awesome Am I? Eh?
How awesome am I? Eh? I like throwing random "eh?'s around. It makes life that much more fun. Any whoodle, I've been bored and poking around Facebook. The quizzes on there get my award of randomness. I crack up at the pure and complete randomness of them *sighs* and yes, I am that easily amused. Oh and any whoodle will be my "word of the day" until I wake up tmrw and am less exhausted, lol. Back to what the whole purpose of this blog is... So I took this quiz titled "What Periodic Element Are You?" I loved the answer so much I had to share it with you. How awesome is THAT for you? I know, you're so lucky. Any whoodle, here it is: Emilie completed the quiz "What "Periodic Element" are you?" with the result Gold. You are true blue. You have the vibrant qualities of Helium but you are not superficial. Your qualities are real and very deep. You are loyal, trustworthy, ethical, all of the things a Boy Scout would be. You are of great value to those around you
Short Funny Sayings
Honk if you love peace and quiet. On the other hand, you have different fingers.Back up my hard drive? How do I put it in reverse? Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else. He’s not dead — he’s electroencephalographically challenged. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you. I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges. How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hands. If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of loan repayments. You can’t have everything — where would you put it? You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive. On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
Meet My Best Friend Jacob Black
      "Does My being half naked bother you?"   Where to start, where to start. Well, The names Jacob, but people call me Jake, Jakey, Wolfboy (but im not too fond of that name. I have lived here in La Push ever since I was a baby with my dad, Billy and two sisters Rach and Becca. Growing up, I had two best friends Quil and Embry, we were glued togehter. If you would have known me a couple years ago, You would think I was totally different. I was about 5'5 lanky, with a long pony tail and I always wore it in a rubber band. But things change, and let me tell you, they changed alot. A couple years ago Isabella Swan walked into my life, well, more like tripped.     "Okay.Just Bella and Jacob. None of those freaky Virgos here."   She was always a clumsy one. She had bought my dads old chevy, thank God because he was going to try and give it too me for my first car. But Charlie bought it off my dad to give to Bella as a welcoming home gift.I got my hands on a old volkswagen rabit
Meet My Father In Law Carlise Cullen
Hello my name is Carlisle Cullen I have lived and seen through my years many things but even through many things you still find only one thing that will ever mean anything to you I was born long ago in Italy as a child I was interested in learning and hearing my father was a well respected doctor and we knew many people in the village,My father was strict and obsessed with hunting these creatures he would tell me about creatures to be so fowl that you would wish to be dead than 100 feet near one these creatures were vampires that my father beileved to have been attacking the villages through Italy but there was one particular hunt I helped my father with that hunt would be my last,it was dark and cold when I was coming through the village I happened upon a group of beautiful people standing on the cobble road they stepped out of the dark shadows into the gleam light of the moon and I knew what they were there was no use running I knew very well but I did when suddenly one sprang near a
First Time User Lols
hi everyone bare with me its my first time using this site so im a little slow  haha
Meet My Husband Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
I was originally born in Chicago, Illinois on June 20, 1901. In 1918, my parents, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen, died while the Spanish influenza was going around, and my mother asked Dr. Carlisle Cullen to "save me." He turned me into a vampire, as there seemed to be little hope of me living. From then on, Carlisle raised me as his son. Eventually, others joined our family. "It’s twilight... It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable..." I'm living in the quiet, tiny town of Forks, Washington. With the exception of my family, this is your average small town. Nothing too exciting happens here. Well at least not until one day, when a new girl named Bella Swan arrived at school. I could barely control myself. I was intrigued by her, and she smelled so good. I tried to stay away from her because I thought I wouldn't be able to control myself, but I was unable t
Meet My Mother In Law Esme Anne Cullen
About me:I have had an uncanny passion for nature and its beauty all throughout my entire existence. It all started when I was sixteen years young. I was deeply fascinated with trees and their strength; and, unfortunately, I paid the price of being too adventurous as a child. After climbing to the top of that magnificent tree and maintaining the proper equilibrium, I suddenly lost my balance and proceeded to fall to Mother Earth, breaking my leg in the process. The pain was near unbearable, I dare say. Do understand that my family and I lived on the very edge of town, out of the way from any nearby hospital, as you can imagine. We set out on our way to the doctor’s, foreseeing an entire day’s travel ahead of us. We arrived at the hospital, just as night fell — the norm doctor was away at the time, as we learned. Instead, the youthful—looking, stand-in doctor Carlisle Cullen treated my wound. He was beautiful, unlike any other I had ever beheld. I will never trul
Meet My Brother Jasper Hale
I was born in 1843 in my home state of Texas. Twenty years later, I was changed into a vampire by a woman known to few as Maria. She and the other two members of her clan (Nettie and Lucy, who are also vampires) transformed me into the being I am today. Believe it or not, I served as a Major in the Confederate army during the Civil War. The vampire family that changed me in 1863 was very different from the Cullens in their dietary habits –- they fed off humans. I became depressed over my way of life and soon enough, I sought something better. My search led me to Alice in 1948, which in turn led me to Carlisle in 1950, a mere two years later. Carlisle taught us about his “vegetarian” lifestyle, meaning that we drink from animals and not humans. Surviving off animals is extremely difficult for me, but I manage to do it with Alice’s continuous love and support. I’d do anything for her. It is extremely difficult for me to be around humans, and going to school
Affiliations: By My Forever Amawitch
Affliations created @ 2007-04-29 19:32:41   You make a connection with another soulSomeone who listens, responds consoles.The world seems different, distinctively newThe outlook on life a warm crimson hue.Friendship, response, a reply in the windCan keep someone going, "alone" redefinedA person out there took time from their dayTo write you and let you know its okay.Listening to emotions come from a wordReflection accepted acknowledged, heard.Oh what a gift that energy brings Isolation divorced, free with new wings.Thank you for hearing my words indirect Meanings lurking that somewhat reflectHow I might feel, just what I believeWrong or mistaken, you just receive.Your response a discovery, revelation for meYou heard me, still care, helps set me free.Ability, and power to find who I amLove knowing that someone just gives a damn. amawitch/2007
Meet Alice Cullen
It was a very, very long time ago. Mary Alice Brandon lived in Biloxi, Mississippi with her parents and younger sister, Cynthia. She was around the age of 17 when she began having premonitions, and her parents pushed her into an asylum. She was kept in a very dark cell, and had the shock treatment over and over again, making her forget everything. Little did she know that, one of the guards that worked in the asylum was a vampire, who had grown fond to her. When the vampire found out that she was being hunted by a tracker, he quickly changed her, safing her life. When she awoke from the burning, it was as if she had never seen anything before. Mary Alice Brandon Cullen is the name, Currently living with the Cullens. My "Adopted" Family, And Life Couldn't be any better. As I don't remember my human form at all, the Cullens are all i have, and the best family ever, Carlisle has shown us so many good sides of being what we are and he is a really good man, Esme is the most loving, caring
Meet My Sister Rosealie
I was born to a middle-class family in 1915 in Rochester, New York. My father had a stable job in a bank while my mother was a housewife. My parents were social climbers and I was the ticket they needed to reach their social aspiration. I was clearly the favorite of my parents, with two younger brothers. While growing up, I dreamed of a lavish life--a life with a rich husband and children as beautiful as I was. My parents influenced my want of material things, which made me vain and conceited. I wanted a big house that someone else would clean, with a large lawn that I would play with my children on. In Rochester, where I grew up, there was only one family that had what my parents wanted--the Kings. Royce King owned the bank my father worked in. His son, Royce II, saw me for the first time and began dating me. It was a quick courtship and we were soon engaged. The engagement went too quickly and wedding plans were made. I couldn't help but feel something was missing from my relationsh
My Loved Ones
General Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars -- points of light and reason... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything. Full Name: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen. Nick Names: Bella to friends – Bells or Bell to Charlie. Hair Color: Brown. Eye Color: Gold. Height: 5’4”. Weight: 115 lbs. Date of Birth: September 13, 1987. Turned: September 10, 2006. Status: Vampire. Special Ability: Mental Shield. Originally From: Phoenix, Arizona. Physical Description: "Bella is very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow’s peak, large, wide-s
Meet Bella Marie Swan Cullen
About me: I moved around a lot when I was younger, living first in California and later Phoenix, Arizona. Last January I moved to the small town of Forks, Washington. I was hesitant about the move at first, it is always cloudy, rainy, and cold. Not to my surprise, I hated Forks. It was so green. I missed the sun against my skin and the busy streets. I was out in the middle of nowhere and felt very alone, especially on the first day of school since I knew no one. So many kids and faces but that is when I first saw them. The Cullens. So stunning and beautiful that any model would envy their looks. Five strange pale skinned people and they made a gorgeous family.   Even though the male population of Forks High was giving me a strange amount of attention, it was Edward Cullen who I was drawn to. The first time we met, in biology class, I was surprised by how much he seemed to not want to be around me. Later I found out that it was because he was trying to resist the smell of my blood;
Poetry Or Something Along Those Lines
numb to the inside out layed across the floor as if a corpse has replaced thy soul dead to the world yet not new to the dead reality is surfacing and i begin to relize who is this girl that everyone knows so well yet dont really know at all as i lay there i dont even recognize my own self when you fake who you are for so long you tend to believe you are this person until your walls come crashing down your true colors show everyone see's them yet no one will confront you maybe its best this way for people to believe that you are something else than what you truly are more than likely they wont like who you are behind closed doors so i will continue to hide who i really am its worked so well so far so here i go with a smile yet all the lies are right there between my teeth yet people dont look that hard time to face the world with the absent reality -lipstick_n_guns to whom reads dont take everything i say to heart its just food for thought
Merry Masturbation Month 2009!
Merry Masturbation Month! T'is the First Day of Masturbation Month 2009. Have YOU celebrated yet? I did, just after the stroke (pun intended) of midnight May 1. I didn’t feel up to partner sex, as I am currently being beaten into submission by some kind of virulent flu. No, it’s not Swine Flu, though my nose is so stuffed it might as well be the snout of a pig. Anyway, a little quickie jilling-off did just the trick, even decongesting me for a few delightfully mucous-free moments before and after orgasm, and then dropping me down into a much needed good night’s sleep. This is just one of the many marvelous benefits of that much-maligned pastime of sex for one. I could go on and on, but I really should stop bloggamizing and go back to bed to wank and sleep some more. Besides, I’ve already bloggamized countless times about Masturbation Month. Here are a few favorites: Merry Masturbation Month Liberating Masturbation with Dr. Betty Dodson My First Orgasm For inspir
hiya everyone, im new here and hope make friends with some of u ..if u like to be friends with me pls feel free add me ok.. since im new here so i will have get to used this and learn how creted my profile here so u all know more about me soon alright so please be patient ok.. u all have great day, wink.
Breaking Dawn Quotes;
Breaking Dawn Quotes; "I miss my truck." -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 1, p.7 "Sometimes it was so easy to forget that I was kissing a vampire." -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 2, p.23 "I feel just horrible, leaving you to cook for yourself – it’s practically criminal negligence. You could arrest me." -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 4, p.56 "You… bit a pillow? Why?" -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 5, p.89 "Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother, Jacob? His name is ‘Shut the hell up.’" -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.188 "I was stronger than Edward. I’d made him say ow." -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.393 "How dare you imprint on my baby? Have you lost your mind?" -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 22, p.449 "You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?" -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 22, p.451 "No. No way! No, this doesn’t count. I stopped aging three days ago. I am eighteen forever." -Breaking Dawn, Chapter 24, p.471
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Eclipse Quotes;
Eclipse Quotes; "With Jacob there is a… conflict. A conflict about the friendship thing, I mean. Friendship doesn’t always seem to be enough for Jake." -Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.14 "Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie." -Eclipse, Chapter 2, p.58 "I punched a werewolf in the face." -Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.342 "Show me the damn ring, Edward." -Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.457 "Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back." -Eclipse, Chapter 23, p.525 "It’s a good thing you’re bulletproof. I’m going to need that ring. It’s time to tell Charlie." -Eclipse, Chapter 27, p.620
New Moon Quotes;
New Moon Quotes; "Do you think I’ll ever get better at this? That my heart might someday stop trying to jump out of my chest whenever you touch me?" -New Moon, Chapter 1, p.16 "How the hell did Mike Newton end up in this conversation?" -New Moon, Chapter 2, p.45 "Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me." -New Moon, Chapter 4, p.93 "Jacob was waiting for me. My chest seemed to relax as soon as I saw him, making it easier to breathe." -New Moon, Chapter 7, p.162 "It was bad enough that my best friend was a werewolf. Did he have to be a monster, too?" -New Moon, Chapter 13, p.301 "It was very strange, for I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instant, I felt well. Whole." -New Moon, Chapter 20, p.452
What Some People Forget
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Article 1. Section 1 All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Section 2 The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature. No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which
~i Will Be There~
As I travel the milky way to your heart, my eyes glisten at the thought of your touch; and like a sugar rush, that pumps through my veins, my heart screams, I love you so much. Standing in your arms, makes me whole and cleanses me when I'm cold. Together I hope to grow old, and I know as long as I am with you, I will never fold. Through thick and thin, through this sweetened sin, I couldn't think of a better place for me to be in, because baby,I will be there. I will be there when you want to cry, when you want to die. I will be there when no one else cares, and when you need a friendly stare. I will be there,my Heart. I will be there, to care, and to make the rare so full of those angelic stares that take your breath away. As my heart rides the tide to your soul, my breathing gets caught up in the freshness of your beauty. This beauty is unmatchable, and there is no one like you on this earth. Lets spread our wings and fly, stealing time for
Im Yours
You've touched these tired eyes of mine And mapped my face line by line And some how growing old feels fine I listen close for I'm not smart You wrap your thoughts and works of art And there hanging on the walls of my heart. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words as such And though I may not look like much I'm yours. And though my edge is maybe rough I never feel I'm quite enough And it may not seem like very much But I'm yours. You healed these scars over time And braced my soul, you loved my mind Your the only angel in my life The day the news came, my best friend died My knees went weak, and you saw me cry Say I'm still the soldier in your eyes. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words as such And though I may not look like much I'm yours. And though my edge is maybe rough I never feel I'm quite enough And it may not seem like very much But I'm yours. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words a
~wanna Get To Know A Country Girl~">">
Clearing My Friends List
Im Cleaning My Friends List So I Dont Know Whos Staying And Whos Going Im Sorry!
Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With? Scorpio From Facebook
You are most compatible with SCORPIO! I'm sure most of your friends are Scorpions! Together you're going to rock! Scorpio’s are strong, deep, mysterious, complex, and also secretive. One trait of the Scorpio personality is that of an achiever, striving to succeed, and do well in life. They are often an influence of leadership and play important roles in the lives of people surrounding them. They may appear to calm and self controlling, but in reality they are actually very emotional individuals.Scorpio’s are considered to be gifted. Their high striving minds are often incapable of accepting failure.Thus, Scorpio’s are often more likely to succeed in their goals and dreams. Scorpio’s prove to be excellent friends. They are loyal and committed to their companions and are often vital roles in the lives of the one’s who love them.   My Mom got the same thing which is my dad lmao
What Does Your Birthday Month Say About You? October From Facebook
Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children.
[man Who Cares?]
I'm getting pretty tempted to cancel my Cable services.Jesus christ this shit is terrible. And yes, I'm only here because my sales aren't clearing right now and I can't put anything more up... What am I selling? ... Juice. AnywayI'm working out a few things, and *scratches his head* there are 2 internships open right now at Ogden. I'm ... thinkin after interviewing twice and probably calling a pornstore tomorrow, that it really wouldn't be such a bad idea to work toward an ACTUAL CAREER!!! I just really dunno the right direction right now.I know its away. We're thinking about lassi, and no I didn't make nan today.We don't have the ingredients for lassi.Kiwi, mangos, watermelon with strawberry, papaya, and bananas.Yus. My friends we have arrived. I need to get into a store when they've got fruit.Well... soft fruit anyway.We'll work something out.
Reasons,seasons And Lifetimes :d
*this is something that was shared with me. i though i'd pass it along. i hope it helps someone one day :) *   Reason, Season and LifetimePeople always come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do...When someone is in your life for a REASON, It is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, or to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually. They may seem like a godsend to you, and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they just walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The pra
She Means It!
Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsAnd I tell you, She means it!
On My Way
  So i've been thru a lot in the past, but of course who hasnt.  but finally... things are starting to look right.  with in 3 months i've managed to fix my license, get a car, title insurance and all, and just got promoted to a management position.    but of course,,, i honestly couldnt do all of this without the love and support of my baby, Xavier (Eternal Beast Of Burden).    Next step is to get a place of my own and then finally the love of my life and i will be able to be together... not just on vacations.... but actually together.  nothing makes me smile more then the thought of that.  All i gotta do is keep strong now... and well.. im a stubborn cookie... so i know things will work out just right.   i love you baby.  
Montebello High School & Usa Flag Upside Down
here's an email my wife got at work that pist me off....... I guess they already finished their  English homework!!!  Montebello High School in   California   You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the  front page of the NY  Times, nor on the  lead story of the major news networks. The protestors at Montebello High School  took the American  flag off the school's flag pole and  hung it upside down while putting up the Mexican flag over it.   (*See pictures below*)         I predict this stunt will be  the nail in the coffin of  any guest-worker/a
Refers to someone that is sexually aroused by faces
Wish I Knew
I don't think that I've ever been so quiet at work today. I couldn't really talk to anyone. I had a lot of stuf on my mind. I was sad most of the day. One of my coworkers said she can see something is wrong....said she never seen me so quiet and asked what's wrong. I couldn't tell her. I couldn't sleep too well last night, which is pretty normal anyways on Thursday nights. But it took me a while to fall asleep like usual....thinking too much. I think about certain things over and over again and wished to hell that I knew what I was doing...what i was going to do...I feel like a freakin' mine in a box or something. Everything that I think about just runs in a freakin circle. I hate not knowing what I'm doing....but I know I have to figure it out cause I can't be like this...It's going to drive me insane. I worry about how I'm going to hurt some people....even when it's hurting myself...I would rather hurt myself than anyone else. A lot of times, I just want to disappear...not like t
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.  -  Thomas Carlyle
risible \RIZ-uh-buhl\ adjective 1. Capable of laughing; disposed to laugh.2. Exciting or provoking laughter; worthy of laughter; laughable; amusing.3. Relating to, connected with, or used in laughter; as, "risible muscles."
Looking For Help
I am trying to open a lounge and hav found I am way over my head. If any of my friends or families can help me with the layout or send me to someone who will help me I really appreciate it. It took all my fubucks to open so I realy cannot pay at the moment, but I will make it up to you. Thanks
Doctor's Orders
Doctor: "I see you're over a month late for your appointment. Don't you know that nervous disorders require prompt and regular attention? What's your excuse?" Patient: "I was just following your orders, Doc." Doctor: "Following my orders? What are you talking about? I gave you no such order." Patient: "You told me to avoid people who irritate me."
I'm In Love
I'm In LoveIt seems like I've been in love foreverthere's times I feel like I have to have herI'm in love with so many things I don't know where to beginOK, I'm in love with her milky white skinI reach out to touch her hairI take a deep breath to smell her perfume in the airI'm in love with her delicious kissI'm in love with her sensual blissI'm in love with her touch that's just for meI'm in love with her joyful voice that always sets me freeI'm in love with her soul that's so bright and pureI'm in love with her smile that brightens my soul for sureI'm in love with her laugh that always lights up my dayI'm in love with her eyes that leaves me with nothing to sayI'm in love with the way she likes to playand if I don't want to, she will make me anywayI'm in love with a look that lets me know when I'm wrongI'm in love with a feeling that tells me I belongI'm in love with the way it feels to hold her in my armsI love being with her and all her beautiful charmsI'm in love with a time when
So recently I find myself pondering my past adventures with the opposite sex, black men, and a handful of one night stands. Through talking my best friend we thought it would be clever for me to write a little novel that'll never be published, just something for my fellow friends to read, and whoever else would like to read. It'll be 85% fact and 15% Hollywood. Just to keep you interested.  I will detail all of my sexual encounters to date with the quirk and sense of humor that sex should have. People take sex, and sexaul acts too seriously always keeping the taboo subject behind closed doors and under lock and key. Here I am writing my stories of falling off the bed and hand jobs in the hood. Let everyone embrace thier sexuality as a gift and a toy. Enjoy!
Evening At A Funeral Service....
Well most people who go to a Funeral Service are quiet and respectful.... but nooooo.. not my best friend Sandi.... I was walking in behind her into the Chapel..there was an older gentlemen holding the  door for us,  I notice Sandi has a hole in her pants... umm in the buttal region... *blank stare*..... she didn't believe me... I have no idea why....*dramatic pause*... she puts her hand down there and lord and behold!!! theres a huge hole in her seat and around to the cootal area.... she says... too loudly... and I quote..."   ohhhh FUCK "....I'm like Sandi, we are in a chapel.. so she says "oh shit I said fuck" and then she said "ohhh God"  ... bless the lil old mans heart...he laughed and told her to enjoy her night...first time I have ever been told to enjoy a funeral....  thank god the woman had a jacket on and tied it around her waist..... I could just see her bending over the Widower with her buttal area hangin out for all to see... I laughed inside the entire Service...*blank s
This One Is!!!
This is his SECOND attempt at an auction...Don't fail him ladies...He's a great catch!! You'll be sorry if you don't get in on this!! JUst click the pic to have him for your own!! Come get me Ladies!!
Second Auction Attempt
I Dont Understand
I dont get how some on who cares about you can lie striaght to your face like it was nothing .. After 6 years you think there would be some kind of guilt but aparently not ...Im such a fool for sticking around so long an living in a dream world when will i ever wake the F up grrr
Mother's Day Scrappies
This offer is now available, and will be until  May 9th. If you have not already done so, I would appreciate it if you could rate my blog while you are here. Thank you!       I've been asked if rates would be alright to do, instead of fubucks. I understand that not everyone is fu-wealthy, so that would be fine, too. If you'd like to get the scrappies by rating photos, you can have 2 scrappies for every love box of mine that is rated. They each have 100 photos, so it's 50 rates per scrappy. If you're interested in this, just let me know once you've rated, and have the image information within the private message.    The EASIEST way to send a photo is to view the "link image" option under the photo while it is in someone's fu album. Copy that, and remove the "tn_" that you see in the coding. That will make it actual size in your email, rather than a small thumbnail. If you don't understand how to do this, the thumbnail is fine, too. I can visit the album via the link provided a
Just A Note (like Old Times)
Tomorrow, May 2nd, marks the 7th anniversary of a friend's murder. I can't really explain why I felt the urge to do so, but...   Matt, I miss you. I think I gave up on simply "getting over" that fact a long time ago. 7 years later and you're on my mind here and there for a myriad of reasons... This time of year I can't help but think of you... around your birthday, holidays, and even random moments in my day, you're there. Any mention of soccer, you. Can't hear a RHCP song without you popping into my head or P.O.T.U.S.A., for that matter (millions of peaches, peaches for me. millions of peaches, peaches for free). Forget wrestling--can't watch it :) (but, admittedly, I also grew out of that one). Jokes about phone boning, and well, I did it first with you, and I smile. For this reason or that, you show up even now, 7 years after your death. I guess what I mean to say is that I carry you in my heart. Always have. I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to walk into a bar and buy a drin
hey im new
True Friends
guys wake up some girls have jobs  just cause u buy rhe blaststs and autos u arent gonna meet very man of them i love women more then anything but lets get real ive been guilty my self buy a playboy or huster its cheaper u wont see harddly any of yhese girls but u can see there pics is that worth it true love is worth more dont be suckers i have and i see my mistates dont fall for it! kanan   watch for the spam girls  
So I am at work and I have a headache the size of texas. This place frustrates the hell out of me, however I am grateful to be working. Night shift sucks and I really should learn to say no lol I guess I am just venting cause I have no one to talk too lol I've had it rough over the last few months and i can't wait for things to get better. Blah........Well that's all I have to say for now lol Peace
It Always Seems....
It always seems It always seems i meet a great guy have fun talking and laughing and when we start to have the intimate parts, it great and wonderful then i'm hit with, Well i'm not really sure i'm ready or umm i am seeing someone else or the best one of them all I'm married, talk about being kicked in the gut, all i want is to be loved, someone to hold me and say they love me i'm not asking for much i don't even want a ring i didn't even get love from my ex so you can say i never been loved or in love my heart is so broken and so empty i feel like it will never be filled right now i am wearing my heart on my sleave will some body ever love me  
Contest To Own Me!!
Ever wanted to own me and make me do as you say? Well im not so sure about the making me do what you say but i am in a contest to own me!!! So come check it!! Im offering a lot so please come check me out. Click on family member #8. Sorry would have put a link in but i cant figure it out after a tiring day at work.                      
May 1rst 2009
Learn to look beyond the obvious.
Come Two Wicked
the best place to be on  fu
Wife Swip
today episode of wife swap my good friens Kevin and Dolly was on it.. Kevin and Dolly own The Heart Of Darkness( the haunted house all the NightStalkers work at) boy could they have found a perfect opposite as they did.. at least in the end they took some good things from each other so their families can grow...i know this is not one of my usual type of stuff i write.. but it i had to just put this out there for my friends to know...
i just want to say looks sure as hell do count sighssssssssssssssssssssss
Please Help Godmother Tabby76
Please Help Godmother Tabby76 out, She wants to trade Blings. Click on this link. She is truly an Awesome Lady, Check her out, Show her some Luv **Godmother Tabby76**Fu-Owned By "DJ ICE**Proud Member Of Club Mystic**">@ fubar
Work In Progress: Operation Trojan Horse: Part 2
Operation Trojan Horse: Part 2   The captain walked into the locksmith’s workshop. He looked around with a sense of curiosity. All round him, men were busy at work. Some used heavy tools to sculpt crude pieces of metal into the desired shape. Others were doing more intricate work.   The master locksmith came out and greeted the captain. There was mutual respect between the two men. They both recognised the other as an expert in their respective fields. After exchanging pleasantries, they got down to business.   “Is it ready?”   “Its ready.”  Replied the locksmith. “I have two. One to demonstrate how it works, and one for you to use.”   “Excellent, lets see…..”
Empty Hole
thats how ive felt all day not quite sure if its from lack of sleep. complete confusion. w/e. but ive had this severely heavy feeling on my chest. pure emptiness. a big giant hole.i wish my head would clear soon cuz this blows lol. it feels like someone has died and the pain and suffering are holding me down crushing every little bit of life i have left in me. yet no one has died...maybe im dying on the inside yet im strong enough to keep a fake smile on the outside..idk im picking at my brain here lol...def shouldnt wander in there alone otherwise u get this crap that im writing..well tada theres a piece of my mind for the moment.
Update On Me....
so umm i'm back sorta.. got my own apartment...going to art school, work, and i'm doing great..staying busy and living my great life..partyin of but i'm back sorta...gonna check my shit and stuff on pics..well if i ever level or get a vip..still dont wanna buy cheap..well now i got bills of my not spending money on here..yea a no   new pics:    
Beer doesnt make u FAT! it makes u LEAN! Lean against chairs, tables, floors, toilets & ugly people!
Distance is defined as the space between two objects. The finite and measurable approximation of relative proximity. And it fails in every way possible to distinguish the pain involved. The loss of a part of yourself as you leave someone behind. The way you want to die when they ask if you're coming back tomorrow. Distance does not account for the feeling of nonexistence just waiting on the sidelines for you to stumble.Nonexistence is defined as the lack of presence in a given reality. Ironic that it's mening should so closely resemble the implied derivative of great distances. What connection is there? Is it worth fighting for? Is anything worth fighting for when it's all so far away from you? When all you want is to crawl under a rock and bury your head and beg whatever gods you think may have ever existed for the slightest bit of mercy and comfort. What's the purpose in fighting when it seems you alone are willing to fight? One man can change the world, so they say. And yet, what dr
you niggas got a problem come handle it because i dont fuck with fake niggas
Life In General
Life sucks here in shitsville I mean er um bellefontaine. I work my ass off to bring in a fucking paycheck and my wife just sits on hers. Her fucking dad lives with us and doesn't help out atall.
Help The Poor Guy Out.
Mr Potatoe Eyes(Jesus is my Co-Pilot)@ fubar   This guy is about 350K from henchman and has been on this site for about 10 years.  Help the poor guy level please.  K/thx
I Am I
Imagine if everyone communicated like they do online. Very open-minded; as if no rules apply. Granted some are just to stupid to behave appropiately and some be in here being provacative. The attention people feel too need or want is there own. I find, some conversations tend to be with nonsense and anoying. Flirting here & there. Assumptions are still high & unintended statements sometimes arise given communicating online is so black and white being read from one too another. As if in actual public meeting grounds people shy away from it all. If you've read any of my blogs before; you know a little about me. And at the same time nothing of me. My conversations coinside with substance and flirtational behaviors - being true to my flirty nature and just being friendly. Granted sometimes I assume as well: believing you might be a certain way by how you present yourself online.  I can take the fault in that; I am human too. Being a guy that I am I think of alot of things too, I do my be
shitty mothafucking day today on a fri. in monks corner. dam!
Animated Auto 11 Pic's, Or Animated Pics For Your Page!
Take a peek in things i make, to see the newest auto 11/animated pics i can create. I tried to cut and paste them in this blog, but fubar must be having issues with the new blog system. Private message me, or shout box me after you've had a peek at em if your interested in having me make one for your profile. I do charge a 12 credit bling pack, or if you have bling credits, and you prefer to use them, ill also take auto 11 or cherry bomb bling as payment. So check out my folder things i make!!
Disappearance And Not Magical
Well I just got told the net will be off either Thursday or Friday depending on what day she is paid up through.   Ugh my only way of communicating with so many of my friends.   Yah, I can tell she definitely wants me out of here. I was told when I called the shelter on Tuesday that I am the 4th on the list, this is the UGM one. So that means my life will become even more null then it is.   I need to get a life badly. This shit just hit me hard.
Random Blog 5-1-09
Random thoughts for 5-1-09   - I see a problem with Cleveland sports fans. They will back the Browns and the Indians (who have not won anything of any note for 40 plus years) but they have a team on the verge of a Championship and it is met with a yawn. I see this team kicking ass in the playoffs and I see very view Cavs hats, or T-shirts. In fact the other day as I was sitting with my boss at a restaurant manager ask me if I worked for the Cavs because I was wearing my Cavs hat (also the waitress ask my boss if he was a "janitor" because of his keys). I want the Browns to be good, great even, I really don't care about the Indians who now play in "Epic Failure Field" or something. I would love to see a Cleveland team win something, which is why I where a Cavs hat in support. It does not seam like Cleveland's mainstream sports fans care though. Hmmmmmmmm.   - As a haunted house actor, I wish some people in the group I act with would just look at the big picture. Member standing in t
20k Per 100 Rates Blog, Read Plz.
  Auto 11's and Bonus Fu-Bucks!   Saturday night through Sunday during my Auto 11's AND during ANY happy hour I will be paying 15k per 100 rates! Help me get to level 30 and help yourself at the same time!     Rules: You MUST private message me after you are completed rating for the day, with your total number AND the album names. Please do NOT message me after each 100 completed) No shouts, gift messages, or comments with total PLEASE! (They get lost!!) Be sure to include the folder names you rated in the message, please. I caught a cheater the past 2 times I did this.... I do check to see if you have rated what you claim. If I find you lying to me, and have to take time to run after you and check and see if you did what you said.... you will get zip, zilch, and zero. PERIOD! Back to the fun, happy happy, joy joy stuff! *grin* :-D Rate as much as you wish! Rate til your finger hurts, then rate some more! Im uploading more pics all day. Come by and level up on my page!
when i was a kid i could stant on the seat of my bike that change when i recked so bad i had  a LONG peaseof skin hanging off my body OUCH!!!
The Indian in me should know this but then again maybe not. Depends how much booze I drink on any given day ... :P (kidding)   I was wondering, does ANYONE know what kind of tree grows GREAT near water? We are looking at putting one in my sons memorial garden. I looked up Japanese Maple...some of those shore or purdy!   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Oh, and hi.
Ok my ex is awsome he bought my son a car seat my other son a new gameboy and my daughter a hella cool MP3 player,  so I have to give him credit for something right? It's like ok he finally does somthing right lol which is alright although I really wasn't expecting this at all so fuck yeah my sons new carseat kicks ass!
Tired Of It All
isn't nice how ppl want u to do things for them but when u need somethin they ain't got time for u! i am so tired of all the bullshit! i don't want anyone to ever do anything for me again!! i am so over EVERYTHING!!!
Attention Please The Cullens Need You
Skittles Auction/rate Contest *opened* Come Bid & Rate For Your Fave Skittle!!!
Before you kissed me only winds of heaven Had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain - Now you have come, how can I care for kisses Like theirs again? I sought the sea, she sent her winds to meet me, They surged about me singing of the south - I turned my head away to keep still holy Your kiss upon my mouth. And swift sweet rains of shining April weather Found not my lips where living kisses are; I bowed my head lest they put out my glory As rain puts out a star. I am my love's and he is mine forever, Sealed with a seal and safe forevermore - Think you that I could let a beggar enter Where a king stood before?
Oh Shit
OH SHIT this is my first time shooting a gun  when i pull the triger it bolws me back about 20feet OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!
Tale Of A Young Hustlers Mistake-story
The corner blocks hot popo drives by ever fifteen minutes as soon as there gone hell speak his mind. I got something for sale. It got that fire the ice it no like them others cats theirs stale. It’s called yellow magic straight from the triangle jungle traffic it rail it puraill.this aint no tail.aight you good now come back when you want to more because I got more for sale. It’ a dail.   He’s not happy doing this but what can he do to eat? so he’ll sell dreams.he’s got. stuff so good it will knock addicts back to that first hit passion. but he ain’t running out supplies soon he said. no fiend conspiracy set on fire to creep and sneak to get a five finger discount. but these days they come with a burner that rail. But now his  been hit so he cries, “all my yellow magic is gone “but he didn’t really care he got something else for sale, I got the Glock burner that will make a person head rock back blasting a hole of the sized that t
Skittles Auction
I Was Thinking Again..
Who wants to buy me a  happy hour so I can finally level? I'm only KIDDING!   But you could be super nice and if you have any friends that are bombing, send them to me. I know I don't have autos..but they could be nice, lol.   I'm in need of some major points. [sigh] /end of point whoring
Taste The Rainbow.
Taste the Rainbow   Wanna' own me? Click/Copy the link to bid. =) Even if you can't bid, please vote! Let me know if you cast a vote and I'll return the love. Thanks so much!
i dont know why i even date or marry, what just to get hurt again? I dont think so..... idk anymore so thats all im saying :(  
noe's. pls to kan tell me it is a disturbing mirage?
My Payee Stole All Ssd Money
My payee, who goes by the screen name liz325, stole all of my Social Security money on 4/08/09. It was my bill money for my rent, electric, ect... since she took all of it I was evicted and all utilities turned off. I gave her $ 250.00 o month to take care of my son, and this is how she repays my kindness. I f anyone out here knoews her, I would stay away. She is using the money for cocain again, and buying vicodin, and alcohol. My son called me and told me that he has seen mommy sticking needles in her arm again, and taking pills and drinking until she passes out. He has told me that sometimes he has to make himself something to eat cause she can't wake up to take care of him. If anyone out there can help me stop her from abusing my son, he's only 12 yrs old.Please do what U can!!! Thanx for any help out there!!!
I Am Not That Kind Of Girl!!
i apparently did not realize until rather recently that i DO indeed have a large, flashing neon sign complete with buzz*click*pop sound effects that reads :FREAK BITCH*buzz*click*pop*FREAK BITCH*buzz*click*pop*FREAK BITCH*buzz*clickand this sign is perched quite dominantly atop my head for the world to see. i would like to take a moment of time to clear a few things up that may have been causing some folks a certain amount of confusion. i do not care what you have heard about me in regards to my past....i am not "one of those girls". just cuz you stroll up on me and give me your most dashing smile, tip me a wink and exchange phone numbers with me, does not mean that i will be getting naked, sweaty and freaky with you. i do not know where the misconception that all i am good for is a one-night stand or a good time when you in my neck of the woods, but, lemme tell ya...fuck that. i am soo sick of people...both men and women...thinking this little of me. i do not behave like a crotch-trap
Up For Auction
Hey yall i am up for auction plz come and bid on me..... I would greatly appreciate it... Well it last till next friday and started today. It is located on Poker Princesses page, and is called the Signs of Spring Auction.....I have several things i am doing for the winner and highest bidder over me. And more will be discussed if i get a ticker or HH or a bling pack or blast. Tysm for taking the time to read this and plz go check it out... Thanks again, Sweet~n~Sexy
Auction #3!!
that's right..ANOTHER auction!!  it'll be pretty much impossible to top the last can we try??  :P  all yall's bids and rates n stuff are greatly appreciated!!    
From Bw With Love
      Pimpin out with love This pimpout is for a special friend and owner. You may know him already, if you don't go check him out, you won't be sorry. Also show him a bit of love and help him get to Oracle. To make this short...THANK YOU for everything you do Frederick! XoXoXo Pimped out with love by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Att: Underground Music Lovers
Exposa' "the Walk Of Death I Walk!"
"The Walk of Death I Walk!"I have started just a spark, only vision as sound pounded did abound.Not that I did not be before as I never noticed, I had, and even not bad.As I wondered if at galactic war, I woke to fear and another face of front.Still the stone of carve and marks that cause one scares, play they upon.As years and marks have past a scare, now carves and maker starts me.To see if all is all and what should be, be...then to death like life I maybe.So to walk ant not to see, all that math and reason, such things mean to me.I think that many as if a period could be are now lessoning, while lessoning.This step it seem to me not of the walk that's long, I walk a walk but no you.Come see me darkness, seeming not to be...if only vanquish, not back to thee.If all of it seems squirming, lost to sense, see it so seamy; "walk of death I walk."Logic and numbers and all the gains and yields it will all become you and death.To beat the simple logic it is best to take what it offers, nev
I love to write poetry...PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTO MOBILESPlanes fly high in the sky   above land afar     in the distance amongst the sky        one can see a plane fly high.Trains slither on their tracks,    like a snake on land.     moving 'bout through an' out        mountainous regions that reach the sky.Automobiles roam 'bout freely;   with many roads to travel     one may not know where a road leads        or when it will end.Planes, Trains and Automobiles   take people on many journeys     high in the sky;         through mountainous regions            an' along roads              who knows when it will end.People make different choices everyday    on how to view the world      But there is one true way          to view the world.....WITH A CLEAR MIND AND A GOOD HEART
And; Until, I Really Don't Know!
And; Until, I really Don't Know!   The little Black bird flew on a day that reminded all of the Dam and what it mean. I mean as it turn a yellow eye and why, the Pat and Oat so wide, upon apologize. Then flight upon release to perch of pillow red, the setting of its heart as Hand demand.   And: until, I really don't know, the wisp of higher clasp and yarn, to brow and teeter on. To a seat of red of blaze with pearl white eye, the pat and oat of it to bath in thoughts come. And: until, I really don't know, the future opens doors of all higher fends of Heavens blends.   I think I knew the day, of which such a black bird did set his time. And; until, I really don't know of life worthy set to shine on as star. I think I knew the day, of which is age and day; some, still going on.   By Michael J. Pinger 4/25/09
His Mistake
u come down here to help but u keep messing up all the time .he tear your wings and say u on your own ,wft u donot want to be here with all the hate ,killing. so u sin all though years u know its wrong ,when u come down thats all we do so god mistake to put u here.  
I'll Be Your Friend For Life
My mother passed away 3 years ago, April 28th. When my brother told me she didn't have long, I started writing this song for her. I couldn't make it past the first verse until Mother's Day the following month. The words started flowing as if she were sitting there with me whispering what to write. The page was soaked when I was done, but I managed to finish it. I've seldom shared it with anyone, as it is quite personal. I would appreciate any feedback.             I'll Be Your Friend For Life (Momma's Song) I remember it like yesterday, when I was only twelve. That little church out in the woods, where Momma taught us well. One night during invocation, there appeared to me a light. And in it stood this scarred up man, He said it's time to change your life.                                (CHORUS) He said come with Me take My hand everything's gonna be just fine. I got these scars by saving you that cross to bare was Mine. And if you take the wrong road trust in Me and you'll be
I Realy Do Want A New Drug
i think it would be responsible for the medical comunity to recognise that there should be a class of drugs that are purely recreational, we have the technology we just need tehm to recognise that altred states or ways to feel better mentaly are just as important as antibiotics, and in doing so would be able to custom design drugs for specific feelings.  with less side affects then alchol or tobaco, honestly tho, i took to much of something hopeing to get high but i got sick, and now im afraid to go to the doctor cuz they were prescription only, so ill sit here hoping i dont get too sick or disabled etc. think about it, if it were legal or we had legal choices we could go to the doctor like any other legitamate bad drug interaction!
Delara Darabi
Stop Child Executions sadly regrets to confirm that the Iranian female juvenile Delara Darabi was executed early morning today in the prison yard of the northern city of Rasht, Iran.Delara Darabi was convicted of a alleged murder when she was 17 years old.In violation of Iran's own laws, neither of Delara's attorney were informed of the execution. Delara was hanged only 11 days after Iran's judiciary had officially stated that Delara's execution was postponed for 2 months ( was the most well known Iranian minor on the death row. She was also an artist and continued her art work in prison.In his blog Iranian attorney, Mohammad Mostafaei who represents many Iranian juveniles on the death row wrote this morning: "She was not a murderer. I swear she was not" ( International's Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui stated that ""Amnesty International is outraged
Wow,how Amazing Internet Is"
i lazily sat here last night , just trying to wander the cyber world" from this site to that site , type this topic and this topic"...  then so unexpectedly, surprisingly, i saw my hubby's, his picture from many many years ago,  wow".. of all people, .. my husband's picture?  so curious...". i keep on clicking"... and so there youa re"     I CANT BELIEVE, I HAVE FOUND MY STEP DAUGHTER" ... MY HUBBY'S LONG LOST DAUGHTER.. SHE I 27, SO SIMILAR TO MY SON, THAY HAVE A GREAT RESEMLANCE .. THIER MOUTH AND NOSE.."  SO SURPRISED SO HAPPY, I CLALED MY HUSBAND".. I TOLD HIM , LOOK, WHOS HERE.  HE BECAME SO INTERESTED.. I CAN UNDERSTAND... WOW, TODAY I SPENT MORE TIME SEARCHING FOR HER.. AND FOUND HER VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE".  I DONT KNOW NOW, WETHER TO CONTACT HER OR NOT, BUT I FEEL HAPPY THAT MY SONS HAS ELDER SISTER.  STILL HANGING IN HERE. WAITING FOR  WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT"...  BUT I SAW HER EX TOO, ..  LOL".. NEVER MIND".  ISNT ITS SO AMAZING".      
By A Very Smart Young Girl!
SLOW DANCEHave you ever watched kidsOn a merry-go-round?Or listened to the rainSlapping on the ground?Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?You better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short. The music won't last.Do you run through each dayOn the fly?When you ask How are you?Do you hear the reply?When the day is doneDo you lie in your bedWith the next hundred chores Running through your head?You'd better slow downDon't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow?And in your haste,Not see his sorrow?Ever lost touch,Let a good friendship die Cause you never had time To call and say,'Hi'You'd better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.When you run so fast to get somewhereYou miss half the fun of getting there.When you worry and hurry through your day,It is like an unopened gift....Thrown away.Life is not a race.Do take it slowerHear the musicBefore the song is
Godmother Kelly Ann
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Forgetting Is The Hardest Part.
It doesn't matter if your heart breaks They don't even know you're there, It doesn't matter if you're shattered, Or If you've forgotten to care. Because the lies all crash down on you now, you can't act like you're happy anymore, You're hurt beyond repair tonight Just leave, walk out that door. The pain it's all too much to take, Try to run away from yourself, You say that goal is too unreachable, But impossible is what you do so well. Drown everything you used to be, What used to shine out of your eyes, Let this hurt over come it. and finally let down your disguise.
What Color Would U Use
what color would u use to paint your bedroom orange or light purple
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Shameless Whoring
This is a purely shameless whoring blog. =D   My birthday is on Monday and I'm on vacation from work (yay!) Everyone should buy me something pretty, pink or shiny (all 3 would be cool.)   A very nice person bought me a ticker, which I will be trying to get an approval on midnight of my b-day (so it can run all day.)   Yep, I'm asking for stuff. I ask for stuff IRL too. A co-worker made me a kick ass cake and my sister in law is making me a cake. =D I'm going to be obese for my birthday.   I'm like 1.3 mil from Godfather, so rating me a lot is a nice gift also.   Thanks in advance. ♥
As I sit here fighting back tears, I really don't know what to say, but know I need to somehow get all these emotions out of me before I break down. My one hope for the possibility that love really does exist AND can last has just been shattered. I feel like I've been kicked in the gut. I'm crying now...crying for their loss; crying for my loss. Crying for the pain of today and for the pain to come tomorrow.And the children...sigh...those perfect little angels. What is going to happen to them? Are they going to witness the pain of today and tomorrow? It's bound to happen; it always does. It would shatter me to the very depth of my soul, if their sweet little smiles went away. Poor things; will they understand? I don't even understand. How will I explain it? Do I explain it?'s not for me to do that; I will just be there for them like I always have been.My tears are coming in gasping waves now. I cant control it anymore. Just imagining the long road ahead and the possibility that
oh thank god its friday, been waiten on this weekend for like a month and im so happy, going camping gonna get drunk.... oh dam i cant wait!!!

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