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Journaling And Fubar-specific
(Ok, not so fubar-specific.) Those who use Guestbooks hosted at Slide may want to know if they don't already that that site is closing very-soon-now, or has closed... (This also applies to Slideshows and other such stuffs.) noticed that my block list had been cleared. thought I'd done so myself and not remembered, went and checked up on some people who had me blocked, and noticed that one didn't have me blocked anymore; assumed she'd unblocked me, and thanked her. then noticed two more no longer did- 3 is a pattern. Friends may want to rebuild their lists (and no, I have no intention of abusing this, now that I realize what it is- etc.  Stash ratings has always been another matter ;) ) no, this is not a retrospective, "my how much has changed in 5 years since I joined here" post - not much time right now and not in the mood. Might later. Still, quite failed to notice the anniversary. (A 20-year life-one or rather survival one last May quite eclipsed it, I suppose! Have at you, cars..
The Journey Of A Gypsy
Hello everyone. ... Well, quite a few things going on right now ... Ummm Brenen and I have got most of the kinks out of our relationship. .. And we will get a few more of them out of the way tonight .. The ones we are dealing with tonight include: jon and angie. Appearently angie doesnt' like me and never has and she's not letting brenen move on; even though she is getting married at the end of this month ... and well, he told her off last night. She got all pissed when she found out that I've replaced her; yet again. And jon thinks he's god and has been trying (using other people) to break brenen and I up; yet again and we caught him at it and we are kicking him out of the appt. as soon as he gets home from work. .. Then, if that's not enough, my cat died today so I am in a really shity mood... But all will be as it should be very soon ... If brenen & i keep communicating and dont' shut eachother out; we will finish mending our relationship; get married; start a family & live happ
A Journey Into Quick's Mind
I see myself standing in our bedroom, waiting for you to walk through the door. I spent so long preparing for this night. Everything is perfect.....the lights turned off, candles lit, soft music playing in the background, the bed covered in rose petals, the bath ready. I stand there waiting...thousands of thoughts racing through my mind. I cant wait to taste your lips, feel you close to me.....i want to make love to you! Any minute now, you are going to walk through the door, and experience something so surreal, so beautiful, so perfect.....something that is going to change your life! I start to get a little nervous, i want it all to be perfect......i find myself listning for the front door to open. Then it happens........i hear you walk through the front door.....i hear your keys hit the table......i know your every move. First your keys, then your purse, then your jacket.......i hear you coming down the hallway......the door opens slowly....... You walk in, not sur
The Journey I Have Gone Through To Become A Mum
This blog has taken me a whille to do as it means in this one not only will you learn about my daughter but you will also learn some more about me.Before i had my daughter i uesd to be a fairly private person but through her i have had to open up alot.As you carry on reading this you will learn something about me. So now by the end off her second week doctors felt she was stable enough to be transferred back home.The staff every day called my local hospital and three others in our county and eventually a bed came up at my local hospital for us.We were in a sense at last going home.My mum and her partner came to pick me up on the day that we were going back home to our local hospital.Iwas able to see her go in the amberlance but there wasnt any room for me.Off course we coulndt keep up with the amberlance so i prayed she would get back and nothing would happen to her. Well nothing did happen to her and we arrived back to our local hospital she was placed in an ioslation room just to h
its been official for a while. now it is totally and completly official. i need a life. i got hooked in by a fake agent thingie. i never heard of it before and it took me a second to catch on, but once i did... well... i talked to her for a while, and we had something special... i must share it with the world! Audrey Says: Hey wait! We hate to see you go without taking advantage of Robert G. Allen's proven strategies for generating multiple streams of income Home Study Program. So just this once we'd like to offer you a last-minute $5 Discount. Audrey Says: Please type 'HI' or 'HELLO' in the space below to let me know you are there... You: hi Audrey Says: Hi, thanks for chatting with me... I'd like to give you $5 off the price of the Multiple Streams of Income Home Study Program. Just CLICK HERE. You: i dont have much money... i am a single mom Audrey Says: We are confident that if you give Robert Allen's The Multiple Streams of Income Downloadable Home Study C
LIFE’S A JOURNEY Ever take a road trip just driving in your car Sometimes the road will be straight and smooth And it seems like nothing can come in your way For one can see for miles, nothing ahead but smooth sailing So it is the foot to the pedal full steam ahead One just steams ahead without a care in the world Not paying attention to what is around them Not see where they are or what can happen But then something happens They break down in the middle of no where There they are standing there looking around Lost in the middle of who knows where With no where to turn… nor know where to go Shaking their head wondering why me Not a clue to how or why Maybe one should have paid attention to the road signs One that said next exit 100 miles Or should have check the tires at last stop How about the little noise or ping one blew off What ever it did not matter …………then Now it does and you shake your head wondering Thinking that you should have paid attention
(1)Lights(2)Faithfully(3)Seperate Ways(4)Open Arms(5)Don't Stop Believing
Both members of my family think I have an addiction to the internet just because I spend a few hours a day on the lame is that well to unsugar coat it, two of Bret's songs have saved my life literally, now before you go and call the cops, shrinks and your lawyers for the restraining order let me explain - When I was about five my mother died, as a result of this I became a unhappy child, but know one knew this because I buried everything deep inside, if it as an emotion I didn't want to have anything to do with it. The end result of this was I ended up having many medical emergencies. Needless to say after I ended up in the emergency room for the 3rd or 4th time my dad finally realized something was wrong, but because he was not ready to deal with the death yet or even really begin dealing I was forced to find an alternative way of dealing with the death of my mom, so that was when I discovered music, mostly country until I turned thirteen, then I heard Something to
Journey Into The Unknown....
The Journey
Death is but one of many journies. It is not the end. When we past that journey, we will be with those that have gone before us to a much better place, with white shores and peace. Always enjoy the journey and learn from them. Good Journey.
Journals Ugggghhhhh!!!!!
one would think that making a simple writing of ones thoughts would be easy, right? so why is it so dang hard for me to keep a journal? could it possibly be that i don't have anything going on in my life worth talking about or that i doubt seriously that anyone would want to read about the few things i do have going? probably so, because i doubt i would want to read my own thoughts in a few days so why would anyone else care. could it be that i just can't remember to write the dang thing before turning the puter off and going to bed? again probably so, as i only have 10 million other things to do in a day, so by the time i turn the puter off i am pretty much running on fumes anyway and really don't have the active brain cells working to remember or write it. so why would a person after knowing all this still expect a journal to read in the morning? hmmmmmmmm well perhaps he thinks one day miraculously i'll get it together and be the good lil subbie he wants me to be and remember it
Journal Entries Of Val
She didn't even wait for the cars to pull away, or for the bullet to stop raining down. She couldn't smell the burned rubber or the blood pouring onto the ground. All she saw was teh look on his face as he slowly went down. The only thing she heard was her heartbeat racing, then suddenly, stop. Her legs were racing foward before her brain sent the message. She hit her knees horrifyed. Her expression as grave as his own. There was only silence as she held him in her arms. Her tongue found what to say to reassure them both. "It's okay, you'll be fine. Everything will be alright! Please!?" The word had found it's way there by mistake. At first his cold hand grasped hers tightly with agony. Then softly he'd carrass her face with one last grin as she felt the tears slip down. She stroaked his dark hair from his now paled face and watched the light slowly fade from his brown eyes, unblinking. She forced the hand to hold her face again, but it went limp. Fear was replaced wi
A Journal Of Sorts.
You know, I conceder myself a courageous and strong man. I mean I’ve had some really tuff jobs in my day. I’ve worked in Bail Bonds Enforcement, Undercover Investigator/Private Investigator. I was a case investigator for the County Attorney’s Office in Child Support Enforcement. I Hunted down Dead Beat Dads and Moms. I spent two years of my life being a Guardian Angel. I patrolled some of our nation’s worst neighborhoods. I had nothing to defend myself with, but my skills in Martial Arts and my comrades. I could entertain you with stories of action and danger for hours. I just can’t under stand how my broken heart. Could bring me to my knees and make me suffer so… I feel like I’m irreparably damaged. I can’t foresee a time where I’ll ever be the same man I was in my youth… For instance, I recently meet two different women on the internet. Both ladies are beautiful in their own way. I really enjoyed talking to them. One lives in another state. The other lives, within an hour of
i have come to the conclusion that i'm lookin for something in myself that has always been there. my mind has not always execpted my heart.but now something has changed. i dont just want to be nobody. i have just found it easier to love myself. now i think i'm ready to try to love someone else besides my lil girl and my family. i feel good in my own skin and am tryin to improve my life and my lil girls life. i gave up my life for three years to learn how to be a good mother, now that my mind has learned the basic's. i'm ready to have my life and be a mom at the same time. it's time i take my heart out of the lost and found box and start to take a chance and live. I need some fun in my life right now. I'm just so tired of workin all the time and not going out to have fun. I don't want to go out all the time cause I need to take care of my lil girl who I luv sooooooooooo much. I know what my responsablities are and I do the best I can. But sometimes I need to get out and party and do thi Leading To/after Gastric Bypass
Its been 3 weeks today since I saw the surgeon. I didn't hear anything by Friday. I called the surgeon's office this morning and there was still no word *sighs*. Guess I'm in for more waiting BLAH! My brother showed up today. I found out with his health problems he has to do 3 specific exercises daily. I am going to start taking walks with him (20 minutes, I think I can survive that as long as the heat doesn't bite me in the butt lol) so I'll start getting some minor exercise done. Hopefully by the time he goes back home it will be a habit for me. I need to do it anyway. Since I've been off work I've not been walking around no where near as much as I should (bad me, I know). I've been hearing that people that have had the surgery get far more active quickly. I was watching some TV with Chuckie earlier and they were about amusement parks like Dollywood. I think I'd like to make a goal of next summer having enough weight off to go to a place like that. Roller coaster ri
Journal Of A Whill
I started to have a sex dream last night... the kicker was it was with my ex wife JoLynn. In my dream for some reason we were sleeping in the same bed, and she started cuddling with me and asked me if I was still in love with her, and started making out and doing all the stuff that would lead up... but it disturbed me and I shook myself awake before it could go too far. I feel all weird and messed up in the head today. I broke my new year's resolution. Thank the gods...
The Journies Of Sir Rychard...
It was a cool spring day as a lone eagle soared upon the winds of time. Wisps of white clouds coasted along amidst azure skies. The eagle would gently bank right and then left as he searched for the thermals that would lift him to new heights. The vast canyons below were normally deserted as far as the eagle could see but this day his soaring was interrupted as his attention was beckoned by a small plume of dust on the horizon. It appeared as if something travelled along the trail that snakes along the rim of the main canyon that leads to Visonia, the City of Visions. Who dared invade upon the eagles domain? His curiosity bade him to swoop in for a closer look. As he drew nearer the sound of hooves upon rocks began to fill the once quiet of this beautiful day. The eagle espied a lone rider upon a rather large black steed. The rider was tall and slender garbed in well kepted glistening armor, he was obviously a knight but from what kingdom he could not ascertain. Upon the stallions back
I guess its normal for the people you've backed up, and stood by almost like brothers to ignore me. It seems that my own brothers would like to keep my cheese out in the wind too. Then theres someone who is a puppet master behind this, and I'm so fucking disgusted that hes using his own children this way to keep tabs on each other, and their mother. If theres friction between him, and one son, well he uses the others against him. If the two sons who spend time together once a week, well if something breakes off the plans, even if the other is very sick he gets a massive guilt trip. I'm alone tonight, totally, just sitting here with noone to even phone and its really annoying. If I said I derserved it, I know that would be bull. You might have noticed that I'm not on CT as much as I used to be. Well, I no longer Dj on here for starters, and that being said I've got some shit to take off my chest and say. If you don't like it, then don't read it, plain and simple. Here is the truth of
This is the week of KK Gets What She Wants!! I got my awesome tattoo... and now... I AM GETTING A JEEP!! I was looking at Jeeps in the Auto Trader and had called on this sweet 2000 Wrangler that I could afford. I was going to go look at it tomorrow after I got my tax return. Then Loren calls me and one of his friends was willing to sell me his 1998 Jeep Wrangler for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! I can pay CASH and get my Jeep! The guy says it runs perfectly. He drives it only for the desert, so I guess the paint isn't perfect (who cares? It's a Jeep! Besides I will be taking it off roading too!). It needs a new top, but come one this is California. I can leave the top off from now until October. I AM SO STOKED! Loren is going to look at it tomorrow and if he thinks I will like it, I will look at it tomorrow night hopefully. WOOOOOT!! While Loren was running his fingers through my hair the other day, he made a discover... I HAVE GRAY HAIR! Only like one
I have lost too many friends and I am the only one to blame. I have let my depression control me. I have let my emotions run wild. I have cried too many times over non sense. I have bitched and bitched without trying to change what it is I bitch about. Who have I become? I have become the exact person I hate. All I can do is try. I cant promise a quick change... and I cant promise that I will never complain... never cry... never relapse. but, I can promise that I will try to stop and remember that my life is beautiful the way it is.. and that there are so many people, so many families that have it worse. even as I have no money... I am rich with love. My life is changing.. because I need it to change. I will hope that my friends will stand behind me, and support me.. and try to help me with this. thank you in advance for your support. have you ever been surrounded by people, yet felt so alone? like the river of tears flowing down your face go unnoticed? like nothing you say or do matte
Well Well, it has been a few days since I lost wrote I understand, but to be quite honest there is not much to explain. The past week has actually been pretty quiet and uneventful, although I say this in each of my chapters. I have been watching several movies lately, I guess that I just get tired of being on computers 18-20 hours a day, but I suppose it is not as bad as when I am working. When I was working for TWC/RR (Time Warner Cable, RoadRunner), I worked anywhere from 8-14 hours, than came home only to be performing more work on the computer, get just an hour or so sleep and then go back for another 8-14 hour shift. YUCK! I messed up my DragonFable Mage a few days back. I went to train her 3 new stat points, my screen flickered and suddenly I had 33 stat points. I am not quite sure what happened but the computer untrained all of my stats and I had to delete my charactor. She was at level 12, and was carrying several unique items I CANNOT get back. However, I started a ne
The Journal Of The One Called Syntheik Sanity
One of my favorite new haunts since I've moved down south is called, "Double D's Steakhouse". It's a large, usually sparsely populated steakhouse with a bar. They have numerous, large LCD televisions, 3 high quality, regulation sized, pocketed billiard tables, reasonably priced beer and very decent food. And, if the bartender sees that you're actually drinking or ordering food, he will usually write off the pool rental and you'll get it for free. My kind of place. A very interesting thing happened at DD's today. As I was playing pool with myself (I was losing), a proverbial clown car of children and rednecks suddenly flooded in the door. I've never understood people's compulsion to bring their offspring to places where people obviously go to get away from things like children... such as a bar. The five children looked to be exactly nine months apart in age (big surprise there), the oldest being around 8 years old. And they were LOUD! Not just loud in the sense that they spoke loudly
Journey's Of The Immortal
Dreams As I lay in bed thinking of what my place in life is, the realization of the truth overcomes me. How can anyone choose who they become? You can have desires and goals in which you may achieve, but do those actions truly lead you down the right path? I feel everything that happens has a purpose; not always of our choosing however. Though, most times the true meanings are never revealed to us. As we watch our lives unfold before us questioning why, there is something inside that brings comfort to our souls. The key is to embrace this feeling rather than ponder on the immediate outcome; whether it’s good or bad. Our dreams are the stories told by our spirit and soul. Many times they seem unclear and without meaning, but the soul only speaks truth. Learning to study and understand that truth is the first step to self-enlightenment. It may come in our dreams or simply through those daily life experiences, but we must always keep our ears and hearts open. If you igno
Journey Into Jaded Xtasy
I once heard to not look where you fall but to where you have slipped. My mind wonders if in fact... I was actually tripped.... I float in and out of confusion and anxious worry While my heart ponders why the rest of me is in such a hurry. I believe in giving others the benefit of the doubt I believe in finding the pieces of the puzzle out I have faith that there are a few good souls Who have their head on straight and attain their goals I trust in my beliefs, and respect that of others I don't walk around and covet what's anothers' I get mine and remain focused and strong So why is it Men intend to do Women wrong? What is it that makes Men act a fool? Can't they see their Woman is a jewel? Or is it she's not " hood" or "ghetto" enough, And thats the reason Men run around and play tough? Men tell us to be honest, to " Keep it Real" To be the " Ride or Die" type, with attitude of steel But when they get the loyalty and honesty they seek They turn around and act a fool
Journalistic Intentions ok, i am feeling it pretty hard this week b/c i got flu-like symptoms on top of woman issues on top of the fact I HAVE TO BE AT WORK cuz i cannot afford to be off or go to a Dr. So if i don't rate or respond to mails or MUMMs right away, please understand. later folks. Click here for my first official article: ~click here for my first article in American Gothique~
Journey To My Forever!!
Anyone wanting to contact me today can reach me at or on yahoo messenger at wmbrownjr4. Hope to hear from you soon She took all the worries from my hands as I entered her room The lights were played Our friendship was crossing the line...we allowed it Her voice seemed to play a silhouette As she whispered there's a full moon tonight Her eyes blossomed with reflections of water The wounds of past loves lay open...for both of us I never saw her, though she was always there I never touched her, though she was always within my reach And as the course of walking from one love to another fell beneath me, I yearned to discover the path she held The water in her eyes fell down her cheek If this was love than I truly never knew it before As her lips slowly made contact with mine, her tears ran down my face My aura fell from my body as her naked flesh grazed my own I was displaced Like a rainbow of li
Journey Through My Mind
Travel through the shadows That lurk within my mind Explore the unknown crevices Who knows what you may find Winged angels - Red hot demons Things to make you quake in dread You never know what you might see Wandering through my head Thoughts of impassioned love Might worm through my brain But so might thoughts of murder You would think me quite insane So if you want confusion That is just what you will find If you decide to take a journey To see what is trapped Within my mind.
a man warrior at heart, soul a little blackened, love left as the light faded, big heart shrinks, evil ways of a woman thinking of her own desirers, yet thoughtlessnes of true evil, call me shallow, call me ugly if you may, but the heart should always be the one thing one should never play with, the pain and suffering one enduars thought life, a pined child hood can bare makes on the soul to deep for time to heal, trust may never come, true love may never be found, yet the best friend is your own missery, the only true friend one would every know, hate welling deep with in ones soul, waiting for the day it shall come forth and lash out with the very hate it was born form, the evil seen each day in ones life is sometimes to unbareable, warriors fight to keep peace but lose in the end darkness strangthens in nubers as the light falls and dwindals to nothing, smuthered by the coldness of the dark.
Journal Entries
I look at your pics and my heart beat rises i read what u say my mind opens up i listen to your voice and my body shakes... I need something completely real for once. I need it to be true, no more games, no more fear that it is not true and just a game. I need it to be for all the right reason. I need to come from the heart and soul, I need it to be from here on out. What ever happens i need to be always there..... In life someone can only be ignored for so long before they start to forget the reasons of why they do care and will lose all interests, care and turn there back on you just as u have done. Guess u will never know what u are missing.
Work is still busy, but after a long talk with my boss, I think things are getting better. The cool thing is my bass just wants to se me succeed. He is helping me establish myself not the company. I only hope I can turn things around for the better. What a day. I have a diffucult client that it seems to want to get rid of my company. I have worked so hard at giving them what they want. The added pressure is that our company has alot of pressure to produce for the our other four sister companies in which three are start up companies. My boss is really on me to keep this client, because it could mean more business in the future. Oh the stress is killing me. On top of that I have school projects do tomorrow.
Journals 2007
If you are a member of Studio54.. please remove me from you friends list and block me from you page.. I have no respect for people who pretend to be your friends and say you are their family only to shun you for having a life outside of the internet.. It truely is sad. If you want to delete yourself off of studio54's member list then feel free to stay on my friends list.. don't think you can be in there and I won't find you and delete you.. and I will not associate with neone from there anymore... sorry to all the people who are nice and didn't do me wrong but I guess it is all or nothing. farewell who am i? I am not the one who can fix all your problems. I am not the one to ease all your worries and erase all your fears. at times I can be controlling, and loud and creul and feirce. I openly speak my opinions, and sway and swoon minds at times, I'll never force you into my way of thinking, but using my charms to try... is that really a crime? I love people who take chances and dare
Just wanted to take a min while Its fresh in my mind to say how amazing my wife is! I have known her know for over 4 years, and its been the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship I have ever had, and ever will have! I have lived up to this point though like I was holding back and not giving every thing that I could, I am an amazing person when it comes to love and relationships its almost as if thats the one thing that God gave me to be great at. my wife and family are at the core of who I am and my whole belief system centers around them! But for the last four years I have not giving evey thing I have and its for alot of reasons but that stops today! How can you justify not giving 110 % of yourself to some thing that gives you back and has made you every thing you are! my Amazing wife has showed me how to take chances, and that by taking them it doesnt always mean that you will lose, She has shown me how to live a life not dependent on how much you make or to measure my success i
Journey Of A Lifetime
My sweet white chow who was with us 16 years, died Aug 9,2007. She was so sweet and so pretty,I will miss her very much. I have been so sad and feel like this house is just not right without her. My dear friend, I will never forget you. I am so glad to have had her in my life. The Creation When God had made the earth and sky the flowers and the trees, He then made all the animals the fish, the birds and bees. And when at last He'd finished not one was quite the same. He said, "I'll walk this world of mine and give each one a name." And so He traveled far and wide and everywhere He went, a little creature followed Him until it's strength was spent. When all were named upon the earth and in the sky and sea, the little creature said, "Dear Lord, there's not one left for me." Kindly the Father said to him, "I've left you to the end. I've turned my own name back to front and called you dog, My friend." Author Unknown
Hello all my friends.We had a great time on our trip,it was a blast.We got into Charleston around 5pm sunday and ending up getting a hotel in Mt. Pleasant where hotels werent $100+ dollars,even though I bet they were nice and all,I didnt want to blow half our money on a hotel, when we got a nice hotel for a decent price.Time we found a good hotel and grabbed a bite to eat it was getting to dark to do alot of sightseeing that night,we did find some nice graveyards though and decided to take pics on monday.Did some sightseeing of downtown charelston though that night.Monday came and I only got like 5hours of sleep but I was to excited to worry about being tired lol.So we left the hotel about 10am and then decided to go check out the Boone Hall Plantation,it was beautiful, got some pictures of that and then grabbed some lunch, also went around to a few graveyards and took some pics there as well.The only thing that was annoying about Charleston that you had to pay for almost every parking
So yeah... I Quit my job tonight. I finally snapped. Sick of people walking al over me, and picking fun at me, and treating me like crap. I have worked there for 3 yrs over the past 4 yrs. I asked for two weeks off and even got the days covered and I still had to work two of the days, because it wasn't an "Official Vaction". A month later the NEW cook ask for tens days off a week before and gets them all covered..... even the owner covered five of the days. i had mine up for like 3 months and still i had to beg people to cover my shifts and till had to come in on my vaca and work.
The Journey Of Life (the Pregnancy)
Journal Entries
Life isnt easy. I know this, we all know this. But why not try?? Why not want things to maybe be, not easy, but a little easier? Is that so wrong? You know...I have a story...everyone does. I really have noone to share it with, but here I am pouring my heart out to a keyboard. I am so sick of everyone saying "it will be ok" and "things will work out". NO IT WONT!! My life is one big ball of confusion. I dont know what is up or down anymore. I am alone. I am alone. Why? Why do people that mean well and try to do everything right always seem to be the ones that are hurting? Well I am sick of feeling this anger & pain inside of me. I need to escape my own life, leave my thoughts behind. Maybe leave it all behind. Who would really notice anyway? Have you ever felt alone? Not just alone in the sense of,"Damn I should call someone, see if they want to hang out." No, I am talking alone. Like you are in the middle of the most crowded room you can think of. Screaming at the top of your lo
Journal Entries
9/25/07 Last night I had left to take my husband Tony to the hospital for his chest pains and left our roommate Chris in charge of watching the kids. While at the hospital waiting for my husband to get seen... I get a voice message on my cell phone from Chris saying that the girls were misbehaving. Due to the reception I went outside to call home and see what’s going on. Chris told me that he was telling the girls to get up from the couch & go get a bath, but the girls weren't listening. I told Chris to not worry about their bath, just make them sit on the couch till I got home and I would deal w/ it. Chris had told me before hanging up that Sierra (my oldest girl) wanted to talk to me. Sierra was telling me over the phone that while Chris was in the bathroom upstairs… Rachel (female roommate) had grabbed her & her little sister really hard on the arms to physically remove them from the couch to make them get up. Then was pushing the girls through the dining room towards the
Walk with me ~Tony Martinez As I stare out onto this long empty road ahead of me Only one question comes to mind Will you walk with me? I dont know where this road will lead I dont know how long it will take to get there So I ask again Will you walk with me The journey wont be easy Some of you may only walk for a short while Til you get to where you want to be That's fine I'll enjoy the company For those of you close to me I ask for your protection On this Journey Keep the leeches off me Those that would do nothing But suck the life out of me Love on me To give me the energy To continue to walk on To all others that walk with me Thank you for coming on this journey We will all walk together I will help pick you up if you happen to fall So I ask one last time As i start to embark on this journey Will you Walk with me Starting over ~Tony Martinez Losing everything What is there left to do But to start over When everything near and dear to you Walk
[ Journey Of A Lifetime ]
I don't wanna hear about it any more It's a shame I've got to live without you any more There's a fire in my heart A pounding in my brain, it's driving me crazy We don't need to talk about it any more Yesterday's just a memory And we close the door I just made one mistake I didn't know what to say when you called me baby * Don't say good night (bye) Say you're gonna stay forever Oh, all the way Can you take me high enough To fly me over over yesterday Can you take me high enough It's never over Yesterday's just a memory. Yesterday's just a memory. I don't wanna live without you any more Can't you see I'm in a misery And you know for sure I would live and die for you And I'd know just what to do when you call me baby * repeat Yesterday's just a memory away I was runnin' for the door The next thing I remember I was runnin' back for more Can hold my breath only for a little while 'til reality starts sinking in once again i'm settling for second be
The Journey
We drove as though it would sustain the night, Like the highway that stretched before us, right into eternity. With no direction. No purpose. Only knowing we’d know when we arrived. We fell into silent rhythm of the passing street signs. A hypnotic trance, As we watched the neon blur streak through the dark And the road unravel in twists and turns. We blindly followed, With unwavering faith that we’d reach our destination, With unyielding freedom of nowhere to go. We were empowered. We had defied reality, In our vessel that traveled away from place and time, Away from expectations and restrictions. The thrill of escape pushed us further, Until the hypnotic hush fell over us permanently, And serenity was found: Our final destination, Uncovered through the journey of the open road.
Journal 11/29/2007
Hey download StumbleUpon toolbar if you have FireFox. Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations. Connect, Meet and Share Connect with friends and share your discoveries, meet people that have similar interests, and check out what other people are discovering Once you have joined and added the toolbar, please add me. Look forward to making new friends. Hey all. Nice to see some new and some not so new friends on my page. Wish someone would comment and say hi. I am getting a little lonely here! What's the deal people! Holidays around my house have been going pretty well. I am trying to be a jovial person. Some times that is hard because I don't really get along with my "outlaws." They are just not my kind of people. They are always concerned with
Journal Update
12-07-2007 I'm listening to Christmas songs as I write in here. I sat and watched my favorite Christmas movie last night "A Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sims. I really like that one and there is one other "A Christmas Carol" and I think I found it on line it is the one with Reginald Owens it is the one where he takes toys to the Crachitts. I'm listening to Christmas music which is unusual for me. My back is bothering me so I will relax on the heating pad today. I don’t decorate not that I don’t have some but not a lot of decorations But just being alone I don’t really get into it. I noticed this morning while having coffee trying to remember some of the Christmas' as a child. Well a cup of hot chocolate sounds great. I know I totally understand where I come from in my mind thinking there things been 6 years and my ex remarried within 2 years and what got me it was a guy who wouldn’t work so she lost everything well they say paybacks are a bitch. I know how I wonder if I will ever
Well life sucks majorly right now, back in March we had to put one of our dogs to sleep and then yesterday after 3 days of my dog not eating and being sick we took my pretty Sabrina puppy to have her put to sleep. i have done nothing put cry since wednesday when we knew it was gonig to have to be done. my heart is broken she was my baby girl and i found msyelf looking for her this morning. she was the first dog that was ever really mine and now she's gone i feel like a part of me went with her and now i can't breath don't even want to pay attention to the last dog we have at home but i have to but she's not my Sabrina puppy. i just want to curl up and cry the only thing that would make it any better is if there was somebody to hold me tight and remind me that things will be alright and the pain will ease in time. i hate losing a pet they are like a memeber of the family and it hurts so very much. i know some will say i'm being silly, but Sabrina would come up to me and lay with me if i
Atmosphere so resonant I avow I have the sense of hearing whispers strengthening across the flurry of snow from miles away, and how it is now that I wish the snow fairy had not granted me my wish. Hours have been exhausted in constructing a pathway from my front door to the street and how my arms are now fatigued and ineffectual that I feel like “Gumby”. Nevertheless the conditions here are characterless to that of the harrowing desolate seas as of recently, thus I shall consider myself lucky and make a start of my day with a smile and a thought and prayer of and for those whom are less fortunate. Again chilled and no snow, saddening and had a short talk with someone who means ever so much to me. Dismayed and upset at my own self for I feel I may have caused her some heartache in our stunted talk, and for that I am hurt for I promised to never be the one to cause a tear. Guess falling into such melancholy I accepted the belief of what better place to bide my time then in darkne
Journals 2008
1.22.08 It’s true. I spend too much time worrying about other people. I worry about their happiness, their health and the dynamics between them and I. I can honestly say that often, too many times, I place others before myself and in turn leave my own heart and health broken and at the mercy of the waves of the world. I have been really sick, in fact, I have a bleeding ulcer and possibly some other health concerns that are due largely in part to the enormous amount of stress in my daily life. Worse, I feel helpless almost every day and fight to hold on to the things that bring me joy, even though I often feel them slipping through my fingers like sand and slowly escaping me. I am in love, with someone whom I think is simply amazing. Yet, somehow I feel this sense of desperation and emptiness. His heart is a muddled mess of confusion and full of battle wounds from loves’ once lost. Each day I grow closer to this man and pray that I am enough, I want to help him, hold him and show hi
Journal Entries
A little background: Until about 7-8 years ago when the following events took place, Joni and I were very best friends, took care of one another when our heart was broken, one was too damn drunk ect. helped raised each others kids (she had a boy my kids age)besides a hott daughter only four years younger than me. It was like a non-sexual lesbian relationship. We lived together off and on. She was totally straight. All her boyfriends hated me thinking I would take her from them. She was jealous of every girl I dated. She especially didn't want me flirting with her daughter Angie. One night durring a festival, we were trying to collect beads for our necks from these guys called the 'rough riders', Angie offered for her and I to make out for some particular beads we wanted, I said "hell yeah" forgetting all about Joni, and we went at it! Then once we got pushd over by the crowd of guys trying to watch, we quit. The guy went to give us our beads and Joni grabbed them from him and said
Journey Inside
Journey Inside Gazing through the looking glass; I see that time has stood still. I was yours and you were mine; Thoughts sadly cross through. I now turn the hourglass; Reality Strikes! Letting my heart know the reasons we are apart. Images replace the misery; Smiling , I see that the memories, I vividly see , Will never leave me. Walking to the tree of life, I inhale deeply the air we still share. Sitting down under the shade; never wishing the memories to fade. I look into the clouds, each one different and unique. I see you in each and everyone of them. I stand up and walk slowly through the paths of my life, Growing with each tiny step. My mind reminisces back to a time, Where it was so hard just to survive. My spirit has awakened to this knowledge; Withpn every old memory I have built a sacred collage. I can now see just how far I have journeyed. My soul relaxes as I now know you will be proud of me. I start to smile aga
The Journey
Life is short, life is fleeting. It can pass us by in an instant. Leaving us wondering where the years went and how we lost ourselves. One day we are laughing children, with hearts full of wonder and joy. In the blink of an eye we become caulous adults, with souls full of doubt, and fear. Time escapes us with such harsh, uncaring ease. Our bodies weaken and betray us, our memories slowly start to fade. Youthful exhuberance is soon replaced with grown-up regrets. What if I had done that? What if I had told her this? Would things have turned out differntly? Or would we still be where were at? Those are questions that can't be answered, and that never should be asked! For our past decisions shape us, and make us who we are. The slightest of choices, leave their mark on the road maps to our souls. Every single expecience, every pain, every joy, every love, and everyone. They all add to the fabric of or being and leave a peice behind. Our time here is brief. We know not when G
2-14-08 Thursday, ~6:50am~ Unusally I am in a really good mood today. the day has showen to have its complactions but its still a really good day. I am sure I owe alot of my happiness to my wonderfull and beautiful girlfriend to wich I will be getting married to come here soon! :D I really don't have nothing else to say about it I love her so vary much! lol this is probly one of the more wierd entrys I will put in here but it isnt to offten i have felt this happy even when she make me happy there has always been something to distroy it later on but right now the complacations arnt even bothering me! Dear reader This is to be the first entry made public for all to see. Why I feel like sharing my business with every one? Who the fuck knows. But if you really want to sit there and read it who amm I to stop you, unless there is something I dont want you to know of course but I am a open kind of guy so there shouldnt be to much that is held back. Viewer beware this is being written
Ok so two of my best friends got together last night. That's great and I'm really happy for them but now everytime I'm with them I'm gonna feel like the third wheel. We were all hanging out the other night and they weren't even dating yet and I still felt like the third wheel because I know they really like each other. And now I'm afraid that they won't have time for me after awhile and that will really hurt, I don't have many friends anymore since I graduated and they're the main friends that I have. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Here's some pics of us Wow I'm just having bad luck. My grandfather is in the ICU and probably won't make it out of the hospital alive, he has prostate, lyphnode, and lyrnx cancer, my grandmother has mouth cancer, and my boyfriend is moving to Michigan. Well my life is just so great right now. I wonder when I'm gonna get some good news, probably not anytime soon, and this really sucks ass. I feel like this so much...the f
Journal Type Thing?
Wicked Jesters Laughing In My Mind Wicked People Laughing In My Face Always Am I Trying To Find Wondering, Wanting My Place Wanting To Grow Numb Not Wanting To Feel AnyThing Anymore It's Your Love, I Want Some Every Day I Want It More and More I Pray To What Ever God(s) That May Exist I Pray That You Find Me At Times I Just Want To Cut My Wrists Maybe Then You'd Open Your Eyes But That's Too Emo For Me I'd Rather Die Like A Man You and Me, Us, I Want It To Be I Know It's Hard, But Damn I May Never Live To See My Dreams Come True But Most Never Do All I Have In My Life Is My Family and Crew I'm Always Coming Home, Wanting To Come Home To, Guess Who? Just Take My Hand Lets Just Go To A New World A World Of Sand A World With No One Else's Word Just Us And Some Beer xD Well The other day at work, I started having chest pains, sweating, dizzieness and a fainting type feelin'   So, I went to the hospital After 2 EKG's, 1 CT Scan and 2 Th
2008 Journal Blog
Geez, I hate Horde. (WOW) 1st lesson learned. Peeps or some i should say. Prefer to be lied to (connie) I am not here to get a hook up or pretend i'm someone or something I'm not. I never claimed to be all that or a bowl of fruitloops. no insult or piss anyone off. frankly, It takes more than a bra, panties, and flowing blonde hair to rate a 10 I take in the full content of webpage and all that jazz. If you had read my profile it clearly states brutually honest. furthermore, If I rated myself it would be a 2 because i have self esteem issue's due loss of body parts from a motorcycle injury.
  Sitting along the wall on the lake makes me sense the feelings of others. Quickly realizing that these feeling were mine today. I quickly ran myself to my own mental sanctity. In thought, I transition the feelings into a block for anylizing. To seperate those that aren't important from the ones that are life changing meanings. Subtitled in the back of my mind are the thoughts and experiences of many years in transition. If I can't turn my experiences into learning abilities, then what's the point.    Lately I've felt unimportant(though not true), and unresponsible. Going through times like these I wonder if I REALLY do have what it takes to take care of my family. My soul in lingo, I wonder if my lovely Fiance will ever find that one medium that will ultimately be the epi-center of findings to grab hold of what's for me to have and run wsith it. A spiritual binding that ties us both will inevitably be my demise if I can't react to life the way I'm supposed to.  Keeping peace with
Journal Entry
Do you ever get that feeling that your life will soon be coming to a tragic end. You get paranoid and you’re constantly looking over your shoulder. You’re just waiting for a stray bullet in a drive by or you fantasize about getting into a horrible auto accident that no one survives. You suspect everybody; you feel your life slipping away from you and all you can do is wait. You think to yourself, when will it happen and will it be painful, but yet all you know is its going to be soon. Death lingers over me, mocking me, how long before I crack. Time is not on my side as a cold quite grave whispers my name. I’ve been 8 days off my medications now and I’m starting to feel the effects. The voices are getting almost too loud to bear I’m feeling anxious and I’m starting to fall into a deep depression with suicidal thoughts. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand I stay on my meds, which causes me not to be able to be intimate with me girl. Or sacrifice my sanity and poss
Journey Of Life
This was sent to me by a friend of mine .....thought I would share it...:) Journey of Life Do not undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others, It is because we are different that each of us is special. Do not set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Do not take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless Do not let your life slip through your fingers By living in the past nor for the future. By living your life one day at a time, You live all the days of your life. Do not give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. It is a fragile thread that binds is to each other. Do not be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Do not shut out of your life by saying it is impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give l
Journalism Stories
This one got pulled from the paper at the last minute, but I still liked it. So at least here, someone will read it. lol No simple solutions to complex problems When you have a one sentence answer to a complex problem-you are most likely wrong. If you can mention the problem and solution in one breath-you are most assuredly wrong. If you can give a one sentence answer to world hunger-you have missed the mark. I have heard several oversimplified solutions to world problem. World hunger is a perfect example. When I first attended Edmonds Community College one of my instructors stated, ‘If we all consumed 40 percent less meat, ranchers would grow 40 percent less cattle, and we could use that 40 percent of the land to grow wheat and solve the world’s food issue.’ There are a number of reasons why this wouldn’t work. First of all, if we consumed less meat, it would more likely affect the price of meat rather than inspire ranchers to grow wheat. Second, ranch land is often inade
Journal Of Me
I found out a little over a month ago that my mother is dying of lung cancer. Its in her lungs, bone and lymph nodes. My mother and I are very close, we've been through alot and made it through it all together. I love her so much and I can't even imagine the day when shes not here anymore. I just don't know...some days are good for her and some aren't. The doctor gave her months to live, not years. I look at my 3 yr old daughter and tell myself my mother has to stick around or else shes never gonna know how great her grandma is. I know I'm gonna fall apart it's just a matter of how bad. I know my children need me too, thats whats keeping me half way sane right now. I  have my brother thats 28 and paralyzed from the nipple down living with me. Some times I just want to lay down in my room and have all day just for me and then I feel bad for feeling that way. I feel like I'm about to just snap.. if anyone can understand that. Idk.  I love my brother but its a big job and no one else in m
The Journey Of Us
The Journey Part 1 by LateNiteFantasy© You burt into my life And turned it upside down. i fell unto my knees shaking on the ground. i tried to get away i didn't ever realise the impact you made that day. i fought the inner battle i fought it tooth and nail. As if W/we were competing and i knew that i would fail. the harder that i fought is the harder i would fall. And then one day i realised i had to have it all. i wanted You to want me i wanted You to care i wanted You to look inside and take that leap in here. Now i am upon my knees and kneeling at Your grace if only to look up read unspoken words upon Your face. And kneeling at Your feet i imagine what You see You see my soul bound to You In my submission, i am free. Waiting For You by LateNiteFantasy© Waiting For You Want controls my body. Hunger burns within me. Craving what only you can give. I wait ... for you. No longer refusing the need that consumes me. Your love
The Journey Of Life
The journey of life begun That fateful day I was born My eyes opened up blissfully to the sun My soul, heart and brain emerged as one Behold my journey had begun! This little child in time has grown Yes! Time has flown, time has flown A lot has been learnt on my very own Life has been a mystifying journey With every up and down With tears and laughter With hate and love With stupidity and wisdom With enemies and friends But even in my journey of frustration I have found a means of celebration In my toilsome exploration to my fateful destination Tick tock, the clock goes on Minute by minute, then hourly Month by month then yearly Tick tock, and in my journey I have searched, questioned and answered Whilst walking painfully along many paths Sometimes requesting protection Seeking from above immunization When hit by obstacles in locations But I am still on this journey Shaking hands with the sad and merry My passion for life which was once raw Is now c
What I know . . . I know where I come from, where my roots are planted. There are some that would say I have no roots at all . . . that my gypsy notions are proof I have no one place where I always am . . . and they would be wrong. It is my gypsy nature that has led me to know myself so well that I feel my roots and my grounding with every physical and emotional move I make. My roots are strong and deep . . . yet they are in constant motion, creating movement and growth where they are firmly planted. You see this place I come from . . . the core of the human woman I am . . . it is the depths of the sea, in the sandy earth below the water of all the world. It is a beautiful and simple thing to be connected to and carry the energy of such an enchanting part of our earth. I have the gift of powerful and deep grounding . . while enjoying the constant motion of life with the ability to embrace all of the inconsistency and unknown . . with out fear or hesitancy. I move
The Journey Through Time
The journey through time, Is the days that pass us all bye, We all ask the question why, Everyone at times seem to lie, If we all could be true, So many of us would not feel so blue, Things are never written in stone, No one sits on a private throne, One day we all must atone, For no one is better then anyone else, They think they are for the wrong reason, That happens from season to season, Think about if it was you, Would you treat yourself like that too, I always put everyone before me, Because i always see their inner beauty, People like to hurt others so easily, And never make them selves feel sleezy, Be kind to others, Like you would to your sisters or brothers, Dont show hatred or neglect, For then you will earn peoples respect...
A Journey Through My Mind....try Not To Touch Anything....
Have you been sent here to save me from myself? Free me of this prison of mediocrity? You force me to want more... Crave more... Demand more... A touch means nothing if it does not move the soul A kiss is empty if it doesn't burn within My acceptance of ordinary no longer an option You have stirred all that I have allowed to settle and I am again rejuvinated I can no longer allow anything less than burning passion... Raw emotion... My desire is to be swallowed whole not merely pecked at To be engulfed by the flames Not just feel the heat Thank you for the awakening for my very core sings I am reborn in your light and live again for.... Extremes... He descends upon me A creature of darkness A being of pure sexuality Consumed by his words Craving his touch He has embraced my soul His magic is pure thought His power is confidence As he walks through my dreams Engulfed by his wings I long to be one bound by similarity As we ascend to eternity B
Down this winding road I roam Seeking a truth that is never near Every waking moment spent alone No companionship, only fear Unknown reality, twisting fate Will these nightmares ever end Weariness takes it's toll My soul screaming for release Tales of wonder Far and wide Twisting, winding truths so near Sweat pours down my face As I wake from this nightmare Searching for a light in this darkness Seeking an end to all this turmoil Within my soul Reaching out to the ones I've known Ending a nightmare of life Guiding my soul along this path Alone, but not alone Forgotten, but not Loveless, but lusted Nightmares of life shall come to an end Water's edge approaches Beckoning to guide my steps To the edge of this abyss Nightmares ending now Life starts anew Journey no longer alone New life brought new love Ending this cycle of solitude No more nightmares for me No more searching required Found the life I need Found the end to this nightmare.
Thoughts run through my head uncontroled,as i sit here alone I fight with myself.Wondering how i will deal with my fears.I have loved, i have been loved, they have all gone.Still i find myself thinking about a special lady, missing her every breath, every touch, the sweet smell of her hair, the beauty of her smile, i get lost in her eyes.People say you can find that person who makes your heart miss a beat, that person that makes you smile no matter how your feeling, that person that you can sit there for hours as they sleep and just hold them.For a long time i have wondered if that person is real,well she is.Life is a journey we all take,full of ups and downs,loses and gains,we learn,we grow, we become who we are becouse of those turns in our life.We control however what those events in life make us become.I have been guarded for a long time.My biggest fear of caring for someone is it wont be real on thier part, i fear i will be hurt again.I have learned in life we must have faith, tak
If you could only understand That my life is a demand All I want is your hand To show me what I forget I need you now But I dont know how Whats seems to be right Turns out wrong What seems to fun Makes me want to run Run and hide from all mistakes Disappear with out trace.. I want to be found I want to be around Its never too late So please dont lose the fate..
so according to google maps it would take me 38 days to walk from Memphis to Austin, TX to Denver, CO to Portland. i think they SEVERELY overestimate the rate at which i walk. but that is what i want to do. at least that's option 1 for a journey option 2 would be Memphis to Chattanooga to Atlanta to Philadelphia to Rhode Island. and google maps tells me it would take 20 days to do that one. see if i went east i could maybe hop on a ship and make it to Europe. if i went west then i'd end up in portland because fuck hopping on a boat to china or russia. maybe i'd live in canada vancouver maybe. sometime soon im going to take months off from life as i know it and ride my bicycle to portland. or maybe rhode island. you may ask, why not north or south? why just east or west? well i've been south. i went to mardi gras, it was fun, i loved new orleans. but i've already been there. i want to go on a journey to new places. with no time frames or comfort zone. and ive been north
A Journey Of A Thousand Miles....
Today is the first day of my journey to stop smoking.... To be fair (and honest) I had one this morning, and half of one tonight. One and a half cigarettes is a significant decrease in the number that I smoke daily so I consider it a win. To try and help keep myself on the path - I am sharing....the more people that know I am trying to quit the easier it will be for me to quite, it makes me accountable. I've decided to write down the things that have made me quit so that I can come back and be reminded when there is nothing on earth that sounds better than a drag of a smoke... 1) A $2 a pack increase in the last month. I am a single mom and struggle with money - I have denied myself things that I want or need to make sure that I wasn't taking away from the kids (It was "MY" luxury instead of fancy haircuts or getting my nails done etc) Now that they have gone up in will either be the ONLY thing I can ever buy for myself or it will start affecting the household bu
I took a journey on a highway through life  no one picked me up"cept myself Scares me to know that very few care to see a desperate man They look but they do not see; They have eyes but they don't want to see I tooka journey on a highway through life No one picked me up 'cept myself Scares me to know that very few care  To see a desperate man on a highway singin' to himself And laughin' at the world as it goes by But I'm just laughin at myself the journeys that a person makes are easy or hard; but they always begin with that little step that matters; after that things begin to get clearer and sometimes easier.  So when you make that first step; make it count! they shared a kiss or three; and a grope or two for good measure. they laughed and smiled it was all worthwhile; to feel so much pleasure; the night had become such a treasure
Journals Of Maniacal Debauchery
Often I sit and think of death. Death to myself. The death of others. I sit idly by and watch as you walk down the street. I notice your weaknesses. I wonder what t would be like to disperse you and relieve you of this awful place, this treacherous world that envelopes you everyday. You and I are alike in many ways, yet you percieve it not. You rise from your slumber each day, don the mask that carry you through the day, and noone really knows of the pains you feel inside. I am so very tired of this face that I have to wear for your approval of my life. The happiness that I have to show just to keep you from dwelling inside my mind. That is one place you do not wish to be, inside my mind. There are things in there that would make you die from fright. Things that I have seen and done in my past that modern people on this planet would deem inconceiveable, morbid, and dank. Yet I drudge onward. Sloshing through the pits of this hell, earth. Waiting for your approval even though I say
The Journey
A Journey To Darkness
Hanging by the rope of death,With eyes so vein, and no breath.My mind is thinking what is wrongAs My spirit sings deaths song.Before my death, a note i did write.With somber words, on paper white."Dear my love, I promise you,To always be there, and be true.""The one I gave my heart away.I remember it like it was yesterday.I was walking down your street one nightAnd as I passed, I over heard a fight.""You stormed right out, with eyes of red,Thats when You turned to me and said,'You wanna get out of this stupid town?'You said, 'I'm sick of being the clown!'""I took you to my humble abode,And to my surprise, later it snowed.We drank hot cocoa till we passed out,Thats when I saw our love did sprout.""I leave this world, to leave the pain,To leave the work, and from going insane.To leave the love I had for you;To leave the dog and the children too.Goodbye cruel world, and the love within.I leave all love, with vice and sin.I leave this world to go up above.I leave the world, goodbye." Signe
The Journey Of Fubar
I cant remember  who or how i got to know the site called fubar . my journey has had its up and downs .  i have made alot of friends and have lost alot of friends  on here .  when i say lost  it wasnt my doing  these people would listen to others  and form thier own opinion oif me  and then  they were out of  my fubar life .  you have  people who own lounges  but think that thier  lounges will prosper if they were run like a military camp.  that is furthest from the truth  most of those lounges are gone by the way say  through their owners wrong doing .  i was staff in these lounges  and when i was out of work i would camp in their lounges sometimes 10 hours a day . kept them open  and when the owners  got one complaint about me  they fired and banned me from the lounge   after putting more than a 40 hour work week  in  their lounge . this happened  many times to me  not asking if anything happened  just shutting me out  kinda left a bad taste in my mouth and ruined my lounge experien
Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.Some of these challenges will test our courage, strengths, weaknesses, and faith. Along the way, we may stumble upon obstacles that will come between the paths that we are destined to take. In order to follow the right path, we must overcome these obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles are really blessings in disguise, only we don't realize that at the time. Along our journey we will be confronted with many situations, some will be filled with joy, and some will be filled with heartache. How we react to what we are faced with determines what kind of outcome the rest of our journey through life will be like. When things don't always go our way, we have two choices in dealing with the situations. We can foc
The Journey
old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life... "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.  "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves." "One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego. "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.  "This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,  "Which wolf will win?" The old chief simply replied,  "The one you feed."
A Journey To Darkness
Hanging by the rope of death,With eyes so vein, and no breath.My mind is thinking what is wrongAs My spirit sings deaths song.Before my death, a note i did write.With somber words, on paper white."Dear my love, I promise you,To always be there, and be true.""The one I gave my heart away.I remember it like it was yesterday.I was walking down your street one nightAnd as I passed, I over heard a fight.""You stormed right out, with eyes of red,Thats when You turned to me and said,'You wanna get out of this stupid town?'You said, 'I'm sick of being the clown!'""I took you to my humble abode,And to my surprise, later it snowed.We drank hot cocoa till we passed out,Thats when I saw our love did sprout.""I leave this world, to leave the pain,To leave the work, and from going insane.To leave the love I had for you;To leave the dog and the children too.Goodbye cruel world, and the love within.I leave all love, with vice and sin.I leave this world to go up above.I leave the world, goodbye." Signe
The Journal.
and i forgot twitter! @michael_jones89 myspace tumblr there's also facebook, but that's private. maybe i'll give you the link if you get to know me. :)
Journey Into The Unknown
I see the birds expand their wings and fly as the grass is a lovely green and its so full of life The roads are old and run down from the many passerbys My feet take each step while I ground myself with my weight I'm like a fish in the sea, no one wants to throw any bait The more I walk the farther I get from the place I was I don't even wanna return to that place just because I keep walking, hear the wind blow across me makin me feel alive Like I have a push to get somewhere in thislife I'm walking for miles and miles, im feeling weak,i can't even speak and I somehow fall to my knees I see some signs and look into the horizon and I see a river Its golden with the brightest light i've ever seen, i begin to shiver Thoughts play through my head like a movie, I soon feel I'm a lover and a forgiver I wonder why I saw that but I continue to venture around trying to find it is what I want and need Its nothing but a whorish world of pain, hate and greed I hope the rain wash away
Journal Entries
Many feel that the fact you are a so called Master or Mistress, Dom or Domme means all shall bow before you. Power is in how you demean one when you do not like what thee other stands for or appears to stand for in life. It is funny how many come to judge or command respect when they themselves can not understand or give it themselves in a lifestyle where the vanilla world looks at us in a light of perversion and disgust. The people I have met online and in real life have one thing in common they are not weak for they must deal with the worlds scrutiny as well as their own. They treasure their thoughts when no other will and enjoy the fruits of that journey when they meet the person that brings the fulfillment which they have searched for in life. Some may not like my thoughts and some may as we are not  cattle t be led to slaughter for not conforming to others ideas. When another gives your the gift of service that is what it is,  a gift,   either because one has earn
..:: Jouranl Entry ::..
I have to say and it's going to make me look bad but that's OK being diabetic scared me so bad and it hurt me inside then anything else , it has turn my side upside down last couple of months ... I had to put a lot of things on hold and also it has turn my life around so bad that up to this date , I am still fighting everything ... See I was to get married and that did not happen cause she came out and admit she can't handle me being diabetic , that did big blow in me that I never seen it coming ... After she walked out , I found out she meet someone else and got married ... After that , I took off for 4 month's to get away and did a lot of thinking and it help me a lot getting away and thinking , my deep down secret being type 2 and now I found out tonight , I am very close to type 1 , it's scared me ... I am not here to have people feel pity for me and so on , hell I don't know why I am writing this anyway... Dominance and submission (also called D&s, Ds, and D/s) is a set
Journal Entry
ally's Journal Entry:  'Blessed be the Dom who knows what He wants, and takes it from His kitten, claiming her as His, over and over, again and again...' ~ally aka keme   ally's Journal Entry: I gave up looking for Mr. Right years ago.A few years after that, I gave up looking for Mr. Close Enough...Being hopeful, I started looking for Mr. Right NowBut that hasn't been very productive either...dang...So...I thought about everything and have come to the conclusion,I'm now looking for a Mr Every Now and Then! Finding any type of partner up to my standards has been pretty hard.So, I joined the 'Church of Without'' and became a 'None'.My 'Habit' has been slipping lately though...I've found it on the floor a few times when Mr Every Now and Thenwanders thu the nonnery!!hehehe
The Idea Behind King Size Bows To Find Successful Business Ideas, Satisfy an Obvious Need Anthony Vultaggio Good business ideas come from necessity. In 2001 Lynda King and her husband decided to surprise their daughter with a car for Christmas. She called 10 car dealerships looking for a big bow to complete the gift. “The dealerships told me they wished they had a company to refer me to,” recalls Lynda. “That’s when the idea struck.” From Great Idea to Business Plan Lynda made the bow for her daughter’s gift then began designing another for production. Playing off of her own last name she named the bows the King Size Bows. “I wasn’t the first to have this idea,” says Lynda. “A lot of people had the idea before me. But I was the first to take action and create a business out of it.” Lynda King is no stranger to action. She had a happy upbringing with parents who encouraged her to think big. &l
yo i hope you people don't start askin me a bunch of questions cuz i'm her to make friends ont to be asked a lot of questions??
To all my friends; I am so Joyously Happy. Yet another day of Bliss, things are going my way, life is great. Is it not wonderful. I hope you are all at least as happy as I. Love & Light, Daniel
joy joy, that creature elusive dwells not in the places it seems but it lives in the life of another the one that we've given our dreams the selfish cannot hold it too long their tight grasp strangles it's breath and the want to feel it too closely only quickens it's impending death love makes rules fresh every morning to hold it you must learn to bend to squeeze it for only your pleasure is only to promise it's end hard as stone it will strike you when your loss is all that you see when the panic of loss slowly settles there's something more soothng to see so go down the path you must follow your joy still will make someone bright just remember your past has a promise to be held to the rest of my life though tears may escape on occassion and the days may become maudlin sad inside there's a smile deeply hidden borne on the good times we've have so look past the sadness you're seeing and think past the pains that i'll feel your happiness borne o
Please help our dear friend Joy out with a contest she is in!!! At the very least, please rate her and if you have the time drop her some comments. Each one helps a bunch!! Thank you in advance to all that help!!!
well, to those who are concerned,I had an accident at work on monday...had a big rock fall and smash my hand....had to have pins put in...i go back to the ortho on tuesday for x-rays and to see howit is healing....further updates as events warrant.
I took my kids to the carnival the other day. As I was watching all these children haveing fun, riding rides, eating carmel apples and cotton candy, I thought what a great job being a carnie would be. To be able be whitness and cause of such childhood bliss. Then as I look around at the people operating the rides I saw no smiles. I cant imagine what could possible make one of these people smile. Here they are in the middle of all this joy. They are part of everyones childhood memories. Yet they seem so oblivious to this. There are people everywhere who would love to be able to give children some bliss. Why are these people so numb? I dont know just stupid things I notice
Joyabell Blog
The Making of a Memory ©2005 Kathleene S. Baker One can't predict when or where they will come from; those memories that stay with us a lifetime and never fail to bring us warm, fuzzy feelings. My husband had just finished loading his car, he made one final lap back through the house, and then into the kitchen. "I guess all I need to do is fill my thermos and then I'm off." Down the drain went the hot water that had been warming it. With a very nostalgic look on his face he softly said, "When I filled this earlier, I thought of your mom." "Oh honey, that's so sweet. I know she's watching right now with a big smile on her face." The tears brimming my eyelids were about to spill over. "You know, I never fill my thermos that I don't think of her and I always smile too." The tone in his voice was tender as he spoke of my mother, who is no longer with us. Years ago we had been visiting my parents and the morning we were leaving Mother watched as Jerry began to fill his ther
    A Different Christmas PoemThe embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,Transforming the yard to a winter delight.The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.In  perfect contentment, or so it would seem,So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know,Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,And I crept to the door just to see who was near.Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old
Hi Everyone! I'm stuck at home today due to icy freeways and side streets. I hope this clears up quickly cuz boy, this is boring...LOL! Yep I hate winter. So just a quick HOWDY to you all!! Take Care!
Joy Comes By Surprise
Joy Davidson Ph. D
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Joy Of Jelly Soap
A beautiful new jelly soap this one is-lovely to look at, lovely to play with and delightful to smell. Warm vanilla coloured has the intoxicating fragrance of Carmael & Vanilla, smells so good you will be tempted to eat it. Pleasures in the shower or bath. Super Fantasy Joy of Jelly Soap my most intriguing shower product to date. JOJ Soaps are handcrafted in Erie, NY. Luscious handmade soap, bath, and body products focusing on all-natural ingredients. Base (fo)fragrance oil (eo)esscential oil New Scents Available! *Angel(type)(fo)This is a feminine scent that blends pure mandarin, honey, fresh almond and other exotic fruits.Has also rich musk and amber. Is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. Was created by the design house of Thierry Mugler. *Breathless(vs type)(fo)Delicate veil of orange blossoms, neroli petals, & young tangerine buds, touch of sandalwood, cashgora essence, & soft musk ~ *Dialogue(fo)(amy brown original)Romantic sweet pear~ *Sugar Plum
The Joy Of Being
The joy of being Living in joyful harmony with life is not that difficult at all. What can be difficult is getting away from the negative patterns that have become so comfortable and familiar. It helps when you can remind yourself often of who you are and who you are not. You are not your problems or your pleasures, and are not the collection of material objects and concerns that surround you. You are the awareness that can find meaning and bring out purpose in it all. You are the experience of being alive and the wisdom that is able to rise above the commotion. The negativity you wish to escape is with you only as long as you hold on to it. Can you choose to let it fall cleanly away from you? Of course you can, and the question to ask yourself is this. When will you? Remember that you are more than anything that could bring you down. Let go, and let the joy of being rise peacefully to the surface. -- Ralph Marston
The Joy Of Fighting
It's pure, raw and natural. It's just me depending on what I am and how I have trained. I don't have to depend on anyone. Humans have always fought. It settles everything. Getting in the cage, I feel like puking. The adrenaline is almost overwhelming and my legs feel like rubber. That is, until the bell rings and I channel everything into hurting my opponent before he can hurt me. If he hits me first, I hit him back twice and twice has hard.
Joy One Of A Kind@ Fubar
The Joy Of Vampires
The Joy Of Anal
Anal sex can be immensely pleasurable for both the giver and receiver. The plethora of nerve endings around the sphincter causes the intense pleasure that can felt during anal sex. However, anal sex is not something you can just dive right into. If the receiver has never participated in anal play, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get her ready to graduate to something as large as a penis or dildo. There are several keys to working your way up to anal sex. While not all people will need to follow every step, they are good guidelines to follow in order to make your anal sex encounter as enjoyable as possible. Relaxation: Very important for successful play, relaxation can make or break your session. No matter how turned on she might be, if she's tense when it comes time for insertion, she's not going to enjoy it as much. Many actions can be taken to relax and prepare her. Soothing music, a glass of wine, even a hot bath beforehand can all lend to relaxation
The Joy Of Sex
i find it really something when you reminece about an encounter that you had and you are talking with the person that you had this encounter with and he is reminding you about the last time you had the encounter and he was saying that he could not bust but you busted 10 times to his maybe 1 and he calls you up asking for a rematch(lol) and you are wondering if you are up for it can this be freaky or not but you would really like to see if it is still there even after a year has gone buy. you know that the other person deffintly staisfied all of your needs that night but are wondering if you would have that experience again. make you wonder
Joy's Blog
Life is never hopeless however great ur sorrow, if you're luking forward to a new tomorrow. Have a blessed, hopeful & perfect day!
The Joys Of Morphine
if u like these pics. check back on monday i have another shoot on saturday and hopefully they should be through editing by sunday night. and if you want to see more just wait the site should be up and running by the new year. i'll keep u posted.
The Joys Of Living At Your Parents Not
so my mom freaked out about something and now i have no babysitter so i have to quit my job now this really isnt hurting me but my kids and on top of that my father is bitching because i havent been paying him anything well now he can really bitch because there is no chance of him getting anything. i wish i had normal parents that looked out for there kids instead of themselves now i am grateful for my mom helping me but helping and acting like you are there mother are too different thing and quite frankly yelling at a 4 year old for everything is just plan out wrong
The Joys Of Motherhood
so my girls are into sports and they are actually decent for their age groups no clue how that happened cause no matter how hard i tried sports just weren't my thing and it definitely did not come from their father's side so anyhow tonight i actually got to attend one of my eldest's basketball games some of the girls really amaze me even the shorter ones seem to have extendable arms because they can snatch that ball from any girl no matter how tall the opposing team member is the score is bouncing back and forth they are calling fouls on us left and right even where none exist and not calling any fouls on the other team theres 2 minutes and 36 seconds left in the fourth period and my 16 month old is starting to get antsy she loves her big sis and doesn't understand why she wont hold her she starts crying and then coughing i get her calmed down a bit and tyty(my eldest) turns back and smiles at baby who of course reaches for sis who can not take her because shes about to go back in t
Joys Of Being A Woman
the joys of being a woman... We start to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find anything that comes in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurts so bad it brings us to tears. Enter the almighty, uncomfortable training bra contraption the boys in school will snap until we have calluses on our backs. Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we now bloat, we cramp, we get the hormone crankies, have to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had. Our next little rite of passage (premarital or not) is having sex for the first time which is about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about. Then it's off to Motherhood where we learn to live on dry crackers and water
The Joys Of Being A Woman !!!!
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair And now...the wax!!!!!!!!!!! My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so
Joy's Blog
Hmm. Today is Saturday. My car has been in the shop for a week for a thermostat, then they found out the fan motor doesn't work, now they don't know what is going on. It's very frustrating to me. I have no idea how much money this is going to cost me. I had a rental car up until yesterday. That got too expensive, so now I'm driving my boyfrined's car. What a sweetheart he is. Despite all this, I'm in good spirits. Damn, I haven't been on here for like years. It's changed a lot too. I'm happy to be back though, it's interesting to say the least. I'm tired of Facebook sometimes. This is a good way to meet more people. I hope to make some friends here now that I'm back.
The Joys Of Fatherhood!
You know i used to be one of those guys that always said i didnt want kids. I never thought that i had it in me to give a child the love they deserved because of my relationship with my father. You know they say like father like son. Well i have to admit that i was foolish in my thoughts and i stand corrected today. For many it is a major occurence in life that brings them to a realization or spurs that much needed change. Not to short play the magnitude of having a child but i have to say that I am a better man because of them. I have 2 boys ages 6 and 2 (please feel free to check out the pics in the loves of my life folder) and b4 the mi walked around with this tough guy attitude like i was unstoppable, that all changed on the early morning of june 10, 2001. The day i shed the first emotion driven tears in my life. Ill keep it short in saying that because of them I am stronger, better, and a more loving human being! They saved my life.... If you are a pare
The Joys Of Life
There are many stages to being a mother. From that first month your "friend" doesn't show up to hoping and praying that your 18yo will actually get his HS diploma and get out! I can still remember the fear and excitement when I found out I was pregnant. I was fortunate not to have morning sickness, but my body hasn't looked the same. LOL (ladies, don't you just hate those women who spring back to their pre-baby bodies and not a stretch mark to be found?) After the first glow of pregnancy I moved to the heartburn stage, milk would give me heartburn.....I popped enough tums to never need calcium again in my life! The first time I felt him move inside me, there are no words to express the joy and awe. Then the months move slower and slower. You go from that giddy feeling to get your foot out of my ribs! Watching as his foot moves across your belly to the other side and right back into your ribs again. No sleep due to being so big you can't get comfortable and he decides 3am is a goo
Joy's Blog
I Forgot to say I LOVE YOU..... when angry words came and made demands you were'nt ready to meet. I Forgot to say i love you when the hurt inside grew and the only pain i could feel was my own..... I Forgot to say i love you when tears began to fall and stubborn pride led me to close my heart to yours..... I Forgot to say i love you when you said, maybe it was best that we go our separate ways and disbelief washed over me....... I Forgot to say i love you when you turned to leave; when i could have reached out but didn't because my pain clouded my judgement..... I Forgot to say i love you when the door closed and all that remained was silence and my quiet tears..... I Forgot to tell you how much joy you brought into my life, i Forgot to tell you that you were the most interesting part of my day, i Forgot to tell you that a day without you left something empty inside me. i Forgot to tell you how i thrilled to the sight of your sweet smile and the sound
Joys Of A Woman
Joys of being a woman.... Ok, I posted this a while ago under another name...Thought it was worthy of being posted again hehehe. Guys, please read and remember just WHAT we women go thru for YOU!!!! Lol The joys of being a woman: All hair removal methods have tricked women into their promises of being easy, painless removal. The epilady,scissors,razors, Nair and now....the wax. My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had teh thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the bathroom cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: The bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. NO melting a clump of hot wax, just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or whereever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, Im not a genuis, but i am
The Joys Of Fubar On A Monday
This shout box conversation came outta the blue with a comment I made about liking tits on a chick. You know the drill bottom to top kiddos I LICK PAINT: Block ME fag breeder ->I LICK PAINT: fuck you and stay out of my shout box I LICK PAINT: and should be taken away ..and if hey saty they'll probably be little homo's or dykes ->I LICK PAINT: whatever. My children are fine, loved and healthy. I LICK PAINT: general enough I LICK PAINT: our a fag a dyke and cant admit it your marriage is failing and your children if you have any will or should be taken away ->I LICK PAINT: well you are making generlazations, why can't I? It's not so funny when the shoe is on the other foot now is it? I LICK PAINT: you seen the size of my dick as well cunt ? ->I LICK PAINT: Bye Insecure Little dick Man I LICK PAINT: BYE GAY FAT LADY ->I LICK PAINT: I'm not gay or fat. If you have such a problem with me why do you contuine to talk with me? I LICK PAINT: that you a fat gay women ? ->I LI
The Joys Of Home Repair
For those of you that don't know what's been going on, I had to have my house re-wired electrically. The house was built in 1940 and I think most of the wiring was original to the house, it was on 100amp service with no ground wires. It's been converted to 200amp service with grounds...It started yesterday morning about 915am and they quit about 7pm last night, but in the process...was unable to rehook my fridge/freezer to electicity (major bummer) Lost a half gallon of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream (the best) and of course the Klondike Bars...and other assorted perishables. That was thanks to Entergy, the power company here, that wouldn't do an emergency for the one outlet, they refused, said they need 3 days notice to grant it. That's BULL!!! They came back this morning at 9am to finish, they finally finished at almost 4pm...I'm so glad it's done and over with. Now if I only had Bob
Joys Of What
Christmas is suppose to be joyous its suppose to be the best but right now i want to scream i want to shout i want to say fuck it Christmas is so stressing me out right i am so ready for it all to be over for life to move on for everything to get back o normal i swear in the past weeks i have hated Christmas more then i ever have i use to be one of these people that love everything about Christmas now i cant wait for it to be over is it just a sign that i am getting to old for holidays or just means that i am too stressed
Joys Of Muslim Women
A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE. Joys of Muslim Women  By  Nonie Darwish In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as  young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this  child. Consummating the marriage by 9.  The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy. Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce. To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.  Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives 'at will' and he does not have to say why he has beaten her. The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion. The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman. In the West Wor
Joy To The World
Jeremiah was a bullfrog Was a good friend of mine I never understood a single word he said But I helped him a-drink his wine And he always had some mighty fine wine Singin'... Joy to the world All the boys and girls now Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me If I were the king of the world Tell you what I'd do I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the war Make sweet love to you Sing it now... Joy to the world All the boys and girls Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me ------ electric piano ------ You know I love the ladies Love to have my fun I'm a high life flyer and a rainbow rider A straight shootin' son-of-a-gun I said a straight shootin' son-of-a-gun Joy to the world All the boys and girls Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me Joy to the world All the boys and girls Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me Joy to the world All the boys and girls Joy to the
Joyz Bloq
I LOVE blasts! Then again who doesn't. If you're feeling generous, you can always get me a blast.Thank you sooooo much! MUAHZzzz Joy ... FAN Me & i'll fan you back TY @ FuBar Please go to my page and add yourself to my guestbook! Thank you. While you're there, feel free to rate, fan and add me. Level up by rating these people who have their Auto on! light_28@ fubar 91vette@ fubar ~*CupCake*~@ fubar [[FüĸFäcє]]™@ fubar ZeELoT@ fubar Rapsnap@ fubar   lucky777s@ fubar Did I miss anyone? Let me know! I'll try my best to keep this updated.  
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Jphish's Blog
pretty much just posting this so i don't lose the html code to imbed the player; have fun listening if u want though. It's me on guitar and vocals, my friend Sam on bass and backup vocals. Both these recordings are live with no editing. Add a myspace jukebox to your profile.
Jpop English Lyrics
I don’t even know where it’ll end up But I’ll send you my love and trust that it will reach you Even my heart, even this town, changes its shape But I have one wish that won’t end That we won’t give up on what we swore to each other that day As we dreamed different dreams but looked at the same sky We’ve been searching for the maning of being born Without ever holding each other’s hand I don’t even know where it’ll end up But I’ll send you my love and trust that it will reach you When I overcome my mistakes and pain My wish will be embraced by light And awaken our future Are you, too, feeling somewhere The loneliness of that cloud that drifts along in the wind? In order to protect our dreams we hurt each other And walked away with our backs to each other Surely we’ll understand someday That we both feel that same, I want to believe it We can fly without being afraid of getting lost Our heartbeat undulating Don’t give up on your dreams yet We’ll face do
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there are many good lookin girls on this shit, who from New york hit me up, with friend request.
Jr And The #8
To all my NASCAR friends did you hear that Teresa Earhart was negotiating with NASCAR a Hendricks about giving up the number 8? I have a battle on myyearbook if you can please go vote for me Those Born 1930-1979 READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding
Jr At Hendrick??
say it aint so! I guess Dale Jr will be making an announcement at 11am today as to where he will be racing in 08. I so wanted to see Jr go to Joe Gibbs racing. Jr and Smoke are friends- they work well together on the track and they would be omg unbelievable together as a team. Does anyone really think that Gordon will allow any of his limelight to shine on Dale Jr? Thats just not gonna happen. I am not a fan of Gordon I never have been never will be. Sorry to any of his fans but hey we all know you feel the same way about JR. I've been a NASCAR fan for a LONG long time. I still catch myself calling it Winston cup as Nextel just don't feel right...still. I can understand why Jr didn't want to go to RCR. Thats where his daddy made it all happen, and well Jr is his own man and has already made a name for himself, so it to me would still put him in his fathers shadow at RCR and well lets face it Dale cast a huge shadow. He was the Man! I hope that if Jr does end up going to Hendrick he
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Jream's Links
weight loss in two weeks free personal trainer fat loss in California    
this is my first blog checking it out help me out i need some points so that i can and some photos
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Jörg Weißbrodt
Do we take the right path? Determine self, where we're heading? Effect as an individual what is right for us and feasible?We do not tell us something very Good, Among other beautiful places outdoors Allow a few behind us, our Senses feel right to you?  Jörg Weißbrodt
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Jrizzle@ Cherrytap
yeah so i got a new boyfriend today.. TJ. i like him a whole bunch... i just dont like hanging out with his friends all the time.. this one gurl who is like his best friend doesnt really like me and calls me a hoochi.. he tells her to stop but i kno she still thinks it.. yeah but oher than that yeah im bored.. so ill update later
Jr Needs Wins!!
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- After Kurt Busch's victory at Michigan, Dale Earnhardt Jr. knew he would have to answer with a strong finish at Bristol to stay in contention for the Chase for the Nextel Cup. He did just that -- finishing fifth on the challenging 0.533-mile track. Unfortunately for Earnhardt, Busch finished right behind him, in sixth, to maintain a lead of 158 points with two races remaining in the Race to the Chase. "Everybody wants to talk about the points and what we plan to do to make the Chase," Earnhardt said. "We're far enough behind where the point standings are out of our control. "We're going to do what we've been doing all year -- go out and try to win the race. It's all we can do." That task is easier said than done for the No. 8 team at California. Earnhardt has a Driver Rating of 68.5 at the track -- 23rd-best. He finished 40th there in February after engine problems. That's not to say Earnhardt doesn't have a chance.
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Okay so I'm new at this. Well I'm not really new at the blog, cause I blogged on myspace back in the day. But I am new to being on here and blogging. I don't know what to talk about right, not really. And to be honest I don't think that people would be interested in reading what I have to say. Although I could let yall preview this book that I'm writing and tell if it's worth something or not. I'm still deciding on that I will let you know soon. :D Well other then that I don't have anything else to talk about and I will talk you later. Smooches!! xoxoxoxo
help my girl jroxx in her contest
J-roxxx Is The Host!
Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I had such a great time last night. :) I hope you all had as good of a time. Im really hung over, but it was totally worth it. J-RoxxX Hottest Mummer On Fubar contest will start Jan 6th (this sunday!) at 3pm cental time!! It will run until Feb 5th (tuesday) at 10pm central time. :) The winner will be decided by RATES ONLY!! So theres NO ANNOYING BOMBING NECESSARY!!! Although, its ok if your friends want to leave some love on your contest photo. :D NO DOWNRATING OR DISRESPECTFUL COMMENTS WILL BE TOLERATED!! Play nice everyone... THIS CONTEST WILL RUN FOR 30 DAYS!! All entries remember, because of the new pic rate system your friends will be able to rate your photo up to 4 times!! Dont forget to take advantage of that. :) Hey check it out i added some new prizes!! ****ALL CONTESTANTS WILL RECEIVE A PRIZE!!**** -Everyone who enters will receive a fubar trophy! -All who get over 50 rates will also receive, what i am going to ca
J-roxx For Godmother!
EVERYONE MEET J-ROXX!! This LOVELY woman is in a CATFIGHT!!! Now before u perverts get all excited, LOL, she is in a race to GODMOTHER with another female, and J-ROXX DESERVES TO WIN!!!! PLEASE GO SHOW THIS WOMAN SOME LOVE!! RATE HER, FAN HER, ADD HER, RATE HER PICS AND STASH, AND SHOW HER REPEATED LOVE TIL SHE MAKES GODMOTHER!!!! CLICK HERE!!! This Pimpout brought to you by ☆FTW☆@ fubar
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Jr's Blog
It seems to me that much of human behavior is driven by insecurity and fear. I wonder if people started feeling good about themselves if they would be more prone to treating others with respect? There is a book called The Four Agreements, and the first agreement is to use your word "impeccably". This simply means not to use words for destructive purposes such as lying or insulting largely based on the premise that words have power unto themselves and when you send them out they have an impact beyond just that moment. I'm not sure if I believe that exactly, but I do believe that words can make the world a better place, or a worse one. It seems many times people choose the power of their words to inflict pain, and I wonder what it is they get out of it. Does it take away their own pain? I rather doubt it... so what is the gain? The only thing I can assume is that it provides a false sense of superiority, if only for a moment. I just read a short story called "A Monarch
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if you have facebook friend me jrunnmusicpage/twitterjrunn82/
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Don't know why I'm on this site, but then again I can't explain a lot of stuff that I do. 1 minute I think I've got it all figured out and the next day I feel like I'm I date a lot. Not committed to anyone at the moment. Just like to have fun. I'm a business professional, fit, blah, blah..... You'll like me if ya get to know me and if we were in a real bar, I'd be the guy with the crowd around me making everyone laugh. But I have a few questions about this site: 1) Anyone actually meet people from this site? Success stories please. 2) How do you know who is in your area. I like to travel and shit, but not, I'd like to be able to meet in person if I hit it off with someone. And what's with the "bar tab"? lol I have enough of those already.... Lastly, I know my picture looks like shit. It's all blurry. It's a picture of a picture because I just moved and I cant fine my scanner. I don't want to stand in front of a mirror and l
J's Blogs
Updated info- Call of duty I'm just moving some of the info off my page to this blog. I'll try to add more sometime in the future and maybe a few of the stories of my life out there. I'll probably be back out again in a few months but for now enjoying Europe life. ************ Dec 07 Hey all Thanks for helping me out on this site. I'm starting to like it and I'll probably add more pics and more about me when I can. I won't have much time to play on it though since heading out to the sandbox again. I'll be leaving soon maybe so if you don't hear from me then I'm probably busy out there for the next few months. Hope I can use internet and log in to say hi every now and then. *******1 Feb 07************************** I've been in Iraq now for almost a month. Nights are still real cold but days are getting almost too warm for me. 5 more months of fun in the sand and sun for me. Motars, gunfire and helicoptors usualy keep me up most of the night but its entertainment and th
Can relationships be thought out,manipulated and controlled?Can love be held at arms length?Not so far.She makes sense.Shes smart,beautiful,good money and reliable.What's not to love?Feeling like and actor, ready to blow his role.Terrified the cherade will soon be discovered.Pins and needles all the time.Living a lie that never ends.Behind a mask that doesn't fit, I Gasp for air.Is this happiness?I have the picture perfect girl,it must be.Take a breath,slide the mask back into place and resume the role.Walk softly always ready to fail. What's Your Best Quality? Your Result: Personality Your best quality is your personality! People like you because you are an all around good person. You have good manners and values. You also like to express your personal style and interests. Out-Going Sense of Humor Loving Intelligence Ambitious 
 good morning everyone .  fubar is the best.
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J-sick@ Fubar
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~j's Junk~
The first moment that I saw her face I knew the past I could erase She changed my life that first day I never knew love could feel this way This stranger who found her way into my life to help me thru my trials and strife My daughter, my love My Angel from above The Angel who made me The Angel who saved me From......Myself. Have you even been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you cry
*the stars that shine in my night *the sun that shines in my day *my sun in the rain *my moon to light the way on a dark night *my gps when i'm lost *my caffeine when i'm tired *my jack when i wana get silly *my coke when i wana get high *my pillow when i need to rest *my covers when i'm cold *my voice when i'm at a loss for words *my heartbeat to continue on *my smile when i'm sad *my tears of joy *my eyes when i can't see *my hands when i wana feel *my fun on a boring night *a scream in the calm night *my ears when i'm not listening
Jst Being Real Like I Am
whts up ladies this yo boy webbie74, my real name is johnny and you can see my pics on on there my name is johnny7414@mocospace,com or on myspace jst search my name. any way im here and im new to this site. im a black male 29 years of age and im from natchez mississippi, but i live in nashville tennessse now, im very fun and cool to kick it with, i just keep it real and dont be with all the bull and games, im looking for some one to jst be real with me. im looking for down to earth people to kick it with. im real ass they get, to know that u gotta know me and knw wht im about. so any one like wht they jst read hit me up and we will go from there. anything else you can jst ask.
Jst For Fun
i write many comments in verse an' poem many dont not see onli da receiptant but cinnamon felt i should post dis i can tell yo a tx navy boi without da navy logo but i can tell cause yo sport the cowboi logo i know you like baby phat cuz she be in your fan of an' she be a godfather too i not believe yo ghey tx boi be your number 1 but cuz melanie your number too but number 1 in friends too skittlez takes yo as number 1 dis be showin lov not be makin sport 4 i thank yo 4 servin yo be savin ma ass
Jst Me
bootylicious@ fubar why u do tht to me huh just tell me why can u believe ths old man named friendly don or dom whtevr wrote a comment on my pic that says a lil heavier thn i prefer or sumthn like tht ths so rude but i guess he knows he will never have a chance with this hahaha but im still the topic of his thoughts heavy or not huh well he is alot older thn i likem but i didnt go and call him out to make him feel bad well i jst wntd to vent that really hurt i hve gained alot of weight ths year but iv also been clean a yr in december and im proud of that extra weight or not ill trade it for a life anyday well to all us bouncy blessed babes keep ya head up dont let old men get us down they need to grow up anyway hahaha
Jst Sumthang From Chenny
Think back to your most important relationship, was it all your fault it's over? some Your last kiss probably meant nothing to you, right? nope....something more Is there anyone you would seriously punch right now if you had the chance? hmmmmm sum wat Do you think blondes are stupid, honestly? nah not 4real Who are the past 4 people to send you a text? iono i hav no fone Do you love where you live? yes my confort zone What were you doing 12 AM last night? bed dreaming Last person you were on the phone with for more than 20 minutes? iono i dnt remember....havent been on the fone Can you get over people easily? nope not at this moment Have you ever regretted letting someone go? yerp Would you go out in public looking like you do now? of course why not Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? mall Does your ex miss you? iono??? If the last person you kissed tried to kiss you again, would you kiss back? yup Did you sleep alone last night? always do Do you believe that th
Jst What I Wanna Scream But Can't
I keep putting on this face that I am happy, that I am content even though I burst out in anger sometimes. I put on this face so no one worries, so no one asks questions or even talks to me about it but I am spiraling down, down this deep dark hole , a hole that no matter how much I scratch and scream out for help no one ever hears me, a hole that is depression and all I ever think about is ways to end the darkness, the lonliness the feeling that I want more than anything to just put a blade through my heart, to swallow more pills than any one person could ever handle, to end it all before anyone can stop me but I am a coward, a pussy, anything else you can think of. I want to die but don't have the balls to do it nor talk about it so I keep all these feelings bottled up and no matter how bad I want to scream them out it is impossible for me because I was taught to always act like nothing is ever wrong so I will forever be dying inside while no one on the outside will ever know that in
Jsut Watch My Video
J's Voice
this is all fast, fast, fast   i am trying to learn all of this.... this is a fantasy spot with me i am looking for dominant men who want to teach... or those who simply want to interact... but please be patient while i figure this out..
J's Wild Thoughts.....
J-swizz@ Cherrytap
j-swizz@ CherryTAP ¢¼dejavu¢¼@ CherryTAP
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 the sun setting, a gentle wind blows.Your eyes into mine, your emptiness shows.They all say you're shy, but give it time.But i'm unsure, if i can make you mine.You speak perfection, I speak only flaws.Never ending cycle, at my confidence this gnaws.And you could complete me, paint me like art.Sharing all our gifts, sharing one heart.Yet my nerves control me, from you they hold me back.Making me see, it is your love i lack.It is you i cannot touch, cannot hold.But time will tell, our story to be told. Love may bind us, or tear me apart.We'll not know this, until we start.So open thine eyes, and give in to me.Together forever, we can surely be.       MYYYY WORK! Seven ways to sin so deadly, and our loving leaders.... So, as you may know, there are seven deadly sins. And why are these sins so deadly? Dictionaries would like to call them as sins that lead to damnation. But perhaps damnation isn’t so bad. After all, recall who’s done it..... Lust, the a
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J This Is Your Life
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Hey one and all if you want to talk lets talk looking to meet new people any time
Jt Wants Your Opinion!!!!
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I am latin Puerto Rican. Carmel light Complexion  5'6" and weight 193 pounds. Looking to have fun with a beautiful sexy woman. Just let me know how to reach you by email,address and or phone number baby!
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Ju Boy
Ju_cee_su_zee Is Being Auctioned
Do You Want to Own Me? I have been wanting to get a VIP so I can add a lot more pics as well as more people on my Family list but as I don’t have a credit card and Fubar’s Paypal can’t accept Chinese Paypal (Chinese money), I have decided to Auction myself to the highest bidder. (Starting date Sat. March 1st)Anyone wishing to join in and be auctioned can send me a message and a link (and your first offer to prospective bidders) to the pic you wish to use and I will copy it and add it to the Auction. The Auction will stay open for 3 weeks and all bids will be Fubucks, blasts, VIP’s etc. Rates and comments are appreciated on all entries but the winning bid will not include any comments, as the winner of each person on offer will be the highest bidder at the close of the Auction. People being auctioned retain the right to refuse a bid if they deem it/them to be unreal or in bad taste. The 2nd highest bidder will then win. Real cash offers do not count unless the particular person
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Jucy Bits
LADY WITH A FAN Let my inspiration flow in token lines suggesting rhythm that will not forsake me till my tale is told and done While the firelight's aglow strange shadows in the flames will grow till things we've never seen will seem familiar Shadows of a sailor forming winds both foul and fair all swarm down in Carlisle he loved a lady many years ago Here beside him stands a man a soldier by the looks of him who came through many fights but lost at love While the storyteller speaks a door within the fire creaks suddenly flies open and a girl is standing there Eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair she takes her fan and throws it in the lion's den "Which of you to gain me, tell will risk uncertain pains of Hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance" The sailor gave at least a try the soldier being much too wise strategy was his strength and not disaster The sailor coming out aga
Hi. I'm Judas. I'm the name which many poeple would rather consume copious amounts of paint thinner than give to their dogs. I am the 'guy' that means little to anyone, but whom is always 'there'. There is a mosquito in my room right now. At this very moment. A mosquito. Now I feel like killing somebody, preferably this particular mosquito, but honestly, any oxygen breathing human being would do. I'm not picky. I just saw it! I might as well mention my phobia of insects. Insects scare me. Not ants, I find ants significantly more useful than you. I just killed it! Fuck you, you littly whiney, blood sucking useless son of a bitch! God never loved you! You were always destined to be bitch-slapped to death by an impatient, fat balled, thoroughly pigmented human! What a pathetic life you have lived! How does it feel? It doesn't matter how it feels! Nobody gives a fuck! You're a fucking mosquito! What makes you think any living entity on this fairly warm and increasingly usel
Judas Priest - Hellion/ Eletric Eye ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Judas Priest - Ridin' On The Wind ! Live Drums' By Marty (party/spiderman) Kays !
Judas Priest - Bloodstone ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Judas Priest - (take These) Chains' ! Live By Marty(party) Kays !
Judas Priest - Pain & Pleasure ! Live Drums By Marty Kays !
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Judas Priest - You Got Another Thing Comin ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Judas Priest - Fever ! Live Frums' By Marty Kays ! A Salute To My Good Friend & Family Member Kennt The Concert Man ! You Rock Bro! Now Your All O
Judas Priest - Devils' Child ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
For those of you who like to read. Check out "Osceola's Cave" written by a new Author Henri L'Audace.  Can be found on
Judging Others
Hello all. Do you ever think wow she is a whore if your a girl or he is a fucking asshole if you are a man. Hey we have all thought it and had others think it about us. My thoughts on this are that we are all born almost the exact same and everything that happens to you makes you who you are, even the smallest of things. So if those things that have happened to that person all of them from day one of there life happend to me then i would more then likely chose the same route and decisions. Another area of this subject is how people tell you what you want to hear. By doing this they are renforcing beliefs that this person may think everyone thinks this way. Just another way to make us all different. Well I guess what i am trying to get at is that i think if we were all born and had the exact same life down to the grains of sand under our feet and everyone was 100% truthfull. We would all be very close to the same. So don't judge others because chances are that you could be where they ar
Judge Me...i'll Prove You Wrong
Walk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength, when despair lies in wait Laugh with me, a single true laugh, to enlighten another's distress Cry with me, a single true tear, to understand true happiness Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved Rejoice with me, in the mysteries, of what is yet to be Find peace with me, in each other's souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each other's hearts, until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within All my life I had built up a fantasy of the perfect man. Countless romance stories and fables helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind. Searching for th
Woooow so it's been a loooooong time since I've been on here. Been engaged, been cheated on, and walked out on by my kiddo's father. Life has been very interesting over the last 2 years since I've posted on here. It's so different and I feel like I know nobody on here anyone...weird... so yeah. Extremely freaking bored... someone message me!!!! on yahoo and BeishaLady85 on AIM Ok.. I know the whole point of this thing is to get as many friends as possible, basically... But I'm not wanting that. I don't give a shit if you give me points or what not. You wanna stay friends with me, you gotta add me... cuz I'm gonna start deleting let me know!
today i have noticed to many guys are judgemental and it drivesme crazi. seriously here guys you judgin us based on how we look is not fair.i have a question since you judge us based on how we look wouldnt it b fair for us to judge you based on how big ur penis is ? seriously fair is fair. if ur gonna hit us with our looks and weight we mine as well do the same i dont know how many gurls agree with me but i kno that if sum one (girl) told a guy to drop his pants and lets see watcha got ? he wouldnt bcuz he would hopefully not b thinkn with it and say that its not fair. because if i did that to a guy and he said not fair i would tell him well it is fair cuz u b judgn me based on how i look why not judge u based on how big ur penis is.i dont kno how many gurlz r with me on dis one but hey if ur a GURL OR A GUY and you agree respond to dis. lata. pplz
Why do people have to judge you by the way you look or act? Why can't they just accept you for who you are? SO what if I dress a little different or if my hair is two colors or if I have lots of black make-up on. I am still a person with feelings. I may look different but I am a nice person or at least I like to think so. If I choose to practice witchcraft, then why not let me do so? Witches are great people too! WE may have a different religion, but this is america, or so I thought. Don't we have the right to choose for ourselves? So if I want to walk down the street in my lil red plaid mini skirt with a black tee and lots of make-up and black thigh high boots then let me do it and don't point and stare and act like fools. Who gave you the right to judge one person when you need to look at yourself first? Let me practice whatever fucking religion I choose and don't try to shove one of yours down my throat.
Daily Horoscope: Leo For May 1,2007 The toughest thing in the world isn't beating someone with your superior mental or physical strength; the toughest thing in the world is being strong enough to be vulnerable. Take a risk and show your real self to someone who counts. If you have yahoo or msn and want to talk to me on either one i am always on either one so please feel free to add me. My names on both are the same but the @ parts ( yahoo ) ( msn ) so please add me and tell me your from cherry thanks alot people and cherry friends. First off i would like to say people that judge others by there looks either have an issue with themselves or something against someone. Well if you do admit it because 9 out of 10 most the people that rank others as one have problem with themselves. I don't return the favor and rate someone that rates me as a 1 i ignore them people because there a waste of time and space on cherrytap. We
Around a blind corner I stumbled into her eyes and knew one thing: I had never really seen. Now I am owned by that moment and the dark judgement made by the light sucked away into those deep portals - what man (no man) can ever own her? Even as we tumble, we have already fallen into the original sin. © All rights reserved
Judgemently People
Why do you judge me when I do not judge you? I don't judge people and would expect the same from others. It is only fair is it not? When you judge a person you are offering yourself to be judge right back. Which will lead right back up to the stupidity of some people. I am not judgmental on people and would like it very much if you did not judge me. My actions and choices are mine to make, not yours!!!! My decisions are also mine to make not yours!!!!
Judging Others
Though it is human to evaluate people we encounter based on first impressions, the conclusions we come to are seldom unaffected by our own fears and our own preconceptions. Additionally, our judgments are frequently incomplete. For example, wealth can seem like proof that an individual is spoiled, and poverty can be seen as a signifier of laziness—neither of which may be true. At the heart of the tendency to categorize and criticize, we often find insecurity. Overcoming our need to set ourselves apart from what we fear is a matter of understanding the root of judgment and then reaffirming our commitment to tolerance. When we catch ourselves thinking or behaving judgmentally, we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from. Traits we hope we do not possess can instigate our criticism when we see them in others because passing judgment distances us from those traits. Once we regain our center, we can reinforce our open-mindedness by putting our feelings into words. To acknowl
Judging Others
An elephant asked a camel, "Why are your breasts on your back?" "Well," says the camel, "I think that's a strange question from somebody whose wiener is on his face."
Judging The Unknown
Who are you to judge me? Who are you to label me inferior? You sit atop your throne, acting mighty and superior! Your mouth is a poison, a useless pit of disease! You're pathetic and you're weak. You'd do anything to please. You try to satisfy the perfect, the pretty, and the fake. Ignoring what is real, you slither like a snake! Caring for no one, besides your precious self. Condeming what is different, is bad for all our health! You are nothing special, you're just like all the rest! A child. A mimmick. A carbon copy in the nest. You are not you own person, you're just trying to fit in! You know nothing of the real world, you wallow in your sin! When you look at people, you don't see whats held inside. You see the clothes, the looks, the facade, and the rest you try to hide. You don't care who you hurt, with your belly full of lies. You spew forth your poison, and wish that I would die. Your kind will never stop me, never even slow my roll. I made of
submissives - First,of all I will not be discussing the differences between a sub and a slave but merely that which makes and defines submissiveness and behaviour. - who, what, why and how makes you what you are.. - I think it's a good reason to clear up what a submissive is - the point of this class is that those of you that are here will be able to help your sisters or brothers in the event that they need to better understand their position - the first point is who is submissive? - many just assume it is one who submits to Another, but its really much broader - others feel it is someone who feels the pull and need of submission within them whether they have One to submit to at the time or not - E/everyone is submissive to one degree or another - anyone who feels they are and conducts themselves in that manner - will they act submissive? maybe and maybe not - are they required to be submissive to All? - Respectful or courteous to A/all yes submit to All
Judge Not
I lay asleep one night I dream of all that fight I see the wars of all time, World War Two, Korea, and 'Nam, The soldiers dead stand before me, and put me on the judgement stand. They ask why, and i ask why about what, They part and i see, people buring the colors of the free. Then again they ask why, I say I am not a judge of them, I am a soldier just like you. I put my life before theirs, and I judge their actions not. Again they ask why and again i have no answer. Then their tears fall, and their words flow, to me they explain the colors true. They say in unison with love and devotion, THE WHITE STANDS FOR USE THAT WILL FIGHT, THE BLUE IS FOR FREEDOM WE SERVE TRUE, THE RED IS FOR THE BLOOD WE ALL HAVE SHED. And again they ask why, Now with tears in my eyes, I understand and say, I can judge them not. They don't know, they don't relize. Then I say forgive them, and ask me not to judge for i see it as you. Because I now serve as you did, they bow to me and ask f
Judge Dj Blachhawk Aka Ben
Something about me that I'm going to tell you, even though it's my own personal business but if I don't I get judged and frankly. I'm kinda sick of it. This has happened more than once today. Ok, here I go. I have been a hard working career woman my entire adult life. As a matter of fact, I raised my 15 year old son completely on my own with no support from his Dad until this last year. I had a corporate career with the worlds largest paint and coatings company up until last year when on my way home from work, I was minding my own business stopped at a red light when 2 cars plowed into the back of me full speed at 45 mph pushing me into 2 cars ahead. Resulting in a brain injury, resulting in me being disabled, resulting in the loss of my career. SO......NO!!! I am not working, I am still disabled, temporarily so (could be for a couple more years). I live a low stress life for a while to allow my brain to heal as my doctor says I should. I am self sufficient, I act normal....
Okay why do people judge others so freely? do they not care who they hurt in the process? are they covering up something they see inside themselves? these are some questions that will never be answered i feel.. i dont judge people i hate to do that because i do not like to be judged but i know i am not perfect and i do see others and say to myself oh my god what in the world do they think they are doing and oh my god the fashion police in me is going crazy and i myself shouldnt be that way but we all are some more evil and mean about it than others some do it to make people laugh others do it to hurt and those are the ones that concern me the most the ones that do it to hurt. we are one and all the same in gods eyes he doesnt judge us by the way we dress or the way we talk or the way we comb our hair he doesnt judge us at all he loves us and we should love each other because after all we are a part of him okay you can think what you will about this blog i dont give a ra
Judge Not
This is perfect answer to leave those speechless.It is not about my son but about everyone else's... I LOVE THIS COMEBACK... One of my sons serves in the military. He is stationed stateside, here in California . He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him and his troops everywhere they go. Telling me how people shake their hands and thank them for being willing to serve and fight, not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them too. Then he told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday, on his way home from the base. He said that several people were in the line ahead of him, including a woman dressed in a burkha. He said when she got to the cashier, she made a loud remark about the U.S. Flag, lapel pin, the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier reached up and touched the pin and said, 'Yes, I always wear it proudly, because I'm an American.' The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when s
well, those of you that follow me know that i have been pondering deep away tucked in my thoughts of who i am. as i have some to relieze i am just that a person of the unknown.i dont know if i will or shall ever be able to figure out my true self or self worth, however i have been able to figure out the more i distant myself the better things seem to it really possible to stand outside of yourself and look upon your actions and feelings as if looking through a mirror? trying to understand yourself comppletely and know exactally how you feel and what you think about your surroundings?i have always felt like i had some strange gift to really and truly and deeply think outside the box for not only others but myself as well. is that normal? should i wake up feeling completely like a shell in which i have no control? does it make sense at all?all of these unanswered questions in which i may never know. is it fair to be so different for the world around me to not comprehend what i thin
When someone seeks themselves they will try to make excuses for their actions or words to try to make it better, when all they need to do is let it go and run it's course. The feelings are many and in all directions they will blame all but themselves. Not all is one's fault except what one believes to be true. Time is short, live your life as you see fit. Love hard, but not so hard as you become paranoid by everything and everyone. You make yourself a target if you open your mind to hate, distrust, or sadness. The hardest sound in the world to hear is the sound of one's own heart breaking, most times you will find we break our own hearts with the pain we make to be true.I need time to help my mind to learn and have yet to understand or how this is suppose to work. When we make mistakes in our lives some let it go and move on and then there are some that just can't do that our of Fear, I have fear but i am still trying to figure out of what....Is it that I'm afraid i can't do it on my o
Judge Not
BEST POEM IN THE WORLD! I was shocked, confused, bewildered as I entered Heaven's door, Not by the beauty of it all, nor the lights or its decor. But it was the folks in Heaven who made me sputter and gasp-- the thieves, the liars, the sinners, the alcoholics, the trash There stood the kid from seventh grade who swiped my lunch money twice. Next to him was my old neighbor Who never said anything nice. Herb, who I always thought was rotting away in hell, was sitting pretty on cloud nine, looking incredibly well. I nudged Jesus, "What's the deal? I would love to hear Your take. How'd all these sinners get up here? God must've made a mistake. "And why's everyone so quiet, so somber? Give me a clue." "Hush, child," said He, "they're all in shock. No one thought they'd be seeing you." Judge NOT.
Would like to talk a bit about judging other people. My 2 rules are #1. Basically be a good person. #2. Don't cause harm to any one. If you follow those 2 rules I don't give a damn what ya do. Don't care if ya do an 8ball a day, drink half gallon of booze every morning. Because the second ya do care you are judging some one. In my book there is only one person that gets to do that. His name is God. I have always gone out of my way to get others to judge me. Why ya ask, so I can have all that fun showing them they are wrong. Famous words from Will Rogers "I never meant any one I didn't like."  Now ya might not care for them to much after ya meet them, but I never dislike some one I don't know. I know a few misguided mental cases that enjoy judging others they don't like. They even go as far as to screw with others to the point they cause harm to peoples lives. Ya broke rule 2, so that's why I dislike the disturbed dumb asses. What they fail to realize is that as long as they do these th
Judge Me...?
Come, O seekers ofthe Night as the day is chased away by the darkness and the moon takes her place upon her nocturnal throne Seize this night as it shall ne'er be again as it is written in ancient stone upon dusty walls hear me call your name as I scream in whipers to thee come, come with and seize the Night
We all judge others by there apperance, the way they walk, even the way they speak. Im sitting here thinking of that and Im reminded of a saying and im paraphrasing here "you shall be judged in the same matter in which you judge others". So for those of you out there who think you're perfect I got a news flash you're not. So don't stand around judging others because chances are you have more faults then they do. Me I know Im not perfect I've made mistakes and I do judge others but not by their looks, their speech or anything like that. I judge others only on the actions that they do no more no less and that is exactly how I wish to be judged. Also if you make a mistake try to learn from it so you don't make it twice. 
Judgement And Society
As a woman of my age i come to realize that society can become a very cruel and judgemental on a woman just based on her looks alone. If ur not barbie blonde and skinny and blue eyes then a man wouldn't dare give that woman the time of day.What i don't get is why a man can say he accepts a woman for who she is but then when another pretty face walks by the other woman becomes invisible. I'm sorry but not all women are born to be model barbie types and there are real women like myself have a good heart but only get judged from the outside. I'm proud of what i am and who i am but and should be judge on whats inside of me not based on what someone sees on the outside. But im a woman who isn't tiny and barbie type have seen how cold a man can be when a itty bitty barbie blonde comes along and can see how the tables turn and how i became invisible.  Society thinks that's the only way a woman can be accepted by society is if she looks a certain way, acts a certain way etc instead of the real
Why are we so quick to judge others but not ourselves? We all do it everyday. When we walk down the street, walking in the mall, we see someone different from ourself and we pass judgement. Its easy to point out things we hate about ourselves in others. What we fail to realize, they are doing it to us also. Just because someone looks different, or talks different, doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. We look and talk the way we do because we were made that way and there's nothing wrong with that. We have all heard the phrase, "look in the mirrr". If you don't like something about yourself don't take it out on others. Do the right thing and if you can change it do it. Here is a question you can ask yourself, wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all were exactly alike?
I hate when people judge others just by what they wear.  Just because they wear clothes that bother you, it doesnt mean that thay are that kind of person on the inside.  I used to dress gothic and it doesnt mean that I was a witch.  If they dress in a tube top and a minnie skirt it doesnt mean that they are sluts. I was always judged by what I wear and felt bad about myself, mostly through high school.  I didnt make many friends because of the clothes I wore and still wear.  Jeans and a regular shirt.  What is wrong with that?   I refuse to wear clothes that I really like because people will judge me.  The clothes that I really want to wear are nice looking but I cant wear them because I dont want to looked at the wrong way.  Wearing hip huggers and spaghetti strap shirts will make many men think I want a booty call but thats not why I would wear those kinds of clothes, I just want to feel good about myself,  thats all.  People are so mean when they judge, why not get to know a person
Judge Me
Judgments Wanted$$$
Preforming,SFR,1st, $100K or more,USA,real estate notes whated. Loans of $500K and up.No SFR.Commercial loans only. If you have an uncollected judgment, we may buy it for cash.
just a song folks,no hate mail please!!!! You're such an inspiration for the ways That I'll never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for me to show you How the savior has abandoned you F**k your God Your Lord and your Christ He did this Took all you had and Left you this way Still you pray, you never stray Never taste of the fruit You never thought to question why It's not like you killed someone It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side Praise the one who left you Broken down and paralyzed He did it all for you He did it all for you Oh so many many ways for me to show you How your dogma has abandoned you Pray to your Christ, to your god Never taste of the fruit Never stray, never break Never---choke on a lie Even though he's the one who did this to you You never thought to question why Not like you killed someone It's Not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side Talk to Jesus Christ As if he knows the reasons why He did it all
Judi's Jibberish
General tickets go on-sale Saturday, November 22nd! With HINDER , THEORY OF A DEADMAN and new band THE LAST VEGAS Monday, February 2nd San Diego, CA Cox Arena Wednesday, February 4th Reno, NV Reno Events Center Friday, February 6th Las Vegas, NV The Joint Saturday, February 7th Las Vegas, NV The Joint Tuesday, February 10th Omaha, NE Quest Center Wednesday, February11th Moline, IL iWireless Center Friday, February 13th Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena Saturday, February 14th Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center Sunday, February 15th Rockford, IL Metro Centre Tuesday, February 17th Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena Wednesday, February 18th Minneapolis, MN Xcel Thursday, February 19th Green Bay, WI Resch Center Saturday, February 21st Nashville, TN Sommet Center Sunday, February 22nd Birmingham, AL BJCC Wednesday, February 25th Greenville, SC Bi-Lo Center Friday, February 27th Lafayette, LA Cajun Dome Satur
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Have you met my new Owner and Dear Friend Tracy Yet? No well i think you should click her pic below and Rate Fan and add her ... You will not be sorry you did . You see i have known Tracy for about 6 or so years . So shes not just some Random Fubarian Shes a true person and a true friend . Now just give her pic a click and tell her Judi sent ya .. ♪£íłβαмαGíг£♪@ fubar This Bulletin Brought To You By ~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~OWNED BY LILBAMAGIRL~MAD HATTER~*S*U*P*~Fubar World Cruise ~ Fantasy Flier~@ fubar (repost of original by '~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~OWNED BY LILBAMAGIRL~MAD HATTER~*S*U*P*~Fubar World Cruise ~ Fantasy Flier~' on '2008-06-09 11:30:26')
Judy Blue Eyes
Today is my second day of work. Not too much action right now. It's not easy being a phone sex girl. Especially one that's only played with herself. I was hit on by my pastor once. He made me nervous at first, so I turned him down. I went home and thought about him while I was in the shower though. I think that was the turning point for me. Even though I've never had sex yet and was taught by my families beliefs it's wrong, I have to disagree. I like sex; I like watching it, hearing it, and touching myself. I just wish someone would call me and get off with me. Being at it all alone is not as fun anymore.
kitty@ fubar 1.I am always right! 2.If I want to see your cock I'll ask 3.No begging to view my cam 4.If you belittle me you will feel my wrath 5.If you want to know ASL look at my profile and you're better be filled out to if you want to chat. 6.No directing,I'll do what I want,when I want. 7.BBW's are classy not trashy 8.Yes we can be sleezy,but we are never easy! 9.This goes out to all the married men,guys that have girlfriends. I am here to please,only one man,not you little cam sluts. 10.And always remember... Once you go fat you'll never go back!!!!
Judy Aka Carnie
Judy Aka Carnie
please help her she needs 40k its a timed contest
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks... A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your o
Judy Shepayne
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Juggalochef2399's Blog
I just need to write this to get the millions of thoughts and ideas in my head out there! I dont know what I want...Im in school and yes its fun and all but do I really want to cook the rest of my life? Im sick and tired of being in the same place the same area and just bored to death with where my life so far has taken me. Yes my addictions have caused these circumstances and at times I wish I could undue them but I can't, just gotta keep moving on. But move on to what? Sort of limited in options in my life currently but even when that is all said and done in a years time what then? Stay here feeling obligated to take care and help someone who has done all that and much more for me since I was an infant or finally go it alone in life and see what it brings me? Shit that scares the hell out of me more than anything...not the fact that I don't know but what if I do it wrong...whatever "it" is? I do not want to go back to my addictions and former lifestyle but everywhere I turn they call
Juggy Girls
if you have ever seen the man show do you think you got what you need to be a juggy girl? just reply back please it is all in fun.
A Juggalo is someone who lives for themself, meaning they realize that if you care what other people think about you and try hard to be accepted, then you will always be a slave to your own mind. A Juggalo is someone who enjoys life to the fullest they possibly can and stops "to smell the roses"(meaning living your life in the moment). It's not about having all the gear, posters, albums and trivia knowledge. You don't have to know what faygo or a neden is or even have ever heard of psychopatic records in order to be a Juggalo. A Juggalo is an enlightened/reawakened person with a discovered wisdom beyond their years. Yes, there are hound dogs who haven't discoved what the dark carnival is really about and perhaps sadly, never will and just really want to belong somewhere and have a loving family they never had. That is what you find with the fam-MMFL. Sure, there are many posers/'trashy people' around at shows and mini-gatherings, but a real juggalo would show them love anyway in orde
Juggalo Family Values
Family Values 1. A Juggalo does not Hate/ Discriminate 2. A Juggalo does not steal from his/her Family 3. A Juggalo does not covet his/her ninjas significant other 4. A Juggalo keeps his/her Drama in hand, but out of sight. 5. A Juggalo avoids Cliques and keeps his/her Family whole 6. To a Juggalo Everyone is Equal 7. A Juggalo does not initiate Religous Battles fore that leads to Hating 8. A Juggalo should always try to have fun 9. When a Juggalo has Beef with another ninja he/she keeps it between them and doesn't involve the rest of his/her Family 10. A Juggalo doesn't have to Lie to be Down. 11. Above all a Ninja is proud to be a Juggalo A message to all Juggalettes-- You're a juggalette, and all juggalettes are fuckin matter what anyone says. In my eyes, as it is or should be in every "True" Juggalos eyes, all Juggalettes are fuckin beautiful and they should be told this every fuckin day for the rest of their lives. Even if t
Juggalo Family
"Juggalo Family" By: Dark Lotus [Violent J:] "And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And I said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless" [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus United we stand, squashing all deadly forces Been to hell, could of spent eternity there All the bad shit I've done, I should still be there Juggalos can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, worldwide Running with the hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod Always got your back till end screaming juggalos Dark lotus, psychopathic that's the way you go [Monoxide Child:] So many people in the matrix die alone, hey Not me, my soul belongs to juggalos, they Keep me going when I'm down and out I pick up the phone drop them a line and here them shout Saying Twiztid is the shit, and I'm down with the clown Dark Lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground! I give a shout to all my homies and
Juggalo Family
hey all check out the best damn juggalo lounge on lost cherry. have any questions about the lounge or the family jus ask...we luv and accept all....MMFWCL4LYF HOMIE THE CLOWN~~Juggalo Homie~~@ LostCherry
Juggalo Stuff
Juggalos And Juggalettes
I pledge allegiance to the Hatchet of the underground Juggalo society. And to the Ninjas for which it stands, one Family, under Clowns, full of Freaks, with Faygo and magic Neden For All! Juggalo be thy name, Hatchets be thy game. Fuck with one you fuck with all. We never travel alone and are always ready for anything. So be wise and just pass us by and don't say we Shine. We are creatures of the night and will always be there when a fellow Juggalo needs us. We stand by the Wicked Clowns and all they stand for. So for all Juggalos and Juggalettes stand firm and always be ready. Our Father of Shangri-La hallow, be thy name. If the world turns over: save me from thy fiery rain, keep me pure, keep me clean. As the Lotus grows, I ask you for forgiveness, save me from the crows. I am a Juggalo... I am an individual guided by Light... I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the path to Shangri La requires an open mind... I shall not judge. I am part
Juggalos & Juggalettes
looking for juggalos and juggalettes MCL hit me back
Juggalo Stuff
Los and Lettes, Ninjas and Ninjettes come on now we need help! WTF??????Since when does ICP=Satanism???????Come on folks we need to have intelligent representation stand up and speak for all of us Juggalos/Juggalettes. I am personally tired of all the BS being spewed about the Dark Carnival by ignorant hillbillies. I could handle being called a white trash Meth head but being called a satanist is a bit too much for even me to handle. I guess these idiots have never heard the 17th track on The Wraith Shangri La. I personally am going to contact the politicians in Illinois and I urge all to do the same. Join me in standing up for our fam! --Wanda Griffin aka: TwIzTiD SoUl-- To add to my wifes account above when you read the last part of this report it sounds like the ones that have a major problem is the "country boys" that are already wanting to make threats to ppl they do not know. If they knew what it takes to be a true Juggalo or Juggalette they would know that we are all a
im a juggalo in ohio im 18
Juggalo's And Jugalette's
Juggalos And Lettes 4 Lyfe
What is a Juggalo you ask? It's not an easy thing to describe, at all.. In fact, it's almost impossible to put in words, but I'm gonna do my best. The reason it's so hard is being a Juggalo means something different to everyone.. So this is my opinion on the word, if yours differs, more power to you. Many people believe that being a Juggalo is simply listening to Psychopathic Records music (For those who don't know, Psychopathic is the record label that puts out the music of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, etc.). This is not true. To be a Juggalo is to be part of a family.. I'm not talking about your Moms and Dads, I'm talking about a huge, worldwide family. With millions of members. The basic creed of the Juggalo is to look out for other family.. Juggalos, as a general rule, are not accepted by the greater part of society, as it is.. We're different, for lack of a better word to describe it. But as long as Juggalos stick together, we're unstoppable. The fam
This monday I start beauty school! I'm like so freaked, but excited. I hate going to new places with new's seriously nerve racking. I can't believe the time has come already, after the weekend i'll be a cosmetology student yay! :P Then a year from now I'll be working in a salon making some $ I know I'll love it though, 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week is a long time though, but I'll manage. Who knows maybe I'll even make some new friends there, and we can do eachothers hair lol. So wish me luck guys, god knows i'll need it!. Other than that, my thanksgiving was good, hope everybody elses was too. After we had dinner here, we went to Andrew's brothers house, (we had 2 dinners) lol, which was the funniest thanksgiving I've ever had, nobody knew how to cook the turkey, we got drunk and had fun! Although Andrew & Verns bastard of a brother, Steve didn't show up, he obviously thinks hes too good to be a part of this family now. We all know its because of his crazy bipolor girlfr
Juggalo Vs Friends
JUGGALO VS. FRIEND-- Friend: Calls your parents "Mr." or "Mrs." Juggalo: Call your parents "Mom" or "Dad." Friend: Has never seen you cry. Juggalo: Has the best shoulder to cry on. Friend: Asks you for your number. Juggalo: Asks you for their number. Friend: Will leave you hanging to be with a crowd. Juggalo: Always has your back. Friend: Runs for help in a fight. Juggalo: Jumps in the fight to help. Friend: Will bail your stale ass out of Jail. Juggalo: Will be sittin' right next to you saying "That was fucking awesome!" Friend: Will help you move out of a house. Juggalo: Will help you move a dead body out of the house. Friend: Bums you a cigarette Juggalo: Bums you his last pack Friend: Is there when you need them Juggalo: Is there even when you dont need them Friend: Gets drunk at a party and pukes on your carpet Juggalo: Feels worse than you do about puking on your carpet in the morning Friend: Hides you from the cops Juggalo: Is prob
JUGGALO VS. FRIEND-- Friend: Calls your parents "Mr." or "Mrs." Juggalo: Call your parents "Mom" or "Dad." Friend: Has never seen you cry. Juggalo: Has the best shoulder to cry on. Friend: Asks you for your number. Juggalo: Asks you for their number. Friend: Will leave you hanging to be with a crowd. Juggalo: Always has your back. Friend: Runs for help in a fight. Juggalo: Jumps in the fight to help. Friend: Will bail your stale ass out of Jail. Juggalo: Will be sittin' right next to you saying "That was fucking awesome!" Friend: Will help you move out of a house. Juggalo: Will help you move a dead body out of the house. Friend: Bums you a cigarette Juggalo: Bums you his last pack Friend: Is there when you need them Juggalo: Is there even when you dont need them Friend: Gets drunk at a party and pukes on your carpet Juggalo: Feels worse than you do about puking on your carpet in the morning Friend: Hides you from the cops Juggalo: Is probably the reason the cops a
Juggalo & Juggalettes 4life
hehehe Hey all, i got some ratings on my new pics, for those of u that didnt know i posted more, please go check them out.. default has a couple, XXX has one, and very naughty has a few... remember to rate and comment if u will!!!! MMFWCL
Juggalo John
well this is my first blog on cherry tap, yee-haawwwwwwww, lmao
Juggalo Tea Party (english Style)
we'll have tea toast n strippers mo'fucker who's up for freakin my baby momma out
Juggalo Shit 4 Real
Due to a juggalo "assault" on a jock that has been physically harming him for years, he is serving an immense sentence in jail, and the court is attempting to take it further than that. The state of Colorado is trying to prove that ICP is a gang, and they are trying to have it banned throughout the state, because of what has happened. We need to stand against it NOW. Notify ICP of this in any way you can, save a juggalo homie from a 30 year sentence! We are hiring an atterney for $3,000, but Please, help any way you can, even a dollar would help. Please, pitch to save Dominic in the name of the carnival. PROVE WE'RE NOT GANG RELATED! PLEASE HELP! REPOST THIS, PLEASE! Thank you
Juggalo Wolfs Wolf Pack
- LOST LOVE - every day i walk into the darkness souless n' heartless love is forgotten everyday i sit around just rotten once loved but lost it im the one that goes unseen and unheard inside i died burn the world n' write my name in blood in the night sky when i was with you i felt so alive when you stopped lovin me is when i died now i walk with the dead with 666 in blood writen on my forhead i have no heart you left it in pieces on the floor and only you can put it back together guess its just all lost love there is no above there is no below its just you in a dark hole and all you see is darkness love is rotten n' cruel oh so many times have i gotten played like a fool ya cut my heart out n' threw it in a blender your love once so tender now so cold wish i could just be taken out this world but your the one who keeps me here if you a lo or a lette goth pagan or just fuckin' crazy or just want to get to know me add me on here or yahoo >
Juggalo Family
There is a bulletin that me and my juggalo hubby posted and reposted about my ex fiancee.This muthafacko has threatened to kidnap me.Funny thing is no juggalo has read this bulletin or even said hey this lette is our family leave her alone or you will get your head split.Nothing.So where is my juggalo family? Homies yeah thats my dog Homies cause were down by law Homies everything that we are Homies yeah thats my dog
Juggalo/lette Family Reunion Planned!
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at Well, I have just joined and am very surprised at how quick things roll along in here. I have no more than entered a few things in and all ready I am getting comments and making friends. This looks like a fast moving place all together and lots of fun. I have made a few friends in just the first few minutes and was very glad that I was invited to join. I have invited a few friends as well and hope that I can get them to join this cool spot. Hope to get to know a lot more of you and have a great time when ever I am on. Take it easy and thanks to all for making this a great new thing for me! Shandi Having a "Family" reunion! Who: All those who are part of the Juggalo Family in the
Juggalo Needs Prayers
Juggalos Unite Juggalos in California are being singled out as being dangerous, just because of Four shit heads. Four shit for brains claim the title Juggalo and destroys Everything for the True Juggalos that dont hide behind titles. Swing Your Hatchets, JUGGALOS UNITE
I sent this to my man's cellphone and made his knees practically buckle.....enjoy! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE! Well, not sure who all is interested, but I do have some videos on pornotube now............if ya wanna know more, message me........... This was the comment I posted in Juggalo News....come on, hit me with your best shot, I have ALL the answers!!!! I need to ENLIGHTEN on all the juggalos of the world on something. Number 1. If these PSY artists believed in GOD (aka goin' to Shangri-la) They would NEVER X-out Christ's name on their Christmas shirts. They talk about how they wanna be or are about being in Shangri-La (which is Heaven) then ACT more like it!!!! I don't care if you are against me or not.....this shit is stupid and lame. My man lost his fuckin' camera at a show cuz of me, and no idiot/asshole came forward and handed that shit back. Now I am a SLAYERHEAD and my "family" is stronger than that. I'd NEVER lose that shit even if it's only bootleg. If anything
Juggalo Love
Juggalo Bulldog
Im the Juggalo Bulldog bitch you can' fuck with me not when I'm with my whole crew, theres lilnasty to my left, piggly wiggly to my right, don't forget Big Dawg behind me achin for a fight. I'll Fuck you wives cause I don't care, you aint nuthin' but a mother fuckin' cuck to me. I'm a new breed of Juggalo you aint never met my kind, we dont fuck around now get the fuck out my way. If you know whats up throw em up, If you know whats up throw em up! Wicked Clowns Never Die, Wicked clowns, wicked clowns, Wicked wicked wicked Clowns I'm straight out the bind, lookin' to take your wife, take your life so bow down before me to make it right, Cause I'm the Juggalo Bulldog bitch you cant fuck with me, fuck with me, ya fuck with my whole crew I'm a sick motherfucker and I'll tell you why I love blood, guts, fingers, and toes. I love blood runnin' down my chin and dripin' on my balls. I love guts all up on my dick, I love fresh chicks, dead chicks, fat chicks, skinny chicks, you
Juggalo Faggots
The Jugganunt Bitchh
Juggalo Sellout Youve Just Been Punked
†۞ MYSTIC ANGEL ۞†@ CherryTAP Look at the level you moron. This isn't Ash.Weee this is a fucking fake account. Clowns fucking suck and I see you truely don't have any love for your own kind. Since your so willing to drop them for a piece of ass. Now go back to fucking your sheep and the real 1 dollar whore. We are screen shotting this so that Horny Juggalo can see that your so willing to drop your colors for a whore. well i am dropping my colors i started on my page go look i swear i am not gonna rate you a 1 your not a whore and this aint fucking right team shocker has been nothin but good to that fam and if they did that fuck them !!! pls dont think all juggalo's are alike i will renowns from the mafia but i am a juggalo this is fucked up !!! please accecpt my appologies hun if i knew this happend i would have delt with it ..and i am gonna deal with it!!! please team shocker is awesome and i have alot of friends in there with yall including my baby angel baby ...I
Juggalo Toys
Juggalette Babble
Well I have been tryn very hard to become a BarFly,and I am FINALLY almost there.I am a little over 2,800 points away from becomming a Barfly...If you would please help me by either rating my pics,or stash that would be great!!!oh while your at it just remember whatever you do for me i will do in return for you!!!Thanks!!!MMFWCL yinz just wished you had friends like mine!!!! imikimi - Customize Your World
A Juggalo Is...
Sup Juggalos, We live hectic lives, especially if you are a member of the American work force. This day and age we want everything...NOW. We want our email now. We want our Big Mac's now. We want our money now. If we trying to get with a person in a personal relationship or intimacy sense, we want it now. Life is fast and thus our needs and our wants come faster too. The "I want it NOW" concept is imbedded in our society. Even in the military the NOW concept controls us. In the Navy, we have a phrase called "Hurry up and wait". This means that whatever supervisor you work is going to want a tasking done NOW, but the problem is that a whole bunch of people want the same thing NOW, so you are going to hurry up and get in line and wait for the thing that was so important that you had to have it NOW. We see the NOW concept even in our children. Have you ever tried to get a Sippie cup or dinner ready for you child and instead of waiting patiently for it, they're screaming t
Juggalo/juggalette Stuff
A juggalo isn't a person who paints their face and chants about hatchets and clowns. A juggalo is a person who isn't fake. Just a person who doesn't fit in. A misfit. We don't worship clowns, idols, and figures. Were not about religeon. We are about whats right and whats wrong and how you go along in life and the friends and homies you make. Learn the fucking story. If your going to hate us. Have a fucking reason. And if your gonna say they are rascist. Your FUCKING wrong. WE are completely AGAINST that shit. We believe that if we are good in life and good to others. Then we'll be rewarded in WHATEVER afterlife there is. Thats what Shangri-la (heaven) is all about. So if your with me. Comment this shit. Make it BIG. Keep passing it on. Naughty JuggaLette (I made this. cause i was SICK of the fucking critisism.) Our Father of Shangrila, Hallowed be thy name. If the world turns over save me from the fire rain. Keep me pure, keep me clean, as the
Juggalo Rydas
no content
Dear Sheri l wethrill, This email message is sent to you from to confirm your signature as "Sheri l wethrill" on the online petition: "equal rights for the juggalo religion" hosted on the web by our free online petition service, at: Your signature on the petition is already complete, and there is no need to reply to this message. Your signature number for this petition is 2901. At, we host the petition you've signed, but we didn't create it. If you would like to comment on the petition, or otherwise communicate directly with the petition author, you can contact the author at: joel dinovo, fellowship of juggalos and the ny juggalo nation -- * -- Please contribute $1.00 or more to PetitionOnline and help maintain this premiere free speech forum. Your contribution is completely voluntary -- and generous sup
Juggalo/juggalette Stuff
1.) Would you mind the face paint on your inner thighs/all over you? 2.) Would you give me some neden/would you give me that popsicle? 3.) What would you mix your faygo with? 4.) Would you love my scrubby ways? 5.) Would you lie to me or be brutally honest? . 6.) If I was sick what would you do to make me feel better? 7.) Would I be "THE ONLY ONE"? 8.) Would you go to the Gathering with me? 9.) Could you put up with my Bad Mental Health? 10.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? 11.) Would you care about what I do when we go out? 12.) Would you hang out with me AND my crew? 13.) If your homies tried to get with me what would you do? 14.) Would you ride on some haters with me? 15.) Would you give me your myspace password? 16.) If I gave you mine would you read all my mail? 17.) If I was watching wrestling/nascar, would you watch it with me? 18.) How fresh am I from 1-10? 19.) Would you wear my hatchetgear? 20.) Would you braid
Juggalos And Lettes
i think about you all the time day and night when im walking when im sleeping every minute of tha day you make me happy somehow just thinking about you calms me down a whole lot i want ot hold you in my arms just one last time if i could tears me up i can't realy talk to you all that much i wish i was spending this v day with you.You take the pain away . Sometimes i wish me and you can just go away and never look back spend the rest of our lives together i love you with all my haert even know we can't really talk to each other or hang out i love you so much oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo muah 4 ever i talk to you everyday i talk to you on the phone when im down you bring me up when im sad you make me happy I talk to you every morning and that makes my day go better I think of you all the time THere are times wheni just want to be in your arms or hold you in my arms or just kiss you Sometimes i wander if there is will every be more than friends with us What matters is
Juggalo Dictionary
Juggalo DICTIONARY Axe: A sharp blade on the end of a long wooden handle, used to chop wood....MOSTLY Big Money Hustlas: Insane Clown Posse's first movie Bigot: Racist, hater Born Twiztid A fake documentery about Twiztid. Only 30 minutes long but funny as hell! Chedda: Money, skrilla Cherrie Pie: See Cotton Candy Chicken: A redneck, bigot, racist Cotton Candy: Neden, pussy, vagina, cunt Dark Carnival: A dark carnival that Shaggy and Violent J often preach about. Delray: A neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Southwest Detroit Echoside: A fate worse than hell Facepaint: The make-up used by ICP and Twiztid (and more) faygo: A cheap ghetto pop that Insane Clown Posse throws on Juggalos at concerts. More info: Click Here! Feminem: Eminem diss Floob: This is what Violent J and Jumpsteady called themselves when they were kids. It means scrub. Fright Fest: Twiztid's own version of Hallowicked Gathering Of The Juggalos: An event that happens only once a year where Juggalos
Go ahead. Leave me for dead, take away my truth. That's all you can do, because truth is all I have left. It bleeds through each orafice, and it lands securely in a trash heap. Next to the used coloring books of yesteryear. But here we are, stuck staring at the sun rise. The scars of your learning listen, but the scars of your ignorance speak. You're not getting over because your soul holds it's bruises well. I'm not getting over because I can't seem to plow these fields. You are my epiphany, diluted in the moonlight And I am your halo, holding it's flame to a wet wick. That's been drowned in the spit of a divine MC. The beatbox plays to your heart strings perfectly But you still just want to change the channel So you can finally bring a sunny day to your iris. When I solidify, I take the form of an abrasion On the forehead a homeless man that's been sitting on that same Crate for half a century. Your inner hunger
Juggal0 Lair
this is to my juggalo lair members & staff i have reopened the lounge under the "new" and more fucked up version of the lounges so please drop by and re join the lounge the skin will be fixed as soon as i can get it done thank you and ttyl
The Juggling Song
(to the tune of 'Turkey In the Straw.') Well I got a set of beanbags and I practice every day And I'm gettin' pretty good 'cause I can hear the people say; "He can juggle up above his head and juggle to the side He could juggle with a blindfold should he ever feel inclined." (Chorus) Juggle today, Juggle tonight. Throw things at your friends and there's never a fight You'll be glad you practiced all the time When the audiences tell you that you're doing really fine. I can juggle on the floor and I can juggle in a chair We can juggle all alone or we can juggle in a pair We can juggle face to face or we can juggle side to side We can juggle 'round another even if he's pretty wide Chorus Well I can juggle axes I can juggle magazines And I never juggle apples but I juggle tangerines I can even juggle bowling pins and other heavy stuff I can juggle flaming torches which is really pretty tough Chorus I can juggle on a mountain I can juggle on a plane. I c
Juggalo Mafia!!!
Juggalos And Juggalettes
Juggalo Night
I HOPE TO SEE SOME OF YOU THERE!! FOR THOSE THAT CANT MAKE IT WE WISH YOU COULD!!!! HOLLA IF YOU CAN MAKE IT WOOP WOOP MMFWCL For all you los and lettes that are in the area (or can make it to the area)....southwest Louisiana that is...the next Juggalo Night is May 3, 2008 at the Renaissance Club in Lafayette, Louisiana, upstairs in the Red Room. Ladies get in free; Men in paint get in free. two for one mixed drinks til midnight (AND YES THEY HAVE FAYGO UPSTAIRS) and $2 beer after midnight. Starts at 9pm. Hope some of you juggalos and juggalettes can make it out to show some wikid clown love. Hit me up for any more info or if you can make it. MMFWCL homies
Juggalo 4 Life
Juggalo Beliefs. . . The Juggalo faith is always going to be subject of interpretation, but I have gone through every source I could and have developed my own beliefs, and they may not be the same as every other Juggalo out there, but I hold them to be true. My own personal beliefs include: The Dark Carnival is a supernatural Earthbound force. Eternally it roams collecting and judging the dead souls, and taking them to their final destination. It is what spreads he word of God eternally, so if anyone had told you of God or Jesus, it was by the will of the Carnival. It is called the Carnival because that is the way it adapted, it has become a great circus-like force because of the way it has been set up by God and the people who have been called to it. It also sets a bound for acceptance to all you would have to inhibit to be a part. Holy or evil, those who would turn away from strange ideas are not the type of people needed and sought out by the Carnival. The Carnival has not
Juggalos And Juggaletes
Juggalo Lounge Help
I am lookig for some ppl to help me get this loung up and running. I know a little bit about it but not a whole lot. Please let me know if you are intersted in helping me!
Juggalo Faith
JUGGALO CREED As written by Rev. Last Rite… I am a Juggalo. I am an Individual guided by Light… I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the Path to Shangri La requires an Open Mind. I shall not judge. I am part of a Family. I shall Love my Family as I would my blood. I shall do my Family no harm… As I know what is done to others shall surely be done to me. I shall strive to Honor my Family… And not disgrace their name. I am a Ninja. I have no Fear. I do not Fear the unknown… Fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me… And the differences in others. I shall meet adversity head on… Fore I am a Survivor… Nothing can stop my Shine. I am Human. I recognize my flaws. I shall strive to change the things I can control… And seek Strength for the things I cannot. I shall cherish the teachings of my Ancestors… And the Family who have fallen before me. I have Love. With Love there is Unity and Strength. Love does not hurt or seek to d
Juggalo Sermons...rev. Last Rite
Sup Juggalos, Here's some news that we have for you coming down the wire. 2008 has been a hard year for everyone. I'm reminded of 'Family Guy' when Cleveland was playing the Civil Rights Board Game and Peter asked "Does anyone ever really win at this game? Cleveland responded with "You never win you just do a little better every time." That's like FOJ is when it comes to running a large church. You never really win you just do a little better every year. Let me first start off this review by hitting you with the bad news and then later I'll come with the left hook for the good news. * First off, we have had a lot of well "deadbeat" clergy for lack of a better term. That means that we have some individuals who are clergy that are in our database as clergy and we don't hear from them for periods of multiple months at a time. Granted I understand that communication is difficult for some people. But for va beach chapter we have individuals who are clergy who refuse to show
Juggaols And Juggalets
WTF? Never seen such a thing..this is long..but almost worth watching..If you dislike Juggalo's now..give this a watch..
If you're a ninja or ninjette with myspace, add this profile and show your support for the family! Stay fresh killas! MCL
Juggalo Family
Violent J's time at the from his myspace blog...MMFWCL My Time at the 10th Annual Gathering: By Violent J     Unbelievable. It’s almost to hard to believe that was somehow the 10th time we’ve done this. The ultimate Juggalo paradise, very real and very live. The 10th Annual Gathering was the biggest and best Gathering we’ve ever put on. There was far too much going on at all times so there really was no way to take it all in. Every ninja has a different list of highlights. While you’re at one super bomb ass event, there’s 2 more super bomb ass events going on someplace else at the Gathering. Everybody’s experience is different but they all have one major thing in common: it was the best time ever. The thing about the Gathering is you will never forget it in your entire lifetime. As an old man or an old lady in your 80’s or 90’s or beyond, even with Alzheimer’s, you’ll never forget your Gathering experie
listen up everyone who needs to care i am lookin for all juggalo family members. that includes juggalos and juggaletts. pass it on to ur friends everybody. facepaint or none family is family i want to bring everyone together.  i am waiting,,,,,
Juggalos & Juggalets
Juggalo Josh
to all juggalos and juggaletts my friend sunny is on here she needs help getn 2 level 10 can any 1 help her please her screen name is juggalettelove2 she is still new member when u 1st started out again please help her out went 2 london over the weekend had a blast seen my grandsons and the rest of my kids spent time with them felt great hadnt seen them in a long time need 2 do that more often wish i had more time 2 spend out there but i had 2 come home and go 2 work Sup PPL its been a long week cant wate 4 sunday 2 get here spend time with my kids family brother nephues so on and so forth itll b my birthday so i may hide from them all dont know yet but its my family gota love em ya know
Juggalette Looking
I gave you my heart. I told you not to break it, your doing it slowly. I gave you my body, told you to love it, you did. I gave you my all, you took it. I asked for yours, you gave me little, I wanted more you gave me a a little more but you wouldn't give me all. I asked for a room in your heart but you but me in the hallway. You asked for a place in my heart I gave you an entire room. I asked for you to make love, you wanted to just fuck. I wanted passion, you didnt no matter what I did it wouldn't change. You said trust me, I did with all my heart and now I've been hurt by the person who said trust them. Now when someone says trust me I know better. And now I bid you good bye because there is nothing left in me to give to you. Im just a juggalette whos looking for her real juggalo. Who will treat me like the Queen Of All Evil that I am lol, Im tried of all the fakes that keep finding me. Anyway Im looking for the lo of my life who will sweep me off my feet and tak
Juggalo Dictionary
JUGGALO DICTIONARYAxe: A sharp blade on the end of a long piece of wood... you don't want to get too close to a juggalo who is goin wicked style with one of these.Big Money Hustlas: The Insane Clown Posse's first movie staring ICP, Twiztid, Rudy Ray Moore, Alex Abbis, Myzery, Jumpsteady, and more.Bitch: Often meaning a female, sometimes even used to describe males.Bigot: A person who is strongly closed minded, and does not accept to learn or understand other peoples thoughts or believes.Blaze Ya Dead Homie: A Psychopathic records Music Artist.Cellulite: The fattness on legs that hangs over when you are over the limit.Chicken: A red neck, bigot, racist, (Used in the song: Chicken Huntin) from both RiddleBox & RingmasterCotten Candy: Pussy, Cunt, Hole, Vagina. Often called (Neden)Dark Lotus: A group created by some of the top artist's in Psychopathic Records.Delray: A city near Detroit.Echoside: A fate worse than hell. Often used in Amazing Jeckel Brothers.Faygo: Its a Soda pop that come
Juggalo Dd
"Thy Carnivals Prayer: Our Father of Shangri-La Hallowed be thy name If the world turns over save me From thy fiery rain Keep me pure Keep me clean As the lotus grows I ask you for forgiveness Save me from the crows Juggalo be thy name, Hatchets be thy game,mess with one, you mess with all, we never travel alone and are always ready for anything, so be wise and just pass us by and don't say we shine, we are creatures of the night and will always be there when a fellow Juggalo needs us, we stand by the Dark Carnival and all it teaches, so for all Juggalos and Juggalettes, stand firm and always be ready.The Juggalo Pledge: I Pledge Allegiance To The Hatchet Of The Underground Society Of Juggalos, And For The Ninjas For Which It Stands, One Family, Under God, Full Of Freaks, With Faygo And Magic Neden For All!! WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE, JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON, SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST, EACH AND EVERYONE OF US When I die, show no pitty, send my soul to Juggalo city, dig my grave six fe
Juggalo Vs. Juggahoe
OK ... LET ME GET SOMETHiNG RiGHT!!!YA'LL KNOW i HAVE A PROBLEM WiTH JUGGAHOS!!!YES i REALLY DO!!CAUSE ALL THiS FAKE AZZ CLOWNS SUX BiG BALLS! AND LiKE YA'ALL NOTiCED ... WikdClownz69 & HornyJuggalo ARE iN MY FAMiLY! NOW READ WHAT TYPE OF CLOWNS i DONT LiKE. iTS ALL ABOUT THE WANNABES ... NOT THE ORiGiNAL ONES! SO STOP FUKKiN CALLiN ME BAD NAMES AND STUFF!!       Pierce County park visitors assaulted by gang of thugsBy Jennifer SullivanSeattle Times staff reporterFor several nights last month, a group of thugs with black hooded sweat shirts pulled tight over their heads, including at least one in "angry" clown makeup, terrorized visitors to Pierce County's Fort Steilacoom Park, police say.The group cried "woo, woo, Juggalo" as they assaulted park visitors with a machete and fists. They stole cellphones, cash and wallets and even threatened to cut their victims' heads off, according to court documents.So far, two men and a woman have been charged with robbery and assault fo
Juggalo Family Stuff
"This shit is soo true we need to love this family more!" -JUGGALOZ- Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind. I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shit about in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnival saved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit back and actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going down hill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying to prove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big or small juggalo. We are all the same. It doesn't take $4,000 is psychopathic merchandise to be a juggalo. Just because I got an old school mostastless jersey doesn't make me any better than a ninja with only one t-shirt. Being a juggalo is whats in your heart not whats on you clothes. I've seen juggalos callin each other juggahoes over spots in line at shows. That's BULLSHIT! Does
Juggalo's And Juggalette's
First off, the term Juggalo is uni-sexual. A juggalo is someone who has been saved by the dark carnival. Many people don't recognize the intelligence behind the music. It is satire. Their intention is to influence people to free their minds (the most beautiful thing in the world to experience, recipe for wisdom = weed and music). We are anti-predjudice(sexism, racism,etc.) We know that karma is real and don't see life in black and white, but with more colors than a gay pride parade. A Juggalo is someone who lives for themself, meaning they realize that if you care what other people think about you and try hard to be accepted, then you will always be a slave to your own mind. A Juggalo is someone who enjoys life to the fullest they possibly can and stops "to smell the roses"(meaning living your life in the moment). It's not about having all the gear, posters, albums and trivia knowledge. You don't have to know what faygo or a neden is or even have ever heard of psychopati
Juggalo Island
Juggalette Tears
When I met you I was at my lowest.. You brought me out of the dark and showed me the otherside of the light, But after time I'm not sure what happened, I guess all the promises you made, all the things we did, all the things you said, were just words to make me feel better, where are you now ? When u said u'd never leave my side, You said anytime i needed you, you'd be there but now, Im sitting in the in the corner of the room, all alone, holding my chest, spreading tears of blood, calling for you, but do you even hear me ? Do you even really care? I took a chance lettin you in and now u just walked out, well fine it maybe be a while, but the tears will stop, and when they do u'll have something to be scared for, because as long as im crying u still matter,
Juggalo Biatch
So this morning I sign on and have a few new pic comments waiting.  I open them up and discover someone decided they liked my green Irish George (a pic made for me that changed the original cheeto stealing seagull and made him green for St. Patrick's Day). They liked it so much they swiped it (not rip) and then started using it as their default.  I kind of blew it off, but when I saw it scroll across the top TWICE, it ticked me off. Being the perfect angel and nice person that you ALL know I am.....   *waits for laughter to stop*.......  I sent her a message kindly asking her to remove it from her default.  An hour response.   So I followedwiht one more kind message telling her it was made for me and I don't appreciate her using it. This is the response I finally get (in all caps...seems the juggalo bitch's Caps Lock is stuck): I LET YOU KNOW I WAS TAKING IT AND WOW...I DON'T GET STUPID ABOUT MY PICS ... I DIDN'T TAKE ANY OF YOU PERSONALLY ... NOT THAT THERE WERE
Juggalo Rants
Extreme Juggalo hate has become so mainstream, realize you dumb fucks are the ones jumping on a bandwagon here. Ahhhh, trends are so cute. If you don't like a group of people, do the whole world a favor and shut the fuck up. I'm sure to most people, you're just as annoying if not more than Juggalos when you're like "OM FG FUCK JUGGALOS THEY SUCK OMG" every two seconds. If you need something to bitch about, bitch about how corrupt our government is, or poverty rates, or something of fucking worth. If you need a way to spend your time, READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU FUCKNUGGETS. Jesus fucking Christ, please realize how fucking STUPID you sound. Yes I whoop whoop, go to Psychopathic concerts and listen to ICP, but are my personal decisions affecting your life? Apparently yes, only because YOU'RE fucking letting them! I could give two fucks if you hate ICP and Juggalos. I'm sure EVERYONE could give a shit less. But its your constant need to shove it down everyone's throat because it gets you +10

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