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I Need Help! How Can I Change My Background?
I really don't know it would be nice if some one help me thanks guys
Living By The Ocean
today as usual, i wandered down to surfside beach to think things through, ya know thats what tiggers do...smiles...anyhow the wind swept sand reminded me of the mountains of ny with the swirling looking like snow and me thinking of how things were there...and thinking of the friends the little i had, and thinking how my mom said snow was then just when i was sitting on the bench overlooking the ocean, i was reminded why i came here, for not less than 30 yards i was greeted by not one, not two but three pods of dolphins amounting to at least 30 dolphins playing just outside the surf zone...they were fishing and i got to see exactly how they rounded up fish to eat, they created this huge circle and surrounded the fish, then darting in and out of the massive school of fish they began to eat, but the best yet to see, was a baby dolphin swimming side by side his mother, in unision, up to take a breath and back down...that made it seem all the better, but coming ho
Please Dont Cry
Mommy.. Johnny brought a gun to school, He told his friends that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Mommy, I was a good girl, I did What I was told, I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold! But Mommy, when I went school that day, I never said good-bye, I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don't cry. When Johnny shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because Johnny, Got the gun from his older brother. Mommy, please tell Daddy; That I love him very much, And please tell Chris; my boyfriend; That it wasn't just a crush. And tell my little sister; That she is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my wonderful friends; That they always were the best; Mommy, I'm not the first, I'm no better than the rest. Mommy, tell my teachers; I won't show up for class, And never to forg
Wat Up
And Now A Word From Are Sponsers.......
The Cherry Stim Girl
hello cherries, i just want to say hi to all of you. i haven t had a chance to write my 1st blog for cherrytap but i am working on it.i do like to thank Belladonna for telling me about Cherrytap on my Myspace bulletin. i am looking forward to meeting all the ladies because i am lesbian as i have mention.cherry smooches to you all from Michelle
Love Jennifer S
She is the air I what to have to live
Love wish u all the freedom as a unicorn free to have a grea t life and lives in your heart forever
What A Great Bunch Of Peeps
I left a comment on a MUM today out of the goodness of my heart, because I like helping people out when I can. Turns out the advice wasn't appreciated. So I went to this "Playboy Bunny Rate my profile a 10 before adding"'s profile and tried to leave something like..."ok, that's cool, just trying to help" but it turns out you have to be a friend to leave any comment. She was qick to add a comment to my profile though, and I deleted it of course, then I looked back at the mum and it looks like she didn't want anyone's opinions - just the points! What a fucking loser! I thought rather than put out a bulletin on her sorry ass, a more constructive thing for me to do just send out a BIG THANK YOU to the people on my Friends list. Y'all are just freakin awesome! I've trimmed some bad choices off my list and added a dozen people this week and it's so much nicer. I got a diverse group of genuinely nice, talented, and respectful people that I have the pleasure of interacting with every day
The Many Sides Of Love
There are many sides of love,of course there is the fairytale side of love where you love them they love you the sex is unbelievable,you cuddle and you call each other on the phone and talk for hours ...god it's so wonderful.And then reality of the real love hits home,the sex may still be good but when your done you just turn your seprate ways and go to sleep or just leave,and when you talk on the phone it gets annoying you might ask if they're coming by and they reply i don't know so the feeling that once felt so great turns into a pain that consums you.So I envy all of those people who hide themselves in endless liaison teasing peolpe drawing them in and then pushing them away.That is the safe way to do things.But all in all I think it is better to have never loved at all than to be consumed by it,because once you have it and it's gone you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get it back.
Wtf, Salutes?!?
More Movie Info
Well i just got another Email from roger the producer and this is even more exciting. I AM ON A PROMOTIONAL T-SHIRT FOR THE MOVIE!!!! how amazing is that???? go to this site and you can see all the merchandise you can purchase. just imagine you can wear me all the time, lol.. you can also pre-order the movie (its cheaper than when it comes out) at this site thanks guys. let me know if you place an order so i can let the director know. I love you all, Todd
I'm leaving LC, you can find me on myspace-
Watched Dragonheart tonight, on DVD, twice, once in German, then again in English. I would have watched in English first, but the wife wanted to watch with me.
My Pic !
So some asshole decided to report my defualt picture as adult so now I have to pick a new one or try and get that back wish I knew who it was would m ake sure he was permemnetly blocked :((
Just saying hey to all you people out there I need help wit this shit halla at me
Been There.. But I Still Need Help Up..
its the exspereance that makes you who you are. the love goes around even when you cant feel it its surrounding you no one knows what your going though your heart will hurt and love will be no help scars will appear and youll turn into who you are dont look down upon the ground it will only let you sitt upon it when you have fallen down look up at the stars for those are the ones who will help you back up when you have came crashing down others will beat you up while i will be here for you handing you my broken hand for i too have come tumbuling down those who cant get up just need alittle help from the ones who have been helped up before and now i am here for you only one thing i ask.. BE HERE FOR ME!!
Dj Malin
Sunday November 12th 9:30pm - 1:00am EST Only on Phantom Voice Radio!
Need To Cum
Hey there all, Let's here from all the horny people out there and how much you want to cum. Ladies if you need some help cumming look me up and I will fill your request.. Licks and Nibbles
200 ?'s About Me!
There are some questions missing for some reason, but this one is kind of fun. 200: My name is: - Manda 199: I was born in: - Belleville, NJ 198. I am a: - sweet girl 197. My eye color is: - brown 196. My hair color is - i'm a brunette baby 195. My shoe size is: - 9 194. My ring size is: - 9 193. My Favorite Color is: - blue 192. My height is: - 5'4 barely 191. I'm allergic to: - pollen, catd 190. I live in: - Union City 189. Last book read is: - My Lovely Bones 188. My bed time is: - whenever 187. First Screen name: - hottieprincessxoxo1989.. i was 13 give me a break 186. Current Screen name: - MamiLocaSoFly 185. Messenger mostly used: - Aim/MSN 184. Name of first boyfriend/girlfriend: - my hubby's name is Julio 183. Longest relationship: - 2 years & for eternity 182. Currently taken: - yeah
My Page So Far
I always start my Blogs with you know what. Then I rabble on with what ever is in my mind... I have to say I reviewed my page today and yes there maybe more I could do to make my page to stand out... I review many peoples pages and leave them 10's for there page but I have to say I review how many friends they have... and yes... everyone has more friends than me... But you know what... I am happy with the amount of people I have... it maybe a small number but I am happy... :o) Just wanted to share what was going through my mind at this time... I have to say I try and keep upto date on my blogs as best I can but sometimes there will be time where it may take me at least a good few days or even weeks to get one posted... But Happy as I am... Hope everyone that reads this is having a Good Day... I know I am ... Living in England the time is 22.20 and I think I may just go bed and sleep... :o) hehe See You All Soon I Hope... Simon x x x
Sorry if my last blog made me sound pissed. Because in all honesty - I'm not. I'm actually in a really good mood. I'm just getting tired of being walked all over and used. I'm to the point where I'm going to start deleting people who have NOT been on my page in several weeks.
Hey I'm back sry it took so long I was just so busy and forgetful it seems, well I saw Scotty Thursday I had to go to a Den Day thing I left early because some other people were and I had Scotty to call the bus so he did then we rode a bus 2 his place where we hung out together and had fun ;). Mom knew I was going over there so it wasn't like I was going behind her back mom knows about Me, and Scotty and she doesn't care so thats how I am able to see him at times but I have to watch it cause dad doesn't like him so I wont get dad at me I have to see him not around dad. Anyhow enough about Thursday, Me, and Scotty had a little spat yesterday and a couple today and it upset me, we are suppose to make up tonight at 6 cause that's when he's suppose 2 me, my mom isn't home yet but I hope she gets home soon cause I'm worried about her she's still at work as far as I know, but she may be home cause I'm out g-mom's and don't know if she is yet but as far as I know she's not. Yeah 2day my g-pa
Do You Want To Do Something Posititive?
So a lot of people have been asking me questions like "do you have anyone else that we can send stuff to?' I myself just like having the fun of making contact. I have a loving sister that sends me stuff if I need it. And this camp is sitting very close to the Kuwait border and doesn’t have much of a supply issue. There is much worse places to be over here in Iraq. I don't feel that its my call to decide who gets stuff or not, it would make me feel rather awkward. Today I ran across something nice, and i feel that this would be the best solution.
Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you feel so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You bulid up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you. Then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness. So a simple phrase like, "Maybe we should just be friends" or "It isn't workin' out" turns into a glass splinter working it's way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul hurt, a body hurt, a real gets- inside- you- and- rips- you- apart pain. I hate love.
I Dont Understand Men
Yesterday my fiance told me that he cant be with me anymore. I ripped the maps off the wall that signified our trip across country, and took everything else off the wall that was his. After most of the day crying, I told him that I didnt care how much money we had, or that I am 22. I dont want to be with any other man, I want to be with him. With that he said ok and that those were the reasons he couldnt be with me He told me that he didnt want to weigh me down with his problems. Fact is I love the silly doofus. So now were not going to break up. Why do some men try the "if you love them let them go" If i had wanted to go I would have left him along time ago. Sure he may have problems, but I dont care. I'm willing to stand by him and help him with his problems. After all of this, I will no longer fight for him. In one way It made me realize i have been doing to much for him and not enough for me. Now i'll do more for myself and let his stupid butt do more things for
To Carrie And Her Family
I AM FREE Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free I'm following the path God laid for me I took His hand when I heard Him call I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or play. Tasks undone must stay that way I've found that peace at the close of the day. If parting has left a void, then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah, yes, these things I too will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow I wish for you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, I savored much Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all to brief, Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your hearts and share with me, God wants me now, He set me free.
Aint It Funny
That you can be sitting there just about to send someone a shout, a friend request or leave a comment or blog comment on someone's page and at the same time that same someone is leaving you a comment or doing the same.
Letting Loose
Im gonna let loose and act like i was when i was i want an hour of not being an adult w/major responsibilties......... i want to be able to just go and not worry about who want to go back to a time of fun??????????
I just meant a person on here that touched my heart and i am very glad God brought him to me so I can me there to be a good freind to help and try to help him out.
My Loving Man
What do you do when you're feeling so much, but he's so far away And you're missing his touch? How do you know When loving is right? Is it something you feel While alone at night? My heart takes a leap When I hear his sweet name. I sit here and wonder If he feels the same. They say that distance Makes the heart grow fonder. But does he want me? I sit here and wonder. I want to believe That it's more than a dream. Am I wading too far Out into the stream? Will I be swept away? Will his love hold me fast? Our time has been special, And I want it to last. My heart is so fragile, It's been battered and bruised. I know I can't take it If I've only been used. The thought of him gone Cuts like a knife. For now I'll just give him all the love that I can, and hope that he'll always Be my loving man.
Football Contest
Come, my sweet, and take my hand. Walk with me through love's dreamland to a place where nature abounds, and passionate desires are lovingly found. Dance with me in the soft moonlight, as I cover you with star-lit kisses thru the night. Hold me in your embrace so near while I softly sing words of love in your ear. Here tonight, I willingly profess the depth of my love that I now confess. Entwined we lay upon our lovers' bed, covered with soft-scented rose petals so red. In our love's dreamland, not so far away, our kisses, our caresses speak what love has to say. So, dance with me this ritual of love underneath the twinkling stars above. Hold me tight as we embrace this night, as we make love till the dawning daylight. Kiss me quick, and I'll kiss you slow, for here in love's dreamland, pure ecstasy we know
Let Me Be Your Shelter
Let me be your shelter, When you are cold, let me be your fire, When you are weak, let me be your strength, When all hope is lost,Let me be your inspiration, When you are lost, let me lead you home, When you are afraid, let me comfort you, When you are in despair, let me lift you up, When you feel no love, let me fill your heart, For, I will be with you always.
Excerpts From My Book3
How Carrie did loathe this. To be treated only as a piece of meat. Carrie knew that I love her for her. I loved her for her pure childlike heart. For her inner beauty as well as what was on the outside. This always gave her a radiance and beauty that even the heavenly angels themselves stood in awe of. But you! You chosen few who chose to make her life and her livelihood a living hell. You I blame for her death! You were the ones who called and showed up to get her upset to the point of depression. The ones who got her so upset as to the point of being careless. The ones who made my Carrie lose all hope, no matter how hard I tried to reassure her. I’ve come to conclude that once hope is gone, we are no longer human. We become something that merely tries to survive on sheer instinct. This race never actually developed to homosapien from Neanderthal – we are still there. We strive to contradict today what was religiously upheld yesterday. Yet we still conside
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experi
The Ship
If you liked the games Hitman, Clue and Theif.. Check out this game called The Ship. The game takes place on an old fashioned ship, similar in look and feel to the Titanic, except much smaller. There are actually several Ship's to play on, each ship acting pretty much as a multiplayer map. You start off the game with a name in the bottom corner, maybe even a picture as well. That is the person on the ship you have to murder. So you have to find a weapon, murder your quarry, not get caught by security, along with taking the time to shower and use the restroom. Otherwise you'll die of self-neglect. But you get money for each kill, the player who makes the most money wins the round. But there is a tricky part to this game. While you are searching for your target, someone is hunting you down.. And you don't know who that person is, also you'll lose money and eventually get banned if you murder enough "innocents". You can also wind up in jail if you get caught by security.
Just A Rant!
Why is it that you need your tits out to get people to notice you? I've got over 500 *cough*friends*cough* on here, and maybe 15 or so(give or take a few) that will pretty much comment and rate everything I post...where are the rest of you guys??? I know we all have busy cherry lives, but come on. I sit here and I add your friends that need help, and help them too, and hardly ever get it in return from you or them. I'm not even going to bitch about my other gripe right now, because I know it will piss a few people off. And I'm not one to start drama, but I've been meaning to type this part of the rant out for a few days now. /end rant
Its Over
This needs to end today we have drifted away We need to go our sperate ways There is nothing more to say I can't be with you anymore It is time that I walk out of the door Its time to say goodby So just walk away Its over I don't love you anymore Its over I need to set you free Its over you are not the woman for me There was a time you were my everything But that time as gone We need to move on Its kills me in side to do this But its for the best We need to lay our love to rest Its over I can't be with you anymore It's over Don't waste any tears on me Its Over Live your life and just go Walk away Walk away Don't look back Walk away Walk away This kills me inside Walk Away Walk Away Its over Get out of my life Its over there is nothing more to say Its over
Re: New Pics
Time To End The Shit!!!
I Am Such A Dumb Ass.......
Today was the annual Teddy Bear run here.....I was so glad because I remembered the digital camera this morning..... I started taking pictures and all..... after about 10 pics or so.. the camera says...... memory if full..... DAMN... I forgot the memory card....DUH!! I only have a few pics and I'm mad at myself... There were tons of people.... bikes everywhere.... We got there early, so we were fairly close to the front of the ride.. there were some people lined up on the streets watching us all ride to the fair grounds.... we all had our teddy bears tied to the bikes... It was first ride... They had a bike rodeo and that was sooo funny!!! Hopefully I can get the pics off my camera (always just put the memory card in the slot on my puter) so I can post what pics I have.
I Am Such A Dumb Ass.......
Today was the annual Teddy Bear run here.....I was so glad because I remembered the digital camera this morning..... I started taking pictures and all..... after about 10 pics or so.. the camera says...... memory if full..... DAMN... I forgot the memory card....DUH!! I only have a few pics and I'm mad at myself... There were tons of people.... bikes everywhere.... We got there early, so we were fairly close to the front of the ride.. there were some people lined up on the streets watching us all ride to the fair grounds.... we all had our teddy bears tied to the bikes... It was first ride... They had a bike rodeo and that was sooo funny!!! Hopefully I can get the pics off my camera (always just put the memory card in the slot on my puter) so I can post what pics I have.
I Need A Woman To Love.
• I am Cyc, 44, 6'3”, 234lbs. A divorce single, father, of one child, I like the following thing. Hugs, kisses, kids. Writing love poems, reading love poems and also cooking, shopping, I like Computer love playing videos games, going out to eat, gong to the movies and also seeing DVDS at home. • How hard is it to find capable wife, she is worth for more the jewels! Her husband puts his confidence in her, and he will never be poor Proverbs31:10-11 • I am seeking a, non-judging, positive, single, independent, friendly, female .For a new relationship. Age and also race is open. • • • • • 1-718-402-9595 my cell.
So, This Seems To Be What Women Want?
This little blurb is making the rounds of the Bulletins: He handed her 100 roses. 99 real. 1 fake. He said i'll love you until the last one dies.. She gladly accepted them. But when she grabbed them. She said "one of these is fake!" He said "exactly. that's because i will love you forever." ---------------------------------------- Seems a few women out there are saying this is what they want from romance. So, I thought I'd share a story. You see, when I got involved with my Wife, I was (And still am) the type to speak my mind, and always tell it like it is. One day, she tells me that she loves me. I ask her how much, and she does the typical holding out of arms and says "This much". I smile and thank her. A few moments later, she asks me how much *I* love HER. I hold up my hand, and put thumb and index finger together, making an O shape. I tell her I love her that much. She looks disappointed, so I finally let her in on what it meant. "It's a circle" I say
Hot Wet Kisses!
Love Long Hot Wet Kisses! Love to kiss anywhere I want. Love being kissed on my kneck and inner thighs. Love lot of playing around. Love our hands going where ever we want. I have a great pair of lips. The hotter the better. Makes for a great orgasm! WANT TO PLAY?
Round 1
Her sexual fire, her dazzling passion, was unlike anything he'd ever known. He slowly slid his hands downward to cup the soft weight of her breasts. Her nipples were hard against his palms and she gave a long moan of pleasure as he rolled them between his fingers. Nuzzling her neck, he explored the softness of the skin at the side of her throat, then found her ear with his tongue. At the same time, sliding one hand downward to explore the wet, hot passage at the core of her body. she cried out as he pushed a single finger deep inside her. Her gasp of pleasure nearly broke his control. He wanted to take it slow and easy, to pleasure her before seeking his own, but the sensation of her buttocks rubbing against his arousal was almost more than he could bear. He entered her again, with two fingers this time, and began a slow rhythmic stroking. He knew she was ready for him, as once again, her juices flowed down his fingers. He slowly turned her toward him without relinquishing hi
I'm In A New Contest.
Please come and vote for me. Here is the page
Emo Rules???
im so sick of evryone tryin to say they're fam when it's just turning into a fukin lynch mob that doesnt even care about anythng but whos been to the fukin gathering! maybe i should go emo!! at least they admit they're whiners lol!!
A Ravens Tale 1
Lighting flashed across the sky illuminating the dark blood soaked hill. There at the top of the hill Raven stood looking over the carnage. His sword held at his side dripping with blood. The wind blew softly his cloak flowing out behind him. A blood choking cough came from the body at his feet. Raven stared down at the body his blue eyes alive with fire. "You still lose." Came a mans voice from the blood soaked body. Raven raised his sword high above his head and with one swift motion brought it down severing the mans head from his body. Raven stared at the headless body for a moment then dropped his sword and raised his hands to heavens. With clenched fists and blood red tears coming from his eyes. Raven let out a bone chilling scream then dropped to his knees. Ravens head hung low and his body shook violently. The rustling of leaves caught his attention and Raven raised his head and looked across the top of the hill. There a ghostly white figure of a woman stood. Raven coc
Why Women Cheat- The Unabridged Version
Why Women Cheat The Abridged version Every where I go I find myself discussing this very sensitive subject. It usually leaves folks upset over what has been said. Women don’t like to be analyzed, because they swear they aren’t alike. But as I’ve pointed out, they are similes; they have different names but mean the same thing. I think most women aren’t brought up to think you hafta play somebody to make it. No, momma never told you to holler at Steve when you are talking to Richard. So why do women find themselves like that Atlantic Starr song "You, Me and He"? Well it's simple really. There are three main reasons why women will cheat. The first reason is textbook. It's because she really doesn't like you. That coincides with my first rule of romance: Always assume she doesn't love you, it'll explain everything later on. I know this rule is truly unfair. But really it does explain all the reasons why she broke your heart, stole your money, and sent Rufus over to your job to kick y
I've said this before and I'll say it again as needed. I am here to make friends. You know, those people that like to chat with each other, laugh at each other's corny jokes....learn things about each other, etc. I am not here to get your ratings on me. My life won't stop twirling if you choose to tell me I'm a '1' verses a '10'. I am who I am and a numerical rating won't change me. On another happy note....I am not here for your cyber blow up doll fantasies. Someone just sent me a friend's invite and I less than 5 minutes, I had a mail message from him asking if i have better pictures than what's in my album....Hell....better pictures? of what? His reply know...of you naked! LMMFAO!!!! Now....Had this dude ever actually SEEN me naked, he would know that nude pics of me are definetly NOT better than clothed pics of me. But seriously.....yeah some of you have seen my tits....that too has come to a screeching stop. But what you will NEVER see are pi
May I Now?
MAY I NOW? lay down here stay awhile bear skin rug hard wood floor stone hearth fire crackles and burns whispers now so quietly heartfelt desire and heated flesh passion breathing panted need shadows dance upon the wall flickering light upon nakedness the mood is set passionate may I now taste desire consume devour hands explore fingers glide take it slow may I now the slide of lips tongues do wander lighting fires head to toe soft mounds peak to pointed need thirst for more may I now long hard shaft thighs quivering taste a drop of liquid need eyes linger fingers dance strumming hard the melody two bodies lost in hungering may I now may I now please you as you please me?
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Steakhouse Cheeseburgers
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 25 min Makes: 4 servings 1 Tbsp. MIRACLE WHIP Light Dressing 1/4 cup A.1. Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce, divided 1/4 cup chopped tomatoes 1 lb. extra lean ground beef 1/4 cup chopped onions 1 French bread baguette, 16 to 20-inches long (about 10 oz.) 4 KRAFT 2% Milk American Singles PREHEAT grill to medium-high heat. Mix dressing and 1/2 tsp. of the steak sauce. Stir in tomatoes; set aside. MIX meat, remaining steak sauce and onions. Shape into four (1/2-inch thick) oval patties. Cut baguette crosswise into 4 pieces. Cut each piece lengthwise in half. GRILL patties 4 min. on each side or until cooked through (160°F.) Top each patty with 2% Milk Singles. Add baguettes, cut-sides down, to grill. Continue grilling 1 min. or until baguettes are lightly toasted and 2% Milk Singles are melted. Fill baguettes with cheeseburgers; top with dressing mixture. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS Substitute For another great flavor option, substi
Lucky Bitch I Am
my sweetums really does spoil me rotten. he took a day off of work to take me out while the kids where at school AND it was to a place i'm been wanting to go to for forever and a day! it's a restaurant called THE AQUARIUM. to say it was amazing is more than slightly understated! where else can you eat like that with that atmosphere. (and most restaurants don't have white tigers - at least that i'm aware of.) the day and the place was SO great - but the thought behind it all made me such a flippin GIRL. just spending the day with him like that really kicked me in the head [yet again!] about how gosh durned lucky i am. i didn't used to be so damn mushy - but hot diggity i'm a lucky bitch to have my guppie.
Spicy Flank Steak Fajitas
1 tsp. each: crushed red pepper, chili powder, ground cinnamon and ground cumin 1 beef flank steak (1-1/2 lb.) 1 medium green or red pepper, cut lengthwise into quarters 1 medium onion, cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices 3/4 cup BULL'S-EYE Steakhouse Barbecue Sauce with A.1. 6 flour tortillas (6 inch), warmed PREHEAT grill to medium-high heat. Mix seasonings; rub evenly onto both sides of steak. GRILL steak 5 min. on each side. Continue grilling 10 to 15 min. or until medium doneness (160°F), turning and brushing occasionally with some of the barbecue sauce. Meanwhile, grill vegetables 4 to 5 min. on each side, brushing occasionally with the remaining barbecue sauce. CUT steak across the grain into thin slices. Cut peppers and onions into thin slices. Place meat and vegetables evenly down centers of tortillas; roll up to enclose filling. KRAFT KITCHENS TIPS How to Warm Tortillas Wrap tortillas in foil. Grill 3 to 5 min. or just until warmed. Substitute Substitute
Doing It Right The Second Time Around
to all my real friends on here and you know who you are. I did it!!I am now moved into my new apartment with my girls and it is great I also got a car another answer to my prayers, and I am going back to school in jan. who says you can't have a do over in life .Now i am going to stand on my own two feet to prove to myself no man needed here to take care of me.I am loving all the friends i have made on here. so thanks to all of my new and old friends for careing so much i love you all. ~nicki~
Myself -read At Own Risk
I suffer from depression, and some people don't understand what that means, let alone care to understand. I was born with depression and social anxiety disorder. It's not something that can be fixed easily. One of my friends hurt my feelings the other day with a comment about anti-depressants, but I try to tell myself she just doesn't know so why wouldn't she think that. I was on Paxil for 2 1/2 years, and it was like a whole new world was opened up for me. I saw everything in a whole new light. Then the Paxil wore off around April of this year and I have been struggling to find a new drug to help me. I tried Celexa and that had very bad side effects for me. Now I am on Effexor but on such a low dose I don't know if it's gonna do anything for me yet. Meanwhile, my depression and anxiety are trying to drown me alive again. I am doing all I can to keep my head above water. I try to surround myself with positive things. I watch my favorite sitcoms everyday just to get a laugh. Haha, I sup
Why Men Cheat. A Cherrytap Exclusive
Why Men Cheat Abridged for time In my first installment of this series “Why women cheat- the unabridged version” women every where had a comment to write about the men. Some women thought that most of the reason why they did what they did do was simply because the man had done something that ruined them to commitment on various levels. Now to me, that is a cop out, I think if you’re gonna do something on this level, you do it without regards to what someone else did. You do it because you want to. But as I researched into why men cheated, I found something odd. The main reason why men cheat is because, (insert drum roll) life at home isn’t right. Whoa, doesn’t seem like a major breakthrough in psychology is it? Well, I didn’t either. Lets look at it from the (my) Man’s perspective. Ok, what would you do if everyday you come home to an argument? The wise man would find a way to not argue. Some men like to argue, but that’s another story entirely. Lets say our man is wise (hush la
In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. ------------------------------------------- The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. ------------------------------------------- Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury. ------------------------------------------- Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. ------------------------------------------- Coca-Cola was originally green. ------------------------------------------- It is impossible to lick your elbow. ------------
I Am Meth
I destroy homes, I tear families apart, I take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember I'm easily found, I live all around you - in schools and in town I live with the rich, I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your child's closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there's one you know best, I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome, try me you'll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie, You do what you have to -- just to get high. The crimes
Morning Sex
She was in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast. He walked in. She turned and said, "You've got to make love to me -- This Very moment." His eyes lit up and he thought, "This is my lucky day." Not wanting to lose the moment, he embraced her and then gave it his all, Right there on the kitchen table. Afterwards she said, "Thanks," and returned to the stove. More than a little puzzled, he asked, "What was that all about?" She explained, "The egg timer's broken."
Things To Think About
Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle? Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white? Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale? Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized? Why do people keep running over a string a dozen t
I love getting presents..but I rarely get any :(
My Daddy The Man Of My Life
I have sound again!! I messed around with things on the computer this morning when I was working to substitute in anti-virus programs that locked heads together. Took forever separating them to get them apart so I could function again.... but, now I have sound!!! and I am VERY happy about having my music abilities back on my computer... :D I feel like dancing!! :D
Hot Kisses!
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Farmer & The Bull
A cocky Department of Agriculture representative stopped at a farm and talked with the old farmer; "I need to inspect your farm." The old farmer said "You better not go in that field." The Ag representative said in a "wise " tone "I have the authority of the U. S. Government with me. See this card, I am allowed to go wherever I wish on agricultural land." So the old farmer went about his farm chores. Later, the farmer heard loud screams and saw the Department of Agriculture rep running for the fence, close behind was the farmer's prize bull. The bull was madder than a nest full of hornets and the bull was gaining at every step. The Old farmer called out: "Show him your card!"
Anybody That Would Like To Own A House?!!
Is there anybody with ok credit that would like to buy a house? Contact me I am a mortgage consultant and mabey able to help or contact somebody who can. If your credit is messed up but you would still be interested in buying a home contact me we have people that will help you fix your credit. If you already have a home and would like to refinance contact me. If you are holding on to a note and would like cash now for it contact me. please in your response to this blog tell me how to contact you and how you could be helped. Thank you, Shaun Robinson.
Only You Know How?
Sometimes I get so angry, cursing the whole world But you know how to calm me down with a touch and a couple of words Sometimes I get so melancholy and see it all painted blue but you know how to cheer me up and rainbow-color my view sometimes I get so crazy and mess everything up but you know how to slap me sober and put my fit to stop Sometimes I get so bored and the world is one big yawn but you know how to spice it up and again turn me on And always I get so Me but you still love me somehow through all my turbelent seasons only you know how Sometimes I get so restless like a wild horse in a cage but you know how to saddle me down and tame my raving rage sometimes I get so weary and feel like breaking down but you know how to lift me up before I hit the ground sometimes I get so broken and I feel like cryin' but you know how to mend my wings and get me back flyin' Sometimes I get so cocky and forget who I really am but you
A New Day Unfolds
A New Day Unfolds Threading the wisdom With a stronger twine I covered my heart With the brighter shine Shimmering magically By threads so bright Its a thankful heart Glowing love and light My heart woven design Adorned with desire A glow shone within Uplifting myself higher To the morning sunrise I opened the gates A new day unfolds An inner glow radiates
Stand Alone
as i stood alon in that doorway fearful of things to come afraid of what been hidden will come alive. im frightened i'll stand alone, and the ground i've stood afraid of whats to come of what i've put so far behind me i never knew i lived in fear i live by tears as something grows inside me now, in this time of need this time of recolection its time to free which binds me and free this inner tension free me from what i've done now none of you forgive me free me from my hopes and dreams now none of you are with me in solitude, i have no rejoice no forgiveness, without a choice without a thought, without a voice without myself,
Bloody Catholics...
Discover Girls
When I stair at a guy I think I'll love you forever When I'm quiet either I'm tired or something is majorly wrong, try to figure it out even if I don't want to talk, I need someone to be there for me, and to understand where I'm coming from not persecute me. GIRLS LOVE PRESENTS I LOVE PRESENTS LOL When girls ask how something looks Be honest but in a NICE WAY, you don't have to be mean about it When we say, oh you don't really have to go We mean PLEASE GO...I want you When we say I want you We mean it When we go for your hand let us have it, it means that you're ours Girls not as confusing after all
Sex Education....
Fake Ass People
Why are there so many FAKE ASS people? People who are so nice to your face but would stab ya in the back if they got the chance. I dont understand why peeps just cant be real from the start. Instead of pretending to be so close to ya, and then sneaky as fuck behind ya back. If anyone has the slightest clue why people feel the need to be so FAKE online, please share your thoughts.
Cherry Contest
Hey Ya'll .. Im entered in a Cherry Contest for "Best Cherry" So make sure to go By Chills Page and Vote for me *Hugs* .(Deadline for the Contest is the 22nd so Voting will begin after that ) CherryPye And here's My Pic thats been entered
Won Title Of Best Joke Of The Year.
Won title of best joke of the year. A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: 'My friend is dead! What can I do?' The operator, in a calm soothing voice says: 'Just take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead.' There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy's voice comes back on the line. He says: 'OK, now what?' _-------------------- "Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness its poison." -Lord Chesterfield- &&&&&&&&&&
Mr. Creosote (for You Chris.)
Prettiest Girl Contest Opened Early!!
Have to open the contest early. I have to leave earlier than expected..Just gives you more time to comment! But here the ladies are in no particular order!! OKay everyone..Go bomb them with comments!! Leave as many as you'd like. Woman w/ the most comments wins a diamond ring and the title of being the Prettiest!!
Ouch! Hope It Makes You Laugh
The Scissor Brother & The Skin Tag Current mood: Mincing Around I am not sure I should tell you this, but here Yesterday in the in its self!) I was washing like you do and found one of those skin know the tiny little skin things. Well this was somewhere where the sun doesn't shine...and no I don't mean round the back, but a deep dark area where only I have been.... Sort of groin but Anyway, it felt(I can't see it) really large. My Philipino houseboy had a feel. Now usually I just twist small ones off if they ever appear, but this well.... Anyway...(I am all embarassed now), Today I couldn't bear it being there now I know of it, and strode manfully to the bathroom with some scissors. I have a high pain threshhold or just am able to be a complete hero sometimes. I once had a tooth filled without an injection as a child...I am that hard!.. I cut things off if I don't like them. As a child
A Message I Sent
I sent a message to some of my friends; Only one person didn't completely read it and blocked me... If they would have read it they would not have been offended. The message began by saying " I trusted you....went on to say you opened your big mouth... then the message ended in "now everyone knows how sexy I am" OMG! out of control...... I would never send a bad message.... I can't believe it.... just because you can't read properly. My apologies to anyone it offended. -Gina
Every Sperm Is
Who I Want
I want Sexything to be my Fuck Buddy. I want to fuck her long and hard, making her cum and cum and cum. I'll give it to her any time and any place she wants
We have a machine that goes...."ping"
Sex Or Oral?
which one do u ladies enjoy more?
Sex Or Oral?
which one do u ladies enjoy more?
Sex Or Oral?
which one do u ladies enjoy more?
Sex Or Oral?
which one do u ladies enjoy more?
Sex Or Oral?
which one do u ladies enjoy more?
For My Fellow Vets
It's The Veteran It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag, who serves under the Flag, ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM
i hate people who cant hold their liquor and beer this mother fucker sucker punched me after me and my mom were arguing then i grab the mother fucker up and tried to head but him but the pussy fell to the ground making me headbut an iron pole so i dont know all i do know is i had a fractured jaw and a crack in my skull so believe me hes gonna get his tomorrow night
Lipstick smeared kisses Tainted with a dewy gloss of blood That shines its death of roses through blury eyes. Eyes that reflect broken promises torn skin, blade kissed, in switchblades of penatratable lies. Another bad day that begins with broken glass Fallen tears and unconscious dreams. Dreams that transform into dancing shadows of the past. Howling winds break the silence of her morning coffee. Inhaling the poison of her cigarette The end of the cigarette burns for a purpose It smolders in its nicotine infused cancer Smoke swirling patterns of the future Menthol lingers in the tarnished air Bright red burns against pale breakable skin Flesh sizzles beneath the flame of hate and torture The newspaper telling its lies and its truth of misconception Sighing as the world weighs down upon shoulders that look emaciated through years of starvation Perfection always near but so far away Fleeing upon empty wings that brings only death through its devious w
Tender Moments (in Memory Of My Grandparents)
TENDER MOMENTS a morning spent on a sandy shore hand in hand, spirits soar the sun colored pink, purple and blue the clouds in the sky formed a heavenly hue together they shared in daybreak's glory this the beginning, a true love story a mid-morning walk on a cool mountain trail side by side, never to fail the heavens dreary tempests grew dark clouds in the sky split in two together they huddled against the storm this the struggle, one heart to form a picnic at noon on the Sea Sprite Amour heart to heart, on a wave driven tour dreams of passion treasures drew a future of visions, bright, shiny, new together they planned a heaven of bliss this the desire, captured a kiss a turn at the plough in the afternoon hour face to face, prayed for the shower hearts in turmoil strived to be true dust in focus, veiled the view together they fought each mighty foe this the battle, trust to grow an evening dance out on the moor cheek to cheek, at moonlights door s
Need Input From Ladies
Okay, I hope I get good answers from this and it doesn't backfire on me. I don't want this to turn out to be a disaster and get nothing but bullshit answers and regret asking. This is a perfectly legit question. I was challenged by someone else to ask this. You can reply to me with a private message if you prefer. Think of the best lover you've ever had. What things, qualities or traits made him the best?
Inspired by "What Wicked Wind This That Blows" by High Priestess Morgaine) INCOMPLETE to awaken is sweet when the night was before sad it is when love is no more so sad the words of lost love regained composure lingering amid the pieces and parts of sordid needs love is life life is love with or without our hunger feeds
What Do You Think?
I died tonight I drowned in your love I went away from it all and the waves took me over they took me away away from all my pain and they gave me a strength I would never be able to gain when it was all over I saw no light I was left in the darkness to reflect on my life I never got my kiss just stuck with your knife felt no bliss emotion caress the waves over took me as i died tonight i drowned suicide? are you there? im sorry. i walked away lost in the ocean days go by and tomorrow they find me burried beneath the undertow limp my pain was over as i left your dying world waves of society killed me i drowned i choked and suffocated until i couldnt breath no one understood me (quite like you) no one understood my pain (they called me crazy) they coundnt feel it (so it wasnt real) all i wondered as i drown tonight is if anyone cared so i was fucked up and hopeless i wish someone could be there before it was too l
does anyone here know if the shoutboxes are working or not? i cant seem to get anyone to reply if anyone knows whats going on can you send me a message thanx
Friends And Buddies.
Just to clear up my definition of Friends and Buddies. Only female can by my friends cuz' one day when i find a wife she will be my best friend. (yes i know it sounds lame but.. fuck u it's my life and that's what i Want.) So guys ,dudes and males can only reach as high as good buddy or maybe best buddy at the most.
This X I Dont Care
me and my x have been split for about 4m or so well im sick of playing this game w her where were not together but we act no diffrently then b4 kinda thing ive aparently hurt her twice now and thats it im done either im going to b w her or im not i cant take this inbetween bullshit my life is too complicated rt now to keep this up but im so afraid if i do this theres no going back and loose her forever but well i gottado this for me if she really loves me the way she said she did she'll come back to me o well had to vent ttyl
Sixth Sense
Everyone has their sixth sense but doesn't really know about it. There were these two senses that I had experienced but was the scariest thing ever. First experience. Was when I was, say about 9 or 10, in fourth grade, my brother was in second grade. We walked home from school. Was about two blocks away when all of a sudden my brother started running out of no where. Thinking to myself, "oh, just kids wanting to run." But something just hit me. I didn't hesitate, just started running after him so fast that I caught up to him. I'd grabbed his book bag and his coat at the same time, pulled him back and not even a second I did that, that black mustang came out of no where. I mean, WTF! No vehicles should be driving that fast around school zones. I couldn't see who was driving but just remember that black mustang. To this day, I am still shook up from that day but so dayum happy I saved my brother. Second experience. (This will be hard typing this because it still hurts. But will do
This Is Sum Funny Shit Right Here...
For those of you that don't know...this isn't Korn..LMFAO! Twisted Transistor Video - Korn lyricsKorn Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Obsene Phone Calls
I wonder what they are like. I've never gotten one or given one. Hmm I should get someone to obsene phone call me. That would be fun. In the middle of the night when I'm already sleeping would be great. I think it would be amusing. Some of you may disagree. Oh well, I will have fun my own way. I'm not wierd, I swear. Well, maybe a little. Christ in a handbasket, I feel wired. Way too much caffine and nicotine today I think. Or not enough, can't make up my mind. Ha Ha Fuckered up this post is. Laughable though.
Hello Everybody...please Read My Blog...
Hi's another blog from me & it's a sad one...The reason I haven't been online, is due to my daughter's dad passing away on November 6th...He went into the hospital on October 25th...He was emediately put on a ventalator...He had a massive heart attack,pnuemonia & a infection somewhere in his body...He also was on Dialysis for about 16yrs...He had multiple organ failure...we didn't want to see him suffer anymore,the only thing keeping him alive, was the ventalator...the drs. said he would never come off of it...It was decided to take him off the ventalator..he lived for about 5 minutes then passed away...Bellow is a link to the memorial group that our friends made for sabby's dad...please join and help keep his memory alive... Thank You, Linda
I Need To Talk..about Anything..lmao
541-733-0560 IF you call just tell me who ya are and I'll talk as you'd haha from me Brian
Thought Or The Everpresent Pain
Thought ... or The Everpresent Pain Oranges are moot When eating elephants Shot with water pistols And the grey bearded pirannahs Are not afraid of the goat That flies by night. And of course, We must never forget that The Stupification factor of five Is ideal for Telekenetic prowess. Think about it and it might ... eventually .. Make some sense... Or it may not Becuase this is a train of thought poem Yes, a stream of thought poem I am thinking, And so are you ... now But this train ain't goin' far. Not far at all. As a matter of fact It's sitting on its ass Fallen off the broken tracks, Fallen off the dead mens' backs. I know it makes no sense, But that is the point Isn't it? I thought so before But I was thinking then. I think I may have stopped by now But NO That was a thought So there I go again. I have to quit Because I know there is nothing to say. So look at this poem Flying through the air Like a hawk Or a vulture Flying
Riding The Winds Of Change
Riding the Waves of Change By Jelaila Starr written October 8, 2006 As you may already know, there is a great change occurring on the planet right now. Humanity is moving up to a 5th dimensional level of consciousness. During this time of shifting energies, the challenges to align with them are great. It is my hope that this article will help you to understand more about what’s going on. I’ll begin with a little background information. What’s going on? The story of the grids As I understand it, ascension occurs in steps. We step up our consciousness one dimension at a time. Though the conscious has been rising for some time, it is through creating new grids that we take even greater steps. A grid is an electromagnetic field around a planet that holds consciousness. As such it is the foundation for a new dimension. It takes 144,000 people making the same choice at the same moment and that choice is of a higher, more integrated frequency. These two elements together create a
Anyone know what the My Salutes thing is now under photos? Whats that all about huh?
Rating Others A 1
Beautiful Days Chapter 9
BEAUTIFUL DAYS CHAPTER NINE THE PAINFUL BALLAD OF SOPHIE FIGGIS. "I found out the truth ten years ago. My father was a doctor, but of course you know this already. He started having visions. Visions of a life in which he did not recognize but knew to be true in some way. He was awakened. But it all came about on a call my father had at the 1800 building. The apartments that house the elderly. There was a Native American man who was suffering from what appeared to be pneumonia. My father told him what he needed to do and what medicines to take but the man refused. But he did make a promise to my father. He told my dad, if he comes back to see him the next day, he will see a perfectly healthy man sitting where a sick man sat. Those were his words to my dad. Well my father did not like that idea at all, but felt that the old man was not that far gone that he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of one more night. So the man will have something to prove to hi
baaahhh getiing sick.. blah . no goodie ... :(
Hi. My name is mandy. I live near Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been a babysitter for about a year now. I would perfer to watch childern at least two years old. For more detail message me. Mandy P.S. If you know anyone near my area that needs a babysitter let them know about me.
Free Financial Advice
Subject: Free financial advice Smart shopping for 0% APR credit cards can save consumers hundreds of dollars in interest charges. Many consumers do not think to shop around for credit cards. However, with 60 percent of grocery store purchases being made with credit cards, the decision as to which card the consumer uses can have an impact on how much is paid in interest. One way you can save money in interest charges is to shop around for a 0% APR credit card to transfer existing balances to. The concept of shopping for the best interest rates is not new for purchases such as homes and cars, but so few consumers stop to think about shopping around for the best credit card deal. 0% APR credit cards save consumers money It is possible for you to save hundreds of dollars a year by transferring balances to a 0% APR credit card. Here is how it works: A consumer applies for a new credit card with a special introductory interest rate of 0% APR for balance transfers. After gaining a
Beautiful Days Chapter 8
BEAUTIFUL DAYS CHAPTER EIGHT O.K. last we left...I was diving off of a freakin' stage at a opera house. For some odd reason...I was taken back to something Sophie said earlier today... Remember this...? You wanna go to the opera?, I asked Yes., she answered. Sure you do! O.K. right after that "Yes!"... Now how fuckin' weird is this?, I asked. What do you mean?, she asked. Well we almost just got our asses shot off! You been through a lot and so have I. And here I am askin' about some stupid ass opera., I said She looked at me with those eyes. Tears rolled. The look she gave me was that of someone who had been through way to much in their years on this earth. She said to me... You are my only hope now. The only friend I have left. I need you. I need your help. If nothing else. I need your help to expose the truth. And save what's left of human kind. At that moment our eyes locked. I was lost in hers. The both of us caught in the moment
So Fucking Bored
today is sunday and it is really fuckin boring so i put this up because im really reaaly fuckin bored..... anyone wanna chat?!?!
oh my poor chiefs look like shit!
This urge overtaking me I tear at the fibers of my mind; The voices there threaten me ... Tell me to ... DO things ... My disturbed thoughts Cry bloody murder in my ears My blood and sweat Drip ... slowly ... I am becomming dizzy now, I cannot see the world any more. I cannot hear anything Except the voices, And my blood and sweat Drip more quickly. I can no longer FEEL anything The loss of my mind In the voices that live there Is more complete now Than ever before, And my blood and sweat Flow from me... ... ... There is nothing now ... Nothing but the blackness ... Nothing but the voices ... My blood and sweat Have run out. I have no arms, No legs, No body, No MIND! NOTHING!! I do not exist any more. I have left this world, One more time ... And as I come back to Earth, One of the voices is gone. My blood and sweat Sprinit behind the page for you to read. The world fades back into focus And I rejoin humanity Ho
Another Lonley Saturday Night
Just another saturday night blown off I go cosmic bowling (Really fun by the way) I pay and everything, and then no one shows up that I I spend 40 min bowling and then was a total waste of time. Damn I wish I just had one good friend or even girlfriend or something just anyone that would be there for me. ~Ethyn
A Controversial "saftey" Feature.
A good number of autoloading handguns are starting to come with a feature that prevents the weapon from firing if the magazine is removed from the weapon. The *ONLY* good reason I have heard for this is the fact that if someone is being successful at "grabbing" your gun, releasing the magazine before they get it will disable the weapon. The main problem is that this creates a false sense of safety. The owner might get into the habit of dropping the magazine and leaving a loaded round in the chamber (which is "safe" as far as not being able to fire it off). But the problem comes when they forget that the round is in there, and don't check, insert an empty magazine to do some dry firing, and BANG! Another problem is that lets say you are in a pretty bad situation with this weapon (multiple assailants) or that someone just manages to surprise you when reloading. If you are reloading before empty, you would have one in the chamber, but be unable to fire it while changing magazines.
Hop-hop Album Reviews 2 The Chcago Mc's Edition
Rhymfest cd Blue Collar- Rhymefest has come out swinging with his cd blue collar very versatile and metaphorical in many ways. Rhymefest got his foot in the door by beating eminem in a battle and having kanye west as a friend but far different from his stunting mentor kanye. Rhymefest is more of a lyricist and his ordplay and delivery are never off he has really found his nitche. By far besides the exception of Common, Rhymefest is the strongest mc from Chicago. He shines on such tracks as "dynomite (going postal)", "all i do", "sister" and "bullet". Overall I give this album 4 1/2 mics out of 5. Lupe Faisco cd Food N Liqour- Lupe has found a way of portraying his style of music without having to sellout. Lupe excells as his worplay is strong and his creativity is amazing. With time Lupe has a chance to be a mainstay in hip-hop for a long time to come. He shines on songs such as "real" feat Sarah Green, "daydreamin" feat Jill Scott, "hurt me soul" and "american terrorist" feat Matth
Count Down Number Two
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Thought, Or The Everpresent Pain
Thought ... or The Everpresent Pain Oranges are moot When eating elephants Shot with water pistols And the grey bearded pirannahs Are not afraid of the goat That flies by night. And of course, We must never forget that The Stupification factor of five Is ideal for Telekenetic prowess. Think about it and it might ... eventually .. Make some sense... Or it may not becuase this is a train of thought poem Yes, a stream of thought poem I am thinking, And so are you ... now But this train ain't goin' far. Not far at all. As a matter of fact It's sitting on its ass Fallen off the broken tracks, Fallen off the dead mens' backs. I know it makes no sense, But that is the point Isn't it? I thought so before But I was thinking then. I think I may have stopped by now But NO That was a thought So there I go again. I have to quit Because I know there is nothing to say. So look at this poem Flying through the air Like a hawk Or a vulture Flying fr
Calling The Ladies!!
Hey folks, Starting a Prettiest Woman contest in about 2 hours and would like a few more contestants. I have 7 beauties already but a few more would be nice. The contest is based on comments. You and your friends can leave as many as you want!! Just leave me a message and I'll take a pic from you :)
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Just Staying Hi
if Anybody who can tell me how to put voice messages on my profile, you'll become my new best friend!! I like this cherrys website and have already met interesting and cool people here.. Peace!!
Like You/bow Wow
Music Video:LIKE YOU (by Bow Wow)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
If a kiss was a raindrop... I'd send you showers. If hugs were a second... I'd send you hours. If smiles were water... I'd send you the sea. If friendship was a person... I'd send you me. If you dont send this to at lest 10 will be left with no friends because they won't know that you appreciate them. This poem shows lots of send this to all of your
If a kiss was a raindrop... I'd send you showers. If hugs were a second... I'd send you hours. If smiles were water... I'd send you the sea. If friendship was a person... I'd send you me. If you dont send this to at lest 10 will be left with no friends because they won't know that you appreciate them. This poem shows lots of send this to all of your
There's A 12 Step Program For Everyone!
Anyone else tired of complete strangers dropping by giving you a 10 and then asking for a vote? Friends are different but i know 90% of these other will never speak to me again they just want a vote on something. Rant over ;)
Oh So Dark The Con Of Man!!!!
Thanks All
Just wanted to thank all who helped me out...Let me know if i can help you out anytime. Much Luv!! Jay
About Me
I know I am not skinny, I know i am not all that. But you know what I know. I can make you smile, I can make you laugh. I am me and I am not about to change for anyone. I love myself all of me being think is beautiful. I can get my groove on like or maybe even better then most. I love sex and I give it my all making sure to please not only myself but my partner as well. I am a great friend, mother, wife, daughter, and sister. So if you still want to give me a holla after all of that feel free. I would love to chat.
It Has Been A Good Week
Yea so, this week has been good. Gettin' to meet some new people on here, get to hook up some sweet ass LCD screens to four Playstation 2's at work (how many jobs let you do that :-) and New Brunswick was insane on Thursday night. Balance is nearly acheived . enjoy the rest of your weekend. peace :-)
All I have to say is..FUCKING VIKINGS!! BASTARDS!!!! Thanks, and have a good day :)
I notice that under 'Photos' there's now an area for 'My Salutes', for photos demonstrating that, well, you are who you say you are. Increasingly a problem, especially for some people (not me, yet, of course). Neat.
A Bit Of Love
He carefully placed the rose beside her head and bent down, letting his lips linger upon her forehead. This was his good-bye to her, he wasn’t good enough for her and never would be. As he stood up a few tears fell from his eyes and landed upon her cheek. With a heavy heart he turned and began walking towards the door. “ Please do not go, stay with me.” Her voice surrounded him, stopping him dead in his tracks, without needing any urging he turned to face the woman he so desperately longed for. “I cannot stay knowing I’m not good enough to be called yours, not good enough to love you Milady,” he whispered. Slowly he fell to his knees before her, pain and love his only emotions. Suddenly he felt her gentle fingers caressing his cheek and the touch of her lips upon his brow. “Who has told you that you are not god enough for me? Who would dare speak those words when you mean more to me then anything…I’m in love with you and only you. I cannot and will not ever love another.” Her words su
Freedom....what does freedom mean to you? hit me up and let me know.
Our Journey Is A Daily Affirmation
when things seem to never be as we want them, and life seems to keep us down and trodden, its the light in a friend, who just haps by, sharing some luv or a simple hi, that makes us realize, that we are blessed no matter what things seem like before us .." ~pixie~ MY DAILY AFFIRMATION I will wake up to the beautiful side of the day every day , I give thanks before I rise that I have another day to learn and become More connected and intuitive .. I am finding that on the path, I am not as alone as I feel at times , and that I'm not out of sync with the deities , but simply calling many by different names, tho both/all names in some way relate .. So as I seek, I learn, and in learning I can apply and in applying I understand .. The Journey is one step at a time, absorbing all that can be absorbed in that step ... Understanding that connection to Earth Mother and The Creator is a rare and beautiful gift, given to those who in their hearts truly seek
My Best Friend
Going to start this out with a song that puts into words what I have not been able to do.. We've been friends for a long long time You tell me your secrets and i tell you mine She's left you all alone and you feel like no one cares But i have never failed you i've always been there You tell your story it sounds a bit like mine it's the same old situation it happens every time Can't we see oh maybe you and me is whats meant to be or do we disagree What if i told you -(what if i said) that i loved you how would you feel what would you think what would we do do we dare cross that line between your heart and mine or would i lose a friend or find a love that would never end what if i said She doesn't love you oh it's plain to see i can read between the lines of what your telling me and he doesn't hold you the way a woman should be held how long can i go on keeping these feelings to myself What if i told you -(what if i said) that i loved you how would you
The Ladies Will Appreciate ~ The Men Will Learn A Lesson ***lmao
Public Restrooms My mother was a fanatic about public restrooms. When I was a little girl, she'd take me into the stall, show me how to wad up toilet Paper and wipe the seat. Then she'd carefully lay strips of toilet paper to cover the seat. Finally, she'd instruct, "Never, NEVER sit on a public toilet seat. Then she'd demonstrate "The Stance," which consisted of balancing over the toilet in a sitting position without actually letting any of your flesh make contact with the toilet seat. That was a long time ago. Now, in my "mature" years, "The Stance" is excruciatingly difficult to maintain. When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't
My Two Cents Part Iii - Rate Me, Add Me, Fan Me, Wtf!!!!!!!!
What Kind Of Mythilogical Animal Are You.
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel100%Faerie84%Mermaid83%WereWolf75%Dragon58%Demon42%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
When I am with you I feel as though I am in heaven I only wish it could be for twenty four seven You have opened your heart so wide I often think about jumping inside Your kisses tastes like wine I am so glad I can call them mine Your touch is like nothing I have ever feltIts so tender and mild Its makes me melt Your voice sends shivers Down my spine And all the things you sometimes say blows my mind
Aint Much But.......
She looked out the window to see nothing but the trees that had stood there for a thousand years, tears just slightly blurring her vision. Waiting for him was torture when she knew danger waited him but she had promised to stay put, to stay where he had left her. Slowly she collapsed upon the couch letting worry and fear for the man she loved take over, her sobs filling the entire cabin. If she lost him she would lose her life, her meaning, her worth in the world.
Okay so I somehow suckered a buddy from the RvB forums to join up here. So everyone say hello to Gaz in my friend's list. He's new, like me, but he's like "new" new... *does a braindead, drooling, face*
Honey Dip
When I'm dippin on the grind I get my money quick But sometimes I wanna lay up wit my honey dip She be wit me cause she aint like all them other chicks Let you hit, then she split, that's why I got a honey dip From the club to the telly you know how it is Most of the chicks I never tell em where a nigga live Tryna reach me at my mansion or my mother crib Hit my cell, hit my two, now I'm at my honey dips Yo we talked about 8, said I was comin thru to hit Now its wee hours in the mornin and I'm drunker than a bitch Stumblin and shit, I jumped up in the whip Flipped open the horn like where's my honey dip And bitch fuck ya man tonite, you know my steelo Sizzurp wit the Cristal, the corners playin cee-lo You see me well you jus smile you know we on the le-low I'm whippin thru the town like we boilin up a kilo Huh, I'm tryna dip up in the tele Dip up in the room, then dip up in her belly Dip off on Pirelli's, Dip-Sets Fonzarelli My white t-shirt, lookin dip up in my P
Thinking About You
I try not to think of you so much But all I can think of is your Gentle touch I think of your arms Squeezing me tight And think of all the ways to keep you in sight We compare all the things we have to share I swear I try not to Think about you all day But these thoughts are in my mind to stay
im starting to get a little frustrated because i cant get my computer at home working right n i want to get internet hooked up. its getting old just working doing nothing that seems worth while. life has been getting old for a long time. seems i work eat and sleep that's it. it's so meaningless and pointless. i don't have anyone to hang out with anyone to hold. i just stand behind a counter working at a gas station 8 hrs a day 6 days a week for shit pay working my ass off. *sigh* i thought getting my own place n such would change things, but seems nothing changes, donno if it ever will. maybe ill have to post pone recording my cd or something but i wanted to record it a long time ago, ive put getting it done off for a long time already. maybe i ought to just save every penny i can and just go drive and i donno. get away, heh i moved here to get away, away from what? i dont know, but i still haven't gotten away. all i feel is nothingness most the time it's frustrating, if i feel anyt
Pastors Buiseness Card
Pastor's Business Card: A new pastor was visiting in the homes of his parishioners. At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door. Therefore, he took out a business card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back of it and stuck it in the door. When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, "Genesis 3:10." Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales of laughter. Revelation 3:20 begins "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." Genesis 3:10 reads, "I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked." Remember when the funniest jokes were the clean ones? They still are! "A cheerful heart is good medicine" (Prov. 17:22)
Snow Silently Falling As The Sun Raises
The days growing shorter, the snow is silently falling to the ground. The street light go on to shine on the snow. Which a foot has not even touched. Over the hills the night is so quiet. As the sun raises over the hill shining on the falling snow, the snow is still silently falling. This new reflection on the snow wakes up the queit town over the hill
Offline For A Bit
Going to go get all hot and sweaty. I'm going to hit the treadmill while my daughter works on a report for school. Stay sexy and sweet. DD
Learning & Growing ??????????
LEARNING & GROWING In this life we all are constantly learning Each day brings new and exciting things They may not always be happy things Some will be bad and hard to understand But if we take them and learn then our lives will be better As I take at look at myself What do I see? I am not the same person I was a year ago I’ve grown I’ve found myself And guess what I am still learning This will never stop As I look at the talks and discussions I have I find that they are a way in which I am searching for answers To understand myself and others I think if the questions and if the doubt stop Then the growing will And one becomes stuck in one thing Never able to see pass the tip of their nose Will never see the beauty in the world Will not see those around them as they are For judgments and such will have been made Not on facts or on who that person is But on perceived ideas Ones that have not been challenged Let’s say growing up we are taught this is wron
New Pics
That Person I Want In My Life Forever
He will hold me and never let go The good byes are not forever They are only for a little while His kisses are so sweet and so soft It tickles When his arms are around me I feel safe and warm When he says he loves me he means it And when he says that he cares He does and shows that he does That is the person I want in my life forever
Help Me Pls!!!
Hey what's friends and fam?! I need your help to get me to level 8....i am only a few points if you could stop by my page and rate my pics, I would greatly appreciate and most definitely return the favor. Much Luv!! Jay
Gone Forever
I can still hear you calling my name But you are not there I see you face but your face disappeas I can hear you saying everything will be ok But I know you are not there and everything is not going to be ok Because you are gone
K So I Lost
I lost the princess contest. Big shocker there. Thanks to all my friends who voted for me. I appreciate it. I got 231 votes and I didnt get them by spamming. I understand promoting yourself but spamming shoutboxes is not fair. Anyhow that is all I am gonna say. I am done with contests!!!! I still hold the title for Sexiest Female with Glasses and Beautiful Eyes! And I am one of Felonys NEW ANGELS! Muahzzzzzzzzz Hugs to all!
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Ibe day, You are looking in the mirror Seeing your face the next you see another You are in control today But the next you are out of control Crying, Laughing, Sad, Happy THe mirror has two faces
Vote For Her
What Is A Normal Person ?
What is a normal person Is it a perosn that never gets into trouble Never cry about things Person that never yell or fight how do we know if we are A normal person How do we know if we are crazy If there is a normal person Who are they Will we ever know that they are there WIll someone tell me What is a normal person
It Wasnt Me!!! Lmfao
Ok wasnt me that stuffed a dildo so far up my arse i neasrly lost it! it wearnt me that cum so much it dripped on the carpet of her chair. it wearnt me that turned the cam round and showed a puddle on her chair. it wearnt me that threw the kids in bed early so she could cum on cam. it wearnt me that fucked a wine bottle, long and hard. it wearnt me that has to have cam sex cus her hubby can only cum if shes getting off with some1 else,. it wearnt me that spread my legs infront of a cam and stuffed my hand up myself. it wearnt me that couldent cum with her own husband, but could pour cum on cam. it wearnt me that fucked my self while 'on', and coverd her thighs in cum n blood! All i did was watch!! ..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL , OK IMA PERV, DO I CARE? .. DO I FUCK, I LOVE IT :O)
Boring Sunday
Yup another boring sunday.....someone hit me up on name on there is dvldawgaja or on there is usmcgrunt_2002 Save me puhleeeease lol
The Invisible Man
You can feel him when he walks by But you can not see him That why they call him The Invisible Man He does right But he also Does wrong He loves you You do not know that because you do not see him You do not pay any attention to him He was once here But he turned into the Invisible man Because you turned him away Forgot that he was there Crying softly Until one day you heard him crying SO, You turned but there was no one there So you kept on walking and forgot about The invisible man that was crying for you
I Need Some!
I need lots of you. I want more.
Thus the on I love Romeo To keep and to hold To never let go his love is the deepest love I ll ever know Romeo will you kill for me Will you hold me until my Heart stops crying for you We been pulled away Far apart from each other To long, Much too Long And now we are here I am going to hold all the Memorizes forever I am not letting you go Not now, not ever You love is special to me I love you my Romeo
A Big Welcome
This is just a big hi and hello to all the new faces on my friends list. I've only been on here for about a week or so, and you've all made me feel so welcome on this site.
B.j. Joke
There were these three guys named Rick, Bob and Tom, who were really good friends. One day they went out after just getting paid, having a few drinks together, as usual, when Rick says to the boys "Hey man, lets do something different for a change. I'm getting horny and I heard about this place down the road. Let's check it out." So the 3 men agreed and jumped in Rick's pick-up. When they got there, they noticed there was a sign on the door that said 'Blow Jobs for $5, $10, & $15'. So Bob not having to much extra cash to spend said "I'll go first for 5 dollars to see if it's worth it." He goes up to the door and knocks, pulls out his 5 dollar bill and then enters the building. He was gone about 10 minutes when he comes back out of the door with a big 'ol grin on his face. Seeing this Tom says, "Damn man, how was it?" Bob said "That was the best damn blow job I ever had! I'll never forget it!." So Tom said "Well, if it was that good, I'ma pay ten dollars!" He goes u
Go Give This Sexy Guy A 10!!
I have met some amazing ppl on CT since i joined a month ago!! Some life long friends!! But there is one person who caught my attention since the day he visited my profile and hasn't let go since. Sheik of Chic@ CherryTAP I want you all to meet the Sheik of Chic. If you go beyond the hot looks, amazingly sexy body and great car you will find the sweetest, kindest guy i have met in a very long time!! Lets make him a Cherry rockstar!! Please go rate him, add him and show this gorgeous man some love!! You wont be sorry, as a matter of fact you will probably come back and thank me :) Ok, go!! Go now!! *grins* x0x0x0x0x Image Hosting | Video Hosting | Myspace Games
Bless Lol I So Can Take The Piss, They Just Eat It All Up Loooooooooooooool ;o)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sexy sexxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woman scarlet, omfg you look totaly awsome babe, stunning and that smile is infectious a real horny horny look sexy and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!! lolol hun im drooling here now!!!! you are fuckingggggggggggggg gorgeous yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy I so so so so enjoyed that thx babes mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loves ya loads n loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Met Someone New
13/11/2006: (begins Sunday, the 12th) Although this isn't exactly for sadness, but I feel sad becouse of what I have to say that's the meaning of the blog. I met a mate's friend today, which I am highly interested in. But when I met him, I knew their was some connection, a friendly connection. The trouble I find with me is, I allow my self to love others way to easily. I allow my self to judge someone at a drop of a hat then change my mind later, or just like them, then like turns into love. I also always allow my self to trust others way to easily which is one of my weekness's. However, this is diffrent. Diffrent only to the reason of 'interest' or for even 'love'. I know I fancy this man, I know I interest him with some kind of passion. You proberably think "how can you? you've only knowen him for the one day" well as it was an afternoon and part of the morning. But as I said, thats the trouble, I allow my self to like people more aka 'interest/fancy' even when I havn't
Help Me Out Plzz
This will only take thirty seconds,and you DONT DONT have to sign up. all you have to do is go to the link below chekc what number is in the box then scroll down and click the same number on the pad. That is it! Thats all you have to do. It will help me a lot
Obligatory New Guy Post *sigh*
Okay so I found this on some porn-like post on a dead myspace group. Looked interesting enough as it didn't advertise "free" webcamming nor "larger pen15" for pennies a day. I'm a fan of the sexy and the cleavage, so its all good. Right now I just woke up to check if this site is as friendly as it was at 2am and apparently it gets friendly during the day so thats a nice twist. I'm a bit of a night owl so bare with me on this. I'm a writer by trade, work peon by habit, and student by force of habit. I'm a semester off from my degree in psychology and will soon be moving to buffalo ny to start a new life away from the suckiness of South Texas. Thats about it for now. I'll post some pictures later.
Princess Contest
I DID IT!!...I Won The C.T. Princess Contest Held By The C.T. King (Mr.Rush). This Is My Crown!! He Also Gave Me A Diamond Ring!!..Yay!!... I Would Like To Say Thanks To My Majorly Awesome Friends Who Helped Promote Me For This Contest..You Guys ROCK!!.. Thats All x0x -Ash
Veterans Day Thoughts
Thanks to all who serve us! WHO IS A VET? He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating two gallons a day making sure the armored personnel carriers didn't run out of fuel. He is the barroom loudmouth, dumber than five wooden planks, whose overgrown frat-boy behavior is outweighed a hundred times in the cosmic scales by four hours of exquisite bravery near the 38th parallel. She (or he) is the nurse who fought against futility and went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years in Da Nang. He is the POW who went away one person and came back another -- or didn't come back AT ALL. He is the Parris Island drill instructor who has never seen combat -- but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy, no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines, and teaching them to watch each other's backs. He is the parade-riding Legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand. He is the career quartermaster who watches
My Baby
I'm sure some of you heard already. But my baby was hurt. And I wans't there when it happend. So I don't know what happend but from what I was told. No I'm not sticking by her daddy's side. My baby comes b4 anyone in my life. ANYONE You can judge me I don't care. I don't know what happend. From what I was told Her daddy was holding her. And she rared back. Well she was falling out of his arms and he caught her by her leg. It broke. She does have other broken bone. Her Coller bone and Some Ribs. I have no clue what happend. But there is a diease that runs in my family. And she may have it. Here is the site check it out. If she does have this I am gonna see what I have to do to make it to where they test babies for this when they are born. I know CPS is doing what they have to do. But it hurts and its hard when you don't know what happend. Atleast she is with family and I do get to see her. And
November Rain-guns 'n Roses
This is my favorite song EVER. When I look into your eyes I can see a love restrained But darlin' when I hold you Don't you know I feel the same 'Cause nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain We've been through this such a long long time Just tryin' to kill the pain But lovers always come and lovers always go An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today Walking away If we could take the time to lay it on the line I could rest my head Just knowin' that you were mine All mine So if you want to love me then darlin' don't refrain Or I'll just end up walkin' In the cold November rain Do you need some time...on your own Do you need some time...all alone Everybody needs some time...on their own Don't you know you need some time...all alone I know it's hard to keep an open heart When even friends seem out to harm you But if you could heal a broken heart Wouldn't time be out to charm you
Who Would Want To See Some Of My Poetry?
would anyone like to read some of my poetry ?
Who Would Want To See Some Of My Poetry?
would anyone like to read some of my poetry ?
6 Smartass Answers For 2006
SMART ASS ANSWER #6 It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. "What are my choices?" John asked. "Yes or no," she replied. SMART ASS ANSWER #5 A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat. She said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub." SMART ASS ANSWER #4 A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead." SMART ASS ANSWER #3 The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When the cop f
A Kiss
A kiss shared between these two lovers crossed between the stars gathered at nights and gone by days but their kiss always remains never refrains from the pain when they are away from each other the kiss gives them hope that they will reunite every night and hopefully forever how can one kiss be shared as an endeavor an investment between two lovers crossed between the times always never the bitterness of a lime just a spark of time before they meet and then life will be sweet.
My Band Is Holding Auditions For A New Drummer
Hey my band is looking for a drummer. We practice in Milwaukee, WI. Many influences: Pantera, Black Label Society, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Mudvayne.. You have to be serious and committed to be in a band. We've opened for bands like: Dimmu borgir, devil driver, shadows fall, lacuna coil, unearth stonesour. We are looking to record and eventually tour. If you or anyone you know is interested please send me a message. Thanks! STAY METAL
have u ever had a toddler asleep on your lap and your leg starts to itch???????? IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. i can't move or i'll wake her up. and dammit... typing with one hand is NOT as easy as some people say!!!
Cherishing The Moments
In witnessing those who have decided to become deliberate in their creating, we have noticed a common occurrence. There is a propensity toward always looking toward a brighter future. "When I get my job, things will be better." "Once I find my true love, then I will be happy." "Once I get rid of these extra pounds, I will be happy," and so on. While we are pleased that you are looking toward a deliberate happy future, still you miss the point. You are here to bring yourselves to a joyful state of being - moment by moment, day by day, as you chew upon the data of life. As you stand in your "now," aware of where you want to be, or even aware of where you are going, your tendency is to note the lack of where you are. As you contrast "now" with future success, what you are usually FEELING is the LACK of the "now." And, as you feel the lack of the "now," your "now" will remain unchanged. Grasp the concept of BECOMING. Not unhappy "now." Not unfulfilled "now," while upon a journey that w
Love" & Krishnamurti
The demand to be safe in relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. This seeking for security is inviting insecurity. Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? Have you? Most of us want the security of loving and being loved, but is there love when each one of us is seeking his own security, his own particular path? We are not loved because we don't know how to love. What is love? The word is so loaded and corrupted that I hardly like to use it. Everybody talks of love - every magazine and newspaper and every missionary talks everlastingly of love. I love my country, I love my king, I love some book, I love that mountain, I love pleasure, I love my wife, I love God. Is love an idea? If it is, it can be cultivated, nourished, cherished, pushed around, twisted in any way you like. When you say you love God what does it mean? It means that you love a projection of your own imagination, a projection of yourself clothed in certain forms of respectability according t
Resentment Is Poisonous
Decide to forgive For resentment is negative Resentment is poisonous Resentment diminishes and devours the self. Be the first to forgive To smile and take the first step And you will see happiness bloom On the face of your human brother or sister Be always the first Do not wait for others to forgive For by forgiving You become the master of fate The fashioner of life A doer of miracles To forgive is the highest most beautiful form of love In return you will receive untold peace and happiness Poem by Robert Muller “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself” ~Chinese Proverb .
Go Chiefs!
B.g. (tha Put On)
Los Angeles, tha bac yard of 1 of my friends from childhood, I stand n tha middel of 17 friends n a fighting position, my oldest friend cums first he swings & a hard fist hits my jaw, he & I r in tha center throwin blows as if we didnt know each other ( but theres a difference between put on & put off, when yr put off u r tha unwanted), he & I r fighting 4 a few minets toe 2 toe & then cums another friend, and then another until its tha full 17 & in tha middel of all that is a young man provin himself 2 his friends. Thja ratpac last 4 about 30 seconds which seems like 4ever, but at last as soon as it started its over, hugs and hand shakes go around, dont get me wrong we were friends at tha start & we r even closer friends at tha end of, and what emerges from that tight bond of friends is a B.G. ( Baby Gangsta )& tha life that cums after that is another story in its self.Alot of u ask do I still live that life well tha answer is no, tha hood I was from disbanded & everyone went there ow
Background Photo's
I found some terrific backgrounds for your desktop. They're in my Fun Stuff folder, so come by visit, rate and rip away! Pete
Confusion Emptiness I am broken Silent Quiet My thoughts unspoken Exuahsted Tired Out of fight My Life My feelings Am I alright? No choice No Emotion Guess I have to be. No words No time It is not about me
How Evil Are You
You Are 66% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot. How Evil Are You?
when you add or accept a friend do you ever keep in touch with them?? or you just add them just to add them?? I try my best to stay in touch with many of my friends because there is a reason why you would want to add them... Am I right or wrong? Please do leave feedbacks...
Levels Of Energy And Existence
It is one of your tasks in this lifetime to utilize this time here to lift the frequency of the energy here from that of fear to that of love. This is an awesome task and well worth doing. It involves millions of people and is most critical. Begin, of course, with yourself, meditating and lifting yourself out of the vibrations of darkness and fear and shining out with love and light. Remember that you are a light, and that light always drives away darkness. Light does not wage war to conquer darkness. Light shines and darkness has no choice but to retreat. And there is another level of energy which is above this and vibrates at a higher level, and at this level thought turns to manifested reality. At this level, rather than even focusing on the darkness and on the fear, you are within the grace of love completely and your thoughts change the reality which is around you. At this level, you begin to blur the line between what is perceived as reality and what is perceived as th
Re: New Pics
Tell Me Why?
Armando went to his neighbor and asked, "Hey Carlos, do you like a woman ho has a beeg stomach steeking oll the way out?" "No," says Carlos. Armando asks, "Do you like a woman whose teets hang almost to her knees?" "No," says Carlos. "Well, Carlos, would you like a woman whose heeps are so mucho grande?" "Caramba! No, amigo!" Carlos replied. "Theen tell me why," asked Armando, "do you keep screwing my wife?"
Are You Hot
You Are Super Spicy You're a little bit crazy, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of sexy. You go beyond hot - you set people's senses on fire! Are You Hot?
Bye Everyone
hey everyone i just wanted to say that i am going to delete my profile on here.. if u want to still talk to me, i will be on myspace.. you can find me there. bye everyone
This One's Crazy
SAO PAULO, Brazil - A woman was released from the hospital a day after she was shot in the head six times in an attack police blamed on her ex-husband, Brazilian media reported Saturday. Patricia Goncalves Pereira, a 21-year-old housewife, was shot Friday after an altercation with her ex-husband, who was upset because she refused to get back together with him, Globo TV reported. “I know this was a miracle,” Pereira told the TV network. “Now I just want to extract the bullets and live my life.” Doctors could not explain how Pereira survived the attack. The .32-caliber bullets didn’t break through her skull and didn’t even need to be immediately extracted, doctors said. Pereira also was shot once in the hand. Police said the ex-husband was still at large, Globo TV reported.
Angels Cry For The Fallen
I see so much from day to day, I serve my country proudly. But lately i see so many Negitive things said about the military and what we fight for. But before you judge us listen to what i have to say. Read it word for word All soldiers know the price there is a chance for war but in reality No real soldier wants war they just wish to keep peace for not just themselves but for everyone. They love their homes, they love their friends they love their families and they love their country. We do not fight because we want to, We fight because we must, Because for as long as there are people with the wrong kind of power there will always be conflict in the world. Yet it takes power to keep peace but power causes war. So we will never be rid of war insted we can only hope that power will keep the peace insted of causing conflict. Yesterday Was Veterans Day, And we all gave two minutes to remember the fallen yet there are those out there who did not, and worse still those who
7 Steps To Your Great Success In Life!
The DARAFAL Formula-7 Steps To Your Great Success In Life! Spiritual Awakenings The DARAFAL Formula-7 Steps To Your Great Success In Life! by Phil Brull What do you really want in life? Think about it. Yes, you yeah, YOU can have what you really want! You are free to achieve any goal! You can do anything! Don't believe it? That's OK! Just try it out! The 7-step DARAFAL Formula works for many, and it also can work for YOU! Imagine for one moment living the life of your dreams! Hmm, isn't it beautiful? And the best thing is you can do it! YOU! And you don't have to wait! You can start right now! Here is DARAFAL, your 7-step key to success: 1. D - Decide what you want This first step is vitally important. Why? Because you must identify what you WANT. We are so used to identify what we don't want that it may be unusual to decide what we want. But, what happens if we only say what we don't want? Well, our mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. The subconscious mind does all to create
Ok Finally The Details I Said Were To Follow
I need a few good men . . Oh wait, I mean ideas! Yep I want to get more video on my page, but sometimes I just don’t know what you all want to see! So, here’s the challenge, send me your best video ideas keeping in mind that I’m not MGM, just SIMPLE!! ideas! The best one will (as chosen by a panel of judges, yes really judges) will win a 3 month membership to my site* Send them in to (with the subject line VIDEO CONTEST ENTRY) I’m going to run the contest until December 15. I will use all the ideas eventually, so you will get to see me make your fantasy a reality. *Past membership or Proof of age required for winner
So The Question Is
So the question is What are some of the qualities of a successful and happy relationship with YOU? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking... *Humor and laughter -Are you being too hard on yourself? -Are you filled with guilt and self-blame? -Are you being with people and doing things that allow you to laugh and have fun? *Kindness and compassion toward yourself and others -How can you be more kind toward yourself? -What does it mean to be kind to yourself? -What are you still angry at yourself for? -What have you not forgiven yourself for? *Doing more of what you love to do -What brings you joy that you haven't taken the time to do in a
My First Blog
Sunday for the most part are lazy days.. I wish I had a couple sundays in a row.. I work one full time job and 2 odd jobs all week long.. and Sunday is football day and my home team Cleveland Browns are having a pretty good year.. Kids are outside playing and I'm enjoying updating my new site... I think I'm going to enjoy Cherrytaps.. Sweetshorty
Demystifying Paganism
Sexy Night Of A Lover
A special dinner, That's what he set out to do. To show her how special she was, To show her his love was true. A candle light dinner, He made for them to eat. Looking deep into her eyes, Their souls did meet. After they ate dinner, To the couch they did retire. Curled up together with a movie, And the sweet glow of a fire. So relaxed and content, A feeling of heavenly bliss. On the back of her neck, He placed a sweet soft kiss. It sent a shiver down her spine, And she turned and held him tight. Whispering softly in his ear, Make love to me all night. He said I'll be right back, As he got up off the couch. Into his bedroom he went, Then pulled out a pouch. He pulled out rose pedals, And laid them all over the bed. Hundreds of rose pedals, White, yellow, pink and red. Around the room, Candle after candle he did light. Making a soft glow in the room, That flicked in the night. He went to the couch, And took her by the hand. She glowed like the full moon, A
Little Ghost
"Little Ghost"... White Stripes... go listen to the song on my page... Little ghost, little ghost One I'm scared of the most Can you scare me up a little bit of love? I'm the only one that sees you, And I can't do much to please you And it's not yet time to meet the lord above The first moment that I met her I did not expect a specter When I shook her hand I really shook a glove She looked into me so sweetly And we left the room discreetly No one else could know the secret of our love Little ghost, little ghost One I'm scared of the most Can you scare me up a little bit of love? I'm the only one that sees you, And I can't do much to please you And it's not yet time to meet the lord above Every morning I awoke And I see my little ghost Wond'rin' if it's really her that's lying there I lean to touch her and I whisper But not brave enough to kiss her When I held her I was really holding air Little ghost, little ghost One I'm scared of the most Can you
have you ever had this one moment in time where your listening to this one song and you start to cry for no reason... yeah i know its odd but i have done that
New Music Posted!!
Hey everyone, I have just added a song from my band Echoes. It is an instrumental called Kaotus. If you love the classic rock sounds of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, then you need to check us out. Later. Jimmy
Hey...hey...hey... Check Out My First Blog...
Well ya'all I'm a newbie...So check out my page...give me suggestions or just leave a GOB of comments...I always LOVE COMMENTS!!! Looking to make some new friends and kick it! Come rate me and comment...I'm fixing to check out all you sexy in the next few... Love ya and am looking forward to showing and recievin some lovins!!! *Huggles*
If You Want To Make Extra Money!!!!
Like A Perpetual Valentine's Day
this place... I'm making some comment tags up in photoshop and I'm hit with this realization as I try to come up with something clever to add to a picture of a devil driving a hotrod... It's like being in grade school and going around to everyone's neatly decorated shoe-boxes and dropping in little notes, gifts, cards... I always loved that day. Feb.14th around here would have to be enough to make your head explode ;)
Whats Your Flirting Style?
What's Your Flirting Style? Too Hot!Whoa, back off girl! There is such a thing as too much attention, and you're about one step shy of actually jumping your Man 'o the Minute in the hall between classes. Ever heard of 'playing hard to get'? Right now, you're more likely to completely terrify your crush than anything else, plus you're on your way to aquiring an...::ahem::....reputation. Try backing off, just a little bit. Kay?Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
I Added A Link To The Jackass!!!!
I Added A Link To The Jackass!!!!
Naughty Or Nice?
Are You Naughty or Nice? AngelicYou haven't a bad bone in your body. So congradutions, you're a good girl, but you also have the adventurous sense of a snail. Don't be afraid to break out of your comfort zone once in a while.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Sex Survey
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Pic Update
Hi all I've added 3 new pics of my lovely daughter in her uniform. She marched in the Rememberance day parade with the St John's Ambulance Brigade today. Take a look. Thanks Linda
Help Wanted
if your flashin boobies on cam you might as well make money at it cut and paste link
True Love Will Prevail
even through am not in a relationship now , it does not mean I dont believe in this... Must have faith to trust in, and others just wing it? the WING ones are many the ones left in the dark and alone. You get what you put in to a relationship or marriage and the rewards are so wonderful. have a great Sunday True Love Will Prevail by Michael Vestal Just when I thought I'd lost you for good, You came back to me. as I prayed you would. I think you realized what I mean to you, What you mean to me; You already knew... We can not hide this love we both share Our bond is strong and beyond compare. This special love that we both feel, We both truly know that it's for real... What makes our love so special for each other? Are the little things we share with one another. The bigger decisions we talk things through, That's what two people in love would do… We love each other; it's plain to see, I'm in love with you and you with me.
Is He Really Interested?
Is he really interested? Totally into youThis guy definately has some interest in you, congrats! It may take some time to get things going, but don't worry, things'll get there eventually. By no means get complacent! But keep him interested and your crush will soon be your boyfriend. Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Good Morning
hope everyones having a great weekend. i'll be on and off this thing today. kids need the computer for school reports, so when they're ready, they'll get access to the computer. DD
Accepting Who I Am
After several years of denying my sexuality I have come to the conclusion that I am Bi-sexual.. I still love women, and have a gorgeous girfriend who is also bi.. My girlfriend Sherry is the one that helped me realize that hiding this was only painful for me, everyone else seems to be ok with it.. Rather they are ok or not I need to be who I am.. Don't waist your life trying to be who everyone else thinks you should be...Be Yourself!!!
Yeah I Went Crazy
Some Things To Think About
Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle? Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white? Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale? Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized? Why do people keep running over a string a dozen t
Payton Manning is unbelievable, he has changed the way we look at Football.. The Indianapolis Colts can challenge the best during any givin season, but something happens to them when its time for the playoffs.. They freeze up.. We are 8 and o this season a repeat from last season, my hope is that we don't repeat the results from 2005 playoffs...Go Colts!!!!
Should You Get Back With Your Ex?
Should you get back with your Ex? A good ideaThis relationship showed and still shows some promise, and you feel regret at having ended it or having it ended in the first place. Since you still have feelings for him, and since the experience was mostly positive, getting back with this guy is a good idea. It's important not to let whatever happened to split you two up happen again, though, so make sure you and your ex are prefectly clear on the point of not repeating mistakes and not rehashing old problems. Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
My Link
JayR@ CherryTAP
Talk A Jackass!!!!!!!!!
Veterans Day Ride!
Its 5.45 am, and time to get out of bed. By 6, I have the coffee going, and am already in the shower. check my emails real quick to see if there are any last minute changes, and then start getting ready for the cold weather. Now what coud get me up and outside so early in the morning? Well-today is Veterans Day, and we are having a ride to celebrate. So at 7.30 am, I am on my way out the door, dressed in layers. No frost, but that is only because the humidity is down. It is COLD out there. Push the bike out of the garage, and get her running. Takes a couple of minutes to get warmed up, and I want that oil thinned out just a bit before I start heading up the road. Kickstands up at 7.45 am, and I am off! Only takes me about 1 minute to figure out that the gloves I grabbed and were fine for standing around, aren't going to work for riding-just a bit thin, and ventilated -fingers are already getting tingly. Suck it up! I keep riding-I have endured worse than this, and there are MY country
I Love Nfl Football!!!
Every Sunday, I watch football. Nothing spectacular, but it's pretty much my religion. I have a ritual that I have to follow. I spend the morning chilling out with music, then at 10 AM, I crack my first beer. At 11 AM, it's time to get the wings started. I'm a HUGE wing fan, and I love to play around with the flavors. Local faves are smoky chipotle, traditional buffalo, and now I'm toying with a flavor from budweiser. We have chips, sweets, and have an open invite to all our friends. Basically, I have a party EVERY Sunday!!! As for me, I'm a Colts fan, followed closely by the Texans. I once heard that it's better to be at the live games; apparently, these people haven't been at my house watching the games in HD on the 50" plasma with surround sound kicking! I HAVE the best seats ALL the time!!! To my fellow football fans, I say ROCK ON! To the non football fans, BITE ME!!!
What Kinda Kisser Are You?
What type of kisser are you? Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by Romantic kisser: This kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.
Fire And Ice...
You touch my shoulder and I turn to look up at You smiling. The look in Your eyes stops me in my tracks, smile fading, eyes instantly lowering. Silently, You stand and take my hand, pulling me with You. "Master...." I start to ask, but I feel a finger on my lips quieting me and I know, there will be no talking tonight. I follow You closely up the stairs to the bedroom. You turn to me and look down into my eyes, leaning in and whispering, "Close your eyes baby girl and keep them closed." I nod my head and let my eyes flutter closed, placing myself in Your hands, knowing You'll keep me safe. You lead me into the bedroom and sit me down on the edge of the bed leaning down to kiss me softly on the lips, whispering to me "Just breathe and relax baby girl, let Me take care of You tonight." I purr softly and nod my head, trying to relax into whatever it is You want from me. A blush rises over my cheeks as I realize that all Your attention is focused on me and I squirm a bit in my s
A Timely Message & Reminder
> Recently someone was browsing through the 40th Anniversary Issue of >Reader's Digest (dated Feb. 1962), and came across this reprint from the >Washington News. Very wise words every Congress should heed. > > > The quote reads: Vice President Lyndon Johnson received the following message from a reservatiom Native American Indian Chief : >"Be careful with your immigration laws. We were careless with ours."
Oh, A Bit Of Really Shameless Self-promotion
I have my second notreallyaMUMM (more a public opinion poll, exactly) running for a few more hours. :)
I Have Posted Up Mumms For The Characters
so if you could go and vote on them that would be great and will determine which pictures get printed as posters Daughter of Hell or Fienderella Reptiliana or Willie the Freak Sadistic Ophelia or Shok Taktik Sensual Slaughter of Stone Thrower
A Soldiers Message To Anti-military People
It seems more and more i see Anti-Military Comments out there , Comments about how we should all die, How we are nothing more then glorified killers being paid. Well i am about sick of it so this is my message for ALL Anti-Military People out there! You get up and hit you're snooze button again for 5 more minutes of sleep. We've already been up for 5 hours risking our lives for you. You make yourself some coffee and make yourself some breakfest. Our breakfest was powdered eggs and our coffee is a week old. You bitch about traffic and how it takes you an extra 15 minutes to get to work, Yet we go out and get shot at, So many go out to never come back. We lay here , we fight and die for you're right to drive down that street. We fight day and night, so you might get that sound sleep. You make you're horrible comments, you take the freedom we give and then question on how we give it. Just Remember these words American girls and American guys we'll always stand
New Friend
Hey everyone.. My brother just joined... Lets show him some Cherry love... Stop by show him love add him comment ... what ever... vinnie@ CherryTAP
In The Rain...
It is a starless night, thunder in the distance, flashes of lightning as a storm is about to roll in. Just finished dinner for a nice romantic quick getaway, when I see the look in his eye that says the night is far from over. Feeling daring from half a bottle of wine, I see an alley just up ahead, and pull him with me. He's looking at me confused, until I start to unbutton my blouse. We are not far in and there are people going by but I don't care. The wine has made me bold, and that look in his eyes makes me want him right that very second. Going back to the hotel is not an option at this point, because I just have to have him. I grin at him as I continue to undo my blouse and he stands there, stunned. "Don't you want to go back to our room, baby?" he asks me. I shake my head no and finally get my blouse undone. "I want you now, sweetness," I say to him, pulling him closer to me. I kiss him hotly and press my body to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, deepening
About These Bulletins...
Hey cherries! I just wanted you all to know that I rarely get a chance to check my bulletins, so please don't take any offense if I don't repost them. When I am online, I'd rather be chatting with you all or meeting new people, checking your new pics, readin your blogs, etc. There aren't enough hours in a day for me to do it all, so please accept my apology if you are offended that I don't repost when you ask me to. xoxoxo
I Dont Need This Shit!!
for fuck sake!!! i been offline for a week, i come back on today, to like 13 friends request, one of them is a fellow Brit, so i thought, "yea, I'll add him, he seems cool" i went on his profile, rated all his pics (which by the way is more than he did for me) then he jumps in my shoutbox calling me "baby" n shit....asked me for my messemger address i told him i dont give it out (which it states quite clearly on my profile) and then he reckons now i'm bein a bitch and that i think im too good for him, and he's "too black" for me!!!...i promptly told him, "no hunni, I'm to married for ANYONE!" what the fuck is wrong with this guy??? what a complete asshole!!! i think it's all because, as most of you know, i forget to log it looks like i'm on and i'm i said earlier, i been offline for a week, so i had loads of other sites i had to catch up with too... i really dont need this shit man!!! so, i promptly removed him from my friends i think that was t
I Wonder.....
Wonder if I should take my adult pics down or leave them up before they shut my internet off.....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
Oxycodone Dosent Mean Sober.......
Down to buisness, Im still recovering from getting hit by a truck, My spine is "unconclusive" in condition as of now so im still wearing a back brace. I can put 50% weight on my leg now the doctor said, but my hip still gives me pain....thank God(or scientist) for pain pills. My shoulder blaid is healing up well I guess but Is still limited on its movement. So yes I was rideing my skooter and this lady plowed me from behind driving a big ol' 86 chevey, I woke up in the back of an abulance being held down by the emergency crew. They shot me full of oooh laa la and rushed me to centeral carolina, then I was tranceferd to UNC chapel hill. None the less Im doing much better and thank God im still alive (Fuck material posessions). God keept me alive for a reason and Ive made a lot of new choices as to how im living my life from now'll all should(will_)be proud of me!!! By the way I know your wondering....No I wasnt wasted truth be told I was sober untill the doctors pumped me full
Hey all! I am an official street team member of CherrySpaceGirls, so I get all kindsa cool shit if people sign up via me! It seems like a pretty cool site, SO DEFINATELY check it out if yer a hottie! =P CherrySpaceGirls.Com.
Again, I Travel.
And so I stand on my steps, the Virginia morning chilly. Over my shoulder I have slung my military C-Bag, well-used, and travel worn. Know this: Where I travel, You come with me, in my mind, my heart. I carry You with me everywhere, from the first steps outside, to the steps that will eventually lead me to You. My mind dreams with visions of candlelit slow dances, and soft touches. Of lips kissed, and breaths made heavy and fast. My mind dreams of You, as the mile markers roll past, and I stare out the window, praying You're sleeping the sweet sleep of the innocent. And also I pray You know, I love Thee. Once, twice, a thousand times, I love Thee. My path is a winding one, but this is the beginning of my last journey, the journey that will lead me to You. And I love Thee.
To My Friends And Family... I May Not Be Here For A While
As some of you know stupid me quit my job a few weeks ago and no I still havent found one. Anyways time to pay the bills and nothing to pay them with. I think my internets getting shut off tomorrow and I have to take my comp back on the 15th... I will miss all of you and think of you. I love you all very much. Dont worry as soon as I get a job and get this shit payed off I WILL BE BACK!!!!!! All my love, ~~~~ArmyBrat~~~~
My First Cherry
Wow...I just got my profile started and I received so many comments that I was overwhelmed. This is great. I haven't even figured out how to use this site yet. Whew...this could be a long day. Give me time to figure stuff out and this will get better for me. Thanks for the visits.
Worth Reading
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on . Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They brin
My Ride
My favorite car... the "unsafe at any speed" chevy corvair.
Rainy Morning Rant
Music Video:HATE ME (by Blue October)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone people on here bug me...sometimes. i've met some guys on here that say they love me (again) but then when i read their stuff, there are other women calling them "baby", "sweetheart" or saying "i love you"...and it just begs the question if they lied or not... DONT TELL ME SHIT IF YOU HAVE OTHER PPL SAYING THE SHIT I SAY! if i say "i love you" i MEAN IT. if you're in love, wouldnt you WANT to proclaim it and tell the others who the lucky one is? i do...if you love me too...nvm it's your choice. i'm tired of finding other women who say the same stuff i do the hard way. it hurts more than being told. fuckin tired of that shit. going out tonight wit one of my friends. we're hittin the hookah bar after "borat". gonna smoke some cigs like air and hopefully see zack (whoot!). if he's got some MJ, then mayb i'll try it... the music video speaks for itself hate me today, hate me tom
Real Foundation Of Freedom & Democracy
Truth is the best guarantor and the real foundation of freedom and democracy. It does not matter whether you are weak or strong or whether your cause has many or few adherents, truth will still prevail. Recently, many successful freedom movements have been based on the true expression of people's most basic feelings. This is a valuable reminder that truth itself is still seriously lacking in much of our political life. Especially in the conduct of international relations we pay very little respect to truth. Inevitably, weaker nations are manipulated and oppressed by stronger ones, just as the weaker sections of most societies suffer at the hands of the more affluent and powerful. In the past, the simple expression of truth has usually been dismissed as unrealistic, but these last few years have proved that it is an immense force in the human mind, and, as a result, in the shaping of history.
Friends Of Ct
Hey all I need some help......I only have a lil bit to go to level up, come by and rate me and post comments if ya like........MUAH thank you
Halloween 2003
Halloween 2003 by rosewall © Richard left work early. He had some errands to run before the Halloween party. He was anxious; he had not been to a costume party in twenty five years. Pulling to the curb in front of the costume shop, Richard was envisioning himself as batman or superman. Stepping up to the counter, Richard said, "Do you have a couple of costumes reserved for Richard Smith?" Opening a book, a tall older gentleman behind the counter flipped several pages and said, "No I don't see anything under Smith." Pulling out his cell phone, Richard called his wife. When she answered, he asked, "Linda, Didn't you reserve the costumes?" After a silence, Linda said, "Oh god, I forgot!" Getting upset, Richard told her he would get something and hung up. Turning back to the man behind the counter, Richard said, "Do you have a batman or superman costume?" Looking at his watch, the clerk said with a sigh, "At five o'clock on Halloween day, we really d
I Thought This Was Cool
How many things do you do, and how many things do you not do, just because you're worried about what other people would think? Other people's opinions of you, and your opinions of them, cause a great amount of completely unnecessary negative thinking. Not to mention a lot of silly activity. Of course you would like to make a good impression on people. So you do your best to be polite, honest and respectful. Beyond that it's useless to concern yourself with what others think of you, because they will probably think it in spite of anything you do. And what does it matter anyway? Refuse to be imprisoned by the opinions of others. After all, what harm can someone's opinion do to you? What power does it have over you? Only the power that you give to it. Decide to live with the freedom of your own thoughts. Be confident of your own value and worth, and that you're doing the right thing. When you believe in yourself and in what you're doing, it won't matter what other people think. And
Halloween Celebration
Halloween Celebration by Son_of_Hat © Hello, my name is Dan. Last year, my wife Kelli & I decided to throw a Halloween costume party with some friends of ours. A lot of preparation was put into both the party as well as in deciding on our costumes. I put together a great Scottish highlander outfit, complete with a kilt. Kelli went with the traditional "sexy cat" outfit that was comprised of cat ears, a tail, a hot little black leotard, & fish net stockings. She also was going to have whiskers painted on her face. Kelli's younger sister, Joanne, had driven to our place from her home 500 miles away and would be staying with us for the weekend. I hadn't seen it yet, but she told us she planned to wear a french maid's outfit. We had invited a couple dozen friends to come including Kelli & Joanne's other sister, Monika, who lived just across town from us. Monika was Kelli's older sister by a couple of years. My best friend Ben & his wife Kathy were also going to be coming. The day
Halloween Hedonism
Halloween Hedonism by lilminx © Kara entered her house a little unsteadily. She had just gone to the third Halloween costume party of the week and was drunk as well as fed up. The party had been her friend Christine's. "It's all the same, every year," she thought to herself. "I'm always the single woman at these damn things. I walk in, and everyone asks, 'Who did YOU bring, Kara?' Sheesh, why is it so important that I have to bring a date? Then there are the do-gooders who try to push me towards any single guy there, no matter HOW gross he is!" She walked into her room and looked in the mirror. She had gone to the party as a French Maid (she knew it was a common costume, but didn't care). Kara inspected herself from head to toe in the mirror. She had a black and white headband that was set in her long, brown, wavy hair. On her face, she wore sultry make-up: dark eyeshadow and eyeliner on her almond-shaped eyes, dark red lipstick on her pouty lips, and she had affixed a small bir
Halloween Hooking
Halloween Hooking by dr. Jocelyn © Dear Jocelyn, It was just supposed to be a unique costume. That is what we intended when we came up with the idea. First, I should give you some background. My name is Tasha and I live in Detroit. I'm a junior in college and I also work on weekends at the local mall. My friend Paula and I hand plans to attend the Halloween festivities that would take place in the city on Saturday night. It was Friday night when we decided that we had better come up with a costume for the next night. We actually were under the false impression that we could rent something the day before the biggest party of the year. After the third costume shop the frustration really set in. Paula and I aren't exactly what you'd call skinny. We are tall in stature, but I think it would be accurate to call us "pleasingly plump" On top of that, we are both quite large in the breast and butt department. I for one, have always had difficult finding clothes that fill well, esp
Halloween Masque - Part 1
Halloween Masque by kinpatsu © We were laying there, surrounded by a mess of sheets that only a complete rebuild of the bed would fix. At the moment we were curled in each others arms admiring the sweaty looks of complete satiation, but the lethargy of that same satiation was lurking. I was looking forward to napping with her cuddled into my shoulder, but she wanted to talk. Well, I can do that too. "Hmmm. That was nice," she hummed into my chest. Her fingers were running through my hair and she'd poured her body into a shape that fitted nicely with my crude form. "Do you suppose we can do that again this evening?" "I'll have to check my appointment book," I mumbled sleepily. "But baring any meetings with world leaders or captains of industry, I think I can work you in." "Tease. Don't think that I couldn't talk you into it any time, anywhere." "Yes dear," was my noncommittal answer. "You had better be paying attention," she reproved me with a cliche, "because there w
Halloween Masque - Part 2
Halloween Masque by kinpatsu © "I certainly intend to," was all I could say. Thankfully she dropped down onto my chest so that I could feel her heavenly breasts press naked against my flesh and wiggled sexily on top of me until she got the head of my prick lodged properly. Here, however, she didn't press her advantage. "Tell me you want it," she said while pulling back a touch and spreading the head of my prick with her excess personal lubricant. I was a complete slave to her passions. At that moment I could do nothing but what she asked. "I want it more than my life. I want inside you." She wiggled more furiously, but still didn't let me in. "Tell me there's no pussy like mine." I decided to lay it on heavy. "Your pussy is one if the finest of instruments of any kind in the world. Rich men would render themselves paupers for just one motion of bliss within you." I was laying it on so thick it sounded ridiculous. "The talent between your legs is only rivaled by your inc
Halloween Orgy
Halloween Orgy by analplayplease © It was October 29th I had just gotten home from another literature class. On my door was a folded piece of paper. It was an invitation to a Halloween Party in my apartment complex from my friend Cory. Arrival between 10-11 p.m. Costumes a must. Beer on tap, some liquor available. To end when everyone left. I decided to put my things away and go to Cory's for a little more information. His car was parked so I knew he was home. I made sure to lock my door and then I headed down the street to his apartment. I knocked and within ten seconds I heard an "enter" come from within. I smiled and gave Cory a hello hug. He patted the couch and I sat next to him. "So you got the invitation?" He asked. "Yes, a bit late to invite people huh?" And he said, "No way, two days is plenty of time." I smiled and knew deep down he was right. "I suppose I have to wear a costume." A nod was all the reply I got. I asked what he was going as and a little smirk and a "
Halloween Party
Halloween Party by damonX © Halloween. October 31st and I didn't have any plans. I had a bit of a headache so I decided to take a little walk around the dorms. I had heard that there was a big costume party going on somewhere but I hate to dress up. The halls were pretty quiet for a friday night so I figured everyone must be out for the night. As I stepped out of the stairwell I heard a mix of voices coming from down the hall. As I continued my boredom induced trek, a small group of girls turned the corner and came into view. Like most residence girls they were butt ugly, but there was one that certainly caught my attention. She was dressed like a french maid (which is kind of a fetish of mine), with a very short maid skirt and fishnet stockings. I had seen her around a few times before, but she had never really cauhgt my attention. Untill now that is! As my eyes wandered from her cute face and curly blonde hair to those luscious legs I began to feel a familiar feeling in my balls.
Universal Responsibility
As we approach the end of the twentieth century, we find that the world has grown smaller and the world's people have become almost one community. We are also being drawn together by the grave problems we face: overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, and an environmental crisis that threaten the very foundation of existence on this small planet we share. I believe that to meet the challenge of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for his or her own self, family or nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace, the equitable use of natural resources, and the proper care of the environment.
Halloween Party At Our House...
Halloween Party At Our House... by r_robert © Halloween Party At Our House Turns Into More Halloween night is a night I look forward to every year. Every year we have a party everyone gets drunk and fucks all night. This year was gonna be different I was soon to find out. Everyone starts arriving as usual around 7:00 just about time it gets dark. Even though we know everyone that's coming, with the costumes its hard to tell who is who. I am dressed as a high school cheerleader and my husband Rick is dressed as a football player. To my surprise every man at the party was also dressed as a football player, all having same color uniform and number. Its hard to tell which one is my husband when they are by each other. Back in high school I was a cheerleader and Rick was on the football team. I would tease him a lot with my little outfit, bending over and showing my butt cheeks, like I didn't know they would show. Every year I wore same costume and would do the same thing. Bending
Halloween Party Night
Halloween Party Night by English Bob © "So, what do you think," said Sally, "do you like it?" It would have been tough not to like my wife's Halloween costume. The black satin contrasted beautifully with her pale complexion and long blonde hair as she paraded in front of me. "A witch," I joked, "how very appropriate! But not any normal witch costume this. The front was scooped down so low as to show all but the smallest portion of Sally's breasts and the skirt was so short that the casual observer would have been able to immediately tell the colour of panties that she wore - if she in fact had have worn any. Her long, slim legs were encased in the finest black silk stockings and the whole ensemble was finished off with vicious looking black spike-heeled shoes. "Oh yeah?" she chided, lifting the skirt to show me her neatly trimmed bush, "but I bet you'd love to ride my broomstick!" I moved towards her my hands immediately reaching for her partially exposed body. The s
Aerosmith Crazy
Halloween Sex Party
Halloween Sex Party by sex4u4647 © After having been married for five years, Art and Rita were getting totally bored with life and each other. Their day to day life was without change, work, dinner, TV, bed (to sleep),sex twice a week. If that often. There had to be more. One fuck of a lot more. One morning in the mail there was an invitation to a party at a friends house. It was to be a sexy costume party, dance, bring your own bottle, saturday nite. Just in time for Halloween Rita called Shirley. "Morning dear, got your invite, who will be there and whats the deal?" "Well,, there will be five other couples, three of them are swingers." Shirley explained. "Costumes are to be sexy and revealing as possible. It will probally turn into a swap partner fucking party. But no one has to do anything that they don't want to." "You know that I like to flirt, so does Art, but anything else Im not sure." Rita said. "I haven't been with anyone but Art since before we got married. B
A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden.
Regardless of how many times I ask for help, it seems on 2 or 3 friends come to my aid. Those few know who you are and I am extremely appreciative of everything you've done for me. I have 150+ friend, fans and family, and only 3 help me...that's pathetic. I just need to vent, I'll be ok in a while
Don't Be A Haterz!
i have friends both there and here!!
My Take On Life
OMG!!! Rate me this, rate me that. Look over and over I've stated that I rate 7-9 and 10's are reserved for specific pics that I deem "perfect". Pages get 10's if they impress the hell out of me or are at least better than my own simple page (doesn't take much). I'm sorry if you are offended, upset or just not in that "mood" when I rate your page or ask you to add me. If you know me you love me, if you don't....your loss (and a big one at that-just ask my friends who know me in reality not cyberspace). I love my "real" friends and true friends, the rest can get to know me or get in line to say or do what they must to relieve their own conscience. Keep smiling and luv to my friends. Always Sharky As of March 2007...I realize that the whole point system is just a way to pass on rewards and show some luv. I drop 10's on everyone and I'm in the process of updating all my ratings on people. If I haven't gotten to you let me know and I'll do what I can about everything. Aside f
who sings: bed of nails? who sings: shit on u? who sings: animals? who sings: fuck the system? if u get 3 or 4 of them right u get a kiss. here r some clues 1. it starts with A 2. white rapper 3. 10¢ 4. system -- - ----
The Battle Of Sahagun - December 21st 1808
This is my old regiments biggest battle honoured as it is remembered every year by serving and ex servng members of the regiment Ex servings members have their yearly Reunion of this day The Battle of Sahagun - December 21st 1808 Leading Sir John Moore's cavalry vanguard towards Burgos, Henry Paget (Lord Uxbridge) decided to deal with a French cavalry force based at Sahagun. Setting off with the 15th and 10th Hussars, Paget arrived near the town and split his force to catch the French as they withdrew. He sent General Slade with the 10th to attack Sahagun, which sheltered some 600 dragoons, but the general moved too slowly and when the French discovered the attack column they moved to retreat. As they left Sahagun the French noticed Paget's 15th, but mistook them for Spanish horsemen and moved on to the attack. Instead of unsteady Spanish troopers opposing them, General Debelle's cavalry found themselves facing a charge by some 400 British hussars. Within second
Neve Pics
yo i got new alot of new pics i need ya all to go rate them and comment them and i will do the same to who ever does mine one love thugangel
lieing in bed all alone searching myself knowing no one is near hands caress my flesh seeking out my pleasure reaching my manhood stroking it erect oblivious to everything a soft moan escapes my lips soft an slow as pleasure sets in as i think of you burning with lust i suddenly feel a hand caress me softly touching my hand as i continue toplease my self taking my hand away softly taking me into your mouth hands slide up pinching my nipples erect almost out of control as you take me fully in driving me insane as i feel the warmth of your mouth you look into my eyes as i cry out your name swallowing me whole taking control of me like no one else has taking me beyond i ever been speeding up as i get closer i moan an moan taking your time knowing this causes me pain finally i can not last you take me fully in erupting so hard like there is no end finally you come up smiling so sweet good morning love kissing me on my cheek lingering kiss taking
To All My Friends!
I'm On Yahoo!!
Hey all my sexxy can hit me up on yahoo..cootermill..and yahoo 360 id is to here from ya!
To Everyone
Roses are Red, Diamonds are Blue, I will fight any Bitch, That Fucks with you!! Now send this to everyone whose back you got and see who who has yours!! if u r a true friend!! ......@..........@ ......@.@.@.@....@.. ....@........@........@ ...@............@....@@ ...@..............@@..@ ....@............@...@ ......@...........@..@ .........@......@..@ .............@..@ .From...........@ ......Me..........@ ............TO.....@ ................You.@........@@@ ......@@@@..@....@..........@ ...@.............@@@......@@ .......@@@.......@..@@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ .........................@ ........................@ .......................@ ONCE YOU'VE BEEN HIT WITH THE BEAUTY ROSE , YOU HAVE TO HIT 15 OTHER PEOPLE. IF YOU GET THIS BACK IT MEANS YOUR VERY PRETTY, SO START SENDIN. IF YOU BREAK THIS CHAIN YOU WILL BE CURSED WITH UGLINES
The Heart
When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space. What you think upon grows…
Newbie Here
I found this site threw another site ive been on for about 4 years. I was trippin around blogs and ran across a link to this site and decided i had nothing better to do than check it out... now i find myself drawn like a magnet.. so much variety to the fun you can have here. Im a real easy going kinda girl.. I adore cooking and animals and entertaining friends.I like checking out local music and creative shows that float threw town. I do like to party in a herbal way... kinda gave up the tequilla for a bit though.. my liver was screaming at me lol. I live a very interesting life most people seem to think. Ive been happily married for 3 years ( my 3rd hubby) I also have a BF ive been with for about 9 months and a couple gf's in the mix hubby and I share too. Im a pretty open book, you can ask me anything, just please be respectful. Ignorant and rude people will be ignored... Ill add more to this later when i find something else to ramble about
A reflection of you and me, It’s timeless as you can see. The moon and stars shining oh so high Reminding me of our friendship ties. You see the moon and stars never part, They’re a never-ending work of art. With a stroke of luck and a brush with fate A canvas was started for something great. For a friendship was born beneath this sky, Painted with laughter and lots of why’s. And in the twinkle of that clear blue night, I met you and the stars took flight. Colors swirling round and round, Creating something so profound. A friendship is in the midst, Can you see it in its mist? Go ahead take a look, It’s over there in the brook. A reflection of you and me It’s timeless can’t you see? I created this for a wonderful friend of mine and thought I would share it with everyone *Smiles* ~Peek~
Life Is..
Life without friendship... is like the dawn without the sun. Life without friendship... is like the sky without the moon when the evening has begun. Life without friendship... is like a rose without rain. Life without friendship... just wouldn't be the same. Life without friendship... is like a ship without a sea. Life without friendship... just could not be without a friend like you for me.
My Weapon
Which weapon are you best suited for? Shuriken are tactical weapons. They can be used as distractions, or as projectiles. Some Shuriken can be thrown to create a "saw", effect, severing the opponent's limbs; others are used more as a dart. You have a very tactical fighting style, inflicting great damage from afar. Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
I'd just like to thank everyone for all the effort that have put into this. The dj's we have are have busted their asses to keep this going and a special thanks goes out to them!! now for you have done a great job getting this up and going, me and myself are very proud of you. all thank you for the oppertunity to come on here and play the music for the people who love it, thank you soo much!! ***~~~hugs***~~~ The people we have that come into this room and enjoy our music are the best people I have met on the net, and I thank each and every last one of you for sticking with us during the times we were down.. Now if we all keep up that great work thanks again everyone
My Road Trip
I made it home last night around 6pm or so, and then I passed out. I was dead tired. It took us 3 days to get here. We ran thru snow in Utah and got pulled over in Wyoming for speedin', lol. Wednesday Night: I picked 'em up at the airport around 5:45pm, but they was tired from jet lag so we got a hotel there in the edge of Portland. Miles passed out early and Ryan went to the bar and got fucked up. And I jus stayed there at the hotel talkin' to my trevor on the phone. Thursday: We left around 8:30am, I drove for the first 80 miles cuz Ryan had a hangover, lol. Then we stopped in the next town and got some breakfast. Then we took off. We went through 3 states in one day. Oregon, Idaho & Utah. We stayed in a hotel in Evanston, Wyoming. I guess they got into really bad snow in UTah, they was runnin' about 50 or 55 or so. I was asleep the whole entire time we was in Utah. That helps make the time go by faster. Friday: I got them up around 7:45am and we left the hotel at 8:30. No
Sexual Business Card
Tina Roleplaying Master 'What will your sex business card say?' at
A Few Laughs For Ya
A Few Laughs for Ya Women should not have children after 35. Really... 35 children are enough. Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at bowling alleys. After all is said and done, usually more is said than done. I am a nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect. I married my wife for her looks... but not the ones she's been giving me lately! No one ever says, "It's only a game," when their team is winning. I gave my son a hint. On his room door I put a sign: "CHECKOUT TIME IS 18" "If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?" Why do we choose from just two people for president and 50 for Miss America?" Ever notice that people who spend money on beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets are always complaining about being broke and not feeling well? On my first day of school my parents dropped me off at the wrong nursery. There I was... surrounded by trees and bushes. Why is
Hidden Sexual Talent
Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at
A Poem
If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss, and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time, I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I Love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time, I would be there to share your day, well, I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow, to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will always be another day, to say "I Love you", and certainly there's another chance to say "Anything I can
Woo Sleep
i havent slept all night cause i had to sleep with the new cat. he kept clawing me, wanted to get pet, and kept meowing. so im not going to be on 2day. love ruby
Sexual Nickname
Tina's sexual nickname: "Sugar buns" Take this quiz at Now This made me really belly laugh!
It passes quickly by me Never knowing that it's there I feel it going faster It leaves me standing still Leaving me behind Like the forcefull winds of fate Leaving me to wonder Never knowing, never seeing.. I feel my heart race Should I run to catch up? Should I take it all in stride? What if I miss something? The most wonderful thing that could happen.. Will it fail to catch my eye? Am I running a losing race? Or is there something great for me? In the end am I just questioning.. Something that's meant to be? Will I win this race against time? Or will it pass me by? Ever so quickly, it's time to soar.. To spread my wings and fly. © Tammy Reed 2006
Sexual Zodiac Sign
Pisces You have an awesome imagination, and often put it to use for sexual purposes. You are very romantic and don’t hook-up with random people very often. Because sex to you is about showing your love, you are incredibly romantic in bed, and very giving. You tend be in a serious relationship more often then not. Sex matches: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Garage Rage
I've developed a kind of flinch whenever I encounter the word 'garage'. This is the result of dredging through thousands of tracks of mid-sixties psychedelia, in connection with which the g-word is a fairly reliable indicator that listening to the musical artefact in question is going to be a miserable experience. I'm not referring to the quality of the music for the most part. Ninety per cent of it is excrement, but this is entirely predictable given that during the period in question if you had long hair and love beads and were not too tripped out to tell one end of a guitar from the other, record company representatives would be queueing up to sign you, your neighbours, your mad grandmother and your dog, with a chauffeured limousine parked on the street waiting to whisk you to the recording studio. What results is simply proof that enthusiasm is no substitute for ability. No, the chief cause of pain is not the quality of the music but the quality of the recorded sound. I m
I Am Looking For Writers And Artists
Who would be up for collaborating on up and coming projects as well as this one so if you know of anyone can you ask them to get in touch with me I could have a chat with them.
Ugh I Need A Vacation
I have just pretty much just worked an 18 day stretch...I need a vacation really really bad...where should I go if I decide to break off...i dont even know...any suggestions
God Send Me An Angel
God send me angel from the heavens of send me an angel to hear my broken heart from been in love because all I do is cry and cry. God send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes now you have me on my knees begin god please to send you back to me I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep you made me feel like I couldn't breath all I wanted to do was feel your touch and give you all of my love. MySpace Comments Graphics
Oh Well
ok im officially cuttin myself off frm u ppl for awhile like u fawkz care oh well jus remember this thought "if i ACCIDENTLY push u down da stairs and u die, is dat still considered murder???"......dnt fawk wif mii here cuz im not in a very good mood anymore...........
Goddess Conection
You scored as Green Tara. You are connected to Green Tara, Hindu and Tibetan Star Goddess, teacher of the Gods, wife of Brihaspati, and mother of Budha. Wholness is being focused and centered in your life. Nourishment is taking in strength releasing what you no longer need, keeping your path clear. You have the gift of awareness and knowledge. Green Tara100%Aphrodite50%Sekhmet50%Isis38%Ix Chel13%Bast13%Which Goddess do you connect with? ---But this one's better.created with
I See Love In Your Eyes
When I look at your eyes, my mind engulf with love Your eyes show me the love that showers for me Your eyes show me the affection that longs for me Your eyes show me the care that needs for me My tears stop when I look at your eyes My worries go away when I look at your eyes My pains vanish when I look at your eyes I can see the truth of love that lies on your eyes I can see the faith of soul that holds on your eyes I can see the warm of life that lives on your eyes Let me see my love through your eyes and this will make me feel that my life with you is great for ever. MySpace Glitter Graphics
You are my light, You are my darkness.... You are my joy, You are my pain.... You are my life, You are my death... Without You, I am Nothing.... With You, I am Everything.... You are my Mate..... You are LOVE MySpace Comments Graphics
You And Me
Can’t you see? You mean everything to me What would I do If I didn’t have you? You help me through When I am blue You find a way to make me glad Whenever I am mad or sad I love you with all my heart And I have from the start You love me for me Not just what you see When you see me, and you smile I know this is all worth while When I’m with you, I can’t help but let out a dreamish sigh For I’m your girl and you’re my guy MySpace Comments Graphics
Oh Times
BLEh is pretty much the word to sum up the events of the past year in my life There comes a point when you feel the need to make a change and i feel one of these points is coming and searching for me and im in search of it looking for one key thing to show me the events that are to come. A job a relationship something to come along hit me in the haed and make me realize what im meant for. Cause as things are unfolding now i look back at myself and imagine what people see in me and at the moment i see unattractive un-needed and that "Someguy" factor. im tired of being "someguy" i dunno 6 am rants YAY
Babes Of Star Trek...
Lost Times For All Ofyou Who Miss Someone
One more day has gone The light inside my heart has extinguished Needing a hand to kindle that light, I can't imagine my life without you, My lord, Long time has passed since you've gone But I am still all alone The sky is without stars at night, Our distance is like the boundless ocean, Counting the damned time And waiting for the blessing moment, Loneliness I feel in me. Looking every day to the sly without sun, Empty I feel. Wishing to hold you as a bird needs it wings, I'll forever wait fro your return. My love, You are always welcome in my life! What is your opinion?
When You Kiss Me
When you kiss me, I feel so wild and free... When you hold me, I just want it to be you and me... The rest of the world is trying to take us apart, But they won’t get to us by far... When you kiss me, My heart dances with glee... When you hug me, No one can bug me... They can do their best, But they won’t, even with the rest... When you kiss me, My heart wonders happily and free... When you smiles at me, That is my cup of tea... When you kiss me, My thoughts run free... When you kiss me MySpace Comments Graphics
King And Queen Of Lc
Fansty Angel
2 Pretty Angels
My World
i want to be in my world forever.. it has silver grass.. and a purple sky.. and i'm the only one there.. just me and the snake.. it's orange with piercing red eyes.. it's neither male nor female.. which is nice.. makes things much easier.. it holds all the answers to lifes questions yet it doesn't give them up easily.. it hangs from the baby blue apple tree.. the tree that gives me all the food i could ever want.. and i feel content.. my world is a valley.. surrounded by grass covered mountains.. a pink stream runs down the mountains and cuts the valley in half.. it's never dark here.. or sunny.. just different shades of purple.. it's relaxing.. there's no one to judge me.. to anything me.. because me and the snake are the only ones here.. when i'm here i'm not happy or sad.. hurt or mad.. i'm just content.. it's the only emotion allowed in the valley and that's just fine.. i can sit anywhere and be comfy.. the grass surrounds me and i feel protected.. it tickles.. it embraces.. it rem
Two Best Friends Playing Around
Twin Fairys
Me As Pink Cowgirl Was Made For Me
Angel Dog
Hi All I'm Back
for t6wo days i was sick with a cold but it only lasted two day it is so gone i must hav4e a very strong system that can fight anything and i am not sick any more i am back for all of to enjoy my company again i have missed you my guy friends your ANGEL EYES
What If You Gave Someone A Gift
Good Morning ♥
♥ So its time for my daily blog(s). I know ive been lacking in the posting department. Sorry Lol. Been busy. Lets start the day off right with the icon of the day! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thats todays icon of the day for a few reasons. 1. Its raining outside♥ 2. I would say something like that ♥ 3. Its just to damn cute. And itll make you laugh ♥ Okay so yesterday i went christmas shopping. Gabby was with us, and we were shopping for her it was funny cause she kept wanting to play with all the toys so i bought her one toy to play with and took all the others and put em away, cause she wont remember about them from now till christmas, shes only 3. But we had to take her cause her mommy and daddy we're busy -rolls eyes- Haha. But then we went to Mc Donalds, and Colored for an hour. And she threw chicken nuggets at me. And took about a zillion pictures on my phone, i gotta clear it out now the memory is full. ♥ Haha that was my day yesterd
Scarlets Hubby Thanks Me For Wat I Did, Scarlet Hates Me?? Lol
I understand all I wanted to say is that I never played you in any way scarlet should have friends she can trust and I would never want to break the trust of her friends she needs good friend like you and I can't ever say thankyou enough for helping repair the problems I caused in our marrage and please let me know if I can find more ways to keep improving the marrage I have. So see you are a very important person in both our lives because I would have lost her if you did not ever step in to help support us both and I have high integrity and would never want to break the bond you and Scarlet have she needs you as a friend and it seems as if she has not been as happy without you as a great friend again I will never be able to say thankyou enough for helping me out buddy. I will make this promise to you though I have never or will I never IM with you acting as Scarlet that would be gross and disturbing and I am not that. So I told her to place her cam on just so she can prove it is her e
Double Trouble
My period was a month late and I kinda freaked out. Kinda pregnant made me kinda crazy and in a fit of horny desperation, I called my boyfriend’s best friend, Scott. I needed to confide in someone and he seemed perfect. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I considered my options and invited him to meet me at a downtown hotel for a tryst. I’d been horny for him since meeting him and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to ease some pent up dirtiness and take advantage of my condition. He knew what I wanted and had his dick out before we were in the room. I embraced his treating me sleazy and gladly dropped to my knees to suck his dick. I gave him my best, wet, sloppy head and let him blast his come in my mouth. “That’s just dirty!” He wheezed as I licked at his wilting tool, “You sucked me off deep throat and swallowed every load! What a fuckin slut! You’d pretty much screw anything, wouldn’t ya? You’re that horny!” I nodded, kissing his drooling cockslit.
Scarlets Hubby Likes Me More Than She Does Lololol
look I don't believe I have to play games and I just wanted to thankyou for helping me soo much and say that scarlet considers you a great friend I don't know whats happened I know I have had to worh multipull hours at work and she needs good friends please find ways to be happy she likes talking to you and it does not offend me I don't care to much what you guys have to talk about and have never played you online if it makes you feel better she should turn cam on to prove its not me if it makes you feel better but I have never been part of the conversations you have both had in the past sorry for upsettibg you and please forgive her she needs great friends like you....kevin
askdhasjhasdggg!!!!!! ... frustrated is an understatment.
Life Goes On
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Beautiful Pussy
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Lovely Show Girl
For You.
For my first love... who meant the world to me. Only ever wanted it to be the last, but things happen for a reason don't they?...and for us it did. No longer have my first love, lost it. So here this poem especially for you. Those moments we were together, Now suddenly far apart. Further than I would have thought. Thought we could do it together. See each other through thick and thin. Didn’t know it would end so soon. The feeling of not being with you, Tears me up inside. The way I hurt you in whatever way I did, Rips my heart out inside. To have to know I won’t see you again, Leaves me hanging, heart-broken inside. Wishing I could turn back the time, To enjoy those moments we had. Being with you, lying there with you Sharing everything with you. Knowing I was loved only by you. Will be truly, deeply missed. What the future holds I do not know, Whatever will be, will be… But what I do know, I had the chance to share my love with someone. Someone who I
My God Shes Crazy Bout Me!
OH SHE REALLY LOVED ME!! THEN TELLS YOU ALL IM HORRID!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I FUCKING WELL AM NOW!! But then I thought I'd loose my nerve I tride to delet our conversation but couldnt figure out how and kevin said he wouldnt read my IM's but he said he couldnt help himself and he cryd all night and thismorning so I thought maybe I should just stay but then I felt horrible because I keep wondering if I do and I never meet u will I always want to and the answere is yes I will I'll wonder forever. I'll wonder if I missed out on someone that i'd be happy w/ on someone that i'll feel i dont have to change for and it is crazzy for me to say that because we have never met.. But then I think what if its all in my head what if I only feel so much for u because of my problems w/ him but then that gos away. and i no ur a big flirt i new that when i met u and u also said u like to say what u think will make ppl happy so what if thats what ur doing right. Then I think why would he say
Which Care Bear Are You
You scored as Bondage bear. Gay Bear100%Bondage bear100%Raver bear83%Stoner bear67%Hooligan Bear67%Nihilist bear67%Aryan bear33%Tramp bear33%Which 'Bad' Care Bear are you?created with
No One.
Whatever I do no one cares, Whatever I say still no one cares. I feel like a rag-doll underneath the bed, Gathering dust. Still no one cares. I speak out, no one cares, I give my opinion, still no one cares. I feel like a rag-doll sitting in the corner, No one notices. No one cares. I came across a friend, it was dawn, I felt like a person, there was sunrise. I fell in love, there was sunlight. Someone noticed me, Someone cares. But after time, I realised… Whatever I do no one cares, Whatever I say still no one cares. I feel like a rag-doll once again, No one notices. Still no one cares. But this time I’m not underneath the bed gathering dust, Nor sitting in the corner anymore. But battered and torn to pieces, Left lying on the floor. No one notices. Yet still, no one cares. (C) Copyright. Angel
Do You Think I Turned Her On? Lololol
In a message dated 25/10/2006 16:15:05 GMT Standard Time, writes: ok if i can covince the kids that its 8 at 7 lol and u can come on yahoo around midnight we can get down and dirty lol mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hot stuff or we can just talk either way im happy mwahhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i hope ur comp is running better love ya loades :)
My Double Life
Personally I kinda feel like I live a double personality. I am a respectable college student during the day. I am the angel and success of my whole family and I am the example for everyone to look up to. But when they are not looking I am a crazy rebel child having fun of life to its fullest. if anyone on cherrytap saw me during the day they would not recognize me at all. I have managed to make these pictures not look like the respectable me. But when the night comes, the makeup comes out the short skirts, high heels and tanktops. And then it is what u see here. I am really not that bad there is much more to me than just looks I actually have a personality... amazing huh??? Well yeah I take school very seriously and hopefully soon i will be an investor. Too bad many of you dont know my name, in the future I could be your supreme court justice. =) Welll just wanted to vent on my "double life"
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings. You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends. Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius Take this quiz at
Vote For Me!!!!!!
please vote for my pic. i am in a best asset contest..(spell check.lmao) most people put there boobs and shit on there... but if thats there best asset that is sad.. but anyway..lmao.. VOTE FOR ME!!!! click here thank you.. muah much cherry love Emi Ps. Contest ends saterday!!Tell your friends and send a link to my pic.. thanks!!! love ya
Muffuckin Cherry Points
OK goddamnit, it was super cool at first getting these cherry points but it seems to be so damn hard to get to my next cherry level. I am angry and don't have time to do mass Cherry Whoring... Oh well..
Scarlet!! Awww She Loved Me,, Then Shits On Ya!!
SHE REALLY LOVES HER HUSBAND HUH In a message dated 22/10/2006 04:10:02 GMT Standard Time, writes: Ok I need an opinion not a solution just a thought and I probably should ask someone ells but so far ur the only one I no whos always right. Heres the thing I have been married for sevin years w/ him for 9 Befor i got married he said he wanted me and only me after we had our son he changed his mind and he cheeted he'll only admit to kissing but u dont spend 4 hours just kissing unless u r a vergin so I no he cheeted but I stayed cause he cride then He said we should exparament and be w/ other ppl I said no then he said u should and record it so i can watch after 3 and a half years of him saying this i finaly agreed but i couldnt do it and wond up feeling inadequit because i couldnt fullfil his desires but then i kept dreeming we were getting divorsed i've been having the dreem for a year and in it im happy because i dont have to argue w/ him he can find someo
Yr Self.
U have 2 Love yourself before u can Love another.
Well know that I am extremely pissed off, we will try this again. A so called friend of our crzy crew brings a buddy out for food after the bar and allows his friend to touch the one person that you never touch unless she says it is alright. When I find out who this person is I will hunt him done and kill him for what he did. You don't ever touch a lady in that manner when you don't know her. And to the person that brought him their, you claim to have feelings for her , but you defend this guy and won't give up his name is just wrong. You say Scott that you are my friend but you do this. All I can tell you is that you better not call me or E-Mail me ever again, because I am pissed off and you are done. No More mister nice guy from here on out. I know what feelings are and when they are true. You must just of wanted to get laid, because you took a friend over someone you said you cared about. You are just lucky that I don't come down all the time or we would have alot
Show Me That Wild Smile Please
There are at least EIGHT types of ORGASMS of a WOMAN. 1. The Optimist - Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes.................. 2. The Pessimist - Oh No, Oh No, Oh No.................... 3. The Confused - Oh Yes, Oh No, Oh Yes, Oh No............ 4. The Traveler - Ahh, I'm coming, I'm coming............. 5. The Religious - Oh God, Oh God......................... 6. The Userer - Ahh, More, More, More..................... 7. The Murderer - Ahh, If you take it out, I'll kill you... 8. The Submariner - Mmm...OHHH...Deeper...Go DEEPER !! :-) Prescription =========== A lady walks into a drug store and tells the pharmacist she needs some cyanide. The pharmacist said, "Why in the world do you need Cyanide?" The lady then explained she needed it to poison her husband. The pharmacist's eyes got big and he said, "Lord, have mercy -- I can't give you cyanide to kill your husband! That's against the law! I'll lose my license, they'll throw both of us in
And The Names Of "my 44dd's Are......."
Your Boobies' Names Are... Kermit and Miss Piggy Boobie Name Generator OK, people....Kermit & Miss Piggy?? I dont know if those are the most appealing names I could have come up with., and I dont think they are sexy enough....Do you have any suggestions??? ....
Nightly Fuck
Every night when i lay down. The last thoughts I have are of you. How your body feels snuggled up next to mine. The unmistakable feeling of your bare body against mine. Your smooth breast against me I begin to fantasies about having sex with you. How we would pleasure each other kiss by kiss lick by lick. I would squeeze your breast and suck on your hard nipples, while pinching the other between my fingers. Your hands move to my already rock hard cock. Slowly you slide down to kiss the head of my cock . Teasing my with little kiss and light licks all over my cock and balls. I'm begging you to suck on my cock. When i think i cant take it anymore you swallow me to the base of my cock, while slidding a wet finger deep into my tight ass. I almost cum from the intense blowjob and the finger fuckin my ass. "God you love to suck cock." But it is a short cock sucking session, but not over by any means.You lie on you stomach with your ass raised a little. As you reach down and star
Watch movie on TV tonight, The 40 Year Old Virgin. I saw this when it was on at the movies. Very funny movie but also very depressing. Sad now
Mrs Flyhead Is Asking For Your Help People..plzzz Repost (repost)
Hey guys...I need your help once again!...Im in The LC Princess Contest..It Goes By RATINGS!!!!..PLZ Come Drop Me A 10 And A Comment!!!...This Is My Last Contest For Awhile..I'm SOOOOOOO Tired!!!.... Thanks Lovlies x0x -Ash (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-10 17:03:51') (repost of original by 'mowgli' on '2006-11-10 18:18:59') (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-10 19:02:35') (repost of original by 'Billie' on '2006-11-10 19:58:31') (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-11 08:17:42') (repost of original by 'BLÅZE•INFAMOUS®¹³' on '2006-11-11 08:19:09') (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-11 08:36:39') (repost of original by '~*~Momma ~*~' on '2006-11-11 08:48:37') (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-11 13:34:53') (repost of original by 'A milf thas a bitch...what a' on '2006-11-11 14:12:12') (repost of original by 'Mrs.Flyhead' on '2006-11-11 14:47:44') (repost of original by '†
Time To Vent Again
you give all you can to people and what thanks do you get...none..i am so sick and tired of being the giver and gettin nothing in return...i am always there for friends when they need a friend....this don't mean u guys on here.i am talkin about other friends on another site i go too...i am so tired of the b.s...
For All The Military Haters.. Wish You Were Here (repost)
Wish You Were Here By: Cpl Joshua Miles For all the free people that still protest. You`re welcome. We protect you and you are protected by the best. Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd. We are your fathers, brothers, and sons, wearing the boots and carrying guns. We are the ones that leave all we own, to make sure your future is carved in stone. We are the ones who fight and die, We might not be able to save the world, Well, at least we try. We walked the paths to where we are at and we want no choice other than that. so when you rally your group to complain, take a look in the back of your brain. In order for that flag you love to fly wars must be fought and young men must die. We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear. If that`s not respected, we would rather stay here. So please stop yelling, put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over and all i
Deeply Into The Mind Of American Woman
Deeply into the mind of the American woman. Female sexual fantasies and their interpretations. Here are a few of the sexual fantasies mentioned. For as long as we can remember, the concept of sexual satisfaction was considered to be a male preoccupation. In recent years, however, the recognition of women as sexual beings has made the female species even more intriguing. Along with the interest in the complexity of a woman’s feelings, there is now a growing pursuit of determining what the sexual fantasies of women are, where they come from, and if they want these fantasies realized.The basis of sexual fantasies. Fantasies, like dreams, come from the world around us. Everything we see, touch, hear and smell is absorbed by our brain and turned into raw material for fantasies. Your past sexual history provides plenty of stimulus for your present fantasies. But for many sexual fantasies, the trail of cause and effect isn't so clear. A fantasy about someone other than you
Down W The Sickness-disturbed
Down With The Sickness Video - Disturbed lyricsDisturbed Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Sex Quiz - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?1-5 6. What is your pubic hair style?Shaved bald, nice and clean 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?No, not for me 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?About once a week 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Nope, never 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?No, I'm straight as can be 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Yes, taken them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?No, never 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 18. Spit or swallow?Spit
standing there as the wind flows past me shaking with fear standing alone gasping for air to terrified to scream holding out my hand nothing is there holding out for love none cares how can i go on how can i stand this frighten beyond belief no one is here
Hey Evertone
hey everyone iam going to tell you a little about me iam 5'5 with blue eyes black hair for the time being lol i wgh 200 iam very in love and taken.and have kids and pets and love all music,and playing in pogo well that it for now so come on yall come rate me.and i love have fun and everyone who is look for a friend add me i will chat with yall peace out
I Smell Sex
I hear the door creak open. Then I hear footsteps, a mix of bare feet and, I suppose, high-heeled shoes on the carpet of our living room. I keep my hands pressed firmly on either side of me, the velveteen couch soft against them. I take a deep breath and smell a mingled bouquet of perfumes and female bodies. I look into the darkness and listen for the next cue. The first thing I feel are lips, against mine, kissing me. One tender, soft kiss, its taste familiar, the brush of your smooth cheek against mine, your fingertips tracing a path down my chest to the top of my boxer shorts. Then you're gone, and I feel another kiss, someone else's, the unfamiliar taste of a new woman, her tongue grazing my lips very gently. Her hand caresses my cheek, then my neck. Then there's another kiss, from someone new, someone more aggressive with her tongue, forcing it deep into my mouth, kissing me hungrily, her teeth nipping my lower lip. Then two more kisses in rapid succession, one on my lips
Lets Get Technical Or Perhaps Not Lol
Well I've been looking more at the irc protocol and it can do what i want, so I'll go down that route for my file transfer program. Ok i have a single ftp program that can connect direct to another person, but you need to know their ip address, which is difficult for most people to know what I am talking about. So I thought if i can automate this and then they can just accept or decline the file request. Later i'll ad the option for scanning the file for virii, but just want to get a test version working first. Seems no one could answer my question in the previous blog about airwaves, oh well its not a biggie LOL. And yes i had a little play with the psp and transfered some pics. Yep i like it, especially the ability to rotate the pic and zoom in. With some i needed to do this so that it filled the screen. Next task is to transfer a movie or video and see what the results are like.
Involuntary Moans
"Ok, no be serious. Who would you rather fuck, Mr. Adams or Mr. Weiser? And death is not an option." "Weiser's got that grey mullet and Adams is fat. I dunno... Weiser." "You're sick," he said lamely. She pushed him causally. He stared up at the orange and purple sky and tried to find another topic to bring up to keep his mind off of what was slowly creeping through the back of his brain. She spread out next to him and shifted her weight on the trampoline, adjusting the zipper on the plain black hooded sweatshirt he'd let her borrow to keep warm against the gradual decrease in temperature outside. It was September, six days before his 18th birthday,exactly 2 months before hers. It was the beginning of their last year in higschool , maybe the last year he'd live across the street from her. In terms of years, they'd been best friends for 16, but it hadn't crossed the line of casual hugs and kisses, maybe an awkward close moment here or there. He watched her back arch as she pulled her
"MAL!?" she screamed. The apartment seemed emptier than it seemed before she left. "Mal?" He was supposed to be home. She knew her best friend well enough to know that, being more feminine than she was, he wouldn't have forgotten something as important as her homecoming from England. His name was even girlier than hers, since hers was Danielle and she went by Dani. She'd moved in 2 weeks after he'd bought the place and she was accustomed to the paint on the walls changing, the photos switching frames. Mallory was an artist, it wasn't hard to tell. They were both on their third year of undergraduate school, both majoring in artistic fields. Having a gay best friend had it's perks. Mal dressed her, did her hair, sometimes cleaned her bed room for her. And even though she liked girls more, and he liked guys, sometimes there'd be moments where they'd be able to kiss each other, or lay together. They never had sex, or anything even close. It was a barrier neither of them had ever thought ab
Been A Bad Girl?
"Look at that dirty little pussy. Have you been a bad girl?" I was tied to the bed by my wrists and my ankles, blindfolded and gagged, face down. "What are you doing? What’s this?" Samy reached between my legs for the thick vibrator in my pussy. My pussy was sloppy wet and swollen. He turned up the vibration and started to slowly fuck my pussy. "You are a naughty little slut! Look how wet this pussy is!" Samy started fucking my deeper, pushing it into me all the way. I could feel it stretching my pussy, going deep inside. I felt my pussy throbbing on the vibrator with every stroke. I struggled against my restraints. "Where do you think you’re going?" He slapped my ass hard. Then he took the vibrator out of my pussy. "You don’t deserve this." He slapped my ass again. And again. And again. Harder each time. I could feel my ass getting red, stinging more with each spank. I screamed but was stifled by my gag. "What are you trying to say, slut? More?" Next thing I felt was a pad
Judith-a Perfect Circle
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Bye From The Nutty :o)
Breakstuff-limp Bizkit
Wonderful Tonight-eric Clapton
Runic Half Months
Nauthiz "now-these" n as in "need" Nov 13 - Nov 27 For all forms of success and all types of achievement. However, remember that a gift, and take note of the associated god. Useful for harnessing internal power, intuition and creativity, the ability to achieve, as with a sudden rush of adrenaline or creation of momentum. The fourth of Odin's runes frees one from locks and fetters, which ties in well with the meaning of nyd. Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic. Need fastens on the nameless, With naught of wealth or near kin, Nith seizes a landless one, with none to serve, A useless wight, and woeful for it, In hunger and shame, hearthless, shivering, The one who lacks longs for warmpth, For hard from the north night winds are howling: Like iron bands
Hi There
This is Mike and I just made my first blog. Corny ain't it?
I Have To Vent Again...
It really pisses me off that people are only interested in seeing what they can't... as you all know I got really pissed at how many people were begging to see my "private" album. I had allowed only my family to view... those people being the ones that either know me... or have gotten to know me online. But still... I got bombarded with shouts and messages... can I see your private pics... so I wrote a blog... still I received tons of requests... so I renamed my album "Please see my blog before asking to see pics" STILL I got bombarded... and I would reply politely... please read my blog as I prefer to get to know someone first... then I got a message like this... "Well I would if I could find it or if you had something we can talk on" He never once asked me for my MSN, Yahoo, AIM whatever... he just assumed I was supposed to tell him off the hop... sorry buddy it don't work that way... sure I read tarot cards but I am not FUCKING PSYCHIC YOU MORON... So... I told him of
I fear dying alone. can someone help me.
True Friends Are Never Apart
Sitting in the depth of music, closing my eyes as it takes over my soul. Drown in the melody of sweet voices and notes to stroke my fire. Broken down and shivering with force of controled emotion. Fighting tears, not wishing to taste the bitterness of my weakness. You forgot to hold me. You forgot to love me. And I miss it. But more than that, I miss you. -UnTouched Sanity .::.Loyal.::.
Can You Do Me A Favor
i want you to walk into my room put one hand around my waist and the other behind my neck....then i want you to kiss me so passionately....continue kissing me while the hand that was behind my neck is now rubbing across my breast down over my abdomen and into my french finger sliding into my wet tight pussy....then i want you to grabb my ass pic me up and walk over to the bed...lay me down and proceed to removing every article of clothing.....while doing lightly kiss every inch of my naked body....i will proceed to undressing you but before i can finish you agressively turn me around and continue kissing my soft chocolate skin....before anything else i can feel you hard warm erection sliding into me hard and soft harder soft sliding in and out im getting more wet and more feels so good i want to cum........ .....2 be continued
Slapped In The Face
You know I've been in the Military for almost 15 years now and i've been thanked, had my hand shaken numerous times but I have never had what happened to me on the 10th of November happen. I was at a ceremony to honor those who haved served, serving now, and have paid the ultimate sacrifice, when some non-military support walled up and threw paint on me and called me all kinds of names which I am not going to repeat. Now I don't know about you guys but I have more respect for people who serve and people who support our service members than that. I mean why? Why do something like that? It took everything I had not to just kill the sorry SOB but instead I just stood there looking at this guy and listened. What I want to know is should I have done something to him (like kick his ass) or did I do the right thing and sit back? I mean men and women have lost there lives for this guy to have freedoms and this is how he repays us? If that person is reading this now I hope you never see
Just Some More Words
::Broken Promises:: ::Forsaken Desires:: ::Shattered Soul:: ::Defiled Destiny:: ::Broken Dreams:: -= I am only what I am, and can not be what I am not. =- :: I needed no one. Only me. I wanted nothing, not even to breath :: :: Now all I want, is what I never knew I would need :: -UnTouched Sanity .::.Loyal.::.
Just Some Words
The hardest part of life, is never knowing whats going to happen next. Trying to understand why the things that are happening, are so gloomy. Wondering why happiness and peace cant just be thrown in your lap like pain and dispair. Wondering where you went wrong, what you said, what you did, or didnt do, to make things go so wrong. I wonder about these things a lot. Then I try and remember, I have a wonderful little girl, a great husband and my life really isnt that bad...if I can get past the fact that I'll never have two things that I really want, that I feel would make my life complete. Patience...that's all it will take to get at least one of the things I want most out of life. Wondering what it is? I just want to be free. Can't you picture it? The forest surrounding a home, the sound of waves crashing against the shore not to far from my front door...sitting in the backyard, enjoying a drink and just soaking up the light of the moon or the rays of the sun...Not having to jum
Tribe- Can I Kick It?
You Can Close Your Eyes
Courage is looking beyond the things you see today To see into the hope that lies in tomorrow And clinging to that vision with both hands. Courage is taking that first fearful step Knowing that you may fall But also believing that you can get back up. Courage is looking at the nothing on your plate And picking up that fork anyway And eating until you're full. Courage is standing with your back to the storm And bravely turning around to find the One Who would come to give you shelter. Courage is putting your trust and faith Ahead of your past experiences Following your heart to find your soul. Courage is believing beyond the darkness There is a light shining brightly And walking toward it. Courage is spreading your wings after a fall Dusting off your feathers And flying off again.
Tribe- Award Tour
Why is it when one, says something, another is condemed for doing the same thing? When one does not agree with another, one can no longer accept that person? If one does not see 'The Big Picture', they are found disgusting and crude? I have been verbally taken down, beceause of who I am. Because I do not agree with anothers words, though I am able to accept them. Do I blame another for their thoughts? For their words? What they believe in? No. One of the hardest things in life, is being able to accept someone for who and what they are, no matter what. I've done it for years, and still it is not easy for me, but I pride myself on being able to do just that. So I suppose its okay, that it hurts...when someone else can not do the same. That someone else no longer cares to know me, because I am PROUD to be an Army Wife. I may not support this war, but I support Our Soldiers. Nothing wrong with that. Yes, I'm venting a bit. I'm allowed. Believe in what ever you wis
Love Is Patiance
We Are The Other People (warning May Be Disturbing To Some Closed Minded Christians)
We Are the Other People by Oberon (Otter) Zell The following is an Article published three or four years ago in Green Egg. "Ding-dong!" goes the doorbell. Is it Avon calling? Or perhaps Ed McMahon with my three million dollars? No, it's Yahweh's Witlesses again, just wanting to have a nice little chat about the Bible... Boy, did they ever come to the wrong house! So we invite them in: "Enter freely and of your own will..." (Hey, it's Sunday morning, nothing much going on, why not have a little entertainment?) Diane and I amuse ourselves watching their expressions as they check out the living room: great horned owl on the back of my chair; ceremonial masks and medicine skulls of dragons and unicorns on the wall; crystals, wands, staffs, swords; lots of Goddess figures and several altars; boa constrictors draped in amorous embrace over the elkhorn; white doves sitting in the hanging planters; cats and weasels underfoot; iron dragon snorting steam atop the wood stove; posters and p
Soul Mates
In the infinite past, a soul existed. United, whole, Lacking form or substance. Created to breathe the spark of life into Man and his mate, He split the soul, each half of a couple receiving equal share. It bound them together, their energies like the poles of a magnet Drawing them, reuniting them. Mortals, however, must all return from whence they came And rarely together. Ages passed and these souls parted, Yet remembered. Striving single-mindedly to find their other half. They try first one, then the other, unable to find that one perfect match. Fate and the whim of human folly impede And only rarely these souls succeed. But when they do, what joy! Two halves again one for another brief moment in time, Each fitting perfectly into the other As the cycle of love and devotion resumes. As if returning home after a long absence, You sense the completeness of your being. Thoughts and dreams shared, Sentences completed one by the other. Moods and emotions mesh. Yo
The Tip Of My Tongue
The difference between chocolate and vanilla... is on the tip of my tongue. Vanilla cold and bland sliding down easily without thought. Blending with other flavors and losing its distinction. Vanilla is vanilla... no surprises no hidden swirls no pockets of startling sensation. I was raised on vanilla and I liked it but I wanted more. When I first tasted chocolate eased between my lips and carefully placed on my tongue and its dark and rich rivulets pooled down to collect and saturate I was hooked. So many varieties of chocolate to taste and try and torment myself with. Chocolate can be overwhelming too bittersweet for the tastes of everyone. Chocolate is passion and surprise with thick veins of flavor and recesses filled with heavy taste that explode and linger. Chocolate fills my mouth like vanilla never could. Chocolate feeds my hunger and satisfies my very soul. Chocolate is here on the tip of my tongue... come tas
Remembering my late Father this weekend
Remembering This Week
i am remembering a couple of people i have lost both in a year's time of each other i lost my dad back in 8-11-2003 an i lost my mom shortly after that i would say about a year an 3 month's after ward's i lost my mother to a heart attach in her sleep on the night of 11-07-2004 an on 11-08-2004 she was found in her room gone i thank my younger bro every day for the time that he found our mom in her bed sleeping an didn't wake up found her in there passed away...remembering my late mother this week *REST IN PEACE MOTHER*
Siren's Song
the ship moves gingerly forward between the craggy rocks her Captain knows the danger he takes it well in stock he's heard the tales of siren's song he knows of impending doom yet still he presses forward as rock and cliffs doth loom he drops the anchor carefully he wonders why he's here another would turn the ship around he ponders why he feels no fear and then he sees her on the cliff her smile so tender and sweet her eyes of green, they beckon him and his eyes with hers do meet the Captain slowly climbs the rocks to his peril he could fall but ever onward he does climb to hear his Siren's call he marvels that her song is calm it does not speak of death he listens closely to the words while he labors for his breath my song is not for many, she sings in fact, it's just for one I am a Siren, fot that is true my searching heart is won at the top her hand he takes he sees and understands songs of sirens brings death to some but to him, it's a
Thank You!!
once again im saying thank you to the friends i have made here, ya'll make this all fun for me. Courtesy of
Best Smile Contest
please come and vote for me in the best smile contest. u can vote as many times for me as u want. I alway drop u votes everytime u ask now will u do the same for me. thanks for the help.
Ummmmm i just wanted to tell you umm dont take this the wrong way or nothing but ummm Hi!!lmao
Wow What A Night!
Man, I guess I'm growing up (whatever that means). This weekend has been an eye-opener of sorts. I have a friend (or ex-friend as it may be now) who is getting married, probably for all the wrong reasons. And it has put our friendship in a weird position. It's a long story, but the long and short of it is now that we can't be the type of friends we thought we were. All I know is that there was a basically naked woman in front of me a few hours ago, and I actually turned her down. Now if you knew me or my nature, you would know that turning down definate pussy is just mission impossible for me. LOL. But I did, and I haven't been laid in MONTHS, which probably makes the situation more amazing. Even as friends, we had our "more than" moments. But it came to a head tonight, and I made a firm decision. And the thing about it, I don't feel guilty or bad about it, and I really feel I made the right decision. I might be the biggest asshole in the world to her right now, but in my heart,
Tomorrow Starts A New Week
Thank the Anyone who has been following my ongoing saga of life knows I have had a roller coaster week both emotionally and physically. The stress of an illness requiring not one but two surgeries in the past 6 mos couple with running out of sick time and the incessant problem solving caused me to have a major meltdown the other day which i shared here. The end of the week came out much better with some issues resolved and a little breathing space. I just want everyone to know how much your well wishes, prayers and just general concern mean to me. I wanted to say something special in part to the rest of the single parents. We are up at 2 am pacing the floor, problem solving and worrying. Trying to make ends meet with not enough to do it. Dealing with anxiety from overwork, not enough pay and a government that has forgotten this minority that is a majority growing steadily everyday. There is little or no help for the working single parent. Unless you t
Upon My Demise.....
First off I don't want a last name added to my headstone. I'll be going home to my father & God don't have a last name...but under my name I'm having this verse put on my headstone..."I'm going to dance my way through Heaven, because I've already walked my way through Hell"
Last Fm
Hey, join my friends on so we see what music we're listening to and share discoveries. You get your own music charts, personal recommendations, radio, and more. My name is: FleaRocha This is what I’m listening to Click here to join for free, or learn more.
A Bit Lonely ....
Well ... my ex-girlfriend is happily back in Rhode Island, and my ex-roommate has moved back in with his re-girlfriend. My friend Terry F. is living in Pittsfield and his car's a piece of junk so he rides his bike a LOT (which keeps him out all the time and nowhere near where I am). My friend Ray has seemingly found the woman of his dreams, and spends all waking hours with her. My friend Chris ran over his toe with a flat full of leather (basically that's about a ton-and-a-half to two tons of leather on a big rolling cart) so he is outa commission for a while -- he got some really good drugs for the pain. My family is all out-of-state (RI, CT -- Connecitcut not Cherry Tap, MD -- actually in Washington DC). All of my other friends are scattered to the four corners of the globe. Now I am alone in a 3 br appartment, and alone at work cause the only person I really work with is Chris, who has not been in to work since Wednesday. I have been trying to make friends on here so that I a
Beautiful Days Chapter 7
BEAUTIFUL DAYS CHAPTER SEVEN NARRATION: And now it's time to check in on america's favorite T.V. family, The JONES' in... FATHER KNOWS JACK! (Audience applause) (Opening scene THE LIVING ROOM) Jack: (running inside) Hi mom! What's for dinner tonight? Ms. Jones: Well Jack, we are eating out tonight. Then going to the opera as soon as your father gets home. Jack: Opera? You mean the extra long show with the fat lady singing in a viking hat? (Audience laughs) Ms.Jones: Well there's much more to the opera than you see on T.V. and movies, Jack. It's about culture. Jack: Culture? You mean those birds with the crooked necks? (Audience laughs) Ms. Jones: No Jack, Culture is the development of intellect and morals through some form of education. In this case, the oprea will educate us all in someway shape or form. Giving us all something we need. exit Ms. Jones (Father enters the house) Father: Did somebody say...WEED? (Audience applause)
I'm Just Me...take Or Leave It!!!
A dwarf gets on an elevator and pushes the button to go up, just before the door closes, a hand comes through and opens the door. In steps a very large black man. The dwarf stares and says "You’re the biggest man I have ever seen". The man nods his head, and replies " I’m 6-9, weigh 259 lbs., and I have 16 inches, I'm Turner Brown.” The dwarf faints! After coming too, the dwarf asks the man to repeat himself. So he does, "I said I’m 6 - 9, 259 lbs., with 16 inches, my name is Turner Brown.” The dwarf looked relieved and started laughing. “For a minute there, I thought you said ‘Turn Around’

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