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I open the glass just enough to peek Just enough to find out who is playing this soundtrack my mind goes blank and face goes pale pure fear entangles my entire body squeezing the breath out of me a darkness, indescribable, sweeps past freezing my soul; stealing my speech and just as quick as it emerged it is gone and i slip to the ground because no-one cared to catch me I have a cane and trembling arms weak from the fight and blind from tears I have no chance of living. He is way too big and I've got nothing left I look to you for help pleading with everything I can while still fighting you don't even look over you're too busy and the world goes black but I still can't wake up The water is rising and i know i should be running but i think I'd like to drown Everything spins and it's peaceful until i feel a cackle and it's not me I don't want to die but it's too late and I can feel the cold. You're scared before you speak i feel it on we walk, still
"to My Daughter"
To My Daughter- by a Oklahoma Police Officer "TO MY DAUGHTER" THIS WILL HIT YOU WHERE IT HURTS! *Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play. *Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. *Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles. *Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck and I will buy you one if he comes by. *Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. *Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you trying to fix them. *Just for this afternoon, I will take us to McDonald's and buy us bo
I Know Your Out There Somewhere
I Know You're Out There, Somewhere ... I know you're out there, somewhere... Somewhere. I know that somewhere your heart beats with every beat of mine. Somewhere, I know you take a breath for every breath of mine. Perhaps, sometimes, your tears fall for every tear of mine, and, just perhaps, your eyes shine with a shine not unlike mine. Last night I gazed upon the stars, as I often do, and wondered if the same starlight was shining down on you. I wondered if your heart needs mine as much as mine needs you. I wondered if you dream of me, just like I dream of you. I know not how I'll find you, but one thing I know is true, In this life or in another, somehow I'll come to you. With love forever... My unknown dream
Will I Ever Learn.......
I have been trying to figure out what kind of a person it is who could deliberatly manipulate someones emotions without any thought to what it would do to the other person. I have been lucky so far in the virtual world, it is almost easier here to tell the fakes from the real folks. I got so fed up with the bar scene, I all but gave up on relationships. I knew someone that was online one day when I was at their house, and that is how I found out about CherryTap. It has been a hell of a ride, I have met some very interesting people here, as well as made a few true friends. Ran across some game players, a generous helping of peek a poos .... oh well, whatever floats your boat. But I have also met someone who touched my heart. Of course it started out innocently enough. I am surprised in a way to find out that I could still feel what I was starting to feel. And isn't it fantastic, those initial emotions that come into play during first contact of one souls heart to an
But Now...
Every splinter of a thousand shattered mirrors, Reflects the scarlet lips of virgin velvet dream. I glimpse at a thousand fleeting strangers, In hopes to find her eyes, I have once seen. Illusion, sweet mirage, or simply drunk delirium, Dream came to me at night, through smoke of cigarette. Created carelessly, in a moonlight solitude, Will stay forever as a guiding muse of my sonnet. * sometimes I just can't let them go
The Real Me
This face that's on the outside is just the face you see The real me on the inside is the one that's really me This face that's on the outside looks happy as can be But the me that's on the inside is crying silently This face that's on the outside doesn't give a clue Of the love that's on the inside longing so for you But this face that's on the outside is the only one to be.. Until the day you love me then the real me you will see
Kid Contest!
~~ Kid Contest ~~ I need kids for this contest! contest will begin on 5/9 thur 5/14 2 gifts per winner 1 V.I.P. and 1 V.I.C. ! 1st Kid is...... with 1 comments! comment bombing allowed and self comments are also allowed! Comments + rates = total! Want to enter send me a link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u! Thanks Maria ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~ aka ~ SeXy MaMa ~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP Click on pic to enter contest!
Alone In The Night
Alone in the Night He comes to me as I sleep. He enters my thoughts, and my dreams. Who is this man, this man I see? He stands there, looking over me. He speaks to me, his voice so beautiful and sweet. He reaches out and touches me, with his hands....softly. His lips upon mine. I move closer... his heart next to mine. The scent of roses is in the air. I awaken, no one is here. Alone again, in the dark. A hopeless broken heart How I wish to be free, with you next to me. We could soar to great heights, like an arrow in flight. No longer would I be, alone in the night. This moment shall last forever, the day we are together. We will love, we will cherish The feelings will never perish. Until then he is here, In my thoughts, in my dreams. This man, this man I see... Will he ever be a part of me?
The Room Of Pet's Soul...
What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort. You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds. You believe that people see you as larger than life and important. While this is true, they also think you're a bit full of yourself. Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing. For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust. Inside the Room of Your Soul
There Comes A Time...(old Just Moving It)
“There comes a time for every Vampire when the Idea of eternity Becomes momentarily unbearable. The wounds suffered from Loves And failed relationships, Doesn’t heal like a humans, But seem only to gape larger. The Longing to be mortal returns”. This being said I can no longer at this time Face the mortal world, it is not of me. For this it is time for TheUnloved to Return to my realm of Darkness. It saddens me to say that I will not be around On a daily basis as I once have been. Be assured that the Spirit of TheUnLoved still thrives. I will be checking in from time to time, To see if this mortal world is becoming a more Suitable place for My Spirit to dwell. My Dearest friends and Family, I will make a great effort to let you know Of the return of TheUnLoved in some form. I will miss you all greatly! I regret that I will not be able to be among you As I once was, but perhaps My Spirit will some how Live on and Bless someone. Blessed be You All! TheUnLoved
Fuck It
i'm going to cancel cherrytap i think. its pointless because the only people on here are fucking perverts and they only want one thing. lets "chat" how bout lets not. i have been through fucking hell this year and all i want is happiness. i just want to look in the mirror once and smile and say that i'm happy with my life. i can't stand this pain anymore. i can't stand the sadness. he gave me lies and put me through hell and i thought i could trust him with everything. i was wrong. i've seen so much pain in my loved ones and i've seen death happen and right now, i see my papa dying. and you say hey, can i see your webcam? and what, i'm supposed to be all for it? fuck that and fuck you. people have shattered every ounce of trust i have in them countless times. i can't trust anyone. this one person who i became friends with on here just randomly stopped talking to me and i have no idea why. probably found something that was better. most people do
Could Ya Would Ya?
I'm goin around to different pages. If ya see me pop in, stop by and say hi! I'm just making sure that I've got ya rated/fanned - and I'm also leaving comments if I can. xoxox
My Mark Martin/susan Alford Family Roots
Now, I am going to have to ask you not to laugh at these pics, because some are hilarious!!!! Elijah was my great great great great grandfather! Every child after for 5 generations had another Elijah Collard. These are some of my family roots, and Mark's as well,um so when laughing...remember you are laughing at MARK!!!! lol Dot...aka Dorothy Collard was Mark's great grandmother and the mnother of Robbie Stuart, who married Clyde Martin, the parents of Julian Martin, Who was Mark's Dad! Myrtle Collard Burns is my great grandmother. Elijah Norris Collard is my Great Great Grandfather. Bartley Lewis Burns is my Great Grandfather. James Bartlet Burns is my mother's father. Elijah Collard (my great, great, great, great Grandfather) 'THE TRUE ARKANSAS RAZORBACK' This story is based on the original research and writings of Louel Collard-Smith as she compiled very full and extensive research of the history of the Collard families. Mrs. Smith's research was recorded on genealogical c
Best Morph Contest!
Best Morph Contest! I'm doing a Best Morph contest! I need 10 to 20 people for it! Contest will start 5/03 At 2 p.m. Central thur 5/09 at 2p.m. 1st , 2nd and 3rd Place will get 2 gifts each! Everyone else will get 1 ! 1st Morph is..... with 4351 comments! 2nd Morph is...... with 2020 comments! 3rd Morph is...... with 317 comments! 4th Morph is....... with 154 comments! 5th Morph is...... with 5 comments! 6th Morph is..... with 4 comments! 7th Morph is...... with 2 comments! 8th Morph is...... with 1 comments! Comment Bomb and Self comment bombing is allowed! Want to enter send me ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it For you! Thanks Maria ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~
I am violent, a force of nature, A tempest, a natural fiery phenomenon, I can end universes in the blink of an eye, My intention is to create a new world order Or I can fade to emptiness, I have the power to give life, and take it away, With one quick thought I can spring forth a new world, I have the drive and the will to destroy all, I have the ability to create, I have the power of a million suns in my hand, Everything in the cosmos is afraid of me, I stand alone amongst the masses, There is no one who understands me, My purpose is to explode, Detonation is my becoming, I am the supernova.
I Need Some Loving~ Xoxoxo
I Am Ready Now
I Am Ready Now (where ever you are) I am ready now to feel love again. I was hurt before but that is in the past I must move on. I know you have waited, waited for a long time, for my "okay" But I am more than okay. ...I am ready now. I am ready to soar through the skies Without any fear in my eyes. I am ready to fly high above the earth... With you. I am ready to be loved, to feel it, to feel it once again, beneath my wings. I am ready for you. I have put the pain behind me, Ready for the future, Ready to see what may happen, Ready to soar, ready to fly, Ready to be with you... I am ready now
Pecans In The Cemetery
On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, Old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled Up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began Dividing the nuts. "One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me," Said one boy. Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence. Another boy came riding along the road on his Bicycle. As he passed, he thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery. He Slowed down to investigate. Sure enough, he heard, "One for you, One for me. One for you, one for me." He just knew what it was. He jumped back on his bike And rode off. Just around the bend he met an old man with a cane, Hobbling along. "Come here quick," said the boy, "you won't believe What I heard! Satan and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the Souls." The man said, "Beat it kid, can't you see it's hard For me to walk." When the boy insisted though, the man hobbled slowly
Ups And Downs
I've been accepted to college. I can now return to being a student and I can hopefully make myself a bit more employable after I complete the process. It would be very nice to no longer need to worry so much about my future. I'll be travelling next weekend to attend a class in rope work. It will focus on power exchanges in rope work, and I will hopefully be able to improve my skills as a bondage rigger. We'll also be staying in a lifestyle friendly Bed and Breakfast. I have some friends who have apparently decided that they no longer wish to speak to me. It saddens me, but I have done all I can and have to accept those things that I cannot change. It does bother me, as I honestly cannot recall anything that I may have done to incur disfavor, but life just works out that way sometimes. I'm doing another play with people I respect greatly, and they have been extremely complimentary of me as well. Good feelings.
Advanced Oral Sex Techniques - Omg!!
This was posted as a Bulletin! I figured it needed to be saved for posterity, lol! Tannim is the individual who had reposted the Bulletin, but I will try to find the original poster for proper credit! Enjoy!! Addendum: This was originally posted by Enernational! Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, lick them if you want Now spread the tops of her pussy up until you find her clit. Women have clits in different sizes just like us guys have different sized dicks It doesn't mean a thing as far as her capacity for an orgasm all it means is there is more of her hidden underneath her foreskin, whenever you touch a woman's pussy, make sure your finger is wet you can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure by all means to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn't have any juices of its own and its very sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it's dry and from what I hear it hurts. But you don't have to touch the clit so soon any
Tattoo Contest I Need People Please!
Tattoo Contest Time Again! I Need Men and Ladies for my tattoo contest! Contest will start 5/7 thur 5/13 comment bombing is allowed u can comment bomb urself also! Want to enter send me ur pic link to my messages or tell me and i will rip ur pic for you! 2 gifts 1 V.I.P. and ! V.I.C. to the winners! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~ aka ~ SeXy MaMa ~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
Calling All Players
ryellowfast07@ CherryTAP has donated 1 day blast for my contest tonight..starts at 5 pst..the blast contest can come up at anytime. there is a new format tonight.....u will play contest for 300 and 500 cherry bux....instead of buying u a gift right away..u can accumalate your money..till u have enuff to buy what u want....i will keep your score on evey blog and u can cash out anytime...u know i make no points cause u are not allowed to rate my blog more then once..i doit so we can have a lil fun......but 1st i need my regular players to send this sponsor a quick shout .and say u appreciate the blast as a gift......
Yahoo Id
For those that like to use shout,please contact me and I will give you my yahoo id...Half the time I cant get shout too work.......... Thanks!!
New Drink!
A blonde and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. While they're sitting there having a good time together she starts talking about this really great new drink. The more she talks about it, the more excited she gets, and starts trying to talk her boyfriend into having one. After awhile he gives in and lets the blonde order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following on the bar -- A saltshaker, a shot of Baileys, and a shot of lime juice. The boyfriend looks at the items quizzically and the blonde explains. " "First, you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next, you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in you mouth, and finally, you drink the lime juice." So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it. He puts the salt on his tongue -- salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys - smooth, rich, cool, very pleasant. He thinks - this is OK? Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it .... In one second
Photo Contest: Alright Check This It Out My Brothers - My Sisters There Are (18)# Photo’s Below Only One Of These Photo’s Is A Fake Aka A Phony-Bologna LoL Examine Each One –n- E-Mail Me Back With The One Right Answer If You Get It Right I’ll Send You An E-mail Conformation With The Right Answer… I’LL Than Send You Something Cool To Your Page Ok Good Luck Cause Your Going To Need It Enough Said Haa LoL..! 1. Little kitten Being Crushed Though The Sofa Help Me Meow. 2. A Man With Is Packing Large; Hey No Homo 3. 80 Pound Red Lobster Out Of Water. 4. 6 Foot Giant Cat Fish Out Of Water. 5. Giant 36 Foot Python Snake Eats A Sheep that’s is Also Pregnant 6. Giant 36 Foot Python Snake Has More Teeth Then A Great White Shark 7. A Women Who Can Pleasure Herself. 8. A Man With A Giant House Cat 9. A Giant 47 Foot Squid 10. A Man With A Rare Medical Condition Disease That Has Effected Has Penis.
I have been in the worst mood today. This is the most depressed I have felt in a while. I have never felt more alone in my whole life. I dont have very many friends at all. And the friends I do have they have their own life to worry about. So they dont need me in their way. I feel like everyone and everything I love his gone. I dont know what do you with my life anymore. I have this baby growing inside me and I love it and I cant wait for him or her to get here. But I sit and I think why in this world did God give me this precious little gift...for me to raise up in my fucked life. Im scared Im not going to be able to give my baby everything it needs. I already took away the one thing that every little kid should have... and thats a family of their own. Yes, he or she has a dad but I know he wont be their for it all the time and he will walk in and out of its life as he pleases. I choose not be with the dad because he didnt treat me good when we were together...and I dont want to be wi
All The Women
go to frankster69 page
21 Things To Remember
ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it. FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?" FOURTEEN. Remember that great ! love and grea
No Need For A Stupid Subject!
Why do you need a stupid salute pic to advance past the friend of cherry tap,and idiots on here act like they are going to win millions of dollars once they get to the top.I don't come to this stupid site to make points,just friends!
Lookeing For Friends
I am lookeing for friends around my area or any where i can talk to them about any thing but sex if it posble I like to talk laught and have fun, if any one would like that kinde of thing that would be great thanks chris
Sassyone/sis/jc's Sweetest Twin/laurie
Here is another family member you want to check out! I met Laurie through Jeremy Crow (read this blog for more on him: For those of you who have asked about my "twin", Laurie is my "twin". And if you read my blog about Jeremy, you will see how that all came to be. Laurie is very talented, both in her personal photography and making tags and comments, not just for her but for others as well. Once you get to know her and become friends with her, she may even make you one as a surprise. She is friendly, bubbly, caring and will take great measures to make a person smile when they're down or just having a bad day. After visiting her page and chatting with her, you will know just how wonderful of a person she is to have. But please make sure you read her profile thoroughly before you add her as your friend, just out of respect for what she has been put through by some not so nice people here on CT. Her page will tell you oh so much more so witho
Dr.turi New Book Is Available
Hello readers: Here it is finally... Get your signed copy from me directly. Blessings to all DT
Mondays My Last Day
Good bye everyone I will keep in touch...miss all of you...:( you will be always on my mind... veronica/m
You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.Faerie100%Angel92%Mermaid75%Dragon58%WereWolf33%Demon0%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Come Check Me Out
you can never have to meny good frineds. friends are like ur family so u want to watch out for them.
God And The Marine
A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What the hell is the m
Leaving Ct For Awhile
Well Im gonna leave CT for awhile. Im on yahoo and those who really know me can reach me there. Or other places. Some have my cell but I may not renew my plan. Ive had alot of things going on and Im trying to get my insulin pump and well I have to wait. and it isnt a easy thing for me. Ive been really depressed on not being able to get it to get my life back in order and it seems that things seem to be going down hill and its really crushing. There are other factors in this but Im just not going to go there. If anyone needs programs.. you know how to reach me I would be happy to help you when I can. Anyways Im upset and kinda feel "what is the point? I ordered a CT tshirt a WHITE One. They sent me black and Ive emailed them back letting them know and they dont respond. I guess Im just sick of alot of things and well giving up. Take care of yourself, Eachother, Remeber it takes a week to trust someone, a month to be a friend, but a split second to loose trust for
More Needed To Level Up....thanks
Well...thanks to everyone that helped my son Landon make it to that "wasted cherry" he's not too far away from being a "magic cherry"! So...hope you'll drop back in and help him reach his next level, very quickly! I'd sure appreciated it! landonrmorgan@ CherryTAP
5-5-07 Astrology
Romance can strike just about anywhere, even in line at the supermarket. The trick is to be open to possibilities. If you can abandon preconceived notions of what will and won't work for you, love is all around.
Oh Hell Yeah! Party Tonight!!!
I'd like to invite you to come hang out with us tonight. it's gonna be a kick ass Rowdy night!! Just click the pic to get there. I go on air around 9 or 10 est.
since I broke up with my boyfriend, i just feel hollow inside.
My Birthday
Birthday Calculator 30 January 1958 Your date of conception was on or about 9 May 1957 which was a Thursday. You were born on a Thursday under the astrological sign Aquarius. Your Life path number is 9. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 6 & 9. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1 & 5. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 7 & 11. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 4, 8 & 22. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2436233.5. The golden number for 1958 is 2. The epact number for 1958 is 10. The year 1958 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 1/31/1957 and ending 2/17/1958. You were born in the Chinese year of the Rooster. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Otter; your plant is Fern. You were born in the Egyptian month of Parmuthy, the fourth month of the season of Poret (
Utterly Surreal
I held my weekly morning meeting on Friday at 7am. Before the meeting started, one of my supervisors got a call... When he got off the phone he just looked at me and shook his head. He told me it was his rep, Jennifer, calling to tell him she was running late. He said, "I think she just told me that she went out to her car, her battery was dead, she needed a jump start, so she asked the neighbor for help, he ran over his dog, and she left her neighbors sobbing in her driveway, but she's on her way...but I'm not sure..." I know this sounds horribly morbid, but I just started cracking up! I couldn't help myself. I couldn't make this stuff up. Her direct supervisor wasn't sure if he heard her correctly because it was such a strange story. When she got in, we found out that he had indeed heard her correctly. Apparently, the night before she'd left her keys halfway in the ignition, therefore her car never completely shut off and her battery got drained. Her neighbor acros
Smores And Sausage
Last night was pretty interesting. Hung out in the middle of the street in between shasta and kristins houses and bbq'd all night. We got pretty drunk in the proccess which included a 30 mile journey to find cedar to cook with. cinco de mayo has started out well and should only get better! haha
Im So Mad Right Now
I am very pissed off right now. Anyone want a 6 yr old before i strangle him! I just spent 150 bucks on a new digital camera 3 days ago and just started using it yesterday and he went and broke it. You know the dial on the top you move to select what you want to do pic, video etc. Well he moved it past where its supposed to go and now its stuck there and it wont move so now i cant take anymore pictures. All that money wasted and all i got to take was 3 pictures with it. That was the camera I was planning on taking with me to Iraq!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to scream.
Make Believe U See A Picture Of Me On The Floor Bummed Out Asking For Money
i was wondering if u could rate a few items of my stash.....i hold contest out of my blog when there is no we can have a lil fun..i give away cherry are welcome to come whenever u see my blog its a contest...but unfourtunatly the contest funds are being depleted very fast..because i like to give away good gifts.....i was wondering if u are willing to sponsor a contest by giivng the winner a big will place ur ink in that contest.........if not just rate aza few itemss in my i try to gt 10.000 bux in the nxt hour for some contest tonight....believe it or not if u rate 2 or 3 things it helps..cause i have a lot of friends
Just When You Think You Know Someone
Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling great then someone comes at you with a total mess of nonsense that you THOUGHT was a good friend??? All this about someone complaining that I never stop by and rate their stuff SHEESH Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am always a friend 1st and foremost and I rate people's stuff when I feel like it NOT because I'm told "I do yours so why don't you do mine" You know who you are if you still get my bulletins but I doubt it cuz you deleted me as a friend, fan and family member. I have 2 words for you "GROW UP"!!!
Do You Know What Sucks????
Well you might as well face the music!! Do you really know what sucks??? It the fact that you are getting lodder by every passing day, mins,weeks ,hour and year. How do you avoid not know that??? You don't !! It is a reminder to you when you look in the reflection glass, when you go to get up out of bed, When your teeth start to fall out no matter how heard you take care of them, Then its your hair turning gray,or the fact that it is falling out each time you comb or brush it, then theres the wondering stage.Where at times your mind goes off to a different place in time.Then theres the wrinkles, bags under your eyes,and then you start to slow down in the things that you used to do. But you know what that should not stop you from just liveing your life to the fullest from day to day.Be happy that you are still here with the liveing.Enjoy the friends and family. Go places, see things you've never sceem before. You don't have to have a lot of money. just look around you there places in yo
Kinky Survey
What is the kinkiest thing you have done? let my boyfriend pee on me What is the kinkiest thing you have been asked to do? Roleplaying What is your kinkiest fantasy? Room full of hotwomen fighting over whos going to fuck me first Have you ever had sex in a public place? yes Have you ever had a threesome? yes Have you ever been with a member of the same sex? yes What is the kinkiest outfit you own? Prostitute outfit Have you ever been tied up? yes Have you ever tied anyone up? yes Do you like to dress up in the bedroom? yes Where is the craziest place you have had sex? front porch of my apartment Have you ever tossed anyone's salad? yes Have you ever worn anything belonging to the opposite sex? yes Do you like to be spanked? yes Do you like dirty talk? yes Do you ever take naked photos? yes Do you ever video yourself? yes Do you enjoy porn? yes Have you ever watched anyone have sex? yes Have you ever been watched having sex? yes
Life Is Short
I can be overly complimentary if I like you. I'm not an ass kisser, but I do believe that it's important to take the time and tell people exactly what they mean to you. Life is too short to keep your thoughts bottled up. I don't want someone I've known to die and think to myself: "I wish I would have told them more often that..." I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
Double helix stairway of questions plage my mind, following this path ensue, suggests that they rewind. Constrain unmindful thoughts into, oblivious to what they do, But still these words show no remorse. Contaminating aguished course. I'm blind to see my sorrows source. The curling smoke of surpressed candles, caused by all your obcured scandles. All your errors are so costly, yet your sentiments are lapse. Then accuse the other side, untill accusations grasp. All the offensive words you speak, and still forgiveness is what you seek? But when a fight gets dug to deep, your always first to fall asleep. Sleeping soundly? just in cause? While my heart is bleeding, patching hearts with tearing guase, While my hearts still needing. Where on this side of full regret, when words are said and fear is set. I'm drained of all until I'm weak, toss and turn can't fall asleep, opened mouth where words can't speak, I clench my chest and start to weep. And still forgiveness
Revelations Of A Thoughtless Being
Quiet child flair your arms, silence alarms. Weeping rose a petal falls, it's helpless calls. A black spot in a white square, A pointless stare. Salvations light so bright and rich, turns black as pitch, to cloak this stitch, that tangles my birth. Mangling earth. Into the stove, creations clay, And so we lay,each passing day. The hourglass starts, stopping out hearts. As we are split,the angels spit. No words are spoken, as wings they are broken. zippered mouths with faceless features, plastured on these flying creatures. symbols for what's right and wrong, these things prolong. Rekindeling life, simplicities chore, fall upon the earth once more. reasons seem to rectify, all these tears, these tears I cry.
My Kinky Kinky Are U
Kinky SurveyTake This Survey at NaughtyQ.comWhat is the kinkiest thing you have done?let my boyfriend pee on meWhat is the kinkiest thing you have been asked to do?RoleplayingWhat is your kinkiest fantasy?Room full of hotwomen fighting over whos going to fuck me firstHave you ever had sex in a public place?yesHave you ever had a threesome?yesHave you ever been with a member of the same sex?yes
Treadmarks Of A Spitefull God
These scars of vengence against, these bleeding wounds of misery, give me all the comforts of being home again. A reoccuring constant in digits of my history. I need to talk, to spill the cup, to break the news to friends. And though it seems that mouths are glued, and mindless matters stir and stew. I cannot let go of the impressions of a disapearing dream. I'm tearing at the seam, a helpless soul, an empty bowl, of used flakes you shatter. What does it matter..... But know the chaos that you breed, know of pain and misery. I would wish this on, but cannot live, a spineless cowards leaking sive. And so I talk to friends defined, of only thought, creative mind.... I'm lost and no one knows where to look to find myself again. nobody cares the way my sheets smell of the dead.
ty all who rated my new pics
Personal Medical Care
lol I thought I would all bore you to death about what I just did...ok I have a problem when cutting my nails I always seem to go past the quick..I don't know why I do this I just do it allright? ok so like 3 days ok while doing some nail grooming I did that to the index finger and yesterday it was starting to hurt something fierce during spiderman 3 but I didn't do anything about it..and it was even starting to bother me why this morning when I got up I noticed my finger was ten timees larger then normal lol now I hate the doctors I figure there is nothing they can't do that I can do my self so I got a thumbtack heated it up on a stove burner and jabbed it in the finger in question til it punctured and I squeezed till blood and green pus oozed out..and you know what? my finger doesn't hurt I am able to type this up with no problem..I washed it up real good with soap dumped peroxide on it and we are good to go..I swear I could be Macguyver..if I had 3 names like Richard Dean
Investigating The Roots Of Fuck
Fuck is an English word which, as a verb, literally means to engage in sexual intercourse. The word is generally considered offensive. It is unclear whether the word has always been considered vulgar, and if not, when it first started to be considered vulgar. Some evidence indicates that in some English-speaking locales it was considered acceptable as late as the 17th century meaning "to strike" or "to penetrate." Other evidence indicates that it may have become vulgar as early as the 16th century in England, although neither set of evidence is inherently contradictory to the other, since many words have multiple connotations. The word became increasingly offensive over time because of its usage to describe (often in an extremely angry, hostile or belligerent manner) negative or unpleasant circumstances or people in an intentionally offensive way, such as in the term "motherfucker," one of its more common usages. Fuck is used not only as a verb (transitive and intransitive), but
hey sorry i havent really been on for a while have had a lot goin on. but all is good. i talk to bubba about once or twice a week now. hes doing pretty good. i cant wait until he comes home. i finally got the ring i have been wanting to get him, it came in the mail yesterday. now i just gotta wait until he can actually have it to send it to him. he is gonna get a lil angry with me for spendin so much on him but he is worth it. work has been goin alright, not much different there, the security is getting a lot stronger but thats only cuz the new harry potter is gettin ready to come out. went tanning yesterday and burnt pretty bad. it hurts but is slowly startin to tan. um last weekend i got my hair done, i really like it. and got pictures done on monday they should be here at the end of the month. but besides that there isnt really much new goin on with me. same old shit different day.
Always live your life to the fullest. Once your number is up the good ole lord will be coming a callin. Like a song goes" You are here for a good time and not for a long time. So have a good time cause the sun doesn't shine every day"
Dale Jr
ok people listen up its dale jr nascars biggest fan they r racing in richmond tonight so men get your women pop that popcorn ice down the beeer and watch my boy dale jr git-r-done tonight
Q & A ..part 2
Q & Answers (not all are great just dont feel like taking stoopid ones out lol) Q:What do a gynecologist and a pizza delivery boy have in common? A: They can both smell it but can't eat it. Q: How is a woman like a condom? A: Both of them spend more time in your wallet than on your dick. Q: What is the similarity between a woman and Kentucky Fried Chicken? A: By the time you've finished with the breast and thighs, all you have left is a greasy box to pop your bone in. Q: How are twisters (tornadoes) and marriage alike? A: They both begin with a lot of blowing and sucking, and in the end you lose your house. Q: Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympic team? A: Because everybody who can run, jump, and swim are already in America. Q: How do you circumcise a hillbilly? A: Kick his sister in the jaw. Q: What's brown and often found in children's underpants? A: Michael Jackson's hand. Q: Why do women have two sets of lips? A: So they can p
I believe that the most valuable tool that a person can carry on them is a Sharpie permanent marker. I carry one with me wherever I go. My favorite thing to use it for is defacing conservative bumper stickers. I delight in wondering how long it takes the driver to figure out their little "(man figure) + (woman figure) = marriage" sticker now reads "brother + sister."
Birth Date Information - More Than You Want To Know, Lmao!
Birthday Calculator 3 June 1947 Your date of conception was on or about 10 September 1946 which was a Tuesday. You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Gemini. Your Life path number is 3. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 6 & 9. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 2, 5 & 11. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 4, 7, 8 & 22. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2432339.5. The golden number for 1947 is 10. The epact number for 1947 is 8. The year 1947 was not a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 1/22/1947 and ending 2/9/1948. You were born in the Chinese year of the Pig. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Elk; your plant is Mullein. You were born in the Egyptian month of Mesore, the fourth month of the season of Shomu (Harvest). Your date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is 15 Sivan 5707. Or if
Am I Sexy?
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I'm Whoring Myself
Fire My Words Fire My Words CLICK HERE TO HELP Fire My Words
Mayweather Vs De La Hoya
my money is on Mayweather..and they better make it last cus i'm paying $60 to watch it Cinco De Mayo: When the Mexicans celebrated their independence from Spain aka just another excuse for me to drink Tequila :) *cheers* Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)
Ok Im Sick Of The Fuckin Bullshit
Tabby's Tee's...
Tabby's Tee's are hand painted and hand designed, they are washable but yet need to be dryed in low heat to saver the fabric paint. I only have a few made up at the moment however, I plan to make more and also am taking requests and I do shipping as well! infant sizes are $5 youth sizes are $7 adult sizes are $10 any questions or requests just message me!
This Made My Heart Tug
I have my youngest son timothy every other weekend and this is my weekend with him.Last night me michael and the kids all went to the movies and saw meet the robinsons(great movie).We got home kinda late and got up a bit early because my oldest son had a ball game.Needless to say after they ate lunch they were real winny so I made them lie down for a nap.My youngest son was in our bed and michael laid down next to him.Now this is what made my heart tug.My youngest son snuggled up next to michael and went to sleep.AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!
Hey everyone...I am moving to Waterloo, Iowa....YAY....*does happy dance* ok so yeah wish me luck and a safe journey... Talk to you all once i get a computer and the net....Peace out....Much Love to ALL My family and friends and fans...
Last night i had a dream. i dont know what to call it. whether it be bad or good. i was at like some sort of carnival. a guy i still love today, Matt, was there. it was a short dream but a big enough message to make me cry when i woke up. at that carnival he realized that he still wanted to be with me. and he hugged me. and we were together. he loved me once again. i was happy. like i once was with him. it really hurt when i woke up. because it wasnt real. im still crying as i write this now. god it hurts so much. i wish i could get him out of my thoughts. i have tried so hard. and now the dreams are coming. i dont know what to do.
It's A Poem 4 Woman
A good Woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who She is. She neither seeks definition from the person She is with, nor does She expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good Woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore She gives love. She recognizes that Her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If Her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. A good Woman has a dash of inspiration, a dabb;e of endurance. She knows that She will at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them. A good Woman knows Her past, understands Her present, and moves toward the future. A good Woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is Her playground, but without God She will just be played. A good Woman does not live in fear of the future because of Her past. Instead, She understands that Her life experiences are merely lessons,
For Those Of You That Didnt Know I Am A Musician Plz Fan Me
these are my videos filmed in the bronx..plz fan me
Hi to all you cherrytap poeple out there my friend told me to try this out so here it gos.
Saying Good-bye
Saying Good-bye Not everyone is aware of when they’ll die, not everyone is given the chance to say “Good-bye”. Not everyone knows Jesus is waiting to welcome them, not everyone is assured of seeing loved ones again. As we approach the end of our journey beckoned to go home, we’re aware our loved ones aren’t alone. Jesus sends a “Comforter” to see them through, to give them the strength to accomplish all they must do. Each of us was born with a predestined time, I can’t fulfill yours and you can’t fulfill mine. Each of us is assigned our very own destiny, when the time is right we’re called home for eternity. How awesome it is saying good-bye to one who is saved, for we know their end is not the grave. We know that Jesus has prepared a place for them, and when our time comes too we’ll be together again. We know for a fact God has a plan in place, and all who’ve taken part have been saved by grace. Since we’ve sought the truth learning of salvation, repented of our sins and acc
Plz Join Tomorrow @ 11:30 Est
grab a razor make a fist watch ur pain flow out of ur wrist pain and sorrow all in one fuck the razor grab the gun
For A 500 Dollar Gift
ast person to drop 3 comments wins
We want to hook up with open minded person for 3 somes or 4 somes. We love to fuck!!!
i havent blogged in quite a while because i have been busy with other features of cherrytap. but i have learned a hard lesson in this system, dont become too arrogant or secure in your place because someone surely will come and shoot you down...i wont go into details, but i will go as far as to say im feeling pretty down today. take care, fellow bloggers and share the luv, some of us really need it today.... solarflare.
Sorry Only One Player I See U Guys Tonight Gon Work On My Points
Cinco De Mayo Woot Woot
Whose Around
drop a comment if u will play
I finally took care of my boring and rather uninforming profile...I like it much better now, though I'll probably get sick of it again and change it....AGAIN like I do with ALL of my profiles scattered all over everywhere... I got so bored with one of my profiles out there that I actually deleted it JUST so I could start out from scratch with it.
How Can I Make My Own Photo A Playboy Cover
i was wondering if anyone know a place so i can take my photo and make it a playboy mag cover if any one knows please send the link ty hugs and kisses kelly
May.....the Month Of Mirth.....listen In, Call In, Join In
This starts "May the Month of Mirth" on Ksframeofmind! Meet our new team member , Mitch and listen as poor "Dave" has to try and satisfy two women now! Prank phone calls, silly news and "Meet the Mitch"!!! Call in and join us for this pilot show! Just a little side note This is Paul and Tiffany's Anniversary. Tune In and Call In 646-652-4737 Just clink on the link below to join the madness at 10pm eastern , Sunday night !!! We have surprise cohosts coming on and it will be so much fun!! Don’t forget about Paul and Tiff’s anniversary and the trivia giveaway!!! Call in!!!
The Rules Have Changed...mybabespace!!!
Hey all, This is from the owner of Mybabespace!!! The give $1.00 is not longer in effect but this is what he is offering now!!! Please let me be the winner guys!!! I know you support me!!! What else can you have a sexy sweetheart that would support you in anyway I could & a friend that cares!!! Please help me out!!! Thanks!!! Alright ladies. I see where my experiment is headed. The guys are to cheap on here to pay a dollar for you even though they are getting something worth $10. Cheap bastards. Don't hook up with any of these guys ladies or your dinner out with them is going to be the dollar menu from McDonald's LOL Here is the new rules (since no one has sent a buck=unbelievable) Submit your pictures to my web site My Babe ( I will upgrade your account for you to a gold account for free. Then get your friends to sign up for a FREE account. Let them tell you their user ID and you can tell me who came in under you. The woman who has the mos
Falling In Love.... Leave Comments
Fallin in Love... Falling in and out of love can make you dizzy. Its a sign that you are addicted to some kind of crazeeeee love. Maybe it really isnt love. Some people just like the idea of being in love. If youre FALLING in and out of love, Stop and check yourself. If youre falling, is that love? If the one you love causes you to fall and isnt lifting you aint love! If the one you love doesnt come aint love! If the one you love doesnt answer the phone..... it aint love! If the one you love is using and abusing you ... it ain't love! If your life is on hold and you cant eat, sleep, work, study or aint love! If the one you love aint loving you in return, stop in the name of love. Love yourself before you give your heart, body and soul away again. If a man wants you... nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you... nothing can make him stay. WHAT IS THE M
I Should Have Stayed At Home
so last night i went to visit my friend amanda and josh they were having a party and i hadnt seen them in a couple months so i went.. althought im not really one for parties.i saw a few people i knew from way back when .. from days spent at veeh elementary and ce utt middle school and even foot hill high and tustin too.this one guy he had a mohawk hhaha amanda said he wanted me hahaha she told him about me before i got tere and he was all excited well he kept bothering and trying to get me to drink and i just wasnt in the mood .. i havent drank in a lo9ng time and i really dont need to do anything to have fun you know .. i mean im comfertable enough to get crazy when im sober hahah but still he persisted so i left and amanda chased me down and begged for me to come back and stay and that shed tell him to be nice and stop and so regretfully i did. i hung out for an hour or so more and had a good conversation with this one chick and her best bud. and then i decided i just wanted to go ho
Brown Eyes (just Like Mine)
Brown Eyes Oh, brown Eyes with long black lashes, Young brown Eyes, Depths of night from which there flashes Lightning as of summer skies, Beautiful brown Eyes! In your veiled mysterious splendour Passion lies Sleeping, but with sudden tender Dreams that fill with vague surmise Beautiful brown Eyes. All my soul, with yearning shaken, Asks in sighs-- Who will see your heart awaken, Love's divine sunrise In those young brown Eyes?
Ksframeofmind.....listen, Call In, Join Us
This starts "May the Month of Mirth" on Ksframeofmind! Meet our new team member , Mitch and listen as poor "Dave" has to try and satisfy two women now! Prank phone calls, sillly news and "Meet the Mitch"!!! Call in and join us for this pilot show! Just a little side note This is Paul and Tiffany's Anniversary. Tune In and Call In 646-652-4737 Just clink on the link below to join the madness at 10pm eastern , Sunday night !!! We have surprise cohosts coming on and it will be so much fun!! Don’t forget about Paul and Tiff’s anniversary and the trivia giveaway!!! Call in!!!
The Deadly Roots Of Bitterness!!! Pls Comment
Are you familiar with the phrase, his nose is out of joint? What does it take to put your nose out of joint to get you miffed? What are the feelings you experience when you get miffed? Are they positive, uplifting joyful emotional vibrations? Lets come at this from a different direction. Are you familiar with the word sulk. The dictionary says that sulking is, "keeping aloof from others in moody silence.. Someone said, "Bitterness is a devastating attitude sin. It triggers a wide range of other sins, such as: hatred, cruelty, antagonism, self-pity, unteachableness (implacability), vindictiveness and desires for revenge and prideful ambition (arrogance). Bitterness is characterized by an unforgiving spirit and negative, critical attitudes." Bitterness motivates habitual complaining. It has been writen. Bitter people find great delight in gossip. Bitterness fragments other peoples lives. Bitterness is self induced misery, and it produces chain sinning A chronically bitter person i
The Hair Dryer
The Hair Dryer A distinguished young woman on a flight from Switzerland asked the Priest beside her, "Father, may I ask a favor?" "Of course. What may I do for you?" "Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs limits, and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it through Customs for me? Under your robes perhaps?" "I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie." "With your honest face, Father, no one will question you." When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her. The official asked, "Father, do you have anything to declare?" "From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare." The official thought this answer strange, so asked, "And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?" "I have a marvelous instrument designed to be used on a woman, but which is, to date,
Meeting People
I like meeting and talken to new people. I always say you can never have to many friends...I also use myspace if you want the link send me a message and ill give i to you i use face box also. Cool ways to meet new people.
Rambling A Little.....
I was thinking about how I could start a blog. The thoughts went through my mind about sharing stories or poems, or saying a little more about myself. For now I will add a little more to let you kind of have an insight to my inner workings. Haha. I am older, but still like to have the young side to me. I love life in general. Not a dang thing scares me. The only thing that really bothers me is if I am alone without a companion. I do have a sinister, morbid side to me. Vampires and a few other things along that order really intrigue me. The Darkness makes me feel at home occasionally, but then too I have my brighter days. I love snakes, which sometimes scares the Hell out of people. I respect the things that are out there that can do a person harm. I also respect a person's wishes if they do not want to go around things like that with me. As far as the cowboy and country side.....when I was younger I chewed tobacco, got under the hood of vehicles with my daddy, and loved
Rainy Days And Mondays
The nicest thing about rainy days that has no thunder nor lightening is that fact that you can set on the computor and talk to friends.And escape to nowheres and everywheres.Thank God for friends,computors,and rainy days
He Did It! Woohoooo!!!! (jumping Up And Down)
As of 12:30pm today, Andrew is now an Exterior Firefighter! He passed his Essentials 3 class!!! Wooohooooo!!!! He is the youngest Junior in our department to reach this level! I am so proud of him!! This picture was taken at his Public Safety class at Tech School. He is the one on the left, demonstrating a leg lock. (Mom has a hard time looking at this picture). Andrew is now elligable to take other classes at the academy, but he won't be able to take his Essentials 4 class until he turns 18. The Essentials 4 class involves a live burn and interior firefighting. OMG I'm still jumping up and down! In other news, there is a suspect in the theft of equipment and vehicle damage I wrote about a while ago. He IS one of the firefighters in one of the classes. They have no proof that he did it as far as witnesses go, but he did show up with one of the missing portables. Nothing has been done yet. I'll update you when I learn more. I would like to say, thank y
Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams Somewhere someone is dreaming of your smile, Ready to walk the entire mile. But instead he lay here head upon the pillow, Looking outside to the large weeping willow, How easy it would be to climb down, he’d say, How easy it would be to run away. He loves this girl with all his heart And thinks to himself we’re not far apart. So he decides to go for a leap to the nearest branch, that’s only a few feet. So into the window he climbs, Just to trip up on the blinds. He manages to take a leap with all his might, But falls short to his fright. He falls to the ground two stories it seems. And there on the ground lye’s a boy with shattered dreams. Punctured by a stake, he shall never wake. And this is the end of this boys life. Never to grow up and have that girl as his wife.
First One I Wrote..go Easy On Me..
broken dolly on the floor broken dolly loved no more broken dolly once cared for and protected now lies on the floor shattered and neglected promises and secrets now scatterd to the wind will she ever find her soulmate again? broken dolly lies in wait for the one who always made it ok broken dolly did you really believe the promises now your nothing but a pile of glass nothing more than a memory of the past your to broken to be wanted little doll let it go you believed you were loved right till the end now your just broken on the floor little doll friend
Pc Parts
FFS i wish my Other pc's parts would come this slow ass laptop is driven me nuts (0.o)
Fuck Delicate Terror
This mother fucker threatens to beat my ass...Ok if this dude beats my ass. I got friends that will put him in a fucking wheelchair!! No joke, I know too many people for him to be fucking with me.
Please Rate Me...(best Dressed)
Sexual Interests Test - Thanks, Jayderaven!
, you're now logged in! Below you'll find your test result. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we're about. continue to OkCupid homescreen > Ultimate! You are the Ultimate! You want and like it all! You are into Poly, BDSM, and Roleplay, and are interested in pursuing it with either sex. You are uninhibited and seek that in others. Nothing is outside of your reach. Go for it, enjoy life to it's fullest! My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:You scored higher than 99% on polyYou scored higher than 99% on bdsm
The Spinxs Riddle
what creature walks on four legs during the morning on two legs during the middle of the day and on three legs in the evening leave a comment and see if u can guess it and i will leave the answer at a later time
That's When I Stop Loving You
Pride In All Forms ... Soul Poison
I stood on a pedestal made of pride looking down on all and tried to hide the contempt I felt for any who did dare to tell me this that I was as yet unaware the pedestal crumbled and I did fall I landed hard and then did recall that I had never done anything by myself so I made the decision to place pride on a shelf . and live as one with all people I meet this is the way of peace and no need to retreat for we were given each other to hold in esteem that gives life meaning and can make it a dream . By R. Thomas Dinsmore
The Watchers: An Ancient Race?
Nephilim@ fubar Though to today's science this limitless male sexual capacity is new, the history behind it may be as old as Human existence, itself - if not perhaps older. Beginning with the ancient accounts of "Fallen Angels" (more accurately: "The Watchers") descending from heaven to sexually enjoy human females, to their "demigod" (half-god, half-human) progeny, called "The Rephaim" (who -- following their expulsion from the Middle Eastern lands -- became the source of the myriad sex Gods of antiquity, and ultimately resulting in their vilification as vampiric "Nosferati" in possession of the ultimate sexual "Dark Gift", this unlimited male sexual capacity has been genetically passed along through the Ages to the current day. "The Watchers were "a specific race of divine beings known in Hebrew as nun resh 'ayin, 'irin' (resh 'ayin, 'ir' in singular), meaning 'those who watch' or 'those who are awake', which is translated into Greek as Egrhgoroi egregoris or grigori, meanin
I Am Not Impressed
If looks could ever kill, i'd be a mass murderer.
I WILL BE rockin the fuckin lounge from 9p-1a central.........come listen......join if u like.............xoxo Please upgrade your Media player
For Ever...
I close my eyes... Grasping... My pillow tiiiiiiiiiight... Tonite... Dreaming of you... Aching to be... Warm and fuzzy... Once agaaaaiiiin... Our time apart... Only plucks on the... Heart strings... Toooniiiiiiiiite... It's playing... Ohhhhh.... Sooo... Slow... Staring at your pic... Dreaming... Of you in... Pink.....or.... Whiiiiiiighte... Dancing... Ohhh... sooo... Sloooooow... Faces... Melting into the... Crowd... Time standing still... Two hearts... Beaing as... One... Staring into your eyes... As I try to... Kiss your lips... It all fades away... As the sun rises... On... Another daayyyy... Every second of every minute... Of every hour... To the start of this day... I'll be thinkin... Of you... Kissess... For ever... loving you... My wife to B...BBE... So I sit back... And close my eyes... Thinkin of you... For ever loving... You... I smile... Kisssssssessssssssss... (c)BBE...Ehhh 2006 All rights reserved
For All The Mom's Out There!
MOTHER'S LOVE A Mother's love is something that no on can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away . . . It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking . . . It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems . . . It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation, And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation . . . A many splendoured miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. ~Helen Steiner Rice~ Another Poem I Found For Mothers Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom? "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will, but that's O.K."....... Later the little boy aske
Some Thoughts
Hide myself behind locks door escaping the hatered that I feel escape the reality they they "so called life" strong will survive but the weak will parish Im nither strong nor weak but a walking corps just slowly wasling through life caught between the living an the dead damned by all an outcast on my own with no help determented to make it on my own to prove thoughts who douted me I lived this long I will survive
Things Aren't What They Seem
Im in a place in my life right now where I am at a crossroad in alot of different aspects of my being. Relationship wise ecspecially. How hard it is to hold onto something that is covered in oil and just keeps slipping away. What does it mean to love someone so much that you would rather see them hurt then let them go??? I just don't know. The whole concept of love is shakey to me anyways. And just when I thought i knew what it was about, it went and changed on me again. Its like a small child. Can never sit still and changes everytime you turn your back. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
What The Fuck?
I'm tired of giving my heart to someone and having it crushed in the end, its just dumb that boys have play you for a fool, it makes me sick, to think about it, you think you actually find a nice guy, and he turns out just to be a loser just like all the other guys. That can't be happy with just one person, it makes me want to say to them what the fuck? Why the hell do you say you like me when obviously you like someone else? It doesn't hurt me anymore it just pisses me off. If you like someone else don't mess with me, live your life with out me in it, or if you want to just be friends just say so, it's not gonna kill me, it retarded, that you have to lead people on, it's not the greatest feeling in the world ya know? So I just want to say what the fuck dude..... what the fuck?
Please Help
Today while viewing the top stashes including top videos I saw something that really surprised me. I am asking everyone to help me out and lets get the following two videos to the top and show those who give of themselves to protect others that we care. Lets show our soldiers and firefighters that we support them and that we thank them for what they do each day. Is this to much to ask when they give so much of themselves each day. Everyday in the US many men and women without pay risk their lives to save others as they run into burning buildings as others are running out. SO PLEASE I ask all of you rate these two videos a thumbs up and show all of them that we care and that we are behind them at all times. Please repost this and lets PLEASE make this happen. In support of all of our US military who have given their lives to keep us safe each day and those who are still serving today
Redneck Pickup Lines......these Are Baaaad!!! Lmfao!!!
Redneck Man's pick up lines > 1) Did you fart? >cuz you blew me away. > >2) Are yer parents retarded? >cuz ya sure are special. > >3) My Love fer you is like diarrhea . >I can't hold it in. > >4) Do you have a library card? >cuz I'd like to sign you out. > > 5) Is there a mirror in yer pants? cuz I can see myself in em. > >6) If you was a tree I were a Squirrel, I'd store my nuts in yer hole. > >7) You might not be the best lookin girl here, but beauty's only a light switch away. > >8) Man - "Fat Penguin!" >Woman - "WHAT?" >Man - "I just wanted to say something that would break the ice." > >9) I know I'm not no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make yer bed-rock. > >10) I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went inta that cheap motel room. > >11) Yer eyes are as blue as window cleaner. > >12) If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, we kin sleep til afternoon. > >and.... the best for last! > >13) Yer face remin
My Contests
Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words uarr;Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑
It's The Freakin Weekend!
Seriously... It's Saturday. Why on God's green Earth are we not having some fun! I know I am about to! I'm thinking maybe a party in Kent? Maybe? Could be a fun time, could also be a bunch of people I do not know. I could hang out here, check out the local scene...yea, like I haven't done that before. I am in a serious Darts mood. So where ever I end up needs to have a place to throw. You think people acutally read this shit? I mean, its cool if you do. I don't know what going on in my own if you can figure it out, shoot.
What To Do
There's no other place to talk about this in the "real world" so I figured throw it out here bc it doesn't matter to anyone here and just maybe I'd get some feed back. I really like this one person and I really wanna well no need to spell it out but I'm not one that will start it. I guess I kinda did already I kissed this person and nothing has happened since and I really wanna be w/this person in every which way but its so confusing. This person is so beautiful inside and out. So outgoing and down to earth. With a heart of gold and so damn sexy. I really wish people would stop stressing this person out they don't need it at all. I would love to get to know this person on a deeper level but there never seems to be time bc everything thats fucking going on. I just wanna fucking scream at the top of my lungs WHAT THE FUCK. I want a friendship w/this person and be able to go and do things and hang out and do a little more. I just don't fucking know. Sorry about the babbling.
Youtube Is Target Of More Lawsuits
Media companies are banding together to fight YouTube for illegally publishing their material online, placing more pressure on the company to better monitor the video clips on its site. The Football Association Premier League Ltd. and Bourne Co. filed a class action lawsuit Friday against YouTube and Google, which acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion last year. The Premier League, which owns the rights to British soccer games, and Bourne, an independent music publisher and the rights owner of such songs as "Let's Fall in Love," are seeking additional copyright holders to join their suit. The class-action lawsuit is the latest strike against YouTube in the copyright-infringement battle. Viacom, owner of such shows as "Laguna Beach" and "Dora the Explorer," opened the door a few months ago when it filed a complaint seeking $1 billion. The dispute has intensified as YouTube increases in popularity and starts to draw advertising dollars. While the site has tapped into the phenomenon
Sfi Simplified (revealed - Succeed Sensationally With Sfi! Secret Stunning Solution!)
SFI SIMPLIFIED (Revealed - Succeed sensationally with SFI! Secret stunning solution!) There's a simple, yet powerful, secret to making a HUGE amount of money, every month, with SFI's system. It works, and it works well. My recommendation - Just Do It! You may forever regret it if you don't. One important thing you must know up front. With SFI you cannot make any money unless you generate retail sales or sponsor affiliates who make retail sales and/or purchase from SFI. And you may not sponsor affiliates unless you become an Executive Affiliate. If you do make retail sales, as an Executive Affiliate you'll earn double the commission that a non-EA earns. Not only that, become EA and SFI will lock in your position in its Team Network, TNet, which makes you eligible for downline commission and bonuses. Plus, you'll get a lot of other BENEFITS as an EA. Such as daily, immediate Business Builder Bonuses of up to $30 per affiliate whenever you sponsor a new EA or new T
How The Hell.......
I wanna know how these morphing pics work cause they are hella hot and I want one *lol* Anyone care to fill me in!?!?!
The 3 Easiest Ways For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing
With the aid of the Internet, you can almost have everything right at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you get access to thousands and even millions of pieces of information and data on virtually any field of interest. As years pass by, the Internet continuous to effect radical changes in many facets of human endeavors, including commerce. Experts say that the information space, commonly known as the “world wide web,” grows by over a million pages everyday as more and more people utilize the Internet for information, education, entertainment, business and other personal reasons. It doesn’t take a business-oriented individual to realize that this phenomenon can bring about sky-high financial gains. The Internet’s fast-growing popularity in the recent years is surely an opportunity for business that any entrepreneur would not want to miss. You might be thinking only businessmen can make much money out of the Internet, don’t you? Think again. You too can earn big bucks through t
Being Ready The Skillof Being Happy
You have a sexual IQ of 153 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Quite Interesting:
I just finish reading this e-mail from a friend and it made me start thinking. How many times could my Credit Cards could have been stolen? Now I have been in the habit for years of getting a new card issue every 6-9 months. Or at least after a Major Trip. So, did that Protect me? Or was I just Lucky? Well here is the Full E-mail. Enjoy David ------------------------------------------------- SCENE 1. This is a new one. People sure stay busy trying to cheat us, don't they? A man went to the local gym and placed his belongings in the locker. After the workout and a shower, he came out, saw the locker open, and thought to himself, "Funny, I thought I locked the locker. Hmm, "He dressed and just flipped the wallet to make sure all was in order. Everything looked okay - all cards were in place. A few weeks later his credit card bill came - a whooping bill of $14,000! He called the credit card company and started yelling
Salute Photos?
What's up with all the salute photos? What exactly are the for? On other sites they've been put up if someone was called out as a that the same here?
I'm in 2 contests! I need just 1 rate and 1 comment per picture!! No comment bombing!! Please help me :) I'll win a blast if I win! I'LL WUV YOU FOREVER!! And even if you dont want to vote for me(and c'mon why wouldn't ya? j/k) repost please!! Sexiest Eyes Sexiest Smile
Drugs For Women
NEW DRUGS FOR WOMEN D A M N I T O L Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 full hours. E M P T Y N E S T R O G E N Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out. ST. M O M M A'S W O R T Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to two days. P E P T O B I M B O Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and prevents conception. D U M B E R O L When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low IQ, resulting in enjoyment of country music and pickup trucks. F L I P I T O R Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers.
Inner Peace
Somewhwere beyond the loneliness, beyond the pain and anguish, beyond the memories of what was, there is hope! Just over the hill, around the corner, past the horizon of fear of failure, there is a reason to go on. Unexplainable, incomprehensible, hard to fathom and more than you can imagine, yet a reality. Like grasping the wind, touching the clouds, soaring like a bird, we only have to dream to experience it. In the darkness or the brightest light, in the shadow of despair, it can be found. All you have to do is search your own heart, To Find Love.....
Dreamers Abandon
The dew glistens off the new spring grass Footsteps trail through its refreshing embrace Merging with nature, its eldritch enchantment Captivates her eyes, glistening with aquatic reflection It draws her down The dew spreads its domain with her languid effort Hands trace a path, then: her chest Its chill spreading down into her bosom Her fingers: its shadow with languorous approach It draws them down Eyes, half closed in expectation, flare at his touch Her lips twitch with the fleeting contact Their eyes meet and the universe resounds Her past and future: shadows, her present flares She draws him down They merge, every curve matched in sinuous aplomb Their lips meet slowly, tentatively; then with passion No force could separate them, their attractive force rivalled Only by tension: sexual tension, yearning to be released She guides him down His lips trace her torso: breast, lower, lower Her face contorts with pleasure, eyes closing Embracing the rosy ting
Just Two Of My Poems
Take over me My gentle enveloping blackness. Make me as luminously pale as the stars Which are sugared across you My dark knight sky. Make my tears wisk and wither Only to touch the earth in a welcoming embrace Drown my dark seeking eyes In the vast expanses of you my night. Let my lips kiss the world into morning. Softly coo your approval of how I... I roll the world along each sensual curve. Allow me Be the mother that is night And birth the world that holds all I promise to only dance Naked to the moons’ milky touch And let its diamond white fingers caress Each hill and dale of my feminine body It will hold me Nay You will hold me as the zealous husband holds The dear object of his affection. The woman, the wife, the water, the yin, the dark, The night, and ofcoursem the sugar stars Lay me down And let me Make me bleed free Chant wonderously Hypnotize me Take over me. It creeps around me again, That feeling of rather malignant loneliness. It grip
The Weekend
well its the weekend, and im not likeing it much, weekends suck cuz i either dont get my kids or i dont get to see my g/f, but its almost paintball season, so atleast i can take my mind off the bad and just shoot people......... my buddy is on his way over and were thinkin its a good time to head to the back yard and set up some runs, (paintball term for games) got my brother and the roommate right into it this year and the team is almost ready for the big league, we going semi pro this year. more to come ..... Mars
Would You....?
The passion that rised within my feelings towards you is ticking with a time bomb but having to be afraid of rejection is totally the case. would you like me, if I told you I followed you around, would you hate me if I told you I totally liked the way you sound, would you love me if I told you I wanted you to call my own. If only you knew...that my love for you is sincere and true. Pure and white just a fresh snow falling in and out of grounds. If only you knew the pain I felt for you when you've lost somebody so dear to you but how will you know that I love you and would go heaven on earth searching for you still you wouldnt know because you only my secret love.
A Friends View
From the book of the beloved Chapters for the graceful, the promise, and others Truths were lies and lies honestly proved On crossed paths of confused lovers Verses of intelligent complexity Words simply too naive Lambs lost to the knife of curiousity Who's knife - a mystery to conceive Some say love for forever Some won't believe and be doubtful Love lost and can't recover Faithless becomes blindly faithful So here, to the book, a caution Impossibility is so appealing Single love won't make the equation Turn more pages and see truth revealing
The Surreal Love
Entangled thoughts placed on wings of doves in distant skies Fly calmly across seventh heaven sliding between silky clouds Safely float through spectrums of lights and thunderous storms Simultaneously flutter underneath gorgeous multicolor rainbows Divine raptures of love drifting toward lustful mighty oceans High tides of desire submerge awful melancholic obsessions Dive under placative waters relieving deep pungent emotions Seek pearls of craver in oder to string beadings of satisfactions Flames of love glow as strong desire burns Sparkles of heat smother into gentle breeze Melting discrete feelings that glorify thoughts Entwine two hearts by connecting both halves Winds of love blow through simple lives Twirling around embracing new romance Feelings of wonder dazzling inside hearts Gardens of happiness blossom within souls...
The Meaning Of Goodbye
Today is the day that you leave me once again. everything is lost, you, me, and the life we shared. I came to you as a ghost, a boy falling for a fallen angel, burnt and shattered to the concrete ground. yet I see impossible things everyday like your name, face and soul. whispering sweet and lovable words before you go away again and never come back. tears starts falling from these bloodshot eyes I can never say goodbye. though I know I could, just to set you free. I can only say I'm sorry... but you always said you loved me and so I gave you the best of me. - it was not enough and you still left me. and even so I'd still cherish you for the rest of eternity..
Help Me Out In My Contest Pls!!! :)
Need some help to win! 1 rate and comment per person please!
Just Another Boring Blog
ok so i have been really busy this week with school and everything but i am really excited bc my prom is next week and then the week after i graduate!!! i am really happy i can not wait! then it will be summer time and i can sleep in until i have to go to work! that is going to be great!!! well i dont really have much to say i guess that i am a rather boring girl.... i dont see how anyone talks to me... see i am already out of things to write about in here
Ones That Love U With Ther Hart
There someone out there that will do what every it take to let u know that they love u with all there hart and will be there when u need them will there one guy i know that will do this for there love ones that me i have never meet no one like my self and yes i have had my time with god and know that life is not something u want to play with he can take it for u as fast as he give it to u so plz don't play with someone that love u just look and u will see how love u as u r.
Emmie The Escort
just thought i'd share.....copy and paste the link to see lots more of me:
She Disobeyed Him,....again
"Slut! I'm home!" He called to her as she hurried from upstairs to meet him at the front door. She had heard him opening it and cursed herself for not being in time. She ran down the stairs and around the corner to stand in front of him. She spread her legs and clasped her hands behind her neck, elbows out, for his inspection. She was wearing 6 inch black stiletto heels, thigh high black fishnet stockings, crotchless leather panties and an open-cup black bra. Around her neck, she wore a padlocked leather collar, to which he held the only key. He also held the only key to her closet, where he locked up her clothing when he left in the morning, to ensure she wouldn't leave the apartment without permission. "Where the hell were you, slut? Sitting upstairs, doing nothing but playing on my computer?" He scolded her, even as he looked approvingly at her body, not moving from inside the door. Even in her heels, he towered over her. He motioned ever-so-slightly with a nod of
A Joyful Being
My Personality Test Results.. Pretty Accurate..
DisorderRatingParanoid:ModerateSchizoid:LowSchizotypal:HighAntisocial:ModerateBorderline:Very HighHistrionic:HighNarcissistic:ModerateAvoidant:ModerateDependent:Very HighObsessive-Compulsive:Moderate-- Personality Disorder Test ---- Personality Disorder Information --
Need Some Input..some Of You Have Read This Already
Im thinkin about leavn ct...i love this site but maybe its just time to give it up for awhile...theres way to much drama on here for me...i have that enough in my own life i dont need it from people on here where i came to make friends and meet new people....send me a message and let me know what you all appreciate it..for those of you that give a shit...please feel free to let me know..thanks Bree
Life is a funny thing It can be full of love Or full of hate Laughter and tears Pain and regret It makes you wonder What is coming next Whether happiness will take hold Or if it shall end It sends you in a spiral And plummets down Down towards the end However the end is closer than we know And the fires of hell reach for me But then they back away It seems not even the Dark One himself Wishes to be near My soul blackened to a char Not even the black of night can rival I even fear myself. MaLinda Stevens Age 27 5-5-07
Just One Love
Some guys just look at a women as a sex toy and they can do what every they like to them.But some guys look at awomen as joy of life and they can't live with out them in there life me i'm one that can't live with someone by me a good woman that can be there for as much i would for her. Plz ladys don't play with the hart ok and if u like to know more about me plz let me know ok.
This Site Rocks.....
Hey whats up everybody .....I am very grateful to site really rocks....i have found the woman of my dreams on this site.....THANKS CT..
My Name Means Nothing
New Kittens
heheh alriht suzie started haveing her babies 2 hours ago shes still in labr and she being sooo good hehehehe i dont knoww how many we will have but rynan gets first pick of the litter since he didnt getone last time anyways if anyone wants to give a kitten a good home let me know
I'm In A Contest
Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
Have fun everyone and be safe!!
Never Forget Our Troops
Don't Trust Little Old Ladies
A young man shopping in a supermarket Noticed a little old lady following him around. If he stopped, she stopped. Furthermore she kept staring at him. She finally overtook him at the checkout, And she turned to him and said, "I hope I haven't made you feel ill at ease; it's just that you look so much like my late son." He answered, "That's okay." "I know it's silly, but if you'd call out "Good bye, Mom" as I leave the store, It would make me feel so happy." She then went through the checkout, And as she was on her way out of the store, The man called out, "Goodbye, Mom." The little old lady waved, and smiled Back at him Pleased that he had brought a little sunshine Into someone's day, he went to pay for his Groceries. "That comes to $121.85," said the clerk. "How come so much ... I only bought 5 items.." The clerk replied, "Yeah, but your Mother said You'd be paying for her things, too." Don't trust little Old Ladie
Sweet Of Love
There a thing call sweet of love and some of us know it as first love and some just don't know what it can be like love sweet love is something u got to be in it for the long time thing and yes it can come fast at u and it can come solw at u but never no when love is going to get u!!!!
The Taste Of Sweet Cinnamon!
As she walked through the door, with the look of sweet desire The want from her eyes ran right through me like a burning fire I knew how she liked it so I grabbed her and bent her over the chair Yanked her skirt up,ripped off her panties her ass high in the air Sliding her shirt up over her head holding her down so not to move I run my hand up the inside her leg feeling the flesh its so smooth I get down on my knees spread open her lips then stick my tongue right in Feeling the wetness smelling the lust this is The Taste Of Sweet Cinnamon JW '07
Late Lunch (may 05, 2007)
Todays menu is Swiss Steak with fresh mushroom gravy, mashed potatos, rolls and Amish butter, spinach with bacon, hard boiled egg pieces and vinegar and a hardy red wine. Any takers? We can discuss dessert after our meal.
Help Me!!!!
Is My Happiness Going To Fall Apart
Thursday, May 03, 2007 Is my happiness going to fall apart Current mood: confused ok so the past couple days i get this feeling that im gonna lose my happiness that twitch (john) has brought me, its like not only is him and i fallin apart but our friendship that we've had over the years is too, idk after the talk last night i feel like he might just hide from wats going on, i know hes going thru alot right now but i dont think he understand that i was there for him all along while we were friends, that im still here for him now, and no matter what happens between us i'll always be there for him, last night i was crying while talking on the phone to him and i dont think he knew i was, i was crying cause im worried about him, about wat we have, i just want him to be happy, and i dont like the fact that right now hes not, i honestly dont even know if i make him even a tad bit happy or if i make this worse, im just so confused and thats y im writing to get my thoughts out cause i
Arousal,....for Sure.....
The sheets were red, silk and soft. She lay on them, her left leg up, her foot flat on the bed. Her arms were stretched above her head fanned beneath by her hair, black as a night without moon or stars. She stared at me with large browns eyes, twin pools sparkling with desire. I was eager to drown in them as eager as I was to drown in her sex. My gaze moved from her eyes, to her lips, ripe with rouge, glistening like an apple plucked at its prime on a dewy morning. Her breasts rose slowly round alabaster mounds eager for my hands to grasp and massage. They were tipped with rosy nipples, hard and yearning. I touched them, my gaze returning to her face. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as I massaged first her left nipple and then her right and then both enjoying the sweet soft touch of her breasts so warm and soft and welcoming. She moaned and her leg fell flat on the bed. Her back arched and her wet pussy, the sweet smooth mound of milky flesh brushed against my ball
Michelle@ CherryTAP
Imaginative, erotic, passionate You prefer to have one partner and to try everything with them. You have an enormous sexual appetite, and you often create sexy scenarios to play out with your significant other. Take this quiz at
Quote For May 5
The only way to maintain a moderate sum of happiness in this life, is not to worry about the future or regret the past too much. -- Mel Gibson Bonus Quote: Science is a lot like sex. Sometimes something useful comes of it, but that's not the reason we're doing it. -- Richard Feynman This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
One Kiss
One Kiss One kiss is all I want To take away my tears And give me a healthy smile One kiss is all I want To give me hope And take on life as it comes One kiss is all I want To know your lips And hold them forever One kiss is all I want To show you I love you And be there for eternity
Janeys Vanity
janeys vanity - a-usa I lost out of the game early on, partly because I suck at monopoly and partly because I thought maybe I could get some time with Tank who sucked worse than me at board games. The holidays were the worst time for Tank and I because my sister was home all day and that meant no Janey for Tank and no Tank for Janey. I started some laundry and snuck off to the upstairs bathroom in my mom’s room and waited. Tank and I had talked about the scenario and in just a few minutes he was outside and I slid open the small window and motioned for him to come in and on up. I opened the door and let him in locking it behind him and instantly grabbed him in a tight hug. We both knew that we had a very limited amount of time before someone would begin to wonder where I was. Tank was supposedly out hunting squirrels, a favorite past time for him. We kissed for a few moments before Tank spoke “I hate it when we can’t be together, weekends are bad enough sweetheart.” “Absenc
Can't Believe It's Been This Long.
I used to be the one to wake up and say a "hello" to a lot of my CT family here.. but it just hasn't been on my priority list since school and work started to rudely get in the way. 2 more months and I might be able to do it all over if anybody is still willing to lend me an ear.. or a mouth [heh].. for a while... How's everyone been? It's been awhile, and I haven't been keeping up. I wish I knew how things were.. and I wish I kept up like I used to. Have a nice weekend everyone.
Email Me
My health is still giving me a ration of shit :-( I miss yall. Here is my email address for anyone wanting to keep in touch with me. Love yall !!!
Heritage Today Country Radio 105
Visit our sitewww.heritagetoday.infoOr visit the profile on Cherry Tap! Heritage Today Country Radio 105 Cherry Tap Profile
One Day At A Time
For the most part, I have been doing good. But I guess I have to take the good with the bad. For those who don't know, I am getting divorced after being with someone for almost 15 years; almost 9 of them married. Getting the divorced is the best thing that is happening for me. That is a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders, considering what he's put me through. The hard part is now learning to live for myself for a change. But, that is hard. I have a wonderful 9 year old son. He is the most important thing in my life & there is nothing that I wouldn't do for him. But I need to do things for myself. I've never done that. How does one do that, when I am in a sense alone. The only help I have locally is my sister in law & ex's cousin, with whom I am still close with. But, they have kids & family of their own & can't always rely on them. So many times I wish to be spontaneous & to go out & do things at a moment's notice. It is hard, to say the least. I love my son more than life i
Please Rate My Baby Picture
my baby photo can be found in my default album on mt ct site
Cookies And Cream
Withstanding The Storms Of Life
Withstanding the Storms of Life Bishop Keith Butler And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things, which I say? Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like: Luke 6:46-47 (KJV) There is a way to withstand every storm that life throws at you. But it entails letting Jesus be in charge of your life everyday. Jesus said why are you calling me Lord and you don’t do what I tell you? In essence He is saying ‘‘don’t call me Lord when you don’t do what I tell you. The one who does not do what Jesus says is like a man that is without a foundation. He builds a house upon the sand. Then when the flood came to his house what happened? Immediately his house collapsed and the ruin of the house was great. In other words, a storm comes and easily blows his life away. He backslides even though he has been in church 10 years. He’s heard a lot o f Word. But just hearing a lot of Word and being able to quote a lot of scriptures do
Now If I Could Only Remember To Breathe.......
When you get lost. Ever feel lost, like somehow you lost your way and have been dreaming through something and then finally woke up and decided that you're not sure where you have been or how you go there? That somehow the best that you could possibly give simply slipped through your fingers a mile or so back and your priorities went from what they were supposed to be to what the hell am I doing? It is crazy. In the blink of an eye you can be so sure about something then before you know it it has gotten out of control and suddenly you stop to take a breath and you look around you and wonder how you got here.. And so fast. Where have you been all this time? In life we are so worried about time and how much we can get done and how fast we can get it done, you have soccer at 2 and band at 5 and then dinner at 7 bath and then bed.. To what… Wake up and do it all over again. Life is so short! So short and you nor I know if we will be here this time in a week. It takes somethi
A Body......
There was an important job to be done. EVERYBODY was sure SOMEBODY would do it. ANYBODY could have it but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry about that because it was EVERYBODY's job. EVERYBODY thought SOMEBODY would do it and NOBODY realized ANYBODY couldn't do it. So, it ended up that EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY when NOBODY did whay ANYBODY could have done.
F*&^ You
Fuck You for what you said .....Fuck the day we went to bed ..... Fuck You for the way you lie......Fuck you for your reasons why.....Fuck you for the bitches you tried to hide.....Fuck you and your fucking pride.....Fuck you and all out fights.....Fuck you for thoses lonely nights.....fuck you and those things you do.....fuck you i dont care for you...Iput our love up on a shelf and this time you have fucked yourself.....fuck your future and what youve cant go far when your fucking dumb.....fuck your dreams, yes just like glad we had this fucking chat.....Im so tired of plauing your fucking game.....n fact i find it pretty lame.....fuck you when you fucking sob.....its time you got a fucking're fucking're fucking couldnt even pay the fucking rent.....fuck those days and fuck the rest.....fuck you fool you werent the best.....fuck the quiet and fuck your noise.....fuck you and your fucking boys.....fuck you cuz you ain
Cookies And Cream
hows this for a change (great words)
Do You Hate Telemarketers? Try Turning The Tables For Once...check This Out - It's Funny!
We all hate 'em...those annoying telemarketers...although they have to make a living too, it's just a pain in the ass and a hassle to have to put up with their calls. Ever think about turning the tables on one? You HAVE TO check out this link. I did and I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!! (If you can't click on the link, copy and paste it into your browser). Have fun! ~SWEET T~
You Choose To Have Insecurites
Due to the length of this newsletter, you can read it here
Two More Contests People Have Asked For..
prizes are the same..and starting date is May 16 and run til May 23 one prize but you decide what you want.. One month Blast or one seven day blast for three months. Contests are Best Cherry Tap Canadian And Sexiest BBW If you want in either of these or know of someone send me a shout out or email i dont tollerate people that whine around when they are losing if u cant handle it then stay out of the contest..and i run fair and fun contests so if your caught cheating or your friends are cheating with the bombing to help you ur gone out of the contest as well so keep it clean and fun Licks
Creating A Band
I want to start another BAND. I play Drums and percussions. I have for 15 years. I need Lead Guitar/Vocals Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Lead Vocalist (Female prefered. Males Acceptable) Bassist I would also be willing to entertain the idea of keys, strings, backup percussions ect. Music category: Alternative and other like styles. Serious Inquiry only please. nothing half-assed DROP ME A LINE PEOPLE!!!!!
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Bar Joke
A man limps into a bar with a cane and alligator. The bartender stops him and says "Hold on a second here - you can't bring that animal in here, they aren't allowed!" So the man says, "But my gator here does a really cool trick..." The bartender says "Well then, lets see!" So the man whips out his dick and shoves it in the gators mouth. He then takes his cane and starts bashing the gator in the head with it. A crowd gathers around and everyone is astonished when he pulls out his dick without a single scratch. He looks around at the crowd and says, "Does anyone else want to try?" An old lady raises her hand and says..."Sure, but don't hit me with that stick."
Please !
tell me please , who the fuck do you want me to be? was it something that i couldnt be ? never knew this would be so political! and please, i`m still wearing this miserable skin and its starting to tear from within but its obvious that doesnt bother you , so please dont keep telling me it okay i dont but all of the shit that you say and quite honestly i am fucking sick of it, so please if i cut of this nose from my face then I wouldnt feel so out of place but it still wouldnt be quite enough for you, so please !
The Things Kids Say !!!!!!
Kids are the greatest thing on this earth!Sometimes they do and say things that catch us so totally off guard.two things that happened this week that is absolutlt priceless.On Tuesday was 5 yr old neice was at t-ball practice she plays outfield,shes also a primpy,girly-girly,but this child also is very outspoken and says and does anything,while standing outfield waiting for the ball to be hit to she,she wellto put it very bluntly farted and very loud the parents and everyone in the stands heard this.I thought my sister would die,the absolute only thing that could or would come out of her mouth was,I'M SO PROUD OF MY TALENTD DAUGHTER.everyone burst into laughter,it was certainly a momment no parent would forget.Last night my Daughter-in-law was getting my 5 yr old grandson ready for bed every now and then he has accidents in the bed so he wears pullups,yesterday she bought a different kind then he usually wears.She put one of these on him and they were huge on him.He looked at at this h
You Looked A Lot Like My Wife
A serious drunk walked into a bar and, after staring for some time at the only woman seated at the bar, walked over to her and kissed her. She jumped up and slapped him silly. He immediately apologized and explained, "I'm sorry. I thought you were my wife. You look exactly like her." "Why you worthless, insufferable, wretched, no good drunk!" she screamed. "Funny," he muttered, "you even sound exactly like her."
Okay what is up with this? I will never understand why men try so hard to get u and then when u act even the slight bit interested they act like you're a stalker or something. I am nice to them Im a bitch to them I hang out with them I blow them off No matter what I do they always hang out for a few days and then run off and I don't hear from them for a while and then out of the blue they call me expecting me to just run back to them and I don't even sleep with them...Either way it goes I am ALWAYS the one getting my heart broken and I am soooo sick of it. Either they are hott and assholes or they are cute and try to act like they r so nice and they care about me but they are just pigs in sheep's clothing and I find out the hard way or they are so repulsively ugly I can't even think of talking to them, or they are just assholes up front but either way Im the one who looses. I am smart cute talented funny sexy and FUN, what is their problem?????Damn.
The Color Of Friendship
The Colors Of Friendship Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important. The most useful. The most beautiful. The favorite. Green said Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life and of hope. I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves. Without me, all animals would die. Look over the countryside and you will see that I am in the majority. Blue interrupted You only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea. It is the water that is the basis of life and drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea. The sky gives space and peace and serenity. Without my peace, you would all be nothing. Yellow chuckled You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun. Orange started next to blow her trumpet
WHAT HURTS 1. Letting go of a person you've learned and decided to love. 2. Reminiscing the good and bad times you shared together. 3. Shielding your heart to love somebody. 4. Trying to hide what you really feel. 5. Trying to hide the tears that involuntarily fall from your eyes. 6. Loving a person too much. 7. Giving up someone you never thought of giving up. 8. Having the right love at the wrong time. 9. Taking the risk to fall in love again. 10. Hiding your relationship from someone else. 11. Controlling your feelings to avoid hurting a friend. 12. Thinking of him/her every waking and sleeping moment knowing all the while that he/she never even thinks a single thought of you. 13. Letting go, because every time you see the person, you only fall deeper. 14. Holding back only to find out when it's too late, you both felt the same way, but were only scared to lose each other so much that you didn't let the feelings out. 15. Falling in love w
My Theory On Love At Times!
Love The Words To This One
I Have So Much To Say
but... i can't. I won't.. I'm scared. Is it true? I dunno...why analyze and not just enjoy? Because being hurt. I don't know if i can. Not again. What to do with the day's afternoon?
1st Contest
This is my FIRST contest PLEASE help me win! I will win my first BLAST! Comment bomb and rate my pic here please!!! Thank you so0o0o0o much for your help!
!*@#$ ~ouch! ~!@$#
You probably didn't miss me, but I am back from my trip to NY. Yes, I had alot of fun. While I was in Times Square, I wound up as an extra in a shot for an upcoming Eddie Murphy movie...not sure what it is going to be and if you know Hollywood, the scene may even be cut...but who cares though, it was fun. I saw the "BODIES" exhibit and if it ever comes your way, pay the $27.50 to see it...these are REAL preserved human bodies, people that have died within the last 10 years. This was some amazing stuff and very educational. Although, if you have a weak stomach, I would not recommend it. Visited Ground Zero/World Trade Center as well. There are two utterly profound, huge holes where the buildings stood and the site is pretty well fenced in and "covered" now. Getting a good view was difficult, but I managed a few pics. The feeling of great loss as I stood there was almost overwhelming. Now I can say I have SURVIVED a NY cab Lord ~ those cab drivers are brutal - I
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How Am I Defined In The Sexual Dictionary?
Gill -- [noun]:A reverse striptease 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
They Put New Pics Up Yesterday
Vote for : Fresh Meat: Monique Dupree in the Vixen Top List!
What Tarot Card Am I?
You are The Sun Happiness, Content, Joy. The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent. Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way. The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Jades Abduction.....................
She was standing in the dark parking lot waiting for Him in the place He had told her to. Why He was making her stand out here and wait for Him to pick her up was beyond her…she could have waited in her car for Him, but she learned long ago…never question His directions. Impatiently she looked at her watch…8:15. He had told her to meet Him here at 8:00, where the hell was He? Could He have forgotten? He had been working a lot of hours lately…it was possible. Frustrated, she started across the lot towards the pay phone to call Him. When she had just about reached the curb, a man dressed all in black with a black mask covering his face, stepped from behind one of the parking deck columns and grabbed her arm… wrenching it behind her He pressed a sharp knife tight against her throat, daring her to utter a sound. Shocked, she stood motionless. “What do you want from me? Here… take my purse if it’s money you want.” She stated with
New House
Well Dink and I bought a new house! We moved in thursday and spent the night. I've been unpacking and realized I have toooooo much shit and not enough house LMAO! Who whould have thought that there was more closet space in an apartment?!?!? I see a yard sale in my future!
No Gas Tues May 15th
Pass it on because I'm tired of paying 3 and change for 1 gallon of gas. -----NO GAS...On May 15th 2007 don't pump gas on May 15th April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all internet users are to not go to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up. If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000.00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil companys pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day. If you agree (which I can't see why you wouldn't) resend this to your entire contact list. With it saying, ''Don't pump gas on May 1
My Chemical Romance Lets Me Down Again
Well, I know things happen but I guess i was just not meant to see MCR in concert. This was my third attempt. First attempt in Allentown, Bob had a staff infection after I drove 350 miles. Second attempt in Philly, I couldn't go after being hospitlized myself. Still have the tix. Third and final attempt in Reading, band has food poisoning . I am giving up....I am not buying another ticket to one of thier concerts unless Gerard calls me personally to invite me. It's a shame cause my whole family (kids) are into them. My 4 year old and six year old know all the words to thier songs and ask constantly to listen to TBP CD. Sadly, Kelly :(
~*its A Wonderfull Morning*~
Its a wonderfull morning with all that can be happen...Dreaming of sweet feelings and sweet sensation everything is great i have a kind and gental man that loves me and i love him and i have 3 wonderful kids that i love more than anything in this world... Then i have other family that is always there for me and we all love each other My kids and my sweet heart of a man make up my life with the joy i have of watching my kids grow up and the love that him and i share with each other its just all around great! im closeing i just wanted to get something off my chest and i did talk to u all laters ~*Mandie*~ feel free to rate and comment
Dreams Of You !!!
I thought we had something, forever and real, my heart belonged to only you, I tryed so hard to show you love true, no need to fight, the past can't be undone, I will always love you, need me I'm here, may never hold you, your smile I won't see, but want you to know, you'll always be in my heart, a deep part of me, remember the good times, let go of the bad, hope you can be happy, and find what you need, one thing I have, can't be taking away, a thought in the night, I'll be with you, in my dreams of you...
Deadley Roots Of Bitterness!!!!
Are you familiar with the phrase, his nose is out of joint? What does it take to put your nose out of joint to get you miffed? What are the feelings you experience when you get miffed? Are they positive, uplifting joyful emotional vibrations? Lets come at this from a different direction. Are you familiar with the word sulk. The dictionary says that sulking is, "keeping aloof from others in moody silence.. Someone said, "Bitterness is a devastating attitude sin. It triggers a wide range of other sins, such as: hatred, cruelty, antagonism, self-pity, unteachableness (implacability), vindictiveness and desires for revenge and prideful ambition (arrogance). Bitterness is characterized by an unforgiving spirit and negative, critical attitudes." Bitterness motivates habitual complaining. It has been writen. Bitter people find great delight in gossip. Bitterness fragments other peoples lives. Bitterness is self induced misery, and it produces chain sinning A chronically bitter person
Dont Know What To Call This One
The sun is out today, its such a beautiful day today. It feels lik a cloudy rainy day though. I miss you so much you aresuch a big part of my life. I know i am to even though for some reason u dont want to show it. Being able to see your beautiful face everday just mae everything seem to glow brighter. For some unknown reason you decided to dull more and more. You were such a bright spot in my life. i dont know why and dont understand how you can be such a dumb ass lol. Bu i saw your glow fading more and more each day. I could tell thatsomething as wrong with u months before you left, because each time you would change your cloths you would hide all the beauty u posess. But its not my problem no more because you wasted enough of my time. The funny thing is i want you to do the right thing still, dont know if that could ever happen een if you do get ur head saright. You fill yourself with so many lies, that you start to lie to everyone who loves you. Y
Game Over You Guys Are Lames
hit me up and get your gifts blueeyes 2000 cassie 500 burg 1500... game over.....not enuff players
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blueeyes 2000 burg 1000 cassie 500 im going to throw in some 300 dllar contest to prolong bank ruptcy hope u still play....1st to 3 comments wins
Thank U In Advance By Boyz Ii Men
(Excuse me, I know we just met But may I have this dance?) Sitting here with a drink in my hand Your presence I can't ignore I must admit I like watching you dance But it seems like I've seen this before Girl, you look like my first wife Though I've never been married before So I kiss your hand and tell you "Thank you" You turn and ask me what for 1 - For our first kiss on next week For when we make love in six weeks For the ring you wore proudly three months from now For when you said "I do" next March And for those beautiful children of ours Yes, I know it might sound strange cuz we just met But I thank you in advance (Shawn, help me sing it) Hi, my name is Shawn (Shawn!) Tell me your name Although I know the last one It's funny that we're shaking hands [Wait a minute, I know this hand] It's the same hand (I'll hold in front of a minister) Same hand (when you're havin' my son and his sister) I don't mean to sound so bold and forward But I thank you
Confusius Say
Get More at
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blueeyes=2000$ cassie=500 burg=500 1st to 3 comments
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2000=blueyes 500=cassie remember u can cash out your gifts at anytime but u cant buy more then 5 gifts...cauno matter how much u make so make it a pimpin 3 comments wins gogogogo
Where the Hell is MY fairytale?
For 500
1500=blueeyes 500=tasha gogogo 1st one to 3 comments
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1500=blueeyes 500=tasha we are going to keep playing 3 comments for be ready
Inner Child
For The People Who Just Got Here
we are playing 500 and hand..u cash out when u leave not more then 5 gifts no matter how much u get..get a pimpin 1000=blueeyes tasha =500 back in 5 minutes for 500 1st to drop 3 comments winns
Bedtime Prayer
You're Damn Right I Regret It.
I get ahead of myself sometimes, especially these days. I'm angry with myself for just getting to this point. I fucking hate it. I wasn't always this way, I didn't always have slutty tendencies. But its becoming more and more prominent in my life and I don't want it to become a part of my lifestyle or my calling card. I want to be that girl that you take home to mom and say hey mom this is my girlfriend. I want to be that girl that you hang out with other places other than just the bedroom. All bullshit aside I know I'm a good lover and thats all a lot of the opposite sex wants from me right now. From this point forward, unless you are serious about me after meeting me and after we get to know each other... the muffin shop is closed. I'm tired of being the girl that the guys want to get with but not stay with. I don't hate myself, I'm just really upset with myself because I swore I wouldn't do it again... have sex with a guy that I just barely met, who I knew wasn't serious about anyth
Five For Five Is Donating!!!!!
The band Five for Fighting is generously donating $.49 to Autism Speaks each time the video is viewed. The link:
so...while on my way to bed last nite... walking down the hall... turning off the lights as i go... my foot gets wet. hmmmmm ok... wonder what that is... look into the hall bathroom... and TADUM! fucking raw sewage...two inches deep... all over the bathroom floor which has now seeped into the hall carpet...into my kids room delightful smell by the way too. so i call the emergency maintenance line no answer. awesome. call moms... pull out the mop n bucket brigade doesnt really put a dent in it so i have to resort to towels. used em all up werent enough call the number back sends out the guy who couldnt fix it the first two times... now keep in mind here... this bathroom gets used once after they 'fix' it cuz then it doesnt flush so my oldest forgot and used it a second time shit happens literally...right? so that was at like ehhh 6 ish at 1:30 theres water everywhere how the fuck? its not like the toilet was running or anything... 2 am n the guy is there
The "f" Word, Thanks Joe "da Maine Man"
When is @#$% Acceptable? There are only eleven times in history where the "F" word has been considered acceptable for use. They are as follows: 11. "What the @#$% do you mean, we are sinking?" -- Capt. E.J. Smith of RMS Titanic, 1912 10. "What the @#$% was that?" -- Mayor Of Hiroshima, 1945 9. "Where did all those @#$%ing Indians come from?" -- Custer, 1877 8. "Any @#$%ing idiot could understand that." -- Einstein, 1938 7. "It does so @#$%ing look like her!" -- Picasso, 1926 6. "How the @#$% did you work that out?" -- Pythagoras, 126 BC 5. "You want WHAT on the @#$%ing ceiling?" -- Michelangelo, 1566 4. "Where the @#$% are we?" -- Amelia Earhart, 1937 3. "Scattered @#$%ing showers, my ass!" -- Noah, 4314 BC 2. "Aw c'mon. Who the @#$% is going to find out?" -- Bill Clinton, 1998 and a drum roll please............! 1.
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tasha=500 blueeyes=500 1st person to drop 3 comments wins and takes the lead
So Far,, So Good!
Courtesy of
Match Results, Mark Henry's Return, W2w4
Welcome once again to The Byte. This week, the return of Mark Henry will be covered in “What Bugs Me.” Mark Henry seems to spend more time on the injured list than he does in the ring. So why does that bug me? You will find out a little historical reference later. Right now, here are the results from this week in World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE MATCH RESULTS Edge def. Randy Orton. Later in the evening they would be beaten and bloodied along with Shawn Michaels and WWE Champion John Cena by The Great Khali. Khali is laying claim to the WWE Championship. Is he ready for it? World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy def. Johnny Nitro. After the match, Jeff refused to shake hands with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Was the “Sweet ‘n’ Sour” Tag Team up to no good? Umaga def. Rob Van Dam. This was Mr. McMahon’s message to the ECW Originals as to how he despises them, and as ECW World Champion, his vision of ECW would be crystal clear. Ric Flair & Carlito vs. World's Great
Pleasure And Pain... Sweet Release.
Pain and pleasure... two of the most different things for the body to sense. Its like hot and cold. But even sometimes, things can get so cold they feel hot and so hot they feel cold. The same thing happens with pleasure and pain. I haven't had such release in a long time, most people don't feel comfortable with all of those things. Whenever I feel angry, upset, or just frustrated I need it that way. Today, I am frustrated. I did it again...
I Love Butterflies And Wanted To Wish You All A Great Day
___________#_________# ___###_________#_______#_________### __#___#_________#_____#_________#___# __#____#_________#___#_________#____# ___#____#_________#_#_________#____# ___#_____#_______#####_______#_____# ___#______##_____#####_____##______# ___#__##___##_____###_____##___##__# ___#___##___##____###____##___##___# ____#___##___##__#####__##___##___# _____#___##___##_#####_##___##___# ______#__##____##HAVE ##____##__# _______#__##____###A###____##__# _______#___##____GREAT____##__# _______#___##____DAY !____##__# ______#____##____#####____##___# _____#____##____#######____##___# ____#____##_____#_###_#_____##___# ____#____##_____#__#__#_____##___# ____#____##____#_______#____##___# _____#___#____#_________#____#__# ______#_____##___________##____# _______#___#____#_________#____#_#
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tasha has 500 in her account nnnnnname a female charactor from the show friends but not rachel
To masturbate is not the perversion, but a means to evacuate the stress and all liquid which accumulates for nothing. Say to a woman or a man that we masturbate by thinking or by looking at his or her photos, I think that it is rather a compliment and not to be perverse. To masturbate opposite in face with the webcam, it is not the perversion but a sensual game except when at once the nasty words are said. Many women say that the men are pigs for it but many of them ask for it and do it. It is better that to deceive his wife or her husband.
Things Only Southerners Know
Things Only Southerners Know Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don't "HAVE" them, you "PITCH" them. _____ Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc., make up "a mess." _____ Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of "yonder." _____ Only a Southerner knows exactly how long "directly" is -- as in: "Going to town, be back directly." _____ Even Southern babies know that "Gimme some sugar" is not a request for the white, granular sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl in the middle of the table. ------ All Southerners know exactly when "by and by" is. They might not use the term, but they know the concept well. _____ Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who's got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. I
So Funny
I'm Me...
Forbiden Desires..................
I really can't believe I'm writing this down, but I can't really believe I'm living the two lives I'm living right now, either. In my first life, I'm a happily married, 35-year old wife and mother and a very successful attorney working for one of the Delaware Valley's top firms. I'm smart, good-looking, eat right, exercise, and have a body that my critical eye says still looks pretty damn good in a small two-piece swimsuit. In my second life, I am a wanton slut that will do whatever my young-stud lover wants me to do. Scott, my lover, is 21 years old and works at our firm doing odd jobs, delivering papers, photocopying, mail-boy, etc. By all definitions of the word, he is a "hunk." He works out and his body is rock-hard. Brown eyes, beautiful black hair, and the nicest ass I've ever seen on a man. I am very much the professional in the office, but at office luncheons, softball games, and parties, I am a outrageous flirt. I just can't help it. At first, Scott was the perfect target
My Love Profile (capricorn)
Capricorn - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are serious about relationships and ready for a commitment. You tend to help your partner attain the success they dream of. You are a rock. Relationship problems don't seem to phase you. Your negative traits: Sometimes it's very hard for you to accept your partner's past. You are emotionally reserved, and difficult to connect with. You expect your partner to take care of you - and make cheat if they do not Your ideal partner: Is incredibly powerful and well respected. Is often older than you - and could be a superior at work. Has a good amount of money... or the ability to be rich someday. Your dating style: Practical. A "get to know each other" coffee date is just fine by you. Your seduction style: Bossy - you like to be the one in charge in the bedroom. Slow and patient. You know that good sex takes time. Calculating. You'll use sex to get ahead, if necessary. Tips for the future:
Good Reason
Worth It
And The Iwnner Is
cassie since there are not alot of will be 500 per game..and u cash out when game is over....but u cant get more then 5 gifts nomatter how much money u will have to buy a pimpin gift if u have enuff
Found This Its So Beautiul
If I only had one life I would live it with you If I only had a dollar Id half it with you If I only had one drink I would buy two straws If I had only one meal Id share it with you If I only had a minute left Id spend it with You © Dave Emmerson
Update On Family
My parents both got transferred to a closer hosp. this past week...There both doing better now..My dad is walking real well with the assistance of a walker. My Mom will be the hosp. for 6-8 weeks has she has a a hairline fracture in her knee. Might have to put my Dad in a nursing home for awhile until she gets out,or I will go stay with him unless I get a job first.... For those of you that dont know whats going on,read my past couple of blogs. Hugssssssssssss Julie
And The Winner Is
`Blue-Eyes@ CherryTAPanyone who wins twice in a row becomes champ till someone else wins twice in a row... for flash hearts how much is 7x6+7+f+e= letter mean nothing and are there to throw u off
Say What You Will
Hey all. I am sick. Torie has been sick and coughing on me and I cuaght it. I have been real quiet on CT. I am so tired of the drama. And stuff I have been seeing here makes me sit on my hands and then walk away cuz if i said what I thought I would be the most hated person here. I am makin spahghetti sauce from scratch with meat (beef pork and veal) Anyhow I will be around...if I don't answer you its cuz I dont feel like talking. This song is a beautiful one by a girl named Damhnait Doyle. Have a great day! If I were to die today My Life would be more than Ok. For the time I spent with you Is like a dream come true. If this was a last goodbye No more tears to dry. I would say it one more time It's been more than fine. How could have known? How could have shown? Say what you will before it's too late. Say what you will. mmhmm. Say what you will Before it's too late. Say what you will. mmhmm If you were to walk away Know you could stay. Think of all the
The Submissives Rights
The Submissives Rights i have the right to set limits, and expect them to be respected. i have the right to trust, providing I have earned it. i have the right to expect You to believe I am an intelligent, caring and loyal person. i have the right to ask for Your attention,without having to misbehave to get it. i have the right to expect You to administer Your punishment on me with care and caution. i have the right to question your motives,should You deny my requests, as long as I do so with the proper respect. i have the right to speak up if I feel O/our relationship is not giving me what I need. i have the right to tell You what I need in a respectful manner. i have the right to expect You to understand my reasons for doing so, and the right to expect You to listen with an open mind and heart. i have the right to walk away from our relationship if W/we cannot come to a common ground on these issues. i have the right to expect tenderness, love and understanding after a s
Whatever Happens
1. I like you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be t he world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful. 10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. 11. There's always goin
Morph Contest Updates
Best Morph Contest! I'm doing a Best Morph contest! I need 10 to 20 people for it! Contest will start 5/03 At 2 p.m. Central thur 5/09 at 2p.m. 1st , 2nd and 3rd Place will get 2 gifts each! Everyone else will get 1 ! 1st Morph is..... with 4351 comments! 2nd Morph is...... with 2020 comments! 3rd Morph is...... with 317 comments! 4th Morph is....... with 154 comments! 5th Morph is...... with 5 comments! 6th Morph is..... with 4 comments! 7th Morph is...... with 2 comments! Comment Bomb and Self comment bombing is allowed! Want to enter send me ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it For you! Thanks Maria ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~ aka ~ SeXy MaMa ~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryT
For Flashy Hearts Sent To A Person Of Your Choice Anonymousl
name 3 sitcom,..i suggest u look up the definition..this is a battle between cassie and ol blueeyes but everyone is welcome to take a shot
Birthdate And Love
Birthdate and Love table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2> Your Birthdate: November 29 You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move. It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone. Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache. Number of True Loves You'll Have: 3 Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5 You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month. What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?
Aight Next Contest 4 Minutes Let Me Roll A Joint And Wake Up...yaaaaaawn Lol
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Me And Mrs. Jones
Anybody Out There
This Week
hi all you cherrytappers, haven't had much time this week to write anything. Too much work not enough play well that's changing this weekend thank god it's a bank holiday. have fun in the sun stay safe
For All The Mothers Out There
For All The Mothers Out There MOTHER'S LOVE A Mother's love is something that no on can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away . . . It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking . . . It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems . . . It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation, And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation . . . A many splendoured miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. ~Helen Steiner Rice~ Another Poem I Found For Mothers Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom? "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will, but that's O.
Illinois Residents -- S.o.s.
War On Terror
"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? > > Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? > > And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. > > I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. > > I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia . > > I'll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for h
The Mayonnaise Jar And 2 Cups Of Coffee
The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee: A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes." The professor the
Sounds Good To Me
How does this sound, ladies? Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, lick them if you want Now spread the tops of her pussy up until you find her clit. Women have clits in different sizes just like us guys have different sized dicks It doesn't mean a thing as far as her capacity for an orgasm all it means is there is more of her hidden underneath her foreskin, whenever you touch a woman's pussy, make sure your finger is wet you can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure by all means to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn't have any juices of its own and its very sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it's dry and from what I hear it hurts. But you don't have to touch the clit so soon any way. You have to work up to that. Before she becomes too aroused, her clit is too delicate approach her pussy slowly. Women, more than men loved to be teased, the inner part of her thigh is her most tender spot. Lick it, kiss it, and m
Mint Julep
Early Times Mint Julep Recipe Ingredients: 2 oz. Early Times 1 tbsp. simple syrup (recipe below) Mint sprigs Crushed ice Crush a few mint leaves in the bottom of an 8-oz. glass, then fill with crushed ice. Add one tablespoon of simple syrup and one tablespoon of water. Add 2 ounces Early Times. Stir gently until glass frosts. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig, sip and enjoy
TO MY DEAR WIFE: During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just lay there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling
Express Yourself LIVE
The Bullshit, Bitching Bulletins Continue
For a week I've seen this one person bitching, whining, and moaning about how Achilles screwed her over, yadda, yadda, yadda. Ya know what, who cares, give it a rest. Achilles is a dick breath, we get it, now move on, ok? Another one is posting 8 or 10 bulletins withing 2 minutes, all of the same thing. STOP!!!!!! We can read it ONCE. Ten doesn't make it any more important. Gothic Rose, STFU already. You give me a headache, and you abuse the bulletins.
The Alley - Hott!
The Alley We have just finished our early evening dinner and a few glasses of wine at a restaurant across town. Twilight is nearing. We walk past an alley on the way to our car. You pull me into the alley and forcefully pin me against the wall. I see desire, power, and a hint of darkness in your eyes; it sends chills through my body. You lean in and kiss my lips, gently at first, then nibble at them roughly. I wince at the pain as you press me harder into the wall. You take my breast in your hand and knead it, pinching the nipple and pulling at it. You moan hoarsely into my mouth as you assault my body with your hands Groping, pinching and massaging every inch that you can reach. I understand your desire and push myself into you, giving myself to your needs. You raise my dress to expose my bare, wet pussy. I am wearing no under garments at your request. Your hand glides across my clit and down my juicy lips. You insert two fingers and shove them into me over and over. Your control o
A lifetime of sharing, a world is left unshared A thousand comforting touches Just to show that you cared Wasted moments, wasted time One lifetime, this lifetime To live in one moment, to remain in a thought To caress in the silence in which it was caught All the things we could say All the things we could do If the world was just me and you And we could have it all our way Decisions and choices are all that we have As we stumble and fall along this life's path So into my treasure trove, into Pandora's box Forever to be sealed, forever held by locks Until those mad mad moonlit nights When thought and reason do take flight And dreams and hopes come alive Old ghosts and memories are revived. kenny this is us and what we have been threw only u and i can change this
Early Morning Thoughts
Must be time to make order out of the chaos in my mind - I'm waking up at odd times, early morning times, with thoughts running around like their hair is on fire (I love that expression, lol!!)! First, an apology of sorts, lol! If I have disturbed you with my thoughts and rambling, either through my blogs or when we are chatting, I am very sorry! My best friend Stacey believes that I am here to make people think about things they would rather not think about, lmao! That may be! At this point in my life, I am on an adventure and exploring new and somewhat uncomfortable terrain - in my mind, at this point! I am acknowledging my Dark or Shadow side and trying to find balance within myself. You can't deny your Shadow side, my friends, because it will eventually come back and bite you on the ass!! I'm a Gemini, friends! I am now and forever wanting to learn new things, understand what makes one do the things one does. Given the opportunity I would gladly learn about EVERYTHING!! Bu
please help me win pleaseeeeeeeeee
So ive been dreaming alot more about sets lately and have some amazing ideas and some pieces of ideas that im going to start posting here so you all can add what you want to them my mind is running on empty from working on rss news feeds and blogger templates all night but a few minutes ago i pictured a black straighjacket with neon pink straps . it was hott but i have no idea where to take it as a set?
Cinco De Mayo
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I Finally Found Mr Right
hey all sorry i havent been on and probly wont be on much cus i finally found my mr right hes everything i ever dreamd of and i want and will be proud to be his wife forever and always Love you all Karen
Losing It All
Facing myself in sobriety finding that quiet place within the place where there's only the naked me no protection and no artistry the insanity is complete the emptiness of this routine in this cold territory There's a need to make it through there is strength to see the truth If only these moments were brief if only someone special were here Thy Will be done... Maybe I just had it wrong - all the things I used to want I must let go, I must be strong this is real life, this is my life That special love can never be nobody loves that way it's only in a movie scene that love's forever more It's trust, compatibility that couples should respect maybe it's mere consideration that relationships reflect
Joke 3
Sex is like a gas station. Sometimes you get full service, sometimes you got to ask for service and sometimes you have to settle with self service.......
What Not To Say To A Police Officer!
I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer. Sorry, Officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in. Aren't you the guy from the Village People? Hey, you must've been doin' about 125 mph to keep up with me. Good job! I thought you had to be in relatively good physical condition to be a police officer You're not gonna check the boot, are you? I was trying to keep up with traffic. Yes, I know there are no other cars around. That's how far ahead of me they are. What? You need a license to drive?
Joke 2
Why do midgets laughwhen they run through the grass????? Cause the grass tickles their nuts!!!!
Joke 1
A recent survey asked-why men like blowjobs.... 12%like the feeling, 8%like the pleasure and 80% like the silence
The List.... I Needed To Post This For All My Friends.
One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers. That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual. On Monday she gave each student his or her list. Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really?" she heard whispered. "I never knew that I meant anything to anyone!" and, "I didn't know others liked me so much," were most of the comments. No one ever mentioned those papers in class again. She never knew if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter. The exercise had accomplished its pur
Life As Of Late
Being a single parent (as most of us know) can be both trying and rewarding. My daughter is a honor roll student, band geek, and pms queen. My son is a video game freak and just gets what needs to be done in school. I try my darnest to balance their needs, work and my own schooling and sometimes it doesn't seem to be enough. This past week I believe my daughter may have gotten a view of how "bad" other parents can be -- her best friends parents came home drunk - one thing led to another - the kids were taken away again. I feel for the kids, they are good kids. The parents, I'm not too sure. I guess I do not understand the power of alcohol - I battled with drugs about a decade ago and know its evils. If a person REALLY wants to "come clean" there are so many programs and so much help BUT they have to seek it out for themselves. I pray that these parents can do what they need to form a family again. As for myself, I will continue to put my childrens needs first and hope that one day th
once i used to beleive in this myth called sanity. it turned me out and blasted up all thats left is this little cut. a fucking reminder of who i used to be. you want a rapture of filth and pain from me to those days of the nice ol me...gone the blindfold is still on i just cut little slits for you to see through
Creator Of Smiles
Dedicated to those who don't have the fortitude to be honest with me or themselves. -------------------------------------------------- The familiar sight of darkness no longer breaks my heart. I stare at this beautiful, splendorous, horrifying world and feel nothing. The light, which once sparkled in my eyes, is now gone and my flame of life is extinguished. It puzzles me how I can feel so deeply for a world that has taken everything from me; feel for the same people that have stolen my joy from me. I comfort those who call me and caress those who require me. I have given so much love to others that I have none to spare for myself. Sweet oblivion has claimed me so often that it seems natural for me to suffer. I find myself yearning for the pain and lonliness, savoring it lake a sweet forgotten wine. I have spoken to many poeple about many different things. Only now do I understand that there is a difference between wanting to die and having no will to live. Wanting to die
Guys: Ready To Make Your Move?
Guys: Ready to make your move? By Alan Goldsher The Motion Picture Association of America has a precise set of guidelines that deem what type of film is appropriate for which age demographic. For example, if a guy shakes his date’s hand goodnight, that’s a G-rated flick, whereas if a guy picks up his girlfriend, throws her on his bed, tears off his shirt, and dives on top of her, that will generally lead to an R rating. Unfortunately, life isn’t a movie, so when it comes to figuring out how and when to take your own relationship to the next physical plane, the MPAA is of no help whatsoever. And since there’s no such thing as a rating system from the Dating Association of America, allow us to supply some guidelines. These are especially helpful for those of you who have been out of dating circulation for a while and are just returning to the game. Warming up You can’t assume that just because you’re attracted to her, she’s also attracted to you. Before you touch her — and we’re
Point In Time
Point in Time Time and date alignments are fascinating and early this Sunday morning there's a doozey: At three minutes and four seconds after 2 a.m. on the 6th of May this year, the time and date will be 02:03:04 05/06/07. Savor that second, because it will never happen again -- at least in this space-time continuum.
Key To Her Heart
Key to Her Heart People try to figure out the key to the women's hearts Some try to understand us women We are like a puzzle It sometimes takes a while to figure us out More to understand about women The most delicate wonderful creations The gift given by the creator Sometimes mistreated, Abused, Mislead, Taken for being weak We are the strongest beings created Being the applicants to all the jobs Some not given the credit for No degrees needed Coming from wisdom We are your backbones anytime The formula to keep you going The wisdom and encouragement The person whom is very important to your life Some may not know the key to your heart The courage to endure what comes your way Some don't know the key to a woman's heart The simplest things will get you far Remembering important dates and events Doing something just because you care Doing things to keep her sm
Vision Of Love
Vision of Love Someone may ask "What is love?" What does it means? Many of us don't know Many different meanings Most based on opinion and personal belief Most love is fit by design Half the time love is falsified The meaning as a whole state how much one feels True love is formed when soul mates combine Time making that heart grow and fonder Respecting ones wishes toward another Respecting ones dreams Supportive to all what ones personal goals and dreams Some say respect first then love will come 'Everyone have they own vision of love The process starts from within Loving yourself comes first Then again some don't have self -esteem first Somehow, someway, the love has to exist Everyone have their own vision of love True happiness co-existing conquers all one need to be loved
Gene Simmons Salutes My Friend Kira
Gene Simmon's Ohayo gozaimasu,KIRA! (Good morning, KIRA!) Gokigen ikagadesuka? (How are you?) Watashiwa Gene Simmons. desu (I'm Gene Simmons.) Anatawa saiko-desu! (You rock!) Utsukushii (And your are beautiful.) ..Sayonara! Salute To
I may have to amend my previous statement of seeing a disproportionate amount of "pretty" people. I see a lot of fake pictures. Why? Is posting someone else's picture an indicator of your own self-worth? I've also seen pictures of people who are far older than the picture they used. Your high school pictures probably no longer provide an accurate view of how you look. So, in other words, deception and misdirection are key, just like in a real bar, apparently.
The Book Is Moving
It's fun watching the two books being bought. I wasn't sure if Motivation, Get it Keep it would sell any copies beyond family but it's been a year now and it's still picking up sales. Your Fitness Trip, Start, Have Fun, Don't Stop is getting exceptional comments from those who have read it so I'm hoping more start buying it. The next book Quincy and Me is still being written and it is a great story. If it gets good exposure it will make the best sellers list.
Past Few Days
i wanted to let everyone know that on friday morning morning me and my son were involved in a car accident and were both sent to the hospital we both have head and neck injuries and i have an additional back injury i wont be on as much until everything is settled with this. me and my son have numerous drs apts and physical theropy not only that but visits to my lawyers srry i havent shown much love to my friends but i will get on it soo i promise when im able to...
Circle Of Trust?
Well Shit...looks like I will be on someone's ignore list! you think I care...hmmm NO! Sad thing is, we have to deal with this person for another 16 more years unless we go through with giving up my husband's paternal rights to his kids because of the bold face lies she's put out there. Then manipulate the children with those lies. Why do women have to act like bitches? Here is a man, with a HUGE HEART! I mean HUGE! My ex husband was an asshole. Basically he said, since I am not sticking around to take care of him or his bills. He will not provide for me and the kids. YEP after 8 yrs of marriage where I cleaned, cooked, ironed all his uniforms, and put up with this shit for 5 years straight before I decided enough was enough. Then I met my husband. He said baby...I will take care of you but I do have issues with ex wife. Naive I am you ask? YEP I sure am! I guess I like to think this world can be a good place. Boy am I wrong! People are out to get you, screw you over, scre
Hell And Second Chances
Several of my stories have to do with events in Hell. On one of them I am having a hard time coming up with the behavior for one of the characters. Maybe you can help me: How would a soul in Hell react if given a second chance to go to heaven? Will it reject it out of hand, or do everything in its power to reach heaven?
Modern Civilizaton Hummmmmmmmm
"Modern civilization has no understanding of sacred matters. Everything is backwards." Modern civilization says, don't pray in school; don't pray at work; only go to church on Sunday. If you don't believe what I believe, you'll go to hell. Deviancy is normal. Our role models cheat, drink and run around; these are the people in the news. The news sells bad news; no one wants to hear good news. Kids are killing kids. Victims have little protection. Violence is normal. Leaders cheat and lie. Everything is backwards. We need to pray for spiritual intervention. We need to have guidance from the Creator to help us rebuild our families, our communities and ourselves. Today, I will pray for spiritual intervention from the Great Spirit. Grandfather, we pray for your help in a pitiful way. Even though many of us disagree with the churches for their religion, We should at least agree that prayer is an important part of a persons Spiritual life. Without it life seems so nasty. If we
To Be Hopeful...
Howard Zinn To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places – and there are so many – where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.
What Is Love Like
It is like a rainbow beautiful to see impossible to touch The beginning and end Can never really be found always just out of reach When we see its radiance We gasp in awe mesmerized by its beauty yet as it appears silently When you turn around It will be gone No trace left No explaination only an memory of what was. And when we least expect Its exsquisite illusion Will again blazon across the sky If I where to be granted one wish Would be to one day KNeel at the beginning of the rainbow place my hand inside its beams and feel the cascading colours Beating in my heart
An old cowhand came riding into town on a hot, dry, dusty day. The local sheriff watched from his chair in front of the saloon as the cowboy wearily dismounted and tied his horse to the rail. The cowboy then moved slowly to the back of his horse, lifted its tail, and placed a big kiss where the sun don't shine. He dropped the horse's tail, stepped up on the walk and aimed toward the swinging doors of the saloon. "Hold on there, Mister," said the sheriff. "Did I just see what I think I saw?" "Reckon you did, Sheriff. I got me some powerful chapped lips." "And that cures them?" the Sheriff asked. "Nope, but it keeps me from lick'en 'em."
Sex Education
A man boarded an airplane and took his seat. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw an unusually beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realized she was heading straight toward his seat. Lo and behold, she took the seat right beside his. Eager to strike up a conversation, he blurted out, "Business trip or vacation?" She turned, smiled, and said, "Business. The annual Sexual Education Convention in Chicago." He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting for sex education! Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, "What's your business role at this convention?" "Lecturer," she responded. "I use my experience to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality." "Really," he said. "What myths are those?" "Well," she explained. "One popular myth is that African American men are the most well endowed, when in fact, it's the Native American Indian who is most likel
School Girls Job
Mr. Brown the old history teacher had a dirty mouth. He was always saying something off color or suggestive. One day after class, Sally approaches his desk with a flock of girls in tow. "Mr. Brown," she said, "We are tired of your filthy remarks and we aren't going to put up with in anymore! The next time you say something nasty in class, we are all going to complain to the principal." Mr. Brown was silent and the girls stormed off thinking they had cowed him. The next day as everyone arrives in class, Mr. Brown is reading the newspaper. The bell rings, but he continues to read. Finally, he looks up and says, "Oh girls, you should find this interesting. The government is recruiting whores to go to Afghanistan and screw the servicemen over there for $100 a day." All at once the girls get up and head for the door. "Wait a minute!" shouted Mr. Brown. "The boat doesn't leave till Thursday!"
Things You Should Never Say To A Judge
Things You Should Not Say To A Judge 1. "I got your community service right here pal!" 2. "Boy your chamber sure does look different with the lights on." 3. "You couldn't carry Wapner's gavel you moron!" 4. "You're not as easy to buy as others said you were." 5. "No you robe wearing geek." 6. "I don't suppose there's a "You get me off, I get you off" type of deal out there?" 7. "Just out of curiousity, are you wearing pants?"
Cultivating a garden takes work. There is time, effort and energy required in producing a beautiful garden. There is a similar parallel with life and what we do with our time and energy. Cultivating a life that is purposeful and worthwhile takes time and dedication. Like the garden, preparation, decisions and prudent care is required. The results are very rewarding. In the open field of life, anything is possible. To waste time produces a wasteland, to cultivate time produces a life that blossoms.
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The Game Of Love
What we thought was love and happiness? Is now gone all that's left is to move on. Say goodbye and walk away. Take your wounded pride put it aside. The game of love you have lost. Your broken heart is the cost. Count your blessings and pray. maybe You will win at the game of love one day. Just learn when to walk away. Your strong enough to say good bye. Don't hold back it's okay to cry love hurts sometimes
Heart Aches
okay.....I have officially broken down... I like you I like you alot I think of you when I wake up to the point I fall asleep...there are days like tonight I can't fall asleep....what have you done to me...I miss you...I need you....I need you so bad that it hurts hell I even changed my phone to display "yes Mistryss13" if thats bad enough...what have you done to me my love
Beautiful Words
Your words Melt in to me like warm chocolate Lucious and flowing Finding every dimple and crease Creating a thick rich coat Delicious and sensual Dripping from my breast Firming beneath me Moulding to every curve A perfect fit
    The icecream social was actually pretty nice. I hadn't had roasted marshmellows in a long time. Matt Watts isn't that bad of a guy, other than being crazily mormon, and he thinks about the same about me, other than not being mormon. lol. Roasted marshmellows are fun. And I like icecream too. It was kind far south for me, but whatever. I hadn't talked to the person since I got out of highschool. So it was worth seeing him and talking to him a bit.     The picture is kinda blurry. But ohwell, it protects his identity or whatever..My hair looks mostly purple, with some blue. It depends on the light. I think I am gong to put more purple in it in a couple days. It needs some time to recover though.
The Past And Present
ok so chris is my ex. we still get on well. we argue when we r together but when we are friends we dont. i love him so much but thigs ent expected to be perfect. if the world was perfect i would still be with chris. i love him so much but he doesnt really understand that. i love you chris if you are reading this and please will you have me back. love your danni
Let's Say I Break Into Your House
A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!!! It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Her point: Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests: Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house)." According to the protesters: You are Required to let me stay in your house. You are Required to add me to your family's insura
Lovly Donna
Check It Out Guys
Good News For A Change !!
After a shitty couple of offered a job this week..starting in a month or so..cant wait..very excited :D..but omg..when will I sleep..between working and cherry tap..there will be no time... :D
Saterday Morning 6am
and its been a week since i blocked a fake friend loser,but somehow he has nothing better to do then to come here ,looking into my profile and blog,looking for ammo ,to use as a wedge between me and a good friend.its ok his life is so sad and miserable(all by his own bitter design),ill let him live off my life.since theres nothing he can say or do to change anything heres my life.drink and enjoy it.sorry it reminds you everyday ,you are a bitter fool.see ya tommorow Music Video Codes By Music
Hold Me
Hold me close and never let go, I need you to love me so. I’ve been alone way to long., cause other loves have gone wrong. Hold me close and never let go, I need you to love me so. My heart has sunk so low, Love is not poetry or a song or another pretty coming along. Hold me close and never let go, I need you to love me so. Hold me tight when cold winds blow. Ice has been in my heart to long from the other loves that have gone so wrong. Hold me close and never let go, I need you to love me so. Let me hear love’s sweet song to melt the ice before too long
My inspiration, my love, my happiness,my sadness. You have the peacefulness of a dove, Which fills my heart with gladness. If parting is such sweet sorrow and meeting is euphoric, Eagerly I wait for the morrow, when we make love and frolic. I feel so loved when you are near and wish we’d never part my dear. My love for you is true and has no fear. I knew it from the start when my head was clear. Life is cruel and some day soon, I fear you will say goodbye. Alone I will sit in my room with heavy heart awaiting doom.
Dont Fucking Touch Me No Means No
dont fucking say youll walk someone to there car to make sure they are safe your the reason why women dont feel safe people like you who fucking dont accept no. it doesnt matter if all you want is a kiss. your an asshole . dont ever fucking touch me ever you drunk piece of shit asshole FUCK YOU
To Friends And Family...
I am gonna be gone for a few days....son is graduating from college!! soooo if ya have the info you can text me if ya want.... xoxo Becky
Eyes of fire, Eyes of stone, Eyes that seem like they are always alone. Eyes that hate, Eyes that love, Eyes the seem like they are from above. Eyes that smile, Eyes that frown, Eyes that seem like they are always down. Eyes that see, Eyes that don’t, Eyes that seem like they are always a float.
The Stars And Fate Of Paris Hilton
The Life And Fate of Paris Hilton It seems that being rich, pretty and famous does not mean much to the stars if the recipient is uninformed. The stars are impartial. If you do not know or respect the Universal rules, perhaps you will be next to suffer the effects of ignorance. Incidentally 99% of the world's population, both political and religious leaders, (and most famous pretty girls out there) have no cosmic consciousness. They have absolutely NO clue to the star's regimentation over their lives. What's really interesting is that the very same Plutonic stars that forever changed the lives of famous radio host Imus and comedian Michael Richards also victimized Paris Hilton. It seems to be an epidemic of stupidity and I can barely comprehend how innocent she and the rest of the world really are. Because of their ignorance of the "Universal Code," Imus, Michael Richards, Paris Hilton and others, could have avoided tragedy had they my celestial understanding. Much money is w
I Love You
I love you in the morning, I love you in the night. I love you when we were happy or even when we fight. I love you when you are close, I love you when you are far away. I love you when you laugh or even when you pout. All I know is I love you and for me there is no doubt.
I Want You...
i understand that no one has ever said the things i said to u i also understand how scary that can be . but you are not a bad peron and you deserve happiness. you say your not worthy and i say you are. you say u want to fall in love with me and that's what i want with you too. you say i give you butterflies and you do that to me too. ll i want is the chance the chance to be your baby. i want to show you the kind of person i see in you i want you to know that you are not alone anymore. i'm yours if you want me. i feel so good everytime we talk cuz you make me smile. i want that feeling never to go away and furthur more i want you!
Without You
Without you in my life, I am a lost soul searching the heaven’s for the joy that has left my heart. Without you in my life, I question my very existence, my reason for living in this god forsaken world that has been so cruel. Without you in me life, I am but a grain of sand that blows along the beach and gets washed back into the ocean. Without you in my life, I lie alone at night, dreaming of your face and finding peace at last.
At times some say I am quiet and assume I am depressed. Chances are I am reviewing the things I have heard expressed. Though many words are spoken throughout each and every day. It doesn’t mean all that is mentioned, Is really that worthwhile to say. So in view of the filth around us, I am trying to do me share to keep my world refined, By choosing my words with care and that my speech will honor others. And should up build my fellow kin. If it would fail in either, then, Silence would be a better plan.
When you slept with those others, Did you know they never loved you? When you kissed those others, Did you know they never really knew you? When you hurt the ones who loved you, Did you know they never stopped crying? When you turned your back on me, Did you know I was dying without you? With every mistake you make, You chip away a part of me. Before you realize it there will be nothing.
Evolution Of A Juggalo
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Writtings 3
As I sit and wait, as the hours slowly tick by, My mind wanders to thoughts of you. Where are you, what are you doing? So many questions seep into my mind, I have no answers to them. Do you think of me? Do you wonder what I am doing? When I am not there with you. Do you wish I was there to hold you? The way I wish you were here to hold me. Is this this all another false hope, Just like the times before? All these question cluttering my mind. I wish I knew the answers. I wish I could rest my mind Such things just aren’t possible, Because you’re always on my mind.
Writtings 2
I can see it in your eyes the love you have for me I can feel it in your touch your love for me I can tell by the sound of your voice your love for me My love, darling angel of mine. I see it in your eyes every time I look at you How I could spend eternity with you. I know you are right for me by the way you touch me I know by the sound of your voice I made the right choice I know I have made the right choice For you hold my heart for life.
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The day doesn’t seem as bright without you by my side. The world seems lonely, the days slowly drift by. I walk the streets sulking, head down eyes filled with tears No happiness to be found here, but then I think of you. The look in your eyes and realize there is hope for my life. Through all despair and demise you give my life meaning. With you my heart may soar through the sky. If I could only spend the rest of my life lost in your eyes.
Gm To
good morning to all my awsome friends,hope you have an awsome day and dont forget to smile,love always
Ok I went out dancing tonight an had a blast. It is the first time I have drank in a long ass time!!! I had two buttershots an two coronas danced up a storm got pics I will be posting some tomarrow. LOL it was just a wild girls night out of fun. I hope you all had an awsome weekend your selfs!!!!
May 5
Well let's start today's on a brighter note than yesterday.I want to say great job to those that really put an effort into our family member eye's to your soul contest.She surpassed 4000 comments at 5 a.m. EST.I know ,I was there.So congrats looks like we might have a bomber or two in the family lol.Downside is that at the same time I was feeling good for putting her over 4000 I peeked and saw to my dismay that she's still 4000 behind 1st I imagine you all know what's coming next.That's right,get in here and GIT_R_DONE.
Sleepless Nite
hello my friend ive been up all nite with a restless mine feelin like i may die alone soon. everytime i tried to sleep i couldnt cause my mind was too active and i broke into tears. really miss my daughter alot (( see good news )) and miss her badly. can ya please take the time to put me in your prayers to get thru these troubled moments. i will have a buddy 2 take me to mens group prayer at 8am and that can help me try 2 hold on and maybe gain hold of things. i need your help and cant deal with things alone. a few of ya have been very kind to me druring recent woes and i appreciate your caring concern. LOVE CHUCK
Awesome Friend And Family Member Needs Help
* 12 Strand Dna * * Dna Activation * Evolution * *multiplicity Views *
********************************************************************************************* 12 Strand DNA ********************************************************************************************* The term '12 Strand DNA' is a pseudoscience term used by healers and energy workers to denote that a soul is evolving into higher requency by activating its DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix. ********************************************************************************************* 12 Around 1 ********************************************************************************************* Spiraling movement of consciousness in different frequencies 12=1+2=3=-manifestation in third dimension, the physical realms 12 spiraling cones around 1 source = 13 = 4=4th dimension = time Sacred Geometry = SG = StarGate = Wheel of Karma = Alchemy Wheel - Clock -Time Electromagnetic energy grid programs of experience - polarity - duality - emotions Alchemy Wheel of C
Are Bikers Being Taken Advantage Of?
I am reposting this from an article in Thunder Roads Of Indiana and Northern Illinois magazine. I have to agree. How about you? Pat Savage Are bikers being taken advantage of? Poker runs, Charity rides, fundraisers, Bike nights, and much much more. It seems like the number of events are growing every year, bars and restaurants that used to shun bikers are now having poker runs every weekend. Is it all just a growing concern for charities and people in need or is it people taking advantage of us biker folk? My opinion is of course that it is both. There are bars and bikers that have held poker runs for years and many of them have a direct connection with the charity they choose to help. Over the last couple of years I have seen more poker runs put on by non-motorcyclists and for some reasons that just shock the hell out of me. There was one poker run to raise money for a girl that wanted to travel to Europe as part of an exchange program, hell I want to travel
Only For Friends
This is only for the Real Friends , join the Hottest Ct Lounge around and Have Fun Katerine
Weekend Pictures
Ten Basic Principles Of Bdsm
Ten Basic BDSM Principles: 1) BDSM play should be safe, sane and consensual. 2) Know your SM player(s). Do not have BDSM play with strangers. 3) Always inform a friend that you are having BDSM play: where, when and with whom. 4) Always use safe words, i.e., 911 or red (STOP), yellow (slow down) and/or safe gestures (tap foot three times). 5) Negotiate the scene before you start. Communicate your limits, medical conditions, medications, experience and desires. 6) "No limits" is fantasy. Every sane player has limits. Do not be embarrassed to express them to the dominant player(s). 7) Do not have BDSM play while intoxicated or seriously stoned. 8) Expect the unexpected (fire, power failure, medical emergency, etc.) and be prepared. Another person’s life is in your hands. 9) Always have a first aid kit nearby. 10) Don’t play with a man/woman unless you feel absolutely safe!
Dominant Vs.master
DOMINANT VS. MASTER BY MISTRESS STEEL Those just entering the BDSM world will find the abundant usage of both of these words by members of the online community. This is primarily due to the rapid growth of access and the restrained attainability of quality texts to correctly interpret what these words mean within the community itself. Up to a few years ago the BDSM world was a tightly closed and almost secret society. Membership in this society was kept totally private and hidden with significant effort. Entree into the community was by referral and accompaniment only. Protocols or rules of conduct were strict and strongly enforced, not from some control standpoint but because those rules emerged from bitterly hard lessons in survival. A Dominant is a person with a dominant aspect in their personality. A Master is a Dominant with significant real life BDSM experience. They are not the same. It can be fairly said that all Master/Mistress's are Dominant. It cannot be sai
Just Thoughts
I was out yesterday doing some shopping, it felt so strange not pushing Terry around in his wheelchair, felt as if something was missing. I went in search of some music to be played at his funeral yesterday for his wife. One song I found easily enough was Tina Turner's "The best". She was Terry's favourite. The other one wasnt so easy. Its a song by Ned Millar (ive never heard of him before" called from "A Jack to a King", apparently Terry Sand it to his wife the day he proposed, any ways with the help of 2 very helpful staff members of the Sight and Sound library I managed to track it down and hired it from the local library. I know people might be thinking I am taken the loss of Terry badly but for the last 5 years since he lost his leg I was with him most days taken him out, to hospitals etc. But apart from him being my BIL he was also a great friend, we have know each other for over 40 years, we were brought up as kids together. It was Terry who taught me to ride a Bike, Ok he took
* 12 Pyramids Of Thoth *
********************************************************************************************* * 12 Pyramids of Thoth * ********************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************* PREFACE ********************************************************************************************* PREFACE The writer of these pages is I, Thoth The Scribe, who moves through many realities as teacher. I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force having come here through the Gates of the 12 Pyramid Matrix. Many will remember and quote my teachings in texts, scrolls, stone tablets, keys of knowledge, or encoded genetic memories to be found at the end of a cycle. I have entrusted my original teachings to those who were my priests and priestesses who must one day restore this knowledge in full definition. At that time they shall incarnate as the teachers and heale
Just wanted to Let you all Now That K@T is back , and i am a Changed Person , all Past from here is Past so don't Bring past Up to me , i came back Cause Somebody took me back here , somebody i whas once her enemy and since recent , we had some meetings and really Got well toghether and became Good Friend , ppl who doesn't Know who this is you will soon know Katerine aka K@T
Spanking 101
Spanking 101 basics and tips for doing it well Spanking is one of the classics in erotic power exchange. The term spanking is usually used for anything that has to do with spanking the bottom. In general, no other parts of the body are involved. Purist spankers will only accept spanking as spanking when it is done by hand, but often the back of hair brushes, table tennis bats, slippers, a swat or small leather devices, sometimes shaped in the form of a hand can be used. Many people combine spanking with other erotic stimuli like schoolgirl play or (old fashioned) lingerie. Strict role play - daddy & naughty girl, uncle & naughty niece, teacher & schoolgirl - is often used. In other words, many people use spanking as a form of "punishment," but actually spanking makes a great intro to other active play forms as well. Spanking, to quite a few people who are into erotic power exchange, is a cult on its own. These spanking purist will not combine spanking with other forms of play a
Well so I guess I should talk about myself. Well me is old well I think I am even thou I don't look my age nor at times act it. I work at a bar has a cook, but I like to think of myself has the chef their. I have been working there for over 6 months now and I must say the drama in that place would make a great soap opera. Well also I am looking into getting a new car soon so I am hoping to be driving again, man I miss that. I know I live a boring life but it is a busy boring life since I am either working or sleeping and on my days off I am out and about doing anything and everything. I swear I didn't think my life was this busy until this week. I really havn't gotten a dya to relax in over a week. Its either I am at work or out doing stuff I need to get done. Well if anyone views and what to know more about me please sent a question my way and I will answer it and maybe even but it on my page so everyone can read it.
How To Use A Flogger 101
Part I - WHAT to use A 'flogger' shall remain for the moment 'any flexible many-tailed striking tool where the tails are simple strips of leather or similar substances, designed for use on the human body'. In short, not bullwhips, braided cat-o-nines, crops, scourges, thudtoys and such, simply floggers. A braided cat is similar to a flogger in many respects, yet has a distinct 'feel', both these and floggers with knotted ends are left for another discussion. As floggers were less available in former days, many people made their own in various styles and weights. Even if you are not doing so, some basic principles of design might help you select a superior one from the regrettably large supply of the other sort. I shall not include specific designs, the subject has been done to death before, and they are readily available elsewhere. As Janet Heartwood has provided excellent information in her 'Heartwood Catalog', I have used a similar format in my materials listing below. Although I
May 04, 2007
"If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart." ~Arabian Proverb
* 12 Around 1 Sacred Geometry Of Creation *
********************************************************************************************* * 12 Around 1 * ********************************************************************************************* Alchemy Wheel of Time - Karma - Synchronicity - Creation - Geometry ********************************************************************************************* Alchemist, Alexandre d'Alveydre's Acheometre ********************************************************************************************* 12 around 1 = 13=4= 4th Dimension= Time - Clock - Gears - Synchronicity ********************************************************************************************* Da Vinci - The Last Supper - 12 Apostles Around (1) Jesus - Christ Consciousness ********************************************************************************************* Sacred Geometry - The Da Vince Code ********************************************************************************************* Da Vinci *
* 12 Fibonacci Goddesses *
********************************************************************************************* * The Maiden Voyage of the 12 Fibonacci Goddesses * ********************************************************************************************* From the central source of creation 12 pyramids of light spiral forth. Within each pyramid is a Goddess. When it all began..... Each goddess swept across the darkness of the void using her magic through the geometry of creation to manifest stories in which your soul can experience. It is time to find the magic within your soul. When you do, you will have the power to create. ********************************************************************************************* GODDESS 1 - SOUND ********************************************************************************************* I am Freya, the Goddess of Sound. Creation all began with a Soul Note which I created for the story of this Universe. I designed the inner ear,
Trampled In Dust...
Hrrrrmm About Making Love
Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, lick them if you want Now spread the tops of her pussy up until you find her clit. Women have clits in different sizes just like us guys have different sized dicks It doesn't mean a thing as far as her capacity for an orgasm all it means is there is more of her hidden underneath her foreskin, whenever you touch a woman's pussy, make sure your finger is wet you can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure by all means to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn't have any juices of its own and its very sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it's dry and from what I hear it hurts. But you don't have to touch the clit so soon any way. You have to work up to that. Before she becomes too aroused, her clit is too delicate approach her pussy slowly. Women, more than men loved to be teased, the inner part of her thigh is her most tender spot. Lick it, kiss it, and make designs with the tip of your tongue.
* 11:11 Universal Laws: Star Knowledge * Maka Wicaphi Wicohan * Star Laws Of The Wheels Of Humanity *
********************************************************************************************* MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN ********************************************************************************************* Universal and Spiritual Laws ********************************************************************************************* Star Laws of the Wheel of Humanity ********************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************* * Universal Law of Free Will * ********************************************************************************************* TUNKASILA - Protects Personal Freedom ARCTURUS - Invokes the Freedom Ray QUAN YIN - Accesses Great Karmic Council ********************************************************************************************* Universal Law of Free Will Well, I could tell the story of The Three Little
Random Going Ons
sitting at a diner. laughing at my friends. letting you all know that i am totally fine. i am living with my crazy friends and going to the beach almost everyday. working to maybe get a brandnew ninja! what does everyone think? just a thought. well lots of aloha friends!
The Heart Broken Hero
he was a hansom lad,just 16 when he fell in love with mareen.she was his dream come true,long wavy brown hair and sparkling blue eye.they had everything in common,likes ,wants,dislikes even their dreams of the future matched.they became egaged on his 18 th birthday with plans to marry after spring break before she was to leave for college and he was to become marine. the day they married and they exchanged their vows they went out and bought their first home that they would begin living in when he graduated boot camo and she got her first smester break. their lives seamed to be perfect and with in a short time they were proud to announce they were t be proud parents. the day she gave birth ,with him by her side,he recieved his orders ,he was goingto viet nam.the next few days were hurried as they prepared their home for the new arrival.she came home after giving birth and togather they took their daughter to her new home.they spent every second of the next few days togather they we
So much has happened my Uncle passed away about 2 months ago wich really sucked. In many ways however it did push me to take responsablity's I never wanted to accept . So it has a plus side as well I suppose . Its been a while since I been here,and it seems strange that Id return in many ways -Laughs- Oh well I miss everyone ...
Wax Play
"Wax Play" A basic primer on the safe use of candle wax Many people have played with a bit of candle wax at one time or another in their lives. Maybe by putting a finger in the pool of wax at the top of a candle. Maybe by catching a drip of wax on their skin by accident. Maybe even by dripping a bit of wax on themselves on purpose. Well, it's the intentional wax play we're going to talk about here. So if you're interested in playing with wax on a partner, or even if you just want to play with some on yourself, we have a few bits of advice we'd like to pass along to get you started on the right path. Basic Safety Tips Make sure you keep your candles and/or crock pot on a level, stable surface. Keep ice, cold towels and a bowl of water nearby. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy. Be very careful about lingerie, as some items will melt or burn, sticking to the skin and causing serious burns. Anything with nylon, vinyl, pvc, patent leather, etc. can be a problem. Of course
Why "TAPS" is played.. If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps were played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every North American should know.. Until I read this: We in the North America have all heard the haunting song, "Taps". It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe waswith his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia.The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field.Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Crawling on his sto
Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation the "other" female orgasm Different techniques will accomplish different things. We all know about the clitoris and the effects of stimulating it, but the G-spot is not clear to everybody - men as well as women. Here is a different technique to accomplish some different orgasms. Orgasms that not every woman is aware of and that - as a result - may bring about some very intense emotions. Few men know about it, more women do but most either don't know what to do with it or feel ashamed about it: female ejaculation. Not all women can do it and the way they do (and the amount of fluid they produce) may be very different. The amount of fluid may vary from just a few drops to a mug full. You need a little technique to get it done, but first you need to understand it. Female ejaculate is worked up in the spongy area around the female urethra, better known as the G-spot. It's located at the upper part of the vagina, just behind the entrance at the back of the pubic bone
Hey ya'll, this is a funny video, click below or copy and paste.
What Do You See?
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see my smiles? Do you see the laughter? Do you see all the happiness? Or do you see past the front to what really lies beneath? Do you see the walls I put up to keep them out? Do you see all the tears that stained my face? Do you see the fears that I try to hide? Do you see the scars inside of me? Those scars that wont let me free Those scars that run deep inside Those scars that mar my very soul Those scars I try so hard to hide So do you see the truth in me or just the truth I want you to see?
I Need Your Votes Now!!!! Let Me Be The Mybabespace For May!!!
What Is A Scene In Bdsm
What's a "scene" in bdsm? What's "negotiation" mean? plus how the two of these work together... SM has definite connotations of theater. The fact that you're a submissive while you're playing sexually does not mean you are a pushover in real life, nor does you're a dominant while playing mean that you are an overbearing egotist. These are roles that you can play; you are in some sense an actor. Hence the concept of a "scene." A scene is a particular interaction between a group of players, usually revolving around a bottom. It's not a formal concept, just a handy way to describe the action. "That was the hottest whipping scene I've ever seen!" "Our last scene really pushed me, Master; I've never felt like that before." Usually a scene has a momentum of its own: a top will begin fucking/ whipping/ sucking/ whatever a bottom, they'll both be fantastically into it, one or both comes/peaks/starts getting tired, and they wind down and rest for a while and talk about what worked and wha
I Own My Own Mall & So Can
Check out this site: it's Free & so easy. It's for everyone not just Mom's
Stole Brian's Survey
1. What is your full name? Stephanie Crawford. Yeah, To Kill A Mockingbird, I know. 2. When is your Birthday? 10-2-83 3. How tall are you? 5\'3\" 4. Do you smoke? No 5. How many sexual partners have you had? 6. If you can\'t answer, is it really that many? It\'s really that few 7. Can you cook? Yes 8. What was your dream growing up? To be Wonder Woman, or barring that, her sidekick. I also wanted to marry Elliot from E.T. 9. What talent do you wish you had? I wish I could create music 10. Favorite place? The woods, with a slight chill wind 11. G-strings or thongs? Neither 12. What was the last book you read? The Million Dollar Mermaid by Esther Williams 13. What zodiac sign are you? Libra 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Nope, just scars 15. Worst Habit? Sometimes I suck my thumb in my sleep : 16. Do we know each other outside of CherryTap? Who? 17. What is your favorite sport? Hockey 18. Pessimist or Optimist attitude? Optimist, save for occasionally I get pretty dar
Vote For Me Im Loseing
Vote For Mommy in Sexiest Eyes Only vote one time pleezz Vote For Mommy in Sexiest Smile Only vote once per pic thank you
Illegal Immigration
Ok I have been thinking about this for a few days and in light of the immigration protests again this year I figured I would put in my two cents. There is no question that illegal immigration is a threat to our national security and that reforms must be implemented to fix the problems with it. Now, in all of this debate to my knowledge not a single word has been said about our "policy" towards Cuban "refugees". For those who don't know, it is a policy that any Cuban who crosses the ocean and sets foot on the beach in Florida is allowed to remain in this country no questions asked. Now I'm no expert but if a person comes to this country without going through the proper channels and filling out the paperwork, applying for a visa, etc. they are here illegally. So why is it that we are giving these Cubans a "get into country free" card? I mean how do we know these aren't crimals, drug dealers, etc? We don't and that poses a threat to our national security. Now I know some people may say "w
Good Advice...
You know that saying about how if at first you don't succeed, try try again? Hey -- no rolling your eyes. It's true! And your next attempt will be successful if you remember the key details that made the first ones go awry.
Hey Jokers!!
Take A Second To Read This
Hey all how you doing? Thanks for taking hte time to read this. I will keep it short and simple , as to not take up alot of your time. I want to say I love CT and its a great site, but as I said on Myspcae as well, i am not here to win a popularity contest. I could careless if people like me or not. the ones who do will let me know the ones that dont... well you'll come up with some lame shit :) So please if you are going to add me, or have added me already, take some time to read my profile. I am gonna update it as i can, but i am new to CT and will take a bit to make my page look good. Thanks again for reading this!!! And if you dont like typos well... I dont care!! :-D
A Survey...while I Play W/ Music
What does your best friend call you? which b-friend? Would you prefer a thunderstorm or for it to be snowing? I love thunderstorms and snowstorms! Do you have a Laptop or Desktop? desk and I want to get another laptop Who do you call the most? depends on the day and who has what going on in their drama... What is your favorite thing to shop for? Books. Walking into a bookstore has a narcotic effect on me. Ditto J.Mack! What a excellent way to describe it! What is your cell phone provider? sincular What were you doing 4 hours ago? working Have you ever fought over the opposite sex? uh do I have to answer this... Are you good at math? with a calculator or my fingers What do you get complimented on the most? I don't know. Do you listen to your parents? i try to but it's so hard luckily i don't have to answer to them Favorite holiday? Halloween ofcourse Have you ever gone to a concert? What kind of question is this? When was the last
7 Pleasing Characteristics Of A Submissive
7 Pleasing Characteristics Of A Submissive These are some characteristics *I* like to see in a submissive, 1. Honesty. This is very important to me. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust D/s is nothing. On a safety note, be truthful in your desires, experience, fears and limits. I have seen many submissives tell "little" lies thinking it will make them more desirable. It usually ends up getting them hurt. If you have questions about what your Dom/me desires or expects, be honest and speak up. There is nothing wrong with asking questions respectfully, and is much preferable to looking ignorant. Remember, all Dom/mes are different. Don't assume because one wants you to wear stockings that another will enjoy them. Ask what he expects you to wear, how he expects you to act, what he prefers to be called, etc. 2. Submissiveness. While I enjoy the occasional SAM, I prefer my subs to submit. I want them to surrender their will to me. I like them to be polite,
Let Loose These Wings...
Todays' Quote Is: Books
"Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking." Baquera says: There is nothing like a good book. I am sure you are all aware that I read alot of motivational, positive thinking type books, but if you ever want to read a great book try the "American Beach, A Saga of Race, Wealth, and Memory by: Russ Rymer". That is one book you will not put down and will have you thinking! Enjoy and keep gearing to more reading! God Bless and Be Safe! read
Rambling Writing Inspired By M.ward & Cat Power
when the wind rustles through the trees i think of your rough fingertips skimming my skin I went to the doctor, I said doctor please What do you do when your true love leaves? He said the hardest thing in the world to do Is to find somebody that believes in you when i feel the warm sand between my toes i just close my eyes and feel your whiskers on my cheek I went to the whippoorwill, I said whippoorwill please What do you do when your true love leaves? He said the only trick I have up my sleeve Is to sing over and over until he comes back to me Very few things feel real to me, just heavy and resistant just to get through the day takes so much persistance the eyes of strangers are so cold, but not as much when it's your hand I hold my childhood moments were so happy, mainly now unless i hold tight, all time does is betray me the ground cracks, and even leaves grow bitter good people always seem to die i think if it was discovered, only bad people could turn back time
A Friend Sent This To Me In A Pm I Liked It So Much. Wanted To Post It :) Hope U All Like It As Much As I Do.
All the money in the world will never add up to what you are worth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not even a thousand pictures could ever come close to expressing the beauty I see in you. There is a saying, 'Out of sight, out of mind.' But how can that be true? You are not here, yet I can't get you out of my mind. All the world's riches would never be enough to compare to your beauty. It was written in the book of life, that God created the world and the things there in six days and he rested on the seventh day. But you, as a special being, God created you on the eighth day.
Relationships In Japanese Bondage
Relationships in Japanese bondage Dec 01, 2006 While studying shibari as one of the most spectacular forms of bondage, I found that specifics of D/S relationships is quite interesting and needs particular attention. Pleasure of "two" vs. pleasure of "one" Speaking of the Japanese culture in general, an individual was always less important than a group. Likewise, if we refer it to D/S relationships partnership, the progress of a group (i.e. you and your partner) overweighs the significance of separate participants of bondage play, although we cannot exclude the pleasure as a vital stimulus of any BDSM activity. Here a top is aimed at perfecting his technique of tying the bottom and bottom develops his ability to resist the bonds in a more sophisticated way. This places focus on "bondage itself" rather than getting what's yours. Very Oriental...I should say. Absolute trust But nevertheless the level of trust and respect towards each other is so high that some even neglect s
She cried. Tears fused with dust. Trembling fear. Choking on mud. Helpless I watched. She was consumed. Skies fell inwards. Sinking... Tears fell from her face like petals from a dying rose. Caked with mud and her own spit she screamed. My name into a wordless wind. Leeches. Burning my skin. I'll follow. Soon reunited. Following farther. I too must die. Let by the hands of another... Push us down. Drag us down. Consume the weak. Decimate me. It must be done. Time has descended. God has departed. The sky's already closed up. Bless my eyes and make me blind.
If You Have Hazel Eyes......
[H][A][Z][E][L] [E][Y][E][S] People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names'. They don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes then you will be
This wasnt written by me but thought it held some very good information in it ......... Some Thoughts About Submission by jade What is submission? Submission is a word that we hear tossed around pretty often lately but I often wonder if most people really understand what it means. Being a "submissive" has become very popular in the D/s, BDSM fad that is sweeping the chat rooms and websites. There's even a fashion and cultural trend based on some of the facets of the BDSM lifestyle. You can find collars and leather fetish items being worn by the rich and famous or you can have dinner in one of New York's newest, trendy restaurants that features all the trappings of the lifestyle dungeon, complete with submissive waiters and waitresses. All of these things are interesting and amusing but they are not a true picture of what it's all about. Submission isn't a fad or a role playing game that we see so often online and at clubs, and you aren't a submissive because you like to be t
Well, the kids and I spent the whole day (friday) together and that was good since I have'nt gotten to see much of them all week...this week I worked a lot of overtime and well, jacob started to get a bad whiff of it on Wednsday when he started to cry when I left him and sammy at the sitters. He had never done that before, so I think I had better cool it on the overtime work for a change. I would actually call at the sitters from work to see if jacob would talk to me or sammy but with jacob it is "no" yet, with sammy, she will talk to anyone at times. It seems quite different for the kids when their daddy calls, however. Jacob tells me that he doesnt like his daddy and wont talk to him, sammy on the other hand will talk on the phone with him, and I think that at least lifts up my ex's heart at times. Oh, but I believe that it is because jacob just doesnt want to talk on the phone is the reasons....But I can understand why jacob does not love his father and it is because he does not
Slave Vs. Submissive
The difference between a submissive and a slave is not always clear cut and is often the subject of controversy within the lifestyle. In general, a submissive maintains a certain distance from her Master and retains some freedoms and a slave gives her all as well as her freedoms to her Master. This discussion is about what elements make a submissive or a slave. They may not necessarily agree with what a person calls themselves. Often one finds individuals that call themselves a slave, when a submissive would be a better title and sometimes one sees a person described as a submissive that is more akin to a slave. I am not sure that the term Total Power Exchange (TPE) can be applied to a consensual slave. In normal cases, it seems impossible to have a TPE in a real world non forced slavery relationship and it is unusual in forced slavery cases. TPE seems to involve fantasy more than reality. In a true TPE relationship, it would mean that any order a Dominant could think of would have to
Lost In Thought
well here i sit a 2 in the mourning in a very melancholy mood i have alot going on this month with mothers day 3 birthdays and my little cousin is graduateing so i started my shopping today by buying all the cards i need i was bored so i decided to sign them all and as i go along it really makes me think about alot of things nothing is ever simple for me the first few cards go ok then i get to my moms mothers day card and i am trying to think of something to say in it me and my mom have always had a kinda rocky relationship we dont get along very well most of the time but i guess it means tha i am getting older i am starting to realize that alot of the things that she has done were for very good reasons until i was 8 my mom was a single mother and she worked alot to support us i was always a little ungreatful for the things that she did we didnt spend alot of time togeather but now i know that she was doing what she had to do and i see alot of parents now that dont do close to what she
Submissive Vs. Slave
SUBMISSIVE vs SLAVE This distinction appears muddled, misunderstood and generalized by a great number of the people that I converse with. First I would like to make a point. Language at it's best shifts from area to area. Within this one continent we have many variations or dialects of usage. This can be seen in terms like sweeper meaning vacuum cleaner etc. So, many words used within a community can mean different things to different people based on the 'age' of the person, their background and the common usage of the area they live in. The submissive is a volunteer. The slave is not a volunteer. This is the core and substantial difference between the two terms. Within the BDSM community this can be interpreted in this way. The submissive individual may be lightly, moderately or heavily submissive. The submissive has a desire to submit to the direction of another person which in this community we call the Dominant or Top. Their submission may be quite limited in range, for
Only One Person Has Health Issues?
I am totally and completely serious about helping friends out that have health issues and if you come to me in confidentiality it will be kept that way & the response will be emailed and not posted. Health & the cures for illnesses and diseases has been my focus since 2003..and I am not the only one that is part of this mission. I have seen too many people sick and ill because of there doctors and the medications that they are giving to them as a patient. Its all about $$$ folks. Its a business! They do not want you to know that there are simple, inexpensive cures out there... For example: depression Sun Gazing, simple walking and looking around, spending time in the sun, mood stablilizers like St Johns Wort... 99% of the time you have been diagnosed wrongly... So if there are others that want me to research a specific request let me know! Its a burden on my heart!
Starting Another Blog Anew, Bloggily
I'm groggy enough to do so... It seemed that having started the 'musicstuffs' blog around last October , watching it reach 46 posts (not that many, but enough), it was time to start afresh for searching purposes: hence Musicstuff v. 2.0. Just briefly noting of the piece I was just listening to, the piano sonata in C♯ minor/E major by Felix Draeseke, that it begins with an indecisive motto them-- E♯ - F♯ - A -- G♯ - F♯ ... (cadenza somewhat in f♯ minor, somewhat in c♯. This is not quite in the main key of the main key of the movement c♯. The finale makes numerous references to the motto theme also, but treats it often as a slightly off introduction in E major- and except for the first note, it does work out. The first note even works, but very differently.
Wife Vs. Sub.
WIFE VS. SUB By Lady Pat. Being a submissive was easy. Being a submissive wife is a whole other world. The conflicts started the day after we returned from our honeymoon - the first time I tried to wake Him up for work. I did my very best purring, cooing, sweet, adoring subby routine, "Darling Master" this and "Sweet Master" that. He growled. I retreated. I pondered the situation from afar. I had to get Him up or He'd be late for work, and I'd be a bad wife. However, He was Master, and He obviously didn't want to wake up! I was subby, bound (pardon the pun) to serve Him and all His desires. I tried again with the sweet, loving approach. He growled again and swatted my nose as if I were an annoying fly (He was still asleep). Once more, I retreated, this time rubbing my offended nose. Now I was an irritated subby/wife. I tried poking Him gently a couple of times, earning me another growl and a, "Leave me alone!" My feelings were hurt, and I suddenly felt like an extremely bad
Stay Far From This Guy He Is Married And Will Lie Just To Get You To Sleep With Him...
This is the guy he goes by blue eyes on here and he is married below is a copy of his my space page proving it, and here is the link: Chuck and Charity "" Male 34 years old Texas United States Last Login: 5/4/2007 View My: Pics | Videos Contacting Chuck and Charity MySpace URL: Chuck and Charity's Interests General ART! Didn't you read the other part..we are artists..what do you think we are interested in?? Chuck: Likes to paint, fishing, cars, Frankie, horror movies, and Charity...LOL. Charity: Poetry, drawing, fishing, cars, kids, reading, all kinds of movies, music..and most important Chuck. Music Heroes Click here for Myspace glitter graphics and Myspace layouts MySpace Contact Tables from MySpace Editor. MyS
Part 3 More To Follow Another Day
Lymph nodes Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, which carries lymph fluid, nutrients, and waste material between the body tissues and the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is also an important part of the immune system, the body's defense system against disease. The lymph nodes (sometimes called lymph glands) filter lymph fluid as it flows through them, trapping bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances, which are then destroyed by special white blood cells called lymphocytes. Lymph nodes may be found singly or in groups; they may be as small as the head of a pin or as large as an olive. Groups of lymph nodes can be felt in the neck, groin, and underarms. Many lymph nodes in the body cannot be felt. When a part of the body is infected, the nearby lymph nodes become swollen as they collect and destroy the infecting organisms. For example, if a person has a throat infection, the lymph nodes in the neck may swell and become tender. Cancer can spread through the
so. doin another day tripper tomorrow. got the 'just in case' bags all packed. got the critters in bed. got the laundry done. *yawn* called the realtor. did the banking. picked up the ever important smokes. n if the kids had gone to bed earlier n i had already had my 'me' time? i'd go to bed too. cuz im effin tired but i need my me time first dammit. hmm i wonder if i should text my peoples to tell them... *debates* eh i'll do it in the morning. cuz im eatin cereal now. and other things that only make sense to me. a cricket jumped into my house this evening. poe ate it. at least the bitch is good for something. ha. the toilet in the hall bathroom still isnt fixed. i spose the fuckers think cuz im a woman i dont know how to use a plunger? gee fuckers. yes i do. it needs more than that. it prolly needs to be snaked out. it worked for a whole half a day... now its full to the brim again. joy oh joy. i so cant wait to get outta here. *goes back to
Random Thought
just a few thoughts , I believe that if we took all our troops out of all these other foriegn countries and put them on the us borders of mexico and canada , not only would our troops be safer, we would have less illegal immigration, and all the money that our guys and girls spend overseas would be spent here in the states making a better economy, I think that we as a country donate to much money to other countries that usually never pay it back,, it's time that we take care of our own, and keep it here at home, there is so much we could do to take care of our own, and yet our troops and our tax dollars go elsewhere
Another Part 2
If you have lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE), you may be extremely tired, have skin rashes, or have joint pain. If the disease is more serious, you may have problems with your kidneys, heart, lungs, blood, or nervous system. Lupus symptoms depend on what body organs are affected and how seriously they are affected. Fatigue: About 90% of people with lupus have mild to extreme fatigue.4 Even mild cases of lupus cause an inability to engage in daily activities and exercise.5 Increased fatigue is a classic sign that a symptom flare is about to occur. Joint and muscle pain: About 95% of people with lupus have joint pain (arthritis) at some time. About 70% of people with lupus report that joint and muscle pain was their first sign of the disease.4 Joints may be red and warm, and may swell. Morning stiffness may also be felt. Lupus arthritis often occurs on both sides of the body at the same time, particularly in the wrists, small joints of the hands, elbows, knees, and an
I'm slowly starting to delete everything off my account... I'm leaving ct... its not fun anymore, its actually rather boring and lame lately...Anyone wants to keep in touch, my yahoo is : mystical_gemini_1981 or my msn is I will be deleting my account monday morning b4 I leave to go out of town with my daughter for her surgery, was good knowing the rest of you, much love, and enjoy life =)
For Flashy Hearts
1st person to drop 3 comments wins...anyone that wins twice in a row is declared champ..till someone else wins twice in a row...if u get blocked for commenting to fast remember to tell us so we can hav a so bad..but everygame has to have somthing to lose
I am having a bad reaction to my medicine.. I think it's fucking me up more than its helping.. I fell down the stairs alittle bit ago.. ouch.. i just was lucky to land on my butt.. im throwing up.. and I am just wanting to feel better... I will i hope...
For A Trophy
1st person to drop 3 comments saying anything remember dont get blocked..u have to balance speed
Queen "teo Torriate"
Title: Teo Torriate Artist: Queen When I’m gone Don’t stop to wonder if I ever think of you The same moon shines The same wind blows For both of us, and time is but a paper moon. . . be not gone Though I’m gone It’s just as though I hold the flower that touches you A new life grows The blossom knows There’s no one else could warm my heart as much as you. . . be not gone Let us cling together as the years go by Oh my love, my love In the quiet of the night Let our candle always burn Let us never lose the lessons we have learned Teo torriate konomama iko Aisuruhito yo Shizukana yoi ni Hikario tomoshi Itoshiki oshieo idaki Hear my song Still think of me the way you’ve come to think of me The nights grow long But dreams live on Just close your pretty eyes and you can be with me. . . dream on When I’m gone They’d say we’re all fools and we don’t understand Oh be strong Don’t turn your heart You’re all We’re all For all For always. . .
almost every 1 is a fuckin asshole 2 me and i am tired of it i am about 2 just say fuck everything and not get on the comp again and then no 1 will have 2 worry about me any more idk y ppl have 2 be that way but i am tired of it

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