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I Don't Know Why He Walked Away....
***This is not the orginal, nor is it to take place of the orginal....*** The bellys getting bigger and she think's its from the food she's eating, Two weeks have passed an now shes in tears...Jus 16 yrs old n she's haven a baby! I wounder how a father could jus walk away, As if this precious life he created is a shame, How could he leave her alone to rasie a child he helped creat. I wounder if he even cares....I've watched the belly grow, the tiny feet press against the tight skin...It brings a tear to my eye...I talked to the very same belly everynight and kissed it with great pride...Watching this precious gift grow was a diamond in my eye..I often woundered why he walked away.......The pains begin to get stronger-the tears being to fall, she's alone n about to have a baby.....The doctor's say "I'm sorry mam, but were loosening both mother n child" I woundered why he never answered the family's pleeding call that night...I woundered how he could jus walk away-from this
Dont Ever For Get This...
Remember everyone needs a friend. Dont ever leave the one you love, for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love.
The sun burns through an ice white sky I awaken in your arms My reflection in your eyes That watched me as I slept It's your embrace that gives me solace To face yet another day It's your hands that light The fire in me The fire that fuels the sun That melts the ice in the sky lbm11/06
If I Could
Every word from my mouth poison Each touch a deadly embrace I cannot take back the love I killed It's gone without a trace If I could Turn back the time To pages of yesterday I'd erase every word I spoke That made you feel this way I would sensor every touch So as not to bring you pain If it would only restore you To my heart Then I would not feel this shame lbm05/06
I do not rest nor sleep I burn, daily And with great discontent and pain That it was with my doing Not one heart was wounded But more Not one faith was betrayed, But many That I have given to one Who now holds contempt for me And so in silence I burn lbm05/07
Just An Observation
It's hard to understand why we often repeat the mistake of letting someone know things about us that make us vulnerable to hurt. Why do we so often find room and reason to use that knowledge to hurt the people we care about? And , it's never that we take something small,,,, oh no,, we go for the throat!! Humans are precious!!!! we love so hard and hate even harder. Lots of room for lust, obsession, and hate. Love is selective and often shallow;and for some reason, even the closest of friendships are open to heart ripping pain at our own discretion. We care.................................................To abandon We attach.............................................To disengage We Love................................................To hate lbm2006sw
I live in a prison of my own making Soul ripped out.......vultures partaking Standing in a torrential downpour Weeping senselessly What's happened to the person I used to be? I gave of my heart, tried to be wise You turned me into someone you loved to despise Did my love destroy you? Is that what you see? A person so calculated and cold? I live in the nightmare Of a love that failed My soul bought, destroyed and sold Tormented in living, condemned in death The words " I love you" Stealing my final breath
A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner
A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner I WHEN Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument, the women mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house, which no one save an old man-servant--a combined gardener and cook--had seen in at least ten years. It was a big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies, set on what had once been our most select street. But garages and cotton gins had encroached and obliterated even the august names of that neighborhood; only Miss Emily's house was left, lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps-an eyesore among eyesores. And now Miss Emily had gone to join the representatives of those august names where they lay in the cedar-bemused cemetery among the ranked and anonymous graves of Union and Confed
Standing amid smoke and ashes I cannot flee the thing I cannot see All thats left is scattered, grey and bleak My soul is burned away Too much time gone by Afraid to breathe Afraid to leave SS2006
Ski Train
The last couple of weekends I have had the pleasure of going to Winter Park from Denver on the ski train. As anyone who lives in the Front Range knows, the worst thing about going skiing on the weekends is the drive up I70 to the ski areas. Its a traffic jam that would make the people in LA or San Francisco envious. Can double or triple the amount of time it takes. Since the 40's a train has been run from Denver up to Winter Park Ski area ( . The Rio Grande runs daily trips on weekends from Christmas till the end of March. The train leaves about 7:15 in the morning and gets back to Denver about 6:30pm. In the club cars they serve breakfast in the morning and a light dinner in the evening. As far as Winter Park goes, the ski conditions have been fantastic. 70 inch base of some of the nicest snow I have ever skied. They added a new lift this year, the Panoramic Express which is the highest 6 passenger chairlift in the world, peaking out at over 12,00
Through The Glass Darkly
Out of a shadow forbidden A life line, a promise given Taken away is pain and tears Replace is the evidence of fear Walk a path of deprivation Ecstasy your final destination Face the glass, chant the spell Close your eyes and time will tell His face a shadow, name a lie Truth, excuse, or alibi Suffer him, pleasure or pain You'll turn and take it Again and again Out of a shadow forbidden 09/2006lbm
Something I Can Never Have - Flyleaf
Cleaning Up Friends List
Hey, what's happening? I'm cleaning up my friends list, because I am tired of the people who never leave me a comment, never send me a message, or even wish me a happy birthday. I know that a friend's list can get long, and people get buried in it. But when I leave a comment on someone's page over and over and I never hear from them......well, it tends to feel one sided. People like the comments I leave for them, because I use quality photos, or great graphics. But when I don't ever hear from tends to make one feel like perhaps this friend doesn't care for me..... since my comments, messages, rates, gifts or whatever go unanswered. If you want to be my friend, then please let me know that you are a friend, and not a friend collector. If you are still on my friends list.... congratulations. But I am also still working on the clean-up. I'm just tired of all the names and faces I have to look thru (to leave a comment to a friend that has gotten buried in the friend'
Come Look What We've Done! You're Missin All The Fun!! Weeeee!!!!
SweetWater's Lounge Pimpout SweetWaters PimpOut Come Show Them Love ~*JADE *~ HidN' N My Broken Shell *~ DJ/Owner of WTWTR & Mngr/DJ @ DIABLOS DEN@ fubar She awesome Willing to Help Anyone and always there for us DJ Jade (Owner) Asmodeus: Sweetwater's Stump@ fubar The Quite One Of The Bunch But Always There DJ Asmo DJ Yummy@SweetWater Lounge~Taste Me I'm Oh So Good ~Wolfes PRINCESS~Asmo Personal Lap Dancer~@ fubar DJ Yummy yummies personal fubar lover n jades personal enforcer n her bratt so e1 else bk da fk up W|fm
Fond Memories
Lookingover my shoulder Through the mist on the path of the past I see times that we shared together Times where no dim shadows were cast Holding each other's hand We would walk for what seemed like miles Telling each other our secrets Watching each other smile Those times ended not so long ago And now we've grown apart But I'll never forget our special moments The memories linger on in my heart
Stephanie Lynn's Contests(finished)
Tv Advertising Blows!
Commercials. There are commercials that make me cringe everytime I see them. Not just the manditory vagina freshener or cooch pillows (with wings) ads. I'm talking about the ones that are just plain annoying, disturbing, retarded, etc. Redbull, It gives you wings. Red Eagle would be a more suitable name for that slogan. Hell, even Red Pigeon. I mean, how the heck does that name have anything to do with giving you wings? Unless of course you drink too much and overdose and then you might get wings (and a halo). How about "Red Bull: Go Fuck Shit Up" or even "Red Bull: Just Add Vodka". The King from Burger King ads. There is something seriously wrong with the people who thought this would make you want their product. Or is it really a threat? "Buy our food or this freak will stalk you relentlessly and/or kill you in your sleep." I think he might even be a molestor. He just has that look. AFLAC!!!! AFLAC!!! It sends a twitch through me. The kind of twitch th
For Whom The Bell Tolls
any Man's death Diminishes me. because I am involved in Mankinde; and therefore Never send to know FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS it tolls for thee
Fake People
This is going to be a random blog, but I NEED to get this off my chest. Around here in Tennessee, people pratically go to charm school once they pop from their mama. Well, recently, I found out that even here in the Pretty South, not everything is sunflowers and Sweet Tea. I was dating someone for a few months, and that wasn't so bad. But a few years later, we're still talking. Well, I still have feelings for this person, but he knows this. I flat out told him, but what makes him a jerk? He made it out that he still has feelings for me, and gives me lockets and jewelery and bracelets and all this stuff. But...then he turns around and finds this girl ((who's name will not be released. Only one person on Fubar knows who it is, and that's my friend Subby Bitch)) and he starts to take her to dinners, and she always texts him and always calls, and they're always around each other anymore. And Im personally to my whits end. Well, I jokingly, yet not ((though he didn't pick up on the hint
There got to be more openminded people out there. Just where are the good people at?
Momopoly is making a new game, a world edition. They are letting us vote for our favorite cities, up to 10 around the world! Awesome huh! Its =) Im voting everyday, lol. Oh, I almost forgot, they have a monopoly link at the top of that page that lets u play against the pc. Have fun! Hugs =) MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts
Rules And Torture, And Stuff
So, what's first? God always come first right? lol I take some and put them on a plane. I put a parachute on them, then I push them out over Africa. The should be forever grateful I gave them that trip to Africa. They should whorship me, and follow the arbritrarry rules I gave them, either before or after I push them out of the air-plane. They should be thrilled I gave them that oppurtuinity, that gift, and especially the fucking parachute. I did all that because I love them so much. Now, if they break those rules, whatever I decied them to be, I'll be fucking pissed. I will defiantly make their lives hell, but they do have that free will to do what they want, they will just know if they do break those rules, it will be hell for them. Eventually inorder for me to be able to forgive these people, or that person for breaking my rules, I'll do something, so I guess I'm not all that cruel after all. I will send my only son over there so he can be tortured. Him being tortured
can someone tell me why jr has so many fans. besides his daddy what has he done to earn so many? yes i like racing but NO iam not a fan of jr.
Deftones-anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event
No more gold lights for the queen earth to keep you warm in your kingdoms High on the waves you make for us But not since you left have the waves come The bar is dead and the rocket's rain is keeping you wet in your deathbed so high on the waves you made for us And not since you left have the waves come... have the waves come... ----------------------
Take A Seat And Think
You chose for yourself and therefore the reward will be inner peace. You can't change the world if you haven't learned how to change yourself. conditioned as a child, we must grow to other's standards and expections. Growing further away from truth and we forget to learn from each other. Ego then turns it's ugly head; My artificacts over theirs...even culture has a blind way of separating many things from what we truly share in universal peace. The primordial and most simple things come from such a deep deep place in one's mind, no one knows how to get there, how to survive there, and much less understand it once all is experienced. As the few of us that seem to torture ourselves, when in reality all we are doing is testing our limitations and weaknesses, pushing through, experimenting, falling in and out of consciousness. "insanity" all we are doing is aging our mind. In the end, we will discover a true cause, whether it's good or bad, we don't care...because all that really
Memorable First Meeting
The day started pretty bleak. woke up thinking about not hearing from Him the night before..He always calls me before bed I missed our naughty bed time talk, naturally thoughts of previous calls insinuate their way into my thoughts, memories of his sexy voice urging toward me orgasm cause a frustrating wetness I wonder where he is I hadn't heard from him all day yesterday... ohh well on with my day I thought to myself maybe I will see him online tonight . Day goes on haunted bye thoughts of web cams and phone calls imagining his hands stroking my skin .. keeping me perpetually hornier then hell. I decide a cold showers in order. Thinking of him while the cold beats down my skin doesn't really accomplish its original purpose. cold water sliding over hard nipples the exquisite shock of ice cold water running over the heated flesh of my pussy sending shivers deep into me. My hands start running over my body imagining they are his I just get to sliding my fingers deep into myself when the
Why do I even bother talking to people? One day you have a nice and decent conversation, the next day they dont even care to reply. Why do I even bother adding people? They talk to you and then they go on a Mumm and commenting profiles spree and tell you they are sorry for taking so long to reply because they were busy. You know what? You can just fuck off and drop dead for all I care.
By Your Side
Sade Lyrics "By Your Side" You think I'd leave your side baby? You know me better than that You think I'd leave down when your down on your knees? I wouldn't do that I'll do you right when your wrong I-----ohhh, ohhh If only you could see into me oh, when your cold I'll be there to hold you tight to me When your on the outside baby and you can't get in I will show you, your so much better than you know When your lost, when your alone and you can't get back again I will find you darling I'll bring you home If you want to cry I am here to dry your eyes and in no time you'll be fine You think I'd leave your side baby You know me better than that You think I'd leave you down when your down on your kness I wouldn't do that I'll do you right when your wrong I-----I, ohhhh, ohhh If only you could see into me Oh when your cold I'll be there To hold you tight to me Oh when your alone I'l be there by your side baby repeat 1x
The Real Scorpio
Those born under this Ascendant have youthful appearance, a generous disposition and fierce eyes. They are fickle-minded and love much excitement. They are inclined to sensual things in reality while they will not hesitate to talk about controlling sensual pleasures. Females born under this sign have more masculine nature. They are good correspondents and have friends from around the world. They are proficient in fine arts like music, dancing and the like. They uphold their views and ideals but they do not clash with others over their views. Their constitution will be hot and they likely to suffer from piles in middle age. They are very silent and dignified. Reputed to be the "most powerful" sign of the zodiac, Scorpios lead fate filled lives and have intense and dramatic personal relationships. Even as children Scorpios are often found to be wise beyond their years. Many astrologers call this the sign of the "oldest souls". Old and wise beyond the average, Scorpios often know all
Nude Bar Raises Eyebrows
A proposed bar raises major concern and a few eyebrows. It would be the first completely nude bar in central Nebraska. The club is subject to different rules than other bars because Shaker's Juice Bar doesn't serve alcohol. That means no limits on how much skin the entertainers can show, and patrons must be just 18 years old, instead of 21 like in most bars. It's those differences that have many Dawson County residents fighting this bare proposal. Wednesday morning the front page of the local paper read, "Nude bar scheduled to open outside Cozad." "They don't need to have a place like that around here," said Mike Hill. Right now, Hill's the closest resident to where the Shaker's Juice Bar is slated to open March 7. Hill said, "I don't think it's going to pan out. We're too far out in the country for anyone to come out and see it." The site is just south of Cozad city limits. It was once home to Upper Crust Pizza and then a strip club that lasted just a few mon
Is That You John Wayne?
America, Why I Love Her I've always been a big John Wayne fan. Ive watched all his movies (his westerns are the best), many more than once. He personified American values and patriotic pride. In this patriotic essay, John Wayne recites a beautiful poetic piece written by another actor, and poet, John Mitchum. John Mitchum is the younger brother of Robert Mitchum. In his youth, with his brother, Robert, he traveled across America as a hobo and these adventures may be where his inspiration for this piece came from. You may better remember John Mitchum as Clint Eastwood's sidekick Detective DeGeorgio in the Dirty Harry film series, and again in The Outlaw Josey Wales. He co-starred with John Wayne in Chisum and El Dorado, and I believe he was also in the TV series F-Troop. This first patriotic essay is called America, and is from the album "America, Why I Love Her", which can be purchased from and other music outlets (if you like this piece, please support the artis
Shout Me To Join This Giveaway!
SO here is the deal..... think you have the hottest V...... tighest ab's on fubar? Shout me and I will add your pic to my contest! Contest will run 10 days from day of opening... First place .. 1 month VIP or 7 day blast your choice Second place ... gets 3 day blast Third place... gets a day blast All entries get bling from me for entering. Contest will begin when I have at least 10 entries,GOOD LUCK! ~~KISSEZ, Elaina~~
Wanna See Me Naked, Own Me, And Show Ur Friends?
if ur the first to buy me a blas or vip you dont only get to own me, and look at my hidden pix but ill even let u rip them ;) and show ur friends love aly
Add My Sis On!
Hey all my sister from another mother June just joined the fu ranks on here make sure you add her on and let her know your one of my friends!
Tag Ur It Part Ii
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're It!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you! Once again, I was tagged so here's some more about myself! This should be fun this time around, so let the games begin! 1. I WAS BORN ON NOV. 6TH TO JOHN & VIOLET, I AM THE OLDEST OF 5 CHILDREN BORN TO THEM! THERE'S ME, MIKE, STEVE. TONY & KIM IN THAT ORDER! LOL 2. AT THE AGE OF 7 YEARS OLD, I FEEL DOWN SOME STAIRS AND AT THE BOTTOM WAITED A CASE OF BROKEN BOTTLES! EARLIER IT RAINED, SO WHEN MY MOM WAS UNLOADING THE CAR TO BRING THE CASES OF SODA IN TO THE STORE TO GET THE MONEY BACK ON THEM, LATER FINDING OUT THE STORE HAD JUST CLOSED, NEEDLESS TO SAY THE CASE OF SODA GOT WET AND ONE CASE FEEL AND THE BOTTLES BROKE, LATER GETTING HOME, MY MOM
Rant !
Just wanted to SCREAM !!!!!!!!!!!! how can people .. especially family be SO FUCKIN INSENSITIVE ????? HOW?????????????????????? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Okay gotta get my ass to work .. see ya'll later :)
Life is hard life is painful but life is also love when you have love in your life you have something to live for something to cherish and something that will always be there for you when u are down and out and it feels like walls are closing in on you. But when u go through life and there is no love u have nothing to live for but wishing that u can love and somebody would love you back.
40 Things Men Need To Know Before Sex
40 MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHILE HAVING SEX WITH WOMEN (Some Men Really Need To Read This) 1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3) NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance. 4) SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and smo
Wanna Make Money In Real Life?
Beauty Tips From Audrey Hepburn
For attractive lips , speak words of kindness... For lovely eyes , seek out the good in people. For a slim figure , share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair , let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day. For poise , walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone... People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
Hi every1 I'm posting blog to get all the help I can.My brother is in the hospitol right now.He was dianosed with cancer.That started in his left leg.And now if spread to his lungs and possibly his heart.I took him to the Doctors Friday for a pretest before his surgery.And that time his heart beat was at 156 BPM . It should at 80.So we need all the prays and support we can get right now. Thank You Scott
History Of Shibari (japanese Rope Bondage)
There are two styles of Bondage that are generally categorized as either "Western" or "Eastern." I am fond of both, but find a great deal of artistic value in the Eastern or Shibari type of bondage. History has documented that Shibari was more than likely produced for the purpose imprisonment due to the lack of formal prisons and the raw resource in metals in the 1400's. This was identified as "kinbaku-bi" during the time period and still to this day hemp and jute rope are still carried in the police vehicles of today. Kinbaku-bi is translated as "The Art of Erotic Rope Bondage" and has been photo documented as far back as the 1920's. Although those pieces are almost impossible to find, there has been a constant evolvement of the practice today. Shibari is translated as the term "to tie" or "to bind". One of the main differences we see between Western and Kinbaku-bi bondage is that the submissive/bottom enjoys the torture or torment gained from the Kinbaku-bi style because of
The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let me repeat that for you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or better yet, do unto others better than you ever expect anybody else to do unto you. Go the extra mile. Dont stop at satisfactory when it comes to life. Just because we are suppose to care about each other and love each other, doesnt mean we do. Just because we are suppose to have basic human kindness and respect for each other, doesnt mean we do. Just because we are suppose to value each others opinions and right to privacy, doesnt mean we do. Just because we are suppose to put our loved ones feeling above our own, doesnt mean we will. It is too easy to assume people know how we feel. We take for granted that just because we love them, they KNOW we love them. We automatically assume people know how important they are to us and how much we care for them, but they dont. Just because you said it once, or once a week, doesn
Come Visit My Lounge
Hi this is Andrea. I just made a lounge. Its brand new lounge. Right now I'm looking for DJ's and Staff. SO please come and check out my lounge. love andrea
Bulletin I Did For Ldcf
Enjoy And Yes Im So Bored Lol!!
Time Capsule Lounge Come Check It Out (repost of original by 'Achmed The Dead Terrorist co owner the time capsule lounge enforcer for TAINTED KINGDOM' on '2008-02-17 12:15:39')
Unbelievable People!!!! Ty So Much!
I bid on the Spotlight last night and had the high bid until the last minute and was beat out and out of bucks! So many people have stepped it up today and are really busting bum to help me. That's what friendship and fu sportsmanship is ALL ABOUT! So, go show these folks LOTS AND LOTS of Fu Love! Obviously they are good people to have on your side. ❦ ĦƐЯ ✌ϢѺⱤȽ ❦@ fubar Nyha **Mari's Fu~Wife**Owned by PebblesInAz**@ fubar The Lonely Heart *Fu Owned by *skullcrushed* ~fu wifey to FIREGOBLIN85@ fubar ~~DJ CJ~~@ fubar ♠Cuffed♠Desire♠namedby *SexyRebelBitch*♥FuDaddy's♥SexyLoveGoddess@ fubar SilverWolfSinfully Sexy 's Fu-Daddy@ fubar LIL MZ. VIXEN **2ND ALARM HOTTIES *PROUD & STRONG **SO CUTE*S
today (feb 16, 2008) has turned out to be the best day of my life. i have been in the BDSM lifestyle for a few years, and have had a few "Doms". i moved out here to be with one. we didn't work out a girlfriend of mine introduced me to my (now) Mistress and Sir, i have been Theirs from just about day one i knew from the very first time i met Them that there was something special about Them. i agreed on July 24th that i would be Sir's princess. from that day forward things in my life changed and majority of the changes were wonderful. Mistress and i built our relationship and now things are great. but today before Oour closest friends, i was completed i am no longer in any kind of consideration collar or temp collar. i am officially collared and wear my collar with the up most pride. i feel whole, i couldn't ask for anything more, i am happy, loved cherished, wanted, i could do nothing more from this point on but grow into the lady They see me as. i am OWNED completely heart,mind, bo
------dream Girl--------
i keep dreamin' of her got me hooked like no other she's the type of girl i would like to meet my mother the best of the best could never love another she'll have my heart so there's no question that i love her with a sweet personality positive with no fallacies chill a lot and play games and i know she loves to challenge me so much fun she's more than enough she's embraced in my arms long conversations after making love and yea, she has her faults but hey who cares? she's not perfect nor i just wanted her to be there tell me how could we ever break up? i'm proud that we can make through each day but i need to wake up and get back to my work cus she's only a dream girl as i sit here at this desk i think about this dream world she had pretty brown eyes and a body in the shaped like a coke bottle one night in my sleep i told her she should be a model as i sit here and day dream and i'm still dreamin' hoping she'll come my way at least while i'm still breathin' steady
The Word We Use 100 Times A Day
10 Things About Me
1.)i am a true brat 2.)i am a smartass 3.)i am single 4.)i love my friends 5.)wet dreams is my wifey 6.)honey babe is my yankee bitch 7.)im loved by my friends 8.)im hated by some 9.)im loved my most 10.)im envyed my every1
Fun Fun
1. Go to 2. type in your answer. 3. only use the first page. 4. copy the html and paste here. 1. What is your first name? (they didnt have my name..but her picture kinda makes me happy) 2. What month were you born in? 3. What's your favorite hobby? 4. What's your favorite TV show? 5. What's your favorite color? 6. Who's your celebrity crush? 7. What's your favorite movie? Im KIDDINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG sheeeeesh! ummmmmm 8. Who's your favorite Disney character? Beeeeeeeeeast! omg. 9. The name of your pet? 10. What's your favorite vacation spot?
What Defines Me Or Hate Me..i Could Care...
This is me in kind of a nutshell in the way I view member of the opposite sex and what I find attractive. I value intelligence over beauty any day of the week. Sure, you may have a nice body but you know something...looks will only get you so far. Don't get me wrong, they sure work as a base to start with. And nothing towards "bigger" girls, but that's just not my cup of tea. Sorry. I don't want a woman that I have to worry about throwing my back out trying to lift you up. Sure you can call me rude, mean or whatever else. But I live by a simple philosophy in my life and I am very happy with it. I would rather you hate me for being myself, than love me for someone I'm not. Period. There's a difference in what I consider a "bigger" girl, and just plain obese. If you weigh more than I do, and I'm at 176...not going to happen. I like to be able to hold a conversation with a woman and relate to her a mental level.
In Other New's ... Party Time!!!!
YAY It's my birthday it's my birthday... okay well next weekend anyway sooooooo it's party time. Do you live in the Tacoma/Seattle Vicinity and wish to party with the infamous Pixi? Please RSVP my message box, I'd LOOOOVE to meet all my Fubar friends and celebrate!!! (No stalking me afterwards please) haha. Oh I guess I should tell you, my b-day is sunday but we are party-ing for it on Saturday, it's kinda byob because I am frikin poor *grin* But hey I'm a Jamesons girl with a bottle of margarita mixer (I know weird huh) so, you bring me tequila and clothes will fall off! *discalimer- clothes falling off is not guaranteed but may happen* And Stuff. The End. *runs off leaving a trail of Pixi dust*
Xbox Cake
I made a xbox 360 fruit cake. What do u think?
He Left Something Behind.........
I am getting really frustrated with my computer at the moment. I bought the computer in November and of course they always come with a virus protection with a limited time, usually 3 months. The one mine came with is McAfee which is ok. I was looking into a better one from Panda or another brand and was doing some research on them the other day. I thought by going so long without any protection was not a good thing and I have been meaning to ask Martin which one I should download and keep forgetting to ask him so I just renewed my subscription to McAfee. I know, I know....I should have done a different one but my computer has been acting funny this morning. My mouse is lagging behind and really irritating! I thought it was just Fubar but it wasn't. It was lagging with everything I was doing. Ugh! It drives me crazy! Peter left for the cabin early this morning. I woke up and he was gone, he left something behind though......Christopher! I thought I was going to have a
Would Love To Get The Spotlight 2 Help Me Godmother
If anyone could spare some fu bucks that would be awesome, I am saving away :D I thought my happy hour was gonna do alot better then it did, but sad to say it didnt. Ty to those who help xoxoxox
Father Flaherty
Mrs. Donovan was walking down O'Connell Street in Dublin when she met up with Father Flaherty. The Father said, 'Top o' the mornin' to ye! Aren't ye Mrs. Donovan and didn't I marry ye and yer hoosband 2 years ago?' She replied, 'Aye, that ye did, Father.' The Father asked, 'And be there any wee little ones yet?' She replied, 'No, not yet, Father.' The Father said, 'Well now, I'm going to Rome next week and I'll light a candle for ye and yer hoosband.' She replied, 'Oh, thank ye, Father.' They then parted ways. Some years later they met again. The Father asked, 'Well now, Mrs. Donovan , how are ye these days?' She replied, 'Oh, very well, Father!' The Father asked, 'And tell me, have ye any wee ones yet?' She replied, 'Oh yes, Father! Three sets of twins and 4 singles, 10 in all!' The Father said, 'That's wonderful! How is yer loving
Tag Your It
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1.) I love Dirty Deeds Radio 2.) I am really scared of heights 3.) I am really addicted to Fubar 4.) I have a bad habit of biting my nails 5.) I am a diehard Nascar fan 6.) I can't stand a cluttered house 7.) I hate riding the rides at the fair now 8.) I am so happy to have all my friends here on Fubar 9.) I have 5 sisters and 1 brother 10.) I love my kids to death they are my everything.. who gets this... 1.) Happy Country Girl 2.) Mz. Deviant BBW 3.) Freek 4.) Tese ~hisblueeyedbeauty~ 5.) Lovable Perv
Msn Id
here is my msn id if anyone wants it and here is my aim one too vegaslibragirl my yahoo one is blackrose77239
Not Around Much These Days
Hello to all my friends here on Fubar. I just wanted to tell you all that I'm not around all that much these days. I'm not deleting my account or anything, and there's always a possibility that I'll be back someday... but for now I have other stuff to do. If you really want to keep in touch and don't already have my email address and/or Yahoo screen name, leave me a message and I'll send that info to you. I still check this account one or two times a week. Thanks to everybody for the birthday presents and well-wishes. You guys are awesome. I miss DJing, and hanging out here... I just need a break. xoxo Jera
I am out of stash rates now too.It's not my fault I have quick fingers.Get your minds out of the gutter!
The State Mental Hospital.
Hello, and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memo
Thunder Road
I dont want to feel alone. My heart hurts with the pain. It's like with a sunset, it's there, and I can see it in the distance, but out of reach. And then like the sun after it sets, it's dark and cold, and alone. I don't want to be alone anymore. I long to have someone to share my life with, who understands me, and wants to be with me. Who will appreciate me, and what I have to offer. Bruce Springsteen ~ Thunder Road The screen door slams Mary' dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch As the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you only Don't turn me home again I just can't face myself alone again Don't run back inside Darling you know just what I'm here for So you're scared and you're thinking That maybe we ain't that young anymore Show a little faith there's magic in the night You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright Oh and that's alright with me You can hide 'neath your covers And study your pai
What can I say. This site is more than I could have ever imagained. Never found one place whre you can meet such a wide variety of people. Here you can talk to individuals from her in the US or as far away as you can imagaine. You can get your heart shattered one day, and the next met someoen who makes you fel like your flying. I have met a wide variety of men on hre. Well not actually in person that is. Some have become wonderful friends I hope to have for the rest of my life, and others I never want to think of again. But all in all , as many times as I have wanted to leave, I dotn think I could. Always been a terribly shy girl. Yes I know some of you will find that very hard to believe lol. But it is very true. Never would let anyone take a picture, or if they did wouldn't smile. So terribly self conscious and insecure. Unfortunately these insecurities made me lose a very special friend I had here. I sometimes put up a false front of this flirty, naughty girl.
. . Callin' All Friends & Family . .
So I know this really awesome person. I was wondering if you could help me, help her. Rate this pic, Leave a comment, or 2 or however many you'd like. I'd really appreciate it, and I'm sure she will too. My friends & family kick butt so I know you all will help out. Kisses XoXoX Check It Out
Vampire Heart
You can't escape the wrath of my heart Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone) All faith is lost for hell regained In the dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave) Let me breathe you this song of my heart before I lead you along this path in the dark Where I belong 'till I feel your warmth Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Love me Like you love the sun Scorching the blood in my vampire heart I'll be the thorns on every rose You've been sent I hope (You'll grow cold) I am the nightmare waking you up From the dream of a dream of love (Just like before) Let me weep you this poem as Heaven's gates close Paint you my soul, scarred and alone Waiting for your kiss to take me back home Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Love me Like you love the sun Scorching the blood in my vampire heart Hold me Like you held on to life When all fears came alive and entombed me Lov
--Through The Fire and Flames-- On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight. Fighting hard, fighting on for the steel, through the wastelands evermore, The scattered souls will feel the hell, bodies wasted on the shore. On the blackest plains in Hell's domain, we watch them as they go, Through fire and pain, and once again we know... So now we're flying we're free, we're free before the thunderstorm, On towards the wilderness, our quest carries on. Far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight, Deep inside our hearts and all our souls... So far away we wait for the day, For the lives all so wasted and gone; We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days- Through the fire and the flames we carry on! [Small interlude] As the red day is daw
Contest Thru March 1st Please Help!!!!
COME HELP MARI WIN!!! RATE & COMMENT BOMB! Hey y'all i'm in a contest (My girl Jamma is in the same one so show her some love too!) so stop by and rate me & leave comments pretty please!!!!! Thanks so much! Here's the link:Mari Please take a few minutes of your valuable time and help me win! My birthday is next Sunday the 24th & I'd love to finally be in the lead as a birthday gift. Thanks for reading!
If You Wanna Know
Hello all I recently Had my Yahoo messenger hacked into so I lost it all so if you would like to be added to my bubby list my new screen name is kenny112169
Covered the carcass of time with flowers To send the scent of blame to the grave Set the darkest thoughts on fire And watched the ashes climb to Heaven's gates We hide behind the crimson door While the summer is killed by the fall Alive behind the crimson door While the winter sings: "Your love will be the death of me" (Death of me) "Your love will be the death of me" Death served wine for lovers Brought from the world where devils reign And intoxicated angels with sorrow They witnessed in the eyes of their slaves We hide behind the crimson door While the summer is killed by the fall Alive behind the crimson door While the winter sings: "Your love will be the death of me" (Death of me) "Your love will be the death of me" We hide behind the crimson door While the summer is killed by the fall Alive behind the crimson door while the winter sings: "Your love will be the death of me" (Death of me) "Your love will be the death of me" We hide behind the cri
Do You Believe In Love?
"Do you believe in Love?" "Yes" "How so?" "It is everywhere..." "Where? Where is it?" She smiles and her lips are soft when she does. She doesn't answer. I sit straight in my chair and hummm beneath my breath. "What do you believe happens..when you love someone and it is not returned? Does it just dissapear?" "No...of course not." She shakes her head. Her hands clasp the pink coffee mug. Her fingernails trace the lip of it. I am exasperated. "Then where does it go?" "It is like the tide. It comes back to you." I worry my lip between my teeth and pick up my cup of coffee. "You are not so wise." I blurt out "Of course I am not." She answers. "Are you in love then?" She asks me, moving her body closer to mine. It is as if she thinks that I have secrets to whisper. I look down at the table, and then out the window to where the rain falls heavily. It lands so hard that it beats at the ground..each drop leaving indents, causing the puddles to
Bar Realizations
I went out to the bar last night, and stayed pretty sober. I didn't get smashed until I got home and started doing everclear shots. It was interesting, I found out I have more good times than I remember. Apparently, I know 80% of the regulars very well. Couldn't tell you any of their names, but they all know me. There was a new cocktail waitress...first night I've seen her. First thing she says to me: "So, I notice you are talking a little bit clearer tonight..." I hog the cocktail waitresses. They play pool and chat with me all night instead of bringing the other customers drinks...apparently there is resentment among quite a few people over this, but management doesn't seem to mind. I get looks. MANY looks. I felt like a piece of meat last night. Perhaps I'm cuter than I think? Lots of guys want to kick my ass. Apparently they don't like the fact that their girlfriends are eyeball fucking me. One dude almost kicked my ass, and I didn't even glance at his girlfriend....
Do You Yahooooooooo?
I just resurrected my yahoo. I'm looking for people to add to it as I brutally culled the names on it. Didn't even know who half the people were, lol. If you use yahoo fairly regularly and want to add me, let me know in private message or a shout. I'm not in the habit of using it anymore, so I'd also be looking for someone to remind me to use it - if you see me on the FU, but not on yahoo tell me to log in :P Voice and cam chatting is optional. I don't show my junk on cam, but hey - if you're hawt and wanna share, who am I to deny you happiness? :P Donkey fact: Donkeys were first domesticated around the year 4000bc.
My Design Groove
OK, so I've been bored at times lately and have recently discovered Photobucet. Combining that with my Photoshop powers, I'm going to try and kill some down time with getting my graphic design groove back on and making some graphics that my fu-friends will (hopefully) find funny and entertaining! Please leave comments if you're so inclined - positive and negative feedback is always welcome!
Good Friends Rock! Herworld Made This For Me!
shes bidding now for spotlight.... any help u have to keep her in the race is awesome!! even if ur broke rates will help her earn money for it She Rox PebblesinAZ ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar
Yes We Can
We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change. We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks to come. We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope. But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. For when we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of a people. Yes we can.
Ok alot of people have been asking me to make graphics for them now that I know how. So heres the deal. I have a folder in my photos with graphic backgrounds. If you want a graphic made please go to that folder and pick your background then let me know the number of the background you want and send me a link to the photo you want used. And I will get the graphic sent to you as soon as its done! Thank you!!
Come Help Out My Gurl!
I made this music player at More colors. Come help out my girl Tracy! She is trying to get her first HH. She 23,5xx and needs 50K. Come show her lots of love. Any amount of comments are welcome rather it be 1 or 100. This pimp out brought to you by..... Carebear-- Pitbull Mafia@ fubar
Love and hate get it wrong She cut me right back down to size Sleep the day let it fade Who was there to take your place No one knows never will Mostly me but mostly you What do you say do you do When it all comes down I don't wanna come back down from this cloud Taken me all this time to find out what I need There is no blame only shame When you beg you just complain More I come more I try All police are paranoid So am I - so's the future So are you - be a creature What do you say do you do When it all comes down ======================================= Sixteen stone by bush one of the best alternative cd's eva
Tornado Of Souls
This morning I made the call The one that ends it all Hanging up, I wanted to cry But dammit, this wells gone dry Not for the money, not for the fame Not for the power, just no more games But now I'm safe in the eye of the tornado I cant replace the lies, that let a 1000 days go No more living trapped inside In her way I'll surely die In the eye of the tornado, blow me away You'll grow to loathe my name You'll hate me just the same You wont need your breath And soon you'll meet your death Not from the years, not from the use Not from the tears, just self abuse Who's to say, whats for me to Cause a big nothing it'll be for me The land of opportunity The golden chance for me My future looks so bright Now I think I've seen the light Cant say whats on my mind Cant do what I really feel In this bed I made for me Is where I sleep, I really feel I warn you of the fate Proven true to late Your tongue twist perverse Come drink now of this curse
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden fruit Some say youre an apple But do they truly know you Have they taste the sweet nectar Of youre inner being Gotten pass that ripe outer skin To experience the beauty within Oooh how I would love the chance To eat of this rare fruit I would savor each and every bite As if my last Introduce you into me That we could be as one Forbidden Fruit Give me a sign Show your location amongst these ordinaries Theres so many who want to be you And its hard to tell whos who Ive bitten other fruit Hoping it was you Some were sweet, but had a bitter after taste Some were sour to start Some just began to change with time Forbidden fruit My heart is yours Find me As I look for you every waking moment Tyrrie,
Good Morning
So Pantheacon was a lot of fun. Ev ran into all sorts of people she knows. funny they all had the same thing to say upon meeting me. "I have heard so much about you!" Apparently my sweetie likes to brag. Some interesting workshops and stuff in the vendor's room. One of Ev's friends does leather work, including collars. So I have purchased one and will be collaring Ev this afternoon as my submissive. Yes folks, a Collar with a capital C. She will officially be my pet. Although I am bummed, she won't get property of Thomas tattooed on her ass. (j/k)
it is better to have loved then not loved at all.ask and u shall recive.seel and ye shaal find.i thunk therefore i am.
Cool Is The Air I Breath
I cant help but Feel a connection A circle of protection around me I found myself walking in a garden So serene The air is calm As I walk through the passages Destination unclear But I feel as though Ive been here So I walk with confidence Touching and enjoying the environment As I advance Would this be my chance To love again Embrace another life Im born again Emotionally I grow Im sooo high I follow this moment of insight to the sky And move amongst the clouds Closer to the sun The center of my solar system The heart to my body I embody this new life Tears of enjoy streams my face Not a better but a new A different place Close my eyes and there, you occupy That space behind my eye lids I dont get this often So I respect it for what it is I soar then glide on warm pockets of love To put it simple I cough feelings Tyrrie,
Damnit.. Did You Know??
IT'S ENVI'S BIRTHDAY!!! Make an on-line slide show at Be sure to stop by and show her some B'Day Luv!!! ☆♫J Eηvi Da Great - So Outstanding ♫☆@ fubar
Day Out At Ibrox
As most of you in my Friends and Family know that my son Wee Alan has CF , He has just come out of Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital , Where he went Through an operation to fit a Port-a-cath as well as grommet's in his ears and a Lung Flush. Well he has been asked up to Ibrox (home of Glasgow Rangers Football Team) to meet the players ,have lunch and visit the Trophy Room as well as match tickets to see the game on the 1st of March ...........AND I GET TO GO TOO..... He has also been nominated for The My Little Hero which is run yearly by The Daily Record Newspaper , They where at the house on Thursday to take some photos of him and are going to run an article about him.If he makes it to the final he will have to go to a Star Studded Dinner at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel which is in May......
Plz Help
I'M IN A CONTEST I'm in the Sexiest Kiss Contest. Please stop by leave me some comments and a rate, any and all will be appriciated. Thanks very much. Just click on the pic below.Please Repost also. CREATED AND ORGINALLY POSTED BY: GABE GABE 4 RON PAUL 2008@ fubar
Tag Yer It
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1. I am a total Coca Cola Addict. Pepsi is drinkable but it don't satisfy my addiction. 2. I am an only child not including step brothers and sisters. 3. I am a very strong willed person and not easily swayed when I know something for a fact. Because of this I have been told I am stubborn. 4. I am a mutt plain and simple. What makes me who I am nationality wise is Irish, Canadian French, Parisian French, American Indian, German, and god only knows what else. But I am most in touch with me Irish roots. 5. I am able to consume a large amount of alcohol when I drink but yet I am not one you would call a drinker. Could it be some the drink
02-17-08 (i Scream!)
Sunday, February 17, 2008 Mmmm I Scream, you scream ... We all Scream for I C E C R E A M Welcome my friends ... I hope this finds you with a no lactose intolerance or unable to savor the rich goodness that is Ice Cream! As diamond Dave sings ... and the flicking graphics surround you in the creamy cold sweetness, take a moment: Think about your childhood and how excited it made you to hear the ice cream trucks jingle or happy tune. To this day, as though I'm a dog that was trained to eat by a whistle ... I hear a tingling sound that reminds me of that Ice Cream Trucks music, My mouth salivates & I'm digging for some change. Funny, when my sister & I where teen agers, we were just sitting around playing crazy 8's during a HOT summer day, we thought we heard an ice cream truck down the road. Boy we were excited, it had been years since one was even IN our little town!
Obama Video And Music Player ( Please Repost)
~and Here's Your Sign~
*********A Real Ball Buster.********* A drunk gets up from the bar and heads for the bathroom. A few minutes later, a loud blood curdling scream is heard coming from the bathroom. A few minutes after that another loud scream reverberates through the bar. The bartender goes into the bathroom to investigate what the drunk is screaming about. "What's all the screaming about in there? You're scaring my customers! "I'm just sitting here on the toilet and every time I try to flush, something comes up and squeezes the hell out of my balls." With that the bartender opens the door, looks in and says, "You idiot! You're sitting on the mop bucket!!!" *Don't Laugh Too may know him.....LOL* Peace.
The Breeze
As I look outside I see the breeze Caress the leaves from the trees And carry them to all around Gently laid upon the ground I see the birds so high above Their songs sing of our special love And laid upon their soft sweet wing Your love to me they gently bring And as they start their graceful descent Delivering a message thats heaven sent One thing I know and will hold so dear When I see them fly I will feel you near
Dr. Turi On Youtube 2/17/2008 Dear Readers; I have decided to put a FULL TV show titled Cosmic Code on so you can really enjoy my predictions and philosophy and see me at work. Note this show was broadcasted live on January 11th, 2008 and many of those predictions pertaining to NASA, natural disasters and UFO activity have come to pass already. However many more were discussed and will unfold in time. I will ask you to rate this show and to pass it on to all your friends because my predictions have and will always unfold. Go there and enjoy me at work You may also visit George Noory there too Please leave a message of endorsement and add this link so others can enjoy my funny self and make a good use of my heeding. I am asking to do so as a gesture from you to help me reaching more people because in
Angel Hair Pasta With Scallops And Sun-dried Tomatoes
Angel Hair Pasta with Scallops and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe analysis includes 3 ounces of Parmesan cheese. Serving: 6 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 pound angel hair pasta 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 pound scallops 1 package sun-dried tomatoes (about 10 tomatoes), crumbled 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/2 cup dry white wine (water may be substituted) 2 tbsp butter Freshly grated Parmesan cheese DIRECTIONS: 1. Prepare pasta al dente. Set aside. 2. Saute garlic in olive oil until light brown. 3. Add scallops and cook for 2 minutes. 4. Add sun-dried tomatoes, lemon juice and wine. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 5. Stir in butter and toss with pasta. Top with cheese. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Based on individual serving. Calories: 480 Total Fat: 12 g Carbohydrates: 65 g Protein: 29 g Source: dain
it past Valentine's Day, and still no woman to date, it's wierd, it's better to be alone, less drama, less money spent on things that will rot or wilt, i'm tired of being single, won't women realize that i'm a good guy underneath my hobbies and perversions, i have a job, do i look like a jobless douchebag looking for handouts or ass on the net, hell no, i work my ass off for the Sisters Of The Poor, i also don't need a friend or a relative to hook me up, only losers do that stupid crap, do i look stupid, fuck no, i just fall for lies, that's all
Chilaquiles (tortilla Casserole)
Chilaquiles (Tortilla Casserole) A delicious casserole with a Mexican flavor. Serving: 4 Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 40 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 sliced medium white onion 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2 medium zucchini or other summer squash, cut into small dice, 10 ounces total (see note below) 2 cups salsa 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth, plus a little extra if necessary 1/2 tsp salt, plus a little more if necessary, depending on saltiness of broth 4 cups spinach leaves, stemmed and well-rinsed, about 5 ounces 8 to 12 ounces tortilla chips, depending on the type (see note below) 1/2 cup finely grated Mexican aejo cheese, or Parmesan or Romano DIRECTIONS: 1. In a large Dutch oven or flameproof casserole, cook the onion in the oil over medium-high heat until it begins to soften, about 5 minutes. Add the zucchini and cook, stirring frequently, until it begins to brown, about 3 minutes longer. 2. Add the salsa, 2 cups broth, salt and spin
PLZ RATE & COMMENT xoxoxo This is for sexiest Kiss Contest! I aprreciate all who helps *muahz*
Please Help!!1
My good firiend PebblesinAZ. She is currently saving for the spotlight, and she is almost there. Any help would be appreciated. Below is the link to her profile.It's a waste of fubucks to send them to me so send them to her. Thanks to all that help in advance. ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar
My Boy Is Almost Back!
By Rob Rossi TRIBUNE-REVIEW Sunday, February 17, 2008 His nickname is "Flower," and his colors have changed. That might be a sign goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is ready to bloom. "He seems hungry," goaltending coach Gilles Meloche said of Fleury, who turned aside 56 of 58 shots over two starts with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton this past week while on a conditioning assignment with the Penguins' AHL affiliate. "He reads the papers. He sees and hears that there are a lot of people with doubts. He wants to prove to everybody that he can play and that he can play well." Fleury will make at least one more start with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton - likely Monday in Binghamton, N.Y. - before returning to the NHL. He was sent to the AHL last Sunday to test his injured right ankle in game situations. Fleury has not played for the Penguins since Dec. 6, when he was lost with a high right ankle sprain early during a game in Calgary. He still "feels rusty," despite two starts in the AHL. The a
Gotta Luffles That Man..
Make an on-line slide show at Be sure you show him some luv!! DJ Silent... aka BlueLight.... BigBoyz... ~Dirty South Crew~@ fubar
No More Drama
ok from now on i'm not reposting anything unless i know everything about it or i know the ppl behind it really well ! i'm tired of all the damn drama! i was just told one of my good friends on here had a bully posted saying they were a hooker and i supposedly reposted it. which i don't thank so because that kinda drama i don't get into. i do my damnest to stay drama free and as everyone knows on fubar is very hard to do . i have hardly been on here in the last few days because i'm tired of it . there are somepeople on here would cut your throut to level and say almost anything to get you to fan rate and add them and there are those on here for friends and fun and no drama and this drama shit makes me sick and it makes me want to say the hell with it all. i'm so sick of all the f**ken drama . anyone else feel this way too.
2/17/08 Question
What can life savers do that guys can't do??
Trail Of Blood
i've left a trail of blood for you to find my soul a little whisper of when I was here i am now staring at you face to face the color drains from my body time hasn't eased the loss it's that pain you have caused and can not release listen closely to what i say and if you listen closely you might understand one day
TEXAS Have you ever looked at a map of the world? Look at Texas with me just for a second. That picture, with the Panhandle, the Gulf Coast, the Red River, and the Rio Grande, is as much a part of you as anything ever will be. As soon as anyone, anywhere the world over looks at it, they know what it is -TEXAS!! Pick any kid off the street in Japan, and draw him a picture of Texas in the dirt, and he'll know what it is. What happens if I show you a picture of any other state? You might get it, maybe after a second or two, but, even if you do, does it stir those feelings in you? In every man, woman, and child on this planet, there is a person who wishes just once he/she could be a real live Texan, and get up on a horse, or ride off in a pickup. There is a little bit of Texas in everyone. Did you ever hear anyone in a bar say, ' you're from Iowa? Cool, tell me about it?' Texas is the Alamo - 183 men standing in a church, facing thousands of Mexican nationals, fighting f
To My Love Double D
Sexy Lipz
I am in a contest 4 the sexiest kiss! plz rate and comment bomb 4 me!!! :D Love U xoxoxo
True Friendship!
There is no other way I know of then this, To reach all my friends at once. I have learened recently, That I have more friends then I thought I did. I had asked one or two friends to help me level and found I had many more then I thought. I would like to thank them all here and now for the love they showed me and the friendship they offered with hearts as big as the state I live in. LOL I truly love you all and will be there for you for the asking.
An Update.
Now I'm even more fucking pissed off, so yes, you guessed it right, I fucking hate people even more now. How come I've been doing this shit for fucking three years now, and I still have to go into hospitals, doctors offices, and deal with receptionists over the fucking phone who automatically I don't know what the fuck I'm possibly talking about, when they themselves, don't even fucking KNOW what schizencephaly is. So you're fucking telling me, I have to sit here and fucking explain to these cock suckers whats wrong with my daughter in the first place, and they have the fucking audacity to assume to assume that every Tom, Dick, and fucking Jane that walk into their office don't know what they're talking about? Especially me, when I have to fucking explain to the DOCTOR what my daughters diagnoses, but they turn around and still treat me like a fucking retard? Fuck off. Its no fucking secret we're just another god damn pay check to these people and they could give a shit if we live or
Random Thoughts & Premeditated Screamfest Grab A Drink And Let It Go
She was so kind and so fun to be around. When the news of her suicide, and how her youngest daughter heard a gunshot...the held the dead mother's body, it broke my heart for all 4 of her girls, 2 new grandchildren, and one on the way. She appeared so strong and her husband a stern but friendly man, were talking about divorce. He intimidated her. He said he'd get custody of the girls-- and in one desparate moment, she'd had enough of his rage. I have known that feeling too, but her precious smiles, goofy humor, and genuine love for her friends and family was not enough to keep her from shooting herself in the head. When a person is told they are useless, and all sorts of threats are made, all one can think of is: "Oh my God! what are we going to ? how will the girls and I survive?" I'm sure she believed that she wasn't beautiful, And I don't know what if she thought of anything except that gaping hole of desperation. Since he told her she was nothing, I'm pretty sure that
Are You A Controller?
I often hear people talk about "control freaks", "controllers", and "manipulators". Isn't trying not to be controlled a type of control? Controlling is for the most part a learned behavior unless there are biological factors involved. I believe all of us try to maintain a certain level of control over different areas of our life's. Indeed some people are more extreme than others. Individuals are only half of any interaction so how can we accuse the other person of being the controller? Where do you fit in on a scale of 0 - 10? I found this interesting scale to help find how out of control a person may or may not be. 0. No anger, no need to control anything. Doormat. Not socially nor occupationally functional. Probably lots of "insecurity" going on here too, maybe fear. Possible history of abuse with no clue on how to be assertive. Very good partner of choice for Level 9 in a totally dependent relationship, until he/she either gets treatment by external referral or fi
Meaningless Chatter
timeless thoughts never end of you even when it gets rough and blue i see your smile as it god turned a dial and speed my fate so we arent to late he sent a message on a dove to show you the difference of real love
Watch Out People.......
watch out people, theres a girl on here that likes to take people pics and put them on here page, she had 10 off my pics on here page, and she told me that she had copied them before my ex chazz , made the private, her name isSweet~n~Wet.
i have 7 pit bull puppies for sale, so cute i will be posting pics for anyone intrested>> or.. almost 3 mon old
Show Him Love
Goin Goin Gone
for all those who have my cell ... call me if u wanna ... im off to chattanooga for a meeting all week and then ill be back to clayton on thursday nite ... if i can ill talk to yall on the cell.. no puter access im assuming in chattanooga unless i get lucky .... wonders if shell get lucky loll woo hoo - doubtful at best ... take care and have a great one yall
The Tongue Can Be A Lethal Weapon
This is probably long overdue for me but several things have happened in my personal life over the past few years and issues with validation and invalidation keep surfacing around me. I watch so many people trample over other's personal boundaries that it makes me cringe everytime. It took me many years before someone actually explained this concept to me but it became so clear to me that this is a major issue in our culture. I personally suffered from this ailment for the majority of my life and made it a priority to change once I understood the way I viewed other people's feelings along with my own. I think it's sad that in our society others often feel the need to try to put us down and make us feel inadequate, inferior, and insignificant. For most of us, our feelings are continually belittled, negated, judged, rejected or ignored on a daily basis. I believe all of this is a form of invalidation. Invalidation goes beyond mere rejection by implying that our feelings are disap
Nyha Loves Me. Help Me!
Madonna Interview:-))
Women Lol
DICTIONARY FOR DECODING WOMEN'S PERSONAL ADS: 40-ish................................49. Adventurous.......................Slept with everyone. Athletic...............................No breasts. Average looking....................Moooo. Beautiful..............................Pathological liar. Emotionally Secure................On medication. Feminist................................Fat. Free spirit............................Junkie. Friendship first......................Former slut. New-Age............................Body hair in the wrong places. Old-fashioned.......................No BJs. Open-minded.......................Desperate. Outgoing.............................Loud and Embarrassing. Professional..........................Bitch. Voluptuous..........................Very Fat. Large frame.........................Hugely Fat. Wants Soul mate..................Stalker.
I Hate Today
I hate today. I hate waking up feeling sad, lonely, and pissed off. There is no reason, really, well except, I am sad, and lonely, and that pisses me off... I guess there is something really wrong with me, I have lots of friends, and shouldn't feel so lonely, and sad, but I do. I don't think how I feel has anything to do with my relationships with my friends, I think it has to do with me personally. My personal life sucks, and sometimes I just can't deal with it. All I want to do is find a place, go there, and sit. I don't want to think or feel. Like I said, I hate today. Darkness
New Number
hwy whats up everyone...i don't have a computer any more so its hard for me to get on here so if anyone wants to get in touch with me especially if your in the fayetteville area heres my new number (910) 476-5440
Hot Cars
Help Get Her To Fu-king
Lindsay needs 70,000 to get to fu-king. Let's help her get there. All love will be returned. Thank you. ..:Lindsay:..@ fubar
Some Awesome Cars
In Love With The Black Man
I am in love with the black man. The many facets of his character, his strength and inner beauty sing the song of my soul. His very essence makes my heart beat faster. In the company of the ebony prince my world is right. I am content to just be... In his arms I am able to find rest and safety long denied in our wicked past. Long gone are the days of being snatched away from him. Long gone are the days of no choice. I choose to love his intellect, his faults, his struggles, his dreams.... In return for my love he gives me his protection, his support, his empathy and the best damn loving this world has ever seen.... It is the stroke of His hands that stimulate the pulse at the center of my being. The feel of His body pressed against mine as he kisses my neck... The span of his shoulders as he lifts me for a closer fit... I love the way the muscles in his back ripple when he knows it's getting good to me and the way his arms tighten around me so I can't get away as he gives me what I
Wal Mart
A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into Wal-Mart with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The Wal-Mart Greeter said pleasantly, "Good morning, and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?" The woman stopped yelling long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't! The oldest one's 9 and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?" "I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am," replied the greeter. "I just couldn't believe someone would sleep with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart."
Been Kept Busy
Lately I have found myself being kept busy by my grand-daughter. Last night ric and I both received invites from her to join bebo. I haven't joined but have checked out the site today. It's not somewhere my ten year old grandchild needs to be. I talked to her mom, my daughter, today about it. It seems when the babysitter is there my grandchildren do quite a few things they aren't supposed to. The babysitter knows that when their mom isn't there the kids aren't supposed to be on the computer but lets them anyway. Time for a new babysitter! But it was daycare, not the babysitter, that helped my grand-daughter set up internet accounts. So lately I find myself spending my online time checking around for my grandchildren. I know my daughter is going to handle the matter in more ways than one. she may even be shutting down her computer completely. I have my three year old still at home with me. And even though several years will pass before he's ready to surf the net I have already installed
I think I've about had it with men, been hurt, played and lead on way too many times in the past 4 or so yrs that I've been single. I don't and never will understand why they ( the one's that I HAVE run in to or been involved with ) can't just be honest and upfront from the beginning, that's all I've ever asked by any body ..... I give them plenty of chances to just be honest yet, they won't. Why?? I've been hurt by the one's in the past but this last one hurt me even more than those did, why?... Cause I truly thought that he would never lie to me or lead me on or play with my heart or mind like he did. I left for a few days to make sure that my head n heart were in the right spot just to come back to find out that he's started gettin close to somebody else and that he lead me on. Now he's with that other woman and I'm saying good bye to him forever , I won't ever talk to him again, which is for the best, for me! And now I find myself in a situation of having no tr
Enough With The Beatles Songs!!!
Back in the day the Beatles made some pretty snazzy songs, such as "why don't we do it in the road?" and others, but today their songs are used for every single damn product. From chase bank, to target, to razors and even an entire movie that contained nothing but a bunch of hippies singing Beatles song. Shitty-ass covers of decent Beatles songs are everywhere! It's annoying as hell. How about a little originality and stop fucking with decent oldies? Back to that movie, Across the Universe, what a dumb concept. A bunch of hippies having to be sent off to 'nam, singing songs that don't have anything to do with the character's situations. I hope that the man who thought up that movie gets cancer. I'm not talking about lung cancer, gets kemo and the cancer goes away, and they live a long a happy life. I'm talking about brain cancer, and the person lives at least another bed-riddin 20-45 years wishing they were dead. So I guess what I'm trying to say, seeing shitty co
Hot Cars Of 2008
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are flat? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? What is the speed of darkness? Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours? If the temperature is zero outside today and it's going to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be? Do married people live longer than single ones or does it only seem longer? How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? Did you ever stop and wonder......
True Colors
its amazing how all of sudden the true colors of people can all of sudden come out, when u least expect it.. friends who u thought were friend were really out for themselves the whole time.. leaving u alone when u need them but calling u when they are in need of help. there arent too many people anymore that i see are actually genuinely nice, that do it to help you not for other intentions. life gets so much harder when you get older.. now i can pretend they are my freinds but really, if anything, they're just people i knew, maybe an aquaintance. thats many fake people out there. seeking to please their own needs and they'll use u for it. well it sucks to know but good to understand.. people's true always will shine eventually and when it does.. i will respect them less.. trust them less.. and learn to not care have them around..i dont like extremely selfish people.. little brats who's parents lied to them that they r special.. people who think everything must go their way and
Some Pointers On Women And The Words They Use To Help Ya Out
in all my trips "around the block" i HAVE payed attention and here to help some of ya young bucks are some pointers to help save ya ass 9 WORDS WOMEN USE , 1. Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)
Love I S Enough
Love Is Enough Love is enough: though the World be a-waning, And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining, Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming thereunder, Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder, And this day draw a veil over all deeds pass'd over, Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter; The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.
Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee; Sounds of the rude world heard in the day, Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd away! Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song, List while I woo thee with soft melody; Gone are the cares of life's busy throng. Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me! Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me! Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea, Mermaids are chaunting the wild lorelie; Over the streamlet vapors are borne, Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn. Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart, E'en as the morn on the streamlet and sea; Then will all clouds of sorrow depart, Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Quick Witted Cop Comments... Lol
These 16 were taken off actual police car videos around the country: [these are some mighty 'quick witted' cops!] 16. 'You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through.' 15. 'Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while.' 14. 'If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document·' (I LOVE This One) haha 13. 'If you run, you'll only go to jail tired.' 12. 'Can you run faster than 1200 ft/second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you.' 11. 'You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want on the ticket, huh?' 10. 'Yes sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?' 9. 'Warning! You want a warning? O.K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket.' 8. 'The answer to
At Last
At Last At last, when all the summer shine That warmed life's early hours is past, Your loving fingers seek for mine And hold them closeat lastat last! Not oft the robin comes to build Its nest upon the leafless bough By autumn robbed, by winter chilled, But you, dear heart, you love me now. Though there are shadows on my brow And furrows on my cheek, in truth, The marks where Time's remorseless plough Broke up the blooming sward of Youth, Though fled is every girlish grace Might win or hold a lover's vow, Despite my sad and faded face, And darkened heart, you love me now! I count no more my wasted tears; They left no echo of their fall; I mourn no more my lonesome years; This blessed hour atones for all. I fear not all that Time or Fate May bring to burden heart or brow, Strong in the love that came so late, Our souls shall keep it always now!
Purina Diet
I have 4 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Purina at Wal-Mart and was in line to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her. Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no; it was because I'd been sitting in the street
I Need Your Help!
This year, I have the honor and pleasure of participating in MDA's Colorado Springs Central Lock Up 2008- Old Chicago to help "Jerry's Kids". To reach my goal I need your help! I'd like to include you or your company on my list of contributors who are helping me reach my goal. Your donation would help MDA continue the important fight against muscular dystrophy. Check out my web page by clicking on the link above. There you'll find all kinds of information about MDA, and be able to make your tax-deductible donation on-line using your credit card. MDA serves people in our community with neuromuscular disease by providing clinics, support groups, assistance with the purchase and repair of wheelchairs, braces and communication devices, and summer camp for kids. MDA also funds research grants to help find treatments and cures for some 43 neuromuscular diseases that affect people of all ages, right here in our community. I sincerely hope that you'll take the opportunity to suppo
Echo Come to me in the silence of the night; Come in the speaking silence of a dream; Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright As sunlight on a stream; Come back in tears, O memory of hope, love of finished years. O dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter-sweet, Whose wakening should have been in Paradise, Where souls brim-full of love abide and meet; Where thirsting longing eyes Watch the slow door That opening, letting in, lets out no more. Yet come to me in dreams, that I may live My very life again though cold in death; Come back to me in dreams, that I may give Pulse for pulse, breath for breath: Speak low, lean low, As long ago, my love, how long ago.
Got A Blast, Need Help....
Hypnotic Starr got me a 30 blast...I need to come up w/ something witty...can anyone help me out here?!
Blk & Bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
My Valentine's Day
Well I got my Valentine's Day presents the day after Valentine's Day, since we got paid that night at like 10pm!! So for Valentine's Day Neil got me a box of chocolates, the first season of the TV show REBA (which let me tell you has not been easy for us to find either lol), a glass figurine (has a heart that says I love you with two white doves on it & off to the side there is an area where you can put a tea candle), & a teddy bear (which I have been sleeping with every night lol). Well later that night we went to the strore and he found the movie Grease for me on DVD and got that for me as well!!! Then yesterday he went to Game Crazy and got himself a game that well I was going to get him for Valentine's Day but I had to wait for my money to come first (I swear he is impatient lol and now I have to figure out what else I am going to get him), anyways, while he was Game Crazy he found the movie Pearl Harbor, which is another movie that I have been looking all over for!!! So he got me
Love Poem
O my Luve's like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June: O my Luve's like the melodie That's sweetly play'd in tune! As fair thou art, my bonnie lass, So deep in love am I: And I will love thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry: Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt with the sun; I will luve thee still my dear, When the sands of life shall run. And fare thee weel, my only Luve, And fare thee weel a while! And I will come again, my Luve, Tho' it were ten thousand mile.
Re: We Are Change Vs. Prothink
RE: WE ARE CHANGE vs. PROTHINK ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: America First Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:22 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Khanverse Date: Feb 16, 2008 8:26 AM one has a national budget in the tens of thousands of $$$, the other operates on peanuts and proof. see for yourself, who's more effective? OR a video doctored with laughs where a real incisive response is conspicuously missing? or immediate, direct, forceful, and CORRECT response right on the spot? hmm.. the writing is on the wall.
Re: 9/11 1st Responders Money Bomb Today, Feb 16th
RE: 9/11 1st Responders Money Bomb Today, Feb 16th ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Erin Date: 16 Feb 2008, 20:08 ......Money Bomb 2/16..Spread the Word and Donate for the February 16th Money Bomb for our 9/11 heros - 9/11 1st responders. with 911 Heros Interview with John Feal with First Responder John Quibell with First Responder John LaPenna with 9/11 Victim's Family Member Michele Little Broadcast Alert WeAreCHANGE along with the FealGoodFoundation will be doing a live video broadcast on Saturday February 16th 2008. We are doing this to promote the money bomb happening on February 16thTune in to
Even all night long Even all night long while the night train pulls me on in my dream like a needle Even then, down in my bed my hand across the sheet anyone's hand my face anyone's face are held in the mercy and kissed the water the child the friend unlost.
Need Help!
Trying to figure out how to convert wav files into mp3! Anybody got any ideas or programs do allow me to do this so I can post some of my songs on here?
Random Page Comment......#1
Just thought i would molestyour page with a commentIt's Sunday once againLet the bullshit start beginSince you got this commentthen you must be my friendI only wonder are we friends 'til the end?Like Sundays friends come and goBut like a true friend i willnever show you the doorI am the killer of drama whoresand the lover of calamitybut since you got this commenti will leave you to your serenityYea i am boredSo i wrote thisSUE ME lmao
Our Love
Free Glitter Text Maker Comments & Layouts (Mandy) I was browsing on hear which I do not normally do and came across Charles. He was cute silly but cute. I sent him a friend request. The next day Charles excepted my request. Later that night I seen a bulletin from Charles that said "I'm for sale" I opened it, it said if you are the first one to reply to this with an "I own you" you will own this person. I thought it was silly but decided what the heck and replied. A few minutes past and I got an Email from Charles that said " now that you own me what are you going to do with me". We chatted for the next few days into the night I'm not sure we ever sleep. We talked about anything and everything. We loved the same thing and made each other laugh so much our stomachs hurt. we could not wait to talk to each other. We would rushed home to talk to each other every night. We exchanged cell numbers and talk all night long if we where not on the computer we where on the phone during
Re: Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin!!! (repost)
RE: Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin!!! (Repost) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism Date: 17 Feb 2008, 00:47 Expanding the Ron Paul Revolution into the US Senate! Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------Thanks: Murray SabrinDate: Feb 16, 2008 3:25 PMFrom: J. Douglas Fisher, Volunteer CoordinatorSabrin for Senate '08Subject: The vital importance of success of Murray's Campaign.Folks, While Murray is out barnstorming New Jersey today, I am at the office here at 30 Montgomery Street, in Jersey City and decided to take a moment to explain the necessity of a successful Murray Sabrin Campaign..Behind me several of the grass roots volunteers from the Ron Paul movement are working the phones encouraging movement supporters to get on board and help Dr. Sabrin. As many of you already know, Ron Paul has officially endorsed Murray, his friend of 25 years, for his bid for the United States Senate seat curr
Oh No...
Oh No... By Arthur Bartlett It's happening again, and it's killing me Second by crawling second Minute by inching minute Hour by watch-watching hour Day by Dreadful day Year by youth-taking year Two decades have given the slip and then some, but I caught those A life full of uneventful happenings, irrelevant to this timeline Or, that's how it would look if I weren't me I see that not many care about hospital trips and bed-ridden laments They just want me to fix their problems, tell them that their behinds are perfectly fine And I get to smile at other users and be their best friend when giving advice, And stifle my anger at fellow surfers' taunts of "EAT IT," and "Everyone else is worse." The cries of one I've never met, and cooings of one I'll meet yet These cause me ponder I wonder at how I've survived. I remember asking someone if they loved me, and she said yes As she was packing to live with someone else I remember another, who said the same, At the sa
Re: Free The Four!
RE: Free The Four! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: VANMETER SAYS FREE RENO NOW Date: 17 Feb 2008, 00:51 RE: Free The Four!----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: DebbieDate: Feb 16, 2008 12:47 PMFree The Four!----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: VANMETER SAYS FREE RENO NOWDate: Feb 16, 2008 12:47 PM
Help Me Help Me Lol
Now more than ever I need your help! I have the current high bid for tomorrows SPOTLIGHT but there is all day to be outbid! I won't be able to bid anymore as I have everything in it at this point. So I need all the help I can get to be able to bid higher when someone outbids me. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! I have had some amazing people step up with both large and small amounts and it means A LOT to me to know that there are people out there that care! For now, don't send me gifts, don't send me drinks, just send me the fubux instead. Remember, I love back and right now I just need some help. XOXO PebblesinAZ ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar
Knee Surgery
I just wanted to let you all know that I am having knee surgery on Wednesday. I am having arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. They are going in and cleaning out the some of my arthritis and any bad tissue in my knee. I will be staying at my cousins for a few days after my surgery so someone is there to help me. I am taking my laptop with me so I will be online. Tiggerbear2007 Family Manager Fubombers
Want To Level
i no a way and u can help me out too i need 332,784 please help me and u can help ur self tooo im trying to get to Henchman
To keep your marriage (relationship) brimming, with love, whenever youre wrong, admit it; whenever youre right, shut up.
Losers On Fubar
Ok i get online to find stupid im's left for me from apperantly imature men. just cause i wont give a guy my number he claims im passing up a chance, what ever!! and than he states im nothin for no one, whatever!!! i'm so sick of being treated like certain guys own me on here cause i talk to them one time, get a grip this is the frikin internet, unless i give you my number and have that kind of relationship with you than get a grip. there are a few who are friends and who get my number. you know who you are, atleast i hope you do. And right now no one is getting a number. Now if you feel that this applies to you dont be imature and bitch me out just simply remove me from your profile and i will remove you and block me from your yahoo, i will be cleaning mine out here soon. Sorry if anyone gets offended by this i'm just tired of the crap Thank you and have a nice day
Wow this is a cute site!!!!! who thought cookie monster ate more than cookies??
More Poetry
lovers quarrel beaten down silk stockings fishnets and a kings crown fools gold irritated irate intelligence overrated enough is enough in the buff in the nude strippers and whores sticky fingers grab life drugs booze sex wake up and cry just fly, fly away!
New Contest
Wanna win VIP or a 7-day blast. This contest will be 7 days long...most comments wins. And a bonus of 10,000 fubux will go to whoever has the most rates. Contest is for the best morph/tag/animated pic...(anything altered by you, photoshop and so on Rulez... ~pic has to be made by you! ~if pic was made by you but is of somebody else pls make sure its ok with them.. ~i am not responsible for a reward for anybody who is in the photo...only the person who made and submit it! Contest will begin once I have some entry's.... So do you want in? If so pls comment and send me a link to your entry! IN ADDITION IF YOU SUBMIT SOMETHING MADE FOR ME FROM MY PICS YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY GET 2,000 FUBUX
Before the dawning of man there were many spirits in the heavens there was Grey Eagle in the west spirit of the land and Odhinn in the east I have known both, poets and wise, Both my children Huginn and Muninn I sent as advisors to Odhinn and Haruinn my youngest. I sent to Grey Eagle Haruinn who is of the heart fell in love with his daughter, being of trixter ways young and impetuous he stole the sun the moon and the stars from Grey Eagles tipi and set them in the heavens for her to see. The things he took darkened his innocence for he was light but came to darkness. Black he was for he absorbed all that was light. I am the grand father and creator some say for I am the substance from which all things sprang. I am before the concept of dark and light I am a part of all things I do not judge those for who are, for they judge them selves their character resides within them and is there for those with discerning eyes and ears. They make their own reality but I walk in their dreams I whisp
Just A Rant On Humanity
Lately i have seen murder and physical abuse on the cover of the paper and i cant help but wonder, where are we going? Sounds like hell to me. Why does no one care when someone cries out for help the boys who murdered cassie had no Right to get the sentence they got, i think they should have been given death, whether they asked for it or not. They murdered a good sweet TEENAGER, they are only in HIGHSCHOOL, what do you think would be like after they get out of jail..the same i think just as twisted just as "tortured". They are so young and they kill for no reason but the rush of killing a person, no a classmate who had the potential to be so great. And the signs were given the teachers at virginia tech, but they let an extreemly disturbed boy go on a rampage killing future leaders and people who could have been or were someone special. I am scared to put my kids into school, Hell i am scared to let them out of the house ...because one day it may h
Why is it we do our children a disservice by not setting limits on what is acceptable and what is not. All too often we continually give in to their whims for an easy life when the fact is that we only delay the consequences of our inaction until the results become exponentially more serious. Their piers are far harsher than we could ever be in metering out consequences which can at times have tragic results. Children when they grow explore their environment it is our job as parents to watch over them and explain when they have reached the limit and explain the possible consequences to them but as children are children they more than likely want to test the theory until they can get their head around what burning feels like as it is difficult to explain this lol. But we monitor and comfore as required they learn over time to respect our guidance and generally grow up to be respectful people who will pass this on to their children in turn. I think the mistake some parents make is to
Slip And Slide Fire
Lost For A Word
Lost for a Word There are times in our life when the fear of loss is so great that our rational thought turns inward to the exclusion of all reason. This can lead to a destructive spiral into despair and darkness. The more we perceive we have to loose the tighter we hold on to those things which are most precious to us, when in fact the exact opposite is what we should do lest we crush the life out of that which is beautiful. When we love someone as we do, love is such a strong and powerful emotion yet love itself is so delicate can be made with the simplest look or destroyed by a single action or word. There is only one certainty in love and relationships and that is that we all change and grow as love grows. The moment we forget and take for granted the other partner and fail to communicate our needs then we drift apart and loose sight of what is important. We convince ourselves that things are ok after all we are still together right? Being in the same space is not the same as
Bid Bid Bid Bid
DOMKING123's Auction is in Full Effect! Come get your bid in on your favorite Sexies! Have some fun and come get somebody to help you kick some fu butt! It's a great way to make friends as well. Just click the fabulous host: Domking123 Fu Owned By Onesxybrat & Pita Bunny . ***Member of the Confedrate Family***@ fubar Add him, fan him and rate his profile. THEN, come to the Auction folder and leave a bid! This UBER fantastic message brought to you by: ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar (up for grabs in that very auction!) XOXO
Moments Passed
There are moments in time that seem to pass us by things that we could have done or done differently or just things that happen. We never get those moments back things that we feel one moment are gone the next because of things that are done or said that changes our perception. There is no value I think in thinking what if, only the accepting and learning from the past and using that to make us stronger or wiser. We all have some regrets that make us wince now and again I hate that but life goes on or perhaps it was fate that shifts us down another path to who knows where. There is a beginning and an end but it is the complex web we tread along the way that is the life in between. We choose how we tread and the ripples we make in life are determined by how boldly we step. I tend to step out in to the unknown and try not to let missed paths affect my progress the unknown is what makes life interesting going somewhere where no one has ever gone is like exploring a first Kiss scary and be
Vet Advocates Fight For New G.i. Bill
just a clip from the military headlines.... if you agree, wright a short letter to your representatives (congress-senators) they mostly will do what the people want, but they cant know what we want if we don't tell them. ------------------------------------------------- GI Bill. It's a program that meant a college degree for millions who wouldn't previously have been able to afford one, and its advocates say the benefit helped make the "greatest generation" what it is today. But the World War II veterans who took advantage of the G.I. Bill of Rights to gain a college education got a lot more out of the deal than today's vets, say advocates and some key lawmakers on Capitol Hill. A series of revisions to the G.I. Bill since World War II turned what had been a "thank you" from the U.S. government for military service into a recruitment tool, but one not nearly as generous as the original. What once paid for an entire four-year degree and kept food on the table for a penny-p
Tag Your It Part 2
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1. I have a beautiful baby boy. 2. Im closer to my husbands then my own 3. Im the middle child and love it 4. Im a daddies girl 5. I have 4 tattoos and want more 6. I hate to clean 7. I can decorate cakes for any occasion 8. I love to go for walks in the woods 9. I love to read true crime books 10. I love to watch Law and Order. Now who is left to torture Bite Fair Tazman LilGirley Mikey
Every thing in this world has a purpose every thing interconnected to maintain balance and harmony. Harmony depends on the absence of greed and focusing on need. What do we need to maintain harmony in our lives? We need to look at what we have and rid ourselves of attachment to material things this is how we find out what is important to us, we can have things but be willing to give up things in favour of what is important. We need Food, Water, Warmth /shelter, companionship/love, and Dreams all have a part to play in our lives we cannot live without one element. Food , water and shelter cater for the physical needs with companionship and love caring for the emotional needs our dreams give us our path in life and a goal into the future driving us forward. We must always remember to cultivate the dreams of others rather than disregarding them or imposing your dreams on them. Little Bee Little bee what do you see an ultraviolet painted sea flowers sway like this and that
Made For Me Thank You
imikimi - Customize Your World
Go Show Some Love!
Do you want some cool animated pics or a morph? Are you short on fu-bucks? If so I want you. Here is the deal I have set up 2 folders.. Each hold 100 pics You can get to the folders by clicking the links below. Or simple go to my photos and search for the SG folder or the Beauty Folder they are both clearly marked for this.. I will pay you 10K for each folder that you rate. ALSO I will make you a morph/animated picture.. There will be a few rules so that hopefully things go smoothly for you and I.. Rules 1. You must rate these pics during HH all I ask for are 10's however if you want a few extra pics done you can always bribe me with 11's lol.. 2. You must private message me when completed. DO NOT SHOUT ME. If you shout me I will deny your request. 3. You must fan, rate, and add me to participate in this.. 4. If your doing this for the pic be sure to include a link of the pic you would like me to use other wise I will go your page snag whatever pic i want and if its not one y
Fed Up!!!
Toyota Venza
Hyundai Genesis
Bmw X6
2009 Zr-1
2009 Murano
Naked Male Html From Other Guys?
OK guys check it out. Putting a half naked buff dude on a girl's page will not make her panties magically disappear for you. Now if you are gay, I am obviously not talking to you. Now if you are a straight guy, why in the fuck are you putting half naked men on people's pages? You might want to double check your sexual preference there, tiger! In a nutshell, half naked men HTML on a girl's page will not make her want you. If you are interested, quit commenting on her T&A and compliment her eyes or just strike up a normal conversation. STOP PUTTING UP NAKED DUDES ON HERE...IT DOES NOT WORK!
Anal Optic Nerve
Bet you didn't know this: Did you know that in the human body there is a nerve that connects the eyeball to the anus? It's called the Anal Optic Nerve, and it is responsible for giving people a shitty outlook on life. If you don't believe it, try to pull a hair from your butt and see if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye.
Rfs Scam
RFS scam Are you FAILING online? Train yourself to succeed today RFS Scam - If youve been researching a home based business opportunity then youve probably run across Ty Coughlins Reverse Funnel System. You know the site, the beach bum in a lounge chair with his laptop. If youve review the site youve more than likely seen that you have to pay $50.00 to get any more information about how the system works. Well hold on tight Im going to give you the inside information about how the system works without you spending $50.00. First the system that Ty Coughlin is promoting in his Reverse Funnel System is called GRN or Global Resorts Network. This is a travel membership club that allows people to stay at resorts for a reduced price. Kinda similar to a time share network system. reverse funnel system, reverse funnel system review, reverse funnel system scam, rfs, rfs review, rfs scam, rfs mlm, network marketing, online marketing, Ty Coughlin, Ty Coughlin RFS,
Thinking Of
having a contest. one for winning fubucks & another for a 3 or 7 day blast. if you want to be in it private message me with a picture you wanna use and what contest you wanna be in.
She Thinks I Still Care~outlaw
Things That Will Help U Level
i got this stuff from this person so if this stuff helps you please show her some love ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.@ fubar Wow have I got the goodies for all of you to help you on leveling up. These are some great links to help you go about your search to make leveling easier. So this helps both of us you get more points and Its easier to level with alot pictures and stash. Check these links out. Thank you to The Confederate Bombers for allowing me to share them with you. Please stop by and show them some love. There profile link is at the bottom of these great sites. MUSIC: GAMES: PSYCHEDELIC ART ANIMATION CODES:
Not New
Hello, just a little bit to start off. I am not new to the site.. I was a member for a while, but decided to start fresh since i hadnt logged in for so long.. Wow I'm so lost. If ya wanna get to know me just talk to me, I'm very laid back and talk to anyone. Feel free to request me as a friend/fan me or whatever it is you do, I do return favors, if i catch them, if I havent remind me please.
2009 Ram
Tag Your It
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1.I love a clean house children are my everything 3.i sometimes bite my nails afraid of the dark 5.i am a really mean person to people who make me angry 6.i have been a raiders fan since i was a little girl 7.i am a big ass cry baby over all movies 8.i hate my feet 9.i love dirty deeds radio 10.i love taking my family to the movies (wow after reading this I think I might be a mess!! lol) who gets this, #1jennalee #2reaper #3gothic #4sweetiepie #5dreamy
its almost time to start my new really looking forward to it..but there is a lil caution because i am not sure bout how long it will take me to find work...but thats a concern anyone would have. but it all goes away because i have found the woman of my dreams... i cant wait to get there to get everything back on track and just spend time with her, hold her while she sleeps....even go to walmart 3 or 4 times a day with her lol....yes casey we all know u shop that much lol. i feel i have found who i was looking for in life..i promise u that no matter what life throws at either of us we will face it together.. i love u casey
Valentine's Day Poem
Valentine's Wishes Hearts of red and gold abound today Making lovers think of different ways Saying I love you in so many forms Nothing seems personal and from the heart anymore A hug or a kiss is all I really want to give you My heart and love are yours to have and hold Caring and sharing with each other our lives Little things mean much more to me than a big gift Hearing "I love you" sends my heart racing That gentle touch or kiss says so much more Probably more than you will ever know Merging lives together and making it new Difficulties will happen but we will endure I trust you with my heart Wishes never seemed to come true Until I met you Happy Valentine's Day Darling! Created by SF
My friends.... Well it used to be that no matter how bad they fucked up ... and whatever they did.... they always meant more to me than life itself. very true... but now... after this weekend... ive grown tired of making excuses for them. and they can fuck themselves. thanks a lot you selfish bastards.
My First Poem
she moves with ease her bodies silk like spring leaves She talks with a new language her words can't describe how it feels so good to me Telling me "i love you baby," keeps all my pain n suffering away with the wind blowing in my ear lets me always know, she'll be near if not there I love u to and i will always be here
Tag Your Ti
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1.My husband is my life 2.Im a very sensitive person 3. I love working 4. My mom is one of my best friends 5. Im a very short person 6. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing 7. Im very self conscious 8. Im moody 9. I have a very bad scare on my right ankel 10. Im a good cook im tagging Poetry in Motion Tiffi Nilla Taz Babz
Marines(1775 - Present)
My Playlist
If It Didn't The It Wouldn't Be Worth The Gain.
It takes strength It takes strength to do what must be done when the work is unpleasant and uncomfortable. It takes strength to persist in the face of obstacles, when it would be much easier to simply give up. It takes strength to be polite to someone when that person has been rude to you. It takes strength to be truthful when a lie would be more convenient. It takes strength to build for the future. It takes strength to resist temptations and distractions. It takes strength to do what is right. It takes strength to make an effort when it would be easier to make up an excuse. It takes strength to do all these things. And all the while, these are the very things that build even more strength. Be truthful, do what you know is right, put forth effort when it is called for, persist, and the more you do so, the more easily you'll be able to do so. Exercise your strength, and you'll surely grow stronger, more capable, and successful in each endeavor. -- Ralph Marston
I'm back!!!If you were previously on my friends list feel free to add me again.I am all out of picture rates today,compliments of being fresh and new.I will get to anyone I didn't rate when my picture rates are back up
About Me
Full Name: Charles Haveone Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Shaved Brown Height: 6'0" Shoe Size: 8 1/2-9 Ring Size: hummm dunno Heritage: German/Irish Graduating Year:1983 Birth date: Oct:17:64 Zodiac Sign: Libra ...::Firsts::...>or Romanic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous Sense of Humor or Sweet: Sense of humor Hook up or Relationship: Relationship ...::Currently::...
The Opportunity To Improve Is Always A Option.
Opportunity to improve Do you ever attempt to hide from your mistakes or pretend they didn't happen? If so, you'll keep making the same ones over and over again. Instead, quickly recognize and admit your mistakes. And learn to see the value in moving beyond them. When you've found an error, you've uncovered an opportunity to improve. Take those opportunities and make those improvements. When you discover a weakness, you've found a way to grow stronger. Overcoming a weakness in one area can make you more effective in all aspects of your life, after that weakness ceases to hold you back. Accept that there are things you've been mistaken about, things you don't know, and things you have not been able to do. That puts you in a position to make powerful positive improvements. Instead of letting your mistakes and shortcomings grow more costly by denying that they exist, choose to see the real value in them. Decide to confidently deal with them and transform your liabilities i
Computer Problems
My computer is dead again, i hope to be up and working son . to all my friends that care , i miss you all and hope to be able to talk to you soon. hugs and kisses to ya
My Mommy
Mommy went to Heaven, but I need her here today, My tummy hurts and I fell down, I need her right away. Operator can you tell me how to find her in this book? Is Heaven in the yellow part, I don't know where to look. I think my daddy needs her too, at night I hear him cry. I hear him call her name sometimes, but I really don't know why. Maybe if I call her, she will hurry home to me. Is Heaven very far away, is it across the sea? She's been gone a long, long time she needs to come home now. I really need to reach her, but I simply don't know how. Help me find the number please, is it listed under "Heaven"? I can't read these big big words, I am only seven. I'm sorry operator, I didn't mean to make you cry. Is your tummy hurting too, or is there something in your eye? If I call my church maybe they will know. Mommy said when we need help that's where we should go. I found the number to my church tacked up on the wall. Thank you operator, I'll give them a call.
Take This Opportunity
1 question 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX) Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to repost this. And see what people ask you
Letters To Santa
Dear Sanda, I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. Iv ben a gud boy all yeer. yer Frend, BiLLy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawn care. How about I send you a friggin' book so you can learn to read and write? I'm giving your older brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell! Santa ________________________________________ Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody! Love, Sarah Dear Sarah, Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they? Santa ________________________________________ Dear Santa, I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do. Love, Teddy Dear Teddy, Look, your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane. Do you think he's gonna give that up to come back to your frigid mom, who rides his ass constantly? It's time to
Thanks to ALL my family and friends who love and care about me !!!!! YOU ROCK MCL
Friends Famil Come Help Out
/">@ fubar"> needs only 28,793 more comments 4 our prize needs 20,400 more comments needed to get her prize only needs 40k more comments 4 his prize
Ok Ripp Off
Earn 14,000 fuBucks for every friend that joins. (Tell me how!) from: fubar shop date: 2008-02-17 07:04:10 subject: New friend points!! read receipt: No replied: No block user Congratulations! Since pullupyourboots logged into fubar today, you've just been awarded 1,000 points. You will receive this bonus for every new day your friend is active on fubar for as many as 5 days of activity. When your friend gets their first salute photo approved, you will receive 8,000 more points! Now we know the catch
Rest In Peace Rob
My Loving brother...Rest in Peace... Robert S. Culver Jr. 2/3/1963 - 2/13/2008
WeAreCHANGE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Money Bomb 2/16 Spread the Word and Donate for the February 16th Money Bomb for our 9/11 heros - 9/11 1st responders. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Interview with 911 Heros Interview with John Feal Interview with First Responder John Quibell Interview with First Responder John LaPenna Interview with 9/11 Victim's Family Member Michele Little - /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Live Broadcast Alert - WeAreCHANGE along with
I Hate Feet
I hate feet...just look at these ugly shit kickers: Man proudly displaying "Ugliest Feet Fucking Ever" This is my proof there is no God. Feet are designed to piss me off, no two ways about it. Feet are so fucking ugly I want to stand out side, and at the top of my lungs scream "What's going on?" This bitch needs a boot in the jaw Porn is good cause the guys always leave their white socks on, and the chick wears high healed "fuck me" shoes. But beaches are a nightmare - and what's worse is New Zealand has this cultural belief that shoes are "optional" in normal daily activities like going to the movies or the store. I have honestly seen people going in public restrooms with bare feet. I didn't go in after them - who knows where those feet have been if they consider a public piss pot "safe". NZ is sick. These fucks don't wear shoes...ever. I feel like I moved to a Third World Country...It's like the whole country has a foot fetish except me
Angery White Men
Aspen Times Weekly: There is a great amount of interest in this years presidential elections, as everybody seems to recognize that our next president has to be a lot better than George Bush. The Democrats are riding high with two groundbreaking candidates a woman and an African-American while the conservative Republicans are in a quandary about their partys nod to a quasi-liberal maverick, John McCain. Each candidate is carefully pandering to a smorgasbord of special-interest groups, ranging from gay, lesbian and transgender people to children of illegal immigrants to working mothers to evangelical Christians. There is one group no one has recognized, and it is the group that will decide the election: the Angry White Man. The Angry White Man comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from urban sophisticate to rural redneck, deep South to mountain West, left Coast to Eastern Seaboard. His common t
Unusual Art
Just Needed To Do This
So as you all know I am in a sexiest kiss contest,now yesterday I sent out a few notes to people asking for some help with contest and I was told back by some people that they wont help regardless if they are on my friends list because i don't ever say anything to them now see the person that I am I can understand that but even if I don't speak to people on here as I would like to because i have a huge amount of people on friends list I still would spare the time to help anyone regardless if i have spoken to them or not but just to know that they are on my friends list and need the help I do it out of the kindness of my heart That just got me a little upset but more hurt than anything because like i said i go out of my way to help others even if i don't really speak to them but I guess thats how it is Im sorry don't wanna sound like I'm complaining but I had to get it off my chest I mean am I wrong for feeling this way that since I try to help people should I expect people to help
My Precious Mi Amour...
I'm not sure I'm liking this going to bed before 9 and getting up before 9 stuff on my days off. I mean it's good in the long run since I do need to be in bed around 9 anymore for work... I dunno. I'm spoiled I guess. It doesn't help that I have to get up at least twice a night to head to the bathroom. That's always a pain. But only 13 more weeks until I'm due so I can handle it. :) I've had a song stuck in my head but unfortunately I don't know all the words. I need to go google it. Anyways- I'm frozen and probably should put something heavier one besides just pjs.
Totally Sucks
Last night my boyfriend and I went out to dinner. We haven't been out in a while cuz of our work schedules so it was nice to get out. We had a $100 gift certificate for what I was told was a nice restaurant so we took the oppotunity to go. This is supposed to be one of the top restaurants to go to... I was very disappointed first of all with the service. We didn't go out until about 9pm but when we got there we were told there were no tables, even though I saw several empty ones. It took about 15 minutes before anyone even came up to us to ask if we even wanted a table! The place wasn't even busy!! Next we were told to go sit in the lounge area, that the food there was the same and we could sit right away. We went over there and it took about 10 minutes for someone to come and ask us if we wanted a drink. My boyfriend ordered a beer and I asked for a Pina Coloda. Safe enough order considering it was a bar type setting. I was told they didn't have them so to be safer (there was no
Go A rush of blood To my head leaves me winded and wanting To feel the weakness in my body Beaten and crushed like my soul I walked the streets flirting death But I never kissed back I'm so lucky so cursed so fucked up But that's the way that it goes Its the ebb and the flow I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home The memories stacking up And they pull at my guts What do I have to do to end it The better days hacked away Leaving me only pain This regret is never ending But in the blink of an eye This life passes you by I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home I can't remember I can't remember I can't remember the last time I cried Seems that doom
New Drugs For Women
NEW DRUGS FOR WOMEN DAMNITOL Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 full hours. EMPTYNESTROGEN Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out!(I LOVE THIS ONE LOL) ST. MOMMA'S WORT Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to two days. PEPTOBIMBO Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and prevents conception. DUMBEROL When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low IQ, resulting in enjoyment of country music and pickup trucks. FLIPITOR Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers. MENICILLIN Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases resistance to such lethal lines as, 'You make me want to be a better person.
Bad Day
Night Out
well... it's one of this times where you need to be supportive the boyfriend (24 years old) of my cousin (36 years old) kick/left/cut her on friday evening after more than 6 months of relation, and yesterday she said me if i would go out with her and another friend of her she was kinda sad, i could sense it i know it wasn't a long relation, but anyways, the excuse he gave was "that he doesn't like her anymore", when there was no fight, no problems, just one day he comes and says that under my own experience, i tend to think he found other younger girl and he just gave up with her for the age difference and the teenager kids she has, but could it be true or false? it's difficult to find an answer, mostly when you see there was no problems inside the relation but well i hope she recovers from this soon, i'm sure she will find someone that really worth it, more than this "arschloch" it got me too surprised, after all the plans she told me they had... who knows... any
Phishing Iq Test
SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test (Formerly the MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test) I think everyone should take this test.. It's only 10 questions long and its very imformitive. Just click the link below..
Computer Hell And Non-game Playing
The Green Machine is not operational at the moment, but when it is, I have to live with the fact that IDE1 is retarded and must slave the DVDROM/burner to the HD on IDE2...and FORGET Raid...for now...;) In short, it's an autistic 12-year-old. If you don't know what my "Green Machine" is, it's basically a homemade Alienware box that needs much attention currently. I've had to sacrifice my 64-bit dual core Athlon to the 62-inch monitor in the living room, (for a while), and have NOW had to sacrifice it for purposes of playing WOW. (The more people around me that are happy and content, the better, and there most definitely is a "pecking order"...;)
Men Who Will Not Go On Other Mens Pages
I know this is not new but this has got to be the silliest thing I have ever heard of. Some men are offended when another man views their page why? And the men who refuse to go to another mans page because they say they do not want the man to think they are gay. What a line of crap. There is beautiful art work on alot of mens pages and in their pics. All the men that cop this attitude are missing out on the beauty. Also they are not showing how manly they are it shows weakness to me. I loose some respect for every man that has told me this. I gain more respect for a man that is confident in him self who will see the beauty of another mans page. Most women have no problem with viewing another womans page. The ones of us that do are more rounded in life and have more confidence in our selves. Anna
Have You Had ?
Have you had the flu yet this year? I hate being sick and that ole flu got a hold of me and still will not let go.I am a little better or at least my bones don't hurt as bad as they did. I am the type of person that can usually get a hold on things when I get sick but I have to say this flu has kicked my ass.Going back to bed now even if this entry sucks.I have received a few emails of concern and that this was the best way to answer them all. For my baby S, I have missed you and I hope your V-Day was pleasant and exciting for you.Don't be mad at me for to long (pouts) I need pity right now I am Loves you baby.
Oh The Humanity
Well, since it is a crappy morning, thus far, I guess I can blog for awhile. I need about 4,500 points to level up, once again. So I am biding my time and waiting for happy hours, so that my efforts won't seem so ONE POINT AT A TIME useless. Please, don't get the wrong idea. I am not looking to be one of those folks who has a zillion points and is a Fu-Godthing... I only want to make it to level 20 because the whole "highlighted name" thing appeals to me for some odd reason. Level 20 is the goal I set for myself, and it what I am concerned with achieving. After that I won't care, and will just take points as they come, instead of spending hours getting them. I made what I think will probably prove to be a poor decision, a couple of days ago, by letting a few Fu friends get added to my Myspace profile. It's not that I have anything to hide. But there is a difference in how I interact with each sight. Fubar is where I came to escape much of the drama of my everyday life. My
Moving !!
Well its happening I am moving! No more city life for me. I am gonna be bored I can tell already lol. I am moving to a beatiful home out in the country, Its really not that far from the city area about 10 mins or so, at first I was looking forward to it, but now I am realizing how far I am gonna be from all my friends. I know they will come visit, specially in the summer lol. how long of a drive it will be to go to work, even though I can carpool with a friend, who lives farther than me. And my kids friends will all be out by the old house, I know kids are quick to make new friends but you always miss the old ones. I know we worked out all the pro's and Con's before making up our minds about the move, but I think its all happening so fast I wasnt really prepared for it. Ive been busting butt trying to get things packed, and ready to move. and damn its alot of work. I also work full time plus, and trying to get everything done and moved before Easter. Yeah its gotta be that fas
The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. No tag backs. 1. I like to walk around the house naked. 2. When I worked abroad, I witnessed somebody dying in a jet-ski accident. They were decapitated. 3. I like to dress up - including women's lingerie. 4. I am allergic to tea. 5. I am a cousin of a VERY famous footballer. 6. I am left handed although can only eat like a right handed person. 7. I have a fear of loss of control of my limbs or losing my eyesight. 8. I have been writing a book for the last 20 years but can't be asked to finish it. It contains lots of action and sex. 9. My claim to fame was that I NEARLY became a TV presenter and was interviewed by Esther Rantzen. 10. This year I plan to have my first foursome, with three other guys. (`._.[|| Vmp-gL ||]._.) [The One N Only} BIGG*NICK*CANNIBAL's SLAVE~ *FU OWNER* OF*MI
02-16-08 (repete)
February 16, 2008 Sup? Rock on! M u s i c: It's been known to tame the savage beast, Or heal a broken heart. It's a mood altering as drugs And as relaxing as a nights sleep. It's great to make love TO ... (wait ... I'll just have to take your word on that) It really doesn't matter the type Be it: Rock And ALL the different directions the that classification leads you ... -or- Funk
Long Time No Here
Well it's been awhile since I've been on this site. I've been quite busy. I go to school, work and take care of my kid and bf. The bf and I just bought a house so any spare time I have is spent there. I also got my business license for my jewelry business. I keep myself occupied and don't even have time to get bored! That's the short version on what's up with me.
Being Feelin Lost
You ever get the feeling you are wondering through your city with no destination in sight? or in mind? You pass by road and road club and club house and house Yet you feel as if you dont belong in any of those places? you feel lost confused hurt and very much so distracted? It's as if your wondering through this life with no meaning or purpose what so ever...Welcome to my world!!! wish it wasn't like this and didnt feel this way but I do. maybe someday it all will change? But I have low expectations on that subject... Have a Wonderful Blessed Day!!!
The Big Lie (really Freaking Long!! Lol)
I've been thinking a lot about the internet lately. thinking about the pros and cons of it all. I've come to the conclusion that the internet can be a giant trap. You start off thinking how wonderful it is that you can meet people all over the world in an instant. And in that respect, it is kind of cool. However, you talk to these people for a while and build "friendships", and sometimes "relationships". Don't get me wrong, I have met some wonderful people online. A couple of whom are completely indispensable and my closest friends. This is, however, out of the literally hundreds of people that i have "met" online. The internet lulls you into a false sense of security. You talk candidly with someone online and you begin to form a bond with them. You begin to think that you know them. Therein lies the trap. You don't even realize that you are missing information and materials that are integral to truly getting to know someone. In real life conversations, there are visual cues and
The relationship we all seek is one that could be described as "friendship on fire". If we should ever be given the great fortune of encountering such a treasure, we should guard it like fort knox. Nothing has greater value in that, all else in life is meaningless without it.
An Other Weekend
Hey guys, the outfit you picked seemed to be a hit. Mark, had me strip and do the naked fubar salute before taking me to the bachelor party where I forced to strip. I was then blindfolded, gagged, and cuffed spread eagle to the bed. Saturday afternoon I was released, Mark returned me the the warehouse and cuffed me to the bed for his friends. Everyone is passed out now. I'm here feet cuffed spread to the metal bed and hands cuffed together - rollin and tweekin my ass off. I probably won't sleep for a week.
Thanks For The Help!!
Check out all these awesome people!!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lee - My Gorgeous Aussie, the only reason I'd move to other side of the world. Jess@ fubar Lea aka baby_girl- My Favorite Niece (she pays me to say that) lol baby_girl~♥~Fu-Wife of Evil13d~♥~@ fubar Julie - Best Friend that anyone could ever ask for ~CHEROKEELADY~@ fubar ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ Thanks for the help in leveling!!!!! These people are great!! Check them out!! Fun in the Sun Laid in the Shade!@ fubar *Karen* Rate, Fan & Add Me, So I Know You Came 2 My Page. I Will Return The Love!!!@ fubar ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar jMsS@ fubar DJ Ghost@ fubar Cali4nialovin01
Haircut!!!! 8-(
Well i got a great job opportunity and i need to get a hair cut long hair just inst professional enough in todays society. Well im gonna miss it as i think the fans of long hair will too :( its gonna be so hard to get it cut but i did have short hair in the military so its not that im not use to it or havnt had it before but 4 years or so with growing it out :(
Help Me Please!!!! To get my first spotlight!!! If your in a good mood or Just wanna show me a little love Send me some fu-bucks, So I can get my first spotlight !!! Thanks 4 Reading This!!! I will show love back!!!
Ode To Wp Fkrs
I miss jello fights with my hermana.. snugglin with my hermano, hamsters and my sorella, drama... i miss my girls and my boys... angels and devils, the trust and the lies, the family, the foes, the haters the playas, the bullshit, the shooters, the crazy fun the killer tunes, (those were all me) i miss late night chats, early morning hugs, all day sessions, conference bashing, the tears the random banters and chillin in the rafters... i miis it all..serves me right for takin a leave of absence... everything changes, people disappear, change forget, some stay together some drift away... its like a divorce, and i got to live with the shitty parent..... HA love to those that deserve it and PEACE to those that need to get bent...I had my run time to power down.... g'night and good luck
Another: Moved From Front Page To Blog
Infernal - From Paris To Berlin (dj Muzik-al Germany Calling Mix)
Infernal - From Paris To Berlin (DJ Muzik-AL Germany Calling Mix) 8.50mins of dancing pleasure.[]
its ya friendly neighborhood DJ Dyzzy again! and i've come with news to ppl who read my blogs! i'm moving yet again. i know i can't stay in one place. lol. but this time i'm goin to the state of Washington n i'm stayin! so... i'm excited i leave in 2 weeks. it'll be my first ride on an airplane. i'm stoked!!!!!! and i feel i'm almost ready. also another thing. i know i have alot of ppl from diff lounges comin to me about their problems. but lets put it in the nicest way i can think of. if your in a diff lounge n got problems in that lounge... keep it there. don't come to me about em. even if you got promoted n u want to tell me. restrain yourself. please. i honestly don't give a fuck. if its about DDR then thats when i'll listen. thats family. MY family. anything involving with Dirty Deeds Radio involves me. anything outside of DDR, i don't care. so hopefully u read this... if you don't... and you come to me then u'll get the same responce that u got from the blog. DDR is what i'm all
Im Not Surprised....
You are 90% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
New Poem
There once was a time... When I thought I'd find love. Apparently it's not in the cards for me. I have had plenty of signals from above. I will try to live my life, as I know I have to. Even if living it means, living it without you. The tears, they flow freely now. How to go on, I'm not sure how. I have always had someone by my side. Now that spot is empty, as is my heart inside. Should I fight? Should I try? I don't know. Everyone is determined to say nothing but goodbye.
life is like a box of chololate.........u never know when it is fulled with cream or nuts
My Favorite Actors
A Adam Sandler Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Andy Garcia Anthony Hopkins B Ben Affleck Ben Stiller Bill Murray Billy Crystal Brad Dourif Brad Pitt Bruce Campbell Bruce Willis C Chevy Chase Chi McBride Chris Tucker Clint Eastwood Christian Bale Christopher Walken D Dan Aykroyd David Caruso Danny Trejo David Spade Denis Leary Dustin Hoffman Donal Logue E Eddie Murphy Edward Norton Eric Roberts Eugene Levy F French Stewart G Gary Oldman Gary Sinise Gene WilderGeorge Clooney H Harrison Ford Harry Shearer Hank Azaria Harvey Keitel Harvey Korman Hugh Jackman Hugo Weaving J Jack Black Jackie Chan Jamey Sheridan Jason Lee Jason Statham Jeff Daniels Jim Carrey Joe Pantoliano Joe Pesci John Cusack John Hurt John Travolita Jon Voight Jeremy Piven K Keanu Reeves Kevin Bacon Kevin Durand Kevin Smith Kevin Spacey Kurt Russell L Laurence Fishburne Leonardo DiCaprio Liam Neeson M Matt Damon Mel Brooks Michael Caine Michael Madsen Migue
Come See Me!!!
hey you fuckers!! come to our lounge and hang out and relax. we are a newer lounge and hope to be a success. so.....COME JOIN PLEASE!! I keep all members shitfaced so cmon!! CLUB ANARCHY
Slave Owner Advertising On Fubar
Here I am with a dilemma. Wondering if it's what some may call jealousy, or what I may just call 10 year old fucking moron like behavior. Really I get laid, pretty much whenever I want. Not because I am ultra cool or some hot fucking ripped stud, but just because that's how it works for me. Lucky me. So I guess this rules out jealousy in the idea of an "I wish I could get laid" scenario too. It seems as though the names on Fubar that go like this, "I am a dumb whore and Master D. Fuck Wad is my owner" has become all too cliche for this website. When I read it, I think about myself as a 5 year old having my first kiss with a couple chicks under those big round tables the teachers use to feed you cookies and milk on in kindergarten. Really if I had the opportunity to take a slave and their ultra cool Fubar master, and place them in a sleeping bag. Nothing would be more ultra Fubar cool than doing a Jason Voorhees swing smash against a large forest tree. Now you don't need to agree with m
I stand with you at the edge of today. I softly brush your hair. You invitingly lean your head into my hand. I look at you smiling as always. We look forward to tomorrow and all the tomorrows yet to come. We see nothing, a blank page followed by another and another. Tomorrow is yet to be written but if it is like our yesterdays, I look forward to all the tomorrows with no fear or reservation. Tomorrow may be a good day. Tomorrow may be a bad day. Either way, I want to experience it, and all those yet to come, with you. No matter how bad of a day it could beit would be worse without you. No matter how good of a day it could be it becomes a great day next to you. When you are ready, take my hand and we will take that step into tomorrow. I promise I will not let your hand go. It will be held tightly to let you know I am here and will always be.
Cough Medications
Why is it that whenever parents screw up they try to blame everyone but themselves. Most people wont have noticed this but many OTC medications geared towards kids under 6 have recently been pulled off the shelves by the FDA. Why you might ask?? Because parents are IDIOTS and are self-dosing and their kids are OD'ing and then they are blaming everyone except for their stupid selves. They read the packaging that specifically tells them the ages in which it is for and yet they continue to give to children under that age without first speaking with a doctor. Why should the drug manufactuers have to reformulate all these medications? It isnt their fault parents are idiots and refuse to read directions. So remember the next time you have a sick kid, wether it be a son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin or whatever.... dont be a dumb ass and give the child anything unless the box says you can.
Endless Cycle
As hard as I try I can't hold it all together I'm falling Yet it feels like it's in slow motion Everyone just watches And no one tries to catch me Don't try to say you care When it's just a lie Everyone changes As soon as I start to trust them I want to run away And never look back Just let it all go And not be needed all the time But I can't help but hold on I hate to watch anyone fall It's like I see me Everytime I see them And I feel the hurt once more And I have to catch them
If U Are Gay Plz Watch
Chi Chi Larue, therefore it IS IMPORTANT. This is NOT PORN, this is Information, and Information IS POWER!!! I watch the message and there a lot good points to the video so plz watch pass it on.
The Funhouse
StewieGriffin's Fun House! NEW RETRO Games Added Feb 16Click A Pic To Play.XeviousTime PilotCentipedeExciteBikePunchOutBubble Bobble 2
Check Out My Photos
Today I posted 50 photos, help me out by rating them...I will return the favor ! The Godfather has spoken !
How To Become One Of My Fubunnie
To become one of my FuBunnies, You need to complete the following: 1) Have NO affiliation with Club F.A.R. 2) Must Be A Female 3) Give Me Full Access Yo All Pictures 4) Send A Private Message To Me Saying Why You Want To Be One Of My FuBunnies. If Accepted, You Will Receive An Invitation Via Private Message. Thank You And Good Luck!!
Do Not Call Cell phone numbers going public today. REMINDER....all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies today and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS. To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will take less than a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number. HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS. It will take about 20 seconds.
The Lovely Sexy Ladies I Own !!! Check Them Out
OK OK .. so lately I admit I have been a little adicted to these auctions .. i bid like crazy and sometimes i win .. these are the girls i currently own and i will keep this updated as they move on or i own more ... NEWEST ADDITIONS FROM THE LIVE FUBAR AUCTION HELD IN MY LOUNGE XXX TABOO XX doppelgnger LiTTLE MiSS ViXEN♫SER♫Greeter/Promoter~RaW~☆NgC☆DJ Eternals Little Girl JUST A FEW OF MY OWNED GIRLS!!! THESWEETESTCOWGRLFIREFIGHTEREVER*** SOUTHERN SEX SYMBOLS ~*KissMeMt*~{owned by The Big Mike}~*~*{{Owned by AngerFedders}~*~* ..ღ.. Livin Life My Way ..ღ.. NEW ONES from Domking's Auction... ~♥~MommaTasha~♥~Fu Cherrie Bombers(OWNED BY ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ ) ~Sassy~Promoter4DDR*GothicSoldiersStalker*FU/GF2Tazman76692*OwnedByTheBigMike~ Angel Owned by *The Big Mike* `*~*`LIL Miss Military Brat`*~*`Sgt. Raider's Bad Girl
Promoting Big Guns Tattoo
best place in town check it out!
These Are The Days Of My Life Aka Drama
so last night i was on fubar and i posted a mumm as a joke about a friend of mine, here it is so my friend is going back out with this guy that she has dated on and off for about two years. Anyways she just changed her name to HAPPILY TAKEN!!! it so not like her to do that. It make me want to throw up. i ment it as a joke i always post mumms that are ment to be jokes/funny much to my surpise i find this as a comment on it from her ..> It's MY LIFE you are just in it and in ALL honesty you really ARE NOT in it anymore. If you don't like who I am with then just walk away. It's not like you wanna call or hang out any more so it's whatever. You should try fixin your life instead of tryin to fuck up mine or tell me how unhappy you are because I am with him. You have never liked him and thats fine its your choice, but you really wanna lose a friend over this. You decide and let me know!!!! then she posted a blog on fubar I am so tired of people saying "I am your friend".
Down /depressed
I don't know why its happening months ahead of time , but I am in one state of minds I hate. It is months before the anniversary of my mothers death , but for some reason I started thinking aboutit . I am also missing my brother as well . I know my brother has been dead for quite a while as well as my mother has been the same , but for some reason I started missing both of them. I have alot of people tell me to let the dead rest in peace but I can't.
~my Close Friends~
~~NOTE NO SPECIAL ORDER~~ Andrea@ fubar Carved 4 Life@ fubar Ro -=[KDM]=- Co Owner ~ Gig In The Sky Radio@ fubar **MRmostunderated**@ fubar ~uh oh, it's Pam~@ fubar broken_hearted420 friend of pitbulls proud bbw lsd's chells bitch@ fubar musicman@ fubar DJ RATTIC X.. Gig In The Sky Radio~ @ fubar Lucie in the Sky@ fubar Wolfspirit@ fubar ~Metal Baby~@ fubar thedeadlykisser " I use to be a schizophrenic, but we're both ok now "
Ugly Fat Sluts Think They Sexy!!!!
ga greeneyes #3 ugly fat slut tapdance
Rolling Thunder sounds exploding Yet peacefully dreamily I am floating Wind in my face I'm almost breathless When I can't ride, I'm oh so restless Today was a good day I was on a harley Could anything else feel so narly? (LOL, I know, I know, but you try to rhyme with Harley! LOL) February day normally cold Yet I was warm with a rider to hold I know my poems are not very good But I only write them for FUN (& yes, that one didn't rhyme at all.. ha ha)
Nascar Is Back!
If you didn't know already, then you must have missed last night's truck race- which literally RACED down to the finish. Then, tonight's Busch (or Nationwide as they call it thse days...) that's finish was just as phenomanal! GO MATT! Way to start a little bit o- Daytona action- start in the back and pull out a top 5. THAT'S MY DOG!!!
When People Break Ur Heart
well i have had my heart tore out today by someone they know who they are and i dont get it they said i will call when i come in from bar lies and then well wont answer my calls i guess they thru me to the curb they should at least tell me what is going on when u love them ya know
Pavlik Wins Unanimous Decision 2/16/08
PAVLIK WINS UNANIMOUS DECISION by Chuck Johnson | Photos by Will Hart Kelly Pavlik had to go the distance this time, but the middleweight champion was aptly rewarded Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Proving that he intends to be a force for awhile, Pavlik won a hard-fought 12-round unanimous decision victory to remain unbeaten and thwart former champion Jermain Taylor's bid for revenge. FIGHTERS Kelly Pavlik Jermain Taylor TOTAL PUNCHES Thrown 845 456 Connected 267 178 % 32% 39% JABS Thrown 484 292 Connected 144 102 % 30% 35% POWER PUNCHES Thrown 361 164 Connected 123 76 % 34% 46% JUDGES SCORECARDS 117 111 115 113 116 112 Pavlik, the pride of Youngstown, Ohio, was fighting for the first time since dethroning Taylor with a seventh-round KO in September. Although the lanky slugger wasn't able to add to his two-year, nine-bout streak of victories by knockout, Pavlik (33-0, 29 knockouts) used a stiff left jab and persis
Karma - Alicia Keys
KarmaBy Alicia
Im Names
punkiznotdead77-yahoo IM messenger jtownpunkrawker-Aim
Like You'll Never See Me Again - Alicia Keys
Like You'll Never See Me AgainBy Alicia
Fu-drama And Personal Guilt
I probably need to step away from Fubar for a bit. I've met some pretty wonderful people. Some of whom I care about pretty deeply. I treasure the moments I've spent with them. The last thing I intended to do was cause pain to anyone. I got fu-married to a wonderful, sweet, lovely woman. This has caused pain to people I care for. People I'd crushed on. Friends. 'Family' members. I can't take that back. To anyone wounded, or who has felt slighted, all I can say is I'm sorry. I never wanted to mess with anyone's heart. You are all pretty special people. I probably need to step back for a bit and reassess who I am here, and what I've done. Again, I'm sorry. ~jgw
'musee Des Beaux Arts' By W.h. Auden
About suffering they were never wrong, The Old Masters; how well, they understood Its human position; how it takes place While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along; How, when the aged are reverently, passionately waiting For the miraculous birth, there always must be Children who did not specially want it to happen, skating On a pond at the edge of the wood: They never forgot That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course Anyhow in a corner, some untidy spot Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer's horse Scratches its innocent behind on a tree. In Breughel's Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman may Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry, But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green Water; and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen Something amazing
Me And Shay Hes A Crazy Driver
Me and Shay on his QuadAdd to My Profile | More Videos
~lost Cherry~
WOW.. FAMILY MEMBERS SINCE LOST CHERRY DAYS THAT ARE STILL FAMILY.. THAT TELLS YA SOMETHING HUH ~~FREAKIN AWESOME PEOPLE~~ ~knew before LC~ Love Sex n Death@ fubar ♫ -Becky -♫ (Fan/ lover of LSD)@ fubar SARAH@ fubar ~my mom for real lol~ LSD's SHELL's MOM@ fubar ~real life cousin~ LSD"s Tutankhre @ fubar ~met within the first month of LC and has been family ever since~ "Slave to the Needle(ink) "MY J"@ fubar Mikey The Pіŧull МҒi Hitman & Club F.A.R. A Tempting Tiger@ fubar Emanon~~Forever Fake~~@ fubar MOOSEJR/ Husband to Angee/WRR DJ@ fubar motor fish@ fubar
What An "inspiration" Tee Hee
What is more inspirational than a sweet ride, on a hot bike, with a sexy ass guy flying down the back roads? I know the experience moved ME tonight. I am really looking forward to our next ride...assuming of course, that you will be WANTING to give me another ride (wink) Of course the part where we were lying snuggled up, on a sleeping bag, talking, kissing, giggling like school kids, in the woods, by the lake, under the moonlight was pretty damn inspirational too. tee hee HUGS to ya... you know who ya are! (MUAH)
Bucs Mma Fight Of The Week- Kimbo Slice Vs Tank Abbot- Elite Xc
Bucs thoughts- exciting for a short fight- but enjoy!!
He Is Awesome! Go Luv
THE BIG MIKE IS AN ABSOLUTE PRINCE! ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ DTD Enforcer...{Fu owned by BrattyBytch}@ fubar Not only is he REAL...He's REALLY SWEET and completely selfless! Go show him lots and lots and lots of FU LOVE! $650 K WORTH OF LUVIN'!!!!!!! xoxo ~PebblesinAZ~ OwN3d by Domking123~@ fubar
Why Does Disasters Always Hit Me?
Here I had a very nice pay check and wanted to treat myself to a good time since lately I have had no extra money to go out on. Wouldn't you know it I hit a fucking deer!!! My car is still driveable but by the time Law Enforcement arrived I would have only had like 2 hours to have fun at the club I was going to so the officer recommended me to go to a different bar that was closer to home. I show up in a black mini skirt, sexy top and high heels. Guess what? I was over dressed!!! Everyone had jeans and tennis shoes on!!! Not only that, it was a Sports Bar and no dancing just sitting at the bar bull shitting with friends but I'm new in the area so I sat in the corner at the bar feeling totally out of place & no one to talk to. It was all college kids and the officer said there was dancing, people my age and it was a cool place to have fun. JOKE!!! My night turned into a fucking disaster!!! Now I'm back at home all made up to look beautiful for my empty bed that only me and my dog lay
Bleeding Love By Leona Lewis
Bleeding Love (U.S. version)By Leona Closed off from love I didnt need the pain Once or twice was enough And it was all in vain Time starts to pass Before you know it youre frozen But something happened For the very first time with you My heart melts into the ground Found something true And everyones looking round Thinking Im going crazy But I dont care what they say Im in love with you They try to pull me away But they dont know the truth My hearts crippled by the vein That I keep on closing You cut me open and I Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open Trying hard not to hear But they talk so loud Their piercing sounds fill my ears Try to fill me with doubt Yet I know that the goal Is to keep me from falling But nothings greater Than the rush that comes with your embrace And in this world of loneliness I s
Change Dammit
I am sitting here thinking bout the person i was in the past..the person i am at present and the person i want to become..I am pleased with who i am..a smart, spunky, big-hearted, Boston Irish woman..and im happy..dammit im happy..I have a few personal things to fix like get a job..go back to school..but i know i will have a job in a week or 2 and i will be in school and have less to worry bout after i save in a year or 2..things will work out woot woot..Three years ago i woulda hid under a couch and cried..thinkin I changed ..i am a more positive person now...I don't care what ppl think of me...and i don't let the things I Can't change bother me...but so many ppl it seems use thier past as a a reason to hurt cool is that??/ Reverting back to a teenager ...these ppl generally are the most unhappy ppl urself a favor and change...its hard i know..doors get slammed in ur face over and over but it makes u a stronger person..a bett
This Is Rough
My mom has been having issues with her breathing lately. She has already been to the hospital once and is returning again tonite. I am also dealing with trying to back up ALL my important data in case of a crash again. So far I have gone through about 15 CDs of Documentaries alone. It's ridiculous. The shooting at my brother's school yesterday was apparently a random drive by. I swear this country is going to hell and there is no hope in sight. Maybe my ex has it right. lol. he wants to save up a shit load of money and move out of the country. I don't say I blame him. My sister is having her own issues. She has been having real emotional hardships. I too am not sure how much longer I can maintain my self control and not totally go ballistic and go into a rage. I have tried to be nice to people and be helpful and understanding, but the truth is that I just want to be left alone for the most part. There are very few people I wish to speak to right now and none of them are online or awake
Kingdome, Rip Lol
I have some good memories from this place. The pictures of me on the color guard was in the Kingdome.
The First Disciple Of Greed
Welcome to Team Greed... Please tell me a little about yourself by leaving a comment and tell me why you were chosen to be the disciple of greed so that we can get to know you a little better... ღ Ldy Fŋz ☪ F M劉rė ღ Disciple of Greed of the Se7en Sins@ fubar
Okay so I'm new.. go figure right. I am curious about a few things... ~ What is up with this stimulation overload? These colorful banners constantly going across my screen make me feel like I'm going to have a seizure... ~ What is up with all the freaky scary profile pics? Is this some sort of demon lair that I've stumbled upon? ~ And why does everyone seem so hell bent on getting their profiles rated a 10? Is that all you people do here.. grovel for profile ratings? Okay so that was the only two things that I really had to get off my chest... I just had to say it.. but damn it no one is here to hear me... so you all can suffer my ramblings. Shake n Bake! "Well Dick here's the deal,I wake in the morning and I piss excellence.. I mean nobody can handle my stuff. I'm just big hairy american winning machine if you ain't first you're last!"
Ahhh Check It Out Tell Me What U Think
Went through so many relationships. Not one was right fo me. Then I meet you. I thoughh it will be the same. you Just another. I am so scared to fall in love with you. so I won't even bother getting close to you. Yet your the one I wanna be with. Never before have I felt this way. Sometimes I wish I never meet you. But then I hear your sweet voice, and I end up thanking you. For beign with me, for caring, and putting up with me. I know you will always be there for my want's and need's. I don't know what to do. what do you think? Nights are long Days are so sad. When i'm not wiht you. I feel so empty and sad. Cuz i'm missing you, and nobody knows it, but me. I'm falling in love with you. But what do you say at a moment like this? When you can't find the words to say, to tell it like it is? I'll just close my eyes and let my heart lead the way. Baby what do u say?
Mtv Movie Awards, Matrix.
This one is funny too. Kinda long, but funny.
I decided to blog ALL my great friends... I have ran out of room UGH SERIOUSLY, what do you do when a great friend takes a break from here, internet gets shut off, etc.. and knowing they are going to come back... Well I still want to leave comments for them so they know I didn't for get them, but there are people that should be added to your family.. there are many people that I consider a friend and I hate to say it but after a year I'm losing track of some of you NOW I CAN FIND YOU WITHOUT SEARCHING THROUGH 5,000 PEOPLE... YAYYYYYY ~AND~ IT'S MY PERSONAL BLOG PIMPOUT LOL ~yes I know this is going to take forever =P but when finished it will be soooo worth it~
C-moneys Birthday Is Today
Well today is C-Money's Birthday is today. If you don't know who that is. He is My oldest son. And let me tell I could not be happier. A Man could not ask for a better son than Money... More News to come later...
I had a wierd and somewhat scary dream last night. In it, I was running from something and ran over a cliff. Normally I wake up before I hit the bottom but this time I died in my dreams. Is this normal???
Johnny Reb
Blk And Awesomelilbunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Some Vindictive Ass
some vindictive ass marked my MUMM nsfw... and it wasn't at all Oh well.
I Love Flu
I woke with my lips on your shoulder, chocolate-flavored in the ravishes of last night's war. At my elbow, a single wrapper: it crinkled as I stretched, and I laughed against your spine. "Darling," I murmured, my nose at your neck, "it's time to wake up." I struggled to sit, one arm still tucked under your hip, blunt nails tapping against the outside of your thigh. You sighed, still asleep, and rolled towards the edge--but you wouldn't get away so easily. Stronger now, propped and looming, I chained kisses down your side until you moaned, annoyed, rolling back into me with strong protest. My fever met yours, and I could tell by the way we matched the sheets that neither of us had recovered. Coughing into your chest, and making my own moans, I finally heard you chuckle in response. "Well," you began, voice scratchy and raw, "at least we can tell everyone we spent Valentine's Day in bed." We'd spent hours on old movies and classic cartoons, devouring truffles to chase the
A Friend
imikimi - Customize Your World
Show Her Some Love
i own another great friend!! TERESA is such a sweetheart i'm proud to be her owner please stop by her page and rate/fan/and add her. you won't be sorry. and if you have time rate her pics and stash. thank you all for reading this TERESA~PITBULL MAFIA ~OWNED BY HUNTER~@ fubar
A Poem Of Love And Hurt
Will nighttime take the place of day? So much sorrow I feel when you're away. When I turn to look for you, you're not there to hold, Sometimes the solitude seems so cold. Words dare not say how much I miss you, It seems time drags on when you are gone, it's true. Though I fight it I still feel blue, So here I sit and write this rhyme to you. Yet my words are small comfort next to the warmth of your eyes, As I sit here writing, as a fool in love's guise
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Still Blocked?
I accepted the request and added you back to family, but yet I still am blocked. i do not understand why but maybe it is in the settings so I will try again and maybe it will go through. I love you baby and I am glad you talked to me once more. I want you by my side and with me forever more. When others get in the way and say the lies they do, please do not listen before you hear the truth. I have told you all from the day we first began and will not keep anything from you. Whatever you want to know just ask me and I will tell you. You have become a great part of my life and I can not do without you. You are my world, you are my guiding light. I want to spend forever, deep within your arms. I hope you want this too my love; with eternity we shall spend the love we have inside. It shall keep for us into the years, till we are old and gray. I want to be there by your side till my life finally subsides. I want to spend those golden years of love so true with you, sitting on the porch of t
The Wound That Bleeds...
The cut that bleeds The wound that stings The hurt won't stop Please quiet my thoughts The screams I hear so full of fear The blade that pierces The blood runs hot Searing through The screams become silent I can breathe again I watch the blood as it starts to chill Congealing together becoming still The horror inside you cannot imagine To have to bleed to feel alive It takes away the pain It heals the lonlieness But of course, it never lasts. The pain will rise again I know How please tell me can I heal my soul This mental disease has overtaken me Please take the hand reaching out to thee Its strong and fierce, so protecting and warm This person that wants to keep me from harm Long black hair, and deep dark eyes He takes the blade and casts it aside No more to cut, hurt or bleed Thank you my Wolf for saving me
Which 'Bad' Care Bear are you?created with You scored as Bondage bear Bondage bear 100%Tramp bear 83%Raver bear 83%Hooligan Bear 67%Stoner bear 67%Gay Bear 50%Aryan bear 50%Nihilist bear 17%
Le Freak?
R u a sex freak?created with You scored as 0mg, u nasty! 0mg, u nasty! 100%s0 bad, u freak!! 81%So pure! 63%lil bit daring 63%Yur not a freak! Yur gay! 38%
Mars Sued For 6 Million By Naked Cowboy
NEW YORK (Feb. 13) - New York City street performer "The Naked Cowboy " is suing Mars Inc. for $6 million over the use of his trademark look -- white underwear, cowboy boots and a hat -- by a blue M&M candy on a Times Square billboard. For nearly a decade, Robert Burck has been a fixture in Times Square, where he strums a guitar on a street corner while dressed in his skimpy signature costume. In a lawsuit filed this week in Manhattan federal court, Burck said that two oversized Times Square billboards that promote M&Ms used his look without compensating him. The billboards feature a scantily clad blue M&M with a guitar alongside views of New York including street scenes and the Statue of Liberty. Burck is suing privately held Mars Inc., which makes M&Ms, and Chute Gerdeman Inc., an Ohio agency that he said created the ad, for trademark infringement. Neither company was immediately available for comment. "Just like The Naked Cowboy does on a daily basis in Times Squ
Life is an adverture........rate me, add me, show me some love and i will do the same
Almost felt like this when I went through Heathrow.
Call 911 Because Its Free
(02-14) 21:31 PST HAYWARD -- Hayward police and federal investigators did the grunt work, and it paid off: They tracked down and arrested a cell phone caller believed to have phoned the emergency 911 number more than 27,000 times making bodily noises, muttering in a disguised voice, and pressing the beep tone. On Wednesday night, police arrested John Triplette, 45, of Hayward on suspicion of abusing the 911 emergency line, a misdemeanor punishable by $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail. "He completely overwhelmed our system," said Desi Calzada, manager of the Hayward Communications Center, which operates 911. "He delayed the answering of other 911 calls because we were answering his." It all started last May, when the California Highway Patrol's communication center in Vallejo began receiving copious 911 calls from a mysterious caller using a T-Mobile cell phone. Over a seven-month period, the caller placed 17,000 calls to the CHP. In early January, Hayward's dispatch
Help Her Win A Vip
Would you please help my sis win a VIP. Give a few comments Thanks, Whisper
Dont Judge Me
Don't you look at me so smug And say I'm going bad. Who are you to judge me And the life that I live? I know that I'm not perfect And that I don't claim to be. So before you point your fingers, Be sure your hands are clean. Judge not Before you judge yourself. Judge not If you're not ready for judgement. The road of life is rocking And you may stumble too. So while you talk about me, someone else is judging you. Judge not Before you judge yourself. Judge not If you're not ready for judgement. Woah oh oh! The road of life is rocky And you may stumble too. So while you talk about me Someone else is judging you.
Soooooo Close!!!!!
I am $600,000 K short of outbidding for tomorrows Spotlight! I am soooooo close! HELP ME MY SUPER FANTASTIC FU FRIENDS! much love, PebblesinAZ
What I Did For My Labor Day Weekend 2007
Okay not to be a Debbie Downer... but I just spent the most of my entire labor day weekend doing some research. (You know it is amazing what you can get from the freedom to rights act). I played puzzle maker all weekend and it all started with typing 9-11 coverup under my google video search. The very first video that comes up...I dare any of you... watch it.... than do some research of your own. I cannot fathom in my most wildest imagination... wait... this is the US government as a matter of fact YES I can imagine! If it all comes out (which I'm sure that it will not...hell they have not even declassified JFK's files yet...and Oliver Stone already did a movie on THAT) and it IS what I drew my conclusions from all I can say is....Hey, I didn't vote for him or his wacky band of cabinet members. You know the sad part about all this is? When I was watching this video it seemed to perfect to be a real... you know it was like reading a Tom Clancy novel. But it was real and al
Gun Chick
mmmmmm girls with guns. I know it isn't a bad ass gun, but it must be fun as fuck to shoot.
Rip Dear Friend
It has been 6 months since my bestfriend has been passed away and I am still crying over her death. It is burning me on the inside. Of all people she had to be the one to go. The more and more I think about the things that we've done together while considering that we're like siblings. I get closer and closer I get to a conclusion. I wonder where she was buried so I may go and see her and no one will tell me. This whole thing saddens me because she was considered family to me, of all the battles that her and I had and of allthe things that we have been through together, I have never gotten to say goodbye to her neither did I ever get to say sorry for all the bad things that I have done to her. If there has been anyone on this earth that I trusted more to talk to other than my mom, it was her. I just can't believe that she had to go with a 2 year old daughter and a boyfriend that loved her aswell, along with her parents and her siblings the must have been devastated that she
Wild Rose
imikimi - Customize Your World
The 80s Metal Lounge Rules
Ninja Partner
Another reason why I hate ninjas
just looked at my page & i'm ranked #373 today... so as always when i find i have a ranking i check it in the top members section & find that someone else's profile is in that position... when i go to their page i find that they are actually at rank #272... how the hell did that happen LOL
My Mom's Surgery
my mom's surgery was the 15th of february and she came out of it successfully. she's out of ICU tonite and back into her hospital room. all we have to do now is hope she doesn't get an infection in her stitches. thanks to all on fubar for your support during this stressful time.
Brother-sister Love
Perhaps it is because Danielle Heaney and Nick Cameron don't look in the least alike that they pass so easily for a pair of young lovers no different from any other. She is a petite, delicate, blue-eyed blonde, while he is a strapping young man with auburn hair and soft brown eyes which never stray for long from her face. hey hold hands, they kiss, they stroke each other's arms, they listen attentively to each other. They are totally besotted. What makes this scene so disturbing, however, is the fact that Danielle and Nick are half brother and sister. Incest remains one of society's last taboos, as this troubled young couple know only too well. Prison is the ever present threat to this forbidden union. "I know that loving my brother in this way is wrong morally and legally, but it just feels right," says 22-year-old Danielle. "The only way to explain it is to say that the day I met Nick, I felt I had finally met my soulmate. Everything clicked. I would marry him if I
imikimi - Customize Your World
Dj Lik
ARE U AFFRAID YET ? guess the question you need to ask your self is are you the master or the submisive? either way i'am sure DJ LIK would love to ablidge COME ON IN AND MEET HIM! DJ LIK ! ON AIR IN if you think you can handel it ! well come on in and hear some kick ass tunes and see if you can keep up with him! your just a click of the pic away UNLESS YOUR
New!!! Upated Mumm Information, Please Read.
Many of you email me day in and day out about your MuMMs. I could spend all day turning back on MuMMs only for you to abuse them and loose them in an hour. Everyone MuMMs are a privilege. If you get them turned off, you are still able to make Friends MuMMs. Please read: MUMM Guidelines MUMM stands for Make Up My Mind. It is designed to be a platform to allow you to pose a question that has an A and B option. MUMMs are NOT designed to promote yourself or anyone else, gain points, advertise an event or commercialized product, or promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm against any group or individual. MUMMs must also NOT contain inappropriate conduct, phone numbers and contact information, nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter, nor can it provide links to adult websites. Any use of PHOTOS or VIDEOS posted in the MUMMs must be appropriate and relevant to that MUMM, or the MUMM will be deleted. MuMM comments must not contain NSFW or any inappropriate mate
Oh No, Small Cat Gets To Rule Big Cat 4 A Month, Lol
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Vagiseal Lol
Had to make it NSFW because of haters.
Come Bid On Me
well i am so sorry i have not been on in like forever but i could not help it i have been in and out of the hospital about 5 months ago i had a slight heart attack and noone knew why i had one all blood tests came back fine and even my heart cath they said it was one of those freak things but im back i just get tired really easily now hugs and nips Larina
Stolen Laptop
It must suck to be that guy. He is about to get owned.
This is from the MTV movie awards a couple years ago. I still think it is funny.
Me Again
Personalized Glitter Graphics
Its Just How It Is
Living everyday is like living a dream, you are the only one who can make any of it come to life. You make you own decisions and gain from them, and as everyone knows you make your own mistakes and learn from them. No one can take something you have created...its comes from you and you only. You a seperate person from the rest of the world, you make of it what you would expect. Its hard for families to sit and watch a loved one fade slowly and their is nothing you can do to stop the decison they make, cause its their own personal mind you are trying to help. If they dont want it, dont give up just fade into their shadow and they will eventually crawl out from under that rock and see the world for themselves and how it really could be for them. Its hard for any one person to give someone thier complete all and do everything to make them have an amazing life. But then watch them shatter like a cup that just slipped from their fingers and fall into millions of pieces. It not righ
Drug Spiders
Just My Opinion...
I was listening to NPR radio the other day on my way to work. There was a news story about a chaplain in the Navy who was being court marshalled for invoking the name of Jesus Christ in his prayers. Now wait a second.... Chaplain=Christianity...okay I'll break it down further for you...Chaplain by definition... chaplain n : a clergyman ministering to some institution Okay?! you say.... okay lets break it down further...definition of clergyman... cler‧gy‧man  /ˈklɜrdʒimən/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[klur-jee-muhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, plural -men. 1. a member of the clergy. 2. an ordained Christian minister. Notice how I bolded the word Christian. Okay as some of you might know or some of you might not know I really am no particular organized religion...but I have done ALOT of research on theology and I know that the main cornorstone for ANY Christian church is Jesus Christ.
Giveaways That Need Hlp
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Phone Sex
im like so horny rite now it aint funny. i miss talking to my friend from missouri over the phone. the phone sex we have is so good it makes me want him more. i need a good fuck. aint had any sex since november getting tired of being alone. anyhow getting back to him. i just like him so much but cannot imagine if he's feeling what im feeling. it mite be a game to play over the phone.
Intoxication Is Still Alive
My Music
40 Questions.. Answered
Answers to my 40 Questions.. 1. Ever thought about getting your lip pierced? No 2. Does a kiss make you feel better? Maybe 3. When you see the color purple what comes to mind? Curves Gym :P 4. Who was ur last text from? Someone very special & dear to me. They know who they are lol 5. Are there people that hate you? Most likely. 6. Do you eat meat? Yes 7. What was the last thing someone said to you, and who said it? "I love you Mom. Sweet Dreams" Sad by my son 8. What is your favorite sport? Tae Kwon Do 9. What color is your shower curtain? Forest Green & the other is white 10. Have you ever had stitches? Yes. More than a few times 11. When was the last time you hugged someone? My son tonight. 12. Did you believe that boys/girls had cooties? Nope 13. Do you know how to use chop sticks? Yes 14. Lyrics stuck in your head? Hey There Delilah 15. Do you like the Red Sox or Y
Things To Tick People Off..hehehe
HOW TO TICK PEOPLE OFF -Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies. -In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sexual favors." -Specify that your drive-through order is "TO-GO." -If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others. -Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets. -Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions "to keep them tuned up." -Reply to everything someone says with "that's what you think." -Practice making fax and modem noises. -Highlight irrelevant information in scientific papers and "cc" them to your boss. -Make beeping noises when a large person backs up. -Finish all your sentences with the words "in accordance with prophesy." -Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hands over your ears and grimacing. -Disassemble your pen and "accidentally" flip the ink cartridge across the room. -Holler random numbers while someone
PEARL JAM LYRICS "Black" Hey... oooh... Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me as her body once did. All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn Ooh, and all I taught her was everything Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds Of what was everything. Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... I take a walk outside I'm surrounded by some kids at play I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear? Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my head I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning How quick the sun can drop away And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass Of what was everything? All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything... All the love gone bad turned my world to black Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah... Uh huh... uh huh...
My Reality
Until August of last year if you would've asked me I would've told you that people who meet on the internet and end up starting a relationship are all crazy. Then on August third I found a picture of this beautiful girl sitting on some rocks in front of a waterfall. I left her an ordinary comment about loving the sound of flowing water (not expecting any kind of response) and the next thing i knew we were talking for about ten or twelve hours a day! well the more we talked the more we began to realize how much alike we are. After about a month we decided to take the next step and meet in person. so here I was flying across the country to meet someone i had never been able to look in the eye. I dare say I've never been so nervous in my life, about half way there I started thinking I must be crazy, what was I doing! I can't begin to explain the feeling I had when that plane landed in Utah. But as soon as I crested that escalator and saw her standing there I was a little more at ease, and
Gay Eskimo
This still cracks me up.
As some of you know I grew up most of my life as an only child. Until my mother remarried. Then I got a step sister. Yeah she was older than I was, but only by a couple of years...and yes she was a pain in the ass most times. But we shared something in common. WE LOVED ROLLER COASTERS! I just recently added her to my Yahoo messenger and she told me that she spent the whole day in Dollywood riding roller coasters! Man those were the days! We even remembered a roller coaster. We once rode a roller coaster at Kings Island called the Screamin Demon...believe it or not we almost died on that back then was not a high priority. They eventually tore the ride down. We would wait in line for hours at a time talking to other people while we wait. Yet other older coasters just running to the deck to get on time and time again. Man that was the life! But it got me to thinking....isn't life like a roller coaster? The anticipation of good things to come living life day to day, dreami
Terrorists In Heaven
Just a ?, cuz mainly im bored out of my mind. But y do ex boyfriends still wanna control u when they dont have nothing to do with u? I had a good good friend lookin for me and he called my ex and asked 4 my number and he wouldnt let him have my number...and when i comfronted my ex about it..he said he didnt want me talkin to him ever again...that just pisses me off how they seem to not give crap bout us after we r over an when another guy wants to talk...its like thats the worst thing in the world and they say no us cant talk or see him at i can understand this if we was still going out...but we aint....i just dont understand...mayb some 1 on here can help me figure this out.
Would You Ever Guess????
A FIREMAN came home from work one day and told his wife, "You know, we havea wonderful system at the fire station: BELL 1 rings and we all put on our jackets, BELL 2 rings and we all slide down the pole, BELL 3 rings and we're on the fire truck ready to go. From now on when I say BELL 1 I want you to strip naked. When I say BELL 2 I want you to jump in bed. And when I say BELL 3 we are going to make love all night." The next night he came home from work and yelled "BELL 1!" The wife promptly took all her clothes off. When he yelled "BELL 2!", the wife jumped into bed. When he yelled "BELL 3!", they began making love. After a fewminutes the wife yelled "BELL 4!" "What the hell is BELL 4?" asked the husband? "ROLL OUT MORE HOSE," she replied "YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR THE FIRE
I Finally Figured Out Why Gas Prices Are So High!
Yep it is time.... Man I swear can gas prices get any higher!? I know I should not be asking that but geez! But I think I know why.... I am a medical biller for those of you who did not know that but I do alot of calling to Insurance companies and third party payors to find out where my doctors dog gone money is. It is a daily game of idiots back and forth everyday...grueling I know but it pays the bills. I run an aging report every week and call on claims that have not been paid yet. I had one today that was suppose to be paid by the Royal Embassy of Saudia Arbia here in Washington DC. I call...ring ring and this recorded voice comes on the I'm used to this...but not in fucking arabic! So I wait...finally in English! I am prompted to enter "1" on my keypad I do so....ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring get the picture...finally someone picks up and says "HOLD PLEASE" and I'm placed on hold for 20 min...okay first of all you don't do that in
What A Beautul Day By Chris Cagle
Gary Rawks!
I'm their Proud owner for a month...Needs his ownees to get some love back!!!! These are two of the nicest and most helpful people that you will find on Fubar!!! PLEASE SHOW THEM THE LOVE THEY DESERVE!!!!! If They are not a friend yet ... Please FAN/ADD/RATE LilBamaGirl~Shadow Leveler~Fu-Owned By Gary@ fubar BooBoo Founder of Shadow Levelers.@ fubar This pimpout brought too you by their Proud Ownwer: GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~FU OWNED & FUMARRIED TO BooBoo~~OWNER OF LILBAMAGIRL@ fubar Please repost... (repost of original by 'GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~FU OWNED & FUMARRIED TO BooBoo~~OWNER OF LILBAMAGIRL' on '2008-02-16 16:16:37')
I Breath In I Breath Out By Chris Cagle
Miss Me Baby By Chris Cagle
Technology..we Have Come A Long Way
Technology has come a loooooooooong way from when I was a kid. Hell I remember when a simple See and Say kept me busy for hours. "The Cow says Moooooooooooooooooooooo" How did that thing work? It just facinated me that something so small had so many sounds in it and where the hell did that voice come from? Hell I'm thinking now who would record their voice for something like that and did they get any royalties for all those machines they made and distrubted? But I digress.... Now a days they have leapfrog pads for kids and hand held computers. Telephones...used to have cords and most people had what we called party lines. That is when you shared a phone line with others in your neighborhood to cut down on cost. And if you were real quiet you could listen to the local gossip by bitty ol ladies who had nothing better to do but talk about other peoples lifes. And when people called you and asked "Where are you!" You could officially give them their dumb ass sign because they called you
The Story Of My Life
after reading others of how they feel, i feel sorrow and laughter on some chatters. my only thing is i been through hell and highwater myself. On my 11th birthday, my real mother died in my arms. i was adopted in may 1983. i was strucked by lightning at the age of 13 i think it was the month of april. what i was told i died 3 times on the emergency table. had a 107.5 feaver and came close of dying at the age of 16. in school i was a solitare person, everyone treated me like you know what, my junior prom sucked but the best thing in high school is i met a lot of cheerleaders that were great friends. other than all the bad things i am alive and realized never take life for granted. i got married then divorced. never worked out on her part she wanted more. i never ask for more things because i know that life is hard and will get even harder. i do have a learning disability but dont judge me because i had cheated death, achieved my goals of being an automotive technition, and most of all
The Countdown Continues
Away Sick
Just wanted to take a minute and leave a quick update. Some of you have left comments and may be wondering why I didn't respond in kind. Contrary to some people's belief it is not that I am an A-hole. Actually I just got out of the hospital this past Friday and am still sick. Suffice it to say that diabetes sucks! I will do my best to get back in touch with everybody asap!
I went to the store yesterday and picked the smallest line to stand in. The checker was a nice young man who looked like he just got hit by the puberty stick. As I inched closer checking out the tabloid headlines (Come on who don't?) He says "Hello Ma'am and how are you today?" Ma'am!? Ma'am?! I suddenly flash back to my childhood sitting in a hard cold steel plastic seat of a shopping cart with my mother. Ma'am?! that is what they said to her! Not me! I was cute, sweet, lil angel! To top it all off I was buying beer in this order and he didn't even card me . You have to look atleast 28 in order to buy tobacco products or alcohol. I come home all depressed and defeated. Speak nothing of this to Rick...when Rick asks me "Ma'am can I....(he wanted me to do something, frankly after I heard Ma'am I totally blocked him out)" I said WHAT?! He says hon I am from the South it is a sign of respect and just the way we were raised. It kinda made me feel better. But I realize with everyday
This Title Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With This Blog.
i'm really not one to celebrate the holidays. being an atheist means that i don't really get to celebrate any sort of religious holiday but since my family is religious, i sorta celebrate by proxy. which i don't mind really, it gives me some time to reflect on all the sillyness that is the christmas season. this christmas season hasn't been particularly eventful, the days come and go like any other christmas and now i sit here on the cusp of the holiday and i have this overwhelming bout of nostaligia of christmas' past. i can't really explain why or where it comes from, just that it's here and i thought i might share. for those of you who don't know, i have lots of stories to share, it sometimes seems that my life has been one big sitcom, complete with laugh trak and studio audience. the stories around christmas are no exception. there was the christmas that my brother and i found out there was no santa claus by way of my dad, who pretended to shoot santa with a .22 rifle on c
Whats a good "free" morph tool?
Fear And Failure
Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. -Ralph Waldo Emerson. i went skydiving yesterday and to be a certified skydiver, you have to take a 6 hour training course where you're briefed on emergency procedures, how to fall correctly in the relative wind, landing a parachute and other things relative to learning how to sky dive correctly. and believe me there is alot to know. it's called an AFF training course, which stands for Advanced FreeFall training. it consists of a 6-8 hour classroom course, and 7 jumps with a progression in increased difficulty for each jump. a couple weeks ago, i laid down $1300 for my AFF training and took my first skydive school and first jump, everything went very well for the first jump, i was very confident going into the jump, piloted my parachute to the ground and landed well. afterwards, i was glowing, exhuberant and exstatic about learning to skydive, the whole ju
A Day Without You--beautifully Written
A LONG DAY WITHOUT YOU by southern man A day without you, is a day that never seems to end It has no hours or minutes, and it feels like it goes for a week before it ends The day is empty, long & hard, and the night is dark, lonely & cold But there is a place i can go for warmth, and that is to think of you When i look to the stars, i see your eyes, and when i look to the sun, i feel your love around me I can't let you go, coz i love you so much Your my angel in the night sky The sun in my day The diamond in my heart I'd be lost without you Without you with me, i can't find no rest
And I'll Search The World Over, For My Angel In Black.
Give expression to the noble desires that lie in your heart --Gordon B. Hinckley it's been an arduous week and a half on the homefront, the particulars of which, i won't go into here, but it has landed me at a particular destination. or at least, lead me on a line of logic that has culminated into this blog that i'm posting now. the holidays are creeping up, people are becoming more and more aggressive as each day passes and each toy flies off the shelf, occupational anxieties are increasing, the weather gets colder as we dive into the isolation of winter and the divergent events that have happened to me recently, have lead me to something that i don't normally talk about for personal reasons. it's a subject that i feel gets a little to much exposure because everyone seems to be wanting or looking for it. not that i think that noone deserves it, because we all do, but that doesn't mean we have to gorge ourselves on it, which we often do. overconsumption breeds
Best Bod Contest
On The Subject Of Men, The Ironical Circumstances Of Life And Some Other Stuff Thrown In.
just like everyone else's brain, i imagine. my pulsing cortex of grey matter is chock full of questions, idiosyncracies, irrational thoughts, dreams, desires, wants, needs and loose useless information, bounding around from neuron to neuron. so this blog, is gonna be an amalgamation of divergent ideas, ideas i've had in my head for a while. it's probably gonna run very long and the bulk of my friends are female. so, in the interest of saving the ladies some time. i'm gonna put the most relevant one to them, first. Men there isn't a day that goes by, that i don't hear about a woman who has man/relationship trouble. whether it be that, they can't find a good one or the one they have, treats them disrespectfully, or completely ignores them entirely, unless they want to have sex. women often feel confused and disconnected from their male counterparts. feeling that they understand them less and less, as each day goes by. so, in the interest of lending a helping hand to these distr
Welcome To The New Dark Ages.
first and foremost, i must give credit where it's due. this idea isn't mine. i recently procurred the new Bad Religion cd, entitled New Maps of Hell. it's quite good, in fact, i have my profile song set to one of the songs off of the album, called New Dark Ages. which is incidentally, where i got the idea for this blog. the idea behind the song, intrigued me. so with my trusty web browser, a bottle of rolling rock beer and a little bit of time, i endeavored to see what sort of paralells, i could draw between now and then. the idea that history is circular, is certainly not a new one. in fact, as i grow older, i find that fact to be more true to me, than the day before. human memory is not an ineffable thing, we tend to forget our own life lessons and certainly those lessons of history. the Dark Ages, is known to most as a period of time, where culture, philosophy, and academia were stagnant under an opressive rule of the roman catholic church. several crusades or religious
On The Subject Of Perseverence
I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown you ever met those people, that like to start a whole bunch of stuff and never finish any of it, even though, some of it sounds like a really great idea? or the concept was exceptionally novel or compelling and it sounded like something you could get behind. yeah, that'd be me. i was one of those people. it hasn't been until recently, that i've come to understand the virtue in perseverance. mainly, when i called upon myself to stop wallowing in my own bad luck and chase this thief, who stole my shit. jump in the Way Back Machine with me, for just a moment. about 2 years ago, i came up with an idea. my dream, pretty much and a way to at least achieve it. even if just partially. most of you may not know this, but i'm actually an artist, a comic book artist, to be specific. i went to college for a while for it, then proceeded to drop out and do something else entirely. 2 years ago, i decided th
Some Days...
Some days are so fucking fulfilling!! You can be as busy as fuck, and stressed out of your mind, and none of it matters because different things through out the day have made it amazing! Today for example... My day started with a phone call from a tattoo client I did work on last night. ...why was she calling? appologize for keeping me so late last night, and to tell me how wonderfully happy with her tattoo she was. ...all that plus she wanted to tell me she didnt scream my name when she took the tape off her bandage! LOL (a little joke I throw out there to my clients as I tape the fuck out of them.) :-P THEN... a tattoo I had worked up a while ago, and got stood up on (part 2 of it), came in and I finally got to finish it up. It was her 50th bday present from her daughter, who had called the night before to see if I was available to do it. :-) I had started it, and she was supposed to come get it finished back in May of last year, but I never heard from her again.
Auction Soon
this post is going to be a bit long. i know i don't have the attention span for long winded posts. so i don't expect many to read this thing all the way to the bottom, just for that reason. so, if you would rather not read this all the way through, i completely understand. your point of no return i've been thinking about how to approach the subject of women for quite a while now. i've been mulling it over in my head, trying to figure out how to approach the subject in an unbiased, semi-scientific way. what i've come to realize, is that you really can't not put a spin on it, unless you have concrete facts. i'm no scientist nor do i have any concrete factual information, other than my own experience. so, in light of this, i've decided to forego being analytical and just write what i know. which, i'm sure, is surprisingly little in the way of actually knowing what women want or are like. as a friend recently suggested, "you gotta come from the heart, yo!" by
Was In The Augusta Gazette 02/16/2008
You've probably never even heard of it before - few have. But Sharon Coldiron, of Wichita is trying to do something about that. Coldiron is working to raise awareness about Chiari Malformations. This syndrome is a serious neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine, and disrupting the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The disease is hard to pinpoint because it has many symptoms shared with other ailments and it affects every patient differently. Some victims have minor symptoms and never even seek treatment. Others, like Coldiron have their lives changed forever. "It has taken over my life," Coldiron said. "I haven't been able to work for five years. I feel like I went to college for no reason." She had a received certificate in medical assistance from Vatterott College and was only 20 weeks from a degree when her condition stopped her progress. Cold
A Dream By Sharmila
A Dream by Sharmila (Rani) At times when Im alone at night in my room I think and think only of you My mind ponder with dreams of you and me I don't want these dreams to stay only as dreams I want to live them as I gaze through the lonely night tears drip down my eyes the thought of loosing you pierce my very heart I just wanna wake up by your side everyday see your beautiful smile and be with you forever and a day!!
How American Are You?
You Passed the US Citizenship Test Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct! Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?How patriotic are we anyway? Dare ya to take the test and post your results here. But onto my latest rant. You know I have always tried to be pretty much on the fence when it comes to politics. Confrontation has never been my bag. But I did vote in the last election... I would have bet my living soul that Bush would not win again. Good thing I didn't huh?! I have never been impressed with him. Repulican? Democrat? I really don't know what I am I just vote for the person I believe will try to come close to standing up for what I believe in and will represent the country well. I honestly believe that other countries view us as a joke now. Especially after Hurricane Katrina...I think whomever had a lot of free time on Paint Shop Pro said it best in these two pictures below...forgive my rudness because I really do care but this is just too funny not to sha
A Cry Of Confusion
A Cry of Confusion by Ashley D Babe, I don't know what to do I'm feeling so dazed, so lost and confused. Babe, help me to understand Whatever it is, I'm at your command. Explain to me, what is the deal? Forget about everyone else and just be real. I feel there's a lot that you know that I don't Cheat on you? No, you know that I won't. Tell me everything, express your emotions And while you do that, I'll show my devotion.
We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens, We all have to wonder, what this possibly means. With our mouse we roam, through the rooms in a maze, Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes, Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody, to type out our name, We want recognition, but it is always the same. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes flirt, In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt. We do form friendships - but - why we don't know, But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow. Why is it on screen, we can be so bold, Telling our secrets, that have never been told. Why is it we share, the thoughts in our mind, With those we can't see, as though we were blind. The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell. We all have our problems, and need someone to tell. We can't tell "real" people, but tell someone we must, So we turn to the 'puter, and t
Be My Valentine?
This morning I made my boyfriend breakfast and coffee and then we snuggled in bed just talking. He let me sleep (since I stayed up all night while he was at work) and then I woke up and he had cooked dinner. We sat on our couch watching tv together and now we're just doing our own thing. I'm cooking him dinner tomorrow night and maybe making breakfast for him again tomorrow. And even though I usually babysit on the weekdays, I get Monday off because it's President's Day and my boyfriend's sister-in-law will be staying home with her kids. Yay! A beginning of the week break!
Bear With Me
i am new at this typeing a fubar blog for you who do not know me my name is micheal and single you will learn more about me in furute blogs i write this a start
Trinidy 1st Time On Shays Quad
Trin on Shays quadAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Drinkin Survey
1. When I'm drunk, I tend to be... very um lovable 2. Shots or beers? depends on the night.. 3. Do you have a drinking buddy? Everyone is my buddy when I drink 4. Do you get angry? No, but I do get naked sometimes 5. Do you puke? nope 6. After 7 drinks who are you? the girl looking for some dick 7. A day of drinking at the beach or the pool? Pool 8. Tequila does what to you? Makes my clothes fall off 9. Were you drunk when you lost your virginity? yup 10. Vodka makes you? a very happy Drunk 11. Do you do things you normally wouldnt do sober? Yes 12. Do you pass out? No... well sometimes 13. Do you drink girly drinks? No 14. Do you drink alone? No 15. Worst drink you ever had? jeager bomb 16. Do you play drinking games? Yes 17. Favorite beer? coors light or miller lite 18. What is your favorite shot? Tequila or Jack or Crown 19. What will you not drink? Everclear & Jeager 20. Are you a lightweight when it comes
Letting It Out
Never Again!
Okay I\'m only gonna say this once. I\'m a thrifty kind of person when it comes to buying clothes and shoes. Discount, Sales, Clearance, K-mart, Walmart and any other Marts out there. And if you live in the right place there is a wonderful concept called Consignment shoppes. These shops are where people bring in their unwanted shoes, clothes and other apparels to resell at much cheaper prices and possible get a small portion of money for anyone who buys it. Brilliant Idea huh?! Most times yes. But I have learned through painful experience do NOT , I repeat NOT, buy shoes from these places. Think about it these people gave their shoes away for a reason! First and foremost because they are so damn uncomfortable after wearing them for any amount of time. Which brings me to another point, why as women do we do that to ourselves? We wear a great looking pair of shoes because they look good yet we have 3 inch blisters on our heals eventually walking in a sesspool of water and blood. *sighs*
Am I The Only One Who Thinks Of This Stuff?
Okay I don't know about you but working in a medical facility and for an ear, nose and throat doctor occasionally we will get operator telephone assisted calls. If you don't know what this is an operator will be on the other end saying..."this is operator 2457 and I have a relay call from "Mr. So and so" please hold for message....then they will type to the deaf person the deaf person types back to the operator and the operator relays the message to you, but when she does she is so blahsay about it and almost monitone and when she is done reading the type she will say..."over" meaning they are done and you should respond. They have done a few bits on Howard Stern with this idea. But I was thinking...OMG what if someone wanted to call a sex chat line and were deaf! Could you imagine! The funny part is the operator must relay anything typed or said! I bet those operators have some great stories! hmmmmm wonder if any of them have a blog ;)
Hooman:tim Draper
Being Strung Along..
Everytime you trust your heart in someones hands.. they crush it.. and it is amazing all the things someone can say and do, but never mean it (atleast not to you) My heart died when I lost my baby girl, my heart shatterd when my marriage fell apart.. but now somehow you have seemed to slip in and decieve me to belive in love .. as if it still existed. and my heart is lying on the ground.. and this time I am leaving it there .. I am walking away.
A Little About Myself
hi poeple for you who not know me i am 31 years old born in july so you if are reading this and were born in july or early august cool that it all you find out me for now
Aaahhhhhh The Cruise..........
Howdy ya'll! Just wanted to let ya'll know I made it back safe. The cruise was awesome...other than the fact that I damaged my camera kinda sorta. All the pics I took on the first 3 days were somehow deleted. My memory card screwed up....with my help and all of those pics were lost. Pissy situation because those were the best ones. LOL Maybe it's best they were deleted. LOL Anyway, I'm working on getting the pics I do still have uploaded. I missed most of ya, especially you, Mr. Robbie! I may post more later about my trip and I may not. Depends on my mood. To those who emailed me about Papa, he came home on Tuesday, and had to be readmitted on Wednesday. However, when I was able to call back this afternoon, they said he has been released again. I will be going to visit with him tomorrow so I will know more then. Hope you all are doing well. Hugs, Mary
I really need some more help in this contest. I need 15,000 comments in 2 weeks on this photo for $1,000,000 fubucks. Please help me out and I'll stop by and show some luv. You have to add Stephanie Lynn to your friends list to get to the photo though. Thank you so much!! Here's the photo!
Things I Will Help You With
hey guys, i realize tht many people can make bulletins and comment bomb for you. but i am looking to actually work for my fu bucks. if you need a bulletin and not sure how to make one ask me. simple bulletin you must keep it up 1,000 fu bucks (not responsible for reposting) 5,000 if you want me to repost it for a week for you bulletin with music and no repost 5,000 fu bucks 10,000 if you want me to repost for you on a daily basis. i will pimpout all that ask.(cost of pimpout is the same as bulletins).just let me know what you want and i will do what i can to give it to you are no charge for the bulletin. as for as bombing goes i will help all that help me. rate all my pics and stash and i will give you 5,000 pic comments on any contest. i will not play favorites all my fubar friends are equal. plz message me when you are finished rating my pics and i will give you the comments..... i also sell my 11's if you want them it will cost you 10,000 fubucks. message me
Just Checking In....
Just wanted to stop by tonight to let ya know that I am still very much kicking..... Just needed to take a much needed break for awhile, ya know how it goes , get dragged into too much drama...all the whinning, bitching and so on just got to me .....during this break has done alot of thinking and has made some changes........... more trying to help the unstable people, if they dont want to change then no sense trying to help them 2.Enough of being a fat chick , on a diet now and come hell of high water am I falling off this one 3.Paying off all debts I owe even if its only a few bucks a month, sooner or later it will all be paid up 4. Going to try harder to be on here more often , has really missed talking with some of you Now enough rambling ....lots of love to you all and will be catching up more with ya all later on xoxoxoxoxoxo
Okay I Think I Can Talk About It Now
I have always been the kind of person that if anything traumatic or remotely traumatic happens to be I have to wait a couple of days for the shock to wear off before I can really talk openly about it with everyone. Always been that way, probably always will. Okay this happened a couple of days ago and really only told 2 people about it so now I'm telling anyone who remotely scenario... I go to work, park in the parking lot, decide to walk over to the whole sale food place to pick up a couple of you have to cross a very busy intersection known as State Rd 123 in order to get to this place. 4 lanes of cars in an extremmmmmmmly small town called Vienna... Imagine Mayberry meets downtown Chicago get the idea. Not to worry though. There is a stop light in the middle of the nowhere for pedestrians to cross. The reason I say in the middle of nowhere is because it is halfway through the block. There used to be an old railway station that they ripped up
I Want A New Toy!!! Lol
i want a new favorite one broke :( ....buuuuut there so expensive..haha so i dunno if i should get one- im a lil strapped on but i kinda want im wondering if i should buy one..or just suck it up and go without :/ decisions decisions....
Ah yes, alone again this time in someone else`s head. Here I thought maybe I was dreaming and comfortable in my own bed. My eyes see a meadow , with flowers , horses, and deer;such a happy place. I feel the presence of someone near me, but it is not a familiar face. Has she came back to haunt me all through this cold ,dark night. Willing myself to awake, trying with every fiber of my might. Wings spread widely apart and I see nothing but gray skies. This feeling I havent felt before as there are tears that fill my eyes. Then I hear a shiver and the most beautiful of voices. In my own bewildered and twisted mind I am going through my choices. Shaken awake bye my own stirring and I am curled up in a ball . My own voice soothes me as I say "silly boy you were having a dream that is all" !
Yet Another Year... (yeah I Know It Was 2005. So Sue Me)
Okay it is not totally over yet. But a lovely time to reflect. Well let's see...I started out the year with all good intentions... bought a membership to Curves for one year and went they have been charging me ever since. Dumbass! Quit the highest paying job I ever had because the woman I worked for was it was the highest stress driven job I ever had also. Now I have a job that does not pay as much but it is much more laid off? In someways yes in others no. I have no holiday pay here or vacation pay. Thus if I don't work I don't get paid. Thanksgiving's check just about KILLED me. Thank goodness I have another job to keep me afloat right now. Just barely mind you but atleast my head is above water...well my nose atleast. My car took a crap on me and I didn't have the money to get it fixed so I got refinanced for another car that has basically in all intense purposes doubled my car payment. Again the other reason I got this other job. Rick's grand
My Thanks To You
She told me when we meet she was very needy, and no honey I am not trying to be greedy. Had me deeply set with those big blue eyes, maybe even a devil,in an angel`s disguise. I told her "Baby , I cant be your superman", but I will do whatever it is that I can. No, my dear I am not trying to make a scene, just want you be treated like a queen. A big,broad beautiful smile lightens up her face, and for a moment we are suspended in time and space. We draw closer and she smells of vanilla and cream, I am wondering am I stuck inside a wonderful dream. As if she is about to read my mind, shes states " we are two of a kind". I ask her "Darling whatever do you mean "? For I have never really been so keen. Of releasing something that I hold so dear, and I want to make myself perfectly clear. The years have seemed like they have taken a toll, but I freely give you my heart and soul. Take also my love as maybe a small token, for many times this old heart has been

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