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Someday In The Future
Someday in the Future “Thank you, this seat is fine.” “Yes, the weather is nice this afternoon, all grey and cold like that, definitely puts you in a wintry frame of mind.” “No thanks, I think I’ll start with a cup of tea, Earl Grey if you have it.” “No, no thanks, just tea while I read the menu please.” “Thank you, no cream I’m not much on milk products, thanks. Yes, I’m ready to order, I think I’ll start with a bowl of soup, the vegetable beef please, and then I’ll have the Turkey Club sandwich. French fries please no salt on them if you would. And another cup of tea until the food comes, than a glass of ice water, thank you. “For dessert? Oh – I’ll have the cherry pie please, my mother always made cherry pie, and it’s my favorite. Did you know, you are one of the last restaurants to serve regular pie? I know all the other places say they have pie, but then when you ask
Less Than Thirty-six Hours To Our Travels
Sunday morning I had our church’s third graders to teach in Parable Playhouse, our church’s Sunday school class done with puppets.  That day Sarah chose to not go into another Sunday school class and hung out with her aunt Mary while I taught with Jeffrey at my side (I mean, he wouldn’t get away from it).  My in-laws were out of town this past weekend so Martha, Mary, and I were the three adults watching over Breanna – who is thirteen and certified to be a babysitter, her sister Josceline, Sarah, and Jeffrey.  So Jeffrey was in class (I joke that he and Sarah audit my class) and the kids even set out a pillow for him to sit on.  Then three of the boys in the class lifted him up on the pillow … with great difficulty, they admitted!  He is slightly smaller than Sarah – I’m still asked by people who see them if they’re twins – but he is very solid when you lift him! At one point in class, I had four kids acting with their puppets on
Dewdrops On The Grass
DEWDROPS ON THE GRASS a poem of remembering by john p reedWritten from January 2007 through February 2008                                                                                   I thought of pearls on a string, of a seagull dip-skimming the Sea of Time  flap dip - flap - flap - dip - flap - dip - dip this came out...                                                                                    Dedication  This piece speaks of and toa love that I have always knownthat I have always been a part of.This is dedicated to her and she knows it.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Outside of this time-frame, there is only us.Speak or type - feel or imagine - dreaming or awake, the words are the same - we are one in this loving and knew it when we first traded words. Our world was immediately circumscribed into us, and them. Ever since then, we have danced together, motes in the simple continuum of YHVH, knowing always that while we may wish our love to be carnal at times, our lo
Husband Store
The Husband StoreA store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City , Where a woman may go to choose a husband.Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates.You may visit the store ONLY ONCE!There are six floors and the attributes of the menincrease as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch. .  .. You may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the  building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to  find a husband. .On the first floor the sign on the door reads:Floor 1  - These men have jobs and love the Lord.   The second floor sign reads:Floor 2  - These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids. The  third floor sign reads:Floor 3  - These men have jobs, love th
Umbrellas Don't Catch Tears
Umbrellas Don’t Catch Tears  It rained this morning. Me and the kids, late again, Rushing to get ready Hurrying to recover lost time. I grabbed an umbrella stepped out into the rain "Click-Swoosh!" and my heart fell Riotous colored triangles spread the simple black of mine forgotten I thought, in an instant of   Us, in line on a rainy Anniversary Dinner   Us, walking along in the rain   Us, arguing and then making up under that thing   Us, Twelve years shoulder to shoulder under it So many times, your umbrella shielded us enclosed us in the world of 'we' I gave the Umbrella to the children, so the rain would cover my face you see - umbrellas don't catch tears
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The Six Stones
The Six Stones Lying on the nightstand next to her bed, were five smooth white stones, left over from some aromatherapy massage miracle treatment, and one acrylic stone with Raphael the Archangel of Healing embedded in it. Her breath was very labored now, her lungs filling minute by minute with fluid too deep to be suctioned, gurgling like bong-water without the smoke, the oxygen tube puffing air in her nose barely keeping her skin pink. The end of this four year battle to stay alive, and alert, to be mother, wife and friend, was near, so very near, that there was now a hush in the room, and peoples eyes started with tears at the instinctual recognition of Death’s presence. Her son, barely five years old, who had without fail, tossed as many coins in every fountain as I would let him, who never failed once, to say a prayer for his mothers healing at every meal, and before bed, was lying next to her, peacefully holding her hand. Every few minutes, he would rise up, and as he had
What would be the best way to off a 4 year old? I just opened a fresh bottle of Smart ridiculous addiction...whilst I was peeing she took a swig off the new bottle after eating pringles. So now there are all kinds of floaties in my water...Grr. It was my last bottle...
After last night, I am both mentally and physically drained. I am usually an extreme early riser, and didnt get up till 9:30 this morning after a long night of waking up constantly with nightmares.   I did set my profile to friends only, first time I have ever done that. I am hating this stress more then I care to admit on, sadly, I know it is showing :( I was literally pissed off cuz I had went to buy someone and then someone bought them back and I bought them again and then the same person bought them back and then I was blocked from buying them. Usually I would not care, but yesterday it hit a nerve big time. Then thinking that bombing would take my mind off of thing, hahaha ya right.... I had my shoutbox off to begin with, hit my family members and stuff 1st like I usually do, then when I turned the shoutbox back on it was filled up instantly. I actually jumped one person, I had my status set to bling or some rates would be nice, these idiots don't even come to my page and act li
Meet My Mother Esme Cullen
I was born in year 1895. I lived near the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. When I was Young I was always outside wich my friends hanging out in the nature and going shopping with my best friends. I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen for the first time when I was 16 and had just broken my leg climbing a tree. He soon moved out of town, but I never forgot the experience because he was so cute and he was a totally lovely man. I had great grades and I was not a teenager who always interest myself for Makeup and good looking clothes. So I wanted to study and become a school teacher. While I initially wanted to move West to become a school teacher, I was pressured by my parents to remain and marry. At the age of 22, I married Charles Evenson, hoping to please my parents and willing to attempt to be happy, but soon realized my husband was an abusive man. I never really loved him but I just wanted to make my parents be happy and I didn't want to be lonely anymore. My parents coached me to keep face, and much
live life to the fullest n ever looking back on the past
Dom Deluise Dies At 75.
Dom DeLuise, the jovial comic who enlivened such madcap films as Cannonball Run, Blazing Saddles, and Spaceballs, has died. He was 75.
Free Credit Report
Bullshit. I used this website to get my FREE credit report, yet I have a $2.95 charge to my account. I cancelled it immediately because you had to send mail to actually get your credit report. I'm pissed. I hate wasting money.
Life Is Like!
Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back. If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.
Come Meet Our Mother Esme Cullen
Lil Pushy This Month
Libra  -  May 2009Venus squares Pluto on May 2 and your thoughts could be tangled to some extent. Perhaps you make unnecessary demands on your partner. While it's true that it's impossible to make someone love you, you may try your best to get the attention you desire this month. Mercury moves into retrograde motion on May 6 and there could be promises made that will never be kept. The truth comes out when Saturn moves into direct motion on May 16. On May 27 the kind of satisfaction you're looking for is within your grasp when those two heavyweights, Jupiter and Neptune, find themselves in the house of fun, games, and romantic gambling. A chance you take could just pay off today. The Quarter Moon on May 31 is in the behind-the-scenes twelfth house, and that's just where you want to spend the day.
Intense Life Changing News
On May 1st my mom went to get an MRI of her chest because Dr. Mallon (her ortho) wanted to try to figure out why she has been in so much pain and stuff. It even looks like her rib cage is all twisted or something. Iunno, anyways...Since we missed the 2 phone calls that day an hour after she had gone for the scan  we didn't receove the results until yesterday.Unfortunately the radiologist believes the tumor she now has is coming from the lung and causing destruction of the bones in the area.Today we're going to go see a thoraxic surgeon at about 3:00 so I guess there will be more updates then.Either way we are both staying positive that this isnt going to be too serious of a problem one way or another.Until then I plan to spend more time with her and do everything around the house, in the yard, etc. so that she doesn't have to. I'm also getting intensely involved in focusing on writing my book(s). But there will be more about that later.
Rip Cash
this is the article from 2 years ago. Lake drowning victim recovered, identified A drowning victim whose body was recovered in Cherokee Lake has been identified as Gary Ryan Stringer, 26, of Jefferson City. Authorities from TVA, Grainger County and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency had been searching for the victim after he disappeared in the water around 5 p.m. Sunday at Point Seven in the Grainger County part of the lake. "He was apparently trying to swim from one island to another, and when he got to about the midway point, went under and did not come back up," TVA spokesman Gil Francis said. Stringer's body was recovered around 11 a.m. Monday near the spot where he was last seen. he was our life. our everything. the only one who gave a fuck about me. things are a lot worse with him gone i hate the way my life has turned out. how i fail at relationships because i dont give a fuck. how i wish i would also die, on accident. part of me thinks he gave up, hell i would too.
Joke Of The Day
Joke of the Day Two men were having an awfully slow round of golf because the two ladies in front of them managed to get into every sand trap, lake, and rough on the course. They didn't bother to wave the men on through, which is proper golf etiquette.  After two hours of waiting and waiting, one man said, "I think I'll walk up there and ask those gals to let us play through."  He walked out the fairway, got halfway to the ladies, stopped, turned around, and came back, explaining, "I can't do it. One of those women is my wife and the other is my mistress! Maybe you'd better go talk to them."  The second man walked toward the ladies, got halfway there and, just as his partner had done, stopped, turned around and walked back and said: "Small world."
Moving On
leaves the good part of us in myheart but choses to let go of the hate you caused,ive fond new and he has taken my pain away. ive always said their are memories i chose to keep. but when i move on i make new. ive gone from lies and anger, player to kindness. colin you fill my heart , my every need, you see im nt about me but us as you not about you but us . to lay next to you and you to massage my back is wonerful something my past never did . im glad ive moved on i only hope he sees the light. and will get off the roller coaster. but i doubt it he loves to play the game as his fav song ne and letting go ty for loving me but i say goodbye
Fupa... So Funny Just Check it out. You wont be dissapointed.
Sudden Dawn
A sudden dawn broke through the ages It sang the grandest of songs Proud and solitary Yet sad with solemn dreams Fierce hate and majestic love Holding the key to open the gates Of Death, of Heaven, of Hell With visions such as more will see Nor will see again- Do not twine round our affections Do not satisfy our souls Here and there, we may find touches More daring sublimity- Passages more steeped The poet of the widest sympathies Of the most delicate perceptions The profoundest knowledge of mankind A greater sculptor than Phidias A truer painter than Raphael Whilst my mind this endures Its creations are a portion of thy intellectual possessions- Ever present to thy daily thoughts Yet I find in them A wonderful delight of strength A noble scorn of all base desires-and those unworthy deeds I trace-- On the whole, a modest, cheerful, and contented spirit Little affected by the outward show of things, but prone to dwell upon my inward and essential virtues Ther
Dom Deluise
LOS ANGELES – Dom DeLuise, the portly actor-comedian whose affable nature made him a popular character actor for decades with movie and TV audiences as well as directors and fellow actors, has died. He was 75. DeLuise died Monday night, son Michael DeLuise told KTLA-TV and radio station KNX on Tuesday. The comedian died in his sleep after a long illness. Calls to his agent were not immediately returned. The actor, who loved to cook and eat almost as much as he enjoyed acting, also carved out a formidable second career later in life as a chef of fine cuisine. He authored two cookbooks and would appear often on morning TV shows to whip up his favorite recipes. As an actor, he was incredibly prolific, appearing in scores of movies and TV shows, in Broadway plays and voicing characters for numerous cartoon shows. Writer-director-actor Mel Brooks particularly admired DeLuise's talent for offbeat comedy and cast him in several of his films, including "The Twelve Chairs," "Blazing S
All Parents Read This Carefully
Tampa, Florida - Deputies say the man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's baby son and threw the boy from his car as he drove along Interstate 275 early Tuesday morning has been caught not far away. The baby did not survive. Not long after 9 a.m., police say someone spotted Richard McTear, Jr. on or around Arlington Avenue near Tampa Heights. Officers say McTear was taken into custody without incident. As officers led McTear into a sheriff's office holding area, he shot profanities at journalists. A reporter asked "How can you throw a baby out the window?" He replied: "It's a dirty game." He paused, then repeated himself: "It's dirty game." Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies have reopened all lanes of I-275 after closing two of the highway's three lanes about 1/4 mile south of Fowler Avenue as they investigated. McTear was already wanted for a past kidnapping charge before this morning's incident, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. McTear and his ex-girlfrie
The Past Has Come Back
Sometimes I just have a hard time understanding why things are the way they are. I like to think, that this is the way its suppose to be, what is suppose to happen will happen...and with any of my friends I would tell them that, and try to make them feel better. But honestly, that is just a load of crap! Do you honestly think there is someone out there for everyone? My answer is no, because if there was someone for everyone, how do you explain all of the elderly that die alone? No kids, no family, except if they are lucky they have some neices and or nephews that care about them. I feel like, I have met one person, that would have been everything I could have ever wanted, and then more. It just felt good...better than good. It felt good, and I felt good. For reason, that were way beyond my control, it wouldn't work between us. Its possible that I had blinders on, and this guy was like everyother guy I ever liked..and maybe it was just a game for him. I like to think it wasn't, but I wi
Get Your Super Hero / Villain
In lue of Next Monday (Be your favorite Super Hero or Villain Character) I have decided that I should post a list of the characters already taken. If you wish to play along with Hugh's and My craziness feel free. I is kind of Nerdy and totally dorky but hell Ill admit I'm one and proud of it. Elektra= me Silver Surfer= Seamus Poison Ivy= Blue Eyed Soul Tick= Name Crisis She Ra= Witty Ash (Evil Dead)= Sasquatch Gambit= Soda Batman= Husky redneck Siryn= Ms. D Cat woman= Reeka Hulk= MOP Daredevil= Crimson Knight Storm= Amykins Deadpool= Anonymous Birds of Prey= Pixie Captain Underpants= Chef Jay Spinning Boobs=Hugh Satara= Hawk girl Flash= Bonz Witchie= Scarlet witch The Green Hornet= Swift Rogue= Karma's Bitch Dr. Manhatten=The Dork Knight Hunter Rose= Jai Huntress= Pixie Thanks for playing Wicked
Come Meet My Brother Jasper Hale
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Update On The Cullens
Immortal Beloved
IMMORTAL BELOVEDThe First Letter   July 6, in the morningMy angel, my all, my very self - Only a few words today and at that with pencil (with yours) - Not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon - what a useless waste of time - Why this deep sorrow when necessity speaks - can our love endure except through sacrifices, through not demanding everything from one another; can you change the fact that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine - Oh God, look out into the beauties of nature and comfort your heart with that which must be - Love demands everything and that very justly - thus it is to me with you, and to your with me. But you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I - My journey was a fearful one; I did not reach here until 4 o'clock yesterday morning. Lacking horses the post-coach chose another route, but what an awful one; at the stage before the last I was warned not to
Wishing A Certain Person Would Talk To Me
i meet a very nice person on line and now she wont talk to me at all i tell you that stings a little and hurts some too
Have You Ever...
Have you ever felt like spreading your wings and just letting the wind take you wherever it may? Have you ever felt like climbing a tree, just to see how you can go without falling? Have you ever felt like just walking away from everything, only to realize nothing would change?   I have.
How I Feel
"None Of Your Business"What's the matter with your life?Why you gotta mess with mine?Don't keep sweatin' what I doCause I'm gonna be just fine - check it out[CHORUS]If I wanna take a guy home with me tonightIt's none of your businessAnd she wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekendIt's none of your businessNow you shouldn't even get into who I'm givin' skins toIt's none of your businessSo don't try to change my mind, I'll tell you one more timeIt's none of your businessNow who do you think you arePuttin' your cheap two cents in?Don't you got nothin' to doThan worry 'bout my friends? Check it...I can't do nothin', girl, without somebody buggin'I used to think that it was me, but now I see it wasn'tThey told me to change, they called me names, and so I popped oneOpinion's are like assholes and everybody's got oneI never put my nose where I'm not supposed toBelieve me, if he's something that I want, I'm steppin' closerI'm not one for playing high-poleLike the high soditty 90210 type of
 'Politicians, same as you,' replied the small Croc. 'Hmm. Well, where do you catch them?' 'Down the other side of the swamp near the parking lot by the Capitol.' 'Same here. Hmm. How do you catch them?' 'Well, I crawl up under one of their Lexus cars and wait for one to unlock the car door. Then I jump out, grab them by the leg, shake the shit out of them and eat 'em!' 'Ah!' says the big Crocodile, 'I think I see your problem. You're not getting any real nourishment. See, by the time you finish shaking the shitout of a Politician, there's nothing left but an asshole and a briefcase.
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Auction Auction Auction
      This great woman is up for auction, and she wants a good owner. She has a lot to offer. She is a very honest person and she will do as she says she will do.Go by and get your bids in. THIS AUCTION WILL RUN FROM 11 PM EST SUNDAY MAY 3RD TIL 11PM EST SUNDAY MAY 10TH  
Come Meet My Better Half Emmett My Monkey Man
Emmett McCarty Cullen...Is my name, and my life is a hell of a lot more complicated then you would believe. I was born and raised in Tennessee, 1915 where I spent all my child hood and adult hood. I had my mother, my father, and my little sister. Though, I won't talk about them, since I don't even remember them at all. Being a teeneger was the most fun of all. You know what guys to when they get their heads into you know what? Well, yeah I did all that. Get drunk, partying, waking up beside girls I didn't know. Yeah, I was a good party boy.  Let's see now. Oh yeah, 1935, I was 20 years old, hiking and hunting in the montains of Tennessee. When suddenly a big bear showed up and started attacking me. Maulding me, yeah I was mauled by a bear. The lights were going away, and I knew I was dead. I was only tweenty years old and I was going to die, riped apart by a bear!Then that's when I saw her. My angel. My angel had come to help me, to bring me to havean. I was flying, the air was wooshi
Meet My Sister Bella Cullen
  But please, do call me Bella. In 2005 I came back to Forks for the sake of my mother and her new husband, Phil. It all seemed so boring, rainy, green and cold. But there was more to Forks then meets the eye. Meeting Edward Cullen and his family change my life forever. Him and his family were beyond different then anyone in Forks ever thought of. And in only a short period of time, my life was filled with things found in what seemed like fairy tales. But all fairy tales has it's bad guys. Thus being the first time Edward and his family had to risk their lives to save mine. My "fall down the stairs" story convinced just everyone in Forks all the way to my Mother. Leaving me with a broken leg, a scar from dear old James, and still having to face prom. That night at prom Billy bribed Jacob to tell me to break up with Edward and I thought of it as a silly idea to do so, but Jacob did also get a dance out of it. That night Edward left me to believe he would turn me, but instead I had no
Come Meet Me Rosealie Hale
About me: I was born to a middle-class family in 1915 in Rochester, New York. My father had a stable job in a bank while my mother was a housewife. My parents were social climbers and I was the ticket they needed to reach their social aspiration. I was clearly the favorite of my parents, with two younger brothers. While growing up, I dreamed of a lavish life--a life with a rich husband and children as beautiful as I was. My parents influenced my want of material things, which made me vain and conceited. I wanted a big house that someone else would clean, with a large lawn that I would play with my children on. In Rochester, where I grew up, there was only one family that had what my parents wanted--the Kings. Royce King owned the bank my father worked in. His son, Royce II, saw me for the first time and began dating me. It was a quick courtship and we were soon engaged. The engagement went too quickly and wedding plans were made. I couldn't help but feel something was missing from
Have To Read This Periodically To Remind Myself!
The Climb lyricsSongwriters: Alexander, J; Mabe, J; I can almost see itThat dream I am dreamingBut there's a voice inside my head saying"You'll never reach it"Every step I'm takingEvery move I make feelsLost with no directionMy faith is shakingBut I gotta keep tryingGotta keep my head held highThere's always gonna be another mountainI'm always gonna wanna make it moveAlways gonna be a uphill battleSometimes I'm gonna have to loseAin't about how fast I get thereAin't about what's waiting on the other sideIt's the climbThe struggles I'm facingThe chances I'm takingSometimes might knock me downBut no, I'm not breakingI may not know itBut these are the moments thatI'm gonna remember most, yeahJust gotta keep goingAnd I, I got to be strongJust keep pushing on'Cause there's always gonna be another mountainI'm always gonna wanna make it moveAlways gonna be a uphill battleSometimes I'm gonna have to loseAin't about how fast I get thereAin't about what's waiting on the other sid
Wrap Up
This is an "all in one" type blog.  I'm too lazy to write separate ones.   Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, fu gifts, bling, pimp outs, the ticker and the autos; I appreciate it so much. :D Thanks to everyone for rating me and helping me getting closer to Godfather.   I know some of you like making pics and such, so this is just a FYI: my VIP expires in 2 days, so if you made me something and I forgot to get it or you're planning on making me something, let me know, because I won't be able to upload it after Thursday.   The autos: they were a birthday gift--a complete surprise. Yes, I've asked people to rate me; I don't really expect a lot. I know it gets boring rating after awhile. I've gotten a lot of points and fu bucks from them and that's awesome. However, I am not paying for people to rate me. If you want fu bucks or bling or whatever else--you need to look elsewhere. I will help level my friends without motivation because I know what it feels like to be
Day One
OK so today is day one of the diet. Here I am going to record how it goes what it does how I do blahbitty blah blah. So I haven't had a lemonaid yet. Had the senna tea last night... didn't do anything yet though. I have my stuff all set for work and yes NO MORE CIGARETTES!!!! So far its been about 12 hours and I'm feeling great. I am starting this diet at 218 lbs. I dunno measurments so I can't put em in, but I'm a fat ass. I'm trying for 500 crunches a day and Danny and I will take a walk tonight. Not like we can stay home and eat dinner lmao. OK almost time for work. No smokes, no food, NO PROBLEM!!!!   Well its almost bedtime. I have made it through day one. I am starving and I would gladly kill a kitten for a pizza, but i feel good and i survived with less than 600 calories all day. I gotta tell ya cooking lunch today for the kids almost did me in, but I just drank a little more lemonaid a glass of water and I was good to go. I was full of energy today too, which I didn't expect.
A Lover's Touch
There she was walking toward me. Finally, she was in front of me and I felt paralyzed. I wanted to throw my arms around her. I wanted to press my trembling lips against hers and feel her body flush against mine. But I was having a hard enough time just trying to breathe so I wouldn’t pass out. It was probably a good thing, because I’m sure I would have tackled her if I had my way. There was a glow on her that went beyond her flowing brown hair. I could sense the excitement in the way she walked, but she was slowly approaching almost as if she wanted to take in the whole moment and give me plenty of time to take in her beauty, which I was absolutely doing! I wanted those perfect legs wrapped around me so bad. I could see her hips just barely peek out between her top and her skirt, as they swayed back and forth. But it was hard to concentrate on any of that, because the closer she got to me as she walked, the bigger her beautiful smile got and the faster my heart was beating
My Son
A GiftAn earthquake rattles my heart to the core.  A tiny hand was placed in mind.  I knew forever my life would never be the same.  Those innocent fingers wrap around mine.  My heart has finally discovered love in all it’s intricacies.  A fragile body lies before me.  Big blue eyes look up to me.  Almost every breath he takes is depending on my love for him.There’s a moment as the tears fall down my face, hitting the leg of this precious life when you realize that nothing will ever separate me from the love of my child.With my love and nurturing heart he begins to crawl, begins to walk, begins to talk.  With a joyful heart I cheer him on, letting him know just how magical every step and every word truly is.My heart soars to heaven as the word da da comes out of those tiny lips.  But another word was spoken, not by him, but by friends, family and doctors.  I felt the rumbles of the earthquake off in the distance.  A warning of what was to come.  I overlooked the ocean, aski
Attention The Cullens Need You
pausing deep in thought hoping to catch a glimpse of you smiling a slow seductive one when i find you there always there when i need you the most a deep caress of my mind my soul responds with a stirring a  touch from your essence shimmers along my skin from parted lips a moan slips out opening eyes to see the face i love so much my heart sighs as yours echos back to me  
There Is No Light At The End Of The Tunnel
You hear the saying,  one of these days our ship will come in ,  or with alot of work we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or if we persever and keep to our plan, we will reap the benefits. What a crock of shit!!!! My hubby and I have been knocking our selfs out,  doing with out, wearring second hand clothes,  never able to go out together for just a ffffffffffffff dinner zippo. We keep trying and trying and trying and to no avail does anything come easy or lighten our burden. I hate talking to him about how bad our financial situation is,  I see the light in his eyes just poof go out . Hes like a beattin dog, that just keeps getting up and trying harder and harder and what does he have to show for his endevors. A BIG FAT FFFFFFFFFFFFFF NOTHING.  He feels like a failure as do I.  I cant pull the magic out of my ass no more and make things better. Have we come to the end of our rope,  you bet your sweet ass we have.  We have sat up at night crying and consolling eac
Just Thinking
So I'm sitting here this morning in a daze, probably because my coffee hasn't kicked in yet. My mind is drifting on several thoughts at once. One sticks out though, which I think is because my parents are in their bedroom fighting. Nothing new, my stepdad has been acting like an ass since yesterday. Why is it a person can say that want one thing, and have it right in front of them and then do nothing about it? I'm guilty of it, I won't lie. Just because I think about it and don't understand doesn't mean I'm not guilty of it.  At the same time I've went after what I've wanted on many occasions. Granted those things never worked out, but I went for it, because at the time, it was what I wanted. Kind of seems like I don't make sense, but I'm not going to delete a few sentences to have it work out. I just think if a person is going to say they want something, then they should go for it. Give every ounce of themselves to make it happen. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't. But if it does,
Grr, People...
Just venting here...   Hi, I'm Russian Foxx, and I deal with pompous, annoying, overpriveleged, entitled assholes for a living. Sometimes when people bitch to me about somethin, I tune out and imagine stabbing them in the eyeball with a pencil, or grabbin them by the hair and just smashing their fuckfaces against the front desk counter. Oh, well, I'm in a hospitality business...
I Love Busty Babes...curvy Females....
Im turned on by busty babes...Woman with curves...
Please Help
i want to collect salutes from all 50 states and countries from around the world, please help me make my folder   please link me when and if you do pleaseeeeeeeeee
Who Wants To Play
ill answer any question or try to do all dares
17th Wedding Anniversary!
Two days after the Speakeasy Seder, we threw a little 17th Wedding Anniversary party around RadioSuzy1. If you weren’t invited, don’t be mad. It wasn’t a big thing like our 16th, just a small private gathering towards the end of our long Freedom Party Weekend, celebrating Max’s newfound liberty and our long-term love affair. Nothing extraordinary happened, and considering our recent adventures, we had no need for the extraordinary. Of course, just being here at the Speakeasy is pretty extraordinary for Max after 9 wacko months at the Twin Towers Hotel and six bonus weeks in picaresque Delano where he was "processed" like human cheese. Surrounded by friends and supporters, great libations from Agwa, Agavero, Absente Absinthe (do all the coolest drinks begin with the letter A?), we were in heaven. At 11 pm, a bunch of us went into the RadioSuzy1 Studio while others hung out in the Speakeasy Bar, and did a great 17th Wedding Anniversary Show, which besides being a
Es Mi Vida
es mi vida     i walk alone upon this earth i walk the line inbetween love and hate... a narrow path toward the rising sun with hopes and dreams of something great...     5.5.09 fester
Sick And Tired
sick and tired     dynamic i will remain it's my choice not my fault you choose to blame... i claim nothing of my own i am nobody maybe you should leave me alone...     5.3.09 fester
I Dont Care How Many Friends I Lose Over This!!!
Month OneMommyI am only 4 inches longbut I have all my organs.I love the sound of your voice.The sound of your heart beatis my favorite lullaby.Month TwoMommytoday I learned how to suck my thumb.If you could see meyou could definitely tell that I am a baby.I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.It is so nice and warm in here.Month ThreeYou know what MommyI'm a boy!!I hope that makes you happy.I always want you to be happy.I don't like it when you cry.You sound so sad.It makes me sad tooand I cry with you even thoughyou can't hear me.Month FourMommymy hair is starting to grow.It is very short and finebut I will have a lot of it.I spend a lot of my time exercising.I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toesand stretch my arms and legs.I am becoming quite good at it too.Month FiveYou went to the doctor today.Mommy, he lied to you.He said that I'm not a baby.I am a baby Mommy, your baby.I think and feel.Mommy, what's abortion?Month SixI can hear that doctor again.I don't
Finding My Soul Mate
i am a single mum looking for a kind strong fathfull man to share my life with is this you if it is email me at
On The Wings Of Love
on the wings of love     once upon a time two eagles flew up in the sky... together holding gently their outstretched wings turning clockwise their hearts were soaring singing out one voice did cry...     5.2.09 fester  
One Of These Days
One of these days I'm gonna have to get on here and check this site out for all that it is worth.  Just don't have the time right now.
I Know It's Wrong!
However I am asking anyone to rate my stash, profile, pictures an ect.... I know it's been awhile since I've been on to return the fav however I have a damn good excuse which I'm sure you have all read on my other blogs... I'd really be grateful for those who do and for those who don't thats o.k. no worries!!!   Thanks, Much love always from your friend Jaime!
Wanna Work @ Club Paradise ?
Thank you for your interest in applying for a position here at Club Paradise. Below you will find a simple application that you can email to us where we will consider all applications. Here are examples of the Job Descriptions so that you can better understand the duties of each position. DJ: Using the SAMS Broadcast software, play music through the lounge to entertain the listeners. Actively monitor the request line page and communicate with the Head DJ, in regards to any schedule conflicts. Above all else have fun. The more fun the DJ has the more fun there is in the room. Greeter: While in the lounge, actively engage people as they enter, and continue to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the family while also trying to get visitor’s to hit the subscribe button. Make everyone feel welcome and have fun. Promoter: Promotion is an all encompassing task, from going to people's pages and leaving comments, to talking about the lounge as you interact with others on fubar.
Looking For Someone Who Has No Tie Downs ,"single And Free"
I'm Honest, trustworthy, hard working person and I have Four nephews and One niece. Willing to take the time too be with someone in thier lives.I'm into Heavy Metal and Rock music,I do like to go out and do differant things instead of stay in the house thinking what should i do on the weekends.I'm not looking for FLINGS,ONE NITE STANDS AND PLAYERS!I just want too meet that special someone so i can be able to spend the rest of my life with.Also I like watching sports on t.v. like nfl football and all american College Foot ball and Basketball!
"clock Of Life"
"The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. Now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil with a will. Place no faith in time. For the clock may soon be still."
Happy Go Lucky! (please Read).....
Yesterday was my last external treatment, they all gave me hugs and said that I done a wonderful job.... Amanda gave me a ballon and wished me well with the rest of my treatments, I am just so glad thats over and done with, now tomorrow I have to go in for my 4th internal treatment and on the 7th my last chemo... Then I've got to go in on the 13th I believe for my last internal.... Whew I never thought that this would end however it's coming, I'm going to party like a I do have to wait at least a few weeks before the swelling goes down in my twat until they know for sure they got it all in which case they better have after all the shit I've been through... Well I just thought ya'll would like to know whats been going on with me, so I'll let ya get back to whatever it is your doing have fun and take care....   Much love always from your friend Jaime!
Awesomest Thing Just Happened!!!
So here I am, hating the fact I gotta stay late at work when I get a call on the radio. It's a building manager asking my location. I was like "downstairs". She came down and told me the awesomest thing. There's two guys out in the plaza putting 4-packs of my FAVORITE RED BULL COLA all around the fountain for a promotion. Better yet, when I went out to them, they said "here, take a case of 24" ......... I'm in the awesomest mood now!!!!! Thanks for sharing my awesomest moment!!!
2 Rates Por Favor?
Single Widow Looking
Ok...lets try this again... Single Black Widow, 24 yo, widow lol...looking to buy a bomb bling with fubux...offering favours.yeah ur dreams...maybe just some rates. So...anyone willing to trade?
Robin Williams, wearing a shirt that says 'I love New York ' in Arabic. You gotta love Robin Williams........Even if he's nuts! Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan. What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. Robin Williams' plan....(Hard to argue with this logic!) 'I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan.' 1) 'The US will apologize to the world for our 'interference' in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those 'good 'ole' boys', we will never 'interfere' again. 2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany , South Korea , the Middle East , and the Philippines . They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence. 3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave W
why is it that some ppl think that once they get to know you in one lounge you want to follow them from one lounge to another lounge
Why Is It....
Why is it that we are afraid to tell people how we truly feel?  I mean is it really that scary to say I want to be with you?  Are we afraid that we will lose the friendship?  Or are we afraid to deal with the awkwardness that may ensue if the other person doesn't feel the same?  Why do we have to make things so complicated?  Are we cowards because of past heart aches leaving us bitter?
Rainbow's End
You see it Its an ephemeral thing Perceived with the eyes Glistening transparent colors That cannot be touched it mesmerizes in its very temporary brilliance You only want to look at it You know it won't last You know you can't touch it And you don't know when you'll ever see one again.  
05 May 2009
You have it all inside you.
More.... I Swear Don't Look
Swine Rap
Lables Are
I was told today that I should have been the one that died instead of a great man. A man that took care of his family, loved his wife and was always there wehen they needed him.....right? Or is this story inaccurate? No matter; we all do things we regret, things we want to take back....but careful what you wish for....for when you wish for death, you might just get it. I am a lot of things! But I appauled by the fucking idiots that wanna run their mouths about the things I am not - I AM NOT A LIAR! For anyone who has said I am, Fuck You and show me proof. You are so full of shit, I have nothing to lie about, I have lost it all and been in postions men don't even have nightmares about. That's right, you fuck with me, I'll make your ass hurt. Off subject, fuck it...tell me not to crush it, fuckit. Oh lables...  
Lap Dances :d
Death Proof From Dusk Till Dawn
A Nother Sleepless Night
Gawd another sleep less night, and I am frazzled beyound belief. Was able to get I think a hour sleep, before son Derek told me he wouldnt be going to work again today due to lack of material. I just shook my head ,  went potty and went to bed and boom started to think of our financial situation and the prospects of losing our home. I got up and just sat and watched tv, and didnt say zip. Hubby commented on why I didnt say anything.  I just said I am pissed.  Like clock work he's favorite statement.  "What can I do".  This is one of our major communication problems.  When ever there is financial problems he turns a blind eye and just says ..What can I do. Umm nothing but would be nice to have imput dahhh Then he changes the subject and talks about one of his buddies moving out here were we are.  Gawd whyyyyyyyy?  Its a shit hole with nothing in it.  And talked about his friend having to bury his son who commented suicide.  Now thats aweful,  I would be more of a basket case then
SugarLand Stay I've been sitting here staring at the clock on the wall And I've been laying here praying, praying she won't call It's just another call from home And you'll get it and be gone And I'll be crying And I'll be begging you, baby Beg you not to leave But I'll be left here waiting With my Heart on my sleeve Oh, for the next time we'll be here Seems like a million years And I think I'm dying What do I have to do to make you see She can't love you like me? Why don't you stay I'm down on my knees I'm so tired of being lonely Don't I give you what you need When she calls you to go There is one thing you should know We don't have to live this way Baby, why don't you stay You keep telling me, baby There will come a time When you will leave her arms And forever be in mine But I don't think that's the truth And I don't like being used and I'm tired of waiting It's too much pain to have to bear To love a man you have to share Why don't
I Love Lamp
So, I have a theory. If your physical appearance resembles that of someone you want to be with they will be attracted to you. What I mean by this is: alot of the time you see a person with tattoos in a relationship with someone with tattoos, a person that dresses in expensive clothes with someone who wears expensive clothes, etc. So I figured if I got piercings maybe I would attract some people with piercings.   Has my theory worked?   No, not that I've noticed lol but I like my piercings anyway.
Do Not Watch Any Of These's_Fear_Factor.html't_Worry,_I_Got_Band-Aids.html
4uc All Hater'z
dis is da realest nigga n da mac towm if u kno were dat at shit i kno dat i smoke an drink pop beam have a alot fun at da club yea yea mad ,man 4ace click an i got a few homboi yall mait  hallow at gangsta peach orcard 2 da fullest im just looking 4 1 of yall female out dare
Life Gne
A trusting heart bound by a destructive soul a logical mind losing control a complicated girl with a simple wish a dark little secret hidden at best an undiscovered truth hidden between the lines a barren plain of emotion keeping her alive a broken smile complete by a frown a single tear in which she will drowned a fire so bright fueled by hatred within a tempting thought her final sin a small little blade a river of blood an instant used a whole life ended
U Dnt Kno Me
Every time I look, I am standing alone. Poetry is all I can call my own. Words fill the page, but don't fill the space That can only be filled with a familiar face. Every time I look, I've lost another friend. Where does this path of lonely end? Tears fill my eyes, but don't heal the pain. Why does life leave this stain? Every time I look, she is still dead. Thoughts of that night rushing through my head. Lies slip so easily, behind this shell. All the things you think you know so well. Every time I look, a stranger looks back. Running, but today there's only one track. You think you know me, but I'm not the same. The girl inside wasn't born with this name.
Deathes Angel
Tears Seep Bruise deep Standing still In a crimson storm Frozen candle and melting blood Winds of disguise flowing with rage Passion gush through vein Broken heart Lost dreams Dead Soul
As the rain hits our faces I look into your eyes I see the blue depth It's the color of the skies The rain soaks our bodies Through our clothes to our skin I start to get cold And my mind starts to spin Your lips gently touch mine As your kiss melts my heart I think I've fallen in love So we can't be apart I searched for love And you're what I found Your simple kiss makes me forget everything As I block out all sound Your kiss is so gentle Acting as if i would break But you have cured me From my last heartache We listen to our heartbeats As love and rain collide As long as I'm happy I'm forever by your side
Ur Angel
Whatever some one does. Whatever some one says they can't break me. I'm lost with in myself. No matter how hard you try, you can't break me. You wont see a tear come out. Though I maybe strong on the outside, but I'm so weak on the in. Your words can't seep through me anymore. I wont break. I can't. All my dreams lead to you. I'll step strong with my head held high and wings spread wide. I'm yours, forever... and no one or anything will break me away from that.
Love And Happiness
is love a game? is love happiness? is love just something i could only be imagining? old habits are hard to break. and broken hearts are hard to mend. but if you never take a risk love will never be felt again. so win or loose sink or swim were always stuck in the same game again i can close my eyes and try to dream but memories always surround me. im afraid to sleep im afraid to dream i would hide from almost anythng but sure enough things may seem to be turning around from what ive already seen maybe this time in my dreams i might see a plesent thing. i hate the pain i remember in dreams but new found love can help mend anything so i will close my eyes and rrun and see what will come of the things i see. just hold my hand and hold me close so instead of falling we can always just go. i dont need to fall and i dont need to sink but i will hold up one like they hold me... but all the loses and nothing to gain maybe this is different game and instead of loosing i can gain!
My Wedding
I'm writing this now in case one day you might forget The love burning in my heart since the first day together that we spent And how it grew with each sunset and sunrise Knowing forever then I'd be lost in sweet hazel eyes You give me more than any other man can ever give You helped open my eyes to truth and provided a loving place to live A family, too, in a way, that I never thought could be I know that with God's love, it is all I'll ever need So how could I ever ask for anything more? Pursue your dreams, my dear, and then my heart will surely soar Even if we are never seen together under God's sovereign eyes If you are truly happy, not one tear will I dare cry I know that I can never forget the first gifts of your heart Nor each new one that one day you might impart So read this if you are ever in any doubt Remember your friendship I can never live without And I will sit quietly here and confidently smile I trust the Lord even if you never wait at the end of the aisle But I pray
Picture Perfect
You make my head bubble, with sparkles every night, and keep me floating high, when things aren't alright. The world seems to dim, and stars fill the sky. Sing softly to me, my dear, the lover's sweet lullaby. Your words make me smile. I hope these do the same, so I can capture the moment, and put it in a frame. Then hang it in my heart, where you'll always stay, and we can hide together, and make everything okay. Waves crash against cliffs. You crashed into my world, and I hope you stay forever. I want to always be your girl.
It's Always Raining, But Not Now
I slept a couple of hours I think, woke up laughing with tears. With all this pain I've suffered God, how can I laugh? He tells me "You finally let me use you. You didn't say what you wanted to, but you've became my good and faithful servant. I've spoke through you, to someone. I was a vessel to someones heart. I've been waiting for this my servant. You may lose some sleep at first, but you did it, and for this I'm proud. I have a destiny for you, not one that will always make you happy, but in the end, just trust me, it will be bigger than you ever imagined. I know it hurts but your trust in me is a big reward in the end and thank you for finally doing as I say. For so long you haven't and finally the day has come. From this day forwad, you'll follow in my footsteps. Now what better way would you want to live? In my glory is where you are, stay there and you'll be a happy man. I can't say it will be painless but it will be in your best interest. I will not tell you now my child, but y
Tax Code Idea
On May 5th, I sent this to Glenn Beck. I honestly don't think that he'll put it even see it but... So, here it is. Tell me what you think. I'm not an economist, but have asked myself, "If for some outragous reason, I were elected President, how would I fix this fiasco we're in?" My answer... First and for most, I would suspend the US Income Tax for the first year, across the board. Let me restate that. For the first year I were President, no U.S. Citizen would pay one penny in income tax. Second, as applies to the tax challenge, I would order a re=write of the entire tax code as it stands today. That would entail taking said code and burning it. Then, at the end of the first year institute a new tax code that would read as follows. All U.S. Citizens would be taxed 10% or their income. This would be broken down thusly... =====2% for a Social Security type account =====2% for a National Health Care system that provided money to pay for Emergency Health Ca
Aces Wild
Roadtrip For Mother's Day
I'm heading to Cali to see my younglings for Mother's Day weekend....woohoo!  it's a long ass drive but very well worth it.  I even get to see my oldest son perform in his high school marching band. 
A Whisper
If we were in a very crowded bar both tispy as hell I walk by you whisper in your ear but you do not see me do it and disappear... would you try to find me?
A Flair For The Inappropriate Affect ...
My company had two mind numbing hours of mandatory corporate sexual harassment training today. When talking about the laws surrounding economic harassment, the presenter asked,"Does anybody know what Quid Pro Quo means? Ted (that's me) raises his hand and uncontrollably blurts out - "Tit for tat??"** queue the giggles, snickers, and disbelieving stares from around the room **I think I'm permanently on the Corporate HR "watch list".
Friday And Sunday
Now I'm really depressed. My birthday is Friday and mothers day is Sunday. My husband and my son are not going to be here for me. I need a hug. *sigh* My life fucking sucks!
Poem ~ Bleed Me
  Bleed Me                          May 2009   Something wakes me in the night Movement in the dark A breath of air on my cheek Hungry eyes floating in the blackness Hot breath on my neck Fear deep down, anticipation deeper still Hot tongue over my pulse A lingering taste Teeth Pressure Pain Sweet release A rush of warm fluid Soft lips Hot tongue lapping Ecstasy Blessed oblivion takes me again     by Mike
forgot to metion must be cause i am bored my new glasses came a few weeks ago glad to be able to see again and not wear glasses with tape on them who wants be personl trained by a guy with taped glasses lol or learn martail arts or kickboxing lol  studying to be a ninja :)
Ace's Wild
come check us out we have an awsome staff if u like to have fun this is the place to be
Might Be Gone 4 A While
i might  be taking a  break  from  fubar  for a while....if  i wanna reach me,  this is my e-mail,  leave a  phone # in my e-mail  to reach  u ...tyvm
So I'm sitting up doing nothing at midnight and for some reason I'm having fun doing it. Everyone I know is sleeping but I'm not tired. I work night shift so I don't usually get tired untill like 3 am. It sucks but oh well. I'll write more tomorrow.
My Beautiful Wife Is The Best
Mary you are so loved.........Luv Jesse, Skyler, Mandy, Logan, Autumn, and Brooklyn. I love you so much baby I am the luckiest husband alive and I will never forget that. Go show my wife some luv for mothers day please and tell her that her husband said she is the best.She is my number one in family and friends. I just wanted to say a few things to my beautiful wife. You are everything to our beautiful daughter and I. You keep us smiling when we are down. you make us cry when you cry. You are the best mother a daughter and son could have. All your kids light up when you walk in a room. I light up when you touch my hand and my heart pounds like on the day we got married. You are worth more to us then anything. We need you more than ever and we want to hold you when times are tough. On mothers day we just want you to know that no matter what we will never give up on you. We will always make you proud. We feel safe in your heart and your arms. You're love gives us all hope for the f
Carguy Wtf?!
Carguy24$O...: whats up haottie can i get a bling i am trying to build my profile and am new and dont get anything ----------------------------------------------- HAHA! BLOCKED!
I am trying to figure out if i should make my profile friends only for my fu-cation or whatever it is.   I am ready to spit nails at so many things on here tonight anyhow...............   I keep wondering if I should just do a mass delete of people.   But no biggie.......... I wont be remembered anyways.   FTW and FETE!
Visualization Tools
Visualization Tools Law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe. Use these tools to become aware of the love, joy, abundance, and prosperity that surround you, and by doing so, you will attract more into your life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Planet Earth Every good thought, every good word, every good emotion, and every act of kindness, is lifting the vibration of your being to new heights. And as you begin to raise your vibration, a new life and a new world will reveal itself to you. As you experience this clip you will emit positive forces of energy across Planet Earth that will reach every single living thing on it. You will lift yourself, and as you lift yourself, you lift the entire world. hen you experience Planet Earth, the positive vibration of your energy will emanate out like a stone thrown
Help me name my new pup. I call him Storm he is a male Blue Heeler. But I need something to go along with Storm to put on his papers. Pet lovers help??????
My Funeral
I have been thinking about my fureral lately and want a few things done. I want parts of my ashes spread in Yosemite, the Yellowstone and where my heart was the happiest Africa!! and for music I want empty saddles in the old corral, Amazing grace and African sky blue by Jaluka! I just want it to be some of the things I loved in life!! Am I right to plan things now or should I just let someone burn me and dump me in the back yard! that's it for now! it does not really matter anymore!!!!!!!
Bad Day
I have a headache. Some days you just wish you could come home to someone, get a massage and have someone make the darkness of the day fade just that little bit so when you dream it doesn't hurt as much. But when you can't do that, you load up Grand Theft Auto, and you fucking kill some shit.
Hug A Mexican!
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yeah I know most of you don't give to shits about Cinco de Mayo except to have an excuse to choke down some chips and salsa, Coronas, tequilla and a mojito or two BUT since you gunna use it as an excuse to get loaded at least know why. The holiday of Cinco de Mayo, The 5th of May, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. It is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla, with some recognition in other parts of Mexico, and some U.S. cities with a significant Mexican population. It is not, as many people think, Mexico’s Independence Day, which is actually September 16.
 My ex brother in law, who I am still close to and love like a brother, has been through so much in his life..and he is out of a very unhappy marriage and with a woman who loves him and whom he loves dearly. Now just this day, this wonderful sweet woman found out she needs a heart transplant. She has had terrible heart problems all her life and now it is failing.  She has no insurance to cover it and my rotten ex sister in law is dragging out the custody part of the divorce just to get at him. He wants desperately to marry his gf and his ex is making it very hard for him to get it done. I am so angry with her!!! I want to smack her! He has loved this lady for awhile now and they want to be married for as long as possible. She doesn't know how long she may have and it is possible she could die before she gets a heart. I know this is bad to say but I want to cut out his ex's heart and give it to his girlfriend! But that would be impossible because she doesn't have one to begin with. I am
Friends Help this guy out ADD FAN RATE Tell him AngelAmanda Sent you its his cousin. Show him love for me. Let him know i have the best people on fubar in my friends and family.
Very Inportant To All My Friend's And Group!!!
I am writing this to let all the people in the group's and all my close friend's, That this weekend i will be moving to a new place. Sunday is the start of the moving day, so will not be on line as much as i am now. will allso be returning lap top as i have 4 deskto's that will be back on i hope that i will be back on line by monday or tuesday. calling power company to be truned on on friday. and still have to do the water will call cable as well.I pray this will not be a long time i will be away from all of u as i start to miss all of u when i am away please do keep the luv comeing as we all know we all luv the luv that u do give will do my best to get back with every 1. To new Beginnings.     Luv,Tania
Something You Need To Read'll Understand As You Get Older
After AwhileBy Veronica A. ShoffstallAfter awhile you learnthe subtle differences betweenHolding a hand and chaining a soulAnd you learn that love doesn't mean leaningAnd company doesn't always mean security.And you begin to learnThat kisses aren't contracts and Presents arent promisesAnd you begin to accept your defeats With your head up and your eyes aheadWith the grace of a woman or manNot the grief of a childAnd you learnTo build all your roads on todaybecause tomorrow's ground isToo uncertain for plansAnd futures have a wayof falling down in mid-flight.After awhile you learnThat sunshine burns if you get too muchSo you plant your own gardenAnd decorate your soulInstead of waitingFor someone to bring you flowersAnd you learn that you really can endureThat you really are strongAnd you really do have worthAnd you learn and you learnWith every good-bye you learn...
Italia And Tragedy [whitney Jo And Miss Tyler]
As I was speaking about Livejournal... for your viewing pleasure... some of our conversations and OLD AS HELL photos [over 5 years old!!] Vampiric = Whitney.  DarkAries= Me. VampiricMazohyst: I can't type anything right todayVampiricMazohyst: Jesus H ChristADarkAries: Jesus Horatio Christ? ADarkAries: Jesus is Mexican too?ADarkAries: so that's where holy guacomolie came from! ADarkAries: I'm sorry ItaliaVampiricMazohyst: meh?VampiricMazohyst: and I almost typed menADarkAries: that we didn't call you back when your phone ctut outVampiricMazohyst: wow. I'm delirious, or however that's spelledVampiricMazohyst: I almost typed men instead of mehVampiricMazohyst: and when I read your typo "ctut" I thought it said cunt for a minuteADarkAries: lmfaoVampiricMazohyst: *blinks and shakes her head a few times*VampiricMazohyst: ok, I'm going to try and wank up nowVampiricMazohyst: ... VampiricMazohyst: WAKEVampiricMazohyst: wake, goddamn, wakeADarkAries: lmfao VampiricMazohyst: my cell is so gh
If U Want One Just Let Me Know
im makeing salutes just let me know u want one and how u want it
well sum people think their shit dont stink but im here to say that they do!! Kiss my ass whom ever thinks ur better than me. Fuck you and the horse u came n on...and do not forget that im a fucking bitch and ill bite u n the ass just like you tried to fuck me in the ass!   dont worry about me....ill b just fine as soon as i get my foot out of ur ass that i planted n there today. the double life u think ur sooo gettin away with will tumble on u like a ton of bricks!! KARMA'S A BITCH & WHEN IT CUMS FOR YOU, & IT WILL ~ DO NOT CUM CRYING TO ME~WHAT CUMS AROUNS GOES AROUND....WHAT DID U THINK UR SPECIAL? FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU....NO NAMES NEEDED...U KNOW WHO U R!!!
Auction Time Again...   IS the link tothe auction im in...
Baby Momma Drama
   I recently discovered a blog on my ex wifes profile  calling me a dead beat father and accusing me of stopping child support payments, and moving 3 hours away. Well lets start with the first accusation.  I am not a dead beat father.....when the custodial parent prevents the other parent from seeing and or even talking their children even though attempts are made over the months that is not being a dead beat father. My child support payments only stopped when i changed jobs and then it was only long enough for dhs to update their system as i called them and gave them all the pertinent information.  2nd part of the accusation.....i did not move 3 hrs was only 2 and as far as her saying that i expect her to bring them to me and pick them up? I didnt expect it but when my lawyer is done that may very well happen as she put in the modified divorce decree that she would drop off and pick up the children and had it filed in court, and has she done that? The answer my friends is n
A Blast From Livejournal Past [about Whitney Jo]
So... I do try to keep a livejournal... and god, sometimes the nostalgia nearly kills me. As I write this, I'm reading Whitney's journal... Specifically December 2004. I had introduced her to Daniel and they were beginning their life together [although they wouldn't be married until October and welcome their son Liam til the following March]   And I also read something she wrote.... "Things I Want To Do Before I Die" Have a baby, Go to Ireland, Go to Japan, Get her driver's license... She had her baby.... but... man.  I can barely write this.  Over 5 years Whitney was my best friend, and looking through these... I always have been her best friend from the day we met. From handcuffs to coffins.... She'll always be my Italia. Shine On, You Crazy Diamond. I love you, forever and always, "Tragedy"  
Oh Noes!!
I'm going to a movie with Husky tomorrow...I'm skeered!!!!
Hey My Peeps
I am sitting here in da Bar lots of nice ladies downing a cold Miller Lite and watching WWE Raw ,, Oh Hell Yeah !!!!!
A Man Named Owl
He was twenty six in ninety three living under that hot Louisiana sun Ripped apart from the inside and left broken by whom he thought was the one Chained and bound inside of his own mind a prison with walls of grief and dispair Alone no windows no light from outside just darkness in the middle of this cell he sat alone in a metal folding chair Fear has gripped his mind and totures his soul fear brings pain deep to the bone Its not a fear of death or physical pain that chokes his spirit but this crippling thought of staying numb in this phantom zone Freedom from this bondage is what he longs for liberty is the single though upon his mind praying to his god gives him no relief fully vexed he turns to the spirit of the earth the mother of all of creation took him into her self and showed him a true rebirth She opened the sky and gave him a guide a beautiful owl pure as mountain snow came out of the sky and flew into him to show him the true way Still in his mind he is chained in
Goin to be goin up to sacramento on Thursday (7 May) and will be gone from 7-18 may. I'm goin up there for my bros bachelor party and wedding. Should be good times
Summary Of Brat's Original Blog
Oscar is posting what I can recall of my original blog (mine was deleted) in his so that people can see my reason for leaving the $$dogghouse$$ ...Ok, wow! I am not sure where to even begin with this. So much has happened over the past few months. I resigned as Assistant Lounge Manager for the $$Dogg House$$ a while back because there was just so much drama in there and it was all about quantity not about QUALITY!! The lounge manager and another member decided that they would go PORNO on the cams. Lucky began shout boxing or yahooing certain cam gurls to flash their stuff to keep the men in the lounge. Now, to me this is rather pathetic. You should NOT have to do that shit to keep people in the lounges. *sigh* Now, I know it was an NSFW lounge, but there is a difference between class and tasteless skankiness on cams. Then on April 28th the image below was brought to my boyfriend's attention by the lounge manager.That is the owner of the $$Dogghouse$$, Lucky. At first, I did n
Just To Let Some Ppl Know
i wont be on fu much anymore.....i got a new job that requires alot of my time and i just cant take some of the things going on anymore. ill have someone getting on everyday to use my 11s til my vip runs out then depending on how i am then ill decide if i wanna delete the acct or not. i have met some wonderful people on here and some people who i have came to love, but like always things dont work out and shit goes bad....its time for me to get away for a while....ill be checking my page like once a week but prolly wont be on but long enough to reply to those and be done with it for then...ill prolly come back for a bit in like 2 months or so but for now i have to do me and be done with all this shit.
I encounter so many people on a daily basis and almost always I can find something that I like about each of them.I do the best that I can to interact and be sincere and honest to people, it is a quality that has seemindly been misplaced over the generations in people and I really wish could be brought back.I am a sucker for love and romance and my desire to be overwhelmed with romance and affection is often mistaken for something more devious.The truth of the matter reamins that if I say I love you I really do - there is something about you that draws me in and makes me yearn to keep you in my life. This means that I care  - that I will worry about you and go to great lengths to care and nurture the bond that we have or are forming.I dote affection to my friends on a regular basis. It is generally a feel-good thing to do. Compliments make people feel good and I think it is no crime to make someone smile if you are able.It takes alot for me to cast someone out from my life. If you mana
Fairy Laughter
My secret garden's twinkling bright with gold fireflies dancing all aglow, glimpse of silver-dusted wing sets hearts aflame with light. Laughter dawns, clear as a bell; boughs sway, trees stir with ancient song.
Forever Us
Come take my hand and walk with me Share my likes . . . my wishes . . . my life Don't judge me . . . just love me Accept me for who I am For if I try to change for you Then you'll no longer know me As I am no longer happy with whom I am Always remember where we are going So you don't forget where we have been If we hold on to each other's hearts And taste each other's rainbows The sun will shine The flowers will bloom The world will dance around us And we will remain forever us
A Poem For Bug
The sound of your laughterIs what pulls me throughThe harshest winterThe sound of your laughterMakes every bright summer dayBrighterThe sound of your laughterIs what gets me up in the morningWith itI can take anything life can bringNot to make too much out of itBut to meEveryday Is a good day To liveTo The sound of your laughter
I cant get this to post the pretty pic but it is on my profile if you want to see it. Here is the link
So, my ex Dimitry has contacted me, and we are talkin on yahoo. I was with him for almost 3 yrs, we planned on gettin married, have kids, etc.   Well, he is now, only not to me and not with me, ofcourse. Well, I totally forgot why I used to get into fights with him every day,   I am curious about his life now, but the shit he says just fuckin boils my blood. From him talking shit about my homecity -he is from St Petersburg-huge rivalry there, to bein a Jew hater (go figure). I dont get it, he was the one to contact me, and now he is majorly pissin me off.
My First Blog
Ok so today is Monday, May 4th, 2009.  This is my first blog, journal what ever you wanna call it.  Never done on and never had a daily journal before either so not sure what to say, or what I wanna say.  Yesterday was a tough day for me and I just wanna get it out of my system and behind me.  Yesterday morning on my way to work I was on a head on collision as a result of a deer crossing the road, this was about 4:15AM.  Yes I am okay for those curious or worried just some minor bruises and innjuries.  That was the end of a very long week for me.  I am Security at the lounge 504 Bourbon Street so make sure you come and check it out.  It has some really kewl people in it and not as much drama as I have seen in some of the other Louges, but still all in all it has its drama too (but who don't).  i have been having alot going on in my life and so I am thinking writting some of this down will help me shed perspective to myself on it.  As for me if you don't know me and are reading this for
If You Must Do It, Dress For The Occasion Posted 4/10/2009 2:39 PM EDT NEW ALBUM, Well Dressed Killing Machine! Release date: April 1st, 2009 ELLSBETH - ALBUM TRACKS AVAILABLE...Matches on: Artist NameMetal / Gothic / ProgressiveLOS ANGELES, Plays: 4,175,266Views: 7,377,028Fans: 70,209 Sean Lacefield / Guitar Jay Liermann / Drums and Percussion Shannon Quamme / Vox Scott Ramsay / Guitar  Jim Dineen / Bass  PROFILE:  Similar Artists-A.D.D./Evanescence/Saigon Kick  Exposure Level-very high.  Originality Level-high.   A cross, between Saigon Kick and Evanescence, with a dash of undescribable, makes Ellsbeth a unique force to be reckoned with. Lead vocalist Shannon Quamme, has a vocal range that's clear and flawless. The entire band fits together, to give your ears a treat, even live and unmastered. Their Debut CD was officially released to Snocap, April 1, 2009 and it's quickly looking like this album will be a collectors gem.  
To My Lover
Sometimes it's not enough just to say "I love you." Even thought I do Love you, I feel I need to express more, because there is so much more to our relationship. Sometimes I need to tell you you're the love I live for, you're my dream made into reality. Yours are the arms that hold me close, and it is your smile that brings a ray of sunshine to even the darkest of days. You are the one who tells me to keep believing in myself, in you and in us. You have become a part of me I could never live without, and as long i'm living, as long as you care, I'll be here for you. I'll do anything for you. This is a special time in our lives, because we are sharing it together... I love you.
cass">@ fubar
Living Life And Loving Being Single Again
YOu know its so much fun being single again after so many years! Im out enjoying life and working on myself getting healthier, trying to quit smoking (which is damned impossible), cranking the music in the house, and wishing for more times out getting drunk! woohoo! yea ok so im not a party animal but its nice when you get hit on lmao... in either case now that the heart is healing i can finaly be myself and do the things i enjoyed so long ago.. of course many of you are single and do enjoy your life as such and others not so much due to the feeling of loneliness but hey! atleast enjoy it while you can..cuz your gonna end up in shackles (maybe pleasurable for some ;)) one day wishing that you were single again. lmao.. of course isn't it funny that when your single you wish you had someone and when you have someone you wish you were single again?! seems we can never truely be happy unless we find our soulmate or fall madly in love with someone.. kind of depressing realy i think. but h
Someone make me laugh...please? I'm wanting to scream right now. I'm burning up and my boys won't listen. I'm still kind of in a bad mood and yeah..I need some serious cheering up.
i dunno what it is it seems theres bugs in fubar or something. "original wild thing" person-sorry for my own rudeness (still say your message was pretty pissy but whatever) but yeah i have 14 in the fans thing. whatever doesnt matter. the otehr thing, I still have gotten no response as to why the "add as a salute" button or what have you doesnt show up when I try to do that which is a pain in the ass when trying to check out potential "friends" on here cause lotsa folks dont let you if you dont have a salute but i have one its just fubar refuses to recognize it and why do i bother anyway is it really so important to have friends that i should spend so much time trying to pretend theres a single human being who would ever like me even the slightest by going on here and chatting up random strangers who may or may not be even real people in the first place? i have to see if i can find a copy of "forward to death" do put on here as the song that plays when you open my page cause i myself
Zeg Wat Jije
musice             teggno house    i get it     
everyday something new is to happen however when it comes to friends and love i am lost. things are always the same i go to work in the morning and then i am bored when i get home so when this popped up i said sure what can be the worst thing that can happen anything or nothing we'll have to see. So come be friends and see what i need to see in friendship and who know what i need to see in all  of the friends that are on this site
Pimpin Out My Sis!!
This is my sister Beth. She is new to Fubar. She's also having some drama in r/l so I talked her into joining as a stress reliever. Check her out...and be nice! Beth@ fubar
The Stare...
He looked around. Was he imagining beauty at its finest or could this creature exist? Opening his bill fold he tossed several bills without looking. What was the need when he dared not lose this trophy. The music slowly faded as he gently slipped between the lithe bodies surrounding him. Without warning a very young woman with midnight locks and eyes turned and spilled her drink all over his blazer. She was likely too young he guessed to be drinking the whisky sour which he now wore. He could hear her appologies as she needlessly patted at the fine linen. The damage done, he pushed out with his mind causing the young woman to swoon. Looking across the bar caused his heart to panic and a cold sweat formed on his entire body. She was gone! Looking wildly he surveyed the darkness. Bodies rose and fell with the beat and yet she was gone. With the threads of his mind he searche the dark smoky bar. Further he pressed; his mind floating the deserted warehouse district above. Derilicts and pr
i get it djrola vengaze
Shroud Of Shadows (drh)
soulful eyes fixated upon nothing more than a fury of emotion that pours from them with a resonance that mutes even the godsso still there as the world fades around you,  deafened by the screams of rage as your inner peace is raped with iniquitysilent now, you utter not a sound but the breath of your warm sigh the only thing to leave your lips.  pressing your fingers to your mouth you attempt to hold even it insideheld in a momentembraced by the demons seeking to diminish your light and like dirty thieves coveting your joy - you appear a rock though a closer look exposes the brokenness behind the exoskeleton of the man that you once knewshrouded in the shadows that drape upon your form the cool brush of the breeze reminds you that you are - and hence you return to the world you know and face it outwardly with the mask of smiles you wear so well.
Lap By Lap: Richmond
7:54 p.m.—GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green as the Crown Royal 400 is under way. Lap 6—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers gets the field up to speed and we are under way at Richmond. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Jeff Burton Lap 7—LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon goes hard into Turn 3 and holds it to beat Brian Vickers to the line. Lap 8 —LEAD CHANGE: Brian Vickers drives away from Jeff Gordon to retake the lead. Lap 9—YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Dave Blaney gets loose and slams into the wall. No free pass is given. Lap 13—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Mark Martin Lap 14—Kyle Busch has a great restart on the outside and jumps a few positions to 11th. Lap 16—Mark Martin passes Martin Truex Jr. for fourth Lap 18—Kyle Busch continues to make gains on the outside as he
The Seasons Of Life
THE SEASONS OF LIFE        There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away. The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in the summer, and the youngest son in the fall. When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen. The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted. The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.   The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked  so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen. . The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life  and fulfilment.   The man then explained to his sons that they were all correct, because they had each seen only one season in the tree's li
In the silence she sits fleeting thoughts in her mind Awaiting the destiny that lay before her Cherishing every image of him in her mind Longing for the day that she can call upon him to be with her Yearning for the feeling of her hand rapped tightly into his Wrapping each other in a sweet embrace she longs to be his Awaiting the touch and the feeling of her breath on his neck To be able to grasp the feeling of the emotion he has been yearning for his whole life Slowly and steadily she approaches this mystery she would like to call her own Knowing in her heart that this is what she has truly been longing for The feeling is indescribable as he approaches this beautiful woman for the first time in his life Feeling as though he has yet to be complete without her Within this sweet embrace she realizes that this is the man that she was made for With tears in her eyes she whispers I love you
Just A Funny Note!
i got this today and thought it was funny as hell and wants to share with people! kermit the frog just died of the swine flu! his last words: the fucking pig told me she was clean!
Its That Time Of Year Again.......
I really hate having friends on my list that dont talk or do anything. So, its time to cull the herd of masses once again. So to those of you that I delete....happy trails.....
Friends Of Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann has been having some health issues lately...She had a heart catherization done this morning, and had to have 3 stints put in...They also found out she is a diabetic...So any of you that have had to deal with any of these know that she's going to have to dramatically change her lifestyle...The Dr. said no more smoking, and has to avoid sugar & fats...This is going to be a dramatic change, one of them alone would be rough, but 3 at one time is going  to really suck...Those of you  that know her, pls go show her page some love, let her know you're thinking about her...Those of you that don't, you really don't know what you're missing...Her and I have been best friends for over 10 yrs now and she's an awesome person to have on your side, so PLS stop by her page and let her know that you care...I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and pls repost it so that it gets out for all to see...Thank you so much Natural Witch AKA Tina...Just click her pic and show her some fu-love
Seryoga & Azad- Dva Kaizera
Judge Me
Like I said, you ether like me, or you dont. You ether understand me, or you just dont get me. I work hard to support my kids and give them what they need. I would never NEVER choose anything over them. They are my life. You fuck with my kids, you just fucked with the wrong bitch. I am a pretty easy going person, but when you go far and beyond and try to mess with my children, I will hunt you down and make you wish to god you never where born. I love my children with all of my hart and soul and would do anything for them. I make sure they have a nice roof over there heads, clean cloths on there backs, and good food in the bellies. So dont try to justify to me what you may think is morally right. What I find to be right is, I have an good job that i have been at for a long time, I pay my taxes, and my bills. I make sure they have before anything or anyone else.
5 Years Wasted
As some of you know I've been going to college for the past 5 years.  The reason I got to go to college is actually beause I have fibromyalgia and the state of Tennessee, in an effort to help out disabled people (the program is called vocational rehabilitation) pays tuition for disabled people who quality.  They will only pay for 10 semesters though.  Having Fibromyalgia, I was only able to take 12 hours most semesters, which meant it would take at least 10 semesters for me to finish. Well, I've made almost to graduation, but I didn't pass the last class I needed to graduate due to too many abscences because I have fibromyalgia.  Since I just finished my 10th semester, vocational rehabilitation will no longer pay for me to go to school and I can't afford to pay for it myself. In fact, if I didn't have fibromyalgia I would've never been able to go to college to begin with.  The obvious solution to this would be to somehow come up with the money to take that one class this summer or next
Halo By Beyonce
Remember those walls I built Well, baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make up a sound I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It's like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin' It's the risk that I'm takin' I ain't never gonna shut you out Everywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by your embrace Baby I can see your halo You know you're my saving grace You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby I can feel your halo Pray it won't fade away I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You're the only one that I want Think I'm addicted to your light I swore I'd never fall again But this don't even feel like falling Gravity can't forget To pull me back to the ground again Feels like I've been awake
(CNN) -- A Dallas Cowboys scouting assistant suffered a broken back and has been permanently paralyzed after the collapse of the team's practice canopy during a heavy thunderstorm, the Cowboys announced Sunday. An aerial view of the scene shows the Dallas Cowboys logo amid the ruins of the indoor practice facility. Rich Behm, 33, was one of three Cowboys staffers seriously hurt when the storm struck their practice facility Saturday afternoon. Behm's spinal cord was severed by a fractured vertebrae, paralyzing him from the waist down, the team said in a written statement. "To the Behm family, we extend our love, comfort and the full support of every person and resource within the organization," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said...." ++++++++++++=   shit like that just saddens and pisses me off. Just some dude doing his job he loves, and all of a sudden it all ends in a freak shit like that. Wtf??
Another Attempt To Get People On Irc
K I'm only doing this oone more time. Since #fubar was fail because it was never full enough for people to stick around, go here. Go there immediately. There are people. Really. People. There are PEOPLE. Go there. Now. Go there. Go there. GO THERE AND GET ONTO IRC AND CHAT WITH ME DAMNIT, I CAN'T STAND THE F'ING SHOUTBOX. K? K.
So Now You Know
We had a really bad storm come through last night. My power flickered a few times and the internet cut out completely. We still have no internet at my apartment complex. I'm at the library right now because I freakin' love this place. It is marvelous, no lie. I had my last official day of class today. We got back our final exams, I got a 100! I am officially done with my second semester of grad school with a solid 4.0! Only 3 more semesters to go: summer, fall, and spring. But next spring is just student teaching, no real classes to take. I'm so excited. This semester literally flew by. I cannot believe it is already May. I feel like I had something else to add, but I can't think of it. I'm driving home on Wednesday to be with my mom and hopefully my grandma too for Mother's Day.  I'll quit rambling now. Ohhh I remember, who wants my 11s? Let's play trivia for them. What size bra do you think I wear. SB me your guess, if you write it here YOU'RE DISQUALIFIED. First correct guess
Mr Loser
->Tongue2Swe...: and I bet you have a lot of suck-sess with women->Tongue2Swe...: I cant lose more than you did when you were bornTongue2Swe...: block me slut beause u won't win here->Tongue2Swe...: lmao, you are the one that looks like a bloated crab in your defaultTongue2Swe...: well hun you are fat and ugly like all the women here but you think you are nice because of the wimpy guys that make a big deal about my book your a ugly tramp cunt ....abd fat->Tongue2Swe...: it would be nicer if you could put that cap up your assholeTongue2Swe...: would u like it better if i shaved my head and wore a baseball cap backwards like the wimpy guys your age?->Tongue2Swe...: its not the age, its the faceTongue2Swe...: don't let age fool u dear->Tongue2Swe...: i doubt itTongue2Swe...: 2 inches on a good day hun but you would like it
Hows This?
k so hows this for a shitty day, i get layed off work cuz i refused to work a 28 hr shift twice in one week. the company i worked for even refused to get us shitters on the sites were we on all night. THEn to top it off i cum home to a 3 day pay or quit notice and when i get ahold of the and lord to tel them i get paid on ZFriday an al will be well they tell me i got till 12am tomorrow night to move or they will evict me. They dont even want the rent. Well they got me by the balls cuz due to this economy i was late twice on rent and by law they can do just what they are doing. What a way to start the week huh? The only silver lining is that my parents have a one bedroom apartment on their property that i am gonna move into. Ugh so i'm movin back home an that sux but at least i get home cookin! 
One Owl's Journey
Wings spread as i take off from my perch the tree of life contains oak ash and birch soaring above our great mother feeling the power of her grace feeling the energy from all things above and below searching to and fro until i see her face In our mother we live and have our being Love and beauty mixed with charm and passion this are the things that i will be seing Flight is as free as i can be excited full of the power of the stars ,fire and all else in between Up ahead walking the path a lady she smiles bids me welcome waving me welcome with a wand Her smile is soothing warm and comforting as i make my descent upon her shoulder I realize I am in the presence of a true Queen
Rub My Nipples
A woman went to a K-Mart service counter and told the clerk she wanted a refund for the toaster she bought because it won't work. The clerk told her that he can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. Suddenly, the woman threw her arms up in the air and started screaming, 'RUB MY NIPPLES, RUB MY NIPPLES, RUB MY NIPPLES!' The befuddled clerk ran away to get the store manager in front of a growing crowd of customers. The manager comes to the woman and asks,'Ma'am what's wrong?' She explained the problem with the toaster, and he also told her that he can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. Once again, the woman throws her arms up in the air and screamed, 'RUB MY NIPPLES, RUB MY NIPPLES, RUB MY NIPPLES!' and doing so draws an even bigger crowd! In shock, the store manager pleads, 'Ma'am, why are you saying that?' In a huff, the woman says, 'BECAUSE, I LIKE TO HAVE MY NIPPLES RUBBED WHEN I'M BEING SCREWED!' The crowd broke into applause and her money was quic
Anyone find it odd w/ all the moola Tranny Granny spends on here she's never actually met "the love of her life James"?
Come On You Know You Want To!
Skud has autos on! Skud☠Metal☠Grey {Savage Executioner @ The Gallows}@ fubar now go rate his ass and level him, and level you while you're at it! he's only level 21 right now, help a guy out! ~Sin
I Am Bad
Generally every day before my mom gets home from work I turn her computer on for her so that it is ready since she has a dinosaur. Well today, I looked in her outlook box to see if there was a confirmation on when the net is gonna be off and I seen an email from my sister that happened to be the 1st one in there so it showed what was in it.   My sister had sent my mom some pics of my daughter and said something to the point of : I hear your internet is going to be off on Thursday and I hope Tawnya gets the hint and finds a new place to live.    Yes, I know I was wrong for reading it, but damn it to all hell, my family is totally in cahoots with all of this shit. I am trying like hell, I mean what else can I do, as soon as one of the shelters have an opening I am out of here.  
I Can't Believe You Cry Babies
You stupid ass mindless twits. MY SHIT IS MARKED NSFW. So you gonna come here and get all butthurt and report me too?! Fucking crying over YOUR lounge boss being a damn chester and you wanna blame Brat! WTF! Pull your heads outta your asses! Why hate her because she can't condone what he did? Instead you want to LIE on HER. Open your eyes. ITS LUCKY WHO IS LYING. Fuck everyone of you and your lounge. You're nothing but the fucking low-lifes of Fubar.
Walk Of Shame.
I live in a small college town, which is great because it greatly increases the amount of random shit you are a witness to. It’s 8:45 Sunday morning. I’m driving to church. It’s cool, maybe 50 degrees, overcast and a misty rain is falling. A young lady is walking towards me. She’s a big one, and I notice her from a distance. She is wearing a slightly outdated emerald green formal. She’s a college sophomore or junior, definitely not a high school girl and when I say, “She is a big one”, I mean five five or five six, two thirty, at least. This time of year is spring formal for many of the fraternities. I wasn’t in a fraternity in college so I don’t know how many of these things work, but I don’t think it is supposed to end this way. She doesn’t look happy. She looks fucking pissed. Here hair is completely disheveled, half out of last night’s upsweep. Heels in one hand, purse and keys in the other. Her strand of fa
Another Scammer this asshole scammed me out of 6 mil , dont trust the scaumbag   ->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: ok swent over 6 mil for 11╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: yeah->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: do you still wanna trade?»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: after i get the payment, sure.->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: hmmmm can you give it to my #1 fam ill pay you from that account╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: i'll give you a cherry bomb or auto 11 for 6 mill fubucks.Jade H: ->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: ok swent over 6 mil for 11╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: yeah->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: do you still wanna trade?»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: after i get the payment, sure.->╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: hmmmm can you give it to my #1 fam ill pay you from that account╚»BÌG·ĞÁĞĞ...: i'll give you a cherry bomb or auto 11 for 6 mill fubucks.
What A Bitch
Part of my job is to email people who go online and redeem their offer for a free hotel stay at the resort. This guy decided to redeem and then call to book... he got pissed off because we don't have rooms on the night that he was wanting. He responded to my email saying that it was stupid that we send out offers but when people want to book, they can't It was a very rude email. This guy is a JERK. I mean shit.. you are getting a free hotel room that you have 4 months to use. because you can't book ONE NIGHT.. you freak out and say you will not be going to that hotel ever? oh for fucks sake! would you do that?
Stuck To The Manna
“And they took their journey from Elim, and all the congregation of the children of Israel came unto the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after their departing out of the land of Egypt.”  Chapter sixteen of Exodus sets up how long the events of chapter thirteen through fifteen – the time between the children of Israel leaving Egypt and arriving at the oasis of Elim.  In just over six weeks, the children of Israel have followed Moses to the end of Egypt and the pillar of cloud during the day as well as the pillar of fire by night send by the LORD from Egypt to the Red Sea and through the wilderness of Shur.  Emerging from the wilderness, the Israelites come to the waters of Marah and then to Elim and camp there while recharging for the next leg of their journey to the Promised Land.  It’s foreshadowed in verse one that the people will arrive at Sinai (referring here to Mount Sinai at the base of the pre
started out to be a pissy day.  Hit the dojo down the road...popped a few bucks and then worked out.... yay!  But ended up fucking up with my chest and had to quit for a bit before I started in again.    I love to text.. chat and talk.  And it is relativly easy to text while kickin the bag.  About as easy as riding a bull in a china shop, trying extra hard not to break anything.   I quit ... came home, its only a three minute walk.  Maybe a lil more.   I am a lil worried... and a lil turns into a lot.  That happens with PARANOID SCHITZOS.  lol.  that is why they call them paranoid.  A little reassurance every so often goes a long way. I just wanted to say to a few peeps that actually stuck through it... Thanks. Your the bestest friends a girl could want.  And you know who you are.    
Une Leçon Quant Aux Secrets
There are no secrets worth concealing When love has firmly captured one's heart... When one dreams and thinks And lives and breathes the essence of life Through the love one has for another. Tell me one story as yet once untold.
Of Cosmic Truths - Love
Shall there be a single moment, Throughout the course of your short life, Where you can glimpse, however briefly, The measure of small wondrous truths? And, having seen such gleamings, Could you say, with blatant disregard
Earthly Angel
In you there lies a part Of that first dependence; Love that found itself Because it was a part of us And not related to the actors Who might have played upon lusts Indifferent to our ne
Ten Thousand Tears
Far from the clouds that Covered the home of my youth, (The poet mused with eyes wide open, After thinking for ten thousand years), I have seen much and made sense of it… … Streets bright after the rain, …Mountains which hide the blazing sun, …Black woods where no mortal dwells, …The sadness within the eyes of Death,
Romance 101
As I have loved So will I love    As I so love    So will i ever     As in the past    As today
A Sutra To Watch Rocks Grow By
I have been watching rocks grow and trees smile And drinking tea from an empty cup. And I have discerned that... Past the measure of time’s final footsteps… Past the ebb and flow of the ocean’s last tide… After the final arching of the last cloud’s tear… I shall still long for your smile. Is it not enough?
Stand by my side, woman. Naked... body and soul. Reveal your true self to me. Shed the fear from your eyes. And let love bind us together. Can you not see my love Waiting for you with open arms. ....Oh, my sunlit-midnight The feelings that capture me when
How To Have A Forever Love
Measure me not with your man-made measures …For I would never do such things to you …For I have known the heart of new-love …And it transformed my world anew. How might I prove the truth of this? …That it is in giving that we receive …That it is in loving that we know true-love …Finding no means then
I'm Speechless
My son Jacob is 12 years old.  He looks sixteen and acts like he's five.  Typical boy that loves the ladies.  His current flavor of the week is older.  She's almost fourteen.  She called him last night crying because she had to break up with him.  When he asked her why she said she thinks she's PREGNANT!!!  I'm flabbergasted.  He was spending the night with my mother so I don't have the whole story yet.  Like if he has any reason to suspect he might be the father.  They're just babies. 
Dear Forever Love
Throughout my life I have ever been confident… Confident even to that point of Ignoring danger until death was Staring me directly in the eye; But  When I feel your presence I become So bashful that I dare not smile, And I find myself lowering My head toward a dark corner Of my life... so as to not answer
Trade For Trade
im trading fubucks for bling 100k for 1 bling250k for 2 bling400k for 3 bling500k for 4 bling550k for 5 bling i will only be paying for the person who gets me up to 5 blings first so you better come fast and hard or you just might not get to it little hint on getting more then 550k you buy me 2 blings and then 3 blings -hector
Flower In The Sky   they sing freeness silently amongst the stature of the trees, soaring in the gale of the wind I see fallen leaves dance in a quiet corner like the quick whisk of your perfume scent taking me away like a tiger swallow in flight,     how beautiful are you when I am in a trance upon your sight and like a slave I would serve you my fairest maiden, upon 1000 there are none who can compare to my sweet,   as my mind ponders wildly your pleasantness cherishes a smile that is bestowed upon my face, how lovely are you?  Like an angel within the sky you are the preciousness of God’s making, and to touch you gently would be a keepsake within my heart,   and to be with you is like a far faraway dream, how can I hold you once without a memory seizing my soul?  Tell me how can I trade a chance to go to heaven to capture one moment with you?     
Lets All Leave On Our Spiritual Day-
I’m gong allow myself to unfastened resentment onto the human race with questions of soreness. did God fashioned us to subsist in a world of suffering, misery filling the mind with temptation to assign homicides to our beneficiary human race, or the simple problem of starvation   It’s a disgrace, that people got to go through such thing where we must entrust murders apon strangers faces To carry out production with their wits and the way to get clients is to lie is preeminent fiends only go for the shit that are at it most excellent some say it’s half and half ,there pure but none are good for the intelligent destroying brain cell and we wonder why our kids are so unmannered and monotonous the government has the drug game in a monopoly im not talking about only prescription pills ,but also cocaine, heroin and ecstasy so why stop me from gulping down some henesi Smoking on weed and overdosing on my happy pills that makes see purple bunnies climbing on tree
All I Need!
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
I dont think I am gettin swine flu, but I just woke up with my throat bein totally swollen, hurting, and makin it painful to swallow (yeah, go to town with this one). WTF?? ouchies :(
People And Drama
I am tired..and kind of in a mood.  Just call it PMS.  Anyways.. I worked today.  We had a patient who ended up..we had to put sign on the patients door for no visitors..unless checking with the nurses station. Well noone out there knew what to do or say.  It was over a personal matter.. of the patients family/ or friends taking advantage of him..and getting money from him.  Well.. the way I look at it.. thats not our job to really worry about. Its his choice..and if they are doing this stuff..and family is worried about it..then they should have taken care of the problem before he came to the hospital.  They act like they do not know how to get help though in cases like this.  We also get once in a while..these patients..who do not want people to know they are in the hospital..etc.  You can not tell people where they are..etc.  Well. it makes my life quite misserable..wondering wtf to tell people when they call or come to the desk.  I feel horrible lying to the people.  Fact is.. we a
She Had Triple Bypass Surgery This Morning
Well ,my mother in law had triple bypass surgery this morning around 9:30 and the surgeon said that everything went ok .She's not going to be able to go back to work of course right away though .She is also probably going to be staying with us full time after she gets done staying at her sister's house for 2 weeks .She also has to stop smoking ,which isn't going to be easy for her since she's about a 4 pack a day smoker :O i would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during this rough time in my life YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK :D i will try to keep everyone updated as far as if anything else happens :D
Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen - Official Final Trailer [hd]
Dj Schedule May 4 - May 10
Hey everyone - WOOT May is Here - and Got some KICK ASS stuff planned for this month in Bada Bing - Cinco De Mayo is this week - Get your Fiesta on in Bada Bing! Here is this week's Schedule - Let me know if you have any questions or need any changes and hope you all have a great week. Thanks for your love and support of Bada Bing!       Much Love, Queeny       Bada Bing DJ Schedule 5/4/09 – 5/10/09       Monday   Bounty  8pm – 3:00am EST  (80s show)     (Queeny, Pet and Darth No DJing)       TUESDAY –   QUEENY- 8pm -12am EST (Cinco De Mayo Fiesta)   Darth-12am - 3am EST      (PET and Bounty NO DJING)     WEDNESDAY   BOUNTY - 7pm – 9pm EST (Sexy Humpday 4play) QUEENY - 9pm - 12 EST (Humpday)
Posting On You Tube!
Hey Guys,      It's me, (Sonatta) I stop to blog about my videos on youtube. you can find them under the name therealestategroup1, ( you must type it in just like that or search for making a Bpo. Talk to you later.                                                                           Sonatta
Have I Forgotten
Have i forgotten on who i am or have i forgotten on what i do? Too many question i ask myself so i seek answers from many but all have failed. Seems there are no answers for me in this world maybe in the afterlife but who am i to judge well things must come to an end but the real answer is are you ready to tkae th challenge?
Its Official. Im The Dumbass
so here i thought my cats were just being dumb........ nowhere in the instructions did it say i was supposed to LEASH train the cats before i FENCE train the cats......... UGH........ well thats another month of training to do UGH!!!!!!!
  Don't care what your political stance is.. this is funny...   Rose sat so Martin can walk... Martin walked so Obama could run... People have said for centuries that if a black man won the presidency pigs would fly...   And what do you know? After his first 100 days in office....   SWINE FLU!!!
What The ???
how do you navigate this dam place ??????
hi be nice to the people on your way up because you need them on your way down
Something To Talk About
Let's start it off with, are you single?nope Where did you get your last bruise from?IV Have you ever thought you were gonna die?uh... plese dont get me  started on that. to many times. Were you happy when you woke up today?i guess Are you a planner?try to be What kind of mood are you in today?mellow Have you talked to a complete jerk today?not yet... day aint over yet tho Do you love the last person you called?he's my best friend, of course!!! How late did you stay up last night and why?till about 1045 i think... i was 2 sheets to the wind and talking to my best friend How many of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends are with someone else now?i could totally care less What kind of phone do you have?sidekick How much cash do you have on you right now?not enough lol Do you like to cuddle?very much so!! i miss it horribly right now.... What jewelry are you wearing?rings, necklace, watch and bracelet How many people on your top friends have you slept in the same bed with?just one
New Saying 5-4-09
The Gods in the sky hang their heads in envy with one swipe of my sword and i will end your misery
My Thoughts Of Us
My Thoughts of Us   Who am I in you? Am I the heart that pounds keeping your blood flowing? What is my name in your spirit? Do you desire the touch my love is showing?   Where is the heart I crave? Are the gaps in your heart solely mine to fulfill? Do you see me in your dreams? Am I the one to warm the frigid winters chill?   I am the echo you ignore The whisper throu
ok the first to bling me the most by the end of they day gets 2mil lolz so start blinging im not going to hold this for long lmao
Screw It, I Give In
i really didn't want to be asking for anything that actually costs money on this site, but i'd really like a vip if anyone feels so inclined. i don't have the ability to upload any new pics which sucks because my red hair looks fucking awesome and i only have like 5 pics with it, i also can't rip any salutes or pictures that my friends have made for me :( really i just want it for the picture upload space... whoever gets it for me will get as many 11's as i can use on them for at least the first two weeks and i'll add them to family for their generosity which basically just gives you access to my famliy only blogs. there's pictures that are family only but that's SO not a fuckin reason to get me a vip, if all you're interested in is naked pics, don't bother, i will remove you from family if you're a dick regardless of the vip. ~Sin
A Good Hose
When you get a hose.. make sure its the correct size. It may not be long enough to meet your needs. If the hose doesn't work correctly.. trade if in for another. Test it.. just to be sure. A hose shoud work properly. And they come in assorted colors too! LOL.. just a point of view from a former Fire Dept. employee. SO sexy...
Simper Fi
This is a story of my brothers and I. All we have experienced together...its something that I wrote as a story and slowly became a poem. Many people think they know what war is like, but until they've actually been there, they'll never truly know what we Warriors endured. Semper Fi! Carrying a Gun On February 3, 2003 We arrive in the desert, Away home from family. Most of us young men and some of us were old, All of us ready to fight Standing strong and bold. March 19th came swift, Thats when we began the fight, The ground war was finally declared, as we crossed the borders late that night. We carried our Guns to battle and always kept them clean We were all experts with weapons, Then again we're all Marines. We were a few miles in before reality struck, When an RPG Hit our 7-ton truck. We picked up our guns and grabbed our ammo and rushed straight through to the front-lines, All of us alert but scared to the bone, and never-the-less we charged in to fight. From dusk til dawn b
"truly Twisted Props"
  Truly Twisted Props is a prop shop unlike any other offering a staggering selection of unusual and bizarre props for rent to the television and movie making industry and also for photographers and models. If you are filming a horror, fetish, or decidedly differently themed production Truly Twisted Props can fulfill all of your prop demands. What we do not already have in our extensive stock of rare and unusual props we can locate for you or even custom fabricate. Our props range from unusual masks, costumes, and accessories to a large variety of edged weapons, restraints, Medieval instruments of torture, large scale modern fully automated "kill machines" one would imagine seeing in such films as SAW, and just about any other unique, bizarre, and/or rare prop you can dream up. When the other prop shops come up empty, Truly Twisted Props can supply, find, or create just that certain something that will make your production a success! Our prop rental rates are on par with industry st
I am going to be deleting my photos from the knotty album. For those of you that frequent them...and i know who you are haha...take whatever ones you want to keep for your personal whatever. I need to make room for more important things to me.   *hugs*
Your Eyes
When I look into your eyes I see everything I see a long ago King Your eyes are open to me They are the true key They are the way into your heart and soul This I know I see you looking for the one day when you are right again with the world Just like every man looks for the perfect pearl You have been looking for me as I have been looking for you all my life And I have to sigh My search has been a long search And I pray that this poem works As you see me you look into my eyes And you see to your surprise It is me you have been looking for as well And it is as a crystal bell You reach out and take my hand And you pull me close to you to stand You pull me near And you whisper in my ear "It is you , My Queen! I have searched for you everywheres ." And you look into my eyes and just stare You see everything in them as i see everything in yours We see right down to the very core We see every pain , every hurt , every love we have inside of us And say a
Weird, now how can you miss people who were supposedly your friends, when they up and leave.  I think ceratin people tell you what you wanna hear so they can gain something from you and once they get it or don't they move on cause you are of no use to them anymore.  Either that or they're just really good liars. Tired of trying to figure it out.  UGHH!!!!
Why I Left
I used to dj & Be DJ Manager for the lounge on here called $$The Dogghouse$$. On April 28th of thisyear, I found out that the lounge owner, DJLuckyDogg, was a registered sex offender.  I have major issues with any form of child abuse/molestation, regardless of how recent it is or not.   Here is part of the conversation between me and him, which happened on the same night (which happened after he had all head staff in a conference where he told everyone about it):   Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:10 PM): I have a question, it's about something you said in the conference. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:39:15 PM): yes? Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:48 PM): you said that it happened in 1999, but yet you said you were 21 when it happened. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:14 PM): i was 22 Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:25 PM): an i went to court in ** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:33 PM): it happened in ** Oscar (4/28/2009 10:41:24 PM): you were born in **** right? Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:28 PM):** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:42 PM): **
what up kinda new in this tryin 2 get my rep up add diz homie
I Don't Know Why, But...
...this made me giggle.
No One!
No one can make you feel less than what you think of yourself so on that note!!!! Fuck the bullshit. I am not perfect and have a life if you actually cared! I am strong, independant and do not need someone controlling me or telling me what i should and should not do. This is my life damn it screw those who dare try and take that away from me. I laugh at those who are so pathetic they have to bring others down because their own lives are so fucked up!
Back Stabbers
The Friends I Were Talking About Are Back Stabbers  and She's A Phycotic Troublemaker. Her Fiance Sticks Up For Her When She's In The Wrong Which Is Why He Doesn't Know The Whole Truth. She Messed Around With Another Guy While She Was Here And Her Fiance Was At Work. They Blocked Me On Here,But Oh Well Cuz What Goes Around Comes Around And Bites You In The Ass.
Join My Pirate Crew
  Arr me mateyjoin up with me piratesget yer own ship too in Pirates:Come Rule the Caribbeanwith Me!Click here to join me Pirate Crew now.  
Just A Few Thoughts
just a few thoughts am reducin ma footprint here on fubar it keeps changing here not for da good final straw is as a joke i type in "" this above either dint show or dis blog wont post i cant do anythang html code is screwd here in da blogs sick'n tired of the games tat fubar is playin
Join My Mafia Please
  There is Only One Way Off These Streetsjoin up with me in Mafia WarsCome Rule the World with meClick here to join my Mafia now.  
Beethoven To His Immortal Beloved :)
 Good morning, on July 7 Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us - I can live only wholly with you or not at all - Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits - Yes, unhappily it must be so - You will be the more contained since you know my fidelity to you. No one else can ever possess my heart - never - never - Oh God, why must one be parted from one whom one so loves. And yet my life in V is now a wretched life - Your love makes me at once the happiest and the unhappiest of men - At my age I need a steady, quiet life - can that be so in our connection? My angel, I have just been told that the mailcoach goes every day - therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once - Be calm, only by a calm consideratio
My Plea
No one knows how I feel Not even me I wish this feeling would go away And just let me be I sit in my room I sit and I cry Thinking and wondering What if I were to die? Would anyone care? What would they say? Would they come to my funeral? Or just turn away? No one would care Because no one would know Just like they don't now Because I don't let it show All they see is a smile Across my face They don't see the darkness They don't know this place No one knows how I feel Except me But I wish that they would And answer my plea
No One Knows Me
No one knows the real me. No one knows how I feel. No one knows what I go through. No one knows who I am. If no one knows me why? Why do I bother? Why do I stay? Why do I care what they say? No one knows me so goodnight. Goodnight forever. No one knows me or wants to know me. So when I say goodnight it means goodbye
For Jesus 666
I have no idea how to put links in here anymore :( [cries], but my friend Aaron is 600k from Godfather and wants to level. Any little bit helps.   I'll post his link in the comment box.   Thanks. :)     Jesus 666 ~ Owner of Excito Diabolus [666% Metal]@ fubar
Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow marines, my loved ones and Thee without shame or fear. Protect my family. Give the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Make me considerate of those committed to my leadership.Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth and grant me wis
~sex~ By Micheal Ryan
  ~SEX~ written by Micheal Ryan Afterthe Earth finally touches the sun, and the long explosion stopssuddenly like a heart run down the world might seem white and quiet tosomething that watches it in the sky at night, so something might feelsmall, and feel nearly human pain. Butit won't happen again the long nights wasted alone, what's done indoorways in the dark by the young, and what could have been for some.
One Of Those Days
Ever had one of those days were nothing goes right.  today is mind, I fell out of bed and popped my wrist. Then burnt everything I cooked....I think I may curl back up and say screw it all.
A Story About Rancor...
You didn't handle things well at all. You lied, you shut me out, and you made me feel like shit. You insulted me. When I couldn't take anymore, I asked you to let me in, and what do you do? You tell me you're feeling “meh.” You tell me you got scared and stopped caring about me. Now, I'm just one of the ex girlfriends. You know, the ones you would tell me stories about; I will become fodder for the next story, won't I? The one you tell your next girlfriend. After you feed her all the lines you fed me first, of course.I never wanted to let my guard down. I told you this. That is why I came across as “cold as fuck.” Yet you would serenade me, and tell me you never felt like this before, and you would talk about how crushed you would be if I left you. I guess the tables have turned, haven't they? No, I never saw us getting married or spending the rest of our lives together. In fact, I gave us 2 years tops. I figured by then, we would have just grown apart. I think
A Story About A Girl...
Well-versed in the path of deception, you callously display your untruths. These lies form the ground you walk upon; the gaps now bridged by malice.  Equivocal is the tongue that you speak, and my ears can no longer bear it.  So provocative, yet always doing your best to prevaricate.You sits alone crying to yourself.  Knowing that the words from your mouth are all lies.  You sits alone, shaking and realizing that the lies you tells only hurt yourself. You're trying to stretch tales into truths, or expand your news thinking maybe people won't notice how boring your life is because in your closet sit your happy new skeletons.  And, as you sit there glueing together the bones you've picked from your brain... I'll question your innocent little game and think of how weak you became.  Now, I'm not one to talk about what complusive gems should and shouldn't be bought... And I'd hate for you to lose street value when you weave your tales of gold... But, don't you think it's all getting a littl
Ahem, Just Read It :-)
Bee Stings
  Subject: Fw: .BEE STINGS ! Do Not Delete .. BEE STINGS !  > >   This information may be something to remember, as this season will soon be here again...> > It might be wise to carry a penny in your pocket while> working in the yard.......... BEE STINGS !> > A couple of weeks ago, I was stung by both a bee and hornet while working in the garden.> > My arm swelled up, so I went to the doctor.  The clinic> gave me cream and an antihistamine.  The next day the> swelling was getting progressively worse, so I went to my> regular doctor. The arm was Infected and needed an> antibiotic.The doctor told me - " The next time you get> stung, put a penny on  the bite for 15 minutes".> > That night, my niece was stung by two bees.  I looked at> the bite and it had already started to swell.   So, I taped> a penny to her arm for 15 minutes. The next morning, there was no sign of a bite.  We decided that she just wasn't allergic to the sting.> > Soon, I wa
Yet Another Day
Woke up in Auckland, the sun streaming through the heavy curtains and yet another morning on the other end of the world. I love Skype, my wee daddy has been shown how to use it, but what he hasn’t really grasped is the time difference. His conversations are amazing, I do love hearing his voice, it’s just the mad stuff he talks about that drive me nuts and I struggle to chat back at 3am! “Janey that cat from next door peeped its head round the door and I chased it with a laser pen, that red dot drives it nuts” he shouted loudly down the microphone. So yesterday morning, with no daddy voice to cheer me up, I boarded a flight to Wellington. How I love this city of Wellington, though I could do without that biting wind. Every single shop, theatre and street sign reminds me of the time Ashley and I came here in 2006. So, am in Wellington, its awesome and just a wonderful city. The hotel is just perfect and it is had the biggest bath I have ever seen! Can’t wait to go for a swim
Wanna Know A Secret?
      So Do you wanna know a secret? Everybody does! And I have discovered a powerful secret that I want to share with you, a secret that will change your life. In the Book of Genesis the creator "SPOKE" The world into existence! That,s right read it for yourself HE SPOKE. What does this mean to us? Well it means that GOD,S WORD ITSELF has power! Romans 4:17 states that God SPEAKS life into the dead things and calls nonexistent things as if they already existed. But Confessing God,s Word is not just a way to get things that you decide that YOU want, but rather agreeing with the already established and written Word Of God. As we Believe and speak outloud HIS Word we are setting ourselves in agreement with HIM for his plan to come to pass in our lives. And The Bible teaches us that God,s Word Cannot Come Back to you Void no matter how long it takes to manifest in your life. Peace and Love to you as always Amazing GRace
Paying 30k For Folder Rate During Hh.
I will pay 30k FuBucks for rating my full folder named "Bomb/EZ Rate 1" during any Happy Hour or 10K for every 100 rates during HH. Please pm for payment, no gifts with the message included or sb either. Private message only and I wil be confiming your rates so any info associated will get payment to you quicker (who's hh, time of day, etc.). Thanks for participating in advance and thank you to all the people I have done this for. Have fun guys.
This Is Messed Up
Now how messed up is this, a friend of mine which i was talking to him yesterday was ranked a level 18 and within 10 minutes he was a newbie level 0. He went to the help lounge and guess they couldn't help him out. Im not sure what happened or went on but now he has to start all over again.   Im asking for you all to please go by and show him some luv. If we all give him luv he should reach his level 18 within no time.   He is a sweet and caring guy and its messed up that it happened to him. Please click the link below to take you to his page. Thanks for everyone that helps him out. He deserves it. phillipp@ fubar Wow.
I would have stashed this but it's NSFW and my luck some asshat would report my cute ass  
3 Wishes.from Florida
   > >       > > A Mexican, an African-American, and a Texan Redneck were > walking together on a > > Florida beach when the Black stumbled over a bottle in > the sand. > > He picked up the bottle, rubbed the sand off it, and a > Genie appeared. > > > > "I can only grant three wishes," the Genie > said. "Since there are three of > > you, you may have a wish apiece." Pointing at the > Black, he said, "Since you > > found my bottle, you may have the first wish." > > > > The Black studied for a moment then said,  "I wish for a fleet of ships, and then gather all my people
My First Freestyle Rap Ever
Trying to free style by oudawn         Dude, you aint ill he cant even utterI chop down trees like the big giant tree cutte so you better act like you thirsty and guzzle it down this is my city im the king I wear the crown yous a joke go put a clown gown,now and act five punch linel from you and people still aint reacting,to it This schoolboy is elastic like a plastic bag imma strech you out like pulling a sticky magnum jive Im hung low like  2*5 Your girl ugly but I still fuck that old hag Magnum shot her then cover her face with a rag I’ll drop her to pavement  just like getting tagged Then imma stomagh her with the 5+5 while looking fag!! Your verse are unhinge and off beat no strategies implicated Yous a gimmick you copy you duplicated,you replicate,and imatate This a battle of the wit you belong in a close pit
Montana People
Hey anyone on here from montana. skiing was great this year we still have a few places still open
Why Women Take So Long To Pee
Hey need to share this with your mom :-)  i know she would like it   When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied.Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern 'seat covers' (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty. You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck, (Mom would turn over in her grave if you put it on the FLOOR!), yank down your pants, and assume ' The Stance.' In this position your aging, toneless thigh muscles begin to shake. You'd love to sit down, but you certainly hadn't taken time to wipe the se
Meet Mine And Edwards Daughter Renesmee
My story is unlike any other. Most babies take up to 9 months in a mothers womb until birth. For me it only took about a month after my parents, Edward and Bella Cullen's , honeymoon. I was the reason behind it all. From my mothers insane cravings all the way to her unusual mood swings. Little did most know, it actually was possible for a vampire and a human to conceive a child. Thus, making me a human-hybrid. At first they wanted me outta my mommy thinking it would endanger her life. But my mommy and aunt Rosalie couldn't have it any other way. When I was born it almost did kill my mommy and me. Thankfully my daddy was there to save her and I by getting me out and turning her into a vampire. After my birth I was introduced to everyone, including Jacob. It wasn't until three days or so I was able to finally see my mommy after she had a quick hunt. She was just as shocked as everyone else about my ability. My ability is to let others see whats playing inside my mind just by touching the
Planting Tomatoes...
My dad loved to plant tomatoes and grow vegetables in the garden,however because he was in the military, we had to move every three or four years. But even if we were about to move Dad would plant and tend ther garden anyway. He would just smile and say "I,m planting tomatoes for someone else to pick" I never really understood that then, but now those words come back to me at times when I feel that my work is not showing any results. God call us all to tend the garden whether we ever see direct results or not. Paul wrote "I planted, Apollos Watered, but God gave the growth."
Porcelain And The Tramps : I Feel Perfect
The other day I had to stop and think And boy I love the way you get to me So I took a hit and poured another drink Your perfect frame is where I sucked it clean Oh Yeah I can never stop myself from fallin over You can never stop yourself from comin over I can feel you comin closer and closer Baby don't stop now Baby don't stop now I can never stop myself from fallin over You can never stop yourself from comin over I can feel you comin closer and closer Baby don't stop now Baby don't stop now I love how easy you crawl at me And the way it feels when you peel my clothes off me The palm of my hand's where I hold the key I fit you like the glove, it's not the ecstacy Oh Yeah I can never stop myself from fallin over You can never stop yourself from comin over Song Lyrics I can feel you comin closer and closer Baby don't stop now Baby don't stop now I can never stop myself from fallin over You can never stop yourself from comin over I can feel you comin closer and
Hey Y'all
hello everyone......I have sad news to Grandmother passed away Sunday morning....i will be going home tomorrow the 5th of may to attend her funeral.......I sure miss everyone and talking  to you guys on a regular basis.....i hope to be back on Friday and i will contact everyone after you guys and hope to be back online asap   Wes
Alice Cooper-poison
Your cruel device Your blood like ice One look could kill My pain, your thrill I want to love you, but I better not touch (Don't touch) I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much) I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison You're poison runnin'thru my veins You're poison, I don't want to break these chains Your mouth, so hot Your web, I'm caught Your skin, so wet Black lace on sweat I hear you calling and it's needles and pins (And pins) I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin (Deep in) I want to kiss you but your lips are venomous poison You're poison runnin'thru my veins You're poison, I don't want to break these chains Poison One look could kill My pain, your thrill I want to love you, but I better not touch (Don't touch) I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much) I want to taste you but your li
In An Auction!
I'm in an auction and whoring myself out again. Click on the pick to see what I'm offering, then place your bid! :) xoxox Everyone needs some Sweet Kandy in their life. Can I be your sweetness? 
When I Close My Eyes
When I close my eyes he is there waiting he takes my hand and leads me away from reality into the world unknown gentil guidence the look he gives me tells me there is no need for questions only I have the answers to he walks beside me, I feel his heat I can see the want in his eyes I feel the want in my heart, they match but alas I must wake and he will be gone till I close my eyes again..... he is my reality behond reality
Muppets Day
So of course its Monday so Hugh and I decided it should be National be a Muppet Character Day..... Hence I'm beaker. There has been overwhelming favour to be a Muppet so if you could please advice us in a comment on who you are then nobody will pick doubles... Also if you would like we are allowing for sesame street characters.... Thank you from the dorks, Swedish Chef and Beaker
~true Essence Of Love~
THE ESSENCE OF LOVE AS SEEN BY KAHLIL GIBRAN~I always try to incorporate his philosophy into my life. I hope it touches someone else as gift to my friends that wish to explore, The True Essence of Love~ ......Peace.When LOVE beckons to you follow LOVE, Though LOVE'S ways are Hard and Steep. And when LOVE'S Wings enfold you yield to LOVE, Though the Sword hidden among LOVE'S Pinions may wound You. And when LOVE speaks to You believe in LOVE, Though LOVE'S voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as LOVE crowns you so shall LOVE Crucify you. Even as LOVE is for your Growth so is LOVE for your Pruning. Even as LOVE ascends to your Height and Caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the Sun, So shall LOVE descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the Earth. Like sheaves of corn LOVE gathers you unto Itself. LOVE threshes you to make you naked. LOVE sifts you to free you from your husks. LOVE grinds you to whiteness. L
2 Weekend Eats
Well its riding time again A friend of mine an i decided to make it Hamburger rides The last 2 rides we have had 2 burgers The 1st one was in Ada Ohio It was part or a drivethourgh but a 1 lbs double cheese burger it was worth the ride to try this The 2nd one was in Republic Ohio at Fatheads it was a1/2 lbs cheese burger with the works An the price was very reasonable in both places At this time my friend an I would have to say Fatheads has the best burger but we plan on doing more of this So if you have any place we would like to eat in Northeast or west Ohio please drop me a line 
What Is A Redneck?
Can some please tell me what a redneck is ? I see rebel flags hanging and when i ask what it means to them they dont know . Can i get the true please.
Random Thoughts
I saw the perfect graphic tonight I mean seriouslywhat DO you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is theone who made you cry? You try everything you can to make everyone thinkyou're not broken when everyone sees that you are.You keep going asthough nothing ever happened wearing that fake grin saying how muchbetter off you are without them when deep inside wonder howthey are and if they think of you. When did "I'll love you forever"become "I'll love you if?" when did "I'm in love with you" becomesomething that you can just turn off? These days the word LOVE is justtossed around like it has no real meaning it's just something peoplesay to get what they need at that particular moment.I'm not sure thatmost people understand the impact that one little phrase can have on aperson's life it's like a saving grace...a finality on a long life ofpain.. a new hope of something and someone to believe in, but whathappens to that person when the one they thought would love them
Someday you'll cry for melike i cried for you.Someday you'll miss melike i missed you.Someday you'll need melike i needed you.Someday you'll love mebut i won't love you!
I Give Up
Libra Horoscope Monday, May 4th, 2009 -- Suppressing your feelings isn't necessarily the best way to handle your anger if you believe that others are demanding too much from you now. You don't need to fly off the handle with a dramatic display of emotions; all you have to do is calmly and clearly state your case. There's no reason to apologize or negotiate; you can only do so much. Additionally, you will gain respect if you establish your limits in a professional manner. Now that I have that there let me tell you the damn irony in it. I walked out of Bio today due to the teacher being a complete liar and just plain STUPID. It took everything in me not to tell her off which in turn would have made her cry and then I would have smacked her for crying!  UGH. I've had it with all this stupidity. I need a break... from the life. Im now off to go argue with IT as to why we can't access blackboard or the school website which I need in order to get the
Wanting,lusting,to be held,to be loved,to feel warmth,to feel your beating heart.Wanting to be sheltered from the cold,heartless winds.Falling into invisible arms;into an abyss of love.Wishing,hoping,that my desires will be filled;my desires of loving warmth.Wanting to be held,comforted,loved.Dreaming of passionate embraces,of tender kisses,loving words,romantic nights.Waiting for undying love.
I See Old People!
Just when I thought I found a nifty lil site through some mutal party animal friends.. I find my EX on here.. I mean, shouldn't there be an age limit or at least a background check!! Holy Lord this SUCKS!! I'm not gonna name names, however...WATCH OUT.... You never know who you date until you find their parole box...NICE. I may have done stupid shit to him, but damn did he put one over on me... Two years I lived w/ this person and had no clue he was on paper.. I'd rather be a crazy fucked up biatch then a complete loser! He comes across as a friendly charmer...but WATCH OUT! WEIRDO!! Who the hell comes to a site like this at his age?? LAME!!!!! Anyway... don't worry guys.... You're lucky you'll never have to meet him in real life! I love my party friends. You ROCK!! Kisses, Sandy  
Ecstasy And Agony
Obviously opposites and in life they seem to go hand in hand.  They create a rollercoaster ride of emotion that doesn’t seem to ever stop.   The ecstasy of what you think is real joy and togetherness.  Perceived comfort of warm arms and murmured phrases of love and devotion in a cocoon of your making.  Those Rose colored glasses making everything brighter and happier.   Staring to share things of import and nothing at the same time.  Thinking that you are building something solid, firm and lasting with each breath, sigh, word, action and deed.   The Agony of feeling embarrassed and shamed when you find it meant nothing, The hurt that wells up with each half truth and dodge of questions.   The confusion of how anyone could be so cruel to hurt you when you have done not a thing wrong to them.   A new reality that feels eerily similar to one you have left.  
04 May 2009
Each thought, each sentence set to show you how happy life can be.
03 May 2009
Validation of my thoughts will come from my words.
Proposal Condition
Kurt was going out with a nice girl and finally popped the question. "Will you marry me, darling?" he asked. Lisa smiled coyly and said, "Yes, if you'll buy me a mink." Kurt thought for a moment and then replied, "Okay, it's a deal, on one condition." "What is that?" Lisa asked. "You'll have to clean the cage," Kurt replied.
Dark Angel
She has freed herself from the chains in which bond her but doesn't feel free. She sits upon a grave of her late lover, never to come off again for now she has become stone.
The Next Terrorist Attack
Subject: The next predicted terrorist attack  Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ' Munich ' was based.. He was Golda Meir's bodyguard -- she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games. In a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, he shared information that EVERY American needs to know -- but that our government has not yet shared with us. He predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O'Reilly laughed and mocked him saying that in a week he wanted him back on the show. But, unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack had occurred. Juval Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered in Israel and the Middle East ) to the Bush Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said they would use planes as bomb
It Was A Bad Day
I don't even really know what to say on here but I felt the urge to blog. I'll probably be rambling and I'm sure none of this will make sense. So, I apologize now. If you read my blog last night, you'd know that my plans for the weekend didn't work out the way I wanted them go. I think today I'm over that. Am I still upset, yes. But I'll be fine. I'm not going to drag something out and make a huge ass scene out of it. It's really not me. I'll write a blog about it and be done with it. This is going to be another venting blog, that after the traffic dies down on it...if there is any, I'll  not talk about it again.  Yesterday afternoon, after seeing my Dad, me and my cousin stopped to get some lunch. I really wasn't all that hungry so I got a salad. Later I regreted that, seeing as how we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half because of a car wreck on the interstate. Anyway, after I'd eaten I went to the car to get my phone. She was still eating and I figured I'd get on Yahoo
As I Write My Book...................
Mona Rosa
Mona Rosa Mona Rosa,siyah güller,ak güller; Gülce'nin gülleri ve beyaz yatak Kanadı kırık kuş merhamet ister; Ah senin yüzünden kana batacak, Mona Rosa,siyah güller,ak güller Ulur aya karşı kirli çakallar Bakar ürkek ürkek tavşanlar dağa Mona Rosa,bugün bende bir hal var,Yağmur iğri iğri düşer toprağa,Ulur aya karşı kirli çakallar Zeytin ağacının karanlığıdır Elindeki elma ile başlayan...Bir yakut yüzükte aydınlanan sır,Sıcak ve minnacık yüzündeki kan,Zeytin ağacının karanlığıdır...Zaman çabuk çabuk geçiyor Mona,Saat onikidir,söndü lambalar.Uyu da turnalar gelsin rüyana,Bakma tuhaf tuhaf göğe bu kadar;Zaman çabuk çabuk geçiyor Mona. Akşamları gelir incir kuşları,Konarlar bahçemin incirlerine;Kiminin rengi ak,kiminin sarı.Ah,beni vursalar bir kuş yerine!Akşamları gelir incir kuşları... Ki ben,MonaRosa,bulurum seni İncir kuşlarının bakışlarında.Hayatla doldurur bu boş yelkeni O masum bakışlar...Su kenarında Ki ben,MonaRosa,bulurum seni.Kırgın kırgın bakma yüzüme Rosa:Henüz dinlemedin
I Just Dont Know Any More
I have been doing alot of thinking any more,  and I wish I could seriously stop thinking.  Cause it brings me down to know end. You have no idea what its like for a person with depression to have so many responsiblitys put on her that she feels over whelmed and ends up getting not only mentally sick but physically sick. Well thats what happens to me.  I am married have been for x amount of years and I cant even speak to any one in my family about my concerns cause I get this blank look like I am talking another language. I cant believe they just dont seem the slightess bit worried about our financial life and the possiblity of losing every fffffffffffffffff thing we own. My hubby has some medical problems that wont allow him to work much over time even if he wanted to couldnt. My son I thought had a job,  not a great one but a job but any more hes lucky to work 3 days a week and that scares the fuck out of me.  Cause I rely on his 500 a mth rent and pitching in for food. With out
Miracle's Happen
So, after this time has passed, I’ve decided to let you all know what our Kill story is. I know many of you have seen where I’ve posted. Klaus’ health this, that, he can’t do this his stress won’t allow that, I figured I let you know his story. He is probably the hardest working and most gentle soul I’ve ever met. In 1998 he became very ill four days after his 40th birthday. So much in fact, he called me to bring him to the hospital. Now he is the man who won’t be seen by any doctor. He missed one day of work since he was 14 and that was the toilet blues. He couldn’t breathe. My biggest fears came to light. He had a bronchoscope done to find out why he was having difficulty breathing. No answer to be found. Meanwhile he is getting more ill as time goes by. His lung x-ray’s showed his lung shrinking. The doctor’s scratched their heads. A week and a half after he was admitted he ended up intubated. He was induced into a coma so
I'm In Another Auction
I am in another auction. Come check me out and see what I am offering.
Should Never Love...
I must look just like a fool herein the middle of the road standing there in your rearview and getting soaked to the bonethis land is flat as it is mean a man can see for a hundred milesSo im still praying I might seethe glow of a brake light. But your wheels just turn, down the road aheadIf it hurts at all you aint showed it yetI keep a lookin' for the slightest sign that you might miss what you left behind I know there's nothing stopping you nowbut I'd settle for a slowdown.I held on longer then I shouldLeaving you might change your mindthose bright lights of Hollywood would fade in time. But your wheels just turndown the road aheadIf it hurts at all you aint showed it yet I keep a lookin' forthe slightest sign that you might miss what you left behind I know there's nothing stopping you now but I'd settle for a slowdown.But your wheels just turn down the road ahead if it hurts at all you aint showed it yet your just a tiny dot on that horizon line come on tap those brakes baby just o
The Grocers Daughter Today 30years On
Today 30 Years on from Margaret Thatcher's "awe-inspiring" achievement . The 83-year-old former Conservative leader is marking the 30th anniversary of her ascent to power during which the grocer's daughter from Grantham spent 11 years at Downing Street in one of the most monumental eras in british political history.To her supporters she was the woman who restored the country to greatness, while her critics said that she sowed conflict, exacting a devastating price in human terms for her reforms.Her own downfall was equally dramatic - ousted in a Tory Party palace coup. She left behind her a legacy that continues to permeate British politics to this day.In a letter to mark her election as Britain's first woman premier, Mr Cameron said that the whole nation owed her "a huge debt of gratitude".Mr Cameron said: "I still find it awe-inspiring to think of the state of the nation you inherited and the immense achievements of your governments."Getting the country to live within its means, brin
Life Dont Always Give You What You Want~~and Sometimes It Dont Even Give You What You Need
   As you all may know I have been involved with one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met.   When I first saw her I got warm all over, my heart skipped a beat, and my heart melted like butter.  I knew right then that I just had to find a way to spend the rest of my life with her.    I was very excited about this lady.  I bought her gifts and went to her page often to rate her and such.  Then after a while I found the first comment she had sent me.  I felt like I had turned to jello.  This beautiful person had actually shown me some attention.    Eventually we started chatting, then the first phone call came.  When I first heard her voice I fell in love right there.   I told her a little while later how I felt about her.  She responded in kind, yet with a very reserved attitude.  then a while later she told me she loved me.  .  It was the day before Easter, and when I heard those words I about melted on the spot.  The most fantastic lady I had ever laid eyes upon loved me.  I
[stupid Fruit]
Stupid fruit isn't ripe yet. Cut into a mango today, not a single drop of juice. Damn thing is gonna need days, I'm half tempted to poach the fuckers in sugar water or white wine just to get some syrupyness goin- I mean if I do that- I won't have to add honey when I make lassi... ... wow some kinda unified theory of sweetener just hit my head. Anyway fruits not right. So I'm going to use Moo's chili sauce and my remainder lamb, gonna make spicey cabbage wraps. I'm gonna need some rice, some spicy (got the recipe elsewhere, wasn't told it's a go for sharing). Couldn't scrounge the plum sauce, there will be a substitute. That's right; comb-in honey. I might add pepper flake too. I'll do a simple stir fry of the lamb meatses, leeks, and... I hate cooked carrots, so those aren't in, garlic and the sauce with rice. Tear some cabbage leaves and I've got lunch. I need more indian sauces. I keep trying to look up the one I backward engineered... the internet and recipe books actually a
What I Think Love Is
Love is a wonderful gift. It's a present so precious words can barely begin to describe it. Love is a feeling, the deepest and sweetest of all. It's incredibly strong and amazingly gentle at the very same time. It is a blessing that should be counted every day. It is nourishment for the soul. It is devotion, constantly letting each person know how supportive its certainty can be. Love is a heart filled with affection for the most important person in your life. Love is looking at that special someone who makes your world go around and absolutely loving what you see, Love gives meaning to one's world and magic to a million hopes and dreams. It makes the morning shine more brightly and each season seem like its the nicest one anyone ever had. Love is an invaluable bond that enriches every good thing in life. It gives each hug a tenderness, each heart a happiness, each spirit a steady lift. Love is an invisible connection that is exquisitely felt by those who know the joy, feel the warmth,
No Matter How It's Been...regardless
Lately life has had it's truly challenging moments that make you question almost everything and leaving you ask why?But then it all comes to a screeching halt, the only constant, the reason for salvage, his loving and gentle eyes.Inspiration for classic romantic moments such as, walks during sunset on a beach, making love in the grass on a warm day, kissing in the rain, swimming naked in a lake, and staying in bed all day enjoying each other in every way. The simple things like holding hands or a simultaneous glance that we all take for granted, I promise not to.I am starting to understand that everything I expect out of myself, life and love will not happen over night. I'm just thankful that the impossible has become possible and like love, I know everything else will come in it's own time and not before then, as long as I don't rush or turn chances down.Here is a quote that hit home for me today  "This is your life. Right now. It doesn't wait for you to get back on your feet."   Than
If You Are From Hampton Roads And You Want To Read My Personal Memories About Growing Up In The 757 And You Want To Add To Them
**I am a VERY SENTIMENTAL person and I was thinking about all of my childhood memories of growing up in Hampton Roads. In addition, I have included a lot of my own personal memories. I hope these bring back good thoughts for you too. If you have more to add to the list, I'd love to hear them**Do you remember when...* Northside Park had a skateboard ramp and a dirt bike trail. Also, I used to love to go swim at Northside Pool. I used to wish it had an outdoor pool instead of an inside one.* When Burger King used to be across the street from Northside Park where the Pollards Chicken is now. Sarah and I walked up there to meet a guy named Jimmy who went to high school with me and then we snuck out the backdoor after he poured salt in my shoe ;-)* When McDonald's used to have outdoor play equipment. I used to love to bounce in the big purple Grimace and climb up inside the Hamburglar.* When Waterside first opened and they didn't have any clubs and bars. They used to give out free fudge sam
**here Are Some Random Facts About Amy Lynn To Help You Get To Know Me Even Better**
**Yes, I'm very honest...probably too honest, but this is me**I do not like odd numbers. In fact, everything I do has has to be done evenly. Yes, I know it's very OCD like. I still have not mastered the microwave. Either I undercook things or overcook them. Actually cooking in general does not go well for me, but I really want to get it right. Practice makes perfect! My Mom and I always cooked together, so if I had a question I could ask her. Cory's (my last ex boyfriend) Mom bought me a cookbook. Yay! I like to take pictures and I will sit in front of my webcam and take pictures of myself in various poses or different hair styles. Cory said I take way too many pics because I wanted to take pictures of him and I together every day. I can't help it. I love to take pics and then post them online! My senior year of high school (1994) was absolutely the best and I wish I could go back to those days. I'm a big kid at heart and I would much rather be around kids then adults any day. If I go
This Is Everything That You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Me (amy Lynn) And More...
My parent's had 1 boy's name and 1 girl's name picked out for me. If I had been a boy, I would have been Aaron Marc. They did not tell you the gender of the baby when my Mom was pregnant, so my room was decorated in Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have collected Raggedy Ann since. My lucky numbers are 4 and 8. When I was growing up I never liked to eat breakfast, so my Mom would tell me to take 4 bites...1 for myself, 1 for her, 1 for my Bubbie (Grandmother) and 1 for Annie Rose (the Raggedy Ann doll that my Bubbie made for me). In school when I had a test my Mommy would always give me 8 shiny lucky pennies. I buried her with 8 shiny lucky pennies! It was our special tradition. My Mom has always been my very Best Friend my entire life. I could never stand to be apart from her and we did absolutely everything together! Not a second goes by that I do not think of her. I always wear an angel pin by my heart...I buried my Mom with the exact same angel pin by her heart! I can't believe it will be a
This Is The Speech That I Wrote And Read At My Mommy’s Funeral On March 21, 2008!
I never in a million years thought that I would be standing here before you today at my Mommy's funeral. This is the absolute hardest thing that I've ever had to do in my life. My beloved Mommy was much more then just a Mom. She was my life, my entire world and my very best friend. She was the most dedicated, devoted and loving Mom that I have ever known. She would have done and sacrifaced anything for my happiness. My Mom always put my needs above her own. She called me her pride and joy and the light of her life. My Mom would say that the day I was born was the happiest day of her life. She would tell anyone she ever met that I was her entire world and whole reason for living. Everyone always knew that wherever I went my Mommy would be standing right there beside me. Neither one of us could stand to spend even a minute apart and we had lived together since the day I was born until my Mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last Thursday. On that day my world forever changed and my
My Mommy Passed Away On Thursday March 13, 2008!!!!
Geraldine Gutterman Geraldine R. Gutterman NORFOLK - Geraldine "Gerry" Rae Gutterman, 61, beloved and loving Mommy, Wife, Pre- School Teacher and Dear Friend to everyone she ever met passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on March 13, 2008 in Norfolk. Gerry was born on Dec. 7, 1946, in Portsmouth to the late Dave and Rose Glazer. She was married on Dec. 1, 1973, to Herman Jerry Gutterman and gave birth to her pride and joy and the light of her life, her daughter and best friend Amy Lynn on May 12, 1977 at 10:59 p.m. Gerry was always known to say that the day her daughter was born was the happiest day of her life. She was a devoted Mommy and would tell anyone she ever met that her daughter Amy Lynn was her entire world and whole reason for living. Everyone always knew that wherever Amy went her Mommy would be standing right there beside her. Neither one of them could stand to spend even a minute apart. And they had lived together since the day Amy Lynn was born until the day Gerry passed
My Email Address, Yahoo Im & Myspace/facebook Pages
Hi There! Here are a few different ways to get in touch with me... My Email Address Is... My Yahoo IM Screen Name Is... Amylynn051277 The Link To My Myspace Page Is... To Find Me On Facebook Search For... Amy Lynn Gutterman There you go and I hope to hear from you soon!
The Opperion Of Your Mind
I was talking with an old friend about religion, she is a devout church person. But I have been thinking, is it all real??? I am still not sold. Don't get me wrong I grew up in a church family, and went to church on every Sunday, I did the youth group thing as well.But as I have gotten older and looked at things in the world, especially  in  what’s  called by many as the holly land. Every major religion known to man seems to lay some claim to that patch of dirt. They have killed each other for centuries over a mound of dirt and rock, and I wonder is it worth it? Is the Muslim Moosic as holy as the Jewish Temple? Or the Calvary mount? Honestly as one man I am  not sure, but is it worth the loss of life and the constant blood shed. The state of Israel was created after WWII too give the Jewish people there own home after the horrible atrocity that occurred in Europe under the jack boot of  the Nazi’s, another stain on mans collective soul? If you take a historic look at the b
Lil Wayne-im So Paid
big money weezy white wife beater wit a sync underneath me how do i feel bitch i feel undefeated snap my fingers dissapear from the presynce yea i ball in we ball out i sent sum niggas wit guns 2 ur house jus to find out u live in a dog house, DAYUM
One In Three
Statistics show that one in three teens are abused physically or emotionally in a relationship, what I want is for everyone to do something, whatever they can! I am a part of that statistic. I started dating a boy just after I'd turned 17 who I stayed with for two years through all the stress he put me through and all of the abuse (both physical and emotional) he put me through. I haven't been  speaking up about it, but it has got to change. I want to help those who have gone through it, are going through it, or might someday go through it. I want to try to help prevent it. Support me in this, please. I have the right: To always be treated with respect. In a respectful relationship, you should be treated as an equal. To be in a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is not controlling, manipulative, or jealous. A healthy relationship involves honesty, trust, and communication. To not be hurt physically or emotionally. You should feel safe in your relationship at
to the ass hole men that hit your ladys to me you all are nothing but a bunch of lil bitches nad need to have your asses kick
Acting Ones Age And Not Shoe Size
While scrolling threw the mumm's you get a sense of understanding how some peeps in here think and operate. I see the put downs,  be littling of others, cant handle the truth when its put towards them,  get all pissy when the bashing is now directed towards them. I could go on and on but you get the picture , I am sure.  And most of the ones that are ripping others apart are always the same peeps.  I am begining to think they have low self esteem or simply just plain ignorant. I doubt very much these wanna be adults will ever grow up and act their age.  They will continue to act the age of their shoe size. Pathetic you know that you have people like this running around shooting off their mouths attempting to hurt others just for kicks I am a firm believer of murphys law,  what goes around comes around .  And I have seen it over and over in here. And I laugh cause its funny,  They get a kick out of bashing people and then the tables are turned and they go whinning to their frien
I am going to write. Words are going to appear on the screen as I write. These words that will appear are not my words, they are not the lords’ words, they are not satins’ words, and they are not a persons words. These words are the words that flow through my fingertips as they hit the keys on the keyboard to make them appear on the screen. Will it make sense? Will it flow? Will it be a story or novel? Will it be real or fiction? Will it be…true? No one knows, but the interpretation is within each of those who read this.Soft, Slow, Calm, thump thump…thump thump, soft, smooth, calm, silent, alive, and aware. Breathing in and out…living…being. I am human. I am with soul. I am with thought. I…exist…exist in the present. I exist in the recent past. I know not of the future. I am not of science. I am not of fiction. I am not of other dimensions. I am of the dirt and dust of the ground. The most high, the savior, the messiah, the one true
Forbidded Sex Stories
Ash.Wee..:i meet pimpy at a club....i see her across the room... go over and tap her ass and say "baby whats up"..she turns to me and kisses me passionatly...marissa sees us from across the room and it catches her intrest...shs nvr been with a girl before....she comes over amd breaks up our kiss and asks if she can join...we say of course b/c she is stunning...we are wasted and deciide to take a taxi back to my place....we have the wine and whiksey at hand...we go to my bedroom and because marisa is new to thiis we lay her first..tak her clothes off andkill all iver her body....we see how in lust sh is so we get soo much more turned on and me and pimpy start kissin...marrissa says "girlsss i neeeeeeeeeed more"...THE END USE UR IMAGINATIONS
Uncertain Whether Xx/xy/xxy/xyy/or Combo?
I see where many of the new meat and even some of the elder bar cliental are uncertain of thier gender?   huh? Now I understand if you are not certain of which forms of working phenotypes that you may not know of which you may be seekin for eros fulfilment. but; you are uncertain of your genotype? unless you are a functioning morphadyte, how could you be confused? strip, stand in front of the mirror and look down, its danglin right before you.... now if you need help identifing; that a whole different blog.....
Show Love To My Owners!! Xox
            I LOVE MY OWNERS!   SHOW MY OWNERS SOME LOVE!! Please R/F/A my lovely OWNERS! Simply Erotic & JMO. They are both AMAZING woman and incrediable FRIENDS! Show them Lots of LOVE! PIMPOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: please don't steal my layout, thank you sO FrESH♥_[diAMond dAveS gUrL & LuCkyChArm xox]_♥Owned by JMO & Simply Erotic@ fubar
Childdren In Danger
How serious is this problem? There are an estimated 50,000 street kids scattered across Nepal in every major urban area. In Kathmandu alone there are some 1800 street kids and that number will have grown by 500 to 1000 more this year alone. The numbers, of course, are hard to verify as these kids do a good job of losing themselves in the cities and the suburbs. There are three types of street kids and they all need help. First, those living with their family on the streets: no home, no education, improper diet. Secondly, those with one parent or both parents who work at such menial jobs they too are homeless, no education, dietary concerns. Lastly, and the most unfortunate, those kids that are totally alone: abandoned, abused and no where to go and nobody to turn to for help. These children are the most in need.. These kids range in age from 3 years old on up. Help us save the children of Nepal. In Nepal there are hundreds of children living on the streets. children who live and work
Slipknot-dead Memories
Sitting in the dark, I can't forget. Even now, I realize the time I'll never get Another story of the bitter pills of fate I can't go back again I can't go back again But you asked me to love you, and I did. Traded my emotions for a contract to commit And when I got away, I only got so far The other me is dead I hear his voice inside my head And we were never alive And we won't be born again But I'll never survive With dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart You told me to love you, and I did. Tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit So when I got away, I only kept my scars The other me is gone Now I don't know where I belong And we were never alive And we won't be born again But I'll never survive With dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead visions in your name Dead fingers in my veins Dead memories in my heart Dead memories in my heart Dead me
im out going, indecisive, a wannabe artist and the best thing that has come up since the wheel :P and yeah, im a bit of a flirt too. and poop you guys, i know im special.
H.i.m-vampire Heart
You can't escape the wrath of my heart Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone) All faith is lost for hell regained And love dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave) Let me bleed you this song of my heart deformed And lead you along this path in the dark Where I belong 'till I feel your warmth Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Love me Like you love the sun Scorching the blood in my vampire heart I'll be the thorns on every rose You've been sent by hope (You'll grow cold) I am the nightmare waking you up From the dream of a dream of love (Just like before) Let me weep you this poem as Heaven's gates close Paint you my soul, scarred and alone Waiting for your kiss to take me back home Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Love me Like you love the sun Scorching the blood in my vampire heart Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Love me Like you love the sun Scorching
Crossfade - Everything's Wrong
it hurts to be alone In the cell I call my home But it heals me in my mind without you by my side I feel so down and out and you never knew that about me, yeah But we fought this all the way and now I know it was no mistake But its all gone nothing feels good anymore everythings wrong, yeah Nothing feels right anymore I'm a slave to my anger everything holds me down so I wont try anymore But its alright I left without a plan I knew you would not understand It all built up to this day made it too hard along the way Felt so full of doubt and the thought of running out kills me And I kept it close to home that I love being all alone But its all gone nothing feels good anymore everythings wrong, yeah Nothing feels right anymore I'm a slave to my anger everything holds me down so I wont try anymore And I'm still hangin' on and I've tried so hard for you and I'm still holding on And Ive tried my best for you oh nothing feels good anymore everythings wrong. yeah Nothing feels right anymo
Bullet For My Valentine-4 Words (to Choke Upon)
Betrayed one more time But somewhere down that line You're gonna get what's coming to you Look at me now (Look at me now) Look at me now Pull the knife from my back Soon I'm the one that's on attack I can't wait to return the favor Look at me now (Look at me now) Look at me now! Too many times I've seen it rip a hole into our friendship This is how it's been How it always will be You think you're above me? (you think you're above me!) But now I'm here to envy FOUR WORDS TO CHOKE UPON Look [LOOK] at me now! Betrayed one more time But somewhere down that line You're gonna get what's coming to you Look at me now (Look at me now) Look at me now Pull the knife from my back Soon I'm the one that's on attack Can't wait to return the favor Look at me now (Look at me now) Look at me now Too many times I've seen it rip a hole into our friendship This is how it's been How it always will be You think you're above me? (you think you're above me!) But now I'm here to envy FOUR WORDS TO CHO
This Is To My Friends
Since i have been on Fubar i have made some awesum friends and have become very close to some of them especially.At this point of time in my life i am struggling with constant pain and am not on here as much as i used to be. This pain is slowly taking me out and is makin my life hell and with the medical system (which is really helpful and fast (NOT) I am truly struggling on a day to day basis. I am just writing this to let my close friends know that its not that i am trying to be rude and ignore them but i have very valid reasons for not being able to be on here as much as i once was. Im not saying at this stage im leaving FU im just struggling badly atm but i will always answ my msgs and i will also repay all the luv i get when and every chance i get . There are a few of you that are close to me know what is going down and understand but there are alot who dont and i jus wanted to assure yall that i am definately not trying to let any one down but jus wanted all to understand why i a
Hi Everyone Havent Written In A While
hey everyone, well haven't written in a while, I am in my second block of classes and doing good, the kids are doing pretty good, my son is almost 2 May 12th is his b-day. Alexis is 5 now, wow! she's going to be going to Kindergraden soon!! besides that I am doing pretty good, just been tired.Oh yeah please help level me up. I will rtf!!!!!!!!!!!
Do You Want To Be In Spotlight? i know you want to be in the spotlight if your reading this or you want to know how to get on or want to know what it is lolz well i have 2mil fubucks for you if you buy me a bling pack not a big one just one that is cheapso if you do i want you to pm me and tell me that you want the 2mil must put in your subject blingpack thank you and the first one who gives me best offer or anything will get it thanks again -hector
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is held annually on May 4 in the Netherlands. It commemorates all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of World War II. Until 1961, the commemoration only related to the Dutch victims of World War II. Since 1961, the victims of other military conflicts (such as the Indonesian National Revolution in Indonesia) and peacekeeping missions (such as in Lebanon or Bosnia) are remembered on May 4 as well. Traditionally, the main ceremonies are observed in Amsterdam at the national monument on Dam Square. This ceremony is usually attended by members of the cabinet and the royal family, military leaders, representatives of the resistance movement and other social groups. At 8:00 p.m., two minutes of silence are observed throughout the Netherlands. Public transport is stopped, as well as all other traffic Radio and TV only broadcast the ceremonies from 19.00 until 20.30. Since M
What's Your Dysfunction
it's well after midnite in a candle-lit tomb. it's here i am buried in the aftermath from her womb. she would have been happy, she would have been proud, but she was very tired. and way beyond her youth.
Check It Out
KK">@ fubar
Lil About Me.
God, My Family, and my Top Dogs love me and thats all that matters. I love life and I love to party, If you got a problam with that then look the other way hater I'll blind ya. Im real and I love being me, I an't got nothing to hide. Just ask me. By the way Im a party D.J. If you have an event and your in Georgia just call me on my cell 678 943 2735, ask for shortkut.
Thursday Night Dreams
'What time was it he thought', as he looked around the bar. Everywhere there was movement; so much movement by the mob. Leather and lace flowed with the hypnotic rythem of the beat. Women glistened, their hair slicked to their brows. Each heave causing their breasts to swell. This was such a mortal time; such heat and blood. He sipped lethargically at his martini; the bite of the gin causing a momentary lapse of thought. Had it been Berlin or London when he had first sampled this very concoction. No matter. The sights of the eternal night surrounded him and yet he saw not a soul. Spinning slowly and raising his hand to the barkeep he signaled for the bill. It was then that he noticed her. Not young but certainly not as old as he. She sat motionless, a ghost he believed at first but then she lifted what looked to be a Lambrusco. He stood transfixed, his eyes darted as her ruby lips closed and teased the liquid. How many times had he drunk ever so slightly from his own
How To Join Summer Girls
How you could become a member of “Summer Girls”. You may be recommended by a current member; however that is not a guarantee that you be a member. The CEO and the managers will review your profile and see if you’re the type of member we are looking for. If you’re known to cause trouble no matter how hot you are you will not be accepted. If you can wear a bikini and the strings don’t disappear you're what we’re looking for. Also the FINNAL decision is up to the CEO. If you can contribute to the Group in a good way you could be added. Examples: Graphics, Lounge Coding, Promotions, or other helpful ideas. You will be ELITE, THE BEST OF THE BEST!   The following information is what you will need…  
I Need
help getting bling credits
Sick A$$ People
So, I logged into a chat room which I haven't done in quite some time since Yahoo shut down the rooms I use to go to. Obviously, not much has changed. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that. I just had some guy trying to convince me to fuck his dog. Yeah...welcome to the world of the internet.
I still get called a fake, like I steal my photos or something. OK, I have a salute. I have Youtube videos. If you're trying to get me on cam, it won't happen. I have the proof. I have so-called "potential clients." Guys that say they're thinking of buying my sets. Um you either do or you don't. Simple. One thing that annoys me also is my fans saying they're going to buy me "something expensive." It's like waving a dog treat in the air. "What will you give me, girl? HUH HUH?" Look, I'm not a hooker. Gifts are supposed to be friendship, not a bartering system. If you want to bang a chick for money, go to
Lives Based On
Lives based on having are less free than lives based on doing or being.
I'm Sad
I bought a snake (pictured on my profile) I had him for 2 weeks, I bought him his second mouse to grub out on and placed him in his feeding cage.  I also covered it with a towel because he won't eat if it's light.     I came back a few hours later to find not only the mouse dead but also m snake.  I'm so sad because Slinky was a cool lil guy and loved to play on my neck and shoulder's.  I want another snake but it could never replace my slinker's.
Thanks Fubar But I Have To Go...
Well first of all I want to say thank you FUBAR. I met my soon to be husband on this site. We will be married at the end of this month. He is everything I have ever dreamed about. I was seriously in the worst relationship right before i met him. Like I was being beaten on a daily basis. Then after about 6 months of not getting online *I wasnt allowed to.* I got online and came to my page here on FUBAR and seen that this very hot man had said "hi" to me and I took a chance and said "HI" back. From that day forward Brandon and I have been together. About 4 months after we started dating he asked me to marry him And yes I know its very quick but I KNEW HE WAS THE ONE FOR ME! and I said yes. So at the end of MAY BRANDON and I will be saying "I DO" all thanks to you FUBAR. I have never trusted the internet to meet guys. But for some reason I trusted him and trusted this site. Probably because I have been on this site for a long long time. He is truelly the best man I couldd have ever dreame
It takes a real man to sit here and call a woman a cunt because she rated his photo a 1. Come on did it hurt you? Did it make you bleed? Do you need a person on a computer to tell you that they find you attractive? Well if so then you need to shut your computer off an go find a life!!
Day Two - Even Better
Day Two of the Bamboozle was today. Finally got to see Gwen Stacy, after a gazillion other tries. The were great! A Day to Remember was phenomenal. The hilight was seeing Taking Back Sunday and No Doubt. No Doubt had an actual circle pit,. believe it or not. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was there. Who on earth moshes to No Doubt? Be real!
Camping 4/2009
Ok so I am a little late but the camping fishing trip was a blast. Other then a few minor set backs like the wind tunnel tent, the camp stove that didnt want to stay lit, and major sunburns. This trip was Lots of fun. I even caught more fish then my husband on the last day. All in all he caught one more then me though. It was nice weather.  A little chilly durring the nights. but snuggled up next to my man I was nice and warm.   Cant wait for the next time!!!
Reaching Out...
I know of your problems I know of your pain I know of your worries I know of your tears Just know that despite the distance And the miles between us I am reaching out to you Reaching out to hug you Reaching out and being a presence to you And doing it all with pride And being there for you
Here Comes Trouble!
lexus400@ fubar This guy is nothing but trouble he hates rules and feels lounges should b an everything goes and everything should b said! he's rude puts down staff and members!!! So if ya care about your members and staff watchout for this loser thank you!
Men That Block U!!!!
I LOVE MEN that BLOCK U because they dont get their way!!!! ONE because U have a POOR QUALITY WEB CAM another because HE SAYS SOMETHING U take 2 HEART and a third because HE says HE IS SINGLE BUT ACTS MARRIED!!!!!!!!!
Aint That About A Bitch Its Taxi The Movie
have u ever seen a man that lives 2 steps awy from his mom if u havent or fogot, have u ever seen taxi who the hell drives when they can sing ,who the hell lives 2 steps away from there mom ,well dont miss the movie its straight funny and for u should see the way he drives kinda like a manieak (lol)thanks for this oppertunity peps see ya
To All My Friends
I wanted so say i am sorry to all my friends about not being around. Its had been a hectic time and i have needed time to myself to deal with things around here. I will try to come on and give everyon updates on how everything is going. Hope to see you all again soon. Take care everyone. BBG
These Days
Opening the door to the endless chances that awaitI can't wait to have my heart face its fateTo caress the hand who makes my heart thump out of controlwho is without any doubt the keeper of my soulAs where ever we are there is every thought of one anotherhow we represent the essence of the hearts of our motherKnowing that every step is covered with trust and passionno worries can be found in our daily fashionHolding onto only the desires that drive us beyond tomorrowits comforting to know that we won't be the cause of each others sorrowAs each morning would be a blessing if I held her heartand I would conjure ways to entice while we were apartSo take these days we grasp without the netsshow your natural beauty with no regretsCause no way are you alone anymoreno way can you say that you never felt true AmoreOpening my eyes to your precious glowthere isn't a moment I won't give to really showEach glance from you will be cherished like a rain drop of a flowerEach touch will be embraced l
Beautiful By Joydrop..
with some added blood
Secret Pleasures
Secret Pleasures... I did have to pleasure myself love after writing my laststory for you... Naked almost - robe open - legs parted - softness wet with anticipation...On my bed - luxurious sheets - lots of pillows. Silk and satin....burgundy and gold - My long black curls of hair streaming out over the pillows - onthe sheets. Dark room...a quiet room...just the sounds of pleasureescaping my lips... My hands gently rubbing my personal place - my legs trembling - my softnessaching for a man.... A man who will bring me to the edge and back - who can use hiswiles and character to talk his way into my bed.. Whispers of lust and devotion - telling me what he wantsand what he is going to do to me... I feel energy and desire enveloping my body raw sensualenergy from head to toe pulsing through my veins I am truly alive awake and aware of my passion for raw sexsensual pleasures!
Magic Number 69
Magic Number 69 My head between your thighsyour head between mineYes, you guessed it Magic number 69.An act so devilishTrying to please your friend.While theyre trying to please you.As you both climb to the end.Holding back the moansand letting soft screams outYes you are cumming.Its running down my mouth.Now its my turn to releasehot thickness on your chin.Lets just catch our breathAnd start all over again.
My Lollipop
Imagine me all over u.My tongue I use to get back at u.My lips a tease down on u, I'll suck on u.So I'll curl my tounge, I'll lick on it, Just imaginingon how it tastes like a plum....I'll start from the top, then slowly i'll go down.Up and down.Deep throating it.I'll stop at the top and suck on it, i'll play withur mind, thinking of how hard, slow, or wild I should lickon it...I'm getting horny as I speakI'm reminiscing on it oh so uniquelaying on my be, my hands crouch between my legsThinking of how i'll use my tounge, tasting, sucking,licking and teasing.Oh it's mines.Up and down I go On my thick firm big lollipop!!!!!!!!!
Come Get Some!
Status Notes
You know, everyone puts some whitty or stupid status up...But it seems like when we do it, we get attitudes or someone doesn't like it...
Love Or Lust
here's a few more subtle thoughts to taunt the mind:)When two bodies are joined as one,YOu feel every touch from head to toewith passion.Feels like your blood is boilingwith electricity.Seems spiritual,these feelings are so mutual.Electric waves to form air friction.We ignore the wrongs of sin,and we live fully in heavenly orbit.Sweet as sorbet.Your heaven on Earth, give Ceasar the world.For I want only you for all the treasures in the sea,YOur my breath, my soul.Don't want to ever let go.
Hunger Inside Me....
Listening to music in our heads,We slowly undress,Feel the passion,Let it flow.Enjoy each others heartbeatsTwo souls joined to be complete.Kissing passionately,Caressing each others every crevasse.Your tongue whisking gently along the Nape of my neck.Passion ignites with furry.Sensual sensation over comes me.Filing my every desire,Not knowing what will transpire.Feels like thousand tongues cascading over my body,One going inside me,going deeper, deeper,Growing longer with every thrust.Wanting that continuous orgasm that's enduringStronger and stronger,Cascading the simplicityof your arousal inside of meMakes me hunger for more.Making me moan with shirking ecstasy.Make wild passionate never ending love.Feel like a shaken champagne bottle ready to be popthe cork.The passion engulfs me,Making me so wet.Wanting you to taste every drop of liquidPassion that flows out of me.Caressing my breasts with your hands.Making me pulsate with deep sultry emotion.Deep penetration again and again.Our so
Rate 100  pics 10/11 Comment on last pic pm when when ur ready to view the folder
May 5th Planet Of Insanity Posted
Corruptors Planet Of Insanity May 3rd
Greetings Corruptor here.  Just wanted to let you know about a couple of things that have been brought to me that I've been needing to address before we get into the Asylum 1. I think I need to explain something real quick.  AmyCorrupted and I play as a couple.  Now that one of the situations has cleared up, Amy is coming to the parties.  She loves to make new friends and hang out and is relatively new to the party scene.  Nothing against any of you at all, but Amy can not play right now with anyone due to some medical problems.  Once those medical problems get squared away in the upcoming months, she'll be more open to certain situations.Some of you single guys, I know have approached Amy about hooking up with her alone,  behind my back etc, etc.  I'm only going to say it once, that's not being respectful of Amy, of us, of anything.  If you can't be respectful through the internet, how am I supposed to believe that you'll be respectful of others during parties and events?  I thi
The Begining
Well I am originally from a small town on the banks of the Ohio River. I have 4 siblings, 3 older Brothers, 1 younger sister. I was raised in a very tough enviroment. My father was an alcoholic, my mother scraped for every penny she could, but in the end we were very very poor. My childhood was not easy, but it tought me one very important lesson, no matter what your situation is, you can overcome it. America is the greatest nation on earth, through hard work and making more good decisions than bad,I can say that I made it out. I plan to use this blog to over time tell my story and let all of you in on a little of what makes me tick. I also will detail the struggles i have had and the means in which I used to overcome them.
Lil Bout Me
i would like if more ppl would view my profile. i am nice but if get me mad it is an whole other story. so just dnt talk shit to me or say any thing dumb
Street Fighter
why the hell do people go to c movies like that it was nice,  i fell asleep watching it, the crazy part was when shen was in the alley fighting the guys, i'm sorry but guys that movie makes us look weak, the other crazy part was the explosion in the fuckin buildin whith ninjas u fucking terrace im just kidding, another was finally something really crazy the end part when the guy and the girl are fighting she knocks his head around so it looks like his back of his head is at his peanus side what the hell ,and who the hell names there daughter white rose i mean this is fuckin stupid and funny
Closing My Account
I am rarely on here anymore, so I am going to close my account.   If you really want to keep in touch with me, message me (not shoutbox!) and I will give you my email address.
My Birthday
My birthday is Tuesday whats everyone going to get me  ha ha ha Joke...  hehehehehehe..   Okie by bye liz
For Every Moment In Your Life
Make sure you keep reading this.... What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of saddness? What would you do if your best friend dies tomrrow and you never got to tell them how you really felt about them? So I just wanted to say even if i dont get to talk to you.....your special to me....I look up to you, respect you and truly cherish you....... You would post this if you truly care.....
Poll For Worst Character Portrayal
Doing this on a bunch of different sites. Combined answers will result in a Top 10 list.   A bunch of books, comics, video games and cartoons have been made into movies. What's the single worst character from which actor? Pick the 1 worst you've ever seen?   My pick: Jim Carrey as the Riddler   (If someone has already written your answer, write it in anyway)
The Life Of National Guard
This is the life of the Army National Guard no matter the age you can always join and have a good time but when we get deployed our realationships have problems and we feel as if our lives start to crumble before the we get to the hot zone but when we get with the right one who is with us for through it all they are the strong ones
Uh Oh
takin this down very soon
My Nsfw Pics
If you want to see my NSFW pics, SEND ME A 25 BLING PACK and I'll automatically open it. If you'd rather send fubucks, then send me a Private Message and I might make a deal. =] (Offer in the millions) Also a 7day blast will do. (YOU DONT HAVE TO MESSAGE ME FIRST, IF YOU JUST BUY IT YOU'LL IMMEDIATELY BE LET INTO MY FAMILY TO SEE THE PICTURES) For those of you that don't know how to get me a Bling Pack: Go to my page, click "bling me", then at the bottom right it says "Give someone Bling Credits" click that, then click my name in the list of people and send me a 25credit one.   Also offering personalized NSFW salutes for a 25 credit blingpack. **This is seperate from the nsfw pics** Send me a blingpack with your email address and what you want the nsfw salute to look like/where you want me to write your name or anything like that, and I'll email it to you within a day or so.
Not Drunk Yet
I'm not drunk enough to care what you think yet.  While I'm being utterly annoying, why do I have to tell the forum if there is "NSFW content" in a site that only "adults" are supposed to be able to access.   Ahh the irony.  Oh the coincidences... Bleh the spelling errors.
Tonight I went to my mom's best friend's granddaughter's 1st bday. There was her son there, who is 5 yrs younger and whom I used to babysit when he was 10 and was fresh off the boat from Russia. It was really odd to see him all grown up (I dont see him often), since he was just a kid. So, we sat and chatted for a while, smoking cigs outside. He is a truck driver now, but used to work at a retirement home as a sever/medication delivery guy.   And he decided to confess to me that the real reason he quit was because he got hooekd on heroin, and couldnt work cause of withdrawals. Apparently I'm the only person in the world that knows about it, besides his suppliers. It was really odd hearing that, esp when his mom came out and we had to do a topic change really fast.
My Eyes Are Playin Tricks On Me!!
Is it me or did BabyJ change the font size in the bartab? and a few other places too! Well??  Is it?? Everything is so teeeeeny!!!! hehe
Are There No Real Gentlemen Here?
Why is it that eeryone seems to think that they can turn their manners OFF when they turn their computers ON?  I don't understand.  People online will say a million things to others that they'd never say in person!   Here in this "Online Bar," a man will say the wilest things to a woman: "Hey, I'd love to see you naked" or "Hey, do you like to suck kok?" or even "I'll pay you $xx.xx (Fu-Bucks) to let me watch you (on webcam)."  In most cases, if the same man were in a REAL bar with the same woman, andmade the same crude comments, the woman would likely SLAP the shit out of him or have him hauled out by the bar's security.   Why is it different online?  Why are you allowed to hide behind the relative anonymity of the internet while you run around like a dog in heat e-humping every woman in sight?   Well, to all those of you who are unmannered bafoons, I say I've had enough!  I expect the same here online that I would expect in the real world.  If you say something to me here that,
Angelhart Record's
looking for hot young ladys to be in some of my vido;s also looking for young lads to be in the hot new and upcoing book grind
Sometimes I feel like "fate" is just laughing at me, sending people into my life that I could never be with, or showing me what I could have but then swiping it away before I can take a breath! Its very frustrating, and at times depressing. I just want someone to share my time with, someone who will give a damn about me. Someone who gives as much as they get without being asked. I guess Im just having a moment of weakness or maybe Im just really lonely and in need of "the real" thing for a change instead of something thats just a temporary teaser to what could really be. I'm just missing the closeness of someone who wants to be with me.
Twistedjerseyboy And Bboop4u Certificate
The Weekend. V2
I'm sure some people are wondering about my weekend. did things go with her dad the second time? Well things were okay. We didn't get much of a visit, but that's fine. I'd had other things planned anyway. Did those happen? Not so much. I just kind of feel like instead of spending all the money that I did spend, I could have went shopping here and got him something and then mailed it to him. If I really wanted to get out of the house, I could have left like I did Friday morning and seen him Friday evening and then just came home Saturday morning. It was really a waste of my money. I'm really let down. Not that I seen my Dad, just that the other things I had planned didn't really happen. I was really looking forward to it too. Guess girls shouldn't get their hopes up.....
A Short Reflection On The Firing Of Justices
When this occurred, the firings by President Bush, I was shocked and incensed.  The motivations behind the actions were purely political and the principle of ‘checks and balances’ had taken a severe and devastating blow.  I will admit right up front that when Clinton did his dirty deed of a similar sort, it didn’t cross my radar at the time…my focus during the ‘90s was primarily on 2nd Amendment preservation and Cannabis legalization as well as being a general malcontent.  I hind sight, I see that I missed a good chance for delightfully active political anger (I was never interested in the silly business concerning the color of that dress or tobacco products in the White House…that tripe was but distractions).  With the actions following the reaffirmation of the PATRIOT ACT and the subsequent firings, there I was tuned in quite finely and really drove my then significant other nuts with my expressed anger at what occurred (primarily the consolidati
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Oktyabr Lightning
Oktyabr Lightning When President Woodrow Wilson first viewed D.W. Griffith’s cinematic opus of 1915, Birth of a Nation, he is reported to have exclaimed, “"It's like writing history with lightning."[1]  Such is the power of the medium and of the skill and talents which artists possess.  In 1915, D.W. Griffith established a standard of narrative structure.  In 1926, Russian director Sergei Eisenstein rewrote the rules of cinema through his development and use of the montage as a means of narrative advancement in his now legendry film classic, Bronenosets ‘Potemkin’ (Battleship Potemkin).[2]  Two years later, in response to a request by the Soviet Government, Eisenstein utilized his singular talents to give expression to the rise of collectivist governance in the film Oktaybr (October), a cinematic documentation and celebration of the October Revolution which gave birth to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in 1917.   Splendidly blending original stock footag
Wanna Have Some Fun
then this is the lounge you want to come to.   tell them that GhostRyder sent you.
Addiction. You can have an addiction to almost anything. An addiction to sweets, movies, books, music, drugs, clothing, and the most favored love. Your addiction always, with anything never start out as one, but can lead to it fast. An addiction doesnt always have to be something bad. Its true what they say too isnt it all you have to do is state what it is that you are addicted to and you can start to heal. Ok here goes, my name is tiffany and im addicted to smoking, coffee, and finding love. Nope still dont feel better. The thing is though its never so much the smoking or the coffee that gets my ass. Its always the love thing. I mean I dont fall in love easy and i am a very garded person when it comes to my hart, but I guess my problem isnt so much my love for someone else that gets me but the love that comes from another person. You can say you love someone or like them but what is it about them that you love or like. Oh yeah and hey guys here one thing yes girls like it when you te
Chasing Thoughts
Running through the chambers in my mind, slamming the doors to the ones with words I cannot find. The frustration and confusion is debilitating, a dark void leaves me struggling. I try to remember to breathe as it consumes me.  
Bleeding For You
I wish I can forget youand never feel deep painI wish I can bury our memoriesAnd never dreaming youI try to hold back my tearsTrying so hard to erase you from my black heartBut I can’t, I am to weak on you!I just lay here and bleeding for youAnd waiting to death knock on my door, to take me awayWhy are you in my dreams?Why can’t you just let me to die into your armsto feel my heart heatbut you just leaving me all alone with lonelinessbleeding is the only way I can forget youbleeding is the only way I can kill my painwalking through the endless dark pathyearning to taste my fears and as I was walking through my endless pathI just open my arms and letting death taking me into his armsAnd leaving all behindAnd yet again, you are to blind to see how much I love youYou are even to blind to feel I have touched your black heartI am bleeding for youI am bleeding for your loveI wish you can drown in my loveAnd to feel my broken heart into little peaceI wish you can burn into flames
Sick the feeling, the uncontrolled fear.Try to drown it out, one more drink, pound one more beer.Try to be socialable, yet don't show who you are.Strong on the outside, inside an emotional blob.Want to be alone, don't wanna talk today.But I'm scared of the silence, the thoughts, what they say.Live in the moment, the timings not right.I sit here alone listening to the ticking of time.Raising anxiety, try to push it down inside.Try to live my life, not cower and hide.I want to feel alive, live to the fullest everyday.The fear inside makes me runaway
Your the straw to my line, euphoria blowing my mind. Your the lighter to my pipe, I know its wrong it feels so right. Your the candy filled needle to my vain, the withdrawl brings me pain. Your my addiction, my affliction, my heaven, my hell. Keeping you in my heart doesn't do me well.
Sweet Revenge
The sound of your evil laughThe smell of your sweet revenge (on me)(I know) you let the darkness to erase me in your dreamsBut don’t blame me for itIf you hear every night whispers of lost voicesDon’t call me to wake you upDon’t blame me if you feel diabolical dancing in your soulDon’t try to find me in your dreams to be your sacrifice And don’t scream at me anymoreCause I’m no longer in your worldAnd I am no longer your shadowSo just run away and leave me alone you demons!Milena, come save me from this insanityCan’t hide myself in the shadows no longerThey will poison me with their liesJovana, wake me up from this nightmaresI can’t run away anymoreThey will haunting meCan I sleep under your wings my angels? Can I die in your arms?Just to be safe in your worldJust give me time to fortress my sweet revenge I want to burn them into ashesTo hear their lullaby of screamI want to bury them deep into the cold groundTo feel their grace in their
I hold back my tears, I don't want you to veiw me as weak. I want to scream, but I can barely speak. I want a clear mind, so many thoughts racing through my head. I want to live, but my mind obcesses about death I want to be beautiful, looking in the mirror I see fat. I want to feel loved, but who wants to love someone like that. I want to breathe, theres a elephant sitting on my chest. I want to be normal, let my mind rest.  
First Day On The Job
My first day I got this cool new job as a bouncer/greeter at the Endless Tragedy Lounge. Come join us My job is to welcome everybody who enters and invite visitors to join our lounge as well as keep the peace. So far it's alot of fun and hard work but I think I'm gonna enjoy it.
Valley Of Dead Souls
Through the glass I saw your emptiness…From the distance I saw your greed was dancing in your dreamy eyesThe rapture is blinded you very deeplyYet you are smiling to the anglesLost in own empireButCan’t you hear my silent cry I hide it away from the shadows?Can’t you see how I am drowning myself insanity?(I see how you are watching me falling apart)I try to reach to my starsBut it seems my bliss is fading awayWill my sear of spirit in silence hear the darkness?Will it reach to his black heart?Wake up in devil’s embraceThe thrill is crawling under my fears…Like a tame in fogThrough my screaming you can hear my sinsEnslaved by their thoughtlessBehind their smiles made me to see their vainMy martyr is for them serenity When the voices called me from the lake of tearsI follow they sorrow in their immortal heartsWith their touch made me open arms to their nightmaresI let them blind me with their liesIt’s where I belong Always the victim to the dead worl
Battling Demons
Battling Demons Do it! Do it! What good are you anyway?  "No,  stop! Tomorrow can be a better day." Do it! Do it! Haha! Your fucking weak! "Shut the fuck up! I will not settle with defeat." Do it! Do it! Seek out the blade. "I feel relief after, but cringe at the scars I have made." Do it! Do it! What are  you waiting for? "My life, I want it. I hunger for more" Do it! Do it! Releif now, what more could you ask for? "Control of my thoughts. Control of my mind. Give me time I'll leave you demons behind."  
The Bitter Man
Look at the tracks I have left.Beyond the paper, and the photos,Look now, as you never did when it would have meant more.The things I loved an enjoyed are still there.Some will always be there, but still,I am asking that you look now, and reflect, please.Do you recognize the shoes I wore,And know which coat I preferred?Check the pockets and you’ll see some things I often kept.Look on the walls of each room.It’s like the first time you’ve seen them,So please don’t get lost. Too bad you don’t know this place better.Look all around and visualize.This is your last chance to know me,So that you can talk with other people like we were together.Don’t overlook anything!It’s all there – music and movies,Socks, toothpaste, bread crumbs, and un-fluffed pillows.The couch where I napped,The remote controls, an empty glass,Do you even know what I might have been drinking?Take one last look.You have no choice now,But to admit that all this is tragically
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Eternal Sorrow
Eternal sorrowTears are for memoriesMemories are for sorrowSinging myself in sleep our lullabyStill you’re in my heartBut I want more then thatI want to lay beside to youTo hear your voice again (for the last time)And to look into your eyesWith one look I’ll fall into sleep in your armsDeath is opening the door for meIt lead me to your heartTo unlock it and t touch youIn deep sleep you’re but I hear your last beatBut I know you can hear meHear my last words I will say to youHear my last grace to youHear this 3 words: I love youIf I see your smile againI will not wake up from this dreamI don’t want to let this end up againDon’t let them to wake me upJust hold me like you used to itIf you feel my sorrow far from hereDon’t walk away just open iyAnd you’ll see how is my eternal sorrow so deepMy beautiful angelSpread your wingsAnd take me with youI don’t belong them anymoreSave me with your beautiful voiceIt will lead me to your dreamsI no lon
Polo A Brutzi
in a saute pan add olive oil,minced garlic n shallots, saute tillgolden brown.add in red wine,blanced broccolli,sliced yellow peppers n saute for 30 seconds. add alfredo sauce n al dente fettuccini your fettuccini should be sauted in another pan with white wine salt n pepper n fressh basil. ad in thinly sliced capricola ham green olives with the pimentos,and capers, add in two table spoons of marinara sauce n a pinch of crushed mustard seed. saute then add in diced tomatoes and a shot of tobasco saute for 30 more seconds and serve. place a tomatoe rose in middle of dish with a sprig of parsly for garnish  have fun and enjoy
Shattered Heart
Burnt and sold out, Pierced by your soulless blade, Do you know it hurts to hear your name, I curse the pain you've made. Twisted and impossible, You've torn me apart You'll never find these pieces Of my shattered and scattered heart.
Fu Marriage Cert For Dj Dave And Abbey Rose
What Kind Of Lover Are You ??
Your Sex Sign is... You're a 22nd century lover - without any rules or hangups. You're a typical 'trysexual'... well versed in the bedroom and curious about everything you haven't tried. You give everyone you run into the most exotic sex ever. Aquarius, you are a 22nd century sexual being. Your tastes and attitudes are totally futuristic. You are very adventurous and curious about everything. Aquarians are the 'seekers' of the Zodiac. You aren't posessive or materialistic - and you make your own rules. Your sexual personality is exotic and bohemian. You love to talk about sex - anywhere, anytime. You enjoy hearing about other people's sexual exploits, and you completely unshockable. You reached sexual maturity at an early age. You have had many varied sexual relationships, and you have dabbled in just about anything - if only for the experience. Above all, you aspire to become better and better in bed. You love to be taught new sexual tricks. You love to
Kit's Song
K, yeah I know...booo on country music...but everytime I hear this song I think of Kit   She's Country by Jason Aldean   You boys ever met a real country girl?Talkin, true blue, out in the woods, down home, country girlShe's a hot little number in her pick-up truckDaddy's sweet money done jacked it upShe's a party-all-nighter from South Carolina, a bad mamajama from down in AlabamaShe's a raging cajun, a lunatic from Brunswick, juicy Georgia peachWith a thick southern drawl, sexy swing and walk, brother she's allCountry, (shoot) from her cowboy boots to her down home rootsShe's country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays, That's the way she was born and raised, she ain't afraid to stay, countryBrother she's countryA hell raisin sugar when the sun goes down, mama taught her how to rip up a townHoney dripping honey from the hollerin Kentucky, getcha flippin kinda trippie like a Mississippi hippie, She's a Kansas princess, crazy mother trucker, undercover loverThick sou
Why very few artists work in this universal art form in the world? Is it hard to practice or not many mentors are in this field?
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Im in a really pissy mood i need cheering up! Someone cheer me up damn it
This Or That
Do Woman Perfer....   A Man Who Has Children Or One With Out?   Older Or Younger?   Nice Guy or Bad Ass (/shady)?   With or With out Tattoos?   Anything Else You Can Think Of   Leave A Comment...
Most of you know my situation if not check out my blog entitled "My Life" and it'll explain a little bit of what my life is like for the most part.  But for now on to the reason of this blog...Dating.   I was always kind of shy around women and never really did the whole dating thing.  I guess I just never had any self confidence when it came down to it.  But, when I was about 19-20 I started to come out of my shell and found it easier to talk to some women.  Then my health went down hill and subsequently ended up where I am today, in a wheelchair.  It seems as though by shyness is back ten fold and I don't know what to do.    Every morning as I go through my daily routine with my aide the same thoughts go through my head...Will I ever find that special someone or will I end up alone?  If I do find someone how will everything work out in the long run?  I can do some things on my own but for most part I need a fair amount of assistance.  If I end up finding that special someone wha
My Life
I wonder if there are people out there that are the same as me.  I am 26 years old and dealing with the average problems every 26 year old does along with a few others.  These are not major problems in comparison to some others I have seen and trust me I am grateful for that.  For every morning that I wake up and get out of bed I am also thankful.  I may not be the healthiest but there is always someone much worse off then I am so again I am thankful.  I may not be able to do alot of things your typical 26 year old does but hey I get by.  I may need alot of help with my day to day things that everyone does so easily and almost take for granted that they can complete these tasks on their own.  Trust me, I was one of these people.  Nobody realizes how much everything means to them till they don't have the ability to complete the tiniest tasks that they do every second of everyday.  Just to be able to wake up and get out of bed, stretch and say "Hello World!" without any help would be a d
A Place To Call Home
Have you ever seen a place and thought.. this is where I belong? It isnt because of a person... it isnt because of whats going on in your life.. it just calls to you and says welcome home.. i found that place.. and i cannot wait to be there. it was beautiful with a promise of peace finally for me. Ive never really had a place that I would call home.. a place where i felt peace... a place where i felt i belonged... it was weird.. and i found it quite by accident.. i went there to meet a man who had become very special to me.. and not only i fall for the man.. i fell for the place. But now.. alone, with my son i will be making the journey back to that place.. maybe i can find peace there where i could never anywhere else in my life.. Ive been all over the place..different states, different countries.. Now I just want to find home.. :) The waterfalls call me.. and the rain sing a song.. I cant wait to dance in the rain and laugh when i hear its song.. :) Maybe I wont be alone.. Who kno
The Winner
Cuddle Slut pimped me out and it brought this gentelman to my shoutbox. :) Enjoy..maybe someone should go hit on him. ;) He seems like a winner.   ShawnOSU**...: oh no !! please dont blog about me!! darn it im so sorry, ur hurting my e-feelings!! nooooooooooooo and dont rate me a 1 either!!!! please GOD!!!->ShawnOSU**...: ROFL that's why you asked if I swing..thanks for the funny blog I'll be posting soonShawnOSU**...: ur Fubar cute, I wouldnt look twice at you at a bar or shopping mallShawnOSU**...: fully clothed my love. (im picky so dont flatter youreself, Im outta ur league)->ShawnOSU**...: seriously you are a dumbfuck..go jerk off to someone elseShawnOSU**...: lol sucker! i got some land to seel ya if youre interested?->ShawnOSU**...: not that its any of your busines..but I do more with the chick than he does have a nice dayShawnOSU**...: oh youll say you dont cuz hes prolly got you so brainwashed at this point that you dont crave other men now. its just funny. he gets what he w
finally i have decided to make a myspace so i could add more pictures and that so if you have it and wanna add me please feel free to -     =D   THANKS .
Becasue ....master Says So.......
He is the master and he is going to do everything he wants with the couple who experience hardships in their sexual life, he’s going to give it a new life and his cock is going to help him… Of course I knew what was going to happen but I also saw plenty of emotions on the faces of a young couple – embarrassment, excitement, even fear before the man they knew little about and who demanded to call him “Master”. However, people say I look like a reliable person who can be trusted. This time it worked as well. After a few phrases which didn’t mean much the tension went down a bit. This is Alex. He is just the same I’ve expected. He considers himself intelligent (because he graduated from Harvard) and sexually skillful (because he likes fucking). He obviously loves his wife but in the letter to me he calls her “a bit strained” and says she “isn’t sensual enough”. The situation seems familiar to me. Many women suffer
In my dream you give me a chance And I try my best to bring trust back in you againIn my dream I can hold you your handsAnd try to pull you closer in every way that I canIn my dream I wipe away your teardropsAnd create for you a new hopeIn my dream I take you to go shopAnd the endless fun seems never stopIn my dream I hold you tightAnd keep you warm throughout the nightIn my dream you tell me "Baby don’t make me cry!And don’t leave me like all these other guys!"In my dream you kiss me tenderlyAnd it makes me feel so heavenlyIn my dream I make you believeAnd you can count everything on meIn my dream I have all thatBut when I awake- where’re you at?In my dream, I have all your T.L.CWhen I awake, no one around but just me…
Helping A Friend
Hey EVERYONE, My friend nSexiBabe89
She Had A Heart Attack Earlier Today
well ,my wife and i were sitting at my sister and brother in law's house earlier ,when my cellphone rang .it was my wife's mother and she tells me that she had a heart attack today and she is calling me from the emergency room .well they care flighted her to another hospital and she has to have open heart surgery (she has blockage on both sides of her heart ) tomorrow at 8 am .she just had a stroke at the tail end of last year :O:O all i ask of you as my friends it to keep her and my wife in your prayers (my wife is absolutely beside herself (her family members have been blaming her for her mother's stroke ):P:P
C.o.f. Train!!!!
I Was Thinking Today...
So I was driving along today thinking about two "Funny" statements I have seen around in various mediums. 1. Friends don't let friends date ugly people. 2. Life's to short to date ugly people.  So now I see why I'm single. I hate these little revelations that I have.    
Cao Fang - In Summer
  I don't know what it means, but it's so pretty.  You've probably heard it in that commercial...AT&T maybe?  I don't know. I just know it makes me happy. Edit:  It's a GE commercial...and here's a rough translation I found Listen to the children playing Listen to the children playing Listen to the children play in the summer I've got something I should say but it won't come out my way Summer's slipping away, let me stay in your heart today
Broken Dreams
Broken dreams are falling down on me. Showing me the side of pain I used to know. Never knowing the end of anything. Show the scars I caused to myself everyday. Broken dreams are shifting away. Just because you said your final good-bye. Never again I will never be alone I sit in my lonely room. Just sitting and thinking and drinking away the pain.   Broken Dreams are me Broken dreams are everything Broken Dreams are what I have to feel Broken Dreams are me   She left me the day I died inside a misery Never saw the signs, never saw the sweetless goodbye Shifting around here, feeling so lonely I never thought I would be sitting here passed on the floor But my mind keeps dragging me down into despair Never again to breath the lifeless mentions of her   Broken Dreams are me Broken dreams are everything Broken Dreams are what I have to feel Broken Dreams are me   Final laps of my mind shows the end of me Having nothing left I sit here and cry Broken selfless and
For Tml
Complicated Confusing Questions And Remarks.
When the curtains rise on the show called life, when does the act really begin? Or do the clowns come out for a warm up act because life is meant to be a comedy? Hilarious actions sent down to the unforgotten angels living in this pond scum of a place called home. They sit upon their thorny chairs waiting for the day when the blood stops flowing and the world becomes dark. But in those days a single celled life form can come up and overthrow powerful creatures no one knew existed. But in the end everything is a fucked up mess and no janitor to clean it up. When the walls of lies come tumbling down and the fortress of frailty becomes unclear, what do the soldiers of hatred do? They stand on their heels and lick their lips for the waiting slaughter about to ensue. Swords raise to the hilt and shields held high to protect.   Life is a game. A challenge. When you fall of the horse, your said to get back up and dust ourself off and climb back up. But what if you fall off the horse and th
Not Saying Goodbye
Theres been times in many peoples lives that you never get t so something to someone before they die.I recently just went through that. This past Thursday I was on a brb, when I came back a friend of mine had imed me. He had just found a friend of ours had just died from internal injuries suffered from a head on car collision. Within the last 8 months everything had gone very good for her. From a better paying to In California, just got married , to her and her husband starting up a consulting firm. Of course this stunned everyone who knew and loved her.  But this what bothers me, I never got to tell her how happy and proud of her I was and that she deserved it. I know shes in a better place and that how proud I was of her, but its not the same as telling her that. As I end this I just want to say.    Sandy I was very pround of you and I will miss you very dearly. Love your friend Dustin Straight from the Heart
Love is good above all others.  Which alone maketh every burden light. Love is watchful, and whilst while sleeping still keeps watch; though fatigued is not weary; though pressed is not forced. Love is sincere, gental, strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long-suffering, manly. Love is circumspect, humble, upright; not weary, not fickle, nor intent on vain things; sober, chaste, steadfast, quiet, and guarded in all the senses.                                           Thomas A. Kempis
Ponderances upon the art of...   Something made of nothing, tasting very sweet, A most delicious compound, with ingredients complete; But if as on occasion the heart and mind are sour, It has no great signifigance, it loses half its power.   Kisses kept are wasted; love is to be tasted.   The kiss you take is paid by that you give: the joy is mutual, and I'm still in debt.   Kisses: words which cannot be written.   I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth.   A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point.   The sound of a kiss is much softer than that of a cannon- but its echo lasts a great deal longer.   You may conquer with a sword, but you are conquered by a kiss.   Few men know how to kiss well, fortunately I've always had time to teach them.   A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one.   Kisses honeyed by oblivion.   *show me show me show me how you do that trick...*
Sitting alone and dreamingWith the sweetest person on my mindI am glad we are togetherI am also glad love is color blindWhen I think of youThe World disappearsI am addicted to you foreverJust like an alcoholic is to beerI see the world in your eyesYou are all i ever will needI am addicted to you alwaysJust like a pothead is to weedFrom that very first dayI have always knewYour love is like a drugMy addiction will always be you
Danerous Curves
a href="" target=_blank>2287381">@ fubar Dangerous Curves 2009 Mission StatementIt is the main goal and focus of this group to bring together a group of friends, that can confide, lean on, and trust each other to be there for support, confidence, and guidance...Although there are other groups that claim to be all girl but headed by a male, our group is solely women and is based on your average woman's needs.We are coming together as mothers, full time employees, housewives, single, married, and by all means confident and sexy in individual ways.::Fore warning::We are a laid back group of girls. No one gets paid here lol So with that said we keep our rules, regulations, and demand of member's time to a minimum so that everyone can still have their fu-fun but also have sisters to turn to. The needs of every girl should be reflected by the group they represent. Sound like something yo
First Everything
First everything by OudawnOut there somewhere there’s a girl that stole my heart from .even today haven’t gotten it back. she was my first crush, first best friend, first love , and first everythingWell having the feeling that you love someone is tough imagine it I was only 13I was a boy I was to smart, shy, quiet and didn’t no how to express my self so i had no friendsSo how did I get the attention I need from this girl who I had my from first crushI was known to her as the Chinese boy with the cool toysShe was beautiful, sweet, and had a soft gentle voice imagine listening to her when she laughing with joy, its amazing, this girlLooking at her when she’s wasn’t noticing just doing her school work doing the things with the hair you know the twirls, beutifulest girl in this worldTo get this girl to finally gain all my attention was a journey long and slowBut after being able to get hugs from her every morning was created something in my heart was a warm gl
6 Sex Mistakes Men Make
Hey guys, think you know everything there is to know about having sex with women? That erotic encyclopedia you carry around in your head may contain a lot of basic errors and omissions about women's sexuality -- errors that can lead to sex mistakes. That's because -- after learning the facts of life -- most of us are left to figure out sex for ourselves. Guys tend to take a lot of cues from adult movies, and we all know how true-to-life those are. Experience may help, but many women can be shy when talking about what they like. To help us with some sex tips, WebMD asked two acclaimed sex educators, Tristan Taormino and Lou Paget, to tell us what they think are the most common sex mistakes men make with women. Taormino is a prolific author, lecturer, and video producer. Her latest project is the Expert Guide educational video series from Vivid Ed. Sex Mistake No.1: You Know What She Wants Men often make assumptions about what a woman wants based upon what they've done with other wo
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