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What is it with the truth? Why the hell are people so god dammed afraid of it? WTF? Do people not realize that being honest with someone is the best thing you can do for yourself and them?   You get people who are afraid to learn it. Why? Is it because you’re afraid of getting hurt?   Even more so, you get people who are afraid to tell it. Why? Do you think that by lying, obscuring, and/or avoiding, that the person isn’t going to get hurt? That’s a grand way to show the person that you care. I personally think that if you do that, you don’t really give a shit about the person, you’re more concerned with your own conscience. The ironic part of that though is that you can’t lie to yourself. Sure you can try, but in the end it’s not possible.   Let me go into that a little more though: Lying/Obscuring: You tell the person what they want to hear so their feelings don’t get hurt or leave things out for under the same pretense. Why? It&r
Lil' Bit Of Me
Shout Out!!!
Hey Gang, Ok looks like I now have something else to become addicted to!! I love meeting new people and these are some cool digs to do it in. So school me peeps... Give me the 411 and let me know the dos and donts of this fubar thang. Catch ya later! Jerzgal Ok gang only a few days left to place your bid on me for The King's Auction!!!  get all my atention, love and some special perks!!!  G check it out before its too late..... CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO BID ON ME IN THE KING'S AUCTION!!!!! Hey my peeps.... Coem celebrate my new position with me as Manager of Centerfolds 2000!!!  Drinks on me tonight so get your booty on down and join us...   Centerfolds 2000
Rating System
Some of you have been rated by me and have a grievance against the rating I chose. I find this resentment perplexing, as there is no standard by which ratings are based leaving me to create my own standard(s). For example, what exactly am I rating? Photo quality? Personal appearance? Your fubar profile page? I don't know most of you and therefore my ratings are not personal. So if I give you a one (1), it's not because I think you suck, I just don't have enough information about you to make an educated rating. If you think a one (1) is a personal attack against you, then you're an idiot. So what constitutes a higher rating? I've adopted my own standards for giving out ratings. Pictures of women lying around in their bra and panties  IS NOT an automatic ten (10), nor are the showing of one's muscled physique. You're in shape, so what? You want a ribbon or something? Pictures of babies, pets, and kids will not "awe" a ten (10) from me either. I admit to being biased. My real-life frie
Too Much Happening At Once.
Holy shit.  I can't keep track of all that's happening here.  My eyes are crossing more than when I play with myself. Hey you want to hook up just email the fox at I prefer one on one or two babes and me not this stuff moving too fast.
Ok So I Was Told To Do It This
I Need Friends, I Need 1,400 Points To Level Up
Attacks Of Uncertainty
Why is it, when you attain and meet someone who fulfills all the qualities you could ever ask for, that someone who's jealous or territorial wants to bring you down? I care about her and thats that. She's presented who she is to me. if thats a lie then of course ill be heartbroken, I've already poured a lot of my soul and feeling into her. Shared some things and well to be honest, I understand her situation. If you'd had a life like hers or mine, you'd want people to listen, and sometimes there isnt much you can do about it. And people need to get off her ex boyfriend issue as far as the one she still wears the ring for. Dear god people, if you'd been so close to tying the knot for the rest of your life with that one person, wouldnt you be a little depressed or upset too? So stop rushing her to get out of it, Ill be honest, I hate every single god damn perverted sex driven male on here. And regardless of how she talks to you guys, or what she shows you or what she does, shes important
Fubar's Sexiest Man Contest!
Please to go the link below and vote for him. He is in the fubar's sexist man contest. Lets help him win!!! Pass this along so we can max. coverage plz!   Please & Thank You!!
Parking Wars!!!
My Parking Dilemma all started when I moved to my current location # years ago. My house is in one of the “cool” neighborhoods and my street at the time allowed for 2 hour parking. This was a problem because anyone who lived on the street could not find parking and would be forced to carry their belonging half way up the block.   I being of leadership material phoned the city and asked what could be done to make it a zoned street where only the residents would be allowed to park. I was told to get a petition from all of the residents on both sides of the street. And it required that 80% of the people agreed. So every night for a week I stalked the neighbors. Most at first thought I was selling things and would hide from my ringing of their door bell. The word spread like hot fire “there was a lady trying to get resident only parking” the doors started opening and I was surprised I wasn’t being paraded around the street. I was there Hero…   Not
I Need Advice...
Auction Time Baby
Favorite Quotes
Poem From A Wonderful Man
"Sueanna"   Through life's deceptions flowering gracefully above the decay A beautiful Amerind flecked southern rose made her way How harsh the weather, upon one place for so long a time Tho the same weather that made her strong in her prime   The fairest of flowers, open hearted in all she sees The fairest of tears rolling in the cool Spring breeze With each passing second and each passing year Until those she truly loves move from far to near   Beholding her against the sunset sky is perfection's will And those who flowered from her will know her still Through all the facets of life and all the faces of love May they behold her once more with God's grace from above   Richard Martin  
Dear Autism Advocate,Yesterday, Congressman Mike Doyle, member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Chair of the Congressional Autism Caucus, spoke for our community and delivered a message to them that we have been hammering Congress with over the last week - health reform that does not stop autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable!Despite and outpouring of phone calls from our community, Speaker Pelosi has remained silent.It is time to heat things up with FAX IN FRIDAY! Before TGIF starts to set in, be sure to make sure that she and her staff do not get one moment to rest today as a result of all the communications they receive from the autism community.Here is How YOU Can Help: 1. FAX A NOTE TO SPEAKER PELOSI. Our form makes it easy just like sending an email. A fax machine is not required! Once you press the send button a fax will be on its way to her office.> Send a fax HERE!2. CALL SPEAKER PELOSI's OFFICE AGAIN TODAY AND CONTINUE TO DELIVER THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:
I have fount there are lots of rules or guidlines to follow in a relationship that are very important like it or not. Here is my list of must do’s to save any relationship. So if you truely love someone please read and try to apply what you can. These go for guys and girls. 1. Never go to bed angry! this is very important. Always discus and try to solve any problem as quickly as possible.2. NEVER lie to your partner. no matter what honesty is very important in any relationship. it is better to tell the truth and earn trust than to be caught in a lie. Honesty is very important. it solves problems and lets the other person know what is on your mind and how you feel.3. I love you should only be said if you truely mean it. never say it to make things easier. if you feel your love for someone is fading talk about it with your partner before its gone and all you have is resentment twards the other person.  If you dont want to fix or save the relationship then go your seperate ways do
Sexiest Man Contest! Please Rate!
    ‘MBHarleyMan is in the Sexiest Man Contest! Go rate and leave a comment!…. You will not regret it!! CLICK ON MY PHOTO BELOW   CONTEST  
Need Fubucks Will Trade Bling!!!
The Myst
If you've been looking for a TRUELY drama free lounge on Fubar to become staff in, but have yet to find it....The Myst is probably the place for you. We understand that Fubar is secondary to your real life. We do not wish to make Fubar a second or third or fourth job...just simply a place to relax, enjoy some tunes, and goof off on cam! We are looking for people to help us keep the Lounge exactly that. The Myst is themed after Gorilla In The Myst, and is owned by Nyfallen. You may have seen him around, goofing off in other lounges on cam in his rainbow clown wig...drinking rum and  ROCKING THAT BEAT! DarthTazz is the DJ Manager, and is constantly playing the best tunes to keep those of us on cam rocking out (himself included!)  We are also graced by the lovely SouthernStunna, who designed the lounge and is amazing  in countless ways! Not to mention GORGEOUS! So check us out and see if you'd like to goof off on cam and/or chat with the GORILLAS IN THE MYST! We are looking for ALL
Glorious Delusions Of Grandeur
Just another day of sitting around waiting for something to happen.  This is getting old fast. Foundations solidified by a blistering time, sand driven deep by winds of tempest speed make not a crumbling shift, but a mass unmoved by gods nor the very time to which birth rites are doled. Not third but first the stars that shine do compete for the crown deserved by whom is seated, not so arrogantly, but humbly upon a throne shaped from generosity; a monarchy only befitting the traits of virtuous souls seated in pairs. But to what is unmoved may be changed, not by time, but by truth. A truth challenged where generosity thrived shakes ground upon those who are seated, moving violently and mercilessly, sundering that which bore witness to eternity first hand. Forever, such is changed but irreversible and cursed, incapable of regressing to safer times, prohibited from progressing past, trapped and broken. Now two, breaking the harmony which permitted its existence, smaller and
Lame Ass Bitches
ok, im not trying to be an asshole, but if you have to take pictures of your hands and feet and head and have no actual pic of all of you...its probably because it wont all fit in one picture to begin with. at least not without your fat rolls hanging off the edges getting stuff all slimy on my moniter. wtf! no one gives a shit if you have cute feet and a humongous cottage cheese ass.
Being Yourself
Wallpaper Horror
Fubars Most Wanted Exhibit
How jaded have women become...there are guys out there like me, who feel a compliment is still nice to give a lady if it fits. yet it seems if you tell a woman u think she is beautiful these days, your either coming on to her, trying to hook up, or a player. LADIES sometimes we just wanna tell you how pretty you are PIERIOD. I say this because i've complimented many of you here on fu because you are indeed very sexy and very beautiful.  doesnt make me a player just means i'm ok with speaking my mind.  and those of you who have accepted my compliments in the past....Ladies you Rock!!!!!
Acw Underground Tuesday 6/23 @ Bourbon Street Npr Fl
Time To Face Reality
alright so no one pays mucch attention to these....its become my own little outlet lol mostly because its my views no one comments no one reads this its my world basically...which brings me to this....its kind of funny we all love in one world of course lol (for all you dimwits who do read this and dont get the idea of metaphor...seriously get a clue) but in reality we all live in our own little worlds....some people got the rainbows and candy cane happyness which i know myself i could never live in...that would make me wanna kill msyelf alone :)....then the darker side of you morons that take it to far i hope you take a long walk off a short bridge....but then the people like me....where there world is chaos....the thoughts that run change minute by minute day by day....where a world is mostly in darkness except the flickering of flames covering the lets talk about what happens when that world gets entered by someone who shouldnt be there....where with her co
Truth Be Told...
my name full name is roger harold, blain, hannah, boswell. i actually got an account on this website for one person.. but most of the people i meet on here are cool too. i play the bass guitar, and people SAY i can sing pretty good (i dont see it) and im just now learning to play guitar..sorry to say, i'm actually 16 years old. as much as nobody believes it. i live in nortch texas... blah blah blah.. i once jumped off a stage (attempting) a stage dive... broke both my wrist and cracked a rib... lol. whata a loser right. i guess thats all i have for now
Ok, you may or may not have noticed; and you may or may not care, but I've eliminated the "Top family" and "Top friends" classifications from my profile. Yes, I do believe they are evil. That may sound extreme, but hear me out first. Does it not create jealousy and drama? Would the fu-world not be a happier place if no one was whining (whether out loud or to themselves) about where they rank, or don't rank in someone's family?Is that what "family" is about?Is this really a competition?!Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm pretty forthright about my feelings... I talk about them. I tell people that are close to me how I feel about them.So I won't play the ranking game...If we are close, you already know it, I've told you! If we're not close... Either we just don't hit it off, or we don't know each other that well yet? I don‘t know, I suppose there are many possibilities. Anyway, if you want to change that, let me know... If I want to change it, I'll let you know...Is it really so
Heart Determines
It's ok to kiss a fool,It's ok to let a fool kiss you,but never ever let a kiss fool you....It's still best to wait for the one you wantthan settle for the one available.Best to wait for the one you lovethan settle for one who's around.Best to wait for the right one.Life is short to waste on the wrong person....It is better to meet the person who will truly love you later,than meet someone now who promises to loveyou but sooner or later leave you forever.....Never try to impress someone to make him/her fall in love with youIf you do, you will be expected to keep the standard for the rest of your life...Fate determines who comes into our lives. The heart determines who stays...
Ha There I Could Use Some Bling Or Fubucks
My Drug Of Choice
I have never considered myself an addictive personality.  I started acting a fool while drinking so I quit.  No big deal.  Yeah I started up again a couple of years later, but its not like I ever really NEED alcohol.  Same deal with smoking.  Casual smoker at best.  When I got a gnarly resperatory infection, I just quit.  Now its becoming painfully clear that I am literally addicted to sex.  I realized the last time I did it that my entire personality changed after.  It wasn't just the release of endorphins and whatnot.  I slept well for the first time in days.  Finally felt like eating.  Suddenly the world was right on its axis.  In general this probably wouldn't be a problem.  The fact that I'm not in a safe, stable, secure relationship with someone who wants sex all the time is a problem.  And the fact that self-inflicted orgasms do not have the same effect is an issue as well.  I realize that putting so much value on something I have to get from someone else is the unhealthiest
Ne Some Fubucks
A Letter To The President
April 17, 2009> The White House> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW> Washington ,  DC  20500> > > Mr. Obama:> I have had it with you and your administration, sir.  Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the  United States of America collectively or of me personally. > > You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that=2 0you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the  United States of America .  You are responsible to the citizens of the United States ..  You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth. > > I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the  United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about their status in the world.  Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of  Europe ?  Are you brain dead?  What do you think the Marshall P
Car For Sale
1995 cutlass supreme, blue 4 door, V6 new battery, brakes and alternator minor issues drivable and runs great! 1000.00 OBO call 517-505-1303 for more information ask for moe
A Leter To The President
Sex Application
Sex Test (stolen From Bewbs ) Lol
Heh, not againOhh, this ain't supposed to happen to meKeep rockin', and keep knockin'Whether you Louis Vuitton it up or Reebokin'You see the hate, that they're servin' on a platterSo what we gon' have, dessert or disaster?I never thought I'd be in love like thisWhen I look at you my mind goes on a tripThen you came in, and knocked me on my faceFeels like in I'm a raceBut I already won first placeI never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did(As hard as I did, yeah)You got me thinkin' bout our life our house and kids, yeahEvery mornin' I look at you and smile'Cause boy you came around and you knocked me downKnocked me downSometimes love comes around(Love comes around love comes around)And it knocks you downJust get back upWhen it knocks you down(Knocks you down)Sometimes love comes around(Love comes around)And it knocks you downJust get back upWhen it knocks you down(Knocks you down)I never thought I'd, hear myself say, ooh, ya'll gon' headI think I'm gonna kick it wit my girl today,
Happy Hour?!
Thanks to my awesome new owner, I will be hosting my very first Happy Hour here on the Fu.   Saturday, 8PM PST. BE THERE. Or, be HERE, rather...   Save up your autos, your bombs, and your lovin!   Just don't forget to come love on me and my owner.
My 1st Blog
Sometomes this world gets to me. It kicks me in the ass. It treats me like a little whore on prom night. I just get so tired of all the shit the world dishes out.  That's why I like it here. I am me. Sometimes I'm more than I am.I come online, be it here or another site I enjoy such as this, I can let go.I just get a kick out of what people say and pics they post.  We all are here for a good time. That'a a good thing. Personally, I'm here to have a good time and meet some interesting people. I'm doing both.  So what if I have failed at some things, been visited by the repo man, and just otherwise made a mess of me. I am me. I like to say this.....I have some awesome friends here and I love everyone of you. Love my fans too. If the world don't like that.....what f'n ever. I got a big reward  coming to me when this life is over. Thanks for letting me vent. I'll be ok.   "I'm alright. Nobody worry bout me." Lot's of people listen to Metal music. Lot's of people love it or hate it.  I'm
Graduation is tomorrow (June 23) and it marks a graduation of sorts for me too.  After a 30+ year teaching career (yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who graduated from both high school and college early), I have to call it quits; long story, but it has to do with contract language. So now, what to do.  I already have 4 offers to conduct different musical ensembles.  I need some time to "recharge my batteries", so to speak, so I will take some time to decide which one to accept.  However, I will NOT just be sitting around all!  I still have fun coaching one of my son's baseball teams and watch him play on 2 others.  We are into all-star season for the team I coach and our first game is Sunday. As far as the "Fu" is concerned, as soon as I get some time, I am gonna celebrate my retirement here by running an auto and blowing up a TON of  The question is, when will time permit?  Nevertheless, I have a great group of friends here and I guess I'm just giving ya'll a head
Hey ladies, i really want some attention today while my unfortunate significant is off to school. Who wants to come over and have fun?
I had love for him... he was once a good man. Then he broke my heart...   Our conversation this morning: Philemon has this as a status"*inviziblez* So I message him "I see you" He comes back with some weird scooby doo saying, and I was like huh? he says no worries its from a scooby do cartoon I'm old....   Now this is where he went wrong. A. never ask a woman if shes pregnant b. Never tell someone you are old before you know how old they are.. Golden rules men should live by don't need to know why just live by them...... Also if I ask you if my ass looks fat don't reply with anything other then this You are beautiful and your ass is fine!!! It may be a lie but will serve you better then this: I still love it.....(which means to woman your ass is FAT!!!!) so note to Philemon when stating your old (at 34) make sure the woman your talking to is not (35) BASTARD   love Wicked
Just For Friends
Show Goob Some Love!
hey everyone do me a huge favor and show some love to my awesome friend Goob, he's got a new lounge and he needs membs so please join and tell him Damien Darkchild sent ya. Hey all out there in fu-land come show my friend Goob ur love and support and join his lounge and tell him Damien Darkchild sent ya.
Steam Room 09
hello if you are a beautiful woman that dosn't know how amazing you are. then email me and send me a picture and i'll describe your beauty.
What Happened To Nice Guys?
:Beginning Rant:How long before a nice guy stops being nice? After how many hurts, rejections, and false hopes does the nice guy say, maybe its really not worth it anymore?For it seems in this era that the nice guy is no longer the good guy. For some strange reason while it is asked upon us to remain respectful, caring, loving, and chivalrous, it seems that those same people who ask it are in fact lookin for the opposite. While every woman may claim that they want someone truthful, and faithful, and loyal, it seems that in fact they much prefer the beater, abuser, screamer, and cheater.While women can claim that they want the nice guy, it seems that by the nice guy being nice, he has in fact become too nice, and the woman is no longer constantly fighting, getting hit, etc. so she decides he is not what she wants. Instead she wants the challenge. So this begs the question, how can the good guy ever win?And while many may say, why don't you just give up on the nice guy attitude then and
The Meaning Of Love
What is the meaning of love? Most people who claim to love someone don’t really love them, because they don’t know what love actually is. What is love NOT? Possessiveness is not love Jealousy is not love Lust is not love Fear is not love Keeping people all to yourself is not love Expecting something from someone is not love Real love is unconditional. All other “forms” of love are not really love. Most parents and kids don’t love each other, most people in relationships don’t love each other, most people on the planet never experience unconditional love in their entire lives… or at least it sure looks that way. To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future - because people change all the time, so if you love the person, you will love them even if they become something you disagree with. How many parents can say that about their kids? How many people can say
My 21st Bday
For Your Information
by Charles Babington, The Associated Press Friday July 10, 2009, 8:05 AM AP Photo/Rebecca BlackwellA vendor folds tee-shirts commemorating U.S. President Barack Obama's planned visit to Ghana, at a streetside stall in central Accra, Ghana on Thursday. L'AQUILA, Italy (AP) -- President Barack Obama is wrapping up finitely detailed talks with his G-8 partners on economic and environmental challenges and turning to more photogenic events: meeting the pope and becoming the first black American president to visit a mostly black African country. He was throwing in a televised news conference from Italy for good measure. Obama, his wife and daughters were to meet Pope Benedict XVI shortly before leaving Italy late Friday for Ghana. The two men have spoken by phone but not met before, aides say. In Ghana, officials expect a tumultuous reception for Obama, whose father was from Kenya. Because the first family arrives rather late Friday night, the main ceremony in Accra will occur Satu
Ddi You Know
do you know  what fubar stand  for ?
* Screams *
90# On Your Phone Don't Do It!!
Shuttle Missions
STS-125, or HST-SM4 (Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4), was the fifth and final space shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Launch occurred on May 11, 2009 at 2:01 p.m. EDT. Landing occurred on May 24 at 11:39 a.m. EDT, with the mission lasting a total of just under 13 days (next post). Space Shuttle Atlantis carried two new instruments to the Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and the Wide Field Camera 3. The mission also replaced a Fine Guidance Sensor, six new gyroscopes, and two battery unit modules to allow the telescope to continue to function at least through 2014. The crew also installed new thermal blanket insulating panels to provide improved thermal protection, and a soft-capture mechanism that would aid in the safe de-orbiting of the telescope by an unmanned spacecraft at the end of its operational lifespan. The mission also carried an IMAX camera and the crew documented the progress of the mission for an upcoming IM
Drama.. Omg
For those of you who know me. I wont get personal, ok well all that much personal.   But over the last few weeks and all I have been dealing with some MAJOR drama on here.   A friend of mine ( or so i thought). Her man was coming on to me big time. And was asking me to come to STL and have sex with him before he met up with her for the first time. He also stated that he would pay for me to come out there for a weekend.  I tell this friend of mine, she was said this... Oh i knew he was like this.. and i should had never trusted him. blah blah blah. And how she was gonna play him for the fool he is. and all that other freaking bull.   Turns out, she desided to believe him, and stay with him, which is her choice, might i add. But I woke up this morning to being blocked by her and a few other people, because, her fu-hubby didnt want her talking to me anymore..   I HATE DRAMA, and I dont care if you block me. But I would like a reason why you block me when you do.
In Another Aauction!!
Helping Candygirl On Contest
Lounge Rules
Rules for Classics lounge i think we are all adults in here look at a few simple rules to lounge by  1)DO NOT GET NAKED ON OUR CAMS we dont wanna see how WET you are how BIG  you are DO THAT IN PRIVATE simple FLASHING is ok just dont be the one who does it to extreme's you can get EJECTED AND BANNED for your nudity! NO CAM DIRECTING you are not our master dont try to be one You can get SILENCED, EJECTED AND BANNED by doing so 2 RESPECT OUR STAFF AND MEMBERS if you have a issue with a staff member take it up with rocks tom or luna DO NOT PUT DRAMA IN OUR LOUNGE also we wont put up with any one making fun or negative name calling THIS IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL 3) NO DRAMA !  We don't need it, won't put up with it,  so take it elsewhere!  (That goes for guys and/or gals!) your drama will get you SILENCED EJECTED and BANNED if needed 4) NO GRAPHIC SEXING please dont show off for your man or woman by graphic sexing others dont care or wanna see it GOOD WAY TO GET SILENCED EJECTED AND BANNED I
Changing The Game
I've been away from fu for a while but I've been back on recently more often and in my time back I've noticed that it's time to change the game with how I treat others on here. The one thing that I've noticed is the lack of gratitude on here has dropped to epic propportions and in saying that I DO realize that this is fubar and unless You're a dude that can make cool graphic pics for people on here or CONSTANTLY buy people're a female with big tits and flirty personality for the MOST part you will get little to NO attention on here at all. That seems to be the case almost throughout fubar save the people that are in my family list THOSE people are really cool people who do return love whether I was here or not,I'm tired of buying people drinks,tored of reaching out to people that are having bad days buying them gifts and leaving words of encouragment,rating their profiles and fanning them and not even getting as much as a fucking THANK YOU in return,so now its time to
I Am Correct And You??
There are different paths to follow each day.  Each path will a result in a different outome.  If your path is not well mapped,  you will come a dead end.  Do this enough, and eventualy you just be at he end.
The Second Guess.
Is this me, or the person I think I should be ? Are these my real feelings,  or my lifes past reviews ? Intuition and insight,  or my prejudgement and narrowmindedness of  ? My reality,  or my collaboration of the dreams of others ? Self esteem and individuality,  or pride and total independence ? Is this love,  or just the fear of loneliness ? The true meaning,  or just my perception of the concept ? A learning experience,  or just another mistake ? Is there life after death,  or just death after life ? Does all this make sense,  or is it just another part of  the second guess ?    Glenn Tage Peterson III
The Black Cat In The Road.
A black cat, lifeless in the road. A bright orange cat dodging the rest of the cars, to stand guard for it's fallen  friend. Risking it's life and limb, to see that it's friend wasn't hurt again. A friend is someone who would do that, no matter what it mean't. For the driver that hit her, and the one's who were too busy to stop. I ask you. If you were hurt or worse, do you have a orange cat to help you in the end ?
The First Responders.
They are you and me. The people that stop to help at a car wreck to see if they can help. They are the people that volunteer their own life and time to helping others without asking for praise, or monitary gain. They are people that help others in danger, while holding back their own fear. They are the true "First Responders".
A Tribute For The Fallen.
 Silent Code 10/8 A Tribute for the fallen on 9/11." May we learn with love and wisdom to forgive. We as humanity must never forget though what was lost besides the heavy cost of human life. It was our innocence that was also taken on that fateful everclearsunny day. written on 4/22/09 by GTPIII,
im looking 2-talk 2-someone & have fun
Love, Reincarnate
My heart is breaking again but again why do i think you would understand outside i am happy, i am content, i am aware inside i am scared and i am alone, i am searching but this treason is at sea, is it me? for all the things i have come to love, find the evil inside andthis black heart withers and dies who am i fooling? just myself or everyone around? can YOU see it? the scares bear a story, which ripped me apart i pretend to be ok with this, but i am not all i want is live but as i have been told love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife   in times when i wanted to end it all, you were there but where are you now? on the coat tail of another hoping and wishing things will work out, but you ignore me the one person who has given everything for i am a fool, to think you would love me like i love you i wish my life would leave me, suddenly... for it isnt worth it to love and to of lost is maddening.... to not know love is ignorance and as they say... ignor
Stepping Stone
A person's spirit is not bound by time and space. It is controlled by thoughts of happiness and fears. The stand is made when your soul loses love and hope. You find yourself on the bottom of the stream looking up. In nature as in life, only the strong of will can only survive. To float without swimming leaves you open to ebbs and tide. Rise to the surface kicking with all your might. Reach for the rocks you once stepped upon. Then you will see the person you deserve to be. Faith in yourself will be your stepping stone.
Me,myself And I
A dream?A lie?True love?That's what I intend to find. A broken heart Thats the thing of the pastI believed in us when times got toughBut I am afraid that love is not enoughAt least not this timeCause now It's Me, myself and I I took it day to dayNight to nightHolding my pillow tightTrying to find my fairy taleI have had it with this small town. Dreaming happened the moment I met youThinking you were my prince charmingBut come to find out love was just what you wanted to play So now I'll sit here With me,myself and I A lie??When you said you'd come backA lie?When you told me I was all you ever wanted! True love??That was the definition of you... But true love can die....Right?? I hope not But if it canthan I wish you the best..I wish you the worldI wish you could realize that You meant the world to mePlus so much moreBut I guess love does dieTime to move onNothing lasts foreverSo I'll move onFind someone who can love me and only me Someone who wont let me sitWith me,myself and
I Wish I Could...just One Time
I wish I could... just one time , say what I feel,without you feeling its a crime. Will you ever be someone that I can fall into?Or will you remain someone that never knew? I care for you, more than you care to know.Why is this something that makes you say "whoa"? Everyone in this world needs someone to care;Even if it's someone that's unaware. Maybe its me that you can't feel for...if this istrue, then don't show me no more. But, If this is something you need to explore,then know right now, how much you're adored. I wish I could...just one time, take your handand see what we might find.  
When You Were Mine
Every single momentHas stayed in meYears without you Haven't changed anythingStill living with the memories Keeping them close to my heartFinding piece with the thought I once had you by my side There is no consollation For this sadness deep in meNothing could compare To what we once hadRemember how you were mine And just slipped awayMy heart beats harderFrom the day you have left me Will I ever get over the needTo have you by my side?Will I ever accept the fact that You are never coming back? The burden of my painHasn't eased as time passes byLiving goes on, but I stay back in timeStill living in the years when you were mine.
Broken Hearts
Where do they gowhen they have no place to call homeLive and be brokenor hope they'll mend on their own ****Time heals woundsand enables us to forgetWait! Time has no value to aching broken hearts****I long for your smiletender touch, and strong arms Arms I run to, throw myself between your charm ****You weren't there when desperation and emptiness accompanied me No more tears to wipeyou are not aroundand you'll never be ****You ran away and left me aloneI looked, no one was thereI was alone in this worldlooking aroundfor your care ****Why did you leave me on my ownI was sad not for missing youI realized I've been always alone ****I cried not because its overbut for the missing part in my heart No! I wont say I am in loveglass doesn't mend once shattered a part****I'll keep pain inside from now onwith my brokenheart I,ll roam loneliness taught my heart to singyet aches for a place to call home
Mother In Law

My Bar Tab!
This is real fun to do! The only catch is that you cant ask the person who posted it anything about it! :) Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each "offense" and added up your total fine. Title your bulletin "My Bar Tab is$........" You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $15 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you-- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with a Asian -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know --$10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work-- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys whi
Southern women appreciate their natural assets: Clean skin. A winning smile. That unforgettable Southern drawl.Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, sir." "Why, no, Billy!"Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions : "Y'all come back!" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?"Southern women know their summer weather report: Humidity Humidity HumiditySouthern women know their vacation spots: The beach The rivuh The crickSouthern women know the joys of June, July, and August: Colorful hi-heel sandals Strapless sun dresses Iced sweet tea with mint Straw hats and big sunglassesSouthern women know everybody's first name: Honey Darlin' ShugahSouthern women know the movies that speak to their hearts: Fried Green Tomatoes Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Steel Magnolias Gone With The WindSouthern women know their religions: Baptist Methodist FootballSouthern women know their country breakfasts: Red-eye gravy Grits Eggs Country ha
Im Up For Auction
hey im up for auction go by the link and check me out
Things Not To Say To The Cops !!
Wild Bill
Hi New to Dallas TX looking for some new friends to show me around.
attention all fubar friends family and all if you are reading this plz take procautions for your accounts on fubar and on yahoo messenger down load zone alarm on ur pc change ur passwords and definately do not give out ur info to anyone at anytime cuz hackers have been gettin into peoples accnts on both fubar and yahoo so protect urself and download zone alarm on ur pc thx
My Insights
New Auction Fubay 3
Im up for auctionthis is the link if you want to check it out bid or just rate its up too you.. Thanks Guys   added things to what i was offering, check my comment
i confess i wish i felt half as pretty as people tell me i ami confess i wish that i could find a guy to love me i confess that i wish i dont feel like such a screw upand that i wish people would stop letting me down i also confess that i put on a front around people i act like i'm always happy but i'm not. i wish i could be as happy as people think i am. i confess i'm so tired of being fake with people and pretending to be something i'm not. i'm sorry im not a size 5, and i dont have big boobs and that my butt is to big. and that i eat. i'm sorry that i dont have blonde hair and blue eyes. and that i'm smart and i'm not afriad to show it . i'm sorry that i can have a "blonde" moment or two. i'm sorry that i'm not perfect. some more confessionsi confess that i'm sick of people pretending to be something they're noti confess that i always think people are lying to me i confess that i wish i was another person sometimesi confess that i'm a bitch, and i push people away but i dont mean to
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This lounge is the best juggalo lounge in all of fu-land so join today and be part of the juggalo revolution
Just Thoughts
starting sunday of last week, a girl i knew from school was taken hostage by her ex boy friend. after a 26 hour stand off, somewhere in that time, he killed her.  he stabbed her to death, cut out her heart, ate it, then puked it up at the jail once cops got him there.  then the stupid fuck fakes a suicide attempt to try to escape jail by tryin to leave the hospital.  he ended up gettin shot by and officer, but yet he still lives.  she was a very beautiful person.  nice to everyone for as long as i can remember.  she had 2 kids , a very brave daughter who escaped out a window to call the cops to try to save her mom, and a awesome son.  these kids are now robbed of their mom.  the world is now one less good person.  yet still has the evil life that took hers.  i am grateful for what i did know of her.  maybe one day there will be some kinda forgiveness, but for now i just cant do it.  not after knowing how she suffered, and how he is still alive.  things like this make me wish wv had dea
Attention Friends
Dear friends,   Please be aware of my status. I am going to be deleting my account one week from today (the 22nd). If you are my friend and want to keep in contact with me. Let me know and I will give you the email address(es) you can reach me at or messengers. I have decided to do this cause of some problems that have arose. Maybe soon I will come back on but as for now...I do not see that happening.I hope that I don't lose alot of friends but something tells me I will. Take care everyone and hope to hear from every one letting me know.
Dating Diary
So Sweet N Gentile...
In Memory Of Heart Of Gold
To all of mine and Heart Of Golds friends if you would please take a moment of silence and pay your respects to Heart.She passed away during the early morning hours on Fathers Day (6-21-09) in her sleep.We were supposed to have been fu married on 6-28-09.Thank you all that read this.
If I seduce your mind.  You say I can have your body. But if I find your soul, how can I not but set you free?
My love, I have tried with all my beingto grasp a form comparable to thine own,but nothing seems worthy;I know now why Shakespeare could notcompare his love to a summer’s day.It would be a crime to denounce the beautyof such a creature as thee,to simply cast away the precisionGod had placed in forging you.Each facet of your beingwhether it physical or spiritualis an ensnarementfrom which there is no release.But I do not wish release.I wish to stay entrapped forever.With you for all eternity.Our hearts, always as one.
Greetings, I need to take a little breathing space from fubar.  I have a lot going on right now.  I am making an effort to change some things in my life and I need to elimitate some distractions while I do so.  I need to refocus myself, to better myself. So in the meantime I need to focus more transitioning from my business to new work, my personal work, my physical health, my eating habits, my lack of sleep, and most of all my love; my other half to which without I am not whole. Please take the time and whatever kindness you would show to me and give it to her.  She is the most amazing person I have ever met, and almost every day, shows me something new to appreciate.  I won't be gone long, and I'll pop on now and then to check messages.   See ya soon, JoeSomebody PLEASE HELP FOR SPOTLIGHT!   Greetings all.  I was recently, very generously, gifted an auto-11.  I don't tend to get a lot of traffic to my page, so I thought the best way to take advantage of this gift was to go f
My Life
This is the third time i've tried to post this. Okay everyone knows that summer is here, and if you've ever been to Memphis mosquitoes here are like b-52 bombers, I'm sure you're all wondering what this has to do with anything? Well if you took the time to read my profile or talk to me on a daily basis you would know that I am homeless and i was living under a bridge in a tent until about 48 hours ago. Here's what happened over the last two days. There had been other people staying down at my campspot but when the drinking started I was like meh whatever, but then the guy brings some chick that looks like shrek down there and for the past month i've gotten very little sleep due to them drinking and screwing and being loud at all times of the night and waking me up, well the other day it was like 110 out with the heat index. I went back to camp early cause I was tired, well for once the guy down there was sober which I like the guy when he isn't shitfaced and messing with me. anyways h
Why Is Life So Confusing And Irratating?
Why can't life just be simple and easy? I'm trying to find a place to live 'cause my family's house just went into foreclosure. Well I got a little money saved up and now everything just blew up. I need almost $2,000 to move in to an apartment and then I still need to get a car for transportation. And on top of all that the job I have is through a job service agency so I never know when they'll take me off the place I'm working at now, and if they do that it could be weeks before they send me to another job. Everything just seems to get over whelming from time to time and it just totally wears me out. I'm writing this mainly just to vent, but if you want I could use all the advice I can get. Everytime you turn the corner life will always be throwing something new at you, whether its good or bad or even unnoticable. Many times I look back on my life and look at the things that have happened in my life and I see mostly bad things. And many times I just think all this has happened and y
Fake Ppl Suck
I'm so fukken tired of fake ass ppl. what good r they for, just taking up space and annoying the crap outta me. like take for instance all these lovely women that think they wanna hook up w/ my viking ass.One of the first things i tell ne one that wants me, keep it real, and always be honest w/ me.  Can ne of them keep it straight. I know i can be crass but that is really who i am neone that takes the time to truly befriend soon realize that  i'm a self sacrificing warrior on their side until the end. so many women get caught up in my viking like ways and instead of just being who they truly r they try to be what i  want, trust me ladies. if u think to urself man a viking let me make him mine then u have no idea. U dont make a viking urs a viking takes what he wants and makes it his.. i'm very simple to understand if u can comprehend warrior ideals then u can understand me. Put that in ur pipe and smoke it!
Part One Of My Erotic Italian Lol Very Sexual Ya Gotta Work For It Haha
Essere la persona che altamente sessuale sono questo pensiero è venuto alla mia mente. Amerebbe trovare un uomo che è tanto se non più sessuale quanto me, per disegnare il mio bagno aggiungono l'olio e lo trasportano poll. Allora mette a nudo giù per me e mi entra nella vasca con. I miei occhi stanno esaminando il suo detto che profondo li desidero ora! si siede e mi levo in piedi in modo da posso sedermi lentamente su lui, ritengo quanto duro il suo penis è ed io lentamente me l'prendo. Parte due che viene presto!
Bye A Good Friend
Dog Through The Window Off The Table On The Floor Apple Pie
the words heard in the street creep thoughts in your dreams can things truely be believed if heard or seen
Little Bit Of Whoa
Ok my friends. I was trolling through the mumms, and noticed all the alternate accounts playing. Those of you that really, truly know me.. know that I view this as a fun game. I like to read their "About me" or check out their friends, pics, fans... etc. So, i have noticed this one asshole in particular, and wanted to check him out. The following, was his "about me"   I nearly DIED!!!     HERE GOES:     There is nothing more beautiful to me, than a woman cumming. The way her body flexes, stomach muscles tighten, hips rise up, then she squeezes.   I'm 6'2 and over 200 pounds. All women are small, to me. I've always heard that they feel safe when they are with me. I like it when women are reserved and quiet, yet i know the dirty thoughts that go on in their heads. I want to exploit EVERY fantasy she has and make it happen. I can fly you to see me, with only two calls. So don't think i'm just another flake on this site. I AM looking for the ONE that can fulfill every fantasy
Why I'm Not Here Til Thurs
Have most of you seen the news,what is going on in other worlds? The terrible recent atrocities going on in Iran,so many people suffering from the violent onslaught of their government. If any of you are directly involved,related to,feel in any way to what is happening,my heart goes out to you. If there was a local protest where I was at,I would express my opinion,thank-god for the social sites out there that are getting the word and images out!!
New Lounge
I'm Done With It All!
I'm done with it all! I'm ready to die. I feel like anything I do doesn't get compeleted... All my friends are slowly pulling away from me. I'm at a deadend job. My car keeps breaking down. I tried everything I can to change the outcomes, but it doesn't change. I feel that I'm hated by everyone. I swear people are hiding things from me. I ready to just crawl in my grave and wait to die...
The Musings Of A Phantom
Hey all this is the Naughty Playground renowned DJ Phantom bringing yall some much needed info... i was told that a sex offender resides on fubar... not sure how true it is and i am not trying to scare you I just want to warn you all as friends and family of whats out there... especially my floridian homies and ladies... here is the link to check him out... Check it out and be careful!!!!!!!
In Just A Few Days
In just a few days my son will be back home with me.  I technically have 100% percent physical custody of my son but he has been finishing up school in San diego...I didn't want to uproot him.  I am so excited to have him back..
Sex Offender On Fubar
Oh Fu Well
I have to say a few words about Lil Red co owner and Founder of Red's Hot Spot and also a .com of the same name.  She tries to be a great friend to all. She listens and holds no punches back. Tells it as she sees it and as she has been told.  She suffers from fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Raynauds.  All cause her a great deal of pain but I know for a fact hurting she has went on cam and been there to listen to problems.   Many offer and some are there for her.  But lately seems the crowd in lounge went poof when she took a much needed vacation from the cold of Michigan. She has worked hard to get the lounge going.  Even going on cam cause no one else would or could although she felt like hell. Today has been a rough one she is hurting and her hubby is ill and she has to tend his needs. Plus I know for a fact they dont get along well and that stresses her.  So for those of you that think she ignores you dont rate back like she should keep in mind. She does the tunes tries to
Working At A Hotel #2
haha theres some construction guys who have been staying with us for 6 weeks and everytime 1 of the guys sees me he tells me im gorgeous and asks me out but he seems like an alcoholic... and hes from a diff town, pretty far away. but anyways he sleep walked to his truck and came back at like 4:30 am and was tryin to get me to tell his friends he sleep walked naked everywhere haha.. but i was like im not telling them THAT haha. I guess im going out to the bars on thursday and have to call all those guys to meet us out! that should be fun.. they are hilarious. I went into work.. decided i was going to walk down to the bar to get some reports i have to go through.. there was a guy there looking very good in a suit but as soon as he stood up i knew he was wasted! The bartenders had him drinking water but he was still f'd up. I went back to the front desk where the girl i used to work with, Jenna, was doing our work. We started talking to a guest who needed to know if there were any restaur
Sex Offender On Fubar
does anyone feel the same way when you think everything is going good that the one you care about but you can feel so alone, that ones self is just ment to be alone or feel like no matter what happens you are alone and feel alone no matter how much you love someone or they love you...... sometimes its hard to think of the future and how it will happen or what will happen with yourself somedays it seems great the next day it seems like everything that just happened is going back to how it was before, being alone all the time is sometimes great at others times makes one wonder why it seems that now at this point in life we are alone. no one to talk to no one to see no one to hold or kiss.
The Loss   What sorrow sweet victory it is When I sit here in front of the mirror And see not the person I want to be But the person I least want   I have learned a difficult lesson Time and time again I refused To acknowledge my own Duplicity to myself   Not the ones that where in The line of fire it seems But Me, I hurt the most Condemning myself to loss   These so called friends Are they here for me now? The real ones are
Fubar Tidbits
It just seems to me that people don't really care who you are on this site. Everbody is out to get points. They need to level up or that is what they claim. What do the so called friends and family really mean. To me it can really get phoney after a while. Well another decade has ended and the world is still here. We had a historic new leader and a bunch of problems that need fixing. Can the two Wars eventually end. Can terrorism and integration  be  put under control. Will the education system be fixed. Will racism ever be solved, it's been 300plus years now. Can peace and happiness be achieved. Will fubar continue it's success. Where will computers be headed in five years. Hell will I be here in five years. Life is a mystery---------Enjoy The Ride!!! THE MARINES ARE COMING HOME FROM IRAQ AND I HOPE THE SAME THING WILL HAPPEN WITH THE ARMY REAL SOON. I'M NOT FOR ANY KIND OF WAR BUT I WILL SUPPORT THE TROOPS
"troops" Fathers Day Poem
©  Jason E. Rose I can remember the first time that Isaw your smiling face,I held you close to my heart you couldprobably hear it race.I changed your first diaper, and I knowit took a while.youre daddy's baby boy and youre theperfect child.It's been about two months now, and Idon't have much to daddy must leave for a while so thatyou may live.When I come back son I know you won’tremember me,but we'll build a bond at the fishingpond with unforgetable memories.It's time for me to go now son to builda soldiers legacy.To fight a war in another land somedayyou will be proud of me.Not so much for country, not so muchfor pride.But for you my baby boy, for yourfuture I would die.

Locals Only Music Page
Another day and another lost soul in a sea of emptiness.A world of confusion sometimes not worth living through.Making decisions based on what would make everyone else happy and or satisfied.The devil used to be a friend of mine,he kept me level giving me alcohol and drugs to help me ease my troubled mind.When the numbness dissappeareAd and the pain crept back in guilt or the pain of living through a sea of misery is all I felt. A sudden force showed and gave me an angel to help motivate my will to live.She then got stolen away.Was it a test? Was it a chance at renewed faith or a will to quit the harmful path of addiction? The feeling of someone giving up when they actually never left my side is a show of support and a courage that brings you a true friendship. You never lose a sense of love or comradirie when your friends remain true or faithful.An act of loyalty is never a fools gold;it is a true entity you can rely on and gives you a sense of security that wraps around you like a he
Tattoos Are Fucking Sick
I really wish i wasn't so picky. It's getting harder and harder to find anyone i'm attracted to anymore because everyone and their dog is fucking covered head to toe in tattoos now days. I hate tattoos, I mean i really fucking hate tattoos. They are absolutely repulsive to me. And almost all of them are completely tasteless.  People take their beauitful bodies and ruin them by covering them with permanent graffiti. It makes me sad, so many girls i would be so very much attracted to, and they end up being covered in that awful crap. To me it's like looking at a burn victim. it's just awful tasteless scarification.  Tats are the biggest turn off ever to me, and i seem to be the only one that doesn't have atleast one, if not ten.  It's really depressing when i guess i'm the only one that thinks this way.  Sure wish i could find a nice, sweet, girl with no tattoos... Haha yea right i can't even find anyone that will talk to me period.  Fuck, people suck... :(
Father Day
HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS IN THE WORLD!!! and thank for a warm welcome from everyone thank you
Problems Are Always Here
Random Writing
What Do You Want
Hi,I saw your pic and would love to know what are you looking for here. I got this in a private message yesterday. Of course it's from someone no higher than grasshopper. Of course they live in Florida. And when I went to their page, I found they only had one picture and their friends list consisted mostly of women from Florida and the usual points whores. They didn't send the question with a drink or a rose or a teddy bear. They didn't rate all my pictures and leave a bunch of comments. Very unusual. He is obviously new here. This isn't how it works Mr. Grasshopper. You're doing it all wrong Mr. One pic. guy. You'll never get any where with this sort of thing. I just thought I should let you know that. You have to first rate all my stuff and leave comments about how pretty I am and how my dog is just the cutest. You have to read all the captions and the come up with clever responses. And when you come across the "please stare at my boobs" picture you have to say, "can do" or some
In Need Of Your Vote
Father's Day
Just want to wish a happy Father's Day to all you special dads out there! Cheers to you!  Much love, The Princess
Another Joke
Signs Of A Bad Dom
1. They immediately act like they're your Dom and  they have expectations for you before you've even met them.2. They act like submission is supposed to be given to them simply because  you're a sub. Remember: Your submission is a gift to be given to a  deserving Dom. Expectations for you to be submissive to them prior to  you accepting them as your Dom, is a bad sign.3. Instead of  learning about you and getting to know you, their first conversation  includes topics like bedroom play and how they'd love to take advantage  of you or use you.4. They demand to meet you in person before you've  had sufficient time to get to know them and get comfortable with them.  5. When you do meet with them, they are physical without any prior  agreement, or act like you should give yourself up just because you're  a sub.6. Someone who refuses to meet for the first time in a public  place. 
hi how are you guy doing
Songs From Evanescence
All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. I can feel the night beginning. Separate me from the living. Understanding me, After all I've seen. Piecing every thought together, Find the words to make me better. If I only knew how to pull myself apart. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. I believe that dreams are sacred. Take my darkest fears and play them Like a lullaby, Like a reason why, Like a play of my obsessions, Make me understand the lesson, So I'll find myself, So I won't be lost again. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. Guess I thought I'd have to change the world to make you see me, To be the one. I could have run forev
Big Rob What Thizzzz It
Bad Day
Ever had a really bad day that lasted more than a day lol.  I been having one of those this last week lol.  My AC went out on my van and with 3 little ones and over 90 degree heat and errands like crazy that is never fun. My husband was offshore so it was hard to bring to get fixed. I needed it so I couldn't be without it. We had a weeding to go to 3 hours away do I didnlt want to drive in the heat all dressed up. So my mom was like meet me 1/2 way the day before the wedding I will take your van you take my truck. My truuck had AC. She also live 3 hours away. It was ok if we sweated the day before just not all dressed up. She said she would take my van to get fixed she had another wya to get to wedding where she did not havd to go in hot van. OK we thought problem solved. So we thought...... So we go to the wedding yesterday. Was nice we had fun. We head on after wedding there is a back up in interstate do to some construction so we take some back roads home.  We are in my moms truck s
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happy fathers day 2 all out there
Fathers Day
Have you ever woke up one morning were looking for one thing and then found something else ?One night when I was driving to my place in the mountains .I had a really bad day and was thinking of all the bad things I had experienced in my life. I have not been very lucky in love I have had things that I loved killed because they were to friendly yes bears by the fish and game. My life was just to much for me to handle . I have to say I was ready to pack it in . And this was not the first time I just wanted to end my life. But every time I would feel this way something stopped me . Then there's that problem I have with thinking if I ended it once and for all what would God think and that was something I did not want to risk. Well as I was thinking this I looked up at the sky on this long road to the mountains out my wind shield and said in my mind God just take me home I was broken . I finally made it home got into my cabin stayed outside well into the dark . Looking at all the stars and
Smile Now Cry Never!
Summer Time
  Well summer is here and this month of June has been pretty tough. My temp job ended at Wrigley's June 10th and the same day my debtor hearing was at 8:30 am at the Federal courthouse. I saw my lawyer there and the proceeding went well. I just have to finish the 2nd financial mgmt. course online with 24 pages to go. A week later I get a speeding ticket in the morning for doing 60 in a 45 mph zone going north to my Sister's house. I was going up there to get my Phish dvd my Nephew borrowed from me.  I haven't got a speeding ticket in like 19 years. It sucked. Well back to finding another job and I applied at Home Depot online last week. Gotta call them to see if they have my job app to work in the lighting dept or hardware. Take care friends and stay cool. Cheers,Paul
In Loving Memory
You Never You never said I'm leaving You never said goodbye You were gone before I knew it, And only God knew why A million times I needed you, A million times I cried If Love alone could have saved you, You never would have died In Life I loved you dearly In death I love you still In my heart you hold a place, That no one could ever fill It broke my heart to lose you, But you didn't go alone For part of me went with you, The day God took you home.     Miss you Dad.....Happy Father's Day.
Check Me Out In My First Auction
Im being auctioned..  Check me out and bid big..go to ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ ™*Salute Junkie* page and look at folder and make's the link Come bid on me...all offers considered..Auction running from Sunday June 21 at 11pm est till June 28...Auction being held by The Big Mike..Check out his page..
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Sweat travels her curves, a silver x upon her face, A smile hidden underneath, her eyes welling with tears "Was i bad?" she remembered asking her master his brown eyes cold he lashed her the kiss of the leather on her flesh. " You didnt clean the toilet" "BUt...mast...." he lashed her a yelp ringing into the halls. She cried hopig for pity but he taped her black mascara streaking her face. He pushes her into a chair. Her screams muddled into the tape. His wrath come across her face with his open palm. A rage fills her she loved him but he wouldnt let her go. Her arms hurting his strong arms pushing her shoulders into the wood. He looks into her soul "GET UP BITCH" He said. She had never heard this from him before enraging her. She flings him into the ground the fall confusing him she binds him to this post smirk into the tape her eyes toture his soul."Wait... what... what are you doing?" She quirks a eyebrow placing her hands into her hips her hand running over the leather the sweat on
About Fathers Day
Searchers have a question they'd like answered: Who started Father's Day? Who do they have to thank for the mandatory bonding time they're spending with dear ol' dad this weekend? Lookups on "father's day origin" and "who started father's day" inspired us to investigate. The results of our research shook us to our very core. OK, maybe not to our core, exactly. But the story of how Father's Day came to be is still pretty interesting. A blog from a Detroit church explains that most historians credit a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd with creating the holiday. Ms. Smart Dodd was "inspired by her father, a widower and Civil War veteran named William Jackson Smart." She wanted to do something to honor his memory while paying respect to all fathers. Clearly she was a woman with a plan. Alas, not everybody agreed with her pleas to "give it up for the papas" (our words, not hers). In fact, Ms. Smart Dodd's proposal was often mocked when it first made the rounds. Folks felt it unnecessary. And
My 1st Hh
        This awesome person is having her 1st HH 6 p.m. FU-time/ 9 p.m. Est-time. Please show my good friend ♥ DarlynnOne ♥ lotsa love. She works her but off to help her friends out. She will be running 11s all day. I love her and I know you will too. ADD FAN RATE BLING BOMB COMMENT CRUSH DO WHATEVER YA GOTTA DO Just click the pics below and start havin' fun!!!
From Inspiration
WINDS   Blowing wind all the day through gusting and surging always to renew Increase in power and move the trees sway back and forth caught in the breeze unseen force that moves us on guided by chance and never done leading us on through winds of fate blowing us toward things so great cease to fight and accept what is to come along the way we will meet some who enhance our lives and make us complete the plan of the eternal will be without defeat living just as we are meant to live knowing that the day is ours to give and to make the most of where we are now the divine winds will take care of us now   By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Fathers Day
Searchers have a question they'd like answered: Who started Father's Day? Who do they have to thank for the mandatory bonding time they're spending with dear ol' dad this weekend? Lookups on "father's day origin" and "who started father's day" inspired us to investigate. The results of our research shook us to our very core. OK, maybe not to our core, exactly. But the story of how Father's Day came to be is still pretty interesting. A blog from a Detroit church explains that most historians credit a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd with creating the holiday. Ms. Smart Dodd was "inspired by her father, a widower and Civil War veteran named William Jackson Smart." She wanted to do something to honor his memory while paying respect to all fathers. Clearly she was a woman with a plan. Alas, not everybody agreed with her pleas to "give it up for the papas" (our words, not hers). In fact, Ms. Smart Dodd's proposal was often mocked when it first made the rounds. Folks felt it unnecessary. And
Happy Fatheres Day!
I need some bling. no one loves me anymore!!!
Happy Fathers Day To The Non Dead Beat Dads
watz poppin on fubar? Im new on line& Im lookin 2 mingle.Im not 2 sure howdis works,so if n e 1 can drop me sum tips I would appreciate it.
Giving Thanks
Written for a friend to read at the burial of his little brother....   Rest In Peace My Friend....   Today, the winds blowing, I heard it from the trees,Today, it hurts knowing, you cant be here to see,But when the wind blows, We're reminded that you're free.The fact we're gonna miss you is always gonna be.But we will always have you with us, The times that we're in need, Your love will fill our hollowsevery time we breath.Your voice is what fills our heads when we ride into the breeze,I know youre riding with us, just like it used to be.These memories live inside us, like you live inside of me.Now be calm and at peace,with what what has come to be..I love you little brotherPlease put your strength in me.
July 8th--this Will Never Happen Again
If anyone is going to be at or near any of these places during these times and can do me a favor,please let me know.It wont cost you anything,might even net you a little bit of something.Nothing HUGE,but I can try to return the favor somehow.GM is setting up displays of their new cars and giving away a few things.Some of you know that PK and I are Transformer Geeks and one of the give aways is a Transformer that you can only get there.If anyone is able to get us one(or two) I would be in debted for FULIFE!!It is a long shot,but who knows.Thanks in advance.   Square One today or   June 25-28 Fairview MallJuly 2-5 Sherway GardensJuly 9-12 Bramalea City CentreJuly 16-19 Fairview Mall (again)July 30-Aug 2 Eaton Centre   Reposted in new blog + edited,k thnx      if you are heading to Sherway or Bramalea, the Aveo Swerves are gone by 1-2pm on Thurs, Fri and Sat and not available at all on Sun.
Back By Popular Demand
Ever wanted to be a Angel or a Demon but not Yet a Godfather, Or maybe you wish you picked the other choice and wish you can change it. Well Now is your chance but unfortanitly no Special Abilities or Special Icon. Back By Popular Demand From the Creator of Fubars #1 Train in the Past Now Brings You Angels & Demons. Basically Just a Normal Train But  Can Also Be used as a Leveling Family. Rules & Qualifacations  1.   Must F/R/A The Founder and All other Members 2.    If Already A Friend Must Leave Them a Comment on thier Page Saying Joining Angels & Demons 3.     Dont have a Salute Not A Problem This Time Pay The 25k Fee and your on Send it through Fupal  to The Founder and mention Angel & Demons Fee 4.     Have A Salute Then No Fee Needed to Hop on 5.     In The Request Need To Mention Angels & Demons and Also Must Messege the founder when your done or you will not be added 6.   Must Also Add Angels & Demons Member To Your Name or A&D Now For The Fun To Begin  
Just For A Day
should one give ture love a 2nd chance not to the same but to an other an if so why ? if its to be pasted around why give it to just one ? mixed up an sitten in my padded corner. Anyone can be a father... takes someone special to be a dad , From the Love of my children .
Seductive For Auction
Assistance Needed
This goes out to everyone on fu that has a program that will create specific buttons.  I have created a lounge with a ghost theme and am in need of special buttons for the options.  Some examples are: Spirits = Drinks Cross Over = Join Entities = Members   I have a specific look for these buttons, but have been unable to find it.  The buttons need to look like disappearing smoke or mist with a transparent background.  I've seen several that look like flames, but haven't found anything like what I'm looking for.  If you think you can recreate what I am looking for, please send me an example of your work.  I don't have much in the way of fu-bucks, but will gladly pimp you out with a specialized bulletin that you can pass around to all on fu and keep in your stash.    Thank You for your time, Kare
Happy Fathers Day
Life Lesson's
I thought I'd been through a lot of shit with my friends, but nothing the likes of this.  Those of you who read this should know that my bff Zoey is writing this blog on my behalf. I asked her to.  There are two pics in my pictures of my exroommate Ben, who our family invited into our home and our trusted family circle.  I will never know why but one night he just decided to take our lives and rip us apart with ONE phone call.   You see, Ben wasn't man enough to fight his own fight maturely.  Zoey was talking to Ben calmly about a matter and Ben lunged at Zoey.  I thought he might try to hurt her, so I defended her.  She broke it up before any kind of a fight broke out, but Ben decided he would do everything he could to hurt us.  He called the cops on me and had me arrested, and I have been in jail for almost 5 weeks now. careful about who you allow into your haven from the world....your home.  You can think you know someone, but they can turn on you in an instant. 
Walls Of Poetry
dogs of war its 3 am and has been for daysas the same damn thoughts they flood my brainit starts we are dog the dogs of warwe are cast aside have a home no morewe fight for peacea peace of mindwe fight peace we'll never findthe same damn thoughts they flood my mindit 3 am and has been for daysthe picture of you its starting to fadefirst your eyesthen your smileI'm left with a taste on my lipsone i cant defineits 3 am please don't leaveif only for the night i need you to stayplease don't go your all that keep me saneits 4 am and somethings wrongi feel a bit offI'm left and that's not righti try not to thinkits going to be a long nightits 4 am I'm alone in the darkdog of warwith no voice to barkI a dog a dog of warI bow my headI say no more 1 year ago today it seems so far away wouldnt belive the time has past proof lies in your letters and pictures of photographs reading your words seeing your face seems like breaking down is the hardest habit to break being so full of emptyness
Random Thoughts 2
When times get hard i think of you  When i feel alone i hug my pillow n wish it was you...  When i need a smile i play our song  I'm reminded you love me  Although the distance keeps us apart  I find my self a little each day Starting to Fall more in love What we have started as a friendship Then slowly started to become more real I'm worried one day you'll walk away Which is why I never thought to tell you the feelings I started to have... the day we met was one I'll never forget You called my phone and said 'I'm fallin for you' I felt speechless unsure of what to say Sitting there listening to you A tear rolls down my face 'I'm falling for you too' I reply Every day that goes by I want you to be with me Side by side is how we should be
Writers Log
She’s a figure of my imagination, or is she real? A devil on earth; masquerading around as a woman on the prowl for a kill. If I tell you that this woman is bad, then she’s more dangerous then a child on a jackhammer drill. This girl is fly, I can’t lie and she really caught my eye like a base runner waiting for a steal. Is this woman here real or is she fake. An angle sent down that stumbled onto her wake. She’s beautiful and delicate with a gentle sway to her gait. Impossible to wonder what it is she wears up under that silky red dress that she displays. Could she be just another pawn in this game? All I want to do is get close to ask her name. But with all the other guys around trying to spend their change. It’s hard for me to take charge and push through the crowd of gents and dames. All in all, I really just want to know the deal. How could she be a person if her face shows she doesn’t feel? Not even a frown when on her dress liquor did someone spill. But wh
Fathers Day Quotes
Father's Day 09
I just wanted to take time to say "hi dad". I wonder how you are doing and if you are enjoying your time in heaven. Do you get to do the things you always enjoyed? I know that you and mom are happy. I miss you and I wish that I could have been a better son. When you look down and view my life does it make you smile or does it bring sadness to you in paradise?  I hope that I am someone that you talk about with your neighbors up there. On days like this I think about you and how proud and lucky I was to have you as my father. You worked all the time and had a hard time dealing with me and mom was sick all the time. Yet you carried on. As years passed and I was busy with my own kids I lost touch with you. I wish I could have some of that time back just to tell you that I understand things that I didn't growing up and that I love you dad..   I miss you . Happy Father's day
Cryin In The Rain
The Wait
Time Clicks as I await The hour ends before my take Sitting, thinking, waiting; my mind escapes The day grows old as night passes Wolves crying, coyotes howling; anticipating Watching, staring, seeing nothing Silence begins the day as morning comes without notice Tears begin to fall, slowly The day moves on without hope Wishing to be what is not to be The sun moves to its peak without a whisper or retreat Time moving, but still empty Stomach aching, curling Still waiting.................   Rodney
Best Divorce Letter Ever!!
         Everyone in Illinois needs to read what I am about to say effects ever man, woman and child in this state in some way. Here’s the thing I know everyone will not agree with me by it is time to set our own different aside and do what’s right, not only for us but our grandparents , moms, dad, children, and yes even ourselves. As I am talking to you the state government wants to pass a bill doing away with state funded program. These programs are very important to millions of people in different ways and do not have to be cut. There are other ways to fix this budget problem without cutting programs and razing taxes at a time the world is in a difficult state. Now is the time for everyone in Illinois to stand together and tell all the government offices all the way to the president that cutting health care and razing taxes is not the way to fix any state or government problem. We as Americans have already given enough of our tax dollars in bail out programs. It’s
Saturdays R Ruff
It;s funny when we remeber days gone by in that it sometimes brings joy then other times it brings a tear to our eyes,, I remember back some 50+ yrs ago and the excitement tha the fourth of july brought to me as a young lad...The brightness of the sparklers and loudness of the fire crackers...The Independece Day parades.. the soldiers in uniform all saluting our flag as the marched by.... the families gathering fopr picnics...the neighborhoods have get togethers... Then I remember the Bobm drills in school...the pledge of alligence to oue flag as classes began...the prayers silent and verbal each morning... Then I remembered A funeral for my cousin killed in action in the Korean conflict.. I weeped for him this morning...he was my hero growing up in the 50's... I remember the country called Vietnam and we were advisors of the conflict.... Then I remember the draft of our men into that conflict...I remember my wanting to be a draft dodger because of my memories of my cousin... I reme
My Thoughts
Beautiful Morning Daylight flows in as morning does break You find yourself waking with a deep seeded ache And there your Master sleeps by your side Your need for him is something you cant hide Slowly your hand slides down his chest No wanting to disturb him from his rest But deep within there burns such a fire Not knowing if you can curb your desire Gently you wrap your hand around his cock Enjoying the feel, so warm and so soft Slowly you start stroking up and down The burning ache inside grows in leaps and bounds Slowly under the sheet, your Master starts to grow You slid down the sheets just above his toes Lower your crawling down on the bed Softly and gently your tongue teases the now throbbing head Taking him in deep, as far as he will go The passion now growing as he continues to grow Back to the head, with no time to waist Catching the first drops, savoring the taste Quickly now, your throat takes it in deep Feeling th
it is day 2 as you can see and i failed in getting my weight but i see that i mit weigh atleast 220 pounds give a lot or take a i ate cearl,for lunch i really didn't eat much but some fruit.for dinner a salad and home made mac&cheese.i hate my family well my older brother he calls me gay for not eating meat.which he dose to anything that isn't like him.i hate him.but i see that he just dosen't under stand anything that isn't normal to him,who has a baby momma and a second on the way.both of them figth nearly all the time beacuse of the kids,how get's on his neavers,they don't know how to act,o the baby momma has an other kid that's not his so she has two and a third on the way,he has one and another on the you got to take care of two kids and worry about another soon.all i have to do is not eat meat. right now i want to see how long i can live with out dark meat.i'll slowly move for not eating white meat as well.i'll weight myself to see my weight and see the effect
Life Lessons......
I am 38 years old and have lived my life learning lessons..most of the time the hard way. I am single...never married and no children. I think about things like--my mom is getting older and really wants me to find the right woman to marry and give her a grandchild or two. My grandparents are very old and nearing the end of their days and I would want for them to see me married...happy and with children....but I fear I have waited too long to think on these things. My fear is finding a lady I think is the right one...only to get married and have it end in divorce with kids torn between us. This was my upbringing and it was rough on us kids. I never want this to happen to my kids or anyone else's kids. It's like I am on a time countdown in life to find my soul mate and create a happy loving family. This really sounds good to me but my biggest issue is-------HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE WITH THE RIGHT ONE? Maybe it will seem like your with the right one and all of a sudden she decides she
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Life Is Great
What A Woman Wants In A Man
What a Woman Wants in a Man  What I Want In A Man, Original List ... (at age 22)  ----------------------------------- 1. Handsome 2. Charming 3. Financially Successful 4. A Caring Listener 5. Witty 6. In Good Shape 7. Dresses with Style 8. Appreciates the Finer Things 9. Full of Thoughtful Surprises 10. An Imaginative, Romantic Lover What I Want In A Man, Revised List ... (at age 32) ----------------------------------- 1. Nice Looking - preferably with hair on his head 2. Opens car doors, holds chairs 3. Has enough money for a nice dinner at restaurant 4. Listens more than he talks 5. Laughs at my jokes at appropriate times 6. Can carry in all the groceries with ease 7. Owns at least one tie 8. Appreciates a good home cooked meal 9. Remembers Birthdays and Anniversaries 10. Seeks romance at least once a week What I Want In A Man, Revised List ... (at age 42) ---------------------------------- 1. Not too ugly - bald head OK 2. Doesn't drive off until I'm in the
How To Make A Woman Happy
How To Make Women Happy... The Point System (advice according to women) In the world of romance, one single rule applies: Make the woman happy. Do something she likes and you get points. Do something she dislikes and points are subtracted. You don't get any points for doing something she expects. Sorry, that's the way the game is played. Simple Duties: You make the bed (+1) You make the bed, but forget to add the decorative pillows (0) You throw the bedspread over rumpled sheets (-1) You leave the toilet seat up (-5) You replace the toilet paper roll when it is empty (0) When the toilet paper roll is barren, you resort to Kleenex (-1) When the Kleenex runs out you use the next bathroom (-2) You go out to buy her extra-light panty liners with wings (+5) In the snow (+8) But return with beer (-5) You check out a suspicious noise at night (0) You check out a suspicious noise and it is nothing (0) You check out a suspicious noise and it is something (+5) You pummel it with a six iron
Pussy Or Men?
Why do some men choice to drink pussy drinks instead of shots or beer or hard liquor? I hate it when a guy tells the bartender he wants an apple martini. Wuts up with that?
Sup, Im Martin, and just another Fu chatter, surfer, what ever just trying to do my own thing ,,? on a pc. Well on to deeper things, the other day my christiananity was put in front of the spot light, and, because I dont have a christian bone in my body ,Well. (Laughs).LMMFAO. oh, waite. why? would I. No, why? would any one follow after a God that also claims to be our father, Hmm. Im a father and I would never tourture my child todeath. or starve my child, or the worset, go and murder the first born, wile they sleeped in there beds, just come in and take there life, and not just one but thousands. wow what would we as a pepole born in a world full of relegin, but your baby, your child , what would you do to that person, or thing. if they so much, as lay a finger on your baby, I cant new testoment old testoment, I dont care, now made in his likeness, so, we, are at birth sick and twisted, and could mueder, but I dont care how you are, your child you could never harm your child , but, G
Get This Money Records
How many people on here will actually read this blog? How many people on here will actually read this blog and stop, take a deep breath, and examine the pros and cons. The fact and the fiction. The trials and tribulations? What do you do when there's nothing else to say? Nothing else to give? What do you do when your life comes to a standstill and you can't breathe through the pain? It'd be good to know. Well, it's official. Get This Money Records / Einstein Productions... Have finally taken the first major step towards success. 102 Jamz, a hip hop station out of the North Carolina triad area have agreed to play our exclusive demo track: More Than Air featuring EneME aka Considered SiKk. As soon as the release forms are signed, the air time shall begin. BIG THANKS to all of you who have continued to support me up to this point in my career. You will not be forgotten. And a special shoutout to that one person...she knows who she is...who has NEVER turned her back on G.T.M. and has
Working in the food industry, I am finding in very difficult to satisfy my guests. It all about getting a $20 meal for $3.99 price. For some strange reason they seem to inspect a $20 quality and are damn right mad when they feel the got the $3.99 standard. Yes we must do our best to deliver the best product possible, but lets get real for a moment here. When you order $50 worth of food through the drive thru, dont you think its going to take a few moments? And not to mention the fact the people behind you r waiting just for a fucking coke. How inconsiderate can people be.....very!!!!! Just ask, me I know. Get off your lazy ass and think of others for just a moment in your self absorbed life, and walk in the store. In the end the guests behind you will feel better, the crew producing your food would feel a little more realazed, and guess what? you won't have to call because your order wasnt rushed through the window which caused some errors..    Here's one for you...This women stated sh
Love And My Thoughts
going back to what we know Current mood:  happy Category: Blogging  I am guilty of this just like we all r, we go back to what we know. Ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or lover. For reason we forget why the relationship ended in the first place and months or years later we decide that maybe things will be better this time, but it isnt. You get past the newest of it all, the thrill, the love lost moment and its the same old stuff it was before. Is it that we only remember the good times in our heads? Are we still holding on to that love we wish we knew or that we thought we knew? I guess its better to just let it go, because it never works out in the end. Unless you can solve the situation within a 3 three weeks of less, I would say that love has gone. Who is to say, I know I thing I'm done going back,,,,,don't think theres anyone left, ha ha I am reminded of a by line Bob "cat" Golthwieght "I lost my job the other day, well I didnt really lose it, but everytime I go there,
"lies, Lies, Everywhere Lies....."
At least for me and I do believe others are the same way. I told myself I was in love so I would not be lonely and needing that partnership with another. It has been that way all my life, not to say I wasnt in-love by no means. I just find now that I really couldn't understand or express that love until I was able to truely love myself and to be a partner to myself. I am finding now after 43 years, that I have made myself be in-love because I didn't want to be alone. I did care for both my ex-wifes, but I might have short changed them for the fear. I am alone once again as we all find ourselfs from time to time and this time, its okay....I rather enjoy just being with myself, its a good feeling. Yes the animal lust is still there, but that of course is just the phsyical need. So we create the illusion so we don't have to face the fear of being alone for to long of time. Did we care for that affair that lasted shortly or did we brain wash ourselves into thinking we were in love to escap
Dont Do It
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Why Are Guys Dicks
Believe it or not, it all comes down to hollywood and chick flicks, you think not? For the better part of the century men were men, the movies depicted men as be strong, without fear, and totally embracing what it was to be that way. We didnt talk much, didnt have to, we were men....until the 80's came around. The movie industry changed, it was impossible for a man to fall in and for the women to feel it as well. It become about proven your love in this outlandish ways, it wasnt enough to say you cared, you have to prove it hollywood styles. I mean look at how many marriages have survived from the old days. Nothing like today were the roles have been slowly becoming equal per say for men and women. The male sensitivity moment began and was achored mainly by the movies. Movies like "say anything", love one of the first go overboard to get your women visions. Women fell in love with that and the pressure and questions started to surface...."Why can't my man be that way", "thats what I wa
they should never let someone who isn't sober near a computer. Because then we get into all these weird things or look up stupid things the rest of the night. So right now I'm unsober and typing away like an idiot. If I have mistakes I won't be suprised. If not, wow. But this is boring now so I'm off to look up  random things. Peace Out.
~good Guys Only Win In The Movies~
Yeah, It feels like this sometimes..... I had a girl, And I treated her tenderly, Oh yeah.She pretended that she cared, While she only laughed at me.All my life she deserted, I never knew how she flirted.Now it's me that's hurting.What a lesson I've learned.Good guys only win in the movies.Yes they do, now.They ride white horses, girl, And they're friends with everyone.Good guys only make it in the movies.Because in life, They turn out sad and lonely ones.How sincere now, baby, Could your man have been?I stuck right by ya, honey, Both through thick and thin.Girl I did?You know you turned the table.I don't think I'll make it, But I'm gonna make it on my own.Girl, I'm tired of your lying, Tired of your alibi'ing, Now my love is dying, I'm gonna kiss your love goodbye.Sad and lonely ones... Sad and lonely ones... PEACE.....
Well, I managed to serve 24 years in the US Navy without going to sea AT ALL!   Now that I have retired from active Naval Service, I'm going to sea on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman for 11 days!   It will be a working trip too! No sitting back with wide eyes being a tourist, nope, I'll be on the flight deck helping the jets take off and land!   I've done this once before for my current employer, but that was for only 4 days. This trip will be for 11 days!   I'm looking forward to it. So, here I am, a two-day member and I'm wondering if the majority of the members on this wonderfully kooky site even know that fubar is an acronym used by the military? It's normally used when someone or something is so incredibly messed up that it takes quite a bit of study before that person or thing is recognizable again. So, without prolonging the suspense... F - F**kedU - UpB - BeyondA - AllR - Recognition Now if you are reading this blog and didn't know what fubar meant before,
Steve G Bole
The Human Porno Project!
Hey Folks! My name is Master Barnham, I'm the owner of a not-yet-built website called The Human Porno Project!  We're slating a launch this fall, but unfortunately heavily behind in what we need! The whole goal of the Human Porno Project is to put a new face on American adult media, seeking to create a cleaner, smarter, and more articulate form erotic video and erotic entertainment. Currently we are seeking smart, articulate and beautiful nerd girls and couples who want to create adult 'shows.'  Now, instead of just beinging on film, we're really trying to create actual broadcast style shows.  This means if you have the ability to record decent video, think you have something interesting to say, and wanna pork on camera, we encourage it!  The shows could cover multiple topics from sex and culture, fetishism and kink, porn and toy reviews, etc, etc.  If you can think of it, it turns you on and interests you (within reason), it would probably be a killer show. Money, of course, is a
Nene@ Fubar
Sexist Men
Ok family and friends. I have put a pic up in the sexist man contest in the candy shop. So go get your eye candy fix and vote for me. Thank you. Once you get to Candy Shop if your not a friend you will have to put in a friend request. If this link does not work please leave me a message. Thier page is also one of my family. %The Candy Shop%">@ fubar  
New To Fubar sooo im still a little confused with this site.. HAAA. but anyways you should add me on myspace..   and stickam! (stickam is a live webcam chat.. NO i will NOT get NAKED for you. but sign up and come talk to me.. im live almost every night!!!)
~Sweetie Pie Sandra~">@ fubar
Back Again
Well, I've been back over here for about 7 months now. Just returning from my first R&R and have discovered that I no longer belong anywhere. I have no one and all the things that I've bought mean absolutely nothing to me. I know that it's my own damned fault and that just makes it suck even more. The thing is, I thought that the old way of life would be what would sustain me. Come to find out, it doesn't nor will it. One night stands and just traveling around the country/world are not, it seems, what I really want or need. I miss not haveing someone to come home to. Someone to be able to share in my "adventures" with. And yeah, someone to hold at night when it's time to call it a day. Who knows if that's really what it'll take, but right now that's what I feel like I really need to make me feel whole again. Of course, there's always religion, lol.
Hello Everyone
    After the stars struck our eye’s and filled our hearts with Glee, we were frozen by our positive answer that we read; your mother and father to be. Three months ago and today, that same stunning shock that first overwhelm us; has consumed us once more. Forever you shall remain in our hearts as our child that we have always wished to raise, love and adore. I kissed you good night and your mother held you tight, you have brought us closer than; your end that was never in sight. We will be a family again on the Lord’s Golden Shore but, until then; look down from heaven and watch over us as we bond and explore. Word’s can’t express, the footprints of your little feet on my heart, nor the memories left behind; so take the Lord’s Hand, you’ll be just fine. There is NO explanation or judgment that can be put on Trial, with the circumstances that we have been placed to face. We miss you more today than yesterday and will continue to journey onwa
I Don't Do The Blog Thing Often, Mostly Bulletins....
Kudos to the creators of this site, it's certainly kept me busy, there's so much shit to do!  If anyone has ever gotten bored on here, I really don't see how, gotta go, I've got admirers to check out, and someone's hitting up my shout box..... Later!
Rules Of Eating Out
Rule #1: When you sit down at your table, don’t wave at us, don’t holler and yell at us, and don’t sit with your arms crossed. We see you sitting down, and if we’re busy, it might take a minute. Rest assured, we know you’re there. If we don’t happen to be in the area when you sit down, someone WILL let us know about it. You pay our bills, we don’t like making you mad. Rule #2: When we walk up to the table, and say “How are you guys doing today?” or “How are you today?”, we really do want to know how you are doing. That helps us to judge how the course of the meal is going to go, and what we need to do to stay on your good side. Grunting or immediately starting your order is not acceptable, and sets a tone that most of us just don’t want to deal with. Getting on our bad side is a bad way to start your meal, because at that point, we know you aren’t going to tip, and no longer care. Rule #3: When we start our
I'm Up For Auction
Ends 6/27/09 Thought I would get in on this Own Me Auction Details Below.  Please Commet on Picture In Auction Folder.   25 Credit Bling Pack Starts The Bid Your name in mine A SFW Clevage Salute NSFW Access Shit Faced Every Day 100 Pix Rated Per Day All for One Month 65 Credit Bling Pack All of the above + Number 2 Family NSFW Access NSFW Salute Of My Choice SFW Salute 100 Pix Rated 50 Rate 11 This is for 2 months 135 Credit Bling Pack All of the Above + 2 NSFW Salutes 4 mos as #2 Family Random Comments Random Gifts 350 Credit Bling Pack Will Close Auction #2 Family Spot  6 months Random Bling 100 Pix Per Day
at home bored and nothing to do save me any one
It was, as I recall,A dark December night.Neither moon nor starHung o'er those dismal moments. There I stood,Gazing through the looking glass.Through crimsoned eyesI viewed the sight. The image I sawWas of my face not.In a robe of gloaming mistWas she standing. A woman, a wraith,A spirit of ancients,Moldering and rotten,With a silent hand outstretched. Overwhelmingly familiar,This.Overwhelmingly uncomfortable,This. This eidolon did once moreCause me to weep,But unlike times past,This woman now whispered. "Why do you fear Death so?Is it not the fate of all men?King or commoner?Truthful or thief?" With tear-filled rageI formed a fistTo smash the looking glassAnd destroy the phantom. But the vision remainedOne thousand times in the shards,Mirrored shards of lonelinessThat stabbed me deeper with each passing breath. Beckoned by one thousand spirits of ancientsWith their silent hands outstretched.And with my head down and my eyes gouged,I followed.   I don't want what I'm about to
Some Things To Think About...
SOME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT ~ When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often time we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It only takes a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Don't go for looks, they can deceive, Don't go for wealth, even that fades away, Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day
Hell Time
My Friend
Mite Be
Funny Ass Review Of A Restaurant!!
I don't really blog alot but when I came across this review of Der Weinerschnitzel I had to post it! Here it is for your enjoyment. It's really funny in my humble opinion :D The review is from Jetta R. from Phoenix, Az.     What would I ever do without Wienerschnitzel?It's my holy place. My temple. My place of tribute. And I'm not making a clever metaphor for the rise in obesity and fast food consumption.You see, to keep in line with my religion (Discordianism), I have to eat a hot dog (or two...or three) every Friday in reverence to the goddess Eris. I'm not making this shit up. Look it up in our scripture. I experimented for a while in finding a suitable regular source of weenie. At first I tried doing the "hot dog cart outside of the store/bar/strip club" thing, but after a while I realized that behind every smiling hot dog salesman is a tragic story of heartbreak and shattered dreams, and I began to fear that eventually hot dogs would begin to taste like cheating spouses and chi
Sad Times
not going to be on much going to spend time with my mom she has been battling brain cancer and it is starting to get to the point she can't do for herself anymore. i will be back on when i can.   dave
Vote Sexys Man Contest
Remembering Bruce
Today would have been our 28th wedding anniversary.  He died right before our 23rd anniv.  We had a good marriage, not all sweet, but we loved each other.  We had three wonderful children and for that I am thankful.  He has been gone 6 yrs and I still miss him so much.  I started dating around 3 yrs ago.  I have met some very nice men and some not so nice, but none who have touched my heart.  I have a lot of passion and love in my heart for the right man, but I just have not met him yet.  My husband was my soulmate, maybe there is not another one out there for me.  He was a good man, a good husband and a great father.  He died from cancer at the age of 47.  I often thing God made a mistake taking him, but God only needed him here for a short time and brought him home.  He left me with three reasons to keep on living.  Jason, Melissa and Hannah.  This is our anniversary and I will always have him in my heart.  To anyone who has lost a spouse, you understand, love doesnt die, it remains.
I Am Totally Fed Up Of Fubar Crap!!!
I detest my friends getting deleted, I hate the fact that they don't obviously have the freedom of speech that their constitution allows them. And that the same company who deletes their accounts for saying something inappropriate; will then allow NSFW pictures as there 'Happy Hour'. I can assure the company that if people are at work, it isn't the scribblings of some random mummer, but the tits of a porn queen they are looking at.   The hypocrisy boils my piss. Delete me if you wish, I couldn't give a fuck anymore.   Oh yeah, I can whinge if I want and I will continue to do so, if I feel it is necessary. If you want to bow down to authority then kiss my arse on the way !!!!
Jak's Price List
Lately I've seen a lot of status messages asking for VIP, Cherry Bomb (both bling and to be bombed), Auto 11, bling packs, tickers, and blasts. Now JAK isn't a millionaire, but on occasion does have some funding to do certain things. No one will ever get a Happy Hour from JAK until he hosts his own first (then maybe there might be a chance...slim..but still a chance). If you come to me be prepared that what I may ask of you that you might not want to do. Not everything is bad (but there are moments). I will not give in just to make you happy (constant begging will irritate me to the point where I will remove friendship/fan and if it continues BLOCK). Should this bother you, DON'T ASK or get offended. If you want to remove me let me know so i wont bother you. Also, it would be appreciated if you could at least rate some pics too. thanks for reading this, John "JAK" JAK is gonna use this blog to help those who are trying to buy a pimpout/shitface/buzzkill...and those who are se
Why I'm Bored Here
Wfs V/s Frs
Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriendNo way, no way, I think you need a new oneHey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriendHey, hey, you, you, I know that you like meNo way, no way, you know it's not a secretHey, hey, you, you, I want to be your girlfriendYou're so fine, I want you mine, you're so deliciousI think about you all the time, you're so addictiveDon't you know what I can do to make you feel alright?Alright, alright, alrightDon't pretend, I think you know I'm preciousAnd so yeah, I'm a hey, hey princessI can tell you like me too and you know I'm rightI'm right, I'm right, I'm rightShe's like so whateverYou could do so much betterI think we should get together nowAnd that's what everybody?s talking aboutHey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriendNo way, no way, I think you need a new oneHey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriendHey, hey, you, you, I know that you like meNo way, no way, you know it?s not a secretHey, hey, you, you, I want to be your girlfr
I'm Bored Here!!!

Kitty's Dream Body
Hi Guys My name's Kitty, I'm 23 years old and my greatest ambition is to be a porn star and glamour model. But there's one little problem.... actually - make that two little problems. I need some bigger boobs.   This is where you come in.  Send me donations to my PayPal account:   and help me get new boobs and a few other little things, and when I get my dream body I'll send everyone who made a considerable donation some photos of what they bought  :))   And I'll also run a little raffle draw so that one of you can have the chance to see it in person ;) So don't just sit there waiting, help me out and the sooner I can get this done the sooner you'll get to see me on DVD.... ;)) Thank you and big hugs, Kitty xoxoxoxoxoxox
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If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing. For we know partially and we prophesy partially, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. When I was
What Do It Take?
Hello my fufriends this is my first blog hope I get it right. Well the question is what do it take. This is a wide range of topic but we will take about relationships.  Hit me
Saturday Georgetown
Well it's Saturday in Georgetown, Wasington DC, I was born in this town, and aside from traveling the world for 25 years , I will probably die here, because after all it is my home.For those who might read this, and not live in the D.C. area you should know that there are two main groups of people who huant this part of the city, the old town upper crust living above M street in million dollar plus town houses .... actually the prices have come down a little bit! ... and the rest of us ... us being students, river rats, artists ,musicians, and others who would be lost in  the Brownian motions of mainstream human intellect. As for me, well my excuse is, I was born here, and am going through my second middle age crises, I figure if you survive the first, and return to a normal life, you deserve a second try. This time, I will not try to save the world, because I have learned that I am not even good at saving myself, but just leaving people, and places just a little better off than I f
You're Not Alone
A spark. Slowly a flame flickered. We fueled with passion, love, everlasting. Enduring. The fire blazed. A fire that nothing could extinguish. A spark. Slowly a flame flickered. We fueled with anger and pain. Losing sight. The fire blazed. Love conquered. The fire extinguished. All is not lost. I have not left you. You are still with me. You take my hand as we rise from the ashes. Like the phoenix taking flight. I search for love, When the night came and it closed in. I was alone, but you found me where I was hiding. And though I'll never ever be the same, it was the sweetest voice that called my name. Singing You're not alone For I am here Let me wipe away every fear My love I've never left your side I have seen you through the darkest night and I'm the one that's loved you all your life All of your life You cry yourself to sleep cause the hurt is real and the pain cuts deep All hope seems lost With heartache your closest friend and everyone e
Playful Little Organutan!
I Dare You To Click The Link
  NC12 Jr. Teen Beauty Pageant   We are born naked. Everyone knows that. But the moment we leave the womb, we are wrapped in a blanket, and the skin hardly ever sees the light of day again. For the next 70+ years of life, we wrap our skin in a cocoon of fabric. Is this healthy for our bodies? Were our bodies designed to be forever clothed? If you believe in evolution, the answer has to be no. Of course evolution didn't create a body designed for clothing. If you believe in the Judeo-Christian divine creation of the human body, the answer must still be no. Adam and Eve lived naked in the garden of Eden. That's what their bodies were designed to do. Why have this magnificent organ of skin enveloping our entire bodies, every square inch of it covered with delicate sensory nerves and sophisticated temperature regulation pores, then wrap it up 24/7 in artificial coverings so it's all useless? Clothing can keep us warm in extreme conditions. But in other
Looking For A Friend
If The Fu-shits
3 Explorers from the San Diego Zoo travel to the Andes Mountain range in Peru on a mission to find and capture a legendary bird, the infamous Fu-Bird. Local legend has it that the bird is a menacing killer in the Andes, and the Native people were deathly afraid of it.After several days of mule packing travel in the mountains, they heard a terrible, earth shattering "Fuuuu...Fuuuuuuu...Fuuuuu" and the local guides they had hired for the trip totally panicked, and ran for their lives leaving the explorers to continue their journey on their own. They had come way too far to abandon the trip, so they continued on.Suddenly, this massive prehistoric looking bird swept down screaming "Fuuuu...Fuuuuu" and shat on one of the men. It was the most disgusting, nasty, smelly bird poo one could immagine. The man ran down to a mountain stream, and jumped in to bathe. As soon as it had all washed off, he grabbed his chest and died.The other two men in shock by the events, decided to turn around and he
About Me
Go See My Son's Band!!
LIVE IN TEXAS!!!My son and his band Dead Rebellion will be in central Texas for two nights only!!! The first show is a free acoustic show in Ballinger Texas at the Ballinger Park on Tuesday the 23rd of June. Their next show will be in San Angelo Texas at the Bill Aylor Sr. Memorial RiverStage which is located on the banks of Concho River at 16 E. Avenue A. Tickets are $6.50. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. show starts at 8:00 p.m. If your in the area please go!!! -Heather  
CB Superman is having another auction and everyone is invited to join the auction... Auction starts wednesday (July 1st)at 8 pm and will go for 1 week... If you are interested in joining the auction... let send me a shout and let me know you want in...
Who's Crazy Now
Mr Smut
Cows In The Corn
Oh yeah, come home from work and my neighbor kid comes up and asks if I had been to the garden, No I reply and she tells me someones cows had wiped out my corn patch.  Thinking she was a joking I head on over, now my patch of corn is only 15 * 150' and sure enough three cows had almost eaten the entire patch in one night. Now being the adult and trying to set a good moral example for the very impressionable child I soon replied well you cant blame em they like corn too.  What I was thinking was an entire cow on the spit.  Just outta curiosity I would like to get others reaction had this happened to them.
Sex Offender
I Just Feel The Need To Vent.
The Longbranch Saloon
Sooo I owe salutes, I know.  Trust me.  The kids are with their dad for the weekend so I'm hoping to put my cute face on and take some salutes.  If you want one, lemme know, and if you have something specific you want, just ask.  But no bare boobs or anything, I'm vetoing that now lol   Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Prayers Needed
After Lecture Sex...
I approached my lecturer at the break and asked him if I could discuss my project, he instantly replied that he would be in his office 15 minutes after the lecture so we could have a chat then. I returned to my seat and as I sat down I noticed him glancing torwards me. His eyes suddenly met with mine and he quickly turned his focus away. As the lecture proceeded I sent him flirtacious signals, gently rubbing my leg and moving my skirt further up to reveal part of my panties. I could see him struggling to focus on the lecture and I giggled to myself as I enjoyed teasing. My mind began to wander, as I wondered how big his dick was, we quickly exchanged looks and my cheeks flushed as I hoped he didnt realise me dirty thoughts. As the lecture ended i passed him by at the door and he told me he'd see me in a few minutes in his office.As I knocked on his office door 15 minutes later I was promptly answered and directed in. I sat in the chair opposite him and shut the door behind me. He moved
Words Of Life
Any one can get angry — that is easy — or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for every one, nor is it easy. -Aristotle Os meus sonhos são um refúgio estúpido, como um guarda-chuva contra um raio. My dreams are a stupid refuge, like an umbrella against a thunderbolt. - Fernando Pessoa Pleasure is oft a visitant; but pain Clings cruelly to us -John Keats
HI :-) Ever get so tired you just dont care about anything?
Need Some Friends
Hello all I need some friends. I am a mother so of 4 beautiful children, I am single. Although I am not looking for a commitment, if your nice I may let you peek at my webcam and nasty pics if I ever get any up here.   Willow
My Midget
Love Bucket
My life is full of surprises every day i get up an head out the gate looking for new twist on life IEDS  i am the protector of the inocent and the protector of our military routes keeping them free of destruction life is short live it or just let it float by its your choice i chose my job in the military to you all can live your lives  to the fullest. I know that one day i might not make it back in the gate from a mission but you know what i will know that i did my job gave my life for others so they can live     " it is what it is" is my motto and "its the life we live" as my creed of the route clearance team give a shout out to a solider and never for get 9/11
My Midget
Sexy Girl Comments Sexy Girl Comments Sexy Girl Comments Sexy Girl Comments Sexy Girl Comments
You Guys Rock
This is gonna be another random blog about a few subjects.First of all I want to welcome all the new members of Alissa's gentlemen's club.You guys are cool and I appreciate you being in my group.This group is all about boys.There are lots of girl groups and I think the guys deserve one to. I want the group to be able to band together when another member needs to level.I think that would be great to help each other out.If anyone is interested in joining message me or leave a comment on the blog.Also,I leveled to Prophet a few days ago and that was pretty cool.I did it in nine days that was sweet.Im about 14 million from Oracle.I've had alot of support and rates lately.Keep the love coming my friends.I return love the best I can.I have almost 5,000 friends so sometimes it is hard.Thanks everyone who really matters for being cool to me and being my friends.For the stupid ones well you know what you can do.
And The Stupid Continues ....
HE LEFT THiS ON MY STATUS AFTER I DELETED HiM OFF MY YAHOO   NOW HERE iS THE CONVERSATiON!!!   rainbowbritekilla: hey! i had a very stressy day at work .... how was ur day? Carlo Tomlin: had stress ful cpl days trying to talk to some sexy german bitch hahaha lol rainbowbritekilla: lol sowwy brb Carlo Tomlin: no your not and irts fineCarlo Tomlin: i know im always lasy on your list lol rainbowbritekilla: phone Carlo Tomlin: i going to eat dinner chat some other time ok xo Carlo Tomlin: even today after all we have said you still play games??Carlo Tomlin: games dont get you respectCarlo Tomlin: but im not going to arhue any moreCarlo Tomlin: i cant be assedCarlo Tomlin: im going to eat my food Carlo Tomlin: laterCarlo Tomlin: may be you should just delete me from everywhere okCarlo Tomlin: thsat way you dont have to avoid me and lie to m,e all the timeCarlo Tomlin: you can just not have to waste my time rainbowbritekilla: wtf??? IM TALKIN TO MY MOMrainbowbritekilla: brb ok
~*blueeyedangel*~@ Fubar
she has some nice ink
Fun Survey
Copy & Paste this into a Private Message to me w/your answers! :)     1.Your Full Name:2. Age:3. Single or Taken:4. Favorite Movie:5. Favorite Song:6. Favorite Band:7. Kinky or Clean:8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...1. Do we know each other outside of Fubar?2. What song reminds you of me?3. Would you have my back in a fight?4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?5. What is your favorite memory of us?6. Have we ever been drunk/stoned together?7.Would you do me?8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?11. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?13. Do you think I'm a good person?14. Would you drive across country with me?15. Do you think I'm attractive?16. Are there ever times when you want to call me but don't?17. If you could change anything about me, would you? what wou
Secret Tales
The Cane Is Coming
whats the best way to get sh$%t faced need some new ideas
Mestopholeese's Emotional Confusion
Getting Rid Of Dead Weight
I'm Angry And Hurt
Poetry By Lori
Hidden DesiresNew day dawning.Wake up yawning.Feel it only deepening.No risk of it cheapening.Teasing banter.An enchanter.No words will ever expresswhat my heart longs to confess.© June 22, 2009 by Lori Prelude to PassionLet me describewhat I have in mind.A couple hoursexiled from the world,an afternoon of love.Candles, music,a bed, food, drink,you and me.Alone.Together.No one elseto penetrate our paradise.Let me lay you down.Climb on top.Lean down to kiss you.My hair will protect usfrom the eviloutside the room.It’ll be a barriermade of steel.My hands,on each side of your head,powerful, soft guns.They will touch,caressplaces which haven’tbeen felt in a while.Let me kissyour birthmark,scars, lips,chest, fingers,manhood.Every inch that makes youyou.My lips,all over your body,will seal your life to mine.They will give youthe strength tomake it to the end.Allow my lipsto heal you from the outside in.Touch my body.Caress my thighs.Wrap my legsaround your waist.Enter my heavenon
I Give Up With This
Random Ponderings
I hate when people talk about committing suicide. Other than the obvious reason that I don't want someone that I care about to die it irks me to hear that they have nothing to live for. If you're living on the streets in a cardboard box because you have nothing and are dying from maggots infesting your body you've got reason to commit suicide(even then it's a horrible thing to contemplate for me). My mom passed away when I was 16 after a 7 year battle with cancer and I have missed her every day since. She more than anyone I've ever known deserved to live a long and happy life with her family. My mom was the most beautiful person I've ever known and I loved her more than my own life. She didn'tget to see me or my younger brother finish high school or her grandchildren be born even though she fought with everything in her to beat the cancer that was destroying her body. She wanted to live and the choice was taken from her, and yet people with reasons to want to live would rather contempl
ღ Poetry ღ
A rose that was slowly wilting away, Pedals that fluttered to the floor, The radiant ray slowly went astray, Anguish that penetrated to the core. Deprived from water to live, Slowly becoming nothing, Nothing left to give, The beautiful fragrance that once was pulsating, When the last thorn wilt, Suddenly something began to flourish, Things unknown begun to shift, Slowly the rose is nourish, The hand of a lover, A single red rose, Love to fully savor, By love it rose, Touched by this daily, Thorns become vibrant, You made me lovely, Ray can’t be silent, Without you I’m nothing, With you I’m everything, Depart from you I’m crying, With you I’m shining, I am the rose, You are the lover, You are my water, You are my life. Darkness engulfs me,No light to be seen,No sense of reason to be,Craving for death like a feign,You left with no notice,Taking my heart with you,My picture on life is out of focus, The words it will get easier becomes more untrue.Some say it
Just wanted to let everyone know that life is good and i hope you keep on listening and dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erica West McCurley, I Can't Wait Untill Were Married I Love You Oh So Much!!!!!!!!! Something New And Exicting Is Coming Very Very Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To The Truckers All Over!!!!
This goes out to all the Truckers who travel through out the US! I never really knew but had an idea of the rigerous rodes you all travel but never knew just how ruff it truely is on the open rode till a few days ago when i had to drive from North Carolina to California. All Truckers out there, you all have my upmost respects.  I deffinately don't know how you all do it when it comes to the damn mountains you all have to go through on a daily basis..  But i can say i have learned alot from you guys when it comes to driving through the deepest and tallest mountains.  How you may ask did i learn from you?  As i was driving through the mountains in a rental truck, i couldn't figure out why my vehicle kept wanting to try to over heat on me goin up the inclines of the mountains until i kept watching how you guys would just creep up the mountain. I would then try that n just let the truck creep up the steep incline of the mountain and she would be back to normal.  Thanks guys for showing m
Question For U!!
  TestRead this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom for the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. No one I know has got it right..  While at the funeral of her own mother, a woman met a man who she did not know. She thought he was 'amazing'. She believed him to be her dream partner so much that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister.Question: What was her motive for killing her sister?Give this some thought before you answer, see answer below..   Answer:She was hoping the guy would appear again at her sister's funeral. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath.This was a test developed by a famous American psychologist, used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly... If you didn't answer the question correctly, good for y
When the good Lord was creating military spouses, He was into His sixth day of overtime. An Angel appeared and said, "You're having a lot of trouble on this one. What's wrong with the standard model?" The Lord replied, "Have you ever seen the regulations? It has to be completely independent, must be sponsored to get on base, have the qualities of both mother and father during deployments; Be a perfect hostess to four or 40, handle emergencies without military orders, cope with the flu and move around the world, have a kiss that cures anything from a child's torn valentine to a soldier's weary day, have the patience of a saint when waiting for the unit to return stateside, and have six pairs of soft hands." The Angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pair of hands? No way!" And the Lord answered, "Don't worry. We'll make other military spouses to help. Besides, it's not the hands that are causing the problem - it's the heart. It must swell with pride, sustain the ache of
There is a girl.She is always with him in heart & soul. She goes through everything that he goes through. She feels his pain… his sorrow… his joy… his longing… and his devotion. For every minute they are apart, her heart aches… but she smiles. She is a model to other girls. They watch her and wonder… how does she do it? She is the picture of everlasting love & fidelity to her Soldier.. His cause… and their country. She is his rock.. his support… his best friend… and his lover. Her job is the hardest & most painful thing she knows. It is also by far the most rewarding. Their relationship will weather storms… cross miles… and reach indscrible heights. Not because of who they are… but because of the love that they share. A love that is patient.. honest… true.. and kind. A love that transcends the distance. A love that is deeper than any ocean. A love that is more abundant than all the stars in the sky. A love that is perfect in all its flaws Behind every Soldier… there is a
Help Me
some one talk dirty to me
Alexander's Blog
Here's To Dads...
It is said that women are the bearers of life, and while that may be true, in the truest essence of the universe, all things must be balanced, which means it takes two to create life.  It takes a man and a woman to create life.  A woman cannot do that alone.  After conception, we carry this life in our bodies for what seems like an eternity and bring it forth into the world with blood, sweat and tears.  We contribute one half of the genetic code to this most special of little lives and the other half comes from a man who we chose to share our most precious gift with.  Ourselves.  Our love.  Our lust.   Some children are born out of love and commitment, and some sadly, are not.  No matter what circumstances a child is born under they have both a mother and a father, if only biologically.  Most people take on the responsibility required to be the parent this child needs and deserves and some do not.  For the most part it is father's that get the bad rap if they choose not to "man-u
Gettin To Know This Place
you all should blast me or happy hour me .. i will rtf widd pic rates... n u will b able to view my private pics:d muahz!!!:d
Well That Wasn't So Bad.
      They say there is a first for everything.  I guess you could say I got two of them out of the way in one day.  Being the "chicken" that I am, I have never had the courage to ask anyone out before.  Course they always seemed to come to me, so I never really had the need too. Well there is this girl that I have been talking to when I'd see her at her work, one of my favorite stores. Well I have been going in there a lot here lately, and have wanting to ask her out.  But when I get nervous, I start to shake.  So I have been putting it off.  Well I knew her birthday was coming up, just couldn’t remember when.  So I asked her again when it was and she told me, which is in a couple days.  So I was like well maybe I could take you out for dinner one night for your birthday.  And with out a second thought she was like, NOPE!    So I’ll admit I was upset.  But then she told me why.  She is going through custody battle for her kid right now, and isn’t going to do
You Know You Want To
My Vacation
ok so i dont keep geting asked YES i am a bisexual. I find women and men both just as sexy as the other. No i am not partial to one sex than the other. i love Men and women the same. So please stop asking. I cant wait till June 28th! thatas when my vacation starts and im gonna have some fun..
Walls Of Love
Love This Comeback !!!!!
  One of my sons serves  in the military. He is still stateside, here in  California . He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him and his troops everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands and thank them for being willing to serve and fight for not only our own freedoms,  but so that others may have them also.  But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha.  
My Peoms
The train of heartach has come to the station making us climb abroad with dispear moving along the tracks of alone and coldness  gripping at are seat's we look around and all we see is  all the pain in are life play back  like a bad movie rerun just in color  making us dive in the river of lost tear's  fear sneaking up at us showing it's evil head it and we run from it but you know if you run and hide it away it will only make us cold and the people who have hurt you have won  the reason people hurt other people is simple this (they have been hurt and want everyone else to feel there pain so it makes them hide there own fears of hurt and then they move on to the next person until it is there turn to have it happen again to them it is very rude and childish to hurt others and why people  can't just come out forward and tell how they really feel instead of hidding it away and coping out taking the easy way out of what goes could have been this what goes threw are minds when we reach the
So Why Do Peopel Add If They Don't Talk?
so this is my first blog and i figured i woudl try to figure out why people add others but never talk to them after the add i just don't get it.. i mean i ry to keep in touch with all the people on my friends list but damn anyways first blog figured i woudl see what happens
Fuck Love
Joke Of The Day
Just My Thoughts
Marijuana Legalization
I got a text from a friend and this topic was on CNN Now as well. It was a forwarded text with a number to call for marijuan reform, if they get enough people to support this(a million needed) there will be a proposed bill to be put in front of the house for a vote and all the way to the president, with the economy the way it is this bill would be huge and hell marijuana will be legal. So here is the number to call and show your support for this effort. 973-409-3274 Press pound for yes.
Father's Day Mumm's
Remember when Mothers day was getting close? Hell, Remember when it was still 2-3 weeks away? There was a fucking deluge of MUMM's. Second class citizens again.
Deleting Account
Man Up.......
"It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of good deeds could have done them better.  The credit belongs to the man who is actualy in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcomming; who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." Teddy Roosevelt.    Man.
I Am Selling Daschund/pug/chihuahua Dogs (tan/brown)
Hey How Ya Doin
hittin til my minds gellin
Salute Contest
My Life Is A Billion Dollar Movie!!
They were just beginning to build it in winter 1994. By April 1995 it was open and going strong. For a long while I worked as a cashier, then I went on the line. Soon I knew how to run the place, so they offered me a Shift manager position. See where being a manager in high school kicked in? I was with that job for a little over four years! To date that is the longest I ever held a job. By spring 1999 I was fed up with the gossip and it got the best of me. I was accused by a 16 yrs old of calling her a whore and all kinds of other things. I would've had no room to speak if I had said such a thing. But my options were to either apologize to her or to be fired. I tried to apologize to her and to talk to her. But, she kept walking away from me, therefore making it impossible. I gave up and gave in. I quit. I went and applied at several places after that. But took a job at the Circle k in Bartow, FL. This became a pattern for my work for the next 12 years. In that time I held several jobs,
Life's Unexpected Changes
Life changes when you least expect it. Not sure why or how it just does, and sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing. Either way we as humans always find a way to handle the unexpected. Somethings in my own life has taken a mental toll on me.  Without going into details that past two and half years have really drained me mentally. For those that know me, knows exactly what i am talking about here.  So in reality i feel that life has taken me to a place where things are kind of  shattered.  meaning that i don't know when i'll stop hurting inside from all the Life's unexpected tragedies that got me here. To top it all off not only have i not had anyone in my life for the past seven years. But now all of a sudden i have not One but Four that think i am the one for them.  But only one of them well maybe two of them has made a move to find out if what they are feeling for me is GENUINE.  NOW WTF, when is my life going to be complete again hum hum hum!!!!! Life changes
Wtf Is This Shit ??
·  ♥AnDrEa MaRiE♥ smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: Profile comments blocked! · fubar shop just sent you a message! ·  ♥AnDrEa MaRiE♥ smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: MuMM comments blocked! · fubar shop just sent you a message! ·  ♥AnDrEa MaRiE♥ smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: Photo comments blocked! · fubar shop just sent you a message! ·  ♥AnDrEa MaRiE♥ smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: Rating blocked! · fubar shop just sent you a message! ·  Angel ♥AnDrEa MaRiE♥ just checked you out! wow ,talk about bullshit  :P:P plehhhh     look at what this bitche's status says      (Want me toPimpHand someone? Bling me a 1 credit)   this is bullshit for the fact of getting banned from doing almost everything on here for 30 minutes .this must be one of the new things babyj was talking about doing to the mumms :P:p i am sure if af
Im looking for someone to have fun and love
Stuff That Needs To Be Said
New To The Fubar >.
Expanding my friends list is gonna be a challenge. Live locally? add me. I usually throw get togethers at the local pubs round my sh*thole of a town.
Friends Or Points?
ok so im fairly new here lol! im lokin around checkin people sayin hi reading there profiles and so on.the weird thing is ... is everyone here to make true friends/maybe love onday or is people here for just the points.i my self here for friends and what becomes of it happens:) others i read there pages and its rate bling fan me i rate back.hmm those are for points i guess ive said hi in the nicest of ways done what they have asked in there profiles.and i stil see rate me ,and so on lol. i dun understand it! i know ive met a couple of really good peeps and thank u for that:) just very confused about the other friends or points?whats it goin to be.
NEW YORK — Nestle USA on Friday voluntarily recalled its Toll House refrigerated cookie dough products after a number of illnesses were reported by those who ate the dough raw. The company said the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are investigating reported E. coli illnesses that might be related eating the dough. In a statement, the FDA said there have been 66 reports of illness across 28 states since March. About 25 people have been hospitalized, but no one has died. E. coli is a potentially deadly bacterium that can cause bloody diarrhea, dehydration and, in the most severe cases, kidney failure. The FDA advised consumers to throw away any Nestle Toll House cookie dough products in their homes and asked retailers, restaurateurs and other foodservice operations not to sell or serve any of the products. "This has been a very quickly moving situation," Nestle spokeswoman Roz O'Hearn said, adding the company took action within 24 hours of learni
The Mystery Lover
she sits at her vanity table getting ready for bed the door opens and she whirls from the mirror unable to restrain the startled gasp as a masked man enters her room. he says "do as i tell you and you will enjoy it emensly, do not fight me just enjoy the sensations and  sucumb to your desires." he walks up behind her and cups her arms at the elbows lifting her off the dressor stool he draws her toward a long mirror where he positions himself behind her as she is facin her reflection. she does not fight him her excitment and overwhelming curiosity drive her to obey. he reaches up in front of her and cups her well endowed breasts, the palm of his hand rubbing her nipples till they harden under her silk gown. he rips the gown away from her exposing her shoulders and baring her breasts catching them in his hands as the fall free. then his hands push the gown further sliding it to her waist she gasps one soft protest as she stands fully naked before him vulnerable to him , one long finger

Home Away From Home
I believe that lounges should not be able to tell you that you can not be in their lounge because of your name.  If they have members that do not know how to act like adults then those people should be kicked out.  I was punished because of others that act like children.  If they act like children then treat them like chidren.  That is what the silence, ban, and eject buttons are for.  I feel this infringes on my freedom.
 The Dream     Last night I dreamed I was an eagle soaring through the sky My wings being warmed by the sun I stopped on a mountain top to look for my Love
How I Feel
I'm not a tolerant personIn fact I get more intolerant by the dayI just find it more and more difficult to tolerate assholesAs my tolerance decreases, their numbers seem to increaseEvery day there's more and more of themAnd every day I have less and less patienceI'm not a mere bigotBut I certainly don't cut any slack to anyone on the merit of their status as an oppressed minorityYour people were enslaved? Tough luckThe white man stole your land? Too fuckin' badYour fair sex is plagued by date rape? Grin and bear itThese days everyone has a sob story, and frankly, I don't careIt's no excuse for being an assholeWe live in the age of the excuseWe live in the age of the assholeThey're everywhereThey come in all shapes, all sizes, all colorsThere are black assholes, white assholes, women assholes, men assholes, queer assholes, straight assholes, smart assholes, stupid assholes, suburban assholes, inner-city assholes, homeless assholes, upwardly-mobile assholes, lazy assholes, incompetent as
Alone in a roomIts just me and youI feel so lostcause I dont know what to doNow what if choose the wrong thing to doIm so afraid, afraid of disappointing you
Just My Thoughts, You Might Not Like..... Read If You Please
I am proud of the fact that Is usually pretty sweet and morally sound when it comes to being on the Internet.. What you see is what you get. I try to make everyone feel better about all the shit that's going on in their lives and make them at least laugh... Most I can make them feel a little bit better but some I cant help... What I want to know is what the fuck happens when my day is going to shit... do i complain no because i like to bottle it up inside till I burst WELL FOLKS TODAY IS THAT DAY Here's my list of shit I deal with on a daily basis: 1. my mother's white cell count still has recovered from her cancer treatments.. so I have to wonder will i send another 9 months visiting her in the hospital because shes isolated and needs blood transfusions. 2. My x husband owes me 5 grand in child support he refuses to pay for any soccer but I still let him see his son and I'm smile and don't bother him... cause my son should see his dad 3. My business is on the verge off either c
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: 
My Pics
Hello everyone come chec mt profile out and tell me what pic i should use for my default pic
To Give You Something To Think About
This was read on the Glenn Beck radio show recently. by Janet Contreras I’m a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. Now I no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The fact is I no longer feel any political party or representative in Washington represents my views or works to pursue the issues important to me. There must be someone. Please tell me who you are. Please stand up and tell me that you are there and that you’re willing to fight for our Constitution as it was written. Please stand up now. You might ask yourself what my views and issues are that I would horribly feel so disenfranchised by both major political parties. What kind of nut job am I? Will you please tell me? Well, these are briefly my views and
Hello everyone!  and welcome to my Fu Page!  This is my first Fubar Page so I think I will tell you a litlle bout myself....   I am 29 almost 30..Yuck I know my youthfulness is over but I still have a yonthful heart that is all that matters.  I love music..anything other than Country.  Don't Really get into that whining and crying bit.  I know I am from the South but I don't fit the "Southern Sterotype". I love the beach as you can tell..Would live there if I could.  I am not boring at all.  I am the chick who you cannot predict at all.  I love surpirses.  Am very happy with my life.  Have an ok job..Hey it is work who likes work? Would love to chat with ya.  Send me a tell I am open.  =)
Well once again something has to go wrong. Last month I found a lump on my pups leg. So i called the doctor and wanted to know when i could get him into the vet. Well she told me things i could try first at home to see if it will go away. That way i wouldn't have to spend any money.   Well a month has gone by and he has gotten worse. The lump is huge and I am thinking it is a tumar. Not only that it has turned black and has gotten hard. Also it has also moved to his inner thigh. which is now all red and also kinda hard.  I have made him an appiontment to go to the vets on monday. But to be honest i don't think he will make it till then. He has gotten the shakes and he is always sleeping now. He is also wheezing in hie sleep. I would hate to have to put him down. Hopefull they tell me all he needs is to go under the knife to get it removed.  I feel so bad for him. And i have done everything I can to make him comfy till monday. I just hope he will make it till then.
My 1st Auction
Little Black Book
Yesterday morning I recieved a shout from this guy (around 9am) saying he wanted to lick my p***y. I told him no. So this morning he hits me up in my shoutbox again at around 9am and says (as well as my sure to read from the bottom up!):  
To Anyone Who Sends Me Something,..
I am new to the site, so dont take it personal if I dont respond lolol (still figuring it all out) P.s.- Go Phils!!!
Life As A Whole
Life as a whole My life is great as it is.Even thought I know it is his.I live my life day by day.Letting the Lord have his may.He will bring me what  I wantWhether good or bad.He has taken my dadBut he gets what he wants.My life will goWhenever he wants it you know.Hopefully not soonBecause I still have to come out of my cocoon.
Week End Fun
This is one of my blogs please read and contribute if you find any thing ineresting. Here is another one that some may find interesting.  I've put together yet another one this may apeal more to the ladies feel free to contribute or comment.   Labor Day, is an interesting holiday honoring working people by giving them a day off.  It seems to mark the end of summer, the days get shorter and the nights grow longer in turn the cooler nights will arrive soon. It sparks family values, a need for adventure. What a better place to start then the great outdoors. While some may stay around and cookout with family and friends, others want to explore there energetic passions it may be hiking, bicycling, camping, walking on the beach, all bringing them many facet's of enjoyment. What ever the choice, be thankful, and be safe. Outdoor suplies provided by WHAT I CALL FUN IS CAMPING IN WILDERNESS WITH
My New Lap Top
Yesturday I bought a Lap Top. And can use the Libraries Internet for free when ever I want. I love this Lap Top. Works very well. I'll be on Fubar alot now.

about a year ago my now exboyfriend had introduced me to one of his familys friend who does does tattoos he dont work in a shop he just does it at parties (my ex got a tat in the middle of a field by a bon fire) and peoples houses.. He has all the professional equipment he never reuses needlles  and he does a good job.. so one day he comes to our hose to do tattoos to do a few tattoos for my ex and some friends and i decide to let him do my second one ( my first one was done by a professional)  and it turnned out great he only charged me for the needle he used on me... so he keeps coming to our house to do tats for people so about six months later he comes over to do my ex's uncles tat and his girlfriends first tat ever   she asked me to get one with her so i said sure why not she was going 2 pay for it  so while the tattoo guy was doing  the uncles tat me and his GF had a few shots of tequilla (she was nervous bout gettin her first tattoo and i cant turn down tequilla) he gets done wi
If You Love Me...
Boot Lover And Me
To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down. 2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice! 3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with that. 4. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks . Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso. 5. In the Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write  For Marijuana. 6. Skip down the hall Rather Than Walk and see how many looks you get.
hmm well this is my fist blog :D grrrrrrrrr MY FREEVIEW BOX DONT WORRRRRRRRRRRK!!! its sooo annoying cause i love my music channels and yeah its shit it just died lol. and today :O, the speakers on my comp died too :( which again is shit cause then i wont be able to listen to anything on my comp like the radio or my songs lol. this is one of the most boringest blogs in the world lol sorry :D haha
Gettin Wet!!!
well, im new here and i am just getting used to everything. So far so good. Was gonna take the kids to pool but it is raining like hell.  That idea got shot to shit.
Things In Life
A Day In The Life Of An Emo.
7am : I wake up. The sun comes up another day begins and I’m not even worried about the state I’m in. I stare in the mirror and see a fat shapeless entity with no cheekbones. I shed my first tear of the day. How did I get like this? Where did it all go wrong? I wish I was back in the womb. Not just any other room.8am : Attempt to have breakfast. It goes wrong. I try to pour my Frosties into the bowl and they all fall on the floor. I feel like collapsing onto the ground. It’s too cold here. Humans are too cold. Too weak to sweep up the mess so I leave it for mother to sort out. She’s used to this sort of shit.9am : Return back to bed and realize just how lonely I am. Want to turn on the tv to watch the early morning news but I can’t find the remote. Realize I can never find anything I want in life whether it’s the remote or happiness. Happiness is remote. Just like the hopes of surviving after death. Religion is a lie. Jesus is a fraud. We are all pri
Looking Up
Up For Auction...
Check it out please!
hello everyone! Im new to fubar. Im just gonna make a post so everyone will no a little more about me. I am a single mom with 4 beautiful daughters. I am currently in a relationship so plz guys dont send me any thing saying how you want to hook up. I dont do the online hook up thing. And so you no i am the one on the left in my photo. My 14 yr old daughter is on the right. We look alot alike tho. Well, thats about it for now. I dont have a very exciting life so i probably wont be putting much interesting stuff in my blog. Thanks to all that add me as your friend.
Fu Friends 8-)
I wanted to THANK all of you who help me out on here and for being my friend, without you this site would not be the same!
Me - As Is
Not 10 years ago - not today - or the years between then and now.  I dont think anyone can be. I want my life back.  The life where I felt I was healthy - normal - not a burden for my family or the society - for my friends - for ME!  Every day I go through a hell.  Getting up - when I can. Smiling and being positive no matter what - trying to live.  Just the simple pleasures in getting dressed - getting ready for the day ahead. Instead - it is is getting worse every day.  I have my ups and downs.  Just like the rest of you.  I feel sorry for myself some times - and other times not at all.  This is the cards Im delt and I have to try handle it as best I see fit and know.  I am the happy one - the sad one - the nutty one - the joker...underneath it all Im just me... Im Torill!  And I have Fibro!  Im not lazy as many may think.  Im exhausted... Easy as that - yet NOT easy at all.  I used to be so FULL of energy.  I am at times now also - but not to the extent I used to be back wh
Update On Me
watz it lyk avin a dick dat grows evri day.

My Dreamland
Summers heat bearing down above, The sweat drips down my hand as i slide it in my glove, Adjusting my cap, I ich my head, Ball in hand, spinning it with my fingers, I look in my glove, there is nothing to be said, With a pain in my arm, that stings and lingers, I peak over my mit, getting my sign, The opposing players on the fence in a line, Being shut out, just looking for a hit, I start my motion with an evil grin, I unload my pitch, knowing he's chomping at the bit, Seeing it leave my hand, he misses again, Pop goes the catchers glove, the ball gets thrown around, I love my home, here on the mound, With the ball in my hand, I feel alive, The pace of the game, when the ball will arrive, I could go fast, i could go slow, Thats up for me to know, But he can't touch me, So, i stare him down begging him to try, Little does he know, this is my dreamland, And without this baseball I would die, Because the burdon is on my shoulders, with this ball in my hand.
Bbws(my Opinion)
Ok So I Ran Across A Blog Tonight/This Morning Called "Women & Other Women" & As I Began To Read Through The Comments & Noticed There Was A Dumb Bitch Bashing A Woman Of Bigger Size Who Is Proud Of Her Size & What She Looks Like. But The Bitch Was Being Overly & Highly Rude To This Lady & Saying All Kinds Of Hateful Things About Bigger Women. Ok,So Heres My Thought...Anyone Who Thinks The Term Or Acronym BBW Isnt A Real Word Or a Real Acronym Is EXTREMELY Wrong.BBW Is A Very Real Term/Acronym & NO By NO Means Is It A "Label" Saying Your Apart Of Like Some Big Clique Filled With Heavier Set Women...Its A Term Used To Describe Ones Self/Women In A Confident Way...It Displays That They Love & Respect Themselves Enough To Be Comfortable With Their Bodies & Their Size While Still Believing That They Are Beautiful All At The Same Time...That Their Weight Does Not In Anyway Make Them Ugly...Its Is NOT A Nasty Term...It Is A Wrather Beautiful Term That I Wish Would've Came About ALOT Sooner T
My Music
Attention Whores
Tv Stuff
Just read on twitter than Peter Serafinowicz will not be making another series of shis sketch show for the BBC.  Not entirely sure if this is true, or some kind of joke referencing the news that Jonathan Ross has just announced that he won't be renewing his contract... With Serafinowicz it's often hard to tell.  So I popped over to his website to see if he'd said anything on there, and long story short, I ended up getting distracted.  This time by the rather excellent Brian Butterfield page... Also, I've stashed a couple of good Serafinowicz clips this morning, plus found his statement about leaving the BBC, which has the embedding turned off, but can be found here : Serafinowicz's website Saw the first two episodes at the weekend.  I loved it.  Anyone want to organise a Coming Out Party for me? Okay, it IS Wikipedia, but Dear Lord, please tell me that ITV aren't SERIOUSLY considering a celebrity version of The Crystal Maze hosted by AMANDA HOLDEN... *EDIT* Great, found this on
 The State of Arizona is in court as I write this trying to protect itself from the Federal Government.  I'm sure the Feds have heard that 20 other states are trying to pass laws similar to the Arizona law so they can try and control the Illegal Aliens in their state and pay for the extra services being utilized.  The Democrats and the media doesn't understand this because they can't seem to use the word "Illegal".  They are "undocumented" according to the major media outlets and the Dems.  No, the way it works is, if you came here illegally, then you are an "Illegal Alien".  That's what the Federal Law says, even though the Obama Administration and most Democrats and the media don't seem to pay attention to the Federal Law unless it helps them.  That's what I think.  READ IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT , PLEASE READ THIS Anyone-using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and No
From the moment he stepped into my world...I knew...that HE was different from the rest. By the way he spoke, how he carried himself... the way opposers were handled...all spoke of one greater than the rest. Never had I met someone like him... nor will I ever in my lifetime know another like him. He is truly an original.   When I met him, I was a lost soul.. not knowing my path, not knowing my worth. Through much diligence, he has given me hope...has made me aware of what I AM... what I can become. With him behind me, I can conquer anything. It is his strength which I feed from... his courage empowers me. His knowledge makes me wiser. His love makes me stronger. He is my rock...    
Pray For Baby Jt
Pray for baby jp plz (his dad is my #1 fam) . this is for baby jp (my #3 fam son) he is dying in a hospital b/c a fucking bastard put him there. the baby is 1 1/2 yrs old! his ex gf fiance beat the living shit out of him b/c he tipped over his 3 month old sister (not his the fiance kid) over in her bassinet his son is a yr and a half old and not expected to live! i dont care if ur religious just pray for him. he is innoscent. the baby has internal bleeding in the brain, black eye etc
paranoiagotta love itwhen you feel like noonelikes you anymorewhen you think everyone istrying to stay awayfrom the cold the freezing lump inside my chest too frozen to moveto stuck in the nowcant get to tomorroweverything tumbing fallingjust crashing downfearthat you just cant do itthat youre not good enoughor that you once werebut youre old nowworthless and ought to bethrown awaytrashed anddiscarded
Isn't Bungee Jumping just Attempted Suicide without the Final Commitment? " When Life gives you a Shit sandwich... Ask for the ketchup, So you can at least enjoy it!!!"
What To Do
New here..have no idea what to wanna help??
Actual Blogging.
  Fate must be mistakenOr conducted entirely by deceptionBecause the bravest thing is a dangerous confessionAnd a poor medium creates an unsecured loveTruth isn’t the property of an individualThe individual is the property of the truthAt first I neglected the duties of truthAnd found it left me with unsatisfied desiresCoupled with violent emotionsBut I decided to make a movement towards a larger influence of the worlds forcesI decided to build the foundation for civilizationThere was creative force behind the projectI’m convinced the world creates confidenceA confidence that is utterly divorced from realityAnd I figured Risk must be the production of enthusiasmAnd ones enthusiasm constitutes what they view as realityThough our elders try to penetrate the veil of confusionSooner or later they have to face the factsIt’s the intoxicating mentality of youthAnd when one realizes motives are rarely honestThey will move on without fearThey will move on in the face of compl

My Heart Stealer
So, I have been compleatly swept off my feet by someone i can't stop thinking about.  My heart is compleatly fallin for this one and I am scared that I am going to get hurt.  Everything I have wanted I can see in him.  As scary as this sounds I would go see him in a heartbeat.  Hell, I guess im just ready to find mr right and i am so hoping that I have him if he decideds to keep me.
Nothing Like 20 Fubshop Messenges Thats About Pics Nsfw
its you that i think of when i wake up and throughout the day, when i go to bed my dreams are about you...the sound of your voice ae everything to heart, mind body and soul are yours forever..
Capt Jack Bouncer@pure Pleasures Lounge Invtes To All My Friends & Family
Over 10,000 Sex Toys at Wholesale Prices....
Character Drawing's
Leveling up is hard right now the higher you get the harded it is to level...I would like to level where I can become a angel or demon...I rather be a demon sound more fun...That is beside the point......I love when p-pl come and rate my page....
My Saddeness
New Bomb List
What do you do when you are tired of fighting a losing battle? When nothing is going right and no matter what you do it seems like a dead end street? Everyday life gets harder for me and no one is willing to give me a break, I know life isn't easy but for me it seems like I can never win and still I face everyday with my head held high and a smile to hide the pain, and no I am just tired of it all! I want to just up and leave and start new. I can't take the pain and stress anymore so what am I to do? I am tired of it all.
Im Up For Auction Again
Southside Kustoms.
Poetic Stuffs Or Things To Ponder..
Lookin For A Girl
Ok look im not a bad person but acording to my myspace at deceiving_jester02 im this hatred person but i make 3 g's a month an everyone for the last 2 months has shot me down just wounderin do any of u find me interesting?
Hosting Twilight Auction(come Join Me!)
What Do You Guys Think About Divorce If Your Spouse Is Recovering From A 20 Yr Drug Addiction?
so let me know what you think??? I need to know how to stop the confusion!!!
funniest caption for this picture gets 500k fubucks. I guess I need a lol. good luck.   And the winner is:   EmptyPiecesNow with: Witty I know you think this is sexy but I don't want to run to your bed this way anymore. Bounty Hunter, Babyfrog,and honey bare all tied for second. Thanks for playing everyone. "They call me the Flash in bed, too." Radiox i`m never showing you my old pics again - Seamus Watch out MOM here I come,,,,,weeeeeeeeeeeee -sweet contradictions By saying "Shazam", our hero is struck by lightning and granted the wisdom of Soloman, the courage of Achilles, and the ability to eat 50 chicken wings in 3 minutes. - Ketch22 Witty..I know you find this sexy but I don't want to run to your bed like this anymore..." - emptypiecesnow "join me tonight at 10PM EST for the RadioXShow"- Bounty hunter Best way to get a six-pack, workout? "No thanks, I'll just use a sharpie!" - here come trouble Benjamin Button Gone Terribly Wrong... jack daniels wendy "I wonder if
Evaluate The Numbers ;)
Where the scale is a discouragement, the measurements are a time for rejoicing! I've lost a total of 3-1/2 inches! 1/4 in off each arm 1/2 in off shoulders, chest, waist, hips, and each thigh 0 off neck and each calf (which is expected for me) flexibility is a whole inch further. :) My fitness test went from below average to average. That test is 3 minutes on the stairstepper at 9.2 flights per minute. I did 43 crunches in 60 seconds (vs 40 last time). Managed 20 pushes on the bench press (weights) with 45# bar. And 20 pushes on the leg press (weights) with 90#. I believe I only did 15 each with lesser weight last time on the machines. These results and only twice a week. I'll have to work harder on the food aspect of this so the scale can show results as well. To me it seems like such a small effort for these results. POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU: 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell!
Proud Mother!
I was so excited today..even after going through all my mail and seeing the bills..because I got one letter that made me overlook them.  It was from knox county education service center..saying that they did testing throughout the school year..and have noticed that my youngest who is going into 3rd gifted in math. It is such a good feeling..after all I been through with my oldest being delayed in school somewhat. I feel like framing this letter! Anyways..they said that there is some programs kids can be eligible for..depending on the district.   I am wondering if they are provided here..should I enter him into some kind of program or just let things go the way they are. I am kinda afraid if I put him in something like will turn out to be to hard for him.  
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i carry your heart with me(i carry it inmy heart)i am never without it(anywherei go you go,my dear; and whatever is doneby only me is your doing,my darling)i fearno fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i wantno world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)and it's you are whatever a moon has always meantand whatever a sun will always sing is youhere is the deepest secret nobody knows(here is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which growshigher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars aparti carry your heart(i carry it in my heart) If you wanna talk shit to me, then at least have the balls to keep me unblocked. You wanna call me a fat ass, at least let me tell you what you are. You're not so fucking tough hiding behind your computer screen, fucking wannabe internet gangsta. LMFAOOOO. You talk shit like you're all that, but you're nobody special. I know about your ass, I've heard from others.

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