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How Strong Am I?
I've been the strong one all my lifeAs the elder sybling it's been my stryfeI was strong for my momDurring her hard timesStrong for my brother and sisterThrough countless trials in lifeI've been strong for my friendsMy family, and those I care most aboutBut now I find the path the toughestand I must muster all the strength I canThey say if you know love That you know painWell, I have know love in many formsPassionate, romantic, platonic and unrequitedBut in all these I have been strongBut now I know what I must doNow I find if my strength will prove trueI gave all I had, and for a time she was gladNow comes the time to set her freeEven knowing what it means to meI have been strong for you, My DearBut please forgive me I can't hold back the tearsI know what we had was wonder and joyI'll always love you, your daughter and boyBut for now, I can't be strongI can't hold back the floodBut I ask that you not pick on meI've been stronger than most will ever beForgive my weaknessForgive my tear
Yay Yellow! MENU!! "Breakfast" 18 grapes Lunch: 1/3 piece of chicken cooked in italian dressing, .33 oz cheese, .33 cup of corn, .2 up of brown rice, and .25 cup of wild rice   (i wasn't hungry LOL) Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 slice of cheese, 1 piece of italian flatbread, .5 cup of salsa. SNACKS: 1 cup cucumber, 1.75 cup cheerios, 1.75 oz hard pretzels, .25 cup hummus, 2 banana oatmeal cookies, 7 oz of apple juice, 1 stick of gum, and a big oatmeal raisin cookie TOTALS: Calories:1584 Carbs: 248 Fat: 43 Protein: 67 ____________________________________________________ my lunch was actually a full piece of chicken and more rice and all... but i just couldn't eat it...  it was good.. but just couldn't do it.. I started making my meal plans for next week and am keeping that in mind.. more snacks.. less big meals...   I am still under in my calories.. but fine on everything else i am watching... I feel like i am constantly eating but am still not hitting those calories! blarg! I fin
Walking The Talk
IN HONOR OF A GREAT MAN, MY FUHUBBY, DTALLON!! This blog was inspired by my fu-hubby, who just this morning walked for a fallen soldiers family to give them the American Flag .. an honorable duty to his comrad, but a heart wrenching one as well. Baby, you are TRULY a great man, one who has much honor, grace, compassion, caring, love and the purest heart of anyone I know ... walk in beauty today, as you touched the heart of a grieving mother & family I know. ourfallensoldier.comFallen Never ForgottenA 501 (C)
Society And Emotions
Today i was having a discussion with someone about emotions and how they are viewed, and how everyone has more then 1 side to them. life isnt always rainbows unicorns and sunshine. There is a deeper side to everyone thmoat most people dont let out because society has taught us thatwe should leave this to ourselfs.. swept under the carpet, then we go get depression meds that make us quacks.... when in reality  most people just need someone to talk to. Quite frankly i find that my  thoughts are much deeper and darker at night when the rest of the world is asleep. I feel that thats the time i let my emotions out.. I feel like life makes us who we are and our experinces do as well, but i do feel that alot of the times it is a negative impact in our lfes and so many people hold things in because, they have no one to talk to and when they do.. a secret private life is no longer secret... sigh..
Best Mumm Conversation Ever
dyssnow I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: S T F U Bitch OzspamPrt4 said: Be's my birthday! Wait! are! I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: You made it another year? Better luck next time. dyss said: you still haven't learned how to properly wish death on a person.... fail... I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: the thought pleases me thats all that matters. dyss said: so your a dreamer not a do'er huh.... that another way of saying your lazy? dyss said: to lazy to fix spelling... *tears own asshole* I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: God, you know me so well. I'm so flattered [image] dyss said: yeah totally but no worries i won't tell anyone about the fisting you received in the "early years" I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: why not, i love talking about the good times. dyss said: but i thought you're father was a sore subject? guess i don't know you that well after all [image] I.L.L.u.S.i.o.N ™~ said: No you dont, pity really [image] dyss said: damn now i'll never see your tits hu
What Color Is Your Name?
Your Name is Black Your name tells people that you are serious and sophisticated. Your name makes you seem like a total mystery. You are elegant and a bit apart from everyone else. You are much more formal than those around you. People see you as smart and together. You also come off as a bit eccentric, and others respect that you are different from them. You can adapt well to most situations, but you never feel like you truly fit in anywhere. What Color Is Your Name? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Feezy Cam Dance Contest
Mark your calender October 7th starting at 8pm est Royal Highness is having a feezy cam dance contest. If you are interested in joining please contact one of these staff members listed: Perpetual Bliss at, Jedson at jedson11, Chris Blade at bladebias2005, or Feezy at eric2efeezy.RULES: yes you know they are a great thingclothes are a must!!! even if its a bra its still clothes :Dsolo dancing only   YOU MUST ME A LOUNGE MEMBER you can find royal highness in my lounges Everything else goesYou do not get to choose your musiceveryone will dance to the same songyou must dance the entire lenght of the song.lounge members will be judging this contest so invite your friends.Your contest DJ will be the one and only Chris Blade   oh yeah prizes :D there will be only 2 winners one male and one female. winners will get their choice of a 1 month vip or a 25 credit bling pack
- A Leaf -
- A Leaf -   Quietly, I lay under the old tree Gazing up into its branches Blithely watching its feathering leafs   Through its gnarling limbs, sunlight beams And I think of Life..of Love..of finer things Of the smile of my child..of a woman a’far And the joy that into my life they do bring   Quietly, I lay under the old tree Gazing up into its branches Blithely listening to a bird as it sings   Upon its gnarled limbs, does the bird sit And I think of Life..of Love..of all that I miss Of the smile of my Mother..and of family a’far
I Might Be Butthurt
On Fubar?With kids?And a Roomate?WOW you're a fkn Keeper! He forgot accused of being a cold fish, freshly divorced, barely employed, almost evicted and having more intimate relationships online than in person. Why do I let him get to me?  Why don't I block his dumbass?  Because what he says is essentially true.  By letting him spew his shit I prove that I can take it, right?  Or something. End of pity party.
My Roku Box
So just wanted to share this worthless piece of info with you.   10.00 a month to netflix. 100.00 for a roku box.     All the free on demand movies you can think of.   That is all.
As Hard As You May Try... just cant fix it all. Its been the haunt of most of my life. Whether it be your career, your family, your marriage,  or even as simple as a plant...all you can do is give it what it needs to get established, show it to the light of the world, and hope it flourishes. I have a childhood friend of mine, a very bright and together girl, of whom bore two children by her highschool & beyond sweetheart, only to suffer him killing himself while she was carrying the youngest.  Despite all she had to contend with, she perservered,  raised 2 kids, put herself thru school for her RN,  remarried, and has made a good life for her and her children. She even put me & my wife at the time & baby up for a month and a half  because the place we were to rent was not completed with renovations as promised when we arrived in the state. Yesterday I get the news,  via a phonecall from my very hysterical ex wife, that her (our friend's) youngest, now 21, and Jr. to his fathers name, killed himself ye
I haven't done THIS in a long long time!  Soooo....been taking care of Mom for 5 years now & just found a personal care home for her!  Wow!  Feelings of overwhelming guilt....even tho' I KNOW she'll be well taken care of....I won't have to worry about anything happening to her!  It's just all so surreal right now! 
Hi everybody.  Yes, its time to go. This isnt what I was hoping. I thought this place was about friendship, flirts, and fun. But it seems to be about Drama, Poing whores, and ignoring people. I would try so hard to be a friend. always sending messages, love, gifts.  I almost never get a reply or a TY.  the only people that contact me are looking for bling or fubucks. so, one of my few "real" friends suggested getting engaged, to see if anyone would notice or care.  (they dont) so, i am going soom.  anybody want my fubucks? I have 9 mil. if anyone really wants to remain friends, come to yahoo messenger. My ID is markiephx i really did find some people that i consider friends. and i will always care.   and i will miss some of u ALOT   :(
A Whisper Throught The Night
                                  A Whisper through the night                                                 By Thomas Gargis                 It was a dark foggy night when she was standing by her window.  As the fog had roll across the dark ground,  she heard a whisper through the dark night  that scared her. She jumped from the window that startled her and then slowly walking back to it to see what was making that noise. As she look to see who or what was out there but only seeing the thick dense dark fog that lay across the ground.  As she was about to turn and head for bed because a long day she had at work, but the whisper through the night was calling her name again.                She was thinking and concerned “why am I hearing this? Is it that I’m so tired from work that I am imagining this in my mind?” Hum as she stood there by the window wondering as the whisper through the night was getting louder as if it was coming towards her. Now she is really s
Get Rerated Daily
Big And Stretchy
Guys Read This
I know all you guys think I want to know that you think my boobs are hot, my ass is hot and you think I want to know that you want to cum on my tits.  Well I have been told a million times how great my tits are and such and after oh about 800 thousand times it gets rather old.  I had to make my nsfw private because I got sick of the perverted and disrespectful comment.  And believe me I dont want your fuckin cum on my tits so spare me the visual.  I am not a lesbo i do like men very much but I am no whore.  I prefer sex within a relationship.  I pick my partners for not just physical reasons but other reasons as well.  I like personality, intelligence, and I love a gentlmen.  Oh and holding a conversation is a MUST.  Telling me your cock is HUGE does NOTHING but turn me off COMPLETELY.  Talk to me about other things besides sex.   DO NOT DISCUSS SEX WITH ME AT ALL  you will pretty much turn me off and ruin any chances you have with me if you are interested. I am so sick of the shallow
Sometimes Im Not Alright... And Thats Alright
Some of you may already know this, but alot of you dont... When i was 13, I was diagnosed with type 1 Bipolar disorder(or manic depression). Its something that i have struggled with for a great deal of my life. I have been on all the medications for it throughout my adolecent life, and for a breif period as an adult. I have since decided that I am no longer going to be taking medication for it. It was not a decision made lightly, but, when im on that medication, i dont feel like "me". I believe that I'm stronger than my demons, however, they do still haunt me.I know that there are a lot of steriotypes about people with this disorder, so thats why im writing about it right now. Im not "crazy". I have a chemical imbalance that makes me act differently than most people.there are pretty much 3 phases to the disorder, which if any of you that have known or will know me long enough, you will see them all.the manic phase... On the outside, ill seem very outgoing, excited, and all around a ver
"if You Say 1 More Word My Head's Going To Explode"
Guy: I'm going out with Jack on Thursday. Woman: I don't really like Jack. Guy: You're not going. I know you don't like him. Woman: But I want to go. Guy: OK. Then come. Woman: But I really don't like him. Guy: That's why you're not going. Woman: Then why are you going? Guy: Because I like him. Woman: Then I can't go. Guy: You can go. You don't want to. Woman: I don't want you to go. Guy: Why? Woman: Because I can't go....
"talking About Talking"
Woman 1: You notice we don’t talk any more?Guy: (reading magazine) Sure we do.Woman: When?Guy: (pauses, looks up) Right now.Woman: This isn’t talking.Guy: We are talking.Woman: That’s not what I’m talking about.Guy: (sighs) What are you talking about?Woman: Talking. Real talking.Guy: (puts down mag) Ok. Let’s talk. What do you want to say?Woman: Nothing…Guy: (laughs)Woman: It’s not funny. I’m serious.Guy: So, talk, really. I’m listening.Woman: I don’t want to talk. I’m just saying it would be nice if we could.Guy: Why can’t we?Woman: We can. It’s just, we don’t.Guy: OK. I’m going to go back to my magazine. If you want to talk, tell me.Woman: I want to talk.Guy: (closes mag)Woman: Just not right now.
More Thoughts On The Drive Home
I was waiting, and waiting, and had little else to do, So after clearing my mind completely I filled it with thoughts of you. How your smile brightens my day, when I look in your eyes I see the way. How in you I can trust and believe, and share the truest, purest intimacy. let go any barriers and just be me, because there's nothing I could hide, that you can't already see I've said before I was completed by you I see now that's not exactly true we're two wholes come together to form something much more grand, and through whatever life demands we'll walk hand in hand, be it grass gravel or sand I'll always be your man.
Say Hello On My Profile!!!
HEy!!!   its Amzz  here...You should stop by my page and leave a msg. or sign my guestbook!!...Or evn better both...I love to make new come on over and show some love I promise it will be returned.  Hope to see or hear from you!! x0x0x0x~~~AmY~~~
My My My, I Wonder Where They Get It?
Ain't my grandkids cute as HECK?!!   Not that I'm partial, or anything! hehe My Grandson, Jesse       My Granddaughter, Justice       Just had to show them off a little! I'm done now!  
What Do We Have Ser A Fu Gang, Oh I Am Scared!
I get attack for no reason by this man. Μï¢k Tråum噁™Tized's βøýtøý @ ŠΣR Asking about where is my salute, Umm its in my pic DUH!!!! then he calls me a CUNT. Of courese I blocked him... then his lil possie comes in.LOL   ψMyHalozChokinMeψS.E.W.C.ψ~DJ & CO OWNER @ SER~۞Jå§oñ۞'s Fiance What a delightful woman but alittle on the trashy side!!!!!! Then if that not all here comes   MaSSa™ *S.E.R* who the hell are these people, they need to get a life and stop being so childish, I done nothing to these people. I don't need people like this with DRAMA in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WATCH FOR THESE PEOPLE!!!
My Final Thoughts
The Key To My Heart
As we lie beneath the stars, We wonder who we really are, I wonder what you see in me, We'll fall asleep beneath the trees. Run your fingers through my hair, Show me that you truly care, Day by day, and night by night, When I'm with you I have no fright. The day you told you loved me, That's when I gave you the key, To my heart, soul and mind, I'm glad to know that you're all mine. I want it to last forever, To know that we'll always be together, Feel no pain or sadness dear, I want you to always be near. In every hug and every kiss, When I'm with you I feel true love exists. Hold me close and never let me go, Don't let me fall amidst the shadow. For I am yours, forever it may be, I am yours for all eternity. I mean it all; all I've said, Without you, a part of me is dead.
Closed Mental Won
Ensign: Attack Of The Clones
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS             2 October 2009 Yoda: Blind we are, if the creation of this clone army we could not see. Mace Windu: I think it is time to inform the Senate that our ability to use the Force has diminished. Yoda: Only the Dark Lords of the Sith know of our weakness. If informed, the Senate is, multiply, our adversaries will. I remember the first time I heard the use of the word “clone” as a genetically perfect duplicate of another being.  It was on a Saturday morning TV series called “Jason of Star Command”, and the main villain of the show made a clone of his archenemy the title character’s commanding officer.  I brought up the word “clone” in a first grade vocabulary exercise for words ending in “one” and stood my ground when my teacher denie
Apple Cider - Apple Jack
I have been asked for a recipe for Apple Jack several times now, so I thought I had better add one to my site. Ingredients 1 gallon apple juice (or 16 pounds apples) 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon yeast energizer 1 1/2 teaspoon acid blend 1/2 teaspoon pectic enzyme 1 campden tablet 1 package champagne yeast (for 1 to 5 gallons) Place chopped fruit or juice in primary fermentor. Add balance of ingredients. Stir to dissolve sugar. Stir daily for 5 to 6 days or until frothing ceases. Strain out fruit and squeeze as much juice out of it as you can. Siphon into secondary fermentor and attach airlock. Rack in three weeks, and again every 2 months until the cider is clear. Gently stir in 1/4 cup sugar per gallon. Bottle in champagne bottles or clean pop bottles. Age three months. Apple Jack Early settlers made this by setting their apple cider outside in the winter and allowing it to become slushy. They would then skim the frozen wat
Daily Dumbass
So I hope that image posts good and clear, if not sorry. I'm drunk so I'll type it out after I post this if it's not clear. I've dubbed this kid the daily dumbass. It's idiots like him that give military men a bad name, men a bad name, and the human race in general a bad name. Seriously. But he was fun to fuck with for a while :) Granted the MUMM is now gone. Not sure if he really did delete it or if it got reported enough times it disappeared. All I know, is this dumbfuck doesnt need MUMM privs. PieDaDDY said: who the fuck told you that you have to give anyone your nickles and dimes...what a whiney bitchStatus: ok seeing as everyone on here has to say everything they are doing all day long imma say what im doing too.....Sitting here just liek the rest of youEven your status screams out whiney little bitch 1N5@N3 K1LL3R said: I bet it does yet your the dude with a pink name..... PieDaDDY said: its for Breast Cancer awareness ya dum
Who Is Silver Really?
These are some of the things that have influenced my life and made me who I am today. Some things may shock you, as I have experienced some scary shit in my day. But I don't regret anything, and I won't apologize for anything I have done as it wouldn't change anything. So, if you are REALLY interested and read with an open mind, you just might learn about what makes me tick. Or not. Either way, this is theraputic for me, a way to release my thoughts so I don't implode. lol 1. I was born with a birth defect effecting my bladder and kidneys. 2. I spent most of age 10 in a hospital to correct the defect. 3. I have virtually NO memory of my life before the surgeries. So in essence, my life began when I was 10. 4. My mom and dad divorced by the time I was 11. 5. I lost my virginity at 13 to a 19 yr old guitar player, in a cemetary. 6. By 15, I was a drug addict, and my older brother was a violent alcoholic. He would beat me up daily. 7. I was date raped at 16. I never reported
Auction Time Come Bid On Me
What Aphrodisiac Are You?
You Are Wine You are very naturally sexy and inviting. You don't have to try too hard. The longer people spend time with you, the more drawn in they become. You believe that seduction shouldn't be rushed, you like to savor every moment. Going too fast kills the excitement. You like to indulge all of your senses. What Aphrodisiac Are You? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
It's a good thing your heart isn't where your brain is or you'd really be fucked ;)   *knot feeling the love*
Birch Tree
birch tree, I see you stand all aloneIn a clearing, so far removed from others.You strive to belong in the woods with them,To be among your sisters and your brothersBut strong roots keep holding you down to the ground,All you can do is tilt your head and flail your armsHoping they will see your struggle, come to you,But they are attached as well, and can't abandon their realmsAs days and nights go by, you hear them whisper in the wind.You want to share your dreams at night, and celebrate beginnings of each day;But distance is too big, and they can't hear;You look at them with tired eyes, and quietly wonder what they sayThe day is coming to an end,The clearing and the forest stand in the darkYour green head is tilted down, you feel defeat,And clear bitter sap is running down your bark.You fall asleep and see the dreamsOf standing in the woods, with theirs your branches intertwine.You feel the wind caress your leaves,And bring your soul a little closer to divine.At night the clouds gathe
State Salutes
OK so i got this idea from a friend, so i thought i would Fu~lift his idea!!! Here is what i NEED, (or want). A salute from every state.. Can you help me??? Be creative, Have fun!!! But sense not everyone is ADULT enough it should stay SFW. Thank you cant wait to see them! Please leave a comment, so that ppl know what states have been done!  I tried this a few months ago and no one was interested in doing it, So thought i would try again and see if i can actually get ppl to help me!! Thank you in advance!
Sh*t Together
So, here I shit... err sit, Thinking about the term "Shit together" as in, "get your shit together and lets go", or "that boy better get his shit together or he is goin to get canned" Anyways, as I sit thinking about this term. I heard one from a colleague of mine, "poop in a group" Which I guess would be the politically correct way to say it, or if one were around young ears (that means kids). So as I sit thinking about "shit together" and "poop in a group" I come up with something different, "Feces in a bunch" or how about "stool in flock." These may seem far fetched, or quite a reach at humour, but, when you are as bored as I am. and thinking random thoughts about none other than poop. This is what you come up with. Thank you for giving me the last 3 minutes of your life and now you shall be thinkin about poop too. Have a great day. Jamie
Thank You
So I checked in and wanted to thank the following people for making me smile today... Gearhead (h) Robert (h) Kins (h) Ford (h) Take IT Deep (h) Mr Adorable (h) Jude (h) SilverOak (h) DF (h) *Hughie Pooh! (h) I enjoyed checking in today...and now its time to check back out :P hugs and kisses for my friends, and happy bday Dork!!!
Want My Points For 12 Hours?
I have an offer if anyone is interested.I am a level 31 so I can give away my points for 12 hours to someone.I have alreadly done this for 2 people and I'm making them quite a few points.If you are interested I'm only charging a 65 credit blingpack.Most people here are asking for 135 cred blingpack plus blasts.I think I'm giving a good deal.No one has been disappointed yet.Out of the 65 credit blingpack I will buy a 35 credit auto 11 and use 12 hours of my auto during the time I give you my points.If you are interested please shoutbox me or message me.I am also willing to listen to bids if you can't afford the 65 credit blingpack.I'll consider other offers.I'm easy to work with.It's worth a try right?=)
10/7/09 Dilbert
Lookin For A Man
old, sick, and rich plz
My Name ... After Three Years
after being on fubar for over 3 years I get this message from Support after being suspended for 9 days by them. Your name was nsfw. You really seem to have an issue understanding what is allowed here. Please read the fubar bible and the tos, talk to a bouncer, etc. Since when is Ms. Cleavage considered NSFW ... what about all the names with "boobs" or "tit's" or "sex" in them ... how come they are allowed to continue using their nicknames and CLEAVAGE is considered as NSFW????  
Playing On Fubar Again
Sung to 'Stealer's Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You'   Well I don't know why I logged in tonight,I got the feeling that something ain't right,I'm so scared that I may fall off my chair,Just saw a guy, wearing Glad bag under wear,Juggalos to the left of me,DJs to the right, here I am,Playing on fubar again.Yes I'm playing on fubar again,And I'm wondering, what is MFKN,It's so hard to keep this smile from my face,SO much to perv, yeah, I'm all over the place,Juggalos to the left of me, DJs to the right,Here I am, playing on fubar again.Well you started as a nubie,And you're proud that you're a self made man(or woman),When you feel disgusted, friends will come & check you out,Profile rate you 10s and say,Please don't de-e-e-lete.... Please don't de-e-e-lete.....Trying to make some sense of it all,But I can see that it makes no sense at all,Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor,'Cause I don't think that I can take anymoreJuggalos to the left of me, DJs to the right,Here I am, playin
Read This Before You Do Anything Else!!
     NSFW and personal Folders are ONLY accessable by myself and family. Some are for me only, unless I feel like opening them up to others. NOT ALL MY PERSONAL FOLDERS ARE NSFW, YOU PERVERTS!!! Some I just choose not to share with people, cause it is how I feel at the moment. I will change my family and friends at will, so do not get offended. People that meet certain criteria will stay in, they will just be shuffled, between family and top friends. I have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY with certain things. You want to harass through comments? It is why I will now read all coments, and decide if they will be posted. If you are rude, ignorant, or just plain melodramamtic, I WILL block you from my page. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them, using correct grammar, and punctuation. Any personal info, such as contact info is limited to whomever I decide will get it. I am STRAIGHT!! Yes, I have gay friends. If you have a problem with blacks, hispanics, gays, bisexuals, or anythin
Holy shit! I ranked and am a top chick of the week without having to show tits or vagina. I'm amazed.
around   with my Flip camera. I should be cleaning the house, but that can wait a lil. So, I made a mumm disclaimer...
Some Interesting Facts About Ourselves …………………
In my blogs, you'll only find jokes ;)It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. One human hair can support 3 kg (6.6 lb). The average man's penis is three times the length of his thumb. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's. There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.Women blink twice as often as men. The average person's skin weighs twice as much as the brain.Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still. If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it. Women will be finished reading this by now. Men are still busy checking their thumbs.      Have a fantastic day and SMILE :-) Anthea.                  
Ok It's Naughty... And I Really Hope It Doesn't Offend Anyone... But You Have Been Warned... Don't Like It, Don't Read Any Further :p
OK, so this is what I write... enjoy! (it's not finished yet lol) LA VIE BOHEME   You had left me to entertain myself while you went to watch Leeds play. I knew you were going to be gone for the whole afternoon so I made the most of my time and explored my new surroundings. After spending some time looking around the shops, and having bought the most delicious underwear, I decided to take a tea-break. Settling into a small leather sofa in a cosy tea shop just off of the Millennium Square, oversized coffee cup in hand, I watch the world go by. I’m aware of the other customers but one particular woman stands out. Hiding behind my sun-glasses I watch her for a few minutes. Her long wavy hair lays tousled down her back, her bangs falling forward obscuring the view of her face as she reads, she’s dressed in a long skirt and vest top in bright colours. Her top has tiny mirror sequins that catch the sun when she moves. I love that look, the earth mother, the voluptuous goddes
Blast Message
"October is Breast Cancer Awarenous so FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!!!Much love to my friend Nismo who bought me this Blast! Give him luv! Here's to the..friends that love me, the losers that lost me && the lucky bastards who get to meet me!! The one and only mfkin PoD"   a) What is Awarenous? b) Ofcourse people that didnt wanna put up with her shit are losers c) I'm sure people that "got to meet" her , AKA Ms Ohio trash, are the lucky ones. Where do I sign up? I feel like my luck has run out
Lunar (02.08.08)
She watched as transparent whirls of smoke slowly danced in a crisp winter air upwards towards the sky, changing shapes and patterns like ghostly apparitions, until finally disappearing into eternal nothingness.She took a drag from a cigarette, and heard a light crackle as the amber tip lit up and let the smoke fill her lungs. She exhaled, letting out a new batch of smoke. The moon emanated its cold mysterious glow, making the snow covered field drown in an ocean of pure white.She stood there, spellbound by this creature that was looking back at her, and her only, with its featureless round face, so many light years and miles away, so distant and yet so close, keeping her company at this lonesome hour.She could sense it sending its lunar incantations into the air, pulsating with waves and invoking the spirits of the forest that stood like an inpenetrable fortress along the shadowed edges of the field.From the safety of the lit up entrance of the hotel, she wondered what creatures might
Milk Switch
To help a friend lose weight, I told her that she should switch to lower-fat foods, including skim milk. When she said her family would drink only whole milk, I suggested that she keep their regular container and refill it with skim milk. This worked for quite a while, until her daughter asked one morning whether the milk was okay. "Sure, it's fine," my friend answered, fearing she had been found out. "Why do you ask?" The daughter explained, "Well, according to the expiration date, this milk expired two years ago!" 
Tattoo Convention.... if ya know me ya know i love tattoos....and i have a few....well, sunday i'm going to the immersed in ink tattoo convention here in houston.  i'm going to enter 2 of my tattoos in the small color category...this is my first tattoo contest to participate in!!  i'm a tad nervous...wish me luck!!
My Nickname
Why the numbers?  I was told by SUPPORT that after three years on Fubar and after being on the scroll and in blasts and seen by everyone practically that my nickname was considered NSFW. I have begged the bouncer that put me on a 9 day restriction to let me change my name. And she will not reply to my messages. I went to another bouncer and she tells me that "I won't get in the middle of this" All I want to do is change my nick name to "Irish Eyes" So I went to BabyJesus and I asked for his help. Still waiting for his reply. So the way that I figure it either he will allow me to change my nickname or my profile will be deleted for good. I just wanted to document this if I get deleted and some of you will know what happened.
i hate who i am. i hate my life. i don't see it getting any better. i hate the power of existence. the only difference i see, is that i can say this now without crying. and, no. this aint no fucking poem.
Divergent Directions
Divergent Directions Coping with People You Dislike As much as most of us wish we could exist in harmony with the people we encounter throughout our lives, there will always be individuals we dislike. Some simply rub us the wrong way while others strike us as deliberately unaware. We may judge others as too mean or abrasive for us to interact with them comfortably. Yet no person should be deemed a villain because their beliefs, opinions, mannerisms, and mode of being are not compatible with your own. You need not embrace the rough traits they have chosen to embody. There may be times in which the best course of action involves distancing yourself from someone you dislike. But circumstances may require that you spend time in the company of individuals who awaken your aversion. In such cases, you can ease your discomfort by showing your foe loving compassion while examining your feelings carefully. The reasons we dislike some individuals are often complex and, at first, indecipherabl
New Goals And Ranges As Of 10/17/2009 (not A Weigh In!)
Calories: 1,270 - 1,620 Fat: 34 - 59 Carbohydrates: 171 - 247 Protein: 60 - 133 you see those? those are my new daily goals for my diet... I rarely hit the higher goals so... i used my website and since i have lost 20 pounds.. this new set of goals should last me for the rest of the way! It is gonna take a bit of planning until i get used to the smaller portions and the foods... but i am SURE that i can do it :D I am at a 20 pound loss since Febuary though.. so maybe I can keep it up! I have decided that for christmas i am going to ask all my family and friends and what not to get me gift cards that are basically the prepaid credit cards (not to a specific store) so that I can buy clothing as i need it LOL I can't wear my favorite jeans anymore, nor my favorite black work pants... luckily i had some in a smaller size hidden in my closet I wonder if i can make that 20 pounds into 40 by january! it is possible considering i
I Need Your Help Plz...
Most of you know My Bday is coming up.. and I would really like a cb! I'm in a contest where the most rates wins an auto or a cb.. I need your help plz take one second and rate me.Sb me or message me saying you did and I will sed you a gift of something.. Thank you so much      
Level 92 Fu Mafia Fake Busted - Jane Cloud.
Check the blog below and to the left with a similar title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
Thanks 2 Fu!!
  Well …its that time again . lol . It’s my second blog an im writing this sat watching nothing, contemplating what is my Fu birthday, my first !! WOOT!!I’VE BEEN HERE A WHOLE YEAR,BLIMEY!!!LMAO. so while I have your attention, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being a friend, I know I don’t say much an when I do its usually crap but bare with me, I kinda grow on you. Lol . Does’nt mean to say I don’t  love you each an everyone one of you, because I do !!I’ve met some FUCKING KOOL MUTHAFUCKERS!! People im proud to call friends an would be welcome in my home. I also lost some friends too, so Big up to them!! I didn’t want to mention names but …I want to mention One fuckin beautiful soul. One that has truly opened my eyes an has such an effect on me. I owe her so much, fuckin love the shit outta her. ‘Deadhead chic’, Mel. You lady are the dogs bollox, big dangly hairy one’s, beautiful in every bloody way!! Yo
Most Beautiful Smile Contest
for those who would like to enter the one with the most votes at the end will get 1million fubucxs sb me ur photo link for enter and ur offers  the one with the most votes gets a mill from me  but the winner of the contest in the biding  gets wat they r offered
I got a pimpout as a gift.....and never saw it...... bleh   /rant
I Will Meet You
    Im breathing in and out slowlyTrying to match the rhythm of your heartbeatFeeling as if I can hear your soul talking If I listen hard enoughI close my eyes Submersing myself in this momentAnd close off the rest of the worldJust to hear your peaceful breathingYour fingertips touch and smooth my skinAs they run along my back tenderly Your fingertips give me sweet chills on my armsAs they kiss the surface of my skinWe left the radio onBut it is drowned out by our beautiful silenceYou hold me closer and closerTo see if my soul is talking backI slowly open my sparkling eyesAnd pray that Im not just dreamingBut then I see your bright, blue eyes staring backAnd I cant help but fall in love all over againYou touch my face and smileWhile I sink deeper into your armsYou bring your lips closeAnd gently kiss me with passion I am frozen for the momentAnd continue to melt with the love you consume me withEvery instant seems like foreverAnd every embrace is one to remember
List Of Who Has Donated What, Etc
♎Ms. BabyLove♎ Princess and fu-wife to theboyneedsavacation aka Mister@ fubar 1 sticky bully 1 million bux to Coleen 7 entries   ღ°¥umm¥°ღ°Ä£åzïå ° ღ° Exotic  Angel @ Exotic Dreams Owned By Mr. MoneyShot°ღ@ fubar   1 million bux to Coleen 5 entries   JustineThyme QT - Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties - DPR@ fubar 4 million to Coleen 20 entries   ♆MFKN☠ßlúê €ÿës ♆MFKN☠@TwistedPlayground@ fubar 2 million to Coleen 10 entries   ♆MFKN❤ JAC ❤ {FU&R/L GIRLY 2 TYPE*R }  *[THE MFKN SLUT\'S LEADER]*@ fubar 20 million to Coleen 120 entries   ☠MFKN☠DJ Sinner☠MFKN☠{Committed Faithfully 2 Perpetual Bliss}@ fubar 5 million  to Coleen 30 entries     ~DjSexywolf MFKN.D.P.R.CLUB ,225  Mem,CREW LEADER  for CTL", MLMember@ fubar 1 million to Coleen 5 entries ★Lil★Spicey☠Southern★Belle★@ fubar 6 million to Coleen 1 mill
When We Learn All We Need To Know...
In May this year my cousin's 5 year old daughter lost a 17 month battle for her life. She had neuroblastoma. After several months of chemotherapy and several weeks of radiation, she received a stem cell transplant. For reasons never known, her blood counts would still not stay up. Finally she suffered renal failure and the end everyone knew was coming close. No one told her that she was going to die, yet she still knew. From her death bed she asked, "Why do little kids die?" Her aunt, who we all considered to be one of the duller of the knives in the drawer, said without missing a beat, "Sometimes when we learn all we need to know here on Earth, it is just our time to go." Again, no beats missed, the little girl says, "Wow, my papaw must not be very smart cuz he sure is old." While of you might not find the story of interest, I will never forget those words of a dying child.
Use Your Hands.
You can create some wild sensations for her by stimulating her clit with both your fingers and your tongue simultaneously. Also, most women enjoy a finger or two in their cunt while being eaten out. Insert your fingers with your palm up, crook them slightly, and stroke toward you in a “come hither” motion to hit her G-spot. A finger up the ass will also drive her over the edge if she’s into anal play. (As always, to avoid infection, if you put something in her ass, make sure you don’t put it in her pussy afterward.) ok so i was bored and found some good reading lol :)
One Mans Opinion
One man's opinion... A good woman is proud. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. A good woman has a dash of inspiration and a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will at times have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them. A good woman knows her past, understands her present and forces toward the future. A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played with. A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely l
Wanna Own Some Sexy Kitten.. Rawr!!
Wanna Own this Sexy Kitten??   Check the Offers and then Copy and Past the Link Below and Place Your Bids.. If You Cant Bid Please Leave a Rate!! Hurry Ends Oct. 31st Rawr!!!   P.S. Check out the First Comment on the Auction Page I added a Couple things!!!
Once In A Lifetime
Once in a lifetimethat someone comes alongyou dont see it comingit just happensthat one that feelsthe same as you.Its not just attractionbut you feel thatyou have known eachother in another time and placeyou can see it crystal cleartwas a time when others can notremember.. Another lifetime..the scenery is different.. the clothes are differentthe speach was differentbut the love was still therea love that has with stood the test of time over and over again..that love is the once in a life timelove that centuries  can never part If you ever find that once in a lifetimelove.. embrace it and never let it go..for if you let it go you will never beable to truly love again..Hold on to your true love...
Sleep Eludes Me...
So I log in... This is not gonna be long. I must leave for work in 4 hours. Thankfully its a short shift. I cannot sleep tonight. Perhaps its was a stressful night. Most likely it was a combination of things. My mind is restless and I can't risk taking a sleep aide. I do have a cute funny haha thing I will share though. I was asked for a loan. A small loan. A mere 200.00. (Chef Jay must be psychic and know I just typed this because he *sighed*) I am going to give this loan, not because I am loaded, but because I can't seem to find the word NO. It's going to a good cause. Paying bills for someone very important to me. Not the person who's name is on those bills...but the gorgeous little girl I am so very happy to be the mother of. That's right ;) So even though I am not technically responsible I am always responsible. And with this little laugh  I am going to run silently for another moment or two.   xoxxoxoxox   p.s. I love you Ed! ha...there you can't say I didn't show you lov
Outkast - Love Hater
Everybody needs a glass of water today To chase the hate away You know you've got company comin over So you scrub extra-hard And everybody needs somebody to love Before its too late Its too laaaaaaateee oh Dont nobody wanna grow old alone! Everybody needs someone to rub their shoulders And scratch their dandruff And everybody need to quit actin hard and shit Before you get your ass whooped (I'll slap the fuck out ya!) And everybody needs somebody to love Before its too late Its too late Love-hater Love-hater Hater of love [repeat 2X] Love-hater Love-hater [whispered] Everybody needs someone to love [repeat 2X]
Is their anyone out their friends or not that is having problems logging into the TOOLARMY web site from the Main TOOL page???   Any help is greatly appreciated :)
Ensign: Return Of The Jedi
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                30 October 2009 Princess Leia Organa: Luke, what’s wrong? Luke Skywalker: Leia, do you remember your mother? Your real mother? Princess Leia Organa: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young. Luke Skywalker: What do you remember? Princess Leia Organa: Just images, really. Feelings. Luke Skywalker: Tell me. Princess Leia Organa: She was very beautiful. Kind, but sad. Why are you asking me all this? Luke Skywalker: I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her. Princess Leia Organa: Luke, tell me. What’s troubling you? Luke Skywalker: Vader’s here. Now, on this moon. Princess Leia Organa: How do you know? Luke Skywalker: I felt his presence. He’s come for me. He can feel when I’m near. That’s why I have to go. As long as I stay, I&rsqu
I feel so bad. Last night I went out with my cousin's wife. We went to an interview/answer thing and met Sam Trammell. If any one wants to know who he is, he plays the shapeshifter on True Blood or you can just google him. After that we went and got something to eat. It was nice being able to get out of the house and have fun. I hardly do that now. That's not why I feel bad though. I feel bad because I made a promise to someone. I didn't get to actuallyl do that promise. When I got home the weather was apparently bad. It wasn't raining, just windy. My internet was down. I tried everything to get online and nothing worked. I tried sending texts all night. I didn't get an answer. One of two things happened. 1. They are really mad so they didn't answer my texts. 2. The weather was somehow messing up my phone and they never got the texts.   Either way I still feel like shit because I broke a promise.   [edit] This is in the wrong blog section and I'm not fixing it. =/
Ifs, Ands, & Butts...
I love Halloween. I love handing out candy, seeing all the great costumes and talking with parents. I even keep up with trends. _For a few years there, you never saw smaller children without their parents. I noticed this year less parents as they stayed in the cars. What few adults I did see mostly stayed along the edge of the road. I realize adults are tired but its still a good ideal to stay close to your children. If nothing else, you can grab their hand and hold them back to keep them from darting back out in the road. Not to mention when I was taking my daughter trick or treating, I liked to visually check out the people who were giving out the treats. I could usually remember which house gave out what treat. People nowadays tend to treat at houses they know which is a good ideal but I saw quite a few I did not know so obviously not everyone was following that ideal. _I noticed this year no flashlights much. A few adults carried them is all. When I was a kid you could buy these
Ok Here It Goes......
ok a little info on current events. This is just some info for my friends... With my cousin passing it bought some harship on to my aunt an her taking care of my cousins kids. My self and my parents decided to send her money to help with the funeral. I can not go do to just being strapped with my kids and all so I wanted to help pay for it. I have many people EVERYDAY asking me why I am not bombing or have I stopped bombing because I owe them a bombing. Well on that note I think me bombing 4-7 times a day for a month got everyone that is on my friends list with a bomb folder some without a few times... If I still owe you I will get you eventually. I will not be able to invest any money into fubar for a bit, I love fubar but my kids love to eat too lol I am NOT being negligent of the help im getting daily by bombs and rates.... but plz note that I will not be able to bomb you back right now. I was on a HUGE mission to level and get to 40 NOW-- but that mission has been halted du
!!!...hate Me...!!!
It’s not enough It’s not enough It never was or will beI never had the chance to thank you FOR RIPPING OUT MY HEARTIt’s not enough It’s not enough It never was or will beI never got the chance to sayFUCK YOUI don’t want to be your tourniquetFor minor lacerationsDon’t wanna be your Romeo Because you’re no Goddamn Julietyou always did know just what to say; insult and injuryYOU JUST LOVE TO HATE ME!It’s not enough It’s not enough It never was or will beI never had the chance to thank you FOR RIPPING OUT MY HEARTIt’s not enough It’s not enough It never was or will beI never got the chance to sayFUCK YOUYou’ve got a gunI’ve got a gun Let’s write a tragic endingDon’t wanna be this way againDon’t wanna be the one to blameyou can have the high roads; I’ll take the lows, disguise the frailtyI JUST LOVE TO HATE YOU!((FCK I HATE LOSING SOMETHING THAT I LOVE))....:(
Not Always Right | Bugging Out
Police Department | Florida, USA Me: “911, what’s your emergency?” Caller: “If anyone calls about screaming coming from **** Road, disregard it. I just had a bug on me.” *click*
Not Always Right | It's Okay, She Has A Thick Head
Construction | USA (While installing a street light pole) Lady: “Is this going to take long?” Me: “Ma’am, I need to you step back.” Lady: “But is this going to take long? I need to get to my car.” Me: “Ma’am… I need to you step back.” Lady: “Is there someone else I can talk to?” Me: “Ma’am… you have a 1 ton concrete pole directly over your head. If it drops, you are going to die. I need you to please step back.” Lady: “Ok… but can I get to my car?” Me: (I yell to my job foreman) “…Hillbilly!” Hillbilly: “GET THE F*** OUT!” Lady: “I never met anyone so rude.”
Not Always Right | Egocentrism Meet Geocentrism
Travel Agent | Pendel, PA, USA Customer, calling from a cell phone: “Would you tell me how to get to your office?” Me: “Sure, where are you now?” Customer: “That is none of your business. Just tell me how to get there.” Me: “But to do that, I need to know where you are starting from. Are you in our town?” Customer: “I told you that is none of your $%@# business.” (After few more exchanges of this sort…) Customer: “You are an idiot. Let me speak to your manager.” Manager, who overheard part of the conversation already: “May I help you?” Customer: “Tell me how to get to your office.” Manager: “Well, that depends on where you are starting from.” Customer: “&@#$#!! Just $%%@# tell me how to get there.” Manager: “Okay. See the next corner? Turn right there.” Customer: *click*
Anxiety Attack
I lay down every night but I can’t get no rest Cos it starts spinning in my brain and then it’s pounding in my chest What if I wasted all my youth what if I wasted growing up What if I wasted my whole life oh man I’d feel like throwing up it’s an Anxiety attack an anxiety attack I’ve got a bad case of the horrors and at night it comes back Cos first I look back at my week and then I look back at my year And then I’m terrified to speak and then I’m paralysed with fear And I’m tossing and I’m turning and I’m going round the bend All I see is all my failings’ downward spirals without end and I seeHorror in the in the future and I see horror in the past And its 4 am and 5 am and 6 am at last Cos what if I never feel grown up and I end up in a car accident And what if I go crazy and what if this time it’s permanent And what I go broke and have to move back with my parents And then what if I get cancer and I ain’t
People Like Me..
Only love it when it rains for the huge puddles that form into lakes on the side of the road,make an evil face while giggling too self and haul ass thru em too create a wave that I promise doesn't come into contact with other cars or people walking..swear. Still finger paint. Will player a game,lets say street fighter..that might lose 5 times in a row but is on cloud 9 when finally get a win in,jumps on the bed and does a touch down dance for 10 minutes. Have too draw on everything,be it recipts..old void cheques..anything that is in arms reach. Still play hide and go seek. Suck at most card games,but rocks at go fish. tucks her feet into her blanket at night,due too fear of the monster under the bed. Still sits like an Indian on the floor whenever possible. Still watches saturday morning cartoons. thinks pop tarts are nassy. Have too finish everything I start, I cant put it down or walk away from something..then come back too it,its just not gonna happen. Dont believe in pa
Not Always Right | How Cows Order Coffee
Donut Shop | Florida, USA Me: “Good morning, how can I help you?” Woman: “Yeah, a small coffee with 2 splendas and extra milk.” Me: “Okay, that will be $1.49.” (She pays and I give her the change. I proceed to make the drink. I pressed the “Medium” button for milk and then gave an extra shot. When I gave it to her, she took a sip and made a face as if she had just taken a sip of liquefied dog s**t.) Me: “What seems to be the problem?” Woman: “I asked for extra milk! This is too strong.” Me: “Well, I’ll put some more in for you. No problem.” Woman, muttering under her breath: “Idiot kid…” (I put another “Medium” shot in. This is two mediums and one extra shot for a total of seven milks.) (She takes another sip, with the same face.) Woman: “What part of extra milk do you not understand?” Me: “I understand what extra milk means. I put in
Sucks To Be Me
We were just experimenting with a massive hole punch in our office, and seeing how much paper it could hole-punch at once, and then I was hole-punching the paper one handed (cos there was a lot of paper and it was hard) and then someone said "Do it with one finger" and I couldn't, or with two fingers, but my colleague could and she's a girl. Sucks to be me.
Going Back To Hali.
So this mornin, I was FREE!!! thats right too do as I wished. This doesn't tend too happen that often,so when/if it does..I tend to make a big scene about it. *begins parade* So I took my happy go lucky bottom to our water front,I always love goin there...specially when its not -32 degrees yet. Lots of joggers,lots of people rushing to go nowheres.! I took a couple pictures and what not..that I might post later,or even better on my facebook account since I dont have too level to post em. :| Oh for the ones that dont know where I call home.. it would be Halifax,Nova Scotia. Prob most dont know where it is,I mean I still get asked if we have running water,carpet..and if we keep penguins as pets. Never..gets...old... Interesting facts: *Largest amount of Titanic victims are buried here In Halifax,actually about 5 mins away from my house. *First man made explosion in history happend here before the Atomic bomb. *NOT everyone that lives here likes...lobst
Whoever Said Life Is A Rollercoaster Ride Was Right..
Sooooooo after yesterday's car fiasco happened, life seemed to right itself a little. It was discovered I left the headlights on for over a day (I don't drive often, usually only to school/work) and completely killed the battery. Since this was the first time I have ever done that, my parents weren't too bugged about it. My father went out and bought a new battery for the car and it's working just as before. This made me happy because now I could go to work tonight without relying on rides in the middle of the night. That, coupled with the fact that I didn't fail a midterm AND have the ability to make up points on said midterm, made me even happier. It seems as if today would turn out ok. But it wasn't to last unfortunately. I got a call from my department head at work, saying that the store was cutting hours again and my shift was one of the ones that was cut. *sigh* This was the only day I was scheduled to work.. and it was a measly 5 hour shift too. I could have used the 40 bucks,
Fort Hood Shooting-not Shocked
Hire a fox to watch over a henhouse...   This is what people get for hiring the enemy to be in the US military ranks. I feel bad for the shot people, but srsly, when I saw this on the news, I was like "*sigh* NOT surprised, please tell me something more surprising"   I mean, hiring a practicing Muslim in the US military? This failed govt, and all the rests, should be sued foor doing that shit. Its a joke.
Awww So Sweet ....
    In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in   Kenya after graduating from   Northwestern   University ..On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.The elephant seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee, inspected the elephants foot, and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it.As carefully and as gently as he could, Peter worked the wood out with his knife,after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather curious look on its face, stared at him for several tense moments. Peter stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled.Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned, and walked away.Peter never forgot that elephant or the events of that day.Twenty years later, Peter was walking through the Chicago Zoo with his teenage son.As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of the creatures turned and walked o
I Want This Car!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Moon
oh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freeoh moon your so brightyou light up my night skyoh moon but when you hidei feel torn apart insideoh moon come out to playso i can feel your praiseoh moon where did you go without you i am no moreoh moon please dont disapeari need you so we can be a pairoh moon your back againtogether again we can sinoh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freebyBrandon   LancasterAKA Moon
DjDaf166....hey i think you are the hillbilly tard i think you need to take your penis out of your own pants and go fuck youself with it ok this is regaurding the comment you left on my mumm on march 31 2008
A Kiss
SHE kissed me when she said good-byeA child's kiss, neither bold nor shy.We had met but a few short summer hours;Talked of the sun, the wind, the flowers,Sports and people; had rambled throughA casual catchy song or two,And walked with arms linked to the carBy the light of a single misty star.(It was war-time, you see, and the streets were darkLest the ravishing Hun should find a mark.)And so we turned to say good-bye;But somehow or other, I don't know why,-Perhaps t'was the feel of the khaki coat(She'd a brother in Flanders then) that smoteHer heart to a sudden tendernessWhich issued in that swift caressSomehow, to her, at any rateA mere hand-clasp seemed inadequate;And so she lifted her dewy faceAnd kissed me but without a traceOf passion, and we said good-bye. . .A child's kiss, . . . neither bold nor shy.My friend, I like you it seemed to say-Here's to our meeting again some day!Some happier day. . . .Good-bye. Bernard Freeman Trotter, Killed in France, 1917
1-800-safeauto Ads By Conspiracy Theory We're going to try to get them to re-edit this one and include a little more of the full chorus, but to hear the 2nd and 3rd verses you need to watch this one: Here's the parody lyrics by Dana: Well you're..Havin' trouble with the police manHe flashed the red and bluesYou're just sittin on the side of the roadHere's what you gotta doReach real slow... he's nervous you knowIt's really not that hardYou dialed 1 800.. Safe AutoGot your insurance card! Ugh 1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800 ah-Safe Auto (eww!)1 800 ah-Safe Auto A little gecko gonna steer you wrong!That's what you're gonna findThat caveman he just thinks he's smart!Don't pay him any mindI'm telling you... Here's what you doYou just pick up the phoneYou're gonna findYou can get peace of mindDon't gotta take out a loan! 1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800 ah-Safe Auto (eww!)1 800 ah-Safe Auto (Solo) My friend Larr
Bomb/bling For Nov. 13-14, 2009
                  Manly will be running his autos from 3pm Futime Friday, Nov.13, 2009  INTO Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 ...He has offered this:If you rate 500 pics you will get bombed when he activates his bomb. Rate 1000 you  will get bombed and 1 credit bling, Rate all his pics you will be bombed and a 3 credit bling of your  choice...You will need to comment on every pic that you rate...Because rater/ratee gets mixed up. Fumail him by 1:30pm Futime on Sat. telling him you have rated the 500 needed to be bombed as he will be bombing during his Happy Hour @2pm Futime on Sat. and he needs time to compile the bombing list...If you rate enough to be blinged, Fumail him before his autos expire (3pm Futime on Sat.)...He's trying  to reach level 38 so let's help him and ourselves at the same time!!!His link is below Manly - "82nd Demon Slayer" - fuowned by Insane Melody!@ fubar             
Men’s Mentality And Y Women Don’t Or Will Never Understand
IF YOU CAN'T READ SOMETHING WITHOUT GETTING OFFENDED THEN DON'T READ THIS!  HOPEFULLY THIS IS EDUCATIONAL TO SOME WOMEN AND HELPS THEM UNDERSTAND THERE MAN, IF NOT THERE IS NO HELP FOR YOU.  I would like to start off by saying women you are book smarter than men are, and some women are common sense smarter also.  Womens brains are so complex that they don't know how to control all the complexities at one time.  It is a proven statistic that 85% of women have a mental disorder.  When you ask us what we are thinking you honestly don't want to know what we are thinking, because when we tell yall what we are thinking you get all pissed off at us.  Then if we lie to yall you know it and you want the truth but we know that the truth will offend you so we don't want to tell yall.  When women ask men what they think of an article of clothing you are asking the wrong person that is what your girlfriends are for.  You have to remember you are asking the same  men that smell there clothes before
Weight Loss
Okay, so this is my first blog on here and I think it's an important one. I am over weight not obese, there's a difference. I'm at least wanting to be as close to 200 lbs than what I am right now and since I don't have the money to join a gym I found a solution, roller/ice skating. I read up on it and it's a total aerobic workout and why not since I've always liked skating just haven't really done it much since I lived in Michigan when I was married and had access to the lakefront at my ex-wife's uncle's place in the winter. I had a pair of inline skates but never used them and I tried to learn to use them be didn't think they were safe. I've ice skated on and off since I was 12 and roller skated since I was 7 or 8 so I'm used to quad skates so I'm going to buy a pair this week on payday that I found today. I just hope I get to my goal weight in a few months, at least with skating both on ice and land will do the trick I hope it will be enough with diet as well. My diet is going to ma
My back is killing me. I think it's because of a week of sleeping on a couch. I really want it to pop or something. A massage would be nice. I don't think I show enough boobs. Okay, really I do show enough. I'm just not enough of a whore to get many people to notice me. Which ya know...I'm fine with that. I fell asleep last night at 10. I didn't want to do that. But I think I got enough sleep finally. I don't work with my druggie boss this week. Thank God. Porch's birthday is this week. WTF do I get him? Last year I got him a Zippo.
What If...
we are together for an unknown period of time, what would you do and/or say?
Spending Money On Fubar
So I gots me a few dollars and I was thinking of getting a HH while they last for $50. If I do that, I should probably get a VIP and autos. What ya think? (yes, seriously)
Death Is Never Easy......
I received a call yesturday from the nursing home my mom has been in for the last several years. She was diagnosed with Lewybody's disease. This is a disease that is closely related to both Parkinsons and Altzheimers as it tends to mimic both diseases symptoms. She does not know who I am anymore. She hasn't for about 2 years now. She is lost in her own world. The nursing home informed me that my mom is declining. She has withdrawn farther into her world and has stopped eating. The hospice nurse says that they don't expect her to last much longer. She's dying. Probably within the next couple months, if not sooner. I have had my older brother and my step-mom both die in December. My step-mom ON Christmas day. Now my mom is not expected to make it to 2010. I'm beginning to wonder if there is some weird Christmas curse on my family. I'm wondering if knowing that someone is going to die is better than a sudden death? Both my brother and step-mom were sudden. Which was devastating t
Everywoman It In If They Want In
starting black friday at 12:01 am the best butts contests on fubar begins. the one rule is it is nsfw the highest avaerage that day get a one point bling. th champion on dec 25 will get a bomb or an auto 11. if there is a tie we go back and see how many days they were number 1 and award the prize after thatok and ty     ps you have till nov 26 to enteryour pictures in the contest good luck ladys
Glitter To The Air
Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands? Closed your eyes And trusted, just trusted Have you ever Thrown a fist full of glitter in the air? Have you ever looked fear in the face And said I just don’t care It’s only half past the point of no return The tip of the iceberg The sun before the burn The thunder before lightning The breathe before the phrase Have you ever felt this way? Have you Ever been touched so gently you had to cry? Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside? It’s only half past the point of oblivion The hourglass on the table The walk before the run The breathe before the kiss And the fear before the flames Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever wished for an endless night? Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight Have you ever held your breathe and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight?
Mind Blowing
I am completely  blow away... and not so much in the good way. The Passion is dead. But I too want to be alive, to live but the purest of desires seems to fade into the dark.I want to be moved, move me?   Moral of the story I watched a rather moving art film, and it left me feeling lacking.   When to 2 stright men portraying secret gay lovers have more passion in a monement acting then I have in 4 years.  I have to say I feel void... its like ppl playing a role have more fire. I miss fire.   I havnt really desired someone in so long, Sure sex I love that, I love fetish and to play, But any moments of passion and desire past lust. No none I hardly remember what those feel like.   These actors ahh its not fair ... I know they were jsut playing a part but I feel evny lol   Any ways in closing I want to me moved :P      
31 days till christmas
Yeah,never Done This Before.....
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1)I really care what you all think despite my outward appearance 2)As a young adult I never wanted children,but now I cannot live without mine. 3)I am a recovering Alcoholic 4)I am turning 29 this week (i am old :( ) 5)I am turning 29 this week and collect Transformer Toys,yet I make fun of Trekies/fanboys 6)I watch Icarly with my children(happily) 7)I work @ junkyard w/o running water 8) Suga introduced my Wife and I (thanks mami) 9)Pk drives me FUCKING INSANE,but I am worse without her 10)Everyone drools over my wifes boobies,I actually get to drool on them :D     The 5 people that are gonna hate me are: QueenBitc
One Year
Well everyone a year ago today my best friend of 30 years killed himself. It has been on my mind a lot lately, I still don't why he did what he did it. I have found myself dialing him just to say hi how is the family doing. I guess I just wanted to say you never forget a true friend! And he was a true friend and I miss him. So I guess you never forget true friends and those you love!!! I just needed to say this tonight to honor my friend!
10 Things About Me
Instructions......I was tagged but I will not inflickt it on others. You may go ahead and do one if you like :)1) My screen name came from me working on a photo when I was signing up for FU and I was stuck for a screen name. 2) The longest distance I have ever ridden in one day on my bicycle is 120 miles. 3) I have an obsession with old labels and posters. Yes and pin ups as well lol 4) I have two Thomas the Tank engines on the shelf above my desk. 5) I have only shaven my beard off twice since I was 16. 6) I like dark coffee, dark beer and thick crusty bread.  7) I do have in my record collection a Cheryl Ladd album. 8) I once ate steak tartar and loved it  9) I have piles of dead computers and printers in the basement.    10) No I don't have any dead bodies around at all :P  The 5 people that are gonna hate me are:Unwanted1Fallen PaladinMedikneightedDickhead83Rustynail
I Was Tagged...
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1. My middle name is Lee..and mys sister's is Dee..weren't my parents just the most imaginative people?!   2. I always sit with a blanket on me @ home..I dunno why..even if it's hot as hell outside!   3. I chew my finger nails when Im stressed..I know its GROSS but I can't help it!!   4. I was born and raised in Germany and I still have a Greencard...   5.  I vacuum my matress...Im not sure if that's normal?! lol   6.When I was younger I had a shaved head..just cos...   7. I got my first "home made" Tattoo when I was 12...I was like the MONSTER child every parent was scared to have!lol   8. I hate school..even though
Do You Ever Wonder???
Days like today when I am working but not really working makes me wonder what a lot of my family/friends do for a living. Yeah i joke, play with and kid around with a lot of you, but very few of you I know what you actually do. And I am pretty sure almost no one knows what I do for a living.  YES I work.  Few things about me: I am happily married I have 2 kids 3 dogs 18 fish I have a post graduate degree I plat indoor soccer I travel alot for work   That is all for now...
ok, so I think that most women feel so much pressure from society to look and act a certain way, that the majority find it easier to just fit in, no matter how NOT them it is, rather than be different. only the truly strong women out there will take the chance of being different. The majority of women are middle grounders who prefer to go with the flow rather than to actually be ourselves and be noticed. what if people notice the things we don't WANT them to see? is it worth the risk? I think so. out flaws make us perfect in who we are... (h)
Thankful For.....
This is the first thanksgiving I have not spent with my mom.  But I am thankful that she has found love again and is deliriously happy.  I am thankful for many things.  I am thankful for many people.  I have my health, a job, a place to live.  I have my family and friends.  I have a full tummy.    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!   kk, all done being sappy :)
I Wanted To Mumm About This....
But I decided against it cause you often see how rediculous some of those mummers can be...   ANYWAYS I want to get my next tattoo in memory of my dad. Problem is I don't really have an idea on where to get it. I wanted to get his name on my wrist where I can always see it..I don't really want it hidden like my other one So, for anyone that reads this...could you help me out? What do you think I should do? Should I get it on my wrist like I originally planned or Get it somewhere else or something else other than his name?   *Disclaimer* I don't want to get one of his favorite items because..well I really don't want to walk around with either a lawn mower, car, and or an antique radio tattooed on my body lol.
Strangers Is What We Have Become...
at one time we had love.we had it all.when it the world did itall fall.was it a month agoor maybe a yearwas it caused by to many tears.months upon monthsof passing in the hall,and many morewith out even a call.the distance has madeit. to where we donteven talk.  Now we areStrangers that have drifted apart.
Loneliness is a painful thing it will consume you from within you'll question yourself and your personal worth you'll feel like you're the only person on earth there'll be a feeling of emptiness in your soul you'll feel like you're incomplete and you'll never be whole life will start to feel like a chore, you'll question getting out of bed and going out of the front door you'll walk the streets and see people walk by, you'll long for them to stop and say hi you'll crave the companionship of having a friend to have someone to talk to, to help your heart to mend there's only one way to keep loneliness at bay, embrace other people, don't push them away  
So I was thinking about the concept of truth today.  What is truth?  Is it just our own version on what we percieved to have happened?  I think so. Maybe.  Different people see different things different ways, right?  I mean we all know someone who sees things different than we do.  And some people have an obviously skewed view or perception of thier own reality, we all know them too, quit playin'.  I guess what had me wondering.....  Am I one of those people?     Not looking for an answer, just felt like throwing it out there.
Random Questions
Do you like to cuddle?Oh hell yeah!!!Who has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?Believe it or not, my kids!!!Do you cry easily?Oh yes! Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?Yes. Ever cried while you were on the phone with that person?Yes, I haveAre you excited for anything?Yes, our lil girls 6th birthday, and Christmas!!How are you feeling right now?Exhausted What are you doing right now?doing this Random ? thing.What should you be doing right now?Sleeping Are you worried about anything right now?Yes. How do you think this day will be?almost over thank God!! Ever gotten in a car accident?2 years ago though... no harm done!! Do you hate the last person you kissed?No Have you ever been used?Yes, quite often too!!Cheated on?No, I can't say I have. Who did you last ride in a car with?My Lil Lindsey Lou!! What will your next piercing be?I am dying to pierce my nipples!!! LOLWho was the last person you spoke to on your cell?DudDo you have any drugs in your bedroom?Not in
The Church Of Tiger???
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - The transgressions of Tiger Woods have proved too much to take for one of the golf superstar's most fanatical fans who is now disbanding a church set up in praise of the sports icon. John Ziegler, the pastor of the "First Church of Tiger Woods" -- -- has announced in a statement on the blog that the organization is being dissolved because of the golfer's "personal sins."The church, whose home page has now been rechristened "The Damnation of Tiger Woods,"was launched by radio host Ziegler in 1996 to "celebrate the emergence of the 'true messiah.'" However the lurid revelations that have swirled around Woods since last week have left Ziegler so disenchanted that he is now ending his church, which has its own "Prayer for Tiger" and "Ten Tiger Commandments." "After several days of evaluation, I have decided to disband the First Church of Tiger Woods," Ziegler wrote."Tiger is clearly no longer deserving of being seen as a role model or a hero a
My Life...
Been a while since I did a mumm.  I been so busy lately..havn't talked to everyone about whats been going on.   I been working a bunch lately..and just feel exhausted alot.  Not feeling my best.  So, beginning next year..I am gonna be getting checked out..blood work and all to see why so tired. Also..January 14th I will be getting a breast reduction due to back pain. I will not be on much during that time.  I am hoping this will help me feel better some..since I been having alot of neck..back pain. Just letting all know what will be going on..why I am not on much lately.. or why I wont be on then. I hope no one will forget me..but alot have already.
My Ex
you know its funny and it makes me think alotyeah i know people iam stupidi have alot of feelings for this womanand its not all about looks its what she does and how she does things that made me fall so hard for heri told you she was married to a guy that she broke up with because she got scared of himshe ended up hurting him badly like she does with every guy it seems likeshe told me upfront she might still be married but she did not know for surewell she was planing to see me in nov 22 my birthdaybut she never came she decided to see me on nov 28we connected like old times holding hands me paying for a dinner that was way to muchit took alot of out of credit card that i did have but i did not complainthen after dinner we went to a ice cream placce again i paid i ended up letting her eat itthen we went someone to get something to drink captain morgan spice rumthen we went back to my place she told me again she loved meand she wanted my baby still of all things like i dumbass i got hoo
What Kind Of First Name Do You Have?
You Have a Brilliant First Name You are a total brainiac who's very curious about the world. You are very interested in how things work. You are a bit of a made scientist and even maybe an inventor. You're always coming up with something new and interesting. And while you have a lot of mental strengths, you're also quite physical. You like to get out there and see the world. You love to travel, and you think that change can be very exciting. As long as you have the freedom to do what you want, you fit in anywhere. What Kind of First Name Do You Have? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
What Kind Of Brownie Are You?
You Are a Pot Brownie You're the kind of person who breaks all the rules. Pot in your brownie? Sure, why not. You are open-minded and willing to give most things a go. You want to avoid being stuck in a rut. You have an active imagination, and you're always dreaming up some sort of new scheme. Your live is a series of adventures, and you're always thinking of a new adventure before the current one is even over. What Kind of Brownie Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
Perfect ( I Got Tagged By Seamus)
perfect breakfast;  My homemade biscuits and gravy.   perfect date; Pack a cooler with grub n. stuff and go spend the day at the ocean.       perfect kiss; Up against a wall, deep, passionate, with a touch of agression.       perfect argument; I hate arguing, but make up sex is always good.       perfect woman or man; One thats perfectly honest, Im an honest person and being straight with yourself speaks volumes to me. oh and nice pecs n some ink helps too !       perfect shoe; Toes in the sand.       perfect flower; Daffodils my favorite!       perfect time of day; Dusk and Dawn I love the hush, and the way everything wakes up.       perfect drink; Homemade sweet tea, or some hot Oolong tea.       perfect drug; Mary Jane, and Wolverine running naked.      
An ex friend of mine told me once "Your body is here, but your heart and soul are somewhere else".  At first, I was confused, and didn't really understand what they meant.  Until recently...  As most of you know, I have moved from my home in Maryland... to Georgia (lived with said ex friend).. to Wisconsin (stayed with a female friend of mine)... and Now I'm in Washington.  And now, it makes total sense.  That ex friend of mine, was right this whole time.  And I wanted to actually write this, in hopes that he reads this... because I do, in fact, want to thank him.  Because of him, and his constant complaining, it made me realize, that I was in the wrong place.  I should have made other decisions a long time ago.  But now that I have, and it's finally my reality, I do want to thank him for being there, and making me see this.  I found the love of my life.... on fubar... of all places.  Odd, huh?  But ya, know, I haven't even been here for 12 hours, and he's great. :)  And this ex-friend
Art Of The Saber
Own Some Honey :]
So Ive decided to auction myself off.. To the highest bidder.To bid just leave a comment.Dont make a bid if you aint serious about it.   1)as much pic rates cont.. thru out the month 2)Two tickers thru out ownership 3)Top friends 4)gets my crush for a month 5)random bling 6)daily rerate 7)Make sure you stay shitfaced 8)christmas card from me(must be single or non-jealous other) 9)Link on my page 10)couple of salutes 11)Special salute more to be added...Promise you wont complain about one thing :D
This Is Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!
Praying For You ...... Haven’t been in church sinceI don’t remember whenThings were going greatTil they fell apart again. So I listened to the preacherAs he told me what to doSaid you can’t go hating otherswho done wrong to you! Sometimes we get angryBut we must not condemnLet the good Lord do his jobAnd you just pray for them.I pray your brakes go outRunning down a hillI pray a flower pot fallsFrom a window sill ...And knocks you in the head like I’d like to!I pray your birthday comes and nobody callsI pray your flying high when your engine stallsI pray all your dreams never come trueJust know wherever you are ... Honey, I pray for you!Really glad I found my way to churchCause I’m already feeling better and I thank God for the wordsSo I’m gonna take the high roadAnd do what the preacher told me to doYou keep messing up ..... And I’ll keep praying for you!!I pray your tire blows out at 110I pray you pass out with your best friendAnd wake u
Where Have I Been?
I sometimes find myself wondering who really reads these entries anymore!  Then again, I have had a lot of people ask me in the past week or so where I've been and what's going this is the latest on me!First of all, health is doing OK!  No massive seizures, but I find I've been having some blackouts from time to time.  I find myself having gaps in time, yet people say I was with them and talking or I was over at someone's place one minute and the next I wasn't.  Kinda freaky...been wondering if it was the meds or if it's mini-seizures?  I have no idea!  I have an EEG set for December 22nd, so we'll see what happens with that!  Migraines come and does the vertigo (nothing new there), so I guess I'm doing OK otherwise!I have been asked about my family, especially my brother...everyone is doing well!  My brother gave us a few scares over the last month or two, but he's home and doing OK.  My sister's been busy with work...rumor also going around that she and her boyfriend
That's What You Get By Paramore
I fucking love this song! I doubt you will, but I feel like sharing anyway.
The seasons may continue to change Some things will remain the same The deeds that have been done and all of them that will come The past can not be turned around But the future shouldn't be without a sound Seasons come and seasons go Only you can make them change and grow  
I Am A Lousy Lottery Ticket!
:)     You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
And The Chef Of The Year Award Goes To
ME!!!     First off I would like to Thank myself. B/c without me I wouldnt be here. Ofcourse all of the little people.THERE YOU ARE!!     I am the KING of all that is Turkey Noodle Soup Bitches!!!
I Stole This From Kins
 layer one.Spell your name with bands/artists C - Chris Cagle A - Aerosmith N - Nickelback D - Def Leppard I - Indigo Girls layer two.- name: Candi- birth date: September 6, 1975- nicknames: Bitch, Mom, Candi- current location: my chair- eye color: blue- hair color: red- righty or lefty: depends on what I'm doing- best friend[s]: Sallylayer three.- the shoes you wore today: not wearing any- your perfect pizza: hawaiian- the last time you cried: been awhilelayer four.- your best physical feature: eyes - most missed memory: If I miss it, how will Iknowlayer five.- pepsi or coke: water- mcdonald's or burger king: neither- adidas or nike: nike- lipton ice tea or nestea: lipton- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate- cappuccino or cof
Just The Start..
I'm only writing this in hopes that there are a few people out there like me, people who actually give a fuck about another person besides themselves. I'd say that 99.9% of you have already judged me, put me in a nice, neat li'l box with a name. That's fine, but please don't think for a second that you're correct. I understand that some peoples minds are so simple that they must do this in order to survive. The truth is, I'm so simple that it makes me complicated. I'm a chameleon, truth be told. Able to adapt to pretty much any circumstance. I'm a mess, I probably will be until the day I die. My emotions get the best of me way too often. I'm working on not letting them have such a negative impact on me. I'm my own worst critic, and when I hear negativity, it just makes it that much worse. I know, grow some thicker skin right? Well, I've tried. Everytime I think my skin is thick enough, something cuts right through. I've made so many mistakes in my life, some are unforg
Today my friend told me that another friend of ours (who'd gone away to uni but came back a few days ago) said that he always feels happy when I smile.   I haz infectious happiness. :p   Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
 I deal with this same crap every Monday and I am getting sick of it. So for those of you who continue to do so, I will just direct you to this blog.   I don't come to fubar to have you harass me I work EVERY Saturday and Sunday 17-18 hour shifts. Before and after work, I try to rate as many people as I can, especially while I have a VIP. So basically, anyone who I see in my bar tab or friend requests. I get as many of you as I possibly can. At work, I can PM a little bit but that's all, and that's not always a guarantee. If you sent me a gift, I will mostly wait until Monday to respond to you so I can return the favor. So for you to get mad at me, saying I "ignored" you all weekend, how I'm a bitch for not responding to your PM, how I must be ungrateful for your attention because I haven't visited your page.... THIS IS FOR YOU. My work comes first, not fubar. How can you possibly not understand that unless you have truly made fubar your life? When I come back to let's just
If You Are From Michigan You Will Understand!!
Are you aware that Jeff Foxworthy is now picking on Michigan? Read on. (Pretty funny and accurate!!) If you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through 18 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by, you might live in Michigan. If you're proud that your region makes the national news 96 nights each year because Pellston is the coldest spot in the nation, you might live in Michigan.
Stab Someone In The Eye??
Grrrrrr, old people should not be allowed to drive after 12pm.  I now understand how people develop road rage.  Good news is I know the brakes on the jeep are good.   My bro's birthday is thursday and I just might stab him before then.  Teh bastard ate one of the layers for his chocolate cake.  I make him a homemade cake of his choice every year for his birthday.  Cept now I can't make a triple layer chocolate death cake. Granted it is his cake but he could have at least waited till i finished it!   Why is the mall always like a 120 degrees when you are x-mas shopping??  Are people really worth extra points if you run them over on the mall parking lot? :P
7-up...the 58,000 Profile Rate Fake Exposed....again....
Check the blog below and to the left with a similar title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
Non Html Codes
1HEY...Welcome to FUBAR:DCome (z)Rawk(z) with the Best Fam and Friends around! WiCkEd PaRaNoia,Have some drinks (B) (D) and Join in the FUN!!=D****HIRING STAFF**** and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there!:D 2hey! WELCOME TO FUBAR!:)Come (z)Rawk(z) with the Best Fam and Friends around! WiCkEd PaRaNoia,Have some drinks (d) (b) and Join in the FUN!!=)****HIRING STAFF**** and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there!:) 3HELLO & Welcome to FUBAR=DCome (z)Rawk(z) with the Best Fam and Friends around! WiCkED PaRaNoia,Have some drinks (b) (d) and Join in the FUN!!:D****HIRING STAFF**** and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there!:) 4HEY!!! You should read this:D:PHELLO & Welcome to FUBAR=DCome (z)Rawk(z) with the Best Fam and Friends around! WiCkEd PaRaNoia,Have some drinks (b) (d) and Join in the FUN!!:O****HIRING STAFF****h
It's articles like this that make a person think. I wonder if the operator even feels bad? The caller gave them directions to the place...too bad he couldn't remember the name of the road. NORTH PORT, Fla. — It was an urgent call for help that didn't receive an urgent response. After Brian Wood, 55, crashed his pickup into a pole on Friday, he got out and sat down nearby. A motorist saw him on the ground and called 911, but since he couldn't remember the exact name of the road, the North Port Police Department call-taker never dispatched an officer. Twenty hours later, when officers finally arrived after a second 911 call, they found Wood had eventually died from his injuries. "I'm trying to think if it's Lovebird or Lovesong," Mark Minisci Jr. told the 911 operator, trying to remember the name of the street. He even provided directions. But the crash was on Lovering Avenue, and the frustrated call-taker told Minisci that the NPPD system "doesn't work like that" and she "(
If I Deleted You From My Friends List.
It's because you have never talked to me or rated me or anything. So if your reading this and I have deleted you from my friends list. DO NOT add me again srsly if I deleted you I don't want you back on my friends list that simple. Also if I took you outta my family it's because I helped you along the way and you can't even help me I don't want someone that don't help me out just sitting in my family.        
I Cant Advertise My Nsfw Pics?
 So,...I get this message and it says that I am not allowed to advertise my NSFW pics in my status bar anymoe or I will lose my status bar. I mean...WTF? What if i say..."DONT LOOK AT MY NSFW PICS?" Is that construde as advertising or just doing my civic duties forwarning people?  :-)
A Bubble Conclusion
So, I ended up going over to Jola's last night after I gave the computer back to my mom once Trivia ended. Turned out to be the best thing for me to do. I woke up this morning and told my dad I was glad I went cause I had fun. His response, "Me too, cause I was tired of hearing you whine and being all moapy." Gotta love my dad lol. Jola is an interesting girl. I met her at a Halloween party and last night was only the second time I hung out with her. Her friends are very accepting and it was just a good time. Wii Mario Kart kicks ass btw. I didn't end up drinking, but watching everyone else drunk and a few high off their ass was entertainment in itself. Especially when the munchies hit them, lol. I feel lighter, if anyone understands what I mean :) Yay for friends!
Obama: Taking Care Of Bussiness (not Healthcare Reform.)
Problem Solution
This Is To The Lil Whiney Bitchez Male And Female
  If you are resisting life's goodness, then working harder at it will push that goodness farther away. Instead learn to let go and to allow.   Simply generating more activity and energy will not help you if that energy is pointed in a negative direction. Choose to re-direct all the energy and awareness in your life toward those things you value most.   If the results you are getting fail to bring fulfillment, do not seek to merely, create more results. Instead find the path that truly your purpose.   there is nothing to be gained from making life needlessly difficult. See the truth that life is beautiful, and align your energy and your actions with your very own expression of that truth.   When you let yourself be yourself, richness flows easily and effortlessly and naturally through every moment. Your greatest accomplishments come from who you are.   Let yourself be yourself. And you'll be as rich as anyone can ever be.
Are You A True Friend?
What a friend is? You help them when they need it, you give them shelter when they have no other place to go. your the ear on the phone, when they need someone to talk to. Your their shoulder when they need you to lean on. They forgive you for the things that you do. They appreciate the things you have done for for them.. or for a kind word... they dont hold you responsible for the actions of others.. they dont blame you for things that happened, that you had no control over.. they overlook things that others cant or dont. ..they dont see you as others do..they dont see you for what you were in the past.. but for what you are now..They are there for you no matter what..They dont look down on you for who you choose to be with.. they may not like it but.. will try and stick by you and what choice you that choice turns out to be a mistake or not..they are there to catch you when you fall. Can you say you are a true friend?
A Blissful Romance
Why Are You Crying,Your Tears Are Not For The World  to See. I Never Met To Make you cry,And I Know your tears Are Because Of Me. Why Do I have This effect On You, I'm Just doin My Thang And Being Me. One Day You'll forget This Insecure Love The Day Is Coming You Just Wait And See You'll Laugh Again...and Smile Because the Sun Is Shining Directly On Your Skin. I Do Thank You For Opening your heart Adn Willingly Inviting Me In. One Day I May Fall On Love And The Situation May be Exactly the Same. Or Maybe It's True That Love Is Nothing But An Emotional Mind Game. I Know Theres SomeOne In The World That Honestly Loves Me. I Dont Mean To turn You Away but It's Better If We Do It This Way. I Do Love You And thats All I that I Can Say. ~The End~
Stressed And Scared
So, this is one of the scariest days I've had in a long time. So here is how this started. From the begining. I work at Wally world. All my friends know this. Well. I have this customer that comes in everyday. I see him ever day I work. Which never struck me odd before. You see. I work erattic hours. 6 am some days others in the evening. It's all over the place.  Well. He see me all the time. I'm nice because I'm working. He's sweet and nice. Middle aged old man. He never buys anything. Just beelines for me and talks to me. Now, I have a hired ride too and from work. Some how this man knew when my ride had gone to Boston to pick up a friend. Knows my ride is in North Hampton. Knew when I went to NH. Spoke to me about it today. Spoke to me about NH another time. Knew what town I had been in actually. Which didn't throw me off until now because I thought i may have let it slip. He asks me once ever other week if I need a ride home. Knew about last week when I was waiting in subway for
Something For Mom
The Santa Claus at the mall was very surprised when a young lady about twenty years old walked up and sat on his lap. Santa doesn't usually take requests from adults, but she smiled very nicely at him, so he said, "OK, you can ask for something but it has to be for someone other than yourself. What do you want forChristmas?" "Something for my mother," said the young lady. "Something for your mother? Well, that's very thoughtful of you," smiled Santa. "What do you want me to bring her? " Without blinking she replied, "A son-in-law!" 
"christmas In Fuville225,a Love Story."
I come into this time of year generally thankful for GOD allowing me to live to see another year,but that was it.Not this time,not this year.I went form being alone on the tangible level to being loved on a scale i couldn't imagine.I'm thankful moreover cuz of THE MONTANALAND225 Family and Friends and Fans.It's how i know WE A-L-L NEED EACH OTHER,not just for holidays,but at A-l-l times.When i got to fuville,i knew no one,but love found me in the form of"Vamp-angel225",Lil'Stoner225,Naughty Girl225 and"Spaceman Spiff2112/225" and "gsx(Tony)225.Wonderful,beautiful people who have made my life sooo much better with the love they have shown me.The Name's AREN'T AS IMPORTANT as the people they are behind the mask.                                    I haven't been loved by everyone here but for those that i share"DADDY'S LOVE"with,i'll say this;"My experience with you is a"rewarding"time in my life!!!!!"When i think about how many people in the world don't have what We do,it makes me want
Women Generally Complain About One Minute Men....
Okay ... I think you guys can see where I may be heading with this one....   This is something that scorns me on here. I am going to complain about something new... and it's gonna be 2 shoutbox line women.   You guys know you are out there. the ones who when I say " Hi" and then follow up with "How's it going?" . I consider it kind of lucky that I get a hi back in between the 2, or .. I am doing fine... I try to take conversation further (In a non perverted manner since I do believe I should speak to people like human beings and not as some pet or animal), and nothing after. I see eventually that I am talking to myself.   I just think a lot of women on here really need to call their proctologist and have their heads removed out of their own asses. Not every man on fubar wants to ask how big your tits are or ask to see you on cam or is willing and able to part with money for the cause of you showing them your tits. Just because some fucking neanderthal who can't even use proper gr
Words Of Comfort.....
Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house, the creatures were stirring yes, even the mouse. We tried melatonin and gave a hot bath but the holiday jitters they always distract. The children were finally all nestled in bed when nightmares of terror ran through my OWN head. Did I get the right gift...the right color and style?  Would there be a tantrum or even, maybe, a smile?  our relatives come but they don't understand the pleasure he gets just from flapping his hands. "he needs discipline," they say "just a well-needed smack, You must learn to parent" and on goes the attack.  We smile and nod because we know deep inside, the argument is moot let them all take a side.  We know what it's like to live with the spectrum.  The struggles and triumphs, achievements, regressions.  But what they don't know and what they don't see, is the joy that we feel over simplicity.  he said "hello" he ate something green!  he told his first lie!  He did not cause a scene!  He peed on the
The Forest Woods
The Forest Woods    I walk each they invite me deeper and deeper into the haze of the forest woods.......   There is not a sound but my footsteps crunching the leaves and broken branches under my feet.....and the little forest creatures scurrying around as I approach their domain.  I pause for a second to just listen....and I hear the wind gently calling me..........   "Come" whispers....enticing me on.....further into the enclave.   There is a distinct smell......but I cannot place is unique to this place. the woods themselves....calls for me to continue..........   As if whatever it is I am alive in it's being, and tantalizes ALL my senses to conjoin with it......  become a part of it's it wishes to with me.   I am at peace.....yet highly awaken to every fiber of my being.
What Christmas Character Are You?
You Are Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer You are a natural leader, though sometimes you are reluctant to step up to a leadership role. You see the world more clearly than most people, and often, you are the only one who can guide others. People may doubt your talents at first. You tend to be underrated and underappreciated. But once others see what you are truly capable of, they feel like fools for ever having doubted you. What Christmas Character Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Imma Shoot Raven Song...
...for tagging me to do this... But here goes... 2009 IS ALMOST OVER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?Stayed single almost the whole year? Single, YesWere involved in something you'll never forget?YesTripped over a coffee table?NopeDyed your hair?What for?Came close to losing your life?In a manner of speaking... not LITERALLYSaw one of your favorite bands/artists live?KISS! :D2009: Friends and EnemiesDid you make any close friends this year?Yes, severalDid you hate anyone?Angered, by, yes. Hate, noDo you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?A couple - not SERIOUS2009: Your BIRTHDAY!Did you have a cake?Yep!Did you get any presents?A couple2009: All about YOUDid you change at all this year?YesDid you change your style?What's that?Were you in school?NopeDid you get good grades?How? Wasn't in school! :PDid you drive?Yep! =DDid you own a car?Yep - still do! 2008 Aura XRDid anyone close to you give birth?Not CLOSE...Did you go on any vacations?Yes! =DWould you change anything about yours
Spotlight Glory
So I have been on the Fu for two years (almost three) and I have never attempted to get the spotlight. Well I'm not to far away from Godfather and feel like getting the spotlight would help me reach it or at least get very very close. So I am calling on all my friends, and their friends and their friends to donate fubucks and your whoring out skills to me.    ♥ Please and thank you :)
Well where to begin...As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning in solitude, my thoughts are reflecting over this past year..I for one have traveled many a journey on this road we call life..Some bumps, hills, valleys, curves have been encountered..Tears of joy,sadness..and some unexpected situations..becoming a *parent* to my grandaughter,, whom I love  with all my heart n soul. The love of my life who I met 8 months ago today...WOW I sure am a lucky lady! *smilez*.. I love you Chris with all that I am and all that I will ever be..Ty for coming into my life and allowing me into yours! You *RAWK* my world baby! Yes lots of crisis situations have occured, but I realize that for some reason things do happen, sometimes we never know, other times it smacks us upside the head! *ouch*..Life is a journey, and each step we take defines who we are at this moment, mistakes we all make, its learning from them , thats the key...No regrets as we wouldnt have been where we are or were if we didn
so i was thinking of things i could do to make mumming more amusing for me... not that i don't like the flirting and molestation... and bickering.. but maybe something more... i got an idea... it would require harassing an innocent person for absolutely no reason.... yeah i'm a dick i know... so the plan...  get a couple of people together find a stupid mumm poster... and some people make really really rude comments.... some amusing ones that are just off topic (pretty much the usual) then delete them a minute later... then call the mumm poster a comment deleter and see how many people attack him for it... most mummers are sheeps... yes that includes some of you...    i figure after the fun wears off we could come clean and see what happens... i kinda wanna laugh at those that follow our lead and how the mumm poster reacts... i think it could be fun
The Wall Intro
Platinum K8 = Platinum Fake.
Check the blog below and to the left with a similar title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
A Real Family
I've seen many people come and go in Liliths Lair. Some return after being gone a while. Some never leave, even when its dead. And some who claim to be true friends willing to help disappear the moment things slow down. Well fuck them! Liliths Lair has proved time after time that we dont need those types of people. We are a true and real family and I love them all so much! To mention individuals who remained loyal would take all night, and I can't wait to get back to them. You all know who you are and if you don't, come meet them. We are indeed a real family and I love you all!!! KEEP IT METAL! EMBRACE THE EVIL! Love always, Lady of Liliths Lair
Just A Pity Thing, I Guess
Honestly I feel kinda odd, my friends are dropping off here like dead flies, most of them though I do have on facebook ... and a couple I even have on myspace.   which begs the wonder .... FUCK ME, cause I don't know .. guess I have a lot of thinking to do.
Miss Manners' Guide To Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour On Dating
There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered:  entertainment, food, and affection.  It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection.  As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately.  When the affection is the entertainment, we no longer call it dating.  Under no circumstances can the food be omitted.  ~Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour
Phillydevil69 Rasist Bastard
wow ppl really fuckin annoy me!!! i mean really why would u send a message stating "U ARE SO VERY SEXY AND U ARE WHITE WHY U WANNA BE WITH UGLY ASS NIGGERS AND SPICS EEEWWWWWW STAY WHITE" because of ppl like him i cant stant da white race they so damn ignorant!!! and i honestly hope dat one day he will get his ass beat for sayin shit like dat or better yet dat his daughter marry a man out side of da white race and have many babies wit him. so if u feel da need 2 wanna check out da person dat said dis shit here u go
Doctor Who?
Ok, so as of lately I have been getting alot of flack from a few people who don't like the fact that I don't like Matt Smith as the new Doctor Who. To you I must say... Shut your mouf up bish! I will like who I god damn please! For god sakes I know the show is all about the "regeneration" but I could care fucking less. I will like that pre-pubesent  TWERP when he shows me he can be as good and or better than David Tennant. Which being better than David Tennant will never happen. So I will like him when I choose to NOT when you shove that shit head down my throat. The way I see it... he has something to prove to every FAN-GIRL like me. Maybe my love of Doctor Who was just a faze that started with David Tennant and will end with David Tennant. No need to get snotty with me because I refuse to like something that you like, simple as that. Maybe when I watch Matt Smith play Doctor Who, I will maybe like him...It's really too soon to tell. SO! To you Doctor Who snobs that make me wa
Defying Gravity
So I stayed up last night watching the last three episodes of this show.  You know what? It may have been a load of sappy old nonsense, but dammit I loved that show, and I'm sad that not enough of you idiots watched it, and so they're not making any more.  Now I'll never know whether they got all those other things, and whether that guy ended up with that girl, and that other guy and girl hooked up, and if they saw all of the space they wanted to see. Dang it.
Guardian Angel!
Guardian Angel! God gave me a smile to make your day brighter, he gave me a heart to love you with. He gave me arms to hold you when you feel all alone, a shoulder when your pain has taken over. He gave me a mind, smart enough to make the right decisions, a voice that can sing to your soul. He gave me eyes to see when you cannot, and legs and feet to walk in your shoes if I had to. He gave me hands to lend to you when you are in need, Then he gave me these wings, to be by your side into enternity,  to carry you as far as your life takes you. I was your friend, I was your family, I was your lover once too. Now I am the guide of your spirit, God gave you to get through! ---}-{@  Tammy R. Morris  @}-{--- © Copyright 2010  
13 Years
13 years ago this morning my dad passed away. It still strikes me funny how it's been so long but yet it still feels like yesterday. I remember every detail of that morning. Every freakin' visual and I truly wish I could forget it. Twenty-seven years I had him. Twenty-seven freakin' years of memories and the images I get still so clearly are those of the morning when we found him. How fucked up is that? Like that is truly the last image you want to have of someone. *sighs* RIP Dad.
Where Have I Been?
To be honest, depressed. Very depressed. I lost interest in everything I once enjoyed. Thats not really the point though. I'm posting this blog to let my Liliths Lair family know where I've been. I promised I'd never close the lounge, and I don't plan to. Just somedays I don't have the drive to get out of bed. I'm sure I'll overcome this someday, until then, keep an eye out cause when I have good days I get in there,DJ live and have a blast! For those of you who haven't givin up on me, THANK YOU! XOXO
Is My Life Really That Important To You?
Is my life really that important to you? Apparantly it is, or you wouldn't be up in it all the time! Why do you feel it's ok to tell me how to run MY life? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me what I should believe? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me who to love?  Why do you feel it's ok to tell me how to raise my children? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me I need to lose weight? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me who my friends should be? It's not your place to tell me all of these things. It's not your place to tell me how to run my life. It's mine and not yours. I have my beliefs and you have yours. Not everyone is the same. The beauty of being human, is we get to choose, we have freedom and free will. I don't tell you what to believe, please don't tell me. I love who I love because he is an amazing person. You should be happy that I am happy, and have found a wonderful man who I can spend the rest of my life with. I raise my child the way I do because he is
My Little Blue Flower
  MY LITTLE BLUE FLOWER My little flower is blue now slightly wilting and frazzled but still gorgeous in my eyes none the less. Her Petals once shone and shimmered all the brilliance and colors of her breathtaking spirit I thought she might thirst for attention so I watered her, but the bitter sweetness of my tears were in naught, for it did her not much good. I have placed her high upon my most cherished pedestal in hopes that my sunshyne might bring out the kaleidoscope of beauty that is her most endearing facet. But it has so far done no more than turn her a lyghter hue of blue. I thought she might need more space for her roots to grow so I made a flowerpot from the ashes of my heart so her beauty would grow forever, but her roots seem tangled crushed inside her own flowerpot making it difficult to lift her for fear of causing her delicate soul harm. I do not dare force her from her spot. Others may have passed her by or stopped to wonder why or how such a magnificent blossom c
Pleasure (tell Me What You Think)
In the door way, there she stands her body naked and beautiful The outline of the light shining through behind her curves My heart pounds fast, her smile melts me She moves towards me and I stand to embrace her Her lips so soft and kisses are like sweet sugar I spin her on to the bed and her breast bounce as she falls softly down I look into her deep eyes, seeing her as I have always since we first met Running my hands down her body, her skin so soft feeling like silk under my hands She closes her eyes enjoying my gentle touch along her body Her breast so full, inviting, those nipples so perky telling me she is excited As I roam around her figure I kiss her softly down My hands stop on her thighs as I spread her legs apart Before me a beautiful sight, her sweet juice starting to run down between her plump lips Moving my fingers across her thighs, kneeling down before this goddess of mine I spread her lips slightly with my fingers as my tongue
What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You?
You Are Vanilla Hot Chocolate Vanilla hot chocolate may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but you are full of contradictions. You're funny but serious. Outgoing but thoughtful. Wild but traditional. No one can quite figure you out. You're the type most likely to handcraft the perfect hot chocolate at home. Your friends are blown away by your drink making skills. The truth is that you're a complex person with complex tastes. And you know that a little vanilla makes chocolate taste better. What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Welcome Back Old Friend
1120 A.M 1-13-10 started typing: (by the way, I do this because so I know how much time has passed I tend to lose track of time) I have been walking for about 10 minutes down the lazy suburban raods that seems to curve and S, thru the look-alike, mold cut homes that parrallel, it for no reason. Other than to make my walk longer. Which today I dont mind my head is reeling from the words I heard and the perplexed faces I am leaving behind me. Off to walk to my park and sit on my bench and listen. Of course, the tattered bench that I have claimed as my own, will be there too. It always has since I was little. It has seen better days too, the bright green paint has been that layered it's three piece wooden backboard is all but gone, exposeing the bare lumber to the elements giving it the look of cigar ashes. where shiny bolts fasetted the seat (origionally made from the same lumber as the back but was replaced 10 years ago by fiberglass composite tinted a yellowish color) to the concret
Falling By Keahiwai
Lyrics & Music: Lei Melket Lead Vocals: Lei Background Vocals: Mailani 1st verse: I wanna tell you baby, that you're the one I'm thinking of But your heart is still with her and I think she's the one that you love I only want you happy even if it's not with me And maybe one day you'll open up your eyes and you'll see CHORUS: I think I'm falling, maybe I'm falling for you Yeah I think I'm falling, baby I'm falling for you 2nd verse: From the first time you laid your lips on mine It feels like the smile on my face will last 'til the end of time But I'm not so sure if you're the one that I should pursue My mind tells me no but my heart only says that it's you CHORUS Bridge: Only time will tell, the mystery has yet to unfold Who's gonna feel love's warmth, and the other left in the cold CHORUS Keahiwai reserves copyrights to lyrics and chords of all original musical works posted on this site.  Material is posted for personal use only and shall not be reproduced with the intent of s
The first time I had the balls to talk to a girl (ninth grade), i was rejected to the song "one head light" by the wallflowers. haha. every time it comes on, i feel bad.  funny. :)
Ok. I'm sure if anyone took the time out to read this blog, I'm gonna guess the majority are going to think I'm a cold-hearted bitch for what's to come, but I don't care. I'm already sick and fucking tired of hearing about this, just as I was sick and fucking tired of hearing about 9/11. It's a tragedy. I get it. 9/11 I was more tolerant with because it happened in our country. However, it covered the news for years and was irritating. Just like this Haiti thing is. I can't turn on the weather channel or any fucking news channel to see what's going on in the city, state, country, or world without that stupid thing taking up every second of air time. I get it. It's terrible. It sucks. Really, I do understand. However, what about our country? Why are so many people wanting so badly to help out all these other fucking countries when we have huge problems here as it is? There are plenty of children in this country that are homeless or orphans that need to be adopted. There are plenty of
Why should today be any worse?This morning dissolves in grief.Frozen dirt, sheets of paper thin watercrackling under my fashionable running-idle shoes.Revelries in revnantsI dreamt I was searching for somethingexcept you were there...What could I be searching forwhen the known universe was holding my handthe pain in my chest got louderthe pooling liquid I lay in got colderthe darkness cameand took me from you.Falling backwards into that horrid dawnyour fingers slipping from mine. And that's all I got.Waking in a paniccertain I would see youand banish these phantasms. Why should today be any worse?as I press play, fold my coat neatly and stack it on my deskmy guardian golems posing heroicallypossibly performing a fist-bump.First tea.Fourth task.Fifth lunch.Third peace. I'm sorry for having so much to say unsaid.forgetting to ask, forgetting to the hand off, you smileyour fingers brush mineyou smileI blush. you thank me. Offer a crack of door-light to your world"Why should
Steel Door Bdsm
Dominatrix vs Mistress Those just entering the BDSM world will find the abundant usage of both of these words by members of the online community. This is primarily due to the rapid growth of access and the restrained attainability of quality texts to correctly interpret what these words mean within the community itself. Up to a few years ago the BDSM world was a tightly closed and almost secret society. Membership in this society was kept totally private and hidden with significant effort. Entree into the community was by referral and accompaniment only. Protocols or rules of conduct were strict and strongly enforced, not from some control standpoint but because those rules emerged from bitterly hard lessons in survival. A Dominant is a person with a dominant aspect in their personality. A Master is a Dominant with significant real life BDSM experience. They are not the same. It can be fairly said that all Master/Mistress's are Dominant. It cannot be said that
Conversation With One Of My Best Friends About Who I Thought Was My Bff
warmthoughtsofyou04: So...something's kinda bothering meBrian Deck: whats wrong?warmthoughtsofyou04: Whenever teh Kelleh goes anywhere with that whore Danielle who tried to get with Mike...she lets EVERYONE know it...she announces it on facebook "going here with the bestie" "going there with the bestie" blah blah blah...and they hang out like 4x a week...she invited me to go to the Zoo last week on Tuesday...I was so happy she finally invited me to do something. Any of the status updates she made, she made NO mention of being there with me...and then later she goes "Well Danielle went back to working days" I'm like WTF dudewarmthoughtsofyou04: She only invited me b/c she wanted to go to the zoo and didn't want to go by herself and Danielle wasn't available?Brian Deck: so shes including you but not once mentioning you and giving teh full attention to Danielle?warmthoughtsofyou04: No Danielle wasn't there when we wentwarmthoughtsofyou04: But she made like 5 status updates while we w
  Last night a dear friend told me, "We are nothing until we share with others"... he is so right... and I see people who think they are better because they never admit they feel anything and I honesly would never want to be them... I'd rather have my heart broken again and again than to become so cold and heartless I can't feel my own pain or anyone else's. What kind of life would that be...? Not one I want... that's for sure.   Oh and it's my birthday so if you're reading this I better get a birthday hug!  
Never Tear Us Apart By Inxs
Don't ask me What you know is true Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart I I was standing You were there Two worlds collided And they could never tear us apart We could live For a thousand years But if I hurt you I'd make wine from your tears I told you That we could fly 'Cause we all have wings But some of us don't know why I I was standing You were there Two worlds collided And they could never ever tear us apart
Weigh In 1/19/2010
Sooo.. Last Tuesday I was at 278.5... Today I weighed in at 274.25 I lost 4.25 pounds in the first week... Without even working out much (like twice LOL)     yay for weight lost! I took before pictures today... going to leave them in my cell phone... no one will see them until i get to where i want to be...
A Break
This is tough for me to write... Since my retuen from my hiatus, i have gotten to know some of you better than ever before and i have honestly kept myself out of the drama and BS better than before.  But do to some severe personal problems, i will be taking a break soon.  I may need to check myself in to a nut ward or i may just need to go wandering, hit NYC and go crazy... get off the grid for a while. as i have told many of you my personal life sucks and has been in the toilet for years... it has actually taken a turn for the worse recently and i just need to get away from myself and need, if not a change of scenes, just some silence... or maybe noise... not sure.  The problem with having so isolated myself the quiet i so desperately wanted is sometimes a trap.  now i also have problems with my mother and my sister... and i feel very ALONE... more than ever. anyhow... I'm not sure when i'll stop signing on... and less sure of when i'll be back, but i will be... some of you are too
I Lured Chipmunks With Nuts To Capture These Photos. (repost)
"Fix my hyperdrive!" "Let's be freinds." "Step away from the nut." "You are the worst co-pilot ever." "Judge me by my size, do you?"    
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Breaking the Girl I am a manCut from the knowRarely do friendsCome and then goShe was a girlSoft but estrangedWe were the twoOur lives rearrangedFeeling so good that dayA feeling of love that day[Chorus]Twisting and turningYour feelings are burningYou're breaking the girlShe meant you no harmThink you're so cleverBut now you must severYou're breaking the girlHe loves no one elseRaised by my dadGirl of the dayThat was the wayShe was the girlLeft aloneFeeling the needTo make me her homeI don't know what when or whyThe twilight of love had arrived[Chorus]
Delete Button
First of all, this did not happen on fubar, it happened on Facebook. Apparently I was deleted off a "friend's" friend list. I wasn't sure how it happened, so I sent him another friend request with a message. Just a quick little "hey, how did we become unfriended? Lol."  I think I found the reason. I went to check the status of my request and it still says awaiting comfirmation. I looked at his recent posts and found a status that read "Will be deleting friends that aren't really friends." .... Ouch. That really hurt. I consider him my friend. Yes, he is good friends with Eric (my recent ex) but Eric and I have remained friends. And this guy always has said he's considered me one of the guys, cause I always ended up being the only girls in the group of guys. So I don' quite understand what's going on. He still has the mutual friends I do on his list: my brother and his wife, Eric, my bff Kelly (I suspect Kelly because he's got a thing for her).. but not me. So I sent him another mess
Some People Crack Me Up
is it just me or it freakin stupid when people are on here~ married (in real life) has their spouse as their number one , and there fu engaged to someone else? i guess its not that big of a deal i just think its stupid and i am bored and the mumms are gettin stupider by the minuter so i thought i would write a blog hahaha xoxoxo
If You Are Unhappy...
IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY... Once upon a time there was a non-conforming sparrow who decided not to fly south for the winter. Hoever the weather turned so cold that he reluctantly started to fly south. In a short time ice began to form on his wings and he fell into a baryard,almost frozen. A cow passed by and crapped on the little bird. The sparrow thought it was the end,but the manure warmed him,and defrosted his wings. Warm and happy,able to breath he started to sing. Just then a large cat came by,on hearing the chirping,investigated the sounds. The cat cleared away the manure,found the chirping bird,and promptly ate him. The moral of the story: 1:Everyone who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy. 2:Everyone who gets you out the shit is not necessarily your friend. 3:And if you are warm and happy in a pile of shit,keep your mouth shut.
Dr Cam Rules
Devils Rejects Cam Rules 1. All non-staff members that wish to be on cam must first be approved by management. 2. Absolutley no flashing of any kind live on cam. 3. Absolutley no smoking, snorting, shooting, inhaling, eating, drinking, swallowing or booty bumping of any illegal substance while live on cam. 4. If you are male and whish to be on cam you must be shirtless only exception is if you have moobs that fill anything over a B cup. Back hair is also unexceptable. 5. All female cleavage must first be inspected and approved by a male staff member before its appearance on cam.
I Hate Ppl Mmmkk
Bad Is Bad By Huey Lewis & The News
Went uptown to see my cousin  Plays guitar, sounds like a chainsaw buzzin'  In the crowd, I see his mom and dad  I said "Hey, hey Uncle, man your son is bad"    But sometimes, sometimes Bad Is Bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad.    Across the street, a neon sign  All you can eat for a dollar ninety nine  Aww, that old stew is the baddest in the land  But one dollar's worth was all that I could stand    [ Bad Is Bad lyrics from ]But sometimes, sometimes bad is bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad.    Back uptown to see marie  Nobody home, I opened the door with my key  "I love you, Huey" was the note I read  But there's a strange pair of shoes underneath the bed    But sometimes, sometimes bad is bad  Cool is a rule, but, sometimes, bad is bad. 
What Us State Are You?
You Are Massachusetts You are smart, serious, and quite traditional. You don't have a lot of time for junk in your life. It's likely that you're well educated and hard working. You live a very goal oriented life. You are probably socially liberal, but personally quite conservative. You would never be described as wild. But you're more diverse than people give you credit for. You're equally comfortable at a business meeting and at a rowdy sports game! What US State Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
It Slipped
Ugh. This guy is older than my Mother. Makes me sick. Bottom up: vallachie: when i saw you it just slipped vallachie: yourright im sorry [[Per]]™: adding the "mmmmm" made it sexual, not a compliment. vallachie: well of course he does,,, just a compliment sweetheart [[Per]]™: my boyfriend thinks so too vallachie: you look so good mmmmmm
When Your Mouth Runs Over
Have you ever been out with friends you’re talking, having a great time? Then suddenly you say something and the reply wasn't what you thought it was going to be.  Upset and a bit on the defensives side crap spills out of your mouth. As you quickly wish your mouth would for once check with you before speaking. (But damnnit to hell) It does not. I mean isn't that what we are taught growing up...Mom says "Think before you Speak" then none of that would have happened. The list of people to include yourself could go on forever, have said that very line knowing that they too at some point have said the same thing. So we have a few different oops or foot in mouth so many clever sayings for the simple fact that "You my dear Fucked Up". So my question is how does one fix it? This is where I ask for your help, because my way seems to add fuel to the fire so to speak.    If you think about it we have all at some point or time said..."wow?! Did I really say that"? And some of us are found
I'm Gonna Lose My Shit
warmthoughtsofyou04: I'm about 2 seconds away from losing my shitorcrush1968: hey!orcrush1968: whats wrong hun????warmthoughtsofyou04: So I call disability today to be like WTF about my check right?warmthoughtsofyou04: Cuz I sent the extension in the beginning of this monthwarmthoughtsofyou04: So the lady tells me the examiner...whoever the fuck that is, hasn't received it yetorcrush1968: say what?!orcrush1968: no wayorcrush1968: lik e3 weekswarmthoughtsofyou04: She said he grabs a stack at a time and I guess he hasn't gotten to mine yetwarmthoughtsofyou04: I was like wow great system you have workin therewarmthoughtsofyou04: She had a fucking attitude the whole timewarmthoughtsofyou04: So I said ok is there any way to maybe expedite that or make sure that this doesn't happen in the futurewarmthoughtsofyou04: She proceeds to tell me "well there's a only have $238 left in your account"...warmthoughtsofyou04: I said WHAT account?warmthoughtsofyou04: Apparently the disabilit
The Magellanic Stream
There comes a time when the hurt and pain someone causes out weighs anything good they ever were...or ever pretended to be.  
Lost Family Members
   Today I read a bulletin that brought back memories from 2002. The bulletin was posted about a fu member who had lost 4 family members in a fire. This is devistating and i can relate. In 2002 I lost 4 young family members to a drunk driver. They were on there way to see a movie. I will never forget the horror the took place that night after one of my nieces came pounding on my door screaming, "there dead aunt Sue, they are all dead." At that moment I felt as though the life had drained from myself as well. There were 2 survivors that night, my nephew who was driving his car and the drunk driver. Boyd Knouse is the name of the drunk driver, he was only 20 at the time and not only did he take my 4 family members, but he also killed 2 of his friends, 6 died in all that horrible night.      The ages of the victims were (my family) Nicole, 22... Richard 17... Jeremiah 14 and last but definitely not least Shane who was only 8. Boyds friends were 18 and 19. I spent a week in the hospital p
A Day Of Hell
I have never, in my life, been in so much pain. I woke up with a stabbing pain in my lower abdominal. It felt like I was being stabbed and it was coming in waves. I couldn't go to the bathroom in anyway shape or form. Went to my doctor. They did a bunch of tests. No std's. Not preggo. Not bacterial. So they sent me to a gyn to look inside with an inner ultrasound. Lo' and behold. Cysts ruptured on my left ovalry. Good sized ones. Then they go and tell me that I will (not may but WILL) continue getting them. I have a very severe case of endometriosis AND they told me I will never have children. I have maybe... MAYBE a 10% chance. Idk what to be more annoyed about. I hope the kids thing is wrong and its just speculation. I want to atleast have the option.
Tonya Aka Bi Sexy Molly Is A Hero She Died In Our Fatal House Fire With Her Sons * Mom
A Tribute to Tonya A.K.A. Bi Sexy Molly Tonya aka Bi Sexy Molly dies a hero in fatal house fire she saved her sister in laws life, her brother Mickey aka Sr Dark Knight also sins husband just died in Oct. now Tonya and her mom and her 2 sons all died in house fire and the only survivor was Deb A.K.A. Sinfully Delicious and the only reason Deb is still alive is because Tonya saved her life, the National Guard is giving Tonya a medal for being a hero and for all of you who knew her she loved all her friends with all her heart, she will be terribly missed by a lot of us and I'm in need of all of your prayers, Love Deb Here is the links to Tonya's and Deb's page if you would like to stop by and pay your respect's... BI-SEXY MOLLY*~RIP MY SISSY, TONYA SAVED MY LIFE & THE NATIONAL GUARD IS GIVING HER A MEDAL,
Explaining Fucktard And A Lil Bitty Rant
A fucktard is the short cut to saying fucking retard, a retarded fuck, or even a fuck that is a retard. Yes, we have all had a retarded fuck in our lives at some point and if you are like me...then there is a fucktard magnet attached to you somewhere!! Alas my magnets I tend to love and I am proud of tiny lil boobs and my big ole jiggly butt!! Then again there's my attitude because for some damn reason the fucktards think they can break me! Not happening! I say to all the people out there that have dealt with or are dealing with the fucktards around them to band together and make murder for fucktards then we can punish them without those damn pesky ramifications! Yes, to do that we must have proof! Take photos, videos, and etc but make sure you have their permission! We all know fucktards will give it willingly because they think they are the shizznit or wat ev they wanna call themselves! But, then, hey, guess what?? They gave you permission for their own demise
What Happened?
I keep looking back to myself and wondering what happened? I remember; I was a happy go lucky guy and never down or sad. Thetruth is, that is how I used to be. Suddenly in the summer of 08 when everything changed, I don't even really know why.I remember walking back to my room after 12-14 hours of work in theheat, tired both physically and mentally wishing that one year would fly by. Wishing that I would wake up and a year would be gone. Before then I never felt that way. I loved every minute of my life not matter what was happening. I never wanted time to pass because I enjoyed that moment and wanted to enjoy it more.Something happened to me.
The Meeting Of Souls
The room smelled strongly, of worn leather, metal, and sex. It was lit with the glow of candles placed in such a manner as to give him ample lighting so that he may linger upon the faces of pleasure and pain assuredly to come later.    The Scarf so gingerly draped over the railing of the ancient oak canopy bed, a symbol of trust, lays innocently until it is called upon to guide his charge into the silken darkness. His fingers caress it in both anticipation and remembrance. Preparation and inspection of the thick restraints and equipment are in definite order to  be sure the flesh to be held in them will be able to remind her of this night for days to follow. Other surprises lay just within the shadowed corners of the room. But those will be brought to light after her darkness is secured  and total.The chime of the doorbell sends voltage through his body as he lights one last candle, to be placed by the bed to remind his trust that the only light in his life is her and that he would do
4-variable Iq Test
Your result for The 4-Variable IQ Test... Mathematical 10% interpersonal, 25% visual, 20% verbal and 45% mathematical! Brother-from-another-mother! Like mine, your highest scoring intelligence is Mathematical. You thrive on logic, numbers, things representing numbers, and sets of things that are sets of other things, with numbers nowhere in sight. You probably like the online comic called XKCD, and if you don't, check it out. You probably knew you'd score "Mathematical" as you took the test, and mathy types are usually super-high scorers on this axis, and low on the others. Why? Because you (we) yearn for math. Anyway, your specific scores follow. On any axis, a score above 25% means you use that kind of thinking more than average, and a score below 25% means you use it less. It says nothing about cognitive skills, just your interest. Your brain is roughly: 10% Interpersonal 25%Visual 20%Verbal 45%Mathematical   Matching Summary: Each of us has different tastes.
Picture Test
Introspective sensitive reflective You come to grips more frequently and thoroughly with yourself and your environment than do most people. You detest superficiality; you'd rather be alone than have to suffer through small talk. But your relationships with your friends are very strong, which gives you the inner tranquility and harmony that you require. You do not mind being alone for extended periods of time; you rarely become bored.
Mixed Emotions
A husband and wife are watching a psychology show about the dynamic of mixed emotions. The husband turns to his wife and says, "Honey, that's a bunch of crap. I bet you can't tell me anything that will make me happy and sad at the same time." She says: "Of all your friends, you have the biggest penis.""
An Actual Craig's List Personals Ad .....fuckin Funny As Hell
AN ACTUAL CRAIG'S LIST PERSONALS AD To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown  Savannah, night before last. Date: 2009-05-27, 1 :43 a.m.  E.S.T. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend, threatening our lives. You also asked for my girlfriend's purse and earrings. I can only hope that you somehow come across this rather important message.
Night Launch Of The Space Shuttle Endeavour
2/9 One Month Into It
Lost another 1.25 pounds this week. Am at 13 pounds lost in a month :D Today I bought the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred video and the Biggest Loser boot camp video. I think i am going to start Jillian tomorrow. I am TERRIFIED LOL!! Oh well! I wanna lose 17 more pounds in 2 months. I am sure I can do it if I set my mind to it. I mean.. its only 8.5 pounds a month.....
So You Want A Valentine? I Wrote This Too
So you want a valnetine all youll do is tell me lies make me smile then make me cryLove break me and that just finehold tight to what you seeBut what do you see inside of meLove and Lie all the timeLove you hate you your all mineDrop your heart on the groundill pick up and turn you aroundMAke you sweat and make you cryFeeling like you can touch the skyStep on it throw it downfcuk you now ur just a clown Thought you could Fly but i ripped your wingsall the pain that your love bringsSo do want a valentineare you ready to say goodbyelove will leave then come againlove you hate you well never mendin the end we both will crycause we know you would never liereal love is just a fansty the storys that mommy told meim not princess ur not prince loved since our frist kissi take back back againlove you hate you this will never end so do you want a valentine will you tell me all the lies love me tell me your just minekiss her lips then come kiss minedo you have a true heart now cause if so ill tea
Sakurajima Volcano With Lightning
a moments glance into your eyes took my breath away your entire soul spoke to me your loneliness crying out in pain my heart wants to hold you and help ease away your pain my soul wants to touch you and teach you happiness again
~love Actually~
Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. You and I have it, we have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we find that we were one and not two..... Peace
Another Add To The Sh!t List .... Wth Is Wrong Wiff People >_
BIGTITMAN: awe thanks baby i knew you cared 8o) εṃøвαɾвïε O_o: CONGRATS U MADE THE SHIT LIST BIGTITMAN: WISE MOVE SEXY εṃøвαɾвïε O_o: I DO NOT WANT U UR NOT EVEN MY TYPE ! BYE εṃøвαɾвïε O_o: im blocking u now ...... BIGTITMAN: hmm baby you can full some of the people some of the time some of the people all the time but you can full me.. admit it... you want cum on that tongue εṃøвαɾвïε O_o: dude im really gonna bthrow up ur grossing me out im not intrested in u and ur nasty pervetred loser self move on BIGTITMAN: so your saying you didnt want a tongue full of cum? εṃøвαɾвïε O_o: u are gross learn some fucking respect BIGTITMAN: i can almost see the cum dripping off dear BIGTITMAN: now hon with that tongue out thas
The Candy Box Test
WTF is up with all of this serious busines????? :/   You Are Serious and Intense You don't take anything lightly, including your choice in candy. You don't like to make any mistakes in life. You are responsible and dedicated. You don't let anything slip through the cracks. You still like to have fun and indulge on occasion, but you are more of the type to only eat one piece of chocolate. You build now so that you can enjoy yourself later. You're all about planning for the future. The Candy Box Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
Valentine's Dis
So here's what happened...     I asked someone out for Valentine's Day three weeks ago knowing they were pretty busy and seeing other people too and wanted to beat everyone else to the punch.  So they said yes and I planned a whole day of stuff to do and fun and dinner to make.  Two days ago this person says what time do you want me on Sunday? And I answer,all day.  They say, ha yeah right  5 or 6?  She sais she has to study for a nursing test and do a few things around the house.  I am fine with that cuz I can do dinner and figure other stuff out.  Then I get off of work this morning at 7am, go home and prepare dinner so it's easier to make later.  Then I want to surprise her while she is studying by delivering a huge rose to her.  I drive over to her house at 8am and find that she's not there. Knowing her she hasn't been all night.  So instead of studying she is out all night and all morning with another guy when she originally said yes to spending the day with me and then said she
Ewwwww, Stretch Marks!
So Helly, the ebil hussy sent me a link to another icky pic.  I am going to get even with her.  So here is my plan.... I am going to have all of us send her the nastiest ickiest pics that we can find.  I wanna fill her shoutbox for the next several days with these links. I figure that we all owe her for these links so it's time for a coordinated payback :D xoxo
Behind The Scenes Of A Strip Club....(the Truth About What Happens In Dressing Room &champine Room Etc)
Ok i wanted to do a blog on this because i see women worry about thier men , i see people have a cerian idea about dancers etc So im going to tell you how it is behind the glitz and stage etc....ok Well frist of all , dancers are not just doing it to get thru school  most of the time start out that way but the money gets to easy so you tend to forget about .... since you make more then a doctor and etc anyways ...thats also the reson its so hard for a dancer to stop its hard to go back to making a regular salarly ....Dont get me wrong , Some dancers actually ethier have 2 jobs some good jobs ..  some are going to school.... some are also models some actually were dotors well known in there country then came over her and lacked the schooling they need to be one here ...Some are single mothers , Some are married , Some are Lezs, some hate men , some just like the easy money but....  what goes on in the dressing room:well see dancers are normal chicks no there not sexually charged chicks
Chosen One
Chosen One (R.I.P) ‘Nothing is heavy to those who have wings’   Of all the words I’ve tried to write To express my thoughts and feelings The ones in your remembrance To try to start the healing Are proving the most difficult No matter how I try I think about the laughs we had And soon enough I cry   So here is my best effort I hope I do you proud You were a rare enigma Would stand out amongst the crowd Always one for laughter The cheekiest of guys The life and soul of the party With no tolerance for lies   As passionate as any And faithful to the last Tell tales of your adventures All chances you would grasp For experiencing new feelings And making the most of life Always to be found laughing Causing playful strife   For you my friend were Chosen To be a friend of mine And I will remember always Our memories over time It’s not for me to understand Why it was time to go You have been with me always And your absence won’t
What Aphrodisiac Are You?
You Are Vanilla You are incredibly sexy and sensual - yet still sweet and innocent. You have an exotic, mysterious vibe. You leave people wanting to know more. You know how to make lovers relax, calm down, and be vulnerable. You draw people in and make them addicted to you. You're a lot more potent than people think. What Aphrodisiac Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
What Kind Of Horror Movie Are You?
You Are a Satanic Horror Movie There's no one scarier than the devil, and even just thinking about him (or her???) makes you shiver. You are obsessed with the idea of evil, and unlike your typical horror movie, the devil isn't someone you can just kill at the end. Even if you aren't religious now, it's likely that you come from a religious background and still think of the world in those terms. Your favorite movies explore the idea of satanic influence... stuff like Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, and the Exorcist. What Kind of Horror Movie Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
I hate CQ. It sucks, it gives you a lot of time to think about stuff that probably should never be thought of, actually. Lol. I know I bitch about being single, and I know that I'm the only one who can change my current situation, but I'm starting to wonder if there is anyone who can actually put up with my bullcrap! For instance, I talk WAY to much. There are times when MY ears want to bleed from listening to myself for as long as I do. Then let's factor in my indecisiveness. I can NEVER make up my mind about anything. I'm the one who has to get her food to go because she couldn't decide what she wanted when everyone else did. Seriously! I cuss, alot. I don't know why, I guess because the words were always a part of my parents vocabulary...who knows! But nobody wants to take a girl home to meet their parents and the first thing out of her mouth is, "Well, damn, it's for sure shittin' about damn time I met you guys!" =/ I also have a tendency to dwell on the past. Like, the what could'
Dark Shuttle Approaching
Future Contest Ideas
I'm thinking of holding a huge contest.  The prizes may include VIP for a month, ticker, bling, etc etc.  It may all go to the winner or I may spread it out.  The prizes would be confirmed before the contest starts and when its officially first announced.  This way you can decide if you wish to partake or not.   I was curious do you think a contest would be better if it was based on a feature (best smile, best eyes, etc) or themed (green bikini for st. patrick's day, best easter basket picture, best spring dress,)   I'm kinda stumped for idea.s  So feel free to post your thoughts so I can get working on this.  Also feel free to sb me or message me your response if you don't want your answer public. 
If You Have A Fubar Tshirt Photo Post It Here
Please post our tshirt photos in my blog. Thanks
Look, Concert Pictures
Some pics from Guidopalooza last night. Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in Newark  Three Days Grace   Breaking Benjamin   This is the 5th time I have seen Breaking Benjamin, the 3rd time for Three Days Grace (all three of those times they were with Breaking Benjamin)  I do like their shows, but I hate going to them.  I always am afraid that I'm going to be the weird old guy in the audience, but whenever I go, I always have a good time because I like both of those bands.  This show wasnt as good as the last one, (Asbury 2008) that one included Seether and Red, but still a very good show indeed.  My ears still ring.  The floor was GA and i wasnt far from the stage at all.
The Nobodies By Marilyn Manson
"The Nobodies" Today I am dirty I want to be pretty Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt Today I am dirty I want to be pretty Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt Fear the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are Yesterday I was dirty Wanted to be pretty I know now that I'm forever dirt Yesterday I was dirty Wanted to be pretty I know now that I'm forever dirt We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are Some children died the other day We fed machines and then we prayed Puked up and down in morbid faith You should have seen the ratings that day
Grandma's Story
Desarae Barnes             My Grandma has been sick with lung cancer for three and a half years now. She made the decision last summer that she no longer wanted chemo treatments. I guess for most people this would be hard to hear from a loved one but I understand. With the chemo she didn’t get out of her recliner and that’s not much of a life. So I visit her as much as I can and even though she stays in her chair she is still the strongest woman I know. She only has a little while longer with us but she’s ready when the time comes. When I visit, we talk about my schooling is going but mostly we talk about our memories.             I don’t remember much about my childhood but what I do remember most of the time involves my grandmother. My strongest memory is of every Sunday. First grandma started cooking dinner before the morning church service. It was most of the time the same thing Roast Beef slightly seasoned and cooked for hours in the crock pot. The sides
What's Going On In C51's World?
Hey all I know that alot of you are worried or concerened about me so I figured I would just make a blog about it sence I prolly won't be on as much anymore do to alot of things. I'm in a hard place in my life... some of you know that I was Agorephobic for 5 years of my life and finally God has rerleased me from that. After praying alot and I mean ALOT! My Mother, Surreal & DJ Deoblo from Fubar have been trying like hell to get me out at much as possible so that I can get use to once again being able to cope with the outside world. Well recently I have been having God awful pain's from hell in my chest, lungs, heart, and Ovarys... (yeah yeah go to a doctor... I know I've heard it all before) A. I have no health insurance it will cost for a single person 2K for 6 months to get it and I've honestly only had about $35 to my name for 5 years! B. Agoraphobia, Hypercontriac, you name it. i know most of you won't understand all this being that you would have to live it to know it! Anyway's
I Love Boobies
that is all
Growing Up
As a child, I believed in the magic of rainbows.  I believed that music was a living entity with the power to change the world. I believed that trust and innocence were admirable qualities. Growing up is a terrible thing.
The Awesomest 3 Minutes And 22 Seconds Of Your Life.
Two blogs in one day? It's like some kinda crazy time! For those of you not in the know, is the best online store in the known webiverse. They sell all kinds of awesome geeky stuff, like toys, games, shirts, utensils... and things that make noise! To whit: here's The Who's "Baba O'Reilly," played entirely on items available from ThinkGeek. Sit back and enjoy the awesomest 3 minutes and 22 seconds of your life.  
Cautious Optimism
The exam is over, done, finished.  In 6 or 8 weeks, I'll know if I passed. Do I think I passed? Really, I don't know.  Probably?  But my sense of these things is often well off-base.  The last time I took this exam, I thought I did fine on some parts of it, and that I sucked on others.  (Secured Transactions?  I don't know shit about financing statements or any of that crap.  Somehow, though, my essay score on that question was nearly perfect.  Contracts, which I know fairly well?  I got a two.  That's about as far from perfect as you can get.)  As it turned out, all my worrying was for naught; I passed by a large margin. So, this is the answer to the question many of you asked: I don't know how I did.  And I won't know for many weeks. But I'm cautiously optimistic.  In the coming weeks, I'm just going to forget about it  (which, as it turns out, I'm really good at doing).  I'm off to bake some bread & read a novel. Did I mention that two nights ago, I went to the hotel bar, where
As many times as I have had a MuMM removed for no reason, yet it was found to violate TOS, even tho it  had no offensive subject matter, or offensive language or pictures... How does that fucking mumm still exist!? she used vulgar language, i had a mumm deleted for a pic of a terd!!!    i guess you have to be sending NSFW pics to all the right people, right??? FFS!   yes im pissy... 
If Only For A Moment
If Only for a Moment   Days go by slowly Since you’re not here I still pick up the phone Hoping that you are there Silence cuts through the night As the phone falls down Lonely miles between us Thoughts of you abound   Dreams of holding you Run through my mind Longing for your touch Wanting you to be mine I reach out in darkness Hoping to feel your face But nothing is there Except an empty space   If only for a moment I could hold you Feel you next to me And it all be true If only for a moment Sands of time ceased As I pull you close And it not be a dream   Your voice comes to me In the darkness of night Shadows fill the room Your image fills my eyes I long for a day Miles will disappear Till then I’ll keep dreaming Of a day you are here
You Help Brighten My Day
Because of you my Friend  loved Just when I think I am at my end You come along, you my friend Making me smile and giving me hope Just enough thought to help me cope   The word that you type or the one that you say The heart filled worries, a hug, as you pray Sending me wishes of hope and dreams Understanding me, even if I don't know what, I mean   Looking out for me in your own little way Making me smile it brightens my day You help to wash away all my fears Your kind words dab away my tears   To have you as a friend is hard to believe Yet knowing you're their brings such relief So a big Thank you for all you have done Know you have helped me a lot today, Hun.       copyright©Karen E. Fryer 2007
This Tune Is Dedicated To All My Friends
I pray for better days to comeI pray that I would see the sunCuz life is so burdensomeWhen everyday's a rainy oneBut suddenly there's no more cloudsI believe without a doubtThat heaven sent an angel downAnd then she turned my life aroundYou know and I knowFriends come and friends goStorms rise and winds blowBut one thing I know for sureWhen it's cold outsideThere's no need to worry cuzI'm so warm insideYou give me peaceWhen the storm's outsideCuz we're in love I knowIt'll be alrightAlright it's alrightOooh...Now peace is so hard to findWe're terrorized and victimizedBut that's when I close my eyesAnd think of you to ease my mindYou take me to another placeThere's no more war (no more war)Just love and graceBaby you restore my faithI know the struggle's not in vainYou know and I knowThrough all the battlesBaghdad to IsraelThere's one thing I know for sureWhen it's cold outsideThere's no need to worry cuzI'm so warm insideYou give me peaceWhen the storm's outsideCuz we're in love I knowI
I'm having some problems with my damn photobucket account....again. All skins will be back on the 7th. I apologize for the inconvenience.
In Remembrance Of Mom
My Mom, whom passed away kind of suddenly, on January 29th, 2010, God Bless Her.... had an awesome hobby of selling all kinds of jewelry on Ebay.... her hobby took off & she opened a store there on Ebay, 4 years ago and was doing really well with it..... I know my Mom would want me to keep this store up and running for her, as I am and will, the best that I can. I know Mom will give me the insight, inspiration, and guidance I need, because not only is it a hobby, it's a second job! So in remembrance of my Mom..... (my guardian angel) If you need that special gift for someone, especially Mom, (Mothers Day is coming our way) check out the link below.... If you see something you like, let me know.... make me an offer. Thanks...much: peace & all that to all Have a good day! peace baby
Just Wondering
I just got home from a support group, and it left me wondering.  How many rape victims of childhood rape are made to feel as though they are the ones to blame?  Not just by the people who commit the crime, but by law enforcement and others that are supposed to be protecting them.  I hated being made to feel it was my fault.  Even my mom would try to blame me, yet she was the one that sold me for sex.  I was four, what did I know?  I can't imagine going to the authorities and being made out to be the one to blame so many women in my group were.  I was always too afraid to speak out.  Ashamed.  Made to feel like that by my own mother.  My mom profitted from it though.   She's the one that  refused to take ownership.  Why is it then that I'm the one that still suffers?  Why do I have the night terrors?  I'm finally accepting that it isn't and never was my fault that this happened to me.  I just wish I knew how to open up about it and talk to those who mattered to me.  Instead I push them
Bit O'rambling
This is just a heads up to my fine internet Fubarian friends: if you're having a "fight" with someone on my list or you hate someone on my list, do NOT expect me to choose sides. I like you both for a reason. If there ever comes a time where I end up not liking you, don't think I'm so feeble minded that I cannot make my own decisions and form my own opinion. I don't give a crap about fu-drama. I come on here because I'm bored and I can usually have a few laughs and pass the time. I have said this many times IRL and online: I do NOT hate by association. Just because my friend may not like someone, does not mean I am obligated to not like them too. Another note I've been meaning to mention: yes, I get into MuMM quarrels. I am opinionated and I speak my mind, I don't care if it hurts your feelings. After responding a couple of times, I usually get bored and I don't even go back to that MuMM. I have found that when the person you are internet "fighting" with realizes you really don't gi
The "dumped" List
    Well ladies and germs lol, I thought it would be interesting to create a blog called The "Dumped" List. I get to share my heartbreak and humiliation with you and all you happy people get to vote on which situation you thing is the absolute WORST way to be DUMPED! Please also feel free to comment and maybe even share your own experiences if you like. So here we go.... #5   I was dumped on my 16th birthday by my boyfriends best friend. My boyfriend went to Florida for vacation and sent his best friend to take me to a movie and break up with me for him. #4  I had a boyfriend send his best friend over to my house to try to take advantage of me so he could try to bust into my house shortly after to accuse me of cheating on him. I kicked his friend out right away and my boyfriend still dumped me anyway. #3  I was told one time by a boyfriend that he was really some kind of warlock and he was trying to secretly teach me some magic about life and that he wasnt breaking up with he
My Satire
My satire is getting lost on some people in the mumms.  That is what makes the comments even funnier!
How can you love me when I can not love you, How can you smile when I can not, How can you shed a tear for me when I can not cry for you, How can you laugh when I can not laugh with you Why do you love me Why do you smile at me Why do you cry for me Why do you laugh I am nothing I am not speical I am lost I am broken But yet you still stay But yet you take my hand But yet you wipe away my tears when i am sad But yet you still love me I want to love I want to laugh I want to cry I want to smile Can you teach me to love Can you teach me smile Can you teach me to cry Can you teach me to laugh If you can mend my broken soul I will be yours forever Caroline Morrison
Made Up My Own Mind
I think there should be a section in everyone's blog, that is, whoever writes blogs, called made up my  own mind. meaning if someone had a very important decision, though not terribly personal, telling how they made up their own minds. 
Pray for me everyone. I'm soo confused about my husband right now its not even funny. When I met him in march I already had a son from a previous relationship. I ended up getting pregnant in May, with a baby girl. He moved down here at the end of June. We got married November 18th of last year. Had my baby girl December 8th. Everything was going great with us until he lost his job about 2 months ago. We have been staying with my mom. And he just basically quit caring all together about having a job. Our income tax came right about that time. So he's been just gung ho about staying at home. For the past 2 months, I have felt like I'm single with a roommate that just happens to the father of my baby girl and husband. Since he has moved in with us, he has not had to do dishes once, take out the trash or anything. I do all of this. All he does is Snooze all day till about 3-5pm. Wakes up, then logs onto World of Warcraft. Plays it all freaking night, pausing maybe twice if I insist he help
Endless Summer Days
i can't wait
Take Cover
So the shit hit the fan last week. This teacher I mentioned a couple of blogs ago (in this thread), is up to her tricks again, twice in one week.   First she may have lost 5 thermometers and tries to blame us when she didn't do her job properly as laid out by our science classroom guidelines. Second, instead of asking for something she needed, she goes in to a room, helps herself to what she thought she wanted, but even though it wasn't the right stuff, used it all regardless. When the bottle of this stuff is realised missing, my mum (senior technician at the school) asks the teacher if she took it, who says no, but lo and behold, there it is in her classroom that no one else uses.   That has not gone down well at all....    
Oh I Suppose....
since 99.9% of my friends wont read this then wonder why things are happeneing im just gonna let them wonder no one is really around much anymore and so im deleting this weekend its been fun y'all
O.o Found This Song!
Don't be aroused, by my confession Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption I know Christ is comin', so am I You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye She'll suck you dry And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again She'll make you weep And mourn and cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til' I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives prayin to stay in her arms just until I can die a little bit longer Saviors and saints, devils and heathens alike She'll eat you alive Jesus is risen, it's no surprise Even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs The pressure is building, on the base of my spine If I gotta sin to see you again then I'm gonna lie lie lie She'll make you cry I'll sell my soul, to be back in her bosom Gladly now please suck me dry And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til' I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives Prayin' to stay i
Wtfe Yo!
I really hate people who talk shit, and block you. How big of a pussy can you be? Seriously? I'd do anything to punch some of these people in face. Anything. Let me break something down fu. FUBAR IS NOT MY LIFE! Sorry. I know for a lot of you, even the majority of you, it is. But it isn't mine. I love rating people. I love being here. I love helping people. I do. But some of you need to grow the eff up and get over yourself. Especially you CHILDREN that shouldn't be on this site in the first place. Mainly, the salute issue. I'm terribly sorry that I'm not sitting on unemployment collecting money for doing nothing because I'm a lazy SOB who'd rather screw the government than take care of myself and my family. I'm terribly sorry that I work anywhere from 60 hours a week to 100. How about some of you assholes try working? Even those of you that work 40 hours a week and complain about how tired you are at the end of the week and how awful it is. Wah. Really. Try my effing job for one D
Holy Crap!!!!!!!!
yes thats right im going for spotlight again so gimme monies please k thanx      
In A Good Mood :)
You know.. today is gonna be a good day.  I didn't sleep that well, but I'm in a good mood. Just finishing up my class and I think I'm gonna do my laundry today. I actually payed attention in class today and I feel good. Borrowed my friend's laptop so I could have the slides as my teacher goes over them. Sometimes she goes to fast to write, so I thought I would try it out, having the slides on the laptop so I could write as she lectures. And it worked, so I'm very happy.  Like I said, I think I'll do laundry today. I at least have to wash my clothes for training tomorrow. I rejoined the old kung-fu group I used to be a part of. Didn't realize how much I missed it. The style is called White Crane Silat. It's an Indonesian based kung-fu.  I'm taking out Boots for dinner tonight. I owe her for buying me a book when I really wanted it and didn't have the money to buy it :) She's awesome. Probably gonna go to CPK and share a pizza.  There's a girl in my life I don't wanna be "friends" w
If I
If I committed fuicide would anyone care?
Music Monday 22...i Think
Only 5 songs...but good songs.  An overall upbeat music Monday. 1.  Vaporize - Broken Bells2.  Bulletproof - LaRoux3.  Sweet DIsposition - The Temper Trap4.  Treehouse - I'm From Barcelona5.  Lollipop - Ben Kweller I recommend delving deeper into each of these artists...maybe with the exception of The Temper Trap and only because I don't know much about them...but have a look, they might be great. I'm still working on branching out for these playlists, but since it's really just what I listen to, it's difficult.  If you have any suggestions in completely different directions, let me know.  
So, This Guy Walks Into A Bar...
Where to start... How can one define a self? What makes a person who they are? Is it what that individual decides to do, how they act, who they socialize with? What makes a person? Who made you? I've long since been an advocate of the "make yourself" campaign. My grandfather instilled in me the power of free will, for that I'm forever grateful. A lot of people go to their parents for guidance, some look to their friends, and some choose a God. Who do you go to? Who ultimately makes the decision that will infinitely affect your life? What happened to make you believe in the things you do. Not everything is as certain as gravity. Are you making yourself, or are you letting others assemble you? Do you lead or follow? Are you someone you're proud of? What I'm getting at is that so many people I meet on a daily basis seem so happy, so secure, yet so clueless! People drift in and out of the bar without paying much attention to anything unfamiliar. Strangers will sit side by side and not utte
Feelings in a nutshell: Do the jabs hurt? Yes Do I wish they'd stop? Yes Do I wish that things were the way were? Definitely Do I think it'll happen? No I'm still gonna act like it doesn't get to me and hope for the best.
for a month I was having stabbing pains and a burning sensation in my stomach and feeling nausiated.. well I got tired of feeling this way so on the 18th I went to the emergency room and was admited within 10 minutes.. I went through a sonogram and they couldn't find my ovaries and my pain was up to a 10 at this point in time. I went in for an emergency surgery around 2100 and didn't get out till 2200 or later... they took a cist off of my right ovary the size of a tennis ball! the cist was pulling and cutting off blood circulation to that ovary for months apparently and never knew it!! on top of that, I had a huge amount of blood just sitting around my colon and I had blood soaking into my intestines and etc!! I lost my left fallopian tube due to a tubal pregnancy that I never knew about! my tube was not saveable since it was black and blue... pretty much dead!! my baby was dead also!! they nearly took my right fallopian tube also because they were and still are very concerned about i
Who I Am And Where I'm At, Part One
I'm Brett, for starters and I've been called by many names in my life. I was Cowboyfor 4 ish years, and for 4 ish years I was also known as Kitt. Back in my early days of hitch-hiking the countryside (which I did for 13 years) especially in Alice Springs, I was known as Waco, though they all pronounced it Wacko, lol. At the very start of my hitch-hiking days I was called Kidd Bowie, because of my particular fondness for the Bowie knife and the Legend behind the original. It was only after becoming a father that I took to the name Brett, after 30 years of living was I happy to be acknowledged as what my birth certificate recorded. I look at it now and realise it was because my father had named me Brett, and if there is anyone on this planet that I despise or loathe more, then i have yet to discover it. It was this hate, a hate that ate at me for so many years it turned me into a bitter, sullen, angry, rebellious young man, that was my chip on my shoulder, my cross to bear and I think ov
What Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?
You Are the Cheshire Cat You are strangely illusive and provocative. You tend to stir up trouble and then disappear quickly. You sure know how to push other people's buttons, but it's difficult for anyone to push yours. You are mysterious and crafty. You tend to be lurking in the background, and you show up at the most unexpected times. You are purposely vague and baffling. Trying to figure you out will just drive people crazy! What Alice in Wonderland Character Are You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
The Shortcut
There was an alley that shortened Kayla's walk by ten minutes when she went from her house to the store. To be more precise, it was her uncle's house. She was living with him while she was in school. She could take the long way and stay on the sidewalk by the street, but the alley was quicker and more fun. Who doesn't like to kick around in an empty alley? Only lately it wasn't always empty. One morning, almost noon, she could hear voices as she came around the curve. There were four guys gathered on one side talking, leaning, spitting, one was smoking. When they saw her they went silent. She walked with a strong steady step and gave them a quick glance as she passed. "Morning," without making eye contact. After she was a few yards past them she heard a low groan and a quiet voice behind her say, "Holy shit, would I like to have a piece of that." When she walked back home the men were gone, just some cigarette butts left on the ground where they had been standing. After that fir
M16: Pillars Of Creation
Poem I Wrote :) Hope Yall Like...please Comment Xoxoxo
~TRAFFIC~traffic signs...we all learn what they mean and are trained to follow these signs...but when we disregard and violate these rules we get tickets and have a price to pay...yet in life seldom do we pay attention to the signs of someone crying out for help...why is this? what do these signs look like? traffic signs are everywhere to warn us to slow down,stop,merge,or pull off to the side when an emergency vehical is in route to save a life...yet , ...dont know the signs of "help" because didnt take that one moment to actually pay attention to "lifes handbook" ... to pull over to the side for a friend,loved one in our own personal lives...there are no tickets givin,no police officer to bribe... second chanceswritten by: LoreleiXO
She Had It All
she though she had it allthe love of her manthe ring he gave her on her hand.the future looked brightto any one in day that changedshe didnt understandwhat had happenedto her beloved man.she waited for the callthat never came.  she wantedto hear his voice all the same.she misses his wordsacross the phone line.the way he told her he wouldtil the end of time.but time ran out like the sand in a glass.she knew that her time of lovehad finally past.she still longs for what shecant seem to find.. and that isthe sound of her love. telling hereverything will be long must she wait for that day to come. will it beweeksmonthsyears or lifetimes.. until her loverealizes that she still loves himthat shes been waiting for him.that hes hurt her.. but her pain has made her stronger.will she ever have it all?
You Make Me.....
You make my heartquicken every timeyou whiper my nameyou say it with such passionyou make my blood boilwhen you caress my skinI feel it flow to the surfacebeating in my veins.You make my eyes lightwith a fire that onlyyou can see,a fire that only burns for youYou make me crave your voice,your smileyour touchyour very breathyou make me hunger for your tastenot only your flesh. but your essenceYour bitter yet very sweet blood.the chrimson nector that flowsfor many just to livebut for me it is is a lifeline my life. your lifeour lives depend upon make me hunger for eachand every thing that you thingthat you do to me. that you areto me. You are my Life. you aremy love.. you are my everything.You are Mine and mine alone.Smiles
Is Love Real?
You say you love me. you say that you carewhen you look at meits as if i'm not even thereyou promised to always be therei fell for all your liesyou said you would never leave mebut i fell for your alibis.the truth is you paint a beautiful picturewith all the words you saybut the photo is distorted and growsmore so by the daytell me you love me again or say it to youselfyou may even start to believe it, when your alone, with yourself.they say actions speak volumes, i got it loudand clear. The volumes you speak, are ringing in my ear.saying you love mesaying you carebut it still remainsam i really there.
Broken Love
You say you love me. you say that you carewhen you look at meits as if i'm not even thereyou promised to always be therei fell for all your liesyou said you would never leave mebut i fell for your alibis.the truth is you paint a beautiful picturewith all the words you saybut the photo is distorted and growsmore so by the daytell me you love me again or say it to youselfyou may even start to believe it, when your alone, with yourself.they say actions speak volumes, i got it loudand clear. The volumes you speak, are ringing in my ear.saying you love mesaying you carebut it still remainsam i really there.
What A Crock
Not much really pisses me off, but I came across this....and I have a hard time not wanting to cause bodily harm to these people. **Dad of a fallen Marine perseveres against protests at military funerals** Washington – A father of a Marine killed in Iraq says he won't pay the legal fees of a protest group who picketed at his son's funeral in 2006 – at least not until he hears from the US Supreme Court on the matter. Albert Snyder, whose son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, was killed in Iraq, learned Friday that a federal appeals court is requiring him to pay more than $16,000 in legal fees to the Westboro Baptist Church, a Christian fundamentalist group that demonstrates during military funerals to gain attention for its antigovernment, antihomosexual message. The group rallied at Matthew Snyder’s funeral in March 2006 in Westminster, Md., chanting antigay slogans and carrying signs such as “Thank God for dead soldiers,” says Albert Snyder’s attorney, Sean Summers. The group
Refinery Fire
There was an explosion at the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, Wa. last night. 3 workers were killed, 4 severely burned and 3 are still missing. I grew up in this town and know a lot of people that work there. I'm asking you, my friends, to pray for the injured and missing workers. As of yet, I don't know who were hurt or killed. The same thing happened 11 years ago. 6 people were killed. I knew 3 of them. So please pray for them. If you don't pray..cross your fingers??
Knitting Myself Back Together
So  I have missed blogging far too much now so I had to be reborn in some sese at least. Now if I can remember how the blogs work and such. I have always been something of a writer though and taking away my ability to write just sort of sucked in this way.   However I thought that I would start my first blog with my most recent knitting project. I am currently working on my first pillow case. I know the pic does not show very well as my webcam sucks but this is what I have done. It is now just about a foot long and I just started the dark green layer on the top.   So how have you fuckers been?    
My Favorite Poem
This poem is titles I GOT YOUR BACK. It is probably the greatest poem for the military I personally have ever read and I wanted to share it with all my friend son here. I hope you like it as much as i do.   I GOT YOUR BACK I am a small and precious child, my dad’s been sent to fight… The only place I’ll see his face, is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track. I may be sad, but I am proud. My daddy’s got your back. I am a caring mother; my son has gone to war… My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before. Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black. I may be scared, but I am proud. My son has got your back. I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go. There are times I’m terrified, in a way most never know. I bite my lip, and force a smile, as I watch my husband pack… My heart may break, but I am proud. My h
My Jewish Birthday
Since the solar calendar and the Jewish calendar are different, my Jewish Birthday starts tonight, the seventh day of Passover.  My solar birthday is April 29th I barely remember it!
[spending Spree]
I ordered my pin vise (hand drill) and drills.and 4 types of glue (they have different effects and applications) (also about the most expensive things on the list)and an assorted pack of about 200 rivetsand some plane filesand some enamel cleanerand some top coat and a bottle of MAGIC andsome shell casings/bullets/ammo beltsHopefully they're a useable size.They're 1/35 scale for real armaments and artilery. Because after 100$ ... I got a discount and I was right at $90. So I threw in the extras. I couldn't find anyone willing to post em next to a god damn ruler :b but I can use em. I know I can even if its to make ONE assault rifle clip or a cannon shell. For fuck's sakeJurassic Park II ? Really? what's the magic for?Did you notice that I bought enamel cleaner? ...Of course you didn't. There's a line of enamels that finish with a metallic effect. I bought a 2 oz bottle of alclad enamel high polish aluminum. Its supposed to go on black high sheen acrylic. The rest of t
[growing Pains]
Well... *sways a little*I may have had a big glass of cognac tonight. Shut up! It takes the edge off. While the site rebuilds I...oh yeah I got my first layer of color down on the remainder of te neue ziel. A few more days and everything should be cured. I'm a little concerned about the thickness and the application of the media since its so much wetter than my original formula (god damn its easier to cleanup though) Right now I'm doing 4:5 paint:thinner3:5 was recommended, but waaaay too thin. 9:10 would probably be ideal. It comes out clean cleans up... clean, but *shrugs* So the plan the plan the plan shshshshshshshsshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *suddenly misses Chris who was infamous for doing that when he was drunk, even when you weren't talking* I'm not really that drunk, just... silly :) anywayI've got some lines down for my cannon. I have ... SEVERAL design problems with it alreadylike load bearing and...well that's the main thing its a CANNONand the way I have it desig
I Thought I'd Start This Off With A Classic...
I know it's a 10 year old post, but it's still funny. Everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today’s world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks. Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but clearly didn’t give their domain names enough consideration: 1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is 2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at 3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at 4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at 5. Then of course, there’s the Italian Power Generator compan
It's Sciencey!
What's that you say? Scientists ru through a vocoder and set to music? Chexk out the video in the 1st comment
Do You Know Who You Are?
Fubar, entertainment, serious stuff, or a combination?
And On And On And On
dotson: need to see more of you and your baby:P Me: Pardon? dotson: the pics of you and your baby are hot...would be nice to see more of you two together Me: There would be more, but he's not at home right now for us to take any. And thanks for the compliment. dotson: no problem. would love to see some steamy one's:) Me: That's not going to happen.
Update: The Address Boob Gets Political.
Yesterday, I mentioned the Address Boob.  Today I must mention with great sadness that the Address Boob will not be updated. See it all started when a manager came up to me and asked if I had any menial tasks that the intern could do.  Figuring that Bill Clinton already proved that you can get in big trouble for that, I figured I would assign some actual work;  updating the Address Boob.  Now I wasn't saying the Address Boob was something that I wanted to own all the time, I just thought it needed a little stroking, but when it got back to the director that I was using the intern to do that, then I had to write a justification.  Which really, I agree with the director, its not my job, I was just trying to do a bit of clean up, and give out some boring work to the intern.  The manager that brought it up to me told me if I brought it to my manager then perhaps it could get done, though I was like, if I take it to him, it now becomes a large issue that I am going to have to spend my tim
I Won't Change My Name
I won't change my name!  Get it, good!
Ok.. I am slightly irritated on here. Irritated over the popularity contests that go on..etc.  Irritated cuz i lost 20mil fubucks.  Irritated ..seeing this contest for a las vegas get away for the top promoters.  Seriously.. If people are inviting over 300 people to fu.. they got some kinda spam bot thing goin on etc. I freakin dont even know that many people in real life. LOL.  It always seems to be the same top people..etc.. to.  Or how about these people who have 1000s of crushes on them? I really find it all amazing BS! Anyways.. thats my oppinion. I know oppinions are like assholes..everyones got one! :D
My Perspective On Being Alone
I've spent the last 3 years of my life on my own...I do live at home with my dad and brother but have not been in a relationship. Ive been travelling the world, re-evaluating myself, learning more about my personality, my strengths & weaknesses, and increasingly enjoying my own company.......I'm a homebody. I'm one of those types of people who prefers to stay home alone on a Saturday night with popcorn and DVDs, or a good book. I love being alone. I'm a solitary entity. I've always been fiercely a fault. As an ex graciously put it, I'm a 'hermit'. So, I'm experiencing the exact opposite dilemma than most - I'm desperately trying to learn how to be around people, re-learning how to exist in social situations. One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do is reach out, initiate communication, and ask for companionship.....I'm more than okay being alone. As of right now, it's actually my preference. :) But, lonely I am not. Despite what I just said, I do have frie
Drugs Are Bad..mmmkay?
Suga Lips: not hard enough Dropped At...: ive tried Suga Lips: yeah, this is a reason to maybe stop doing that Dropped At...: lol sorry i smoke alot Suga Lips: okay..I don't know if you take drugs or just have a bad memory. you have asked me this TWO other times. it's even on my profile. no, I am not single Dropped At...: u single Suga Lips: what do you want to know? Dropped At...: im good so when do i get to no bout u           I have a previous convo with this guy in here. I'm sure there will be more.
Special Lady
the walks on the beach that we've shared are very nice altough we've only walked it twice everytime that our eyes may meet i want to stare into them and get lost in your eyes. I Feel that if i maintain the stare i will get lost in your soul i've thought about holding you in my arms keeping you warm and safe from harm as we sit and talk about this and that i often wonder how it would feel to kiss those warm soft lips. then i snap back to this world. I Think You Might Be The Girl For Me That I Can Keep By My Side And Share My Love And Friendship With I Think That you will be a very special gift To My World i Want To Hold You In My Arms and smell your lovely secent as we watch the sun set over the horizion as the sun says goodnight i want to lay a soft kiss on the side of your neck to say thankyou for shareing this lovely momment With Me. As We Sit Here And Talk About Small Things As We Leave The Beach And Head Back Home This Wonderful day With You Should End With A Very Soft Sweet Short
When A Fubarian Types
When a fubarian types, should they try not to have constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the fingers?
Is It So Wrong
Is it so wrong to make mumms and blogs mainly from what I see on fubar?  Or should I be more original?
Whats Your Fantasy!
So I have blogged quite a bit on other sites. I definitely have my own style. But I do like to cater to my audience! So what I want to know is........ What are YOUR fantasies? I want to try to make them come alive for you with my words. Anything is game so let me know!
Health Update
i went to hospital last night via 911 4/13/10!well im home, but going back in for at least a 2 weeks stay friday my tumors are growing rapidly and all the stress im under is making me wores.ill be takeing my lappy, and my cell feel free to call or text me if you have the number if have it, if you need it leave a messgae here or yim, ill be under sadation, so im not sure how much time ill spend on here but ill get back to whoeve whenever. thanks for all the suport i have gotten loves ya's all
Never Knew
You were right there but didn't see the single tear roll down my cheek you were right there but didn't see the way it dropped me to my knees and the sound that my words made fell silent, like dissipated rain. and the sound that in my heart raged violent, and my chest heaved in pain. couldn't block it from my mind and i thought at the time that you were my friend found out in the end you were right there but didn'y see the single tear roll down my cheek.
So my b-day is coming up June 17th....I'd like to make Oracle before then.....I have abut 250 million fubucks I can sell t either get someone's points for the day or bling packs....since I have whittled my friends list down to abut 60 people I don't have the big point whores as friends....So just asking the few that read this...if you happen to know anyone looking to get a large amount of fubucks send them my way? Please?!?!?!?
Unusual Things I Enjoyed
I watched a Bollywood movie today called Saawariya.  I normally don't enjoy subtitles or musicals, this has both, but I loved this film.  It's a little too long, 2:11 minutes, but is simply beautiful.  I reccommend it to anyone that loved the wrong person.  based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's short story "White Nights" which is one of my favorite stories.  If you have a couple of hours to fall in love with something new, check it out.    
Wow Thanks Dad
So today my eldest son tuned 21. A happy day right? You would be correct up until I read my dad's post to him on FaceBook: Happy Birthday Cameron!!! Remembering [my dad's wife] and I went down to Orlando to see you shortly after you were born and giving your father a camera outfit to take pictures of you...never did get the first picture.   Gee thanks for throwing me under the bus and demeaning me directly and by association. Did you consider that I was an E-3 in the Navy at the time stretching money just to buy necessities for my family (not to mention the wife running up a huge phone bill every month)? Did you consider that I was studying Nuclear Propulsion 16 hours a day? Did you ever expressedly tell me that was why you gave me the camera? You got the see him 3 or 4 times that year when we visited.  In any case what good can come from that statement 20 years later posted where  the audience is mostly ex inlaws who think you and I are the devil incarnate? (this is not hype
[this Isn't About Robots]
God damn itthe Royals are losing to canadians.What the fuck!? UhI'm exhausted. And apparently I have lunch with the CEO of my company tomorrow. You can go ahead and ask and I'll tell you what I tell everyone else: I have no fucking idea. Any question in context other than "when" and "where" I cannot answer. Seriously. I heard about this at the end of the day Friday and immediately had a heart attack. So I'm having a drink and I'm watching the Royals play mediocrely and yeahI'm still getting shut out over religionbut at least I had the chance to defend myself. In the meantimeI dunno I need some sex. I just felt it had been a while since we talkedand I don't have half the energy required to build anything tonight. I -probably- should finish my shield and build boxes for my legs. alsococonut milk is like thai/indian ketsupit can seriously go on anythingI made bellpeppers and beef (with ribeye) and poured coconut milk into the mixtureand grated cheese :3 it was awesome. This
To All People 20 And Under
The Origin Revealed According to Steven Hager, editor of High Times, the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation. While our teens feel that they know something we don't, you can let them in on the fact that it was your generation that came up with the numbers. A quote from one of the Waldos in the High Times article states, "We did discover we could talk about getting high in front of our parents without them knowing by using the phrase 420." Fortunately, your teenagers will not have that same option.
Does Anyone
Does anyone REALLY enjoy the presence of missionaries. religious OR political, except to argue with them?
If You're Feeling Down..this Will Cheer You Up :)
if you're feeling down..this will cheer you up :) It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is most painful is to love someone and never finding the courage to let the person know how you feel. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we should know how to be grateful for that gift. Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance - and you find out you still care for that person. A sad thing about life is when you meet someone that means a lot to you, only to find out in the end, that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go. When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch, and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had.
Ever Been There?
Love, Interrupted I love you, I need you, I want you, SHUT UP!I'm tired of all this nonsense. I'm tired of tryin' to slap on romance, and endin' upwith a "Keep on yo pants!" It's makin' me so sick that I can't even eat; I'm tired of hearin' this nonsense from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep! It's haunting my dreams, interrupting my thoughts; I'm not gonna do this anymore, I'mnot gonna give it all I got anymore! The fighting is too much, my heart can't take,its over, face it, we are never gonna make it! They say Love is special, and that it isgrand, but look at us, we don't even hold hands! Our hearts are shot, our minds are corrupted, this is our life, welcome to Love, Interrupted.
Cherry Bombs, Why Should We Wait 30 Sec Between Bombings
Passions Fire And Emanon
Passions Fire and Emanon, the same person?
Torchered cries ring out in the darkness, falling on deaf ears and the unknown. Screams of frustration needing to be heard. Silence of a deadened heart. A vast world indifferent to her plight. She cries into the night crazy, mindless. Asking the heavens to ease the pain. No one caring for this lost soul. Alone into the night she wanders..  
Acceptance   To be loved, she knows one must feel worthy of such a thing.   Acceptance   To be cared for, she knows she must feel in need of being cared for.   Acceptance   To be honoured, she knows she must honour herself.   Acceptance   She knows she has not accepted these things.   Acceptance   She weeps, for she blocks the one things she craves.   Acceptance...  
Time Patience
Time   Patience....   I wait   Craving   Touching   Myself   Wanting   I feel   TIME   Patience   I tell   Myself   Meanwhile   I dream...  
[i'm Out Of Ham.]
A terrible plight has fallen upon me.I have run out of my beloved cerrano ham... And I have no friggin time to myself. I'm getting hijacked tomorrow too. Party party partygo go go ... I think I've had 6 hours to myself where I wasn't sleeping or taking care of something in the last 2 weeks. ...yeah that's pissing me off. Still. Anyhow... I've stripped the Gouf.I want to prime.Parts are treed.... except the SUPER tiny waist and face hoses. I have no idea where I can grip those things and paint them. I'm kinda nervous about that part of the process....I may just wind up digging them into a lil dob of putty and going from thereso delicate. uuh... I dunno, lets move on to the interesting part I had a dream last night between 4 and 6 this morning where me and Christian were having a pretty realistic sexual encounter in my bed. Even had the right bed clothes on and it was the right lighting for dusk/mid afternoon. T'was a good dream. I undressed her bit by bitshe smiled not-so
Naked Blog
[nobody's Business But Mine]
Jesus tits I'm bored. And I spent yet another one of my weekends doing little if anything that I wanted to do and apparently I'm doing it again NEXT weekend *throws hands up in the air* weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Season 1 reruns of Family Guy, a pathetic 0-1 loss, and one coat of primer. *throws his hacky sack against the wall* oh yeah real exciting. I can say that I made a decent plate of couscous, because I've grasped coconut milk and nut paste (hehe) and I did it with leftovers of all things. But it bears no mentioning. There were no new techniques or flavor profiles created, I just combined a couple. I'll be making bean jam tea cakes eventually. Hopefully this week. Sorry I got distracted dragging my razor saw against my skin and thinking about snuff films.             I've got a lot of stuff coming inbeadstubesdecalsdrillsmetal ammunition2 discount kitsmetal verniers *catches himself playing with sharp things again*I'm not very excited about thes
Random Thoughts
Why is it people describe bad things as "XXXX sucks dick."? IE: This road sucks dick, there's so many potholes.   I personally LIKE things that suck dick. Preferably MY dick.
Pittbull was neutered in a freak lawn mower accident.
How To Kill Yourself Like A Man
I was applying for a job to become a suicide prevention counselor the other day, when the guy interviewing me started bitching about how boring his job had become. The only people he ever hears from anymore are 14 year old girls who try to overdose on Tylenol. YAWN. How about killing yourself with some style? How about killing yourself like a man? Here are some manly ways to shove off this mortal coil, along with ratings for each category from 1 to 10: Eat a tub full of beans: Manliness: 8 Style: 4 Awesomeness: 8 Mess: 5   What you need: a tub, enough beans to fill said tub. How to do it: just dig in, you chunky son of a bitch! Keep eating until you can't possibly eat anymore, then eat some more. Your gut will rupture and you will shit yourself. The cool thing about this method is that it's not only disgusting to clean up, but you'll probably be so bloated from the beans (choose Van Camp's by the way, not Bush's baked beans unless you like the tast
Wednesday, May 5th 2010
6:45am - woke up. 7:14am - dressed and reading email. 7:15am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 7:18am - checking fubar spam queues 7:19am - going to the office, hopefully venus cafe is open today! 7:39am - fuck the venus cafe. they're dead to me. 7:39am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 7:40am - reviewing nightly graphs and reports. boomerang dun killed it. 8:05am - prepping for 11am weekly staff meeting. 8:23am - just noticed eric and frank checked stuff into the fubar code base this morning. rolling out to site now.. 8:23am - still prepping for staff meeting. 8:35am - finished prepping for staff meeting. 8:36am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 8:38am - getting a 'dew and checking the fubar spammer queues. 8:50am - an engineer is spamming our php error log, which makes me hostile. asking eng to fix. 8:52am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 8:54am - formatting and
Bday Wish List Updated!
UPDATED..... BDAY WISH LIST:(MAY16) DIAMOND TARUS,Emerald,Diamond Tennis Bracelet, perfect Diamond,vS BRA,,BLINGS ( OR BLING PACK OR HH) * if u get a hh for me plz send before 16th so i can use it on bday...) (I HAVE NO USE FOR A HH OTHER THEN TO USE ON MY BDAY ....  I HAVE NO  NEED TO LEVEL ANYMORE )I LUV ALL YA REGURDLESS .... THIS IS JUST POSTED FOR THOSE THAT ASK WHAT I WANT FOR BDAY ... 
 * Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. * Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with 141 million cards exchanged annually. * This is the largest card-sending holiday for the Hispanic community. Depending on the country, Mother's Day is celebrated on many different days throughout the year. In Mexico, it is always celebrated May 10. * Mother’s Day is the second most popular holiday for gift-giving, following Christmas. * Mother’s Day is observed across a wide range of relationships. In addition to mothers, grandmothers and wives, the celebration extends to daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers of loved ones, friends, and any others who play a mother-like role. * The driving force behind Mother’s Day was Anna Jarvis, who organized observances in Grafton, W.Va., and Philadelphia on May 10, 1908. As the annual celebration became popular around the country, Jarvis asked members of Congress to set aside a day to ho
The Vagina Game
So there is this game that one of my teenage years friends taught me...pre-internet and during the times of BBS's and if you remember, those times you might be a computer offense..anyhow, I met Matt Howe and if you know this man is spontaneous halarious fairly guarded, shy, great musician, very smart, daring, and easy to know...oh yeah the game, he taught this game one night of lots of intoxicants, laughing and saying to the group of us he says, "ok so some friends and I play this game we call the vagina game you guys wanna play it?" of course bored trapped in small towns and only interconnect through the luck of a local bbs that was in the right place to connect a group of freaks that were not able to call each other on the phone...cuz it was long distance and some of us did have parents that would have no sooner kicked our tails, or whipped 'em up red as a sunset at the coast...over a few extra dollars on the phone bill that we could have (and probably still did after the be
My daughet makes up songs ALL THE TIME~ I am going to type while she sings, and hope I catch it all. Side note, if I type I don't know, it was some mystery word or sentence that she created and is NOT English or any other known language.   The fall down dont you know its gonna ~No idea~ my name is talia, and you dont know what im saying. im standing in a glitch you dont know that today is ~I dont know, I dont know~ told my friends that i am here, i am here with my friend is going down and is gonna love this told my friends that ~I don't know~ there goin there, super knife you don't know ~I don't know~ you dont care what i've been doin.... I told this tonight, with my might and light i told my mom that she can come with me but she said ~I don't know~ its nice to know i told my mom and the family that i told you and told me, that you dont care about me i told my gramnd my mom and dad and my mothers friend and dont you know its going to be nice to know the train is goi
The Which Karamazov Brother Are You Test ...
Your result for The Which Karamazov Brother Are You Test... Alexey Fyodorovich Karamazov Alyosha, Alyoshka, Alexeichik, etc. "No, I'm not angry. I know your thoughts. Your heart is better than your head." Alexey (Alyosha, Alyoshka, etc.) is the youngest of the Karamazovs, and the character that Dostoevsky states in his intro to be the intended hero. He is the spiritual character, religious but not condemnatory. He is trusting, but knows the dangers he faces. He is loving, patient, kind, and the most innocent of his father's murder. You are likely to be: -Religious and with strong morals, but able to understand others -Intelligent but more interested in spiritual than academic things -Emotional, but able to act rationally as well -Loyal and kind to all Take The Which Karamazov Brother Are You Test at HelloQuizzy
Why did I feel like that was the last time I'd ever see that haughty stomp?Those moderately priced pumps and frilly earth tones.Contemporary bob.That one day she wore her glasses.That one day... Why does it become more vague with each step?Why are the words fading and the colors slipping?Why do the tips of my fingers ache at the slightdelicatepull I know this feeling.I know this dense emptiness in my chest. Knowing No more small talkno more blather and adviceno glanceno tensionno gentle pitterpat echoing in my body. No greater responsibility.No greater good. No more suave smile on a crutch.No duct tape anectdotes. She's gone. They didn't even consult me.Didn't even ask if I'd like to hold up the walls as the world caved in. She didn't say goodbye.  
Self Knowledge
I'm 6 weeks away from my 48th birthday.  In my 48 years on this planet, on the subject of maturity, there's only two things I'm sure of.  (01) I'm not mature enough to sit through PTA meetings and (02) I'm not mature enough to talk about any relationship I'm in with the person I'm in the relationship with.   Oh wait... 3.  (03)  Boobies make my thing go { { { {  b o i n g !  } } } } }.   = ]  
No One Love Me:(
Am I the only person on Fubar that hasn't gotten fu-married?
My Leveling Update Whats Urs?
Just Call It Off
I just called it off with the guy that I was dating. he only wanted to see me during the week and not during the weekends. something is just not right and I have to trust myself on this one. it hurts like hell. but I will get over it.
Thanx To A Deleted Mum
could I be even more pissed off?.. probably. as my close friends know, I have a very ill child so I mummed earlier about it. big mistake. I wanted people to take it seriously, thankfully some did and yes, I know there are mummers that are jerks but Lord!!! I had so much crap from doctors already and I wanted new advice. It that so freaking much to ask for. Yes, I believe God will help me thru but I am so done in trying to believe. I know some mummers have no common sense but seriously, could some of yall have any heart. I do take my medical expierence seriously and those of you who don't care and say it needs to be revoked but at least I still have a job.... thank you for hearing me vent yet again... XOXO
My Ability Points
Here is how to do it.... My 3 Pimp outs for the day... 3 Million Fu Bux or a 3 credit Bling Vouched and a Pimp... 5 Million Fu Bux or A 5 Credit Bling My Points for the day... 2 Boomerangs and I will supply the Auto You need to PM me if you are interested. This Will Be On A First Come First Serve Basis. Means Do NOT send me anything until we have talked over the details. Thanks and happy leveling!!
As she woke up, she discovered that it was incredibly early in the morning, the sunlight was barely peeking through the curtains, but she was needy as usual. She rolled over and snuggled against her Master's warm flesh. Her soft kisses awakened him from his sleep, while her fingers played down his chest, and she could feel the pulse of his hard cock already growing against her stomach. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head as he growled deep and thick.“Good morning, my pet,” he whispered.His cock swelled thick when her fingers wrapped around his girth.“Suck it, my whore,” he commanded her. She eagerly crawled beneath the cool sheets and licked at the head of his cock. His fingers played down the tremble of her spine and found the sweet, wet welcome of her cunt. His fingers slipped into her cunt as she swallowed him deep into her throat. She fucked her hips back against his fingers as her tongue swirled against the throbbing shaft of his cock. She
A Poem I Wrote
The following was just something that came to me. It isn't written for anyone specific. Hope you all enjoy it. if you do please leave a comment I love to hear feedback.  Thank you it took just one lookfor me to realizebeauty beyond comparewhen I stare into your eyeseverytime I hear your voiceI am listening to an angel singthe words flowing from my heartdescribing the joy you bringwhen I kiss your lipsI can taste italian winepouring into my soulintoxicating my mindwhen I am all alonewishing you were hereI can smell your perfumelingering in the airwhen I hold you in my armsI'm the luckiest man aliveyou are what i been praying forthe love of my life.
Birthday Stuffs
friday is mah birfday and its the big 3-0 so i demand you get me cool stuff....or else witchie gets boob slapped     so think of witchie and make me be nice to her         p.s she thinks im a dick already lets make her wrong
What's Your Happy Word?
Your Happy Word is "Bliss" You are happy because you don't need a lot to be content. You experience happiness in the best and worst of times. You see the divine in everything. You believe that every moment, person, and creature is unique and special. You are an oasis of calm in this chaotic world. You never lose your head. You can feel totally elated and exuberant from the smallest pleasures. You don't hold back when it comes to ecstasy. What's Your Happy Word? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
Is Being Quirky?
Is being quirky a good thing or a bad thing in general, this is a poll not a mumm!  A. good B. bad C. Undecided
by Jann Arden How do you cool your lips, after a summer's kiss?How do you rid the sweat, after the body bliss?How do you turn your eyes, from the romantic glare?How do you block the sound of a voice, you'd know anywhere?Oh I really should have known, By the time you drove me home,By the vagueness in your eyes,Your casual good-byes,By the chill in your embrace,The expression on your face, that told me,Maybe you might have, some advise to give, on how to be, insensitive.How do you numb your skin, after the warmest touch?How do you slow your blood, after the body rush?How do you free your soul, after you've found a friend?How do you teach your heart it's a crime, to fall in love again?Well you probably won't remember me,It's probably ancient history,I'm one of the chosen few,Who went ahead and fell for you,I'm out of bold, I'm out of touch,I fell too fast, I feel too much,I thought that you might have, some advise to give, on how to be, insensitive.Oh I really sould have known,By the tim
I Can
I can barely walk and some donkey orifice in the mumms calls me Skippy, is that ironic or what?
How Many More Asshats
How many more asshats need to call me Skippy?
Some People
Why is it that some people tend to be lacking or have morose senses of humor?
Love Like Crazy- To Boobaby
Ads by ClickFuse LEE BRICE - Love Like Crazy lyrics they called them crazy when they started outsaid 17 to young to know what loves aboutthey've been together 58 years nowthats crazyhe brought home 67 bucks a weekbought a little two bedroom house on maple streetwhere she blessed him with 6 more mouths to feedthats crazyjust ask him how he did ithe'll say pull up a seat it'll only take a minute to tell you everything(chorus)he'll be your best friendtell the truthover use i love yougo to workdo your bestdont out smart your common sensenever let your prayin knees get lazyand love like crazythey called him crazy when he quit his jobsaid them home computers boy they'll never take offwell he sold his one man shop to microsoftand they paid like crazyjust ask him how he made ithe'll tell you faith and sweatand the heart of a faithful woman who never let him forget(chorus)he'll be your best friendtell the truthover use i love yougo to workdo your bestdont out smart your common sensenev
For Guys : Really Didnt Think I Had To Post This Yet Again Read It!
i have pics that are private and there are reasons why they are private. dont come running to me asking to see them it wont happen. and then dont bitch and curse at me when i tell you no.they are my pics and i will do what i want with them and let who I WANT see them. the choice isnt up to you its up to ME and me only. oh and especially if i just add you dont  hit up my sb askin if you can see them. grow up and act your age and not like a horny asshole. i dont tolerate shit like that. i dont care if you dont like this or if this makes me sound like a bitch. and my family are my friends most in real life thats why they are there. adding me to your fam will not get you added in mine. 
Default Pics
I bet anyone is gonna bother to even gander at this, but why not give it a shot.   Some of you guys crack me up on here. I love how far some people on fu would go to exploit themselves for intangible objects.   Maybe I need to explain further. The "Auto's are on" and "Boomerang on" defaults with their face flashing in between their photo. I mean seriously. Without it, I can clearly see you have autos on or your point whoring item whatever it may be. I can clearly see the boomerang gif and the flashy 11's next to your name. But really, why am I complaining about this?   I mean these people laugh. I love seeing people on here make themselves look like morons for "points" on here. I laugh at you guys and gals with those defaults at your own expense for even putting them up when you activate these things.   What is even funnier is when I status something and out of the blue I get some twatwaffle stating " Hey I got my boomerang on time to rerate". News lash. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU
From Guys Point Of View
From a guys point of view:We don't care if you talk to other guys.We don't care if you're friends with other guys.But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there.We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned.Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't waittill the morning.Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it.Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you.The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.Yeah, you can quote me.Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in.LET US PAY FOR YOU!DON'T "FEEL BAD"We enjoy doing it.It's expected.Smile andsay "thank you."Kiss us when noone's watching.If you kiss us when you kn
2:48pm So this always happens.  When I date a new guy and then things go well, it's as if I never existed.  I didn't do anything to scare him off or anything. There is this guy I really, really liked.  He has everything I've ever wanted in a guy.  We got along, we hung out, met his family, and everything.  All of a sudden he says he wants a break.  We weren't really in a relationship but we were dating. I hadn't been in a relationship and he knew why.  I always end up hurt, which is why I don't date altogther. Somehow, I thought things were different.  Shows what i know huh? Last night, we were supposed to hang out, but he decided not to. That's when he called me and told me he just wanted a break.  I tried not to look into it.  I told myself i shouldn't like him and to only give him a chance, but I guess I liked him more than I thought. I'm not the type of girl to fall easily.  I'm not the kind to play games.  I am the type who knows what she wants.  I should just take a break al
i totally think they oughta make a bling called your knob so that way when it gets polished it shows in your bar tab as   so and so polished your knob +485 points   hi all
Can You Taste It?
Pleasure's Mine.
Maybe I should learn how to drink around other people.It seems like the well adjusted thing to do.I could put my keys in my hand.Put my hair down in a sensible orderand waltze merrily down to the corner bar. Singing obscure songs nobody digswearing shirts no one understandsdrinking out of glasses no one uses. I distinctly recall feeling very reassured when I put my keys back on the desk, and took my shoes off for the third time today.    
To Those That Serve
  I have been chatting with a couple of people, TomG and Muerte Bella.  It got me thinking, and me thinking isn't something most of you want me to do.  Having said that, I have but this to say.  In America we set aside 2 days of the year to thank our Veterans.  Memorial Day for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  The other being Veterans Day which is set aside to thank the Veterans that are serving now, have served, and are still among us.So, what about the other 363 or 364 days out of the year??   Do they get a big fuck you??All too often we take our liberties for granted, 9-11 should've alerted us that we are vulnerable even in our own backyards.  I don't care if you support the war on terror.  I DO care and demand that you support those that took the oath to defend your right to bitch about or protest it.   If you can't be bothered to support your Armed Forces, either feel free to stand in front of them or remember the borders are open and the only thing holdin
A Phonecall That I Never Wanted 2 Get
last nite my cell rang , its my big brother . I knew then that this wasn't gonna be good, due to the fact my mom was admitted in the hospital last friday. She has struggled with breathing problems  for the last 5 years & of course she is getting worse now. Now the steroids are not helping her like  they used to , now they are pumping her full of steroids & morphine. My brother described her as "barrel chested"(she is normally small, 90 pounds) . He says that she is layin there in pain , moaning, begging for rest ! This is where it gets even worse, she is now starting to lose her mind, she is starting to say & do the things that Dad did right before he died. Now my brother informs me that mom's wishes are to be creamated, no preacher, no fancy urn & honestly, i'm glad that mom has chose to handle those things in her own way. My questions are limitless at this point. How does  a person learn to let go of someone that loves me unconditionally, someone that is soo close to  my he
A Letter To Mr. Klosterman
Dear Chuck Klosterman, In your book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs you included, as you know, an essay entitled Toby over Moby in which you stated (as, of course, you also know), “Contrary to what you may have heard from Henry Rollins or/and Ian MacKaye and/or anyone else who joined a band after working in an ice cream shop, you can’t really learn much about a person based on what kind of music they happen to like. As a personality test, it doesn’t work even half the time. However, there is at least one thing you can learn: the most wretched people in the world are those who tell you they like every kind of music ‘except country.’ People who say that are boorish and pretentious at the same time. All it means is that they’ve managed to figure out the most rudimentary rule of pop sociology; they know hipsters gauge the coolness of others by their espoused taste in sound, and they know that hipsters hate modern country music. And they hate it because it speaks to normal people in a tan
Ngc 1275
Cappin' Zombies
When it comes time and you're faced with overwhelming marauding zombie armies, you'll want the best fighters by your side.  You'll also want a small herd of "feeders" (those friends you like well enough but you know they'll be f'rshit in a scrap).  Until today, I've assured my youngest daughter she wasn't a feeder.  Now I know. Today we went to the gun range and rented a .SIG Sauer 22. We blew an hour and a couple of boxes of cartridges shooting at Zombie Nazi targets. She took it seriously and performed quite well. Fuck them zombies.        
Shouldn't sports mumms really be, who is the better team I should place my bet on?
French Fries
What kind of condiments do you use on your French Fries A. Ketchup B. Mustard C. Mixed ketchup and mustard D. Mayonnaise
I Am An Attention Whore
I am an attention whore, does it truly bother any of you?
Stupid Encounters #39 (its From Shout Box)
NO smoker ...: Hmm, interesting, youre heavy handed with your Christianity which is good and fine, yet you advocate pot? Mustve missed that "body temple" part, ehh? And yeah, I wish we could rid ourselves of alky as well, but we cant and wont, tried it, failed. FAR more people drink than smoke, its ingrained in our culture. But we dont need to make it cheaper and easier for shitbags to "chill out". Ironic, however, that you bash Odrama because hes likely youre only, best chance to get pot legal nationwide. We dont need cheap and easier access to THE gateway drug. To NO smoker ...: Scene you so blankly hit me up and possed a great argument in my iC51 Nerd Queen account but didn't have the balls to hear what I had to say and blocked me I figured I'd hit you up on here and argue that yes I am a Christian and if you had read Genisus before asking about the pot issue you would have saw that it simply stated using pot as a healing plant... I personally don't smoke pot b
Fuck Poetry, An Example
We strolled the sand hand in hand  naked as two jaybirds, you smiled at me, because there were no words. You were wet and I was hard as can be, you leaned over and kissed me,  you screamed fuck me now, you know we both want it now, As I stood up my cock took a bow.  You rode me until we both came, the cum running down both our legs.  I am glad I didn't need to beg.
so my mom wrote me to tell me im being sued by some people i was in an accident with 2 yrs the time of the accident they were fine now 2 yrs later they are injured and want money   so like i dont have other things to worry about now this on top of it
Cyber Sex Vs Phone Sex
If you had to choose which type of non touching sex , at least touching someone else.  A. Cyber sex B. Phone sex  Someone please make this into a mumm!
To The Begging Dogs On Fubar And My State Of The Fu Address..
The begging is ridiculous and shows how vapid one is . I really would love the ability to report misuse of a fubar feature on here. Sadly, that will never happen because some dumb idiot at one point enabled the begging, and it's just reinforced constantly, at the same time Baby J and Scrapper are profiting off of it so they really do not care about it that much. I, like many of you, came to fubar to have fun. I met my girlfriend on here out of pure coincidence. I moved halfway across the country to make it a real life relationship, and to be honest, I couldn't be any happier in that aspect, and I thank them for this.I do agree that the importance of "bling" to some is quite convoluted if you ask me. I also have a viewpoint (and I may be wrong too) is that they made the leveling requirements because no one was interacting unless you rated them/added them/fanned/blinged whatever. I think it's kinda sad that the higher ups that run this place have to put these guidelines into the leveling
To Rev, With Love.
Unfortunately, fubar is weird so I'm going to have to post this as the first comment I'm posting on this blog. Here goes.
This Is Called...... The Facts So What Up Step 2 Me Do It I Dont Give A Damn
I'm here to bring you back to a whole new reality strikein your hearts like a near fatality you dont wanta know whats goin on in my galaxy hittin it to the stars livin a life that i thought was fantasy you dont wanta know what the fuck ive been through fool i'll fuckin kill you with my bloody words spillin all over you turnin you into a lyrical soup spittin it out what you gonna do your just a cracked out fool talkin some spit maybe suckin some drool the facts are honor is within your yard the streets all u got is respect or your just tar i grew up itchin for a chance to make right what i did wrong but yall just sat there suckin your thumbs watching everything go on not even takin lifes lessons for #1  the facts are as predicted that his isnt just fiction this an everyday thing and im addicted to spreadin the word of the game that we cant keep the same its ever changein like nite into day  so you mama's boyz tryin to deal use your best judgement and common sense wont get u kill
Time To Step Away
well for those of you that know me well  you know i was a member of CTL and you know i put my heart and soul in to all i do.  well today it was taken from me because i spoke up for myself.   if you want to know more come to me in privite im not going to air it out in the open i dont want to upset anyone.   so at this point after 3 years ( sux they did it to me on my fu anniv) i think its time to take a long walk.  maybe it will lead me back here maybe not .  for those of you that have my yim hit me up anytime.  for those that dont  hit my s/b ill check it from time to time and add you when i can . take care all and god bless its been alot of fun  but my heart is no longer in it the game beat me
Not Always Right | She Has ‘trouble’ Written All Over Her
She Has ‘Trouble’ Written All Over Her Tattoo Parlor | Atlanta, GA, USA Customer: “Yeah, I want to see about getting a tattoo. Can you guys do that?” Me:  “Sure. Do you have something in particular in mind?” Customer:  “I don’t know? Something pretty?” Me: “Like a butterfly? A flower?” Customer: “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a word or something? Something that means something?  Do you have a book of words and what they mean?” Me:  “You mean like…a dictionary?”
Hijack this blog please, talk about whatever, try not too much politics though, that is boring as can be!
"every Road Forward A Cul De Sac."
That about sums up the play of the US side.   Slow starts.  No urgency.  Fucking pageant sashes and no balls.  Fvcking pussies.
Rules And Guidelines
What we expect from all members that want to join this Family...1. You must help with all level ups that are posted when you are on line.2. You must rate the MOD every day at least 100 pictures..All members need to have A MOD folder made and titled TINY HUGGZ folder3. You will have to R/F/A all members of this family..No one can have another member Blocked!4. You must comment on all Blogs and Stash stating you have read and understand...This is so we know you are in compliance.5. You are expected to be kind and curteous to all members and staff..We dont want members to state negative things in their status..this family is all about showing Love not drama!6. All add requests need to have JOINING TINY HUGGZ IN IT7. We expect all our members to stay active..if you are going to be gone for a few days we will need to be notified by a private message stating the reason for your inactivity so you dont get removed for not helping with the level ups or doing the MODFounderDJ RUSTY
How To Tell If You Are Listening To A Canadian Station
If you are ever driving along and think "Hmmm, am I listening to a canadian station?" there is an easy way to tell.  No it's not because they are talking about hockey, but if they say the long O in Process, that's a dead give away.  Then you can laugh and say "Oh Crazy Canadians!"
You People
Is the phrase: "You people", always bad?
Are My Blogs Boring?
What else should I put in my blogs?  A. Poems B. Miscellaneous B.S.
6/20/10 Dilbert
Humorous Romance
Dear Loneliness, Day 1: I just watched a commercial on the television for Apparently the computer matches you up with someone based on your 321 areas of compatibility. I think I will try it. This really can't be worse than what my friends put me through. Not to mention, I get a daily reminder that I am still alone while they are off engaging in embryonic behavior and fun family photos. Day 2: I did it! I just spent 3 hours on the computer answering silly questions. I really hope that I am a good person, because the computer is fairly confident that it will find someone just like me. I tried to find a picture that is really complimenting; though it was difficult trying to find one that wouldn't give the computer the wrong impression. Day 3: I awoke this morning with strange optimism. As I booted up my computer and sipped on my hot coffee, I was a little antsy.It felt like Christmas to me. I immediately went to the dating site and 'lo and behold I had a message! H
Aesculus Hippocastanum
That's latin for Horse chestnut, which I spent 14 hours in Mon-Tues.   Yesterday was my daughter's (Niko's) end of the school year party here at the house so (between football matches) I was on the go all day.  She had about 25 of her friends here, nearly half boys (get my gun).  Turns out the only love connection happening was between two middleschool "lesbians".  Cute kids but not hawt.  Not cool.   Niko's mom helped chaperone and that was pretty cool.  Here I should say, my youngest daughter totally got my good looks (her mom still has hers). We had enough dogs, potato salad, baked beans, chips, dip, soda, red vines, string cheese, pineapple and watermelon (though I was hella nervous). Yesterday shoulda been a day of rest for me and today I'm tanked. So how's your week going?   { ch }
Go Huskies
My neighbor, Jim's, Husky died this last year of old age. Jim's a U of W alum and loves him some Huskies. He brought home an 8 week old Husky puppy over the weekend. Kinda awesome pup. "IVAN" Problem is the puppy's leaving his mummy, his litter mates, a home full of children and a stay at home mom to live with a bachelor that works in the aviation industry. Come 5AM Monday morning Ivan is yelping bloody murder. It dint stop til nearly 3 in the afternoon when Jim got home. This same scene has replayed itself ever since. About 7 this morning, I said, "Fuck this noise." Literally, I said that. I headed for the couch and turned on soccer. It seemed like it was working and after a few minutes I fell back to sleep. It was like the puppy had actually stopped yapping altogether. i dint wake up til after the early match but IVAN was still quiet. Yeay!!! Five of Niko's (chainsaw's 13yr old daughter) stayed over last night in the basement. I figured I'd better feed the
Television Show
For the longest time Starchaser has said that I have killer chemistry with Captain, that was odd calling him that. I always say Van or Meat Head.   Anyway, he's been telling me that me and  him should move in together and hook up a 24 hour webcam. That we'd have a killer "show" because we are just that funny together. I can kind of see it I guess. We always joke around with each other and we generally have people on  here laughing a lot.   However, he added a new twist in the "show". He said we should have Cubby come on as a guest. I'm thinking that would be great, lol.   Could you imagine a web show of two regular members with "special guests" of other site members. It'd only be popular with a few people though.....   I love my friends
[when A Man Loves Two Men]
This blog has nothing to do with the topic. Tonight I mowed my front lawn.And ... came to terms with a growing attraction to hot mexican girl's sister. I mean... it was always there.She's the older, wiser, more temperate shorter, gentler hot mexican girl >> Where one has the swagger and firethis one has chilly modesty I think where my mind wanders mostwhen my eyebrows are damp with sweatand my chest is heavingand ... my arms are bloody and bruised isn't to how sweet it would be to hire some neighbor kid to do this shit but rather I think back to the time I was taking a faux-nap in the breakroom and hot sister was talking to one of her friendsand they were talking aboutporn Oh yes. Not only pornbut sexand deep throatingand their graphicpersonal experienceswith deep throating. I don't know that I'll everEVER tell her about the fact that I overheard... But I was ear-to-ear that whole afternoon. Especially where she talked about how her eyes watered up from it. Tis a charmed
How Many People Can I Piss Off Today?
Read the title!
Great Day!
Today is gonna be a great day! Came to check my email and stuff before I start packing for my move Thursday and Philemon drew me! He is the BOMB!! Show him some love!     Philemon@ fubar
So, Im sitting at home, drinking alone, which is something I always told myself I would never do, but, whatever, all my friends are either too far away, or I dont feel like drinking with them, and I think I need a few tonight.   Well, Im drinking these Smirnoff Blueberry & lemonades and to be honest... they are REALLY good, at least the first four were, now theyre starting to taste like sweat socks smell (looks to make sure its not my feet)   Has anyone had anything that tasted really good at first, and by the end youre just fucking sick of it? (kinda like pancakes)
Happy Canada Day!
  I am not American, Though I live in North America Which is part of the Americas Which should make me an American   Geographically Canadians, Are certainly Americans As are Venizuellians, But not Hawaiians   They're out in the middle of the Ocean Just like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Who really shoudn't say they are Americans, Or even Virgins   How could two whole continents, Lose their name to one constituent Where were we when the U.S. went, And took the word American away?   But to be fair to them, Their other name options, Like U.S.A.ers or United Statesians, Were pretty bad   Still I want to be as American, As the French are European, Or those in Antarctica are Antarctican Even if they're just penguins   That leaves us Canadians as Northern North American, But Alaska's Norther curse them We're surrounded by Americans Americans, Americans!   I just called those U.S.A.ers Americans A name meant for two continents not just them For if I said I was
Ya Ya
I want to be a fu-hoar.... lmao! I havent leveled since September and I think its time I get on the ball and do it... so if you see me stalking your pics and shit thats what I am doing... and I like rates and stuff too :D    
An Extended About Me
I was born Donald Eugene Horwitz, third of five children.  My father's name Marvin Wilbert, mother's name Frances Eileen, nee Smith.  I was born April 29, 1959, on the cusp of the 60s as it were.  My father was in the United States Air Force.  and we lived many places, California, England, Arizona, and back to California.  In 1967, in the height of the Six Day War I and my siblings were informed we had come from Jewish antecedents.  I took it to heart, and started learning on my own.  When I was about thirteen, I gave up believing in any of the Jesus business.  When I was sixteen my father passed away, and my older brother came down to California, to take care of me and my younger brother, my youngest brother lived with my mother, since my mother and father were divorced for a few years before my father died.  When I was seventeen I joined the US Army, however I was not cut out for it, and was only in 5 weeks.  When I was eighteen I converted to Reform Judaism, after a while I saw that
Slapped And Hot
 roxy baby ... It got real quiet around here *grins* You were Pimp Handed: Rating! 06/30/2010 10:25 pm  roxy baby ... It got real quiet around here *grins* You were Pimp Handed: Photo Comments! 06/30/2010 10:23 pm  Hellyion shut your hoar mouth ... You were Pimp Handed: Profile Comments!
The Big Day
Well here it is, the BIG moving day! Is it normal to feel sad and scared about it? After living with upto 10 women for the past year you would think that I am ready to be on my own. In reality, I know that I am but at the same time I am scared to death. I wont have to deal with any more curfews or anymore do this that way or this way because I will be my own boss again. Its been 3 years since I have been in my own place, yanno, with coming back from germany staying with my mom and then here in transitional housing. Granted I am moving into a subsidized place, but at least I know i will be able to afford it. I wont be online quite as much because in the beginning there is no way I can afford it, although on weekends I can take the laptop to a friends and kick it online. I keep asking myself why is my stomache so nervous this morning...I guess the inevitable would be that a HUGE change lays in front of me. It is time for me to map out my life and everything I do, once again, I am in co
I Love You To Death
  There was a time, long ago, when your smile filled my world with sunshine and joy.  You still inspire deep emotions in me, but they’ve changed in small ways.  I guess you could say that although I’ve always loved you, my feelings have expanded so much that now, I love you to death. The sound of your laughter crawls up my spine, making me wish I could remove your vocal chords with rusty pliers. The sight of your face on the pillow beside mine when I wake each morning makes me want to stuff the fluffy down up your nostrils until you’re gasping and begging for just one more breath of untainted air. The touch of your hand, when you reach out to me, makes me want to scrub my skin with Ajax until my bones are visible without the help of x-rays. The thought of growing old with you, the way you always promised we would, makes me pray that I will be stricken with Alzheimer’s at age 40. Your tears inspire, not sympathy as they once did, but disgust at your weaknes
Big Assed Pics!!
I have just found out that i'm really not a very good point whore. I have been on here for over 3 years and those big assed pics have been the bain of my life. It has been the one thing that has actually stopped me from rating hundreds and hundreds of pics. I used to go look for those ezzz rate pics, as it was just so much easier. I just put it down to laziness that I could not be arsed to move the page up and down to click on the next pic along the top. When people are rating my pics and they are whiizzing out those rates, I just simply put it down to the fact that their fucking computer was faster than mine. No fucking sireee... IT WASN'T!   How was I supposed to FUCKING know you just clicked on the picture you were on and it took you to the fucking next pic?   Yes, I just realised this today when I accidently did it.   NO ONE FUCKING TOLD ME ... YOU CUNTS!!!!
Survival Of The Least Mangy
Saw a crow eating a pigeon yesterday. Rejoiced. One less flying rat is no bad thing. 
FeedUs was on before as DCLXVI , that is 666 in Roman numerals, he is crazier than I could ever be.
Convo:   Me trying to explain what True Blood is like to someone who has never seen it.   Me: Well, it has everything really, humour, sex, bloodshed, sex, humour .... oh and did I say sex? I mean in one scene you can go from wanting to puke to ...... OMGGGGGG I need to touch my pussy! So do you want to watch it? Him: NO! Me:, Why? Him: Well it it's anything like you .... well your just one sick puppy!!!
There are kooks running around camp this week talking all about Enneagrams, and what type people are.  Enneagrams are a personality type characterization, with 9 different types.  So, at meals I keep hearing bits of "oh, he's a 7, so you can expect that..." and such.  I finally took the time to take a sample quiz to find out what type I am, and afterwards I read all of the descriptions and realized that what it told me was spot-on. The Romantic (the Four) Romantics have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive. How to Get Along with Me Give me plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to me. Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value myself. Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision. Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy, I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little. Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting! What I Like About Being a Four my ability to find meaning i
The Coffee Shop Test
You Are a Traditionalist You aren't impressed by anything that's too modern. You go for whatever is classic. Some may call you a bit old school, but you know that old school eventually becomes new school! You are naturally sweet and fun. It's hard for you to get too down. You have a colorful take on life. People who know you appreciate your vibrancy. The Coffee Shop Test Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
What's Your Personality Type?
You Are An INTJ The Scientist You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems. Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized. You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others. Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you. In love, you are always striving to improve your relationship. You have strong ideas of what love should be like. At work, you excel in figuring out difficult tasks. People think of you as "the brain." You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer. How you see yourself: Reasonable, knowledgeable, and competent When other people don't get you, they see you as: Aloof, controlling, and insensitive What's Your Personality Type? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
One Wish...
A bus filled with ugly people crashes on the interstate, head on with a fuel tanker. Killing everyone on board the bus. They all get to Heaven and St. Peter pulls God to the side and says "Lord, these people have had a rough life, I mean... just LOOK at them. Isnt there something we can do to make it up to them somehow?" God goes in front of the crowd and say "I realize how hard your lives must have been, and to show Im sorry, Ill be granting you each ONE wish" God walks up to the first person and asks what his wish is. And the first person says "Id like to be attractive for once" And of course God grants the wish. Well the second person in line hears this, and wishes the same thing. Again God makes it so. Gods going down the line and the wishes are the same, EVERYONE wants to be attractive. The last person in line hears this and starts to laugh. There are less than ten people left in line, and the very last person in line is lauging uncontrolably. Down the rest of the line everyone is
Live & Love
JuxTaPRoSe 2(re-edit 2)5/05/2010Nothing Else Matters When Doves CryMidnight Blue I'm Burning,I'm Burning For YouHot Stuff, Fire, Hearts On Fire.Baby, When I'm With You,On Top Of The WorldJump Purple Rain NovacaineLove Hurts, Pain, Love Stinks,Crazy Love, Real Love, Love Me StillLet Your Love Flow, Lovers Live LongerJoy To The WorldFree Falling Like A Rolling Stone, Glycerine,Hello, Sweet Child O' Mine,Here I Go Again CryingHas Anybody Seen My Baby?Boy Meets Girl...I Miss YouLeslie Levin - Poem written using unmodified song titles
What You Need To Make You Happy
You don't always need someone else to make you happy, sometimes just not having someone that makes you miserable is enough.
1 Rate & Raffle
RATE 1 CONTEST PIC AND BE ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE THE FOLLOWING IS FROM KAYLA'S BLOG LATEST NEWS:I am in a contest, "Summertime Bikini Contest."   The one with the most rates wins.  Please click on the photo below and rate it for me please?  If you rate the pic, leave a comment on it, and PM me that you rated it, Please title the message as "RATED CONTEST PIC 4 RAFFLE ENTRY", I will be raffling off your choice of a 2 day family add OR 1 Pimpout and  will be drawing from those that rated the pic for me. (You must have a Fubar approved Salute to be added to my family.)  Be sure to send the Private Message/email if you want to be entered in the raffle, as I will be going from my PM's only.If you refer other people to rate my contest pic, and comment on the Contest Photo that you referred them- Person who sends the most referrals will be added to my family for 5 days OR win an altruize (my points for 12 hours while I am running a Boomy). (You still must have a Fubar approved Salute to b
I Am Indeed The True Anti-christ: Introducing The Chronicles Of Satans Son
Fat Bastards Have Shot At Nirvana
The M hotel in Las Vegas is giving away LIFETIME BUFFET.
Point Hoaring...
It is nearing a point of hell freezing over... more and more of the anti point people have turned against this belief and gone with the masses on this site... you are all a bunch of fuckers... especially that one that keeps pimping me out... i used to point hoar back in the day...without the use of the blings... i then found the people that are still in my family now... they showed me the way to win FUBAR was not through the points... the way to win FUBAR is to claim you have won it without any basis... YEAH THAT RIGHT...I JUST WON FUBAR AGAIN...   i am rambling... needed to let my mind wander for a bit... work is extremely busy right now... my peen is still small... it still works unlike Gallo's... my balls do not go down to my you know who's...   things to be happy about... i am drinking a coke right now for the first time in 6 months... they still do not taste good... i will not have one again for a very long time... toy story 3 was funny as hell..
Clearing The Mind.
Hi all,   Yes it is that time again and probably a repeat once again. Did you guys see I have like been neon green for 3 days.I ranked a 5 then 4 and now 8 as the most liked on fubar.I was so cheesing knowing that.Thank you. Anyway some drama hit my door and didn't and they didn't have the courtesy to even knock,now that is just rude. If you guys saw it with the status messages then you know something was going on.I was called a (cunt) and so on.Sorry for the language but it is what it is.It showed who had class.Right? I on the other hand have never been talked about in this way or ever called that,so in a way it hurt my feelings,in the long run it had nothing to do with me.It was over her wanting someone to buy her a bomb and this person would not do it,simply because she had played him with some other guys on here and he found out,she tried to squirm her way back in and when she saw it wasn't going to work she started in on me knowing he cared for me now and not her.Now how stupi
Ted Despised!  Ted Despised is such an ASSHOLE! I'm going to delete/block him for 10 mins about 10 times tonight! I'm a whore and fucked up but, its all HIS fault!!! ahhhhh I'm going to go cut my legs up, take pics, post them, and link my friends so that they can see how fucking psychotic I really am! By the way.. I really need some money!! Please send!!! I'll send nudes!     
Just checking to see if more people look at my blog than my pics... Pleh.  I'm in a mood.
How To Become Involved In Deviant Angel Levelers Group.
Welcome to Deviant Angel Levelers Homepage!   First of all, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to everyone, we are here to help others level as well as helping ourselves in the process.. We can not do this alone... You must help as well!   Details: This is how the group works.. We find people that need leveling, we will go to the utmost of lengths to make you level, we don't expect anything in return other than a simple recognition and a simple thank you. We aren't out for a popularity contest, we just see members on here that have been here as long as most of us that haven't excelled anywhere.We are a group of family and friends. We work together, not against each other..   A Few Things That We'd Like To See Are As Follows: 1) If all at possible.. (Depending on your level) try to have at least 250 photos ( That consitutes a bomb folder) 2) ATTEMPT to have a VIP ( Which allows room for more photo uploads) 3) If you need help, ASK! Don't hesitate! That's what we are here for.
 25 credit bling pack will get u: added 2 fam for nsfw pic access and 3 NSFW salutes made for u either posted on fubar or sent 2 ur email.   65 credit bling pack will get u: added 2 fam and have 9 nsfw videos emailed 2 u lol 1 of my tits being played with 1 of my kitty being played with a pink vibe 4 of my fingers playing with my kitty 2 of me sucking a cock and 1 of me riding a cock.   WANNA SEE ME LIVE??? 135 Credit Bling Pack gets u all above and me on cam live!!!!

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