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I recently started school again. I'm studying for my bachelors degree in criminal investigations. I hope to finish next year and now I'm going to begin working on my resume. I have at least a six-year gap in my work history but since I've been working for myself, I shouldn't have a problem working around that. I'm not divorced yet and hope to nip that in the bud soon and start dating again. I'm not in a hurry to find someone but would like to meet a man who has similar interests and likes kids too. Summer break is almost over! Whoo Hoooo! Then I will have more time to myself and can maybe go out and learn some golf.
Well, I was sick on superbowl sunday through the end of the first week in March. To make matters worse, I had an infection in my head that busted both eardrums so I couldn't hear for at least 2 more months. I also didn't have a landline hook up but now I do. Summer break is here so I have all 5 of my kids with me. It's so nice to have them together. I'm in school getting my bachelors degree in criminal investigations. I look forward to working a little again. I have my own business at home but need to get my degree. With the way the economy has been going, getting my degree will be well worth the wait.
Okay, I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch. My landline is not working so I have not been able to be online everyday. To make things worse, I got sick on Superbowl Sunday and was sick til about the first week in March. I guess the flu was going around and I waited too long to go to the doctor and the night I stopped breathing was what brought me to the advanced urgent care doctor the next day. I am using the public library til I can get my home phone working. What keeps me going is my 5 kids, especially my 3yr old daughter. I started writing a book of the "darndest" things she has been saying. Her latest word is "slammin' or scrammin' eggs" (that's scrambled eggs). Oh, and she has a new brother named "Jack". I have 2 boys and 3 girls and my boys are Christian and Patrick Jr. The most annoying thing she is doing nowadays is repeating the tail-end of EVERYTHING I say. We are at the library right now (3/31/08) and she is filling the double stroller with books while I am trying to work on the computer. Oh boy!
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