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What Kind?
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Blind Folds67%Bondage67%Whips58%Chains/Handcuffs50%Biting50%Blood42%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Ut Oh?
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Fifth Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)LowLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Maybe This One Will Work
I've joined yet aonther dating site. errrr... rejoined it. haha. last time i joined I had a boyfriend and we were being total goofs on it. I'm currently on OK-cupid and yahoo Personals. and Myspace if you want to count that thing as a dating site. lol. I would count CT but there are so many naked people on here I don't even want to open up that can of worms, haha.
The Coolest Thing Ever...
VOTE FOR ME PLEASE.. FOR QUEEN FOR A DAY i ll love u forever
Hmmm.. Would You?
1. Would you let fuck me? 2. What positions would u let me fuck u in? 3. Would u let me fuck u slow? 4. Would u let me fuck u hard? 5.Would u fuck me the first night u met me? 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i fuck u? 7. Would u let me fuck you in the shower? 8. Would u let me hancuff u or tie u up to the bed and then fuck u? 9. Would u have 3-some with me? 10. What about me makes u want to fuck me? 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we fucked? 12. Where would i fuck you? 13. Would u fuck me in front of people? 14. Would u fuck me again? 15. Would u mind if i fucked like a porn star? 16. Would you give me head? 17. Would you let me give you head? 18. Are u gonna send a reply and repost to this to see if and how i want to fuck?
Vote For Me!!!!
Click on the pic to vote for me for the Most Spankable Ms. Cherry! Most ratings wins, most comments are runner up!
Jack And Jill Get Married
JACK AND JILL Jack was going to be married to Jill, so his father sat him down for a little chat... "Jack, let me tell you something. On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite, I took off my pants and handed them to your mother, and said 'Here try these on.' So, she did and said 'These are too big. I can't wear them.' So I replied 'Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will.' Ever since that night we have never had any problems." "Hmm" says Jack. He thinks that might be a good thing to try. So on his honeymoon, Jack takes off his pants and says to Jill "Here try these on." She does & says "These are too large, they don't fit me." So Jack says, "Exactly, I wear the pants in this family & I always will, and I don't want you to ever forget that." Jill takes off her pants and hands them to Jack & says, "Here, you try on mine." He does and says, "I can't get into your pants." Jill says, "Exactly. And if you don't change your
Just To Let You All Know
just a little message to let you all know i have been considering leaving the site for a while its nothing personal but i think i might just need some time and i will be back.. thanx
Warm Welcome
Wow this is my first day on Cherry Tap and I have been so spoiled rotten with comments and 10 ratings! I think I would be up all night thanking everyone but I really do want to thank you all! I feel so loved here already! Thank you so much everyone!! I am still new to things so if I don't respond to you in some way it's because I'm still trying to figure things out. But I get the feeling I'm going to love it here.
Hi Everyone!!!!
New to the site and so far seems to be alot of fun. Please excuse me if I do not answer messages, blogs or rateing as of yet, just trying to get the feel of the site and learning how to do what! Thank You!!
"unholy Confessions" By A7x
"I'll try," she said as he walked away. "Try not to lose you." Two vibrant hearts could change. Nothing tears the being more than deception, unmasked fear. "I'll be here waiting" tested and secure. Nothing hurts my world, just affects the ones around me When sin's deep in my blood, you'll be the one to fall. "I wish I could be the one, the one who won't care at all But being the one on the stand, I know the way to go, no one's guiding me. When time soaked with blood turns its back, I know it's hard to fall. Confided in me was your heart I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me." Nothing will last in this life, our time is spent constructing, now you're perfecting a world... meant to sin. Constrict your hands around me, squeeze till I cannot breathe, this air tastes dead inside me, contribute to our plague. Break all your promises, tear down this steadfast wall, restraints are useless here, tasting salvation's near. Nothing hurts my world, just
Tuesday, More Ink!!
More color's get added WOOHOO, i'll post that night.
The New Fishing Rod
The sound of the aluminum bow striking, cutting, slicing the choppy waves should have been loud in my ears, but the thump of my own heartbeat was drowning out the noise of the boat plowing through the slightly rolling water. The small vessel was making almost 15 knots as we headed off the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The boat had more speed to give, but only at the cost of a roaring engine, too loud to talk over and bumps that would require a firm grasp of the rails. The salmon beckoned, begging to be caught, but my wife's excitement called us even louder. I looked at Carolyn as she stood there, facing us so she could talk, her back braced against the door to the small cabin as her arm draped against my knee and her hand grasped high on my thigh, to keep her balance in the face of the choppy jouncing ride. Her face was flushed with excitement and a soft smile curved her lips. I looked at her other hand, the one laying in the crotch of our new friend. She saw me look at her
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Call It What You Will
you know i think ive juss started figureing shit out. Lifes a fucking bitch there is no way around it it is truely impossible for people to be fully happy so we should all learn to cherish the little shit that bring us hapyness wheather its watching our children born there first day of school or even something as simple as an everday sunrise life is to fucking short to stress this shit and wheather or not i sound gay right now i dont care live life as it comes stop sweatin juss enjoy what you got and be fucking thankfull for it
Someone please come be sick for me..I hate this!!..I dont have the will or energy to do house is a dishes are starting to pile up and i need to do laundry!!!..blahh!!..I just want to feel better...I really should start getting a flu shot eh...yes i said shoot sitting here wearing a jacket, 2 shirts and a scarf...AND my heat is blasted...yet im still freezing!!!!!!!...This sucks...I think tomorrow im gunna lay on the couch ALL day and watch TV..I have 4 Intervention shows to watch that i recorded..I LOVE that show..Anyways im blabbing on now. BYE -Ash
Is There Life Out There
Music Video:IS THERE LIFE OUT THERE (by Reba McEntire)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
There Are Times...
There are times when a girl feels overwhelmed, and yes my dear friends it is one of those times. My mother is sick with cancer so i'm feeling a bit of the burden from all of the housework that is accumulating. Since my father is a jerk-off who chooses to ignore the situation, I am the one left to deal with it all. My father and I never got along, but these days it seems that I cannot even stand to be in the same room with him. Ah, what a vent..I feel much better now. Regards, -A
That One Special Someone
there is always someone in someone's life that is very special to them. It is like the song from kenny chesney "you saved me" people always come and go out of our lives, we just never seem to realize how they somehow touched your heart, either in a small tiny way, or a very huge way. then there are people that we meet and it is a life lesson learned. we seem to take for granted the life we have, the lives we have around us. sometimes we dont sit back and look in the box and see what is actually going on. i have messed up on alot of things. lately i realized the people i know in person are very special to me. for a few examples: Todd- aggieranger- in his own way, he taught me it was ok to be playful, it was ok to have fun, and have your own down time. he still makes me laugh and smile when i talk to him. David- Pond shark hunter- i love him. he is just so much fun. he always makes me laugh and smile. and it is true. even tho you have done things a 1000 times, it still can
as my eyes open from their state of sorrow i feel my blood turn into a frozen river my heart locked shut, and i gave you the key promise never to leave as lies hold me emptiness fills my broken heart screaming your name hoping for a response to look in your face and realized the time we spent the chances i had have drifted away from my fingertips your life, your thoughts, your dreams, your love never tried my hardest and now i cray as the hurt enters i love you and i still love you even though i never showed it a piece of me is gone forever clutching too few memories held so close repeating words of love spoken too late my eyes look all around but all they can focus on is you for in you i find me days will pass and thy death will still linger this coldness will never satisfy me i want to be surrounded in a place where the sun is so warm it burns my insides where love takes my darkest depressions and throws it into the deepest of seas an executi
What Am I Gonna Do About You
Music Video:WHAT AM I GONNA DO ABOUT YOU (by Reba McEntire)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
What's Up The Hated Thing.
People keep asking what's up with the photo album I put up being called hated. I'll tell you it's actually quite simple. It's off a song called "I am Hated."-Slipknot. Anyway the basis of the song is pretty much to not let anyone or anything get in your god damn way even if you end up makeing people piss off at you. So yeah basicly it's saying do as you see is right and ignore what the masses do. Here's the lyrics for ya'll. The whole world is my enemy - and Im a walking target Two times the devil with all the significance Dragged and raped for the love of a mob I cant stay - because I cant be stopped Eat motherfuckers alive who cross us I know youre all tired of the same ol bosses Let me tell you how its gonna be Im gonna kill anyone who steps up in front of me Welcome to the same ol fucking scam Same ol shit in a dead fad Everybody wants to be so hard Are you real or a second rate sports card? They all lost their dad or their wife just died They never got to go ou
Happy Feet
Kathy and I want to see Happy Feet. I love those penguins there so cute. Anyone want to see "Happy Feet" us.
Dreaming Soul
You Are a Dreaming Soul Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you away from this world So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all... But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you. Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses. Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others. Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life. Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler SoulWhat Kind of Soul Are You?
Another Question
Do you think my dick is a good size, would you want to fuck? And if so, how long would you be able to go if we would have sex? Im just wondering, cause I really need some nice answers cause im so fuckin horny right now its not even funny. Tell me what we would do if we had sex
So Me Is New
I am new to the site so far it beast myspace.
Time To Pop My Blog Cherry.
Okay you all get to see my first blog. I like these cause you can just ramble about anything you feel like. Got something to get off your chest. Post a blog. Even if it ends up pissing someone else off. But on to other stuff. I added some pics that only a few lucky people will be able to see. Mainly just the ladies and because of someone that knows me in person that is on here too. The only way you can see them is if I added you to my family list. So to you ladies that post tastefull pics of yourself that gets guys like me all excited and want to see what I look like the same. Then just ask me to add you to my family list. Some already have been added. All I ask is for a comment or rating. Just don't rip them with out asking me first. Just look for the oops and you will find what I'm talking about. Just something that is long and sometimes hard lol. Anyays thanks to everyone for the comments and ratings. Makes me feel welcome and don't be afraid to ask me questions. I always answer the
Time To Pop My Blog Cherry.
Okay you all get to see my first blog. I like these cause you can just ramble about anything you feel like. Got something to get off your chest. Post a blog. Even if it ends up pissing someone else off. But on to other stuff. I added some pics that only a few lucky people will be able to see. Mainly just the ladies and because of someone that knows me in person that is on here too. The only way you can see them is if I added you to my family list. So to you ladies that post tastefull pics of yourself that gets guys like me all excited and want to see what I look like the same. Then just ask me to add you to my family list. Some already have been added. All I ask is for a comment or rating. Just don't rip them with out asking me first. Just look for the oops and you will find what I'm talking about. Just something that is long and sometimes hard lol. Anyays thanks to everyone for the comments and ratings. Makes me feel welcome and don't be afraid to ask me questions. I always answer the
Sex, Sex, And More Sex!!!!
Now that I got your attention... I have a good friend who needs some love on his page, some new friends and fans, and rate his pictures while your at it. He really is a good guy! Poetry In Motion@ CherryTAP
Sweet Dreams Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
Goodnight all and to the Ohio State haters out there, a BIG MIDDLE FINGER for ya! To all my other peeps I love ya and sweet dreams!
Once Again....
Once again, I am here...pouring my heart out or not. We'll see how the blog goes. I have been thinking a lot. I honestly don't know what to say or do. I keep getting frustated and more depressed as I discover things, feelings and lies. Frustated because I want to move on but I'm the only one who holds myself back. I can't seem to get over the one I love the most. It's so hard. Whenever I find myself thinking about him and the times we had together, I start crying and I get more depressed because I really miss that. I also noticed that I've started to cry a lot more everyday than I have in the past. I remember telling someone, "If things doesn't work out between you two, there's always more fishes in the sea. The right one is out there somewhere. You just have to find it." The problem is that I feel like he's the right one for me. It hurts so bad. :( Honestly, sometimes I feel like dropping EVERYTHING and just disappear forever. I just don't know what to do anymore. He knows how I feel
well its the half way point and the colts are the best team in the nfl..someone came to my page earlier this week and said hey the bears are better...oh well guess what..the bears loss to the worse team in the afc..the freaking whoever it was that came to my page..please come
Mmm What Is There To Say???
not to much going on here. bored off my mind. and not much to do but go to bed and dream...mmm i just might do that hehehe. i dont know what to say half the time in these things...but i'll tell you what! when i figure it out i will let you know lol. love always, amanda
Old One
Thinking , Feeling , Rethinking Thinking of you my sweet day dream wondering if I'm going to extreme Why are you in my thoughts so much ? Why do I hunger for your touch ? I think too much and act too slow I want to be there more than you'll ever know I've been told to take it slow for there is always tomorrow I've taken it slow and in my hesitation felt the sorrow Not willing to pass on what may be real Not wanting to let go of how I feel Unsure of my thoughts and what they mean Unsure of an out come that remains to be seen Fear that you are too good to be true Fear that I may not be any good for you Tied to a past unresolved Tied to the present still uninvolved Wondering if I deserve the best Thinking it's time to give thinking a rest ! By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Am I Actractive !!!
ACTRACTIVE TEST B HONEST This is the "attractive" test. Reply through a message with your answers. Post this and see who will fill this out. You may be surprised to see some of the answers. BE HONEST!!! Would you kiss me? [] yes [] no Am I? [] sexy as hell [] fine [] pretty [] cute [] okay [] ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [] yes [] no I look like.. [] a player [] slut [] whore [] husby/wifey type [] one time thing [] next bf/gf If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No Would you rather.. [] go out with me [] cuddle with me [] have sex with me [] hook up with me On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 Are you going to repost this so i can answer for YOU? [] yes [] no what would you want me to be to you? [] friend [] sex buddy [] girl friend/boy friend [] wifey/husby [] friend w/ benefits ??????? re-post a
Im Thinking
Of holding a contest, but don't know what to do it on, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks
Lost In Thought...
Trying somthing new... Current mood: calm A fewness of word, Greatness of deeds... What are you waiting for? with all you say you want, there is: A dream for you to follow; A dream for you to set; A plan for to make; A project for you to begin; An idea for you to act on; A possibility for you to explore; An opportuniy for you to grab; A choice for you to make. If not, you shouldn't have anything to talk about... Today i will make it my business to say less and do more.
Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble. (wait until you see the last one) DORMITORY When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM PRESBYTERIAN When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER DESPERATION When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT THE EYES When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE GEORGE BUSH When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE THE MORSE CODE When you rearrange the letters: HERE COME DOTS SLOT MACHINES When you rearrange the letters: CASH LOST IN ME ANIMOSITY When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY ELECTION RESULTS When you rearrange the letters: LIES - LE
German Chocolate Upside Down Cake
This delicious cake, made with a cake mix, makes its own topping. INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup coconut * 1 cup chopped pecans * 1 package German chocolate cake mix * 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature * 1/2 cup butter or margarine, room temperature * 1 pound confectioners' sugar, about 3 1/2 cups unsifted PREPARATION: Grease and flour a 9x13x2-inch baking pan. Put coconut and pecans in the bottom of the pan. Prepare cake mix according to directions on box. Pour over nuts and coconut. Combine cream cheese, butter and confectioners' sugar; drop by spoonfuls on top of cake. Bake at 350° for about 45 minutes
Well, update planning for the wedding goes slow and it looks now that kathy and we will have pay for the whole wedding ourselves. Her father isn't gaving us the apartment in Flushing. So, we looking for apartment in Sunnyside, NY now because its close enough to our jobs and far enough but not to far from our parents. I'm just mad upset that it took this long to go no where. I told kathy when this started he was going to do it. Now we have to plan a wedding, I have focus on work and school, and we have to find an apartment.
Just To Put It Out There
Missing Love Thinking of you and then comes the pain my tears fall down like a cleansing rain the purity of your love has always been true of all from the past the one I miss most is you my heart it aches without giving a sign that the pain will end, sweet child of mine never have I loved any in that special way sometimes I wish I had let myself stay I knew that your life would be better if I went now in my mind you live free of rent I can't help but think of you all the day through missing the joy that has always been you This pain I will know for the rest of my days I have loved only you and I am stuck in this maze of never ending conflict between the mind and the heart I try not to think of you because it is just not smart to rehash the past and live in regret I look for a cure, I haven't found one yet I earned this pain by not leaving long ago now in this time it is something I know that when we hold on when we know better all we have left is whats found i
Black Tears And Raindrops
She stands alone On the hilltop Screaming. To let her frustrations free. She holds a dagger In her hands. Crying to the skies She asks why. Why she suffered through This unbearable pain Which imprisioned her In darkness. The clouds rolled in, And lightening struck, And lit up the sky With a great white light. As the heavy rain Drowned out her pleas She was alone. Just her and her storm. The wind ripped through her hair And blew her tears away. How she loved the rain. No one see's you crying in the rain. In complete sorrow.....
Hubby Application
SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU! EVEN iF YOU HAVE A GiRLFRiEND OR BOYFRiEND - REPOST THiS! GiRLS TiTLE iT "HUBBY APPLiCATiON" GUYS TiTLE iT "Wifey APPLiCATiON" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. on the hand.... 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked junk about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 17.Do you think I'm hot? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 20.would u cheat on me?
Another One Of My Poems
German Chocolate Cake Recipe
This German chocolate cake roll is made with cocoa, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, coconut, nuts, butter, vanilla and other ingredients. INGREDIENTS: * 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk * 2 large egg yolks * 3 large eggs * 1/2 cup coconut flakes * 1/2 cup chopped nuts * 1/4 cup butter * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract * 1 cup sugar * 2/3 cup all-purpose flour * 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa * 1/3 cup water PREPARATION: Line 15x10 inch jellyroll pan with aluminum foil, extending foil about 1 inch over ends of pan. Grease the foil. In medium bowl, combine milk, 2 egg yolks, coconut, nuts, butter and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract; mix well. Spread batter evenly into prepared pan. In large mixer bowl, beat 3 eggs at high speed until fluffy. Gradually beat in sugar then beat 2 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and beat 1 minute. Pour evenly over coconut mixture in pan. Bake 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees or until cake springs ba
An Evil Love
Can't you hear the winds whisper through the trees? The sounds of Love and Joy betoken things to come Can you hear the beating heart in the dark? Or a tear slowly rolling down a cheek? Do you feel a shadow comforting your soul? The cool rustle of beating wings? The rush of waterfalls The trickle of a stream Or the dampened black soil beneath your feet? The stars shine in your eyes Enlightening My Heart Bestowing Love and Grace unto My weary soul Until you came near All was hate and fear And now with you,there is so much more to know As the angels cry,deep into My eyes All my substance calls forth the angel dark... Can anything quite compare to your beauty? I say nay Your hair is like the waterfall The moon is in your eyes Your touch is as a feather's dance Your breath is like a breeze of hypnotizing mist The music of your voice enchants my soul Bewitching enchanter,you have come near I am enraptured in your passionate embrace...
Pumpkin Roll With Cream Cheese Filling
Keep one of these rolls frozen, in slices, and bring some out when guests drop in. INGREDIENTS: * 3 Eggs * 1 cup Sugar * 2/3 cup Pumpkin * 1 teaspoon Lemon juice * 3/4 cup All-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon Baking powder * 2 teaspoons Cinnamon * 1 teaspoon Ginger * 1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg * 1/2 teaspoon Salt * . * Filling: * 8 ounces Cream cheese -- softened * 4 tablespoons Butter -- or margarine * 1 cup Powdered sugar * 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla PREPARATION: in large bowl, combine eggs and sugar, beating well. Add pumpkin and lemon juice, mixing until blended. In separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, spices and salt. Add to egg mixture, mixing well. Spread batter into greased and waxed-paper lined 10-by-15-inch jelly-roll pan. Bake at 350 ° for 15 minutes. Remove from oven. Cool for 15 minutes. Place cake on clean tea towel sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar. Cool 10 minutes longer. From 10- i
Please Read
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq, I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and
Strawberry Cake Roll - Sponge Cake Recipe With Strawberries
A strawberry cake roll recipe with whipped cream and strawberries. INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup cake flour, sifted before measuring * 1 teaspoon baking powder * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 4 eggs at room temperature * 1 cup granulated sugar * 1 teaspoon vanilla * 1 box (3 ounces) strawberry gelatin * 1 cup hot water * 3/4 cup cold water * 2 cups fresh strawberries, trimmed, cleaned, and chopped (reserve some for garnish) * pinch salt * 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar * confectioners' sugar, as needed * whipped topping or whipped cream * toasted sliced almonds* * a few whole or halved strawberries for garnish PREPARATION: Grease bottom and sides of a 15x10x1-inch jelly roll pan then line bottom with waxed paper; grease the paper. Into a bowl, sift together the sifted cake flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. In a small bowl beat eggs at high speed of electric mixer. Gradually beat in sugar; add vanilla a
Vote For Me For Queen For A Day
i ll love u forever
Don't end up like my brother, please. :[
THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE BITCHES WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS WHO HAD US, AND THE LUCKY BASTARDS WHO WILL MEET US!! SEND THIS ONLY TO PRETTY LADIES INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SENT IT TO YOU You have been hit. You have been considered One of the 15 prettiest girls on my friends list. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 15 pretty girls. If you get hit again you know your really pretty. If you break the chain you'll have UglyNess for 10 years. So hit 15 pretty girls on your friends list and let them know thay are pretty!"
Stuff Look
i will being posting more photos of me and such in the next cpl days. i have hundreds of them so keep an eye out!
(A tiskit a taskit The scarecrows out his casket Turn out the lites and lock the doors Prayin that he passes) A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods Muthafucka born inside a tool shed Momma never loved me never paid me no attention Daddy was a rapist 30 years upstate in Fulton County Prison And I was raised by my own will Survivin offa scraps and bones Bear traps and road kill Spendin my days and my nites all alone N my mind is gone there sumthin wrong wit my dome They shoulda put me in that tomb I didnt ask for this life When they cut me out the womb with a dull pocket knife Now i walk with a scythe And a murderous ability A corn-fed muthafucka filled with hostility Cracked out and im gone off the moonshine A hundred eighty proof wine made from that muska dyin Out in these corn fields learnin all these wicked skills Swingin slicin choppin dicin Country boy born to kill (Chorus x2) A demon spawn child of a bastard son seven born at seven and
Dr Phil
Hello blogland. Hope all is well with everyone Im going to be put up a blog on something i see on tv...I know everyone is going to omg it is DR Phil but you know what this man has alot of things on there that ppl should take the time to watch he is not a nut like everyone thinks but anyways "Im not going to change any of the name or anything like this"... Searching for Help "I am 100 percent sure that Jeremy is molesting my daughter, Kaylee," says Krista. Three-year-old Kaylee was born while Krista and Jeremy were in a relationship. They have since broken up and Jeremy is now married to Danielle. "When I go to drop Kaylee off with Jeremy, I feel like I’m taking her to her beheading." When Kaylee returns home, she hysterically cries and says things like: "He touched my pee-pee," and "Tell them not to do that." "I love my daughter, and I’m being accused of handling her improp
"tear In Your Hand" - Tori Amos
"Tear In Your Hand" All the world just stopped now So you say you don't wanna stay together anymore Let me take a deep breath babe If you need me Me and Neil we'll be hangin' out with the dream king Neil says hi By the way I don't believe you're leaving Cause me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream I think it's that girl And I think there're pieces of me you've never seen Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen well All the world is all I am The black of the blackest ocean And the tear in your hand All the world is dangin'... Dangling'...Danglin' for me darlin' You don't know the power that you have With that tear in your hand Tear in you hand Maybe I ain't used to maybes Smashing in a cold room Cutting my hands up every time I touch you Maybe maybe it's time to wave goodbye now Time to wave goodbye now Caught a ride with the moon I know I know you well Better than I Used to haze all clouded up My mind in the daze of why it could've n
First, I want you to know that you are amazing, and I love you to death. If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 15 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next years of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes
well I got the job..I'm working 40 hours a week now..and are you ready for the BIG news? I'm having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm due july 1st! :) :) :) :) :) we are both very excited! well I will write more tomorrow, I need to get to bed 5am will be here before i know it! -Jess
"1000 Oceans" - Tori Amos
"1000 Oceans" These tears I've cried I've cried 1000 oceans And if it seems I'm floating in the darkness Well, I can't believe that I would keep Keep you from flying And I would cry 1000 more If that's what it takes To sail you home Sail you home Sail you home I'm aware what the rules are But you know that I will run You know that I will follow you Over silbury hill Through the solar field You know that I will follow you And if I find you Will you still remeber Playing at trains Or does this litte blue ball Just fade away Over silbury hill Through the solar field You know that I will follow you I'm aware what the rules are But you know that I will run You know that I will follow you These tears I've cried I've cried 1000 oceans And if it seems I'm floating in the darkness Well I can't believe that I would keep Keep you from flying So I will cry 1000 more If that's what it takes To sail you home Sail you home Sail you home Sail Sail you h
Men On Herre Dont Read Profiles
You gotta laugh lol but how many of you girls get men giving you a shout thats fine but when they find out your married go away LMAO just think its funny that men dont actually read profiles waisting their time not mine. Think they are just looking for a quick pick up!! What do you think?
Seduction Style
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
"ground" - Assemblage 23
Ground Be still Though chaos rains around you now Only so much rain can fall at once Breathe in And let the air envelope you And slow but sure, serenity will come CH Close your eyes Try to breathe Feel the ground beneath your feet It's still there The world still turns around Stand up Though circumstance has knocked you down There is nothing gained by staying within it's reach Take strength In every failure you endure Our mistakes have many lessons they can teach (CH) Destroy These walls you've built around yourself You can't take another step until they're gone Move out No use in dwelling in the past Bid farewell to all your fears and carry on (CH) Courtisy of Assemblage 23 - GroundMusic Code provided by YouCodes
A Few Oxymorons From The A List
A Fine Mess A just war A little big a little pregnant A new classic absolutely unsure abundant poverty academic fraternity Academic sorority Accidentally on Purpose accurate estimate accurate horoscope accurate rumors accurate stereotype acrophobic mountain climber Act Naturally active retirement actual reenactment acute apathy acute dullness adult children Adult male advanced BASIC advanced beginner Affirmative action affordable housing aging yuppie agree to disagree Airline Food airline schedules all alone All natural artificial flavor alltogether separate alone in a crowd almost candid Almost done almost exactly almost pregnant Almost Ready almost safe almost suddenly almost surprised almost totally alone together amateur expert American culture American education American English amicable divorce among the first Amtrak schedule Anarchy Rules! anonymous colleague anticipated serendipity anticipating the unanticipate
Prophetic Dream & Astrology
Dear CherryTap Friends; Signs of the Zodiac Dream. I have received a few emails from people asking me when my new book "You Are God" will be published. Well as this rate it may take me a while before I can finish this incredible work on the creative forces of the Subconscious. This book, like all my books is non-fiction and is dedicated to help the reader to understand and use the force of the Divine creatively. My research involve my incredible life and unique peripheries. There is a section in the book totally dedicated to dreams interpretation and I decided to answer your request with this newsletter so you may also share the knowledge I tracked from my own subconscious for your own spiritual growth. Dreams play a very important part of our subconscious guidance and will often bring messages even important warnings to us. You should give a particular attention to those occurring dreams especially those offering incredible images. Your subconscious (you may call him
New Article On Ac - 'cards, Dice And Keyboards: A Gamer's Life Of Games'
New article published on AC this evening - 'Cards, Dice and Keyboards: A Gamer's Life of Games'. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote on the piece. :) Cards, Dice and Keyboards: A Gamer's Life of Games
Bush's America Warning Extremely Graphical!! Adult Content!
My Mommy
Wild-n-crazy@ CherryTAP
Beginning Today..
Beginning Today Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday. It is in the past and the past will never change Only I can change by choosing to do so. Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to make the most of it. But I cannot make the most of tomorrow without first making the most of today. Beginning today I will look in the mirror and I will see a person worthy of my respect and admiration. This capable person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better. Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life. I value this gift bestowed upon me in this world and I will unselfishly share this gift with others. I will use this gift to enhance the lives of others. Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path and to revel in the mysteries I encounter. I will face challenges with courage and determination. I will overcome w
You are not who I wish you were. But in the dark you will do.
Dpd Up Close And Personal
So yeah, i was definately in a hallway when the cops burst in and broke up our party. "DETROIT POLICE PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!" and i got a ticket. sucked.
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Military Pay
Military Pay This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an an
I'm Tired
Of busting my ass for people. Whether it be Cherries or my own flesh and blood. I feel used - and not in a very good way. *shrugs* Only a few of you will get my full support...but damnit .. I refuse to bust my ass to people that don't give a flying fuck about me.
Turtle@ CherryTAP I pimped her her.. now yall rate her pics..
Weird Sex: Strange Facts, Sex Laws, & Urban Myths
One of the best ways to determine just how wild we can all be in fulfilling our sexual desires (and how ridicuolously repressed we can be at other times), is to take a look at laws on sexuality which civilizations have come up with through the centuries. This is some serious weird sex. And the crazy thing is that you know much of this would never have made it on the books unless someone had tried it somewhere. They`re surprising. They`re shocking. And, quite often, they`re downright stupid. But they’re a great indicator of how people everywhere have struggled to come to grips with this dark, exciting, terrible thing called sex. The laws are presented here in no particular order; just a random survey of this interesting part of ourselves. Modern weird sex laws are presented next to the most ancient ones, with a particular eye toward those now on the books in America’s 50 states. Here’s the first of a few installments... Women can go topless in Arizona; "female breasts," acco
Lyriks To Immma Tell!!!
[Verse 1] The killa clowns in your town raising all hell Tecca nina with the stamina coming to damage ya buckin' The bammer when I bust with a bang. And it ain't no clause that say fraud ain't no tall tales Women love it when I hit when I covet the booty they Giving it to me but it ain't no thang We reppin' KCMO fellas and the ladies know That we comin' with the killas I'm with the gorillas The villains will get you when you disrespect us Even the babies know Tech nina got flowcrazy We be giving the women the willy we sick of the haterz Wanna pay us go to get this record This is important we be courtin' every place we go Get you up in the room ain't trippin' off of the groom I'll give it to you anyway you wanna have it Baby is a horse and yes of course Imma have 2 break the ho Leaving the kids at home I wanna bone alone we hopping Up and down like jack rabbits So many kids put this on their daddy's mind Never will I ever put him out there like that feelin' th
"more Than Survivors"
The demons from the past are gone Never to return I am more than a survivor I am a conqueror. No more tears running down my face No more prayers to make it stop No more wishes that I were dead No more nightmares to wake me. I am finally free I pray now with thanks I wish now for others' happiness I sleep peacefully and dream again. It is not enough to survive It is better to conquer Be rid of the demons completely Then your world can be at peace. "We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us." Romans 8:37
Some Weird Sex Laws...
If a police officer in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, suspects a couple is having sex inside a vehicle they must honk their horn three times, and wait two minutes before being allowed to approach the scene. Women must address bachelors as master instead of mister, according to an Illinois state law. A law in Oblong, Illinois makes it a crime to make love while fishing or hunting on your wedding day. A law in Fairbanks, Alaska, does not allow moose to have sex on city streets. In Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. Clinton, Oklahoma, has a law against masturbating while watching two people having sex in a car. In Willowdale, Oregon, no man may curse while having sex with his wife. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth. Hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are required by law to furnish their rooms with twin beds only. There should be a minimum of two feet be
Well This Is Just Interesting
You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
Bleed - Cold
Bleed" I'm feeling crossed I take it inside Burn up the pain My thoughts are strange Just like the things I used to love Just like the tree that fell I heard it If art is still inside I feel it I wanna bleed Show the world all that I have inside I wanna scream Let the blood flow that keeps me alive Take all these strings They call my veins Wrap them around Every fucking thing Presence of people Not for me Well I must remain in tune Forever My love is music I will marry melody I wanna bleed Show the world all that I have inside I wanna scream Let the blood flow that keeps me alive Won't you let me take you For a ride You can stop the world Try to change my mind Won't you let me show you How it feels You can stop the world But you won't change me I need music I need music I need music to set me free To let me bleed Cold - BleedMusic Code provided by YouCodes
The Virgin Table [mystory]
How do you begin a simple story about three girls and a table? Do you describe – in vast detail – the table which entails such a fairy-tale that words of minor status cannot possibly explain the significance of the table? How do you tell the story of three virgin girls and a table that brought them together; that taught them the significance of life itself? Perhaps you start from the beginning – the meeting; however, starting from the beginning seems so minimal compared to what each girl faced day after day. So, exactly how does this story begin? It begins in a tiny classroom in a small school in a microscopic town... She sat with her bronzed legs crossed at the round table with a delicate yet hostile surface from years of entailing cryptic information of former teenagers etched into its wooden frame as she waited for the two other occupants to file in one after the other as if they marched to their death. Stepping over the threshold to their hell, they filed in exactly how she pict
Come Help Me
gettin my butt whoopped lol come vote for me [ photo: 1708760800 ] thanxs friends
Kissing: It's All In Your Technique
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at Kissing can be a wonderful prelude to more intimate pleasures, or a joy unto itself. But only if you know what you are doing. Kissing techniques vary greatly... so does the appreciation or dislike for these different techniques. Men and women both think the idea of kissing someone who has beautifully full and shapely lips, who is attractive, and who possesses a great smile and nice teeth is a “10” on the kissable scale. Guys also feel that if a woman seems open and friendly, she is more likely to be the recipient of a romantically spontaneous kiss than a woman that seems uptight. It seems that even though many men think kissing is okay, they look at it more as a necessary evil to get to the good part. Women seem to prefer long, lingering ki
Only 94 To Go
this is the longest 94 points ive ever seen lol ok ok i will talk dirty to who ever pushes me over the top lol !!!! xxoos
w's You write just to know Exactly who you are. But even words aren't that beautiful. You sing just to know Exactly why you are. But lyrics aren't that wonderful. You laugh just to know Exactly where you are. But even laughter isn't that smart. ----------------------------------- doctor, doctor if you knew just how i felt, would you still be judging me? let's call the doctor, i know, i know, i know, there's something wrong. it's called... no, doctor, doctor please. times are different; we're older now. that can't be the case; we're much too old. heads or tails and we'll upgrade. flip that coin - i need another dose. because doctor, doctor, you know what's wrong. i don't belong, no, not at all, but i know, i know, i know, i'm still loved. yet, i don't know it. ---------------------------------------- [insert your name here] he said "i have a life now. and you're not apart of it." it only took one of us to realize our words wer
Whats Your Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Bring It On!!!!
Everything I Write Belongs To You My Inspirational Occulist
The friction of bare hips, Cascading breath falling, Mind glazing over memories so long ago lost. Perhaps if she'd kept her mouth shut, Perhaps she should have kept her legs shut. Consequence comes from every word utter From those loquacious red lips. You should wear a warning, my dear, For they do not know better. Tonight you won't sit and ponder 'Was he good enough for me?' You stopped wondering nights ago, But that won't stop the elixir of... Friction of bare hips, Cascading breath falling, And mind completely shattered. She's the very epitome of What worthless sex is. she's worthless.
Home At Last
and jesus said there are many rooms in my fathers house. and i am going to prepare a place for you. when everything is ready i will come and get you.we all have times when our hearts are restless with pain.sometimes we try to fill our pain with a new house,a trip to a new place,or a new car, or a new friend,these may help us for a little while but in the end we always want more. the hunger in our hearts is normal. we were created from heaven.and will be home sick untill at last we will live in the place jesus has prepraed for comes at last . life maybe long and tiresome.faiths journey ends in welcome to the weary, and heaven in our hearts true home. will come at last.i have a strong sense that earth is not my home. and one day heaven will open the gates and let me in.i give thanks to you god.and cant wait till the day when ill walk the golden streets,with you and my mother and father and we all will stoll over heaven with you. href="http://photob
To Our Troops...thank You!!!!
Dolphins Beat Bears 85 And 06
I love it when history repeats itself.. DOLPHINS WIN!!!! good times! DJK
How I'm Defined In The Sexual Dictionary
RockxNasty -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
"the Criteria Of Emotional Maturity"
"The Criteria of Emotional Maturity" by William C. Menninger, M.D. The ability to deal constructively with reality. The capacity to adapt to change. A relative freedom from symptoms that are produced by tensions and anxieties. The capacity to find more satisfaction in giving than receiving. The capacity to relate to other people in a consistent manner with mutual satisfaction and helpfulness. The capacity to sublimate, to direct one's instinctive hostile energy into creative and constructive outlets. The capacity to love.
Yes More Updatez On Me
Sunday, I am doing ok kind of sick but I will make it ok.. Yes I went and seen the santa clause three it is a really good movie and funny I think you all would love it.. I really love it.. And I cant wait to get it on DVD when it comes out.. My head is hurting right now but I am going to take something in a bit and it is going to make me sleepy lol so I can't be on here long ok.. just to tell you all what is going with me ok.. Got to go bye bye.. Virgo24
Please Vote For Me!!
I have entered into a "QUEEN FOR A DAY" contest and could really use any and all of my friends votes!! Please use the link below to vote!! HUGS~N~KISSES!!
Let It Out
Who Are They?
Mr. Right Or Not
now i lay me down to sleep, i pray for a man, who's not a creep. One who's handsome, smart and strong, one who's "willy" is thick and long. One who thinks b4 he speaks, when he promises to call he won't wait weeks. I pray that he is gainfully employed, and when i spend his cash he won't be annoyed. One who pulls out my chair and opens my door, massages my back and begs to do more. OH! send me a man who will make love to my mind, Knows just what to say when i ask "How big is my behind?" ONewho'll make love to my body's a twitchin, in the hall, the shower , the garden , the kitchen! I pray that this man will love me to no end, and never attempts to screw my best friend. and as i knee and pray by my bed. I look at the shithead u sent me instead!!
Ab Podcast Number 1
Check out my first ever podcast now!!! Staying TRUE, AB
I Feel
restless I sometimes feel lost...lost within myself. Not sure what way it is up. Limbo....Why does it always feel like Limbo? A childhood game that I loved so much and now Fear like the Dark of Night but Crave for the excitement. That deep feeling in the pit of your belly. Love, Hate, Hurt, Pain, Confusion, Excitement. That hot burning feeling like you are about to lose Everything. But you still know deep in your heart that life Will go on. You hurt, you cry, you get anger....All for what? I think it's cause we like that excitement. That feeling of the unknown. Like walking the halls of a dark haunted house in the middle of the night. Wanting to see that ghostly figure but scared beyond our wits. Heart pounding. Body shaking. Almost Ecstasy...Almost. Random Poem...Dated...11/05/2006 ~S~L~L~
People Who Need To Kill Themselves
i have enough things on my mind over here to realy wory about shit like this. i like to hang out in here for fun on some of my time off, swing in here when im back on my home base and see how people are doing, but than i wake up to find messages like this zues 2006-11-05 17:04:40 u gay fuccker to bad i dont know how to post this thigs picture up in this too, but whatever, just wanted to get this off befor i left for work for the day, talk to yall later
My Sexual Business Card
RockxNasty Seductress 'What will your sex business card say?' at
I Feel....
Like the worst person in the world and it sucks a lot. I hate feeling like this but it wont go away. I cant take it anymore...I have to get away like take a vacation to Germany by myself for a while or something...I dont know. I think it would be good for me...well maybe not leaving that far but a vacation would be nice...maybe go to New York or Florida. Well I am going to bed...have to work tomorrow. Goodnight everyone! Vamp
Fake Ass People And Pics
I'm starting to think CT is becoming a wasteland f fake people and pictures. You know the one's "my car, my ass, my friend." and they're pictures of a some crazy ass car with some website logo in the corner, or some picture of an ass you've seen before and looks like it would never go on the body of someone who posted it. Oh, and their best friend is a picture of Sean Connery or some crap. These people should be deleted from CT. People should be required to give some type of shout out (not for every pic, but at least one).
A Bitch Slap To My X
my x is an asshole Category: Romance and Relationships Well I did my part and gave my x his stuff back and with in the condition that he gave back mine. But yet my stuff came back with water and mold that distroyed all of it, not that it cant be salvaged. However, the pics of my family covered 30 years worth of family time. That isnt replaceable! Thankfully my pictures were saved because we all acted quick thanks to my best friend and her hubby. The part that sickens me is that when i called him up on it he said he had no idea that the stuff was that bad. "Bull shit" i said and then asked him "are you retarded, does your house smell that bad that your nose couldnt tell that my stuff reeked of mold and wet from sitting outside. " What an asshole! His stuff was kept safely and in mint condition. I guess karma will bite him in the ass for doing tht wrong thing. to clue you on how my relationship was..... I was consintly in a drama state thats the way stephen liked it. He like w
Celebrety Match
ok so I found this site that you click on the celebs first name and than you put in your birthday and it tells you how compatible you are....ok so, im on serious chili peppers kick so i put in obviously anthony and all of it was low except for the physical big shock there....I put in John and it was all intellicutual (never mind the fact that I cant fuck spell) and so on you get the point there was like one more than all the rest so I put in flea and it was like a total of 98% I was like damn! so, yeah Im like totally compatiable with Flea! just thought it was funny! smoochies
Oh Hell......
So sorry I haven't been around this whole weekend. I've been out ALL weekend long.... Thursday we started the weekend off 1st clas @ Club NV with DJs Jeremiah Aaron & Chuck B, Followed by VIP booths & all courtesy of BAD BOY BILL!! Then to the after party @ Industry til 5a.m., Back out Sat night to club Bliss for it's premiere opening, then back to Industry for after hours with DJ Shawn Jackson, DJ Diablo, & DJ Joey Munson til 5a.m. Needless to say I'm exhasted and I think there might be a good chance my feet are going to fall off. I got alot of messages and I'll get back to everyone.....and YES my shoutbox was off to Everyone because I just wasn't here, not b/c I didn't want to talk to anybody... OK Luv, peace & axle grease, Jenna
He who lives only to benefit himself confers on the world a benefit when he dies.Tertullian
Unknown Feelings
i don't know what to do, i don't know how to feel, cause i don't think these feelings can be real. having a hard time to know the truth cause sometimes the truth hurts i can't afford to be hurt again so show your true feelings just once again Even though my poems are short they come from a place called my heart from time and time again i was told i was a good writer but for years nothing came to mind. my feelings are mixed and time has passed i wish i knew you more in the past But for now this is the end, nothing else comes to mind except for The End
No One Needs This To Happen
Name: txsunrise Level: Wasted Cherry (7) Rating: 10 (110) Fans: 20 Location: 79762 pictures (71) visit profile give gift send private message leave comment SHOUT: SEND my: home profile photos blogs logout invite browse search help what's cherry? is looking... Longsack bobbyejean DEVIL IN C... Not so Shy... Masar! Ash Admiral Aw... kitten1968 nymphetami... purraya khaotic OnTheFlop dapperdon1... crownandco... ludiecrisp is looking... Longsack bobbyejean DEVIL IN C... Not so Shy... Masar! Ash Admiral Aw... kitten1968 nymphetami... purraya khaotic OnTheFlop dapperdon1... crownandco... ludiecrisp currently online & new members Members: 391,415 (31,087 online) Cherry Bucks Spent: $224,634,191 My Alerts see all friend 'Hannah' updated their photos! your cherry level just increased to '2' (Cherry)! friend 'I Love Sporks rate
~life Goes On~
Is My Wife Gay If..
Is my wife gay if.. she'd rather do the laundry, or clean the kitchen, or pay bills then have sex? No, those are things that need to get taken care of at some point. she has several gay friends? No, friends are friends. Why would straight or gay make a difference if they are friends. Those friends want her to go to a “Kings of Drag” performance in Sacramento. No, friends have fun together. If they are planning a “girls night out” that lasts five days and is taking place at a secluded cabin on the california coast with three lesbians and two other that have experimented in at some point in their lives. Uhhhh, nooo? Ish. She told me she wants to experiment? No. Maybe. Maybe just ask her to take pictures. Something is definitely going on. I hope she finds what she needs. Either way. (Pardon the pun)
American Soldier
Mother-in-law: A woman who destroys her son-in-law's peace of mind by giving him a piece of hers. - Anonymous MY EX HUSBAND WOULD AGREE
Just Got Home From The Emergency Room
my arm is broken an i have an infection
The 5th ~ ???
Okay so pretty much i\'ve had a lazy weekend i\'m having writers bvlock really bad too and i have to write a 4000 word essay good fun really...not. so the most exiting thing i did all weekend was went dancing, and let me tell you that i normally have amazing weekends \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ so with all this fuss over contests, i was thinking about hosting one when i level. I\'m not sure though. I may be too lazy to deal with that. ////////////////////////////////////////// also, i hope everyone had a great weekend I dont have class tomorrow so I am happy about that =]
Use The Moment Quote
" True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness. " - Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) - Thus Spoke Zarathustra, First Part: On Reading and Writing
Let's Dance
Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 10:20 AM Subject: Let's Dance... READ THIS VERY SLOWLY......LET IT SINK IN! Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we might as well dance. Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine. I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word "refrigeration" mean nothing to you? How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, "How about going to lunch i
So are we ever gonna get out alert sounds back?
and actually put her hand on mine and as she touched me i remember i wonder why she moved me she took my hand... moved it to a round mound on the outside of her blouse and with her hand on mine she began to...
A Lovers Adventure
Blissfull Sleeping, Joyous Leaping, Loves in season, and I'm fiending. I'm ready to elope, so what's the scope? I'll say yes at best, but she sez nope. Dang you cuss, where is your trust? What's happened to us? And that's enough. Its enough to make you say whats the use. But she wears a skirt, we're back to work Kisses on lips, touching of fingertips You'll miss out on lovemaking only if you dip. Lintuous touch, lust corrupts Its more i'll fuss, incredible stuff. Check yourself, you'll wreck yourself,. you tryin to get me, but you'll only get yourself.. See I'm a romantic pusher. so yeah boy she's a looker. but you know she's a hooker, like Chuckie Booker. Oh? How would I know? You can ask Joe. If you got that cash she can make it last. Even myself, I had to rise above her I had to cut her, and run for some cover. She told me she loved me, but when it was over I peeked over my shoulder and her smile grew colder thus grew her fame, a lustful game everything t
Strawberry Crunch Cake
Strawberry cake is made from scratch, with frozen strawberries, sour cream, a pecan topping layer, and strawberry sauce. INGREDIENTS: * 2 (10 ounces each) packages frozen strawberries in syrup * 1 cup butter * 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar * 2 eggs * 1 cup sour cream * 2 cups all-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon baking powder * 1/2 teaspoon baking soda * 1/2 teaspoon salt * . * Pecan Layer and Topping: * 1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans * 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed * 2 tablespoons granulated sugar * 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon * . * Sauce: * Reserved strawberry syrup * 4 teaspoons cornstarch * 2 teaspoons lemon juice PREPARATION: Drain thawed strawberries, reserving syrup; set aside. In a mixing bowl cream butter and 1 1/4 cups sugar together until light and fluffy. Add eggs; beat well. Blend in sour cream. In another bowl stir together flour, baking powder, baking soda, and sa
Strawberry-pecan Cake
Strawberry cake made with a mix and coconut, along with strawberry gelatin and fresh or frozen strawberries. INGREDIENTS: * 1 box white or yellow cake mix (approx. 18 to 21 ounces) * 1 cup vegetable oil * 4 large eggs * 1 cup flaked coconut * 1 package (3 oz) strawberry flavored gelatin * 1/2 cup milk * 1 cup mashed fresh or frozen strawberries (if using frozen, drain some of the juice off and reserve) * 1 cup chopped pecans * Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing: * 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, room temperature * 1/2 stick margarine (2 ounces), room temperature * 1 teaspoon vanilla * 1/2 cup chopped pecans * 1/2 cup strawberries, mashed (drain and reserve juice) * 5 to 6 cups sifted powdered sugar (1 to 1 1/2 pounds) PREPARATION: Mix cake mix with strawberry flavored gelatin. Add eggs, coconut, gelatin, and milk; and beat until well blended. Stir in 1 cup mashed strawberries and 1 cup pecans. Bake in 3 generou
Have You Forgotten?
Berries With Cointreau And Whipped Cream
This is similar to a strawberries Romanoff dessert, with blueberries and strawberries soaked in a sweet Cointreau mixture. INGREDIENTS: * 1 pint strawberries, hulled, washed, and halved * 1 to 2 cups fresh blueberries * 2 to 3 tablespoons Cointreau or orange juice * 1 tablespoon lemon juice * 1 teaspoon lemon or orange zest * 1/4 cup granulated sugar * 1 cup heavy whipping cream * 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, sifted * 2 tablespoons sour cream, optional PREPARATION: Put strawberries and blueberries into a bowl. In a cup, combine sugar and Cointreau; add lemon juice, orange or lemon zest, and sugar. Pour over berries and toss gently to coat. Cover bowl and refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours. Whip cream until soft peaks form; add powdered sugar and continue whipping until stiff. Blend in sour cream until blended, if using. Serves 4.
Not Fair...... So Not Fair!
sometimes i wonder if i'm really meant to be happy. i've not been truly happy ever in my life. everything happy in my life was always just out of reach. and it still is. every time i think i'm actually going to be able to do something that makes me happy.... something ALWAYS happens to stop me from it. i'm so frustrated i want to just scream and cry... yet i know that it won't help. one step forward... ten steps back... its the way my life has always been. and from the looks of it... it's the way it's always going to be.
Intense Thoughts
a more darker side of my poetry... Can you help me find peace with ease, I'm begging you please, I'm fallin deeper in this world of pain down on my knee's, my head held low flowin with suicide in my brain, the only one who can help me is the one true God, I'm prayin... As time goes by it gets harder to live with these demons, wish I could kill them an finaly earn my freedom, they linger around feeding me lies tellin me I'm doomed! "We're always gunna be here makin life miserable for you! were here till your old an when your dead your ours, go ahead keep cuttin yourself we're your scars..." I cant take them outa my life I'm too weak I need you, the only one who can help me defeat them is YOU!!!. The days get colder an theres less light I think I'm dead, tellin myself no it cant be real its all in my FUCKIN HEAD!!!, I see things that arent there I'm losin it... I look around the walls, the floor, the ceilin, SHIT!!! this is hell on earth I'm here for all of etern
Stupid Ppl Video
Stupid Ass PeopleAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Is Tonight The Night?
It looks like the stars are aligning... the fire is warm, the kids are getting ready for bed.
~~with This Tear~~
~~With This Tear~~ With the birth of one day, and the death of another, I have come to understand and appreciate, how precious you are, now that you are so far away, Before you, the waterfalls never fell so peacefully, and after you, the sandcastles on the beach, will be no more, With this tear, I confess my love... Every lonely teardrop that i shed, represents another beautiful memory of you, And if all the tears that I've cried could fill the seven seas, still it would not be enough, to express the amount of sorrow I must bear, being without you, So shower me with your love, for our love, is of special breed, a love that shall live for many life times to come.... Mankind spend a lifetime searching for teasure, but I've found my teasure in you... So with this tear, I give it to you
Thank You
This poem was dedicated to my best friend, she got me into poetry Times like this you were there for me, Showed me how much you really cared for me, I dont have enough love to give back to you, I feel like I owe you a million plus two, You showed me what true love really meant, It came from the heart, Not from the head, When people left you kept me close, Didnt make me feel like I was a ghost, Talked to me about things you wanted to, Made me feel free an that was true, All these times I been hurtin inside, Your the one true person who kept me alive, I dont have much to give, But I can give you this, All for you which is no one else's This poem I dedicate to you comes from the heart, Like your friendship we were friends from the start.
A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. - Michel de Montaigne I LOVE THIS ONE
Late Entrance
She entered late!
This Ones For The Marines
Enduring Freedom/ There Allways There For Us, Allways!
I want to jump out of the window. That would be alright. Thats all for now.
Next Level Tonight!!!!
where are my favorite ladies to help me out????? xxoos!!!!!!
Voice Comments
hi i got a voice message thing on my LC, i'll leave you a message if you do me the same favor. James
Heating up the night with words, Arousing him my one desire, Wanting his forbidden love, Sighing in my dreams Appealing to his senses, Undressing for his mind Seeing words that make me smile, Undoing what is past Wrestling thoughts of right or wrong, Probing at his soul, Pressing, pushing, needing more, Receding boundaries disappear Touching bodies, skin to skin, Licking at his ear, Hearing nothing to object, Tasting here and there Nibbling kisses lower now, Sucking nipples firm Slurping sounds and bucking hips, Feeling no restraint Caressing hands upon my breasts, Gasping at his touch, Parting lips so long denied, Purring when I come
Tribute To Our Brave Soldiers
Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Why Were There
A Man's Poem (spoof To A Woman's Poem)
subject: Woman's Prayer (MADE FOR ME!!) revised by buddy c.... post date: 2006-11-05 17:50:28 views: 34 comments: 4 ratings: 0 Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a woman, who's not a lazy bo peep. One who's beautiful, smart and strong, One who's "kitty" is tight and fits in a thong. One who thinks before she speaks, When she promises to call, she won't wait weeks. I pray that she is gainfully employed, And when I ask to put both are checks in a joint account she won't be annoyed. One who cooks me breakast on the weekend and packs my lunch, massages my back and begs to go down on me after SHE'S been carpet munched! Oh! Send me a woman who will make love to my soul, knows just what to say when I ask "Can the guys come over for the superbowl?" One who'll make love till my body's a twitchin, In the hall, the shower, the garden and kitchen! I pray that this woman will love me to no end, And never attempts to screw my best friend. One who's faithful and not
And Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
SO I had the most awesome weekend with L'amour de ma vie. We had a great time :) Saw the Santa Clause 3 which was awesome!! The Best line of the movie is said by Martin Short who plays Jack Frost and its this : Mother Nature: You are both willful and millicious! Jack Frost: Did you just accuse me of being skillful and delicious? Anyhoo see it it was cute and funny! My Daughter Victoria has pneumonia. We spent 3 hours in the ER this evening :( Poor lil thing looks awful. We go back the DR tomorrow and hopefully she doesnt end up admitted. We usually have a few hospital stays in the winter cuz she has a hard time fighting infection and has asthma. Here is her school pic! To my Baby...I miss you heart hurts..I love you xoxoxo (Insert pic here) they are coming :)
The Departed
What do you think? How do you feel? Questions only you can answer. Do you really care? Or is it just pretense? I don't know now. Sometimes I think You're avoiding me Until I hear your voice. Then I think You love me Until you become silent. I am confused But I won't ask Waiting for you to tell me.
Have you ever cared about someone so deeply that you fail to see the changes in them? Sometimes it's so much easier to stay blind to the changes than it is to accept them. Sometimes it is almost easier to let them pull the wool over your eyes than to confront them and get to the bottom of things. Does it change how you feel about them? Should it change how you feel about them? Would it be better to walk away than to sit around and constantly worry that this wasn't the person that you once knew? So many questions to be answered and only time can do just that. Guard the heart...always guard the heart!!
Duct Tape ..... Lol
Duct tape Contrary to popular opinion, duct tape IS NOT good for fixing everything! Jeff walks into a bar and sees his friend Paul slumped over the bar. He walks over and asks Paul what's wrong. "Well," replies Paul, "You know that beautiful girl at work that I wanted to ask out, but I got an erection every time I saw her?" "Yes," replies Jeff with a laugh. "Well," says Paul, straightening up, "I finally worked up the courage to ask her out, and she agreed." "That's great!" says Jeff, "When are you going out?" "I went to meet her this evening," continues Paul, "but I was worried I'd get an erection again. So I got some duct tape and taped "it" to my leg, so if I did, it wouldn't show". "Sensible" says Jeff. "So I get to her door," says Paul, "and I rang her doorbell. She answered it in the sheerest, sexiest, dress you ever saw." "And what happened then?" "I kicked her in the face."
Less Time Online
I thought this was easier than letting each person know individually. Tomorrow I start a new job and as such I won't be online nearly as much. I'm really looking forward to it as it's been a long time coming. Hopefully now I can start paying off the credit card. Take care everyone xox Kiwi
Unanswered Questions
~~Unanswered Questions~~ Why do I hold on to something that is gone? Why do I still try? Why do I cry? Why? What is it that holds me on? What gives you the right to do what you did? What did I do to deserve this? What? How many poeple have you said the same things to? How many times will you lie? How do I move on? How? When would you have told me? When would I have been the only one? When will the pain go away? When?
Unanswered Questions
~~Unanswered Questions~~ Why do I hold on to something that is gone? Why do I still try? Why do I cry? Why? What is it that holds me on? What gives you the right to do what you did? What did I do to deserve this? What? How many poeple have you said the same things to? How many times will you lie? How do I move on? How? When would you have told me? When would I have been the only one? When will the pain go away? When?
Ok Here's Your Chance! My Erotica Challenge!
I really want to hear the hot stuff that is going through your mind! I have been good and given you me to feed on both written and visual. Now it is your turn baby. You have me all to yourself or with others however you want it. Tell me point by point inch by inch minute by minute how it is going to be. Prove to me you know how to get ME done! Write it out and send it to me. Here if you do not mind being identified by others or by email if you want your identity hidden from the other writers and viewers. Pour on the sensual, the kinky, the loving, the soft and the just plain nasty naughty sex. Give it to me in your own words. I want to hear you beg! Are you up to it? Erotica challenge and I am the only judge! All participants must get their writes to me by November 12, at 10pm!
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To All My Friends On Here
TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON HERE!!! Afrikaans---- Ek het jou lief Albanian---- Te dua Arabic--- Ana behibak (to male) Arabic--- Ana behibek (to female) Armenian--- Yes kez sirumen Bambara--- M\'bi fe Bangla--- Aamee tuma ke bhalo baashi Belarusian--- Ya tabe kahayu Bisaya--- Nahigugma ako kanimo Bulgarian--- Obicham te Cambodian--- Bung Srorlagn Oun (to female) Cambodian--- Oun Srorlagn Bung (to male) Cantonese--- Chinese Ngo oiy ney a Catalan--- T\'estimo Cheyenne--- Ne mohotatse Chichewa--- Ndimakukonda Corsican--- Ti tengu caru (to male) Creol--- Mi aime jou Croatian--- Volim te Czech--- Miluji te Danish--- Jeg Elsker Dig Dutch--- Ik hou van jou English--- I love you Esperanto--- Mi amas vin Estonian--- Ma armastan sind Ethiopian Ewedishalehu : male/female to female Ethiopian Ewedihalehu: male/female to male. Faroese--- Eg elski teg Farsi--- Doset daram Filipino--- Mahal kita Finnish--- Mina rakastan
Prayer For The Perfect Man.. ( Now This Is Funny... Lol)
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep. One who's handsome, smart and strong, One who's "willy" is thick and long. One who thinks before he speaks, When he promises to call, he won't wait weeks. I pray that he is gainfully employed, And when I spend his cash he won't be annoyed. One who pulls out my chair and opens my door, massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who will make love to my mind, knows just what to say when I ask "How big is my behind?" One who'll make love till my body's a twitchin, In the hall, the shower, the garden and kitchen! I pray that this man will love me to no end, And never attempts to screw my best friend. And as I kneel and pray by my bed, I look at the Shit Head you sent me instead!!!
Sexual Nickname
Michele's sexual nickname: "Milk shop" Take this quiz at
Me - Queen For A Day
Ok Let the games begin!!!!!!! I am the Queen for a Day Contest Please bomb me with lots of comments!....You know I will return the favor, I alway do.. Thanks You guys are awesome!!!!!
A Poem I Found...
Do not stand by my grave and weep by Mary E. FryeDo not stand at my grave and weep:I am not there. I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow.I am the softly falling snow,I am the gentle showers of rain,I am the field of ripening grain.I am in the morning hush,I am in the grateful rushOf beautiful birds in circling flight.I am the starshine of the night.I am in the flowers that bloom. I am in a quiet room.I am in the birds that sing.I am in each lovely thing.So do not stand by my grave and cry.I am not there.I did not die. Please note: "Throughout the years, this poem has appeared in many places and in many forms. The original was written in 1942 by Baltimorean Mary Frye on the back of a brown paper bag. Frye wrote the poem for a friend whose mother had died in Germany; the daughter had been unable to attend the funeral because of World War II."
I'm Horny
Not really but I saw a blog with that as the subject and just couldn't resist ripping on it. Some random answers to random questions... I'm glad I have two thumbs and some fingers... My brain hurts when I have to think about stuff... Alcohol loves me more than my parents ever did... You are too very handsome, just not in a traditional way... You may not have length, but girth is what matters... No No, that's perfectly normal for a guy a guy to do that... I love you for your mind... People make me sick too, but only when they speak... Fire makes me hot... Things I should get tattoed on my forehead: Paper...Smoking...Table For One...No Officer I had no idea... My mind is a cess pool filled with foul thoughts and turds of wisdom. -Robert
Our First Haunt Together
So after a very long 24 days we opened the doors on on of this area's (Elkhart Indiana) for a very "killer" (pardon the pun) but we even had 70 people from the odest haunt in this area (Niles Michigan) come thru and tell us how much better our haunt was than even theirs is, but then again theirs never changes.... but just last night 11/04/06 we closed the doors on the first season of screams and I can at least say from my stand point I had our best year yet and I can't wait till we find a new and bigger location
Haha I'm Named After
The porno of Audra's life will be called ... "Threes Company" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at one of the people in Three's Comapny!! haha!
Werid Stuff I Write - Intro
Sometimes I write some totally weird off the wall stuff with scartastic humor.. Of course it has car chases and lots of running and sword fights.. and the occasional kiss.. This brings me to something I wrote called .. "the date". My teacher gave me a low mark for no romance.. I said.. geeeez.. didn't u see the way the cars "kissed before the explosion?" geeeeeez.. lol Any considence of living and or dead is purely well not my fault as you will read page 14 section 2 paragraph 18 of the your not getting nay money off my arse document. Its mostly fiction.. not actually stuff that happened.. I like making up stories like this.. Firstly .. Does Michelle exist? For the most part yes.. But.. come on.. not like that.. a girl that is a martial arts master at age 15. Does ramone exist.. hell no.. he watched way too many "ricco suave" videos.. Does stacie exist.. actually yeah.. she's a combination of women i know.. one is my best friend..
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Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Poetry For Life
Thou whom chance may hither lead, Be thou clad in russet weed, Be thou deck'd in silken stole, Grave these maxims on thy soul. Life is but a day at most, Sprung from night, in darkness lost; Day, how rapid in its flight-- Day, how few must see the night; Hope not sunshine every hour, Fear not clouds will always lower. Happiness is but a name, Make content and ease thy aim. Ambition is a meteor gleam; Fame, a restless idle dream: Pleasures, insects on the wing Round Peace, the tenderest flower of Spring; Those that sip the dew alone, Make the butterflies thy own; Those that would the bloom devour, Crush the locusts--save the flower. For the future be prepar'd, Guard wherever thou canst guard; But, thy utmost duly done, Welcome what thou canst not shun. Follies past, give thou to air, Make their consequence thy care: Keep the name of man in mind, And dishonour not thy kind. Reverence with lowly heart Him whose wondrous work thou art; Keep His goodness stil
Untitled And Rough
Sucked deep into the void No time to be annoyed What I was has been destroyed Yet I remain the same Life happens hard and fast The dice roll once their cast Things I love aren’t meant to last Yet I can not be tame Wonder why I feel lost Was it ever worth the cost Run from love emotions tossed Yet I still wear the blame Do the fears consume the soul Is this why I can’t be whole Ask not for whom this bell does toll Yet I always feel the shame Try hard to give up the fight Try to live what is right The line blurs within my sight Yet unaware of what I became Unsure of what to do I just can’t let go of you All this is something new Yet I burn within the flame How you scare me so deep When you call me yours to keep And yet for you my heart does leap Yet I remain the same
Violent struggles Sensless murders Unfortunate mishaps Fall through our strong girders Shall we overcome How much more can we take Infringing upon our souls taking over our fate Do we dare to proceed It is all but to late Will we ever be freed Has it been in our trait I have no choice but to try I am only but one Being somewhat to wry Having all but no fun I can't do it alone But if we come together We can now for a union And abort this tiring weather. Copyright ©2006VFC DISCLAIMER: Copyright infrigement is a serious crime- do not take my poem for your page without asking.
Burried Deep Within
Life they say has many turns roads to take us to lessons we must learn Lessons who make us who we are meant to be the person who stands before you that you cannot see What does it really mean to be seen to be understood deeply, soulfully and pristeen To be understood is my main goal to be loved deeply from within someones soul My soul is exposed, wounded and bruised You had repaired it once but now it feels abused Abused not intentionally and I hold no regret I only wish i had the strength within to forget To forget what you had shown me and the experience we had for now knowing love again has once again left me sad Sad for i feel it will never come my way again and knowing what i have to offer is burried deeper within
My Thoughts
Thinking about how much I've grown since High School I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do when I was out. I believe that moving into Edmonton was probrably the best thing that I could have done. Having to leave people that you have lived with and loved sure is a life changer. Was it worth the losses of friends and close ties with family, Definetly. At the age of 20 I have a lot of life ahead of me but I think a good start on a good career is sending me in the right direction. In the past 3 years I have loved, lost, loved again, lost, but have suceeded in many other things. It was around this time last year that I had to start letting go of a dear loved one, though I was in pretty rough shape at the beginning I have finally come to realize that I am better off now then I would have been on the path that I had chosen. This past year I was finally able to come up with a very good and reasonable plan for the next 10-15 years. A plan that will be another sucess in life as long as I go in t
He Has Melted My Heart
Come Join The Hottest Party on the Net!!! We are the Forbidden Fruit....................Are you Tempted?
Pestilence drips off my tongue, I’m a holy man of war Brutality tickles my blood, makes me so hard that I’m sore I don’t care about the war, only here for the battle I don’t care about the outcome, only grey matter splatter Travel in mist, I spit piss, my eyes water from my own stench The machine stops, inspect the cogs, I’m the wrench inside the engine Shoot your best friend in the face, I’m the faulty trigger mechanism When I swipe I do not slash, I amputate with each incision Black, white, gay, strait, man, or woman, all I see is meat You want me mad, I’m only pleased by appeasement of my savagery Remove your eyelids, forced to witness, as I begin to feast Scream and choke on your own vomit, at the sight of the tendons stuck between my teeth
Im Working On It......
Hey to all of you, My fans, Family and Friends.....sorry I haven't been to active here lately, but i think I am back, and rarin to go. You are going to have to be patient with me, I do have a lot of you to get to, but I am going to be makin up for lost time bad here over the next few days now....just remember that Come friday, my mom is going to be home, so I probably won't be on much for a whole week while she is off....but as soon as she goes back to work, I will be back, and that is how it is going to be every week....I only get the pc when she is at work.....Sorry I only have 4 pics, I am working on getting some more on here, but like I said, I have been gone, and it is because I just got done with a bad break up that almost had me ready to leave the Cherry and I would be gone had it not been for a very good friend of mine asking me not to go.....I will work on the pics.....and I promise, all your comments are on the patient and I will get to ya....Love to all my Cherry
Where does this foundation of ignorance begin or start or how does it even begin? Simple most people who believe in racism were raised on the foundation of racism that their parents raised them so it is really translated through many generations. Many people who are racist are like that because they are to blinded by the garbage their parents fed them for so many years and cannot realize the beauty of what can happen when we all ban together. Everyone says most of the racism is in the south but i beg to differ I have lived in different states and visited 10 different countries and even in Amsterdam there is racism so never subject racism to one region or one country. Some places are better about racism than others but it will always exist as long as people are blind.
My Stuff All But A Bag Of Mold
Well I did the right thing, I returned all stephens things, if your clueless its because hes my x and I made sure all of his stuff was safe and without damage. My biff is that I got all my things back and they were put in a plastic bag and they smell badly of mold. Thats not even the half of it. My familys pictures and my mother and fathers wedding album wet. not to mention that all the clothes that was in the bag with it wet. Im just glad to see that I was the grown up in this and made sure his things werent damaged. I hope that if anyone of you ever has a brake up that your x wont damage any of your familys pics that are not replaceable. Sorry im rameling im just really upset, all that i own distroyed. I hate him, I really wish that I broke his things now, but then again God wouldnt have been happy with that, im so pist still i cant even see strait.grrrrrrrrrrrr there i feel a tad bit better
Conclusive Hopelessness?
Blah, ever come to the conclusion that you've run yourself to the point in life that you got NO BODY who can sit back and talk to you about whatever might be going on? By that I mean sit away from all distractions and have a vent/chill session? I've got people to talk to but I do not have this. In the end, I use blogs...not that I get enough feedback to make up for a friend such as I name above. I've come to the conclusion that in too many ways I am in a rut. I'm in a rut for being single because I have become too comfortable in being single to make the leap myself. I'd like to think I'd make the leap if it were offered at someone who was interested...but I don't. A very beautiful lady friend flirted fairly heavily to me and I played dumb, on purpose, why? Cause I'm a fool. Much the same can be said for a work rut, as well as a furthering education rut. I've become far too comfortable in what has been as opposed to getting to what could be. I kick myself in the ass for not e
Queen For A Day Contest Is Open
Already everyone..Go vote for your favorite! Bomb them w/ comments because whoever has the most by 9 am central time is Queen for the Day..Rates will determine 2nd place! And in no particular order....The ladies!! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > There you go folks!! The ladies who wish to be Queen for a Day!!!
Feelin Better
So yeah after my crazy rant last night i cryed a lil then talked to my awesome friends Mike and Thane..I feel alot better today..Still sick but my heart dosent hurt that much anymore...Im soo lucky to have such great friends..Thanks everyone eho tryed to cheer me up...I
Being A Man
It’s a Guy Thing (Or is it the Perils of Having a Penis?) I am in one of my “Andy Rooney” type of moods here and I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts and perhaps maybe even give you a good chuckle at the same time even if it may be at my expense, I have no problem with that, through the years not only do I poke fun at other people and things, I have also learned to be able to poke fun at myself as well. A word of caution is in order here; some of what you are about to read may be a little graphic and could be termed "chauvinistic" as well. Please do NOT take offense at what you may read, it is not intended as an insult. These are mostly just observations that I have made. And to those women out there who have survived abusive relationships or have been sexually abused, rest assured that my heart truly goes out to you for having to survive those ordeals. Anyhow, as you all know, we have "The Vagina Monologues" but what about "The Dick Dialogues
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Well, every moment spent with you Is a moment I treasure I don't wanna close my eyes I don't wanna fall asleep 'Cause I'd miss you, baby And I don't wanna miss a thing 'Cause even when I dream of you The sweetest dream would never do I'd still miss you, baby And I don't wanna miss a thing Lying close to you Feeling your heart beating And I'm wondering what you're dreaming Wondering if it's me you're seeing Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together And I just wanna stay with you In this moment forever, forever and ever I don't wanna close my eyes I don't wanna fall asleep 'Cause I'd miss you, baby And I don't wanna miss a thing 'Cause even when I dream of you The sweetest dream would never do I'd still miss you, baby
Thank You
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Accepted Reasoning
Accepted Reasoning Released by the birth of the consummate marriage i became the manipulator of the English language where the smallest atoms become gigantic where tropical raindrops hold atlantis where the winds caress grassland glades letters refined to the likeness of a samurai blade beauty defined in the mist of chaos manifesting myself in this spiritual seance words are a reason for life taking in air to exist if i dare this is why i like to share i write for a likeness a readers smile accepted reasoning when one's soul is on trial Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
to all the sexy weman on this site,and a special thanks to my sexy wife tiny, for turning me on to this are all so fine.what a treat for me.its like heavan i guess,but so good it could be hell. i do hope you all stop by and see me.i will show mine first..Deano
I’m Horny
I’m horny… Here’s how it goes, it begins with a shortness of breath, which causes sporadic breathing. Then my heart beats heavily, not quickly, but heavily, as if more blood is being moved with each pump, all my veins begin to swell as if they are about to burst. Then my skin gets chills, and tingles…maybe it’s just an anxiety attack…. Anxiety attacks make me horny
Aquarius "A tribute to the element of life" You caress my body yet slip through my fingers the feel of you lingers I thank this earth warm or cold for you i thirst take you whole or in small spursts for me and everyone will agree life comes second because you come first I gaze at thee a reflection of me but not really me because with grace you flow free from the beginning and to the end of my journey Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Hey Everyone
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Evening hear the night roar stars set the same as the life before a velvet plumb yet she comes fingers numb from the daylight slumber i look she seems younger since i can remember in her eyes i wonder shine quietly shine for me allow me to be in my soul she is free she is wisdom equal with nature she is my savior but time is greater Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Separation leaves play in circular waves as they lay trees bow gracefully near waters clay five rings held near makes nature clear each one separately held just as dear memories gain as time slips away like things one may say in an unforgettable way to give thanks and not have like branches coming together but set in different paths Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
War The trumpets sound a way of life brought back by the sins of the father to begin again, unleashed are hells hounds raptured in unified resolve one ancient evil again will evolve heavens gates bent to one side behind the other angels hide souls lead like sheep with no will, they flock in the shadows of dead men to threaten with their chosen kills mothers will cry with their hands raised in awkward ways a body bends in shallow graves sunlight hidden by the crow's wings to manifest the spirits of the book of five rings ronins play the game and again in Gods name Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Contest Is Open!
Already everyone..Go vote for your favorite! Bomb them w/ comments because whoever has the most by 9 am central time is Queen for the Day..Rates will determine 2nd place! And in no particular order....The ladies!! There you go folks!! The ladies who wish to be Queen for a Day!!!
Harlem street corner conversation while hands make exchanges bodegas bustling fire escape carpet dusting hot peas and butter salsa lovers determined single mothers hopeful kids home before dark play in cement parks while a neighbors dog barks empty viles and cigar filling left from a cypher now gone escaping from things they haven't done wrong twisting fingers braid woolen hair while girls play double dutch jumping in pairs as a pastor bids farewell Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Daniel Powter- Bad Day
Please Bear With Me
I can't describe the pain and emptiness I am feeling lately...especially today. I cry myself to sleep; I wake up crying; my chest aches from crying; my body aches from not sleeping well; I need to eat but am nothungry; my mind is going crazy trying to figure out how it all got to this point...some of it is know - you get so busy that you let things slip by and then when you actually take a moment to breathe you realize what you have missed but then the pain comes flooding in and it hurts to breathe so you go on again...staying busy...until you have to stop and breathe again. Part of it though, is friendship...losing friends...having people in your life that you love and trust and then you no longer have them anymore...for whatever reasons...they take down your pics, write blogs about you, try to hurt you by hanging out with those they know you care deeply for - you know "games"...i am not here to call them out...just venting the pain and despair i feel and some of the rea
Please Bear With Me
I can't describe the pain and emptiness I am feeling lately...especially today. I cry myself to sleep; I wake up crying; my chest aches from crying; my body aches from not sleeping well; I need to eat but am nothungry; my mind is going crazy trying to figure out how it all got to this point...some of it is know - you get so busy that you let things slip by and then when you actually take a moment to breathe you realize what you have missed but then the pain comes flooding in and it hurts to breathe so you go on again...staying busy...until you have to stop and breathe again. Part of it though, is friendship...losing friends...having people in your life that you love and trust and then you no longer have them anymore...for whatever reasons...they take down your pics, write blogs about you, try to hurt you by hanging out with those they know you care deeply for - you know "games"...i am not here to call them out...just venting the pain and despair i feel and some of the rea
I Just Don't Know
I started a new department at work. It isn't that bad. Just don't ask the others for help cause they look at you like why you asking me? Oh well..its only for the holidays. I'm going to be finding out something on tuesday about myself. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. I just don't know what I'm going to do about it if its what I think it is. Oh well, whatever happens, happens.
UTOPIA steel touches the sky like one hundred year old redwoods passengers move through neighborhoods like ant colonies carrying wants and goods others lead the young seeking play to relive lives of storytelling without delay swinging on threaded vines the king of the jungle awaits childs imagination and a thousand other fates Natures flow still finds it's smaller path cracks in cement nuture blades of grass a pool of water, bathes a fowl a song to the ear is winters howl Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
how come, even tho g-strings use less material and are quicker to make than full bkack panties, they cost more??
Three Guys In Heaven
3 men died and went to heaven. At the Gate St. Peter stopped them and told them they each needed to answer a question so he could decide what type of transportation they each would get in Heaven. The first guy steps up and St. Peter asks him if he has ever been unfaithful to his wife, the man says that he has cheated on her 3 times. St. Peter considers this and hands him the keys to a little econemy car. The next man approaches and St. Peter asks him the same question. The man says he has cheated on his wife twice, St. Peter hand him the keys to a mid- size sedan. When the third man gets there St. Peter asks him the same question, The man looks him right in the eye and tells St. Peter that after 25 years of marrige he has never once cheated on his wife. St. Peter hands him over the Keys to a classic sports car. A few weeks later the three meet up again. The third guy is really upset. The first two look at him in disbelife and ask him what's wrong, he has this grea
Mrs. A
Mrs. A You have a way with you The way you smile when I see you Intense I slow my pace when you walk with grace And catch your scent when you touch my face Small events You fed my hunger and my soul Sensed my empathy, key in any lovers role A jewel With so much love, I see you still alone Without a half to call a whole made complete a women's home Nothing's impossible Sunrises peek, beats natures cue New beginnings for you when you gave me blue In love about you but you never knew You are everything It hurt to see you go The one thought I had when I said goodbye Was My... how the years went by Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
New Additons
Loyalty Though the wound taken, if not tended, Who of all would remember me I have given and taken all proudly in the name of thee Battles of the forgotten and the trials of the true One, the last still remains of the chosen few Nicknamed the crier blessed to shed a tear for each one lost For each hand that was raised and every spirit that fought From the clouded winds east to the seas of fire To face the morning star with songs of the Seraphim choir I am but a vessel for the light to shine upon Unsheathing steel of its scarab I can do no wrong Wings spread wide caress the open wind To finish the darkness and every demon in sin The guardian, a seal, defense, a golden shield Evil cowers with every strike from the powers I wield I acknowledge and nod, I kiss the golden staff and crystal rod And bend my knees and my will before the eyes of God Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Sunday Evening...
So what has everyone been up to?? Today I watched football, those damn Cowboys, lol... I did all my ironing while watching the games, what a life of luxury, lol. I spent a nice quiet weekend at home, Friday I worked the Fall Festival at my son's school but other then that, I was at home :) I had to turn the A/C back on yesterday, oh the joy of living in AZ, hehe This week I am doing a few things, Tuesday I am spending the afternoon with Faith, we are going to do lunch and do a bit of shopping, that should be fun. We have cam on Tuesday evening 7 PM AZ time ;) I think I have it right this time, lol. I have a friend coming to visit on the weekend and we are going to do some naughty pics, mmmm should be fun!! Ok today I was in the grocery store and was looking at the shelf for an item. Now I am standing close to the shelf behind me out of the way looking for my item. A woman walks down the isle and stops her cart just to the left of where I am stand and proceeds to stand
In The Air Tonight ~~~ Phil Collins
A Walk With Autumn
A walk with Autumn unseen, nature blows, whispers in my ear leafs, lush, colored, carpeted, end another year giants still in grace were made to sway heavens tears lead the way in a canopy of grey Rene Velez Copyright ©2006 Rene Velez
Night Night @ 8pm
*Yawn* 8pm. So sad. Have to go to bed early- have clincals tomorrow at KDMC. Fun. But last day there. Then the rotation switches. So wont be home to chat til like 7 tomororw night. Fun Fun. Well sweet dreams everyone!! Nite Nite Les
Hey All
judt wnat to say hi to all my friends and familey on here and hope ya all are doing well. it been crazy for the last few week the vets office iwork for just [passed ther aaha inspection. let me tell ya that was stressfull. so that was fun . let see what else was it by a cat the oothere day now that sucks ass well i better get going take are all and hope to here form ya all sooon
Fed The Fuck Up!!
Im fed up with two faced bitches talking shit about me and tellin everyone about MY PERSONAL LIFE! spreadin fuckin rumors about me and the whole fuckin bullshit! IM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE SPREADING FUCKIN LIES ABOUT ME AND AIRING MY PERSONAL LIFE TO EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA!!! What happens in my life is mine and my husband's business! you fucked with the wrong fuckin person! I will see your asses *and you all know who you are* in court! I got you guys on fucking slander and defimation of character!!! OH YEAH! RESTRAINING ORDERS ARE BEING FUCKING BROUGHT OUT! Dont even fuckin bother trying to get out of this shit! YOU MADE YOUR FUCKING BEDS NOW FUCKING LIE IN THEM! oh and the whole thing about me leaving my husband for some other guy is a fucking lie! I love my husband and i would give my fucking life for him! You fucked with a southern gal and my fucking life! you are screwed! dont even think about coming to me trying to beg for forgiveness. you lost the one person th
Fool Me Once .. Shame On You .. Fool Me Twice .. Kick Myself In The Ass
Dont play me for the fool.. I'm not .. Be a Man .. Stay true to your word .. Just because you cant see my face in front of you .. doesnt mean I'm not REAL If you think Youve hurt me .. No you havnt .. Not in the way you think you may have .. Will I shed a tear over you .. No I wont .. Will I lose Smiles over you . No I wont .. Will I give you or what you did a Second thought .. NO I wont .. Will My LIfe be just as good if not better with you in my Life . Yes It will.. Ive been Online for over 10 years . Ive seen it all..Players .. Perverts.. Fun loving people Psycho's ..The Whole Shabang.. Ive taken something from each and every one of them . Ive met .. Ive listened to their words .. Watched their actions .. Yes.. I said I loved you .. Silly me .. Love is nothing more than a 4 letter word and I dont mean that as in its nurmeric combonation .. I once told a VERY good friend of mine .. that im not able to love .. I was wrong .. I am able to Love .. I should have said .. I c
People On Lc/ct
I Am A Day Late But Oh Frickin Well
Label Madness
1: On SEARS hair dryer: Do not use while sleeping. (well thats a givin.. but you know some people will do this just to save time) 2: On a bag of FRITOS: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (so does this mean we can open the bag up inside the store without paying for them?) 3: On a bar of DIAL soap: Directions: Use like regular soap. ( and how would regular soap be used? and what is irregular soap??) 4: Some SWANSON frozen dinners: Serving suggestion: Defrost. (no shit ... i will just eat it frozen.. duhh) 5: On a hotel-provided shower cap in a box: Fits one head. (so whos head does it fit??) 6:On TESCO's Tiramisu desert: Do not turn upside down. (Printed on the bottom of the box.) (thats to stupid t0 comment on) 7: On MARKS & SPENCER Bread Pudding: Product will be hot after heating (No kidding .. if you had ya ass in oven you'd be hot to) 8: On packaging for a ROWENTA Iron: Do not iron clothes on body (what if we are in a hurr
Sadly But True
I am sad to say that I think I may have just lost a friend. I try and try to call, text and IM her. I leave comments and still nothing. I know she must have a love life too, but she's just different. She blows me off all the time now and I think I have lost her.
Some Laws Of Computing
1. When computing, whatever happens, behave as though you meant it to happen. 2. When you get to the point where you really understand your computer, it's probably obsolete. 3. The first place to look for information is in the section of the manual where you least expect to find it. 4. When the going gets tough, upgrade. 5. For every action, there is an equal and opposite malfunction. 6. To err is human ... to blame your computer for your mistakes is even more human, it is downright natural. 7. He who laughs last probably made a back-up. 8. If at first you do not succeed, blame your computer. 9. A complex system that does not work is invariably found to have evolved from a simpler system that worked perfectly. 10. The number one cause of computer problems is computer solutions.
More Inquiring Mind Questions......
1. If you can see your breath outide on a cold day, could you see your fart? 2.Do suicide hotlines have hold? 3.How come only your fingers and toes get wrinkly in the shower and nothing else does? 4.Doesn't a lightning rod on top of church show a lack of faith? 5. How come French fries are not considered vegetables, since they are just deep fried potatoes? 6.Why is it that when adults have multiple personalities they are put in an mental hospital, but when a child has imaginary friends it's cute? 7.Do coffins have lifetime guarantees? 8. If a missing person sees their picture on a milk carton that offers a reward, would they get the money? 9.Why do you have to "put your two cents in" but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going too ? 10.Do stuttering people stutter when they're thinking to themselves? 11. Do pigs pull ham strings? 12.Can blind people be dyslexic when they read Braille? 13.Can a hearse driver d
Confused Love
Confused Love you brake my heart as soon as you heal it You steal my breath as soon as you breath Robb me of my sences then leave me feeling to much Take in my confidence the rushing it back What am I to do with you? who makes me ask who you are and what you want you push then pull still i am not enough for you You build my dreams then rip them apart I can't stand what you do but i can't leave you alone so many contradictions that I can't think straight I love you and hate you in the same moment I can't stand it when your gone I don't know what to do when you are there You hold me then push me away What is it you want from me what do you exspect afraid to let me near unwilling to let me go so many things i can't understand am I that much of a problem am I to hard to love those words you have never said to me I say them but get no responce what is it you need form me ask and I will give it to you I want to live for you I would die for you and I know n
Im Getting Rid Of It Unless..
im getting rid of it but its goin to be up so everyone can see it for a couple weeks and than its goin unless someone convinves me to keep it up!
Words Of Wisdom From A Friend
1. I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good, either. 2. I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by. 3. I'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode. 4. Someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car. 5. There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved by a suitable application of high explosives. 6. Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how to get along without it. 7. Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue. 8. Needing someone is like needing a parachute. If he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again. 9. I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem. 10. Last night, I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and thought to myself, "Where the heck is the ceiling?" 11. My Reality Check bounced. 12. On the keyboard of life, always keep one finge
Music Concerts
Wow! I dont even know where to start! That concert totally rocked! JJ and I first got there and the first band was still playing we watched them and the next band for a bit, Than JJ wanted to get some drinks so I told him only go with if he bought me one lol. When I went to the bathroom some girl was giving this guy a a blowjob in the bathroom stall with it open lol and I was like oh my gosh lol so I just went into the other stall and went. Than when the stage was getting ready for 30 seconds to mars come out and play all these people just pushing I was like wtf lol. But than when they came on IT WAS FANTASTIC! Jared Leto on stage there singing oh my gosh he totally rocked wow that was great. Than in one of the songs this girl was all dancing and than started grinding on me I was like hey Ill take that :P so I got in on it with her. Than JJ started going to a mosh and I followed and we started moshing for a bit than it stopped. They played one of their heavy songs and I saw a h
Can My Favprite Cherries Help Out Another Friend
i have a friend that wants to level up in a hurry....i have rated all her pics and i am afraid i cant do anymore except this....she has helped me out this way so i feel i could extend the same courtesy......stop by and rate some pics drop a hello and maybe find a new friend....PLEASE REPOST THIS here is the link: > Bekkas{is a pirate with derrec:)}@ CherryTAP > > > > > (repost of original by 'devils reject-rate my pics' on '2006-11-05 16:23:35')
House Cleaning Tips For Internet Junkies
Sweeping and Mopping the floors -- Have dog sweep floors with tail and lick up all crumbs. Any stubborn spots that require scrubbing recruit cat... may have to add tuna water to spot. If you don't have a dog or cat... well you are in trouble ... go find one roaming the neighborhood quick! Vacuuming -- Call for demo from salesman. Have him show you how the vacuum works in all parts of the house ... insisting the carpet looks the same...but really is different in all parts of the house. Tips for success: Don't always call same .company ... keep a chart and rotate. Dusting -- Only do what is at eye level or below. And only right before someone is coming over! Run rag over everything quickly (don't even waste your precious time on the Pledge or Endust... that's minutes away from your computer ... and that just is unacceptable!). For the illusion of using those products ... spray a few squirts to air like air freshener. Laundry -- First find a good place to hide it! If you have t
Redneck Jokes.........
You might be a Redneck Jedi if..... You ever heard the phrase, "May the force be with y'all." Your Jedi robe is camouflage. You have ever used your light saber to open a bottle of Bud Light. At least one wing of your X-Wings is primer colored. You can easily describe the taste of an Ewok. You have ever had a land-speeder up on blocks in your yard. The worst part of spending time on Dagobah is the dadgum skeeters. Wookies are offended by your B.O. You have ever used the force to get yourself another beer so you didn't have to wait for a commercial. You have ever used the force in conjunction with fishing/bowling. Your father has ever said to you, "Shoot, son come on over to the dark side'll be a hoot." You have ever had your R-2 unit use its self-defense electro-shock thingy to get the barbecue grill to light. You have a confederate flag painted on the hood of your land-speeder. You ever fantasized about Princess Leia wearing
Totally Worthless Knowledge
Totally worthless knowledge ...LMAO If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!) The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!) A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig.) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.) Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour (Don't try this at home,maybe at work) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....?!") The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football
I Joined 24 Hour Fitness!
I was going to go for my walk and it's been totally CRAP weather here lately so I drove over to 24 Hour Fitness and got a membership. DAMN expensive but it'll be worth it, plus you can get tans for $2.50 hehe. I worked out today. It makes me sort miss the free gyms that the military offers but... I need to do something about myself. I want to be fit and healthy again. I look at pictures of myself right after I got out of bootcamp and I was so thin I am jealous that I don't look like that anymore! Does that make sense? No! Haha.. Anyway thats all for now....
The Most Pathetic Mumm
Courtesy of
Queen For A Day!
Okay ladies...I'm going to do a Queen for a Day contest..It's going to start in an hour or so and will end at 9 am(central time). The queen for a day will get a Diamond Ring and will be pimped all day long and shown an amazing amount of love. So private message me w/ the pic you'd like to use and I'll swing by and Rip it. This contest will be based on number of comments so round up your posse and have them bomb the hell out of your picture! Ratings will be used in the odd instance of a tie. Best of luck to you all!
Death Sentence For Saddam
Greetings all, Today, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging for his crimes against humanity. He was found guilty for 148 deaths in the Sh'ite town of Dujail in 1982. Saddam was defiant while the verdict was read shouting "God is great". Some conspiracy theorists beleive that this verdict "surprisingly" came just in time for the upcoming elections. A few senators have even commented and said there is "a special place in hell for Saddam." Iraq has one side that is happy and jubilant about this verdict, while the other side is protesting on his behalf. What do you think about Saddam receiving the death penalty? How will this verdict and death sentence change Iraq? For the better or for the worse? Will this verdict help speed up the war in Iraq and bring our soldiers back home sooner? Share with me your thoughts and opinions in my blog entitled "Death Sentence for Saddam"
Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic! You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale. You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are! What Is Your Seduction Style?
Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic! You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale. You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are! What Is Your Seduction Style?
What Tatoo Ideas Do You Have?
Hey everybody, I'm going to get a tattoo over Christmas, and I know it may be a dumb idea to get one without any particular reason, but that's alright. I'm hoping somebody will send me a link to a tattoo that i love or that will spark an idea in me. So send whatever you've got that you think is cool.
Right Here Waiting For You ~~~ Richard Marx
For A Very Special Person In My Life!
Well... Its Sunday
well its sunday and i have no idea what to do w/ my time off.. this whole weekend has been kinda lazy and im not shure what to do with myself... expecially not having any money...lets see... over this weekend we and anne-marie,,,, huffed 20 pounds of NOS. and rented 2 movies that i dont seem to understand... i wonder if it was all the NOS.. well if anyone has any ideas of what to do .... LMK
IMspidey/M.M 11/06 Copyright © 2006
A Love Letter...
Dear Beloved, I hope this scribe finds you in good health, but more importantly, healthy spirits…. Since your initial appearance, idle time leads me to thoughts of you… The simple fact that I was sought out by you, leaves me feeling like cherished treasure… Others perished from pressure, but YOU….Stand out with outstanding perseverance… Chuckled at my subtle deterrence, thus, you “got to me…” Like the hands that mold pottery, you reshaped my melodies of “what’s to come” with notes of positivity… Enveloped vividly, visions of YOU travel first class from surface to the core of my being… Fleeting emotions whisper to the Most High, “I want to be the omega to his alpha…” Basking in nostalgia… if you believe in past lives, I’ve touched your heart before… Lured by method of my poetic prowess, Don’t you know I use my soul as a pen…? What comes from the soul goes to the soul… And each word I send equates a kiss blown by the wind… How many have you received…? Your's truly....
this is my first blog, my first day.. I am in Omaha, and I have found nothing to do yet.. I hope to fond something to do soon.... anyone know of anything around here?
Adding Me To Messenger??
If you dont talk to me then I will reject ur request!!!So dont bother!!!
Aquarius You are very random, changing moods everyday. You are very genuine, and you like to do a lot sexually. When you find something that you like, you like it a lot and want your lover to like it too. Ideally you like to find a partner who is as into sex as you are. You want a lover who is just as independent as you are and you like an equal amount of give and take in the sack. Sex matches: Aries, Gemini, Libra Take this quiz at This is me to a T!!!!!
Today 05 Nov 06
well. my first blog on here. not sure what it will turn out like, but here we go. I was gonna update my profile to give ya a bit more info about myself, but it is late now and i'll just quickly say something here. I work in a private secure hospital in the town i live in. i look after adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. I recently got a promotion but am currently on a 3 month probationary period for that. hehe. hopefully i'll get it permenantly. Today and yesterday it was pretty quiet and I'm not a tired as usual. I do however feel it is nearly time for bed so i'll say Ta Ta For Now. hopefully i'll remember to add to my blog tomorrow. if i didn't - remind me to. Have a fantastic day - all of you. :)
My Daughter Talks
Well today 11/5/06..she is beside me while I am on CherryTap. We went to Hampton, VA for a marching band contest. She plays the clarinet. she is in the marching band and yesterday i went but didnt bother her but only when she spoke to me , so i wouldnt embarrass her. It worked, we sat on different buses and it was cool. She only talked to me when she needed money. Well i will take one day at a
My Mom's Best Friend
Hope had been my Mom's best friend since I can remember. Of course, I was only 18, so as friendships go, It was forever as far as I was concerned. I have known her and been around her so much that she was as much an Aunt or other close family member than just a friend. Hope and my Mom are the same age. They went to high school together, then college, and after they were married, lived in the same neighborhood. I have never thought of her as anything more than a very close friend and the idea of looking at her sexually never crossed my mind. One sad day, Hope's husband Jerry had a heart attack and died. He was a young 42, four years older than Hope. It was such a loss for all of us, but from this incident, came a moment so special that I cherish it. About a month after Jerry died, Hope was just beginning to end her grieving, and she asked my Mom if I would be interested in helping her move some things out and help her get on with life. Of course, she said I would, and I was happ
Hey, %n! Check me out on MySpace!
Tha Ex Factor...
Love me, I couldn't make you…. 3 years, it took to shake you… all the while my heart secretly wishing for a "take two…" Our paths cross, now I'm half lost and questioning my break through… Hate to love you, love to hate you, determined to redeem myself found, I turn around, hoping escape you… Open my eyes, choking off cries, as I realize I now face you… got to laugh as I pace thro the fucked up shit fate do… Since our demise tried my best to erase you, but we share ties… Questioning your well being under a 'fuck that sucka' disguise… My sanity? I compromised, understanding? I felt deprived… Tormenting myself with the possibility of what we had being a lie… Heavy sighs, to get past this once and for all, I'm ready to try… Deadly this cry, for as much pain he inflicted, I'd take him back in an instant…. Even though his shoulder now frost over, I still love from a distance… I got to let go, but my essence's insistence is met with resistanc
I still feel like shit. But im awake. My fever didnt really break any. Which kinda bites. I can only keep down yogurt. ♥ And I miss [[ you ]] ♥ Kay im done i think haha. OH! This song. Temporary insanity by alex johnson. Is my new favorite love song ♥
Well Come And Out A Girl Out
Will ya come and help a girl out, i only need 488 more to the level. Please come and rate my pics and profile if you haven't already.
Best Male Package
Still looking for everyones help to let people know about the best male package.. These guys are still needing votes so if you are a guy please tell your girls about it and if you are a girl then please go and vote for them!! Thanks Everyone for your continued support!! AmZ
Your Deadly Sins Envy: 60% Greed: 60% Lust: 60% Wrath: 60% Pride: 40% Sloth: 40% Gluttony: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 46% You will die at the hands of a jealous lover. How ironic. How Sinful Are You?
The Blue--video
Toubabo Koumi--video
Funkin' Bass!
Friday, December 15, 2006 It's 3 of our favorite friends birthdays... Alicia, Krysta and Jay, (DNR)... So to celebrate properly, we put together a great night of Breaks, Techno & House... To make things a bit more interesting, we're doing a blacklight theme, so get creative with outfits that will look good under the black UV rays!!! And DON'T FORGET to set yer camera's on NITE VISION!! Your DJ's for the evening... MIKE CONRADI - breaks Embedded, Terror Inc., Blackmoon REXILE - breaks, Porn Star Clothing DJ A6 - funky house Double Decker, DJ C4 - house n breaks DJ GABBO - techno Hitman, Terror Inc, Deranged, Propersounds STEVE-0 - dirty funk Double Decker, Terror Inc, Prolifik, DNR - tech-trance Double Decker DMT - hard house n techno Double Decker THIS WILL BE AT THE REGENCY AGAIN... 8128 Mountain Rd. Niagara Fal
ANyone out there, I'm bored and could use some conversation
Sunday, November 19, 2006 - 7:00pm to 3:00am Pay The Dj - DnB touching down from London Ontario "D.I.A Recordings, Soulscape Records, S.O.S" Close - DnB, Hip Hop Fusion set "Syntechdesign" Mathmatech - Two hour Old school Jungle set 93-99 "ZodiacRecords, Solution" Boxing Kangaroo - Breaks Furious b2b Close Come early for free Cake and order some food from the new kitchen. Venue: TBA Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Info: Admission: $5 after 9pm
Im A Dork
well, so this is my first blog. sad i know ive been here how long and this is my first? anyhoo. check out my site. ive had alot of fun designing it. and occasionally i find something new to put on it. awesome no? i have nothing alot to say, so booyah! have a great day@
Tdsk Throw Down Sound Krew
Saturday, December 2, 2006 - 9:00pm to 3:00am Selecta Jay 9-10 -hip hop/dub XXX Girth 10-11 -electro set Steveo 11-12 -house & breaks Kaz 12-1 -breakbeats Bionix 1-2 -banging techno Bliz 2-3 -hardstyle/hardcore Venue: Sky Dragon, 27 King William Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Info: Admission: $5
Airything After But Is Bullshyt
My mother didn't birth a liar; so when I say I perspire no dude, the whole truth I solemnly swear It's not a front or façade, a stunt nor mirage; when it comes to men, I simply don't got it in me to care… BUT… I think I'ma have to make an exception for you… Saw your picture, and heard a thousand words, the old adage is true… Mental ascension, I'm tryin to get to the attic of you… From the ground up, stopping at your heart for a second or two… Don't let the short time spent there misconstrue… That's only part of the connection I'm tryin to pursue… Hypnotized by the aura of confidence you exude Something like a star, so I'm into wishing for an interlude Yeah…I'm rough around the edges, BUT that's somethin I think you can soothe So I Flow my intuition, hoping that I'm not being rude… Bumpin Isley Brothers, thinkin of ways with you I wanna groove Mentally, physically, and spiritually, just to name a few I know you heard it all be
Screaming In The Dark..........
cold sweat tear soaked torn ........... screaming faster into the night once the time was all ways brite wakening sweat cold as ice calm the image and dont think twice missing some one this bad will some times drive the mind so mad happyness for some but not for me the sadness makes it hard to be breathing slow see through the mist there is something other then i missed im going on into the black trying hard to wonder back through the madness that is my truth scars on me are the grusome proof there invisible you see to the naked eye for this you see i would not lie i would never step on no ones heart for i know it all ways tears it apart but this is me layed out so thin showing my madness that lives with in im pushing on for you forever are so far gone i wish it ended like i thought but this is the way my life will rot.......
I Guess Its True
it IS possible to beat yourself up in your sleep. i do. (picture coming soon)
Without You~~motley Crue
Last night at the Aerosmith/Motley Crue concert, this song was played by the band, and it made me appreciate how my dear friends from NYC can give me this special graduation gift..But it also made me think of some other special friends from another group who I miss a whole lot. Friends whether if u meet them online or offline, are very special & precious and should not be taken for granted. You should treat anybody with love, honesty, respect and let them know u are always there for them when they need u. So I leave this song, for anyone who I have met here in Cherry, or my friends from NYC, or in the Passions group who I miss a lot & I even leave this song to my special friend who I wish that person was here with me right now.. Without You~~Motley Crue Without you, there's no change My nights and days are grey If I reached out and touched the rain It just wouldn't feel the same Without you, I'd be lost I'd slip down from the top I'd slide down so low Girl you'd n
My Love
Come to me, my love You're my heart's desire tonight, Embrace me in your loving arms Until the morning light Bring with you your passion, love That's hidden deep inside, Shed the mask of shamefulness, There's nothing left to hide. Bring with you your smile, love That illuminates my sky, Leave behind the sadness No more tears you'll cry. Don't forget your heart, love Then gently open wide, Close your eyes and kiss me Then let love come inside. Come to me, my love The yearning is just too much, Don't make me live another day Without your gentle touch.
Condom Slogans
When The Children Cry ~~~ White Lion
This May be a different kind of dedication but it just had to be done. This is dedicated to all the Children and Families who have lost people on 9/11 and in the war against terrorism. This goes out to all the Soldier's who are giving their all to keep America Safe!!!! THANK YOU! Everything you are doing is Deeply Felt, Remembered and Loved!
Being Me
If you really want to get to know me all you have do to is be yourself and not try to be phony or fake........IM NEITHER FAKE OR PHONEY WHEN IT COMES TO MY FRIENDS.......JUST ASK MICK OR AUSSIE WOLF
Entry Is Now Open!!!
The Beast
the beast within me a demon on my doorstep has been slayed and forced into reconcilement just waitin to get out at any moment tryin to hold him back but I'm growing weaker by the second as he continues to pound at the door he grows louder into the night raging on this beast can't be contained any longer contemplatin on his first victim and tryin to fight him hard but some how I had to contain him hurtin others cause he has no soul so therefore he doesn't care about the pain of others my mind was growing stronger but fight in me got weaker as hours of battlin the beast my soul finally overcame his evil ways were no longer a threat to me or anyone.
There's A F-ckin' Nazi Here ---damn It
AND THE frickin' coward wouldn't let me post a photo comment of a Jewish caracture dressed as a rat getting slaughtered in a mouse trap--- cherry tap/lost cherry always rocked harder than anyone--i don't wanna hear the free sppech crap--this guy gotta go--sorry
go to and add me as your friend!
Moving On
After thinking about it a LOT, I decided to end my relationship with Mandy. While I do agree that communication is key, the communication was not there to the degree it really should have been. I can't blame her for everything, it's equal effort..or a lack of. I'm not closed to the idea of a relationship at this point in my life but it's got to be something simpler than what I was dealing with previously. No guessing games, no head games. I always wondered what others meant by 'playing games' because it's not something that I had really experienced before, until now. Now I know what to steer clear of next time.
Adult Survey
ADULT QUESTIONS HERE. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT, DON'T READ! 1. How many people have you fucked? I'm pleading the 5th 2. Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium, hash....out of these 12 drugs how many have you done? 2 3. Ever cheated on a GF/BF? No 4. Ever paid for sex? No 5. Ever been married? Yes 6. Ever been divorced? Yes 7. If you had to pick one whats your fav sexual position? on top 8. Do you own any guns? not any more 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? No 10. Ever been to rehab? No 11. Ever do anything gay sexually? yes 12. Ever fuck anyone that you met on myspace or aol or any other instant message service? Not that I met on....but I do have those that I have dated that are on one or more of those... 13. Ever have cam sex? yes 14. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? No 15. How many states have you lived in? a few 16. How many countries have you lived in? just USA 17. Do you keep a weapon under or next
My Love
In the back of my mind may reside worry And sometimes my judgment a little blurry But know here and now That at your feet I bow My Love is always near You need not fear I will never leave Nor will you ever grieve I will forever be at your side With all other issues aside My love you’ll forever own As for my mistakes I must make atone Please remember always you have a friend in me This I’m sure we both agree Whatever events that may go by That I will never say goodbye Although sometimes I can be a jerk And at times you tend to go berserk Remember I was made for loving you Your attention I’ll always pursue Cause’ they’ll never be enough to go around ©~Ted E. Brown II October 27, 2006
Last Goodbye
With every call of my name And every ounce of hatred and blame My love grows dimmer by the day And my hope begins to decay Living a lie with nothing left to lose Deep in a life I did not choose What am I to do? Everything I say you misconstrue Sometimes I question Your current obsession When will it end? You know I could never contend A feeling of despair Like no other can compare A cryptic emotion That questions my devotion Sometimes I wonder why I try Knowing you give your last goodbye ©~Ted E. Brown II October 27, 2006
A Friend Of Mine Has Just Joined Us
The Begin Of An Ass
BEFORE I BECAME AN ASS AND BECAME DIABLO NEGRO I USED TO BE THIS GUY: I'm sorry That I was raised with respect; not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not Hott enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not a Jack A. I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I am the shoulder for you to cry on when he breaks your heart, but you never let me in to help mend it. I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather hold you then just bang you like some random guy. IM SORRY THAT I AM ALWAYS THE ONE U NEED TO TALK TO, BUT NEVER GOOD ENOUGH TO DATE I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, bu
Blah...i Hate Being Sick
I have a sore throat (so sore i havent had anything to eat or drink today) my nose is runny and i have an on/off fever. it just royally sucks! anyway, I've been trying to get as many referrals as possible (61 total so far) so it keeps me occupied. other than that, I've been sleeping and when i wake up im just bored as hell. I HOPE ALL YOU CHERRIES ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR WEEKEND!!! MWUAH!
Crazy Night
Friday night had arrived as Nicole and I (Holly) got ready for a house party. Some guys had invited us to a friend of their's reading week party (for the US it's kinda known as march break or so.) The party was in Muskoka (that's in Canada) and took us about 2 hours to find the place. Horrible directions! When we finally arrived it was about 10pm friday. Troy drove and Terrance came along, he's a friend of Troy. The party had definitely started as we approached the door, loud music and people yelling, dancing, drinking amoung other stuff (in Muskoka kinda farm land the house's were far spaced from each other.) The music was loud but the people were definitely louder. Troy begun to introduce us to his friends. Minutes later we split apart, Nicole and I went for a little socializing. What we did notice was that all the other females were black along with the guys, there must of been 2 white guys there. We went for a drink then to the main room and started dancing. A few minutes later
My thanks to Engla for informing me that one can vote for more than one person in the contests that have been taking place on this site (unless otherwise specified, I suppose...) No thanks to me for not asking earlier, and for not going and voting once she told me; the contest I was going to vote in is closed. Will do so in certain others, though, under certain circ's.
Sensual Couple
There is a fire within us.. that only needs a touch to bring forth flame. Passion ignites... when I hear you whisper my name. My body shivers... oh... but not from cold... but from the sweet anticipation... of a desire that never seems to grow old. I lay my head upon your chest.. kiss your skin softly. I breathe in the manly scent of you... it intoxicates me like wine... making my senses whirl... or maybe it is the way your hands... are softly caressing my back... making me melt... yet every nerve is tingling... with the need of you. You gently lift me up and softly kiss my forehead Sending chills all down my spine Can't wait the anticipation... Softly kiss up your body gently caress our lips... My body fills with excitement and anticipation Hands roaming each others bodies Filling the silkiness of your skin My heart starts pounding from pleasure As your fingers run over my treasures Gently sliding the key in as you begin to turn Gently stroking my bod
went to a got tub party met a few people i got trashed it was pretty fun need to have more of them anyone interested. lol
I'm Nothing
I'm nothing without your touch, my love. I'm nothing without you kiss. To spend each night in your arms, my flower. This man's idea of bliss. To not hear your voice each day, Is to die seven times, by God's wraith. If I was anything ohter than human, I'd wanna be the water in your bath. 'Til then, my love. Ciao
I'm so bored right now. Been waiting to hear from someone and I haven't. And things are so slow everywhere. :(
Sensual Woman
I’m a sensual woman. I am warm, wet and high on passion. Arousing and seducing my lover. Sensually teasing and flirting. I utilize my senses. Starting foreplay with my eyes, gently touching my man and his manhood. I whisper my needs in a seductive lusty voice. I welcome my love between my thighs, guiding him to my passion points. Our warm bodies mold together with thrust and friction. I savor the sexually fulfillment A sensual woman I mount my lover and slip his manhood deep inside. Using my womanhood to hold him tight, as I ride into sexual bliss. I am a sensual woman. Making love slow and easy, never rushed. I want to sexually please my lover, so he in turn can please me. I’m a sensual woman living daily with passionate thoughts of how to make the next pleasurable moment better than the last.
Respect Yourself
Ok i Decided to Add Some Stories From the Sega's own Game '' Yakuza its a 8.1 rewiew game Really fun but the poin its the storyline -Respect yourself Kazuma Kiriu(the main Character) is trying to Find out why His Clan has been Breaking off.So his Friend Date(Detective date the same man who arested him 10 years ago)is Investigating also the case. So one Day Reina the Owner of a Bar Calls '' Kazuma'' Because Detective Date was Drinking alot so Kazuma Decided to see WHtas up. When he arrived Date was Sleeping on the bar Counter. When The phone Rang!!! It Was Date's Daughter Saya She was mad Because her Father never Have time for her. Reina Mentioned that they had to meet at a Park. Arriving at the Park 2 Girls aproached Kazuma, asking if he whanted to have Fun with them, but no rough Stuff. So Kazuma declined it Because they were young and he does not take advantage of people. When the girls wore leaving he heard her name '' Saya'' Wasting no time he asked her Wh
Never Enough ~~~ La Guns
Adult Survey!!!
ADULT QUESTIONS HERE. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT, DON'T READ! Most surveys are pointless and childish......lets see what kinda balls (or eggs) ya got!!! 1. How many people have you fucked? 5 2. Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium, hash....out of these 12 drugs how many have you done? 2 3. Ever cheated on a GF/BF? nope 4. Ever paid for sex? nope 5. Ever been married? nope 6. Ever been divorced? nope 7. If you had to pick one whats your fav sexual position? 69 8. Do you own any guns? nope 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? nope 10. Ever been to rehab? nope 11. Ever do anything gay sexually? yes... 12. Ever fuck anyone that you met on myspace or aol or anyother instant message service? yes 13. Ever have cam sex? yes 14. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? yes 15. How many states have you lived in? none yet, outside US lol 16. How many countries have you lived in? 2 17. Do you keep a weapon under or next to yo
Motley Crue-kick Start My Heart
Kickstart My Heart When I get high I get high on speed Top fuel funny car's A drug for me My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Always got the cops Coming after me Custom built bike doing 103 My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Ooh, are you ready girls? Ooh, are you ready now? Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Give it a start Ooh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Hope it never stops Ooh, yeah, baby Skydive naked From an aeroplane Or a lady with a Body from outerspace My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Say I got trouble Trouble in my eyes I'm just looking for Another good time My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Ooh, are you ready girls? Ooh, are you ready now? Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Give it a start Ooh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Hope it never stops Ooh, yeah, baby When we started this band All we needed, needed was a laugh Years gone by... I'd say we've kicked some ass When I'm enraged Or hittin' the
My Son Tony Rip
My Beautiful son. Born NOVEMBER 3rd 1978 Died APRIL 26th 199610 years & I still miss him!Born this week 28 years ago On April 26th 1996, Tony was helping some friends move. The driver lost control of the truck & flipped it end over end 8 times. Tony was tossed from the truck about 30 feet & crushed his head on a phone pole. He died within minutes of the crash. Tony was 17 years old. Get Your Own! | View Slideshow
I just wanted to make a note to let ya know that Ive been real busy doing the music mom, scout mom and soccer mom routine, along with a few other commitees that i'm on. So i've really been slacking on commenting back to those who have commented me. So please don't feel i'm being rude. Have a good week all.
thanx to all the people who are rating my profile... keep it up, i will be sure to do the same for you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
One Night
Such pretense surrounds the moment we meet And the following hours As if swept off our feet We move beyond small talk We share our dreams We are a perfect fit Or so it seems The night is upon us Our attractions peak Intense desires make Our defenses weak Once in the bedroom Our intamacy expands All night at the mercy Of each other's hands Morning sun wakes us Maybe time for one more When that is finished It's time for the door Don't fool yourself About what the night meant Move on with your life Remember the time we spent No more talk of attraction No more dreams to share That was only last night Only one night be aware Don't touch me don't call Don't beg me please Get out of my bed Go find your keys
Dont Know What To Do
i mean i been friends with the love of my life for 3 years and then we started dating now i dont know what happen to us
Dont Know What To Do
i mean i been friends with the love of my life for 3 years and then we started dating now i dont know what happen to us
Music Trivia Question 1 - Congrats To Michael J! This Rounds Winner
Okay, this is a lyric question, that means I want the name of the artist, song and year it was released. "I lived most of my life in New York City Born and raised in the promised land One day this man in black said, "Listen Jack" Told me I was chosen to kiss the ring on his hand He said "Kindly reconsider the sins of your past" And I said "Mister you can kindly kiss my ass"'
Linkin Park-a Place For My Head
"A Place For My Head" I watch how the Moon sits in the sky / in the dark night Shining with the light from the sun The sun doesn't give / light to the moon assuming The moon’s going to owe it one It makes me think of how you act to me / You do Favors and then rapidly / You just Turn around and start asking me / about Things you want back from me I’m sick of the tension / sick of the hunger Sick of you acting like I owe you this Find another place / to feed your greed - While I find a place to rest I want to be in another place I hate when you say you don’t understand (You’ll see it's not meant to be) I want to be in the energy, not with the enemy A place for my head Maybe someday I’ll be just like you / and Step on people like you do and / Run Away the people I thought I knew I remember back then who you were You used to be calm / used to be strong Used to be generous / but you should’ve known / That you’d Wear out your welcome / now you see How quiet it is
Linkin Park Live In Texas
I have this DVD. My 10 year old son and I listen to it everyday. "Lying From You" When I pretend everything is what I want it to be I look exactly like what you always wanted to see When I pretend, I can’t forget about the criminal I am Stealing second after second just cause I know I can but I can’t pretend this is the way it’ll stay I’m just (trying to bend the truth) I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be, so I’m [Chorus] (Lying my way from you) No no turning back now (I wanna be pushed aside so let me go) No no turning back now (Let me take back my life,I’d rather be all alone) No turning back now (Anywhere on my own cuz I can see) No no turning back now (The very worst part of you is me) I remember what they taught to me Remember condescending talk of who I ought to be Remember listening to all of that and this again So I pretended up a person who was fittin’ in And now you think this person really is me and I’m (Trying to bend the truth) But th
The Dark Carnival (violent J's Point Of View)
The Dark Carnival preaches to everyone in many different ways. Me and Shaggy are just one of it's ways to reach people. For example, even an old lady that plays Bingo every weekend will eventually hear the words of the Dark Carnival only it will be through a different outlet. Something that interests her will give her the message. Weather or not she acts upon it is up to her. What ever this force is, it reaches us all, whether you heed its warnings or not is your own choice. This is what will happen to those that received the Dark Carnival's messages threw us. After death, your soul will stand up out of your body. You will all the sudden see The Dark Carnival's parade of wagons rolling towards you. Lead by the 6 Joker's Card faces on giant flags and an entire parade of ghost and wagons following them. You'll know right when you see them that there not with God and not with the Devil... These wagons are about to take you to one of them though. You're about to face judgment. I think T
I look at you and you make me cream my pants. The thought of having you inside me gives me goosebumps. I dream of the day you just kiss my lips and make me melt. Your soft wanting blue eyes, your manly hard-working hands around me. You caress me ever so lovingly. Kiss my neck with your soft lips. You make me want you every time you're around. Give me what i want. I need you... I think i love you!!!
Best Male Face, Or The Love Of Twix
Hey guys, please vote for me in this contest. It's the first one I've ever been in and am a bit shy about it but what the heck.
Well as some know, i visited my best friend, in the US. I was worried about getting through immigration because I didn't quite follow the the check out procedure concerning the us visit program. Well I was surprised that i went through so easily, I suppose this was due to visiting recently. Still the weather was as expected, cold LOL. Done some spending on the last day and finlly got myself a psp. I was deciding whether to get a psp or an mp3 player because I get bored when waiting to board the plane. I decided on the psp as I can use this at work too when i have some spare time. One thing that did bother me though, was the amount of political adverts, yeah i know its election time but we in the UK are not used to this much on tv. Halloween was fun, though it was cold. The kids looked like they got enough candy, and some of the houses really went to town on celebrating the day. And that what i was expecting, becuase we are just starting to celebrate halloween as it should be.
Fine Ass Girl Being Stalked!
Am I Pretty Now?
Here comes the ugly one Looking sad and wearing black Those stupid fucking preps all laugh Because she looks so fat Trying to ignore the comments She walks, looking at the floor Since she doesn't say a word They shout more ugly words The jocks throw their footballs at her And the anorexic sluts just laugh She's teased in science, she teased in p.e She's even teased in math Everyday, the same routine, She runs into her room and cries She thinks that no one cares If she just curled up and died Then one day after normal teasing, She finally had enough She couldn't handle all their teasing And other stupid stuff She grabbed some lipstick and put it on her lips She grabbed her long black skirt And then started to rip At the corner of her eye She spotted a pointy blade She slashed her wrists until Her vision started to fade Suddenly, she fell Colapsing on a towel The words carved in her wrists read, Am I Pretty Now?
Eve Of Destruction
Eve Of Destruction By Barry McGuire, 1965 The eastern world it tis explodin', violence flarin', bullets loadin', you're old enough to kill but not for votin', you don't believe in war, what's that gun you're totin', and even the Jordan river has bodies floatin', but you tell me over and over and over again my friend, ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction. Don't you understand, what I'm trying to say? Can't you see the fear that I'm feeling today? If the button is pushed, there's no running away, There'll be noone to save with the world in a grave, take a look around you, boy, it's bound to scare you, boy, but you tell me over and over and over again my friend, ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction. Yeah, my blood's so mad, feels like coagulatin', I'm sittin' here, just contemplatin', I can't twist the truth, it knows no regulation, handful of Senators don't pass legislation, and marches alone can't bring integration, when human
I Understand Lonely
Lonely is the toughest thing to do Lonely is the toughest thing to do And just sit around this place missing you I wish we had back that day When we threw every thing away Cause lonely is the toughest thing to do I think about a time when we were young and free My ache grows thinking how you looked at me And we walked around both hand in hand Your were my woman I was your man Now lonely is the toughest thing to do Some days I lay awake in bed and shedding tears Feeling time pass slower than the passing years I think of vows that we did say And how I felt upon that day Knowing lonely is the toughest thing to do In a perfect world you would not have told me to go And I would have done all that did not then know But you went and found someone new All I’m left is missing you Dear god lonely is the toughest thing to do Lonely is the toughest thing to do Now you have your perfect life with him too Do what it take to make love grow Take it from a man wh
Land Of Confusion
I haven't posted in days. I'm not sure if it is out of lack of giving a damn or just not being able to concentrate on one single rational thought. Either way I have got to get some of it out before I explode. So much for DJ and I managing to get along the rest of the time I was here. The last few days have been a mix between fiery hate and morbid sorrow. Our Friday night outing was pure hell on earth. I guess I would have to admit that we were both to blame, but he still just never listens to anything I try to tell him. Lessons learned and best used for the future......... I hope that he can see that he needs to truly change some things about himself once I am gone. Admittedly there are things I will need to work on as well, but that is just the thing I admit it and he won't. Well, he will but he says he will never change. I just hope if he meets someone else that they can be more tolerable of some of his ways than I was. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Old Zombie Report ..we Are All Going To Die....well Most Of You
Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sul Military Forces quarantine Quan'sul Military Forces quarantine Quan'sul There has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in a small town near the border of Laos in North-Eastern Cambodia. The culprit was discovered to be mosquitoes native to that region carrying a new strain of Malaria which thus far has a 100 percent mortality rate and kills victims in fewer than 2 days. After death, this parasite is able to restart the heart of its victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believed to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.” Cambodian officials say that the outbreak has been contained and the public has no need to worry. General Ary Serey had this to say, "We have obtained samples of this new parasite and plan to learn how it starts the heart and other major organs of the deceased. We inten
Well He's Gone Back
*Sigh* dropped him off @ the airport, sat with him untill he had to go through to the boarding area then I can home. The appartment is just so empty, quite and lonely now....I did most all my crying this morning and some @ the airpost so for now I am done. It is going to take me acouple of days to get use to him not sleeping next to me and just not being here. It was so wonderful to have him home...but tomarrow he goes in and the talk to him andout a treatment pane and how long, so hopefully we will know how soon he will be home to stay. Right now the dogs are whinning cause of him not comeing back with me and Kelsi has been wandering around the house looking for him. I'm sure the dogs know what happened, but Kelsi does not. Well back to me eatting canned or frozen stuff, I hate to cook for just me so I normaly dont. Dont get me wronge I love to cook, but for just one person I just dont see the point. I do have left overs that will probbly last me a week so thats good. Well lo
Izabella Rose
i am an aunt im so happy she was born at 4:20pm sat nov 4 she is 8lb 6oz 20" i will have pics asap
Thank You!
I just wanted to thanks to everyone who has shown their support over the past couple of days. I appreciate it, it has been hard.
I WAS HOPEING SOMEONE COULD HELP ME SINCE I CANT SEAM TO GET ANY ANSWERS AT CHERRY TAP IVE BEEN TRYING TO UPLOAD MORE PICTURES BUT I HAVE THIS MESSAGE TELLING ME THAT MY BROWSER ISNT SUPPORTED "THATS WIERD BECAUSE AT ONE POINT IN TIME I HAD 200 PICTURES ON HERE. NOW IVE GOT A NEW MESSAGE TELLING ME SOMETHING DIFFERNT "ALSO WHEN I GO TO MY PROFILE ALL MY PICTURES ARE BLACK AND WHITE". THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS I NEED TO DO "Image Uploader ActiveX control is necessary to upload your files quickly and easily. You will be able to select multiple images in user-friendly interface instead of clumsy input fields with Browse button. Installation will take up to few minutes, please be patient. To install Image Uploader, please reload page and select "Yes" button when you will see control installation dialog." AND I DONT UNDERSTAND, I AM SO NOT A COMPUITER WIZ....WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS SO I CAN ADD NEW PICTURES? THANKS KAT
I WAS HOPEING SOMENE COULD HELP ME SINCE I CANT SEAM TO GET ANY ANSWERS AT CHERRY TAP IVE BEEN TRYING TO UPLOAD MORE PICTURES BUT IVE HAS THIS MESSAGE TELLING ME THAT MY BROWSER ISNT SUPPORTED "THATS WIERD BECAUSE AT ONE POINT IN TIME I HAD 20 PICTURES ON HERE. NOW IVE GOT A NEW MESSAGE TELLING ME SOMETHING DIFFERNT "ALSO WHEN I GO TO MY PROFILE ALL MY PICTURES ARE BLACK AND WHITE". THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS I NEED TO DO " Image Uploader ActiveX control is necessary to upload your files quickly and easily. You will be able to select multiple images in user-friendly interface instead of clumsy input fields with Browse button. Installation will take up to few minutes, please be patient. To install Image Uploader, please reload page and select "Yes" button when you will see control installation dialog." AND I DONT UNDERSTAND, I AM SO NOT A COMPUITER WIZ....WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS SO I CAN ADD NEW PICTURES? THANKS KAT
A Poem I Wrote About My Grandma After She Died
My grandma (Granny) meant the world to me and when she died I lost part of my soul.. I can't wait until the day comes that I will get to see her again. I wrote this poem about her and it was even published in a book of poetry in 2004. Go figure.. My Angel Granny Granny when God made angels he had you in mind. When he created grandmothers he made them in your image. I was the child that wanted to be with you instead of my friends. Watching you crochet blankets, doilies and even doll clothes, was so amazing to me, you could make such beautiful things out of a single ball of yarn. When you got sick my heart jumped to my throat. I wanted to give you my heart and my very own breath just to keep you on this earth a little while longer. When Jesus took you I laid my head upon your chest and cried until the tears would no longer fall. I cried for days thinking my Granny is gone. I know that someday we will see each other again. I now accept that you are in heaven and you are
What A Kiss Means ...
+Kiss on the stomach = Im ready +Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever" +Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything +Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends" +Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you" +Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together" +Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you" +Kiss on the Lips = I love you" What the gesture means... +Holding Hands = "we definitely like each other" +Slap on the Butt = "That's mine" +Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go" +Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain like you" +Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me" +Arms around the Waist = "I like you too much to let go" +Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you" --Advice-- + Dont ask for a kiss, take one. +If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
i am so alone and lonely horny and a good loking guy i want some naughty ladies to chat with , wanna watch me on cam ???? david michael
Im Here Again
im so happy today..scott called me yesterday..i miss my hubby hes good and im good so i guess you could say that perfect...lata
Need Help Again Lol
OK, this is for those who know about the face recognition site. I did it but don't know how to copy and paste the results. Call me stupid, but seriously, I have no clue.
Wrong E-mail Address
There's a lesson to be learned from typing the wrong e-mail address: A Minneapolis couple decided to go to Florida to thaw out during a particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years before. Because of hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel plans. So, the husband left Minneapolis and flew to Florida on Thursday, with his wife to fly down the following day. The husband checked into the hotel, and unlike years ago, there was a computer in the room. He decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her e-mail address, and without noticing his error, sent the e-mail. Meanwhile, somewhere in Houston, a widow had just returned from her husband's funeral. He was a minister who was called home to glory after suffering a heart attack. The widow decided to check her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends. After readi
OK, I need help putting my entertainment centre together. Seriously, there has to be 1,000,000 different pieces including 999,900 screws, nuts, nails, bolts, hinges etc. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Msn Messanger
By popular demand, I've now got MSN messanger as well..Let me know either via comment here what your email addy for that is..or via shoutbox. If you're looking for cyber sex - DO NOT EVEN BOTHER.
Do You Agree?
You Are A Good Friend You're always willing to listen Or lend a shoulder to cry on You're there through thick and thin Many people consider you their "best friend"! What Kind of Friend Are You?
i have been trying to send comments and rate pics today but the work comp is not being cooperative so seeing if i can at least post a blog to tell you all hi and that i hope you are having a great sunday kisses and hugs to all ;):) Kelly
Playing The Victim Card...
...When All Else Fails Some people love to play the victim. Living for the misery they themselves create. Placing blame on those around them. Never gazing back into the mirror for they fear truth. The condemned sterotype left to rot among the masses nailed to the cross. Wrongly accused yet guilty by public opinion. Judged upon the words of an outright deception. A one sided distortion in which the defendant is bound and gagged. In the end when all is said and done we live up to our expectations however low they may be. I guess honesty is not really what people want to hear. They want to hear what makes them happy. Their selfishness dictates this to be factual. If things don't go their way well then we're all just assholes, aren't we? // Satyr [ ]
Hate Me Today!
I have to block out thoughts of you so i don’t lose my head They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that i’m alone Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home There's a burning in my pride, A nervous bleeding in my brain An ounce of peace is all i I want for you. Will you never call again? And will you never say that you love me Just to put it in my face? And will you never try to reach me? It is I that wanted space Hate me today Hate me tomorrow Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you I’m sober now for 3 whole months It’s one accomplishment that you helped me with The one thing that always tore us apart Is the one thing i won’t touch again In a sick way I want to thank you For holding my head up late at night While I was busy waging wars on myself, You were trying to stop the fight You never doubted my warped opinions on things Like suicidal hate You made me complim
The One
THE ONE.... Every waking moment I feel him In my head hearing every thought He moves around me like the air I breathe every breath he takes I feel every move he makes He protects me when I need him Comforts me when I'm sad I feel him like no other man I doubt anyone can understand Always being so free Living for myself Now I am pulled to a man One man that tames me The one who shows me love Everything given so freely Knowing him as I know myself He is me and I am him I cannot waver or lose my path His love is like a light He is guiding me home in this dark night Broken and tainted I go to him He looks on me with love not shame He knows my pain He has been down this road My only hope is he feels the same Can he feel my love? It's like a searing pain Maybe he will take me Show me my way Never thought I'd feel true love Something given by both in so many ways But he is a cut above He is not just a man He is everything I have ever wanted he is ev
Love ! :(
LOve really hurts , i want to find a cute boy now :( kisses // nathalie
Quotes Of The Day For 11/5 - Death
"Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die." Amelia Burr "People living deeply have no fear of death." Anais Nin "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference." Ellie Wiesel "Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death" James F. Bymes "I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." Winston Chrchill
Good News
Well, the housemate and I had a chat, and it works out that I don't have to move after all. I guess there some some things irritating him outside of the money, and some misunderstandings as well. Yay. That's a load off. Now maybe I can get some writing done. Still, I do plan to move into a different place eventually. On my own terms, in my own time, and under my own power. I'm really not big on the whole housemate thing. Rather have my own space. At least the panic is off.
Gone Like The Rest
Some wonder why I'm still single. I don't, it's not that I don't have options, it is because being single is better then any options that I may have. For instance, I was just about to take this one guy serious, but he has too many red flags. No biggy, he's single like me, but all of a sudden I see a picture of him kissing a woman and he's telling me there's nothing between him and this girl...I think not. He responds telling me that he kisses his friends..key word FRIENDS. To each their own, but I don't go around kissing my friends, and if I did, the line between friendship & more becomes blurred. All he had to do was tell me ok fine, there is something between me and her. Dayumn but don't try to make something less then what it is. Yet this individual had the audacity to become upset with me because I was in the process of moving and one of my ex bfs pics were left out in the open on a dresser, whoa, youre slippin playa! I've been doing this single thing a long time, I kno
'perfect Password' ..
The 'Perfect Password' A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, the computer advised him that he would now need to enter a password. Something he will use to log on. The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife what he was entering by stating each letter out loud as he typed P... E... N... I... S. His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied: **** PASSWORD REJECTED. NOT LONG ENOUGH***
A Birds Eye View
A BIRDS' EYE VIEW Lenora Love Whiteside My blind eyes are dim and confused yet from a birds' eye view, I can see the signs of the end of time. I hear the faint whisper of the wind spread the news through the trees! I watch as the apple worm stretch his body by faith peek around, listen for that Angelic trumpet sound. My blind eyes are dim and confused yet from a birds' eye view, I can see the signs of the end of time. I hear the nestling in the tree, chirping happily! Little birdie in the tree, hearken unto me! Don't be shy take to the sky, Is the master coming by and by? without fear, she dance a demonstration in the sky. She shreak through her trumpet beak "Soon, soon, she said, our creator is coming back soon! Lenora Love Whiteside Copyright ©2006 Lenora Love Whiteside
Pissed Off
Where I Stand
I need to know where I stand. Today, tomorrow, always… I don't want to be an unwilling participant if you are playing games. Go play them with someone else, somewhere else… Be finished with your past before you become a part of my present… Speak your truth. Say what you feel, what you think, what you want, what you need. How will I know what to give you unless you tell me? Act and speak without fear. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Nothing bad will happen. Even what appears to be pain is really only a lesson to be learned… Open your heart to pain and joy. You can't have one and not the other. They are intertwined and connected. You just have to be open, that's all, and the one that is meant for you in this moment will come. If it is pain, learn from it. If it is joy rejoice in it and hang onto it for as long as possible… Honesty is the best policy. Didn't we learn this in nursery school? Well, didn't we? Be free to enjoy the love that is offered to you.
Dry Your Eyes
In one single moment your whole life can turn ’round I stand there for a minute starin’ straight into the ground Lookin’ to the left slightly, then lookin’ back down World feels like it’s caved in - proper sorry frown Please let me show you where we could only just be, for us I can change and I can grow or we could adjust The wicked thing about us is we always have trust We can even have an open relationship, if you must I look at her she stares almost straight back at me But her eyes glaze over like she’s lookin’ straight through me Then her eyes must have closed for what seems an eternity When they open up she’s lookin’ down at her feet Dry your eyes mate I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up There’s plenty more fish in the sea Dry your eyes mate I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts But you’ve got to walk away now It’s over So then I move my hand up from down by my side It’s shakin’, my life is crashin’ before my eyes Turn
I Am Still Freshmeat Help Me!
Dear Friend i thought i would let u know to all that sends me comments i will send one to u.. U all mean a lot to me and this way i know who care and will always send one of love back..U are all great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty
You Know Who You're Not?
You're not my mom. So stop going through my underwear drawer looking for dirty magazines. I totally moved them.
New Rabbit Breed Added
We've just added a trio of rabbits to our herd and are so excited. They are golden Palominos! As soon as they are settled, I'll get some pics of them up!
A Mistress Menage
A Mistress Menage The week had been long and she thought it was time for another outing. She so loved going out dancing and finding a third for them to play with. As a good Mistress she wanted to also reward her pet for the extra effort in caring for her. She phoned her pet and told him as a reward he needed to prepare for a night out at their favorite place. He knew what to do. Her pet greeted her at the door holding it for her with his leash attached to his collar. She smiled and giggled a little as she passed him. Now pet is my bath prepared. yes Mistress he replied eagerly. Come then.. he followed her to the bathroom and asked her.. Mistress may I undress you? Yes you may pet. He unzipped her dress and lowered it so she could step out of it. Her lacy red bra and panties always turned him on but he held back his excitement for fear of losing the reward of the night. His hands were almost trembling as he removed her under garments. Mmmm good boy she said and patted his h
Attention, Gi Joe.
While you are here in Germany, you're girlfriend is back at home sleeping with the milk man. Why not leave Hitler alone and go back to your homes before she gets free cheese? Silly Nazis. So, I read this book today about a tank gunner in WWII. Clearly it made me think of free Nazi cheese.
Every Thing
MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics MySpace Comments Graphics Hope u all have a great day and a great night ....
Forbidden Fruit Part 2
Forbidden fruit part 2 Lindsay stood frozen in the doorway her hand poised and trembling above the answering machine. . "What did she mean by that? Did Karmen know. Did she see me watching her." Lindsay's mind was racing. One thought was trampling the other "tonight I watch you" that's not so bad is it? Holding her breath unconsciously, as she pressed the play buttons and listened. "Hi Lindsay it's Karmen. Listen I was thinking maybe we should discuss the New years gig and if Jake's band made the cut. Let me know, because I was going to their practice tonight but if they can do the show then, it would be better if tonight I watch you." Jake was a close friend of Karmens, you know, a friend with benefits. She went out with him a couple times a month. Mostly after he had played a show, she would get so turned on by his guitar playing. Jake had been in the area for almost a year when they first met. She fell for his dark eyes instantly and was in bed with him shortly after sh
Forbidden Fruit... A Late Night Treat ...part 1.
Forbidden fruit... A late night treat ...part 1. Lindsay an older woman in her late 30's was divorced. She had made a name for herself in the community by opening up a coffee house/club that college students used to come to study and socialize during the week but on weekends they served alcohol and had original bands play on the small but accommodating stage. That's where she met Karmen. She would come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays those were her light days and she could get a break. She put in her application and from there the friendship grew. Lindsay knew that an apartment was opening up in the house next door to her and introduced her to the landlord. Karmen moved in 3 months ago. Although they were friends Lindsay had never told her of her attraction. She was afraid that she would scare her off. So instead, in the dark she would sit and live out her fantasies in private, from her birds eye view. She could see the pale glow of the bathroom light from across the yard
Her Masters Cabin.. Part 2 (18+)
Her Masters Cabin part 2. "Yes Sir, i understand", the tears continued to flow from behind the blindfold onto her cheeks Her body was shaking, not only from the cold water that was pelting her exposed flesh but also from the gift that threatened to break free. The tears were still flowing, down her cheeks from beneath the blindfold; as he turned the waters force up a bit more. With that, Celeste let out a scream that echoed throughout the cabin. Oh, how that pleased him to hear her scream, as she struggled to hold the gift as ordered. As her body shook like a marionette, whom puppeteer had drank three cups of coffee and took a handful of speed. Keeping up the pace, he manipulated the waters flow, directing it back and forth, from her burning clit, to her tight red button. Her marionettes dance changed to jerking motions, as a deep growl came from deep inside her body. Roaring out of her, just before her pleading screams, Pleeease Master oh pleeeease. No was his only
Her Master's Cabin Part 1..
Her Masters cabin part 1.. Have you ever wanted someone so much, that you could taste their flesh from only picturing them in your mind? Savor the sweat off their body, without ever being near them? Feel them penetrating deep inside you, from only their words in a letter? From the very moment she opened the first email, his essence spoke aloud to her. Never, had some ones words affected her in such a profound manner. Pulling, at the core fibers of her animalistic nature, bearing in and clawing ever so deeply to be freed. So much so, that her very stance changed as she read it. The pulsating of her clit enticed her away from the letter. Begging for her fingers to reciprocate, to fulfill the release of the gift that had grown from inside her. Without hesitation or even regard for where she was at, Celeste, sitting at her desk, reached up under her skirt past her now soaked thong and began gliding her fingers across her now slick wet clit. She slid further down in her office chai
Saying that you're "speechless" kind of negates the sentiment.
Voyeur .. Just A Walk In The Park..
Voyeur .. just a walk in the park.. Abbygayle had left the office early after finishing her research. Oh what a warm summer afternoon it was. The sky bright blue with only a few white puffy clouds passing slowly by. The sun bright lighting up her long red hair, making it look like the embers of an evening bonfire. She drew in a deep breath soaking in its freshness. She didn't really feel like going straight home.. but going for a drink in the afternoon didn't appeal to he.. Maybe a walk in the park to relax and start her weekend. She entered the park and saw a few couples on benches talking and laughing. A few had children playing near by. As she walked farther she remembered a path she took as a child that led to a clearing, a perfect place to clear her mind and get a little sun.. Ah yes this is it.. there was a small break in the trees and she stepped in, looking back to make sure no one saw her. As she ventured down the tiny path, it curved this way and back again. She
Valentines Day Treat
Valentines Day treat Silently he entered her room. Asleep sprawled out, with only her collar on Brandy did not awaken. He stood at the foot of her bed and studied the curves of her milky white skin, etching them into his mind to savor later. Her thick auburn curls, draped over her shoulders, resting in the small of her back, accentuated her round firm ass. Like two mounds in the desert waiting to be climbed, he couldn't wait to conquer them. Placing a single red rose on her nightstand, he took the first wrist restraint and placed it around her delicate little wrist. She didn't stir nor even flinch. Lifting her lusciously long leg and sliding it to the edge of the bed, he attached an ankle restraint and moved to the other side. Brandy began to stir, as the final restraint was being placed upon her right wrist, but laid there still as she knew her Master loved to wake his slave this way for special treats. His hands began at her ankles, caressing her flesh,
Schoolboy Crush Part 2..
Schoolboy crush.. part 2. Again", Rick stated. "Yes Sir, i surrender, i am yours". Tightening his grip on her hair, he pulled her head back and to the side. She could feel his breath as it grazed the back of her neck, then lingered by her ear. The anticipation was building inside her. Then Rick felt her body begin to relax in his grip, he knew she was beginning to submit to him. Present, was all he said and released his grip. Dana quickly scurried to all fours, head down and remained very still, waiting for his next command. There was none as he lifted the fishnet sheath and exposed the pearly white flesh of her ass and the rose pink of her pussy. Very methodically he began inspecting her. First at her feet, each of her dainty toes, were perfectly polished. He noted she took good care of feet and the rest of the package most assuredly would be the same. Lightly his hands glided up to her small ankles, then along her smooth and toned calves. With a small backhanded slap
Schoolboy Crush Part 1..
Schoolboy crush. part 1 It was Ricardo's, Rick as his friends called him, first year in college. Armed with all the high school basics, he was going for journalism major and a literary minor. Even still having a solid foundation to start on he was a bit nervous about his first day. There was rumor she was a very beautiful older woman. That was his biggest weakness as he has always found older women incredibly attractive. His older brother Stephan had been picking on him for years about this and had been torturing him for a week about Ms. Blair and how he'd probably fail due to his own lustful ways. Dana Blair was in her mid 30's. She had been married before to her high school sweetheart but that drifted apart as their goals in college changed and they wanted different things. They parted before children were introduced into the marriage and that was for the best, as Dana had traveled in pursuit of her journalism career. Her travels took her back to her homeland of France, it was
Walls Are Build:
People seldon say what they should yet others still know how they feel as yet walls are build up and kept all around and then someday what they should say is what they wish they did.
Shamelessly Pimping
right, this is the last day i'm gonna have internet connection for a few weeks, so it's my last chance to get some votes in these damn contests!!!!! PLEASE vote for me in: Call Them How I See Them's "CLASSY YET SEXXY" CONTEST ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON PLEASE. COMMENT AND RATE Tron's "BEST UPSKIRT PIC" CONTEST [ photo: 3126833609 ] (this link is not a pic as it's kinda ummmm rude lol) AGAIN, I THINK COMMENTS AND RATES ARE NEEDED....AND ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON. THANKS FOLKS XXX
Well damn was that one hell of a game. My Ravens are in 1st place now in the AFC North by 2 games. Playoffs here we come. The win was sweet becuase i had a good bet on it:) Now i just need Denver too beat
I May Be From Texas, But....
that was one heck of a 47-yard field goal from Nick Novak to end the Washington-Dallas game 22-19!! Wow!!
Rules For All Civilians
Dear Civilians, "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas in which we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem---kick their ass. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest---kick their ass. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs)
my sound still isn't working, anyone know how to fix it?
Warning To Returning Service Men!!!
WARNING! WARNING to the Service Men who are Returning home from Being Away on Deployment or extended Training Duty. Some things to keep in mind as you return home from your adventure. You will have to be very patient with your wife as she adjusts to your presence after all the time she has spent without you there. 1. As soon as you walk through the door, take out the trash immediately, as she is sick of doing it. 2. Do not be alarmed if she jumps over the couch and runs 60 miles an hour to get to the telephone when it rings, she thinks it is you calling, and that is one call she isn't going to miss! 3. Forgive her for any nightly beatings that may occur to your body. This thrashing that happens is because she is used to having the bed all to herself. In extreme conditions, she may start screaming thinking you are someone she doesn't know and she may even call the police to report she is being robbed. If you are attempting to make love to her, you may be in jail on rape cha
My Brain
Your Brain's Pattern Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama. Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time... But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you. You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading. What Pattern Is Your Brain?
Private Pics Open
my private pics are open for 45 minutes more. go look if you wanna enjoy :)
Looking For A G-friend
The Vibrator
Half Her Heart Is In Iraq/ Another Dedication To Our Military Wives
What My Name Stands For
center> SUEELLENJEANHARSTAD S is for Sincere U is for Unreal E is for Emotional E is for Enchanting L is for Luscious L is for Likeable E is for Entertaining N is for Nerdy J is for Jealous E is for Enlightened A is for Astounding N
Nice Guys Finish Last
To every guy that regrets hurting or losing her. To every guy who knows which girl he wants. To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to be able to see her for ten minutes. To every guy that would give his sea
Election Day Soon
Ya, so, I just heard election day is coming up. . .November 7, I think...Well, I don't really care. But Canada has that pothead Michael guy running for Mayor, again. :S He wears this tall Canadian hat, like the type of hat Cat in the Hat wears, lmao. Kinda cool, but whatever. I personally couldn't care less about election day. Bush or whatever his name is, is a fucking retard. I mean, what the fuck. lmao. The shit he's said, the things he's done. I sure as hell don't wanna vote for him, nor do I give two shits about their world. As far as I'm concerned, he is nothing to me. Well, frankly because I don't know the guy, and I'm not caught up in any of his stupid affairs [lmao]. He can go choke on an egg for all I care. Ha ha, and what's more. . .I just watched on some news channel earlier today, that Sidam Husain has been trailed and sentenced to death by hanging. He's been convicted of a large number of crimes, all over the fucking world. So, not just in his homeland, or America, but
A Little Help Please
So i went to add another person to my family and it said i couldn't... i have to level up first. So please everyone, if you haven't rated my page, or my pics, or fanned me, do these things. I will return the favor.. trust me, i'm good for it! Please, show me some love. =o) THanks
Dedication To The Military Wives....never Let Go!!!
Cherry Points And Boobs
I have been here just over a month and have noticed one clear correlation. That of boobs to cherry points. The more there is of one, the more you get of the other. Now this is somewhat hard to compete with, but never being one to turn down a challenge (THANK YOU HELLCAT) I have decided to fight back. Please pop along and help me even the game a little
Life Cycle
I think the life cycle is all backwards You should start out dead and get it out of the way. Then, you wake up in an old peoples home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy; go collect your pension, then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous and you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you become a kid , you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, and then... You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions; central heating, room service on tap, larger quarters everyday, --- and then, you finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case.
Yahoo Messager
If Anyone wants to add me to their Yahoo Messanger..Let me know either via comments here or via shoutbox your user id, and I'll add you...I want to get to you guys a little I figure that would be a really good way to meet some of you. I'm not looking for cybersex - so if thats what you are going to add me for..DONT BOTHER!
What A Great Weekend!
Wow this was a great weekend! chiefs just won! the kicked rams ass! yeah! i got a new car this weekend..2003 eclipse gts! i got to get rid of my mini van! yeah i don't look like a soccer mom anymore! lexi kicked ass yesterday at her gymnastics meet! she took 1st on vault...3rd on bars...4th on floor..2nd on beam and 2nd all around!!! yeah! i start my new job i wont' be on during the day anymore:( don't forget about me friends! leave me comments! hugs and kisses to you all!!!! stay out of trouble to u soon!
A man doing market research for the Vaseline Company knocked at the door and was greeted by a young woman with three small children running around at her feet. "I'm doing some research for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?" She said, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time." "If you don't mind my asking," he said, "what do you use it for?" "We use it for sex," she said. The researcher was a little taken aback. "Usually people lie to me and say they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help with a gate hinge. But, in fact, I know that most people do use it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been so frank so far, can you tell me exactly HOW you use it for sex?" The woman said, "I don't mind telling you at all. My husband and I put it on the doorknob and it keeps the kids out."
Beer Batter Chicken Strips
Serve these deep fried beer battered chicken strips with barbecue sauce or sweet and sour sauce. INGREDIENTS: * 1 large egg * 3/4 cup beer * 1 cup all-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon baking soda * 1 teaspoon salt * ground black pepper * 3 chicken breast halves; skinless, boneless * 1 1/4 cups vegetable oil PREPARATION: Beat the egg lightly with a whisk. Beat in the beer, then the dry ingredients, whisking until smooth. Cover and let stand for 25 to 30 minutes before using. Cut chicken breasts in half lengthwise. Heat oil in 10-inch skillet over a medium-high heat until oil reaches desired temperature of 360 degrees (or use deep fryer). Using tongs to hold chicken strips, dip in batter; allow excess to drip off.Remove and carefully lower, one by one, into the hot oil. After about 1 minute, turn the strips. Continue to turn the strips occasionally until they are golden, cooking for a total of 4 to 6 minutes. Transfer to to a paper towel lined tr
Die Terroist Die!!!!
Chicken And Red Bean Chili
INGREDIENTS: * 2 (14 oz) cans red beans, small or kidney beans * 4 boneless chicken breast halves, diced * 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 tablespoon butter * 1 medium green bell pepper, diced * 1 medium red bell pepper, diced * 1/2 cup chopped onion * 1 clove garlic, minced * 1 tablespoon chili powder * 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin * 1 (28 oz) can tomatoes * 1 (6 oz) can tomato paste * 1 (4 oz) can chopped green chile peppers, * 1 cup water * 1 teaspoon sugar * 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne) PREPARATION: In 5-quart Dutch oven or kettle over high heat, in 1 tablespoons hot olive oil, cook chicken until tender, stirring frequently, about 2 to 3 minutes. With slotted spoon, remove chicken to bowl; refrigerate until ready to add back to chili. Add butter to the same pan over medium heat; cook green and red peppers, onion, and garlic until vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally. Stir in chili powd
Been Away
I want to appologize to all my friends on here for not being around lately. First of all I have been building my business of web page design and it is growing. Second and even more cool (as far as fun goes), I have speant the last 2 weeks getting ready to be an online DJ. I will be starting my Radio Show tomorrow. It is on: It is the Mid Morning Madness with Sir Jim Show and will air every Mon, Wed and Thur from 9:00 am to Noon (Eastern Standard Time). PLEASE, listen in and send me your requests! I look forward to playing what you want to hear. Make sure you put your name in your request, so I know it is you. (You can also say from Lost Cherry if you wish or Cherry Tap or whatever we are called now..) Love you all and I promise to be on more often now!
Some one sent me a poem via email Im not sure who it is but its really quite sad. But I kinda like it, in a pouting tearful quivering kind of sorta way. So if anyone emailed it to me on here...i wanna let u know thanx for sharing ur feelings and ur heart felt poem and i hope u dont mind me sharing it with everyone else it might make someone else feel secure hearing it im not sure. but here it goooeeesss Secrets *by someone who's a mystery :S* She’s the kind of girl We all secretly hate And when the scissors taste her skin A sense of relief comes sinking in She’s the kind of girl We now choose to ignore And when new bones appear through her skin A sense of relief comes sinking in Secrets she hides Secrets we know No one she wishes to confide These seeds are ones she has sown Bleed a little more for me Starve a little more for me She’s so beautiful In her mind of blinded sin So innocent through her eyes Not quite
New Orleans
Yahoo Messanger!
If Anyone wants to add me to their Yahoo Messanger..Let me know either via comments here or via shoutbox your user id, and I'll add you...I want to get to you guys a little I figure that would be a really good way to meet some of you. I'm not looking for cybersex - so if thats what you are going to add me for..DONT BOTHER!
My First Day
A good friend thought this site would keep me amused. So far its working. A little about me...Dominant, Latina, Long natural nails, MILF who loves to wear heels, corsets, stockings. Dominant lifestyle. Single, seductive, gold digging, chocolate loving, spoiled, sexy, voluptuous and more woman than you could ever handle.
Turkey With Pasta
Turkey casserole recipe with pasta, tomatoes, sliced carrots and celery, and other ingredients. INGREDIENTS: * 1 1/2 cups thinly sliced carrots * 1 cup thinly sliced celery * 1/3 cup chopped onion * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 1 clove garlic minced * 2 to 3 cups cubed cooked turkey * 1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes, undrained * 1 large can (15 ounces) tomato sauce * 1 cup dry white wine or chicken broth * 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley * 1/2 teaspoon basil * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon pepper * 3 cups uncooked ziti or similar pasta, cooked and drained PREPARATION: In a large skillet over medium low heat, sauté carrots, celery and onion in the oil until tender, but not browned; add minced garlic and sauté 1 minute longer. Add turkey, tomatoes, tomato sauce, wine or broth, parsley, basil, salt, and pepper. Simmer, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Toss hot cooked ziti with the hot sauce. Turkey recipe serves 4.
My First Blog
=== 'Ready...Set...Go Fuck Yourself' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-29 03:53:56'.. > > > > click reply, copy the code and paste it on ur page wherever.
What Type Of Person Do You Attract?
What type of person do you attract? Your Result: You attract geeks! Your stunning intellect and love of sci-fi and video games allures the geeks like nothing else. Maybe it is the sparkle in your eye that makes them want to text you, who knows. Geeks make good partners, but tend to be arguementative. If you are a TRUE geek magnet, you will know if that was spelled correctly, and actually care. If it is a bad-boy/bad-girl you are seeking, you are barking up the wrong tree, unless they are just 'bad' behind a PS2 console.You attract unstable people! You attract Yuppies! You attract rednecks! You attract models! You attract artsy people! What type of person do you attract?Quizzes for MySpace
Steel Horse Stampede Ride
Yesterday was the Steel Horse Stampede ride to benefit Hospice Houses around the Ocala area here where we live. We went on this ride this past January for the first time and it was alot of fun. We went on this run yesterday and it was totally awesome. There was a little bit over 350 bikes in this run and over 525 riders. We took some pictures, here is the URL to my photobucket where I have uploaded those pictures in case anyone wants to see them. We had an awesome time on this run and will participate in any and all of them in the future !! A couple of the pictures :-)
In Honor Of All The Men And Women Who Answer The Call Of Duty!!
Adult Survey
ADULT QUESTIONS HERE. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT, DON'T READ! Most surveys are pointless and childish......lets see what kinda balls (or eggs) ya got!!! 1. How many people have you fucked? 9 2. Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium, hash....out of these 12 drugs how many have you done? 0 3. Ever cheated on a GF/BF? Yes 4. Ever paid for sex? nope 5. Ever been married? yep 6. Ever been divorced? Yep 7. If you had to pick one whats your fav sexual position? on my knees 8. Do you own any guns? no 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? no 10. Ever been to rehab? yes 11. Ever do anything gay sexually? yes 12. Ever fuck anyone that you met on myspace or aol or anyother instant message service? not yet 13. Ever have cam sex? nope 14. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? yep 15. How many states have you lived in? 1 16. How many countries have you lived in? 1 17. Do you keep a weapon under or next to your bed at nig
watching you tear out the paper seeing our life go to ruin watching you rant away hearing my name mention seeing the pain in your face knowing this is the end when we never tried to begin passes hope on by knows there is no second chance torn like a paper no tears for me how can i be sad but free
How Girly Are You?
You are 39% girly! Playing with cars is always more fun than barbies, as long as you do it while looking good in those new shoes!How Girly are you?Create a Quiz
Falls And Walls
falls and wallsAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Creamed Turkey
This creamed turkey can be served with rice, toast, puff pastry shells or rectangles, or your own favorite ideas. INGREDIENTS: * 3 tablespoons butter * 3/4 cup sliced mushrooms * 3 tablespoons flour * 1 1/2 cups milk * 1/2 cup hot chicken broth * 1 small jar (2 ounces) diced pimiento, drained * 4 cups diced cooked turkey or chicken * seasoned salt, to taste * ground black or white pepper, to taste PREPARATION: Melt butter over medium-low heat. Sauté mushrooms until golden and tender. Add flour; stir until smooth. Slowly our on milk and stock, stirring constantly, and thickened and bubbly. Add pimiento, chicken, and seasoned salt and pepper. Cook until heated through, but do not boil. Serves 6 to 8.
Gentle Breezes On A Crisp Cold Night
Gentle Breezes on a Crisp Cold Night the cold wraps its arms tight about each breath I breathe leaves its mark on the night like a tiny fog for fairy lands my breath drifts up off then away it goes the wind that blows pink on my cheeks a whispered caress from a lover's speak yet no embarassment the crisp chill in the air becomes an embrace welcomed to this heated flesh filled with desire for more not less the breeze so cold so crisp so night the breath of a lover to spirit to soul lingering now about my neck shivers run the thoughts in the mind my ears hear the voice of the day we met speaking so clear gentle winds on a crisp cold night
Are You Naughty Or Nice
Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wind. Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! Are you Naughty or nice
Somethings I Would Like To Know About You
Can you answer some of these questions for me: a) what other social/business networking sites are you a member of? b) which ones do you use the most? c) which ones do you like the best? d) and the ones that you like the best, why do you like them? It would be a great help as I am trying to find outwhere people hang out mostly.
Hi Friends, Goodbye Friends, Sorry Friends, Let's Really Be Friends
In the process of making this site a part of my life, and not an unreal part of a fantasy, I'm now going to remove most of my "friends". If you read this blog, the chances are good I won't remove you. If I do, please know that my momery isn't as good as I want it to be, so I'll add you again if you give me a simple reminder that you are out there, and would like to stay in some kind of contact. I'm sorry for the online pain I've caused by not taking people seriously. I would like to apologize in person too, if you will let me know what I've done. I'm unaware of my effect on You. Jonathan Ricks a.k.a The Wiz a. k. a. 80's Robot (I used this name during time I don't remember much of anymore) Added: I didn't have the heart to remove many people *sigh* Does anyone know why it's so hard? I hardly know them, but I feel like I should....
The Military
ok I have been confused on so much shit lately that it isn't funny. For one, we send our children or husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters, ect... over seas they get the order to shoot to kill then once they get back home we throw them in jail on charges of man slaughter, murder? does anyone, understand that because I don't and I think that, that is just wrong. They are the reason we are still considered a free country and yet the ones that have the job to serve and protect this country are going to jail for doing their jobs. We punish the ones that serve and protect our lives. So in my opinion we need to consider what their orders where when that happened. They are told to shoot if they or their battle buddies feel threatened and if they do now they will go to jail for it. Now tell me that this isn't fucked up to do to them. They put their lives on the line and now we are going to betray them and do this. I am sorry but I think this FUCKING COUNTRY IS FUCKED IN THE HEAD FOR DOING T
The U S Army Is Unbreakable!!!
Which Positive Quality Are You?
table style="width: 320px; border: 1px solid gray; font: normal 12px sans-serif; background-color: white;">Which Positive Quality Are You? Your Result: Love You are Love. Love is the glue that binds us all together. The love of family, the love of friends, the love between husbands and their wives--these things form the foundation of our happiness, our security, and our comfort. "All you need is love."Courage Charity Faith Peace Friendship Which Positive Quality Are You?
One Of Those Days
GRRRRRRRRRRR......I'm Trying to upload new pictures to my profile, but for some unknown reason they do not post...........GRRRRRRRRRRR...I am ready to pull my hair out (On the verge of cryin')I've tried 6 times and now I am ready to give up and throw my laptop out the window.........=(
Who Let The Dogs Out
Who let the dogs out?!!!!Add to My Profile | More Videos
hello all still looking for some picture comments and ratings when you get some time could you could me that favour thanx

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