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Poem 9
Broken Friendship In some type of way, a friendship has been broken before. Have you ever throught it was your fault? A broken friend always happens. A broken friendship is never good. Always keep an awesome friendship. Kimberly Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly D Davis
Poem 8
The Rose A single rose you may have Given to me a thought you may Have put in to it Then how you may have changed When you said you would love Me for ever A rose you may have given to me I felt a prick when I took that Rose you may have given to me So many years ago a thought Of how you may have changed When you would love me for ever I felt my self bleed from that prick I fall to the ground in angany Awaiting for you to come help Me up but you never came I fall deep with in your heart Where that rose once was I am free I am the rose Kimberly Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Davis
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Poem 7
Right Where I Want To Be Right where I want to be I am where I want to be in my Life other then no baby to call my own I would call you doreen or edward jr. I am who I want to be other then Not being called mommy I am right where I need to be I am home waiting for Some one to call me mommy Or to say I love you mom I want some one some day To say we love you dad and mom We are right where we need to be In love and waiting for that Magical time when two lovers Become a dad and mom We will be dreaming of you Our darling babys we are right Where we want to be Kimberly DOREEN Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Davis
Frank Caliendo On Letterman
Poem 6
One By One Two By Two Three By Three They star bye crying then bye crawling Then they start to walk and then they Start by saying one by one two by two Three by three they start to count One by one then two by two then they Get up to three by three then they Start to go to school and say thier Names on paper then they then they Get to be a teen and want more things They want dates and more money They want less of loven from thier Dad and mom they want to grow up Faster then they already are to You then they hit that 18 year old Mark and you cant wait for them to Move out on thier own then they do And you wish they would of stayed Just a little bit longer but you know They could not they have to grow up like You and your better half Kimberly Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Davis
Poem 5
Child Of OURS Child of ours We dream of you every day and night Child of ours are you here Child of ours we think of you Every day dream and night dreams You are there Child of ours in our dreams Every day and night we dream of you All day and throu the night We talk about you in the Livingroom we talk about you in The kitchen we talk about you in Our bedroom child of ours Who are you come and show yourself To us so we can call you ours From now and forever more Kimberly DOREEN Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Davis
Poem 4
Untitled HAve you ever felt you heart jump for joy? As if your 5 years old and your mom just handed you a huge lolly pop Have you ever felt your heart break in two like when you have your first heart break and you dont see how you can go on? Or have you ever felt you heart relax. Like you have had a peace ful moment and your heart can do noting but smile? The world can leave you and betray you and forsake you. But there is one thing that will never leave you thats your heart. The same thinkg that broke in two, jumped for joy and smiled with relaxation. Will always be on your side and love you forever. Kimberly Davis Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Davis
Poem 3
She Was One Person I Wanted She was the one person I wanted Yet she was so far away So close but yet so gone I am lonely with out her Voice or her typing on the Computer to me she is my bestfriend She was the one person I could Count on to lift my hopes high And my sarrows higher I was falling in love with this Beautiful wonderful sweet Lady and I dotn know why I jusy know I was and when She had some one else tell Me things my heart fell to the Floor like a rock in the ocean But I know she fells some thing Even if it is not much I know she did care for me Some Kimberly Doreen Krumpe Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Doreen Krumpe
Poem 2
I Am Not Alone I am not alone but I feel like I am I am with a man but I know I am in Love with him and another but She is not here that Is why I feel like I am Alone in this great big world Of millions I feel like I Am the only one in love wiht Two people one is my loving Man and the other is a wonderful Lady I have met on line We may not of met in person But she is every thing I would Want in a beautiful person Such as her self I am free I am awake I am loved I am Kind and caring when I am With her on the phone or on the inter Net is there any way I can tell Her how much I want her or lover her Kimberly Krumpe Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Doreen Krumpe
Poem 1
Friend Or Lover To Be She is sweet, funny, and sexy But she is only someone I can only Worship and dream of from afar Mainly because she is so far Away from this broken hearted Lady I love you is all I want To say but I hold back and just Say I liek you as a friend When really I love you As a lover and a friend Kimberly Doreen Krumpe Copyright ©2007 Kimberly Doreen Krumpe
Sorry I've Been A Bit Slack Lately!
Life has a way of interfearing with online activities, lol. Naw, really's gotten a bit wild here. Down to only ONE pc now, and ds came for the weekend....making it be spread really thin! Anyhow this pc has many users, and this past weekend time-share wasn't what it could have been. Friday my one son was suspended for three days...I know, I know, self defence is the most awful distasteful, evil, vile, and discusting thing any one could ever do!!! Makes one wonder why thoes who say such things are the FIRST one's to BLOCK when the FEEL threatened, and unlike my ds...wait till after the person has struck (repeatedly I might add...) and refuses to stop when asked to??? Hummmm? Too bad they didnt gived him 5 days....that'd be 5 days of peace for him. And to think........some people dont understand why thoes school shootings happen. Talk to any kid that's been majorly massivey bullied, beaten and prosicuted for tryint to get help through the "normal" (deaf and blind) procedures! W
Men Are Like.....
# Men are like....Animals Messy, insensitive and potentially violent, but occasionally make great pets. # Men are like.....Bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest. # Men are like....Beer. The first sip is always bitter. No matter how many varieties you try, they are essentially the same; tasteless, full of bubbles, destabilize your metabolism and give you a headache, but somehow they linger and you either can't finish one or you can't get enough. # Men are like.....Bike helmets. Handy in an emergency, but otherwise they just look silly. # Men are like....Bras. They offer light, medium and complete support. # Men are like....Buses. They come every 15 minutes. # Men are like....Buses. They have spare tires and smell funny. # Men are like....Computers. And a smart woman keeps a backup. # Men are like.....Copiers. You need them for reproduction, but that's about it. # Men are like.....Curling irons. They're always hot, an
Are You Normal Or......need Assistance ?‎
It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time. This little test should help you get started. During a visit to a mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criteria is that defines if a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub. Then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask the patient to empty the bathtub." Okay, here's your test: 1. Would you use the spoon? 2. Would you use the teacup? 3. Would you use the bucket? "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would choose the bucket, as it is larger than the spoon." What was the director's response? Check Below for the answer........ Answer "No," answered the Director. "A normal person would pull the plug." So, how did *YOU* do? Laughter is the greatest anti-depressant
You Cannot Do This Guaranteed But Fun To Try‎
Brain Trick It really works. This only takes 2 secs... How Smart Is Your Right Foot? This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep trying it at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot. But you can't. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it. 2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change directions. I told you so...And there is nothing you can do about it. answers on any topic at Yahoo! Answers. Try it now
Letting Go
you think ur the only one who hurts dont you? u think that ur the only one who had cried? baby ive cried more times then u know. ive cried the nights i sat alone and wondered where u left out to. ive cried the nights that darkness fell on empty words. on the nights that i said i love u and tired to shair that love and got nothing back ive cried. to show someone u mean what u say is to really do it and stay that way. promises mean nothing when they r empty i know bc so many of urs were that way and i cried. so as hard as it is to say bye i must. and believe me ive cried. lettin u go isnt easy lettin life go on without u is hard but i feel at this time in place i must let it happen. some day we may meet again and once again fall in love and maybe that someday we will live happly ever after.
A Letter From Men To Women
To all women, On behalf of all men I would like to clarify a few points: * The floor is considered an acceptable clothing storage location. * Never ask me to purchase feminine products. Assume that I will come home with the wrong thing. * When watching TV hugging is always fine because I can still see the screen. Kissing should only be done during timeouts and commercials. Questions should also be limited to this period as you stand a much better chance of getting an immediate response. * When we are watching your show and I change the channels during a commercial do not hassle me that they are over to change the channel back. I always know when the timing is right. Also, when we are channel surfing do not ask me to go back, there was a good reason why I skipped it. * If you need help with the laundry, I am more than willing to carry it from the bedroom to the washer. In my mind this is half the chore and I am now free to return to the couch. * If I men
Marthas Or Maxines Way
*Martha's Way* Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips. *Maxine's Way * Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake! You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it, anyway! *Martha's Way* To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. *Maxine's Way * Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix , keep it in the pantry for up to a year. *Martha's Way* When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake. *Maxine's Way * Go to the bakery! They'll even decorate it for you. *Martha's Way* If you accidentally over salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess salt for an instant "fix-me-up." *Maxine's Way * If you over salt a dish while you are cooking, that's too bad. Please recite with me the real woman's motto:
The Wrong Husband
A woman goes to a party and leaves her husband at home to watch the football game. At the party the bartender recognized her wedding ring on the wrong finger so he ask her "Why is your wedding ring on the wrong finger mam?" "Well you donít miss a thing do you and your right it is, and itís because I married the wrong man!"
A Man
A guy walks INTO a psychiatrist's office covered only in Saran Wrap. He says to the doctor, "I've felt so weird lately, Doc, can you tell me what's wrong?" The doctor replied, "Well, I can clearly see your nuts!"
Hustle This One Is For U, I'll Be Nice
Ten reason's why a handgun is better than a women ..10 - You can trade an old .44 for two new .22s. ..9 - You can keep one handgun at home and have another for when you're on the road. ..8 - If you admire a friend's handgun, and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times. ..7 - Your primary handgun doesn't mind if you have a backup. ..6 - Your handgun will stay with you even if you're out of ammo. ..5 - A handgun doesn't take up a lot of closet space. ..4 - Handguns function normally every day of the month. ..3 - A handgun doesn't ask "Do these new grips make me look fat?" ..2 - A handgun doesn't mind if you go to sleep after you use it. AND THE NUMBER ONE WAY THAT A HANDGUN IS BETTER THAN A WOMAN . . . You can buy a silencer for a handgun.
My Last Poetry Blog
Child Wipe Away Your Tears I see the tears and the pain in my childrens eyes and there hearts. As they cry cause thier Mama is not there to comfort them and tell them it's ok; but my children Mama is letting you know everything will be ok, so my children I say to you all wipe away them tears, cause I'm always with you cause your apart of me. Poem By: Charles LaMark Nelson
Help A Girl Out!!
There's things in life that aren't always fun to learn. One of those things is how to navigate this DAMNED SITE!!! OMG.....I looked at it and was like...hmmm this should be easy but SHIT! i can't even figure out how to get a picture backdrop on my layout!!! Someone help a girl out!
Something For My Lord Syn
Music Video Codes By Music I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold; I cannot promise you an easy pathway That leads away from change or growing old. But I can promise all my heart's devotion; A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; A love that's ever true and ever growing; A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow. I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I promise to respect you as your own person and to realize that your interests, desires and needs are no less important than my own. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see through the window of my world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes in order to keep our relationsh
Capricorn You are very successful in life and are always planning for the future. You are probably already in a committed relationship and enjoy the intimacy that comes with your lovemaking. You are direct with your lover about what you like and you like it when they are direct with you. You have excellent sex, because you make sure that itís a custom fit for yourself. Sex matches: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio Take this quiz at
" What is Life ? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset." -Crowfoot....April 1890, on his deathbed
For My New Friends
Vote for : Fresh Meat: Monique Dupree in the Vixen Top List!
Just Wondering
Well we are slowly approaching Gordons appointment to see a specialist in June! You know I go through a lot with him. Tonight has been a rough night for us both. I hear him cry everyday..."mommy don't hook me up" or " I hate you for this." Just once, I wish he would get the chance to tell his dad these things! He lives maybe 45 miles from us and he has no contact with his kids! A few months back Dave was asked to give blood for testing purposes.....he said NO! I have to deal with Gordons health day in day out, 24/7, 365 days a year! Dave's asked for one simple test and he says no! I am the one that watches Gordon play and wonder what is he going to be like in 6 months.......Is he ever going to be "normal?" So, I was wondering if I am in the wrong for wanting Dave to step up? Not so much for him to be a dad, but to at least give his son the chance to be healthy!
My Master Chlorofrmed Me Today
with out her knowing it was coming. she was a bad girl and needed to be more controllable so i took some ch and put it on a rag and just grabedd her when she came in the front door. and i held it there till she was a good girl again and then itookher pussy from her, but this time i came too fast. thats how hot it was for me
Chlorformed My Fem Slave
with out her knowing it was coming. she was a bad girl and needed to be more controllable so i took some ch and put it on a rag and just grabedd her when she came in the front door. and i held it there till she was a good girl again and then itookher pussy from her, but this time i came too fast. thats how hot it was for me
New Gas War
NEW GAS WAR - a new idea that WILL work Join the resistance!!!! I hear we are going to hit close to $4.00 a gallon by the end of this summer and it might go higher!! Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. Phillip Hollsworth offered this good idea. This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy gas on a certain day" campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to "hurt" ourselves by refusing to buy gas. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them. BUT, whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can really work. Please read on and join with us! By now you're probably thinking gasoline priced at about $0.39 is super cheap. Me too! It is currently $1.249 for regular! unleaded in my town on Vancouver Island. Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of a liter of ga
Time For An Eye Examination. :d
This is just wrong. :D
My Style
New Pics
I finally got the pic upload to work (friggin internet explorer) so now there are new pics up of the family and i. Check them out and rate! xoxoxo
Breathing Room
just want my mind to be quiet... the fluttering thoughts, the preoccupation of things all of it to just settle.... just want to get a grip on the things that are immediately before me... all else will fall into place accordingly, i know this... i am obsessing over things outside my control.... now that is a thing i wouldn't mind having back... control... just want to breathe... and breathing room from my own thoughts...
Here Is Another Update
Well, I haven't wrote anything in a little bit so I thought I would write and tell about some interesting things that have occured in my life. Last Thursday was a benefit show that I actually would like to thank The Warehouse for putting on. It was for a guy I knew in high school who died of testicular cancer. His name was Derrick Danko. Don't get me wrong, Derrick and I were never close, we were not great friends, and I hadn't been in touch with him since I graduated, so please don't send me the sympathy comments, save that for his family, including the three children he left behind. My memories of the man are all fond though, I was the little gothic child back in high school and he still accepted me and would talk to me like he would any other person in the school. He always took the time to see how I was doing, even though we were not friends, he would make sure to talk to me and just make sure everything was ok in my life. All in all he was a great guy and The Warehouse co
My Dad
As I sit here and I'm thinking, thoughts are running through my mind, so many things I wanted to say to you, but the words were so hard to find. I knew you were always there, to catch me when I fell, after all you were my father, you loved me I could tell. Most people only knew your outside, with your hands calloused hard as steel, but I could see your gentle soul, it's was just something I could feel. I feel like there's this dark cloud, that hangs above my head, I wish that I could turn back time there's so many things I left unsaid. There were things I want to tell you, feelings I had you couldn't see, I wish I could let you know right now, just how much you meant to me.
At What Price.
12:50 Pm EST as it is right now. 3 days and counting. Counting until I'm departing for an indefinite amount of time. Losing connection to people I choose to talk to on a consistent basis. The entertainment factor which once was so hi, will simply drop to nothing. However these are not the thoughts that trouble my twisted mind at such an hour. The problem of showing no emotion what so ever is the thoughts all seem to build up. I remember of the several times I've nearly died. Once when I was shot 3 times. The other when I was struck by a car. Finally when I was stupid enough to consume so much alcohol for what purpose. i reflect on the souls of 10 good friends, lost, taken away from me in this world as they were crushed under rubble. So times yes, however I haven't let it bother me. Writing tonight, I have no idea why, and when people view these writings, they see simply worlds. I see a soul, attempting to break free from chains that bind him to the wall. To one person tha
No God Or Know God
An atheist professor of philosophy speaks to his class on the problem Science has with God, The Almighty. He asks one of his new students to stand and..... Prof: So you believe in God? Student: Absolutely, sir. Prof: Is God good? Student: Sure. Prof: Is God all-powerful? Student: Yes. Prof: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to God to heal him. Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But God didn't. How is this God good then? Hmm? (Student is silent.) Prof: You can't answer, can you? Let's start again, young fellow. Is God good? Student: Yes. Prof: Is Satan good ? Student: No. Prof: Where does Satan come from? Student: From...God.. . Prof: That's right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world? Student: Yes. Prof: Evil is everywhere, isn't it? And God did make everything. Correct? Student: Yes. Prof: So who created evil? (Student does not answer. ) Prof: Is there sickness? Immorality?
Arrived In California
I got an early start Sunday morning from Tucson, AZ and 14 hours later arrived at my California destination, which is my Brother in Law's place in the San Franciso Bay area. I will be posting more pics soon.
You Can-not Wait.
To realize The value of a sister/brother Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. ! To realize The value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special. To realize the value of a friend or family member: LOSE ONE.
My First Blog
Hello, everyone. I would like to say hey, I'm a little new around these parts. I guess that makes me very Cherry. I am a very open person, I love to talk when I have insomnia this late at night, so feel free.
Oil Shortage
A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country. ~~~ Well, there's a very simple answer. ~~~ Nobody bothered to check the oil. ~~~ We just didn't know we were getting low ~~~ The reason for that is purely geographical. ~~~ Our OIL is located in ~~~ ALASKA ~~~ California ~~~ Coastal Florida ~~~ Coastal Louisiana ~~~ Kansas ! ~~~ Oklahoma ~~~ Pennsylvania and Texas ~~~ Our DIPSTICKS are located in Washington , DC !!!! Any Questions?
Mr. Right Rejection Form Letter
Dear (____rejectee's name here____ ), I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as my Mr. Right. As you are probably aware, the competition was exceedingly tough and dozens of well-qualified candidates such as yourself also failed to make the final cut. I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening become available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition: [Check all those that apply] ___ Your breasts are bigger than mine. ___ Your last name is objectionable. I can't imagine taking it, hyphenating it, or subjecting my children to it. ___ The fact that our finest dining experience to date has been at McDonald's reveals a thriftiness that I find unappealing. ___ Your inadvertent admission that you "buy condoms by the truckload" indicates that you may be interested in me for something other tha
Down On Life
I don't understand how people can be so hurtful and not see they way their words effect other people. I don't understand all the insensitivity. Normally, I brush most things off, but when these heartless words and actions are coming from the one person who supposedly loves you most in the world....then what? Who do you turn to for comfort when this happens? How can you be expected to just deal?
I feel the need, the need for speed. Getting in the car and driving isn't such a bad thought. I'm watching the Bachelor. Dear Lord, give me strength. I need a sandwich.
why do i still have feelings for my ex? even though we broke up last year, i still have some love for him. just when i had thought i had gotten over some of the anger and i guess denial and whatever else from it, he shows up again on the one thing where i least expect it but i knew he was saying that he was going to be back on Socom2. i know i have to move on but once i saw him and heard his voice again last week, the feelings of how i felt and that before we broke up came back. i guess the feelings from a first love will never leave and hold a special place in my heart and the way it sounds like that we may not try to date each other again.
Love... Honestly!!
Ok so Ive been thinking lately about a situation thats close to my heart. If you love someone, I mean really love someone and claim to be in love with them and cant live without them, then how in the hell can you have booty calls or even entertain the idea of a booty call? Maybe Im wrong here but whats love? An emotion you can turn on and off when you want? Its love as long as youre getting ( or think youre getting) what you want? Or do you see it as WEll Im lookin out for #1 and you have to have a backup? I really dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!! And when you FINALLY DO, let me know!
help me get to level ten so i can open my nascar lounge
Older People's Sense Of Humor
OLDER PEOPLE'S SENSE OF HUMOR A Doctor was addressing a large audience in Tampa "The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. Red meat is awful. Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with MSG. High fat diets can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water. But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have, or will, eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?" After several seconds of quiet, a 75-year-old man in the front row raised his hand, and softly said, "Wedding Cake." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bob, a 70-year-old, extremely wealthy widower, shows up at the Country Club with a breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year-old blonde who knocks everyone's socks off with her youthful sex appeal and charm. She hangs onto
Good Looking + Intelligence Does Not Exist!!
I cannot meet a man that I find both attractive AND intellectually stimulating. The only one I know is thousands and thousands of miles away :( WHERE ARE ALL THE HOT SMART GUYS??!!!! edit: you know i mean where are the SINGLE guys :P
Best Dressed Contest
Hey all yes i decided to be brave and entered my first contest. Its a best dressed contest so Please Comment Bomb like no tomarrow and Rate as well the rate deals with the tie breaker if thier is one also who ever helps me i will get them individual gifts the best i can so here is the pic of the one in the contest.Thank You to all who helps me out with this in the long run it also helps out for everyone.
Mz. B. Phats
Hey Everyone!
I miss you guys stop by my page. I have been going through alot and haven't been around!! I stop by every once in a while. Please dont delete me :D oh yeah and i got a new tat saturday i will get pics on here soon Lubs you all char
I'll Take What I Can Get, Even If It Means You Only Love Me In My Dreams
I lay dreaming....dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.... dreaming of what might be. I thought I was still dreaming...but no. I heard a voice...deep...and slow... Curiosity killed the cat. I prayed for my nine lives as I slipped down the hallway, the wall against my back. I reached the end of the hallway and pulled myself away from the wall. An empty room stared back at me... whatever it was...gone... Dreams called my name. I need not stay. I turned to tip-toe back to my bed, but you wrapped your hands around my head... covered my mouth... "Pleas-" was all I could shout. I stopped struggling. I could barely breathe, but I didn't care. The only thing on my mind was what was behind that stare... you looked at me and I saw the passion in your eyes. I reached my hand out to touch your hair... and you'd have thought I'd bitten you. You grabbed my hand... your touch was fierce.. it burned my skin... burn me, baby, burn me again. Let me feel you.
A true Master shall take pride in the fact that a woman has chosen to devote her entire being to the satisfaction and fulfillment of his desires. Just as she, in return, can take pride that such a man has chosen her, above all others to provide that fulfillment. For openers, the female should decide that she may actually be a true submissive, and find the courage and commitment to put herself in the hands of a true Master. She must know that at that precise moment her option to make choices will end. He will do what he wants to do, completely apart from her preconceived ideas. I am not necessarily referring to physical discipline, and I am most definitely not referring to the extremes of physical discipline. There are always limits, and the true Master knows what they are. He also knows that those limits are different for every slave. But he also knows that regardless of those individually determined limits, every slave should at least once be forced to go one step beyond what she
Sarah Johns , The One In The Middle ,,,
The One In The Middle - Sarah Johns Genre/Lang. : Country 1st Verse I can't believe you'd do that to me Use me You've fooled around and a'wrecked my heart She's just a skank rode hard and put up Well, good luck Pre Chorus I would've given you the finger on my left hand The one that you use for a wedding band Chorus (But) (And) now I'm givin' you The one in the middle The one that's a little bit longer And I got another one On my other hand So I can say it even stronger If you're askin' if I'm done Well, I'm sure not sayin' you're number one (No, now I'm givin' you) (The one in the middle) (The one that says we're through) 2nd Verse I hope you're happy with your sad life That's right I hope you get what you deserve And when you're tired of TV dinners Remember (Repeat Pre Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) Bridge Well, you made your bed So go lay in it And you forced my heart and hands To the limit
i really need to talkt o someone so if anyone cares or has feelings please im me on yahoo my sn name is surfer964321 or put a shout at me on ct please
Valentines Day Poem
And now, in the interest of providing all points of view, a Valentine's Day Poem, by Michelle McGiffin: Hearts and roses and kisses galore... What the hell is all that shit for? People get mushy and start acting queer It is definitely the most annoying day of the year. This day needs to get the hell over with and pass. Before I shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak And wear all black for the rest of the week Guys act all sweet, but it soon will fade For all they are doing is trying to get laid The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit Because I think love is a crock of shit So there's the story...what else can I say? Love bites my ass...Fuc* Valentines Day!
Five If You Count That...
So... I'm currently dating four guys. It would have been five if one hadn't dropped off the face of the planet. They all know about each other, and they all approve of each other, though none of them have ever met. Now, the way this was supposed to happen in recent events was I see one on Friday (to take care of some business and some snuggles). See another today. And then see yet another tomorrow. Three dates, over Three days. Only, the business end of things didn't get taken care of on Friday and it was a bit urgent so it HAD to be done today. Leaving me to struggle a bit with how I was going to make it home in time for my other date this afternoon. Remedy: Change the starting point location of date #2 to a coffee shop close to date #1. So, earlier I'm conversing with my #1 about my #2: #1: So, what time do you have to leave here to catch a bus to meet him by 4pm? Me: Negative, I'm meeting him at XcoffeeX. #1: The one right here? Me: Yup. #1:
Why Are They So Good
Those new mocha drinks at burger king are f'n great! They are even better when you throw vodka in it. FanFuckingTastic!
Gift Alternatives
There were three men drinking in a bar, a doctor, an attorney and a biker. As the doctor was drinking his white wine he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a fur coat and a diamond ring. This way if she doesn't like the fur coat she will still love me because she got a diamond ring." As the attorney was drinking his martini he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a designer dress and a gold bracelet. This way if she doesn't like the dress she will still love me because she got the gold bracelet." As the biker was drinking his shots of whiskey he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a t-shirt and a vibrator. This way if she doesn't like the t-shirt she can go fuck herself!"
Friends...there are many MANY definitions for that word. But have we ever really thought about it. I mean come on...We go to our friends when we are hurting (couselor) we go to our friends to hang out (buddy) shopping (lmfao what can I say)...and so on and so forth. but have you really ever thought about what you think of your friends or whar your friends think of you. I see myself sometimes and wonder how the hell my friends put up with my shit. But it all boils down to this When you meet and make friends with those that you are made/destined/hit up side the head be friends's like the lights go on. You have that couselor, buddy, person that you go to for any and everything...and it makes all the difference in the world. I, personally, thank God for my friends, I have learned so much about myself since I have been friends with them. and it's made all the difference in my world. I'm a better person now that some of them have pointed out my strenths,
Storm Calling
I watch grey clouds Against a greyer sky As I travel in my metal coffin To places Iíve been before Dreaming of what I wish for Freedom, A womanís touch, A chance to make a difference, In someoneís life Or Just an End to all this
My Own Bed Of Roses
To lie in a bed of roses, To feel the silkiness against my skin, The fragrance How it comforts me, Though feeling so alone, Once again. There was a time When skies weren't cloudy, And it seldom ever rained, But as the clouds begin to rumble, Once again there's so much pain. So I'll lie in my bed of roses, And wait till the storm subsides, And use the petals from my bed, To wipe away the tears I've cried.
Angel With Honor
He came to me from out of the heavens, As I was standing alone. My heart so heavy and ladden with fears, The road ahead of me so long. His words rang so true, They swept my tears away. He comforted me, cared for me, Made me complete, He showed me the way. Honor was his light, Peace was his strength, Happiness was his goal, Love is my reward. Although we have just begun, Time will take us on this journey, Hand in hand we will explore, All God meant us to know. First step being the hardest, That one we have made. Our journey we are beginning, Our destination unknown. Honor being our guide, Peace being our strength, Happiness being with us, Love our reward.
My Own Bed Of Roses
To lie in a bed of roses, To feel the silkiness against my skin, The fragrance How it comforts me, Though feeling so alone, Once again. There was a time When skies weren't cloudy, And it seldom ever rained, But as the clouds begin to rumble, Once again there's so much pain. So I'll lie in my bed of roses, And wait till the storm subsides, And use the petals from my bed, To wipe away the tears I've cried.
Viagra Advertising Slogans.
The boss of a Madison Avenue advertising agency called a spontaneous staff meeting in the middle of a particularly stressful week. (This is one pretty sharp boss!) When everyone gathered, the boss, who understood the benefits of having fun, told the burnt out staff the purpose of the meeting was to have a "quick contest". The theme: Viagra Advertising Slogans. The only rule was; they had to use past ad slogans, originally written for other products, that captured the essence of Viagra. Slight variations were acceptable. About 7 minutes later, they turned in their suggestions and created a Top 10 List. With all the laughter and camaraderie, the rest of the week went very well for everyone! The top 10 were: 10. Viagra, Whaazzzz up! 9. Viagra, The quicker pecker picker upper. 8. Viagra, like a rock! 7. Viagra, When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. 6. Viagra, Be all tha
A Kiss Is Not A Kiss
words are unhelpful with you because you make me speechless with overwhelming love for me oceans make actions impossible a kiss is not a kiss without physical contact so I resort to words stuttering stammering trying to say how much I care but surely failing doomed before beginning words are useless but they must serve me now
What Good Is Love
I waited for your love in hope, That ours would come again, And make me feel the things I felt, When we were one, back then. But time and distance have erased, The things I wished anew, And now I find myself alone, Though I am here with you. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. I traveled to another world, Out far beyond the one we knew, I thought that I could live again, And now I find I'm back with you. But what of hearts that beat as one, And what of passion and embrace, Is it too much to ask of you, To make these tears of mine erase. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. Too painful this - to journey back, To times of love and laughter free, The times we lay together with A sense of you , a sense of me. So now
I Will Always Know
Days were filled with tears Moments were filled with pain Thoughts were filled with memories Dreams were filled with nightmares Till not long ago I though it was impossible To find the friend most search for all their life I lost so many friends as years came and went After all I've been through After all those who left my life I never thought I'd find a friend as good as the ones I've lost A friend who'd be by my side and who'd listen to my thoughts Maybe these are just words Maybe it'll all change with time Even though we only know each other from far, far away Even though the Internet is the only communication we share I Trust you more with every word I would stand by your side when no one else would I would tell you the truth even though it might hurt The words I'm trying to say is that you are one of my true friends You know what I feel, you know my little ways, You never judge me, you never have. You're there for me to wipe the tears You're always
~~gotta Love The Irish~~
You Got To Love the Irish! A concert in Ireland At a U2 concert in Ireland , Bono (the lead singer) asks the audience for some quiet. Then he starts to slowly clap his hands. Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone...."I want you to think about something. Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." A voice from the front of the audience yells out...."Then stop clapping, ya asshole!" You Got To Love the Irish
Costa Rica
Hey folks! I am in Costa Rica at the moment - yeah, it is okay to be envious - and I just thought that I would let every one know that, just in case it was thought that I dropped off the end of the earth! I will be home later this week! (maybe) :P
Free Sex!!!
please click my picture and rate and comment to vote...luv is returned...
On Line
It felt so nice and seemed so right, The words she read seemed to ignite a passion, a zest for life, felt once long ago, or was it a dream, am I dreaming now. Why is this so inviting and warm? It's mere words I see.... yet the passion they do stir inside of me... I want to throw my head back in lustful bliss and feel the warmth of a lovers kiss. O a strong embrace, a look so pure and inviting, I give myself completely in to this. Give me the love that only you can, make dreams come true with the touch of your hand, caress me, fondle me, feel my desire, hold me, thrill me, till my flesh is on fire, love me so tender, then hard as you can, fill me with passion, take me just as I am.... Let the hours fill with warmth and the hot sweet perfume of lovers at play in a candle lit room. This never-ending lust is too much to take, but don't let it end, don't let me wake. My reality is cold and empty and dark-- I hate it there, Love, don't make me go back.
Gazing Into A River....
There is a time where I wish I could escape and take the time to gaze into a river. A chance for me to have a moment of peace and look into what is to be and what is not to be. Gazing into that river means looking at every part of my life, the good and the ugly. Bad? Bad is nothing compare to the ugly stains in my life. Yes, I have survive some dark days but alot of times I wonder why I survive one ugly stain compared to others. Strange huh? Yet, I know why I survive and I am thankful for that gift. I wouldn't be who I am today, a spirit searching for her place in the world. Yes, I have helped many but at a cost. This river shows so many things that I wonder my sanity in this world that has completly lost it. Sometimes when a memory shows up, there are days I wish I could put my finger into it to distort it, hoping it could erase the pain. It doesn't though, for I can't erase any of it. None. I am at a point where I am retreating away to maybe gain some insight on where my spirit
To All Cherrys Come In And Have Fun Bring Your Friend And Meet New Friends
lamo u no its all wezzys body she got me on ebay ash u didnt have enuff money to buy me maybe she let u have me on weekkends
Levelin Up
ok every 1 i am tryin 2 lvl up and if u r not a ass and want help me the fuck u or if u r busy it is kool but if u can stop by and show a lil love i will get u back and maybe a lil gift for the help
Perfect World
They met one night in a crowded room He spoke, she responded Polite banter at first Neither realizing That destiny had begun to loom So many similarities So many interests shared Too many to be coincidence Neither of them cared With every question asked A new layer was revealed Two souls reunited Their fate already sealed A smile, a laugh Words unspoken They knew if not careful Hearts would be broken Their fire burned white- hot from the first No time to waste, so much to say An unquenchable thirst "In a perfect world" he'd gently say And she'd sigh And the time would keep slipping away.
Alyssa Lies By Jason Michael Carrol
My little girl met a new friend just the other day on the playground at school between the tires and the swings but she came home with teared filled eyes then she said to me daddy Alyssa lies will I just brushed it off at frst cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt or the things she had seen I wasn't ready when I sad you can tell me then she said (chorus) (Chorus) Alyssa lies to the classroom Alyssa lies everyday at school Alyssa lies to the teachers as she tries to cover every bruse My little girl laid her head down that night to go to sleep as I steped out the room I heard her say a prayer so soft and sweet god bless my mom and my dad and my new friend Alyssa I know she needs you bad because (repeat chorus) Well I had the wost night of sleep in years as I tried to think of a way to calm her fears I knew just what it was I had to do but when we got to school on Monday I heard the news My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad the lumb in my thr
If I could make a wish And have it last forever and a day, I would take you in my arms And this is where I'd stay.. For there's no one else I know That holds my heart like you, And I know someday, baby, You'll realize this is true. If I could make a wish Your lips would be on mine, I'd slowly sip and savor you Like only the finest wine. For there's no one else I know That gives me so much pleasure, And I know someday, baby, You'll see that you're my treasure. If I could make a wish Our bodies would unite, There's nothing I'd love more Than making love all night. For there's no one else I know Who gives me passion like you do, And I know someday, baby, All my wishes will come true. If I could make a wish I'd start by making things right, I'd take away all your doubts, And hold you through the night. For there's no one else I know That means as much you see, And I know someday, baby, You'll learn to trust in me. If I could make a wish. It would be
Can you feel it? Have you felt it yourself? That tremor, Flutter, Slight flip of the heart at every thought . . . Reminisce and feel its dull tug. Dream of the future and feel it fill. Hope pulls it, Fantasies stretch it, People can break it, not you. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Match it. Make it. Hope it. Dream it. Love of you feeds my body. Dreams of you feed my soul.
As he slept, she wondered what it would be like to waken such a beast, to release that which was coiled inside him like a viper waiting for its victim. She was not one to toy around with such situations, but like the cats she revered, the curiosity was too much to bear. She stroked his hair softly, his locks like spun silk as they slid through her fingers. His lips, slightly open in slumber, begged to be savoured. His warm, smooth skin begged to be caressed. Yet it was not yet the right moment: she would weigh her options, analyze the consequences, then make her move slowly. Carefully. Only then would she know if the beast would cherish or destroy her.
Don't remember how it happened, Can't remember when. Somehow you went from being my email buddy, And became my best friend, I know that we belong to others; I'm not the type to cheat. So why when I read your words, Does my heart skip a beat? So here I am, unsure of what to do; The only feeling I am sure of, is my love for you.
Dream Lover
She wakes every morning with a smile on her face. She felt his love in her sleep. Dreamed of his embrace. Although she's never met his body. His heart she does feel. Anytime she has loved before. Has never felt so real. There is no explanation for it. Not one has she yet found. But OMG the feeling she gets when he is around. Although it may end tomorrow. The memory will not fade. For in her heart a life long friend. She feels that she has made. She hopes it last forever. She prays that they do meet. She dreams of the day her online love. sweeps her off her feet.
Irritating Idiots.
If there is one thing that bothers me its people who having recieved a very small amount of information on any given subject begin to pass themselves off as experts on that subject. Usually rehashing exactly what they read and adding in any details that sound reasonable but that they are in fact making up. Really all I'm saying his I really cannot stand people who do that. . .Fucking ignorant people. Yes this is in reference to a particular person who happens to be irritating me right now. He's an ignorant fuck with a racist little loser pal and I'm grouchy cause I was napping and his loud idiocy woke me up. . .FUCK HIM
Thinking Of U
I sit here quietly and watch the sun set Thinking of someone that I've never met I wonder does he think of me too Needless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your face To take you away to a better place You feel so right, too good to be true I just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regret Losing my heart to a boy I've not met I say there is nothing I can do I cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for me But wonder if that could possibly be I'm tired of being so alone and blue But I always smile when thinking of you
The fish swim in the green sea, I want to be them, caught, no, but you I want to, eat me, enjoy every inch. I crave the attention, fins flared, mouth gaping, consume me. I shine along and with you. Catch me in your net, do not release. Take, violate, fill yourself with me.
Every Night
Every night, when I lay me down to sleep, I want to reach over, to feel your lips so sweet. Although I know I cannot be there, You will always keep me from having any fear. The sheets are very cold; I feel like I'm in a huge hole. What if we never meet? Would my life be any better yet? I long for the day we lock eyes; I want you to be surprised. As much as you may imagine what I'll be, I can only be me. So every night, when I lay me down to sleep, You are in my mind with me. And right before I fall asleep, I wish upon that star for you to be with me.
move foward you can never get ahead if you keep going back
Have I Ever
Have I Ever Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. and so I sat and cried? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it, like some ne
May 21st
had to vent a lil without the major typeout.. today went by fast.. very happy with that.. i can't wait to go to the least once. Still looking for someone to go to the nickleback concert with me. so i hope i get a date.. didn't eat much..maybe im just getting old oh well...sweet dreams every1 ~Timmy~
Wanna see something funny? GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR! =D
Ladies Only Please Comment
i have been alot of places and i see lots of ppl well alot of times im out and about especially at work and i see women wearing mini skirts and some of them sit in such a fashion so that there panties are being shown now is this an "accident" or do they know exactly what they are doing women please share your thoughts
Heart Of Gold
i have over 1000 friends and only 3 people have helped me in this contest i am so ashamed i thought i was loved more than this... [ photo: 1094962493 ] makes me real sad please someone out there help me it will make me so happy
I'm Back
Ok, to everyone on my friends list. I'm back after an extended absence.
The Mystery Of The Universe And Kingdom Of Heaven
Humans believe they are "devils" in hell pretending to be angels in heaven, when, in fact, the reverse is true. The Universe is the kingdom of heaven and you have been here all your life. All children are cheribums in the Garden of Eden. When you are converted like a child and live in the moment, love unconditionally, have ultimate compassion, abide in love, breath naturally from the stomach, and accept others for who they are; then you will inherit the paradise of the kingdom of heaven (on a conscious level). Now, you understand.
I Just Wanna Fuck!!
Why Is Wrong To Feel?
In rebuttle to those whom have given me shit and called me a pussy for havin feelings and tryin to express them. First of all, FUCK YOU! Yes I am a man and yes I have feelings. Does that make any less of a man? It's not just other men that seem to think that men should not express their emotions. I have gotten comments by women as well, sayin that I shouldn't exprss myself like that cause it makes me look like a pussy! Well here it is! I am a human being! As tough as I want to be and have to be I have feelings too! So if you don't appreciate how I personally feel or choose how to express myself then fuck off! If you wanna test my bravado to see if I'm tough enough to be a man then step the fuck up! If you can fight me then you can hug me! That is what real human beings do for eachother! I jut don't get how expressing your heart makes a inferior impression of you on certain people!
Oh Fiddly Diddly Cocks
=D How are you dildos doing? Im sitting here,playing my gameboy!Yeh i am,cuz im an addict lmao So if you wanna add me to msn b4 i go to bed plz do so. OH but dont add me if ur only gunna talk once n thats all cuz i dont have time for one night IM's[LMMFAO] seriously,i crack myself up! =P
Unfolding The Rosebud
UNFOLDING THE ROSEBUD It is only a tiny rosebud, A flower of GOD's design; But I cannot unfold the petals With these clumsy hands of mine. The secret of unfolding flowers Is not known to such as I. GOD opens this flower so sweetly, When in my hands they fade and die. If I cannot unfold a rosebud, This flower of GOD's design, Then how can I think I have wisdom To unfold this life of mine? So I'll trust in Him for His leading Each moment of every day. I will look to Him for His guidance Each step of the pilgrim way. The pathway that lies before me, Only my heavenly Father knows. I'll trust Him to unfold the moments, Just as He unfolds the rose.
Riding The Storm
I could feel the storm coming, the raw energy of the lighting coursing through my viens, making me feel like I was going to jump out of my skin. The Dark Fey was out- and she needed to play. I sat in my chair, restless, irritable, knowing the power of this thing even before I saw the darkening of the sky. The clouds seethed with Dark Chi, coiling out to caress my aura, awakening that which should be left at rest. "It's descending behind us!" came a shout from below and in a very few strides I stood at the center of my apartment, feet planted, hands spread out , palms facing down. "This building stand strong and sure- through wind, hail, and rain endure- by the will of Lord and Lady SO MOTE IT BE!!" At that moment, my left hand shot upwards to the ceiling and the storm's energy hit like a tsunami: the wind roared over the top of my roof, my whole body shaking, legs like jello, the energy purging me and [I can only describe it as such] cleansing me. I cried out a couple o
Statistically Speaking!
Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least one person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "F*CK BUDDIES" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message to their inbox saying "Im yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". SCARED? You pussy, just do it! THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you. SO... re-post as "F*CK BUDDIES", as it doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single, gay or straight! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery
How Do I Live Without You
Can You Prove It?
You Say U Love Me,But Can You Prove It? No U Cant Prove It. Love It Not Sumthing To Play With. A Heart Is Not a Play Toy. Feelings Are Not Sumthing To PLay With. You Keep Saying You Love Me, But Around Your Friends U Act As If I'm Nothing To You At All. How Can You Love Me? My Life Is To Messed Up To Let You Love Me Or Anyone Else For That Matter. I Cut, Do Drugs, Take To Many Pain Pills,And Drink To Cover What U Done To Me. You Say U Love Me But You Cant Prove It. Now Im Gone But There U Are Saying You Didnt Love Me Cuz I Was Big. You Say U Felt Sorry For Me. I Gave You Everything N U Jst Laughed N Threw It Away. How I Wish U Could See The Pain N Hurt.... By: Baby Sis 5-21-07
Shoutbox Will Be Turned Off
I'm so sick of getting shouts from guys that have absolutely no respect. The NSFW and Family Only albums are GONE and will never return. It just caused nothing but grief. My bf didn't care about it, but since I've been getting harassed nonstop by assholes on here, they're taken down. My shoutbox is going to be turned off as well, since it annoys the shit out of me. If you're in Fallouts, LRL, or Elite Bombers, mail me with your Yahoo or AIM. :) Cherrytap is an adult site, right? Start acting like adults!
sing the blood. The blood sings the power Blood coils from my veins Coiling up the tower Calling the winds to calm Calling the rain to cease Calling sun to warm the sky For serenity to increase Fire from the Vein Burns the blood so black For all who are quenched There is no turning back I sing the blood The blood sings my soul If not for precious blood The power would have no control
Big Sis Vs Lil Sis!!!
Please slap my blog with a 10 and use this link to find out the situation... Thanks & much love, Sonya
Little Things In Life
Too often we don't realize what we have until it is gone; Too often we wait too late to say "I'm sorry - I was wrong." Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones we hold dearest to our hearts; And we allow foolish things to tear our lives apart. Far too many times we let unimportant things into our minds; And then it's usually too late to see what made us blind. So be sure that you let people know how much they mean to you; Take that time to say the words before your time is through. Be sure that you appreciate everything you've got And be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot.
The Way I Do!
This Is a Poem I Wrote Today! 5~21~07 The Way I do How can I make you see, Just what you mean to me? I love you, I truly do. She doesn't understand you, The way I do. I know your secrets, your past. Do you actually think that you and Her will last? I don't. She doesn't love you, The way I do. Let Me Know What You Think!
Blog Under Maintennance
Thank you for your patience :)
Cool Little 'ole Website!
This is a cool little ole website. My friend Josh told me about and i signed up. I think i'm gonna like it here. Now I got another place to go besides myspace!
Angel Firefighter
This is a poem I wrote before I joined the fire service. I hope you enjoy it. Angel firefighter please watch over my family You see they risk their lives everyday for others Fighting fires, putting themselves in dangerous situations Ignoring the fact that they could lose their life at any moment Who are they you wonder? Well they are firefighters Doing their duties not asking for anything in return Please watch over them, they are my family and I love them so Angel firefighter please understand Understand what these people are all about Some donít get paid to help others, some do People ask, "Why do you risk your lives everyday for someone you donít know?" For them it is hard to sit back and watch someone suffer Or watch the flames of someoneís beloved home burn down to ashes Most of all it is hard to know a young child is in need of their help Knowing that the same thing could happen to their own families Firefighters are always prepared to answer a call f
Disasterous Masterpiece
I'm sick of feeling, and I'm sick of living. I'm sick of forced smiles, so sick of pretending. I AM over you, but you hurt me and I cant let you see this. But to fix a broken heart, you must have ALL the pieces. I want whats mine, no more messages at the beep. Cuz all I am left with, is what you didnt keep. When it began, I was lost in your eyes But come to find out, I was lost in your lies. I bleed out my pain and my troubles go with it. But when the blood dries, it closes my outlet. So I'll do it again, cuz inside I cant keep it. Its my relief from this world, and I cant wait to seep it. My shadow's my only friend, this seems truer every day. But lately it seems that all my skies are gray. My soul and my spirit have been placed on a shelf I'm trying to say that what I've lost is myself. Ones the lonliest number, thats what the song said, But when you have none, one dont sound bad in my head. When I look in the mirror, the only thi
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Break Away
Grew up in a small town And when the rain would fall down Iíd just stare out my window Dreaming of what could be And if Iíd end up happy I would pray Trying hard to reach out But when I tried to speak out Felt like no one could hear me Wanted to belong here But something felt so wrong here So Iíd pray I could break away Iíll spread my wings and Iíll learn how to fly. Iíll do what it takes till I touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, Make a change, and break away. Out of the darkness and into the sun. But I wonít forget all the ones that I love. Iíll take a risk, take a chance, Make a change, and break away Wanna feel the warm breeze Sleep under a palm tree Feel the rush of the ocean Get onboard a fast train Travel on a jetplane Far away And break away Iíll spread my wings and Iíll learn how to fly. Iíll do what it takes till I touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, Make a change, and break away. Out of the darkness and into the sun. But
5-21-07 Astrology
What happens to goods when they're left in the shop window for too long? They fade! The stars say it's time for a change of pace, a new attitude and some fresh anecdotes so people can really appreciate your fabulousness.
The Dichotomy Of "my Love"
I picture your sweet face and Iím torn My heart in agony trying to find yours My mind scrambling to make sense again The vague remembered scent of your skin Sweat, and man, the essence of you A sword rips open my bleeding heart The memory of your voice haunts me still Awakening me in the night with your sweet whispers Slapping me with your cruel tongue Safe arms that used to enfold me Hands strong, warm, and kind Beating out the last drums of my pulse Worldly eyes like the ocean Staring abysmally to my core Drowning me in indifference A sweet kiss on my lips Brief yet never ending Your poisonous respite
Real Job Application
McDONALD'S JOB APPLICATION This is an actual job application that a 17 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Florida... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! NAME: Greg Bulmash. SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person. DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place. DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. SALARY: Less than I'm worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It sucked. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're
Always Keep In Mind...
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. ~anonymous~
So True?
Sex, drugs, and rock & roll Speed, weed, and birth control Life's a bitch, Then you die So fuck the world and Let's get high
Is honesty really the best policy? I am beginning to wonder how fake people really are!! I was doing the "I'm Bored" section on here right!! Well, some of the profiles were of girls that I didnt really want to even rate, but there is no skip button and i am all about honesty, so I rated them what i thought they should get!! Now I am one person of how many on this site. and I am getting attacked for my own personal opinions. come on ppl, opinions are like assholes, every one has one.
~kayo~ Is Hosting A Contest
~`kAyO`~Hosting sexy as you want to be contest~`@ CherryTAP
Men Are Right! You Can't Figure Women Out!
For years I have listened to men say they can't figure out what women want, that they don't understand women. I always figured they were full of shi* cause hell, I knew what I wanted. I've known since I was very young that all I wanted was a woman to spend my life with, to love me as much as I loved her, and to work together to build a simple but loving life. I didn't figure that was too much to ask. Ya know? Well, apparently it is! I have fallen in love exactly twice in my lifetime. The first was killed just hours before I was going to tell her. The second time was 18 years later and she said she loved me too, at the start. A few months later she took it back and everything went to hell! More than 2 years of rollercoastering back and forth, we finally ended even our friendship tonight. She might as well have had someone cut my heart out! This after I had, she knew, put someone else out of my life a short time ago that I had started having feelings for while she was pushing
Add A Pic Of The Soldier In Your Life!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: US NAVY WWII MEMORIAL SITE Date: May 21, 2007 4:10 AM Add a Pic of the Soldier in Your Life! Please visit this! You can add a picture of the soldiers in your life! Click Here For the Wall
Slow Down And Enjoy Life
Racing through life is very stressful. If we stay in high gear too long, we lose our ability to shift down. And when we're stressed, we can't access happiness, appreciation, fun, compassion, generosity, awareness of beauty and other wonderful qualities. High stress also triggers negative emotions like frustration, impatience, anger and fear. Life has so much to offer if we will slow down and truly experience it. We must always remember that we are the ones in control of the accelerator. We CAN choose to brake. "Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast -- you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."
Tick Removal (please Read)
TICK REMOVAL Tic Removal (tis the season) Please forward to anyone with children, or hunters, everyone!! Thanks! A School Nurse has written the info below -- good enough to share -- And it really works!! I had a pediatrician tell me what she believes is the best way to remove a tick. This is great, because it works in those places where it's sometimes difficult to get to with tweezers: between toes, in the middle of a head full of dark hair, etc. Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and let it stay on the repulsive insect for a few seconds (15-20), after which the tick will come out on it's own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. This technique has worked every time I've used it (and that was frequently), and it's much less traumatic for the patient and easier for me. Unless someone is allergic to soap, I can't see that this would be damaging i
Re: Best Thing I've Read In A Long Time!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: AMERICAS MILITARY, POLICE & FIREFIGHTERS Date: May 21, 2007 2:02 PM Rules for Civilians ~ Thxs Susan Body: Rules for Civilians Body: "Dear Civilians, "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation have many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: (1) The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem---kick their ###. (2) When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest---kick their ###. (3) Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these vete
Bible Beaters!!
Yeah, I'm talking about the folks that run this site. Almost any piece of art I put on this site, some idiot prude(closet pervert) tags as NSFW. WTF! Bunch of effin' nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You freaking closet perverts should come out and set yourself free from your sick minds and stop messing with folks pictures. In other words... get a life! Free your mind and your pervert ass will follow.. Freaking morons.
Figured You Out
Moving On Bulletin
Hmmmmm, interesting. I thought for sure someone would prove me wrong. I've come to the conclusion that no one really reads profiles, bulletins, etc. If they do, it blows right out of their minds within seconds of reading. That's a pity. Many people really say a lot. It just proves how superficial and nonsincere it all is on CT.
I'm gonna talk about '24' now. For those of you who don't watch it, you may safely move along to the next blog or otherwise continue with your activities. For those who are initiated into the mysteries of the hours of the days of Jack Bauer, read on... I just finished watching the season finale, the sixth of it's kind in the continuing series, and once again Keiffer Sutherland and Co. have outdone previous years by a wide margin. This was edge of the seat, white knuckle, can't look away for a second action, and because of that it was as ultimately intended, FUN. Not going into specific plot points for those of you who have yet to see it, whether by TiVo or due to time zones... What I will talk about is why I enjoy the show so much... I was a Marine for a long time. I belonged to a group within that group that was sometimes ordered to do things that many would find distasteful, though all the orders were 'technically' legal. Trust me, you do that stuff long enough, and
Where Do I Fit In
i dont know where i fit in this days i want to be part of a group of some sort. i want to feel where i belong somewhere. it feels like i dont belong anywhere
Home: Has anyone thought about how such a funny word home is? I mean think of it, people are homeless, home sick, homebound, and so onÖbut what does that four-letter word really mean? It could be the place where one comes from, maybe a place in ones mind where things are right, where the pain stops. A place where good times and bad times seem to meld to together and all is safe still or such a horrific place they canít look back on. Some get stranded a million miles away from home and they canít find their way back to where things are right. Maybe itís not a place at all, but a shelter for a heart to grow in safety, a net so to speak to catch you when you fall. I thought once home was a far distance place where you could not get to on foot, or physically, not to mention alive. Those are also distant thoughts that have been wiped away from a not so clear mind. I guess you can say I miss home, I miss fitting in, I miss being needed and wanted, I miss my shelter where I had it all.
Comment Me And I Will Give You A Gift
well people noone is really commenting me or rating me please stop long enough to do more and visit my pics too
Me And Ct
I think im done with CT for a while. WAS cool, and met some kick ass people, you know who you are. But the male macho level and Neanderthal way of thinking of "you not cool like me! me hate you! me better that you!" shit gets old. I have yet to met a guy on here that can talk to another guy, without working the ďlook at me ladies, im COOL, Iím hot, Im the dominating male!, hes notĒ Syndrome kicking in. Is it not possible for them to Ďwork their angleĒ on here vying for attention, without feeling they need to take other competition out of the way, are they that self conscious? IS so many males egos so fragile all it takes is one slightly irritating remake to cause them to go into panic mode, and try to save what little face they feel they have? A girl can say something about my dick size, and 50 guys go rampant about ďSTFU! We donít care about his attention whoring ass!Ē but let a female (since they are no threat to them) talk about tits, they are all for it. Some guys see
Do You Support Your Troops?
ladies would you rather have a man grab your hand and lead you to the bed lay you down and have them say i'm going to make sweet love to you or would you rather have a man pick youup throw you on the bed grab you by the hair and say i'm going to fuck the shit out of you?
Hey Ever Seen a Video on YouTube that you wish you could download? Well now you can all you need is this > Let me know what youre looking for I may know where it is?
All Family Member's
My Love Will Show You Everything
If U Had Sex With Me
1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you? 21. Do you like me? 22. Would you call me the next day? 23. Would you scratch me? 24. Would you let me scratch you? 25. Would you have to be drunk? 26. Would you date
~~the Dangers Of Working Out At A Coed Gym~~
Jason Ferchalk
Jason Ferchalk is a guy from Johnstown Pa I was getting to know but he turned out to be such an asshole by saying all these lies about my friend John. Jason is a lowlife who thinks he's a witch but he has no clue what a real witch can do. He's as fake as there is. He thinks he looks cool in that dorky cowboy hate but he's just another poser like the rest. He should not be trusted no matter what so if I were you I'd stay far away from him.
Soldier's Prayer
By: Lewis Millett I have fought when others feared to serve. I have gone where others failed to go. I've lost friends in war and strife, Who valued Duty more than love of life. I have shared the comradeship of pain. I have searched the lands for men that we have lost. I have sons who served this land of liberty, Who would fight to see that other stricken lands are free. I have seen the weak forsake humanity. I have heard the traitors praise our enemy. I've seen challenged men become even bolder, I've seen the Duty, Honor, Sacrifice of the Soldier. Now I understand the meaning of our lives, The loss of comrades not so very long ago. So to you who have answered duties siren call, May God bless you my son, may God bless you all.
Earth Angel
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Celeste-A Devil Dogs Mom(R-TX) Date: May 21, 2007 6:02 PM From: Support him, he is fighting for your freedom! Date: May 21, 2007 2:25 PM My Friend was a US Marine, he drove a big 7 ton truck, when he'd go to work each night, he'd say, "sweetie wish me luck". Then he would not come home again, 'til sometime the next day, But the thing that bothered me most, was the things some folks would say. A Marine's life is easy, he eats and sleeps and plays, And sometimes he won't fight a war for days and days and days. When I first heard these comments, I was too dumb to understand Cause I knew, when people had trouble he was there to lend a hand. Then my Marine went to work one day and kissed me good-bye, But little did I realize, that night, I would cry. My Marine gave his life that night, when the bomb hit from below, And I wondered why he'd risk his life, for someone he didn't know. But now I realize, the gr
The Black Panties
Anna had lost her husband almost four years ago. Her daughter was constantly calling her and urging her to get back into the world.Finally, Anna said she'd go out, but didn't know anyone. Her daughter immediately replied, 'Mom! I have someone for you to meet.'So they met and it was an immediate hit. They took to one another and after dating for six weeks, he asked her to join him for a weekend in a romantic motel. Their first night there, she undressed as he did. There she stood nude, except for a pair of black lacy panties; he was in his birthday suit. Looking her over, he asked, 'Why the black panties? She replied: 'My breasts you can fondle, my body is yours to explore, but down there I am still in mourning.' He knew he was not getting lucky that night. The following night was the same--she stood there wearing the black panties, and he was in his birthday suit--but now he was wearing a black condom. She looked at him and asked: 'What's with the black condom?' He re
Special High Intensity Training =))
In order to assure the higest levels of quality work and productivity from our employees, it would be our policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING {S.H.I.T.} We are trying to give employees more S.H.I.T. than anyone else. If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T. on the job, please see your manager. You will be immediatly placed at the top of the S.H.I.T. list, and our managers are especially skilled at seeing that you get all of the S.H.I.T. you can handle. Employees who don't take their S.H.I.T. will be put in DEPARTMENTAL EMPLOYEE EVALUATION PROGRAMS {D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T.} Those who fail to take D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go to EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TRAINING {E.A.T. S.H.I.T.} Since our managers took S.H.I.T. before they were promoted, they don't have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are full of S.H.I.T. already. If you are full of S.H.I.T. you may be interested in a job training others. W
Do i seem like a magnet for friends who don't treat me right?
When I First Saw You
i want to unbutton your shirt and pull it off of you mmmm bare flesh. to just slip my hands around your back and slide into a melting kiss. press your lips into mine, run my tongue along your lower lip. so i can suck it into my mouth. pressing myself further into you. to be at last where the most important moment is right now, keeping you right here. holding you here pressing my self against your bare skin. to fall asleep in the interlocking shape we have just become. forever is when....forever when it comes to pass that we are together for a thousand years. i will breathe these words through my fingertips and not my mouth. braille them into your skin. here i am, each night i write another line make love to you a little more. you become the air i breathe before nights are made of waiting and listening to thoughts throb not patiently but difficult. all there is is wanting, or having wanted, needing, desiring once you have which is sweeter.
Stressed Out
Guess I am just stressed out... Work is stressing me. Its not easy owning a business. A few people very important to me have done things that disappointed me... and I don't know why. Sometimes people do things that make no sense.... but I know life goes on and I can't let it control my life. Cutting ties at that point, while it makes sense to the brain, doesn't to the heart. And I am constantly at odds over which controls my life. I have a friend in real life that has been very sick.. and I am very worried about her. I know I can't do more than be there as a friend when she lets me. For now I feel helpless... And I think I got so used to seeing David these last 2 weeks that now that I won't see him until Friday, I feel empty. All the trips there left me so tired.. but it gave me so much time with him and kept me busy. You know how I get sad everytime I take him home.... its just a big empty spot today. So all of a sudden I have too much time to
Hear This ?
I hear you call and I feel the pull in my heart It is so hard being this far apart I remind myself that soon with you I will be I want it so completely that it scares me Your in my thoughts all the day all the time Your voice is a sweet rapture so sublime I am carried away of sweet dreams of you Your with me in them all the night through We make such love that the angels cry Your the only in this world for who I would die I anticipate your sweet kiss your tongue in mine I drink you in like the finest sweet wine I am drunk on the thoughts of our love so true I ache and long to be there with you A sweet pleasure of pain and the wonder within To let go of such a gift is a condemnable sin I need you and want to make your life a joy every day I want to keep you smiling and know I feel the same way Our life shared until infinities end Your my lover, my soul mate, and my best friend ! By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Canada Deals With Currency Counterfeiting Threats
CANADA DEALS WITH CURRENCY COUNTERFEITING THREATS Darned clever, these Canadians? Perhaps America and Europe should consider changing their currencies too. Due to the global war on terrorism, many terrorist organizations have had their finances frozen. Consequently, they have resorted to counterfeiting. The Canadians have decided to redesign their currency to prevent the radical Muslims from even touching it! It is also hoped that this will have a positive effect on tourism: Muslim Fundamentalist terrorists have to kill themselves if they see a naked woman; those Canadians always find the solution! Must be the pure water up there in the North.
Voice Comments
Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7878 and enter *4192759. And, if you have a VoicePlayer too, I'll reply.
please tell me i need to know what does it take to make you insane with passion? to make you burn for me? for your hunger to overwhelm your senses? what does it take, for me? it is seeing your naked body. maybe only your smile. your hand laced with mine. it can be your lips, soft and warm. the lines on your forehead, or even the anticipation of your touch. how you moan when you feel my tongue in just the right spot. where does it take me? to a place i live for. where i lose my inhibitions and gain a desire. a ferocious longing that only your mind and body can tame. where i quiver from the slightest touch, where my body is fulfilled. i crave you. i long to devour your words, your heat, your voice. you consume me. drive me over the edge.
Something I Wrote
When I was just a toddler I was already a bother I rebelled against everyone most of all my father A vietnam vet the hardest man I ever met I brought out evil in him that he would later regret Feeling misunderstood and alone in my hood I was an outcast fitting in the best that I could My friends didn't care about the burden I beared Being abused and battered was my daily affair Now I'm grown up but I don't give a fuck Being mistreated in life has just been my luck I hope my dream of escape won't come too late I refuse to accept this life as my fate I am running out of time with this life that is mine Pretending I'm happy and everything's fine My smile is fake for everyone's sake If you could see my thoughts you'd only see hate My soul has lost it's bond and thoughts of love are gone I can't seem to accept the things that went wrong Everything I worked for and everything I hoped for Have been disappointing and bleak leaving me wanting for more Des
Quote For The Day >>>may 22, 2007
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We The People
I loved this. ~*~PROCLAMATION OF LOVE~*~ *WE THE PEOPLE* We the people, in order to form the perfect union, we must first form the perfect circle of love. We must stop allowing the actions of hate and violent crimes, which we inthrust upon ourselves. We must stop instilling hate in our children; one against the other We must stop showing favoritism and giving unequal portions of love, because love can't be measured when it's true. We must believe in ourselves and allow others to see us in our true colors. We are who we are and if there are going to be any changes made for the better, then make them. We must first want to. It is in our power to make change and to take the time to go threw the process. It is Mandontory to get an education and to be productive in society. It is our society that gives us our basic needs to be fed, clothed, and to be educated.. But our need to be loved comes from each and every one of us which was generated from God.
What Is Love?
L--Live your life to the fullest. Never take anything that was given to you forgranted. Life is very special and we need to appreciate and accept the people and things that are in it. Be honest with yourself and live your life for you. O--Own up to all responsibilities and mistakes in your life. Never try to hide anything from the people who love you. Owning up to all of life' up and downs will make or break your life. Owning up to yourself is the very most important part of your life, you need to be happy with yourself in order to make others happy around you. V--Vow to cherish your life and other people and things in it. Never be afraid to express your feelings and bare your soul to anyone. Take that step forward and set your goals in life. Follow and acheive your goals and never be afraid to step forward and be who you are. E--Enjoy life to the fullest. Don't hold back any feelings or emotions. Be who you are and enjoy yourself in life, as this will help you to
I never was one of the careful kind For saving and hoarding away; If it were not so, I'd never have been As poor as I am to-day. I have none of the care of the thrifts and keen, When the wages of toil I could claim; But ever to me the best of it all Was the pleasure of spending the same. But there's just one thing I would like to keep As carefully hoarded away As the gold of the miser, and that one thing Is my suit of Confederate Gray. It was made in a Southern loom, of wool From sheep that were Southern bred; It was fashioned and sewed by the dearest hands That ever used needle and thread. It was handsome and bright when I put it on, And proud as a prince was I Of my wife, my suit, and the Cause in which I was pledged to conquer or die. I dreamed not of failure, thought not of defeat As I turned to the conflict away; Away from wife, mother, and children, and home, In my suit of Confederate Gray. I marched and paraded, I reste
Realizing Things About Myself......
Realizing things about myself...... There were things in my life that were uncontrollable. I figured that I should of been able to control it all, and this made it very hard for me to love or for me to be loved. I blamed myself for being so weak and not controlling things. I had to learn that life sometimes throws us these curves in the road and I just needed to know that I can't control everything that happens in life. I needed to open my heart to love and not dwell on the uncontrollabe. I had to learn to heal myself and let myself be loved. I learned to look back at my life and love that child that I was and understand that it really wasn't my fault that life had sent me a curve. I also looked at myself and my life now, and love myself for who I am and not who I could not be. As I can not love anyone else until I love myself. I had to learn to give myself unconditional love. In doing all of this I learned to let myself love every area of my life and not be at all
Slice Deep
Oh how much do I want For you to take that Knife And take my wrist To pretend to play a violin. The melody would be sweet. The harmony would be smooth The last act would be tears From the ones I disappear from. Oh how much do I want For you to take that sword. And impale my heart within my chest So it can no longer fly away. Slice deep Make sure it is Right. Slice true So I can fall through. Slice deep, as I want you to.
Not Much
to love is to cherish to cherish is to love so do i cherish?
I believe- that we have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe- that no matter how good a friend is, they are going to hurt you once in awhile and you must forgive them for that. I believe- That true friendship continues to grow, even over the long distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe- That it is taking me a long time to become the person that I want to be. I believe- That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time that you see them. I believe- That you can keep going long after you can't. I believe- That we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe- that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- That regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take
Is Everything Hopeless?
Anyone ever felt like you're just stuck? Stuck in a life you never wanted, or at least not yet. Stuck in a job that has no room for advancement, no room for pay increase. Pretty much just plain stuck. It's a relentless feeling of hopelessness. And thats the best I can describe it, being hopeless. It seems like everyday now, that I feel like there isn't anything I can do. Like I'm trapped in a room with no doors, and one window. A window that teases you into thinking everything is just right around a corner. I've turned corner after corner, to get nowhere. I used to tell myself I was content, I didn't need or want any better. I suppose it all gets to me at once because I'm an extremely passive person. I let everything just happen, and say I'll get over it. And for the moment I do. It's kinda like blowing up a balloon, blow after blow, seems to have no real effect. And them one too many, and it blows up. Everything gets to me at onc
What Kind Of Pagan Are You?
You scored as Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru). You might well be Asatru, or Norse Pagan. With prodominantly Germanic and Slavic roots, the Gods of the Norse are strong, bawdy and passionate. Many men feel drawn to these gods, and this is the faith for those who celebrate courage, valor and strength. Home of one of the most well known Gods of mischief and fire, Loki, followers of this pantheon tend to be full of good humor and also strong in spirit and frequently the protectors of those they care for. Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru)100%Celtic Pantheonic Pagan50%Shamanic Pagan50%Zoroastrian Pagan50%Eastern Pagan45%Egyptian Pantheonic Pagan25%Ecclectic Pagan20%Kabbalistic Pagan10%Roman Pantheonic Pagan5%Greek Pantheonic Pagan
For The Ones Who Didnt See It Earlier.....
Fantasy World
well i have realized something tonight i am living in a fantasy world i am going to take little while off and see i hope all understands and that i am sorry to the ones that got hurt in the process and that i will not be a burden on anyone of u again i hope u all have a great time good night
Ct Wedding!! 9:30 Pm Cst
Let Me Be Your Angel
New Contest
im in a new contest please bomb me that is the link no bombing families allowed thanks andrea
That Far
I can't imagine, any greater fear Then waking up, without you here, And though the sun, would still shine on, My whole world, would all be gone, But not for long, If I had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls, Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are, There's no place that far It wouldn't matter why we're apart, Lonely miles or two stubborn hearts Nothing short of God above Could turn me away from your love I need you that much Kristi Stotler: If I had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls, Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are, There's no place that far If I had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls, Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are, There's no place that far Baby there's no place that far
Welcome To Hell
Welcome to hell AS I rip your flesh Painfully and slowly from Your battered body. Welcome to Hell As I enjoy the sounds Of your screams for help Oh what beauty it brings. Welcome to hell as You earn the right to be here And now you are tortured The way u tortured countless others.
Throw The Jew Away For A Better Day
Why are the legal citizens of America forced to pay taxes, when the money we pay into the system does not go to our people but to fund the stolen terrorist state of Israel? Why are we forced into wars which one donít benefit us and two we have no reason to be involved in, and why are we playing bully boy for a people utterly hated by every nation on the face of this planet earth? The Jew is the cause of all of the words problems, if it werenít for Jewish influence in America, our schools would still be segregated, our streets would still be safe and our sense of self would still be intact. Since the Jews introduction into America society, our standard of living has drastically decreased, we no longer are a nation able and willing to stand on our own two feet, we are now a nation so brainwashed and incapable of standing as an isolationist state. The Jew has weaseled his way into all major aspects of American life; they have corrupted our very system of government, extorted American
Angel Family Help Needed Updated
Angel Family that needs help with there contest! Help these family members out plz! And if any other family members want to be added to this list plz get a hold of me And i will add u to it! Texas Hubby contest ends 5/28 at 12 pm Car Contest Firerfighter293 Hot man contest over on 5/24 His daughter is in the cuties female child contest over on 5/24 His son is in the handsome male child contest! contest endson 5/24 And his wife in the sexxy lady contest! contest ends 5/26 Firedragon angela daughter in the cuties female child contest contest ends on 5/24 Spudbaby son is in the handsome male child contest! Contest ends on 5/24 Ms SweetMary is in the hair contest! contest ends 5/28 Okay here is what i got so far for the angel family anyone i didn't get just tell me and i will add y
Wisdom only comes to those who dream the dream of life, by giving and taking from the hand of fate. Creating the illusion of ones reality, letting your dreams be carried away beyond the world we know, to a world unknown to reality. JMM-2003
A Quick Min To Catch Up
Hello everyone .. have missed you all tons and hope youre all doing Great !!!.. Well time is flying and im busier than ever .. helping my sister move into her new place , mikes senior renaissance fair is this thursday .. and of course i had to pull a klutz move and may have broken my foot.. im giving in and going to have it Xray'd tomorrow am .. just what i needed now UGH .. with 18 days till graduation .. Well thats my quick catch up .. nothing all that special just a day in the life of me ... Again ive missed you all and hoping everyone is doing well .. i will be back on here once the family leaves .. (june 20th) so ill see you all then .. Ginormous hugs to all .. Xoxoxoxoxox Wen :)
** W T M F ? !**
I know what ur gonna say.. It's my fault... ....But he's my friend and I trusted him. Saturday, chillin, havin a great time with my friends, K came to me and asked if he could borrow $20. I luv K 2death, I had no qualms bout lending him the dough. I'd been drinkin, tho, and didn't have cash on me so I gave him my check card. He returned and thanked me. I thought nothing more of it... til now. I went online 2c if my paycheck had been direct deposited yet. Not yet. But I noticed Saturday's ATM transaction for $60. I tripped. Called K and he had the nerve to seem confused about the whole situation. I hung up on him, I was so pissed off... so HURT. He finally texted me that he's "sorry" (Iv got my fone forwarded to my voice mail cuz I DON'T wanna hear his voice) I replied: Are u sorry u took it or just sorry I noticed?? K returned with: I'm not like that.. Sorry I took it I couldn't help myself: if u weren't "like that", u wouldn't have taken it in the 1st place To which, K repl
Rant Of The Evening
Well camping was fun.I had a blast.I just wish I had someone to share it with. This being single is gettin a little lonely.I thought i could be ok with it but Its boring.Im not sittin her being all emo n shit.I just want my man!That i can chill with and smoke with maybe have some sex lmmfao But seriously, I needs me a man.Not a pathetic boy who wants to have stupid sex and giggle about it!And plays head games.I needs me a man who likes me for me.Likes a real woman and can treat me decently!!!! Not too much to ask for.
I Wonder
I wonder if you know, I wonder if you care, How much you really hurt me, How much I had to bear. I wonder how you felt, I wonder how you slept, Knowing how you hurt me, Knowing how I wept. I wonder if you yelled, I wonder if you cried, When I felt this love come down, When I felt it died. I wonder all about you, I wonder day and night. For I loved you once and once again, And wouldn't give up the fight. I wonder if you see you've won, I wonder if you see I'm through. I've been torn apart so massively, And it's all been done by you. JMM-2001
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Cold Breeze
Angel Family Here Are Members That Need Help!
Angel Family that needs help with there contest! Help these family members out plz! And if any other family members want to be added to this list plz get a hold of me And i will add u to it! Texas Hubby contest ends 5/28 at 12 pm Car Contest Firerfighter293 Hot man contest over on 5/24 His daughter is in the cuties female child contest over on 5/24 His son is in the handsome male child contest! contest endson 5/24 And his wife in the sexxy lady contest! contest ends 5/26 Firedragon angela daughter in the cuties female child contest contest ends on 5/24 Spudbaby son is in the handsome male child contest! Contest ends on 5/24 Okay here is what i got so far for the angel family anyone i didn't get just tell me and i will add you to it! thanks maria
Well, this is obviously my very first blog post. I am starting to get the hang of this site. Thank you Danielle for inviting me here! I am meeting some very interesting people so far. Just to share in some of my success..I have been working HARD on my body and appearance. Believe it or not, I used to be 215 LBS!!! I have lost a shit load of weight and am not done yet. Having children has caused some scarring to my body, but that doesn't mean I am not still sexy. I am loving how I look now. I used to absolutely HATE myself for the longest time, but I am finally coming outta my shell. The more you get to know me, the more you will learn about my disturbing past. I guess the first couple of blogs will be more of describing my life and who I really am. Sometimes there'll be two different type of people. There's the one that suffers deep inside my mind. That one is the insecure one and worries oh so much about what others are thinking about her. Then there are times that
Tequila And Salt
Tequila and Salt This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone wo uld ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So...........If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one t
Take my hand and lead the way, tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin, bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near, take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings, so I can fly, for I can soar, when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see, break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight, you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within, I'm ready now, let love begin! JMM-2007
With wild eyes I capture it and stuff it in this pillow case raging like a drunken madman after too long a wild chase with wooden bat I beat on it to break it's tireless will I strangle it with my bare hands until it's very still I plunge it under water and hold it 'til I'm sure that there will be no resurrection no last minute saving cure And so finally I bury it and trundle off to bed perhaps I'll even be able to sleep now that my hope at last is dead
The Beach
Waves crashing on the sand. Lovers walking hand in hand. The wind is the only sound. Bright rays of sun shining down. Toes curling in the gritty softness. Heart rejoicing, full of happiness. Seashells washing up on shore. Joining those that were there before. Closing my eyes and letting go. Sitting back to enjoy Mother Nature's show. Swooping down, a seagulls crying. Floating on the breeze, resting from flying. Dipping down he tips his wings. In a soft salute as he sings. Once again he's soaring high. As he stretches his wings to the sky. JMM-2000
All Git-r-done Rebel Family
This is soooo true! When I read it there was not one thing on this list that I wouldnt give a million dollars to experience just once today!! Men if you are not doing this ... at least 50% of this on a regular basis then you need to give your head a shake.... Women if your man isnt doing this for you then rethink your relationship .... maybe he isnt so into you and he is not the "one" ladies: this will make you tear up :) Ęĺ fellas: read it, all of it! :) 1-touch her waist 2-talk to her 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss her slowly ARE YOU REMEMBERING THIS? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends KEEP READING 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it
A Cinquain
Death lifeless, inanimate mourning,crying,departing the angel of death Azrael. JMM-1994
Sleep Realm
Sleep realm Lords and ladies walking the halls Dragons and unicorns hearing a lovers call Blooming flowers as the rains begin And the rainbows as it ends Pixie dust on the rains Making ones heart soar with no pain Making love upon the meadows grass As your ex. goblin walks prudently past A bitter bite for that apple ,a witches brew Making me feel all but ample Twisting and turning in my sleep Wishing that dream times is not the only time we meet. The labyrinth of a sandy, sadistic king wakening one as you get closer it seems. Scott lee baker
Why Me
why do people continue to jerk me
Bryant Mcgills Contest
Deathly demons driven forth from fathomless fears, rudely robbing revenge- seeking souls silently. JMM-1994
Here We Go Again
Nemesis member number 7459 from Streamwood IL. name Mark, came onto my page and started blasting me with 1's. Watch out for this wise guy, hes been on CT since 06 and is just now a level 4 !! real friendly JERK . I returned the favor and blocked him..
Not your normal topic yes? It would seem in the scheme of life.....someone or something has decided things were going to well so poof! My body has decided it doesnt much care for making red blood cells or maintain its iron levels, this on top of a b-12 deficency. Some are saying no big deal take a few iron pills and mutli vitamin and get on with it.~ If only it were that easy. We have increased the iron to a high dosage and vitamin C to force it to absorb~ and followed it with bi weekly b-12 shots. The iron went down and muscle and bone pain increased. Another increase..... more complicated tests, now we test for bleeding...... lupus ..... So forgive me for silence and days of absences. I am here when I feel well and gone when I do not. I am sure it will balance its self out soon or later.
There was a car accident.. and in the car was a man and his friend named Asparagus..they were taken to the hospital.. the doctor comes in and tells the asparagus, "I have good news and some bad news" and he continues to say.."The good news is your friend just died and the bad news is that if he had lived.. you'd be a vegetable for the rest of your life"
Mixing Boxes
i feel like i won a million bucks... events of the last couple days have put me on top of the world... but i have a problem. those million bucks im feeling like wont buy the one thing i really want... you see good thing=winning the lottery bad thing=i have not a soul to tell about said good thing. You see im a procrastinator. i put everything off until the very last second. including talking to and getting in contact with my friends. I think i have alienated alot of people. I want ever so much to be with my friends. I think about them all the time. you see i am a very compartmentalized person. i put all areas of my life in little boxes. boyfriends in one box. gaming friends in one. cherry tap friends clarksville friends mason city friends. clear lake friends nora springs friends. and belmond friends. each box is of a different size. they all look different in my mind. they represent periods in my life. i keep all these boxes because they all represent good parts of the
You used me and abused me. You fucked me and threw me away. Everyone sees the bruises you left behind, you didn't even try to hide them. You held me down and stole my soul. You laughed as you left me bleeding on the floor. You violated me and I still want more.
So Now What Do I Do?
Ok I'm asking the question. I have Tuesday's free for the first time in 62 weeks and I really don't know what to do with myself. I do know what I should be doing. I have a resumť to revise, job hunting to do, programming languages to write, a web site to build for a client, etc. All of those little things which require the proverbial "Round Tuit" which I have buried on my desk somewhere around here... *looks to his pile of stuff threatening to eat the keyboard* In the meanwhile, I will be playing around here, making friends, getting to know people and finding my place. Who knows??? Suggestions are helpful....
Devoid Of Light
Here I sit in the dark corners of my mind. Looking out through portals of light. Seeing nothing but my own emptiness. I want to speak, but cannot for fear of Losing myself to an unknown reality. So I remain silent, and descend backwards Into my own black world.... Fearing the light I so desperately crave. Blinded by my own sad darkness. Reaching outward, finding only my Own lonely desperation. Solitude, my constant shadow, Yet I fear my own company. Sanity slipping through the cracks of reality, Escaping into black nothingness. The light dims and the blackness that is My soul overshadows my shallow existence With new fears yet undiscovered. Forcing me to face them unprepared. I stand alone and fight against all things rational. Thought leaves my mind as I try to escape From the reality being thrust upon me. Failing, I close my mind and once again Fall back into my own black world. I let my fears consume me and My only light goes out and then I no longer feel m
In Real Terms
I am a SINGLE mother and TRYING to make the best of it every day of my life. The relationship with my family and children is the ONLY relationship that I concentrate on. I am currently not interested in any type of "relationship" here on the Tap and I am only seeking people to talk with and have a good laugh with when I am lonely and my children are with their father. I don't feel it necessary to share my "personal" problems or my "personal" affairs here. Those things I would rather deal with PERSONALLY! My busines own mistakes will be made and NOT shared with anyone else unless I CHOOSE to do so. If you ask personal questions, I will be eveasive and I will answer them in my own terms as NOT to give out information I feel is Not your BUISNESS!!
Ignorance Really Pisses Me Off!
Why is it that people aren't comfortable with a grown man and grown woman being friends? Why is it that people can't accept the possibility that we can have a great relationship & it still remain completely platonic? Why is it that grand assumptions of infidelity and sinful passions (that honestly are NOT happening in my life) make such interesting topics for people who really don't know me to elaborate further on? For those of you out there who seek the truth, take the following information as my gospel: #1 I am one of the most honest people you'll ever meet. #2 I am open about who I am and what drives me. #3 I was raised with good old fashioned Moral Fiber....I know it seems a rarity these days, but believe it. #4 I am a flirt. It's a skill...I use it. Just because I flirt with a man (in some cases women)...doesn't mean I'm fucking them. (I am straight by the way) #5 I am a "Man's Woman" ---Translation: I am a tomboy at the outdoors, fixing st
Have A Good Week
Hey there sweeties hope everyone is having a good week so far. I had a good weekend!!! I got my car in the shop today suppose to only take a week to get it fixed and painted. So you might see me alot on here the rest of the week. hugs and kisses.. Your naughty lorie great corsette and dildo update today. thursdays different sets of pics of me indoors and outdoors upskirt pics kinda like voyuer kind of pics. You know me always giving you that sneak peek hehe!!! hugs and kisses..Lorie e-mail me anytime- my yahoo fan club- remember for adults only!! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
So Far Away
So Far Away by Staind This is my life Its not what it was before All these feelings Iíve shared And these are my dreams That Iíd never lived before Somebody shake me Cause I, I must be sleeping (chorus) Now that we're here, It's so far away All the struggle we thought was in vain All the mistakes, One life contained They all finally start to go away Now that we're here its so far away And I feel like I can face the day I can forgive and Iím not ashamed to be the person that I am today These are my words That Iíve never said before I think Iím doing ok And this is the smile That Iíve never shown before Somebody shake me Cause I, I must be sleeping (chorus) I'm so afraid of waking Please don't shake me Afraid of waking Please don't shake me (chorus)
At last I've come to realize that this is how it's going to be no more denial of simple truth no more fighting destiny I will take a thousand hands and heal a thousand lives I will wipe away a river of tears from a thousand crying eyes I will listen through the darkness at endless tragic woeful tails and mend the thousand broken little lives that seem so hopeless and so frail I will tell the lie of hope and the greater lie of love and I will promise them brief happiness and the power to rise above Then I will send them on their way these birds from the nest have flown and I will wake to yet another day hauntingly alone
Hmmmm Lmao
You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM68%A Romantic65%Sex God63%Virgin48%How are you in bedcreated with
First Blog/new User
I only made this account in order to see other people's pages and I doubt I will be updating it very often. I have also been getting a few comments/questions about my user name. To clarify "juicygirl" is referring to the clothing line Juicy Couture... it is not in any way dirty if that was what anyone was thinking.
Young Girls On Cherrytap
i cannot believe some of these "young girls",best term i can give them..... "if you are over such and such an age i will ignore you and not rate or add you".... get the buggery outta's the internet you silly little wenches..i don't want to cyber you,nothing you actually....just rate ya shit like everyone else does... IF YOU DON'T LIKE "OLD" PEOPLE SUCH AS MY 41 Y/O GERIATRIC ASS RATING YOUR SHIT, DON'T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET !!!!!! ENOUGH GRIPING FOR TODAY....CHEERS FROM THE ASSASSIN,...IAN
You're Still The One
Tattered Words
Tattered words Tattered lyrics on the floor The slamming of the once open door Justifications in ones mind As two lives walked from wasted time For what was once so sweet now too bitter to eat Pulling your self up once more to find grace, dignity and yourself as the rosťs hit the floor awestruck from the events and the let down from what you thought it meant A new struggle for your mind Was you try to wrap around this rhyme Thinking of the things that passed Leaving you unsure and with a chapped ass. Scott Lee Baker
Yo Yo!!!
theres more pix to come of me... just haven't had the time to take ne or upload em but i promise theres more to come!!!
I see the world through jaded eyes, There are only clouds in my skies. Darkness has made my future unclear, And the storms of my past are drawing near. Shadows haunt my troubled soul, As the chaos begins to take control. And I feel myself begin to drift away, As too late, the sun shines down on my day... JMM-1999
Changes In Life
This Is A Rant. Don't Read If You're An Easily Offended Male! (contents Of The Convo Inside)
Wow. Just when I thought all the sleaze balls on here were bad. My girl hooked me up with this site to meet other people on,, anyhow I saw this one guy who seemed alright. he seemed nice and everything. And he had his yahoo sn on his profile. Like I said, the man SEEMED nice. Here's what went on. ----------------------------------------------------- Sarah (5/21/2007 7:28:31 PM): Heya Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:29:05 PM): hello how r u Sarah (5/21/2007 7:29:12 PM): Fine thanks, and you? Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:29:49 PM): any pictures Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:29:46 PM): ---------> Sarah (5/21/2007 7:30:01 PM): Yes I have pictures. Sarah (5/21/2007 7:30:10 PM): Are you into thick chicks? Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:30:23 PM): may I Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:30:30 PM): maybe Sarah (5/21/2007 7:31:04 PM): Do you have a cam? Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:31:54 PM): no sorry i don't Sarah (5/21/2007 7:32:03 PM): Well I have one. Adam Lanham (5/21/2007 7:32:21 PM): may
The light slowly fades into gray, As darkness consumes my mind. I can no longer discern between reality and my own insanity. I feel my skin crawl with prickles of fear, yet i feel no pain. The person I was has disappeared and the person I have become is no longer Distinguishable from the shadows in my heart. I am nothing more than an empty vessel, Blindly searching for the light needed to become whole.... JMM-1997
Seven Oceans Of Pain
Swimming across the first ocean,i met my friend-tears, he has been living there all alone for now many years, he keeps count of all the little tears that i have shed, on every tear,her name is tagged and my future is read. Swimming across the second ocean,i met my friend-peace, he left me the day my heart broke into million piece, sitting on that island,he keeps the broken pieces whole, and will hand over it to me,when i depart with my soul. Swimming across the third ocean,i met my friend-night, he lives there holding onto all my dreams ever so tight, every dream showcases a portrait of my never ending love, a love thats destiny seems to lie in the heaven above. Swimming across the fourth ocean,i met my friend-smile, he left me the day she refused to walk down the aisle, he captures all the sadness that lies beneath my face, and keeps them safely in my memories for me to chase. Swimming across the fifth ocean,i met my friend-fears, everytime i try to go in sear
Surprise (erotic Story)
This is the first story I am going to share, it's been a while since I wrote a story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... SURPRISE Rough day at work as usual, different situations to solve and try to please everybody, canít wait to hit the 5 Oíclock and get into my car, turn on my radio, loudÖ.. Smoke my cigarette and grab my cell phone to call my beautiful slave who is waiting at home. Finally the 5 Oíclock, I go quickly to clock out of the office, say good bye to my coworkers and as if I was taken on rollerblades got into my carÖ. Out of the parking lot, on my way to the arms of my girlÖ the traffic is heavy, at that hour is always the same deal, everybody is getting out of their jobs, everybody rushing to get to their final destinationsÖ. There, I was, stuck in traffic, taking my shoes off! ďaaaahhh that feels so damn good!Ē I grabbed my cell and speed dial my home numberÖ 3 rings and I hear the sweet voice of my girl ďHelloĒ ďHi babyĒ I repliedÖ. I coul
My Letter
This is my letter to you We started following a certain description. We started simple and fair once again Before there wasn't any need for an answer Things were much different then But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I maybe, just did a little bit more you might've Let me, become a woman for sure And if I might, express one concern it seems an issue. All day at every turn What's the next step, the latest hole in my life What's next for me to learn Engulf myself into a permanent mystery. No one day just as the next. not for me It's so confusing when I look at my history. I just can't handle that yet. No One more friendship ends. And then for awhile. I can breathe again
Just What Is Love
Love starts out small- Too small to be noticed, But in the end it conquers all. What begins as a hug between friends Can grow and grow Until it's something beautiful that never ends. Love is never sure, But it trusts, With a faith that is sweet and pure. Along the way, it may stumble, But no matter how hard the fall, Its trust never crumbles. Love is a flower- a sweet, red rose- Yet it's thorns hold power; More than anyone knows. Nothing hurts more than love unreturned And nothing's more dangerous Than a lover spurned. Love is so tender and sweet That some may wish to destroy it, Through lies and deceit. Envy is caused by a love that is true, But no matter how jealous they are, Your love is something to hold onto. Love endures through all Because it is willing to rise up Once again after a fall. Through the pain & sorrow of the night, It waits patiently for the joy That comes with morning's first light. Love is a treasure above a
Heart To Heart
My heart spoke to yours and your spoke to mine. Crossing a barrier that transcends time. Whispering flutters of emotions I feel, As our hearts opened and this became real. Needing no words spoken in voice, As our hearts fly free and in love, rejoice. JMM-2006
The Illusions Of Love
She saw her future in his eyes, It was as empty as his soul. So why did she chose to stay, When she could have up and go? The illusion of love blinded her, It tore her from limp to limp. But still she dived head first into the water, Knowing she never learned how to swim. Like any other woman in love, She knows it hurts from the start. So why didn't she walk the other way, To save herself a broken heart? The illusion of love lied to her, It told her that it'll always be there. But it never told her the time, So she was left alone and scared. She knows he doesn't love her, And that he's in love with another. So why didn't she break his, To keep her heart together? The illusion of love killed her, Its sharp blade wrapped around her pride. It killed her ever so softy, Suffocating her with each lie. She knows that love is an illusion, It can drown those that can swim. She knows it can break the strongest heart, So why couldn't she stop loving him?
Endless Possibilities
Endless PossibilitiesÖ If I could answer every question Just the way you want me to Make you understand me My little moods and confusing questions Donít you think I would? My life confuses even myself at times And yet, you want me to explain Make it Crystal clear for youÖ Well I got news for you sweetieÖ Even Crystal isnít really that clear And life doesnít work that way You think you have all the answers Even think you can teach me a thing or two Think that you can guide me Show me the way to happiness Well I guess whatÖ. I didnít ask for your help You donít even know my life So stop acting like you do Like you know everything Because you donítÖ nor do I But see, the difference is I donít push my views on you I am not broken So stop trying to fix me When you finally realize this By all means, let me know. The possibilities are endlessÖ. Writen 5/21/07
May 21th~fucking Bullshyt
well i get home from the track on saturday n have a message from Becca saying tht she heard form searvel people tht Me n Travis were holding hands. well tht pissed me off cuz i didnt even speak to fucking Travis all fucking nite. i had to fucking work like any other fucking day.i didnt even talk to many people at tht.its fucking bullshyt Becca fucking said i dont fucking care anymore i dont want him u can fuck him thts nasty i dont want someone whos parents have tell him to take a fucking shower. im so fucking sick of everyones fucking bullshyt.go bring it to someone else.cuz im fucking tired of it. ill warn u now IF U CALL ME ANY NAMES OR ANYTHING AT THE TRACK IT WILL B TAKEN TO THE OFFICE N I DONT CARE IF U GET KICKED OUT OR WARNED OR FINED IM FUCKING TIRED OF THE BULLSHYT.N U CAN HATE ME ALL U FUCKING WANT IM FUCKING TIRED OF IT.cuz if i say a damn thing to ya ill get in trouble n u know what im about to tell people what the fuck i think of em n trust me i fucking will im so fuck
One Great Guy
i wanted all of my friends to know that i have a new friend> He is a bouncer on CherryTap and one of the"GoodGuys" he is polite and caring and will help fix anything he can. Ya'll show some love to this Great Guy for me!! RAVIOLI ô@ CherryTAP
The Highest Power
Love can be a precious thing snuggle cuddle sort of fling lovers dream of fields in spring never tied to any string may be bonds that cannot fade or the life two lovers made time spent laughing in the shade this is love it's finest blade love may be unbreakable but love is untamable love can be the deepest sore strongest longest knife that bores passing old wounds from before through the heart and evermore may be reasons for the fight or the cold tears shed tonight months alone no hope in sight this is love it's faintest light love may be untamable but love is unbreakable love can be the healing rain nourish flourish life again Cleansing spirits of disdain Giving song to life's refrain May be feelings of relief Or the passing of long grief Happiness a new belief Love is life's true motif Love may be unbreakable Love may be untamable But love is believable
The Highest Power
Love can be a precious thing snuggle cuddle sort of fling lovers dream of fields in spring never tied to any string may be bonds that cannot fade or the life two lovers made time spent laughing in the shade this is love it's finest blade love may be unbreakable but love is untamable love can be the deepest sore strongest longest knife that bores passing old wounds from before through the heart and evermore may be reasons for the fight or the cold tears shed tonight months alone no hope in sight this is love it's faintest light love may be untamable but love is unbreakable love can be the healing rain nourish flourish life again Cleansing spirits of disdain Giving song to life's refrain May be feelings of relief Or the passing of long grief Happiness a new belief Love is life's true motif Love may be unbreakable Love may be untamable But love is believable
~*~ A Warrior Lost ~*~
~*~ A Warrior Lost ~*~ Grand Father, White mans being destroys Life itself. A warrior once strong in Heart, Mind, and Spirit. Warriors with Honor and Pride. Through White mans exissence and Laws. Fate to a Warrior brings Existence. A Warrior bows his head in Dishonor, A strong Heart, but Spirit lives. A Spirit with life like the Eagle. Powerful, Beautiful, and Graceful. Knowledge and Wisdom like the Owl, but Above all Free and Ones Self. As his Spirit the Great Heavens, A NewĚ Life into his Whole Being. Like the Eagle a Warrior years for Domain of new Horizons. As the Warrior gives of himself To the Fate creates his Destiny. He Fears nothing, defends nothings. As the Warriors Spirit Soars Past the Eagle to Freedom. Have a great day......................................"SheWarrior" Thx girl :)
Love; Illusion
Love doesn't exist It's just an illusion we create People use the word in vain and in truth And other's believe in fate But really it's a feeling That everyone will at least once feel Sometimes you'll know it's true And even question, is the feeling real? People lie about it, don't believe in it They tell false truth using the words "I love you." To those who do, they don't value it As much as others do. Players say it and don't mean it They may seem to, but they don't And maybe someday, they'll mean it Or maybe they just simply won't Others believe them Causing them to get hurt Girls mostly get kicked around Being treated like dirt. Then there are the guys Who girls think are all the same Assuming they're like all the other boys Who say they love you without even knowing your name. Love Who can ever tell if it's real? Who knows? Maybe people are lying about how they feel. You never know When someone's telling a lie or not But you don't have
New Tattoo
im getting a new tattoo next week. ill post a pic of what im getting. im getting it on my lower back i can't wait
I Just Dont Knwo Anymore......
i have alot of thoughts running around in my mind these days and im not sure where any of them end up. i thought i had found love..i hoped i had...tho the one i thought i loved has continually said he loves me but then also continually acts and says love hasnt found him and love is a lie. then i thought i was in love and even tho i was told i was loved i felt i became boring and that the urge to play was just too much to ignore and for me to be enough and statisfying enough for one person to be happy with just me. then i found someone to heal with and even with that i end up being the odd person out somehow. like the heart healed and moved on while mine was left to sit on the shelf and wonder once again what happened. now i sit and wonder....what is wrong with me? what is it about me that my love and all of what i have to give means any less to anyone than someone elses? that im ok to play with, be friends with, to call when someone is needed to talk to or for a favor but w
Pamela Anderson
did anyone watch that roast on pam the other night wow that was some funny shit lol
Bone Thugs
Thuggish Ruggish BoneBy Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBest Video Codes
The Harshness Of Reality
They say that love can fill an ocean sail a ship across the sea Fly a kite above the clouds or solve Life's mysteries. They say mere words of love bring hope mending broken fences everyday It's known to heal a tarnished heart or chase the blues away They say that love is the answer to questions we may have through time and it's the only thing that matters to give it up would be a crime That is what they say to me as I travel through my life They never bothered telling me how love could cut you like a knife They never said my heart could die that trust and faith would both be gone or cause me to scream in pain when I was treated wrong They never said to me it crushes mortals agonized and broken because they too believed the lie when those three words were spoken The harshness of reality that love has brought to me Is bittersweet and locked away and needs no company
So About That Rice.........
I heard in a news report the other day while I was waiting on the weather, stating that our government has approved an experiment on 300 elderly in a nursing home located somewhere in Florida. This experiment is pointed towards our growing problem of Alzheimers' patients leaving the approved areas. They will be inserting a microtransmitter, about the size of a grain of rice, in the connective tissue under the skin. I don't know about the rest of you, but i see trouble on the way. From here, they will put them in all of us eventually, and by that time, the technology will be efficient enough to access all of our information by scanner or some such. I'm not going to much further in my opinions on here too much yet.........i'm just getting started.......... Also, if i say anything that might offend someone, or some form of clarity on something is needed? feel free to ask. I will give you a decent answer. I only ask that you keep the conversation civil. Discuss things, don'
More Random Usless Facts
PROOF THAT THE WORLD IS NUTS! In Lebanon , men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death. (Like THAT makes sense.) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* In Bahrain , a male doctor may legally examine a woman's genitals, but is prohibited from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror. (Do they look diffe rent reversed?) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also applies to undertakers. The sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or piece of wood at all times. (A brick?) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation. (Much worse than "going blind!") *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* There are men in Guam whose full-time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege
Vote For Me Im The Sexiest In This Contest
another contest to vote for me me me xxxooo
Sex Is Like A Gas Station
Sex is like a gas station.Sometimes you get full service, sometimes you have to ask for service, and sometimes you have to be happy with self service!
Laws Of Love
Chemistry of Love Just like a chemical reaction, two different worlds combine together to create a new world. Physics of Love is equivalent to the 3rd law of Newton You'll get love equal to that you gave to your love. Mathematics of Love Love multiplies happiness, adds meaning to your life and subtracts your worries. Electronics of Love Love flows from one end to other only if they are connected correctly.
Marrying A Mississippi Girl!....
Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties. The first man had married a woman from Tennessee and bragged that he had told his wife she was going to do all the dishes and house cleaning. He said it took a couple days but on the third day he came home to a clean house and the dishes were done. The second man had married a woman from Florida. He bragged that he had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes and the cooking. On that the first day he didn't see any results, but the next day it was better. By the third day, his house was clean, the dishes were done and he had a huge dinner on the table. The third man married a girl from Mississippi. He told her that her duties were to keep the house clean, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything. But the third day he coul
I Have Secretly Be Searching 4 My Real Mother!
I need the strength to make my next move! I have alot of hope, but sometimes thats not enough! This move could make our break my life! I am open to ideas! MUAH KIDS
Married Life... Xoxo
A couple had only been married for two weeks and the husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, "Honey, I'll be right back." "Where are you going, Coochy Coo?" asked the wife. "I'm going to the bar, Pretty Face," he answered. I'm going to have a beer." The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, india, etc The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, Lollipop... but at the bar... You know... they have frozen glasses... " He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, Puppy Face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it. The husband, looking a bit pa
i got another new piercng today :D yaya me! hehe yaya i know...what can i say im addicted :D
If A Man Wants You!!
IF A MAN WANTS YOU!! If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn`t want you, nothing can make him stay. ( READ IT AGAIN LET THERE BE NO CONFUSION) Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change your self for a relationship that`s not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve, then NO, you can`t "be friends." A friend wouldn`t mistreat a friend. Don`t settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he IS. Don`t stay because you think "it will get better." (LOL) You`ll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is YOU. Avoid men who`ve got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn`t marry them when he got them pre
New Lounge On Ct Hellraiser Lounge
Love Me Now
If you are ever going to love me, Love me now, While I can know The sweet and tender feelings Which from true affections flow. Love me now While I am living, Do not wait until I'm gone And then have it chiseled in marble, Sweet words on ice cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me Please tell me now. If you wait until I am sleeping Never to awaken, There will be death between us And I won't hear you then. So, if you love me, even a little bit, Let me know it while I am living So I can treasure it
Dedicated To Battered Women.....
I Got Flowers Today I got flowers today! It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night; And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt; I know that he is sorry and didn't mean to say the things he said; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe that it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry. Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day; Last night he threw me into a wall and then started choking me; It seemed unreal, a nightmare, but you wake up from nightmares; And I woke up this morning sore and bruised all overóbut I know he is sorry; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! And it wasn't Valentines Day or any other sp
The New Priest
SIPPING VODKA! A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, "When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip." So next Sunday he took the monsignor's advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door: 1) Sip the vodka, don't gulp. 2) There are 10 commandments, not 12. 3) There are 12 disciples, not 10. 4) Jesus was consecrated, not constipated. 5) Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass. 6) We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7) The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior and the spook. 8) David slew Goliath, he did not kick the sh*t out of h
Unbreake My Heart
1 time ill say i hate you 2 times ill say to leave 3 times well kiss to make up 4 times ill cry 5 times ive had it with your shit 6 times youll beg 7 times you said oh god 8 times i wish i was dead 9 times are we done yet 10 times till we die 11 times i cant keep counting 12 times its all in my head
Truth About Heart Breaks
TRUTH ladies .. read till the end it's worth it !!!!!! Body: Here's to all those girls who used to be his number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning and be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears, and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened. Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, I only want to be your friend, one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves and misses you. We deserve something, and this is our tribute. Here's to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, caught crap from our pare
Cincy Bungholes
I would personally like to congratulate the Bengals for officially having more arrests than wins this past year. Yep, folks, and now they are acutally cutting the offenders. I am hoping this sets some sort of precedence for the league that being a ghetto fabulous thug does not ensure entry into or a lifetime in the NFL.
Should I Give This To His Dad In The Coffin? Morbid I Know..advice Please
Curtis, I know that before you died, that we didnít get along the best, but I write you now because you are gone, and these are just a few of the things that I must get off my chest to you so that I can raise our son in peace. I will not say that this was a happy day for me, it was an extremely painful day losing you, not only for our child, but losing the man with whom I had my first child by. I still loved you because of Brandon, you and I had a bond that never would have been broken due to the fact he IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE our child. The pain you have caused him by taking your life, not only affects him, but me as well. You were not losing Brandon by him coming to live with me, and if I knew how you felt, I wouldnít have taken him from you, I know he was your whole world in one little man, who is in fact, a perfect carbon copy of yourself. I know what he meant to you, and I know what he means to you still. This letter even though I know you will never read it, maybe
The Santini "rammstein" Escape
Hi all, Well, Germany proved to once again be a GREAT inspiration for me. And, an original extreme Santini escape I have been mulling over for some time finally gelled while I was over there. In tribute to one of the most amazing and creative bands in the world, the German techno metal group RAMMSTEIN, (who BTW are famous for their onstage use of fire and flamethrowers), I am beginning work on a new intense stage escape called "The RAMMSTEIN". Without going into too much detail until it is built and tested I can say that "The RAMMSTEIN" is much like my Cremation Chamber only for the HEAD! A 25,000 BTU flamethrower blasting right at my head and face for 3 or 4 brutal minutes. This one is going to blow audiences away... Cheers, Santini
Lingering Morning
The night would fade with morning and still the dream has lingered like the small trails of silver thread left behind by the spider in her web I have not clouded up the last memory by lingering through its night. The cry of the morning insists I've come to day. Long fine rays of sunlight pour through sheer curtains to let the warmth wake me. Restless not for morning, nor holding close the night, I've bangueted on dreams I'm forced to lift the sheets.
The Beast Inside Us All.
A majestic beast, With yellow eyes, It's hide is jet black, At night it strides. It bares it's teeth, A gentle growl, Is all you'll hear, Before the pounce. This thing from hell, It's features raw, It craves for blood, It craves the gore. The beast is cunning, It can't be killed Hell's pure wrath. Burns within. How can you fight, What you can't see, So be afraid, The beasts in me.
The Man With Rth Small Head.
There was a man walking on the beach one day, he was having a good looking body with a six pack abs and great shoulders and arms,a completely perfect body that will catch the looks and stares of women, but there was only one thing he had that was different, he had a very small head. So this girl was there lying and admiring him but she can't stop from asking, "hey how you have such perfect body but such small head." the guy replied, "you see i was on the beach one night and i came upon a very pretty Genni in a bottle and i freed her," so she offered me one wish before she disappeared, "so I asked her if i can fuck her seeing she was so beautiful and all," she replied, "it will not be possible because she was a spirit," I then without not realising the Ginnie would not know what i was refering to," asked her," if she can then give me a little head and i will be satisfy, that is how i was left with such small head since that night.
I'm In Crazy Hair
Hair contest please help me out....I helpped alot of people in contest. hope ya can return the favor...I was being silly in this picture its my cousin it hair doo. thanks to all that help me...& comment bomb. Hugss ~Mary~ Edit: contest blog...contest ends May 28th.
Fading Lights
Fading Lights The lights are fading for you and me I guess we weren't meant to be In the sky the stars still shine But your light will never be mine.. The hope in my heart is lost Too much pain this has cost My love a disappearing light It doesn't matter who's right.. The fights we just to have are over I no longer have to find any cover No longer do I have to run I miss your shining light, my sun.. So the lights are gone for you and me In darkness perhaps you will come to see Perhaps your light will never be mine But for me..darkness is fine
This is what love means to me, your sunny-bright smile on my face The fresh little kiss on my cheek your arms entwined about my neck and all the stories that we share, That's what love means to me when all the world has turned to dusk Your sparkling eyes, so full of trust You never questioned what I've said I lay my hand upon your head And here the songs of your heart the whispered melodies that start to break the tension of the day Erase the wounds that others say. There is love in all you do, It takes away the harsher hues, I can't claim I have a part, But you're a treasure of my heart.
Broken Angel Will Go
She cries tears, for you, Salty beauty in glass eyes, Seeing into the depths of her, She goes blind. She breaks fingers, for you, Words wilting on dead scrolls, Hearing, of distant memories, She goes deaf. She bruises bodies, for you, Battered remains, crimson covered, Scars masked by the flood, She goes numb. She shatters pictures, for you, Distortion, reality, crumbled images, Memories broken in a soul, She goes lifeless. She kills a dream, for him, Belief in the immortality to bring, Broken angel needing a home, She goes to hell, For you.
5-21 Through 5-28
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
Welcome To The Dark Places Of My Mind
Welcome Do you know where the truth really lies? Where darkness conquers light? The line between hate and love The questions I asked so many times "Welcome to the dark places of my mind" Read my mind in moonless nights When tears begin to fall Secrets of a tortured mind Nightmares of a screaming soul "Welcome to the dark places of my mind" View my long lost memories As we walk down the Valleys of light Call me when my time is up Call me when my promises become truth "Welcome to the dark places of my mind" So enjoy yourself and watch my Hate Read the words that I call destiny Find the borders of true light And make yourself comfortable "Welcome to the dark places of my mind"...
Our lives are made by the choices we make, I feel everyone is entitled a few mistakes. This Chaotic path into the unknown, Thru pain and suffering my soul has grown. I wait now for my last tear to fall, I don't remember what emotions feel like at all. Blinded by rage and driven by sorrow, Not knowing if I'll wake to see tomorrow. It looks as tho death is the final key, To release the chains and set my mind free. I tire of these demons I keep locked inside my head, These hellish nightmares I see if I lay in my bed. Before the end I fear my sanity will break, Forgetting what is real and remembering what is Fake. Locked inside this dark and hate filled heart, Doomed was I from the very start. It seems that there are no second chances for people like me, I guess all thats left is sorrow and misery.
It's Ekg Time, Or I Knew I Would Pass Out In A Trailer One Day.....
SO I felt a little ill today, tried to call in, but work wouldn't let me. I went in, feeling off, wondering if it was because I haven't been eating much lately, and noticing as I go on, it's getting super hard to lift ANYTHING!!! My neck and shoulders started screaming with pain, And then the room starts to get darker......So I sit down, then I'm getting so light-headed I have to sit down after every box I lift & it's getting harder and harder to breathe....."This is no good," I'm thinking......"and where the hell is my sup!!" I continue in this pattern for 20 mins or more, meanwhile boxes are piling up.....finally, the sup comes by & I let him know my condition..... "Scan for 2 more mins, I will bring in a power-loader, then break and you can go." Well I damn near passed out just doing that. So they let me go, I barely make it to my car, call my sis, and tell her what 's going on (since as you ALL know, the line home is busy) Wait 15 mins, drive home, grab mom and off to the
In the earths darkest hour the last bell has been rung It is now Armageddon the end has begun Filling churches and synagogues you pray in fear Because the horsemen's hooves you can hear As they ride down the street Bodies shall fall pale at there feet The horsemen are here war, famine, pestilence, death They come for you and me so take your final breath If you wear the sign on you which is 666 You're defiantly going to need your Sunday fix To the devil your soul you did sell Now God shall cast judgment now go to hell Blood shall fall down from the sky as if it were rain Because Armageddon is here you shall all die in vein God have mercy on the evil deeds I have done From your judgment I can never run Will I ever see heavens pearly gate Or will I go to hell and receive my fate Messenger of God I am an angel of light In the battle of Armageddon I shall fight The army of darkness fights the last good men on earth We shall win against evil and see Jerusalem's rebirth
Child Abuse, No Excuse...
The last time I shopped in Wal-mart, I was quite surprised! As I went about my shopping I saw a woman go by me with her son, who looked to be about the age of 5. About a minute later, a commotion began as the little boy threw a temper tantrum. It wasn't so much the little boy screaming that was bad, somehow got uglier as the Mom screamed in a shriil voice so loudly, any nearby glass could have shattered.."Shut the fuck up, you little ugly bastard!" She then went on to slap this little boy several times as the crowd was getting ugly,and angry. They started shouting at her as she was slapping this poor child,and security finally calmed things down before the other shoppers were about to attack this so called "Mother". Well...I dont shop there anymore because I prefer Target, a gentler , more upscale crowd that beats their childen kindly with pillows from the bedding department, instead of their hands. Now, I want to place one of these at ever Wal-Mart entrance , save
Survey Gravy Tots
this is just something light hearted and fun. be respectful and keep it clean LOL Put "yes" "maybe" "no" or ur own answer and answer me back Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get tipsy with me: Kill me Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me Dance with me: Grind with me: Let me touch you: Touch me: Stare at me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Let me make you scream: Have sex with me: Make a move on me: Play with me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift?: Let me borrow your car: Let me see you naked: Wanna see me naked: Do you think im hot: Could i turn you on: Could i make you scream: Would you be there for me: Buy me a drink: Take a shower with me: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Ask me out: like me: Drink kool-aid with me: Take advantage of me: Let me take advantage of u: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good:
Breaking The Chronic
Welcome, my child, to the family of bones, Encroaching the cosmos and shadows of stones. Is it a gift of life or a reward of hate? Ordeal in disguise to ruin your fate. We teach you here to emblazon your desire, Drowning in self, still chasing for the higher. Wipe your imaginations and cluster of thoughts. We set the protocols and your thinking cell rots. Independence is your right, but freedom has a price. We ourselves set the plans for a demon to arise. Synthetic is your soul, and emotions are fake. Bend, my boy. Bend until you finally break. Choke your words and wire your brains. Crawl beneath the shell with handcuffs and chains. With dawn, everyday demands a new face. Restrain your tears to avoid another disgrace. Imbibe these traits and move with the waves. Choose your path, else die like the braves. Follow these preachings and despise your life. Else.. be a real man and put up a brave fight.
"u Can Survive Anyone And Anything"
The wind blows wherever it pleases.You hear its sound,but you cannot tell where it comes from or where its going.So it is with everyone born of the spirit." People come into our lives for different reasons,good and bad,and if you're in the spirit,you can survive anyone and anything.
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
I Dont Do This Often So When I Do It Please Read And Pass This Along To Everyone You Can
Life, Love And The Inevitable
Well, today marks the last Monday I'll spend at the VA. Interesting, I've spent a little over a year's hard to believe in only four more days, I'll be done. I'll miss the patients, not so much the people I work with, some of them, not most. After this week, I'm going to start the next chapter of my life. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. I've never felt this mix of emotions before. I'm anxious. Really. I need to find a job. I have somewhere to live, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, but no job. I start school near the end of June and should be done in December of '08. This is awesome. Now onto love. I'm scared my significant other has been doubting things. Maybe it's all in my head, that's always a possibility. It happens a lot. I'm thinking this isn't the time or place to be discussing I'm done. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. Actually, I could give a shit less what kind of day your having. Peace.
Still Read Horrorscopes!
This is mine today! "You're motivated and inspired right now. Most importantly, you're filled with a serene and startling clarity. This sense of purpose guides you to the right people who are willing and eager to help you with your plans." Firstly it been one of those days! I am about motivated and inspired as a flat tyre in a thunderstorm! About as serene and full of clarity as Los Angeles Fog.. The only think i am guiding myself towards is sleep!!!! If anyone has a plan though, get intouch!! Be fun!
Mullet Haiku
Courtesy of Greg the code God: Short like your schooling. Long like your prison sentence. The penal haircut. You smoke me up and jerk me off. You are the best, and I love you, sis. Short for dad. Long for the daughter mom always wanted. Everyone's happy. Shampoo stings my eyes, I will never feel that twice: slick hair smells like gas. O! SQUIRREL brother, Your tail, my hair. We are one. Yet I must eat you. I liked that foreign legion movie so much, I grew me one them hats. Brown edged tank top sticks to my white clumpy armpits Somehow I get laid. Flowing down the back helps to keep mind closed, hate released by short top My hair is slammin like Stone Cold. Can I get a Hell yeah? Hell yeah. Hell yeah. This super cool hair and a bucket of chicken: What more could I want? my slick snakeskin boots my silk shirt with rooster prints always colored je
Thinkin About Me Bein Single
ya know i actually seen my love life expanding then all of a sudden it slaps me in the face. me and donnie got into it and now hes pissed and im pissed so we're thinkin about splits ville. but ya know it really hurts b/c we been 2gether for almost a yr and he still hasnt got over fuckin lookin at other chicks. thats wat pisses me off most. he says hes happy but it makes me wonder if he has 2 look at other pple ya know wat i mean. ne ways if pples r readin this guys give me some feed back on wat u think of this later and thnxs megan
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Need Some Help
can you please help with a comment or two on this photo???click photo to vote for me in Cherr Tap pin up girl contest...
Its All True
Its all true with the base of life that the truth be in things that u belive in with all your heart, If you stand strong and you do all that you can anything can happen. As in Love i never knew that id have a love in my life as i do now and id never change that for the world for he is the world to me ( besides my kids )He is the one that makes my world go around and that makes me smile with every thought that crosses my mind for he means so much to me as i mean to him. We guide each other with deepest moments with passion, love, careing, understanding, trueth in everything that we stand for for each other....We all have our ups and downs but when it shows and comes to the point we know that we care and will always be there for each other..... I dont know how much more to express that i can stand for all the i want and all that need to make it be shown that im not going no were that im a strong minded woman and i will make it through it all with the love of my life at my side stand
5-21-07 29th Entry
I got an extremly nifty phonecall today.....I no longer have to wait until July 3 for my sleep apnea test results! I go this wednesday!!!!! 2 days! OMG I'm so relieved right now I could cry lol. Its been so hard waiting and waiting and now just POP, almost 2 months time is knocked off the wait time. It means resceduling my doctor appointment with Doc Quackers, which means I'll get scolded again, which means I'm just gonna tell him to go shove his head up his ass and find another doctor. Well ok, maybe for this month and June, I'll bite my tongue and pretend patience. The last thing I want to do right now is miss this month and next month appointments when its the last thing I have to do (unless my old doctor has sent my old records, which if thats the case then I have no worries. This is just a precaution to make sure I have the 6 month doc thing in.) I'm so excited and relieved and feel silly for how low I've been (I always feel silly when I've pulled through a low
Hey all, Well today is usually my relax day to sit and finish up badges on pogo or just hang out, but nope we got paid today! Normally i would be all excited, but no the stupid bank didn't post anything until Thursday, and when i called to see how much we had on Wed. it said $589 but then when i called thursday we were $200 overdrawn! I was like what i know what came out and how much yet we were overdrawn. So we had to end up taking a loan out on Friday just to make it to today. So went and got paychecks and there was a bonus on it for fuel/log bonus! WOO HOO that is the 1st time he has ever got a bonus! It was $108.09 but hey any amount helps! Went to Homeland and got groceries, went to Cashland to pay just the interest on the loan, and then to Walmart to get the rest of the stuff we needed, and of course they are out of my Mountain Dew that is on sale, but they have it in the back, and also forgot black bags, will go and get those tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to drop by and pay the
New To Cherry Tap
im new to this and i can use ne help i can get to explore around the site ... ne help is useful lol thanks peps
Update Lol
hey all just lettin everyone know that I survived this past weekend tho iam battered bruised and blistered LOL....had an absolute blast on Fri (got SUPER trashed LOL)....I also have new pix up and and available for ya viewing pleasure haha....they are in my tattoos default and Detroit hoedown albums....Also my grand daughter is home from the hospital THANK god and for all that kept her in ya prayers ty from me and her mom and dad....My bday is on friday so DONT forget to stop by my page and wish me a happy birthday LMAO and NO over the hill jokes either ya sure the hell dont have to remind me that Iam gettin OLD!!!! Hope everyone has a safe and great holiday weekend that is upon us
Great Site
you have to go to this site its awesome!!!!!alot of fun!!!
my boss called me and told me i prolly had to work tomorrow.. so no more beer... fuck! but he didnt say anything about margaritas... if i could do one of them polls i would now.. but i allready decided to do what my boss said. no more beer. margaritas!! here i come!
Help Please Go Flood Me
southern yankee gents salute to the troops@ most creative salute contest/a>
This Is What Happens When You Drink And Drive
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DerekDate: Mar 20, 2006 7:05 PM From: AndeDate: Mar 19, 2006 7:51 PM This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999. This is her and her Father, 1998. This is her on Vacation in Venezuela. Birthday party as a child. At a party with friends. The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999. After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds. With her Father, 2000. Getting treatment.
Carter Thinks He Was Better Than Bush???
OK, I don't normally pay attention to the rants of politicians, former presidents included. Unfortunately, I grew up with Carter as president, and I don't recall much good coming from his administration. As a matter of fact, I distinctly recall the hostages in Iran being released AFTER he was out of office. I also recall an 'energy crisis' occurring during his SINGLE term. For those of you who are too young to recall, it was not a proud time to be an American back then. Along came Reagan, though. Before anyone goes off about 'voodoo' economics or mega-defense spending, let's recall what happened then. America was tired after the 70's. The military had had its teeth pulled during most of that decade, and many of those that served had to make do with sub-standard equipment and sub-standard training. And still, they pushed on the best they could! With Reagan came and push for the 'modern' army, with all the high tech gadgets and kick-ass machinery (can anyone say M1 Abrams??
May 21, 2007....horoscope
What happens to goods when they're left in the shop window for too long? They fade! The stars say it's time for a change of pace, a new attitude and some fresh anecdotes so people can really appreciate your fabulousness.
This Is Awesome
hey ladies if u got yahoo send me a shout or something so we can have fun on the webcam.if u also have a webcam let me know.
My First Mum!!!
I know I am prolly overly excited but I actually posted my first mum today. Please go vote on it. I just started voting on mums last night when I found out how many friggin points I get and well I like to give out my opinion too. lol Hugs to all ..........Sonya :-) Heres the MUM link!!!!!!!!!
My First Mum!!!
I know I am prolly overly excited but I actually posted my first mum today. Please go vote on it. I just started voting on mums last night when I found out how many friggin points I get and well I like to give out my opinion too. lol Hugs to all ..........Sonya :-) Heres the MUM link!!!!!!!!!
Pushed Away
Graphics & Layouts
Ok If I Am Not Back Tonight
if i am not back by tonight bombing it means i am in jail for beating the hell out of you guys
Sports Media Flip-flopping
This isn't something new, then again maybe it is. It seems that it's now vogue to bash those who cheat, have run-ins with the law, or use performance enhancing drugs. Suddenly all the talking heads are taking the supposed "high road". Dan Patrick, Steve Lyons, Jim Gray, Stuart Scott and Tony Kornheiser come to mind immediately. Within the last five years, these poor excuses for "journalists" have espoused the talents of Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Jason Giambi and almost every young cornerback or wide receiver with a troubled background. Now they seem to be changing their tune. Steroids for baseball was the 500 pound elephant in the room you didn't talk about or mention. The broadcasters, owners and players all turned a blind eye, but now Dan Patrick through his nationally broadcast radio show is acting like he is the lone crusader towards cleaning up the game and that he had been fighting the good fight all this time. Between Mr. Patrick, Steve Lyons, Jim Gray and Stuart Scot
Hey Hi I Lost My Job Today!!!!!
Is Love Real?
A guy I graduted with from High School posted a Blog on one of my other sites with the same subject. Asking if love is real and talked about how easily people fall in and out of love. I didn't know how to respond to him. Although he had some good points of people who had arranged marriages and people who stayed together to have someone, I've always looked for the person that I had a deep attraction and who could be my best friend. Most of the time, the deep attraction was blindin me to think it was love but I didn't have that person who would be my best friend. I look at my parents. They were friends with eachother prior to dating and getting married. Their first marriages fell apart for different reasons and found eachother in the end. Although they have their separate things, they do things together. They have their date day. Going to ball games, dinners, movies, or whatever they want to do (or what my dad plans for them to do). I wouldn't say their communication is the best out
Salem Oregon Moms Dr Harmon Needs Our Help (swc)
okay Every one who has Dr Elizabeth Harmon currently or in the past she needs our help!! Salem Hospital doesn't wabnt her to do prenatal care anylong or births for her patients!! THey wont let her or her midvives do so!! SO now it looks like she will have to have her current pregnant patients(MYSELF INCLUDED) find another Dr to deliver our babies!! Iam not at all happy about this I have n=been going to her since 2004 and 2 other births!! I get gestional diabestes with my pregnancies I trust dr Harmon fully and hate and don't like the idea of half way during pregnancy to have to update someother dr on my situation and complications when she already know them!! AND MOST OF ALL I HAVE A DOCTOR I LOVE AND TRUST!!! If this does happen and I have to find someone else I WIIL NOT BE GIVING BIRTH AT SALEM HOSPITAL !!! The only reason why i did before was because of Dr Harmon... I will go the extra miles and time to SILVERTON HOSPITAL AND TO SEE A SILVERTON DR I want to make sure I will get
ok frist time i been here been nagged for likke 1000 yrs by the woman of doom aka weezy lmao so im hey i put up a pic of me later
Hmm Humor Me :p
I think we need to have a "biggest on CT" At least if i cant find a steady GF to use it with, maybe I can at least get SOME credit out of it... Guys need something egotistical to brag around. I want to be able to claim the title if I can. If not..well my hats off to whoever would win :)
jus put my guestbook on my page...come by and sign it...pleeez...;) thanx
Old Friends
so yeah i have been talkin to an old friend of mine. she is my foster moms granddaughter. and well when i left foster care her and i had a lil run in but things are better now. we talk about once a week either on the phone or through the comp. and tonight i just heard her poor her heart out like she used to cuz of her boyfriend. i dont know what to say anymore cuz she has heard it all and has been through it all before with him. and well im really not in any situation to talk right now cuz i didnt realize how much of an ass my baby's daddy was until it was a lil too late for turning back. and now she needs a shoulder to cry on and im tryin to be here for her but its so hard when she is in NY and im down here in PA. I just dont know what to do any more but i know that i miss her and hope and pray that things work out for her cuz she doesnt need anymore back luck shes had enough of it in the last nineteen years
I think I did too much thinking today.... has left me sad and feeling alone. Its one of those days that makes me want to run away from everything
Belated B-day's An Up-coming B-day's
I am sorry fer those I have missed,, an wanna wish you all the best. Much Love!
Sittin Here Thinkin
ok so here i sit thinking once again. my babys daddy is a total ass and i sometimes wish him and i had never gotten together but then i remember if we hadnt i wouldnt have her and take that thought back. i just found out that he is tellin people he should have wrapped it so he wouldnt have a child. i cant believe that fuckin asshole had the nerve to say that. bubba is barely talkin to me and i dont know why. thats really buggin me cuz the other night i had a dream that he was home but totally avoiding me and i couldnt shake that feelin like all damn day. work is goin alright...shitty like always. still tryin to get everything in order for the army. talkin to a few friends that i havent talked to in a while. so yeah things are a lil crazy but not to bad here. all i keep thinkin is why do i always fall for the military men??? one way or another i always seem to end up hurting in the end. i mean with bubba it doesnt make sence though cuz he told me the other night that even thou
Ren Faire
OK, I'm sure this is bound to offend the sensibilities of at least one of two people on my friends list but I just gotta get this off my chest. So, on Saturday, looking for something different to do, I took my son to the Renaissance Fair, officially known here as the "Renaissance Pleasure Faire" Let me start off by saying: "What a collection of freaks and dorks this show was!!!" I went, once, years ago when I was a kid...and now I remember why I haven't gone back. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch Kyle practice fencing in the "swordfight training yard," shooting "cannonballs" (tennis balls) at some idiot in a jester costume, watching Kyle eat the biggest fucking cookie I've ever seen, etc. And, I didn't mind checking out all the cleavage from the lovely maidens. I did recognize several people from the local bdsm-themed clubs, etc. I've noticed that Ren Faire tends to be a magnet for that crowd. But it was hot, dusty, expensive and, well, stupid. I would have felt
A Letter To My X Boss
Oh Lisa.(moni of You should have listened to your children when they told you I was a bitch! Since you will not pay me my last pay from your company, and at the advice of my legal council, I have taken and started to use and make money with the character's that you so kindly GAVE me. You gave me not only there pictures but also there model release forms and licenses before I left your home. I was not going to use them had you only sent me my paycheck, but since you refuse to do so I will take these girls instead. You should also know I have told Michelle all about what you have been doing as well. Now if you want me to stop using these girls all you have to do is PAY ME MY MONEY! If you pay me my money then I might agree to stop using these girls and delete all there files from my PC. You see unlike you I keep my word. Oh I already know this will piss you off and you may even call me. But that will change nothing. There is NOTHING you can do abou
Tell Me About Yourself - The Survey
Name: Nikki Birthday: 06/14/1983 Birthplace: home is Tampa FL Current Location: tampa Eye Color: blue Hair Color:Reddish dirty blonde Height: 5' 6 Right Handed or Left Handed: Righty Your Heritage: human being The Shoes You Wore Today: Foot Flops Your Weakness: A kind smile Your Fears: I fear not for my slef, but for the rest of you. Your Perfect Pizza: One made with Love!! Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: TOTAL ENLIGHTENMENT Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Don't think i have one Thoughts First Waking Up: A wonderful day it will be, or wishing to stay in bed Your Best Physical Feature:Just have to pick one?? Your Bedtime: when I have nothing better to do Your Most Missed Memory: This question is just retarted...How can u have a memory of something u missed? Pepsi or Coke: Nither apple juice MacDonalds or Burger King: ewww Single or Group Dates: just out with people!! Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton Chocolate or Vanilla:
Well at 10pm last night my dog went into labor. She had the second one an hour and a half after the first one. 12 hours later she still hadn't had the other ones so we took her to the vet. He took a x-ray and said there was 7 more in there still...OMG! He gave her a shot to start her labor again and now she has had 4 more for a total of 6 just a few more to go. Today has been one crazy day. Vamp
I just became engaged...I'll go into more detail later.
Galveston Texas Woo Hoo our first day trip, Up untill now we have done errands and stuff but other than two trips to houston to take a friend to the airport and then to pick her up, we have not ventured very far from home since Mike moved down here. So, I chose galveston Island for the first trip. We finally got out of here around 10 am. I was hopeing for an earlier start but hey, sometimes it just takes a bit to get going. No problem as Galveston is only about an hour and a half or so from the house. Well thats how long it takes to get to the ferry and from the ferry. It takes about 20 minutes for the ferry ride and god only knows how long you will be in line for that ferry. Well going over the line was pretty short and I think we got on the second ferry that docked after we arrived. It was Mikes first ever car ferry ride so that was pretty cool. I have riden many many times growing up here and all. It was nice to share another first with him. We seem to have so many fi
Somdays the worndering just gets to ya. Today a friend wrote a blog about meeting someone new at an untimely point in her life. Well as far as I knew I was the newest person that she new, and it resembled remarks that she made to me in an email.. so I asked, blaming it on my friend Sandy who was bugging me to know if it was me or not she was talking about. I kind of knew that she wasn't talking about me, but I wanted to make sure and in my best passive aggresive form, I acheived that... sometimes you have to know! Anyway, I'm still very interested in going tou with Brandi, these other women are taking up my time for no reason..LOL! I think that is about all I have today... Ciao,
Comment Bomb Me Plz!!!
JUST CLICK ON THE LINK & SHOW ME SOME LUVIN! [ photo: 1249286490 ]
Saftey Alert On Diabetic Drug
The Decision
Well, with the price of gas so high we cant travel far, however we have decided to start taking some day trips. I want to start to show Mike more of my world down south. I am going to be posting pictures and blogs about each trip. We had planned to go to colorada this summer to visit a very dear friend that lives there now but unfortunatly with the price of gas and the fact that we are trying to save up for a wedding next may we just cant really afford it. I hope you guys enjoy the journey with us through my blogs and pics.
Rough Sex Facts
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burnes 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Differe
Hall Of Shame
Don't u just luv 8's woo! Zerlindaizme _______________________________________ awww another 8, & he fanned me too LoL! Snakes Aka Ghetto Whyte Boy _______________________________________ I usually don't even reply to the fucktards so they don't get any points from me but I'm in a bad mood so they shall benifit from my generosity. Muahaaaaaaaaaa!! Dark Star Dafience _______________________________________ ∑ sharkbite1378 rated your photo a '8'! sharkbite1378
Crawling On My Knee's..
Crawling underneath the table, hands grasping your thighs, kneading the tight muscles before slowly spreading them apart.......mmmmm......wiggling my way in between and kneeling.....rubbing my face over your crotch, around and around until I feel your cock stiffening beneath the fabric of your trousers....unfastening your belt and tugging downnnnnn the body squirming with anticipation....lowering the waistband of your underwear and reaching inside with both of my soft hands.....breathing in deeply and cupping your balls in one palm, my other hand coiling around your growing dick......such a pretty cock......the tip of my tongue easing out to lightly touch your cockhead......quietly moaning as I begin to circle the flared head with sweeps of my tongue, wetting it.......fondling your balls, rolling them in the warmth of my hand......they are so heavy with cum......may I take it from you?......will you give me your cream?......enclosing the head inside my heated, wet mouth..
"nasty Test!"
Welcome 2 the Nasty Survey. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 Other PPL 1.Would u fuck me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ want me to have u in? answer: 3.Would u give me head/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard? answer: 5.Would u fuck me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u fuck me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then fuck me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 fuck me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we fucked? answer: 12.Where would u fuck me @? answer: 13.Would u fuck me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u fuck me again and again? answer: 15.Would u fuck me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we fucked like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have ph
I hate being home. All of my friends from highschool are gone, and I haven't been able to talk to them since highschool. Where did they all go? I guess that's what I get for having only antisocial misfits as friends. But everyone else from my town is too rich, and way too spoiled for my liking. But I am able to find them at least, even though I don't want to spend time with those people. Besides not having any friends and being all alone, I'm at home with my family. I never liked home very much, too much yelling and fighting from all members of the family. I'm a quite guy, and I like my envirnment to be quite. At least I'm only here for a couple more weeks. On a side note: You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chai
Gross Annoyance Of The Brain..
Step back if your pretty little eyes will become sore from harsh words. I'm in a pissy mood and CT is not helping.. not like it ever does. I need to vent and this is my podium of choice.Go away if you dont want to listen. OK, WTF is the deal with the "CT Family" and "CT Wife" shit? Are we all in the 5th grade here or something? Like ooooh yay, were internet family.. will you be my CT mommy? yippity skippity YAK.. makes me wanna puke. And WHY does everyone just repost and repost to oblivion the same damn bulletins over and over? Doesnt anyone have an original thought anymore? I dont even bother reading bulletins anymore .. CAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!! Finally, I need to bitch about the comments I read on someone's mumm today. Fucking chodes they all are! This person was asking a hard question about her life and all the responses were doing nothing but bashing her. And she had done NOTHING to deserve it. Fucktards all need to be bitchslapped. Matter of fact, I'm gonna le
Daily Horoscope: Libra For May 21,2007
Some people need to draw attention to themselves, while others naturally attract the spotlight. Right now, you fall in the latter camp. Bask in the glow of others' admiration. You could definitely get used to this.
My heart is dark and my mind twisted with the baggage I bare. I do not know real friendship, trust is a fantasy its reality I am unaware. I fight each offering from those wearing cloaks of kindness and mask of friendship. Every word a lie they bring to the doors of my shattering soul, the blood of truth on their lips. Everywhere I look are animals of anger and pain, they feed on my mistrust and vulnerabilty. To be continued..
Ooooops I Did It Again
I blew my load again, i'll rate again tomorrow promise, i will add more pix ;)
Week 13 Contest
Vote by on the pic to take u to the page where u can comment.
Ok Everyfamily Member Is To Get In Here And Bomb
Maddie Photo Appeal 21st May
Police ask for aid in Madeleine case Mon May 21, 2007 7:21PM BST LONDON (Reuters) - Tourists who stayed at the Portuguese resort where 4-year-old Madeleine McCann was abducted were urged on Monday to hand over any holiday photographs which might contain clues to her kidnapper. British police said they wanted pictures from anyone who had been at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz or the surrounding area in the two weeks before her Madeleine's disappearance on May 3. "Look at your prints and see if there are, for instance, people in the background of the picture that at first you may not have noticed," said Jim Gamble, Chief Executive of the police Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). "These are the pictures we want," he added. "By taking in pictures from the public we can move the investigation forward -- looking for people who might seem out of place or behaving strangely." Gamble said detectives would use advanced facial recognition software
True And Righteous
Psalm 19 naturally falls into three parts: God's revelation in creation, God's revelation in the law, and the response of the person of faith. Today it's especially easy to see it as proof of a creative God, beginning with verse one in which "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork." Besides verses one through six being an exercise in personification (remember your English, ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman entities), the process of day and night itself, set into motion from day one in Genesis 1:3-5, attests in verse two to God's creative ability. And no one can deny they experience the effects of day and night, can they? People speaking any language (3) and in any location (4) can perceive day and night, and just as a bridegroom comes from his chamber rejoicing (after the wedding night, I'd expect) in verse five, so the sun comes forth during the day and the moom comes forth during the night "and there is nothing hid from the heat of it"
Truth Or Lying?
if you meet or talk with someone.. How can you say to someone or say to someone that You are not interesting in a relationship or dating. What excuse will you use? Can you tell the truth to someone if you are not interesting in relationship or dating with reason? OR Will you say " I am not looking for relationship or dating because of "blah whatever it is" and it is not you and nothing about you?" dare to comment it?
Are all the english folks? i'm bored come chat to me friends!!!
Death becomes her as she sits in the cold... Death becomes her as she sits alone... Lost she will never look again, Once thrown away she will never mend. Death becomes her as she cries... Deathe becomes her from all the lies... Poweful she shall become, Never under estatemate, she IS the one. Death becomes her as forever it will... Death becomes her as her time stands still... Watch her as she grows, Powerful learning & an inner glow. Death becomes her as she gages her rath... Death becomes her to never look back... Touching her power of fire, gaining great strength, going higher. Death becomes her she finds her kill... Death becomes her out of your will... Look at her in all her glory, Do you even know her story? Death becomes her for she lives in the dark... Death becomes her because tis always the start... Her pain riddled with loss, She lays her white wings down in the burnt moss. Death becomes her on this final day... Death becomes
Apparent Glich
OK just got this from Dixie Darlin and she say's she's confused like ya'll are.Folder set to public but only friends are able to bomb...solution,send her a friend request then get in there and GIT-R-DONE. ĘĺDixie Darlin ~UAO Bomb Squad~CT Wifey of Faery DragonĘĺ@ CherryTAP
Double Clicks In May!!!
In honor of amazing moms, they're MATCHING EVERY CLICK in May! Simply click the "Fund Free Mammograms" button at The Breast Cancer Site to help provide free mammograms to underprivileged women. Every item purchased in The Breast Cancer Site store helps fund a free mammogram for a woman in need. Another fast, free and easy way to fight breast cancer? Make The Breast Cancer Site your home page. Clicking to help fund free mammograms is easy. Remembering to click is the hardest part. Make The Breast Cancer Site your home page as a great way to remind yourself to make your daily click on the "Fund Free Mammograms" button. Click here for easy instructions:
The Final Batle
Grown Woman
Grown Woman Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits in. Girls want to control the man in their life. Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling. Girls check you for not calling them. Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't. Girls are afraid to be alone. Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth. Girls ignore the good guys. Grown women ignore the bad guys. Girls make you come home. Grown women make you want to come home. Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man. Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man. Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hanging with his friends). Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with
Contest Bulletin From Gothic Rose
CONFEDERATE PRIDE The contest will go on for one week starting on May 21st at Noon Central Time and ending on May 28 at Noon Central Time. COMMENT BOMBING IS ALLOWED AND YOU MAY COMMENT YOUR OWN PICS NO DOWNRATES THIS IS ONLY A CONTEST SO HAVE FUN Prizes will go as followed: First A Corvette Second A Silver Motorcycle Third A Womens or Mens Ring (Depending on the person) HERE ARE THE CONTESTANTS **********THIS IS MY PIC*********** ***********PLEASE BOMB IT*************
The Meaning Of Life
The Meaning of Life: A man dies, goes to Heaven and meets God, He asks God, why the world is such a mess? There is pain, injustice, cruelty, suffering. Why didnt you do something? Why didnt you send someone to help? God replies: I did, I sent you!
Conversation With My, Now Ex, And My Daughter, Marina. Funny As Hell, If U Ask Me. Shes Def. Got My Back!
THE ASSHOLE COULDNT EVEN BREAK UP WITH ME ON THE PHONE, HE HAS TO DO IT ON THE PC! HE IS NOT IN TOWN, EVEN IF HE WAS, HE WOULDNT DO IT IN PERSON, THE LOSER!!! I AM SO SICK OF LOSERS!!! GGGgggrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Marina's Convo with a Loser/Mom's Ex Current mood: amused Okay this is a conversation between me and my moms dead beat EX. Today I will be playing the part of MYSELF but I am labeled as QEEEN KRISTIE. Enjoy! I sure did. WHOOOP!!! Shawn Cross played Himself. ENJOY ALL. This isn't me on a bad day, Im actually really happy. I've been waiting to do this for such a long time. My mom didn't understand why I never liked him and now she does. WHOOOHOOO!!!! NOTE: This guy stutters on the computer... when he's mad.... uhm yeah nuff said. This is Kristie's daughter Marina, I wanna make that clear right now. I got her message before she did cause it was sent on my computer. Im very different from her, cause I'll tell you whats up. I don't give a shit how it makes you feel,
Valdez Alaska
Valdez Alaska May 18-20, 2007 Last weekend Richard and I went to Valdez Alaska for a camping trip. Itís about 360 miles south of Fairbanks on the Prince William Sound. Itís a fishing town of about 4000 people. They get about 25 feet of snow a year on average, and it is freaking beautiful! The mountains rise to several thousand feet and come right down to the ocean water, so the whole bay is surrounded by huge snowcapped mountains. The weather was great while we were there. There was no real fishing yet as the salmon arenít running yet, but there was still plenty to do. We left Friday with me, Richard, and my friend John in Johnís Exploder. Itís a good 8 hour drive and we left late since I had to work Friday. We drove south through the mountains. Of course its summer so there was plenty of sunlight late into the night. The landscape was lousy with wild life. We saw at least 10 moose, 4 reindeer (almost hit one), a dozen porcupines, countless artic rabbits, and lots of birds.
Champagne And Strawberries
dozing in the warm spring sun I wake up and see you laying there and a warm feeling of delight just fills me and I feast my eyes on your body and the soft skin that is so inviting. You are breathing so gently and I cannot resist touching you. I reach out and let my hand follow your wonderful feminine curves, your mound is soft and your nipples have already started to react to the touch as if flicked on by a switch. I run my hand down your legs and up again over your mound and tummy just hesitating in your navel area drawing little circles with my finger, I move my face to your body and let my tongue circle around your hard nipple closing my lips around it, feeling the warmth of you on my tongue. I move to your nape of your neck and kiss you around your ear and then kiss you on the lips and I can feel the hunger and passion for you rise in my loins. I want to please you orally and taste your wonderful sweet femininity but not just that I want to mingle your sweetness with some cha
hey whatsup peeps
Jason And Andrea
this is for my two bestest friends in the whole world thanks so much for being here for me through everything i love u both so much i'd be lost without u 2 in my life....remember we're friends to the 2 r my rock without u 2 i'd b lost again i love you two with all my heart..... show them 2 love....
this is for my wifey Morgan....thanks so much for makin me smile today even though im as sick as i am you bring so much sunshine in my life...thanks for being my ya babes show her some love.......
Our Secretary In A Contest
OK ya'll,tweetyjinxin is in a contest and it has already started.Started @ 12 noon,Monday May 21 and ends in one week,May 28 @ 12 noon.So as usual this is what we do so GIT-R-DONE.
We Are Vampires
Throughout history, legends have been told of an earlier civilization. The legends speak of a Golden Age before history, when Gods walked the earth and ruled mankind. ...mankind found comfort in obedience, and an advanced technology produced "miracles". The Gods never left. We are Vampires
Quotes On Self-respect
Abraham J. Heschel: Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. Blaise Pascal: We are all something, but none of us are everything. Frederick Douglass: I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. Jane Haddam: In my day, we didn't have self-esteem, we had self-respect, and no more of it than we had earned. Joan Didion: Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price. Marian Wright Edelman: No one, Eleanor Roosevelt said, can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it. Mark Twain: The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself. Michel de Montaigne: I care not so much what I am to others as what I am to myself. I will be rich by myself, and not by borrowing. Ralph Waldo Emerson: Whatever games ar
Just How Freaky Are You ? Test Yourself !
Hello Everyone, I am a Stone Cold True Freak, But what I want to know is Are You One? 1.) Do you Masturbate? 2.) How often in a day? 3.) In a week ? 4.) Will you Masturbate in front of your partner ? 5.) In front of a complete total stranger ? 6.) A neighbor ( who you know loves to watch you everyday and speaks alot to you )? 7.) Do you like to be spanked? 8.) Do you like to spank your partner? 9.) Do like to have sex in public places? 10.) Are you Oral ? 11.) Are you Anal ? 12.) Do you like your Azz Licked ? 13.) Have you ever had a Orgasm ? 14.) When your Orgasm peaks what are you doing at that moment ? 15.) Is sex more fun and interesting with the same sex partner, oppisite sex partner, a 3 some, couple, swingers or just you and your partner ? 16.) Will you let your partner or partner use toys on you during sex ? 17.) How many sex partners have you had at o
Hey everyone I am now 4 months pg...I am so excited...
Have To Wrote Something....
My frend here wrote abouth child and take care... well i have to wrote that sreetwork what i do,and what hapend there.. Read this and think what is importhant to you in this world to take care...and do it be honest to yourself... There is job in street more than you can do.Those child who live in tunnels under sreet need us and wait us every mounth when we go there... This happend in Russia...where sreetworkers do they job... Think winter! COULD AND VIOLENT IN SREETS In sreets there is freezing but that is not only dangerous there. Boys there are allways in dangerous to feel violent. They been kickt cos they dont sell girsl in they group. There is boy name Dima he is invalid and he proke his head for that,,have tens titses in his head. And when those mans beet kids,before they left they pour glue in boys head and try to put fire... And those kind of things happend allmoust everyday..12-14 years old girls fourse to prostitution. Workers found 6 child in
Lets U In On A Lil Freak Knowledge!
Hello Everyone , I am here to tell you a lil bit about how to reconize a FREAK. Being a Stone Cold True FREAK is no easy job unless it comes natural. You can't just turn into a FREAK over night. Being a FREAK is deep down within you. This is how you can determine a STONE COLD FREAK: 1.) We are mentally as well a Physically CREATIVE in all that we encounter. 2.) We don't care about what others think about our FREAKINESS. 3.) We can provide you with MANY Mental as well as a Physical ORGASMS. 4.) We are Understanding, Open-Minded, Out-Spoken, Intelligent and Caring Individuals. 5.) We believe in totally Pleasuring our partners to the fullest extent. 6.) We are visually inclined to seek out the Pleasure in all humanity. 7.) We are Erotic, Wild, Wierd, Warm Blooded Beings. 8.) We seek others just like us, For Total Full-Fillment. 9.) We are never desperate, Always driven and bound by Desire. 10.) We see what we want, we go after it and Will obtain it at
If you come on too strong, you may end up pushing the other party away when you really want to draw them closer, so ease your grip. Practice self-sufficiency and you'll find what you need in your own backyard.
Just Sayin'
Is it really wise to wear thin white sweatpants to work? Tight? AND A THONG? I don't care HOW dressy they look!
Contest # 5 Lol
My profile picture got rated a 3, i was like that isn't very nice, she says i was rating the photo hun not you, i say but I'm in the photo, she says but it isnt a great pic sorry, snotty lil 18 year old UK biootch. angeleyes1974 is who this was I could go rate her all 1's but im not mean I mean come on I am just relaxing in my bed.
Thinking Of Touching
THE TOUCH Nothing beats the human touch Is it any wonder we need it so much To feel warm lips pressed in tight Warm wet tongue that feels so right Probing and dancing in each others mouth Give rise to something much further south Pulling is tight and nibble your ear Breathing so hard yet we do not hear Hands that travel and roam places secret Wanting the touch is the safest bet Surrender to the feeling and letting go These are the thing that we all know Sweet passion drips from your lips to mine Your juices to me taste far better than wine Buck and grind into each other slow Small gasp and moans let us both know That we crave this deep touch and share ecstasy The look on your face is what does it for me To see eyes filled with passion and that wanting drive That is why the touch makes us both feel alive Love sweet touch is what we do fulfill We dare not go without for we need it still To be in a love where touch is lost and gone Wil
A Little About Me :p
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: mark Birthday: 04/11/1975 Birthplace: home is alaska Current Location: tampa Eye Color: blue Hair Color: no hair Height: 6' Right Handed or Left Handed: lefty Your Heritage: human being The Shoes You Wore Today: combat Your Weakness: fun Your Fears: showing up at school in my undies whew glad that's out there Your Perfect Pizza: its not what you eat its who you eat it with Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: TOTAL ENLIGHTENMENT Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol lmao acronyms in general Thoughts First Waking Up: urghh hmph !@#$##@% Your Best Physical Feature: my hair Your Bedtime: when everyother option has expired Your Most Missed Memory: how would i know I missed it Pepsi or Coke: depends jack or captian MacDonalds or Burger King: ewww Single or Group Dates: hey im just happy to be there Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton for sure Chocolate or Vanilla: chocoholi
I find it rather Ďoddí as I peruse through CherryTAP, looking at profiles, pictures, and watching the picture marquee bar scrolling across my screen that 8 out of every 10 women are portraying themselves as sluts, half-clothed and loose. Have we as women lost so much of our self respect we feel that the only way to get a manís attention is through his dick? Come on girls!!!!!! What happened to the virtue, integrity, morals and equality that the women of so long ago fought for?!?!?! I have no doubt those women are turning over in their graves at how women have trashed their rep.... The even sadder part of all of this is that it is these very same women that complain, moan and groan about how they are treated like crap. They flaunt their bodies and then get upset when the men respond in a manner in which they donít feel is justified. Just what the hell did you expect? I think itís time that women of class, respect, integrity and morals stand up, keep our clothes on and act
What Happened To Self-respect?????
I find it rather Ďoddí as I peruse through CherryTAP, looking at profiles, pictures, and watching the picture marquee bar scrolling across my screen that 8 out of every 10 women are portraying themselves as sluts, half-clothed and loose. Have we as women lost so much of our self respect we feel that the only way to get a manís attention is through his dick? Come on girls!!!!!! What happened to the virtue, integrity, morals and equality that the women of so long ago fought for?!?!?! I have no doubt those women are turning over in their graves at how women have trashed their rep.... The even sadder part of all of this is that it is these very same women that complain, moan and groan about how they are treated like crap. They flaunt their bodies and then get upset when the men respond in a manner in which they donít feel is justified. Just what the hell did you expect? I think itís time that women of class, respect, integrity and morals stand up, keep our clothes on and act
To My Stalker
I have been investigating this matter (I've got a few toys myself) to track you down in case I am forced to prosecute you. I have obtained your real name, home and work address, home and work phone numbers, email address, and some interesting tidbits on your criminal history. I won't sink to your level and post it publicly, though. If you want to push the issue, your local police and the FBI will both be hearing about it. Cyber-harassment is illegal, and you have taken it too far. This is no longer a game. You have now chosen to bring it into real life, so you have two choices: cease and desist (I'm sure you're familiar with the term), or end up being prosecuted under federal provisions for cyber-harassment. What you are doing IS illegal, and I will prosecute if it does not cease with the removal of your latest profile. This is your first and last warning. By the way, you gave yourself away with the last profile. I won't tell you how - not yet at least.
hey everyone,ok here it is,im an admin on a site called there is also a sister site which is trying to get all my friends to register,it has so many great things on it, heres alil about it,,in the download section u can find movies,awesome music,programs ,software,yahoo and msn things,skins,theres online games too,like soldier of fortune,we have some crews in there already if anyone is a gamer,,,ok on the home page we have have a shout box,some music to listen to,we have an arcade that keeps track of everyones high scores so if ur competitive or just like games plz come play,,try n beat some of my scores i dare ya,,,we have our own chat room where we all get together n chat here n there,u have ur own profile,,mine is under the name juicey,,,i have contact info,,the site is very important to me n stand behind it 100%,,,so plz all my friends go register,,ty xx oo xxoo
Ron Paul Is My Hero...
Ron Paul Goes On The Offensive In Austin Slams rival candidates as establishment shills, attacks GOP factions who tried to bar him from debates, exposes New World Order and military-industrial complex. Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes Prison Planet Monday, May 21, 2007 During a campaign stop in Austin Texas this weekend, Presidential candidate Ron Paul called for bringing home U.S. troops and an end to a welfare state that benefits only big business at the expense of the poor and the middle class, while attacking his rival candidates as establishment shills who are out of touch with the sentiment of the American people. The Texas Congressman also slammed the New World Order, the North American Union and the move towards global government which is being implemented partly by the erosion of U.S. sovereignty and the Bush administration's suicidal immigration policy. "I think even our first President Bush said that the New World Order was in tune and that's what they wer
Did Anyone Ever Tell You!
Did Anyone Ever Tell You, Just How Special You Are The Light that You Emit Might even Light a Star Did Anyone Ever Tell You How Important You Make Others Feel Somebody out here is Smiling About Love that is so Real Did Anyone Ever Tell You Many Times, When They were Sad Your E-mail made Them Smile a bit In Fact It made Them Glad For the Time You Spend Sending Things And Sharing whatever You Find There are No Words to Thank You But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine
Theme Song
As per suggestion of one of my best friends, I will now blast White Snake- Here I Go Again before heading out to school. I don't know where I'm going But I sure know where I've been Hanging on the promises and songs of yesterday And I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time Though I keep searching for an answer I never seem to find what I'm looking for Oh Lord I pray you give me strength to carry on 'Cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams And here I go again on my own Going down the only road I've ever known Like a drifter I was born to walk alone But I've made up my mind I ain't wastin' no more time I'm just another heart in need of rescue Waiting on love's sweet charity And I'm gonna hold on for the rest of my days 'Cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams And here I go again on my own Going down the only road I've ever known Like a drifter I was born to walk al
New Immigrants From: "david Labonte"
New Immigrants From: "David LaBonte" My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to "print" it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. Dave LaBonte Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in the Orange County Register : Dear Editor: So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in question aren't being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry. Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a s
Atten!!!!!all Ldc Creators,founders,andco-founders!!!!rulez...
The Laws Note: Demon Storm was excused from the metting. Note: We will be having a meeting night once a week every week for ALL members who want to participate in gettin to know more members, expressing any concerns, or just to ask questions. Law #1: If you leave the family take LDC off. Law #2: From now on anyone that tried to join that is in another family will not be able to. If your in a family other than this one now they are fine. Law #3: All L.O.A (Leave of Absense) must be approved by a Creator and a Founder. Law #4: If you show inactivity by not reading or reposting the family bulletins and / or blogs for a months time then you will be notified and placed on probation, if it continues then you will be removed. Law #5: All members need to understand we are NOT a comment bombing family. Don not address comment bombing bulletins to the family. If we have time to comment then we will. Law #6: You must make an effort to repost all family bulletins th
This Really Freakin Sucks
Ok, so today freakin sucks, I woke up in a great mood, all stoked cause I'm gonna put some blue in my hair, and then I get the phone call My friend Jack died. Damn it this sucks, two friends gone in the last four months. I am so tired of losing friends. This is number 6, gone. I'm only 23 I can't believe I've already lost this many friends, this is so shitty. anyways, I'm gonna dye my hair blue now, he loved it when I had blue hair, I wish he could have seen it again. One Life One Love One Heart R.I.P Jack you will be missed but never forgotten
Im Back
yeser i am! i missed u all!!!!!! *muah*
Stop Smoking :)
I like the cool and heft of it, dull metal on the palm, And the click, the hiss, the spark fuming into flame, Boldface of fire, the rage and sway of it, raw blue at the base And a slope of gold, a touch to the packed tobacco, the tip Turned red as a warning light, blown brighter by the breath, The pull and the pump of it, and the paper's white Smoothed now to ash as the smoke draws back, drawn down To the black crust of lungs, tar and poisons in the pink, And the blood sorting it out, veins tight and the heart slow, The push and wheeze of it, a sweep of plumes in the air Like a shako of horses dragging a hearse through the late centennium, London, at the end of December, in the dark and fog. Stop Smoking Pass It On...
Such A Great Day!
Life is treating me rather well today! I just feel the need to share my happiness with you all. I'm in such a great mood! Yay! It is about time that I have a good day. Of course I'm still missing my but I'm going to be seeing the boys in a couple more days (they are with grandma). My bills got paid and I didn't have to sell my soul to the Devil to get that done. I found a new store here in town to shop at and I have been walking 2x already. I've been jammin' to some awesome music when I've been in the house and it's just a terrific day! The sun is shining, the humidity is low and the breeze is cool. How much better can it really get today? I'm smiling again, and I mean really smiling. I haven't had a drink or felt the need to run from reality lately so I am really proud of myself for that. I think God is rewarding me for my new found inner strength by giving me this totally fantastic day to enjoy! Well enough for now! Until next time, laters!
Final Inspection
Final Inspection The policeman stood and faced his God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining. Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, policeman. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My church have you been true?" The policeman squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't, Because those of us who carry badges can't always be a saint". "I've had to work most Sundays, and at times my talk was rough, and sometimes I've been violent, because the streets are awfully tough". "But I never took a penny, that wasn't mine to keep.... Though I worked a lot of overtime when the bills got just too steep". "And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears". "I know I don't deserve a place among the people here. They never wanted me around except to calm their fear". "If you've a
Small Joke About Nuts..!
Why do women blink their eyes in the morning...? Because they havent got nuts to scratch !!!
Bloddy Little Cuts
Old habits die hard for me Why do you have to make Me fell this way What makes you think Ill let you have it your way You put me though so much fucking pain That the only things that feels Good to me Right now Are the bloody little cuts On my wrist Deeper and deeper I take the knife Till all the pain Is no more Till there nothing left And when Iím gone Will you see What the fuck You did to me I went out of my way To make you feel loved by me And yet you couldnít Do the same for me I canít pass this up I wonít let you stand In my way to finding happiness Did you like knowing That youíre the blame For all my fucking pain I wonít let it happen again You promised that you wouldnít And you fucking lied to me How could you I wonít let you stand in my way Iím moving on And you canít stop me I found someone new Someone who I believe When he tell my That he cares about me
Robin Williams - Viagra
Body Guard Add On Info
Im gonna make a slideshow on my front page too if you so choose to read the WANTED BODY GUARD blog and bulletin and go through with it!! *hint hint* LOL
In Memory Of Vietnam Vets
I Would
I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is
Why Is It My Favorite
the final fantasy series has been my absolute favorite. so how unfortunite it was that the first final fantasy movie had nothing to do with anything the series had to offer. if anyone can remember the spirits within, the animation was great ( i personally thought ) but the story, the story was dreadful.had nothing to do with anything i had ever played. so rightfully to my surprise the makers of the series came out with their rendition of a movie. but this time it was finished with style. the style of final fantasy 7 still one of the most sought after games in playstation history. people this is what cg movies are all about. vibrant whites and lush blacks, colors only truly harnessed by hd. people u must watch this movie, if not for the story, for the graphics alone. i promise if you keep an open mind the movie is rather good. also this one follows the story of 7 two years after the game. give it a try and ponder this. where will entertainment go as technology advances. thanks for
A Cherry Blast
Damn I would sure love a cherry blast to show off our beautiful girls but I do not have access to paypal... This does suck! Oh well maybe someday they will accept othe rpayment forms for the cherry blast.
Let's talk about patience, shall we? I can, and have, stayed still for minutes to hours at a time (and on one memorable occasion, over a day), mostly because my life or the lives of others depended on it. I have waited for 'proper moments' to occur many times in my life, sometimes for months and years. But that stuff is all about me having discipline and knowing how to wait without going insane. I did have a problem for a while with waiting for other people to get their stuff done, if it was stopping me from doing my job. and hey, I'm a lot better about that now than I used to be, by a longshot. Really... I am. Stop laughing, it's true...well mostly... But when my day to day existance is dependant on one of these sheeple, who wend their way through days full of grazing on the nape of society, I do get a little cranky when I can't even get a simple response to a simple info request. meh, I should know better, I'm aware of that... A need on my part does not cons
"thirteen Thirteen Thirteen"
A man was walking alone down a path. He then heard a bunch of people laughing and gigglings from behind a tall fence. He heard them chant, "Thirteen Thirteen Thirteen". So he decided to look through a hole in the fence. When he did..someone poked him in the eye. Then he heard, "Fourteen Fourteen Fourteen" (Goes to show ya.. mind your own business, LOL)
Felicia Austin 360 21st ST SE APT 1 Salem OR 503-930-1175 503-362-7049 Objective: An interesting position with a growing company with working with animals Experience: Tammy Thonas Salem OR Babysitting may 11 1999 to may 2 2003 I toke care of two school age children i toke care of them antell there mom got home keep the house clean and the kids feed walked them to school when they needed to be at school . Ron Niley Lyons OR Horse stable june 3 1999 to may 9 2003 I toke care of the horses and clean them up for tra
Filipinos Who Fought For U.s. Don't Get Benefits
By Dennis Camire, Gannett News Service WASHINGTON — While official Washington scrambles to take care of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many Filipino veterans who fought in the U.S. Army against the Japanese in World War II are still seeking full benefits from the U.S. government. More than 65 years ago, they fought at Corregidor and Bataan, with thousands walking as prisoners on the infamous Death March, which the Philippines will commemorate Monday with a national holiday. For years after the Philippines fell in 1942, many were part of organized guerrilla units in the mountainous jungles, battling Japanese forces and keeping them from being deployed elsewhere in the war. But shortly after the war ended, Congress stripped thousands of the Filipino fighters of their eligibility for full veterans' benefits in the Rescission Acts of 1946, limiting the veterans to compensation for service-related disabilities or death. "I was terribly shocked when I wa
Love ??
"A great person once told me that the word "Love" gets thrown around too much. You know when you're in love with a person when they fill your thoughts through the day and they are in your dreams through the night. You know you're in love with someone when they become a part of you, a part which you can't imagine your life without. This is the way I feel, this is Love."
Got To Make It Work
well now m in georga wayyyy down south well i have got to make it work way down here
My Lover......
My Lover...... I lay in bed with my lover enjoying his sweet embrace and the kindness I feel from his heart and the love I feel from his eye's. I lay in bed with my lover enjoying his hands caress every inch and every curve of my body and and his soft kisses on my neck and on the curves of my breasts. I lay in bed with my lover enjoying the warmth and safeness from his arms wraped around me . I lay in bed with my lover and fantasies about what it be like to make love in front of a nice warm fireplace with candles all over the room.I lay in bed with my lover making love like it was our first time together enjoying every move one another made. I lay in bed with my lover looking into his eye's and into his soul and seeing how deep his true feelings for me are.
An Eyeful Of Nonesense
*stares into her empty bowl* There is never enough oatmeal. Well as you can tell I've been spending alot of time on this site. Its comfy. Its easy being me here (ewww that sounded so cliched). It also makes these arthritic days go by a tad faster. *sigh* So much to do, not enough umph to do it. I'm terrible, I have piles of stuff spread all throughout the house. This is my scrapbook pile, and this is my crafting pile, oh and over there is the reading pile. Blargh. Yet I still dream of the day when its all finished. It never will but the thought pleases me....*scans the room and faces back* You know, I'm considering doing something with my hair. Something drastic. The thought terrifies me. Which is exactly why it seems like such a good idea. I have no idea what as of yet, but I'm sure it'll hit me soon. Ahhh hows that for nonesense ;)

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