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Where did i go wrong, in my head its just the same broken song. My pain stays with me , God knows i just want to be free. To feel the suns rays on m face and to take me from with in this gloomy place. set me free and pls just bring back me !
I Wish
I wish I could hold you tight, I wish you could make everything alright, I wish you would tell me its gonna be okay, I wish there was something else I could say. I wish you still loved me the way I love you, I wish everyday I wasn't so damn blue. I wish you would understand how I feel, I wish you would realize how hard it is to deal. I wish you could make me feel whole again, I wish you would remember back to when, I wish when you looked into my eyes you'd see my heart, I wish that never again would we have to part!
I'm Confused
Sorry to all of you who've stopped by and haven't heard from me. I only get on occasionally, and I have yet to figure this place out. LOL... Not the most (virtual)socially inept person you'll ever meet, but I'm sure I run a close second. If you have any suggestions to make this easier, please poor them on me! And thank you for the compliments! Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day!
My 1st Flying Lesson
I got to take my first flying lesson today. It was so exiting. I had so much fun. I got to help with the take off and I got to fly for an hour. The instructor let me take over the controls completely once we were in the air. If i decide to get my license this will count towards my time. I only need 39 more hours. We flew over downtown Columbus, well, we actually flew around downtown twice. We were only 2,000 ft up when we went around downtown. I seen my house. We were 6,500 ft above sea level most of the time. He explained everything about all of the controls and everything. At times it was like we wasn't even moving. Everything was so beautiful. It was 1,000% better than driving a car. I am hooked. I can't wait till I can go up again. I would tell you what kind of plane I flew but I was so excited I can't remember. I will have pictures of it very soon. I was kinda nervous when i first got into the seat, but after we started moving and we got up into the air, everything was just perfe
Are You
1. Perfect? in my mind maybe 2. Tall? to a midget i am tall 3. In your pajamas? work 4. Left handed? no LAST: 1. Friend you saw: bobbie 2. Talked to on the phone: my son 3. Person to text you: jason 4. Was today better than yesterday? much FAVORITES: 1. Number: 3 2. Color(s): BLACK, PINK 3. Food: MEXICAN TEN EMOTIONS: 1. Are you missing someone right now? YES 2. Are you happy? i'm good thanks 3. Are you sad? not as sad as yesterday 4. Are you bored? A LITTLE... 6. Are you nervous? NAH 7. Are you single? VERY 8. Are you tired? not at the moment 001. Real name? tania denise... 002. Nick name? tart 03. Eye color? hazel...but changes with whatever i wear 004. Zodiac sign? taurus 005. Male or female? FEMALE 007. Crushing? just a little- 009. Smart? OMG...very 010. Hair color? red 011. Long or short? long 013. Sweats or Jeans? JEANS 014. Phone or Camera? BOTH 015. Health freak? NOPE 020. Tattoos: 3 021. Righty or lefty? didn't i already ans
The one i love is not here with me, he holds my heart but does not see. I lay so quiet and still at night , at the moment things in my life just dont feel right, The emptiness that i feel , within my life it is so real. Slowly i drift off to sleep , My tears on my pillow are mine only to keep. For in the morning i wake again until its time to return to by bed at night and repeat it all over again .
Face Lift
This women of forty, being a rather vain person, decided she needed a face lift. With her pocketbook as large as her ego, she went to several plastic surgeons before choosing the best money could buy. The doctor assured her that he could make her look young for many years because of a new technique he used. After the operation the doc told her that he had put a screw behind each ear that she could tighten as needed to keep her fresh young look. The woman was pleased for several years until one morning when she noticed bags under her eyes. Furiously she stormed into the doctor's office demanding to know why there where bags under her eyes. The doctor replied, "Lady those aren't bags, they're your tits, and if you don't stop turning those screws you're going to have a beard!"
Happy Valentines Day
high party time rock your little heart out
A woman walks into a tattoo parlour. 'Do you do custom work?' she asks the artist. 'Why of course!' 'Good. I'd like a portrait of Robert Redford on the inside of my right thigh, and a portrait of Paul Newman on the inside of my left thigh.' 'No problem,' says the artist. 'Strip from the waist down and get upon the table.' After two hours of hard work, the artist finishes. The woman sits up and examines the tattoos. 'That doesn't look like them!' she complains loudly. 'Oh yes it does,' the artist says indignantly, 'and I can prove it.' With that, he runs out of the shop and grabs the first man off the street he can find; it happens to be the town drunk. 'Well, what do you think?' the woman asks, spreading her legs. 'Do you know who these men are?' The drunk studies the tattoos for a couple of minutes and says.'I'm not sure who the guys on either side are, but the fellow in the middle is definitely Willie Nelson!'
Good Dog
A blind man was standing on the corner with his dog when the dog raised his leg and wet on the man's trouser leg. The man reached in his pocket and took out a doggie biscuit. A busybody who had been watching ran up to him and said, "You shouldn't do that. He'll never learn anything if you reward him when he does something like that!". The blind man retorted, "I'm not rewarding him. I'm just trying to find his mouth so that I can kick him in the ass".
Baby Elephants Trunk
This couple are out having a romantic meal for the first time together.Suddenly something from the man's side whips from under the table, steals a bread roll and dissappears back under the table. The guy doesn't blink aneyelid and the woman can't tell whether it really happened. She says nothing. Well, damn, the same thing happens again. The woman checks the guy out andsure he makes out like nothing happened so she holds it in. A little time passes. The, hell, it happens a third time and the woman can no longer hold it in and she speaks up demanding to know what's going on. The man explains."Look, I was in an accident in India.. I lost my ..penis.. the surgeons transplanted a baby elephant's trunk in it's place and, well, I've grown to accept it and hell, It's embarrassing but that's it". "No, no.."the woman says "that's absolutely incredible. And you mean the trunk keeps stealing the bread rolls like an elephant. WOW. Look that's so amazing would you mind doing it again?"
Wow! ~ Fubling!
"Something Different!" I have to pay to get...WoW! Okay, So-o-o I have 0 fuBling credits available...{Giggles} I wonder how long this "special animated icon" stays on your profile..."AFTER You have already received" your 10 fuBling credits (good for 10 fuBling) for $10.00 USD Has anyone tried this yet?
Pussy Eating Frog
A guy walks into a bar with a frog. He sits next to this real attractive lady, places the frog up on the counter, and orders a drink.The lady says "that's a disgusting looking frog you got there." The guys says, "Yeah well lemmie tell ya something... this here frog is THE BESTdamn pussy eater you ever seen." The lady is outrages and says so then promptly gets up and moves across the bar. A few hours pass.... The lady has had more then her share, and starts thinking about the frog... So she staggers back up to the guy and says, "OK prove it!". They run get a hotel room.. the lady gets nude and is lying on the bed with legs spread open wide. The guy takes the frog and puts it in position,then commands, "go homer!".... the frog lays there.... he commands again... "GO HOMER" the frog still does nothing.... he picks up the frog and tosses into the corner and says, "If I've shown ya once ... I've shown ya 1000 times .. now watch how its done!"
Valentines Day
Heres How I Feel Right Now
Okie Dictionary *the Worlds Most Unique Language Defined) Idioms - Phrases N Superstitions
OKIE DICTIONARY *the worlds most unique language defined) IDIOMS - PHRASES N SUPERSTITIONS. "We know our native tongue ain't quite up to snuff English, but it shore is handy." The Plan Of The Okie Dictionary. This bit of information is intended to server and assist newcomers and visitors to our Great State -- Oklahoma, And to preserve a unique piece of Amercianism. Also, it is our desire to provide the working press and all the "mogulls" in Washington with a copy of this lexicon, so when our Great Statesman take the floor of Congress to expound our political philosophies, we want the entire country to understand, that all we want is to live, let live and our share of the pork barrel. We have our own language which is peculiar to our state. Our vocabulary is not a conglomeration of regionalism sland. Each word has a meaning and purpose, usually picturing action - a story of something happening and moving. Noah Webster *For Damn Sure* wasn't consulted when our langu
Ok Peeps
Ha Ha .. Interesting
In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was not allowed to beat his wife with a stick thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb" ------------------------------------------- Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. ------------------------------------------- The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone . ------------------------------------------- Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S . Treasury. ------------------------------------------- Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. ------------------------------------------- Coca-Cola was originally green. ------------------------------------------- It is
I Cant Believe It.........please Repost
I am trying to get the spotlight, if my friends could spare some fu bucks that would be awesome....tysm xoxoxox I Åm Å ƒükïn Prïnc맧~Jü§T nØT ŸØür§ BÅrTënÐëR @ ~504 BØürbØn §TrëëT~I.b.I.C~OwNeD bY LoVaBlE PErV@ fubar
I Gone
Hey just a quick note to let all my friends that I will be gone from the 18th through the 22nd of Feburary. I am flying my special someone to Reno for Valentines day. Hope you all dont forget me while I am gone.
Valentines Day Lessons
HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. -- Lynnette, a
why do people seem interested in a person and the next they could careless why do people alwasys seem to forcus more on someone that has money and not waht they could really give that would matter more why do people talk with a fork tongue why do people never seem interested in a nice guy that would treat them right and would lvoe them for them rather then someone that would ether hit them or abuse them why do people still love there god damn exs for when you no you cant have them will you can but ur life would be laot wose why do people have so many emotions going thu them and its so hard to control them why do people say iam glad ur my friend but yet they wont talk to you why do people alwasys sem to think ur out to get more points when in reatlity you dont give a fuck abount them why do people alwasys seem to be out for soemone with looks rather then go for them for the right reasons why do they lie abount haveing a bf/gf rather then saying iam taken o
Love Hate...hate Love
There was a time that i wanted to love but it was taken from me, that felt like i had a heart and it was ripped out from my chest... leaving not but pain and blood and lies leaking trough my skinn... the hurt remains, not only will i ever love again but i will hate and be angered by the site of Love......
The Unicorn's Ride
The Unicorn's Ride Over your rainbow A unicorn flew, He was sent to find me... He said by you. "Climb aboard", he whispered, "We must go for a ride..." And into a portal of light We rode inside. The sky was so blue, The fields so green, With each explosion of light Was a wonderful scene. So happy we seem And always together, There was no end to your dream, It just went on forever. Then the unicorn said "I have one more surprise..." So we took off quickly And pierced the sky. Then I saw you sleeping And dreaming in your bed... I caressed your hair gently And kissed you on your head. The unicorn interrupted... "I must now get you home, But now that you've seen her dream, May you never feel alone." My heart is feeling heavy, A fire burns inside. Thank you so much my darling For the unicorn's ride.
yup yup i got a ticket for APR. 3 Anti-Flag... in Albs yessss!!!! 25.00 bucks wooooohoooooo~~~
I Love You~
English - I love you Welsh - Caru ti Polish - Ja Kocham Ciebie French - Je T'aime Hindu - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae Czech - Miluji Te Slovakian - Lu'Bim Ta Italian - Ti Amo Ukrainian - Ya Tebe Kahayu German - Ish Libe Dish Chinese - Wo Ai Ni Greek - S'agapo Hawaian - Aloha Wau Ia Oi Lithuianian - Tav Myliu Korean - Sa Rang Hae Yo Japanese - Ai Shi Te Ru Romanian - Te Ubsec Bosnian - Volim Te Albanian - Te Dua Filipino - Mahal Kita Spanish - Te Amo I Can Say I Love You In 20 Different Languages! Happy valentines!!!
F*ck V-day
fucking valentines day can eat shit...what has this day brought to offer me but being hurt over and over again, by different people!! i can't be with the love of my life, cause he left me months ago, only to mind fuck me for the past 3 months, thinking we can get back together, with i love you's still, to go ahead and fuck me over, telling me it will never happen again!! oh, and wait, the one guy that i thought was totally cool, and liked, well i had to end a friendship with him to protect myself, and to protect him, cause i wanted to get close, but it couldn't happen, so, again, i get fucked!!!!! then, to find out this afternoon that my best friend lost his job, oh yeah, valentines day can kiss my fucking ass... so if you want to give in to this fucking piece of shit cooperate holiday, be my guest you stupid pieces of shit, go blow the money, and make everyone else richer!!!! Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics Myspace Graphics
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourselfAt the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. I hate things like this...BUT this little "fuzzy bunny" added me to her list then shook her cute little ass at me as she hopped away. So now I have to. So here it goes. 1) I almost always have something camouflage on. 2) I have a really hard time falling asleep if I have any clothing on at all. 3) I get obsessed with anything new that I learn. I will practice until I can beat everyone I know. I will sit down with a puzzle or book and wont stop until it is finished. 4) I play/practice pool 6 days a week. 5) I live to make friends laugh and to insult/embarass morons. 6) I move
New Men's Valentine Day!!! .. Hahaha
NEW MENS VALENTINE'S DAY? Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Secretly...guys feel left out. That's right...left out. There's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or just too embarrassed to admit it. This is why a new holiday has been created. March 20th is now officially 'Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day.' Simple, effective and self-explanatory...this holiday has been created so you ladies can have a day to show your man just how much you love him. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town the name of the holiday explains it all...just a steak, a BJ & shut your mouth for the rest of the day! That's it! This twin pairing of Valentine's Day and Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day will usher in a new age of love
"my Life's Calling, Setting Fires"
This poem I did with a starter line: "My life's calling, setting fires" By: Deborah Digges The rest is all my imagination... My Life's calling, setting fires. Drifting up like blazing tires. Sending me to places, I haven't begun to embrace yet. Letting me soar like the wings of a dove. To my dreams which have come above, the life I am now living. To see how much I have been forgiving. For my life's work, Not giving onto liars. My life's calling, setting fires.
Cum 1 Cum All!!
To Save Himself From Dying...
To Save himself from Dying... He puts both hands in the water, so the water would start moving. Sends ripples at the sides, to feel the essence of the sea. He splashes water in his face, to wake up. But his hands turn into icicles. The water isn't deep, for the ice has covered all. He gathers his strength to find the path back. As he hides his face, from the blizzard ahead. He looks hear a sound in the distance. I am svaed! I am svaed! I am saved!
During Vacation On A Beautiful Day
During vacation on a beautiful day Listening to birds sing with kids splashing water down the creek Hearing the sounds of whispers from the breeze, Not a cloud in the sky I felt the power through the rocks, See the water glistening from the trees, The feeling of oneness of nature, was all around you. Love, happiness, and joy all combined as one That's the way I felt, my first time in Sedona. Mom with her boyfriend, laughing and sun tanning, Tina, Liz, Melissa, and I, playing in a pool of deep water, As the water submerges completely, Playing jaws, trying to scare each other, Not a fear of the water, not even the feel of fish, Tina afraid of the feel of a fish on her leg As we start to race one another Swimming back and forth, We realize Tina's the ultimate swimmer. With a cramp in her leg and fish swimming around Tina starts to come undone Terrified where she's at Red Rock slipping from her re
Raising Money For Apt
I'm still researching on HUD, low-income apts & taking my time in my reseach, before going on ahead with my search for my own place; as I'm doing this, I've found lots of interesting facts that I had no idea about. I then decided to take my time about this, then see what happens, next. I then decided to try raising money for my own place, by selling my jewelry & crafts I've made in the past; I want to see if there would be any interest & see if others would buy them or make a trade of some sort. I then thought of posting it here & see what happens. Jewelry & Crafts for sale: Necklas.............$5.00 each Bracelet............$4.50 each Ring................$4.00 each Earrings............$3.00/pair Keyrings............$3.50 each Wood................$7.00 each Croqueted Chokers...$6.00 each Set.................$15.00/set Sock People.........$8.00/sock person Trades: I'd like a small table for my stereo, cd player & other electronic equipment, coat rack, storage containe
Happy Valentines To All My Friends
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V-day Poem
Today is the Day of Love Today happiness raises above Today People Do see What their love wants to be Today Couples gather together An share all the good times they share Today is the day for Love No time to push in shove It's Valentines Day Keep on loving is what I say. ~. Jay The Wicked .~
Valentine’s Day
1. Are you single or taken? ---yah like I’m single! He he he… 2. Do you like chocolate or flowers better? how about jewelry! I settle for flowers but I want the GEMS! 3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day? *not this year, I have to work all day and then go sit and listen to a lecture, maybe after hours I’ll get something special! 4. Do you like anyone? of course I do, don’t you 5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines? yes and I remember what happened that night at dinner…..waiter sucked, got free drinks and the food wasn’t so yummy. 6. What would be your dream Valentines date? *well lets see, arriving at work, having my lover waiting for me at the security entrance (since they can’t get in) then they tell me I am not aloud to go to work and tell me to call my boss and explain the situation, then they take me to the car and drive me to the hot springs were I get made loved to all day long and at night more more more…with lots of jewels and
I Got Pimped -show Us All Love
DAWN ♥ Owned by: INDRADRAGON and Loving it!' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-13 23:46:14'.. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > When is comes to Friends > These people are SOLID GOLD > I sent out a distress call needing help, and these wonderful people stepped up to the plate without hesitation > I can only say "Thank you" for your generosity and for showing me that I really do have some of the greatest Friends > Please take a few moments to rate fan and add these special people, your life will be enriched having them as friends > > First and foremost I want to thank Roger Lee, you my dear made this the most competitive and fun contest I have ever played. You proved to be a gentleman and your generosity is beyond measure. You are simply awesome > RogerLee ஐ Fu-Owned by Hopigalerin ஐ@ fubar > Heartistic Soul, Thank you for hosting this contest, you always make things so much fun around here. I am sure I speak for many when I say the t
Love Is In The Air
Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you all have someone to cuddle up to tonight or at least a stuffed teddy bear. I usually don't care too much about this day. But being on Fubar has made me realize how many people that don't have a valentine and it made me appreciate mine even more! I would rather receive chocolate over roses. Or pink roses over red. I am not into tradition. Surprises me on a Tuesday when it is raining instead of doing something you are supposed because it is a Holiday. I did get up this morning and find my card in front of the espresso machine. Apparently he knows that is a place I go to first when I wake up. I wonder why? lol It was really cute this morning. My son Anthony (the 15 yr. old) got up with his Dad and they went to the store so they could buy cards. He bought one for his girlfriend. Then he was all ready for school early! He also was dressed in a nice shirt with a collar, something he hasn't done in a long time! I was impresse
02-14-08 (non V-day Blog!)
February 14, 2008 I must say that I'm really impressed ... Here, everyone is just so Full of love & All festive! I never knew there was such fan fare for this Holiday ... With all the decorations, with hearts and signs of 'TRUE LOVE' and an out-pouring of joy & kisses with candy even! I'm proud that fubar & the community has embraced This holiday . . . Huh? _ _ wait w h a ... ---------ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Nevermind! (ugh) It's all for that "Hallmark" Holiday ... I swear - THIS is the last time I'll make mention or b*tch about "T H A T * H O L I D A Y" So what cha get me for Valentiii n e s ... (oops) Okay ... That was the last reference to "T H A T * H O L I D A Y"
Proposition 3-17
Just click the pic to go sign...
Wishing You A Happy Valentine's Day
Daily Meditation
I invoke the presence of the Sacred, the presence of the Divine. I invoke the power of the Chakras, the Sacraments and the Tree of Life. Awaken and be active with me. Divine Spirit, bring me into union with you. Remove the obstacles that keep me from the experience of your presence. Let me clearly perceive your guidance. Walk with me into my mysteries; replace my fears with Faith. Give me the capacity to abide in mystery full time. I give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I surrender my will to your Will. Let me feel your presence as much in change as in tranquility. Show me the purpose for which I have been born. Align my energy to Divine purpose. I accept the task that emerges. Speed up my evolution. Show me things energetically, rather than have me live them. Take away my distractions, false voices, my illusions and misconceptions. Show me my shadow side, and what I'm here to learn. In becoming a balanced and conscious being, help me to develop honor,
Bucs Cinema 1 Free Lounge And 2 Invite Only Lounges
Why Do They???
okies I am soooo hurt... why do peeps make others think they love them and care so much for them ... and then that person finds out that person they thought loved and cared for them is really usin them or leadin them on when they really are doing same thing more less with another .... like makin plans to be with her/him as well????
For Kickz Game !
1. Go to 2. Type in your answer. 3. ONLY use images from the FIRST page 4. Copy the html and paste here. 5. have fun. What is your first name? What is your favorite food(S)? What kind of car do you have or want? Favorite Hobby? What's your favorite TV Show(s)? What's your favorite color? Who's your celebrity crush?
Life As I Know It
Ok I am now in my 49th year of life, up till i was 21 i was a fit hardworking bloke ( summer flour miller in winter) i worked out 3 or 4 times a week, then in middle of an English winter i fell 30ft and severly damaged my spine the muscle went to fat then my glands gave up so since then i have had a running battle with increasing weight gain,Today 14th feb I finaly got the letter to tell me they will operate to remove most of my stomach,in an effort to save my worthless lifeI go to see the specalist s to see how much novocain etc ill need, and here is the problem , i react to most drugs,but as i live on a constant drip of Morphine maybe ill get a better life afterwards, hey!! maybe ill walk again (( LOL some hope there)) if your reading this , Thank you....just treat it as an old man rambling and smile xxx
Today Thru Monday
dont expect me to be online much until monday...maybe even monday. from what i'm being dragged into...or so i HEAR, this will be a weekend my cellphone should be out of my reach at all times. i'm sorry in advance to anyone who gets a drunk dial, but if you wanna know how to tell when i'm drunk, ask me why. my reason will be because either you or me or us are awsome. trust me. i drunk dialed one dude i knew from fubar and every reason i gave was cuz i was awsome. lol! so tonight, i'm going to hang out wit katelin. FIRST i need to get this paper done and hand it in around 5. but yea, me and katelin decided we didnt wanna spend vday in our respective rooms so we're going to her favorite restaurant and go see "step it up 2" cuz she wants to. i have no issue wit this. anything would be better than me driving (that would require me to clean off my car) or me sitting here while my roommate is out with her boytoy. hopefully she wont come back tonight and that will make it 3 night
This Is So Cute!
> I was shocked when I found out and had to tell you all right away Fubar has been embedding stuff into your computer screens and are now as we speak > > Click below to run the fubar spy ware Screen Cleaner > > Fubar spy ware Sceen Cleaner
Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations work. This blog explains how and why positive affirmations can be used to manifest your needs and bring positive and permanent change to your life. What are Affirmations? Every thought you think, every word you say is an affirmation. All of our self-talk or inner dialogue is a stream of affirmations. We are continually affirming subconsciously with our words and thoughts and this flow of affirmations is creating our life experience in every moment. Our beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood, many of these work well for us, but others may now be working against us, they are dysfunctional and may be sabotaging us from achieving what we believe we want. Every affirmation we think or say is a reflection of our inner truth or beliefs. It is important to realize that many of these "inner truths" may not actually be true for us now or may be based on invalid or inappropriate impressions we constructed as children, which if
Yahoo And Myspace
any yall got myspace or yahoo messenger hit me up i need more pplz to talk to at nite lol
A Letter From Geegee
Just want to let the Management of the Confederates and the members to know. After receiving a letter from Management that seemed to be trying to point the finger at me because of The Watcher leaving the family I feel that I need to say a few things. I don’t want to cause any drama seems the one of the Confederates can enough of that and one of their key things is no drama in the family? I could come back with comments to prove somethings in the letter I was sent are wrong. The reason I am not going to say much on this letter I was sent is because, maybe there is some misunderstanding on both our parts. Unless we could talk as adults then I have nothing more to say on this. If management would like to talk to me please contact me for further discussion. As far as Cherokee goes she has attacked Watcher on fubar and yahoo. She has also put out some crazy stuff on me. Well I am not going to say much here either than you prove to people what you are Cherokee by your drama. Now I could s
lol ok so he tells me ma mams family from scotland ! and proud of it ! he allso tells me! ma da's fam from ulster lol and is sooo aparentley he tells me this combination makes him ! british pure bred lol ummm does this pic look fimillar? but no matter how u look at it hes an awsome dj come on in and meet DJ!
I Will Miss You
On Feb. 10th 2008, and she was buried yesterday. Someone very dear to me had Passed away. Someone that will leave an emptiness in my Heart. I will miss her dearly and I am not afraid To say she was the number lady in my life. I Love You Mom and I will greatly Miss You
I'm Going To Be In An Auction...
For the first time in my fu-life, i'm going to be in a Auction. I'm a little nerveous, cause i don't even know if anybody would give a damn about owning lil ole me? But here's what i'll do for you if you own me. i will rate all photos and stash with 11's give them a personal salute to whoever owns me i'll put up their photo on my page saying this person owns me for a month i'll also put their name in an "owned name" for a month add them to my family (if you ain't already) if you already are a part of my family, i'll do something more special to show my thanks. i will also make 1 or 2 personal effects on a picture of yours each week. last but not least i'll personally crush them. Do you think it's even worth my time and effort, or should i just not even do it? Is it fun? Is it a heartache? Give me the lowdown before i dive in head first? Should i offer more to give a lil more incentive to vote for me? Oh woah is me hehehe
Why Valentine's Day 2008 Is So Difficult For Me...
Today is a hard day for me. I'm going to explain that in detail. One - Valentine's Day every year is not easy for me. They came up with Singles Awareness day - but in the end it's just sad. I was engaged one month ago to the DAY. The 15th of January is when we broke up cause she was unfaithful. It's hard making that transition from not single to being single. I liked it better being engaged. And then there's something that doesn't even have anything to do with the holiday. Six months ago, my aunt, Katherine M. Ludwick (I called her Aunt Kathy) killed herself by drug overdose. I was insanely close to my aunt. So close in fact that her death hit me especially hard. She was so depressed she decided to take her own life. *cries* I still miss her horribly...
Support Our Troops - It Won't Kill You
>You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists...You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.You go to the mall and get your hair redone.
Feelings As I wake by your side, My feelings for you I can not hide, I touch your face in the morning light, Being with you just feels so right You make me feel like I'm a queen, Like being inside an awesome dream, Although this is real, that I know, As the love that surrounds us continues to grow I think of what the future holds... Marriage, children, us growing old, And as I lay, with you dear, I'm just so glad you're mine, you're here.
I'll Always Listen To Your Problems
Hey all i know sometimes life can get us down and sometimes life is such a drag but know im always here if you need someone to talk to or just someone to listen and if im not online leave me a msg and i'll get in contact with you asap.... I have an ear to listen just have to choose to use it.
Love Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, and hard to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, You're the one I can't forget. I do believe that God above, Created you for me to love. He chose you from all the rest, Because he knew I would love you best.
For The Love Of My Life, My Future Husband, And My Everything.
I know I tell you daily ..pretty much every two minutes how much I love you and how I cant see my life being without you..and of course I mean this..and since Im not there with you right know papabear doesnt stop us from celebrating our first valentines together. I cant wait to see you in 13 days.. I hope I dont fall over my feet getting off the plane, but knowing me I will.. but you will be right there to pick me always.. some might think that we have only been together for a short period of time..and that its really not enough to even get to know anyone.. let alone love someone. why should there be a time frame on love? love comes unannounced , noone can predict it.. let alone plan it on on a day planner... write it on a "things to do" list.. IT JUST HAPPENS!!! someone might think distance is a downer to it also.. I think the distance is what made us stronger..I would fight tooth and nail for you, I would wait a life time.. just to hold you for a second. The botto
A Good Friend Sent This To Me. Thank You.. It's So Pretty!
"LoVe" Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, and hard to hold. Of all the girls I've ever met, You're the one I can't forget. I do believe that God above, Created you for me to love. He chose you from all the rest, Because he knew I would love you best.
Pimpout 1
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Nite Wolf
Vday Blue
So i guess its totally true... as much as i try to not believe it. Kindness gets you nowhere..Some ppl in this crazy uncivilized world have huge hearts and would give the world to the one they love even if they dont have it to give. But its a shitty thing that it cant be given back in return, or even appreciated. Then you sit back and think why is this world so unforgiving and mean... because the ppl with these huge hearts give and give... only to realize one day it does no good any fucking way.. So why try, and slowly become cold hearted. I asked a friend last night... Would u rather have a not so pretty girl that will love you no matter what ur flaws or a hottie that will break your heart eventually? His reply is "i dont know." it was a stupid question to ask already knowing what the answer would be but hoping for the more reasonable answer. its funny how one day the love is there and then the next they call u there bestfriend. Amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye. I
Not On Here As Much As Id Like Sorry
Hey yall Sorry i havnt been on that much. Work and some family things have come up, more family things. LAst year was not a good year for me towards the end of the year. Had 2 family memeber passaway and it was not plan. Oct my sis-n-lw passed unexpectedly, an in Nov my mother passed. So im having to deal woth things theres. I miss all all. I try to be on a lil more. Hope to chat w/all soon.
Quiz For Guys
1. In the company of females, intercourse should be referred to as : a. Lovemaking b. Screwing c. Taking the pigskin bus to tuna town. 2. You should make love to a woman for the first time only after you've both shared : a. Your views about what you expect from a sexual relationship. b. Your blood-test results. c. Five tequila slammers. 3. You time your orgasm so that : a. Your partner climaxes first. b. You both climax simultaneously. c. You don't miss ESPN Sports Center. 4. Passionate, spontaneous sex on the kitchen floor is : a. Healthy, creative love-play. b. Not the sort of thingyour wife/girlfriend would be into. c. Not the sort of thing your wife/girlfriend needs to ever find out about. 5. Spending the whole night cuddling a woman you've just had sex with is : a. the best part of the experience. b. The second best part of the experience. c. $100 extra. 6. Your wife/girlfriend saysshe's gained five pounds in th
Valentines Day
i just wanted to say happy valentines day to all my sexy fubars rock on stay sweet and blessed i love u guys!!!
Sisters 4 Life Pinkout For Feb 14 - Feb 28
This Pink Out is Dedicated to the Sisters who are on their way to GodMother! Let's see if we can take them closer to it!! RedKandy109,030 Points to go! SiMpLy AmAzInG373,269 Points to go! Tulsa's Angel447,342 Points to go! SuperStarrPrincess777,142 Points to go! SweetAngel1,172,508 Points to go! MzMic1,282,934 Poin
Let It Go....
LET IT GO .... by T.D.Jakes There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can' t make them stay. Let them go .. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person, it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead. You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something I've got the gift of good-bye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I
Club Paradize-radio Lounge
Song Request
Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I like to do crafts 2.Smoke to much 3.Love the snow 4.I love my kid's 5.I love my grandkid's 6. I love my sister' 7.Like to ride horses 8.Love to rode 9. Love jewlwry lots a bling 10. I love animals 1. Crewser 2.Ashes 3. Tipiboy 4.rdrokit 5.Silentbob
Wait For Me
I close my eyes So that my world goes black To escape into the darkness But not so quickly look back. Image after image Dream after dream You can do anything you want Though nothing's as it seems. As I wait to drift into unconscienceness All I see is you I see your eyes, I see your smile I hear your voice and your laugh too. It's your kiss I dream of Your touch I crave You're my knight in shining armor But am I the princess you will save. I'm afraid to lose you I'm scared to believe I think about you all the time But is it me you always conceive. I want to shoe you how I want to show you that I can I want to give you all my love But I'm afraid to have you as my man. It's not so easy to trust When you're so insecure I'm not longer an innocent girl I'm not longer pure. I've been crushed Ripped apart Piece by piece Trashed is my heart. I'm starting to get over the pain That ripped my heart to pieces Maybe you should help me put it back tog
Mmmmm What A Valentine Ladies
OMG THIS GUY IS SUPER SWEET AND VERY HOT LADIES!!!! He is looking to level and needs some help so if anyone has a chance stop by and show him some loving for Valentine's Day!!!! ~(_)§hǺñe0(_)~H0TTIES R US MEMBER~aKa_MacK` [)@[)[)y@ fubar
I Love You More Than A Thousand Jalapenos!
That’s what the stuffed bull “El Toro of Love” which I got for my wife Martha last week and gave to her this morning starts to say when you push his hind left foot (correction, left hoof). It’s hard to come up with new ways to be … romantic any day of the year when you also have an infant and a toddler to contend with. I know, I know, I’m preparing for the deluge of comments that “you MUST spend time together” but I hear very little advice how to do that. Last I checked, all of us have twenty-four hours a day and neither government edict nor divine intervention is going to supply us more. To be frank, we probably couldn’t handle more! Yesterday in my part of North Dakota it was snowing so heavily that most churches were closed for the night and had various programs postponed. I was out driving with our kids Sarah and Jeffrey on my day off and I had to scrape the inside of the windows too, snow was blowing so much and with the wind chill driving outdoor temperatures to the mid –
My Love
My Love My love is like an ocean It goes down so deep My love is like a rose Whose beauty you want to keep. My love is like a river That will never end My love is like a dove With a beautiful message to send. My love is like a song That goes on and on forever My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender.
Happy Valentine's Day
happy Valentine's Day everyone
Too Funny Not To Share.
Robin: i thought u meant... RUN... i was like, my fat ass is NOT runnin w/ ya Chastine: lol I cant even walk briskly wtf are you talking about. Robin: hmmm Robin: lmao Chastine: You would have to hook me up to 50 cc's of Hostess just so I could recover Robin: LMAO Robin: 50 cc's of hostess?!?!? lmao thats fuckin great
Spiraling Into The Moist Mist Of Madness.
Love is a slow decay. It is more essential to a hopeless romantic than the air that they breathe. A perpetual Juliet, ever seeking an attainable ecstacy in the depth of her Romeos’ hold; this is me. I feel myself freefalling towards a hurt my heart can’t fathom and inside I ache for arms outstretched to catch me. Are you still there? I look through the fog in my clouded mind, eyes searching for a glimpse of my hero. To coddle me, protect me for this meddlesome madness and unavoidable saddess that consumes a heart that is easily broken and that has been shattered and shred so many times before. Validation, vindication : life-blood to my soul. Whisper to me in a crowded room that you will love me evermore and that your only desire is me. Never hurt me, never leave me with wonder. You alone easily can fill the void, the emptiness – or in gross neglect make this sea of tears rise into a tsunami. I am needy; but was it naught you who vowed to fulfill my needs? Could you not easily utter t
Well since this seems to be becoming an ongoing thing with me I figured why not put it here, that way whoever see's it will understand!!!! This has now become my song for my life!!!! It seems that all I ever do is apologize to everyone all the time even if I've done nothing wrong, they all make me feel like I have so I've opted for this as a way to do so!!!! Sorry-Buckcherry Oh I had a lot to say, was thinking on my time away I missed you and things weren't the same Cause everything inside it never comes out right And when I see you cry it makes me want to die I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry I'm blue, I'm sorry about all things I said to you And I know I can't take it back I love how you kiss, I love all you're sounds, and baby the way you make my world go round And I just wanted to say I'm sorry: This time I think I'm to blame it's harder, to get through the days You get older and blame turns to shame [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] Every single day I think about how w
Deletion Time....
Deletion time has come.... There are soooo many folks on my friends and all but when I ask for help NO ONE seems to want to help but mind you I am the first one to help when a friend asks!! So if you would like to stay on my friends list then say so but if not I will begin deleting people this evening!! :)
Make St.patricks Day An Official Holiday!!!
MAKE ST. PATRICK’S DAY AN OFFICIAL HOLIDAY! ALL IN FAVOR, RAISE YOUR PINTS GUINNESS Draught Stout. ©2008 Guinness & Co. Imported by DIAGEO - Guinness USA, Norwalk, CT. PRINTABLE PETITION With nine times more Irish-Americans in this country than there are people in all of Ireland, never before has the Irish Spirit been so alive. Come St. Patrick’s Day, that spirit is even more pronounced as everyone reveals a little bit of their Irish side. From the camaraderie in the streets to the joy pulsating in their hearts, people from all nationalities and backgrounds bask in the glory that is Irish. That is why Guinness and the undersigned, present Proposition 3-17 which hereby requests that St. Patrick’s Day be made an official holiday not only to officially commemorate the spirit of this day, but to celebrate and honor St. Patrick himself. A man once known for driving snakes out of Ireland, St. Patrick now embodies the pride and strength in all who are Irish and in Irish enthusiasts
Spread The Stupidity
Only in America do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in America do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. Only in America do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in America do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. Only in America do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. Only in America do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'. Only in America do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. EVER WONDER ... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"
Bill Belecheat
I hate this little prick and I hope he goes to jail. ARROGANT FUCK Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer February 13, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Bill Belichick has been illegally taping opponents' defensive signals since he became the New England Patriots' coach in 2000, according to Sen. Arlen Specter, who said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told him that during a meeting Wednesday. "There was confirmation that there has been taping since 2000, when Coach Belichick took over," Specter said. Specter said Goodell gave him that information during the 1-hour, 40-minute meeting, which was requested by Specter so the commissioner could explain his reasons for destroying the Spygate tapes and notes. ADVERTISEMENT "There were a great many questions answered by Commissioner Goodell," Specter, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters after the meeting. "I found a lot of q
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Well how about the bud shootout, hell yeah man. Its been a long time waiting to see Jr. back in the winning circle, but its still hard to see him not driving the number 8 car. All i got to say is that if he wasnt motivated before, well look out all u Jr. bashers, HE'S BACK and this time he will be winning a lot of races this year.
About Me
THE RULES ARE: you have to write a blog with 10 things weird,random, facts habits, etc. about you. then you get to choose who you want to tag next. * NO TAG BACKS * HA HA! 1)I am German,French and Native American Indian (Chipewa) 2)I Speak 5 languages (German,French,Italian,Hawaiian and Japanese) 3)I am a Psychology Major with a Minor in Law 4)I am in a relationship for 23 Years and Not Married 5)My Favorite Song is: Music Box Dancer by Frankie Mills: My Favorite Band: Aerosmith 6)I Was A Dolphin Trainer for Many Years 7)I love to travel 8)I Have 6 Kids 9)I Have 6 Sisters 10)I Love to Surf and Dance Hula I am Tagging: Gambette21,Quit,Trekker77
Happy Birthday Ravenous!!!!
Chocolate Souffle
Kahlúa helps boost their deep chocolate flavor. The recipe can be doubled to serve four. 4 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped 2 tablespoons Kahlúa (coffee-flavored liqueur) or cold strong coffee 2 egg yolks 2 tablespoons sugar, divided 3 egg whites Powdered sugar Strawberries whip cream 1. Grease 2 (10-oz.) ramekins oven proof bowl with butter; sprinkle with sugar. Wipe top 1/4 inch of ramekins oven proof bowl to provide surface for soufflés to cling to. 2. Place 13x9-inch baking pan half-filled with water on bottom oven rack. Heat oven to 400°F. 3. Place chocolate and Kahlúa in heatproof medium bowl. Bring 1 inch water to a boil in medium saucepan. Remove from heat. Place bowl with chocolate mixture over water (bowl should not touch water). Let stand until chocolate is melted, stirring occasionally. 4 In medium bowl, whisk together egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of the sugar until mixture thickens and turns light yellow. In large bowl, beat egg whites and remaining 1 tab
Ya know what I hate more than anything??? When freaking Adam is upset or annoyed, and then like, ignores me and doesn't talk to me, and gets all pissy with me... hello? I mean, I LOVE HIM... HE LOVES ME>... we're supposed to talk to each other and work stuff out together... but... NOOOOO MEN suck balls like that... they're all like "OHHH i LOVE YOU... but i don't want you in my business".... asssholes... so there's my rant for the day
New Laptop
So I got a new laptop on Tuesday. Nothing too expensive, but it's still pretty nice. I've yet to get a wireless thing for it yet because it was almost $800 just for the laptop and all the warranties and stuff. But yay. I finally have a new computer and one that actually runs!
The Origination Of Valentine’s Day
The Lupercalia was a very ancient, Etruscan pastoral festival adopted by the Romans, observed on February 13 through February 15 to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. The Lupercalia was believed in antiquity to have some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lycaea (from Ancient Greek: λύκος – lykos, "wolf", Latin lupus) and the worship of Lycaean Pan, the Greek equivalent to Faunus, as instituted by Evander. The Lupercalia festival was in honor of the She-Wolf who suckled the infant orphans, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Explaining the name of the festival, Lupercalia, which translates out into "Wolf Festival." The festival was celebrated near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine (where Rome was founded, see Livy, Book I), to expiate and purify new life in the Spring. The Lupercal cave, which had fallen into a state of decay, was rebuilt by Augustus; the celebration of the festival had bee
Politically Correct Terms....
A Criminal - unsavory character A Crook - morally (ethically) challenged Abortion - Near-Life Experience Alcoholic - Anti-Sobriety Activist Alive - temporarily metabolically abled. An Immigrant - a newcomer Assassination - involuntary term limitation Bald - comb-free Bald - folically independent Bald - follicularly challenged. Battle Fatigued - shellshocked Blind - optically darker Blind - photonically non-receptive Blind - visually challenged Body Odor - nondiscretionary fragrance. Broken Down Automobile - mechanically challenged Broken Home - Dysfunctional Family Bum - Displaced Homeowner Bum - Homeless Person Bum - Involuntarily Domiciled Cannibalism - Intra-Species Dining Censorship - Selective Speech Cheating - Academic Dishonesty China - Porcelain Chronically Late - Temporarily Challenged Clumsy - uniquely coordinated Commercial Fisherman - Flipper Whipper Computer Illiterate - Technologically Challenged Corpse - Permanently Static Post-Human M
More About The Talented Tongue
Antidisestablishmentarism And My Thoughts On It
So around comes the farce that is Valentines day again, the day big business tells us we need to tell those close to us we love them. Now call me Mr Grumpy but i have a few problems with this day, and i will explain them. Firstly 'St Valentine' was a martyr, these in my book are never a good thing, be they Christian, Muslim or whatever. I hold people who will die for a book of fairy stories in quite low regard. To make things worse he was a Roman Catholic martyr, and i do have a major problem with the whole Roman Catholic church and it's set of child molesting, corrupt and backwards looking "staff", but what i really hate is the policy on condom use or lack of support for condom use in Africa. I also hate Chaucer, who made the whole dam day popular and i hate the fact that the church manipulated the day for its own ends (they invented the whole dam thing to piss of and undermine the Pagans). Another classic case of the church fucking everyone over for power and the coin. So
Last Chance!
HERE'S YOUR LAST CHANCE PEOPLE! Auction will close 2-15-08 3 PM Central Time.. All Bids will start at 50K. On top of all this, I will add you to my family, send you random gifts, and post your link on my page. ACCEPTABLE BIDS ARE FU-BUCKS,VIPS,BLASTS,HH,AND MORPHS MIN.BID IS 50K... CASH PRIZES OVER RIDE FU-BUCKS TO HELP CLEAR. COMBINATION OF FU-BUCKS AND CASH PRIZES ACCEPTABLE. Be sure to check out the others up for auction. Good Luck to all!
Happy V Day To All
happy v day to all from ghostrider
Billy's Address
Hey Ya'll, Have Billy's address for while in Iraq this time... Sgt. Calloway, Billy MWSS 274 DET-A UIC 98107 FPO AE 09509-8107 Also have his myspace URL: loser1_l1 Please if you get a chance, stop by and show this young man some love and let him know he's in your prayers.... Thank you so very much for takeing a moment, my love to all... ~ Sadie Grace ~
The Woman's Code
The secret rules that women live by but rarely divulge to men. Invite a man to go shopping with you only if you need someone to carry your packages or drive. Assure your boyfriend that every female movie star has had a boob job. When your man asks you what's wrong, say "Nothing." However, when Oprah, Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura asks you, go into excruciating detail. Leave nothing out. The negative effects of cheese puffs and chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream are offset by the positive effects of diet soda. Feet are flexible and can be made to fit into shoes varying from size 7 to 9, depending on what's on sale. You can skimp on clothes, but a good bra is worth its weight in gold. (That's Victoria's secret.) The Patricia Principle: The more you've been trying to attract the attention of a particular man, the more likely it is that you'll run into him when you're sweaty, short of sleep, without makeup, wearing house-painting clothes, with your hair in a bandana. The b
Broken Lyrics (from Song Book)
/ these familiar tears / washing away my fears / I can still taste the chemicals you game me / You gave me a guarantee / / That this would all ease my pain / / you smiled at me as I didn't comlain / / my tears feel like ice cutting my skin / the tears that purge my body release the light within / the pain I feel has nothing on the pain I will endure with out you
I'd Like To Hate Myself In The Morning
I'd like to hate myself in the morning And raise a little hell tonight I've got the urge to carouse And maybe raise a few brows Cut loose and pull all the stops out Who cares if they call the cops out I'd like to wake at noon feeling guilty And know that somehow, something isn't quite right I'd like to hate myself in the morning And raise a little hell tonight I'd like to hate myself in the morning And raise a little hell tonight I've got the urge to carouse And maybe raise a few brows Cut loose and pull all the stops out Who cares if they call the cops out I'd like to wake at noon feeling guilty And know that somehow, something isn't quite right I'd like to hate myself in the morning And wonder who I kissed And wonder who I missed I just might hate myself in the morning But what a dandy time tonight! Shirley Bassey
Gimpy's Girl For 2/14/08
Happy Valentines Day Fubar! Todays selection is upstatehotlips. This woman has a body most women half her age only dream of having. Great smile. And a sweet heart to boot. Show her some love and as always, tell I sent ya! upstatehotlip@ fubar
Can Ya Feel The Love
Theres no way I can make it to everyones pages to wish them a happy valentines day so thought I would say it here I hope you all have a happy valentines day and i love ya'll! xoxo
Vanilla Pudding Robbery
This is just too funny not to share. Excerpted from an article which appeared in the Dublin Times about a bank robbery on March 2. Once inside the bank shortly after midnight, their efforts at disabling the security system got underway immediately. The robbers, who expected to find one or two large safes filled with cash & valuables, were surprised to see hundreds of smaller safes throughout the bank. The robbers cracked the first safe's combination, and inside they found only a small bowl of vanilla pudding. As recorded on the bank's audio tape system, one robber said, "At least we'll have a bit to eat." The robbers opened up a second safe, and it also contained nothing but vanilla pudding. The process continued until all safes were opened. They did not find one pound sterling, a diamond, or an ounce of gold. Instead, all the safes contained covered bowls of pudding. Disappointed, the robbers made a quiet exit, each leaving with nothing more tha
Happy Valentines Day
hope you all have a speicalomoan to hold tight and share it with take care
Pleasure Without Sex
Laying in bed on my stomach, snuggled up with a pillow. My hair drapped down the side of me. I awaken to your soft lips kissing up my bare back. I get goosebumps from how aroused I am. I turn on my side to give your hands access to my breasts. Kissing my neck you fondel my breast. I push my ass back into you to let you know I want you. Your hand wanders down to my panties. Alittle rubbing and then your hand sneaks in to find me very warm and welcoming. You can't resist.. You position me on my back and make your way in between my legs. Telling me you want a taste! OMG I cant control myself now. Your tongue is so soft and warm I get off way to fast. You tell me now you can go back to sleep baby!.. A kiss on the lips seals the deal!.. and alittle "That was all for you baby".........and then I drift back to sleep! *yea right like that would really happen..all though I can fantasize right!!!!!!!!!
The Truth About Valentines Day
The Truth About Valentines Day Saint Valentines Day Got Canceled in 1969. The Roman Catholic Church, which originally made this pagan feast of Lupercus: Lupercalia into a Saint Valentines Day holiday, also canceled it in 1969 when they realized it had gone from a festival of love to an orgy of consumerism. Officially there's no Saint Valentines Day. But since many people are traditional and ignorant: traditionally ignorant, it seems to continue on being an orgy of consumerism, a windfall for flower shops, card makers, chocolate makers, and jewelers who windfall profit from makers and lovers of lies. Over 75% of valentines for Saint Valentines Day are purchased by women. (The allegory for "silly women": 2Timothy 3:6 in the allegoric Bible is silly churches) Origin of Valentines Day: The Festival of Lupercus: Lupercalia It was during the reign of Pope Gelasius, that this festival of Lupercus: Lupercalia became a Christian custom: "As far back as about 496AD, Pope Gela
Collective Soul
Band Bio Afterwords (El Music Group) is the new studio album from Collective Soul. It is the seventh studio album by the hard-rocking band from the tiny town of Stockbridge, GA that’s gone on to become multi-platinum hit-makers playing all over the world. Bright as California sunshine, the first single “Hollywood” features an undeniable melody with tinges of ’80s pop. Singer/ songwriter Ed Roland puts a bouncy energy to his sly lyrics that compare Tinsel Town to a naughty girl (or is it the other way around?): “Yeah, Hollywood/ You know I love you more than one man should/ Yeah, Hollywood/ kiss me, kiss me good.” While “Hollywood” may strike listeners as the perfect top-down summer song, much of the rest of Afterwords captures Collective Soul at a time when Roland is writing from a hard-won, much more mature perspective, and his band mates are contributing from equally strong musical directions. “The theme of this one is love.” Roland says of Afterwords. “It sounds co
It's That Time Of Year Again
Hearts and roses and kisses galore... What the hell is all that shit for? People get mushy and start acting queer It is definatley the most annoying day of the year This day needs to get the hell over with and pass Before i shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak And wear all black for the rest of the week Girls act all sweet, but it soon will fade For all they are doing is trying to get laid The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit Because I think love is a crock of shit So heres my story...what else can I say? Love bites my ass...Fuck Valentines Day!
Where's The...
Valentine's Day Love? (sighs) Hope you're all having a good one :] xxxxx
Tag You're It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourselfAt the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Now for the TEN: 1. I'm a Sucker for a bunny 2.I was the only white baby at the Hospital when I was born....Oakland,Ca 3. By hometown default I an Oakland A's and Raider fan although I never watch sports 4.Movies are my passion 5.I have useless movie trivia in my head 6.I like my butt and my eyes but not my nose 7.I got picked on in Middle School (For my bubble butt) 8.I lost my virginity when I was 18 9.My son just turned 1!! And has beenwalking for 2 months now 10.I was Team Captain in both Swimming and Water Polo The 5 who are now Tagged: 1.sky1high 2.Princess Beakers 3.pahottie 4.RaznCoX 5.sugarpop
"Speed is irrelavent if you are going in the wrong direction." Ghandi
For All
Just want to let the Management of the Confederates and the members to know. After receiving a letter from Management that seemed to be trying to point the finger at me because of The Watcher leaving the family I feel that I need to say a few things. I don’t want to cause any drama seems the one of the Confederates can enough of that and one of their key things is no drama in the family? I could come back with comments to prove somethings in the letter I was sent are wrong. The reason I am not going to say much on this letter I was sent is because, maybe there is some misunderstanding on both our parts. Unless we could talk as adults then I have nothing more to say on this. If management would like to talk to me please contact me for further discussion. As far as Cherokee goes she has attacked Watcher on fubar and yahoo. She has also put out some crazy stuff on me. Well I am not going to say much here either than you prove to people what you are Cherokee by your drama. Now I coul
Me, Life
Ok folks, i don't know how many of you actually pay attention to blogs, but i am fixing to find out. Back in the middle of November my wife (which is manic and bi-polar) moved out with all her stuff in tow to our other home and told me she wanted a divorce. A divorce which was long over due and i am giving that to her and all the sudden out of the clear blue she decides to contest it. I am a disabled veteran, a little info on that i have 6 disks in my lower lumbar that are either gone, going, or trying to go. Along with that the main trunk nerve going out of my spinal column on the left side is 50% severed so i am lucky to be walking. On top of all of it, with my last check up with the VA i now have Type II hypertension, and they suspect an enlarged heart as well. I have lived a hard life. Have lived a rough life, but i would not change any of it including my time in the service. What i would appreciate are your thoughts every once in a while if you are not religious, and
Missing Someone On Valentine's Day!
Sometimes you just get used to having certain people around you for special days every becomes a tradition in many ways. For me, this Valentine's Day (and possibly every holiday to follow from here on out) is gonna have someone missing. Her name is Kianna Tyler! She was my best friend for 12 years - you could call us practically inseparable. Every year for Valentine's Day we'd at least share a phone call, maybe get together sometime that night and celebrate...this year is a different story! Kianna was killed two days before Christmas this past year. I swear that since then, I have been walking around in utter disbelief sometimes - sometimes I think I am having a nightmare that she is not here! She was my best friend, companion on the road of life, sidekick in battles and partner in crime. I know she watches me from the skies, but it is not the same! I dearly miss my friend, and I still cry and mourn for her! Today may be a day of expressing love, but for me,
Shrouded in a fog of mystery I weave my tangled web Your blood is the foreplay Your insanity is my triumph. Notes: This is just a beginning thought, nothing finished. I just had to get it down.
I Ceased To Be....
So in trying to prepared for my working and the next few jumps in location over the next 5 months I decided that it would make sense to sign up with an online bank since I will not be in any area for an extend period until I get to my final stop.(Woohoo Tolkien run on sentence) I was informed by one of the banks that they can not verify that I exist. I then did a little research. It seems that since I have been off the grid for about seven years that I no longer exist LOL. So for all of those people that used to bitch about how hard it was to find me.....well it just got harder. Of course that also means any unpaid fines from traffic tickets,parking tickets,bills,credit cards and so on are now gone. Of course when I finally file taxes next year I am going to get audited since I have been off the grid for so long but oh well what can you do.
Tagged Again
Got tagged again. Let's try 10 new facts though. THE RULES ARE: you have to write a blog with 10 things weird,random, facts habits, etc. about you. then you get to choose who you want to tag next. * NO TAG BACKS * HA HA! 1)I hate Pepsi and love Coke 2)I eat a lot of food throughout the day, just in like 12 different meals 3)I can play the Halloween theme song on a guitar 4)I have asthma 5)I've had braces twice, and still do for another 3-4 months 6)I'm circumsized 7)I want to live in Cairo or Rome 8)I've broken my nose twice 9)I crack my knuckles every 20 minutes 10)I have a hairy ass Tag: DJ Minou Kristen Victoria Lil Hooligan No Signal Robin & Stealin
Killswitch Engage - Rose Of Sharyn
4. Rose Of Sharyn Numb and broken, here I stand alone Wondering what were the last words I said to you Hoping, praying that I'll find a way to turn back time Can I turn back time? What would I give to behold The smile, the face of love? You never left me The rising sun will always speak your name Numb and broken, here I stand alone Wondering what were the last words I said to you It won't be long, we'll meet again What would I give to behold The smile, the face of love? You never left me The rising sun will always speak your name It won't be long, we'll meet again Your memory is never passing It won't be long, we'll meet again My love for you is everlasting I mourn for those who never knew you It won't be long, we'll meet again Your memory is never passing It won't be long, we'll meet again My love for you is everlasting
Peace Out :p
OKies well Im just getting a bit too excited and impatient to start over. I want to do it fast and quick because its gonna be soo hard to leave this name and start over.. I just hope I dont cry hahahaha! Sooo I will be doing it well I dont know when.. could be in an hr or not till tonight.. hehe If you want to stay my friend let me know now!!! So I can save your link and re-add you! I just hope I got everyone I need too, if I forgot anyone Im sorry and I hope we can find each other again on this site and can re add then! Last Blog of Godfather GamerChick hehe soon to be GamerKitten Freshmeat lmao :P Peace out
Taser For This Summer's Final Adventure
Enjoy and happy Valentine's day
Valentines Day Thought!!
On Valentines Day when you feel like things are astray, Just think of it as your heart has gone to a love buffet. Its not about being single or being taken, Its about being embraced by your friends and letting your heart be shaken. Remember the laughter and the fun that you share, Today should not out shine the rest or even compare. Its a day to be silly and fun loving too, Its a day that you hear a lot of I love yous. So try not to hate it as much as you can, And maybe you will even find that woman or man. Its all in perspective as you well know, so pick yourself up and bask in the glow. Today will be gone soon and Cupid as well Then to think there are 364 days left to make sure you embrace your friends for a spell. Today just reminds us that it doesn't take that long to show that you care, For the person you think of might not be aware. For I wish you a sweet day and hope that your embraced by true friends that adore you, For this you should never ignore and who kno
"this Is How Every Girl Should Be Treated."
To every guy that says,sex can wait. To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy tha
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourselfAt the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. I was tagged with this once before and wasn't going to do it because I felt self-centered for thinking up all these things about me. Being that I've been tagged again AND I suppose it is interesting to hear things about people you didn't know before I decided to cooperate. So here it is... 1. I've found it hard to come up with 10 things being that I'm an open book and completely normal :-S 2. I dated a freshman when I was a senior. 3. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. 4. I like my butt. 5. Math and Science were my favorite subjects in school. 6. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to most things. 7. My dad died whe
Why is it that when you're already in a bad mood or sad mood do you have a tendency to listen to music that makes you feel even worse, then cry????!!!! How is that logical by any means????!!!! Geez!!!!
Dear Valentine
Dear Valentine By: Treat Williams Dear Valentine, come away with me. If I had a day with you and you only, I would enjoy the simple things. The things that bring joy to the drudgery and the mundane, the things that, in the end, when time steals the rest away, are the only things we'll remember. I would paddle you across a still lake in a rowboat and read poetry to you until you fell asleep, and I would never ever think about the hours. Dear Valentine, if I had one day with you and you only, I would admire every line of your face, every strand of your hair, every graceful movement of your hands or your eyes or your body. If I had one perfect day. Don't you see, my heart beats only for you? Dear Valentine, these are the things I remember, my love... A warm hand, your warm breath, your warm mouth, your arms around mine. I remember feeling safe, ceaseless, like one person, the two of us, still, at rest, entwined. I remember how I felt the first time I kissed you. It felt like..
Mozilla Firefox Beta 3.3 New Features
* Articles * Reviews * Tips * News * * About * Resources * Contact * Advertising Firefox 3 Beta 3 review Firefox 3 location bar just became almighty Posted by Percy Cabello on November 30, 2007 Print This Post ShareThis Or at least as mighty as it will get for final release. So far, the most useful new feature I’ve found in Firefox 3 is the much improved location bar autocomplete that unlike Firefox 2 which only looked for web addresses in my history, this one looks on visited and bookmarked page titles and tags along with web addresses. As expected, two more features have been added and will be available for Beta 2. The autocomplete list now shows page titles and addresses in two different lines and colors. According to studies on human cognition, it is easier for us to isolate elements on an image based on different coloring than any other attribute. So, if the user knows she is entering part of a web address or a page title
Happy Valentines Day!!
Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Secretly...guys feel left out. That's right ... left out. There's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or just too embarrassed to admit it. This is why a new holiday has been created. March 20th is now officially 'Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day.' Simple, effective and self-explanatory...this holiday has been created so your ladies can have a day to show your man just how much you love him. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town the name of the holiday explains it all...just a steak, a Blow Job & shut your mouth for the rest of the day! That's it! This twin pairing of Valentine's Day and Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day will usher in a new age of love as men everywhere w
Valentines From Stevie
ok, I am alone this valentines day, but now I know what it feels like cause I've had someone alost every valentines day predating this one. But I've already gotton valentines day gifts from people so I'm straight, lmao. well hope everyone else's valentines day is great too
A New Site For Native Americans!
It's Been Awhile
It's been almost a year since I've been here!!! 9/2/07, We welcomed 8lb 15oz J.R. into the world. What a perfect baby! At almost 6mos old now he's still the happiest baby I've ever seen.
Australian Slang
Australian slang a sparrows fart - at dawn (got to get up at a sparrows fart) ac/dc - bisexual arse over tit - fall heavily.. he fell arse over tit! arvo - afternoon ay? - dont u agree? awning over the toy shop - beer belly on a male person being on the knocker - being exactly right barbed wire- xxxx beer beaut! - ecxellent! berko - angry in an unreasonable way.. he went berko at me!! bit of alright - attractive person bizzo -business...none of your bizzo!!! black stump - long way away bloody oath! - yes!!!! blotto - very drunk blow me down! - expression of amazement boofhead - stupid person brown trouser job - frightening or scary came out like a shower of shit! - very fast! cark it - to die carpet grubs - children chuck a spaz - get angry clobber - clothes coffin nail - cigarette crikey! - unbeleivable! cooeeee! - gretting to someone at a distance crash hot - good..not feeling too crash hot today mate
Please Help???
i am finally single and im moving back to NY hoping to start fresh and hoping to meet new ppl that i can hangout with and get to know if u want to know more send me a message.... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ya'll!!! hope u have a great day
For The Last Time.
I AM NOT NEW. What annoys me is that people who added me on my original profile have added me on this one, and don't even remember me =/ I'm not knew, for the LAST TIME. My other profile was delted because i made a new salute, submitted it, and it got rejected twice. So please STOP saying "Welcome to Fubar". And if you've added me before, and say that, i am NOT accepting you.
My Best Friend
I have this wonderful best friend in the whole world, she is an amazing person who has gone thru some of the same shit as I have and maybe more. She is a strong person an excellant mother daughter and friend! I was able to connect with her over this past summer and now I live with her she has taught me to open my heart and soul again to friends and people in general I have lost alot of happy thoughts over the years and watching her go on in daily activities with a smile on her face has taught me to smile again my boys have never been happier were they are now her kids have taught my to be happy again were I have failed them jess and her kids have taught them. I feel like I am such a burden for her and everytime I have mentioned this to her she says I am wrong. When I am in pain ie my teeth I see her look at me with understanding and thoughts of making it all go away for me. Jess you have made me feel special again I love our freindship and would not trade it for the world. You are spec
Happy "ha ha you're single and the world gets to rub it in your face" Day
ever have one of those moments where you think you are dreaming. seems everything is going right and your are afraid someone will wake you up. my problem is i want someone to wake me up cause i think im living in a nightmare. seems nothing is going right and its hard to fing things to be thankful for. i have a couple of friends who i know love me (you know who you are) but they are almost on the other side of the country so i never get to see them. i have my mom who i love very much. dont get me wrong i am greatfull for these people but its hard to think that its enough. i fell in love with someone years ago. i honestly cannot see my life without him, but i guess he doesnt feel the same way. its hard to handle. i met someone recently who i thought i could spend some time with. then he tells me he is getting married. all of my friends are married. sometimes i wonder if something like that will ever happen for me. or is it really just a fairy tale? i have lived my life a certain way for
Gimme A Kiss! Happy V Day!
Some Vday Graphics :d
MyHotComments since i dont feel like copying and pasting every comment to you, here are the ones i have dubbed as adorable and in need of sharing. love you all! MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments possibly more to be added later
Valentines day brings back so many memories for me it is not even funny,I have had many a good valentines day when I was growing up, my father always remembered us girls on this day the sisters all got boxes of candy like I and they usually got new dolls or dresses,I on the other hand usually got tickets to either wrestling coming to town for my dad and I to have our day or even baseball tickets but alas I grew up and became a mom so those days are gone boy I miss them! Then there was the celebrations with Everett, they were all memories never to be forgotten we always bought the boys there presents from each of us and I bought my gift for him he never would tell me anything other than to get dressed we had places to go. Everett had made my valentines the best my own ex husband never could care less. Everett always made it seem like we were running errends for the house we would always go do the shopping and bill paying have a nice lunch and go home he usually made dinner on this day
Read This
boy- i missed u at school 2day, y weren't u there? girl- yeah, i had to go to the doctor. boy- oh realy? y? girl- oh nothin, annual shots, thats all. boy- oh girl- so what did we do in math 2day? boy- u didnt miss ne thing that great.......just lots of notes girl- ok good boy- yeah girl- hey i have a question...... boy- ok, ask away much do u love me? boy- u kno i love u more than anything girl- yeah..... boy- y did u ask? girl-................>silencesounding worried< is there something wrong?? girl- no, everythings fine...... boy- are u sure? girl- yeah. boy- ok.......i hope so. girl- ..............would u die for me? boy- i would take a bullet for u anyday, hun girl- realy? boy- anyday. now seriously, is there something wrong??? girl- no im fine, ur fine, we're fine, everyones fine. boy-
While on my lonely couch I lie, I seldom feel myself alone, For fancy fills my dreaming eye With scenes and pleasures of its own. Then I may cherish at my breast An infant's form beloved and fair, May smile and soothe it into rest With all a Mother's fondest care. How sweet to feel its helpless form Depending thus on me alone! And while I hold it safe and warm What bliss to think it is my own! And glances then may meet my eyes That daylight never showed to me; What raptures in my bosom rise, Those earnest looks of love to see, To feel my hand so kindly prest, To know myself beloved at last, To think my heart has found a rest, My life of solitude is past! But then to wake and find it flown, The dream of happiness destroyed, To find myself unloved, alone, What tongue can speak the dreary void? A heart whence warm affections flow, Creator, thou hast given to me, And am I only thus to know How sweet the joys of love would be?
Razor Blades On Glass
Your touch wakes me from my slumber of chaos and deviation. Without it, I will cause hell for everything around me. Your touch is like razor blades on glass. I await to see you once more... Your lips are addiction I must have more and more So attached to them I'm the addict wanting more of your drug... Your eyes are like demons Full of life, yet chaos and darkness reign through Full of evil, and decite One more thing I love about you... Your strength is like that of a warrior Strong enough to crush insignificant things Yet gentle enough to hold my chaotic spirit Managing to tame the untamable The beast that is inside is wanting to emerge Taming it for awhile, yet sometimes letting it see the light of day Then sealing him in the cage of hate and revenge Waiting for the oportune moment to unleash the beast Many reasons to give Never enough to explain Despite all of it I love the demon that you are inside The real
Double Fubucks For Your Rates!! Today Only!!
ITS HAPPY HOURPALOOZA TODAY!!!! I WILL DOUBLE THE FUBUCKS FOR RATES TO ANYONE THAT RATES PICS IN ANY OF MY FOLDERS UP TO 300 PICTURES!!!! IF YOU HAVENT RATED THE FOLDER MARKED FUBUCKS FOR RATES YOU CAN JUST DOT THAT FOLDER. Rules and $$$ amounts listed below: 1. Must be on my friends list, as the folder will only be open to friends. 2. Message me, not shout box, what you are going to do, then email when you are done. IF YOU DON'T MESSAGE ME YOU DON'T GET THE FUBUCKS! 3. All will be verified. Remember everyone gets more points at Happy Hour! $$$$ is as follows: 15,000 fubucks / 100 11's 5,000 fubucks / 100 10's 2,000 fubucks / 100 stash rated **DOUBLED TODAY 2/14 ONLY** This will help you get points and fubucks and help me level and get points. Make sure you are on my friends list!!!! Link below..... Carebear-- Pitbull Mafia@ fubar
To Those That Care
I am having knee cap replacement surgery on 02/26/08. I will be in the hospital for 3 days. For anyone that wants an update please look under my family list and contact Mrswlfgrl. As many of you know, she is my room mate.
School Excuses From Parents
These are actual excuse notes from parents, with the actual spelling. 1 My son is under a doctor's care and shouldn't take PE today. Please execute him 2 Diane was late on Wednesday. She fell asleep on the bus and was taken back to the bus yard. 3 Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrheea and his boots leak. 4 Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick, so I had her shot. 5 Please excuse little Jimmy from missing school yesterday. His father is gone and I could not get him ready because I was in bed with the Doctor 6 Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part. 7 Jerry was at his grandmother's yesterday, and she did not bring him to school because Jerry couldn't remember where the school was. 8 Please excuse my son. He will be out next week slaughtering goats for his manhood ritual. Thank you! 9 The basement of our house got flooded where the children sleep so they had to be vapo
Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes
LEARN CHINESE IN 5 MINUTES 1) That's not right......Sum Ting Wong 2) Are You Harbouring A Fugitive... Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See Me ASAP....Kum Hia 4) Stupid Man.... Dum Gai 5) Small Horse....Tai Ni Po Ni 6) Did You Go To The Beach... Wau Yu So Tan 7) I Bumped The Coffe Table...Ai Bang Mai Ni 8) I Think You Need A Face Lift....Chin Tu Fat 9) Its Very Dark In Here...Wai So Dim 10) I Thought You Were On A Diet... Wai Yu Mun Ching 11) This Is A Tow away Zone..No Pah King 12) Our Meeting Is Scheduled For Next Week..Wai Yu Kum Nao 13) Staying Out Of Sight... Lei Ying Lo 14) He's Cleaning His Automobile...Wa Shing Ka 15) Your Body Odor Is Offensive....Yu Stin Ki Pu 16) Great.... Fa Kin Su Pah
I Seriously Hate.
when you are at the library and the person next to you feels the need to look at your screen and see what you are doing.
I Need A Break
Okay, so yeah I desperately need a vacation from here!!!! LOL!!!! Just someplace to get away from all the craziness!!!! I don't know where, though I figure someplace warm would be good!!!! At any rate I don't see that happening anytime soon, so alas, I shall sit here thinking about it!!!! Just too many things going on that I need a break from!!!! My next week is gonna suck as it has for the last 9 years!!!! It's the anniversary of the day my Grandmother died, and for some reason right around now my mood and everything bottoms out for me!!!! I don't know why, but it does!!!! So yeah getting away would be great, too bad I can't!!!! Meh, as they all tell me suck it up, right????!!!! Yeah, I guess that's it!!!!
Important Warning..
IMPORTANT WARNING.. A stock clerk was sent to clean up a storeroom in Maui , Hawaii . When he got back, he was complaining that the storeroom was really filthy and that he had noticed dried mouse/rat droppings in some areas.! A couple of days later, he started to feel like he was coming down with a stomach flu, complained of sore joints and headaches, and began to vomit. He went to bed and never really got up again. Within two days he was severely ill and weak. His blood sugar count was down to 66, and his face and eyeballs were yellow. He was rushed to the emergency at Pali-Momi, where he was diagnosed to be suffering from massive organ failure. He died shortly before midnight. No one would have made the connection between his job and his death, had it not been for a doctor who specifically asked if he had been in a warehouse or exposed to dried rat/mouse droppings at anytime. They said there is a virus (much like the Hanta virus) that lives in dried rat and mouse dropping
Good News And Happy V Day Too!
It's a day of celebration of love and hope and I want to wish you all a heaping helping of that love! I've been around fubar a long time now, and to me this is a second home to me. I have some fantastic news, something I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen or not! Anyway, ol' Jimmy boy is officially a tutor again! I am going to schedule my first sessions for net week here in about a half-hour so we'll see what happens. Have I said how much I can't wait to get back in the swing of teaching again? It's what I was born to do I believe and I'm not leaving it again!!! Sure sometimes I want to throw up my hands and scream at the screen but you know what? It's all worth it when I see the light go on, the switch click, whatever metaphor you want to use but it's one of the best feelings in the world. I will be tutoring Elementary Science (grades 4 - 8) and Social Studies (grades 4 - 12). I'm going to work on getting my earth science certification so I can add that t
Staff Meeting
hey all staff we are having a meeting to try to help us get better get aqhold of me and let me know good times for you thank you DJPhilburg360
Tag Ur It!!!
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Weird/Random Facts: 1. I am obsessed with sculpting my eyebrows. 2. I fell in love with a man on Cherrytap AKA: fubar 3. I shave everywhere, except my face! lol 4. I cry at movies if an animal dies! 5. I burn candles all the time! 6. I sleep with a fan on all year long! 7. I'd rather watch court TV than any other channel. 8. I am a real nerd, who hides behind humor. 9. If I have to fart, I FART! 10. I laugh so hard some times that I pee my pants! OK my next 5 ppl are : 1. WOLFE 2. ICEMAN 3. BUBBY 4. LEAPING POODLES 5. SINGLEGUY
People & Their Drinks
A recent magazine survey, interviewed fifty bartenders and they were asked if they could identify a customer's personality on what drinks they ordered? Although interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts. The results: If Women Drink ... Beer Personality: Casual, low maintenance; down to earth. Approach: Challenge her to a game of pool. Cocktails or Blender drinks with umbrella Personality: Flaky, annoying, dizzy, and a pain in the ass. Approach: Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabin boy. Mixed drinks - no umbrellas e.g.; Gin and tonic / Scotch and soda Personality: Mature, has picky taste; knows what she wants Approach: If she wants you, she'll send YOU a drink. Water Personality:
Somewhere, Someday
When clouds above you start to pour And all of your doubts Rage like a storm And you don't know who you are anymore Let me help you find what you've been searching for CHORUS: Somewhere there's a field and a river You can let your soul run free Someday let me be the giver Let me bring you peace Somewhere there's a break in the weather Where your heart and spirit go free Someday it'll be for the better Let this bring you peace Girl, I know you think no one sees The weight on your shoulders But you can't fool me And aren't you tired of standing so tall Let me be the one to catch you when you fall CHORUS: Somewhere there's a field and a river You can let your soul run free Someday let me be the giver Let me bring you peace babè Somewhere there's a break in the weather Where your heart and spirit go free Someday it'll be for the better Let this bring you peace BRIDGE: Let me bring you joy, let me bring you peace Take the
Just A Quick Note
Ok, here is a quick update. For those of you who don't know. I am going to school to get my funeral directors license, then I will follow that with my embalmers license. I work 2 jobs also, part time at the funeral home, and a customer service job. Basically I take orders from home for infomercials. The funeral home I work at is very small. Just the Funeral director/embalmer and me. Often it is very slow for weeks at an end. So normally I have plenty of time for my other job, school and being on Fubar. Well things are starting to get busy. increased work load at school. Paperwork to get my license. and of course it is tax time. and I am 1099 on all my jobs so a lot of tax paperwork to do there. Well guess what, It has gotten busy at the funeral home. Since it looks like I have a break today at the funeral home. I am blowing off my other job today. and going to focus on my homework and try to get ahead of the schedule again. So while you see me logged in here. I most likely wo
The Last Day Of Love
So, here we are again... Yes , it's Valentines Day! All over the world, people are buying supermarket flowers, cheap fizz and artery clogging chocolates to give to their loved one. For some reason, im not really bothered about Valentines day, its never seemed to be that important to me. Even when I was with someone, it just seemed to be another excuse to squeeze a few quid out of you. Why just limit romantic gestures to just one day? Make sure you tell the one you love everyday how much you love them. Spread the love and make someone feel special... ...even if it's only for one day....
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
I got this in an email from a friend serving in Iraq, I thought this email was pretty cool and I'm sharing it with ya'll As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support "Red Fridays." Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone)was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are p utting thei
Cheap Tomatoes
CHEAP TOMATOES? "As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of: I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels. Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens , Huntington Park , etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools. Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I'm not talking a glass of milk and roll -- but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK) I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or
Valentine's Day!
Hello to all of you! I am wanting to wish each and every one of you a very special V-Day. Although there are many people out there who have given up on love and this is just another day to them, I would personally like to wish those people an even Happier Valentine's Day! You R SPECIAL 2 ME! I could've, should've, would've given up on love at this time too! I am going through a divorce and what do I have 2 celebrate this Cupid's Day? Nada. But I have 2 beautiful children to whom I gave my valentine's to. They are what matters most to me. Even though I don't have an adult valentine to share my romance with, I can turn all my attention to my lovely children, and that's what I have done. There are many things to love today. I love my family, my good health, my God, and I am truly blessed. So on this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to think of things to be thankful for. Even if there is no one to share it with, count your blessings every day that you are alive and well. Or
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So, yeah, things are going well with me. Doing that whole being weird in my own way thing. It's fuuuuun! Yeah, there's really not too much for me to write at the moment. Hopefully Mr. Dave and I will be getting internet soon.
Feb 14
February 14, 2008 Quote of the Day "When you cannot make up your mind between two evenly balanced courses of action, choose the bolder." – William Joseph Slim
A Valentine Is Nothing Like
A Valentine is nothing like A chocolate or a rose. For in a week these shall be gone, But Valentines remain. If love were always sweet to tongue Or fragrant to the nose, Each day would be like Valentine's, And we would go insane. A Valentine just hangs around Waiting to be kissed Long after special days have passed And every days are here. So one is wise to choose one well And chocolates to resist. For in the midst of mania It's nice to have one near.
Tryin' To Catch Me Ridin' Dirty Fitness Machines
Look at these idiots... dollars to donuts they got those bodies doing other exercises. More collective energy is expended developing workout machines that can be used in the home while sitting down than collective energy will be spent using these contraptions by the target market. How lazy must you be to need an ab workout CHAIR? More engineering man hours go into figuring out how these devices will fold and fit under a bed than towards the mechanics of how these things will help trim a waistline. What's next, a fucking bicep curl hammock? Even more absurd are the belts that will give you an electric shock so you can sit around eating chee-tos while the pounds and inches just melt away. This is what they used to do to criminally mental patients once they figured out labotomys weren't the best idea and before they realized that it was inhumane. I'd like to juice one up to the level of a tazer gun, video some re-re trying it out and post that shit up on youtube.
Look Look swing by check us out. subscribe and let em know Mafia Prince sent you thanks all
Be My Valentine
Be my Valentine, my love, As I will be for you, And we will love the whole day long, And love our whole lives through. For love has no parameters And does not end with time, But is the gift of paradise, A pinch of the sublime. So let us take this holiday To resubmit our love To those within that know no sin And with the angels move.
Catching Pigs
There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab, the Prof noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist regime. In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked: "Do you know how to catch wild pigs?" The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said that it was no joke. "You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down o
I was foolish to believe the lies, wrapped up in loves suicide. Why did I fall yet again into this endless trap. Who knows, but yet again there is me standing alone at the door. My emotions are a reck as I hit the floor. So now let me make this solemn vow. To never love again!!!!!!!!
Ive Been Tagged....again...grrrr ;p
I have been tagged again so I need to come up with 10 more thingz none of youz knowz bout me.... This is really cramping my mystique... 1. I wear my heart on my sleeve. 2. Brutally honest 3. Never smoked crack or shot heroin....everything else I have basically tried 4. I have a twin sister, her name is Brooklyn...yes yes Dallas and Brooklyn awwww (rolls eyes) My younger sisters name is Mercedes 5. Played a year of Junior A hockey up in the Peg (Winnepeg) 6. I hate pretentious broads 7. Really hating the pretentious phoneys on this site who are on my friends list. They come to my profile but do not rate or say anything. They just want me to see their status "New pics rate plz" And they will do it for 3 straight days until they figure out Im not gonna look anymore 8. I trust nobody but a very very select few in my life 9. My fav color was always purple but now its a combo of powder blue and yellow like the San Diego Chargers Jerseys...I'm designing a hockey
Top Valentines Comments Graphics MAY YOU ALL HAVE A LOVELY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!
A Valentines Smile Just For You
What Valentine's Day Truly Means To Me....
[ - *Glitter Photos*] "Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, and endurance. In a word, there are three things that last forever: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of them all is love."
Friggin Tagggggged
The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. No tag backs. 1. I have lived in 2 homes my entire life :) (soon to be three, damn moving 2. Im the youngest of 4 children, oldest(only brother) is 50. 3. I was an auntie when I was 5 years old. 4. I love PARROTS :) 5. I write poetry, and songs. 6. I can be extremly emotional and sensitive. 7. I dont like most people, but the people I do care about I will walk to the end of the earth with :) 8. My family is the most important thing to me. Well and my feathered kids 9. This one time at band camp.... lol I love the color GREEN. 10. Im a JUNK FOOD JUNKIE ! 11. which happens to be my favorite number, is for my MISTERFEET...for Taggin my azzz. Up until I was 19 I always wore socks, nobody except probably my Mom saw my feet. As fate would have it I
Happy Valentines Day Lickety Style
AerosmithFallin' In Love (Is So Hard on the Knees)Music Video Codes By Music
Ahhhh Brighteyed Artist Is A Cutie.. And She Is All Mine! Lol
ISNT SHE HOT! YOU GOT TO CHECK HER OUT! ~~Sunshine- Fu Owned by @WRAITHKING@~~@ fubar She WON IN Wildcats Valentine Auction ONE MONTH OF GOOD OLE ME! *Waggles Eyebrows* & Here is the first of what she won, This pimp out & Slideshow. I hope she bid on me just for my html Skills? *smirk* None the less, We have yet to be introduced. So I hope she likes this.
How Im Spending My Valentines Day
Turn down your dimmers, this is not for beginners I know...I stole that line from my nigga, jigga In room 112 where all the players dwell Sip the cold brew tell me how you do it well Before you come out your panties lets discuss how smart You put the red slick scarf over the lamp, to play the part Red light tonight honey dont worry about your spouse I dont know a thing beauty, do me good like whinehouse I dont care about tomorrow as long as tonights the night You can call me baby face and we whipappeal thats right So, if youre gonna turn off the lights, lets make one thing understood If you want me money, baby girl you better stroke me good And I know this is never thee appropriate time But for just for one night could you say that youre mine As we slept the night away til the morning comes Last night I was your only one
Fam Valentine !
Top Valentines Comments Graphics
Valentine Day !!!!!!
Top Valentines Comments Graphics
Happy V-day To All!
happy Valentines to everyone, hope your days goes well, what do women with two hands do? Start showing a Southern Gent some FU-LOVE! Come on ladies, rate and comment a brothers page! Click the link and the video here! I am Johnny Price * Fu-Hubby of Hotpantz76*@ fubar
Valentine's Day
I thought this song would kinda fit my thoughts about where I have been and how I have been feeling leading up to today!
Valentine's Day With Cupid And His Arrow
My List
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1. I talk on the phone a lot 2. Music is second in my life....everything I do...I want music to be playing 3. I snore (lightly) ~ yea I can admit it 4. My children are my first priority 5. I would rather hurt myself than those I care for 6. I love going to local band shows ~ I have traveled almost 4 hours through mountains and rain to see my favorites. 7. I will run from Drama like the plague, unless it's about me..then I take it to the source and end it. 8. I love Gore Movies.... Sci Fi and Horror being the top of my list. 9. I usually spend so much time having fun with my friends on Fubar I end up sleeping on the couch in
Still Take You Home
Well it's ever so funny, cause i dont think you're special, i dont think youre cool youre just probably alright, but under these lights you look beautiful. and i'm struggling, i can't see through your fake tan yeah and you know it for a fact, that everybody's eating out of your hands well what do you know? oh, you know nothing but i'd still take you home, yeah, i'd still take you home. so what do you know? you dont know nothing. well fancy seeing you in here, you're all tarted up and you don't look the same. well i haven't seen you since last year, and suprisingly you have forgotten my name, but you know it and you knew it all along you say you have forgotten, but you're fibbing, go and tell me i'm wrong. well what do you know? oh, you know nothing, yeh but i'd still take you home, yeah, i'd still take you home. so, what do you know? you dont know nothing, no. yeah, so what do you know? well you dont know nothing, no! yeah, but i'd still take you home, and
A Small Gift Of Lechery For The 14th
I'd drink your bath water A taste of you, so divine If you would grant me just one sweet vulva kiss, Valentine You'd say I love with no abandon, I love criminally To you, I'd say in a whisper, "Not guilty" I'd eagerly raise your dress I'd happily bathe in your shine I'm ravenous for your sweet vulva kiss, Valentine If you'd kindly appease my cravings, I'll kindly show I have the nerve Deep within the folds of your inticing love, I'll proudly serve As I lay awake I dream of what could be mine I'd stay forever in your sweet vulva kiss, Valentine Prolific thoughtgasms substitute the most intimate kisses Though I'm miles away, one day I'll deeply strive to fulfill your wishes... Happy Valentine's Day!! Qualls2
Much Thanks
Want to say thank you to all the Great friends that came out to help me win my Spotlight...all of you Rock....Everyone go and show them all some mad love please... SPIKE@ fubar Dream The Ice Queen@ fubar Domking123 Fu Owned By Onesxybrat & Pita Bunny . ***Member of the Confedrate Family***@ fubar ۞CuTiE™@ fubar I Zombie™@ fubar mischief and mayhem@ fubar ß®åd ßî Çåñådîåñ Ç®è冺® Fµbå® Hµbbý †º wHî§ÞÊ® ۞@ fubar DJ BARTAB BLACK DIAMOND DJ AKA THE DRUNKENMONKEY FUENGAGED AND RL/BF TO DJ KRAZYCHICK HONORARY DB@ fubar Perky ♥ Mr.D Owned by Mikey@ fubar ♪LilBamaGirl♪~Shadow Leveler~Taken By BamasKeeper~Fu-Owned By Gary
Horny And Looking
I'm a bad boy in need of an even badder girl today - any takers?
Flurries: Don't Forget Your Furries!
Most of us are familiar, either by experience or information, with the winter doldrums, a pervasive state of midwinter depression, fatigue, and low energy. Today, of course, this condition has a fancy medical name: seasonal affective disorder (SAD--get it?); by whatever name, it's a fact of life for millions in the north, and its etiology is unclear. I propose an ingenious theory to explain the winter blues. They are fustrated hibernation. Many northern mammals, when winter food runs low, can slow their bodily processes down and enter a torpid state that amounts to a more or less deep sleep. In the depths of winter, men and women, also mammals, wish to do the same. Our minds and bodies respond to winter with an impluse toward hibernation. But, being human,we can't sleep the winter away. Hence the winter doldrums, "a vestigial remnant of an adaptive hibernation response.". It's a persuasive idea, but there are many alternatives. The hypothesis seems to be that we're adapted to hi
Black N White Hearts
The day that everything's so sweet, that you make my life complete, that we share the same heartbeat. that we're holding hands on the street. For you, I'd look for gigantic pearls in the Atlantic. and that's just one of my romantic, outrageous antics. I'll bring you a serenade, with words that are home-made. You don't need to be afraid, because our love will never fade. I'll give you an unique ring that is not even worn by kings. You make every day look like spring, when the flowers grow and the birds sing. The day that everything's so bitter. You threw away my gifts like litter. For me, this day isn't filled with glitter. You're no longer as cute as my critters. You got many cards in Valentine's style and mine is on the bottom of your pile. On this day, I am even more cynical than Gregory House on his pinnacle. I say that this is the day of marketing, that once a year, cash registers go Ka-Ching! Me and many others had it with all these rejections and preach
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Just a not to spread the love and to say Happy Valentine's Day to all my family, friends and fans!!!! I hope you all have a great day!!!! Much Love!!!! Very Sexy Comments & Graphics
This Valentine's Day Sucks
This valentine's Day sucks.I haven't heard from my husband in over a Month now and I am hoping he calls today.I mean I can deal with it being Valentine's Day and him not here but the thought of a call would be nice.Even a freaking e-mail.Come on now the Army needs to give me some credit on withholding this long for waiting for even a once a month phone call or e-mail but over a month is crazy especially for today.Grrr.....I don't know but Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else whether they have someone or not.
V-day Colors And Crushes
So I am waiting for the elevator, to get some breakfast in the Mezzanine, when one of my co workers flashes me a strong arm salute, I give one back. As I get on the elevator, I realize why he did what he did, he is wearing a red shirt, and I am wearing a red shirt also(just happens to be a long sleeve shirt with the #7, and Robby Gordon's name on it) As I am waiting for my breakfast to be cooked, I started thinking why my co-worker would do that, then it dawns on me. It's Valentine's Day, I am normally not one to put a lot stock in the meaning of wearing a particular color, but I understand the red part of my warbrobe today. Now does that mean I have a man crush on Robby, because I am wearing one of his shirts on Valentine's Day? Just putting that out there..........
Do This
1. Would you mind me being in control? 2. Would you like me to pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper freaky shit in my ear? 4. Would you moan or hold all ur feelings in? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you go down on me? 7. Would you let me give you a hickie? 8. How many rounds would we go? 9. What would you wanna do afterwards? 10. Would you take off all ur clothes for me? 11. Would you lick and bite me all over? 12. Would you like 4play or get straight to the point? 13. Would you take ur time if I told you to? 14. Would u fall asleep when we were done? 15. Would u want me to go fast or slow? 16. Where would u wanna "do it" at? 17. How fast u think u could make me "burst"? 18. Would u be loud or quiet? 19. Do u think I could make u have a orgasm?
Happy Valentine's Day Fubar!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL my friend's and family and to everyone fubar land love to all babynino
Valentines Day
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Read This Please Thanx U It For Lounges
this is a copy of what a friend sent me warning me about some guy hacking peoples stuff pass it on ok thank you very much.... === 'Willow(C/O @ THE MOONLIGHT LOUNGE & CLUB SOLITUDE & R/L WIFE 2 JAMES)' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-13 23:14:33'.. > > ty angel ill let my hubby know and my other friends > > === '~*~DJ ANGEL~*~ OWNER OF (TOTAL CORRUPTION)...R/L WIFE TO DJ DOC' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-13 23:11:38'.. > > > > Do Not take any information from a guy named SATAN.....this person has killed 6 lounges so far by hacking ppls accounts.........including a friend of mine and docs...this person is hacking ppl with lounges only..... >
Happy Valentines Day
To all the ladies of Fubar, should they all be loved today and have the best day of the year.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!xoxoxo
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I hope everyone has a lovely day! I'm going to be horribly busy today since the older 2 have early release & will be home at 10:15 & 11:30. As much as I love to chat with all my friends, I'm just not going to be able to until later in the day. Please don't get upset if I don't answer you in the shoutbox, you might rather private message me if you'd like me to see & respond. *MUAH* Love to everyone! ~*~Lizzy~*~ Girly Comments & Graphics
You've Been Tagged Hahaha!!!!!!
WELL, first, don't laugh at anyone who has been tagged, it gets you tagged! :( Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1)I am a little flirt. 2)I am a very out going kind of person that anybody could ever meet. 3)I'm what u would call a happy go lucky person. 4)I really like a good horror flick that is w worth watching 5)i really like to read a good book once in a while(but it has to be a good 1). 6)i'm always chatting with my best friend to get the scoop on things. 7)driving is my specialty(i should become the next nascar driver). 8)when i go tanning under my ass cheeks never always white. 9)i never leave without my cell because my friend julz might be texting me some goo
To All My Friends......
Tim McGrawI Need YouMusic Video Codes By Music
Something I Found And Love
For every girl who is tired of acting weak when she is strong, there is a boy tired of appearing strong when he feels vulnerable. For every boy who is burdened with the constant expectation of knowing everything, there is a girl tired of people not trusting her intelligence. For every girl who is tired of being called over-sensitive, there is a boy who fears to be gentle, to weep. For every boy for whom competition is the only way to prove his masculinity, there is a girl who is called unfeminine when she competes. For every girl who throws out her E-Z-bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. For every boy struggling not to let advertising dictate his desires, there is a girl facing the ad industry's attacks on her self-esteem. For everygirl who takes a step towards her liberation, there is a boy who finds the way to freedom a little easier. author unknown
Happy Valentines Day
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Valentines Day Thought 02/14/2008
A thought for Valentines Day from: Peter Britt "This day, I speak of love. Of fanciful thoughts which give flight to a freedom of the heart. To souls that sing together through the darkness and light up the sky for all to see and wonder, who finds such love, such completeness? To the wings of passion that unfurl for two and propel them where others may not follow, where they may not know. To the eyes that burn beyond sight, but into life itself within and see all that one truly is. To the touch that brings with it, a peace meant for, but one. For the kiss which holds its flavor with rememberance, neverending, lingering in its own fire. To burn within for another, to know the flames of real love. Yes, of all this I speak today, for in these eyes, it is. ©2008 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Hangy Spanky
KINKY CLUBGOER IS CHOKED NEAR DEATH By RICHARD WILNER, LARRY CELONA and LUKAS I. ALPERT S&M MISHAP: Police seize bags ID'd as leather straps from The Nutcracker Suite sex club, but they did not arrest dominatrix Taki Noriko. S&M MISHAP: Police seize bags ID'd as leather straps from The Nutcracker Suite sex club, but they did not arrest dominatrix Taki Noriko. February 9, 2008 -- A leather-loving submissive was clinging to life yesterday after a freak accident at a Midtown bondage club cut off oxygen to his brain, law-enforcement sources said. A dominatrix at The Nutcracker Suite on East 33rd Street called 911 at about 1:30 a.m. after finding the hooded man turning blue in a dungeon room as he hung by his arms. He was also wearing nipple clamps, a dog collar and women's high-heeled shoes, and his hands were cuffed behind his back, sources said. The man was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital, where he was put on a respirator, sources said. It was believed he had suffered
For My Friend And Family
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Valentine Application
This is the " Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person that wants to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Please provide positive answers. Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I started smoking: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? I asked u to be mine? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: Would you.... "X" marks the spot [ ]Kiss me.. [ ]Hug
Happy Valentines Day
imikimi - Customize Your World
Warpped And Twisted
Harsh words & violent blowsHidden secrets nobody knowsEyes are open, hands are fistedDeep inside I'm warped & twistedSo many tricks & so many liesToo many whens & too many whysNobody's special, nobody's giftedI'm just me, warped & twistedSleeping awake & choking on a dreamListening loudly to a silent screamCall my mind, the number's unlistedLost in someone so warped & twistedOn my knees, alive but deadLook at the invisible blood I've bledI'm not gone, my mind has driftedDon't expect much, I'm warped & twistedBurnt out, wasted, empty, & hollowToday's just yesterday's tomorrowThe sun died out, the ashes siftedI'm still here, warped & twisted
Today Is Valetines Day
to day is love day....You well see alot of flowers and cards and candy.....who really need all that ....The one thing I would love to have right now in my arms again are my boys....I have the love of my life in my arms...Boogie is my every thing...
Missing My Bff
Hi All My Name Is Rebecca I have not been on her long but the people seem nice but the one thing right now is I miss my Bff She is going through a hard time right now and I pushed her to do this and I was put in a spot that I didn't like at all. She needed the help and iam glad I gave it to her and things but if some one wold have told me that she would be not wanting to talk to me right now I would have not done it. She told me that she would forgive me and I was told to give her space right now and Iam not go at that I want her to talk to me and she will not right now I want her to get better and things but I don't like that she is hurting and she will not let me in
How Can You Just Walk Away
How do you walk away from someone you love And take the road of friend; Can you reroute the course you have taken And start over once again? I don't really want to let you go But inside me I know I must; The times we've loved . . . the times you've left My heart says stay . . . but it's my mind I must trust. We have shared so much together Laughter . . . fun times . . . tears; Yet sometimes we can't turn back time We must walk away, and allow ourselves to heal. I know one day you will be happy And your soulmate you will find; I know we each have one out there Even if for now . . . only in our minds. May life be gentle with you May God's best come your way; And on some quiet tomorrow You will realize things were better this way.
Hi All
just wanted everyone to know i am still alive and im back WOOHOO
Shake It Fubabies!! Happy Love Day To All
Valentine's Day To My Special Friends
W/o You
Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but i have all my organs. Ilove the sound of your voice. the sound of your heartbeat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definetly tell I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home. Its so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy My hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine. but I will have alot of it. Ispend a lot of time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and strech my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today mommy he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby. Iam a baby mommy, your baby. I think and feel. Mom
Happy Valentines.
In all honesty I do this with laziness, in the midst of this Valentines craziness. To many posts I'de have to make, to many friends my heart to take. No candy, no flowers no cards to do, my simple thoughts I give to all of you. A wish of happiness I bring to you all, even after the sun from this day dims and falls. Happy Valentines Day I say to all my friends, now this rhyme will come to an end.
The Zen of Sarcasm 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either, just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn... so if you're going to steal your neighbour's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable: If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique... just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you. 10.
A Broken Heart
Pain... Tension... Fatigue... Depression... Anger, Aggression, Frustration. All these unwanted sensations - Burning, hurting, tearing. My heart alone, cold and fearing. Why won't you let me sleep, let me rest, Let me forget To eradicate, eliminate, destroy all my regrets? These memories inside, swirling, twirling, unwilling to reside in the corner of my mind. Repeating, resisting, insisting - Refusing to be denied its recognition Of its position in my Frustration, Confusion, Delusion. Ah, to close my eyes and let time fly by, Because there's so much to gain By forgetting these dreams driving me insane. Unfocused, unclear, out of control, My world spinning, spinning, spinning, My sanity flying through the door. My reason, my logic, oh, it's tragic, Like fine sands running through my hands, I'm losing my mind.
Yahoo Explores Alliance With Newscorp.
By MICHAEL LIEDTKE 02.14.08, 12:03 AM ET Popular Videos High-Tech Valentine's Gifts Billionaire Casino Kings McDreamy Countdown The Business of Rebecca Taylor Adventurer: Lost Iconoclasts Related Quotes GOOG 534.62 + 0.00 MSFT 28.96 + 0.00 NWS 19.93 + 0.00 TWX 16.58 + 0.00 YHOO 29.88 + 0.00 Most Popular Stories The Smartest Cities In America How To Find A Millionaire (Or Billionaire) Showing The Lonely Some Love Reality TV's Controversial Moments How To Make Your Spouse Live Longer SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc. hopes media conglomerate News Corp. can rescue it from a Microsoft Corp. takeover - or at least prove the slumping Internet pioneer is worth more money than its unsolicited suitor wants to pay. A News Corp. partnership could provide Yahoo with the escape hatch that the Sunnyvale-based company has been seeking since Microsoft pounced with its takeover bid two weeks ago. If nothing else, the possibility of Yahoo joining forces with one of
Something Special I Wrote For My Special Friend
Nicckie Written By Bruce Romanis Nicckie Is and always will be my bestest friend because i have special place in my heart for her forever and she means a lot to me and ever since I joined Lost Cherry in the beginning she was one of the nicest people on the site who would be there for me if I was feeling sad or I just needed a friend to be there for me and i would be truly be sad and depressed and feel like I have nothing to smile about if she wasn't on the site now known as Fubar because as long as I have known her even if the site was known as Lost Cherry or even Cherry Tap or Fubar there's 1 true friend that I totally respect and admire and worship and love and that's my amazing and wonderful friend Nicckie I have known her on the 3 name changes of the site for almost 2 years and I am so happy she's my bestest friend and I wouldn't know what i'd do if I didn't have nicckie in my life even though she's a online friend of mine even online friends can be best friends fo
Please Help Hillary
I usually don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in my email, but this one is too important. This one has been circulating for months and months. Please do not delete ... if you don't want to sign, at least keep it going! To show your support for Hillary and encourage her on her run for President of the United States in 2008, please add your name to the rapidly growing list below and send it on to your entire e-mail list. 1 Bill 2. Chelsea 3.
Loss,forgiveness And Being Human
Most of us have experienced a lost friendship or a broken relationship at some point in our lives. While there is an undeniable sadness to this type of loss, it also gives us reason to pause and reflect on how we handle ourselves in the midst of breaking up or breaking away. The emotions that run through our minds and our hearts. We run through the whole gamut(complete range or extent)of emotions: Denial, hurt, anger, betrayal, and so on. We might have thoughts of revenge, of in some way getting back at our former friend, partner, or loved one. These emotions just consume us to the point where we can't function as we normally do. We do stupid things. We drag third parties into the fight. We lay blame. We become indignant: it's all his/her fault. Like there's a hero and a villain, a good guy and a bad guy...just like in the movies. Does this way of thinking justify our loss? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Are these negative emotions in any way healthy? Or i
Valentine's Day Opie And Anthony Links: Victoria Zdrok, Ryan Star, Sandy Kane, 'the Best Of Jim Norton' - Now Available, New Videos Online
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY...dopes. LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch E Rock's Fridge Door Fall Off!) Need the O&A Show, but can't find it on your local radio dial?? No problem at all.. GO GET YOUR XM NOW AND HEAR THE SHOW UNCENSORED! Our own Jim Norton is doing a li'l Comedy tour...He's in San Francisco this weekend! CLICK HERE FOR JIM NORTON TICKETS! ...speaking of Li'l Jimmy Norton order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! On this festive Valentine's Day, we'll be chatting with the drop-dead gorgeous author and PENTHOUSE Model Victoria Zdrok, who is promoting her new book Dr. Z on Scoring: How to Pick Up, Seduce and Hook Up with Hot Women
18 Years Strong
meet dholtstingray he is a great guy to have as a friend we have been married for 18 years on the 18th so go show him some love rate fan and add if u want thanks beeholt DHoltStingray* Little Shop Of Horrors Lounge Pres.@ fubar
Mrs. Sabiador Will You Marry Me?
I Gotta Crush Video
Re: Rangers 0 Panathinaikos 0
RE: Rangers 0 Panathinaikos 0 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 14 Feb 2008, 01:45 RANGERS: McGregor; Papac, Weir, Cuellar, Boradfoot; Adam, Hemdani, Ferguson, Davis, Novo; McCullochSubs: Alexander, Dailly, Burke, Boyd, Naismith, Faye, CousinPANATHINAIKOS: Galinovic, De Mattos, Morris, Goumas, Sapingidis, Karagounis, Tziolis, Simao, Vintra, N'Doye, NilssonSubs: Malrz, Ninis, Gonzalez, Papadopoulos, Postiga, Seric, IvanschitzAttendance 45203Man of the Match: Carlos Cuellar
021408 Dilbert
For Valentines Day
For You Few have ever been able to do what you do Or has ever come as close to my soul as you Remarkable how much you have captured my heart Vast lays the ebullience that you have brought into me Another time another place only holds weight in unknown dreams Leaving life and love to flow in harmony from the path that we have taken Emotions gain strength forming a connection in our unchallenged union Negating all unwanted aspects that know not who, and what we are Times slow music has taught us the things that time wishes to teach Inviting us to grow stronger together in the lover's song that we share No syncopative note would ever change the strength of the bond that is welcomed Enveloping our heart with each natural cord that is strummed Silent will lay this beating heart that knows only your touch Dreaming of tomorrow when your hands are once again placed upon my chest And I will run to you while standing still thru spirit, heart, and mind You are fo
Re: A Fistful Of $$ : Yahoo's Woes Brings Microsoft's Foes In
RE: A Fistful Of $$ : Yahoo's Woes Brings Microsoft's Foes In ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Mary Date: 14 Feb 2008, 02:13 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BlaineDate: Feb 13, 2008 5:52 PMMurdoch may jump into Yahoo fray News Corp. partnership would help fend off hostile bid by Microsoft updated 2 hours, 2 minutes agoYahoo Inc. is discussing a possible Internet partnership with media conglomerate News Corp., its latest effort to repel Microsoft Corp.’s takeover bid or pry a better offer from the unsolicited suitor, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.The specifics of the proposed joint venture haven’t been worked out, according to the person, who didn’t want to be identified because the talks are considered confidential.Both The Wall Street Journal and a prominent blog, TechCrunch, reported that News Corp. is interested in folding its popular online social network, MyS
The Game Of Love
Michael Tsarion Pt.1
Michael Tsarion Pt.1
My Friends, Your Friends Have Been Taken Hostige!fthefeds
Happy Valentines Day
Just wanted to wish all my friends a Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!! And so all know i am spending this day alone.
Wanna See My Valentine?????????
HERE IS MY VALENTINE Indradragon - on the road to Godfatherdom@ fubar WON ♥ DAWN ♥ Arcane Angel@ fubar HIS BID :30 day blast and a Happy Hour and a Cherry Lollipop. Touch of »†HøĦ姫™@ fubar WON *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#26*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*#1 Friend Sexymedic**@ fubar HIS BID :4 7 day blasts,,2 HH's,,*Wood spanking spoon now has 3 cracx* :p Crandell™@ fubar WON [beautiful/addiction] ~ ♥ 2nd Alarm Hottie ♥ ~@ fubar HIS BID : 3 HH and 2 30day blasts.
Michael Tsarion
Michael Tsarion
Funny Facts 1
Here's some funny facts i found on a website. 1 If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. 2 If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. 3 A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes long. 4 Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. 5 The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the......?!") 6 Some lions mate over 50 times a day. 7 The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. (Hmmmmmmm........ won't go there.) 8 A cat's urine glows under a black light.(I wonder who was paid to figure that out.) 9 Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure. (What about that pig???) 10 The flea can jump up to 350 times its body length. For a human, that would be equivalent to jumping the
Blackmail From - Party Girl And The Weekend
Hey guys, Any time someone ask for something I'll give it to you all. So anything you want to hear about put it in a comment and you all can enjoy and comment on. I luv you all. Thanks Now, to the update on my blackmail and Mark. If you want to know what got me in this trouble read Party girl and the Weekend (a few post back). The whole thing stared when my friend Mark invited me to hear his band practice. Mark is an old friend. He discover that he could drug, raped, beat, tortured, or what ever he wanted to do to me along time ago. Yes, Mark has beaten my ass more then once to bust his nut in my ass or pussy. Actually Mark was the guy who finally took my ass cherry. Other guys had tried but would stop when i was crying and screaming. Mark didn't Mark was excited by my pain and suffering and rammed it all the way to his nuts in one shot. That was the first time Mark fucked me. Ever since when Mark wants me "I'm going to suffer." He gets off on it, maybe more the I do
Happy Valentines Day To Everyone!!! Mwah
How Happy Are You?
You Are 64% Happy You are a very happy person. Generally, you feel content and that all is right with the world. Occasionally, you have a down day - but you have the ability to pick yourself right back up. How Happy Are You?
Hahp (poem)
Hahp (pronounced ha-ppy) Chocolate eyes Espresso colored skin Crimson lips A luscious touch Silver adorns thy neck Diamonds sparkle Caressing the body Glittering, illuminating Candles floating Roses scattered Corks popping Red flowing Bloodshed of Grapes Drink my pretty one Intoxicated on Love
Snow Snow Snow
let it snow let it snow let it snow No School grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;p Well ok it was perty but give it till tomorrow i will hate it omg grrrrrrr to my floridians lol Have a Blustery Winter Day Twisted
Keeping It Real
KEEPING IT REAL I know that what I'm about to post here is going to upset a few people, and I know a couple for fact that it both know who you are. I'm not trying to offend anyone here; I'm just stating how I feel about certain things. Sorry, I'm calling it as I see it. I'm the type of woman who keeps it real in all aspects with all of those that I come into contact with. And I expect the same in return. But there are those who say that they keep it real, and do, but then there are those who still like to play games. All I ask is that if we have a relationship, any type of relationship, Just Keep It Real. Don't get me wrong, we all have our separate lives and sometimes it's hard to do everything we say we're going to do. But if you have established a certain type of relationship with someone, then you should try to make sure that the other person doesn't feel as though they aren't as important to you anymore. Relationships, no matter what type, take
Shout Box Is Off!
Please Add My Friend
slinkyslapper- FU BOMBER BEST FAMILY EVER@ fubar thats the profile link
Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day and good morning. I scanned thru various stories on msn and found nothing interesting. I mean the top 10 kisses in movies had me until one movie jumped out at me and I clicked off it real quick, brokeback mountain…So I decided not to pursue that article any further. I did see a blurb on Nick Names somewhere recently and was surprised on one such nick name given to our sixteen President. Honest Abe. Abraham Lincoln was said to once walked a great distance to return 6 cent he had over charged a person at a country store. However, many stories have been filtered down over the years on the validity of how that name and he came about. Its very interesting reading if you get a chance google it. I safely can’t say, so I like you have to go on past history passed down over the ages and agree, or disagree with their information. Like the story of which George Washington and Benedict Arnold could have easily changed places and it could be his face on the one dollar bill…
For The Romantical Peoples.
Happy Valentine's Day true love cannot be found where it does not exist nor can it be hidden where it truly does :::♥love is friendship caught on fire♥::: :::♥it's friendship set to music♥:::
The New Arrival
Xavier Silias finally arrived at 9:36 pm om 2-13-08...he weighed in at 8 lbs 2 ozs and is as gorgeous as can be of course I might just be a little bias...see for ur self in the "My daughter and her family" folder. Thanks
Stalker Strikes
YES, he's back. Sorry if I seem excited, but I love being stalked and when I can't have a real stalk the dream ones will have to do. Yes, I'm being blackmailed by my friend Mark. Looks like he has every plan to make me his personal whore, his personal profit. OK I WANT IT ALL - STALKER AND BLACKMAILER - FUCK I WANT MORE THEN THAT. This dream wasn't just a flash back of him stun gunning my clit. It was the whole dream from the beginning except the capture. Yeah thats the bad part, I still haven't seen how he gets me. Back at the beginning he sees me walking out of gymnastics in my little body suit as i climb in my jeep. Guess he liked my little ass as I climbed in. From that minute on he watch my every move. Broke in and went through my bedroom, my closet, my bathroom. He enjoyed himself as he went through the 3 drawer of panties. He seems to prefer the ones that look like little girl, with ruffles, and lace. Guess he liked me looking 12. He really liked the stuff hidden
The is a Sad yet surprising Valentine. I won't get anything of course, well not for the Mister. From a FRIEND who seem to care for me. I don't care anymore but this realiship. I'm fed up. I want out. I feel so stuck here.. everytime I make the money to leave I have other thing popping up. I hate it here. Today is my frist day off, Is also Valentine, Steve Harvey Morning Show is in town having a Valentine party at the Governor House, I don't have any money. DAmn this is a sad Valentine. Until...
I Would Write You A Love Letter
i would write you a love letter, but there's not enough paper to write down everything wonderful about you the way you laugh, talk, and kiss the way you do those little things that makes me so crazy about you . i would write you a love letter, but there aren't enough pencils or pens or ink to put down how you make me feel how you make my heart beat faster and my breath catches when ever were close, how you stay with me like a love song i cant get out of my head i would write you a love letter but there aren't enough hours or days or lifetimes to describe all you mean to me the way you've changed my world and made me dream things i never dared to dream before i would write you a love letter but i cant. i love you to much ...
Thursday, 2-14-08
Dear reader This is to be the first entry made public for all to see. Why I feel like sharing my business with every one? Who the fuck knows. But if you really want to sit there and read it who amm I to stop you, unless there is something I dont want you to know of course but I am a open kind of guy so there shouldnt be to much that is held back. Viewer beware this is being written by someone who is a bad speller and I do not intend on looking up the words so you will know what I am saying. That aside I can finly get to the journal and let you see more abut a life that isnt your own. is it made up? Maybe! is it real? Whos to say! whats the differnce as long as it serves the perpose of entertaining people for a few moments of the day? ~6:19am~ Lets see where should I start... I am 26,male and I live in a world that to many are familer with. No I dont mean on another planet for the idiots out there who might think that. When I say I live in a world that many might not be famil
Leaving Fubar
im leaving fubar... most of my friends know how to get ahold of me.....
Sorry Have To Go!
i just found out i was accepted for an extreamly high profile postion in my community. sadly i really should deleat my account and move on now. thank you, everyone for the fun!
I can describe myself as a friendly type of person I can easily mingle with people regardless of their values, traits, races or stature in life. I am into sports since I like to keep myself fit and looks good in the eyes of people who will see me. People say that I have a great sex appeal its not only becoz of my looks but it comes with great personality. I may not be the best but at least I am different. But like any other young gals I also have my own secret, interested, then add me on ur ym, mine is iamyourlady01. and ill let's see if u can handle me...
For My Wife
A redneck was stopped by a game warden in Central Mississippi recently with two ice chests full of fish. He was leavin' a cove well-known for its fishing. The game warden asked the man, 'Do you have a license to catch those fish?' 'Naw, sir', replied the redneck. 'I ain't got none of them there licenses. You must understand, these here are my pet fish.' 'Pet fish?' 'Yeah. Every night, I take these here fish down to the lake and let 'em swim 'round for awhile. Then, when I whistle, they jump right back into these here ice chests and I take 'em home.' 'That's a bunch of hooey! Fish can't do that.' The redneck looked at the warden for a moment and then said, 'It's the truth Mr. Government Man. I'll show ya. It really works.' 'O. K.', said the warden. 'I've g ot to see this!' The redneck poured the fish into the lake and stood and waited. After several minutes, the warden says, 'Well?' 'Well, what?', says the redneck. The warden says, 'When are you going to call them bac
Nascar News
02/14/08 Gatorade Duel 1 Daytona International Speedway SPEED/2 p.m. MRN/2 p.m. 02/14/08 Gatorade Duel 2 Daytona International Speedway SPEED/3:30 p.m. MRN/3:30 p.m. 02/17/08 Daytona 500 Daytona International Speedway FOX/2 p.m. MRN/3:20 p.m. Tickets Travel 02/24/08 Auto Club 500 California Speedway FOX/3:30 p.m. MRN/4 p.m. Tickets Travel 03/02/08 UAW-Dodge 400 Las Vegas Motor Speedway FOX/3:30 p.m. PRN/4:30 p.m. Tickets Travel 03/09/08 Kobalt Tools 500 Atlanta Motor Speedway FOX/1:30 p.m. PRN/2 p.m. Tickets 03/16/08 Food City 500 Bristol Motor Speedway FOX/1:30 p.m. PRN/2 p.m. 03/30/08 Goody's Cool Orange 500 Martinsville Speedway FOX/1:30 p.m. MRN/2 p.m. Tickets Travel 04/06/08 Samsung 500 Texas Motor Speedway FOX/1:30 p.m. PRN/2 p.m. Tickets 04/12/08 Subway Fresh Fit 500 Phoenix International Raceway FOX/8 p.m. MRN/8:30 p.m. Tickets Travel 04/27/08 Aaron's 499 Talladega Superspeedway FOX/1:30 p.m. MRN/2 p.m. Tickets Travel 05
what is nsfw. I have heard so many people try to tell me what nsfw means. But never the same thing. if any one can show me what it means that would be great. I will give love and rate/add/fan and show lotsa love to you if you could. much abiged
I'm not a poet, I cant express my feelings in beautiful words...I like to write but I'm not that good at it... I hate that i cant write with beautiful words...If I could would it make a difference to anyone?...I love poetry... but I cant write it...That sucks...
life whats the point? ...I wish i knew...could someone plz tell me?...i cant seem to find a reason to do anything...i cant find a reason for living but i can find a reason for death...death is the only way out of this hell you call life...ive lost everything & everyone i ever loved so what reason do i have to go on? will someone plz tell me?pain is the only thing i ever feel...what kind of person do you have to be to only feel pain? will someone plz fucking tell me? ive always done everything i thought was right...but maybe i dont know the diffrence between the two...ive gotten to the point were i like pain now not the mental kind but the physical...i cut, i push pieces of metal into my self just to feel...i cant feel love, happieness, joy all i feel is pian,sorrow, anger & angwish...will somone plz tell me a reason to go on?...
Theres something thats been buggin me for a long time now, the thing is ive never takein a real hit in a fight, & that kinda scares me...Is it that im leading up to a really violent fight or is it that when i do get in a good fight im going to die? Either way it kinda scares me...Or is it that when I finaly do get to my love, that im going to get jumped & beatin so bad i die... Or is it that when I get to my love that something bad is going to happen like shes just playin me, & if that the case im going to take the intire iraqie army on by my damn self, & I will win because I will be so upset that noone nor nothing will be able to stop me when i begin my rampage,I will make sure that not a one of them escapes me I will kill them all on my own, & my friends will see my symbol at every location i kill,I will leave my mark to show everyone that doubts my rage, I will be on the news ppl have always doubted me because im a lil guy, but when I get there & if she
Basic Magical Protection
Basic Magickal Protection & Psychic Self-Defense. -------------------------------------------------- [posted in one of the groups i belong to] Merry Meet, all! Magic works. This is the first thing you have to learn. If you don't believe that magic gives you the power to reshape the universe, you're wasting your time. Because if you believe a spell or ritual won't work, it won't. Period. And if you do believe in the power of magic, then you need to realize that when you use it you are putting your hands on the same forces that move the tides and spawn tornadoes. And that by doing so, you have the potential to harm yourself or others. I have often compared working magic to rock climbing. It takes years of study and practice before you're ready to try it. It is fairly safe, if you know what you're doing and take appropriate safety precautions. At the same time, a mistake can ruin your whole day or worse. In this article, I will outline a few basic techniques for protect
I've been in love with the most amazing girl for a year now,& we've never even been able to touch each-other, but I know from the deepest part of my heart that she is the one, the one I was put on this earth to be with forever, she is my soul mate, she is my one & only,without her I would of surely killed my self...I love her more then anything or anyone on the planet, but...I'm going insane because I can't touch her, because I can't hold her when shes feeling bad or lonely, or when shes sick I can't be there to help...I can't stand it anymore...she is my breath...& its starting to get really hard to breathe...I'm completely in love with her & I can't touch her...I can't take it anymore...If this continues I will die of suffocation...I must get to her be for I cant breathe anymore...
Ive always heard that humans seek companionship but there are ppl who choose not to believe it...& ive always been one of those ppl , ive always been by myself... but now that i am in love, I see that i was wrong...I cant stand being alone, I need someone to talk to, someone to hold at night, I need someone to lie beside me...I need to be with the one i love, I cant stand this anymore ,I need her like fire needs air to live, I need her by my side...& hopefully we will be together very soon.
My Kati
For My Friends
Story Of The Year- Til The Day I Die
Until the day I die I'll spill my heart for you, for you Until the day I die I'll spill my heart for you As years go by I race the clock with you But if you died right now You know that I'd die to I'd die too You remind me of the times When I knew who I was (I was) But still the second hand will catch us Like it always does We'll make the same mistakes I'll take the fall for you I hope you need this now Cause I know I still do Until the day I die (Until the day I die) I'll spill my heart for you Until the day I die (Until the day I die) I'll spill my heart for you Should I bite my tongue? Until blood soaks my shirt We'll never fall apart Tell me why this hurts so much My hands are at your throat And I think I hate you But still we'll say, "remember when" Just like we always do Just like we always do Until the day I die (Until the day I die) I'll spill my heart for you Until the day I die (Until the day I die) I'll spill my heart for you Y
Love In Its Natural Way
Love is patient and kind it is not jealous and boastful Love behaves in a courteous manner thinks of others before thinking of their self. Love bears all things continues to believe the best in everything and gives power to endure anything... Love never becomes absolute nor comes to an end...
Skillet- Comatose
I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to You Tell me that You will listen You're touch is what I'm missing And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing You Comatose I'll never wake up without and overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel you next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfort me The way You make me feel Waking up to You never felt so real I hate living without You Dead wrong to ever doubt You But my demons lay in waiting Tempting me away Oh how I adore You Oh how I thirst for You Oh how I need You Comatose I'll never wake up without and overdose of You I don't wanna live, I dont wanna breathe 'Les I feel You next to me You take the pain I feel Waking up to You never felt so real I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream 'Cause my dreams don't comfor
What The F#ck
Skillet- Yours To Hold
I see you standing here But you're so far away Starving for your attention You don't even know my name You're going through so much But I know that I could be the one to hold you [Chorus:] Every single day I find it hard to say I could be yours alone You will see someday That all along the way I was yours to hold I was yours to hold I see you walking by Your hair always hiding your face I wonder why you've been hurting I wish I had some way to say You're going through so much Don't you know that I will be the one to hold you [Bridge:] I'm stretching but you're just out of reach You should know I'm ready when you're ready for me And I'm waiting for the right time For the day I catch your eye To let you know That I'm yours to hold [Altro:] I'm stretching but you're just out of reach I'm ready when you're ready for me
A Little Bit About Me
OK I really don't like to do these about me things because 95% of the time no one reads it anyway BUT...I am going to put something you should know about me. I am 100% real I don't like games I HATE liars, I am who I am if you like me you'll grow to love me if not then guess you're gonna hate me because I don't make apologies for who I am. I am very honest and loyal to my friends, you r/f/a me great I'll do my best to return all love given me, but I'm only one person and can only do so much. Some guy got mad because I only rated one of his photos when he rated like 8 of mine. I do my best to return the same amount of love or more that is shown to but sometimes I am busy and just don't have the time to do it all. Anyway he got an attitude about blocked came back on a bogus name and rated me and a couple of my photos 2,3,4 wow that hurt...NOT I still got points & I posted a bulletin letting my friends know so they wouldn't have to deal with his stupidity. This is a website it's
When U Love Someone
♥ ♥ Simply Me ♥ ♥
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I HATE peanut butter 2. I eat extremely healthy 3. I drink only Pepsi 4. Me elbows are double jointed *yes they are* lol 5. I have a medicinal background; yet majored in Criminal Justice. 6. Prior to college - I on'y completed up to 6th grage and read my Moms college books; and scored a 274 on my GED. Ranking highest in Math and Science... *truth* 7. I am full of piss and vingear; yet I taste really good!!! :P 8. I don't have a mean bone in my body. 9. I can fake accents extremely well. 10. I'm the only person in my immediate family who has never battled addiction of any kind. People I'd lik
February 14th
What a stupid fucking day. Fuck off. Feel free not to wish me a Happy one.
Thanks To Everyone Who Can To Our Moroiel For Our Friend
I want to take the time to tell everyone that paid the respect to my friend John aka know as Rough and Ready.I really asppsied it very much.I know he is tarabbly missed by all. I just want to show my gradtuied to the one who put it together and all that came. I am sure he aprstied it to. SO As we all go on just remember to keep his family in our thought and prayers. Thank you all very much.
17000 To Win My First Ever Happy Hour
I needed 60000 comments to win my first HH and i am now at 43000 i'm on everyday and as i am out of comments i give rates bak to all my great helpers (ty again to all of them) I'm going now to holyday's house for a few from to morrow till sunday 25 of february and i've no internet there so yu will not see me since about one week on fubar. I give yu the link to my giveaway, perhaps it will be done when i will be back ? I wish yu all agreat Valentine's Day
Valentines Day!
Here It Is Valentines Day And I Am Depressed As Hell! I Guess What's New Right!?! It Always Seems Like I Am Depressed Atleast One Time During The Day. But Today I Am Guessing I Will Be Down In The Dumps All Day. I Wish I Was Able To Spend It With My Man. Yes, I Did Say MAN Jesse....UGH I Don't Know Why I Continue To Meet People From The Internet. But Atleast You Got To Meet Some Of My Friends. Now, You Are Able To Hang Out With Them And Do What You Do. Anyway...This Blog Wasn't About Dick Suckin Bastards. And I Do Mean Dick Suckin Bastards Literally! Hah. IM So Mean. But Once Again I Come Off As Controlling And Just A Bitch. Anyway, Back To Valentines Day! IM Not Going To Waste My Time Talking About Him Or Several People For That Matter. I Am Hoping That Next Year I Could Spend It With The One That I Love. He Has Been On My Mind A LOT Lately. I Believe My Father Is Taking His Girlfriend And I To Texas Roadhouse Tonight For A Valentines Dinner. I Know It Sounds Prett
Leaving Fubar
I have made a decision to delete my fubar account. If any of my friends want to keep in touch with me please send me your email address so we can keep in touch. If not, It has been a pleasure knowing all of you. I luv all my fubar friends and family. I may be back someday. Till and if that day comes, take care and I wish you all the best that life has to offer. huggles and stuff Brenda TrollDoll p.s. I will keep my page up for 24 hours to see if I get any emails lol. I hope someone will care that I am leaving.
For My Valentine
Whad up homies, I have a folder in my photos section tittled "PAINTED FACES" and it is a family portfolio of sorts. All my Juggalo Family is invited to email photos to me directly to be added to this family album! So send thos painted faces over and I'll get'em up!
Who's The Hypocrite
Life what is it any way? You go through life day by day wandering around in search of things you cannot understand. We lie we cheat we steal and on top of that we lie to cover up the bullshit we have done and are not proud of. We are like ants if you stop to think about it with an open mind. Homless are the ants that get picked off by predators,(the weak and sickly.) Mid class are the working ants of the hive,(the ones that take the brunt of things.) The rich are the drones that look out for the queen,( the richest1%.) And finally the queen is our goverenment,(telling everyone what to do and how to live, and if we step out of line it's off with our heads.) I can't stand the hypocrarcey of our nation. we as people should be free to live and goveren our own lives and make our own choices. I meen to a certain point we can. And that is just what they want you to think. Lets take smoking for example its bad enough that they have taken smoking away in most public places. But no
Our Cd Is Finally Done! 19 Songs
Some of you have been asking when the CD is coming out...well its here! If you havent heard our music, check out my "stash" some of it is in there. We also have 6 songs on our music page at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LOCUSTANDSWYLLA If you like what you here....ORDER A COPY :) Support independent musicians!
From Us To You!!
Since we can't hit everyone's page And since we have so much love to give We thought this would be the next best thing... Hope you have a fantastic day! Feel free to show some love in return... From the Ladies of RaW!! ♥ [reLLa] RaW@ fubar ☆DJ*Kak*Tease¤RaW¤ÑgǤS♠E♣R♦&H♥H¤Promoter@ fubar TrippinDaizy~*SnAkEyEz GrEeTeR*~ RaW~ŇğĊ¤ÉxPxĦxĊ ~Property of Stryker~@ fubar Eala - RaW- {Snake Eyes Radio| Hellbilly's Hideout}@ fubar anarchyannie**RaW**SER**@ fubar *LiL_§tar*RAW-§ĒRGrεεteřFu-ĒηgAgεdToDáМmeR@ fubar FREEK RaW ***SER Greeter***@ fubar Little Miss Vixen♫SER♫Greeter/Promoter~RaW~☆NgC☆DJ Eternal’s Little Girl
As i sit and watch the snow fall. Like tears from heaven. Softly kissing the ground like a new lovers embrace. A silence trickles over the land . Thoughts of you fill my troubled head. I recall your gental caress. I close my eyes and remember the smell of your sweet perfume. As the first tear slides down my cheek i feel your gental kiss. The second tear rolls down my face and i feel your warm tender embrace. I open my eyes and i watch a million birds take flight and i hear your name softly spoken on the wind. The third tear wells up in my eye as it's wisked away with the wind and i know your here with me
Reverse Funnel System
Reverse Funnel System Are you ready to learn the SECRET to online wealth? Reverse Funnel System is a funnel affiliate system with a pyramid style business model. The top tier of The Reverse Funnel System rakes it in and the bottom tiers are a ways downstream and their cuts are smaller. You move up by recruiting and getting others to buy into the business model. The system launched less then 30 days ago...and already the numbers are staggering. You need absolutely no previous skill, knowledge, or experience and the system will work the exact same for whoever uses it. What you DO NEED to do is MARKET the system, so your copy of the reverse funnel system ALWAYS has a pipeline filled with prospects. If that's the will make $1,000 sales all day long. The best part is...'massive' advertising is built into the system. Ty Coughlin gives you his highest converting ads, and then tells you where to go to place them. He's also put together massive advertising co ops,
Another Day
She was thinking of an upcoming day that in her own mind had no meaning except the only significance about it was that she would imagine a little fat guy running around with an arrow shooting at people. As she sat and thought, if she were to say this out loud that this would sounds like she did not like this day... that was not the case... to her it is just another day... because love for another should not come just on Valentines day... She thought if you love someone it should be from the heart daily... Now she had not always felt this way... She too just like every other woman , like to be surprised with flowers and candy and all that comes with that day. She loved it... but she also thought that the person that had your heart should know and feel it on a daily basis. Not just on a day that in her mind she thought maybe she was thinking this way because for as long as she could remember this day did not work in her life. There was not anyone there who thought of her, for the only th
Important To Watch!!!!
Hahaha lmao Happy Valentines to you all! I love you all..xoxoxo
Stopping The New "ice Age"?
okay so it just hit me... I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THAT PLANET GO BOOM! Anti-matter! We'll just have to sacrifice a few astronauts and a space ship! its brilliant! We don't even have to sacrifice any astronauts if they can control it from home! The only problem is making sure the anti-matter doesn't explode b4 it gets there! for those who don't know what anti-matter is heres a short discription anti-matter is the opposite of matter DUH. It was found by use a partical excelerator.. when 2 atoms are sent around it at really high speeds and colide it causes an explosion that creates both matter and anti-matter. Antimatter reacts with any matter it touches, annihilating itself and everything in its reach.. 1 gram of anti matter could potentically destroy china... yet if used for energy could power all of New York city for a year.. the problem there is making it not go boom! any way, now that you know how easily it goes boom, if they found out exactly how big this planet it is, they could e
Valentines Dayssucky,or Goodie
During this time of the month i been browseing on Fubar.Watching the mums,blogs,people's status,and the comments,and their some who love this festive love holiday,and some who are very sad,cause they been dump,and stuff.What is love?Well it's a feeling that you feel in your body mind,and soul for someone.Like a friend,or a secret crush,or also family.To me well i used to think it was a hurtful shitty feeling,but love has nothing to do with how you feel thou.deceive,and betray by the one you thought you love.It's the person who miss used the feeling that ruin it,and cause that person to hate being love.During my life i made mistakes by letting women treat me like a guy who will alway be their for them,and then go date another guy.Man to tell you alot of bad sucky stuff has happen to me.I been use,rejected,and dump for no reason what so ever.Yet i gave love alot of chance.Why?cause i had lots of hope,and yet it failed me.Funny thou how life and destiny screw things up,but i'm always good
If A Man Wants You,
pretty funny i was just talking to someone about this whole thing today...then i got this in my e-mail: If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend . Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of differe
Whoa - Lounge Alert - Take Notice!
Just received a SB alert message: "be on the look out for a person by the name of satan.....he has hacked 6 ppls accounts today and deleted their not accept anything from this person....."
Taker42069 N Takerzangel... Fuckt Up Convo Between Hubby & Wifey
from: taker42069 date: 2008-02-05 11:33:47 subject: RE: busted read receipt: No replied: No block user what ever dude you went onto one of my profiles and fuckin found out info about me and who i have been talking to which really is none of your fuckin business thats pretty fuckin stalkerific...why look for companionship elsewhere, because I CANT TRUST YOU you are a worthless lying bitch who cant fucking be a good mother or a good wife...Leslie I dont want to be with you, i dont want to go to marriage counseling with you, i dont need to do that shit, u are never going to change, you may change for like a month or so but then you are goin to revert back to your worthles controlling bitchy fucking worthless self and i am not going to deal with that shit for the rest of my life...GET IT THROUGH YOU THICK FUCKING SKULL LESLIE THIS MARRIAGE IS OVER, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND< YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME EXCEPT MY SOON TO BE EX-WIFE GET THAT SHIT STRAIGHT RIGHT you can wait until h
Exes Are Bitches.
Today's one of those days I think. Where I think. Get emotional. I'm also sobering up so...know how that goes. Unless of course you got a little TOO wasted, then sobering up is a bitch. So with all the changing I've done over the past year and a half since I became a single person, I'm thinking I want to list some facts about the kind of person I am. Not nessecarily for anyone but me, unless you're just wanting to fill your head with useless knowledge about me. Believe it or not (especially due to my profile pic) I am a GOOD girl. Old fashioned. Talking about sex embarrasses the shit out of me. I can text or email some good stuff, but the words leaving my mouth DOES NOT happen.* *I have been known to talk a little dirty when having s*x d***y st**e. Like..."f*** me and call me a dirty slut." LOL LOL LOL!!!! I no longer eat breakfast. I paint my toenails constantly but I despise painting my fingernails and rarely do unless I have something special going on. Despite m
Whos Going To Inherit The Earth After The Next "ice Age"?
I'm bored, and thought I'd have a little ramble on this saposed new ice age set for 2112 or something like that. They say that there is a planet that has gotten out of orbit from parts of your solar we cannot see and that it is coming right at us. It is sapose to set the whole world a blaze in less then 8hrs, even sapose to evaporate all our oceans. That leaves me to think what type of species will be domanant? before us it was mostly reptiles, like the dinosaurs and what not. And this era it was mammals like us. Humans bassically rule the world, we are the most evolved species. But when we get whipped out what if birds or fish or even reptiles again become the most evolved species.. what will happen to our planet? It kind of scares me to think that the whole human race will be killed off, after the thousands of years its taken us to become civilized. What if evolution takes a different turn in that era and humans don't ever exist again? What if theres bird flying around with our IQ. P
Have You?
I have learned from recent events that something so precious can be broken, ran away, or forgotten. Since I was little I was a tool torn between two parents fighting each other. I was always in the shadows to those around me. My words and thoughts were never listened to, but yet completely ignored and thrown in the wind. As I grew older, things never changed: family fighting got worse, and "friends" did their fair share. Counting everything since I was 8 yrs. old; I have been used, beaten, sexually abused, and lets not forget the most harmful..mentally stabbed. Yeah, it was not easy..but I am here..staying strong and living each day. And not till recently did I feel alive. I can not say I did not have a few good times between those painful experiences..but they never lasted long enough to forget the pain. Revenge and hatred are deep down inside wanting to go full force on all those who have pained me in the past..yet I have never even gotten in a fight..i looked for the best in myself
I Love You Just For Valentines Day
I Love You Just for Valentines Day I LOVE YOU IS ANOTHER OF MY FAVOURITE SETS AND INCORPORATES THE LOVE THEME. THIS SET HAS SOME VERY BEAUTIFULL AND MELLOW VIBES FOLLOWED BY A FEW SEXY CLUB TUNEZ. MIXED ON 1210'S. This is a 23min snip of the full 46min set. Full tracklisting can be found on my website
2007 Stella Awards
It's time again for the annual "Stella Awards"! For those unfamiliar > > >> with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck > > >> who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the > > >> McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee. You > > >> remember, she took the lid off the coffee and put it between her > > >> knees while she was driving. Who would ever think one could get > > >> burned doing that, right? > > >> > > >> > > >> That's right; these are awards for the most outlandish lawsuits and > > >> verdicts in the U.S. You know, the kinds of cases that make you > > >> scratch your head. So keep your head scratcher handy. > > >> > > >> > > >> Here are the Stella's for the past year: > > >> > > >> > > >> 7TH PLACE: > > >> Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $80,000 by a jury of > > >> her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was > > >> running inside a furniture store. The store owners wer
I'm Missing You
I'm missing you Memories I can see it sometimes When I close my eyes You are so far away Somewhere that I can't reach But, as long as there is Still a breath in me Memories of you Will never disappear In my heart, There is always you No matter how long I'm going to wait To the very last second of my life You going to be the only one In this life Life is not complete without you I'm missing you
Happy Valentine's Day -- Please Join Me On Blue Orion Lounge Today And This Weekend....
Family, Friends & Fans.... I am excited about the playlist I have put together for my shows this Valentine's Day Weekend. Be sure to join me as I play some sappy and zappy love tunes: THURS 5-8 CST FRI 2-5 CST SAT 11-2 CST Check the page for other DJ's schedules..... Look forward to seeing one and all! DJ DEVINE! :) WHO WILL BE OUR 1,000th NEW MEMBER THIS WEEKEND??? GETTING ON THE BLUE ORION LOUNGE TRAIN************************* WITH THE BESTEST & COOLEST OF THE DJ's *************************************************************** Don't miss the RAWKING HOTTIE DJ'S on BLUE ORION LOUNGE, one of the fastest growing lounges in FU!! (in no particular order) Something for everyone's music taste pleasure!! DJ Direct Imput@ fubar dj MadCat - Blue Orion@ fubar D J BUGZ Blue Orion Lounge im gonna be a daddy agian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@ fubar DJ Shimmer~Blue Orion Radio~@ fubar ♥♥♥Dj Purr♥b
Sexy Nurses
Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day at PhotoCasket To everyone that I missed, it's hard to post this a million times. :)
Stream File
COME ROCK WITH US Places we Stream 2nd LIFE INTOXICATED Bar Village Dedrie and of course our front porch HAHHAHA FUBAR ~Intoxicated Lounge ~DJ Mari's Club Bitch Crew Lounge ~Sissy and Cowboys Biker Bar ~Global Bombers and Family Club ~Shane and Rachels Wolf Den ~Paradise of Lost Souls ~Angel 2 Devil Lounge ~Komo Mai Lounge ~Adult Flirt Playhouse ~Aussie's Bar ~The Buck Stop (and I think there may be atleast one more but honestly can not remember) AND alot of ppls private profiles pages OTHER PLACES Grimlins Goodies Bong Daddys House Bikerornot MySpace Yahoo Pool FreeWeb PLUS ITUNES PLEASE DOWNLOAD INTOXICATED RADIO TOOLBAR AND TAKE US WHERE YOU MAY ROAM: toolbar powered by Conduit
Lesbian Massage
"DESENCHANTEE" - KATE RYAN Nager dans les eaux troubles Des lendemains Attendre ici la fin Flotter dans l'air trop lourd Du presque rien qui tendre la main Si je dois tomber de haut Que ma chute soit lente Je n'ai trouv de repos Que dans l'indiffrence Pourtant je voudrais retrouver l'innocence Mais rien n'a de sens, et rien ne va Chorus: Tout est chaos ct Tous mes idaux: des mots Abms Je cherche mon me, qui Pourra m'aider Je suis D'une gnration dsenchante, Dsenchante Qui pourrait m'empcher De tout entendre Quand la raison s'effondre quel sein se vouer Qui peut prtendre Nous bercer dans son ventre Si la mort est un mystre La vie n'a rien de tendre Si le ciel a un enfer Dis mois, Dans ces vents contraires comment s'y prendre Plus rien n'a de sens, plus rien ne va.
Happy Valentine's Day, My Beautiful Ville...
All Of Me
"Forgive me father, for I have sinned." That was how I began kneeling in that little cubicle asking the local parish priest to intercede for me. "It has been two months since my last confession and these are my sins." "Go ahead my daughter," Father Ryan said to me. "Father, I have lied, I have disobeyed my parents, and I have sworn. And ..." "Yes, my dear," he urged me to continue. "And father, I have fucked 16 boys." I heard Father Ryan suck in his breath at that one. But, regaining his compsure rapidly, he said merely, "Tell me more my child." And this is the story that I related to him. I guess I should begin by saying that my name is Jenny though some of my friends call me Jen. I guess soon some of them might be calling me slut. But that's okay, 'cause I guess it's probably trye. In any case, I'm sixteen years old, kinda' plain looking I guess, smallish, with glasses. Actually, I'm not much more than 5-feet tall and usually weigh around 95
'no Deal' Over Lockerbie Bomber
'No deal' over Lockerbie bomber Jack Straw said any transfer was a matter for Scottish ministers UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw has said "no deal" has been done with Libya for the transfer of the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond had raised concerns after reports that a £450m deal between oil giant BP and Libya was linked to a transfer. In a letter to the Herald newspaper, Mr Straw said such a move would be a matter for the Scottish Government. Megrahi is serving life for killing 270 people in the 1988 bombing. He was convicted in 2001 of blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. Mr Salmond spoke out on the issue after a newspaper said Libya had ratified a contract with BP, after Westminster ministers drafted a prisoner transfer agreement that it claimed could cover Megrahi. The first minister described the report as "a very serious allegation", and said it was up to the UK government to
Calls To Ban 'anti-teen' Device
Calls to ban 'anti-teen' device The device has been used to combat anti-social behaviour 'Buzz' simulated Campaigners are calling for a ban on a device that emits a high-pitched sound to disperse groups of teenagers, saying it is not a fair way to treat them. There are estimated to be 3,500 of the devices, known as the Mosquito, in use in England, many at shopping centres. Their sound causes discomfort to young ears - but their frequency is above the normal hearing range of people over 25. England's children's commissioner backs a ban but stores say the devices can be useful against anti-social youths. What humans can hear The devices, which exploit the fact that a person's ability to hear high frequencies generally declines once they reach their 20s, have proved popular with councils and police who aim to tackle anti-social behaviour by using them to disperse groups of youths. But a new campaign called "Buzz off", led by the children's commissioner
The Canadian Way
THE CANADIAN WAY A Newfie, a little man, was sitting at a bar in Toronto when this huge, burly American guy walks in. As he passes the Newfie, he hits him on the neck knocking him to the floor. The big, burly Yank says, 'That's a karate chop from Korea." Well, the little Newfie gets back on his barstool and resumes drinking his beer. The burly American then gets up to go to the bathroom and, as he walks by the Newfie, he hits him on the other side of the neck and knocks him to the floor. That's a judo chop from Japan', he says. The little Newfie decides he's had enough and leaves. A half hour later he comes back and sees the burly American sitting at the bar. He walks up behind him and whacks him on the head, knocking him out cold. The Newfie says to the bartender, 'When he wakes up, eh, tell him that was a fuckin' hockey stick from Canadian Tire.'
Obese Drama Queens.
So... I made a little comment in a mumm, next thing I know this "womans" sister is calling me a slut, and a fat ass... I know I'm not the skinniest.. But this woman literally did not have room to talk.. She blocked me from saying anything.. Then, like her welfare cashing self.. was jealous of my stuff.. Reported my pics as Nsfw.. and my mumm... cmon now.. Its called "GROWING UP" Eat that you MORBIDLY OBESE WHALES. STAY AWAY FROM FLOUNDER... BTW... His_Texas_Sunrise Is here sn....feel free to show the whale some love.. Karma is a bitch you two-bit whore.
The Smile You Can't Fake
AUTOBIOGRAPHY -Prologue- 1.Who took your profile picture? my default right now is of Kelly Clarkson from her video "Behind these Hazel Eyes" which song goes to how i've been feeling lately 2.Exactly where did you get the clothes you're wearing right now? pj pants from grandma... shirts are work shirts just too lazy to take them off. lol 3.What is your current problem? hmmm problem??? guys & my hip .lol 4.What makes you most happy? my friends... and hugs lol 5.What's the name of the song your listening to? "black Orchid" by Blue October Chapter 1: ABOUT YOU ¢¾ 1.NiCKNAME? umm... don't really have one... but some call me Jo... a teacher that passed away he called me JoJo... uhh... and back in the day I was called Joey.. 2.Eye color? brown....blahh :P 3.Hair color? whatever u want it to be 4.Height? 5'3" I know im short ________________________________________________________ Chapter 2: FAMILY ¢¾ 1.Do you live with your p
Application. About You Name: Age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Favorite color: Favorite food: Whats your AIM or MSN screen name: Tattoos?: Piercings?: Drink?: Smoke?: Any Other drugs?: Would you care if i did drugs?: Would you care if i drank?: Are you a virgin?: Do you have sex?: (if so) How Often?: Is sex all your looking for?: Do you have any STD's?: Would you kiss me anytime?: Anywhere?: Do you like to cuddle?: How much?: Have you ever been cheated on?: Would you cheat on me?: Have you ever cheated on someone?: List your top 3 bands 1.: 2.: 3.: Top 3 movies 1.: 2.: 3.: Do you like to party?: What if i wanted to stay home and watch a movie with you?: What if i wanted to kiss you in the rain?: Are you spontainiouse?: Willing to try new things?: Like your picture taken?: Do you drive?: Go to school?: IMPORTANT QUESTIONS! Would you hold my hand as we
Happy Valentines Day!
China Under Pressure Over Darfur
China under pressure over Darfur Mr Spielberg's decision is a high-profile blow to Olympic organisers China faces more pressure over Darfur, following director Steven Spielberg's decision to withdraw as a Beijing Olympics advisor over the issue. A UK daily has published a letter from 80 Nobel laureates and artists urging Beijing to help end the conflict. China has remained quiet on the issue. Neither the foreign ministry nor Olympics organisers have formally responded to Mr Spielberg's move. But US-based diplomats said that it was not fair to link China with Darfur. "As the Darfur issue is neither an internal issue of China, nor is it caused by China, it is completely unreasonable, irresponsible and unfair for certain organisations and individuals to link the two as one," a statement from China's Washington embassy said. OLYMPICS ROW Famous names involved in advising the Olympics include director Zhang Yimou and Kung Fu star Jackie Chan Hollywood stars Mia
Come One Come All
You are cordially invited to witness the joining of two hearts, lives and souls as one. On this blessed day this man Sean....Andrea's Love a.k.a. IrishPunk Club F.A.R...Fu-Fiance 2 Andrea And This Woman Sean's girl & Fu-Fiance to Sean aka Irishpunk~Co-Owned by Irishpunk & LSD's Shell Will be joined in fu-matrimony on Thursday the 14th of February in the year 2008 at 3 O'Clock in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. Please click the picture to join in this joyous event at the appointed time. This event will be presided over by the honorable Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M (repost of original by 'Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M.- fu-owned by BOBBYBONES~DSC 4LIFE' on '2008-02-13 22:04:53')
Is Obama's Momentum Unstoppable?
Is Obama's momentum unstoppable? Has Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination? Mr Obama is popular with moderate and independent voters It is certainly tempting to make this conclusion based on his amazing string of victories on Saturday and Tuesday evening. But the short answer to the question has to be no. Senator Obama has now more states than his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, including the last six (plus the Virgin Islands and the national capital, Washington DC) and he now leads among delegates pledged to vote for him at the Democratic National Convention. In addition to his momentum of victories, he has made significant inroads into constituencies that were the core of his opponent's support. Thus, in Virginia and Maryland, exit polls revealed that he tied with Senator Clinton among white voters, and actually defeated her among women, lower-income voters, rural voters, those over 65 years of age, Catholics, and Hispanics. Swing gr
Lebanon Braced For Key Memorials
Lebanon braced for key memorials Tens of thousands are expected to converge on Martyrs' Square Lebanon is preparing to mark three years since the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri, as the funeral is held of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh. The two high profile events are to take place just a few miles apart in Beirut. A huge security operation is under way in the capital amid fears of clashes between pro- and anti-Syrian factions. Correspondents say it comes at a potentially explosive time in Lebanon; the country has had no president since November and no functioning parliament. The country has been experiencing some of its worst internal violence since the assassination of Rafik Hariri plunged Lebanon into crisis three years ago. His murder sparked massive domestic and international pressure, which forced Syria to withdraw its troops from neighbouring Lebanon after a presence of 29 years. Notorious 'terror mastermind' Who are Hezbollah?
Happy Valentine
To All My Friends, Family, And Fans I Just Wanted To Say...
MySpace Layouts & MySpace Graphics AND A VERY WONDERFUL ONE AT THAT! LOVE TO ALL...
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love peanut butter 2. I HAVE SEVERE ADHD, AND LOVE TO CLEAN.... 3. I PAINT MY TOES EVERDAY 4. I CANT DRINK TAP WATER 5. I WORK FOR AN ONLINE MARKETING COMPANY 6. I WAS ON THE HONOR ROLL IN HS.. 7. I DIDNT GET MY FIRST B IN SCHOOL UNTIL MY JR YEAR. 8. MY MOM IS A POT-SMOKING HIPPY 9. I CAN DO THE VOICE OF CARTMAN TO A T.. 10. I LIKE THE SMELL OF FRESH PAINT. People I'd like to tag: I HAVE NO CLUE.
Valentine's Day 2008
"Lover's Heart" (copywritten 2/14/08) Can you love me? Will you love me? Will it be my pire? You're inside me Deep inside me You, you are my fire. I never wanted Never wanted to love you You never gave me a reason... Not to. I miss you, I miss you I wanna k-k-k-kiss you I wanna I wanna p-p-please you I just... I just... I you. 2/14/08 CSS
My First C**k
It was Christmas time 2001 and I was not getting along with my girlfriend at the time. We had gone to a holiday party with a couple of her friends and lf had gotten into a fight and found myself stuck the next morning at her friends house. His name was Kelly and he was a senior in High School and unabashedly queer. he was about 6 feet tall had shoulder length strawberry blond hair, Kelly and I had always gotten along fine, I thought he had a great sense of humor and I always bought him beer and cigarettes. So I find myself alone with this boy (his parents are out of town and his older sister is at work). We spend the day drinking beer watching movies and talking about our problematic love lives. Around 8pm he asks me if I want to hear a song that he recorded, "sure" I say, and he tells me to come to his this point I know what's going on and I'm sure he knows i know. He plays his song for me as I'm sitting on his singe bed, It's not a very good song but I tell him that I like
In Loving Memory Of Jennifer Crow - R.i.p. Babygirl
March 11th, 1984 - February 12th, 2008 Without You Here Although you are gone, Your spirit lives on. We all miss you and cry With every day that goes by. Knowing that you're in a better place Just brings a smile to my face. I wish you were just here with us, with me But I know that will never be. I will always wonder why you had to go And this is something I will never know.
Wedding Ring Problem
True Story from Houston Medical Center? A man went to the hospital to have his wedding ring cut off from his penis. According to the Nurse attending, the patient's girl friend found the ring in his pants pocket and she got so mad at him, she used petroleum jelly to slip the ring on his penis while he was asleep. I don't know what's worse: 1). Having your girl friend find out you're married; 2). Explaining to your wife how your wedding ring got on your penis; 3). Or finding out your penis fits through your wedding ring.
Tag! Your It! Haha~
WELL, first, don't laugh at anyone who has been tagged, it gets you tagged! :( THANKS WET! :) Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1) I love to read about world war two, fiction and non. 2) I am the biggest flirt you will ever meet. 3) I will probably never get married, I will be the crazy dog lady, the little kids run from. 4) The discovery health channel, rocks! 5) I sing like an idiot if i think no one can hear me! 6)I love driving duallys, and other trucks, its fun! 7)my favorite movie is labyrinth! ( i still secretly have a crush on David Bowie) 8) I worked for the carnival for 13 years, i grew up out there. 9) I am horrible at being serious,even in the worst o
Ghost Rider Wishes
A New Vision Has Emerged.
My soul resides by the sandy beaches of luxury and paradise. The ocean waters crash amongst my feet, running through my toes without a struggle. I start to walk parallel to the other edge of this world, this seemingly vast and infinite change of scenery. I keep walking as I contemplate the struggles and hardships of my life, and the waves of this new world seem to take these burdens away without a moment's notice. Finally, my shoulders are lifted, my soul can breathe in this gentle, salty breeze that flows through my hair. The sun rises with anticipation of amorous beauty and glory at the other edge of this world I am next to. I think about the beautiful things that have and will occur in my life. And as I walk further, my dream is standing there, with her ever-loving beauty that seems to out shine the glamorous sun. Her eyes are of a world unseen. The pupils of purity and humility. Her shimmering black hair flows with the wind, her white summer dress imitates t
Back To Hospital Again...
I know I have not been here much lately but with Shawn so sick and trying so hard to get my business started I dont have much time...But without the business I will not be able to afford the meds needed to keep my son alive so I keep pushing...Shawn is not doing so well...He is very sick...This is so hard...They say jesus deals us no more than we can stand but dam how strong does he really think I am...Anyways I am just rambling so please just pray for my son...Thank you again KNIGHTSKITTY {NANCY}
Sol Children
Once there was this boy from Mars and this girl from Venus. Not only had they come from different planets but different eons. They both lived such very different lives and yet in some ways very similar lives. Very dark painful lives in so many ways. He lost his mother when he was very young and she her father. They both suffered physical and mental abuse from those who should have loved them unconditionally. They both found that this pain forged in them special powers. The power to create tremendous beauty with but mere flicks of their hands. To see things others missed. Some how in this infinite large dark universe they found each other. And for a time they found paradise. But maybe nothing is meant to last forever. And maybe the differences were too much. Fate had other plans and she found her father... The future is yet unwritten... for Kimberly ~Lorenzo the ModernDaVinci
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love peanut butter 2. I don't bother eating healthy, yet the doctor tells me I'm perfectly healthy 3. My brother is half black 4. My dad is on Fubar 5. I've only had one job, and I still work there. I don't like it all that much, either. 6. My high school GPA was 2.3, only because of poor attendance and lack of doing school work. 7. I got a C average in a class solely by taking tests. 8. My family consists of just about every racial background, except Asian. 9. I can fake accents pretty well. 10. I'm the only person in my intermediate family who doesn't smoke. People I'd like to tag: "Kari_
What Kind Of Pie Am I???
You Are Apple Pie You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional. You prefer things the way you've always known them. You'll admit that you're old fashioned, and you don't see anything wrong with that. Your tastes and preferences are classic. And classic never goes out of style. Those who like you crave security. People can rely on you to be true to yourself - and true to them. You're loyal, trustworthy, and comfortable in your own skin. And because of these qualities, you've definitely earned a lot of respect.What Kind of Pie Are You?
Come One Come All!!!
In honor of my dear friend Andrea's fu-wedding to her fiance Sean I present this blog :) You are cordially invited to witness the joining of two hearts, lives and souls as one. On this blessed day this man Sean....Andrea's Love a.k.a. IrishPunk Club F.A.R...Fu-Fiance 2 Andrea@ fubar And This Woman Sean's girl & Fu-Fiance to Sean aka Irishpunk~Co-Owned by Irishpunk & LSD's Shell@ fubar Will be joined in fu-matrimony on Thursday the 14th of February in the year 2008 at 3 O'Clock in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. Please click the picture to join in this joyous event at the appointed time. This event will be presided over by the honorable Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M
Just Follow A To Z
A B C 's of Life A Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. B Believe in yourself. C Consider things from every angle. D Don’t give up and don’t give in. E Enjoy life today - yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come. F Family and friends are hidden treasures. G Give more than you planned to. H Hang on to your dreams. I Ignore those who try to discourage you. J Just do it. K Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. L Love yourself first and most. M Make it happen. N Never lie, cheat or steal; always strike a fair deal. O Open your eyes and see things as they really are. P Practice makes perfect. Q Quitters never win, and winners never quit. R Read, study and learn about everything important in your life. S Stop procrastinating. T Take control of your own destiny. U Understand yourself to better understand others. V Visualize it! W Want it more than anything. X Xcellerate your efforts. Y You are unique of all God’s cr
To Apply Copy/paste/fill Out/email
To apply for a position as a sub you must copy/paste/fill out and email this application to this fubar account. Do NOT leave any question unanswered and add all the details you can. This application will NOT be shared with anyone but the Master and Mistress. If you do not understand a question or are unsure how to answer then simply state so. You will not be discounted as long as you do your best to complete the application. 1) Do you understand what it is to be submissive? 2) Are you ready, willing and able to fulfill the obligations of a submissive? 3) Do you fully understand and accept the Dom's role in your online experience? 4) Are you willing to submit yourself to the Dom's control completely and totally trusting in the rules of the relationship? 5) Do you own a web cam and are you completely willing to subject yourself to full viewing by the Dom? 6) Are you 18 years of age or older and willing to provide proof of this fact? 7) What type of sub
Happy Valentines !!!!!!!!
MyHotComments♥ you!!! hugs & kisses i posted it a blog cause I'm too lazy right now to post it on your page.... xoxo much love honey!
History Of Valentine's Day
As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged. After eight hundred years of this cruel practice, the early church fathers sought to end this practice... They found an answer in Valentine, a bishop who had been martyred some two hundred years earlier. According to church tradition St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius-II who had issued an edict forbidding marriage. This was around when the heyday of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Learning declined, taxation increased, and trade slumped to a low, precarious level. And the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Euro
For Every Day
imikimi - Customize Your World
Looking For A Fu Wife
im looking for a fu wifey that will love me , respect me, and treat me right. please , drama queens are not welcome.
You're so conceited, you're such an ass. I could keep going, but I might sound brass. Oh well, what the hell, you're nothing more then a lower class. You can tell a person by the company they keep, and even better if the creep leads them around like sheep. A user, a controller, a manipulator, do you even know who you are? You are a complete fucking idiot, an imbecile, a moron! I'm glad you think you're happy, I'm glad you think you're free. As you live the same life, why can't you let things be? Accept things as they are, people as well. And as for the past, don't sit and dwell.
1 Week Almost Level 10
Lot Everybody, well I been here a week now and almost level ten and I cant wait to be able to start my own lounge! I know it is gonna be alot of work. Hey if there are any classic Rock fans out there that wanna start a lounge together I wanna try to get it built and up and running before may or so and the more time goes by the more I will be working more. Hey I am not bragging I was shocked I musta gone from level 5 to level 9 over night had alot of people looking at my profile and I had been on here 18 hours a day and just alot of plain hard work or hard play if you will. I actually have only been going to about ten lounges but hey what can I say people remember me, I make them laugh so you got to gregarious, if you sit in the corner quiet and pop off aword two here and there you are not going to generate much. Lots of photos and lots and lots of nice people help too. yoshi out
Love Is
love is special love is sweet love is what makes life complete! sharing caring through the years love is wiping away the tears just wanted to tell u how i still feel on valentines day i love u shawn with all my heart! forever and allways Music Video:CRAZY FOR YOU (by Madonna)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
For Broken Angel
as you sleep dream of me as you sleep dream of us as you sleep next to me as you sleep rember i love you as you sleep close your eyes and kiss me as you sleep think of me as i think of you ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU Ira Lee Moorealways and foreverAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Sittin Here Thinking
lately ive been doing a lot of thinking about life. and for some reason it seems that all the guys i cant have want me. i have an amazing guy friend who i know will always be there for me...i would love to see it turn into more but if it doesnt thats ok. then i have another friend who is well also amazing. but he is dating a good friend of mine. so its like idk what to do anymore. i dont want to stay single but i dont want to lose any friends. life just doesnt really seem to be going my way. its almost as if god wants me to stay lonely and single...even though i have plenty of offers. i cant help but sit here and think about it...sit here and wonder
Silva Mind Control Method
Quiet your mind. Clear your thoughts. In your mind say: "I'm going to count down from 3 to 1, visualizing each number on a white orb suspended in the air above my head. When I reach the third and final "1" my body will be deeply relaxed. I will have no awareness of physical sensations. I will not perceive any physical discomfort. My consciousness will be focused on my astral body. Now visualize a white orb suspended in the air above your head. Mentally focus on the orb I visualize a number "3" on the face of the orb. The numbers can be any color. They may vary with each experience. Visualize the 3 --three times: three number "3's" on the orb. Your body is completely relaxed. You are losing awareness of your physical body. Then repeat the visualization with three number "2's." You are into greater relaxation. Now visualize the "1's." You are losing awareness of physical sensations. Your consciousness will be in your astral body. Repeat this using the number "1's" three ti
I Got Tagged!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.) My middle name is Jordan...after Michael Jordan. 2.) I was born during the half-time of the NCAA men's bball championship game in 1986. 3.) I'm pro-choice and I will be until the day I die. 4.) I'm a Tarheels fan...till death!! 5.) I was raised in the Baptist church. I no longer affiliate with the Baptist church. 6.) I'm prejudice at times. I'm not proud of it but I'm not afraid to admit I have a problem. 7.) Nothing irritates me more than people who don't spell check their emails or documents of any kind. 8.) I really wish I wasn't an only child. 9.) I'm allergic to dairy products. Not lactose in
Tag! 10 Random Things...enjoy!
You know how this works. Make a list of 10 things not obvious to the 'net world. They should be quirky/odd/bizarre/random as hell. Then, at the end of your blog, tag 5 friends. Don't forget to leave them a comment saying "you're it!"... 'cause then they won't know to blog some interesting factoids about themselves & tag their friends & keep the vicious cycle going. heh. this is only because i love em.jay so much... 1) i amazingly do enjoy dancing, i love moving to music as much as i love listening to it 2) i have had one best friend for 10 years, she is the best and i love her more then i could ever love someone, if i lost her i would probably die 3) in the last 4 years of my life, ive have had 8 different jobs. thats a lot from the time your 14 to 18 4) Im up to try anything once, well almost anything. never offer me hard drugs, if its stronger then painkillers or pot get it away from me, ill hurt you. 5) I feel guilty everyday for the death of my friend, since august whe
Valentine's Day: Quotations Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. -Aristotle Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. -William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable. -Henry Ward Beecher Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. -Anais Nin Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must needs
Monroe Techniques For Astral Projection
Taken from Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection, D. Scott Rogo, Prentice Hall Press One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is fear. Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result of their projection. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Canterbury Institute, renowned for its occult studies, executed an experiment in projection involving over 2,000 people. None of them were hurt in any way by this, and now, three years later, none have complained of any newly arising problems. Once you are aware that you cannot be harmed by projecting, you should begin Monroe's techniques, step by step. Step one: Relax the body. According to Monroe, "the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself" to having an OBE. (out of body experience) This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle relaxat
Kell & Fubar
I came to make friends. I rate photos, I make "friends" who never write, who don't buy me drinks. I come here as a lonely woman, a lady, perhaps too much of a lady for this site. I'm very discouraged. I'll hope for better times,for awhile. Grandpa used to say wish in one hand, crap in the other, see which one fills up faster. I'm seeing that very much here. Sorry. Valentines day. Big deal. Just another day for me. Well, enough of this bs before I get really bum kicked. Like anyone will even read this, lmfao!! Kell, if it matters!! I don't believe it does....
Amazing Man
you have proven to me that not all men are asshole. sure from time to time i might wonder if im crazy and just setting myself up to get hurt again but i have to remind myself not to fall too hard yet. if i dont fall hard then i wont really get hurt. you just have been so amazing to me. such a good friend. i am just glad to know you will always be there for me as i will be for you. you have proven to me there are still some very amazing guys out there. i just hope time shows me i dont have to look any farther to find another. but if i do at least i know i will have an amazing man by myside no matter what happens.
Hey guys, I have a question. You aren't leaving me any comments. Am I being to personal? Do you want me to not take about my dreams, and sex? Is there something more important you want me to discuss? If you want to leave me a comment I'll leave it no matter what it is. I'll also reply to every comment. Let me know what you want guys. Luv u Tara
Whatever Our Hands Touch
..HEART PRINTSWhatever our hands touch---We leave fingerprints!On walls, on furniture,On doorknobs, dishes, books,As we touch we leave our identity.Oh please where ever I go today,Help me leave heartprints!Heartprints of compassionOf understanding and love.Heartprints of kindnessand genuine concern.May my heart touch a lonely neighborOr a runaway daughter,Or an anxious mother,Or, perhaps, a dear friend!I shall go out todayTo leave heartprints,And if someone should sayI felt your touch,May that one sense be...YOUR LOVETouching through ME.This is to all the wonderful peopleI have met!I offer you my hand in friendshipso that when you reach out in times of need,you can be certain that I'll always be there.when it returns to you,you'll know who'll be your friends for life!
You Gotta See Them...
So, the Globetrotters were at the Orleans arena tonite. It was HILARIOUS!!! Brightened my mood up right away. Plus it was a bonus to see my brother excited about something after lord knows how long... My mom had fun too. I think I'm getting a cold. That's the only sucky part of my evening tonite. It is seriously cold out here in Vegas and the wind chill doesn't help it any...ah so... only have to put up with it for a few more months. My goal date for moving to Florida is April 1, 2008. So... yay. If the Globetrotters ever come to your area seriously check it out... You'll be happy you did!
Bdsm Online And Off
The world of BDSM has opened to those who have not had the ability to come out of the closet and experience it first hand. It has been opened by the Internet. The World Wide Web. An amazing world that originally started with small groups called “BBSs” has now grown into a multi-million dollar industry that is now becoming more and more accepted as people start to find themselves and others like them. Now, all of a sudden “we” no longer are “sick” or “demented” but a group of lucatrive people who are endorphine junkies. However, since the invention of the wheel, criminals have found a way to exploit it. BDSM is absolutely not hidden from the ‘criminal’ or ‘predator’ element. In fact, it seems however, that they have flocked to us as a way to blend in. Their presence is not limited to the online element, as it seems that somewhere in just about every community, we have run into a sexual predator or pedophile in the group. The problem now is more difficult in finding the pred
Heart Determines
Heart Determines It's ok to kiss a fool,It's ok to let a fool kiss you,but never ever let a kiss fool you....It's still best to wait for the one you wantthan settle for the one available.Best to wait for the one you lovethan settle for one who's around.Best to wait for the right one.Life is short to waste on the wrong person....It is better to meet the person who will truly love you later,than meet someone now who promises to loveyou but sooner or later leave you forever.....Never try to impress someone to make him/her fall in love with youIf you do, you will be expected to keep the standard for the rest of your life...Fate determines who comes into our lives. The heart determines who stays...
Everyone makes a big deal of it Wants you to stay in a certain limit But I dont understand Just cuz of a number Doesnt mean you cant find love You were worried Scared it would push me away But to me its only a number You make me feel special And always try makin me happy Im sick of what the world thinks And Im not letting it bother me If they dont like it too bad You have touched my life In a way no other has If we find it to be true Age doesnt matter
ok is it just me or do people have something to hide when they put there pics ( me ) private or nsfw or is it that they dont want to here the truth of what people have to say about there pics that say me so should they post the pics for all to see or just be afraid
Im starting to be confused Dont know what I really feel I think I know Yet Im afraid to know Not knowing for sure Your feelings inside I know your scared And I totally understand Know you want to wait Before you speak your feelings Im tryin to keep mine limited Yet it gets harder daily I realize how much you mean How much I care And I cant help but wonder How alike our feelings are
10 Things About Me...
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I'm afraid of water... 2. Once when I had a hangover..I stubbed my toe and broke it...then passed out..ugh. 3. When I love..I love with everything I have..nothing less. 4. I was in a car accident, broke my arm and ended up with a scar on my cheek. 5. I gag when I eat fish...ewww 6. I was bucked off a donkey once..don't ask... 7. I'm totally and completely in love with B and I hope he knows just how much... 8. I love hockey... 9. I wish I was more accepting of myself... 10. I have tons of love for Frawgi..Willa you're a lucky girl. Given to: BratPrince Miss Evil Warlox Nossie CSC
How can you be single Yet not feel like it Almost feel as if your taken Very happy with that thought Ive always thought being single was good But now Im not sure Yes Im single At least technically But theres a part of me That feels like Im not I guess maybe its cuz I dont want to be Or maybe cuz I want you so bad Starting to hate this Dont want to be single any more
Black Testicles
Black Testicles A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, still heavily sedated from a difficult four hour surgical procedure. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath. Nurse", he mumbles, from behind the mask. "Are my testicles black?" Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet." He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, are my testicles black?" Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other, lifting and moving them around. Then, she takes a close look and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, sir!!" The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says very slowly, "Thank you very much. That was wonderful, but, listen very, very closely... "A
Im trying hard To hold back Hide my heart Even though I dont want to You seem so right So perfect in every way I just want to be with you Yet am afraid to think of it We both have agreed to wait Let time work its course And see where it leads But I honestly believe its too late I think Im falling *Hunni you know who you are and dont freak out over this. Im just saying that I think I am...but dont worry, I know what we have agreed and its in my mind*
Friends Til The End
We have no clue How this will end up If our feelings are true Or if they will change Either way Im cherishing them now The want and desire I have for you Maybe it will work Or maybe it wont But we promised To be friends No matter what Friends today Friends tomorrow Friends til the end
Helping You Through
Times are rough I hate not being there Helping you through Letting you lean on me Youre trying to be strong Yet I know youre hurting Wish I was there Holding you tight Never to let go Cant wait til it can be Til Im next to you Helping you through!
Blackentine's Day
BLACKENTINE'S DAY C/O Black Thursday - February 14th 2008 The 9th Anniversary! Blackentine's Day was first celebrated February 14th 1999. It is STILL not a recognized day on the calendar but more people know about it every year. It is a day that many people who are married or have a "significant other" generally do not get to celebrate because it falls on the same day as another well recognized day sponsored by your local florists, jewelers and of course Hallmark. Blackentine's Day is similar to St. Patrick's Day in some ways, but you wear black instead of green. You drink plenty of your favorite alcoholic beverage and listen to music. However the music of Blackentine's Day is (or should be) very dark, sometimes slow but never happy or party type music. Doom or Goth metal is the preferred music however Death and Black metal are also quite suitable if you can tolerate it. There are a few great cds that don't really fit the mentioned genres
So They Know
Have a lot going on Neither have enough time To talk the way we want Or even to meet But we are always together In our thoughts A simple text Just to say "I miss you" Lets the other know Our lives may be busy But we are still thinking Always have the other on mind And send a lil text Just so they know
You lied You cheated You hurt many Now its backfired Youre the one hurt They know about the lies Tehy know about the cheating You blame him Bu hes not at fault He spoke the truth And now youre paying Karma is coming And its not going to be nice
Always On My Mind
Always on my mind Day and night Youre the one im thinking of Cant help but want you More each day So good to me Making sure Im happy Bother have been hurt Both are scared I dont know about you But Im really starting to care Every thing makes me want you To be wrapped in your arms Doesnt matter what Im doing Youre always there Day and night Always on my mind
I Shuold Be Shot
oh wow..i feel so disgusting..i mean really?? hahahaha i been hearing this song and i love it...i was trying and trying to figure out who sings it..and then someone told me..and i almost cried..haha i admit it...i like a backstreet boys song :/ hahahahaha...seriously tho..u gotta hear it...its called 'incomplete' its really *cough*good*cough* ok ok..u may shoot me now..
Valentines Day
With great anticipation Valentines Day has arrived. Everyone's giddy with excitement, will it be roses? a romantic dinner? jewelry? chocolates? or a combination of them all. It's a day dedicated to the romantic at heart, and a day romance manifests itself for so many. It's a beautiful day for those that can touch, feel , breath in the very being of their special Valentine. Those are the lucky ones, the ones they'll hear those magic 3 words, I Love You, and the luckier ones will have it whispered in their ears as their body tingles with every word. Embrace that moment, save it eternally, the magic of that moment will always stay with you. For those of us alone on Valentines Day, those of us that won't hear those words, feel that moment, for all of us that will go through that day with thoughts of that "someone" that's not there beside you, my sentiments can be expressed the best by Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"
Ok I have been tagged and have to come up with 10 random things about me... 1. I am a sci-fi nerd...Child of Star Wars I guess 2. I am a clean freak besides a fitfreak 3. I ran with the bulls in spain 4. I have a huge phobia of wasps....I HATE them...they creep me out 5. Besides english I speak fluent Dutch and Spanish 6. Wish I pursued a career as a police SWAT team....but I couldn't get through the par tof having to be a street cop first and having to give people tickets. I just want to kick in doors and bust the REAL bad people 7. I watch alot of History, Science, National Georgraphic channel and other 8. I love play dumb. Then people either underestimate me or don't pay attention to me Big mistake 9. I feel music is the soundtrack to our lives. When I hear a sone it ALWAYS makes me think of the time when I was first listening to it. Especially the music I listed to in high school and College 10. I love talking and hanging out with women instead of mo
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tell all your hot friends to swing by my page i'll return the flavor woman only thanks
Valentines Day Surprise
I checked my watch. He was already twenty minutes late, my diet coke had lost its fizz, and I felt anger rising in my throat. He said seven-thirty sharp. My cell phone said seven-fifty. The waiter walked by the empty place setting across from me again; his eyes said it all. He knew I was stood up on Valentine's Day. "I'm sorry; I hate to see a beautiful woman alone on Valentine's Day." The waiter surprised me by sitting down across from me. "I'm off for the night, and you're expecting someone who didn't arrive. I hope I'm not being presumptuous." I was intrigued by his confidence, and since he was right, my date did not show, I agreed to have dinner with him. At first, I was concerned about his job, knowing most restaurant owners didn't allow their help to join the customers for dinner. He didn't seem concerned at all, though. Through what felt like innocent conversation, I was absolutely mesmerized by his full lips, watching him talk, eat, thinking about those lips and wondering
Stormy Premonition
It was a cloudy late afternoon, humidity rising, sweaty foreheads, and far away rumbling was heard, coming closer and closer. The sun had resigned itself to stay hidden away behind the swirling dark clouds, and fate was left to run its course, good or bad. She left me on the porch to witness mother nature. I could hear her inside the kitchen, the clinks of the metal spoon against the glass pitcher, and realized that I would soon be served a heaping glass of cold ice tea. A refreshing thought indeed, and as she opened the screen door, I noticed her fingers were wrapped firmly around the spoon, swirling the ice tea around the glass, looking at me, her smile indicative of her comforting hospitality. She had piercing brown eyes, long dark hair, and her short jean skirt made her legs seem as thought they would never end. Her pink Chicago Bears shirt with the 00 number over her chest stood out sensually with each 0 placed perfectly over each breast. The wind blew hard enough to excite
Will You Be My Valentine ?
will you be my Valentine ?
Useless Life Forms
apparently there are some issues that have to be rectified. you see. there is some sad little ugly white boy who is playing the pity party once again and blaming others for his downfall. well.. myself or my kick ass roomie never sent any pictures to and gay adds.. although damn i do wish i thought of it.. i am still offering dinner for whomever did that. also we did not ruin his life.. he did that all by his widdle self. he dated some manly lookin bitch and blames us for his lack in taste. then hooks up with women would would rather sleep with eachother than him.. or some that find more interest in the vibration of their phone than his company. you know.. you really are a useless life form.. you really have a better chance of dressing as a woman and letting some big guy named bubba screw you in the ass. cause your not really good at being a man. stop being such a whiney little bitch and stand up and take responsibility for your own damn actions for a change. thank you management
Happy Hump Day Everyone
happy hump day everyone
Water Effect
i make water effect picture if you want one let me know 1 pick the picture 2 tell me which folder and what the picture is
I have a friend who I have known online for about 4 years. She is amazing. We haven't met in person but this group of friends we have is strong and tight. She was recently in the hospital for testing and she passed out. When she passed out her head hit a step and she has been in a coma ever since. Her family is not wanting to talk to us because we are just through a screen. I understand the pain but we know nothing. Anyway, another friend of hers is keeping us updated on Tammy.. but.. Here My breath has been knocked out Tears run down my cheeks I want to scream To throw something that will break against a wall I am frustrated by life Frustrated by lack of control Angered that bad things happen to good people. Angered that there is nothing that I can do. I think of all the people effected Husband, daughter, sister, mother Friends. Friends that have never met Yet mean so much. Friends that can be discounted by family Because they are at the other end of a screen N
Stolen From M.y.l.f.
1. I'll respond with something random about you. 2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you. 3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in. 4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. 5. I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of. 7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you. 8. If you do this you MUST post this on yours. You MUST. It is written.
Valentine's Poem
Violets are Purple, Roses are Black A Lover for my Heart For too long,this I lack Roses Are Yellow, Violets are Blue This lonely fellow, stills waits for love, so true My Soulmate - long Overdue Someday I'll have a love to be mine, But for this year, I'll be my own Valentine. Phildrew Script 2/13/2008
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Dying Mind
A dying mind Trapped inside a dying mind Your careful future left behind A single tear marks your pain As memories fade away There is no fight the battles won For all you know has come undone The hand of death has one more blow As all your systems start to slow Your gift of sight has come and gone Though your hearing like you lives on trapped inside a dying mind. Nixy 2005
Guys Ugh
so about a month ago i would say this guy told me he liked me. at first i didnt want to believe him cuz hes 19 and i am 23. well i told him i liked him. so we decided to date but keep in a secret from work and some other people only cuz he didnt want his ex to find out since she might be carryin his kid. so we ended up kissing a couple of times and i thought ok he wants to be with me. well his dad called him off work sayin alex had to take his GF to the er cuz she was pukein up blood. i dont know if i want to believe that he went back to her or not. ugh i'm gonna give up.
I GOT TAGGED BY SOMEONE Instructions... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I LIKE EVERYTHING TO BE MADE PERFECT. 2.IM A FLIRTY PERSON. 3.LOVE CANDIES. 4.I THINK IM NOT PRETTY ENOUGH. 5.I SMILE ALOT. 6.I LIKE TO BE RESPECTED. 7.HATES SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE KITCHEN. 8.LIKES DRESSING SEXY. 9.LOVES SEAFOOD. 10.AND YEAH IM FIRE ON BED!!!LMAO
I was sitting in a booth at a Country Western Bar that I was visiting for the first time. I was there about two hours watching the place fill up and waiting for the band to come back from break. I was downing my third beer and waiting to get up the nerve to ask one of the girls to dance. I had no one in particular in mind, but the place was full and there were plenty of women to choose from. Just as I finished my beer, the waitress came over and placed another one on the table. She said it was complements of the customer sitting at the bar. I could hardly see the bar area because my view was blocked by all the customers. I just waved in that general direction, a freindly salute and started to drink the beer. Many images were going through my mind, wondering who bought me the beer. As I was looking down at my glass, I sensed that someone was standing next to my booth and I quikly looked up. She was amazing. She stood at least 6'2" and had gorgeous long blonde hair. Her sta
My Pregnant Doggie
Ok, so here is what I did. I am reading Stephanie Lynn's blog awhile back about her possibly wanting another little doggie. And hearing her tale of her doggie it kinda makes me want one. So I go investigating breeds, looking up breeders, researching the breeds, looking on the internet for certain types of dogs. It was a toss up between a daschund, a min pin or a teacup poodle. I eventually settled on a female half min pin half daschund, perfect right. We adopted her from being put to sleep at the local animal shelter. I found her on pet by accident, and fell in love with her picture not knowing she was right here in my town and half n half of the two seperate breeds my husband and I were at odds about. I saw it as a sign that she was meant for me. Turns out she is a wonderful, sweet, HOUSE TRAINED (thank the lord) most loveable dog I have ever seen. And unbenounced to us at the time, she was/is pregnant. Took her to the vet a few days after I got her to see about getting
Time And Again
Right now I am so single it hurts. How do I stop getting disappointed? I get my hopes up, looking forward to maybe something happening between me and the guy I really like. I always end up disappointed and hurt. I'm ready to give up now.
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I may have a mohawk, and an earring...but i'm as country as they come at heart. 2. I sometimes struggle between being a MAN...and the urge to break down and bawl. 3. I'm a softy for animals and kids..I'd shoot a room full of grown ups over one 4. Sometimes i get frustrated because I can never think of sufficient ways to show WIlla how much i love her. 5. I've been shot, stabbed, and beaten. 6. I believe that some legends are too universal not too be true. 7. I used to be a youth pastor, and i gave my first sermon at 16. 8. I spent a summer during high school building an orphanage and houses
Happy Birthday And Valentines Day Mom
With a HEAVY heart, and FOND memories I would like to wish my mother, Carol Jean Kennedy - Horton, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE'S Day. REST IN PEACE (Feb 14 1947 to May 5 2005) Mom I love you and Miss you Your son

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