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I don't understand why people(so called friends)seem to only want to talk when they notice that i have put up a pissed off messege next to my name. Thats when EVERYONE starts to talk and ask "Are you ok?" and that bothers me alot. Don't talk to me if you only think im to me because YOU want to yalk to me.
Chicken Smothered In Onions
Chicken Smothered in Onions Commonly called chicken "aux gros oignons" in south Louisiana, this is a dish you won't find anywhere but in a home kitchen. The chicken is browned, then the onions are added and cooked to a golden color. Serve the entree over hot white rice. Credit: Louisiana Real & Rustic by Emeril Lagasse Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 1 large fryer, cut into serving pieces (about 3 1/2 pounds) * 2 teaspoons salt * 1/2 teaspoon cayenne * 1 tablespoon flour * 1/4 cup vegetable oil * 8 cups thinly sliced onions (about 2 1/2 pounds) * 1 cup thinly sliced bell peppers * 1 bay leaf * 1/4 cup water * 1 cup whole kernel corn * 1 cup young sweet green peas * 2 cups sliced mushrooms * 3 tablespoons chopped parsley Directions: In a mixing bowl, toss the chicken with 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne and flour. In a large, cast-iron or enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, heat the oil over medium-
The days pass me by like nothing All I see is grey War has fallen upon my soul Tearing feelings never felt before Songs I have heard before Only begin to make sense Due ti the sadness I feel without you My sunxhine turns to dusk As thoughts of you flood my mind My heart bleeds to be with you Screaming out in the heat of the night On fire, longing for your touch The rain slowly falls from the stars Drenched in pain I fall away A hole so deep and dark burries my strength Lost in the never ending despair I feel nothing but heartache without you Silence fills the skies I see Alone am I to bask in the emptiness Praying one day to be back in your arms Strong and protected and whole ♥ Kriss
For A Rolex Paid At 9.55
Here Is A Blog For You That Says Im Happy... I Know Rite
When I met you on that cold windy night I felt warm and safe A mysterious man That I knew all to well, but didnít know at all I find myself perplexed by you and everything While years ago it was all so easy I protected the weak Spoke up for the meek And stood up for the innocent For years I was the big guard dog Though I had my own as well I never enjoyed my life much then But nowÖ. I feel so very different now I feel warm and happy Safe and content When I see you smile I feel so content You voice it calms me My day just seems so much better I want to be needed I want to understand You traded a piece of your concrete wall for some basic fencing I know it hurt and was hard to do But I understand so much more I know youíre the same as me In a way Iím even more comfortable now Life dealt a cruel hand to me And an unusual one to you Iím not looking for a prince charming They usually suck Iím not looking for Mr. macho They usually get viol
Who Isbigguyspanky?
Who isbigguyspanky? spanky is the name of my cat of 11 years that died last year in march2006 of Renal failure. spanky still lives in my heart and alwayswill, he was such a great friend. the pic of the cat hugging a budwieser wearing a harley t shirt looks remarkablly like my spanky. i raised him from an 8week old kitten 11 years ago.i still love him and miss him dearly.every greytabby i see on animal planet animal rescue makes my hearthurt again but i'll adopt another littlebuddy sometime soon.spanky got his name from me when i first got him from a friend he was raised around puppies until i adopted friend said he loved milkbone dogbisquits and sure enough she put one in his mouth at 8 weeks old and he crunched it into submission with his little spikes. there are many other stories i can tell of him. ho he loved eating vegetables. my bmt from subway subs fell prey to him more than once he would wait for me to come home from work at the kitchen door tothe garage.and loved burr
My Son And Asperger's
Hello All I haven't said much about my son before in here or other sites other than to those that I got close to. I should step to the plate too and let my voice be heard when it comes to what he has. My son was first diagnosed with PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) when he was 3... more specifically... Asperger's Syndrome also known or referred to as High Functioning Autism. (He Now Has A Firm Diagnosis Of Asperger's Since They Now Have A More Thorough Way Of Testing For This) The Beginning.... My son's first word was 'alright' at 6 months old lol Thought he was going to be an agreeable child.... well being male.. and MY child well that wasn't going to happen. lol. Yes, I admit I am stubborn, and determined... and my Scottish and German roots show strong in my genes... and my son's lol Anyway My son's vocabulary didn't seem to progress as well as we had thought. At almost 3 years old, he was still using 2 to 3 word sentence
Damnit I Hate This.
I was wrong to give someone a 9 when I first signed up and in return that person gave me a bunch of 1'S. Well now I can't find that person and would like to so i can say I'm sorry and would like to rerate you. If I did this to anyone else please let me know so I can rerate. Thanks,
New Preamble To The Constitution
NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION This is probably the best e-mail I've seen in a long, long time. The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA. This guy should run for President one day... "We, the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional and other bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights." A RTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no on
7 Myths About Autism
1) Autistic People Are All Alike Myth: If Iíve met an autistic person (or seen the movie Rain Man), I have a good idea of what all autistic people are like. Fact: Autistic people are as different from one another as they could be. The only elements that ALL autistic people seem to have in common are unusual difficulty with social communication. 2) Autistic People Don't Have Feelings Myth: Autistic people cannot feel or express love or empathy. Fact: Many -- in fact, most -- autistic people are extremely capable of feeling and expressing love, though sometimes in idiosyncratic ways! What's more, many autistic people are far more empathetic than the average person, though they may express their empathy in unusual ways. 3) Autistic People Don't Build Relationships Myth: Autistic people cannot build solid relationships with others. Fact: While itís unlikely that an autistic child will be a cheerleader, it is very likely that they will have solid relationships with, at the very
Quiz Thingy!!!!
Okay this is called FIRST REACTION ... type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 40 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your friends... 1. Cigarettes: pointless 2. Sex: itz gurr-ate, but riiight now, itz the one thing that i hate due tu an outkum! 3. Relationships: are so komplikating...why doez it have tu be thyz way? 4. Your Last Ex: omg...i miss hym more than anything! He'z alwayz on my mind...i love hym tu death....Why doez it have tu be lyke thiz babe? 5. Michigan Football: um, .....i don't know 6. Crack: um, dude pull up ur pantz! 7. Food: itz there.... 8. The President: HAHAHA 9. War: don't get me started! 10. Car: i need one! 11. Gas Prices: thank god my feet still work! 12. Halloween: LUV it.....letz have two .....n' skip christmas!! 13. Bon Jovi: um, i guezz ok!! .... a lil' over-rated! 14. Religion: i don't know..... 15. MySpace: i'm addikted.
Thiz Iz Kinda Old.......
Feb. 19th 2007 Before i begin, i would just lyke tu tell hym something...."I fuckin' love you with all my heart god damnit n' i ain't lettin' kan be an ass....treat me lyke shyt.....tell me stupid liez (u know u lie).....i don't give a fuck...i'm here tu stay...u know why? well i'll tell ya....ur my everything....i may not have you az my man, but i'm not luzin' you az a friend....kk, so, don't you get it babe..?....u hurt me once, then twice, then three tymez.....where am i?, i'm styll standin' here waitin' for the day you realize that we r so perfekt tugether...hmm....doesn't that just sound so um....annoying....well deal with it kuz i know you want me just az bad but either way you were gonna hurt someone....u knew the whole tyme that if you chose her...i'd styll be here in the end....n' you know it...n' i know it......n' well, here i tu stay!! Again, i love you" Ok, so u used the lyne "your only seventeen" HA ha Ha...i laugh...bekuz
Poor Girl
my 14 year old niece broke her nose today at softball practice, 2 days before PROM! Poor girl, sucks to be her.
Men Never Listen
This is funny! In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said " You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall." He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW, WA , PP, and a red one l abeled ATR. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn't resist.. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure.. The ladies restroom was
After The Fire - God Is Near
After the fire, There is a choise to see only ashes, charred memories and possessions or to stand,thankful,on holy ground, seeing what the flames could not burn and destroy, the presence of God, and his hand at work, refining and polishing his people, as we anticipate, catch the glowing flame of transformation, becoming aligned with his plan, being a part of something we don't understand, but trusting the one who is in control. God is near. k.s.
(a Poem I Wrote) Belong!!!
*Belong* ***my feelings for you are fading, almost everything is destroyed, i want tu forget you, maybe even hate you, the truth is i kan't, i will alwayz love you, you're part of me now, no matter the ups and downs, tugether thingz didn't work out, apart you're all i thynk about, i need you baby, for the pain is unbearable, i want tu push you around, and smack you in the face, for all those times, that you got on my kase, you hurt me emotionally, i'll never be the same, how kan i say this, maybe i'm tu blame, now you hate me, or so you say, is thyz one of ur lies, will i ever really know, how kan you treat me lyke this, lyke i wuz just a one night bitch, baby i love you, my tears are unstoppable, please take me back in your arms, the place where i belong, are you too good for me, am i too good for you, does it matter, i'll alwayz love you, you'll alwayz love me, n' we both know thyz, our memories are grand, one moment kaptured in the sky, only me n' you understand, noone really kno
Seeking Your Opinions On This...
I have looked at this situation myself of course, and have evaluated it and derived my own answer. I just want other people to give their take on it, just a means of open discussion. There is a girl I work with named Fallon. We get along quite well, have friendly conversations, and even flirt with each other. However, each time I mention a date, she tends to get quiet and change the subject. I'm always nice to her, and I don't focus on just a date, I include vast topics of discussion as well. I was really confused by her actions, as she seems interested, but never wants to talk about following through with me. Based on this, my own answer is that at the moment, she enjoys the attention she gets, but that's all there really is to it. I feel like she's not looking for more, she just thinks it's cool that someone likes her and she has an option. So, what do you all think?
Contest In My Stash Right Now
I've Completed .92... Of 140 Life Experiences
Level 1 ( ) Had an asthma attack (x) Smoked A Cigarette () Smoked A Cigar ( ) Smoked Weed () Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex (x) Drank Alcohol (x) Been In Love (x) Been Dumped () Been Fired (x) Been In A Fist Fight (x) Snuck Out Of A Parent's House Total so far: 6 Level 2 (x) Had Feelings For Someone Who Didn't Have Them Back (x) Been Arrested/Seen Someone You Know Get Arrested (x) Made Out With A Stranger (x) Gone Out On A Blind Date (x ) Had A Crush On An Older Person (x) Skipped School () Slept With A Co-worker (x) Seen someone/somthing die Total so far: 13 Level 3 (x) Been On A Plane (x) Thrown Up From Drinking (x) Eaten Sushi ( ) Been Snowboarding (x) Met Someone BECAUSE Of Myspace () Been Mosh Pitting (x) Taken Pain Killers (x) Love(d)or Luste(d) Someone Who You Couldn't Have (x)Been in a BAD relationship Total so far: 20 Level 4 (x) Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By (x) Made A Snow Angel () Had A Tea Party (x) Flown A Ki
Bustin Out Of Jail....
::sigh:: just got my friend Angel out of jail.... ::sigh:: im hoping i did not make a mistake by shelling out $400 for a bond for her... ::sigh:: I know her... but I KNOW HER!!!!!!! she was/is a crack ho... always in my bar cause i looked out for her... and she always had my back... when her abusive ex bf/pimp went to jail he threatened/guilt tripped her to get him out... he was out in about 2 days.. HE left her sit in there.... 3 weeks later she is finally out on mine and vamps money... she has been callin vamps bar and talking to him.. she was getting the shit beat out of her regularlly ... we spent 3 hours at central lock up tonight waiting for her,... she knows she will be under lock and key and not be able to leave the house without vamp or myself... gonna help her to get a real job... her lawyer is cool tho.. making her do rehab and get drug tested... ::praying she stays off drugs::
*definition Of A Bbq*
*DEFINITION OF A BBQ* It's the only type of cooking a real man will do. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events is put into motion: 1) The woman buys the food. 2) The woman makes the salad, vegetables, and dessert. 3) The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the grill -- beer in hand. 4) The man places the meat on the grill. 5) The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery. 6) The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the situation. 7) The man takes the meat off the grill and hands it to the woman. 8) The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces, and brings them to the table. 9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes. 10) Everyone praises the man and thanks him for h
Volume Viii - Cursed
As the times pass, So do I. The possessions entangle me, ensnare me, enrapture me. I cannot escape. Nor shall I choose to. Under the protection of the spirits Whose malevolence is known to all. Under the projection of the ancients Whose ambivalence comes to call. Bleesing for some, Curse to others. I hold this curse near and dear to me, As it is my sole possession. They possess me. They curse me. I praise them for their company. I carress their malice. I hold close their sadistic desires. Their torment is my welcomed reward.
You Know What I Really Hate?
When my best friend calls me in tears because of a stupid fucking guy. So she's talking to this guy and he's all touchy feely on her. He left Sunday to visit his family for two weeks. She calls him tonight to say hi and see how the trip is going. His friend calls her back saying why are you calling him, he's down here visiting his FIANCE! He was like he told you he was engaged. WTF IS THAT SHIT??????? First of all, he never fucking told her that. He was like we should take things slow blah blah blah. Kissing her out in public and shit. I'm so pissed off. You don't treat MY BEST FUCKING FRIEND like that. His ass is grass when he comes back!
In Times Of
by Kit McCallum My soul drifts aimlessly in times of hopelessness. It searches tirelessly for meaning and truth ... Yet finds no direction. My heart bleeds quietly in times of loneliness. It yearns to find warmth and happiness ... Yet it somehow eludes me. My eyes seek out visions in times of want. They gaze endlessly through the blackness that envelops them ... Yet they cannot see the light. My ears listen earnestly in times of silence. They search for familiar sounds to comfort and console ... Yet they cannot penetrate the darkness that surrounds me. My arms reach out frantically in times of despair. They seek strength and compassion to enfold me ... Yet they find nothing substantial to enwrap. My mind cries out desperately in times of solitude. It poses intense questions that demand answers ... Yet there are none to be found. ***
If 8 People Vie Wthis Blog I Will Hold A Contest For A Rolex
Pwer Happy Feak
another ass hole:;_ylt=Ao.ODjNliRTmB4dfuq.Wo_rMWM0F
Well yall sorry i anit been on, but we had to call the ambulance fer my Mom wedsnday right before lunch. Well they says she has a mass uti and bladder infection and 2 compressed discs. They let her come home today, n i told my customers until further notice my shop is closed. So if i anit on very much , thats why. I will be able to come out here some after she takes her meds n goes to sleep after 10 or so. But i still check on her every 30 to 45 mins. But dont worry shes getting better n going to a bunch of specialist next week. I'm just glad we got her to the damn docotor. She was very pissed to begiun with, but realises it was fer the best. Shes exteremly pridful, in fact shed only let me help her up at the hosptial, did want anyone seeing here struggle with pain. But shes just like that, n shes gonna be fine.
Erotica: Wifey Pt 2
It was a week after Alan had visited and Trish had settled her guilt issue. We began to recount our threesome during lovemaking making each experience all the more hotter. We wanted to have another session and I tried to get a hold of Alan a couple times but always just missed him or he was on duty. He did stop by our housing unit once while I was on duty myself. He stayed only long enough to find out I wasn't home and to chat a bit with Trish. When I returned home the next morning Trish told me that Alan had dropped by. She had told him that we wanted him to come by again for an evening and he was willing and eager. I told Trish she should have given him a sampler right then and there. She blushed and told me she'd thought about it but half her fun was having me there to watch and join in. In any case it was a while before I got a hold of him. About that time Trish and had been getting out of the house more often. My shy little country wife wanted to explore so I took her several p
Everyone I Owe A Pimpin Gift Hit Me Up Now
I have recently had my HeartBROKEN so please dont try and make me feel better, yet. I just need to be alone on this struggle. Hope everyone else is doing better then I. bye CT for now, JonJon(
What Alcoholic Drink Are You
You scored as rum. you are rum. you are adventurous and fun loving, but laid back and cool. you like to travel and love good times. rum100%bourbon100%wine83%vodka83%daiquaries83%midori83%absinthe67%beer50%whiskey50%champagne50%what alcoholic drink are you (pictures)created with
Once Upon
Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born. So one day he asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" God replied, "Among the many angels, I chose one for you. She will be waiting for you and will take care of you." But the child wasn't sure he really wanted to go. "But tell me, here in Heaven, I don't do anything else but sing and smile, that's enough for me to be happy." God smiled. "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you every day. And you will feel your angel's love and be happy." "And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me," the child continued, "if I don't know the language that men talk?" God patted him on the head and said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak." The child was sad. "And what am I going to do whe
Long, But Good Advice!
Thanks Mags! =) 1. Do not act in order to receive a payoff. This is what is causing much of our discomfort as individuals and a society. As soon as you act with the purpose of receiving something, you have removed love from the act. The goal is to act as if all your needs are met, then all your thinking and behavior comes from a different perspective. You also find that you act more effectively to get those things that you truly want, because you are acting and thinking as if you already have them. The alternative is acting and thinking as if you don't, and guess what, you don't. The state of mind of having something creates it, not the other way around. The place you see this most is in relationships. The more you need in relationships, the less you get. This is simply because you are saying that you are not whole until someone else meets those needs that can never be met. Often what happens is that you eventually get the opposite because you are trying to show yourself th
Some Words Of Advice / Wisdom... Really Makes Ya Think...
- What Oprah had to say about men and relationships... If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve.. then hell no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are NOT better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnan
The Thought by Michael Hopkins As I look out upon the sun setting over the water, I feel a cool breeze rush across my skin. As I stare at the reflection of nature in the dark lake, A thought comes to me, it sends chills down my body It is so warm and comforting, yet so distant. A soft voice and an innocent laugh plays aloud in my head. The thought intensifies, so confusing and scary, yet so clear and soothing. Images flash, sounds play, thoughts collide inside my head. It feels as a dream running wild in the night But in time the realization comes - It is was the thought of you.
My "good Ol' Days"
You're a 90's kid if: You can finish this [ice ice _ _ _ _ ] You remember watching DOUG, Ren & Stimpy, PINKY and the BRAIN, Animaniacs, Bobby's World, Felix the cat, THE TICK.... AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philidelphia born and raised . . ." You remember TGIF, Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence . . . not If you remember seeing hot tub bubbles make bubbly sounds before every music video on VH1 for POP UP VIDEO! when everything was settled by rock paper scissors..or bubble gum bubble gum in a dish...eeny
Shannon Elizabeth
Which Disney Character Is Your Alter Ego?
You scored as Cinderella. Your alter ego is Cinderella! You often find yourself doing a lot of housework, but if you are patient, your hard work usually pays off. You are prone to losing things, so dont rush through everything.Goofy100%Peter Pan100%Cinderella100%The Beast75%Sleeping Beauty75%Cruella De Ville50%Pinocchio50%Donald Duck50%Snow White25%Ariel0%Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
Volume Vii - Inhuman
Not of this world am I. Not of your kind am I. I only exist in shadows That rest upon darkened skies. Rebirth of nothingness That composes mortal form I receive welcome suffering A platitude of scorn. We peer into a god's desire To oversee decay I am the dream of demons' fire And in ashes I now lay. Cast your mind into my hands, Useless I shall make. Breathe your wasted words on me, Your sanity I take. A shallow grave once left behind I stand above my stone Death becomes my grand design I non-exist alone.
Day By Day
True Friends
I cant begin to tell you How I feel for you,my friends You are so dear to me Its true our friendship has no end. When things are down and lonely And no one seems to care I dont even have to say a word becasue your always there You always see the good in me When I just see the bad You bring a smile to my face When Iam feeling sad. I want to say "I Love You" And I tahnk Him every day For sending such a special friend Into my life this way And kf I learn on thing on earth I hope that it can be I'm just as good a friend to you As you have been to me.
Ur Sexuality
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual100%Lesbian80%Gay60%Straight60%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
Two New C.t.iers
Two New C.T.iers were sitting around talking one afternoon over a cold beer. After a while the first C.T.ier says to the second, "If I was to sneak >over to your house and make love to your wife while you was off huntin', and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us related?" The second C.T.ier crooked his head sideways for a minute, scratched his head, and squinted his eyes thinking real hard about the question. Finally, he says, "Well, I don't know about related, but it sure would make us even."
The Idiot Girl In Me
So there is this guy that I like. Yes, I know, same old story. I don't know if he is different or not. All too often they turn out not different from all the other guys. I am a magnet for the wrong guys. The ones who lie, who would rather yell or prefer their drugs to me. And so on. There seems to be a lot of drama with him but it's mostly situational. He does have his own drama, who doesn't? I want to trust him in what he says but it's so hard for me to. With everything that has happened to me. I'm scared that I'm a game to him or some kind of secret. I just don't know what to think so I'm taking my time you know. Trying not to do that awful thing where I get attached quickly and set myself up. Last time I set myself up like that I landed in the e.r. with a concern for mountian crest. I know I'm a moron. I've already heard it and I deal with it everyday. I'm so tired of being alone. It hurts when you need someone in that way to hold you when it feels like your falling apart. To ha
I'm Amused.
For being a virtual bar, I've seen more "pretty" people here than in any bar I've ever been in. Whether or not this says that real life is disappointing is up for discussion. Oh, well, at least there is eye candy. No touching, though. I'm taken, and nobody is worth losing what I have now.
What Color Is Ur Heart
You scored as Blue. Your heart is blue. You are a very calm and relaxed person. You are very caring and like helping others. You\'re grateful for what you have in life, even if it\'s not perfect. People love you for who you are, don\'t ever change that- it\'s what makes you the great person that you are.Blue100%Red86%Pink86%White86%Black64%Yellow64%Orange29%Green21%Purple14%~What colour is your heart?~created with
For Everyone To Know
Good News!!!
I have finally been called back to work. I hate temp. agencies but where I live that's all that's here. been a while since i was layed off. LOL and my shoes had holes from poundin the pavement. hopefully the work will last a longer time than before.
Once Again
Just sitting here thinking this will be the first mothers day away from my kids. This is going to be difficult cuz I usually spend the day with them.....I know I will be back in the states a week after and I can see them then, but it just wont be the same =( I am proud to be a mother of 2 beautiful teenagers, Tabatha who is 17 and Daniel will be 16 in August....Damn that makes me feel old stating their ages =)
I'm Moving This Weekend...
i am moving this weekend so i will not be online again until monday....OMG will i ever be able to catch up on all the ratings, everyone's stashes and pics and all of that...i will do my best..thank u all for reading this and i will be back MONDAY!!
Fisting...a Story
I knew this time was going to be different, as I pushed aside the lengths of rope and the shiny metal cuffs that hoarded the the black leather surface of the couch. He sat diagonally from me in the chair with nothing on but a bathrobe and a smile. The crude thoughts simmering in my mind sent my pulse racing. The smell of his cock had lingered in my nose all day driving me quite mad. Just a trick of the mind, but now that smell was no trick but the real thing. The small talk was small before he let me have a taste, just a taste though, which makes me puddle between my thighs. Before I could really get into it he took me by the hand and stood me up. I am to keep my hands to my sides after he takes off my shirt, but I'm so nervous I fidget, only stopping after I feel the smarting: a result from him pinching my exposed nipple. He locks my arms behind my back like a criminal, in cuffs. The snap of the cold steel around my wrist gets me going even more now. After he has left me standing i
I Am...
I am taking a double shot for burn, he is awesome.
Home... And Yet Still Busy Lol
Metal Fest
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. William A. Ward -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. John Updike -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hold fast to dreams, for without them we are like birds with broken wings. Chinese Proverb Editor: It is in your darkest hour, dreams can give you hope. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small dreams have no power to move the heart of men. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Editor: If a cause is not big enough, people are seldom moved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fighting For Love...
I lie next to her asleep in our bed. Trying to find a way to talk, to share, to care. Mostly to express my love from deep inside my heart. The angry man outside hides this love, inside a mask. A mask so tight, it suffocates me, gasping for air minute after minute. My lack of maturity shining through, showing my pain. A pain so heartless and uncaring it bleeds my soul of all hope for love. For me and for her. It burns deep inside scarring my heart. Leaving an empty spirit fighting to live. Fighting for love...
Would You Sing Me This Song?
Lost without u by Robin Thicke Music Video CodesMyspace Music Iím lost without u Canít help myself How does it feel To know that I love u baby Iím lost without u Canít help myself How does it feel To know that I love u baby Tell me how u love me more And how u think Iím sexy baby That u donít want nobody else U donít want this guy u donít want that guy u wanna Touch yourself when u see me Tell me how u love my body And how I make u feel baby U wanna roll with me u wanna hold with me U wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me I just love 2 hear u say it It makes a man feel good baby Tell me u depend on me I need To hear it Iím lost without u Canít help myself How does it feel To know that I love u baby Iím lost without u Canít help myself How does it feel To know that I love u baby Baby youíre the perfect shape Baby youíre the perfect weight Treat me like my birthday I want it this way I want
More Of My Ramblings
I would like to take the time to welcome all of my newly made friends and fans, thanks for taking the time to visit my page. I know I blog about this often but I like to let ppl know that I appreciate the rates and comments. Hoping all is doing well, I'm feeling somewhat better than I have been. I have dry socket where I had a tooth exstracted , silly me just had to smoke so I have no one to blame but me. I should know better, this isnt the first time I have had it. Trust me taking my smokes from me would be hazerdous to ones well being lol. I made home made lassagna for dinner tonight, I took total of 3 bites and couldnt eat any more. It was good but thats all I could hold. I cant hold alot of food for my tummy is about the size of an egg on the inside where I had bariatric surgery back in 03. I've had great success with it. I am proud of my accomplishments. I know alot of people think it's the easy way out but let me tell you something, it's not, it's a life changing expe
Help ???
When women get older do they lose there sex drive? Or do they just share it with someone else?
I Believe
I believe -- .... that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. I believe -- ....that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe -- ....that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe -- ....that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. The same goes for true love. I believe -- ....that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe -- ....that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe -- ....that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe - ....that you can keep going long after you think you can't. I believe -- ....that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe
West Virginia Humor ( This Explains Why I Wanna Go Home )
West Virginia Humor A guy from West Virginia passed away and left his entire estate to his beloved widow, but she can't touch it 'til she's 14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How do you know when you're staying in a West Virginia hotel? When you call the front desk and say, "I gotta leak in my sink," and the clerk replies, "Go ahead." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How can you tell if a West Virginia redneck is married? There's dried tobacco juice on both sides of his pickup truck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did you hear that they have raised the minimum drinking age in West Virginia to 32? It seems they want to keep alcohol out of the high schools. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do they call reruns of "Hee Haw" in West Virginia? Documentaries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where was the toothbrush invented? West Virginia. If it had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teeth brush. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A West Virginia State trooper pulls over a pickup
Cancer And My Family
My Aunt Sandy came home today. Mom is taking care of her and giving her medication every 4 hours. Mom is looking into renting a car because Sandy has a difficult time getting in and out of Laura's van. While in the hospital Sandy was taken off all medication - including her pain medication. When she was admitted into the hospital her blood count was down to 2.5 - at 2 they put you in a casket because you die. By blood count I mean the amount of blood in your system so she had been losing a lot of blood. Her stomach is no longer flat but extended and her belly button is being pushed out. This could be a result of the medication she was given or something else. The cancer is in her stomach now. She goes back to her cancer doctor on Tues. Mom is extremely pissed at the hospital since it took 2 hours to get a glass of water for Sandy last night and it seems it was no one's job to do that every time the request was made. Mom is there for at least two weeks and if Sandy is better
I'm in 2 contests..Sexy smile and Sexy Eyes..I only need 1 comment and 1 rate per pic...Anyone willing to vote for me?? just 1 rate and 1 bombing!
Open My Eyes To Dream
The moon soft as a December snow fall, Covers you, covers me, I reach my hand to you, And ask you to dance with me, Time slows down, The worlds eyes on me and you, I can't believe this dream, Is coming true, Rest my hand on your cheek, as I get lost on your eyes, Run my thumb across your lips, And Thank God you're mine, Stars fall around like a fairy tale, As our hearts and souls unite, The truest love anyone has known, God made for you and I, The treasure before me, Worth more than more than diamonds and gold, My life, My very soul, I hold you so carefully, But always safe from harm, Hold you when you're broken, And forever keep you warm, Run my fingers through your hair, As I feel you run through me, close my eyes and whisper I love you, As you open my eyes to dream.
The Heart...
Bring to me the heart. The one you see and show to me. Love the light it brings to me. Show me how you long to see. Tender dreams will always be. This I swear you'll always see. Cherish life, Cherish Dreams. Forever and ever till eternity. Bring the life back to me. So I may see the light of dreams. For this I know, just may be, the dawning of my soul for eternity. Let love bloom all day long. It breeds more life. Right or Wrong. Keeps it growing big and strong. Hold it tightly you'll never be wrong.
White Trash Superstore
I've come to the conclusion that I'm working in a White Trash SuperStore rather than a pharmacy...I was checking out some of the items we're carrying in the main part of the store and had one thought resonating in my mind: WHAT THE FUCK? I've got pictures to show you what I mean... No outfit is complete without a pair of rubber Corona clogs!!! Ok...if you have a 6-foot section (or more) of flip-flops, then maybe it should say Payless or Shoe Carnival on the sign. We are progressive company...this item is designed to appeal to the lesbian customer base. Ok, the packaging and name of this product is JUST FUCKING WRONG!!!! Number 1, Thick-It just doesn't sound right, and number 2, to have the visual for Thick-It being this thick white liquid dripping from a spoon.....I don't think I need to say anything else on that. Aside from that, our people are especially annoying right now. Of course, it's the first of the month AND a full moon...great,
I'm A List Girl
I'm a list girl, I live by my lists, my to do's, my shopping, my how to lists. I used to lay in bed with my lists running through my head as I tried to get some sleep. When I would go on vacation I would spend months creating the perfect packing list, where to go list, when to do what list. I would become obsessed with these lists to the point that I would lose lots of sleep over them. Now I am trying very hard to get rid of my lists for me and my kids. I no longer plan every moment of our lives. I would rather live and have fun than be ruled by a stupid list. I would rather my sons look back and say remember that day that mommy let us eat icecream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want the man that I am with to enjoy who I am not get angry over my compulsiveness to be ruled by time, and a list. So I'm going camping with my guy, in 21 days! I refuse to make a list, over and over again that is. I will make the what to pack, what to buy and what will I cook list. But no othe
Absolutely T He Best Advice
The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you h
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Give Me Back My Love.....for Someone You Know Who You Are
Lord, one thing I ask If it is Your will Give me back my love, The one to whom I belong. Lord, I've hurt him I've forsaken him I turned my back on him At his time of deepest need. I don't deserve him, Lord That I know is true But, my heart aches for him There's a place no other can fill. Lord, give me back My lover, my friend I want a chance to show him How much I really care.
1st Timer
as i lay here thinkn about you, i recall the way your eyez portray your feelingz so easily. thatz y i love you so much, u give yourself freely to me. a gift no one has ever entrusted me with b4. i love you, not only for what you've done with your life, but for what you're doing 2 mine. i see it everyday. you have made me happy and whole. without a word, without a gesture, without a dout, just by being yourself. such a simple thing yet the hardest to give. i guess thatz y a love like ourz is wonderful but also frightening . we give everything. so much so that it would seem one could not survive without the other. i live only 2 return to your armz at the end of the day. how could i ever explain to another person, what joy this bringz me? how can i describe the over powering sense of love when wrapped in those protective armz. i would give anything for you to know how it feelz to know that at timez when i think about the love we share, i cant stop the tearz of sadness only since you ca
The Hurt
have you ever gave your whole heart to some one and things got rough . have you ever loved someone so much every time a fight broke out an argument it killed you inside.have you ever had some one so important to you that he or she was the reason to keep going. have you ever cared for some one so much your heart breaks with every disagreement , argument and fight.i have and this is what i feel i feel torn inside because of all the fights i feel worthless for all the wrongs i did for evey time while argueing hollaring and screaming. this person and you know who you are if your out there. i created my world and life around and now its basicly gone.. but we both made mistakes but now its as if weve given up. the more you feelings increas . the colder your heart grows . i just hope things work out in our favor. the pain i feel cuts threw me like a sword leaving never healing scars as ist waiting my heart bleeds out. all the dead days i feel all the pain is real there is only one way
A Pic Of My Baby!
xLotusx@ CherryTAP
Jagermeister Sponsored only the fuckin' greatest StoneSour concert Eva!! 5-2-07 Omaha Sokol Auditorium....STONE FUCKIN' SOUR Totally ROCKED MY SOX!!! WOOOO!! It wuz totally awesome...I got hurt in the pit..but hey, i had a BLAST!! Props tu the Other bands also...They ROCKED the place out.....Shadows fall, Lacuna Coil, and curbstone!! Yeah, i came home with four cd's, a stoneSour Shirt, a jagermeister lighter, two jager shot glasses, and a poster! Yeah, i so got hit in the head with the lighter!...But it wuz gurr-ate!! STONESOUR all THE WAY!!!!
Things You Might Not Know About Me Whats your middle name? Lynne....with an E people....i'm surprised by how many people spell it wrong!! How big is your bed? Queen Size What are you listening to right now? Fully Alive by Flyleaf What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 5309 hahaha What was the last thing you ate? umm..mac and cheese Last person you hugged? My son How is the weather right now? Dreary and rainy Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Drew What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? smile Favorite type of Food? Italian..pasta is yummy! Do you want children? I have children..but if I have anymore is up to me and my next hubby..whoever that may be! Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? nope Hair color? light brown Eye color? Hazel Do you wear contacts/glasses? nope Favorite holiday? Christmas! Favorite Season? Fall Have you ever cried over a girl/
Freaking Hilarious
I just LOVE it when men use models' pics as their default. There's always those comments like "You're so hot, shout me." From a MALE. I know it's so hard, but try READING a profile. Sheesh. You're leading these poor guys on. Haha.
Im Leaving For North Carolina.....
.......but only for the weekend. im flying out there to be with sean for the weekend. i leave at 6:30 am & i cant wait to see him. so yea...i wont be around this weekend nor will i be answering my phone. ok well i guess thats all i have to say for now...i'll see you guys later & have a fantastic weekend!!!!
The Wonder That Is Love
I will walk a thousand miles, Over the highest peaks I will swim an entire ocean To reach out to you. I will capture all the stars for you baby, Just so you can see the beauty reflected And cast by yourself. Cause' all I know sweet baby, When the stars darken and the sun is no more, My love will be written and memorized Time immortalized, For our souls will be joined forever My love is pure and true. Cause' all I can do Is love you like you love me. For in the end of time, my love for you will still stay strong.
HArumPH harumph HARUMPH haRUMph Harumph HArumph HARumph HARUmph HARUMph HARUMPh hARUMPh hArUmPh HaRuMpH harumpH harumPH haruMPH harUMPH haRUMPH hARUMPH
For All The Freaks
FOR ALL THE FREAKS check this site out.... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ there is a membership fee which is worth it you'll see what i mean that's if youR into that so go have fun!!! ****Note: No I AM NOT ON THAT SITE.**** My girl told me about it so Im just passing info ;) ENJOY
i feel the shadows creep up behind me, i feel the fear rip inside of me, i hold you close in my heart, but too we are apart. slowly bleeding drop by drop, my life it leaves it's mortal cage, why did the fire turn to rage? you took from me everthing i had to give, you took from me the life i want to live. the pain it sears a scar so deep, i can't give my soul to keep, the shattered picies fall so far, i wonder will you ever know where they are?
What Kind Of Angel??
You scored as Angel of Guidance. You were the Angel of Guidance! Before you were sent down to Earth to be tested and be a human, you used to guide people in the right direction when they faced a problem or a seemingly hopeless situation. You looked out for humans using the stars as your eyes during the night when it was dark. Even today as a human, your friends and family often ask you for advice and always trust you because you know what is right and lead everyone in the right direction. Angel of Guidance100%Angel of Prayer89%Guardian Angel86%Angel of Hope64%Angel of Good Fortune50%Angel of Death21%What kind of an Angel were you before your life on Earth? (kool anime pics)created with
~* I Thought *~
I thought i was just loveing you till today when i sat back in the chair and got to thinking that its more than ever....Im in love with you for all u are and all u can be right down to ur charming smile that makes me melt every time i even thinking about it. Im not just loveing you i can sit here and say that im in love with u for all that you have done for me and that you do for me every day that we a blessed with each other. I thought that i was dreaming till the dayi set forth and set my eyes on u. you walked up to me with the look of here i am and there u are and im never looking back. That is something i can we both have never done and thats look back and say what if. I was told to take a chance and see what would become of it and i did and im very happy each and every day about it all. I love you for who you are. I love you for what you do for me. I love you for the respect you give me. I love you for you being the one of a kind man that you are. I love you more a
No Winner But
To All My Friends And Family,fans
Hand Eye Test
food for thought see if you can beat my record its posted at the end of the quiz
My Boy Lollipop
For Any Gift But Vic Valued At 1000 Dollars Or Less
If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have?
Oh God
i'm dieing over here..i can barely breath lol those aren't even the worst ones lol ahhh good times good times *cheers*
If you have weaknesses, try to overcome them: If you fail, try again, and if you then fail, keep trying, for God is merciful to his children, a good deal kinder to us than we are to ourselves. J. Golden Kimball If you are all you eat...I will be you by morning. (my personal favorite) Just quit your damn whinning and DO IT! And here is a stupid joke i was told... There is a cat and a rooster that both want thier food on the other side of the pond. The cat ran and jumped, she then ended up in the water and swam to the other side. The rooster took its turn and ran and flew to the other side....moral of the story........................Where there is a wet pussy, there is a happy cock. Hope I made you all smile.
Courtesy of
They'll Never Learn
You know what I'm tired of? SMARTASSES!!! Men and women alike, but here recently the majority of them I've come across have been men. Sorry guys, I don't mean those of you that I talk to on a regular basis...I mean those assholes that pop into my shoutbox and want to preach their fucking bullshit at me. I don't need some asshole trying to tell me how to live my life, or even better...the guilt trip...LMAO Take the guilt trips and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASSES!! I will do AS I please and WHEN I please and I don't answer to no mother fucker on here but myself. And yes I AM pissed off about this shit. Why should I put up with this kind of treatment from someone I don't even know and they CERTAINLY don't know me nor anything about me. Something everyone should know, and those of you that DO know me are already aware of this, I don't lie. I don't put up a front to reel you in and then 'lie' to my goddamn profile would ya? Want to know more? ASK...but don't you dare
I Had Something To Say.
In the next world or in this one, mAybe i can find soMe magnificent way to Say it dO you think i want you to disbelieve me? RemembeR the first daY I CAlled you? i thiNk eveN then i knew i wanted yOu for myself. in an always sorT of way. So, does tHat sOund like a good idea Would there be anY Objections to me abdUcting you? wHO Would object to soMething that romantic, that Unimaginabely CHarmIng. not me, not you. those are the onLy twO people's opinion that mattered. i would like to haVE YOU miss. in a forever kinda way.
Yes, Men Have Standards Also
no botox no plastic no boyfriend no husband no job no teeth no spirituality no freakiness no breasts no friends no sense no honesty no sense of humor no meat(on the bones and/or in yer mouth) no dress no heels no goals no bullshit no cooking ability no intellectuality no personality no opinion no class no fetish no, i'm not going to change for you or anybody else, because to change is to not be me(for better or worse).
And The Winner Is
I Apologize.
To anyone I may have been snippy with the last few days. I'm going through a lot right now - including my husband being laid off from his job soon and us needing to find a new place to live. I'm sorry.
Crap Jobs I Have Had
I like my job a lot, its probably the best job i ever had and i got to thinking about some of the awful jobs ive had in the past. I used to work for a security company once but at the time i was heavily into drugs so i guess they fired me for being a security, um, liability.. They had me watching a milk produce factory and quite literally the only thing i had to do was to check a monitor once an hour to make sure that the temperature was steady on the milk cooling tank, somehow i managed to screw that up so all the milk turned to yoghurt or something. Worst job i ever had was as a bouncer at a really crummy bar whos clientele were mainly loan sharks and drug dealers, this was soon after i quit using drugs so luckily for me i was still on friendly terms with most of the customers, still, having to persuade 130 kilo thugs on speed and steroids that they had had enough to drink and should maybe stop beating up their girlfriends and just go home and sleep it off wasnt exactly my idea of
Love Will Keep Us Together
Once In A Blue Moon Lyrics-earl Thomas Conley
Nine times out of ten, sheís right and I am wrong, When I won't give in she just goes along Standing by my side, sitting home alone I'll never know what keeps her hanging on When anybody else would be long gone But once in a blue moon I'll do something right And Once in a blue moon I'll make her feel so fine Cause I can make her laugh, oh And make her cry She hates the way she loves me sometimes But Once in a blue moon I'll do something right She's starving for affection, so hungry for loves touch But she only hears ďI love youĒ when we're making love Lord, I'll always wonder why she loves me so much And the best I'll ever do won't be enough So I'll just thank my lucky stars above That once in a blue moon I'll do something right And Once in a blue moon I'll make her feel so fine Cause I can make her laugh, And make her cry She hates the way she loves me sometimes But Once in a blue moon, once in a blue moon Every once in a blue moon I'll do something right O
Sit Back N Laugh
Sit Back N Laugh Current mood: bitchy Ok so lets say someone calls you NAMES, and it doesnt bother you that u get called that since u know its not true.. But when the tables get turned on them n they get called those NAMES back, they pull a bitch n say Im gonna pound your face in.. So they must really be those NAMES to take such offense by it.. To me those NAMES are just hurtful words that to me personally I wouldnt let get to me.. But if it does get your goat, so to speak, than it must be true!! I'm just gonna sit back n laugh!! It seems that ppl are so raring to call others NAMES before they check themselves.. You must not be happy with yourself to call others NAMES.. Does it make you feel better that you do call others NAMES?? I bet your like *ha ha i called ********* a ****!!* DO YOU REALLY GET OFF BY CALLING PPL NAMES?? Well for one I dont.. I like to turn the tables so to speak n make the NAME CALLER feel how I feel, whether or not what I say is true or not.. Its just a wa
The World's Largest Free Online Coin Database & Price Guide
I finally did it! The World's Largest FREE Online Coin Database and Price Guide Current mood: sleepy So back in November of 2006 I got this crazy idea. I wanted to build an online database for coins. Not only would it have pictures of every coin ever minted, but prices. You wouldn't believe how expensive coin price guides are. To get a good "World Coin" price guide you're looking at $60...which covers coins between 2001 and 2006. Want the 20th century? Another $60! 19th Century? 18th Century? 17th Century? $60, $60, and $60! $300 bucks for books? LOL yep. They don't even picture every coin and in a year there are new editions of each book. So I decided that I'd do my own online. The cool thing is that it's maintained entirely by the people who use the site. Prices are set by the people who actually buy and sell the coins. There's pictures as long as someone has entered them. Anyone can contribute. Anyone can show off their coins. I plan to keep the site free
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Love Confession #2
i found u or did u find me? like in a grooved vinyl knoll of tears for fears and prince burst on the scene of love strutted like red carpet stars stars stars stars over life's parade flashing brighter than paparazzi cameras we burn sex more torrid than the sun abiding til that star burns out in a cpl billion yrs cuz we will b there loving each other headed 4 planets farther than pluto and we r past Venus now whumanbard, ncpv, 2006
What Vowel Is Not Used In This Paragraph...for A Mens Bracelet
THIS COTEST IS SPONSORED BY )o(Pagan~Wiccan~Crystal~Isis~Please~fan~me:) )o( Member of CLUB F.A.R )o( Member of the BombShel@ CherryTAPIF YOU WIN PLZ GET IN CONTACT WITH HER THRU SHOUTBOX SHE IS ON NOW...ALL BIG PIMPIN GIFTS PAID DURING HH.. WHAT VOWEL IS NOT USED IN THIS PARAGRAPH How quickly can you find out what is unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary that you would think that nothing was wrong with it at all, and in fact, nothing is. But it is unusual. Why? If you study it and think about it you may find out, but I am not going to assist you in any way. You must do it without coaching. No doubt if you work at it for long, it will dawn on you. I don't know. Now, go to work and try your luck. Answer
(untitled) Goth Girl
rain about 2 come time 2 smoke the last one smoke and clouds look the same sittin on a wooden bench bent in reflect or regret of the sexy red pet black clunky heels change the scene pasty white skin tasty fishnets kissed thick calves up 2 thighs the blk skirt said hi or was it the eyes not looking up 2 the voice then there was more black corset for that buxom chest coming down from her neck so hot, or was it the burned out cigarette? shaken fingers eyes linger 2 silver lipgloss long blk hair she tossed said r u lost? straightening up...sorry teeth perfect pearls smiling girl said do have a name i want 2 no the same since the moment u came n took me by surprise my name is jet i like 2 get wet in the rain sometimes my arms u can bind if a guy i find can please me the right way do u ride a harley? do like like morrisey? no...well i must go whoa, please don't look at wha
Just A Little Scared Or Worried ! Thought 1
Well, for those who have carried on a conversation with me. You know of my illness with my lungs and blood and bones. Well, several days ago I had good news that my Lypmatic System had shrunk some what meaning that it was going toward being a more normal size. I said to my doctor does this mean remission they said very close and on the way. So, I been taken this medication that works but has side affects your hair falls out some what but the diseases cause that too, you get sick to your stomach but the diseases cause that to. You feel tired some times but the disease causes that to. Any how seeing that where signs of improvement there is not cure I thought maybe I would be able to stop one of my medication that I been taken for a year now. But, I was wrong now my doctors have put me on a cancer medication as of right now I know I am on it for 6 months I have to take 4 pills on each Thursday of Each week and get blood work done again every month on the 16th. I had finally been able to
What The Hell?
you are everywhere i am, and nowhere near me at all. i cannot get your image out of my mind. you permeate my thoughts and dreams. and you have done nothing at all except be you. you have never flirted with me, made advances toward me, nothing at all that would incite the sort of energy my mind exerts thinking of you. maybe that is why, you are so uniquely different.
"(if) I Wouldn't Mind "
if it would thunderstorm all day i wouldnt mind if the soldiers would lay their guns down and cry if the politicians decided not to lie if the criminals would repent to be free if we would forgive them and breed for love and treat children like God's gift if a man would be a man a woman be a woman and not make the jury or government see them as nothing else if we would love because there's nothing else to gain if we stopped giving our mothers pain and embrace our fathers guidance again if we'd eat in as a family turn off the tv turn on our loves and become famished for God and knowledge and the innocence and imagination of a child if it would thunderstorm all day i wouldnt mind whumanbard, ncpv, 2006
The Truth Behind My Eye Color!
People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome,very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS when necessary.
I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today -gretchen Wilson
I don't feel like loving you today, So don't you even try to change my mind, The best thing you can do right now, Is just go away, Cause I don't feel like loving you today, I don't wanna talk about last night, I'm angry and I haven't had much sleep, And I'm so tired and bloodshot, they ain't no tellin' what I'd say, I don't feel like loving you today, But you know I will anyway, Even though we make it hard sometimes. I'll wind up forgiving you and probably loving you, For the rest of my life, But I don't feel like loving you today, And I've got 16 hours left to go. I might tell you that I'm leaving Even though you know I'll stay, Cause I don't feel like loving you today. But you know I will anyway, Even though we make it hard sometimes. I'll wind up forgiving you and probably loving you, For the rest of my life. But I don't feel like loving you today. I just don't feel like loving you today.
Winner By Default
Where Did It Go?
my fucking remote it was just here/
Missing Her!
Woke up thought it was a good day, find out I'm walking to get meds . I forgot to reserve my ride. What a nice day except... I think about her and her freckles high on her cheeks her eyes the color of our sky today. Her red hair sparkles in the sunlight. A smile sarcastic but, a smile.. she smells soft and sexy. someone you want to walk behind and whisper in her ear how beautiful she is and when your done roll your upper lip across the top of her ear and kiss her neck ever so softly as she shivers . You know, the hair on the back of her neck stands up. you are so close you can feel your breath bounce off her neck. She has to turn around her cheeks bright and blushing , looking up slowly pulling her head to one side hoping she will get kised. Kissed by you right then. now. she melts her body into yours . You have to hold her , her wieght is carried lightly in your arms. love remembering love . dreams of intimacy, sweet mornings wrapped in the smell of her hair and the warm spring nights
For Flashy Hearts.....
Recipes: Cookies
************CALLING ALL COOKIE MONSTERS!!!************ peanut butter Yield: about 3 dozen * 1/2 cup all vegetable shortening * 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter * 1 1/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar * 3 tablespoons milk * 1 tablespoon vanilla * 1 egg * 1 3/4 cups flour * 3/4 teaspoon salt * 3/4 teaspoon baking soda Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine shortening, peanut butter, brown sugar, milk and vanilla in large bowl. Beat with electric mixer at medium speed until well blended. Add egg. Beat just until blended. Combine flour, salt and baking soda. Add to creamed mixture at low speed. Mix just until blended. Drop by heaping teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart onto ungreased baking sheet. Flatten slightly in crisscross pattern with tines of fork. Bake for 7 to 8 minutes, or until set and just beginning to brown. Cool 2 minutes on baking sheet. Remove cookies to wire rack to cool completely. ***************************MACAROONS***************************************** Websit
Livestrong Challenge 2007
LiveStrong Challenge 2007 I'm up to over $650! I am riding in the LiveStrong Challenge bike race in August. It is an event that raises money for the LiveStrong foundation, which supports cancer research and also gives support to survivors such as myself. Last year I raised $1,500 but I only had a month in which to fund raise. This year the goal is at least $3,000 which is very doable. Please leave anything that you can, I promise that this is not a scam or anything... It is just something that I believe very strongly in. I am a cancer survivor, I was diagnosed at 20 and I had a 5% chance of survival. Even a few dollars will save someone's life, someone just like me. My donation website:
Play The Game Donkey Kong Right Here!
Add Games to your MySpace Profile at! wait for a minute and game will start Well, We admit that Donkey Kong is one our favorite games. The game has been digitally converted into flash format for online play. In 1981 an unknown Japanese artist created a game based on a gorilla, a plumber, a kidnapped blonde, and lots of barrels. That game was known as Donkey Kong. In October of 1999, 18 years later, Nintendo released Donkey Kong with critical acclaim, selling 2.5 million copies, and it became the sixth-best-selling game of that year. The story starts as Donkey Kong had escaped from the zoo and kidnapped Mario's girlfriend, Pauline. Mario must climb level after level to rescue his love from the top. Mario's only defense is an occasional hammer and his ability to jump. Too bad for him, that when he does make it to the top, Donkey Kong just snatches up Pauline and heads for higher ground. Controls: Use you arrow keys to move. Press Space Bar to
Ok For Cherry Lips
I Cant Do It
Don't Dial Any Of Those Area Codes You'll See In This Post
Just seen right now.. Pass this on.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A good friend sent me this in EMAIL AREA CODE We actually received a call last week from the 809 area code. The woman said "Hey, this is Karen. Sorry I missed you--get back to us quickly. I Have something important to tell you." Then she repeated a phone number beginning with 809 "We didn't respond". Then this week, we received the following e-mail: Subject: DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 , 284 AND 876 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY AT&T DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 This one is being distributed all over the US . This is pretty scary, especially given the way they try to get you to call. Be sure you read this and pass it on. They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has-been arrested, died, or to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc. In each case, you are told to ca
What is your Paranormal gift? Control of FireYou're a little pyro, arn't you? Fire attracts you and you've learned how to control it, or even create that pretty little flicker of red, orange, and blue light. Be careful, though, you could set your friends, family, or even yourself on fire... try doing that to the enemies.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Contest Start In 5 Minutes
my Master loves to tie me up and take pictures and put all kinds of toys in all kinds of places so givee us some ideas
Hi All
Sorry I havent been on in awhile, but I promise to catch up with everyone. Been outta town working...I hope all is well wtih everyone. And thanx for all the love.
Lemonade Anyone???
Real LemonadeAdd to My Profile | More Videos
hmmmmm somebody needs to hang out with me
The Element Of My Love Is?
Your Love Element Is Earth In love, you have consistency and integrity. For you, love is all about staying grounded and centered. You attract others with your zest for life and experiences. Your flirting style is defined by setting the scene, creating a unique moment in time. Steady progress and stability are the cornerstones of your love life. You may take things too slowly, but you never put your heart at risk. You connect best with: Fire Avoid: Wood You and another Earth element: need each other too much to build a good foundation What Element Is Your Love?
More Wolf Images
Christines Alaskan Wolf
Kissing Facts
KISSING Kissing Facts Kissing Facts No one really knows the origin of the kiss. But, the only bad kisses are the "Kiss of Death" and "Kiss My . . . (well, you know)". All the rest, from "The Intimate Romantic Kiss" to "The Peck on the Cheek", are nice things. Kissing Facts You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss. The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing. Eskimos, Polynesians and Malaysians rub noses instead of kissing. Romans kissed each other on the eyes or the mouth as a greeting. In Russia, the highest sign of recognition was a kiss from the Tsar. Victorian etiquette required a man to kiss the back of a ladies hand. A standard greeting in Europe is a kiss on both cheeks - could be two. . . could be four. African tribes pay homage to their Chief by kissing the ground
Please Sign My Map
I am getting visitors to my map...but people are not leaving me any pics there...please drop by and leave a pic and a message
Pondering A Rough Day
Ok, so today I slid my car into a mailbox and dented and scratched the car. The check engine light came on and the motor is running really rough...Wow, what a day...J.
My Only Love
I can't run anymore, I fall before you, Here I am, I have nothing left, Though I've tried to forget, You're all that I am, Take me home, I'm through fighting it, Broken, Lifeless, I give up, You're my only strength, Without you, I can't go on, Anymore, Ever again. My only hope, (All the times I've tried) My only peace, (To walk away from you) My only joy, My only strength, (I fall into your abounding grace) My only power, My only life, (And love is where I am) My only love. I can't run anymore, I give myself to you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, In all my bitterness, I ignored, All that's real and true, All I need is you, When night falls on me, I'll not close my eyes, I'm too alive, And you're too strong, I can't lie anymore, I fall down before you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My only hope, (All the times I've tried) My only peace, (To walk away from you) My only joy, My only strength, (I fall into your abounding grace) My only power, My only life, (And love is where I am) My only love. Constantly
Sexual Iq Results
You have a sexual IQ of 153 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Tears Of The Departed
These times are troubled and these times are good And they're always gonna be, they rise and they fall We take 'em all the way that we should Together you and me forsaking them all Deep in the night and by the light of day It always looks the same, true love always does And here by your side, or a million miles away Nothin's ever gonna change the way that I feel, The way it is, is the way that it was When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time Be faithful and true, devoted to you That's what I had in mind when I said I do Well this old world keeps changin', and the world stays the same For all who came before, and it goes hand and hand Only you and I can undo all that we became That makes us so much more, than a woman and a man And after everything that comes and goes around Has only passed us by, here alone in our dreams I know there's a lonely heart in every lost and found But forever you and I will be the ones Who fo
Sign This..please.. Hey everyone..this is the sight to sign the petition to vote no against SB 861..the law their trying to pass in California to ban Pit Bulls..if any of you know me you know how I love my please take 5 minutes to go to this site & sign the petition..PLEASE!!!
Sorry To Tell You
I am going to be off here for a while if you want to chat with me and you have yahoo messenger you can reach me @ libra_scales1018. Thanks to all my CT friends you know who you are!!!I'll be back so don't think i'm gone for good just taking a break.Love you all
Please Help A Friend Win A 30 Blast!!!!
Please help my friend! She is in a contest to win a 30 day blast. Please bombard her with comments so she can win the contest! Thank you for your help!
Your Thinks.
I know what you are thinking. That's not very nice. I can't help it.
Un Wanted People Who Visit Your Page
How I Feel
Not many people realize that the death of a child is NOT in accordance to Godís NORMAL scheme of things. It is unnatural. God did not mean for a child to go first. A child buries the parent. Not the parent buries the child. Most people do NOT experience the pain and devastation of the death of a child. And I truly hope, no parent will ever feel the death of their child because they do not deserve it. If you love your child, the death of your child is more painful than the death of any of your loved ones, including one ownís parents. And because of this devastation, I do not wish this pain even to my enemies. We as parents have become older, and we lived our lives. It is now our Childrenís turn to live theirs and hope, as parents, we did most of what we had to do as God had wished us. When we returnto our Creator, itís okay because we lived our lives ... we have fulfilledour lives. Justin's death ó the death of any child ó is the death of an unfulfilled life. Th
Please Forgive Me
To all my friends and family let me just share with you that I have not been feeling good at all for the last several days... this would be the reason behind my lack of participation and comments on Cherry tap... Normal annual Sinus BS that I put up with every year in the state I call home. I will certainly be alive and on time next week so please forgive me for what seemns to be lack of interest. I just have not had the enrgy to do my normal functions. I tend to recluse and be quite pissy when I am sick so .... please understand I will make it up to you. I will not ramble on anymore.. .I will now go stagger to my bed and pass the hell out.. Good nite to all Sweetfox2007
To Whom Do I Call
I call upon no one, not a living breathing soul, I cannot burden them with the nightmares that haunt my mind, I live in this world, traveling through the motions, I constantly want to pick up the phone and call for help, just to hear a friendly voice, just to hear someone tell me that they love me, but it is never that way, no those whom I call wish to always tell me of their problems, always ask me to help them, but when i am alone and scared in this world, whom do I call, I call the. I call the when my world is falling into darkness, and I feel his icy touch upon my cheek, I call the when I feel like screaming because i see nothing but the abyss of eternal loneliness, and though I know that you do not hear me, nor would you care if you did i still call the, I am alone I see that now more than ever, but I do not let it hinder me, no i let it push me and drive me cause i know no matter how alone or afraid I get I can always call the, and one day I will know you, one day I will find you
Loving Is....
I sit and wonder what it truely is That feeling many can't explain, But as I close my eyes, It seems to come to me And I begin to realize what love is Love is the warmth of a lover On a cold bitter night It's what you feel after making-up, After a long and meaningless fight It's the comfort of a mother, When you need it the most The fight of a true friend To always be there to listen What brings on the tears When you lose someone that has earned your trust It's those little things you'd do Just to see someone smile The laughter you share with someone on the phone, After hours with no end in sight Love's when you feel that person can do no wrong And everything will be alright It came to me in that instance And it made me smile At that moment I realized I wasn't alone Even though some have left My love for them is not gone Because My Love For THem Is Forever...
Redneck Man's Pick Up Lines
Redneck Man's pick up lines > >1. Did you fart, cuz you blew me away.... > >2. Are yer parents retarded cuz ya sure are special... > >3. My love fer you is like diarrhea...I can't hold it in... > >4. Do you have a library card, cuz I'd like to sign you out... > >5. Is there a mirror in yer pants because I sure can see myself in >em... > > >6. If you was a tree I were a Squirrel, I'd store my nuts in yer >hole... > > >7. You might not be the best lookin girl here, but beauties only a >light >switch away.... > >8) Man: "Fat Penguin! "Woman: "WHAT?" Man: "I just wanted to say >something that would break the ice... > >9) I know I'm not no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make yer >bed-rock... > >10) I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went >inta this cheap motel room... > >11) Yer eyes are as blue as window cleaner... > >12) If yer gunna regret this in the mornin' we kin sleep til >afternoon. > >And.... the best for last > >13) Yer face reminds me of a wrench, every
Please, don't ask me if I'm over it yet. I'll never be over it. Please, don't tell me he's in a better place. He isn't here with me. Please, don't say 'at least he isn't suffering'. I have yet to come to terms with why he had to suffer at all. Please, don't tell me you know how I feel - unless you've lost a child yourself. Please, don't ask me if I feel better. Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up. Please, don't tell me 'at least you had him for so many years'. What year would you choose for your child to die? Please, don't tell me that 'God never gives us more than we can bear'. Please, just say you are sorry. Please, just say you remember my child. Please, just let me talk about my child. Please, mention my child's name. Please, just let me cry.
Married To A Soldier (this Was Penned By Young Woman On Ct Whose Hubby Is In Harm's Way)
Married to a Soldier In a time of war Life will never be As it was before The tower are no longer Standing The Pentagon has a Hole Pennsalvania has buried Heros Married to a Solder Off to fight the war Fearing every knock That sounds at my door Trying to assure my son All will be well Wishing those terrorist bastards To all rot in Hell Married to a Soldier In a time of war Life will never be As it was before When he returns Will he be changed? Will the children still Treat him the same? I fear inside So many things Yet PRIDE in my Soldier My heart does sing! -HET
F**k You All
This is such a crock of shit....seems like the ONLY time anyone wants to "so called" give me the time of day is when it is covient for THEMSELVES wtf!!! I am sick and fuckin tired of when ya try and talk to someone they COMPLETELY blow ya the fuck off as its not "convient" for them!!! Makes me think to my self wtf or why the fuck do i even stay on here? People i think are my friends but just seem to come around when it is "convient" for them so guess what.....Fuck you and the rest of you fucked up people that claim to be who ya are and so forth!!! As far as iam concerned Iam NOTHING TO YOU or ANYONE thing to do is just sweep me away as the dirt thats on the street....when i really need someone they are NEVER there....when i need a shoulder to cry on each and everyone of ya say "oh heres mine" but then turn around and ya turn ya back on me like usual...Or the men that sit here and say "oh iam not like that" but turn around and are EXACTLT what they say that arent... SO F
Part 8
On December 12, 2005 I transferred from USS Monterey. About 50 people came out to see me off. That evening, we had a hail and farewell for 5 of us who were leaving soon. Besides myself, we said goodbye to Gene, Dave, Mark, Eric and said hello to Patrick who was going to check aboard in the next few weeks. Tuesday I headed out for points west. I didn't have a particular agenda, mostly going to states I have never been to before. It was a beeline west to West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and St Louis, Missouri then southwest about 50 miles for my first rest stop. The next morning, I barely went into Kansas, then back on I-44 toward Tulsa then Oklahoma City, Amarillo TX, Albequerque NM then north on US -550 to the very small town of Cuba NM to spend the night at an elevation of 6900 feet above sea level. It was 5įF when I got there. The next morning, I drove north then west, crossing the continental divide, then stopped at 4 Corners to catch Colorado and Utah. I
Still At The Hospital
well Leslie has a light case of Jondas and they are keeping her till morning untill they can retest her and see if they can send her home Friday Heather has been discharged and is doing good i am just waiting on my 2 Ladies to come home! They let heather stay in the room cause she is breast feeding.
Lot's Of Easy Points!
check out my stash pics!
Ohhh Linda...;-)))
Dundee knows what is good
Positive Attitude
There will be times when you find yourself in Situations that seem impossible to deal with. Maybe you are in one, now. Perhaps you're in a Dead end job, or a relationship that seems to be Going nowhere. Maybe your family is driving you crazy. Whatever your situation, remember, many people Have stood in your shoes. They found a way to overcome Obstacles and solve problems. But, how Did they do it? They figured out a way to keep a Positive attitude though the hardest of times. They did not focus on the gloom, but on the Resolutions. If they could do it, so can you. A positive attitude is yours for the making. Grab it Now and turn those bad situations into mere Bumps in the road of life.
lets keep the polution down and keep our forest from being destroyed
Top Ten Things Men Shouldn't Say Out Loud In Victoria's Secret...
Top Ten things men shouldn't say out loud in Victoria's Secret... 10. Does this come in children's sizes? 9. No thanks... just sniffing. 8. I'll be in the dressing room going blind. 7. Mom will love this. 6. Oh, the size won't matter. She's inflatable. 5. No need to wrap it up. I'll eat it here. 4. Will you model this for me? 3. The miracle what? This is better than world peace! 2. 75 bucks? You're just gonna end up naked anyway. 1. Oh honey, you'll never squeeze your ass into that.
Being A Mother
-BEING A MOTHER- THIS KINDA HIT ME HARD WHEN I READ IT TODAY SINCE I HAVE BEEN AT THE HOSPITAL WITH MY MOTHER TODAY WHILE SHE HAD A HEART CATH DONE TO SEE IF SHE HAD BLOCKAGES AND NEEDED ANY STINTS OR ANYTHING ELSE DONE. SHE HAD A MILD HEART ATTACK ABOUT TWO WEEKS AGO (SO WE THOUGHT), SO I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU AND MAYBE EVERYONE WILL REALIZE HOW MUCH PEOPLE REALLY MEAN TO THEM. AND WHEN YOU LOSE THEM, YOU CAN'T GET THEM BACK! MUCH LOVE TO YA ALL! BTW, THEY SAID MY MOM'S HEART WAS PERFECT TODAY! WE JUST GOTTA FIGURE OUT WHY SHE'S HAVING THE TROUBLES SHE'S HAD RECENTLY. TIFF :) ************************************************* After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three childr
a three day migraine. yes. not so much fun. its ebbed for the moment. we're going day trippin again this weekend which will prolly turn into another over-niter. i have to switch cell phone carriers when we move up n ima prolly get stuck with verizon. but if i snag an unlimited all kinds of text'll be feasible. the other carriers dun have service up there...or if they do its in constant roaming and feck that. *shrug* at least i get to keep mah number right? got a message at my moms yesterday or whatever from some chick i assumed was from the child support office...but then i called my worker and uhm nope. so i have no idea who the woman was...and if you're too stupid to leave a message in which people can a) understand you and b) actually hear your phone number than you dont deserve a call back. *nod* people who text me with 'u awake' at 8:30 at nite...and then wont tell me who the eff they are should go kill themselves. and asses who dont answer texts which
"i'd Rather Have"
"I'd Rather Have" I thought sometime alone was what we really needed you said this time would hurt more than it helps but I couldn't see that I thought it was the end of a beautiful story and so I left the one I loved at home to be alone (alone) and I tried to find out if this one thing is true that I'm nothing without you I know better now and I've had a change of heart I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself I'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart I'd rather have the one who holds my heart And then I met someone and thought she could replace you we got a long just fine we wasted time because she was not you we had a lot of fun though we knew we were faking love was not impressed with our connection they were all lies, all lies so I'm here cause I found this one thing is true that I'm nothing without you I
Attn Rbf And Friends
Dumb People
AT LEAST HE GOT THE COBWEBS Elyria, OH - Martyn Eskins, attempting to clean out cobwebs in his basement, declined to use a broom in favor of a propane torch and caused a fire that burned the first and second floors of his house. WHEN PLANS GO "BUST" A 19-year-old Sheffield Lake, Ohio, man stole his mother's credit card to pay for his girlfriend's breast enhancement surgery. The girlfriend left him immediately afterwards and he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. IT ONLY MATTERS WHETHER YOU'RE RIGHT A Columbia, TN woman, angry that her husband fell asleep with a lit cigarette that left a burn hole in the mattress, left a lit cigarette on the bed the next day to show him what would have happened had she not caught it in time. The house burned down, as apparently expected. Good thing she caught it in time. "TOO DUMB TO BE A CRIMINAL" BONEHEAD AWARD A Florida man, who robbed two men at gunpoint in their homes, dropped his wallet as he left and then called po
Good Clean Jokes
Here's your Thursday laugh - have a great day! One day, a man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very Sexy nightie. "Tie me up," she purred, "and you can do anything you want." So he tied her up and went golfing. ************************************************** A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lung s, "Honey, pack your bags. I won the lottery!" The husband said, "Oh my God! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?" "Doesn't matter," she said. "Just get out." ****** ******************************************** Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband. ********************* ***************************** A Polish immigrant went to the DMV to apply for a driver's license. First, of course, he had to take an eye sight test The optician showed him a card with the letters 'C Z W I X N O S
"when She Cries"
"WHEN SHE CRIES" The road I have traveled on Is paved with good intentions It's littered with broken dreams That never quite came true When all of my hopes were dying Her love kept me trying And she does her best to hide the pain that she's been through When she cries at night And she doesn't think that I can hear her She tries to hide all the fear she feels inside So I pray this time I can be the man that she deserves 'Cause I die a little each time When she cries She's always been there for me Whenever I've fallen When nobody else believed She'd be there by my side I don't know how she takes it Just once I'd like to make it Then there'll be tears of joy That fill her loving eyes When she cries at night And she doesn't think that I can hear her She tries to hide all the fear she feels inside So I pray this time I can be the man that she deserves 'Cause I die a little each time When she cries So I pray this time
You'll Never Know
You'll never know how I feel outside of this You'll never know what I would do for you You'll never know how much my thoughts revolve around you You'll never know how excited I am to go on vacation with you You'll always be guessing You'll always be guessing where I'm going You'll always be guessing if I'm comming home You'll always be guessing how much my heart longs to be yours. You'll see me fade You'll see me cry You'll see me when I am grey You'll see me hide. You'll hold me when you can You'll hold my breath in your hands You'll hold my thoughts forever You'll hold my hand when I need you to. You're the type of guy I've wanted You're the type of guy I could do this with You're the type of guy I go crazy for You're the type of guy that sends shivers up my spine. You're here and that is enough You're here to work with me You're here for me You're my special someone I'll be ready for this when you are I'll be willing to tell you "I love you" I'l
Rain For Me
sitting here as the rain pours down. all alone wondering when it will cease one minute wishing it to disappear go away not ready for rain to wash it all down another minute begging it to beat down harder have it take all there is of me no! stay, rain all day thunder loud to drown my thoughts pour the biggest drops cool my heated skin caress me like a friend cleanse me of my tormented thoughts if it was the ocean rain would not be needed just waves of unrelenting motion taking all that i dont want anymore but rain it is and rain will do for it at least will rid me of my thoughts and lull me to sleep in peace carrying me in my dreams back to the ocean
We Always Fall Again (9/14/1997)
All is gone, But how I feel, This pumping life, Of all thats real, Inside love, Lies a sea of pain, Some swim in its beauty, Others drown in vein, In hearts of passion, There is a crystal tear, That falls but once a lifetime, For a million years, Inside minds are rainbows, That believe the rain will stay away, But inside the hearts live a lesson, Showing the scars of yesterday, Here the Devil wears a halo, Angels are full of sin, We blind ourselves to see what we want, Then shocked when we fall again,
Is Hell Exothermic?
Is Hell exothermic? Brilliant answer to daft question... (The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington Chemistry mid term. The answer was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, which is why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.) BONUS QUESTION: IS HELL EXOTHERMIC (GIVES OFF HEAT) OR ENDOTHERMIC (ABSORBS HEAT)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed), or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: _______________________ First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul goes to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some o
Idk Dont Care
bitting my lip trying to control what i say feeling the rage build the blood boiling my temper ready to explode but you keep pushing till i really tell you what I think of you
I REALLY WISH PEOPLE WOULD TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND SHIT FROM MY POINT OF VIEW B4 THEY GO N ACT STUPID!!!!! I did nothin wrong. I asked to get the truth about the shit that was goin on. Turns out that nothin that happened or got sed meant shit. I didn't know the word LOVE could mean so little to sum1 or be used as just a word and no emotion actaully behind it. All I wanted was to be shown that that word that had gotten sed to me was meant. But I guess not. That really fuckin hurts. OK I just needed to vent. Have a nice day! lol!
Here's What's Happening . . .
Okay, I haven't updated in a while, so here's the deal -- We are in Canada. We'll probably be here for, at the very least, a year. The reason being is this: In order for us to get our Permanent Residency (easier than applying for Canadian citizenship right now, that will come later), I have to be 'sponsored' as a Common Law Partner. And in order for the friend we're staying with to do that, I have to be living here a year. And since we're in a trio, now (yes, you read that right: me, my gf, and the friend we're staying with in Canada are now a trio), our friend shouldn't have too much trouble sponsoring me as a Common Law. So, our goal is to be here 6 months as a visitor, then extend our stay for another 6 months. My gf (the one I came here from the states with, not the gf we're staying with, lol) is gonna be working with my gf (the one we're staying with, rofl) in a small business. So, there ya go. What sucks the most is that since I'm here as a visitor, I can't work. I have
Lol Since I Dont Blogg Too Much
Thats right , pretty much a once in a life time deal here,, you get to hear ME ME ME (LOL) LIVE on the air RIGHT NOW till when ever I go to bed. So tune in and show me some loving winamp at and give me a vote keep the music flowing till roughly 11:30pm EST Midnight when I play the hottest sex show you have ever heard, so tune in and vote vote vote,, and yes Im taking requests and Im in the After Shock Radio 247 CT Lounge
Children who die are not really gone, But go to a place that is something like home, Where they sleep the deep sleep, as quiet as stone, Until we can join them when our lives are done. Children who die are not really dead, But just like good children tucked into bed, Wait the long wait while we go ahead Till our tales are all told and our tears are all shed. Children who die feel no pleasure or pain In the place where they wait till they see us again, And all of us dance in a world washed with rain Where the sun shines so brightly no sorrows remain.
Thanx To All
thank you to all my friends and family who reposted and updated my bulletin ( suport or troops ) my friend and i are filled with pride and grattitude .thanx again for your support..
Down Raters
ok all I do not think I am the prettiest or the hottest woman on cherrytap but I do not believe I deserve a 7. some jerk who does not even have real pics of his own up down rated me with a 7. BamBam rated your photo a '7'! 1 hr ago copied the rate and the name here for all to see. most of you that know me know that I am always ready to help in contests or ratings...and normally would not go off like this but as I said I do not believe I deserve this!
Here Yall Go
you know all yall that are related to me and you know who you are you could fucking talk to me on here instead of always using some damn excuse as to why you dont so when you decide to talk to me then you can fucking say smthng
Question For All Who Read This
so what do you do when ur married to a lying cheating son of a btich who ur married to and have a daughter by? ignore it and let it continue only because he is 18 hrs away or terminate his rights to his daughter and divorce his lyin cheating dumbass who thinks he can get away with fuckin around behind my back with every fuckin female he comes across.What do you think I should do? I need some good answers....
Vote For *b* Read The Bulletin
So I need all my cherry hotties to check out the bulletin I posted and COMMENT BOMB&RATE my pic for the contest I am in....*lol* It goes til May 10th so hop to it and show me some luvs every day!! MWAHZ Cheerz~*B* your Aries Angel
Thursday 5/3/07
It was another crazy morning here again lol, not quite as bad as yesterday, but crazy nonetheless. The cat decided she wanted to go outside again sometime between the time when my brother came in lastnight and the time that my dad left for work this morning. Mom found her in the backyard and she was shaking her feet because she doesn't like getting them wet lol. A little bit of good news is that CrushFM will not have to shut down until July 15th rather than May 15th. Other than that it's been an average day today, just chatting in the lobby and listening to DJCracker and Bratty Lil Kitten dj together tonight. Well, I think I will end this here and go back to the mumms for a bit because I am trying to level up lol. Have a good night everyone.
Just A Thought
As I lay here in bed wondering where I went wrong in my life I realize it was never right to begin with.I realize that everyday I put on a fake smile for everyone because they want me to be ok but in all reality I'm not, in fact I've never been so Not ok in my life, it seems like for the past few months my world has just been falling apart and thought I'd hoped would never come back now haunt me, begging me to return to old bad habits... if you really know me you know what they are and why this is so dangerous. I've tried to just smile and keep going day after day but I'm not sure if I can do it anymore... But the thing I appreciate the most through all of this is the people that have actually been there for me and have called when they just had that gut feeling that I might not be ok, or just wanted to hear me laugh or tell me how beautiful I am even if I don't believe it. It is because of you that I am still alive,without those calls who knows how low i would have sunk or what I wou
Corporate Decisions
There was a boss who was told by his boss that he had to get rid of at least one employee. So he narrowed the decision to one of two new employees, Jack or Mary. He then decided to speak to each one privately, and let their reactions help guide his decision. So he called in Jack, explained the situation and, of course, Jack said he didn't want to lose his job, but he understood the boss's situation. Then he called in Mary, and said, 'Mary, I've got a problem; By the end of the day, I've got to lay you or Jack off...' And Mary says, 'Then you're gonna have to jack off, buster, I've got a headache!'
The Door( Poem)
When first we trun the key to see the light from behind the doors we keep many things do we find. From who we are, and what we want. What we need. And were to go. We search for something many finding nothing. Clenching hope while standing at that door. Your heart it tightens Insearch of love. Your eyes they water. from loss of trust. Your friends you choose some honest and true but other pull the knife and repeatedly stab. But at that door. you try to organize. to rebuild yourself with great composure. You find your stregnth you find your will. You you pick your battles that are worth the win. And close that door a wiser being turning the key you once more find the truth fight once again because shit always happens. Life has its shitty moments. there is no denying that. Sometimes you must step back and look at things. and try something differnt giving up is not alway s the wisest choice. Fight when it is worth it, and let it go when its not. If you c
Happy Buddies Day!!!
Hello Everyone! This seemed to fitting for our birthdays. Enjoy! Hello! This should be fun to see how many I get back and to see if the bouquets actually increase. Notice each time you receive this, there is an additional bouquet HAPPY BUDDIES DAY!!! Forward to all your friends, including me. And don't tell me you're too busy for this. Don't you know the phrase "stop and smell the flowers"? See how many "bouquets" you end up with! Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keep You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going! You are so special! Today is " online buddy day ". Send this to your online friends - even me , if I'm one of them - and see how many you get today
Hello all...This is Destiny, I am angels cousin..Angelicia will be be around the next couple of days due to the death of her grandmother..She hopes that you all have a great weekend Thanks all
Female Domination Female domination, or femdom, refers to BDSM activities where the dominant partner is female. The female dominant party in female domination related activities is sometimes called a dominatrix. Naturally, female domination activities may draw on all areas of BDSM, but there tends to be an association with radical feminism, whether seriously or fantastically. This can lead to apparent paradoxes, such as the humiliation of men by feminization, though it is readily resolved by seeing this as disclaiming traditional gender associations, and transference of coded images of weakness onto men. Strap-on dildo play plays a significant part in this as well. The inverse of this is of course to glorify the feminine. Erotic Female Domination and Humiliation Similarly, erotic female domination and humiliation can focus on the inadequacy of a male sub's johnson (small penis humiliation), demoting it to a plaything for the dominatrix, over which the male has no real con
Newspaper Ads
>FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. >8 years old. Hateful little dog. Bites. > >FREE PUPPIES: >1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog. > >FREE PUPPIES... >Mother, AKC German Shepherd. >Father, Super to leap tall fences in a single bound. > >FOUND DIRTY WHITE DOG. >Looks like a rat ... been out a while. >Better be a reward. > >COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED. >Also 1 gay bull for sale. > >NORDIC TRACK >$300 Hardly used, call Chubby. > >GEORGIA PEACHES >California grown - 89 cents lb. > >JOINING NUDIST COLONY! >Must sell washer and dryer $300. > >WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE . >WORN ONCE BY MISTAKE. >Call Stephanie. > >AND THE BEST ONE : > >FOR SALE BY OWNER: >Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes >Excellent condition >$1,000 or best offer >No longer needed, got married last month. >Wife knows everything
I'm slowly starting to delete everything off my account... I'm leaving ct... its not fun anymore, its actually rather boring and lame lately...Anyone wants to keep in touch, my yahoo is : mystical_gemini_1981 or my msn is I will be deleting my account monday morning b4 I leave to go out of town with my daughter for her surgery, was good knowing the rest of you, much love, and enjoy life =)
B&D = "bondage & dominance" or "bondage & discipline." S&M = "sadism & masochism." D&S = "dominance & submission." ************************************************* Some people enjoy submitting to another person, placing themselves under the power of another, in a sexual context. It can be a very hot thing for someone to say to you, "I'm yours. Use my body for your pleasure." This is D&S; one person is dominating, the other submitting. Slave/master, harem girl/sultan, mommy/daddy, student/schoolmistress. D&S is an erotic power game soe say, where both people are getting off--one on the thrill of controlling(me,me,me), the other on the thrill of being controlled. What do dominates and submissives do with each other? Well, one good possibility is they have lots of hot sex. Another possibility is the top(dom) ties the bottom(sub) up in some manner, which directly and physically puts the bottom at the top's mercy, and then the top plays with the bottom, teasing, seducing, frustratin
Fucking Pissed
Tuesday May 3rd 2007 I normally put a lot of thought into who my friends are, and usually trust them with a part of my life and all the secrets that go with it. A friend is an open honest person who doesn't lie and say that they are something they aren't. Why would you go and make someone feel like they are worth something and have them put faith in you as someone to admire and look up to, just to have that person find out that their said friend is a FAKE! I apologize to Miko, for having this show up all of a sudden. Ashley DJ_Starling
The Safeword
One of the thrills of SM is that it can stretch your limitations. If you enjoy this sort of play, you can naturally find yourself trying more and more new things, accepting greater and greater levels of sensation, doing and feeling more than you've ever done or felt before. But the process is slow and gradual, and people are not telepathic. It may be that you are the bottom(sub) in a whipping scene, and your top(dom) is whipping you, and suddenly it doesn't feel good anymore!! and you want them to STOP!!! That is what a safeword is: a word that means "This isn't working! This scene is going wrong somehow! Please stop!" A safeword needs to be taken seriously. Sometimes you may be playing with a top you don't know that well, and if they do something to you you don't want, it's important that you have a way to let them know, IMMEDIATELY. Especially if you're tied up or otherwise made helpless. Everyone has their own favorite safeword. I personally use have my pets use "Yellow!
Have I Missed Anything??
I have pretty much been MIA over the last week. Someone was kind enough to give me one hell of a cold (during final exam week at that). I am slowly starting to feel a little bit better, but not much. Has anyone been up to anything exciting? I aced my statistics and economics class and next week I move on to global marketing and some bullshit class I have to take called "The adult learner", WTF is that? I heard it is pretty easy, that is why I elected to take it over the summer. That's all for now, have a great evening!
Todays' Quote Is: Desires
"How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desires!" Baquera says: Desires come and they go, but as long as you feed it, care for it, and control it you will get the ride of your life. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure your minds are all in the gutter, but please note that a motorcycle gives you more miles! LOL! Joke: The husband gave his wife a gift - a tombstone, with the inscription: HERE LIES MY WIFE - COLD AS EVER. Later the furious wife bought a return present - also a tombstone, on which the inscription read : HERE LIES MY HUSBAND - STIFF AT LAST.
So, today I went through my list of friends on here and deleted most of the "whore me and whore this person" bulletin posters. I did this because most of the friends I have dont even so much as look at a bulletin that I post... Nor do they help me level up when I need it. I have been pretty much silent about it up until now and havent really said much. Somewhere along the way a person has to stand up and say something about it so, here I am. I have seen mean bulletins putting people on blast and things of the sort and im not really like that but it seems as though thats how you get to the top here. I dont demand things of people such as (add, rate and fan me) And I dont specify a certain order in which those things should be done. (Im not that frickin bossy) Most of my points I worked for through taking surveys and actually spending a resonable amount of time on peoples pages rating their pictures and commenting them. Most of the time (not all) I never even so much as get a than
When Is Pain Not Pain
" when is pain not pain " Often people outside the scene don't see the appeal in any of the things SM people do that look painful. What's enjoyable about being hit? Where's the fun in getting bruised? Well, think about this people. Have you ever had intense sex and afterwards noticed bite marks on your neck of which you had no memory of happening because you was to into the heat of the passion? What happened was your love partner bit you, HARD, hard enough that it bruised you, and all you felt was another jolt of pleasure. If they bit you that hard when you weren't having sex, you would scream "OUCH!!!" or something like that, because it would hurt a lot(well not to me. lol)! But when you are sexually aroused, your pain tolerance goes way up, and stimulation that you usually feel as pain is now actually pleasurable. This is common knowledge children. Another usual explanation is that the brain produces endorphins to compensate for pain. You actually get high off the sensatio
A Thought
We can not know all that lies ahead. we can not see what will come of all we do.there will be sadness to be sure,but happiness to. We trust in those that guide us and hope for life to give.the things we think we need to learn and love and live...Silverthorn.
Peace & Quiet Finally
I just feel like sitting here and writing for a few. I guess I'll just explain what is going on with me right now. I'm so happy. My boyfriend is getting his own place on Saturday and he wants me to come and be with him. Finally, we are going to have some peace and quiet to where we can devote our time to each other to see how things are going to work out. So, he's going to be busy with moving this weekend. My Best Friend Linda in Eugene asked me to come down and go to Cinco De Mayo with her, so I think I'm going to go. I haven't seen her for a few months and am looking forward to going and visiting with her. She has helped me through an awful lot of SHIT in my life, along with my Golden Best Friend Chris and my Sisters/Cousins that I currently live with. I am so ready to settle down--once again--and get my life back in order. I'm so happy to be up here with my family, and am glad to be here. I only work part-time right now and that is so exhausting for me. My job really
A Blonde Finally Wins
A Blonde Finally Wins A lawyer and a blonde are sitting next to each other on a long flight from LA to NY.The lawyer leans over to her and asks if she would like to play a fun game. The blonde just wants to take a nap, so she politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks. The lawyer persists and explains that the game is really easy and a lot of fun. He explains" I ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5, and vice-versa." Again, she politely declines and tries to get some sleep. The lawyer, now somewhat agitated, says, "Okay, if you don't know the answer you pay me $5, and if I don't know the answer, I will pay you $500!." Figuring that since she is a blonde that he will easily win the match. This catches the blonde's attention and, figuring that there will be no end to this torment unless she plays, agrees to the game. The lawyer asks the first question. "What's the distance from the earth to the moon?" The blonde doesn't say a wo
Be Warned ..i Will Delete And Block
Words Of A Madman...
Just a lil nugget from one of my favorite authors. This was written in 2001, but struck me as scarily accurate... "We are at war now, according to President Bush, and I take him at his word. He also says this war might last for "a very long time." Generals and military scholars will tell you that 8 or 10 years is actually not such a long time in the span of human history-which is no doubt true- but history also tells us that 10 years of martial law and a wartime economy are going to feel like a lifetime to people who are in their 20's today. The poor bastards of what will forever be known as Generation Z are doomed to be the first generation of Americans who will grow up with a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed. That is extremely heavy news, and it will take a while for it to sink in. The 22 babies born in NYC while the World Trade Ctr burned will never know what they missed. The last half of the 20th century will seem like a wild party for rich kids, compa
10 Husbands, Still a Virgin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands. On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin." "What?" said the puzzled groom. "How can that be if you've been married ten times?" "Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative; he kept telling me how great it was going to be. Husband #2 was in software services; he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me. Husband #3 was from field services; he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up. Husband #4 was in telemarketing; even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. Husband #5 was an engineer; he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art meth
Ok What Do You Think Is A Friend With Benefits
It seems that ppl cant figure out a friend with beenfits to a booty call well lets see what do you think let me know what your think is the difference i am very curious .. since the teens are using it often as a way to have sexual experince let me know what all the adults are doing with it as well .... if you read this give me a message .....
Hottest Male Bod Contest
Fire My Words "Hottest Male Bod Contest" Taking entries, please send me a private message with the link to the photo you wanna use. Please make sure the pic shows ur face, we all know the CT rules lol. Once I get 5 contestants, I will start the contest. Contest will run for a week, will let u know dates once I get enough contestants. Prizes are as follows 1st place: 7 day blast 2nd place: 3 day blast 3rd place: A Big Pimpin gift, will be decided at the end of the contest. Comment bombing is allowed. No harrassing or putting down other contestants. I will not tolerate any BS! In case of a tie, rates will be added to the total, to determine the winner! I have 5 contestants so far, more are welcome to join! To all contestants contest will start Friday May 4th 10 PM est and end on Friday May 11th 10 PM est.
Buh Bye! (but For Now)
dear cherries! i just wanted to let you all know tomorrow afternoon i'm going out for vacations mountains in the north of Argentina is the place where i'm going, and i'll take this vacations away from computers and technology (lets see if i can survive lol) i'll be back next thursday may 10 in the night please everyone take care, if you need help while i'm gone just check this link and ask any bouncer, they all will help! and... miss me till i'm back :) lots of hugs MolyMascot
My Earliest Memory In Life
I was 2 and had an aunt that was just 23 days older than me so we played together alot. We lived 2 houses down from my grandparents and my aunt. My uncle Jimbo came over to vist one day and we asked if we could play in his car. He let us in and I jumped in the drivers seat and my aunt in the passenger seat. Back in those days they had cars with the stick shift on the steering column and I was standing up turning the wheel and shifting the gear. About 2 minutes or so into playing like I was driving the car started to roll backwards. My aunt and I jumped out and tried to stop the car but it crashed right into the front of the neighbors car and tore it up. My parents and uncle came running out of the house and so did the neighbors. Mom checked to make sure we were okay and when she saw we were I got the ass whoopin of a lifetime lol. I remember waking up later in my bed and asking mommy if she was still mad at me. She was and I stayed in my bed the rest of that night. Need
Feeling Of Accomplishment
wow so i didnt think that by taking my problem to the higher ups at corporate would do anything, turns out i didnt lose my job, my district manager actually wants to promote me because of how professional i was while talking to him, basically if there is another incident with my so called manager she will be the one who loses her job, its funny because i was told that i have a lot of "balls" to do what i did, that kinda makes me feel good about what i did. i know feel like this is the first thing that i ever accomplished and stuck with, maybe my birthday wont be that bad!!!
Free For All Bomber Competition
OK.. I HAVE ENTERED THE FAMILY IN A BOMBER FAMILY COMPETITION... WE WILL HOPEFULLY BE BACKED BY SHADY, KMA, AND THE C,C,B, UAO, AND ELITE.. I HOPE!! WE WILL WIN THIS!! SO PLEASE.. ADD THE MAN.. AND GET READY TO GO TO WORK... IF YOU DONT HAVE A SALUTE..YOU CANNOT BOMB..IF YOU DONT ADD HIM YOU CANT BOMB... IF YOU CANT BOMB...WE CANT WIN!!! SO COME ON.. WE GET A 30 DAY BLAST AND A 7 DAY BLAST!! Jokers_Wild - Diary Of A Mad Trucker áĪ You Dont Have To Like Me But You Will Respect Meá@ CherryTAP THIS IS STR8 FROM THE CONTEST HOLDERS BLOG... The Contest Will Start at 7 PM Central on May 12th Thru May 19th 7 Pm Central The Bombfest Family List are as follows. 1. RAWR Family 2. ALLEGIANCE Group ( Confeds and Patriotics ) 3. TEXAS Bombers 4. GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMB SQUAD 5. BOMBSHELL&GRENADE LAUNCHERS POSSE Prizes Any family with a minimum of 2000 WILL Receive a 3 Day Blast for participating to promote Their Family, The Winning Family will Win a 30 Day Blast Inste
Only 1692 Pts Left!!
please help me level!! i reached my daily photo rating limit! Please help me level and then message me so i can return it to u as soon as i get my pic ratings back!! Thanks!!
A Note
A NOTE TO SELF, I don't know what else to do. I am filled with emotions that wants to break free. All raw and intense. I have not let go of everything that happened to me as a child and through the years past. I have tried my best to forgive those that had harmed me and little family. Most of all, the 1 person that really needs forgiving is ME. How can you forgive yourself of all the decision made and choices taken. How can you forgive yourself when you have a chance to help others and yet for some strange reason couldn't. I have given all that I have to my kids and relatives(that speaks to me). All that I ask in return is a thank you or help in return. I am constantly giving money out when I barely have any for my own little family. Is there a thing really called karma. I just kept wondering if there is one. If there is then I wonder what i have done to cause such heartache and trouble. Maybe what I should do is half of the opposite of who I am. Maybe I should not care as much
Insert Witty Remark Or Song Lyric
Taken from my myspace So things are.. well they just are. They are not good nor bad. They just are. They are nothing special, nothing exciting and nothing horrible. I am stuck in a place where nothing mattes, where there is no emoition. I have screwed up my life and currently I am really regreting. I know, I know you shoudl never have regrets but I do and I can't help it. Sometimes I feel like I have wasted the past 5.5 years of my life. Jumping in and out of relationships being with one person after another. Trying to find someone to love me when I never really loved myself. I have no idea where I belong or what I am doing here. When it comes to Jay.. .well, I don't know anymore. Things are not as bad as they use to be but they are not as good as they could be either. We are comfortable and that more than anything just bothers me. I don't know where things are headed for us or even where he wants them to go. I would hate to have to say "Yes I fucked up again, I wasted 3 years o
If You Got A Sexy Pic That You Wouldnt Mind Sharing With Me Send Please
send me any sexy pic that youd like to and then i'll give you a favor in return thank you chris
Im In Wildcat's Contest :) W00t
Broke N Depressed
my church is having this family camp retreat this weekend, and i really really want to go. problem is i need about $100 to pay for it and i don't have it. oh well, guess i'll be spending the weekend with you folks. xoxo (in a very half-ass depressed way) angela
How To Show A Girl You Love Her
Did you no that every night b4 u go to sleep there is 1 person of the opposite sex thinking of you. they want 2 kiss u, they want 2 b with u, they r always thinking about u, this is all true and not fake. if u repost this in 5 min the person that is longing to b with u will approach u within 1 month and ask u out or grab you and kiss u. but if u break this chain no 1 will like u or ask u out again for 5 years........ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- advice.... WHEN SHE ACTS SHY -SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN SHE RUN AWAY FROM YOU - CHASE HER WHEN SHE PUTS HER FACE NEAR YOURS - KISS HER WHEN SHE KICKS & PUNCHES - HOLD HER TIGHT WHEN SHE IS SILENT - SHE'S THINKIN OF HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN SHE IGNORES YOU - SHE WANTS ALL YOUR ATTENTION! WHEN SHE PULLS AWAY - GRAB HER BY THE WAIST AND NEVER LET GO WHEN YOU SEE HER AT HER WORST - TELL HER SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!* WHEN SHE SCREAMS AT YOU - TELL HER YOU LOVE
Autumnal Flame
In days now past there lies a man much different from I but known as the same much happier then, than as I remain As year's wheel spins Autumnal flame. A flickering flame cast umber still with haunted thoughts my mind doth fill with dead angels voice she whispers my name adrift on the heat of Autumnal flame. As darkness surrounds cascading light and visitors peek from veil of night their presence reminds of forsaken grace. Absent her touch and gossamer face. Thus year's wheel spins and builds the blame but cannot extinguish Autumnal flame. Cannot cease this racing of thought Cannot determine what was for naught. At once two worlds seem bitter and blurred A creation at best of truths half heard. A sickening sense of doubt and shame eclipsing the light of Autumnal flame. And so still I lie now as then different though sans hope nor yen Feeling each shadow's bleekened call rustle and scratch from behind each wall. Dif
Listen Up,, Please.
I have taken down my guest book once again am not gonna put another back up unless I find one in which will work fer this page as my other one did,, anyways if anyone has some wheres I'm able to use lemme know? Thanks 4 Your Time!
Please Help
Ok so i entered this contest and i need ur help to win can u pls go to this link and comment my picture id appreciate it much
Please Help
W00T! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! Yeah, I'm old.... I bought my tickets last night, heading to Germany for two days then to Denver for two weeks! Wooo Hooo! Shotgun Willies here I come! hahahahaha Actually I'll need to move my stuff into storage and turn the house over to the realtor to rent out for me, hopefully sell my truck and go fishing a bit. The family wants me to squeeze in a trip to see them and I'd like to but we shall have to see about that. So work is work, the usual chaos and mayham doesn't affect me as much now. What do I care? I know I'm going to go nuts as soon as I get close to civilization. I don't know if I'll be able to go to sleep without .50 cals going off or helo's flying over me and not being surrounded by troops with guns? Man, might be to much to handle. I was sitting in my hut thinking about it this morning as I was waiting for sleep to come and get me. Here I am, laying on an old ratty mattress, in about a 7*7 room, helo's flying
Just One Of Those Things... That Us Girls Go Through......
Just been singing this old Joe Diffy song in my head allllll day... so I figured that if I typed it and shared with everyone else...that it might go away... Im just having one of "those days"... and I really need to get this one out of my head... "Dim the lights, lock the door... spread your pictures on the floor... throw the dust off of our past, let it all come floodin' back... it ain't easy bein' strong.. and when I can't forget you're gone... I just surrender... and have myself a night to remember..." Sometimes a girl just needs an old sappy crying song... lol.. this is one to live by.................. :(
One Voice Makes A Difference
My charity, and I am so proud of this letter: President Signs Animal Fighting Bill Into Law Dear Michelle, I wanted to be the first to share with you some fantastic news. Today President Bush signed the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act into law. This is the culmination of an almost six-year campaign by The Humane Society of the United States and our allies to enact meaningful federal penalties for animal fighting. The law takes effect immediately. It provides felony penalties for interstate commerce, import and export related to animal fighting activities, including commerce in cockfighting weapons. It will make it much harder for criminals who engage in dogfighting and cockfighting to continue their operations. Each violation of the federal law may bring up to three years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine for perpetrators. We are fortunate to have had steadfast Congressional leadership on this issue. But this campaign would not have been a success without y
George Carlin's New Rules For 2007!!
GEORGE CARLIN'S NEW RULES FOR 2007: > > New Rule: Stop giving me that pop-up ad for! >There's a reason you don't talk to people for 25 years. Because you don't >particularly like them! Besides, I already know what the captain of the >football team is doing these days -- mowing my lawn. > >New Rule: Don't eat anything that's served to you out a window unless >you're a seagull. People are acting all shocked that a human finger was >found >in a bowl of Wendy's chili. Hey, it cost less than a dollar. What did you >expect >it to contain? Lobster? > > New Rule: Stop saying that teenage boys who have sex with their hot, >blonde >teachers are permanently damaged. I have a better description for these >kids: >'Lucky bastards.' > > New Rule: If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, >you're >a dope. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. >If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men. > > New Rule: Ladies, leave your
Part 6
NB: There is a minor continuity error between this and the previous installment, due to me reworking the plot. Archie shook his head in amazement as Mumbles took the dead thug out of the room, the shattered remains of his skull leaving a trail on the floor. ďIíve never seen anything like that. You actually were able to bypass his cortex bomb and get the info we needed.Ē ďĒNo,Ē Gustav held his hand up to correct Archie. ďAs you can see, the cortex bomb still exploded when he betrayed his superior. I simply tricked his brain into thinking he was being loyal. The brain eventually caught up, andÖĒ Gustav trailed off, motioning toward the trail of gore. ďbut, long enough that we now know the time and place of the shipment.Ē Archie grinned. ďThat we do, Doc.Ē Archie sub-vocalized over the implant transmitter in his jaw. ďHot Rod is bringing the car around. Rags and Saber are gearing up. Shall we go get us some other peoples money?Ē
Hello There
Hi I'm Jane, I'm from England i have 2 kids and 1 step son. ummm very new to this and will do more blogs soon.
4 May 07 - Friday
4 May 07 - Friday 1914 Abdel Karim Kassem general/premier/dictator of Iraq (1958-63) 1928 Maynard Ferguson Verdun Quťbec Canada, jazz trumpeter (Birdland, Roulette) 1929 Audrey Hepburn [Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston] Brussels Belgium (Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady) 1942 Ronnie Bond drummer (Troggs-Wild Thing) 1944 Ronnie Bond drummer (Troggs-Wild Thing) 1945 George Wadenius rocker (Blood, Sweat & Tears) 1959 Randy Travis [Randy Bruce Traywick] Marshville NC, country singer (Forever and Ever Amen, Diggin' Up Bones) 1626 Indians sell Manhattan Island for $24 in cloth & buttons 1715 French manufacturer debuts 1st folding umbrella (Paris France) 1776 Rhode Island declares independence from England 1846 US state of Michigan ends death penalty 1862 Battle at Williamsburg VA 1864 Ulysses S Grant crosses Rapidan & begins his duel with Robert E Lee 1878 Phonograph shown for 1st time at Grand Opera House 1891 Sherlock Holmes "dies" at Reichenb
Practise Your Bombing Skills
Well let's practise guy's.eye's to your soul has joined the family and her contest end's the day the bombfest start's.Perfect time for us all to practise our bombing so let's git-r-done...I'll be watching.
U Neva
why do we have to have so much hatred in the world today? we should neva judge a book by it's cover until we can surely get to know whats inside, i know i have been guilty of leaving on bad terms with someone not knowing if it will be the last time that we will see and talk to one another and thats what we all should think about life is too short to pass judgement and to be cruel so lets cherish what we have today for tommorow may neva come~~~~~~
Halloween At The College
Chapter 5 Halloween at the College Hobbling around the school on crutches had its advantages, so even though I could get around without them, I used them during the [day?]. One, it got the old sympathy ploy from the girls, everyone wanting to sign the cast. Also, it got me out of classes five minutes early, so I wouldnít get caught in the crunch. Phil and I had been seeing progressively less of Kent. He had acquired a taste for Quaaludes and had given up about all else. I had tried one at his urging, eating it on the bus. I had laid down in first period study hall and, when I stood up to change to the other side of the room for second period, I stumbled and took out an entire row of desks. I stared at them dumbly for a minute, then I shuffled to the other side of the room, feeling like I had drank an entire case of beer. That was the last time I did Ďludes. I figured if I wanted to get drunk, liquor tasted a lot better. So it was that Phil and I spent Halloween witho
A True Story-why We Get Sick!
This is my second blog in the area of health..with so many people sick today and coming down with illnesses, at least to me, I feel its very important to talk about. So I am going to relate to you a true story about someone extremely close to me-my fiance Kelly (sexygurl wants sexygurl here on CT) In 2003 she ended up in the hospital with what was diagnosed as Chronic Pancreatitis and Diabetes! Anyone that knows her knows that she is 4'9 and 80 lbs. Shes very tiny! So this occured when she was 24. She ended up in ICU and she was in the hospital 4 approximately 3 and a half weeks. She was comatized, had a mini heart attack and had Pneomonia a case so bad that the doctors only seen this in a 90 yr old in the past. She was given 2 hours or less to live and I was told by her Dr..Dr McGinnley, that they had done all that they could do to save her! So they basically were leaving her to die. All they did while she was there was try to treat the symptoms, they never tried to find the cause.
Family Members Pick Your Wolf
Chp 9
The next morning greeted them in a forbidding mood. Dark clouds brewed in the west and a stiff breeze was bringing them in the direction of the brothers. Bryan scowled at the clouds. ďIt seems Odin has sent his son Thor to give us a good wetting before we make it home.Ē ďBe that so, even Thorís thunderbolts wonít keep me from home.Ē ďAll and well, we had best get moving, else we may have Thorís own bolts to face. I put us ten leagues from the Dane March, so we have a few hours ride ahead. Weíd best go slow while we can. We may need all our horsesí speed before this ride is over.Ē ďIím wroth to run from a good fight, but if all weíve heard it true, the odds we face are not in our favor. Letís be off; the storm approaches fast.Ē The clouds boiled in the west, as they spurred their horses along at a firm trot. While they ate the miles at a steady pace, the clouds moved in even faster. After three hours on the trail, the sky was black and roiling and lightening crack
What Do I Do?
I don't know what to do about my current situation. My boyfriend is avoinding me for some reason and I don't know why. One day he was fine, the next, he didn't want to be near me. I can't help but feel like it was something I did, and I can't figure it out. He's always sad, and I feel helpless. I know I shouldn't worry about him, but I can't help it. He's my boyfriend, and I love him with all my heart. I don't know what to do.
...hittin The Gravity
Proudly Announcing Soulz Ct Hall Of Famers
♥PURE KNIGHT♥ -cuz he keeps us clothed with kick ass designs and if you don't own one of his shirts you should get one- GO SHOW HIM SOME LOVE ♥Die$el♥ -cuz he's tha shit! and got lots of awesome work- GO SHOW HIM SOME LOVE ♥bbG♥ -cuz she's a sweetheart and puts alot of time and effort into making CT more fun- GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE ♥HELLCAT♥ -cuz without her how would we know wtf's going on with contests n' stuff- GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE ♥BRENDA♥ -cuz she lends her mouse clickin' finger to help each of you get tha word out about things- GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE ♥VICKY♥ -cuz she is a proud mother of a child with autism and keeps us all aware of it- GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE ♥REBEL BITCH♥ -cuz she is always there to give a helping hand when she's needed and she's very much loved by many- GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE
All I Want......
All I want All I need Is for someone To be loved by me All I want All I desire Is for someone to hold And set my heart on fire All I want All I have Is to give my trust and someone to take my hand All I want All I need Is for someone To be loved by me All I want All I give Is all my faith And a reason to live All I want All I hope Is to fight the sadness and someone help me cope All I want All I need Is for someone To be loved by me
A Tear
Black salted tear, of widows heartbreak, the rainbow patination of a thousand regrets, sleepless nights, of heavy dreaming, of yesterday, of everything, before the cold reality of tomorrow dawns, and through it all she was tired and weary, and dreamed of sleeping, for a million years...
The Missing Kiss
...and I kissed her softly on the lips, sweet, gentle kiss, deep and passionate kiss, eyes closed wide, or at least I would have, if she hadn't left five minutes before, leaving me alone, to stare at empty walls, and ponder on the price of a moments hesitation...
Cooking With Heather
So, I'm lame and I do this thing called "Cooking with Heather". I have some pretty interesting pictures of things I've cooked in the past. I get really creative. Tonight I'm making.. Mexican queso and salse with torilla strips. Jumbo pasta stuffed with mexican angus beef, monteray and sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives. Chicken fajita stacks which are corn tostadas layered with fajita chicken strips, refried beans, cheese and salsa. Finishing off with a homemade banana cream pie shake! I love cooking a lot - sometimes. Haha. Xoxo, Miss Classy Cunt
Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, I'd have to rank it somewhere in the top five, for sure, and I have so many happy memories of fall time. I remember when I was young, we had a couple of huge trees in our back yard, and every autumn my dad would be out there with his rake, raking all the leaves into a huge pile, and then I'd come running out of nowhere, and jump into the pile and go "Woo! Woo! Woo!" & then he'd pull me out, and brush the flames off...
This Proves Your A 2 Faced Liar
Boy Did I Smile...
Boy did I smile when I heard her exclaim "Wow, I've never seen one that big before", although I wasn't quite so happy when I saw she was looking at my Azalea in the corner of the room...
Men Of War
You stay up for 16 hours partying They stay up for days on end, dying You take a warm shower to help wake up They go for days on end without running water You complain of a 'headache', and call in sick They get shot, or schrapnelled, and keep fighting You put on your 'anti-war' shirt, and march with your friends They fight and die to defend your right to wear that shirt, and assemble You make sure your cell phone is charged, and in your pocket They pray their radio doesn't get blown to hell You talk trash about your buddies that aren't with you They pray for their buddies in body bags You walk down the street, watching the pretties go by. They patrol the streets, searching for their next worst enemy You complain about how hot it is without air conditioning. They wear chemical suits that don't breath, protective masks, and continue the mission You go out to lunch, and complain because the order is wrong They go without eating till the shooting stops Your maid washes yo
Your Fav Kama Sutra Posistion
Karma Sutra PositionYour Karma Sutra Position isThe SwanShe sits upright upon him, her head thrown back like a rearing mare, bringing her feet together on the bed to one side of his bodyGet Your Karma Sutra Position at
I Think The Babysitter
I think the babysitter works as a cook at the local police station, because she brought handcuffs and whipped cream with her tonite...
Japanese Bososoku Parade Lap [warning: Laughter-induced Weeping May Occur]
The event is a Bososoku parade, and the goal is to break laws and piss off "The Man" in Japan. This has got to be the craziest, most hilarious video we've seen in a long time. It has all the elements of a Godzilla flick: crazy-looking monsters, lots of noises that sound like alien creatures (at one point we thought we heard dueling light sabers), and a lot of very excited people. The common theme of many of the cars on display in this video is a highly-pronounced exhaust fetish. Some of the pipes coming out of these mods are up to 10 feet long, none of them look very practical, and the car in the image above isn't even the craziest in the battle for big-pipe supremacy. There's also a character in there whose foreground dancing for much of the six-odd minutes of video makes for a second, very entertaining side-show. We can't hear the tunes he's cutting a rug to, though -- just the tinny whine of blown engines with displacements under two liters. Sometimes, Japanese and Western cul
How Pure Are You
Congratulations, according to our experts, you are : 7% PureTake the Purity Test at
Lolath Laughin Out Loud At These Hoes
Hey to all the girls on cherrytap. I'm makin it official. I'm not tryin to talk to anyone on here. You'll are all friends. I don't even want to talk to you, if you goin to act like a dumb ass bitch. Excuse my language cause i don't usually call girls names, but some just are. If you think you crazy and tend to be a bitch then don't holla at me. I'm sure i can live without you. I was livin before i even knew who you were. Now for all girls that show me love and are friends this is not intended for you. If you are new please read and take hold of these words, cause really i don't need you. I can talk to people in real life just as easily as this site. I have tons of friends. I'm only on here to make friends cause i didn't like myspace. Now everyone know that you are equal and i'm not really tryin to talk to no one. My education is more important than any girl could ever be. So if you have a problem with anything that i just typed, then kill yourself i'm sorry : )
My 2nd Contest
i dont trust anything...or anyone sometimes....i think all this is a joke to see i want to find something new..someone new and this place builds your hopes and crushes them because no one is themselves on here,...very few are and i know who you do too so dont fret....but i am not happy with the way things are change my opinion?...i doubt it but you can try...either way ill be here none the less huh?....stupid shit...ssdd.... later
My Angels Last Note
I layed in a comma, damn near 20 day, all that you did, ripped my heart away, not knowin or care, dead 2 you all, like I was never there, I trusted , believed, you would still be there, with everything in me I loved you and cared I've read all the bullshit, only 31 days, now it's it's in the open , out here it lays, you said I was fake, uncareing, untrue, not one day in my life I was not there for you, whenever you needed me, a friend I was there, I gave it my all 2 show you I care, my photo's are real, my soul remains true, I love you my friends, the one lost, IS YOU .....
Two Quick Recepies...
COLESLAW in 36 steps! 1. Chop cabbage into large bowl. 2. Look for green peppers. 3. Drive to store. 4. Choose green peppers. 5. Carry them to cashier. 6. Drive home. 7. Find wallet. 8. Drive to store. 9. Buy green peppers. 10. Drive home. 11. Chop green peppers into bowl. 12. Look for mayonnaise. 13. Drive to store. 14. Buy mayonnaise. 15. Drive home. 16. Mix mayonnaise into bowl. 17. Look for raisins. 18. Drive to store. 19. Buy stupid raisins. 20. Ignore stupid cashier's snickering. 21. Drive home. 22. Mix raisins into bowl. 23. Look for miserable lousy stupid carrots. 24. Drive to stupid lousy store. 25. Buy miserable stupid lousy carrots. 26. Call stupid miserable snickering cashier a Nazi. 27. Crawl to car. 28. Drive home. 29. Chop stupid damned miserable lousy carrots into damned stupid lousy miserable bowl. 30. Look for finger. 31. Look harder for finger. 32. Look everywhere for finger. 33. See cat scurrying away. 34. Follow cat into new neig
A Little Over 2200 Pts Left Before I Level!!
Please help me! Comment and rate my pics and stashes!! Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
What To Do For A Bee Sting (it Works)
A couple of weeks ago, I was unfortunate enough to get stung by both a bee and hornet while working in the garden. My arm swelled up, so off to the doctor I went. The clinic gave me cream and an antihistamine. The next day the swelling was getting progressively worse, so off to my regular doctor I went. Infected arm was the diagnosis -- I needed an antibiotic. What was interesting is what the Dr. told me. The next time you get stung, put a PENNY on the bite for 15 minutes. I thought, "Wow! Next time (if there ever is one), I will try it." Well, that night my niece's daughter was stung by two bees. When she came over to swim, I looked at the bite; and it had already started to swell. So off I went to get my money. I taped a penny to her arm for 15 minutes. The next morning, there was no sign of a bite. Wow -- were we surprised. Her daughter, we decided, just wasn't allergic to the sting. Well -- guess what happened again on Saturday night. I was helping my niece deadhead h
Cool Headed.
well I kept my cool today and smiled at Satan's sorry attempts to piss me off,lol. If I can be of help to you,feel free to visit,I am alway's here for my friends.
Are You Bisexual
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Sex Act Quiz..
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If I Died Tomorrow
If I died tomorrow, you would never ever get a chance to see me ever again. [be honest] 01. What are 5 things you would want me to know before I died? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 02. What would 5 questions be that you have been wanting to ask me? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 03. If I died, would you come to my funeral? 04. If I died, would it affect you? 05. If I died, would you forget me eventually? 06. If I died, what would be going through your head? 07. If I died, would you tell me you loved me before I died? 08. Would you mean it? 09. If I died, would you regret anything you said to me? 10. If I died, would you regret anything you said about me? 11. If I died, would you be wishing you told me something that you haven't already told me? 12. If I died, what would be your last memory of me? 13. If I died, what would you remember me by? 14. If I died tomorrow, I would want to know your true feelings about me. What are your comple
& Still We Search
We all search for that perfect person to implement our lives although some times we fall short. Whether it be that we meet the wrong person or we are afraid to let anyone close to us, We struggle to find that peace and love we are looking for. It is a constant search that carries us on instead of ending a life that may be so beautiful to someone you have not met yet. What we need to realize is that there is someone out there for each of us: someone who understands us and loves us for who we are. Someone who sees past our faults and looks into our souls and our hearts. Is it worth waiting for that person? Is it worth settling for someone who is not what we really believe is our soul mate? No for love is precious and all there. It can not be replaced by sexual desires or words without true meaning. It can only be felt with a true inner being that reaches into your very soul and captures your very existence. May you find the love that shows you no fear: a love that shows you tr
How Good Are You In Bed?
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The Continuing Circle...
It's as though through our walk through the path that is laid out for use of course we know we will always have obstacles...past,future & present ones. If we all learn from those lessons laid in front of us and see them for what they really are..our strength shall become over powering and therefor we will find understanding as to 'why'.You learn...then you love..could be the making of a solid foundation...
Porn Star Quiz How Many Do U Know?
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I Leave Wensday 4 Florida!
I will miss all of u! I will take lots of pics! My Retta will post them 4 me! I will talk to Retta every day! I hope u all miss me as much as I will miss U! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from 'two', I LOVE U!
Doctor Notes From Birminghan In March
My Gf Fav Sex Toy
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Which Sex Toy Is Right For You
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How Much Have You Changed In 4 Years?
4 Years Ago ------- 1.) How old were you? 39 2.) Where did you go to school? Out of school 3) Where did you work? Regis Salon Inc. 4.) Where did you live? Bluffton 5.) Where did you hang out? My apartment 6.) Did you wear glasses? no 7.) Who was your best friend/s? don't think I had any here 8.) How many tattoos did you have? 3 9.) How many piercings did you have? o 10.) What car did you drive? 97 ford pick up truck 11.) Had you been to a real party? nope 12.) Had You had your heart broken? yes 13.) Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? single -------------2 years ago----------- 1.) How old were you? 41 2.) Where did you go to school? Out of school 3.) Where did you work? Same as above 4.) Where did you live? Bluffton 5.) Where did you hang out? my apartment 6.) Did you wear glasses?no 7.) Who were your best friends? none 8.) Who was your crush? no one 9.) How many tattoos did you have? 3 10.) How many piercings did you h
Windows has changed so much since 1995 from Windows1 Dos version to Windows Vista. Who Likes the way Microsoft is headed?? and Why I would love to hear all your comments and some input on the situation
Happy Mother's Day
To all my Family ~~ Friends ~~ Fans I want to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day and may your day be filled with lots of love, joy and happiness! Hugs and kisses to you all Jacque~~his#1girl Girly glitter comments from Girly glitter comments from
YOU'VE BEEN FUCKED BADLY!!! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this t
Happy Mothers Day
Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! 8.FUCK THE NIGHT AWAY.. 9.DO IT AGAIN IN THE MORINNG This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C
Re: Nobody Likes Me Here
wth is going on...I get no contact from this joint...what is the point of cherrytap?????if nobody wants to get to know me????
She Rocks
Music Video Codes By Music
My Shoulder And Arm
have been sore since last night. I think I pulled a muscle. It hurts like a motherfucker. Cheer me up.
Today, the first Thursday of May, is the National Day of Prayer in the United States. (Those of you not living in the U.S.A., please feel free to participate as well!) Our theme this year is "America, Unite in Prayer", and I figure you can encompass all North and South America into that alone! Today was my day off work (it's different every week), so I brought Sarah with me to our county courthouse which sits catty-corner from Bethany Lutheran. Martha would have come with us except for having to go through afternoon orientation for her new day care job which she starts Monday. Why do we pray; doesn't God know what we need already? Of course He does, but there are times we ourselves don't know, and when we take the time to focus on Him, praying just for what we want (note I left that out of my opening sentence) can fall to the wayside. Make no mistake, God is listening to us. In last Friday's blog I referred to taking God's name in vain as meaning not only to not curse using Hi
I Never Knew
I Never Knew It was a cold day in December I remember it so well You captured me whole being And you left me in a spell You warmed my heart with passion desiring all of you You left me cold in the summer I wish that I had only knew but I Chorus: I never knew that you would be the one to come along and snatch my heart and run Away from me with no explanation why I never knew what we had would die All I wanna do is hide away From all the hurt and pain of yesterday Canít you see the tears, the hurt inside I never knew, please tell me why All those nights you left me lonely Keeping company with my fears That one day youíd leave me lonely And thatís exactly what you did I thought that I was your baby the darkest night for you Iíd bear Now that I need you here with me I call your name and your not there You left me standing so empty-handed Out in the cold How was I to know That my love didnít matter And my world was shattered Cause you left me here
A Lil Something
so this is my first blog on'a myspace gal really ..a friend turned me on to this site ...if you'd like to know more about me ..check out my'll find out everything you need to know there..just wanted to write a lil something to not be absolutly anti social ..
Medieval Fare
Oh well... only a week unto our first medieval fare.. well.. it isnt my first, but it IS the first i am hosting... and GOD are there many things to make sure is in order... toilets, wood for the campfire, water, insurance, guest, promotions, food, beer etc... i am SO lokking forward to get it over...
We Can't Be Friends
We Can't Be Friends R.L SINGS... To just act like we never were To come around and not show hurt How dare we greet by shaking hands Just months ago I was your man Verbally weíd agreed it was over and we were through Iím trying to compose myself but I just canít get over you cause Chorus: We canít be friends, we canít be friends We canít friends cause Iím still in love with you DEBORAH SINGS... I went by Mothers, saw your car there To her you still family and it donít seem fair For everyone to just go on Iíve tried and I canít do it Cause Iím still torn Iíve tried to think of you as just another love In my past that didnít last but itís not that simple Chorus Bridge: You may see me staring or catch me in a daze May see me hang my head when you come my way Donít get too close to me and expect me to behave I might just steal a kiss if you come near my face, what Iím trying to say Chorus adlibs: We canít be friends Can you look me in the ey
We Can't Be Friends
We Can't Be Friends R.L SINGS... To just act like we never were To come around and not show hurt How dare we greet by shaking hands Just months ago I was your man Verbally weíd agreed it was over and we were through Iím trying to compose myself but I just canít get over you cause Chorus: We canít be friends, we canít be friends We canít friends cause Iím still in love with you DEBORAH SINGS... I went by Mothers, saw your car there To her you still family and it donít seem fair For everyone to just go on Iíve tried and I canít do it Cause Iím still torn Iíve tried to think of you as just another love In my past that didnít last but itís not that simple Chorus Bridge: You may see me staring or catch me in a daze May see me hang my head when you come my way Donít get too close to me and expect me to behave I might just steal a kiss if you come near my face, what Iím trying to say Chorus adlibs: We canít be friends Can you look me in the ey
I Really Need Help...
To Love. This is probably my BIGGEST FLAW somehow I get it all wrong! This song you are listening to now explains how I feel damn near to the " T " Thanks for any and all suggestions and guidance!!
Whoever You Are...
From A Friend
i know a man with chestnut hair....eyes to transfix you in a hyptnotic stare...if eyes indeed are the windows to your soul...when you eyes meet his your heart will be i write this poem to pay my respects just to let you know...the beauty your eyes think of this as the smallest of a tokens..just to let you know of your beauty Brock ..from smurf
I finally got a better vehicle than my 1990 oldsmobile. I got a 2000 Blazer LS. I LOVE IT! Its got heat which my car didn't. I practically froze my @$$ off during the winter. Drivin down the freeway scraping off the frost from the INSIDE of the windows is "real" fun. I just didn't want that thing to die on me when I really needed it. Plus the blazer has 4WD so I can make it to work on time during the winter when I had to call in cuz I couldn't get out of the driveway. I'M SOOOO HAPPY!
My run was good despite the rain. as i enter the house i call your name. no answer as i walk through the house heading for the bathroom. i glance at the clock and realize you would have left for work by now. i shed my wet cloths as i walk leaving them on the floor throughout the house. down to my bra and panties i open the bathroom door anticipating a long, hot shower to warm me. i am surprised to find the room filled with steam and to hear the shower running. "are you..." my question is cut off by a soft, silk scarf being tied around my head, blindfolding me. i am startled and raise my hands to pull it away when you capture my hands in yours. i feel your lips against my ear as you whisper " was the run??" followed by your tongue softly probing my ear. i shiver and my nipples harden immediatly..rubbing against my bra. i hear your deep chuckle as your fingers slip inside the material, tracing, pulling making them harder still. with one motion you pull the bra over my head.
Thereís Not A Soul Left In The Bar To Tell My Troubles To
I could try to find a bottle or try to find a priest Salvation wonít be traveling either road I take
It's Over Now
It's Over Now Tryiní to forget about Ordinary things, typical predictable Baby I knew the end before we started Youíve got me feeling like I owe you somethiní Cause you were there in times when I had nothiní but you threw it all away with the shady things you do Baby please forgive me for what Iím Ďbout to say and what Iím Ďbout to do I canít take no more I know you ainít been true Ainít got no love for you Chorus: Youíve been cheatiní and telliní me lies Youíve been creepiní while Iím sleepin at night and youíve been chasiní every girl in sight Youíve been messiní round and I ainít down Itís over now I ignore my intuition and pass it off as a suspicion But you were just too bold You kept puttiní it in my face I canít deny I let you hurt me Baby please forgive me for what Iím Ďbout to say and what Iím Ďbout to do I canít take no more I know you ainít been true Ainít got no love for you Chorus Bridge When you were down I helped to pic
Magic Is All Around You!
Strong Woman.
You know....I've never done this before...but hey...we are a virgins one time or another. LOL I really want to say thanks to my CT friends for their support during all of this crap!! I really appreciate it. Cuts and bruises fade...but friendships stick around. He won't be coming back to the house!! The kids and I will be just fine. Thanks again!
What We Were
this day was coming, the outcome inevitable. sadly i am only surprised that it has taken so long. i have reconciled myself to this decision, the reality however still hurts. i can say honestly that i tried, there are just some things that are not meant to be. and we were not.
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Our Troops
I'll make this short and sweet, I passed a couple of our troops that were here in the NYC area on leave. When I passed them I heard a group of ignorant teenagers start calling them baby killers and rapists. Now obviously this just pissed me off to hell and back. If it was me I would have beat the crap out of them but I stood and watched to see how our troops would handle it. First and foremost I have to say that they really kept their cool (and yes I was more than just a little impressed by this) Thy then asked this group of kids why on earth would they call them that, the kids just kept silent (probably having thought that they would be ignored) and not a little surprised. I honestly don't think that they new how to respond. Now let me tell you, each one of these guys had their decorations and what not. They were all paratroopers, so you know that they were aggressive when the situation called for it. But when it did not they weren't. They showed amazing restraint in my opinion (b
Soo...i figured I write a blog on here...since theres nothing else to do!!!... If there are any people on here from Muncie or close by def. hit me sometime! I wanna find some new people to go out with on the weekends...and if you dont drink or party..then dont bother..k? Well its about 6pm...and im waiting on my daughter to wake up so we can go on a walk before it gets too dark...then later tonight me and my man are gonna just chill and drink to ourselves since we never get a chance to do that anymore!...oughtta be NICE... sure i'll be writing more blogs since its my favorite thing in the world to do...even if what I write is extremely pointless and stupid...just dont hate on me...well you can if you want...i could care less! haha Dueces! Brandi
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September We started off as the best of friends No intention of falling in love again He held me, there in my time of need My heart was set free What a sweet memory Chorus: The day I fell in love It was so beautiful His hands, his tender touch I remember the day in September when we fell in love It was an unexpeceted night The sun was somewhere but out of sight So familiar, yet unexplored and new we surrendered to our love in bloom Chorus Bridge: When we fell in love I couldnít believe it was love the passion we felt between us the warmth of your touch ĎTwas a night to remember on the day we fell in love in September
If I Was Rude, You Earned It!!!
Prom 2007
I Can Not Promise
♥ I cannot promise you a life of sunshine I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold I cannot promise you an easy pathway That leads away from change or growing old But I can promise all my heart's devotion A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow A love that's ever true and ever growing A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow ♥
How Did You Get Here?
How did you get here? Nobody's supposed to be here I've tried that love thing for the last time My heart says no, no! Nobody's supposed to be here But you came along and changed my mind I've spent all my life, on a search to find The love who'll stay for eternity The heaven sent to fulfill my needs But when I turn around Again, love has knocked me down My heart got broken, oh it hurt so bad I'm sad to say, love wins again So I placed my heart under lock and key To take some time, and take care of me But I turn around and you're standing here (Chorus) This time I swear I'm through But if only you knew How many times I've said those words Then fall again, when will I ever learn Knowing these tears I cry This lovely black butterfly Must take a chance, and spread my wings Love can make you do some crazy things So I placed my heart under lock and key To take some time, and take care of me But I turn around and you're standing h
Another Chance To Watch...
If you missed the live broadcast on Sunday, you can still catch it tonight at: 8:30 PM PST Click Here To Watch!!! It starts at 8:30 PM... if you see me once continue watching because I will be singing before AND after the Competition! You can also use the chat room to request me again! Thanks for your support! Also, if you see me there, leave me a comment and I will reply tomorrow... ;) Take care and May all your dreams and wishes come true!!! ~Sarah Marie Klee
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Awesome Video
He Lives!Add to My Profile | More Videos
George Carlin Live Tomorrow!
as you can tell with all the blogs ive posted regarding this show I CANT FUCKING WAIT! i finally get to see the funniest comic and MY idol live! if u ask me more people should look up to george carlin if u listen to his material ull know he really knows what the hell hes talking about, hes a great role modle for kids, better then any of these athlets and or rappers and pop stars! anyways im excited i cant wait!
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I'm Free
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*IN LOVING MEMORY OF*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*GARY LEE HOOKER*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ November 16, 1951 - April 19, 2007 I'M FREE Don't Grieve for me, for now I'm free; I'm following the path God laid for me. I took his hand when I heard him call, I turned away and left it all. I could not stay another day, To laugh, to love, to work, or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found that place at the close of day. If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss; Ah yes, these things, I too will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, I savored much, Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all to brief; Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, he set me free.
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We Are Joining The Bombfest.
OK guy's,hitman wants to see if we can be the family he is hoping for.We have joined a private contest being held by Joker's Wild for bombing families only.ONLY family member's with verified salute's are eligible to bomb,so if you do not have one...get one.All member's with verified salute's must go to Joker's wild,rate/fan/friend request,only his friends can bomb and he will not add you without a verified salute.This pit's family against family,no friends can help a family as the contest is private.Opens May 13,so if you do not have a verified salute,get one.C-mon guy's let's git-r-done.
Boy In Need
View Jayden Summerfield's webpageand learn about his tragic accident This Boy needs all of Our help If you are Pegan/Wiccan then join with me and send him the healing he needs, if you are not and you religion is diffrent then prey for him if you will. the link above will give you more info on this young man that I talk of and he id a local boy here. thank you Bless be
To View My Nsfw Pics
I decided to change my NSFW album to family only, because new friends would come in and only rate those pics and never look at any of my other ones. If you want want to see this album you're gonna have to rate my other pics first and then PM me and let me know and I'll add you to my family.
My Son Is Having A Great Week.
My son is having a great week. To start out, he had TWO dates to prom. And since he doesn't have a job, he didnt pay for any of it, so that started it off pretty good. Tuesday, he had his Thespian banquet. These are pretty boring, but there is a pot luck dinner beforehand, and the food is awesome, so I like to go. The cheese ravs were incredible, totally made it worth it. We get to the part of the banquet where awards and inductions are being done. Dem got inducted into the Thespian club, so that was exciting in itself. They then started handing out awards. I didn't think that he would win forbest supporting male for the spring play. His role was small, and he made thelead actor laugh in one scene. But I did think he had a chance to win for best supporting male from the fall play. His role was juicy, and he did steal a few scenes. When they announced the winner, my wife and I turned to each other and said he was robbed. So when the award for Best Male Lead for the fall
Happy Thursday! Better Late Than Never, Lol!
A very late Daily Greeting today! Happy Thursday, everyone! Countdown to the weekend has begun, thank the Goddess! So far, it appears I have a very quiet weekend on tap. Better not say that too loud, lol! Taylor is blasting his music - don't really mind, except when I'm trying to concentrate! I do love DragonForce, though! Guess I'll let it slide, lol! Dakota has started baseball for the summer, even though soccer is not totally done yet! Got a little overlap here, it seems. Both Kota and Taylor will be going to summer school this year! Got to get those grades improved somehow! Jenn continues to be in jail. Still not sure what she will be charged with, other than a probation violation! Think she plans on being there awhile as she wants her Caseworker to deposit $100 to her jail account! Ouch! I keep reminding myself it's not my problem anymore - I have more than enough to deal with!! Have a wonderful rest of the day, everyone! Much love and warm hugs, one and all! Blessi
Sacred Sperm
I was stumbling and came across (no pun intended) this site, about the sacred use of sperm:tag: NSFW, sperm, religion-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at
So....yeah I went to the icp show lastnight(for free)I'v seen em a few times,but it was effing nuts!After my shower I still could smell grape faygo all over me....and a got a black eye.Good show...My next show will be tool.Well thats all I have to say....have a goodday!!!
No More.
Looks like I wont be on CT or anything from the internet anytime soon since all I do is work so peace. If you care or whatever you can respond to this I guess.
What Is This World Coming To???
ok...bear with me while I vent...any advice, comments, etc. are welcome, and much appreciated....I do, however, ask that you read ALL of this...and be does get ugly... What the hell is the deal with people these days? How can one person justify hating another...for no reason other than the color of their skin, religion, sexual preference, etc? I'm sick to death of hearing people bitch about how fucked up the world is only to be a part of the damned problem. Hate breeds hate...I don't care who you are, or what you do... People call themselves "good Christians"...since when did being a Christian involve hating people? Doesn't God love all? (To those who are agnostic, atheist, or believe in something else, use higher power, or whatever you me, God is the Great Spirit, but whatever...venting isn't always politically correct.) It doesn't matter what basis for the hatred...hate is hate...whether it's from man to woman, white to black, or vice versa (definitely
Are Bikers Being Taken Advantage Of?
I am reposting this from an article in Thunder Roads Of Indiana and Northern Illinois magazine. I have to agree. How about you? Pat Savage Are bikers being taken advantage of? Poker runs, Charity rides, fundraisers, Bike nights, and much much more. It seems like the number of events are growing every year, bars and restaurants that used to shun bikers are now having poker runs every weekend. Is it all just a growing concern for charities and people in need or is it people taking advantage of us biker folk? My opinion is of course that it is both. There are bars and bikers that have held poker runs for years and many of them have a direct connection with the charity they choose to help. Over the last couple of years I have seen more poker runs put on by non-motorcyclists and for some reasons that just shock the hell out of me. There was one poker run to raise money for a girl that wanted to travel to Europe as part of an exchange program, hell I want to travel
At What Price This War???
On September 11, 2001, this country fell into turmoil. Hostiles from across the globe choose to bring their religious war to our shores. The cost on that day was the killing of innocents. In that moment, our country chose to fight back. We opted to stand up and remind the world that we are not pawns in a holy war we didn't create. Our cause was righteous and our cause was just. That was 6 years ago. Sadam Hussein is dead. Ben Laden is hiding out some where in Afganistan. However, the progress in Iraq has slowed to a stand-still. Militants continue to rain terror in the street of Bagdad, and the price of Oil bounces up and down like a yo-yo. The real price of this situation is comes in the form flag drapped boxes carrying the children of this country. The American public has had enough. We have seen the ravages of war and the lives lost. Viet Nam left a bad taste in our mouths and that war has taught us the lesson of not bringing politics to the battlefield. We must
Wow Stuff
So, yeah, it's had me sucked in for a while...go figure...So, if you look under my photos, I posted some WoW screenshots of my main Lyeathoona, on Tanaris server. Strength and Honor is my guild. I am currently a lvl 60 hunter, beast mastery speced. I would like to recommend a neat site for WoW, it's, a site that adds an add on to WoW, so that every time you log in, it automatically updates your rupture profile, which lists gear, specs, items in your bags, everything, so if you want to know something about your toon, but can't get on WoW you can go there. Plus, there are stats on players, with highest PvP deaths, kills, ranks of arenas, etc. And an IM client. Neat way to network with other WoW heads.
Which Lost Character....
this is so funny.........and somewhat true.. MomOf3Kids, you're now logged in! Below you'll find your test result. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we're about. continue to OkCupid homescreen > Hurley "For the record, my belt HAS dropped a notch. I'm a big guy. It's gonna be a while before you're going to want to give me a piggy back ride."Dude, you are Hurley. You are a kind soul with some terrible luck. While you're always lending a helping hand, you're not exactly the bravest guy on the island. What you do is even more important - keep people entertained. The only problem you've got is that whole jinxed numbers thing. You're so secretive, no one on the island even knows that you're a multimillionaire! Let it out, dude. There's no use trying to keep it all bottled up inside, man.Your polar opposite is: Jin. You are similar to: Claire and Sun. My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and
Yeah guys. I'm bored. AHAHAH. ok bye. Luv yall. Almost yall lol.
My Personality Test Results?
The Sudden Departure Random Brutal Love Master (RBLMf) Sweet. Dear. Loving. At Gate 18. Final call. You are The Sudden Departure. You've been in a lot of serious relationships. More than a few have ended ugly. Uglily. Whatever. Our guess is that you're a really fantastic girl who doesn't really know what she wants, and you've broken a few hearts as a result. You fall for people easily, and you enjoy the feeling of falling in love, but once you're there, either boredom or the old "grass is greener" syndrome sets in. The mind wanders, and with it goes the flesh. And then the toiletries. Your exact opposite: The Intern Deliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer
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Tattoo Contest Opens Sat ! I Need People For This! (repost)
Tattoo Contest Time Again! I Need Men and Ladies for my tattoo contest! Contest will start 5/5 thur 5/10 comment bombing is allowed u can comment bomb urself also! Want to enter send me ur pic link to my messages or tell me and i will rip ur pic for you! 2 gifts 1 V.I.P. and ! V.I.C. to the winners! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~ aka ~ SeXy MaMa ~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
I can see it all its here again i found it there silence once again my friend lets lose ourselves in the magic of the night return ourselves making all the wrongs seem right the past is gone yet we let it in its nothing new seems the bad things never end i close my eyes and dream about your face and in the night my loneliness you seem to erase its a shame that life gets in the way and love is spent on trying to make it through the day and then you find that youre suddenly alone and in your mind your path is written in stone close your eyes and dream tonight forever we will be in the night seeing you will make it alright lose yourself to me tonight
Weird Us Sex Laws
No man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions, or sardines on his breath in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife so requests, law mandates that he must brush his teeth. Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you - or holding you in his arms. Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown - if they're nude. (Apparantly, if you wear socks and practice homosexuality in the light of day, it's okay.) During lunch breaks in Carlsbad, New Mexico, no couple should engage in a sexual act while parked in their vehicle, unless their car has curtains. In Cleveland, Ohio, women are not allowed to wear patent-leather shoes. Clinton, Oklahoma, has a law against masturbating while watching two people having sex in a car. It's safe to make love while parked in Coeur d'Alene, Ida
Cherry Tap
So, Jaime made me make a profile on here, geez, back in November I think?!? And, I have yet to do anything on it! I am too stuck on myspace and livejournal. PLUS, after she gets me to make a profile on here, she practically never uses hers either. So, we'll see how long mine lasts, I'll give it one good go for it, but if it flops, eh, I have enough blogs already. It was funny to log in the other day for the first time in forever and up across the scrolling bar up top to see a certain someone's profile scroll across, so fuck yeah I checked it out LOL why not?!?! Boredom, curiosity, there :P Don't like it? Block me, otherwise, get over it, no reason to be like, OMG, your ex was checking me out!!! *rolling eyes* does it ever end?
My Card
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You†may†be†good†at†home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
What Card Are You
You are the World Completion, Good Reward. The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, and as such represents saturnian energies, time, and completion. The World card pictures a dancer in a Yoni (sometimes made of laurel leaves). The Yoni symbolizes the great Mother, the cervix through which everything is born, and also the doorway to the next life after death. It is indicative of a complete circle. Everything is finally coming together, successfully and at last. You will get that Ph.D. you've been working for years to complete, graduate at long last, marry after a long engagement, or finish that huge project. This card is not for little ends, but for big ones, important ones, ones that come with well earned cheers and acknowledgements. Your hard work, knowledge, wisdom, patience, etc, will absolutely pay-off; you've done everything right. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Bulletin Board
so how many of ya all even pay atention to the bulletin boeard? lets see i've posted something and i'm still waiting for a response from any one.
hi everyon please stop by and vote for me please
My Accent
What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Inland North†You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."The Midland†The Northeast†Philadelphia†The South†The West†Boston†North Central
Please Read 2 All My Friends And Famliy
come and join this bomb squad and have some fun at the same time.and if u go 4 a comp then u will get the help that u need
well, im new here, and im just trying to get the feel of everything...ive been a myspace member for years now, and my friend told me to check this site out...its pretty cool i must say! just wanted to let every one know that im looking for some new friends! but if ur not gonna talk to me dont bother adding me...and yeah! cant wait to hear from every one! ~kitty~
My Lips()
My Lips were buds of innocent untill you came one day; And drew a fountain from my Heart and careless went your way; My Lips were hungry,eager flowers curved,in ecstastic bliss to gather the soft sweetness of my next Lovers kiss* My Lips were lucious ripeness of a crushed and poisoned vine; When you bent your Lips upon me and my soft one clung to thine; My Lips are withering fading flowers,fullweary unto death...Dew with out moisture is thy kiss,Wind w/out heat is thy breath... A fugitive tears wells up from my eyes and is secretly silently shed... Are Lips that once were dead...
I Had To Find Out Now
This really sucks, I've been working my tail off on these 3 projects for my 1 class, I finish them (or so I thought) only to find out today that Ive done the all wrong! These things were a headache to begin with, because they can only be done in black ink, white out cannot be used, and there is a very specific way that mistakes must be corrected. These projects are about 8 pages a piece. They are due Tuesday, on the same day as my 1 final. My final grade that I need to get to the next class I need for my degree is riding on this project, and the final. Worst of it all this teacher isn't my #1 fan like a lot of the other teachers in school
Elemnt Test........... This Is Sooooooooo Me
MomOf3Kids, you're now logged in! Below you'll find your test result. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we're about. continue to OkCupid homescreen > Air You belong amongst the clouds, for you are Air. Creative and fanciful, a little distant, your strength comes from freedom. Not to be trifled with, you can be a terrible enemy, striking fiercely and suddenly. Words and expression are important, and your power comes from them as well as the air we breathe. My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender: You scored higher than 0% on ElementalLink: The Which Element Are you Test written by terrydeltona on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
My Rant And Rave For The Day.
You ever just get tired of it all. All the bullshit floating around. How not one thing ever seems to go your way. Everytime I turn around its more and more shit piling up. It's never ending. My head is so full that there isnt room for anything else. Nothing else will fit in there. If it isnt money problems, its health problems, no health probs, well then trouble with the kids, no kid toubles, then love life problems. and on and on it goes.. Each of these problems alone isnt enough to make you go over the edge, but all at the same time and the deep end isnt too far away. Do we bring some of these on ourselves, yeah we do, but, when its a non-stop situation you just seem to give up. I give up, I surrender. I am tired of drama and issues and of not being in charge of the screen play that is my life. I only star in it, I have no say anymore. I dont want peace to come when I am dead, I want it now. Its such a strange feeling to not know how you feel. Its like things g
If You Could Do Anything Or Wish Anything, What Would It Be?
Im in a really contemplative mood today and i got a survey on myspace and this was one of the questions and its put alot of thought into my head so i thought id share the question and my answer with yall see if it makes u think as much as it did me... If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be? i wish i knew what my future was gonna hold & how to go about getting there, i wish i could go back and redo certain things & undo hurt ive caused certain people, i wish my friend who died of a drug overdose 6 years ago could be here to see it really wasnt worth the one night of fun he had & let him redo it differently... i wish i knew the answers that would make everyone happy & i wish my friends chief & Bri & all the soliders defending our freedom overseas could see their children more often, i wish dads who's wifes/gfs are having there children wouldnt have to miss there child being born, i wish all the violence in the world would cease and i wish everyone who has a
Go Vote For Me On Freakdaddys
Please help me win this one. Benslancer is the name of the pic. Thanks all!
3 Libras
Threw you the obvious And you flew with it on your back A name in your recollection Down among a million, say: Difficult enough to feel a little bit Disappointed, passed over. When I've looked right through, To see you naked and oblivious and you don't see me Well I threw you the obvious, Just to see if there's more behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy. Here I am expecting just a little bit Too much from the wounded But I see, See through it all, See through, And see you. So I threw you the obvious Do you see what occurs behind the Eyes of a fallen angel Eyes of a tragedy Well, oh well.. Apparently nothing. Apparently nothing at all. You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me You don't You don't You don't see me at all
To Dare Fate !
Charting a course of second star to the right Then heading off long into the night Till the dawn does break and then to find Is the one still in my heart and mind Dreams to live on and dreams to feed Yet dreams do not fulfill my need Never to have and never to hold So on into the adventure going so bold Will I be blindsided by cupids hand Or shall I remain in never never land By R. Thomas Dinsmore
What is love? You know what I believed love was... i believed love was unconditional. When you truly loved someone, nothing would stop it. There was no, I love you, BUT.... it was always just, I love you. Problems happen. People fight. Things go wrong. Love, is forever. You don't just start loving someone and stop loving someone. It's not something you turn off like a lightbulb. One day you love them, the next you don't. If you truly love someone, you love them even when you hate them. You love them when they hurt you, you love them when they're wrong. You never leave them when things just get tough.... you endure a lot.... sure, there is a line to draw... but it's not just when things get too hard.... thats what "working things out" is about....You love them no matter what. Love, is supposed to be unconditional, enduring, eternal.... undying... Love is enough to conquer all.Love is all you need. Love is enough. But, is that real?? Is that true?? Is that the way love really goes?? Is l
Born Loser
Escaped prisoner 'missed mates' An escaped convict turned up at his old prison and asked to be let back in because he was missing his mates. Bulgarian thief Vassil Ivanov, 37, had been on the run since disappearing during an Easter break at home in 2005. He said: "I couldn't stand it any more. I had been inside for nine years and I just couldn't get used to life on the outside again. I missed my pals here and I was miserable being a free man." Wardens at the Stara Zagora prison in Bulgaria immediately took Ivanov back into the prison where he will serve the remaining two years of his 11 year sentence, and is likely to serve extra time for escaping.
What A Day!
Just found out that i am going to be an uncle, what a crazy phone call to get!
Old Poem
WOMAN'S POEM Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. MAN'S POEM I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a bar on a golf course, and loves to send me fishing and hunting. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a crap.
*I'm sweatin like a fat girl writin her first love letter* i love it lol
I Hear People Wanting Something....
ME!!! ok really i need to get over that movie lol Last night I watched The Devil's Rejects...twice..god Rob Zombie's wife is a hot piece of ass ^_^ Finally fell asleep for a couple hours this morning..had some strange dreams..Garth you were there..ToTo however couldn't make it i guess. Libra:You're ready to move into a different social orbit when a new friend takes you by the hand. It seems intimidating at first, but you'll soon see that you belong right in the epicenter. Your confidence will bowl them over. I talked to an old gf of mine today that i haven't talked to in over a year. Her and I were crazy close for a while..i've known her longer than i've known Jason. Anyways we had a small falling out..well not so much a falling out as a grown apart. Anyways man has she went thru a lot of shit this past year..nothing i could have helped out with..more so ya need to do this and find your way on your own kiddo..type thing I couldn't be more proud of her. Her and her bf ju
What Makes The Measure Of Your Day?
What makes the measure of your day? Is it your accomplishments at work? At home with your family? What about in the number of smiles you give during a day? Within each of us is the capacity to be GREAT. Not kinda great or sorta great, just simply GREAT. So much of what we are is made up not only of what we believe, but the very words in which we envoke day to day. How do you measure your day? Will what you bring to life wth your voice help someone find their own voice? Will your words make a difference in the life of someone you didnt even know needed them? In these moments when we use what we say, to CREATE the positive for everyone around us, we beat back any chance that despair or doubt can enter because we do not get that feeling a voice. Not within us, not within those near us. How do you measure your day? Measure it in every word you say.
Searching For A Dream...
i just wanna escape from this. i've journeyed so far, but i haven't moved. searching for something. to calm and soothe. a feeling like this one. i can't seem to shake. i'm lonely with anyone. searching for the word fate. my mind's set on a dream. something i can't awake from. searching for perfection. feels like an endless run. what path am i on? the tunnel is dark. searching for a way out. me, with this heart. i listen as i walk. try to envision my dream, searching for an answer. i wonder if it's not what it seems. searching for something. something i can't explain. i feel some kind of hole inside. some kind of pain. searching for a night sky. with a cool wind in the air. that instant happiness. feel it blow through my hair. searching for a feeling. i haven't quite found. listen to a whisper. need to find a sight for my sound. am i searching for a dream?
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Well my daughter was born at 1:45p...on march 29...she was 20" long 8 lbs 14 ounces....sadly to say her daddy and i split yeah the wedding is off...sorry for any disappointments...and she's living with her daddy...long story....but please dont feel and pity or sorrow for me...i believe that things have a way of working themselves out....especially with a little help from the man seems as though i have put alot of my friends on the back burner and for that i am truly sorry....if i have lost touch with u please send me a message or something so we can pick up keeping in friends mean alot to me....and im always looking to make new if u know anyone looking for a new all means send em my way...thanks...and ill b back around soon...i promise in the mean time take care...and remember to slow down once in awhile to smell the flowers...u guys will all b in my thoughts
My House Hehe
so my beds at my house in my room yay and were getting cable today and hopefully net
Vote 4 Me One Time Only
Iím in all these contests pleez vote for me only comment one time pleezz Sexy eyes rate once and comment once only pleez thank you Sexy smile rate once and coment once only pleez I love you guys mommy
Dumbass Of The Week
Man Faked His Own Kidnapping, Police Say Posted Apr 27, 2007 by The Tampa Tribune Updated Apr 29, 2007 at 09:21 PM TAMPA - A Tampa man faked his own kidnapping just to pay for his drug habit, police said. On Friday, John Patterson III, 40, of Tampa, called his girlfriend, Lisa Brown, 39, of Brooksville, and told her that some men were going to kill him unless she brought $350 to him in Tampa. Fearing for her boyfriendís life, Brown called Tampa police, investigators said. Detectives called Pattersonís cell phone and later found him with Dan Myers, 35, of Tampa, at North 34th Street and East Hillsborough Avenue. Patterson told officers that in trying to feed his drug habit he fabricated the kidnapping story to get money. Both men were arrested for causing a false report to be filed. Police also found Myers to be in possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Patterson and Myers remain in Orient Road Jail with bail set at $2,500 and $5,000 respectively
Howard Stern
I dont know how many of you out there listen to Stern, but my personal opinoin of him is that he isnt fit to breathe the same air as me, or anyone else for that matter. I'm a big supporter of free speech and all that happy horseshit, but come on. I mean, how can anyone even begin to appreciate the kind of degradation that Howard Stern represents. I wont go so far as to call Stern evil, or morally reprehensible, but it seems to me that Stern, and many people like him live their lives polluting the world, and when the moment comes to back their words, all responsibility has fled. This is what kids, and people all around the country are learning now. That you can say whatever you want whenever you want without fear of having to take responsibility for those words. I've bashed Cherrytap for a number of reasons before, maybe they were without evidence, but how can anyone come to this site,see that Howard Stern has hailed it, and take the site seriously? Think about it.
Moving, Fighitng...
so i recently moved... we got a bigger place.. like alot bigger its pretty great... even thogh its an extra 200 bucks a month but oh well.. weve spent the past few days mooving and trying to get shit unpacked and situated and everything.. its pretty hecktic.. theres alot of getting no sleep and being stressed and frusterated... but its comming together. today me and one of my suposid best friends got in a hudge fight cuz she hasnt been helping with pretty much anything sence she mooved in or while weve been mooving and shes two faceing us with someone that screwed me and the ppl that live with us over... but shes still being her friend while shes runner her mouth about her to us so it was fucked up and today she pissed me off so i tweeked out on her about everything but now i feel like shit cuz she was my best friend and one of the only people i had left to talk to and trust so im kinda lost right now and dont know what ima do...
Price Is Right Stoner
Go to this link and check this guy out! Stoned off his ass!! Ha ha!!
Thoughts At The Moment.....
Sitting here with my window wide open, the warm breeze on my face i watch the world go by...just like i used to when i was a kid. There were times in my life where i loved it as a Kid, letting my imagination run wild..doing the things like a child should do...but there were times when i was a child... there are memories that i do not want to relive...its all in the past now i know...but there are days where you sit, think and relfect on your is my day of doing that. It occured to me how far ive come in life and the things ive been through. In life there are many things ive lost, many times that i have been hurt one way or another, many things ive gained, there are many things i have learnt too. In my life so far, i have been beatened, kicked, bruised, thrown, bashed, torn into a thousand pieces..sewn back again and ripped apart. You think physically? Mentally. It hurts very much when being thought about. So far in my life, the two most hurtful thing i have been thr
From My Wife
leeann prentice: Always and forever you will always be The one and only true love for me There will never be another guy like you Thats the reason my love stays true. You're the only one who ever did care You're the one who was always there My love for you grows stronger more and more each day. It grows even though you are away You are my pride, you are my joy. With you the rest of my life I want to enjoy You're the one I want to hold I want you more than silver or gold I get weak in my heart when u come around When I hear your voice its a very pleasing sound You are an angel sent from heaven above You are the one who gets all of my love I want to be with you for the rest of my life I cant wait to be your wife Always and forever you will always be The one and only true love for me
For Flashy Hearts
if I remember to smile as I go to sleep, I will signify that overall Thursday, May 3rd 2007 was a good day to be alive!
The Wasted Stranger
Here he sits watching the stars This lonely man... Bitter and twisted... Lonely and heart broken... With a bottle of pills in hand... A single tear in his eye... Just sitting there slumped and devastated from a relationship come and gone... He wonders why me... What have i done to deserve this... With anger flooding his vein's with each heart beat... Each broken heart beat so out of tune... Each beat crying for a different sorrow... Thump... Thump... Thump... He pops the cap and swallows his pain... With the stars getting ever closer... And his heartache dampening... Drifting off into eternal rest... With the lights from the ambulance blazing on... Lying there hoping to be free from pain... He slips into eternal rest... As he wakes into a cold dark place... Goosebumps leaping over his skin... He notices the pains still there... Haunting him.... Forced to watch and feel his loved one's pain... Tortured forever more... Feeling every tear of sorrow and regret..
Wedding In Real Time
May 19, 07 at 2:00 pm Master Kris and kitten say I Do all is welcome to come out and have a great time Note: kitten ask if you wish to give a wedding gife that it not be something for Master Kris or her but for the baby as We still have alot of things We need !!
Ok folks, be sure to go to profile and sign my guestbook..its pretty cool!!! thanks all :)
Observations In Last 72 Hours
Let's talk about nothing for a minute. Oh wait, I always do. Might as well keep the consistency alive... Adult Swim just came out with a new game on their website putting biblical characters against eachother in Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat style fighting. Normally I don't pay attention to things like this, being that the internet has so much friggin' crap it's ridiculous. But this one caught my eye because in my younger years of being a teenage dumbass, we thought up scenarios like this. For example: Jesus (mortal and without powers) vs Loki (without the sword) fighting in Bethlehem to give Jesus home court advantage.... who do you pick and why? I never said it was cool or smart. In fact, I did say I was being a dumbass when I thought this crap up. 14 years later it's promoted with a huge cartoon cult following. I need to start patenting my thoughts..... Last night I saw Rehab in concert with Rudy. Oddly enough we really didn't drink that much. Who am I kidding? You
Goes with some stuff that's going on now: Daily Horoscope: Libra For May 3,2007 You're ready to move into a different social orbit when a new friend takes you by the hand. It seems intimidating at first, but you'll soon see that you belong right in the epicenter. Your confidence will bowl them over.
As I sit here watching the end of Rebel Without A Cause for the first time, I ponder the fact that I have often thought that in the past, things were much simpler. In fact, I know I'm not the only one. I've heard the speeches from the fam, as well as all the friggin' time in movies. "Back in my day, gas cost a nickel and lasted us all week." You know, things like that. "A man's word was all he needed." It makes me wish that we could have some of those things for us now. I wish that gas cost a nickel a week. I wish that I could trust everyone I met just by their word. But alas, these things will never happen again. I wonder that if in 20-60 years, we will be old(er) and telling the youth of how much easier our time was. I mean, I've met people that lived in the Great Depression and said it was "simpler times" than now. What the Hell? I'm scared for the future.
2 Yuenglings, A Corona, An Amstel Lt, A Goofball, And My Birthday Wishlist
So obviously it's been a light night for me. It's about 3:00am, and I'm kinda bored. I'm kicking the shit out of FIFA for xbox. I miss playing the real deal. I've thought of something though... kickboxers do a special training to strengthen their shinbones more than usual. If I do this, maybe my bones will be strong enough to play again one day. I'm 26, so my chances of playing in South America again are kinda limited, but I still want to try. What's better than being a gringo in a third world country playing a sport that compares to being an "And 1" player here? Oh yeah, being good enough to be a pro. Well that's not me. But I am ready to start the lacrosse season with Rude-dog this summer. May I recommend to all of you that want an excuse to go outside and tailgate for the summer months to come and see us. If nothing else, it should be amusing. Other than that, I'm just sitting here thinking again. I'm drinking again. With my birthday coming up, I guess it's time f
Things I Learned While Out And Not Drunk
Ok, so last night I met up with the fellas at Dixie's. We had a few nice drinks and Rude and I played a game of beer-pong against some guys who apparently were 5-1. 6-1 after us. But amongst our good times goofing off and having some drinks, I started noticing people that I don't really enjoy. For starters, people who wear sports teams jackets and know nothing about the team they are sporting. Some jackass had the nerve to wear a Man U jacket. When I asked if he was actually a fan or just wearing it, he says he's a big fan. So I ask him his thoughts on a history making game that just took place, he didn't know what I was talking about. Maybe you're not feeling me because I'm talking about the most popular team in the most popular sport in the world. Let's tone it down to Charlotte standards. It's be like someone wearing a Panthers jersey and not knowing who they played in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Next are the buzzards, vultures or maggots. Depending on their as
The Hooters Resignation Letter
Ok everyone... here's what you've been waiting for. The letter of resignation to Hooters. The real reason that I quit will not be discussed here because I do not want to incriminate myself, but this is the actual letter used. Dear Skip, After an appropriate period of deliberation, I have come to the decision to tender my resignation from Hooters of America, effective July 30th, 2006. Please know that I still maintain a high level of respect for you as a manager and colleague, and I thank you sincerely for the support and assistance you have offered me in each of those roles. I have been proud to work for Hooters over the past several months; it has been a journey that has provided me an unparalleled foundation to move forward to new and exciting opportunities. As such, I have decided to become a professional pirate. It has always been a dream of mine to live the life of a swashbuckling corsair, beholden to none and master of all I survey. Once my crew of unab
Why There Are Recording Devices On Phones
So here I am at 2:00am minding my own business playing video games, when what do I receive? A phone call from Rudy and Ryan. Mind you, they were definitely not sober. I was supposed to meet Jessica to hang out and celebrate her perfect score on her speech, but low and behold, we decided to have a raincheck until Wed so that we can party hardy. Here is the phone call I received: Me-Hello? Rudy-Hey! Hey! Hold on! Me-Huh? Ryan-Are you f***ing my girl? Me-Who is your girl? Ryan-Are you f***ing my girl? Me-Is Jessica your girl? Ryan-Yeah. You shouldn't be f***ing her, but I don't mind. Me-Huh? Ryan-Where are you? Me-Home Ryan-You shouldn't be f***ing her, but I still like you Me-Dude, you're making no sense Ryan-Where are you? Me-Home Ryan-Oh you suck! That's gay! This is Ryan. Me-I know it's you, Ryan. (Background talking to Rudy)-> He's at home..... Rudy-Hey, are you at home? Me-Yeah, Where are you guys? Rudy-On
The Week Past (4/1-4/7)
So here it is, my week in review. I was donated a badass Zune portable media player. To the donater.... you are the f***ing man!!!! This thing is awesome. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Rudy and I ganked Halo 2 from Kevin and Ryan. I raped that little bitch game in 2 days. Granted, that doens't mean that I can beat them. So now I'm working on Hitman 2. The point of that game is to silently stalk and assassinate a target/mark. I'd rather kill everyone. So I'm running around slaughtering innocent bystanders and cops and everyone. I figure that if everyone is dead, there are A) no witnesses, and B) no chance of me missing the target. Bam and Missy got married finally. They had Iggy Pop and The Stooges play their reception. Now that's pretty badass. If I'm ever dumb enough to get legally married in the US, I want someone badass to play my reception. No shitty karaoke DJs for me. The Shield started the 6th season off with a bang. Vic is getting setup
More Bs For No Reason
So I've spent the last few days trying to become friend's with the hottest pornstars on Myspace. So far I've been good to go. If only I could go ahead and meet these lovely women on a more personal level. Then I could truly be happy. Also, I've noticed that none of the girls at work are hitting on me. I don't think that I understand why they won't. I've been there for over 2 weeks now, and still no one asking for my number or telling me that I should go to their dorm room and have a 3-sum with them and their roommate.... I am disappointed. And this is not the last time I was disappointed today. I wanted to watch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie tonight on tv like they advertised. But what did they do? They went ahead and showed it in mini mini mini shot on the bottom left corner of the screen while all the other shows were on. Dammit. It was funny. Don't get me wrong. But damn it disappointed me.
We Have A Winner
Time Is On My Side
I'm through with it.
Hey people I'm in 2 contests. All I need is 1 rate and 1 comment...No bombing!! Please do it for me! Sexiest Smile Sexiest Eyes
Contests Im In
if u all wanna go rate n comment then go for it. only bombing sexiest eyes sexiest smile
For A Platinum Cherry Paid Durin Hh
Myspace Account
i have new myspace here's my link: feel free to add me....
Virginal Whore
I can smell your fear, as I descend upon you. I revel in your pain. Your tears sting my skin, as I plunge within. Scream beneath me. My lover. My slave. Release yourself to the pleasure. Relax and allow me to take my trophy. Cry now, smile later. Take me all into you. My angel. My prize. Your body decieves you. Your wetness gives you away. My innocent whore. Your virtue is mine.
Peals Write
Hi I would like people to wirthe to me
A friend of mine showed me this and i had to share it with those who care to read it and know me! if u dont like wats here then plz dont comment just leave it b! thank u, lil v! You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________ ______ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. ___________________
The Shell Of You And I
One more day I can't take, One more I can't handle alone, One more day I want to run away, One more day on my own, Seems it all keeps piling up, and it don't stop there, Feel I'm waisting my breath, sending another prayer, Feel I'm paying the price, For sins I didn't commit, Feel so scared and hollow, Lord it don't make sense. Chorus I use to dream in color, now I dream in pain, use to feel the sun on my back, Now its beaten by the rain, Whereís tomorrow, gonna take me this time, what waits on the docket, For this heart of mine, I keep trying harder, And fall faster on my face, Tell myself thereís always tomorrow, Then its one more I waste, Try so hard to be a step ahead, To fall two behind, Try to greet the world with a smile, To find itís so unkind, The tears no longer falling, Think that well has run dry, All thats left is the shell, Of you and I.
What is love? How do you know your in love? Love has so many different meanings. You can tell your in love when you cant seem to get that special someone off your mind. You think about them all the time, whether your in a bad mood or a good one. Anybody can say those three words, but do they mean it? If I were to say it, then yes I'd mean it. Because there is only one person that goes threw my mind all the time. And yes "love at first" can happen. It's happened to me as well as others.
Rules Of Life
1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste thier time on you.
Check It Out Guys (s.u.p And C.far.member Needs Help)
A Kiss
A Kiss It always starts out as a simple kiss Our tongues caressing, our breath coming out in a hiss Your fingers sending my heated body to the brink Thinking itís a dream, Iím afraid to blink I can feel your swollen cock press against me My craving body oh so ready to please You lift my skirt up around my hips The palm of your hands rubbing my pussy in pure bliss I can feel the engorged head of your cock against my thigh I beg and plead with you to fuck me before I die Lifting me slightly you fill me completely Your perfect cock now buried deep inside of me My hands on your shoulders, my legs around your waist My mouth begging for another taste Pulling your head down to mine Wishing for a frozen moment in time My pussy is stretch to the fullest to take all of you in How can pure pleasure be such sin Your eyes are glazed from the passion and lust No questions of love, no questions of trust Just two people enjoying the moment The sweet
Computer Problems
Just wanted to let all my friends know that I am having computer problems and won't be on for a while til I get it repaired. Not sure how long that will take. Show me some love while I'm gone :( Zephyr
What's My Sexual Style?
TiggyKat, you're now logged in! Below you'll find your test result. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we're about. continue to OkCupid homescreen > TYPE N You are a KINKY, CONFIDENT, SUBMISSIVE lover who prefers to GIVE. This means that: You like relatively kinky sex, and you have the great imagination that will always keep your partner guessing and excited! There's no getting bored with you around, you could never settle for dull sex, you want something fun and new all the time. You aren't afraid to try out anything you hear about. You might just be an intelligent lover who needs to be mentally engaged, or perhaps you have some dirty dark secret kinky desires, but either way, you're never boring. You are pretty confident in bed. This means that you know you can please your lover. Maybe you've read a lot of sex manuals, or have the experience from previous lovers, or jus
Pillsbury Dough Boy
The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The grave site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business but, his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions. Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Dough and Jane Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his el
New Here!!!
Hey all you Cherry Tappers, Jimmy Sway here, and thanx for all the love I've gotten, and will get on this most kick ass forum. Glad to be part of the community, and to think I stumbled upon it looking for porn!! HAHA Naw, I was actually invited by the room mate. Well, this is it, I am a Tapper now....Love Peace and Sex Grease!!!
Computer Prayer
A COMPUTER PRAYER ~Unknown~ Every night I lie in bed This little prayer inside my head - God bless my mom and dad and bless my children and take care of my husband he brings me so much joy. And God there's just one more thing I wish that you would do - if you don't mind me asking - to just bless my puter too?? Now i know that its not normal, to bless a small machine, but listen just a second and i'll try to explain; You see, that little metal box holds more than odds and ends; inside those small components rest a hundred loving friends. Some its true I've never seen and most i've never met; we've never shaken hands or ever truly hugged, and yet - I know for sure they love me by the kindnesses they give and this little scrap of metal is how i get to where they live. By faith is how I know them, much the same as I know you. I share in what life brings them so if its ok with you - Just take an extra minute from your duties up above, to bless this little h
Who Is She
Her eyes is the kolor of the night with a glimps of light shining so bright like a star in the skie who is she. She has a smile so graceful that it lights up the hole room who is she. Her spirit is so peaceful that when she gets near your freeze who is she. A voice that is so beautiful that it will move even the most deadliest animals ever known.
Quote Of The Day 5/3/07
"Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100 percent" - R.D. Laing
Morph Contest Is Now Open!
Best Morph Contest! I'm doing a Best Morph contest! I need 10 to 20 people for it! Contest will start 5/03 At 2 p.m. Central thur 5/09 at 2p.m. 1st , 2nd and 3rd Place will get 2 gifts each! Everyone else will get 1 ! 1st Morph is...... with 1 comments! 2nd Morph is...... with 1 comments! 3rd Morph is...... with 1 comments! 4th Morph is....... with 1 comments! 5th Morph is...... with 1 comments! 6th Morph is...... with 1 comments! 7th Morph is...... with 1 comments! Comment Bomb and Self comment bombing is allowed! Want to enter send me ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it For you! Thanks Maria ~AnGeLHeArT~ CT Wife Of Lover69 ~ aka ~ SeXy MaMa ~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~@ CherryTAP
Sudden Realization..
Well, not really its not exactly sudden. It's rather something I have known for a long time, but have been avoiding taking notice of. Avoiding admitting to myself, or to anyone else for that matter. I think it's a the simple fact that I am such a trusting and caring person that people feel the need to take advantage of these traits. However, the down side to this is I have been hurt, I have been left broken, and I am still damaged makes me not such a trusting person.... So, as I notice the little quirky things I tend to do here are a list of the following: Read Blogs Obsessively(especially new posts) Read Comments and Sometimes The Comments Sent Back (Usually if something catches my attention) Expect To Be The First Person My SO Talks To When Getting Online Constantly Seek Reassurance I am Not Being An Annoyance Compulsively Tell Them I Love Them For Constant Reassurance They Love Me Too Do Stupid Little Things For Attention Get Pissy When I Don't Have My Way
Is There Any Lower Than F-?
grade me and send me your answer F-= damn wat da hell happend 2 u? F = damn youre ugly D = your parents must be heated C- = You're just someone I don't want to talk to, okay? C = You're okay looking, but u need work... C+ = You're just average B- = Your kinda cute and ur cool i guess B = You're cute. And you're a pretty interesting person. B+ = Pretty damn attractive. I'd hit that. A- = You're extremely attractive, and you're awesome. A = DAMN YOUR SEXXXAY!! A+ = ... will u go out with me seriously A++= will you marry me A+++=TAKE ME NOW ON THE TABLE AND KISS ME AND DON'T STOP YOU ARE afraid of what people think of YOU if you don't post this!!!!! Reply to me the grade you think I deserve. Re-post this as "Grade Me"
Oh Please
Okay, when you see a picture of me in a gaypride themed shirt, I was only pretending to prefer women. Yes, you are right, I don't love women, I just haven't met you yet. Sure I was gay, but that changed the second I saw your half bald/half mulletted head with your sexy hardcore Motley Crue tshirt that has the sleeves cut off to show me your "pipes". Rock on, old dude, rock on!
I Don't Need No Doctor

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