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When Will It End?
When will it end? You wont be faithful Always acting single You're engaged Yet sleeping with a good friend Flaunting to all who want to see Doesnt matter who you hurt As long as you get noticed You could careless When will it end?
Ralph Nader for President 2008 April 4, 2008 As you know, Obama, Clinton and McCain have taken impeachment of Bush and Cheney off the table. Nader/Gonzalez want to put it back on. Our campaign will be impeachment central for this momentous election year. No one should be above the law - especially chronic violators. Impeachment Ticket.We're building a nationwide campaign to end the corrupt two party duopoly and pressure the complicit Democrats to do their sworn duty and impeach the two unaccountable outlaws in the White House. Last week, I wrote to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers once again urging him to hold impeachment hearings. This week, citizens from around the country are sitting in at Chairman Conyer's office on Capitol Hill demanding that he take action. In that letter to Congressman Conyers, I pointed out the obvious: Many prominent Constitutional law experts believe President Bush has engaged in at least five categories
Polygamist Camp
ELDORADO, Texas (CNN) -- Dozens more children and young women were removed Saturday from a Texas ranch that is home to members of a polygamist sect, as state workers investigated claims of physical and sexual abuse. A total of 183 people -- including 137 children -- have been taken away since law enforcement officers raided the compound Thursday night, said Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for the Texas Child Protective Services Division. The children -- most of them girls -- were being interviewed by special investigators, she said. "We're trying to find out if they're safe," she explained. "We need to know if they have been abused or neglected." Eighteen of the girls have been taken into state custody. Authorities believe that they "had been abused or were at immediate risk of future abuse," said Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar. The others were taken to a nearby civic center. Meisner described them as doing "remarkably well." Authorities contin
the other day i was online, checking out my fubar, like i always do...and he just decided that he wanted to say something. i tried to be "friends" and talk to him, but i just couldn't keep on like that. it was ridiculous. so i sent him a message, saying 'please don't respond, saying you understand. i don't want to think of you, i don't want to see you, i don't want to talk to you anymore. i don't need an explanation, i don't want you to apologize...' or something along those lines. that was about a week ago, so what does he do? sunday night, i was in a good mood, my week had gotten better. i was ok. then he says to me 'i know you have a hard time letting go, and i understand. i just want you to know that whatever you need i'm here.' or something like that. i was so angry! i told him, he must not understand, or he wouldn't keep trying. i really don't want to think about him anymore. and i miss him, but i don't want to. and, stupid as i am, i told him how much it hurts for
Art & Quotation
Woman in Profile with Aura by Gabrielle Stone "In this fast-paced world we live in, we must choose what it is we wish to conquer and what we need to let go of." - U.S. Small Business Administration
Xmas 07
Thought you might be interested in this story, true every word except for when I employ artistic liscence (big whackies). My wife, Grimpella bought me a pedicure (my first ever) as a Christmas present. This was in reality a present for her more than me, as my calloused and gnarly feet ever feel like two cinder blocks in the bed. She couldn't wait (never can) and took me to get it on Xmas eve. They were supposed to close at 2PM that day, and we didn't arrive until 1:10, so I thought the place would be empty...but NO! Tiny nail shop crammed full of women and small children... I was hestitant to show my ugly feet to an unreceptive world, but I really didn't have to worry about it for long... the instant my shoes & socks were off, the place was suddenly empty... I noticed less traffic on the highway out front ... heard a couple of sirens begin to wail... I could have caused an accident. Grimpella had told me to wear "loose" pants, as leg rubbing was involved. I to
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Female Comebacks
Female comebacks Here ya go, ladies...the comebacks you've always needed >Man: Where have you been all my life? >Woman: Hiding from you. >Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? >Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there any more >Man: Is this seat empty? >Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down >Man: Your place or mine? >Woman: Both...You go to yours, and I'll go to mine >Man: So, what do you do for a living? >Woman: I'm a female impersonater >Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? >Woman: Do not enter. >Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? >Woman: Unfertilized >Man: Your body is like a temple >Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. >man: I would go to the end of the world for you >Woman: But would you stay there? >Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy >Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing. >Man: If I could rearrange the a
Woods Of Lies
How foolish we become When we step into the darkness Looking for something we arent sure about Never knowing what will find us There's a whisper in the wind A promise of love Passion and kindness And you lean towards it Slowly following the whispers We walked in here together Friends trying to find answers And you abandoned me For something you cant see Im screaming at you to come back But youre too far entranced to hear me I wait and wait You finally come back Locked arms with a fake A forced smile on your face The pain hidden within your eyes You say youre in love and happy But I know youre lying Bc I can see everything brewing beneath the surface Youre letting her take control And no matter what you do She'll always have control You refuse to be a man Instead you play the part of the toy I bet you cant see all the others who've been on her You continue to pretend and fake I cant see you this way No matter what I do to make you see You keep being ignor
i say u people and u dont say hi back what the hell..i mena u are busy ...but not to say so like u dont wnan be on my list get off ty and have a nice day:)
A Love That Could Never Be Two Short!
A Love That Could Never Be Two Short! You look at me! Like how could this be? Why is this chick so into me? I have held you down! No matter how came around! Can’t lie I haven’t played and clowned around! But I have held down my crown! Your more then a crush, Because of the rush, I get every time our souls touch, You look at me! Like how could this be? Why is this chick so into me? You done thing for me, that I couldn’t believe! You set aside you pride, to prove you wasn’t a lie! You have messed up from time to time! But like a real man! Spent the time to win back his dime! I use to through fits and complain! About to these lame chick! Just because they wanted to be all on your d*ck! But you never held anyone above me! Let me down or failed me! I truly owe you for everything you taught me! You look at me! Like how could this be? Why is this chick so into me? Although you never told me! I have always known you loved me! Your action
Fu Bucks 4 Free
Need Fubucks?? You Leave 100 Comments On My Bling Sale Picture And I will Give You 10,000 fubucks!!!!!! Please Number Your Comments!!!!!Once You Have Completed... You Must PRIVATE MESSAGE ME!!!!! Do not SHOUT!!!!! Once I have verified Your Comments I Will Send You 10,000 Fubucks!!!!! Click The Link Below!!! Brought to you by!!!! ♥ NAUGHTY GURL™ ♥ ~ Owned By PureEvilness~@ fubar
Anxiety What is this that I am feeling deep inside am I made of jello for that is the feeling I get one of jello that has been disturbed with its wiggling and jiggling or is it more like a child that has been cooped up in a house on a rainy day running around in circles playing cowboys and Indians with his war hoots until he tires but the child never tires. This feeling extends to my fingers and legs causing them to shake. The doctors call it a reaction to medication he calls the reaction anxiety I call it hell. It feels as if my mind wants out of my body to get away from the craziness that I feel. Until it gets out of my system this will continue and my inner child will be running a crazy marathon until exhaustion comes collapsing him in midstep. © March 17, 2008 Joanne Anderson
Rules For Slave
Entry for March 30, 2007 **taken from Master Wolfgang's page...thank you for these Rules and that I may see and learn them. Ten Rules for Dominants Ten Rules for Submissive’s Be patient! Until you enter into a contract with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than does anyone else. Give your bottom time to get to know you and what you are like. Finesse and subtlety are major elements of dominance. Similarly, strength and gentleness go hand in hand. The sensitivity and awareness (or lack thereof) that you show in the real world is likely to be repeated in the playroom. Be patient! A potential top will let you know if she or he is interested in you or not. Keep in mind that your purpose as a submissive is to serve and to satisfy someone who will take into consideration the realization of your fantasies. Don't expect your top to be able to turn on like a light switch. The timing must be right for both of you. Be humble. You may be God's/Goddess' gift to
Garth Brooks - More Than A Memory
People say she’s only in my head It’s gonna take time, but I’ll forget They say I need to get on with my life What they don’t realize Is when you’re dialing six numbers just to hang up the phone, Drivin' cross town just to see if she’s home, Wakin' a friend in the dead of night, Just to hear him say it’s gonna be alright When you’re finding things to do not to fall asleep Cause you know she’ll be there in your dreams That’s when she’s more than a memory Took a match to everything she ever wrote, Watched her words go up in smoke. Tore all her pictures off the wall, That ain’t helpin’ me at all Cause when you’re talking out loud and nobody’s there, You look like hell and you just don’t care, Drinkin’ more than you ever drank, Sinkin’ down lower than you ever sank, When you find yourself falling down upon your knees, Praying to God beggin’ Him please, That’s when she’s more than a memory. She’s more. She’s more. Cause when you’re dialin’ her number just t
To My Rain
Downpour Run by LateNiteFantasy© distant thunder darkness loooming in the distance no, it probably won't come this way up the hill we go booming a bit louder now little more frequent did you see that lightning? circle the building back down the hill cool strong wind cuts through the summer heat blows back the leaves clean ozone scent sky getting darker first drops of rain maybe it will come this way after all bigger drops now strong gusts through the trees step after step smiling in anticipation now it's pouring sheets of rain sweep through pick up the pace every step a cool splash water flowing off my cap brim nearby booming crack, bright light laugh with excitement let's don't go back let's keep going soaked in seconds the street is a river every step a big splash laughing like idiots raising our arms in victory over the gods of rain, lightning, and thunder soaked to the skin wet hair hanging down pasted to your smiling face t-shirt stick
To All My Friends
I have not been on fubar much, as i have been really sick, thanks to all of you that have remained my all mean alot to me..missed you you guys
Kage " I Love You So Much !!
Wooo Hooo New Family!
I know when looking for a bombing family, you look towards one with family loyalty.With the family I'm going to start,there will be loyalty,as well as respect from your brothers/sisters..Most important, support when you need it! It won't be like anything you've seen, on this site or any other.. What I'm proposing to do is accept members on a bike club rule system. You must prove your loyalty to become a member of this family.However you will not be asked to do more then show your willingness to bomb/level as needed, and prove that you can be a trusted and loyal member of this family..As such a probationary period(prospecting)will be necessary. Club patchs will be given out as loyalty to the family as shown..Any questions speak to a club officer..President, Vice President, Sgt.@Arms& Security, or Secretary..This is proving to be one of the greatest family's on Fu,Join us now! If you have what it takes you'll have an full patch like this one! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™ Pre
A Bit Of Erotica!
My honey and I are going out to dinner tonight. We haven't done anything this extravagant in a long time. So I decided to give him a treat, not only for the eyes but for the senses and touch to. I get in the bath, shave my legs thinking they have to be softer than ever before, as I'm not wearing any hose this evening. Wash my blond hair twice just to make sure it will be not only soft but gleam and sparkle in the sunlight and moonlight for him. Wash my body with the most fragrant perfume soap I have, his favorite as a matter of fact. Out of the tub, I go to our room, look in closet, I want the perfect outfit for this occasion. I find my red frilly skirted dress with the deep plunge neckline that shows my cleavage very well. Not to short, but not long either, he loves my shapely legs to show. I don't think he has ever seen it on me. I smile to myself saying, this is perfect! Find my 5 inch red sandal heels, that make my legs look like they go on forever. I decide to blow dry my
The Tour
Double Wedding I Am Performing
I am kind of confused by something but, the one who confuses me does not get it. I care for you more than I should but do not know what to do. You live so far away, and yet you are so near. I wish I could make a place where we could run away to, like we use to joke around about. I miss talking to you, hearing you,and seeing you. You became such an important person in my life in such a short time. I don't know why or how. Things just went down hill and I decided I have to distance myself from you. I can not tell you how I really feel because you are so far away, and I barely know you. But, I think you can guess and put it together. I feel like a fool telling you anything like that so I will write it in here and keep you in my heart even though you are not in my life. I miss you and you know who you are.
Here Goes Nothing...........
WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH CLUB FAR Founded May 18,2008 We are totally a NEW FAMILY This is what you have to do its so simple and so much fun. You will get to meet and make new friends. Tho we are NOT a bombing family. Just a bunch of fubarians wanting to make new friends Here's the requirements: 1) Must be a level 3 and above and have a salute!! 2) NO Drama 3) Must Fan/Add/Rate each member (if you don't you will be removed) 4) Must have CLUB FAR UNITED in your name 5) Must have FUN as that is what we all want to do on here. So if you are interested click the Homepage link and let us know HERE IS THE FAMILY LINKS Tsisquo'ga Owner Of Club United @ fubar KEITH-OWNER CLUB FAR UNITED-SIN WAGON DRIVER @ fubar Teresa aka Liberated Spice Club FAR United Owner* R/L WIFEY 2 Big Jimmie @ fubar SweetSexyLatina♥ Owner Club FAR United Fu-owner of *Sniper"Sarge'sBadgirls SinwagonMasterofB @ fubar NAH-NAH * CLUB UNITED MASCOT #1 FAMILY RAWK
"a Lifetime Or Two
"A Lifetime Or Two" One day from today, I'll love you anyway. One week from tomorrow, I'll still feel this sorrow. One year from next week, You, my heart will still seek. Ten years from next year, I'll still want you near. The lifetime after this, You, I'll still miss. So, I'll wait for you, But, only a lifetime or two.
Water / Flood
Water is central to the human story. Whether it is the deep, fresh lake, the river that brings life, or the ocean that must claim her dead, water is both friend and enemy at once. When dreams contain this powerful image in any of its forms, understanding the role of the water is essential. Water is a strong symbol in dreams because so often it is the exclamation point of the feelings in the dream. If other objects in a dream are relaxing, a bubbling brook through a meadow is more relaxing. If some symbols generate feelings of fear or anxiety, the tumultuous ocean creates the most anxiety. Water has symbolic, archetypal meaning in that it either provides life, or harbors mystery and danger. This is a reflection of our human experiences with water. In early human history, the hunter-gatherers quickly learned that water was the central ingredient of life. (We die of thirst much more quickly than we starve.) More importantly, to know where the water was meant knowing where the food was
HEY FRIENDS im in a give away for a 7 day blast and 2 bling packs for me to be able to win this i need 12,500 comments so please stop by and leave a few comments.. it would be greatly appricated thank you !
Al4funru, 1st Contest , Rate & Comment
plz click my best friend, Al4funru's first contest entry photo below and help him out with lots of comments and high rates.....thanks! GoThic MyHotComments have a great week!! from: GoThic pLeaSures.. spanker club family.... plz click my friend Al4funru's photo entry , its his first contest and show him some fubar support.....thanks xoxoxoxo
Thanks Everyone!
Just wanted to say thanks to all you people that had such kind words, thoughts, & prayers, for my Dad, My Family, & myself! Guess the power of prayer really does work.... My dad has been in the hospital since May 19th. He had toxic poisoning from a medication he was taking. The toxic levels were so high in nearly damn killed him. While they were trying to get his toxicity levels down, he had to endure many many uncomfortable tests. One test showed irregularity to his heart rate and pulse, so after even more testing, they decided he needs to have implanted a pacemaker and difibulator. WOW.. that comes as a shocker to us all, including him. Done deal!!! Everything went well!!!! Wahoo I feels better! He has been in a physical therapy rehab now since Sunday, June 1st & is doing great. He sounds great & is anxious to get strong, so he can come home and go fishing with the worms me & the boys dug up last night. LOL. I sincerely believe "everything happens for
Cam Info
THE UNHOLY GRAIL CAM INFO Go to this site and add log in information as fallows from LEFT to RIGHT
Callin All Bikers
BENEFIT POKER RUN MELVIN SCHNURE (former owner of 3-D art) Scarlet D 264 Chestnut St Mifflinburg, Pa 17844 570-966-5400 Saturday, June 28th Rain date: Sunday, June 29th Leaving at 1:00 pm Registration begins at Noon $10. 00/person Poker Hands drawn at the end or the beginning ( for those of you who might want to stay out and ride) Complimentary Picnic Style Buffet Provided Upon Return ALL BIKES WELCOMED ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT SCHNURE FAMILY HOPE TO SEE SOME OF U OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS MISTY
Thank You To Every One!!!
Thanks to all of my sisters friends who helped me out. She keeps tellin me how awesome you guys are. So, I just wanted to say thanks for the love!!! Chris
Back To Lonely Nights
i'm going back to lonely nights, without you by my side. the laughs we shared, the way we cared, all the fun we had together. part of me wants to beg you that you give me another chance, another part knows it's time to let you go. for now i'll cry, stuck in the middle of the unknown, wishing i knew what to do. i tell you i don't love you, but was it love that brought me to your side that night? is it love that makes me want to let go? you made your choice and i couldn't handle waiting anymore for you. so back to the lonely nights i go. i felt alone sometimes even when you were here. sleeping side by side, but backs turned away, though i always got a twitter when you pulled me into your arms. for the first time in a long time i felt safe in someones arms. i trusted you, though i had my weak moments of thinking can i trust him. i haven't trusted anyone in so very long. i guess i couldn't handle someone putting trust in me or showing me respect as i'm not used to having someone show me su
Fathers Day !!!!
HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!!!!! lots of love for the great dad's out there!!!
Vip About To Expire
Hey all you out there. My VIP is getting ready to expire in one day so I will soon not be able to rate above a 10. I will return to VIP status asap though cause I love all the added features. Never actually had anyone give me a VIP gift so I always bought it for myself. I do however plan to do this for a few of my friends when I get a chance to myself. I will try to add a few more pics before this expires too, so see you all real soon again.
Baby Laughing
Back Home From Hospital
As some of you know i have been in the hospital since last monday,Had to be taken by ambulance, found out that i have COPD and also had phenmonia, im doin alot better now, I have STOPPED smoking for good....and doin well so far with it...I know this is going to be a hard road as i have smoked for 26 years, but with sweet friends like you guys and all the encouragement i can do it, Just wanted to say thanks for all the cards and phone calls, it meant alot to me...and a special thanks for Augie for takin his time and posting it on my page that i was in the hospital... you never know who your true friends are until something like this happens...and boomm they are all there for me...can never say how much you all mean to me, love you all very much....god bless you... love kay
Harley's Hideout
Capt N@rly Beast *ser&the Basement 4 Lyfe*
Wunna Own Me?
jus click on the picture and place a bid to own me if ur interested *MUAH*
July 7th... 8pm Fu Time... Happy Hour Virgin! *me*
~*Gimme Some Of That Sweet Kandy Kiss*~ ~*Lil miss kandy kissez has her first ever Happy Hour on Monday July 7th 8pm Fu Time*~ ~*Shes oh so sweet and leaves you with a toothache when ur done*~ ~*Shes got some talents you might want to inquire about as well*~ ~*She is always there to help out her friends whenever they need love sent their way*
Wolf Protection Chant
WOLF PROTECTION CHANT Candles three, green and white, Protect me here upon this night. The Moon is full, the sky is clear, Bane and evil disappear. The mighty wolf shall guide my way, and protect my spirit night and day. Come hither! Come hither! Spirits of the Wolf, strong and great! Guard me in this circle and through my life.
I have been feeling lately like people still look down on pagans, and that they still believe we worship Satan. How can we worship something we don't even believe in? Satan is a Christian belief, and they can keep him. 25,000 years ago, wo/man believed in many Gods, and Goddesses. They saw that in nature, both the male and female presents had to be for life to be. Religion evolved in a natural way, wo/man lived with the land, animals and plants, not away from these things. The focus of life was the hunt, for in the hunt, wo/man aquired food, clothing for warmth, and "supplies" to fashion weapons, tools, and make shelter. The God and Goddess were a part of this circle, and wo/man gave praise, worshiped and talked to thier God/ess asking for plentiful crops, birth of animals, and fertility in themselves, to perpetuate mankind. They understood life as a circle, not a straight line. Good and evil were not assigned to seperate dietis, early man saw the potential for bot
What If There Is No Tomarrow?
Well I have been doing a lot of thinking here lately....I'm pretty sure my mind has spun in 30 different directions and 15 million circles. Ok so maybe that was a little bit of an exageration but it sure feels like it at times. Sometimes I just wonder if it is ever going to stop or spin until I am completely dizzy and can't see straight. My bet is that it will probably be the last of the 2 that happens first. Anyway as to what has caused me to start thinking about so many things.....I have just begun to realize that so many of us in this world take things and people for granted. We always think that we can put things off til tomarrow....that we can wait to call that loved one just one more day.....that we can go see those friends we haven't seen in a few more days. But have you ever stopped to think that what if that one more day just didn't come?!?! What would you do if you wanted to say I love you one more time and you can't anymore? So many times we don't stop to think about
In My Dreams
IN MY DREAMS In my dreams moving at the speed of light traveling on a moon beam at night There's a place where everything is what it seems I just close my eyes and there you are, in my dreams In my dreams there's a land that has no dimensions and knows no time I am the ruler of this land and it will always be mine in this domain I am the king and you are my queen this place is my kingdom here in my dreams In my dreams is a place where I will always see your face I can love you without fear that away from me you might lean because I know you will always be here, in my dreams In my dreams there's nothing I can't do your fantasies are mine and mine are for you when I'm with you I know my eyes have a gleam because you make all my fantasies come true, in my dreams In my dreams for you I can fight whether I'm wrong or whether I'm right even if what I'm doing is a sin or so it seems I will always win, in my dreams In my dreams I can be your man
Goin For It
So, I am goin for it.. For those of you who actually kno me.. will kno what i am talkin bout.. or who i am talkin bout. but i am puttin my fears away, && takin the chance... wish me luck
Vip Contest~
I am calling out to all my Fubar friends for a little help. I am in my very first contest ever and need your help Rosie is hosting a comment pic bombing contest and I have to be the first to reach 10,000 comments if you could drop in and show me sum love I would be so grateful... Below you will see the link to the pic in the contest but there is just one thing contest rules state that there will be no bombing members allowed to help so if your my buddy and not a member of a bombing family I could use your help. Sorry bombing members I still loves ya it's just the rules~ Glitter Graphics Drop me a message letting me know you helped and I will return the love~~ Thank you in advance and lots of love!~ ~Misty~~
The Biker
I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old ones to th
Deadly Desires
DEADLY DESIRES Tonight there will be an auction for staff and all in lounge... THIS CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING DA WARRIOR DJ KAIJAW'S PLEASURE NIGHT HAS COME BACK TO THE FUBAR PEOPLE OF THE NIGHT Think You Have What It Takes To Tame These Wild Tigers HERE ARE SOME OF THE PEOPLE THAT WILL BE AUCTIONED OFF Meet our DJs NO LIMITZ aka head dj and co owner of deadly desires Faith aka deadly desires owner Warrior aka nolimitz main regulater and host and owner of DJ KAIJAW'S PLEASURE NIGHT Britt-A-Knee aka EARLY MORNING DJ if you got wood then she is your woman DJ CamV8 aka MID DAY DJ if you want to relax come hang and get sexy DJ Calico aka the one that the ladies go to cause his nick name is DR. POPPER come join the masses for PLEASURE NIGHT owned and hosted by DJ KAIJAW bids will be going on at these times THIS WILL GO DOWN AT 11PM EST TIME.... 10PM CENTRAL TIME... MT TIME 9PM AND PACIFIC TIME 8PM PLEASURE NIGHT HAS RETURNED FINALLY
I Can Smell Death Coming For Me
Dont you just hate it when every corner you turn you can smell it, you know its there Its calling out for me and I dont want to go just yet, Im sorry mom & dad Ricky i love you Genesis please take care of my kids,I'm sorry I was not the Golden Child But I did my best.I don't know where I went wrong but I wish I could have turned back the hands of time I can feel my grandmother pulling me towards her but I dont want to go,Not just yet,I want to go back into Alice's wonderland.Where I can just float in mid air,run and play with the kids.Not let any of my worries trouble me.I know when I'm Gone that my kids will be in good hands,I know that they will be well tooken care of,But I'm not going anywhere.But if I do leave this world I dont want my kids to find out how much of a looser I really am.
Missing You
thinking of you The soft caress of your hands exploring my skin with long gentle strokes of your fingertips, create within me such exquisite sensations that I crave the exotic taste of your lips. I long for your kiss. The insistent hunger of your mouth against mine with the slow teasing wetness of your tongue, heightens sensations to both my body and mind. Lost in the pleasures coming togethher as one I long for your touch. Sweet anticipation increases my desire, it's warmth spreading through me as we undress. your fingers leave trails of burning fire and my whole body quivers under your caress
Post Your Midget!
Get YOUR midget from the top toolbar, where it says "MY"... click on the line for MIDGET, copy the text in the text box (click copy to clipboard) and paste into the comment box (Control V). THANKS!!
First Blog
If you're taking the time to read this far -- welcome and thank you for caring that much!! I picked the rather odd name of the kook as it is really an acronym for a "keeper of odd knowledge" This is one of the functions I am rather good at having an exceptional long term memory & a terrible short term one (What was I just saying?) I am recently returned from a year long deployment to Iraq and was invited to this site by my lovely lady Cyndy. Please check her profile out and rate her pics too!! I'm a personnel guy and former teacher who most recently worked for the Special Forces (for 15 years) and now am looking for a new full time job. I am interested in people who like talking and enjoying all that life has to offer, good music, all ranges of sports, and lots of games (as long as they aren't head games). Living in Colorado I get plenty of exercise, but like best playing racquetball with my wife (although I usually lose), golf, and walking with my dog Jake (check out his pic
Thursday All Request & Weird News
PEOPLE, tuning in is easy! There are many ways and they are all listed here. Just click HERE and your music player will open or a WINDOW WILL POP UP ASKING YOU WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO USE. CHOOSE WHATEVER IS LISTED THERE, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Nero, or whatever other player you use for music files.Click above for the Darkside Radio homepage.Once on that page, TO TUNE IN SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK THE SKELETONS. 7.24.08Be Sure To Tune In !!!Rock out with Lord Genocyde:7:00 p.m. Central TimeClick above to DOWNLOAD THE DARKSIDE RADIO TOOLBAR which will make it EVEN EASIER to access the Darkside Radio stream.Brought to you also by:The Lady Misty Genocyde. Welcome to the softer side of insanity...This show is ALL REQUEST Night and celebrates our inherent right to goof off! Lord Genocyde will regale you with weirder than weird news from Reuters' Oddly Enough as well as other strange and bizarre stories, facts, and footnotes as researched by Lady Genocyde! So
7/28/08 1:11pm Fubar Time
Test I Made
The What DBZ Character are you? Quiz at HelloQuizzy
Ambulance Time 2 The Hospital
ok let's just start out saying when I had "Spiral Meningitis" when I was 13 months what I know I had it when I was a baby but from that my Auntie does believe that's when I got Seizures I guess I would say the effect but from that I had it totally worse when I was a baby if anything I think I could lived in a hospital lol cause it was that meaning times I went but what I know it was a lot worse when I was a baby from that I live it and it's very hard for me to sleep @ night cause I'm a computer freak @ night what I can say if I dont get my beauty sleep lol which I dont at all basically pretty much I'll start my seizures well I did pretty much I did get a couple of hours of sleep lastnight cause I went out lastnight and everything so came back home @ 12a.m. I believe then I was on the phone until 2a.m, then the computer and everything so yeah then after that yep totally past out of course was really tired then I woke up around 4a.m. cause had to wake my mother up @ 5:30a.m. but got her
The Army
Read my mumm I have noticed this a few times in the past but now even more so.I don't know about anybody else but this pisses me off.I have alot of respect for our Men and Women fighting to keep us safe.Do you all feel as I do or do I have more up jerkin then some of the scum doing this?
I'm Back!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!
How Stupid Some Guys Can Be
read from bottom to top....he even blocked me now after all stupid Da Sox: ok drama cunt ->Da Sox: not goin to give it out first thing being asked on here ->Da Sox: sorry if ya dont like that Da Sox: whatever dude ->Da Sox: its just my thing i do i talk to whoever on here a bit then if i think they are cool then i goto messenger Da Sox: and i am not here for auditions, games, etc... ->Da Sox: i dont give it out right away Da Sox: wt your yahoo messenger name is ->Da Sox: find out what Da Sox: can u find out? Da Sox: not sure ->Da Sox: y they do that Da Sox: what's your yahoo/msn? Da Sox: people have stolen them...I have them on yahoo/msn messenger ->Da Sox: how come no pics on here Da Sox: to chat better...what' syour yahoo? ->Da Sox: ya y Da Sox: u got yahoo or msn messenger? Da Sox: sexy eyes? ->Da Sox: what Da Sox: someone tell u there? Da Sox: question for u ok?
I Tried
I tried to become anorexic But, I depend too much on food I was thinking about committing suicide But if it didn't work i'd be in trouble And if it did, people would be sad I wished I was depressed But then life would be no fun I wanted to become something I wasn't And something I was But it didn't work out So i'm stuck with the Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Has lots of friends, Me Damn!
True Fu Love Turned 2 Marriage Met On Fu
True Fu Love. Meet on Fu Feel in Love . Got Married in Real life. On Aug 10 (Sun) is our 1 year Wedding Anniversary. Hoping Everyone will help celebrate this special day with US. Since Everyone mean alot to both of US. ♥ßlondie♥ §lave & Real Life Wife 2 §rDårk Knïgh+♥ §rDårk Knïgh+ ßlondies Real Life hubby
Make Some Fu-bucks
FOR MY FRIEND WHO KNOWS I am trying to level to Godmother by Monday, August 11th (my 25th birthday) SO~ I have a rate-a-thon folder open Rate 100 10's make 5,000 fubucks Rate 100 11's make 10,000 fubucks I also have a photo to comment bomb. 50 fubucks per comment Start here: Spread the word!! Message me when finished to get paid. (repost of original by 'Who Knows is Fu-Øwñëd by Radio X Show' on '2008-08-07 15:09:22')
Awaiting You
As in always your going to ask what my status means. Honestly it just one on of the things i say i'm gonna do. I wait to be so many things or means so many things to everyone. I can be the Best friends that you call at anytime that will get out of bed to talk or I can be the mommy that makes you think that her girls are lucky to have her. I have been and can be the wonderful Wife or girl friend. I can be the Piece of Ass. I can be the patient one that sits that understands or I can be the the one that just listens while you talk and hangs on every word as if your speaking to my soul. I do believe everything you say to me because i dont not lie to you. I am not always what i can be but i am always keeping track of what i do or say wrong past present future every memory of everything i ever focused on is in my head. Lately I have been the girl thats afraid. I am afraid to be happy i am afraid the love i am afraid to say things all wrong. If you ask me whats wrong i resist telling you an
Blingees. These Are What They Are Suppose To Look Like
I have a problem with GIF files. I save them as GIF and when I upload them onto Fubar they never work. I upload them onto Myspace and they work just fine!! ANYONE ELSE HAVING THAT PROBLEM? LET ME KNOW AND IF YOU KNOW A WAY TO FIX IT! Thank you, So Fresh Add Glitter to your Photos Make your own Glitter Graphics Add Glitter to your Photos Glitter Graphics
Please Help Her To Fugee - Ty
Shena0035 needs our help!!She has a little over 18K to go to level...Can you help her out please?Just click on the link below and go show her some of that good fu lovin'!!Thanks!!shena0035 member of N.A.P@ fubarThis request brought to you by:Ms Taz™ Co-Founder Omega Bombers®*Cpt of Fu-Angel Team 3*{CLUB UNITED} R/L LDL to King Domino@ fubar TRIPLES with EMMA
Meet The Levelers 2
All members must fan, rate and add all levelers. This is a requirement!!!! We are a team and work together this helps knowing where everyone is at. Please I update this list so everyone has everyone on there friends list. Please welcome Yeahmon too our leadership. Also as you all will see we 3 have the same rule. So if you have a problem, question or suggestion any of us can take care of it. We will discuss it and if it needs too be brought too the list will then do it. Levelers if you are close too leveling please leave us a comment on homepage with having so many some times its hard too keep up and see all of them. Team Leaders of Shadow Levelers ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~Fu-owned by Anna~@ fubar Fu-King Yeahmon {Shadow Leveler} Proudly owned by Farscapecat~Proud owner of DoubleD~@ fubar Levelers DJ KIDD ROCK~OWNED BY CYNZDREAMS ~ FU MARRIED TO CYNZ DREAMS {{ Shadow Leveler}}@ fubar
Who Is Hotter?
Who do you think are sexier? The woman's gymnastic team or the woman's swim team?
Fresh Eyes
To move forward from the last one sent to you, the Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine book used indicates regarding “FRESH EYES” the following: “It’s easy to become unconscious of and disconnected from the people and things that surround you in everyday working (and home) life. There’s a cost for this inattention and disconnection. It includes loss of motivation, feelings of boredom, even neglect of responsibilities. Try motivating yourself by seeing something new in everyday situations. 1. Pick any situation or task that comes up repeatedly. The next time you encounter it, just before engaging, close your eyes and breathe or listen mindfully for about a minute. 2. Set your intention. For example, “May this practice help me see with fresh eyes.” 3. Breathe or listen mindfully a bit longer. 4. Open your eyes to the situation. Look with interest and curiosity, as if seeing it for the first time. 5. Now look even more closely. Note objects, people, space, activity
~ Warrior Of The Wind ~
~ Warrior Of The Wind ~ Across the sky as the night winds blow I hear your voice, great Warrior of long ago Oh, Mighty Warrior, my brother of the wind who stood proud with spirit unwilling to bend Who rode painted ponies over prairies and hills while I must ride gas-guzzling automobiles You rode the plains to galloping hoof beats while I'm confined to over crowded city streets Yet we are the same you and I... Our love of Mother Earth and Father sky From the time of our Mother's birth Indians have been keepers of the earth Our Sacred ground now covered in parking lots and our images used for team sport mascots... Great Warrior, your voice ever calls to me Giving my spirit strength and dignity... Oh Great Warrior who rides the wind how wonderful it must have been to have seen the splendor of your time You, whose warrior spirit touches mine One day I too will ride the wind Where the spirit has no end... AHO! ~*~ Barbara LaBarbera ©2005 (MysticWolf
My Midget
Like My Midget? lol
2 Glasses Of Wine....
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 glasses of wine... A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous yes. The professor then produced two glasses of wine from under the table and poured the entire c
To My Friends
Hi For those of you that I send comments to regularly I am sorry that I won't be sending as many as I use too. I am working two full time jobs and just dont have the time to spend online like I use too. Please keep intouch I do really miss sending them out. I have a few that I will miss chating with as much as I do. I will be on a few days a week so say hello if you see me To my wife I Love You so much!!!!!!!! I know it will not be easy but it will be better in the long run. I will miss my top 16 friends you are all very sweet and very nice people Thank You for being there. Paul
One Flaw In Women . . .
One Flaw In Women Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll dr
Pink Floyd "shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute
Ludo- Love Me Dead I love the lyrics to this this song....I'm weird....and I swear it captures the things I a sweet my weird a perfect love song..for me..hah. Love me cancerously Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. 'High-maintenance' means You're a gluttonous queen Narcissistic and mean. Kill me romantically Fill my soul with vomit Then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter and dumb You're my sugarplum. You're awful, I love you! CHORUS She moves through moonbeams slowly She knows just how to hold me And when her edges soften Her body is my coffin I know she drains me slowly She wears me down to bones in bed Must be the sign on my head That says, oh... Love me dead! Love me dead! You're a faith-healer on T.V. You're an office park without any trees Corporate and cold Gushing for gold Leave me alone. You suck so passionately You're a parasitic psycho, filthy creature Finger-bangin' my heart You call me up drun
The Worst Pirate Song
Hello my name is Gavin.I just got back from Iraq but I was not in the military.I was working for a company that provided security for suvillians working there.I was the hardest 2 years of my life.Not only was I being shot at but i was shooting at people,some who were just children.I feel for the men and women that are in our armed forces that had to deal with alot more than me.I nightmares all the time from what I saw and did there.No matter if you think our troops belong there or if you think it just politics please support our men.women,husbands,wives,dads,moms,sons and daughters.They need all the support we can give.God bless you all.Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Twaune Up For Auction =d
The host is up for auction ! Once again im on the auction block and looking for a new owner ! Will it be you ?? Well click my auction tag to place a bid ! This Fu-Owned Auction Pimpout is brought to you by : Twaune Thå £ast Ðon ™ SER Promoter
Stomping The Search Engines 2
Stomping The Search Engines 2 Learn more about Stomping The Search Engines 2 HERE Today I want to tell you about Stomping The Search Engines 2 and what you can expect from it. IM experts all over the world are currently reviewing their early copies of the DVDs, so we'll leave the OPINIONS to them. I'm going to stick to the impartial facts. No hype. Total transparency. That's a nice change, isn't it? Back in 2004, Brad and I recorded the original "Stomping the Search Engines" in my New Jersey basement. It was a CD, audio-only, course. In it, we covered the SEO strategies that Brad and I had been using to get our physical product e-commerce sites indexed and ranked over and above our competitors. Now, I'm not getting nostalgic here. I'm just describing what STSE1.0 was like, so I can point out how "Stomping the Search Engines 2" fundamentally improves on what came before.
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Thank you so much to everyone that helped me level to godfather! I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate everyones help! Plus an extra special thanks to Big Tom, Can't sleep clowns will eat me, Mental and Muss. You guys rock my socks!! Much love to all of my friends!!
Lets Not 4 Get 9/11
List 10
Harry Taback, 56, New York, N.Y. Joann Tabeek, 41, New York, N.Y. Norma C. Taddei, 64, New York, N.Y. Michael Taddonio, 39, Huntington, N.Y. Keiichiro Takahashi, 53, Port Washington, N.Y. Keiji Takahashi, 42, Tenafly, N.J. Phyllis Gail Talbot, 53, New York, N.Y. Robert R. Talhami, 40, Shrewsbury, N.J. John Talignani, 72, New York, N.Y. Sean Patrick Tallon, 26, Yonkers, N.Y. Paul Talty, 40, Wantagh, N.Y. Maurita Tam, 22, New York, N.Y. Rachel Tamares, 30, New York, N.Y. Hector Tamayo, 51, New York, N.Y. Michael Andrew Tamuccio, 37, Pelham Manor, N.Y. Kenichiro Tanaka, 52, Rye Brook, N.Y. Rhondelle Cherie Tankard, 31, Devonshire, Bermuda Michael Anthony Tanner, 44, Secaucus, N.J. Dennis Gerard Taormina, 36, Montville, N.J. Kenneth Joseph Tarantino, 39, Bayonne, N.J. Allan Tarasiewicz, 45, New York, N.Y. Michael C. Tarrou, 38, Stafford Springs, Conn. Ronald Tartaro, 39, Bridgewater, N.J. Hilda E. Taylor, 62, Forestville,
Fubling Auction Closes 9-12-08 @ Midnight Est
Geri's Game
Cowboys From Hell - Iraq
GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says - something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy SIGNS OF MENOPAUSE : 1. You sell your home heating system at a yard sale. 2. You have to write post-it notes with your kids' names on them. 3. You change your underwear after a sneeze. OLD IS WHEN: 1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. 2. You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go a long. 3. Getting a little action means you don't need fiber today. 4. Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot. 5. An all-nighter means not getting up to
Mary Poppins Train
1. START HERE AND RATE ALL PHOTOS IN THE MARY POPPINS FOLDER, COMMENT ON LAST PHOTO THAT YOU ARE DONE... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Spoon Full Of Sugar " 3. When new people join the list... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 4. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. Start with me: Hot Lil Mama Then My CoHost: ?Heart¡×OfLove? Private Message Her 2 Get a Tag Please Rate All Them And Under Urs Please Tell Her U Have it These Are The Riders CrazyMama45
Alan Jackson L,ll Go On Loving You
When I look into your soft green eyes When I see your delicate body Revealed to me as you slip off your dress I'm reminded what I feel for you. > Will remain strong and true Long after the pleasures of the flesh Then I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you Me in the rain or the wind Or the moon up in the sky The spin of the earth or the change of the tide I don't know what brought us together What strange forces of nature Conspire to construct the present From the past Then I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you I'll go on loving you
Have you Ever Made a decesion..thinking or knowing at the time it was made for your own survival then later qusetioning yourself? Recently in the last few months I did this and since have questioned in numerous times..Did I do all I could, was this the only option, did I really adhere to my commitment, did I bail out? At the time I thought I had done all I could and the only other thing was to leave...Since then I've said things out of anger, hurt frustration..but always apologizing when I'm wrong..Now finding out theres a serious sickness going on and what do I do now? Do I change my life again? Am I needed? What can I do? I just don't know anymore and can't seem to find the right answer or any answer for that matter..So Im going to pray to my higher power to give me strength, love, guidance, and to carry me if I can't walk alone... Life sure throws us some curves on an already bumpy road..Yet I do beleive we are where we are suppose to be in order to get where we are going or to se
Spinach Appetizers
INGREDIENTS: 1 (10 ounce) package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained 2 cups dry bread stuffing mix 3 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 onion, chopped 2 tablespoons melted butter 1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS: In a large bowl, mix together chopped spinach, dry bread stuffing mix, eggs, Parmesan cheese, onion, butter and Cheddar cheese. Cover and chill in the refrigerator approximately 30 minutes. Drop the mixture by rounded spoonfuls onto a lightly greased large baking sheet. Place baking sheet in the freezer approximately 1 hour. When ready to bake, allow the balls to partially thaw, about 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a large baking sheet. Bake the balls in the preheated oven 20 to 25 minutes, or until lightly browned.
101508 Horoscope
Your key planet Mercury ends its retrograde period today in your 2nd House of Money. If you've been managing your finances with limited success, now it's time to turn your luck around. Decide upon your fiscal goals and then, over the next few days, put your plan into practice. There's no need for drastic action; an even-keeled approach to spending can save you money for when you truly want it.
What Color Redhead Should You Be
It's nailed it! Lmao! You Should be a Auburn Redhead Sophisticated and intense, this hue would really accent your face. What Kind of Redhead Should You Be?
Could You Think Of A Solution?
Many years ago in a small Indian village, a farmer had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to a female village moneylender. The female Moneylender, who was old, fat and ugly, fancied the farmer's handsome son, Cliff. So she proposed a bargain. She said she would forego the farmer's debt if she could marry his son. Both the farmer and his son were horrified by the Proposal. So the cunning female moneylender suggested that they let Providence decide the matter. She told them that she would put a black Pebble and a white pebble into an empty moneybag. Then the son would *have* to pick one pebble from the bag. If he picked the black pebble, he would become her husband and her father's debt would be forgiven. If he picked the white pebble he need not marry her and his father's debt would still be forgiven.
This Is Beautiful---try Not To Cry!!!
This is beautiful! She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: 'How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?' The surgeon said, 'I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it.' Sally said, 'Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?' The surgeon asked, 'Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university.' Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. 'Would you like a lock of his hair?' the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, 'It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody else. 'I said no at first, but
Special Thanks To Those Fu-friends That Helped Me Get My Birthday Blast!!
I just wanted to say thank you to those special friends that helped me get my blast in time for my birthday!!! ... and there was me thinking I better start it 2 weeks before my birthday so i got it in time lol! and its done under a week!! Thank you so much ... I've made thank you tags which some of you may already have but just incase here is the link to the first pic in the folder copy yours if you havent already :-) once again ... thank you !! Love Sandy xx
Mmmm, Yeah ;)
I think about you. *winks*
Devil Or Angel ??? Train
Devil Or Angel ? 1. Stop by our Host, Heartsoflove's page and rate her Devil Or Anegl folder... when Finish private message me 2 get ur tag Make Sure u Tell Me What Name 2 Use Ur Tag Will Look Like This Click on the pic to get urs 2.Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Devil or Angel List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... Something like Joining the Devil or Angel Train Or U have Been Naughty or U Have been nice ..... 3. When new people join the Devil Or Angel train... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... 4.And Have Fun Starting with me the Host..Welcome to the Devil Or Angel Train... ღHeart§OfLoveღ Riders ******** Bronco80 ***** CrazyMama45 ****** ~Cengin~
Darkness I am the shadows that engulf you. I cause your fear and terror. I hide what lurks within. I am your final sight. I am suffocating. To be darkness is to lack a heart and love nothing. Loneliness Loneliness is the secret sorrow. Loving and hurting, no one caring. It is the curse of some casting doubt on love. The sorrow cuts keenly through the heart. The loneliness casting shade over all.
Takin Donations
Goofy Gurl Needs Our Help! This very sweet lady is going for spotlight an needs donations any amount that you can spare to help her reach her goal will be greatly appreciated...she is offering salutes an rates for your donations so if you would like to help her out click the link below an go see what you can work out with one of fulands best hearts... ~DJ GoofyGurl~Manager at Legends Saloon & Member of Rating Revolution This Bulletin Brought to you by: ~Wizard~Owner of Club Tabu~
Comment Bombers Needed See Here For Details
ok guys, i REALLY need ur help, not only am i still in an auction, which should be ending soon, now i am also in a contest, which i have never been in b4.... i need to be the first one to 60K comments, which is where i really need ur help. I need ppl willing to comment a pic for me, i will give u a link on request... all thats needed is a promise that u wont use any bombing software, that includes macros, AND u MUST have a salute... if u are willing to follow those rules, send me a message for a link... Please guys, I really need comment bombers that do the comments the old fassioned way, u know the ones that dont just type the ones that dont use cheater programs or add ons to make it easier. I am looking for ppl to actually type each comment. I really appretiate it. There is a prize for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place... I dont really care which place i am in, though i want 1st most of all. All help is much appreciated, even if its just one or two comments. BTW if needed,
Bleu Cheese Appetizer Pizza
INGREDIENTS * 1 (1 pound) loaf frozen bread dough, thawed * 3 tablespoons olive oil * 2 teaspoons dried basil * 2 teaspoons dried oregano * 1 teaspoon garlic powder * 1 small red onion, thinly sliced, pulled into rings * 2 plum tomatoes, chopped * 1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, divided * 3 ounces crumbled blue cheese * 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese DIRECTIONS 1. Divide bread dough in half. Press each portion onto the bottom of a 12-in. pizza pan coated with nonstick cooking spray; build up edges slightly. Prick dough several times with a fork. Cover and let rise in a warm place for 30 minutes. 2. Brush dough with oil. Combine the basil, oregano and garlic powder; sprinkle over dough. Bake at 425 degrees F for 10 minutes. Arrange onion and tomatoes over crust; sprinkle with cheeses. Bake 8-10 minutes longer or until golden brown.
Come Bid On Me Plz
Week 10
Hey all. Here is the schedule for Week 10. Picks aren't due until Saturday, but don't forget there is a Thursday game.. so if you want to just get your Thursday Night game pick in now or tomorrow, and the rest to me Saturday that will be fine. Thurs, Nov 6th DEN @ CLE Sun, Nov 9th NO @ ATL TEN @ CHI JAC @ DET BAL @ HOU SEA @ MIA GB @ MIN BUF @ NE STL @ NYJ CAR @ OAK IND @ PIT KC @ SD NYG @ PHI Mon, Nov 10th SF @ ARI BYES: CLEVELAND, DALLAS, TAMPA BAY, AND WASHINGTON. GOOD LUCK ALL. I WILL BE AWAY FROM FU FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK, WILL CHECK IN FOR THE PICKS WHEN I HAVE TIME.. ALSO WILL BE POSTING STATS FOR WEEK 9 WHEN I HAVE TIME. LATER.
You Gotta Be Kidding Me...
No, nothing's wrong, I just had to mention that my best buddy GraficzGrl has her auto 11s on, and if you don't go rate some of her pics, you'll suffer the wrath of m0p. Why are you still here? GO! ~GG~@ fubar
Dieing Wish
Dieing Wish If i can Have one wish my love .Id love to have another chance with You. To make life better for me and my family. The life im living right now is the life of misery. Why because need my family "Stormme Hughes" "Andrew Hughes" And The love of my Life "Jaimee D Rodriguez" .Without You all here. My life is not complete. So please For my dieing wish is To have all of you Guys here with Me and my son "Junito Rodriguez". He does need his mother and there is Noone out there that can take your place. You know all the good bad times we had we always got through It together And There is No Need to give up on life or on us. You need to understand all that pain We go through the kids feel it . we are all human Just because we dont show it doesnt mean we dont have feeling. I goto bed everynight Wondering when you ever gonna come Back And Join us once again. You Know everynight our son asks me Is Mommi coming and i just look at him hurt like hell With alot of p
Just Gotr Home From The Emergency Room
A Word About History And My Defense (seriously???) Of Sarah Palin
Fellow Americans...let me thank you. You have restored my faith in people. This past week was a week that will go down as one of our greatest moments in history. Whether you voted for him or not you cant deny that Barack Obama's election for president is a giant step for mankind. Absolutely amazing! With that being said let me move on to this...In past blogs I have shredded Sarah Palin like a roided up Polar Bear would an eskimo. So believe me that this surprises me a hell of a lot more then it surprises you. In the few days following the election the McCain Campaign has laid the club to Sarah Palins head. They have called her Stupid and a Diva. They blame her for the election loss going so far as to say that she did not know Africa was a continent. Sarah...I am on your side in this battle. The McCain camp is a bunch of dour assholes who were so disorganized and half assed that it really is no surprise that they would find someone to throw under the bus here. I highly doubt Sarah Pa
True Story
About two years ago, I was sitting at my computer writing an email to my friend when my cell phone rang. Ignoring it as I usually do (when its an unfamiliar number, which this was), I let the voicemail take it. When I was finished, I checked the voicemail of one new message. It was from a man named George, who told me he had known I was involved with paranormal research, and after some research came across my contact information. Right off the bat, I found this odd because i dont have any contoact info up only a few people know that i do this expressed interest in having mecome to investigate his home. The message he left also had a different callback number than the number he called from. So the next morning, I figured I'd call the number he left because that was the most logical starting point. Figuring I was up for a typical investigator / client interview, I prepared the typical questions to ask. At around 10:30 (it was a Saturday) I called and a woman answered. I explained who I
To My Mama Bear And Daddy
As much as i wanted to see You both before i left and went back home, it isn't going to happen. i wanted You both to know You have impacted my life in so many ways. because of You i have learned that i am strong, and not to fear my emotions. i have grown so much since i met You almost two years ago. i thank You for guiding me to be the woman that i am today. i love You both to the depths of my soul, and wish things would have worked out differently than it has. You were my perfect owners, and will never find another to come close to what You mean to me. You have awaken me fully, the song bring me to life has more meaning to me than anyone could ever imagine. You have brought me to life. You both have my world and i wish You the best and all the happiness in the universe. love You always and forever Mama Bear and Dadddy's princess
The Hunger Of Desire
the hunger of desire my nightly prey, my hunger grows the need to feed, when evening slows trapped by my passionate fires a prisoner of my deepest desires no escape from this yearning as the flames continue burning caught up in the heat of this friction lost to the truth of this fiction a love grown from the seeds of lust driven to do what it is that I must to nourish my spirit, expand my mind to feed on your love, always so kind
Goofylady's Hh Offer 2 (closed)
Do You Like Bling? Want one? Be one of the 1st 25 people to leave GoofyLady 500 comments on her contest page... And she will give you the 1 credit BLING you like best... Just click the picture below to begin... Oh... But wait... There is more... Stop by and rate or re-rate her pic... And you will get this tag as a thank you... Stop by and leave her 100 comments and get this tag as a thank you... ********************************* Private message GoofyLady that you left 500 numbered comments and she or Cengin will bling you... GoofyLady
My Ideal Sex Position
I GOT IT BABY YEAH YEAH YEAH! Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
Uaw Leader Says Blame Economy For Detroit 3 Woes
UAW leader says blame economy for Detroit 3 woes Saturday November 15, 4:45 pm ET By Mark Williams, AP Business Writer UAW president says economy to blame for automakers problems, not workers COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Even as Detroit's Big Three teeter on collapse, United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said Saturday that the problem is not the union's contract with the automakers and that getting the automakers back on their feet means figuring out a way to turn around the slumping economy. ADVERTISEMENT "The focus has to be on the economy as a whole as opposed to a UAW contract," Gettelfinger told reporters on a conference call, noting the labor costs now make up 8 percent to 10 percent of the cost of a vehicle. "We have made dramatic, dramatic changes and the UAW was applauded for that," he said. Instead, Gettelfinger blamed the problems the auto industry is suffering from on things beyond its control -- the housing slump, the credit crunch that has made financi
Hello Fubar!!!
Die For Me
Twenty one years of my life to go Have I lost myself to someone else? Truth, lie, to live or die Makes no difference if your never gonna try. I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Bleed for tomorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too Will you die for me? But, will you die for me? See me standing, so fucking cool Wish you would be like me - a fool Truth, lie, to live or die Makes no difference your never gonna fuckin' try. I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Bleed for tomorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too, If you want me too I know I'll die for you [Criss speaks]: Can you feel it, can you see it? If you want me too Bleed for tomorrow Will you die for me? But, will you die for me? [Criss sofly speaks]:
The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord
1. My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones. 2. My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through. 3. My noble half-brother whose throne I usurped will be killed, not kept anonymously imprisoned in a forgotten cell of my dungeon. 4. Shooting is not too good for my enemies. 5. The artifact which is the source of my power will not be kept on the Mountain of Despair beyond the River of Fire guarded by the Dragons of Eternity. It will be in my safe-deposit box. The same applies to the object which is my one weakness. 6. I will not gloat over my enemies' predicament before killing them. 7. When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No." and shoot him. No, on second thought I'll shoot him then say "No." 8. After I kidnap the beautiful princess, we will be married immediately in a quiet civil ceremony, not a lavish sp
Be Thankful
Early this morning. a 19 year old local girl passed away, from a cancer she had been fighting since February. So every year from now on her Family has to deal with Thanksgiving as the day their daughter died. So please everybody enjoy what you have and be thankful for it! Things are just things, it's the people who mean the most to you that matter. Rest In Peace Danni!! God Bless your family on this Thanksgiving day! *hugz everybody!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! that's blog page her mother kept up to date if you're interested in checking it out.
Happy Thanksgiving
imikimi - Customize Your World
Cerri Has Autos!!!
She is wonderful, she never asks for anything except for me to bath every once in awhile (not going to happen). PLEASE RATE HER TO DISTRACT HER FROM MY SMELL!!! she has the Autos!!!! ~CERRI~ ..guarded by my underwear
The Bitch
Things were finally starting to straighten themselves out. My life was falling into order, or at least I thought it was. For once I have a good boyfriend who even though we have our issues is tryin to show me he really does care and Im not alone, my daughter is growin to be a beautiful lil girl...just all about everything has been pretty good. Hell even my family has left me alone like I wanted them to...until tonight. She just couldnt respect my wishes and leave me alone...but than again why should that be a surprise, she neverhas respected my wishes. What does a person have to do in order to make a person understand they want nothing to do with them, that they are no longer important in even the slightess way??? I have ignored her, told her to go to hell, straight up told her to leave me alone...and many other things. Yet she still insist on fuckin things up, makin my life hell. When she refused to give me my daughters baby pictures I told her I wanted nothing more to do with
Nina Simone
i couldnt find a live performance........but i figured you would like it anyway They say ev'rything can be replaced, Yet ev'ry distance is not near. So i remember ev'ry face Of ev'ry man who put me here. I see my light come shining From the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released. They say ev'ry man needs protection, They say ev'ry man must fall. Yet i swear i see my reflection Some place so high above this wall. I see my light come shining From the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released. Standing next to me in this lonely crowd, Is a man who swears he's not to blame. All day long i hear him shout so loud, Crying out that he was framed. I see my light come shining From the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.
Banana Cheesecake Dessert
Ingredients: * 2 packages (21.4 ounces each) strawberry no-bake cheesecake mix * 3/4 cup butter, melted * 1/4 cup sugar * 3 cups cold milk * 1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple, well drained * 3 medium firm bananas, sliced * 1/2 cup chocolate ice cream topping, warmed, divided * 1/2 cup caramel ice cream topping, divided * 1 carton (8 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed * 1/3 cup chopped pecans * Maraschino cherries with stems Directions: Set aside filling and strawberry topping packets from cheesecake mixes. Place the contents of the crust mix packets in a large bowl; stir in butter and sugar until crumbly. Press into an ungreased 13-in. x 9-in. dish. In a large mixing bowl,Beat milk and contents of filling packets on low speed until blended. Beat on high for 3 minutes or until slightly thickened. Spread over the crust. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Spread contents of strawberry topping packets over cheesecak
Warped & Twisted
Harsh words & violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind, the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone, my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted
Stupid Men
Women are bitches due to hormones, Men are stupid due to hormonal bitches.. SMILE have a great day ;))
Thanksgiving--another One Bites The Dust
A holiday that should have been enjoyable and memorable, a completely genuine and innocent invitation turned into a childish need for attention and acceptance, a friendship built from shoutbox and pm conversations around shared hurt and hopeful compassion leaving nothing but a bitter taste in my pixeled mouth. Its sad when a person tries to reach out a hand and make somebody else's life just a little bit better, a person who only wants another to smile and know they are cared for then gets slapped in the face with that same intention. As some of my true friends may know last year at Thanksgiving i lost my brother to suicide. It was an extremely heartbreaking experience for me as it would have been to anyone who had lost someone they loved. Well to this day i still hold a lot of guilt and pain about not being able to help him, i still feel like maybe if i had listened more or paid more attention to the signs that he would still be here today. My brother was my best friend, my protector
A Silver Lining In The Sky
ALL MY DEAR AND NEAR, Yeah... Even I would have never thought that this man is going to bless my life with full of eternal bliss... It came true...My friends here know that I would be often on my wheels..for the sake of my my business.. when I under took a world wide tour recently.. and happened to visit some of the ASIAN COUNTRIES... Yeah of course before this recent havoc...I had a chance to meet this this spiritual and highly resourceful man who invoked my inner subtle knowledge to have an thorough insight within myself... He is my mentor,God father and spiritual master.. yeah...really he is having an array...he glitters with glory and no doubt he is gold.. I could share my divine experience if u r so interested.. For your information just I give below the web site address...seeing is believing...just visit the divine site and its links..and then share his divine knowledge to have his bountiful grace that will lead your life path to ecstasy. Thanks for your esteemed vis
New Stuff On Profile ...
Atlast I got around to put the things I wanted on my profile, took me 1 month LMAO -but better late than never :) I have made the pics myself, eccept the angle creed and the last one :) So if there is anything you want put together I might be able to help - I`ll try my best !!! Hugs & Kisses SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
Happy!!!happy!!!happy!!! :)
Thanks a million to everyone that helped me get to Disciple :) Lots of Wove and Hugs and Kisses for ALL!!!!! SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
Last Christmas - Wham
For Harley LMAO.... Last Christmas - Wham! Chorus: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day, You gave it away This year, to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special Last Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day, You gave it away This year, to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance but you still catch my eye Tell me baby do you recognise me? Well it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me (Happy Christmas!) I wrapped it up and sent it With a note saying "I Love You" I meant it Now I know what a fool I've been But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again Chorus (Oooh. Oooh Baby) A crowded room, friends with tired eyes I'm hiding from you and your soul of ice My God I thought you were someone to rely on Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on A face on a lover with a fire in his heart A man undercover but you tore me apart Oooh Oooh Now I've
Instructions: Look up 10 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the movie the quote comes from correctly, cross it off the list. Leave a comment with your answers. And NO CHEATING. 1. So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name? You should try asking for my number.Daredevil 2. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Pirates of the Carabean 3. Appreciate your prey 4. See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite... and gunpowder... and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap! Dark Knight 5. Wait. Where are you going? Well, I have to save my ass. Shrek 6. Are you stalking me? Because that would be super. Van Wilder 7. All I know about walruses is that out of all mammals they have the second largest penis. I have the first. That's my joke. 50 First Dates 8. You know what my new favorite sound is going to be? The sound
Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe!!!
It Is Diffcult But Rewarding
To believe when others are doubting To work when others are dreaming To care when others are neglecting To give when others are grasping To forgive when others are condemning To smile when others are complaining To praise when others are criticizing To build when others are destroying To risk when others are hesitating To serve when others are demanding To persist when others are quiting.
The Truth About Santa Claus
The Truth About Santa Claus ============================ I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma. I was just a kid. I remember tearing across town on my bike to visit her on the day my big sister dropped the bomb: "There is no Santa Claus," she jeered. "Even dummies know that!" My Grandma was not the gushy kind, never had been. I fled to her that day because I knew she would be straight with me. I knew Grandma always told the truth, and I knew that the truth always went down a whole lot easier when swallowed with one of her "world-famous" cinnamon buns. I knew they were world-famous, because Grandma said so. It had to be true. Grandma was home, and the buns were still warm. Between bites, I told her everything. She was ready for me. "No Santa Claus?" She snorted.. . "Ridiculous! Don't believe it. That rumor Has been going around for years, and it makes me mad, plain mad! Now, put On your coat, and let's go." "Go? Go where, Grandma?" I asked.
Who The Fuck Does This Stuff??
ROSS TWP. – Three kittens with ear, neck and tail piercings were removed from a home by humane officers on Wednesday. Wayne Harvey, SPCA kennel attendant, holds a kitten that was taken from a home in Ross Township on Wednesday. Don Carey/The Times Leader One of the officers from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Luzerne County said the pierced kittens were being sold as “gothic kittens” on an Internet auction site. “This is a first,” said Officer Carol Morrison. “It’s unbelievable anybody would do this to kittens.” Morrison said the investigation began about a week ago when a man from another state noticed “gothic kittens” being sold on eBay. The kittens were also being sold on a pet classified Web site with an attached picture of a pierced kitten. “You’re not allowed to sell live animals on eBay,” Morrison said. The man called the phone number that was listed with the kitten
Happy -early- Birthday, Sweet N Sassy. Autos Runnin' .....
Someone has a Birthday Wish! Sweet N Sassy wants to level to GodMomma before her B'Day on the 1st! Sweet n Sassy She got an Early Present, Auto 11's... So you KNOW it's Do-Able! Rate her up, Level her and make her B'day a memorable one! ... and enjoy those A11 Points!! Pimped with Love: Tappinit
Merry Xmas To My Friends
I started out to leave everyone comments but my piece of shit puter gets locked up on peoples pages so I opted for here. Doesn't mean I love you any less.. Hope you all have a Happy and safe Holiday.. XXXXXOOOOOOOxxoooXooXXoofor nacho libre fans P.S. I hope I was good enough girl for Santa to bring me new laptop..
My Teddy Bear Name
Your Teddy Bear Name is Silky Baby Bear Get your Teddy Bear Name at
Good Luck With That One...
New Scientist News Review 2008: Reality returns to the White House Barack Obama may have an impossible burden of expectation on his shoulders, but one fervent wish of many US scientists should be easy enough to fulfil: simply lead the nation back into the "reality-based community". That phrase, famously used by a senior adviser to George W. Bush in a 2002 conversation with the journalist Ron Suskind, epitomised the Bush administration's contempt for those who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality": that is from observation rather than ideology. Instead, the Bush White House boasted of creating its own reality, and had little time for research that questioned its policies, leading to what some observers characterised as a "war on science". Many top scientific jobs were filled by ideologues, and empirical evidence was ignored or distorted in order to bolster policies such as inaction on global warming, a reluctance to list species as endange
Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus
I just finished one and it is one of the most drinkable beers I've ever tasted, with a luscious lime taste and very smooth drinking.
Is All It Takes
copy paste link n repost or click the thanks sign   ALL YOUR RATES!
This Town Sucks.
If you could cuddle with anyone right now, who would you pick? It's impossible, but my Mom What were you up to at 9pm last night? Probably getting high Do you have any bruises? Not that I know of Who made you mad today? Everything has fucking pissed me off today! FUCK! Whats something that always has to be in the fridge? Milk Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger? More then once. I have horrible fucking anger problems lol Do you think the last person you kissed is nice? He is an asshole. Who was the last person you ate with? Myself What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself? Kool Aid What's a happy time you've had in the past week? I am not sure. Don't really have many of them. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to? Lou or Nella Something you're looking forward to? Taxes Something you're not looking forward to? Valentines Day Do you plan on moving out within the next year or two? I sure as fuck hop
Is It Wrong??
Is it wrong for me to want a man to wear a certain pair of my panties while he does housework? They are pink sheer boy shorts with pretty lil butterflies on them. Anyone have any cake? I suddenly have an urge for cake.....
Tired Of Geting My Heart Stomped On
i cant figure out why when a guy works his ass off to provide 4 the women he is with that she has to push him away and treat him like shit. i mean wtf im not perfect but damn it seems like the more u try to provide, the more u get the crap kicked out of your heart. wtf is up with that shit. And you say you can't find a decent man, but when you do you just take their heart and crush it!!
Buy Me A Blast???
Or a bling pack or auto's or even a happy hour and I will be your friend. How fucking rediculous does this sound?? Yet it is all over here. I have been a member on here way back when it was lost cherry and cherry tap, and I dont remember people whoring themselves out like this. I knnow it has always happened but it was never this bad. If you have private pics, leave them private. If you only let family members see them then good for you. But selling them on here to get a bling pack or whatever .... what the fuck?! start a web porn site and make the money but stop the stupidity here!!! Or for 2 blasts and a vip I can be your friend too...........
Extreme Home Makeover !!!!! ( Yelling It Like Oprah!)
MOVE THEM BOXES! Extreme Home Makeover is in our fair city of Fresno. The media is covering it like it mad. Finally, there is something positive to cover. Sure sure. They had a response from THOUSANDS to volunteer for this build. This is always the case. When it comes to giving at any other time, Fresno just isnt that into Fresno. I decided to take the boys to see what the hooplah is about. The city had a bus you could ride, to the site. We went that route. Took my niece with us, too. We wait for the bus, wasnt too long of a wait. We get in the bus. Crowdeded to capacity. We got a seat, though. OF COURSE. We had our battle plans laid out. We were not standing with a 4 year old. Then the jokes start... "Ever see The Laughing Police Man? That was about a bus load of people getting shot in SF." " Ever see SPEED? There was a bomb." "What if a train suddenly appears out of no where and hits the bus?" ( on the freeway.) "What if the bus goes up the side of the freeway, rolls
What Do You Think Ladys
is it true that nice guys finish last? I have always been the nice guy and so far no good. Should i stop being so supportive with the women or should i still continue to be this nice guy when at the end the girl always tells me, "I cant go out with you, our like my brother since u r so nice."
The Truth Of The Matter
things have been uprooted in my life.... aside from the obvious. some days i feel like a fool and some days i feel lucky. im trying really hard to maintain and im doing ok but ill feel better when i get home. i didnt come to vegas on vacation. I lived here for 4 years and when i left it was because i fucked up and hit rock bottom in 2005. i had a drug problem and was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. I was extradited from louisiana to las vegas and have been in jail since october. the person i was when i lived here in vegas is dead, i buried him a long time ago. but since i went to louisiana as a fugitive its possible i have to stay here in las vegas, ill find out tuesday. im ashamed of who i was back then for a few years and this blog will help me continue on, a confession of sorts. i consider some of you on fubar friends and alot of you are just really great people whom id like to know better. right now i could use some prayers and for those o
Just A Thought
I have come to realize that the division of enlightenment and insanity is but a weathered picket fence, composed of mistakes and wisdom. As my weary legs carry me atop this rotting boundry, I ponder to which side I soon will fall.
911 Mysteries: Squibs
The Poems Keep Coming
I am the defiler of the mind, And the killer of the soul. How much was lost you will find, To be more than something foul How could you be the genious of our time. How could i be the killer in this rhyme Do you really care if i murder your thought How much of your opinion will you let be bought How much of your soul will be defiled by me When i make you die i'll smile with much glee And yes this is truely me And how true it is i want you to see I will hack your body into pieces Until this failed existence ceases I will forever be here my true intent never clear And the voices you will never hear When they fail to a deaf ear. At the end i will make you all quiver in fear. Im the defiler of your mind And i will be found in due time.
Makes Me Giggle, Continued....
A few days ago I got on here to find this in my shout box. For the first time, I couldn't say anything...I was laughing so hard. I have figured out if it was his name, because honestly, he's not anywhere near 20 something, let alone hot or the outfit he's wearing.Then comes tonight. I'm minding my own business in my blog and looking around on other websites. I have my sound muted so I had no idea how long the shout had actually been there. But I answered. Here is the whole conversation. Yes I know I had a typo in the last thing I said to him, fuck it...I'm allowed to make mistakes. He's blocked now. Idiots I hate them all.
Calling All Friends
Ok i need your help. A real good friend of mine is in a contest and needs rates starting at noon/9am futime. His name is a true southern gentlemen and is a real gentleman and a true friend. He is the sweetest guy i have known on fubar and is completely dedicated to fubar. Please rate his photo, which you will find the details and his pic in the link, starting at noon. he needs 1000 rates or more to win and he deserves this. If you help him i will rate your pics *all of your pics*.
Orgasm Time
Come And Own Me!!
Wanna Own a Naughty Girl? ♥ I am in an auction...Come by, bid on me and be my next Owner!! ♥ All you have to do is click on the pic link below....
Semi Anual Update
So yes once again I know its been like fricking forever since I have updated this thing. Sorry have been a bit busy with other things. I read the journal every day I just dont have time to update, or if I do have time I just dont want to take the time to write out a huge post. LOL! So lets see whats been going on with me..well a whole of NOTHING! Been pretty much the same thing everyday. Work, home, work, home. Get up in the morning run my brother to his stuff for court, come home clean up a bit, then off to pick up co-workers and away to work i go. So see not much going on. Only plus side is that today brother got his DL so he is finally legal to drive his car he bought, so as of today I no longer have to run him anywhere. So for that I am very much happy. Means I dont have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to take him anywhere and I can finally sleep in a bit and relax. In other news..I killed my cell phone. Well let me re phrase that, my cell phone killed itself. It cho
Fubomber Family Pimp Out 2/15/09-2/24/09
♂ FU-Bombers
Help Me
ok i want to host an auction below i will list what the requirements are, but i need help making the auction tags/pictures. anyone willing to help will be given 15k per tag made. Requirements: -150k entrance fee -1 picture of yourself -a minimun of 5 offers to enter -atleast 25 contestants - the duration is a month maybe longer -fu-buck/cash bids -link to your picture on your profile somewhere please contact me immediately if intrested -Bri
Come Chill At The Family's Bar
Come join the family! Kick back, relax, and have a drink with friends!
Ok Then... Again
i made my choice to run away once and you made the same choice once again i remember once upon a time and dreams of happily ever after and i know neither of them will happen again i try to keep myself together and keep us separate enough that i can live with all of this i wish you thought i was still worth a chance and when i said "if you don't go now, i'll never let go" you would have stayed a bit longer or told me i didn't have to i know the risk of writing this i still know how to take chances ~sinamynlee
When zombies attack you better have a plan. I just hope Ill be able to get to a samurai sword in time, because when you really think about it theyre pretty ideal. Lightweight, and designed through thousands of years of steel engineering to decapitate human heads. I guess some guy did this test where he made fake human necks in order to demonstrate how easy they could be cut through with a katana, and the dude like barely moved his wrist to get the job done. I find that very disturbing to know that somebody went through the trouble of designing a fake human neck..... Plus swords dont run out of bullets. But, just in case i get in some real trouble, a sawed off shotgun slung around my shoulder like kyle in The Terminator, and a fanny pack full of shells. Of course the fanny pack would need to be tricolor, of the flourescent sort. Now everybody knows that a key resource for surviving any zombie attack is some rope, but i think i would skip the rope since im already carrying a
Random Music
Seize The Day
Seize The Day lyrics Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These's streets we traveled on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'll do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one PICTURE) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, w
Thoughts X2
Life is a process of change. We grow, we develop; sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Occasionally, we may not like what we see in others or even ourselves, so we are then faced with the opportunity to change and develop into a more pleasant and proactive individual. Occasionally, we may become something we never imagined--this can be good or bad. Things are not always black and white. There are gray areas that fill the spaces in between what we perceive to be right or wrong. These shades of gray can show us something we may have missed before..or maybe even something that's missing. People change. It is an inevitible part of life. There are times that friends betray you and it is during these times you are presented an assortment of decisions to make. The important thing to bear in mind whilst attempting to arrive at a decision that is right for you is, sometimes, in these gray areas, we must distance ourselves from those who would be a detriment to our gr
Questiond That Bother Me
QUESTIONS THAT HAUNT ME! If you have sex with a prostitute against her will, is it considered rape or shoplifting? Can you cry under water? How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? Why do you have to 'put your two cents in'... but it's only a 'penny for your thoughts'? Where's that extra penny going to? Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? What disease did cured ham actually have? How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? Why is it that people say they 'slept like a baby' when babies wake up like every two hours? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look
Happy Hour Wednesday Feb 25th!!
It's Time For A Happy Hour!! WEDNESDAY Feb 25Th @ 6pm FUTIME 7pm Mountain 8pm Central 9pm EST She doesn't have far to go to God Mother.. LiPsPaRaLyZeR@ fubar Come see why they call her lips.. Click on the link above or the pic below..
All Because Of You
I awake each day with a smile And greet it with a laugh; The world is a treasure to me Because of you. Every time I think of something sad, I replace the thought- with you! My mind is instantly changed And my heart is filled with gladness. Every breath I take is meant for you, I live this life surrounded in joy And I bathe in the promise of your love, My soul belongs to you. Each time I see something beautiful I want to take it and bring it to you; My life has so much meaning now All because of you.
Romance Is Dead
I am writing this because I need to express something that bothers me. I am a romantic and I have found that women today just don't want that anymore. I believe in becoming friends with someone before becoming romanticly involed with them. But Due to that I have also learned that once you become friends with them they don't want to lose that friendship with you. Dose that mean that I am old fassion? I guese so. All people want out of life today is a quick role on the floor with a $100 o the night stand and then complain to the guys like me and their friend that they wish they could find someone that knows how to treat them right. I will proble be condemed for writing this blog but I can't help feeling the way I do. If you can provr that romance is not dead in the world today I hope that you will. If not please don't even bother commenting on this
My Radio Station
Let's Play A Game...
Give me a word, any word. Adjective, noun, verb...whudeva. Just a single word, the first word that comes to mind. I need some inspiration, and the word game is something my artists friends and I used to play to get the creative juices flowin'. Help me out, peoples...
Do You Know Who I Am?
This is one of the best things I've read in years!!! I wish I could go there for dinner!!! Montana Restaurant: This is a great story! The radio station America FM was doing one of its 'Is Anyone Listening?' bits this morning. The first question was, 'Ever have a celebrity come up with the 'Do you know who I am?' routine?' A woman called in and said that a few years a go, while visiting her cattle rancher uncle in Billings , MT , she had occasion to go to dinner at a restaurant that does not take reservations. The wait was about 45 minutes; many ranchers and their wives were waiting. Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda came in the restaurant and wanted a table. The hostess informed them that they'd have to wait 45 minutes. Jane Fonda asked the hostess, 'Do you know who I am?' The hostess answered, 'Yes, but you'll have to wait 45 minutes.' Then Jane asked if the manager was in. When the manager came out, he asked, 'May I help you?' 'Do you know who we are?' b
Come check out my link to a really cool site. angeleyes_tinkerbellWhere the Ride Never Ends!
If One Day..
If One Day... If one day you feel like crying... Call Me I don't promise that I will make you laugh, But I can cry with you. If one day you want to run away- Don't be afraid to call me. I don't promise to ask you to stop...But I can run with you. If one day you don't want to listen to anyone... Call Me. I promise to be there for you. And I promise to be very quiet. But if one day you call... And there is no answer... Come fast to see me. Maybe I need you. If I ever ignored you. I'm Sorry... If I ever made you feel bad or put you down. I'm Sorry... If I ever thought I was bigger and better than you. I love You! Don't ever forget that! Through bad times and good, I'll always be here for you. I'm Sorry..... For everything wrong I've ever done. I'm writing this because what if tomorrow never comes? What if I never get to say good-bye or give you a BIG hug? What if I never get to say I'm Sorry or I love you? Because what if tomorrow never comes? I LOVE YO
to hold you. gently put my fingers on your face. brush back your beautiful black hair. gently kiss you on your sweet lips. when i look into your pure and beautiful eyes. i will say I LOVE YOU, than kiss you again. give you a big hug and whisper i want this to last forever. you have a beautiful smile. when i see your gorgeous body. i want to sweep you off your feet and make love with you all night. cuddle with you on our loveseat forever. giving you a full body massage to help relief all the stress. cuddling in bed with you. watching you sleep makes me the happiest man alive.just knowing your happy and feeling loved everyday
Birthdays Always = Instant Lame
But apparently I'm allowed to have enough fun for the whole year in a 4-day package deal.... So many tried to use my liver as a killing method! Thursday wasn't too bad, but Friday and Saturday? H-I-Larious! Friday, I spent $5 and went home with what I can assume was a .20 BAC. Friends later told me that I looked about ready to do the Stumble-of-Shame. I woke up the next noon, propped against the wall, beer in one hand, cell phone in the other (ready to dial my gf,) one boot off and that foot on the floor, shorts around my knees and I had absolutely NO clue where I was for about a minute. Mind you the boot I had taken off was stuck in the shorts leg.... yeah... Saturday was a little more timid. I spent most of the day recuperating at a coffee place. I got my tattoo finished on my forehead! Then, I went back to the club and proceeded to drink the night through, while working. I had to play the responsible one, and sent my gf home... I felt bad. We were both ready to go at it in a p
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Life Is To Short
These days people are taking life to seriously, I will admit I catch myself doing it at times, and then I remind myself life is way to short. I watch my friends get caught up in bad situations just for love, and they think that they will never find love, but the truth is... Love will find you, so looking for it is a waste of time. There is only 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes in a hour. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 second with a frown is 60 seconds wasted away. Time passes to fast, take everyday like its your last.
Things To Do
There seems to be some confusion with the initiation activity. So, to make things a little easier, please do the following as soon as you can. 1) Make a folder for your page called Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life Rating Folder. 2) In this new folder place exactly 100 pics. Preferably generic pics. They do not have to be new pics, you can use pics you already have on your page. For example, EZ rate pics. I have made a folder which you can look at to see how to set it up. I have 100 penguins. Yeah I know everyone either hates them or loves them. I happen to love them. But they are all the same size and don't take long to rate. This will make it easier for us to rate each other in the future. If you have already rated people, you are NOT to go back and re-rate this new folder. 3) This initiation activity MUST be completed. To be a member of the group, you must do the following: a) Place Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life somewhere in your name. b) Rate the profile of ea
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007? Ummm...2 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, one 3. Ever been cheated on? yes 4. Ever paid for sex? nope 5. Ever been married? yes 6. Ever been divorced? yes 7. If you had to pick one whats your fave sexual position? The "L" 8. Do you own any guns? No 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? never been arrested 10. Ever been in rehab? nope 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? Just kissing 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? No lol 13. Last time you masterbated? ummm saturday 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? nope 15. What celebrity would you want to have sex with if you had the chance? Will Smith 16. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? yes, when i was a full-time mommmy 17. How many states have you lived in? 2
The Moods Of A Man
Hungry! Horny! Sleepy! Need say more......
Childhood Lost...
I'll never watch that cartoon the same again
Lucifer - Live Dvd
I Hope He Does
he lied there not much to tell he said he loved me then sentenced me to this hell he use me he tried to make me cry but it didn't work he only left me half dead inside but he does not care if he did he would be here but no he left leaving me only one hope that he will one day feel the pain that i now feel
2006 Kings Island Gay Day
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. SOURCE: Gay City News PAUL SCHINDLER August 21 2006. Email to a Friend ... The gathering of activists Friday night at Kings Island provided a window into ... 63000 votes on election day to prevail and that CRF’s public relations effort ...
I'm Still Breathing.....
Lyrics to I'm Still Breathing : I leave the gas on, walk the alleys in the dark sleep with candles burning, I leave the door unlocked I'm weaving a rope and, running all the red lights did I get your attention cause I'm sending all the signs (that) the clock is ticking, and I'll be giving my two weeks your favorite shade of black, you best prepare a speech say something funny, say something sweet but don't say that you loved me Cause I'm still breathing And we've been dead for a while this sickness has no cure we're going down for sure already lost a grip best abandoned ship Maybe I was too pale, mabye I was to fat maybe you had better, better luck in the sack no formal education and I swore way to much but I swear you didn't fucking care cause we were in love so as I write this letter and shead my last tear its all for the better than we had this year lets close this chapter, say one last prayer but don't say that you loved me Cause I'm still breathing An
Llama Leveler Of The Day
*Bala Meow* Protected by Dragonatic! *FetishCamgirl*@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
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New Computer For School
I have a change to get a newer computer for school. Mac is more expensive price but heard and have gone to the web site and seams a lot better than the typical PC. But for the same price of a Mac i can get a nice rigged out PC. Should I get a Mac or I get a rigged out pc? Comments appreciated.
Because When My Mind Broke I Got Funnier, Lol?
The gist of it is, I'm bumming a page from Kevin Nash;pay me to be here or sod off.Everyone thinks I'm "cool"?Well, it comes with a fee now.Simple as that.Don't like it?Insert various sharp objects into yer orifices.Have a nice day?Moo.Waffles.
Round 2
I log in, and this little window pops up. It has a heart on it, stating with what seems like forced optimism "You have a new message in your Personals Inbox!". Following the link leads to ruminating upon my guidelines. Yeah, just nobody was paying any attention to them! Seven new messages might result in one of interest (on a very good day..) as most of these men did not seem to grasp the concept of age, preferences as to children, the basics of english composition or (the most baffling) they did not post a photo. Spectacular managed to fulfil all of my general wishes. Bonus, he was cute. Very. Beaming blue eyes and a devilish grin. Correspondance ensued, my machinery of doubt began to kick in. I knew the man was intelligent, his very education and career path made that obvious. Something about our conversations seemed to fall a bit flat, but is it fair to condemn someone that isn't necessarily comfortable making idle banter via modem? Handsome, good job, loves dogs, right age, neve
Proper Beer Temperature
Drinking Beer at the Proper Temperature For the true and discriminating aficionados, a glass of the finest beer should only be partaken if it is the correct temperature. The subtle nuance of the melded grains..... the fragile and fleeting taste of the brewers art.... can only be truly appreciated if that golden elixir is properly chilled. To this end, advanced studies candidates in the Graduate Engineering Department of The Ohio State University have developed an easy-to-use, fully portable Beer Temperature Tester, which very accurately determines whether the beverage is acceptably chilled or not. To test the beer, simply insert the tester into the glass THE BEER ON THE LEFT IS THE CORRECT TEMPERATURE
Reds Baby Gurl
you know whats crazy is you keep changen your screen name so you can check up on me well guess what i am getten married and yet doing my own thing i have a very well known auto shop and i sell music and shit for cars lets see what else oh my kids will have nothing to do with you incase you havent noticed also you are a hater im asking you to leave me alone or atleast tell me somthing why your stalken me i mean either way you need to be with him and leave me and my family alone for sure you will not now nor ever have this again you hated on my familia and on that note be glad i was in prison for sure but anyway im better then you and im tired of you sweaten my page i have four screen names of yours blocked but its all good so do me a favor phuck off and live your oh so happy life cuz im super happy more then i was with you for sure your a loser and as much as i hate to say it a low life theifing bop feel that and whats crazy is you are tellin people that you are going to have me jumpe
Image Ideas
Okay, so for the site I am setting up. I need some new fresh ideas. It does not matter how weird you think they are! Weird tends to make great modeling images because they are different! I am having "Photo block" so any ideas you have would help me out. So, is there a certain outfit I should shoot in? A certain location, a pose, a certain object? Please share your ideas with me!! Thank you sooooo very much!
Point Whoring
I giggle when people act like whoring for points/fubucks is the lowest thing possible, until they need something...
Take A Bow~~
This song just sorta stuck out today as I was surfing the net~~seems like everyone around me is breaking up~~and they wonder why I stay on the fu... Fubar=my escape from the real world~~~ anywayz~~Enjoy the tunes!!~~xoxo~~LiL
La Cucaracha
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ready for any thing
Surivor Or More?v
new poem.. Survivor or More? Black eye taken for my brotherAbusive fatherFamily rejectionI am, I AM!Right brainHolistic, prosodic, intuitiveExpressive, intelligentParents don’t understandPlease understand!Leaving homeWho really cares?Treasures by the side of the road Modeling, I am pretty.Bartending, I hold my own.Dirty martiniDishwater blondeLoving laceRaincoat and high heelsWanting moreLeaving himTaking sonOnly $2000Hand me downsMismatched dishesDate rapeNo one really caresTreasures on the side of the road Italian manSolidLeft-brainAnalytic, Verbal, Logical.Honest first dinnerSecuritySafetySafe.Material needsNeeding to be neededTwo more kidsDo I really care?Treasures on the side of the road Crooked eyebrowImpish smileSensitive neckI moanElla FitzgeraldMerlotVodka/CranberryVodka/GrapefruitBeautyAll define me.Trouble follows,Life evolves,Tarot, searching.Simplify,Simplify! More than survive!A girl my lordIn a flatbed fordSlowing down to take a look at me.I should really care!
More Kittens From Molly
On March 30th, 2009 Molly the cat gave birth to 5 more kittens.  Three orange ones and two that are mixed black and white in color. Molly is not really my cat but just wandered over to our house after we moved in.  This is the 3rd litter of kittens she gave birth to on my property.    This time she found a safe place for her new group of kittens inside my computer desk.  Her kittens (plus my own cats) have become the theme for my homepage here as you tell and the kittens have more fans then I do.  Took photos of new kittens but cannot add photos until my VIP is restored.      
Easter Giveaway Winners
WINNERS 1 Mil Fubux Bomber GiveAway & 5 - 100k Consolation Prizes Number of Entries Correlated to Number of Bombs Dropped Grand Prize – Beefy Nipples DJ Tequila Madroxlette Yankeesgirl Mel Shyguy WINNERS 1 Mil Fubux EZ Rate ECards Rater GiveAway & 3 - 100k Consolation Prizes Grand Prize – Disciple Spring Night STalker
Allow Me
Allow me to be my own person accept me for who I am. Not the person others think I should be. Sometimes I have a lot to say and don't hesitate to say it, but sometimes what I have to say can only be read in my eyes. Understand me my moods and my feelings on days when I’m feeling sunny and on days when there's rain in my heart. I'll never go back on a promise and I will always be there for when you need me. Understand me trust me and the bond between us will be impossible to break.
It's my life falling and spiraling This is my time living and dieing   You held my hand you dragged me down you lifted me to higher ground you owned my heart I believed what you said As I fell apart you fucked with my head.   Tearing back and ripping skin seek the pieces Deep within drowning soul Can't seem to find any reason as to why FLOODING MIND   I gave you my all you threw it back at me Stand
Pondering Life
Sitting here and thinking some, I started to unravel. I think of all the things that could of been and all the things that are. What is true and real for me may just be a shadow of doom from somewhere not far away. I sit in the dark and quiet sometimes evaluating what I should do. I have had some nightmares recently that have really shook me up. In fact I had one just last night. He came for me again and my sweet loving man was not there to protect me because he had left me for another. I know that they are just dream and not always do they come true but this one really scared me because my man had went on a trip and he was not home when the danger came to me. I did and could say it all last night because it scared me so very much. While I was being assaulted my man was far away. He was having fun that he so richly deserves. I was all alone when the attack came and he was choking the life from me when I woke up. I have never been so scared from a dream in a long time and I hope it is n
Some Q&a
This survey gets a little personal; can you handle it?If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be?the same one i have lolWere you happy when you woke up today? yes cuz my hubby woke me upWhen were you on the phone last? And with who?an hour and a half ago with my momHave you talked to a complete jerk today?nopeListening to music?not at the momentWhat are you excited for?my hubby coming home in AugustWhat were you doing yesterday?same thing i do every day take care of my babies and hope to hear from my hubby and watch a lot of tv lol Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they love you? my hubby What's the last thing you put in your mouth?little brown balls...Whoppers sillyHave a best friend?yeaAre you scared to fall in love?no cuz i'm in itDo you think teenagers can be in love?yes to an extentLast person you wanted to punch in the face? a couple of hubby chasers yeahWhat time is it right this second? 8:31 What do you want right now?him hold
My Bully
Guess who is getting wild DJ Wild SugarDumpling is getting wild @ Double Trouble Click on any Pic to cause some double trouble with us Partners with check it out
i need a frek
Hey You!!!!
hey you!!!! you with the face!!! i see ur checking me out.... like what you see? give me a shout!!! so fucking talk to me!!!!
Two Hearts
Through the stars,deep within the sky,two hearts meet,one gal and one guy,though the two are different,they still fell into one,they twist and turn around eachother,never to come undone,well this story must cease,but this isn't goodbye,these two hearts have soared,they've learned how to fly,when they land be sure to say,thank the heavens above,thank god they meet today
It's So Great To Be Me.
i don't have much time for fubar anymore, cuz i'm working 2 jobs and going to school. which is stressful, but hey, gotta bust your ass to get where you're going! i did, however, make time to get to the lamb of god concert in atlanta last wednesday. it was my first concert, and it was the SHIT. children of bodom kicked ass, too. i'm going to see no doubt/paramore in june, and hopefully, metallica in october. i've got some new tattoos, but no way to get pics up. oh well. can't please everyone.
Auction Hot Me Up!
  You know you love me so come bid on me!" target=_blank>" border=0>  
Anima / Animus
Anima / Animus   These are terms that Jung created to describe the opposite-gender self that lives within each of us. The anima is the feminine component dwelling inside a male's unconscious mind. The animus is the masculine component dwelling inside a female's unconscious mind. In dreams, this opposite-gender self can be a helper or an antagonist. These dream figures can appear as translations of persons we meet with whom we have a tremendous sense of romantic love or platonic camaraderie. One of Jung's interpreters held that the anima/animus character was only understandable to those who have known true love. However, our opposite-gender selves may reveal to us negativity in ourselves or negativity we perceive in dealings with the opposite sex. It is important to note that sometimes, when you dream about a person of the opposite sex, they may be representing your own inner self. Carefully consider all persons of the opposite sex in your dreams as a possible appearance of your ow
Hi There......
 Hi there...... I am here to being you happiess. Happiess in a can.  Yeah, right!!!!! I am here to tell you all that I would like to tell you some things about me, but not right now.  But soon.      
Tazman Up For Auction
  Hey all Tazman is in a sinners and saints auction . come show him how much you love him by stoppin by and placing ur bid . He is offering 1. Rate pix 2. add to top friends 3. add to fu owner blog 4. pimpout in fu owners section on profile 5. make 2 custom morphs of ur choice .click the pic below to go start bidding on the one the only Tazman .     
Fuck Test
Fuck Test.... You will be surprised on all the results you get...Put the [X] which best suits ur answer....or all that apply...() mean explain1.Where would we be?[]My house[]Ur House[]Pool[]Shower[]parents room LOLOTHER....please explain in ()2.What position?[]Doggy Style[]Missionary[]69[]OTHER...()3.What would you use??[]chains and whips[]choc. syrup and whip cream[]strawberries and whip cream[]cherries and chocolate[]ropes and hand cuffsOTHER...()4.Lights?[]ON[]OFF5.Where would you take me 4 a date before all of this?()PLEASE EXPLAIN6.Givin Head?[]Yes[]No7.Gettin some head[]Yes[]No8.Protection?[]Yes[]No9.Day or Night?[]DAY[]NIGHT10.What song would we fuck to?()PLEASE or bottom[]top[]bottom12.Will you repost to see what others say?[]YES you better .. REAdY SEt GO!!![]NO
The Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weekly Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues or anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! This virus will wipe out your private life entirely. If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Ta
Angels And Demons ... A Critique
Go and see it ... a thrill ride all the way through as Tom Hanks is called in as a expert of the Vatican to help the Vatican SS solve the threat of the Illumianti killing four Cardinals one hour apart by torcher. The movie really has an interesting twist too... I give it a big thumbs up.
25 Mins
[ photo: 112375724 ] anyone wanna get a bid in? Also...this one website I'm on sent a "flirt" to every man in now they are all over my page....I'm getting 150 hits every 3 mins....GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And since when can guys be bitches? WTF is up with the spotlights lately? I NEED A VIP ASK WHAT U GET :) HE HE  ♥§éxýEvilCãrêßê... i wish i could be ^^^^that big of a slut too....
And Again
Will the feeling of emptiness ever go awayenough to where I can feel happiness each day?Will the time ever comewhere I don't feel so numb?I believe the answer to those questions is yesthough when this will happen is anybody's guess.The moments I've spent in his armsI felt like nobody could do me any harm.Being near him gave me a sense of peaceand my feeling of security sure did increase.When it came time for me to partI felt regret tugging at my heart.Now each night I dream of himand my future does not feel quite so grim.I look forward to time together with anticipationand in the meantime enjoy our communication.
A Meaning To My Life
alright this is going to be a weird blog goes... well it starts when me and my son's dad split up...i felt i had no meaning in life...i've had people going in and out of mine and my kid's life but it seem as thought sooo much shit has happened to me and no one was going to keep their promise to actually stay around...i felt as though i didn't have a care in the world anymore about anything..i started taking anti-depressants to feel good..more like a fake ass smile and living a lie of being happy...well years of being pushed down by people i thought actually gave a damn about me and my son...just when i thought i could just lose any emotion i had in my body...losing people in 1 yr and having no help with allen really as a father figure for him to go by...well i felt my life was going nowhere and i thought i would just end up being alone in life...he walks in..Chris sean horstmann...he brought out the real true happines inside that i never thought exist...he has taken my life
Toe Lint!
I have a few friends who I love dearly on fubar. I call them friends because they put up with my somewhat psychotic behavior. here's an example in the last hour Ive discussed: Toe lint with seamus Sour cream donuts with Hugh Lesbain Sex with Pixie spankings with name crisis my beautiful nakita with seamus I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I do know there's some serious underlining issues here ..... I love you all going to get my hair cut Wicked
Be Mine Forever ....
  I guess i`m just a little bit scaredI guess i`m not as strong as i thoughtWhen i see you lying thereI worry about losing youI used to think of only meBut that was long ago Now i find it hard to concieve Life without youbaby i don`t want to be the one to face this lifeAll alone at the end of the day when the sun goes downI want you right here in my arms?foreverEvery little smile every move you makeIt`s like a dagger to my heart took my breath awayAll i ask is that you be mine forever?foreverSo think about what you`re doing hereIf you`re anything less than sincereTell me now and let yourself out the doorNo harm no foul, kill me now, save me all the painBut if you feel the way i do Stay? and let me make love to youbaby i don`t want to be the one to face this lifeAll alone at the end of the day when the sun goes downI want you right here in my arms?foreverEvery little smile every move you makeIt`s like a dagger to my heart took my breath awayAll i ask is that you be mine forever?forever
Cyber Sex Broke Down
Bloodninja: I lick your earlobe, and undo your watch. Sarah19fca: mmmm, okay. Bloodninja: I take yo pants off, grunting like a troll. Sarah19fca: Yeah I like it rough. Bloodninja: I smack you thick booty. Sarah19fca: Oh yeah, that feels good. Bloodninja: Smack, Smack, yeeeaahhh. Bloodninja: I make some toast and eat it off your ass. Land O' Lakes butter all in your crack. Mmmm. Sarah19fca: you like that? Bloodninja: I peel some bananas. Sarah19fca: Oh, what are you gonna do with those? Bloodninja: get me peanuts. Peanuts from the ballpark. Sarah19fca: Peanuts? Bloodninja: Ken Griffey Jr. Yeaaaaahhh. Sarah19fca: What are you talking about? Bloodninja: I'm spent, I jump down into the alley and smoke a fatty. I throw rocks at the cats. Sarah19fca: This is stupid. Bloodninja: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives me some beer. Bloodninja: Wanna Wrestle Stone Cold? Bloodninja: Yeeaahhhh. Sarah19fca: /ignore Bloodninja: Its cool stone cold she was a bitch anyway. Bloodninja: We get on harle
2008, things form the passed never have a wau of staying there, death is a part of every year, I am your anti-matter. 2009, I have but once wish for this year and I have alreadt told the wish to the only person that gets to hear it, you will have to find out who it is and ask her, Joel, I am always in the negative, I am your anti-matter.
Give Me A Reason To Celebrate
Welcome to earth, welcome to FUBAR, and for those who are non-U.S. welcome to America...the U-S-of F'n A.  We like celebrating small, minuscule reasons and when the day comes we sometimes celebrate without even recognizing WHAT we are celebrating or consideration for the views of as a whole.  Take today, May 25th 2009...Memorial Day for us Americans. This holiday is supposed to recognize our military and especially our fallen.  For the record, I do not bleed red, white, and blue...but I greatly respect our military deeply especially those who are fallen and those who are serving simply because politics has a plan for everything but how to bring our brothers and sisters in arms home.  For many of you who are celebrating, you are probably going to go to some parade or some festival that is going to barely recognize our military period.  Even fewer of you are truly going to dedicate yourself to paying tribute by visiting a memorial.  But that is just an example.  Let me give you more exam
I've been gone for about 2 and a half weeks and it seems like so much has changed. Not only on here, but with ME too. I don't know. Just don't see the reasoning behind some of the things I did before. I guess I was being childish. Actually no guessing, I was. Thing're going to see me talking to some people that I've had blocked. No one needs to know what's changed my mind or give me "hell" because I'm talking to them. I want to, end of story. Now on to what's been going on in my life since I left here. I've been working like crazy. In the past month I've had 5 days off. I'm use to having 2 days off a week, lol. My Step-dad found out he was a "carrier" for MRSA. We all were tested and everything came back fine. Then we find out that the hospital told him the wrong results. Who knows who is really a carrier. Kind of scary I think. I've been thinking about making a series of blogs. Each one about a different person. I'll probably end up doing it, but not right now...maybe I'll
You Dont Know Me
You think you know me but you dont have a clue. You only see what i want to show to you.. You dont know what i hold deep in my heart or mind you assume everything are kept blind.   You dont know what i have done or seen, you dont even know what comes in between.. Some people will say then understand. Some will say that they have been where you are.. Some will say that then know how your feeling.. But they don't know me, nor will the ever, because my thoughts are mine...My life is mine never to be theirs.
Animated Room Drop
The Discordian Society - Definition
NO TWO EQUALS ARE THE SAME! THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY The Discordian Society has no definition. I sometimes think of it as a disorganization of Eris Freaks. It has been called a guerrilla mind theatre. Episkopos Randomfactor, Director of Purges of Our People's Underworld Movement sect in Larchmont, prefers "The World's Greatest Association of What-ever-it-is-that-we-are." Lady Mal thinks of it as a RENAISSANCE THINK TANK. Fang the Unwashed, WKC, won't say. You can think of it any way you like. AN EPISKOPOS OF THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY is one who prefers total autonomy, and creates his own Discordian sect as The Goddess directs him. He speaks for himself and for those that say that they like what he says. THE LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCORD: A Discordian Society Legionnaire is one who prefers not to create his own sect. If you want in on the Discordian Society then declare yourself what you wish do what you like and tell us about it or if you prefer don't. Some Episkoposes have a one-
Into My Arms...
another day lost in her smile so many things there's yet to say how much she makes me feel alive how I seem to love her more each day   so thankful that we made it thru so many trials in our short past but now we're here, against the odds we've showed them all, that we will last   my better half controls my heart for this heart beats for her alone soon, she'll be were she should be
Just Wondering...
So, here I am, a two-day member and I'm wondering if the majority of the members on this wonderfully kooky site even know that fubar is an acronym used by the military? It's normally used when someone or something is so incredibly messed up that it takes quite a bit of study before that person or thing is recognizable again. So, without prolonging the suspense... F - F**kedU - UpB - BeyondA - AllR - Recognition Now if you are reading this blog and didn't know what fubar meant before, you do now!
Guy Drowning
There's this guy and he's drowning. So. a cow walks by and says " hey do you need any help"? and the guy says " No thanks God will save me". so, the cow leaves. A couple of seconds later another cow walks by and says " do you need me to save you"? and the guy says " No thanks God will save me". so the cow leaves. The guy drowns and goes to heaven and sees God and asks Him " Why didn't you save me"?  God replied " I sent you TWO talking cows what more did you want"? .
~*the Pied Piper Beseacheth Thee*~
Dont trust the pied piper, as he beseacheth thee He's song is not as happy as it seems... The melody you seek Was never really gone, What faded once  was blackened for a reason Change isn't always  there in season.   So as the piper plays Turn your head away, release unto yourself forget his ways.   Something that was beautiful, fragile yet unique Don't play the pipers song you think you seek Let your fears free as the piper watcheth thee Never let him see what he has found As you beseach the piper, learn within his words The pipers song was never meant to be heard.   So as the piper plays Beseaching you today, Turn your head and close your eyes Now is not time for compromise Restrain from the pipers meloncholy song Whats done will be forever done
The Real Story Today
Again, this can also be found on my site, . It's still be worked on, but the postings are coming. Thanks to (so what if it’s a liberal publication) for this piece from an Iranian medical student. Read the following: “I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by decree, all riot-related injuries were supposed to be sent to military hospitals, all other hospitals were filled to the rim. Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don’t even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded or get any information from them. This morning the faculty and the stud
Have you ever noticed girls who set their handbags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot! It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes 'what you don't know will hurt you'!   Read on............. Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbagsdown on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She alwayssaid that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been.   It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may knowwhat's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside?Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to thefloor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but didyou ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day. 'I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus alot,' says one woman. 'On! The floor of my car, an
Let Me Be.....
baby please.....let me be,come on and set me free. why wont you turn loose of me,cut the ties that bind.   you say you love me....then let me spread thesewings and fly away.   one of these'll wake up, and realise you been holdin on. to what has been....but is no more.   you say you love me..... then let me spread these wings and fly away.....   baby please let me be....  
                      Gratitude  Unlocksthe fullness of life. it turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance,chaos to order,confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vison for tomorrow..  thank you all who viewed this.                                                
Ready To Spit Nails
yanno i really dont know what people have against fat people?! hell im a big girl but just because im big doesnt mean im a mean person that doesnt have feelings... one mumm was posted and it just really bothered me... but i posted a comment saying "i like being curvy" and the dude came back with "there is a difference between fat and curvy" wtf! its like this... if you dont like fat chicks... get the fook off my page and list... i dont have time for ya... i am who i am and i am loved for who i am.. i dont need the stupidity that you want to spread like a disease... people seem to foget that others out there do have feelings...
Tarot Readings
Well since it seems everything on this site can be sold or traded with fubucks and/or bling...and since my broke ass c ant afford to buy my way to a higher level,ive decided to offer tarot readings and daily oracle readings in exchange for bling or bux. one question tarot...i will need your name and birthday..if it involves another person their bday as well,along with your question..and when you send me your question,please take a minute to clear your mind and focus hard on your query. daily oracle is a bit  different than tarot..its a bit more spiritual in a one card message. i often use this when im struggling over a personal issue or something that weighs heavy in my heart.for this all i need is for you to concentrate on your issue or problem when contacting me. for the 1 question/3-6 card tarot im asking for donation of 10k fubux or a 3  credit bling. for the oracle 5k bux or 1 credit bling. i have to add for legal purposes that this is for entertainment only.i make
Band Of Brothers
One of the "Band of Brothers" soldiers died on June 17, 2009. Harvey ShackelfordWe're hearing a lot today about big splashy memorialservices. I want a nationwide memorial service for Darrell "Shifty" Powers. Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served withEasy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101stAirborne Infantry. If you've seen Band of Brothers on HBO or the History Channel, you know Shifty. His character appears in all 10 episodes, and Shifty himself is interviewed in several of them.> > I met Shifty in the Philadelphia> > airport several years ago. I didn't know who he was at> > the time. I just saw an> > elderly gentleman having trouble reading his ticket. I> > offered to help, assured> > him that he was at the right gate, and noticed the> > "Screaming Eagle",> > the symbol of the 101st Airborne, on his hat. Making conversation, I asked him if he'd been in the> > 101st Airborne or if his> > son was serving. He said quietly that he had been
Sign Up And See Where It Goes.
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So I cut myself on this rusty piece of fence earlier whilst playing some football. It's near the middle on my left  palm, so I've spent the rest of the day since trying to avoid the cut so I don't aggravate it. It's just not possible, so I found this liquid sort of healing aid stuff, supposed to stop infections and stuff, acts as a second skin so to speak.   Holy fuck that shit hurt, was worse than when I cut myself. Think iodine on an open wound x 5.   I later read that it should not be applied to open wounds....
My Mom's Birthday Wish
I am sending this out to all of my fu-friends for my mother.  If you can and want to to help, A much thank you to you.  If not, thank you for your time in reading this blog and being aware of this disease.  It could happen to you or to one of your loved ones without warning. I will be celebrating my 66th birthday on August 13th. I have been thinking about how I can give something back instead of taking something. As all of you know I have the disease of Myasthenia Grave, a Neuro muscular thing with no cure. It is kind of rare and there is not a lot of research being done. Dr. Michael Benetar at Emory Research Center in Atlanta has worked for 20 years doing research in this. He has done wonders for me. In the 2 years I have been going to him, I have improved greatly.  Now here is what I am asking each of you:   Please send me a donation, (no matter how small) and I will turn it in to Emory. If you want to make your checks to Dr. Michael Benetar Emory Research .I am sure
Well, Thursday is my 3 year anniversary here on Fubar...Been here since Lost Cherry...Lived through CherryTap...Seen many folks come and go...And here I sit...My first profile...Never deleted...What is wrong with me??!?! I must be out of my tree to still be here after all this time! 
Jagerbomb Squad (join?)
One Of My Poems.....
i need to explain the thoughts in my headi want you right here right in my bedyour the most beautiful woman ive ever seengive me a chance ill treat you like a queenill tell you every day just how special you arei know we just met but i wanna take it farill make breakfast in bed, rose pedals on sheetsas hours turn to days and days into weeksand weeks into months and months into yearsjust tell me your problems tell me your fearsand ill make u happy ill make u smileyou'll feel like you havent in a whileand ill kiss you all over from head to toeand you'll start to shiver when i go down lowthen ill kiss your knee and work up your thighsand all my neighbors will hear your sexual criesand you will feel like ur just gonna explodebut its just the beginning of this long rocky roadill take my time and do everything rightill kiss you and touch you nibble and biteyou'll love every second and when its all doneill hold you in my arms til out comes the sunand when you sleepin ill watch you and prayple
~comfortable Insanity~
  I'm unsure of my own existence. I pinch myself and all I feel is a dream that I cannot wake from. I do not exist to live, I live to exist. Always moving inside one consistent idea. I have things, but I have nothing at all. Looking inside me, I'm looking out at you. Free in a trapped world. Dying to live. Building towards, a ruined understanding. I run with no destination.  
Albert Einstein
"The World is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything." -- Albert Einstein
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The Acai berry, similar in taste to a raspberry with a hint of chocolate, helps to suppress the appetite, alleviating any excess eating.  With the nutritional value attached by means of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, acai berry is a natural way to lose weight by also boosting energy and metabolism.  The body rids itself of toxins that inhibit proper digestion, and thus eliminating foods that would otherwise be trapped in the digestive system.  Acai Berries Acai Berry UK Buy Acai  
Alaska Fishing Lodge
Relax and experience southeast Alaska like you have always wanted. Get a personal, all-inclusive resort experience unrivaled by others. Alaska Fishing Lodge
Not A Good Day At All
Not a very good day at all, I found out when my dad stopped over today that my uncle is in ICU at Munson Hospital in Traverse City after my aunt found him unconscious and he had a massive stroke on Monday night so needless to say I am worried about him and my aunt plus worried about my dad who just had outpatient heart catheterization surgery to put a stint for an artery that was 90% percent blocked so it is a very trying time here that's for sure!
Black Wings
    "Now I lay me down to sleep.I pray the Lord my soul to keep.I ask the Lord, the King of kings,Protect me from, Her Black Wings- Amen."--The desert stretches out in front of me. The hills of sand undulating, flickering in the heat, glaring back into my eyes. The air is still, no movement, nothing, like being in a vacuum. The sun beats down on me and my skin feels like it's sizzling from the heat. I raise my hand over my eyes and peer into the desert, looking for the next supply truck. I see nothing for miles. I turn around and walk back into the small village. The homes of cracked wood and mud brick squat on either side of a road that is only a road because it's between the rows of homes. People sit in the doorways, gathered in small groups; young children, women, a few men, limbs thin, faces drawn, bellies distended, skin drawn tight across their skulls with dark eyes peering out at me, looking for the bit of hope that I can bring them. I feel like a god in my clean pressed shirt
This Is Something Everyone Needs Too Know
If you care about this country but hate how its being ran pass this on tell ur friends tell ur family and every one you see.   "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, w
My Going Away Insanity :d
To CLARIFY, THIS IS AN IMAGE (photo, drawn, PS, don't care) CONTEST!!! YES Message means PM. YES link, means upload it to fu (if possible), I'm putting all the entries in a folder for the contest. And YES it is any image (preferably one you create, although I accept random brilliance you stumble Across! GOOD LUCK!!!
The Weak...
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
With all the pain that I've gone through I haven't let this destroy my soul I still know, inside, what rings true I still know to handle the cold I know who I am and what I need And I know in my soul what I deserve My pleas I replace with prayer And my heart I now preserve I push through and hang on tight Even given the lonesome nights I know what I need and I know to wait I know that you'll find me when the timing is right. I'm dreaming of that day That you come into my life Finally ready for a love this way Finally open to share this life of mine I want to walk and hold your hand And talk until we understand How right we are for each other's lives And fight together all of life's strife's I'm finally ready to open this heart I'm finally open for love to start...
Heart beating in my chest, Pain rising from deep within, I push myself to do my best, But i ask myself, why this again?? The darkness clouds my hopes and dreams, Sometimes I'm all alone, as it seems, With only my crumbling heart pushing to thrive, Forcing my mind beyond truth, making me feel alive. Nothing is impossible, I am the source of my answer, And for some reason it still haunts me like a cancer, Disappearing, only to return again, worse than before, I feel myself slipping away, ever so slowly, The thoughts rip through my mind, reopening an old sore, Crushed and in doubt, i drift away, calmly. Listeing to my heart beat fade in the distance silence, Thump thump... thump.. thump...... thump.... With the silence fulfilled, ears deafened completely, The darkness surrounds my, consuming me entirely, Loneliness befriends my soul, hiding my deeper in the abyss, Looking up, I see no more happiness, Only the pain that pushed me over the edge, How i wish my fridged fingers could have held
Stamps Collecting
I am kind, honest, understanding, generous, down to earth, open-minded, simple. I like to do anything with someone special. I understand that making a relationship always takes time and it usually starts from a friend relationship. stamps collecting sports memorabilia topical postcards old currency thematic stamps
If at first you don't succeed try try again...then give up, no use making a damn fool of yourself.If you keep poking things where they don't belong eventually they get cut off.The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but if you take care of your own backyard there's less chance of getting splinters.Stupid may be as stupid does, but stupid is smart enough to stay stupid.We spend the first two years teaching our kids to walk and talk, and the next fifteen years telling them to sit down and shut up.Love em and leave em may be a good way to live, but its also a good way to die.A good man is hard to find and keep, but a little super glue goes a long way.If you love someone set them free, if they don't come back you forgot to hook up the bungee cords.Flaunt em if you got em sounds great until your dad finds the pictures on the Internet.We all have our stupid days, you're beyond your quota.My give a damns not busted its just on selective choice mode.Standing out in the crowd i
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Is It Just Me...?
God Bless This Fallen Soldier¤t=fallensoldierjpg.gif
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Bad Intentions Lounge
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So yesterday my phone took a shit on me... Just plain ol' stopped working. Wont even turn on anymore... I havent even had this one for a month :| So if anyones tried texting me or something since, Im not getting them, its not that Im ignoring you or anything... Ok, maybe YOU Im ignoring :p
Phenomenal Women
Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Now you understan
Is changing her life. I will no longer tolerate being treated less then I deserve. I am a hardworking good mom. I love with all my heart and tired of being hurt by people with nothing better to do then try and bring others down to their sad misrable exsistance. I have real friends and the love of my family who shaped my character. I am me and if ya don't like it? See ya! Toodles! Tah tah! LOL Peace! Whats that old saying? I you cant except me at my worst? You sure the fuck don't deseve me at my best. I am over it.
Thanksgiving...nothing To Be Thankful About This Day
Well...The first day of the holiday season...And I wish I could have just skipped it...Cuz all I did was just wander thru my day...Waiting to call my dad and tell him dinner was ready and get over here and eat...Watching the girls walk out the door to go to their b/f's...The ex walking in after work...Then Ricki coming home with Payton...The only bright spot in my day *sigh* All in all...I could care less if Xmas even happens this year...If Thanksgiving was a preview...It ain't gonna be nothing to celebrate :(  
Random Thingies
Shit gets personal, are you ready?Depends on the circumstances.Cocaine, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, ecstasy, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium... How many have you done?3Does anyone not like you at the moment?Definately..I'd fart on them.When was the last time you got complimented, and what did they say?Just a few minutes ago..and nunyaHas anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?Yeah a fewDo you hate being home alone?I love it just not for prolonged periods.Plan on getting drunk or high tonight?I hate alcohol.Can you last in a relationship for 3 months?Been at it for a lot more than that.Do you hate it when people smoke around you?SometimesWould you be more likely to fail Science or Math?Math Have you kissed one person more than 20 times in 09?on the lips?Has anyone ever told you they liked you in a really sweet way?No not really..never actually.Are you under the influence of anything at the moment?CoffeeDo you REALLY love ALL your family?Not at all.Are you one of those people who
A guy traveling through Mexico on vacation lost his wallet and all of his identification. Cutting his trip short, he attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the U.S. Customs Agent at the border.  "May I see your identification, please?" asked the agent.  "I'm sorry, but I lost my wallet," replied the guy.  "Sure buddy, I hear that every day. No ID, no entry," said the agent.  "But I can prove I'm an American!" he exclaimed. "I have a picture of Ronald Reagan tattooed on one side of my butt and George Bush on the other."  "This I gotta see," replied the agent.  With that, the guy dropped his pants and showed the agent his behind.  "By golly, you're right!" exclaimed the agent. "Have a safe trip back to Chicago ."  "Thanks!" he said. "But how did you know I was from Chicago ?"  The agent replied, "I recognized Obama in the middle."
Who All Thinks That Some People Take Fumafia To Seriously Then Speak Up :d
Fu mafia is just a game,why do some people take it so seriously,my whole turf Army of Darkness was deleted and i rebuilt it.Although it wasnt my turf before,I was only a soldier,but the bosses account was appently deleted because of some arguement.Anyway who else has that kind of experience in fumafia drama?
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
This Guy Is Kinda Of Funny...
When She......
When she stares at your lips[ Kiss her ]When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you[ Grab her and dont let go ]When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]When she's quiet[ Ask her whats wrong ]When she ignores you[ Give her your attention ]When she pulls away[ Pull her back ]When you see her at her worst[ Tell her she's beautiful ]When you see her start crying[Just hold her and dont say a word ]When you see her walking[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]When she's scared[ Protect her ]When she steals your favorite hat[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]When she teases you[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]When she doesn't answer for a long time[ reassure her that everything is okay ]When she looks at you with doubt[ Back yourself up ]When she says that she likes you[ she really does more than you could understand ]When she grabs at your hands[ Hold her's and play with her finger
Girlfriend? I Don't Think So!
I totally didn't think I'd have this problem... 5 or 6 guys in one week. Now I'm gonna blog about it because I think its annoying BS. So, boys, do you really think I will jump at the chance to be your girlfriend because you were so kind to send me a one line message asking me to be your girlfriend???? How crazy are you??? And why in the world would you think any sane woman would ever say yes? I think its very sad that there are some very lonely men on here that think any woman here would love to date them. You obviously aren't getting the hint and I am learning that no matter what I say or do, you are too stupid to get it through your head. But I'll try anyway... you're a loser. Why are you looking on here for a girlfriend? You don't even try to get to know me or anything. Just see my picture and boom! I get a PM asking me to be yours. Um... you live far away. You're weird. And I don't need to date a man I've never met anyway, Get a life.
Miss America!
Real Miss America...   This 19 year old ex-cheerleader (now an Air Force Security Forces Sniper) was watching a road that led to a NATO military base when she observed a man digging by the road. She engaged the target (i.e., she shot him). It turned out he was a bomb maker for the Taliban, and he was burying an IED that was to be detonated when a  US patrol walked by 30 minutes later. It would have certainly killed and wounded several soldiers. The interesting fact of this story is the shot was measured at 725 yards. She shot him as he was bent over burying the bomb. The shot went through his butt and into the bomb which detonated; he was blown to pieces. The Air Force made a motivational poster of her: (Folks, that's a shot 25 yards longer than seven football fields!) And the last thing that came out of his mouth ... was his ass!
Three dogs are sitting in the waiting room at the vet's when they strike up a conversation The black Lab turns to the chocolate Lab and says, 'So why are you here?' The brown Lab replies, 'I'm a pisser. I piss on everything....the sofa, the curtains, the cat, the kids. But the final straw was last night when I pissed in the middle of my owner's bed.' The black Lab says , 'So what is the vet going to do?' 'Gonna cut my nuts off,' comes the reply from the chocolate Lab. 'They reckon it'll calm me down.'The black Lab then turns to the yellow lab and asks, Why are you here?' The yellow Lab says , 'I'm a digger. I dig under fences, dig up flowers and trees, I dig just for the hell of it. When I'm inside, I dig up the carpets.   But I went over the line last night when I dug a great big hole in my owners couch.' 'So what are they going to do to you?' the black Lab inquires . 'Looks like I'm losing my nuts too', the dejected yellow Lab says.The yellow Lab then turns to the black Lab and asks,
Good Afternoon, Sir!
Ah the joys of wearing a white shirt. Actually, the fun of having a recruit class next door period. Every time I walk by they snap to attention, give me a loud GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING, SIR! and don't move until I tell them to carry on or finish walking by. They have to do that pretty much anytime anyone who isn't a fellow recruit walks by. Pretty funny, actually. Think I got another perfect on my test... but after only 4 hours of sleep last night and two the night before that, I'm looking to a solid 7 tonight. Laterz all!
Fu Contest!!!! 1 Mil For Guys And Girl!
Bottom Of A Bottle...
martes, 06 de noviembre de 2007 a las 11:04 | Editar nota | Eliminar There comes a time when you have to look at the tabletop in front of you and count the bottles... empty. Drained to the fullest extent. So, on shaky legs we stand. We kindly pay our tab. We walk from the smoke and clamor, back out into a dark world.Swirling in like an import on tap, the shadows of my past have once again been placed in front of me. It's kind of funny now, looking back at who I've been... compared to who I am now. Drink. At times, these days, I often want to cry out at the top of my lungs, "WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!" I mean, honestly, this is just what I get for ever giving myself away.. haha. Drink. Nonetheless, here I sit, wondering what the path will look like when the time has come to head home. What was a straight (not-so-narrow) road... has now become a busy intersection. Red lights all around the grid. You know. That eerie anticipation, as each vehicle rolls slightly forward, as if a
Dew Teh Truffle Shuffle!
  Ever wonder what happened to Chunk from the Goonies? Me too! So I looked it up. Jeffrey Bertan Cohen (born June 25, 1974) is an American former child actor whose rose to fame at the age of eleven after appearing as Chunk in the 1985 Steven Spielberg production The Goonies. Since the part of "Chunk" entailed a lot of mockery at Cohen's considerable girth, he took up high school football and has since lost a great deal of weight as an adult. Jeff attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a B.S. in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business in 1996. While at UC Berkeley, Cohen was a resident assistant in Putnam Hall and became President of the Associated Students. His campaign posters featured a picture of himself from his Goonies days and the simple slogan, "Chunk for president". He was also known for his energy at football games, performing the now famous Truffle Shuffle on the sidelines to raise applause from the crowd. While at Berkeley, Jeff
My Way Or The Highway....
I'm thoroughly estatic Valentines is finally over.... My friends are awesome all txting me Happy V day and crap. I got myself a new necklace and a puppy. I'm soo good to me lol. Things are were going some what nice for me till about 5 yesterday this guy I know decided to ask me to come over and hang out. Not go to the movies or dinner but to go to his place. I was ok with it at first and explained I have a new puppy so all my time off whenever possible I have to have him with me. The guy is like what you can't have anytime to yourself by yourself. I'm thinking um if i'm with you i'm not by  myself. ... Mind you not even 20 mins before this conversation he was just telling me how much he loves dogs. How in the world can you love dogs so much but want me to leave my 6wk old pup behind just to "hang out".... Seriously I told him I'm going home to play with puppy feet and I'll catch up to him another time. Then i'm like wondering was I a last resort? What the hell. Why can't I have
Never Take My Bunghole
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Shamrock's Lucky Charm Now Taking Entries
Dinner Decision
A group of 40-year-old buddies discussed where they should meet for dinner.     Finally it was agreed upon that they should meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the waitress's there had low cut blouses and were very young.   10 years later at 50-years of age, the group once again discussed where they should meet for dinner. Finally it was agreed that they should meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the food there was very good and the wine selection was good also.   10 years later at 60-years of age, the group once again discussed where they should meet for dinner. Finally it was agreed that they should meet at the Ocean View restaurant because they could eat there in peace and quiet
Your Personal Oligarch.
Nothing can stop me,I kick down all barriers,I will not relent.
Just An Idea.....
Looks like fubar is looking for a new way to lay thingz out. Well wake up FUBAR STAFF! I just recently posted a blog about stacking TOOLBARS all up and down the screen. WE HAVEENUFF TOOLBARS goin across our screenz!! Herez a novel idea.....since most of our screenz now are 16:9 (wider than tall) why not put the icons for the toolbar u made and our bar tab (live feed) and the shoutbox on the SIDE of the screen! TRY THIS FOR A CHANGE!!!
La Roux - Bulletproof
Been there, done that, messed around I'm having fun don't put me down, I'll never let you sweep me off my feet, I won't let you in again, the messages I've tried to send, my informations just not going in, burnin' bridges shore to shore, I'll break away from something more, I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap, been there, done that, messed around, I'm having fun don't put me down, I'll never let you sweep me off my feet, Chorus: This time baby I'll be bulletproof This time baby I'll be bulletproof I won't let you turn around, and tell me now I'm much too proud, to walk away from something when it's dead, do do do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt?, there's certain things that should be left unsaid, tick tick tick on the watch and life's too short for me to stop, Oh baby, your time is running out, I won't let you turn around, and tell me now I'm much too proud, All you do is fill me up with doubt, Chorus: This time baby I'll be bul
I Am Pissed And There's Nothing I Can Do
      Last July my company had an abrupt and unwelcome change in management. The new management were overbearing bullies who used unethical and sometimes illegal practices to achieve unreasonable goals set by the board of directors. I found another job and quit in December. I wasnt nearly as obnoxious as I could have been but I did burn bridges with management (still friendly with previous management).       I had a party last night and invited my friends from my previous job. The bully management overheard talk of it and in a company meeting told all employees that they would be fired for socializing with former employees. None of them came. I am pissed off and sad at the same time.
Rest In Peace Grandma
I'm numb. Five minutes ago I got off the phone with my sister.  My grandmother... my last grandparent... passed away I don't even know what to do, what to say.  I am posting now... just because my mind is reeling... I am in a state of shock. I have tears, but I don't know what else to do. I am sorry... I will not be myself for a while... Rest in Peace Grandmother...
I Was Called A Futard
I was called a futard today, is that the same as a BAstard on fubar, or a REtard on fubar, I am so confused!
Can We Do That Again That thing where you crash into me that thing where our fears and hopes seem to fade where our thoughts become one and it seems as though feelings begin to flurry in the wind Can We leap in not head first but one step at a time Have Me swooning in your sense and warm embrace seems as though people have drifted from human contact and i simply just want to try and see if your real or part of a suto manufactured world So Can We ...Can We Do That Thing Again
Prayer For Strength
*looks towards the heavens and prays* please help my family and all those who are in pain and suffering, and for their family that have to go through their situations with them.. lord we all need you and we lay our lives in your hands ** dances around the room lookin at the sky** Lord help us in our times of need for you know what they are and allow is to gain strength from those of our family who have passed on before us. we love them dearly...
Am I Still Your Man?
Am I still your man?By: The One25-APRIL-2010My heart is bleeding,My life has no meaning,Everything has fallen to pieces.I have this feeling,It was great in the beginning,But now it needs a lot of healing.I have a girlfriend,She started as just a friend,Now she means more (to me) than just any woman.I cannot see,My life without thee,Won't you please contact me.I love you so,Please don't go,Just let me know...Where do we stand,In this crazy land,Tell me - am I still your man?
Hypnotist At The Senior Center
  It was  entertainment night at the Senior Center  .  Claude the  hypnotist exclaimed: "I'm here to put you into a    trance; I intend to hypnotize each and every  member of  the  audience." The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a  beautiful antique pocket watch from his  coat. "I want you each to keep your  eye on  this antique watch. It's a very special watch. It's been  in my family for six  generations"  He  began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly    chanting, "Watch the watch, watch the watch,  watch the watch. .  ."  The crowd  became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth,    light gleaming off its polished surface.  Hundreds of pairs of eyes   followed the  swaying watch, until, suddenly, it slipped from the    hypnotist's fingers and fell to the floor,  breaking into a hundred pieces.  "Shit!"  said the  Hypnotist.  It  took three days to clean up the Senior Center  .  Claude was  never invited back to  entertain.
Ffs, Really?
Really, I hate to break it to you, but not everything is about you. Other things happen that have NOTHING to do with you and people need to vent. I guess people like you, you know the vain ones, wouldn't dare think of someone else. Of course maybe it's a self-esteem problem. Do you have issues? I mean real ones where you think no one likes you all the time? Maybe they would if you wouldn't make absolutely everything about you.   Maybe you should go see a doctor and get over yourself.   I'm not saying who this is about. It could be about a person I know in real life, it could be someone I know from here, it could be about someone I've just met...Hell, maybe I'm even generalizing from a random thought. You will never know...but I can bet that if you read this and got defensive, maybe it should have written it about you.   Vent over.
Light & Dark
Every moment that passes your heart beats and life moves forward, Yourself surrounded by darkness, all you hear is destruction around you, The screams echo within your mind like bloody nails scraping across a steel Blade, each wave of tormented spine curling screams that flow through your mind Makes you want to rip your skull open to the stop the sounds. All of a sudden it all Stops, you see your loved ones down on their knees praying to be forgiven  for Their sins, you watch each on fall to the cold ground as the life drains from Their souls, you wish with all your heart that you could spare them the Suffering that they where forced to endure, you stretch out your hand to save Them but you realize that you are surrounded by a cloud of pain and despair, it Allows you not to move to help the ones you love Your would goes dark once more, everything becomes silent and you slip back into The darkness of your pain, you become confused and you ask yourself " Why do I
Who I Am (july 2007)
okay so I skipped acouple songs cause they were shyte.. so heres next in line..     Who I Am I sit behind my eyes Watching the way you make me smile I can't seem to hide  From the way you drive me wild Your kiss lingers Touch of the fingers Reminds me   (chorus) I remember who I was  Can't change the things I've done You taught me how to stand So I'm thanking you for who I am   (verse 2) I sit in your light Can't beleive I made you mine I can't resist your eyes You don't see that you shine The way you say Don't go away
  Yet another hottie    
It's Bee Awhile.... And This Has Been The Worst Year Of My Life So Far.
Well here's a quick breif and I'll bring you right into the present. So I've had a lot of bad shit happen lately. Start back in '08 my friend died after an accident on his Harely. He had severe brain damage and wasn't going to make it, he died 10-20-08, the day after his accident. I got the call when I was in my night classes for college. Then as I believe I have posted my dogs death already on here. She was a great dog and she was pretty much my world, she got hit by a car and passed 10-22-08, just two days after my friend Jeremy passed. July 2009 came around my grandmother had cancer was getting treatment and she ended up not making it either, she passed just a couple weeks before my 20th bday. My grandpa told me at the funeral not to cry because I needed to be strong for the cousin's so I've to this day never cried. If it wasn't for her cosigning for my loans I wouldn't have been able to go to college. She had a big heart she helped me. I seen her almost every single day for two ye
Its Over Devon U Dumass Fuck U Got Nothing So Y Keep Goin
u starded this shit devon u made the post now i made the war your rhymes are just a big snore, i almost fell asleep cuz your rhymes aren't deep by the time i finished them i found they were meek you need more time to develope your rhymes cuz most of your rap was the same old lines, be original like me u dumass fuck..its my turn.. I know U really dont want to fight Cause I come at ur house at nite and end ur f*ckin' life See I have a gun and u have a knife While u screamin' Please dont do it Badguy! See I'm already the best I'm better than the rest I don't need a mic check Cause I already passed the test Now u might have a vest But I'm aiming for ur neck I think u better protect If u hoping for the best See this is for my dogs But not Top Dog That bitch is stuck in the fog He can't see right from wrong Infusion is stuck in confusion And its very amusing To see him get props to rap music And he doesn't listen to it Now ain't that a disgrace To this mothafu
Green Jello - Three Little Pigs
(Spoken)Why don't you, sit right back,and I, I may tell you, a tale.A tale of three, little pigs,and a BIG, BAD, WOLFFF.Well the first little piggy, well he was kinda hick.He spent most of his days, just a dreamin of the city.And then one day, he bought a guitar.He moved to Hollywood, to become a star.But, living on the farm, he knew nothing of the city.Built his house out of straw, what a pity.And then one day, jammin on some chords,along came the wolf, knocking on his door.(Chorus)Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.NOT BY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY, CHIN, CHIN!!Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.NOT BY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY, CHIN, CHIN!!Well I'm huffin, I'm puffin, I'll blow your house in.Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.Huffin and a puffin and I'll blow your house in!!!Well the second little piggy, well he was kinda stoked.He spent most of his time just a gone just smokin.Huffin and a puffin down on Venice Beach.Getting paid money for rel
had some creepy guy following me around...i am ALMOST positive it was the same creepy guy who tried to get my number last time i went there.. seriously... if you are over 50.. with fucked up teeth... i am NOT going to be interested had 4 women ask me where i got my dress from because they loved it... i hate this dress.. it is ugly.. but super comfy and cooler than shorts and a tank because of the fabric  
Who Am I
Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? As if the life your living isn’t yours? Like you belonged to a different place, universe, even a different time period. The last 18 years of my life feels like it belonged to someone else. I wake up thinking that I’m going to find that these years where a dream. That I’m going to be someone else, someone I was originally supposed to be.   I guess its weird thinking that you are living a dream but for me this is how it’s been. Day by day, month by month and year by year I keep these feeling inside. I don’t know why but it seems like I’m where I’m not supposed to be.   Have you ever wondered if there is more than one of you? Like an alternate universe and for some odd reason you’re picking up memories or feelings about that other you? I feel as if I’m in two different places at once and the only reason I know there is something else out there is because in my subconscious mind my
Want To Join Lady D's?
Contact real MAD HATTER or CJS121727 for more details...
How To Create Unloose Graduation Announcements
College exercise is thoughtful as one of the educatee milestones in a enrollee's living and there is no think to graduation announcement wording shy about it. Actually, college students should superior about their quantification beginning by sending announcements to their house and friends. Let everyone bang that you individual to allow and complete the challenges of state a college pupil. After college quantification prospective plans are many useful, you may requirement to refrain a lot of money if you idea to wait for jobs foreign. You can ever variety college exercise announcements for somebody answer to this job is to do the announcements yourself. announcements are not a tumid chore to do as longish as you have a computer graduation announcement wording both power.· The real front travel is to actually decide for the overall look of your college graduation announcements. You can use ideas specified as a gilbertian poem nigh college aliveness, hardware lane, and an inspirational c
July 8, 2010
The Maverick Life I have never written to a blog before, but this might be the time to start. Who will find this worth reading....I have not a clue. However, if you are reading/following this...over all, I hope it is both entertaining and informative, with a laugh or 2 along the way. It's July 8, 2010...Thursday night or Friday morning, and I have been up all night again. Got off work at the casino, and stopped by a local bar for a drink or 2. Behind the bar is an attractive female, between the age of 25 and 30. She is the only female in the bar, and is shooting pool, and paying no mind to any one unless they wish a drink. Sandy Blond hair, and a slim athletic build....she is most attractive to my likings. I watch and listen and she engages others in banter and idle chats, gaining information on how I may approach her in conversation and not end up in the friends zone along with the rest of those present. I watch, listen, and I'm rewarded. She loves to dance, and likes country style
Message To All
                Humanity. Mankind. Earthlings. I have been given these words by the Creator to announce to every human being on this planet. These words will explain and reveal what the number 666 (mentioned in the Bible book of Revelations) means and who bear that number.  Also, how to get out from among those who bear it. This message is comprised of truths which every person on earth must know, so if you know how to translate this into any language which it has not yet been, you are invited to do so, please translate it for the sakes of those who have not yet heard the message. The message is important, I am not.                 First, a little background. Earthling man was created in the image of the Creator, meaning we each have the qualities of Love, Wisdom, Justice, and Power. To the extent we individually choose to exhibit those qualities, we show the image of our Creator. Our Creator also gave each of us a free will, so we can choose whether or not to be like Him. Necessary t
Whininh Wendy(kids)
In a small town there lived a little girl, to look at her you would think she was cute and very cuddly but she wasn’t. When Wendy was born her parents were so pleased she was the apple of their eye. Wendy could do nothing wrong she was a quiet baby and worked hard at nursery, but things were soon to go wrong. Wendy started to whine about anything and everything, she would whine about her or breakfast, she would whine about her clothes or going to gran’s for tea. Wendy’s parents were forever holding their fingers in their ears, just to stop the constant whining that lingered in their ears. Today everyone was going to gran’s and Wendy was already kicking up a fuss, “I don’t want to go, I hate going to gran’s she’s got gummy teeth and her breathe really smells” “Wendy” said her mum and frowned at her, but Wendy just laughed. So Wendy talked a little more “Gran’s got really hairy armpits, and she smells rea
The Free Will/motion Conundrum
 I'm drifting. It's a hell of a thing to drift through your own life. To haunt the places you've called home, to live without really living. I don't even really know how long I've been here like this. It seems like an eternity, but it can't have been more than just a few months at most. I think most people would find it boring, and it is, but in a Zen kind of way. After a while, you just sort of tune out and ponder the greater meanings. Which is what lead me to thinking about this in the first place. I guess the big question I keep asking is, “What is living?” I mean, what does it honestly take to constitute life? The more I think about it, it seems that living is progression. I've started to believe humans are more like sharks than we'd care to admit. We need to keep moving, propelling ourselves forward, or we'll die. If that's the case, does that make us mindless? Simple automatons that are active simply because we have to be? I think it does. We do the
I am sleepy as I write this blog, but I thought I would wrap up the night by updating my blogs. I don't get to write online as much as I used to, but this is one thing I love. A lot of my work now is wrapped up in photographing people at work places, buildings for their web sites, and even real estate for the real estate I thought I would do this just for fun. I am still an intermediate photographer, but the best way to become a better photographer is to practice, so I thought I would see if anyone is interested. I do a lot of business 'stuff', and my true passion is in the art of photography. I don't care if people are naked, clothed, climbing ropes, in a dungeon, hitting a is the true reason I love photography. It is the moment in time when a scene is frozen forever...and printed or put on a web page for eternity. I am still working at getting better, so I just got some new gear, read a whole lot of technical stuff on the "what if" and I think I am ready to a
For The People
I shouldn't even have to write this because it's so stupid, but I've been noticing it a lot lately and it annoys the hell out of me. I come on here because I'm bored, I like talking to people, I like laughing and goofing off and you really don't need to think much to be on here. It's a nice escape from reality and we can all use an escape sometimes. Having said that, I notice people taking stuff WAY too seriously on here (and other sites.) Sometimes, a status is just a status--there is no need to overanalyze. I put a lot of song lyrics, movie/tv quotes in my status and I get random people saying things like "whoooa I better watch out for you" or something similar.   Friends/family ranking: If you don't like the "position" you are on in someone's list, you need to log out. Plain and simple. I don't organize my list by who I like the most; it's usually by who I've known longest/talk to the most. Don't like it--delete me. Funnily enough, people who have said others were ridiculous for
And In The End We Learn We Chose What We See As Real
Time's runnin' out and I have been betrayed Gotta cast my stone into the lake (it didn't work, I didn't feel it sink in) That's all it takes my son then you are safe When the end comes, everything's okay (we take it back, you take it away) Take my skin, we're diving in It doesn't make a difference if I sink or swim Theres a line drawn thin or so they tell me I'll never know the difference if we..sink or swim! Is it real, the choices that we make (is it real) The smiles that we fake (is it real) I know it hurts but is it real The choices that we make The smiles that we fake for my own sake I know it hurts but is it... I can't help feelin' like I've been betrayed Shoulda cast that stone into the lake (stone into the lake) Chased in the wrong direction, led astray And I know you don't believe a single word you say (I can't believe that you can) Take my skin, we're diving in (we're diving in) It doesn't make a difference if I sink or swim Theres a line drawn thin or so they tell me I'l
Attention Whores
As I sit here on my bed surfing the world of Fubar, I tend to watch the Blasts every now and again. It amazes me what some people put up there. Look. I've realized that every post I've written has made me sound like an angry bitch. I'm really not one. I am simply stating what I feel is stupid. It's the honesty/bluntness part of me. I can't control it. If you don't like what I have to say, then stop reading. Not hard. Anyway! What was I talking about? ....oh right. Blasts. I can't say I'd never do one...since I do have one up there. (For another 4 1/2 hours) It was a gift...give me a break. Honestly though...It amuses me what some people would actually put on there. Are people that vain and self centered that they actually think they are awesome enough to even say half of the shit they have up there? My favorites are the ones that basically say I will love them and they will become my new obsession. Really? Me clicking your picture inside that Blast Box will do such things? If that's
Can't You See It In My Eyes
You don't know how I'm feeling.I have yet to vocalizeDesire deep inside me.Can you see it in my eyes?I tremble when I'm near youHeat travels up my thighsand I want you with an urgencyThat I just can't describe.Dare I reach out to touch you?Do you think you'd realizeHow much I want and need you?Can you see it in my eyes?I long to say, "I love you,"But am scared of your reply.Terrified like a childI've become paralyzed.The camouflaged emotionsLead to pain and silent cries.And yet I just can't tell you.Don't you see it in my eyes?Confessing through this poemMy dilemma summarized.The feeling's quite cathartic,But will lead to my demise.
Lances' Hate List #2
I hate: Girl on Girl porn, White Socks,  The Sun/heat. Shaving. Lack of Pain killers,  Girls who don't "do" oral sex, young Marines at bars,  Pennys,  Toe nails, Home-Improment Tv shows. gangmembers, ICP fans,  Board games that take an hour to set up. Depressing music/ Not-upbeat music in social situation that doesn't call for it. and you.....  
Random Musings On Life And Fu
I'm sick of being back burner around here.  I know a lot of people have things going on right now, but it's been going on for more than a few weeks. It's not just me that this is happening with, several friends and acquaintances are noticing and/or becoming part of these stats; leaving, ignoring, overall just not being friends. I should be more vocal about my opinions and feelings on this, but it's just not in my nature There again what does complaining really do? Maybe I'm just irritated that everything in my life seems to be changing but falling apart at the same time, though not to the catastrophic level at least. The situation around this place doesn't help any; I originally came here to have fun and meet people, and while I have met some really great people, there so many crappy ones here now it's getting harder and harder to come back.  I'm down to trying to talk to one or two and then "playing" secret admirer, though that holds no benefits other than killing t
My Eternal Love
Your breathe on my faceYour fingers running through my hairYour every traceI can not help but stareThe rock that holds me togetherThe heart that beats the same as my ownThe calmness in any weatherThe love that makes this house a homeThe depth of your amazing eyesThe fire for me in your smileThe everlasting truth in all the liesThe life that makes mine worthwhileMy hero in the dark nightMy protector from painMy guiding lightMy comfort in the rainI could go on forever about your loveI've become to truly believeyou were sent from aboveMy own angel, To forever love only me
Watching You By Melissa Etheridge
That's a good question Why am I standing out here alone I guess I don't know enough to come in from the rain I was watching your window From here below I think I just might stay here all day Cause I gotta do something If I can't love you I don't want to love you If I can't hold you I don't want to be thinking of you And if you don't want me I don't want to want you And if you won't see me I don't know what to do But oh keep watching you Until I see right through Oh I keep watching you You could throw me down a cigarette I smoked my last one quite a while ago No, I gave it to the man that swore he had no need You know sometimes if I listen real close I can hear the dark side of the moon And there's always yesterday's Times if I care to read And I gotta do something If I can't love you I don't want to love you If I can't hold you I don't want to be thinking of you And if you don't want me I don't want to want you And if you won't see me
Why You Need Replica Breitling Bentley Watches
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Wonderful Omega Low Cost Timepieces With The Unique People
Patek Philippe Accuracy Black Rose Gold Frame Men Watch That is a moderately valued look at from omega prestige watches, going for just around $1,More than two hundred, but like I said, it's a great high quality Switzerland observe, with the omega status, firmly behind this. There is nothing lacking, within this men s timepiece?-make great observe, an omega Choosing the optimal look at for the latest dainty and feminine hand will be challenging. These days still girls s creations arrive which has a further substantial presence in addition to a large switch or major pendant can overwhelm a nice frame, but there's expect. Raymond Weil can be a premier quality view maker and their creations usually are produced with a elegant grace and a modest sizing. Patek Philippe Accuracy Grey Rose Gold Frame Men Watch These designs for girls are built to fit the hand snug. They may be in no way as well large or large, rather the Raymond Weil sit again and watch is chic plus tra
My grandfather's hands always smelled like motor grease.Even when clean.He had dark leathery skin.Even toward the end.Last night I had a dream.Where we were cutting out saplings.He brought an axe, I asked if I could help.In the shedthere were saws, hammers, and bladesbut no second axe.How like my grandfather.But he did have a hatchet.A small, toyish thing.And it broke on my first swing.I felt no particular shame.As he cackled and resumed work.That's just how he was.So I told him he would have a heart attack soon.And that he'd survive but never quite recover.Four heart attacks actually.All in the same day.And that I would miss him.He knew. Because it had always been up to me.Strange that he'd say something to a boy so shy.So melodramatically self involved.Some days I miss him more than this.Some days I don't think of him at all.But I do know that there was sunshine when I woke up.Light that wasn't there before.
" God "
Although we may walk from him and try to do things on our own He say "my child I love you" and leads us safely home... " But God I want it this way" he often hears us say "My child I know what's best for you" and leads us on our way Then at night I'm frighten we say "Dear God help us please" He says, "My child I'm here for you, From you I'll never leave " Then we say "THANK YOU GOD" for being here for me I will tell the people of this earth you'll always be !!!
[let's Talk About Something Else]
Geeze its a bloggy day.I think its the research, writing, and reading.Work an hour, take an hour off kinda thing.I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and yes there's free downloadable and browseable versions of the book up onlineand yes, I'm still opposed to digital books.But its snowing outside and I has a trapped. on my gouf is trodding along, I also now have a fuckload of spare plaplate to play with as I cut a strip of .25 mm off (and I have a bunch of .4 from previous applications) sitting around.Just putting a few geometric doodads on the surface can really make a model pop with doodads and widgets.I think I'm gonna add some armor plates (very thin granted) to the shoulders, waist and maybe breastplate.You can even do this effect that's very similar to an antique chest/door hinge with a little quadralateral figure and a rod against another quad.I..really don't want to cut any more circular shapes though.Bordering on
Worst Thing Someone Can Say To You
The worst thing, anyone, that you really like, can possibly say to you is, "you're a really great person, you have everything anyone could ask for, you will make someone very happy some day"... what the hell? if you think that much of "me" to say that, then why do i gotta wait till "someday" to make someone happy? why cant i make you happy now? where's the sense in that.
Not Always Right | Bad Data, Good Outcome
Tech Support | Seattle, WA, USA Client: “My printer keeps printing junk.” Me: “You have to turn off the computer and the printer, then turn on the computer first.” Client: “Okay.” *pause* Client: “It’s still wrong.” Me: “Did you restart the computer first?” Client: “No.” Me: “Why not?” Client: “The computer is too far away. It saves time if I just turn the printer off and on.” Me: “That won’t fix the problem.” Client: “I don’t see why not. I don’t have time to go back and forth.” (We go through the procedure several times, with the client short cutting the directions each time.) Me: “Okay, I think I know what to do. There is bad data in your cable.” Client: “Oh. How do I get it out?” Me: “First, turn everything off. Then disconnect the cable.” Client: “Okay.” Me: “Lay the
Toy Shopping
"I have a surprise for you..." I say as I open the door. I pull you inside and brush my lips against yours. "I'm driving." Usually, you drive, the truck's sexy, but I want to make an impression that only a little red car can do. I think you figure out where we're going when we're half way there. I notice you fidgeting next to me and I can tell you're thinking about that conversation we had a few weeks ago. I have this fantasy... I take your hand in mine and place them both on my thigh. This gets an askance glance. I slide your hand higher and part my legs just a little. I smile and you relax. I meet you behind the car in the parking lot of Centerfolds. I pull you to me and back against the car. My hands slide down your back to your ass, pulling you into me and pinning me against the warm metal. I want you. Your breath comes short. I break off the kiss and whisper "Do you trust me?" in your ear. Taking your hand, I pull you towards the little store. We pass through the met
Inspired By Del T... Giggles
she feels around with her hands, in this tight, dark space trying to figure out where she is when the realization hits soft cushiony feel beneath her hard surface on all remaining sides musty smell she's been cast out forgotten burried left for dead she screams as loud as she can  kicking and beating on the lid of her casket but no commotion breaks through to the surface and the lid does not budge no one is there to rescue her the only thing gained by her struggles, is the blood slowly flowing down her arms the warm, sticky, trickling of her own blood
Bar Joke
A dog, cat and mouse was sitting at a bar. Now, the poor mouse, notices the cat eyeing him, while he orders. Finally, looking at the cat, he asked "If I tell the dog to leaveyou alone will you promise not to eat me?" The cat shrugged and said, "Sure."  The mouse jumped up onto the bar and ordered another shot. Afteer downing it, he swaggered and planted his paws onto his hips in front of the dog. "I want you to leave the cat alone." Now, this dog was a Great Dane. The dog looks at the mouse, looks at the cat, looks at the mouse and 'GULP' sallows the mouse. The moral of the story is: Don't mess with the big dog just because the pussy looking at you strange.
You Are Fired
Bad Day At The Beauty Salon by Maggie Estep(1962-present) I was a 20 year old unemployed receptionist withdyed orange dreadlocks sprouting out of my skull. I needed a job, but first,I needed a haircut.So I head for this beauty salon on Avenue B.I'm gonna get a hairdo.I'm gonna look just like those hot Spanish haircut models, become brownand bodacious, grow some 7 inch fingernails painted bitch red and rakethem down the chalkboard of the job market's soul.So I go in the beauty salon.This beautiful Puerto Rican girl in tight white spandex and a push-up brasits me down and starts chopping my hair:"Girlfriend," she says, "what the hell you got growing outtayour head there, what is that, hair implants? Yuck, you want me to touchthat shit, whadya got in there, sandwiches?"I just go: "I'm sorry."She starts snipping my carefully cultivated Johnny Lydon post-Pistols hairdo.My foul little dreadlocks are flying around all over the place but I'mnot looking in the mirror cause I just don't want to
[the Hook Is A Lie]
As long as I sing with inflection...   Ah crap, this thing still does the f*cking double space thing. uuh anyway- this laptop went down hard and fast moreso than a thai hooker on payday. Look- what it boils down to is this. The Blues. Its good music. Fuck you.   My Full Armor Gundam is almost built, and I need to seriously consider disconnecting my utilities, and grabbing what few valuables I have- and setting up a slightly more complete base here with the folks. Sucks. But whatever, two paychecks in and I've probably got enough to shack up somewhere else. The issue of course being getting those two paychecks.   Yeap.   I also got some horrible superflu for about 26 hours. I was in a lot of pain. Like... top 5 worsts. And I've seen some crazy shit in my day. Do I want to live with my parents? Fuck no. Do I want to live ANYWHERE but Topeka? Yes. Lesser of two evils.   I dunno, the issue of masters degrees and other crazy shit keeps popping up. I need somewhere
Crazy Ernie
Running Out Of Air
    Apr.10th,2004 | 11:10 pm     Everything that was, is now gone. She stared sadly at the past, wishing and wanting. Everytime she touched it she felt the warmth leave, she felt the softness turn hard.It would never be the same. and she had to accept that. The sweetness was gone and it left a bitter lonely taste. She craved it, if not needed it back. She knew the future would hold better days. She knew it was all for the best. That didnt make it any better tho. The presant was just too hard. It held too many tears. It pulled her down and tired to drown her. If she could only hold her breath a little longer....
TimeSo little and so muchToday is all the time in the worldTommarow is wondering where time wentSecond, minutes, hours, daysLost to what?Lost at all?Spent poorly or wisely?Distant whisper of the pastLoud roar of the futureThe present moment forever tickingTimeMake something
Hearts In Shadow
Looking into the mirror the face there turns away, not wanting to see the disgusting image.  Beating against the glass in hopes of a response is the shell of one forgotten, desperatly wanting to be heard through screams never heard. One final blow and glass shatters, shards fall to the blackened floor below.  Blood streaked hands reach for glass to remove the offending image, with meticulious precision the surgeon does the work at hand.  Rivers of blood wash across the floor, shards dropping down to seek another home. Piercing lower flesh and slicing deep, guts spill forth to greet the morn.  Fingers tremble reach within; to stretch and pull a muted chord, with bow in hand the musician plays. A lonesome melody comes forth from them, telling a story of hearts no longer bold. Body slumps forth; eyes pierced with shards, echoing of eyes forgotten how to cry.
Pass It Around
A man stands alone, on the side of the street. Dirty and cold, no shoes on his feet. People pass him by, without a single glance. He’s easily dismissed, doesn’t stand a chance. I bet he was once, someone who mattered. Then something happened, caused him to shatter. What is his story? I want to know. What makes him stand out there, barefoot in the snow? His eyes are heavy, something happened to this man. Why doesn’t anyone care, or want to understand? I look all around me, and the shoes I am wearing. Then I pull over, can’t help caring. I have been blessed, so I’ll pass it around. Give him a ride, to the shelter in town.
Awaken By: ???
Play The Role ©
Ever dated a woman with wild fetishes? Have you ever had a woman teach you things you didn’t know you had no clue of?  Well hell I’ve been with my girlfriend Ashley for two and a half years. I, as a man, had never considered new sexual activities to be an option with my no- nonsense, straight face girlfriend. She is a stringent lawyer working for one of the biggest law firms in the city and she has always been no-nonsense in the bedroom as well. She likes what she likes and she makes it crystal clear. It threw me off when she came home from work and told me she wanted to show me something that she never had the guts to show anyone before. I had no idea of what it was until she came out of the shower and put on another work suit from the closet. With her button up jacket and her office skirt on she sat me down on the bed and told me I was a falsely convicted felon on trial and that she had to save my life before I was put into prison for a term of life. She then asked that I
In our journey from the cradle to the grave many faces and places pass before us. They come and go every second of our life in dreams, on the street, at work, even in our homes. You may be asking yourself “What about it?” I look back on my life and the faces and places of my past. Some are long forgotten and others who I will never forget even though they passed long ago. Those who touch you in such a manner that you cannot get them out of your mind are rare. It is hard to find someone who can leave that kind of impression on you after having met them in person. If they can do it online with just a few words in an IM or PM, then all I can say is wow! Thanks to Fubar many more faces have passed before me than could ever be possible in my normal life. Thank you ‘Baby J’ for that. I have been touched by the friendship of many people. Some I will never forget even though they are gone form the site. One of those people on Fubar has put a smile on my face and a hitch
Chariles Manson
look down at me you will see a fool,look up at me and you will see your lord.look straight at me you will see yourself 
Grocery List
GROCERY LIST Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries. She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and they needed food.John Longhouse, the grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store at once. Visualizing the family needs, she said: 'Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can.'John told her he could not give her credit, since she did not have a charge account at his store. Standing beside the counter was a customer who overheard the conversation between the two The customer walked forward and told the grocer that he would stand good for whatever she needed for her family. The grocer said in a very reluctant voice, 'Do you have a grocery list?' Louise replied, 'Yes sir.' 'O.K' he said, 'put your grocery list on the
Assured Packing And Moving In Gurgaon
  Shifting is a very tiresome procedure as it makes people stressful. There are two kinds of relocation - residential relocation and commercial relocation. Residential shifting includes home shifting and household shifting. Commercial relocation comprise with corporate relocation shop shifting, industrial goods shifting, office shifting, business relocation etc. Both relocation circumstances whether residential or commercial make people worried. To avoid such kind of stress people must take the assistance of moving companies. There are many companies present in market that offer best services to make the move easy and cozy. People can hire their required services easily by making a call to them. These professionals never do any kind of mistake as they know that even a small mistake may create a big blunder. The professionals of these companies never disturb their clients and in a proper manner they complete the whole task. Workers put their best efforts to make their customers relax.
I'm A Phoenix Apparently ...
You are a phoenix at heart; you display a fiery and passionate soul within. In mythology, the phoenix is considered as one of the strongest and most feared creaturesall throughout history. The phoenix personality represents a very lively, passionate personwho often is... not afraid to show their true feelings and stand for what they believe in. Although they might not get along with everyone, a phoenix is sure to stand out from the crowd and bring a warm atmosphere with them. Often very artistic, a person whose spirit represents the phoenix is not afraid to express themselves and their feelings. The phoenix is powerful and will not back down from the things they put their faith in aswell as will fight by the sides of their friends until the end of time. Although sometimes they may get hurt, a phoenix always finds the will and strength to rise back up. In relationships, they are romantic lovers and always follow their heart. If you look into their eyes, they are often wild and vivi
About Me
im 42 year old man live in pottstown pa and i like to have fun fishing hunting and just spending time with the one i love. just havent found the right one for me 
Got Alot On My Mind...
I miss my mom alot today. :( I've had people tell me it'd get easier with time....but they're full of shit! People that have never lost anyone close to them are the ones that say what do you know? Nothing! It doesn't get easier with time or just gets different. The pain is always there...its just some days it hurts more to where I realize the pain is still here. It never gets easy, there's always something that makes me wish she was still here & how it hurts that she isn't.
Vacation Time :)
As many of you are well aware of - my husband is in Afghanistan until late October/November and I've been using Fu to occupy my mind. However, within the next month or so - I will be travelling, A LOT and will not have time for Fu. I'm done playing the rank game for a while, but will have my sis turn on the occasional famp for my fam. Y'all can feel free to remove me from your fams in the meantime - I won't be upset over it(:. Those of you I love and care for have my personal cell number and or yim sn and I will be keeping in touch with you. It's been fun y'all, thank you for all the crazy love lately(: Stay beautiful
Adopt Puppys
Creating Friendly Environment Through Pest Control
A healthy environment is important for all of us as we all want to live in healthy environment. One way to get a healthy environment is to clear your house of place from pests. Pests Control Services help you to achieve this objective. Pest Control Services through their various methods and techniques keeps you place free of pests. Insects, bugs, mosquitoes ants are the few types of Pests. Pests are the species that can really make are life miserable. Pests ruin our goods, can invite serious disease and also they can cause potential damage to our precious goods and furniture. Pest Control Services are more prevalent in major cities. People are more interested in taking help of Pest Control Services for making their house, office, factories and places free from pests.  There are various companies offering services for pest control Noida and pest control in Delhi.   Pest Control Techniques The most common technique for pest control is the use of sprays. This is one of the most common
Nepal Adventure Paradise And Its Exhilaration Holiday Trip
Nepal is a small country with striking wonderful tourist attractions located in the southern part of Asia interlocked in between Tibet and India. It is one of the most fascinated and interesting country with vibrant rich culture and heritage. It contains eight of the world’s ten highest peaks including Mount Everest which is considered to be the tallest peak in the world is perfected set on this amazing tourist fascinating hill station. This country is one of the best sought out site for adventure thrills of exploring magnificent intricate crafts and diverse vibrant culture pulsating in it couple with its spectacular scenery that attracts millions of holiday escapers and many other fun seekers. Some of the top attractive outstanding tourist places in Nepal are given below: Kathmandu It is one of the most attractive site of Nepal and the main capital city of the country. It is one of the most interest places which experience the most massive migration from different parts o
i dont normal quote or give credit to those who make me laugh about the stupid things but i have to in this instance, it was something said to me via skype pnut you do realise we are arguing about wether or not i'm arguing with you... quoted from jason
Domain Name Registration With A Wrong Provider
After registration, many domain providers will give you a limited degree of control and access to the domain name, which is also for your domain hosting. However, they can keep full control and ownership of your domain name itself. It's well and good if you are having a relatively good experience with your chosen registrar for your domain hosting and domain name needs, otherwise they will do fraudulent. But if you are not unhappy with them and decide to cancel or transfer, then that's where the unwanted problem might occur. So try to select a good registrar who are providing best register domain name and web hosting in India. Nowadays you are virtually agree to provider's terms and the conditions, which you sign up with them. Depends on the circumstances and the terms, they can block you access to your domain name and even prevent you from transferring it to the another provider of your choice. If that happens, then you can't move to the next step. It can potentially cost of time, a
A Secret Code To Successful Relationships
Wow! You are getting this information at no cost. Free of charge. I charge thousands for my counselling sessions and have decided to share this advise with people like you. This information is powerful. Many relationships have blossomed through my counselling, and these are parts of the nuggets I share in my sessions. Now, what you need to do is go to the webpage below and get yourself a copy of your choice on my website as a thank you for sharing this information. The information you are about to read will no doubt prosper your relationships.  Why do relationships fail? Relationships revolves around needs. Met needs. If needs are met, relationships function. If needs are not met, relationships malfunctions. If needs controls the nature of relationships, it then become pivotal to study the needs. So, what are those needs? Female Needs:  i. affection ii. conversation iii. honesty and openness iv. financial support (an account just for her) v. family commitment (not competing with the ma
Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones
10. Inner ThighsThe inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Just like the back of the knees, inner thighs also have many nerve endings, therefore when you fondle them, you will turn her on like crazy.Remember not to bite because the area is very sensitive and doing so would only cause her mild pain, which will, in turn, cause you plenty of pain.9. Behind the KneesBecause of all the nerve endings behind the knees, you'd be surprised at how crazy a woman can become when you gently lick or nibble on the back of her knees.Be careful not to overdo it -- the area, after all, is very sensitive and you must be careful not to make the sensation annoying by getting too rough or tickling her too much.8. ButtocksYes, it's true. Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. A lot of women like mild spanking and squeezing of the buttocks. But there's more...Some women like having their butts licked, sucked and penetrated (with fingers, penis or b
Cell Phone Bill. When Do U Stop Paying?
When should you stop paying ur child cell phone bill?
Being Red..
I'm red!!!   Where do I start.. What a week it's been.. I never actually thought I could do it.. I'm amazed at the people who stood by my side to do it.. Sometimes u never really realize how many people are in your corner til you try to do something u've always wanted to do.. Theres so many people to thank and I'm not gonna name names cause I know I'd forget someone, and then I'd feel so bad!! I just want to say a big shout out to everyone.. Everyone who let me buy into there family,traded & even some who added me for free and kept me until my journey was over! Thank you to the ones who was there just when I needed to be reassured that I could actually do it!! They pushed me not to give up and told me how great I was doing.. That means so much to me more than u will ever know!!   Thank you to the ones that helped with a few things that I needed to continue on my journey and I hope I already said thank you enough but THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart.. Some people want to b
What I Want
I want i freaky asz chick that loves too talk dirty and is sexy skiny and who loves romance n is truthful n not a hoe 
流离颠沛 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,干部市场, 看了新闻联播暗示,王小丫,栗坤,你俩在全国领导干部交易市场的比例占多大。你俩所占交易份额是在, 县团级领导干部交易市场,占的比例多大? 地市级领导干部交易市场,占的比例多大? 省
One of the biggest blasphemies made by christians is the representation of the serpent as an evil, malicious, deadly enemy. NO. Truth is the serpent is a most sacred symbol, and predates christianity by thousands of years. Held sacred in many ancient parts of the world... It represents the Kundalini force at the base of the spine. When the serpent is activated through power meditation and specific exercises, it ascends through the seven chakras, bringing intense awareness, enlightenment, psychic powers, etc. It represents the chi, the life force, the DNA. The hooded cobra, seen in many ancient carvings and paintings in Egypt, symbolizes the resulting expanded consciousness of raising the serpent. This is the TRUE foundation of Satanism. Raising the serpent. Those who are successful in raising the energy are on a much higher spiritual level. In ancient Sumerian mythology, the God Enki, is represented by the serpent. He was the Sumerian God of science, engineering, lovemaking, music, an
Why The Wcw Thunder Video Game Sucks
One of the main reasons WCW Thunder sucks is because of an easy way to beat your opponent in like, under a minute! You just have to grapple him (which actually does damage to wrestlers in the game) knock him down, and 1, 2, 3! Voila! You just manhandled the AI like Goldberg! No wonder not even The Giant (now wrestling in WWE under the name The Big Slow, I mean The Big Blow, I mean, whatever!) The only thing that I can guarantee you from this game is a lot of (if any) money blown out of people's bank accounts! xD
The Rain
I think today i'll walk in the rain it doesn't discriminate  it cleanses my mind hides my tears feels nice against my skin smells fresh and clean  drowns my sorrow  allows me to think it doesn't put me down yea, I think i'll walk in the rain....
It Amazes Me
Who knew that 6 years ago when this was Lost Cherry I would end up meeting my Furutre Husband, It's weird to me but hey, Life sure has a funny way of doing things. He's amazing. ♥
How To Tie A Tie In 10 Easy Steps
To tie a normal tie in the shape of a triangle just isn't as simple as you may think. You need train to do it properly. So if you're excellent in tying it, the particular magnificence of your outfit is improved significantly. However, there is no such thing as the cost-free meal. Prior to going directly into the guidelines, why don't we examine some information on a necktie. We can describe it as a neck-wear, usually used by adult males. A neck tie is definitely a long and thinner part of men clothes, specifically meant to wear it on the neck. A neck tie is probably the most frequently used business office clothes all over the world. Even though it is usually worn in an business, most people apply it as standard trend too.DirectionsThe Half-Windsor KnotThe next simple steps are definitely the easiest. Make sure you tend not to neglect any one of these. Phase 1: Opt for an attractive tie and set it round the collar. Make sure, that your broader ending of your tie lengthens in the direct
Go To Sleep My Child
As he walks down the hall and hides behind the door waiting for her in a dark room. She walks in her room jump on her bed and feels his hands on her and he whispers in her ear go to sleep my child and not say a word. She lays still words not come from her lips as they turn blue his hands are all over her this is the night she faded in the bed. She looks out the window making picture show in her head so she not there. It was only Min's but seemed like hr.s he walked out of her room and said go to sleep my child don't say a word no one will believe you it was just a picture show it was all in your head.            bY Christine   
覆亡无日 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,没有美元 1,喜讯 对2011年11月21日,中国中央银行公布数据分析:本来是对我炫耀的:人民币要贬值了。 可是,我看后是:喜讯!喜讯! 央行在离岸市场大量抛售人民币,回购美元已经无法持续,已经在抛售完本
Mulberry Latest Handbag Not To Mention Contemporary
Mulberry Outlet situated in Hong Kong tsimshatsui harbour destination stow treat seems to have enormous new development, not to mention go on to a bigger and others smart standing. Latest stow continues discovered in the neighborhood, not to mention concerning Nov check out, formally rev. Market place. Latest part draw incredible new development home design, an excellent rewards in the Mulberry latest show, time honored not to mention reasonably limited variant services. Latest portion of 3340 sq . ft ., cutting edge interior design buy treat Mulberry showcase of this recent services, bit keep in mind in no way 2011 qiu dong a line fashion accessories not to mention garment. Latest stow develop drive proceeds from The uk Latest Join Street's flagship establishments not to mention San francisco Our warmer tempuratures St stow, but more need a lot of unique develop not to mention deal. A good solid stow on a VIP wonderful convention location "The Burial container, inches convention fro
  四,鸠占鹊巢 1,诛杀正宗 (1)第一阶段: 击杀江青: 对内关监: 1991年月5月14日凌晨,江青在被判刑关入秦城监狱10年之后,再也看不到希望了,于是在夜深人静的时候,她悄悄地为自己梳洗了一番,然后穿上一身干净的衣服,将自己的床单撕碎成布条,系于床栏上,躯体横卧着,就这
 i think fubar should lower the level to move up and it not fair to any of us to do all of what they want
De Slim Fit Camisas De Vestir
Camisas de vestir eran antes un monopolio de altos funcionarios, empresarios y otros hombres que pertenecen a la clase similar. Sin embargo, en los últimos tiempos, los hombres de todas las edades y clases han abrazado camisas de vestir de su última declaración de estilo. Camisas de vestir, sustituirlos por otros especialmente delgados y parecen absolutamente elegante y con estilo. Algunas compañías corporativos incluso han hecho camisas de vestir una parte de su código de vestimenta. Así que, en caso de que desee hacer alarde de su atlético incorporado o desean mirar apuesto, delgado camisas de vestir de ajuste son un camino a seguir.-ropa de hombre barata De Slim Fit camisas de vestir para hombres Delgadas camisas de ajuste para los hombres son diferentes de las camisas de vestir normales, de manera que están más estrechamente equipado, acentuando así su incorporado muscular. Camisas de vestir normales salga de una habitación de 4 a 7 pulgadas en el pecho mientras slim
  (五),私欲  那到底是什么原因造成如此惨烈的事故呢?  中国现在的现实的实际情况是,全国各个地方的经济和社会发展的情况以及各个地方的各种各样项目的情况经过中国特色社会主义的集中,全部集中到党中央,再经过中国特色社会主义的集中,即全部集中到中国卡扎菲一个人
New Life With Friends On Here
Apple Udid Deprecation
Last August, the iOS developer community discovered a small change with potentially large implications that came with the introduction of iOS 5.0: the deprecation of the UDID. The UDID is a highly used unique identifier for each iOS device; somewhat like a social security number for your phone or tablet. UDIDs are widely used in the context of creating and distributing ad-hoc, beta builds. However, there have been a number of security and privacy concerns raised once it was found that this identifier was being used for many other purposes. To address these concerns Apple has given a new alternative, the UUID, and as of late has been urging more and more developers to expedite the replacement of the UDID in their apps. Some reports indicate that Apple is starting to actually reject apps that reference UDIDs. From the iOS 5.0 release notes: Deprecated in iOS 5.0 uniqueIdentifier An alphanumeric string unique to each device based on various hardware details. (read-only) (Depr
(五)冒名顶替给自己延寿 1,似是而非 说不仅的偷梁换柱,说不仅的阴险狡诈,说不尽的冒名顶替,无穷无尽的似是而非的提拔,无穷无尽的似是而非的动作,无穷无尽的似是而非的事情,结果全部都是东窗事发: 一尘不染香到骨, 姑射仙人风露身。 ---------------———————————-------------
Feels Like Rain
Feels Like Rain Down here the river meets the seaIn the sticky heat I feel ya' open up to meLove comes out of nowhere baby, like a hurricaneAnd it feels like rain   Lying underneath the stars lying next to youI'm wondering who you are How do you do?The clouds blow in across the moonThe wind howls out your nameFeels like rain   We ain't never gonna make that bridge tonightAcross lake PonchartrainAnd it feels like rain   Batten down the hatches, BabyBut keep your heart out on your sleeveIt looks like we're in for stormy weather, that's no cause for us to leaveJust lie here in my armsLet it wash away the painFeels like rain   Can you feel it? Let your love flow....
Lodha Casa Rio Gold 1, 2 Bhk Residential Apartments At Dombivali Mumbai
Lodha Casa Rio Gold Dombivali Mumbai  Casa Rio Gold is a Matchless project introduced by Lodha Group Lodha located at Dombivali Mumbai. Casa Rio Gold by Lodha offer 1 and 2 bhk luxury apartment at an affordable price. Lodha Casa Rio Gold is a green haven on the city ideally located on the most premium part along the riverside Dombivali, Mumbai and offers quick and easy access to Nilje Station ensuring the best of all worlds for its residents. Lodha Casa Rio Gold offering the best possible lifestyle for its residents within the home. Defining the home with their own private home theatre rooms to garden homes with their own private garden, life has never been so luxurious.Lodha Casa Rio Gold has 22 Storey Towers stand tallest and also offer endless views of the river and surrounding hills widely spread across 150 acres of landscape. The fittings and finishes at Lodha Casa Rio Gold take each residence to a new level of lavishness that becomes a part of the li
Got Ourselves A 3-1 Lead. Id Much Rather Be In The Position Were In." Chicago Has Now Played Seven Straight Overtime Playoff Games, Including The
MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Brewers starter Zack Greinke has been scratched from his scheduled start against the St. Troy Polamalu White Jersey . Louis Cardinals on Wednesday. The 2009 American League Cy Young award winner has been the subject of trade speculation, but there was no immediate indication that he had been traded or sustained any significant injury. Brewers manager Ron Roenicke is expected to address Greinkes status before Monday nights game against the Cardinals. Tyler Thornburg will start in Greinkes place. Greinke is coming off a rare stretch of three straight starts for the Brewers. He was ejected in the first inning of a July 7 start in Houston, pitched again the next day, then started Milwaukees first game after the All-Star break. But Greinke gave up 10 runs in eight-plus innings during those starts. Troy Polamalu Pink Jersey . The Wild had opened the summer hoping to land one of the two biggest prizes on the market -- either Suter or forward Zach Parise -- to bolster a
Personal Liberty Vs Gun Control
Bob Livingston of Personal Leberty Digest says: December 19, 2012 at 10:59 am Dear Flashy, Two days ago I posed a question to you. It was as follows:“Given the fact that it is one’s inalienable right to own guns, and given that the Founders agreed that the Constitution should specifically ensure that that right could not be taken away by government, and given the fact that there are about 310 million non-military guns in the U.S., and given the fact that, according to Gallup, nearly half of all U.S. households own at least one gun, and given the fact that at least half of all those polled believed upholding the right to own guns was important, and given the fact that Connecticut has the fifth most stringent gun laws in the U.S. (according to the Brady Center), and given the fact that the most recent school shooter broke no fewer than six laws before he began shooting school children (including laws against being under 21 in possession of a handgun and in possession of a
How To Choose And Purchase Wholesale Nfl Jerseysantonio Gates
     Sizes can be a concerning part to the jerseys and nearly all sizes can be purchased. NFL stores know that fans need different sizes therefore do the members in youth, high school graduation, and college leagues. If fans want genuine jerseys, then they will get them as opposed to have to be happy with replicas. NFL players jerseys many different games, different teams of numerous districts cheap nfl jerseys available at NFL stores.The NFL considered the institution Football League a significant part from it since that is certainly the place that the players come from. Many districts create great players. These teams prefer personalized jerseys for the children as they like stand apart from their competitors. Fabric can also be couple of concern for the children. Because of this, additional care is taken for them.   Only two NBA teams have a very great name to match a fantastic uniform: the Celtics as well as the Lakers. The Lakers qualify because their name (besides t
Piers Morgan, Friend Of Drone Assassin Obama, Calls Alex Jones “scary”
CNN host is best buddies with man whose drone strikes have killed 200 children Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJanuary 8, 2013 Piers Morgan – who regularly hangs out with the architect of drone strikes which have killed almost 200 children – really took the biscuit when he called Alex Jones “scary” in a Politico interview following last night’s already infamous CNN confrontation. Morgan, who has cited the deaths of 20 children in the Sandy Hook school massacre to push for gun control, is best buddies with Barack Obama and regularly attends White House functions in which he is photographed with the President. Yet Obama has personally ordered drone strikes which have killed thousands of innocent people, including nearly 200 children. Last time I checked, Morgan wasn’t calling for “drone control” in order to save the lives of innocent kids slaughtered in cold blood by order of his friend in the Oval Office. In a Politico interview relea
Services Regarding Optical Stores And Also Retailers
 Services regarding Optical Stores and also Retailers There are numerous solutions provided by Ok Area to prevent stores. These services promise a consumer by no means leaves the shop unsatisfied. Visual shops are famous for their own services of supplying quality spectacles and phone lens. These kind of shops carry out just about all type of visual wants. Whether it be sun shades, extravagant goggles, electrical power glasses or contact lenses, these kind of stores would be the supreme destination for almost all Buy Oakley Sunglasses . Spending budget are likely to be operate by equally entrepreneur as well as Oakley Sunglasses. These stores will also be backed as well as advised through many eye specialists. These kind of retailers have a wide range involving models as well as manufacturers to ensure an individual never runs out of choices when scouting for ijnbgrda. There are several providers that are furnished by these kinds of outlets. The help furnished by Ok Area optical retail
Random Thoughts.
sitting here talking with my aunt. honestly i dont think she really understands me. shes upset that i met my boyfriend online. she wants me to try and meet someone in real life, but i just dont have that in me. i dont have that kind of courage, to be rejected face-to-face. i cant be who i really am in real life, ive worn the masks for far to long. its only online that i can truly be me. even with my aunt, i wear a mask, keep things hidden. most of the time, i hate myself. for being overweight, for being shy, for having the problems i have. but online, none of that matters. i dont know if anyone reads these, probally not. but i needed to let this all out. 
1/2 Hours Before The
OAKLAND, Calif. White Ray Rice Jersey . -- Brandon Rush is back where he wanted to be all along. Rush agreed to an $8 million, two-year deal Tuesday to stay with the Golden State Warriors after becoming the teams most reliable reserve last season. Rushs agent, Mark Bartelstein, said the second year of the contract is a player option. The deal is pending a physical that Rush will take in the next few days. "Hes thrilled," Bartelstein said. "He had a terrific season with the Warriors. He loves playing for Mark Jackson and he made it clear to me from the beginning of free agency that this is where he wanted to be." The signing highlights a busy two days for Golden States front office. The Warriors agreed to sign free agent power forward Carl Landry -- also represented by Bartelstein -- on Monday. That deal is also worth about $8 million over two years with a player option for the second season. Both moves solidify the bench and likely Golden States roster. The Warriors now have 15 players
Look At It Today, So Were
MARIETTA, Ga. Elite Roddy White Jersey . -- Police say boxer Paul Williams was driving his modified sport motorcycle too fast for conditions when he crashed into an embankment. His manager, George Peterson, said the boxer was paralyzed and has no movement from the waist down after Sundays crash in Marietta, northwest of Atlanta. Peterson said the 30-year-old athlete severed his spinal cord after falling on his back and head when he was thrown from his motorcycle. Marietta police said in a statement Tuesday morning Williams was driving at a high rate of speed which was too fast for conditions. Police say he could not negotiate a curve, and the bike slammed into the embankment. Williams, a fighter known as "The Punisher," is from Aiken, S.C. He was in the Atlanta area to attend his brothers wedding. Limited Tony Gonzalez Jersey . Teixeira was down to bat fifth and play first base in Monday nights game against Boston, the start of a three-game series that is to end the regular season. Gon
Advantage, Trading A Series Of
ST. Kyle Williams Jersey . LOUIS -- When the first five San Diego Padres reached safely, it looked as if itd be a long night for rookie Lance Lynn. The St. Louis Cardinals pitcher showed veteran presence after that. Lynn came back with five scoreless innings after a three-run first Wednesday night and the Cardinals beat the San Diego Padres and former St. Louis post-season star Jeff Suppan 6-3 for a three-game sweep. At 7-1, the 25-year-old right-hander is tied with the Phillies Cole Hamels for the major league victory lead. "When you give it up, you cant keep giving it up or its going to be a long night," Lynn said. "You dont have to change your approach, you just have to grind more, concentrate more, dig deep and make a pitch when it matters." Lynn entered the season with one career victory, and didnt seem overly impressed with his total this year. "Weve got seven wins when Im pitching," he said. "Thats all that matters." Carlos Beltran hit his NL-leading 14th home run for the go-ahe
All She Could Think
 “ All that she could think was that she needed him. She needed his arms around her, needed him to hold her and whisper that they'd find a way to be together.                     ”
A Friends Pic Lol
Her  look makes you wonder,To the left over there?Could it be a friend,Who had to run somewhere?Did she leave something behind,That really sended you both apart.Hope your O.k because from your look,It was a really powerful fart..Sorry my bad
Happy Valentines
 would like to thank all who  help me in contest most rate... pls. to all who have not rate yet pls. its take a minutes to check it and dont forget to rate pls. leave comments too THANK YOU !       LINK :   OR COPY PASTE THIS XO THANK YOU ! HAPPY VALENTINES ADVANCE!
Culture Geek : Quand Le Vêtement Se Synchronise à Facebook Et Twitter
Après les smartphones, les tablettes, ce sera probablement la prochaine révolution informatique : le "wearable computing". Des vêtements et des accessoires connectés à internet vetement fashion . L'illustration la plus connue, c'est le "project glasses" de Google, prévu pour l'an prochain : des lunettes intelligentes qui vous permettent, comme un ordinateur ou un téléphone portable, d'obtenir des informations, de gérer vos rendez-vous ou de trouver votre chemin dans la rue. Plus inattendu, une robe connectée qui affiche en temps réel les derniers commentaires publiés sur Twitter. Même principe, mais avec des chaussures : un concept imaginé par Adidas lors des JO de Londres. Il existe aussi un manteau qui réagit à ce qui se passe sur Facebook : si un ami "like" ce que vous avez publié, il se gonfle et vous offre une sorte de câlin à distance. Enfin un collier censé remplacer tous vos appareils électroniques : baptisé sixth sense, il permet par exemple de prendre des photos simplemen
Dual-core + Dual Card 5.7 Inch Giant Screen Thl W7
Dual-core + dual card 5.7 inch giant screen smartphone android ThL W7This ThL W7 previous two models are equipped with the shipping the the Android4.0 operating systems, after equipped with Android4.1 operating system for models equipped with Android4.0 operating system, consumers can buy in the store, the clerk to assist update to Andorid4.1. The author in the hands of the models for the the Android4.0 system engineering machine.    In other respects, ThL W7 the biggest feature is the use of a 5.7​​-inch giant screen with a resolution of 720p (1280 * 720 pixels) level, TFT material, run 1GHz MT6577 dual core processor, built-in 1GB of system memory and 4GB fuselage storage, support up to 32GB micro SD card expansion storage. Telefoni Cellulari And 3.2 megapixel front camera ThL W7 up, the main camera 8 million pixels, supports WCDMA + GSM network dual card dual standby battery capacity of 2300mAh. The the fuselage bottom of the screen entities Home keys feel pretty good,
Good Day Turns Bad
been super duper busy lately. haven't been on hardly at all.. work work work..   Monday (2/18) was great :D had lunch with friend who was traveling through and had a great time (he knows who he is :D:D) and after that went to the nail salon and got a mani/pedi with girlfriend...  Get home... and thats where my good day turned into hell... doing laundry.. i managed to trip and fall... when i fell i heard a POP and my foot went numb... thinking i messed up my ankle... i stand very very slowly and realize my ankle is fine... but the numbing feeling is going away and there is FIRE IN MY TOE... yup i broke my toe... doing laundry..... go me..   i wake up on Tuesday (2/19)  get ready for work, go to my car.. and behold! i have a flat tire... get my friend from down the road to put my donut on for me (i don't have enough grip due to problems with my tendons in my hands..) and off i go to the shop... gotta get a new tire.. $150 bucks...     At least my pedicure didn't get fucked up...
Shoot Up Babies
Obama ‘ethics panel’ gives thumbs up to testing anthrax vaccines on American babies     Mike AdamsNatural NewsMarch 20, 2013 I feel obliged to warn you in advance that unless you’re an evil demon who enjoys the suffering of others, you’re going to have a VERY hard time reading this article. What you are about to confront here is extremely disturbing, racist, murderous and downright evil. Proceed at your own risk. Here’s the story: It’s time to start using American babies as guinea pigs to test a bioweapons anthrax vaccine, concludes a presidential “ethics panel.” (Yes, the word “ethics” is not a typo.) Presumably, these wil
Judgemental People
You know now I have seen it all... People judge you because of the pics you put up but at the same time those are the people who have cheated on their partner or who have beaten their partner... Yetthey judge a single person of pics that aren't viewable to everyone... If that makes them feel better about the person who they are all the power to you because that person who is single and doesn't hide who they are is better than you... I always accept people for who they are and that will never change about me because to each their own whether I would do it or not and I am always here for those who have truly done wrong in their lives and am willing to help them better themselves as a true friend would... What has this world come to????

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