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As I lay here drifting on the waves of my dreams,
drifting in that place where nothing is what it seems,
where all my senses know exactly what to do,
where I judge about what is false and what is true,

No surprises for me here, no sudden mistakes,
here it's not my heart but your heart that aches,
here everything is controlled by me including you,
here I call the shots, I tell YOU what to do,

You've got nowhere to hide, you've got nowhere to run,
let's cut the suspense, the games have begun,
now YOU will learn about being afraid,
the hunt has begun, you better not wait,

Don't waist your time, just run for your life,
Cause now it is ME who is holding the knife,
I won't make your mistake, I'll finish what I start,
I won't stab you in the back, but straight in the heart.

lol... this is what I'd refer to as a venting poem.
Directed to my ex while waiting on his sentencing, it kinda wrote itself, quite ehm.. well.. harsh and brutal. 
Part of a healing process I suppose.

As fast
as her eyelids flutter;
feeling their way
through the dark 
that surrounded the hunger
captured within his breath; 

within the silent path of a tear
cried in stolen youth,
a pain as liquid
as the silken touch
of an unconditional
loving soul.

Her cries
echo ache through time
into a future doomed to darkness 
where the curves of femininity
sway to the seductive sounds
of a snake’s venomous hiss
and swirl onto the hands of greed
clawing into her flesh
within the boundaries
of their own shallow minds.

A sigh ruptures
the heavy velvet veil 
that shields
the disfigured view of humanity
as painted by the nurturing hand
of the male figure
"the guardian of innocence"

claiming trophies
of unearthly measures
while deep within
a newborn winter
through the depth of soul.

If not for that single candle;
flickering as the estranged fingers
of hope-filled-life
caress and tickle
in foreign affection;
the days would be long
and shadow traced

and so I find
the silhouette of lost soul
crouched down in the forgotten corner
attempting to blend,
into memories of too long ago 

as the shades of day
grow older.
the shadows of night
come to haunt

the fleeting body 
of immortal longing
craves to grasp hold of the synergy
that emerges 
from kindred lovers
as life taunts relentless
with hints and wisps
of dream fulfilled prophecies
and life-vitality 
becomes as much a phaenomenon
as the aurora
after winter solstice

but even in an ice-kissed-breath
words of passion
and compassion
cannot be frozen
to be kept

and silent echoes
of whispered nothings
fade into the darkness
of night

A shiver..

and words uttered
rest heavily on the coolness 
of an unannounced breeze
traveling into the very heart, 
lingering there on a breath
held longer than a tear, 
traveling from the eye 
to the line of the jaw, 
would fall and shatter
on the cold Formica 
of white sterile thoughts.

and I pull back
under the weight of accusations
triggered by a simple request
,leaving a trail of destruction
in the slate grey sky
of a winter born too soon

releasing the sting
of icicle sharp memories
with ice pick precision
stabbing not once,
not twice,
but three times
since, after all,
three times’ a charm 


emotions wrapped in crystal clear 
ribbons of glass
are bound to shatter
on the frost licked snow
that covers the surface
of the otherwise clear
blue pools of eyes

and I shiver..

a breathed plea escaping lips
forms clouds in the cool 
of early morning snowstorms
that haunt with relentless precision
the depths of souls
where the apparition of love unconditional
loses its silhouette
and the footprints left behind
erased swiftly
by cool blanketed
covet castaways
of a past
never dealt with

No matter how they try and see
the love that lives eternally
between the lonely soul and me
they never will conceive

When once again the night has passed
and left behind the love that lasts
the taste of my ongoing quest
for you, my nightly thief

Who purposely invades my dreams
the ghost of bitter memories
you choose to tease beyond release
you'll never let me go

You beg and plead relentlessly
kneeled down behind your souls debris
hope with your might I'd choose to see
beyond that what I know

How could they ever understand
when I can't even comprehend
why I still hold on to your hand
and choose to let you be

In time I'll come to realize
that you were aiming to disguise
your lack of love through heartless lies
you'll die inside of me..

As thick as the red heavy velvet,
that veils the outlines
of the with white marble decorated stage, 
was the with longing perfumed breath 
that lingered in the air,
exhaled during the opening act, 
received with an ovation
that still echoed in between the walls

the première where the heart laid kneeled 
naked with her face on the cool stones
whispering utterances…
singing ballads of a grandiose love…
long after
the in black silk and lace draped audience
had abandoned their reclining black leather seats;
and the 8 tier chandeliers
ceased to illuminate the space
with their gold-flavored sheen

where the ever relentless
lashing tongue of disillusion;
captured in act 3, scene 2;
left behind the raw scent 
of crimson cried tears,
desecrating the white marble
with small puddles of the;
as labeled;
vile red-tinted bodily fluids

carelessly tossed in the corner,
the crumpled remains of a program
that once was held
by a hand whose owner still believed in dreams
long before the all overruling
shadows of desperation 
...as presented in the final act...
suffocated the last rays
of innocent devotion

Vanity was granted a part in this play
‘the grand soprano of ignorance’
flanked by Ego
who waltzed from scene to scene
dressed in bright colored grand costume 

Blinded from those little messages
that seemed to pop up
...just every now and again... 
(you weren’t very consistent)
not that they would notice
if you were;
too preoccupied with their own play

The rosy shades you supplied
dissolved five minutes
into the second act.

Vanity and Ego
performed ‘the’ performance
of a life time
never realizing that they were left
without an audience.

In a play called
“the Fool”

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