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Am I Wrong?
Lately I've been made to feel guilty about wanting to pleasure a woman. Is it wrong to want to fulfill certain desires. I mean come on a little kiss here, a little kiss there. A sensuous massage, that relaxes and put you in the mood at the same time. Whispering dirty talk in each others ears. Is it really wrong to want those things. I believe in making everything pleasurable to the woman to make sure she gets hers. When I say that, I mean I will not stop until she says to or until the moment make her lock her joints for a second. Is that so wrong? Does anyone think it wrong to have sex with a friend you've known for years. I have had sex with a couple of friends before and although they say it was great, they also said they could never do it again because it would ruin my friendship with all them. Now this is after several times of some seriously good fuckin'. For some reason it is now complicated, a mistake, or a sin. Even though we have remained friends and pretty tight friends at
XS Magazine Contest - April only - you can only vote once and you must be a member of the site (membership is free) Take care, Melanie **** Sorry we have not been able to contact you sooner things have been very busy for XS Magazine but, Congratulations! You are 1 of 100 selected to be voted on during April for the $22,000 XS Magazine Model Search Contest. This runs April 1st - April 30, 2006 You will be able to check out our Model Search voting page here: to be able to view the April Model Search Contestants. One of these models will become the XS Girl of the Month, received $1,000, and a full featured spread at XS Girl of the Month in a future XS issue! Also, she will be 1 of the 12 Models (one winner from each month) that will compete for XS Girl of the Year and the $10,000 Grand Prize! is the page where you can gr
Poetry Of Assorts If It Is Marked Nsfw Then Don't Read While At Work...
Sitting here alone. Feeling miserable and not sure why. Wishing I wasn't alone, Knowing he will be home later. This knowledge doesn't help me know. Sigh, i'm sitting here alone. I open my eyes and look around warily. Once again all I see is fog. I walk slowly in the direction in which I am needing to go. As I step further into the fog, I start to feel the slightest of touch. I can feel the despair, heartache, and other emotions of those who reach out and touch me but, I cannot see them. As I continue walking the weight of the fog grows to such a dense that, silent tears start to fall down my face. After a few minutes I reach my destination and when I enter that place, at least for a little while I have been released from the fog. I sit inside with the all the curtains closed, and the lights turn on. This is an attempt to simulate the sunlight in my mind. Try so hard to be cheerful but, it doesn't ever seem to last. Unless, I am curled up with a loved one. I go outside
To All My Friends
Finally posted some new pics of me, they're kinda cruddy but i figures it was time Ya know...if you're gonna be an ass and rate one of my art pieces a 5 then have the balls to stand up and say something....and to the one who rated me a 5 because i wasn't female and naked.......just f^%$^n grow up! Ya know, i can tolerate a lot of things, but this guy takes the cake. One of my sketches was recently rated a that i don't care about, if it is because you disagree with the value of my art, but when you rate me a 5 because in his words "If you're not female and naked you will never get a 10" it burns my ass!!!! I just wanted you ladies out there to know what kinda guys are on here...some of us are somewhat normal...and some are just lookin for something to pound off that i've vented i feel better...Remember ladies KRAZeeDave is only gonna rate you good if ya show him your goodies.
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Pimp Out!
Is going to be this wonderful woman below me. :D Probably the worst time to do this being a Saturday evening and all, but I know half you fawkers are sitting there bored with nothing to do just like me, well I'd normally suggest midget porn as you all already know :P But not this time. On with the point, she's 700,000 away from godmother, yes it sounds like a big number but it won't be with the help of my awesome friends :D She's got a give away going on right now, currently has 4 people in it, you could make 2 peoples day and help by bombing some of them, or you could hit up her pics and stash, whatever floats your boats, I'm not a picky begger 8-P I've done enough rambling damnit! Come join me in getting this lovely woman to godmother already!!! Love you guys and thank you in advance for those that take time out of their busy days to help :D Shell is in the process of setting up a new contest, best cleavage contest in fact. Here's the breakdown for the contest. (and trust me
My Life
People for thousands of generations, claim that they have found their True Love. The truth is, not many people find their true loves, very easily. Couples around the globe, stay together for long periods of time. But, just because they can stay with each other for that long, doesn't exactly mean their love is true. Now, that I have your attention. What exactly is tryue love and How do you know, your feeling true love? In my opinion, True Love, is the unconditional love, the love that never falters. The love that you share with that special someone. To me, the feeling of true love doesn't always come from the heart, it comes from the entire body. True love is the overall sensation when your with somone that you really care about. True love should be the way you miss your siginificant other, when their not around. The way they make you feel, when they are around you. The way they hold you at night, while your sleeping. Thats they way I have felt, well.........About a month now.
Here is a list of the gifts I haven't gotten that I want. I will update this as I get them. :D Also this is another new blog section to rate! SEASON & SPECIAL: Spider Web Candy Corn Scream Mask Skeleton Apple Pie Cape BIG PIMPIN GIFTS: Yacht Corvette Tropical Vacation Silver Motorcycle Million Dollar Mansion Trailer 64 Impala Big Screen TV Please hook me up VIC's and people... anything I can do in return for helping me out let me know!!! Remember I will update and edit this page as I get them. Thanks!!! ]V[assacre Here is an updated list of the gifts I haven't gotten that I want. I will update this as I get them. :D Hook me up and I'll see what I can do for you too :p Party Time: Beer Bong "Special" Cup of Joe Spicy Gifts: Blindfold Spanish Fly BIG PIMPIN GIFTS: Yacht Corvette Tropical Vacation Silver Motorcycle Million Dollar Mansion Trailer 64 Impala Big Screen TV
kccowgirl7164 is ripping pics without asking for permission first so please watch ur pics Well Hello everyone in Fubar land, this is the 1st Lady of the " REDNECK MAFIA FAMILY " Hope all r doing well, and its friday so we hope that everyone stays safe. I would like to put out the invitation for all who would like to be a part of a family that hopes to do some good for this world, in helping those who can not help themselves. No this does not need any negative comments PLEASE, just read our profile and one of our bulletins to see what we r all about. If u r interested then please leave me a message Thank You!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
Captain Brad
To my ShockWave family Greetings to all,     I came into ShockWave not really expecting the hospitality that was shown to me. For that, I must thank all of you. These past two years have been really difficult for me and I couldn't really deal with people. Everywhere I looked I saw my friends turn into enemies. Because of that I had retreated back into myself and severed myself from the world. I just went about every day like a zombie. I figured that going into lounges and getting back in tune with people would be good medicine for me. However, that was not the case. I've been in plenty of lounges and in each lounge I felt out of place. Then when I came into ShockWave I was surprised at the kindness and hospitality of the members and staff. Y'all made me feel at home and shown me that there are still people out there with love and kindness in their hearts. I appreciate all of you and I am proud to be a part of the family. I love y'all very much.   Love and Light,   Danielle   A
12 Years
Hmmm just hit 12 years in the Air Force. I can't believe it, seems like just yesterday I was a punk in boot camp. Anyway 8 more to go! damn I'm getting old...
hello freinds and fam....once again im in a giveaway....for a its turns n a give away for an hh...i just need 45 k more on it...yall know i help anyone i can....if yall have time drop a few comments...all would be apperciated...and i will sho luv get back to waht yall doin and i see yall around he he
Ppl I Swear...
First- my truck dies again...I had it towed to the shop..waiting to hear the price. Second- I go to the grocery store to grab a few things. I didn't get a car or a basket cuz I thought I could carry it all... I dropped a few things, no big deal. So I get to the counter, and the guy say paper or plastic, I say "plastic is fine." He starts ringing things up and says "do you what a bag?" I thought I made that clear when I said I wanted Third- I go to McDonald's on Saturday for a sweet tea and a dbl. cheeseburger. Drive-thru was long so I went in. The guy says "may I take your order?" I say "yes, I'd like a dbl. cheesburger and a sweet tea" He says "you know that's not a dollar" I'm like um, "ok then I'll have a McDouble." I thought they were the same thing? Just got a name change. Then he says "do you want a small, medium, or large tea?" LOL... Tea comes in 1 size and that's a dollar too. Maybe he missed training day...Who knows So i fe
Auction Offers
The Wild Wild World Of Retail
This past Sunday we had a group of five guys come in to the tux shop to get fitted for a wedding. The groomsmen were hilarious, proclaiming to the groom that they were in the store to get fitted for the groom's funeral, instead of his wedding. After the manager and I got them all fitted, I asked them what they were doing afterward, and the groom responded, "Draaaanking." It made me laugh out loud. They were a bunch of funny dudes. While I was fitting groomsman number three, he randomly asked me if he could give me a hug. I raised my eyebrow a bit, and he said he just wanted to to test the fit of the jacket, and make sure it was comfortable. I let him hug me. It was a valid bit of research I suppose. It didn't come off creepy, just funny, though I seriously doubt he would have tried it on my male co-worker. Either he really was testing the jacket, or he was one smooth operator. Whatever the case may have been, it was nice to have relatively polite and funny peo
What People Think They Know...
10 Reasons Not to Skimp on Sleep Too busy to go to bed? Having trouble getting quality sleep once you do? Your health may be at risk (Original posting : By Sarah Baldauf Posted October 16, 2008) You may literally have to add it to your to-do list, but scheduling a good night's sleep could be one of the smartest health priorities you set. It's not just daytime drowsiness you risk when shortchanging yourself on your seven to eight hours. Possible health consequences of getting too little or poor sleep can involve the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. In addition to letting life get in the way of good sleep, between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder—insomnia or sleep apnea, say—that affects daily functioning and impinges on health. Consider the research: 1) Less may mean more. For people who sleep under seven hours a night, the fewer zzzz's they get, the more obese they tend to be, according to a 2006 Institute of Medicine rep
Random Writtings
We talked, We walked, for a Moment in Time. You passed through my life that day and left your mark. You may never pass my way again, Or you may stay for a lifetime. No matter what, I want to say thank you for the impression you made that will stay with me for eternity. I enjoyed the walk, I enjoyed the talk. I am blessed for that moment in time. The first time I saw you I knew you would affect my life, though your role I did not know. I asked myself, "Why is he alone? Why does he sit so quiet, all alone? Is he sad? Is he glad to be alone? Is he alone? Is he lonely? " There is so much I want to know. I asked myself, "Why him? When so many people pass through my life each day, why him? " What attracts me to you? What makes me want to know more? I want to know. Even if my questions are never answered, There is one thing I want you to know. I have been blessed by the effect you had on me in that Moment in Time. i met you in a very strange placewe hit it off i felt like a
So my friend and I were talking today. There used to be a boards2go forum where you would just post a topic and have cyber sex... We want sex... Neither of us feel like calling for a booty call and we want to play with fantasies we may not be able to in reality. So we remade the forum! Now we just have to wait and see who wants to come and post. Really you could post pics, stories, cyber... whatever dealing with sex... I'm getting wet already haha. If you wanna check it out: AH! I just have to scream out that I need sex and I need it now! I want cock! I hate not hvaing quick access... GR! I feel better getting that out there though. I get to go in for surgery tomorrow morning. yay... Im so tired of my hand hurting that it makes me happy but at the same time I wish I had someone home to take care of me... haha selfish I know. But oh well. :) It's how it is. So if I disappear for a while I'll be back when the drugs we
In The End
Body Jello Shots
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According To Recent Studies:
1. Why do men become smarter during sex?       (Because they are plugged into a Genius) 2. Why were men given bigger brains than dogs?      (So they won't hump womens legs at parties) 3. Why did God put man on earth?     (Because a vibrator cant mow the lawn) 4. Why did God make men before Women?      (You need a rough draft before you make a final copy) Just thought you all might want to know the real truth!  :)   
"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more." Being romantic is not blurring out reality, not peering through rose-colored glasses, it’s looking at life with other than the five senses you already got. Having a romantic soul is revealing a "glass is half full"-mentality, as opposed to the so called realists, who tend to have a rather negative image of the world “Pain by itself is merely pain, but the experience of pain coupled with an understanding that the pain serves a worthy purpose is suffering. Suffering can be endured because there is a reason for it that is worth the effort. What is more worthy of your pain than the evolution of your soul?”
" Nobody "
Lavender Roses Probably the most mystical and fairy-tale perfect color of rose is lavender. It is said if someone gives you a purple rose it means they fell in love with you at first sight, just like Cinderella’s Prince Charming! It’s interesting as well to note that purple is a royal color, so sending a single purple rose means you find her majestic, opulent and special. If you are seeking to voice your deepest love and admiration for someone consider sending the dynamic Blue Curiosa or the blend of colors in Lavender Duet. With hair of black and searching brown eyes , As strong an' sure as the Eagle flies , A Hint of a smile is lingering near, It tells me I have nothing to fear .   My heart is ablaze with the flame of desire , Too much heat in the dancing fires , So my blue eyes send back a message thats clear , Procede with caution if you're going to come near .   I waited so long for a love that was True ,
I found myself sitting one Sunday reading Dante's Divine Comedy. I stepped out for a bit to enjoy my coffee, and was lost in thought. I have read this, and other great works before, and each time I am left in awe not only by the masterfull writings, but by the timeless tales that will be read by generations to come. Alighieri, Longfellow, Homer, Poe, Tennyson, Shakespeare.. the list goes on. Their words, will live forever. To know that their thoughts and ideas will stand for all time.. is something I must admit fascinates me. They have in many ways, assured their immortality. I wonder if they ever comprehended how great of an impact their work would have for generations to come. It was then that I realized, that each of us through our own lives, do the same thing, though maybe not on such a global scale. As a parent, every action we take, every word we speak around our children... is poetry. Our lives are the pages, and our actions are the words. We are the song, we are t
Way Cool
If the past is coming back ot stare you in the face you have two options run or face it, So I am facing it you want to look at me fine, you want to talk to me then talk but do something, dont hide behind a screen name This is awesome, now lc has blogs. I guess I really will have to come on line more often and update huh, LOL. Just too cool, Well I have to go get the kids, you all stay cool, happy, and free. LOL God Bless Well Happy New Year to everyone, One of my new years resolutions is to try and keep in touch on line a bit more. Or at least up date my pages/blogs more regularily. So how was everyones Christmas and New Years, I would love to hear about it. I had a great Christmas and New Years. My grams is going strong and doing really good so that was nice for Christmas. New Years I was at a big to do, and had a really good time. So I guess you can say I am starting the year off right. So if you feel like it go ahead, leave me a message and let me know about yo
Lately it has come to my attention that ppl don't care about me or my opinion as much as I tend to care about theirs. Ever since the stupid Domestic Violence case between my brother and I, people, won't talk to me, won't tell me what's going on in theirs lives, no matter how much I care. It's like I somehow slipped between the cracks. Even my husband, all he cares about anymore is moving to Utah. He won't even entertain the idea of doing anything else. Not only that but when I cry because I can't be with my kid either he falls asleep and dry humps me. this is not how love should feel. I shouldn't fell so alone all the time. God damnit! Every time I think I have finally found a little piece of solid ground to stand on, something ( or someone ) happens to somehow yank it out from under me! Ever since I turned 13 and my Mom moved out of state, without me, it's like I'm always being blown this way or that at the whim of whatever. I'm so tired, and I'm way to young to be this God damn tired
My Online Store & More
MK Internet Marketing My Online Store & More. There's Something For Everyone. You'll Find Just About AnyThing You Want, From Cookware To Computer Software. There's Even Some Adult Content. Find All Your Needs & More. Guaranted!!!! My Online Store MK Internet Marketing All Links 4 U Best Deals Online 4 U Best Online Deals 4 U EZ Money Links 4 U Free Poker Links 4 U Hot Deals Online 4 U Hot Hot Links 4 U Hot Online Deals 4 U Online Poker Links 4 U Super Hot Deals 4 U Super Hot Links 4 U The Best Deals Online 4 U The Best Online Deals 4 U Adult Supplements And More Matts Sex Store All Porn Links 4 U All Porn Movies 4 U All Porn Pics 4 U All Porn Videos 4 U Daily Links 4 U Daily Movies 4 U Daily Pic 4 U Daily Videos 4 U Daily Porn Links 4 U
70% Bitch
You are 70% Bittch! I can't believe it! Your almost a full bittch! I know you just sit there and think of ways to be a bittch! How Pathetic is that! You must be awful lonely! Cruelty hurts! Bittch!How much of a B*tch Are you?Create MySpace Quizzes
Music And Junk
I keep having these weird dreams about snakes.Never the same dream and never every night.This last one was weird cause i am deathly afraid of snakes.I was at the bayou with some friends for the boat blessing and some of the kids were swimming in the water like every year.And all of a sudden hundreds of snakes fell out of no where.And i got pushed in the water to go save the kids before they got bit. My last dream started out that my back patio was like a horse stable,but when you opened the doors to one of the stables you were near the water,it had a latter to go down into the water to swim.They had a little boy for next door who was swimming down one of the stalls,he kept swimming further and further out,and he just kept swimming till he got to a big snake pit,but only one snake came to him,and i kept yelling at the little boy to smin back as fast as he could.Then the next thing i know my little girl had on a life jacket and she was going down one of the latters to go swim,there wa
The Clash
Good Advice!
1. Do not walk behind me, for  I may not  lead. Do not walk ahead of  me for I may not follow.  Do not walk beside me either.  Just pretty much leave me the hell alone! 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn.  So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.   5. No one is listening until you fart. 6. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 7. Never test the depth of  the water with both feet. 8. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 9. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 10. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 11. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to  fis
Heart Broken
In A Place Were I Do Dwell I Met A Girl Who I Got 2 Know Very Well She Came And Took My Heart From Me Now She's Willin 2 Set Me Free Now I Know The Reason Why The Otha Guy Was More Handsum Than I I Ran Home And Cried On My Bed Not A Single Word Was Said When My Motha Came Home She Ran Upstairs The Door She Broke Too Find Me Hangin From A Rope She Got A Knife And Cut Me Down And In My Jeans This Note She Found Dig My Grave Dig It Deep With In Marble Stone From Head Too Feet And Place A Dove At My Feet 2 Show Da World I DIED 4 LUV
Love And Pain
How can you claim to love me when you hurt me so. All I want is to be happy once just this once and you cant saport that. I found someone to make me happy, someone to love me. I want to spend time and make my self happy. I am tiered of making everyone else happy, it is my turn. I dont understand why you cant saport me in this. I know it is just somthing about me that everyone betrays me. Maybe it is writen in my forhead or somthing I dont know. I did not expect this from you of all people but well I guess I should have, it is in me to be betrayed. This is my life I have to except it. We hurt each other all the time. We say mean things and cuss each other out. We find ways to cause more pain to each other. Are actions hurt each other all the time. It that really worth it? Do you enjoy the pain we go though to hold on? Love and pain, they are to closely linked together some times and we are always walking that fine line. We have triped over that line more and more. You have asked for
A Special Thing
Got this from a friend ...When I read it I loved it and wanted to share with my other friends Hope you enjoy as much as I did Being a human being is like being a pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff-- including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see. This was passed on to me from another pumpkin. Now, it is your turn to pass it to a pumpkin. I liked this enough to send it to all the pumpkins in my patch. Happy Fall! A song that Kate really loves I would like to send the most heartfelt "Thank You" that Anyone has ever sent out! No one can imagine the emotions I am feeling right now!! I can not possibly thank all of personally. Some of you I've never even talked to nor met but, today you have shown me that Fubar is about m
Thanks From Yesterdays Spotlight
could you please all go rate this picture and ask your friends to i would realllyy appreciate it and thank you to those who have and thanks to those who read this and help [ ] Ok guys i'm playing this game called monsters fight and kinda like fubar if ya get someone to sign up you get points only thing is i don't need you to sign up only click on the link to help me get gold so i can kick alls all so please click this link for me and here is sadistics link This is a huge thank you to everyone that helped me get my spotlight First off in the list is my other half sadistic light who done the most given me every fubucks she could spare and also got the spotlight for me due to th fact i was sleeping go show her some luv people And a huge thanks to all that dropped in to fan rate and add me during my spo
Yah Yah Whatever....
back in my ol' home town...pretty fucking boooring....need some hit me up ps. cant wait to get back to LA....fuck this shit. cool day i guess.... made some pesos @ death cab for cutie 2day @ red rocks.... then hit a couple mtgs. but the night....uh.... cant beat the waffle house hangin with erik n kris... then after....we shot over to leela's cafe/bar and had a killer time playin around with the local chics and scene. its like LA but colder a bit...and although i miss my friends there....i got some here th@s badass....blah blah blah. hahaha....going to Dicks arena 2day for a 1pm soccer game.... gonna b there round 9am ish.... get home round 3 pm.... take a chowa...make a call....get to doin what i do by 8pm.....then hit a chill spot round 2 am with the crew....and repeat the next day for like a week or so b4 i get another day off..... so 2nite might b the last time im on for a min....hopefully not....but ya never know! so i'll hopefully keep u ppls up
Thank You
Words can't even describe the thanks that I am sending out to each and every one of you that helped me on my auto-11. I am in awe and strictly amazed!! You guys blew the roof off of this one! I had many people telling me thanks I leveled because of your pictures, where as I am thinking, thanks you got me a BIG step closer to Oracle. I have some before and after pics to post here, its amazing!! As I started the auto-11, I took a screen-shot. Then I screen-shot right after the auto's had ended! Now notice that, that is 2,978,365 knocked off!! I swear, if I didn't see you or give you some type of thanks, please let me know so I can return some love!!!! Thanks you all so much! Tawnya I totally can NOT even begin to say thank you enough to everyone that helped me Oracle last night with my auto on... Once again, I was the dingle dork that forgot to do a screenshot prior to starting it but I do know I was at roughly 3.339 mill to go to level. You guys blew it out of the
Math Tric:))
1. Grab a calculator. (You won't be able to do this one in your head) 2. Key in the first six digits of your mobile number *(skip first zero)* 3. Multiply by 80 4. Add 1 5. Multiply by 250 6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number 7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again. 8. Subtract 250 9. Divide number by 2 Do you recognize the answer? Let me know the Answer, either correct or not
Never Question A Drunk!
1. Stick your palm open under the stall wall and ask your neighbor, "May I borrow a highlighter?" 2. Say "Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't put my lips on that." 3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise. 4. Say, "Hmmm, I've never seen that color before." 5. Drop a marble and say, "oh shoot!! My glass eye!!" 6. Say "Darn, this water is cold." 7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop a cantaloupe into the toilet bowl from a high place six to eight feet. Sigh relaxingly. 8. Say, "Now how did that get there?" 9. Say, "Humus. Reminds me of humus." 10. Fill up a large flask with Mountain Dew. Squirt it erratically under the stall walls of your neighbors while yelling, "Whoa! Easy boy!!" 11. Say, "Interesting....more sinkers than floaters. 12. Using a small squeeze tube, spread peanut butter on a wad of toilet paper and drop it under the stall wall of your neighbor. Then say, "Whoops, could you k
Fubar Cheat Sheet
There is a hacker running lose on fubar ( I know that I am not the first to post a bully just like this one, Carebear posted one this weekend one this same subject), takin control of unsuspecting peoples' accounts, only to use them to send out a virus link disguised as a YOuTUBE link. Do *NOT* click on the link sent to you... you can verify that these are false links, by right clicking on the links and getting the true links that they are hoping that they catch you off guard and get you to click on their false links and wipe you out!! I am posting these screenshots of the following four emails that I have received since Monday, 2/02/09 and the 2nd & 3rd screenshots back up the fact that the users' accounts' were hacked. Please notice trupimps' status in the pic below: (hacker sent you that message! sry) What I am doing when this happens to me, is contacting the user that sends it to me immediately and letting them know that they have most likely been ha
My New Job
So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter, I lasted less than a day. About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. As I had been instructed, I said pleasantly, 'Good morning, and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?' The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, 'NO, they ain't TWINS. The oldest one's 9, and the other one's 7. WHY would you think they're twins? Are you BLIND, or just STUPID?' So I replied, 'I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am, I just couldn't believe you got laid twice. Have a good day, and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.' My supervisor said I probably wasn't cut out for this line of work.
Back In The Mix
Send a heartbeat to the void that cries through youRelive the pictures that have come to passFor now we stand aloneThe world is lost and blownAnd we are flesh and blood disintegrateWith no more to hateIs it bright where you are?And have the people changed?Does it make you happy you're so strange?And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flameWe can watch the world devoured in its painDelivered from the blastThe last of a line of lastsThe pale princess of a palace crackedAnd now the kingdom comesCrashing down undoneAnd I am a master of a nothing placeOf recoil and graceIs it bright where you are?And have the people changed?Does it make you happy you're so strange?And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flameWe can watch the world devoured in its painTime has stopped before usThe sky cannot ignore usNo one can separate usFor we are all that is leftThe echo bounces off meThe shadow lost beside meThere's no more need to pretendBecause now I can begin againIs it bright where you are?And hav
Read from the bottom up Katherine: well it is just a site and i am having fun and u are a dumb ass ugly sob that i am blocking To Katherine: yeah well you can go to a real fuckin site and make ....wait whats that called again..MONEY!!!!! then but your own bling packs and hell a fuckin pack or smokes... im sorry whoreing myself for bling... hey ill tell you what ill show you mine if you show me yours... free of charge how bout it? Katherine: i have been on fubar 2 monthes and have gotten over 45 bling packs plus a vip for 3 monthes to see my nsfwa ty To Katherine: okay so let me see if i got thisstraight... you come on fu ... you rate guys... then you try to get them to pay you in monopoly money to see your "nekkie" ....YOU NEED A BETTER AGENT To Katherine: sorry darlin to much free porn out there.. and beides are u an idiot? ge tthe fuckin money nota damn bling pad=ck Katherine: no everyone does it To Katherine: thata a fuckin joke right? Katherine: send me a 19.99 bl
The Pragmatic Eye
LET IT GO T.D.Jakes There are people who can walk away from you.And hear me when I tell you this!When people can walk away from you: let them walk.I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you,loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you,staying attached to you.I mean hang up the phone.When people can walk away from you let them walk.Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left.People leave you because they are not joined to you.And if they are not joined to you,you can' t make them stay.Let them go.And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person,it just means that their part in the story is over.And you've got to know when people'spart in your story is over so that youdon't keep trying to raise the dead.You've got to know when it's dead.You've got to know when it's over.Let me tell you something:I've got the gift of good-bye.It's the tenth spiritual gift,I believe in good-bye.It's not that I'm hateful, it's that I'm faithfu
Bregalad's Song
O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië! O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay! O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer's day, Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft: Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft! O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey; Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day. O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!
I'm In The Mood For A Melody..
After only making an outline for last years WT I've decided to type up a quick blog mostly for my personal records because I do not think anybody reads these things anymore.  Ended up leaving here early and getting there at about 11:30am which was the earliest I think we've ever made it there.  Instead of having the bands and everyone on the concrete as in years past it was on grass which was better for the heat, but not better for my shoes, stepped in gum somewhere along the way, but that could have happened on concrete too. There was a nice hill to sit on and could see and hear the main stage while taking a break from walking around in the large crowd of people. After finding where all of the different stages were we looked at the big board for when the bands play.  Three of the 10 bands that I wanted to see played at the same time roughly 1:30.  I ended up seeing the last 4 songs of The Cab and the last 4 songs of Pierce The Veil so I'm not quite sure what I missed from them, but
Fire burned in my veins asI felt your fingers slide into my panties,Your mouth on mine mufflingthe sound of my moans,As I felt your fingers penetrateme,My hand began massaging your cockthrough your jeans,I wanted you so bad, To feel you sliding into mefor the first time, And just when I thought I couldnot handle anymore you had meon the edge,Ecstasy overtook me and I wastrembling there,You removed your fingers I lookedat you with seduction in my eyesas I took your hand and brought itto my lips,Sucking each finger clean of myjuices,I loved the way you moaned as I asked youif you would let your cock outto play,And you made me beg you,Willingly I pleaded to taste of yourcock and drink of your juices,I felt your fingers tangling in my hairas I took you into my parted lips,I heard your words telling me "Suck ItBaby, Suck it "And I complied so willingly as I deepthroated you,There in the park in broad daylight I once again took you over the edge asyour hot, sweet cum filled my lips,I looked
Stupid People Doing Stupid Things.
Oh come ON people!!!! It's not offensive, its STUIPD!!! Jimmy, you're jokes really aren't that funny. Snoozefest... Good grief. if you're going to smuggle drugs, at least keep them in a safe place!
Truth In Friends
Knights OathWhen fears give way to tears from the wretched's spears my strength is yours from the Western shores I've ridden, with the Mightiest of Weapons, with it I smite the wrongs and painful things, as I drive on with wings.Yes, to a Love call that rings this Weapon of which I speak, My Heart, is but yours fair Maiden, and nothing, Nay, any a harmful one shall keep it's protection from you, This Loves Armor, does shine.Let me save you, Let me wipe the passing beads from your eyes, Take my hand in full gallop from here, Let this Knight love you till eternities end......this was on the pic, and this made me cry, as it is all I have ever said to those I love, and thoses I call friend...I truly am A Knight in My Heart, and I am ever glad to be thy Knight.I hope this says all I need to say to thee, and thee knows this is true of me, and thee has seen this in me.... thy Knight A Knights Letter Home Dearest  Love,I am putting this to paper now as I have the time, to let thee know How it
Blah Blah Blah,, Do You Really Wanna Hear About Me? ;)
Hi everyone,, I was away from LC for a month ,.. thought I was going to go into convulsions.. haha just kidding,, it was nice to be away from the computer but when you get bored what do you do,, stick your hands down your pants. .. lol,,if you read my last blog you would of thought that was funny!! ;) I had sweet comments and sweet adds for new friends when I came back and That was soooo special! At least some of you did remember who I was while I was away! Welp Im all moved in,, Sign papers this week on the house and Its bye bye! Everything is finally out of that house and in my new pad! Im so happy that things went well, I think someone must be looking after me .. Is it you? Been decorating the house for Halloween,, I love Halloween this is my favorite time of the year,, the leaves start to fall and it gets colder and its windy and Im not sweating my ass off! ;) Well wanted to come and say hey and Thanks for all the sweet luv while I was away! I will come back again when I hav
Well I am glad 2006 is over with it was a very bad year for me, hopefully 2007 is better for me. Good luck with all your New Year Resalutions. By MICHAEL RUBINKAM, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 6 minutes ago NICKEL MINES, Pa. - As the Amish prepared to bury four young victims of a horrific school shooting, they asked to be allowed to do so in private. ADVERTISEMENT National mourning of similar tragedies, such as the massacre at Columbine High School, has been enabled in part by media coverage — something the Amish generally shun and specifically spurned in a statement Wednesday that pleaded for privacy. Instead, the Amish are coping with the slayings by looking inward. They are relying on themselves and their faith, just as they have for centuries, to get them through what one Amish bishop called "our 9/11." The four girls to be buried Thursday are Naomi Rose Ebersole, 7; Marian Fisher, 13; Mary Liz Miller, 8; and her sister Lena Miller, 7. The funeral for a f
Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck
This Is Who I Am
I feel like I'll never find love.. I have to admit my luck if u call it luck with women never was good.. I want ot find a wife, I want a family is that to much to ask??well enough with my whining.. i have work to make everyone fell better and make them happy... Gave me a 8 ... thats right and 8 on me. On my default pic... wtf.... Man where is a brother need to go and get some..
Important Information
Gas for the drive to the convenient store: $20.00 Hooded winter jacket with large inside pocket to conceal identity and carry gun: $65.00 9mm handgun purchased from Ray- Ray up the block: $150.00 Failure to master holding on to your weapon during your planned armed robbery : PRICELESS (Watch repeats itself) How many of you are from Florida? For those of you visiting, please note this applies to ALL areas of Florida. For those of you who live in Florida, you already know this!! How To Drive In Florida.... 1. Turn signals will give away your next move. A real Florida driver never uses them. 2. Under no circumstance should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or the space will be filled in by somebody else, putting you in an even more dangerous situation. 3. The faster you drive through a red light, the smaller the chance you have of getting hit. 4. Never, ever come to a complete st
What are ya supposed to do to help a friend who will not tell ya what is wrong?
Missing Her
You may feel down and all blue, just remember i'm always thinking of you.just so you know to be your friend i take you close to my heart, for i will always be your friend and never will i have been the one who always brings my spirits up and make's me smile, i always love spending time with you even if it's only a little my friend have always been so kind to me, so this i say to you for the bottom of my heart. i love you my dear friend and may our two hearts never part.. the ink i use to write the love i have is not red like the blood that has been spilled from my broken heart, but gold as the bricks that will lead us to heaven,you make my heart pound like the drums from heaven that will alert us of jesus's return.for me and you to walk into the light of heaven..together me and you shall be together to spend enternity together and be forever happy and in love with the greatest love of all (LIFE).. By LOUIS HARLEY
Welcome To T&l!
Welcome to the the Thunder & Lightning Levelers Member's List All New members Must Fan, Rate and Add to Friends all listed. Please Add Co-Founders to Friends & Family The Co-Founders are: CinDragon CinDragon@ fubar LilBamaGirl LilBamaGirl@ fubar SingleDad38 ~♦SingleDad38♦~@ fubar Blue Homepage Thunder & Lightning Leveler's. Have you been Thunder Struck!!! No Blank Adds@ fubar Blue Homepage 1st Assistant ~Lynne~@ fubar Blue Homepage Team Captain's BrattyBytch@ fubar Pink Homepage Thunder&Lightning Levelers-formerly Club Mystic@ fubar Pink Homepage 1st Assistant Gµññý-§ @ fubar Pink Homepage Team Captain ~SouthernBaby~
              Thank you friends from the bottom of my heart for helping me in my contest! It was a close race. I came in second. A special thank you goes to the following: GoofyLady ***************************
in a contest and need rates.....please help!! you have to add her!!! she is AWESOME!!
My Sister
Well she is out of surgery. I was told everything went good. They used a couple of screws to fix the disc in her back. Her separated shoulder is going to heal itself. One of her legs is in a half cast I guess its called. And that is temporary till she is in a walking boot. The other leg is in a halo type set up so they can keep her from moving it. They also put a titanium rod down one of the bones of her leg. So she is banged up pretty damn good. But they say she will make a full recovery. And she should be walking with crutches in about 3 weeks. Modern medicine is amazing. Well here is an update: She has to have gurgery now because they found out she ruptured a disk in her back and they have to put some pins in one of her legs and a cast on the other. She also sperated her shoulder. So that will be in a sling for sometime. If my day cant get any worse then it is. Besides the fact that I am loosing a friend over something I did that was wrong. Now my sister was in a car accident tod
Free Thoughts ...
So why is it that guys think if they tell u that u are sexy an shit that u will actually sit there an listen to all the bullshit they gotta say bout how sexy u is an what they wanna do to u. Fair warning mutha fuckers.. sweet talkin me gets u no fuckin where cause im not a sweet bitch. Take it how u wanna cuase i dont care. But if u send me a shout talkin nasty to me or sayin how sexy i am then im just gonna block ur ass. If u think im sexy then leave pic comments or go jerk off to one of them just keep that shit to urself. i kno ima sexy ass bitch i dont need remindence every minute. I gotta fan club bitches use it.. Groupies also welcomed! :P If this offends u then obviously u dont kno shit bout me or didnt do ur home work. Its called a profile go read it... Otha than that I hope everyone is havin a good night an doin the damn thang right.. Much love an untill next bitchfest im out... Sexy Lil Hell Cat... Always just heavenlei
Help Me Level Up, Please!!
Everyone go to Span Rican's profile, and rate his profile and all his pics. Span Rican is trying to level up. But be nice, or he will get his little friend after you. LOL Go ahead check out Span Rican! Spanish graphics from Span Rican - The Real Owner of Kristen Victoria@ fubar Spanish graphics from WHat's everybody, this SPan Rican I just posted new pics that feature yours truly with my family from Spain at my cousin's wedding to check out. Its under My Cousin Wedding in Spain (Family Only)-Bling Me, to have access. That's right there's a catch, if you are under my family list, you're good. And you could go ahead & rate them, but you are under my friends list but not family list, here's the deal. Any member who's in my friends list, but in my family list, send me a bling, any bling, and I will add you on to the family list so you can go check em out & rate those pics. So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead & checke em out. Welcome to t
Leveling And Other Fubar Stuffs
have an approved salute rate, upload pics, etc as much as possible during HH upload the maximum amount of pics for your level buzz meter being full is a good thing (sh!t faced is good on fubar) watch the scroll bar for those that have auto 11's and rate them like crazy NEVER expect gifts, rates, etc to be returned and do not get pissy when they don't.  fubar is just for fun. buy a ticker with your fubucks to get some more exposure. click on the bored button     these are just a few basic tips to help out those lacking point whore skills :P My goal over the next few weeks is to use my ability points to help my family and top friends to level.  I will spend the next 6 weeks or so trying to help family and top friends all get to at least godfather.  So good luck to all and enjoy my points :) xoxo
There are dreams we all travelSome bring smiles and some fearBeen walking on a long roadWith thoughts that are never clearDrowning in my own eyesLaughing on my own criesSeeking truth in my own liesRising when my soul diesThere are dreams we all travelSome make us rise and some fallBeen riding this tide aloneStruggling while life takes its tollLeft alone within my mindSearching for serenityIf only I could see the truthWhat really lives inside me
Stranger Than Fiction
So It's been a few weeks. 1232 junk emails. Here are the highlights and the lowlights.   AARP: Enjoy all the benifits. I'm not that old! AgeQuiz: How old are you really I said I'm not that fucking old! CIO minute: 10 People not to hire. Are you one of them? Hey look buddy, after the age guy, you are all on pretty thin ice. Radical diet pill. Only for the brave! So now I'm fat and a chicken? Terrorism threat level has been elevated to [HI Tell them I said Hi back. Forensics Degree: Your future is dead. I'm going to stop reading these soon. This holiday season, spread more.... this was actually for holiday recipes but I would have to think they cut off the title here on purpose. MRS FARIDA WAZIRI: BE CAREFUL OF THE HUDLOOMS‏ Why? they aren't as bad as hoodlums. Beautiful Russian Women Are Waiting to Meet You fine... tell them I am poor.... and old. Like AARP old. Lonely Wives Adult Dating ok you know what... You bitches already have husbands and now you are going
I sit here with tears of sadness running down my face as I say GOODBYE dear love. I try to remain numb as I feel the pain stabs thru my heart like hot pokers thru my skin. GOODBYE dear love I will always remember your smile and your laugh. GOODBYE dear love ill remember the way I feel for you. But dear love my time is at an end and now I must leave. Dont cry dear love Ill be with you every day now. Im sorry dear love that I couldnt make it to longer than I did. Please dont be upset dear love. Ill always be there for you even if you dont know that I am there.  Its getting cold dear love I think im fading fast. I can hear people screaming hold on but i cant hold on. Dear love I cant remember what happened I cant remember why i felt pain but the pain is gone now. I see my grandfather dear love he is waiting for me here. I dont hurt anymore and its nice here Im warm now dear love. I will wait for you here dear love until your time is here and we an be here together. GOODBYE dear love pl
Promo Codes For Gates Of Asgaard
Promo Banner #1: Large / Bulletin~ PLEASE CLICK FOR IMAGE ~ Promo Banner #2: Large / Bulletin- Red~ PLEASE CLICK FOR IMAGE ~
The Tea Party Stands Firm
Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago last night, a group of colonists disguised as Indians boarded British merchant ships and dumped an estimated £10,000 worth of tea into Boston Harbor. This Boston Tea Party, which John Adams described as the “grandest event which has ever yet happened since the controversy with Britain opened,” was not just a protest about taxation. Our forefathers did not destroy tea because of a simple tax dispute. The 1773 Tea Party were protesting the process by which the British government taxed them. They were fundamentally rejecting the way the British were governing them.Last night, the spirit of the Tea Party won another major victory when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) was forced to drop his $1.27 trillion, 1,924-page omnibus spending bill. The problem with Reid’s omnibus spending bill was not just its size—although our federal government does spend far too much of other people’s money—but the way it was
Insomnia Is Such A Whore
I'm sure at some point in my life I'm going to get used to the idea that I can't sleep when I want to. I have to spend the great majority of my time wearing myself out in hopes that exhaustion will put me to bed. Could I be more productive? Possibly but then I need a more structured regimen of sleep. Honestly can someone help me get organized because I'm obviously doing a horrible job of keeping myself busy and it actually amounting to anything. I need to make a list of things that I need to get done and make sure that I actually get them done. I think on my list I need to add finding some sort of drug or activity that will allow me to sleep comfortably. Drinking to the point of passing out may put me out for the night but the mornings are not very pleasant. There is far too much crap going on in my life to let me sleep without worrying about it. I'm not even sure what to think about anymore. What makes it even worse is that I'm starting to have nightmares again. Not the kind of nightm
Too Much Info
Could You Be The One For Me?
Could you be the one for me? You make me feel so wild and free, But yet there is a dark side, And I don’t want to be taken for a ride. I get so lost when I gaze into your eyes, And later wonder if you’ve been telling me lies. You make me feel the sparks of fire, But is it love or just desire? I like when we’re together And wish that this passion would last forever. I love to feel your arms around me so tight, But I wonder if what we’re doing is right. But these feelings come on so strong, How can we be wrong? I’ve never felt such a kiss And a touch that brings me such bliss. So, could you be the one for me?   Love this poem I found.
Band Chief
Monday October 2nd Austin's southern rock bad asses, DIXIE WITCH meet Milwaukee's resident ass kickers CHIEF at Heart Breakers Gentlemen's Club 9442 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI only $5 Don't miss it. This will be worth calling in sick on Tuesday One on my Favorite Bands ... CHIEF...did a outdoor Concert Yesterday they are just Kick Ass. Check them out if you like at Chief's MySpace Click Here Pics From the Concert: The Bass Player is just Yummyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
Funny Clips Lmol
Get video codes at Bolt. Bottle of Merlot... A gentleman asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an attractive woman. The waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, "This isfrom the gentleman seated over there," indicating the sender. She regarded the wine coolly for a second, not looking at the man, and decided to send a reply note to the man. The waiter, who was lingering for a response, took the note from her and conveyed it to the gentleman. The note read: "For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank, and 7 inches in your pants." After reading the note, the man decided to compose one of his own in return. He folded the note, handed it to the waiter and instructed him to return this to the woman. It read: "For your information, I have a Ferrari Maranello, a BMW Z8, a Mercedes CL600 and a Porsche Turbo in my garage. There is over twenty million dol
Testing The Waters
I reached my limit for rating pictures for the day! It is way harder to take a picture of yourself than I thought it would be. Had to write the info backwards and find a mirror. Any one else have that problem? Chasing the past, I stumbled into the future. ~T. Sachs, Omnis Sapientia Salvo Emiolios A restless wind rustles through the leaves at my feet and caresses my hair softly. I am still, silent, lost. Just ahead is a fork in the road. I knew it was coming. But for all my foresight I am not prepared. The wind makes its exit, and forgets to leave me my answer. I contemplate the two choices that lie before me. One is long and winding, twisting and bending in endless circles. It seems to go nowhere and everywhere all at once. Rising and falling in a wild rhythm…the highs touch the sky… Yet the lows seem bottomless. The other path is straight, narrow, and overgrown. It feels familiar, quite like paths I have chosen before.
For The Girls
Happy New Year!
You are a happy drunk When you are drunk, nothing gets you down. You are friendly with everyone, and probably get free drinks all the time because you are so nice to everyone. Take this quiz at
Ship's Log : The Retribution: 1570- ?
January 30, 2007 Dear Mrs. King, Faculty of Marvin Moss, and Administrators of Marvin Moss School: Today, I completely lost faith in the Washoe County Public School System. It's been coming for awhile. But it came today. Because today, I received a letter stating that participation in the 6th grade fundraiser for graduation is essentially, mandatory and setting forth the "marching orders" for the children of the sixth grade class. According to your letter, either the parents "donate" $52.00 or the child is expected to sell candy bars. Frankly I object to this fundraiser on several levels and my daughter WILL NOT be participating. Neither will I "donate" $52.00. And I dare the school system to deny my daughter graduation with her class. 'Matter of fact, I triple-dog-dare ya! I found this entire project offensive for several reasons and they are as follows: 1. America, by both tradition and law, GUARANTEES a free, public school education for its citizens and legal residen
Something To Remember
New Member In My Family
Talk about a mental and emotionally drained. Dealing with my childrens father is just that. He has changed his mind and how he felt about me and our family more times than a girl changes hers about what outfit to wear or about what they want to eat. He is worse about that and takes longer to get ready than any of my friends. I am so glad that I have all the friends and support that I have. I haven't gone back to work yet, but everyone who knows has been there and helping out and letting me vent. Soon I will find a man that has me in his world and actually helps support me and my kids even though they were fathered by some man that can barely take care of himself. Someone that is ready to settle down and have a family and that knows what he wants in life and isn't just test driving women like another man who sees women just as a bunch of cars trying to find the right fit. Come on! I don't want another child I need to raise i'd rather have a full grown man who has a job and his own pl
need help generating a halloween background someone Help Me PLEASE Name: Deana Birthdate: Jan. 23, 196 Birthplace: Caldwell, Idaho Current Location: Federal Way, Wa. Eye Color: blue & green depends on what ia m wearing or my mood Hair Color: lt. brown( going gray YUCK!!) Height: 5'1" Weight: 135-142 Piercings: yes Tatoos: definitely Boyfriend/Girlfriend: not yet still searching Overused Phraze: Ok, Bah-bye! FAVORITES Food: is good Candy: sometime u feel like a nut Number: 5 Color: blue -any shade Animal: black panther Alcohol Drink: malibu rum, orange juice and grenadine Bagel: yup toasted w/ creme cheese Letter: A C D Body Part on Opposite sex: Eyes & Butt This or That Pepsi or Coke: Cherry Pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: Burger King Strawberry or Watermelon: both Hot tea or Ice tea: Iced Chocolate or Vanilla CHOCOLATE Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee Kiss or Hug: KISS Dog or Cat: Dog Rap or Punk: Neither Summer or Winter
About Me
200. Name: gina 199. I was born on: August 24 198. I was raised in: Morehead City, NC 197. Hair color: brown 196. My eye color is: blue 195. My ears are: pierced AGAIN 193. My favorite color is: blue 192. My height is: 5'5 191. I am allergic to: pepers and onions 190. I live in: NC 189. Last book I read: lakehouse 188. My bed time is: whenever 187. First Screen name: irishdaughter22 186. Current Screen name: which one 179. My favorite Holiday is: christmas 178. Least favorite Holiday is: v-day 177. Perfect Kiss: it's too hard to explain, its not the kiss, but the passion behind it 176. Last time I cried was: last night 172. My most treasured possession is: all those i love 170. What did you do last night: stayed home 167. My skin's reaction to the sun is (tan/burn): burn =============================== :::::I Do (YES)/Do Not (NO) Believe In::::: =============================== 143
Old Coots
Last Sunday my wifes mother came down from Oshkosh for my grandsons baptism. On her way home she was killed in an accident not far from home, to say my family was devastated would be an understatement. Well The logistics of grief were taken care of. hotel rooms booked, family rounded up, funeral prepared. Then after arriving I got sick and ended up spending the day of the funeral in the hotel room while my family went to the funeral. My wife understands but I still feel like a jerk. Why am I ranting on fubar? I guess just to release some of the guilt :-/ Im weird that way. Coot If life has stolen your sense of wonderment and innocence, You had better go out and chase a butterfly or something, That sense of amazement and wonder that you had in childhood was the only thing in life worth having in the first place. If you have lost it then your have lost your soul. better fight to get it back Written By: Kenny Loggins Copyright © 1969, 1994 MCA Music Publishing, A Divisio
I'm having a Salute Auction to help out Da Sweet Irish Princess to get the Spotlight. It will be fubucks only and if you like to auction off a salute to help just shout at me or pm with your pic you would like to use. :) Here are the entry's so far that is helping out and they are ready for bids so come on by and make a bid on them. Click the pic below to get to the salute's
Mail N Stash
Gay Rights And Marriages
Last election day, our state voted against gay marriages. But, everything I read now is that gay ppl have the right to marry whoever they chose. Or, they should have equal rights like their straight counterpartsl? I want to know where were these ppl when the voting counted? I think it is really stupid that so many straight people feel so threatened by gay people. I have alot of straight friends here on Fubar as well as where I live. Ok maybe I flirt with them a little but they know (well I hope they know I'm kidding) it's all in fun. If I offend anyone I hope they let me know it bothered them. I treasure all of my friends no matter where I meet them. And even though I may not show it alot of times, I do care what you are feeling. Done ranting now. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! There has been alot of hoopla about Marriage Equality. I for one would like that. Not for the reason just to get married but for the tax credit that our straight married counterparts get. I went t
That Special Someone
It's been a long time since i had a man in my life, it's seriously time to start looking for one. i am not asking for much, only that he be responsible in every way, and want to walk beside me not behind me, be spontanious when thinking of me. love me for who i am and what i have become in my life. be there when things aren't going so great. be somewhat of a family man. someone thats not afraid to try new things in life, it doesnt have to be sexually, but would be nice lol. would love for him to just be himslef at all times. criteria for application: 1. be yourself at all times 2. have a great sense of humor 3. be responsiable 4. matureity is a must more to be added as i get to know you.... oh and be at least over the age of - - lol That Special Someone That Special Someone Is the person that can sweep me off my Feet not knowing that they have. That Special Someone Would know everything that there is To know about me That Special Someone Would know my
New Member
You Just Might Make Me Believe@ fubar flamming hearts we have a person in need of our help so lets do what we have to do to help thanks latina69 Mr7Sins@ fubarHEY FLAMMING HEARTS HERE IS ANOTHER NEW MEMBER TO THE FAMILY CAN WE PLEASE SHOW HIM LOVE AND RESPECT AND THANK YOU LATINA69 kelz4676@ fubarWE HAVE A NEW MEMBER TO OUR FAMILY SO CAN WE ALL GO AND SHOW HER SUM LOVE TO HER PAGE THANKS LATINA69
The Hop
come rock your blues away whith DJ Dave live on stinkeyeradio DJ Dave rock the after noon blues away @ www.stinkeyeradio
Iside Me Scatterbrained Thoughts
i need new books to read. i haven't read a good book in sooooooo long it's rediculous. i love reading and if i had the money i'd buy at least one book a week. but i haven't really read anything in months. but then i've been so stressed out dealing with my life that i just haven't had the interest to ready anything. when i'm stressed out i have a hard time connentrating on a book and i usually start reading something then forget to finish it. kinda annoying really, but at the same time if i'm gonna read something i want to be able to enjoy it with as few distractions as possible. so if anyone has any suggestions on reading material feel free to let me know. i'll read anything...except some cheesy ass romance shit. hahahaha. i'm a big fan of fiction, sci-fi, horror, history, biographies, etc. and of coarse non-fiction. yeah yeah...i haven't posted a blog in forever on here....well i don't have much i'd like to talk about. period. so in the mean time, until i hav
Hi I'm A Rabbit. Cosmicaly Speaking.
People using the word sexy to describe Excel spreadsheets. A little over a year ago I noticed people using sexy to describe things like new computers/technology and I have always heard people use that word to describe cars and I guess in a way if that's what you like it makes sense. However, when a coworker was showing me an excel spread sheet and he said "now that's sexy" I got a little vomity. Old men with candy in their pockets. When I was 19 I worked at the Clinique counter in the mall. A guy who worked at a shoe place I would check out on my breaks took a liking to me. He was probably only 45 but he had long gray hair he kept in a pony tail. One day he walked up to me and pulled some butterscotch candy out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted some. My first reaction was to yell "help! I need an adult!!" like mom had instructed me to do when I was 5. My second reaction was the same Guys who work at women's shoe stores. I think that's an Al Bundy thing. It's really not all t
How Do You Fly The Fu?!?! Contest
  I'm gonna have my first contest!!! All it will take to enter it is lettin me rip or recon a picture like good ole Johnny Cash's!!!When i get 250 entries for my How You Fly The FU! album I'm gonna have a Happy Hour and give away two 35 credit blings. Ya can choose between the auto 11 or the cherry bomb. One bling will go to the entry that has the most rates after the Happy Hour. So its up to you to promote your picture... I'll repost bulletins for everyone as i am fair and well it helps me out as well. The second bling will go to people who bomb the album durin my Happy Hour. How's I'll do that is Fubar sends a message for every bomb and the order in which i get bombed is the number that person receives. I'll put the numbers in a hat and draw then on cam in Bad Habitz Radio lounge after The Happy Hour...  Disclaimer- Its my first contest so bare with me... I think my rules are fair but open to suggestions to make it better!!!!
Whats New
Hey Everyone   so ya i have a awsome new year with my family we drank and we smoked and we got wasted then i slept all new years day just to drink more that night so ya tell me how ur new year went. Lets have a awsome NEW YEARS !!!!! hey everyone   its been a long time since my last blog but there has been so much that has happened since then like first off i am a father now .... and its fuckin awsome but at the same time me and the mother are seperate which sucks but wat can u so ah ummm wats else is new .... this is new someone has voted me a asshat for some odd reason but wat can i do its their opinion .... but anyway make sure to check my profile to rate, add, and chat cus its always good to talk to ppl Well ppl this is the first blog i have started in this site and i am going to be using it as a way to meet new ppl so if anyone is interested in making a new friend then add me but mostly this is going to be also used as a way for me to get out into the fubar commuitee
Dan Wilkerson
There is a song by Travis Tritt that I like called "I see me". It is a song about how as a father, he sees his son grow. When I look at Sean, I see Dan. Sean was blessed with his fathers  smile, his warm way with people, his charm. When you met Dan, you met a long lost friend you never knew was missing. He just pulled you in. He could recall stories about you that you had forgotten yourself. He knew your name and never forgot it. He was a walking hug, and shoulder to lean on. Warm and giving, a father to all of Sean's friends. In a day when men with such heart and warmth is rare, losing him is a grueling blow.  Sean, at 35, has now lost both his parents. Dan was the reason Sean didn't lose it when his mother passed. dan was the rock of the family. I hope Sean is strong enough to be the rock for his family now. God save us all. On wendsday, I recieved a call from a friend of mine, Sean, that hit me like a brick between the eyes. His father has Cancer. The doctors have done all that they
What do you do when all you can do is nothing? The feelings that you have are there and not so easy to change. I wish I could change how I feel and make life easier for you because in the end my life would also be just a little easier and my heart wouldn't hutn nearly as bad. I have to put on this brave face everytime I think about you and the fact that I can't really have you. I should be extremely happy with what I have an in the end I guess I am... But why do I keep looking? Is it because at one point I had nothing to look forward to and even though now I do I don't want to be in that situation again. I was alone for so long and it sucked... I mean I have really great friends but that love isn't the same... Ugh.... My intention was never to hurt anyone, so why is it that I do? I mean really... Sigh. Deep sigh OK so really I leave friday to head to England. I am so excited. My dad was in the AF for 20 yrs and the only place out of the country I"ve ever been is Canada and the Bahamas.
Love Is Forever By Angel And I
he feels her fur against him and closes his as he kneels in wonderment he is hers and he knows it he places his hands behind is back his broken wings folded back I am yours MY love i am yours he whispers in her ear he feels his tears fall big and fat upon his light skin he feels his love right next to him so true so wonderful Im sorry he moans to her as more tears fall down the cheeks that long for her kisses I am fallen now no longer winged I am fallen to hte earth for sins i have made Forgive me mistress for i have sinned He closes his eyes against the pain of having his wings ripped away agian he feels them the broken bones the torn skin he feels the wreakage that they have become I am nothing now he whispers in the silent darkness he feels her fur aganst him he moans his gentle cries " will you love me? will you hold me?" may i look into your angels eyes??" Nameles as we are to the world forsaken to the light still we stand on eve
Dark Quotes!!!
It has been two long months, Each day harder than the last, To see you locked away, And forbidden the ability to be, Every chance wiped away by the fear, The fear of anything wrong, The fear of allowing myself to be happy, With out pain, But when the time comes, My fear and doubt will be gone, And forever my life will be fulfilled, By the thought of if only. I want to run away. run to somewhere far. where nobody can get mad at me, where i can't mess up. i am looking for a room, an empty room. that is dark and has padded walls. so i can think and realize that i am nothing at all. i always say the wrong things at the wrong time. i get screamed at for not knowing. but it wasn't my fault. i know i am nothing at all. crying is my hobby looking at myself is my favorite thing to do. and making people hate me is my job. i stand in front of that mirror on my wall. realizing i am nothing at all. It might seem crazy but it's the truth why do we do thi
If U Want 2 Be
WEN THE SKY IS GREEN, WHEN THE SKY IS BLUE , ITS THE ONLY REASON I THINK OF YOU. DEEP INSIDE, DEEP WITHIN, MY HEART ONLY SHOUTS OUT FOR WHO IT REALLY LOVES. AND THE REASON WHY I THINK OF U, IS BECUASE I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. IT SHOUTS FOR YOUR NAME IT CALLS OUT FOR U FOR I HAVE FALLEN FOR YOUR LOVE AND NOW THAT I THINK OF U AT THIS MOMENT AND EVERY SECOND THAT I AM AFRAID TO LOSE YOUR POSESION AND LOVE THAT U HAVE GIVEN ME ~KALYLA~ me gustan tus besos, me gustan tus labois pero lo que me gustan mas es tu forma de acer , me gusta tu acarisias, y me gusta tu sonrisas mas lo que me gusta de yi esque sabes como dar su lugar, eres hermoso ,lindo, y sabes como a respetar me gutas como besas , me gustas como toques y lo mas que gusta es tu mirada y tu forma de mirar como tus ojos tus manos y tu forma de hablar quisiera que seas mio peron nose como de verdad que sientes por mi quisieres que fueras mi novio pero no se si tu quisieras yo yo f
1 . Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent. 2. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything." 3. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted. 4. A dyslexic man walks into a bra. 5. A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says, "A beer please, and one for the road." 6. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other, "Does this taste funny to you?" 7. "Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.'" "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." "Is it common?" "Well, It's Not Unusual." 8. Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, "I was artificially inseminated this morning." "I don't believe you," says Dolly. "It's true, no bull!" exclaims Daisy. 9. An invisible man married an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at.
United We Stand JUSTICE ??????? by Rush Limbaugh: I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty, and those who die serving our country in Uniform, are profound. No one is really talking about it either; because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers just pass by; because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million....... However; if you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a big $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for ea
Cad's Craziness
I'm about to snap, I'm tired, depressed, frustrated, and sick of always running, but always running behind. It's lke no matter what I do, it's never enough. How the hell do they expect people to survive and exist? Huh? I just don't get it and I'm sick of it..... Yesterday was a very difficult day for me......I had to send my beloved truck "The Beast" to the scrap pile. It was a 1977 Chevy K10 stepside that I've had for almost 10 years. When I first got it I drove that truck every day. AS she got bigger, she took quite a beating, but she was always faithful and never let me down. Unfortunately, I ren her a bit to had some days and well, she just wasn't the same after that. So sh'e been sitting, paitently waiting to be reborn, bigger, faster, and stronger than ever. Alas, that was not to be. She was just too far gone and had become terminal. Rather than see her suffer more, I had to make the decision to pull the plug. It was a tough decision, but I couldn't stand to see her in that m
Rants & Raves
Hello everyone, today is an ok day. Not the best but ok.  Anywho, Special ability bling... It is there to be purchased and used correct? YES! Including the Pimp and Shield. If you do not like getting pimp slapped people and having to purchase a shield then i believe people need to start complaining about it. And go Ask for those to be removed. Just saying.... I do not want to offend anyone, just wanting to let people know you do have a voice, and if you do not use it well then it will never be heard.  Hope everyone has a good day :)    OK....  So today I go to my BFF's page and see something wrote there. Made me upset. She was told she was number one in someones book because some one else told him she was worth being number one. WELL SHE HAS BEEN #1 IN MY BOOK FOR A LONG TIME AND I DID NOT NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL ME THAT!!!!! Some people are fake, fake, fake! Lol ok so for that little rant i feel better.  My Bff is a great person, she is kind, caring, loving, outgoing,
add my friend please..
As I call you friend, You will always share a piece of my heart. I will always pride myself, To always be true to you. As much as I need friends, So must you. I will also share a place in your heart, To be there whenever you need me. I may not be there in flesh, But I will always be there in spirit. I try to understand your needs. When it rains on you , I will share my umbrella with you. As sadness overwhelms you, We will cry together. If you feel down and kicked, I will pick you up and brush away your doubts. When you think you can't continue, I will remind you that you can. As you become discouraged, I will boost your ego high. Being a friend I don't take lightly, It's my desire, never a chore. If you need some silence, yet not be alone, We will sit together in the peace of quiet. When you wish to play, You will always have a playmate. You will never be completely alone, A piece of me will always be with you. One thing I c
Hey You All
so..I have been hung over most of the I get drunk last night. anyway..apparently I have made an enemy in this contest I am in. A person that befriended me and tried to pretend to be nice has now written this to one of my Real friends curby88: as long as golfer dont win im happy curby88: 2007-8-24 11:52:49 curby88: PARTY LIKE A RO... curby88: i am out LOL..I can't imagine why he would have said that, but I am sure that you guys will help me through this right? I don't care if I win...I just want to make sure he doesn't either. So..once again..please help me out here with this contest would ya? Click the pic and cmoment ok? Just a few days left guys to help me out withthis contest, and its not looking good right now..:( Please click the pic and comment me...Much love to you all! You know the difference between guys and girls never ceases to amaze me...Women in general feel..I mean feel...for instance......a person is in a contest(hypothet
Dumb Convos , This Is Really Good !
LoL okay so check this out right .. got this guy that i'm talkin to hes really cool we're clickin right , and he tells me the other night about this chic whos swinging from his sack , so i'm like okay .. he tells me about how she questions him when someone new is on his friends list *mind you shes NOT on his list* .. but apparently she stalks his page LoL ... So she finds me on there , and you guessed it , adds me ! .. Doesn't talk to me or anything .. But shes just there kinda like a herpes sore hahah ..So him and i were hangin out today , and i was hookin up his comp cuz i totally rock like that , and i signed into myspace and he seen her pic so hes like WTF are you doing with that woman on your list , and i'm like who and he tells me and i'm like dude u said she was from jersey this chic added me yesterday , profile said shes from KY so i didn't put 2 and 2 together , so i go to msg her cuz everyone knows i don't play that game right !?!? .. well shes got an away msg set up *cuz she
Blah Blah Blog
my mom had her pancreas removed the day after xmas as there was potential for impending death in less than a yr's time for her if she had cancer. the doctor removed it, but one of her feeding tubes got dislodged and it was leaking throughout her body. she swelled up so bad and we all cried so much thinking she may very well die. they re-inserted and fastened the drain inside of her, and the doc said the swelling she's got should subside in about 2 days. guys, i'm so worried that my mom isn't going to be able to push thru this at her age of 64 and greatly in part due to all her past health issues and surgeries. if there is anyone out there who wouldn't mind taking a slight moment of your time and pray that she recovers, it would mean so so so much to me. it's very scary to be going thru this and at times I'm just not sure if this is the end for her or just a block to recovery. if anyone reads this please pray from Sanra-Lee or Sandi to be able to get rest, to heal and to rega
Being Auctioned
to day i took the pictures down off the wall an put them in a box with your letters i have exepted that the love i tryed to give was not enought i had hoped it would be but i was wrong so now i will work at removing you from my thoughts an then my hart you had said in the beging that you would make me ve yoou i said dont break my hart you said you wouldnt i said dont be like the rest you said you wouldnt but here i am with a ox of you now what do i do the starts now and will end feb 24 you my bid fubucks,vip,blast,tickers 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the person who is owned just click on my pic to link you and place your bid.... Bids include fu-bucks, V.
Love Me!
I WILL BE HOSTING AN AUCTION! STARTS 4-11 ENDS 4-18 ENTRY FEE IS 10K I WILL START BIDS AT 25K IF U WANT IN JUS SEND ME A PIC OF U(sfw) AND WAT U WILL BE OFFERING! *~JeNNaBoo~*@ fubar (repost of original by '*~JeNNaBoo~*' on '2008-04-04 19:25:40') (repost of original by 'MacAttack87' on '2008-04-04 19:49:40') LINK WONT WORK TIL SUNDAY 3-16 TIL 3-22 PLEASE COME RATE ME N LEAVE ME SUM COMMENTS =]
I am in a give away and I have helped a lot of people with their contests and give aways. I am now asking for help in mine. I need 70500 comments. This is the pic And this is the lovely lady hosting it. Make sure you f/r/a her. Thanks Sassy Bulletin Brought to You by ~Dream~ }i{ Chromdome's Favorite StalkerMade just for Chaotic. =-) (repost of original by '~Dream~ }i{ ChromeDome16's Favorite Stalker }i{' on '2008-06-16 07:35:35') (repost of original by '♥ Çhåøtï¢ ¶®îñçë$$ ♥ ~*Founder Of Shadow Bombers*~ ♥ Owned By Bratt ♥' on '2008-06-16 12:04:57') (repost of original by '♥~BRATT~♥' on '2008-06-16 13:40:07')
Auction Tomorrow Please Help!!!
Help MommaDuck Win a VIP from one of our members...Liz.She only needs 6,000 comments in all please help mommaduck lets so her some fubar love !!thank u all who help!! Bid on me.....Imcrazybitch click on this pic to take you there this pimp out brought to you by Micki"Blue Eyes" {Dirty South Crew}Co-Founder of Friendship Circle'----Owned by DustMePink Tell her Micki sent ya ~! ;) (repost of original by '
Merry Christmas To All
Cant Decide
Ok, Christmas is over so I need a new name. Of course you all know that ass has to be in the title of it in some form or another. I dunno why, I just like it. Here are some options which I really don't like Tawny Old Lang Tush Tawny New Year Tush Tawny Asshead (lol) Help! So I'm eating pizza with my youngest and every 30 seconds or so he makes a sound like a bomb hitting. I kinda looked at him and he said "kpewwwwwww another bite hit my lower intestine". Now obviously he's delusional. I'm just wondering where this came from since I'm so normal. :D Love yous guys My cat has found a Q-tip that one of the kids has dropped on the floor. Apparently it's a dangerous Q-tip because she is employing a variety of ninja tactics to defeat it. Is she crazy or does she know something about the ebil Q-tips that I don't know about? I love you fuckers Nom
i am once again bored and feel in a shitty mood i have got alot to think about i have got my danceing to think about cos this years comp is going to be hard then after that we are all out of a job because its gettng shut dowm so we have to find somewhere else to teach my dance and at the min men are just annoying and lke to shout i am in such a bad mood i feel ill well its friday tomorrow so i should be in a better mood i have got a modelling job so its money at the end of thr day.anyways life is to short to hold grudges and stay mad and agrue with peaple so live your life to the full take chances tell the peaple closet to you that you love them and tell them how much they matter to you you dont know what youhave got till its gone i learnt that the hard way. so dnt stay mad and forgive quickly and embrace life and love. omg the other week i was taking my daugther to a modelling shoot with me she is only 7 months i was just wlaking along and the these men in cars shouted hey u
"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."One year later and 140lbs less, I feel more alive. For the past year I have eaten no junk food. I stopped eating any white bread/pastas. There was a time when I would skip the vegies and go for the burger first :P. Those days are pretty much over for me. I've decided I want to be around longer so I can see more of what this world has to offer.There is one thing however that bothers me. It's not that I don't like the attention... but ever since I lost weight it seems people want me around more. People seem to pay more attention & to respect me more. Don't get me wrong- that's grand and all. I think everyone should be treated with respect and given a chance however no matter their size. Everyone needs friends and to be loved. It just makes me sad how judgemental people are sometimes.I want to be in a relationship that I can say how I feel and not be looked at like I'm weird. I want to be able to
Just For Fun
If a canoe walks by and four doors fall off, how many pancakes will it take to cover a doghouse in the middle of summer?   Just keep this in mind the next time someone says that there is no such thing as a stupid question.... Our LagerWhich art in barrelsHallowed be thy drinkThy will be drunk (I will be drunk)At home as I am in the tavernGive us this day our foamy headAnd forgive us our spillagesAs we forgive those who spill against usAnd lead us not into IncarcerationBut deliver us from hangoversFor thine is the beer,  the bitter, and the lagerBARMEN Author Unknown Is the glass half empty or half full....? Who care, just drink it!
Police Warning to Online MembersState police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then sendit out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothingto be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to.If a person with the screen-name of DreamWeaverGrey contacts you, do notreply. DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of whispers or requestsfor private in Pogo. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the deaths of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet.Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name has also been seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far.This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send toeveryone you know! Ladies, this is serious.Jennifer S. Faulkner Education/Information SpecialistRoanoke Fire-EMS541 Luck Avenue, Suite 120 Roanoke, VA 24016(540) 853-2257 (phone) (540) 853-1172 IF WE CAN PASS ON
Fucktards, Slimebags And Retards Oh My
So at this point I’m wondering if I’m stupid, cursed or I just have unbelievably bad taste.   I started seeing someone a few weeks ago, nothing major, but it was looking like he had a bit of potential.  He did cancel on me twice in 3 weeks, but both could have been legit excuses (once it was his kid and the other time his truck broke down).   Well, a very good friend of mine was getting married, so I decided what the hell, I’ll ask this guy rather than showing up alone… you can see this coming right? Not only does he show up for the wedding, but early wearing a full suit and tie, very presentable… he’s nervous but that’s entirely excusable since he’s meeting oh 20-30 of my friends in one shot.  Other than the families involved, pretty much everyone knows everyone at this thing… if people aren’t close, they see each other enough to be on a pretty friendly basis.    Wedding goes great - he loosens up, starts talking to peopl
A Stand
so i recently found out that being mean is against the rules on this site. however, its also against the rules to get upset when someone you care about is mean to you. does this make sense to you guys? cause it seems to be a bit of a crock to me. if you can claim that you are on here to "bully the bullies" then you, yourself are being a fucking bully. how about we just be ourselves, do our own thing, and have our friends' backs? how about - if you dont like something your friend is saying.. you go to them privately and say it?   just a thought.. /end rant
About Me** STUBBORN** yes indeed.. i am the craziest bitch you'll ever see. whats your game? whats your style? what do you want? simple questions right... but do you really have an answer? you may now... but tomorrow, the next day.. your answers will soon be changed...                       i am 23 i love the outdoors, the woods, rivers, lakes, ponds, forest, caves, canyons.. i dreamed about, that place packed together... it would be exciting to live there....... i love water sports, i love to read books sometimes, if i am feeling it..but i spent most of my time networking.. meeting new friends, searching for someone..  someone who can give a magic and meaning into my life.I'm trying to write something that will make you love me and i am at such loss.i woke up twenty minutes ago and am still wrapped in my blankets like a cocoon. im that silly butterfly waiting to break free watch for me flirting. chances are if you ever saw me you would think i'm a mes, i am a mess, but i
Funky Symbols
Note: character entity names are case sensitive.Special Characters for HTMLCO Controls and Basic Latin[ " ] quotation mark[name: "] [number: "][ & ] ampersand[name: &] [number: &][ < ] less than[name: <] [number: <][ > ] greater than[name: >] [number: >]ISO 8859-1 Symbol Entities[ ] non-breaking space[name:  ] [number:  ][ ¡ ] inverted exclamation mark[name: ¡] [number: ¡][ ¢ ] cent[name: ¢ ] [number: ¢][ £ ] pound[name: £] [number: £][ ¤ ] currency[name: ¤] [number: ¤][ ¥ ] yen[name: ¥] [number: ¥][ € ] euro sign[name: €] [number: €][ ¦ ] broken vertical bar[name: ¦] [number: ¦][ § ] section[name: §] [number: §][ ¨ ] spacing diaeresis[name: ¨] [number: ¨][ © ] copyright[name: ©] [number: ©][ ª ] feminine ordinal indicator[name: ª] [number: ª][ « ] left angle quotation mark[name: «] [number: «][ ¬ ] negation[number
Halloween Origins
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gaelic folklore The Samhain celebrations have survived in several guises as a festival dedicated to the harvest and the dead. In Ireland and Scotland, the Féile na Marbh, the 'festival of the dead' took place on Samhain. The night of Samhain, in Irish, Oíche Shamhna and Scots Gaelic, Oidhche Shamhna, is one of the principal festivals of the Celtic calendar, and falls on the 31st of October. It represents the final harvest. In modern Ireland and Scotland, the name by which Halloween is known in the Gaelic language is still Oíche/Oidhche Shamhna. It is still the custom in some areas to set a place for the dead at the Samhain feast, and to tell tales of the ancestors on that night. Traditionally, Samhain was time to take stock of the herds and grain supplies, and decide which animals would need to be slaughtered in order for the people and livestock to survive the winter. This custom is still observed by many who farm and raise livestock becaus
Rcac Tv!
I would like to invite you to visit RCAC Studios at 137 Locust St., at Park Marina Dr., in the hopes that you may be interested in interning or working with our public access television stations.Please give us a call at: 530-241-7222 or you may call me directly at: 530-917-1037 (to 11pm).Hope you are doing well and hope to talk to you soon.Grant GarrisonRead more: Interested in making television? Interns and volunteers needed @ RCAC TV !!  call 530-241-7222 or 530-917-1037 (my cel)
Love You
love you dream of youlove you my only son love you even if you are farcoz you are my star love you even more than my soullove you in every heartbeat my son one day we will meet and I'll touch your face touch your smiletouch you heartthat is my goal in this life one day we will meet we will meetthen I ll come back ALiveAlive Alive yes you Always be in my dream YES YOU WILL SHINE ALWAYS IN MY MIND   
I was just wondering if you where still alive there in my friends list. So far I have not heard from anyone but 1 person in the last couple of days... So hope you all are still kicking and alive. Talk to ya'll later... I must be according to this woman.. alanie24 rated your photo a '2'! I just want to let everyone know that I have deleted most of the people off my friends list that has not ever talked to me.. I am tired of the MySpace game where I am just another number you collect. I am not a collectors item nor do I want to be. If you want to be my friend that's fine. I am fair I give time before you are booted.. But if you are here just to do the popularity contest then delete me now or I will delete you. I love woman, I love to chat, I love all kinds. So if you want to talk then talk.. Don't be another bump on the log. Love ya all that I didn't kick off so hope that you are doing well.. Ok I am done bitching.. See ya

You scored as Blind Folds. Your turn on is the blindfold. When you can't see, that makes your other senses more aware... including your sense of touch. So who wouldn't enjoy being blindfolded???? Sex isn't sex without enhancing your sense of touch.Blind Folds100%Chains/Handcuffs92%Bondage83%Biting75%Whips50%Blood42%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You are sexy. You instantly attract. You find it extremely easy to seduce someone as all it takes is a look in their direction. 'What is your seduction style?' at Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are
This Is Just Sad
Get music video codes at Bolt. if ur in luv read this... its sooo sad boy- i missed u at school 2day, y weren't u there? girl- yeah, i had to go to the doctor. boy- oh rele? y? girl- oh nothin, annual shots, thats all. boy- oh girl- so wht did we do in math 2day? boy- u didnt miss ne thing that great.......just lots of notes girl- ok good boy- yeah girl- hey i have a question...... boy- ok, ask away much do u love me? boy- u kno i love u more than anything girl- yeah..... boy- y did u ask? girl-................>silencesounding worried< is there something wrong?? girl- no, everythings fine...... boy- are u sure? girl- yeah. boy- ok.......i hope so. girl- ..............would u die for me? boy- i would take a bullet for u anyday, hun girl- rele? boy- anyday. now seriously, is there something wrong??? girl- no im fine, ur fine, we're fine, everyones fine. boy- ............ok girl-...........
Still Trying!
Friday, June 09, 2006 June 9, 2001 Current mood: grateful Today is june 9, 2006. Exactly 5 years to the day that I almost lost my life! At exactly 8:15 a drunk driver on Hakimo Rd came speeding around the corner near Ulehawa Rd right at the corner where the telephone pole is. I was just coming home from a friends house I was about a 30 seconds away from home when I seen I teal green mercury tracer with rims sppeding towards me! I knew he was going fast because of how the headlights were jumping up and down! All of a sudden, the car came into my lane and that's when he struck me! Right at the point of impact I pulled my car out of gear (for those of you who don't drive stick, it just means neutral) so the momentum would push me backwards. I'm not sure how long I was passed out, those of you who been up on Hakimo Rd I ended up on a hill about a good 20 yards away from the impact! What makes it worse, is that it was on of a small hill I ended up on in someone's garage! I woke
ok i always sayed i never join in but i like this kind of contast lol so please help me would mean alote to me thanks
My Daughter Contest
Some Serious Shit
i just have emptied my mailbox to see if i had any mail..and there they were..2 postcards..1 of my brother with whom i haven't really spoken in years because of a huge fight..and an other 1 from my ex..with whom i have been broken up with since a few months first i looked at the envelopes, thought i could guess the handwritings..but no..and then i opened the card of my bro..and when i saw it came from him..i started to cry..this time of means that he's no longer angry with my heart filled itself with joy..then i opened the card of my ex who wished me all the best for 2007..who can actually believe that the man you have left, sends you such a card? not me! again i started to wishes for 2007 comes true! i am doing sports now, got my oldest sister and my brother back after 6 years and my ex turns into a good friend. To all the friends and family in my list: i wish you a warm embraced christmas and a very very happy new year! TAKE NOTES GUYS lol j
Just Stuff
*ITS GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR*IF YOUR NOT A GATOR YOUR GATOR BAIT*Just Ask The BuckEyes Roflmao.41-14 That Was Not An Ass Beatin That Was The GATORS WALKIN A MUD HOLE N WALKING IT DRY!!!Never Mess With The Gators:D Love is sweet men are mean sex is good but what the fuck how can you have a good fuck when the dick won't get up so lay back down and say what the fuck. By:MoMo Perfect what is that? Perfect none is perfect. Perfect what would the world be life is everyone was perfect. Perfect we were perfect we would never get hurt we would learn from our mistakes we all make. Perfect noone can be ni mater if you want ot be. Perfect what would life be like. Perfect how would it feel. Perfect what would we do if everyone was perfect. By:MoMo
December 19, 1950 at 9:43 pm i was born 1950 1950 yes i am 55 i am 55 ok........????????????
new pics commmmmmmmment bitches:) You scored as Romantic Goth. You are a romantic goth, better known as a traditional goth. You are probably quickly identified as a goth by outsiders. Black lace, bats, and moonlit cemetaries are just a few of your favorite things. Click on my name to take my other tests if you liked this one.Romantic Goth75%Perky Goff67%Old-school Goth58%Ethereal Goth54%Industrial/Rivet-Head54%Death Rocker50%Anything-Goes Goth50%Understanding Outsider38%Cyber-goth29%Fantasy Goth17%Confused Outsider
1. blunt ashes (nas) 2. waiting on the world to change (john mayer) 3. this is how we live (styles p) 4. ghetto mind frame (lil flip and lyfe) 5. lost without you (robin thicke) 6. leather so soft (lil wayne and birdman) 7. until the end of time (2pac) 8. carnival (natalie merchant) 9. dreaming (young jeezy and kiesha cole) 10. old english (game) 11. no apologies (eminem) 12. throw some d,s on it (rich boy) 13. poppin (chris brown) if my love was stranded on a dark road in the middle of no where how would you find check back with me for the answer... any man can have sex with a million women in one way....but it takes a real man to make love with one women in a million true to your self..only you know who you are
Poem I Wrote
to lay with you till the morning sun arms wraped around you what has begun i dono how or what you do but every second i spare im thinking of you i told my self... never again will i care and that all changed when i saw you standing there i dont quite know if im prepaired my toes in the water and im already scared your tenderness and the taste of your kiss just a few of the things i pain fully miss out on the high way im drivin....driving away out on the high way im drivin....driving away i still dono why left that day cause you and me were there apitamy the apitamy of happy out on the high way im drivin....driving away out on the high way im drivin....driving away out on the high way im drivin....driving away can i do this.. some times i wish that i were dead with all these voices in my head tellin me what i should do instead im so confused so i looked away and again i used i cant remember a time when i didnt
contest is open I'm holding a contest for best dressed in uniform check out your bullitin for details
Illegal Immigration
We have been there done that!   1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for some 2.7 million illegal aliens2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 19944. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens I just cannot post these two links enough. A news organization actually performed some non-biased reporting that actually shows the
News For All
Just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't been online since early Friday because I went to the E.R. Friday morning and was in there for four hours. I wasn't able to get online again til today, I have been too sick. The Dr. said I have a bad virus that is just as bad as the flu but doesn't last as long. He put me on 3 different types of meds and said I needed to do a nasal irrigator to help rid my body and sinuses of this infection. So If I am not online to answer and email, comment or message, I am sorry but I am not feeling well at all. Thanks for understanding everyone. Take care Brenda News for all. As of Monday I will not be online much. I have been overloaded with alot lately and the internet will be shut off on Monday. If you want me to contact after that day, leave me a phone number to reach you at. That way I can still call after that day. I am planning on getting a regular cell phone that day instead of the prepaid one I have at this time. Just want
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Any help would be great I need 15,000 comments to get my 1st VIP
ok peeps if you like your partys then look no further friday 23rd may is WEBCITY RADIOS all new launch part 8 pm est dont miss it hope to see you all in there:) ok folks im live on air at come along check us out if ya like rock classic rock country or oldies then maybe webcity is right up your street hope to see yall in here:) Ok peeps webcityradio is looking for new djs so if any one is djing in a lounge and wishes to up the anty and dj for a real radio station feel free to pop along into and take a look at the schedual if there are any slots you think you could fill please dont hesitate to fill out an application and the management will get back to you asap thanks......
Movie Trailors
Hey Everyone
i have wwe tickets for 11/23/o8 in boston mid level lodge seats 2 of them can't go so make me an offer they go for 3 to 5 on ebay right now i just want to recoupe my money or trade for them might even let them go for free hit me up good news everyone i found free yes free like no money free mp3 sight is the sight try it it should be free
Change Of Pace
Ok heres an update on how my grandmother is doing from my last blog (hell my only blog for that matter). My grandmother made it through surgery alright. They completed the triple bypass without any complications. When I left the hospital to come home for a lil bit she was showing good signs that she knows what is goin on around her (this is important cuz they are fearful she could have a stroke after having an operation like this). They said she seems to be breathing without the benefit of the respirator but she has to keep that in her until she can take deep breathes. Other then that its pretty much just a wait and see for the next day or so to see how she pulls through it all. We are hopeful to get her out of ICU by tomorrow but that all just depends on her really. The difficult part about her being in the ICU unit is the fact that the family only gets to go back there during certain designated times and only 2 ppl are allowed back at a time. Also there are only like 5
Cardboard Boat Races
All Members Of The Friendship Circle
...The Friendship Circle Members... Hðåkïê-Gïrl £ðµñÐêr 𣠣rïêñЧhïþ Çïr¢lê' ,@ fubar ♥ Jµ§'Mê♥ Kå†h¥ ♥ ~ Çð-£ðµñÐêr 𣠆hê £rïêñЧhïþ Çïr¢lê' ~@ fubar Mï¢kï-ßlµê-È¥ê§ ~{Ðïr†¥ §ðµ†h Çrêw}Çð-£ðµñÐêr 𣠆hê £rïêñЧhïþ Çïr¢lê'@ fubar ~Red Wing Hunny~ ♥ Fu Stalker Of Scarlett & hearts ~ Member Of The Friendship Circle~@ fubar 'D'@ fubar Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~BCC~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}@ fubar ~*Liz*~*Friendship Circle*~*Club Frat*~@ fubar Daisy**Proud Member Of The Friendship Circle**@ fubar Ou
Frank Kern's Mass Control
Frank Kern's Mass Control There will be many reviews of Frank Kern’s Mass Control popping up in the coming weeks. It’s very important that you read UNBIASED Reviews of the Mass Control Course when you are thinking about purchasing it. Some people will lie to you the consumer to try and get you to purchase the product through them. Some reviews are genuinely good quality informational materials, and some are filled with salesy hype just to try and get you to buy. That is what Frank Kern’s Mass Control is all about. Using things like video, audio, podcasts, and other mediums to CONNECT with prospective buyers, as a friend First and a salesman Never. People, by nature hate salesman. They could care less if you have the next biggest thing if they don’t know you, or what you are about. And good luck going in cold, because todays consumers are more savvy than ever when it comes to sniffing out a sales pitch. Frank Kern’s “30 Days to Mass Control Millions” shows you HOW to ge
Boredom Kills The Braincells. Lol
I saw this and i thought it was funny cause I've seen this before. thought I'd share it 10. He Likes To "Pretend" To Dance Like A Woman. While a 50 Cent or Jay Z song is on, they on the wall looking mad. But, as soon as Beyonce comes on, he is all over the dance floor poppin' his booty and doing it better than you girl. Yeh, you think he's playing and trying to make you laugh. But child he's really not. Besides ladies, you don't want no man, who be poppin his booty to beyonce. That's a no no. 9. He's Always With His Best Friend. I mean always together like two females. Always working out together, always on the phone together. And, you as the girlfriend wonder why he spends more time with his best friend than with you. Cause donkey you are his cover up. And, as long as he is with you, no one will think that he is gay. Wake up sister! 8. He Picks An Argument With You For No Reason. And, then leaves the house for hours. He does this so he has time for the both of you and his
If I could just walk away I’d Live for the very next day But it just won’t work out that way. So here’s where I’ll be. If I could just see you smile Sit with you for a long long while But that’s just not our style So just stay away from me. If I could just hold your hand Step up and be that man I’d give you all I can But you wouldn’t see. If I could just touch your soul It’s the key to life, I’m told But yours is just too damn cold So now where were we? If I could just be who I am Maybe you would understand. I’d be your biggest fan. But now look at me. If I could just say those words Would I really be heard? Or would you be just as disturbed? I think this has to be. If I could just open my heart I hope that’ll be a start Then maybe my life won’t fall apart And through the blindness I’ll see. If I could just make the change Brake away from all my chains Life wouldn’t be
Recipe Exchange
Bourbon Balls I (makes 36) INGREDIENTS * 1 cup confectioners' sugar * 1/2 cup butter, softened * 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts * 1/2 cup chopped raisins * 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder * 2 tablespoons flaked coconut * 2 tablespoons bourbon * 2 1/4 ounces colored candy sprinkles DIRECTIONS 1. Mix the butter and the confectioners' sugar until smooth. Stir in the chopped nuts, raisins, cocoa, coconut and bourbon. Refrigerate mixture until firm, about 1 hour. 2. Shape mixture into small balls and roll in chocolate sprinkles to coat. Work fast, as they can melt in your hands. Chill on a wax paper lined tray. Keep balls refrigerated in a covered container. ____________________________________________________ Bourbon Balls II (Makes 48) INGREDIENTS * 1 cup vanilla wafer crumbs * 1 cup chopped pecans * 1 cup confectioners' sugar * 2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder * 1/4 cup bourbon
Simple Man
could you look in my eyes n know what i was thinkin, could you love me when i did things that hurt you,when i told you to go away,would you hold on to me tight n say no. would you move with me anywhere with no money in my pocket n still be by my side. can you can you beleive in me when i didnt beleive in myself.will you let me fight for you,even though i know you can take care of yourself.would you listen to me ramble on and still find me endeering.could you know that theres no way you could take away the pain in my heart but still find a way to ease it.can can i listen to you while i look in your eyes for hours,can i open every door for you.can i kiss you underneath the missletoe, take you outside so you can throw snow balls at me... really hard lol.can i put a flower behind your ear n kiss you softley in the woods in the fall n let you throw pine cones at me. can we jump in the leaves in the fall n just laugh. can we make snow forts together n hide in them n kiss.can i watch you make
Date               Where                       Who June 5 -  Skillman Street Pub ...  Southern Assault June 20 - The Ridglea Theater ... Severed Sol & SiK July 25 -  TBA                             .... Severed Sol, SiK, Southern Assault, Creeper .. hopefully! August 1 - Hartlines        .... Southern Assault, Sik August 8 -  Skillman Street Pub ... Southern Assault please go to the above link and bid on me ... I would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks!!!
Fuck You
Why did you just drop your dumb ass link in my shout box?  Do I know you?  Did you even rate my page before asking for a favor from a complete stranger?  Didn't think so!   FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!
Today I stumpled from my bed with thunder crashing in my head, my pillow still wet from lastnights tears.And as I think of giving up a voice inside my coffee cup kept crying out, ringing in my ears, Dont cry daddy, Daddy please don't cry,daddy u still got me and little Tommy together we will find a brand new mummy, daddy daddy please laugh again, daddy ride us on you'r back again,oh daddy please dont cry. Why are children always first to feel the pain and hurt the worst? Its cruel somehow it just dont seem right. Cause  everytime I cry I know it hurts my little children so, and I wonder if it will be the same tonight, Don't cry daddy, Daddy please dont cry, oh dont cry. Daddy you still got me and little Tommy, together we will find a brand new mummy, daddy daddy please laugh again, daddy ride us on your back again, oh daddy please dont cry. Oh daddy please dont cry. You told me about the long shifts,the days and the nights.You told me about the commanders and there wives.You told me
Hey to all my friends, i am in a best buns contest an i need your help, need you to rate an comment on all three of my pics plz. the contest ends on april 4 2010. you have to be his friend to rate so you will have to add him. plz go rate an comment all three of my pics, send me a message when you have done it an i will give you some of my 11's. thanks here is the link to my first pic the other two are right after it. also feel free to comment bomb the pics to need as many comments as i can get.      
Curious, Sick, Demented, Perverted, Taboo
What Is Love...
What is love...  “When you look at love, you're looking into the face of appreciation.”Love is Accepting.    Acceptance is labeling someone as "okay" and having no particular desire to change them. Who they are is perfectly fine with you. You pose no condition on whether you will love them or not. This is call unconditional love. When your love IS conditional, the moment they step outside your set of conditions, love evaporates.Love is Appreciating.    Appreciation is one step beyond acceptance. Its when your focus is on what you like about another. We look at them and feel this sweeping appreciation for who they are, their joy, their insights, their humor, their companionship, etc. When someone says they are "in love" with another, they mean their appreciation is so enormous for this person that it consumes their every thought.Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.    We want those we love to be happy, safe, healthy, and fulfilled. We want them to feel good in all ways, phy
The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster
About The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, while having existed in secrecy for hundreds of years, only recently came into the mainstream when this letter was published in May 2005. With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshippers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents – mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs. Some claim that the church is purely a thought experiment, satire, illustrating that Intelligent Design is not science, but rather a pseudoscience manufactured by Christians to push Creationism into public schools. These people are mistaken. The Church of FSM is real, totally legit, and backed by hard science. Anything that comes across as humor or satire is purely coincidental. Further Pastafarianism is a real religion. Most of us do not believe a religion – Christianity, Islam, Pastafarianiasm – requires literal belief in order to pr
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Scared About My Surgery
I am having major sugery on the 24th or the 31st. All my doctors are talking w/each other before the surgery. Its brain surgery. I have a tumor that keeps growing and causing me horrendous headaches. I already had problems w/having headaches but these headaches are killer!!!! Make me wish i was dead when they hit they are just simply that bad. They dont know if its a cancerous tumor or not, but i guess i'll find out soon after surgery. Doc says i will be in ICU for 4-5 days and 4 more days on a regular floor. They dont want me to only rely on IV pain meds. But oral as well, cuz i wont have IVs when i go to the phsycial rehab i have to go to afterwards to recover. They feel i will have some problems speaking and walking so off i go again to a phsycial rehab. again!! I am scared that i might die during surgery. Or that i'll have irreversable brain damage. these are all possiblities. the surgeon is the best in Indiana, im told by other patients who he operated on. But w/having
The Pain Of Love Is The Pain Of Being Alive. It Is A Perpetual Wound.
 Life's a game sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But no matter what your cards in life, whether club, spade or diamond. Always remember never play...  Don't worry if people talk behind ur back. It simply means ur are two steps ahead of them already Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up.
Women Nowadays
Master, "why is that when a man has sex with many women he is considered a champion . . but when a woman has sex with many men she is considered a whore?"  Listen well my child . . . "a key that has the ability to open many locks is a Master Key .. a Lock that can be open with any key, is USELESS" .. take that bit of information and run with it! When He/She says I don’t want to hurt you .. What they're really saying is .. Just to give you some forewarning, I’ll never really mean to hurt you, but I will anyway and won’t take any responsibility for it .. I don’t connect my actions with the impact on you or the relationship, because I tend to only really think about myself and I’m a short-term thinker .. I think about what I can get now without real thought for the consequences :-) I was speaking with a D.U.I. Instructor yesterday and he said, "I don't give a shit what anybody says, if a man isn't having sex he's depressed" .. He then went into
My Life~~as It Happens
I'm so sorry that I haven't written in a while, i have been so busy with thanksgiving and now trying to get all my christmas stuff done. So when I left off I was just starting business school and i had just met Dan. Dan was very sexy, tall blonde hair blue eyes and the sweetest talking guy you could ever meet. I could never figure out why he chose to be with me. I met him while I was working at a carvel ice cream store. the first 6 months of our relationship was wonderful, we hardly ever faught or argued, but then maybe again I was just so in love with the idea of being in love that I didn't see the warning signs. then he moved into one of my parents apratments to be closer to me, and I ended up "unofficially" moving in too, meaning I wasn't there to help pay the bills, but I stayed there ever night and and cleaned up for him blah blah blah. After we were dating for about a year and half, things started getting worse, to the point where I knew something was wrong and
What is the point of cheating on someone you love???? I quote in the "olden days" there was no word as a cheat really u had one or two but now its like a fase everyone is going through i dont get it what is the point because one day it will back fire on them, they will find someone they really do love and the partner they are with will cheat on them and they will now how there ex felt when they did it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People in this generation arent very sincere im not saying women are perfect because we are not!! But it is hard to find someone that will truely love you for the rest of your life, treshish you and you can trust with all your heart. I dont Wanna Current mood: depressed I dont wanna do this anymore. I dont wanna give away my heart to have it handed back to me shattered in a million little pieces I dont wanna hurt any more. I dont want my eyes to fill with tears. or cry all night long wondering what i done wrong. my future looks so
How To: Female Ejaculation
Most women, if not all, have the ability to experience female ejaculation – or squirting. Female Ejaculation should not be confused with urinate although it may feel very similar when highly aroused. How many of you have been so turned on during sex that you found the sudden, inexplicable urge to urinate? Thinking that you are about to pee, you have restrained yourself and held back the sensation – thus depriving yourself of an ejaculate of fluid that goes along with an intense orgasm. Female ejaculation, to me, is extremely erotic and is a pleasure both for the person ejaculating as well as the person in your company while you ejaculate. It can be related to the thrill of having a man squirt all over you (for those that are into that sort of thing), or sucking or jerking a man off and watching the results of your ministrations explode into his cum spraying out of his cock. As mentioned earlier, the first step to achieving female ejaculation is the realisation that you can achiev
This Iz Da Bizniss
THE ASSHOLE COULDNT EVEN BREAK UP WITH ME ON THE PHONE, HE HAS TO DO IT ON THE PC! HE IS NOT IN TOWN, EVEN IF HE WAS, HE WOULDNT DO IT IN PERSON, THE LOSER!!! I AM SO SICK OF LOSERS!!! GGGgggrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Marina's Convo with a Loser/Mom's Ex Current mood: amused Okay this is a conversation between me and my moms dead beat EX. Today I will be playing the part of MYSELF but I am labeled as QEEEN KRISTIE. Enjoy! I sure did. WHOOOP!!! Shawn Cross played Himself. ENJOY ALL. This isn't me on a bad day, Im actually really happy. I've been waiting to do this for such a long time. My mom didn't understand why I never liked him and now she does. WHOOOHOOO!!!! NOTE: This guy stutters on the computer... when he's mad.... uhm yeah nuff said. This is Kristie's daughter Marina, I wanna make that clear right now. I got her message before she did cause it was sent on my computer. Im very different from her, cause I'll tell you whats up. I don't give a shit how it makes you feel,
Advice Welcome
Ok, I'm not often a blogger but this is something I need to get off my chest and this may be the best place to do so. Why do I let myself get hurt day after day? Why do I love him so much even when he's obviously tossed me aside for a new lifestyle? I can't even just sit here at the computer, my sanctuary, and not think about "them" or what could have been with "us." Hell, I'm even still really looking forward to seeing him again in March, and yet somewhere inside I know it's pointless. I need to accept is as the fun fling that it was and realize it's over. Who am I kidding, it may have started that way but it damn sure didn't stay there. Something changed in October, and I'm not sure I'll ever know exactly what caused it. We went from casual sex friends to laying the groundwork for moving in together, but who started that? Was I just that desperate to find a way out of Texas that I was the one rushing things? Rush hell, it's not like we're strangers. We've actually physically know
I love being a California this in an e-mail today and had to share....some are so true and most are too funny... You know you're from California when.../ Californians are better because....... You say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and "hell of" and "hella"(Nor Cal only) and "faded" and "stoked" and "fo sho" and you say them often You know what real cheese taste like. You don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear. You can wear sandals all year long. You go to the Beach - not "down to the shore." You know 65 mph really means 100. When someone cuts you off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road. The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (legally 18 if you live close enough to the border). Our governor can kick your governors ass. You can go out at midnight.
For Every Guy
To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that took time to do what she wanted to do. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes. To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what. To every guy who told his secrets to her. To ever
Bard's Blog...stardate:
Do you Match Me?Take My MatchMe TestBrought to you by:OkCupid - Free Online Dating! I got a lil lame tonight. Ladies, take it anyway for fun to see if we're a match. Enjoy! girlfriend quiz some sing a candy shop supermarket, a ocean when your single so many choice and flavors to taste or simply mingle the mission to find the addition to that mathematical puzzle close the shop ends the shopping the fishing, found some to cuddle my analogy in the love paradigm compares to a bookstore some have many pages others have fewer newer or torn in the center, the Bible the beacon although we read many since the light doesnt always shine on what we're seeking in my own history i write w/ objectivity few details i wont leave out because my ears itching cuz i know some girl is talking about me never a revered saint my table from night to day played the game until the tables turned from a book that i learned one day you will be spurned..too i picked up a
Thank You For Making My Birthday A Special One
As the end of the day approaches, I would like to take a few minutes to thank my friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday....whether it was a shout, a private message, a birthday card, a birthday cake or little gifts. All were greatly appreciated.... You are all the absolute greatest.... Sometimes in life, we tend to dwell on the bad things. I know I do this sometimes...but now I would like to reflect on the good things that I have in my life. My daughters for one...they are the best and my greatest accomplishments. God blessed me with two wonderful daughters whom I cherish, love and adore. I have also been blessed with a wonderful future son-in-law...he loves my daughter very much and with all that she's bee through in the last year or so, she deserves to be happy. I am blessed that I still have my mom and that she is for the most part healthy. I am anxiously awaiting spring to arrive because when spring arrives, I will be welcoming my first grandchild into the
Paul's Scientific Writings And Thoughts
Download PDF through this link Let me try ( I have a really hard time getting the concept in the head to be understandable on the page) to explain why our seeming direct observation of the universe is skewed be the intrinsic bias of us , and every tool we use, being made of the matter that was converted out of the QP of the BB. First I start from the position that there WAS a BB , this is a position solely based on my agreement with COBE and other observation platforms that seem to show expansion from a starting point and relative uniform back ground microwave radiation. Many I have tried to explain my postulate too first jump in and state that there was no BB so from that point the explanation will always fail. Consider what was the "Stuff" of the BB.. I have dubbed is a Quantum Point ... This seems to be the best term of description I can conger and here’s why. I conceive it as a Quantum of energy of an indefinable conte
~ About My Skinz ~
What Seperates me from other Skinners on Fubar : * I bring a Clean Layout Style to Fu (No Spam BullSh!t on My Skinz) * Transparenciez - Yes this has been done, but I make it Flow n Look Good WHY? - Because I dont like to spend hours on my graphix (the custom ones) So it can be covered by a bunch of colored divs - I make skins to show off my Graphix & Coding Skillz * Originality No-One on Fu Makes Skinz & Lounges Like Me * Details - I pay very close attention to Details.. Everything is in the details. * Everything from what I can see is coded.(My Skins are Written By ME - With the Exception of YOTDs Comment Code.. Modified & Used With her Permission-Cuz She Fowkin ROX!) - I dont steal Peoples Code & Call it my own.. * You will Notice in the pictures animations on Peoples names - This is coded per User Level on FU..(Ever Seen the Flaming Staff Text in a Lounge?) **Mine** * I just wanted to write this blog because alot of people dont pay attention to what is all in my ski
Oh Baby!
Went to the doctor, and although we weren't able to get an ultrasound, I did hear its heartbeat through the machine thingie. Doctor says it sounds healthy =) Can't wait till we can find out the sex. AHH I saw its little face! It was soo cute for a squirrel looking thing. 10 weeks and counting! 3 more weeks till we can tell the sex. We went to our second apointment, and they found the heartbeat. YAY! Good things, good times. We both have a really good feeling about this one. It's right where it should be, and making me sick as hell! A small price to pay for such a wonderful gift. Both Daddy and I are very excited and can't wait! We have two ultrasound pictures of him/her already and are getting a third on the 15th. Cheers and hope you all are in good spirits as well. -Kendra P.s I uploaded one of the two ultrasound pics in the "Baby" Album. Second will follow in a few days.
Time Windows
Where Time's Winds Blow by LateNiteFantasy© Where time's winds blow That's where you are; Your bright eyes glow Like distant stars. I call your name And there you are; In time's freeze frame Caught from afar. Where time's winds blow Things cannot last; We come and we go Like ships that pass. Love's not always sweet, nor is it just "tomorrows" It has sharp edges, barbs, and is full of sorrows; Yet we must love, and face the storm When time's winds blow..... Where time's winds blow That's where you'll be; Where love's fires glow Your smile I'll see. Across the stars Across the sea; Where time's winds blow Our hearts will be. A Momentary Flame by LateNiteFantasy© In darkest, deepest corners of the mind, There live the memories that love imprints, Tattooed in places only time can find, Guarded by defenses. Only hints At where the keys reside, how to unlock The doors behind which precious rest is found Can be deciphered. Will it take a
She threw back the blankets and rose from the bed. A sheen of perspiration glistened on her skin, pasting her shift to her so that every line and curve was accentuated, and as the cold night air touched her flesh, the heat of it quickly froze. Her lungs seized momentarily and she fought for breath as she reached for her robe. The cold stone floor kissed her naked feet as she hurled herself across the room, past the window through which the pale light of the twin moons shone, past the fire in the hearth that had turned to ashes, through the chamber doorway and onto the stairs that spiraled treacherously downward in a steep descending arc that promised a long and painful fall to one who was not careful where they tread. But she knew the way. These stairs were as familiar to her as her own skin and she maneuvered acrobatically around the slippery worn spots in the stone, skipping steps where that stone had begun to deteriorate and crumble with age and disrepair. Nothing had been
To Help Friends
☆HIS☆ ☆ Owned by in name☆ ☆ top friend spot☆ ☆ custom morph☆ ☆ fubucks only☆ ЯelliK-CoOwner of the Basement-SEЯ DJ-FuHubby to Kunty ☆Her☆ ☆ Offering ☆ ☆sfw salute☆ ☆#3 family spot☆ ☆yahoo addy☆ ☆custom picture☆ ☆owned by in name☆ ☆ fubux only, they will all be going to Rellik☆ ☆Kunty™CuppyCake [Basement] Rellik's fu-wifey☆ ☆ HURRY QUICK THIS AUCTION ENDS FRIDAY NIGHT ☆ ☆TO DONATE:☆ ☆This guy is amazing and he needs our help. His birthday is REAL soon and hes been trying to save for spotlight, and well he's not even close yet.☆ ☆He really needs our help.☆  ☆Lets show him how nice the fu can really be.☆ ЯelliK-CoOwner of the Basement-SEЯ DJ-FuHubby to Kunty ☆FUPAL HIM, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?☆ ☆HIS FAV
Leave Me A Message Plz
i need 1000 likes can u help out plz
Helping Others Level Up
thinken about starting a male female group called Devils & Dolls ... since we have alot of female group n very few male female groups ... any ideas on how we can get this lifted off the groud n how to make it fun for all comment here n if you wanna join comment here also .. once again thank you all for your time... ViPeR XP
Fubar Book Club!
I'm still working out some kinks, but I thought I would put this here so those who would like to start talking can gather and do it here. This blog is only for discussion of World War Z. Anything off-topic will be deleted. Sorry! General thoughts, opinions, ideas? Please try to avoid "spoilers", if you have to them please mark them as such, kinda like this: *SPOILER!* Zombies is people!! *END SPOILER!* Also, what do you think of having entries made for subjects as well as general talk? Such as having one to focus on the political aspects, scientific, its place in zombie pop culture, etc. etc. Alright, post away! :) I have a great one in mind, but please leave your nominations here. Thank you! What: An attempt at a book club, here, on Fubar. Some say it's a foolish mission. They're correct, but we're awesome, we read and we love talking to each other on blogs, so up theirs. Who: Hopefully you. ANYBODY can join. A handful of you have promised me you'll join and d
My Disability
Wicca (pronounced [wike]) is a Neopagan  religion  and a form of modern witchcraft. It is often referred to as Witchcraft  or the Craft[1]  by its adherents, who are known as Wiccans or Witches. Its disputed origins lie in England in the early 20th century,  though it was first popularised during the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant, who at the time called it the "witch cult" and "witchcraft", and its adherents "the Wica". From the 1960s the name of the religion was normalised to "Wicca".Wicca is typically a duotheistic religion, worshipping a Goddess and a God, who are traditionally viewed as the Triple Goddess and Horned God. These two deities are often viewed as being facets of a greater pantheistic Godhead, and as manifesting themselves as various polytheistic deities. Nonetheless, there are also other theological positions within the Craft, ranging from monotheism to atheism. Wicca also involves the ritual practice of magic, largely influenced by the ceremo
Movies I Saw In Melbourne August/september 2010
Ok Hey People i am Back  from my Holiday to Victoria Australia and When i  was in Ringwood (Melbourne) I saw 9 MOVIES   and they are  in order 1.The Expendables 2.Salt (saw This on my Birthday 27/8/2010 or 8/27/2010) 3.Scott Pilgrim VS The World 4.Avatar Special Edition with Extra scenes (3D) 5.Beauty And The Beast (3D) 6.Tomorrow When Then War Began (Australian Movie) 7.The Sorcerer's Apprentice 8.Tomorrow When The War Began (Australian Movie) 9.Easy A so  i Saw Tomorrow When The War Began Twice  from Bruce
Turf Rules
                                                  Juggador Mafia Turf rules   Standards for promotion..1. Be an active member for at least one week.2. Show Improvement.( Not by leveling, but by Showing Excitement for your turf).3. Show consistent improvement (Based on Character strength and Skill).4. Other criteria include ability to train, Following all the turf rules and regulations, recruiting and working as team member.Once in a leadership position( LT and Up ), you are expected to be an active participant. If you are going to be inactive for longer than three days, let someone know and we will temporarily put someone in the position so the turf funds are maximized to improve the turf. Not letting the Boss or Underboss or Lieutenants  know can result in demotion to Associate. UPON PROMOTION:  The new soldier will need to provide a list of territories/equip to his/her mentor/trainer for an evaluation and/or recommendations on how to improve his/her mobsters. Unless we already kno
How I Miss U
I found u deep in side crying trying to find your way out not knowing where to hide. the lies the power of it all trapped in side reaching out to take your hand but u slip away in to the darkness losing my mind tearing at my soul spinning out of control. I am all alone there is noting to find there is noting to save any more! i walk the line i sway back and forth from one side to side  i stand tall and make the best of it i dont cheat i dont steel and  itry not to lie i try to do my best in every thing i do i try to bettermy slef and make others happy i am your friend i will always be there walkingthat line trying to reach the top going fare and abovethe silver lining that hangs above my head trying to make u happy and full of life!!! if u cant do to your loved one as they do to u then why be with them! u cant run away from every thing u have to deal with it! u have to sit down and talk it out and some times do things u dont want to do i am still learning this and have a lot to learn t
It Takes A Real Guy!!!!
 Any guy can love a thousand girls.........but only a real guy canh love a girl a thousand ways!!
Been Gone
Hello,  at one time I was a regular here. Back then, I was up for a whole different version of Sherlock Holmes. I have immersed myself in writing and have a publisher for my first self help book-FREE SPIRIT FITNESS.   I have also fleew to LA with my agent and sold my first screenplay called THE MEEK.I will write more as the notion hits me...right now, i forget how all of this works I have a part-time housekeeper named Maria.  I have been single now for a few years. I am fortunate enough to have come from a wealthy family and now have had my share of incredible success in a very tough industry (Thanks to God always) As a result, I must deal a lot with golddiggers.     Maria comes in a few days a week and is a single mother.  She is Latino and quite attractive.  She has a good heart and I know she would do anything to make a better life for her son.  Well, one evening I drive back from NYC after a long day doing very boring things (ie listening to my agent negotiate with mid-level prod
Air Jordan Pas Cher
which feature a modified version of the herringbone pattern, which provides great traction on the hardwood.The blue portion features an underlying 3M reflective material which shines when hit by light,Air Max Pas Cher which will definitely turn heads. The green hologram at the heel represents the eye of the animal, These were the shoes worn by Jake Shuttlesworth (Denzel Washington) in the movie He Got Game. These were not the last shoes worn by Jordan as a Bull. In the last game of the 1998 Finals he wore a pair of the all black Jordan XIV's. These shoes are now dubbed the final/last shots. As its name implies, the Air Jordan Shoes are awesome which has been published around 1990.Nike Requin and Nike Air Jordan these air jordan shoes are light-weight as well as breathable, equally, the quality is also trustworthy. In my opinion, every pair of the air jordan shoes will be both equal classy as well as functional. The dream of all Americans is often a Michael Jordan-style nature.
Wife Swap
janice richardson has figure out how to put the screw to the state of tx and live free and not work. what she did she decided a few year back that she did not want to work she said that people of tx was going to pay her way and now the state of tx is paying this woman not to cook go out every night to eat out. i seen her eat 5 hamburger in 1 setting. she proud that she screwing the state of tx. but she don't understand the people of tx is paying her also taking food out of children mouth. when you tell her that she just laugh and say oh well that their problem she did not give a care. sometime i think countrygirl2199 is not to tightly wrap. why would someone want to gain 500 lb just because she to lazy to work
I see you as a beautiful rose looking into ur eyes I see a bloosm full of life Your skin soft as petals A tingle sensation goes through me when i touch Your aroma goes into my nose to my lungs filling them with pleasure Those lips colored deep red for passion When the petals fall there is nothing left except ur cold barbwire stem When you hold me the thorns piercing my skin I'ts wrapping my body, chocking, digging my skin my blood flows out The thorns dig deeper in my skin scaring my soul My soul leaking going into my vains and pouring into the floor of blood When you go I will heal in the outside but the inside I will still have the scars forever they stay Again and again I will have more scars Even though I will die I cant stop The heartless thorns are not the ones killing me It's your beauty that causes my pain my demise I cant stop thinking about your beauty I want to touch and hold even though I feel pain I cant let go. In ot
Demented Angel Angel engulfed in shadows, robbed of flight, grounded, she voids herself of light. walking in the darkness, she witnesses time curse the damned. tears of blood trickle but never find the ground. she weeps for the weary that sorrow has shown her. whispering on the night breeze, fear not as I have feared. plunge not for darkness escapes no one. cry with me, for I have seen the blackness in your soul. I know that which you seek to hide from those easily decieved. I am the angel of the damned, but once like you. oh how I desire the dawn and fear eternity in this place. written by S.L.Ghanem copyright 09/26/05 I Can. As life passes me by, I can can almost see my mistakes before they are made. I can see love when it passes me by. I can feel the rain on my face, hear the thunder in the distance and know that I am so small in the wonder of it all. I can hear beauty in a melody that captivates me. I can cry because I know, that I will ma
Vote For Me
i entered a pretty eyes contest....please vote for me by rating my pic!! the link to the picture is below. [ photo: 219599536 ] please vote for me............this is the prettiest face by rating my pic.... [ photo: 2471441741 ] i started late in this contest...please vote for me... [ photo: 2471441741 ]
Personal Thoughts
Sorry, I haven't been around much. If any of ya would like to keep in touch. Visit me at - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?27-29 2. What is your sexual orientation?Bisexual 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?10-15 6. What is your pubic hair style?Landing strip, a little hair still there 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?No, not for me 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?Whenever I can 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Not that far, just kissing 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Yes, taken them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a foursome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude b
"Ive kissed a guy... Ive kissed guys. I just havent felt that thing.... That thing... that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy, and the only thing in focus is you and this person. And you realize that that person is the only person youre supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this amazing gift. And you wanna laugh and you wanna cry, cause you feel so lucky that youve found it, and so scared that itll go away all at the same time." Drew Barrymore; from the movie "Never Been Kissed" "But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for." Sally, from the movie "Practical Magic" "We are who we are, how we got here doesn't matter. What matters is- what do we do know?" from the movie "Deep End of The Ocean" "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you." John Smith, from the movie "Pocahontas" "I guarantee
The Art Of Kunnilingus
The Art Of Kunnilingus People have been using their lips and tongues to produce stimulation on each other sexually for about as long as they have existed. How about kissing each other? Men have been kissing women on their necks, ears, breasts, backs, thighs, and anywhere else they can think of that will arouse them sexually ever since they found out that it works. It didn't take long for some enterprising man to find out that kissing a woman's vulva worked, did it ever. The Latin word cunnilingus was coined to describe licking the vulva. But although producing stimulation with your mouth on a woman's vulva is so damn effective, many men refuse to do it. They just don't want to do it. That's why women get so excited when they find a man that likes to get down there. They know he's a pleasure fountain. This is made for those of you guys like me who like to please women and set her pleasure levels up to not-experienced-before levels. This is how to give good oral sex to women. To re
Actualy Met
Well I actually met someone from here. We had developed a friendship on here first. It was a very comfortable meeting because of that. However even though we both seemed to like each other well enough, turned out to be an all or nothing kinda thing. So every one concerned had to get all weird. To bad, cause we were really pretty damn compatible and if taken step by step could have developed into something great.
Keeper Of The Fire--for Deb Deb
Show Me Sum Luv Ya'll
Well Ya'll I've Gone & Done It Went & Put Myself Up On The Auction Block!!! Can Ya Believe It!??! Hehe!! I'm Such A Lil Devil I Knw!!! The Auction Starts 2Day @ 10 a.m. EST!!! & Runs For 2 Weeks!! Ends May 5th @ 10 am EST A Bonus 4 Rates. Whoever has the most gets 3 blingys and 250k fubucks. RATE IT over & over lol Sooooooo Swing On By Join In The Fun Place A Bid On Me!! U Knw U Wanna : ) Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Its Gunna Get Hott!! HEY U GET ME AS UR PERSONAL Fu-SLAVE FOR A MONTH & check ou wat i'm offering on top of tht!!! So Leeeeeeeeeeeeets Get This Party Starrrrrrrted !!! Plz Be Kind R/F/A The
People I Will Always Remember
This is something I did in loving memory of my friend, Tina! Tina was a beautiful person, outside and in - a fashion model with a heart of gold! She quickly became one of my closest friends. She was the type who learned to grow on you. Yes, she was persistent and would always give it to you straight, but she could give so much more. Her heart was always in the right place. She would fight side by side with you without even being asked. This is someone I truly loved and will never forget! I saw a fire in her that could never be extinguished! You could knock her down hundreds of times and she would still get back up and keep fighting. When she fought with someone on her side, she was invincible! In July, when I saw all she had done and all she had been through and overcame, I gave the the moniker "The Fire Angel" which she accepted with pride and honor. Tina left us on August 17, 2007! No doubt, taken way too early! I can only say for sure that she is watching us and
Sum Luv !!!

I'mGuest_TaraSuziQon What do you say to somebody who's just lost a child?? An innocent little baby, who never even got the chance to experience life?? I don't know what to say. I don't even know what to think. ... So we drove down to Pittsuburgh Saturday morning to visit my friend's baby down there in the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital... It was going to be the first, and possibly last, time we would ever get to meet her. Our little "road trip" was sort of fun, despite the reason we were going down there. I think we were just trying not to think about WHY we were going down there. Well, we all got to hold this precious little baby.. She was so tiny. Her hand barely the size of my thumb... not even big enough to grip my pinky. Holding her was rather scary. She was so little. So fragile. So beautiful. ... Well, around 4 pm or so they took out her breathing tube. My friend decided to let nature take it's course, instead of putting her through
I am up for grabs Come check me out Repost for me please Click link below SWEET~THING I am up for auction again . Come see what i have to offer to my owner to be As bids go up i will be adding more so come on and place your bids click here to enter the auction Thought i would give it a try If you would like to bid on me click on pic to bring you there
An engineer dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter meets him at the gate and says, "What! An Engineer! You're in the wrong place! Beat it!" So, he goes down to Hell, and gets settled in. But he soon becomes dissatisfied with conditions there, and begins to make improvements. Before long, there's running water, flush toilets, escalators, even air conditioning, and the engineer is a pretty popular guy. One day God calls Satan up on the telephone and says with a sneer, "So, how's it going down there?" Satan replies, "Hey, things are going great. We've got air conditioning and flush toilets and escalators, and there's no telling what this engineer is going to come up with next." God replies, "What! You've got an engineer? That's a mistake -- he should never have gotten down there. Send him up right away! Satan says, "No way! I like having an engineer on the staff, and I'm keeping him." God says, "Send him back up here or I'll sue your shiny red pants off!" "Oh, yeah?" the
hey my bday coming up (oct 6th)... what will i get from ya?? lots of loveing? some gifts? Blingpacks? a New VIP? hmmmm i really wonder who will think of me... may i get for easter a VIP n a blingpack?
Just One Rate
Hello, Friend is in a contest..can you PLEASE STOP BY and rate this pic....leave a comment or two if you have time. Send me a pm when done I will return the favor!! *click pic*
Nasa Sts-119 Latest News
Wed, 11 Mar 2009 09:10:03 AM PDT Space shuttle Discovery's external tank is being filled with more than 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The three-hour operation began at 11:56 a.m. EDT. There still is a 95 percent chance that weather will not affect the 9:20 p.m. launch of STS-119. The forecast also is favorable at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility, Edwards Air Force Base in California and all three overseas Transatlantic sites, should an abort landing be necessary. Thu, 12 Mar 2009 01:02:05 PM PDT Today's scheduled 4 p.m. EDT status meeting to discuss yesterday's scrub of space shuttle Discovery was cancelled. Based on all of the work done over the last 24 hours, teams believe they have sufficient understanding of the hydrogen leak to continue toward a Sunday launch at 7:43 p.m. A Launch Day minus one (L-1) Mission Management Team meeting has been scheduled for Saturday at 1 p.m. Wed, 11 Mar 2009 05:08:16 PM PDT Shuttle La
I Wish He Really Knew
I just hope she stay's in there that long to keep cookingMake a pregnancy ticker
True Love
True love is an eternal bond between two loving souls. Happy to be in each others arms; serene and secure together. True love is honest; it's forever true it never lies. It holds an unspoken trust between two tied hearts ready to become one. True love is constant. It stays strong and holds fast. Its foundations will hold and it will not crumple to the challenges of time and situation. The only change is more love for each other each new day of their lives. It is forever growing and forever loving.             True love is loyal. Faithful and it can wait. It does not know distance or boundary. It's always true and forever hopeful. It is not affected by the changes that surround them. It holds the promise that they will be together again whenever they are separated.             True love is not hidden; it is shared by two loving hearts. It is willing to accept pain but it's ready to forgive.  It does not store ill feelings and emotions of hate. It is the beauty of the knot that
(over) Rate For Chance To Win 3 Mill.
Contest for 3 million fubucks is here. In order to enter you must rate every one of my pictures except the NSFW albums. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THE LAST PIC OF EVERY FOLDER "folder rated for entry".  If you do not do so you will not be entered in the drawing. Every person to rate all of my albums except NSFW will be entered in the drawing for 3 million fubucks. You have between now (5/20) and Sun. May 31 to finish my page. YOU MUST FINISH TO ENTER. YOU MUST COMMENT AT THE END OF EACH FOLDER TO ENTER.  Once you are done with my page, you must Private Message me (NO SHOUT BOX MESSAGES) saying you rated all pics for entry in 3 million fubucks drawing.  I will be checking each folder you comment on to make sure rates were completed. On Wed. June 3 i will pick out the winning name and 3 million fubucks will be awarded. Good luck to all and enjoy leveling on my page! If you finish my page and do not want to enter you may Private Message me saying you want 500,000 fubucks.  If so you will not be
Anime Fan
Hello Everyone.I hope that you are doing well today. It's been some years now since I've watched anything on Entertainment Tonight. But I remember one time Leonard Maltin showed a movie trailer with the legendary Babe Ruth coming into aclassroom and telling kids it was time to play baseball..There is an anime coming out called Big Wind Up. It will be released by Funimation Entertainment and the manga creator is Asa Higuchi, plus the director is Tstomu Mizushima. This is not the first time that I've seen baseball beingcovered by anime. The Japanese people have for a very long time had amfascination with baseball. ADV Film released an anime series called, Princess Nine - a story about a girls baseball team. I've seen baseball episodes in manyanime series like Maison Ikkoku (Note: Chachamaru was the name of the baseballteam in Maison Ikkoku.), Ultra Manic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yumeria. Even in the World Encyclopedia of Comics, edited by Maurice Horn, it shows on page 433 an
May 19th Hepatitis Rally - We Need Pics!
Hi All, The May 19th rally in Washington D.C. is just around the corner and we still do not have enough pictures of people we have lost to hepatitis for our photo installation at the rally. Please send me the name, year of birth and death, and a photo. If you do not have a photo , send me the rest of the information. I can use a silhouette instead of an actual photo. We need your help to make this a success. Please send today! Deadline is Thursday May 6th. Contact Lorren at Save the Date: High Noon, May 19, 2010: Rally for Hepatitis on Capitol Hill! To learn more and to register to attend, endorse or support, visit or search This is Hepatitis on Facebook Lorren Sandt Executive Director Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. PO Box 1748 Oregon City, OR 97045 Phone: 503-632-9032 Direct Line: 503-632-9030 FAX: 503-632-9038 -----     THANKS! Dawn Webb Debbullan.Org   .
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides
"The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this:A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.To him... a touch is a blow,a sound is a noise,a misfortune is a tragedy,a joy is an ecstasy,a friend is a lover,a lover is a god,and failure is death.Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create - - - so that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, his very breath is cut off from him. He must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency he is not really alive unless he is creating." -Pearl S. Buck
Obama Drops The Declaration
President Obama just redecorated The Oval Office. Part of his feng shui includes a new rug featuring several of his favorite quotes: “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”     – Franklin D. Roosevelt“The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice”     – Martin Luther King, Jr.  “Government of the People, By the People, For the People”     –  Abraham Lincoln“No Problem of Human Destiny is Beyond Human Beings”      – John F. Kennedy “The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us”         – President Theodore RooseveltOf all the memorable quotes in American history, Obama chooses no Founders’ words for his office rug. There is not even a nod to the Declaration of Independence (“All Men are Created Equal”…anyone?).This is not the only time that Obama has ignored the Declaration of Independence. For instance, J
Who I Am O/
A comment I recieved this evening has inspired me. It's not the first time I have heard this and it bothers me. I shall start it like this:    I am who I am. I am beautiful. My skin is as Black as Midnight and my lips are as full and lucious as ripe fruit. My hair is as Curly and kinky as if I were fresh off the boat. This is who I am. This is what makes me beautiful. My body is full and oh so earthy that men can help but to wish for a chance even when they know not why. My fertile curves can attract men on an istictual level, and i say men not boys for only real men can feel it's call. From the darkness of my skin to the light that is in my eyes. I shine!     So for those that do not know, I say this. Don't ever tell me "I have never really liked black women but you are attractive" Or "your attractive for a black girl". It is insulting. Women fight hard to find the beauty within themselves. Black women especially. I am the epitome of what a brown skinned woman is. In my eyes. And
Laorali Blog
Trust the quality and design of juicy couture bags here is the first thing, and please come to juicy couture reviews left by regulars. Juicy Couture Bags can help you to be a admirable person. Welcome to Juicy Couture Handbags! Juicy Couture Bags On sale online in our juicy couture outlet pinup and grateful. Face preference juicy couture sale handbags, customers first ask us something about the quality and price. And we are confident to tell you that the quality is reliable and the price is reasonable. Juicy Couture Outlet sells juicy couture bags cheap so that saves your money. Welcome to Juicy Couture Handbags On sale. The particular juicy couture sales amazon online marketplace rolex have cultivated any stylish and also well-known section of this kind of companys components. These kinds of amazon online marketplace rolex are already specifically made regarding ladies which enjoy glamour, children's, adaptability and also style. The particular amazon online marketplace rolex are oft
Non Erotic Poetry
"You deserve better than me." That's what you told me the day you broke my heart. "How do you know?" I wanted to scream as confusion clouded my thoughts. "You need someone who can be there for you." That's what you told me as I sobbed uncontrollably. "Who are you to tell me what I need?" I wanted to yell as anger began to build. There is a difference between want and need. I want you. I want to feel your arms around me as we lay together, sated, after making love. I want to see your face light up when you smile as our eyes meet across a crowded room. I want to have your lips take mine in a passionate display of how much you missed me. I need to be wanted for my personality and sensuality. I need to be loved whole-heartedly and unconditionally. I need someone who is going to be there when I need a shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night. I need someone who not only wants me but who needs me just as I need him. I love you and I want you. That I
I know I know.. A contest whore lol.. I need the vote to beat the other people in this contest.. I am winning at the moment by 1.. So if anyone could help give me a few more points I would appreciate it!! Love Ya All!!! I know I know.. A contest whore lol.. I need the vote to beat the other people in this contest.. I am winning at the moment by 1.. So if anyone could help give me a few more points I would appreciate it!! Love Ya All!!! I know I know.. Another contest!! If you would all please vote for this one though!!
why is it i only rember the strange and weird dreams any idea? hi do u think big can be beautifull???? You Are 30% Evil A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. How Evil Are You?
Some nerd posted my pics on another site, so I am marking them family only! If you want to see me, get in the fam. And dont just ask, I really need to know you. dammit! Why are some people so damn sensitive! If I dont answer immediately, it doesnt mean i dont like you or are ignoring you!!!! WHEW!!! Also, I kind of like looking at our pics....If you want to see ALL of mine, I want to see ALL of yours! Damnit! I like naked bodies too!!!!! A friend and I are discussing the attention an account gets with the right primary pic. Lets find out if his theory is true! Does the profile get more attention with more cleavage? Does "rate/fan me" make a huge difference? Who knows, we will see....:)
Suck This
I got too rant and rave for a little bit........I have been goin thru alot of shit lately.......tryin to help out anyone and everyone.......and asking nothin in return......but why is it when someone helps me out they expect sumthin in return......a thank you isn't good enough.........they expect a whole lot more........but sorry people it aint happenin......well gotta go...... to all my true friends and family holla at ur gurl........and girls watch out......for those that seem to want to help and say they dont expect nuttin in return they lieing they asses off........HOLLA hey, my friend is going through some shit right now cuz of sum bitch....if i ever find out exactly who she is theres gunna be hell to pay....My friend is one of the sweetest and kindest guys I have met in a long time and dont deserve any of this shit.....I dont know the bitch but would love to give her a piece of my mind........this ones for you baby!!!!!!!! love ya........ Hey people....I just read sumthin a fr
Horrorscope 6=3-07
A gesture doesn't have to be empty if you understand the significance it holds for the other person. So, yes, this may seem a little silly or strange to you, but through their eyes it takes on a whole different light.
For Moet
Favourite Movies
I was crying during the whole vid. When u love someone, do not deny it, do not turn away from it, embraced it, take a risk, it just maybe the everlasting love that you are seeking for.
List them and I will answer. ok, here's the deal, you get to ask me six question, as naughty and daring as you can think up. Send to me, and I'll answer them trutfully. Repost this, and you'll be surprised about what people want to know about you... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! Send your anwers to me only... ============================================= 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit
My Everyday Boring Life
We've lost it. We had it for a long time and now it's gone. What is it that we've lost: our sense of humor. We've lost the ability to taste, touch, feel, or even recognize humor. We've let the gods of political correctness dictate to us what is humor and what isn't, and they have left us in the dark void of nothingness. As far as they are concerned nothing is funny and any attempt at humor is a sign of "disrespect", "insensitivity", and shows a lack of "compassion"I know something about humor. I learned it well when I was a young one. I was abandoned by my natural parents, who divorced and left me in the US while they went back to the old country. Being without a family, up for adoption with no prospects made me an easy target for the other kids. Kids were more brutal then, but in their brutality I learned to deflect their harsh words with humor. I learned the meaning of the phrase:"Sticks and stones my break my bones, but names will never hurt me. When I die, you will cry for all
Firefighter Ty
A FIREFIGHTER POEM He Stares in the Face of Death Without a Second Thought to Save That One Special Life That He So Bravely Sought He Has Walked as Close to "Hell on Earth" as Any Man Could Do and He's So Proud of the Job He Did for People He Never Knew He Puts His Life on the Line Every Time Duty Calls Always Doing What Needs to Done Without Even a Pause He Is a Fireman With Overwhelming Pride Never Afraid to Take a Chance When Saving Someone’s Life Often He Says "It's My Job" but We Really Know That He Is Very Special and Always Ready to Go So When You Hear the Sirens Wail or See the Flashing Lights Stand Aside and Look with Pride He's Going to Save a Life.
Breaking Dog News
My little girl doggie gave birth to all her 7, yes seven, little puppies sometime this morning between 2:30 am and 6:30 am. She never woke us up, just laid in there in her box and did her little girl doggie thing. They were all cleaned up and nursing by the time we got up and saw them. We took them all to the vet this afternoon to get girl doggie a shot to help her milk come down and to make sure there was not a puppy left in her tummy that she didnt get out. All is well. If you haven't seen her yet, look in my photo album titled 'My new Dog' or something to that affect. I am going to get some pics of the puppies tomorrow and get them uploaded. They are 5 of them black and 2 of them brendal (tiger striped) - she got knocked up by a Brendal Pitt bull if you can believe that, my little half weenie dog half min pin. She is very very very protective of them and is doing well as a doggie mommy. She is keeping them cleaned up and close to her. They will all need a good home in 6 weeks.
if you accidently punched someone and you apologized and you were very very sorry im sure you should be forgiven. it was an accident honestly i would never do it again. today has been quiet it isnt funny
2 Programs
Friends Contest..plz Help Asap..tys!
Video Shout To Fubar Peeps
Hey everyone added a updated video shout for this month...added new peeps in it....if i overlooked you let me know. Beto aka dj devious one I decided to make a video shout out some fubar peeps...Those who I might have left out hit me up in a private message and next time i do another video shout out I will be sure to include you. Plz rate and comment... Beto
Those Crazy Mummers
the Mumms are killing me ... and I need a forum to convince Ash to hang Sherry's ass so she can call me lets have a virtual party Violets head is pounding and she regrets those last 8 shots Kevin actually has not sobered up enough to get dressed yet word is he never really stopped drinking James hopes to be able to stand direct light and loose the glasses before New Years she woke up with her hair like this and no one will tell her WTF happened Crazy Dave tried to pay me not to share this...but I stood firm Doug didn't try pay me off the silly man just trusted my word ... so angelic!! Baby Satan's weekend job Spike Coon ... who knew???
Answer To My Problems
I think I have discovered a solution to keep cubecampers away from my desk! This is a genious idea. It will illiminate those times when I go silent on Fu and those moments when I miss the good blogs of mumms! It might not get babes in my shoutbox {cue the sound of crickets here}, but it might cut down on my lumens exposure from the lights. What do you think????
Lounge Servers
Starting a lounge? Need a server, contact Revrend DJ Raven of the Krypt Lounge...he is a reseller of servers. Send him a private message or shoutbox ... Revrend DJ Raven R/L BF of DJ City GirlOwner of KRYPT Lounge Owner of KRYPT Radio@ fubar
Not To Play Jus To Be Ril (um Poetic)
So u think u tough n dont kno who u fool WIT, U kno da dil so u mite az well prepare 4 a TRIP. U gon stand a6ove da water so u 6etta not SLIP, I got a few thingz 4 u 6efore u slip like a WIMP. So many ppl azk da ? why i walk like a PIMP, No cane or top hat juz war woundz n a LIMP. Ril understandz ril n a game like DIZ, Since almighty cam wit pistles datz y I got SIX, Um to ril 4 tha fakez they pull their coverz n DIP, Stealin from home cuz a JUNKIE claimed your spot in life SHIT, Itz juz a taste uv yo future 6efore your future gitz RIPPED, So um da reeper put yo life in a cup n juz SIP, I kno it soundz rediculas 6ut its useful for a hataz EARZ i speak cuz um tru not juz cuz um unique; all wordz said are ril no mo hide n seak; peak into tha mind uv tru rilness n fil all else ril cuz i make a seat for people with heat; to fil my wordz u must open a gap for your soal to leak, wit tears and bklxxd and peace. Stanley"Tookie"Williams is my motivator not for tha violence but for
So BLAH is pretty much whats sums up this update. Let's see..... my rent is caught up for now, I'm sure it'll get back behind but oh well fuck it; I'm still topsy turvy about that brother living with me situation; who knew Fly Boys would be this awesome!?!?!?!?!? And look how long I waited to discover how awesome military dicks can be!! LOL Things with my kids are far more beautiful than I thought they would be a year ago. Things are sssoooooooo much better now that I'm divorced. And people tried to say I married him for my situation with my kids. Shit all he did was fuck up my shit with my kids worse than it was before him. Not to mention he let his baby momma ruin my kids toys cause she was so jealous that I had 2 and she was only forced to have 1 and she hated that. So she destroys my kids shit, and thats ok with him cause she's better than me. She never cheated on him. WTFE dude And life post 2nd divorce?? FREAKING FANTASTIC My FlyBoy is awesome wonderful and amazing and so much li
Dirty Office Visit
I walk into your office... and look around to see if anyone is close by... I walk around your desk and stand behind you and lean over and put my hands on the back of your chair and let my fingers touch you on either side just under your arms... touching the edges of your bra. I lean closer and put my lips close to your right ear and you can feel the heat from my breath against your neck and I whisper into your ear... "I want to taste your pussy right now, make it nice and wet for me" and you let out a deep sigh."show it to me" I whisper in your ear as I watch your right hand move from your desk to your right knee. Sliding up your leg, you slowly lift your skirt as you look around to see if anyone is watching you and there is nobody around. You lean back slightly in your chair and begin to spread your legs as your hand gently raises your skirt up your thighs so I begin to see your pretty white lace panties. "mmmmm thats nice.... now rub it...I want to see those pretty pussy lips" I whis
No One
no one know what am going throughwhat feeling i have in my heart no one know what is like to be hurtto be destroy and desert no one know how this hurt is beating me downand that i cant get up if you are around no one know what you have inside untill they tried my side people will never understand coz they dont give a damn no one know how much you fightcoz it is in your sight how  you should knowhow you should care if you dont share you know i was cool you know i was fool when i fall in love with you no one know what is deep in youuntil they go throught no one know what is regratthey only fell for the best  i dont care about all of you coz you dont know what am going throught so leave me alone i ll go by my own see love what do to youif you care like a fool  just dont breath my pain and i ll do the same so leave me aloneleave me alone 
The Dll Paranormal Society
Hi everyone! This blog area is going to be for the Paranormal Society I run here in Baltimore, Maryland. I've been educating myself in the Paranormal for the last 10 years. And in 2008 founded The Divinus Lux Lucis Paranormal Society. In April of 2011 we were sanctioned as a student organization through The Community College of Baltimore County. I wanted to post this blog, just to put it out there in case anyone from Maryland here on FUBAR was interested in the paranormal. We are open to ALL people in the state of Maryland and anyone can become a member. We meet on the Dundalk Campus of CCBC every Thursday from 6-8pm, and hold investigations on the weekend. Not every week but 1 to 2 times per month. We have also have many on campus events each semester plus we have a CCBC Television Show in the works. If you are interested in joining please email us at Let us know you would like to join, and just let us know that you heard about us via FUBAR!
Some Productive Ideas For Fubar Folks
Now to be honest with you I still don't see the value of getting credits on here I mean I bought some before and gave to my friends but that seemed to be it..Honesly I would prefered to gain some kind of money then that. So! A few days Ive been going threw alot of site. Surveys, ad post sites and what not.. Then I found this little page Now I know what your Thinking.." this looks like a scam site" well it isnt strangly its actully legit. Ive looked everywhere on the net to see if this is a Online scam and it kept coming up the same thing.. its Very legit..So now I follow the rules.. prety simple indeed and now im set to making my own bussniess. Just started tho but im making some progress tho real good progress indeed. And Its very easy just like jeff in the video says.   Making your Own bussniss seems pretty awesome indeed. Check it out you just might like it ;)  Now I few months ago I was ask from one of my friends " where can they sell th
Help (if You Need It)
I don't know why I haven't post this before.  Maybe it may hurt the image that I try to convey on here.  But here it is....   I have dealings with this non-profit organization called  It is a chatroom that serves as a group therapy session for those who are survivors and those that are still going through abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, etc.)  It is anonymous.  So if you have been/being abused or know someone that is, YesICAN is a place they can go to talk.   Pass the word around.  YesICAN
Friendships And What They Mean
This is not new but its something I felt need of to write. Back in 1992, when my mother was still alive but after my father's death in '86. I was living with my mom to help take care of her in dallas texas. life was pretty normal for us when one days a beautiful lady drove up in a U-Haul. the way our apartments was set up my patio was nearest the parking lot and closest to my neighbors patio. That was the day I meet Donna Merrik. she was moving into the apartment next door to mine. she had 2 cute dogs and lots of stuff. I asked if she needed some help and she accepted with a smile. I let my mom know what was happening and closed the patio door so to keep my own dog indoors. I put her dogs onto my patio as her door would be open alot. then I helped her move in. we became fast friends at that point. over the next year we grew together. going out on 'dates' sometime double dating. sometimes we would spend all night in her apartment talking about horrible dates we had just had.
Just Popped My Cherry
Chipmunks-because i got highAdd to My Profile | More Videos chipmunkz-shorty like mineAdd to My Profile | More Videos Alvin ft Theodore-Make it RainAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Thank you Firestar...this is a poem a friend wrote for me:) by Firestar~Queen of Darkness~ Lil Hoochie From DownUnder Lil hoochie from downunder…. Let me tell you a sweet story about the finest, yet the hottest lady living downunder. She so fine that rain will not rain upon her day, But her beauty is well know about the land of the great downunder. Eyes that will burn like liquid fire. Lips that are like morphine, But all men want to dare to her wicked kiss. Story goes…. To lay your eyes upon her beauty is like feasting upon the sun to where You would lose your mind. Lil hoochie from downunder…. She got what it takes to make a man‘s…. Blood boil like hot water on a stove, Heart bursting like firecracker on the fourth of July. She got the sweet alluring sway about her walk that makes…. The men fall to their knees for mercy. Lil hoochie from downunder…. Sweeter than honey upon a rattle snake meat. Hotter than a brewing day upon Texas. Lil hoochie knows what she
My Pics
To whoever is rating my pic a 1,7,0r 8,don't even bother. If you can't rate me a 10,stay the hell off my page,have a great day!!!
Lil More About Me..hmm
So Ive been a cook for about 10 years now. Im really good at it and really enjoy doing it, but I my last few jobs have really taken the fun out of it for me. I left my last job a few month ago to stay home and take care of my daughter. Im really feeling it's time for me to go back to work, for more reasons than just money. I really dont know if I want to go back cooking, because I can enjoy cooking at home more. I havent really had much other job exp. except for two years as a sales associate at sears. So now Im just staring at the gets hard to read when you dont know what you're looking for. So unless a lot of mooney just falls outta the sky and I can open my bar, I really gotta find something, and I want to enjoy doing it.....wish me luck :p Two moons on August 27th! > > The Whole World is waiting for August 27th > Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. > > It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye . > > This will cultiva
Cfl Playoffs
would everyone please rate these 6 pics please id really appreciate it. it is the CFL playoffs and we r behind.
Anime And Manga Sites
deathnote welcome to the n.h.k. highschool of the dead JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE phoenix black jack one piece monster berserk fruits basket devil man naruto vampire knight avalon high vampire kisses genshiken XXXholic paradise kiss bleach battle royale tenjho tenge DNAngel hellsing blood alone air gear samurai deeper masca .hack//(all them) loveless Love hina dai tokai ni hoero hunter x hunter ai yori aoshi vagabond GANTZ eden "its an endless word" chrono crusade akira kiseiju full metal panic negima magister negi magi elfen lied rurouni kenshin battle angel alita shin vampire miyu ranma 1/2 chobits zombie loan Higurashi no naku koro ni priest demon diary doreamon kare kano slam dunk this list is in no order and spans all genres of anime (warning kinda long) bleach neon genesis evangelion cowboy bebop naruto claymore d. grayman trigun gun grave akira berserk outlaw star fruit baskets elfen lied death note kimi ga nozo
1. NO DRAMA!!! 2. The auction will start on Monday the 10th, or when I get 10 entrants and run for 1 week. 3. Bidding will start at 50,000 fubucks. 4. Cash bids (VIP, blasts, etc.) will outweigh any fubucks bid. 5. Instead of an entry fee, you must rate all my pics, before you will be added to the auction. FOR THE AUCTIONED: Send me a message with what you will do for the person that wins you, and specify if it will be sfw or nsfw. Im holding an auction, hopefully starting monday next week. im looking for at least 10 entrants, if youre interested or have any questions, mail me
For Sale!!! Well I'm in a auction! Goddess's auction this time! Here is my offer! Just click the pic to get there! even if you dont bid on me please rate the pic! And please show the hostesslots of love!!! She loves it!! ~GoddessWildCherry~ Owned by Johnny ~Member of the Spankers Club~@ fubar

    I am only writing concerning the phone call I got from mom this morning...First, I didn't call Dorothy a "whore"! I said bitch....Howard's wife asked me if she should be worried about him working out there...would Dot try anything....she's had heard stuff previously! I have tried my damndness to leave this all alone...I seen her at WalMarts about 3 weeks ago! Why is it being twisted now? Secondly, I know I have been a bitch as well....I know this! I was hurt, and you didn't seem to understand! I felt like I was being dangled over the edge of a cliff....I said things I should not have in text to you! I hate that any of this happened, but, what is done is done! I was in the wrong as well... this I can admit... I am not out for blood, I have no vendetta against no one!  I am not out to see you fail... I wish you all the best of luck! This is my side of the story first hand...not from any one else's mouth! I am not out running my mouth about you all....and when it co
New Id
This is a list of tv and music I cant (and will never) listen to ever again because of her... TV... Rescue Me The Sopranos NHRA Drag Racing Sunday NFL Football Music... Anything by any New Jersey Band, and or Singer... Hinder "Lips of an Angel" Daughtry (anything by him) Carrie Underwood "before SHE cheats" Billy Currington "Must be doing sumpin right" Stryper "Honestly" Anything by Journey Survivor "The search is over" Richard Marx "Right here waiting" 3 Doors Down "here without you" White Lion "Wait" Alicia Keys "Hold me like your..." Nicole (Pussycat Dolls) "Baby Love" Justin Timberlake "My Love" Gary Allen "Best I Ever Had" Reo Speedwagon (Anything) Stone Sour "ZZX Road" Berlin "Take My Breath Away" and many numerous others... I wonder about allot of things, things like if you love someone so much, why do you treat them the way you treated me? After I got this job, the only thing that made me make it through the day was knowing I got to talk to y
Kidd Rock Has Done It Again
Naughty Or Nice Auction That Is Driving Me Nuts!  Now Fu - wan'ts me to get 23 more friends into this (drug)
This Is So True
seen this on someones profiles thought it b good for a blog I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE ? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolera
i need 3000 rates on this picture in the next 7days here is the link p=== '"> ¶PÃIÉTEß™¤Ð§Ç ¤' wrote the following at '2009-09-07 15:45:55'..>> lz help me and show me some love ty come join my mafia plz come join my lounge
Post This If You Ain't Scared!
POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable,I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you mine Don't Be Shy, LOL!
The Life And Times Of A Davey
What is love? I think that anyone that should know me should know this.  Hi I am Bi--Polar lol:).  I was diagnosed in 2003'.  I spent a long hard journey to get to where I am at now in my progression.  I think that I am working through this pretty well.  I stuble along the way and have to learn more and more everyday.  Looking forward to living a long life.  But you know what I gotta be real and make sure that I keep up on the way!  I think that the world is a ever changing place and to live in it you must know the ground rules.  If you don't the world just might swallow you whole. Love to live my life you better think twice. To all those who care, Dave Galich   You know that you cannot ask me anything.  Because I am not here to give anything.  So on and on I go.  Ranting.  Just punching keys here.  I wanted to think of a future with you but now I think that I will just sell you out and tell them all that your the biggest liar that ever roamed the Earth.  It only makes sense cause
Lost -n- Tha World
                                                                           Lost -N- Tha World                                                                                   Another day has come and gone, You left us standing all alone. I feel so stupid and a shamed, That I fell for all you'r Bullshit and played out games! I was the one who was there for you when no one else was, Even when you bout died from all the drugs. I've watched you sleep and held you close, I was the one who loved you most! I was a good person so happy and free, Now you made me somthin I never wanted to be. Now that you'r gone im finding me, The person loving life living so care free. You have two kods that loves you good or bad, You wont even come see them and thats just sad! Dont you think they deserve a phone call from their so called #1 Dad? You never take blame, You fault everyone else. Take a look in the mirror you did it to yourself. Our kids are no longer screaming through the door "Daddy come back w
Merged Friendship
Merged friendshipYou couldNever beJust anotherPieceOf assSomeone whoI fornicateThen letSlipFrom myGraspWe knowToo manySecretsTo ever putOne anotherIn the PastIt wouldSimply beSomething elseWe didTogetherEven ifIt wasJust one timeThe rest Of ourLoveWill last     RevJoe wrote this for me thank you babes for everything the 6 years(h)
Written Interview From Tyrants Blood
> 1> *What's the name of your band?  Have you changed the band's > name before?> Bands name is Tyrants Blood, that was the name we came up with january 2006.We started messing around with songs around august 2005 with then original drummer , and founder of the band Kevin Volatile.We had a fellow name Mike K on bass and our original vocalist Shawn Darksoul from That time till about December of 05.Once Mike K left and Vinnie joined in January 06, we came up with that name.At that time Shawn Darksoul left and Andrew Russell joined forces with us to begin working on the first album.To make it sound a bit more aggressive we brought in another Axe man named Tom Lewko. So that ended up being the lineup for the first album and the name stayed from then on till now.  2> *What are the names,  of each band member.> Our lineup is Brian Messiah on vocalsVinnie Borden on Bass and vocalsMatt Blood on drums and myself , Marco, on guitars.3> *What genre of music do you consider your work to be?> Well
can you tell that I am aggitated? if not..let me repeat it.. I AM AGGITATED. seems like i get no where on here at times.  Been working on doing the achievements..but  you have to blow money or have it blown on ya to get anywhere..and there may be few achievements..that  you can do that is simple..but hell. I Got fucked over on one of them this past week. THe send round to newbies  for a week one. I started when it came out .  Did it for 8 days straight to be told it doesnt go into effect til the 10th of this month.  Seriously? why Did it come out around the 2nd then? and why is it couple people  with red names have it accomplished?  I DO NOT KNOW.  So anyways. here I am gonna blow 70,000 more on newbies..who I will not hear from or even get a response to the drink. Then I can go on to bitch about my Happy hours that were a present to me.  I set them up for this thursday.  Well I was told they are a hour different then times i set them up for. So i go to help. They said "did yo
My Thoughts And Opinions Etc...
I've Learned that most of the things I worry about never happen* I've Learned that every great achievement was once considered impossible* I've Learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk* I've Learned that if there were no problems there would be no opportunities* I've Learned that it doesn't cost anything to be nice* I've Learned that the important things us not what others think of me, but what I might think of me* I've Learned that even the simplest task can be meaningful if I do it right* I've Learned that in every face to fae encounter, regardless of how brief, we leave something behind* I've Learned that whenever I decide something with kindness, I usually make the right decision* I've Learned that if you spread the peas out on your plate, it looks like you ate mre* I've Learned that regardless of color or age, we all need about the same amount of love* I've Learned that education, experience, and memories are three things that no one
Stories That Were Writen For Me
we was just leaving the movies when you said that you wanted something to eat. so i went ahead and drove to the waffle house so we can grab something to eat before we went home. after we got done eating i decided taht i wanted to go to the park. it was late, like around 1130 or 12 but i didnt care. you know that i just love being around you and making you smile. so while i was pulling up in the park i was steadly undressing you with my eyes. i could see the print of your nipples poking out through your shirt, and the print of your pussy bulging through your shorts. at the same time you was also undressing me with your eyes. you saw that my dick was starting to get hard and you just let out a lil smile. i got out of the truck and came to your side so i could open the door for you. i watched as your right leg came out first and then your left leg made the sight look even more beautiful. as we began to walk toward s the benches, i wrapped my arms around you and sta
A Life Unlived....
Its your choice but let me remind you both will lead you wrong.... So choose.......... verbal abuse or enternal darkness? it's your choice... The screams or forever silence?? it's your choice... to be hated or to be forgotten? it's your choice... take the path thats laid before you or be laid to rest? It's your choice now choose.... LIFE.... or DEATH.... YOU BROKE MY HEART YOU MADE ME CRY FOR THAT I WISH YOU WOULD DIE THE PAIN YOU CAUSED WAS JUST TOO MUCH AND NOW THE ONLY THING TO DO IS FUSS YOU DID IT TO ME ONCE YOU'LL DO IT AGAIN WHEN WILL YOUR STORY EVER END YOU MADE A PROMISE THAT YOU COULDN'T KEEP ABOUT THE LOVE YOU HAD FOR ME I GUESS I SHOULD JUST SAY SO WHAT YOU USED ME Are you sure I am not looking past you, at some twisted little vision of a person tied down screaming from a painful deadly incision? Am I laughing at these wicked thoughts? My soul is dripping with sin. I have so much anger t
Thoughts...use Caution When Reading!
We just found out around 11 pm that my uncle Jim has had a heart attack. two arteries blocked, one at 55 percent another and 60. Life can be so cruel. If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for a bra, it is about time you became informed! (A} Almost Boobs... {B} Barely there. {C} Can't Complain! {D} Dang! {DD} Double dang! {E} Enormous! {F} Fake. {G} Get a Reduction. {H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up ! Christmas has gone great this year. We still didn't get to see my brothers kids and that hurts us all but all in all it was good. Zippo and I haven't fought like we usually do. (Well we are twins...Happens.) The kids cooked dinner this time which was really out of place for us, something we don't do. Have had a few drinks and now in my comfort zone! ~Cheers, Merry Christmas everyone.~
My Blog
BasiCS: 001. real name ¨ Cynthia Sue Cousins 002. nickname ¨ Cinders 003. status ¨ Taken 004. zodiac sign¨ Sagittarius 005. male or female ¨ Female 006. elementary school ¨ Yellowquill 007. middle school ¨ Yellowquill 008. high school ¨ Arthur Meighen High 009. build ¨ More to love! 010. hair color ¨ Naturally dark blonde, currently nuclear red 011. long or short ¨ Long 012. orientation ¨ Straight, at least mostly 013. pet peeve ¨ People not calling when they say they will 014. sleep on back or stomach ¨ Side usually, wake up on stomach 015. are you health freak ¨ Wouldnt say that 016. height ¨ 5ft 6 017. do you have any piercings ¨ 10 020. tattoos ¨ 11 021. righty or lefty¨ Righty FIRSTS: 022. first surgery ¨ Never had any, *touch wood* 023. first piercing ¨ Standard 18g lobe piercings, now stretched to 6g 024. first best friend ¨ Andrea 025. first award ¨ Writer's award, grade 3 026. first sport you joined ¨ Dont do sports, never
Lovers In The Night
I WILL STAY Turn around shut the door walk the other way Don't you Know here for you I will stay CLose you heart hide your soul keep all those feelings deep inside Yet here I will stay for you confide day by day life spins out of control deeper and deeper into your blackhole Don't you see I see into your soul Not seeking not looking wanting to be all alone Yet when am with you i feel like I am home fate brought us together Not playing its usual crule game Why won't you see it is for the better Your life will never be the same. Turn around shut the door walk the other way Don't you Know here for you I will stay You won't be so lonley now I know you have seen dreams turn into nighmares I know your hearts been ripped and torn apart But now I will be here to chase away the fears I know the hurt and pain that is on your eyes back to the day when the inocence died Turn around Shut the door walk the other way Don't you know here for you I will stay
Check It Out! ( (
Tuesday 8/21/07
Kathy-in second by 1500 Rachel-in 3rd by 4000 Shortnsweet-3rd by 3000 We need to bomb hard guys. Here are the links to the pics we need to bomb .... Kathy: Rachel: ShortNsweet: Every1 needs to go to this link and add SexyBlndGirl as a friend so that we can all bomb Haywood in his contest. It starts tonight and I will post a link for it but before hand we all need to go add her as a friend to be able to access the folder the contest pic is in. Here is the link... *SEXYGIRLBLONDE* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB*@ fubar Here is the link to Haywood's contest that just started a few minutes ago.... Also, as you will notice another family member entered this contest without my knowledge, King of Grand Rapids, the family WILL NOT BE BOMBING HIM...we only enter ones scheduled for this very reason....As a matter of fact you can remove him from your friends list, I will be removing him shortly...Bomb Haywood ONLY in this one please....
So just needing to bitch some.... well here goes yes I am totally on here to make friends and yes I am on here to advance in the game because thats what fubar is... a game. Anyhow not naming specific names because there are more then one but I have reposted bulletins, bombed contests, rated contests, rated pics, anytime I can help I always always do. There are a few peeps that I have been to their page numerous times and rated folders of pics and so on... and for the life of me all I can get is a lousy profile rate and maybe a gift. It would be nice if some of these peeps that beg for all this help everyday whether for themselves or their friends if they would just maybe rate one folder of mine?? And some of these people pull the oh show me love and I always return it, I love new friends, I am always there to help blah blah freakin blah. It feels to me like some people let where they rank either daily or overall go to their head just a bit. Im not sayin I repost every bulletin or hel
Gods Forsaken
IM just fuckin tired now. I need a serious lower back fusion from skatin when i was youngert and my days down shovelin coal at the lakefront. i have a inch of height my vertabrea sticks out like 2 inches farther than all the rest. it always feels like i have a screwdriver in my back and im tired. i sleep for days because wasted movement means more pain and i am losing my will to even get up anymore. i am not a quitter so i am against suicide but im losing this battle its 30 mg perks 3 times dayly and im still in some numbed sense of pain it has changed my p[ersonality i find myself nodding and affirming people conversing with me wiht out actually hearing what they are saying. because i am trapped in my pain. i dont have insurance atm and i am fucked. i have always be;lieved when one door closes another opens up but i am starting to lose face here. my attitude for life is deteriorating rapidly and I am treading water right now. just thoughts so any of my friends dont get worried keith w
More To Life
So dating sucks. I've never really done it before and I totally hate it. Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except in this case, I've already found the needle, I just dove back in to make sure there isn't another one. WTF? I know I've found what I want. Whether the what and the who are one in the same remains to be seen. Now its a matter of patience. Oh yeah, like I'm SO good at that! If you have any answers or insight, I'd love to hear it! I can't help but think there has to be more to my life than this. I am unsure where to turn, what to do, who to pursue, what to make for dinner. Without a job, I feel like a waste of space. Without a partner, I feel like everyone is getting short changed. I'm not saying I'm not complete without a man. Far from it. But I also know I'm not meant to be alone. This life should be a team effort. I know with the proper support system life can be a wonderful place. Not that I have seen evidence of this. All relationships
Am I Dreaming
I have never looked into your eyes, But I have in my dreams. I have never felt your soft touch on my skin, But I have in my dreams. I have never felt our hearts beat together, But I have in my dreams. I have never seen the wanting in your eyes as you look into mine, But I have in my dreams. How can a love be this strong, If it's only in my dreams.   Darkness is a friend, A ally. Darkness allows us to understand others, to see what they value when they believe no one else is looking. It allows us to be honest with our seleves, to express those values that we would disvow in the light. The light blinds us it is only in the dark that we see clearly, there is no light here just you and me am I awake? can this be real? I'm drunk in my desire as you lay next to me in a bed of rose pedals and forgotten dreams. somehow you brought it all back to me feelings of erotic passion and a breath of life I thought they were forever lost in an eternal darkness left by lo
Http:// to blog, that is my question...
      Trying to get your lounge looking good, or are you just having trouble getting things to work right. Just let one of our trusted coders know in a private message, and we are sure to help you out!! WE ARE THE FU-CODERS   Please be patient with the coders, some of these members may already have a list of lounges that need help, but they will try to get to you in a timely manor. Just sent them a private message, if you think it is taking to long, than feel free to send another, but again be patient and wait a little. Click any one of these below to get help!  
Bury Me Deep In Your Heart
Bury me deep inside your heartWithin the abyss of your loveSo when this world falls apartI'm who you'll be thinking of.For when the outer walls crumble,From the times she left you thereAnd your mind feels in a jumbleYou'll see it's me who cares.For with each rock falling downLike a chisel, it'll find a way throughAnd when you reach oncoming groundI'll be there to keep carrying youI want to be all that remainsThe core of your soul, every part.But in order to bear the painYou must bury me deep in your heart. 
Down On Myself
 I woke up this morning and had to run a couple errands, and finally when I got home I had to go to the transportation department for a bus aide position. Took the kids to McDonalds. Its like crack to them. Got home and it has been cooking and cleaning; which it seems no matter how much I clean it is always messy again like ten minutes later. The wonders of parenthood; and the solemn downs of being a single parent. Cooked a smoked salmon, and penne pasta, and pintos. I decided not to eat, mostly because I drank jaager and didnt feel hungry. However, when I woke from sleeping for a couple hours, I ate the pasta. SMH. Thought I would be able to lay back down and go to sleep, but my son had an accident o.O ! So I am up watching TiVo'd episodes of intetvention. So yesterday I decided to get out of my funk and give a guy a chance. I went on a date, its been seven months. He picked me up and we took the kids to McDonalds. We seemed to be enjoying each others company, and he was hilarious. A
Made For Me
Together 4 everXxx lovedDown right drop gorgeous Understanding Too cuteCoolHas GoDaddy by her sideEnchanting SexySuper cute  
Numbered Ghost Bling Accounts
Just needed to change the name on my profile page. I heard nobody comments on blogs hardly. Oh, Well. Happy 2013 FuLand....YEE HAW(Y)(Y)(Y) WHAT IS A NUMBERED  GHOST BLING ACCOUNT YOU MIGHT ASK?  It is an account with a number as the name because the owner of the account has been locked out of settings by fubar due to questionable impropriety.  The ghost bling account has the following properties: 1.  No ability to change or access SETTINGS.  Therefore, the ower can not delete the account.  2. No ability to rate, like or comment. 3. Receives chats but can not send chats. 4. Ability to fan and add friends and manage family. 5. Abiltiy to activate bling and move bling but when polishing bling, only receives one point per polish.  The owner of the polished bling receives 3 points.  This is why I refer to it as a ghosted bling account. LOL I need some input. Should I list the ppl that have stiffed me?  Given me absolutely nothing or nearly nothing for up to 24 ponies to polish.  Pleas
Hi all~~ Here it is a quiet week-end and I actually have time alone. But what do I do, I watch movies, sit here on the computer. I look forward in times like this but now that it is here I hate it. I miss my *BEST FRIEND* - *SISSY*.. I am so post to enjoy relaxation but I can tell Ia m not a person to have this much free time and alone time. Becasue it makes me think and is very depressing. Sissy come home...............................!!!! Miss you ..
The wind whistles past her ears Her hair blows She looks down and see's everyday life going on all around her She looks up into the clear blue sky and screams The wind blown tears leave streaks across her face There is nothing left Its all gone It doesnt matter anymore Nothing does A bend of the knee A spring of the foot Arms spread open as an angel Eyes closed The rush of air blowing against her Soaring She feels it nearing The peaceful blackness is coming As it reaches her she laughs They will write she died before the fall Before the jump even took place She died when her heart dissappeared Why do the tears of my heart keep falling? Have i Not suffered enough of the empty feeling inside myself. I am not even sure of what i am asking for. My life is in such limbo. Trying to better myself by doing things for me, missing that pure feeling of love, seeing everyone around me happy, dealing with my job in limbo and the sacrafices, the sacrafices I make for other people
My Blog
HILLBILLY MIRROR After living in the remote wilderness of Kentucky all his life, an old hillbilly decided it was time to visit the big city. In one of the stores he picks up a mirror and looks in it. Not ever having seen one before, he remarked at the image staring back at him, "How about that! Here's a picture of my daddy." He bought the 'picture', but on the way home he remembered his wife Lizzy didn't like his father. So he hung it in the barn and every morning before leaving for the fields, he would go there and look at it. Lizzy began to get suspicious of these many trips to the barn. One day after her husband left, she searched the barn and found the mirror. As she looked into the glass, she fumed, "So that's the ugly bitch he's runnin' around with." A friend of mine wrote this. thought i'd share it with who ever wants to read it. I have recently been presented with a group of individuals who have laid claim to the idea that God can not exist. If He (o
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Just Me
disgrace to all americans who have fought for our freedom rschneider6: gullible rschneider6: they gonna put dumb ass on your stone rschneider6: keep dying for bullshit bro ->rschneider6: i dont need to read about the government i know where i live and who my family has faught for and some died for rschneider6: I want my book or i would have sent it to u rschneider6: passed with a B rschneider6: i just took political science in college rschneider6: read on your government rschneider6: do me a favor bro ->rschneider6: u know just because a few have bad expieriences with the government does not mean its corrupt it means it needs some work u cant be down on it because of that rschneider6: my family been in government jobs and I got a first hand look at how things r run ->rschneider6: like i said u dont like it u dont have to stay here we aint keepin noone against teir will rschneider6: population control by all kinds of ways rschneider6: watch the movie "enem
The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF) These Alabama boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists : 1. The season opened today. 2. There is no limit. 3. They taste just like chicken. 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus. 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday. A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn, screaming in frustration as she missed her chance to get through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup. As she was still in
Jana's Musings
I apologize if I have been crankier than usual to some of you today and/or a bit spacy. On top of the usual kid junk I'm having to deal with: Last night I chipped part of the back of one of my teeth so that hurts like heck. My son broke my TV this morning and I can't afford to fix it or get a new one. About 5 minutes ago I discovered something happened with the aerator on my sons fish tank so his 4th birthday present, his gold fish, is dead. On payday, we discovered the check was cut in half and I have checks bouncing so I'm stressed about that. I'm sorry, I don't mean to take it out on anybody. PS. Oh and my son took the fish out of the tank himself to "make him swim" and then was crying about his poor fishy. A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up. A hard man is good to find. A woman in love can't be reasonable - or she probably wouldn't be in love. Any time you got nothing to do - and lots of time to do it - come on up. Anything
Cold. Fall Is Around The Corner.
So I just got back last Sunday from being in Florida for a week. I got a couple of hours of sleep then got up around 7 and put some shoes and shorts on to go wash the car. Just shorts and shoes mind you. I opened the door and walked out the house. COLD! FREAKING COLD! I turned back around and put a pullover on with a hood. Damn! What happened to the 80 degree humid mornings? Well at least the cold is great turbo weather. =)
20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
1. At lunchtime, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. 2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice. 3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if They want fries with that. 4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "IN". 5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once Everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, Switch to espresso. 6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for Smuggling diamonds". 7. Finish all your sentences with "in accordance with The prophecy". 8. Don't use any punctuation 9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk. 10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat - With a serious face. 11. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go". 12. Sing along at the opera. 13. Put mosquito netting around your work area and Play tropical sounds all day at work. 14. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems d
Doomed From The Start
The people you see every day -- fellow students, coworkers, family -- could be more difficult than usual. It's not that they're especially moody, but they may be more resistant to playing along with the group. MY horoscope today hahahaha how appropriate... we were doomed from the beginning I should have turned around n walked away the 1st day Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love SongAdd to My Profile | More Videos Dedicated to my best friend on his new journey he's about to embark on... I have so many mixed feelings but all I can do is wish him well and give him my love and blessings as I hope he finds what makes him truly happy...
to one and all happy thanks all my family and friends across the pond ~ Love's Sacred Bond ~ When I lovingly look into your eyes I see the bond of love that ties A Sacred bond that none can sever that binds our two hearts forever Our two lone souls met by fate Two wild hearts that could relate with wild spirits others could not tame our love burns like a fiery flame The key to my heart had disappeared until you, my forever love, appeared You take my heart places it's never been Our spirited passions flying on the wind Unlocking love's mysteries of old as their great secrets to us unfold Their splendor is now ours to hold Mysteries of love more precious than gold Our nights filled with ecstasy's bliss Mornings greeted with passion's kiss I love you in so many ways You ever fill my nights and days... Everything our hearts ever dreamed of Strong as the eagle who soars above Soft and gentle as the purest dove This is our Sacred Bond of love
Matt's Corner Of The World
Funny story - Last night me and my girlfriend went to see Motley Crue 'cause free tickets rock. Anyway, the gf has been on her period and didn't feel like bringing her purse in, so she shoved things in my pockets. When we got to the front door, there were cops using metal detectors on everyone. It went off for me, and I emptied my pockets. There it was, a giant fucking pad. The cop walked over and picked it up, looking at it with a confused expression on his face. I had to explain without laughing my ass off. FAITH NO MORE ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!! *pisses himself* *dies* *comes back to life and dies again* Sorry! Just in a state of shock! The only thing better is to hear that Pink Floyd are going to tour the US! Won't happen, but then again I never thought Faith No More would get back together!!! WOW!!!11!!1!!one!!!one!!!fifty-five!!!! *dies again* I am a man of few words when I first hang out with someone for the first few times, then I eventually open up more and more. It's
Fu Marriages
Well I'm finally able to sit up and feel like typing so for those who don't know I had my gall bladder removed on Wednesday. Yeah I know I'm young but they said it looked awful once they got it out. They also checked for one of the stones that had passed into my bile duct and caused me to be violently sick last week(btw they didn't see it so guessing that it passed out of my system). With my health like it was I had to postpone school for the remainder of the month and will finish my last 3 weeks next month. This is not what I would have liked to have happened but hey sometimes you just have to shutup and deal with life. For those who rate or fan me or anything just know that I will try to get back to you as soon as possible but as I'm still in some pain I'm not sitting right here regardless of being signed on or not. For my friends that have sent me gifts and well wishes thank you so much it is very much appreciated as are you. Hope to be back talking to people within the week. ^_^ Ok
Life In General
I’m tired of living. I’m tired of fighting this constant uphill battle that I can never win. I’m tired of being the one that has to shoulder all the responsibility for everyone and everything, because otherwise it won’t get done. I’m tired of feeling like I am marginalized and I can’t do anything right. Geoff broke my phone last night. It’s my fault, of course. No sorry, no offer to help me fix it, nothing. Why should it matter, I have a spare phone I can use… that’s not a phone I can actually use…. Why should I care, it’s not like I’ve done anything like spend money on it… It’d be so nice to just be able to take all the pills in my purse. Who the fuck would miss me? I’m just the little sick girl that everyone has to pity. I’d rather die. I’m so fucking sick of fighting this battle, knowing that everything I had hoped, wished, dreamed… none of it is going to fucking come true. My kitten Aoki died today. She was the runt, and the one the least likely to survive, but I thought that
My Owner
This is my new amazing, awesome, gorgeous owner X(c)ITEME! If you, by chance, don't know her yet, you need to go shower her with rates, fans and bling!! She always returns the love! So if you want to meet a REAL person on fu, you have to get her on your list! So go get her, and tell her I sent ya!! 'X©ït€M€ *Fan Me First* 1st Asst of Dylon's Diva Mafia*@ fubar Please repost for me! Thanks Check out my AWESOME new owner! He needs lots of love from ya'll, so go show him some and don't forget to let him know that poison sent y
I Heard
You mean to tell me I gotta pay money to add a song to my page, or am I a weetad? If I have to pay money to be " cool " here I will just assume this whole place is a big gay playpen, and say to hell with it. Thanks for your cooperation. · ~5150 Jane~ rated your photo a '1'! · ~5150 Jane~ rated your photo a '1'! · ~5150 Jane~ rated your photo a '1'! · ~5150 Jane~ re-rated you a '1' from a '11'! · new gift: Golden Angel from '~5150 Jane~' received: be just this, as you are ...! · new gift: Leprechaun Harp from '~5150 Jane~' received: cuz ya can! · new gift: Leprechaun's Hat from '~5150 Jane~' received: ywah itll look gued ! This is a happenening place, more diverse than myspace even?? So I jumped aboard, simply because a DEAR FRIEND,, mentioned it. So I will give it,, uhm 2 weeks, if you people are cool enough , maybe I will stick around. But by the looks of things,, kinda stretching it.
All New
Dark Poems
I lay awake afraid to sleep, afraid the bad dreams will come as they so often do. As my eyes get heavy, i fight to stay awake until i can't fight any longer. I drift off into a deep sleep where darkness surrounds me and the monster lurks in the shadows awaiting my return. I know he is there for he always is, waiting and feeding off my fear. I hear him coming, he knows i am here, there's no where to escape him in my dreams where i relive his horrors night after night. I toss and turn in my sleep, trying to escape his grasp, he is getting closer and closer. I now feel his hot breath on my neck, as chills run down my spine. He has found me once again, i am in his house of horrors once more. I fight to break free as the monster inflects unspeakable pain on me. the pain so intense, my fear rising, my mind racing, wondering will this be the end for me, will he take my life this time. The monster smiles at me as i cry out in pain, begging for it to stop. Just when i can't take anymore, i awak
Ribbons For Cancer Victims
Black Ribbons: Melanoma Dark Blue Ribbons: Colon Cancers Gold Ribbons: Childhood Cancer Gray Ribbons: Diabetes & Brain Cancer Green Ribbons: Kidney Cancer Green/Blue Ribbons: Mental Heath Awareness Jade Ribbons: Liver Cancer & Hepatitis Jigsaw Puzzle Ribbons: Autism Lace Ribbons: Osteoporosis Lime Green Ribbons: Lyme Disease Orange Ribbons: Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis Periwinkle Ribbons: Hypertension & Stomach Cancer Pearl Ribbons: Lung Cancer Pink Ribbons: Breast Cancer Pink, Purple & Teal: Thyroid Cancer Purple Ribbons: Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Eating Disorders Red Ribbons:AIDS/HIV & Heart Disease Silver Ribbons: Parkinson's Disease Sky Blue Ribbons: Prostate Cancer Teal Ribbons: Ovarian Cancer White Ribbons: Bone Cancer I hope these explanations will help you design your own awareness quilt.
Poetry By Meeeee
How can I get a grip, when my fingers constantly slip?Some can't deal with the stress, figuring that out isonly half the test. Helping fix other people's situationsis something I'm good at, but why is it still somethingI have to work at? I'm lost right now. It's like I'mrunning through a maze blindfolded. It's a paralyzingfeeling, like being trapped in box. I can't move. I'm surrounded by doubt and confusion. Something's missingMaybe it's love, maybe it's a material object. The confusion what really screwing me up. I'll figure it out, it's just writing it down kinda helps the the situation out. This started out as a poem..... LOOK HOW CONFUSED I AM. LOL
This Man A Lair
Deb (6/14/2010 12:07:25 AM): even if tonight ...we where done i still worry about you ..i am making a statement is all !!!!Mike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:07:49 AM): iknow baby hugs Mike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:07:56 AM): i feel the same wayDeb (6/14/2010 12:09:25 AM): I wish you really understood how i felt......i have been trying to pull my feelings away some Mike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:10:56 AM): i do babyDeb (6/14/2010 12:13:04 AM): you here or busy ?Mike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:13:28 AM): im hereMike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:13:37 AM): i said i do know how you feel babyDeb (6/14/2010 12:14:21 AM): your do Mike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:14:56 AM): love you babyDeb (6/14/2010 12:15:07 AM): MikeDeb (6/14/2010 12:15:50 AM): so you have any questions for me, since i do most the talking lolMike Hubbard (6/14/2010 12:16:49 AM): is there any jobs for me there?Deb (6/14/2010 12:17:47 AM): in the city also in the area lol babe very small town Deb (6/14/2010 12:17:58 AM): everyone works in t
Religion, Sort Of
Kitty's Grown Up To Be.... ;)
Ok, short and sweet... I lost my cherry in the lounge tonight.. Roooarrrr.... ROFLMAO!!! Thanks to the guys and gals in Military Brotherhood Radio!!!  Woot Woot Thanks Camaro and all the rest of you cammo nuts... And they got to meet my crazy self... watch out Fubar... This Kitty/Cougar is on the prowl... puurrrr.... Lovin it here.... My FOURTH day!!  ROFLMAO!!!   I now have another addiction.... oh, that sounded bad... or good, depending on who you are and how you look at it!!  
You left your poison in my veins, every time you youch my skin I drop to my knees from the pain. Its emotional torture and i cant take it, each "i love you" only feels like youre faking. So go on, finish taking what you want, help me finish breaking. I know that i should probably walk away, that i shouldnt let your dead love song make me sway,  but its a chemical reaction, your acid touch, your toxic kiss, the way it stings upon my pale skin. I feel it burning, its breaking my heart. your whispers in my ear leave me deaf and my body stills to numb. I know i should make you stop, that i should walk away, but i crave your poison in my veins. Poison in my veins to make me cry, i taste your venom in each and every lie. Poison in my veins to break my heart, but oh how you make your poison feel so good! You were made to break my heart, my love, i always knew that you were poison from the start.... my name is destiny hope. Today, I would have just turned one. I would have taken my first steps
The Fubar Bunnies:agreement
                                                                  The Fubar Bunnies: Agreement   We are a family who tries and help each other and there for each other to lean on when needed. Also we are a Females and Male family...As much as anyone we like to have fun like with Auctions--Contests--but most of all we all like to get along and just have a good time. Below are the requirments needed to join   1. Must have Atleast 10 Pics and a Salute   2.Must Add us to ur name Females:The Fubar Bunnies   Males:The Fubar Bunnies BodyGuard   3.Add the HomePage (this page) To Atleast a TOP FRIEND...No family Adds needed UNLESS YOU WANT TO!!   4. Show Love to all Our Family However We don't Ask for it on a Daily bases...Real Life COMES FIRST!!!   5.If You Would Like To Join Very Easy....COMMENT ON THIS BLOG: I AGREE   After You have AGREED and ADD IT TO YOUR NAME..You will then be placed in a Team Your TeamDirector Is very Imporant They will keep in Contact with you About N
My Family
Well new subject that seams to be relevant now days. I add people to my family i like and i try my best to rate them like them and comment everyday. I almost never ask to be added to anyone's family. I do not run a lot of family bling so if family members feel the need to take me out while they sale my slot then i understand and just hope i get added back when its over. NOW WITH THAT SAID IF I BEEN NOTHING BUT GOOD TO YOU AND YOU ADDED ME TO FAMILY THEN DECIDED TO GET PISSY CAUSE OF OTHERS DRAMA AND NOTHING I HAVE DONE AND DECIDE TO REMOVE ME FROM FAMILY EVEN THO I RATE AND COMMENT YOU EVERYDAY AND TRY AND BE YOUR FRIEND THEN YOUR NOT STAYING IN MINE ITS A MATTER OF RESPECT I DONT GO KICKING MY FRIENDS AROUND WHEN SOMEONE OR SOMETHING CAUSES ME TO HAVE A BAD DAY WHY SHOULD I LET THEM DISRESPECT ME AND KICK ME CAUSE SOME DOUCHE CAUSED THEM TO HAVE A BAD DAY IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW I FEEL ON THIS THEN REMOVE ME BLOCK ME ITS YOUR CHOICE JUST DONT CRY ABOUT IT   
L'italien insiste sur le fait qu'il n'a pas parlé à aucun autre club que la spéculation continue dele lier à un déménagement d'été au Real MadridPari: Retours: Evian Thonon Gaillar £ 50,00 tirage £35.00 £ 17,00 PSG PaddyPowerCarlo Ancelotti afootball shirt admis qu'il «n'est pas 100 pour cent" sûr qu'ilrestera au Paris Saint-Germain la saison prochaine.L'ex-Milan AC et Chelsea coach sert à marquer sapremière campagne complète au club avec un titre en Ligue 1, après avoir déjà guidé Parisiens pourles quarts de finale de la Ligue des Champions, jambes.Cependant, la spéculation a lié Ancelotti avec un interrupteur d'été au Real Madrid si JoseMourinho quitte le stade Santiago Bernabeu, avec le 53-year-old offre aucune garantie quant à sonavenir.«Je ne peux pas dire que je vaisfootball shirt rester à 100 pour cent. La décision sera prise à la fin dela saison. Je n'ai pas encore parlé avec le club. Nous ne parlerons lorsque le titre est gagné. Il est encore temps de discuter de mon avenir
i'll start with my earliest attempts and work up to the newer things. as you can see, i have gotten better very quickly...... all of these were made for people on myspace, so if you see one floating around, t'was me who did it...
Remarkable Obituary Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Mr. Common Sense.Mr. Sense had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how oldhe was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such value lessons as knowingwhen to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm andthat life isn't always fair.   Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable Parenting strategies (adults, not kids, are in charge).His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well intentioned butoverbearing regulations were set in place.   Reports of a six-year-oldboy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate;   teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch;   and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.Mr. Sense declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to admin
Yada Yada
You know, things always seem to happen at the MOST inopportune time... I'd been noticing my water bill getting a bit larger each month, but had no idea why, until about 3 weeks ago when I noticed water coming from underneath my kitchen cabinets in the corner of the wall. Being that I'm broke as a joke, I call upon dear mom for help in getting a plumber to visit. The plumber finally gets here last week, only to notify me after ripping a hole in the wall in my garage (other side of the wall in my kitchen) to tell me I have had a leak there POSSIBLY as long as *10* years....OMFG. The good news is...the insurance adjuster (who was nice as could be) is going to try to get me a new kitchen out of it, as the bottom cabinets are ruined as well as the linoleum (which we were going to replace anyway)and the bottom 4 feet of wallboard all around. I'll find out in a few weeks when I get a check. SO, it's been a while since I have spent any length of time visiting with mah buds on CT
Just Wondering
This has come to my attention someone ripped my pics, im not one to start a fuede, be beligerent or even ominous, but who did and is reading this, i am giving you a disparaging message. If you do it again ill make sure you will be a cripple for the rest of your life even in heaven. I hate people who try to plagerize just because on thier own terms they cant produce any friends of their own. so please stop. Thank you. and to everyone else who didnt do it, i love ya and im sorry, dont take it offensively, but u should leave me love, cuz i heart all of you =) Salutations...(kisses your hand* i have no problem of kissing a girls hand to introduce myself, isnt that the polite and respectful thing to do, well i hope you arent not offended, if you would like to chat, i would like to as well, if you do end up leaving me comments or blast or such, i would appreciat that and show u my appreciation, with that said and you taking the time out read this. you have awonderful day and keep smiling =
The Cherry Bank Is Open
Hi everyone, I just want to thank all the people i have got to know on this site i really have had a load of fun getting to know you, but i still find this site quite frustrating at times with the stndards of nsfw pics and trying to force ppl to post salute pics, i have been on 99.9 for over 2 weeks because i wont post a salute so i am leaving in protest to go to another site. So i salute u cherry tap u can stick ur salutes up ur arse.... i am out of here cindy xoxoxoxoxoxox Hi everyone, I AM IN HOTTEST CHERRY COMP MY FIRST ONE GO TO THIS PROFILE AND VOTE FOR ME RATE ME COMMENT ME DONT RATE THE BLOG RATE MY CONTEST PICS, THEY ARE IN A FOLDER ON DIVERDOWNS PAGE XOXOXOXO if u r havin trouble with link go to my page and find diverdown in my family list and go from there, ps dont rate my pics on my page just on diverdowns thank u all ALSO GUYS YOU HAVE TO BE A FRIEND OR FAN OF DIVERDOWNS TO BE ABLE TO VOTE..........I HAVE 763 FRIENDS 260 FANS AND ONLY 5 PPL HAVE VOTED 4 ME SO FAR
All About Me....what About You???
> > Honestly... > > What color is your underwear?pink lace > > > > > > What's on your mind right now?im > > > > > > What are you doing right now?talking on lost cherry > > > > > > What did you do today?spent time with my kids and watched football > > > > > > Do you think you are attractive? > > i'm ok > > > > Have you done something bad today?yes...i wont say what > > > > > > Are you jealous of someone right now?um no > > > > > > What makes you happy most of the time?my friends > > > > > > Do you bite your nails? > > no > > > > What is your mood right now?relaxed and content > > > > > > Do you have an eating disorder?lol..i eat all the time > > > > > > Do you want to see someone this very minute?YESSSSSSSSSSSS > > > > > > Do you have a deep dark secret?no > > > > > > Do you hate someone right now?No > > > > > > Who/What do you want to hug right now?My sweetie > > > > > > Are you loyal?To a fault > >
About Me-do Read This Please :)
Hello, my name is Alana. I am not hot, it is winter currently and its cold. I am sexy I know...but its not what I look like, but how I present myself. I am not a MILF...that term is was funny in the movie because they were teenagers..I am not! I dont feel comfortable with anyone I can't legally drink in a bar with so any of you younger than 21...don't expect me to respond to any flirting ok. I am older than my years say I am. I don't like being seen as a piece of meat in a flesh market. My private albums are just that PRIVATE please don't arent going to find my exposed coochie shots posted on cherrytap. I do love men...I am a huge fan of lust, mystery, and inteligence. I also think there is a time and a place for it. I am nuttier than a fruit basket on my good days...and I am a very moody individual on my bad days. I am tired. I have spent my emotions unwisely yet day I am sure i will learn to effectively budget them so as to not over extend mysel
Hookah Radio
sup ppl come check out the new look hookahradio its pimp as hell lots of kool new smiles and if you feel you would like to dj then feel free to put in an app all will be considered even if you have no experience, experience and full training will be provided by our experienced trainers and management. come check it out you wont be dissopointed.... hope to see yall in here :) ok peeps listen up now heres something u dont wanna miss on saturday 28th july 8-till midnight (gmt)and 2pm till 6pm (cst)its the hookahradios Dj Free-4-all. If u dont know what that is let me explain its 4 hours of unplanned mayhem live on air in which 8 different djs particapate in each having a half hour time slot and best of all know one knows who will be on air and when so yeah you dont wanna miss it hope to see you all there the best station on the net peace........ just a quick blog check out for all you ppl who dont know about hookah radio g
I Need My Ink Injection!
Not a deviant sexual practise, just a recipe. Serves 4. Serve with vegetables and gravy. Ingredients: 450g sausages 100g plain flour 1 large egg pinch of salt 1 tsp mustard powder 300 ml semi-skimmed milk 1. Preheat oven to 220 deg. C (425 deg. F) 2. Place sausages in a shallow baking tin and cook for 10 mins. 3. Mix flour, salt and mustard powder in a basin. Make a hollow in the centre and drop in the egg. 4. Add milk gradually to the basin, stirring well. 5. Add the remaining milk to the batter and stir briskly until smooth. 6. Transfer sausages in the a ceramic or glass dish. Pour batter over and cook for a further 30 mins. Barbie may not be the best role model for young girls - I read somewhere that if she was real, she'd be over six foot, 44DD boobs and a 24 inch waist - but she's a helluva lot better than Bratz. The store where I work stocks equal amounts of Bratz and Barbie toys but Bratz is a lot more popular. I don't have any kids but if I did, I'd
i find it very funny that i was recently called a duchebag by someone that hasnt shown an onuce of sincerity about the things i am going through and dealing with considering i am taking care of his son and he has only seen him once since he was born three months ago. Now that i have a boyfriend and we are very very happy he is butt hurt because i told him off. then when i handed my bestfreind and love of my life the phone and let him say how he feels the bitch hung up on him and then posted a blog talking shit about my man and calling him Captain save a ho. sad thing is is that my man is the only dad my son has ever known and has been here for me and my son since before he was born. Am i wrong in feeling that my boyfriend has more of a right to be called dad than his fucked up sperm donor? My boyfriend pays for everything my son needs and even more. he is always willing to be the first to take care of him and love him. So for all you men out there that have taken on being single da
"how To" Sexy Tips
Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most guys can fuck, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down between her legs. Now stop an
thinking about deleting fubar and lounge all together... dont know what in hell is going on but its hard for me right now... if you want to talk to me text me @ 540-238-7889... i am going to think about deleting fubar account and lounge for a week... i will come back on at the end of the week and let ya'll know for sure what i am going to do sorry ya'll i am going to be gone alittle bit longer on fubar... when i get back i send e1 comments n rate their pics if they have new ones... talk to ya'll later... happy new year and hope to holla at ya later i might be deleting my fubar account... havent decided yet... tired of all the drama i am getting from my family and my sons father... its to damn fuckin hard to keep up with lounges while being sick and trying to watch a baby... now if i had help here during the day that would be different... i will keep ya'll posted on my decision
Jessica's Blog
Hey everyone I really wanted to tell u all about a brand new lounge called Spaz's Corvette Club. We r hiring for all positions and r looking for experienced djs. Please stop in and subscribe. ugh!! ok so i was layin down with my dogs this morning minding my own freaking business and a cop comes to my house. i have no idea what he was here for and then he tells me that the neighbor claims my dog jumped over our fence and bit her dog. i kno for a fact that my dog was not in her yard at all today cuz i had been watching him and it pisses me off that she sees a white dog and automatically thinks its mine and calls the cops. The damn cop wasnt even listening to me when i told him that my dog has been in the house and MY yard all day. Now i have to go to court cuz my neighbor is a fuckin bitch! She didnt even take into consideration that maybe my dog isnt the only white dog in the neighborhood....stupid bitch! *Jessica* UGH!!!! Although i do lo
hi everyone I'm in a bombing contest. please if you can try to help out. here is the link to the guy's site that is having the contest. cut and paste it into your browser. first to 5000 wins. all help is appreciated. someone just notified me that the link i sent did not work. the guy's nae is "Suave Da Great" and he's in my friend list as well as my fans off list. all you have to do is F/A/R him and then click on his million dollor contest folder. thanks to all that can help. here's the direct link to the contest. just F/A/R the guy and you're in. thanks once again to all that can help.
Show Him Some Loveeeeeeeeeeeee
Check him out. He looks sweet, don't he? Why not find out? You know what to do, F/R/A! Show lots of love! *WOODY*@ fubar Come show him some love...F/R/A. Give him lots of rates. Check em out! Cubs Fan@ fubar COME CHECK OUT THIS GUY! HE'S MY NEW OWNER AND HE FRIKN ROCKS! COME FAN RATE AND ADD HIM, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO! COME ON, JUST LOOK AT EM! NOW DO IT! SHOW HIM LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Microsoft Extends Xp's Life
Microsoft Extends XP's Life As you may remember, a couple weeks ago, we ran an article in the newsletter that basically said Microsoft is cutting off Windows XP completely starting on June 30, 2008. I know most of you read that article, because I received tons of e-mails from all of you with comments, concerns and even some complaints. Unfortunately, there wasn't much I could say to console you, because I had the same feelings about the situation. But, after today, you may change your mind. Keep reading to find out why! On April 3, 2008, Microsoft announced that they are going to prolong the life of XP for just a little while longer. Yep, you read that right! They are going to extend the license for the Windows XP Home version until at least June 30, 2010. That's a whole two more years! Now, there is a slight catch, but trust me, this is still good news. From here on out, Microsoft is only going to promote XP for ultra-low-cost personal computers (ULCPCs), which are now just sta
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Another Auction
....Im doing it again...thats right u can own me! click the pick and place your bids!!
Short Stories
            My First Mistake   I thought I would never be like most dirty men, but I am. This is my story.               I came home, it was bad dealing with issues at work and my ex-wife calling me crying and worrying about our daughter, she had just turn eighteen and once again having issue at school, so I was going to go get her and bring her home with me, so she could at least finish high school, at this moment I no longer give a hoot if she went to college. It was no big deal to me any more, I just wanted peace with my ex-wife. So I came home to shower and change clothing to go fetch my step-daughter, who didn’t know I wasn’t her biological father. I could never bring into my reality or her the hidden lies about her mother that destroyed our marriage. I hated the fact, I had to drive six hours to my ex-wife house, but I was going to do what was best for my Ami. She was everything to me that her mother wasn’t. I have loved her like she was my own child, so I g
Awesome Bands To Download
Kingdom Come   Kiss   Kick Axe   Krokus   Keel   Legs Diamond   Lita Ford   Lion's Share   Moxy  
Funny Sh*t
Random Men Bullshit. your submissive behaviour as good as your outer appearance? i message you, because i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles...i am looking for an online-sub. when you are interested in bdsm related chats, cam-to-cam chats, tasks, exercises and when you would like to know more, just send me a message. it would be really nice to talk with you about this...have you ever thought about serving someone? to serve someone mentally or sexually... to take care about somebodys needsto talk with me about mental or sexual desires... to act as submissive for me. a dominant who tells you what to do, how to react and that takes care of your submissive needs if you have some?to please me mentally or sexually... to act as submissive on command... to know how it is to serve as submissivetake a look at my profile and blog. i am sure you will like what you see there. exspecially my bdsm related pictures.feel free to contact me when you are curious about it. my yahoo: misterak20 msn:
My Ramblings...
(This is an important true story of my life I wish to share with you.)..: I had met him around Sept 11th 2001- that should have been ominous enough. I was out dancing at my usual spot with my usual hommie- Nina. He was the first good looking white guy to ever dance with me- I usually get the dirty Mexican or the black guys all over me =( He was VERY good looking> tall, dirty blonde, clean cut. I wanted him. I kissed him! I hadn’t even known his name yet. WE exchanged numbers and went out on a date. Well...that date didn’t end up a one-night-stand. In December-of the same year- we moved in together. He was in the Army so the moving in and finances were easy. Month later I got pregnant....he was happy about it even though unexpected. I had a miscarriage in February. That’s when the darkness came. He as partier from the beginning...but nothing unusual for a just turned 21 year old. After the miscarriage he became an alcoholic. An abusive,violent,erratic drunk. I was the
Poem 1
"Fire and Brimstone"The darkness that fills my life has over took my soul.The feeling of hate has given me no where to go.I strive to be someone worthy of love and trust.But in my endless travels I have found only lust.I fight for the feeling of honesty and control.But what I feel inside seems to never be told.My life has went to hell and will be hard to return.I claw my way up the brimstone only to fall and burn.As my flesh melts from my body and falls to the ground.I climb once again never giving in to the sound.I hear them say I am unworthy and weak.But I fight to say I am strong and find what I seek.The love of another will be my goal till the end.Until that day in this fire I will stay pending. "What Will It Take"I have lost friends I have lost loversWhat will it take to never hurt anotherMy life has become numbMy Life has become dimWhat will it take to never hurt againThe times have became hardThe times have become ferceWhat will it take to stop these tearsI have hurt my
Things You Choked Me With...
i gotta push myself over your' god damn walls!  be careful what you wish for; it can only bring you down!  keep your spirit on the ground.  keep your face away!  keep your' hands away!  dont want your' fingers in and outta my life!  im alright inside, im just trying to hide away from all the propaganda you wanna choke me with!  so keep your' hate inside and keep your' fight alive, but remember homie, "IT'S NOT FLY TO DIE!"  you're a prodigy; i feel your' hate in me!  you're inside of me!  you'll never let me be!  i see the horror of all your' inhumanities!  you made me what i am and im sic of me! i've seen the wreckage of crumbling faces.  smothered away in time.  plagued with lies fueled from jealous eyes.  take me away from here and scream with me.  a mercilous face in the mist; a ghost gone mad.  like a rain drop, i was born to fall...  slit my wrist to heard out the pain.  forgive that which brings pain.  remember the face that invades my dreams.  a creature made of sunshine with a
For Those Who Care And Wanna Know
Wow I Cant Believe Some People
 wow to people i thought was my friends and they are sisters i found out one of them acts like she likes you if you buy her stuff and she promise things to you and to find out all she was doing was lieing to just get stuff. she is also married and looks at other guys nsfw pics and treats him like trash as well. well from what she has told me about him. and now she is pissed at me and wishes me dead what a wonderful person ...just because i havent gotten her blings or anything wow 
The Forsaken Lounge And Cam Rules
1. NO OTHER LOUNGE PROMOTING, that means; NO LOUNGE LINKS PERIOD!!!! 2. Absolutely NO smoking pipes,bongs or anything that looks to be PARAPHERNALIA!!!!! 3. RESPECT THE FORSAKEN STAFF AND DJ'S . BASHING DJ'S OR STAFF IS AUTO BAN 3. NO DRAMA ! leave it at the door dont bring personal matters into this lounge .4. NO GRAPHIC CYBERSEXING in the lounge text. Please have lots of fun, just don't take it too far or get too nasty. save it for sb5. NO RACISM , NO SEXIST REMARKS WILL BE TOLERATED! You've been warned, Immediate Ban!6. ALL SONG REQUEST MUST BE IN CHAT IN CAPS.** CAM RULES**1 NO NUDITY OF ANY KIND ON CAMS !!!!!!!! WE DO NOT WANT CAM TO BE BANNED, IF THIS HAPPENS CAM MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE LOUNGE.2 NO CAM DRECTING .3 RESPECT EVERYONE.4. NO KIDS ON CAM MUST BE 18 YRS OLD OR OLDER .5. PLEASE KEEP ALL AUDIO OFF ON CAMS.6. MUST BE A MEMBER TO USE THE CAMS !!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN, BE RESPECTFUL, but BE WARNED: Our Staff was hired to make judgement calls to keep our lounge a great place to
Studio Skary
New pictures have just been added to of Crimson Trauma!! Including almost 500 pictures, and one video clip. The site has only been live for three days, and I'm already adding new content, go attack it. There are free previews for those of you who are too cheap to buy a membership.... so go check it out! Here's just a few pictures from the site... If you are over 18, please go check out my site. Also, please repost this if you're willing to help support our cause! Venus and Alice Skary shot a girl-on-girl scene last Monday in Raleigh NC..... We look forward to posting the edited version of this footage. In the meanwhile, you can learn more about Venus, a lovely and very kinky african-american woman, here:
My Little Nitch
High School reunion time, I am on committe, and was happy to find an alumni I had wondered about for 30 years. Lots to catch up on, which we did by email and phone. The ol' Irishman had lots of tales to tell,I got lots of laughs. To be honest this senior (when in high school, I know yuns are thinking as in age! thanks friends LOL) as I said, this senior had an eye on that young irishman and his harmonica playing brother. They always left a sweet echo in the stairwells at school. And I have been told they really loved when I dropped my books, (on purpose of course, I wasn't dumb or blind as to who was staring at me) When we talked about life since then I heard lots of stories, and big names came up. The younger brother cofounded the music group called "38 Special", and when my alumni friend got a dear john letter, the two brothers got drunk and wrote the song "2nd chance" Then the name VanZant, that caught my ear as well. Unfortunately younger brother lost his life soon after st
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Should I stay or go, Its yes or no. I try to run, Cause I realize everything is done. There is very little in this world to trust in, There is no way to win. Should I play by my own rules, Make everyone else look like fools. All this is tearing me up inside, To think of all the tears ive cried. Lonely time can heal a broken heart, Although not taking you back would have helped from the start. I was falling for you, And I thought you felt the same too. I guess all you are is a heartbreaker, And I was your sucker. I would have never broken your heart, But you tore mine apart. How much time do you have to waste, You just like the chase. You underestimate the condtion of my heart, You thought that i'd fall apart. I dont care what I have to do, But im going to be done with you. You not good for me, So you need to let me be. Copyright ©2007 Jennifer There is always something between us, And now thats over cause I cant take the stre
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Momma Roxy's
Happy Birthday Dad would have been 84 today ....I wish you were still here with us , we still miss you every single day and after 4 yrs , its supposed to get easier ( so i am told ) not true ...seems to get harder ...Just want to say Happy 84th Birthday to The Best Man and Father I have ever known ...or ever will be ...Thank you I feel lucky to have had you as a father , cause now I know what a REAL MAN is ...and you were by far the best I will ever know ... Wish you were here to wish this to you...miss you everyday ....R.I.P. W.H.Morrell....5-1-24--1-23-04...The best Dad ever...and yes the " Bar-B-Q King"... Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Happy ( would have been ) 63 yr anniversary mom and dad...
help me get more points and plz let me know what to do about not getting a verifacation though my email after I sent one plz rate me and send me drinks plz my friends plz rate and add me ppl.
Re:ply 2 Kouboi
1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would you want to be in? Answer: 3. Would you give me oral pleasure? Answer: 4. Would you have hard pounding sex, make love, or mix it up? Answer: 5. Would you have sex with me on the first night we met? Answer: 6. Would you give me a naked pic? Answer: 7. Would you do me in a hot steamy shower? Answer: 8.Would you let me handcuff you, or tie you up to the bed? Answer: 9. Would you join me in a 3-some ? Answer: 10. What is it about me that makes you want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would you talk dirty to me while while we had sex? Answer: 12. Where would you like to be when we have sex? Answer: 13. Would you have sex with me in front of other people? Answer: 14. Would you have multiple sex sessions with me in the same night? Answer: 15. Would you have sex with me in the rain, over the hood of a car? Answer: 16. Would you mind if we got nasty, and dirty like in a ..
Your Adult Film Star Name Is... Candy Coxx What's Your Adult Film Star Name? You Are a Carousel You are young at heart and a truly playful person. No one would ever accuse you of taking life too seriously. You are definitely in things for the fun. You find joy easily, and you are often building up anticipation for your next adventure. In relationships, you tend to want to be babied and taken care of. And while you may be a bit high maintenance, you are incredibly loyal. Your life is simple and satisfying. Each day you treat yourself to something you enjoy. You have a lot of emotional attachments, and experiences are extra vivid to you. You tend to be nostalgic and sentimental. The past is important to you. Comfortable around all living things, you have a special connection to animals and children. At your best, you are whimsical, free spirited, and creative. Even if your schemes seem a bit strange, they usually work out wonderfully. At your worst,
A little old lady from Wisconsin had worked in and around her family dairy farm since she was old enough to walk, with hours of hard work and little compensation. When canned Carnation Milk became available in grocery stores in approximately the 1940's, she read an advertisement offering $2,000 for the best slogan. The producers wanted a rhyme beginning with 'Carnation Milk is best of all... S he thought to herself, I know all about milk and dairy farms...I can do this! She sent in her entry, and about a week later, a black limo drove up in front of her house...a man got out and said, 'Carnation LOVED your entry so much, we are here to award you $2000, even though we will not be able to use it...'
A Good Husband!
You're Almost Ready to Get Married, But Not Quite No doubt that you've warmed up to the idea of marriage and life long love You just aren't quite ready to follow up with your desires, yet. You may be a bit young, or a bit commitment phobic... give it time. Concentrate on guys who you can imagine being with next year. Forever can wait. Are You Ready To Be A Wife? Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong. Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them, a single red rose! ! Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean.
One wish, just one wish is all I ask, A simple thing, not too great a task. To wake beside you every day, The rising sun's light on your angelic face! To feel you beckoning, as I caress your cheek, Taste your welcoming lips, with love so sweet. Our arms around each other, will never be undone, Our hearts together, beating as one! My heart is yours, my love is true, For me there is no other but you!
My Sadness
Lets see,as of late things have been getting better,alot better then they were. No more fighting,even though there are still some people who do not know when it is time to leave someone else's husband alone. But its all good when what someone said,is just a huge lie so he tells me. So I don't know,but it is a nice thought to try to believe. We were apart for a little over 3 months,but never legally separated,just a personal break. He is since moved back home to us,his family. We are working everything out a day at a time. It is nice to have him home. Had to get used to taking care of someone other then me and our kids again. He is spoiled,weekends I wake to care for our kids,cook him breakfast in bed,keep the kids quiet so he can sleep in. Even though we wake at the same time every day of the week. I love being a house wife,and things will be changing soon. I will be going to school to drive a truck soon,and things for us will keep getting brighter. I love how things can change and com
Just Because I'm Me
What kind of things have people done for you that have made a positive impression on you? What kindness have you shown to others that was greatly appreciated? As per my previous posting in this blog, I am looking for ideas for random acts of kindness that I can do for others. What kind of small gifts do you think would be ideal to send in the mail? I have some ideas already, I am just curious as to what ideas other people have. ♥ "If you see someone without a smile today; give them one of yours" ♥ OK, here's the deal... As adults, we rarely get mail that isn't someone telling us we owe them money, asking us to "donate" money or other such things. I would like to send random people (friends & strangers, alike) little gifts, notes, cards, etc in the mail. I've been doing this through another site, and would like to extend it beyond that little 'world'. SO, if you would like to receive something small to make you smile, please send me your name and mailing add
No.1 - They flirt to inspire jealousy Maybe she’s feeling underappreciated, maybe you’ve just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the tortured look on your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt obviously with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature and manipulative.No.2 - They test their men You’re all ready to go for a night out with your friends, when your girlfriend calls and asks you to change your plans to be with her instead. She doesn’t have any particular reason; she just wants to see you. She knows that you had plans to meet up with the guys, but if you really loved her, you’d come over to her place instead. If her request comes with an “if you really loved me,” then it’s a test. If you choose anything other than immediately rushing to her side, you’re going to fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is indeed cruel and petty.No.3 - They withhold sex This is a time-tested, and frequently used, cr
"life" By My Son
Life It Gets Harder As You Grow, You'll Lose Friends, Family, And More Than You'll Ever Know. Time Will Fly By And It'll Keep Getting Faster, And In One Day, Turn From Perfect To A Complete Disaster. Things Will Continue To Happen As Unexpected As The Rain, And The Thing That Brings You Joy Will Be The Same Thing That Causes You Pain. Your Children Will Advance From Crawling To Reading Books, And Then Thier 18 Before You Can Take A Second Look. The One You Use To Love Swore They'll Never Break Your Heart, In The End Not Only Breaks It, But Tears It Apart. But If It Wasn't For The Things That Make You Frown, Then The Happiness Would Never Keep Your Feet On The Ground. So Keep Life Precious For There Is No Second Ride, So To Have A Good Life Or A Bad Life? Well That's For You To Decide.   I HAVE COME TO THE END OF MY ROPE HERE... I HAVE GIVEN AND GIVEN AND GIVEN ON HERE AND I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN.... ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE ILL SHOW UP IN YOUR SB ASKING TO
I want to be perfect ..  I want to wake up in the morning and not I have a stress headache. I want to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I want to eat a dozen doughnuts for breakfast or pancakes with real butter not egg whites, oatmeal or protein shakes. I want to eat a slice a pizza without gaining a damn  pound. I want to be beautiful..I want to be the diamond not the flaw. I want to be the crystal not the crack in it. I want to be the sparkle in your eye not the tear. The rose not the thorn. I want to make you happy not bring you down. I want to make you smile again. Just once I want to fucking shine.........
Whos The Racest
  Let me be clear--I agree with everything said here--but I am not racist--this email hit a nerve though...even people who are not racists should be passing this on! This is an eye opener! These kind of prejudices are relevent for religious as well as sexual orientation subjects.              
I am sad to say my Uncle passed away on Fathers day 6/20/10... Clyde Borders. I am going back home to Austin, Texas for the funeral. I will be gone from 6/24/10 to 6/27/10.. I am currently off work this week while my sister is in town from Chicago and will now just be relaxing and enjoying myself as much as I can till I go back to work... I say Thank You to everyone for the well wishes and wonderful comments.. there is a photo of my uncle posted. please stop by, check out his photo for me...    
Big D Wamt 2 C Ilike A Real Nasyt Girl That Can Take The Pain
If U Show me a ass that makes thar dick get hard or can turn it on ill show u what a real dick looks llikr  
The Idea Behind King Size Bows To Find Successful Business Ideas, Satisfy an Obvious Need Anthony Vultaggio Good business ideas come from necessity. In 2001 Lynda King and her husband decided to surprise their daughter with a car for Christmas. She called 10 car dealerships looking for a big bow to complete the gift. “The dealerships told me they wished they had a company to refer me to,” recalls Lynda. “That’s when the idea struck.” From Great Idea to Business Plan Lynda made the bow for her daughter’s gift then began designing another for production. Playing off of her own last name she named the bows the King Size Bows. “I wasn’t the first to have this idea,” says Lynda. “A lot of people had the idea before me. But I was the first to take action and create a business out of it.” Lynda King is no stranger to action. She had a happy upbringing with parents who encouraged her to think big. &l
Like A G6
HookPoppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzardWhen we drink we do it right gettin slizzardSippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6Like a G6, Like a G6Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6Verse 1Gimme that Mo-MoetGimme that Cry-CrystalLadies love my style, at my table gettin wildGet them bottles poppin, we get that drip and that dropNow give me 2 more bottles cuz you know it don't stop(808) Hell YeaaDrink it up, drink-drink it up,When sober girls around me, they be actin like they drunkThey be actin like they drunk, actin-actin like they drunkWhen sober girls around me actin-actin like they drunkHookPoppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzardWhen we drink we do it right gettin slizzardSippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6Like a G6, Like a G6Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6Verse 2Sippin on, sippin on sizz, Ima ma-make it fizzGirl I keep it gangsta, poppin bottles at the cribThis is how we live, every single nightTake that bottle to t
A Year Of Hell
How does someone make it back from a year of hell. I'll tell you how they do it. Well you start the year off with some great friends (never lose those friends no matter what). You move into the 2nd month by getting get 3 new tattoos all along thinking its going to be good month only to find out that someone in your family has cancer (I love you Tony. You are the best lil brother I have & I better not lose you). Then you end the month by going to the hospital yourself. You then start off the 3rd month in & out of the hospital for a total of 2 weeks for what you would thinking it has to do with hard time breathing but it is something else all together & end up having 2 surgerys. Along the way making some new friends (Carlos & Tray). Then move into the 4th month happy as hell your grandpa made it to be 81 years old & is still going. Then come to find out with out knowing its the last birthday you will have with your mom (R.I.P. MOM). Then you move into the 5th & 6th month with no problems
Just Stuff..
Not a lot of time for blogging today.. I have final exams this week.. but since it popped up, I thought I would start one.
When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. Sacha Guitry After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't face each other, but still they stay together. Hemant Joshi By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them. Dumas The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What does a woman want? Sigmund Freud I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me. Anonymous "Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays." Henry Youngman "I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years." Sam Kinison "There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than
Lanie's Poetic Attempts
What is that, I see there in your eyes? Passion and tenderness, no need for disguise. Searching for answers, to questions you seek. They're beneath the surface, no time to be meek. Open your heart to loves gentle caress. Completing this task, I make one request. Be careful my love, these feelings are new. Choose wisely when saying, "I Love You." a. boudreaux 2001 I can be gentle, and I can be kind those arent thoughts that now come to mind I am selfish and I can be rude some may not like my blunt attitude I am unique owning many a flaw and I am more than I hold in my bra though in defense they are quite a treat I cannot fault those finding them neat I have many things some old and some new not everything tho will i share with you I am myself I need approval not I sit here alone with nary a thought I am a woman that is not my defense it is simply my reason this makes sense a.boudreaux 2007 you're the only one for me..
Thanks to all my friends that came by and showed their support. The contest is now over. I didn't win :( BOO HOO....LOL I came in 6th place out of 20 so I guess not too bad. It was my first contest and so was fun to say the least. Thanks again too all that voted for me and spent the time bombing me. Hugs and kisses Connie Come help out a sweet friend of mine win a 3 Day Blast in his Photoshop Contest. No bombing required. Just a rate is all that's needed. Thanks so much. Mwuahhhh
My Life
SO... Boys really do suck. I finally left Gabe, the abusive asshole. Yay for me! Having to get some sort of protection order or something against him tho cuz he won't leave me the fuck alone. So about a month after I left him, I got a new bf and things with him were questionable from the start. I obviously saw something in him that attracted me to him though now i am not so sure it was really him but rather i saw what i could get out of him. That is really sad yes, but isn't that what you look for in rebound guys? Lol. So I just broke it off with him and things sorta went ugly. He was just being so immature about it! I was trying so hard to hold my tongue and my temper in check but I just lost it when he started trying to blame Brandi for breaking us up. I told him to stuff it about trying to blame everyone else all the time for the things that happen to him. Then he continued to just say stuff to piss me off. So I got a little nasty back... Then he called me and things just went downh
Hey everyone! I wanna write this one to everyone! I have to more. So im gonna lose the net for about a month:( Plzz dont forget about me! I will come back as soon as i can! and i will return all the love! Plzz dont let anyone talk shit about me while im gone! I wouldnt let it happen to you, so dont let it happen to me! I promise i will be back As soon as i can get the cable turned on in my apartment! Me and mom are moving out and gettin our own place! we will miss you all! And to all my Bombshells..Im still in the family, and will never leave u guys! You guys mean A LOT to me! If you really wanna talk and not miss me, Write me and let me know, and ill give ya my cell number!! Because im keeping it on, so all my friends can reach me! Plzz show me some love while im gone! Ill miss you all:( Love always, Jessi I love when guys give me a song, because i remind them of it. Or because they love me so much, that they wanna dedicate a song to me. It makes me all warm inside! I just absolut
My Lover...... I lay in bed with my lover enjoying his sweet embrace and the kindness I feel from his heart and the love I feel from his eye's. I lay in bed with my lover enjoying his hands caress every inch and every curve of my body and and his soft kisses on my neck and on the curves of my breasts. I lay in bed with my lover enjoying the warmth and safeness from his arms wraped around me . I lay in bed with my lover and fantasies about what it be like to make love in front of a nice warm fireplace with candles all over the room.I lay in bed with my lover making love like it was our first time together enjoying every move one another made. I lay in bed with my lover looking into his eye's and into his soul and seeing how deep his true feelings for me are. In Silence ...we lay naked in silence  staring into  each others  eye's  smiling  at how much love  we have for one another   and  how long that love  has been in our hearts  .... we lay in silance admiring  each others  t
Something To Think About
I know and understand that we as a nation do things that sometimes makes no sense. Well I have something to say and well if I get smacked on the butt for it oh well. We have always said "Merry Christmas" and it has never seemed to be an issue. Over the past ten or so years we have had to be more politically correct in how we act and what we say during the Christmas season. Well this bothers me. We take in everyone that has trouble, that needs help, what wants to make better. Then when some do they start getting offended and want to have their own holiday and we have to be nice and polite and give in. I like hearing someone wish me a Merry Christmas, and some of my close friends are Jewish and they wish me a Merry Christmas. Freedom to speak and act is okay as long as you don't offend anyone. To me that is just wrong. I love it here. I don't need someone to come along and tell me what to say or what not to say. I will say Merry Christmas to everyone I
Happy Hour Giveaway
center> I Could really use the help people plz. I have been trying for 5 months to get this HH and instead of working on it i have helped everyone who has asked for help. Come on give me a hand. is still need 32K in comments. come on and show me some love back... for all of those that have been helping me thank you so much love you very much. I Could really use the help people plz. I have been trying for 4 months to get this HH and instead of working on it i have helped everyone who has asked for help. Come on give me a hand. is still need 34K in comments. come on and show me some love back... for all of those that have been helping me thank you so much love you very much. I AM OFFERING 1 THOUSAND FUBUCKS FOR 200 COMMENTS AND I AM GOING TO SWEETEN THE DEEL FOR 400 COMMENTS I WILL PAY 5 THOUSAND FUCUKS... AL YOU NEED TO DO IS CLICK ON THE PIC RATE IT AND START COUNTING THEM OFF NO NEED FOR WORDS JUST NUMBERS AND WHEN YOU HAVE DONE ALL YOU WANT TO DO SEND M
Things You Can Say At Thanksgiving
November 25, 2007 @ 3:11 pm I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their comments. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because y
A Hug
i apologize to everyone on here for not being on much lately. i take the word "friend" very seriously,so i feel badly that i can't be around much right now. the holidays are very stressful for many people, and i've been trying to be a shoulder to lean on for 3 of my friends that are going through emotional issues. unfortunately my being there for them was not enough for 1 of these friends, as the pain they were feeling became too great for them to handle and they ended their life. i know you're thinking there is help, they are getting professional help, but thats not always enough! they also need people who care enough to listen to them. i do feel like the other 2 are getting through it. it's just going to take some time, alot of love, understanding, and patience. maybe this blog sounds like i'm looking for a "pat on the back " or a "your such a wonderful person " , but i wish someone would have been there to help my brother [ he committed suicide when i was a kid],
I don't want to beat around the bush-there's nothing wrong with trimming your pubic hair or doing some grooming. But when it comes down to it, shaving your pubic hair has some consequences you may not have considered. Shaving your pubic hair causes damage to hair follicles. When you shave your pubic hair, you risk ingrown hairs and nasty red bumps. That's a short-term risk many women are willing to take. But shaving your pubic hair can do lasting damage to that sensitive region. Think of the skin in your pubic region as containing hundreds of pores and openings for secretions. And then take a moment to think about how much you sweat over the course of an average day. Damaging the hair follicles in your pubic area means you may experience bouts of bumps, as glands and pores get blocked from the damaged openings. Seriously, do you want bumps down there? Shaving your pubic hair regularly can lead to permanent damage, which means you'll be susceptible to blockage for years e
Wykd Storm Radio
Woo Hoo Hotties RULE!!! The Long Hairs Won all categories. Hunter won with most Thumbs Up 270 (Y), Wolf won with Most Thumbs Down 19 (N), & The whole Team Won with 605 Overall rates! Way To Go Guys!! I would like to thank all who participated and voted! It was a great Contest and I will try to do more in the near future. THANK YOU!!! The Final Results: Hotties: The Photographer 63 (Y) 4 (N) Wolf -- 22 (Y) 19 (N) JuggaloN8ative - 60 (Y) 3 (N) Cory -- 40 (Y) 5 (N) Arcanis -- 21 (Y) 6 (N) Hunter -- 270 (Y) 9 (N) Mr. Serious - 18 (Y) 5 (N) Tool Man Tim --22 (Y) 4 (N) Russ007 -- 28 (Y) 6 (N) Studs: LoneWolfJohn - 19 (Y) 4 (N) Kidd1267 -- 14 (Y) 7 (N) Pete -- 21 (Y) 4 (N) Red_Write_Hand -- 23 (Y) 2 (N) Brett --- 36 (Y) 5 (N) Lions -- 16 (Y) 3 (N) Will -- 14 (Y) 4 (N) WYKD WYKD WYKD
Do You Dare Enter? Train (30 Riders Come Ride If You Dare!)
DO YOU DARE TO ENTER? FREDDY'S BACK! To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "Freddy's coming for you!" or "Never fall asleep again!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "I DARE TO RIDE WITH FREDDY!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train!
I did this before...can't recall who gave me the idea for it, I think it stemmed from Iced Earth first. Anywho... Ask me a question, any question. I'll answer it truthfully and ask you a can get quite amusing. Thoughtful questions, humorous questions, technical questions..anything. Something you have always wondered about me, something you want a true answer to but never thought I would answer honestly, something that has nothing to do with me that you have always been curious about...anything. Shoot away. My results! The Test!! Don't worry, it opens in a new window You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? None 2. Your significant other? None 3. Your hair? Brown 4. Your mother?
Whats The Use???
So what exactly is the point of this site anymore? If you're not pretty - you get ignored... I have been feeling that for the past few days. If you don't have auto 11's - HAHAHAHAHA - good luck with that! Seriously, what the heck is the point anymore??? Whatever!
I fuckin swear...have any of you fu's ever used a damn pen in yer life?.....i see salutes from people...that rival the penmanship of a damn kindergardener......fer fucks sake......if you cant manage to get the spelling right.....can you atleast make the shit look decent?....seriously.... now im sure people will talk shit....i dont really care....some of you may have decent penmanship.....but gotdamnit!!!,,,most of you fucks write like retarded lil chitrens.... maybe im biased......i love letters..and the many styles they come in.....and being able to manipultate them to fit a certain setting is real big with me....ive drawn letters on many different surfaces for along time...AND never..(well..maybe once...) came off toy as im not saying i havnt thrown away alot of pieces of paper....but damn...if yer making something for someone.....try to make it look like you can spell and stay within the lines if need be....   fuckin fu-tards...
Satans Blog
JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE ME AND TALK TO ME EVERYDAY DOESN'T MEAN YOU KNOW ME IN EACH AND EVERY WAY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY CHANGES OR THE THINGS I GO THROUGH YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME OR THE SECRETS I DON'T TELL YOU YOU THINK YOU KNOW THIS PERSON DEEP INSIDE OF ME BUT YOU'VE ONLY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE OF MY MYSTERY, YOU SEE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M REALLY LIKE OR WHAT I REALLY FEEL INSIDE YOU DON'T KNOW ME  WHEN I'M ANGRY OR WHEN I WANT TO RUN AND HIDE I KEEP ALL THESE  THINGS HIDDEN BOTTLED UP INSIDE SO YOU WON'T KNOW MY FEELINGS SO THAT I CAN STILL BE FREE     All That Matters {Poem 2004} Current mood:  loved                       All That MattersAll that matters most of all to me is having youAll in this world to me is you{Iwanna} I'm gonna give you my heart and my soulIf I could I would hold you foreverI never wanna let you goEvery second of everyday all I think about is youMy life has no meaning unless I can share it with youI wanna be in your arms for alway
Pantera Medal Of Honor Video
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Columbine High School Shooting.
  Guess our national leaders didn't expect this, hmm? On Thursday,Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician, every sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert! These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful, penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as a voice crying in the wilderness.. The following is a portion of the transcript: " Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Sc
My landlord is on my back about watering the grass. We are on a water ban because it hasn't rained in three months. what do i do ? Water the grass and when i get a ticket send it to them ? What whould you do?
Usmc Motardation
November 1775 I was born in a bomb crater my mother was an M-16 and my father was the Devil...each moment that I live is an additional threat apon your life, I eat constantina, piss napalm and I can shoot a round through a fleas ass at 300 meters...I travel the glode festering on Anti-Americans everywhere I go, for the love of mom, chevrolet, baseball, and apple pie... I'm a grunt Im the dirty, nasty, stinky, sweaty, filthy, beautiful lil son-of-a-bitch thats keeping the world away from the door for more that 235 years...I'm a United States Marine we work like soldiers talk like sailors and slap the shit out of both of them...we stole the eagle from the airforce the rope from that army and the anchor for the navy and on the 7th day god we rested we over ran his perimiter and weve been running the show ever since warriors by day lovers by night drunker by choice Marine by god....Semper Fidelis 
Juggalo Biatch
So this morning I sign on and have a few new pic comments waiting.  I open them up and discover someone decided they liked my green Irish George (a pic made for me that changed the original cheeto stealing seagull and made him green for St. Patrick's Day). They liked it so much they swiped it (not rip) and then started using it as their default.  I kind of blew it off, but when I saw it scroll across the top TWICE, it ticked me off. Being the perfect angel and nice person that you ALL know I am.....   *waits for laughter to stop*.......  I sent her a message kindly asking her to remove it from her default.  An hour response.   So I followedwiht one more kind message telling her it was made for me and I don't appreciate her using it. This is the response I finally get (in all caps...seems the juggalo bitch's Caps Lock is stuck): I LET YOU KNOW I WAS TAKING IT AND WOW...I DON'T GET STUPID ABOUT MY PICS ... I DIDN'T TAKE ANY OF YOU PERSONALLY ... NOT THAT THERE WERE
The children love so honestly. We as adult's sometimes blame others for the wrongs we have done. It's so easy to blame someone else. When does a person decide to take reaonablitity for your own actions. When does it all stop with putting someone on the curb? When does it stop for a person to disrepect someone for many years? I feel within my heart when you want to be close to someone. It might just be to late. When a person tells stories , lies for so long. They believe they have done no wrong. In time trueth always wins. It might just take awahile for it all to come. I respect people more when there honest. The only time i tell a white lie. Is when it keeps someone from being hurt. Respect is something you earn . Respecting oneself & others around you. I was told a long time ago. You trust your family & friends. I have a friend who was told by her daughter. She wasn't a good enough to be Mom or Grandma. Someday her daughter will need h
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Inclined 2 Get Poetical
....Idle thoughts transpire into visions of you and I standing before he who serves the Most High…it is here I profess and confess which simply can not be denied My love for you defines true, its origin dates back to the first beat of my heart It was present before my first breath, so not even in death will we part I look in your eyes and see my reflection as if it was etched into your soul… I knew then it was possible for two separate entities to intertwine and become whole Energized by your energy, my eyes cloaked by the nostalgia of past life memories you’ve given me, yet and still I see vividly All praise is due to the Creator for giving me the ability to re-cognize you… I grasp your hand tight as we begin on foot, this journey of “us” Watching every step I take closely because I simply cannot bear the thought of burning your trust Looking back only to chuckle at those who came before you Acknowledging the trials and tribulations they took me through conditioned my hear
So Here I Am....
have u ever just been goin about ur day and just loose it? it all comes at ya? all it took was the toaster fuk'n up, and it all come out......i havent, until 2day. all that came 2 mind is "this is it.....all my thoughts, invaluable - all my time, wasted - all my efforts , worthless...this is me?"...and for the first time ever, i hated my life, and i felt as if i didnt even matter.........and i cried...for all of u that know me, I CRIED? I dont cry, but i did 2day awwww , im so luv'd ! *kisses* 4 my crushes ! Lookin 4 some hotties to rip their pics , JUST DIDNT WANNA DO IT IN A STALKER FASHION....LOL , SO IF UR OK WITH IT , msg me and let me know if ur interested in bein in my collection...luv-amy
7 Kinds Of Sex
7 KINDS OF SEX.... Body: The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you". The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife/Hubby any more. She/He takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon
Baby Kristopher
WOW ....all i got to say is wow how time flies Lil Kristopher is 3 months old.... He is laughing and cooing ... i am learning his ticklish spots .. God forbid i walk out of the room boy he puts up a Fuss....He must love mommy... I just got a new job , Punkin will be babysitting on the days daddy has to work too... well when and if u get a chance sign my guest book and leave me a voice comment :).. talk toy you all soon .. *~*PurpleNiteShade*~* Baby Kristopher has arrived ... :0)... here is his birth anouncement. Hey all this litle boy is finally going to arrive in this world on tuesday morning April 3rd ,2007...I can't wait ... Pix will be posted that weekend.. if im not too tired :0).... So he is late as of tuesday march 27th... so im tired of waiting..:0)... ill keep u all posted .. ttys .. love u all ...
Faith Related
I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December. I don't agree with Darwin, but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his theory of evolution. Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game. So what's the big deal? It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire book of Acts. They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game. "But it's a Christian prayer," some will argue. Yes, and this is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. According to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1. So what would you expect-somebody chanting Hare Krishna? If I went to a soccer game in Jerusalem, I would expect to hear a Hebrew prayer. If I went to a
Ok here is the thing, YES i have alot of pics that are locked up, but just because they are locked up DOES NOT mean that they are NSFW! i am so tired of people hitting my shout asking why they cant see them so i am gonna take the time to clarify it right now.....respectfully of course LOL. 1. They are locked for a reason, had i wanted you to see them i would have added you to my family. 2. yes i know this is a pic site for rates and yada yada, but guess what.....i dont care about freakin points and rates, so if i cant have any poiints on those from freakin whooo!!!!!!! 3.This is my page, no one else's...there is one person in the whole freakin world, who can demand things be opened or closed on my page and that is Lord Fury NO ONE ELSE! 4.If you hit my shoutbox demanding to see them or being stupid about not seeing them...i wont answer you back, i will simply remove you as a friend. 5.the pics i have set to private are my FAMILY....i dont want every Tom Dick and Sue to The Rev
The injustice Of justice Misjudges Another case It is not About Right and Wrong Just keeping The docket At pace The truth Be damned The gavel Slams And sends you To a place Where logic Is sparse And innocence Lost Regardless Of what’s In their face By The Rev
Comment Tag Like Tik
So.. You wanna learn to Comment Tagg Like Me. I will not go into too much detail, but if you use this tutorial it should help you make better Comments (Taggs) on peoples pages. First understand, Fubar ONLY allows 2000 Characters when you are "Tagging" someones page. This Tutorial will explain how to "Hack" the code that you C&P from comment pages. Doing this allows you to post way more pix then you normally be able to post. The Easiest way to comment on someones page is to first open Notepad : go to START Run Type In "Notepad" (with out the quotes) & hit Enter. Now you should have a blank page from Notepad. 1.) In Notepad type the following & copy & paste it about 10 times so notepad looks like this *Note - the Center code is only there 1 time. This will make everything centered in the comment box. This is not needed but looks way better :

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