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ACROPORA's blog: "Nothing!!!!"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/nothing/b10037
As many of U know Me, I'm a very simple guy, that always try to be positive towards life, that enjoy other ppl's happiness, I'm a person that always like to listen, think, analyze research and develop a advice for the questions that tribulates my friends, either informational or personal. Well being that I just noticed something as I was talking to my wife. I know I count with the support unconditional of my family, my wife is a great woman that motivates Me to better myself up, my daugther gives Me courage too, when I see how hard she is trying to make it throug her tough times at school, this I don't doubt at all !!! I enjoy trying to help ppl by transfering positive vibes, but who transfer those positive vibes to Me when I need them, when I'm down, when I feel the need to talk to someone other than my family maybe cuz I need some foreign advice. I just notice that I'm alone......that I have been eating all those sour moments on my own, even when lot of ppl talk to Me and have a nice conversation, how many r there that I can rely on, I can count them with one hand.......it sucks cuz the so call friends r just a ghost, an imaginary illusion that we have created in order to keep ourselves busy, a way of entertainment....!!! I'm calling to all of U, "imaginary friends" don't let these happen to ur friends, I'm not saying Me cuz I have learn to swallow those sour shots, I'm talking about the other ppl that is trying to reach U and trust U with their toughts, cuz those same persons will comeback and do the same for U some day.....and that day U will be grateful cuz that person had sweeten that sour moment.....Peace my imaginary friends........love my sour eaters!!!!
I really really enjoy music, I have been granted the priviledge of being biligual so I can enjoy spanish and english music but more than anything love good rhythms and all genres, life has given the taste to enjoying music in all expresions from highest classical notes to the lowest suburban capelas, music is like sweet food for my ears. My latin blood gives me the taste for tropical sounds and can't stop moving my head and hands once I hear a good salsa or merengue My personal favorites are Andrea Boccelli and Sarah Brightman, but these are my choices... English spoken music: U2 (I rode my bike once from LA to Mile High stadium in Denver to see U2), HIM, Billy Squier, Zappa, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Scorpions, Creed, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Sara Brightman, Andrea Boccelli. Spanish spoken rock La Ley, Heroes, El Tri, Jaguares, Maldita Vecindad, Enanitos, Mana, Soda Estereo and Spanish rock. Tropical sounds definitively has to be Gilberto Santarosa, Polo Montanez, Celia Cruz (RIP Azucar Negra), Willy Chirino (Maestro), Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony and many many more...... Favorite music to dance is latin sounds, salsa, merengue, chacha, enjoy spending nights at dance clubs spinning my lady.
How about I give U my version of love, I know U probably don't give a fuck of what a person fuck in the head think of love, well I don't care if U r interested or not, this is for me........ My life in love starts every single day from the moment I open my eyes and find my beloved resting in a sea of tranquility, the stability that gives the knowing fact that everything was taking care off, that she can trust that she is the responsibility of my life, the reason of my effort, that I’m here for her, for her needs, for her to be loved!!! Love is unconditional, U either fully accept it or rejected !!! Love is the fruit of the seed that U planted, watered and pruned, when ripe the flavor will be the most delicious taste U will ever have……… When in love there is no reason to forgive or be forgiven cuz love is forgiveness in itself. Love is seeing my child running free, joyful, smiling, enjoying life to the fullest. Love is to know that the day my mother died she knew that I was a good son and cuz of her and the love she gave me I will be a good friend to my wife, a good father and friend to my child, a brother to my friends and a dearly beloved to my enemies. Love to me is the essence of my life, my compass which without I can not have sense of direction, love is my guidance, my northern star, my lighthouse…….. I could go on for the rest of my life describing my life as a loved person, no case U probably don’t care, but be sure of this…….I love U from the bottom of my heart, I love U ‘till my days r over, I love U cuz of who U r not cuz the person they want U to be, I love U cuz my love is enough to the both of us, I love U cuz U r the reason of me being better everyday, as a person, as a friend and as loved one……..thx U for letting me Love U……..again U probably don’t give a fuck, well same here I don’t give a fuck……I love U. Acropora
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