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If you like animals and eat meat, watch this film, it's a nasty so be warned. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1282796533661048967 I like meat, I am not a vegetarian but to watch this film and hear the sickening sounds of those at times, tortured animals, is enough to put anyone off eating meat. The 21st century and we can't even show humanity to the food we eat, it it now wonder this planet is doomed.
2 November 2006 TIME OUR CELEBRITIES WENT ON AN ECO-TRIP Brian Reade (Daily Mirror) THE tipping point for me came on Monday when Oprah Winfrey yelled at her whooping sect-followers: "Global warming is coming!" And she's not the only American big-shot flying the green flag. Angelina Jolie has set up a conservation camp in Cambodia, and on the website stopglobalwarming.org Jon Bon Jovi, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Taylor, Christie Brinkley and Huey Lewis warn us of the perils of climate change. Which is why we in Britain must take global warming seriously. Because we are clearly falling behind in organised celebrity action. Suddenly a nation which has led the way in persuading dinosaur rockers to re-write lyrics in the pretence they're curing poverty is losing ground to America. And more will be lost when Tom Cruise brings out the blockbuster Emissions Impossible, and Madonna announces she's adopting the planet (although if there's a cuter one in the solar system, Earth might have to wait because the mottled ozone layer won't look good in the family photos). So our celebs need to act now to save their careers, I mean humanity, before it's too late. It's not as though it would take much effort. Britain's stock-piling of toxic waste would be slashed if they stopped filling their faces with Botox and breasts with silicone. If they boycotted awards ceremonies like the Baftas, thus ceasing to turn on the tears for the cameras, global sea-levels would drop dramatically. Think of the electricity saving if Sharon Osbourne did what the rest of us do and switched off the telly - whenever she's on. Or if John Leslie turned off his camcorder whenever he's having sex with another person, and Leslie Grantham unplugged his laptop when he's having sex with himself. Why not follow dancer Brendan Cole's lead by getting on a bike. You'll have to wait until Abi Titmuss is free but it won't be long. Or do a Prince Andrew by saying no to cheap flights (but yes to ones that cost £16,000-a-mile). Why not do car-sharing, like Steve McFadden and Stan Collymore' or bodysharing, like Sadie Frost and Jude Law. Celebrity chefs could do the world a huge favour by composting themselves along with the veg peelings. John McCririck could open a chain of wind farms. Kilroy and David Dickinson could offer advice on solar heating and Peter Kay can tell us how to recycle 10-year-old scripts. The EastEnders cast could produce alternative energy by plodding away miserably on a huge treadmill four nights a week (oh sorry, they already do that). Premiership footballers could be banned from wasting trees by talking to ghost-writers. Paul Burrell could cut oil spillages by never opening his mouth before a microphone again. Trinny and Susannah could kill themselves and have a green funeral (I'll pay for both hitmen), Jeremy Clarkson could self-combust and when George Michael curls up in a ball at night to wet himself with self-pity he could use real nappies instead of Pampers. Celebrities, please listen. Think of the publicity. Think of the service you'd be doing mankind. Think of the consequences of inaction. How, if we carry on as we are, rising water levels will soon destroy every small island. Including Celebrity Love Island. Then what will Mother Earth have left to offer you?
Bush trades blows over 'botched Iraq joke' Senator John Kerry has traded his harshest blows with George Bush since the 2004 election race after warning students not to get "stuck in Iraq". Mr Bush accused the former Presidential candidate of troop-bashing after the comments which were made to a group of California students. But Mr Kerry told the President it was him and not the troops in Iraq who were the target of his criticism and called Mr Bush's Oval Office supporters "hacks who are willing to lie". Mr Kerry added his comment that those unable to navigate the country's education system "get stuck in Iraq" was "a botched joke about the President and the President's people, not about the troops". He added "the White House knows this full well". The row is dominating the mid-term elections as the Democrats threaten to take back the House and possibly win control of the Senate as they galvanise the anti-war vote. Senator John McCain, considered a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, called upon Kerry to apologise to the troops saying those serving in Iraq were there because "they are patriots and not because of any deficiencies in their education". Senator Kerry fired back, calling upon Mr McCain to get apologies from the administration for a botched policy.
Spookiest night of the year, ghosts and ghouls set foot upon the earth again, rather like friends, those who appear from time to time with requests, help my friend, vote for me, yeah as if. Out of all the halloween greetings I sent out, I got a handful in return, if they were stakes, I wouldn't have enough to hammer Dracula into the grave. What does that say, what does that tell me?, if it's cold and damp on All Hallows Night, the fair weather friends who sit in the warmth of their homes don't really give a toss about their "friends". Well no more will I vote for your butt or your pet, no longer will I boost a so called friends ego on CherryTap, soul destroying, what else can I call it now?, Halloween, just a fake day for fake friends, make up and outlandish clothing, trick or treat?, the trick is to treat friends with no respect. Thank You to those real friends who took the time to show that they care.
http://nationalpriorities.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=182 Over 300 Billion and rising by 3000$ per second.
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