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created on 01/03/2007  |  http://fubar.com/pipe-dreams/b40386
as you all know: start from the bottom and work your way up! heh. i totally said "dear lard". Captain Le...: "dear santa, i know it's not xmas but if you could do me a favour, that'd be great. can you send cakey a man with a big willy for her b'day. thank you, love legobot" ->Captain Le...: i need all the wishes and hopes i can get! so thank you! Captain Le...: i'll be wishin a b'day humpin on ya. ->Captain Le...: chucks, fucks... i hope i get the best of both worlds... Captain Le...: laughin's good for you and it's nearly your birthday so i think you deserve a few chucks. ->Captain Le...: i'm fucking dying over here.. between you, ian, and scottie? dear lard im spent! hahahahahahaha Captain Le...: i can guarantee you, if i do come and visit, you will not be able to keep your hands of my 'ball head' ->Captain Le...: fine! ball head! Captain Le...: well, i'll have the art work, so ner. ->Captain Le...: im dowloading it for free.... hahaha Captain Le...: i'm buying the album ->Captain Le...: ive been singing it three frickin days straight! Captain Le...: i've still got that bloody song going thru ma heed! ->Captain Le...: o mai!!! YAYER! Captain Le...: not at work tomorrow, so no computer. that means you got a couple more pressie coming your way soon.
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