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Back Home
Made safe back home after 9 hours on the road. Where did I go you ask...well to visit a friend. Is he worth it, I'd like to think so.. Some people have issues with me visiting him. My opinion is that we are adults and if you don't like it tough beans. Am I going back? most definately! Love know who you are.
"kissed My Son Goodbye"
Radio Station Name
OK so Dolla, Dom, and I need help with naming our radio station. So we will be taking votes in here for it. Voting will end at 12:00 am Sat May 30th.   Choices are: Sound Wave Radio   midnight Xpress radio   Uproar Radio   Please only 1 vote per person.....   We wanna know what you like!!! If you have any ideas please message any of us.   Thanks!
(this Is The Rough Beginning Of "one Casino Night")
A perpetual haze hung like swamp fog over the small coffee shop and casino restaurant. Various noises beeped, whistled and chimed in response to the few late night gamblers with an occasional Christmas song mingling through. Amber lights meshed and clashed with holiday lights creating a dizzying sense of timelessness as it illuminated several historical artifacts displayed within the casino and restaurant. Within this array of sensory distraction, at one of the coffee shop tables sat a lone man, an aspirant writer of sorts. A half consumed bottle of beer and cup of the blackest coffee that the waitress could hunt down, sat on the table surrounded by crumple up pieces of started stories and fragmented ideas. Also, an ashtray of seemingly endless cigarette butts, no matter how many times the waitress dumped it, smoked from somewhere within the paper littered table. Another unsatisfactory idea led to another ripped paper followed by more crumpling sound. The lone man sat back and sighed o
Shed the bonds of a sober one, throw the chains assunder. Talk to your hands and make them weap, for they know of the distant lonely thunder, that trembles the boundries of your everyday life.
Tears Of Paris
Mind numbing babble flows in the tears of rich and famous rabble. Images flash before my eyes, resentment is all I feel for her cries but beware of the lies for when the shit flies everyone wants a piece of the pie. Silent are the protests of those whom chose not to involve themselves in the chains of events that revolve around media madness and I scream, 'Why oh why do we try, we should live yet we chose to die.'
Mind's Eye
Within my mind's eye, a sad sad cry of a child calls for hell to burn. Concern for my well being from those closed to seeing, echos in the chasms of my soul. I know the me, I know the "I", I know what it takes to make me fly. Death beckons to me with talons stained in blood, yet I turn away from the day that simmers in the cold. Listen to me and set your child free, for today, tomarrow it is all the same just play the game that separates us from the dead.
A Brick In Her Face
Hands clenched I raise my voice against the choice made by the one who startled me with love. Upon the wind my frustration churns in echoing resonance and burns crimson tears from my eye, inside I die once again. Primal feelings of ferral rage that inundates my soul is smothered by melancholic darkness wherein lies fantasies of blood slattered lace as I forcibly place a brick in her face.
Do U Think The Same Way
As I sit here all alone at night I tend 2 wonder about things. After going through everything that we went through so far and never said sorry, would we be how we are now? Maybe if we said sorry and just left it at that would it still be the same? I wonder these things sometimes and I get alot of thoughts that go through my head. But in the end all I have is the happiness of knowing that we are back where we were and working together 2 make things right. U are the kind of person that I want to wake up to every morning and see ur face. I want to laugh with u and hope that u can laugh with me. When i see that u are smiling it makes me smile to, and I know that at some point u will be able to be open and find security when u look into my eyes. I want u to be open and feel safe with me knowing that I feel the same about u. I want to be in ur arms every night and feel safe with u. U are the one that I have always dreamed about and wanted in my life, the one that I know i can be happy with a
Tingling Chills
Tingling chills, passionate sighs, soft hot flesh, hands on thighs. A moan of need from lips apart. Flicks of a tongue, skips in the heart. Feel the lust, the want, the burn. Feel the body begin to yearn. Feel your doubts melt to desire as gentle carresses fuel the fire. Nibble, nibble moving south, master of verse, master of mouth. Delving into the tender flesh. Frenzied joys begin mesh. Feel the lust, the want, the burn. Feel the body begin to yearn. Feel your doubts melt to desire as gentle carresses fuel the fire.
The Storm
Do you know how I feel, a storm with a single continuous peal, of thunder shout for a soul neglected and ultimately infected with loneliness.
I Would Like All My Great Friends To Reai This Its Very Important To Me That You Do
post date: 2009-01-28 16:43:00views: 19 comments: 6 ratings: 0 THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN BY ME (TESS)(Even In The Absence Of Ovaries)An Eye-Opener On Ovarian CancerTHIS IS A MUST TO READ TO THE ENDI hope you "ALL" take the time to read this and pass it on to all you can.Send this to the women in your life that you care about. Copy/Paste it to your emails and send it to every woman you know, it may make a difference for 1 mother, daughter sister or friend~Years ago, Gilda Radner died of ovarian cancer. Her symptoms were inconclusive, and she was treated for everything under the sun until it was too late. This blood test finally identified her illness but alas, too late. She wrote a book to heighten awareness. Gene Wilder is her widower.Kathy's Story: this is the story of Kathy WestAs all of you know, I have Primary Peritoneal Cancer. This cancer has only recently been identified as its OWN type of cancer, but it is essentially Ovarian Cancer.Both types of cancer are diagnosed in the same way
Elevator Music
Another town on this lonely road, Travelling from where my strife was sowed, Where I had become the walking dead, Yet I still bop to the elevator music in my head. Three times loved, three times wife, Love has failed within my life, To hell with love, I've no more tears to shed, But I will continue to hum with the elevator music in my head. Again I will walk this trail in hopes that someday I will not fail and into love I will not tread. I will resist it with the elevator music in my head. And when it comes time that from my lips, come no more rhyme and I quietly lay within my earthen bed, Visitors may hear my elevator music in their head.
Only One Word!!
You Can Only Type ONE Word.It's really hard to only use one-word answers!1. Where is your cell phone? purse2. Your significant other? Bed3. Your hair? Blonde4. Your mother? Virginia5. Your father? Deceased6. Your favorite thing? laughter7. Your dream last night? Romance8. Your favorite drink? Coke9. Your dream/goal? Love10. The room you're in? Bedroom11. Music? on12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Love14. Where were you last night? Bedroom15. What you're not? painfree16. Muffins? Blueberry17. One of your wish list items? Money!!18. Where you grew up? Virginia19. The last thing you did? fubar20. What are you wearing? Nothing21. TV? off22. Your pets? Dog23. Your computer? Toshiba24. Your life? Boring25. Your mood? Great26. Missing someone? Yes27. Favorite Store? Walmart30. Your summer? HOT31. Like someone? naturally32. Your favorite color? Green33. When is the last time you laughed? 5-26-0934. Last time you cried? You Can Only Type ONE Word.Not as easy as you might think.Now copy an
A Call For Peace
Thundering dawn come and melt away, The corruption of evil in which I lay. Give my mind the semblence of a sunny day, So my soul can find peace.
Snakes slither over her lithe body, Sweaty sleek form rithing in painful ecstasy. I want to to touch her, I want to hold her, I want to burn her snakes into my heart. I want to feel her pain.
Death Of Another Dream
A death of another dream slowly fades, with the charades of idiocy still echoing in my ear. A dark and lonely fear fills the single crimson tear that traces emptiness along my cheek. What sweet, sweet pain driving me insane, DRIVING ME SLOWLY OUT OF MY MIND!take a breath, don't be weekWords I weave from up my sleave but the magic has become hard to retrieve as sustenence is from a diseased breast suckled by an infant deprived of rest. And I, I walk alone as before as a shell of a man wanting more, but will never have it.
Dream Awake
Dream awake sanguine spatter from my eyes as gurgled cries of why issued from her drowning throat. I don't know. Sleep no rest, staunch no blood flow, from her wheezing chest. Strangled question once again why. I don't know, a single tear I cry as miracles no more glimmer her eyes. Fading, fading as she dies.
Speak Oh Speak
From the depths of the seemless void my soul begins to fall towards the sirine call of your words of a familiar ring. Speak oh speak my angel for a soul that was dead, into it life was fed and now looks foward to another day. Speak oh speak of a jubilant mind though some have been unkind and you chose to stay not to run away from a world of immeasurable pain.
Be Done
Marrow grows impossibly slow through the narrow causeways of my mind seeking in usurp conventional thought. A sardonic plea sounds hauntingly through me, Weight on chest, there is no rest lest we jest incoherently about that which we care nothing about. Be done with it now, for I can not allow myself to be taken or foresaken from the bountries of love.
A Sit At The Pit
See I sit at the edge of the pit, watching the demons throw a fit at the toes that dangle over the side of the hole. "Fuck the hell in which I fell", says an echoing yell issued from my shadowed soul. "I will not sleep, not me, not a peep nor will I allow you pricks to keep, my broken and fetid heart." See me fight with all my might within the sulfur light to not slip into the abyss and get ripped apart.
If You Have A Heart Please Pass This On
My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad,What else could have made My daddy so mad?I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me.I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long.When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks aren't homeWhen my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight.I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlies barI hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyesIm so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words,He says its my fault He suffers at work He slaps and hits me And yells at me more,I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And I start to bawl,He takes me and throws me Against the hard wall I fall to the floor With my bones nearly broken,And my daddy continues With more bad words spoken, 'Im
Live Free
Ok, maybe love isn't so bad. It hasn't all been terrible. It hasn't all been sad. Lonely I may be now with lines of depression creasing my brow. But at least I can say I felt the fall, I have lived in love, I have answered the call. I have lived more then most and have traveled from coast to coast. I know what it is like to have lost, I know the price, I know the cost. Here is my time to shine, to reap the world, to sip the wine. For many years it was always for them, never for me. Now its time to provide for my boys and live free.
A frown of unhappiness courses across my face drawing heavy lines of separation from a fevered pace. Pounding sounding incessantly, grounding me to the phone as stupidity binds body and soul to a seat, and I wined "Take me, take me, let me leave, give me some reprieve. A day and a day is all I need. Let me rest, Please." I plead.A mocking fool stood on a stool behind me and to the right, and oh what a sight would I see, to see a fool such as he, tumble to the floor laying there sore in pride and in pain. It would entertain the mischievous spirit that rattles its cage threateningly as it battles against boredom and through frustration to be free once again.
Internet Problems
My first Fubar blog. And it's not an entirely happy one lol. I've been having internet problems most of the week. My internet speed has slowed down to a crawl's pace. I'm supposed to have DSL but for whatever reason, it's acting MUCH slower than even Dial-Up. This wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't for the fact that it's *so* slow that, half the time, pages don't even load!!The tech support people at Verizon have got to be the most incompetent assholes EVER! I called them last Wednesday and told them about my situation. After I followed their advice and checked the connections here to see if it was something on my end, they finally decided that they would send a technician on Thursday and that he/she would be here at some point "from 1 to 5." I took half the day off from work so that I would be home when they came. Not only did they not bother to call me before coming but... they NEVER CAME! By the time 4:30PM rolled around, I had a feeling that they were not going to show up at a
Dream Speed
Moods lanquidly shift as from the speakers tunes drift through the smoke permeated the air. Speak on the threat of death and hold your breath for the spead of the road before us has not slowed but bowed towards two transcendent ends. Speak of it and friends shall weap in gloom, speak not of it and we shall enjoy the light of the moon gleeming off of teal metal and chrome while we travel home through nostalgic glimmers of chemically inhanced dreams.
Shadows In Awe
I walk in the shadow of the things that you want to know. Present your bloody wrists and frustrated fists, splatter conventional with crimson defiance. Dance with me, dance in love's cold embrace, romance the bloody stream gently down your face, with the tip of my finger, Fatally Fall With Me.Sit with me as the shadows close in to see souls in shrouded tormented sin, and become mesmerized by the curse of the varied verse that drips from my lips. Sit here with me and see,shadows in awe,Wishing To Be Free
Free No More
A crimson stream within my dreamA night and a night ago,Held within a sanguine gleamdeep within its ebbing flow,A body that once was freeTo walk where he wanted to go.But then was not the time,When a minute seemed like anhour's turn on the clock,With a decade's breath between each tickAnd an eon's between each tock.
A Shade Of Love
A memory of you drifts like a shade in the night through my mind and in your enveloping embrace, my heart you will find and for you, it is always passionate, always kind, always yours until the end of time.
She walks on spectral whispers haunting my dreams and in her wake, love gleams through aberant wisps of enchanting mists, I am going to risk my heart again. For I am love, I am romance, I am the rogue of the midnight dance and I will not turn away a chance to tread in that intoxicating domain.
Here laughing,screaming,yelling,foretellingof troubling timeswhen dancing llamaseat cobalt limes.Ignore the rhymesof the demon spider monkeyas he coughs and chokesafter numerous tokesfrom a pipe shaped like a gun.'Ooo' I saywhat fun,pull the trigger and runto the embrace of a bosum.
Where Did I Go?
A person who looked like me,stopped to look into the mirrorand told me,"Have a nice life."
Enchanted Forest Consumation
EvanescenceLithium Music Video Codes By Music     Once upon a time, 72 hours ago - my day went like this: I picked up my pet rat, Em, who was born blind - though when I saved her from being snake food I thought her erratic head tilting and dashing hither and thither was because of her extraordinary intelligence. Reality soon set in and I took in the quirky little stories that her behaviors generated in my mind. Her house was either two steps away, or about 10 miles away, and it just always depended on whether she would accidentally stumble into the entrance on first try, or go on a mad, blind, dash around and around and around her cage until she would then stumble into the hut entrance. She ate two out of three litters of babies. Nature is a bitch, and would have done away with a blind rat before she ever would have caught the nose of a male rat
World Of Sin
Let them not see,the me,not the 'I',that would cryat a child's pain.Let them not know,the flow,of rot spoiled mind,driven insane."Can't we just be friends?"damned words into my heart rends.Chuckle and smile,in denial,of the true handthat lacerates the jugular grand,for the beauteous river of red.And she,she frolicks in the fieldsof infedelity,ripping my soul,taking away all that was free,within me,leaving me to stand allone,in the land,makings circles in the sand,that the foundations of my sanity,are built on.To whirl and spinin this world of sin.
Tongue Twister
Bewilderingbracersof bronzebeingbrandishedby abellowing,brashbarbarian
Sins And Scars
Creeping like seeping sewage through my brain, I am in danger of the fall into the shadow call that has left reticulated scars of my sin etched for all to see upon my skin. Never the victor, never to win.Yet I must refrain from the distain of my insane self and I sit in feign acceptence again and again through the passage of the days.
Love Insane
Back and forth,Side to side,The two eyes spied.In the corners of the roomThe shadows liedHearing voices that madeNo soundHearing voices From all around.Blood curlding whispersand a hysterical shoutLooking for an exitneeding a way out.Thrashing, thrashinggasping for air.Feeling redFeeling bare.And why does noone Care.There it isHis escapeRight behind theCrimson colored drape.Such an allureing callA crash and a 6 story fall."Did you hear me, I saidI love you""Uumm, sure, I love you too."
What Should I Do?
Wht should i do. im stil n love with my x. he with sum one else. but he stil has feelings 4 me n my son. ive tried bein friends with him. but i stil find myself wantn him. give me ur thoughts. PM me.
Luculent Giggles
Luculent gigglesof achild's laughterdanced to the songof alocomotive'strekacross aninsipid land.Though destination has no cast,a summonsto it ticklesplayfullyat resolvewhere wanderlustis but afootfallaway.Sarenade your sweetsiren song,my giglet, my minx.Footsteps tomy love whereever theymay lead.A sigh of contentmentas a homeis slungto the backonce again.
A Christmas Gift
Onceone poinsettia day,a soulfollows the softthrumming beatof a raven's wingas it flies throughthe shadowsof the lastdays.Soft chill fallsa winter blanketupon a shimmeringpath,on which dancedruminationsof one unopened gift,deliveredon the lightof azure cherries.
Serenadesweet wordsonto paperand dream dreamsof fame with me.Savor thehoney dew dropsof imaginationas my voicepaints a pictureof worldsright beforeyour eyes
A call from the past from that which didn't last blindsided me with a buried desire stirring ashes where once was a fire.Yet I feel nothing.Evil lurks in the shadow of beauty, death always follows life and love has become a modern day strife. To suffer those eyes, lonely night cries and a glimmering promise of sugar covered lies,Yet I feel nothing.Darkness stares from a mirrored glance as thoughts of lust instead of romance filled the image looking back at me, void of life, void of glee.And yet...I feel nothing.
Fuck It
I try to succeed in this damned lands of broken souls But how can I when I am living some one else’s dreamAnd to hell with ‘Of your own’Pestilent rats hookedOn life’s methadone Scurry the rancid streetsAnd I raise my voiceA keening whisperOf rage“I got you drug right fuckin here!”Let me shove life Down your throatWith words that cloudAnd confound.You want liesFine, fuck itHere you goYou want abuseFine, fuck itHere you goA requiem forChivalryNo more batedBreathsFor me
My Auction
  I'm in my first auction Please bid on me..minimum bid is 125kPlease check it out and rate it for mePLEASE REPOSTThanks so much...can you also F/A/R the host?ALSO....I have a 3 and 5 credit bling up for auction....  
Two Years
Two years since my world fell apart, since I lost so many things that meant so much to me. Two years feeling incomplete, full of self doubt and feeling I failed. To some it means nothing,  that I should have moved on. They do not see or know how much  I have tried, how much I have cried. I pray for relief, I pray for strength.  The saddness never dies, it's sometimes hidden for a time, only to sneak up on me without warning. It haunts my dreams, and steals my sleep, I beg for it's release.  This demon just won't let me go, it shows it's ugly head in forms of anger, bitterness and pain. I push away the ones I love, and hurt those close to me. This demon known as depression is consuming me. 
Blame (longest Song I Have Ever Written.)
Find my feelings found you out it's to late you ripped them out. Made me suffer felt the pain how is it that I get blamed? You took from me all I had the love I felt hurt so bad. I can't pretend that it's okay my soul's aflame it burned away. The screams are silent but filled with hate I guess that this is our fate. Find these feelings found you out it's to late they've been ripped out. I'll not suffer all this pain it's your turn now to feel the blame. All your use it fades away my worlds consumed by endless grey. All this hate lets me see red your blood spills out and you are dead. Your pain mounts up it's feeling worse I feel like I am fucking cursed. Yet you can't see the reason why even in your own demise. I'm tired of all the shit demeaning words and getting hit. You mock me saying we need to split well fuck it then this is it. Tear you open with my mind still I can't see you inside. I see why the love has died it was like you never tried. Found the feelings pushed them out it'
My Happy Life
    My Happy life And now it’s just my heart and dreams that’s on line broken this time and every time. .........starting out with my ex friend. I loved my ex. I loved everything about her. The way we talk and the way we can talk about anything. Starting out she made me feel good. We talked on the phone everyday, up tell the day when was she kick out her mom's house. that's when hell started. she told me that she didn't to talk everyday, and she always act like she was to busy for me. Just to see her I had to go an hour and 30 minutes out of my way to see her. I come down every week to see her at her job or just to chill with her. But when I do call she was always over some friends house. Never names or anything of the friends. Just I'm over my friend house doing this or thing. She had a lot of guys friends. Never come up to see me, her boyfriend. But can always see her friends go out to the clubs on days that I told her was going to call her. I did a lot of shit for
A Simple Thing Or Is It?
A Simple thing…or is it? I have often wondered I have often dreamed I have often conjured What would it be like? I have been curious I have been wondering I have been thoughtful What would it be like? It drives me to ask It drives me to let it linger in my mind It drove me to satisfy my curiosity… What would it be like? I have wanted to see… I have wanted to take a moment… I had to decide what it would take to ask What would it be like? What would it be like to feel you close What would it be like to feel your breath? What would it be like to feel your embrace? What would it be like to feel your kiss? What would I be like? What would you be like afterward? What would be like between us? What would it be like? The forbidden, the taboo… The purgatory is like Pandora’s box, It’s dangerous if opened, But—What would it be like?
Hey What Up Need Some Help
if u have any ? about it let me know i need some fubar bucks plz help me out i will also help u out in some wau thanks
Steak For Chicken
Mardi Gras came and went All my money has been spent How am I gonna pay the rent? Sitting on your face (sitting on my ass) Who mistook the steak for chicken? Who am I gonna stick my dick in? We're not those kids, sitting on the couch. My former life, I was a high roller (my former life, I had a sister.) Walked around in a diamond stroller ( i abused her and I dissed her) Found my calling as a part-time bowler (she got swept up in a twister) Traded my wife in for a new three holer ( first I laughed and then I missed her) Who mistook these baths for showers? Who fucked up that leaning tower? We're not those kids, sitting on the couch. Oh get on a greyhound and ride away Live on birthday cake each day (different dreams than yesterday) Tell your grandparents that they're gay (tell your grandma, you're okay) Steal their money and run away (kiss her cheek and run away) Cuz me and my friends are so smart We invented this new kind of art: (we invented this new kind of dart:) Post-Modernest Thr
0002. Uninhibited
Uninhibited…  I walked in from a hard day to find you waiting on me You were there and I couldn't hold back My restraint was gone I slammed the door closed Locked it Turned off my phone Shut the windows And I looked into your eyes And you knew what was next I picked you up and you straddled my waist I kissed you deeply So deeply that your tongue fought me I was unrelenting You were beautiful to me I had to have you Immediately I set you down after a time I pushed you up against the wall I ripped your blouse off Took off your skirt to reveal your legs I heard you moan when this went on I then Immediately removed your black lace thong And I plowed into your pubes face first I wanted to taste you in the worst way You spread your legs to let me in As your clit and I was becoming reintroduced You held my head there for an eternity I licked you over and over You hiked one leg over my shoulder As I continued to administer this tongue laced treatment I set you down after a time and ma
She's made of hair and bone and little teeth and things that cannot speak she comes on like a crippled plaything her spine is just a string I wrapped our love in all this foil Silver tight like spider legs I never wanted it to ever spoil but flies will always lay their eggs Take your hatred out on me Make your victim my head You never ever believed in me I am your tourniquet Prosthetic synthesis and butterfly Sealed up with virgin stitch If it hurts baby please tell me Preserve the innocence I never wanted it to end like this But flies will lay their eggs Take your hatred out on me Make your victim my head You never ever believed in me I am your tourniquet What I wanted, what I needed What I got for me What I wanted, what I needed What I got for me Take your hatred out on me Make your victim my head You never ever believed in me I am your tourniquet Take your, take your Get up out of me I'm not proud with me I never ever believed in me
0001. Release
  Release   I came to wake up beside your sleepy form, After the love we made, After the sweet caresses of your skin, After the kisses that we shared… We walked into the bedroom together, We never left. We let our bodies mesh together as one, We let ourselves go free. I gave it all to you, I gave you all I could, I gave this all to you, With no questions asked. You opened your heart to me, You opened your arms to hold me, You stared into my eyes without hesitation, I stared into your eyes without apprehension. I laid you down gently, I took your clothes off—slowly, Sensually, I took my time with you, To make you feel complete. When your clothes were off, and you were comfortable with your nakedness, I became more than just a man, I became a part of you, and you became and extension of me, When I decided to explore you, you let me in. I took one of your long legs, caressed them with kisses, And I did the same to the other. You shuddered with delight, As I made my d
Lol Total Lockdown
What do you guys think? Did he get out of this hold?
Nazi Halo
Take a souvenir and stop your staring Just cause I'm screaming Don't mean I'm sharing Can't keep my mouth shut if you keep that dress on You can't negotiate Not with me this time you go so low your faggot rainbow your Nazi Halo won't save you this time Bring your IQ and try to understand Just cause I'm listening Don't mean we're still friends Can't fix my problem You crossed a thin line You can't just work it out not with me this time you go so low your faggot rainbow your junkie ego won't save you this time you go so low your tragic disco your Nazi Halo won't save you this time You're so predictable no shadow of doubt when you are suffering know who sold you out Fuck your opinions Fuck your lack of spine When you are miserable Know that I'm just fine You go solo your faggot rainbow your junkie ego won't save you this time you go solo your tragic disco your Nazi Halo won't save you this time
Lets Talk About???????
I am at aloss for words so if anyone has a subject they want an opinoin on let me know. Be warned though you may not neccissarily like what I what I say. Nothing personal if you are offended.
Northern Star
And i cry and no one can hear in hell the blinded eyes that see the chaos bring the pitiful to me even though i’m wide-awake i will and blackest night and i wait for you it’s cold in here there’s no one left and i wait for you and nothing stops it happening and i knew i’d cherish all my misery alone And i wait staring the Northern Star i’m afraid it won’t lead me anywhere it’s so cold he will ruin the world tonight all the angels kneel into the Northern Lights kneeling to the frozen lights And they paid I cry and cry for you ghosts that haunt you with their sorrow i cried ‘cause you were doomed praying to the wound that swallows all that’s cold and cruel can you see the trees charity and gratitude they run to the pines it’s black in here blot out the sun and run to the pines our misery runs wild and free and i knew the fire and the ashes of his grace And i wait staring at the Northern Star i’m afraid it won’t le
Lady Bones
When I learned to know That other feeling I could know I turned around and let him go. And how it made me work Lady Bones oh how they hurt, But for the real things I will burn. Here I go again Trying to defend all the things I love I'll learn to let it go. And darling, I have tried Since all their lies were mine But if you walk beside me You'll know that there they lie. You'll know that there they lie. A man has lost it, Bones. I can see his honest good I close my eyes I knew I would Reached out for his wrung hands Could they catch me if I fall? I'd catch him right back after all. But here I go again Trying to defend all the things I love I've learned to let you go. And darling, I have tried Since all the lies were mine But if you walk beside me You'll know that there they lie. You'll know that there they lie. Here I go again Trying to defend all the things I love I'll learn to let it go. And darling, I have tried Since all the lies were mine If you walk beside me You'll know
Love Sucks (wrote When I Was Like 16)
Love sucks you know it's true. Love, just another word used to fuck you. Love is just a fucking lie. Just shut your eyes and hope to die. Love is going to hurt more than any pain. If you falll who will you blame? Love's a bit like being raped. Once your trapped you can't escape. Love get's you up and bring you down. I think I would rather drown. Love will cut you very deep. You try so hard but you'll never keep. Love is a way to get abused. You'll keep your faith and you'll be used. Love is for boys and girls. Love makes us want to hurl. Love is not worth dieing. Love is not worth even trying. Love is just another lie. Suck it down and you will die, Love will make you want to cry. By the end stab out your eyes. Love is lust in disquise. Keep feeding yourself all the lies. Love is better when you don't try. Your heart won't break due to lies. Love is like a game you won't beat. Just stay away and your heart you'll keep. Loves not bad when it last's. You blink your eyes and then it'
Awesome Day Out
May 25th Update
Well, here is just a little update for everyone.. I finished my very last 2 hyperbarics today yay!! my sores are some what healing just not very fast at all.. the one on my thigh that is the deepest to where u can see my muscle is being very slow at healing. they are having to pack it with a wet medicated gauze rolls and its so deep they use 2 rolls to pack it all in there and then they cover it with a huge gauze pad and they also do the same thing with my right knee... the one on my left knee is very small so they only put a little piece of gauze over it and then tape it.. But they had to up my pain meds this morning cuz I havent been able to last the 4 hours without a pain pill.. So, they give me the 2 cc's of iv pain meds before my dressing changes which seems to help some what take a little bit of the pain away to begin with.. then they upped my fentinal my pain patch from 50 mg to 75 and its suppose to last 3 days and if this dont give me pain relief they will up the dosage again
What Happens When You Take The Red And The Blue?
maybe im crazy. maybe im insane. either way..ive caught something of reality via this contraption. my mental state has succeeded from my everyday union of misfiring and downers inside my head. opened up to an entirely new world that i never thought i would have been so easily pulled in to. not whats the word?!... exposed to! thats it. never did i think that my reality would be shaken to the core like this. sure...maybe im just nuts. very possible. but me being nuts is why im writing this. it is why im continuing to think what im thinking. and who im thinking about. i didnt plan on anything like this. and who knows if its even going to become a tangable and real life thing. but it already has begun. and i cant stop it. i can try. sure. that would just be giving up because of uncertainty. and im sure as hell not in the mood to give up on anything real again. thats just me though.  
Never Forget The Fallen Ones
                      Never forget the fallen ones Forget us not as we lie hereIn our eternal sleep.The price we paid for freedomWas very hard and steep.We left our sweethearts,left our wives,Our homes and families.We gave our all on foreign soilFor this thing they call liberty.We were a mixture of the land,Of many creeds and races.But in God's eyes we're all the same;Only He knows all our faces.So as you pass our place of rest,Please say a silent prayer.Then turn your eyes toward heaven;Thank God that you weren't there.And when you see Old GlorySalute her once for us.She is the symbol of our loveFor this land so great and free.Remember us in the summer daysAnd in the cold chill of December.For we shall be forever nearAs long as you remember.   'Never forget the fallen ones' Copyright © RayCopyright is property of the above author. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
Here You Go Babe">
Memorial Day.
I was on here last night in one of the lounges and someone came in and wished everyone a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.  Now I have no hard feelings for this person or what they said. But I actually started to notice, and I see alot of people saying it. Hell I have said it myself before. Another thing I have also noticed  some people are classifying this as a day to remember the troops. When in all actuallity it is a day to remember  everyone we have lost.  Not just the troops,but also police,fire and rescue, EMT's,and even civilians. Mothers,Fathers,Brothers,Sisters,etc. I guess the point to this is that I found it ironic that people say HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY on what in my opinion is the saddest day of the year.  With that being said, I appreciate all the thank you's and thoughts and prayers I have gotten from everybody. If it wasnt for you I couldnt do my job. You all make it worth it.
Sometimes Sometimes i can't control the things my head thinks.  Sometimes i can't control the feelings i feel.  Sometimes i can't see things as clear as most.  Sometimes i can't untangle the thoughts from eachother.  Sometimes i can't bring myself up.  Sometimes i can't bring myself down.  Sometimes i stand alone.  Sometimes my friends are there.  Sometimes.She is there always.A&F
I feel as if I should write something for today. But with the day almost over, my mind is still blank..yet my heart is full. I'm a simple person and I think I could be described in a few words..wife, mother, friend..and a patriette ( is that a word? if not it is now) So how can i possibly describe to anyone what Memorial Day means to me? Where do i even begin? How do you remember and pay tribute to those who believed in something so much that they were willing to lay down their lives for it? That's too big for me to wrap my brain around. But I can tell you from my bubble what i witness and what I know. I have seen tens of thousands soldiers leave for overseas. Most times I'm the last person they pass by before getting on the plane. I'm the very last smile, hand shake, be safe or touch they get..because the harsh reality is they won't all come home..Even though the USO motto is "Until They All Come Home"..even the USO can't make that happen. So how do I put that into words? Knowing I'm
Hey Everybody
just put a new pic on here i will be updated this page soon i will also be adding more pic later i hope everybody is doing ok and happy holiday
Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.
What Is Normalcy?
What is normalcy to you and I? Aren't we all put on our good earth to make the best of what the maker has given us? What does it take for folks who don't their God, to put their trust in God of Christianity?! Yet I'll not judge their decisions.  Life? Is what  you made of your own future, for I gonna made the best of my own life regardless of economical situation at hand.
A Day In History
Well, today is a day that should, in my humble opinion, be revered as a national holiday. A day in which history was made and todays world is still feeling the impact from some 32 years ago. A day when simple farm boys were set upon paths to begin their toughest challenges. A day when evil reared it's ugly head, and began it's horrible campaign to stamp out democracy and the rights of all who dwell within it's grasp. The day unlikely allies rose up to the occassion and unified against a common enemy. Spirituality and a belief in a lifeforce bonding all things in the universe came about on this day, as did it's potential to either do much good...or unspeakable evil.Yes, May 25th, is a day when history was made. A day that shall always be remembered by the old and the young alike. A day where eyes gazed up in wonderment and astonsihment. A day when everyone said, "I want a wookie". Yes, on this day in 1977 the very first Star Wars was released in theaters.
So, There's This Girl...
...and she's kinda amazing...I take that back, she's UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE. I'm totally smitten. She's 90% of the reason I get out of bed in the mornings...the other 10% being I have to pee. :) She balances work, school, and another important area of life I really can't discuss, seeing as how they look down on the "L Word"...She's only 19, but she is doing so great in life. She makes me want to be a better person...Everything I do, I do for her...I carry her in my soul, in my blood, in my thoughts...And the thought of her carries me through my day...*sigh* She's fucking great...She says snails have antlers! lol :D I could spend the rest of my life with her and never look back. I couldn't if I wanted to because when I'm with her, I DON'T SEE anyone ELSE...  
The Dieing Heart
my heart was alive and beating it beated just for you now your gone never to return the longer your gone the more the heart slows down as the heart slows to a stop it incases itself into a tome of stone so a heart that once lived is now dead and put to rest waiting for the day that that tome of stone can be opened and to be brought back to life untill that day the heart will remain dead incased in stone  
You Guys Rock!!!
I just wanted to say thanks!  Mah friends rock!  & make mah heart swell!!!!!!!  PoStaL...Bunnz...William...JoJo (blue)....MB...and any one else that contributed fu-bux  to help lead me down the point whoring path of the Fu!   LOL PS:   thanks Bunnz & PoStaL for learning me well!   and thanks to Not that Girl for the tip!   ♥    peace baby    & PEACE BLING!!! yah!!!!!!!
I Got Your Bling...
Some of you may know that I'm a phone sex operator... I have been for almost 9 years!! I LOVE my job and I feel that I'm really good at it.   Right now, I have an offer that I'd like to let some of you in on.  All I need is your email address, and I'll send you free minutes to use to call me.  YEP.. call me for FREE. We don't have to talk about sex, but the option is yours! I'll talk about whatever... hehe I know what you are thinking, what's the catch?  There is no catch.   I would like you to use those 3 free minutes and call me.  Tell me who you are and your fubar name and all that.. Hell, I'll even get on cam for you. (I usually charge for that...) If you decide to stay on the phone for just ONE more minute past the 3, I'll buy you a bling pack.  Yep, you heard me right... I'll buy you a bling pack. Should you decide to stay on a total of 8 minutes... I'll even up the bling pack to a higher one.  Spending only 2 bucks on me will make me SO happy!!  Everyone likes free stuff..
Wallmart Train Wreck Diaster
i went outside today to take my son to the airport...and so since i was already outside i decided to stop by the evil corrupt anti-bleeding heart liberal...yes i am running low on hair dye and shot gun shells. i guess it was at that moment that it occurred to me that it is once again that time of year when every naughty little blond grew up in Roseville daddy is a ear nose and throat dr. or a senator...and her pussy tastes like money and pineapple crush, and she looks like seventeen but she is really twenty two and on her third year as a aspiring sac state whore but she goes to sierra and is taking three units and wants to be a model, and drives a lexus she got from her dad for graduating high school and so anyway i have seen these chemical peal dipped in bullshit girls for years now, and normally i see them at the mall cause i am there to buy my one pair of year of like new balance cause even guys that wear docs everyday have to have a pair of normal guy sneakers that
adventure If ya live near me and are up for nature a few of us are gathering for a canue raft ect floatable fun trip along the river to the lake near my house Day trip for some and overnight for the rest of us we will be doing this more than once this summer
Funny Medical Advice
Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... Don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap. Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables? A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables.. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable products. Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio? A: Well, if you have a body and you have fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc. Q:
Lounge Jobs(plaid Mafia)
We finally got the lounge up and running! Awesome i know right! We need staff. check out the lounge and if you want to be staff let Lauren know!   Lounge Link:
Which came first mom...the chicken or the egg? Hello? I have no clue! My daughter said you don't know if God just said...*with her hand shoved out in front of her* There's the chicken.  My son says.." He made the egg and Eve sat on it til it hatched and said...hey,it's a chick!" "Wait, maybe god made two chickens and then one made the egg and OMG!!! All chickens are related!! It's chickencest!!" I have no clue how this conversation even started!
While Your Lips Are Still Red
sweet little words made for silence not talk young heart for love not heartache dark hair for catching the wind not to veil the sight of a cold world kiss while your lips are still red while he's still silent rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool drown into eyes while they're still blind love while the night still hides the withering dawn first day of love never comes back a passionate hour's never a wasted one the violin, the poet's hand, every thawing heart plays your theme with care kiss while your lips are still red while he's still silent rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool drown into eyes while they're still blind love while the night still hides the withering dawn
Forever Man...
I've spent every waking moment trying Striving to find the right way I've always tried to stay in line Fought so hard to keep it straight I've slipped up so much Torn my past to pieces I've done the best I could Been beaten at every step My world crashes at every bend I am my own worst enemy I know I'll never forgive myself I long to live forever in a land of make believe I pray that the rains come soon Flood away all the ugly that lays dead behind me I shudder at the thought of another hollow hero A shallow savior, come to pull me free All I believe is a lie Tearless, all I wanna do is cry
Nela Jackson From Nela-cam
April its definily one of my favorite months on year, just because the snow start to melt and the end the winter make me believe the sun its coming back.Also happens to in april the two of my friends to be participated for the interview of the month.And You wouldn't believe what happens.... For the very first time in the history of my fun polle. A Tie, so big that last 4 days people vote from boths sides and it keep tie and tie... head to head.. Was an amazing experience to see so many people willing to have those girls here...Well today  she is here for show a little more....Please welcome to Nela Jackson from NELA-CAM VIDEO CHAT ROOM.Nela you have an amazing beauty,and a personality that shines all over the site.You start your life as host working in one studio... Many people are against to studios many are in their sides... So just for start the heat up... Let me start asking u this........(hot topic)1)How was for you work in one studio, and Why did u leave ?(NELA ANSWER) :  Before
Lily Miaw From Hotty_ice
Had been asian invasion all over the site.She had been bring so much happiness and delightful fun in all our hearts.As the Winner of interview of the month for March/2009, it’s been an honor to have she here today.Please welcome Lily, From HOTTY_ICE video chat room.I admire your sweet personality but I have few kinky questions for you. (^_^) hehehEverything you write will be exactly posted for my audience, so here we go...Questions:1) Now that you have been on iFriends for a while, tell me if the site makes you change? How?-I am a fun girl who is always hyper, curious and full of energy! I am ready to try anything that is new and exciting! When my innocent self first started I thought, "OMG! Ifriends is such an amazing tool to SHOWOFF!!!" lol! I've become even more sexual and great thing is IFriends brought out my dirty energy so that now I commit less crime LOL!2) I heard you have a cute dog. Tell my audience a little bit about him.-YES 6PACK (my dog's name lol) is the cutest an
Update On My Bash!
  Copy and Paste this link if you need help finding it!!  
I was thinking today... I've seen an awful lot of people around here who's member numbers are up in the high 2 millions whining because it takes so long to get to godfather. Ya know, I was here nearly 2 years before making it to godfather...and I only made it because bling was introduced about that time....Vixen and I blew a shit ton of money one day to get each other leveled. I feel like my grandparents, but used to actually have to work to get anywhere around here...I'm sick of these newbies whining because ZOMG! I'm not an oracle and I've been here 2 whole months!
Jaime Towers From Titanic_tits
A long time I admired her, and today I considered her a  personal friend....Her personality shines the internet and brings naughty smiles all over...She its knowledge from her beauty and ways to drive guys crazy around the adults industry..... Welcome to my very first interview, Jaime ( titanic_tits ) ... I am very honor to have you here with me. Helping me show the audience that we are not a just bunch girls we have brains and very good intentions in the way to please...... Here follow my questions for u today are:  1) - What's your view about Multiple Cams and How do u feel about the girls been so vicous about this topic?:titanic_tits answer: well first i can understand some hosts who are not happy with multirooms . everybody have feeling , emotions and experienc, all our experience are differents .. i heard some said it was not fair but i just want to say if we take the image of a house for each host we can t judge about the situation by the "outside house view" my house is with 6 r
Hey everyone,    I am Jackeline Dalton a host from -best-moviestar video chat room.    For years I has been dreaming to open a website like that, and be able to bring a little more of this incredible world where I hang out.    Every beginning of the month, I choice few people to be here, they are choice by their personalty, help improvement, ability in videos and photos.   During the currently month you can cast your vote for who you like the best.    The winner will give me an exclusive interview that will be post at begin of the next month.The Competition ends always in the last day of the month at 11:59pm.   You don't need to be a member for vote. CLICK HERE FOR VOTE:XOXOXO BESTMOVIESTAR
For A Friend
How does one began to say I am sorry? Began to fix what has been messed up for so long? Looking back I see how great of friends we were and could still be, but I didnt know how to hold on and keep you there I walked away or watched you walk away I am not sure which. Friendships are meant to last forever yet somehow we let ours slip away To say sorry is easy but it doesnt say enough Still I am sorry for everything and you will know maybe if you ever see this
Happy Memorial Day!
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Arousal from others passing gas.
This Weeks Flowers Inspired By & Dedicated To....
  Her arrangement... Close up of her arrangement... ♥ PoStaL
fillip \FIL-uhp\, noun:1. A snap of the finger forced suddenly from the thumb; a smart blow.2. Something serving to rouse or excite; a stimulus.3. A trivial addition; an embellishment. transitive verb:1. To strike with the nail of the finger, first placed against the ball of the thumb, and forced from that position with a sudden spring; to snap with the finger.2. To snap; to project quickly.3. To urge on; to provide a stimulus, by or as if by a fillip.
Anyone Adopted Knows This Feeling
Once there were two women Who never knew each other One you do not remember The other you call mother   Two different lives Shaped to make yours one Once became your guiding star, the other became your sun   Ther first gave you life, and the second taught you to live it And the first gave you a need for love and the second was there to give it   One gave you a nationality the other gave you a name One gave you the seeds of talent The other gave you aim   one gave you emotions the other calmed your fears One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears  
What we think, we become.  -  Buddha
The Letter
My Dear, As I set my eyes upon you I instantly know that it is you that I have always dreamed of. Beauty that proves you are descended from the Gods, for only they could come close to rivaling your beauty, and when you smile there is no comparison, because time stands still, and I am captivated in your heavenly visage. As you start to speak all the world seems to vanish and my ears are flooded with the most heavenly sound, more beautiful than a choir of angels. For no sound on earth could ever match your angelic voice. When I feel your touch time stops and I am lost in the ecstasy of your company, for you are all I want and all I need to make my life complete, I exist for naught but to serve you and make you happy. When our minds connect, I feel our souls touch, and I become one with you as we become whole, losing our individuality and becoming one together, complete, not two separate souls but an entirely new entity to take its place in the universe. As we part my w
Dreams, Wishes And Tears
If dreams were given to the lonely and the dreams of the lonely came true I'd force myself to sleep at night just so i could dream of you   If wishes were given to the lonely and i was given just two my first wish would be that someday you'll be mine, and my second wish i'd give to you   If tears could write a love song the song would be to you it would explain how i was feeling inside and how very much "i love you"   But dreams are just dreams and wishes really come true My tears connot write a love song but when they fall They are falling for you
Ii Need Inspiration
I need inspiration      I need inspiration like rolling hills and roaring thunderI need inspiration like humanity's fatal blunderI need inspiration of the purest kindWhere both the dark and the light are definedI need inspiration to spark the flame of imaginationI need inspiration that could rouse an entire nationI need inspiration like a roaring fireThe kind of inspiration of which I'll never tirePlease love be my inspirationYou love, are the light of my imaginationWith those emerald eyes that are so serene Your tempting words which set the sceneYour candied lips and gentle breathThat soul of yours with its endless depthCome my love, explore with meThere is so much we've yet to seeOn our journey we shall inspire that dullest of imaginationsAnd your love will be my eternal inspiration
Behind Every Doctor, There Is A Nurse!
I just bolded all that applied :) Ten reasons why you should date a nurse: 1) They can help you get over a hangover or sickness 2) Bedbaths! 3) The uniform 4) They are exposed to so many xrays, its like a form of birth control 5) You willl never need to buy condoms, paracetamol, toothbrushes or any hospital supplies 6) They know how to handle bodily fluids! 7) Nothing shocks a nurse, they have always seen smaller or indeed bigger! 8) They wont be disgusted by your toilet habits 9) They are experienced in manual evacuation when your full of crap 10)They know how to handle the human body!!!!!!! Did you hear about the nurse who died and went straight to hell?? It took her two weeks to realize she wasn't at work! You know you're a nurse if..... • You believe that every patient needs tlc, diazepam,temazepam and haloperidol. • You would like to meet the inventor of the Nurse call buzzer some night in a dark alley. • You believe not all patients are annoy
A Soldier
In A Soldier...You Will Find...      In a soldier...Loyalty and strength you see.In a soldier...Discipline, bravery. In a soldier...A world that is free.In a soldier..Sacrifice, so the world can be free.In a soldier...No compromise.In a soldier...Courage in his eyes.In a soldier...A special bond.In a soldier...Iraq, Viet-Nam.In a soldier...Sad, drooped eyes.In a soldier...Pain, when a buddy dies.In a soldier...Terrible places.In a soldier...Tough, grim faces.In a soldier...Stories untold.In a soldier...Action makes him old.In a soldier...Dark, frightening nights.In a soldier...Missing his lovely wife.In a soldier...Memories of a decent life.In a soldier...Scars deep in the mind.In a soldier...An exploding mine.In a soldier...The thrill of leaving war.In a soldier...No more pains anymore. In a soldier...No more tears.In a soldier...Leaving war, after a long, trying year
Somebody Spank Me
I think iv been bad today and need a
Dont Be Defeated
Dont be defeated by Rhonda I have always seen life for what it really is. Ever since I was a child growing up, hard times are all I know. I had to sit back and watch my mother work from sunset to sundown. I had to sit back and watch my mother work herself to her grave. Nothing ever came easy for her. She always had a heart and kept a smile on her face. Life is like a newborn baby struggling to come out of its mother's womb,life is a struggle true enough, but after all the struggling you have done,and after all the hell you have been through, there is success. Life is nothing but a big struggle, but just keep the faith and focus on your goals. Don't let life beat you or you will be walking around like zombies. Keep on pushing, keep on trying, life can be whatever you make it to be. But life can also be a bowl of cherries with whip cream and apple pie. I say this again; life is what you make of it. You can achieve or conquer anything it throws at you, you can't quit or give up, you h
When The Music Stopped
For those who are unaware, at military theaters, the National Anthem is played before every movie. The following was written by a Chaplain in Iraq: "I recently attended a showing of 'Superman 3' here at LSA Anaconda. We have a large auditorium we use for movies, as well as memorial services and other large gatherings. As is the custom back in the States, we stood and snapped to attention when the National Anthem began before the main feature. All was going as planned until about three-quarters of the way through The National Anthem the music stopped. Now, what would happen if this occurred with a thousand eighteen-to-22-year-olds back in the States? I imagine there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments; and everyone would sit down and call for a movie. Of course, that is, if they had stood for the National Anthem in the first place. Here, the 1,000 Soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed forward. The music started again. The Soldiers continued to quietly
When You Loose The Best Thing
we said we would make it this time when things got rough i lost my mind for a bit and hurt you more then i relized now i have lost the love you said you had for me so now im so empty inside i just miss the love we shared with each other everyone keep telling me that we wouldnt make it but you said yes we would i belived it and i always thought you would be there as my love but your not so i walk around as a zombie heartles and souless i lost my reason for living and that was your love
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Lil Things In Life
Sometimes it is the lil things in life that remind us of why we live where we do. This is one of those lil things.Rock Candy WHEN THE MUSIC STOPPED   For those who are unaware, at military theaters, the National Anthem  is played before every movie. The following was written by a  Chaplain in Iraq:     “I recently attended a showing of 'Superman 3' here at LSA Anaconda.  We have a large auditorium we use for movies, as well as memorial  services and other large gatherings.   ”As is the custom back in the States, we stood and snapped to  attention when the National Anthem began before the main feature.  All was going as planned until about three-quarters of the way  through The National Anthem the music stopped.    “Now, what would happen if this occurred with a thousand eighteen-  to-22-year-olds back in the States? I imagine there would be hoots,  catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments; and everyone would sit down  and call for a movie. Of course, that is, if they had stood for th
To All The Haters
I love when people hate on me they don't know that everything they do to me would come back around to them its called Karma and when it hits them its going to hit them hard and then they is going to need me when they talk about me and starts rumors about me i just laugh and say if you don't like me why the fuck your talking about me i tell it like it is and don't care how they feel about it Both girls and guys hate on me but i don't give a flying fuck as long as they don't put their hands on me i got in plenty of fights with haters because either their girls was feeling me or their boys was feeling me laugh at my haters and say you can hate me or love me just don't touch me i told my mom that when i die put me in my casket upside down so the world can kiss my white  ass so to all my haters you can go to hell and burn because ur on my shit list once you get on my bad side your not coming back to my good and you might wanna watch your back because i might beat your ass if i catch you sli
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Well you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to get you but you're so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm trying to get back Before the cool done run out I'll be giving it my bestest Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some I won't hesitate no more, no more It cannot wait, I'm yours Well open up your mind and see like me Open up your plans and damn you're free Look into your heart and you'll find love love love (love) Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing We're just one big family And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved So I won't hesitate no more, no more It cannot wait I'm sure There's no need to complicate Our time is short This is our fate, I'm yours Scooch ..r dear And I will nibble your ear I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer But my breath fogged up
Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry (personal)
The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your home town I need some shelter of my own protection baby To be with myself and center, clarity Peace, Serenity I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now And big girls don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry The path that I'm walking I must go alone I must take the baby steps 'til I'm full grown, full grown Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they? And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now And big girls don't
Please Look At.. New Video For Memorial Day   My friend made this video, it is his first one and I think he did a great job.
Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same
A thousand times I've seen you standing Gravity like a lunar landing You make me want to run till I find you I shut the world away from here I drift to you, you're all I hear As everything we know fades to black Half the time the world is ending Truth is I am done pretending I never thought that I Had anymore to give You're pushing me so far Here I am without you Drink to all that we have lost Mistakes we have made Everything will change But love remains the same I find a place where we escape Take you with me for the space The city buzz sounds just like a fridge I walk the streets through seven bars I have to find just where you are The faces seem to blur They're all the same Half the time the world is ending Truth is I am done pretending I never thought that I Had anymore to give You're pushing me so far Here I am without you Drink to all that we have lost Mistakes we have made Everything will change But love remains the same So much more to say So much to be done Don't you tri
Beyoncé Knowles - Listen
Listen, To the song here in my heart A melody I've start, but can't completeListen, to the sound from deep within It's only beginning to find release Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard They will not be pushed aside and turned Into your own, all cause you won't listen....Listen, I am alone at a crossroads I'm not at home, in my own home And I tried and tried To say what's on my mind You should have known Oh, now I'm done believin you You don't know what I'm feelin I'm more than what you made of me I followed the voice you gave to me But now I gotta find, my own..You should have listened There is someone here inside Someone I'd thought had died So long agoOh I'm free now and my dreams to be heard They will not be pushed aside on words Into your arms, all cause you won't listen...Listen, I am alone at a crossroads I'm not at home, in my own home And I tried and tried To say whats on my mind You should have knownOh, now I'm done believin' you You don't know what I'm feelin' I'
Rehab - Graffiti The World
You know, they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned So vengeful and mother earth has been done wrong And I think she's sick Yo, she's pukin up lava Her nerves tremble along fault lines ready to drop an entire city of filth that's been forced upon her We built these towers of Babel and feel remorse for nada The momma divorce the father The children are droppin blotter The rich get richer, poverty's hot under the collar Takin prayer outta schools and we're tryin to raise scholars Creationism vs. the theory of evolution Air, water, land, mind, body and soul pollution Kids steppin on land mines from wars we're all losin We're chasin false idols, erasing from our bibles the golden rule the youth are becoming more suicidal Who teaches them, you and I do No wonder they want to fight you Raised by hypocrites, you feel lied to. Graffiti the land with skyscrapers Graffiti the sky with airplanes and satellites Graffiti the minds of children with your man-made laws Graffiti the world, I
Kings Of Leon - Closer
Stranded in this spooky town Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down This floor is crackling cold She took my heart, I think she took my soul With the moon I run Far from the carnage of the fiery sun Driven by the strangled vein Showing no mercy I do it again Open up your eye You keep on crying, baby I'll bleed you dry The skies are blinking at me I see a storm bubbling up from the sea And it's coming closer And it's coming closer You, shimmy shook my bone Leaving me stranded all in love on my own What do you think of me Where am I now? Baby where do I sleep Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its tollAnd it's coming closer And it's coming closerAnd it's coming closer And it's coming closer
Adele - Best For Last
Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve? It's been there for days on end and It's been waiting for you to open up yours too baby, come on now I'm trying to tell you just how I'd like to hear the words roll out of your mouth finally Say that it's always been me That's made you feel the way you've never felt before And I'm all you need and that you never want more Then you'd say all of the right things without a clue But you'd save the best for last Like I'm the one for you You should know that you're just a temporary fix This is not routine with you it don't mean that much to me oh just a filler in the space that happened to be free How dare you think you'd get away with trying to play me Why is it everytime I think I've tried my hardest It turns out it ain't enough You're still not mentioning love What am I supposed to do to make you want me properly? I'm taking these chances and getting nowhere And though I'm trying my hardest you go back to her And I think that
Adele - Daydreamer
Daydreamer sitting on the seaSoaking up the sun He is a real lover of making up the past And feeling up his girl like he's never felt her figure beforeA jaw dropper Looks good when he when he walksHe's the subject of their talk He would be hard to chase but good to catch And he could change the world with his hands behind his backOhYou can find him sitting on your doorstep Waiting for the surprise It will feel like he's been there for hours And you can tell that he'll be there for life Daydreamer with eyes that make you melt He lends his coat for shelter Because he's there for you when he shouldn't be But he stays all the sameWaits for you then sees you through There's no way I could describe him All I say is just what I'm hoping for But I will find him sitting on my doorstep Waiting for the surprise It will feel like he's been there for hours And I can tell that he'll be there for life And I can tell that he'll be there for life
Adele - My Same
You said I'm stubborn and I never give in I think you're stubborn 'cept you're always softening You say I'm selfish, I agree with you on that I think you're giving out in way too much in fact I say we've only known each other one year You say I've known you longer my dear You like to be so close, I like to be alone I like to sit on chairs and you prefer the floor Walking with each other, think we'll never match at all, but we do But we do, but we do, but we do I thought I knew myself, somehow you know me more I've never known this, never before You're the first to make out whenever we are two I don't know who I'd be if I didn't know you You're so provocative, I'm so conservative You're so adventurous, I'm so very cautious, combining You think we would and we do, but we do, but we do, but we do Favoritism ain't my thing but, In this situation I'll be glad... Favoritism ain't my thing but,in this situation I'll be glad to make an exception You said I'm stubborn and
Adele - First Love
So little to say But so much time Despite my empty mouth The words are in my mind Please wear the face The one where you smile Because you Lighten up my heart When I start to cry Forgive me first love But I'm tired I need to get away To feel again Try to understand why Don't get so close To change my mind Please wipe that look Out of your eyes It's bribing me To doubt myself Simply, it's tiring This love has dried up And stayed behind And if I stay I'll be alive Then choke on words I'd always hide Excuse me first love But we're through I need to taste the kiss From someone knew Forgive me first love But I'm too tired I'm bored to say The least and I I lack desire Forgive me first loveForgive me first loveForgive me first loveForgive me first love Forgive me Forgive me first loveForgive me first love
Atmosphere - Scapegoat
It's the caffeine, the nicotine, the miligrams of tarIt's my habitat, it needs to be cleaned, it's my carIt's the fast talk they use to abuse and feed my brainIt's the cat box it needs to be changed, it's the painIt's women, it's the plight for power it's governmentIt's the way you're giving knowledgeSlow with thought control and subtle hintsIt's rubbing it, itching it, It's applying creamIt's the foreigners sight seeing with high beams, It's in my dreamsIt's the monsters that I conjure, It's the marijuanaIt's the embarrassment, displacement, it's where I wanderIt's my genre, It's Madonna's videosIt's game shows, It's cheap liquor, blunts,It's bumper stickers with rainbowsIt's angels, demons, gods, it's the white devilsIt's the monitor, the soundman, it's the motherfucking mic levelsIt's gas fumes, fast food, Tommy Hil' mommy's pillColumbia House music club, designer drugs and rhyming thugsIt's bloods, crips, fives, sixIt's stick up kids,It's Christian conservative terrorists, it's por
P!nk - Sober
I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudestOr the girl who never wants to be aloneI don't wanna be that call at four o'clock in the morning'Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be homeAahh, the sun is blindingI stayed up againOohh, I am findingThat's not the way I want my story to endI'm safeUp highNothing can touch meBut why do I feel this party's over?No painInsideYou're my protectionBut how do I feel this good sober?I don't wanna be the girl who has to feel the silence...The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truthPlease don't tell me that we had that conversationWhen I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?Aahh, the night is callingAnd it whispers to me softly, "come and play"Aahh, I am fallingAnd if I let myself go, I'm the only one to blameI'm safeUp highNothing can touch meBut why do I feel this party's over?No painInsideYou're like perfectionBut how do I feel this good sober?I'm comin' downComin' downComin' downSpinnin' roundSpinnin'
Hollywood Undead - Undead
Undead!Undead!Undead!Undead!Undead!You better get up out the way,Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today,You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say,'Cause we're gonna rock this whole place anyway(Undead!)You better get up out the way,Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today,You know, I don't give a fuck what you think or say,'Cause we're gonna rock this whole place anywayNow I see that motherfuckin' writin' on the wallWhen you see, J-3-T,Thirty Deep, he's down a brawl,Fuck those haters I see,Cause I hate that you breathe,I see you duck,You little punk,You little fucking disease,I got H.U. tatted on the front of my arms,Boulevard,Brass knuckles in the back of the car,Cause we drunk drive Cadillacs - we never go far,But when you see us motherfuckers,Better know who we areI got one thing to say to punk asses who hate,Motherfuckers who don't know what,You better watch what you say.From these industry fucks,To these faggot ass punks,You don't know what it takes,To get this motherf
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell
I wake up every eveningWith a big smile on my faceAnd it never feels out of placeAnd you're still probably workingAt a nine to five paceI wonder how bad that tasteWhen you see my faceHope it gives you hellHope it gives you hellWhen you walk my wayHope it gives you hellHope it gives you hellNow where's you picket fence loveAnd where's that shiny carAnd did it ever get you farYou never seemed so tense loveI've never seen you fall so hardDo you know where you areAnd the truth be told I miss youAnd truth be told I'm lyingWhen you see my faceHope it gives you hellHope it gives you hellWhen you walk my wayHope it gives you hellHope it gives you hellIf you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you wellThen he's a fool you're just as wellHope it gives you hellTomorrow you'll be thinking to yourselfWhere'd it all go wrong?But the list goes on and onThe truth be told I miss youAnd truth be told I'm lyingWhen you see my face hope it gives you hellHope it gives you hellWhen you walk my wayHope
what's up bored as hell hit me up
The Fray - You Found Me
I found God On the corner of First and Amistad Where the west Was all but won All alone Smoking his last cigarette I said, "Where you been?" He said, "Ask anything". Where were you When everything was falling apart? All my days Were spent by the telephone It never rang And all I needed was a call It never came To the corner of First and Amistad Lost and insecure You found me, you found me Lyin' on the floor Surrounded, surrounded Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you? Just a little late You found me, you found me In the end Everyone ends up alone Losing her The only one who's ever known Who I am Who I'm not, who I wanna be No way to know How long she will be next to me Lost and insecure You found me, you found me Lyin' on the floor Surrounded, surrounded Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you? Just a little late You found me, you found me Early morning The city breaks I've been callin' For years and years and years and years And you never left me n
Lily Allen - The Fear
I want to be rich and I want lots of money I don't care about clever I don't care about funny I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds I heard people die while they are trying to find them And I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless Cause everyone knows that's how you get famous I'll look at The Sun and I'll look in The Mirror I'm on the right track yeah I'm onto a winner I don't know what's right and what's real anymore And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore When do you think it will all become clear Cause I'm being taken over by the fear Life's about film stars and less about mothers It's all about fast cars and cussing each other But it doesn't matter cause I'm packing plastic And that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic And I am a weapon of massive consumption And it's not my fault it's how I'm programmed to function I'll look at The Sun and I'll look in The Mirror I'm on the right track yeah we're onto a winner I don't know what's right and wh
John Legend - If You're Out There
If you hear this message, wherever you stand I'm calling every woman, calling every man We're the generation We can't afford to wait The future started yesterday and we're already late We've been looking for a song to sing Searched for a melody Searched for someone to lead We've been looking for the world to change If you feel the same Then go on and say If you're out there Sing along with me If you're out there I'm dying to believe that you're out there Stand up and say it loud If you're out there Tomorrow's starting now Now, now No more broken promises No more call to war Unless it's love and peace that we're really fighting for We can destroy hunger We can conquer hate Put down the arms and raise your voice We're joining hands today Oh I was looking for a song to sing I searched for a leader But the leader was me We were looking for the world to change We can be heroes Just go on and say If you're out there Sing along with me If you're out there I'm dying to believe that you're
3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself
I guess I just got lost being someone else. I tried to kill the pain, but nothing ever helped. I left myself behind, somewhere along the way Hoping to come back around  to find myself someday Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you to say that it's okay. Tell me please Would you one time let me be myself so I can shine with my own light. Let me be myself. Would you let me be myself? 'Cause I'll never find my heart behind someone else. I'll never see the light of day living in this cell. It's time to make my way into the world I knew. And then take back all of these times that I gave in to you Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you to say that it's okay. Tell me please... Would you one time let me be myself so I can shine with my own light. Let me be myself. For a while, if you don't mind, let me be myself so I can shine with my own light. Let me be myself. That's all I ever wanted from this world, is to let me be me. Please, would you one time
Lupe Fiasco Ft. Matthew Santos - Superstar
If you are what you say you are, a superstar Then have no fear, the camera is here And the microphones And they wanna know oh oh oh oh (the return) If you are what you say you are, a superstar Then have no fear, the crowd is here And the lights are on And they wanna show oh oh oh oh, yeah Yeah, uh A fresh cool young Lu' Tryna catch his microphone check 2, 1, 2 Wanna believe my own hype but it's too untrue The world brought me to my knees, what have you brung you? Did you improve on the design? Did you do somethin' new? Well your name ain't on the guest list, who brung you? You! The more famous person you come through And the sexy lady next to you, you come too And then it hit me Standin' outside of heaven waitin' for god to come and get me I'm too uncouth Unschooled to the rules and too gum shoe Too much of a new comer and too un-cool Like Shadow and Lavelle, I battle with it well Tho I need holiday like lady who sung "Blue" Go back, whatever you did you undo Heavy as heaven The devil
Under Apreciated
i miss under stood her i under apreaciated her and now its to late my heart is empty my soul is broken but still shes better off than me.shes known true love and the touch of a better man and i cant compete.if not for our child id end my pain but we arnt all lucky like that
Rhythm Is A Dancer
Ok, so I had the weekend to myself, decided to break out my guitar hero drum kit (I know, no life blah blah)   I Suck, really and truely I do. No sense of rhythm or timing I swear, was getting in all sorts of trouble randomly swinging at whatever colour was closest.   Not sure if they'll be getting used again anytime soon...
When Darkness Falls
Reach for me when darkness fallsAnd emptiness comes crashing inCall my name in the still of nightTo be your confidante, lover, and friend. Whisper your secrets and tell me your needsTell me your doubts, your worries and fearsI'll calm the storm that pounds in your soulI'll softly kiss away your tears. Come to the shelter inside of my armsAnd leave all your troubles outside of my doorHold onto me while the world crumbles downMy heart is your lighthouse on a wind tossed shore.  
Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan Honor Their Fallen
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Some Quotes.
There is no foe more rank or malefic than the traitor. We rightly abhor the traitor that leads the enemy to our gate. We revile him for the annihilation of worlds and the murder of innocents. We each loathe him for the harm that he does to us. The scars that we bear remind us to keep our hatred bitter.Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live...We must be unsleeping in vigilance, swift in judgment, merciless in deed.Drink deeply of victory and remember the fallen.To face the Terminus Est in battle is to face the unbounded fury of the Emperor Himself. To oppose them it to invite your own doom. They fight like madmen, possessed of a bloodthirst wholly unnatural and abhorrent. That something more than fervent faith drives them to their acts of bloodshed is certain.The unholy ones stand before us and do not fear us. Their bravery is born of ignorance, for they know us not. We are the warriors of TERMINUS
My Room And My Lady
I couldn’t dream my ladythat such a girl would visit my roommy room which doesn’t deserve to bea room of some twentieth centuryit’s a room of a cave manbut you were a prophet in the home of unbeliefyou entered it and brought the lightyou erased its walls paintings with your handit is a dark caveand you are a preacher prophetyou deleted all old lawsto make it the best citythat you are my lady the first visitorthe first explorerthen you became the queenand here it is my queen that old same roomas you left itno hand ever touched itI don’t know whyMaybe because I didn’t love anyone elseOr because I forgot what is loveThat because love was with you and for youAnd will not be but you- - - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - -W.B: FAR7AN
Black Abyss
The black abyss surrounds the givers of life, Its emptiness makes them all the more beautiful in their elegance, Like the pupil of the eye enhances the color of the iris, Its hollowness gives rise to their splendor. Without its dullness, they would not be so brilliant. With all their beautiful, their end is still the same, the dark abyss swallows them up and covers them from view, only to give them up again, in a brilliant burst of light. Its loneliness gives me sorrow, for it stretches onward forever, like a lost soul, so lost that it has stop searching, just wandering, just outside the light, always retreating from its brilliance. Never risking an encounter with their warmth, always alone in its hollowness, but always there, always waiting, but for what I do not know. For it is just a mirror of my own soul, empty, without the brilliance of the light, without its warmth, dead and hollow, full of sorrow. The just like the darkness that surrounds the stars, a soul travels this univers
Death Of A Star
A twinkling light dims is the cold of depth dark space. From a non-calculable distance a pair of eyes watches the scene unfold. The twinkling light dims almost to a pinpoint, And then for a fraction of a second seems to wink like the eye of a passer by. An almost in the same instant of time, the pinpoint of light grows brilliantly bright. It hangs in the sky over head glowing as if to say here I was, Then it dies the death that was intended for it. In the remnants of its life space, as if a ghost of itself still exists, The components of life spread outward, a nebula of stardust Marks it place in the coldness of the depth dark space. Thus with its ending, it gives a new beginning to one of the beauties of the great night’s sky. Death of A Star by Qfreak69©.
  It took Zasch several grueling hours to find what he was looking for in the darkness, but eventually he finally managed to find the trail. The foot prints were unlike anything he had before seen, resembling something like that of a human, and yet, not quite human. It unnerved him, and the tracks reminded him a great deal of something that he had encountered once before. He recalled several of his studies about such similar creatures, and wasn't worried about facing one in the least, having slain a lycanthrope before. He calmly walked along, careful to keep his mind from wandering to his studies, knowing that it would lead to his mind wandering to her, and distract him from the task at hand. Distractions in this field usually lead to an early demise. Zasch had no intentions of falling any time soon. The trail led him through the southern stretches of the forest over the course of several days, certain that he was catching up to his quarry. Throughout the trek, Zasch hadn't yet stum
Auto/bomb Auction!!!!
bomb auto auction either single or any combination of the two now until 11 p.m. tomorrow. bidding starts at 8 mil let the games begin
Nothing Important
Who viewed me Looks like no one has checked you out yet. Did you make sure to upload a photo so that people can see you? Try checking out who's online or who just joined!
Just Talkin'
Wind in the trees making a kind of music that only those with ears to hear can hear,  music generated by the conflicting forces of hot and cold.  Friction. Now we have Ida - the lastest primate fosil to support the ideas of evolution, the baby girl primate has human like teeth, a long tail,  and real nails instead of claws on her fingers.  She is only about a foot tall but has left a gaint impression on the minds of science. But still we do not have all the answers,  no absolute proofs if we evolved or if we were created by the great Spirit.   We partook of knowlege to become as the gods but never really made the grade you know,  stuck here in the middle somewhere between ape and angel. Because we always must consume more and more knowlege,  to know more and more,  and yet cannot be filled to satisfaction.  Yeah, some of the experts have got fat egos,  but in truth they are as stupid as the rest of us,  they just are better at sounding like the authorities.  Knowledge like the wind
OK here's the scenerio, you looked at my pics or talked to me and want to get to know me better.  You think its love at first message.  I'm tired of all the BS so here we go.  If you decide you have to get to know me fill out my application.  Its real simple.  You can either message me back here or email it to me at yahoo. ESREBET_BATHORY@YAHOO.COM  Oh and please follow directions or it will be returned to you.  Oh and make sure you read my profile before sending me anything.  Have a good day.   If you decide you want to try to be something more to me than some random ID I talk to online, please fill out the following application. Somethings are negotiable, but there are others that are deal breakers, so just be honest.  If you have any questions email or when finished send application to   Please NO one word answers.   Name: Age: Location: Height: Relationship status:   Have you ever been in a serious relationship? If yes why did it end?
The Surrogates
Why Does It Matter
wonder why it matters what makes me tick aspire for the unknown aspire for she how does it matter if i am left behind the race was never mine the race was never mine how does it matter if she will look away why can i not be happy in the her looking away !! how does it matter if she has set me aside one look at the mirror and the race was never mine... the colour is skin deep the dept of difference unpenetrable wake up to the real world wake up, this is how it will be....
My Witty!
It was a dark and stormy night.......... I was sad and depressed, I got on fubar and i stumbled across the most gorgues woman I have ever met.... I kept seeing her sneak into my bogs all the time I knew she was the  one for me......I bought her.... then Mr A thoguth it was funny the fing bastard to make me have a biding war... It was on the bastard would never take my Witty away.. The other night I received a phone call from Mop... he said hold on and clicked the other line.... I heard this girl voice and I realized it was my beloved Witty... the first time i ever heard her voice, I knew we had a connection..... We GIRL SCREAMED...... mop cried... I love my Witty she makes me laugh and smile.. I hate it when she goes to look for jobs cause i cant love her all day... shes my one my only WITTY......I LOVE YOU   Wicked
Cherry Bomb!!!
Ok everyone I just got my frist cherry bomb and i will be bomb my friends and family if you would like to be bomb. Just leave a comment say bomb me I am going to try to hit evryone on here. just comment and add be to your friends so i know who to hit and please have a photo alumb with 250 pics in it. I am going to give everone time to comment b4 i do the bomb!!!!   Thanks Nick 31
In Memory Of The Fallen
A single shot rang out and Martin King Jr fell - he was killed not by someone in a distant battlefield but by those here in the USA who with a single shot snuffed out the light we call freedom of speech, the light men in past wars had died for to protect and to insure. He was making anti-war speeches during the Nam years in protest of violence as a means to reach our objectives. Martin King Jr was not the only one who wanted to stop the mounting body counts or a seemingly endless "war" - which Nixon called a "police action".    Protesters acorss the nation were beat down with billy clubs and tossed into jails when they attempted to protest the war in a non-violent way, their freedoms of speech also smashed by the very government who was supposed to be representing our Consitution.   Students were killed at Kent State.  Orange tear gas filled the air and the world had gone totally insane.  The crys for peace were rejected. No one knew just why the conflict in Nam was so important, t
I Know She Is There....
i know she is there...just not for me... in the darkness of my days and the dim of my night i know she is there...just not for me the hurt numbs, the pain sears through to know.... she is there, just not for me..... as i prepare the long walk back... hoping she will call me back every step hesitant, each sound - a come back... the illusions of my  mind the world i choose to be in i know she is there...just not for me...  
To light a fire, One must have the knowledge to do so. To give light to your surroundings You must have the tools to do so. To put away the emotions of mankind, And to begin to understand the logic of this universe, I will become that which I hate the most. Emotionless, That I may find rigidity in creation. Only Order exists in the universe outside of man, Mankind is the chaos within the orderly, Mankind can only destroy creation, Any attempts he has make have ending in destruction.
Nom Nom
Today has been very chill! I have been kicking back watching movies on Lifetime (I am such a girl). Just got done eating, made a boneless ribeye steak, sauteed mushrooms and white rice. Oh and of course can't forget the A1 sauce! It was the friggin BOMB!!!!!! Just thought I would share that :)
Obsess Much
ok so lately i been obsessed with finding the right guy, but the more i thought about it the more i realized that he don't exist. i was seeing tis one guy for a hot min but he turned out to be a complete tool. im the type of person who likes to go to the movies, play pool, putt putt, bowling, karoake, stuff like that. this guys idea of goin out was gettin a hotel room and fuckin all night. r u kidding  me? ! first of all im not lookin for a fuck buddy. second of all i barley know u why the hell would i even do that?! so i decided its just gonna be me. while my bro and his gf are havin a kid and my sis and her bff are havin a kid, i'll just be the babysitter. its better than finding some loser who'll only knock me up and take off. no thanx. i want a real family sum day. i know my true love is out there somewhere and i'll find him when the time is right. for now im gonna just work on myself and see where it takes me. ttfn ~Lisa
My hats off to President Obama for refusing to ignore the confederate veterans on Memorial Day. Soldiers on average dont get to choose what we fight for that is what our leaders are elected for. We3 are told to fight and we do. Not for a cause but for the men and women beside us. And reguardless of the flag that they fought under they are still America's Veterans. We honor the veterans of the French Indian War and they fought under the British flag.
Pimp Out
This is an interesting site hopefully I will learn how to do things it is a little confusing but fun so far!  
Memorial Day Tribute And Thank You
What A Weird Dream
I just awoke from a nice, but odd Memorial Day afternoon nap. It seemed like no matter what I did, it fell apart as though I was stoned, drunk, or just stoopid, and i was none of the above! Ok maybe I'm a little stoopid. Just couldn't wake up. 1st I couldn't stop my Jeep from rolling right up to a curb overlookin' a river, ( shoulda been a guardrail there) the curb and reverse stopped me at the last moment. But, I then put it in forward, and *SPLASH!*, I got wet. Then I tried to drink my first beer of the day, with the cop standing right there. The bottle slipped outta my wet hands and *SMASH!* it fell on the road and broke. I got a ticket for littering. Then I went to a friend's house, a fubar regular, and put my hands on the gate to her picket fence. *WET PAINT!* Now my palms are all white. Then I went to open a beer in her kitchen and *SMASH!* it fell on her floor and broke. Now mind you, I'm still straight and sober. I go to light one, *FOOP!* There goes my mustache and e
Give Me A Reason To Celebrate
Welcome to earth, welcome to FUBAR, and for those who are non-U.S. welcome to America...the U-S-of F'n A.  We like celebrating small, minuscule reasons and when the day comes we sometimes celebrate without even recognizing WHAT we are celebrating or consideration for the views of as a whole.  Take today, May 25th 2009...Memorial Day for us Americans. This holiday is supposed to recognize our military and especially our fallen.  For the record, I do not bleed red, white, and blue...but I greatly respect our military deeply especially those who are fallen and those who are serving simply because politics has a plan for everything but how to bring our brothers and sisters in arms home.  For many of you who are celebrating, you are probably going to go to some parade or some festival that is going to barely recognize our military period.  Even fewer of you are truly going to dedicate yourself to paying tribute by visiting a memorial.  But that is just an example.  Let me give you more exam
Blood 2
Blood drips from my finger's tips, as an ice cold breath leaves my lips. Stiffness has crepe into my joints, my mind is dull and without resolve. Life has no meaning without Death, and death is just an open doorway. To step inside is only the beginning, what awaits is not for the living to know. I have looked into that door, and have seen what is to come. Fear of the unknown, is only for those who do not know. Come walk with me inside this show, take my hand if you still fear. For death is only a beginning, not the eternal end. Come lay your worries upon my shoulder, and walk with me and be a little bolder. For life in this world is nothing but cold, and I weep for all my children, as I grow old. A poem for my love I will never see. Those with power have broken my spirit. Depression takes on many forms. I am so depressed now. I don't know what to do. My business is going great but my love life sucks. Without love is life worth living. A question to ponder, while wr
My Brother
Grief is an awful thing. It eats at your very soul. Death of a family member is never easy to bear. But life itself is not fair. Grief can causes one to not believe in the existence of God, but this universe is too ordered not to have a creator. Be he good or bad; is not for us to question, even with the death of a love one. I have no one to blame but myself for not having been as close to my brother as I should have been, he was only 45 with a son of 9 years old which I will not get to know, because I am also dead to the family, not only separated by 2700 miles, but by facts of life. They wouldn't even let me talk to my brother on the phone, and the funeral is in three days, and I don't have and can't get the money or make arrangements to fly to the funeral. So, they will be at me for not going, because they thought I wouldn't go. They wouldn't even give me time to get there. But I have neven been part of my family since going over seas for my country, just like my first Christmas bei
Looking At The Bottom Of The Barral.
Looking at the bottom of the barral. My ears roar with the sound of disappointment and despair. Some tell me it is better to live alone without true love, But my eyes can only is the loneliness at the end of the road. Is it better to lie at the bottom of a bottle, Or to cease to exist at all? My demons are to many for me to face alone this way. I live with a woman that will not even hold my hand, Unless we are in Church, Will not hug me to console me for my brother's death. I wish I had no eyes to see the happiness of lovers. I wish I had no ears to hear the laughter. I wish I had no heart to want love so long unfulfilled. I my eyes being in a bad relationship is better than being alone. But the counselors tell me I am a fool, That if all your partner does is uses you for her needs, But doesn't fulfilled yours, you shouldn't stay in the relationship. When two stars collide in a time on need, can they ever separate? I now no that all I was, was a means to an end. But my moral up b
Hi   Im bored but I do know what would help amuse me...   MEN, are you brave enough to wear pink and salute me? Its been a while since I got a man in pink salute...   Please :D And I offer nothing but a smie in return lol   
Butt Stuff a bit earlier today my dear 4 yr old daughter yells from the bathroom..Mommy I need you..come wipe I go to her beckoning call and do the norm...however today was not so normal..she had something hanging out of her ass..and well I pulled and I think it was plastic..should I be concerned? Should I have examined further? Could it have been a tape worm?  It was about 4 inches long and really looked like plastic wrap of sorts..
My Own Swan
no time for me anymore....they'll see when i wash up on shore....i'll die until i live...i didnt want that string to give...they left it up to day they'll see....but instead of taking my own life...i'll put away this knife...i'll show them i dont need them.....i'll make my life a worthy gem....they all said i was worthless....without their help i'll clean up the day they'll notice i'm gone.....but don't look for my swan song....look for the life gone wrong turned into something that was meant to be....and there, you'll find to all that dont think i'll be my own swan....dont look for me because i'll be gone
I am sorry, I fell off my mental stabilty platform. The death of a family member has pushed me over the edge. And also my inability to have a normal relationship with a female, now I am not talking about my SG friends because you all have been nice to me, except one or two, I am talking about a real relationship, my IQ prevents me from having the communication skills to talk to a woman in the real world. I am a Physicist/Thermographer in real life, I never had time to acquire normal skill for interefacing with the opposite sex. Not that I have tried, a ruined married and two screwed-up sons, is my legacy to that fact. So, please forgive me for some of my blogs. I can do so much when it comes to science and physics or mathematics. When I list myself as a quantum calculator, I mean it, my brain is not arrayed in the manor as normal people, I can calculator particle delay rates and thermodynamic coefficients of difference elemental materials in it, but I can’t spell normal five lett
As I sit here at Fort Hood Tx  I pounder about what is instore for me in the next 11 months.  As a unit we are headed in to the unknown and looking forward to coming home to our loved ones that we leave behind.  As for myself is wondering how my wife and kids handle the thought of myself head into possible danger.  I just pray that I come home in one peice and enjoy the homecoming back to my family.  Training has been all and more what I look forward to.  I only hope that the small peice of the world that we travel to will be helped and blessed in the goodwill and friendship that we carry with us as we have in Wyoming.  On this Memorial Day may God bless all of those that searve this wonderful country and comfort their families.  And also lets not forget those that layed down their lives doing the same and may we never forget about why they did what they did.
I Fail....
Once upon a time I had a soldier tell me it was my patriotic duty to show him my boobs, I told him to fuck off.....well today I see someone with this status (ON THE PROWL FOR MY SAVAGE BEAST!nsfwPics4Troo psOnly!) Now I know I failed my country =(
My Boring Weekend!!
I am sitting here this fine Monday afternoon in my plaid men's pj bottoms, by wife beater and of course my purple slippers. Those of you who truly know me have come to except that this is my outfit most Mondays...they also know that my hair is never brushed, so to combat the endless knots and backcombing( i just looked like i had sex for 15 hours straight hair) I've decided to do the next best thing with my hair....... princess Leah buns!! Now to enlighten all of you as to my weekend..... I being lonely and horny as all hell Friday decided to rent a porno.. I pulled out all my toys... (you never do know what one might need) and looked at the long list of movies.. Ofcourse squirters immediately pops out and I hit yes..... The movie comes on and the title flashes up "Anal Gaping Squirters" I freeze holly shit what have i done.. can i get my money back... no ... I will not tell you what happened after this because I know some of my friends are trying very hard not to be corrupted  by
Sexy Girls
there are many good lookin girls on this shit, who from New york hit me up, with friend request.
Sidestep, For The Victory
I don't like censorship. So, again: for those who wish to keep in touch with those who are leaving, and those who are leaving who wish a place to gather, check out this cool site I found and put in my stash!!1oneoneone It's ... wow, fubar is pretty gay sometimes. C/p for the win.
JUST CAME TO THE BAR LOOKING FOR SOME FUN! I love to make females  coupels feel good! There from Toledo Ohio!
Why Are We Here?
To Live each day with purpose. Focus on what's really important. Value the friendship of others. Advocate for what you know is right. Keep your dreams alive. Seize every opportunity to be creative. Be grateful for gifts received. Never give up hope. Cherish each moment....
Galactic Center Of Milky Way Rises Over Texas Star Party
Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.
The Five Fingered Hand Of Eris
= THE FIVE FINGERED HAND OF ERIS = The official symbol of POEE is here illustrated. It may be this, or any similar device to represent TWO OPPOSING ARROWS CONVERGING INTO A COMMON POINT. It may be vertical, horizontal, or else such, and it may be elaborated or simplified. The esoteric name for this symbol is THE FIVE FINGERED HAND OF ERIS, commonly reffered to as THE HAND. NOTE: In the lore of western magic, the \/ is taken to symbolize horns, especially the horns of Satan or of diabolical beasties. The Five Fingered Hand of Eris, however, is not intended to be taken as satanic, for the "horns" are supported by another set, of inverted "horns". Or maybe it is walrus tusks. I don't know what it is, to tell the truth.   "Surrealism aims at the total transformation of the mind and all that resembles it" Breton
Frog Wants A Loan
A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack.'Miss Whack, I'd like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday.'Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it's okay, he knows the bank manager.Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some collateral.The frog says, 'Sure. I have this,' and produces a tiny porcelain elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed.Very confused, Patty explains that she'll have to consult with the bank manager and disappears into a back office.She finds the manager and says, 'There's a frog called Kermit Jagger out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow $30,000, and he wants to use this as collateral.'She holds up the tiny pink elephant. 'I mean, what in the world is this?'The bank manager looks back at her and says...'It's a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a lo
Reason Why I Hated Guys In '06
there once was guy who drove a truckhe met a girl from another statethey talked amost every night they talked for hours upon enduntill one night they talked he said his ex wife needed to talk to him the next time he was in towngirl's friend had a feeling one day that his ex wife wants him backcouple weeks later......the girl talks to him he had time to stop in town to talk to his ex wifeand sure enough she wanted him backonce he got back on the roadhe called the girl to tell her that his ex wife wanted him backthe girl already knew what he was going to dobut it was hard to let him go they had been with each other for a month the best month of the girls life she thought she had found the man she would marry..... after all they said they would stay friends no matter what happened between themanother night.......the guy called the girl to see how she was the girl told him she was taking her uncle to another statehe said he would be stuck in texas all weekendbecause of it being a holiday w
Poee Disorganizational Matrix
Official Proclamation POEE DISORGANIZATIONAL MATRIX V) The House of Apostle of ERIS For the Eristocracy and the Cabalablia The Five Apostles of ERIS The Golden Apple Corps (KSC) Episkoposes of The Discordian Society POEE Cabal Priests E. Saints, Erisian Avatars, and Like Personages IV) The House of the Rising Podge For the Disciples of Discordia Office of My High Reverence, The Polyfather Council of POEE Priests The LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCORD Eristic Avatars Aneristic Avatars III) The House of the Rising Hodge For the Bureaucracy The Bureau of Erisian Archives The Bureau of The POEE Epistolary, and The Division of Dogmas The Bureau of Symbols, Emblems, Certificates and Such The Bureau of Eristic Affairs, and The Administry for The Unenlightened Eristic Horde The Bureau of Ane
My Heart And Soul
i lay in bed thinking of no one but you you are the love of my life even though i know i have messed up that chance of us ever being together. you are on my mind all the time every day and every nite. i smile when we talk  dont know what it is but i feel like my heart belongs to you and no one else will ever have a place in my heart like you do you have a very special place in my heart.   Nothing i do mean nothing will ever change that.  no one will ever change that.     i love you very much and always will. nothing or noone can ever change that
Leaving Yesterday Behind....
i found myself deleting some of my previous entries in my file "diary".. those that reminded me of past pain.. i'm starting on a new page..  i want to start clean.. leaving all the baggage behind.. i learned that there's no use in keeping old pain behind and hanging on.. 'coz by keeping it, you're only nurturing it and torturing yourself.. and by that, you're only allowing yourself to be hurt and being taken for granted over and over again.. that phase is over.. they say, allow yourself to wallow in your sorrow.. cry.. hurt.. but just for a while.. then, start over again.. this time.. bear in mind the lessons learned.. that's something i know i can't do .. completely, that is..i cant help but feel guilty sometimes.. for keeping everything to myself.. for not telling anyone how i feel.. i'm keeping myself caged.. not because i want to do so.. nor do i want to hurt those very people i value so much.. but there are just things  that i know would be very hard to understand.. even i myself
Almost.. Just Almost..
i so love this song.. :)     just wanna share it to you guyz.. :)     [Verse 1] Can you tell me How can one miss what she's never had How could I reminisce when there is no past How could I have memories of being happy with you boy Could someone tell me how can this be How could my mind pull up incidents Recall dates and times that never happened How could we celebrate a love that's to late And how could I really mean the words I'm bout to say [Chorus] I missed the times that we almost shared I miss the love that was almost there I miss the times that we use to kiss At least in my dreams Just let me take my time and reminisce I miss the times that we never had What happened to us we were almost there Whoever said it's impossible to miss when you never had Never almost had you [Verse 2] I cannot believe I let you go Or what I should say I should've grabbed you up and never let you go I should've went out with you I should've made you my boo boy Yes that's one time I should've b
happens 99% of girls dont realize it 'til it is too late and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who will take notice.From a guys point of view:We don't care if you talk to other guys.We don't care if you're friends with other guys.But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there.We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned.Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't waittill the morning.Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it.Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you.The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.Yeah, you can quote me.Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage o
Stop The Hate
Ok, so here is the thing, I can't stand hateful people no matter who they are.  Have you ever gone some where and just said HI to someone only to have them turn up their nose at you.  I can't stand this, who are you to judge me when you don't even know my name.  Who are you to think that you don't bleed the same color as me when you are cut. Why would anyone think of themselves in this manner?  I just don't understand it, the way people do this to others. No one is better than me and I don't think I am better than anyone else. Thank You All, Bridget
Lonely And Sobber
Day off and nothing to do sitting here in the rain needing a drink......
Almost Home
Been an interesting trip but almost home.
You Have An Angel's Face, A Loving Heart
You have an angel's face, a loving heart,A peaceful, sunlit smile that lasts forever.You are the whole, of which I am a part,Not fully me unless we are together. I know there is a world beyond our loveIn which such thoughts are merely poetry.But thinking of you now, I can't removeThe glow that shines on you from inside me. How happy, happy life is when some tenderFeeling like a candle lights one's eyes.For all my life you'll be my heart's true center,Striding like a sun across my skies.
It's Amazing How I Feel When I'm Around You
It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you,How my heart pounds when you come into a room.I look at you and think: My God! How lovely!And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine,Not as a possession but a goal,Something almost unimaginable:The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heavenOr just within the hour condemned to die,My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over,With you, and only you, the reason why.
My Oracle Day!
this was such a magical day! i had even more fun than when i Godfathered, and that was a blast, as some of y'all will remember. everything went perfectly. better than perfectly, cuz of my friends. thank you for the tickers, gifts, blasts, drinks, bling packs, bling, bombings, rates, and most importantly.... the camaraderie and genuine love! from the invention of the Cao Club, to Caralina in my shoutbox counting down my points during my final bomb, to Ruben who *bought* me my final bomb, from Eagleshelp cluelessly helping me, not really quite knowing what he was doing, to Caralina and JoJo and Perrrty and Nuff and Silveroak who advertised me in their statuses, to Chipper who was my very first pimpout of the day (i was still asleep!), and everyone else. several of you *cough*Audiogasm4one*cough*DavePInFlorida*cough* have deigned to pm me, apologizing for missing the actual leveling, or for having something they had to do that day. the mere fact that y'all pm'd me about it = you were the
2008, things form the passed never have a wau of staying there, death is a part of every year, I am your anti-matter. 2009, I have but once wish for this year and I have alreadt told the wish to the only person that gets to hear it, you will have to find out who it is and ask her, Joel, I am always in the negative, I am your anti-matter.
Contest Rules & Link
Please follow the link below to give me just 1 pic rate and comments....if your going to drop more than one comment...please make sure that you use a real not use number or letter sequences (ex. 124 234 345 or slslsl ddkdk eieie) it has to be a word...u can put a number at the end of each word so u can keep track of how many your leaving... The contest ends May 31st....if you drop 100 comments (50 today only 5/25) PM me to let me know and I will get you your $100K fubux.....I do appreciate the help and I always rate back!!! While your sure to show the host some love!!!
I Love This! Hehe
THINGS THAT ARE DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. No thanks, I'm married. 2. Nope, no more booze for me! 3. Sorry, but you're not really my type. 4. Taco Bell? No thanks, I'm not hungry. 5. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight? 6. Oh, I couldn't! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke. 7. I'm not interested in fighting you. 8. Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no coordination. I'd hate to look like a fool! 9. Where is the nearest bathroom? I refuse to pee in this parking lot or on the side of the road. 10. I must be going home now, as I have to work in the morning.
Tickling Lemur
My Definition
Memorial Day
Thanks to all who support our troops.
In each soul lies the truth about that person; the things that we don't tell others are the things that made us who we are. The soul has no way to hide what is in it, oh, if everyone would share what secrets lie there, then, would not the would be a better place. If only truth could come out of each mouth, then, maybe we would be better people. War is the results of man' s own desires, if each person was held accountable for his or her action, would we not be a better people altogether. May this year give raise to the truth in all of us.
Nom Nom Nom
So I'm having some company over today and I'm preparing a small feast for all of us.. BBQ Ribs with a Apple Cider dipping sauce Salsa Burgers with a picante sauce, cheddar cheese, and fresh cilantro Hot dogs (no need to get fancy with em) Corn on the cob with herb butter Roasted Potatoes with peppers, onions, and fresh rosemary Beer, beer, whiskey, and more beer.   It's gonna be a good day
Our Rights One At A Time.
One of the first acts, that Adopt Hitler, did, when he came into power in Germany, was to outlaw and confiscate all weapons from his civilian population. Thus began his and the SS rain of terror that lead to World War II. Obama has now appointed former Clintonite and gun-hater Eric as attorney general, is America on the same road as Germany? How can Obama say he supports the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and appoint such as he to this office. Hold on to your Guns and Ammunition for soon, I believe, we as a nation will be defenseless. Now it's going to happen to us, first our ablity to get bullets, then, they will come for our gun, we have a president that doesn't respect our flag, won't salute it, or even put his hand over his heart, when they play the nation anthem. But he will send are soldiers to die, for the flag. Damn him, God will judge his soul.
Fuckin Aplogy For Wicked
i publicly apologize to wicked for having a status message stating that she texts me while pooing while true, it seems it was inappropriate to mention her pooing in my status i will hereby refrain from mentioning her defecating in my status
Fu Luvin
okay guys an gals my girl Michelley is new on foobie boobie and she needs some fu luvin so help her out please
My Cousin....and The Kit-kat Bar
Family cookout and i needed a always provides talking to my aunt and she informs me that my now 18yr old cousin, whom i used to babysit so we are very close, ran into some trouble on his senior class trip his class went to six flags and apparently he had no money and was starving, so he stole a kit-kat bar...and the LoLs begin...many places now have cameras so he is caught and suspended from school for 7day...yes 7 for stealing a kit-kat bar, mind you his friend smash a beer bottle over someones head and got suspended for the 2 LOLOLOL the cherry on top is he is also banned from six flags nation wide for 5yrs lmfao@this being over a piece of candy...a fucking kit-kat bar he is also going to college next year to major in criminal justice...rofl luckly they handle it privately and don't involve the authorities now i just fucking love my aunt she says to him...a kit-kat bar?!?!?! was it really worth it and of course he says yeah it was good...she goes on t
Passages to strength Come in many forms and lengths, Survival of the fittest, The biggest Lessons learned Appear only when earned, When fate turns Its back on you, Misconstrued, Subdued With questions of how and why, Will I die? How many tears am I able to cry? The inquiries never seem to subside, Outside, I am a warrior-Braveheart if you will, Yet within the walls of my ivory skin lies a disease that will kill At will With no prejudice or bias, Ready to guide us To our Maker of life Where there lies no strife, Maybe finally a day of peace The heartaches will cease, But my soul tells me to get up and fight It is not my time to go towards the light, The flight That is destined for me Is to be The leader of every community To help them see It is not about you or I – it is about we, I will not be added to the list of the deceased
I use too write poetry, With words that could turn into stream of honey, Stirred by my tough, and the breath from my words, But now something has died inside, there the light ceases to exist. Blackness is all I feel, within, this hollow shell. The words have died a horrible death, of torture and pain. Words beat against my chest, so madly as to break it. But not one can break the ice within my soul. No one wishes to hear the words of a mad man. Death is all that I can see; emptiness is all around me. My sun has turned black; all my stars have fell from the sky. I have asked to be saved, But not one has come to my aid; all that has been is a knife within my heart. All that will be is lost; all that has been means nothing. Present slips away into the darkness, with each instance of time. Unfinished.
The Curse
 All at once my world came crashing down, And no one can understand... Why I often wear a frown! Diagnosed with ""cancer"" were the hardest words recieved, Who actually would of thought? Who actually believes? Believes in my recovery... believes I'll make it through I'm often left in wonder, is this nightmare really true? You can bet that no matter how bad it is... Someone always has it worse!! Although this thing called ""cancer" Is nothing but a CURSE."
Quotes To Say It All
Hey all this is a toast to all my brothers and sisters in arms much love and respect to you!! Remeber those today who gave that ultimate sacrifice .... put together some good quotes that say it all; IT IS THE SOLDIERIt is the Soldier, not the ministerWho has given us freedom of religion. It is the Soldier, not the reporterWho has given us freedom of the press. It is the Soldier, not the poetWho has given us freedom of speech. It is the Soldier, not the campus organizerWho has given us freedom to protest. It is the Soldier, not the lawyerWho has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the Soldier, not the politicianWho has given us the right to vote. It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,Who serves beneath the flag, -Charles M. Provinve  And I'm proud to be an American,where at least I know I'm free.And I won't forget the men who died,who gave that right to me. ~Lee Greenwood .... all right have a good Memorial day and dont forget whats its all about, dont be sad honor tho
About Cancer
Have you ever watched kidsOn a merry-go-round?Or listened to the rainSlapping on the ground?Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?You better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Do you run through each dayOn the fly?When you ask "How are you?"Do you hear the reply?When the day is doneDo you lie in your bedWith the next hundred choresRunning through your head?You'd better slow downDon't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Ever told your child,We'll do it tomorrow?And in your haste,Not see his sorrow?Ever lost touch,Let a good friendship dieCause you never had timeTo call and say "Hi"?You'd better slow down.Don't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.When you run so fast to get somewhereYou miss half the fun of getting there.When you worry and hurry through your day,It is like an unopened gift....Thrown away.Life is not a race.Do take it slowerHear the musicBefore the song is over.      
And Another One Bites The Dust....
So at this point I’m wondering if I’m stupid, cursed or I just have unbelievably bad taste.   I started seeing someone a few weeks ago, nothing major, but it was looking like he had a bit of potential.  He did cancel on me twice in 3 weeks, but both could have been legit excuses (once it was his kid and the other time his truck broke down).   Well, a very good friend of mine was getting married, so I decided what the hell, I’ll ask this guy rather than showing up alone… you can see this coming right? Not only does he show up for the wedding, but early wearing a full suit and tie, very presentable… he’s nervous but that’s entirely excusable since he’s meeting oh 20-30 of my friends in one shot.  Other than the families involved, pretty much everyone knows everyone at this thing… if people aren’t close, they see each other enough to be on a pretty friendly basis.    Wedding goes great - he loosens up, starts talking to peopl
Dr. Called Today..
6-8 hour surgery...has me concerned..also found nodule under a centimeter in lung....many risks but under 3-5 letting God take over at this point...and nothing is coincidental...whats to b will b....i hope and pray for the best..
  2060925 Discarded trash along the road of life, the elderly are left by those who should be carrying them. Broken and unable to care for themselves they wait for the only release they can. They take what they are given, and give all they have to get even bad attention. A well of knowledge lies within their eyes. And when death finally come, the well is forever dried up. Those old eyes have saw things that the young will never know. But yet, they are discarded for what does not last
Lies Are Like Flies
Lies are like flies, they infect the wounds of our heart. They bring us down into the gutter of society, Where all thing bad are most likely to pick at the sours. Broken promises are the same; they infect and destroy, Life most precious gift, love of another. Some say it is better to live alone, But as an experience philosopher, I say it is not, Your hearts will still hunt for its other half. Man is not complete without woman, And woman is not complete without man, For those who say it is better to be alone, They are just fooling themselves into a life of misery, And their heart will die within them, un-whole. Broken by the weigh of loneliness. I die without your love, you know who you are, but you do not know me, for if you did, you would love me as I love you. For I am a fool for love, I search for someone to touch my soul, and bring me happiness, within. When the sun sets will I be alone, only you can aswer this question, and only your heart knows how.
How To Get Hired~
Leticia had found the firm right out of law school.The firm's strategy was simple. Focus on governments where corruption is most rampant and the most dollars are at stake. Hire smart, capable and super hot women who were prepared to whore themselves out for money and power.At the top of the game the money was huge, the power was huge and the demands were huge. So they had to be women who liked the work too. Who could reconcile their abilities with their whorish desires.Leticia had been identified at the age of sixteen. The firm had waited patiently, as they do for all of their prospects.....and provided a nudge if possible and required. None was required for her. She excelled in all fields academic, athletic and womanly. By the time she was seventeen she was a modestly petite, curvy 36D Latina who could make grown men bend to her will with a smile on their face. And by the time she was seventeen it was clear she wanted them around and knew how to get what she wanted....a cock tease get
Ship Wreched
Something for you, that they may see but not know. A broken ship hull lies upon the sandy beach, The icy waves have took their toll, An old and gray sailor stands and looks, But has long since stop to weep. The ravages of time have took their toll on both, With dull gray eyes, he looks at his last love, And his tired old twisted and withered hands begin to tremble. Oh, is it better to be alone than to feel their warm next to me, If only you could see that I need you next to me, I cannot have you; I only want to hold you, for a moment next to me, To feel the tenderness and warm of your young body next to mine, That before I slip into the never-ending darkness, I may remember what use to be, How is to have someone to warm me in the cold night, With your tender softness, your sleeping movements and peace sound of sleep. To wake to the passion of the morning light, to feel your restless body next to mine, To hold your passion in my weary arms and kiss the back of your neck, To press y
Lost Single White Male
Ive lost my friend. Hes approximately between 5 foot and 7 foot.... hes has stunning brown to possibly blue eyes.. he has blonde to greyish hair... he wears a borat swim suit everywhere he goes.... He was last seen running away with a tiki torch inserted in his anal cavity... I am lost without him... Im taking donations in order to place his mug on the back of a milk carton... Seamus my friend hes out there all alone.. hes not big enough to be left by himself... help me to find him...... Wicked
Kinky Rain~
Her flesh was hot from her Master's touch the cool mist from the rain wetting her naked created steam which she breathed in with every intake of breath. she was lost, she was lost in a place outside her mind and body floating in a place her Master made safe for her. Her desires were His today and that made all He would do, perfect.His hand wrapped tightly in her hair His fingers gripping strongly limiting her mobility making it easy to guide her exactly as He wished. Being taken from her chair where she was quietly reading by the hair so suddenly awakened every inch of flesh, there was no fear for she knew her Master's touch. she had settled in to her quiet place having tasted her Master's cum that morning, she felt content even though she as always, anticipated His need for her again. The tugging of her hair set her mind into motion, it was then she began to flyi could barely stay on my feet and keep with His pace. Already i could feel the wetness licking at my thighs. Master had been
Story Of The Coin.
When I was in combat, because of my specialty, the airmen that that were like me, carried in their pocket their last bullet. This bullet was not for the enemy, if you know what I mean. Capture is not an option, when national security is at question. Although the government will deny the policy, we knew what was expected. I carried a 45 round in my pocket for 17 months for the cause, but after that it was a good luck item for all of us that made it out. The service found out that I carried a live round in my pocket for good luck and they decided that that wasn't a good idea. So, I was given an Air Force coin to replace the 45 bullet. Wasn't the same, so I started the Eisenhower dollar transfer program, (EDTP) for those know get a coin. These coins have successfully been passed on for every campaign, since it conception, in 1976. The last I passed on, went with the HMM-163 (REIN) group to IRAQ, everyone in the group made it back. They called themselves the RidgeRunners. If you except thi
Blood Drips From My Finger's Tips
Blood drips from my finger's tips, as an ice cold breath leaves my lips. Stiffness has crepe into my joints, my mind is dull and without resolve. Life has no meaning without Death, and death is just an open doorway. To step inside is only the beginning, what awaits is not for the living to know. I have looked into that door, and have seen what is to come. Fear of the unknown, is only for those who do not know. Come walk with me inside this show, take my hand if you still fear. For death is only a beginning, not the eternal end. Come lay your worries upon my shoulder, and walk with me and be a little bolder. For life in this world is nothing but cold, and I weep for all my children, as I grow old
Hell No, Not Again
Life sucks. I went to a couple of concerts last week, music was great, Flesh Factor rules. Lacuna Coil lead singer rocks my clock. Then, it happened again, for the second time in my life. A young lady, at the Big Fish Pub, asked me if I was a Vietnam Veteran, and I fell for it again. She must have seen my tiger. When I got off the plane in San Francisco, thirty-two years ago, I had an old gray haired lady, that looked like my Grandmother, walked up to me, and spit on me, because I worn my uniform back to the states. It made me feel so low, to think what we had went through meant so little. Last Friday night this young lady, younger than my kids, asked me if I was a Vietnam Veteran, I told her yes. She must have seen my tiger. The next comment out of her mouth, set me back thirty-two, she said, "Your are a killer, then." I just turned and walked away. We that defend this country are not allowed to fight back. We must just turn and walk away; the rules of engagement are not the same, as
Kinky Party~
The invitation read as follows."You are cordially invited to a Kinky Halloween Party.You are allowed to bring 1 guest.The rules are everyone must wear a costume, skin allowed, mask required. Costume contest will have rewards.The password is Transylvania.Enjoy,Your Host and Hostess"The invitation was sent to members of The Dark Horse, a BDSM club that Gloria was a member of.She was what the lifestylers she knew liked to call a "Switch".She never liked this term, but her club liked to have everyone categorized, so she accepted it.No one would have ever guessed that her "profession" was a psychiatrist. Her thoughts that week sidetracked to what costume she was going to wear and what to bring with her.The big party was only a week away.The day before Gloria had the perfect outfit planned out that she was going to wear.It was a pair of brown suede chaps and a matching brown suede short vest.The vest was just the right fit so that it covered her bosom but gave her nice cleavage that she knew
Here Is The Affinity Information (link To Blog)
Story Of Vietnam
For all the fallen soldiers Current mood: numb Category: Life Someone ask me to tell them about Vietnam The bloody hell and that damn smell. Golden lights and overhead dog fights Screams of falling shells and the rings of distance doorbells. Home coming for Christmas to an empty house, And old lady spit on me when I got off the plane in San Francisco, She looked just like my grandmother. Went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in November. In the darkness of nights I have visions I cannot forget VA calls them dream; they have never had them They don't know, but if they 're dreams I don't want them anymore. Bravo two-nine triple three Death dealer triple three Names we longer use, but visions we can not lose. Sound that causes us to jerk and faces we can never forget. I will sleep tonight, if I sleep, with sheila under my pillow. She is my only best friend, I keep her close, I keep her clean, and I keep her mean. She is cold but she is always there. I am now old, but they are not, they st
My Experience In College
This is my first year in college and my experiences are nothing compared to high school experiences. I have learned a lot of things about how to succeed in college, but I am still practicing how to make them effective in my college life. There are nine concepts that are important in improving and being successful in college. They are goal setting, motivation, study skills, learning preference and information processing, time management, procrastination, stress management, career planning, and four-year degree plan. These are the things I should always consider as a college student in order to be able to move on to the next level of learning experience.           What is the drive in doing what I am doing? Well to begin with, goal setting is a necessary tool used to have a clear understanding of where and how get to where a person wants to be in the future. A person may not know where in life he or she is heading if “goal” is not taken into consideration. A person needs to
Love Eternal (original By Kitty)
There is no greater mystery known to this world..Can there truly be Love? I have seen many broken souls..too many lives taken..too much pain and sorrow for the dawn is painted red with the tears of blood she cried for him. I would stay awake wondering if the darkness shed upon these damned souls was really all in vein.  As i began to give up my search down the torurous path of a lovers journey a light surrounded me..I saw his dazeling eyes through all the pain and suffering..and i know this is where i was meant to be..I hold onto the image of your face forever..I now see through the bloodshed..see through all evil that could stop me...nothing could stand in my way..I wait for the day our souls will come together fitting as perfect as a puzzle just begging to be put back together to reveal the beauty of the image within. You are my love, My light, My hope. Never fading..Love eternal
well i guess its interesting in life. i sit everyday in pain. Yea i go out do things try to keep my mind off it but in the end...its always in my head. Ive come to the realization that i hate who and what i was in life. I caused a lot of people pain...including someoen really important. I look back and wonder why...why did i live like that. Its because i was scared...scared of life itself...i wish i could go back and change things but i cant and i know this. but i cant even make em better either. I hate the feeling i feel everyday. I hate the pain i feel eveery day. I live life opposite of what everyone believes and thinks you should. society says you have to act and talk a certain way...but why...cause its normal for some people...normal is only what a person believes is normal. I sit andwatch the world go by and shake my head. I see so many people doing things and never understanding what they have. I was one ofthem. I took for granted the thigns i did have and wish i never did. Now
My Sfw Blog
Hi my name is Wicked and i dont play nice with others......   Cause Husky asked me to   Wicked
Lounge Staff(plaid Mafia)
as plaid mafia grows memebers seemed to push for the idea of opening a lounge. so we did it. it will take a lot of hard work and dedication.   Lauren's YIM: Missymoo83706 Josh's YIM: Plaidmafia23 i ask if your staff to sign this aswell as the member blog on josh's page if i i don't have it already i would like your yim
Call To Me
I hear a stranger call to me, feel his hands upon face, no name. He knows my body. Can read every thought. How did you find me? I whisper..."you called me", he replies. "I heard your cries" "your longing" "I'll be your Master." He calls to me, my soul rocks with anticipation. I'm at his fingertips, my skin responding with chills of hunger. I'll be yours, whatever you desire, if only in my dreams. If to me.  
Do You Wanna Cum Play With My Feet?
Saturday, June 27th 2009 2pm - 8pmFoot Party Hawaiian Luau! Get ready, it's back by popular demand, and this will be bigger and better then ever!! As we bring the hottest ladies in Tampa for another hot Foot Party Saturday June 27th 2pm - 8pm ! In addition, bringing you one hot theme party with our first annual Hawaiian Luau Foot Party!   If you have never been to a Foot Party at Club Elite these have been the biggest and best turnouts yet! With so many hot new ladies joining each party it's sure has become the hottest event I have ever seen…woohooo! YOU DO NOT WANT TOMISS THIS ONE! Tonight we will be having our sexy ladies dressed up inthere most sexy Hawaiian outfits and beach sandals. And yes guys we know you have one ofthose Hawaiian shirts sitting in the dresser or hanging up and a pairof them flower swimming trunks you are just waiting for perfect Night tosport around in and finally get some use out of them...hahaha.Therefore, this event is not just for the ladies to
The Uninvited
Awesome movie, a must see...   Mumm within a blog...   Should I play poker or XBOX?
look upon me i am the beast demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my father was a wolf demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my mother was a whore you check and see we aren't like other wolves it's in the blood i wanna be the fucking savior humans are weak what else you fucking do humans are weak i went to hell demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my father was a wolf demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my mother was a whore demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my mother was a whore demonomania, demonomania, demonomania my father was a wolf
"death Comes Ripping"
turn the lights down low and close the door, oh future is coming future risin' whoa shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead with both eyes open i wait up for the kill feel the evil feel the heat as i blast you open death comes ripping and it's going, death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping rip your back out and death comes ripping out flesh and blood to weak for you turnin' it over a little too late to penetrate death comes ripping and it's going death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping it'll rip your back out death comes ripping and it's going, death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping you rip your back out death comes ripping and it goes, death comes ripping out whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa
"last Caress"
I got something to say I killed your baby today And it doesn't matter much to me As long as it's dead Well I got something to say I raped your mother today And it doesn't matter much to me As long as she spread Sweet lovely death I am waiting for your breath Come sweet death, one last caress Go Sweet lovely death I am waiting for your breath Come sweet death, one last caress Well, I got something to say I killed your baby today And it doesn't matter much to me As long as it's dead Sweet lovely death I am waiting for your breath Come sweet death One last caress One last caress, sweet death One last caress, sweet death Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh
Thank You So Much
Mad Love to you Jacqui
Mother And Daughter
Mothers and Daughters      We're daughters and mothers not so long ago.      We give and take and take and give along time'sendless row.      Love is passed and love received to be passed onagain.      A precious heirloom twice, twice blessed, aspiritual cardigan.      I'll put it on and treasure it, the me I havereceived,      and when the roles reverse again, I'll have whatI most need.      So may our love go on and on, a hundred thousandyears;      Mothers and daughters, daughters and mothers,through joys andothertears.      ~Author Unknown~
Mothers And Daughters
Mothers and Daughters      We're daughters and mothers not so long ago.      We give and take and take and give along time'sendless row.      Love is passed and love received to be passed onagain.      A precious heirloom twice, twice blessed, aspiritual cardigan.      I'll put it on and treasure it, the me I havereceived,      and when the roles reverse again, I'll have whatI most need.      So may our love go on and on, a hundred thousandyears;      Mothers and daughters, daughters and mothers,through joys andothertears.      ~Author Unknown~
Blog Deleted Despite Adhering To Tos?
Blog deleted despite adhering to TOS?   It's moar liekly than you think.   The TOS only prohibits us from advertising sites for commercial gain. And yet, apparently, my entirely not-for-profit site is against TOS.   How intriguing. Anyway, if you're curious about what the blog was, message me and I will inform you because censorship is for China.
a whats good its yo boy swagger wright and ill tell u a few things about me i like goin out drinken or just chillen at the crib but at tthe moment i cant do as much cause iam in the marine corps but its all good i been for year and 2 mounths and its been strat but thats a little somthin about myself
For Our Veterans Take a moment, remember those that gave their lives. Just don't let it stop there...take a moment to Thank the Men and Women that served, or are serving our Country. They deserve our Thanks, our respect. They deserve to be treated with honor. Think about it, the job they're's one of the most generous, selfless acts. They do what our Commander-In-Chief asks them to do, without hesitation or reservation. Some have paid the ultimate price. Our Service Members that make it home can have scars, some visible, some not. They're here, they made it home. We need to make sure we let them know exactly how happy and proud we are that they're here. I know I am, so my children and I would like to say Thank You for what you've done for us, for our Country. It just doesn't seem like enough, but Thank You.
"you Belong To Me"
See the pyramids along the Nile Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle Just remember, darling, all the while You belong to me. See the marketplace in old Algiers Send me photographs and souvenirs But just remember when a dream appears You belong to me. I'll be so alone without you Maybe you'll be lonesome too Fly the ocean in a silver plane Watch the jungle when it's wet with rain Just remember till you're home again You belong to me You belong to me I'll be so alone without you Maybe you'll be lonesome too Fly the ocean in a silver plane Watch the jungle when it's wet with rain Just remember till you're home again You belong to me You belong to me You belong to me
"descending Angel"
torn from the heavens they fall from the sky and walk the streets among mortal men they hide in shadows keepers of the night mortal life is weak can't hold back the demons the blood pours as rain and soon you'll be alone. whaaoo descending angel stand by my side whaaoo we'll face the night descending angel whaaoo who guard the gates of hell just one more night whaaoo for in the morning will bring the light born or created in the image of a god the heavens fall no savior has been sent no one to guide us alone we face the night mortal life is brief for the rebel angels they make their final stand and soon you'll be alone whaaoo descending angel stand by my side whaaoo and face the night descending angel whaaoo who guard the gates of hell just one more night whaooo forever...ends...tonight descending angel
Little Angelfuck It's a shame that luck is the only thing Did you like the fun Did you like the times that I promised you Open wounds on your brow Little angel in red She isn't loving you anymore Little Angelfuck I see you going down on a fireplug Little Angelfuck Size for everyone Let those bastards believe Dry your eyes and we'll leave She isn't loving you anymore Little Angelfuck I see you going down on a fireplug Oh, little Angelfuck Size for everyone Let those bastards believe Dry your eyes and we'll leave She isn't loving you anymore
Back Pain Sucks!!!
Been haveing back problems since 1989. Finnaly getting something done about it! June 1st I go in for corrective surgery on my lovely hurniated disc! Kinda nervouse, but yet very excited to being bulge free! I know I'll still have pain, hopefully tollerable. Sure will be nice when I can do thing I haven't been able to do!
To The Solders Who Lay To Rest
3pm moment of silence
Thoughts About Friendship
Hello to every one of my friends :) first thank you for reading this and also my best wishes for your day. Hopefully it is beautiful and successful in all the cases you think of. After a week at school I’m finally back and glad to see you all again but on my long hours drive I made me thoughts of many of you. First with a little skepticism what I would expect here I can say with proud and HAPPY J feelings more than I ever estimated. Although I certainly never forget my real life I changed a little in the last months my free time in order to spend as much as I can here because it’s a true lovely thing to talk with so many wonderful people and found them as friends. Some know me also a little bit better … my funny, my naughty and even my serious behavior what means the most to me. After all the time I told many how I separate the people here … a lot of them are just here for leveling and rating (my God how often I had to laugh seeing as they beg for Blings),
Golf Quitter
Two men were chatting casually at work over the water cooler. The conversation turned to golf and one asked the other, "Do you play?" "Yes, the younger man replied, "I used to, but I quit because I wasn't very good. I consistently shot in the lower seventies." There was a long, low intake of breath, then the other man said, "Lower seventies, huh?" "Yes," his coworker said. "Consistently?" "Yup, Every hole," the younger man said with a sigh. 
I called my 2 brothers, and my sister in Michigan today, I live in Texas now, to hear how they are doing with themselves, and thier families, and wish them a happy memorial day.It made me think about this day, Memorial Day,and the happiness I feel is about the freedom I have from the soldiers, and my Dad was a soldier in the Korean War, that fought so hard for us for. God I thank them so very much for thier honor to our country, and my Dad too. He pasted away 8 months before I moved to Texas, and I have his military flag, in a case hanging over my computer desk, with a picture of him under it. I also have a tattoo on my right arm I had done in his honor.It will be my primary picture for a couple days so you can see it.I thank all of our men, and women that have protected our country, and my Dad, I love you, and I miss you, Pete
This One's For You
The Japanese Attack on Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941 Remember Pearl Harbor!!   On Sunday, December 7th, 1941 the Japanese launched a Surprise attack against the U.S. Forces stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. By planning his attack on a Sunday, the Japanese commander Admiral Nagumo, hoped to catch the entire fleet in port. As luck Would have it, the Aircraft Carriers and one of the Battleships were not in port. (The USS Enterprise was returning from Wake Island, where it had just delivered some aircraft. The USS Lexington was ferrying aircraft to Midway, and the USS Saratoga and USS Colorado were undergoing repairs in the United States ). In spite of the latest intelligence reports about the missing Aircraft carriers (his most important targets), Admiral Nagumo Decided to continue the attack with his force of six carriers and 423 aircraft. At a range of 230 miles north of Oahu, he launched the first wave of a two-wave attack. Beginning at 0600 hours, his First wave consisted of
Words For Today
I found the words below and wanted to share them. Please take a moment today to reflect and remember those who gave their lives for all of us. These words were spoken by President Reagan at Arlington..It is in a way, an odd thing to honor those who died in defense of our country, in defense of us, in wars far away. The imagination plays a trick. We see these soldiers in our minds as old and wise. We see them as something like the Founding Fathers, grave and gray haired. But most of them were boys when they died, and they gave up two lives-the one they were living and the one they would have lived. When they died, they gave up their chance to be husbands, fathers and grandfathers. They gave up their chance to be revered old men. They gave up everything for our country, for us. And all we can we can do is remember.
Memorial Day...
Thank U to all our Vets...great day to remember past/present/future! sorry fu-family/friends I have been away caretaking of stroke patient. back home 4 a few min, ,then out to friends for Nascar race on Memorial day-how great! Luv and Hugs to all....B
Did you ever notice in those old war movies. They have had no supplies for like ..who knows how long...but the Zippo lighter always works> lol
Friendship And Love
The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection, and not a fountain; to show them we love them not when we feel like it, but when they do The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heartwithers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hearsonly the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.
I just saw on the news that a ugly broad could sing like a angle. Think about this..she is unemployed and not really good looking, But her voice..  It's a shame that we and me judge people at all..
Where Else U Can Find Me!
I'm not just here! I'm mainly on myspace (  But here r some other places you guys can get a hold of me..... Myspace:  - I'm mainly there for my friends/family & fans! - follow me on whats goin on and get instant updates from your phone!Facebook - :
I just saw the news where some security guy let a couple of people sit in the gueens car. Big deal! It made the world news? What the fuck? That old lady does nothing except take money from the Brits. A stamp costs ...oh hell ...I don't know, but talk about welfare! She and her familly do nothing and get megabucks every day!  I need a new job - Rooks!
       I have a role in Rooks!!Category: Movies, TV, CelebritiesHey Guys! Just wanted to let ya all know that ur boy got a feature role in Rooks, the movie. This movie is gonna be the shit! My boy DY Sao is gonna be amazing! He's a WuShu champion and incredibly talented actor from Irvine California.  Some of ya may not know who he is but when u see this movie, u'll know wat all the buzz is about!! Check out him & his kick ass martial arts videos on you-tube and his Myspace page on my top friends list along with Rooks... the movie!Now a lil more bout Rooks..... Director & Producer D. Miles has confirm me that I have a role in this movie and is working on speaking parts. I'll appear in sveral scenes!!....Rooks is a story of Khem Wu (Dy Sao) a martial artist sent to Japan to live with his grandfather. Responsible for killing a man during a boxing match, Khem wants nothing more then to leave his violent past behind him. But the past comes to haunt him. Caught up in the underground world of
Something Americans Should Think About
When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. --Thomas Jefferson "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself! They are the American people's Liberty Teeth and keystone under Independence. From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere, restrains evil interference -- they deserve a place of honor with all that's good!" --President George Washington, in a speech to Congress. 7 January, 1790The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.--Thomas Jefferson"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." -- Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography, pg 446 "A free people ought not only to be armed and dis
Love Sucks
1.                                 First, the expression most commonly used with love is "falling in love." There is no better word to describe it. It is indeed "falling" in love, and that's what sucks about it. You are tricked into it like an addictive gambling game, and then you are tripped, and you fall, and you keep falling in a seemingly endless spiral. And, like everything that falls, you eventually hit a bottom, and it will be hard and painful. Falling in love only gives you an incurable ache when you reach the end. 2.                                 Second, love is blind. You will walk into love without seeing it, and you will follow love without noticing it. It will dictate your life, and you will not know it until the blindfold is gone, and you love no more. Only then will you realize what kind of sheep you had been while under the spell of love.
Time For A Change
well guys, here i am again, writing another blog. i dunno what's been going on with me lately. things do seem to be picking up. one of my roommates, and the source of alot of drama in all of our lives, has moved out, so that's good i suppose. i mean, in a way, i do miss her being here, but towards the end it was just getting a little too ridiculous. anyway.....a month or so ago, i was going to pick up picklesama from work and my car died in the rain. after spending a good bit of money to get it up and running again, i find out that it's not willing to be revived. that sucked. what sucked worse was bumming rides from ppl to and from work for almost a month. but a week or so ago, my dad called and told me that he was GIVING me his van. and that he did. gave me the fucking van. had it put in my name and everything. that totally rocked!!! no more bumming for rides for lolli and pickle. hehe=) i guess these past few days have been way better than normal. for awhile there, i thought i was lo
25th May 2009
Leave your judgments behind.
It’s All Over Now
I am not really great at parties but last night was lovely – it was the end of the New Zealand Comedy festival and I was exhausted. One comic got so bladdered he had to be physically carried to his hotel room, I twisted my ankle dancing, and that’s how hard core I am! I was fine; I didn’t need escorted home with a cold compress. I did however manage to catch up with Fiona O’Loughlin who is a wonderful OZ comic and mate of mine from Edinburgh Festival. I had stared at her twice during the day thinking “She looks familiar” Bloody Fiona thought I wasn’t speaking to her, I am getting old that’s all. My flight out is at 11pm NZ time and the amazing PR lady MEL who has looked after me like a guardian angel extended my stay so I wouldn’t be homeless half the day in Auckland. Mel has been a Godsend to me, she just has the magic touch to make things happen and good Karma will follow her everywhere. So NZ was awesome. Scott and Bridget
The Beetle Bug
My Mom Shot N Killed
When One Door Closes
When one door closes.. a window will open... *smiles*
A Small Token
Guess Who
Jon~ I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I promise to respect you as your own person and to realize that your interests, desires and needs are no less important than my own. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and adventure to our relationship. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see thru the window of my world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes in order to keep our relationship alive and exciting. I promise to love you in good times and bad, with all I have to give and all I feel inside in the only way I know how.  Completely and forever. These are my vows to you Jon.  I love you now and forever! Love always~ME
Are You That Lame And Imature?
I have been reading mum's for awhile now and while some are  genuine questions,  some are cute jokes. For the most part the mumm's posted are from rude ass peeps who think its amuzing to call people down. I know I have posted this before but will continue in hopes of getting through to some. Why is it the younger male gets off calling woman ..bitches.......ho's...the C word...or they make references to our personal parts wanting to know shit. Then what is more disturbing is the woman that will allow them to talk down to them or even explain or joke along with it. Sorry but to me it shows a lact of self esteem,  and how little you think of your self to even respond to trash like that. When I was in my twentys, even thirtys, no way in hell would I allow any dip shit to call me such crap or ask me personal questions about my body. I viewed guys like that as low life and not even worth a sec glance. my opinion for what its worth is you need to stand up for your self and not allow a
(Intro)Come enjoy the lifeBaby take a rideI just wanna find you youBaby you and ICan Have A Good Timetell me what you likeooh - ooh(Speaking)Now listenI've been single for a while nowI've been kinda lonelyI've been looking for somebody to talk to,love meSomeone who can hold me, is that you(Verse 1)I am looking for somebody I can call booLooking for the only one that I can give my all toTell me if that is you you youWhat you wanna do do do (make yo move)You can be my teacher I do homeworkYou can give me extra credit babyI'll do more than workWhat you wanna do do doNow it's me and you you you(the mood)(Bridge)The Mood Is So Right(right)It Feels So RightYou can be a prince my knightYou can be my superman save me here I am(Chorus)Cause baby,there's nothing I won't doTo spend my life with youI'll give my all to youI promise that I will never lie to you boyThere is nothing I won't doTo spend my life with youI'll give my all to youI promise that I will never lie to you boy(Verse 2)You and me
Help Me With This Sight!
PLEASE  HELP  ME  USE  THIS  SIGHT!!!  PRETTY  PLEASE!!!  Like  for  instance,  what  are  the  fubar  bucks  used  for?  How  do  I  publicly  post  my  profile?  How  do  I  get  noticed  here  gosh  darn  it!  (in  fear  of  getting  kicked  off  the  sight  if  I  use  fowl  language)
We Are As One
You sit there alone on the bed With thoughts running through your head I walk up and kiss you softly Running my fingers over your bare body I lay you down and slide on top of you So I can show you what I want to do You wrap your lips around my nipple Which are soft and supple Then you run your fingers through my hair Being gentle and with care Then you slide your cock inside of me Plunging it hard and deep As I begin to softly moan You take me places I've never been shown You plunge it deeper and faster Going softer then harder Making me yell out with enjoyment Making it seem so heaven scent I look into your sexy blue eyes Knowing you will Never tell lies As you bring me down and hold me close You are the right one that I chose But we are not to that point yet As you slam me to the wall,my pussy dripping wet You shove your cock into me And you smile listening to my scream Now you throw me down on the bed Placing your hands underneath my head You softly slide
Tha' Montanaland225 Universal Soldier!!!!!
Silent Warrior
Long ago, for many yearsWhite men came in the name of GODThey took their land, they took their livesA new age has just begunThey lost their GODS, they lost their smilethey cried for help for the last time.Liberty was turning into chainsBut all the white men saidThat's the cross of changesIn the name of GOD - The fight for goldThese were the changes.Tell me - is it right - In the name of GODThese kind of changes ?They tried to fight for libertyWithout a chance in hell, they gave up.White men won in the name of GODWith the cross as alibiThere's no GOD who ever triedTo change the world in this way.For the ones who abuse His nameThere'll be no chance to escapeOn judgement dayIn the name of GOD - The fight for goldThese were the changes.Tell me - Is it right - In the name of GODThese kind of changes ?Tell me why, tell me why, tell whyThe white men said:That's the cross of changes ?Tell me why, tell me why, tell why,In the name of GODThese kind of changes.
Fingers And Sould
Run your fingers through my soul, For once just geel exactly what I feel. Believe wheat I believe, Percieive as I perceive. Look, examine, experience And for once, just one, Understand........
A Life Changing Occurance
On Friday night, I had a life changing event to take place.  I bought a motorcycle from a buddy of mine.  I was so proud to have it.  I didn't have a chance to get a tag, nor insurance on it yet.  I had only had it for like 2 days.  It was a 2006 Lifan, C20. I had to go to the coast to pick up my check for the week and work on a couple cases. When I got done, me and my wife rode to a casino to play our free play off our cards.  We then went to Chili's and had dinner.  We came back to the house. I was getting ready to do some more work on the bike and preparing to get ready to leave going to Texas for an interview on Monday.  I had had a few drinks in the meantime.  I was gonna run the gas out of the bike and patch the gas tank as it had developed a small leak.  I hopped on the bike and ran it down the road.  I didn't wear a helmet.  That proved to be a downfall.  I only went like 2 miles from the house, turned around and was heading back.  I don't remember anything about the crash.  Fr
Very Disturbing Shit I Write About On Drugs And Then Find In Myspace Blog Later And Wonder What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me
pussy sampled thus far: rated for taste part one of...... Category: Pets and Animals ok lets talk about pussy, we are going to keep things simple and just let Clay answer these as the we will have to digress over many years and Hood Mood is sleeping right now, Good Mood doesnt eat pussy, Zac Pro only eats it if the girls stuffed pills up her sniz, Ginger S[eed] is still under development but we r going to let him eat some pussy real see where we are going with this, only Clay can answer with any real factual data...we are all thrilled to have him back with us here at ONE (1) REALITY CENTRAL RESEARCH FACILITY, LLC., a non-profit organization. doing business as "Cause You Cant Make This Kind of Shit Up..Nigger!" very well then, shall we get started, i know your all just dripping with anticipation....this morning we are going to kick things off with some of the more common (yet dont be fooled squirt, some of the best) examples of recent talent...we will open with a pr
Time Travel
The entire Giza Plateau is a monument to Light . Pyramid = Pi Ra Mid = "pyra" "mid" The Great Pyramid contains in its many dimensions all of the median "measures" of Light. . The Great Pyramid is located at 29 degrees 58 minutes 51 seconds north latitude. (according to our present system of measurement): The Speed of Light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 kilometers per second..... There is a direct correlation between light speed and the Great Pyramid's latitude: a) 29 degrees b) 58 minutes of arc is 97% of one degree..... c) 51 seconds of arc is 85% of one minute of arc..... When we put those numbers together we have 29 97 85 or 299,785,+ nnn or the speed of light in meters per second! The Latitude of The Great Pyramid (transposed) approximates our present measurement of The Speed of Light (in meters) in a vacuum. This is not a coincidence. The number 29.9785 is also related to the age of Jesus Christ at the time of his illumination and baptism by Joh
Capricorn : Disease Is Frequently Rooted In Inhibitions.
dark, poisonous and bitter herbs were ruled by Saturn Capricorn : Skin complaints and diseases affecting the parts of the Sign.Capricorn : Processes of preservation and reserve of energy.Capricorn : The knees, joints of the body and the hair. diseases of decline, collapse, wasting, blockages and contraction by Saturn; poisonings by Saturn Regarding the origins of the Black Death in Europe: 'When the learned physicians of the Medical Faculty in Paris looked for astrological confirmation... they found it: 'on 20 March 1345, at 1pm, there occurred a conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the house of Aquarius...notoriously caused death and disaster...pestilence in the air...and calculated to draw up evil vapours from earth and water...' '[in Griggs, 1981, p.30] 'Fracastorius [1483-1553] denied that Syphilis was introduced by Columbus...but was vague about its origins. It is carried by 'disease seeds' [semina morbum], is transmitted by contact [contages] or contagion, but is du
freak3771">@ fubar
After Work Surprise
Finally home, looking forward to seeing her smiling face greeting you at the door. You walk up to the door, open it and come inside. Looking around wondering where she is. Usually she meets you , this time house is very quiet. Looking in the kitchen, not there. Living room, nope nothing.Finally walk into the bedroom a lil bummed, just figuring you'll get a shower and relax till she gets home. As you walk into the bedroom , you still not aware of anything unusual. Out of nowhere you hear " Hey baby " Looking up a bit startled, the image in front of you seems to be even more of a shock. There in front of you is not only the woman you love but another very lovely, curvy dark haired woman. They are both naked, lying side by side. their hands slowly caressing each others bodies and smiling at you. The brunette is very pale, bright blue eyes, soft pink lips. Her hair a mass of dark curls flowing over ivory skin. Full breasts with soft pink nipples, slim waist and full shapely hips. Her i
Night Swimming 5
Losing myself for a moment in the feel of your lips, I pull away, taking your hand I lead you out of the waterThere is a soft blanket waiting for us back on the beach. Kneeling togethr on the blanket our hands roaming each others body, a deeper sense of desire can be felt now, struggling to see who will have the lead this time. Kissing more passionately, more hungry for one another now that our bodies are awake to evry little touch and sensation. Lying togethr on the blanket I pull you on top of me, positioned so there is no mor struggle we can share in each othrs sweetness. Teasing you by kissing your inner thigh, softly biting andd tugging on your flesh Accidentally nipping a little harder as I feel you running your tongue along my lower lips I cant help myself anymore, needing to taste you, no teasing this time, my tongure running between your lips and darting inside you, pulling your hips down to slide it deeper, enjoying your soft whimpers and the feel of your body shuddering
Night Swimming 4
Just a note this time first, I want to say thank you to someone very special for there sweet inspiration....I think you know who you are. I feel you shiver against me, as my hand slips between your thighsSoft whimpers escape your lips as i find your sweet spot Shudders run through you as my fingertips dance over it, then as quickly as i started i stop and move my hand away smiling to myself as I see the longing in your eyes " Not yet my sweet " I whisper into your ear Sliding down, I kiss my way down your back, my hands in front of you moving along your inner thighs, fingertips occasionally brushing against your soft lips making you tremble a bit befoe returning to your thighs Kissing the gentle swell of your bottom, giving it a quick nip on the cheek, I run my hands back up to your hips, now turning you towards me On my kneess beneath the watr, your beautiful body stands before me, I cant help but lean in to selfishly dip my tongue into your sweetness, tasting the sweet nectar th
Night Swimming 3
moving around you trailing my fingertips along your side, your flawless pale skin seems to glow in the lightrunning my fingers through your silken hair, I pull it over your one shoulder, exposing your neck to me. Moving close to you, kissing your shoulder and neck, nipping gently at your neck, pulling the skin lightly with my teethwrapping my arms around you from behind, pressing my bare breasts against your back pulling you into me my hands exploring your body, running over your smooth skin of your stomachemoving my hands up to cup your breasts, I lean closer whispering in your ear how beautiful you areas I do your body seems to melt against meI feel your hands reaching behind youand carresing my hips, light moans escape your soft lips as my fingertips brush over your pink nipplesI can feel you squeeze my hips as I pinch them gently...your beauty is intoxicating, never met a woman quite like youOne hand still massaging your breast , the other roaming down your body slipping between yo
Night Swimming Chapter 2
second installment of Night swimming leaning your head down to touch your lips to my breast, arching my back to meet you.Your hair falling like ribbons of copper on my breast and shoulder. You look up at me, blue green eyes the color of tropical waters, sparkling in the moonlight a smile on your soft pink lips, a slight blush of tose on your cheeks, Unwrapping my legs from your waist, i lean closer to you, softly kissing your neck and shoulder, letting my hands softly caress your sides Your skin is so soft, it feels like sarin beneath my lips, long hair cascading down your back and slightly sticking to your wet skin....more soon sory.....  
Night Swimming
Please tell me what you think and rate this please...ty friends Warm summer breeze,Star filled sky, Moonlight reflecting on cool waterInviting us in. Slowly helping you out of your clothes,Pausing between each item to kiss you softly.Longing to see the moonlight shimmering on your wet skin. Stepping back to admire your nakedness , shedding my clothing slowly as you watch. Delighted seeing the desire in your eyes matches my own. Take my hand, let me lead you into the water, washing our bodies in cool waves. Dipping below the surface , and back up. Leaning close to you pushing the wet hair out of your eyes. Arms wrapping around your neck, legs wrapping around your waist, holding my body close to yours, tilting your head to taste your lips again. Soft kisses turn into longer deeper ones , causing me to shiver against you....not from the water but the pleasure of your touch. Leaning back to float on the water, legs still around your waist. Your hands running up to my breasts , cuppi
Bowl Of Cherries
if you ever doubt, just ask me and ill tell you, i love you, i doand id do anything for you, and i want for you to konwyou mean everything to me and once more i love you just because of who you are and what you are to meyoure all that and a great big bowl of cherriesbaby, youre just what i need sitting by myself thoughts of you run through my headwhen im lying here in bed, i dream of youand i could never let you go, because i love you soi just thought that you should know how i feel and once more i love you just because of who you are and what you are to meyoure all that and a great big bowl of cherriesbaby, youre just what i need you make me smile, you make me laughand i always wonder whats nextand i could never do without you now and once more i love you just because of who you are and what you are to meyoure all that and a great big bowl of cherriesbaby, youre just what i need youre what i needand i love you just because of who you are and what you are to meyoure all that and a
Wicked No Goin Back
Their lips were locked together, their bodies pressed firmly against each other. There was no going back now.. His hands tangled in her long red curls, he yanked her head back. Exposing her pale , soft neck. His lips traveled down her chin, over her throat. His hands now moving down her body. Reaching around her , squeezing her ass . He wanted her more than any other woman, he had ever known. But he did not know why. He was like a man under a spell. Unable to control this need he felt for her. She moaned softly, his lips sending sparks of electricity through her body. She pulled his uniform shirt out of the waist of his pants, so she could run her hands up his back. Lightly running hr nails acros his skin. Was she still dreaming? she thought to herself. This couldnt possibly be happening. But his hands moving under her skirt, caressing the soft skin of her behind, made her realize it really was. He pushed her bouse of her shoulders again, letting it fall off of her and onto the grou
SATURN'S RINGS: You might never see Saturn's rings this skinny again. Since 2008 began, the rings have been tilting toward Earth and now they are nearly edge-on with an opening angle of only 0.8o. A composite image submitted by Efrain Morales Rivera of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, shows how the geometry has changed .   As Saturn goes around the sun, it periodically turns its rings edge-on to Earth—once every 14-to-15 years. That's what is happening now. Earth is approaching Saturn's "ring plane," a vantage that transforms the normally wide and bright rings into a dark line bisecting Saturn's two hemispheres. The rings will completely disappear on Sept. 4, 2009, when Earth crosses through the ring plane. Unfortunately, no one will be able to see it because Saturn will be so close to the Sun. The next ring plane crossing in plain view of Earth won't come until the year 2038. Until then, the skinniest you're likely to see Saturn's rings is now. Saturn is easy to find in the constella
Wicked Another Chapter
He is so lost in his fantasy that he doesnt realize his car has started to cross the center line. All of a sudden a horn blaring snaps him out of it. When he looks he is about to come head on with a Semi. He jerks the wheel barely avoiding the collision. His car skids and swerves off the road. As it gets caught up on the gravel it blows the front tire. " Fuck " he yells smacking his hands on the steering wheel. All he wanted tonight was to go home, crack a beer and relax. Now he is in the middle of nowhere, on the highway. Stuck with a woman who is making him lose his mind. The jerking of the car woke her. She looked at him wondering what the hell was going on. " What happened?" she asked He realizes she did not see the truck so he does not want her to know it was his fault they almost crashed. Especially when it was due to him mentally undressing and touchig her. " Damn deer ran across the road, had to swerve to avoid it " he says, hoping she asks no questions. " Oh" she says an
Wicked Cont 2
Driving down the highway headed back to the station, he never realized how long a road this was. Maybe it was a combination of wanting rid of her, the late hour, no cars on the road this late at night, and he was ashamed to say it but he just plain wanted her. He snuck a peek in the mirror again , hoping she wasnt looking. She had her head back against the seat again, eyes closed. She actually looked as if she had fallen asleep. He looked at the steady way her chest rose and fell, the softness in her jaw and realized she really had fallen asleep. He started imagaining what she looked like under those clothes. In his mind, he slowly undressed her. Removing her black silk blouse, slipping the straps of her camisole off her shoulders slowly. Letting the thin fabric drop around hr waist. Revealing large firm breasts. Their snow white skin flawless. Pale pink nipples. He imagained pushing the fabric over her full hips and letting it fall to the floor. Unzipping hr black leathr skirt and
Wicked Cont.
After getting the story from the bartender, the officer realizes he is going to have to take her in. The guy she had cornered is wanting to file charges against her. He thinks it is ridiculous. How much damage could she have caused. As he walks back to his cruiser, flashes of thos eyes, her lips, and that white skin flood his mind. " What the hell is wrong with me" he thinks to himself. Never has any woman affected him like this, and he knows nothing about her. Other than how the smell of her perfume makes his head swoon. " Dammit pull yourself together man" he thinks. He gets to the car and looks in at her as he opens the door. It is a hot night, and she has shrugged her blouse off her shoulders. Revealing a black silk camisole underneath, slightly sticking to her damp skin. Her hair fell around her, pieces wet from sweat sticking to her forehead and cheek. " Thanks for leaving a fucking window open" she barks at him. " It's hot as hell in here" He hadnt even thought about it, He
FIRST AND FOREMOST.....Just a disclaimer, anything I write in this blog is purely fictional and fantasy. If some find it offensive I apologize. I know cops are public servants but this is fiction. Called out on a routine call, the officer is anxious to get it over with and go home for the night. He figures it will be quick no arrest just a verbal warning, it is only disturbing the peace after all. When he pulls into the bar parking lot he sees a crowd of people standing outside." What now" he thinks to himself. As he approaches he hears a womans voice yelling, soft sweet voice, but very pissed off. He pushes his way through the crowd and is shocked at what he sees. The woman is barely five foot tall, and she has a tall rough looking guy cornered, telling him off and holding a purse in her hand ready to club him with it. He has to keep from laughing, the picture before him is so comical.He stops for a moment taking in the situation, and cant help giving her the once over. Long copp
My First Ever...secret Lovre
This is my forst attempt at this so be gentle and please rate and comment Thank you.   She thinks about him quite frequently these days. At first it was nice, she liked the attention, but now has become something more. She has never met anyone quite like him. A man who could be her friend, confidant, and advisor. Then start a fire inside her unknown to her before. She longs for the stolen moments they share. Needing to feel his touch, to see the desire in his eyes equal to that in hers. She wants nothing mor than to please him, so she makes her body available to his every whim. She waits , wondering the next time she hears from him what is in store for her. Will he touch her softly? Kiss her and lovingly caress her silken skin? Lavish her body with kisses using his expert tongue to make her lose herself, then make love to her slowly and lovingly. Them losing themselves in each others embrace and share in each others orgasms? Or will his hunger need satisfying. Taking her and mak
Hard At Work
Seeing you walk into work today, our eyes meet for a moment,a devilish little smirk on your face.You think you know me so well, and know how to get to me, " well I am gonna make you pay today baby" , thinking to myself as I smile back. Work is slow as usual, and I keep waiting for my chance to tease you, finally lunch is over and back to the same old slowness . But I am on a mission now, wanting to drive you crazy . I walk by your desk lightly running my fingertip over your hand and up your arm as I walk by. You just look at me and smirk. On my way back to my desk I lightly brush your neck with my fingertips, softly caressing along your ear and your jawline, smiling a little looking into your eyes. You just kinda sit back and look at me wondering what is up with me cus I dont normally act like this. Sitting back at my desk I glance back and catch you watching me, you dont mind me knowing. One of the things i love about you is your confidence, find it so sexy. I turn my chair to the
Last Call
The club is empty for the most part. Noone left now but the bartendr and th DJ. Neither one notices her sitting alone in the shadows. The bartendr is wipeing down the bar, finishing he heads into th back. The DJ is alone in his booth straightening up from the events of the evening. He has no idea she has been watching him all night. She had sat there watching the way he moved, enjoying the naughty smile on his lips. Watching him smile an flirt with the ladies, he knows they want him. But she isnt happy wanting him...she is going to have him tonight. She slowly stands, cautios not to make a sound. His back is turned to her. Slowly she walks towards him, her shoes silent as she crosses the floor. She steps into th booth behid him, and before he knows what is happening she has him pushed up against the wall. He is startled and starts to struggle, but she pushes her soft body against him. Her lips so close to his ear he can feel the warmth of her brath. She whispers into his ear." All y
Tub full of bubbles and hot steamy water, candle flicker is the only source of light. Sweet scent of vanilla fills the air Already waiting for her in the bath, he extends his hand to welcome he in. She takes it, placing one foot into the waist. Hot, but inviting. She slips into the tub, sitting between his strong legs. He reaches and encircles her waist, pulling her back against him. She feels herself let go, relaxes and leans her head back against his shoulder. He kisses her forehead, her nose, then finally touching his lips to her, sweet soft lips. His hands on hr stomach gently caressing her. She turns her head into his sweet kiss, her hands caressing his legs, and his thighs. Lifting he one arm she gently touches his cheek , as she caresses his tongue with hers. His hands move slowly over her slippery wet skin, cupping her breasts, teasing her hard pink nipples with his thumb and forefinger. She moves a bit against him enjoying the feel of his touch.She places her hands over h
Stolen Moments
She watches the clock tick slowly. The hours and minutes seeming to drag by. Her mind is focused on a special someone, she longs to see again. She waits patiently to see a message, or hear his voice, or for the off chance he may be headed her way. How she treasures those stolen moments, when the whole world seems to disappear. Leaving only the two of them in each others arms. How he makes her laugh and smile. She still gets butterflies in hr stomach every time she hears his voice. When she sees him walking towards her, her heart almost leaps out of hr chest. And when his arms wrap around hr it is one of the safest places she has ever known. She loves his smile and the sparkle in his eye when he looks at her. She wants nothing more than to keep him smiling. Make him feel special, loved, and wanted. She knows this isnt easy for him but she hopes he knows he is.  
Come Join Please
Fuck You Kunt
Saturn is probably blamed for more problems than any other planet; this is one of the first things we hear about when learning astrology. If I had a dollar for every e-mail or comment I get having to do with Saturn problems, I would be the world’s richest astrologer. And, Saturn is traditionally known as the Great Malefic, indicating that our ancestors really disliked Saturn as well. The malign influence of Saturn has been blamed for everything from bad teeth to heartbreak, even old age and death. So is there some way to fix our Saturn problems, so that we can avoid these problems once and for all? It turns out that people have been thinking about exactly this problem for centuries, and more like millennia. Below is a list of suggestions I found in traditional texts for dealing with Saturn issues: 1. Saturn is good to his own kind. Therefore, if you have been dealing with Saturnian problems, the key is to become more Saturnian yourself. Embrace a life of isolated contemplation
When,Where, What, and How? All questions plagueing her mind. His words were so vague, but yet revealing enough to set her on edge. The deep sultry purr of his voice as he taunts her, drives her mad. Words telling her so little but having a huge impact. Fear, excitement, longing, all mixing with the building anticipation. Could happen tommorow or weeks from now. He knows exactly what he is doing. Relishing the fact she is so excited, but yet knows nothing of his plans. So many different scenarios have flooded her imagination. So many possibilities. His laugh ssounding so devilish. Making her wonder even more, if he is enjoying teasing her so, what actually comes about may take her breath away. So she sits back and does the only thing she can....wait and wondr. Mind spinning, senses heightened, wondering, if the anticipation and excitement are getting to him as well.  
Learning Experience
This blog was not written by me, but for em. The man who wrote this was and is very dear to me, but seems to be lost to me now. I am posting this because it meant the world to me. Even if he is gone from my life forever, which I sincerly hope isn't the case. This will always be a constant remindr of a very special time in my lif and a most amazing man. My Cheri time ticks by and still i think of you, been such a long time since i've had another person on my mind for what seems like all day and night you even see me in my dreams. I have made so so many bad decisions as of late, but the decision to let the universe unfold as it should when it comes to you i beleive to be my best decision to date. how quickly i've begun to develope some very strong feelings for you. yes some of you reading this might think i'm foolish or possibly totally insane, well i just don't care what these nerdowells say. i have found something in my life that is truly special and i refuse to let it go. do any of
From My Cali Friend
Look at your lovely red hair like the fire on the sunit say to me a friend that lastscaring,loving sometimes funa girl who can get it on They used to call you carrot topor ginger pop,a pretty girl with a flaming mop Freckle face and pale,it never failsyour alway a sinner with the angel wings bring sunshine in red the color of yr hair and the blood that seeps in you. Her name is Cheri the Chocolate queen  
More For My Own Benefit
capricorn saturn The Archangel Cassiel - The Planet Saturn - Kabbalistic Correspondances Kabbalistic Correspondences: Angelic Order: Aralim. Chief of Angels: Zabkiel. Archangel: Cassiel - Tzaphkiel The Angel of Spiritual Strife against Evil. Biblical Names of God: Elohim Personal Dedication: Not identified. Sefirothic Form: Mature Woman on a Throne. Sefira/Sephira: Sephira 3 Binah. Sephira Meaning: Understanding. Pronunciation: Bina Sub Creature Woman. Element: Earth. Planet: Shabbathai (Staurn.) Colour Black. Number: 3. Illusion: Materialism. Obligation: Virtue: Silence. Vice: Inertia. Spiritual Experience: Vision of Sorrow. Tarot: The for threes and Queens. Animals: Woman, Bee. Plants: Ctpress, Opium Poppy and Ivy. Gem: Star Saffire and Pearl. Perfume: Myrrh and Civit.
Another From My Wonderful Cali Friend
a rose has throne where the queen bee sits,all around there flowers that need to be tend,a life a foot but not a noose,life is much better and the flowers are fuller cause her heart is full and pours out like chocolate and butter,no matter she says life is grand and i will stay even if its alone....
saturn shapes The shapes familiar to the Spirits of Saturn. THey appear for the most part with a tall, lean, and slender body, with an angry countenance, having four faces; one in the hinder part of the head, one on the former part of the head, and on each side nosed or beaked there likewise appeareth a face on each knee, or a black shining colour: their motion is the moving of the winde, with a kinde of earthquake: their signe is white earth, whiter then any Snow. The particular forms are, A King having a beard, riding on a Dragon. An Old man with a beard. An Old woman leaning on a staffe. A Hog. A Dragon. An Owl. A black Garment. A Hooke or Sickle. A Juniper-tree. .. --> 44 -->
For Someoen Special To Me
He sees me Sees the truth, through the laughter, through the facade.sees the girl, the woman, the mother, the lover, and the friend.Sees something most never will A woman free from expectations, judgments.Comfortable in her own skin, trusting, mind and heart open to whatever life has in store You see me For who I am and who I can become I am your have taught me so much, made me believe in myself and that life is what you make of it. Taught me to follow my heart and take a chance. I have learned to trust myself and be true to myself. Finding someone in life who truely understands and gets you regardless of friend or lover is a rare and priceless gift in life. Never had I thought it possible till you.  
My Shadow
This was written by one of my favorite people in the whole wold..let me know your thoughtsMy Shadowall my words go unspoken but my thoughts you hear,i sit alone in my darken room.only light... is my glowing candlehere i sit staring into the flame but its you i see i cant get you out of my mindBut all the words i bleed out seem to slip away or is forgottentime after time my eyes have looked upon you with love.i hold you above the shadowsabove my dark and ruined heart and yet i find peace in your eyes but i cant find peace in my soulStill I wish I could find a way to say to you all that is locked awayI never thought love could be real and here i sit lost in the thought of being in love.i see no lies in you i see no hate from youhow can touch something so clean when im so dirtysomething so pure and full of lifei can only serve you from the shadows i will not bare my head in the lightor let you see my suffering...i will walk thru hell to save you from the horrorsof this world and suffer th
For Him
My dark angelWatching over and protectingA constant source of comfort, joy and wisdom.My life forever changed by your words and your kindness.My demonWhose tongue can be razor sharp brutally honest, ruthless but always leaving me thankful for the truth.My clownQuick witted, terribly twisted, and always unpredictable. Knowing when to turn the laughter on, when I need to laugh till I am crying. Your laughter is infectious and one of the most comforting sounds I know.and above all else..My friendA man I feel blessed to have been introduced to a man whose presence in my life is a true pleasure. You have forever touched my heart and changed my life for the better. Your tough love and sincerity, your wisdom and support will always be appreciated and needed. You will never truely know how much you mean to me, because I could never put the true extent into words.One of the most complex men I have ever known, but yet not compliccated. You are by far the most amazing man I know and I cherish eve
Born January The Third 1976 My Planet Is Saturn I Am A Capricorn Born In The Year Of The Dragon One Minute Before Midnight During An Electrical Storm
Chap. xxxviii. Of the Images of Saturn. But now, what Images they did attribute to the Planets, although of these things very large volumes have been written by the ancient wise men, so that there is no need to declare them here, notwithstanding I will recite a few of them; for they made, from the operations of Saturn, Saturn ascending in a stone, which is called the Loadstone, the Image of a man, having the countenance of an Hart, and Camels seet and sitting upon a Chayr or Dragon, holding in his right hand, a sithe [scythe], in his left hand a dart; which image they did hope would be profitable for prolongation of life; for Albumasar in his book Sadar, proveth that Saturn conduceth to the prolongation of life; where also he telleth that certain regions of India being subject to Saturn,there men are of a very long life and dye [die] not unless by extream old Age: They made also an other Image of Saturn for length of dayes, in a saphire, at the hour of Saturn, Saturn ascending or fort
Sometimes it takes hearing a song to realize how you really feel.Eleven years is a long time to walk away from. After so long you forget where one person begins and the other ends. But unfortunately sometimes you begin to take things for granted and soon even each other. It doesn't mean you don't love each other just things change and people change.In the end tho I have found walking away isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's kinder than trying to make something work that never will again. Like the old cliche " If you love something let it go and if its meant to be it will come back " but there is one I like much better..." If you truely love someone you want to see them happy...even if it isn't with you "There are days where I think where and when did it all go wrong, but then I remember where I am and remember the man in my life now who I love more than my life and I smile...maybe everything does happen for a reason.This song in a way says it all about how I feel about my past and
Blind devotion  I gave away. Your intentions Were to stray. I once wrote that I stood within a castle, Cowering behind my walls to protect me from a siege of love. And that maybe, if one came... I'd throw open the door. When I met you I chose not to open the doors, But to raze the castle I had built in pain - In fear - And to face the trials again, and that this time would be different; Because I had you, Because I gave my trust to you. Because I gave my love to you. Because I entrusted you with all of the shattered fragments of my being  The last of my mind, soul, and heart. And that I would always love you with all of my heart, unconditionally. When I gave you everything I was - everything expected of true love  I expected nothing in return, as I was nothing. I nearly became the ash from when I came, and ash... Is worthless. Though I expected nothing, there was, indeed, a gift you gave me - pain. Skin, muscle, sinew, and bone... You cut through all of me. Sharper than any knives... S
All Or Nothing...
I'm treading water Sinking slow under this weight Drag me deeper but stay close Stay there with your head down You are so precious to me now Broken, bruised and shattered See me here in pain Bring me the comfort of your thorns Its not enough, I need more Show me I can bleed and smile You know I can't resist Slide your claws into my flesh Hold me tight and keep digging Bring me to the surface Bury me neck deep in the dirt Deliver pain and pleasure as one Give me all or nothing...
New Poem
if you would have been there like i was...everytime if you would have listened like i every stutter, stammer, and wine if you would have picked up like i did...whenever i called if you would have caught me immediatly...if i would fall but the truth is only one of us had ears and arms that cared the other had claws and fangs that could tear now that your gone all i can say is i hope someone can return the favor someday...
Some Nerve (unedited)
In the end its just a strand. It reacts to touch constricting a muscle, vibrating skin, speeding up the heart, and inflating the lungs. It pulls in my exhale and steadies for my lips that cause several others to follow suit. Vibrations  get faster, breathing eratic, and eyes, clear and focused on my hands moving lower, turn blured and blind in the closing of your eyes. In the beginning its just lost affection turning into playful lust. A hand misplaced turns to motive fulfilled in its urge to find every nerve on your body. A kiss so innocent to touch places no other has tried. Finding the distance of skin from your smile that can control its shape. Find touch so strange to control your spine. To lick paths to welcome wants. Finding you the desire for your body. Lack of help, lack of reason, lack of anything but the presence. Lack of love, lack of trust, lack of anything in the moment.  No need to fear no need not to just to know your desired. No lack of unfamiliar paths because of t
I'll have one posted soon.   lol!
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The Real Story Of Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty: A fairy tale of rape and cannibalism. A beautiful tale in which they all live happily ever after. Or do they? In 1697, a French author named Charles Perrault published a classic book titled Tales of Times Passed. Today the book is better known as Mother Goose Tales. Seven of its eight tales have become classics for children. I'm sure that you know some of these: "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood" (Sleeping Beauty), "Little Red Riding Hood", "Blue Beard", "The Master Cat: or Puss in Boots", "Diamonds and Toads", and "Cinderella". Perrault, however, did not write any of these stories. They were all re-workings of stories passed from one generation to the next. These stories were actually very cruel and downright nasty in their original form. Perrault simply cleaned them up and let everyone live happily ever after. The earliest known written version of Sleeping Beauty was actually published 61 years earlier by an Italian named Giambattista Basile. Here is how the
Mothers Most Trusted Breast Pumps In Uk
Breast pump is directly comparable to commercially used milking device while dairy production. The false perception is that the breast pumps let go milk out of the breast. The role of breast pumps is to activate milk ejection response or to downer it. Its objectives can be achieved by most of the pumps by using suction to pull the nipple into the passageway of the breast and then release, which is counted as a single cycle. Good quality and trusted electric breast pumps normally take thirty to sixty cycles per minute. On the others hand it has to keep in mind that some times the breast pumps are not as efficient to release milk from breast as the nursing baby. Expressed breast milk may be stored in bottles and bags and later can be fed with the use of milk bottle. The breast milk can be kept at room temperature for later milk feeding (20 C / 66-72 F), can be freeze for six months, refrigerated for up to 8 days. Children who are at high risk and they have no mothers, either died or sepa
Flakers Fakers Dishonest Takers
here's a short blog i wrote for myspace tonight...   O.K. I haven't written anything on here in quite awhile, but I was chatting with a friend tonight and it got me thinking about things. There are just way too many fake, etch a-sketchy, flaky, dishonest people around these days. (especially online). They all want to take, take, take, and give little in return. Those of you reading this are probably the only exceptions, but hey I wanna vent right now! So, my friend Rob and I were talking about how hard it is to just meet a decent person and have a real relationship. I was bitching about all my failed relationships with men, getting ready to kick my anti-male gears into overdrive, when he shared that he had pretty much the same experience with all the women he'd been seeing. We both shared how we'd recently been stood up -- myself by a guy I had dated for 3 months (You'd think he could have made up his mind sooner to flake out instead of wasting all my time. To make it worse he's stil
Finally i have found my happy ending i never really thought i would find someone as special and loving as i have found in my future husband.He treats me the way a man should treat woman and loves me with all his heart even with his flaws i still have no problem finding a reason to smile when im with him.He is my love and my life i know now that good guys do exist
Lacuna Coil - Spellbound
  Lacuna CoilSpellbound VerseBurning hereIn my roomFeeling badThe walls are moving closerSilencing, the darkness meLeads me toThe ending of another dayA mourn dayChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break the spell you put on meVerseVelvet treesGlowing candlesSilent whispersOf voices inside of my headThe night that callsIt waits for meLeads me toThe ending of another dayA mourn dayChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break this spell you put on meBreak the spell.(Guitar solo)ChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break this spell you put on meEverywhere I go, I am spellbound (x3)I will break the spell you put on me
First Thoughts
So weird to have a place to be social in. Well, we all live in social places but rarely participate in them. We wander to the bright glow of others attention like the old moth to the flame. So many desperate things going on today, people losing jobs, losing houses. Damn. Far as I figure If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad...  
This Is Not A Love Song...
i am who i am... im not your barbie im not your plaything. i wont apologize for a god damn thing i do or say. im not going to lose weight because you like anorexic bitches to make your dick look bigger. im not going to gain a hundred pounds because you like being called a chubby chaser. i color my hair,work out,tan and fix myself up for me..not anyone else. if i dont want to get dressed up or wear matching clothes some days..get over it. i smoke i drink i eat sugar and drink way too many energy with it. we are all going to die so i dont need your lectures. i say fuck,pussy and other taboo words all the fucking god damn time..yeah i swear like a sailor,that doesn't make me less of a lady. its words. just words.. there are more non swear words that do more damage than throwing a few 'go fuck yourself's' i am very sensitive and emotional. i love hard and give until it hurts and lemme tell ya..ive been hurt alot. i have trusted few and been i trust less as each
To My Friends Please Read
please sign my guess book
Imm The Greatest In Wat I Do
lick lick lick lick me like a lollipop
A Funky Weird Song Stuck In My Head, Becuase Of Someone.
Lyrics to Not Fair : He got away with thousands of dollars He got away from the state police He got away with emotional murder He slipped away with the summer breeze It's not fair To call it a day It's not fair To just walk away It's not fair To bring me down It's not fair To leave a mess behind He got away with the ultimate shakedown He ran away from the scene of the crime He got away from everyone in his way Gone, and not a trace left behind It's not fair To catch me out It's not fair To leave me in doubt No it's not fair To not explain It's not fair To leave a mess behind How'd you pull it off? how'd you get away with it? I never stood a chance Oh you left me to die It's not fair To pull me down It's not fair To make me run around No it's not fait To not explain It's not fair To make me ask you why To leave a mess behind To make me ask you why
Never Will Be
        There is a me    That once was the me    That's not now the me   That the mirror does see Beacuse the mirror does see            A part of me          That ever again             Never will be  
You Are Everything I Ever Wanted
You are everything I ever wanted.On you my future happiness depends.Unless I'm with you all my thoughts are haunted.After seeing you, my unease ends.Reason warns me that I am in danger:Eventually, everything must fade.My love, like yours, is flammable in anger.Yet my trust is such, I'm not afraid.Something in our love's more than emotion,Underneath each thought and each desire;Not even all the water in the oceanSeems up to putting out this one small fire.How could this be? Within our love is somethingImmeasurable, infinite, and good.Nothing in all life can match this one thingEach other passion would be, if it could.
Today 5.25.09
Well, I am single again and just trying to get used to it. Taking care of my girls helps me not think about it.  Working on getting back to school... I plan on becoming a nurse!!! I am ready for new adventures and traveling. First stop - Ireland in 2010. I am still not used to fubar and unsure what it is supposed to be... there are no games like myspace. So I am assuming it is a place to hook up with people. Me - I am just looking to find people to hang out with and nothing else at the moment. Oh, should mention that I got my gym membership and have joined the Biggest Losers Club online!! Anyone want to hit the gym with me (24 hour fitness) let me know. It is time for change and loving myself. I will keep everyone posted on how I do and will learn to take more pictures of me. I need to post some new ones... no not kinky ones! So This is me just giving a heads up on what is going on. If you want to know anything about me... ask. Hugs, Me
Memorial Day
I hope you all take some time today to remember what's important,and think about the people who have sacraficed their lives so that we can worry about petty little things like rates and fubling.So I want to say thanks to all the past and present military.and to my love who is currently deployed in afghanistan I love you and I miss you   I hope you all have a good weekend.
Faded Glory...
I've burned my share of bridges Gained more habits than I've kicked All these things I consider each and every day I sit alone and make my plans to leave I'll take what pain I can when I go I've hammered my shame deep into you I'm losing my will to carry this load My solution is my new resolution Every rejection a waste All I have is my pain I'm giving up I can't do this alone My grip is failing I am lost here in the dark I am nobody in my mind Losing more and more each day I'll just sit here and fade away
Lest We Forget
those three words remind me of so much-- the sacrifices that I, and those like me have made in service for our country-- also those three words remind me to never forget those that I love and cherish-- and if youre reading this, you know who you are, and I love you.
14mil Fu Bucks For A Bomb For Peace & All That
If I had the cash I'd buy a bling pack and give her a bomb... but, I'm broke. So, I'm willing to dish out some fubucks (Bunnzy is chippin in 4 mil) if you buy peace & all that a bomb. If you know of anyone selling bombs...please let me know! ♥ PoStaL William's♔Demesne Fu Husband & Lord To Diana's♈Demesne has just sent you 1000000 fuBucks! side note; he has a slogan :D "Don't let us fall flat, help buy a bling for peace and all that. :P" JoJoTM Badass Bad*Girl~Proud member of Fubar's most ignored~Owner of Codeputy has just sent you 500000 fuBucks! "u kanhaz more monies for peace:)" mb....Spikecoon(the tard's) slave has just sent you 500000 fuBucks! "for Peace...I wish I could give ya more" *dances* we're up to 14 fu mil for a bomb for peace! woot woot!!!
Look Here.
One thousand points to go to psycho. Or at least I saw it when it was.
Cold Eternal
I can see you staring at me..but your not there... I can hear your voice still callin..i miss you still.. You were the saddest lingers on.. Yours are the grayest eyes.. THat little thing u do..eternal and so cold.. And you know all those souls..ETERNAL AND SO COLD I can hear you wandering..among my thoughts.. Many things..still whisper to me   and never call You were the saddest lingers on.. Yours were the grayest eyes..that bring me love..
Charm School
So Sean and I started watching this show Carm School with Ricki Lake.  When the show first started we each picked a girl we thought would last the longest... My girl is K.O.  HOWEVER....  when Sean chose his girl we didn't know their names and the girl he chose has piercings in her dimples, so he said "I'll choose Nipples"  Geeeee what do you think he was thinking????  LMAO!
Still Here
Begging and pleading with my heart to find one last courage. Going beyond what I know and standing up to my fears. Lust for you is want for my soul. To save this vision to last more than one frame and to pronounce my courage, overcoming shame. My soul lost and weak in desire for you my love, don’t let it down. In moments of last look I am humbled by the nature of your spirit. Loving and forgiving, but only tolerant till my own fault. I ask forgiveness too many times in the light of your majesty. All of my insecurities you erect in a glance that keep me cowering to no end. It is just a dream that keeps me next to you and only hope that keeps me at bay. Fighting to walk, fighting to stand still, fighting to keep my soul the same as you left it the night you said goodbye. Choosing to stay shows weakness to all eyes but mine. If I f fail I fail and I still gain a moment. A moment in your thoughts, your creativity, is still all a moment I keep unprotected and wanting another. For m
David R. Ray
David Robert "Bobby" Ray (February 14, 1945 to March 19, 1969) David R. Ray was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. In addition to the Medal of Honor he was awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received in action, as well as the Combat Action Ribbon, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal (with star) and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. His father was presented the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony. Citation:For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a corpsman with Battery D, 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division, at Phu Loc 6, near An Hoa, Quang Nam Province, in the Republic of Vietnam, on 19 March 1969. During the early morning hours, an estimated battalion-sized enemy force launched a determined assault against the Battery's position, and succeeded in effecting a penetration of the barbed-wire perimeter. The initial burst of enemy fire caused numerous casualties amo
Metallic Taste
Nothing more unique then the taste of metal. How a rosary feels so smooth, with all of its curves against your tongue. Chewing of a pen can be so jagged. The taste of the barrel of a gun can be so sweet. Tears rolling down sad eyes, running down old rough skin, down young smooth steel, to the hammer that I pull back. Warm breaths from my nose makes long mists of steam against the cold of the gun. Emotions from memories guide my muscles and tense around the trigger.   "I love you" and doubt enters in   "I won't hurt you" hate subsides   "I shared with him everything" and adrenaline starts, my finger shaking squeezing the trigger.   Gas fills the chamber and climbs to my mouth and death enters reprieve from the gun that jammed. Where was my luck when I met her, sarcasm in misery?  Drop the clip, pull the chamber, eject the bullet and try again.   Shaking worse than before. I hate the taste of that gas so let's try the temple. Cock back the hammer close my eyes and think of her.
In My Mind
Why is it when I dream of you its always your touch that stands out the most? Its not the overly sexual one, but it's the most affectionate sensation ive ever felt. It has meaning and reassurance. It is safety and warmth. I could dream of rain covering me but its your hand in mine that I feel the most. Why is it when I think of you its your smile that I see? It guides the rest of the thoughts I have. I can think sad thoughts and I see those expressive lips showing me it will be ok. I can think of happy thoughts and see that smile and I know I have a friend. I can think of something to surprise you  and your lips form a circle that your hand quickly covers. Why is it when I breathe I can see your face in the trails of my exhale? Sad, happy, loved, I can see every change in every muscle in your expressions. I see the warmth of the curves in your hair with your head pressed to my chest. And yet with every inhale, every nightmare, and every moment I lack an idea, it is always the worst.
This Dont Happen Very
So This Dont happen very often, they put me up for Auction! haha come show me some love! Make sure to hit my SB for the Link!!!   Much Love Kerry  
Every Hit,,,, Or Liza
In the event of my pain, I am saddened with truth. That the pain is the only truth I’ve known. Let it go and feel the ground. Flying over self regret and loss of company. See it all from an angle that brings me no closer to closure. He loved abused and left, while I loved hurt and stayed. Feel me now this anticipation. Falling to the ground closer to another hurt. Allow another to lift me up, only to let me go. Feel the warmth of care as I fall, and the joy of empathy as I rise. Up and down. First hit love first fall lesson. Second hit rebound sound hit lie. Third hit lust third hit contemplation. Every hit, every fall thereafter, rejection.
Ask Munchies
YOU CAN ASK ME 5 QUESTIONS:: 1 2 3 4 5   __________________________________________________ No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless __________________________________________________ I promise to answer them 100% truthfully __________________________________________________ All questions are COMPLETELY confidential _______________________
In these moments, I feel given in to insecurity. As though the past mocks and lets the future die. In these moments I am without the warmth of her company. Lost in the doubt of her return. In these moments I am gone. Away from comfort conditioned into isolation. In this shame I await for the pain of this new memory. In this shame I am left in my own resolve waiting for her answer. In my shame I stand. I am right I always am. In my own damn self pity I will keep company with every wing of every angel I have given flight from every kiss I gave her. And I will lay her, unmoving in a bed of these wings. Simplistic irony. Or my own stubbornness to realize I am always right. 06-17-08
tonite I met a cousin I diddnt know I had. Living in the U.S. you miss relatives back home.I met a cousin tonite--he let me be me and he thinks Im a cool cousin. After meeting him 1st time tonite--had to say good bye. Im tired of good byes!!They hurt bad!!
Michael A. Monsoor
Michael Anthony Monsoor (April 5, 1981 – September 29, 2006) On March 31, 2008, the United States Department of Defense confirmed that Michael Monsoor would posthumously receive the Medal of Honor from the President of the United States, George W. Bush. Bush presented the medal to Monsoor's parents on April 8, 2008. On September 29, 2006, Monsoor's platoon engaged four insurgents in a firefight, killing one and injuring another. Anticipating further attacks, Monsoor, three SEAL snipers and three Iraqi Army soldiers took up a rooftop position. Civilians aiding the insurgents blocked off the streets, and a nearby mosque broadcast a message for people to fight against the Americans and the Iraqi soldiers. Monsoor was protecting other SEALs, two of whom were 15 feet away from him. Monsoor's position made him the only SEAL on the rooftop with quick access to an escape route. A grenade was thrown onto the rooftop by an insurgent on the street below. The grenade hit Monsoor in the che
I retreat into the dark recesses of my mind once againHiding from the harsh realities of this all-too-jaded world.My confusion never seems to abate, not at all.My mind a chaotic whirlwind of terrible thoughts.I pull them around me closely, like a security blanketthe chaos comes naturally to me, feels comforting.I long for the things that once made me safeThings that once numbed my senses into false reverie.Once upon a time I could crawl inside a bottleAnd feel my troubles melt away, if only for awhile.Or smoke the sacred herb, sweet scented securityand not feel or care about anything awhile.But too many times I awoke on the floorwondering where I was; where everyone had gone.Lost and alone, feeling sick and afraid,The darker thoughts coming back with a vengence.The anger and pain clouds my mind again;Medication lasts only so long, helping only a littleBefore the rage returns, battling my sanity,Ripping my mind apart, feeding the pain within my soul.Do I even want to cry out for help an
I have new shoes.  I walked again today and gave myself a blister.  It freaking hurts.  It's worth the pain though.  I wish I still looked the same as I did in high school...then I wouldn't be walking every night.  Although, it is really peaceful at the park.  There's not usually a lot of people there and I get to listen to all my music.  The South side of the park is almost pleasant.  The North side has a nasty little creek that always looks stagnant.  (Ewww)  If you've read this far I'm sorry.  I live a pretty boring life. 
I'm A Thug Lyrics
I don't know what this world's gonna bringBut I know one thing that this is the life for meBaby cause I'm a thugAll day every dayBaby cause I'm a thugWouldn't change for the worldUh huh cause I'm a thugThat's right you heardBaby cause I'm a thugUh huh oh yeah[TRICK DADDY](check it out)Could it be my baggy jeans Or my gold teeth That make me different from ya'llAin't trippin dog But listen dog I've been raised a little different yallI'm just doing my thang These are my ghetto slangs And I'm representing thug shitThis who I roll with Watch them niggas that's gonna love thisNiggas who out on bond On the run Got 10 years on paroleSince you can't say it dog I'ma say it for ya'llMotherfuck the po-po'sFuck the judge and CEO'sFuck the DA and PO'sFuck the family of the victim Witness that's snitchin ass hoes nigga[CHORUS 1X][TRICK DADDY]See I'm so tightNiggas be likeThat nigga got so many hoesAnd I know he got cloutLook at his mouth That nigga got so many goldsNiggas be tellin they hoesThere's
Let's Go Lyrics
Yeah (Yeaaaahhhh) (Yeah) Yeah)Theres a lotta fuck niggas in the club tonight,(Fuck em, Fuck em, Fuck em)but its gonna be aiite, (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)cuz me and my clique we dont give a fuck nigga. (we dont giv a fuck nigga)Trick Daddy, Jim Johnson, Big D, Lil JonHook:Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know),I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, (What) Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know),I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, (What) Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)Trick Daddy:If you want some, come get some,cuz where I'm from we tote big guns, (Yeah)And everybody know somebody that know somebody that know somethin bout it, (Yeah)And I want answers now who, what, where, when and why,see, a lotta dudes like to act a fool and all get all loud but that aint my style, (What)and he who he gonna get and what he gonna do, (what he gonna do)run up on me if he want to,Out there impressin his homies,but he stood up in front of his
By Nickle Back...
This time I wonder what it feels likeTo find the one in this lifeThe one we all dream ofBut dreams just aren't enoughSo I´ll be waiting for the real thing.I'll know it by the feeling.The moment when we´re meetingwill play out like a scene straight off the silver screenSo I`ll be holdin’ my own breathRight up to the endUntil that moment whenI find the one that I'll spend forever with`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.Someone to love with my life in their hands.There`s gotta be somebody for me like that.`Cause nobody wants to do it on their ownAnd everyone wants to know they´re not alone.There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere.There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.Tonight, out on the street out in the moonlightAnd dammit this feels too rightIt´s just like Déjà VuMe standin’ here with youSo I´ll be holdin`my own breathCould this be the end?Is it that moment whenI find the one that I'll spend forever wi
Lost And Found
Okay it really bugs me when someone calls and says they left something behind in their room. Ugh why can't they pay attention to detail and make sure they have everything before they leave instead of calling and have an attitude with me becuase of their mistake!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR.
Biker Meets Viagra
  Crash, the Biker, walks into a pharmacy & says to the pharmacist, "Listen, I have three biker babes coming over tonight. I've never had three biker babes at once, & I need something to keep me horny, keep me potent." The pharmacist reaches under the counter, unlocks the bottom drawer & takes out a small cardboard box marked with a label "Viagra Extra Strength" & says, "Here, if you eat this, you'll go NUTS for 12 hours!" The next day, Crash rides down to the same pharmacy, walks right up to the same pharmacist & pulls down his pants. The pharmacist looks in horror as he notices that Crash's Johnson is black & blue with the skin hanging off in some places. Crash says, "Gimme a bottle of Ben Gay." The pharmacist replies, "BEN GAY?! You're not going to put Ben Gay on your dick while it's in that condition?" Crash says, "No, it's for my arms, the girls didn't show up."
Let's Get Together
hey to all the sexy ladies out there if you wanna chat or get to know me ... my yahoo screen name is donaldkur.... i do have a webcam... i'm not shy... so hit me up ladies...
Keep In Touch
I never claimed to be perfect in an un perfect world. Ihaven't been happy for sometime. It's been a year since my mom has passed. An people expect you to get over it like it's no big deal..... these people don't know what it's like to have lost someone so close.she's the women who gave birth to me. If not for her I wouldn't be here . So to get what I made this blog, my home life. I'm going to take a vactation from this place aka fubar.. I will miss my friends an people who have really touched my life.. For you that would like to stay in touch please leave a comment here of leave me a private message...                                                 thank you again all                                                   Rae
This Is A Foreign Look At Our President
   This is a foreign look at our president.   If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself. Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people - not even Jimmy Carter. Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail. That is why he opened Pandora's Box by publishing the Justice Department's legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrog
Cyber Sex Broke Down
Bloodninja: I lick your earlobe, and undo your watch. Sarah19fca: mmmm, okay. Bloodninja: I take yo pants off, grunting like a troll. Sarah19fca: Yeah I like it rough. Bloodninja: I smack you thick booty. Sarah19fca: Oh yeah, that feels good. Bloodninja: Smack, Smack, yeeeaahhh. Bloodninja: I make some toast and eat it off your ass. Land O' Lakes butter all in your crack. Mmmm. Sarah19fca: you like that? Bloodninja: I peel some bananas. Sarah19fca: Oh, what are you gonna do with those? Bloodninja: get me peanuts. Peanuts from the ballpark. Sarah19fca: Peanuts? Bloodninja: Ken Griffey Jr. Yeaaaaahhh. Sarah19fca: What are you talking about? Bloodninja: I'm spent, I jump down into the alley and smoke a fatty. I throw rocks at the cats. Sarah19fca: This is stupid. Bloodninja: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives me some beer. Bloodninja: Wanna Wrestle Stone Cold? Bloodninja: Yeeaahhhh. Sarah19fca: /ignore Bloodninja: Its cool stone cold she was a bitch anyway. Bloodninja: We get on harle
depredation \dep-ruh-DAY-shun\, noun:1. An act of plundering or despoiling; a raid.2. [Plural] Destructive operations; ravages.
Mutilation of the breasts.
Fuck Lyin Ass Bitches!!!!
God i hate em!!!!! How about somebody that lied to u for over a fucking year???? Lol they'll get whats comin to em.... AND YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKIN ABOUT IF YOU FUCKING READ THIS!!!!!!!!! (PurfuctlyBroken)
Do not go gentle into that good night.  -  Dylan Thomas
The First Of My Songs I Have Been Able To Put To Music
My lyrics, some adlibbed, bc it was longer than my song, here it is, to be or not to be?">
Memorial Day .. Let's Not Forget Those Who Died For Our Freedom
Officers(plaid Mafia)
Josh[myself] (Founder) Lauren (Co Founder)  DragonFairy (Manger of Members)   they don't really mean anything just people who have shown lots of support. more people will be added. so please don't feel left out. make sure you add these awesome people!
Problem People
Why do people have to start stuff in life. Bring it in to fubar and get others involved. If it is home life keap it at home. When u bring people u dont know in to it u make it worris then it is worth. There is alot of great friend ships made on here . So if you have to bring stuff in to fubar dont get others involved.
I Am Graduating
Ok All I amDreamwisher, mother of Blueflame. I am graduating on May 31, 2009 with a BS in Information Technology/Multimedia Visual COmmunications. I have also recently started my Master degree for Business.
How do you get rid of the pain he has left in my heart? every time i get a txt every time i get a call he is always on my mind. Have i fallen this hard for him or is this just an infatuation? I'm so clueless I have never cared for anyone Like I care for him I put my heart on my sleeve telling him all my secrets, my likes and dislikes, will he call me, or will he delete me SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!! plz
Burns~~~   My love for you burns like a million flames, Warming my heart for an eternity. And though our lips have never met, I sense you in my dreams and in my soul. Heat rushing to my face with that possible first kiss, Makes an everlasting blush which compels my being. NauttiLunaAngel Jan 15th 2000
Who Wants A Lifetime Pimpout On My Page?
I am offering a spot on my page for life.. all you have to do is gift me something.. There is a spot for: 5 credit bling pack 10 credit bling pack 25 credit bling pack - u will get a pimpout a day for a week as well 65 credit bling pack - u will get 2 pimpouts a day for a week 135 credit bling pack - u will get 3 pimpouts a day for a week 350 credit bling pack 1 day blast 3 day blast 7 day blast 30 day blast 1 month vip 3 month vip 1 year vip an auto a bomb 50 credit bling   your mini will show up on my page and it will stay there forever.. thanks for your time.. :)
The Soldier's Night Before Christmas
The Soldier's Night Before Christmas   Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster & stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give And to see just who in this home did live.   I looked all about a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by the fire, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands.   With medals and badges, awards of all kind A sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, so dark and dreary, I knew I had found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly.   I heard stories about them, I had to see more So I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. And there he lay sleeping silent alone, Curled up on the floor in his one bedroom home.  
Work In Progress: Operation Trojan Horse: Part 6
Operation Trojan Horse Part 6 The two men advanced and retreated in synchrony almost like a dance. Their fluid footwork accompanied by skilful thrusts, parries and ripostes, neither one able to gain the upper hand. The blades moved like flashes of lightning in an angry, stormy sky.   “Time out!”   The men relaxed and took off their helmets. They handed their weapons to the attendant and shook hands before walking off. The life of royalty and nobility consisted of very little other than eating drinking and leisure. Fencing being one of their favourite pastimes.    Unknown to them, they had an audience. The young girl watched in awe. She sat quietly at her vantage point. She knew better than to make her presence known. Last time she was discovered, she was caned and returned to her room, crying. She had no interest in ballet and dancing and dresses and other such things that young ladies were required to learn. Her young mind had been captured and held fast by those
Memorial Day
  As we fire up the grill to day let's please remember why we have our freedom today and take a moment of silent prayer for all the solders who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, also say a prayer for those who are in harms way now fighting for those same rights and don't forget our allies in this war for they are just as important. If you would please look at the web site , Please help these fine folks out any way you can.   If you have served in the armed forces or are serving now please let me say Thank You for your service and I would also like to say Thank You to all of our Allied forces for helping in our endevorse to make the world a safer place, and please pray for all the troops and leaders of the world that they may make the right choices and truly see the Hand of GOD in the work that they do .
Just Another Poem Of Thoughts
i sit here accross the room look at your beautiful face day in day out wondering why did i do something so stupid to hurt the one that holds the ket to my heart you are my being for living i go to sleep thinking about you and your the frist thought of my day you have always and will be always the light of my life my reason for living my reason for breathing it just is hard to see my love sit accross from me knowing i cant hold you in my arms kiss you and tell you i love you at night as you go lay your head down to rest i sit up in tears wishing i was laying with you holding you in my arms i cry untill i can't cry no more cry even more after that untill i fall asleep then i see your face in my dreams  
May 15, 2009 - Release: Superstars
Katone's song 'Superstars' is finally here, and it was definitely worth the wait! 'Superstars' is the complete opposite of Katone's other new addition, 'Locked Up and Hidden', in the fact that it is a totle rocker! From the very beginning the percussion leaves your heart thumping and your body grooving to the beat! The chords make you wanna sink and grind! The overall affect is a simultanious orgasm of rhythm! This song is also somewhat different from Katone's previous tunes. The 'bow chika bow bow' in the beginning and throughout made me laugh when I first heard this song, yet it seems to fit so well. Making the song even more exciting. There is a clear indication through the lyrics of a night on the town, and the partying and gambling that takes place in any relationship prior to the clothes tossing, sheet ripping activity that transpires soon after. The very essence of what Rock used to, and is supposed to be! As with 'Locked Up and Hidden', 'Superstars' will be hosted on Katon
A Personal Side To Memorial Day
  21 March 1953 Korea Hello Folks    Will start this while we are waiting for an inspection. Had to lay all our clothes out for a clothing shakedown. Guess they want to find out how much stuff we left behind in the other area......   This is the first day of spring and it's really nice out this morning. Boy a day like today really gives a guy the spring fever. Makes him want to lay out in the sun and just do nothing. Well I guess I'll sign off for now so I can mail this yet this morning Your Son April 1, 1953 USA Son   Well I hardly know how to write this letter as we got the message that you were missing in action on March 22, then the special delivery said you were on patrol duty and reported missing. We are all so broken hearted but hoping and praying that you are still ok. Everybody is wishing and praying with us. We have had so much company and have so many letters a
Just came back from the Verizon Center in Indy and I went to the most amazing concert in a long time. "Distrubed" is the best heavy metal Band in a long time that's worth listening too...If you get a chance to see them I recommend doing it...They were the BomB!!!!
April 21, 2009 - Release: Locked Up And Hidden
Katone promised his listeners that this month he would release at least two brand new songs from his new album in progress, and I’m here to say that this man certainly does not disappoint! ‘Locked Up and Hidden’ is the first to be released, and ‘Superstars’ will surely be hitting MySpace soon, within the next few week’s tops! I don’t know about all you friends and fans out there, but I am certainly ecstatic!The music from ‘Locked Up and Hidden’ has a deep, rich, and very dark quality to it. The lyrics, speak of a heart, possessed and transformed by love and all its oppressive glory. This song is certainly different from past lyrical compositions by Katone, yet shows just how versatile of an artist he is, making his music all the more enjoyable to listen to. You are never hampered with the same style and same sound. Every artist has a darker, deeper, more romantic side… This song is just that! ‘Locked Up and Hidden&
A Poem Written By A Friend
Fabric covered fevered flesh,lips together tongues now meshed,forceful pulls cloth stretches and tears,aroma of sweat and perfume fills the air,unleashed now a lustful beast,hungry nashing he wants to feast,on your body he wants to dine,skin to skin so sublime,tight flesh yields to my advance,piercing your hot body with my fleshy lance,I see building desires in your eyes,I feel the passion between your thighs,soft subtle skin my lust does mark,hot consuming fire from just a spark,a litle pain then flooded with pleasure,wanton carnage in full measure,playing, teasing, fulfillment again and again,so many ways, so many sins,and then comes our orgasmic release,you lay breathless on top of the beast,in your eyes I see that we are not through,for now I have unleashed the beast in you.
March 16, 2009 - Upcoming Release
We’ve now been open for a grand total of two weeks, and I figured, it’s time for an update on our Artist!The beginning of 2009 has been generous so far! Katone has already made an appearance in Detroit, as well as three others on the West Coast in California. Since mid February, he has been taking advantage of a small portal of down time, in which he has been gearing up his energy, writing and recording new material, and making arrangements for his new and upcoming album, which is due for release sometime in April. The title of this album and the date of its official release have yet to be announced, as he is currently awaiting for the authority by his current label ‘Dainty Suicide Records, Inc.’ Katone has sited that he is determined to make the release, and promises that when all is said and done, his fans will not be disappointed.So for all you listeners out there, keep those fingers crossed. Let’s hope that all goes well, and that Katone’s music
#1 Short Story A Friend Writes 4 Me
I try not to but I can' you lay on the bed nothing on but your white thongs and see through mouth waters as you look up at me with those big deep heart races, my blood surges, I feel like a school boy on his first bite your lower lip and smile as I continue to gaze at you sultry manhood gorges itself as you reach out to me and pull me into your bed....I lay beside you and breath in your sexy aroma, just your smell turns me on, I close my eyes as your lips brush against my neck and down my chest. I return the favor by kissing and licking the side of your neck...your skin is so soft and subtle, you taste heavenly as my tongue slides down to you cleavage....I begin to caresss you as you hand grips my pulsing passion and we move closer...our bodies intwined, I kiss down even lower down deep your skin rippling with ecstasy as my tongue finds a moist area underneath the satiny small faberic triangle that is now soaked with your lust...I take on
Plans Discussed But Not Foreseen
I get in my car to go home, suddenly someone rises up out of the back seat, puts his hand over my mouth and says “don’t scream, don’t say a word, just back out and drive. I’ll tell you where to go." It’s dark outside, I can’t see him, and the voice is gravelly but familiar. That makes no difference I’m still scared. His hands reach down the front of my shirt and he pinches me, hard. I now know where this is going and I don’t like it.   He tells me to turn down the road up ahead, I know this read leads to an old abandoned piece of property, no one around.  He tells me to stop, and grabs a handful of hair yanks my head back and tells me “ ohh you are going to like this slut”       He gets out and yanks me out, my mind is racing and it’s so dark, I can’t see him. He makes me stand there as he circles me, I feel his hot breath on my neck, I’m scared but at the same time aroused. He shoves his hand up und
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things happen and thats life.Never stop taking chances on life though
Something New And Wonderful
Walking into the bedroom, she was positioned exactly as directed. I saw her naked on the bed, on her knees and elbows in the soft glow of candle light. Her back was arched, lifting her ass high in the air, as if waving an invitation. Her head was down, her hair falling around her head and shielding her eyes.Silently approaching her, I reached out and rubbed my hand down her sides, slowly petting her. Momentarily startled, she involuntarily twitched before relaxing and leaning into my touch. In the candle light, I noticed her thighs were slick with her excitement."Are you ready pet?" I asked her"Yes Sir, please..." she panted, both excited and nervous.Picking up the blindfold from the bedside table I gently lowered it over her eyes, plunging her into darkness and heightening her sense of touch. Moving behind her, I noticed that her pussy lips were open and her juices were running down her thighs."Aww, does the little slut want to be played with and fucked?" I asked her."Yes, please..."
Random Stuff Pleases Jan
If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar. The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute. In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator. Odontophobia is the fear of teeth. The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had. In the early days of the telephone, operators would pick up a call and use the phrase, "Well, are you there?". It wasn't until 1895 that someone suggested answering the phone with the phrase "number please?" The surface area of an average-sized brick is 79 cm squared. According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction. Cats sleep 16 to 18 hou
Get Some Bux & Help A Friend
Nothing fancy today. Just asking for help from even 10% of my 24,000 friends lol I have autos active..FINALLY! WOOOT! I will pay 10,000 fubucks per 100 pic rates andor 15,000 fubucks per bombing- I dont really need the bucks i just wanna level and I am a little under 5 mil from doing it! Just be sure to comment the last pic of the album you rate and pm me how many you got when you are done! I will be doing this all through tonight until the HH's are over. doesnt matter if they are 10's or actual 11's just whatever you can spare! Thanks in advance to all my awesome friends who do and will help! *smooches and lix* Brought to you by the one and only ~♥Temptress♥Head Promoter@Sex Kittens/greeter@NBH@ fubar
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Pat I: Lycanthropy Is In My Blood Now
 Ok here's the deal.  I am a lychanthrope.  I know you guys are laughing at me right now and it may be all the cold medicine I'm taking (I'm really sick today) but I really believe I am going through an animallistic metamorphosis (Damn!  That's a lot of big words!  Hope I spelled them right).  Sit dow, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite soft drink and read my story.  I must warn you's not for the faint of heart.  I was at my brothers house the other day playing Risk (Shut Up!!! It's a man's game!) when my 3-year-old son announced he had to pee.  My niece was in the upstairs bathroom and the only one available was in the basement.  Now being the amazingly wonderful father I am I had to go downstairs with him so he could relieve himself because every self-respecting three-year-old knows all monsters stay in the basement waiting for kids to come down there to use the bathroom so they can eat them.  Now I know you're thinking "Gee Doug, this seems fairly harmless to me so
No Light
I wonder down an empty street with no light. Thier are no dogs barking, children laughing or people wondering down the streets. Chaos erupted and death set in. The sun is gone and like a blanket covering a scared child darkness set in. I walk down the street still searching for life but I know my efforts are in vain. I set down on the curb and look around me pulling back the sheets of darkness in my mind but all I can see is death and famine. I hear a loud scream and open my eyes and begin to look around but soon realize it is just the wind. I stand up and start twords an empty building in the distance. As I walk and listen to the winds torment, I begin to wonder if I am being punished for something I have or haven't done. I think about my family and my friends and wonder if they are alright. I approach the building with a blank look on my face looking up at its hiegth wondering if anyone could be inside. I walk up to the door but the door sis locked. I walk back out into the dark stre
New Clip At" Ballbusting & Humiliation
I have just posted a new clip on My clips4sale store at "Busted & Disgusted" Rope Bondage, Ballbusting & Humiliation (4 minutes): Almost 5 years after their first meeting and repeated requests to be in one of Mistress Genevieve's ball busting videos, this sniveling twit finally gets his chance � only to repeatedly disappoint. Not only can't he take the booted kicks even half as well as he had bragged all these years� to add insult to injury, he has arrived to shoot in yellow stained tightey-whiteys. After just a small handful of rather light kicks it becomes obvious that this wimpy worm will need his arms bound behind him to prevent him blocking Her kicks� and it's time drop the drawers. Those stained briefs come in handy when the ball-less wonder asks for Mistress to �at least � wipe the sweat from his brow, in a slightly disrespectful tone. Mistress makes sure this pitiful gimp learns a valuable lesson� be
Memorial Day
For those of us that, have family serving and to the hero's that have served our country. There's not a lot, we can do or, can say to give thanks for, keeping us free. While many people will be enjoying the time away from their jobs today; there's a soldier in a land far away. Many people will be at a barbecue. For us with a soldier, we'll be missing you. For those that gave up a limb or, gave up a life. There's an empty void for friends, families, husbands and wives. Not everyone, is cut out to be a hero and serve our country. But, thank God they did to protect us and keep us free. So, if you value, your freedom and all you have, please don't forget. It wasn't a president,  sports star or a writer, it was a vet.   God Bless you all for serving   Chris  
Work In Progress: Operation Trojan Horse: Part 5
Operation Trojan Horse Part 5 The captain sat at his desk, deep in thought. The dice had been thrown and there was no going back now. So many variables beyond his control. So many things that could potentially go wrong. Horribly wrong. It was a dangerous game he was playing. Gambling with his own life. If the source of the information leak were traced back to him, his lifetime would be reduced to hours, each one spent in excruciating pain.   He had built up his network of moles, spies and informers over many years. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of each man. Indeed, he had gambled on this knowledge before and had been vindicated each time. The chain was long enough, but all it would take is one weak link.   Ultimately, the gamble was like a double edged sword. The only thing more dangerous than wielding it would have been to leave it. Madness would have eaten away at his mind until he had either taken his own life or become a lifetime resident of some lunatic asylum.  
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Destined To Be Alone.
I think I am just tired of trying.  Even when I am not looking, and someone "finds" me, it just isn't meant to be.  I think I have heard all the excuses, and heard every possible lie.  I think any game that could be played has been played and I've lost each time. Too often I hear you are too nice for me.. or too good for me.  I've lost out so many times because someone wants what they admit is bad for them. I'm not perfect.  I'm far from perfect.  I'm average looking at best.  Getting  older.  I carry a lot of baggage.  It's taken a lot to get beyond the abuse, to let me be close to someone. Not sure I believe in love anymore, at least not for me.  I don't think I ever want to hear the words again. Is it punishment for divorcing?  For walking away from a commitment?  I think I had every reason to do it... but maybe not. Maybe my failure there has left me destined to be alone.
New Plaid Members
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Life And Lack Of It
LIFE OR THE LACK OF IT 3rd drployment to iraq my quick thoughts on it The price of ones life seems to get less and less every day especially in a world where no one wants you. Death flys over u screaming as it passes u dnt knw what to do some people run and hide some like me just light up a cig and puff away being here for the third time now u get use to certain things that no normal person cud ever imagian and shud never have to. everyone looses loved ones but it just seems so much diffrent over here when u loose a brother or sister  it can tear u apart but u gotta just move on and do yur job it makes u think how long till im next and thats the first thing that gose threw my head when i get up and when i go to sleep.
TRUE LOVE   What the fuck you gunna do with your life When every time you move your stabed with a knife   All you got is your heart and one breath But you stop breathing and your heart breaks every time you take a step   You think your going in the right direction But you always headed the wrong way Every single hour of every single day So you look to god who never answers No matter how much you pray   Then a hand comes out of nowhere To show you the way to brighter days Who is this person you wonder You look up and she smiles from above   As sweet as sugar,As beautiful as an angel ITS YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE
  SO DAM MUCH     Sometimes i think im goin crazy Then i look into her eyes She makes me happy She make me cry Thats when i wonder why   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH   At night i cant even hold her Her eyes are so cold I dont understand All the good memories just fold But   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH   I dont want to loose her She is all ive got She is the best thing thats happen to me and that is a lot     I dont know what to do i dont know how i will find a way So i guess i jst keep reminding myself That   I LOVE HER SO DAM MUCH
WHEN IM GONEWhen im gone Will you still love meOrEasily find someone newWhen im gone Will i be in your heartOr Will your love for me end where it startsWhen im gone Will i be in your thoughtsOr All yur memories of me you put a X acrossWhen im gone Will you cryWill it put a tear in your eyeOr Will u just sighAnd Move on with your lifeWhen im gone
I'm a old guy that got shot and killed and shot down by bad guys My wife left me, my kids left me and the Mrines Corps said...oops, I did what I did best...if you don't  like it?  Call mea Marine!

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