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created on 09/09/2007  |
I'm going to try and be nice in this one so I don't have to mark it "nsfw". Today my son calls me from his friend's house to ask me if he could go to the park and play basketball with his friend. It was 1800 and I knew how far this park was, so I said okay because the friend's mother was going to give them a ride and then pick them up. 1900 rolls begins to get dark close to about I asked if the mother was on her way and my son said "yes". 2000 rolls around and he text'd me "she's on her way"..Now I begin to worry cause my son takes his meds at night and something told me she wasn't going to be there so a few minutes later, I called my son on his cellphone and he ended up at another friend's house along with the friend he went to the park with. So I figure, okay, at least they are inside somewhere and she'll pick them up there...wroonnng answer. Long story short, they ended up being brought back to my son's friend's house and the mother still wasn't home. Then the boy told me, "yeah, my mom said she would be home at 10pm, she's not done playing bingo yet.." I said to myself, I ultimately called my son a cab and 5 minutes later he was home. Damn. It took me 5 minutes to do what would have taken this woman 3 freaking hours to do. Pure laziness and I guess f-ing bingo was more important. I'm done.
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