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The True Meaning Of Military 'taps'
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pullin
Precious Child
My Precious Child The greatest gift we will ever know is a child, born to love and grow. Conception is a miracle in itself; the start of new life and good health. Such a treasure your precious child is, who will thrive on every hug and kiss. Hold them close and sing them songs; they will only be a child for so long. They may not always smell pure and sweet, a dirty diaper or a dampened sheet. But with a loving cuddle and a beautiful smile, the joys of parenthood are all worth while. "Thank you Lord for our precious child."
Big Red Dot
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The Handwriting On The Wall
The Handwriting On The Wall A weary mother returned from the store, Lugging groceries through the kitchen door. Awaiting her arrival was her eight-year-old son, Eager to relate what his younger brother had done. "While I was out playing and Dad was on a call, T.J. took his crayons and wrote on the wall! It's on the new paper you just hung in the den. I told him you'd be mad at having to do it again." She let out a moan and furrowed her brow. "Where is your little brother right now?" She emptied her arms and with a purposeful stride, She marched to his closet where he had gone to hide. She called his full name as she entered his room. He trembled with fear -- he knew that meant doom! For the next ten minutes, she ranted and raved About the expensive wallpaper and how she had saved. Stressed over all the work it would take to repair, She condemned his actions and total lack of care. The more she scolded, the madder she got, Then stomped from his roo
Nine Words Women Use That Men Should Know
1.) FINE : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) FIVE MINUTES : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) NOTHING : This is the calm before the storm. This means something and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in FINE (see #1). 4.) GO AHEAD : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) LOUD SIGH : This is NOT actually a word, but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing(see #3). 6.) THAT'S OKAY : This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hardbefore deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake. 7.) TH
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For All Mothers
For All Mothers This is for all the mothers who froze their buns off on metal bleachers at soccer games instead of watching from cars, so that when their kids asked, "Did you see my goal?" They could say, "Of course, I wouldn't have missed it for the world," and mean it. This is for all the mothers who have sat up all night with sick children in their arms, wiping up barf laced with Oscar Meyer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid saying, "It's OK honey, Mommy's here." This is for all the mothers of Kosovo who fled in the night and can't find their children. This is for the mothers who gave birth to babies they'll never see and for the mothers who took those babies and gave them homes. For all the mothers who run carpools and make cookies and sew Halloween costumes and for all the mothers who don't. What makes a good mother anyway? Is it patience? Compassion? Broad hips? The ability to nurse a baby, cook dinner, and sew a button on a shirt, all at the same time? Or is it hear
I stopped to watch my little one busy playing in his room. In one hand was a plastic phone; in the other a deflated balloon. I listened as he was saying to his make believe little friend and I'll never forget the words he said, even though it was pretend. He said, "teddys in the corner cuz he's not been very good. he didn't listen to a word I said or do the things he should." In the corner I saw his teddy bear all dressed in a bow and brown fur. It was obvious he'd been put there to sit all alone for sure. My son continued his "conversation," as I sat down on the floor. he said, "I'm all fed up I just don't know what to do with him anymore? He whines whenever I have to work and wants to play games, too; he never lets me do the things that I just have to do? He tries to help me with the dishes, but his arms just cannot reach and he doesn't know how to fold the towels and I don't have the time to teach. I have a lot of work to do
Before I Was A Mom
Before I was a Mom I made and ate hot meals. I had unstained clothing. I had quiet conversations on the phone. Before I was a Mom I slept as late as I wanted. And never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was Mom I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to lullabies. Before I was a Mom I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom I had never been puked on, pooped on, spit on, peed on, or pinched by tiny fingers. Before I was a Mom I had complete control of my mind, my thoughts, my body and all my feelings. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I nev
Mi Hermano.
Ha! I was just looking out the window and for some reason that made me think of my brother. The reason it amuses me is cause I remember when I was a little kid I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to get a (ONE) tattoo because he had one. Now I have 25, he has 6, and is trying to catch up to ME.
Why Women Go To The Bathroom In Pairs
This is just too funny! So true! When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern "seat covers" (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty. You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck, (Mom would turn over in her grave if you put it on the FLOOR!), yank down your pants, and assume "The Stance." In this position your aging, toneless thigh muscles begin to shake. You'd love to sit down, but you certainly hadn't taken time to wipe the seat or lay toilet paper on it, so you
F In Royal Shithead,the Fallouts Sent.
For Me: This was half the List.With me any Downrater of Morphs is performing a Cardinal Sin.If this was he Old West.I would have watched him Swing from the Hangman's Noose. 15 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 25 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 25 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 25 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 25 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 26 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'! 27 min ago · Lord Tackybotto... rated your photo a '1'
Place In My Heart
When I think of you, Do you know what I see? A man who is wonderful, Someone who loves me. And it makes my heart cry, That I can't be with you, To say that I love you, To do the things I want to do. You seem so far away, And I am distant too, But don't you ever forget, my love, That I'm always there with you. I long to see your smile, And feel the touch of your hand in mine, Place my lips upon your mouth, And hold you there in time. You said that in an ideal world, There'd be only you and me, But in my heart, that's how it is, Surely, you can see. You do your daily things, And I get on with mine, But I do believe that we will be together, Someday, somewhere, sometime. And the special place we searched for, We will meet there again, Hopefully soon, Honey, You only need to say when. But, I want you to know, that in my heart There is a special place, It's where you and I can be together, Alone and face to face. For, Sweetheart, you surel
Living Experience
Living experience Fulfillment comes from putting into experience what you already know to be true. It is the living expression of the person you most sincerely know yourself to be. You know you are a loving person. You find fulfillment by putting that love into action, by expressing and experiencing it. You know that you value success and accomplishment. Fulfillment of that value is found by living in such a way as to create and experience such success. You know that truth and integrity are of utmost importance to you. Fulfillment comes from putting truth and integrity into practice in every area of your life. Fulfillment can never be found by taking a generic, off-the-shelf dream and twisting it to fit your situation. Real fulfillment comes from the essence of who you are. Reach gently into the depth of your being and remind yourself of what's most meaningful. Know joyful fulfillment by putting that purpose into living experience
"mystery Dj*
Ohh Shit, check it out, theres a *mystery dj* In BDR.. yup come see who.. i bet you dont know.. BWHAHAHAHAHA ...
Give To Yourself First
"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." -- Epictetus Do you want more in your life? More love? More happiness? More money? More satisfaction? Then explore how you can BE more. In the Delfin Knowledge System, Leslie Fieger advises, "You can have more when you are willing to give more. You must begin this process by giving more to yourself. Give yourself more time; give yourself more attention; give yourself more love; give yourself more of what you want. Then decide how to offer the more that you are (and have) to the world and you will receive even more back in return." "Let the waters settle you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being." -- Rumi
Gold Wrapping Paper
"Gold Wrapping Paper" > > > The story goes that some time ago a mother punished > her five year old > daughter for wasting a roll of expensive gold > wrapping paper. Money was > tight and she became even more upset when the child > used the gold paper > to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. > > Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift box > to her mother the > next morning and then said, > "This is for you, Momma." > > The mother was embarrassed by her earlier over > reaction, but her anger > flared again when she opened > the box and found it was empty. She spoke to her > daughter in a harsh > manner. > > "Don't you know, young lady, when you give someone a > present there's > supposed to be something > inside the package?" > > She had tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, Momma, it's > not empty! I blew > kisses into it until it was full." > > The mother was crushed. She fell on her knees and > put her arms around > her little
Daily Horrorscope Reaches New Low
Luck will only get you so far, and then hard work has to take over. (That advice also works when you switch the order around too.) The trick is learning when luck applies and when hard work is called for. ^So there it is... So basically it saying everything while realistically saying fuck all... The trick is learning when luck applies... ^Have you ever read a more complete load of rubbish! I think i should conclude my CT horrorscope blogs now by purely saying.. They are a load of pish.!
My Pain Is Your Gain
My Pain Is Your Gain Eyes swollen and wet with tears Silent darkness, enveloping fear A blanket of warmth, riddled with holes Sinking organs puncture your Soul Plummeting faith, imminently impaled Precious passion juice trickles a trail Follow the tracks that lead to hell Suffocating agony forbids you to yell Stinging words raise welts that burn Remind you of that for which you yearn Vapid pools of melted dreams Evaporate your every means Perpetuate your true love and desire Rekindle the spark that leads to fire Burning brightest when you’re near to me Spellbinding evil forbids you to see So much pain from something so pure Torture so severe it's hard to endure I will absorb your anguish, I’ll take all you can give The more I can shoulder, the less you relive I’ll be your Superman, made up of iron flesh Comfort and protect you, help heal your distress Come on now, is that all you’ve got? Left hook to the heart, is that your best shot? It’
The Epidemic Of Stupidity
Dear Readers: Once more I try very hard to comprehend the epidemic of stupidity when reading such news on CNN; Eva Marie Mauldin said Satan compelled her 19-year-old husband, Joshua Royce Mauldin, to microwave their daughter May 10 because the devil disapproved of Joshua's efforts to become a preacher. How can in the name of the Lord someone be so innocent of the power of the Dragon and its incredible pull upon the subject's life leading to such an atrocity? May be cooking a child is what it will take for someone curious enough to investigate the Power Of The Dragon and how it leads people to do what they do and what will transpire in one's fate. Read more about this disturbed person at Click here I proclaim that a multitude of religious teachings are the cancer of the world trapping mankind' spiritual growth and opening the door to insanity and a myriad of phobias. I hope you can realize this fact with such disturbing news plaguing the media. The reality is that Joshu
So The Wife Brought The Baby Outsidelast Night While I Was Grilling. And Ar Spit Her Pacifier Right Onto The Lawn. So The Wife Bends Over To Pick It U
last night while I was grilling. And AR spit her pacifier right onto the lawn. So the wife bends over to pick it up and finds two 4 leaf clovers and two 5 leaf clovers right near the pacifier. Just like that. I just thought that was coincidental.
Next Time Your Children Complian " Schools To Hard"
What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895... Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas, USA. It was taken from the original document on file a t the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, KS, and reprinted by the Salina Journal. 8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, KS -1895 Grammar (Time, one hour) 1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters. 2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications. 3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph 4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of"lie,""play," and "run."5. Define case; Illustrate each case. 6 What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation. 7 - 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the pract
Alittle About Me
Hello, My name is Sherri aka Fiesty1. I was born May 12,1969 lived in Detroit and outer suburbs of Michigan. My parent's were married for 15 years' until my Dad was killed by a drunk driver in May of 1983. I have one brother who is living in Hasting's Michigan and he has a son. Most of my friend's here on the internet I have met through yahoo internet family and we all call each other Sister's or Brothers. I have a adopted Family offline as well for when I went through some hard time's.My close friend at the time took my son and I in and welcomed us with open arms as did the rest of her Family...Im the type of person who like's to make other's laugh out loud even when I know you are feeling down and out. And if I could would do anything to make you smile or help out in any way I could....I have two son's one who live's with his Grandparent's (my Mom and Step Dad) and he is gonna be 16 here soon and is looking foward to getting a job and he loves to write his own song's.. The other l
Check This Out I Know You Wont Having Any Regrets!
Scam Alert
>>>Everyone; >>> >>>I was a victim to a scam at the grocery store recently and thought >>>I'd pass this along incase they try and do the same thing there. >>>Here's how it works: Two seriously good-looking 21 and 23 year-old >>>girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping items >>>into the trunk. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag >>>and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy >>>T-shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and >>>offer them a tip, they say "No" and instead ask you for a ride to a >>>grocery store across town. You agree and they get in the back seat. >>>On the way, they start having sex with each other. Then one of them >>>climbs over into the front seat and performs oral sex on you, while >>>the other one steals your wallet. I had my wallet stolen April 4th, >>>9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, and three times just >>>yesterday, and very likely again this upcoming weekend as soo
> Just a little laughter > > The 1st affair > > A married man was having an affair with his secretary. > > One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. > > Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. > > The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes > > outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. > > He put on his shoes and drove home. > > "Where have you been?" his wife demanded. > > "I can't lie to you," he replied, "I'm having an affair with my > > secretary. We had sex all afternoon." > > "You lying bastard! > > You've been playing golf!" > > _____ > > The 2nd Affair: > > A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked > > about having a son. > > They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. > > The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy
The Begining
im 25 years old and ive drank regularly since prob 15. recently i got into a car accident that left me with an ANKLE BROKEN IN 4 PLACES. the car looked like whoever was driving should have been dead. since then i havent drank once and dont plan on it ever again. they say you have to hit rock bottom before you relize its time to stop and you know what they are right. i havent drank since the accident and i just wanted to say it feels like my life has just begun. even though im home bound due to the ankle i still feel better then i have in years and that alone shows me the power of sobriety. well just thaught id share it and hopefully someone can take something from this. because just sharing it makes me feel ten times better
Ha Ha Ha
Funny Myspace Pictures
Just Some Old Fashion Advice..
Most people think in order to get their point across there has to be some kind of conflict. There has to be yelling and fighting and all kinds of mess. When the truth of the matter is nothing gets solved with all that useless bickering. I am serious nothing is created by shouting except more shouting. I honestly think that the softest of whispers can be heard better than the loudest of screams. You ever notice that a conflict is never solved during the fighting? No it is always solved when people sat down and talk calmly. Fighting gives people the excuse to get more angry an that is the last anyone needs. The old saying cooler heads will prevail is one the truest sayings ever. An angry person can not discuss a problem or anything without causing more problems. A calm mind leads to a better ending every time. So lets stop the yelling and the fighting and thing will work out .
Hormones The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his very life into his own hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, or significant other!! DANGEROUS: What's for dinner? SAFER: Can I help you with dinner? SAFEST: Where would you like to go for dinner? ULTRA SAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: Are you wearing that? SAFER: Gee, you look good in brown. SAFEST: WOW! Look at you! ULTRA SAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: What are you so worked up about? SAFER: What did I do wrong? SAFEST: Here's fifty dollars. ULTRA SAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: Should you be eating that? SAFER: You know, there are a lot of apples left. SAFEST: Can I get you a glass of wine with that? ULTRA SAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: What did you do all day? SAFER: I hope you didn't overdo it toda
My No. 1 Fan!!
LMAO, I cant believe this cunt cant get the hint to go the fuck away! She must be in love with me to have to visit my page everday! I see she got rid of her Heather page! Wonders why? (evil grin) Could it be because I called her out in the MuMMs! So feel free to bash this psycho stalker! Leave all the comments you want! LMAO I like the saying Sum1needs one, Hell Yeah she needs a dildo! Who viewed me I viewed Blocked "Totally Happy&#... (Sum1needs one!) Jenni ღKittyღ ~UKnowUWantMeBaby~ Cataine (His Cat, Hi... See All
Man Cited For Dwi
Man Cited for DWI at Ark. Drive-Through By Associated Press Tue May 22, 6:13 PM CAMDEN, Ark. - A man who was a little slow in picking up his fast food has been charged with drunk driving. Police said they found Terrance Forte, 32, asleep behind the wheel in the drive-through lane at a McDonald's restaurant. Restaurant employees called police about 12:30 a.m. Saturday after waiting 15 minutes for Forte to drive from the first window to the second window in the drive-through. In a police report, Officer William Mahon said he found Forte asleep inside the car with the engine running and his right foot on the brake. The report said Forte offered Mahon $10 for his food order when Mahon tried to wake him. Forte's blood alcohol level was registered at 0.19, more than twice the legal limit. Forte was cited for his third drunk-driving charge and was later released. A telephone number for Forte could not be found Tuesday and it was not known if he had a lawyer. Copyright 2
I'm Sorry
I'd like to make a public apology to all my friends. I'm very sorry and hope everyone can forgive me. :( Courtesy of
Do U Know Me
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Father's Ashes Get Stolen
Father's Ashes Stolen, Dumped on Lawn By Associated Press 6 hours ago CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A man's vehicle was vandalized and his father's ashes were dumped in his front lawn, authorities said. Wayne C. Carraway, 35, said he believed a robber broke into his 1987 Ford Bronco and thought a cedar box with a plastic bag full of his father's ashes contained drugs. Nothing in the car was stolen, he said. "I'm just trying to think about what they thought when they opened the box up and saw a baggie full of ashes," Carraway told the Cape Coral Daily Breeze. Carraway's father died in 1995. Carraway was going to spread the ashes along the Fakahatchee Strand in the Florida Everglades, his father's favorite fishing spot. He said he normally kept the ashes in his house. Someone broke into the locked vehicle while it was parked outside Carraway's home Sunday night or early Monday morning, authorities said. Carraway found the box on the ground near the ashes. He and his wife dug up
Lady's Only
to bring sexy back is to dress sexy, like a nice dress,nice pair of shoe's with heels. And a beautiful foul mouth's sailor's. because only a few women fit's this criteria. because they don't wear dresse's, get with it women if u r sexy.
Changes Are A'comin!
This blog will undergo some changes in the future. I am going to devote it primarily to the journey my sub and I are undertaking. I will post details about what we attempt and the results of those attempts as well. Perhaps we will even incorporate the occasional picture. I will impart her thoughts as well as mine into the blog. We will seek advice/help/opinions from those who read us. This means that I do not expect to post any more fiction here. Nor do I expect to post many of my allegedly humorous musings. If you want to know how and where to find those things, let me know, and I will hook you up.
3 Things In Life
Three things in life that, once gone, never come back - 1. Time 2. Words 3. Opportunity Three things in life that can destroy a person - 1. Anger 2. Pride 3. Unforgiveness Three things in life that you should never lose- 1. Hope 2. Peace 3. Honesty Three things in life that are most valuable - 1. Love 2. Family and Friends 3. Kindness Three things in life that are never certain - 1. Fortune 2. Success 3. Dreams Three things that make a person - 1. Commitment 2. Sincerity 3. Hard work
What's Wrong With America?
The other day I was on my way to Wally-world to pick up some garden supplies, and there was a panhandler on the side of the road missing an arm and a leg. He was holding a sign up "Please Help disabled war veteran" So I pulled to the side of the road and decided to have a talk with him to see if he was legit. He told me that he was in Vietnam and had lost his limbs there.His name is Chet. He proceeded to show me pictures of him from the war. So far he seemed legit to me. After about 20 mins or so he had me convinced so I handed him 10 bucks thanked him for the sacrifices he made for our country. Now my problem with this is he told me that he get disability and Social Security but between the 2 of them he barely made enough to pay his rent. This gentleman is no stranger to me, I have seen him wheeling his way around town alone for YEARS! I think it is a disgrace to see someone that served our country and to be in a situation like this. I feel that the government should step in and do s
N.j. Woman
N.J. Woman, 60, Gives Birth to Twin Boys By MATTHEW VERRINDER, Associated Press Writer Tue May 22, 9:53 PM TRENTON, N.J. - A 60-year-old woman became a mother, twice over, when she delivered a pair of boys Tuesday. Frieda Birnbaum gave birth to "Baby A" at 12:44 p.m. and "Baby B" a minute later by Caesarean section at Hackensack University Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Nancy Radwin said. The twins each weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces, she said. "The mom is in recovery, and she and the babies are doing really well," Radwin said, declining a request to speak with the mother. Hospital officials believe Birnbaum may be the oldest woman to give birth to twins in the United States, Radwin said. Birnbaum, a psychologist from Saddle River, underwent in-vitro fertilization last year in Cape Town, South Africa, at a center that specializes in older women. She and her husband, Ken, a New York attorney, have been married for 38 years and have three other children _ sons ages 6
Does anyone else here watch Law & Order: SVU? And if so, did you see the season finale last night?!
Ducks Top Red Wings
Ducks Top Red Wings to Reach Cup Finals By Associated Press 5 hours ago Anaheim Ducks' Teemu Selanne, second left, Todd Marchant, left, ... ANAHEIM, Calif. - The Anaheim Ducks are going to the Stanley Cup finals against the Ottawa Senators after beating the Detroit Red Wings 4-3 in Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference finals. The finals start Monday in Anaheim. The Ducks relaxed their "10-minute rule" that allows them to enjoy a win for just that brief span before concentrating on what's up next. "It's not something that happens every year," goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere said Tuesday night after the Ducks won. "So we need to enjoy it until the end of the night tonight and then we need to move on, focus on Ottawa." Said the Ducks' Teemu Selanne: "Yes, I think we'll take a little more time to enjoy this, but then we know we'll really have to get back to work. The games will get harder now." The Ducks, who lost Game 7 of the 2003 Stanley Cup finals to New Jersey, tak
Apartment Living.......
ok. i defantly cant waittil my neighbors get the boot.. they are driveing me UP A WALL!!!!!!!!!! it sounded like an episode of jerry springer last night . they were yelling and thumping around last night all night! then they took it out side, and they were doing it infront of my apratment !!!!! not to mention they let their friend park in my parking spot so sick and tired of it. i didnt get hardly any sleep last night... on another note me and my sister are going on about a week of barely speeking to each other. not bad huh? i mean at most we will say to each other at any giving time is like 3 words and then its like it is about my neice. thats it. no real sisterly interaction..... well that is all of my ranting and raveing for now. take care. and if you want to post feed back , go head , im all ears. ummm eyes i mean... giggles!
let’s start off where we left off. youknow before i needed a cold shower. allow me to penetrate, you as you know i’d like to. let the metal of my nails slide deep into your spine. writhe in it. flourish in it. youknow you want to. do me a favor and gasp. let me know that i’m not doing this for my benefit, but for yours. although today i’m feeling quite selfish. definitely not obedient. you can beg all you want. but today is my day to shine. i want you to feel the pain you cause me everyday. as i sit pretty with my hands in my lap. begging for your pity as you grope me with your latest tool. beg for me tell me to stop over and over. like a skipping album. once more. gasp. (but don’t let the safety word slip from those precious lips) groan (but whisper that you enjoy it) be. (and don’t forget that it’s me you’re pleading with) you’re in my dreams… you’re in my mind
Goodling Denies Firing
Goodling Denies Major Role in Firings By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer 48 minutes ago WASHINGTON - The Justice Department's former White House liaison denied Wednesday that she played a major role in the firings of U.S. attorneys last year and blamed Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty for misleading Congress about the dismissals. McNulty's explanation, on Feb. 6, "was incomplete or inaccurate in a number of respects," Monica Goodling told a packed House Judiciary Committee inquiry into the firings. She added: "I believe the deputy was not fully candid." Goodling, 33, quit the department last month and initially pleaded the Fifth Amendment on Tuesday. After being granted court-approved immunity, she read a statement and began answering question from committee members. Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the House committee's senior Republican, noted the suspense surrounding Goodlings' testimony but said there has been little evidence so far that the firings were i
If You Had Me Alone:)
N.H. Town Fires Employees for Gossiping By BEVERLEY WANG, Associated Press Writer Wed May 23, 3:06 AM HOOKSETT, N.H. - Can you be fired for gossiping about your boss? Four town employees here say they were, raising questions about fairness, free speech and a staple of life in the American workplace. The employees were fired in April after speaking to a lawyer the town hired as a fact-finder to rout out chatterboxes. They say questions about a close relationship between Town Administrator David Jodoin and a female employee, identified only as "A" in the lawyer's report, drifted into Town Hall sometime in March. They say they weren't the only ones who discussed the rumor, and dismissed it as untrue after briefly talking about it. "We didn't start the rumor, nor did we say there was an affair going on," Joanne Drewniak said Tuesday. "We didn't have time like they think ... to sit around and just gossip. That is so untrue." Drewniak worked for tax assessor Sandra Piper; bo
My Thoughts Written Down.
Ok first off I just wanna say this is my opinion about things. If you wanna comment go right ahead, but I'm NOT going to argue about anything. I just wanna get some stuff off my chest. First off Gas Prices... What the hell is going on here? Why are the gas prices so damn high, did someone at OPEC sneeze or what? I understand that there are things going on in this world that effect the prices but come on... We have oil companies making RECORD profits every year!!! Why can't they take some of that record profits and build more refineries, or lower their prices a few cents? That just seems absolutely ridiculous. I am on the fence about gas prices, I think the oil companies are ripping the American people off but I also look at this way, If you don't like the gas prices buy a bike. I do ALOT of biking now(which I need to day anyways :P) if I need to run to the store to grab some bread or somthing small I jump on my bike ride my fat ass to go get it.
Interduce Yourself
Interduce yourself You're on my friends list. I'd like to know 28 things about you. Just hit reply to sender. Thanks! You'll be surprised how much you didn't know about your friends after this!( or surprised that you have any left after this!) 1. Do you have a tattoo? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you single or taken? 4. Eat with your hands or utensils? 5. Do you dream at night? 6. Ever seen a corpse? 7. Rascal Flatts or Toby Keith? 8. Do You Like Bush, the president? HERE COMES THE EQUALLY INTERESTING PART... 9. Whats your philosophy on life and death? 10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? 11. Do you trust the police? 12. Do you like country music? 13. What is your fondest memory of me? 14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 15. Would you date me? 16. What do you wear to sleep? 17. Have you ever peed in a pool? 18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked y
Hubby Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. Are we friends? 6. Do you have a crush on me? 7. Would you kiss me? 8. ...with tongue? 9. Would you enjoy it? 10. Would you ever ask me out? 11.Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 14.Would you walk on the beach with me? 15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 16. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 17. Do you think I'm a good person? 18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 19.Do you think I'm hot? 20. Would you change anything about me? 21.If so what? 22.Would u pleasure me? 23.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 24. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 25. What do you rate me outta 1-10?? 26. Your phone number (Not necessary)
How Much For A Miracle
>>> A little girl went to her bedroom and >>>pulled a glass jelly jar >>> from its hiding place in the closet. >>> >>> She poured the change out on the floor >>>and >>>counted it carefully. >>> Three times, even. The total had to be exactly >>>perfect. No chance >>> here for mistakes. >>> She waited patiently for the pharmacist >>>to >>>give hersome attention, >>> but he was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted >>>her feet tomake a >>> scuffing noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat >>>with themost >>> disgusting sound she could muster. No good. >>>Finally she took a >>> quarter from her jar and banged it on the glass >>>counter. That did it! >>> >>> 'And what do you want?' the pharmacist >>>asked in an annoyed tone of voice >>> >>> >>> 'I'm talking to my broth
Music Video:COLORS (by Crossfade)Can you feel it crush you does it seem to bring the worst in you out There's no running away from these things that hold you down Do they compicate you because they make you feel like this of all the colors that you've shine this is surely not your best But you should know these colors that you're shining are Surely not the best colors that you shine I know you feel alone yeah and no one else can figure you out But don't you ever turn away from the ones that help you down Well they'd love to save you don't you know they love to see you smile But these colors that you've shined are surely not your style I know you're feeling like you're lost you've drifted way to far But you should know these colors you're shinig are surely not the best
Iraqi Police: Body Found In U.s. Uniform
Iraqi Police: Body Found in U.S. Uniform By RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour ago Iraqi motorists drive their cars in central Baghdad, Iraq, ... BAGHDAD - Iraqi police found the body of a man who was wearing what appeared to be a U.S. military uniform and had a tattoo on his left hand floating in the Euphrates River south of Baghdad on Wednesday morning. One Iraqi official said the body was that of an American soldier. The man had been shot in the head and chest, Babil police Capt. Muthana Khalid said. He said Iraqi police turned the body over the U.S. forces. The discovery of the body in Musayyib, about 40 miles south of Baghdad in Babil Province, came as U.S. troops and Iraqi forces continued their massive search for the three soldiers abducted May 12 in an ambush on their patrol near Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad. The U.S. military said in an e-mail that it was looking into the report, but could not confirm it. The report of the body fo
Hug If u love me (as a friend or more) u'll read the whole thing. What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness? What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt? So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life. I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you. Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you. Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember, everyone needs a friend. dont ever leave the one u love for the one u like, because the one u like will leave u for the one they love. If you wake up in a red room with no windows and doors, DON'T panic.. you're just in my heart!!! Send this to all the friends you want to keep forever... Today is Bestfriend Day. Send
Ex Coke Secretary
Ex-Coke Secretary Sentenced to 8 Years By HARRY R. WEBER, AP Business Writer 30 minutes ago ATLANTA - A former Coca-Cola secretary convicted of conspiring to steal trade secrets from the world's largest beverage maker was sentenced Wednesday to 8 years in federal prison. Joya Williams, 42, had faced up to 10 years in prison on the single conspiracy charge in a failed scheme to sell the materials to rival Pepsi for at least $1.5 million. She was convicted Feb. 2 following a jury trial in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, where The Coca-Cola Co. is based. "This is the kind of offense that cannot be tolerated in our society," U.S. District Judge J. Owen Forrester said in imposing sentence. A co-defendant, Ibrahim Dimson, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Forrester's sentence for Williams was higher than the 63 months to 78 months recommended by federal prosecutors and contained in sentencing guidelines for the judge to consider. He said the seriousness of the crime nec
I Want A Fat Babe
Border Crossers
Plan Could Jail Illegal Border Crossers By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, Associated Press Writer 4 hours ago WASHINGTON - Democrats are seeking to slash the number of foreign workers who could come to the U.S. on temporary visas as the Senate prepares for another day of freewheeling debate over a bipartisan immigration measure. A Republican proposal to crack down on illegal border crossers with mandatory prison sentences also was to be discussed Wednesday, as leaders in both parties sought to alter elements of the broad agreement that are drawing criticism from their core supporters. The measure would toughen border security, give quick legal status to the estimated 12 million immigrants in the country unlawfully and create a new workplace verification system to bar undocumented workers from getting jobs. It would create a point system for future immigration applicants that would place less emphasis on family connections and more on education and skills in demand by U.S. busine
The Farmer
The Farmer A Oklahoma Department of Highways employee stopped at a farm and talked with an old farmer. He told the farmer, "I need to inspect your farm for a possible new road." The old farmer said, "OK, but don't go in that field." The Highways employee said, "I have the authority of the State of Oklahoma to go where I want. See this card? I am allowed to go wherever I wish on farm land." So the old farmer went about his farm chores. Later, he heard loud screams and saw the Department of Highways employee running for the fence and close behind was the farmer's prize bull. The bull was madder than a nest full of hornets and the bull was gaining on the employee at every step. The old farmer called out, "Show him your card, smartass!!"
Now Give Me Cake
All Family Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heath Ledger
A Message From The Joker By: Stax For: IGN Shortly after Heath Ledger's Joker was finally revealed in all his creepy glory, the viral marketing site that revealed the first look at The Dark Knight's Clown Prince of Crime has been taken down ... or has it? The site -- IBelieveInHarveyDentToo -- initially boasted a vandalized portrait of the "I Believe in Harvey Dent" mock political ad that debuted last week before the first close-up look at Ledger's Joker was gradually revealed underneath it. The Joker pic has since been removed from the site, which is now apparently blank save for a "Page not found" message. But that's not all that's there. As countless readers have informed us, when you highlight the site's black background you see an endless "Hahahahaha," presumably scrawled by the Joker himself. However, not all the letters are "H" and "A"; the ones that aren't spell out the cryptic message, "See you in December." Is that a clue as to when fans can finally
Woooohoooo !!!
I want someone honest, mature, fun loving, outgoing, adventurous, exciting, compasionate,sexy, loving, romantic maybe Im asking too much...if you have 1/2 theses qualities we might get along. A little money wouldnt hurt either. ...lmfao...
Farewell My Friend!
I was just informed by e-mail yesterday that a dear friend of mine Fred Kauhane had passed away this weekend on Mauii while attending his grandaughters sporting event. My heart is heavy right now, and its still hard for me even today to understand why God takes a beautiful man such as Fred Kauhane away from us. I guess thats cause I'm angry because I never got to tell Fred "Goodbye" and "Thank You" for all he had done for me since my freshman year at Chaminade University. The laughing, the conversations, and the ALOHA you gave me is PRICELESS! So Uncle Fred its time for me to let go and forgive myself, but i'll never let you leave my heart. As a tribute to you and our friendship I remember these words you taught me my freshman year 2001 - I hope I spell it right. "AHUI HO MALAMA PONO"! Much Alofa! Brudda Chuck
Who Wins?
1. Beer is always wet. Pussy needs a little work. - One point to BEER 2. Warm beer tastes awful. - One point to PUSSY 3. A really cold beer is satisfying. - One point to BEER 4. If after taking a swig of your favorite beer you find a hair between your teeth, you may vomit. - One point to PUSSY 5. Ten beers in one night and you can't drive home. Ten Pussies in one night and you don't want to drive anywhere. - One point to PUSSY 6. If you have a lot of beer in a public place, your reputation may suffer. If you eat any Pussy in public, you become a legend. - One point to PUSSY 7. If a cop stops you and you smell of beer you may get arrested. If you smell of Pussy he may buy you a beer. - One point to PUSSY 8. You normally don't find old beer. - One point to BEER 9. Too much beer and you'll think you see flying saucers. Too much Pussy and you'll think you've seen God. - One point to PUSS
Ill Be
Attention Columbus Punks
Where the hell can a zombie go in Columbus to find some decent punk music played at a club or bar? Anyone know?
Working Out
Child Abuse Poem
No Kid Should Go Through This So sad, but so completely happens... My name is Tabby I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And i start to bawl, He takes me and throws
Sony Denies Decapitating Goat for Party By: Rob Burman For: IGN Sony has come under heavy fire from UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday for having a decapitated goat as the centerpiece of a European launch party for 'God of War II.' Under the headline and intro "Slaughter: Horror at Sony's depraved promotion stunt with decapitated goat", the newspaper went on to lambaste the company, saying the event had "sparked a major row over animal cruelty and the ethics of the computer industry". Although the Mail on Sunday claimed that at the event in Athens, guests were invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass, pulling out and eating meat they were told was the goat's intestines, Sony has since clarified exactly what happened. A European spokesperson said: "The 'warm entrails' referred to in the invitation and in the Mail on Sunday article was actually a meat soup, made to a traditional Greek recipe and served to attendees in china bowls direct from the caterers. There
My Life
some things in my life is kinda going the way i want it to but the other part not so good. but i know thats life though, you cant always have it your way. but i really thought this time things would get better. i belive if you want some thing so bad, youll do all you can to make that happen but i guess in some cases no matter how much you try sometimes it just doesnt work out the way you want it. and i know i should just try and accept the way things are but also be greatfull for all the things that i do have and thankfull that ive gotten to do what i have done on my own. it feels good to be able to look back and see what ive done my own but yet also saddens me that im not where i want to be in my life yet. but i know im young in i still have time
My Life
some things in my life is kinda going the way i want it to but the other part not so good. but i know thats life though, you cant always have it your way. but i really thought this time things would get better. i belive if you want some thing so bad, youll do all you can to make that happen but i guess in some cases no matter how much you try sometimes it just doesnt work out the way you want it. and i know i should just try and accept the way things are but also be greatfull for all the things that i do have and thankfull that ive gotten to do what i have done on my own. it feels good to be able to look back and see what ive done my own but yet also saddens me that im not where i want to be in my life yet. but i know im young in i still have time
The Chunky Soup Curse is a mythical hex that seems to follow NFL players who appear in ads for Campbell's Chunky Soup. The Curse was independently discovered and originally popularized by Dan Lewis in September of 2002. Offensive players who appeared in Chunky Soup ads tend to fall prey to serious injuries, as often do their backups. A potential reason for the affliction is that the original ads featured actresses purporting to be the players' mothers. This is no longer the case -- at least as far as Donovan McNabb is concerned. His actual mother now appears in his ads (as does his father). == Player-Endorsers== Terrell Davis and Kurt Warner, then of the Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams, respectively, appeared in early ads for the Soup. Each would suffer significant injuries. Davis' knee problems forced him into early retirements. Warner's injuries caused him to miss the better part of two seasons, effectively leading him t
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ok i was wondering if u read my 1st blog maybe some of u could copy n paste it into a blog of ur own and /or post a bulletin to register at,,if u do let me know so i can know who i owe favors to ty so much those who help ,oh 1 more thing if u go to the site and u r a visitor u cant see anything thats on the site so its better if u registewr its free,and if its not for u u dont have to return,,but ull like it theres stuff for everyone and if u have suggestions plz pop em in the forums ,,we try to keep everyone happy BUT I LOVE CHERRY TAP AND ALL OF YOU ON IT HAVE A GOOD DAY :) :)ok i was wondering if u read my 1st blog maybe some of u could copy n paste it into a blog of ur own and /or post a bulletin to register at,,if u do let me know so i can know who i owe favors to ty so much those who help ,oh 1 more thing if u go to the site and u r a visitor u cant see anything thats on the site so its better if u registewr its free,and if its n
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German Investigating "second Life" Porn
Germany Investigating 'Second Life' Porn By: David Rising For: Associated Press German authorities are trying to uncover the identity of a person who's offering child pornography in the virtual world of 'Second Life.' A German, whose avatar _ or online character _ is a 13-year-old girl, has been offering to provide real photos that contain child pornography to other denizens of the online service, prosecutor Peter Vogt said Thursday. Authorities hope to uncover the person's identity within days with help from San Francisco-based Linden Lab, which runs the online universe where people make virtual friends, listen to concerts, shop and even campaign for political office. "Linden Lab has been working very hard here against this abuser who misuses this game as a platform for child porn," said Vogt, who heads Germany's Central Agency for the Prevention of Child Pornography. Oliver Habel, the Munich attorney who represents Linden Lab in Germany, said the company is coopera
"juramento De Amigas:
"JURAMENTO DE AMIGAS: YO TE JURO QUE ... 1 Cuando estés triste, nos sentamos con una presidente Light y te ayudare a planear la venganza contra el maldito perro que te puso así. 2. Cuando sonrías, sabré que por fin te Acostaste con alguien. 3 .Cuando estés asustada, te diré con todo mi corazón: "no jodas...ya madura!!!". 4. Cuando estés preocupada, te diré mirándote a los ojos: "ni modo eso te pasa por andar de caliente, ahora te aguantas!!". 5. Cuando estés confundida; platicaremos y te haré ver que te debes quedar con el que esta mas bueno. 6. Cuando estés enferma... ni te me acerques. Cuando mejores, me avisas, salimos y hablamos, no quiero que me contagies. 7. Cuando te caigas, me cagare de la risa todo el día por lo despistada que eres. 8. Cuando estés viejita.... te llamare de vez en cuando para recordar viejos tiempos; de vaina voy a tu casa!! vaya a ser que me pidas que te bañe, que te alimente, o que te cambie el pañal...!
Fan Fiction
MUST READS!!!! Anything by Barbara Erskine!! Brilliant!! David Peltzer - A Boy called It Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt Fav Slash Fics If you aren't 18 and Don't know what Slash Fiction is - Leave it alone! CSI Miami Slash An Unguarded Moment - By Treehouse Confession Night - By Treehouse Punishment - By Treehouse The Hours before Daylight - By Treehouse As Nasty as they can be!! Brilliant! Stargate Slash Dr Jacksons Diary by Anais The Funniest most neurotic version of Daniels character I've ever read.  By the time you have read this, you will be convinced that this is the real character not the one in the series!! Bloody Brilliant!!!   Fan Fiction Archives
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Woman Offers Sex For Warcraft Gold
Woman Offers Sex for 'Warcraft' Gold By: Ruben Diaz For: Game Invasion Reports are circling around the Internet at a rapid pace about a woman who had posted a personal ad on offering sexual favors in exchange for 'World of Warcraft' gold. Needing 5000 gold to purchase an 'Epic Flying Mount,' one of the fastest mounts in the game, she offered anyone, male or female, playing on her server the opportunity to perform a variety of sexual acts in exchange for the in-game currency. Chief among her deviant interests was finding a partner into role-playing, going so far as to inform potential suitors that she has a costume ready for the occasion. managed to snag screenshots of the postings, including a posting the next day about her success, before they were removed from Craigslist. Obviously she didn't read the upcoming 'World of Warcraft' development notes where her character class will be able to acquire an epic mount (epic flying form) through a q
Really Now???
An old flame heats up your life when you least expect it, but perhaps not in the way you'd expect it. Now the sixty-four million dollar question is: Do you even want them back? Be honest with yourself -- and them.
Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - May 23, 2007
Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick. There's something to that. When you're really aware of your own power, you don't need to show it off. It just radiates from you without any need for display.
them them hypocrites teeth nashers ridicule me at every turn them them throat slashers denigrate me at will them them doubters dream smashers ready to count me out them in memories I bury you today, incapsulated in your body was pure evil, torment beyond belief, you ruined me for life ... I thought, you killed me inside, the nothingness, the empty void you tore in me each day, the cries, the unheard cries that echoed through my existence, the childhood lost, not lost, but torn, ripped from my fragile little soul, my tender virtue gone forever, thrown away like something worst than garbage, for garbage is something first that has meaning, in your hands I had no meaning, but... today I bury you, and with you I bury myself, and then through my own inner strength and the strength of those around me who care, I claw me way through the rocks and the dirt of torment and into the light of freedom, I emerge clean of the
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Getting Hard
One day there were two boys playing by a stream. One of the young boys saw a bush and went over to it and the other boy couldn`t figure out why his friend was at the bush so long. The other boy went over to the bush and looked. The two boys were looking at a woman bathing naked in the steam. All of a sudden the second boy took off running. The first boy couldn`t understand why he ran away so he took off after his friend. Finally he caught up to him and asked why he ran away. The boy said to his friend," My mom told me if I ever saw a naked lady I would turn to stone, and I felt something getting hard so I ran."
Nasty Freak Quiz
Welcome 2 the Nasty QUIZ. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like ........
Can You Figure Out These Five Riddles?
1. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three room. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him? 2. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be? 3. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away? 4. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday? 5. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but you still may not find a
Just For A Smile
I have a little poem, I'll try to make it quick; The subject is quite simple: the joy of owning dick. A penis is a splendid thing; you ladies should be jealous. An organ with such lovely skin, it's smooth and mostly hairless. It starts to grow so quickly when a guy's about thirteen, His testicles on either side, his willy in between. It dangles neatly down below; it's softly warm and loyal. But at the slightest hint of lust, it's ready to uncoil. It seems to have a mind all of its own; it's like an untamed beast, It squirms and writhes and stretches out, just when you 'spect it least. Sometimes, yes, it misbehaves, erecting when it shouldn't. A bumpy train ride sets it off, and then I wish it wouldn't. During summer, wearing little, sunning on the beach, A glimpse of wobbly boobs or bums will make it squirm and reach. But handle it with love and care, for it will give great pleasure. I often check if it has grown - now when did I last measure? Some me
Today's 'scope
This is just too funny! "Even the best-laid plans might hit some rocks if there's not enough money to see them through. Rearranging some resources might be enough to do the trick, but it will mean making (and sticking to) a budget. -- May 23, 2007" Considering that the little Neon just took a major dive, so I am now sans a car, and within a month the manuscript will be ready to go to the editors looks like I am going to be on a tight budget.
Quote For May 23
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke Bonus Quote: The most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against whacking them around a bit. -- Eric Porterfield This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
Mastectomy Hospital Bill in Congress A mastectomy is when a woman's breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure. Let's give women the chance to recover properly in the hospital for 2 days after surgery. Mastectomy Bill in Congress It takes 2 seconds to do this and is very important... please take the time and do it re ally quick! Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill - Important legislation for all women. Please send this to everyone in your address book. If there was ever a time when our voices and choices should be heard, this is one of those times. If you're receiving this, it's because I think you will take the 30 seconds to go to vote on this issue and send it on to others you know who will do the same. There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Pati
Sex App.
Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play ? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GiRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS! TiTLE iT "SEX APPLiCATiON"
Midol Day
I tell ya.. no matter what i do it aint good enough to please everyone. I stick up for friends n family.. and im wrong... I dont.. and im a pussy. so ya fucked either way...
May 23, 2007
Here some poems. They are not nice, nor are they fun so dont expect something chipper. These are courtesy of people that are two faced and say one thing and turn around and do another. 1. As we lay there quiet I was reminded of all the reasons why I lust you Your smile, and the way it teased at me seductively Your laugh, and the way it tempted me Your eyes, and the way they seem to hypnotize me As we sat there silent I was reminded of all the reasons why I love you Your smile, and the way it brings such life into me Your laugh, and the way it makes everything okay Your eyes, and the way they seem to read my thoughts As we stand here now I am reminded of all the reasons why I hate you Your smile, and the way it confuses me Your laugh, and the way it seems to mock me Your eyes, and the way they can look into mine and not feel a thing 2. You came into my life As quickly as you left. You grabbed a cutting knife And sliced right through my breast. Y
This Broken Heart
I shed a tear for you the day we said goodbye and parted. I feel so empty and forlorn, each day I’m brokenhearted. I mourn for you, both day and night, but you will never know. For this secret, I keep well hid, trying not to let it show. I think of all the many times we shared while once together, But those times are over now, the storms I now must weather. How can I go from day to day while missing you so much? How can I mend this broken heart, when I long to feel your touch? I thought the answers I had found, but if that’s true, then why ~ do I feel so lost and blue, and break down each day and cry? Someday I hope to understand, why life happened just this way. For all I ever think about, Is you, day after day. God, help me mend this broken heart, for I can’t live this way. I need those arms around me, To take this pain away.
Lost & No Where To Be Found
Tuesday 5/22/07
Ugh! I'm a day behind in my blogs again lol. Oh well, nothing much happened that was worth reporting anyway lol. Just the usual listening to music hosting in LooneyTuneHangout, and attempting to chat in the Lobby. Well, since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary I think I'm going to end this here and will post again later tonight unless I forget again lol. Have a good day everyone.
My Suicide
Best Morph Contest My 1st
Ever wondered what happens when Hallmark writers are having a bad day........ My tire was thumping. I thought it was flat When I looked at the tire... I noticed your cat. Sorry! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heard your wife left you, How upset you must be. But don't fret about it... She moved in with me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looking back over the years that we've been together, I can't help but wonder... "What the hell was I thinking?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Congratulations on your wedding day! Too bad no one likes your husband. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How could two people as beautiful as you Have such an ugly baby? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've always wanted to have someone to hold, someone to love. After having met you .. I've changed my mind.
On Behalf Of...
...the four remaining Grizzlies fans, the 25,000 remaining Celtics fans, the fifteen remaining Milwaukee Bucks fans and the one last Atlanta Hawks fan: fuck.
What Kind Of Drunk Are You?
You are the sexually active drunk When you get drunk you become uninhibited sexually and are always looking for ways to get laid. Flirting is much easier for you, and for some reason, alcohol makes you more charming. Take this quiz at
♥"look Alikes" Lmao!♥
Today Is The Day!
Well, today is the day of my surgery and I'm really not looking forward to it. I'll be on and off for the next couple of days and I will try and work on catching up with ev1s stash and pic rating. Hope everyone has a great week and hope to talk to ya'll soon. Tracy
Need Help In Contest Part 2
Beauty Of A Woman
~~ Beauty of a Woman ~ The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, The figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, The place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, The passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman With time, only grows..
'what Is Your Fortune?'
Your sexuality is dependant on mood 'What is your Fortune?' at
A Hater
Ok forget the usual drama of Cherrytap, forget the competitions and the pervs and the bullies and the drama. A little girl is missig, and it has especially touched my heart as she is the same age as my son. I posted pics for her on my default and this idiot... who apparently hates america to, rated all my pics a 1... I don't care about him doing it to my pics, but doing it to a missing child is just pure evil. Why are there people who would be like that? They are no better than the kidnappers themselves as they are approving such a harsh crime.
'what Sexual Activity Will You Go To Jail For?'
Jaime will go to jail for ... Wearing your pants at groin level with no underwear 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Exclusive Hellyeah Tour Footage
Need Help In Contest
Needing Some Lovin
What I really need, I just can't plant a seed. It does me so good, That i want it like you should. Everyone needs it, Even just a little bit. Love is what we all want, If only it could be bought. You have to find it on your own, Like in the movies he's on the other end of the phone. Now listen closely, Thats what I need, Is a little love, Love indeed!!!By Daisy
Reject Of Another
Morph Contest Update
Morph Contest Update
Por Cada Mujer....
POR CADA MUJER.... Por cada mujer fuerte cansada de aparentar debilidad, hay un hombre débil cansado de parecer fuerte. Por cada mujer cansada de tener que actuar como una tonta, hay un hombre agobiado por tener que aparentar saberlo todo. Por cada mujer cansada de ser calificada como "hembra emocional", hay un hombre a quien se le ha negado el derecho a llorar y a ser “delicado”. Por cada mujer catalogada como poco femenina cuando compite, hay un hombre obligado a competir para que no se dude de su masculinidad. Por cada mujer catalogada como poco femenina cuando compite, hay un hombre obligado a competir para que no se dude de su masculinidad. Por cada mujer cansada de ser un objeto sexual, hay un hombre preocupado por su potencia sexual. Por cada mujer que no ha tenido acceso a un trabajo o a un salario satisfactorio, hay un hombre que debe asumir la responsabilidad económica de otro ser humano. Por cada mujer que desconoce los mecanismos del autom
Thank You
Plz Help My Sweet Ct Wife Mandy
Firemans Prayer
When I am called to duty, God Wherever flames may rage Give me the strength to save some life Whatever be its age Help me embrace a little child Before its too late Or save an older person from The horror of that fate Enable me to be alert and Hear the weakest shout And quickly and efficiently To put the fire out I want to fill my calling and To give the best in me To guard my every neighbor And protect their property And if according to your will I have to lose my life Please bless with your protecting hand My family, children, and my wife
How Phobic Are You?
You Are 28% Phobic Scared? You? Not really. Everyone has a few normal phobias, and you're no exception. It's okay to be afraid of a few things. You wouldn't be human if you weren't. How Phobic Are You?
How Redneck Are You?
You Are 15% Redneck I'll slap you so hard, your clothes will be outta style. You ain't no redneck - you're all Yankee! How Redneck Are You?
Dark Walker Part 2
Bella walks to the corner store where she noticed an unusual car parked on the cornor Far to nice and expensive for her area. A large man sitting in the front while two others stood next to the rear. Walking inside she was greeted by the owner. “another midnight snack hon ?” “you know it” Her heels click evenly as she walks down the isles Bella reached for a cream pie, with a smirk of delight on her face. While walking back to pay she began to remember him…… His smile and humor, the way he laughed Stuck in almost a blissful trance she stood at the counter for a few minutes “you ok” “oh yeah, sorry bout that” She always let him keep the change no matter how large or small the amount. She began walking out and noticed the car again but the men were gone from the rear, Twas only the driver now…….. She thought nothing of it and began to walk home…… Half a block down was when it happened….. Some one grabbed her from behind….. Splattering her pie all over the ground, She
What Is Your Seduction Style?
Your Seduction Style: The Natural You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen. Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people. You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find! People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast. What Is Your Seduction Style?
A Mother's Love
A MOTHER'S LOVE A pregnant mother with nowhere to turn, Said "God, I do believe in you!" Please help me and my children Send me a sign, so I will know what to do! At that same time, another mother cries, As yet, another child she has now lost Dear god, please give me another baby For have I not yet suffered the cost? So God looked down and heard them As these two mothers prayed up above, And decided to have their lives meet So that we both could have you to love. For I was that pregnant mother, you see, The one who gave birth to you Then your other mother took you in her arms And I saw her love for you was true. You will always have two mommies Who love you more than you will ever know For one loved you enough to give you life, The other to raise you and watch you grow. If someday you would like to meet Your other mother that would be just fine For even though I have not raised you In my heart you will always be part mine Always remember that I ga
How To Stay Young
HOW TO STAY YOUNG 1. Try everything twice. On Madams tombstone (of Whelan's and Madam) she said she wanted this epitaph: Tried everything twice...loved it both times! 2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. (keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches;) 3. Keep learning : Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain get idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's! 4. Enjoy the simple things. 5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with HIM/HER. 6. The tears happen: Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. LIVE while you are alive. 7. Surround yourself with what you love: Whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge. 8. Cherish your health: If it is good, pres
How Abnormal Are You?
You Are 32% Abnormal You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul. You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess. You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection. You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement. You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer. How Abnormal Are You?
Alcohol Warnings!!!
Due to increasing products liability litigation, beer manufacturers have accepted the FDA's suggestion that the following warning labels be placed immediately on all beer containers: WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like an asshole. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell the same boring story over and over again until your friends want to SMASH YOUR HEAD IN. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may cause you to thay shings like thish. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that ex-lovers are really dying for you to telephone them at four in the morning. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your pants. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may make you think you can logically converse with other members of the opposite sex without spitting. WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may
How Massachusetts Are You?
You Are 44% Massachusetts You're likely a Massachusetts transplant. Big rotaries still scare you, and you probably live outside of 495. How Massachusetts Are You?
Dog Day Afternoon
Dog Day Afternoon Two Scottish nuns had just arrived to the U.S. by boat when one said to the other, "I heard that the occupants of this country actually eat dogs." "Odd," her companion replied, "but if we shall live in America, we might as well do as the Americans do." Nodding emphatically, the mother superior pointed to a hot dog vendor and they both walked towards it. "Two dogs, please," said one. The vendor was only too pleased to oblige and he wrapped both hot dogs in foil. Excited, the nuns hurried over to a bench and began to unwrap their 'dogs.' The mother superior was first to open hers, then, stared at it for a moment, leaned over to the other nun and whispered cautiously, "What part did you get?" I got this Sexy Comment from!
Forever Lost
Well I guess I just needed to vent. So he it goes. I really don't understand what men want. I was with a man for 6 yrs and thought it was going well. He was my best friend. We were friends for a long time before we got together. I did everything for him. I cooked and cleaned and never denied him anything. My whole life revolved around him. He cheated on me 3 times in the 6 yrs. (3 times that i know of). the last time was with his ex g/f. and was numerous times. Found out he would be on the phone with me while she was right there waiting for him to get off the phone with me while I was at work. He would tell me he loved me and then go sleep with her. Well long story short we talked it out and i forgave him (like an idiot) and we tried to move past it. That didn't work. Just when I started to trust him again he said he dosen't want to be with me and he dosest love me. That was almost a yr ago now. So I dusted myself off and tried to start again. (which wasn't easy) Now my biggest pet pee
To Everyone!
ok i have 5 in the family....146 friends ....98 fans...and im a fan of 92 people... so why arent you all helping me w/my contest!? i need all my friends family, and fans to comment bomb me!!!!! if you dont do this BEWARE
Daily Horoscope May 23
"Some days you want to scrutinize your choices like you're at a restaurant with a limited selection. This, however, is not one of those days. Right now you should to step up as though life's a buffet. Bring it on!" Sweet! Wonder if that's referrin to somethin in particular, or just in general. Eh, who cares today... I'm not supposed to. ;)
Mint Flavored Birth Control Pill
The Cadbury's Candy Co. And Merck Drug Co. Have combined to market the new Mint flavored birth control pill that women may take immediately before sex. The Pill will be distributed by the large major drug store chains and Wal-Mart's Pharmacies. They're going to be called.. "Pre-dick-a-mints!"
I Know A Place
The Plan
Robin Williams, wearing a shirt that says "I love New York " in Arabic. You gotta love Robin Williams..... Even if he's nuts! Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan. What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. Robin Williams' plan... (Hard to argue with this logic!) "I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan." 1) "The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those "good ole boys", we will never "interfere" again. 2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany , South Korea , the Middle East , and the Philippines They don't want us there, anyway. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence. 3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their
Count You're Blessings
COUNT YOUR BLESSING.... If you find yourself stuck in traffic; Don't get angry. Think of all the people for whom driving is an unheard of privilege. Should you have a bad day at work; Think of the man who has been out of work for years. Should you despair over a relationship gone bad; Think of the person who has never known what it's like to love and be loved in return. Should you grieve the passing of another weekend; Think of the woman in dire straits, working twelve hours a day, seven days a week to feed her children. Should your car break down, leaving you miles away from assistance; Think of the paraplegic who would love the opportunity to take that walk. Should you notice a new gray hair in the mirror; Think of the cancer patient in chemo therapy who wishes she had hair to examine. Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what is life all about, asking what is my purpose? Be thankful! There are those who didn't live long enough to get the
Drs Intorduce Vibes
Having A Great Time
Happy Wednesday to all my blog readers and friends. I am enjoying myself here in the San Francisco Bay area. My Brother in Law is a truck driver and I spent two days riding along. I passed up the ride along today because he will be hauling from the same site as yesterday. Today I am taking some time to clean the bike up. I need to get all the cross country dirt and bugs off. Time to post a few more pics.
Hold On
HOLD ON. . .tightly to what is TRULY important in LIFE HOLD ON. . .to faith it's the source of believing that all things are POSSIBLE, it's the fibre and strength of a confident SOUL HOLD ON. . .to hope it banishes doubt and enable attitudes to be positive and cheerful HOLD ON. . .to trust it is the core of fruitful relationships that are secure and content HOLD ON. . .to love it is life's greatest GIFT of all, for it shares, cares and gives meaning to LIFE HOLD ON. . .family and friends they are the most important people in your LIFE, and they make the WORLD a better place.. .. .. they are your roots, and the beginning that YOU grew from, they are the vine has grown through time to nourish YOU,help YOU on your ways ans always remain close by.. .. .. .. HOLD ON. . .to all that YOU are and all that YOU have learned, for these things are what makes YOU unique.. .. .. .. don't ignore what YOU feel and what YOU believe is right and important, YOUR heart has a
********look In Here************
Idiot Sighting
IDIOT SIGHTING: Hubby and I had to have the garage door repaired. The Sears repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a "large" enough motor on the opener. I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one Sears made at that time, a ½ horsepower. He shook his head and said, "Lady, you need a 1/4 horsepower." I responded that ½ was larger than 1/4. He said, "NO, it's not. Four is larger than two." We haven't used Sears repair since. IDIOT SIGHTING: I live in a semi rural area. We recently had a new neighbor call the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on our road. The reason: "Too many deer are being hit by cars out here! I don't think this is a good place for them to be crossing anymore." From Kingman , KS IDIOTS IN FOOD SERVICE: My daughter went to a local Taco Bell and ordered a taco. She asked the person behind the counter for "minimal lettuce." He said he w
Harvard Reading Test
Take a few minutes to try this, you may b e surprised b y the results. This was developed as an age test b y an R&D department at Harvard University . Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake. The average person over 40 years of age can't do it! 1. This is this cat 2. This is is cat 3. This is how cat 4. This is to cat 5. This is keep cat 6. This is an cat 7. This is old cat 8. This is fart cat 9. This is b usy cat 10. This is for cat 11. This is forty cat 12. This is seconds cat Now go b ack and read aloud the third word in each line from the top down and I b et you can't resist passing it on. I got this Sexy Comment from!
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pu
Because of this apparent dislike of Brits... I am doing an experiment, I according to CherryTap live in Rocky Mount, Virginia... I just want to see if now the ladies will talk to me... ....all I want is a female friend :'(
While I'm Thinking About It...
This place (CT) is a lot of fun, but not so much that I can't do without it. a couple of things around here, call them CT cultural dynamics, are really starting to bother me and I'm wondering if the fellowship with some I have come to enjoy is worth the hassle of the rest. maybe it is, maybe not, I dunno... but i'm thinking about it... I'm never one to take the easy way out just because it's 'easy'... but again, I'm thinking about it...
Taking The World By Storm
So I've had an interesting few days recently, all because of a certain video I put together back in February. I'm assuming a lot of you have already seen it. It's the first video that shows up on my profile page, and it's called "Tin Trio". Since posting it on YouTube and Metacafe in February, I continue to hear from people who love watching it, and that's always a good thing. Well, last week, I was contacted by a producer who works for MTV Europe. They are creating a TV show called "Best Show Ever". It'll run during the summer. The show's whole premise is about being the absolute best at a certain talent or whatever, and is based on user-submitted videos and viewer voting. It's sort of a mix between YouTube and American Idol. So every week, they'll show videos from 24 different categories, and the viewers can go onto their website and vote on which one they like the best. At the end of the summer, they'll have some awards thing for the best of the best. Anyway, they wan
I Have Figured Something Out
Its either my hair or the fact that I am from England... one of them makes women from USA NOT like me, they won't even give me a chance. They won't even say hi. When I am DJing they will come say something in the room, but as soon as I talk they will not listen to me. This also happens with 50% of the american men. Without being mean, can anyone explain this to me???? Are americans racist towards British people?????????
I Love You
link@ CherryTAP
~ Cutiest Female Child On Ct Contest!~ Score Updates!
~ Cutiest Female Child On CT Contest!~ I need 10 girls for my cutiest female child contest! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also allowed! 1st Girl is...... with 1600 comments! 2nd Girl is..... with 1469 comments each! 3rd Girl is...... with 889 comments! 4th Girl is...... with 191 comments! 5th Girl is...... with 48 comments! 6th Girl is...... with 19 comments! 7th Girl is...... with 14 comments! 8th Girl is...... with 2 comments! Comments + rates = total 2 Gifts person winners 1 V.I.P. and 1 V.I.C! Comments + rates = total Contest will start 5/18 thur 5/25 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnG
07 Nov 06 If you want to imagine the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. ~George Orwell -1984 11 Nov 06 The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint ... but is conceived and ordered in clear, carpeted, warm, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. ~C.S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters 15 May 07 There is no greater sorrow Than to be mindful of the happy time In misery. ~Dante Alighieri - The Inferno 23 May 07 Aristotle said melancholy men of all others are most witty. ~Robert Burton 31 May 07 Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian. ~Herman Melville - Moby Dick 27 Jun 07 Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts. ~Henry Brooks Adams 09 Aug 07 Here we may reign secure; and in my choice To reign is worth ambition
Just Ramblings
Before I joined this site I couldn't imagine what would happen to me during my time here. The first lounge I went in, Damage Inc I met the greatest people who all made me feel welcome, all of whom made me want to come back here day after day, night after night which I basically did. Then I meet a wonderful woman and fall in love for the first time, which felt great. Then Damage Inc went poof for its reasons and I cried, I acctually cried because I thought i'd lose all those great friends I'd made, which in fact I happily didn't. Then I gradually stop talking to said wonderfull woman and fall in love with another wonderful woman (why do they all have to live in america and be already married). Therefore I cry and me and the first woman split (happily now her marriage is back together) and I get together with the second woman. Then the new lounge where all my friends hang out starts to split apart, everyone going separate ways to other lounges, and me being me sometimes being in 4
Wifey Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. Are we friends? 6. Do you have a crush on me? 7. Would you kiss me? 8. ...with tongue? 9. Would you enjoy it? 10. Would you ever ask me out? 11.Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 14.Would you walk on the beach with me? 15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 16. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 17. Do you think I'm a good person? 18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 19.Do you think I'm hot? 20. Would you change anything about me? 21.If so what? 22.Would u pleasure me? 23.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 24. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 25. What do you rate me outta 1-10?? 26. Your phone number (Not necessary)
Hot Man On Ct Contest! Scores Updates Wow!
Hot Man On CT Contest! I'm doing a Hot Man On CT Contest and i need men! Comment bombing allowed and self comment bombing also! 1st Man is...... with 2351 comments! 2nd Man is...... with 2133 comments! 3rd Man is...... with 191 comments! 4th Man is...... with 89 comments! 5th Man is...... with 53 comments! 6th Man is...... with 7 comments! 7th Man is...... with 2 comments! Comments + rates = total Winners will get 2 Gifts each 1 V.I.P. And 1 V.I.C.! Contest will start on 5/18 thur 5/25 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~ ~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
Can 7 Years Of Hell Really Be Over?
Well many of you know that my final divorce hearing was supposed to be last Tuesday. Unfortunately it was continued for the second time and another hearing couldn't be rescheduled until mid Novemember. So needless to say I haven’t been the happiest person. Well today I got the best news I could have hoped for. My husband finally agreed to my terms and signed the divorce papers. With him doing that I am able to go to court next Tuesday for the final divorce hearing since it will no longer be a contested divorce. As you can see I am so excited to finally close this chapter in my life and start another with a clean slate so to speak. Thank you to all of my friends who have been by my side supporting me every step of the way thru these difficult times. XOXO Nigelle A special thank you to one of my best friends on and off of cherry tap. If she’s not already your friend stop by and see her. She is an amazing person and an awesome friend. Bi~Babe@ CherryTAP Get You
This Should Not Be On Ct
We are all about Free speech adn free expression, but what is this crap! We accept a friend request from this guy, thinking he is just a southern gentleman. Then open up his private pics hoping to see some action or some thing other thatn the racist propoganda we did see! This guy is a KKK Racist asshole and do not accept a friend requesetr from him unless you feel the same! And if ya do then you belong in 1925 with him and kindly remove yourself from our friends list because we do not play that shit!
What Type of Kisser Are You? (Pic) Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
`most Handsome Male Child On Ct Contest! Score Updates
`Most Handsome Male Child On CT Contest! I need 10 boys for my male child contest! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also allowed! 1st Boy is...... with 4935 comments! 2nd Boy is...... with 4230 comments! 3rd Boy is...... with 270 comments! 4th Boy is...... with 87 comments! 5th Boy is...... with 32 comments! 6th Boy is...... with 25 comments! 7th Boy is...... with 6 comments! 8th Boy is...... with 1 comments! 2 Gifts person winners 1 V.I.P. and 1 V.I.C! Comments + rates = total Contest will start 5/18 thur 5/25 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~Majorboredum* woman ~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
Tener Fe
Tener Fe Tener Fe, es aceptar los designios de Dios aunque no los entendamos, aunque no nos gusten. Si tuviéramos la capacidad de ver el fin desde el principio tal como Él lo ve, entonces podríamos saber por qué a veces conduce nuestra vida por sendas extrañas y contrarias a nuestra razón y a nuestros deseos. Tener Fe, es dar cuando no tenemos, cuando nosotros mismos necesitamos. La fe siempre saca algo valioso de lo aparentemente inexistente; puede hacer que brille el tesoro de la generosidad en medio de la pobreza y el desamparo, llenando de gratitud al que recibe y al que da. Tener Fe, es creer cuando resulta más fácil recurrir a la duda. Si la llama de la confianza en algo mejor se extingue en nosotros, entonces ya no queda más remedio que entregarse al desánimo. La creencia en nuestras bondades, posibilidades y talentos, tanto como en los de nuestros semejantes, es la energía que mueve la vida hacia grandes derroteros. Tener Fe, es guiar nuestra vida no con la vista,
I Am
i am glad you all like my pictures,i dont mind the comments you leave on the picture as long as you dont say anything about playing with your little peckers i hope no one takes this to heart and if they do tell me and ill take you off my list i know a couple of you only became my friend for acess to the nsfw folder and that is jus wrong,i love my new friends and you just dont treet people like that
blog rolls on stairs it fits on your neighboors back its good for a snack blog blog blog it's blog blog it big its heavy on the comp its blog blog its better than bad it good :) thanks ren and stimpy
~ Crazy Tattoo Contest ~ Now Open!
~ Crazy Tattoo Contest ~ Do u have a tattoo that just stands out? Then enter my contest and have some fun! 1st Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! 2nd Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! 3rd Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! 4th Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also Contest will start on 5/21 thur 5/26 2 prizes to each winner! Comments + Rates = Total Want to enter send me pic link or tell me which one and i will rip it! Thanks Maria Click on link to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~Majorboredum* woman ~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
Do I
do i look easy? hmm guys i dont cyber and i dont give out my number on ct,and im sure that the people who has crushes on me realy dont just my pictures and im sorry if i dont talk to alot of you it isnt that i dont want to it is just that i am busy at the time you all know that i write the blogs to all of my friends,i dont want to know if you are playing with your little peckers while going through my pictures.thanks and love you all... love susan
Lost Season Finale Tonight
A Poem Titled :~a Love~
~A Love~ I lay here awake in my bed, Thoughts of you run through my head, I think of the night before, And it makes me love you even more, Your hands,your face,your loving embrace, Oh,how I don't ever want to leave this place, You have my heart day and night, When I'm with you it feels so right, From the first day I saw you, Oh,darling I knew,that I already loved you, Wanting and waiting to spend our lives together, With A Love that will last forever, Written By : ~CH3RR13L10US~
Cyber Sex On The History Channel
A Poem Titled :~my Friend~
~My Friend~ You was always there, Wiping away tear after tear, Listening to my sorrow and pain, I realized then,you was My Friend, Counting on you to be there for me, That was something I could not see, And now I'll miss you forever and a day, Now that you have gone away, I'll always remember the smile upon your face, And hope that you are in a better place, I'll rejoice in the day I see you again, Until then,I'll miss you My Friend, ~R.I.P.~ Written By : ~CH3RR13L10US~ I wrote this poem in dedication to my late step father,I loved him dearly and may he rest in peace.
Want A Big Pimpin Gift?? Gift Give-a-way! Check It Out!!
Well all I finally took the plunge and got married! It was a very nice ceremony, The only thing that went wrong is the flowers didnt show up in time for the ceremony! We went to Canada for our honeymoon that was great! We will be taking more trips,hopefully here in the near future!
Hump Day - Already??
Good morning/good afternoon, everyone! Time seems to be getting away from me these days! I am off to work shortly! With any luck, I'll be home a little earlier tonight, lol. I have added four new past life companions to my Inspirational Photos file. Please stop by and welcome them to our happy little family, lol! If you are so inclined, stop by their profiles and do the rate/comment/add thing! It's getting toward the end of the school year! Weather is nice and the guys are going a little nuts on me. Both Taylor and Dakota will be going to summer school until the middle of July - that's the breaks, guys!! Maybe I'll do a longer blog this weekend, lol! Lots going on in my head, which isn't always a good thing as you know, lmao! Have a fantastic Hump Day! Much love and warm hugs for everyone! Blessings go out for all my friends all over the world! You are all so very dear to me! Later! Muah!
For some ct is little more than a popularity contest, for others its a way to pass time and you can reach more intimate depths of friendship in any medium with a little effort. Today begins the culling because when you think about it you want friends, real friends, people you communicate with on a regular basis, people you may meet sometime. For me, there is no interest in becoming an uber cherry king of cherryland though I assume that is the purpose here. I'm sure most will agree, keeping up with the 'extraneous' superficial requests is somewhat tedious, time better spent forming more lasting and possibly intimate friendships. So, for that reason, the culling has begun. Be a friend and you stay listed, visit, chat, post whatever. If I friended you its because I truly meant to get to know you and expect the same in return. Lack of active, even semi regular visits gets you culled from my list because it is not quantity but quality that turns me on ... well theres other things that turn
I’m Just A Woman
A woman needs to be assured In each and every way, She needs the warmth of loving words That only you can say. She needs a lot of understanding … When she’s feeling somewhat down. She needs for you to make her smile, And take away her frown. A woman’s heart is fragile Her feelings are that way too, Times she feels so sad inside, Not knowing what to do. It’s hard to be a woman, Misunderstood in many ways, Sometimes all it takes to help, Is a loving word, to make her day. She needs to know that she’s the one, That fills your heart with desire, She needs to be told often, That she sets your soul on fire. She needs that soft and tender touch As if she were a fragile rose, And feel that she’s so special. From all others, you could have chose. She needs to hear, “I Love you”, Whether close or miles apart, She needs to know… she’s the one, That’s the center of your heart. So, please listen when I
Fake Patriotism?
Why is it that I see all of these fucking ribbons saying, "Support Our Troops"? To me, and being a person within the Armed Forces, I think its such a fake and inexpensive way to show this "patriotism" that the citizens of this country have. I get discusted at seeing all these ribbons because its not like buying a fucking magnet on the back of your car is going to fund the armor for the vehicles we use or IBAs our troops wear while in war. We're doing our job and we knew what we were signing up for. We all know that theres ALWAYS a chance of us getting deployed to the Middle East, Korea, Germany, or somewhere else thousands of miles away from our families. Since we all knew what we were signing up for, why dont we have ribbons saying, "Support our Police Force" or "Support our Lawyers" or even "Support our Janitors"? Again, its a inexpensive way to show "support" to our troops. Word of advice. DONT show pity for our troops. Send them CARE PACKAGES that cost 20 bucks
England's Rose
Having to be strong and walk away from something which i thought would last forever, something that meant so much to me, something which made my life so happy...something which made it so full and complete. All of a sudden it was gone the next day. Just like water which ran down the drain. That was how i felt. Lost, but as they all say, "time is a healer", i think so too. I would love to be able to turn back the time and to be able to relive those beautiful moments, but lifes not like that, life moves on and so do we. But thank you Kim for writing yet another wonderful poem for me, but a big huge thank you for always being there for me and listening to me. Im really glad that i have found such a wonderful close friend. I am honoured to have known you. Angel. ......................... You must hate it so having a poem that was inspired by something you did or went through. After reading your blog entitled "Past", and knowing your past and how you walked away, I wrote yo
Well, my gramma passed on April 10th... I am still having a hard time with that. The day after her funeral, my dads best friend died of a massive heart attack. There has been a total of 14 family and/or friends that have passed since Sept., and 13 of those were since Jan. 30. This has not been a very good year. Those things have finally slowed down. The last was April 23, hope they stay gone now. Now, as for the baby... well, I have been having problems with that!! If something can happen with this pregnancy, it has... Right now I am on bedrest, but am aloud up for a few hours a day. My blood pressure keeps going up when I am sitting or standing. I am currently 37 weeks preg. and the baby is actually due June 14th, but we are doing a c-section, so she will be here on the 5th (if not sooner). The doctors all think I will be having her alot sooner than that, but still nothing. There is also a chance, at my next appt (this friday) that they will decide to take the baby earlie
The Joys Of Being A Child
For a long time when my nephew was younger, he believed that I was a child. Because I still lived at home, his natural progression in thought was, "Uncle Paul lives with nana, so he's a kid like me". It became apparent the day we went out on our own and he declared, "We can do whatever we like can't we Unca Paul?" and spat on the ground to prove his point. He was all of 4 at the time. His mum shattered his dreams of me being a big kid however, which disappointed me somewhat. I still remember when he rang up to ask nana if I was allowed to go visit him, hehehe. My second nephew didn't live with us and for a while it took a bit for me to be close to him. He's a character however. He's just turned 5 and for the last few weeks has had his leg in a cast. That didn't slow him down though. I'd call him Smeagle, the pasty faced character from lord of the rings, he'd creep around on the floor in his cast. I even saw him jump off a swing chair outside so he could "chase" people around. F
New Stuff
Well I just turned 24 and personally I love my husband and love my life with him. I'm just not felling so good about myself lately. I dont like who I have been becoming both physically and mentally. I don't know maybe Im just going through a rough time in my life you know the ups and the downs. Maybe Im at one of those downs. I just dont know what to do about me. Everything is great with my relationship with my husband and what we have together. Maybe Im just worried cause anything good that has ever happened to me Ive lost and maybe Im afraid of losing what I have now. i have a home and a wonderful husband what more could a girl ask for. Maybe a friend who calls me and wants to hang out. I feel like I have no one else but my husband. Which is basically true. I dont know
Big Man
anyone can be a badass with a weapon but where would most people be without them?
I was looking at bulletins Ive posted in the past and noticed not one person has veiwed any of the bulletins Ive ever posted. Why is that? I've noticed that all the other bulletins that have been posted by other people have gotten views but why not mine? Seriously what do I need to do to get people to read them. I'm seriously thinking about deleting my account. Cause why bother with it if what I post doesnt matter. Someone please let me know thanks.
1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3.. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapour lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) And the personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and l
Wednesday May 23,2007
just a reminder about the contest i am in to those who did not know. i entered a contest to win a blast. the contest ends this sunday at 9 pm est time. i have 199 so far so if you can please help that would be great!! and once again to those who have commented thank you so much. ill return the help when needed oh and no family bombing allowed
A Man's Thoughts On Fellatio Aka Rebuttal Etiquette (by A Male)
. First of all, yes you're obligated to do it. If you don't, we will find someone (younger, prettier and dirtier) who will. 2. Second, swallowing a teaspoon full of cream is a hell of a lot easier than licking a dead fish. 3. You want to talk about farting? Does the word "queef" mean anything to you? 4. I will use your ears as I see fit. don't worry about it and be thankful I'm not pulling your hair. 5. When you're on your period, stuffing something in your mouth is the only way to stop you from ****ing and moaning. Suck it up! 6. Speaking of which, if you are bleeding for five straight days, you need all the fluids you can get. trust me. 7. You **** about the taste, but trust me when I tell you that we get the short end of the stick in flavor country. 8. At least there is no danger of a****bleeding in your mouth. 9. Play with the balls. 10. No matter how good you think you are at it, we've had better. 11. Caress the ass, too. We like that! 12. Make hay
A Woman's Thoughts On Fellatio
1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it. 2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful. 3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard practice to come on someone's face. 4. Extension to rule #3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow. 5. My ears are NOT handles. 6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard, deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on your**** 7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart. 8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through your head - I'm bloated and I feel like sh*tso no, I don't feel particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now. 9. Extension to #8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls -if you're that desperate, go jerk off and leave me alone with my Midol. 10. If I have to pause to remove a pubic hair from my teeth, don't tell me I've just "
Is It Time To Go Home Yet
Well off to another wonderful start on a Wednesday... Nothing like waking up in the morning to find a herd of cattle in your back yard turning it into a mine field, only to realize that you are late for work after chasing them off your property. Yeah things are starting off pretty normal..well at least for my luck anyway ;-). Lets see how things go the rest of the day after my morning conference calls!
May 23..... Horoscope
Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick. There's something to that. When you're really aware of your own power, you don't need to show it off. It just radiates from you without any need for display.
What's Your Taste In Music?
Your Taste in Music: 80's Rock: Medium Influence 90's Alternative: Medium Influence 90's Pop: Medium Influence 90's Rock: Medium Influence Adult Alternative: Medium Influence How's Your Taste in Music?
Princess Of The Mountains
POEM MADE FOR ME BY DARREN! Princess Of The Mountains Last night I had a dream: In a beautiful land too far away Vlad’s ancient breath drifted with the breeze, Calming the countryside with a feather-like touch. Then, from a morning mist she appeared, The Princess Of The Mountains, Adorned in a black medieval dress woven from wishes, With long hair as dark & captivating as a night sky. Kissed by sunlight, she walked through a fairytale forest, Enchanted by every wonder of nature; A journey like a sweet flower gliding downstream. At the moment she entered the valley The mountains cradled her soul, Secretly in awe of her; Her adoring smile released warm memories of Spring meadows, And when I saw the happy heaven of her eyes The meaning of life was whispered to my heart. Quietly enlightened, I awoke from this idyll The fading pictures sketched into my deepest thoughts, Forever to be remembered during moments of longing Comfortably captured in the blis
Today's Horoscope
Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick. There's something to that. When you're really aware of your own power, you don't need to show it off. It just radiates from you without any need for display. I'm not sure what this has to do with my life today, but there is something to it. Also they say the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for. Maybe it's because they know their own power and don't need to show it?
Sometimes I wonder why I come here.... Clicking on the delete link would be so simple. This place tears me apart sometimes. I have a few good friends and some not so good ones. Sometimes I just want to remember the "not so good" ones for what they once were.. not what they have become. I guess its time for a CT break for a few days
What Is Your Life Path Number?
Your Life Path Number is 6 Your purpose in life is to help others You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them. You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver. In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner. You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first. Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love. And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own. What Is Your Life Path Number?
Everytime We Touch
Cascada – Everytime We Touch lyrics I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me I still feel your touch in my dreams Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why Without you it's hard to survive 'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last Need you by my side 'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static And everytime we kiss I reach for the sky Can't you hear my heart beat so, I can't let you go Want you in my life Your arms are my castle Your heart is my sky They wipe away tears that I've cried The good and the bad times We've been through them all You make me rise when I fall 'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last Need you by my side 'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static And everytime we kiss I reach for the sky Can't you hear m
How Do Men See You?
How Do Men See You?Men See You As ChoosyMen notice you light years before you notice them You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
He Will Be Going In The Hospital
Ray has been sick since before Easter and as usual he tries to put things off because of holidays and things of that nature, and Robbie in school.He put it off because ofEaster then his Birthday, and mothers day and now because of my birthday and hes having family come in this weekend. Friday is Robbies last day of school. So he will go in Tuesday morning and they will start him back on a pic line and IV antibiotics. He did go to the doctor on yesterday for PFT's which he hasent had done since they gave us the news in October. His percentage has gone up like 3 % which is awesome, but it really doesnt change his situation. Just shows how much of a fighter he is. We had him taken off of Hospice the end of April because we were having trouble fighting with Medicare to get his nebulized medicines which would of helped him from being as sick this time around, but if we cant get it we cant get it yanno. Talk about fighting with people. These people have really gotten to know me now...LOL.
Yep, I'm A 3
Got another today! I've almost got 1-10 woo! ksfemale4f2play
What Color Rose Are You?
You Are an Orange Rose You represent desire and enthusiasm Your vibe: Sexy yet familiar Falling in love with you: happens instantly - it's a fast ride What Color Rose Are You?
Time To Rant!!
You ever feel like a hamster? You know if you have ever had a hamster and it runs in one direction and if you pull it back it goes the same way everytime? Maybe its because thier brains are so incredibly small. Anyhow I feel like that hamster. Because no matter HOW many times I ask my friends to either like me for me and be happy, someone has to comment about my damn pics looking alike. Well they are all of me. It bothers me because the mentality is that I am hiding something. I already told you all I am not skinny and I even posted pictures to show that. However since my pics all have very very few rates (like 10) Most of you do not look at them all but feel the need to ridicule me about them. I take my pics at the angles i do because that it what I AM HAPPY With. I don't take them to please anyone but me. If I don't like a pic it doesn't go up. I am very self conscious and low self esteem. If you do not like my pictures don't bother insulting them. And while I got your attentio
If Arms Where Longer
if my arms where longer i could get my face in pics then all my leg shots wouldn't get marked NSFW... right?? xoxo, Bec
when you live only for your dreams everyday is just a nightmare every day is just a cycle it seems a cycle of pain agony and despair when blood runs cold when thoughts of suicide plague your mind when pain is all you feel when you no longer believe in a god when you question your reason for life everything will be ok the dark skies shall turn to light the barren ground shall sprout with new life just look ahead and not behind and the pain will be out of sight and out of mind
Rules Regarding Maintenance Discipline
MAINTENANCE DISCIPLINE HAS CHANGED BECAUSE OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGING SITUATIONS AS THEY OCCUR. Maintenance discipline must be asked for any time our child will be away from our presence for at least 1/2 hour, including any time we will be in public. Failure to ask for discipline will result in punishment after discipline is administered. If possible, if discipline is asked for while in public a secluded area will be found and discipline will be administered. Maintenance discipline is administered at HOH discretion in severity, length, where and when, etc, however; HOH will keep in mind limitations in public settings where children might see or someone may report activities to law enforcement. Questioning discipline will result in punishment. I must thank HOH for discipline immediately afterwards. Failure to thank will result in lengthening the discipline.
Kays Thoughts On Maintenance Spankings
Maintenance Discipline is administered by Sir Don at his discretion. There are many reasons for Maintenance Discipline . The first reason serves as a reminder of how unpleasant being punished is. Many times a submissive wife will not receive a punishment spanking for a long time but then she will begin to push limits because she had forgotten what it was like to actually be punished. The second reason is to maintain consistency in the submissive wife / HOH relationship. The third reason is for practice, both for the HOH and the submissive wife. A new HOH will be reluctant to administer punishment spankings because he lacks experience. However, with practice he will become more comfortable with administering needed punishment. Also this is a way to practice techniques and what really works and what doesn't. A submissive wife needs the practice for two reasons. The first is to practice receiving a spanking in a proper, dignified manner without kicking her legs, placing
15 By 3 Inch Story
"I got a new Dildo from "Kathleen's Collection", it's 15 inches long , and 3 inches thick! You know how I like that stuffed full feeling, but this time I think I've met my match." "I ordered it for a new challenge, and to suprise my husband when he returns. So far I haven't had much luck, I can only get about half of the head in --- not that I don't cum like mad trying, but it is a bit frustrating; perhaps I need a bit more motivation, what do you think Karen, am I finally over the deep end?" "Don't be silly, I think I have just the right solution to your problem," you say with a grin, "besides, I've been wanting to try this on you for quite awhile." You lead me to the bedroom and tell me to get undressed. My usual assortment of toys and lubes is strewn about the headboard, but on the pillow awaits my new toy. You walk over to it as I undress. "This thing is huge" you say as you try to wrap your hand around the shaft, "I think I can do it for you though,
I Need A Ct Wife..apply Within
Kay's Devotion
My Devotion: I submit to you in obedience to God's word and out of respect for your God given authority over me. I submit to you because I love you. I submit to you because I trust you. I submit to you knowing you will do what you believe is right. I submit to your training and guidance I submit to your discipline and punishment. I submit to you knowing that it is necessary for my growth as a christian wife and woman.
Guidelines For Kay
WORK o Clothing and make-up appropriate for work o Leave work no later than 6:45 p.m. - 8:00 pm when work demands SHOW RESPECT AND IN GENERAL o Use Sir title in yes or no answers, when asking permission, during discipline/ punishment, and in IM's or when alone with HOH o No lying (including being asked if something is wrong when I'm upset and replying "no") o No swearing (any word that I wouldn't say in front of our pastor) o No snappy attitude o When walking together hands are to be held or walk two steps behind o No furniture restrictions unless told otherwise - then no hestitation or argument o Grow hair out to middle of back. o Shave legs and trim pussy once a week o Expose pussy / breasts on demand o All purchases over $30 approved by HOH in advance o Must show all purchases to HOH o In bed no later than 11:15 p.m. DRESS CODE o Pants/Shorts ok during 8-5 work hours and planned family/friend gatherings o Skirts with no pan
Show In The Park
“I wonder if she knows?” the man sitting so still on the bench, his eyes firmly fixed upon the sight of the blonde laying on the grass, her knees drawn up to her chin as she read into the thick looking book. He wondered if she knew that she was revealing her white panties, if she knew that the panties on show fitting tightly, snugly, showing off her lips? Carol, at the age of 38 sat there on the grass, her knees drawn up. Over the top of the book, she could see the man on the bench, no further than 12 feet away, separated only by the concreted path, splitting the pieces of park grass. She could see his eyes were fixed upon the show she was allowing him to see. She looked, through the dark sunglasses, looked at the reaction she caused. Teasingly, she moved, turning over. Her legs opened further as she turned onto her stomach. “Jeez” he whispered as he saw her moving, as he saw her legs part open even further, as he saw the white panties dig deeper into her pussy lips. He fel
Cotton Dresses
From the day I reached puberty, I've always loved cotton dresses. All of the women wore them where I grew up. Soft clingy dresses that molded around the thighs when they walked and swished with the movement of their hips. You could never tell whether they had pants on or not because the cotton kept their secret. The first time I copped a feel from a classmate she had on a cotton dress. It was summer and the square top was cut low for comfort in the July heat. The dress was far from new and she was almost grown out of it. Her tits were like fresh, golden dinner rolls swelling over the top of the soft material. She bent forward to let my hand invade the top but balked when I tried to undo the buttons. The feel of her firm young boobs was wonderful and the dress, stretched tight across the back of my hand, a sensory bonus. Later that evening, she had second thoughts and told her mother what had happened. They arrived at my house, resplendent in their cotton dre
The Soap Opera Called Life
Dust in denim jeans food for worms. We live, so that we may die. The hollow within wanting more, but nothing left to give. Give my heart, my blood. Give breath, my touch. Give that single best day to truly live, and the dust will fade, and I will become nothing. Spoken is of love, as if by comprehension of the word alone we liberate our lives from death. That somehow, within the company of another person life has more meaning. The facade keeps dancing, keeping pace with the beat that pounds within our chests. Words fester upon our lips- the iron nail suffocating us in our coffins- and we become puppets for the afternoon play.
What Should've Been Done
We waste our breath when but a whisper would suffice. Turning a fist to the murder of men, but allowing that fist to fall. Sitting alone, when standing demands more respect. Rotting, slowly to begin without a single word of remorse. The spirit fights on in the mind but furthur adventure is left only to action. Tear this world down.
Drifting Off To Sleep
Drifting off to sleep after a good orgasm was one of the nicest feelings in the world, thought Jasmine as she snuggled deep into the blue velvet sheet. She could understand why the tabloids had dubbed Byron Khamoun the ’Foreplay Pharaoh’ after one particularly outspoken kiss-and-tell story. An exotic hybrid of Syrian and Jamaican, his high cheekbones and deep brown eyes set teenage hearts trembling all over the world. But it was his voice which set her thighs trembling. Murmuring depraved thoughts, accessing her fantasies before she’d realised them, creating sordid scenarios and sensuous daydreams, Byron could get her wet with words alone. Knowing his voice had also featured on five triple-platinum albums was a bonus. Glancing at the supine figure next to her, resplendent with gold-tipped dreadlocks, she smiled sympathetically. He’s had a hard day - and night‚ I should let him rest. She was constantly amazed that no matter how tired she was, even after all that had happened between
Spider-man 3
Man, whatta burn this one was. Obviously, after the masterpeice that was Spidey 2, there was a lot to live up to, and this one falls short by a country mile, and for one reason... Venom. Now dont get me wrong, I was a psyched as any spider-fan when I heard he was in the movie, but you can tell he was totally shoe horned in at the last moment to appease the studio. In the first 2, you got to know the villans and undersand their motives, but here, theres so little screen time given to each villan, theres no sympathy for any of them. Given more screen time, the sandman story would have been amazing, and the resolution of the grren goblin plot seemed to come in as an afterthought. Also, Mary Jane just comes across as a whiney jealous bitch. I would have hoped that the producers would have learned from the mistakes of the Batman movies, ie- too many bad guys, not enough hero, after all, the movie is called spider-man!!! And how come we get about half an hour of Peter in costume?? I dont c
The Cost
Is this Our Generation's Vietnam? For People that do not study the past will repeat it's Error's.
2 Faced Friends
its a damn shame that people who you thought were ur friends totally ignore you after awhile..theres quite few people i brought over to this site that didnt even know what it was they think they are gods now they dont need talk to me anymore..well your arent a god and you will not get comments and ratings from me no more im sick of it all...i will be going through my list and deleting the people who this blog is about i dont need people who worry about gettin points etc i want real friends ... i know who my real friends are on this site and they arent going to the ones who think they are better hope u enjoyed my pics and knowing me cause u will be deleted .. you all brought this on yourselves....
All I Can Ask For
I'm here waiting Impatiently, eyes full of tears, The other day you said you loved me You said it perfectly clear. Now, today's a new day And you're not here by my side, Now everything you told me Just feels like pain and lies. You said you would be here forever Was that just a lie, too? You made promises you couldn't keep I had all my faith in you. You took off with my heart And life inside your hands, I'm left empty and incomplete Why can't you understand. You let me down When my hopes were high, I try to smile But I always sigh. I'm left alone With all this pain and misery, Your love is all I ask for Why can't you see. You loved me for who I was Not for who I tried to be, You were the best thing that ever happen to me You'll always be inside of me. We've been through too much For you to push me away, I'll always love you no matter what It will never fade away.
Before I Was A Mom!
Before I was a Mom - I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was a Mom - I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom - I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Spit on. Chewed on. Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom - I never held down a screaming child So that doctors could do tests. Or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom - I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect
This Is Our Judgement
"How long?" He asks, though the answer rings in his ears. Doctors have betrayed, and the once lived life lives again in his mind. Childhood, and funerals. Watching his best friend float like an angel in the water. Too scared to move, to frightened to look, the induction of God's hand played early in life. Highschool and hormones. These memories not fully complete, too much "experimenting" to say the least. New best friends, new funerals, a pitiful existence meant to engrave a grain of discipline and knowledge on an unready mind. Graduation. The embarking fools unto this world, forgot the golden rule. "You can be, whatever you want to be" seems like the catchphrase of parents never truly explored. Those friends were lost to the world sent out a sheep among lions of industry. Freshman year, the woe of love. Met for study groups, turned to dates, no more partying, a strict devotion to one woman. The spent time allows development, as the love far su
Nail In The Fence!
NAIL IN THE FENCE Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence. (Most importantly the last sentence) There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence. Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all
Now That It's Gone
I never would have thought that there'd be a you and me. It wasn't plausible. It wasn't possible. But out of the star-crossed sky fell an opportunity. It was great. It was special. It was magic. It made my life such a blissful state of euphoria. My eyes sparkled. My soul danced. My heart rejoiced. And now that it's gone I wish there was something in its place. I want a new dream. I want a new heart. I want a new chance. But mostly, I'm receiving only loss. I remember the happy times and think there'll be no more. I remember little thoughts of you and sigh 'cause you're gone. I remember my contented heart and sigh because now it's broken. And now that you're gone, I can't help but miss you. For every where you used to smile an empty memory looms of your soulful eyes your shy smile and your beautiful face.
Broken Heart
I will never forget the days we once had The days when you were everything to me My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever But now I realize that was all a big dream The feelings I have for you will never go I wish I could take back that one regretful day The day when I willingly let you slide from my arms Never did I think of the astonishing pain of regrets That I would once have to live through The sight of you in someone else's arms Makes my heart shatter into a million pieces I sometimes wonder if you still think of me Or if to you, I'm just a face in the crowd I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back But for now, I'll sit here silently Remembering all the memories we once shared Everyday my love grows much stronger Hoping that one day you will feel the same And put back the pieces of my broken heart.
Engraved In A Bullet
we, who have seen a thousand times more the death of men of rage. the children who wield those terrible weapons, and push us to kill again we, who know not the pain of death but how the sword pierces the skin the lives within us destroyed by fear that murders our immortal soul. we, who fear our dreams, the dead faces staring back, are no longer recognized by family or loves clinging. we, who died before we are dead want nothing of this world our thoughts numbed by self-loathing who rest on the edge of the sword.
We Were Meant To Be...
Somewhere in time We fell in love Our feelings were so strong Stars sparkled up above Somewhere in time Nothing else mattered We were together Until our hopes and our dreams were shattered Somewhere in time Great memories are there Our love was once great Nothing could compare Somewhere in time Our love stands still A love that we lost Somehow, against our will Somewhere in time We'll meet again Somewhere in time Our love will never end
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MAY 2007 FOLDER !!
Nekkid !!
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared his love, Once I was by his side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. His grace so great, His beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe he had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way.
Hot Wrestling
Undie WrestlingHochgeladen von capnia
Too All
you all make me smile,and make me want to walk that extra mile,you all are so sweet makes me want to meet all of all are good people and have bean verry kind to me since i got on ct,the comments are so awsome and you all realy helped alot with my self esteam thanks a bunch love you all,susan
Thinking. Can't stop thinking. Think of you. This. That. That Life. That day. That dream was mine. A utopian dream. Your aura; struck me like lightning to a tree. Pointy, like a star, you shone. So bright, yet not shining as a star would, But as apparent as white chalk on a blackboard. You would not show off like a star. Yet you did burn so hot, so fiercely, so explosively - you were a star in my eyes. But like all stars, you died. That gas was gone. No pull between us. The atmosphere was dry and I began to choke. I was taken from my star - like a child being taken from its poor, drunken mother - I did not know what was happening. Dazed. Confused. Without true reality, I there sat. Wondering. The end of my world had only just begun, with yours beginning.
To All My Friends, Watch This Person! They are another down rater and rate all photos with a "1" They wont accept you to comment them, but you can comment in a gift and send them a dirty weed LOL
New Photos !!!
To All
to all my awsome friends,thank you for the cards and the cakes.i hope you have a wonderfull day and remeber to smile....
Major Weight Loss
sunday night me and my boss shelly weighed ourselves@work. i was only 8lbs more than her. she weighs 100lbs and im@108lbs. now b4 my mom died in march i weighed like 130lbs.thats a weight loss of22lbs.i would think id gain weight being the only time i eat is late at night being that i work 3rd shift and i eat junk food all night at work&been eating alot of mtos from sheetz. i was thinkin bout trying them weight gainer pills we sell@work cuz no matter how much i eat i just seem to lose weight.altho it probly dont help that i only eat when im at work and i havnt been sleeping
Beach Bums ( Yeah This Is Definately Me !!!)
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Sensual Touch Massage
The combination of scent and touch is extremely effective in opening up intimacy between two people. That's basically how we communicate love in an effective way, a way that doesn't involve having to discuss the subject a great deal. It also works wonderfully on a basic physical level. There are a lot of nerve endings that follow along the path of the spine. As you massage, your touch brings the blood to the surface, you speed the absorption of the oils into the skin, and you also bring up the level of oxytocin, the hormone needed in high levels for the process of sexual arousal. Massage is an especially good thing for men to focus on. Women often need the kind of attention it gives them o feel comfortable with proceeding on to more intimate activities. The nurturing, caring-for aspect of romance is extremely important between two people. You will have more interesting and intense erotic experiences if you're involved on all levels with each other. And touch and scent are the best w
Where To Kiss...
Places to Kiss Your Love * Behind their ear. * Tip of their nose. * Back of their neck. * Underside of their forearm. * Curve of their waist. * Palm of their hand. * Inside their wrist. * Under their chin. * Their eyelids. * Inside of their ankle. * Their collar bone. * Tips of their fingers. * Their spine. * Small of their back. * Their tummy. * Behind their knees. Of course, this is just to give you an idea. Aim to shower your love with kisses ALL OVER!
Meanings Of Kisses
Kiss on the hand - I adore you. Kiss on the cheek - I just want to be friends. Kiss on the chin - You are cute! Kiss on the neck - I want you. Kiss on the lips - I love you. Kiss on the ears - Let's have some fun. Kiss anywhere else - You're the best.
Types Of Kisses
Butterfly Kiss - With your faces less than a breath away, open and close your eyelids against your partners. If done correctly, the fluttering sensation will match the one in your heart. Cheek Kiss - A friendly, "I really like you" kiss. Often the preferred kissing method of a first date. With your hands on your partner's shoulders, gently brush your lips across her cheek. Earlobe Kiss - Gently sip and suck the earlobe. Avoid louder sucking noises as ears are sensitized noise detectors. Eskimo Kiss - With your faces less than a breath apart, gently rub your noses together. Eye Kiss - Hold your partner's head with both hands and slowly move their head in the direction you wish your kiss to go... then slowly kiss up towards your partner's eyes and give them a tender kiss on top of their closed eyes. Eyelid Kiss - While your partner is resting/sleeping with eyes closed, very very gently kiss the spot right below their browbone. A very intimate kiss. Finger Kiss - While l
Secret Love
Someday I will look upon your face, At a time we won't have to hide in place. I'll bring my love and words I've kept. And the dreams I had while I slept. Open your mouth and share your secrets too, And the time will come to say, "I love you." In a year or so this dream will be here, I wait for the time when I can call you 'dear.' Until then we will remain apart, And day by day, you'll grow in my heart.
The Art Of Seduction - Seduce Your Man
First, it's very important that you choose the right person to seduce. This is more a matter of instinct than anything else, but most of us at will attempt to make conversation, or at least some eye contact, with a potential partner whom we consider to be about as attractive as we feel we are. So, if you are not happy with the way you look and moreover who you are on the inside, then start there! The thrill of seduction sometimes lies in the chase rather than the conquest. The excitement of wanting and pursuing someone can give a sense of satisfaction in itself - this is especially true for men. But those who thoroughly enjoy the chase are generally people with plenty of self-confidence and their belief in themselves increases the likelihood of success. I suggest planning and setting up the time and the right place knowing you will be alone for some period of time. If the object of your passion is somebody you see on a regular basis, the time and the place being wrong may also ve
this cherry tap thing is crazy and i must say better than crapspace COOL!
Wednesday Links: Happy Birthday Opie, Whip 'em Out Wednesday, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Censorship Rooster, Rock Scream Video, Traveling Virus Ticke
Who the heck is the tolpess blonde in the thong on Paltalk??? oooh, she's new! Greetings and flatulations, people! It's OPIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY and the Opie and Anthony Show is live and broadcasting on this fine Whip 'em Out Wednesday! (on terrestrial radio, that is), and if you don't want to take MY word for it, well then turn on your Paltalk... so sign in, wish Op a happy birthday, and check out some of the silliness in studio...cuz we're all here. It's a lovely day in New York today...and probably in other cities, so if you want to participate in Whip 'em Out Wednesday, during which it's likely that you'll see a lovely set of bosoms, you should probably get yourself a WOW STICKER. There's a few ways to go about it: 1. GO TO THIS LINK FILL OUT THE FORM, AND WE WILL MAIL YOU ONE. 2. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (NOT A SMALL ONE, DUMMIES) to: The Opie and Anthony Show WOW Sticker Requests 111 West 57th Street Suite 500 New York, NY 10019
A Buttail? What Will They Think Of Next?
Good Morning and Hello there world it’s Wednesday May 23, 2007 and many of you know I have been burning the candle at both ends for the past 4 weeks due to two big events for me. First off and far more important is Amanda’s Graduation Party this Saturday. Her older sister fly’s in Friday afternoon and after picking her up at the airport in South Bend we whisk off to Amanda’s (Mandy for all of those who think I have another Daughter…I just feel that she is about to step into the world and her god given name might be more conducive here) Game against cross-town rival and Hooterville junction team Watervliet. It’s also there last regular season softball game before districts. So her grad party is still on schedule even though as Mick’s said it; “The weather people are predicting…” doom and gloom but hey the house will be ready for inside or outside activities. I will have to get a picture snapped of the TIKI BAR I created. Yeah, dad’s will be dads… The other important thingy that has ke
State Trooper........
A State Trooper stops a man for running a red light. The guy is a real jerk and comes running back to the Trooper. The violator demands to know why he is being harassed by the Gestapo! So the Trooper calmly tells him of the red light violation. The "Motorist" instantly goes on a tirade, questioning the Trooper's ancestry, sexual orientation, etc., in rather explicit terms. The Trooper, being a professional, takes it all in stride. The tirade goes on without the Trooper saying anything. When he gets done with writing the citation he puts an "AH" in the lower right corner of the narrative portion of the citation. He then hands it to the "Violator" for his signature. The guy signs the citation angrily, tearing the paper, and when presented his copy points to the "AH" and demands to know what it stands for. The Trooper then removes his mirror sunglasses, gets in the middle of the guys face and say, "That's so when we go to court, I'll remember you're an Asshole!" T
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First Letter
Please read the following and when you done read at the end what I have to say... According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested in action. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wine
I'm Yours...
I'm Yours... We both know You worked your art & Captured my heart. How wonderful Your love has spread Like an intricate Silken thread. With loving care You dried my tears Your tender calmness Removed my fears. Your very wisdom Made me understand And you patiently Held my hand. You gave me courage To weather the storm With love and kindness You kept me warm. Your very passion Put a fire in my heart Filled me with joy Right from the start. You are all and more That I dream of For that web you spun Captured my love.
My Ct Hubby Tomcat Needs Lot Of Love Right Now
READ HIS LATEST BLOG & CHEER HIM UP PLZ I AM HURTING WITH HIM.. =(^_^)= Tomcat .. Tears are salty.@ CherryTAP
Angel Of My Heart
Angel of my Heart For as a sweet gentle breeze brushes passed my ear for I here it call you name, As it sets my heart racing just be near you once again As I can not stand being this far apart from your heart For when I come back to you I fell as though my heart has stop beating and I have gone to heaven With the most beautiful angel has taken my love For she is the angel of my heart for ever more Date wrote 23-05-07 By Aj Rich
The Things You Said
What Wonderful Friends I Have On My List
I just wanted to thank my wonderful friends that took the time to rate my stash and pics today, you took me from over 20,000 points down to around 6,000.... thanks you guys ...YOU ALL ROCK .. And know that those I didnt get back to today cos I was out of rates...I WILL be on your pages tomorrow...Hugz...Molly xoxox
Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Seen By Christopher Doering
Active Atlantic hurricane season seen By Christopher Doering Tue May 22, 6:13 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active than normal due to warmer ocean waters, with as many as ten hurricanes, and three to five of them could be major, the U.S. government's top climate agency predicted on Tuesday. ADVERTISEMENT "We are right now in ... a period of more active hurricane seasons," said Conrad Lautenbacher, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "It just takes one hurricane to make it a bad year for everyone here." NOAA foresees 13 to 17 tropical storms this season, with seven to 10 developing into hurricanes. Three to five could be major ones of Category 3 or higher with winds over 110 mph (177 kmh), the agency said in its annual forecast. An average Atlantic hurricane season brings 11 tropical storms, of which six reach hurricane wind speed of 74 mph (119 kph), including two major hurricanes, NOAA said
You All Are All Very Special To Me
You are so special! Today is ".. Buddy Day". Send this to your .. friends - even me, if I'm one of them - and see how many you get today! ~xoxo!! ___________________________#__# _________________________#__##__# ________________#########_#____#_# ________########____________##_#_# _____##__##____________________#_# ____##_#___#_____________________# ____#_#___#_________________##___# ____#_#__##___________#######_____# ____#__#_#_________###________##__# _____##_______###_#_____##_____#________####### _______###_______#_____###______##____##__###__# _________#______#________#___#__#____##_##___##_# _________#______#_______#####___#___##_##____#__# __________#_____##____##_______#____#__#_____#__# ___________##____##__________#######___#___##__# _____________##____##_____###_____#_____###____# __________#############_####______#_________# _______##_______#______#____#_____#___________# _____##_________#______#____#_____##_________# ___##___________#_______#___###
To Everyone
"""".....@.@.@.@..@.. ....@........@..........@ ...@............@....@@ ...@..............@@..@ ....@..............@...@ ......@...........@..@ .........@......@..@ ..............@..@ .I.................@ ....CARE.........@ .........ABOUT....@ ................YOU...@........@@@ ......@@@@..@....@..........@ ...@.............@@@......@@ .......@@@.......@..@@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ ........................@ .......................@ send this rose to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a dozen your loved" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you wake up in a red room with no windows and doors, DON"T panic...your just in my HEART!!! Send this to all the friends you want to keep Send this to all your friends, and me if I am one. If you get 7 back you are LOVED!!! Here ar
Fun Stars 5-23-07
An old flame heats up your life when you least expect it, but perhaps not in the way you'd expect it. Now the sixty-four million dollar question is: Do you even want them back? Be honest with yourself -- and them. raises eyebrow.....old flame?.....what old flame.......if someone remembers me having an old flame plz remind me because i certainly don't remember any
Memorial Day
Tyranny Coming
President Bush has signed an executive order granting extraordinary powers to the office of the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight. Without congressional approval. I don't know about you, but I'm scared now. This is not the first time Bush has pulled something like this: President Bush signed an agreement creating a "permanent body" that commits the U.S. to "deeper transatlantic economic integration," without ratification by the Senate as a treaty or passage by Congress as a law. Without ratification by the Senate. Without passage by Congress. He is overstepping the bounds set by the constitution on the presidency, and setting up an American dictatorship. The order establishes under the office of the president a new national continuity coordinator whose job is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments, as well as private sector organ
30 Pieces Of Star Wars Trivia
The original Star Wars film was released on 25 May 1977. Much to the surprise of many involved in the project, including the studio which backed it, it became a runaway success. The celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary here are 30 facts and figures related to the film which influenced a new generation of film-makers. THE MAKING OF STAR WARS 1. The first trailer for the film hit cinemas six months before it was to open - with tag lines such as "the story of a boy, a girl and a universe" and "a billion years in the making" - as executives hoped to drum up some interest in a film they had little faith in. 2. Made on a budget of $11m (£5.5m) it made $215m (£108m) in the US during its original release, and $337m (£170m) overseas. The final film in the franchise - Revenge of the Sith - cost about $113m (£57m) to make. 3. It was originally called The Star Wars, but "the" was dropped fairly early on in the creative process. 4. The full title Star Wars: Episode IV: A N
Another Poem...not So English
In a station in the city a British soldier stood Talking to the people there if the people would Some just stared in hatred, and others turned in pain And the lonely British soldier wished he was back home again Come join the British Army! said the posters in his town See the world and have your fun come serve before the Crown The jobs were hard to come by and he could not face the dole So he took his country's shilling and enlisted on the roll For there was no fear of fighting, the Empire long was lost Just ten years in the army getting paid for being bossed Then leave a man experienced a man who's made the grade A medal and a pension some mem'ries and a trade Then came the call for Ireland as the call had come before Another bloody chapter in an endless civil war The priests they stood on both sides the priests they stood behind Another fight in Jesus's name the blind against the blind The soldier stood between them between the whistling stones And then the b
English Poem...i Love This
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage; Then lend the eye a terrible aspect; Let pry through the portage of the head Like the brass cannon; let the brow o'erwhelm it As fearfully as doth a galled rock O'erhang and jutty his confounded base, Swill'd with the wild and wasteful ocean. Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide, Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit To his full height. On, on, you noblest English. Whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof! Fathers that, like so many Alexanders, Have in these parts from morn till even fought And sheathed their swords for lack of argument: Dishonour not your mothers; now attest That those whom you call'd fath
My Lounge
i know no one really goes to my lounge lol but i do have a couple im in wild cherries if anyone is interested in hanging out anyone want to hang? lol
Road Trip
Oh the excitement is brewing I tell you. Have been planning a road trip with my friend for months now and this weekend we're hitting the road and heading for Pinnaroo !!! 6km from the Victorian border, this dot on a map minuscule town is our destination. Why you may ask? Well one of our friends from university lives in this town. She spends two weeks in Adelaide then goes back up to Pinna' for the weekend. We've always said one day we'll come up and get pissed drunk in her one pub town and meet the local lads. That time has come. Ignoring my circumstances, Ive decided fuck it all, I am not canceling the Pinna' road trip come hell or high water. About the only thing that will stop me though is if I do not finish my HTML and Design assignments by weeks end!
Confussion With A Wish
Bright light beams from a corner of a room just as the sun peers over the tree tops. The contry air is light and easy to breath as it sets forth life throughout our bodies. A scene of a child on a porch swing, swinging and singingas if not to be alone. The house is quiet but yet filled with joy and happiness. Looking closly you can see a tear, not of anger or sadness, but of fear and regret. Not of what to come, but of what has happened. Sudden yelling come from an upstairs room, and the child wipes away the tears to go and find out what the yelling is about. Within minutes there is forgivnessalthough we don't know why or even what has happened. Slowly the day comes to an endas the sun falls behind the pines setting forth beautiful colors blooming into the sky. As the child opens the screen door and walks to the porch swing, the stars starts to appear from nowhere. While she looks up at the sky asking for a better day she sees a star drifting then sh
This Is It
while looking back at this i still dont really care but hey it gives me another way to waste my time ha even jesus doesn't love me
The Greatest Cereal Of All Time: Round Iii: Cookie Crisp Vs. Count Chocula
The Greatest Cereal of All Time: Round III: Cookie Crisp vs. Count Chocula [ The Greatest Cereal of All Time: Round III: Cookie Crisp vs. Count Chocula ]
82nd Airborne Chorus Live
Dying To Live, Living To Die
Free will and choice. You command your ship on your journeys. You can either let the tide and breezes pull you where they want you to go or plot your course and steer, using the powers of wind, moon and water for your means. See the path, commit to it, diverge if obstacles arise, but make it to your destination. If you keep plotting paths through obstacles, recognize that you may never make it to your goals. If you let the tide wash you where it will, recognize that you may spin adrift forever. Are you living or merely existing? Do you make choices and strive or do you wait for your path to be made clear by the forces around you? It's easy to just exist; follow your routines, stay bogged in your fears and bound by the walls that trap you. The weight of complaint, stress, time, and unhappiness press upon you, pushing you under the heavy blanket of complacency and defeat. You're dying, not living. Merely existing is the limbo of passive suicide. It's a big "fuck you" to the diety(ies)
Naughty Or Nice Quiz
Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wind. Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! Are you Naughty or nice
Yep,check The Power Of The Rottie!!!! The King Of Dogs
My True Passion In Dogs,please Watch This
Happy Phuck'in Humpday! :p
Sarcasm can be hilarious ;) I've been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog. Do not follow, for I may not lead. Do not lead, for I may not follow. Just go over there somewhere, please? Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge. I used to be a lifeguard, but some blue kid got me fired. Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right. Follow your dreams, except for that one where you're naked at work. How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on. Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants.
Code 4!
Today, I had a harrowing 911 call. The caller advised that a man he didn't know pulled up at the local farm supply center, got out of his truck and began to vomit blood. Within seconds of answering the call, I knew it was going to be one those calls that become etched in memory. I knew I was going to have to calm this man down, as he was rather hysterical. Not that I blame him, mind you. Initially, the patient was conscious and breathing, though with the vomiting, he was having a bit of difficulty. In a situation such as that, we're to instruct the caller to have the patient roll onto their side, so as to prevent asphyxiation. So, we had the patient on his side, his airway was clear, and the ambulance was en route. I thought we were doing okay. The caller was still frantic, but I convinced him to stay on the line and monitor the situation. He even started to calm down a bit. As the call progressed, however, the situation began to worsen. The caller again became hyster
23 May 2006
Dear Alexa, Here is your single's love horoscope for Wednesday, May 23: Take an active role when it comes to communicating this morning. Give a compliment, answer an email, send a cute text. By later in the day, it's more about responding than making overtures.
23rd May 07
Dear Alexa, Here is your AstroSlam for Wednesday, May 23: Both the humans and the animals you encounter today will have very sharp teeth. The animals will snarl and show their fangs, and the people will smile -- but they are much more dangerous.
Bankers Balls
The Banker's Balls A little old lady went into a Bank one day, carrying a bag of money. She insisted that she must speak with the president of the bank to open a savings account because, "It's a lot of money!" After much hemming and hawing, the bank staff finally ushered her into the president's office. The bank president then asked her how much she would like to deposit. She replied, "$195,000!" and dumped the cash out of her bag onto his desk. The president was of course curious as to how she came by all this cash, so he asked her, "Madam, I'm surprised you're carrying so much cash around. Where did you get this money?" The old lady replied, "I make bets." The president then asked, "Bets? What kind of bets?" The old woman said, "Well, for example, I'll bet you $25,000 that your balls are square." The president laughs, "That's a stupid bet. You can never win that kind of bet!" The old lady challenged, "So, would you l
Today's Quote Those who believe they can do something are probably right--and so are those who believe they can't. -Unknown
choices Current mood: bitchy The choices we make in this world eveday determine many things but most of these choices are so small or irrevalant that you dont skip a beat however others are large and can determine many things. they can change a person, they can make things smaller than they are appear as big as moutains, they can change the way you lead your life, they way you love, the way you act, your job etc, but these changes these descions are made by the choices that you choose to make. most of the time people take the choices they have made good bad or ugly and carry on, others choices sometimes people feel there is cause to blame so they blame others, and more so often people straight up just dont make a choice but try to make those around them choose for them. not by stating yes or no or do it or not but by the actions they take the words they dont speak. at the end of the day people make things harder thna it has ot be or more complicated than has to be given at time
Show The Flowers
Why Do Teens Show So Much Skin? A teenage grand-daughter comes downstairs for her date with a see through blouse and no bra. Her grandmother had a fit, telling her not to even think about going out like that! The teenager tells her "Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You got let your rosebuds show!" and so out she goes. The next day the teenager comes downstairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager is about to die. She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that this is not appropriate... The grandmother then says, "Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rosebuds, then I can display my hanging roses." HaPPy GarDeNinG!
Iq Test
The RedNeck Sexual IQ Test 1) A condom is a large apartment complex. True or False 2) Spread Eagle is an extinct bird. True or False 3) Vagina is a medical term used to describe a Heart Attack. True or False 4) A menstrual cycle has three wheels. True or False 5) A G-string is part of a fiddle. True or False 6) Anus is a Latin term for yearly. True or False 7) Testicles are found on an Octopus. True or False 8) Asphalt describes rectal problems. True or False 9) Masturbate is used to catch large fish. True or False 10) Fetus is a character on Gunsmoke. True or False 11)An umbilical cord is part of a parachute. True or False 12) A pubic hair is a wild rabbit. True or False 13) An orgasm is a person who accompanies a church choir. True or False 14) A diaphragm is a drawing in geometry. True or False 15)An erection is when Japanese people vote. True or False 16
Everybody needs friends, we all have friends Some friends are closer to us than our families If we happen to fall, there are friends to pick us up What will our life be without friends? There are many categories of friendship There are casual friends, bad friends and good friends The question here is – who is your best friend? Friends who can turn your tears into laughter Is your wife your best friend? I mean the friend you go to When you need honest advice Is your husband your best friend? I mean the friend who knows you More than you know yourself Is your brother or sister your best friend? I mean the friend who always assists you To solve difficult personal problems Is your father or mother your best friend? I mean the friend you feel safe to keep secrets Are your in-laws your best friend? I mean the friend you can tell anything Is your boss or co-worker your best friend? I mean the friend who can cover you up at work Is your son or daug
Petition To Protect Property Rights In Animals
Sign the Petition to Protect Property Rights In Animals To Sign this petition, click this link: To: U.S.Congress We the people of the United States hereby petition Congress to cause to have drafted, and to enact a Bill for federal legislation, that when enacted will protect ownership property rights, and legal use rights in domestic animals, and ensure that no city, county, or State authority shall prohibit, or restrict the peoples ownership rights, or legal use rights in domestic animals by specific breed, or by species. Animals are humankinds most ancient, and traditional property. The animal industry is the cornerstone of the economy of the United States, and must be preserved. It is not the intent of the petitioners to restrict any local authority in addressing the zoning for, or of the keeping of animals. Sincerely,
Ok, you have to understand that I am not a blog person. I think I have made 3 blogs before... in the 2 years that I have been on myspace and things like that. So, if you are the kind of person that feels the need to read everyone's blogs and see what is happening in their pathetic lives... I am not the person you want to keep looking at. On that note, I felt that the first one for cherry tap should be somthing about me. Today is about what else... today. Today, I found another online radio station that is interested in me working for them. I have a current offer pending for Static-X, a cherry tap lounge based station. Today's offer came from B.O.U.N.C.E. Radio that can be heard at I really want to work for both, but the thing that is holding me back right now is my P.O.S. computer. It has something to due with the fact that my computer was ment to only have 20 Gb of hardspace on it when it was made in the late 90's, and as of today it has that 20 Gb and an
Info All About Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Hailey Birthday: 4-12-79 Birthplace: Florida Current Location: Hawaii Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Height: 5'4 and 1/4 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed Your Heritage: Italian The Shoes You Wore Today: Black Heels Your Weakness: Seeing a man cry Your Fears: Dying alone Your Perfect Pizza: Peperoni and mushrooms Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: I would like to get my Masters started. Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: LOL Thoughts First Waking Up: Damn just 10 more minutes Your Best Physical Feature: Smile Your Bedtime: Late Your Most Missed Memory: Being a carefree child Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi and Diet Cherry Coke MacDonalds or Burger King: Burger King Single or Group Dates: Either or Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea and plain Chocolate or Vanilla: Swirl Cappuccino or Coffee: Tab Ene
8 Simple Steps To Becoming Enlightened
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." ~ Hannah More 1. Release all concern for what others think of you. (especially family, friends, co-workers and people you do not even know!) 2. Send LOVE towards every car, tree, thing, and person you see. Give love everywhere you go by opening your heart when you consciously see anything. 3. Be totally honest and true to your every word. Follow through with everything you say you are going to do. 4. Be conscious, present and aware of this full experience of your life right now. 5. Make time to connect with the Universe by being still and meditating from the ever-present pure awareness inside you now. 6. Surrender to your inner-most being. Find the deepest Source of stillness inside and nestle into this wonderous inner core. 7. Feel free to think, say and do anything you want! It will awaken an infinite power, awareness and Universal knowledge inside you. 8. Ful
Bad Luck
In my latest blogs I told you about my health. It turned out that I had the Lyme disease, again. The doctor gave me medication but I was allergic. So back to the doctor again and now Im supposed to be healthy. My wrist isnt good yet, have to go to the hospital to find out if its CTS. My appointment is in june, so I have to wait a little bit longer. But I had a week with bad luck so it wasnt over yet. Some f*cking junks had the idea that my mp3 player in my car was worth a lot of money, so they ripped it. Now I have no music in my car and so much damage, that my car is back to the dealer. My "new" car is really my financial disaster at the moment. I have less time left because I have to go with the train and greyhound now and that takes me 1 1/2 hour to get to my work. Normally, with car, Im in 1/4 hour at my work. A new colleague of mine (same zodiac sign) is also in his bad luck week. Yesterday, after a teammeeting that also sucked, we had to take the greyhound together and we ende
The Doors/play List
I Never Realized How Much I've Writen...another Poem...go Figure.
Do you remember the first night? Like a dream it swims in my head Everything felt so perfectly right As I sat there next to you on the bed The room was spinning around me But I could still see you there I let my hands roam free As they pushed aside your hair Exposing your sublime bare skin My fingers felt deep into your soul I could feel the heat that was within My mind was trying to gain control But my heart was over ruling the contest My lust could not be held at bay My passion was on a conquest I had to have you, it was the only way So I leaned in and swallowed hard Waiting for you to pull from me I closed my eyes and went on gaurd But it never happened, you let it be My lips touched as gently as I could And I breathed a sigh of relief I started to wonder if I should But that thought was very brief For if I shouldn't then you would have said But you didn't utter a word Instead you leaned close to my head And you let me fly free as a bird So
Free Form Poems Are The Hardest To Is A Crappy One I Did.
Teaching me to feel, lust takes over my skin Fingers play in lovelyness, now it's time to begin Your breath plays tricks upon my face Everything I do feels out of place I look into your eyes and yearn for your touch It's overwhelming the feeling is just to much I reach out to you hoping you will accept My mind is racing my heart is pacing It's in my soul that your love is kept Sweet lullabys dance inside my head Lust pulls me down I'm held by a mere thread But when it breaks I can not resist Your lips drift to mine sending shocks down my spine At that moment you're the only reason I exist My hands pull at your hips My tongue tastes your lips My desire builds like a fire My head spins like a spire Reaching straight to the sky My soul begins to cry I feel your touch I want you to much I can't keep it straight I feel it's to late You've taken over my heart Nothing can keep us apart The lighting from above The cry of the dove Minor nuances in contrast To the lo
A Love Letter...jeezus I'm A Freakin Sap.
Once again the day draws to a close, and a new one begins. And like every day for the past several months, my mind thinks of nothing else besides you. I can't help the longing that aches deep within my chest. The steady rhythm of my heart pounds out your name. It's all I can hear, nothing else matters as of late. A whirlwind of aphrodisia swirls inside me every time I think about what we have shared. My obession with you drives me to write these letters. They call to me like a ghost in the darkest night. I am powerless to the sound of your voice, the thought of your touch, the feel of your breath, and the burning of your skin against mine. I know that you probably don't feel as strongly as I do, but I must let you know what is happening to me. The mere mention of your name sends me into a feverish crave to at least see you. To at least let my tired eyes witness the glory of your company. I must sound like a madman, doting over you with such a feroc
Those Silly Faries...almost As Silly As Those Online Writing Contest.
This morning I woke to the sound of her wings They beat out my name with the song that she sings I opened one eye to sneak a quick peek Perched on a leaf I saw what I seek Sun light for hair and gossamer wing dew drop of dress the spirit of spring The chill of the morn bit cold on my skin but seeing her face warmed me within She noticed my eye and giggled with bell then winked back to me as fairy dust fell I called out her name as I lay in my bed but as quick as she came my dear fairy fled I rubbed at my eyes as I stared at her leaf had she really been there her stay was so brief I wispered good-bye and hoped she would hear "thank you sweet one" and wiped my last tear
Just Plain Dumb
ROCKVILLE, Md. (Star Tribune) — Two teenagers were charged with setting fires in suburban Washington after they bragged about the blazes on, authorities said. The 17-year-old schoolmates were involved in 17 fires in Montgomery County, fire officials said Friday. The teens face 22 charges, including two counts each of first-degree arson and four counts of second-degree arson. Their names were not released because they were charged as juveniles. Stores, vehicles, a bowling alley and two school buses were set on fire between Jan. 20 and April 16. Investigators got a tip to check out the online social networking site, where they found photos and descriptions. They posted photos of their crimes. The only way they could have been dumber is if they posted routes to the scenes of the crimes from their houses on Mapquest, sold pieces of the burned debris on eBay and written songs about it and distributed them illegally on Napster. They even wrote about th
Unified Field Vs. Consciousness
So What's this 'Unified Field', you say? The Unified Field is the theory that there is an underlying, base in which matter(including space) is able to be created, and exist within. The laws of science/physics/thermodynamics/gravity and space itself, all can only exist together if there is something underlying it all. However, there is no scientifically accepted Unified Field Theory, meaning; scientists haven't been able to say for sure what exactly the Unified Field would be, exactly... Now, what is 'Consciousness'? As the omnipresent, essential constituent of creation, Being lies at the basis of everything, beyond all relative existence, beyond all forms and phenomena. Because It has Its pure and full status in the transcendent, It lies out of the realm of time, space and causation, and out of the boundaries of the ever-changing phenomenal field of creation. It is, It was, It will be, in the status of Its absolute purity. It always has the status which knows no change, the st
Poems, Poems And More Title Here.
Peering over the edge of reality The wind of change rushes past Blowing thoughts of you out Into eternity where they will last Closing my eyes to forget Tears stream down the cheeks of pain Clenching fist of rage I feel my muscles begin to stain The power is staggering I bear down and resist the force My toes grip the rock for stability On my shoulders settles the remorse My legs give up hope My body surrenders completely Defeat broods over my head Death comes to me sweetly But hope is never lost And euphoric memories remain Angelic light pierces through And banishes the bitter pain Floating sensations encompass Pleasure flows throughout My spirit is lifted to freedom My essence is freed from doubt For you have never left You've carried me all the way And with your pressence here You've brought hope for a new day
Halloween Poem...once Again For An Online Contest.
Cats of black and skin of green these are the colors or our halloween Pointy noses with warts galore goblins night out with trouble in store Broom sticks and kettles cause witches delight beware the full moon on this darkest night Spookies and spells ghost on the prowl Nightmarish creatures werewolves that howl Pumpkins and beggars line every street with little white bags they call for a treat Mystical brews that stir in the pot beware little tricksters lest you get caught The Morn brings "All Saints day" when things should be clean But tonight is for fun because it's Halloween
The Law Of Repulsion
It has been said that 'God works in mysterious ways' That events come in to our lives, good and bad, and we have no control over what really goes on. Now, that's true, if that's the way you view Life. Law of Repulsion "Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled." So what does that mean? A 'coherent aggregate' is the sum total of a group or collection of different objects that have 'decided' to act as one. So, we are indeed a coherent aggregate. All matter, sound, noise, etc. is comprised of vibration. Thoughts are vibrations Emotions are VERY strong vibrations The underlying fabric of creation, is Consciousness. Meaning that Mind itself, is at the base of all things. This mind has no thoughts of its own. It is the Universal Mind as a Field of Infinite Potential & Possibility What this means is that the Cosmos, the Universe, the One Mind(All the same thing) is receptive. It's what allows creation to take place, but thi
Another Story I Wrote For A "what If..." Contest Online. The Theme Was "what If You Caused The Salem Witch Trials?" I Placed My Own
June 10th 1692 The incessant pounding continued upon the front door. So this is what being agitated by an angry mob is like I realized. I’ve often wondered how I’d react to something as cliché as a lynch mob after my head. I leaned back in my new found host’s rickety old rocking chair, and looked around the room. It was of the crudest of settings that I had chosen to take my stand. I’ve been preparing for this day for a very long time and the fruition of my efforts was close at hand. A log cabin, the interior walls daubed to prevent moisture from seeping in. A make shift chimney and potbelly stove sat in the far corner directly across from the door barring the mob. The doors hinges protested under the strain. “You will burn for your pact with Satan, witch!” called a familiar voice from outside. Ah, that would be the voice of the man that was the main focus of my scheme all along. Poor Tituba, the Indian slave woman I chose as my host. Collateral damage as it were, sh
Another Poem, This One's Called "the Muse"
Through fields of green past sky's of blue With passion and love dances the Muse Sharpness and Spirt guide her swift soul Even the man in the moon she will control With only a look she captures your heart Like paint on a canvas she emulates art She carries with her your deepest desire Your lust can not capture this flame O'the fire So let her run freely through your daily life She'll smold out the pain and banish the stife A luminary of Dreams and fantasy is she The Dancer that influences the tides of the sea.
I Do
At last the day has finally come when I can say my dreams have come true. After many nights of getting down on my knees, my prayers have brought me you. My search is finally over, and the journey of loving you I will now pursue. I can't think of any better way to say I love you, except to say...I Do. Though we walk to the alter separately, we leave together as one. To build a happy future around the miracle that He has done. I'm thankful for everything that you have given me, and together we'll make a brand new start. Staying together as long as we live, only in death we do part. As I stand here before you, and I say to you here and now. As God is my witness, I Do promise to keep every word of each vow. I wish this moment could last for ever, It's almost hard to believe It's true. And with this kiss, I'm in heavenly bliss, and I'm proud to say I Do... I can't wait to say I do to you Shelly baby I love you!
The Process Of Thought
How does one deliberate with another, if both beings belonging to the same idea or conversation is no where near the mental capacity as the other? Does the tyranical way of life offer more than the nice guys finish last routine? How often shall I imagine cutting myself, to hide the fact that I once used to cut myself? Will people ever take the time and just listen to another persons problems without trying to figure out a way to personally gain some form of redemption over the trouble mind? I've often thought about random questions, and tried asking them in a more professional / Complex manner. Even the dumbest of questions could be met with an equally brilliant conversation if asked right. Think about this process, and go up to a loved one or a friend. Hell, even a stranger. Ask them the most outrageous question, but put some umph into it and choose your words wisely. Use both forms of questions on different people and watch the response. The process of thoug
The Process Of Thought
How does one deliberate with another, if both beings belonging to the same idea or conversation is no where near the mental capacity as the other? Does the tyranical way of life offer more than the nice guys finish last routine? How often shall I imagine cutting myself, to hide the fact that I once used to cut myself? Will people ever take the time and just listen to another persons problems without trying to figure out a way to personally gain some form of redemption over the trouble mind? I've often thought about random questions, and tried asking them in a more professional / Complex manner. Even the dumbest of questions could be met with an equally brilliant conversation if asked right. Think about this process, and go up to a loved one or a friend. Hell, even a stranger. Ask them the most outrageous question, but put some umph into it and choose your words wisely. Use both forms of questions on different people and watch the response. The process of thoug
A Short Story I Wrote For An Online's Weird, You've Been Warned.
“Hurry up and sit your ass down here baby doll!” I say to my current joy partner. I pat the spot on the mattress indicating for her to sit next to me and the small wooden drug box filled with miscellaneous paraphernalia. She jumps up on the mattress with a bag of chips and a couple of sodas. She is like an eager child awaiting the ice cream man to hand out his multi-colored rocket pops on a hot summer day. But the only treats that she's going to find with me will be the kind that make life easier to handle, the kind that take away all her inhibitions and release the bounds of reality on her small mind. I smile at her…like a lion smiling at the gazelle just before he sinks his teeth into her jugular. I take an expert hand and help her tie off the rubber band around her upper arm. I've already prepared the black drug. The needle slides easily into the egg white skin of her arm. She jerks ever so slightly. I soothe her to help her relax just a bit. The vein drinks it up like a m
The Lovers
You scored as The Lovers. The Lovers card is about harmony and most in important love and forgiveness. The Lovers is also about not giving into tempteation and waiting for true love to come your way. It can mean that you had been hurt but have healed yourself and can finally realize love is out there somewhere. You value a good relationship and base it on love not sex. Don't give up on love.The Empress and The Emperor100%The Lovers100%Justice95%The Fool75%The World75%The Magician65%Judgement50%The Devil40%The Hanged Man30%The High Priestess30%The Hier
I did not get to make it to Cheetah's....UGH!!!! Oh well, I am now into designing a tat for myself!!!! I am designing a vine that wraps aroiund my leg and it will have 2 sets of pink footprints on the vine and it will have my 2 angels names entwined withing hte vine!!! I can't wait to get it!!!! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
A Poem "dreams Of Death"
dreams of sticks dreams of stones dreams of rivers flowing with bones A blackened heart with crimson galore burns down deep but beats no more wrapped in flesh stone cold soul struggles within and pays the toll sweet tasting life it yearns to touch Grim Reapers digits reach out to clutch lips of pain brush by cheeks immortals touch leaves bloodless streaks Lady of Death leaves her mark upon the brow in silent dark the icy touch crawls down our spine he's not our friend this father time no mercy bestowed no joyful moan no tears to drown this painful groan so let us go into eternal sleep the lives we've lived we shall reap
I'm new here and I have no clue what I'm doing. If anyone wants to help me, feel free to shoot me a message lol thanks
So Ummmm I Needa Job
Here Is A Wedding Toast I Wrote For A Very Good Friend.
I would like to say thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Gil for all that you've done to make this the special day that it is. And, of course, my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Pein for all of your support and all that you've done to make this, by all accounts, the perfect day. And finally, thank you, Donny for making such a good choice for the best man. In our lifetimes, we are gifted a small number of truly "landmark moments". They start small enough, say, getting your first G.I. Joe or Barbie for Christmas or throwing your graduation cap high into the air. They grow in power and significance; some of you have seen the moment when a doctor tells you, "it's a girl," or, "it's a boy," and then hands you that perfect little life that you created. And it must be a perfect moment when you look into the eyes of the most loving, caring, giving individual that you've ever known and realize you've found true love. A moment like this and the commitment which follows should be celebrated to its fullest. And
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Daily Horoscope: Leo For May 23,2007 Unnecessary distraction or totally necessary diversion? It's your call. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break in order to get back on the horse. Other times you need to keep plugging on. Which is it this time?
Scorpions "still Loving You"
Still Loving You Lyrics Artist(Band): Scorpions Music: Rudolf Schenker Lyrics: Klaus Meine Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there, I will be there I'll fight, babe, I'll fight To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can break down the wall someday I will be there, I will be there If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through Is there really no chance To start once again I'm loving you Try, baby try To trust in my love again I will be there, I will be there Love, our love Just shouldn't be thrown away I will be there, I will be there If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get
I wrote a goodbye note in lipstick on your arm when you passed out, I couldn't bring myself to call, except to call it quits, Best Friends, exfriends til the end, better off as lovers, and not the other way around, Racing thru the city, windows down, in the back of yellow checkered cars. Come hell or high water, well i'm feeling hot and wet, I can't commit to a thing be it heart or hospital, I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me the same way I think of you, this is a love song in my own way, Happily ever after below the waist!
More people find themselves locked by cops for minor crimes. There's a long way from the patrol car to the cell and a lot of things can and will happen. when the eyes of others than the police froce are kepy closed. We must react against the police states we're all part of !!!
Slaves To Misery
When the darkended skies sinks above the suburbs the cries of despair chokes on the suffering . Forced to shitty hard labour,used as cattle,remembered by no-one,forced upon the table of sacrifice,led like the lambs to slaughter people finds themselves unwanted,preferred stillborn before living cost of society the four horsemen of the apocalypse rides in over the ghettos.
Giant "i'll See You In My Dreams"
Gone, the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong Girl, we tried so hard when love was on our side And yesterday will always be the reason why You keep comin', you keep comin' back, you keep comin' back for more I'll see you in my dreams There we'll be safe tonight, from the lonely days of memory I'll see you in my dreams, oh Time, time will never be a friend of mine again It tries to make your memory fade, but I won't let it end Let the sun go down, so I can drift away Let me close my eyes and live another day You keep comin', you keep comin' back, you keep comin' back for more I'll see you in my dreams There we'll be safe tonight, from the lonely days of memory I'll see you in my dreams, oh (Instrumental break) The truth, oh it's there for you to see Sometimes it's painful to be on your own, on your own I'll see you in my dreams There we'll be safe tonight, from the lonely days of memory I'll see you
Evolution: Physical
Funny how we as humans contradict the fuck out of ourselves. We always say that we were looking to be friends with, in a relationship with, hire, promote....(insert other random bullshit) people with a great spiritual, moral....(insert more non-physical bullshit here) qualities. Bullshit...lies. Research and personal experience have proven this to be a load of shit. People are more prone to base shit off looks. Sure there are some mental and spiritual qualities, but most interaction is based on some sort of visual representation whether real or imagined. But what's stupid to me is even at a place like FedEx, most people are biased about looks on whether to hire someone or not to load fuckin' trucks. Now, I'm not a fuckin' rocket scientist but, I don't think a pretty boy type or a pretty girl would load a fuckin truck correctly. Nor would an attractive type with no leadership ability or experience make a good supervisor. Yet this shit happens daily. Even your significant other "who lov
The Last Outpost Of Solidarity
solidarity once stood for the fact that a lot of people shared the same thoughts about a certain thing. solidarity today means nothing. It might do so for a short period in some peoples lives until the mone on to better positions in life and careers. A lot of people find themselves fighting for solidarity within their class in order to find themselves being a genration older than everyone else. It's a scary thought that you one day will wake up to find your friends and the manifest has left you for a better life and that you most likely will die alone...
Whats Urs?
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Fuck The Government In The Ass!
Talk about some horse shit! Well, let me start kinda from the begining... March 7th, 2003 at 11pm I had roughly 15 pounds of metal fall on me from just over 6 feet high while I was working. Nothing was broken & they put my leg in a splint from hip to ankle. After a few days I kew something was wrong, doc said it would be better after a few days. It never stopped hurting. I found out months later I have RSD - Reflux Sympathteic Dystrpohy & actually RSD is the mild form of what I have. I of course with my luck have to have RSD II. Started walking with a really bad limp & a cane. I sued bought a new bed, house & went gambling! lol September 2005 I sarted getting Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks. They are a motified version of an epideral. I had 7 total, last one in September 2006. October 2006 Kaiser decieded I am too high risk for them & they cancelled my insurance. In Novemeber I filled for Medical & food stamps. I do work, but I make $400 bucks a month that they know about. I have jumped thro
Maroon 5 Better That We Break Lyrics
I never knew perfection til I heard you speak, and now it kills me Just to hear you say the simple things Now waking up is hard to do And sleeping is impossible too Everything is reminding me of you What can I do? It’s not right, not OK Say the words that you say Maybe we’re better off this way? I’m not fine, I’m in pain It’s harder everyday Maybe we’re better off this way? It’s better that we break… A fool to let you slip away I chase you just to hear you say You’re scared and that you think that I’m insane The city look so nice from here Pity I can’t see it clearly While you’re standing there, it disappears It disappears It’s not right, not OK Say the word it should say Maybe we’re better off this way? I’m not fine, I’m in pain It’s harder everyday Maybe we’re better off this way? It’s better that we break Saw you sitting all alone You’re fragile and you’re cold, but that’s all right Life these days is getting rough They’ve knocked you dow
Robert Cray Band "time Makes Two"
"Time Makes Two" Artist: The Robert Cray Band Album: Time Will Tell Year: 2003 Title: Time Makes Two Time makes two love, Makes them more than friends. Time makes true love, More than just pretend. Makes you count the nights, and the moments we're apart. Time will heal your troubles, when you got the blues. Heal the burnin' heartache, Put your right back in the groove. But time will take it's toll on you, if you don't play it smart... Because time it makes two, it takes two to heal a broken heart. [Incredible Solo] Time makes two love, Feel eachother's pain. and I'm so proud of you love. So proud to be your man. Time makes two. Oh, time makes two. Time makes two. Yah know, time makes two, it takes two to heal a broken heart. Time makes two, it takes two, to heal a broken heart. It makes you more than friends. Time makes two, time makes two. Makes you feel each others pain. Time makes two, it takes two, to heal a broken heart
Maroon 5 Can't Stop Lyrics
(One, two, three) All alone in my room, think of you at a rate that is truly alarming I keep looping my memories of you in my head, I pretend that you want me And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities And I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me And I can't stop thinking about you And I can't stop thinking about you You never call, what do I do? And I can't stop thinking about your love Ohh, yeah Can't believe I could think that she would just follow me everywhere I go I just wrestle with you in my dreams and wake up making love to a pillow And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities And I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me [Can't Stop lyrics on] And I can't stop thinking about you And I can't stop thinking about you You never call, what do I do? And I can't stop, and I can't stop What I would give to have you look in my direction And I'd give my life to somehow attract
1. Ms. Gold-Digger Advantages a. You have some one to manage your money. b. She always looks good. c. She makes your other niggas jealous. d. She makes you look good. Disadvantages a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left. b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support. c. Once your nigga comes up she'll be on his arm the next day. 2. Ms. Freak (secret lover) Advantages a. She knows all the right positions. b. She'll try everything more than once. c. You're never unsatisfied. d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do. e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too. Disadvantages a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings. b. She starts to act like she's your "main". c. She fucks wit ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak. d. Eventually her shit gets old. And you need a replacement. 3. Ms. Independent Advantages a.
Little Things
Finnal Outcome And Closing Of A Chapter.
Well the other day I decided to burn all ties to my ex and her minion xtian of a new boyfriend they both got a venomous dose of my wraith it was time i cleaned my circle of the fake and weak and make my circle strong with my true friends and loved ones and now im at true peace and as Anton LaVay said *dont waste your time on socal ingrates they will always bring you down*. Well even better news is im with my love Darkestfaery and soon ill be by her side as shell will be by mine.
Funny Shit
It was about 11:05p.m. . The house was quiet except for me pushing keys on my laptop. All of a sudden I hear a THUD! Coming from kids room. I jump up to see what it was and I find my 3 year old fell out of bed and he's sittin on the floor dazed. I pick him up and ask him if needs to pee, he says yes. I take him to the bathroom, he stands at the toilet like he's not going to pee. All of a sudden he pees right across the toilet and hits the shower curtain, LMFAO! That's some funny parenthood shit!
We're A Dying Breed......
To every guy that's said, "Sex can wait." To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cud
Passing Dan's Blog Around....
(Cause its a GOOD read) Sucking on a Silicone Titty Living in what you may call the suburbs, I don't really see a lot of women with breast implants. At least… not in my everyday life. When I go to clubs, however, I see them a lot, and yes, I can usually tell the difference. If there is one skill in life that I have somehow managed to attain, it is the innate ability to tell whether a pair of boobs are spun by nature or carved by Dr. Steinberg of Beverly Hills. Okay, I'm sure other people have blogged about this subject before, but unlike them I'm not trying to find a quick cure for insomnia. What I am trying to do, for the most part, is to try and point out that as a man we absolutely detest breast implants. And yes, since I am a guy, and I know how most other guy's think, I know what I'm talking about. But truthfully, I think most women who get implants already know this little factoid. They pretty much know that the opposite sex would rather be holding a pair of
Only To Be...
To breathe, only to find the air suffocating. To be alive, but feel all numb inside. To have found myself, only to have found myself lost. To know what I want, but confusion clouds my thoughts. To say hello, only to turn around and say goodbye. To want to hold on, but have to let go first. To feel the scars heal, only to make new wounds over them. To laugh over sad things, and then cry over happy ones. To love unconditionally, only to be hurt unmercifully. To always finish last, hiding my tears behind a laugh. To unveil my face, only to cover my heart. To build bridges, only to erect walls around them. To take the sword from my heart, only to have it replaced with daggers. To want adoration and love, only to be cast aside and ignored. To have found someone, then to realize no one's there. To be blissfully ha
What One Stupid Thing Can Do???
ever wonder what one stupid slip can do?? can it destroy faith in you?? can it lead to untrustworthiness?? will it make someone look at you differently?? will it make you want to fall to pieces?? will it destroy all that you have become or could become?? could it bring a sadness over you?? could it bring others to tears?? could it hurt someone?? could it really bring you down so far that in silence you sit... not knowing what to do or say?? could it just make you feel like shit??
To All My Faceless Friends
FRIENDS WITHOUT FACES We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens. We all have to wonder, what this possibly means. With our mouse we roam, through the rooms in a maze, Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes; Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody to type out our name, We want recognition , but it's always the same. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes we flirt. In IMs we chat deeply and reveal why we hurt. We do form friendships, but why, we don't know How some of these friendships will flourish and grow. Why is it that on screen we can be so bold, Telling our secrets, that have never been told? Why is it we share the thoughts in our mind With those we can't see, as though we were blind. The answer is simple; it is clear as a bell. We all have our problems, and need someone to tell. We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must so we turn to the 'puter, and
A Man May Not Seduce A Woman By Lying, And Claiming He Will Marry Her.
How many women would love to see this law enforced. :) 97-29-55. Seduction of female over age of eighteen by promised or pretended marriage. If any person shall obtain carnal knowledge of any woman, or female child, over the age of eighteen years, of previous chaste character, by virtue of any feigned or pretended marriage or any false or feigned promise of marriage, he shall, upon conviction, be imprisoned in the penitentiary not more than five years; but the testimony of the female seduced, alone, shall not be sufficient to warrant a conviction. Sources: Codes, 1892, � 1298; Laws, 1906, � 1372; Hemingway's 1917, � 1108; Laws, 1930, � 1137; Laws, 1942, � 2374; Laws, 1888, p. 89.
New Favorites, New Bullshit...
So here I go into the two weeks of hell that I've been looking oh-so-forward to. It's the never ending line of bullshit that I just love to work in. We're going into the biggest product launch in the company's history, and with new product comes new crackdown and new threats made to the management staff. Yeah, yeah, we're handling raw product now, which, let's face it, most "quick service operations" (haha, don't I make fast food sound professional?) don't do that. But they have made this meticulous, bullshit plan for making it a bigger pain in the ass for the rest of us. As if we don't have enough crap to put up with day in and day out...but whatever. Some moron in the training session of the new chicken opened up his sluthole to bitch for a raise because of "added responsibility", which made most of us want to punch him in the throat. In any case, they're going in the right direction...a "lighter menu"...because most people look at my place of employment as grease on a pla
"wasting away again here in nolifeville, searching for the real world again, some poeple claim it's the computer to blame................. but I know, it's society fault............."
Current List Of Downloaded Vidz
OKay here is a Current list of downloaded vidz I have and can send. It's by Artist, song, and what the file is. I haven't had any that blog isn't open yet. Evanescence - Call me When You're Sober (WMA) Evanescnece - Bring Me To Life (WMA) Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Live) (WMA) Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (Live)WMA Evanescence - Broken (WMA) Evanescence - Everybody's Fool (WMA) Evanescence - Further Away (Live) (WMA) Evanescence - Going Under (WMA) Evanescence - Going Under (Live) (WMA) Evanescence - My Immortal (WMA) Evanescence - My Immortal (Live) (WMA) Evanescence - Zero (Smashing Pumpkins Cover) Live (WMA) Papa Roach - To Be Loved (Edited) (MPG) Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder (WMA) Aaron Tippin - People Like Us (MPG) Chely Wright - Jezebel (MPG) Chely Wright - Single White Female (MPG) D12 - Purple Pillz (MPG) Eminem - Without Me (MPG) Guns n' Roses- Don't Cry (MPG) Guns n' Roses- Knocking On Heaven
Interestingly (to me) Haydn's operas are the subject of this week's BBC Radio 3 Composer of the Week series... Yes, he wrote operas. Conductor Antal Dorati went about recording almost all of them about forty years ago or so, too. Unlike the composer's 100-plus symphonies though - which he also recorded, his set has practically no competition, and nothing by way of complete sets under one conductor etc. etc. ... Eric
So Then...
There's been a lot of new stuff to happen. but I don't want to go into depth. So i'll start over, I guess.
My Wish
okay well here i go i am sitting here crying and hurting so bad i dont know what to do so here i put a wish on here for ya`ll to read its kinda stupid ya but i dont really have pple to talk about how i feel what i think what i want what i here i go heres my thoughts my wish and what i pray for day in and day there a man out there for me? is there a life out there for me and my son? will we ever be loved the way i feel i can love a person i have so much love to give to that special someone that i hope i will find or will find me someday i just want someone who will love me and my son with all there heart and be true to us not leave us when things get tough someone who will be there thru thick and thin no matter what..i know theres people out there who feels so lonley the way i feel i have been in some really bad relationships ive done things and had things done to me i wish i could forget i have nightmares everynight from all the trama that i have been thru this blog i
Crazy Tuesday!!!
Hi all, I was just wanting to let you know how my day was. I get up at about 6:30 am and get Andrew on the bus, then Darryl calls me at 7 and 7:30 to make sure I am up, YES I am up! So I get Kyle dressed for school and drive him there. Go by to pay the water bill, go to the gas station to get gas and cigarettes. Gas is just TOO EXPENSIVE! Then I stop by Walmart to get the things I forgot yesterday, then I swing by and pay the auto insurance, then head home. I get home a lil after 9am, and I left the house at 7:40, so quite a lil trek. Just get settled into doing dishes and such and Kyle gets off the bus, so have to set him up with juice and cartoons, then try to go back to washing dishes, and Darryl is calling me again to let me know that he is going to Cincinnati,Ohio! A good run, with about 860 miles one way! WOOOOO HOOOO! So then I start to go back to dishes and laundry and it's time to take Andrew back to the Dr.'s to make sure he is doing better, etc. So have to check him out of
Poem 4
This one is called Dreams As I dream in the void of the night I see images that complicate my life The past events that made my mark My aura, my accomplishments My one life's spark I dream and I wonder How my life is going to be What it is I will have to wait and see How I long to finally be free From this stage of life, it's my one life's plea When my dreams turn mad And what happens to me is bad I wake up, and I come to grips It was just a dream Not one of life's trips When I dream of the things I want It's only me with a self-taunt I wake up to see if it's there But all I find is a lot of air For me to dream, it fills up a space Without them, surely I would be erased But in dreams I can do things right It's the time I can truely contemplate my life Make my choices My dreams are my life
Unhealed Hearts
So i am facing another very lonely night as i sit here by myself again. I cant help but glance up and see pictures i should of rid myself of but cannot bare to move. A part of me remains decidatedly in love with her dispite the fact i know her heart does not feel the same as my own. I wonder why it was not meant to be, Why am i not allowed to simply be loved ? Am i that awful a person? I know i have made some horrible mistakes in my past and made choices i am since a shamed of having to make but at those times were simply the best to make given so little choice. I am so tired of this mellow-drama that has been the continue of some sappy teenage tv show A show i long ago felt like i had out grown but yet continues to play inside of my head. And now insted of just seeing it in me i see it in those closest to me. Those i care and love with everything that is left of my heart. My brother who i fear is going to fall and i am unable to help him no matter how hard i try to. I see
This I Am
This I am , the darkness of night that brings my kindred comfort and my foes pain and fear. I am the hand of good tiding and I am the sword of woe and wrath. I am the shadows and the thoughts that lay dorment in the back of your mind. I am the scream of chaos that bleeds your ears and I am the silence the deafens you from the world around you. I am the friend and foe but its up to you to decide whom I am.
Pantyshotz (happy Birthday)
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Help Me Please!!!!!!!
Good Bye.....
To all that felt offended about my previous blogs, please don't they were not aimed at any of you... They were intended to the ghost of my past... No one has ever gotten close enough to see who I really am inside and I will not let anyone get that close... I have been hurt in my past and from that hurt was born what I have become... I will try to give in to love easly but it no longer feels good, it only brings me pain... I am sorry that i did this but I am putting an end to this animal that I have become... My heart bleeds out more and more ever since the day it was cut... I lose more of the real me everyday day... It was none of you that did this to me, she did... I will never forgive her... She made me who I have become... Now to you that thinks it was you, trust me it wasn't... I was trying to escape the pain but it just returned... So please just leave me be... I have already apoligized... And this is not a cry for anyone to feel bad about me, Its just an explaination... You all d
Hey All
hey everyone, hope everyone is having a good night, if you want to chat i am on yahoo messanger for those who do have my yahoo name if not its singledad2306 so hopefully tty soon Brian
For Diomand Earings
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Your Pussy!
Help A Ct Friend With Some Ct Love
ok look a friend is trying to level up she needs help. comments, ratings, fans, and so on. you all know the deal now get to work. thank you all you all rock in my books
About Me
Hello ALL I am a single dad of 3 kids, I am soon to have my divorce from my x, If anyone is interested in a good man leave a measage, but anywho, i like all kinds of things i work on cars, bikes, houses, and anyother thing in between, for thous of you on the dark side every year i have the best haunted yard in my town, and i would like to find some smart people to help me make it alot better than I can do, right now I just take life one day at a time, hopefully i will meet the right girl some day, if anyone has any suggestions on my yard or a girl please leave a measage and i will get back with you THANK ALL
Whispered Dreams
Ok I wrote this while on the phone a few minutes be nice....multitasking. There's a whisper on the wind hear it? another voice is silenced remember it's wisdom? A Child screams save her? Is it worth it... the lies hiding your disease trapped in failure wrapped in guilt hidden high up on a shelf a fragile soul afraid to come down to melt away like broken cob webs spun of distrust and hurt abandoned to become a forgotten memory. ~Jess
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Weekend Fun & Being Embarrassed...
Weekends can be fun: Saturday we had pizza and beer. Always an interesting combination! We had family and friends over (Missed ya JB!) Family didn't stay long once they realized not everyone was gonna be there. Stevie and Jarrod came over too... always an interesting nite with those 2 arround... After having more drinks (1 beer, 3 smirnoffs, 1 crown & coke) we decided to go walk around the block... All 4 of us. Then me and Stevie decided to go walking and got lost... (on purpose... sortof) We eneded up walking 3 blocks over, 4 blocks up and then back to the house. We talked about everything from one of his exes to what's going on in my life, to music that he'd just got... I love the fact I can talk to him about anything and everything. No subject is tabu with this guy... I absolutely love it. We headed back to the house finally... lol. had a few more to drink... then decided that we all needed to go to quik trip but none of us could drive so we all walked... never take
7 Reasons Not To Mess With A Child
7 reasons not to mess with a child A little girl: was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher: said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl: stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher: reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible. The little girl: said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah". The teacher: asked, " What if Jonah went to hell?" The little girl: replied, "Then you ask him". A Kindergarten teacher: was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work. As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was. The girl: replied, "I'm drawing God." The teacher: paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like." Without missing a beat, or looking up from her dr
What Do You Think His Sentence Should Be
GALVESTON, Texas -- A baby girl was released from a hospital 11 days after police say she was burned in a motel microwave oven. The infant's mother blamed the devil for what happened, saying Satan compelled her husband to put the baby in the microwave. The devil "saw my husband as a threat" because of his efforts to become a preacher, Eva Marie Mauldin, 20, told Houston television station KHOU. "He would never do anything to hurt her," she said. "Satan was working through his weaknesses." Mauldin said her husband had a mental disability and her efforts to get him help have failed. Doctors at the Shriners Burn Hospital performed at least two skin grafts on 2-month-old Ana Marie Mauldin, who suffered burns on her face and hand May 10. She was released Monday and placed in foster care, and a custody hearing was scheduled later this week. The baby's father, Joshua Mauldin, 19, was charged with felony injury to a child and was jailed on $250,000 bond. If found guilty, he coul
Ecstasy Splashed With Agony
It bit down today. So I put a slug in her brain. It made a sloppy mess-of-a-fuck. Something like hamburger and warm jello. So I checked her off the list. Moved on to the next. More fun. She. It never really mattered. Until it did. And that's what made it fun. The pacing. The night terrors. The red trenches dug into my face. The shattered mirror on my forehead. The fingernails gently tickling my iris. Hurts hard. Hard hurts. And with no she-flavored candy to suck on... makes me a bigger mess than I already was. Some days... Gotta wonder... If I made her up. Just to rip my brain a new exit. Deepthroat a .38 if it makes her go away... But why would I ever want her to? Horrific excitement. Muffled screams. Escaped moans. Red mixed with white. Ecstasy Splashed with agony. All in one twister mind-fuck of what I need. Gagging on it, Choke on it. Drowning in it. Loving every fucking minute. Needle in the skin.
Life On A Shoe String
Sometimes in one person's life many decisions have to made but what do you do when you don't or can't make the decision you need too? Who do you turn too when your not close to anyone? I have a male friend (boyfriend) whom i thought i was madly in love with till I really got to know him. We met online and he moved in with me and daughter in January of 2007. I really like this guy, but i am not in love with him but don't want to put him out either. I have a friend in Colorado who wants my daughter and I too move out there so we can be close enough for her to help me get through my health issues and other issues that just keep popping up and really kicking my butt! I am on disability and cannot save up enough money to move or do anything. I would love to move closer to my friend but I just don't know. See what I mean about decisions in life? My brain hurts now! LOL
Kid With Pet Contest Needs Kids
~ Kid with Pet contest! ~ I need 10 or more kids for my contest! Comments + rates = total 1st Kid is...... with 1 comments! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! 2 Gifts for each winner! Want to join tell me and i'll rip ur pic or send me link in my messages! Contest will start 5/23 thur 5/30 Thanks Maria click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~Majorboredum* woman ~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
The Gift
this orgasm so jealously saved for you, today, with love, was given to my fingers ----------- touching my fingers to your cheek, i wonder what you would do if i ripped my nails down your face, down your neck, down your chest. open your shirt, i will open your skin. let me show you some of my pain. when your tears dry up, i will kiss it all better.
If A Man Wants You!
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? A
*shakes Her Head*
So, yes I'm about to rant. All of you on CT really don't know me unless I choose to let you know me. The pathetic name calling, the degrading, and talking down...all pety, childish games. We are adults. If you don't like me, tear your ass. I'm not here for biggest friendlist, or to hop in on a popularity contest. No one is holding a gun to your head to stick around. I'm here to enjoy myself and meet new people. Period. All of you that have got to know me, and have become good friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so. I enjoy the talks we have. Love Love, Nurse Whoa
Late Night Thoughts.. All Coming 100mph.
I just don't know what to do with myself. I try to shake these feelings but sometimes, mostly at night, it's too much. I feel so empty. I feel like I have nothing going for me right now.. with the only exception being my wonderful family. I never know who my true friends are. I couldn't name a best friend for you right now. No man will give me the time of day unless he wants a quick lay. No one wants to actually give a shit about me. I worked my ass off in school, and yet am still disappointed in my grades. It's like nothing I do is good enough.. And I feel so ugly. So disgusting. I've been dieting for weeks.. and I've noticed progress.. but I want more.. I never know if what I am doing is right.. if it's working...I just want to feel attractive again.. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.. I'm sick of feeling like this. I feel like I've ultimately lost whatever it is that made people like me.. made them want to get to know me.. to love me.. I feel invisible. I feel li
To My Dear Wife:
TO MY DEAR WIFE: During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be asleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the
Wwe Cartoon Dolls And A Tito Ortiz Doll
13 Reasons To Smile..
Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants. Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative. How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America? A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Wow...that was fun!" I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping," now I just "chunky dunk." Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison? Wouldn't you know it...Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever
Le Sigh
so. . . i start crushing. . . a huge thing i set myself up for. . . destruction. I start thinking that i might have something -- and than i realize. I'm just a small town girl, not living up to anyones standards. And i like him, and think he likes me. not really a blog, but sometimes you know. I just want to scream.
The Story Of Taps
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward
~~the Joys Of Marriage~~
A husband and wife came for counseling after 15 years of marriage. When asked what the problem was, the wife went into a passionate, painful tirade listing every problem they had ever had in the 15 years they had been married. She went on and on and on: neglect, lack of intimacy, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unloveable, an entire laundry list of un-met needs she had endured over the course of their marriage. Finally, after allowing this to go on for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around the desk and, after asking the wife to stand, embraced and kissed her passionately. The woman shut up and quietly sat down as though in a daze. The therapist turned to the husband and said, "This is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do this?" The husband thought for a moment
May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with optimism and courage. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world. May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished.
Sexy Bbw Contest
Just an update on the standings on the contest: (As you can see I'm way behind, and kinda sucks because i'm gonna fall even more behind due to going out of town to go see my daughter over the weekend. If any of my friends can help me out while i'm gone i'd appreciate it, Comment bomb the heck out of it. It would be nice to win just for the heck of it.) Thanks and much love...**HUGS** P.S. You must be a level 5 to comment bomb on this contest per the rules, sorry and thanks. Comments: 730 Comments: 98 Comments: 567 Comments: 149 Comments: 5 Comments: 482 Comments: 8 Comments: 600 Comments: 564 Comments: 202 Comments: 106 Comments: 29 Comments: 6
Some State Of Affairs
Bang Bang - Dispatch
"Bang Bang" She woke me up with a bang, bang Looking over cross eyed had a big Hunch that the world was a big lie When I got up all the blood to my head I got so dizzy fell back to my bed I went over to the way side Looking for the high tide What will I find will I find will I find find All I saw was a man that had a hat That had a pom-pom he's been there for Years can someone tell me how long [Chorus:] Wake up to tell me Wake up to show me What I could not find You see this woman woke me up At a quarter to three and I didn't Know it then but she put a spell on Me said I had to go down to where The cliffs mee the sea and mean an Old man to present my plea So I headed way down to the big pier To await and confront my big fear I wheeled around behind to my Blindside to find and old man with a Lime and a kind eye Said mister, mister with your beard so long Won't you be a saint and tell me Just where I'm going He pointed to a conch shell and then To th
To: My Friends From: diamonddave01 Subject: I love you just the way you are! Date: Mon May 21, 2007 19:37 GMT I'm Sorry..... if I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry.. if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry.. if I'm not tan enough for you. I'm sorry.. if I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry.. If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry.. if I'm too tall or short for you. I'm sorry.. if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me I'm sorry.. if my hair is not long enough. I'm sorry.. if I'm not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen. I'm Sorry.. That i'm not perfect But most of all... I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are.
What Kinda Cheese Cake I Am
You Are a Chocolate Mocha and Orange Cheesecake Enthusiastic and intense, there's so much you love in the world... it's hard to do it all. You are good at getting things to mix - friends, flavors, hobbies. You're the master of fusion! What Kind of Cheesecake Are You?
Too Many Walls - Cathy Dennis
Wish on a rainbow is all I can do Dream of the good times that we never knew No late nights alone in your arms I'll dream on Living in wonder, thinking of you Still looking for ways to uncover the truth You're so young is all they can say They don't know. If I could change the way of the world I'd be your girl Too many walls have been built in between us Too many dreams have been shattered around us If I seem to give up they'll still never win Deep in my heart I know the strength is within Watching the others chances drift by They'll never discover these feelings I hide Deep inside I'm falling apart All alone with a broken heart Thinking in silence is all they allow These words still unspoken may never be found All these dreams one day will be mine They cross my mind My time has yet to come Until then Too many walls have been built in between us Too many dreams have been shattered around us If I seem to give up they'll still never win Deep in my heart I kno
What Kinda Bird I Am
Your Power Bird is a Dove Deep and emotional, you can connect well with almost any living creature. You bring hope and optimism to any dire situation. You are both gentle and affectionate with everyone you love. Truly nurturing, most people consider you to be a mother figure. What's Your Power Bird?
Funny Shit (if You Are Easily Offended, Don't Open This!)
I saw this pic and found it funny as hell...
Worst Day Ever
man today well may the 22th was the worst day ever im a lil late. fuckin hated it. i currently work on a adult site and my best friend was gonna join but she joined the other site that is currently fueding with us. so that fuckin sux i dont kow what im suppost to do about that i love the site im on but the other site has my lovely talina. and another bad part of today is the one person who has been makin me smile lately i havent got to talk to today. so that sux. im just fucked to day man nothing going my way. work was ok i guess this dude has the funniest name but i cant tell you lol. so ya. i just fell like cryin today. im confused on what to do with the sites and shit that fucked up! well im gonna be opening my own adult site so thats kool but talina was suppost to do it with me but i have a feelin she isnt the site she is in is brain washing her to believe pinup is the best and porn is stupid. i want porn on there! i want the site to be awesome. i dont know. i guess its only gonna
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pu
Happy Birthday Redheadedcherry Happy Hour!!
RedheadedCherry Happy Hour!! Happy Hour is on me tonight at 10:00pm!! Sense today, May 22 is my birthday I decided to give all of you a gift. I've gotten so many birthday wishes, gifts, comments, and love that I was (and still am) overwhelmed! I didn't realize how many of you on here really do care about me :`) So, for my birthday this year, let me buy a Happy Hour for all of you! To show each one of you how much I appreciate all the love you continue to show me. Thank-you all for being such a wonderful group of friends. Your the best! A few of you asked me if you can get me something. lol, Thats really sweet of you! I'd would absolutely love it if some of you would make me a personal salute:) That would be something very meaningful to me. I can also appreciate it all year through:) I already have a very meaningful gift from all of you I have the gift of your friendship that's the best gift this RedheadedCherry could ever receive! :) I Love You All ♥
Taps, The Real Story, Millitary
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward
Please!!! I Can't Take Anymore!!!!!!
Well, in my infinite wisdom, I traded my pickup and got an Olds Bravada. My rationalization being that I would have more room for the family. Better gas mileage kinda helped it along, too. Now, I guess I'm kinda fubar now. In the past couple of months I have replaced: the radiator, lower heater hose, water pump, and a slew of little shit. I just wanna rebuild the drivetrain and get the little stupid shit all fixed. I need a blower motor relay for my heat and a/c now. I am still trying to figure out if my window and door lock switches are shit or if it's the relay for that too. I'm too fuckin' crippled up to be doing this by myself.
How Old I Act
You Are 21 Years Old Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world. 20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences. 30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more! 40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax. What Age Do You Act?
The 3rd Poem In My Growing Anthology
This one is called Your World When you hold your world at high expectations But the one you are facing seems to be erasing You sit and wonder, and come to see The world you have known can no loner be What you have seen and what you have done Meant nothing to to what you have wanted to have done Why your world has wondered off the road That you wanted to have taken And ended up Leaving your mind confused and mistaken Do the little things you do Split your world in two One half highs The other half lows Or can it just be That the world you see Is really what you made it to be
To All My Guy Friends
Ownage!! Part 1
These are the days of our lives in Mumsville.
Secret Lies In The Night
I am the whisper in the dark The one you dare not speak I am a heart torn in a box The secret lies that you keep I am the upside of truth When her lies fill your head I am the honest sleepless nights Yet I'm not in your bed I am intense romance in the dark Breathtaking from with in I am your undeniable fiend I am your absolute favorite sin You are my stolen moment When he lies next to me You are the tears on my cheek After our nights pointless ecstasy So I will stay a whisper If you keep my lie in the night And I will remain torn If you keep the box shut tight.
Another Poem
This is another one of my poems called Dead Men's Ways. Dead men walk from their shallow graves Their soft silence trails off in waves They hide in the dark recesses of the night Only to catch the first spark of light Than they take their final journey To the cosmos of unforgotten worries Dead men walk from their shallow graves some died heros Some died slaves All that's left are their forgotten names Dead men walk from their sshallow graves Into the realm of serpentine caves Some descend into madness Some sink to shame When their lives were really to blame Dead men walk from their shallow graves Some return to their monotonous haze While others go off in a blaze You may think this writer was crazed But he only knows the dead men's ways
Life Is To Short In Some Ways...
Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in this world although I know there's so many people around me. Most people that know me would say I'm a happy person and that I'm full of life and energy. In many ways there right and in so many more there wrong. I'm positive of my manic depressive mind. When I'm happy I'm really REALLY happy and when I'm sad I can bairly hold the knife away from my wrists. Right now is one of my bad moments I think. I'm trying to keep my head up high... Like I'm always telling everyone else. Who does the person that everyone runs to for help run to? I've never asked anyone to help me. I dont know how to ask for help. What will happen? So many things run thru my mind. So many decissions I have to make. So many things I cannot tell anyone but want to scream out loud! It's like I'm in a room full of people screaming at the top of my lungs and not even the person next to me can hear me. God please surround me with the light of the holy spirit and only send what I can h
You Are 88% Gentleman No doubt about it, you are a total gentleman. You please the pickiest ladies, and you make everyone in a room feel comfortable. Are You A Gentleman?
I have decided that I want a man who will paint my nails for me and love doing it . . . a man who will bend to my every sexual desire . . . a man who wants nothing more than to keep me happy . . . that is all
Whispers Of Ecstacy
Let me whisper my dreams to you Let me fill in the blank lines With fantasies of entering ecstasy All planed by your design Let me show you the spots Ones that long for sensation Play in my garden with me I'll be your ruby temptation Let me walk over your body As I spill my emotion over you Let me lay naked in my thoughts Of all that I anticipate to do Take me alone in your mind Flowing over me in your power Show me the beast I cannot tame Leaving me open as a flower Let me beg for the rain to fall As you slowly soak up my soul Let me stand stained by your lips For it's my body you control Let me whisper this dream Feel my sexuality in the power of a word All of this I cannot do But in my mind it all occurred.

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