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created on 08/24/2008  |
Ashley's back in the hospital one of her incisions got infected, she has a staff infection. For those of you who didn't know, my daughter Ashley has lupus. She had surgery on July 30th to remove her gallbladder because of infection & large gallstones, a liver biopsy was also done. Complications kept her hospitalized a week longer then expected. She was doing better after being released but 1 of the 5 incisions wasn't healing. The incision in her bellybutton was red & warm she also had a slight fever. She's back at Children's Hospital with a staff infection, she was taken out of I.C.U today. Thank-you for keeping her in your thoughts & prayers. Before she was admitted, I entered my first give-a-way. I've helped so many others with contest's & give-a-way's in the past 2 years I thought I'd give it a try :) I brought my lap top with me to the hospital, I planned on working at this myself for the most part. When I tried to log onto Fubar I got a message saying I can't access this site from Children's Hospital, the sites blocked out. A lot of rooms have computers others have hookups so they blocked out sites that kids shouldn't be on. I need a little help getting started on this give-a-way, just until Ashley's gets home so I won't be removed for not participating. If you get a chance could you please rate my entry pic & leave a few comments? It would really help & I'd appreciate it more then you know.
Here's the links... Here's a direct pic link to my give-a-way page. Here's a clickable text link to my give-a-way page. [ photo: 3529392869 ] Again, I really appreciate any help with this. If any of you ever need help I'm only a shout or PM away :) I'm always happy to help. &hearts Laurie
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