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Issues And Questions
I don't get it, people put pictures up here to show off, to get rated, or just share.... yet they mark them "PRIVATE". Why? If you don't want others to see or look at them, DON'T PUT THEM UP HERE. I feel that is really stupid and childish. The only pics I can see putting private are NSFW, and then only if you want to let family members see them. You know that commercial that says the people are smart?? THEY FUCKING LIED!!!!!!! Ok, so I am clicking around and checking out other profiles. I click some gals pic, go to her profile, and guess what??? It was not a female!!! Yeah, it was some guy with a woman's pic up!!! I don't get it, if you are not happy with the way look, why don't you use a pic of a mouse or cat or dog? Why use the pic of an attractive woman? I have noticed several gals that use some Victoria's Secret models pic. I don't get it. I am not the world's most handsome guy, but, my pics are me, not some woman or male model. If anyone has some insight on this, please
Issues With Ct Mail
I try to leave profile comments and get a page that pops up saying Bouncer ID Check. There is a place to enter the code you see, and when I enter and submit it says invalid. I am unable to leave profile comments!!!! Anyone else????
Issues At Hand
So I really don't know how I ever get to the point of putting my trust in people...SO many people FUCK THAT UP FOR ME! It's pretty sad when I finally do put my trust in someone, then something, someone, someway, some fucking how fucks it up!!! What the hell?!?!?!? I do not trust one single god damn mothafuckin person completely! And I SHOULD BE ABLE TO!!! my family that I SHOULD be able to trust completely...I'm sorry, but I don't fully trust you. To my very good and best friends that I SHOULD be able to trust completely...I'm sorry, but I don't fully trust you. To all the people who have always been honest with me and never lied to me that I SHOULD be able to trust...I'm sorry, but I don't fully trust you either. Now that's just fucking sad isn't it?!?!? I can't even trust my family, my good/best friends, people who have always been honest with me and never lied to me. THAT IS FUCKED UP BULLSHIT!
Issues: Trust, Self-esteem, Respect, Love, Hurt, Dating, Sex
*do you feel nervous around your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner? *do you have to be careful to control your behaviour to avoid their anger do you feel pressured by them when it comes to sex? *are you scared of disagreeing with them? do they criticise you, or humiliate you in front of other people? *are they always checking up or questioning you about what you do without them? *do they repeatedly and wrongly accuse you of seeing or flirting with other people? *do they tell you that if you changed they wouldn't abuse you? *does their jealousy stop you from seeing friends or family? *do they make you feel like you are wrong, stupid, crazy, or inadequate? *have they ever scared you with violence or threatening behaviour? *do you often do things to please them, rather than to please yourself? *do they prevent you from going out or doing things you want to do? *do you feel that, with them, nothing you do is ever good enough? *do they say that they wil
Release Death is the final whisper of life granting eternal peace... The more and more I hear it the more I long for death's phantasmal knock on my door Granting me eternal peace from my otherwise chaotic existence. For it is in that existence that you can call me human. Unfortunate, unlucky, dissatisfied, heartless, unbreathing, uncaring, depressed, agonized remorse, painstaking guilt, and suicidal. To never be forgiven for what you've done is a hurt more painful than searing hot blades cutting into my flesh. To never be loved is my curse. I have been cursed to walk in such a way that none shall know happiness by my speech or actions. They shall see me and perceive my pain as just. Life as it is shall never bless me. I will be the one to bear others love and never be explain yet never be understood...I am the one that you look for but can't see...hear but can not listen to...touch but can't feel. All I have is the longing for death...
I wanna wake up I've been walking in my sleep to long Wake up So sick of dreaming I wanna slow down I wanna be part of what is happening around me Without breathing Without feeling Without screaming So I'm leaving I'm unconsciously unconscious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid I turn the page To a chapter that they thought was just a phase But it consumed me You're right I am a failure And when my life turns to shit It won't have anything to do with the fact that it's all you ever taught me how to do So you can relax! Without feeling Without breathing Now I'm leaving I'm unconsciously unconscious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid Turn the page I've been hiding, Drowning, I've been running, Starving, I've been feeling nothing I'm
Today is not one of the best days i have was great news that my soon to be ex got his divorce papers, but it states in there that he is to return out son to me...which right now i have him, and he (my ex) has our 2 small girls...He called me today to let me know he got his papers and that i was sneaky for doing what i am doing but he was suppose to bring my girls to me on sunday he now is saying that he is not going to bring me m y girls back..Hes says seeing i have what i wanted (which is my son) that i am not getting what he has (my girls) Right now i dont know what to do or know how to feel...i miss i girls sooo much...i want nothing more than them to be with me right now...They are 3 years and 6 months...Its hard to get my mind on to anything else...My head hurts, i got a headache, ive cried on and off all day...Have this feeling and know that he is not giving them back...I just miss them soo much...He is also saying that he is now filing a motion to have custody of all 3
I want to let everyone know that i have been going through personal stuff lately and this is why you haven't seen me online. My computer has been giving me some trouble lately that it will shut off all by itself and and you can turn it on for 2 hrs after ( thermal event it keeps saying ) Also my daughter had broke her arm last tuesday and her father didn't take her the hospital to get xrays he waited 3 days then drop her off to me for my visit with her and i took her. Also having to deal with fighting him court to get her back into my custody its a long process and the stress is getting to me so much that i just choose not be online,can't sleep or eat. I want to say sorry to all the shadow levelers that i cant be there to help out. Please give me some time to get over this little bump in life and i will be back in full force. If you see me online in the next few days its my sister dropping my 11's, for now i'm just taking a wee break. I want to thank everyone for being so underst
The distant sound of mercy ringing in my eyes. Far from the masses fades away. Closed my eyes and waited for the pain to pass, Recalled a little story heard today... Yeah, I'm feeling trapped, So locked away, Caught in a downward spiral... In, into the black, I won't be back, Yeah I'll be here a while... Don't need to see, your face. Don't need to hear a word you say, Don't need to know, your name, Or why you're here... Shadows of the past appear in front of me. Into the masses disappear. The sound of silence ringing for a greater good, To this point I can't beleive my ears... Yeah, coming unwrapped, Starting to fray. Walking the final mile... In, into the black, I won't back, Choose to be here a while... Then I saw your face, And I heard the words you said. Then I recalled your name, And why I'm here... When I look into your eyes an' saw how much you cried, An' I had a revelation. The pain wouldn't pass, the scars they would last, Into God's
Issues & Tissues...about Me
=======EFINITION======== Trust is both and emotional and logical act. Emotionally, it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people, but believing they will not take advantage of your openness. Logically, it is where you have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss, calculating expected utility based on hard performance data, and concluded that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner. In practice, trust is a bit of both. I trust you because I have experienced your trustworthiness and because I have faith in human nature. We feel trust. Emotions associated with trust include companionship, friendship, love, agreement, relaxation, comfort. MY PERSONAL ADAPTATION===== In light of recent events in my life, some people have asked me whether or not I can still trust my boyfriend. Several people have told me that they would leave without question and kick his ass in the process. DO I STILL TRUST MY BOYFRIEND? YES!!! THIS IS WHY... My bf has
I Stand Alone
I Stand Alone With all my infinite wisdom why am I here Pain drenching feelings bring to my eyes tears What with this sorrow Ive found Driving hate with my fists pound To keep it all hidden is a sin Let my heart pour out upon this grim To find my desolate way home Always and forever I Stand Alone No one to cry upon with my fears Lost in this world for to many years To find someone to share my burdens of life Constantly burried in this fight My body aches now to the bone Always and forever I Stand Alone This battle's not lost but still pending My tattered soul twisting and bending I walk the weary road of despair Hoping to find the answers out there In desperate need of devine grace I look at my souls shadowed place So here I sit on my defeated throne Always and forever I Stand Alone Night Shadows LLC 2006
I Stand Alone
I stand alone, with music blasting. Just one light, no shadows casting. I tried to talk, I tried to fight. Its no use, this is the night. I look at things, I might not miss. My thoughts now turn, to my little sis. A brother she will never know, I cannot stay, and watch her grow. My mom will cry, and ask God why. My dad can't touch me, or say goodbye. This will show him, I'm not his toy. I'm just a kid, his little boy. No more nights, I hide in fear, or pray to Jesus, he would appear. Too many secrets, too many lies. I'm ready now, I close my eyes. I hear no music, I hear no sound. My heart stopped bounding, I'm on the ground. My life was not, to be this way. I give a gift, on my happy birthday.
Istanbul, No Longer Constantinople
So it's common knowledge now, to anyone that reads this, that I lost my job. I keep applying for new jobs, and hoping something would happen and my luck would turn around, but that simply isn't the case right now. Interview after interview, application after application, looking for a new job is awful enough, but now my options will be even more limited. Since I had my license officially suspended, I won't be able to drive around to get to a new job. I won't be able to drive anywhere to do anything, I'll be basically stuck at home for 60 days now. When I got the notice, I saw that I could appeal, and I tried to, but by the time I finally had all the paperwork straightened out, I had missed the time limit to file my appeal. So far, I am left with no job, and no license. People seem to forget how to call another person on the telephone as well, seeing as no one has called me really in about a week. Life does indeed go on, but I thought my friends might have been a little different
I Started A Livejournal
And only post. As the blog name says, I started a Livejournal.
I Stand Alone
Music Video:I STAND ALONE (by Godsmack)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I Stand Alone
I Stand
Here I stand, Until the time Was it a crime to see what cannot be touched Hear voices speak words that can't be undone Was it my fault I was invincible To the naked eye, I am invisible I cannot be seen Because no one wants to see me I am different Different from the rest of them So they ignore me But I don't ignore them No one is friendly Why were they so blind Because I am not them I am only mine I am different But I can see But they can't see me I watch them fall Divided they fall Together they die But here I stand Until the end of time Was it a crime that I was unique Original to the human mind I was invisible to there standards Invisible to their lies But as they kneel to beg I watch them beg But here I stand until the end of time Was it a crime for me to live my life A crime for wanting to survive No one would answer So I will wait until the end of time
12-8-08--i Started These
Steve(A terrific guy) Broken promisesScattered dreamsTears flow like rainEach day it seems. Will things never changeThe lies, the deceitWith every new oneIt's only been a repeat. So go forward todayAnd not think of the pastFor there is someoneWith a love that will last. Can you touch me in a wayThat will show your feelings are trueStand beside me, hold my handWe could help each other through. Can you bring joy to my heartThe kind never felt beforeEven when we're far apartAnd make me want you more. Can you look into my eyesSee deep within my soulBe caught off guard and surprisedKnowing you have all control. Can you whisper in my earA simple I love youAnd take away all the fearThat only you can do. Can you promise all these thingsFrom now until foreverFor then my love would remainAnd always we could be together. This is for my 7 children: From the very first secondThe moment that I knewHow much my life would changeI never had a clue. My heart cannot explainThis special kind of
I Stand
Here I stand until the time was it a crime to see what cannot be touched hear voices speak words that can't be undone was it my fault I was invincible to the naked eye, I am invisible I cannot be seen cuz no one wants to see me I am different different from the rest of them so they ignore me but I don't ignore them no one is friendly why were they so blind cuz I am not them I am only mine I am different but I can see but they can't see me I watch them fall divided they fall together they die but here I stand until the end of time was it a crime that I was unique original to the human mind I was invisible to their standards invisible to their lies but as they kneel to beg I watch them beg but here I stand til the end of time was it a crime for me to live my life a crime for wanting to survive no one would answer so I will wait til the end of time
I Starve In Your Absence
Is Talking To Your Self Crazy?
sitting lonely going back day we met march 7th 91 bowling was fun but soon as i saw this sexy guy come threw the door i knew charter oaks never be same love at first sight you and your friend April 16th 91 dunking donuts cartwheels showing off never thought get your attention gave you my number you call pick up phone heard your voice set the date you met me love at first sight in arms of my king im your queen treated me like a precious jewel spoiled me rotten never forgotten then we join carnival together we worked after day done slept in merry ground trailer rainy night you worried bout me told me go firemen club i worried bout you you had get people off the ride tornado was comeing found it was bogous laughed bout it i remember the condo and joking bout Crystal lake Jason coming lmao fun times we shared then night we broke off i cried in the rain you said you come i waited then it was over in October 92 never thought i see y
Ist Entry Ou Of Blog Book
blog awards are given out in allsorts of categories by variety of organizations. some awards are standard fare-best writing,best photograpy, most humorous - while others are bit more off the wall,offering up laudations for the most boring blog, and the cheesist smile in a author photo. the best blog award sites include the following. bloggies panels an annual presentation ceremony held at the sxsw conference in austin texas make bloggies some of the most respected blogging prizes out there. categories include politics,food,tecnology,entertainment,best design,best writing,and the weblog of the year weblog awards the caretakers of these awards post the process of defending the polls from all manner of vote manipulation. might electronic voting machines be easy to crack? god bless all derek
Is This Some Kind Of Game?
I've had this song in my head all day.. thought I'd share my thoughts, first read the lyrics, the song is called 'Have you ever' by 'The Offspring' -------------------------------------------------- Falling, I'm falling Falling, I'm Falling Have you ever walked through a room But it was more like the room passed around you Like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through Have you ever been at someplace Recognizing everybody's face Until you realized that there was no one there you knew Well I know Some days, my soul's confined and out of mind Sleep forever Some days, I'm so outshined and out of time Have you ever Falling, I'm falling Falling, I'm falling Have you ever buried your face in your hands Cause no one around you understands Or has the slightest idea what it is that makes you be Have you ever felt like there was more Like someone else was keeping score And what could make you whole was simply out of reach Well I know So
Is There Anybody Out There......
If I said you had a beautiful body Would you hold it against me If I swore you were an angel Would you treat me like the devil tonight If I were dying of thirst Would your flowing love come quench me If I said you had a beautiful body Would you hold it against me Now we can talk all night about the weather Tell you 'bout my friends out on the coast I could ask a lot of crazy questions Or I could ask what I really want to know If I said you had a beautiful body Would you hold it against me If I swore you were an angel Would you treat me like the devil tonight If I were dying of thirst Would your flowing love come quench me If I said you had a beautiful body Would you hold it against me Now rain can fall so soft against the window The sun can shine so bright up in the sky But daddy always told me, 'Don't make small talk' He said, 'Come on out and say what's on your mind' If I said you had a beautiful body Would you hold it against me If I swore you w
Is This Friendship Really Over?
Recently I heard something while watching an episode of Eureka7. The title was: DIfferentia. During an emotional outburst from Renton he said the following: "There is no such thing as an eternal life. If you destroy a human being then he will never come back. That's why, that's why everything, everything is over when someone dies". This is an extremely important contradiction to what the church has told us since we were born. I have strong beliefs in the topics of life and religion but will not force them upon anyone. That's why they are my beliefs and not others. You may believe in what Renton said and you may not, but I say go for it. Just do me the favor and not try to change my mind by forcing your beliefs onto me. We are all different and the world would be too weird if we weren't. Keep on the path and enjoy yourself. It saddens me when I hear, or see, somebody doing something to someone because they had different beliefs than theirs. It is not too surprising to find such a cont
Is This Heaven Or Is It Hell
I met this man and he is so sweet. He makes me feel so good about myself and his son is so precious. We have alot in common and I feel that its easy to talk to him, but i'm curious to know if he feels the same way! I am also curious to know wat his son thinks about me How are we so "different"? If "different" is just a thing. If we all have certain features, What does "different" bring? People filled with hatred, Can't possibly see, That there's not really "differences" Between you and me. Looks can't show "difference", If they're just there to be seen. If you don't look like someone else, Why are they so mean? If being "different" is what is wrong, I'd rather not be right. And I'd want to finish living, Doing the "different" fight. She new 2 CT *BABY J*@ CherryTAP
Is There.....
Dont know if anyone has noticed it,but recently,there has been quite an number of Nazi scumbags appearing on CT. Surely these zoomers dont have a right to be in here,agreed? Come on CT,sort it out,you know who they f****** are,sort it out please. Sorry if this has been posted before,but i have just saw four pics of a women who is without doubt a fake. The reason i know this is because the pics that she is using belong to a British porn star,(not that i'm into porn myself,cough cough). C'mon ladies,if you are going to post,then post genuine shots,the fakers always get caught out some day. C'mon you guys over in the U.S.A. get rid of those guns. Just how many more nutters are there who just want to make an name for themselves,it is happening all the time,take heed of Michael Moore cos he talk's sense,get rid of bozoos like Heston and his gun club cos who knows,you might just be the next innocent victim of the stupid right to bear arms. HOW MANY MORE DEATHS,IT IS ALL UP
Is There Anyone One From Connecticut
I live in Connecticut and go to school in RI at Johnson & Wales University. I love coffee and beer, movies and going out to eat. If you are from the area let's chat.
Is There Any Normal People Left In This World?
Is This Place Worse Than Masterbation?
So is this site so stimulating that it is almost like masterbating when ever you have the chance?
Is This Hot Or What??
Is This A Test
Is This Hot?
is all girls naughty?
Is This Thing On?
I'm more a words gal myself. ... Gaz/Gary here can vouch for me. ... Maybe I should just fill out my prof instead of writing out my bio here.
Is This Confusing To Anyone Else??
Wow, Is this place confusing.. I am lost.. The few things I have figured out have been on accident. Please tell me it gets easier. I am so lost....
Is This Happening To You?
Ok now i don't know about you but i cannot leave anyone a comment now i just keep getting that damn spam message all the time....I'm even leaving people different messages like babyjesus said to do and it still won't work.
Is This Me?
You are The Devil Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition. Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because
Is This The Real Candyland?
So you are sitting here,and you do not know much about Cherrytap. You have several friends that have nice pics, funny ones,and then you never have looked at Private ones. Im sitting here clicking a page, and accidently hit one{and OMFG} you have never seen a mans jaw drop like this. Cannot not deny they were nice as hell, but damn give an old man some warning, lol. I wished I had a pic, and another sapce for a photo, lol. This man has been around the world and seen it all, but damn me. So far I must admit that my eyes are popping out of socket, lol,but I have met some really cool people so far. There are some really sweet people/women here too. Seems there are many from every facet of life,and culture, and I have enjoyed some outright cool conversations! Even though its still a Virtual meat market "LOL" it has been fun so far. Unlike Myspace, lmao. Look forward to getting as many as I can. Neva you are too cool,and sorry we have not been able to talk to far. "You Wish" you are just to
Is This All....?
...TURNAROUND.... Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears ............... Every now and then I GET A LITTLE BIT NERVOUS THAT THE BEST OF ALL MY YEARS HAVE GONE BY....... Every now and then I get a little bit terrified, but then I see the look in your eyes ................ Every now and then I get a little bit restless and I dream of something wild ................. Every now and then I get a little bit helpless and I'm lying like a child in your arms ................... Every now and then I get a little bit angry and I know I've got to get out and cry .................... Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time............. Once upon a time I was falling in love, But now I'm only falling apart...................... There's nothing I can do, A total eclipse of the heart.................... Every now and then I know , you'll never be the man you always you wanted to be ..
Is This You?
Is This The End?
Is There Anyone Interesting Out There?
I need something new for doing a photo shoot, if you have any ideas please let me know Ok so I have been looking to move and so I went to check out a few places like apt, roommates, houses. Now this is my problem, a friend of mine said his friend was wanting roommates. She already has a 2 year old and is 3 months preg. When I went to go check out her place it was trashed and stunk, I can't see how people can live that way. I also know people that spend all day in their room and there is trash and food everywhere.............NASTY! I am working on building my portfolio as a photographer so if anyone out there is interested in setting up a shoot with me let me know.
Is There Any Man?
Can someone tell me if there is any straight man in the world that turns his dirty clothes right side out before he throws them in the hamper? Hubby has an issue with turning his socks, shirts, or any article of clothing right side out before throwing them in the hamper. Is there any way to cure this? Is there any hope? (He is not the first man I have been with that has this problem!)
Is The Bush Administration Planning A Nuclear Holocaust?
"We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark.... This weapon is to be used against Japan ... [We] will use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the target and not women and children. Even if the Japs are savages, ruthless, merciless and fanatic, we as the leader of the world for the common welfare cannot drop that terrible bomb on the old capital or the new. ... The target will be a purely military one... It seems to be the most terrible thing ever discovered, but it can be made the most useful." (President Harry S. Truman, Diary, July 25, 1945) "The World will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians.." (President Harry S. Truman in a radio speech to the Nation, August 9, 1945).
Is There Still Love In My Future
it is fun to do it on a harley Make your Comments HEARD at don't anyone have a crush on me
Is The Perfect Girl Out There
Is there a such thang as the perfect person.Like some one that will be fathfull to there partner love them as much as the other that is honest,kind,and thankfull of thangs the other dose for them.And be a true friend and be there for each other.Iv serched and serched and im starting to thank its all bull shit.No matter how nice i was or how much i did for the other person thay rater be with some one that was a dick and beat them. and there excuse was im not used to somem one being that nice to me fucked up ant it
Is This A Guy To Meet?
Is There Anything God Can't Do?
The 90\'s brought a new expectancy and excitement with them. My old life was on the way out and a new adventure was about to further my quest. I left prison after 1989 with a new direction.One that I was ready to jump into with both feet! You see, after I got to the jail after my promise to God, Something did happen. I was ther for about 2 weeks when my probation officer came to see me. She informs me that I am not there on serious offence { probation violation-failing to report 2 consecutive times} So when the court date comes, she is going to have me released. Hey! Alright ! I am outta here!!! I was ready to go home.But I had not opened the bible once and had fallen into the prison routine again and had forgotten the promise. My day in court soon arrived. I was feeling very fine. I was about to sink my teeth into home cooked meals again! Where would I eat first? I was being brought before the judge. I stood there in my assurance of freedom. The judge read the charge and asked me if I
Is This What Life Is All About?"
Another Day Has Dawned Current mood: awake Another Day Has Dawned by Timothy Bostick Amidst our chaos and confusion; Amidst our anguish and despair; Amidst our never-ending questions and blame; … Lies a world of lessons. Through our tears and astonishment; Through our hopelessness and depression; Through our anxiety and grief; … Lies a world of shame. For it is our world that is responsible; It is our world that allowed this sadness; It is our world that has lost its youth; … And it is our world that needs to change. It is a warning for those who would isolate it; It is a warning for those who would bury it; It is a warning for those who think it will not touch them; … It is we, who need to address it. For this is the birth of our own generation; This is the birth of our own problems; This is the birth of our own past mistakes; … It is we, who needed to watch over them. A new generation who have hopes an
Is That Thing On?
It has been months since I logged in... hell, the place has a different name now! I figured it was time to get serious about making new friends. I don't see many guys here from my town. =( Ah well, at least I can make some new online friends. I deleted my other account and am fleshing this one out. I've been showing 11s all night. Now, time to show myself some love... Let me know if you'd like to chat sometime.
Is This Really Life
Hey Ya'll just when i thought i found mr. right boy was i wrong, Eugene was not what i thought he was... But i never gave up and i think true love is knocking at my door, My family thinks iam wrong but what can you expect they try and runn my life sometimes. but i look at it this way I need to be happy and so do my kids, And if iam NOT happy NEATHER are my kids, Eugene dont make me happy anymore, i love him just not in love with him if that makes any sence... 4 years is a long time with someone and all we did most of the time is fight... We could never see eye to eye, Thats not good on my kids, Now when i say i think true love is knocking at my door, I found this guy who wants me for me he loves me and my kids he dont care that there always going to be there, He wants to help me out with them, He dont want to take over there daddies job he just wants the happiness back in all 3 of our lives. When i talk to him and we get off the phone he always says i love you and kiss the babies for m
Is This A Game Of Tag
Hello all that may read this i have joined Cherry Tap to meet people. Beside themmeting i dont wantto spend countless hours of only rateing pics and adding people . Justto have done only that i have only gotten to know a few people on here because so many people has seem to forgotten why they even came here in the first place!!! the game of tag is over im not chaseing after no one on here ever so if you really find me attractive or you wanto be my friend then asdd me or comment on my stuff but if your just here fo rthe point collecting stay away i have seen alot of nice looking people but looks r not every thing if you dont have any thing to back it up . i really have my owen drama and i have yetto have any on here but in teh same since i have yet to get back hardly any responces to some of the things ask of me to rate or fill out form peeps . Am i alone in feeling this way on this program.......... well i guess i dont have good grramer so if this is a run on thing an dyour done readyi
Is This My Lucky Day
The Sun moves toward trining Pluto early tomorrow and we can feel the harmonious alignment of our intentions with our deeply rooted emotional power. Our passions drive us to accomplish more than we normally can, but this isn't about running around and doing many things. It's about making something dramatic happen, but without the drama. Positive changes can improve our lives, yet the Moon in stubborn Taurus possibly frustrates the process.
Is This For You??
Do you think I am this addicted to you?
Is There Real Happiness
Is This True Lmao
Is There Really A Reason?
I have been through alot and wonder how much more anyone person can handle...I really want to know is there a reason to live? I can't find one and I'm trying to desperately and nothing is in forgive me for what I am thinking and for what I want to do. Hey if you are wondering where I have been ... work has sent me out of town for a week and to help open a new store. I'll be back on the 23rd...hope you had a great fathers day and have a great week
Is There Anyone Out There?
On the corner of main street Just tryin' to keep it in line You say you wanna move on and You say I'm falling behind Can you read my mind? Can you read my mind? I never really gave up on Breakin' out of this two-star town I got the green light I got a little fight I'm gonna turn this thing around Can you read my mind? Can you read my mind? The good old days, the honest man; The restless heart, the Promised Land A subtle kiss that no one sees; A broken wrist and a big trapeze Oh well I don't mind, if you don't mind Cause I don't shine if you don't shine Before you go, can you read my mind? It's funny how you just break down Waitin' on some sign I pull up to the front of your driveway With magic soakin' my spine Can you read my mind? Can you read my mind? The teenage queen, the loaded gun; The drop dead dream, the Chosen One A southern drawl, a world unseen; A city wall and a trampoline Oh well I don't mind, if you don't mind Cause I don't
Is There Really....
A lot of people say there is Truly someone for everyone, Is it true, why is it so hard to find that One person, some people say, you aren't limited to Just One person, that it is how you choose to take a person, I've heard this before and have always wondered is it true......To have the perfect person, Is to find an Imperfect Person In a Perfect way, Make sense, Kinda does to me, But give me some insite from your View, If you're in a relationship, How does it work for you, was it love at first site or did you grow together, I have always seemed to have SHIT for luck with women, I have had One awesome relationship, It was 5 yrs long, we had 2 disagreements, not really arguments, but the second time was enough for me to leave, I'm a Very trusting person After I feel I can trust you, But Ruin the trust and we may as well be done, I hate being lied to, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE CAUGHT!!! I hate Cheaters, If you have to cheat DO NOT Lie and Tell someone you love them, Because it is a lie.....yo
Is This American?
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: ॐ Jenni ॐ Date: Jul 14, 2007 10:54 PM Why do people commit suicide?Why do people cut themselves? Why do girls become anerexic and belimec? Why do kids bring guns to school?Why do kids get they start using meds, and abusing them?Why do girls feel the need to act like sluts to impress guys?In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?I KNOW WHY! Cliques"Gangstas""Preps""Nerds""Goths""Emos""Scene//Hardcore kids""Punks"^^^AND THATS NOT EVEN HALF OF THEM!Society in generalWe live in a world where if your not skinny, not beautiful, not sexy, not straight...your tortured, abused, and humiliated. We say that we are all equal but, there is still racism, sexism, and people judging others based on there religion, color, size, heritage, ect.IS THIS AMERICAN?
805 Is The Shiznit
Is This World About Love More Or Hate ?
What I mean is you both cross paths and yet one is leaving this world and your here to stay. Maybe things could of been different if God would of shown this to be .But God took me down another path and lead me to see , that life is to be so full and lovingly with another now; In my fore site and holding my hand as I watch the one who is to die and know im just hurting all inside . Im lost and confused now but God knows ,Im to live on to give the word ,God had shown me.Im to be a servant unto thee Lord and follow my love ; new found here for now own. yet im morning and can,t seem to understand why God seemed to have blessed me and left my friend to be dying helplessly. But it is God,s will not mine and I do not question why > help us all O Lord now in the mist of the hour. hugs diana thanx hun . i will do what I can , and the pictures will help , ; Your a dear friend and wow the best . Good loves you as many of us do . Abuse is terrible to any one, man woman or child . So ty f
Is There Really Freedom Of Religon??
This man was a decorated veteran who gave his life so we could enjoy the basic freedoms most take for granted.You know the simple things, freedom to speak our minds,get the job of our choice, worship in the church and faith of our choice. I am relieved to know that through the persistance of his widow, the Veterans Administration has allowed something as personally precious as the acknowledgement of faith to be honored. I know my brothers in the military understand this. They live in harms way so we don't have to! For that I can't express my gratitude. To my younger brother, Doug, thank you! Thank you for takingthe time to "read my mind". (The original article follows) Still not accepted as equal! At the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in the small town of Fernley, Nev., there is a wall of brass plaques for local heroes. But one space is blank. There is no memorial for Sgt. Patrick D. Stewart. That's because Stewart was a Wiccan, and the U.S. Department of Vete
Is This The Way It Really Is?
The few Fubar Idiots _____________________________________ 1) Why post your picture online when beneathe it the title states "I look horrible in this picture"? 2) The pictures that say "this is me", holy chit I thought that it was an imposter! You mean people actually post their real pictures on here? 3) Pictures.... you have to love the ones that the people look great in, but surrounding them there is... a) food all over the place b) dishes stacked up all over c) clutter everywhere I mean seriously you might look great in the picture, but the surroundings tell us how you really live! 4) Shower Photos.... you have to love these ones... a) their is soap scum all over the shower walls b) mold c) trash can is filled to the limit by the shower Please people if you live like this, it tells us a lot of your personal hygeine... try washing! Online crushes....... a) are you seriously going to visit them? b) do you know them well enough to have a crush on them, because last I
Is This Happening To Anyone Else
yeah--i'm loving this site and its predessors for like 13 months--but maybe now my fuse is short--at least 4-5 times a day--maybe more--visiting profiles here causes my computer to terminally freeze. i have no choice but to shut it off and reboot because the program won't end by ordinary means--i lose everything and everything i have been working on. i love this site but i don't need this right now
Is This Place Ever Not Confusing?
I have been here for over an hour trying to figure it out. The only thing I have found is that it is gonna take longer than one day.
Is This What You Want To Happen In Your State??
Dear Mr. President,I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family, And I would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements. I know you can help with this. I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, Mexican President , that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following: 1. Free medical care for my entire family . 2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not. 3. All government forms need to be printed in English. 4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers. 5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history. 6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag pole at their school with the Mexican flag fl
Is This What You Want To Happen In Your State??
Is This The Night?
I got a little note from Kelly - she thanked me for a "lovely evening" yadda yadda yadda, said I was a "calming influence" on Diane and then... (Shit, I sure wish hadn't ever read that note...) ...she asked me when I would "make an honest woman of our little princess". So I spent all day thinking: Sure, why not? No way! But, I love her! It's too fast! But, I love her! Don't be an idiot, Scott. But, I love her! I love her? Aw, FUCK! So then I rehearsed for about an hour. (I even dug out my grandmother's diamond ring, polished it up and held it next to a ring Diane left on the dresser - perfect goddam fit.) She got home while I was out buying some Crystal. I walked in and she jumped me and put her tongue someplace her hand usually goes first and damned if I didn't have the loveliest leggiest earmuffs before I could put the bottle on the counter. Killed the mood. Created a completely different (yet somehow equally compelling) one. Mayb
Is This Erotica Or Suitable For Modern Fiction?
Is This
recently my yahoo accoufor mysticalman777 was hacked into an deleted an i happen thru fubar i dont understand the point of hacking into someones personal email account you have made me lose all my contacts i had in there so if any an all might have given my yahoo messenger id too i am sorry if you havnt been able too reach me there i will not post the new one in here if you want too new one just ask in my shout box hackers are FUCKHEADS ok first all i really like this place its very nice that adults can come here an make friends but ive noticed more an more that this is almost like myspace i for one hate myspace nothing but a bunch of pedafiles on there also if this is an online bar then why do they allow 20 an younger in here they cant get into the bars in real life so why allow it here whats the use of having bouncers if they dont bounce it was my understanding that when this site was started it wasnt anything like this i myself joined this site cause i thought it w
Is This Really Happening?!
soooo...this seems to be a lackluster reason for a blog...some might say so..but im just learning this site and said to myself... "self, your page sucks. What are you gonna do about it?" well people..there isn't a fubar help site...ok maybe there is..but ya know what...i don't have the time..nor do i want to put forth the effort to do it... so, maybe what im asking for at 2:20 in the morning is a request from my "fubar family and friends" to send me a nifty, or unique, idea...via fumail (sp?) give it a lil spunk.. and i know if patheticism was a word, i think this blog might be it..but its late and not having a cool fubar say the least im losing sleep over it..hahaha... if you've ever talked to me..ya know thats not the case...but non the less, I HAVE A BLOG NOW BITCHES!!! hope to hear from ya' cool. take it light.
Is This What Women Really Want
Is This 4 U
I heard the music when true love called, a song sent from heaven on silver wings. The whole world was dreaming, wisps of light streaming, as the stars spilled their magic upon you and me. The tune was more lovely than the nightingale's song, more delicate than a rose weeping, yet as powerful as the sun leaping to shed golden ribbons in herald of dawn. And I bow down before you, the one my eyes have longed to behold, my lonely heart pining, love Light shining, I swear that I shall love and adore you
Is The Grass Always Greener On The Other Side?
The grass is always greener on the other side, Is how things may seem? But I have found that the perfect relationship, Is simply just a dream. Yes I saw the fence and greener grass, But I woke up and did realize, That if my grass doesn`t seem too green, Maybe, I might need to fertilize. Now, don`t let me confuse you, I will attempt to get it straight, The word fertilize, Let me now elaborate. Plant some seeds of love and trust, Then a few of patience and understanding, Don`t expect it to blossom over night, So don`t be too demanding. Now cultivate with the love of God, and make sure to keep out the weeds, And beware of so-called dandelions ", Out there planting, their evil seeds. This isn`t going to be an easy process, It is going to take hard work and tears-of-pain, But nothing in this world ever grows, Unless theres a little rain. A season will come, when you`ll ignore your yard, You might want to keep hanging out with the guys/girls, But another might find
Is This What Life Is All About
Is There A Part 2?
I had one. I lost one. One what? The love of my so called life. She gave me so much pain. She gave me so much joy. She gave me 3 bad ass kids. She died. I'm left wondering if the void can be filled. Should it be? Can I find someone who can see what she saw in me? 17yrs. of my life were spent with her. All my adult life. Is there a part 2? Do I want a part 2? I wish I knew.
Is The Penis Underpaid Lol
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. _______________________________ Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You WORK IN SHORT SPURTS AND fall asleep after EACH brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end o
Is There Life After Divorce????
u better bet there is!!! I was married for 8 years, it was terrible now im not saying that all marriges suck, just mine!!!! I am a firm beliver that if it works then more power to ya however if u know its not going to work then get the hell out and live life while you can!!!! I know first hand how short life is so in no way shape or form am i gonna waste it!!! If i could only give one peice of advice to anyone it would be live life to the fullest everyday!!!!!! Peace love and happyness to all who read this!!!1
Is This??
Is There One Of You Out There That Isn't The Same
Is This True?
things most females don't know --Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! --"Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. --Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. --Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. --Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. --Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're, goin for the lether-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. --A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. --Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. --Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend. --Guys get jealous easily. --Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. --Giving a guy a h
Is This Love
Friday, October 12, 2007 Is This Love? Current mood: contemplative Category: Romance and Relationships has anyone ever loved you i mean like really loved you absolutely unconditional pure unadulterated love no questions asked love im so happy to see you love im here for you love take me im yours love no one can get in the way love no one stop us love i will take a bullet for you love i will kill for your love i will die for you love no one can understand this love no one will ever have you but me love you will be mine forever love its all or nothing love i will have you and no one else will ever have you love? uuuummmmm im kinda thinking that may not be the right word for what this is lets see lust maybe stalking maybe infatuation maybe extreme depravity almost definitely your fucked up in the head most certainly a psych eval is absolutely necessary ummmm yea that sounds a little more like it and yet..... those 3 words cross
Is That All That Matters???
A friend invited me to fubar, and I've met quite a few nice people, but honestly is SEX the only thing that matters??? When I open up my page there are all these fly by pics of "women" and I do use the term loosely, in provocative and downright sluttly poses. It's absolutely revolting (sorry guys you may enjoy this crap, but for someone just looking to make friends these are not the pics. I'd put up). How about saving some of the intrigue for your other on-line pics. that the world doesn't see? Are you that desperate for attention that you have to have your tongue hanging out, your cleavage taking up most of the pic, half naked in your bra and undies, or the best I've seen - pole dancing!! There are plenty of pics out there that can get you the attention you are craving for, indeed I'm no saint - but I'm sure that if you were to post a "decent" pic of yourself and put a line in about your wilder side photos, you'd get the same amount of "action" without disgusting at least half th
Is This Love
Is This Love Lyrics
Is The Feeling Right?
a friday night blog So this one is at the beggining of the night as opposed to the day after like my first a week ago. I am sitting here in a OP IVY t shirt thats to small cause i am just that fucking punk. OK not really i just like this shirt probably more then i like the band. Now before you get on the "beat shawn up band wagon" just rest assurd i understand their place in the music world and recognize the fact that they were a pretty good band but you are not going to get me to worship the gods of punk cause i have to much to loose by giving up my industrial/goth/Emo break......ok better. Now dont feal bad that you can't pull me to the "punk side" none has been able and oh have they tried.Oh yes and they have all failed. I just cant let go people so stop it. Besides all you punk people probably think digital watches are a "pretty good idea" R.I.P Duglas N. Adams i just have to say this before i continue fuck south korea...... OK i am a little b
Is There An Attorney In Fubar?
If there is would you contact me by private message so I can talk with you.
Is There Any Out There For Me
ever hear the expression theres someone for everyone well im sick of hearing it if there is were is she everyone saies just put your self out there well i put my self out there every day and i haven't found her yet it been six years and nothing yet next time someone tells me that im going to lose it i being to think that ms. right isn't out there im going to be 26 on the 24 of this month i don't know how much longer i can wait
Is This Really Me?
Is This A Cruel Joke?
Is This Heavan Or Hell
we are stuck here on earth with two options love or have a choice in who you hate but not in who you is that our hell,when we fall in love and it all fails and leaves us alone and sad.A broken heart is the worst pain you will ever know.To love and be loved is the best feeling in the world. that longing for his arms around you,the feel of his tender kiss that is the heavan awaiting are you living in heavan or hell
Is This The Wrong Way To Go About It?
I am recently out of a three year relationship. I have been through alot of things in my life and it seems that I continually get knocked down. But I always get back up. I think that everything in our life prepares us for something else and everything that has happened to us ,good or bad, makes us the person that we have become. So I choose to embrase whatever obstacles come my way and approach them with an open mind. The only way to really learn is to learn from our mistakes. I am also a firm believer in secound chances. Am I going about this all wrong.. It honestly seems like I can never get ahead.. and Im always gettin used... Anyone have some advice??
Is There
my friends needs help leveling up so please help her Rachel aka 'Tennisgirl1987 - Club F.A.R. Member, Shadow Leveler, Fu-Single' it sucks being single im tired of being single but no one a guy like me no matter how nice i am it does not help me at all i have been some what as poot as stood up im tired of gettting mhy heart broke why do it always happen to me well i think im done twith the stuff
Is This Right???
tell me something.. i moved to PA about 6 months ago from California. i just found out my dads really sick :( and am planning on moving back to help my stepmom(bitch of the world) she called me saturday and told me "we dont need you dont bother coming home." its my real tell me.. IS THAT FAIR????
Is This A Dream?
So its 5am Saturday June 21, 2008..I am asleep in bed when I hear someone say "Hey". I open my eyes and looke toward my bedroom door, which normally is shut all the way but because my daughter was camping out in the yard with her friends I had left open just a crack so if she came into the house for any reason I would hear her. Well this wasnt my daughter and how I missed hearing the front door open is beyond me because I wake up to every little noise!!! So this voice, which is a guys of spanish decent by accent that I am hearing, is askin me if there is a Jonas of jonah here, I ( at which time am still in sleep mode trying to figure out what is going on) say " HUH?" then they ask again..I at which point say "NO!" and am now realizing that there is some guy at my bedroom door get up and as i am getting out of the bed he says " Sorry but your Front door was open when I knocked on it." .I am up and out to the living room and he is gone and front door wide open. I walk out on to fr
Is This The Year?
Is There Life Out There!!!
Hit me with a comment today It's my 39 and I really need it I was just wondering if there really are any good guys left out there! Who have old fashion values but not to overpowering. Does anyone believe in love any more. Or has the whole world gone to hell. When it comes to good men
Is This A Dream
Is this a dream to which I've yet to wake? Open my eyes and all is gone but a shameful ache? Are these whispered words, pulsing emotions created inside my head? All an illusion, to find I wake drowning in tears, in which I shed. Everything that I wished for, all that I felt, was it real? Or was it just a mere fantasy of what I wanted to feel? If I do fall asleep, will I find you if I fall into my dream land again? Or is it just a passing of hearts, emotions tossed into the wind? Whirling emotions, of a love in my heart, I embrace so deep, passion shattered, tossed about, falling freely, as I yearn again to sleep. To Dream . . . the ultimate dream.
Is This Right
Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq Fact sheet Message to the Congress of the United States Regarding International Emergency Economic Powers Act By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.)(IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.)(NEA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, find that, due to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by acts of violence threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people, it is in the interests of the United States to take additio
Is This It?
Is That True Bout Boo
***Attention Fubar*** Chuckiiboo Is Back N Rocking The Fu Harder Than Ever! ***LETS MAKE IT A WEEKEND FULL OF NON STOP CHUCKIIBOO!!!!!!*** Lets Put Him in That #1 Spot In Top Scores!!! He Deserves This! One of the most Honest!Caring! Respectfull! Loving!Smexi!Men I know! Boo Does ALOT for Fu! It's Time For Fu To Do for Boo!!! Thats Right Ya'll! Go spank his page Real Hard!With lots of rates of his Pics and Stash! Comment His Pics and Make sure to Leave One in his Pic of the Week!! Cha Blinggggggggggggg BLING boo with That Shiny New Bling!!! He's got Auto 11's All The Time! So that Means Even if you dont have a VIP membership you can still get mad points!!! ***LOVE HIM HARD ALL WEEKEND LONG*** CLICK THIS LINK BELOW TO GET TO HIS PAGE! F/R/A HIM IF YOU HAVENT YET! AND RERATE HIM IF YOU HAVE!!!! ***chuckiiboo***@ fubar Lets Make It Official And Give Him a Good Welcome Back!!! I know i've Missed This Gorgeous Smile Being On fu! Havent u?
Is This Bad?
I'm bored off my ass and thinking of watching a video. But, I don't know what to watch. So throw something at me an if I have it maybe I'll watch it. I'm thinking action/ drama. I don't even have any of those crybaby chick flix so don't bother listing them.  > Read this question, come up with an answer, and then scroll down to the > bottom for the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. > > No one I know has been right. > > A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did > not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her > dream guy so much, that she fell in love with him right there, but never > asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed > her sister. > > Question: What is her motive for killing her sister? > > [Give this some thought before you answer, see answer below ) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Answer: > > She was hoping the guy would appear at the fu
Is Thebulldaddy One Of Your Friends?
If he isn't you really need to go Rate/Fan and Add him!! This BULL is not only handsome, he is loving, caring and one of the most sincere people I know. He is someone who I have the honor of calling a dear friend, he's a Gemini and now my FU Owner. Please take a moment and show this incredible man some love. If you don't already have him as a friend make sure you add him! (Don't forget to tell him GEM sent ya!) TheBULLdaddy This bulletin brought to you by aGEM4life
Is There Really Ever Any Second Chances?
Have you ever done something you regretted and later wished you could have another chance at it? You think at the time that the decisions you are making are good ones and that things will be ok. Then you wake up one day and realize that what you thought was the right thing -- isnt! You missed out. Things went awry. Your heart aches beyond belief and you feel like part of you is missing. You pray for the time to be right to ask if you can have that second chance. But you know that no matter what you want - it wil never be. You screwed up. You have to accept that and move on. As hard as it is at that time -- you know things will eventually somehow get better. But until then - you cry into your pillows at night - you listen for that phone to ring- and you wait. You keep on waiting and hoping that somehow, someone will understand and give you that hug you so desperately need. Then whisper in your ear- its ok. You'll look up and see one of the most beautiful smiles. Then and only then will
Is This Place For Real?
It's my feeling that this site compared to others is the most authentic site there is ... at least that's my experience. I honestly believe that there's less game playing here ... The biggest complaint I hear from men on these sites is that guys ALL want to get laid without getting to know their date or person ........ Well Dahhhhhhhhhh >>! Am I out to lunch or are men as sexual as we women? .... To look at this site the answer is YES! .... Then why the game playing when it does happen? .... and game playing it is - big time ... Men talk about wanting an equal playing field but do they? ... are they prepared for what that entails? .... How many guys on this site for instance are hit on compared to women? The old age tradition of boy chases girl is still well and truly entrenched in our culture ... I've got great faith in this site because sex is what it's all about ... get that out of the way and I believe there's no need for we girls or men to manipulate, coerce, convince, bl
Is This Fubar Or Auto 11 World?
             Who wants 13 million fubucks,100 11's for a week, to stay shitfaced for a week, a SFW personalized photo, a daily gift of my choice, and a link on my profile?  If that is YOU, then contact me!  I am looking for 1 auto 11, and 1 cherry bomb!  Wanting to level badly!  I am almost to Oracle!  Please help friends and family!  Click the photo below to go to my profile! *Huggles* Dee*JustMe*     Well, it is official, you can not get people to come to your page, unless you have Auto 11's. It seems that Fubar has changed into Auto 11 world. If you don't have them, you may as well not even log in. People will not rate someone with out them, let's face it, they want the extra points from the 11's. Also, HOW are these people running Auto 11's since October, every single day? It is interesting though, as they brag how they are in the top 10 for several weeks! Ye
Is This Thing On?
I spend far too much unproductive time on here and put off other important things, so I'm taking a month to re-evaluate my priorities. Gonna take care of some things in the real world, things that actually accomplish something of value. I may never be back. I'm announcing it so that anyone who wants to stay in touch can do so through myspace, email, whatever. If so, let me know. Leaving at noon CST on Saturday, Feb. 14. Peace, Barbara
Is This Happening To Everyone?
Peeps, Dont know if this is happening to all of you or not, but while i was rating today, my alert section (PICS AND STASH)was reset. I'm doing my best to rate everyone, but if i find out that its becauce i dont have a VIP , i will delete my account and baby jesus can shove it far up his ass. There's way too much drama on here and my primary family seems to be in a constant hold stage, so if ya dont here from be just look for my IM , been on one of the competetors sites anyways so except for a few close friends, this wont be a loss.
Is There Any True Friends
I wonder is there really any true friends. The one when you feeling down you call and they can hear in your voice that you upset. The one when you is feeling down they can lift you right back up. The one you can tell any and everything do not worry about it been repeated back to any one. The one when you need a favor they will not let you down. I just wonder is there any true friends if you out there please stand up ok!!!!!
Is There A Local Person To Have Fun With
I love all the friends i have made here some have become very close friends to me and would not give them up for anything. Unfortuantly most of you are long distance, and here i am a single lady that could use some tlc a no strings fun playdate,yes i can come out and play.I love a long haired man or lady i love to ride and i just love to have fun kinky or not,untill find in this crazy world a man or women to date. so I Know it cant be much to ask to find some local fun I AM STAYING IN HAMPTON NH AT MOMENT BECAUSE HOUSE BURNT DOWN I STILL NEED THAT PLAYMATE LETS MAKE TH EWINTER INTERESTENG
Is This Really That Wrong?
Isthis Guy For Real?
Who does Obama think he is to go to another continent and speak on my behalf telling the Europeans that, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation"? And then on top of that he breaks proper etiquette by grabbing the Queen of Englands hand with two hands. But she buckles and does not mind; all this because he is America's first black president. He has promised the world he is going to be some sort of savior for the entire planet. Then he walks around all high and mighty, with some sort of self important look on his face. The man denounces his own country. He  talks trash about all the former administrations before him; like only a blak man knows how to run a country. This asshole bows to the Muslim leaders of the Mid-East countries, but has absolutely no respect for the people that inhabit the country who elected his pompous ass. Now comes the chatter about the fact that he has not chosen a church yet. Forget it; the man is not going to go to a Christian church. He has alrea
Is The Mind And Heart The Same?
please excuse my spelling and grammer.i believe there is such a thing as evolution actually. though i am religious and i have my own opinion .do you think humans really came from moneys or apes.i know this blog is not about apes and monkeys but if you beleive so much in evolution you must beleive that humans came from apes and that earth is billions of years know how the moon moves closer to the our planet or im not which it might move further each year well every second.if earth was bilions of years old then that would mean that the moon would be flat on the earth just lieing on top of usor if its moving away a lot more further then it is now.i believe that the earth is only around 6000 years old base on the bible and that would explain the distance between the earth and the not a scientist so i dont know much its just an opinion that should be put in consideration.scientist expalins that gas takes millions or billion of years if i recall my earth science class i took
Is This Wrong
Is There Anybody Out There?
Tryin to make friends with people in Hawaii, preferrably Oahu...
Is This Really True, I Got This Info Off My Fren's Profile On Hi5, I Need An Input From Men And Women.
AN INTELLECTUAL OBSERVATION OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF COCKS MISERABLE DICK- When the guy is extremely handsome. He says the right things,does the right things. When it comes to sex, he is lacking in this department. He sucks your tits too hard, kisses your mouth too long, stays around your neck forever, fingers you like a GYN Doctor, licks your pussy like he was in a track meet and has a very small dick. You try to give him some head and only find that you are actually sucking a pacifier. This is so miserable. You think, "how can a guy so fine, so polite have weak game?" To top everything off ladies, how about just when in your mind your going to try to get the best out of this even if you have to make yourself cum and he beats you to the punch. DAMN, I cannot believe he came in 3 minutes!!! TOLERABLE DICK- This is funny dick. He eats major pussy. He eats it so good, your knees feel a little weak. It was good enough to make you shed a tear. Then he puts his dick in, for you to realize
Is The Right Married Woman Looking For The Same As I Am
I have been to a few sites that have married women looking to have some external fun. I hope that those of you looking for a married man will look here and see if things work out. I am in the Fort Lauderdale area.
Is There Any Nice Goodlooing Men Out There, That Arn't Gay?;)t
Is This Govt. Now Socialist?
a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. hence the stimulas package, borrow, but if you default, it belongs to the government.. food for thought, give me youre opinion..
Is This Hell?
Asylum I giggle as I lay, The meds are taking effect. But as your sitting with me, I’m not far gone yet. You wanna hear a story, While your sitting in the corner? About my good friend Dan, And how he met the coroner? Well I’m not sure how to start it, I don’t know where to begin. I hope your not religious, This tale is full of sin. You see I’d sit up straight, But I’m strapped on to the bed. They bound all of my limbs, And even bound my head. I guess that have a right to, After what I’ve done. But I’ll never say I’m sorry, Just because I won. You see Dan wasn’t smart, He went after my life. My lover and my master, He stabbed him with a knife. A dirty trick it was, It wasn’t fair you see. But as I sat there crying, Something snapped in me. Oh look at me rambling, You look kinda scared. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, But then again who cares? I remember how blood sprays, The first time that you slice. And how it slows
Is There Something Wrong
Is There Such A Thing As Fu Love?
Once upon a time, I was a fu-tycoon.  Almost oracle level and owned more than a dozen people.  Had millions in the fu-bank to give away.  Blinged everyone in sight, could level someone twice in one day, and often did.  I know i moved a couple of people over a dozen levels in one or two turns.  i was spending almost $1000 a month "loving" my friends.  I know there were some who became friends through the process and never expected anything from me.  But there were others that I have learned, who are just here for the game.  How do I know this? Well, this time around, I came to fu land with one thing in mind......not spending a dime on anything or anyone.  I came back for my friends.  Nothing more.  I just wanted to see who my friends were.  So as I did, I began to see my old acquaintances online and reconnect with them.  And as I did, I learned that I'm not quite as popular as before, LOL.  As a matter of fact, I rarely have anyone even talk to me now.  So, I am going to be content w
Is There Anyone Out There For Me Lol Guess Not Sick Of Being Hurt
it seems like there is just no love any where for me i try and push my harest for the ones that i am with but i it just always seems to end up the same hurt or cheated on or i dont know whatever just talking out my ass theres no point any ways just sick of theses woman treating me like shit or acting like there someone else and then they do a 360 in like no time at all or just cheat no won has any respect for anyone any more
Is There Really A Heavan?
Beacuse if there is, i cant wait to go.
Is This Our President?  Refuses to honor our flag, again...obviously not his flag The Crotch Salute Returns At Ft Hood Memorial Service this week.
Is This Weird Or What?
my best friend of 14 or so years and i have  always agreed and  talk about being  each  others  best  man  when we got married. even talked about getting married simultaneously! he got engaged, cool. to the best friend of one of  my exs, also cool, no  big deal to me. her maid  of honor happens to be  that  ex, totally  cool  with that too, sooooo what  right? his soon  to   be  wife decided  and   convinced  my hm  that it   would   be  awkward and not ok  for  me to  be  the  best  man  because  of   this...  >_> uh why do i  get  kicked? ive  been here longer.... honestly  broke my heart  but i brushed off, but i  still dont think   its  ok... last   week  i  asked if i  was  still getting to at   least stand  up  there..... nope... why? because she thinks ive  been rude  to   her  and very  disrespectful... >_> if barely talking  to   you and answering your questions is rude then you  bet. they had  asked me to draw  and paint out  a  leafless tree so   they could use thumb prints
Is The Benefits Of Nature Cleanse True?
I have read about these following benefits of Nature Cleanse. Is it true that such miracles happened with this cleanse.    Benefits of Nature Cleanse :* It gives you health & wellness.* You can easily lose weight without making changes in your lifestyle as such.* Unlike other cleansers it gently effects your body.* It never produces the radical bowel movement that would result in embarrassing situations.* It removes the toxins from the internal system.* It enhances the absorptive & the digestive capabilities of your body.* Nature Cleanse boosts the energy levels that results in overall health & good looks.* It makes the immune system function better.* Nature Cleanse is a complete & natural solution to all your colon problems.* This nourishes the digestive system & liver.* It helps in getting the maximum nutritional value from the food that you eat.* It contains chromium that regulates the body blood sugar.* It also boosts your stamina & concentration. Nature Cleanse
Is This A Social Network?
I have been a member of fubar for about one year now and it is a site with a lot of activity. But the main reason I joined is because I like meeting new people. I enjoy good conversation with people from different parts of the World. I have met some nice people here but for the most part it seems everyone is too busy to talk they are usually multitasking as is a popular phrase that I have been hearing. I am aware that fubar is a game but the object of the game is for people to interact. It seems many members are obsessed with the game and miss the point of what the game is all about. I do believe that good conversation is a lost art and people aren't interested in communicating like they use to. We have all this modern technology today but I believe people communicated better before. This a site to kick back and just have some fun  but it seems many members are caught up in this frantic race to get to the highest level of a game. Don't we stress ourselves enough in the every
Is This A Meeting Place?
I wonder as I set here online watch the Fubar World go by, I see many aspects of this site has changed over the years.  It appears that many people do not want chat or even respond to a normal conversation from someone.  It's almost as if, 'if I answer this simple Hello, it is going expand into something more than I want to deal with.' It's almost as if it's only a game and not a social media site that was far strong back in the day before FB.  People chatted and responded to a a private message, they were not worried about there buzz level of where their next level was going to come from, if it came it came because of the friends we had met can cultivated online.  They wanted us to be successful just like someone else had made them. So really, does anyone want to chat?
Is This What You Really Wanted To Hear?
Ever consider the possibility that you may have a substance abuse problem? Well perhaps you do. If alcohol or drugs have ever affected an important part of your life, such as your relationship with a significant other, then you likely will want to ponder the subject a bit more. Ask yourself a few simple questions: Have I ever had a DUI?   yes or no Have I ever missed work because you partied to hard the night before?   yes or no Have I ever lied to someone about my consumption?   yes or no Does my addiction take money away from those I love?   yes or no If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you may have a problem. One that only gets worse as we continue to use. Seek! It's not to late. Is this what you really wanted to hear?  Those questions only get harder. Get help, your family is worth it..and so are you. Out for now....much love. Brian   I gotta say that I just got the galaxy III phone from Sprint who I have been with for 15 year
Is This How It Works
Is There A Meaning To Life?!?!
What is the purpose of life?! Is it a meaning that we exist or is it a world where we live and breath and go on everyday. Is there a soul purpose on why we live breath and exist?! If it is then why does hardships come our way?! Why does it feel like we've lived on a planet where people walk all over us even when we try not to let them. Do we try to hard or are we not trying hard enough to get what we want and how we want it?! Is life so complicated that we can't yet get the jest of the true meaning of it?. Do we seek out something in life that's not really there but yet we have already grasped it?! Can we not see what passions and expectations we try to obtain seem so far away but yet it's already in our grasp?! Does life really have a meaning and a purpose to where we really exist or is it like a dream or nightmare where we live day by day in?! Have we already obtain the meaning of life but yet we can't figure out what it is yet cause it's still like a mystery to us all that were tryi
Is There A Adult Photobucket?
Is there a Adult PhotoBucket? If so what's the webpage name ?
I Still Love You!!
I Still Love You~ The night that I saw you, I`ll never forget. It was at a friends house, when our eyes first met. When you left me, It caused my heart to die. It was hard for me to say the word goodbye. I think of you always, I need you by my side. You don't know how much I suffered, how much I cried. The tenderness we once had That love that we have shared, Have long since disappeared.... At times I sit & wonder if the feelings were ever there. Knowing that I`ve lost you and having to be wrong, My feelings have not changed it will always remain strong. I know you are out there, somewhere looking into the moon. I hope you will come back to me, Sometime, someday soon. What went wrong, terrified to think" I sit here, alone - with thoughts of you. Sometimes confused - of what to do. My mind has worries - I can't deny. So, I lay alone - alone wondering why. I look back and see - all the things you've done for me. I don't know what to
I Still Havent' Found What Im Lookin For ?!!
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Video - U2 lyricsU2 Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
I Still Miss You
I Still Miss You This yearning in my heart This confusion in my mind The words left unspoken Haunts me all the time Everyday I watch pass by With an emptiness in my life And a hole in my heart Where only you belong There are nights I wake up crying And wishing you were here To hold me in your arms And kiss away my tears
I Still Need Comments For The Contest That I'm In Thanks Alot
I Still Miss You!!
I Still Miss You This yearning in my heart This confusion in my mind The words left unspoken Haunts me all the time Everyday I watch pass by With an emptiness in my life And a hole in my heart Where only you belong There are nights I wake up crying And wishing you were here To hold me in your arms And kiss away my tears There is something that keeps me holding on - What I'll never know But one day things will go my way And I'll have you in my arms
I Still Will!
I Still Love My Family
I Still Hurt
Today marks 1 week and 1 day since I lost someone I truly loved. We never could quite see eye to eye, compromise was never something that the two of us were willing to try. I feel I lost my best friend. It was a short relationship yes, but in the short time we knew each other, I spent my every waking second out side of work talking to her. Theres a song called a letter to me, and in that song a verse stands out to me so powerful. He talks about himself being hurt after breaking up, and he says "A pain like that is fast and its rare. She wasn't right for you yet you still feel theres a knife sticking out your back". That is so true. I question myself all the time. Many times a day I ask, could you have tried to understand Bradley, could you not just accept what you were being told? It's hard to accept what I'm told, actions speak so much louder than words. Why should I have to accept what I'm told? Why couldn't I have been satisfied, with that special someone seeing things were b
I Still You A Lot
I Still Love You
It is sad when people you know, become people you knew... And when you can walk right past someone that at one part in your life was a big part of your life... And how you used to be able to talk to them for hours about the little nothings in life... and now you can barely look at them... ...and all your left with is that aching feeling in your soul... Its funny how many people have posted this. Guess we're all in the same boat, missing someone.. be honest.. if you really miss someone, a friend, a love, or a family member right now... & cant get them off your mind... then repost this titled as " I still love you...". Within 1 minute whoever you are missing will surprise you. If you break this you will have the worst love life starting in 1 hour.
I Still Believe In Fairytales
It's amazing that the heart can break, over & over again but yet even more amazing that the heart can find away, to forgive and love again, while the mind fivates on the pain vowing to never allow love back in, angly at the out come o fgiving it's self and infruriated with the weekness, it has shower it yells to the heart. "fairytales don't come true"!! The mind tells the heart angerely "stop looking for Prince charming he's not real he doesn't exist"!!The mind screams," and Romeo is dead he was just the part of someone imagaination to begin with"!! but the heart doesn't listen it weeps in silence awaiting the day that it will love again secretly waiting and looking for Prince charming it's your Romeo. but both Prince charming & Romeo are dead"!!
I Still Remember
I still remember the worldFrom the eyes of a childSlowly those feelingsWere clouded by what I know nowWhere has my heart goneAn uneven trade for the real worldOh I... I want to go back toBelieving in everything Yet knowing nothing at allI still remember the sunAlways warm on my backSomehow it seems colder now
I Still Love Elvis Presley
I Stole This From A Really Cool Lady
I Stopped Touching The Butt
wat up..i finally bit the cravings and stopped touching the butt..cigarette butts...its been 4 days..of will power...i hope i feel beeter at the end of the road...u know its hard when their in ur face and all u can think of is bad i dont need trying to get as close to the day before i ever touched a cig or a drug or alcohol...i want all my freedom and soon i will have body doesnt like the fact that i quit pills...alcohol..pot...cigarettes...but hey i would like to live as long as i can i dont need my health to b in jeopardy anymore...much love to all u that read this....wish me luck...ttyl
I Stole This Blog, And It Was Oh-so-worth It!
After a 13 minute Google search, lol, I decided this blog was the most informative about Friday the 13th, capturing the majority of the common issues about this less than hallowed day. Personally for me, being of a witchier persuasion than most, I think Friday the 13th is lucky. My black cat and I are going to enjoy it. =) * * * * * * * * * * * Friday the 13th myth makers By JENNI DILLON Watch out for black cats, avoid mirrors and ladders and, by all means, don't spill the salt. As most people probably already realize, today is Friday the 13th, a date commonly associated with bad luck. For the next several hours, millions of superstitious individuals across the country will hold their breath anticipating misfortune. Others will avoid leaving the house altogether, refusing to drive, shop or work on the ill-fated day. But whether you're a true triskaidekaphobe (a person with an irrational fear of Friday the 13th, also ca
I Stole This From Suga Who Stole It From Beauty.
1. Are you ready for 100 questions? What the hell else am I gonna do 2. Do you watch college football? Yes, go GAMECOCKS 3. Who will fill this survey out after you? Vampire Hearts maybe 4. Who was the last person to send you a text message? :( no one, I have no cell phone 5. Do you love anyone? yep 6. Are you happy? when medicated I am 7. Where was the last place you went shopping? Wal-Mart (you mean there are other places to shop?) 8. How do you feel about your hair? It needs colored and cut BAD 9. Where do you work? nada 10. Last thing you ate/drank? White rice and a hamburger patty/Pepsi 11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now? OMG YES 12. Do you have any pet peeves? Stupid people, bad drivers, people who smack their food 13. Do you have any expensive jewelry? I have a necklace from Brazil that was a gift. 14. AIM or Yahoo? Yahoo, AIM, MSN, but I use Yahoo more 15. Do you like math? HATE IT 16. How many hours on a
I Stole The Sexy From Crystal
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== I stole this from Crystal.....It will make for interesting reading......... What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Hot sex on a platter What is something you have always wanted to try? I ve tried everything....I could go for a 3some with 2 mumerwimmen....that would be HOT!!!! What is something you have never done in bed before? I think ive covered it all What time of day do you like to have sex? Is any a time? What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? I love a chick who will wear fishnets......Its totally 70's, but i dig it....... How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? depends how good she kisses... If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you
I Stole The Stars For You
I stole the stars, all for youTore them from the sky.Close your eyes, my lovePut out your hand, trust meDon't question me why.I've given you my all.The only light I ever had,I've just spared for you,Now in the palm of your hand,Darkness might not be so bad.Lead me into foreverWherever that may be.Stay with me, my love,Hold my hand, never let goWithout you, it's too dark to see.I stole the stars, all for youTore them from the sky.Trusting you to guide my way,Staying always by my side,Please never pass me by.   Written for the Magic in the Sky!
Is Tomorrow Real?
I never told anyone how I truely felt about losing my one true friend. I feel lost cold alone. To lose someone so close is like losing a peice of yourself. This guy Matt was everything to me. He was even more of brother than my own. But he's gone never will love, live, speak, drink, smoke, laugh, cry again. At times I can't stand to still be in Virginia since his death. Hell at times I feel like ending it my damn self. Not very many people knows the hardships that I've endured since his death. Losing my father, my great uncle, my ex, my grandmother, and my life. I feel like three inches tall most of the time because I've beared this pain. That's the German blood that courses through my veins. It's the West German belief that We are to bear the weight of our ancestors sins. I do everyday. Call me crazy.. cause I am.. I shall carry these burdens for the rest of my life.. even if it kills me. Is tomorrow too late. We never live but only die in search for the purpose to live. Some have que
Is True U Know
i'm an aries wat r u Message: Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. VIRGO: The Whore Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.Great kisser. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. SCORPIO: The lover Can be mean somtimes. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisser.) Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever....Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck if you do not repost. LIBRA: The sex addict Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet.
Is True Love Really Out There?
   is true love really out there?  does real devotion and comitment really exist? does it mean? that a relationship begins with 2 people becoming the best of friends and build there relationship into a very strong loving relationship full of trust, and they are very devoted to eachother, they hold eachothers hands when there out and about,call 1 another all day when at work, neither 1 cant wait to hear eachothers voices.always making time to see eachother, holding her in his arms when he can nomatter where they are. when his friends see the 2 of you together he tells his friends very proudly who you are before they can ask.he always tells you how beautiful you are everyday,and how much you really mean to him.does she tell you how important you are to her? when 2 people fall in love with eachother they seem to put eachother first ahead of everything & everyone else just think about it.
Is Tupac Really Dead?
Many rumours have told that Tupac is alive and was faking his own death for his security. Here are a couple of theories why rapper and entertainer Tupac Amaru Shakur isn`t dead. 1. 2pac died on Friday the 13th... 2. Las Vegas is a payoff City...meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take...that means doctors, press, lawyers etc. 3. The car that the assailants were using during the drive-by shooting a white cadillac was never found for some strange reason...How could this be when Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert? 4. There is a small Black community on the North side of town...This strip is only about 8 blocks long...The attackers were black...Where did they go ? Where did they hide ? 5. The white cadillac containing the gunmen passes a entourage of 2pacs boys...many of them body guards...No one gives chase...and there are no witness...There were no witness on the street...How come? Why not? 6. 2pac has changed his artist name to Makaveli...
I Suck Even In My Dreams
Last night I had a dream where I was at a bachelor party at my friends house. There where 4 strippers who just happened to be Jenna Haze, Auroro Snow, and 2 other fine chicks one of them kind of looked like Tawny Roberts but wasn't and the other was some cute brunette (all porn stars for those of you who don't know). After they got there they just start dyking out and eating each others pussies, and flirting with everybody. For some reason my friends grandma was home at the time and she was not very happy about the whole scene and called the cops. So everyone was leaving and Jenna told me that her and the other girls didn't have anywhere to go around here and asked if it was ok if they came over to my house and got high. Then instead of the dream turning into some kind of crazy sex orgy with me and 4 hot freaky as hell girls, I actually said that it wasn't a good idea because it was morning and I had to go to work soon. So I know what your thinking and upon awakening this mo
I Suck At Blogs
seriously though i'm bored so damn bored i got it and just wanted to say so...idk
I Suck!
I just returned and allll my mail and comments have been deleted...guess, I was gone 2 long! So plz write again... Now that I have ur attention! I am sorry to any and everyone who has sent me gifts and messages! I promise...tonight I will be online...been soooooooo busy!!!! I will be getting back to all my friends... Frankie
I Suck At Every Think
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own
I Suck
Wrote this, and did the "art" awhile ago. Be all my sins remembered When they should long be forgot In every day and every dream, And every thing they're not Be all my sins remembered, When no other things remain No photograph, no scrap of text No going home again Long forgotten memories of love that would not die Long gone smoke from fires which darkened half the sky Letters, yellowing, bundled on a dusty attic floor Be all my sins remembered when these are no more Time trudges ever onward And halts for no one's plan And what was common knowledge When all of this began Is now the faintest ghost Left from the uncertain past But be all my sins remembered When no other things would last ~amf I just bought Bjork.. Barenaked Ladies.. Phish.. Less Than Jake.. Cd's from the Dollar Tree.  It actually saddened me to think how bad the record industries doing when companies are sending it to an everything is a dollar store.  Great deal for us.  Terrible for th
I Suck At This But Here Is My Blog!
I met this guy, on here he so amazing he is one of the sweetest people in the world! I had a ton more to say here but I just cant tink right now my head hurts my back hurts my chest hurts I think I am catching a cold :(
I Suck At Life And Im A Horrible Person.
i dont have many. lots of aquaintences. not many friends. especially ones like my pal last night. i went to see iggy and stooges with my pal and his old lady. they drove. i forgot my wallet. they drove all the way back home. then back to the city. after the show we went to this bar/eatery which was expensive (for this guy who is broke and sucks at life and such) and my pal paid the tab. period. entree. like 4 fucking appetizers. drinks. 'no man, its your belated birthday.' jesus christ. and i got another pal who also has been extremely nice to me lately as well. not too mention my 4 old roommates who i went to see for my birthday, who TRIED to take care of everything, but im a sneaky bastard. or my one super-pal on here who is always 'i miss you' 'where the fuck are you?' 'hang out more' 'hey red queer where the fuck have you been?!' all the time. anygays. its weird. im not a good person. im not a good friend. i try. but i fail miserably. im absent minded. its nothing personal, honest.
I Support Angel Dean
Angel Dean has been battling liver cancer since 1998. She recently learned that she needs a transplant as soon as possible to survive. Please, atleast read her story Also go to her best friends page, Andrea, and read her blogs for even more information. Thank you, and please, repost this and keep it going.... for Angel's sake. Show your support for Angel by adding this banner to you profile or website. Thank you
I Support Our Troops
I Supply Outstanding Companion Girl Escorts Services In Delhi Escort Service
Delhi Escort service the particular I'm providing the foremost fantastic and extremely awe-inspiring dating Delhi Escort state and my friend for many illustrious Delhi city centers like Gurgaon, Noida, furthermore as Delhi-NCR. I typically am assured that you just won't notice additional wonderful services than your service that gives you the most well liked and gorgeous Escorts throughout Delhi. I actually have got a variety in a very variety of enticing, friendly girls waiting to supply enjoyable time along side you. Whether or not concerning pleasure visits, business occasions, company things, functions or maybe dinner times, my escorts might fulfil your wants and that they are a unit illustrious for that. They need extremely associate degree exotic figure to supply the very best degree of service potential with expertise, integrity furthermore as discretion assured forever for the particular discerning gents. My escort service is typically real furthermore as we offer a tailored e
I Survived!
I Sure Can Pick A Man
I Surrendeer...
Yo hands, yo touch, yo kiss oh so tender. Yo love, yo body, yo heart & soul something I will not render! I surrender to yo love! I'm devoted because you are mine! For miscellaneous reasons I want to take my time. Wait for me & stay true to me. Show the love, that makes yo heart so true. The sky is the limit, but time don't last forever. If you was my girl I'll give you the world, only if you treat me right. Let yo feelings go try to submit to me. I surrender to yo love, here's my heart & only you hold the key unlock it & I'm urz! A good man is hard to find, but I ain't hard to keep! I'll cater to yo needs, massage you from yo head to yo feet. At night I'll serve you dinner under a candle light. Just relax, I'm romancing you tonight surrender to yo destiny. I did cause I think you are the one for me, I surrender! Invest in me, I'm yo destiny. I'm that man in yo fantasies, relax with me in a realm of ecstasy. Can you see me, can you feel me, can't you see there's no other quite like me!
I Surrender...
"I SURRENDER..." Your hands, your touch, your Kisses oh so tender. Your love, your body, your heart & soul something I will not render! I surrender to your love! I'm devoted to making you my woman! For miscellaneous reasons I wanted to take my time. Wait for me & stay true to me. Show the love, that makes your heart so true. The sky is the limit, but time don't last forever so I must make my mark. If you was my woman I'll treat your heart like gold but only if you treat me right. Let your feelings go try to submit to me. A good man is hard to find, but I ain't hard to keep! I'll cater to your needs, massage you from your head to your feet & at night I'll serve you dinner under a candle light. Just relax, I'm romancing you tonight surrender to your destiny! I did cause I think you are the one for me, I surrender! Invest in me, I'm your destiny! I'm that man in your fantasies, relax with me in a realm of ecstasy. Can you see me, can you feel me, can't you see there's no other quite like
Is Very New To This Looking For Anyone Who Likes Nascar .
I Swallowed Love
I swallowed love and almost died. I swallowed anger until I cried. I’ve ignored my jealousy, I’ve crushed my pride And I’ve come to wonder, How I’m still alive? I cloaked insecurities with lies, And I lied to myself a thousand times. I’ve pushed my limits. I’ve tried to fly, But my feet feel heavier Every time I try. At last I ask myself – what for? To not lose face? To feel no more? What’s the point of keeping score? Emotions break down any door. There’s a price we pay For what’s locked inside. I swallowed love and almost died. I swallowed anger until I cried. But these same emotions, Make me alive.
I Swear
I just don't get why guys drink. My husband drink and i don't like it but there is nothing can do about. anyways he has been drinking all day. and he took two goody powered and just as soon as he took them he threw up all over himself. I just sat there and laugh my ass off b.c i ain't cleaning it up. he did and he is going to clean it up. I just thought it was damn funny.
I Swear If 1 More Girl I Have Sex With
im tellin ya women these days need to learn how to fuc* properly im tellin ya women these days need to learn how to fuc* properly im a hairstylist and i like both i think shorter cuts have more style but when it come down to it in the bedroom long hair is (curly)what do you think
I Swear It Sucks
Friday, July 06, 2007 Who needs men if they are all liers Current mood: irate Category: Romance and Relationships Let's a Big Breath Out...Where do I start. My chest tightens just at the thought of writting this. First of all I know people are getting mad at me because I am not commenting or paying enough attention to them, I wish I had all the time in the world to do so. I can say I'm just about as sick as I was in January when I went in the hospital. How is a single parent suspose to get help when they have no one to watch their child. I didn't mean to start this blog so harshly but its true. Everything is falling apart and I can't keep it together....people are just making it worse. Friends want me to go places with them, I really need to be at home resting and cleaning house. I get online and I get bombarded with IM's Sarah..sarah...are you there hello Hello...If I wanted to talk to you I would say HELLO. I really didn't mean this to be so harsh. I love al
I Swear I'll Be There Soon
I will force feed you lies, That you first fed to me. Oh I believed. Payback's a bitch darlin, You'll learn that lesson hard. I'll give you glass shards, Like a gift, Embedded in your arms. Love is worthless. Carve your name in my heart. Memories fade in time... like the scars. I hope we cant see the same Twinkle twinkle little stars. The place for me? Hollywood. Dissapear in the crowd like I always wished I could. Hate yourself like you know you should. I'll write my goodbye letter with your blood. Soil your name, write it in mud. I'm ripping out my hair, I'll send it to your mother. She liked me best, loved me like no other. More then she loved you... You know it's true. Yeah, shes a classy lady, I will destroy her. I've been slipping away since days before birth. Mother used to paint my nails red. I would wisper "Mummy I wish I was dead" I Killed her inside everyday. She never heard me, she doesn't hear me to this day. I suppose I should be giving that g
I Swear
I swear by the the moon And the stars in the sky And I swear like the Shadow thats by your side I see the questions in your eyes I know whats waiting on your mind You can be sure I know my part cause I stand beside you through the years Youll only cry those happy tears And though I make mistakes Ill never break your heart And I swear by the moon And the stars in the sky Ill be there I swear like the shadow thats by your side Ill be there for better or worse Till death do us part Ill love you with every beat of my heart And I swear Ill give you every thing I can Ill build your dreams with these two hands Well hang some memories on the wall And when (and when) just the two of us are there You wont have to ask if I still care cause as the time changes the page My love wont ever age at all And I swear (I swear) by the moon And the stars in the sky Ill be there (Ill be there) I swear (and I swear) like the shadow thats by your side Ill be there (Ill be there)
I Swear I Never Meant It!!
I Swear I Didn't
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I drink a lot of coffee and I am a coffee snob! 2. I feel like I am 28, unfortunately I am 38. 3. I was married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. (divorced now) 4. I was Goth before it was called Goth.. 5. I will never let you see me cry. 6. I am a ProChoice fiscal Republican. 7. My career background is Finance related. 8. I love useless information, ya never know when it will come in handy while drinking with friends. 9. I wish I were a Vampire or Witch! (i do like the taste of blood and would love to apparate) 10. I am who I am, and don't try to impress people with fakeness! I am tagging the
I Swear Its How I Feel
"Prom Queen"[Verse 1:]I loved her fancy underwearI sit behind her every yearWaitin' for the chance to getTo tell her I'm the one she should be withShes popular with all the guysSo innocent in my eyeI could see her in my lifeshe would've had the world if she were mine[Bridge:]But see she had other plansI could not understandHer and her stupid friendsVarsitys biggest fansNever forget the dayShe laughed and walked awayAnd I couldn't stop herI guess she had it all[Chorus:]She had it all figured outBut she left me with a broken heartFucked around and turned me downCause she didn't think I could play the partBut now the prom queen, the prom queenIs crying sittin outside of my doorShe never know howHow everything could turn around[Verse 2:]They loved her fancy underwearEvery boyfriend every yearShe tried to keep em entertainedWhen they can hardly remember her nameShe did everything she could just toTo make him love and treat her goodShe found herself aloneAsking herself where did she go wrong
I Swear
I Swear This Crap Just Comes To Me Lol
When I look at my vagina, I can't help but say. Hmmm, what can I do to you today? Ooh I know I know, I'll try this. While praying to God, that it fits. You can do this girl, I say to myself. While grabbing my wine, from off the shelf. Alcohol isn't always, the cure. But consuming it this way, will work for sure. Ooh it's smooth, and cold to the touch. Try harder girl, you're thinking too much. Open your lips, nice and wide. Soak in the taste, from the inside. You guys may think I'm bad, but you're mind is in the wrong place. Because the wine is touching, the lips on my face. Shame on you guys, I say. For thinking I'd behave, in such a way. Although, that would make, for one hell of a show. After all this is me we're talking about, so you never quite know.
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Is Your Subconcious Your Soul Or Vice Versa
I was in a the waiting room of a doctors office waiting for my appointment. As most know there are several magazines to peruse to break the monotony of your wait. I picked up a magazine simply because of the words on the cover. I cannot remember the title now but do remember the contents and "gist" of the authors point. I read enough to realize the author was trying to align a person soul to a direct line to our deepest subconcious and it is our (deep)subconcious minds that govern our thoughts and actions and not a soul. Upon reading more into the article the more I realized that the author was trying to state that are deep subconcious is attributed to preconditioned thoughts and ideas we were raised on. I had to stop and look at how thankful I was for not being raised in an enviroment where I could have been raised to be an axe murderer or worse yet a politician. Seriously though I had to think that how ridiculous this article was basically comparing an apple to an orange and then say
Is Your Bag Heavy Or Light Or Empty ?
One of my teachers had each one of us bring a clear plastic bag and a sack of potatoes. For every person we'd refuse to forgive in our life experience, we were told to choose a potato, write on it the name and date, and put it in the plastic bag. Some of our bags, as you can imagine, were quite heavy. We were then told to carry this bag with us everywhere for one week, putting it beside our bed at night, on the car seat when driving, next to our desk at work. The hassle of lugging this around with us made it clear what a weight we were carrying spiritually, and how we had to pay attention to it all the time to not forget, and keep leaving it in embarrassing places. Naturally, the condition of the potatoes deteriorated to a nasty slime. This was a great metaphor for the price we pay for keeping our pain and heavy negativity! Too often we think of forgiveness as a gift to the other person, and it clearly is for ourselves!! So the next time you decide you can't forgive som
Is Your Computer Protected.?
Do you believe you computer is infected? Are you runnning antivirus and still think your infected?In some cases you may be. Just because you have a valid antivirus and it comes back with zero results doesn't mean that your computer has not been infected. You also need protection against malware.A common thing to find on machines besides viruses is MALWARE. What is malware? Malware is maliciouis software that is designed to affect your machine in various ways to cause problems. Some common symptoms maybe that your web browsers may not work, some of your programs will not start, you have problems installing new software, your antivirus won't update. In most cases you can remove malware with additional software programs made specifically for this type of problems. In the worst case you will have to reload the operating system back on you computer. Remember, just because you need to reload your machine it doesn's mean you have to loose all your data. There are ways to backup your data.!!!W
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It 2007
peep how has your week been going? will mine im ok.. been busy lookin for a place to live and get me and my kids settled down again. this sucks ass. but other then that im all good..
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (Because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (They don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (They don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (Because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (So they won't hump women's legs at cocktail parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (You need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (Don't's never happened) And my personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your heart......check yourself!!!
 I have one question about sharepoint. who's can i help to me?
I Tagged You
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Hip 2. Your significant other? None 3. Your hair? Brown 4. Your mother? Deceased 5. Your father? Deceased 6. Your favorite thing? laughter 7. Your dream last night? Romance 8. Your favorite drink? Dr Pepper 9. Your dream/goal? Love 10. The room you're in? Bedroom 11. Music? all 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Love 14. Where were you last night? Bedroom 15. What you're not? painfree 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? Love 18. Where you grew up? Odessa 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? Dog 23. Your computer? Explorer 24. Your life? Boreing 25. Your mood? Gre
Italian Chicka
Italian Stile parlo italiano. Sono italiano e vivo in Italia. Ho 29 anni e mi occupo di impianti di riscaldamento e condizionamento. Questo è il mio blog ed ho deciso che scriverò in italiano. Intanto ti saluto. Chiunqhe tu sia. Spero che tu capisca l'italiano almeno quanto io capisco l'inglese. Ciaoooo p.s. not use difficult words...I do not understand your language well.
It All Comes From Within...
You scored as You have the Gift of Wisdom. You have had the gift of Wisdom bestoyed upon you. You know how things work, and usually don't know where your knowledge comes from. The same applies to other things that you "just know". People come to you for advice because you are almost always right. Have patience with yourself and don't over do everything.You have the Gift of Wisdom94%You have the Gift of Discernment88%You have the Gift of Empathy75%You have the Gift of Perception/Aura Vision50%You sadly do not recognize your gift yet44%You have the Gift of a Seer44%What is your gift?(PICS)created with Your Power Level is: 67% You're a very powerful person, and you know that all of your power comes from within. Keep on doing what you're doing, and you'll reach your goals.
Women are the best, they like to have fun get alittle kinky, an still love you in the morning.
It A Lazy Day..
Sunday for the most part are lazy days.. I wish I had a couple sundays in a row.. I work one full time job and 2 odd jobs all week long.. and Sunday is football day and my home team Cleveland Browns are having a pretty good year.. Kids are outside playing and I'm enjoying updating my new site... I think I'm going to enjoy Cherrytaps.. Sweetshorty
FRIENDS VS. ITALIAN FRIENDS FRIENDS: Never ask for food ITALIAN FRIENDS: bring food whenever they come over. FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you. FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long you forget it was yours then borrow itback. FRIENDS: know a few things about you. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Could write a book about you. (but wouldn't) FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' ass that left you. FRIENDS: Would knock on your door ITALIAN FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, "Yo, I! 'm here !" FRIENDS: Are for a while. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Are for life. FRIENDS: Will ignore this. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Will share this.
Italian Arrogance
Mi attanaglia un leggero fastidio per l'allontanarsi del progetto che mi avrebbe condotto a NewYork. Il piano Iniziale avrebbe previsto la partenza questo novembre. Abortito immediatamente il piano ho spostato il tutto a febbraio questo che si appresta ad arrivare tra 3 mesi. Ma credo che presto sfumerà anche questa scadenza. Cosa mi impedisce di consegnare alla polizia il modulo del passaporto e prenotare i biglietti? I Soldi sono quelli che sono ma avendo l'obiettivo chiaro dinnanzi a me sono pronto al sacrificio. Per la mia ragazza il Freddo di Novembre come quello di Febbraio sembrano essere dei buoni motivi per posticipare questo mio volto transoceanico. Non lo so alla fine mi sembra quasi che partendo farei un torto a non si buttasse in faccia ogni tanto un viaggio di novembre il fastidio sarebbe forse leggermente più leggero... Ma ora più di ieri mi sembrano inibite tante di quelle possibilità...quasi come se ogni decisione della mia vita dovesse essere presa
Italian Artist Guido Daniele
Here's one for you... When Italian artist Guido Daniele was hired by an advertising agency to create body painting of animals, he loved the idea. "I researched each animal in depth to see how I could transfer it to a hand, and then set about bringing it to life." The hardest part of his job is watching his creations disappear down the drain after they're photographed. "I'm getting used to it," Daniele shrugs. "At least I get to start each day with a fresh canvas." Guido Daniele lives and works in Milan. (Here is him and some of his hand art.. simply amazing) ENJOY!
Italian Math
An Italian man wants a job, but the foreman won't hire him until he Passes a little math test. "Here's your first question," the foreman Said. "Without using numbers, represent the number 9." "Without numbers?" the Italian says, "Datsa easy." and he proceeds to Draw three trees. "What's this?" the boss asks. "Ave you got no brain? Tree and tree and tree makea nine," says the Italian. "Fair enough," says the boss. "Here's your second question. Use the Same rules, but this time the number is 99." The Italian stares into space for a while, then picks up the picture That he has just drawn and makes a smudge on each tree. "Ere a you go." The boss scratches his head and says, "How on earth do you get that to Represent 99 ?" "Each of DA trees isa dirty now. So, it's dirty tree, and dirty tree, And dirty tree. Dat is 99." The boss is getting worried that he's going to actually have to h
It All Started With Men Of Course!
Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now... I never looked at it this way before: MENtal illness MENstrual cramps MENtal breakdown MENopause GUYnecologist AND .. When we have REAL trouble, it's a HISterectomy. Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?
It All In Fun
IF We Had Sex Game... Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you! Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet? 20. Would you mind if i liked you
It All Goes Around!
It All Happens For A Reason...
Italian Kids Vs American Kids
Italian kids vs American kids American kids: Move out when they're 18 with the full sup port of their parents. Italian kids: Move out when they're 28, having saved enough money for a house, and are two weeks away from getting married....unless there's room in the basement for the newlyweds. American kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings a Bundt cake, and you sip coffee and chat. Italian kids: When their Mom visits them, she brings 3 days worth of food, begins to tidy up, dust, do the laundry, and rearrange the furniture. American kids: Their dads always call before they come over to visit them, and it's usually only on special occasions. Italian kids: Are not at all fazed when their dads show up, unannounced, on a Saturday morning at 8:00 , and starts pruning the fruit trees. If there are no fruit trees, he'll plant some. American kids: Always pay retail, and look in the Yellow Pages when they need to have something done. Italian kids: Call their dad or u
Italian Sex!!!!
The Italian Campaign
The Italian Campaign 1) Sicily Campaign, July 9 - August 1943. The 5th US and 8th British Armies landed on Sicily on July 9, 1943. General Patton was selected to lead the secondary attack on the left flank, around General Montgomery. Patton beat the British to Messina. On 25 July, the King Emanuele overthrew Mussolini. The monarchy tried to make an armistice with the Allies. The Germans rescued Mussolini from prison and set him up as a puppet leader over a new Republic. (2) Invasion of Italy, September 3 & 9. On 3rd, Montgomery landed at the toe of Italy after an extensive artillery bombardment. Just before the 5th US Army landed at Salerno, below Naples on the 9th, the Italian government had surrendered and ordered Italians not to resist. Soon, both armies had captured the lower part of Italy, including the Foggia airfield and the valuable port of Naples. By December, the Germans had retreated to the natural fortresses along the Liri Valley just south of Rome. The
It All Happens When We Learn To Love,
Learn to love challenge, and you'll fill your life with accomplishment. Learn to love effort, and your skills will grow more valuable with each passing day. * Learn to love making a difference, and doors will quickly open for you wherever you go. Learn to love giving freely of yourself, and you'll receive more fulfillment than you ever could imagine. * Learn to love being the authentic person you are, and everything you do will be infused with integrity. Learn to love whatever work you're doing, and that work will bring abundant rewards. * Learn to love beauty for beauty's sake, and you'll discover a wealth of it in places no one else would even think to look. Learn to love unconditionally, and there will be no limit to what your love can accomplish. * Learn to love life just because it is, and each day will be a grand new adventure. Learn to love the moment you're in, and you'll find richness in every direction. * Learn to love the possibilities, and you'll make
Someone has eresased my profile. How can someone do that Any Clues!!!! Well i have theses so called friends, that when i really needed them, are never there go figure!!! But when they want to talk or want something they expect you to be right there and pay attention...And they expect you to forgive them over and over, damn people need to grow the f--- up..I could of been dead by now, they never would have cared.. Hum friends or not...... Well after being in a 2 year relationship, i am free,,,,, I thank god i got out with my sanity.... He took alot of things but my friends and family he did not.... Lost my truck he has, But i gained my life back... There are angels in this world.... NOW ITS ABOUT ME FOR ONCE!!!
Italian Files
Sunday Dinner for Italians Italians have a $40,000 kitchen, but use the $259 stove from Sears in the basement to cook. There is some sort of religious statue in the hallway, living room, bedroom, front porch and backyard. The living room is filled with old wedding favors with poofy net bows and stale almonds (they are too pretty to open). A portrait of the Pope and Frank Sinatra hang in the dining room. God forbid if anyone EVER attempted to eat Chef Boy-are-dee, Franco American, Ragu, Prego or anything else in a jar or can (tomato paste is the exception). Meatballs are made with Pork, Veal and Beef. We are Italians ; we don't care about cholesterol. Turkey is served on Thanksgiving, AFTER the manicotti, gnocchi, lasagna and soup. If anyone EVER says ES-CAROLE, slap 'em in the face -- it's SHCAROLE. If they ever say ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP, let the idiot know that there is no wedding, nor is there an Italian in the soup. Also, the tiny meatballs must be made by hand. No
Italian Songs
Italian Friends
i trust and love you
Italian Kitchen
2 Small Eggplants; unpeeled cut into 1/4−inch rounds 2 Eggs; lightly beaten 1−1/2 Cup Bread crumbs 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/8 Teaspoon Pepper 1 Garlic cloves peeled and halved 3/4 Cup Olive oil 20 Ounce Tomatoes, canned 1/3 Cup Tomato paste 2 Tablespoon Minced basil 1 Teaspoon Salt 1/8 Teaspoon Pepper 1 Cup Grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 Pound Mozzarella cheese; thinly sliced Dip eggplant slices in eggs, then in bread crumbs seasoned with salt and pepper. Refrigerate 20 minutes. In a large saucepan, saute garlic in 2 tablespoons oil for 1−2 minutes. Remove garlic and add tomatoes, tomato paste, basil, salt and pepper. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 350F. Brown eggplant in 1/4−inch oil in a large skillet. Drain on paper towels. Put a thin layer of tomato sauce into a baking dish and layer eggplant, sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella, alternately. End with mozzarella on top. Bake, uncovered, for 30 minutes. 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. Hooked on SEX works for me!! Cant help it..I just love sex, and make it rough cuz i go crazy for that 2. I hate people who lie straight to my face and act like it aint nothing. When actually i wanna hit a bitch for lying to me! 3. Plan on gettin my clit and my nipples peirced soon. Have alot of holes so far, i might as well add 3 more. 4. I miss my dad and my grandmom alot. wish there was sum kind machine to bring back. 5. I know im a lady but when i gotta burp imma burp.. when i gotta fart imma fart... ok well maybe not fart in public lol. But i'll be nice about it and say excuse me. 6. Im hooked on Tunafish and 1 dice
i am new here and i need as many friends as possible and maybe a fu engagement i also need to get drunk so plz show ur love and buy me some drinks or some bling
It All Makes Sense
T'was the night before Christmas, and he lived in a crowded, 40 man tent, with warriors so loud. I had come into the tent with presents to give, and to see just who in this rack did live. I looked all about, and a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stockings were hung, just boots close at hand, on the locker hung pictures of far distant lands. He...had medals and ...badges, awards of all kind, and a sobering thought came into my mind. For this place was different, it was so dark and dreary, I had found the home of a Soldier, this I could see clearly. The Soldier lay sleeping, silent and alone, curled up in his rack, dreaming of home. The face was so gentle, the barracks in such good order, but not how I pictured a United States Soldier. Was this the hero whom I saw on TV? Defending his country so we all could be free? I realized the families that I've seen this night, owed their lives to these Soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, t
It All Falls Down At Once
you would think i would learn eventually. you would think that somewhere something would have to give and i would be once again centered. but you're wrong i never learn. i do the same shit all the time and then am completely perplexed when i don't get different results. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of insanity. things have been particularily bad lately in my head. nothing seems to make sense anymore and i can't even communicate with my fiance, Kenny properly. i can't tell him what's wrong no matter how much he begs for answers because i, myself, don't know what my problem is. it's all very frustrating. i'm sure it's just as mind numbingly irritating to him as it is to me. and the kicker is i have no idea how to fix it because i don't know what "it" is.. impossible.   right now i'm just wishing i could get high. unfortunately, i don't have any money until my check comes on the 1st. which, realistically, means i won't be able to get high again until the 2nd when my m
It All
We should place the elderly in prisons. They will get a shower a day, video surveillance in case of problems, three meals a day, access to a library, computer, TV, gym, doctors on-site, free medication if needed. Put criminals in nursing homes. They have cold meals, lights off at 7pm, two showers a week, live in a smaller room and pay extortionate rent a month!!! It's pretty sad that we treat prisoners better than the elderly.... copy and paste if you agree     "rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth."   bored and banned from mums still ¬¬ so i'm bloggingg. so this new fucker cat from downstairs bit my hand, the fleshy bit under my thumb. cant even fap properly cause of it. but anyway, i was trying to stop this psycho cat from getting my cat so i stupidly put my hand in its face and it bites me.  two teeth went in and its sore as fuck and swollen n red. havent been to the hospital yet, duno if i should call up and see what they see or j
Italians Are The Best!!!
You know you're Italian when you...1. Were raised with Nutella and Panettone for breakfast2. Have thick gold rings, bracelets, and gold chains with a cross3. Have a pissed off look on your face all the time4. Have a least two Cadillac's in the famiglia5. Only eat quality food…if pasta is not al dente you yell, "che schifo!"6. Still get a Perugina egg for Easter7. Talk with your hands naturally…ooooo…eeeyyy…"ma che fai?"8. Know the corner piece of lasagna and the end piece of bread is the best part9. Know that tiramisu is made with mascarpone not cream cheese   10. Know that if you're gonna do something, do it the Italian way11. Have a cross in your room above the bed12. Have a Maria, a Salvatore, a Tony, and a Vito in the family13. Love Madonna's old school music14. Do the Chicken Dance and the Tarantella at weddings even if you can't dance15. Eat a panino with prosciutto once a week 16. Find yourself cursing out people who aren't Italian, in Italian 1
It Amuses Me...
Its time to make amends with the past. Even though there is no longer any grudges lingering. Even though people say that you must let the past stay in its place. I feel as though its time to send out a long awaited email. An apology...even though we are both at fault and my stubbornness has held me in place for so long. I'm staring blankly at this blinking cursor, wondering how to write this email two years to late. I swear people should sue Disney. As a child we are fed these movies that talk about "happily ever after" and Prince Charming rescuing the fair maiden. These movies holding very little truth about the reality of the world around us. The fact that life is cruel, lonely, and most people are cold, self-absorbed assholes. In Disney movies the fair maiden has her fairy-tale wedding and lives for all of eternity in a castle with her prince. In reality its surprising how some men view marriage. For example: A manager at my work that is planning on askin
It Amazes Me!!!
I have a question, I have never and will never post NSFW pics of myself, however I posted a mumm that got deletes and now I am blocked from mumming because someone found it offensive....The mumm was regarding the behavior of ppl that trash talk and are down right mena to others that post mumms about serious problems, I was not even talking about my mumm....I was just wondering why this offended someone and if FUBAR support even read the mumms that they delete or if they just delete and repremande you if Joe Blow or who ever reports it as NSFW??? I do not know about you but I have opened some pretty raunchy mumms and they are enough to make me sick...I just go on about my business and not vote?? Please explain this to me as I do not understand it! I have met a ton of people on here and actually reunited with some old friends...just wanted to tell you all that I appreciate yall and really enjoy your company!! Hugs!!
It Amazes Me How People Do Change
I Tasted You
I Tasted You
I remembered the softness of your lipsAs my fingers traced your inner foldsWetness transferred from your deeper coreDug up and spread across your outer lips They glistened by candle lightI enjoyed spreading your wetnessAnd laying my head on your thighsAnd inhaling your strong scent It reminded me of our heavy thrustingPushing you up against the wall.Your wetness and my ejaculate mixingAnd dripping down our legs Sweat and our sex mixing my favorite cocktail I dug my fingers in deeper as i felt your legs pushing uphands gripping me hard...your mouth soundlessly talking our special languageA shudder escaped, legs twitching from climax. My lips and tongue lapping up your nectarI wouldn't wipe my mouthso i might later taste you againas i lay alone in the dark wetting my lips..again
It Been Crazy Lately
sorry i haven posted anything in a month but it been super crazy around here latley cuz of the fire i moved out of my sisters where i was staying n back to gardiner. are landlord wanted us to do all the painting in the apt due to the fire had to buy a new carpet that was are rent money there for the month finally brought my cats home . but had to give rosie up my great dane pup up cuz she waz to much to handle. the women that i dislike moved out but is causing alot of trouble for my roommate. he has to deal with court . my boyfriend has court tonite for something in new jersey. i have a drs appt in a hour to c if im preg or not. it seems like so much is going on at once . i guess it one of those times where you get everything thrown at you at once and see how much you can handle.
It Begins
It BeginsLost within spent momentsWhen happpiness seamedSo close HelloGoodbyeIn the blink of an eye Our love fellTo the championTime Tear streaked lonlinessImplodingPieces of mind Shallow meanings of loveSlayThe sacred shrine Narcotic memoriesSmoke signalsLeft behind resonance Through the swelter and the stormClouds drift pastThe moments we had Since the time I was bornDistant voice pointingTo destined futures Traces of loveResidual differencesShadows of what once was Not good enough to beTouched againSo It begins+Brown Recluse+-2009-  
It Bout Me
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It Burns When I Pee
Now Cruising For Sex - the self-explanatory website - has launched the "Don't Stroke. Vote!" campaign in an effort to fill that gaping hole, so to speak. We want to encourage site visitors to stop stroking on this one day and instead devote their spare time to voting," said company founder Keith Griffith. "It is also not missed on us the not so subtle message to site visitors that the future of porn in the USA is on the line. Taking porn offline is an intention of the current Bush administration and this is being backed by laws from Congress." A number of other sites have joined the Don't Stroke alliance and more are expected to participate. Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility, warn researchers. A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone. Those who made calls on a mobile phone for more than four hours a day had the worst sperm counts
It Came In White Light...
Rows of houses all bearing down on me I can feel their blue hands touching me All these things into position All these things we'll one day swallow whole And fade out again and fade out This machine will not communicate These thoughts and the strain I am under Be a world child, form a circle Before we all go under And fade out again and fade out again Cracked eggs, dead birds Scream as they fight for life I can feel death, can see it's beady eyes All these things into position All these things we'll one day swallow whole And fade out again and fade out again Immerse your soul in love Immerse your soul in love. I am digging through the bored, over-stimulated, numbness that we bring ourselves into, to find the subtlety of experience.
It Can Never Be Too Crowded, Come On, We Still Pickin' Up Some More
I am going out of my mind... things that are just within my grasp yet, so very far away. Goals that should be reachable seem to never be accomplished. People that are there in the good times yet nowhere to be found when you are lost. It is like I have everything... but it is all damaged or defective... car... house... school... job... friends (not all of them so the 2 that I know on here... not you.) .. men... I am good at everything and nothing... computers... school... working... motherhood... It is weird how one day you are content in life and the next day you realize how little you have to be happy for... I know... I know... I have people that love me and a beautiful son... that is great... and true... I do, but look at where I live... where I am making my son live... Now I look back (really always have but it is stronger today) and wish I was back at Jester's... though I don't know why... I used to miss it because of all of my friends... I think it was the guys...
It Can Happen:)
We all go thru life searching for that someone who makes our heart race, our palms sweat, or bellies flutter. We meet this one, that one, and if at least one sign is there, we try. The truth is, we spend our lives searching for the one that makes us smile with a thought, who loves us because we aren't perfect, who loves us in front of his best friend and his mother.Who doesn't care if we have make-up on or just got out of bed. Who loves us on our off days, just as much as those days when we are on top of the world.I've dated, had a child, but never met the one i knew I couldbe happy with. Never thought I would, but you know what...I did. He doesn't want to change me, make me act a certain way or look a certain way. I am the woman he dreams of, the woman who holds his heart. We have never touched, never kissed, but we will. I know this with all that I have inside. He didn't win me with money or gold, he won me with 3 are mine:) Ok guys, this may sound stupi
It Can Work
when it comes to having a relationships even if they are long distance if the 2 people like each other then they can make it work it dont matter how far they may live as long as they do plan on meeting atlest this way is kind of good but it also sucks the good parts are give you time to get to know them give you some time to think give you time to talk on the phone and it does give you time to know he might be the right one if he keeps in contact with you in some way weather it made me im or cell or even on a social network now we come to the bad things that does suck ass you wont be able to have sex with them however i think that is good my self since after all iam tire of only being good enough for a fuck Buddie you wont be able to hold them you wont be able to go out and do things with them unless you use your webcam lol but you no what anything that is worth it in this world you should be able
It Came Out Of His Eyes
So today i went to my friends house and was walkin around in his basement waiting for him to come downstairs and i stepped on something and i was like "fuck, i got a piece of bubble gum on my fuckin brand new shoes!!!!!" so i picked up my foot and there it was! A baby mouse i squished it so bad its brains came out of its eyes! LMAO!! I fuckin laughed until i was crying! Sorry thats just my sense of humor it was fuckin hilarious!!
I'm beginning to think that Hooters has nothing to do with owls at all. I suspect that they might be making some sort of breast reference. I'm on to you Hooters people. hehe. I almost said "I'm on hooters" Sometimes you accidentally see someone nekkid and think, "Wow. That's nice." and other times you accidentally see someone nekkid and it scars you for life. Thanks, Aunt Tammy. I still have that scar. The problem with stupid people is that they aren't aware that they are stupid. Which means.... I might be stupid. Crap.
i swear to god there is a fucking iq test to be in customer service and if you exceed the expectation they wont hire you .... are they all retarded? my entire issue was that i could not sign into messenger ... "can you now sign into messenger for me?" yeah lemme get right fucking on that! omg if i could smack a bitch through the computer screen ..... "i dont understand how i can see the link but you cant" so i explain exactly what i see ... "oh well i think i know why now, you installed messenger 9" how the FUCK does installing a program automatically change a website that is a general send an email to us page? *SCREAMS* i swear people are retarded ....
Back from house sitting for my brother. Another week off before going back to school. Grueling is how to describe it. Intense no life other than school , so I am glad I had my quiet time to sit back and just not have to think about a single thing. Plus the completion of my tattoos, but really is it ever enough? Faith can be slavery, because you are basing your perception of reality on what some one else said and not what you know. Finally the insanity will be able to slow a bit, school is kicking my ass and now its time to work on the rest of my sleeve. Driving up to Austin to visit my bro and have a friend put up some finishing touches. Guess this means no beach for me this year, oh well. Family, friends a nice drink out finishing my chi hell what else do I need?
Itchy_peenis Cam
It Conceed, I Was Wrong...
It Commentary
In a market of any kind, there is a happy balance of supply and demand. As supply rises, demand goes down and thus the prices do as well. As supply lowers, demand rises and prices do as well. However, let us say that chocolate kiss candies are in demand, but Hershey's is not producing as much of their Kiss candies anymore. This means the overflow of demand will go to other companies making similar products to achieve the same end. Following me, so far? Good. So here's the deal with the IT industry these days: The number of IT jobs open has risen substancially in the last few years, and continues to do so, however, the number of people going to get their computer related degrees has dropped almost half. What does this mean? Demand has risen, and supply has fallen. Well, in a an industry such as IT, where things HAVE to be done, you need people to do those things. Thus, people who might not be fully qualified for said position, will be seriously considered. What's my point? Be
*77~it Could Save Your Life
Information below about calling *77 on a cell phone. A MUST KNOW, *77 I knew about the red light on cars, but not the *77. It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend. An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. *Lauren's parents have always told them never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road, but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc. Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly called *77 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his rooftop behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there were police cars where she was and there weren't, and he told her to keep driving, remain calm and that he had back up already on the way. Ten mi
It Could Happen To Any One
It Comes In 3's
hold me i shiver not when you're near while your touch gives me goose bumps in your arms i have no fear i came to you not ready for whats in-stored feeling your warmth and vibrations i do adore soft spoken words a deep breath, now and then curled up on your chest you hold me skin on skin your soft gentle beats a rhythm we share calling me beautiful while rubbing my hair you've loved your whole life without knowing a name your first and my only we're one in the same SHATTERED DREAMS NIGHTMARES AWAKE I'VE GIVEN MY HEART AND BURNED AT THE STAKE JOAN I NOW KNOW MY FATE WE SEE WHAT WE SEE WHILE WE'RE STILL OPAQUE A TREAT FOR THOSE WHO FORESAKE OR SOULS WHILE WE REACH FOR THE GODS ON OUR ASHES THEY LAY A ROSE THEY SAY A MAN CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD TO BE LAYED TO REST WITH THORNS ON HIS HEAD ITS NOT OUR FATE ALTHOUGH ITS BEEN SAID I'LL TAKE DEATH OVER LIFE OVER A FIRE LAKE BED
It Could Be You
Go ahead, turn away. Close your eyes, to what goes on everyday. Pretend as if, you cannot see. The pain in others, the pain in me. It is a hurt, not easily disguised. All it takes is, one look in the eyes. Of the victim, read their face. Visit this tragic, unfamiliar place. A place so horrific, most people can't grasp. In their protected world, they don't bother to ask. Too many times, I needed someones help. And the only person around, was myself. My plea is to open your eyes, do what you can. To help those in need, it's the only way to understand. Hear their story, it's the right thing to do. Who knows, one day, it could be you.
It Cuts..poem
When I can't see your eyes looking back at mine, it cuts... when I long to hear you and cannot, it cuts... When my life falls to pieces at your hand, it cuts... When I cry silent tears, it cuts... When you don't blieve in me, it cuts... When you use my thoughts and pain, it cuts... When you don't see me, it cuts... I shiver in the rain for you, it cuts... I beg and plead for you, it cuts... When I do not wish to face another day, it cuts... When love that knows no bounds, it cuts... When forever is but a word, it cuts... When pain is freely given, it cuts....
It Cut Deep!
It 'cums' In Different Ways...this Is One!
*****PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG, THANK YOU!! My comments on this: First of all, I will just say I don't agree with all of it completely...I made comments on a few things below. Every woman is different...Oral is not a major factor for some women in getting them to ejaculate, for some it is... This guy claims some women pass out...I've yet to see that or do that. However, I've heard of cases of severe dehydration after, so perhaps it's something like that....Now getting very weak, yes that's very possible and likely...shaky, quivery...that all is likely. Personally, I get shaky, but I tend to just want more and more g spot stimulation... I do agree that every woman (*probably, it isn't something that has been researched enough to be really fully proven) has a g-spot, but they are less prominent in some women and vary in size. He says there will be a lot of liquid...that isn't always the case, some days you are simply less hydrated than others. The distance also varies gr
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It'd Be Nice....
wouldnt it be nice /if my nights weren't the lunatic type ? cause im a brainiac hype /that tends to rock the mic right i'm aggitated after almost a million civillian casualties, whos families never learn the nature of these tragidies superior testamony once sacred exposed phony, all the while the media still condones cloning. just to name a few of the atrocities, in this land of hipocrisy,the land of who you thought was free. the home of the brave and one hell of enraged emcee, that aint afraid to empty a gauge at the police or any approaching infantry that wants beef delibrately. a desire for devine bigotry/ the kind i kill instantly willingly anytime i stalk sudden and skillfully on a surprise killing spree/untill the radio fans feel me/ no i mean feel me, /
It'd Be Nice
It Depends On What Occurs On The Way.
THINKING ABOUT THINGS TO COME, A SIGN OF THE TIMES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. None of this is copywrited and it has not, to the best of my knowledge, been plagiarised or copied. Well, it was just an afterthought. A chilling and curdling thought about Cold Comfort. One trying day, Gofer it before ADS runs rings around circles. Waiting for a Gift from the Gods, well Ikea at least. Pray that there is an unsub button to get me off the Clash hook. You can vouch for that. It will never win the day. Goodie Two Chew. Too Neurotic to be Conversant. Tales of a close shave and a Virgin's first head encounter. ======+++ It is no good harking for the past when you are in the future or trying to change the future when you are in the past. It is all mapped out so stick to the straight and narrow and not the bowed and arrowed.++++ Existence starts at the beginning but you can exists without living. Life begins when you let it and not a minute before.++++ The Diminishing Repu
It Didn't Solve Anything
you did what was best for you, i think you had no clue, as to how it would effect me, then again whats new i lived and breathed that life, you ripped it all away, i was the one who had the breakdown, sorry is all you can say my emotions were all over, my heart turned to dust, because of you, there is no one that i trust
It Died
It Doesn't Matter
okay guys, you alllll know we got women figured out. of course most of you are thinking, wait whats he mean we got em figured out, and the women reading this are thinking, got us figured out wtf is he talking about, ok just to paint a little picture for ya all... you all know this, that you knwo you make a girl cum i mean reallly hard, it doesn't matter how bad you mess up, i mean you could almost be caught cheating on her, it doesn't matter, the minute you say im sorry. they listen, they may not act like they are, but they do, before that they will scream and cry and be all upset, but when you say im sorry and accualy mean it, they listen, this is what i am talking about, yes we got them figured out, of course the dumb guys still dont get this.. but when you say im sorry they do listen to what you have to say, it doesn't matter if she caught you with ur stick in another girls cherry, its happened to me once, and many other people i know, lol, but alll you say is im sorry and acc
It Doesn't Take Much
It Doesn't Take Much By Anthony Hunt My hand longs to touch a warm cheek that ain't there I dearly miss the scent of vanilla in your hair My ears want to hear the sweetest voice in the world My eyes tear up knowin' they'll never again see that girl Cause it doesn't take much Just a wink or a stare To remind me again Of how much I care No I'll never have enough As I bitterly laugh The only way to see you Is in a photograph But what I can't figure out Is what does it mean? When I wanna be with you But I know it ain't meant to be? It may be a little strained Every time that I call But I'd rather know you as a stranger Than not know you at all Cause it doesn't take much Just a wink or a stare To remind me again Of how much I care No I'll never have enough As I bitterly laugh The only way to see you Is in a photograph Why can't you just take my hand So we can be friends? And why can't I understand That this is the end? The answer's harder to f
It Does Not Interest Me...
"It doesn't interest me what you do for living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventures of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals, or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, if you can dance with the wildness and let ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; If you can bear the accusation of
It Doesnt Matter... virtuous you lead yourself into thinking you are. The wanting, the yearning, the lying, the cheating, the stealing of time that isnt yours to steal...looking at this little warm glow of love in front of your face..... Doesnt. Make. It. Real. No matter how much you want it to be.......its not. ..and how unfair is it to someone who loves you and cant hold you? Cant look you in the eye at the end of the day, give you a hug and say welcome home baby, how was your day? Cant take you to bed and show you how much they love you? That they cant share in your frustration of the same thing if anything, because of how far away they are? How fair is it really? No worries though.....because you'll do it day in and day out. Its clockwork, its habit, its hope. Hope that you havent completely fucked your life away and that there still may be some time to salvage a little happiness with someone you actually relate to and not the stranger no more than 30 feet from you in the next
It Doesn't Take Much (vocals)
It Doesn't Take Much (vocals)
It Don't Matter Too The Sun.
IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER 1. rock out with my cock out hang out with my wang out.'s to on'er when you get honor stay on'er if you can't cum in 'er cum on'er! 3.what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger! like a rockstar kick a little ass! 5.I AM A MASTERDIBATOR!!! 6.We are all just figments of our own imaginations. 7. if God had a voice it would be the voice of johnny cash. 8. IT'S ALL FUN & GAMES TILL SOMEONE GETS AN EYE POKED OUT THEN IT'S JUST FUN WITH ONLY ONE EYE!(THANKS ALOT DIMEBAG FOR THAT ONE R.I.P.)) 9. SEX DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL.... TAKE OUT THE DRUGS AND THATS JUST MORE TIME TOO BUST A NUT(THANKS STEVEN TYLER FOR THAT ONE!) 10.YOU WANT SYMPATHY LOOK IN THE DICTIONARY BETWEEN SHIT AND SYPHALLIS (Thanks alot for that one MAJOR PAYNE). 11.Procrastination is alot like masturbation it may seem like a good idea at the time but in the end you're really just fucking yourself! IT DON'T MATTER TOO THE SUN WHAT YOU'VE GAINED OR LOST THIS DAY.ABOUT LOVES LOST OR
It Dosent Matter
Thanksgiving was absolutly horrible, I can see the same coming for Christmas. I don't want to go thru the same pain as Thanksgiving,   Unloved, unappreciated, Alone
It Doesn't Interest Me.
I cling to the thought of you   like a stain on your memory,  like a prayer on your lips  and I linger like the last minutes of the dawn,  just waiting for you to notice me.  Sometimes, I stare at your words for hours,  just trying to make sense of these scratching voices  that once lulled me to sleep at four a.m.    we should both stop smoking, you know.  It's killing us  slower than you could kill me  with your stabbing words;   but perhaps, just as painless.  And they're just words after all,  wrapped up in cigarette paper and smoked into existence;  like a handful of ghosts.   And when I attempt to photograph you, you always come out as a colored blur as if you are just too amazing to be portrayed in focus.      and I don't blame the camera for blinking too slowly in your presence     You stun and inspire the most beautiful disasters. It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of mee
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Items For Sale That I Have 4 U !!!
Items And Things
Happiness is laughter monkeys picking their noses in front of children screaming CHOCOLATE MUSIC not being a warm gun nature shining moon sneezing fresh sheets snap dragons family bare toes in mud thunderstorms getting rid of colds hammocks radiance Perpetual frowns Boring people When people don't use their indicators Broken toes Someone taking the last of my chocolate Hateful people People that take advantage of kindness Lateness PEOPLE THAT SUCK, BUT ARE TOO LAME TO KNOW IT. Anyone that hurts an animal (Thusly earning the right to be thrown in to a pit of hungry hogs, hog tied) People talking to me while I'm already on the phone Anyone that can not see the rhythm in life, and appreciate the harmony
Items Taken Off My Profile So It Loads Better
I'm taking some items off my profile so that it loads better. This is one of them. Please rate my blogs. I am glad that so many of you enjoy my photos and videos! Thank you for all the luv My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! My friends and fans SOOO ROCK!! I'm taking some items off my profile so it loads better. This is one of them. Please rate my blogs. Thanks. Whats your sex style? Fierce Sex StyleStraight to it! No time for kissing and touching here... Maybe the heat of the moment...But always great! Leaving them wanting MORE EACH TIME!!!!!! Take this test htt
Item Of The Month
I have a business mellys corner. Ive been on for over a year now. I havent gotten a single order. Im wondering if theres some way to make it more interesting where people want to buy stuff. sorry guys i need help but im not at the level needed to do a mum. Ive been datting this amazing wonderful man for 9 months. Yes just like every couple weve had our troubles. I just say what couple doesnt have trouble every now and then. But a few of my friends say with the trouble weve been having its time to let go. But i keep saying I love him so much i cant let go. Tonight hes really said somethings that really hurt. I thought things was about to get better to. But for the first time hes hit below the belt and said some really hurtful things. Yet, i just want to prove to him how whos right and whos right isnt important just put it away and not let it break us up because we love each other so much its not worth. Are my friends right? Is it really time to let go and try my best to move on? Or shou
Items For Sale
USED Yahama PSR-140 Partatone Keybard. Its not the kind you can put a disc in. The keyboard is in good working condition. Comes with AC adaptor. Keyboard stand not included. It’s $20.00. Keyboard can’t not be shipped. You must pick up in person. To see picture of item. Go to my ad at  I Only accept Cash or Cashier's Check This Item can not be shipped. So if you are intrested , you must pick up in person. The cashier's check is to be drawn on a local bank in the Warren, Ohio, USA area in the amount of US $20.00. Make it payable to Maria Bustos. As soon as you have the check ready, please make an appointment with me to hand deliver it and arrange pick up of the item. I Only accept Cash or Cashier's Check This Item can not be shipped do to the fact that I no longer have the instruction manual on how to put it together. So if you are intrested , you must pick up in person. The cashi
It is a nice day, the sun looks effulgence seems like everything will be ok. I go to school as usual and take the bus with a good mood. When I am thinking my Aion Power Leveling, the bus suddenly stopped, I am shocked and see outside to ensure what has happened. But when I look outside, I do not see anything, I think it must be someone nearly to be bump to the bus, so it goes quickly.   several minutes later, I look here and there on the bus, when I move my eyes to the behind of a seat, I see something is there, but no one sit there, I guess someone has lost its things and did not recognize it. I walk there and pick it up, to my surprise, it is the Aion CD Key, and I just now have thought that, now I can catch it in my hand. I think it is the god wants to give me, so it let me see it.      When the school is over, I go with some of my friends to the internet bar to play the game; they all need to buy Aion PowerLeveling except me. I feel chesty that time and go directly to find a comput
Iternet Joke Lmao Lol
Sign of the times? A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?" The father answers: "Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:
It Excites Me
Computer Repair in Tallinn. Ремонт компьютеров в Таллине. Arvuti remont Tallinnas. Tietokoneiden korjaus Tallinnassa.
The "it Factor"
I was reading something online about people who have the "IT Factor". In your opinion, what does having the "IT Factor" mean and what does it take to have it? I can't answer that cause I really don't have a clue.
It Feels So Right
k i s s i n g~yeah baby its gonna be soon~promise of a lover~your gonna be wonderin is it the glitter on her chest or the hikies you placed on my breast the gloss on my lips or the toss of my hips. Get it right I keep it tight but I'm no heart breaker make you laugh make you smile want specialized freak shows. You got me here like a fien since you rolled out now get your fun on with me and my girls and we can roll out. I'll be your dancer then your freak and touch my knees to my elbows gonna like it when we smoked out choked out. Lover boy come on and take me come on and make me I'll cum every time take me for a ride where ever we go its delivered in time be the one who is uplifting to me and take me away. Rescue Me. Your all I need and your touch can get me high like a taste of extacy. I don't want another pretender to play with my mind lets belong dream lover. Caress my whole body all I need is you to be my lover. Lover boy come on and take me all I need is you to adore. What I see i
It Feels Good To Be In Contact Again :)
A feeling of a fesh new start seems to tingle from within a new place to start from. Here made many new friends and not thoseof just a face to recoginize or to say "hey, hi, what's up, ect ect This is to be considered a Fertunity a felloship to now that we are not alone in our struggles in which we all suffer seemingly alone Life is a journey many of us feel like we are traveling down the road of life we seem to foret that others are in the same taffic altho we may seem blinded to the trafic around us Now we are here at the end at the end of our weekend to all our eyes for which are open both seen and unseen To all who made this weekend happened thank you For the Brother wh simply asked me to come to this weekend experience thank you. Wow! I thought I had lost someone who I have been thinking of since we had first meet. This person had not been known to me untill that very first day when she found me here on line. I
It Feels
It Finally Snowed!!!!!!!!
Man it's about damn time!!!!! We just got a foot of snow today. You know what that means!! See you on the mountain bitches!!!!!
It Figures
Yes i have started to play world of warcraft on my puter i bought the game two weeks ago . i got the subscription last week and have played 3 days total. It is a very addictive game i dont know about the widow part but for now she dont care if i play alot ,so game on as wayne and garth say happy hunting .
It Finally Happend
The Other day i signed up to work from home heres the link I love it i already am making money i nkow it sounds like a scam but if it were iwould not have joined the company i only spent 14.50 to join so far we have great healthy products that are non- toxic di you know that leading baby shampoo has FORMALDAHYDE in it yes its found in baby shampoo now see my company sell bath products for babies-children and salon preformance shampoo we also sell yummy bath products for him or her ohh Do you love Candles we got em too Are you a person who loves to take vitamins or wants too well we sell them to can you believe it we also have cleaning products that the little wont have to be rushed into emergency for see every thing is made from TEA Tree Oil so like i said NON TOXIC so if you would like more info please feel free to email me at or contact me through here i have appointments opening up all time if
It Fucking New Years And Im Drunk Off My Ass
this is fucking nuts moose my man's phone is not working and im drunk off my ass
Boost your sexual performance with Generik Viagra.BUY NOW AND GET BIGGER DISCOUNT
It Good
It Goes A Little Like This
i was proposed to last friday. in front of all of the boys army friends. it was the most amazing moment of my life. but i didn't cry. i should have... but i didn't. oooo... and home loan approved. man... now i have way grown up stuff to deal with. wasn't i supposed to be guilt spiraling by now? i guess i just felt like being spiteful. three and a half months till my wedding. i own a house. i have a job... i love my life. so there. hope you're doing just as well. ::grin:: so, i still can't seem to think of a single thing to really... "write" about. my life is still on a fast track to amazing. i've got friends visiting from boston, a sister who is now living with me and getting a little better at this whole being a brat thing, and the most amazing fiance there ever was or could be. we own a house... things are a little tight, but i'm not letting it bring me down. i've got everything i need. i'm not begging for a thing. video game
It Going To Ok
It Happens
I Thank You
just a quick thanks to all of you that had made me feel welcome here. I have met some awesome people here. Thank you all for the comments all of them in good taste. Just because of my name it doesnt mean i am lookin for the sex thing friendship is good. Keep the compliments coming rate me add me and well talk THE CANADIAN MILF
It Had To Be Done...
sometimes in life to do the right thing means to hurt yourself and sometimes others, even if you don't want too. so, that is what i did with a very special girl in my life. its funny though when i think about it. so many times i tried to spare her from me, just to realize i really never meant it. well...not completely. however, we want to stay friends. but right now, that is a little to hard for me due to our situation. that and that she has a new comitment with another man. so i guess i got what i had comin to me...right?! it had to be done though, cuz now she is happier than i ever made her. new man, new daughter, new life. i just hope we can be friends like we said we would in time. it just hurts that she belongs to another.....
I Thank You
I thank you You stood near me when things Were tough, and I’m grateful You shared with me the happy and sad times, You gave me memories that i Don’t have to dream about You also gave me love and joy That is truly hard to find And I thank you for giving it to me You’re one of a kind
It Has To Be Said
Hiya gang, Many of you may know that I'm an avid cyclist, and you also may know that I've spent the last 15 years associated with the New England Classic- A bicycle tour to benefit the American Diabetes Assn. The economy has out the ADA in a tough spot- Increase income, or cut costs... Tough to do with 10% unemployment... So, the only option we can come up with is, to get more riders... Do you know someone that rides a bicycle for exercise? For fun? For charity events? If so, PLEASE forward them the link above... There's a lot of kids at "Camp Carefree" that need a hero- I can't imagine letting the kids go without the education they learn about living with type 1 or 2 diabetes and saying "Sorry, the economy was bad..." PLEASE, if you know somene that rides, send them that link... It'll only take a second...   Thanks in advance!Gearman Sorry in advance to my friends that aren't interested in politics... Click "Back" now. I received this as an em
It Has Been 2 Years
It has been two long years and I miss him so much
It Had To Happen :/
One fine day I got tagged to play this game... forced to write a blog as well then :P Aight, this is how it goes! Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Simply eh? Aight the list! 1. I love Souvlaki! You dunno what that is? Check my photos :) 2. I am a caffeine and nicotine addict. 3. My classmates used to call me Wardrobe or Bear... 4. I am a geek. I played wow like a maniac. Finished the content so now I am relaxing :) 5. I drive a VolksWagen Passat 2005. Love it! 6. I don't have a clue about coding, yet I managed to make bulletins and a nice looking lounge (that worked for nobody else but me... lol) 7. I love animals. Some times more than people... lol 8.
It Happens When You Least Expect It
I look at you and think: I cannot live Without you; you're the person of my dreams. Of course I know I can, but I must give My heart room to tell it as it seems. Romance must have a language fit for feeling More than fits between the earth and sky. For love there cannot be a floor or ceiling: My love goes down too deep and flies too high. So when I say I cannot live without you, Know I can't imagine so much pain; And when I claim to always dream about you, Well, know the moon is happy once again. The sun reveals cold truths for all to see, But I must light my love with poetry. Larry
I Thank God 4 U Today
I Thank
I thank the people I have found 31 days till christmas Hey Free breakfast today at Denny's
I Thank You All So Very, Very, Much.
It Happens
Never say I love you if you really don't care. Never talk about feelings if they really aren't there. Never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart. Never say you are going to if you don't plan to start. Never look in my eyes if all you're going to do is lie. Never say hi if you really mean goodbye. If you really mean forever then say you will try. Never say forever, because forever makes me cry.... Love hurts , love scars,Love wounds, and marks,Any heart, not tough,Or strong, enoughTo take a lot of
It Happennnns
I find myself yet again, to be in one of those "moments". You know what I'm talking about. It's when you’re lucky and vulnerable enough to get to see your life from an outsider's perspective. Usually, in my case, it’s brought about by unexpected, unplanned, and unwilling circumstance. Most of the time when this happens, I’ll just shake my head and tell myself to “Skye, get it together”. I swear my life seems like its just an overly dramatic, syndicated, TV show where all you can do is sit, watch, wait, and deal. However, I think this time, I’d like to call it a learning experience, or more bluntly a reality check, more than anything else. And if I were my best friend, I’d do the best friend role and bitchslap me, probably more than once. Well, I’d hit my best friends anyways. I’m always quick to hand out much needed "favors” that I see fit. But, like Britney says, there really are only 2 types of people in the world. Those who
It Happens Again.... What Is Wrong With People???   This sickens me to the core of my soul. Many will sympathize. Many will disagree. But I believe there is NO excuse or reason to forget your child for that many hours ANYWHERE, let alone in the backseat of a car on a blistering hot day. How do you do that? Anyone who thinks that death by heatstroke is a pleasant way to go needs to go sit in a hot car for just 20 minutes. Parents who do this should suffer the same fate. I have no room for forgiveness when it comes to this kind of neglect.
I ♥ The 80s [train]
I L♥ve The 80s As with every other train out there - drama will NOT be tolerated! 1. Fan each person below. 2. Rate their profile. (If you have rated their profile recently - rate one of their pictures) 3. Leave them a comment telling them you are riding this train. **You DO NOT need to add each person as a friend** When you have rated everyone message aGEM4life to be added to the list and for your tag to be made. Rate this folder of pics to receive your personal tag. Start with this one (and continue until the end of folder)... 1. ♊aGEM4life♊ ☆SinnersFamily☆SBG☆ FUOwnedBy Willie ~Wife of Ike™~ 2.Willie 3. HersheyK 4. ♥ T.R.O.U.B.L.E ♥FU-OWNED
I, The Penis...
I, the Penis, request a pay raise due to the following reasons:1. I do physical labor.2. I work at great depths.3. I plunge head first into everything I do.4. I work weekends and holidays.5. I work in a damp enviroment.6. I work in dark areas with poor ventilation.7. I work in high temperatures.8. My work exposes me to disease.Dear Penis,   Your request has been denied for the following reasons: 1. You don't work 8 hours straight. 2. You work in short spurts and fall asleep after each brief work period. 3. You don't stay in your designated area and are frequently found in other locations. 4. You don't take initiative and must be stimulated to start working.5. You leave your work place messy at the end of your shifts.6. You are unable to work overtime or double shifts.7. You sometimes leave your designated area before completing the assigned task.8. You have constantly been seen entering and exiting the work place with 2 suspicious bags.                Sincerly,                  
I, The Penis...
I Think Sometimes
I think sometimes you just gotta play to her heart I think sometimes you just gotta play to her soul I think sometimes you just gotta play your part I think sometimes you just gotta be whole Even though you might only feel like half And feel a deep emptiness inside All you can do is laugh And let your lips spread wide I think sometimes you just gotta smile I think sometimes you just gotta be glad Even when your life is on every trial For she might just be deeply sad Dont fall into the drudge Of dragging feet through sludge I think sometimes you just gotta be there I think sometimes she needs you I think sometimes she expects you to see her tear I think sometimes you must stick by her side like glue
I Think Of You
I Think Of You When the house is quite When the boys have gone to school When the baby's in the bassinet asleep That is when I try it-- I try not to think of you-- But thats's a goal I hardly ever keep So many things surround me That call to mind your generous life Thngs you've done for us in this home we share If you hadn't found me-- and let me be your wife-- That's the only way I'd never care. Am I too romantic Thinking of you all day long? Maybe I am lovesick in my way, But when the house is quite, Love thoughts fill it like a song and drive my thoughts of lonliness away
I Think, Therefore I Am
Ten Ways to Worry Less and Accomplish More By Author Unknown 1. Don't think of problems as difficulties. Think of them as opportunities for action. 2. After you've done your best to deal with a situation, avoid speculating about the outcome. Forget it and go onto the next thing. 3. Keep busy. Keep the 24 hours of your day filled with these three ingredients: work, recreation, and sleep. Don't allow yourself time for abstract thinking. 4. Don't concern yourself with things you can't do anything about. Armchair generals don't win battles, but they do have nervous breakdowns. 5. For the time being anyway, eliminate daydreaming completely. Stop building air castles. 6. Don't procrastinate. Putting off an unpleasant task until tomorrow simply gives you more time for your imagination to make a mountain out a possible molehill. More time for anxiety to sap your self-confidence. Do it now, brother, do it now. 7. Don't pour woes and anxieties to other people. You d
I Think Everyone Should Read This..makes Some Good Points
~b4 you start reading this...I just wanted to let everyone know that i stole this from someones blog bc i thought it made a really good point and i wanted to share this with you all Love. Its when you c.a.r.e so much about one person that youd give up your happiness to make them happy. Its when youd literally DIE for them. Romeo and Juliet the love they had for one another was so great that they couldnt possibly exist if the other one was alive. Thats what im looking for. Maturity..../. you cant possibly love someone until youve matured enough to love yourself. Part of growing up and loving is realizing that you might just have to stop being a lazy teenager- get your ass of the couch get a job and make some money. Yes you might ONLY be in high school and you live in a world full of tomorrows but you dont think about the future. THERE IS A LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL LIVING OFF YOUR PARENTS Grow the fuck up and realize this WHO YOU ARE TODAY REFLEX WHO YOUR GOING TO BE WHEN YOU
I Think Of You
I Think I Found "mr.. Right'
i have dated different kinds of guys now. i have dated a guy that claim that he was "bi" but found later that he was gay, i have dated a guy that was head over heels for me and didn't know what that true meaning of love but want to get to married to me, i have dated a guy that want to open his soul to people because he didn't want to get hurt, and guy that was a control freak. i think i have dated every kind of guy out there but the sweet, romatic, loving kind. i think i found him. i think i found "Mr. Right" i never beleive that was a true thing i until meant him.i put my classifed online and had a whole bundle of guy reply it bu this one just open his heart to me. it was wonderful to loved again.he know how to show his love for his ladies. i was always tol there is always one true love out there for you out there you just have to find them. so when they show up don't let go. it hard to find them. you can doing it my way the hard way experiance with other people or the easy way which
I Think Umm Idk Its Just A Blog!
Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I�ve got no Soul to tell" When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy. What Song Should You Strip To? Maddie will go to jail for ... Performing a strip tease on the street 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at You are 100% fuckable! Take this quiz at
I Think I'm Falling.... 8th World Wonder
"8th World Wonder" by Kimberly Locke Woke up early this morning, made my coffee like I always do. Then it hit me from nowhere, everything I feel about me and you. The way you kiss me crazy, baby you're so amazing. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. I guess that I'm just falling deeper into something I've never known. But the way that I'm feeling, makes me realize that it can't be wrong. You're love's like a summer rain, washing my doubts away. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. It's only been a week, but it's coming over me. It's making me believe that you're the one for me. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder.
I Think I Figured It Out , The Problem With Men
I Think I Screwed Up
Well I went to the cabin she was sharing with the deck hand and knocked on the door. She answered it with just a towel wrapped around her and I could see him in the bed with a sheet over his cock. I asked her if we could talk and she said sure and went back and grabbed some clothes and squeezed his cock and said she would be back. I had a hard time looking at her after that and we went to the feont of the boat. I asked her what she was doing and why and she said she was excerising her freedom and she was enjoying herself. She than asked me what gave me the right to question her affairs when I fucking grabbed any woman we met and would try to bed them. I had no answer for her and I began to cry. I told her I loved her and I was sorry if I hurt her. She said that that wasn't thepoint. I told her I never denied her anything she wanted and again she said that wasn't the point. I asked her what was the point and then she let me have it. She said that she did fall in love with me and was wil
I Think I Found Mr. Right
yeah i bet , how many time u done said that everytime u meet some one and u fall in love and u think your his ; body , mind and soul. and that he feels the same way. it's so hard sometimes when that person has u like that , everytime he touches your soft body and put sweet kisses from the tip of your nose , down to inner parts of your tigh feelin your wettness with his fingers. and all u can think of is how much u want him and how this body belong to him. u so wrap up in your own passion especially when he is about to take u and u feel his hard dick inside u at that moment he just don't take your body but your mind as well . now that he his u , u feel like this is it i found him mr right .but it only last but a min cuz the things he put into your mind and the way he makes your body feel in bed isn't really enough to make u feel completely his . not unitll he has your heart . and only the things he can do to make that happen . is to trap your heart and so right by u. then u can re
I Think I Just Blogged In My Pants mold.we.are.making.monsters***
I Think Your The Father Of One Of My Kids
I THINK YOU'RE THE FATHER OF ONE OF MY KIDS... > > A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an > attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. > > He's rather taken aback because he can't place where > he knows her from. So he says, > > "Do you know me?" To which she replies, > > "I think you're the father of one of my kids." > > Now his mind travels back to the only time he has > ever > been unfaithful to his wife and says, > > "My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party > that I made love to > on the pool table with all my buddies watching while > your partner whipped > my butt with wet celery?" > > She looks into his eyes and says calmly, > > "No, I'm your son's teacher." MyHotComments brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:- "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!" There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you
I Think I Will Quit Bitching About Gas Prices...
THEY COME with metronomic regularity, these media stories about "soaring" gasoline prices and the causes thereof, news stories which always identify the same two culprits, supply and demand. The stories always give various reasons why supplies are tight -- more often, why prices include a risk premium based on fears that supplies might become tight -- or why demand is higher than it "should" be, given supposedly high prices. Today, as the price of a gallon of regular ($2.70 nationally on Monday) "soars" almost to where it was (measured in constant dollars) in 1982, the "news" is: "Drivers Offer a Collective Ho-Hum as Gasoline Prices Soar" (The New York Times, last Friday). People are not changing their behavior because the real, inflation-adjusted cost of that behavior has not changed significantly, and neither has the cost of the commodity in question, relative to disposable income. The next wave of stories about "soaring" gas prices will predictably trigger some politicians' in
I Think I Need Some Help
i'm new to all this so i need help with gettin all this stuff figured out...i don't really know how to do anything on here lol so i need A LOT of help lol
I Think About You
I oughta be workin - but I cant concentrate I oughta be sleepin - steada stayin up late When I oughta be doing all the things I should do I think about you I oughta be writin - but I cant find the song Just sittin here driftin - driftin along Theres only one thing that I wanna do And thats think about you I think about you - I cant get no rest I think about you - there aint no one else Its all I can do - I cant help myself Ya - I think about you I could go cruisin - but Ive had enough I could go drinkin - but I cant stand the stuff It just dont do me like it used ta do Id rather think about you I think about you - I cant get no rest I think about you - there aint no one else Its all I can do - I cant help myself Ya - I think about you
I Think I Found Someone Nice
I Think Every One Is Sexy In There Own Way
I Think Blue Roses Are For Sad People
I Think I've Just Had A Stroke...
Okay, either I've just had a stroke and am lying on my office floor drooling, or I really did just tune in to the 2007 Rock Paper Scissors Championships on ESPN. Is it a slow sports day? It's being held in Las Vegas and they're talking about adaptive strategies and laying odds based on wrist cramps and if the "athlete" is right or left handed. I'm not even sure where I was going with this, I'm just stunned.
I Think I'm Leaving Ct...
I haven't been able to be on here as much, if at all. Alot of you seem to be taking this personally, when I've explained in more than one bulletin, that my life outside of CT is very busy. Before CT, I'm a wife, mother, bestfriend, teacher...etc. I'm not totally sure I'm going to delete my entire profile yet, or just leave it like it is. However, I've deleted all of my pics with the exception of a few. I may just pop in here now and then like I have been. If I completely leave, I'll let everyone know. If you guys would like to send me your Yahoo's and email addy's that would be cool. Still feel free to email/CT Mail, and so on. :) I ♥ you all....ok, MOST of you. :P ♥ April Marie ♥
I Think Ur The Father...
*Dear Wife:* *I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you forever. I've been a good man to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today and that was the last straw.* *Last week, you came home and didn't even notice that I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don't tell me you love me anymore; you don't want sex or anything that connects us as husband and wife. Either you're cheating on me or you don't love me anymore. whatever the case, I'm gone.* *Your EX-Husband* *P.S. Don't try to find me. Your SISTER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!* *Dear Ex-Husband -* *Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It's true that you and I have been married for se
I Think I Am A Fuckwit
Sorry, forgot to mark the 1st one NSFW. I hate people in general I think ... (from bottom to top) All cause he said his mumms were stupid and I basically agreed, in a sarcastic way as always. ->~DJ Philbu...: i'm not giving up ... you are boring and not worth it ~DJ Philbu...: you are the weekiest link you are giveing up....hahahahahaha ->~DJ Philbu...: i'm not giving up ... you are boring and not worth it ~DJ Philbu...: you are the weekiest link you are giveing up....hahahahahaha ->Sphere Fre...: well okay then ... you are now boring and the waekest link ... goodbye ~DJ Philbu...: mouth....i do not block i am not scared ~DJ Philbu...: so do i till ppl like you run your moth ->Sphere Fre...: come on and block me fucktard ... you know you want to ->Sphere Fre...: me dj philburg, me no talk like adult ~DJ Philbu...: i just got done it your class time ->Sphere Fre...: cause I'm sarcastic and joking 99% of the time ... yea, you're right ... isn't it time for recess? ~DJ
I Think I Am Going Insane
I am so happy that my car is running again. A week is too long to go without transportation! Last week was the worse week of my life. Friday night I went to a concert and got whiplash from people being thrown on my head. Sunday I got stung by a yellow jacket on the cheekbone and my eye swelled up, looked like someone beat the shit out of me Monday I woke up sick as a dog Thursday they turned my gas off because of some stupid bank mistake I made and it cost me 125.00 + the 59.00 bill I owed to get it back on Thursday night I went to 378 and my car started acting up. Friday went to pay the gas bill and get it turned back on (never had utilities turned off in my life!) And my car completely died! Had to call someone to come tow me. Friday afternoon after my car broke down (I guess the last straw) I started shaking and hyperventelating. Thought I was going to have to go to the ER or something. I just stayed in bed all day, took 2 hydrocodones (made me better)
I Think My Delet This Profile
I know just seems so boring a round here am happly in love spend most my time loving her. Being with her really don't care about this place any more. When love takes over your heart you really don't care about chat rooms you only care about the person your in love with. haven't decide what am going do yet..Wanted give everyone heads up.
I Think I Found Him =)
Ithink You Should Read This If You Really My Friend
I Thing The Same..
I Think ...
I sit under a sky of blue All I can think about is me and you I sit here gazing at the sky Thinking of you as days go by Wishing we can be together Me and you, always and forever Hoping we will never part You will always remain in my heart.
I Think I Am Cute
Myspace Glitter Graphics
I Think This Is Funny
I Thinking
Whats up sexy? I was about to send you the sexiest thing you have ever seen in your life....but then the mailman told me i couldnt climb in the mailbox......aint that some Send this to 10 of the sexiest people you know. If you get it back, then that means you really are sexy TAG YOU'RE IT!! SEXY... YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED YOU HAVE TO TAG 5 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE SWEET ; ) (((HuGs))) xoxoxo me ; )* FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this Send this 2 at least 5 ppl including me if u care 4 me!!!
I Think Your The Father Of One Of My Kids
A single rose f love A single rose of devotion A single rose of wish upon my lips A single rose of thought of you A single rose of desire to be granted A single rose of moment of careless bliss A single rose of love never to be broken A single rose for one last kiss A guy goes to a supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She say hello. He's rather taken aback because he cant place where he knows her from. So he says,Do you know me?"To which she replies, I thnk you're the father of one of my kids." Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says."My God,are you the stripper from my bachelor party that i made love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery??? She looks into his eyes and says calmly,No I'm your son's teacher
I Think They Are Trying To Kill Me
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? gone 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? Florida 6. Your favorite thing? laughter 7. Your dream last night? disturbing 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? survival 10. The room you're in? livingroom 11. Music? yes 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? interested 16. Muffins? sometimes 17. One of your wish list items? freedom 18. Where you grew up? florida 19. The last thing you did? cleaned 20. What are you wearing? clothing 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? boxer 23. Your computer? operational 24. Your life? survival 25.
I Think My Bf Is Cheating On Me
I think my bf is cheating on me, bc he dosent really wanna hang out with me on our days off. he fuckes up the plans, and i found another woman thats from salina that i think hes cheating with , he cheated on me once i think hes cheatting on me again with this sarah Roe woman thats 25 years old from here salina ks. but if he is , its over between him and i, and i found a better man to date and he wants to get with me and be serious with me. jess
I Think Im Gonna Start Writing In This Fu Thing Too
this will be it for now. lol. writers block.
"i Think I Think Not " By Il Bastardo
Imagine you have a brother and he’s an alcoholic. He has his moments, but you keep your distance from him. You don’t mind him for the occasional family gathering or holiday. You still love him. But you don’t want to be around him. This is how I lovingly describe my current relationship with the United States. The United States is my alcoholic brother. And although I will always love him, I don’t want to be near him at the moment. I know that’s harsh, but I really feel my home country is not in a good place these days. That’s not a socio-economic statement (although that’s on the decline as well), but rather a cultural one. I realize it’s going to be impossible to write sentences like the ones above without coming across as a raging prick, so let me try to soften the blow to my American readers with an analogy: You know when you move out of your parents’ house and live on your own, how you start hanging out with your friends&rsqu
I Think She Impossible To Find
Song lyrics | Fall For You lyrics
I Think I Met My Best Friend And My Way Home
Maybe it's intuition But some things you just don't question Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant And there it goes I think I've found my best friend I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life There's just no rhyme or reason Only this sense of completion And in your eyes I see the missing pieces I'm searching for I think I've found my way home I know that it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life (add the whos here) A thousand angels dance around you I am complete now that I've found you (and the whos here) I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting al
I Think Of This Someone
The Feel Good Drag lyrics "I'm here for you" she said and we can stay for awhile, my boyfriend's gone, we can just pretend. Lips that need no introduction Now who's the greater sin, Your drab eyes seem to invite (tell me darling) Where do we begin. Was this over before Before it ever began Your kiss Your calls Your crutch Like the devils got your hand This was over before Before it ever began Your lips Your lies Your lust Like the devils in your hands Everyone in this town is seeing somebody else Everybody's tired of someone our eyes wander for help Prayers that need no answer now I'm tired of who I am You were my greatest mistake I fell in love with your sin Your littlest sin Was this over before Before it ever began Your kiss Your calls Your crutch Like the devils got your hand This was over before Before it ever began Your lips Your lies Your lust Like the devils in your hands Failure is your disease You want my outline drawn You
I Think
I Think Im Bi
  drunk blooging last night. good thing i didnt post it..but made a new catogory last night as u can tell *points 2da side* how it started: my friend asks me to go out drinkin, i said drinks lol. than he asks if i can help him get this chick he likes jelouse..who happens2waitress at a strip club. so i went to my 1st strip club last night. got drunk, made her jelouse, & got 2 lap dances..which were pretty intresting lol da stripper kept grabbing my tits & i got my 1st girl kiss...alot of firsts last hey im not complaining.
I Think They Are Selling Tennis Shoes
I'm pretty sure this commercial is trying to sell tennis shoes but who can tell with all those nicely toned asses distracting everyone?
I Think Im Goin Put Myself Up For Auction
Im goin up for auction what my owner will get top spot in my family rated 11s every day  100 !1s mins 2 x a week  a cam show once a week NSF salutes and safe salute gifts daily big pimpin gift at least 1 week kept full of bjs and sex on beach tee hee so let the biddin begin puttin in an incentive tee hee Im so dying for a divorce  lol bling packs added and Ill add cam show daily yahoo permanent and if divorced paid for with  join fan club as vip in yahoo
I Think This Is So Sweet And Awesome!!!
Watch This Its A Tear Jerker
I Think
~i Think I Know What I Have To Do~
Looking back at my life I don't ever remember being 'good enough' As a child if I had been good enough, my real father would have wanted to stay & be a part of my life, If I was 'good enough' he wouldn't have left me (which I now know isn't true, but that's a child's reasoning for ya)   So, as a result of  that logic Ive never felt like I could be myself in relationships with men. If I could be what they wanted, then they wouldnt see how inadequate I really was, & then they would want me, need me, maybe even love that fake me.  Because of that Ive put up with a lot of grief in many of my so-called 'relationships' but I put up with it because my need to be wanted and loved out weighted the pain of being alone, and facing myself and my issues. Its always easier to pretend then to face reality! Ive clung to people who I didn't really need in my life, Ive played immature mind games to make myself feel better. I used to feel that if I could take a guy away from another girl, that I was b
I Thought Myspace N Yahoo360 Was Bad For This Shit Sometimes Here Is Even Worse
hey i dont care if u all wanna show ur tits puss dick n balls but damn put in a private album so i aint gotta see it first thing i see when im scoping out profiles i got boob pics myself but in a bra and dont post it anywhere i wanna send them i can i dont i dont have too and not everyone can see em who I dont want too i know people take this place as another online hook up place but have some dignity about it not everyone is interested in seeing ur anatomy first time they look at ur profile or ever for that matter i come here, cuz there are actually some cool people on here and hell where else can i have as many pics to share nowhere this cool as of yet i wanna see dick ill head up to the bar and ask someone in person to take a look at theirs same with if i wanted to see women on here, guess i never understood how people could just put theirselves out there( like a two bit whore on the corner its just another form of prositution but ur asses aint getting paid!!!!) for all to s
I Thought He Loved Me
well my life has really went downhill now. well i texted justin on Thrusday night and i'm not suppose to talk to him cuz of the order of protection but i missed him and i knew my parents would never find out so i did.and well my parents did find out cuz justin told his attorney that i called him and his attroney told my parnets so i just found out that he didnt love me or he wouldnt of told anyone.then if that wasnt enough my parents didnt want to tell me but since this happen they decided to i guess when they went to court on october 5 and justin did too cuz of the order of protection i guess he brought a girl with him and they were holding hands the whole time and hugging each other and i guess they kissed to.and my parents wouldnt lie bout that cuz they knew i wasnt doing good at all and they knew that would make me feel worse but they decided to tell me.and we were supposed to still be together cuz he said we were and that he was waiting for me cuz i was waiting for him but i guess
I Thought I Made One Of These, Damn I Was Drunk.
I'm still buzzed!!!
I Thought I Had Friends On Here
Redneck Logic Two rednecks decided that they weren't going anywhere in life and thought they should go to college to get ahead. The first went in to see the counselor, who told him to take math, history, and logic. "What's logic?" the first redneck asked. The professor answered, "Let me give you an example. Do you own a weed eater?" "I sure do." "Then I can assume, using logic, that you have a yard," replied the professor. "That's real good!" said the redneck. The professor continued, "Logic will also tell me that since you have a yard, you also own a house." Impressed, the redneck said, "Amazing!" "And since you own a house, logic dictates that you have a wife." "That's Betty Mae! This is incredible!" The redneck was catching on. "Finally, since you have a wife, logically I can assume that you are heterosexual," said the professor. "You're absolutely right! Why that's the most fascinatin' thing I ever heard! I cain't wait to take that logic clas
I Thought Of Giving Up
I thought I must give up on life And turn into a stone; The desert wind quite suited me: No heart, no mind--just bone. I thought it would be dumb to try To want something again; Wanting turns to need, and then Transmogrifies to pain. I laughed at people still in love Who trusted someone's word; To make my happiness depend On faith seemed quite absurd. I lay alone and wonder-struck, Sleepless in my bed, Still numb, still dumb, still ice, ice cold, Not knowing I was dead. And then you came and shone upon My meadow full of snow, And saw the flowers only love Could recognize and grow; And made me feel so beautiful I shed my cold, cold skin, And opened up my heart to you, And, fearful, let you in. And now, my dear, I am in love, With all that I've been through. I know the worst of all the world, And I believe in you
I Thought
i would like for all my and ct family to know that i own a radio station Rebel Radio it is an internet radio station and i run it from the chat program i talk in as well Halsoft the station does take request and dedications from anyone and everyone We also advertise CT very well on the station most of my DJ's use Cherry Tap as well . we are also currently looking for DJ's so if anyone is interested can send me a private message and i will of course get back with you on it We play all types of music and enjoy and love all who listen to us ..the addys below can tune you in to listen thanks and have a blessed day to all my and friends love you all or to use in winamp again thank you all love sinful bytch You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special
I Thought....
I thought that I'd have some more messages than I do. I'm just chillin' at the house on a Saturday night. Looks like everyone is out and about. Being stuck here kinda sucks.
I Thought !!!
I thought of ways to tell you , all the love I have for you, I thought of words and jewels, perhaps a rose or two, I thought of all the ways to tell you... Then it dawned on me, the best way to tell you that I LOVE YOU, was to show you everyday, so I'll show you that I LOVE YOU, by standing right by your side, through all the daily trials...
I Thought This Was Worth Saving
The Words Of A True Biker -- I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those t
I Thought I Was Done With Highschool
ok, man period time again. lately i have noticed that random people have been rating my page. which has been cool, i like some unexpected exposer, lol. but now an then ill get a 9, or 6, or a 1. hell, i bet some of those fuckers would rate a zero if they could. it seems im not the only one getting down rated here. however, my argument remains the same. why do we have them if we arnt supposed to use them? it all boils down to this, i dont give a shit. i remember in high school, getting called stupid. was i stupid? no. did being called stupid make me stupid? no. so, why do people here make a big deal about it. it seams like all the petitions going around to put a stop to it, only feed it. go about your daily lives like nothing happens, soon they will get bored and find some other way to make their tiny penis hard again. im not a 10 anyway. ok, man period over. toodles.
I Thought So!
You scored as Stoner. Hahah! You stupid druggie!Stoner80%Emo Kid80%Loner73%Goth33%Punk33%Jock27%Geek/Nerd20%"Ghetto"20%Prep13%Hot7%What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?created with
~* I Thought *~
I thought i was just loveing you till today when i sat back in the chair and got to thinking that its more than ever....Im in love with you for all u are and all u can be right down to ur charming smile that makes me melt every time i even thinking about it. Im not just loveing you i can sit here and say that im in love with u for all that you have done for me and that you do for me every day that we a blessed with each other. I thought that i was dreaming till the dayi set forth and set my eyes on u. you walked up to me with the look of here i am and there u are and im never looking back. That is something i can we both have never done and thats look back and say what if. I was told to take a chance and see what would become of it and i did and im very happy each and every day about it all. I love you for who you are. I love you for what you do for me. I love you for the respect you give me. I love you for you being the one of a kind man that you are. I love you more a
I Thought I Was Happy!
I thought I was happy I smile right? I’m laughing all the time But every time I get a second To sit down and think I’m sad unhappy It’s like I’m not the same me I start to think Of all that’s happen Between me and my ex Between you and me The feeling I feel for you The feeling I think you feel for me Just tell me you like Just ask me out Give me a reason to smile inside and out!
I Thought We Lost...duh
Favre Ties Marino In Packers' 31-24 Victory Brett Favre's 420th career touchdown pass meant more than just drawing even with Dan Marino. The 57-yard completion pass to Greg Jennings, with just over two minutes remaining, tied Marino's all-time NFL record for career TD passes and rallied the Packers past the San Diego Chargers on their way to a 31-24 victory!!! PACKERS-31 CHARGERS-24
I Thought Of You Today
Not that I have one, but to my future... To my love I thought of you today, but thats nothing new. I thought of you yesterday, and the day before that too. For every day, no matter where, In my heart you will be there.... Today, tomorrow, my whole life through, I will never stop loving you! A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug till its with the one you're thinking of. A dream is just a dream till you make it come true. Love is just a word until it's proven to you....
I Thought.....
I Thought We Had Forever!
I Thought This Was Funny
I Thought Of You Today
I thought of you today I couldn’t help it I opened up my mind and there you were You and your stupid hat I hate that hat You and your multitude of lies I never believed them You and your ignorant cons I knew it all along You and your tattooed flames I hate those flames You and the monkey on your back I want to kill that monkey You and your attitude I loved that attitude You and your evil smile I miss that smile You and your twisted outlook on the world It always amazed me You and your take it or leave it personality I took it long enough You and all the memories you left me with The good, the bad, the horrible, the amazing I thought of you today I opened up my mind and there you were And then I shut my heart before you could get back in
I Thought She Forgot Me Lol
Let me try this again! XOXOXOX
I Thought You Were A Loss...
"This was the year he fell to pieces & ironicly this was the year when more people then he even knew existed scrambled to put him back together again and as they tried they didn't notice that he was smiling .. smiling his ass off .. no pun intended oh what have we become? oh what have you become not allowed to kick the feet up and sleep until its done ground control ground control to major tom we found a hole in your theory and named it Thoren & when the leaves fall then land looks more human its got me questioning the essence of my farm boy blues hence I never wore the fashions of the know what I'm doin but their won't be no alarm when we sound up the movement a river runs through it & till I'm made outa fluids my fathers name is Dan & my names pride & while my destines reading the recipe for confusion I'm out at night writing SO*MT*N*SIDE as the panelings comes un-glued I'm averaging a camel every hour for as a substitute for food out standing in this field waiting for
I Though I Was Gonna Die Last Night (no Joke)
Last night was a very scary experience for me. When I woke up 3:00 am, I was feeling something building up inside of me like I was getting more and more nauseated like my eyes wanted to roll to the back of me head, and all of a sudden I had trouble breathing. I think it was from the medication I was taking. So I just hopped out of the bed real quick to try to walk it off, but it was getting worse and worse. So I got on my knees and pray to God to help me in my situation and to let me live, because I was really scared to death. I was in and out of bed, because I was scared of going back to sleep because if I did, I wouldn't wake up. So I went to the kitchen to make myself something to eat and get some water, and when I was walking down the hallway, I felt like I was about to collapse on the floor because I felt really nauseated and I was panicing really bad. After I ate, I felt a little better, but still pretty bad. So I got on the computer and I saw that my friend, Melissa was
I Thought Of You Today. (for My Best Friend You Know Who You Are.)
She knows when I am sad She knows how to make me smile She knows what Bothers me She knows how to keep me laughing No one comes close to her and NO ONE can compare to her and yet thier simply unaware. She's their when I need A hug or just a driendly smile. She purrrrs just like a kitty cat and makes the guys go wild. (smiles**). She has a caring way to get me through each day And all the things she does to show me just how much she cares just gives me more confidence to face a new day with a smile just to know that she'll be there. So in return I wrote this blog to let know that she is my closest friend and my love will forever show. Thanks to Mystical for always being there to talk to when I just needed a friend you are my closest friend. And I am very thankful that you chose to be my friend. much Love and respect to you my dark angel for you will always be my closest friend. I thought of you today and the tears started falling, I thought of you today and I wondered wh
I Thought It Was Funny ,thanks To Naughtyangel
I Thought This Was Beautiful.
Melissa Etheridge- I RUN FOR LIFE! It's been years since they told her about it The darkness her body possessed And the scars are still there in the mirror Everyday that she gets herself dressed Though the pain is miles and miles behind her And the fear is now a docile beast If you ask her why she is still running She'll tell you it makes her complete [Chorus:] I run for hope I run to feel I run for the truth For all that is real I run for your mother, your sister, your wife I run for you and me, my friend I run for life It's a blur since they told me about it How the darkness had taken its toll And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body But they will never get a piece of my soul And now I'm still learning the lesson To awake when I hear the call And if you ask me why I am still running I'll tell you I run for us all [Chorus:] I run for hope I run to feel I run for the truth For all that is real I run for your mother your sister your wife I run for you and me my friend I r
I Thought
It Hurts So Bad
It hurts being away from the one I love. Im so affraid that hes going to find another girl. He proposed to me after I left but I cant smile cuz hes not here with me to do it in person. I wanna spend time with my dad especially now that hes back in my life. But I also wanna be with my fiance. If I have him convenced to move to where I am it wont be till June or July that I get see him, because of getting a car, job, and maybe starting college. I love this man alot, and im trying make it without him by my side but tonight i just couldnt hold back the tears. Its almost 7 pm and he still isnt home from work which is weird cuz he normally gets home by 5. So if anyone can give me some advice or just someone to talk to i would appreciate it greatly.
It Hurts
have you ever wondered who you really are???? i mean i have been hiding from myslef for a long time now and i never could figure out why??? o wait yes i could b/c of stupid ass people who have to jude you before they know you for example a pretty girl walks up to you but you can only see her from the said . oo dam you say what a fine pice of ass that is but the the girl turns and she has the smallest birthmark on her cheek and you make fun of her what the hell is wrong with people like there so stupid... sorry just ranting anywho i learnd this morning infact to be myself and there are people out there who care and wont judge you dont hide be yourself ok
It Hurts
it hurts my head hurts when i think of you....its like a drug that never ends.....just when i think its gone i see you again....the pain inside just keeps going...its like you just dont care about anyone.....who can you sit there and say that you do....when you give nothing but mixed feels and emotions say that you want me to say that you will never let me be.....all i see is nothing that you've said to say your not say that your not over say those 3 words to they dont mean if you didnt want to be with shouldnt of played with my may have me fucked up and this is what i have to say to not or bitch to be doing this i have no choice be to retaliate on you....
It Hurts
I just found out that my brother died ON my SON'S BIRTHDAY! Which really sucks ass. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS AT ALL! I love my brother very much. I just found out that he was my lil brother about 3 years ago. Ever since then when he would see me he would always give me a big hug and tell me he loved me. He is the only one on that side of the family that even talks to me. My OWN f*ckin dad wouldn't even call me and tell me my brother died. I didn't find out til a few days later when other ppl around me already knew about it but didn't f*ckin tell me. :( I don't know why no one else would of told me. IF I would of known I would of let ppl know I knew. DUH. But I have a few things of my own to figure out from this whole thing. I know for a fact he did die of an overdose, I am not making my brother to be saint that he is not, BUT there are some bad batches of sh*t going around and if these ppl knew that and gave him that sh*t anyways, those ppl are going to be hurting.
It Hurts
I'm not the type of person to just say I love someone, usually when I say it, I really mean it. I've been with my fiance for almost 3 years now. We live together and we've grown up together. It's been hard this past year because we really had to grow up fast. He's still in high school getting ready to graduate, and well, I'm going to college next year...I've already graduated. Sometimes it's hard to remember what it feels like when we didn't fight so much. I know we've both been stressed out...I love him, I do...... with all my heart...i guess I'm posting this for a breather..cuz on here unlike myspace... i can say things without people reading it..and freaking out. xoxoxo lil v
It Hurts
And so it came to be this isolation that I am I can only look to me to find the way it all began - this confusion, constant hunger for something more than this I strive to find this being that I envision, yet seem to miss. Could it be that I am empty- or maybe a little lost? Could it be that I am lonely, or seek happiness at any cost? This never-ending Something that I am living deep inside, depicts the illusion of myself and all I have to hide. Thinking. Can't stop thinking. Think of you. This. That. That Life. That day. That dream was mine. A utopian dream. Your aura; struck me like lightning to a tree. Pointy, like a star, you shone. So bright, yet not shining as a star would, But as apparent as white chalk on a blackboard. You would not show off like a star. Yet you did burn so hot, so fiercely, so explosively - you were a star in my eyes. But like all stars, you died. That gas was gone. No pull between us. The atmosphere was dry and I
It Hurts So Bad
ok i love sid to death but i have a problem with meth. he doesnt wanna be with me if i use. im trying to stay clean, its so hard when u love it. i need sum help he is trying to help me but he isnt an addict so he doesnt know the pain. i have to do this to keep him. if any one has been an addict can u please give me sum advice on how to stay clean i need all i can get.            LOVE ME       love me cause im the only one       that beautiful fulfillment      of sensual concealment        .......... you give me butterflye            FUCK ME      fuck me like u fucked her      that exotic release     of absolute bliss're secretive eyes          HUG ME      hug me 'cause i'll never see you again      that painful sensation      of my obliterlation'll be my demise             HATE ME        hate me like you've never hated before        that sesitive exposure         of not having closure         ......... you say you're final go
It Hurts!!!
It Hurts
It Hurts =[
right now im sittin here crying coz i dont know what i need to do to make my relationship ok.. =[[ i mean right now im pretty much dead coz it doesnt feel like he loves me nemore and i cant take this nemore. im tryin to be everything he wants.. and it just seems like he just wants "her" and im not her.. never have been her.. and i dont even feel good enough to be called her.. i just wish i knew what to do :((
It Hurts To Love Someone
I am in love with my husband but I am afraid that if I give our life another chance it wont work and then again I don't know if he would want me back to start with. The reason for this blog is that my husband gets out of prison tomorrow and I don't know if I am ready for this. I know I am the one going to pick him up. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. I thought he had another year and I was going to get a divorce but I get a call today and guess what? He is out and needs a ride home. It has been an abusive relationship and I don't know if the abuse will change. In my heart I know it wont get any better but I want it to.
It Hurts
Hi there everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. I wish i could asay the same. I just have surgery on the 13 of august. and it is really starting to suck. I can't get a decent amount of sleep. I have been up every 3 hours. that is why i'm on right now. And the pain killers they prescribed me are not really working. The take the edge off but it still really hurts, so, i have to call my doctor when they open up and see if they can do anything. It really hurts to move. On top of it i am the only one here. Oh well. i'll manage. Hopefully it gets better soon. I have to go back to work tuesday and my kids come home Saturday. And i start school on the 20th. I can't wait.
I Tired All Along
you rejected me. you said you didnt want me. but all along your heart was bursting. it wanted to make a bridge over to mine. even though love has to take its time, i knew all along, that you were the one for me, and i for you. you want to come to me, but now its tolate, you never appreciate something untill its gone.

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