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Per's blog: "Yeah.."

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I've been gone for about 2 and a half weeks and it seems like so much has changed. Not only on here, but with ME too. I don't know. Just don't see the reasoning behind some of the things I did before. I guess I was being childish. Actually no guessing, I was. Thing is...you're going to see me talking to some people that I've had blocked. No one needs to know what's changed my mind or give me "hell" because I'm talking to them. I want to, end of story.

Now on to what's been going on in my life since I left here. I've been working like crazy. In the past month I've had 5 days off. I'm use to having 2 days off a week, lol. My Step-dad found out he was a "carrier" for MRSA. We all were tested and everything came back fine. Then we find out that the hospital told him the wrong results. Who knows who is really a carrier. Kind of scary I think.

I've been thinking about making a series of blogs. Each one about a different person. I'll probably end up doing it, but not right now...maybe I'll do the first one later on tonight. Depends on how bored I get, lol.

I came to realize who my friends are. The whole time I was gone...in total 5 people, I think even attempted to talk to me from  here. Sad really. A lot of you have number. Oh well. Guessing I'll be doing some adjusting later...

Next...I come back on here to find out that I'm still Fu-engaged to Tom. Ugh. I cancelled that and now I'm Fu-engaged to Jeff, lol. Still have the alert though. Maybe it will go away...or maybe I have more? I dunno.


Anyway....hope you all had fun while I was gone.

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