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Goodbye To My Friends On Lc
Just a little note to tell you all that in 3 weeks i am moving and i will not be on line for awhile until i get my bills caught up and my money is tight cause of moving and Christmas plus bills so take care all and i have no idea when i will be back on LC again ... Love ya all and I will miss chating with you !! xoxo
I Love These!!
I Got Eye Rapped By A Dude
I went to school yesterday in an attempt to graduate. Got a page of the elusive paper work, filed it out went to take it back to the office and shlabam no one was there. They all dissapeared like a fart in the wind. Did they say they were gonna go any where? NOOO. When I first walked in some lady was complaining that her daughter was sick at school and puking. So that was nice to hear. And then the office people dissapearing, and then when I finally decided to get the hell out of there. Some dude smoking out side the north exit decides to eye rape me. First off, I aint gay, secondly smoking is bad enough, thirdly I fricken hate that place. I think I am gonna start using the west parking lot again. The smokers usually don't congregat out there. Its a bit breezier and when it rains there are crap loads more puddles. But that parking lot is better lit at night and easier to walk around in cause the spaces are spread out and divided by all them trees. Well enough randomness for now I a
My Other Half Applicationn!!
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. on the hand.... 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked junk about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 17.Do you think I'm hot? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 20.would u cheat on me? 21.would u hug me? 22.would u kiss me? 23.would u cuddle with me? 24.would u f*u*c*k me? would you make LOVE to me....? 25.would u lie to me? 26.would u take my
Pumpkins!!! Lol
Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now...
...remember that song? Ok, earlier today, (Thursday 10/26/06), I had a brain fart and decided that I needed to delete this account and stay away from this place. However, I can't believe how many of you sent me emails and messages and you have now convinced me to stay. So, I've re-uploaded one pic for now and I'll get more uploaded later (but now I'm picture commentless!! LOL). Thanks for being great friends...really. Keep on keepin' in touch, k?
Believing In You
I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I have been hurt so many times. My heart filled with so much pain. but now that pain has gone away. For I have found a place I want to be. This place I see is with thee. For in your arms I have felt and seen, a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe. A safe haven in your arms just for me. Now I give my heart to thee. For my heart believes in you.
My Third And Final Celebrity Look Alike......lmao
Now this picture of me was taken last Christmas....December 2005
I Am Going To Be Posting Nude Pics
I am not sure but this is just letting you know type deal.
I Am Going To Be Posting Nude Pics
I am not sure but this is just letting you know type deal.
Today Sucks
Well after trying to get myself together after being upset about my sweet Arch Angell (Eddie) leaving for awhile my father calls me to tell me my grandmother passed away...Can't I catch a fucking break? I am pissed off at the moment and really not in the mood to chit chat with anyone now except for when he calls me. So if ya leave a comment and I don't respond right away thats why I am dealing with my family shit now. I will get back to you asap.If you don't understand this and too busy worrying about getting fucking points then go fuck yourself you'd be better off there are more important things in life than fucking points...and if thats the case then I suggest you get out of the house and get a fucking hobby or a new life. XOXOXOX T
Creamy Chocolate Kahlua Pie
Ingredients: 1 cup 2% low fat milk, cold 1 small pkg sugar-free vanilla flavor instant pudding & pie filling 1 Tbsp espresso or instant coffee powder (not crystals) 1 (8 oz) tub light whipped topping, thawed 2 Tbsp Kahlua coffee liqueur or cold, strong coffee 1 (9-inch) chocolate low-fat graham cracker crust, such as Keeblerģ Instructions: Pour cold milk into a medium bowl. Add pudding mix and coffee powder. Beat with a wire whisk for 2 minutes. Gently stir in 1-1/2 cups of the whipped topping and Kahlua liqueur or cold, brewed coffee. Spoon into crust. Cover (I usually invert the plastic cover from prepared graham crust) and freeze 2 hours or until firm. Place pie in refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving to soften. Top with remaining whipped topping. Store leftover pie in refrigerator. Nutritional Information: Nutritional Information (per serving): 113 Cal; 4 g Fat; 13 g Carb; 2 mg Cholesterol; 76 mg Sodium. Dietary Exchanges: 1/2 Starch; 1 Fat.
Apple & Spice Pork Roast
Ingredients: 3 to 4 pound boneless pork roast 1 cup applesauce 1/3 cup packed brown sugar 2 teaspoons vinegar 1 teaspoon yellow mustard 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1 tablespoon flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon sugar 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper Instructions: Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Stir together applesauce, brown sugar, vinegar, mustard and cloves in small bowl; refrigerate half of the applesauce mixture and set aside remaining applesauce mixture. Combine flour, salt, sugar, garlic powder and pepper in another small bowl. Rub flour mixture evenly over entire surface of pork. Place pork on rack in shallow roasting pan. Roast, uncovered, until internal temperature is 140 degrees F. Spoon reserved applesauce mixture over roast. Roast until internal temperature is 155 degrees F., 1 to 1 1/2 hours total cooking time (about 18-20 minutes per pound). Transfer roast to serving platter; cover with foil and let stand for 15
Apple Cranberry Salad Toss
Ingredients: 1 head of lettuce (about 10 cups) 2 medium sliced apples 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup dried cranberries 1/2 cup sliced green onions 3/4 cup vinaigrette dressing Instructions: 1. Toss lettuce, apples, walnuts, cranberries, and onions in large bowl. 2. Add dressing; toss to coat. Serve immediately. Nutritional Information: 130 Calories; 24g Total Carbohydrates; 5g Total Fat; 0.5g Saturated Fat; 0 mg Cholesterol; 2g Protein; 10mg Sodium; 2 g Fiber
Believing In You
I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I have been hurt so many times. My heart filled with so much pain. but now that pain has gone away. For I have found a place I want to be. This place I see is with thee. For in your arms I have felt and seen, a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe. A safe haven in your arms just for me. Now I give my heart to thee. For my heart believes in you.
Sick And Tired
Ok so I go into a dealership to have my car looked at. I know whats wrong with it but again have to have it diagnosed by the yuppies. So im greeted by this girl who then asks me what I need. I simply state I need a driveabilty diagnostic test done on my car. She is all whats wrong so instead of stating it I show her. Slowly i begin to tell her whats wrong blah blah even point out the parts. All is grand...she writes down something COMPLETELY different on the paperwork. Im like whatever lady. So im sitting there staring at my car for 2 hours and she gets in it to drive it off....of course i freak out. Ok me as a chick driving my car is one thing...but all my friends know im kinda different. Aint no way in hell im letting some other chick drive my baby. So after having a panic attack lol and watching her drive off i settle down for another hour or so with her coming up to me repeatedly asking the same damn questions i answered before. I said maybe if you wrote down what i sai
I just spent the whole day with my exhusband and his new wife plus his family for a funeral. I am really surprised how things turned out and everybody remembered me and I hadnt seen them in 8 years. I don't ever want to do that ever again tho. My mind went back to the happier time of my life when I was married and I sure do miss being married. I remember the time my dad died and my exhusband was there for me and I really miss my dad but there is no more pain for my dad or exfather-in-law no more may they rest in peace.
Observations Of Life
1. Food has replaced sex in my life, now I can't even get into my own pants. 2. The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in school was my blood alcohol content. 3. Marriage changes passion...suddenly you're in bed with a relative. 4. I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on I said "Implants?" 5. I don't do drugs anymore 'cause I find I get the same effect just standing up fast. 6. Sign in a Chinese Pet Store: "Buy one dog, get one flea..." 7. I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here. 8. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with. 9. I got a sweater for Christmas...I really wanted a screamer or a moaner. 10. If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal? 11. I don't approve of political jokes...I've seen too many of them get elected. 12. The most precious thing we have is life. Yet it has absolutely no trade-in value. 13. There are two sides to every divorce: Yours and shithead's. 14. If life deals
Another Celebrity Look Alike......
Home Defense Weapon Of Choice. (part 1)
This post is going to focus on a purely DEFENSIVE weapon to use in a home defense situation. I will start by defining home defense for this post. It is a situation where you are barricading yourself and waiting for the "bad guy" to come get you. It is NOT you going around your house looking for the confrontation. For this kind of situation, I will say go with a pump-action shotgun (preferable 12 gauge, but a 20 gauge will do for the recoil sensitive). I would stick with a Mossberg or a Remington, both of which are super reliable and easy to find/fix (if you ever need to). I like the Mossberg more due to ergonomics and the way the safety works (it completely blocks the firing pin from striking the shell, where the remington just prevents the trigger from releasing it, there have been NO reported problems with this, I'm just retentive about things like this). You also want to go with the shortest barrel allowed by law (usa is 18") and make sure the gun is the minimal overall len
Hey Ya'all... I know I haven't been in touch lately..and I apologize for that. Getting around is harder than I thought. Surgery went well and I'm in okay spirits... bored silly... but I guess nothing can be done about that! I won't be going back to work until November 6th! I should be certifiably crazy by then... but that might make me job a little better! I hope everyone is doing well.. and I miss my friends here on the LC! Hope to talk to everyone soon!! Sher
I Plan On..
..taking new pictures sometime soon. Anyone have any idea what kinds, poses (no nudes, sorry!) and stuff I should do?
Untill It Happens
Until we meet My nights will be a little colder My days a little shorter My heart will beat a little less rapid Until we meet I know that my arms will be empty My mind hurting from the constant thought of you Minutes will seem to be hours Hours will seem to be months While months will seem like eternity Until we meet The stars in the sky will not affect me with its gleaming sparkles of life Until I am gazing at them in your arms And the food that I eat will not be as fulfilling and nourishing Until it is you that I share the my food with And Until we meet I will not feel whole My world will seem incomplete Until that wonderful day When our eyes make first contact And our bodies and souls collide in blissful whirlwind The words will roll off my tongue like a sweet love song "Hello, my love, I couldn't wait to meet you."
Redneck Woman-gretchen Wilson
Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson/John Rich) Well, I aint never been the Barbie doll type. No, I can't swig that sweet champagne: I'd rather drink beer all night, In a tavern or in a honky tonk. I want a four-wheel drive tailgate. I've got posters on my wall of Skynrd, Kid and Strait. Some people look down on me, But I don't give a rip. I stand bare-footed in my own front yard, With a baby in on my hip. 'Cause I'm redneck woman, an' I aint no high class broad. I'm just a product of my raisin': I say: "Hey y'all" and "Yee Haw!" An' I keep my Christmas lights on on my front porch all year long. And I know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song. So here's to all my sisters, out there, keeping it country. Let me get a big "Hell, Yeah" from the redneck girls like me: Hell, Yeah. (Hell, Yeah.) "Victoria's Secret", well, their stuff's real nice. Oh, but I can buy the same damn thing, On a Wal-Mart shelf, half price. And still look sexy, (Sexy.) Just as sexy,
What Turns On A Chick?
Now while im familliar with the traditional methods of arowsing a girl i must ask myself, what are the hidden turn ons? For example, my g/f and i are snowed in today. when we woke up we we're both friskey and of course..."got down"LOL..well after a great session of the ole "matress mombo" i thought some ps2 would be fun.... did the sight of me playing video games turn her on? because i didn't play for very long and we were at it again.... ok, maybe there was some left over "lust" that needed to be dealt with so hey. Its all good. 30 mins later i was on the phone w/ a co-worker and ill be DAMN if i was able to concentrate on the convo because i was in the sothern regions of my body...**evil grin**...and thus began round 3!...Did the sight of me on the phone mysteriously turn her on? LOL. Of course all this action is going to make one hungry so i decieded to make us lunch....I'll be damned if the sight of me making us lunch didn't make her cream her damn panties and
God Bless The U.s.a
God Bless the USA If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life, And I had to start again With just my children and my wife, I'd thank my lucky stars To be livin' here today. Cause the flag still stands for freedom And they can't take that away. And I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the USA From the lakes of Minnesota To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston And New York to LA Well there's pride in every American heart And its time we stand and say That I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today Cause there ain't no doubt I love th
Illuminate My Spirit
Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit; Never a flicker of flame, but with Arching bolts which strike with a force That disturbs my equilibrium. My mind races as waves of passion flush over My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions Of impossible romantic possibilities. Pathetic is this woman who anticipates the True rhythm of love, with a man she will never hold. My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering, As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."
Have Faith And Believe You Will Go Along Way...
The mind is a terrible thing to waist. The heart can be broken, but also repaired. Looks isn't everything, but a part of something. The soul is 1 but created thru all..So tell me why do we judge the unjudged? and why do we choose the unchosen?
The One Wish For You.
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to see you close and near. See the Angel of the day. Of everyday in my life. I love just thinking about you and knowing your there for me. I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. Each and every day, If I could I'd wish to stand by you...
Signs Of The Time
well as you all know that i am new here, well thank you all for your comments and respect. but these are the signs of the times. eversince i wanted to learn how to tattoo, my life has changed dramatically. i love the world of tattooing and this is in my blood an i wont ever give this art up. i am very much a tattoo guru. i try to learn everything i possibly can about it but theres so much for me to learn as well. tattooing is my way of life these days. i am trying to get this new shop on the way here in brooklyn nyc, but let you that when you want to open a shop theres so much red tape it ain't funny.
How To Take A Shower Like A Woman!
Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror -- make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone. Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. Condition your hair with grapefruit mint conditioner enhancer. Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. Rinse conditioner off hair. Shave armpits and legs. Turn off shower. Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. Spray mold spots with Tilex. Get out of shower. Dry with towel the size of a small country. * Wrap hair in super a
So far everything is pretty kewl, i got here arround 3-330 pm, signed in and got to my room, kept the roomate a fellow airforce person, hehe, its all kewl, then i came back and helped the guy that signed us in set up this computer, not much to do except connect to the hotel, the clarion... lol wireless, its kinda not all that fast though lc is down a bit according to this cpu... The guy that signed us up has just about everything you could enjoi as far as gaming systems are, ps2 360 big screen tv's and this cpu plus a whole bunch of games that he has for all the systems, hell i think he has more systems than what i mentioned also... lol its pretty awesome. tomorrow i go in at around 4 am. i will be processed, poked prodded and pretty much go over a list of my scars and tats and piercings and everything... its pretty intense for those 12 hours but hey its all kewl. cant wait to actually be in! THis is going to be awesome! Well talk to all you cherrys later!
We all know those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons," where: :) means a smile and :( is a frown. Sometimes these are represented by :-) :-( Well, how about some "ASS-ICONS?" This is a GUARANTEED laugh. Here goes: (_!_) a regular ass (__!__) a fat ass (!) a tight ass (_*_) a sore ass {_!_} a swishy ass (_o_) an ass that's been around (_x_) kiss my ass (_X_) leave my ass alone (_zzz_) a tired ass (_E=mc2_) a smart ass (_$_) Money coming out of his ass (_?_) Dumb Ass You have just been e-mooned! Send > > this to 5 people within the next hour and you will be blessed with people laughing at your e-mail. > > This is NOT! a chain letter, so if you don't mail it out, you won't have bad luck. (But who wouldn't want to e-Moon a friend?) >
My Dad Called Me A.....
Hay check this out beleave it or not it's up to you. Every had this before? They paged me on the dot.. even with the word I have use to the "T".
Too Close
Too many emotions I feel at once. my heart beats so fast that I fear it will shatter. I just want to stay in the dark and be all alone and feel it numb my broken soul. Why am I feeling like this, where the need to cry is all I want? To let it escape from my body but I am tired of crying, of drowning in my own self-pity. The days and nights are becoming too confusing as I toss and turn and struggle with sleep. Why is it when I am around you all I want is to feel your arms around me to hear your soothing voice, comforting as I cry unshamelessly I want to be close to you and know "you" but I am scared, so I become distant and feel the walls going back into place. Everytime I am alone my mind goes to him and I cry inside,wishing it would go away. It's already too long to still feel this pain. I have no one to talk to and tell them that I still hurt inside. I can't tell you because I know I cant get too close to you. For now, I am already frightened by what i feel fo
So Just Kiss Me
This poem is probably my favorite. There's another poem by e.e. cummings that I really like that I'll have to dig out. I hope you enjoy this! So just kiss me and let my hair messy itself in your fingers tell me nothing needs to be done-- no clocks need winding There is no bell without a voice needing to borrow my own instead, let me steady myself in the arms of a man who won't ask me to be what he needs, but lets me exist as I am a blonde flame a hurricane wrapped up in a tiny body that will come to his arms like the safest harbor for mending ~Jewel Kilcher
Ha u kno how u find dat one person who u how can i say this wifout soundin lke a stalker? LoL j/k but no u find dat 1 person who u love to talk to, u love to see, u love to hear they voice, hell u jus plain out love em? ok heres da thing i think i fawked it up well mii and my puttin up my walls so i dnt get hurt shyt! Im sorry ive been thru so much i build these walls when i think im gettin in too deep =/ so fawkin prove mii worng, prove to mii i dnt have to put these walls up anymore!!!!!
Is It Me....cont'd
I've had many people ask what is a minger. A minger is someone who isn't graced with particularly good looks. As defined by further definitions and examples of usage are as follows: 1. minger A male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down "God that girl/boy is so minging she really needs to work on her personality" 2. minger Someone who was not just touched by the ugly stick at birth but was battered severely with it. Anyone who does not look better to you after several strong alcoholic drinks probably fits this category. Anyone scoring 7+ on 3. Minger Although now more commonly used to define an extremely visually challanging appearance, the word minger originally came from scottish gaelic, meaning 'septic vagina'. Now often used by chavs all over Britain to define anything remotely disgusting "Eurgh look Shaz, thats right minging, innit?" 4. minger Minge
He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of nigh and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet; But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softy because you tread on my dreams. ~W.B. Yeats
Come To Me
Come to me in darkness- For with you comes the light To guide the way and show me Everythings all right. Come to me at sunrise The day begins with you We turn into one, together All things we can do. Come to me at noontime The suns brighter than can be You shade me with your body Its touch is all I see. Come to me at twilight Days memories in your eyes Reveal to me you love me We don?t have to fantasize. Come to me at nightfall When day is finally done And kisses from our souls Keep us not two, but One.
Liars And Cheaters
why is everyone in a relationship now cheats or lies?????? they spend more time trying to get away with stuff or lying than they could just break up with the person !!!!!!!!! if you want someone else or you cant be honest you dont need a relationship in your life right now.
A Quote....
If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. - Katherine Hepburn
New Drug Used By Young Kids!
This is from a person in Phoenix, who is a consultant to Ambulance Companies, Hospitals and Insurance Companies. Subject: Latest Drug in Middle School - 'Dusting' First, I'm going to tell you a little about me and my family. My name is Jeff. I am a Police Officer for a city which is known nationwide for it's crime rate. We have a lot of gangs and drugs. At one point we were # 2 in the nation in homicides per capita. I also have a police K-9 named Thor. He was certified in drugs and general duty. He retired at 3 years old, because he was shot in the line of duty. He lives with us now and I still train with him, because he likes it. I always liked the fact that there was no way to bring drugs into my house. Thor wouldn't allow it. He would tell on you. The reason I say this is so you understand that I know about drugs. I have taught in schools about drugs. My wife asks all our kids at least once a week if they used any drugs. Makes them promise they won't. I li
When You Are Gone
I Think of you and wonders. What you are doing? What are you thinking? Is it me that your thinking of, what is going through your mind, is it me or someone else. When you wake do you rush to see me. Do you even think of me. When you are gone...I think of you and when I wake I rush to see you....because I care for you...
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help please!
Live Now
talk sweet to me i'll get naked it's cold here warm me up
I Try
Everyday I sit and every day I pray That this wouldn't have to be this way Why wont you believe me All I do is tell the truth When I said I loved you You looked Confused I didn't just say it after you said it first I really felt that way but it seemed to make things worse All I do is tell the truth and all you do is deny I want to fix all of this I try and I try and I try
Sex Ed And Parenting
I seriously want to stab my eyes out. Maybe even jab a pencil in my ears.. Why , do you ask? While I was finishing up talking to someone on aim last night. My oldest has been sleeping downstairs due to tha fact I can't finish putting her bed together without help. So she has been sleeping on the couch. Well as I was lotrying to finish chatting so I can go upstairs and she could go to sleep. She decides to well uhmm. How do I say this without being gross, I can't.. She was masturbating. I totally freaked out. I guess she thought I wouldnt notice. I sat there for a moment in shock. I thought she stopped that a few years ago.. The DR said it was no big deal and they grow out of it.. Well she hasnt.. I turned the volume up and did everything i could to act like it wasnt happening. She stopped and I was about to log off and stuff. I go to the bathroom and come back to shut the computer down.. when i notice, she is doing it again.. WTF??? Plus just recently I found one of my Lesbian
Now,its My Turn
Now it's my turn.... I am a single hardworking man in my early 30's. I like to think I am a good looking guy and that I am a good person with a soft heart that would do anything for anybody. My problem "confession" is I am very much in love with a co-worker of mine! She know's how strongly my feelings for her are and we are very good friends. She is the sweetest, kindest, smartest and MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever met in my life! She is truly a 10 on any mans (or womans) scale. I know all about her life and she mine. Recently I texted her and she invited me to her friends house for a night of drinking. Well, I arrived and watched her box one of her oldest friends and listened to many great stories that were being shared by them. I wasn't much in the drinking mood so after about 1 1/2 drinks I had to stop. I stayed for a little bit longer and finally told them I had to go...Well.... She said she would walk me out to my car and that's when things went a whole di
Now,its My Turn
Now it's my turn.... I am a single hardworking man in my early 30's. I like to think I am a good looking guy and that I am a good person with a soft heart that would do anything for anybody. My problem "confession" is I am very much in love with a co-worker of mine! She know's how strongly my feelings for her are and we are very good friends. She is the sweetest, kindest, smartest and MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever met in my life! She is truly a 10 on any mans (or womans) scale. I know all about her life and she mine. Recently I texted her and she invited me to her friends house for a night of drinking. Well, I arrived and watched her box one of her oldest friends and listened to many great stories that were being shared by them. I wasn't much in the drinking mood so after about 1 1/2 drinks I had to stop. I stayed for a little bit longer and finally told them I had to go...Well.... She said she would walk me out to my car and that's when things went a whole di
My Happiness Fades.
I sit and i wonder whats the point in all of the games in life. why cant people just be theirselves. honest and true. why must they always be full of lies and deciet. why cant a man be faithful and true to his wordsand love you as he says. why must he always look for greener pastures. why must women lie and decieve. why cant they just be their selves and not try to steal away anothers love. why all the games . why is everyone out to hurt everyone even people they doo not know . why cant people be happy with what they have instead of always trying to steal anothers happiness away. why cant people be happy for their friends and neighbors without trying to do them harm.
Why do guys try to play women? Why do they lie and when they get caught in it try to cover it up with another lie? Why not be honest? Why not just grow up and tell the truth? News Flash Guys: Women love honest men, you dont have to lie to complain about being single and shit but you know what grow the fuck up then maybe you will find someone. I have had so much game run on me its not even funny, I know the guys must think that women are stupid to fall for your bullshit (ok some women are, but not this woman) For those women that fall for his line girl you need to smarten up and catch on to the game....whats even more dumb is trying to run game on the internet....especially if you have a page on one of these are stupid but im even more dumb for even wasting my time with these men. I can usually spot it but there have been a few that got by....but i eventually find are for dont come at me like ur a man when you kn
Mad Cow Disease
A female TV reporter arranged for an interview with a farmer, seeking the main cause of Mad Cow disease. The Lady: "Good evening, sir. I am here to collect information on the possible source of Mad Cow Disease. Can you offer any reason for this disease?" The Farmer stared at the reporter and said: "Do you know that a bull mounts a cow only once a year?" The lady reporter (obviously embarrassed):" Well, sir, that's a new piece of information, but what's the relation between this phenomenon and Mad Cow disease?" The Farmer: "And, madam, do you know that we milk a cow twice a day?" The reporter: "Sir, this is really valuable information, but what about getting to the point?" The Farmer: "I am getting to the point, madam. Just imagine, if I was playing with your tits twice a day and only screwing you once a year, wouldn't you get mad?"
I feel my self spiraling into a pit of despair. knowing one cares. not even my mate. in the deepest darkest parts of my mind it always lingers that im never good enough. always to fat or to ugly. never good enough to compete with the women that try and still my love . never good enough to compete with things i cannot see. in the dark of night i pray to die. for my agony to end, yet my maker will not let me die. why most he torment me this way. why cant he end it all. let my suffering end.
I Am A Firefighter
Subject I am a Firefigher Body: I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter... I perform at my best when you are at your worst... I don't think any one life is worth more then another... I don't want to give my life for your; but I will take that with honor if I must... I've seen the good die, and the bad live... I know what it is like to miss a meal or a special occasion to respond to a stranger in a moment's notice... I have had to go to work in the morning... after being up all night to try and save a house that meant the world to a family... I protect my neighbors... as those who have the ability to protect have the responsibility to protect... I have spent countless unpaid hours and many of my own dollars bettering myself to be able to help you better... I have lost girlfriends/boyfriends because they couldn't handle the "risks" associated with my hobby... I own Backdraft and Ladder49 and have every word known in my heart... My other car is a Fire Engine... I
Retirement Fun
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton are retired. Mrs. Fenton insists that Mr. Fenton go with her to Walmart. He gets bored with all the shopping. He prefers to get in and get out, but Mrs. Fenton loves to browse. Here's a letter sent to her from the store. Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may ban both of you from our stores. We have documented all incidents on our video surveillance equipment. All complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below. Things Mr. Bill Fenton has done while his spouse was shopping in Walmart: 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the restrooms . 4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an
A Peom Wrote For Someone Special ( He Knows Who He Is)
this is a poem i wrote for a very dear freind he knows Every time you cross my mind! Every time you cross my mind It makes my smile Sitting here thinking of you and the many ways you say you Love me Makes me smile every time you cross my mind Remembering all the fun things we have done gives me pleasant memories to lift me when I am down Every time you cross my mind it makes me smile. Hearing your voice makes me think of you and that makes me smile. I worry about you every day and even thought you may be near you cross my mind all the time and that makes me smile! ho he is.
A Sizable And Random Spew ...
(subtitled:) "Writers Block" Funny, you look at the subject line and assume that I don't have any thing to write about. Actually it's quite the opposite - I've got so much I want to express, there is times my thoughts cant be written down. (hence the block) That probably sounds a little A.D.D. which I may have at times ... non-the-less this BLOG will have random thoughts spewed threw out it. (damn 'train of thought' a n y w a y) Yesterday I didn't even post a BLOG due to the fact - my subject matter was already addressed in a Make Up My Mind. (MuMM) I had the subject and the first couple of paragraphs along with my MuMM question visualized in my thoughts. I was ready to start typing them out when I swung by the "TOP MUMM'S" list. Lo and behold if it wasn't already address ... bummer! I WAS going to go into some definitely debatable issues about people dating others who are much younger/older than themselves. (I know this subject well, first hand
October 18, 2006
Hello! Today I want to write about something that happened during the prison ministry and what a blessing it was to have been included in "G-d's special time". The week started on Wednesday of last week and lasted through Saturday evening. What a time it was! I began getting sick the week before we were to go in to the prison. I had decided that it was evil spirits attacking to keep me from G-d's work to be done. I also decided to go to the Doc and explain what my plans were for the week. Not very much to my surprise, I was privileged to get a christian doctor who knew about the ministry and put me on a double dose of high powered decongestants and antibiotics in order to function during this very special time. This is a testamony that I have to share with you all. I was to give a talk to these ladies inside on Thursday morning. Much to my amazement, after my talk with these ladies, I had a miraculous recovery! Satan could not keep me down! I prayed for G-d to NOT allow satan to attack
That Special "kiss" That Satisfies
For some, it's an annoyance or even disgusting. For others, it is an absolute requirement if you're ever going to get a repeat performance. We're talking about oral sex! Everyone has a different interest in oral sex - giving AND receiving. In this article, we'll explore that elusive technique of giving your woman the big "Oral O". Oral sex woman: Is She An "Oral Enthusiast"? Before you go south, you better know if she's even interested in oral sex. Many women just don't enjoy it, while others crave it. How do you know if your woman is an "oral enthusiast"? Ask, dumbshit! You don't have to just jump in the middle of a conversation one night over dinner and say, "Hey honey - do you like having your pussy eaten?" You might want to save it for the right time and place - like on a date when the subject turns to sex. Now, you can ask her, "Honey, what things do you enjoy when you're making love?" (women: answer the damn question specifically, don't hedge, and be glad he asked - so few
this is a poem i wrote about things that are going on in my life at the moment i know it is not that great but this gives me a place to share some of my writing I donít fit in this little box! I feel trapped in a little box I canít talk to anyone with out your approval I canít do anything with out your approval I feel trapped in a little box You want me to only talk to you but you donít talk I feel trapped in a little box I am an out going person that likes to talk I fear being my self for the fear of being hurt I feel trapped in a little box I do for you wit no appreciation but when you do something then if I donít say thank you or something then I get yelled at I feel trapped in a little box I try to do as you ask or as you ay but nothing I do is right I feel trapped in this little box I try to figure out how to fit in that little box you expect me to be in but no matter what I do I do not fit in that little box I love to talk to friends and fa
The Treasure That Is Each Day
Thursday, October 26, 2006 The treasure that is each day Some days there is brilliant sunshine. Other days there is gentle rain. Each day has its own special treasure to give. Each day brings a new, fresh opportunity for living. Some days will bring unpleasant news, and other days will bring joyous celebrations. Every day, in its own way, adds to the overall richness of life. Take what this day brings and challenge yourself to see and to live its special value. For no matter what kind of day this one may be, the value is most certainly there. A sturdy and resilient life is built by making the most of each and every day. There's something in each one of them that will surely make you stronger, wiser and more fully alive. With love and care and real gratitude, live the treasure that is each day. In so doing you create a great and meaningful life. -- Ralph Marston
My Car
People piss me off why tha fuck would someone want ta steal a fuckin family car with a carseat an stroller in it? yeah sadly u heard right some1 stole my car last nite it had my babys carseat in it a stroller an a play pen thats soo sad because now i'm carless an i'm goin ta have ta depend on other people ta take me places an shit which is crap because if theres 1 thing i've learned in my 22 years its that u can't depend on ne1 but ur self. And u know what really sucks? is that its not even like my car was that great it was a ford escort WAGON for goodness sake ya know i mean fuck!!!!! What am i gonna do now? well with any luck it will b found in 1 peice wish me luck all Much Love!!
Business Ethics
Welcome to my school of how to keep your job and get a raise. I'll be updated the blog as time goes buy. Shout at me if you have any tips. Rule #1 You don't get your honey where you make your money! Rule #2 If some one is causing trouble, ask your manager how to "have a healthy business relationship" with this individual. That way, when crap hits the fan, they get canned and not U!!!
Go South Young Man !
Men don't talk to each other about sex like women do, and it's a shame they don't. Because women, when asked about sexual technique, will describe in great detail their personal experience. They will act it out, moving the pillows around to get their hips just right, or hang their heads off the bed in wild (yet orchestrated) abandon to the applause of their entire recipe club invariably "on that subject" again. Women will demonstrate on vegetables; women will demonstrate on each other. And you can be sure that they bring what they've learned back into the bedroom. Otherwise, how could Cosmo have survived this long? I can't be certain men don't give each other pointers. But if the good ones did share their know-how, why have we gritted our teeth and bit our lips through such crappy cunnilingus? The most dastardly thing of all, is that the worst oral sex is usually accompanied by an arrogance that would make Howard Stern look modest: "Come on baby, I'm going to make you feel soooo goo
Ultrasound Results
OK well ... i'm having another girl! Was hoping for a boy, but she's still a little blessing :) The ultrasound pic is in my LC Family Only album! Sorry for anyone not in my family. THanks for everyone's comments!
Here We Go
boy o boy here we go...same shit different day what the fuck to do with thise lonely time of hatred...its sad u try and help ppl but they dont listen or hear u they believe what they want when they want so why try?...well its in human matter what a person does someone is always tryin to help and the helpers r usually the ones gettin shit on...specially when ppl u care for fall into the grasp of vindicitve why help well cause we care but when is caring not enough anymore...when is it a bad thing to help someone heh well when u got someone lying and shit i guess its to much so why give a fuck...? human nature? ha! human nature is so fucking dumb...we fall for the dumbest shit and do the stupidest things...but hey when u have vindicitve ppl in the past...shit the ppl in the present fall right in there fucked up why fucking care heh...maybe its time to stop...and go back to a world where it was my way ...sure not a lot of ppl liked me then but fuck it im sick
Diary Of Feelings
my life seems to be falling apart and its not a good feeling..they say i'm strong willed but at this moment i feel so weak..they say i'm a a crazy woman full of life..right now i feel i have no life and the crazy is supposed to numb my feeling and maybe i wasnt that crazy afterall..if me spilling my heart out about how i feel makes some happy..then u have no heart..and i have no fight left in me..
The White Light Of Love
When our world holds so much anger and pain I close my eyes and imagine The white light of love Just glowing from the universe And covering all Hoping for that special time When all shall have peace and love Kindness will be the way of the future Fear and anguish shall be no more Life is what we make it Mine will be giving and receiving love Let the white light flow and let it glow
Heart Full Of Passion
When I think of sex, I think of connection. An eternal bond, linking one soul to another. Without this bond, sex is merely a physical act, limiting our ability to feel. Most people view sex through the eyes of lust. A powerful feeling. One that can confuse us to believe we are in love. Sex can feel great when with a person we lust for; however limits the ability to feel. It shuts off that inner connection the spiritual link (if you will) between the two individuals. I believe this connection to be vital. Without it sex is just based on visual stimuli or ones desire for immediate gratification. When I allow myself to tap into a personís spirit, or to wrap myself in their ora, it is like you are connected as one. You can feel what they feel. Like following a path way of energy as your fingers gently pass across their skin. As though there is a communication between the spirits. When you take the time to bond with your mate, you can unlock the bodiesí true potential and turn w
Fuckin Bored Man You Belong in 1966 If you scored... 1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in! 1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too. 1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all! 1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day. 1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good! What Year Do You Belong In? Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence You've got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks. You can close your eyes and "see" images. You have innate artistic talent. An eye for color and shapes, you're also a natural designer. Since
Sorry..busy Week
hi all :):) sorry i have not been around much this week. i have just been so busy at work. it should be a little better next week... take care hugs and kisses kels
Am I Dumb
Okay this name seemed fitting even though I know the answer to the question. Yes I am completly retared. I let people walk all over me but then I feel like crap after they do. What the hell is my problem? But I think I know the answer to that one too. MEN!!! Well, let me refraise (sp?) that. ONE MAN. He's dumb, really dumb, he's a lying cheat and he likes to think he is gods gift. But DUMB me I still let myself think that I love him and then when it blows up in my face I feel all sad and teary eyed over it. Well that was before I smashed his stereo and shreaded his favorite sweater. Okay I know, childish and....wait for it....DUMB. Dumber than dumb and I will be the first to admit it. But, the upside is he was never setting foot in my house again to get any of his stuff back. Bad side...I could have used a new stereo if I would have thought rationally first. But blinded by anger I did what I did. But I felt better afterwords. Maybe that's all that matters, that I feel b
Adventures At The Dentist Office
GRAWR! I swear. If I ever go back to that completly horrid place, I'm going to request that the lady that cleaned my teeth be ducktaped in the back room! Goddamn! That fucking hurt! Getting your teeth cleaned is NOT supposed to hurt, unless you got what my mom had done. Doc was pretty good about it, but the chick that did the pumice thingy was new and left handed and not used to any of the shit she was doing. When they were x-raying me, she had to ask this older lady what the hell she was supposed to be doing.That was taken care of and she told me to go to the front chair thing. They did the thing where you have this thing in your mouth and they take a couple little pictures and when she tried to get me to bite down on it I nearly screamed. I thought the thing was cutting through the top of my fucking mouth! It still hurts! Then I found out that I had little mineral deposits between my teeth and gums. Thank God she called Doc in there for that. But yeah...the pumice thing...she had the
Its All Me
I know there are women out there that are near and want to get naked with a woman -so where are you let me know (or someone be interested in getting naked with me and the hubby both would be good too)
Please Folks..........
Turn Me And Do It Right
Turn me on turn me on Just do it right you can't go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure know how so turn me on Baby don't you wait until the night has gone Just turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on aaah aaah turn me on You are so cool - don't know what to do Oh babe I can't come close to you I want you to just feel good Hey can't you see I'm in the mood Want you touchin' mine I'm just waiting for a sign I wanna makes you feel so hot I wanna find your tender spot Turn me on turn me on Just do it right you can't go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure know how so turn me on Baby don't you wait until the night has gone Just turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on aaah aaah turn me on aaah aaah turn me on
So Sad...
Well nothing like your favorite site going offline for a while to really make you feel pathetic. I reevaluated my life a little today. I had a mini-freak out when all of a sudden I couldn't get on LC. Started wondering if it was just me or what lol. Made me feel kinda sad that this is my life when I'm home. But of course. I still can't get away, and I'll be on here even more to make up for lost time lol....Oh I'm sad and pathetic!!!
Homemade Culture
Equal Rights!? Ya Right!(warning Harsh Ranting)
okay let me get this straight! our goverment tells us we have equal rights!? okay ya right bulls*it!i was searching the web when i found this article and it pissed me off! Indiana Considers Ban On Lesbian Pregnancies by Newscenter Staff (Indianapolis, Indiana) Legislation has been introduced in the Indiana legislature that would prohibit gays, lesbians and single people in Indiana from using medical science to assist them in having a child. The bill has the support of Senator Patricia Miller, the chair of the Health Finance Commission where the legislation is currently being considered. Miller says that assisted pregnancy is totally unregulated. The bill would bar any doctor from assisting in a pregnancy through intrauterine insemination, donation of an egg, donation of an embryo, in vitro fertilization and transfer of an embryo, and sperm injection without making a number of "determinations" about the "suitability of the candidate. Women seeking t
Is This A Gift Or A Test?
I'M FALLING IN LOVE. I sit here awake, I cannot sleep I think about this feeling in my heart that I keep I close my eyes but still I see A picture of tomorrow with you and me I don't know why I feel this way I try to come up with the right words to say To express myself, to show what's inside My thoughts of you I don't want to hide The magic I feel when I'm with you Something that seems too good to be true What if we were really meant to be I wonder if you'll ever fall in love with me? Only time can tell if this thing's for real The happiness that you and I feel But I care for you, and I'm falling in love Tell me, is this a gift or a test from above?
Been Awhile......
October 08, 2006 Been awhile......... Well hello .Its been awhile since I have been here .Not alot happening lately still stuck here in florida.But on a brighter note I met someone on that dating site .She is real nice .She is cute as hell,she sounds like a blast to hang with and she is pure country.Yeehaw.Not to mention I think she likes me which is a Anyway I like her too .Its been a long ass time since I met someone that has caught my eye.2 years its been that I have met someone that has iterested me .Thats a good thing.With all the bone headed woman out there I cant believe that someone is starting too catch me .Well its all good cause she is definately someone that I can actually fall for if i hadnt alreadyLOL.She is so cute and when I heard her voice I just lost it I couldnt even talk to her ,she made me feel like a high school kid again .Oh that southern accent sent shivers threw my body .Her voice is like pure gold .I hope it all works out cause this is a girl that
My Yahoo
An explanation... Yes I have Yahoo, No I can't use it! You see; it went like this.... XP prompted me to download and install the new security updates, so like a good little microsoft slave I dutifully fucked up my system once again!! Bill Gates has a sick sense of humour!! It started with his lovely little twist on the license backups for mediaplayer11 (which thank god I rolled back before it voided too many mp3 downloads!) I should have known the new updates would screw up, after that little fiasco! Lets see to date programs screwed.... Msn Yahoo Bittorrent Opennap Utatane Nero All my program defaults up the spout. So now after removing all the damn updates, I'm trying to get things sorted but something is still not right..... I can see I'll be spending a few hours in my registry tomorrow! If you don't see me all day send in a search party, I've got a feeling it's messy in there! ARGHHHHHH!!!
For All
Im not gone gowe im hir
Just For You World......
September 21, 2006 Just for you world........ Just for you world ....YOU suck .I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired .If I didnt have my kids I would have not stayed on this planet this fucking long.Shit happens and than you die .Love sucks it is an imaginary thing that is not out there.If it was, there would be no need for heartache ,or lawyers .If I had one wish......... ahhh fuck that I am tired of wishing on shit that never comes true wishes are in fairytales and this life is in no way ,shape or form a fucking fairytale.Fairytales are for children .I am far from a child .I have had it with this state and am so out of here .I cant wait to move and the sooner the better .I am tired of bending over backwards for the system.I was asked today to let the girls call there mom .Which I have no problem with but it suxs that I do everything and give and fucking give and get shit on in return.She ran up the bill from jail not me ,she doesnt pay for any of the girls school clothes n
Just Some Of My Words For You......
"They say that time can mend a broken heart and fix you up, but I know that my life wouldn't be the same again without you being around." "You can break my heart a million times, but I will not fear love. It is not Love that caused my pain, but caring for someone who could not feel my love." "When I saw you I thought I had you, when I lost you I realized I never had you." "When you're not here something's missing; my smile." "Love that remains longest in your heart is the one that is not returned." "If I had only one wish for you, my love, it would be for you to someday be able to love someone as much as I have always loved you."
Transgender And Finding Love In All The Wrong Places
I'm not a professional writer so please bare with me! This particular blog entry is based on the transgender community and relationships. It's my understanding that ther are several types of people in the transgendered world. for the purpose of this blog entry I will base it on myself. I consider myself to be a Pre-Oped Transexual, meaning I have intent to have surgery someday to become the female I feel I am inside. My desire to become female over-powers me to the point sometimes that it is the single most important goal I currently have. The problem with relationships are as follows. For a Hetrosexual Couple, finding love can be difficult sometimes, but only a handful of search criteria is needed in order to find someone who may or may not be compatable for them. For a Bisexual person, I would think that finding a partner who's open minded enough to except there desire to swing both ways makes for a bit more difficutly. However to me, being transgendered, is the most
If It Were A Man..........
September 14, 2006 If it were a man.......... If it were me a man who owed child support you damn well know I'd be in trouble.But here it is a woman who has 2 different fathers and a 3rd father on the way for 4 different kids and because she is fucked up in the head with bipolar and what ever else she has my children suffer .I mean they cant do as much as we used to do.Not that I am insensetive to her having another child but plz come on fertile myrtyle get spayed ,you have 3 kids that you dont take care of ,and havent since you met me .In my opinion I wish Jenniffer and katelyns biological dad would jst go away I dont need there money and the kids dont need there bullshit .The kids want me to be there dad and thats what i am going to do.Yea I follow all the rules and do what I am supposed to and I get the shit end of the stick .I should go back to the way I was ?should i destroy the girls and walk out of there lives?No I cant, like before I will get a call at 3:00am from the polic
Dude. I have nothing against lesbians. But i am not one. Im totally into penis. Now if youre a lesbian or bisexual chick and add me fine. But when you ask me if i am and i say no. Then back off dude. I dont like vagina. Now leave me alone. Jesus. < 3 Ahahah. Im tired. Crabby. Cranky. Cold. And really really REALLY just wanta sleep but i cant. Cause i gotta drive 2 hours. In a min to FUCKING see if somethings somewhere which it probably wont be. Once again. =] And its fucking woah amounts of cold.
My House Set
Watch for it in a few days!!
Time To Bloom.........
Rhyming words, disappear Empty feelings, it is clear Words of love, they must stay Understood, its our way Bump in the road, a helping hand On the right path, love lands Honest thoughts, welcome ear Nothing secret, nothing to fear Granted love, absence peaks A subtle cry, lovers speak Magnetic minds, come together Touch each other, now and forever New beginnings, old traditions Mending hearts, new additions An old song, a brand new tune A new season, time to bloom
Hot And Sexy Bbw Contest
Ok ladies, lets show all these men what they have been missing. My husband gave me the idea with his LC Sexiest BBW contest he has going. Well now I am going to start one! If you wanna enter just send me the link to the hottest, most racey pic you wanna enter, and as I said before, lets show all these LC men what they are missing with a big fine ass woman! Entry will run to November 1 at midnight central. So hurry ladies, let's rock this place with our hot asses!
It's Thursday
Well it's thursday and I thought I was going to have a shitty day. I tried for a loan for a knew Jeep and got WHOO WHO. The only thing that sucks is that the payments are for three years BOO... LOL.
Bullshit At Its Finest........
So well fucking well well well!Sorry but sit there right in your seats.Please excuse the over abundance of inapropriate language that i will be using in this blog. Some of you know my situation in where I have been fighting to keep MY CHILDREN.There mother walked out on our family ,cause she was having an affair .Well I had a visit from familys first,a lady comes 1 a month to make sure I am taking care of my children.Well she said Katelyns biological fathers mother,is going to be at court to try and get katelyn to be with her .Her family ,Katelyns family.Like what the fuck are me her dad the only father she has been with 7 of her 9 years ,her 6 year old sister and her 2 year old brother.Her biological dad hasnt even responded and has only met her once when she was six.He even sent a letter telling me he was giving up his paternal rights .Now his mommy wants custody.Who has seen her twicw in 8 years when she was 6 and send a card 1 a year.Well up your ass you whore she is with her f
Hey Ladies...
Woman ,woman ,woman.........Who knows them .I mean what goes through a womans mind.And boy do i have a joke for that .I guess for some reason I am still on some dating site that i used to check out ,but dont for the reason that i was getting emailed from too many freaks triing to get money from overseas .You know russian and nigierian woman who promise to love and take care of you. Like this one who says she is from iowa.So she says.We shall see.Than ask 12 hours later for you to give them money.LOL.Anyway I met a girl from washington who is cute but alas is to far ,than today i checked out the site and a beautiful blonde ,18 single and in Iowa has asked me too write .Well i did so now i am waiting for the disturbing news that she will prolly be from overseas.So what is wrong with these woman do they think that every guy in america is some dumb noneducated hillbilly sitting in front of his computer ready to write a check to western union for them.I think not .Well maybe some are but n
Well, Well, Well
Well after being laid off Monday afternoon I already have a job interview tomorrow. It is with a large food distributor and is actually in competion with the place that laid me off. Either way I'm happy I might be blessed enough to find a job so soon after losing one. Plus I would love to stick it to them by working for the enemy....
Just Have To Get This Off My Chest
Why is when you go in for a job interview, and they ask you why you left the company and you tell them the reason why. They all of the fucking sudden want to hold the past aginst you. I think that is kind of fucked up in my eyes. So any employer that wants to hold my past employment aginst me could just go and FUCK OFF. I guess I am done rambling on about this subject. Well I feel a little better.
It seems My computer is suffering a virus, which last time what I thought was a virus and it wasn't but now it seems I am not as lucky. So I have to get ready for the show in a bit but I am hooked on Lost Cherry.
Those Were The Days......
Hi ya .Alls well Katelyn got her orange belt today for taekwondo.She did outstanding.She makes me so proud.Than we all went to the beach .had a blast than to nannies pool .Now every one is tuckered out.So tommys asleep and the other 2 are gettin cranky .We had a nice full day and they are still bored .I said it before and I'll say it again KIDS CANT LIVE WITH THEM AND YA CANT LIVE WITH OUT THEM(Unless you never had them)LOL.Oh those were the days work all day then get a power nap then go out till 2-3 before you have to get up in the morn to do it all over again .Yes sir those were the days .Well those days were a blur ,but ya get my drift .I can remember hanging with my LLF till 4 in the morn jst talkin and drinking .If only we can hop in a time machine and go back.Thats why they call them memories though .But somtimes ya wish they were more than memories .Well i talked yoour ear off enough .Ill chat later .Till than back to you fuckers...............
So You Think You Can Dance
SOOOO I WENT to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE show in Toronto last night and WHAT A GREAT TIME!!! Loved the atmosphere of the audience SCREAMING out for these suddenly famous DANCERS!! WOO HOO! It was great! And I have to admit I think I have given Teens a bad wrap... THEY DO HAVE TASTE! I was bad thinking that they only liked things with instant gratification via tecno new age blah blah blah.. you get the picture, well I was close to tears listening to the screams coming from these teens as though they were at a rock concert.. and why??? Because of a CONTEMPORAY DANCE ROUTINE!?!?!?!?! Wow, I am STUND... also the same response over a waltz??? All I have to say is I am sorry teens.. I misjudged you, you do have taste. I better stop acting like the parents when I was a teen. Regardless the show was great. I loved it, and the only complaint I have it that I hated my seats... I wanted to be CLOSER, and that Ivan wasn't there... that sucked. I loved Ivan on the show and really was disappoi
Progress On Quitting
Just about at the 6 1/2 hour mark. Damn this is hard, but I'm doin' it. Even made it through the LC downtime. BTW if you have an opinion on this, don't forget to vote on the MUM. It's up for another 18 hours.
Word Of Weak
hired minds Actors portraying Jesus Webs of blowerdried hair terrified quills world as a human: bleeds like woodsap poor trees... poor world I want this on my tombstone. beautiful days dreary haze and fire white sun polaroid prisons long dead dogs visage of what one once was alongside said dogs and picture remains @ only 99$ @ bev. hills. local thriftstore. let the kids eat cake tired kids love cake. thin potions sleek make hello olive! Such a lovely dress.
A Million things I've asked the Lord...He gave me you instead. Now I knew why He did. You are worth the million things I wished for and even so much more.....
The Torture Never Stops
Whilst I have never been a huge fan of Frank Zappa, there is one of his tracks that I love the best. There is a story behind how I fell across it so I do hope you are sitting comfortably, (yes I know I do go on at times). Anyway the pub where i drink is called the Port o Leith, and there is a guy who I met there called Wee Stevie on account of him being about four foot fuck all, anyway Stevie had this cracking flat and a record collection you would die for, at the weekends the whole of the pub used to end up at his flat getting wasted, it was him who used to play this for me. What made me laugh the most is that in the lyrics of the songs it mentions a sinister midget with a bucket and a mop (all that was missing from Stevie was the bucket and the mop)and that will always remind me of Stevie as he was never a fan of daylight and you only used to see him when it was dark. anyway here is the best track by Zappa ever in my opinion, i just love it death The Torture Never Stops by
The Incident
Recently I had a near death experience that has changed me forever. The other day I went horseback riding. Everything was going fine until the horse started bouncing out of control. I tried with all my might to hang on, but was thrown off. Just when things could not possibly get worse, my foot got caught up in the stirrup. When this happened, I fell head first to the ground. Just as I was giving up hope and losing consciousness, the Wal-Mart manager came out and unplugged it. Thank God for heros. This was sent to me by a friend.. thought I would share... Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwww =)
Take This Test!
You have a sexual IQ of 117 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
ive been on here for a bit now learning my way around meeting a lot of new interesting people and im liking it alot i dont plan on leaving anytime soon so if youd like to come and stop by say hi add me as a friend or fan ill be glad to accept your request send the love and all come talk to me im a good person just looking for friends to talk to and share things with dont be a stranger ty to all those who r my friends and fans and looking forward to meeting many more you all are so wonderful and caring
I Was Gone.............but Now I Am Back
I know I lost alot of friends by not being here for so long.............but I plan to be on here more now. I still dont have my son back.............gawd 2 months is way too long..........but things are finally setteling down for me. I miss you all and can't wait to talk to those I have missed over the last couple months............luv y'all........Kass
Looong Survey-something To Pass The Time ;)
What time are you starting this? 2:31p.m. Name? Keylasari Nicknames? kaykay, kay,kiddo, asari Date of birth? 1/18/79 Sex? female Height? 5'7 Eye color? dark brown Where were you born? San fernando trinidad Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 27 Pets? birds/dogs Hair color?dark brown/copper highlights Piercings? 9 Town you live in? B-wood Favorite foods? any west indian/east indian or japanese Ever been to Africa? egypt Been toilet papering? nope Love someone so much it made you cry? yes Been in a car accident? yes Croutons or bacon bits? croutons Favorite day of the week? thursday Favorite resturant? sushi ramba Favorite flower? rose Favorite sport to watch? soccer Favorite drink? martini Favorite ice cream flavor? rocky road Warner Bros. or Disney? disney Favorite fast food restuarant? don't have Carpet color in your bedroom? blue How many times did you fail your driver's test? none Whom d
What If................?
WHAT IFÖÖÖÖÖ????????????? Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about things that have happened As I look over the past I wonder if I had done things differently who would I be today Would I have the same knowledge , my kids, and my friends that I have Or would all be changed in some way, like this existence never existed Perhaps we all wonder and wish we could go back and change things The big what if lingering in our minds, and the regrets, pain and sorrow But in reality if we do that are we changing who we have become For it is all that has happened that helped us develop into who we are As a child we learn from our parents, friends, teachers and just watching others It was our choice to use what we learn in the manor we choose Granted probably we made some wrong choices but we learned from them Some were hard lessons and some where easy ones but we grew There were some things that might have happened to one that was not a choice Things that created hurt,
Well i was just sitting here...thinking... I thought of how people socialize... And right now...i am going through picking up the peices after ending (I ended it for good reasons) a very long on and off again relationship.... Well I have been going at it the wrong way... I am getting back into my freinds, on the days I am not its family... But, But, but.... I noticed how, even tho i leave for long periods of time from freinds... Its like once i get back in there...its like i never left... Im right back where i was when i left... Its the same people...the same parties...the same drama...all over again... Kind of makes you wonder if you should just sit at home..and just be lonely:( Honestly...half the people out there doing all the partying and living it up....they go home to one...thier lives...alone... I dont know maybe im being sadistic..or just plain downer today... but im starting to feel it all over again... Same shit i felt back then...or everytime i en
Halloween Party
HAPPY HALLOWEEN WHEN: Saturday, October 28th WHERE: Lil Sheba's (on Alexis - between Jackman and Lewis - across from GM powertrain) WHO: Anyone who enjoys a good time with friends! WHAT: COSTUME PARTY (optional, but preferred) TIME: Whenever you are available. We understand there are many parties that night. We also have a few places to stop. So, we will be arriving at Sheba's around 10:30 PM
When Things Go Wrong
When things go wrong as they sometimes will When the road your on seems all Uphill When funds are low and debts are high And you want to smile but you have to sigh When care is pressing you down a bit Rest pray) if you must but don't you quit Life is queer with it's twist and turns As everyone of us sometimes learns And many a failure turns about When he might have won if he stuck it out Don't give up though the pace seems slow You may succeed with another blow Success is failure turned inside out A silver tint of the cloud of doubt And you never can tell how close you are It may be near when it seems a far So stick to the fight when you hardest hit It's when things go wrong that you MUST NOT QUIT! Author Unknown
Going Cold Turkey
My god! How did we cope!! LC being down for a couple of hours!! I need my LC fix!!!! Well done Mike for getting it back up so quickly!
What Is The Key To Freedom?
What is the Key to Freedom? Written by: Deepak Chopra - 23-Oct-2006 Freedom : The power to think or act without restraint; the capacity to exercise choice. One of the most crucial aspects of life is the notion of freedom and the notion of bondage. Ultimately, our goal is to experience freedom, but to understand what freedom is we first have to understand what bondage is. What does it mean to be free and what does it mean to be in bondage? To be in bondage is to be stuck in this or that possibility, having lost the ability to choose from an infinite range of responses. What is the bondage to? The bondage is always to our own boundaries, to our own beliefs and conditioned responses. Boundaries and beliefs are nothing more than ideas or concepts that we have committed to and accepted as truth. And when they are as rigid and inflexible as concrete, we cannot see past them. They become the prison walls that we inadvertently construct around ourselves. You wrap yourself in t
I usually post my writing in my blogs on another site and perhaps will do that here as well, but thought I'd also use this blog just to post on what's going on with me. Today is such a strange day. I'm in a mood, or rather, was in a mood that I do not usually experience. I believe in having confidence- in fact, it's my thing- I always lecture women on it. I'm always shocked by the number of women that have low self esteem, even well established, physically attractive older women who should know better! I do not care what you look like, what you're good at, what you weigh... everyone should have confidence. Have you ever seen a girl you might not otherwise find attractive but there is something about her that draws a crowd wherever she goes? Her secret? Confidence. There is always going to be someone better, smarter, prettier, etc. than you. You're always going to have some weakness. You have to remember that everyone has weaknesses and the trick to getting over it is bringi
Optical Illusions V.1.0
[flash plug in reQ....crank up sound..cant see or hear?..upgrade your flash player below]
Poopoo in the potty!!! WOO HOOO!!!! FINALLY!!! i am so happy for him :) i totaly missed it cause i was sleeping but he came in to my room and said mommy.. i need to wipe my butt :) hahaha.. aww i love it.. hee hee.. yeah for ryan!!! love you baby!!!!
Today has been pretty boring not really done much...Just been watching the snooker and the darts...Errmm im probably going to go play on Halo2 again thank god ive got that back for something to do online....Leeds Utd Lost again last night 3-1 which sucks ass cause were going through a right bad patch...No 1 really cares what i write in here anyway so laterz....
Civilian Vs. Military Girlfriend/ Wife
~Civilian vs. Military Girlfriend/ Wife~ You complain that your boyfriend has worked late all week and have barely seen him *I forward to the two weeks a year we spend together You complain b/c he doesn't call you enough *My heart is thankful for the 15- second phone call I got last Tuesday You whine to you friends about how much you miss him already because he is on a two day trip with his parents *I haven't seen him for 7 months now You don't fee like making love tonight because you are too tired *We will stay up all night because we don't know when it will be the last time Your boyfriend belongs to you *Mine belongs to the government Your boyfriend is training for his game next weekend *My boyfriend is trained to kill It's just not practical for you to drive an hour to see him every weekend during school *He spends $700 dollars on a plane ticket just to see me 2 days You hate hanging up the phone when talking to him *My heart breaks be
Maintain Your Balance ........
Maintain balance in life... Be strong but not rude. Be confident but not arrogant. Be humble but not weak. Be humorous but not foolish. And best of all... Be horny but not obvious... lol
Woohoo ...gonna Be Moving *happy Dance*
wow its been a great few days...I found out yesterday that I got a house *happy happy dance* the place is not in Wichita but I think about an hour from there and I will be living close to my sissypoo...OMG poor Marion will never be the same now LOL...sissypoo stinkerpoo you ready for me to move there? Sis I think its just wonderful how we met our men here and they are both planning on moving to Marion with us...I think we need to plan bbq's etc...PLUS now we are in the same town its gonna be easier to start looking for dresses and all ;) Sis without ur help I would not have this house...thank you thank you thank you...ready to go to chinese for lunch while the kids are in school? LOL I am praying that I can get a truck the early part of the week and forget this town and all that associated with it...I am so happy that I wont have to worry about running into buttmunch again...A few days ago he parked his car in front for the house and was yelling at the top of his lungs that I
Goooooood Mornin.....
September 08, 2006 Good Mornin ............ Good mornin folks .Time to get up and start another day of livin.So how is everybody?Good I hope One of myfriends Karen jst got some good news Her cancer is doing better and she is almost at stage 1 .Please keep her in your prays .She is new to me but she is a real nice person .She give some pretty good advice too.LOL Anyway my LLF is doing good we keep in contact every day.Guess you can tell by all the little comments she leaves on my page ,she also sent me a pretty cool card .You remember how your Uncle Vigo( yea I am from the bronx) always told you that you only get a couple of women who will be the great ones well she was one ,I jst guess i didnt try hard enough .God only knows I didnt come across any other great ones yet in my life .I personally only think there is one .But who knows Kellie donohue might have been one but that was in H.S. and bein the way I was I wasnt ready for jst one LOL.Anyway enjoy the day and keep movin foward ,c
Okie- Dokie.....
September 07, 2006 Okie -Dokie Well another b-e-a-utiful day in P.S.L..Its so nice to know that u r loved by ur children .With out them I wouldnt know were I'd be right now .Jst got back from karate with the kids and Katelyn is doing so well.She makes me so happy that she enjoys it so much.She is going to be so good at it i might have to worry.I know she will be able to standup for herself and all the confidence that she needs .She is groing up so fast.....well they all are .Im going to be so sad not too have my babies anymore .I guess i'll jst have to have more ..LMAO.....welll for real its what i always wanted a large family ....well I gots to go have a wonderful evening everyone .........and back tooooooo yooooouuuuu freaks...........thought I was going to say fuckers
Gotta Love It When...
your mother has a sense of humor. Yesterday my mother was asking me for a favor today. I had another commitment and couldn't do it for her. I of course appologized. She pops off with, "That's ok, I put on my big girl panties this morning. I can deal." Somehow, that's just not something I expected to hear out of my mother's mouth. I could barely stop laughing long enough to finish the conversation and say goodbye.
Nuttin To Do Dad.....
September 04, 2006 Well its Labor Day .hope every one enjoys their day off.Me i have laundry to do and three kids that never have anything to do.Its funny how with all the toys the pool and 500 channels of tv they can never find anything to do but tell me their is nothing to do.Kids cant live with them and cant live without them.Anyway thanks to the people who gave me advice on a couple of things i really apreciate hearing other peoples input.Well i must tend to the little ones before they wake up poppy.Have a great labor day and now back to you ................
The Llf
August 23, 2006 sitting wondering should i call....... Sitting wondering should I call my long lost friend .No she is married .You cant do that .Why not were jst friends ,yea you were jst friends in cinnamon tree, look at the stuff yous did when she had a boyfriend .Yea, but were older now more responsible .Plus look how you felt when youe ex fucked around .yes but its not like that .Are you sure the way you look at her are there feelings .Of course there will always be feelings ,at least on my part ,and the fact that the things she says on how good i look, the comments abt what kind of man she always wanted ,that man is me.But maybe i am getting ahead of myself ,but there is an attraction there jst like old times .Plus add in the fact that she called me again today to tell me how fantastic I look .What is that, jst nothing.No that is something .Who cares she still wants to get together on friday ,but than you have the old Seinfeld cliche "married woman dont just get together ,they h
Thought This Was Kinda Neat
Start Over Again
Well had to start a new page the ex bitch got into my acct. so here I am starting over again .She is such a whore .She leaves her family of 3 kids to start a new one.With s10 yrs younger than herself .My god he just finished H.S. lolWhat a loser .Her own kids dont want to live with her.I guess thats my best revenge .My oldest who is 9 is my stepdaughter and she dont want to live with her own mother .She thinks shes crazy.WEll in my exs defense she was in 3 mental homes .Guess that sums it up anyway I'll be writing again with alot less abt my ex ........
Show Your Support For Ray & Cindy
I would love it if everybody showed there suppost for Ray & Cindy this weekend bu using the CF ribbon as their display picture. Get your ribbon here crazydave@ LostCherry HOT SEXY BBW@ LostCherry froggiefucker@ LostCherry
Room Service
ROOM SERVICE Erica was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams, but because it always seemed like every thing was fast, fast, fast with never an opportunity to just take it easy! At least she was in a good hotel with all the amenities, cuz she was going to order room service rather than fight her way through a restaurant crowd. She picked up the phone and dialed eight, in a few second she was being connected with the kitchen where she ordered a Caesar Salad and a hamburger rare. "Twenty minutes," she replied, "good, I'm famished!" With twenty minutes before her food was to arrive, Erica had just enough time to take her shower, so she stripped off her clothing and started the water running, testing it periodically to see if it was the correct temperature. When she was satisfied that
Night Before Samhain
> The Evening of Samhain * Twas the evening of Samhain, and all through the place Were Pagans preparing the ritual space The candles were set in the corners with care In hopes that the Watchtowers soon would be there. We all had our robes on (as is habitual) And had just settled down and were starting our ritual When out on the porch there arose such a chorus That we went to the door, and waiting there for us Were children in costumes of various kinds With visions of chocolate bright in their minds In all of our working, we'd almost forgot But we had purchased candy (we'd purchased a LOT) And so, as they flocked from all the street They all got some chocolate or something else sweet We didn't think twice of delaying our rite Kids just don't have this much fun every night For hours they came, with the time-honored schtick of giving a choice : a trick or a treat As is proper, the parents were there for the games Watching the children and calling their names "On Vade
My Celebrity Look Alike
Exerpt...thoughts Of Sylvia Jacob(main Character)
Waking up in the middle of the night, as I have done now; is just something that happens. Iíve become accustomed to pretty much eating sleeping pills just to get three hours of rest. If thatís what you want to call it anyway. They use to work when I first began to take them. Then I would wake continuously through the night. A quick trip to the shrink fixed that problem for a while. My prescription went from 100 mgs of Serequal to 200 and quickly to 6. That being just one of the many meds Iíd been put on over the years. At present time along with the Serequal; I also am prescribed WelbutrinXL (depression), Zoloft (depression), and Lamictal (this was to cover the many bouts of self mutilation and the annoyance of occurring obsessions Iíd have). In person I was absolutely fabulous I guess one would say if having to describe me. But I and my Doctors defiantly knew different. On paper by government standards; I was absolutely certifiable to say the least. I could pretty much deal with
Wondering Part 2
Part 2: Suppressed into a globe of abhorrence where nothing is accessible and where no one can get to you no matter how hard they try. It takes an exceptionally strong individual to catch you, to break down that steel wall and to stick by you, against all resentfulness forever believe in you when you have seized to believe in yourself. When you are in the grips of depression, consuming more than the suggested dose in a bid to Ďease the painí, in a mÍlťe with a dominating eating disorder and on a self disparaging rampage with a razorblade do you still enquire about your existence or do we cling on to the hope that one day we will not need answers to our questions but will be satisfied with the things we do know rather than those we do not?
Nfl Games In Usa.
EVERYTHING GOOD ABOUT AMERICA.--------------------- Our visit to Livermore Temple. We decided to visit the temple on October 21, the first day of Diwali. The temple is at other side of bay area beyond Dublin-Pleasanton, a journey of about 50 miles nearly. It was journey by Amolís hired car ( A Toyota of course). Amolís driving skill is good so we were able to cover that distance within 40 mins. The temple is not dedicated to a single deity. The are as many Gods as can be accommodated to in the temple. So there was Ganapati, Durga, Shankar bhagwan and Vainkatesh, as also Nav gruhas. We were happy as we got our family deity Balaji. We arranged Jap of Balaji in the name of our little darling Kashmira. It was night time but the rush was sizable. We spent couple of hours in the temple as it was very cool there. We had beautiful prashad like Balaji temple at Tirupati. The atmosphere was charged with ĎThe chanting of Mantrasí and AHUTI. It was very sacred
Trying To Quit
Come show me some love and support as I try to quit smoking. I'm about 3 hours in and jonesin like a MoFo, lol. I'll keep ya updated.
so i was at the bar last night just minding my own business, and this lady started talking to me. she was nice, but kind of made me feel like i had to fit into a box because that was her belief. anyway, i was talking to her, and it came out that i don't really have a preference as to guys or girls sexually, because i can talk all i want, i think sex is dirty and i hate the way i feel when it's over. but i have this hypothesis that women are crazy and men are stupid, and that i'd rather deal with crazy than stupid. so she asks if i'm asexual. i don't know. i really don't know anymore. i've identified myself as a lesbian... put myself in a box. but maybe i'm just looking for a person i can connect with on some level i haven't found yet and it doesn't matter what gender they are. i'd like to be able to have an intimate relationship with someone and not feel gross about it. see, i'm aesthetically attracted to people... "oh, he's cute," or, "wow, she's gorgeous." whatever. but not sexually.
Now Cruising For Sex
Now Cruising For Sex - the self-explanatory website - has launched the "Don't Stroke. Vote!" campaign in an effort to fill that gaping hole, so to speak. We want to encourage site visitors to stop stroking on this one day and instead devote their spare time to voting," said company founder Keith Griffith. "It is also not missed on us the not so subtle message to site visitors that the future of porn in the USA is on the line. Taking porn offline is an intention of the current Bush administration and this is being backed by laws from Congress." A number of other sites have joined the Don't Stroke alliance and more are expected to participate.
My Nude Pics
ok i have been getting requests to see my nude pics, here is how it goes, you cant see my nudes just because you ask, i have to feel you are worthy, and no i dont trade nude for nude, unless you are a female, sorry guys, i love you but i have seen a lot of free dick already. hope you dont get pissed or insulted bu thats the way it goes, thanks for all your comments and rates on my regular pics. Princess Lily
My Grave Lol . . .
Take this quiz at
Black Suits Coming By Will Smith
Black Suits ComingAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Codes
Curse Or Blessing????
As I wander through the darkness, I search,yet to no avail. I feel the souls of those who have lived and loved. My hunger, thrives long and deep. As I wonder to myself..."is this 'nite stalking" a cuse? or a blessing. I've always been somewhat of a 'lone' wolf,but yet I long to feel the warmth of a female again. To nuzzle, to kiss, to be close to. As a curse of Darkness, my heart holds no bounds to attack my prey, to drink the warm blood of my victoms. Yet, I still feel a need, a need that something is missing.As wolf, I feel a need to feed my hungers,all of them. But once transformed back to human, I begin to think of a certain female. Long dark hair flowing over her bussom, yes like the stars in the heavens. A love? But alas, she does not truely see me. She speaks as friends, but be gets herself torn and broken from those she thought loved her. When in realailty, they only want the flesh. I long for this woman,yet, how do I get close enough.... shall i befriend her as human? Shall
Love And Life
Hey All
What's up everyone? I just wanted to say hi and thanx for all the love I'm getting!!! Myspace was starting to piss me off, and not that this is much different but I think it's a little cooler and new is always fun!! SO I wanted to thank you to all who have rated me a ten (your silly coz i'm not but thank you anyways) And I will definatly hook you up too with all the 10's I can!!! Peace Out all!!!
Lost Cherry
I really like lost cherry its hella cool. I get more love on this site then i do from myspace... its more fun.. its better.. things r great... thanks everyone....
Show The Luv To Our Troops
Men In Black By Will Smith
Men In BlackAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Codes
Mexico Es Muy Bien
Tag! You're It !
~I WAS TAGGED By Spicy Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: 1. I see ghosts/spirits of people/animal all the time 2. I have to sleep with a light on(most nights) 3. I cant sleep if the kitchens not spotless 4. I will only eat peanut butter if its on pancakes 5. I can burp the alphabet - forward and backward 6. I talk to my plants IM TAGGING: AbbyNormal Descending Angel Nogard Tink Fat Sonny TattooedPagan
Mini Me
Woo Bloody Woo!!!!
it's that time that I would never expect to arrive. I'm kind of nervous, kind of excited, kind of scared *better write this down damnit!* But at the same time, I'm ready for the next phase of my life. I'm going to gang walk out DeVry into the real world. But I'll do it with the same Villainous, Cynical view that I have always looked at the world. I'll be hitting the hustle like a gangsta do. But yeah I'll have to wear a suit instead of my dickies and nikes. But you can dress up a G but still going to have that mind of a hustler. I'll be doing it as I always do things. Cold, logical and straight forward. Now it's time for me to make my money and say those word..I'M RICH BIATCH!!!! HONK HONK!
Texas Cows.. A Joke, Dammit.
The only cow in a small town in Massachusetts stopped giving milk. The people did some research and found they could buy a cow in Bushville, Texas for $200. They bought the cow from Texas and the cow was wonderful. It produced lots of milk all of the time, and the people were pleased and very happy. They decided to acquire a bull to mate with the cow and produce more cows like it. They would never have to worry about their milk supply again. They bought a bull and put it in the pasture with their beloved cow. However, whenever the bull came close to the cow, the cow would move away. No matter what approach the bull tried, the cow would move away from the bull and he could not succeed in his quest. The people were very upset and decided to ask the Vet, who was very wise, what to do. They told the Vet what was happening. "Whenever the bull approaches our cow, she moves away. If he approaches from the back, she moves forward. When he approaches her from the fr
Carfeful How You Answer !!
>>>>Would you remarry? >>>> >>>>A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the >>>>wife looks over at him and asks the question... >>>> >>>>WIFE: "What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Definitely not!" >>>>WIFE: "Why not? Don't you like being married?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Of course I do." >>>>WIFE: "Then why wouldn't you remarry?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Okay, okay, I'd get married again." >>>>WIFE: "You would?" (With a hurt look) >>>>HUSBAND: (makes audible groan) >>>>WIFE: "Would you live in our house?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Sure, it's a great house." >>>>WIFE: "Would you sleep with her in our bed?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Where else would we sleep?" >>>>WIFE: "Would you let her drive my car?" >>>>HUSBAND: "Probably, it is almost new." >>>>WIFE: "Would you replace my pictures with hers?" >>>>HUSBAND: "That would seem like the proper thing to do." >>>>WIFE: "Would you give her my jewelry?" >>>>HUSBAND: "No, I'm sure she'd want her own." >>>>WIF
So I'm just getting around to uploading more pictures on this site.. I still find it a bit bizarre but its cool.. So anyone reading this please go in and comment my photos...I'm not whoring for comments and Rankings But it is fun to just read stuff... So year thats it for now... Just a Busy week for me... working 60 hours at UPS not so fun!!! but at least I get a chance to be on LC for a part of the day!
Another Blog To Be Ignored Lol
Just thought I'd drop my thoughts here on how Im feeling about being back on LC. So far the welcome has been warm however things still havent changed too much with those stupid ass contests..I HATE THEM!!! I will be posting some real private pics that will be as gaurded as they can be cause it wont be just me in them, if you's wanna see then you had better have been a real friend or you'll miss out! For those who have stopped by my page, thank you but please take note that Im nearing the next level and could use as much help as I can get and I do return the favours!
Great Video
Bold Husband
An angry wife met her husband at the door. He smelled of booze and perfume. " I assume," she snarled, " that there's a very good reason for your waltzing in here at six o'clock in the morning with liquor on your breath and lipstick on your collar?" " There is," he replied." I'd like breakfast."
The Queens English
A Indian chief from a remote part of the Amazon jungle was flown to London by a local scientific society and met at the airport by a flock of curious reporters. One asked," Did you have a comfortable flight?" After making a series of squeaks, shrieks and gurgles, the chief replied in perfect English, " Yes, thank you very much." " How long do you plan to stay?" he was asked. " Tweeet, squeak, eeeuuuu," he began. " I think about three weeks." Baffled, the reporter asked, " Where did you learn to speak English?" " Shhhh, tweet, waaiii. Short -wave radio."
Love, The Gift ... The Curse ...
the gift, i cant touch the ground, my heart beats uncontrollibly, my vision is only of u with starry clouds around you, your touch like that of a childs, your voice, like the sounds of an angel cryin to be in the gates of heaven. how you make me feel as i stand in the rain, dreamin of you and the sun shines thru a hurricane in my world. the curse, im alone, the silence is like a thousand screams of pain and i cant stop it, lookin at your pictures, like watching you walk by and not even saying hello, as if we never meant anything to each other, wakin to empty thoughts and not knowing how to think about the day, watchin lovers walkin hand in hand and all i have is a fist of air and a heavy heart, i want to cuss love but it wont bring you back ... yea what dont kills you makes u stronger but love can weaken you, just gotta get up and stand up to love .... dont let love bully u down.
A True Story
yesterday oct.25th 11 years ago was the bus/train accident that i was in, and now oct 25th is and has always been a hard day for me, it was the 1st time in life i experience death of a love one, or should i say loved ones, i knew everyone that died, i grew up with them, Tiffany was my best friend, and that day Tiffany and i sat together but she died and i survied.... I remember that day like it was yesertday, i remember i didnt want to go to school...i wanted to play sick..i remember our bus was real late, and at my bus stop i gave the bus 1 more min, and if it didnt show up i would go home, but it did it show up.... now everyday Tiffnay and i would take turns sitting in the window seat...and that day was my turn but Tiffnay wanted to sit there so i said ok....never knowing that was the last time i would ever sit next to her again, before i knew it, we were at a red light, but not knowing we were on train tracks, the only thing was the gate that goes down when a train is coming
Poems For My Dad
As soft winds sweep away the days I look back on life through a haze. Remember playgrounds, parks and friends, In childlike gaze that never ends. The laughter in a game of catch, Shall memory ever attach... To innocence in youthful eyes, Catching the ball to Dad's surprise. I recall my first bike, first wreck, Who picked me up, said, "What the heck?" Convinced me to give one more try, While, knees skinned, I forgot to cry. Just the joy knowing he was there, Making him proud my only care. There was nothing I couldn't do, My heart held fast that to be true. Though teenage years were kind of rough, I sure wasn't too big or tough. You taught me to defend what's right And never back down from a fight. So I learned the hard way to stand, Still, with each lump, I found your hand. Drawing from you an inner strength, And stubborn pride of equal length. But there the line of fate was drawn, As though I blinked and you were gone. I found myself facing the sun, Not
Funny How Life Works .....
funny how life works and changes you in what seems like overnight, one minute your on the bottom of the sea, the next your on the highest mountain lookin down over everyone just to find out theres someone sittin higher than you. what makes us think of ourselves as greater than the next person, if we could stand next to our ownselves would we be quick to judge ourselves as quick as we judge others? And who said that we all are perfect? we all have our imperfections and blotches that we all try to mask with either make-up or point the finger at someone else, but what we sometimes fail to remember that there are 3 other fingers pointed back us when we point that 1 finger at someone else. would the world be any different if we were all the same? would anyone judge each other if we all shared the same look, emotions, feelins, desires? would there be 1 that stood out the crowd and yelled "HEY WORLD I REFUSE TO BE THE SAME!!" and would anyone listen to that person? just something to thin
Family Guy
If They Dont Hurt Themselves Its A Miracle
How do these people survive? ONE Recently, when I went to Mc Donald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. "We don't have half dozen nuggets," said the teenager at the counter. "You don't?" I replied. "We only have six, nine, or twelve," was the reply. "So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?" "That's right." So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets TWO I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those "dividers" that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the "divider", looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not finding the bar code she said to me, "Do you know how much this is?" I said to her "I've changed my mind, I don't think I'll buy that toda
The Kiteboarder Mag - November 2006 Issue
The Nov/Dec06 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine is now available and will be hitting your mailboxes and kite shops/schools in the US and Canada starting this week....... Check Out Their Official LostCherry: LostCherry Brian Schenk gives you preview of what's in store in the US for the upcoming snowkite season Find out what the buzz is about in West Oz as Sky Solbach and John Amundson explore Margaret River and Gnarloo.... Adam Von Ins and The Kiteboarder Staff overview of The Baja Peninsula: East versus West Tips on tuning and keeping your kite, bar and lines in tip top shape Julie and Charlotte Simsar give us the lowdown on Turkey 4 progessive moves to try to bring your riding to the next level Product Watch highlights winter rubber and 07 Snowkite gear and accessories Exposed brings you the top riding frames from around the world
Christ In My Dream...
Today we sat close, my new friend and I Both wondering, talking, trying to decide How to explain, what God meant to us Not even quite sure, whom we could trust He leaned in and whispers, I know heís inside Both you and I, and all of mankind I nodded and smiled, I knew he was right I knew that the answer, was close to our sight We sat there in silence, as time continued to pass So close to the answer we wanted to grasp I took a deep breath, close to despair, The answer so close, gone in thin air I looked all around and then up in the room There sat a man on a cross, my head filled with doom But his eyes were not sad, instead quite the other They will full of compassion he felt for his brother I turned to my friend, now understanding Itís not about color, creed, or demanding Our Lord came to us, in body and flesh To show us the way that most of us missed He came here and died, not just for believers But for all of the fallen, lost and true seekers Open your mind, an
Bob Marley
what can happen if you spend a night in hawaii fro a week.....
Rob Thomas
Song Of The Day Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary
In you and I there's a new land Angel's in flight My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah Where fears and lies melt away Music will tie What's left of me what's left of me now I watch you fast asleep All I fear means nothing In you and I there's a new land Angels in flight My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah Where fears and lies melt away Music will tie What's left of me what's left of me My heart's a battleground You show me how to see That nothing is whole and nothing is broken In you and I there's a new land Angel's in flight My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah Where fears and lies melt away Music will tie What's left of me what's left of me now My fears and lies Melt away
The Las Vegas Sign
hey everyone my name is janet and i enjoy alot of differnt things. I am bi so if u cant deal with it then get lost.. if ur still reading i guess u can deal with it. I am married but my hubby is in prison for a while. I also have a myspace account which is anything else u wanna know holla at me
Las Vegas Blvd
Already have over a foot and not halfway through this storm! Roads are impassable. Power lines down from the heavy snow. NO WORK!!!!!!!!!!! Look at my photo album for BLIZZARD.
A Night With Master
kissing of lips... touching of her ass... temperature it rises... passion that burns... warmth inside... strong hands... flowing hair... entangled fingers... sighing allowed... she crys out... louder... harder... deeper... faster... she feels so... enticed... overwhelmed... excited... arroused... she releases... moans... groans... juices... pleasures... She breathes... one last breath... the look.. the feel... take her... she's hungry.. to a world she's never known... she strives for the touch... hand bound to the throat... tighter she yells... gasping for air... heaving breasts... she stares at you.... you push harder.... her climax builds... strong hands... fingers locked... you kiss her.... she orgasms... you release.... shes over powered... she flails about.. as you hold on... just lightly... to her soft neck... pressing yourself... deep inside.... as she just fell in love.... to whom she wishes.. to call.. upon her tender lips.
My Fetish
Got Someone Above
wishin i be doin sumt in better but i ant do in much a tall wishin i has me somes place to goes to but an't no body done give me a call so recon ill be sittin here wishin toke and drink till i can't but crawl i ant got nobdy waiting i ant got nobdy to see i ant got much complainin i ant got no problem with me sippin some hellfire carmel straigt down from the Byou and lookin for me a lighter so's i can light up this doob doin nothin less then dying like i been since i come from the womb i ant got me no hatred i ant got me no love i ant got me no doubt that i ant got me no one up above
New Pics
Just returned from a sunny 2 weeks away. I'll be posting a few pics soon, so check out the albums to see the new stuff.
No human contact. I stand alone. It's just me and my thoughts. I stand alone. No friends. No fears. No problems. That's not possible. I fear solitude. I crave friends. I question myself. For there are no others. Like I said, I stand alone.
To Our Troops
We must never forget who gets the credit for the freedoms we have, of which we should be eternally grateful. I watched the flag pass by one day, It fluttered in the breeze. A young Marine saluted it, And then he stood at ease.. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud, With hair cut square and eyes alert He'd stand out in any crowd. I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil How many mothers' tears? How many pilots' planes shot down? How many died at sea How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No, freedom isn't free. I heard the sound of Taps one night, When everything was still, I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times That Taps had meant "Amen," When a flag! had draped a coffin. Of a brother or a friend. I thought of all the children, Of the mothers and the wives, Of fathers, sons and husbands With interrupted liv
Boohoo... :o(
I have to go. I really really need to actually get some work done today. I hope that everyone misses me!!!! ;o) I know I would. Hit me up while I'm gone if you feel like it. I'll make sure to get back to everyone later on. Cheers and Beers! Sam
Silent Mouths
Silent mouths, talking hands, Spread joyful words throughout the lands. The mind speaks in a common tongue, One of silence that knows no bounds. Thoughts sweep across the valley as the setting sun. Conversation but no sounds. Our hands act out those thoughts we keep, Inside our heads meant never to speak. A soundless language shared throughout the lands, With silent mouths and talking hands.
Wreck 10/6/2006
I was in a wreck back on 10/6/2006. Someone ran a stop sign and I t-boned them. Thank god for once they had insurance. For some reason when someone hits me, I must be a magnet for a noninsured person to hit. Really I am really shocked that the truck had insurance because the driver did not speak english nor did he have a driver License, but then again that is real real common here in Texas. Dont know about ever where else but here in Lone Star State it is. Anyways, they told me my SUV would be ready 10/25/2006, well that day has come and gone. Now they are telling me next Tuesday. We shall see. There was no internal damage (thank god because it was a head on (my head on to their side of truck collision) just alot of body damage. Front end and driver side damage. You know the shitty part of it is that I havent even had my SUV for a year yet. DAMN THE LUCK.... Atleast everyone is ok. My airbags did not deploy, but then again when you have 42 DD who needs air bags? Atleast tha
Meanwhile In New Jersey...
The New Jersey court decision this week didn't mandate gay marriage. It mandated equal protection under the law. Equal Rights. No matter what you call it, the rights and burdens have to be equal for all couples, straight and gay. What rights? - Health insurance and family leave for same-sex spouses; - Equal treatment under wills; - Equal rights and obligations under family law for custody, visitation and support; - The rights to spousal and family benefits under such things as workmen's compensation law and survival benefits; and - The testimonial privilege given to the spouse of an accused in a criminal action. As the Court explains: Disparate treatment of committed same-sex couples, moreover, directly disadvantages their children. We fail to see any legitimate governmental purpose in disallowing the child of a deceased same-sex parent survivor benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act or Criminal Injuries Compensation Act when children of married parents would
Look Out For Your Kids!
Monitor your kids' internet activity Bug your kids' computers by buying software that logs what sites they browse, IMs, e-mails, etc. - it could save their lives! You can find software that'll limit your child's internet access. Kids are young and don't know about the preditors out there on internet land, even worse, not a lot of parents do either since they are not from the computer era! Heck, even I remember the days where there was no such thing as internet. Parents, educate yourselves, even take classes, cause you'll kick yourselves in the asses if you don't, besides, everything is computerized now, just go with it or become Amish.
How To Stay Young And Happy
THROW out all the non-essentials number.. This includes age, weight , And Height. Let the Dr. Worry about them..Thatís why we pay him. Keep Only Cheerful Friends The Grouches ones pull us down If you really need a grouchÖ Thereís probably a family relatives to do the job. Keep Learning Learn more about the computer cooking gardening crafts or whatever Just never left your brain idle Laugh often long and loud Laugh until you gasp for a breath Laugh so you can be tracked in the store By your distinctive laughter The tears happen Endure and grieve and move on The only person with you your whole life is yourself Surround your self with what you love Weather itís family friends or keep sakes Music plants hobbies or whatever Your home is your refuge Cherish your health If it is good preserve it. If it is unstable improve it If it is beyond what you improve get help. Donít take guilt trips Go to another country But
Life sure is a funny thing when you think all is well some thing comes and kicks you right in the butt and says Hey noway are you suppose to be happy so forget it ...But Then I tell my self Self yes you are and I begin to feel better because I still have my family and alot of wonderful people on my side ...People come and go but you know that you have effected them in some way even for just a brief moment you let them be someone other than who they are Yes Life Is Funny
Please Remember Me
Please remember me when your lonely or sad remember how I wiped away the tears and made that little twinkle come back in your eyes touching your soul deep with in making you feel all those feelings you thought were lost.Please remember all those smile and giggles we share all those crazy little things that make you who you are ...And me the person that I am the one that made a place deep in your heart even though your leaving me ... Im just a few steps away and will be here if you decide to return...Please remember I hold you near Smiles Sweetness
Dividing The Juggalo Family!
-JUGGALOZ- Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind. I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shit about in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnival saved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit back and actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going down hill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying to prove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big or small juggalo. We are all the same. It doesn't take $4,000 is psychopathic merchandise to be a juggalo. Just because I got an old school mostastless jersey doesn't make me any better than a ninja with only one t-shirt. Being a juggalo is whats in your heart not whats on you clothes. I've seen juggalos callin each other juggahoes over spots in line at shows. That's BULLSHIT! Does anyone else realize this? Does anyone else feel the p
My Thoughts
Days Since I Was Here Its been hard to be here missing the laughter the smiles Slowly I feel im getting better the less I am here the more alive I become. But still I see you and hear you I know your still here looking as I have been. Feeling that lost empitiness. Oh how I remember the Love we shared I hope it wont be as long when I return again .... I will still have that Love in my heart No matter
Yeah Fu!
you know what? i'm tired of the haters and the bitches... and one more thing, why the heck guys only follow and believe the girls that shows their tits/cunts to them? nice nice, i wasn't asked, i didn't get any advice, nothing!!! thought i had a friend (i wont give his name) but well, there we go: i think i'll change my mind and start to act and look like a bitch so they have a big reason to complain about me and bann me FUCK THE HATERS!!!
Love This Comeback!!!!
One of my sons serves in the military. He is still stateside, here in California. He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him, and his troops, everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands, and thank them for being willing to serve, and fight, for not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them also. But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday, on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha. He said when she got to the cashier she loudly remarked about the U.S. flag lapel pin the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier reached up and touched the pin, and said proudly," Yes, I always wear it and probably always will." The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi. A gentleman standing behind my son stepped forward, putting hi
My Own Shit
This time I won't hold back/ Take off my shirt and my jewelry nigga,hold that/ Na step back, cuz it's about to get ugly like Bubba/ I might have to kill this muthafucka/ No names will be said/ Cuz if somebody end up dead, they gone bring in the Feds/ See him with that red beam....on his head/ If I pull the trigga he gone end up dead/ Ain't no more life to live there after/ Close the book, thats the end of his chapter/ Na he felt the wrath fa act'n like an actor/ Even though I rap, I'm a fulltime scrappa/ Cheese stacka, part-time bitch slappa/ And fa these hoe ass niggas, I turn gun clappa/ You want war, I'll strap up, load the mack up/ Automatics and semi's is packed up/ Run up yo crib, now yo bitch ass is jacked up/ Bullets hit yo body with the force of a mack truck/ And now I need dues/ Searched ya crib fa dope like I was look'n fa Blues Clues/
Congress' Inaction May Cost Us A Bundle Congress' inaction may cost us a bundle Lawmakers failed to renew a number of popular tax breaks before they went off to campaign for re-election. Remember that when you go to vote. By Jeff Schnepper I am really ticked off at Congress. You should be, too. It looks like political gaming has cost you and millions of other taxpayers a lot of money. A number of tax-saving provisions have expired, and members of Congress messed up and didn't extend them before their recent adjournment. They wanted to. They said so. Many times. But they didn't get the job done. What's lost to failed tax bills include a deduction for schoolteachers who pay for their own supplies, a deduction for college tuition and expenses for families that don't qualify for certain education credits, and a research-and-development tax credit popular with business. About 19 million individual taxpayers could be affected by the ni
I'm new and lost damnit...i'll have shit figured out!!
The Great Lost Cherry Experiment
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Today is Topless Thursday,but the "girls" have a differant message for all my friends.Please support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Please do self exams or help your partner with hers.Have a mammogram or make sure your loved one does. Early detection is the most important key to surviving. I lost my mother to breast cancer and my daughter found a small lump at age 25 during a self exam.She was treated and has had no reoccurrances.Now another dear friend has been diagonosed with cancer also,so I am again struggling with understanding why. I have such a feeling of helplessness. The best I can do is be supportive and give all the hugs and kisses needed. Sugar
I'm Back
I'm back now...finished up the last of my finals this morning bright and early so now I can get back to those of you who have left me comments and whateva and maybe update meself a bit!!!
Miss Murder (director's Cut) By Afi
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Where Has The Time Gone?
My eldest son started Junior High in August and as his school was newly built the parents were invited to have a tour of the facilities last night. It was a great visit and a fantastic school, I could definitely see where the £27 million ($49 million) was spent . What struck me more though was where has all the time gone? It seems as if it was only yesterday that I was holding my sonís tiny newborn body in my arms for the first time. Looking into his beautiful little blue eyes and saying Welcome into the world, Jack! Iím your Daddy! I simply cannot describe the feelings of wonder and euphoria I felt holding my son!!! Well the years have flown by and Jack can no longer be cradled in my arms he's about 5' 7" now! But I can still hug him and do so as often as I can. He has a little brother now too and is leaving behind his childhood likes and getting more and more into sport and music (he loves Greenday) There is also a flicker of interest in girls that goes beyond the pullin
After 9/11 we in the fire dept lost 343 brothers in NYC. I am from a small town in Pa and all tho i run for a volunteer fire dept that loss hit us hard too. My prayers go out to all the families and friends of those lost firefighters. my question is aftter that tragedy everyone was willing to help and support a firefighter but now they would rather spit on you then help you what changed???
Oh My
I just saw the most delicious thing ever.
The Ultimate Catch-22
Deep down in my soul is an awareness That is almost never shown. It is full of caring and hopefullness, Sympathy and understanding. But in this world that surrounds me, none of that is needed, For this is the time for space And the place for shallow thoughts and unheard of dreams. Dreams that never come out of that mind. That soul, I'm sure, is filled with an awareness, So much like my own. And those oh so brilliant dreams are wonderful I'm sure, But no one seems to care, For your dreams are not as noticed As the length of your hair Or the style of clothes you wear. If only those dreams were shared and coveted As openly as the words that pass from your lips, About the days most current gossip. If that were true, then the world would be changed, And we wouldn't all have to hide that awareness That wee all seem to have, But never care to share.
The World By Brad Paisley
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i just felt like writing a little to say hay and that i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and keep on rating its good for you and me!!lmao S.T.A.R.S
Okay update. Monday my lawyer friend canceled my appointment, come to find out the next day he just decided he didnt wanna help cause he likes me. So i got the papers my self, got them all filled out just gotta start the process was gonna go to today to the court house however i left them at my friends house when i left this morning, i knew i was forgetting went for my job interview yesterday with capital one corporate office. I got call few hours later and they gave me i proposal which i accepted. TG! i think i jumped around the house for 20 min. So i go for orentation on friday for a hour and start on monday!!!!!
Rate and comment my pics please?????????
For All
Two-Faced (What they do!) (They smile in your face) All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers (back stabbers) All you fellows who have someone and you really care, yeah, yeah Then it's all of you fellows who better beware, yeah yeah Somebody's out to get your lady A few of your buddies they sure look shady Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist Aimin' straight at your back And I don't think they'll miss (What they do!) (They smile in your face) All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers (back stabbers) I keep gettin' all these visits from my friends, yeah, They come to my house again and again and again and again, yeah So are they there to see my woman I don't even be home but they just keep on comin' What can I do to get on the right track I wish they'd take some of these knives off my back (They smile in your face) All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers (back stabbers) [ins
Personal Stalker
Shittles and Eggs. Bring out the Kegs! Spread wide those legs. Iíll pay out the ass. Iím serious. Itís your personal stalker. Like this oneís a shocker. Iím stoned as hell, Sure you can tell. But that wonít stop me Wonít rock me Wonít keep me from doing My jobÖ You inÖ Itís not the end Iím your personal stalker. I hang headís in my locker. Bring out the bomb squad. Use my worldwide calling card Get my ass out of here. Find myself at your place. Until my face is erased Youíll find me here. It was about time you knew. Iím your personal stalker.
World Leaders!
Who is worse? Bush / Blair? or this guy?
A hasty retreat, a rejection so complete, But my memory still Fixates on the heat, Of the moment that night. Iím searching my mind, Trying to find, A place where I donít care. But youíre right. We werenít meant to be Because you arenít who I thought you were. Youíre the enemy. Itís so clear to some, but I refuse to se. Now I must fight, Against what is right. Full-circle, back again Iím in the hands of a friend. I must not care, or we will go Full-circle.
Whooo Hooo!
Congrats to me! I passed my keyboarding class last night with a B. 60 words per minute no errors! Now someone needs to come fuck me to celebrate it the right way!!! Muah! Darla
More Than Words
More than Words Some may say this is just more than words Closed minds won't know what words mean Some will try to know I am sure you can feel the words Word can be so powerful So many ways can be refreshing The ability to use words is exciting Bringing a certain emotion and ball of expressions Perspective knowing life is not so bad There is an ear for one The heart, mind, and soul Once word are written or spoken If can be such a beautiful thing The ability to express you is wonderful Words mean more than what is written The words represent your soul The person behind the words The words mean more than you ever know The power and joy of words When written and spoken Those will know how one feels
And How!
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Pain In The Ass Doctors
I am sick and tired to doctors playing the guessing game with me! I had an endoscope done and the doctor said my problem was a severe stomache spasm. So he put me on levbid to stop the spasms. It worked for the first couple of day, but not anymore. I am in constant pain again. Why can't they get anything right? Why do I have to suffer while they "play" doctor? I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sick of this.Grrrrrrrrrrr.....*shakes fist in anger*
My Daughter Pt 3
We have been going through alot in the last yr we have lost out home due to my daughter having all these problems i keep losing jobs. So now we are living with my parents which sux. Tryin hard to get money up to get a place cuz rite now me and my kids share a bed. To all that do not know me here is what is wrong with my daughter she has seizures, bipolar, and sleep apnia. She is only 7 and she has gained so much weight and i cant even afford to buy her clothes! I'm just so frustrated with everything that iz happing to her.A few mths ago she wuz going into these rages and wuz screaming at me all the time and thats not my girl at all. So they had to put her on antipsychotic meds. to keep her calm! When she has siezures i cry i feel soo bad 4 my girl! We are tryin to put together a benifit to raise money for us to have a family home for x-mas if u have any ideas let me know!!All i am asking is that u keep us in ur prayers so maybe i can get blessed because rite now im feelin cursed.ples
What Have The Scots Ever Done For Us?
I was once amazed when a tourist stated to me that they were surprised that we had televisions in Scotland!! Have them I replied, of course we have them, we invented the bloody things!! In the spirit of that conversation I present to you a few more things that we Scots invented! We're not as backward as some think! lol! Adhesive postage stamps These were invented by Scot James Chalmers. Anaesthetics James Simpson, an Edinburgh physician, was the first doctor to use anaesthetics to relieve the pain of surgery in the mid 19th Century. His main objective at the beginning was to alleviate the pain that women felt in childbirth. There was strong opposition to this idea from the Church, because the Old Testament claims that God's punishment to women for the sins of Eve was that they should bring forth children in pain. Fortunately for women everywhere, Simpson won this argument. I despise the recent trend in the USA for impressionable pregnant women to refuse any painkillers dur
For All
So frustrated So much one person wants to say Things wrapped up inside tightly Ready to be released and heard The voice inside of ones soul to be revived The frustration is killing it Brings more agony to what one wants The act of knowing you are tired So much to say but how much can one release Thoughts and knowledge of knowing what needs to be done The reality of how one truly feels So much for someone to say Now to have the ability to releasing the pain and wrath Make one feels much better So why not let the frustration It's known to be a bumpy road Many crossed and failed to test Some of us know it's not easy The faith one person has may ease the pain Ease the frustration which exist with one Once released, one shall exhale
Hazel's Latest Picture Preview.
Hazel's Latest Picture Preview. Ezra just took some new photos of me for our upcumming web site The site may not be up yet, but above is a link to see a few sample photo's. Of course the best stuff will only be availible on our website, including videos, erotica and more. *spanks and kisses* Hazel
Rate Our Pics Pls
Heyaa People Thanx For Your Comments So Far More Pictures To Come They Will Be Better =] So Keep On Rating Pls
Missing You Already My Angel....
I met someone amazing off here and will be with him in DEC, I can't wait til that day comes,I don't want it to end when I am there (so you're comming here for our b-days and we will go from there ha!). I have never spent so much time with someone talking to them in my life,talking about past,present and future. He knows who he is. He has made me smile from day til night,he has kept me up and made me late for work hahaha but it was worth it, I kept him up and he almost missed his plane...I am sorry babe, I will make it up to you I promise. I can't wait til I see him walking towards me because I am going to jump in his arms and hug him so tight he won't breath til I let go...and plant the biggest kiss on those perfect lips. It's going to be weird not to wake up to him calling me every morning and talking to him thru out the day and all hours in the evening and most of all at night b4 we both pass out and I end up hearing him snore.He has had a great impact on me and he knows it,as I hope
Politics Explained
A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is politics?" Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I'm the breadwinner of the family, so let's call me Capitalism. Your Mom, she's the administrator of the money, so we'll call her the Government. We're here to take care of your needs, so we'll call you the People. The nanny, we'll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we'll call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense." So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said. Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents' room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed. The next morning, the little boy says to hi
Girls This Is For You
For all those men who say, Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free. Here's an update for you: Now days, 80% of women are against marriage, WHY? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage. Men are like.... 1. Men are like ...Laxatives ...They irritate the crap out of you. 2. Men are like...Bananas ... The older they get, the less firm they are. 3. Men are like ...Weather .. Nothing can be done to change them. 4. Men are like ...Blenders ... You need One, but you're not quite sure why. 5. Men are like ...Chocolate Bars .. Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. 6. Men are like ...Commercials ... You can't believe a word they say. 7. Men are like... Department Stores ... Their clothes are always 1/2 off. 8. Men are like ...Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature. 9. Men are like ...Mascara ..They usually run at the first sign of emotion. 10. Men are like ..P
Take The Risk.
That's what it said on my deodorant this morning. Stamped into the top of the magical anti-stink stuff were the words "Take the Risk". Now I am worried. What's the risk of not smelling bad? Does the stuff cause armpit cancer? I'm going to die, aren't I?
When Im With You ~~~ Sheriff
Unable to find a Video. This was as close as We could get it. Enjoy the song!
Happy Thrus..;)
Juggalo Profile
i'm not your ordinary garden variety juggalo. in fact if I didn't take off my shirt you wouldn't even know it. I don't like rap music if its not from psychopathic records i don't listen to it plain as that. I listen to what I want when I want where I want I don't give a fuck if you think thats stale cause i'm crazy as a mother fucker with an axe in hand. I follow the Wraith and i live for my death i want to see whats gonna happen after the wagons come I do what I can to follow the butterfly its a long hard road but someone's gotta do it. To my juggalo family I love you all I got your back through thick and thin even if I don't agree with you. I do believe in reason and I do believe in rhyme I believe talking comes first before stepping out of line I won't hate on anyone as long as you don't hate on me and I'll be your homie, brother, whatever you wanna call me. I like expensive things money is my vice I live every day to make more and more. all I want is to be successful so I ca
Love Or Lust
love or lust Love or lust do you know the diffence? the dictionary describes love as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. (2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests. lust is defined as "a craving, usually intense or unbridled sexual desire" To me it is a blend of love and lust. infact its both lust within love. Isn't it? Love is emotional, or psychological. and lust is visual, or physiological. its hard to balance between physiology and psychlogy. thats why Love is there, and so is the lust. its just a matter of how to decide what is what and for guys not to think with the wrong head. love is the hardest of human emotions to decifer. capable of producing emotions which can make a man want to be a better man to be with that special woman. To fall in love and to be in love are two of the most erotic and sensual feelings known to man. Lov
Tickle Me Elmo
There is a factory in Northern Minnesota, which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM. The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door. The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule. The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up. At the end of the line stands Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's. She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles. The 2 men watch in amazement as she
Rev Caspers Words With My Comments
here are the authorized Juggalo Bylaws. i will also post Violent Jz letter talking about the Juggalo Family! If you are not a Juggalo, maybe you will understand what we are about by reading this & if you are a Juggalo take this to heart, read it like your life depended on it because it does. We are not about anything but a positive spiritual lifestyle & not a renegade crew causing hate & discontent! Family Values 1. A Juggalo does not Hate/ Discriminate this first statement is about everybody, not just Juggalos. we acept each & every individual no matter what their beliefs, lifestyles or stature! 2. A Juggalo does not steal from his/her Family a true Juggalo makes his/her own way in life! we have enough self pride to work for what we get! do you realize how hard violent j & shaggy had to work to make it??? 3. A Juggalo does not covet his/her ninjas significant other the only way we can have a trusting friendship is if we feel we are s
To All Our Friends And Fans.
Hello everyone. Sorry we haven't been on too much lately. I have been working 70 hour weeks and have been taking a ged class on top of that, DOnnie is still in training and has been working some crazy ass shifts, We thank you all for the comments and for sticking by us.. Hope to see you all soon :)
Funny thing about this one...I wrote this about my Uncle...My dad's brother...My dad passed away July 20th, 2005 and my uncle is still alive...
A Mouse Story
A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. "What food might this contain?" The mouse wondered - he was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap. Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it." The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers." The mouse turned to the cow and said, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it's no skin off my nose." So, the mouse returned
Heeeeeey, everyone. Get this, eh. I finally have been playing the totally awesome game Final Fantasy 10, for the playstation 2. I've been playing it for two days NOW, and I'm already at the part where I have to fight Maester Seymour again, and this time, he morphed into something really fucked up. Now, this is the first time in the 10 times I've played it, that I've gotten this fucking far. Unbelieveable! I've got the game on right now, I'm just taking a break from all that gaming and shit. lmao. Yeah, anyway. Come on guys, don't be shy to post up comments on my blogs. Seriously. Tell me what you guys think. Whether positive or negative. I don't really care, just so long as I get some feedback. I want to know whether I still got it, or not. lmao. If I can still write, ya know? So ya. Don't be chicken. lmao. ttyl
Resident Seeks Leadership Change
Here is a letter to the editor that appeared in the daily times newspaper that I really thought was very worthwhile and needed to be repeated. The original article appeared I do know that this country needs change. You may not know it but each and everyday "We the People" lose more and more of the fundamental freedoms that are supposedly ours according to the constitution under which this country was founded. Please read on and feel free to post your thoughts and/or Opinions Resident seeks leadership change Dear Editor: If there ever was a time in the history of our mid-term elections process that the voters of this nation must exercise their right to vote it is Nov. 7. For the sake of our democracy we must bring our government back to a system of government that will give us the needed checks and balances. We need to have Congressional oversight of investigations, which have been lacking for the past six years with the present "puppet" R
Yucky Day!
Ok so I have to work both of my jobs I won't be on much today! It's such a rainy day,I didn't want to get out of my robe today! grrrr... I hope everyone has a great day! Ok I am less then 6,000 points away from going to the next level....can ya help me out?!?! PLEASE! I want to level up by this weekend! Hugs and Kisses!
Piercing Test
got this off buckineers page..... answered it honestly and this is the result i what little innocent me .... never. !!! hahahaha !! You scored as Dirty Piercings. AH!!! You dirty person you! Put that away!!! Who did that for you!? Your the kinkiest of the kinkiest and probably think you're hot stuff. Well, maybe you are but that's kinda nasty. Ew. Weirdo.Dirty Piercings100%Belly Button Piercing80%Earlobe Piercing80%Tongue Piercing80%Nipples80%Labret Piercing80%Cartilage Piercing70%Lip Piercing50%Nose Piercing40%What Piercing Are You?created with
i love you sooooo much !! ->-- q:)->-
How Much Lust Do You Have
Your Lust Quotient: 59% You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it. Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild!How Much Lust Do You Have?
Gifts And Comments
Be nice and send a gift back or comment back if i send you one,thanks take care.
Cute Halloween Story
One Halloween this woman opens her door to find the most adorable little girl, with golden blond curly hair and the biggest blue eyes. She was dressed as an Angel, and was just delightful. The woman said, "what are you supposed to say sweetheart?" The little girl looks up at the woman and says "Twick or Tweat!" The woman thinks this is just adorable, and she calls her husband to come to the door. The woman say to the child, "Go ahead honey say it just one more time." Once again the little Angel looks up and says, "Twick or Tweat!" The husband agrees with his wife, this little Angel is just the cutest thing. The woman picks an apple from the Treat Bowl, shines it up with her apron, and drops it into the little girl's Treat Bag. The little Angel looks in her bag then looks up at the woman and says, "Thanks a lot lady, you just broke my fucking cookies!"
Horny And Single Now........
im here alone and so not geting fucked...embarassing but true.......see if this sparks an interest....
The Treasure That Is Each Day
Thursday, October 26, 2006 The treasure that is each day Some days there is brilliant sunshine. Other days there is gentle rain. Each day has its own special treasure to give. Each day brings a new, fresh opportunity for living. Some days will bring unpleasant news, and other days will bring joyous celebrations. Every day, in its own way, adds to the overall richness of life. Take what this day brings and challenge yourself to see and to live its special value. For no matter what kind of day this one may be, the value is most certainly there. A sturdy and resilient life is built by making the most of each and every day. There's something in each one of them that will surely make you stronger, wiser and more fully alive. With love and care and real gratitude, live the treasure that is each day. In so doing you create a great and meaningful life. -- Ralph Marston
New Mum Created !!
Hi all I've done my second mum, so please vote !! Now i've added another mum plus 5 new photos !! Come and check them out. Thanks
Dedication - Whitesnake - Love Aint No Stranger
Ok, I'll try to remember to do this every week or so...if I think about it. Dedication songs come from those in my trackz and will be displayed on my profile for you to check out if you want to. This first dedication is Whitesnake's Love Aint No Stranger from the early 80's release, Slide It In. This goes out to anyone in cherry land who is lonely, or who ever had their heart broken by someone they loved. No one out there meets that description, do they? ;) May you all find the love and happiness you deserve. Keep on Rockin' SD
Sounding Off Seems Like This Is The Only Way Anyone Pays Attention.....
Why is meeting someone so complicated....? What ever happened to the time when you became friends first...then things progressed...? Several people I have met want to jump into intimacy...and not on the different levels. I am all up for living in the moment...but, that doesn't mean jumping in the bed the same night....Not that I am perfect....if I am completely physically attracted to someone...I would have to think twice...(that has yet to happen) but I never dated on physical attraction....I grew to care for the thought, feelings, and intimate thoughts of the individual first.... has everyone grown so shallow as to ignore the depths of a good relationship....? I don't know...there is a thing on sparkletags that I like to states...treat me like an angel and i will act like the devil....yes, if I am respected and made to feel important...I will be just as devilish as a man could want...(I don't share. I have to draw the line somewhere.) I made mistakes in my past in
Huge 35% Off Sale At Our Adult Store
Huge 35% Off Sale! Thatís Right! Get 35% off everything in the store (except Magazines) on Friday October 27th, Saturday October 28th and Halloween Tuesday October 31st 2006 Between 5 Pm and Closing time! To Get this discount simply come into the store wearing your Halloween costume & Let us Take your picture! Itís That Easy! Get your costume on and come visit us to get your huge 35% discount in addition to our already low low prices! This also applies to all catalog orders!!! Please ask any store clerk for details if you need more information! Example of Savings: Reg Price $19.95 Sale Price $12.97 Reg Price $9.95 Sale Price $6.47 Reg Price $10.50 Sale Price $6.83 Reg Price $15.95 Sale Price $10.37 Reg Price $39.95 Sale Price $25.97 Reg Price $5.00 Sale Price $3.25 Reg Price $24.95 Sale Price $16.22 Reg Price $21.95 Sale Price $14.27
Be The Head!
Ephesians 5:21 ďSubmitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.Ē First Corinthians 11:3 says that ďthe head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.Ē Sometimes we get confused about what it means to be the ďheadĒ of the family. Anything with no head is dead and anything with two heads is abnormal. Just because the man is the head doesnít mean that the wife is inferior. Both men and women bear the image of God. Both are heirs of the grace of life. Both are equal before God. But while male and female are equal, God has given them different roles. In the family, men have been given the role of leader. How would our world function if no one was in charge? How would your body function without your head? Pray for leaders in your home, community, church, state, and nation.
Gottin, Hilfe Ich Bitte....
Gott Mist ich bin damit fucking dumm! Alles ist, was ich sagen kann, das ich so mitleiderregend bin. Manchmal wunsche ich nur, das ich diese Scheise aus meinem kopf herausnehmen konnte! Ich wunsche, das dies war, nie zu passieren. Ich wunsche, dab ich nur fucking denken anhalten konnte!! Ich mache mich manchmal so argerlich... Ich kann mir einfach nicht glauben! Ich will hinuber beginnen! Ich will aufhoren, an diese ganze scheise zu denken... Es totet mich im innere, und es ist meine ganze verdammte schuld. Nehmen sie ein messer, schlitzen sie meine handgelenke auf. schlitzen sie meine arme auf und schlitzen sie meine kehle auf. Entwassern sie diesen schmerz aus meinem Korper. Farben sie einen schmerzhaften tod als das, was ich verdiene. Gottin, ich bin allein..... *sigh*
Offf Today
It's Thursday
Pls Go Vote For Me!!
OK EVERYONE PLS GO VOTE FOR MY BOOBIES!!!PLS PLS PLS :D FINALLY MY 3 CONTEST R HERE!!!! Vote by leavin comments and rated them!! HAVE FUN!!! Best Best Ass in Doggy Position Contest Best Prettiest Breast Contest Sexiest , most Delicious Pussy Contest (repost of original by 'k e n o' on '2006-10-25 22:27:12') (repost of original by '*~Paradise, where all ur dreams come true!~*' on '2006-10-25 22:33:32') (repost of original by 'k e n o' on '2006-10-25 23:10:16') (repost of original by '}i{amy}i{if you stop by rate me and ill rate you!' on '2006-10-25 23:52:09') (repost of original by '~~POETICANGEL~~' on '2006-10-26 00:34:09') (repost of original by 'mfleury98934' on '2006-10-26 00:50:51') (repost of original by '~~POETICANGEL~~Is All Alone Now :-(' on '2006-10-26 00:59:13')
The Apparitions
The Apparitions: **Given to me by my Friend Yahni.. Quietly sitting before a small fire, A lone Indian begins a ceremonial respect. Reaching into a pouch, He brings out a matter of medicine. Which he offers to the four winds, To Mother Earth and all his relations. And from his heart, soul and mind, He speaks to the medicine, Using a language taught to him, A language carried through time, By the apparitions before him, His ancestors. With words flowing from his heart, Of the fire he speaks. He ask the medicine for guidance, To protect his people, So that they will live a good life And that their hearts, souls and minds, Will be filled with the Wisdom, knowledge and understanding Of life and truth, The traditional ways given to them, As told through the medicine By the apparitions before him, His ancestors. Gently he sprinkles the medicine upon the fire. He has spoken words to the medicine Using the old language of his peop
69 Things About Me
The 69 yes or no questions Survey 69 questions about what you have done, be truthful! Q1) smoked a cigarette~ yes, but no longer. Q2) smoked a cigar~yes Q3) crashed a friends car~no Q4) stolen a car~no Q5) been in love~yes Q6) been dumped~yes Q7) done a shot~many lol Q8) been fired~yes Q9) been in a fist fight~yes Q10) snuck out of your house~yes Q11) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back~yes Q12) been arrested~no Q13) made out with a stranger~no Q14) gone on a blind date~no Q15) lied to a friend~yes Q16) had a crush on a teacher~yes Q17) skipped school~yes Q18) seen someone die~no Q19) been on a plane~no Q20) thrown up in a bar~no Q21) done hard drugs~no Q22) miss someone right now~yes Q23) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by~yes Q24) made a snow angel~yes Q25) played dress up~ no Q26) cheated while playing a game~yes Q27) been lonely~yes Q28) fallen asleep at work/school~yes Q29) used a fake id~yes Q30) felt an earthquake~oh
Far Away ~~~ Nickleback
Nickelback Far Away Music Video Code
What Body Part Are You Most Attracted To
You scored as Penis. You are attracted to the: penis. You are a penis man/woman.Penis100%Butt58%Face58%Abs/Stomach58%Boobs33%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics) ver. 2.0created with
Faithfully ~~~ Journey
journey / faithfullyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Bed Space, Airplanes, And Cold Feet Oh My!
I've come to the conclusion my bed is not right for me... It's TOO BIG. It's queen sized. Yes I know they make them bigger, but come on, I'm no member of royalty here. Queen sized is just big enough that on the bad nights I awaken sideways. Feet in the cold air a lil and my head bent back at a bad angle. An extra body in the bed may be enough to keep my body less mobile, or a smaller bed may awaken me before I get settled for half the night in a position that leaves my feet iced over, and my neck looking like I've been gazing at airplanes all day long. But seriously, I do like my bed, but geeeeezus, the WASTE OF SPACE, my gooooodness. I have a monstrous room so it's certainly not floor space. I could set up 5 Queen sized easily enough. It's bed space. I sleep spread eagle some nights just to feel conservational. Did you know lil pigmy's in New Guinea sleep badly night after night, don't waste the space. Anyway, no I haven't been drinking, it's just one of them night's Not All Bad
Alright, so now that you all know how I feel as far as this generation being doomed morally and physically via technology, I will say, it's not all bad. Todays advancements go a long way for health, not only for curing problems of the olden days, but discovering new. Perhaps this is why there are more health problems out there. In the past people had complexes. Today they have syndromes of any number of kinds, and each is curable or treatable in different manners. They also go a long way for safety. Car crashes that caused death now cause minor injuries. Work places are safer. Information is sped across the world in an instant when need be to avoid costly mistakes. Surgeries can be done with a surgeons precision and a computers guidance. Criminals can be found out via computer criminal files, instead of released one knew better. Also communication. A whole entire world, a "cyber space" helps almost anyone communicate with almost anyone else anywhere in th
With Arms Wide Open ~~~ Creed
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The Impyrial Death March Episode Ii (insert Clever Title Here)
Here's Ya Button For Winamp...Tune In, Rock Out!! Here's Ya Button To The NEW Microsite...Tune In, Rock Out!! The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 Playlist for 10/26/06 10/26/06 @ 7:00pm - Whenever It Ends EST 1. The Genocydal Empyre v2.0 (Faith And The Muse - Cantus) (6:05) 2. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 3. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 4. The Gemini Ritual - At Last (4:21) 5. Starlit - Transformation (5:04) 6. Y-Luk-O - electricity (3:49) 7. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 8. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 9. The Gemini Ritual - Lovesong (4:24) 10. Collide - Euphoria (5:27) 11. Bella Morte - My heart will go on (4:37) 12. Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name (3:26) 13. Andrew WK - She Is Beautiful (3:36) 14. Dimmu borgir - Burn in hell (5:05) 15. WRR Genocyde Friends (0:38) 16. 6Bit - Crucifixion Experiment (4:18) 17. Drones - I Wanna Know (4:40) 18. Ayin Aleph - Butterfly (4:20) 19. F5 - Dissidence (2:33) 20. BAD CAMERA - Sustain The Pain (3:
I hold it, I fold it I throw it on the floor I wrote it, but maybe I'm afraid That you'll be bored It's very real and true and sad And hopeful just like me It's one of those things I'll never tell I'll carve it in a tree I follow you, I watch you I thank god you're in my class I picture us in the schoolbus And we're holding each others' hand I need a plan for you to fall In love with me and then I'll make you marry me, I'll wait... I never wear my glasses when I know that you can see me You act as if I'm not around But deep down you must need me I draw you, every single Feature in my head I try to do my homework But I dream of you instead I need a plan for you to fall In love with me and then I'll make you marry me, I'll wait... I'll make you marry me I'll make you marry me I'll make you marry, marry me... I'll wait...
It Comes
It Comes In the night it comes when the light fades and the sands of sleep weight eyelids beckoning sleep Malevolent... Foreboding... I can feel its presence on the edge of sanity In my mind it comes as conscious slips away pulling me into its grasp binding me Gripping... Choking... Paralyzed and washed with fear I struggle to move but a little For my soul it comes when terror lays claim waiting in shadow insidiously Frightening... Terrifying... Evil beyond all imagining clutched within its grasp For my life it has come when I will no longer resist and give myself over surrendering hope Desperately... Silently... Reality is evident around me nightmarishly surreal and warped Near the light you are there Just beyond my futile grasp unaware of my helpless plight out of reach Grasping... Twitching... Mustering only a forlorn moan My voice as frozen as my limbs I can see you there now even through closed eyelids In the world t
What Are Your Intentions?
what are your intentions? We all go thru life with people asking us that we really know what our intentions are?.. Do we get up in the morning and say to ourself i intend to hurt someone today?...or get up and say today is the day i intend to get hurt?.. we always get up in the morning with intention to do something but do we do it? do we take the time and think about what we are doing?.. do we always get done what we intend to do?..Do you sit back and think about the things we do that may hurt someone or may help someone? Do we tell our friends and family that we care for or love them? we intend to do so but forget or dont have time? So you ask what are my intentions?..You ask if i ask if i ask if i ask if i love well here is my answer to all of you who want to know and care to know and to the ones who think they know... and my anwer too it is i do these things too i love my friends and family dearly , i
Soo........mentally Bored This Morning
Yeah. Another blog. I really don't know on what, but I'm here, I shouldn't waste the bandwidth...right? lol. Monday bloody Monday. Anyway, where to begin. Where does one start when they don't have anything to start with. Myself, I zone. Mentally anyway. Sometimes I do this to the point of leaving out all other distraction. I hear see and feel nothing. Is it meditation? Maybe, but I doubt it. I'm not thinking meditative thoughts. Usually it's more of mental exercise, starting with one thought and zooming through as quickly as possible to as many related thoughts as possible, just to see what comes up. Yeah, I'm a strange one. Yes, I have interesting ways to fill in the boredom No, I am not worried about it. I've determined I'm a cat man...and at such a young age. It's almost sad, so much time left in life to not be single and I have the classic sign, multiple cats.... Soon I will be avoiding coffee if I can manage it. I plan to start a Saturday morning. Gre
Love Show...
Sit down, give me your hand I'm gonna tell you the future I see you, living happily With somebody who really suits ya Someone like me Stand still. Breath in Are you listening? You don't know Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is It's painless Letting your love show Break down. Give me some time I don't want the fear to confuse ya Right now, it's so wrong But maybe it's all in the future with Someone like you Stand still. Breath in Are you listening? You don't know Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is It's painless Letting your love show Maybe truth, maybe lies Made me want you Maybe dumb, maybe wise...? I don't know Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is It's painless Letting your love show You don't know Somebody's hurting. Holding it all in Somebody ca
Not An Addict...
Breath it in and breath it out and pass it on it's almost out We're so creative and so much more We're high above, but on the floor It's not a habit, it's cool I feel alive If you don't have it your on the other side The deeper you stick it in your vein The deeper the thoughts there's no more pain I'm in heaven, I'm a god I'm everywhere, I feel so hot It's not a habit, it's cool I feel alive If you don't have it your on the other side I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie) It's over now, I'm cold, alone I'm just a person on my own Nothing means a thing to me Oh, nothing means a thing to me Free me, leave me Watch me as I'm going down Free me, see me Look at me I'm falling And I'm falling......... It is not a habit, it is cool I feel alive I feel....... It is not a habit, it is cool I feel alive I'm not an addict, I'm not an addict, I'm not an addict.
Sex Is Not Anti-god Where As It Is The Fine Tuning Of Life Melody.
God created Adam and Eve. Than nature played its part. Love blossomed between them. Its quite natural. Opposite poles always attract each other. Why femininity is most respectable? The womb and vagina are the center of creation. The life cycle of generation starts only from a female. The involvement of a male in the process of creation is just restricted to a couple of minutes. It is woman who protects the most valuable human life for months together in her womb never minding the painful changes that takes place in her whole body and also the metamorphic traces occured during pregnancy which are leftover in her physique through out her life time. No scientific instrument discovered so far could create a valuable life. Even for cloning , you should have to go for DNA of the living organism. So never consider a woman as a mere symbol of sex to gratify a male when he is sexually aroused or in a drunken stage. Let us respect a woman as she is doing the most valuable service for the life c
Foolish Games
You took your coat off, and stood in the rain You were always crazy like that And I watched from my window Always felt I was outside, looking in, on you You were always the mysterious one with Dark eyes and careless hair You were, fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care You stood in my doorway, with nothing to say Besides some comment on the weather Well in case you failed to notice In case you failed to see This is my heart bleeding before you This is me down on my knees These foolish games are tearing me apart And your thoughtless words are breaking my heart You're breaking my heart You were always brilliant in the morning Smoking your cigarettes, and talking over coffee You're philosophies on Art Baroque moved you You loved Mozart and you'd speak of your loved ones As I clumsily strummed my guitar (You'd teach me of honest things Things that were daring, things that were clean Things that knew what an honest dollar did mean So I hid my soiled hands
How Many Agree With This
Breathless kisses Burning touches Soft-spoken words of love Urgently spoken words of passion. A man and a woman One complete love Since time began Predestined to be as one. We've been together before In other lifetimes We've fought dragons And have been torn from each others arms Yet our love prevailed. We've walked on this earth many times together Perhaps for a moment Perhaps for years But our heart is one heart And we were meant to be. So when our time on earth Once again comes to a close Have no worries my dear For we will find each other again And again And again. For our love is ageless Eternal A love for all time.
A Little Something For Someone
Seems like forever that youíve been by my side Love unwavering Steadfast No matter what brings the tide After all this time, my love for you still grows A deep appreciation Respect I love you more than you know
Here's The Deal
If you wanna be my friend, you're gonna talk to me. Even if you're just talling me I'm hot, or you want my cock, you're gonna talk. Which brings me to my next point. If you would like my cock, please apply within.
Simple Pleasure
a brief kiss a chaste hug a soft smile such beautiful love you in the morning the air we breath sunshine on our skin our simple needs you hair caressing my skin cuddling through the night passion for you thoughts of love the lust we share for each other the most simple pleasure i know is knowing you
A Wish
I lie on the ground, and stare into space, the stars start to move, into the shape of your face. I see you there now, looking down at me, with that cute little smile, that I like to see. You say "close your eyes", "tell me what you see", I see only two people, just you and me. We're walking the shoreline, with our feet getting wet, the horizon turns pink, as the sun starts to set. We make love through the night, on that white sandy shore, then I hold you while thinking, I could want nothing more. Oh I wish I could be, in that one special place, as I lie on the ground, and I stare into space...
Drunky Mcdrunk
ok so i had a slow show tonight, i mean slow, i had a total of 20 different people sing, slow, so im drunk, (for those who dont know i own a karaoke/ Dj company) a few friends and i were drinkin together i end the night with a 60 dollar bar tab, thank god 20 of that is comp weeeeeeeeeeee but heres what happened in a nut shell, the chick i like shows up with her boyfriend, so i drink... alot! but im bein a happy drunk and thus weeeeeeeeee LoL thats fun LoL and then my girl jessie shows up, this gil ive known for a long while, well she brings her roomate with her who last year seriously fucked me over, remember me telling you about being stood up 3 weeks in a row??? well this was the chick who stood me up the first week... jessie bugs me to play nice with her rommmate who fucked me over so i say hi. later jessie tells me what shoud we put rommie in for to sing, so we do, rommie asks hey muse what did jessie put me in for? im drunk girl i like is kissing boyfriend so i make deal (also tol
Your Love
Your love is a Lantern That lights my way, Uplifting my spirits When skies are gray. Your love is a wave That lifts me higher, Into a sea of tender desire. Your love is a flame That can never die, For always an ever it will be just you and I. Your love is a rose Moistened with dew, Touching my soul with the beauty of you.
Been Missing Lately
Hey Cheeries... Haven't been around lately, really busy at work. I'll be back asap...Thanks
isn't it a wonder how you came into my life isn't a miracle you love me so heaven must of blessed me an angel must be near for glowing from your love is something so dear my heart beats with passion my eyes see only you my body longs for your touch can never say our love is rough for you are my sunshine the air i breathe your kissing i drink up your love nourishes me oh baby i could say more but one thing is true baby i do love you
Ed finally decides to take a vacation. He books himself on a Caribbean cruise and proceeds to have the time of his life, until the boat sinks. He finds himself swept up on the shore of an island with no other people, no supplies, nothing. Only bananas and coconuts. After about four months, he is lying on the beach one day when the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen rows up to him. In disbelief, he asks her, "Where did you come from? How did you get here?" "I rowed from the other side of the island," she says. "I landed here when my cruise ship sank." "Amazing," he says. "You were really lucky to have a row boat wash up with you." "Oh, this?" replies the woman. "I made the rowboat out of raw materials I found on the island. The oars were whittled from gum tree branches, I wove the bottom from palm branches, and the sides and stern came from a Eucalyptus tree." "But-but, that's impossible," stutters Ed. "You had no tools or hardware. How did you manage?" "Oh, that was n
Tickle Me Elmo....lmao
There is a factory in Northern Minnesota, which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM. The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door. The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule. The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up. At the end of the line stands Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's. She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles. The 2 men watch in amazement as she
A drunk staggers into a bar demanding a beer. The bartender informs him that he is not allowed to serve alcohol to drunken patrons. After a few harsh words, the bartender suggested that the drunk prove he isn't drunk by doing twenty push-ups on the floor. As he was doing the push-ups, another drunk staggers into the bar and sees this guy on the floor doing push-ups. He looks at him for a minute and then nudges him in the ribs saying, "Hey, Pal, I think your girl friend has gone home."
Explorations Of My Mind
Lots been going on lately! Been spending time with friends just hanging out. Had a party at Lauren's this past saturday. Nothing good ofcourse. Kind of went to shit seeing as one person ruined it for 6 others. Chris worked late. Dave's bike broke down..on his foot no less. Stupid fucker was out stunting like usual, waiting for Chris to get off work. The one time he didn't pay enough attention, he drops the bike. The handle bars landed on his foot. It's now fractured, 10 points Dave
A Poem
They get in their cars and they drive away no one there to wipe your tears away no one to hold, no band of gold they take your heart and rip it apart no reason why, just lie after lie he left me here with my tears and fears moving on was so easy for him but not for me my life just seems empty and grim i smile and laugh on que ,what else am i supposed to do? his lil girl cries for her daddy to come home and doesnt understand why he left us alone i hold her tight and say everything will be alright knowing inside from now on our life will be one rough ride. 10/26/06 lori
I lay there awake and I hear the alarm sound that horrible sound it always makes. I reach out to push the snooze button the way I always do. I pull the covers up a little tighter under my chin and close my eyes again. I dont want to wake up this morning. Suddenly I feel a familiar touch coming from behind me. His hand gently caressing my back, tickling just a little bit. I feel goosebumps begin to form on my arms and legs. Its amazing that he still gives me goosebumps after so long. His tickling moves down my back to my ass and thighs. Slowly, Softly, I begin to squirm a little. I lie there for a moment enjoying his soft caresses and struggling with that moment between sleep and awake. His hand moves to my hip and pulls me a little closer. I can feel his chest against my back now and his manhood swelling against my ass. His hand moves now to the front of my body where he slowly moves his hand across my erect nipples and then down my stomach and between my legs. I pull his hand c
My Dadz N Da Hospital!
my dad iz in the hospital and in CCU(Critical Care Unit) they have him on a ventalator cuz he cant breathe on hiz own! they dont know xactly wutz wrong with him yet.....they say he iz in crital conditon but doing ok but until i c him i wont believe it ya know what i mean ? newayz um b4 my dads almost died twice cuz of thingz so i am kinda scared everytime he getz admitted into the hospital so can ya all keep my dad ronnie in ur prayerz? thank you sabbycat
Doggy Style
It has been determined, the most used sexual position for married couples is a doggie position. The husband sits up and begs. The wife rolls over and plays dead.
this thought just came to mind as i sat down yesterday on which I prefer, to be hated for showing love and affection of be hated for being nasty. I'd rather be hated for honestly showin love n affection! We don't know why some people r on the net, our kindness can be the needed help
A Drunk
A drunk walks out of a bar with a key in his hand and as he is stumbling back and forth, a cop on the beat sees him and approaches. "Can I help you sir?", the officer asks politely. "Yessh! Ossifer, sssomebody ssstole my carrr" the man replies. The cop asks, "Well, where was your car the last time you saw it?" "It wasss on the end of thisshh key" the man replies. About that time the cop looks down and sees the man's "manhood" is hanging out of his fly for all the world to see. He asks the man, "Sir are you aware that you are exposing yourself?" Momentarily confused, the drunk looks down at his crotch and without missing a beat, blurts out......... "Oh my God ----- my girlfriend's gone, too!
it started with a kiss passion ignited embrace so tight warmth builds up hand in hand smiling at each other love so grand just from one little kiss
The Pain Is Setting In...
the pain is settin in it feels like someones stabbin me in the head with a ice pick anf for variety somtimes using a pickaxe its gettin worse now help will not come its time to stop the maddness that tha pain brings but the pain is building growing evermore powerful by the second it is comming and i cant stop it...
A Friend..
A friend who's make you laugh.. A friend who's make you cry.. A friend who's loving you.. And still don't know why.. A friend for one person.. A friend for you.. A friend who's whispering in your ear.. And say: I love you.. A friend, he can't live without me.. A friend, he loves me so damn much.. A friend who's give me everthing.. Even one single touch.. It's about one person.. He's my best friend.. Not only my friend but boyfriend.. And that.. Will never end..! Love You sweetheart.. with whole my heart, only for you !!!
Yanno It funny how if u dun meet up too wot some feel u should they push u too side it kinda like yer not good enough for but if u ask me pplz like dat are the ones not good enough for the ones they push away or the ones they make fun of so when u start too make fun of someone for how they look or cause they dun think like u stop and think about how u would feel if it was u in their shoes and would u like it or how would u feel if it was u tale time too show someone some kindness and a smile and show not all in dis world are like that =P
New Hot Videos
my videos long hair woman's smile sweet blonde gentle woman sweet blonde gentle woman 2 nea glamour lingeries Beach Babes
Sooo....that's Not All I Have To Say, Enjoy :-)
Alright so I couldn't resist, my own writing on the subject prompted even further thought on how much this song really is to me a sort of me to my past self thing...I'll explain but first, full review of the lyrics. "Looking back at me I seeThat I never really got it right I never stopped to think of youI'm always wrapped up in Things I cannot win, and now I can see, You are the antidote that gets me by Something strong Like a drug that gets me high [Chorus x2:] What I really meant to say Is I'm sorry for the way I am I never meant to be so cold To you I'm sorry about all the lies Maybe in a different light You could see me stand on my own again Cause now I can see You were the antidote that got me by Something strong like a drug that got me high [Chorus x2] I never meant to be so cold I never really wanted you to see The screwed up side of me that I keep Locked inside of me so deep It always seems to get to me I never
Me And My Baby Made By A Friends
Sex Quiz
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
To Every Girl
To every girl that is SCARED to put her heart out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so badly. To every girl that has been cheated on, because she's not a slut who gives it up to any guy. To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky. To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every girl who gets her heart broken, because he chose that bitch instead. To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend. To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every girl that won't get down on her knees & open her mouth just to get a boyfriend. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses him with meaning. To every girl who just wishes he cared more. To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold. To every girl who just wants him to call. To eve
Quote Of The Morning
'"The only sovereign I can allow to rule me is reason. The first law of reason is this: what exists, exists; what is, is. From this irreducible, bedrock principle, all knowledge is built. This is the foundation from which life is embraced. "Reason is a choice. Wishes and whims are not facts, nor are they a means to discovering them. Reason is out only way to grasp reality - it's our basic tool of survival. We are free to evade the effort of thinking, to reject reason, but we are not free to avoid the penalty of the abyss we refuse to see."' Quote from a book and a much enjoyed author. As well as perhaps the basic reason I cannot find myself religious. And perhaps some very wise words to live by. I wish I could have come up with them myself, but I can atleast say I much enjoyed reading them
Just a few lil notes, first and foremost...I've been smoke free for over 5 months, and I have been without urges for atleast 4 months. I think I have finally kicked the habit in its entirety. A few things I've learned. First...smokers stink. If you're a smoker, seriously, you have NO idea. The cornucopia of senses that return as the poisons leave the body are amazing. And foremost is the fact that stale smoke on someone's breath is enough to turn my stomach at the wrong time of day. Alright, maybe it's not THAT bad, it's standable, BUT, it's much more pleasant without the stench I'm sure. Secondly, I've got to tell ya, dropping Nicotine from my body completely for the first real time in WAY WAY too long, has left me an insomniac, for now. As near as I can tell it may last as long as 3 weeks, and is simply do my body's withdrawal from its nicotine dependency (it's been over 10 years). Also a note of interest, smokers metabolize caffeine twice as fast as nonsmokers, a fact I
A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says "But sir, its just a sperm bank!", "I don't care, open it now!!!" he replies. So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm samples. The guy says "Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!", she looks at him "BUT, they are sperm samples???" , "DO IT!". So the nurse sucks it back. "That one there, drink that one as well.", so the nurse drinks that one as well. Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says, "See honey - its not that hard."
Please Welcome Him... Give Him Some Pointers Too If U Can
Hey have a friend that joined the lc please help him with some easy pointers to help him get the site better hehe i am helping him at the moment. but im sure a warm welcom would keep him coming to the lc... ty for the people that lend the time an friendship! ~jen cumgetsum@ LostCherry
First day on here, pretty damn interesting to say the least. it's really just another internet addiction, asif i needed one, but whatever, so far ive brought 11 friends with me to share the addiction ::lol:: you're welcome guys. so just finished my portfolio 110% completed just being uploaded to a host right now, and should be available to download in about 20 minutes 10 minutes through my eyes alot of pictures, all of which ive taken Swedish Hiphop toronto graffiti freight train graffiti all that good shit. so enough of this im gonna go pass out in a sec. all this cherry poppin got me tiiiiiired ;) ::lol:: peasy.
when did this start when did it begin seems i took my first breath the moment i saw you my heart beats freely now my soul seems to fly you made life have meaning just from saying hi when did you notice me how did you see us heaven has open its doors to shine its grace on us one thing can be said life has just begun
My Link... Im Up For Meetin New Ppl
XtheSailor@ LostCherry
The Abc's Of Life
Avoid negative people, places, things and habits. Believe in yourself. Consider things from every angle. Don't give up and don't give in. Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come! Family and friends are hidden treasures. Seek them and enjoy their riches. Give more than you planned. Hang on to your dreams. Ignore those who try to discourage you! Just do it! Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. It will get easier! Love yourself first and foremost. Make dreams happen. Never lie, cheat or steal. Always strike a fair deal. Open your eyes and see things as they really are. Practice makes perfect. Quitters never win and winners never quit! Read and learn about everything important to you. Stop procrastinating! Take control of your own destiny. Understand yourself in order to better understand others. Visualize your dreams. Want your dream more than anything. X-ccelerate your efforts. You are a unique individual. Nothing can replace YOU! Zero in
Picture Yourself
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Picture yourself Think of yourself not in terms of your problems. Instead, identify yourself with your most promising possibilities. Think of yourself not in terms of your regrets or disappointments. Instead, consider all the valuable and useful lessons you've learned. The way you picture yourself has a powerful effect on the reality of your life. And you can picture yourself any way you choose. Picture yourself expressing the best that is within you. Picture yourself living fully, loving sincerely, giving gladly, and bringing unique value to each moment. Picture yourself as the joyful, creative and effective person you know you can be. Picture yourself dancing swiftly and successfully past each challenge and limitation. You hold in your mind a mental picture of yourself. The quality and substance of that picture make all the difference in the actions you take and the results you get. Make that picture brilliantly superb, and your life wi
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Gleefully Tripping
sitting here i see thee my heart beats harder by the second trying to find the words to say how much you mean to me for all i can do is think of what you do i see you smile in my dreams i hear your words in the songs i smell your scent on the breeze how do you control me so my heart is yours my soul you have my love is eternal for you are my world
I Resemble Who???
Don't I wish?!!?
Just A Thought If A Guy Can Answer It Please Do
i was thinkin to my self today why does every guy think just cuz they have been hurt befor that all girls are the same but might i put out there that all girls are not the same and we get the bad name from the ones who do it and thats not right at all i mean we dont all do it when we love that guy he should not be thinkin that we are out there doing the same thing that other girls did to him he should be worried about how good its goin to be to have a great girl that wants to be with him for him and nothing else so to all the guys out there just cuz one did it to u dont mean we all will i am out peace love and chicken grease one love leslie
Well, the bad news is that most of my videos on my page are lost somewhere out in cyberspace, or youtube has had a complete melt down....but I do have one NEW video way down at the bottom, it's short & kicks ass so stop by & check it out, this kid is amazing!!!!
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss~
You must remember this A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh The fundamental things apply As time goes by And when two lovers woo They still say, "I love you" On that you can rely No matter what the future brings As time goes by Moonlight and love songs Never out of date Hearts full of passion Jealousy and hate Woman needs man And man must have his mate That no one can deny it's still the same old story A fight for love and glory A case of do or die The world will always welcome lovers As time goes by ----------------- Moonlight and love songs Never out of date Hearts full of passion Jealousy and hate Woman needs man And man must have his mate That no one can deny it's still the same old story A fight for love and glory A case of do or die The world will always welcome lovers As time goes by Louis Armstrong
You Stabbed My Heart
you stabbed my heart, with those unkept promises, you tear my world apart, god forgive me when i say, i still love you, and i'll love u until that day, when u have that evil smile on ur face, and u finally finsh me off, and i'll leave this place, you'll have no shame, and u'll walk away, pretending that ur not the one to blame
As I Sit Here In Tears
as i sit here in tears as i sit here in tears i wonder why i have to hurt u so much you talk about how much hurt you have well most people know how u feel as i sit here in tears i wonder why you hate me so much is it cuz you think i dont love you as much as i did befor or is it cuz you dont love me as much as i sit here in tears i wonder why you think diffrent of me for you did is ti cuz you changed or did i change either way some one has changed as i sit here in tears i wonder why people think less and less of me is it cuz i am to nice to people or is it cuz i am easy to make cry as i sit here in tears i wonder why i have to hurt you so much as i lay here and wonder should i end my life or not well only god can tell me how to feel
To Every Girl........
To every girl that is SCARED to put her heart out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so badly. To every girl that has been cheated on, because she's not a slut who gives it up to any guy. To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky. To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every girl who gets her heart broken, because he chose that bitch instead. To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend. To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every girl that won't get down on her knees & open her mouth just to get a boyfriend. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses him with meaning. To every girl who just wishes he cared more. To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold. To every girl who just wants him to call. To eve
why must guys think it's ok to hirt girl's? why is it ok for a guy to hurt a girl but yet it's not ok for a girl to hurt a guy ? why cause so much pain and act like u love some one and tell them u mean it and not really mean it at all that's kinda messed up if u dont mean it dont use the word at all , it's shame how all guys seem to think its ok to do that to a girl and men say they dont understand women well news flash we dont get why would do some of the things that u do or why , u dont have tocome up with lies to kick it be ur self , dont lie cuz no matter wat some way or some how some one will tell that person or that person will find out cuz u will get caught , pain and they say guys really feel it when ? cuz i only see guys hurtin girls or cheatin on them or just flat out messing with there heart , yea and when do u ever hear about a girl hurtin a guy , well for me never still waiting to hear one story about a girl hurtin a guy , yea and thats after the fact that he cheated on o
What Ever Do You Think?
Guatemala Pictures...
Okay, I have reached my photo limit. Help me to increase my level so I can add more of them, if you want to see them. :D I have over 300 so I guess it would take a lot of levels to get to in order to put that many photos on this site, but the more my level... the more photos I can squeeze in for you to see. :p K
Good Days And Bad Days
69 Questions Yes Or No Survey *thanks Anna*
The 69 yes or no questions Survey 69 questions about what you have done, be truthful! Q1) smoked a cigarette~ *puffs* umm no? o.O Q2) smoked a cigar~no Q3) crashed a friends car~no Q4) stolen a car~no Q5) been in love~yes Q6) been dumped~yes Q7) done a shot~many lol Q8) been fired~yes Q9) been in a fist fight~yes Q10) snuck out of your house~yes Q11) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back~yes Q12) been arrested~no Q13) made out with a stranger~no Q14) gone on a blind date~yes Q15) lied to a friend~yes Q16) had a crush on a teacher~yes Q17) skipped school~yes Q18) seen someone die~yes Q19) been on a plane~no Q20) thrown up in a bar~no Q21) done hard drugs~no Q22) miss someone right now~yes Q23) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by~yes Q24) made a snow angel~yes Q25) played dress up~ yes Q26) cheated while playing a game~yes Q27) been lonely~yes Q28) fallen asleep at work/school~yes Q29) used a fake id~yes Q30) felt an earthquake~
Final Answer......
After months of soul searching and many lost illusions I have finally come upon the very simple reason I sit here alone. I let myself build illusions of romantic entanglements with men and well simplest thing to say about that is I am lonely and I do believe in fairy tales. I have to be very honest though because I have finally realized that I am still very devastated by the dissolution of my marriage. I loved him for better or worse and God only knows how that was. I have been what I would call moody, distant, remote, and yes even angry. No reason really except perhaps I wanted to replace what I felt I lost. I cannot. All of these romantic dealings have been at best implausible very long distance complicated scenarios. And to be honest, alot easier for me to deal with. For this very small but real reason, I am not ready for a real relationship. It isnt because I am still in love with him, I am not. I just dont think my heart can take another beating. So at the risk of alienating
Thirty-three Questions About Relationships... Hell Im Bored
1. single or taken? Single. 2. Do you have a crush on anyone? Yeah. 3. Do they know? prob are clueless 4. Do you flirt a lot? no im a bad flirt 6. Do cheaters deserve a 2nd chance? hmm i would say no but i guess sometimes on a rare ocassion 8. Humor or Romance? Both 9. Dark or light hair? i dont care as long as no redheads. 10. Shorter or taller than you? def taller 12. Do you hug strangers? umm no 14. Do you believe in kissing when you are not together? kissing who like my cat? 15. Do you think about the opposite sex a lot? lol 16. Do you tell your friends they are hot? yeah i do lol in a friendly way 18. Would you rather have a sweet, clever guy/girl or wild? somewhere in the middle 19. Have you ever liked someone a lot (and they knew it)? no 20. Do u feel comfortable joking with ur friends about sex? yeah theyre my friends 21. Chocolates or flowers? idk 23. Teddy Bear or Card? card 24. Would it be sweet or annoyin
Go Vote For Me!
Ok I need all the help of my LC friends and family and fans! I need for you to go to my link and vote and comment my picture! I'm in the Best Boobs contest and it sure would mean a lot to have a chance to win!!! Thank you to everyone in advance who votes and a big LC hug and kiss to those that have voted already!! I love you guys!! Shelley
My Broken Angel.
Crying in the darkness but nobody cares. Sharing this pain with whom no one else shares. Feeling such sadness its as if nothing else even exists. Suddenly out of nowhere this beautiful Goddess appears. Instantly all pain becomes even more painfully clear. Wishing I could wipe away all the pain in her eyes. Taking a finger to her tear drop scar and falling to one knee as I steadily cry, all the torment this poor soul has had to hide. Wanting nothing more than to give her back the cherub she so dearly loves that she lost in her past life. Feeling the blame she never ever deserved come to life. Tearing it from my soul in one fiery strike. Placing it where it duly deserves to reside. Never again will that blame huant her side. Soothingly she touchs all of my pain deep down inside. Vanquishing every tiny little piece that I hide. Doing what I could have never done in all of my life. Instant gratitude and unconditional love I give to my wife. She blesses me with velve
Bailey The Sexy Beast
Bailey is sexy and if you have a down ward oppion I'll hurt you so bad cause i love this girl and i make alot jokes about her but its nothing hurtful but mostlikely sexual if you dont like kiss my italian ass
New User
Well my g/f told me about this place awhile ago but haven't had the time to setup one so i did today. And as soon as i did i got liek 5 people adding me shows me this place is awsome people adding you instantly. Well hope to get some more people on my list take it easy all
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company, a church, a home. The remarkable think is that we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We cannot change our past, we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude. Iím convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it. And so it is with you . . . we are in charge of our attitude. ĖCharles Swindol
Last Day
of being 30 something, i hit 40 tomorrow, its a good job the people in work are having a night out tomorrow, so I can hijack that. I used to hijack the halloween party in a place called the village, that way if no one turned up for me birthday there was still a party going on. So tomorrow night if you see me typing allsorts of bullshit you know i am worse for wear with the jack daniels
The Most Random Questions You'll Ever Fill Out 1) What side of the heart do you draw first? left 2) Can you dive without plugging your nose? yes 3) What color is your razor? one is orange the other blue 4) Whats your favorite number? 3 5) Do you always read those pointless things they say on adult swim? nope 6) Have you ever changed the wording in a question//added a question to a survey you didn't create? nope 7) What are you listening to right now? the comp 8) How many chairs at the dining room table? 4 9) Do you like video games? i guess i dont play anymore 10) What's your favorite gaming system? super nintendo 11) Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Theme Song? Lol unfortunatly. 12) Did you go to summer camp? nope 13) coke or pepsi? either 14) Do you like to read? yeah 15) Do you have a crush on anybody? lol yeah 16) Do you know how to use some words correctly, but not know what they mean? lmao yes 17)
Cow Philosophy?
I got this concept years ago from a Gary Larson (Farside) cartoon, and try to apply it to my own life whenever I can. Hopefully, you will too. So I was teaching a student of mine yesterday. He's very tall and top-heavy, has trouble lowering his center of balance, and has a tendency to rush through both movements and ideas. If he were a computer (and this was an analogy I used with him during our lesson,) I'd say he's terribly over-clocked. He moves too fast physically while he's practicing, and mentally while he's working on problems I give him, in both cases missing subtle nuances I wanted him to pick up and being just generally sloppy, overall. Part of it is that he's so eager, I know, so I just keep working at it. So this lesson, I stopped him for a moment to give him this advice: "Matt, think about Cow Philosophy." Laughing, he asked what the hell I was talking about. I replied, "As you walk along the road of life, don't forget to stop and eat the roses!" With a look of pu
Bye Every1
Life is never good 4 me & this is wut I wish you'd see. Jus let me end it all 4 I'll be happy in da end, I'll finally be free. Free from all da pain & torment & da never endin battle. No more dealin wit da arguments & tears, I'd finally be through wit it all. U jus donít seem 2 understand dat by keepin me here your making it worse. If I were dead & gone by now I'd be happy, I wouldnít have this life, I wouldn't have da curse. Iím already considerin doin this even without your consent. I know 4 sure dat once its all over with my heart will finally be content. So here I am just sittin there, on my bed with a knife to my wrist. Please every1 donít be upset, please donít be piss'd. U jus need 2 know I love u all but couldnít handle it anymore. Ok here I go, Iím doin this 4 sure. U jus need 2 let me go 2 heaven now, hopefully God will understand & accept this.
Italian And Russian
Italian [x ] The Godfather is a great movie. [x] Your grandmother makes her own sauce. [x] Your last name ends in a vowel. [x] You know how a real meatball tastes. [x ] You know a lot of italian songs. [] You have dark hair and dark eye color [x ] You speak some italian. [x] You are under 5'10''. [x ] besides lasagna, Pizza is the best food in the world. [x] You talk with your hands. Total = 9 Hispanic [ ] You say member instead of REmember [x] You speak some spanish. [ ] You love rice and Beans. [ ] YoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr. [] You are mostly dark skinned [ ] You know what a Bodega is. [x] You talk fast. [x] If you are a guy you get a shape up, If you are a girl you have had highlights or dyed your hair. Total = 3 Russian [ ] you say villain as: Vee-lon [x ] you know of somebody named Boris [x] you get cold easily [x] you get short tempered [x] white skinned [x] you are athletic [X] snow is fun for you [x ] You get into contests often [ x] Y
Happily Ever After
They tell me demons, monsters and dragons donít exist. I think they may not be in your reality; why can they not be in mine? I grew up with angels and monsters and there was even a person I had never met nicked Dragon Lady. The point is there were creatures of a mythical proportion. I had my very own knights in shining armor. There were Queens and Kings, princes and princesses. Evil wicked witches and what seemed like fairy godmothers or could have been. So why now that I am an adult should that change? Is chivalry really dead? I think not, but if you would of asked me a month ago; I would have laughed and said pretty pretty princess land is no longer around, hell it was never really there. Two months ago it would have been fairy tales are a thing of the past, but some of it truly is real. Definitely not the romance part, the sharing kindness, respect or unyielding devotion they are only the dream of a child. I again believe in the magic, the fairytale of life thatís what k
Celebrity Look-alike
WOW I have the greatest match with a young Judy Garland.
Do You Know What Makes A Woman Special?
Well I'm not an expert but let's see if I have the right idea..... > It's not always what you see on the outside... > It's not in the clothes she wears.. > It's not the size of her backside... > Or the what she does'nt wear.... > A woman can be alot of things... > A daughter,a mother,a wife,a friend, or a fling.... But to me what makes a woman special is the beauty that God gave her on the inside and outside....Men spend a lot of time judging a woman by the way she looks....Thank God he made them ALL beautiful....But you should be looking in their eyes to see what they are really made of..They may come off as a b.t.h but deep inside there is the heart and soul of a very special person....I believe that all woman should be adored and loved because they are created with a piece of a men..therefore if we treat them wrong you are lacking respect for yourself... Always show every woman the respect they deserve.....because without us all you men would be queers......I hope I made my p
The Haunted Bridge
The Haunted Bridge as i sit on the cold sandstone. Looking up at the night sky. I notice that the fog starts to rise. the tempature drops dramatically. some where in the distance a train whistle blows. Cold chills race down my spine and i think to myself no train should be running this late at night. out of nowhere i hear a voice someone help me please. Oh then the Horrid scream. The train is getting closer. I can see the light all at once it disapears. I knew everyone in town said this bridge is haunted. they said the confederates blew the bridge up during the civil war. to stop supply trains going north. but i didnt hear an explosion I heard screams of horror. noone comes here to this bridge or at least noone takes care of it. I can tell the wood is decaying. maybe thats what draws me here. privacy a place where i can look at the scenery and think. I need time to collect my thoughts. Im new to this place. I moved here two weeks ago. I dont have any friends everyon
>>>VIRGOsomeone loves them right now. >Freak in bed. >Always wants the last word. >Caring. >Smart. >Addictive. >Attractive. >Loud. >Loyal. >Easy to talk to. >Hard to forget >Love at first sight wit u babe >Everything u ever wanted >Easy to please >The one and only >ultimate sexiness >>>SCORPIOEXTREMELY sexy. >Intelligent. >Energetic. >Predict future. >Most erotic. >(Freak in bed.) >(GREAT kisser.) >Always get what they want. >Sexy. >Attractive. >Easy going. >Loves being in long relationships. >Talkative. >The sexiest ever.... >Romantic. >Caring. >>>LIBRAVery romantic. >Nice to everyone They meet. >Their Love is one of a kind. >Silly, fun and sweet. >Have own unique sexiness. >Most caring person you will ever meet! >Amazing n Bed..!!! >Did I say Amazing in Bed? >not the kind of person you wanna fuck with... u might end up crying... >the most irresistible >>>ARIESlovable >Spontanious. >Not one to FUCK with. >Erotic. >Funny. >Take you on trips to the moon in bed. > excellent kis
I Dont Wanna
I dont wanna do this anymore. I dont wanna give away my heart to have it handed back to me shattered in a million little pieces I dont wanna hurt any more. I dont want my eyes to fill with tears. or cry all night long wondering what i done wrong. my future looks so dull the storm clouds keep rolling in. blocking my view of the sunshine. I dont wanna hear all the lies or the excuses just be honest. I dont wanna hear im your girl. because you know you dont want me. I dont want you to lead me on. i dont want to live a lie. I dont wanna live a life like that any more. i dont wanna be played as the fool i would rather wither away to nothing i dont wanna care any more or try to fill this empty void inside my heart. i dont wanna love any more it hurts to much inside. i dont wanna give my all.
Green Eyes O-o
B|L|U|E| |E|Y|E|S| -People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome & very good kissers. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 5 days. |G|R|E|E|N| |E|Y|E|S| -Sex Addicts!!! People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest and most beautiful. They long for the touch of another. People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this. |H|A|Z|E|L| |E|Y|E|S| -People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names'.
Killin Myself
my eyes slowly open a cold, cruel reality comes back into play a sadistic game called life just to live another day in a world of pain & misery how much longer can I live this lie somewhere deep down past da lies, past da sugar coat'd smiles past it all is da person im killin torturin things make sense im only killin myself
Bloody Tears
Bloody Tears are falling like rain, But the memories will remain although you promised not to hurt me. You broke my heart into millions of little pieces ground them into dust to let the wind blow them away. my bloody t ears running down my face. leaving a dark red stain. all alone in this world tonight no loving arms to hold me tight. an open empty space in my chest where a heart use to rest. you said that you loved me and would never leave me. you promised me baby. how can that be true when you walk away. you turned around and left me leaving these bloody tears streaming down my face like rain. How can you do this. you said you have changed. how can this be baby you loved me just yesterday. you said that i was your everything and that you wanted us to live happily ever after. Sadistic Gothic soldiers Girl
You Know
I might not be the girl next door. I may not be the "ideal" person and I just want to let every one know that I love myself. I am not afarid to speak my mind or be truthful to anyone. I live by the theory of "if you don't like it don't look!!!" Yes it hurts when people say things that just aren't nice. But I can't sit and dwell on it forever. I look at it this way. If you have to make comments about other people and their apperance then you are on shallow person that doesn't think very much of yourself. Remember that everytime you point a finger at someone else there are 3 pointing back at you. So yeah I may be over weight and not have alot of money or things to show off. But I have me, my kiddos, my friends and extended family. So If you are petty enough to go around putting people have at it but just remember what goes around comes around!!! ;)
Thinking Of You
Thinking Of you my sadistic Gothic Soldier Sitting here thinking of you. wondering if your sleeping. dreaming of our life togeather. or are you looking up at the stars. sitting here thinking of all the fun times we have shared. of all the fun times we have yet to share. no matter the joy or the pain baby im here for both. thinking of the nights you held me in your arms. and the nights i held you. the feel of your lips on mine. the smell of your colonge. the way your eyes light up when you smile. the sound of your voice weather it be whispering thos tender caring words. or singing or just talking. thinking if you and how your hands feel on my body, how just the touch of your hand on mine relaxes me. the feel of your arm around me lets me know that everything will be ok. thinking of you baby, thinking of how much i miss you, how much you mean to me. how much i love you. how much i care and need you.
To Every Girl
To every girl that is SCARED to put her heart out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so badly. To every girl that has been cheated on, because she's not a slut who gives it up to any guy. To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky. To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every girl who gets her heart broken, because he chose that bitch instead. To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend. To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every girl that won't get down on her knees & open her mouth just to get a boyfriend. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses him with meaning. To every girl who just wishes he cared more. To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold. To every girl who just wants him to call. To eve
Ok, the question I have, not that I have looked at a lot of guys pictures on here (GRIN) is I see some amazingly HOT and SEXY pictures of women on here. Just a curious (so I don't have to look at a view of a guy's profile), DO guys post sexy pictures on here? IF SO, I'm all for sending some up (I had some pretty steamy ones, but removed them so I could ask) Comments? I'd love to hear them. I had some ready, and had them online, let one friend view them, she said they looked sexy, but thought I'd ask for comments? thanks. d
Im Alone =(
I was alone until I met u, Anxiety overwhelms me now & I don't know wut 2 do, U came so close but not close enough, These past few weeks have been so tough, I think bout u everyday, But your always so far away, When I close my eyes your all dat I see, You've got me goin crazy, I keep tryin 2 tell u da way I really feel, But I can't find da words 2 make u believe dat this is real, I've worked so hard & come so far but I can't mention da 1 thing u need 2 know, I see u walkin away in my head I'm screamin @ u not 2 go, Please don't leave me behind, But now I'm left all alone here searchin 4 da words I could not find, This feelin is so strong, Without u I won't last 4 long,
This Site Is Ghey
so i cant help but notice that all the "top photos" are of girls showing their asses or tits in quite the provocative manner. making their "sexy face" or whatever the hell they wanna call that wannabe pornstar pout.. *rollseyes* is that all these sites are meant for these days? for people to slut themselves out or make their profiles the sexiest they can so that ppl comment on them? i mean c'mon people have some fucking self respect. or at least be TASTEFUL for christ's sake. this shit is whack. lol and this whole "rate your photo" thing is so superficial. i am DEFINATELY not a perfect 10 yet every ranking i've had is a 10 *laughs* i mean who am i to complain about something like that right? i mean it IS supposed to be a compliment but everything about this site screams superficial to me. who knows, maybe i'm just bitter right now
Today's Survey.. Lame
1. Are you wearing a necklace? no 2. Do you like someone right now? I like a lot of people 3. Who is the main person(s) you talk to at work? Ashlee and Lonni 5. What color is your shirt? Pink 6. How many bedrooms do you have in your house? 3 7. What song are you listening to? none. 8. What was the last mall you went to? Fiesta 9. Are you alone? Yes 10. Do you have any older siblings? No 11. What is the last thing you ate? Chili 12. Who was the last person to come over to your house? Parents 13. Who was the last person to call you? Colton 14. Who was the last person who texted you? Matt 16. What should you be doing? Sleeping 17. Who is the last person you sent a message to? Matt 18. Did you go out to eat yesterday? Yes 19. What are you thinking right now? I hate my life at the moment 20. What color are your shorts? Wearing PJ pants with pumpkins on them.. they go well with the pink shirt 21. What color is your keybo
Kingdom Hearts
is fun... that is all. night night folks---talk to everyone tomorrow! :)
The One Of My Life
As hard as I try, I canít seem to get you off of my mind,you are my one and only. I have never felt this way before and it scares me. What has happened to me? When Iím not with you I seem to lose my mind. When Iím with you I can barely breathe. I barely see you so how do you make me feel this way? I see you every night in my dreams and in my mind all day. I just wanted to say: I love you but my heart is breaking. Because I know that you can never love me the way that I love you. If only you knew of all the tears Iíve cried. If you counted them youíd be counting until the day you died. Because you are my one and only. You seem to be the cause of my heartache, so who will be the cure? Iíd like to think that it is you, but this is impossible. I feel as if my whole world is falling apart, because I love you more than anything. I donít know what to do. How long will I have to keep this secret? It is driving me crazy. Will I ever get the courage t
Thursday Evening
Thursday evening. Brother's in the living room with his guitar - singing. Looking at the pile of bills on the computer desk. They're all coming due - God knows when - I just don't feel like paying them right now. I suppose they'll send me a second chance notice if I wait too long. I keep checking the mail for my ACLU membership card. They told me that they were going to send me one. Maybe I got it and thought it was just so much junk mail. Damn - I wanted that card. I wish I had a beer. I suppose I could run down to the Seven Eleven and get a six pack. I just don't feel like doing that right now. Another telephone solicitor masquerading as a survey taker. Wants to ask me about medicare. "Hell, I'm only 59. I don't know anything about medicare." "Well is there anyone in your house who is over sixty-five?" "No." "Is there anyone in your house under sixty-five..." "Well, if there's nobody over sixty-five, obviously we're all under sixty-five."
if anyone has yahoo messenger and likes to chat and/or cam look me up. my screen name is bigredpraxair and i'm on at night pretty late or on the weekends. would love to c2c with someone.
Would You??? Busted.... Lmao =-)
Would you marry again? A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the wife looks over at him and asks the question.... WIFE: "What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?" HUSBAND: "Definitely not!" WIFE: "Why not? Don't you like being married?" HUSBAND: "Of course I do." WIFE: "Then why wouldn't you remarry?" HUSBAND: "Okay, okay, I'd get married again." WIFE: "You would?" (with a hurt look) HUSBAND: (makes audible groan) WIFE: "Would you live in our house?" HUSBAND: "Sure, it's a great house." WIFE: "Would you sleep with her in our bed?" HUSBAND: "Where else would we sleep?" WIFE: "Would you let her drive my car?" HUSBAND: "Probably, it is almost new." WIFE: "Would you replace my pictures with hers?" HUSBAND: "That would seem like the proper thing to do." WIFE: "Would you give her my jewelry?" HUSBAND: "No, I'm sure she'd want her own." WIFE: "Would you take her hunting with you? HUSBAND: "Yes
Harry Potter
ok u can call crazy or a dork or what ever but i love harry potter and a planning on making a pic album for my favorit harry potter pic and so go make fun of if u like that not going to stop me from like harry potter lol ~*GaiL*~ p.s. i might not have it up in till tomorrow or something maybe some tonight
Opening Private Pics
im soo bored right now...someone come keep me company
Fall Classes For Men =-)
REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY Monday, October 16, 2006 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM. Classes begin Monday, November 6, 2006 Class 1 How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays --- Step by Step, with Slide Presentation. Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM. Class 2 The Toilet Paper Roll --- Does It Change Itself? Round Table Discussion. Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours. Class 3 Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub? --- Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours. Class 4 Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor --- Pictures and Explanatory Graphics. Meets Saturday at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. Class 5 After Dinner Dishes --- Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink? Examples on Video. Meets 4 weeks,
Just For Good Fun And A Chuckle
Before I Added this I Wondered IF i Would get Flamed... I Am Only put this Up for a Chuckle.. And IF you are the type that gets Offended to Easy... then WHY are you reading this... ONCE AGAIN, NO OFFENCE!! On behalf of Canadians everywhere, I'd like to offer an apology to the United States of America. We haven't been getting along very well recently and for that, I am truly sorry. I'm sorry we called George Bush a moron. He is a moron, but, it wasn't nice of us to point it out. If it's any consolation, the fact that he's a moron shouldn't reflect poorly on the people of America. After all, it's not like you actually elected him. I'm sorry about our softwood lumber. Just because we have more forests than you, doesn't give us the right to sell you lumber that's cheaper and better than your own. I'm sorry we beat you in Olympic hockey. In our defense, I guess our excuse would be that our teams were much, much, much, much better than yours. I'm sorry we burn
Night At The Movies,part Iii©
I watch as her chest rises and falls as she catches her breath. That was quite a time she just had. There is a glow that all women seem to have after they have been satisfied. Their skin glows,the eyes sparkle,and their scent.....oh my,the smell of a woman. I feel almost like an animal stalking its prey,catching that scent,arousing that wildman that society has tamed. I breath her in savoring her inside of me. She sits back relaxed,lags still spread,her sex exposed for my eyes to make love to. As the movie ends,I tell her to straighten herself. No reason to give the poor young theater worker a heart attack and send him running to the bathroom to take care of his teenage hormones. It's gotten late but it's early in the week so there is no crowd as we exit the show. Going out the back entrance the smell of freshness hits me. It seems it rained while we played indoors. Offering my arm,she holds on and draws in close. Slowly strolling through the parking lot,dodging the newly formed pu
Hellz Yeah
im not fresh meat anymore lol !!! thanks peeps
What Woman Look For In A Man.
tell me all that you look for
Hey there! I just wanted to say sorry I haven't posted any new pics in awhile. I work nights and I'm having trouble scheduling time to get them taken. I would also like to say sorry to those of you that I normally chat with. I've been pretty busy lately. I'm hoping to catch up with everyone soon. Hugs and Kisses! Illuminaughty
What Do Ya Think ?! Lol
A lot of people tend to get depressed more often during the winter months, but not me. I love it. Its cold and rainy out tonight, but Im feeling great. To me there is nothing better than sitting around with someone you love just watching tv and cuddling under a blanket on the couch. Cold weather just gives me that cozy feeling. Im so glad summer is over.
Not Saying It Would... But Could...lmao!!!!!
The doctor told a man that masturbating before sex, often helped men last longer during the act. The man decided, "What the heck, I'll try it." He spent the rest of the day thinking about where to do it. He couldn't do it in his office. He thought about the restroom, but that was too open. He considered an alley, but figured that was too unsafe. Finally, he realized his solution. On the way home from work,he pulled his truck over on the side of the highway. He got out and crawled underneath as if examining the truck. Satisfied with the privacy, he undid his pants and started to masturbate. He closed his eyes and thought of his lover. As he grew closer to orgasm, he felt a quick tug at his pant leg. Not wanting to lose his mental fantasy or the orgasm, he kept his eyes shut and replied, "What?" He heard, "This is the police. What in the hell are you doing?" The man replied, "I'm checking out the rear axle, it's busted." The cop says, "Well, you better check you
Just Kiss Me Dummie!!
This is just something I came up with,is it for anyone ,nope it's just for me When I want you to kisses me just do!! When I want you to nibble me just do!! When I want you to hurt me just do!! When I want you to fuck me just do!! Why is it that everytime I ask someone to do these things they always want to know why? It's llike hello guys do it all the time and no one aske them why. I mean Fuck what is wrong with a girl wanting to just have sex without all that other crap and don't get me wrong I like all that other stuff but sometimes I just want someone to grab me and just do it!!
Just to warn all you ladys out there.. this memeber resorts to name calling..Like Slut,Whore, Bitch, know like a little bytch boi...When he doesn't get his way with women on here.I wonder if he used to kiss his mother with that same mouth....What do yA'll think shall I kick his ass...Feed him to mah pets and pick mah teeth with his bones......i think i should make him lix every shoe that i have in my closet CLEAN..Maybe then he will know his place in this world./. Im sorry that your first night on here HoneyPot you had to go thru that stupid shyt..The ignorance and the uneducated.Makes me wanna rip their fukkin tongues out.. But ignorance is bliss to some... Bestios mi amor...
I Need 10's!!
I only need 10 more profile rates and I'll be over 600! So go, check and make sure you've rated me!!
A Slaves Prayer....
The Slaves Prayer.... Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fanthom... Allow me the spirit to know his needs Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace.. Allow me the love to show Him in peace... Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him... Allow me the light to show us the way... Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him... Let me be able to show Him each day my love by my service to Him... Let me open myself up to completely belong to him... Let my eyes show Him each day my love by my service to Him... Let me open myself up to completely belong to him... Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side, or kneel at his feet... Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman... Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself... Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely... Give me the strength to please us both... Permitt me to love myself, in loving Him.. Allow me the peace of serving H
The Submissives Rights
The Submissives Rights i have the right to set limits, and expect them to be respected. i have the right to trust, providing I have earned it. i have the right to expect You to believe I am an intelligent, caring and loyal person. i have the right to ask for Your attention,without having to misbehave to get it. i have the right to expect You to administer Your punishment on me with care and caution. i have the right to question your motives,should You deny my requests, as long as I do so with the proper respect. i have the right to speak up if I feel O/our relationship is not giving me what I need. i have the right to tell You what I need in a respectful manner. i have the right to expect You to understand my reasons for doing so, and the right to expect You to listen with an open mind and heart. i have the right to walk away from our relationship if W/we cannot come to a common ground on these issues. i have the right to expect tenderness, love and understanding after a s
Bill Of Rights
MY Bill of Rights I have the right to ask for what I want. I have the right to keep my personal life to myself. I have the right to. say no to requests or demands I can't meet. I have the right to be faceless and nameless. I have the right to express all of my feelings, positive or negative. I have the right to be blameless. I have the right to change my mind. I have the right to make mistakes and not have to be perfect. I have the right to follow my own values and standards. I have the right to say no. I have the right not to be responsible for others. I have the right to be angry at someone I like. I have the right to my own needs for personal space and time. I have the right to be playful and frivolous. I have the right to change and grow. I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
The Difference Betwen A Friend And A Angel...
1. Read very carefully this message A angel has the obligation of taking care of us. A friend take care of us cus he love us. A angel applaud ur trimphs. A friend helps u to trimph. A angel help u avoid to have problems. A friend help u solved them. A angel see u suffer, and can't give u a hug. A friend give u a hug, cus he don't want to see u suffer. A angel recives a prayer from u. A friend pray for u. For a angel u are a mission to accomplish. For a friend u are the opportunity of knowing the most beautiful that life can give: "The Love and The Friendship" A angel would like to be ur friend. A friend without thinking, is ur angel too. 2. Make a wish in a count of 5. 5 4 3 2 1 3. Now that u made ur wish, send this to all ur friends and send it back to me if u think im ur friend. "Have a Beautiful day my awesome friend"
i missed u all here is all my love and hugs and kisses friends for ever kisses and ugss
Mainstream Mania
Late Night With Donna
LATE NIGHT WITH DONNA Category: Writing and Poetry LATE NIGHT WITH DONNA Donna: Helloooooooooo Chris: Hi, Donna Donna: How are u? Chris: Things have been a little rough, but I'm working through the problems. Donna: Praise God. (oh yeah, I remember you now) Chris: You dont have your picture on your profile. Donna: I delete. Chris: Why? Donna: I get too many mails. Chris: You dont like too many mails? Donna: No thats kind of person what is important. (whatever the hell that means) Chris: Yes, I understand. (not really, but let's move this conversation along.) Donna: Men cannot be trusted here. Chris: None of them? Donna: They pretend, then they leave. (welcome to hyperspace) Chris: Thats often the natu
Iíll seek to burn you, cut you, scar you, and rock you Stuff you, starve you, arm you, and harm you I like the way you look, hair up on edge Your defenses puckered and flexed (contemplate, smear red) Race through my mind, in a pair of soccer cleats That leaves pleats in my brain, Running up and down my spine Shooting feeling into my vertebrate I feel great Iíll push you to defend yourself, And leave myself defenseless when you attack Blood sweat and semen Taste me Iíll taste you
A Friend.... (A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust "be" with you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life (N)ever Judges (O)ffer support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plains thing you don't understand (Y)ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality whats minnie w/out mickey? whats tigger w/out pooh? whats patrick w/out sponge bob? whats me w/out YOU???
Miss Maybe
Yes and no and yes and no... blah blah. Ugh. Miss Maybe April 29, 2006 I like to creep up on his body And disguise it as a treat So I hope after death they'll give my bones to a very special fiend I think if I lay still enough My flesh will speak to his Then every accidental touch Will instruct his pulse to rush - Slide, slide away Inside and in frame Take the glow, take the taste Love, this is all mine - I take the locks from his fingers Then he stuffs them in my mouth Dirty feet in the bathroom sink Dripping treasure to the floor He chases opals down with whiskey Warm and wrong and possible Keep me on as your Miss Maybe Always choking on the glory
Candle Vidual
a freind on my friends list is in the hospital fighting for his life. dr.s say he might not make it though the night.. please show his family some luv.. thanxs love always Gloria xoxoxox Cystic Fibrosis SUX@ LostCherry Angel Video - Sarah McLachlan lyricsSarah McLachlan Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
Be Gone
I am sorry to say that I will miss you guys...only for a little while though. I am moving into a new and better condo and I have been told that my cable will not be hooked up for at least a week. I have my phone-cable-internet all through my cable company and so after tomorrow I will not be able to post or check my profile until next Thursday. I can do a quick check at the office maybe Monday but after that I will be out of reach til Thursday. I will miss all of you, as Lost Cherry has become a constant fixture in my everyday life. I wish you all well and may your days be extremely blessed and I hope to see you all well next Thursday. I will be on for a real short period tomorrow...please take care, Galen
What Would You Do If Today Was Your Last Day Here?
Live life to the fullest. Cause today could be your last day of living. You never know when disaster can strike. And when disaster strikes you, you may not be ready. I've learne dthe hard way that your life could be taken in a second. I almost lost mine on April 24, 2006, at 4:30 in the morning. If I would never have woken up I would have burned to death. So live your life as if it was your last. Peace All!!!!
New Job
hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know that i got a new job today. i start work on monday. i work at advance auto parts
There was a Time When We All Was in School Right?? How Many Of us Had that Certin Person We hung Out with, that used to get Us to ditch classes with them.. Or get in Messes Just to keep the teachers running!! Im Sure quite a few Of you Dont Want to think Of those days but I would Like to Hear About them.... I can remember when Me and Another fellow Cherry Member got Into a fight just Because we was Bored and Had nothing better to do!! It resulted Into a 3 day suspension from School!! I had the princable scared of me when He had put me in a room to cool down and i left to wander the halls and i cornered Him, he ran to his Office and next thing i knew I was being picked up to Be sent Home., LOL!! And It goes On and On... But you only know Me As a keyboard and Screen name.. you gotta get to REALLY know Me... Be PALS for a bit.... Hang Out.... LMAO!!! I hope this doesnt Frighten Anyone Off... Because I Value Everyone's Friendship In Here.. :) you guys are the Best!!!
Nobody But Me By Blake Shelton
Don't waste your time looking over your shoulder Those loves from the past ain't getting no closer When I look in my future you're all I can see So honey, Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, but I'm asking pretty please (Honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. I took my time to tell you how I feel Just because I took so long don't mean that it isn't real I ain't got no diamond, but I'm down on my knees Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, but I'm asking pretty please (Honey) Don't go loving on nobody but me. Chorus: Nobody but me gonna love you like you ought to be loved on Nobody but me gonna cry if you up and leave You can do what you want to, but I'm asking pretty please (Honey) Don
Busy Signal
i love being ignored. i love it when someone tries to let me down gently. i love it when they feign interest and dispell a slow response. halfway. from 10 to about 2. when i am coming up for air, they reach their hand out, just to let me slip because it was to wet to hold on to. i know when things change. it is really...all i know. so, i too, have changed. clandestine i shall become. i'm unavailable. i'm going to take my problems out on you (even though it has nothing to do with you). when it's convenient for you--lest be known--i'm out of reach. i know this game all too well.
My Life
I have had freedom of choice and gone where luck has beckoned, and there is much that would be different with second chance. But, I have known the fortune of my birthright and blessings of family and friends along with the pain that caring can bring. For me the myth has gone with fairy tale and legend. I live on in wonder at the wonders of the earth and the heights to which man's aspirations have taken him, while fearing the seeds he carries will one day end this pinpoint of glory that time has set in motion.
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Your Song By Elton John
It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money but, boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live If I was a sculptor, but then again no Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show I know it's not much but it's the best I can do My gift is my song yeah, and this one's for you And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple but, now that it's done, I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind That I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss Well a few of the verses, well they've got me quite cross But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song It's for people like you that keep it turned on So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever se
Sexy Cherries
MISS_CHERRY@ LostCherry Spicy Cherry@ LostCherry (repost of original by 'BORN N' RAISED' on '2006-10-25 21:19:32') (repost of original by 'ŁiŲŋGĶģł28ô' on '2006-10-25 21:20:34')
You're The One I Want To Be In Love With By Jason Aldean
I've always been there Every time he let you down I've caught your fallen tears Before they hit the ground But I just heard somebody say that you finally told him good-bye Well girl, now you finally made your move, Now I'm here to make mine Chorus I want to be there when you wake up Be more than just your friend Baby there's no mistakin your're the love I wanna be in I've kept my feelings Under lock and key I couldn't let you see them Even though it was killing me You can't imagine all the time I've spent wishing you were mine I just know if we ever kissed we'd go crazy baby for the rest of our lives chorus (twice) You're the love I wanna be in Oh yeah, I wanna be there when you wake up
Honestly By Stryper
Honestly, I believe in you Do you trust in me Patiently, I will stand by you I will stand beside you faithfully And through the years I will be a friend For always and forever Call on me and I'll be there for you I'm a friend who always will be true And I love you can't you see That I can say I love you honestly Call on me and I'll be there for you I'm a friend who always will be true And I love you can't you see That I love you honestly And will never betray your trust in me And I love you can't you see That I can say I love you honestly

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