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created on 12/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/rating/b267198
Hi all! I thought we were going forward - but no !! We all have gotten proof off the opposite these last days passed. The new bouncersystem has ticked off the ENTIRE Fubarcomunity! And it will continiue to do so until they change it back! It was bad enough as it was! Why mess up something thats working so so - and get it WORSE than ever? I know Im not the only one that feels like this! I recon I got about 99,9% off all in here on my side in this matter! Babyjesus! Get us BACK to the way it was earlier this week! Dont be doing this to fubarpeeps! You only end up loosing money.. Sign this blog if YOU agree!! If not - tell my/us why you dont! Torill

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It has snowed by day and night. I looked out my window and exclaimed what a pure delight! Everything looks so beautiful and bright! Look at the Christmas trees with all the red and green lights! Wow what a beautiful sight! Everyone came from miles around jumping up and down. As everyone is singing Christmas carols Santa starts to arrive. Everyone started to dance and jive. Everyone please remember the real reason for the season. Enjoy the parades and dinners too. Enjoy the season through and through. MerryChristmas to all and to all a good night!
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First and foremost : Thank you Sumdaysoon! YOU got me the help I needed AGAIN! Then Wanda - Rooster - Smilll - Fallen Angle - and ALL the rest of you who made it possible! Thats what I call friends to call upon when one need help! You know I rate you back - just let me know when you need my help! Now I can rest until tomorrow - I dont have any rates left for today anyhow so I guess I just do something else ;-) I`m really really HAPPY for having friends like you all! Many never did show up even when I asked - but I guess they will when they see that I have AUTO 11 running...Strange but I guess its true...PRove me wrong! I know some of you never care if its 11 or 10 - you rate anyhow like me - helping each other out! Thats the way it should be! When Im asked to help - I do so! So lets see how many of those Ive asked to help me show up the next 20 hours... SO - thank you once more and a million times again for ALL the help! Hugs to you! From Torill aka Cat ( Wicked_Wanda renamed me )
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