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My Photos..maybe I Should Remove?
"How much money do I have to give you in order for me to be allowed to hit it from behind?" I recieved this comment on one of my pics. I wrote him a message afterwards because I was upset and offended. I thought he would apologise but instead he wrote back something further upsetting. Here is my email and his. Tell me what you think? my email-Are you joking? Are do you honestly think I am a whore that sells my body to the highest bidder? I have never had sex for money..I am not a prostitute. In fact money is not my highest priority in life. My son and his and my happiness is. I have never dated a guy because he had money. I try to date nice respectful people that I have fun with and can laugh with. I will be deleting your was very rude and not sure why you would write one like that. His reply- 1. The comment was meant to be taken in jest (as a joke). 2. When you post "smutty" pics of yourself, your're going to get dirty and lewd comments like that. 3. How ha
Jacuzzi fun with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have just come back from a nice dinner dance and enter the house. We open a bottle of wine, get undressed and retire to the secluded yard where a hot Jacuzzi awaits us. We are overlooking the canyon and slowly sip our wine. We are sitting next to each other and the warm water and air bubbles are caressing our skin. We kiss and slowly start playing with each others erogenous zones. Perspiration is lightly beading on your forehead and I kiss you and my mouth is traveling over your face, nibbling on your ears and my hand is caressing your breast and hardening your nipple. You lift your body lightly exposing the breast and my mouth is gently closing around your nipple. My hand has found your pussy and gently spreads the lips to slide inside mixing the juices of you with the warm water. Your hand is reaching for my penis which has definitely heeded the call for action. You stroke it and gently massage my balls. You get on your knees on the bench an
Want To View All Of My Pics??
OMFG! Anyone want any kids I have 2 of them a 14yr old and 10yr old both boys if they don't kill each other I'm going to... The killing part is just a joke so don't think its for real I LOVE my boys they are after all my world. But now I can truely say I understand what my mom meant by it when I was growing up
Another Idiot In My Shoutbox, Lol
So I get a hi, so what's up, are you single...remember, read from the bottom up. ROFLMAO cj: i think i will have a shitty night you have a great night ->cj: ok fine, don't....i was TRYING to be nice....have a shitty night if you want....or have a "just ok" night....whatever cj: i dont have too -> cj: have a good night cj: lol cj: well fine its over ->cj: well, i can't talk to someone who can't take the time to read what's on my page....i have a headache and NO patience at the moment cj: indiana cj: im being honest i hate to read ->cj: ok, you didn't read a word did you?....i'm not in my whole name cj: i do cj: so whats it like living in ireland ->cj: only because some ppl don't like blunt honesty cj: i see how you got your name ->cj: you know, if you would take the few seconds it takes to read my profile, you would know.... And THEN... cj re-rated you a '1' from a '10'!
Wheres Weenie
For some of you have been wondering where I am. I went back home to tell my grandmother goodbye. Shes been on hospice for about 6 months and looks like its finally time. Isnt she a beauty :)
Good Morning
good morning my awsome friends as i alway say have a good day and keep smiling love you all
Hacking Info - A Must Read
This is how your site gets hacked....You will be surfing your page and reading the add requests. You may see a profile that you like. Then you may decide to add that person so you do. Very soon after you add this person you will probably go to post a comment. Then what happens is you will get a message that says YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON TO PREFORM THIS ACTION ...... DON'T DO IT! This is how they get your password...Trust me Immediately close your browser then Log back in. If you had paid attention as I do you will notice two things that are dead giveaways. The first one is how many times you have been viewed. I reset to Zero after every session so for me it was easy. Ninety Nine views in 30 seconds- NO way.Then the other thing is when the Fake Login page does come up. Look at the URL in the bar and you will see the word redirect in it. I hope you all post and repost this over and over. NEVER RE-LOG ON During a session Close Out and RE-Log on the proper way
Why do people tell you that they are going to kill themselves when in reality they are too scared to?! Is it just for attention? I mean common, the first few times, I got worried, tried to talk them out of it. I know what its like, I used to be suicidal. Almost succeeded once. But after about the 6th or 7th time, it gets kind of old. Evidently, this person is trying to OD on happy pills. Is that even possible? I dont know, all I know is that it is stupid. Get some fucking help. The world is not out to get you, and its not ending. Stop being a fucking attention whore and go hit your head against a wall a few times. Im sure that'll help. But please stop claiming you're going to do something when you really arent. Especailly something as serious as that.
A Sensual Poem From A Sensual Guy......
"UNDIVIDED" We come together, Your voice enters my soul like a gentle breeze... I can hear your thoughts as you sweetly whisper your longings - Our attention, undivided. A bonding of two spirits as we come together in our first intense kiss - our souls merge... heightened senses, a sensual delight as your lips caress mine and we gently fuse as one. Exploring each other softly, passionately; touching each other - a sensual serenity... our bodies embracing as we are caught up in a rapture of endless ecstasy - devouring each other as we heed our desires... our attention, undivided. Sensual grace, communion of our spirits - deeply connected... exploring the contours of each other, consuming each other. From the very first kiss to the very last touch, breathing in each other's essence... savoring each other's taste - sweet aroma of passion, fragrance of love. Our silhouette glows against a darkened sky as the moon
New Banner For My Outlaw Johnny Rodes
I Had Enough
why dose life haft to be so hard the more you try too do whats right it seems to be the wrong way i am tired of living for everyone else so from now on im living for me ,i try so hard to please others and i cant seem too find the time to please me in societys eyes im a bad mother and a bad person,but you think about it who sets the rules on how you think and how you should feel.who says you have to think like society dose,who says you cant climb that moutain or who to love,or who is crazy and who isnt,there is a hero in every one of us what is wrong for one person dosent mean its wrong for me this is whats wrong with the world today,no one takes risk we are all afraid of change and all afraid of getting hurt with love,what one person does doesnt mean everyone does the same thing ,like i was afraid to love a man because i got hurt twice but you know not all men are like that and i guess i am going to have to face it dont get me wrong i like waking up to some one holding me and telli
Lucifers Amnesty Program
So far I've run into real REAL nice,genuine people on here..I've seen who have been, and are true friends and keep in touch with me on here, and who haven't judged me by who I am, what I love, and some of the most outlandish things I've, and DO say sometimes.. Some people can handle it, some can't cope with it at all! To my good friends here, I'm grateful and honored by your friendship, you all know who u are.. To those who are just too busy to get around to me,I understand and it's all good.. But... To those who find me a bit too eccentric,loud,demonic,dark minded,or just plain weeeeiiiiirrrrddddd and can't possible comprehend the likes of me, well you're welcome to remove me from your list, it won't be held against you! I Will Not contribute to the corruption of God-Like people,We run a Dirty..err..CLEAN act around here! Love&hate Licks&kisses, Me.. ]>-)>
To all my friends on here I have toapologize for not being as responsive as I should be. I have been doing alot of riding, now that we have had a few days of dry weather, after all the flooding. I have also been busy with my boy, A>A meetings, and work. I will try to participate on here as I can, so bare with me till I can give you all my attention. I will try to respond, so don't give up on me yet. THANK YOU
Just wanted to let everyone know Im heading out for a little vacation this week, I;ll use my NINJA telepathy skills to send you all my usual daily user comments. Take care and PLAY NICE while im gone/ LUV YA"LL !!!SNIPER!!! P.S. Im trying to catch NIGHT VIXEN in points so please if you can hit ALL my pics while im gone with some rates and comments/ HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK
I Am Thankful
hi my dear friends... someone sent this to me in an email, and after reading i thought i should share it here it touched me in most of the phrases, we complain, we get mad, we get pissed for this or for that reason, and we completelly forget what we have, because we are too worried to have more things and/or better things just read it and let it touch your heart I AM THANKFUL: FOR THE WIFE WHO SAYS IT'S HOT DOGS TONIGHT, BECAUSE SHE IS HOME WITH ME, AND NOT OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE. FOR THE HUSBAND WHO IS ON THE SOFA BEING A COUCH POTATO, BECAUSE HE IS HOME WITH ME AND NOT OUT AT THE BARS. FOR THE TEENAGER WHO IS COMPLAINING ABOUT DOING DISHES BECAUSE IT MEANS SHE IS AT HOME, NOT ON THE STREETS. FOR THE TAXES I PAY BECAUSE IT MEANS I AM EMPLOYED. FOR THE MESS TO CLEAN AFTER A PARTY BECAUSE IT MEANS I HAVE BEEN SURROUNDED BY FRIENDS. FOR THE CLOTHES THAT FIT A LITTLE TOO SNUG BECAUSE IT MEANS I HAVE E
A Recent Debate.
I was recently in a conversation with a friend of mine, about how we see the people that happen to enter our lives. I beleive that when you meet a person, and you spend any amount of time with them, be it in real life or online, you tend to be able to tell what role that person will play in your life. I believe it because it has always been so with me. When I met Sir Huey, the very first time, I knew He was someone that i wanted to spend time with. About a month later, I knew He was more. With Vashti and De, i was aware from the moment i spoke with both of them in WI, that they would be very dear friends to me, and i would hold them to my heart. I was right. It is not hard to look at the actions and words of a person and know, this person will be a good friend, a good lover, a good mate, and on occasion, a good enemy. Also, i realize there is no way to know how long that person will hold that place in your life.. The person that i had this converstaion with, said to me, that had He
I Have found someone very special, and she knows who she is!!
Dramatized People On Ct
Well the weekend I have been waiting for since March is finally here. Several friends and I are disappearing into the woods from tomorrow morning until Sunday evening. I honestly am going to love it. I really needed this to get away and clear my head. The Zen Master needed to find some new inner peace before school starts. So take care and have a good weekend. My phone will be off, I'm going off the grid by 10am tomorrow. Peace, I'm outta here. Soul Asylum- Runaway Train Call you up in the middle of the night Like a firefly without a light You were there like a blow torch burnin I was a key that could use a little turnin So tired that I couldn't even sleep So many secrets I couldn't keep Promised myself I wouldn't weep One more promise I couldn't keep It seems no one can help me now I'm in too deep There's no way out This time I have really led myself astray Chorus Runaway train never goin back Wrong way on a one way track Seems like I should be getti
My Funeral
Hello one and all.. Welcome to my funeral... Well, at this site.. I dont know why.. but everyone but three people stopped talking to me.. and just one person ever comments on my stuff anymore.. My friend Tony used to joke and call me.. "Ct's best kept secret" Surprise.. it came true.. My so called friends have totally forgotten I existed. So, I am holding my own funeral.. Might as well.. I am dead here anyways.. I will uphold my Band Of Brother's duties.. and I will still be here for my Touched By An Angel Society.. Other than that.. I don't know anymore. See ya.. Cassie
Good Morning
good morning my awsome friends i hope you have a great day and remeber to keep on smileing life is to short not to love you all
Love And Relationships
In any relationship, whether it is a romantic one or just a friendship I try to put as much effort as I can to talk to everyone and show interest. I really hate it when I feel like I am the only one making an effort to be a friend or even a partner. It makes no sense to me. It's so easy and takes so little time to just let someone know that you care and are there for them. All of you who know me well and many of you have known me for years, know that I try my hardest to show and treat everyone as I would want to be treated. I do not discriminate as to who I talk to and who I do not. Many of you know that , even if I am busy, I will still take the time to respond to you whether it is here or on messenger. Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned as I believe in being courteous to others. I believe in only speaking truthfully in matters of the heart and emotions. I never tell someone I like them or care for them if I do not mean it. My life has enough regrets without adding to them by decieving
Dialing I tried to call America this morning But She was too busy searching for her missing children Please try your call at another time. I tried to call America this afternoon But She was too busy mourning for the slaughtered innocents To answer the phone Could I please call back at a more appropriate time. I tried to call America this evening But all I got was a busy signal as She girded Herself for war The party I was trying to reach was not available at this time. So I hung up the phone and walked down to America I searched for the living and collected the dead And together we mourned as one And I raged with her and wept tears of loss And offered Her the comfort of my Embrace And the phone rang regardless. Written by: Janie Lee Dawe Top Military Comment Images Graphics Codes Top Military Comment Images Graphics Codes
Ok i am at my point this morning, i am outraged and i am disguisted by all those people out there who do not understand but choose to instead try to belittle and degrade me because i am a sub. Those who come in and read O/our profile and then want to make wise cracks at U/us because we live a different lifestyle then they do...WTF! Do i come onto YOUR profile and leave nasty negative comments because you chose a life of everday humdrum???NO!! Do i come on and make fun of you because your sex life is VANILLA??? FUCK NO!!! What makes you idiots think that because of my CHOSEN lifestyle you have the right to come in and try and make me feel bad about myself? Well let me tell you little ignorant fucks something(excuse my language please!) just because i am an owned sub and just because i belong to my Sir and just because i chose to bow down to One that is greater than i, does not make me a living breathing doormat! You can not come onto my shoutbox and think that you are going to tell me w
Getting Married
I just want to let all my friends know that I have found the Love of my life and will be getting married on the 18th of August. Her name is Jennifer and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I will never forget my friends here. I Love you all. I won't be on here as often as before, but I will still try to answer all my comments as soon as I can.
so...i was having this sort of conversation today... and it made me feel the need to blog... which i put off for a lil while... cuz i was tired...n guess what? i still am... however its still ruminating around in my brain... which universally means it needs to come out. *nod* so anyway. i think sometimes peoples wiring is crossed. not on purpose... perhaps not even thru any fault of their own. it what it is. and in their wires being crossed... perhaps they think they're ready for something or want something... and they strive forward toward it... yet when they reach a certain point, everything sort of...stagnates... and mayhaps even reverses. which ultimately causes copious amounts of confusion for the person on the receiving end. let me speak penis for a moment. sometimes i think i want cake. so i go to the store and i buy the cake then i get home... put the cake in the fridge... forget about it until later... cuz something else caught
Doing Good
Yup so far so good. Family folder is still open and will be till happy hours are over unless someone marks them first. Then I will close them.
Tough Week
As some of you know one of my best friends died Monday. He had worked with me for many years before retiring. He had pulled away from all of us and Monday for reasons unknown he decided to end his life. So today July12th again became a day that I dislike very much. 18 years ago Today my father died so it has been an emotional and long day for me. I want to thank those that gave me encouregement this week and sent me special wishes.... Greeneyed girl especially.... You left me comments that were very dear thank you. But the one that stepped up for me at all hours of the day and night almost every day to show me she cared was Steph. I will never forget what you did and will always love you for that. Time to move on and tomorrow that sick day passes and it is time to get back to life I am tired of wondering and being sad... So I hope that this weekend the old Russ will be back and I will be sharing things with all of you again. Again Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and wishe
So my grandmother's friend Stella is staying over her house. This is bad. Why do you ask? 1. I fucking hate her 2. She's my grandmother's negativity towards life and everything in the middle multiplied by the thousands 3. She's ultra conservative, she might as well be goose stepping in a tan uniform. At my aunt's funeral ( the first time I met the woman.) I had to sit in a car with her for hours as she provoked the "This world is going to hell in a hand basket" conversation with the grand parents chiming in. If you want to share this experience with me, put your head in a vice and tighten it every minute of the hour. I never saw her smile. Not once. When I was little my grand mom made me write thank you letters every time she would send me a useless piece of shit. My grand mom would proof read these and then I'd have to write it all over. Pretty sad when you're 10 years old trying to think of ways to break your own hand. She constantly sends my grandmother these conse
Friday Vs. Monday
Ive Got To Say Good -by
to all my friends and family at cherry tap. You all have been an ispiration to me and i love all so dearly, but due to resent events in my life i must sy good-by to you all and i will miss you so very much. I wish i could be a part of this family longer but i cant. i will miss all of the talks and laughs and love that you all showed to me. God bless you all and keep on keepin on, your friend Dubbs01 lol
Myspace Deleted My Profile :(
Myspace deleted my profile early this afternoon. :( I am trying to get my profile put back on. I made a new one just in case that doesn't happen.
Once Apon A Time
once upon a time there was a boy he liked to sit outside at night and talk to the moon. every night he kept the moon company. one night he noticed the moon seemed tired, so he climbed upon the roof, to tell the moon a secret. the moon smiled, so he reaches up takes the moon in his hands and puts him in his pocket. then he climbs down and goes into his house, up the stairs to his room.there he takes the moon out and lets lay on his bed.for hours they talked, told secrets and giggled. then they heard people asking where the moon was. outside was so dark, they couldn't find their ways. the moon says to the boy 'maybe you should put me back into the sky, so the people can find their way home at night'. the boy he picks up the moon, puts him back into his pocket. he walks downstairs and goes outside. it was very dark, but he wasnt afraid, he had his friend the moon to help show his the way. he climbs back upon the roof, takes the moon out of his pocket. hold
Friday, July 13th
Someone is turning you upside down and into knots. You've got it bad, but sometimes it feels so good. Go with it. The secret to life is learning to be comfortable with all your feelings, especially the weird ones. This is mine for today, normally I pay no attention to these things, but the last few days have been right on with how I have been feeling each day which to me is quite weird...anyway....just thought I would share
Friday The 13th
i want to tell all my sexy cherry tappers happy friday the 13th i love u guys!!!!! enjoy the day stay safe and blessed!!!
Grandmas Rock
I'm a granny! as of 12:44 MST . Its a Boy.. Adrian is 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 and a quarter inches long!!
Crying, So Unhappy, And Very Broken Hearted
hey everyone. normally ya'll know im all about talking to my friends but today is not a good day for me so i really dont feel like talking. i was ok til i got home and got hurtful but expected IM on yahoo....those closes to me can probablly guess.... and it has just torned me apart and broken my heart into a million little pieces. so maybe i'll be in the mood to talk again tomorrow as for right now all i wanna do is curl up on my couch and cry my eyes out. (of course i know a few of u if you read this wont listen and since u have my # u will call). thank you all for careing enuff to read this and talk to me most days. much love to all of u.... and to the one that hurt me if he reads this: its okay im not mad, i've been expecting this for sometime now, and i'll still be ur friend. til im in a better mood Nicole 'lil devil' ps. leave a comment if you want. LOVE you all who cared enuff to look at this. (i dont care if its rated i just wanted everyone to know whats going on with me)
Why can't men just be up front and say they are not interested? Why be such cowards? Is there something that women do, that I don't know about, that men are afraid of? Wouldn't it waste less time being up front and getting it over with, then leaving a girl wondering? I mean if you are not interested, then any further e-mails or phone calls or texts, just seems like a huge waste of time to me! Let's face it boys...........girls don't take HINTS any better then you do!! P.S. This goes for "just friends" too!
What A Lovely Day 4 Sum 9's & An 8
jake rikk dougfunny123 · thehulk07 rated you a '8'! thehulk07
Yet Another One...
Since I seem to keep getting morons in my shoutbox, I decided to make a whole new blog just for them, lol. Here's the latest... Just remember to read from the bottom up... ->sweetcandy...: the proof is in the shoutbox...i woke up to a message from you...pretty pathetic you can run your mouth but can't take someone who speaks her mind back sweetcandy...: wutevver ->sweetcandy...: you started talking to me what i said.... ->sweetcandy...: AND you still haven't answered "WHAT SUPPOSED MEN?" sweetcandy...: huny you said alittle more than that so need to give advice not critize someone for there past actions it was just a comment so now you get over it and now stop houting out to me ->sweetcandy...: in case you hadn't noticed, this is NOT real life... ->sweetcandy...: ya know, the only thing i saw was a mumm you'd posted yesterday....and i'm pretty sure the ONLY thing i said to it was "yes".....AND, this is the INTERNET, grow up and get over
Support Education
“Education” “Our children NEED their Education” A fact the government has managed to overlook in their conquest to save another country from failure. According to The Washington Post: In Iraq, so far, the education fund for “our” children has paid for more than 3138 renovated and newly constructed schools and educated more than 33000 men and women to teach in them, while closing over 2100 schools and laying off more than 13000 teachers and administrative staff nationwide. Enrollment in American schools has decreased by more than 35.000 students since August 2006. Detroit alone has lost more than 9300 students. This is a nationwide decrease of more than twenty percent. If that’s not enough, our government has also found it necessary to eliminate or decrease funding by half for extra curricular activities, such as football, baseball, and cheerleading and activities dedicated to our elderly, such as arts and crafts and ceramics, and quilting. Why is the government taking t
My #1 Rule Of Kindess
NOTICE RULES OF KINDESS Hey whats up, if you just joined, WELCOME Ok Some rules of kindness... DOWNRATEING is not nice and is not acceptable. If you dont like a photo don't rate it. people get irritated real fast and upset if you downrate someones page, photo. Or thubms down there stash item. What is down rateing do you ask? That is when you intentionly rate lower then a 10. this is like fliping someone off just ruder. If you don't like the photo or profile DONT rate it. simple as that! please take this in to note when visiting fellow members of the site and have respect for one and other. Im sure if someone came to your page or pictures and rated them all lower then a 10 you would be fliping out right?. Have some respect, treat others as you would like to be treated. What is thumbs down? pretty much exactly that. thumbs down on a stash item, Why is downratein so mean and not nice? It hurts peoples feelings, (yes feelings are real on the internet and
I Sound Needy....
I long for the warmth of someone's arms, the soft caresses, butterfly kisses along my neck and chest. The deep sighs and teasing touches. Bodies pressed tightly together, gripping one another as if one was to let go the other would disappear. No, I am not just speaking of sex but more of the act of expressing love. I miss the feeling of being wanted on every level known to man. Feeling important to one person; not them making you their world, just them putting you as one of their priorities, even just for a moment. I crave for those "just because" phone calls. Not a "just because" phone call six times a day. Just a quick hello because they missed hearing your voice. -sighs- Damn, I sound so needy....
1708 Miles
Miles upon miles, seems like forever ago when I left here. Things still don't seem real, but the smell of the salt from the ocean tells me I was really there. I did a lot of thinking on the way there and back. The things I wish I could change, take back somehow. The things I wish I could do again. I'm still learning to hold tight...and let go... To Nicole...who was my passenger...thank you for the company. Twelve years together and we still manage to laugh until we cry. Even when it hurts. To Marc...who held my hand through that tough is never easy, but I don't wish for it to be. Otherwise we'd miss out on the good stuff, the stuff that makes the bad with it. To Sarge...too many drinks and we still manage don't we? You make sense when the world doesn't. Scary huh? To are right. To Chewie...still crazy as ever, but your smile was all that was needed on the rainy days. You always remember the little things in life. Thank you for remembering me-b
I Think I'm Leaving Ct
I haven't been able to be on here as much, if at all. Alot of you seem to be taking this personally, when I've explained in more than one bulletin, that my life outside of CT is very busy. Before CT, I'm a wife, mother, bestfriend, teacher...etc. I'm not totally sure I'm going to delete my entire profile yet, or just leave it like it is. However, I've deleted all of my pics with the exception of a few. I may just pop in here now and then like I have been. If I completely leave, I'll let everyone know. If you guys would like to send me your Yahoo's and email addy's that would be cool. Still feel free to email/CT Mail, and so on. :) I ♥ you all....ok, MOST of you. :P ♥ April Marie ♥
I Was Surprised To Recieve A Vic For A Month From A Anonymous Friend
I got the most pleasant surprise this morning from an anonymous friend on my list along with a Blast. I Just wanted to say thank you very much for it and im very appreciative that you would do something so nice for me. I also want all my fellow cherrys on my friends list an my fans to please rate my profile, send me lots of comments, rate my pics, check me out so i can take full advantage of this very nice gift someone gave to me. I love all my fellow cherrys and will also return the rates comments etc back. Plx rate my blogs also as well as comment them if its not too much to ask and you have a few mins to spare. I greatly appreciate all my friends, and look forward to getting to know everyone better :D Love you guys.
Lost In Love
love is a soft summers breeze, softly blowing through the trees, your beauty is a real treat, to have you with me would be a feat, longing to meet, so soft an embrace, makes my heart feel like its in a race, to hold you close, to propose a toast, two hearts becoming one, hopeing it will never be undone, love is all i have to offer, you are my sun during the days, showing me the ways to happiness and truth, you are the moon that lights my sky, durring the night, you make me feel right, to hold you is my honor, to kiss you would be so sweet, hopeing one day for us to meet. for now im alone in my seat, so i hope my true love would come to me, and set my heart free, free to care, free to share, but to always hold you dear, and to show you how much i care. never to find love would be a shame, but only i would be the one to blame, as the flame in my heart burns out, i will never let out any sorrow, for god works in mysterious ways, so ill just keep going throug
I'm So Sick Of This Shit!
Misuse Of Power
Dear Family, Friends, and Fans, I would like to get everyone's input on a subject. If there were a policeman on cherry, and I'm sure there are many, and that person was abusing their power by investigating you and your personal business, would you feel like they had overstepped their bounds? We, as Americans used to have a right to privacy but since we have given up many of those rights for security, should law enforcement be allowed to look into your social security information and possibly infract on one's identity? I keep hearing all these things on television about the government cracking down on identity theft but who monitors them? Shouldn't we be allowed to prosecute them if they are willingly and knowingly doing things, without our permission? Do we just turn away when we have broken no laws? I think the CIA just got a bad report card for such behavior, back in the 60's and 70's, if my memory serves me correctly. The reason I mention this, is because I am experiencing, possib
Promises Shouldn't Be Made To Be Broken.
-Full Version: You know...maybe it's just me...maybe I'm just weird like this...but, if I make a promise to someone, I intend to stick by it. I don't tell people I'm going to do something and then just flake out at the last minute. I'm there to make it reality. Where does this rant come from? It comes from a lot of places right now. It comes from several people telling me how very much they cared about me and that they'd be there to help me...and then bailing on me when the time comes to actually do it. It comes from me being sick of broken promises in general. Doesn't anyone's word mean a damn thing anymore? Do people just not have the ability to back their words up with real honest-to-goodness action? Can't we just be honest with the people we claim to care for? Can't we be honest with ourselves regarding the lengths we're willing to go to for them? Can't we all just quit playing the damn games? I'm not a kid anymore and these games stopped being fun a long motherfucki
Are You Kidding Me
Today has been weird. My neice's wedding reception is saturday. I am excited and happy for her. So my neice is a newly wed. :) My sisters and mom went shopping today. They went shopping for clothes etc. They bought me three black dresses. In their words, it will make you look slim. lol I thought getting diet pills as a birthday present was funny now this. lol I hold my head high and laugh, but I must admit that its bothering me. I oncewas called beautiful by my family. Now I am a work in progress lol I love my family....just wish they could see things my way. I don't wanna spend hours in the gym a day. lol just me venting lol
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Over the Rainbow Ernesto Cortazar Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high There's a land that I heard of Once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true Some day I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemondrops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly Birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can't I? Some day I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemondrops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly Birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly Beyond the rainbow Why, oh why can't I?
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
By the Light of the Silvery Moon Burl Ives By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune Honeymoon keep a-shining in June, Your silv'ry beams will bring love dreams We'll be cuddling soon, By the silvery moon By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune Honeymoon keep a-shining in June, Your silv'ry beams will bring love dreams We'll be cuddling soon, By the silvery moon By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune Honeymoon keep a-shining in June, Your silv'ry beams will bring love dreams We'll be cuddling soon, By the silvery moon
Wow!!! What A Weekend!!! (if You Don't Believe In Miracles, You Might After Reading This!)
Where to begin! This wild ride actually began on Thursday! A friend of mine was involved in a car accident, having an 18-wheeler collide with her car. She and her two kids were rushed to the hospital. The kids had minor injuries, but my friend got the worst of it! The doctors said originally that she would not make it through the night! Then again, what do they know, because she did! During the course of the night, her vitals had crashed several times. Pretty much the same the next day! It was decided that they would induce her into a coma, because the stress on her heart was so great. Now, a little more than 48 hours after the coma was induced, she has come back to us; she woke up! I have been watching from afar, while a friend has kept me up to speed with all that was going on. There were nights I couldn't sleep, fearing another friend of mine was leaving this world. I had to force down food, for nothing seemed appealing to me. It's bad enough when someone gets involved in a l
I felt as though I was giving a gift, a blessing and I wanted to keep it fresh and beautiful...not the outside..but the inside too. And the longer time when on, the more it seemed as though I could not provide what my gift wanted. Indeed, I saw that not only was I not nourishing, but that when I attempted to, I evaporated into though I never was...I began to see this gift was more than a gift...she was an extension of myselff..a beautiful one..inside and out...and nourishment meant to let her grow and experience, be it pain, heartache,or happiness. That is nourishmen. When I was trying to nourish, I was evaporating her now I nourish both of us and we experience the LIFE we live together.
Big Beautiful Women
I posted a MuMM a while back that had the term "BBW" in it. I got a lot of mean comments. A lot. I was stunned by the number of 'adults' who found it appropriate to put down a complete stranger. But that's beside the point. Of all the comments received only one of them has stayed with me: "Why is it that every large woman calls herself a BBW?" To the woman who asked that question, I give you this answer: Every large woman calls herself a BBW because every large woman is a BBW. Every single woman in the world is beautiful. Every single one. Some women hold their beauty within their heart. Some women hold their beauty within their mind. And some women hold their beauty within their skin. But still, each and every one of us is beautiful in our own right. It doesn't matter if you, personally, find her physically attractive or not. There is someone out there who desires her. Someone who will see her as the beautiful creature she is. Someone who loves her ex
Laugh For July 16
The LAPD, the FBI, and the CIA The LAPD, The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides to give them a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and each of them has to catch it. The CIA goes in. They place animal informants throughout the forest. They question all plant and mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist. The FBI goes in. After two weeks with no leads they burn the forest, killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and they make no apologies. The rabbit had it coming. The LAPD goes in. They come out two hours later with a badly beaten bear. The bear is yelling: "Okay! Okay! I'm a rabbit! I'm a rabbit!
Had To Remove A Few Of My Stash
Well I went and deleted a few of the stash, apparently cherrytap has had a problem with a few of them. i am not even sure which ones they are so might remove any and all with adult content Because Cherrytap is too stupid and greedy to let you make them NSFW....
For My Friends
Courtesy of well all of my true friends who reed this i hurt my knee saturday morning at 10 am didnt get to the er til after 6 pm had no way going hubby was out of town so i layed down for the day but its ok nothing broke just bruised and tore a few ligament (forgive the spelling) but needless to say they gave me morphin and it knocked my ass out and i have to stay with leg raised up so its hard to get on here seeing i dont have a laptop lol but just wanted to tell everyone i love and miss you guys and this is why im not on as often ok well if you have my number call if ya want kaos and devious sorry i missed the grand opening of dungeon of the damned and well i love you all tty when i get back on ... hugzzzz and kissesssss alll
Why Couples Dont Have Sex.. Funny Shit
Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be asleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry up an
If You Are In My Contest (read)
Links to your pictures in the contest will be passed out on the 18th. However you will not be able to get to your pic until the 20th when the contest begins. For those of you who have never been in a contest this is a comment bombing contest. Which means that the person with the most comments wins. If you do not belong to a family it would be good to pass your link around to your friends. If you have any questions about anything just let me know and I'll answer them. Scripting is not excepted on any contest on CT and it isn't allowed in this one. Good Luck in the contest.
Clever Signs
Sign over a Gynecologist's Office: "Dr. Jones, at your cervix." ****************************** In a Podiatrist's office: "Time wounds all heels." ************************** On a Septic Tank Truck in Oregon: "Yesterday's Meals on Wheels" ************************** At a Proctologist's door: "To expedite your visit please back in." ************************** On a Plumber's truck: "Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber." ***************** ********* At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee: "Invite us to your next blowout." ************************** At a Towing company: "We don't charge an arm and a leg. We want tows." ************************** On an Electrician's truck: "Let us remove your shorts." ************************** On a Maternity Room door: "Push. Push. Push." ************************** At an Optometrist's Office "If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place." **************************
Who Gives A Shit
Wow this thing happend today to me today .. I was rated a 3 today and dont give a rats ass anymore ... I smiled!!!! I am getting seriosuly tired of the drama of this game here. I did not care, again I say I have a custody battle going on right now. So it dsoes not matter a damn rats ass to me if I get rated anything... fuck rate me zero I dont care anymore. I will no longer take place in blocking anyone unless they are a threatening me. I am thinking seriously about deleting this account. The childrens game amongst supposed adults has worn me thin. I am fed up. So to my true friends I have met here.. I will likely be contacting you for info for contact othet than this site. Enough~ I have real life to live noit games on an oversized Monopoly game. Stupid and I dont have to take place. I am too sweetand nice to watch this. I need to use my positive engergies elsewhere.
Main Profile Photos Repost
Greetings (this is a repost of Scrapper's blog on this subject) Lately there has been a huge increase of individuals using fake photos as their main profile photo. Most people do this to get better ratings or to deceptively lure people to click into their page. This is not what we had in mind when we created this site, so we are going to be taking action prevent this. 1. Any top 100 cherry using a fake main profile photo will be reset to Level 0. 2. If you see a top 100 cherry using a fake photo as their main profile photo, please report to a bouncer. 3. We have ZERO tolerance for anyone trying to manipulate our cherry ranking. Anyone caught cheating will be reset. We have always been a community regulated site. I am certain our community will help regulate this. Thanks for your support. Scrapper
Any Decent Guys Out There?
Are there any decent, nice guys out there? You know? Not the control freaks? I am a really nice girl and don't do anyone wrong but it always seems as though i'm the one always shitted on. I don't think there is one relationship that i have been in where i haven't been controlled... What is it with you guys? If you get one loyal girl that's not gonna cheat on you, you freak out. I guess you do it cause you wanna keep herb ut news flash...the more you control someone the more they break the rules... Look, I get into a relationship.. i'm in it to stay... i just can't believe how much bullshit one has to put up with. And the mind games that people play... OMG! "I'm gonna break up with you if you don't pick up the phone when i call"... just stupid, petty bullshit like that. If you love someone and care about them as much as you say that you do, you don't play games like that... nor do you turn around and break up over stupid bullshit stuff like that. I'm just tired of it all.. and
Super Nsfw .. Hot!
it was a super hot day today. i needed to cool off. so, i wnt in the bedroom and took all my clothes off. laid on the bed in front of the fan. arms above my head on in each corner and legs spread one in each corner also..the fan blowing on my naked body. my eyes were closed just relaxin,when i heard the door open and close. i knew tom must be home. sounds now in the bedroom.. " hi baby!" he mumbled a response. i felt him messing with my ankles. "mmmmm... wanna play?" all he did was mmm hmmm i felt my wrists being cuffed to the bed .. and finally the blindfold "really frisky" i asked. silence .. hmmmm.... i wondered what had gotten into him but, iwas not about to ask and ruin a perfectly awesome good time! i felt his lips on my right foot kissing his way softly up my leg.stopping on my inner thigh kissing and licking. then planting a sweet kiss on my pussy. he moved away and did the same to my left side. soft moans encouraged him to push his tongue harder on my clit. a surge of
How Can You Tell This Table Is Being Sold By A Man????
This table was for sale on eBay. How can you tell it is being sold by a man? ? ! Can you solve this little riddle? ?First look and guess. You will find the answer below, but don't cheat! ? Know the answer? ?If not, scroll down now..... ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OK, look at the picture in the mirror . ?And remember, if you are posting a picture on the world-wide web, WEAR CLOTHES when taking the picture.
I Know Who You Are
I just did my first blog and noticed that it says that ratings are anonymous.... not true... I know who you
Please Help Me Get A Blast
Need 20.000 comments .Would love the help
Thanks Alot
I made it to henchman. Cleared about 15,000 points in 40 minutes ty if you rated my stash. Leave a comment and I'll get you a big pimpin gift.
Do You Watch Bb?
Big Brother is on. One of my guilty Do any of my friends watch it? If so, what do you think so far???
Oriental Grilled Swordfish
Oriental Grilled Swordfish Grilling is great for meaty fish like swordfish and tuna, and the prep is simple because the steaks need only about half an hour of marinating time. Try serving this dish with sliced cucumbers tossed with a bit of rice wine vinegar and a pinch of salt and sugar. Credit: Lifestyle Cooks Servings: 6 Ingredients: * 6 swordfish, monkfish or tuna steaks, about 1/4 pound each * 1/2 cup soy sauce * 2 teaspoons fresh gingerroot, grated * 1/2 cup Chinese cooking wine, rice wine or dry sherry * 2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed * 1/4 cup toasted sesame oil * Lime wedges, chopped green onions, Japanese wasabi (optional) Directions: Lightly rinse the fish, pat it dry and set it aside. In a bowl, combine the soy sauce, ginger, wine and minced garlic. Place the fish in a bowl; pour the marinade over it. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes, turning once or twice. Lift the fish out of the marinade and let it drain. R
One Year On Ct
Today is my one year anniversary on Cherry.... hard to believe it's been that long! Thank you all for a great year of friendship! I have been very lucky to meet some extraordinary people here. Here's to the start of year number two!
About Me
Im a greek and italian dont tell me different.I am a nurse and i got my shit in check. i am real and a down ass gurl.Not into playen games so dont bring it,cause i'll hand it back to ya patner. Things U SHOULD KNOW: 1. Im the gurl u think about and runs threw ur mind. 2. Im the gurl u never forget 3. Im the gurl that will blow ya mind 4. Im the gurl that keeps it real 5. IM the gurl that will be ur true friend 6. Im the gurl u can count on 7. Im the gurl u can talk to 8. IM the gurl that can be ur freak in the bedroom 9. Im the gurl that has ur back 10. See Im the gurl u dont wanna f*ck with To all my friends on here...I LUV YALL
Ya i have a bad crush on him...Sigh...
Thanks Everyone
I just wanted everyone to know that I am feeling better from my surgery on Monday. I am still on pain pills and in pain but am back. I want to thank all of you that have shown love and concern. And to let you know that if within the last week you have rated, fanned or any of that I am sorry I didn't get back to you. I always go back over my tab and get to everyone but was not able to this week. I hope you understand. xoxo Hope to see you around. Daysha
Advent 12-01-05
Advent has rolled around again. Once again this year I am forced to endure the same tired messages and sermons that I hear every year at advent. They all go something along the lines of “We are a people waiting alone in darkness and fear…” or “Don’t rush advent, wait for the coming savior …” or my all time favorite, “Naughty, naughty, you are commercializing Christmas!” Let’s look at the facts. No one is waiting for anything except the next holiday sale at Sears, Target, or wherever. We only fear nothing from our shopping season and we most certainly rush-rush-rush, the same way we do for every event the rest of the year. Christmas is already so commercial that there is not one thing that anyone could do to make it more so. After all, Christmas items went on sale roughly at the time of Halloween. So what is it that I propose that we do to change the world? Simply stated, we do nothing. The world is much the same now as it was over 2,000 years ago. People are coming and going, s
My Cousin Jeffrey In Back In The Hospital!!
My cousin has terminal brain cancer and is back in the hospital due to low immunity problems!!! Please have him on your mind and in your prayers!!!
Well I Give Up
why do i always get the guys who fall for my friends? makes me feel like im not good enough for anyone. its bullshit. im thinking about deleting my yahoo and my cherrytap bc every guy who talks to me talks to her and never gives me a shot. im so done with back stabbing friends
Am I A Heartbreaker?
Should work in a minute if it doesn't immediately
Tell Me...
just out of many of you actually read these?!? if you do just leave a comment telling me you did...please and thank you!
Yess!!! I'm Alrigth!!!!
Training Women To Deal With Emotions
This will probably be the third of my most popular newsletters and very long like them too. We are going to talk about some common painful emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, shame, confusion, boredom and so on and learn how to deal with them. I am also going to address how men can train the woman in their life to deal with her emotions. As I have said before, as a man it is your role to lead your woman into new things and help her become a better and happier woman. But to do this, you have to start with your own inner game and become an enlightened man that she will want to follow and ask advice from. If your inner game is incongruent (inconsistent) and she knows you to be an emotionally immature man, she will resist you. If you are confused about who you are and what your reality is and your behavior and emotions are immature and incongruent, she will be confused about who you are and how to deal with you. People only follow leaders who are consistent in their views, actions,
I Made A Fubar License
I Made A Fubar Licenes Prototype Please Tell Me What You Think Of It And Please Go Easy On Me It Was My First Try
I'm Sad
Hi pls, cause I need it badly. Be my friends without asking anything.
To Love With Ones Heart
Two love with ones heart, to wish you would never part, open your eyes, to realize, what im all about, do not shout, do not cry, just ask me why, days pass bye, asking myself why, why you havent seen, what you mean to me, as my heart sores free, i make a simple plea, bring someone good to me, love is unmatched, but im still unattached, true and kind, poems running through my mind, there are so many wonderful women, i wish one my heart to find, a true person thats one of a kind, to hold my heart, to never fall apart, so you see, what i have in me, if you took a chance, and didnt give me a second glance, you would find in me, true romance.............
Stash Club Issues
Hi Stash Club, Just a little note to let everyone know that I am not going to be a member of the stash club. This is the reason why. When I first joined, me and my friend Carla (Seejaykaygee) were going to join together. I was accepted and she wasn't. She was told that she couldn't be a part of the club because she COULDN'T have her default pic as the stash club ID. Her photos were full and wasn't able to add any more. She did however, change her name on her page to say that she was a proud member of the stash club, but that wasn't good enough. I have made alot of friends through the stash club who are faithful in stopping by my page to say hi. I would love to remain in contact with all of you. I will still be coming to all your pages to rate and comment. I hope you all have a great day and please keep in touch. Thanks, Tracy
This Is A Misquote And A Deeply Regretable Misunderstanding Of What I Said To This Woman
Hi Stash Club, Just a little note to let everyone know that I am not going to be a member of the stash club. This is the reason why. When I first joined, me and my friend Carla (Seejaykaygee) were going to join together. I was accepted and she wasn't. She was told that she couldn't be a part of the club because she COULDN'T have her default pic as the stash club ID. Her photos were full and wasn't able to add any more. She did however, change her name on her page to say that she was a proud member of the stash club, but that wasn't good enough. I have made alot of friends through the stash club who are faithful in stopping by my page to say hi. I would love to remain in contact with all of you. I will still be coming to all your pages to rate and comment. I hope you all have a great day and please keep in touch. Thanks, Tracy I AM SORRY BUT THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE TRUTH! I TOLD HER THAT SHE COULD USE EITHER OR THE CLUB ID PIC, OR ADD OUR NAME TO HER NICKNAME BU
New Stash Club Members*this Is The One You Use* *
HERE IS A LIST OF ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CLUB (AS THEY JOIN THEIR LINKS WILL BE ADDED TO IT): †sexy metal man†....RIP PEPOW HOLDER 3.30.1944-3.18.2007 I love and miss you@ fubar C & T Stash Club seejaykaygee@ fubar C & T Stash Club~~Angeleyes76116~~@ fubar SAN ANTONIO WITCH (WICCAN PROUD)@ fubar HoneydewNewMex@ fubar PITA BUNNY@ fubar rolls5278@ fubar Vampire Romance...@ fubar Bi-Baby Shell of C&T Stash Club FUBAR ID MAKER(plz fan b4 add )@ fubar AndyMan C& T Stash Club@ fubar Brandy@ fubar ~Buckeyecherry~OTS~
A Grooms Prayer
you are always on my mind, what a wonderful woman to find, i will thank god for my life, when he allows me to have you as my wife, to watch you walk the isle, would make my emotions pile, what a site, to see you in that white, to know we both feel right, to stand at your side, with nothing ever to hide, to hear you say i do, would really make me love you, to say i do to you, will be so true, to exchange the ring, will make the angels in heaven sing, now for our kiss, i would make a simple wish, have our hearts combine, like a fine wine, then our night of bliss, something we would not miss, having you with me, will set my heart free, the love we will share, is how much we truely care, to hear the first time you say our name, will be the day you will tame, tame the passion in my heart, cause i know we will never part, a new life we will begin, with out any sin, our love will truely win, this is what i see, is a lifetime of happiness with me.......
Stats Of The Day
Just wanted to say thank you..You guys go above and beyond sometimes what i can even imagine. Today there was a trotal of 17 leveled through the help of all of us. Awesome job everyoneHope you all got some new friends and fans. The second Part of this is Im going to clear my family out not that i dont love them and not that they dont mean the word to me.Im going to add the levelers there that way im not always filling everyones bulletin boards with my post. So im asking for those of you that want to work level ups on a regular basis please comment on this blog.Just say add me.. Much Love and Respect to all. Meet Someone you go out with friends and you meet someone you're REALLY interested in. She is apparently interested in me as well, because she drug me outside and kissed me (and might I say.....DAMN!!). Problem other friends tell me that she has a man, but is not happy. I don;t want to get into the middle of someone elses problem.....but I really want to get to know this woman much better. She really threw me for a loop tonight. What do YOU folks think?? Lay low and see what happens? Or assert myself and push myself to the forfront? I DID tell her tonight taht when she was ready for something more than just a call me. Don;t know if that sunk in or not....since she had more than a few beers in her (which may have explained the whole dragging me outside and molesting me thing). Grrrrr......I'm too old for this shit!
Selfish Me
When I was washing the dishes after the evening meal with my family (in-laws were here) I just thought that I no longer belong to myself. The thought was pretty painful. As a child I belonged to my mother (and father for some time), after the marriage – to my husband and myself (but not only to myself), now there‘s one more addition – my daughter, who feels she owns me day and night (don’t get me wrong, I adore her). So I just thought that there was almost no time I belonged only to myself. Do I sound selfish? Maybe, but I have a right to feel what I feel. No matter the judgments. Another thought. Ok, I‘m married. So what? Does that mean I give up and stop being myself? Should I change to let him like/love me more? How do I know what‘s better? I‘ve been down and low for a few days. I know he doesn‘t like many things about me. He also knows I do not adore him as before. Crisis? Yes. Changes? Needed. But why only me? A selfish thought again. I am selfish. I want to be one. So what now
Someone Call A Doctor!
Well I finally leveled (and in a shade under a decade) ;) thank you to all you helped level me. You're awesome. My side is just killing me and the pain will not go away. I guess I'll just chill here for the rest of the day and read the new Potter book. BTW-I do salutes for people because a) I want to and b) They have earned it. When people that have been on my friend's list for like 24 hours ask for salutes to be done like the one I did for Lola (which you will notice is now moved to an area you can't see), its a rather poor reflection on their character if you ask me. So please, as my friends who stay true to me know.. I hook you up in SPADES with uber awesome boobness. So please, read the profile and respect my wishes. I had to block a guy today who seemed real nice.. All because he couldn't speak to me with respect and demanded to know how to see my family folder. As you all know, I have little tolerance for this because I hook up my friends at random moments for fun.... b
I Feel Bad
I have included the lyrics so you can read the words i have to say to have had so many chances to prove the things that you you made the choice to use up your last one and this song says it all...again i am sorry that you have come to make me feel this way..... I should be out in that driveway stopping you Tears should be rolling down my cheek And I don't know why I'm not falling apart Like I usually do And how the thought of losing you's not killing me I feel bad That I can stand here strong Cold as stone, Seems so wrong I can't explain it Maybe it's just I've cried so much I'm tired and I'm numb Baby I hate it I feel bad that I don't feel bad I can let myself be angry over wasted time And sad about you throwing love away Yeah I almost wish my heart was breaking But I cant lie All I want to do is turn the page I feel Bad That I don't feel bitter, alone I just feel its time, its time to move on I just gotta move on and on and on
How Do They Find Me!
Ok before I post this I want you all to know that this has nothing to do with anyone on my friends list! Here we go... OK I get all the tards, sorry if the word offends you but I will not pussy foot anything! Every where I go I have Todd the tard following me around! I went into blockbuster and this dude with Tuna breath came up to em and asked to be my friend. I walked away and he followed me around saying out loud, " HI....HI.... I wike you! I want to be you friend." Now I tried to make a get away but he put down a layer of drool that had me surrounded! WTF was a I to do! I tried to lose him in the adventure section but he caught me in the romance isle. I couldn't get away from him, he was fast for a guy wearing a helmet and I don't know how he saw me! Finally I told him we could be friends and he vanished, I wiped the spit off my face and I left! The next day at the club some guy sits next to me and want to be my friend! I knew it from first sight! I saw the eyes and the helme
I Hate Prudes
Okay, so I want other people to live and let me live, right? So,I try SO hard not to be judgemental, but I've got to say....I HATE PRUDES!!! I don't mean those who just stay quiet when the topic of sex comes up, I mean those militant hateful people who brag about how uptight they are! Perfect example, I'm a member of an adult cam site, right? I think the word adult in the title implies a certain behavior. I love to show off on cam, I'm an attention slut and I freely admit it. (Of course, I'm several other kinds of slut too! LOl) So, the guys who drive me NUTS on there are NOT the ones who nag me to get naked, or look at their pics, or even the ones who brag about their size(annoying, but not to the point of insanity). No, the ones I HATE are the ones who BRAG they NEVER show on cam, and the women who do this are just as maddening. I just don't get it. There are TONS of chatsites on the web...WHY WHY WHY join ADULT sites if you are going to get snooty about NOT participating.
Something To Make Everyone Laugh
Tied The Knot!!!!
I fubar married the very sweetest of men. :D I ¢¾ Fred!!!! 7-21-07 Frayed Knot said "I do" to ~Your Sweet N Sexy Canuck~
Sweet Love
She bites her bottom lip as I look in her eye's, the passion grows deep much to our surprise. I touch her lips softly with the tip of my tongue, her body is mine until the moment I'm done. With the caress of my hand she's shaking with fear, don't worry I whisper your time is now near. Relax my sweet love let me take you for a ride, to the pleasure of heaven when I enter inside. The stars and the moon are your gifts up above, so sit back and let me show you the making of LOVE...
Home Sweet Home!!!
Hey everyone, I'm home again. This past 10 days has been some of the worst in my life... My family is good to make me pissed at life... Anyway... It's the 22nd of July, and my mom is asleep... I still think about what life would have been like if I was born in the US... Let's say, in Liverpool NY... :P (My sweetheart, Chris, lives there) The reason i start pulling him into my blogs now, is that in my opinion, he fills alot of my mental life, as I think of him nearly all the time... And it makes me very happy! Alltogether with all my best friends here on fubar, and on World of Warcraft and other online places, I'm really glad to have alot of good friends that supports me in my daily life. I just thought about that I would start checking if my scanner was still alive, so I could scan some of my drawings for the first time in several years... Overall mood... HYPER!!! Damn I feel as hyper as i usually do in a whole year in total!!! I'm very happy right now and I hope it keeps goin
My New Phone Is So Cool
I just got this phone today and its very cool. its a verizon LG Chocolate with V cast . I can download music into it and use it like a mp3 player , and its a slim phone , very nice . I'm enjoying my new phone :)
My Love To Someone
This was originally directed toward someone. Usually when I write, I do it for me. I may always be incorporating emotions that were afflicted upon me by someone else, but mostly I just try to feel out my pain/love/lust whatever. So anyways, here goes... I know this is my first letter but it will probably be my last You're worried about me attaching love, like its a thing of the past. Whether or not I direct it toward you shouldnt pose a threat. Yet its there when I become involved with someone on that you can bet. Wouldnt dare say I love you or expect any in return Love is nothing like magic, I know it must be earned. Not pulled out of a thin air or made to suddenly appear Talk to me with ease, you have nothing to fear. My love doesnt come tied with strings, I'm still a carefree girl. All grins and flirty smiles, still sending your mind on a whirl. Through sexy seduction, you will be mine. Its nothing to rush, I'll take my time. nothing special and really i could
Why? Why do people insist on judging you when they do not know anything about you? Is it because they are so unfulfilled in their lives they need to make judgments upon someone to feel better about themselves? I was just at Target or as I call it Tarjay and some woman with her husband and 2 kids was giving me such dirty looks, so normally I don’t let things like that bother me but she kept staring at my tattoo with this face of disgust. Now I am PMSing mind you so hormones are running rampant as it is, then I see this bitch and her face and I walk over to her nicely and say “ Sorry, do I know you?” She says all fake “ No, I don’t think so” so I said, oh well you were looking over at me like you knew me or does my tattoo bother you? Either way your opinion is not important you can judge me all you want its not going to change who I am as a person and having a tattoo does not mean I am a bad person, so then as she is starting to say Oh no that’s not it blah blah blah… I started sayin
Big Pimpin Gift Giveaway!!!
I'm just bored and decided whoever makes me smile the most today or sends something that just leaves me smiling all day will receive a big pimping gift from me... i haven't decided what it will be yet but it won't be cheap. I've also not decided if I'm only giving away one gift or more so you all can help me decide.
Ok Not Calling A Fake But
5 different profiles of the same person i mean come on. kirstenbby@ fubar Barbie@ fubar blondefitchbabe@ fubar *ANDI*@ fubar Blondie@ fubar
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Not many people can fully grasp the meaning behind that phrase. As simplistic as it is. If you have interest in someone or even claim to be in love with someone, it should show. I do not merely mean from time to time. No, it should be obvious in everything you do. Many people like to throw the "L-word" out, but there actions do not back up their claims. They may not even use the word love, but express great feelings of emotion and attraction instead. Despite what it may be, it is still emotions. Emotions are fine when they are your own. However, when your emotions become intertwined with another's, it takes on a different meaning and transcends to a different level. There is more than just one party involved at this point. So many times here, I get messaged or approached with compliments or someone taking an interest. I do appreciate that very much so. However, when that is the only message or contact you have with me, I have to then chalk it up to a brief encounter. Why is that?
On A Serious Note!
So Today I was browsing the I'm bored pics and I saw that someone on my friends list uploaded a new Picture. Now naturally I was going to give a 10 until I saw the picture. now this is not my usual rant! This Chick put a pic of her daughter and her sticking their tongues out like they were going down on someone. The caption read, "Me and my daughter are hot." Then it gets worse, she posts another pic and it says,"My sexy ass daughter, guys she is almost legal." The girl is only 14! I think that is seriously sick! There were about 5 or 6 pics posted, I only looked at the 2 before I removed this person and blocked them. I wanted to be sure what I saw was what it was before I blocked someone. I am still in shock that I have had over 30 pics flagged as NSFW and people post these things and nothing happens. It kills me that people try to make their children all sexy and wonder why bad suff happens to them! Did the JBR death not teach anyone anything? Personally I think if you put a pi
grrrrrr im bout to loose another damn bet cause the damn braves pitcher doesnt know how to freaking pitch.... grrrrrr ok if im not around much towards the end of next week then that means im hiding so i dont have to pay up on my bet and will come back out once hubby gets back on the road!! :P
Tech Support Irony..
so.. i work tech support during the day - getting peoples internet working... right? so heres some irony for ya.. i get home tonight and my comp screen says 'over clocking failed - press f1 to resume setup'.. and im like wtf?? overclocking?? i dont overclock anything... its generally a completely foolish thing to do - unless maybe youve got a super top of the line comp that can handle it.. i reboot my computer -- it boots up - and it says 'new hardware found - ethernet controller'?? what.. omg its not recognizing my ethernet controller now... well.. so i got two options - search for a driver in my windows folder or... connect to the internet to get a driver there (ok.. first off you CANT connect to the internet if you have no driver for your ethernet card.. you have no network) -- so i have it search my windows32 folder for a driver... none found. so.. the only way ill be able to get a driver is to find someone who has the internet - download the damn driver onto a disk - an
News Paper Story About My Sons Acident
Date: Jun 25, 2007 10:06 PM Subject ROGER'S ARTICLE Body: Motorcycle unawareness By Dan Ehl - Managing editor — A major occurrence in Roger Ashby’s life happened Aug. 24, almost a year ago, but he doesn’t remember it. He does vaguely remember being pushed down a hospital hallway on the way to get his fractured jaw wired shut - two weeks after a motorist turned left in front of him at the intersection of Industrial Park Road and Dewey Road. The collision left him with two broken vertebrae, a shattered left wrist, a broken jaw, a collapsed lung and most serious of all, partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. May was Motorcycle Awareness Month, and Roger’s father, Mike, hopes his son’s story will make motorists more aware of motorcyclists on the highway. The driver of the other vehicle was charged with an improper turn and her insurance did pay out $100,000. But as Mike pointed out, his son’s medical bills already total $1.5 million with another possible $1 million
As A Man This Is My Point Of View
this is true fact. and i dont give a dang if i piss all the guys off. 60% of the men on line are married,trying to cheet on thier spouses. ~~~ see (a)~~~ 20% are single looking for thier next score ~~ see (b) ~~~ 5% are honest and will be loyal ~~ see(c)~~ 5% are real sick men ~~~ see (d) ~~~ 5% are stuck in jail looking for friends ~~see (e)~~~ 5% are gay and would actually be a good fried. ~~see (f) ~~ (a) men that tell you they are seperated, when they are not, or say they are not married when they are,but what ever the reasoning they only want one thing, to get you into bed with them, and then you might see them a couple of times more, but they will break your heart. or they will talk to you, and get to the point of you wanting to meet them, then they will come up with some reason not to meet you. (b) the single guys that like the thrill of the chase, and who have only one reason to be talking to any women to get you into the bed and get off, nothing more.
Level Up
Hi Angels , This angel is about 9,600 points away from leveling up Come & help him out . Thanks , Lisa skyjegreg~Proud Member~ Earth Angels Stash Club@ fubar
Why Say U Luv Sum1 Then Dont Show It?
Let's see if I understand how the world works lately. If a man cuts his finger off while slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant. If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, Your family blames the tobacco company. If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender. If your grandchildren are brats without manners, You blame television. If your friend is shot by a deranged madman, you blame the gun manufacturer. And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, and the passengers kill him instead, the mother of the crazed deceased blames the airline. I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore. So, if I die while my old, wrinkled ass is parked in front of this computer, I want all of you to blame Bill Gates
ok to start this out..... i really enjoy ct well fubar now.. but not sure wat to do so i think im going to lay dorment for some time i maybe on and may not im sure alot of u have noticed i dont comment like i used to or even the morphs...i have this problem... and its called i need a real life..i need to clear head...i dont wanna go but if i do it wil prolly be for about 6 not going to prison...i hope not anyhow...but i do this alot find new friends then i abanden them for 6 months and if they r there when i get back they r..and most how i tell who my friends really r... sorry if i have been different to some of u and im sure alot of u camn tell...... but anyhow long story short.......... i will be on but if i just up and vanished u know y...i think i owe to my friends this much atleast.... love ya all.......... oops and some more then thanks......
Illogical Thoughts
breaking d o w n barriers of disbelievers "logistic" sorting through, s e p a r a t i n g and stretching the simplistic pulling apart each and every intricacy exploring the endless possibilities of "we" it all seems a tad bit tedious and monotonous because...trus' ...i've already put a lot of emphasis and thought into "us" anxiously yearning to mesh and mold myself to your soul yet aware am i, that i must take it nice and slow irrational thinking? perhaps illogical thoughts? possibly but why play it safe? come live on the edge with me a complex individual, who simmers in simplicity can you say for really want to know "I.B."? TRULY?? you ask for admittance, consider that granted just be kind to my mind a bond can be formed, can't it? just treasure, whatever during your travels, you find during your journey, which may get turbulent at times for reassurance purposes please revert back to these rhymes all i de
Many people know i care for heather but she won't return anything now, fuck i hate this, i'm talking to a couple people on here and they seem really cool people to meet one of which i still have my worries about, and i'm probably just keeping my head in the clouds, o well, yay depression d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n depression yay, eh at least some of my humor is still here. o well i'll see
Linguine With Bitter Greens And Clams
Linguine with Bitter Greens and Clams The fresh flavors of linguine and clams get the summer treatment with the addition of delicious leafy greens. Use your favorites -- spinach, kale, even beet greens -- in any combination. Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 10 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil * 4 large cloves garlic, peeled and sliced * 1/2 pound escarole, stemmed, washed and dried * 1/2 pound radicchio, stemmed, washed and dried * 1 small dried chili pepper, chopped or crumbled * 1/2 cup fresh parsley * 1/3 cup dry white wine * 24 littleneck clams, well scrubbed * 3/4 pound linguine Directions: Heat 3 tablespoons of the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add 2 of the garlic cloves and cook for 1 minute without browning. Add the greens to the skillet and cook, tossing constantly until just wilted. Season with salt and pepper. Keep warm. In a large casserole, heat 3 tablespoons of the olive oil over medium heat. Ad
i swear i get frustrated, i see people rate them, add them, then go to fan them and then i notice they have over a thousand fans which is cool but then you look at who they are a fan of and it's like 15 people, why is it so hard to fan people back who fan you? i used to fan everybody when i got here now i find myself checking....i hate doing that but i guess that's what it's all about so now i fan only after i get fanned or if the people you've fanned equals to the people who fanned you or at least close...i'm expecting some bad feedback but it is what it is....holla at me hell i'm finally in a good mood, lol
As u can c by my profile I'm a dialysis pt. I had to hv my left kidney removed in August 02 due to it being so weighed 8# (your kidney is suppose to b the size of your fist)..on August 6th I will b going to see a surgeon about having my rt kidney removed cuz they have done cat skans/MRI's of my abdomen/pelvic area and they estimate it to weigh between 8-12#....I'm very nervous. I hv met alot of great friends on fubar...I want to thank Fireman7CT for inviting me. I hv been online with him approx 3-4 yrs. He is a great guy. I'm just asking you all to keep me in your prayers.
~ Acceptance
To accept love without returning it, the false happiness it can bring, and the emptiness that is sure to ensue and consume every aching moment of the rest of your life. To settle for something you can handle, something that will keep you sane, yet not let you go crazy when you feel the need. ~Jess~
My Boss
My bOsS Why on earth did I have to go and open my big mouth and tell the boss I would be the best man for the job, was the only thing I could think of while walking down the hall to her office for what was promising to be a very long, and exhausting night at work. As I walked into her office I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Sitting on her desk with one leg up was my boss. Don't just stand there come in and close the door. I did as she said and still couldn't comprehend what was going on. When I turned back around I noticed what my shocked mind didn't at first register, the fact that my boss had on no panties on. I could smell pussy in the air. I asked her if she still wanted me to work on that project for her. She said that since I interrupted her that my first task was now to make her cum. Seeing as how my boss is one of the hottest babes I've ever seen in my life, I dropped everything and fell to my knees in front of her and that sweet smelling pu
'cold' Fact :p
Slurpee Capital of the World 12 thumbs up The city on the planet earth that drinks the most 7-11 slurpees each year. For the past 7 years, 1999-2006, it has been Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, in 2005 we guzzeled a record 400,000 sluprees a month. Winnipeg is the Slurpee Capital of the World! Calgary is close behind.
That Which You Should Know...
By - ME;) Love, love, love, love. It is an obsession! On the minds of many, in the hearts of few. Instant?! I think not! Learned?! Possibly. It should grow great without fear! Sadly complications hinder it. So many blinded, so many lost, help them see. LET them SEE! Long suffering, meekness, charity too... Actions, so much they say. Words, simple enough to turn from. Trust! Constant, everlasting, and unbending it should be. Not leaving out forgiveness, my weakness, so simple to do when you love, many forget. These, THESE! They are parts of love, not infatuation, not obsession, but pure love! A choice! A decision! Few can make, most neglect. Should GROW! Needs feeding, nurturing as a plant, as a pet, as a child. These are that which you should know! To know, to make, to feel, to allow, to show...
Another 8 :d
I asked her why she rated me an 8 but she wouldnt get back to me :P
Seriously Now
Alright, i am not gonna put the persons name who wrote this but it definatley made me say WTF
Samples Up And Ready
I have thrown together some samples of what I can do...
My Closest And Dearest Friends!
Ok I have decided to share my closest and dearest Fubar friends with all of you. Everyone on this bulletin has been there for me one way or another, whether it be to help in a giveaway, listen to me vent, or just always showing me love! Add ,fan, and rate all these wonderful people! You wont be sorry! Tell them Jodi aka wishful thinking sent you ! Andrea (FAN BEFORE ADD PLEASE)@ fubar Night~n~Gale@ fubar babygirl68@ fubar BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL@ fubar @};-Hopeless Romantic @};-Mess with the bull get the horns!@};-@ fubar FieryAngel * House Party lounge owner *@ fubar SWEET~THING~WILL ALWAYS PIMP ~ANCIENT1~and `OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar Fawny aka DJFawn(I'm taken) ~Club Far~#1 DJ House of Rhyme (pls rate profile and fan b4 adding)@ fubar ~hot momma~ Go Steamrollers Go..@ fubar LadySnowOwl@ fubar
I Feel Like Pushing Back
anyone ever harrass you over and over again until you just couldnt take it anymore? Well this little snothead from the UK keeps emailing me and she left a message under my daughter's you tube calling her a fat ugly whore...oh, and apparently, so am I, lol here's her email addy and this i sanother email she sent: Awww what's wrong fatty? Can't reply because you know everything I've said is true. HAHA. You fat CUNT. So bovious you added all the people on your friends list you stupid twat. Nobody likes you. You have NO fans. You add randomers and then act like their fans. Your a fucking loser. Haha. Cheap bitch put your fake flab-bags away you dirty cunt.
Alright I have a stalker, will whoever is doing this please step forward the condom and hand lotion are the crossover
Sick Yet Again
Hey all...sorry friends but seems I'm coughing up blood yet again.Seems like the more I try to stay well something goes wrong.Not sure yet what the Dr's will do...they told me today to see how I felt today and tmorrow give them a call.I waled to the bathroom and back...and I felt blood in my chest and had to cough to get it up....well I'm always scared when its blood and not mucus...but the Dr's say its not to bad for me to be coughing it up.YEAH ok....just be praying for me..I need it bad.Thanks to all my old friends and new ones for all you have sent me and all the love on my page. love to you all Ray
Who Cares?
I don't know about most of you, but I am starting to think this site is only good for those who have no life. Seems you only get messeges and of course shouts by being online. I don't know about most of you, but i'd like to meet someone to hang out with and do things other than just online. I don't have the time to live on FUBAR in order to have someone to talk to. I have started posting blogs more since I can't be on here all the time, starting to show me who really has any interest in whats going on with me, and I am always sure to reply to those messeges. If you are looking for real friends, follow my blog, lets chat, and for gods sake, GET REAL, not virtual. I'm not here to get you points, and I am not looking for them from you, some things mean more to me.
Fun Fact Of The Day
Myspace... Did you know, 29,000 of 18 million of people with a myspace profile, have a record for being sex offenders.. creepy :|
I Love You
I Love You I love you. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. Now that I have you, all I want to do is be with you all the time. Walking hand in hand, together, we enjoy each other’s company. And we fight the ones who get in our way. How I’ve longed for you all my life. You mean the world to me. I love you. From the moment we part in the late hours of the afternoon, until the next time I see you, all I think is you. You are constantly on my mind... the fun memories we had, the unpleasant memories we had, they keep coming back to me when we're apart. So powerful, so fierce, everyone moves back to give you space. And yet, holding you gently and not squeezing you tight, yes, that’s how you like to be held. I hold you the way I would hold a tiny sparrow and I will never let go of you. It feels so nice when I put my hands around you. Gentle strokes, I try to feel you intensely. I have so much passion for you. I close my eyes and try to imagine
No Love Fer The Armadillo
Yes i know i'm probabley misspelling it, but yall can correct me if u like lol. Ok anyway me and a friend got to talikng how lots of folks on here use the term lone wolf or cougar on here, yet why no love fer the other little furry badasses of the forest?You'll see folks call themselves lone wolf such and such or cougar, but why not something orignal? Why not killer opossom, or mad aramdillo? Whos to say they cant be equally romping stomping woodland rebels.Naw folks we need to be more orignal. N if folks love wolfs so much, why not the coyote too? And of all things the bear is the most kickass, yet hes almost completely fegotten.Lots more out there, just fer some reason folks just key in on dern wolves. Naw gonna have to go with aramdillo folks. Hes cool, lives by no mans rules. A rebel, women love him and men fear him. Dillo, not posomon the half shell but posom from hell lol. N someone said i wouldnt write this blog lol..........
A Poem
Here is one of my poems I am trying to publish. Do not steal this or I will hunt you down and kill you. TY sitting around a round coffee table our fingertips pressed to an inverted wineglass fragile rainbow-tinged planchette... scraps of alphabet and numbers yes and no laid out at the edges like a wheel of chance always the opening ending question is there anyone there please? is there anyone there... while the calico cat jumps out at shadows and the cicadas in the trees say yes maybe no in a staccato chant and then the glass moves like a tiny iceberg toward yes
Bubbas New Truck
One day, Jimmy Joe was walking down Main Street when he saw his buddy Bubba driving a brand new pickup. Bubba pulled up to him with a wide grin. "Bubba, where'd you get that truck?!?" "Bobby Sue gave it to me" Bubba replied. "She gave it to you? I knew she was kinda sweet on ya, but a new truck?" "Well, Jimmy Joe, let me tell you what happened. We were driving out on County Road 6, in the middle of nowhere. Bobby Sue pulled off the road, put the truck in 4-wheel drive, and headed into the woods. She parked the truck, got out, threw off all her clothes and said, 'Bubba, take whatever you want'. So I took the truck!" "Bubba, you're a smart man!. Them clothes woulda never fit you!"
I Was Ask .............
I was ask the other night "What Do You Want" After thinking about it I think I want what most want I want the stars,the moon , the world I want happeness I want welth I want the perefect mate I want to look down into your baby blue eyes as you kneel befor me I want to be the one who makes you breath fast when I touch you I want to make you squirm from my touch I want to take you to a place you have never been befor I want to see you cry from from happness I want to kiss your tear from your face I want to be the one you reach for when you need I want to be the one that you think of when you touch yourself I want you to know that I love you and that you love me I want you to know that if you hirt you can come to me I want to know the answer befor you ask the question I want one to love me as I love them I want to taste you I want to use you as I see fit and have you love it and want more I want to hold you in my arms as you fall to sleep and as you open y
Why Can One Comment Hurt So Much?
So, I was perusing this dating site one day a while back, and I had sent an email to a man whom I found had an interesting profile and I thought was extremely handsome. I was in his "age range", lived within a short distance, and had all the qualities he said he wanted in a woman. He also said that his ideal mate didn't "have to be perfect" and he likes women of "all shapes and sizes". I thought..."dang, this dude is perfect". I don't normally make the first move on a dating site unless it's for bigger women, because I can't profess to know if a person is interested in a larger lady or not. So, I took a chance and sent an email to this guy a while back. I finally get a response today. "I'm sorry, but I don't think we're a good fit." It really hurt my feelings, because, based on what he said, we were a PERFECT fit. I don't give a damn, really, because I am interested in someone else. But, even so, it hurt my feelings and I can't get it out of my head. How stupid is that?
I Hope
i hope you all enjoyed my pictures lol dont play to much otherwise your keyboerd will get sticky and you will have to many typos lmao
A Rant
This is going to be a rant.. if you don't want to read beyond this point.. I understand.. More like a question and trying to understand something here.. Look at the pictures below... Every man's fantasy what they deem perfection and what they want What men settle for when they know they can't have the one on top My question is.. How can a man have fantasies about the girl on top.. jack off and all that to.. and they come home to the lady below? I can not understand how a man can do that. I guess what I am trying to get at is.. HOW? How can you want, lust over, desire the girl on top and think about the girl the girl on the bottom at the same time?
Wednsday July 25 2007 (what I Wish I Could Say To People)
i love how im not needed or wanted to be around till soeone needs something. i really do. go ahead and use me when you want attention or sex or food or money or booze or smokes. its ok. i dont feel used or rejected. im totally fine by this......really
Venus, The Evening Star, Retrogrades!
I took this write up on the Venus Retrograde from Night Light News. You can get quite accurate info for the upcoming week; her weeks run Thursday to Wednesday, btw! Hope this helps fill in the info gaps, lol! Venus turns retrograde Friday morning at 10:28 am (Pacific time) at 2 degrees Virgo. Where is that degree in everyone's chart? Venus will re-enter Leo August 10th continuing its retrograde motion till September 7th. We know that retrogrades signify an inward movement of the planet's energy (and thus our energy). Everyone in the world will experience this Venus retrograde. Love, relationships, values and our possessions will be altered and will not function in ways we are used to. We will be called to look back upon that which is unfinished, including feelings about others, past loves and business relationships. We may have difficulty expressing ourselves for the energy of a retrograde activates inner levels. We will re-evaluate existing relationships. A new and high
What is it with people these days. I bump into this user online (no names) and we chat a bit back and forth. Next thing you know her whole life revolves around me. Red lights and sirens here. If I don't log one for a few days there are messages wondering where I am.. If I don't reply there are angrier messages. When you try to let her down without hurting anyone she explodes. Issues? Probably quite a few. This is suppose to be a place to have fun....flirt....and relax, not for unwanted stress. So for any one else who may have some "issues" mabey you should try a dating service.
The Curse Of Kindness
Be nice, I've heard it, was taught and raised to be kind since kindness supposedly can get kindness in return. I am beginning to think that is a day long gone for most, yet it is something I cannot change in me. It is something that became a part of me at a very early age. Don't get me wrong, I have a badboy side to me, and am also a bit of a rebel and even buck the system at times, I just do it in a kind manor, lol. Yet in todays society, it doesn't always bring kindness in return, it gets you told how sweet you are often, but what girl wants sweet anymore, they only want to find the big bad boy and hope he will be kind for them. The kind man is considered too soft for showing that side first as a friend and nothing else is noticed, leaving us lonely and pushed to the back burner, yes, as I said, cursed
Vent Time!
Tonight my daughter and I were out for a ride. And I was craving Mexican food. I decided to go to a local resturant that has been around since I was kid. But I had yet to eat there. Well after being there for 5 minutes I now know I will NEVER eat there. I ran into some friends there and they asked us to join them. So we asked the waiter if he would bring over an extra table. After about 5 minutes he comes back and tells me they don't want to move another table over. But we can have the first available table. The kid n I turned around and walked out. So then we putt over to El Torito since my kid loves looking at the boats in the harbor. Well apperantly it was special ed waitress night. She didn't know if she was coming or going. She forgets my drink. Takes of to refill it and comes back 15 minutes later. Forgets to bring out my plate an tortillas for my Fajitas. And charges me for extra tortillas. After paying and leaving her about half of what I would have tipped for good service. I s
Clean Up
going to clean up my friends list.there are people i don't talk to on it .peeps i've tried to talk to but got no answerso it's time to clean up please don't request if you just want points as your taking up room for people who want to be friends .thanks luv you all.
Take Me Off Your Friends List If....
As you all have seen I do a daily comment add and usually the pics (at least one of them) is NSFW. Actually had a fight with someone who bitched me out for doing so saying something about her kids seeing this. My point was that this is really an adult site and you should keep kids off here not to mention I see far worse comments that I post, actual sexual graphics at times. So the point of this blog is that I can't and won't keep track of who wants the tame comments (not NSFW) so if you do not want them I guess you will just have to take me off your friends list. :P
Shoutbox Is Off
I'm sorry my loves, I've turned my shoutbox OFF at the moment. Seems like today people are only wanting to send me links to contests. No words; just links. I'm sorry but that's annoying, the least you can do is say; hey would you mind stopping by & rating this.... but nope they just send a link. Then I'm getting pestered about my "4 My Eyes Only" folder... it's exactly what it says dear ones.... "4 MY EYES ONLY" stop asking please. Finally, as I'm hung over & cranky today; don't ask to be added to my Family List. Obviously if you're not already there; there's a reason. The only folder marked for "Family" are of my precious little ones & well as any parent should be overly protective of them I am 100x's worse. My Family list are of people I adore & are "real" friends. So really if you think being a Family member gets you into the Private folder; it doesn't. I have Fubar up but I'm not really paying it much attention at the moment. I've had plumbing problems today w
A Tradgic Death In My Family
There has been a tradgic death in my family today. My man's youngest son Devlin past away today due to a fire this morning in his mother's home.Please understand I would go into more detail but I'm getting very teary-eyed. R.I.P. Devlin Austin Peters 1/3/07-7/27/07 You Touched Us In So Many Ways Baby Boy,You Are Very Well Loved,and Will NEVER be forgotten. MMFWCL
Getting Custody Of My Son
I got this mail from a friend on another site and now I want to see if I can get custody of my son. My question to my friends here is do y'all think I have a leg to stand on to get him. I have been working the same job over a year and have a house that he can have his own room in. I can give him so much more than what he has now. From: Trisina Date: Jul 27, 2007 6:46 PM Subject: RE: RE: Hey Body: Well Elizabeth said that she wanted you to know that he doesn't believe you are his dad. He believes that April's ex Kenny is his dad and Elizabeth says she tries to tell him hes wrong and April just says let him believe what he wants instead of making him upset and argue. She also said that Chris has a very big imagination. He is into gameboys and cars just regular boy stuff. She also said that April has only told her that you just up and left and doesn't want nothing to do with Chris. Elizabeth says she doesn't believe that cause she knows how her mom lies. She also said tha
Inspiring Message
I HOPE YOU"LL ENJOY THIS,JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!!!You are all extremely patient.Love and lightWildcat Click on the picture and enjoy
Stab A Little Slower Please...
So yeah in the last week I had met someone who I thought had long term potential. He would tell me how attractive I was, how he didn't deserve someone like me and how he felt so very much for me. His lines were smooth and his game was good. He invited me to meet his mother and let me drive his car. He told me he was falling for me. I thought maybe after all the frogs I had found my prince. Then the hairs on the back of my neck started twitching, something wasn't right. There would be holes in his stories. Then the bomb dropped. I wasn't the only one that he had said these lines to. Another girl e-mailed me and let me know. We teamed up and figured that maybe there is a third. I feel hurt, lied too, and wishing that I could find it in me to trust again. I know that all men aren't like this, or at least I hope not. But along the way my heart is getting broken into smaller and smaller pieces that I wonder if they could ever mend.
What Women Want
I Am On A New Porn Boxcover!!!
Checkout my new boxcover here: Post a comment on my blog! Misty Haze
Our First Meeting
OUR FIRST MEETING After talking with this special lady for about two months on the phone, the internet and text messages, we begin to talk about meeting for the first time. While talking to her on the internet one evenning things begin to heat up.....there has always been an attraction from the very beginning.....I start to tell her that, I think if and when I met you in person I wouldn't even say a word....I would just take you to the closest private place and just have my way with you......and not speak at all! Surprisingly she responds...WOW...ok..thats a turn on. That would be so freak'n sexy wouldn't it? YES..It would be. I thought you would like that, because I do....and we are so much alike. I like it...verrrrry much she replies....something about just letting go and loosing control huh? Then she says tell me more.....well lets see.....I would lead you to a secluded room or place and there I would start to kiss you passionatily......kissing your neck and suckin
Disclaimer: This humor does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either myself, my company, my friends, or my cats; don't quote me on that; don't quote me on anything; @copy; Copyright (C) 2007, 2007 Crazysane; all rights reserved; this document is distribution copyrighted to the extent that you may distribute this posting and all its associated parts freely but you may not make profit from it or include the article or parts of it in commercial publications, or as part of any fee-based services or products; further redistributions only allowed unedited and in its entirety by electronic transfer (anonymous FTP, Gopher, WWW, Mail servers, and IRC), storage media, and printed copy as long as this notice is included and no monetary fee is charged; warez list subject to change without notice; text is slightly unintentional and coincidental; all models are over 18 years of age; dry clean only; do not bend, fold, or mutilate; anchovies or jalapeños added to mp3 list upon request; your m
Checking In
Well all Its Sunday morning & Im sitting on my laptop in the Hotel in Ohio. As most of u know, were here with our son (14) his team "Indiana Blazers" are playing in the world series for their age group this weekend. Yesterday we won 2, & lost 1... We have 2 more today. 1 game at 3:30 and the last @ 6pm. I will try and get on again tomorrow to return some loves that ya all left me over the weekend. If I owe ya some rates, please email me and let me know, and ill glady do my best to get it returned :) Wish us luck....... hugiies everyones.... loves ya, Debbie
Random Facts. In the 1400's a law was set forth that a man was not allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb". Many years ago in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only... Ladies Forbidden"... and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. It is impossible to lick your elbow. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king in history: Spades - King David Hearts - Charlemagne Clubs - Alexander, the Great Diamonds - Julius Caesar 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Question: If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"? Answer: One thousand In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes the mattress tighten
The Speech Bush Should Make
: JUST PASSING THIS ALONG... We all have our disagreements with President Bush. Immigration, U.S. Attorney firings, Iraq, Darfur, etc. are all hot topics these days. The following "speech" was written yesterday by an ordinary resident of Maine. While satirical in nature, all satire must have a basis in fact to be effective. An excellent piece by a person who does not write for a living. Sent with the author's permission. The speech George W. Bush SHOULD give: Normally, I start these things out by saying "My Fellow Americans." Not doing it this time. If the polls are any indication, I don't know who more than half of you are anymore. I do know something terrible has happened, and that you're really not fellow Americans any longer. I'll cut right to the chase here: I quit. Now before anyone gets all in a lather about me quitting to avoid impeachment, or to avoid prosecution or something, let me assure you: there's been no breaking of laws or impeachable offenses in this offic
Just watched this movie last night with a friend... Not released in the movies yet (Pirated Copy!) hehe Kick azz thriller, suspence, mystery... with Samuel L Jackson, John Cusack. Be sure to check this out when it releases! Awsome!
Asshat?????????? Wtf
ok in a mumm i posted today some guy called me an asshat. any one care to tell me what that means
Peoplelive In P
Live in Love and Peace like the THE movie PAST it FOWARD very good one everyone needs to see it.. LOVE to ALL PEACE
Tonight Is Boring :(
I am lonely lol.. no one as come in or anything!! picked up one person from the airport though.. made 10 bucks in tips haha.. and thats about it.. did my work... :( now im bored :( :(:( sooo i guess i'll cry a fuckin river.. lol but all guys are doin for me tonight is pissing me off! haha oh well
There is nothing that one can say when a real man is able to take a woman and make her see and feel heaven all around her, with the simple touch, a tender kiss, and the respectful way he makes love to her. How you kiss a woman from head to toe before making her stream of desires, her anticipations heighten, and her soul explode with delight until she becomes one with the heavens and all the glories of what life has to offer in a mere moment in time, tells a woman more than any words could say.
ive been gettin alot of smack on here with people because m not leaving comments on there adult pics.. im not a whore so im not going post ur so big etc lol ive read numerous comments on peoples pages women are acting like whores i swear none btw are on my list ..i mean come on now u get ur rocks off by that plz.. im not on here to comment that way srry if u dont like it then oh not like alot of women on here yea i may have adult pics on here but doesnt make me a whore .om srry if i come off as a bitch im not and those who know me can vouch for that ..i think that also there are alot talk on here when wpomen post on guys pics lol they post same damn thing on another guys page how stupid can you be this site is just to much maybe i should start pervin on guys act all cheesy and desperate..
Just Another Fantasy....
You stand above me like a god, god’s gift to me even. I am lying on my back legs spread wide and eyes locked onto your beautiful flawless body… You pull me up a bit and my mouth meets your abs… I gently brush my wet lips over your tummy until I reach the waistline of your boxers… you laugh and I see a big smile take over your face, I think I just may have found your ticklish spot… I see the bulge in your boxers get bigger and I am so eager now to taste you… I slowly slide your boxers down to the floor I gasp at your size a lot larger than I had imagined you to be. I firmly grab your hard cock and begin to lick tiny circles around the head umm tasting your precum is a tease but I like it… and as I take you fully into my mouth you pull at me to stand… I release you and stand up facing you looking strait into your eyes, you take my hand n put it to your chest our colors look so good together your dark chocolate skin against my powder white skin, I never knew those two tones could look so
Blindfolded Part 1
You see me and smile, before being you are blindfolded, and feeling your hair tugged back, as you release a sigh, my hands straddle down your arms to your wrists then bound them to bed posts. Your breathing quickens in anticipation. Your tender inner thighs feel the warmth of my palms seductively caressing your skin all the way down to your ankles, and your soft silky belly begins to perspire and quiver at my touch... Your breasts are aching to feel my tongue, your nipples standing firm and erect- yearns to be sucked, but instead you feel my teeth gently scraping them which arouses your pussy even more, Your nipples, now hard, and bright red, to match your succulent pussy lips, melting in your juices. You next feel the cold steel and a pinching sensation to your throbbing nipples as I clamp each one up tight...One slap to your ass, then two..jolts your mind and body to a quiver again...My tongue is thirsting to caress your fair sweet pink lower lips, but I hold back teasing you , unti
New Leveling Name
Just wanted to let everyone know our name leveling name will be SHADOW LEVELERS
Is It To Much To Ask Just To Be Happy?
I often wonder if its too much to ask to be happy. Is it too much to ask for once in your life to get something that you want, with the same thing in return? I dont know if people that arent happy just like to make everyone else's life miserable...I'm tired of trying to get what I want because for some unknown reason it always seems to backfire on me. I guess I am not trying hard enough. I guess I wear my feelings on my shoulder, and should just keep them inside. I guess its time to change, time to quit trying...just maybe for once....I will give up...I guess its time for me to be the quiter...I have given myself to much room for mistakes and broken hearts in the past that I am just gonna stop trying....Tired of mind games, tired of the lies, tired of being a pawn is someones game of chance....Its time to make a change and that time is now. :-(
Fair Warfare
germany is an intergenerational war zone. the generations repulse each other with a most stirring vengeance. and since there is no such thing as a generation, age constantly threatens to just simply split this place every which way. germany is not just a war zone, but one in which the front line can emerge at any given place at any given time. it resembles a civil war after the fighting still seemed to be controlled by anything like an agenda, after the sendero luminoso can no longer spell mao’s name and has become an ordinary crime syndicate. the hostilities have been raging since the end of the last world war. quite understandably, for several decades, the party affiliations, committed or witnessed atrocities, the cacophony of prejudices and excuses, and the awkward silence caked over it all made hanging with mom and pop (and the grandma and –pa) less than fun, nice, safe, let alone politically opportune. that should have cleared up a bit with time, one would think. but the antago
Scratch And Win (for The Ladies Only)
Get your own own Tagged Cherry Coke widgets
Don't Read This!
Don't read this! Because this, quite frankly, is probably about you. If you know me and what I do, then you will understand this a little better but will still probably be offended. The ones that don't know me will definitely think I'm a conceited asshole. I needed to write this fucking thing out, so blow me. You don't have to read it. Part of the problem with excellence - working harder and being better - is that often you cannot identify with people who have not. Now I'm not necessarily talking about poor people. In fact, many rich people out there fell ass backwards into their comfort - "old money", models and some athletes - are the EXACT people I'm talking about. They didn't earn any of it. Some pretty face was the result of a cosmic dice roll. Enough people screw and eventually you'll get a hot result. Same thing with many athletes. Genes and Gatorade got them where they are. They didn't DO anything to get what they get, just show up and give someone your d
More Observations On Profile Pics
So I was just browsing the pics of people using the "I'm Bored" method. I see so many of those webcam pics from above with either the woman looking up to make her eyes look bigger or the camera looking down her bra/top to show her cleavage (which head on probably isn't that great) that it's getting irritating. Years ago I had the same reaction (and still do) whenever I see a "Glamour Shot"). Ugh. Just be yourself....sheesh. While I'm bitching, I might as well throw this in here too. If you have a username with "69" in it, it's annoying. Frankly, anyone who DOESN'T like that position is weird, so why broadcast that you do? Unless of course you were BORN in 1969. Then I forgive you :)
looking @ My Shows stash I see Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll OMG! I'm 41 & I still enjoy the ahem finer thingz in life...
He's Going The Distanceeeeeeee
So it's now official I have registered for the 2007 fall semester.But Joe, what courses are you taking? I will surely die if you do not tell me!Well concerned reader, I am taking the following:Digital Art IIAnimation IEnglish Comp. 102Applied Media IGraphic Design II can't tell you how excited I am to be starting school again and I'm really really really ( Did I mention really? ) excited to be able to be creative again. I feel like I've involuntarily taken a sabbatical from art and I want to get back to it in the worst way.Speaking of the worst way, the grandparents ninja attacked us once again. She gave Max ( The dog) a present because he turned 11. This was very nice of them and Max was more than happy to walk around proudly with a severed stuffed cat head with a rope handle on it. I walked them to the car...GM: (That's short hand for Grand mom not General Motors):We should buy a Winnebago and park it in your drive way and live there. Wouldn't that be great?Me: Yeah...that would be
Hey There Delilah!
Who is this Delilah chick and why do I have to have her song stuck in my head this morning?!?!?!? Ugh! I need more coffee.
No Very Happy
So I'm not very happy today...Well If you didn't know..I am a nurses aide..& Today they told me that I had to take out all my visable piercings except my ears...I don't really wanna...But I do like my job..& I can't really afford to lose it...So I took them out...Now the only thing i have pierced is my belly button & ears....Not very happy
Lock Yer Dores!!
Lock Your Doors Please warn everyone you know about this......Don't let it happen to you or someone you love................ WARNING - LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!! Be sure you lock your doors and windows at home! A man was found dead in his home over the weekend. Detectives at the scene found the man face down in his bathtub. The tub had been filled with milk, sugar, and cornflakes. A banana was sticking out of his butt. Police suspect a cereal killer.
Poems I Create
Poems i create, may be real or fake, but they are from the heart, and mine to take, i share what i feel, some friends fates i do seal, but if you want me to be real, take the time to get to know me, and you will see, the real me, heart so intense, feelings so dense, emotions put to the test, ill make you forget all the rest, for a loving heart, is the way to start, as a friend, i do tend, to care too much, to each as own and such, i like all my friends a bunch, you are all special in your own way, hope you all are here to stay, so smile or cry, but dont ever ask why, i am me, what you see, im for real and true, some of my poems will make you feel blue, but others will make you feel happy too, so here is a hug, a tender kiss, and a wish, that you all find love, as he hands it out from above, a friend to the end, endless love for me to send....................
It Isn't Wat You Think It Is
Er Um I Thought This Was An Adult Site
ok so um ROFL!!! was ur mummy mean to you when u were a kid LIKE SERIOUSLY if ur problem is with me no need to bring my friends into it fukn WANKERS!!!!!!!!
I Apprecaite The Luv Weed Giver
**giggles** well this is true ur a cheeky lil fuker aint u lololololol
Wtf Is The World Coming To?
Copied from a Myspace bulletin - so shoot me!! but come on...I can't be the only one that thinks this is fucking hilarious and kinda sad and pathetic all at the same time!!! Can I???? VEGANS SHUN SEXUAL CONTACT WITH CARNIVORES! WELLINGTON (AFP) - They say you are what you eat, and growing numbers of vegans are shunning sex with meat-eaters because they see them as "a graveyard for animals", a New Zealand researcher says. These vegans not only refuse to eat meat or animal products but refuse to have sexual contact with meat-eaters because their bodies are made up of dead animals, the researcher was reported saying in The Press newspaper on Tuesday. Annie Potts, co-director of the New Zealand Centre of Human and Animal Studies at New Zealand's Canterbury University, said she coined the term vegansexuals during her research. She discovered the vegansexuals while interviewing 157 vegetarians and ethical consumers for a study. "It's a whole new thing -- I have not c
The Sound Of Dead Heart
Ever hear a freight train crash or jump off it's tracks to avoid a crash? It's screeching sound piercing the atmospher and commanding the space of all that's near it... The force of all the weight behind it pressing forth, twisting and destroying the once solid sturdy frame... I heard that sound today except it was in my head and in my heart. The tracks switched, with no notice or warning. All that's left now is the debris and aftermath of a once solid and sturdy frame. How do you stop a frieght train with just your hands?
When The Smoke Clears??
so everything i have been through in the past 5 years has taught me wonderous lessons.. i lost myself for soo long, that sometimes thought that death was only possible escape.. the only thing that ever kept me goin was the thought that the one person that almost destroyed me would raise my lil boys to be men like him.. that will not happen in my lifetime!! After the constant harrassment, claiming it was all becase he wanted to know how his boys are doin.. well now he is free and has he made even one attempt to call to check on them...NO... so now i know it was all just fucking head games.. tryin to make ME feel guilty for the way HE treated me!!! well one thing i have to say to him on that.. Go Fuck Yourself!!! I can honestly believe now in my heart that i tried to work past things, i tried to make things work for the sake of my boys having a family, but when the unit as a whole is diminishing on your beliefs and teaching your children the wrong way to treat people it is time to let go
Friend is what i call a person who cares.They go by there word.They do not stick you in the back when you are not looking.They also help you out ,when you need something.They do not try to control you.They let you be who you are.Do you know i only got afew,and they are here in fuber is'nt that sad.I can count them on both hands.You all know who you are.this blog is for me,and if you do not like it do not read it.I just get sick of people thinking they are god.There is only one god,and he know's who he is.I'am going to end on that.but to you who know who you are much love....... Philburg360 Dirty Sout Crew 4-Life I also want to say thanks to a new friend,you know who you are... Thanks for your time
*~fun With Yahoo - Session 18~*
crzyb: hello PiercedQT: Hi PiercedQT: Uhm, your weiner is hanging out in your picture. It looks like it's about to attack! *Runs for cover*. crzyb: oh I know lol crzyb: I have got to be honest. I want to play with you PiercedQT: What do you want to play? Pin the tail on the donkey? Can you be the jackass? I'll the be pinner. crzyb: works for me crzyb: can I drive down there in my sexy car and meet you PiercedQT: Sexy car? Sounds more like you'd rather screw your tail pipe than me. I'm sad now. crzyb: ummm lol I should say fast car crzyb: how would u respond if I went down on u? PiercedQT: I'd be all like "Hello, I love you, Won't you tell me your name." crzyb: haha you are cute/sexy crzyb: can I go down on you>> PiercedQT: Go Go Gadget Tongue! crzyb: I love using my tongue crzyb: can I meet you now? PiercedQT: No, I have my period. That would put a damper, no pun intended, on the situation. crzyb: oh
What Other Importaint, Offten Used, Deffinitions...
What other importaint, offten used, deffinitions am I missing?... DEFFINITIONS: 1) BBW = Big Beautiful Women/Woman 2) BF = Boy Friend 3) BFF = Best Friend Forever 4) PM = Privet Message 5) TY = Thank You 6) BRB = Be Right Back 7) BBL = Be Back Later 8) BBS = Be Back Soon 9) TTYL = Talk To You Later 10)TTYS = Talk To You Soon 11)GF = Girl Friend 12)YW = Your welcome 13)IDK = I Don't Know 14)OMG = Oh My God/Goodness 15)OMG - OH MY GOSH/GAWD 16)STFU - SHUT THE FUCK UP -----------------------------------------------------
Blinded By Cocks
Here is how a conversation went last night and it really made me laugh: SHOUTBOX: Him: You want to add me so you can see my pics *wink*? Me: Hi, glad to see that you enjoy formal introductions! Him: Oh sorry...Hi. K. Sent it. Now add me. (Knowing what he wanted to show me, I accepted anyway). Me: Let me guess. You want to blind me with the magnificent Cock that you carry between your legs? LOL. Him: Hehe Tell me which one is your favorite. So I scroll through the sea of cock pictures. In my head, Im judging and making notes...thinking: Ample length, good body, the head isn't purportioned to the shaft though. Not quite veiny enough. It's too bulbous below the head. The curve is hardly there..kinda boring. Hairy balls....never good. I come back to the shoutbox Me: Yep. Its a dick alright! LOL Him: Which one is your favorite? Me: Probably the one that doesn't have come all over your hand. Him: If you were here, how would you clean me up? Me: Ummm
The Sound Of Silence (echo...echo...echo)
The sound of silence can be a great sound. Or not sound? Which is it? Who cares! All I know is, as of about 2 hours ago the last of my 3 kids left for vacation! One left Monday, one last night and one this morning.....yippppppeeeee! I will be working on my tan with no tan lines. I will sleep in. I will not answer my door. I will read a book. I will dance naked in my living room singing at the top of my lungs. I hope to be able to chat with Martin as much as possible. I will enjoy life! Sound like fun? I think so. Well, it is time for me to go work on my tan. Ciao!
ok 4 all u who keep askin.... ok just because im signed on does not mean im here.... 1) give me a chance to check my mail 2) i could be haveing problems with fubar 3) i could just not wanna talk 4) pre occupied else where like yahoo and i just dont have fubar up 5) i just dont give a fuck.... 6) ok i could be smokeing.... ok this is just like who gives a fuck... anyhow u get my drift....ok sorry going for a smoke...yes im in a pissy mood so rate all my pics tell me how u love them so and maybe i will be in such a better mood..ok antie is callin me so i will return... have a happy day..ha... later......... tongue.... ooh p.s love ya all....
Mi Corazón De Hermanos
(esta canción es dedicada a mi hermano. y a la puta que robó su corazón) mi hermano tiene un corazón grande él es el mejor amigo para tener aún su corazón estuvo roto fue roto el primer día la encontré ella era dulce como un ángel aún a puerta cerrada ella era la serpiente de mentiras Mi hermano sufrió tanto su corazón está roto ahora por esta bestia él pensó que él amó lo advertimos de ser seguro le dijimos miran su espalda pero ella lo apuñaló por ello ahí mismo a su corazón mi hermano sufrió tanto su corazón tomado por una serpiente entonces corté su cabeza de su cuerpo y hecho la serpiente comen una serpiente mi hermano tiene un corazón grande él es el mejor amigo para tener aún su corazón estuvo roto por una serpiente quién está muerto ahora la noche que la matamos ella intentó todas sus mentiras aún cuando cerramos las puertas ella era una serpiente de mal mi hermano sufrió tanto su corazón está roto ahora por esta serpiente que e
(fucking Sadness)
My Great Aunt passed away yesterday. She was 100. And PLEASE don't say at least she had a long life. :(
Want To See Who My Real Friends Are
Well the last few month's have been tough and I just want to see who my real Friends are so Im deleting my List Friends Family and Fans If you are a friend please comment or let me know by f-mail or just readd me Love to all My Friends who have been there for me the last 3 Months I know you will be there after this :)
Just Us Two Till The End......
Something I Like
I LOVE when women take pix with their fingers IN or NEAR their mouths. Usually it means they're thinking naughty thoughts, they have an oral fixation, just teasing, etc.. whatever it is.. I LOVE IT! >;)~ Favorites (that were done FOR ME: La*La
Sheriff Joe Of Maricopa County, Arizona
Update on Joe Arpaio TO THOSE OF YOU NOT FAMILIAR WITH JOE ARPAIO HE IS THE MARICOPA ARIZONA COUNTY SHERIFF AND HE KEEPS GETTING ELECTED OVER AND OVER THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY: Sheriff Joe Arpaio (In Arizona) Who created the "Tent City Jail": He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them. He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights Cut off all but "G" movies. He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects. Then He Started Chain Gangs For Women So He Wouldn't Get Sued For Discrimination. He took away cable TV Until He found out there was A Federal Court Order That Required Cable TV For Jails. So He Hooked Up The Cable TV Again Only Let In The Disney Channel And The Weather Channel. When asked why the weather channel He Replied, So They Will Know How Hot It's Gonna Be While They Are Working ON My Chain Gang
Attention Levelers
My Daily Grind Pictures
Ok here it is, My daily grind pics are not of me. they are of sailors and soldiers that are going away overseas. They are of the units i train and evaluate. They are not for public view, and dont just think since ur not able to see them i dont like ya. or ur not my friend. this is my Career and i love what i do. I love my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. hope u all understand, and respect my choice to not make these photo's public
Lonely In Las Vegas?
Believe it or not . . . I am! When I got here I was surrounded by my family, Heck - At one point it was over whelming! (five of them against one of me) 5 of them talking to me at once ... asking questions (etc)... So I drop them off at the airport late last night ... And it was sad. I go across the (US) Country to see them for the first time in 5 years and Just get flooded with the joy of seeing everyone - NOW - I'm surrounded by everything thats 'them' I mean their whole house is made up of 'them': Pictures Clothes Animals Books All little reminders of this adorable loving family ... and their quirks! My sisters cleaning compulsion is seen and noticed as I look around and note nothing out of place. My Bother-in-laws Half started home projects that were clearly disrupted by the 500 tape/disc of movies that is his own pre-occupication! lol My three beautiful nieces personal effects like: Madisons books placed around t
Seriously Now.
who the hell does a shot of crown royal??
Who Murdered The Mums?
i have been watching people cry for two days over something ,i have been watching for a week. they are cleaning up the mums,new rules new standards.not what i like, but what ever.(just wanna know the rules.) but the people that are crying out the noobs killed the mums.are the same people who helped throw them in the marking other people out of spite,then say a noob did it,we all know your average noob is just easy meat,and normally has no idea what is up untill its too late.or by making hate mums,or comments that are on a personal level,instead of keeping the attack on the mum.then taking attacks out of mums all together and going to someones page for ammo.or to attack there sb or comment page. so scream as loud as you can "the noobs killed em".but your not fooling us that know .you did too.
Life After Loss
Needing People
The only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs. don't let your feelings fool you. if someone wanted to be in your life, they would make the least bit of effort in putting themselves in your life rather than pushing you aside when you have done nothing but good for them, but if they want to remove themselves from your life... simply, let them. they were never good enough to be in your life anyways.
Ok so i was generous and rated conflick72's pic a 10 and he came back to my page and rated me a 1 thats just damn rude!!!!!
Recovering From Surgey
I had some surgery done yesterday after an incident on a fire scene.I now have a new scar(or shall I say will have) to add to the collection of service related battle wounds. I have a 9 inch long one now along my right side just above the belt line.After removal of the object , 30 internal stitches and 13 external stiches the repair work is done and i am A-OK. My surgeon(who I refer to as DR.Feelgood) gave a script for percocet,so I am not really feeling pain,just some discomfort. Thanks to those that called and sent cards.You lighten My heart and brighten My day.
About Ready To Cry!!
Yesterday, I went to walmart because I wanted a couple tank tops and pj bottoms to lounge around the house in and I'm outgrowing everything. While at walmart, I also picked up some Nair (too lazy and big to worry about shaving lol) and some Ivarest for my son's poison ivy. Walmart is about 20min away.. I'm in VT and Walmart is in NH. I get home.. and the idiot cashier didn't give me my Nair or Ivarest!! My son needed the Ivarest and I had my heart set on doing my legs because it's been a month! AND, I was charged for these items. So, I get back in the car and go all the way back to walmart to pick up the rest of my stuff.. This morning, I decide to check my bank account, I knew how much I should have in there because I'd just checked it yesterday and I'd spent about $20.00 since then. Then I notice Columbia House has charged me 25.94 yesterday.. no big deal, I'm part of their DVD club.. BUT, today, they've deducted ANOTHER 25.94.. that's $52 in TWO DAYS.. Getting ahold of Columbia Hous
you know, it really sucks when people you know create additional screen names just to fuck with you, and then get mad when you answer them. flirt w/ me for 2 weeks, and when I answer back, I'm a dirty whore. Figure that one out. So, for all of you out there who don't know why I won't answer you, there's the reason. I don't know who is really who.
Awww yea dont even start with the "you dont need to exercise" hehehe *poke* I do.. Im seriously out of shape and I really want to tone up. I have alot of flub and I'm what 24.. soon I will be 30. Soo if I've always wanted that smooth toned up body nows the time! So yea lets hope I can stick with this! I cut out exercises to do on my own that I will stick up on a piece of cardboard so its easy to look at and make out some rountines and I got a video to do. I want to buy a couple more. I want to make this as fun as possible. Any suggestions?? On diet, or excises to do, videos to look into??? A partner lol! Its soo much more fun with someone but *sigh* that wont happen unless we do it on cam... that would be too funny. Ahh anyways I'm just rambling now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
Doesn't anyone want to jump off a cliff with me? none of my friends and family wanna do it. Makes me a sad panda.
Is There An Interest?
Is there an interest for a new BDSM info group? No Drama, No games, No crap... just info and stories about the lifestyle.
A Big Thank You
I just want to take a moment to thank all my friends and family for being there this week for me. It's been especially rough, but you all have stood beside me and made me smile through it all. I have fortunately got to know a few of my friends a little more through this all and even gained some great new ones! I'm so appreciative of everything you all do for me. I haven't been keeping up on my thank yous for gifts or messages and i'm sorry about that. I will get better this coming week. However all the gifts and messages do make me smile and I thank you all so much! Much luv and respect, Jackie AKA Irish Sweetheart
Fake People
So I'm sick of people who are nothing but two-faced a**holes... You talk to someone and start to think "wow maybe this really is a good person" but then when it comes right down to it the reality of it all hits you in the face and you start to see them for the ass they really are.... Are there any decent people left in this world?? Wish someone would prove to me that there are.....
Sunday Greetings!
Thought I would blog a few lines as a break from applying make-up, lol! We dance at 4:30p.m., "we" being the Sparta Bellydancers!! I never wear this much make-up - I look like a 2-bit hooker who can't figure out where her corner is! This is more paint than I wear all year! I still haven't tried to use false eyelashes, lol. But I do glue rhinestones by my eyes with eyelash glue. Looks neat but my skin doesn't recover for a week or so, lol. Takes me forever to get my coin jewelry on - necklace, earrings, 2 anklets, 2 bracelets. I really jingle - and this is without my hip scarf with all the coins. I make a racket just walking! Yes, I need to take pictures, I know! I really don't look like Maggie with this get-up on and all this make-up. I have a very Gypsy-like look - like I should be reading Tarot cards or something, lol! Maybe some palm reading?? I am in a strange place today. I hate when the energy and Retrograde combine to really mess with a person! Wish me luck! No w
Again Im Blocked
wellI thought Id start doin this for fun, I think its funny when people get mad at me in mumms then come to my shoutbox and block me.......what can I say Im bored! Sumer Luv ...: well u dont need to be so mean with ur comment on my mumms and its my page if I want to post my kids on it I will now back off ->Sumer Luv ...: its an adult site, no need for kids, to many perves on here Sumer Luv ...: whats urproblem like I said Im bored
How Do I Do This
A patient of mine died this evening. I am about to go talk to her family. I am not sure how to do this, but I have to. Will anyone come with me???
Update On Japp
well i went to the hospital and got to see japp for the first time and shes doing good! the doctor told her as long as the test results come back good she can go home tomorrow!! he said him and someone looked at them and they looked ok to them but they want the head person to look over them so lets all keep our finger's crossed that they are good so she can go home tomorrow!! Thanks again for the sweet messages you guys sent me!! hope yall have a great week!! xoxo
A Reason For All Seasons
Yesterday, I was sitting in a small conference with some people, discussing writing opportunities. As some of you may know, there is the possibility of a general strike by the WGA later this year. This has lead to some minor excitement in my life. In order to prepare for the possibility of this strike, the studios, networks, et al., are stockpiling scripts. This has provided me with a lot of work doing coverage, with the additional possibilities of doing some script doctoring for things that they are trying to rush into production. Naturally, if the strike does occur, the only thing that I will do is coverage. Mind you, I am not pro-Union by any means, especially with unions of the elite, but, because I do want to eventually write screenplays on my own, during a strike, I won’t write for sale. If I did take advantage of that opportunity, it could very well prove to be the only one that I had. People who write and sell during a strike are very much considered “scabs.” The WGA has a long
What Could Go Wrong
Well lets start off on friday. It all started when i went to check the mail. I had noticed a paper that said Delinquent taxes your house is going for sheriffs sale. I grabbed the paper and ran into the house. I picked up the phone and called the courthouse. I yelled and screamed at the poor lady and she said read the address again to me. After i read it back to her i noticed one thing. It was meant for the house one street over. What a relief that was. About 15 minutes later I heard a banging at the side of my house and the power went out. When I Ran outside to check I noticed a 6 foot black guy removing my meter from my house. First thing i said was What the fuck are you doing to my house mother fucker. He tells me I'm late paying my electric bill. I said That i didn't recieve a shut off notice or anything. He tells me it was mailed out. They don't send them certified anymore, they rely on regular mail. So what else was left but pay the bill. After The bill got paid and the power was
Going Down Fighter Pilot Style
Pierre, a brave fighter pilot, takes his girlfriend, Marie, out for a pleasant little picnic by the River Seine. It's a beautiful day and love is in the air. Marie leans over to Pierre and says, "Pierre, kiss me!" Our hero grabs a bottle of Merlot and splashes it on Marie's lips. "What are you doing, Pierre?" says the startled Marie. "I am Pierre the fighter pilot! When I have red meat, I like to have red wine!" She smiles and they start kissing. When things began to heat up a little, Marie says, "Pierre, kiss me lower." Our hero tears her blouse open, grabs a bottle of Chardonnay and starts pouring it all over her breasts. "Pierre! What are you doing?" asks the bewildered Marie. "I am Pierre the fighter pilot! When I have white meat, I like to have white wine!" They resume their passionate interlude and things really steam up. Marie leans close to his ear and whispers, "Pierre, kiss me lower!" Our hero rips off her underwear, grabs a bottle of
In Memory Of My Son & His Wife Today
My Oldest Son & His Wife were murdered on Aug 6th of 1994.They have been gone 13 years today.They left behind a beautiful little girl who will never know them but will only know of them.She will be 14 August the 23rd.August the 23rd is even his birthday.He never got to see his little girls first b-day nor his 18 b-day.May they rest in peace now.I will forever miss them both & will never get over the day they were taken away.Part of my heart died that day with them both.
I Have Reached....
My 1 yr anniversary here on Lost Cherry, Cherytap and Fubar. I am still only lvl 20. Anymore it seems like this site is about money and who has the most of it to buy everything or have someone buy it for them. I havent had but 1 new friend request in 3 days. Yes I know I do have VIP but a friend got that for me. I have friends that are godfather because they could afford to buy blasts,happy hours and have major contests to get them there. I am a poor white girl that does good to put food on my table. Anymore if you arent in a family to help you then entering a contest is a waste of time. It's turned into Contests and Big Families. Oh well I am here to have fun and meet new ppl. Not to be popular or a Godfaher. I am just ranting so pls dont take offense.
Nice, Real Nice
So I get a friends request today and they ask me to sign their guest book. No big deal right and then this girl starts this conversation with me. Now I dont post things people say to me unless it is ridiculous and I think you will agree. Mother of 3 25 years old!
A Story
Take Some Time and actually Read this this is a GUY TALKING... ITS 7TH GRADE... I stared at the girl next to me...She was my so called 'best friend'... I stared at her... Long, silky hair... And I wished she was mine... But she didn't notice me like that... I knew it... After class she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before... And I handed them to her... She said 'thanks'... And gave me a kiss on the cheek... I wanted to tell her... I want her to know that I don't want to be 'just friends'... I love her but I'm too shy to tell her... And I don't know why... IT'S JUNIOR YEAR... My phone rang... On the other end it was her... She was in tears... Mumbling on and on about how her love had broken her heart... She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone... So I did... As I sat next to her on the sofa... I stared at her soft eyes... Wishing she was mine... After 2 hours... A Drew Barrymore movie... And 3
Please Rate
CUTE-O-METER (Come on God help me out with this lol) Post this and watch the answers you get sent back to you in your messages!!! If you don't repost your a scaredy-cat and you will have relationship problems for 5 years. So post it now. -2= Nasty -1= Ugly 0= Not Ugly 1= Almost Okay 2= Okay 3= Average 4= Cute 5= Really Cute 6= Beautiful/Handsome 7= Gorgeous 8= Sexy 9= Incredibly Sexy 10= Breath Taking 11= Me you bed noww 12= Come Fuck the shit out of me ...Which one do you think I am? Tell me in a message. Then, repost this as: "Cute-O-Meter
Bouncer Id Check
Right now there is a high security in Fubar. As quoted from WildHorse: "They initialized the technology to combat the people running scripts on the site.. Please bare with and as soon as they beat the scripts they will loosen the screws some" Until we can get everything settled down please bare with us. We are doing the best we can. Everysite has something like this, but we only have 3 letter codes, its really not a lot when you think about it. Sometimes its on every comment, if its the same comment over and over again it will ask you for it. Sometimes it is just random, anyways we are trying to get it straighten out. Thanks, Fubar Team
im feeling really down today and need my friends, just to be there for me, real friends not sunny day friends
Don't Understand Some People
In 2 monthes it will be my birthday, and while most celebrate or get excited, I don't, I can't. Because it just reminds me that in 2 monthes it will be one year since Tim passed away. And I sit and wonder when the pain ends, or if never when it may subside....just a little. How many days am I gonna cry? How many nights am I gonna go to bed and not be able to fall asleep because I can't not see him when I close my eyes. And how many times am I gonna have a dream that's so real I wake up in a daze and think he's still alive? Only to come back to the reality that I still won't get to see him today, or tomorrow, or ever again. When will I not love him anymore, no scratch that, cuz I know I always will, but when will I not be in love with him anymore? Why isn't he letting me move on? Yes I have sort of, and am going to move on, but not completely. Am I gonna be that girl that spends the rest of her life either alone, because I can't let go, or with someone but not TRUELY WITH them? Yes I re
So Hooray ~ Its OVER ...... Taylor won ! I remain Domicilary parent and her fathers visits have now been cut down by a day. Her father will now owe half of her schooling and I no longer have to communicate with my ex husbands wilda beast girlfriend. Ordered by the court Taylors father MUST communicate with me. Her father was not happy but who cares it is not about him it is about our lil girl... Unfit parent ? Me ...I think not!!!!! What a wonderful day.Iwil lfianlly get a superb nights sleep. WE continue to take Taylor to a couselor and over time hopefully things will improve with the realtionship between father and daughter. If not we shall kick ass ans take names once again Smiles
Boo Boo Is Sooo Sweet **wiping Eyes**
I need all my friends here. I know you all of you go above and beyond what anyone ever expects.Sometimes this place gets very dramatical. Although through the drama there are alot of good people here. Shes wanting to leave and shes a good person. Please help me by everyone going to her page and just loving on her.Let her know that even through the drama that there are those that love and care for people. Shes going to delete her account in a few days please go show her some love.Rate her pictures, Buy her a gift..All I'm asking is to be a friend. LSD's SHELL ~WILL ALWAYS PIMP A/LSD & COOLEST GUY EVER~~STEALING SYN~~@ fubar (repost of original by '♥BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL Founder of Shadow Levelers' on '2007-08-07 14:25:22')
Bad American?
YES, I'M A BAD AMERICAN I Am Your Worst Nightmare. I am a BAD American. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English. I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer. I don't hate the rich. I don't pity the poor. I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or arguing about it. I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven't burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! So, shut up already. I believe if you don't like
Market Amns Says No To New Spicy Gifts
and all this time we was wasting our time that was a bit rude don't like it leave attitude
Stash & Pics
Angel Friend
When I have no one to turn to And I am feeling kind of low, When there is no one to talk to And nowhere I want to go, I search deep within myself It is the love inside my heart That lets me know my Angels are there Even though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my face And the sun begins to shine. I hear a voice, so soft and sweet Saying, 'Everything will be just fine' It may seem that I am alone But I am never by myself at all. Whenever I need my Angels near All I have to do is call. An Angel's love is always true On that you can depend. They will always stand behind you And will always be your friend. Through darkest hours and brightest days Our Angel's see us through They smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue.. Thanks for being my Angel my friend I will be there for you until the end.
A Dying Breed
TO ALL REAL MEN To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy
Remain Miles Apart
Life is getting very bleak I don't think I will find the love I seek The future is seemingly black and I know there is no going back. The chances for success are becoming less and less I have poured out my soul and heart we still remain miles apart. I have exposed the real me for very few to see They will not forget I will probably regret. All I have to offer is me not enough I see My love, heart, help and desire not enough to light anyone's fire Feeling less amused, but totally confused I have lost, so I must let her be there is nothing else to do, I see. But my love for her is so deep it even robs me of sleep I am in so much emotional pain maybe a blade deep into a vein. No, its the way out of the cheat its not me, its not neat To myself I must confess, not leave others to clean up the mess. In the world you can only help a few I only wanted to give her a life that was true There is a lot more to her than meets the eye but she is caged and
How The Hell?!?
so yea how the hell does drinking again cure a hang-over.......... lol i just dont get it the last thing i want right now is a friggin drink!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I dont usually do things like this, but I was already pissed off.. to then come on here and has some dirty perverted asshole start on me because I will not tell him my bra size. He then goes and rates all of my pics a 1, which I can see him doing, Im not one to give a shit about rates I am here to make friends but am FURIOUS about him thinking its ok to just ask me that, and then be such an ass when I dont tell him. He then writes a blog about me saying im an idiot because I should expect it for having large boobs that I show off. Thats pretty much the same is asking to get raped because youre in a mini skirt.. or asking to get a slap because you mouth off.. it isnt right! So what if I wear low cut tops!! Just because i do DOES NOT MAKE ME A PIECE OF MEAT/WHORE!! His profile - THE LICKER...: hi possible say the size of this fantastic bra? just curiosity · THE LICKER *Ric... re-rated you a '1' from a '11'! 23 min ago · THE LICKER *Ric.
A True Group Of Friends
You know it's not every day on a site like this that you come across genuinely good people. Ecspecially being a female and trying to decipher the good guys from the bad guys. It is soooo nice to have friends that are willing to see beyond T&A and are willing to not only listen to the craziness in your life but are there with words of wisdom (Herbie), the best advice (Chuck), a heart of gold (Kurt), more love than you could have ever imagined receiving (Daddy) and will have your back NO MATTER WHAT (Kellz, J-Baby, Tiff and Miss Honie). I can't thank them enough for being there for me at the times when I just needed an ear and to get things off my chest. So, if you got love for me....go show these people some love....they deserve it!
My True Friends
just wanted to find out who my true friends are and who arent!!!!
Since I Met You...
the sun still shines every morning... but the golden ray seems to be more soothing... the birds are chirping their daily symphony... now in perfect harmony... i may be alone but i'm not lonely... thinking of you my heart is in ecstasy... my days are now filled with rainbows... since i met you...
Lying Bastards And The People That Love Them
Well for all of those people who love the military then this guy will piss you off too. apparently my crush here on fubar who has been my friend for 3 years is interested in this guy I'm not gonna put out his fubar name here (flying chevy duck) who claims to have lost his arm in the military yet in his pics which or on his and her site he has both of them and tells her that he rides a motorcycle. I don't think it is possible or legal to ride a motorcycle with one arm. Now I hate lyers but i hate guys who lie about anything that is involved with the military. I served for two years in the Navy and I saw friends of mine get hurt and lose limbs in the service and i was usually right there when it happened. i love my friends and this guy is a slap in the face to anyone who has served in the service. I don't know what to do about this whole situation. I love my friend yet it hurts me to see her dealing with this guy who just lies and gets away with it. She has no clue that it hurts and dis
Heartfelt Confessions Of A Self Proclaimed Nympholeptic
Noun 1. nympholepsy - a frenzy of emotion; as for something unattainable delirium, frenzy, hysteria, craze, fury - state of violent mental agitation I can't say for sure why I'm always drawn back to Klimpt's painting The Kiss when I get like this...why that is the image that I focus on in my head...its not exactly your stereotypical vision of the Cinderella story with the happy ending. Everyone will look at it and see something different. I see perfection, the perfect kiss, the perfect embrace, the perfect setting, the perfect amount on intimacy without indecency. And in the middle of all that perfection I see myself.....not as the perfect compliment to the other elements....but as the woman who can't quite decide if she buys into the perfection, who holds back just enough to not let herself be drawn in, who can close her eyes and recognize how much she has around her but who knows that as soon as she opens them the real world comes rushing back in at her and she's ju
Lifes A Bitch!
could someone please tell me where the justice is?? my landlord jus left here and told me that i had to be out in 2 i guess my time here has been cut shorter than i hope to see u all cum thru and show me sum luv and i wish all of u the best and u r gonna be missed...goodye..much luv kells :(
Miss Ya Girl!
Wow, today really sucked. I had to put my dog to sleep today. Damn, it is one of the worst feelings ever! She was 13 years old and such a good friend! I can't stand how much it hurts. Why do dogs have to have such short life spans? They are our best friends, so loyal, so loving and they show such unconditional love! Where did the time go? I can't believe I got her when I was 20 years old. She had been through so much with me. Always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. It's just so unfair! I will miss you forever my sweet little girl. I know that you are in a peaceful, beautiful place with plenty of squirrels to bark at and chase!! I will always cherish you and your wonderful demeanor! Thank you, Bad VooDoo for being there for me like you always are. You are my rock and I wouldn't know what to do without you in my life! I love you so much! RIP Grizzy Bear!!
Were you ever so pissed you just couldn't pinpoint it? I should be sleeping but I am so angry and frustrated. I know my Character defects are spilling all over the place...and I should be able to control the feelings I have right now..but I just can't. I feel myself being nasty with people I love very much. I am trying not to be a bitch but man it just keep coming to the surface. For anyone I am close to..I apologize in advance for being and asshole bitch psycho. For those who deserve and ass kicking...look out. I better go beat up my pillow for a while..take a good cry and pass out. DAMN what a decade to stop drinking and drugging...
When People Like Me
Im writing this to the person or people that think i dont help anyone. Somehow along the line I think you lost sight in something. To make a statement when people like you help me ill help others. Why should people help you if you arent going to help others. I rate and help level as many people as i can. Don't throw something in my face about helping people. If anyone can honestly say that on every level I have started it hasnt been completed please speak up. But when you got 2,000,000 points to level..DOn't come at me with harsh words about helping you..Oh and by the way where was you when I was actually God Fathering..Nowhere to be found..Oh yeah im venting..Im sorry but we all help alot of people to be told I don't help makes me mad.I deleted the ccomment so noone can go looking to see where it came from....Peace to all and Good Night...
This morning I'm heading to Saugatuck Michigan for a girls weekend with my 5 year old and a couple of other friends. I'll be away from phones and internet until Sunday. Hope you all have a great weekend!
Get The Fuck Off My Page!
->TRUTH OR L...: fuck you asshole TRUTH OR L...: get lost fatty....hope you like being alone ->TRUTH OR L...: I can't believe I added you, but oh well you're gone now TRUTH OR L...: baby gonna block the mean man now? ->TRUTH OR L...: uh yeah when there are lots of them fighting retard TRUTH OR L...: saying war resisters are the real heros "bashes" the troops? are warpped TRUTH OR L...: i bashed a soldier?......get a clue you retard ->TRUTH OR L...: nope I have better things to do in my life that go around bashing soldiers and their wives dumbfuck TRUTH OR L...: uh yeah when there are lots of them fighting retard TRUTH OR L...: saying war resisters are the real heros "bashes" the troops? are warpped TRUTH OR L...: i bashed a soldier?......get a clue you retard ->TRUTH OR L...: nope I have better things to do in my life that go around bashing soldiers and their wives dumbfuck TRUTH OR L...: your husband is a brainw
I Seriously Want To Know.
What has the soldiers personally done to the Americans to be hated so much? I seriously want to know. And what did I do personally to you to deserve such treatment? I get bashers on my page daily and frankly I've had enough of it. I don't usually respond but, seriously I want to know what they have personally done to each and every one of you to make you go against them? Are you really upset with our soldiers or their commander? I love my husband very much and although he sometimes wonders why he's there, he fights hard everyday to save the lives of american soldiers and Iraqi citizens everyday. Why would I let stupid people continue to bash me and him and our heroes that are fighting everyday. I wish people would get a clue and just shut it! I'm tired of not having the support of you so-called Americans that don't know which way is up. I seriously want to know who my friends are on here. If there isn't enough of them then, I'll leave-- I won't stay where me and my husband aren't wa
I'm Sure You've Had Enough From Me.
OK so I've been trying to come up with some way to somehow get people to understand the soldiers and those that love them. So, I'll tell my story. I met my husband when he was a senior in college. Yes folks he has an education! So, your preconceived ideals about people joining the military to pay for college or living the American dream goes all hell out the window. We had not been apart more than 2 weeks the whole time we dated. If I was there he was, if he was there I was. It got to the point that I just stayed with him in the dorms. In December a friend of his, who also has a college education decided that he wanted to enlist. He's wanted to be in the army since he was a child and well, joining the army for him was living out his childhood dream. After a few months of talking, my husband (then my fiance) decided he would join after a long discussion with me and weighing the pros and cons of doing so. His final thought was, "if I join and I get deployed to Iraq, then someone elses l
Name This Movie
Listen to this song. Now name the movie it goes too! The 1st 5 people who tell me gets a platinum cherry!! Hint* Its a 80's movie Common you 80's lovers!!! OHHHH and shoutbox the answer to me please!!! WE HAVE THE 5 WINNERS! It was "The Legend of Billie Jean" CONGRATS to the WINNERS!
I Dont Even Know What To Say About This
another weirdo in my SB bitzpiezes: ever babysat a naughty lil boob-grabber before? lol I really did not know how to respond to this, so I ignored it like most lol
Help !!
This Ends 8-11!
need lots of help on this one: a million comments would be nice :D
As a lot of you notice I'm online a lot and yes I'm in Iraq. I don't ever ask to be treated special because I'm in the military. Truth be told I hate being in the military. I'm in the infantry. I've been to Fallujah and Ramadi and seen my share of shit. I did my share of walking streets and kicking in doors. Who gives a shit if I'm on the internet. I got a scam ass job right now and I'm proud of it. I relax all day in the AC and talk to cute girls on the net.I also pay for my internet. If you've got a problem with me get the hell of my friends list but don't talk shit behind my back you coward. Know this I never talked about a single person on this website behind their back. If you don't like me kiss my ass. I don't care.
My Biggest Mistake
Have you ever said something you didn't mean?? Whether it was from anger, or frustration, or any other emotion....and once its been said, you can't take it back. No matter how much you didn't mean it, its out there now...floating around, drifting above you...and there is nothing you can do...nothing you can reverse the damage that has been done. I did it...last night, I said those awful words....and how I wish I could take them back, but I can't. And I want to talk and work things out, but it won't happen. No matter what words I may say now, the only ones that seem to matter are the ones I spoke last night... I just want to wrap my arms around you, hold you close to not let you go away...
Friends List
if i accidently remove you from my friends list, just add me back, im removing a lot of ppl from my list because they just sit there taking up room and i dont want them there im fed up with a lot of crap on this site and i dont really know why i stay so this is just to let you know, dont wonder why i removed you, because if we do talk, it was an accident, and if we dont talk, then you wont even notice
I get ask what my biggest one is . Which does surprise alot of people. I have decided to just do a blog on it so I am less likely to be asked. For a nice night up in the hills. Having alittle wind blowing where I can feel it in the hot tub creasing my body and feeling it move my hair around alittle. It starts to snow just a tiny bit where I am able to see the stars still . I placed low lite burning candles all around the hot tub. Some of them burn out because of the snow. I can hear some of the wild animals off a ways. Feeling alittle one with nature. The have some nice classical music on just low enough I can hear it but just alittle so I can still hear the wild animals. Someone is with me in the hot tub across from me . They look me in the eyes as they move across to come closer to me. Then once they get close enough they take one hand and cup my face and take the other and hold the back of my kneck . They come in closer while pulling me towards them and start to kiss
Today's Assignment
Starts Sunday Aug 12th @ 10AM(PST) 12PM(CST) 1PM(EST) First 10 people to 20,000 win 7 day blasts First to 50,000 get 30 day blast First to 70,000 gets Happy Hour April is going 4 a 7 day blast so lets help her out :) tastyflutterby {insane asylum rejects #5} You must add, fan & friend the host 2 bomb. Cup Of Joe
Tuck In
I'm not there to tuck you in as you go to bed. I'm not there to fluff the pillow underneath your head. I'm not there to set the clock, or turn the lights down low. I'm not there to smooth the sheets, or play the music, so I guess from here so far away I'll send my words, good night. and pray the other who is there will all night hold you tight. Will comfort you, and snuggle you, and kiss your forehead sweet. and give to you a safety zone in which you'll gently sleep. And when the light of dawn should break and you begin to wake. Well, I will save that just for now... here love, coffee and cake.
I woke up at around 5:30am this morning to realize my mom was going to the Hospital...Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much!
I hired an assistant for this site to help me maintain my sanity. What skills should he have for this position or what should the job description be?. Do you think it's worth the $12 a year he costs? Can you help me get him fanned and rated? And one last thing cuz I know your bored of me already. How do you make someone quit saying "Your Da Man!" OK lets hear it..
A Couple Of Poems
REALITY There is no silver lining The rainbow pot is empty There are no guardian angels To spread their wings over me There is no lucky clover The rabbit foot is a myth The only reality Is the reality of your kiss And that is not forth coming No offer has been made And as the season change So my chances start to fade No blues will be washed away By poem or a song And the road to happiness Is way way too long So the only reality left For me to consider and ponder Is the reality that alone I shall wonder FOR SALE A little girl out on the street Waistband for a skirt Makeup on far too deep All set up to flirt The vendor of this little girl The man who gets the cash Asks her to give a twirl Before he pimps her ass Its a cold wet night little girl Does it help to numb the pain But i guess no one sees the tears little girl When you are crying in the rain A car slows down he takes a look A pleasing smile appears Blue flashing lights, "what the f...
The Countdown Started!
Create yours at! okay... i paid the reservations this last friday on September 24, 5:20pm, the flight AF0415 is going from Ministro Pistarini airport in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.... to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France. And then, the flight AF5104 to Zürich in Switzerland. Lots of changes are comming. I just hope i survive lol
What's Your Hawaiian Name?
Your Hawaiian Name is: Kai Kale What's your Hawaiian Name????
Level Up
To Everyone!
True Friendship
Ever wondered what is the real essence of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed"? People talk about the true value of friendship without knowing what it stands for. True friendship is when there are no formalities; when the person you are talking about is counted as family; when the relation you share reaches a stage that even if you don't correspond for sometime, your relationship remains intact. Best friends need not meet up often to make sure that the friendship remains constant. The trust between best friends is such that if one friend falls in trouble, the other will not think twice to help. If the bond between two friends is strong, true friends can endure even long distances. They find a way of being in touch despite busy schedules. True friendship never fades away; in fact it grows better with time. True friends don't need a posh place to hang out. Their most precious hideout is each others' rooms! True friendship thrives on trust, inspiration and comfort. Best fri
Add Your Name
YOU BETTER ADD YOUR NAME!!!!! JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS. IF YOU ARENT ASHAMED TO CLAIM GOD THEN PUT YOUR NAME ON THIS LIST:. 1.Sharice Harrell 2.Lemar 3.Kyle 4.Teddyo 5.Marlon 6.Jarrad 7.Akeem 8.Mookie 9.Malcom 10. Bradford 11.Radaams 12.Jamiel 13. -el io- 14. Brian 15.Ray. 16.Randall 17.Train 18.Antwone 19.Anthony E. Williams 20. Takeshia Williams 21.Shanise 22.Stemma Miller 23.Chris Richardson 24. Theresa Cephas 25.Kimmy R. 26.Maya Aka Yaya 27.Macquin aka "Q" 28. Brittain 29. CHELSEY 30. Dayvon 31. Cassandra 32. Shavita 33. Sean 34. Bugsy 35. J.O. 36. ELEONOR 37. kaneisha 38. Lil J 39. TiiNa ! 40.Jonathan 41.YVONNE 42.PIFF 43. Isaac 44. RoB 45. brItteRs *I ShOuLd Have BeEn NuMber onE* 46. Kewnna 47.Artesia 48.Shayna 49.Ashley 50.Richard 51.Jeffrey aka Holiday Jeff 52. tiffany ~tiff~ 53. RaHeEm....Rah D 54. Tiffan3y--Tiff- Tiff 55. Arielle-> "Ari" 56. Jasmine 57. Chilly 58. Berenice A.K.A. Bere 59. Jazmine aka Cherry 60.
What Color Is Your Aura?
What Color Is Your Aura? Your Aura is Violet Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world. And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it! The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach What Color Is Your Aura?
Dear Diary
asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. ass + titys!!!!1 asssssssss titys. as
In The Hear You Were Born...
In 1975 (the year you were born) Gerald Ford is president of the US Evacuation of US civilians from Saigon as Communist forces complete takeover of South Vietnam FBI agents capture Patty Hearst, who is indicted and convicted of bank robbery Teamster Jimmy Hoffa disappears without a trace Marines rescue the crew of the American ship the Mayaguez near Vietnam First Lady Betty Ford says in an interview that she thinks her children have tried marijuana Natalie Imbruglia, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Angelina Jolie, and Tiger Woods are born Cincinnati Reds win the World Series Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl IX Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup Production begins on Star Wars Jaws and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are the top grossing films Soul Train premieres on television in the United States "The Way We Were" (performed by Barbara Streisand) wins the Grammy for best song Saturday Night Live and Wheel of Fortun
Lately I been so depressed, and grouchy, and if it seemed like I went off on any of you, very sorry. Just things not going right, and I never meant to take it out on anyone. Just having a very bad month. Well hugs to all my friends.
Brief Monday Evening Greetings!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! Mine was better than my Sunday was, lol, but not by much, I'm afraid. Last week I found out that my nephew, age 38 years, I believe, has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The Docs are in the process of staging him. I know he has several lymph node areas involved, including nodes pressing on his lung/heart. Not sure yet if he has involvement below the diaphragm. He will have a Port put in on Wednesday and begin chemotherapy on Thursday. He and the Docs are very optimistic, so I think he'll do well. I'll offer to send energy, but I'm not sure he'll accept the offer - not sure how he feels about that kind of thing, lol. I AM considered the crazy one in the family, lmao! I'm sending energy, healing and otherwise, to many these days. Lucky for me, I have an overabundance of energy most of the time! Tonight is the official "end of season" bellydancing party, lol! Think we are going to watch our performance at the St. Elias Mediterranean Fes
Some People Need To Learn English
I really don't have all that much to say that is "special" or "earth shattering", but I do want to get one thing off of my chest. If you don't know the difference between they're, there, and their then you should consider not commenting on anyone's pictures and appearing to be a totally illiterate bafoon. This goes for your and you're. Here's a cheat sheet for some of you idiots out there - I suggest you copy and paste from my page. I know it's a long shot that you have mastered copy and paste, but I have to feel I am doing something to help out literacy on fubar. "You're amazing!" - It's not "Your amazing". My amazing what? "They're awesome!" - It's not "Their awesome". Whose awesome what? "I don't know!" - It's not "I don't no". I can't for the life of me figure out a good example for this. See the difference? It would also be great if some of you READ what you post before clicking the submit button. Thanks for helping improve fubar literacy!
GENTLEMEN, IT'S TIME FOR YOUR ANNUAL "AM I GAY?" SELF-EXAMINATION: 1. If you are over thirty and you have a washboard stomach, you are gay. It means you haven't sucked back enough beer with the boys and have spent the rest of your free time doing sit-ups, aerobics, spinning classes (whatever that is) and doing the Oprah diet. 2. If you have a cat, you are a Flaaaaming homo. A cat is like a dog, but gay - it grooms itself constantly but never scratches itself, has a delicate touch except when it uses its nails, and whines to be fed. And just think about how you call a dog... "Killer, get your ass over here!" Now think about how you call a cat... "Bun-bun, come to daddy, snookums!" Jeeezus, you should be in drag, you're so gay. 3. If you suck on lollipops, Ring-Pops, baby pacifiers, or any such nonsense, rest assured, you are a Gaylord. A straight man only sucks on bar-b-que ribs, crab claws, raw oysters, crawfish guts, pickled pigs feet, or tits. Anything else and
I Am A Real Biker,//updated Some..
I Wanted To Let You All Know I Am Fanning All My Friends
The number of fans and friends has grown tremendously since I got here. I understand I may have missed fanning some people along the way. I am taking time now to fan all my friends. If you haven't fanned me yet and would like to, please do. If I haven't fanned you, and you would like me to tap your page let me know. I do not mean to miss anyone. Consider this my fan wave! Thanks! -Sassy Laurie
Check Out The Man In Black U Can Find Roger In My Fan Of
Rest In Peace Mema
The world has lost one of it's most beautiful people with the passing of my grandmother about 1 hour ago. She was the nicest and most compassionate woman anyone would ever know. She was a deeply religious woman who always looked forward to going to church on Sunday's regardless of her health, so she could be with her fellow church member and celebrate the Lord. She has really been suffering in the past few months: having a heart attack, stroke and her leg amputated all since late April. Throughout this time, she continued to be a pillar of strength even when she knew that she wasn't going to be in this world much longer. However, it was finally time for one of God's angels to return home and be in her rightful place in heaven. I will miss you Mema. You youngest grandson have so much love for you and will see you again one of these days when it's my time to leave this Earth. Rest in peace Mema. I know that you are amongst the clouds and soaring with the angels.
New Pole Dance Video Made Last Night
Come by and Check out my newest Pole Dance Video and rate and tell me what you think.. here's the link Lots of Love and Kisses ~Pole Princess~
Words Of Thought
I am off to the dentist and to work. I would however like to ask a few of those who do read this to explain to me why I get ignored by so many on my friends and fans list. Fubar is made up of many people. Some who live on the site, Some who simply stay logged into the site, some who come and go as they please, and lastly some who come for a spell and eventually leave and never return. Lots and lots of folks have good intentions and come to get away from the reality of life. I know i come to make friends but find people to simply discuss life with and talk about day to day stuff. But I do find what little time i have to make new tags and pictures I find fun and different to post. It allows me to show off my artistic side instead of just simple chat and fellowship. So many people request a friendship and make me a fan here that you would think that when you post a bulletin or a picture they would actually come and check out the new stuff. As for me I know one person ha
i saw stuff and junk.
Back To Me....
Cueshe - Back To Me Sometimes I feel like I like I�m all alone Wondering how, what have I done wrong Maybe I�m just missing you all along When will you be coming home Back to me... There were times I felt like giving up Haunted by memories I can't give up Wish that I never let you go and slip away Had enough reasons for you to stay... Can you feel me? See me falling away (See me falling away) Did you hear me? I'm calling out your name (I�m calling out your name) Cause I�m barely hanging on Baby you need to come home Back to me... Sleepless nights Cause you're not here by my side Cold as ice I feel deep down inside Maybe I�m just missing you all along When will you be coming home Can you feel me? See me falling away (See me falling away) Did you hear me? I'm calling out your name (I�m calling out your name) Cause I�m barely hanging on Baby you need to come home When will you be coming home Back
It Friggin Hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok most of you know I went to get my biopsy done today. Let me just say this: IT F*CKING HURTS LIKE F*CKING ALL H*LL!!!!!!! I couldn't leave the drs rite away b/c it hurt that bad, it shouldn't of hurt this bad. I had it done be4 and it was NOTHING like it was this time. I am for one to handle pain but my f*ckin gawd that was horrible! SOOOOOoooo now its a waiting game. I have to wait til Tuesday next week to see what the results were. In the meantime the dr is talking about freezing my uterus. WHAT FUN!*insert sarcasim here* **TEARS** I can't wait til this is all over with!!!!! Peace n luv!
What A Bus Ride............
We'd been together for a long time, and we had found out a long time ago that we both liked dangerous sex. The fear of being caught got us excited. Today was no exception� We were on the bus, it was completely full. She stood facing me near the rear exit. She had on her white skirt, my favorite one. I quickly glance around, and then look her full in the eyes, and there is an unspoken conversation. I keep one hand on the pole to steady myself, and I pinch her left nipple through her shirt with my free hand. She squirms, and I know she wants me to keep going. I drop my hand, and caress her knee. I move my hand slowly up the side of her leg inside the skirt, glancing around ever so often to make sure that nobody sees. I get to her panty line, and I move my hand around the back. She moves her body against me, putting an arm around me. I squeeze her ass, and enjoy the feel of it in my hand, so smooth. I slip my hand underneath the underwear, and run a finger up her
What Does A Woman Want????
When women are looking for a man what is the most important thing about a man? Is it looks, money, package size ( :P ) or what??? Come on ladies let me know........
Does anyone read my profile??
This Is A First
I've never ever ever been mistaken for a man nor have I even been accused of used to being a man. Not one person has ever said I even resemble a man whatsoever. Why are people so damn hateful? Especially those who wear damn sunglasses in an obviously self taken pic. Even if he was cute his personality would make him ugly. But since he's ugly well....I'll just call him Mr. Fugly. I woulda been fine with a 1 instead of a rude ass thing like this. Read from bottom up. Te last one is my reply but he never replied back. Hmmm.... and underneath is the screen shot of what started it. What a loser. I bet he jacked off to it all with his itty bitty teeny weeny pencil dick. That is after using a magnifying glass and tweezers. Then while having a clamp hold that in place so he doesn't lose his spot he used the magnifying glass to find his balls because he obviously doesn't have any since he blocked me right after leaving that question (which he didn't even use a question mark) as a pic comment.
3600 To Level
Well :)
Well holy fuck me running right? Who the hell are you? we saw your pic!! and WELL..... HOT. So we were practically Drooling Like we were lesbians..LIKE we were. Get over it. WOO!
Yes I Am
so i jus learned that one of my "friends" was talkin about me behind my back last night... and people wonder why i have such a hard time trusting... "one cannot be betrayed if one has no one to betray them"... i keep saying im not gonna let any more people in... but i keep deciding this one more person is ok to trust... and i keep being betrayed... youd think id learn, but i guess im just too fucking stupid
For All Those That Ask
I get asked multiple times a day "Why do you only date MILFs? So I am writing this blog to let you all know the answer. I got this name from a t-shirt I bought a little over 2 years ago, I thought the name was funny so I used it on MySpace and people seemed to like it right away. So I have had this name since then. But there is another reason "I Only Date MILFs" and that is I have 3 children myself that live with me fulltime. A women with children herself seems to understand if I tell her "Sorry I can't make it out tonight, my son is sick" or something like that. While the women I have talked to or seen that had no kids didn't seem to understand that and would get mad at me. So it is less stressful for me this way, but if a woman with no kids seems nice and understanding about my situation I might give them a chance.
Second Life
Well I'm out of here.... I've discovered the SIM game 'Second Life' So i just won't be around much, in honesty this place lost it's hold over me a while back. I'll drop in from time to time and say Hello or drop into the Mumms when SL is offline (like it is now) But that's me - this place is enough to bore the tits off me. If you want to get intouch will get me. Love n lite to all Kaz
Rip Gracie My Rottweiler! :(
Friday the 10th of August... I had my beloved Rottweiler put down. She was getting old and I knew it was her time. I struggle daily with the loss of her. I know I did the right thing, but I never said GOODBYE. I regret that. I couldn't handle looking into her eyes one last time, knowing it was the last. I will miss you my loyal GRACIE, I love you and I think of you all the time. I wish I could have been there for you. I hope to see you oneday.
Opinions Here Please
I wanted to come and ask all of you levelers .We have a Fubar that is close to God Fathering.What i need to know is how many will be helping on this. Fornicates needs 133,000 to God Father.Im leaving this to a majority count here. please keep in mind we have ehlped the last 15 to God father but 2 and thats because they slipped by. So please respond with a yes or no on this blog if you will help. Please dont let your answer be based on what she nees we have helped higher amount and much harder ones God Father
Losing My Mind
I so need a vacation just a couple days away from the kids , the dogs, everything . I need a cabin up in the mountains no tv and no people.
We Can't Stop Here! This Is Amazon Country!
So I went over to Dunkin Donuts this afternoon. There was this girl in line in front of me that was an absolute giant! I'm 5' 8" and I came to her shoulder. She had to be over 6 foot.
Part 2
The last time I wrote a blog to you it did me really good so i guess i am writing this for two reasons. The first is to update u on me and open up to you a little more about me. The second is to release the feelings i have been experiencing. One of these days i am gonna write a book i swear. First of all i wanted to let everyone know that i have made some decisions. The first of those decisions is to start writing again. Its amazing how good it feels to write again. I have realized how much i miss it . I always loved writing but i guess since micheal died i was to scared to. I guess that Michealand his wife encouraged me to write and when he died i was to scared to write because i was to hurt. I have never been the type of person to hide my emotions but when Micheal died i was afraid to. I didnt want to show everyone how hurt i was. I thought they would see it as a weakness when in reality it was the most powerful tool i had to get me through the pain i was feeli
Attention All My Friends
HEY ALL I JUST WANTED TO AT LEAST LET YOU GUYS KNOW THAT I AM ALIVE , RIGHT NOW I AM AT THE LIBRARY SINCE I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME..WELL MY LIFE HAS BEEN VERY CRAZY THIS PAST WEEK....MY SO CALLED BOYFRIEND HASNT EVEN LAYED A HAND ON ME LET A LONE A FINGER..PLUS JUST TODAY , I GOT A DIVORCE SUMMONS IN THE MAIL THAT STATES THE INFO BELOW : AWARDING PLANTIFF custody of the unemancipated children of the marriage AWARD PLANTIFF child support , including , but not limited to , a periodic payment , and where appropriate , a child care allowance , health care allowance , and allowance private/ and or college expenses. AWARDING PLANTIFF exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence AWARDING PLANTIFF exclusive use and occupancy of the contents of the marital residence DECLARING PLANTIFF'S seperate property Granting each party the right to resume the use of any maiden name or other pre-marriage surname.....
Doing This On My Own??
I guess in order for any of my friends to help me i have to throw a temper tantrum. But im above doing that, I will get to godmother in time. Its hard to believe that i have as many friends as i do but only a few that are willing to help. but when ppl need help leveling im there for them. how sad is that. if ppl need help in a contest i help them as well. I though that was what friends were for was to help one another, i guess i thought wrong.I have posted bulletins, blogs about wanting to get to godmother and its like im doing it on my own. Ya know thats alright. I will get there.
If Y0u Had Me Al0ne...
Frikkin Fuming
well lets see today a person that at one time thought was a family friend freaked out when we wouldnt answer the door . started knocking on windows then walked out back of our house doing only god knows what, told the guy that lives above us off, and then what TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT the whole time that i just thought this person was being nice to me and my family was only trying to gain mine and my families trust so that he could get my 14yr old daughter so that he could molest her(thank god all the stuff came to the front tonight before he had the chance to do anything), tomorrow morning off to the court house to get protection paper to keep him away from all of us. After all this it is for sure gonna be soooooooooooo hard to trust people, well with the exception of all that stood by me tonight Sarah, Jess,Yancey, Lee,My Mom and officer Brooke.....thank you guys i love you all
I'm Sick And To Most People Not Worth There Time
Okay, most ofse I you don't know this about me...So i guess your gonna know know now. Because could care less anymore.....i am very sick i have been sick most of my life i dont remember ever being well....i try so hard to be strong i taken care of kids that aint even mine for years like 2 or 3 on and off....i try to be as kind to people as i can...and most of yall dont know that my hair is a wig and my face swells and i get darkness arond my eyes and it seems like lately that every man i meet that i like runs or is scared off by it....i can understand why in a why but hell one doc said that i wont live past 22 and i want prove him wrong and i will damn it to much to ask for someone to like me for me with or with out the wig i am not some little play thing to be played with and once you find out that it has a flaw to be throw away.......idk i guess it really gets under my skin.....i don't want to felt sorry for or pitty thats the last thing i want....i just dont even know why i
Surgery's Done - What's Next!
YES!!! I had the surgery done on Monday morning and it went off without complication. As of now, I am having difficulty keeping my balance and my hand-eye coordination is a little messed up. I also have headaches and nausea from time to time, but I think that's moreso the chemotherapy that I had early Tuesday morning. So for those who wondered and/or worried, I am still here and doing OK! So what's next?: I will have a few more chemo treatments and maybe a gamma needle implantation to completely kill whatever is left after the surgery. I knew this was not gonna be an easy road for me, but I chose to fight instead of do nothing and let it consume me. I have a lot of people backing me up here, and I personally thank each and every one of you. If not for your love and support, this angel may not be fighting as hard as he is! So for now, I continue to stick it out and fight to the end! Rush Videos | Music Video | Columbus Lofts
Goodness, This Sucks!
Well. I got a phone call from the dr's office today. The pap came back abnormal. :( there is something wrong so they are calling in a prescription for me. :( THIS F*CKIN SUCKS BIG FAT DONKEY D*CK! This is rite around my b-day, d@mmit! Well, next week I will be finding out the results of my biopsy so yea. LETS HOPE THIS IS ALL OK! Luv n peace.
i lost my phone yesterday...and im freaking out. not because i dont have anyones numbers or cant call anyone but because of whats on it. that phone had the last few pictures of my mom on it. it had a video of her dancing in the hospital elevator a couple of days before she became non-responsive. i dont even care if someone found the phone and wants to keep it. ill fucking give it to them. as long as i can have those pictures and videos back. thats i want. god damn i miss my mom
So Heres The Deal
I was posting blogs on the levelers name for Kimmy and this girl shoots me a link. I looked and it happened to be for the Mr Fubar contest.I told her that I was voting for someone else. Arch Angel has helped me in my contests and always helps people level up so I believe you help them that help you by returning the love. She laughed and said good luck catching up. Well I need all my bombing friends to help me. Im not asking you to help win this contest but I want him caught up. I help alot of people and don't ask alot for myself so im asking you to do this for me. Bomb this picture below ..Thanks for those that will help. I always watch those that do Ill make sure to always be there to help you when needed and do what i can to get you help. The screen shot of what was said notice i said i loved both jess and Ancient 1
To My Wonderful Friends!
I know I posted a blog awhile back about me getting surgery. I just wanted to tell those of you whom I haven't talked to about it. On September 14th, I will be getting a partial Hysterectomy. I know I will feel much better when it is all done, and after my recovery. I won't be on here for a few weeks after that, but please don't forget me!! I would also like to personally thank some really special friends of mine on here who always have my back and have really been there for me!!! My dearest Lillith, and My dearest Friend John, her Fiancee, Thank you for always being there for me!!!!! Also my best friend and sis Mindy, Shawna and Julie. My friend Garfield who always calls to check on me. These little things mean a lot. I have so many wonderful friends on here, I could name so many,, please don't be offended if I forgot to mention your name, lol remember im a blonde , lol. Also, thank you Sniper and his beautiful wife, Night Vixen, for all of your support an
Why Do I Bother????
I really need to vent. So if you want to stop reading now is a good time to do so this is not going to be pretty at all. You know I try to be all nice and cheerful for my friends but sorry it just does not work . I try to be there for anyone that needs me but where does it get me. Somedays I just do not know what some people want from me. I try and try and try and never seems to be good enough for someone. Reason being the name before this one. My Give A Damn Is Busted. I am getting to the point, I just do not give a f*ck anymore. My life itself is so screwed up right now, but I put the smiley face on like everyone wants to see but inside I am dying. Some days my skin just crawls to have to be the nice sweet person everyone wants me to be. I would give the shirt off my back to help almost anyone. But it seems all I get is hurt, disappointment and someone using me one way or another. So when people ask me why I build the wall around me that I have, this is why. It protects me
Should I??
Give up all together on finding a man to love me for who I am? Every time I try something gets screwed up! Getting tired of trying... getting tired of having my heart broken... need help here lost and lonely and tired of lies and games....
I Love You Sis :((
Ill always be here for you Shakespeare Sisters Videos | Music Video | Nashville Homes For Sale
Priceless Treasure
Every morning you are handed 24 golden hours. They are one of the few things in this world that you get free of charge. If you had all the money in the world, you couldn't buy an extra hour. What will you do with this priceless treasure?
So Loved
i wanted to thank all of u guys who showed me love cause im down, i didnt kno so many of u had luv for speechless. i just had to let y'all kno that its well appreciated...thanks again xoxoxo hugs & kisses 4 ALL
Bartender Of The Year?
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ogm .... etc... IVE BEEN ENTERED IN BARTENDER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah./... so im really excited right now.. makes me feel so goood.. all i have to do is come up with a drink using some sort of skyy vodka.. (blah... hate skyy) ... already done and the bar loves it... yay im gonna be bartender of the year in NOLA!!!!
Cooking For Women!!
You womn say you like a guy that can cook?? So why is it they never up to find out if I can or not?? I have been left hanging for the last time!! fuck it!!! Dating isn't worth it!!!
The Romance Begins...
She bit him. And sank her teeth into preternatural flesh that had been tested by those much stronger than her...than she could ever hope to be. She marveled that it's secrets were so open to one such as her, for this was surely either destiny or an abomination beyond her mortal perception. She could not help herself. From the moment she'd seen him, lurking in the shadows, she'd imagined this moment...thought of little else but the scent and the taste of him. In the night, when she should have been sleeping, she'd sneaked her way onto the city streets to wander in search of catch a glimpse of his form...his shadow...amongst the buildings and alleys. Waiting for him to notice...wondering if he ever would. She savored him. Pulling him ever closer, tasting the very life of him, hearing his inhuman heart beating in her head as it pounded out a litany, she suckled at the very core of him, never able to get enough. His taste was sweetness, like the aroma of hothouse r
ok... in case any of you are wondering why you no longer really see me in the mumms... i used to love them... were a great place to socialize with some cool people.. but now, something up around 90% of the so-called mummers are dumber than the noobs they bash... its become a haven of idiots and retards... so i dont bother with it anymore
1. A General = Leaps tall buildings with a single bound, is more powerful than a locomotive, is faster than a speeding bullet, walks on water and gives policy to God. 2. A Colonel = Leaps short buildings with a single bound, is more powerful that a switch engine, is just as fast as a speeding bullet, walks on water if the sea is calm and talks to God. 3. A Lieutenant Colonel = Leaps short buildings with a running start and a favorable wind, is almost as powerful as a switch engine, is faster that a speeding BB, walks on water in an indoor swimming pool and talks to God if a special request is approved. 4. A Major = Barely clears Quonset huts, loses tugs-of-war with locomotives, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well and is occasionally addressed by God. 5. A Captain = Makes high marks when trying to leap buildings, is run over by locomotives, can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury, can dog paddle and talks to animals. 6. A First Lieutenant = Runs into
Just Had To Share This.
While she was “flying” down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, “What’s your hurry?” To which she replied, “I’m late for work.” “Oh yeah,” said the cop, “what do you do?” I’m a rectum stretcher,” she responded. The cop stammered, “A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?” “Well,” she said, “I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up To two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it, until it’s about 6 feet wide.” “And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?” he asked . “You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge…” Traffic Ticket $95.00 Court Costs $45.00 Look on the Cop’s Face……. PRIC
Yay We Won On Weekend
MY TEAM WON && NOW WE IN TOP 8 we just might make finals yet WOOOT!!! YAY LIONS LOST WOOT WOOT awww poor nigel ;)
The Crush Thing Could Be Painful In Vulnerable Times
i guess its kinda cool when u don't know who got a crush on you--and when it goes-it sure hurts but less then when you know who put it there--especially when it was mutual and way more. or sometimes it could be something more casual--damn it always hurts when that number goes down--that clearly means someone is rejecting me--either for someone better than me--or not--it sux--ok. but thank G-d for the one who never took their crush away
It seems I have offended a few people with my stash uploads. They removed their friend and fanning. Oh well. Most of you have been on my list for awhile and know that there are times i go on mad uploading sprees. Those that stick with me thanks. Those that cant handle it. FUCK YA. Get off my damn list if you dont like it. Just shut your whiney asses up. If I wanna hear somebody whine Ill call my kids at their grandmas (where they are this weekend). get it? got it? good!
Remember Me
the girl that made this is only 15 years old and it is very touching, i tear up every time i watch it.
Hey Check Me Out
Hey everyone I hope ur Sunday is going well. I need a little help if you all dont mind. Im still trying to finish this contest and need some bombs Pease help. I just want to get it done and over with I'm well in the lead and just want to sinish it up. I need 20,000 bombs and have 14,600. If interested here is the link.Just click the pic if it doesnt work contact me thru shout box and i will send the link directly to you. o
Question? Sexy? >>>>>
Ok, Sexy Beautiful Gorgeous Have a question here ? If you call everyone beautify, sexy, gorgeous …what do you call someone YOU my find that you jusr might Really Like ? To let her or him know he is different from the rest ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Just something to think about ? Psssss Whatever you do don’t stop calling me any of the above I can’t help but smile every time I read it if if it is one in a million sent ;)
Utterly Fu*king Amazed
I am absolutely speechless. SGT SKI'S WIFE ♥ NO I AIN'T LEAVING MY HUSBAND SQUASH THE RUMOURS~@ fubar for those of you still confused about who she REALLY is...she has once again....stolen pics. one thing is to steal pics from some random porn chick....but someone else on fubar? how stupid can you really be? this is the chick she has stolen from: (most of her pics are private unless you are a friend(because of posers)...but her main pic is one of the many stolen pics) ☆Kristina♥'s̸̸̸DJ☆@ fubar PLEASE REPOST TO STOP THE POSER!!!!!!!!!!!
Fake & Real Friends...
FAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for food. REAL FRIENDS: are the reason you have no food. FAKE FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr / Mrs REAL FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM FAKE FRIENDS: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong REAL FRIENDS: Would sit next to you saying 'Dawg ... we screwed up... but that was fun!' FAKE FRIENDS: have never seen you cry REAL FRIENDS: cry with you FAKE FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back REAL FRIENDS: keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours FAKE FRIENDS: know a few things about you REAL FRIENDS: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you FAKE FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' butt that left you FAKE FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door REAL FRIENDS: Walk right in and say 'I'M HOME!' FAKE FRIENDS: Are for awhile REAL FRIENDS: Are for life FAKE FRIENDS: will talk bad to the per
We all live in glass houses....maybe not everything can break us, but there is always something that can. I have only ever known the pain of losing someone that is a part of my everyday, but today I learned that it's all the same. Today I found out that a friend that I only know online passed. I have found myself LOVING my online friends as if they are sitting right next to me, they get in the inner core of who I am and know me. My purpose for this blog is so that EVERY DAY if at any minute they feel alone, I am here. I LOVE THEM..LORALIE, ANNA, DAVE, MIKE, BETH, MIKE(shake), SHELLY, JON, DAVID, BRIAN, MILAI...THANK YOU for who you are in my life. I appreciate you all..I never want to know a day without you in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL, IN THE WAY LOVE MEANS SOMETHING. FOREVER.
Canadian Coastguard :p
I Love My Country lol
So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I have little to know confidence 2. I can whistle at 127 decibels 3. I have 0 patients what so ever 4. I have a have 3 birth marks 5. I if i really wanted i could get the devil to tell me all of his secrets with out trying, idk what it is about me but people will tell me all their darkest secrets with me just saying how are you. 6. I am the king of the dorks 7. I am artist 8. If i just start seeing some one i wont shit at their house 9. I broke my brothers nose 3 times 10. I refuse to touch fish or seafood in generall I'm tagging a few people lmao
If I Could Ask For One More Rate...
Hey folks...they're having a final round for the top 3 contestants...If I could ask you guys to help out one more time...just a rate is all!! Even a 1 will do lol :D I'd really love to win this...Pls let me know if you rated it...I'll return the love...and pls get a fren to rate it as well!!...thanks in advance [ photo: 3241129405 ] Much love...xoxoxo
Work, Partying, The Internet And Men
Okay so update on my working situation. Im going to be going back to work from 4am - 3pm Im going to start again around Sept. 5th Yay i guess So im not going to be on here much but im probably going to be getting a new cell since my last was broken. Tonight IM going to be partying in seattle around the Showbox region of seattle lol Im going to get drunk Im going to smoke Im going to flirt...okay not really i have a crush on someone already and he knows who he is [No its not lifesez or sinister edge] lol Im going to hangout at my Ex's tonight Jason, not rob. So if im too drunk ill be spending the night Since ive added a bunch of new friends who HAVENT read my profile If i call you babe it doesnt mean i like you If you think you're in love with me dont tell me Oh and im getting pretty fuckin pissed because a certain guy decided it'd be fun to send me a vid of him jerking it to my pix honestly do you guys think that gets me off? I have other things that get me off tha
Inspired By Tabatha
I see you walking towards me That initial comment slips my mind I am dazed and confused As if my brain is blind I say the first thing I can think of My lips move, but there is no sound As if my voice has been taken And I am gagged and bound As you glance in my direction I am captivated by your eyes I know you can see right into my soul And my body language can tell you no lies I am mesmerized by your beauty Hoping that I am not dreaming I try to say something clever As you stand in front of me gleaming I finally get out a Hello My voice trembles with dismay I know your out of my league All I can do is hope and pray You smile at me sweetly I feel a big relief You say Hello And I begin to believe
Come On Guys And Gals:)
So whats a girl got to do to see some boobs?!?!? They don't even have to be your own....I just want to see some:) Leave me comments! Anything! LMAO! I'm waiting............
To Our Loved Ones
Our loved ones that are off and fighting, we often find ourselves writing, wondering how they are, the distance being way too far, will they be ok, where are they going to lay, we want them back here to stay, will they live, or will they die, am i to be the one to cry, we want them home and in our lives, they want to be home with thier wives, families have lost there dear ones, people have lost there dear sons, daughters out there have it the worst, because they are always cursed, men in that place feel no shame, and the usa they think is the one to blame, we want our loved ones back, not brought home on a rack, to hold them in our hearts, never wanting us again to part, come back home safe and sound, watch how my heart will pound, as we see each other again, i will be glad to have my best friend home again, so to the ones still over there, we will always be here, waiting and loving you, because we are all the red, white, and blue, and to our loved ones we
Hahaha Uhmm Ok
every now and then I come accross one of these and decideits time to be a smart ass: 1. What Is your natural hair color? my hair changes color all the time, right now it is the color invisible. 2. Where was your default pic taken? in my office ( nothing funny to put on this one) 3. What's your middle name? I have two of them. Gene Anthony (yes I am very Italian) 4. Your current relationship status? This is a more difficult question than you may think. I am currently getting a divorce but this state makes you wait a long time to do it, I am in Love with some one but she is currently not returning that to me (has given her crush to someone else) so I guess you could say the staus is....sideways 5. Honestly, does your crush like you back? I have my crush in reserve right now because she has given hers to someone else, so I guess you could say its up for grabs, LOL or it is mine and in that case yes I like me back. 6. What is your current mood? sarcastic 7.Wh
This Really Hurts!
Something has been bothering me for a couple of days now, since I noticed this particular Bulletin being posted and reposted! The Bulletin I refer to is: This Bitch Should Be Tortured to Death!!!! Yes, I'm an Empath and maybe that makes me more open to seeing both sides of an issue. Yes, it was horrible for this mother to kill her own children. I believe she suffers everyday, remembering what she did. But this woman has severe clinical depression! Lots more people have blame in this - her idiot husband, who knowingly got her pregnant again when he was aware of her severe post partum depression; her incompetent doctor who took her off her meds; the religion that touts having children until your reproductive organs have to be removed, using no common sense!! I could go on, but I won't. I have seen deep depression amongst my own family members, I have felt their pain. There are moments when they are not able to compute in what we consider a normal fashion! If you haven't experienced
Weall Know Raiders L;ost
ok so theres nothing worse than sneaky people.... theres a certain ex of mine who wants others to take pics of our kids then upload them on the internet so he can see.... but heres the my opinion no one has the right to take pics of other peoples children then put them on the me this is unacceptable... not once has he asked me for pictures and how is it that when i offer him to visit them he always refuses....seems to me if you really wanted to see them you would come to see them....why refuse???? i'll tell you why...bc if he came here that would mean he would have to come up with child support!!! zero tolerance for deadbeat dads!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont Hate
Look people. This site is a little outta hand. Jealousy abounds from every corner of my screen here and it makes me laugh. I am a very single woman and personally dont think any of you men could handle me and my ways, both emotionally and sexually. So all this talk from people who live over 1000 fuckin miles away saying they gonna steal my heart and shit...look I don't have a heart! How bout that. How u gonna steal something that ain't there. You can talk all the shit you want to the other females but I'm not as dumb and dick whipped as they are. All men want is to fuck anyways so please just keep the shit real and stop runnin the game.
The Army
First I would like to say that Neither myself or my husband owe anyone an explination for the choices we make. I will however lay this to rest now. My husband has always wanted to join the military. This was his lifes dream. I however could not accept this and persistantly prevented him from doing so. After ten years he has finally come up with the winning argument. We went for a long ride as thats how we "talk" out our issues. Yes i know its fucked up that we have to trap ourselves in a vehicle together to get things really worked out. Anyways on this ride he said to me that every day he wakes up there is a 50/50 chance that he will die. We never really know. He said that if he were to die tommorow it would have been without honor or pride. That he would have died having never fulfilled his dreams. That he felt as if he had wasted 10 years doing "other" things. He said that he didnt like the idea of something happening to him and leaving his family behind for nothing. My husband
Font Face
An E/I Blog! Enjoy! These are Font Faces. Each Represents The Face name and how it will look in your Browser. Some May not be seen Properly by Internet Explorer and some may not be seen Properly in Firefox. All you need are the names and add to your html code as Font face. (Ex. Then add your sentence or paragraph here. This is to end your code.)Omit the period from in between on everything! Had to add it to break the code so you can see what it will look like before you save or submit your entry to Blog, Stash, or all your Profile About Me and intrest sections. PacFont Blood Blood Of Dracula BloodFeast Arial Arial Black Arial Narrow Book Antiqua Book Man Old Style Century Gothic Comic Sans MS Courier Courier New Cursive Estrangleo Edessa Fixedsys Garamond Gautami Georgia Hattenschweiler Impact Kartika Latha Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Console Mangal Microsoft Sans Seriff Modern Monotype Corsiva
Election 2008
Jesus, is there no one worth voting for on either side? Hey Canadians, Is the immigration process hard? Could I still live here and just be Canadian? I don't know much about hockey, but I am willing to learn.
My Birthday
Well...this morning I woke up to a song of Happy Birthday from my husband and son with a large bouquet of flowers and mylar balloons given to me. They said that the day will be filled with small surprises for my birthday all day long. The finale will be a LARGE gift that my husband will be giving to me tonight at bedtime tonight he said. I wonder what that could be?
so i quit smoking today.wasnt planned,although ive been thinking about it for ages. this is the third time now,the other times i managed a few months(4). but as ever the "demon drink"was my ultimate downfall. im endevouring to get on to that champix stuff or what ever its called.but it costs like £160 here for a 12 week script.and patches n gum from the army are ok,but they wont script zyban cos of the side effects. talk bout a rock n a hard place.i have asked the army doc if champix is available,but i think i was macked off due to the cost of the stuff. anyway im jus gonna see how i get on with the patches n gum,and if i fall off,im gonna see the family gp n get scripted.:)
Nsfw Pics
Now i was wondering should I put any sexy pics not to revealing but ones that leave a little to the Imagination?? Let me know what you think..
Prince Or Princess Of Fubar Contest
Skins And Ripping
ok, heres the dealio. Yes, pages and codes have been changed by admin. Do I like them? meh, I don't hate them. Actually my OCD side likes 'em cuz they seem to have more balance and symmetry. yeah, shut it, I'm type A and cant help myself! lol What I DO hate is the fact that there isn't a "no rip" option so the creator of said skin can control if and or what skin can be ripped. I have only been dabbling in codes for a few months now, getting around the new ones should be interesting to say the least. Even tho my time and creations have been limited, there are some people who have spent COUNTLESS hours, hell, weeks, creating skins only to have some idiot rip, tweak it and call it there own. wtf? I'm not one to bitch, ok, thats a lie, let me rephrase...My complaints re: this place are VERY few and I dont spend my time dwelling on them, but what I have spent some of my time doing is working on skins. Am I a master? A "know all" of codes? HELLLL NO. But I think it should onl
Confessions Of This Heart??
There is a man who has been in love with me for over a year now. Until recently, only one other person has known about him. He is a little older than I am. On paper, many would think he is the perfect guy. Now in general terms I do not believe in perfection. Like the "perfect man." He doesnt exist lol. Blah blah. So, for over a year he has been asking me to marry him. Lol my divorce was finalized February. I haven't acted upon dating the man, because I have been enjoying my freedom. (single for the first time since 19 pretty much) he asked me to marry him again and this time he was 1000000 percent serious... yea since then my mind has been else where.. he will be here tomorrow... i just dont know what to do
Which Are You !
A • Q • U • A • R • I • U • S: Body: Body: Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label. If u dont repost this, u will have bad luck for as long as it says in your description!! V • I • R • G • O: Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.Great kisser. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. S • C • O • R • P • I • O: The lover Can be mean somtimes, and will Probably knock your ass out, if crossed the wrong way!! EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisse
A Short Video Combo Of Me :p
Sorry This IS The one that was suppose to go in lolol
Must Read - Blog Intro
Those of you who are already familiar with my blogs, can pretty much ignore this and move on to the rest of my blogs... However, for you new comers, it has come to my attention that blogs marked "NSFW" are not listed on a person page. Since ALL of my blogs are infact "NSFW" - I pretty much had to create a nice, crip, CLEAN entry to even get the fact that I have blogs, listed on my page. With that said... Feel free to move on to the good stuff! Thanks to all my readers and those of you that leave comments. You constantly motivate me to log onto Yahoo and see who pops up next. PS - For the record... I only use complete strangers that message me on Yahoo or through other messengers. I change their name to some degree - just to protect them from any further humiliation... You needn't worry about me posting conversations with you. It's no wonder that nobody ever talks to me - they're scared :) XO *~QT~*
Food For Thought
God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but HE did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears & light for the way. God determines who walks into your life.... it's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.
One Word Only...
OK...let's play this game..
I Am Not Searching
I am not searching for anyone, I am not looking to just have fun, I have a daughter and 2 sons, they keep me on the run, so i dont have time to look, although i am a really good cook, hope you find the one you want, im trying to be up front, i may have a heart of gold, that no one has been able to hold, please don't bother trying, because it seems they always end up lieing, im not ready for anyone, no booty calls will be done, friends are my type of fun, drama seems to be done, what everyone tries with me, i get a kick when they see, that stuff doesnt bother me, i make a better friend, that would be with you to the end, too many need more then i can give, go out have some fun and live, you will find the one you search, not at bars but in a church, you are all wonderful friends, i will be a friend to the end, please dont ask me for what i cant give you, because my heart is true, i will save it for someone who wins it, not by words or gestures, but by their
New Rules For The Fu
No this isn't something that Baby Jesus authorized...these are my personal rules and i wanted to see who would agree with me...and maybe some of you could add your own. 1. Just because someone talks to you on here doesn't mean they want to fuck you!! 2. Stop posting bulletins about how someone rated you a one fucking cares. If someone rates you a 1-9 its not going to drag down your entire rank, get the fuck over it and stop your fucking bitching. 3. Don't invite a woman to a webcam the first time you talk to her, 9 times out of 10 she doesn't want to see you jacking off ne ways...there is nothing really exciting about that, fucking creep. 4. Threesomes!!! Yes there are some of us that dream of having one...there are some of us that have had one...yes alot of men dream of having two beautiful women in bed with them...I just fucking met you refer to rule 1. 5. All the pics that I have up, those are the ones that you get, I'm not going to go take special pics of my v
This Will Not Be Tolerated!!!
OK I have received a lot of private messages from people saying the same thing: "Why don't you talk to me anymore?" "If you don't talk to me, I'm gonna delete you!" What the hell? Are you that shallow? Do you know what the hell I am going through? Do you know what my life entails? OK Let's cut to the chase! My life is really complex and really intricate! I am someone who is going to go through periods of sickness, weakness or exhaustion! I will be going back to school and work in a few weeks! I may show online, but am I really here? If you are gonna be that impatient with me, then I got six words for you: GET THE HELL OFF MY PAGE!!! I will not, nor do I need to, tolerate any of this petty bulls**t! I have my own life, and I don't need the selfishness or the stress! If that's what you wanna give me, true friends you are NOT!!!
For You Back To The Gypsy!!!!!
Broken Once Never Again
For my one regret: I pick up the pieces, you shatter them more I shut out the pain, you open the door Pour salt on my wounds, kick me when I'm down Hold my head under watching me drown Not battered not beaten not physically hurt Never the less reduced to dirt You were the man whose lies flowed freely You were the man who never knew me You were the man who was "changed" and "new" You were the man who claimed your love as true You were the one who would play games and cheat You were the one who stopped my heartbeat You were the one whom I saw, no other You were the one whom I feared I would smother You were the love that I missed for so long You were the love that always went wrong You were the love that scarred so deep You were the love that haunted my sleep You were the addiction that made me sick You were the addiction hardest to kick You were the addiction that burned my soul You were the addiction that left a hole
That's Still Good
A couple days ago I sorted through a dozen large moving boxes filled with papers. Three years of accumulated pulp--class notes, cards from friends and family, gardening catalogs, unread magazines. I made it through everything, and all that remains is neatly organized into two drawers of a filing cabinet. In the process of sorting through all this paper, I found a lot of things I'd been missing... like my tax refund check and $50 in Amazon gift certificates. And about $2,400 worth of receipts that I need to turn in for reimbursement. Oops. I suppose it's a good thing I cleaned. The process of sorting and tossing made me wonder... why on earth did I save all of this? What made me think I would find time to peruse the Penzey's spice catalog? Or order Breck's bulbs? Or skim a grocery flier? I used a bit of my Amazon credit to purchase a book on downsizing--it's called Scaling Down: Living Large in a Smaller Space. The authors include an anecdote about two people
How Do I Delete Me Account?
Just wondering. If I wanted to delete my account how would I do that? Does anyone know?
So Tired Of Fighting
I am so tired. Heavily medicated after being caught between an elderly client and her abusers fist. Jaw broken, internal injuries slowly healing. Why do I keep doing this? Why do I think I can save the world? Why don't I just find a safe working at Wal_Mart. I can't save the world alone. Somebody has to help me.
Why is it...the type of woman a man wants are whores ? Why not decent women?
Guest Book
you stop by my page and u cant sign my guestbook. do u need a pen? lol.
Luv Not Fear
It has become very apparrent to me that most ladies I meet have grown to fear love, they have become engulfed in the worlds mis-guided beliefe of what the true meaning of love is. I am convinced that most ladies whom I have met through various means of communication cant even comprehend what love actual is intended for or if they have ever truly experienced true love and all of its attributes. First off just set aside all you have been taught about love through all of your learned behaviors and all of the sources that have been able to corrupt your mind , heart, soul and spirit. Love is so easy , love is not difficult but we do make it difficult to receive. We have put our own learned boundries on love. We have allowed our instilled thoughts to dissillusion us, we have allowed the purety of love to become tainted by not being able to accept it freely.This usually is the result of a person not able to love themselves thus rendering them selves not worthy of being loved so therefore the
I've been called fearless but I do have some fears... Well not necessarily a fear but I really really really dislike cockroaches and water bugs... ewwww they're so big and they make that crunchy sound when you smash them... blech. But seriously I do have one fear. A fear I've been living with for a while. Probably started around a year ago, but I fear... a person. I fear myself.I hear the compliments everyday on how nice and good I look. And yeah I like to act all confident about it and the such and yes I do take the time to try to fix myself up in the mornings but, when it comes to that dreaded mirror, I don't look at myself like "look". Instead I look at my hair, my nose, my lips, the rest of me. I avoid making eye contact with myself.The window to the depths of my soul is one place I've always dreaded going. One place I always wanted to avoid. Because I know most of what is there. Pain, hurt, turmoil, betrayal. Everything I've run away from. It's all in there. I buried it, I turn
Questions 4 God
Thursday, December 28, 2006 QUESTIONS - Posted at 2:32 AM "Questions 4 God" I got sum questions 4 God. so now im searchin 4 tha answers. why did u allow my lil daughter 2 get cancer. even though u healed her. it's still buggin me out. was it becuase i was goin 2 fast. and u had 2 slow me down. or was it cause my life goin in tha wrowg direction. u had 2 shake my life up and then tested. 2 get me on tha right path and so u can bless it. i was startin 2 4-get, that im "CHO$EN". thier ain't no turnin back,it'z already been spoken. i must of been provoken. 4 a min my life was frozen. when i got tha newz she had cancer. my heart was broken. was it because u new it was only 4 a moment. so u could brake me down,and then shape me like u wonted. what ever tha case may be. u got my full attention. now i think it'z time and im ready 2 listen. i can stand tha heat. so im stayin in tha kitchen. things is gonna change. they can't stay in tha same condition
I Might Have To........
The Art Of Flipping Off The Camera.
Im really trying to understand...why are people so adament about giveing the bird to the camera??..Is this some new form of saying hello?? I dont know..maybe im way out in left field somewhere and have not come accustomed to this ..cuz in my day when you did that...that pretty much meant fuck you!!! or Fuck off!!!...9 times out of 10 started the old 1 on 1 contact of beating the hell out of each other..... But ive noticed quite a few pics here on fubar..where some have perfected this giveing the bird status to the camera... Call me nieve call me stupid...whatever...Im just not gettin it!
Cleaning Out Friends & Family Lists
I am cleaning up my Friends & Family lists. If I look at a picture and don't recognize the person, or I have not seen the person at my page in such a long enough time that I don't remember when they were last there, it is because they have not been to my page in a long long time, so I am deleting them. I need to make room for people who do visit regularly and people I do remember. No offense, but you are only allowed so many in each list per level and I know you would not leave someone in your friends or family list, that you did not recognize their picture for they had not visited in a great while. Want back in, visit more lol. Hugz
My Plea
Come on guys...HELP!!!!!!!!!
Energy Sensing Exercise!
Rather than teaching individually, I thought I would take advantage of the blogs! This is the rank beginner exercise for sensing your own energy field. First, rub your hands together gently a couple of times. Place your hands out in front of you, about 2 feet apart, palms facing each other. Now, slowly, and I mean slowly, start moving the palms of your hands towards each other. You are looking for the sensation of an edge, a warm, soft edge - reminds me of a cotton ball, lol! You will notice that the edge feels a little "bouncy". Once you feel the edge - CONGRATULATIONS! That's your energy field, lol! You can kind of play with it - roll it into a ball, etc. Have fun with it! If you can't sense it the first time, don't worry! Sometimes it takes a few tries. Don't make it work! Don't try too hard - just play with it! Once you are able to sense your own energy field, try sensing the field of a friend! Keep in mind it may feel a bit different from yours, lol. Have fun wit
My Two Best Friends Of The Male Persuasion
George Charles A tall, handsome Carib from Tobago. George was the cheif engineer in my crew for many years. I have to admit that when I first met this man, I was a bit intimidated. His personality is a blend of happy and serious all at the same time. His size seems to conflict with his traits. Slowly we bacame trustworthy of each other after we proved ourselves as competent sailors to each other. I have been to his home many times and he has to mine. We have shared family time together as true brothers. Three years ago. not two weeks after he was married, he came to stay with me after I was initially diagnosed. He made sure that I made all my appointments and that I took my meds. George moved on to another company, so I rarely see him. But I do get emails and calls from him occasionally, which always makes me smile. I can't wait to hug him and shake his hand again one day. Kevin Mitchell aka Checkers So nicknamed after a barfight in which Kevin shoved a checker up a guy
@ The Beach
We walk under moonlight, hand in hand, to the beach where I spread the blanket on the cool sand. As I do this you shiver, I take my sweatshirt and drape it over your shoulders and pull you close to me for a hug. I let you go and you sit down. I look at you with a raised eyebrow as if to say, “What you think you are doing?” As I pull my shirt off and drop my pants exposing myself, I lean down, kiss you softly, turn and run, full speed, for the water. I dive headlong and swim for a few yards before popping up and Hollering. Through the darkness, I still manage to see the look of shock on your face. I drop my head and give you a look that says, “You’re coming in whether you like it or not.” I head towards you. I am to the edge of the water, before you realize what I have planned; you stand and run down the beach. I take flight after you 25 or so yards down the beach, I catch you. Wrapping my wet, naked body around you, you playfully swat at me and cuss me out with a smile on your face
I hear the shower shut off just as I finish preparing, the candles are lit and flickering, just need to hit play for the music. You walk out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around you and your damp hair hanging over one shoulder as you use another towel to dry it. You walk into the bedroom to find me standing there waiting your arrival, all I wear is pajama bottoms. The ballads playing softly, candles flickering, I wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply as we say to the music. You unwrap your towel and it falls to the floor, exposing your slender body, you press yourself against me as we continue to sway with the music. Your soft skin sending tingles through me, your scent I breathe in to the very depths of my core, this is a very special night. We work our way to the bed, continuing to kiss passionately, not frenzied or lustfully but, in a passionate loving way. We lay on the bed, our lips never parting; your arms wrapped around me, the candles continue to flicker as the music
Written 1-6-07
What I Want
Well I've compiled a list of what I want in a man... some of them may seem shallow but who cares? 1. has to be taller than me 2. has to be mature 3. has to have a sense of humor 4. has to like tats, either on me or on themselves 5. has to appreciate bigger women like myself 6. has to like kids 7. has to want kids 8. has to be willing to come to me for awhile, until I can get my shit here cleared up 9. has to be willing to work 10. has to understand that I have some issues that will be there no matter what 11. has to care and love me (that's the biggest one) I'm sure I'll think of others, but for now, this is what I want, and I won't waiver from it!
Just letting everyone know that I finally was approved for my apartment at State College today. The threat of becoming homeless is no longer there but I may in fact be living with a nerd. Who knows though? Maybe I will drag him out and force him to have fun. Last time I did that, the roommate turned into an alcoholic but thats neither here nor there. Ah well, back to packing.
The Shit Never Ends...
dont have alot of here is the long and short of it...had a coucbh surfer...said caouch surfer threw away its caught to phone/ income (ssi/ssdi) and no cluw when/if i can pay this off...have a friend who is offering to help (IF YOU ARE READING THIS...PLEASE CHECK YOUR FUBAR MAIL..ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN CONTACT YOU UNTIL YOU SEND ME YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBERS..YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) until then im screwed....i guess its true that no good deed goes unpunished...let some stay in your home for FREE and this is what happens...o well live and learn....will be back at the library tomorrow weather then
Is Love All There Is
Is love all there is to have, people use that word like its salve, spreading it like butter, words is all they mutter, the feelings that go with it, are the things most people forget, im not asking for your devotion, i dont even want sexual motion, i want someone for who they are, even if they are near or far, thoughs of them all day long, like a true love song, racing through my head, even when i lay to sleep on my bed, love is what i want to find, so i too will have someone always on my mind, i will be gentle and ever so kind, for i am a unique guy to find, i have hidden for 20 years, have had alot of tears, love greater then the sky, more carring then any other guy, a heart of gold, is what im always told, true romance is the key i hold, i am just a average guy, all my poems tell the reason why, but one thing i never try to do is lie, because that makes wonderful people cry, i have the beautifulest friends, to whom my heart dearly tends, so smile and e
So Sad
Make Sure Your Volume Is Turned Up!Turn On Volumethey'd go to the beach hold hands and collect shells and make sand castles even though they were young this was a start of somthing new but one day after mandy's 6th birthday billy came up to her and said will you be my girlfriend and she agreed they sat there by the pond and they promised Forever.they hugged they kissed and their mom and dad's knew they were perfect.everyday as they grew older their love kept growing strongerthey became teenagers and they were loving better than everthey spent their summers togetherthey had sleepovers and they were the best of freinds and loversthey loved everywhere .even if they were miles apartit was perfect. years past and passed and they got marriedone day after billy got home from work mandy had some breaking newsshe was pregnant with a baby on june 22nd she gave birth to a beautiful baby girlshe grew bigger and bigger and soonmandy knew she was pregnant againshe gave birth to a beautiful baby boy
Wow whats up with the haters today?
Another Myspace Message
ha my last reply was "lmao"
Ok, great job on my contest everyone. Thanks for everyones help and support. Now we are going to focus on Kathy until further notice. She is also behind because she was helping me. Here is the link. Please show her mad love. MUAH
Rate Plz
Kathy is in her very first contest. She is such a great friend! Can you please just rate her pic, that is all I am asking you to do. If you comment also, that would be great but you don't have to. Just click the link and rate her!!! Thanks so much. MUAH Click here------>
My Dad
This entry is going to be long winded, but I had to put these thoughts down before I went to bed. My Dad called me yesterday, and told me that my Mom had fallen, and bruised her hip. Dad is going on 70..Mom is 68. Dad told me not to mention it to her, because it embarassed her, and he also told me that it scared the shit out of him. He's gone to lengths to install a safety rail in the bath tub for her, etc. They will be married 50 years this November, 2007. My Dad and Mom bitch about each other all the time..."He's driving me crazy" "She won't do a damn thing"... you know, that kind of stuff. Funny thing is, they wouldn't have a clue what to do without each other. They are so in love and dependent on each other. I guess what I really wanted to get to in this rambling is that, men, no matter how egotistical and prideful we can be, would lose our mind without a caring woman in our lives. If most men would sit back and think about what really drives them, to be what they want to b
I don't do contests, commment bombings, etc. etc. Nor do I care about "rankings". If that's what you're into, more power to you. But I'm not going to sit there and comment/rate/etc. endlessly. It bores me. I'll go through and rate pictures, because I enjoy looking at pictures. And I'll leave a comment or two if something pops into my head. But I'm not going to comment just for the sake of commenting. And also, I don't do Lounges. I checked them out, and they're not my sort of place. If you feel the need to unfriend me or whatever because I'm not helping you win a contest, that's your perogative. I'm just here to chill, socialize, and "people watch"

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