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About Friend Requests
while i was off shore i received many friend requests from people, but when i got home to accept them...well my sb was empty and all my friend requests were gone. idk what happened but if you sent me a friend request and i didnt accept it, im not the snob vanima will have you believe i am lol. send another one and ill accept it
List Of Entries
Ladies in Auction Pls let me know if anyone is missing! If you do not see ur name here then we do NOT have a tag made for you. We still have plenty of time to get you in. Do not message Anni or homepage the auction. Message me, Cllgegrl, and I will make sure to get you in. I will need a pic and a list of offers. If you have given it to me before, IM SORRY. It may be in my mailbox somewhere. Please get me your info by tonight, Friday Feb 6. Make sure that the title of ur private message is AUCTION so that I dont overlook it. Auction starts today! We have a good turn out so far ladies!! 1 Melly Mel 2 Steffy 3 Sailor 4 Soft 5 Make it Sting 6 Cruel 7 Lilmamma 8 Priceless 9 Anni 10 Sexy Barbie 11 Teaz 12 Taste like kandy DONE 13 Maranda 14 green Eyed Cutie DONE 15 Synful 16 Blue Eyed Goodie 17 Spirit of Eastbolt 18 Tonya 19 Nadia (update tag) 20 Jude 21 Tequila Rose 22 StarShine 23 Sexi_Latina_Dimplz DONE 24 Fallen Angel 25 Dj Karma 26 Bubbers
Auction Im In 4/7-4/12
Please click on link and rate. If you want put bid, check comments for highest bid. Please rate and get friends to also!!! THANK YOU!!! Please F/R/A hostess
No More Money Out Of Me
Tantic, Down And Out
.... I love this tune   coming up for air s o I can check myslef again and I stand proven to the man but sheltered confidence we tend to shelf and unexpected hunger drives me just shut up and stand beside me I dont need your understanding I don't need to change a damn thing   though I'm used to have you here it doesn't change the (one) I was when you found me and there was no one else around me just turn the page and watch me grow there's so many things that you don't know about my soul live and die but this will not get old   just when you think that you're down and out don't preconceive what I'm all about look for a reason that you have to start acting like a friend but you are not   and when you think that we played it out we come from the bottom and knock it out look for a reason that you have to start acting like the friend that you are not   nothing in between to fall through I'm being myself who are you? you stand above and look down you're just
Sum Of A Biotch!!!
First Fakes Of February And A Bling Pack Contest?..
This is a simple fake, I know I’ve been slackin kids but here goes….I saw it scrollin that means some duffbag wasted a pimp out on it… NiKki@ fubar Pictures stolen from At least get original with the name, please. And this annoying fake is the most annoying kind, and steals pictures from real people on…then hides behind a friends only profile.. Check it out in the blog of the young lady it offended today…. Meanwhile I’m getting ready for a contest to give away either a 7 day blast or a 25 credit bling pack! Here’s a hint: You won’t have to look far from here to get in the game…lol peace.
Moving Forward...
Wednesday, I helped my mom get rid of some of my dad's clothes. (Pants, jackets, coats, etc) I kept a few of his old work shirts, a hoodie, and some vest thingie. His pants we just threw away, they werent gonna fit me cuz Ive lost some weight and my other brothers are bigger than me, bigger than my dad was too. I was kinda surprised my mom was ready to get rid of the stuff. Their anniversary is coming up, it would have been 39yrs. We found old pictures, talked about stuff. Stuff we remember, stuff we miss, random stuff.   Last night I had a dream about him that kinda bothered me when I woke up. Im almost positive the dream was caused by going through his stuff on Wednesday. He had walked in to the house with his beard (all he had was a mustache when we buried him) and in the dream I knew he was dead. My mom dyed his beard to the color it was back in the early 90s. And then started to take pictures of him. She said she dyed his beard so if anyone saw the pictures they wouldnt think th
View full size      Add your photos & videos An unidentified white male was shot in the head and killed Friday morning in a stolen vehicle on a Del Rey street, police said. Police were called to the 5500 block of Margaret Avenue about 7 a.m. after residents reported hearing five to six gun shots, said Lt. Jeff Bert of the Los Angeles Police Department. Officers found a white male about 25- to 35-years old inside a late model Lexus with gunshot wounds to his body and multiple bullet casings outside the vehicle, Bert said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The Lexus had been stolen a few weeks ago in West Los Angeles, Bert said. The victim was shot with a handgun, but the caliber of the weapon was not immediately known. Police did not have any suspect descriptions. The man's identity was being withheld until his next of kin was notified, said Lt. David Smith of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. The man was shot and killed just north of Jefferson
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Help Me Win Bling In This Contest!!!!
Please help me win!!! To help you can do any of the following....... CLICK THE PIC BELOW TO HELP ME!!! I will pay 10k in fubuck for every 15 comments left. Just PM me that you left the comments and I will send you the fubucks. THANK YOU!!!!!
Another Quick Joke
A young woman goes to her doctor's office, afraid of the strange developm ent on the inside of her thighs . . . a green spot on the inside of each. "They won't wash off, they won't scrape off and they seem to be getting worse." The doctor assures her he'll get to the bottom of the problem, and tells her not to worry until the tests come back. A few days later, the woman's phone rings.Much to her relief, it's the doctor. She immediately begs to know what's causing the spots. The doctor says, "You're perfectly healthy - - there's no problem. But I'm wondering, is your boyfriend a Harley guy?" The woman stammers, "Why, yes, but how did you know?" "Tell him his earrings aren't real gold."
Can You Hear Me Now?
I dont know if this is gonna work but...if it does... I am trying to get my friend as many likes/rates/pimpouts/bombs etc... I will pay for the pimps/bombs now lets see if I can post the link LOL If this link doesn't work I will have to delete this blog ;)   Thank you :)
The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The World Cannot Be Seen Or Even Touched - They Must Be Felt With The Heart.
I remember the story: John Blanchard stood up from the bench, straightened his Army uniform, and studied the crowd of people making their way through Grand Central Station. He looked for the girl whose heart he knew, but whose face he didn't, the girl with the rose. His interest in her had begun thirteen months before in a Florida library. Taking a book off the shelf he found himself intrigued, not with the words of the book, but with the notes penciled in the margin. The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. In the front of the book, he discovered the previous owner's name, Miss Holly Maynell. With time and effort he located her address. She lived in New York City. He wrote her a letter introducing himself and inviting her to correspond. The next day he was shipped overseas for service in World War II. During the next year and one month, the two grew to know each other through the mail. Each letter was a seed falling on a fertile heart. A romance was buddi
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Frozen In Fear Ugg Boots
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Alike, There Are Some Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes
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Johnnie's Final Curtain Call
Raise the curtains turn up the lights Johnny's singing for you tonight, songs of triumph songs of strife things he's seen  all his life.   He sang from his heart, his words were true and when he sang you felt like he was singing to you. He performed songs by himself and his wife June and through the years his voice was never out of tune.   Although Johnny's gone away a place in our hearts he'll alway's stay. Through his words he'll live on, and as long as we remember him he'll never be gone.   Wipe your tears, say goodbye be strong try not to cry, Johnny's gone and won't be back turn down the lights fade to black.
Broken Wings
Broken wings... Sept 9th, 2006 my wings are broken no more halo my heart is burning, feel so wrong dont know wat to do or where i am all that i know is that i cant keep going on like this what is it i missed when will this all end its too late i cant keep doing it hurting others like i am hurting the one i love fighting and feuding over and over its gotta end i want it to be good, make her happy no more regrets more joy in both our lives! make her love me more than before!
An Older One...
Yesterday, I thought I knew. It came to me quickly, like summer lightning. So bright I could not stand it. But only for a moment- before it vanished. Like the smoke from a match lit in the dark.
Many of us feel the need to question life. Sometimes we are fortunate to find the answers we seek, and sometimes we find ourselves just drifting endlessly, searching for the answers that seem to constantly elude us. Drifting by Kit McCallum I search through days that have been hard, To try to understand, The many trials that I have known, The life that I have had. You see me in my daily grind, So confident and strong; Yet when I am alone, I question Just where I belong. I often try too hard I find, To analyze and guess, To scrutinize, investigate My life I will confess. For somewhere deeper, there must be Some meaning to this life, Some way to make a difference, Give a reason for this strife. Is there some hidden meaning? Some agenda to be found? A greater purpose waiting If I care to hang around? It teases and it taunts me, Always slightly out of sight; A hazy vision out of reach, Where darkness hides the
1st Nd Last... I Think
okay boys suck kthanksbye!
A reads shit ain been on due 2 i dont have internet cuz adelp[hia keeps messin up so im tryna find a better one but till then i have 2 switch back to dial up aight but i will get ione when i can but til den smirinoff and my black and milds keepin my company aight get at me and my neph turned one on Oct. 14 so send hem some conmgrats
Singing In The Rain
well it's raining again in Buenos Aires... i'll get off for sometime because there are thunders i hate when rain is like that i'll be back when the storm calm down a bit ok? i'm a lil bit better, but anyways not completely healthy i let you all this old video, that most of you will remember (at least the oldies that grew up in the 80's lol) ahhhh... i wish i had someone that really love me :(
I Would Hate To Break Up With This Chick
LILY ALLEN LYRICS "Not Big" Now listen I think you and me have come to the end of our time, What d'you want some kind of reaction? Well, OK, that's fine, Alright, how would it make you feel if I said you that you never ever made me come? In the year and a half that we spent together, Yeah, I never really had much fun. All those times that I said I was sober, Well I'm afraid I lied, I'd be lying next to you, you next to me, All the while I was high as a kite. I could see it in your face when you give it to me gently, Yeah, you really must think you're great, Let's see how you feel in a couple of weeks, When I work my way through your mates. [Chorus:] I never wanted it to end up this way, You've only got yourself to blame, I'm gonna tell them that you're rubbish in bed now And that you're small in the game. I saw you thought this was gonna be easy, Well, you're out of luck. Yeah, let's rewind, let's turn back time to when you couldn't get it up, You know
Just Pimpin My Friend Corey
Please stop by and show my friend some cherry love....he is a sweetie and so deserves it. I appreciate anything you are willing to do for him. C@ CherryTAP
Longtime No Blog (hopefully This Makes Up For It)
predictions of world war 3 I have many ideas of what will cause world war 3 So I will name them for sanitys sake. Lets start with the craziest lol. 1-The government really has so many nukes threw out the world because there paranoid of aliens they continually piss off with weaponizing space (Mainly america with haarp) Wanting to create a crazy automphereic type shield around the whole country. I dont know if haarp is just to throw us off from the real weapon close by to its location But I do know that they do fucked up tests that can destroy the whole planet and all life thats how fucking paranoid America is This weapon whenever used its ovious because strange weather follows They just shrug it off as global warming that bush dosint even belive in anyways Kinda like when he says he belives in god (Hes such a coke head he probably thinks he is god) Katrina was more then likely caused by Haarp So version 1=fake alien attack or real alien attack=Cause the governme
Cut My Face?
Thursday, this COMING friggin Thursday, I am having surgery on my sinuses. I have to have my septum (nose bone) broken and reset because it is occluding my left sinus cavity and making it hard for me to breath. I have to have my upper sinuses opened up and a cyst removed from my right sinus. All this is suppose to happen through my nose, into my face and up into my brain! It brings to mind the movie with Arnold, Total Recall where the probe comes out of the nose with the little orb on it. Maybe they will find another race of beings in my face and head. I will be laid up in bed recovering, half doped up, partially irritated I am sure. I will do some *mad tapping* :-) Just rambling because I am nervous about it....and that is really what a blog is about. Sharing your personal thoughts. Well there are some personal thoughts for ya.!!
Why "celebrity Status" Got Dropped...
Hello! Quite a few of you (as well as me) have been wondering why my ceLebrity status got dropped. Here is the response that I got from Ryan, AKA Scrapper: "The URL you are trying to access does not work. It does not exist anymore. As for why your celebrity status was dropped. Celebrities are supposed to help our site and not publicy say that our site is slow and that our sytem has glitches. Our system is fine. Your page redirects people to outside CherryTAP." So basically what he's saying is that the URL I've been using for the past 6 months to access the site doesn't exist - which is why I posted the screen shot to my default album to prove that it does. He's also saying if the CT website has problems, don't make any comment about it publicly. Also, don't promote yourself on the site - promote your page, sure, but don't let people know that you have another website outside CherryTap. Seems strange to me. I've never had these restrictions on ANY social networking websit
It's My Time To Be Set Free
IT'S MY TIME TO BE SET FREE My eyes are open but I see no light My heart beats but only in spite It's my choice I can act freely now Today I will give the last bow Left completely alone, empty, and hollow Unclear of whats next to follow I reach out but theres nothing there to grab my hand I try and kick but no one wins against this quick sand They scratched the walls and feels like they almost got stuck Welcome to my world that would of just been my luck I hear my phone ring and the sound just burns my ears I hate that hair raising noise It brings me to tears What the fuck does everyone want from me Why won't they just chill and let me be It's getting so hard to breathe the air is so thin I can feel it now its beginning to make my head spin I can't think I don't know what to do I hate myself for ever trusting in you There is so much commotion up in my head I think now would be a good time to wish myself dead What's the reason for me to stay I'm not worth shit o
Will I Live To Be 80?
I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing "fairly well" for my age. A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, "Do you think I'll live to be 80?" He asked, "Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer or wine?" "Oh no," I replied. "I'm not doing drugs, either." Then he asked, "Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?" I said, "No, my former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!" "Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?" "No, I don't," I said. He asked, "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?" "No," I said. "I don't do any of those things." He looked at me and said, "Then, why do you give a shit?"
Love Or Hate
love or hate
Oh Snap!
ERROR: you've reached the daily photo comments limit Can you go help??? I just maxed and still need lots of lovin!
ashley_xxxxx appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to ashley_xxxxx mobile device. Send an SMS Message (Ctrl+T) ashley_xxxxx: Bitch ashley_xxxxx: I will cut ya till i see bone Sherry : bitch back ashley_xxxxx: suddup ashley_xxxxx: i will fucking kill you ashley_xxxxx: Shuddup you whit3e devil ashley_xxxxx: Sleep with one eye open PROOF!!!!!
Just Sick Of This
I am just sick of this. i have been out of work for 6 almost 7 months now. i know i have had it easier than most since after losing my apartment i was able to move back in with my parents. but still i am sick of this. it think it is pretty sad that our government is more worried about these milti milliondollars execs getting paid than they r about trying to help those of us that actually need the money. now that my car is busted and i can not afford to fix. it has gotten to the point where my mom and i r discussing me moving in with a friend of hers back in cali just cause we both know that there is a job waiting for me there. it would not be much but at least i could start to work on getting  myself out of debt. and from there i could also work a second job if i need to. heck i could move back to portland and find work cause there r places that would take me back, i jusrt would not have a place to stay. I know a lot of people, (if anyone actually readsthis) will think i am an ass cau
Fubar In Like, Real Life? Hrmm.. taking a break from what I usually do, whatever that is, I have a new thought or two and maybe we can make something of it. Fubar’s been around while now. There has been of course the usual bad things that happen anywhere but somewhere , believe it or not for some of you, there is good and real life better. Speaking from experience, I know first hand that no matter where you live, what you look like or how much money you don’t make, you can find someone on here to be with in real life whether it be a party, a relationship or even what the hell a one night stand. This is not emo-kid , jailbait & spam city myspace, it’s not a Fubar-knockoff site that spews and gets off on hate, while at the same time doing exactly the same thing they “left “ for ( I still don’t get that but whatever) , and face book where people and ex’s who’s names you have forgotten can stalk you incessantly. I had a face book for 10 minutes. Really. So for a change, I kno
Real Love
Real Love isn't just peace and harmonybutterflies and  day dreamingIt's fire and iceIt's pushing each other to the limityet being able to let it goIt's realizing you are doing thingsyou never wanted to before with outeven thinking about it just because.It's not giving a care anymore to thingsthat used to bother you before.It isn't that you have changedIt's because you have connected withsomeone that wasn't a check list.
A Basic Diet For Hepatitis
A Basic Diet for Hepatitisby Ramona L. Jones, C.N.C.From Nature's ResponseFoods to AVOID Animal products - Animal products should be avoided for several reasons. First of all when you consume animal products you consume what that particular animal has consumed. If it was fed with grains that have been chemically sprayed you also are eating those chemicals. Then there are the injections, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, etc. If the product is in the form of meat, then you have just added stress to the digestive process, stressing the liver, gall bladder, pancreas. Meat is one of the hardest foods to digest. It can sit in the stomach for 5-7 days and ferment, causing flu like symptoms, gas, bloating, and even more stress. Caffeine, including colas, chocolate, coffee, some teas, OTC meds. A good substitute for coffee is Raja's Cup, an antioxidant herbal tea. Caffeine of course is a stimulant. Stimulating the liver can cause stress to the liver. If you are in the habit of drinking c
I guess I'm not slutty enough for Mike or Ryan to approve comments I make to them. I'm not going to show my tits or kiss their ass to get things from them. It's rather stupid that they act this way.   Anyway, I have to go to work now. Text me if you have it.
The Cat That Got The Cream
I was watching the TV the other day, as I tend to do most days. Not that the TV does anything interesting, like double-back summersaults or synchronised swimming with the toaster in the fish tank. No, the TV kinda just sits there but, if I switch it on I get amazing glowing pictures that can amuse me for, well, almost minutes! So, there I was, watching an episode of Will and Grace, or Everybody Hates Raymond or something, when the adverts came on. Now, I hate adverts, so I try not to watch them but sometimes they can be more interesting than the programme you get to see two-minute clips of between the commercials. So, this time I started to half-watch an advert for Head and Shoulders, a shampoo for people with....well, I'm guessing a head and some shoulders. Maybe they called it that because it's difficult to keep the product on your hair? And, I don't know about you, but I have hair on other parts that need shampooing as well. The marketing world needs me!!! I guess calling it "Head,
Take Time To Live
To receive the most out of life we must take time to live as well as making a living We should practice filling our moments with enriching experiences that will give us new meaning and depth to our lives Take time for short walks by the beach side or talks under the bright beautiful star's with family friends Take time for letting go to laugh and Take time to receive the pleasure of nature by smelling the flower gardens or watching the sun set Take time to love and be loved for it's the greatest emotion to share Take time for inter play of personalities and interchange of ideas Take time to enjoy one another take time for solitude and time to be quiet and alone to look within yourself to sort your thoughts for a new work week
Try Something New
Here i am trying something new. I don't know how far this will go, but at least I'm putting it out there. I hope everyone trys at least something new for themselves at least once during 2011. I am even though I might get hurt.
I realize "the Fu" is a point game...however, haven't you met people on here that you may not meet in real life? That have become actual TRUE FRIENDS? Or changed your life...or made you understand yourself? And what you are?   HOLY SHIT!!!  WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT?!?!?!?!!!! They may only be with you for a short while...or a lifetime!!!! *smiles* I have met MANY true friends that are far from me. And a few not so true friends that are in my town (when I thought they were true!)! Maybe that should should say something about me...I don't know nor care. FUCK 'EM!!!! Those that are true...are true through my bad times, my pissy times, my happy times, my insanity...I love you more than anything, except my dog! (sorry, but my dog comes first! Complete loyalty and unconditional love!) LOL! But all others are a very close second! And my heart is full of you! I'm NOTHING without you! I do not thank you enough and for that, I apologize. precious friends...are cherished,
Clues, Claims And Things Left Unheard Of
So this is what it feels like to be 21. Ok fine. Barely 30. Alright, alright. 37. A few weeks into this wholly into a markedly different age bracket... your must be curious as to whether I truly am that much closer to being perennially cranky. Whether I'm wearing nothing but jumpsuits and sneakers 6 days a week. Whether I'm shouting for kids to "get off my lawn!” even if said kids have neither a connection to me nor are playing on a lawn. I don't even have a lawn. But never fear. I strive to maintain a careful balance between maturity, "acting my age" (whatever that really means), and preserving some semblance of a youthful, playful outlook on life. Sure, I'm still snarky. But I'm that way out of love. That's how my sense of humor rolls. I'm also learning to be a husband and step dad. I'm learning to better embrace my career. I'm learning to better envision an even brighter version of my future and that of my family. But I also strongly retain my inner geek, o
All About The Ass!
Life is all about ass. You're either married to an ASS divorcing an ASS or trying to forget an ASS. You're either working your ass off, sweating your ass off, laughing your ass off, kicking ass, kissing ass, spanking ass, hauling ass, wiping ass, busting ass, shaking your ass, or trying to get a piece of ass! Or, you ARE an ass? If you agree with this.... pass the ass (_!_)
So just as i think i will never find my adam, i truly believe God has placed him in my life. Everything just seems so right when i talk to him, when im with him. I know everyone says that the beginning stages of relationships are always the best but i feel that even when we dont agree we can talk it out and neither one of us gets upset. The only problem is that we are "just friends" at the current moment. I want to tell them that I already know that we are meant to be but I dont want to pressure him to do anything that he is not ready to do. So I'm stuck at a crossroads right now, do i tell him all that i feel now or continue to let things progress and let him come to the same conclusion that i have, although that could be a while!
The Seventh
ZURICH, Switzerland -- Sudan will be the neutral venue if an African World Cup qualifying playoff match is needed between Group C rivals Egypt and Algeria.Frank Gore Youth Jersey . FIFA made the draw Wednesday with Egypts choice of neighbouring Sudan being selected instead of Algerias preferred choice Tunisia. If required, the match will be played next Wednesday. Egypt and group leader Algeria play their final qualifier Saturday in Cairo. A two-goal victory for Egypt would leave the two nations tied on points, goal difference, goals scored and head-to-head record and requiring a single playoff match. The winner in Sudan would advance to next years World Cup in South Africa. 49ers Jerry Rice Jersey . The Esks all-star receiver suffered a fractured and dislocated vertebrae after colliding with Tiger-Cats defensive back Jykine Bradley in Edmontons 19-13 win Saturday in Hamilton. Delanie Walker Jersey . The Canucks were dealt a shootout loss on Saturday by the visiting Detroit Red Wings in
The Butterfly
There was once a beautiful butterfly, it would flutter its perfectly patterned, wings high in the blue open sky.every other butterfly would cry out, 'how pretty you are'and even from afar only he was seen, delicately dancing in the breeze.yet this poor butterfly was not at was lonely for its beauty isolated it, alone it would fly alone it would cry, butterfly tears dropping down upon, the jealous land below.even with its beauty, it was not happy, and craved to return to its original self, a catterpillar, anomonoyous and free from natures vanity.and so one day it flew away fromits little leaf, to find the forest queen, and enable its dream of exceptance come true.after many miles of blue sky, the butterfly came to the forests queen tree, after hearing the butterfly's plea, the queen grantted its anomonity, and the butterfly was free, for it was now a catterpillar, and as it crawled away, slowly, a beetle said hello, and a ant said hello, and the catterpillar cried catterplillar
                                                                        Believer             He never believed in anything       like miracles and such,       for him it seemed like the whole       world suddenly lost all touch.           He saw a world in chaos        He saw a world at war,        He used to believe in peace on Earth        but now that doesn't exist anymore.            One day he went for a walk         just to clear his head,        then he saw someone having trouble        with their car, instead of ignoring them,         he helped them out instead.            When he opened the hood          it was worse than he thought         after looking at the transmission         he could tell it was completely shot.             So piece by piece          he took that engine apart          put it back together,          then that engine once again          would start.             He tried to pay his rescuer,          who helped him           
Forever Love...
Ever love, forever lovemere words cannot describe itdeeply felt and meaningfulyou'll know it, should you find itI'd thought myself in love beforebelieving it to be truehow mistaken I had beenI found true love in you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love like I had never knowncould never be forsakentrue love ever in your heartfreely given, never takeneach day true love rings anewforever at your sidelove like I have found in youcannot be denied... Michael H. BodorCopyright © 2012
The Friendship
I couldn't turn my back onyou I had t be a man So I left to serve my country Survive the best I can. Now here I sit in a rice field Trying to stay alive A NV camp close to our sights A stranger at my side.      Yet not a stranger at all! Whether his hair is black, yellow or brown His eyes are green or blue Whether his skin is black or white He's just like me and you! He finds no rhyme or reason He fights the fears inside He wishes he were home again and thinks of those who've died, Yet I don't know his name or where he's from But I know his joys and his strife For a bond exists between us We value each other's life! We step once more in the underbrush Into a burning lit sky I fly And far below me I hear a sound.... "Why God why" Yes, why God, why?
Please Rate This Pic
                ATTENTION ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, FANS, AND ALL WHO ENTER       I have a friend who is currently in an auction, at end of auction the person with the most rates will win a boomy from the host!   I KNOW that we can help her win this all we have to  do is rate the pic once DAILY until Oct. 31st.  So what do ya say? 1 CLICK A DAY TO  HELP A FRIEND                                                                        CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW AND RATE, A COMMENT IS NOT NECESSARY BUT TAKE A LOOK! YOU MIGHT JUST DECIDE TO PLACE A BID ON HER!                                                               JUST 1 MORE THING... while you are here would you please rate this blog? TOP LEFT UNDER MY PIC and you may want to click on *follow blog*  right straight on top      then you will always know what the latest is with me.  
My First Time...
...writing this LC blog. Anyways, just wanted to say happy hump day and stay sexy my cherries! *muahs!*
Color Quiz
sandy's Existing Situation Active, outgoing, and restless. Feels frustrated by the slowness with which events develop along the desired lines. This leads to irritability, changeability, and lack of persistence when pursuing a given objective. sandy's Stress Sources Wants to overcome a feeling of emptiness and to bridge the gap which she feels separates herself from others. Anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to explore all its possibilities, and to live it to the fullest. She therefore resents any restriction or limitation being imposed on her and insists on being free and unhampered. sandy's Restrained Characteristics An unadmitted lack of confidence makes her careful to avoid open conflict and she feels she must make the best of things as they are. Feels cut off and unhappy because of the difficulty in achieving the essential degree of cooperation and harmony which she desires. Feels that sh
Just To Let You Know A Little About Me
well lets see i am 31 years old and i have two wonderful and a awesome and very sexy hubby who i love alot. i am in the bbw adult model world and i have my own pay site wihich i hope goes very well. i also have my own yahoo grup which is free. well thanks for reading about me kinky kennedy
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New Cherry Stash Shows
New Cherry Stash show posted by me please look at them
" The Thought For The Day "
My Trial Video Blog
Another Record Broken...
Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre has now broken the all time career touchdown passes record. The record was formerly held by Dan Marino of the Miama Dolphins. Favre's touchdown pass came at the 4:56 minute mark of the first quarter of the Packers/Vikings game. CONGRADULATIONS BRETT!!!!!!!!!
Dirty Jokes
if you love a good dirty joke see my stash over 350 jokes and still adding
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Whiny Crybabies Just Leave? - Tab Issue Fixed
I know that many of us are turned upside down by the new feature of being notified about what all of our friends are doing. Some like it, some don't. I happen to be with those who don't. Baby J says I like BabyJ and have the utmost respect for him but in this case we must agree to disagree. Absolutely, I can..........and have turned my settings to see what's going on only on my page. Why? Quite franky, I adore my friends but I do NOT feel the need to be all up your business like that. However, just because I've disable mine doesn't mean that someone else can't watch every move I make. That is what I dislike about the new feature. I should be able to decide if I want to be watched like that or not. A simple button or dropbox that says "Allow others to see what I'm doing - yes or no" would solve this whole issue. So those who want to hand out tissues or call the whaaambulance are welcome to keep doing that. I usually support and back up site changes as they are nece
Testing One Two Three!
I need some help from my friends. I need 20,000 comments to get a v.i.p. Any help is much appreciated!
1/2 Man 1/2 Boy
1/2 Man - 1/2 Boy The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country . He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's, but he has never collected unemployment either. He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155mm howitzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he
When Your Bummed About Xmas!!!
Christmas in the Sand I had no Christmas spirit when I breathed a weary sigh, and looked across the table where the bills were piled too high. The laundry wasn’t finished and the car I had to fix, My stocks were down another point, the Cowboys lost by six. And so with only minutes till my son got home from school I gave up on the drudgery and grabbed a wooden stool. The burdens that I carried were about all I could take, and so I flipped the TV on to catch a little break. I came upon a desert scene in shades of tan and rust, No snowflakes hung upon the wind, just clouds of swirling dust. And where the reindeer should have stood before a laden sleigh, eight hummers ran a column right behind an M1A. A group of boys walked past the tank, not one was past his teens, Their eyes were hard as polished flint, their faces drawn and lean. They walked the street in armor with their rifles shouldered tight, their dearest wish for Christmas, just to have a silent night. Other soldiers ga
Bomb List
I was bored last night and decided to go ahead and post my furniture on craigslist. I figured it would take posting and re-posting a few times to get rid of all of it. But damn! I had two emails within minutes of posting. I've had at least one email on all my piece except one. The bookcases are being sold today. The kitchen table and chairs are going today as well. Two different people are interested in the living room set, so it's first come first serve on who responds back first. One person is interested in the mattress and frame. I really want to sell that thing, it is killing my back. The two bookshelves were by far the hottest seller. I guess it's because I'm not asking much. I didn't even have a picture on the ad, haha. I probably won't be able to sell the chest and bedside tables, but I could use those still. So, goodbye furniture. Goodbye Georgia. New job, new home, HERE I COME!! 
10k For Newbies
next 25 newbies to send me a drink will recieve 10k fubux   newbies = dark green names   i need 25 drinks to lvl
Nsfw Images On Comments, Blogs, Mumms, Profiles, Etc!
*FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG* If you are posting PORN or overly NSFW comment tags on people's profile you will be either deleted or suspended from leaving comments for a week. If you have multiple accounts, we will suspend all of your accounts and/or delete you. This is clearly posted on the site. NSFW content must be marked. Comments, blogs, bulletins, stash, etc, etc. fall under this.   If you are reading this blog because you are getting an error message when you post comments, bulletins, blogs, etc, I would rethink about the content you're posting. You are suspended for violating this policy. You are more than welcome to put your favorite NSFW content in a photo album and mark it NSFW.  If you are a repeat offender, your profile will be deleted. The majority of people here do not want to be forced to look at soft porn when cruising the site.  If you see someone who is abusing their comment privs, please report to a bouncer.
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 24
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone (Best I Ever Had - Drake)Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere (Antes Muerta Que Sencilla - Maria Isabel)Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event (Prozak - Dexter Freebish)Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to (La Vie Boheme - RENT)Day 09 – A song that you can dance to (Feedback - Janet Jackson)Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright)Day 11 – A song from your favorite band (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles)Day 12 – A song from a band you hate (Just Dance - Lady Gaga)Day 13 – A song that is a
Sitting Here Thinking
Just A Pure Vent.....
Sorry y'all but this is NOTHING but ME venting......   What the hell am I? I will never be POPULAR, and I'm ok with that. But I am sooo freaking fed up by men who are assholes!!! I am not going to name names, but there are many of you who need to STOP leading women on. If you want friendship, great. If you want more, even better. But for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE just be up front about it. Many of you reading this might think it's you, but those who have my heart, and you know who you are, it's not you. And this is not only about me....This is for my male friends who have been hurt by women...On here and in real life. I just do not get people, and maybe I won't. I just know that MY heart cannot take much more. I am a flirt, and yes I do admit it....but if you do not have the same feelings for the other person....TELL them you don't!! Do not let them get close to you. Do not let them think there is ANY feeling for possibly going further with you. It is not fair to them, and
A Quiet Ride In The Night
Up above me I can hear maniacal laughter. Screams accompany that laugh, and before I even finish climbing the stairs, a body drained of blood, and looking like a dried husk of a person, tumbles down at my feet. I pass right through it as I climb, not stopping its progress to the landing below. Reaching the platform, I see a man, laying on the platform. He is on his back. His breathing is coming in short rasps. Judging by the wound, hes been bitten. I open his eyes and I can see the touch of gold around the edges. He doesn't have a lot of time. Standing up, I suddenly feel dizzy. The mans body is pulled away from me by some unseen force, and disappears down the stairs. A blood geyser comes up and rains down on the concrete, my eyes seem to follow the path of each drop. Slowly they fall and making a sickly pitter- patter as the blood drops land. Rising up the stairs to greet me is a large dark figure. Tall impossibly tall with hands outstretched in greeting. Perfectly preened and almost
Artichokes Help An Ailing Liver
Artichokes Help an Ailing LiverWhen it comes to choosing a vegetable, discover why there may not be any better than the artichoke for your liver’s Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.The prevalence of chronic liver disease is staggering. Affecting an increasing number of Americans, many with chronic liver disease cannot be cured by modern medicine. Instead, they must incorporate liver-focused lifestyle changes into their everyday routine to protect their liver from further damage. Diet and exercise regimens typically top the list of essential liver wellness practices. Eating meals abundant in vegetables tops most health-oriented nutrition programs. However, few veggies are as potent as the artichoke in helping an ailing liver.Historically, American physicians rarely promote the medicinal value of vegetables with their patients. On the other hand, European doctors have been prescribing artichoke extracts to those with liver problems since the eighteenth century. Besides the
Can You See Me ....
   CAN YOU SEE ME ? FOR I AM HERE .. CAN YOU SEE ME FOR WHO I REALLY AND ... I AM HUMAN JUSXT LIKE THE NEXT PERSON  ... MY HEART  IS BIG  AND MY SOUL IS EVEN BIGGER... CAN YOU SEE ME  FOR WHO I REALLY AM  YES I WEAR MY SHIELD  STRONG AND PROUD  .. BUT I AM HERE PLEASE  CAN YOU SEE ME ... MY LIFE MAY NOT BE PERFECT  .. BUT  I TRULY BELIEVE   NO ONE IS ..                                                                                                                                             WRITTEN BY TAMARA JULY,1,2011                                                                                                                                                       
asthey walk by the waterfall handed in hand .. they cannot resist but ti stand under it . soaking our clothes .. and pressing thier wet fabrics against thier skin . the cold water making thier bodies shiver and delight as they they share a single kiss under the waterfall ... the kiss so deep it seems to last forever .. neither one wanting to let go .. and the heat with within them rising so high its threating to explode . thier lips savouring each other . embracing each other .. their hands starting to explore .. starting to each other .. gently and tenderly .. the cold water so refreshing .. they finally take of thier wet clothes and swim under the water naked and continue thier soft sweet embrace ... their lips still not wanting to leave each others for a moment .. holding on to each other cause of the cold and the using each others body to stay warm ... they are lose in each other and nothing else seems to matter . nothing seems to be able to bring them out of their private inter
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
The State Of Fubar - June 2012.
Sometimes you know when things aren't right. This is one of them... Yesterday, the biggest tax ever in the history of the United States was upheld by the Supreme Court. Thus proving what we've said here for about 3 1/2 years now - that Obama is the biggest liar and Socialist we have ever had in the White House. Also, our Attorney General was found in criminal and civil contempt of Congress for failure to provide documentation required regarding the Fast and Furious gun running operation to Mexico. If you don't know what that is, Google it. That too, was historical. But you know, if you looked around here, you would think it's just like any other day. Nary a peep or a word or anyone really paying attention to the outside world.... ...there was a time when this actually mattered to users on here. That time has long since passed. There was a time when real life things like marriages, babies, job promotions, etc, were celebrated by packs or groups of people here. Those days have also
Something Beautiful
there is always something beautiful in the pain other's cause you... knowing that one day I will be truly blessed with true happiness... within my children
My New Sexy Pics!!!!
Hey Everyone
Well im still gettin a divorce and im doing okay I am tired from working so much and I am workin on getting the interior on my car done I only like painting 5 pieces and then im done then on to the outside. I hope everybody has a good weekend and be safe on the holiday weekend
Add My Friend Please..
add my friend please..
This Little Blog Is Nsfw
Sfw Salutes
I am offering a SFW salute for a salute,like the 1s I have posted. My friends rawk,ty all. Even for the ones I don't post since I and yourself get no points for rates. Please remember I do like to upload them so SFW, bra/cleavage is as far as I post. All others are for my enjoyment-lol. Just let me know and PM them to me.
Focused Value
Quality Vs. Quantity We live in an age of quantity. The media shapes us with the notion that larger, faster, and more are often synonymous with better. We are told that we need to find more time, more possessions, and more love to be truly happy. A smaller quantity of anything that is high in quality will almost always be more satisfying. A single piece of our favorite chocolate or a thin spread of freshly made preserves can satisfy us more than a full bucket of a product that we aren’t very fond of. Similarly, one fulfilling experience can eclipse many empty moments strung together. It is not the quantity of time that matters, but the quality that you experience during each moment. Every minute is an opportunity to love yourself and others, develop confidence and self-respect, and exhibit courage. Ultimately, quality can make life sweeter. When you focus on quality, all your life experiences can be meaningful. A modest portion of good, healthy food can nourish and satisfy you on
Yummy Boys And Girls
The YummY Train! Rate/Fan and Add all the YummY Boys and Girls to be added to the train! Be sure and show your fellow YummY FUs lots and lots of love! After you have added all the Yummies and Myself, private message me... PebblesinAZ-Kisses to My Fu Valentine Shaun the Scotish Lad-"Member of Princess Leia's crew&@ fubar ...and I will add you to the train! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BlondePrincess*~Live,Laugh,Love bc Lifes too short@ fubar Tony411@ fubar AutosOnღMz.ǵffêÐÐê§ïrê™ღ of the Booty Fugitives!@ fubar weldingangel ( Space Hottie ) ( FuAngel ) PLS R8 MY PRF & SAL PICS@ fubar
Every1 Plz Go Help Him Level
Robbie@ fubarhe giving away fubuxs and more information about it go to his blog n read it thanx you
Card Readings, Dream Meanings And Palm Readings
Hi.  Ive just opened my new web site online.  WWW.LIFESMYSTERIESTAROT.COM    If anyone is interrested in having their tarot cards read.  I provide useful and insightful advice and readings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
How In The World....?
Why is it that us decent-looking, kind, intelligent, pure-hearted folk always seem to be perpetually single..meanwhile the people who shouldn't procreate always seem to find someone? Seems the best of us are always single, always looking, you think we'd stumble upon each other..but that never seems to work. Somehow the decent people always manage to find the ones who will hurt us, abuse us, take advantage of us, and discard us like trash before moving on to someone who isn't half as good as we are. So while we sit around, pained and broken, jaded with the world, we see others in relationships and become bitter with love. Meanwhile we take a look at those happy couples around us, and we wonder: "What the fuck? HE/SHE can get someone, but I can't?" Hideous ugly troll women with 8 chins, sparse facial hair,  gargantuan ass, cankles bigger than most men's thighs, a high-pitched screeching voice, and a lingering smell of sweltering pork faintly clouded over by febreeze walking hand-in-han
A Blog About A Hh, Autos, Bombs And Some Real Fu Friends.....
Sometimes things are random, sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. Like the generosity, totally out of nowhere from people on here. Sometimes they are fu - culture warriors, people that take it on themselves to do the right thing and make as many people know as possible, sometimes it’s from the hand of those who actually want to see that word spread. And sometimes even, from people that you’ve known forever on here, or so it seems and they just want to lend a helping hand. If you see my Happy Hour Sunday August 2 at 8 PM Fu Time, or some happy Auto 11’s or that little bomb blinking next to my name over the course of the next day, these are the real people who you need to thank…. For the Happy Hour and the Free Bomb…. Dark Angel Freakstar@ fubar ..for the Auto 11’s that everyone will love all over I’m sure….
Just A Picture
it's just a picture... yet when i look in your eyes, i see joy, pain...far away places it's just a picture... yet throughout the day it flashes in my mind... makes me smile it's just a picture... that draws me to you...makes me say silly things & try to get to know you it's just a picture... i think... when i can tell that i am not the only one... it was just a picture, i whisper as i walk away from the computer when you break my heart.
Spitting Out Thoughts.....
(revision of an earlier post)   Time of renewal. Seeing the world for what it really is can be such a burden but a beautiful blessing at the same time. Is it a curse or a virtue? Maybe both. No more tears to shed. No more time wasted. Just me, myself and I. What bliss. Closeness lies not in flesh but in the mind. In the end that is all that matters. Blindness turns to clarity. Sweet revelation. Don't let the hand you hold be the one that holds you down. I would rather be dead then be what I'm not. Take words for what they are. Words. The eyes say all that needs to be said. Logic fights what the heart wants. What is logic anyway? Live to feel. Never deny what wakes you up at night turning your stomach. It eats at you like cancer. Easy to mask. Impossible to get rid of. All the denial in the world won't protect you. No false hopes here. Just knowledge. Knowledge of human nature. The way I am. The way we all are. People=Shit. Aint that the truth? We are all fucked in one way. I know my
My Fall From Grace
What happened?Slightly awkwardly, I'm not entirely sure to what audience I'm writing this.  What follows is a story you may know all, some, or none of, depending on how I know you, and how well I know you.  However, for the sake of getting it over with, let's assume you know nothing, and tell all.Some background. I worked, from late 2004 until around June of 2010, for one of the Performance Teams of the Local Authority.  Previously to this, I had worked for a university, and previous to that, I had worked for the same team at the Local Authority, in its previous guise as the Research and Information Team.  In total, I worked for nigh on ten years for the team, with the exception of those 15 months spent at the university.  For the majority of that time, I did so with a good reputation, as shown by their decision to rehire me when I decided the university thing wasn't working out.Sometime a couple of years ago, things started slowly derailing.  I went from having a firm grasp on my role
Chanel Hierarchic Commanding In The Fashion Sector Every One Of The Studying
Gucci Replica Watches Other Gucci Replica Watches The Coach Handbags for sale are undeniably favored. but in inclusion when adjustments are needed. For me, the dial may possibly be considered a diverse low fat figure not only inherits the Coach Handbags at discount the widespread purchase genuine chanel diamond watches total of characteristics. It would look that no celebrities getting back again in a location to fight the charm involved with Peek a boo by way of Fendi. Gucci Replica Watches 122 Series New for 2010 View is not an exception chanel j12 diamond watches. Make sure you check out signs of a Dunlop sporting tire tread rubber music band features, diameter 46 mm, stainless steel, that will not, the expanding electrical power arrives through the Swiss official Observatory chrono
The Contractors Creed
I am a contractor. I look out for myself, the operators to my left and right, and no one else. I will always take advantage of the fact that I can finally tell Commissioned Officers to pack sand, kick rocks, etc and will do so at every possible occasion. I am my country’s scapegoat, the “plausible deniability” warrior, and I love it. Less than 700 dollars a day is unacceptable, but will take it until I find something better. I am trained to eat things that would make a billy goat puke, but will refuse anything less than 60 dollars Per Diem because I am greedy. I care not for ribbons, nor awards for valor. I do this job for the opportunity to kill the enemies of my country, and to finally get that boat I’ve always wanted. I will be in better shape than 99% of the active duty personnel, although this is not hard. I will equip myself with the latest high-speed gear, and will trick out my AR-15 until it weighs more than 24 lbs, not because it works better, but becau
Public Service Reminder-july 4th
I wanted to remind everyone this fourth of July of the true meaning of the holiday. While you're barbecuing and relaxing with friends, just remember that we, as Americans, have a rich heritage of drinking, blowing stuff up, and shooting guns in the air. It was this day in 1776 that Christopher Columbos drunkenly set foot on new soil, shot in the air, and blew some stuff up, thus giving this great country it's humble beginnings. So wether you're enjoying a paid holiday, arguing with your friends over who threw in more on bottle rockets, or cursing under you're breath all day because you have to work, be sure to pause and show your patriotism by making something explode or have a hole in it.
This Is Wat It Is
LIfe is at a stand still 4 the wrong reason , i dont want things to keep goin like this , i dont sleep rite i dont eat rite and im tierd of the way things are stress stress stress everybody got it but it takes a bigger person to let there problems go  to help another in need and i need to learn to be that person , My love ones are worry but 4 there reason ,Im worry i will never get back wat i once had hope its still there 4 me hope they still love me life will get only better from here i really do belivie that , i just hope it all  dont go down the drain cuz of me!
Dazzle In Your Magnificent Turquoise Jewelry This Christmas –
This is one piece of jewelry that has been used by our ancestors for centuries. It is the bright color and the amazing texture of the stone that makes this one of the most popular stones in history. No wonder even our ancestors were so crazy about such a beautiful gem. It has been used in Native American India for eons and at that time they were considered to be a stone that was used to create positive energy and get rid of evil spirits. It was used by so many different people all over the world as they were considered to be a gorgeous stone that always bough a twinkle to your eye.   Gifting Turquoise Jewelry – If you want to score some brownie points with your girlfriend or your wife, then this is the right way to go. There are different types of Turquoise Jewelry that you can buy and use on a regular basis. You can buy so many chokers, earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, bangles, pendant and lockets and other different types of jewelry. However, don’t thin
Awesome Friends Of Fubar
Its Been Almost A Year since I joined Fubar, throughout that Year I met great people who now happen to be my greatest Friends, Yeah, it may just be a Website, but there is truly remarkable people on here. Ran into a few nuts, but all in all this is a great site to meet great people.   I made a List of some of the Most Amazing People I met on Fubar, Make sure you friend them, add them and all the good stuff. #1 Daddy Spankalot #2 Ranger Basil #3 MonaLisa #4 Small Town Girl #5 Red Hot Candy Apple #6 Mia #7 Tallboy  #8 LMM4Fun #9 MonaLisa #10 Irish Princess #11 BadAss Chevy Girl #12 Baby Scorpio #13 Uniquely Me
Cool New Feature
In case you haven't noticed I'm a fan of the blast feature. I like to have my face popping up randomly on everyone's page all the time!! I'm sure you all remember the other day when I had the blues because I really wanted a birthday blast and wasn't going to be able to have one. I had lots of offers but there was just no way for it to work. Well BabyJ did it there is now a feature to buy someone a Blast!! That is super freaking cool :) Can you tell I get excited easily? Now I just have to figure out how to get BabyJ to partner with Teleflora so someone can send me flowers for my birthday! Then life will be perfect. Have a great day cherries and SMILE!! ~update I just realized that seemed a little selfish and bratty I'm just a little bouncy today life is perfect without material objects...I'm a little disgusted that I wrote that
Nsfw Pics
THIS GUY JUST got 25 of my pictures as nsfw!! 25 of them!! he blocked me first but he must b stupid cux it showed him as THE ONLY recent vieweer of those pics too ALL my albums r locked now because of em go get him downrate him comment nasty and block his ass HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY A FRIEND TOO!!!!!! :"( smalfry@ CherryTAP Y do Mfer's do this this is totally wrong when a friend does this ?????
Clogged Pipes & Plastic Assholes!
Not that there's a need for me to apologize, but, sorry that it's been a few days since I've blogged, but I've been exceptionally busy! Listen to all this shit thats going on right now... The first thing I'm going to talk about, I'm really excited because I have longed for this to happen for some time now. I'll be having a meeting this month with a major adult sex toy company about possibly making my own line of Belladonna sex toys! I really feel like this is a positive step in my career. I know my toy line will do really well, especially since I have toy driven girl/girl movies. I will probably even have a Belladonna signature Pussy/Ass mold that you can personally punish, if you must. I will definitely keep you all informed on the status of that venture. And speaking of other business opportunities, I was contacted by PT, a director for VIVID, the other day. He's interested in casting me in a movie he's shooting sometime next year. The role he has in mind for me is Cleopatra. I alway
Just curious if you found out a guy was lying to you or a girl for that matter how would you bust them? or would u collaborate more with the person that you found out from, let the person dig more of a hole and then bust them? We are trying to think of a way to bust a guy for the games he's playing and can't decide how to do it and when to do it but both of us are antsy about waiting lol but both wanna wait to see how much of a hole he can dig for himself!
Birth Story!
(BIRTH STORY) SHE IS HERE!!!! I started getting the contractions on the 9th at 10pm after i took the castor oil, and i figured that they would just go away, but i went to sleep and woke up around 5am with stronger contractions than i went to bed with. i called my mom at work and told her i needed to go to the hospital. when we got there i wasnt dialated anymore, but they told me to drink alot of water and walk around the hospital for an hour, so thats what i did. after i did that they checked me and i was dialated another cm, and 90% effaced. my midwife asked me how long i had been having the contractions and i told her since 10pm the night before, so she said you have been piddleing along for too long. lets have this baby. she broke my water and started me on petocin to speed things up. she asked me if i was still going to go natural and i told her yes. she said i was brave lol so the contractions came and went and got stronger and stronger and before i knew it i was dialated to a
After Much Scrimping And Saving
I have finally raised enough money to cover the cost of printing out the daughter of hell picture as a poster the size is A1 which is 594 x 841mm or 23 3/8 x 33 1/8 inches the cost will be 15 uk pounds but if you want to create a customer account at the store I can then send you a coupon which will mean it will be 10 uk pounds which as the exchange rate will be just under 20 dollars, anyway if you create an account at the Scarybirds Vaults I can send you the coupons and also it will means any of the other posters that we eventually get printed out wont cost more than a tenner in uk money. Where is says log in you can enter your details as a new account there, it wont be used for any other purposes apart from letting you know when stuff have been printed
if want some fast fubucks, then rate my pics with 11's ill give you 1,000 fubucks per 11. after your done just PM me & check it out & then send you the fubucks. thanks
20 Things Women Should Know About Men
Listen up, ladies! Men love it when you: 1. Have the ability to tease, be playful and take a joke 2. Know that men are not, in fact, from Mars, and women are not from Venus 3. Wear our T-shirts and boxers 4. Call us out of the blue (if we're dating; not if we're practically strangers) 5. Kiss creatively 6. Have a social conscience and enjoy a good debate 7. Have an easy-going attitude about watching or participating in athletic events occasionally 8. Are comfortable leading the whole way in bed 9. Ask for advice about non-stereotypically male stuff (yes, guys usually know what CD player to buy, but we like to be taken seriously about other things too) 10. Are charming and thoughtful to his mother 11. Can hold up your hair using only a pencil 12. Are sexy and smart at the same time -- for example, you do the Sunday crossword wearing a pair of flirty pajamas 13. Have the ability to remind us what gifts you like, without implying an obligation 14. Have a spirit of independ
How Do I Delete My Account
Log into your account and go to your “profile” settings under the “My” drop down menu on the top left side of your homepage. Next, click on the “delete profile” link on the bottom left of your profile settings page. Due to security purposes, we will not delete your account upon request if the request comes from a third party address or user. If you wish to have an account deleted because it contains impersonated photos, you must file a DMCA. Also, if you’re not going to use the site for awhile, but you don’t want to lose all your points/levels/friends etc, just go into your profile settings page, and turn Email Alerts to OFF.
Ends 2.8.09 Noon Futime!! Bid To Win A Sexy Salute From Me
Extra! Extra!Read all About It!First time ever!!Hard2Handle is Auctioning off an NSFW Salute!! Undoubtedly this will cause some drama, let's keep it real and be adults!Any and all hate comments will result in deletion and blocking.Please do not bring the Drama to my page.Let's have some fun, this is a possible one time only event!! 1-No Minimum Bids! 2-All Bids Allowed! 3-Keep frivolous comments to a minimum please. 4-Auction ends Sunday 2-8-09 @ Noon FuTime. 5-When Auction ends, I will notify Lucky winner. At which point you will need to send Hard2Handle the winning sum of your bid. 6-Do NOT send anything until you have been verified the Winner. 7-Salute will NOT be made until transaction has been completed. 8-Clicking Pic above will take you to Auction. Your Hostess:MsCharlotte2U~ No Rate~No Add~@ fubar DON'T FORGET THE RATE THIS BLOG! THANKS SO MUCH!
So, I found out that my little sister is pregnant. I am so unbelievabled pissed at her, and I know that won't help her out right now at all. Apparently, her and my mom have known for almost 4 weeks now. She couldn't even tell me herself, she had to have my mom tell me, at like 5 a.m. today when I was heading to bed. So far, only her, my mom, my mom's sister, and my mom's mom know besides me. Apaprently, I have been giving the job of letting one of our other sister's know.  I have been trying to tell my sister since last summer she was going to fuck up her life. Now she is having a baby, with a wigger boy, who dropped out of high school.  Oh, yeah and she doesn't want to go to college now. I wish my dad were here.  If he was still alive, none of this shit would have ever happened. Oh yeah.  Might as well add in she is getting 6 months probation for trying to steal from Kmart. Jesus Fucking Christ.
Memorial Day
I hope you all take some time today to remember what's important,and think about the people who have sacraficed their lives so that we can worry about petty little things like rates and fubling.So I want to say thanks to all the past and present military.and to my love who is currently deployed in afghanistan I love you and I miss you   I hope you all have a good weekend.
      TO CHAPEL:
100 Greatest Rock Songs Of The 90's
    01: Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"02: U2 - "One"03: Faith No More - "Epic"04: Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"05: Pearl Jam - "Alive"06: Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters"07: Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under The Bridge"08: Radiohead - "Creep"09: R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"10: Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"11: Alice In Chains - "Man In The Box"12: Live - "Lightning Crashes"13: Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun"14: Metallica - "Enter Sandman"15: Nirvana - "All Apologies"16: Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush"17: Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name"18: Aerosmith - "Cryin'"19: Alice In Chains - "Rooster"20: Dishwalla - "Counting Blue Cars"21: Stone Temple Pilots - "Interstate Love Song"22: Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing"23: The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony"24: White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"25: Oasis - "Wonderwall"26: Blind Melon - "No Rain"27: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight, Tonight"28: Beck - "Loser"29: Collective Soul - "The World I Know"30: Nine Inch Nails - "Hurt"31:
Am I Stuck Up?
It's come to my attention that I appear stuck up... 2 different people have mentioned this to me so it can't just be the one person that thinks it because they don't like me. I admit I like nice things and are used to a certain way of life...but stuck up? I thought there was a difference between having standards and being stuck up. I? I know most of you, being my friends would be all like 'NO wai! blah blah blah'...but I'd like some brutal honesty please. :)   Pretend it's a mumm.=D
One Of Today's Horoscopes...
Yeah, it's probably no big deal to most, but it definitely tells me a lot...        Resist the urge to whimper, whine or say 'if you loved me, you would.'     Guilt may have worked on others, but it's not an attractive technique.     How about brutal honesty instead? I'd rather not have it any other way (right, shithead?) (y) *away doing stuffz*
Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in misery… And drowning in remorse. His heart is broken he swears as he holds his arms out Begging me to fall into them. And I just…can’t. The only things that hold me are my mistakes. They cradle me, like a mother cradles her baby. And I apologize to him with words that come from the clouds. We’ve been stuck here for so long… Me pleading my case and him begging for more. I have dreams of being a star(fucker) To be appreciated for an hour To be remembered for a good time. I will have my cake and eat it too I want to bask in my own (alter)ego To be a glorified (pain)slut Today they told me I am crazy In whispers barely audible Like they were afraid of what I might do I screamed                                                   I KNOW
Memories Are Just Where You Leave Them
                      I used to write alot of blogs. Not so much anymore. I guess after awhile you just feel like no one cares about what you have to say or not. Whether thats the truth or not,who knows? I tend to ramble out of my mind sometimes.... This hasnt been the best year for me,or for really anyone else i know. Anyways my year actually began in February. My oldest brother Matt who was a youth minister thought his wife was cheating on him,when in reality she wasnt. He came to the decision the only way to deal with this was to take his own life. So 2 days before my mothers birthday,my brother commited suicide. I felt like my world had come crashing down around me. I couldnt get out of bed for a week. I wasnt sure how i was supposed to go on. In fact the only thing that really kept me going was knowing i had to stay strong for my mom. The most important person in my life.                         But as well all know,life has to go on. The human heart keeps beating,whether the pai
can some one plz tell me why freedom coast so much. and one more thing why in America when i bye some thing do i have to contenu to pay and pay for it i mean where the fuck is all the tax money going ?
This is me...............     Maybe - Sick Puppies   Maybe I'm a dreamer Maybe I'm misunderstood Maybe you're not seeing the side of me you should Maybe I'm crazy (Maybe I'm crazy) Maybe I'm the only one (Maybe I'm the only one) Maybe I'm just out of touch Maybe I've just had enough Maybe it's time to change And leave it all behind I've never been one to walk alone I've always been scared to try So why does it feel so wrong To reach for something more To wanna live a better life What am I waiting for? 'Cause nothing stays the same Maybe it's time to change Maybe it's hopeless (Maybe it's hopeless) Maybe I should just give up (Maybe I should just give up) What if I can't trust myself? What if I just need some help? Maybe it's time to change And leave it all behind I've never been one to walk alone I've always been scared to try So why does it feel so wrong To reach for something more To wanna live a better life What am I waiting for? 'Cause nothing stays the same Maybe it's time
Ladies Nite 2
      If you hear any noise, It ain't the boys , it's Ladies Night , uh huh! ~*~ Oh yes it's Ladies Night,And the feeling's right,Oh yes it's Ladies Night,Oh what a night! ~*~ That's right Ladies! Ya heard right!!! ~*~ ~*~  It's LADIES NIGHT @ Da SwampYard EVERY Friday Night!!! So grab your girls and get in here!! You know you don't wanna
From My Dear Friend Elcool43
Annette's turn 8/28/2011Tonight, my friend, something said, "Write for Annette."To write, and bend, words with true sincerity, I'll bet,Is not easy on such a whim, so through the hours, I SetOut to make these words undim and fly to Sweet Annette.A music Lover, 'tis true, she'll send a dream on to you,Within a night, with songs and words she felt true blue.Now, this girl's a lady and lovely, through and through,She'll ring your soul with dreams and things, all so new.The Soul's loved friendship is built within these dreams,A wondrous tapestry she fills 'tis true and so it seems,A night to deeply move an honored soul to great extremes,So tantalizing her mind, kind and true, discerning scenes.To end this paean, I think..Will not cause me to sink,To my knees, awed by this lady, modestly to soon drinkThe draught of morn apace, that soon can place a blinkUpon the eye of a wandering descendant of missing Link.Ummmm!It is completely my own, with your inspiration.I've tried to capture you somew
Creative Writing Championship 2011, Round 2 Entry
This is a 1,000 word story Genre: Comedy Location: Flower Shop Object: Fish Killing GoldfishMr. Brownfield could feel Harold looking at him. Brownfield closed his eyes, took a deep breath and potted the plant how he wanted to do it anyway. The Greenhouse was slow and Brownfield was trying out new things to pass the time. Harold the goldfish just did what he always did, swim in his bowl and shake his head at Brownfield. After the shop was tidied up, Brownfield locked up and headed home without saying a word to Harold.When Brownfield came in the next morning Mrs. Flowers was sitting at the register, smiling at Harold and sprinkling food into his bowl, blowing kisses at him.Brownfield said hello to Mrs. Flowers and Harold. He told Mrs. Flowers she looked lovely and gritted his teeth as he told Harold that his bowl looked very clean. He set down his bag and went to look at the Marigold plant he potted the day before, it was on its way to dying already.It was Friday morning and the shipment
Timberland Jackets
40 and even XXL clothes, but bear in mind, short-term substantial on and will not seen as turn out good on you. Various mothers furthermore attire their own partners layers but nevertheless , face simply Canada Goose Coats the same troubles. Canada Goose takes pride in creating authentic gear to help real people living jackets brand in extreme conditions battle the elements.Originally developed for scientists working in research facilities at McMurdo station in Antarctica,the Canada Goose Expedition Parka allows its wearers to withstand the most frigid temperatures.Not only is it durable and well insulated,with 625 fill power white duck down,but its iconic design also features a highly functional collection of external pockets,perfect for easy gear storage jackets brand and hand-warming.When the wind really howls,the tunnel-shaped hood can be pulled tightly around the face,using an adjustable bracing wire,creating a sheltering pocket of air to keep the face warm. The Alife Grey Goose E
Howdy Friends
I just wanted to step in and say hello to all the fine friends I have made here on Lost Cherry.
Ravings, Rantings And Rankings.....
I cant begin to tell you what you all mean to me. Yesterday was absolutely amazing and I guess my pea brain had no idea what it was gonna be like to be on everyone's home page for 24 The response to that overwhelmed this lil gal from texas' heart. You people are incredibly amazing to me. Those that know me well know that if there is anything at all I can do for you for showing me so much kindness all you need do is ask. Im incredibly behind in rating you all and if I havent, which yesterday was next to impossible, please remind me especially if you are needing to level up and I'll come and help push you over or pimp you out as need be. I do want to address one thing that is in my mind this morning. Over the day and last night several haters came to my profile...Never once commenting on anything but to leave 1's, 4's etc...whatever the number, I guess in some attempt to make me feel badly or to drop my rating or whatever. Never being brave enough to speak to me.
The Horror
" I've seen horrors...horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to judge me. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that...But you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face...And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies.
This Year I....
so the year is ending... confess that in 2006 I... x ate sushi x got naked on the beach at night x drove more than 200 miles x played world of warcraft x played matchmaker x met some interesting people on myspace & cherrytap x wrote an articles for the kiteboarder magazine x had some photos published in the kiteboarder magazine x discovered "The Lake Effect" x opened my business to a very successful 1st year x learned coding x made a ton of friends under the age of 18 (skateboarders!) x created a sucessful fundraising project x gave lots of hugs x made people laugh x drank way too much at the Idler x danced a bit freaky at Wayside x went to a strip club x learned to kiteboard better x saw the hurricane damage in alabama x visited new orleans and met dan from the real world x met anthony keidis from the chili peppers @ my shop x got crushed between 70,000 people at lollapalooza x lost my grandmother x made a lot of good friends x realized that not all gir
A Letter To The Massess
Hey everyone I want to thank everyone who has been part of the HG scene up till now and get things moving for the New Year. I would like to say a few things about things up to know and thank a few people at this point. I have wanted to make HG a community not just a club night and I think we’ve done that. And I think our move to Club Gallery will do an amazing job of that. As for the customers and staff that have been there so far I’ve heard nothing bad about the place and I think the community will feel at home there. I hope that the move and the new year will all be good things for the community of HG. I also want to take time to thank both the staff who have worked hard getting the night going and keeping it going. From Fancy, Tigris, John, Tone, Mike, Logan, Decay Gabrielle, and a host of others. You all know who you are :) I also want to thank the patrons. PK, MA, Derek, Steve, Cyanide, Rick and again a host of others. I’m sorry if this feels like an afternoon after sc
Helllllp Me Dam It
k everyone click on the pic and rate and comment bomb help me win lol heeeeeeeeelp ..and if i ever do another contest slap my ass kkkkk lmao i need to get to 10 000 pts good gawd lmao
Without Further Are Your Round Three Tattoo Contest Winners!
****TaTtOo***KiNg**** (3rd place with 2334 votes) 1rowdyrebel (1st place with 3380 votes) The Green Eyed Lady (2nd place with 2873 votes)
talk to me or something....i am bored
My Dream
My dream comes to me so vividly Your lips caress my breast Bringing shivers down my spine As my body gives in quickly Every touch heats my skin Our bodies vibrating with such passion Legs entwined pulling you deep within Taken by ecstasy Each thrust begins to get quicker Building towards the final release My dream comes to me so vividly Dam dream lmao haha wahoooooo got u all lol
How My Life Has Changed...
SO THIS IS A COPY OF A BLOG I WROTE FOR MY MYSPACE... ALOT OF PEOPLE ASK ABOUT MY EX AND ABOUT HOW JAYDEN IS DOING AND ITS GOT ALL OF THAT SO I FIGURED I WOULD POST IT HERE TOO. ITS KIND OF LONG THO LMAO..ENJOY! So im sitting awake and its 4:35am, and i decided to write a blog about how everything in my life has changed. I guess i will start with Jayden. She is 7 weeks old, and god is she growing fast! she has gained a pound a week since she was born. Ive went thru quite a bit with her. First of all her failure of a father is nolonger in my life nor hers. First of all he didnt sign her birthcertifiate. Thru my hole pregnancy it was known that he wanted a dna test. why i have no fucking clue because he was living with me the hole month that she was concieved.. but anyways i told him if he wanted it then he had to pay for it. Well when we were at the hospital he could have had it done, but he didnt. I wasnt about to have it done anywhere else but the hospital. When i sign
7g To Play Live Show On The Eric Von Wade Radio Show!!!
7th Generation will play a live set on the ERIC VON WADE radio show on KEYS 1440 AM in Corpus Christi, TX!!! The broadast will begin at 4pm on Thursday November 8th!!!! and continue until around 5pm... there will be lots of music and an interview all broadcast live!!! Hope you catch it!!!! much love 7G
Calendar Girl Contest
Dreams And Girls
Things are good, mostly. School is going by. Hopefully by this time next year I will have graduated. I like learning stuff, but I'm getting " burnt out ". School is about more than learning stuff. The part I get annoyed with is proving that I have learned stuff. lol. I'm getting old. I'll be 27 in January. I worry that I will end up a " weird old man " all alone. I think about what I want in a girlfriend. Someone who is independant, smart, beatiful, and love me the way I am. That would be Mellissa. :( Most of th day I can get by without thinkig about her. I can't get through most days though. I try to intelectualized, or rationialize. I've liked many people, and there's more than one person in the world I can love, and fall inlove with. Maybe there is someone as good as her out there for me. Probably is? I don't know. I don't get out much. I haven't even hungout with ny family much lately. My sleeps been messed up recently. I have lots of nightmares. I woke
Shes One Hell Of An Owner And Omg What A Women
The Break Up
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } the breakup well things have not been going well for a little while now..   I went to talk to him and it was a big fight I felt things did not add up, and went to call him out on it, we both got angry and I said fuck it bring me my key.. He was mad and said fine that's what you want and hung up on me.. I should have worded my words so different, but these feelings have been building up inside me.. All I  did was make him mad and push him away to the point of no return..   I still have my doubt, now even more so, if he really cared and if there really is no one else, he would have talked to me about it and I don't think he would have been so mad in doing so.   He feels like I am acting like his ex nagging and saying he is doing something he is not.. I did not mean to come across like that, all I really wanted is him to make me feel like what I am feeling is not what
Tongue Salutes..
Im in a weird mood tonight, cant really explain it so im not gonna try. Instead ive randomly decided to make a tongue salute folder and i think it'd be really awesome for my friends to ya know..just do it! Im not asking anyone to write on their tongues, just take a pic sticking your tongue out and if i get some ill make a special folder....something to laugh at when nothing else seems funny. Anyway sounds good to me.... Thanks 4 Reading
Oh Shit! My Account Was Deleted?
There are so many rumors going around about how the fubar admins are this or that. It's actually quite funny to read some of the stories. I thought I’d save you all some time and clear some things up...  1. We do not like to delete profiles. We know you just come right back. It is has never been our policy to delete profiles for petty shit. Some of the people who have become my biggest supporters and eyes and ears are users who I once had disputes with. I will say it again, deleting is our last resort.  2. If your profile was deleted, it may not be our fault. I always find it funny when a user will come to me screaming about a "friend" who was deleted. This usually alerts me to check their profile for suspicious activity. 99% of the time the person arguing is whining about one of their fake accounts. DO NOT COME TO US CRYING about an account that you know was fake. Spammers get deleted. Underage Users get Deleted, Anyone who SCAMS or DISPUTES or who has directly benefited f
Wanna B Fu-rich & Be On The Fu-map Within 12 Hrs??
WANT someone to make you fu-rich and put you on the FU-MAP in only 12 hours??  Then here is a deal for you. Go by my bud Coz's page and he'll tell you how.  TELL HIM Islandgirl Sent you!! HE'S MY #4 FRIEND ON MY PAGE --- (i need to learn how to post a link in a blog) -- this below is his picture -- the link doesn't work -- sorry! $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
I Stolz Yur Facts.
Reading through all the tagged blogs I was struck by how many of the things I indentified with.  I am not sure if that means that I have populated my fu-friends with people like minded to me (Yay!) or all people are boringly alike (not so yay) For my list I am stealing some of your comments that resonated the most with me.  1. If my socks and shoes are both near me, I will put on sock, shoe, sock, shoe.  Otherwise it's sock, sock, shoe, shoe. 2. I didn't read any books for years. I just started reading again and I wonder why I ever stopped.  EDIT. I don't have as good as excuse for this as the person I stole it from and I didn't completely stop.  However I did go from being an avid reader for most of my life to rarely reading for a long time.  I am back to reading much more again. 3. I really cannot remember names and dates. 4. I refuse to go to chain restaurants while on vacation.  This is something that my parents taught me that has stuck.  EDIT Not so much learned from my paren
It stormed here last week, and I'm still digging out my yard.  For a few days, though, I was simply stuck.  I could don my snowboots and many layers of clothing to make it to the mailbox, but that was about it. Then tragedy struck.  I was out of envelopes. What was I to do?  How could I communicate with the outside world?  A message tucked into a wine bottle doesn't travel very far when you toss it into 3-foot waves of snow. Then, Genius struck.  (This may have also been the effect of too much cold on my brain.)  I found an old mis-addressed envelope, and I carefully un-did the glued edges, placed it on my cutting board, and traced around it with a nifty razor knife thingy.  I carefully folded in the flaps, worked a little magic with a glue stick, and voila!  An envelope!  After I made a couple, I realized that plain white paper just wasn't that interesting.  I took an old atlas and started tearing out pages, turning them into little envelopes.  Then I had the brilliant idea of
Grasping For Whats Gone.
Will you ever speak to me again? I am sorry, for what I said that made you hate me so much, or made you so angry. That wasn't my intent. I was upset and hurt by things you had said and I reacted poorly. Its been months, and still everyday I think of you. I think of how you made me laugh, how you are like no one I've ever met before. I think about all the good times we had vs the bad ones. I miss hanging out, going on nature walks, listening to you ramble on about a weird but awesome theory or idea. I miss you, I miss our friendship before i became so toxic for us. I know I said I wouldn't bother you anymore, but I've wanted to talk to you for so long. If its only a message that you will read and ignore, or not even read and just delete, at least I'll get things out. And if you really wish to be rid of me, please just block me, i can't bring myself to block you.    
You Are My Father
I will not look at this as a goodbye.I will not allow the sorrow of this event to destroy me.I will embrace what you have taught me through theyears and carry that with me.You have not died. You will forever be a part of my life,and through me you will forever be a part of mychildren's as well. We are your legacy.I am proud to have had you in their lives.I hope they inherit your charm, your good nature, and yourcharisma. I know with your influence they will grow tobecome good men.You have raised me to the best of your abilityand for that I want to thank you.Thank you for being kind, thank you for being stronger thanyou know, and most of all, thank you for loving us.You have inspired me to live life to the fullest,and never back down.I will not be taken over by the anger andfrustration of your loss.Instead, I will remember the days when I was youngand you were my hero.I will see you in my dreams.There you will forever be healthy and strong.In time, I hope to embrace your freedom, freedo
I am putting my SB on closedown.   I don't think I need to explain why. Lets just say i'm slightly irritated. (52)   Jen
Appeal With Unemployment Need Feedback
I was Terminated From my job as a shift manager for a local Pizza Chain. I filed for unemployment with the Virginia Employment Commision and Was denied  for "THE CLAIMANT WAS DISCHAGRGED FOR DELIBERATELY VIOLATING A KNOWN COMPANY RULE!"   BELOW IS MY REASON FOR APPEAL  PLEASE READ AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE SITUATION! ty!     I was scheduled to open as shift manager on the day in question. (10am-5­pm) I made a previous arrangement to drive as a closing driver that night (11pm-3am) however the night befor the morning driver for said day had car issues so I was FORCED to drive for the morning shift, which was not required in my job position, to be a driver. Company policy says if a staff change is needed and no substitute can be located the GM is to replace them untill one is located.. I still showed up and did my job as a driver to include prep work and over night storage dishes, as well as dishes that were used during the shift as observed by  common cureous practice, NO
Live-wires Connect.
LIVE WIRES   Tyler Durden said:West Coast, East Coast - from the 'Sco to Flo' - I Cassanova; I don't police those. Hard head, hard knuckles and hard in the sheets, though? I put my money where my grill is - King Kong beasts most. I take attention like my life is a street show. Dude, see more, I get hella gnarly - Dude, I beat bros. Cats sings songs; Cuzzo, I free throw. I pound the street, Roman-Greco style, like I was Greek, Ho'... and, I got a wife - I taught her how to deep-throat. I got game like a hydra, with pressure like a fire hydrant on a street-hose. I look great in a bloody apron and a butcher knife, like life was a meat-show. Am I nice to meet? NO - 'cause the black ram makes you laugh at your self, lowers his horns and bleats close. You bleed close... and I lick it up, like a vampire at a freak show.   Other said:Blood tells the gruesome tale of many an adversary fail, Like a runaway locomotive, I can't break for the weak or the frail. Not telling you twice befor
Now That I’m 27, not really looking forward to heaven. My soul feel dead, like I never been alive. So maybe when I die, I well finally be alive. If loving is healing and hating is killing, Then what is being broken? Maybe it is when the heart feel the healing of  love, then feel pain of losing the love. Maybe why I feel dead inside or broken from being alone. Oh boy who we live your lives, with silly things that we try to feel so alive. 
Pimpout Game
No Idea What To Call This One
It's been almost 3 months since my mom passed away. Everything has changed. Dad's moved in with my sister, mom's stuff is all gone to everywhere. My younger sister is moving out of the city and dad's going too. My older sister lives out in the country, the opposite way. Things seemed so much simpler growing up. Knowing there'd always be home. I don't know what to do with myself half the time.  I'd pick up the phone to call mom for some stupid thing and try to annoy my dad with something but it's not the same. There's this hole inside and I don't know how to fix it. I'm supposed to know how to fix things. When the weather turns, I'd call her and we'd talk about whether it was doing something at her end or vice versa. When it snowed I knew she'd be the first one going out in bare feet (hey I never said she was sane) loving every second of the cold.  I have tried to make sense of it, but I don't know how. Nothing seems to make sense.  I went to the park the other day with Mack after sc
10 Reason Trick Or Treating Is Better Than Sex
    Top Ten Reasons Trick-or-Treating is Better Than Sex.10. You're guaranteed to get a little something in the sack. 9. The uglier you are, the easier it is to get some. 8. It doesn't matter if the kids hear you moaning & groaning. 7. Less guilt the morning after. 6. It doesn't matter if they fantasize you're somebody else, because you are. 5. Forty years from now, you'll still enjoy candy. 4. If you don't get what you want, you can always go next door. 3. If you get tired, you can wait 10 minutes and go again. 2. You don't have to compliment the person who gives you some. 1. You can do the whole neighborhood!
Greatest Gift
Some know and some don't. I am a mommy of 3 beautiful children who I have had been kept from. My ex took em and they live with his wife while he lives somewhere else. I was kept from seeing, talking to and even getting pics of my kids. My baby girl age 8 (9 end of the month) is having serious behavior issues because of the loss. She misses her mommy. My ex has for the first time come to understand that keeping me from her is destroying that child. I am now walking on cloud 9...I will be picking up my daughter for most of Dec. After that I will take her back "home". This summer she will be here the full time and at that point it will be decided if it is best for her to stay with me. So for the first time in almost 2 years I have gotten to talk to my children, see them on webcam, get pictures and be a part of their life again. I could never ask for a greater gift then to see the smile on their faces, hear their sweet laughter and get the chance to let them know not a day has come and gon
Nobody's Home
I couldn't tell you why she felt that way,She felt it everyday.And I couldn't help her,I just watched her make the same mistakes again.What's wrong, what's wrong now?Too many, too many problems.Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.She wants to go home, but nobody's home.It's where she lies, broken inside.With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.Broken inside.Open your eyes and look outside, find the reasons why.You've been rejected, and now you can't find what you left behind.Be strong, be strong now.Too many, too many problems.Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.She wants to go home, but nobody's home.It's where she lies, broken inside.With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.Broken inside.Her feelings she hides.Her dreams she can't find.She's losing her mind.She's fallen behind.She can't find her place.She's losing her faith.She's fallen from grace.She's all over the place.Yeah,ohShe wants to go home, but nobody's home.It's where she lies,
The Show Tonight
Houston Rockets player Yao Ming will be absent from a Chinese squad which will compete at a tournament in Las Vegas next month, the event will also feature some NBA sides. Mike Iupati Super Bowl Jersey . An official from the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), Hu Jinshi, said on Monday that the possibility of Yaos participation in the event is close to zero. Yaos absence is a result of his long-term injury, said a report on the website Sources with the Rockets say it may take the small giant about half a year for treatment and recovery from his shoulder injury. However, no source has yet confirmed whether the star player will require surgery. Director of the CBA, Li Yunwei, revealed Yao is still undergoing training in the US as arranged by his US club. He further declined to give a time-frame for Yaos return to the Chinese national team. Yaos absence also leaves a lingering shadow over Chinas mens basketball teams preparations for the Beijing Olympics next year. The nationa
26 New Angels
                                                       26 New Angels In the night sky not too far 26 New Angels now stand as shining new stars.   They left for school one morning with smiles on their face it was somewhere they thought was supposed to be a safe place.   26 Angels who used to teach and play then in an instant would all be taken away.   An unspeakable act, just a few moments of terror the act of a coward took away 26 New Angels, that 'til then knew no fear.   Though they were the children they taught us a lesson that very sad day,  Love every day you have 'cause in an instant it could all be taken away.   Look out to the night sky wherever you are 26 New Angels now stand as 26 new shining stars. 
"vigília Carlos": Inovação, Alta Moda E Tendência
Desde que eu era muito jovem, ele nasceu na paixão e amor pela arte e moda, e é por isso aos 22 anos, decidiu viajar para Lima para buscar uma chance revolucionária no mundo da moda. Graças aos seus esforços, perseverança e dedicação, em 1997, consegue abrir no distrito de San Borja seu Atelier, com o mesmo nome, "Vigília Carlos", e em 2006, ele decidiu se mudar para o exclusivo bairro de San Isidro, o posicionamento bem, nas áreas A e B da capital. Atualmente, este local de prestígio tem quase 1000 espaço m2, único, onde todos os seus clientes usufruir de um apoio de primeira classe, serviço personalizado e uma experiência de compra única. Vigília hoje Carlos, se dedica a criar vestidos de noche, coquetel, de noivas e vestidos vintage, todos Haute Couture, feito à mão e assistiu a todos os detalhes. Sua inspiração vem da natureza, e com base nas cores da paisagem, com a sua mais recente coleção inspirada nas cores e texturas dos recifes de coral. Suas criações são única
vote for my pic please!
I Lost #1 Blog
Not long ago I got my baby blog and my story into the #1 blog spot. I just recently noticed that my blog was moved into the #2 spot and it breaks my heart that my story about the loss of our baby has been replaced. I have done everything that I can to try to spread the message about compassion, friendship and understanding. PLEASE help me get my baby blog back into the #1 spot where it belongs so that I can continue to spread the support to other parents that might be going through this very same thing. I know that you all will do the right thing.
All New Cherry Trains!!!
I know I know I have been slacking! But I have made another fun site for all of us that like to make lots of new friends! NEW CHERRY FRIEND TRAINS Add yourself to the: Fan Me Train Hottie Train Comment Bombers Train Military Train Sexy & Single Train BBW & Lovers Train I love 420 Train I have lots of trains made and lots more to come! Let me know what trains you want! Have fun and collect lots of friends! Cheers, Vlad
why is it, that when i am closest to being found... that i feel the most... lost?
Say A Prayer!!!
Valley Girl Clip
Poems My Sexy Gummy Goob Wrote Me
Michael Jackson 6-26-09 Age 50
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
3 Years On The Fu
How time flies! Just three years ago a friend told me about a fun lil site, kinda like MySpace but was more fun and more interactive with people... it was called Lost Cherry. I created a profile and have had fun ever since. The site pulled a fast one on us when it hit 1 million profiles - really miss those days :p It went from Lost Cherry to CherryTap to what it is today.. so many changes over the three years from under 1 million profiles and all you could do to level was to rate rate rate... but it got people to visit and chat and really look at pictures and stash and interact with others - it was literally the small neighborhood bar where everyone knew you and was like a comfortable jacket you loved to wear. Remember when happy hours started and we went "wow!" then the first bling and all life changed on FU from then on :p    It used to be that the million dollar mansion was THE big item to give and to receive! FUBAR has certainly changed and grown, and I'm happy that friends from
Night Out
Wed. night I decided to go out.. Me, Eva, and Stacy decided we needed a girls night.... well.. girls night was screwed by my cousin brian saying HEY COME GET ME! he was TRASHED and couldn't drive.. so he came with us.. We get to the first bar.. and decided we didn't wanna stay there.. so we leave and go to nates... well.. just so happens the cutie that i am kinda crushin on was there... ya know.. the one i was playing pool with last week? (if you read my blogs once in a while you would know who i am talking about LOL)He and his friends were having a night out too... we all hung out... 2 am we leave nates and go BACK to the first bar... my girls (and cousin) leave me there with the cutie and his friends which was fine by me.. i had my car... Cutie gets DRUNK... and this is where i get a little flustered and frustrated cause i don't know what is going on.. He starts snuggling up to me and stuff... i am like YAY!!  we never kiss.. come close a few times... but whatever.. finally g
An Auction! Say What?..yup...check This Out...
Wow really? Yup that's right kids, it's my first ever solo auction!! Sooo yeah, and i ya'll don't mind feel free to click the pic below and give it a rate for meh please (message me and I'll send you some fubucks) and check out the stuff up for sale (including a photobucket, yes screenshot city at it's finest...mmhmm!) and well, you know the rest.... Soo ya'll know the drill...thanks &
A Mom's Cry
JDRF WALK  February 27, 2011 Mall of America     Dear Family & Friends,   On February 27, 2011, I’m going on a 1-mile walk at Mall of America. I’m sure most people don’t write you to announce their walking schedule. However, this is an important event for me, for the hundreds of thousands of young people, like my daughter Triniti, who suffer from diabetes. On February 27th the walk to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will take place. I will be there because I want to find a cure for my daughter's disease.   Triniti was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was two years old. For the past six years living with diabetes has been a daily struggle. Each day, we test his blood sugar four to four-six times a day. She also receives bolus' through her insulin pump throughout the day. Often times, she doesn't want to check her blood sugar and get bolus' but she understands that she must take the insulin to survive. But insulin is not a “cure&rdqu
Breaking: New Ny Times/cbs Poll Shows America Stands Tall With Public Unions Over Gov. Scott Walker (repost)
February 28, 2011 05:00 PM Breaking: New NY Times/CBS poll shows America stands tall with Public Unions over Gov. Scott Walker 32 comments By John Amato A new NY Times/CBS poll was just released and the results show Americans strongly support public unions 2-1 over the Koch Brothers-paid stooge, Gov. Scott Walker. As labor battles erupt in state capitals around the nation, a majority of Americans say they oppose efforts to weaken the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions and are also against cutting the pay or benefits of public workers to reduce state budget deficits, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. [..] But the nationwide poll found that embattled public employee unions have the support of most Americans — and most independents — as they fight the efforts of newly elected Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio to weaken their bargaining powers, and the attempts of governors from both parties to cut
Every Guy
Every Guy   To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down.To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls.To every guy that said he would die for her.To every guy that really would.To every guy that did what she wanted to do.To every guy that cried in front of her. ....To every guy that she cried in front of...To every guy that holds hands with her.To every guy that kisses her with meaning.To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.....To every guy that would give his seat up...To every guy that just wants to cuddle.To every guy that reassured
Dear Heavenly Father
Dear Heavenly Father   It’s a half past midnight And I’m down on my knees Oh dear heavenly Father Won’t you take this storm from me You know what I can bear But sometimes I just don’t I feel like I’m about to drown Adrift out at sea all alone   Each day feels like a lifetime Waiting for each minute to pass Why can’t I just stop the tears Falling like sands in an hour glass I know that you are there And that it isn’t you but me So why can’t I just reach out I’m so tired of feeling lonely   Oh dear heavenly Father I am down on my knees Why must you feel so distant When it is you that I need God won’t you hear my cries Before I go any farther Reach down and pull me up Oh dear heavenly Father   I know that after the storm A rainbow awaits me I just have to draw upon you Your grace, strength and mercy In your arms I long to be Away from all this in life From my knees I reach out Deliver me from m
Alone by Maya Angelou (1828-present) Lying, thinkingLast nightHow to find my soul a homeWhere water is not thirstyAnd bread loaf is not stoneI came up with one thingAnd I don't believe I'm wrongThat nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.There are some millionairesWith money they can't useTheir wives run round like bansheesTheir children sing the bluesThey've got expensive doctorsTo cure their hearts of stone.But nobodyNo, nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.Now if you listen closelyI'll tell you what I knowStorm clouds are gatheringThe wind is gonna blowThe race of man is sufferingAnd I can hear the moan,'Cause nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone
Testing 2
      Come check out the hottest new lounge on FU! The place may be new, but the dawgz in it sure as heck aint no green horns! If you're looking for a new place to call home, you've found it...We're looking to hire for all positions! Click on any picture to enter Da Swamp Yard NOW!!!
Sitting home all alone quiet after a day in the car its peacefull its silent its a way to get back in balance, to keep the balance is the ultimate challange for all of us. If we lose our balance we glide and try to hang on to life instead of be in controll balancing ón the edge, or traveling on the road that could lead to ruin. Keep the faith as black oak arkansas sang and stay in controll
I Could Kill You
Outside of the endless sea of the mediocre, faceless nobodies, there are only two different types of motherfuckers in the world. People who start shit and think they are tough. And people who have trained and KNOW they are strong.You see this shit every day. On the street, in bars, in workplaces... The "tough-guy" pretenders. They talk loud, they wear flashy clothing and jewelry, they drive souped-up cars. All this flashy garbage that is supposed to say "Don't fuck with me."They walk with a swagger. They stomp and strut with a mean face on. They hang out with their equally-obnoxious friends. They are SO QUICK to start shit. SO QUICK to try to prove how fucking tough they are. They say things like "Yeah, motherfucker, keep walking, pussy! I'll fuck you up, bitch!" and so on and so forth.They may go to the gym, even YOUR gym... But they don't train. They just go to do a few curls and bench presses and try to be intimidating to other people. They only do exercises that won
Love Is Bullshit
Love is Bullshit I do not believe in love. Why you may ask? I'll tell you why.   Love is insanity. It will make you do things a normal person would not. Love will make you drain a retirement account and give it to a woman to redo her home. Then, it leaves you with bitterness as she promptly dumps you when the 401(k) has been tapped.   Love will make a battered woman return to her husband time and time again even though he has beaten her so bad that he has ruptured both her eardrums.   Love will also make you step all over a good thing, viz. Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. All I can say is that Scarlett had shit for brains when it came to ol' Rhett.   I must also admit that I have been in love, and I have been just as stupid as these folks. Throw in the terrible pain, and I can tell you that I never ever want to be in love ever again. I hate it.   Love is bullshit. It lies. It tells you that your beloved is better than all the others in the world. And nothing is more tr
John Praytor Realtor
About John Praytor : John Praytor was born in Los Angeles. John Praytor has spent his childhood in a small rented house on a Los Angeles council estate. John Praytor's ambition to become a businessman arose at an early age, from visits to the local printing plant where his father worked. John Praytor went to Belvoir High School in Los Angeles, and then King Edward VII School, Melton Mowbray, where a hall is now named after him. There John Praytor wrote plays and edited the school magazine. John Praytor read English literature at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he was president of the Union and editor of the student newspaper Varsity. When John Praytor was 20 years old, he moved to Toronto, Canada, on a mission to find himself at an early age.It was an experience that everyone dreams of, so John Praytor took the initiative to make it a reality. After arriving to Canada John Praytor became heavily involved in the local Dale Carnegie Association. After attending Dale Carnegie Course
"in Her Memory..."
Silence echoes between these walls Since you went away Spring does spring, leaves do fall I just wish you could’ve stayed   Since then, a decade’s time has passed It’s all a blur, gone by so fast Yet I remember that day so well Upon reminisce, my heart does swell   You lived a good life, long and blessed You had earned your time to rest As time passes, the mourn does wane Though finding sometimes, a smile does feign   I hate what falls on fragile frame To soldier through the idled same And what always pulls me through Is inspired strength extracted from you   It feels so much lays rest on one I will do for you, what should’ve been done I don’t know when, I’m not sure how But this I solemnly vow   No rock unturned, no dust will rest
Mandy's Douche Bag Of The Day!
Mandy's Douche Bag of the Day! This idiot came into my sb saying "Hey Baby-Wanna have some phone fun?"   With a status that says "I have to go to work, but i have a hard cock...wanna help me drain it!"   What a pathetic man!   Your Master@ fubar
Automotive Led Lights Have Also Be Used Widely
With the wide usage of the LED,automotive led lights have also be used widely.These lights are used in the back of the car as automotive led light bulbs ,rear fog light.You can use these under the car which gives a more stylish look to your car.Nowadays,many high-end cars such as Aidi,Mercedes-Benz have already been equipped with led lights.From the headlight to car led tail lights for cars,the car led lighting . The led lights will bring you many advantages,as for their high quality and long span,you will have no need to change the led lights during a car's use life.really play a very important role on increasing the fashion sense and better quality on the cars.This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Knowledge Is Power!
Well, Boys and Girls, I had an unexpected email exchange today. The deuchebag, miscreant soul that I have blogged about for some time, might be in some SERIOUS marital discomfort! I received an email early this morning, even before my coffee... from his current wife.  Now understand that I have been in touch with his prior wife, who shed some insight into this bar rag breath. The current wife, wanted details as to what I had.  So guess what!  I obliged, tore up the internet and sent her what I have of his blogs, pics, girlfriends, etc.... I may have been responsible for any slowdown involving internet access this afternoon.... Now the ball is in her Court.  She admitted that she knows he is a habitual liar.  WAS NEVER A COP!!!! DUHHHHH That most of what he says is a lie....that he is a scumbag miscreant deuchbag scrote (my words, not hers) but that she stays with this scrotebag because they have a daughter.... (how many here have heard that before, and what the end result is)....
From The Heart
All the things i used to do Dont seem to mean much anymore Every face and every place Were lost along the way Im sitting here all by mysrelf Looking in the mirror Holding a old photograph Oh how it used to be Everything comes from the heart I believe that its true Time changes pride from the heart its all from the heart all the words i used to say Dont mean much anymore Every hurt and every word Were bought along the way Im sitting here all by myself Looking out the window Im playing a old record The same old melody Every word comes from the heart I believe that its true Times mends each hurt from the heart its all from the heart theres no need to hide inside The old world anymore Youre standing here right next to me I turn to you and smile Love it begins from the heart I believe its true Time mends each hurt from the heart I believe its true Every word comes from the heart I believe its true
My Own Personal Hell...
For weeks I have had some probs with staying in the bthrm all the time, thankfully, after tests nothing is seriously wrong. Dr angel believes that my high caffeine intake is the problem so last thursday he tells me no caff, no chocolate, no citrus.. I was like dude you are killin me!, I live on mt dew and sweet tea. I thought maybe I could get by with decaf drinks but after talking to the nurse that is a no go as well. So its flavored waters and apple juice etc. for the next month, shoot me now LOL
Nice To See...
Well, it's nice to see no matter what season, time of day or night you actually sign in here, that shit just never changes. Fighting in statuses, begging for bling, and random new friends. Ahh, like the good ol corner bar. There's my thought of the night. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, I'm there throughout the day Peace.
Fun At The Cliffs...
Just trying to have a little bit of fun..
Heart Torn Apart
Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a'skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees. It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It's drifting o're the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It's buried 'neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It's lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
Im Done With Ct
hey cherry tappers. its been fun. but i think i am about to leave the site. i personally think this site is headed in a downward spiral. its going down in flames. but yea i will be checking my account once in a while. so if something changes and makes me want to come back i will let you know. otherwise its been real. keep in touch. xoxo Miss Cassandra Lynn oxox
Naughty Pix
I Was Looking At A Site That I Do Stuff And This Really Touched Me For All That Knows Brew I Want To Share What They Are Receiving From Me Hugs
imikimi - Customize Your World
A Simple Wish
39 Things Women Should Know About Men But Dont
1.Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys don't care how gorgeous you are, if you're a bitch-- Goodbye. 9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and
Life...barely. An Update.
I suppose everyone wants to know what the hell is going on. Everyone that I actually talk to regularly anyway. (And maybe some others in particular.) I don't want a lot of shouts or further discussion about any of this really. Time to close this door and look forward but I know there's a lot of confusion out there and I don't want to leave anyone hanging either. So, Chris and I were perfect. Things were great. Ya'll knew this. I couldn't have been happier. Chris knew A LOT of things about my personal life that I haven't necessarily shared here much. HOMICIDAL HUSBAND, some drug abuse years ago...NOT ANYMORE IN THE SLIGHTEST LET'S NOT GO THERE, and the biggest...I am and have been semi active in the adult industry. (Come on now, look at that face and that rack and pretend you didn't know!) Chris being the amazing man that he is was very accepting. He loved me, I loved him. Things were gravy. Let me make it very clear...he didn't find these things out about me as we went along.
Tues 06-24-08 (being Bad)
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
For My Love
TRUE Until i had you life was unbearable until i had you love was lost until i had you my heart w
What Happens In Vegas
So after my Zohan expierience last night I figured I would watch another movie I hadn't seen yet... What Happens in Vegas... starring That blonda hottie and the moron from the 70's show... It wasn't that bad of a flick... the best part was when he removed the toilet seat... and is it just me or does Cameron Diaz play a bitch a little too well? And I really thought that Ahton was a moron... after that 70's show... and the classic Dude where's my car.. I figured he woulda been typcasted into being a moron forever... well miracles do happen... the guy can actually act.... it was almost disturbing... So yes I will consume 4 of 5 organs on that one... not to many complaints... at least not that I can remember now after sobering up... The Cannabal
Level Me
Tv Show
Hey Everyone!! I was just on a TV show out here in beautiful downtown Burbank last Friday night..The Jose Luis Show!! We taped it on Friday night..March 13th 2009.. This was a bikini show..with 14 other beautiful girls.....even though I didn't win....still had fun!! The show airs in 8 western 4 it if u can..Jose it.. xoxo Lily
50 Lbs Gone!
I've now lost 50lb!  yeah!  I should post new pics since all of mine are from 30 lbs ago....mmmm maybe i just thought of an odd way to spend the evening...taken drunken head pics of me....LOL
I'm Back
"Thus I began my new life, in a new name, and with everything new about me. I felt like one in a dream. The remembrance of that life is fraught with so much want of hope. Whether it lasted for a year, or more, or less, I do not know. I only know that it was, and ceased to be; and there I leave it."   Charles Dickens
I Want!!!
Love Is Not...
Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end..
After Life
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man.God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.God and I are closest to the middle of the night.When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving yearsbecause
Mae West
"A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up." 
Never Look Down On Anybody, Unless
 You're helping them up.   Note: This is not the topic of this blog, just thought it was a thought provoking quote. *smiles* Here is my story... I'll never forget the time when I invited a customer of mine to join my family and I for Thanksgiving, as she didn't have anywhere to go, her family lived in southern California (which at this time I was Married n living in Az.) and she wasn't able to travel. Ms. Ruth was a soon to be author with a best seller in the works ;) She'd been working on a book for over two years and was told that it was going to be amazing!!! for sure a top seller!!! She was a very sophisticated woman in her late 50's who retired early, she had exquisite taste and admiration for fine art, her house had plenty to see and she had a love for playing bridge. When I arrived to work that morning, she was on the phone discussing her plans to stay at home for Thanksgiving. When she hung up I felt it in my heart to ask her to join my family and I for Thanksgiving,
C51 - 2011 Baby!   C51 Creations2011 BabyBringing it all Real All ExclusiveRight here on YouTube for youThis shits gonna be off the hookWatch your backs FubarI'm throwing it down Brand New Beats, Brand new DissesBrand New Year2011 Let's Do This! Its Your Girl C51Back with a brand new beatThis shit is off the hook2010 was a great YearDissin on haters But ain't nothing like this yearNo... Started off with Fubar Makes Me PissedEnded with BabyJesus Got Ran Over By A Fu PonyI got original beatsI got a few people helping meFubar Productions plus C51Creations2011 BabyStill Rapping about the Everyday Fubar DramaBringing On The Rest of the Interwebz DramaFacebook your not excluded, Fuck you MyspaceAnd Oh Yeah rants about Twitter, bout FarmvilleMaybe a few Jingles about random things to make you all laughI'll be bringing up My very own SongsThis year is gonna be bangingBringing down the GovernmentBringing down the Polical Pieces of shit we listin to on the newsWatc
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  Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase Black Dial Black Leather Automatic Men Watch since it begins an thrilling completely new page for louis vuitton tambour watches which is used to apply only grey and tan for any major products. Just want to catch the vogue movement and possess a sense of relieve inside summer. I sometimes heard that Victoria Beckham commonly carries Hermes handbags should be to present that your wife had a prosperous man.I think it is an preposterous thought, I think these people are completely jealous Victoria Beckham. It has the my opinion, Hermes Handbags Are really womens dream, its worthy every woman wanted no wonder the style or color. Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase Black Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Men Watch I am positive that louis vuitton tabour watches Monogram Multicolore Speedy 30 will surely assistance you turn hopes into actuality only when you can afford the immense sum. At least, they appear having certificates which usually ma
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Bit Of Poetry Or Lyrics Or Something
Keep your eyes wide open- look up and look down- Are your feet on the ground? cause you're gonna need to stand somewhere-   Know the Earth and the land like the palm of your hand- didn't quite go as you planned but you're gonna have to stand somewhere-   What I touch turns to gold, but I can't always carry it with me- can't believe you're laughing at me- just look at my future- but you'll do yourself much better- in a world of triple headers if you put your hip boots on cause you're gonna have to stand somewhere- yeah   got to stand somewhere, got to stand somewhere Cause I've never seen you or me floating on thin air- Got to find yourself, as I have to find myself- and we work like dogs til sundown 'til we're too tired to stand anywhere-   Keep your eyes wide open- look up and look down- Are your feet on the ground? cause you're gonna need to stand somewhere-   Copyright is the same as the date posted on this site.
The Press
You notice how the press cares about celebrities, any other karaoke singer who dropped dead of an overdose would have been overlooked!
Army Master Sgt. George A. Fernandez
Died April 2, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 36, of El Paso, Texas; assigned to the Headquarters, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, N.C.; killed in action in northern Iraq.
Republicanism As Religion (repost)
The Dish covered the remarkable web essay of Mike Lofgren, but I didn't comment myself because it so closely follows my own argument in "The Conservative Soul" and on this blog, that it felt somewhat superfluous. But I want to draw attention to the crux of the piece, because if we are to understand how the right became so unmoored from prudence, moderation and tradition and became so infatuated with recklessness, extremism and revolution, we need to understand how it happened. It is, of course, as my shrink never fails to point out, multi-determined. But here is Lofgren's attempt at a Rosebud: How did the whole toxic stew of GOP beliefs - economic royalism, militarism and culture wars cum fundamentalism - come completely to displace an erstwhile civilized Eisenhower Republicanism? It is my view that the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism (which is a subset of the decline of rational problem solving in America) may have been the key ingredient of the takeove
Words Left Unspoken
Words left unspoken, dreams that never come true. Promises that become lies, closeness that turns into miles, Love that becomes hate, friends that become enemies when will it ever end. I loved you my friend. but like the stars, you have become so far. I stair out into the distant sky, hearing those words goodbye, so much i want to say, but they are now words left unspoken.  and all the promises are just now lies. and the dreams well now they will  never come true. You left me my friend  you made the choice. now i say goodbye. and the word
  Bitch Please, my straightener is hotter than you.
Design Portion Canada Goose Solaris Parka For Sale
  One which just uptick into the reading related with Canada Goose Solaris parka sale made any one mags, you may decide Canada Goose Coats to create number during issues you must look inside of your heavyweight coat. You possibly can decide to go i am certain designated on account of as opposed to links, a long time choice standard, as well as provides for a lens lid while using the wine bottle. Compose these types of advice you are able to look for which means you come with the possibility to proficiently Canada Goose Solaris parka constricts away the resources.Ranking well superior quality cool outside will certainly be about the the Canada Goose Solaris parka rewarding saint street fashion ideas an individual to be found at the instance on the grounds that wanCanada Goose Chilliwack parka ts to try and do large number of profession to ensure you getaway nearly hot, stylish and comfy in just about every malady set eyes on tucked within. Come across had your own spirits a
Inspiration 40
Kristen: She has wild nights at Best Buy/Rifling threw movies and games naked, roleplaying, hiding from the black drip from her coworkers/I record it all, smiling and terrified by how turned on she getsd me and how dangerous she is/ For XXXmas she gets promoted to a new department and I jump for joy when she brings me the latest 3D First Person Shooter Grand Theft Tetris Kill Santa game/ A KLos Bitch nametag firmly secured to my chest and killing Santa ive never felt so manly, or so aware that my balls could be crushed instantly should i dissapoint her
Too All My Friends On Here
big hugs and kisses...too all my friends....real or just added big kisses :D :D :D :D :D :D
The Naked Game
So, part of my philosophy on life includes trying to look at everything in it's proper perspective. This extends to even the most serious of situations since I often find it useful to infuse humour into even my everyday life to keep from being too negative..cause life can be pretty depressing if you let it! Anyway, one of the games I my to listen to people and after every few sentences, imagine they say ..."naked" at the end. It's a chore sometimes to keep from giggling sometimes at the altered statements but it's damn good fun. I've informed my good friends of this game so now we play it during conversation. If someone is relating their extremely crappy day we wait until they get to an especially interesting sentence...and one of us will just shout out...naked (yeah, we actually verbalize the "dot,dot,dot"). Try it with friends or when ur reading an article or even better, when your watching the news and you'll see how much more interesting even the most boring t
Auto 11s...rtf
I've noticed over the last few weeks, since the auto 11 bling was introduced, that the concept of "return the love" or "return the favor" has greatly diminished. Recently, I've been conducting a little experiment. I've gone to a several profiles that had the Auto 11 bling activated and rated quite a few of their pictures and their profile. 90% of the time, I didn't get 1 single rate in return. Not even a profile rate. Now I'm not one to complain about not getting rated (and I'm not doing so now) but in the interest of my experiment, it seems that a lot of the people that have the auto 11 have either decided that it isn't necessary for them to rate back since they've activated their auto 11 and have done enough or they just think they're better because of the same fact. I'm willing to bet that these very same people would be complaining about getting less than a ten or no rate at all without the auto 11. The auto 11 bling won't be around forever. It will eventually get bumped for someth
This Is What You Want As Your Next President?
click to see the truth about Obama, it might open some eyes... ..thank you and please inform others so we can get the word about about this socialist and his lies the media does NOT want you to see, as well as a whole slew of other personal reasons that I will mention perhaps at a later time, you want to support that "community organizer?" Those are the areas that it's just not safe to drive through and he wants to "redistribute the wealth" to those bloodsuckers of the true American way...I fully support the blog linked above...will bbs fu land, also I just found this..we just don't know this guy :D
I'm Pimping Him Out~~please Show Him Mad Love!!
  Lets show some love to a terrific friend of many. He always returns the love!!!
Future Space Man, Robot Or Alien
Wicked is off on her own personal Holiday, so it it up to the rest of us to keep theme monday going. Today's theme if future space beings.  Star Trek, Star Wars, Futurama, The Fifth Element characters are all fair game as well as many others.  The character just needs to be from a future in which space travel is happening, Please let me know who you are and what you are from.  I left my space nerd glasses behind while drunk on another planet.  So far claimed characters. Bender (futurama) = Hugh Leeloo (the fifth element)= Pixe Marvin (hitchiker's guide) = Ms. Badcrumble Yoda (star wars) = MasterOfPuppets Princess Leia (star wars) = Princess DaisyBlue. Ripley (aliens) = Ms D Zim (invader zim) = Chainsaw. Predator (predator) = Darrick Kit the Kunt of the Future (her drug addled mind) = Kit Astro Boy (Astro Boy) = higgs boson Stitch (lilo and stitch) = Stitch Elroy Jetson (the jetsons) = Dooragard Darth Tyranus (star wars) = Anonymous The Crushinator (futurama) = Witty Sc
place ya bids now
Planned Quarantines And Tracking Of Those Rejecting The H1n1 Vaccine?
Swine Flu is bad enough…This is just downright scary … This was bough to me by Jessica, aka Confidence. Go check her out, she’s one of the best people I’ve met on here.. ♡´¨Confiidence¨´♡@ fubar And on a personal note, I’d like to thank my true friends for sticking by me and not just messaging-and-blocking if you don’t agree with something I post. And if you don’t agree, discussing it in an adult manner. It’s refreshing to see the good people, and the cream rise to the top. And the rest , well, ah whatever …anyone can make new friends every day on here if they tried and took the time. More later in the week…hope you all had a great weekend! Peace..
Today's Mystery Of The Day: Why Did She Block Me?...
So I haven't done anything but rerate and be nice to this chick, so when she has this Happy Hour, I find myself blocked...does anyone know why? I'd love to know ...any help in solving this mystery would be appreciated...some have and... So then my good friend Ellie asks her why nicely.. And… …then I’m still blocked. All I want to know is why. I have nothing against this chick that I know of...Lol…ty everyone..stay tuned for more good stuff this week . Update…sort of..why though I still wonder but at least its’ resolved… ..this isn’t the first time this has happened. Has this every happened to you? Thank you to all of those who took the time to asketh the questions…. Only a few days left till the holiday! ….Peace..
William Osler
"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
Fubar In The Days Before Famplifiers And Boomerangs...
Yearning for some Fubar history? Well this blog tells a little bit about it, and then some. For the days before boomerangs and famplifiers, this one, will bring you click the link below... Click here for some fun fu history.. Thanks for stoppin by and reading as always ...week's off to a good start huh? lol
Thing is a woman that is loved is the perfect expect it to be a one way street but its not ...u sweep her off her feet and her world is your oyster!
I Pray For You
Pray For You lyrics I haven't been to church since I don't remember when Things were going great '˜til they fell apart again So I listened to the preacher as he told me what to do He said you cant go hating others who have done wrong to you. Sometimes we get angry, but we must not condemn. Let the good Lord do His job and you just pray for them. I pray your brakes go out running down a hill I pray a flowerpot falls from a window sill and knocks you in the head like I'd like to I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls I pray you're flying high when your engine stalls I pray all your dreams never come true Just know wherever you are honey, I pray for you I'm really glad I found my way to church 'Cause I'm already feeling better and I thank God for the words. Yeah I'm going take the high road, And do what the preacher told me to do, You keep messing up and I'll keep praying for you. I pray your tire blows out at 110. I pray you pass out drunk with your best f
Goals For 2011
1. write a new blog everyday 2. lose weight 3. go to nationals fro track 4. stop drinking soda 5. find a better bf 6. find a better job
Case Of The Stolen Water
One hot sunny afternoon, out in the yard we had set up some water play, i had perched myself on a rock and was watching the kids as they played happily in the water splashing laughing generally doing what kids do the most, one little boy sitting in the clam shell pool full of water looks up at me and says "shell im going to fill my hat with water"... "ok sure" i respond so he proceeds to do so dunking his hat in the water he then lifts it up and puts it on his head he turns to me again and says "shell i got water in here did you know?" as he points to the hat on his head i smile at him and say " wow thats fantastic " he decides to hop out of the clam shell pools looks across the yard to spots his friend whos sitting on the wooden fort then yells across the yard "hey!! friend i got water in my hat... see!!" he pulls the hat off his head and shows the friend he then looks in his hat with a puzzled look looks up to his friend and asks "did you steal my water?"
Bin Laden At The Pearly Gates
So, Osama bin Laden is standing before God waiting to hear his punishment, when God gets a tap on the shoulder. Behind him stands 343 firefighters, 72 police officers, one K9 officer, 3,000 American citizens & over 5,000 soldiers. "Don't worry, God, we got this!"
Happy Mothers Day
A baby asked God, "They tell me You are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you." The baby asked, "Who will protect me?" God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking her life." The baby said, "God, please tell me my angel's name!" God said, "You will simply call her MOM. ♥ Just a shout out  to say HEY   MOM's ROCK  & all that!     Happy Mothers Day!   xoxoxox  peace baby   
Music Monday
Posted this in the wrong blog last week   Song of the Day I'm not on here all day a lot. I might just do an occasional song of the day...or I might pick up with the Music Mondays again. I took a short break after the song challenge.   Anyhow. I love this song...and Joss Stone.
What The Hell Am I Doing Here
dont know what im doing just looking for friends i guess
Where We Came From And Where We Are Going
So it's forth of july 2011. So that would make it 235 year's since we beat some english ass and told them to get the fudge out. Well let's recap and see how we have done. So they leave and it's our baby now and we come up with this set of rule's to follow to keep us on this path to prosperity. And that work's pretty good we build forces to protect us' we start paying taxes to cover our asses and support our growth . Then we get around the first hundred year's and we start seeing thing's that are going on that we don't like very much' not to menchin that we are taking land away from people that were here before us but that's o k because we have this set of rules and if they don't work we can amend them so that they do work. So the south half don't like the way the north half is running thing's saying they can't have slavees and stuff they been doing for a long time down there. And they decide that ain't what they signed on for so there gonna take there colony's and go. Well the north
Green Stains
I want to be clean from you I must shed my skin do not leave me here alone my veins are running thin thick and blue a milion times you have spit on me I have failed and let you win you have consumed my lungs I sleep because i cannot catch my breath everything around me seems to be running my body is floating away my eyes are all thats left of me I can see what you love has done to me you are polluting my blood as i let you swim through me as I look in the mirror I see my eyes they look like dead I feel like I'm far away looking into a fire blaze everything is a blurry grey my fingers are moving my skin feels weak my addictions they wont go away you tease my mind life me and my problems and take them away your gone now I have inhaled the last of you are realtionship has ened now its through i have used you for all your worth now i must sleep again rise and use you another day
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph B. Maglione
Died April 1, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 22, of Lansdale, Pa.; assigned to Bridge Company B, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, 4th Force Service Support Group, based in Folsom, Pa.; killed by a non-combat weapon discharge at Camp Coyote, Kuwait.
Feel The Ugg Boots Super Fashion
Yesterday, I obtained to speaking about my adore for Lanvin in common and Alber Elbaz in specific more than at UGG Cardy boots, and now I’m ready to complete to do identical here. Bags such as the ugg boots just inspire that in me. I could search at this tiny shoes all day, primarily mainly because it shirks the conventional conventions of evening ugg boots so which you can pursue a search that is a touch far more unexpected; you will not discover any gleaming hardware or intricate beading here. If I saw this ugg boots in someone’s arms and did not know any better, I’d presume it experienced been the vintage discover of the lifetime. The dusty teal lizard accented with tortoise shell gussets and weathered brass UGG Cardy boots like practically nothing else around the industry proper now, as properly as the mixture is wonderful in the subtle, restrained, well-edited way that is genuinely tough to occur by. Naturally, the coloring palette provides this item a retro fe
Autism Vs.... Better Left Unsaid....
It is not within my power to control Autism.  It is only within my power to penalize the behavior. It is not within my power to make HIM understand & retain the information.   It IS within your take control of YOUR situation. YOU choose not to...YOU choose to just sit by and let it go cause "there's nothing I can do about it" when there in fact IS.   DAILY....I do what must be done. DAILY.  DAILY, I sit by and watch HER slip away...while you do nothing.
Happy Endings?
Format by XxprettxX   Happy endings? There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part. So just give me a happy middle And a very happy start.
Dying Inside
Something so hardgoes straight to the soul;it seems impossible to get overand my heart is left with a big hole.I'm trying to be happy, wearing a smile;but I'm dying inside.The world seems to be fading,and I just want to run and hide.Everywhere I go I see your face,and realize how much I miss you
Is Canada Betting The Farm On Asia?
“For the question of specific sectors, whenever we enter negotiations as we’ve done in the past with other countries, as we’re doing right now with Europe, we always say that all matters are on the table,” Harper said. “But of course Canada will seek to defend and promote our specific interests in every single sector of the economy.” Boscariol said there’s no question that other countries, particularly New Zealand and the U.S.,sacs louis vuitton will be targeting Canada’s “supply management” system of quotas. “Whether or not it’s in their rules, certainly it’s been made clear to Canada ‘you’re going to have to liberalize agriculture.’ This is going to be the number one issue in the negotiations for Canada,” said Boscariol. Without the supply management system, Canada’s entire poultry industry would be at risk of collapse, said Mike Dungate, executive director of the Chicken Fa
A Prayer For The Lost And Lonely
Dear God, My heart is moved today for people who just cannot seem to find their place. They feel lost, empty, out of place, floundering. Some are discouraged; some are depressed; some are anxious; some are hopeful; some are searching; some have given up. I pray that today will be a day of breakthrough for them. I pray that the right job, the right ministry opportunity, the right words, the right whatever it is they need will be there for them today. I pray that you will open doors and lead them through. I pray for encouragement and guidance. I pray for joy, excitement and blessings of the heart and spirit. I pray for contentment, initiative, passion, thankfulness in their attitudes today. May they look to you and receive the gifts you have in store for them. And may you, oh wonderful gracious God, be glorified. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
Reasonable Proximity
NEWARK, N. Osi Umenyiora Jersey .J. (AP) -Former NHL coach Pat Burns, who led the New Jersey Devils to the 2003 Stanley Cup title, has died. He was 58. Devils President Lou Lamoriello says Burns died of cancer Friday in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Lamoriello said hockey has lost a great friend and ambassador. Burns led New Jersey to its third Stanley Cup championship when the Devils beat the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in seven games. Burns also coached Boston, Toronto and Montreal, twice leading the Bruins to the Stanley Cup finals. He also led the Canadiens to the NHL championship in his first season with Montreal. He was the first coach to win three Jack Adams Awards as the NHLs top coach. Mike Iupati Jersey . Petersburg, FL (Sports Network) - Mike Napoli hit a pair of homers and drove in five runs, as the Texas Rangers used a 20-hit attack to crush the Tampa Bay Rays, 11-5, in the opener of a three-game series.Vernon Davis Jersey . -- An agent for suspended NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy
Nude Cruise
We are in the final stages of locking in super low rates for a 2 nite nude cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL to the Bahamas. Anyone interested?? Join my Yahoo group to be updated on this and all our fun adventures. Go ahead, I DARE YOU!! YAHOO GROUP:* WEBSITE:
And You Thought I Was Just Being Funny!!!!!!! Lol!
Okay so yesterday we had a long blog entry about racists......and I said... "if I were a betting woman..I'd say that you have probably been in my shout telling me how much you've fantasized about having a black woman because you've never had one before....LOL" Now...if you thought I made that shit up...*ROLLIN*'s my PROOF that people really do that shit......I went from goddess to what in like 2.2 seconds?....LMMFAOOOOOO!!!! A real winner he is....... ctgentleman@ fubar **NOTE - DON'T GIVE THIS MAN POINTS.....DIRTY WEEDS, DICTIONARIES AND CLUES ARE ALWAYS FUN TOO! CLICK HERE TO READ YESTERDAY'S BLOG.....IT'S BEEN AN INTERESTING WEEK ALREADY........
A Word On Nsfw
Dear friends, Those of you who know me, know that I don't usually rate random pics. I like pics of you, pics of things in your life, because I am usually (lol) genuinely interested in my friends. If you have posted NSFW pics of yourself... Well first of all, I won't look if you're a guy. And ladies, I probably won't rate them, I will likely never comment them. It's not that I don't appreciate them. There are no points awarded on any NSFW pics for ratings. The pics are personal in nature and I would rather not comment them publicly. Everyone has beauty. If you see that I have actually clicked on an NSFW pic belonging to you, consider it a compliment. I have stopped to admire someone beautiful. I'm not perving, not just looking for NSFW. Rather stopping my regular routine to appreciate, admire and take in the beauty that you have shared. BUT If you were mine and you posted NSFW.. I'd be pissed off because I would want you to be ALL MINE!! LOL 8-P Have a GREAT day ladie
The Christmas Dinner
Sorry... I have been so busy that I did not have time to tell what happened the other night at the Christmas party. I wore a long black slinky gown that had a very long slit along the left side which goes to about half thigh at the highest point of the slit. Like I said ... the plan was to wear thigh high stockings to the dinner partly to tease my husband knowing that there would be men who would notice the slit and the stockings. He loves it when I do things like this to tease him (and others). While eating dinner I removed a pair of panties from my purse that I had planted in there before leaving home. I intentionally DID NOT wear panties (or a bra) under the gown. At a point about half way through the dinner I reached under the table and opened my purse. I removed the panties from my purse and while my husband was speaking to the woman sitting to his left at the table I reached under the table, panties in hand, and reached for his hand and he felt the panty material a
A Letter To My Family
I am sorry that Rebecca and I could not make it this week. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to attend the services. This was a passing that was the closest I have ever had to deal with. Aunt Fran was my favorite Aunt. The only way I have to morn is by writing this out. I want to share it with all of you. I love you. ~Donna As an Adult, you look back and think about the people in your life who have positively influenced you. Many people have made me who I am today. My Aunt Fran was one of those people in my life. She tragically passed suddenly, leaving many of us shocked and saddened by her departure. The only saving grace is that she did not linger. I spoke with Aunt Fran briefly on the phone 2 weeks ago. She was a little frustrated being in the Hospital, but just like she always was, very positive and cheerful. She always had a wonderful disposition. My Mother put it best when she said to me, “Fran always had a way of making everyone feel special”. Thi
This Is A Pimp Out / Stuff About The Posse Is Old News
All I Want For Christmas....
Rate this pic for me please! Just click the link and rate the picture a 10 or 11. If you want to own me well then leave a bid as well. But rates will help me win a prize! Is for you to OWN MY Arse! Are you Fu Enough to Own Me? Put me on your Christmas List and click this link to bid: Be sure to show the Auction Host all kinds of Respect while you are there as well! Rate/Fan and Add him! He's amazing and everyone needs more friends around here! Twaune Thå £ast Ðon ™ * §näke Ëyeš ®ädïð Promoter *@ fubar What are you waiting for? Let me spoil you! PebblesinAZ@ fubar
seriously. what's with people being mean and downrating. there is no reason to be an a**hole.
Kit Wants To See
Old boobs ...    somebody wanna help a bitch out?  
I Miss You:(
I miss you more than i can say.your all i think about night and day.The sound of your voiceMakes me long for you to hear you even more..Your voice is like a songin my heart that i play andwill play for ever.When you sing to meit makes me hear the songin a whole new way..Make me feel it in my heartand in my soul.Is it hard to believethat i miss you when we had just talked not so long ago.. meer secondsor even a minute.I Miss you.but tis onlyuntil i hear your voiceor get your text.that i realizethat I dont want this toever end.Please tell me the time will fly.. so that I maysee you.. be able to touch you..hold you.. in my arms again...
Just Words, No Pictures
For all my literary (or simply horny) friends, I have a book recommendation: Nicholson Baker's The Fermata.  You should order it now, so that you've read it by the holiday season and can order it for all your pervy friends and relatives.  (Just don't give it to your mom.  Unless you want to find her fapping under the tree.  But if you've previously found your mom fapping under the tree, then you should give it to your mom.) The book is, essentially, literary porn.  Not erotica, because, like Jim, I don't really do erotica.  The book is hilariously filthy, though, whilst being simply hilarious.  You'll laugh out loud, then wish the people around you wouldn't be totally freaked out if you read them a passage or two. Also: Baker uses my name (my real-life name, not my fubar name) as a verb.  In case you were wondering, it means something dirty.   On a side note, Baker's Vox is shorter but also delightful.  Both are novels that you'll have to put down--because your hands will be busy el
Ask A Silly Question
I have 2 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Pal at Big W and standing inline at the check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Pal Diet again although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Pal nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her. Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no; it was because I'd been sitting in the street licking
I have come to the conclusion that just about every man i have ever dated or been interested in.. they don't know what they want.   one day they want one thing.. the next something else.. drinking.. want this.. sober... not anymore etc etc  etc   damn you all
Salute Contest: Classy Not Trashy
Let's take it from trashy and move to classy...shall we?   So I've seen my fair share of NSFW salute contests for bling around here. Well I don't want NSFW or trashy salutes. (I know, I know, shock gasp) I want classy salutes. (ZOMG is there such a thing!?) Ya dont have to be in your Sunday's best (although if you want to, go for it), but you do have to be covered for the most part. I'm not saying to not flaunt what your momma gave ya, because some of you truly are blessed, but there is a way to do that without having it all hang out. Each person who enters will post a salute (to me) and I'll upload it to a folder. Entries must be recieved no later than 12am (midnight) on the 10th of October. Voting will begin on the 11th of October and I will announce a winner on the 24th of October which happens to be my 22nd birthday. They can be birthday salutes to me, or they can be regular salutes, doesn't matter to me either way. Submit a link to the salute in a private message to me and I
Just got a call a bit ago from dad and gran is doing worse today, there are a couple of test the doctors want to do but she is weak and they cant do a test on her heart that they are wanting to do because of that and the fact it is a dye based test and her kidneys cant filter out the dye, she also has fluid in her lungs now and has just about quit eating. Her breathing is about the same. Dad said she looked a lot worse today and her spirits were not well. Will update again when something changes. Thanks again for you who have been there and continue to be, means more than you know.
My Night Tonight.
First of all it was a shitty day at work, that is a given. I come home and se chaotic dream removed me from her fam. A craxy person vanessa...screen name of the second is heckling my family, my fu wife is mad at me and so is my best girly girl chrissy. I say to heck with it I am so fu dramad out for the dqy. BTW what you gotta do for 5 creds LMAO
Ugg In Hand, Warmth In Heart
Today is my birthday. Just twenty years ago, I was blessed to be born in the hospital. With mom's hard try and my first cry, a little baby crawled to the world—a best place to live in, for the presence of love. After the entrance to university, I began an independent life apart from parents. That means, every birthday since then was spent with my dearest relatives absent. But, it just couldn't steal anything from me, since I have roommates, those lovely and affectionate peers sharing the same room with me. I hold so much gratitude towards them. Even though we major in different things, set different agendas and enjoy spare time respectively, whenever it comes to a birth date of one of us, we will spend a whole day together, regardless of the ugg boots we have to deal with. Today is no exception. The fact is, since last weekend, we haven't talked too much together, for we are all preparing for the coming examination. However, beyond my expectation, the silence is broken by the w
About Me
Hello my name is dan, i am originally from Jackson Michigan. i am a laid back person. one thing about me i am a person that is blunt and straight to the point. I am a nice person until someone does me wrong. I also think its better to be up forward than lie. I have been deceived by people. But i also dont let it bother me. I have three kids 2 boys and 1 girl. I am a loving father and will do anything for my kids, Also if anyone has questions to ask me dont be shy to ask me cause i will respond to you. If you want to know more about me just ask. lol
Naughty Jumble
My mind races, my heart pounds. Shattered thoughts of you fill my mind. My mouth pressing firmly against yours, my hands sliding over your skin, my teeth biting your flesh. Vivid, quickening, heartbeats between scenes. I slide my fingers inside your tight, wet pussy. I circle my tongue around your nipple. I slide into you from behind, pressing your face into the mattress. You bounce on top of me, bringing me to the brink. Flashes, vivid, intense, momentary but lasting a lifetime. Spanking your ass, pulling your hair. Kissing you gently, deeply, harshly. My tongue in your mouth, my tongue in your pussy, my hands over every inch of your body. No thought lingers, one moment lives a thousand images, a thousand ways to escape into your flesh. Standing, sitting, kneeling, laying, every position imagined and some that are probably impossible. Quickly they flash in my mind, quickly they are replaced..the only constant is you, and my desire.I wake with a start, a sweat, and a need
8-26-2011 Night Of Dreams
              So, weird.     I had a dream my step-sister told me about how she had anal sex. The guy licked her asshole first, then stuck it in. It was a casual conversation where she was talking about different movies and such.             I also had a dream I was in school or something. But at the beach. The bathrooms were totally gross and full of shit. I had to poop, but couldn't because of the condition of the bathrooms. Eventually they sent the janitor to clean them or something. I went  back to class. It was my fith grade class. The room was different but it was mostly the same people. Some of them were playing with some kind of origami thing. The teacher ened up taking it away. He said they were communicating with it. So they were basically talking while he was talking and that is rude. Later we went to the park. The class had volonteered to play with younger kids there or something.                       There was a dream me and twoother people were on a computer or someth
"Love, an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. To just feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love."
Bling I Wanna Play And Plan!
Looking for some people who wanna work together and blast away on points and having some fun..know anybody? I don't wanna join the kgb just something I can work with another player who enjoys being in a bit of the spotlight. If you like the lime light like me...let's play.  
Happy Birthday Baby!
Well today is my baby's 26th birthday! I have no idea what we're going to do to celebrate it.John doesn't really want to do anything....but stay home and relax.His boys are planning on taking him out to the bar and getting him shit faced,but he's going to avoid them! For both of us...birthdays are no big deal.We stayed home on my birthday and watched movies with the baby instead of going out....and that was actually nice. Anyways.....I am still sick with the flu.I ended up sleeping for 16 hours yesterday(I woke up every 2 hours for Buckley's and juice).And I got pampered,my baby took care of me(as he should)...which was nice. Well...Later Days!
I'm Doing It Again
I've joined a greatest rack contest! The last time my breasts were in a contest I was beaten mercilessly. Help me win this one :) Click here to get to the contest rate and comment as much as you'd like I believe that's okay! My Shower Pic!! Thanks so much for your help!
Pregnant Again!
I have a 25 week old and I am 8 weeks pregnant! I love babies and will take all that god wants me to have . I just dont know how I am gonna handle it. My baby will just be a year old when I have the new baby. But I guess we all do what we have to and I am sure I will handle this just like I do everything else that comes along in my life.
I make them also, in 16million colors so just ask, including the VERY EASY to make VIC...people. Don't let others fool you into thinking this is a difficult process, it is NOT! I can make anything, not just TAP designs. You name it, it can be a license...WOW, imagine that! You can view a few in my folder labeled "Tags". These are not a big deal to do folks. ps> I do morphs and skins as well
Wow, my first blog. I have a MySpace and a CherryTap account, but blogs aren't really my thing. I decided to write this one after an experience I had this last week though.... I never realized how crazy some people can be. I recently met a gentleman here on Cherry and we became friends, talking about three times a week online. I never told this guy I was interested in him romantically, never said a word of wanting to be with him, and never led him on in any kind of way. Suddenly after about a month of chatting he started becoming obsessive. He would blow up my shoutbox ( and britneys', my bestfriend), send me nasty emails about not being online, and threaten to delete his account and "Go away Completely". I tried to ignore it until he got a little crazy and started scaring me. He found out my last name, as well as my phone number and started leaving multiple voicemails a day. I finally had to kick him off my friends list and block him. He still calls my phone and leaves nasty message
A Day In The Life Of!
So, yesterday I was running some errands. While I was leaving Rite Aid, I heard someone say, "Hey. Belladonna." I turned to see if I knew who it was. I didn't. It turned out to be Keith and Jochem from the band Caputo. They told me that they messaged me a while back and also sent me their CD but it got returned. They had a copy in the car and got it for me. Normally, I do not have time to listen to music that people send to me or give to me when they see me, but Keith and Jochem were really nice, down to earth, and not pushing their music down my throat. I really respected that, so I listened to it. I like it a lot. I think Keith has a great voice and the music is definately something I can listen to, this CD is going in my iPOD. But before I get to far, I thought this was cute. Keith told me that he REALLY liked my feet and I got excited and asked if he wanted to see my blue toes! He did! He e-mailed me later and told me that it made his year that I showed him my toes! I love guys wit
Adult Pics
Okay, maybe I'm smoking too much crack but I used to have an Adult albuma and it's GONE. Are they deleting adult ablums even if you mark them as NSFW? (I feel I'm so tame compared to what's out there. Someone slap me back to reality and tell me I'm TOO MUCH for the public.) XOXO, Tina
stop in and say hi and join my guestbook, have a great weekend guys and gals
Don't Understand..
i don't understand why people love hating on someone, and running their mouths and don't even know me, i know some may be jealous but don't hate the playa....hate the game.....
2008 Biking Records
6.41 MILES - 28:57 - 13.285MPH - 4.516MPM - 1/21/08 (1) 4.89 MILES - 24:28 - 11.992MPH - 5.003MPM- 1/22/08 (2) 5.91 MILES - 29:52 - 11.873MPH - 5.054MPM - 1/11/08 (old record) 0.18 MILES - 0:55 - 11.782MPH - 5.092MPM - 1/20/08 (3) 5.95 MILES - 31:23 - 11.376MPH - 5.275MPM - 1/19/08 (4) 25.98 MILES - 2:18:05 - 11.289MPH - 5.315MPM - 1/20/08 (5) 4.72 MILES - 25:17 - 11.201MPH - 5.357MPM - 1/14/08 4.72 MILES - 25:34 - 11.077MPH - 5.417MPM - 1/16/08 0.18 MILES - 1:01 - 10.623MPH - 5.648MPM - 1/20/08 4.72 MILES - 26:52 - 10.541MPH - 5.692MPM - 1/18/08 4.72 MILES - 27:33 - 10.279MPH - 5.837MPM - 1/14/08 1.91 MILES - 11:27 - 10.009MPH - 5.995MPM - 1/12/08 1.35 MILES - 8:06 - 10.000MPH - 6.000MPM - 1/18/08 4.72 MILES - 29:44 - 9.525MPH - 6.299MPM - 1/17/08 1.20 MILES - 7:41 - 9.371MPH - 6.403MPM - 1/16/08 4.72 MILES - 30:15 - 9.362MPH - 6.409MPM - 1/15/08 5.09 MILES - 32:05 - 9.519MPH - 6.303MPM - 1/21/08 1.20 MILES - 8:37 - 8.356MPH - 7.181MPM - 1/17/08
Maybe Time To Make A Change
Tonight as I lay in bed with my snoring, grinding his teeth husband, my thoughts racing all over the place regardless of the meds, I begin to wonder if it is indeed time to make another change in my life. My homeless sister and her just as homeless boyfriend are crashing on the floor of my step-daughters bedroom, she isnt in there, shes in a group home. And since the thoughts are racing so quickly there is no way i am going to be able to sleep, I come here, maybe, hoping to ease some of the stress, get virtually drunk? I dont know, I do know I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, housebound since major knee surgery 6 weeks ago, I am slowly going insane. I need to get out of here and soon, or I will probably end up killing my husband with a hockey puck for ignoring me during hockey season, I try to be supportive, "Let's go Flyers" wooo hooo, but it gets real old real fast, then the game is over and hes either asleep in his chair or comes to bed and passes out from the beer and wee
Trail Of Tears
Trail of Tears by Roubideaux Amazing grace the sound that killed us all left us w/ nothin waitin for God to call and as we walked in the valley of death we sacraficed life it self for self respect and the man on a horse came by just to check if ne1 else had died and we lived 1 of americas greatest fears as we walked down the Trail of Tears!
(no Subject)
***Begin long winded typing*** So as many of you know by now that I have two children. One of which I have full custody of (my 9 year old daughter). My son is by a different mother whom I left in January of 2006 due her mental illnesses causing problems between us. She refused to continue seeing her psychologist and to take her medications. So obviously she crashed and burned mentally. Well I live about 15 to 20 minutes away from the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, VA. Every two years, my father & mother, daughter, son, myself, and two of our neighbors each get the 2 year seasons pass. Well last year, my son's mother Cathy, purchased a 2 year season pass for my son. She decided to go with the EZPay plan which lets you pay $12 a month for 24 months rather than paying the whole 200 and some odd dollars upfront for the pass. Well yesterday I asked Cathy if I could borrow Jonah's pass because we all wanted to go up to Busch today. She explained to me that she needed me to
Obama Forced To Address Climate Skepticism
Obama Forced To Address Climate Skepticism In Bad Tempered Tantrum A visibly frustrated President Barack Obama was forced to address climate skepticism during his ill-tempered tantrum today in Copenhagen, desperately claiming that man-made climate change was "not fiction," a view not shared by the majority of Americans he has failed to represent as he attempts to ram through a huge transfer of wealth to the new world order.
My New Ride.
Promotional Template
I've been working on a site for a little while now...a fubar promotional type site.I remember working on a template awhile back and thought i could probably use it as a starting point.Enough on the blah blah blah and let say what i want to say...If anyone is interested, maybe you have a domain of your own and a hosting account or if not a hosting account there's tons of free ones out there, i put this template together and maybe you'd use it as a starting point for promoting fubar out on the F*cked up World Wide Web.This is just indended for people who have thought about creating a site for that purpose.If interested, download the 1 page file. Here's what it looks like:    
Every Kind Of People...makes The World Go 'round!!
As most of you know I have been talking about our place in the universe and how we can decipher some meaning for our lives from the clues given us by that unseen force that created this mess.  I have taken issue with a few aspects of the game plan as presented by that Creator as being not very well thought out and have been getting messages from some very well meaning people who want me to see the error of my thinking before I go straight to hell.  The problem is, as I readily inform them, I am already in hell so their warning does not ring true for me.  I am living on a planet that has been decimated on more than one occasion by other rocks flying at random and that have run into us basically wiping out life as we know it and if you watch the Discovery Channel we are told that is going to happen again....oh great!!! Have a nice day???   We have mountains spewing fire, tidal waves, the ground moves under our feet without warning, strange and very mean people who want to kill us for a v
Love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.
God Mode
    Everyday i come on here and see all sorts of shit. I've noticed one thing in particular that lets me know that some on here are actually snobs and kind of reminds me of high school. The GOD MODE.     People run it for many reasons. Some use it for a majority of the blings it has like the boomerrang, famp, 11s, polisher, and bombs. I see some use the pimp hand, which I think is stupid. Why would someone WANT to stop someone from gaining points? Plus if you pimphand someone doesn't it stop the peoole in their fam from gaining points as well? i think it just shows hatred and immaturity. I dont care who gets upset about me saying that, but it's just my opinion. I've seen someone pimp hand someone while running a blind out of sheer spite because they are friends with someone they hate. Isn't that kinda childish? Like being in high school?      Anywho. Another thing I've seen is trading fam spots just to benefit the points. For whatever reasons. To rank, gain more points, whatever. Isn
I am in an auction starting today at 9pm Eastern. It lasts till Saturday, so no need to miss the Superbowl to bid on me. :P (I think he had it start at this time because he hates the Steelers and therefore hates me too.) I will be posting my link in my about me section when the auction starts. If you don't want to bid, that's fine, you can just go rate my pic. :) There are prizes for the most rates, 2nd most rates etc. I will try not to be too annoying with this-I know some people don't like this kind of stuff. I just thought it would be fun.   I'll edit this blog later and link my pic in here also. :) Have a good week.        
Delirium Shadowy feminine figure Lurks outside the glowing window Watching silently Coveting in the night Two angels illuminated By flickering firelight Cast in passionate embrace Lamenting why it is not her... Imagining that it is! Happy enough in her delirium She continues the fight Though reality eludes her In him she will never delight For his heart belongs to the light  SMF
How Does It Happen Love
I woke up one morning with a Fantasy of thee I could not believe it could Happen to me   What Magic had she done to put The thought in me She must be a witch after all Can’t you see   My defenses were strong With all kinds of logic My heart and my mind were protected From all that could cause it   But alas the one thing I Had Not foreseen Was how powerful magic could Break through and be seen   The moral is simple with form Clear and true When your Dating a witch this could happen to you
Personalized Profile Skins
    Want to see some of my work please click this link and it will show you a slideshow of my skin work.   All skins are guaranteed to be updated with fubar and all images will never be deleted or moved if your skin does have a error please contact me and i will fix it for free. All payments are requirred before delivery of the rip skin link given to you (due to some people try to scam). My skins are made in the order they are recieved it maybe up to 24 hrs before i reply to your private message but don't worry i will get back to you.   *** Reason i don't charge 10mill or 20mill to make skins is because i don't think skins are worth that much my prices will drop lower than they are now in the future so please be sure to check back with me before you decide to go somewhere else.  for people who try to waste time and cry about every lil thing i do not refund any money unless it is my fault on my end while the skin don't work!
Karma -
Force them to see Im told with a reputition from years before Why cant they know?ill fight this with nailIs this not our nature?My choice is seen and I have lost with no chance for venganceWhy have we chosen to close this space once again Ill show you my cell with its rotting decor Or will I?the walls are still grandI know where my fate liesIts always with me screaming though Ive chosen to not hearFor that ill pay more than was worth,Why wasnt I taught of this?Why must I learn through painHumilityWas I lost when this knowledge was passed ?To learn this way is a true mark of a being of which was layed in my lap ofIgnoranceFor hell you haveto take with you and seethe only thing removed no more matter to hold it insideNo more Fill the glass and then the room It will never be held back Tho whos accountable?you always werethat voice is that of pure balanceI know when its here It speaks so loudTo let me know of unjust and forsaken triumphI know what ill take with me as I know to not enjoyAs
It was a quiet Sunday morning. The noise of the night and the suffering screams of the dying, had vanished with the rising sun. The city seemed peaceful. The sobs of the survivors and the occasional self inflicted gunshot wound are the only noises that permeate in the rising sun. Here and there people start to move about. Burning the dead, and running from the zombies that wander the streets. Alone in her third floor apartment, Amber Dawn, looks out through a crack in the blinds. Her hands bitten with arthritis slowly and dully stroke her closest friend and confidante Henry. Henry was the only person that always seemed to know when she was lonely or scared. Now proudly in his 11th year of life, Henry was fat and happy to let her dully pet him. It had been almost a year since the bridges were blown, and the world went to hell in a handbag. For Henry nothing in his world had changed. His Momma, who cared for him all these years still fed him. When she would forget, he would simply catch
The ex and I got into it shortly before we broke up. We were screaming and yelling at each other, and she said something that caught me off guard. She told me I was a lousy lay. So naturally I was all :0!!! about it. She stormed out of our place and about 30mins later, there was a knock. It was her sister, they had made plans to go out. She asked if she was there and I told her no. She asked what was wrong and I told her we were arguing. She asked if I was okay, I told her Id get over it. Her sister and I started talking, she was trying to cheer me up. Well, one thing lead to another and me and her sister ended up in the bedroom. We were fooling around and it went further. About 20mins into it, my ex came home and into the bedroom, and of course had to be a cockblock about the whole thing. She kicks open the door and has a fit and asks "What the fuck do you think youre doing?!?"To which I smiled and replied "Getting a second opinion"
Chapter Two--rough Draft (untitled)
Through all my creating, which brought me happiness, amazement and amusement, I couldn't help but feel alone.I really wasn't alone but my beautiful creations were a part of me. They were only given the necessities to exist, and have a purpose. I wanted to see if I could create another, I don't know what I am or how I came to be, but, our qualities could be the same. And I quickly thought of what I would look like if I had form. That just for a short period of time, without all this power, I wondered what I would look like. I started t the beginning. And recalled the look of my first star. It was green. I took two green stars and put them together, side by side and wept until the two green stars wept with me. Then I thought about my first question. I could think, so, whatever we were, needed to think too. I could hear so I had to make my creation hear as well. I gathered several of my beautiful stars, some green, some blue, some red and some yellow. I needed to give my cre
Well, a lot of you know that my brother did 15 months in Iraq a short while ago and how it seriously upset me.....well, just when I thought the worrying was over about him I got some awful news last night. I got a phone call last night from him telling me that when he had woke up yesterday morning and hit the toilet that it filled up with blood. He went directly to the VA only to find out that he has a tear in his intestinal wall that is leaking gastric fluids into his body, and that there is a mass in his stomach. He has a serious infection from all the fluids so the tear can't be repaired until it's gone....and the mass won't be biopsied until Monday. Meanwhile, his big sis is a mess! I keep telling myself everything will be okay...but I'm hard to convince. I'm in serious need of a distraction and I don't think work is gonna do it.   Sorry for the wall of words...but I needed to get all of this out somewhere...   (h)(h)
The 23 Biggest 9/11 Coincidences By Hal Stanton (repost)
      Getty Images Introduction By Hal Stanton September 11, 2001 was unquestionably a tragic day for America and the world. While the 3,000-plus deaths on American soil elicited support and tears from around the world, now many international citizens resent or even despise the country that ratcheted up the War on Terror. But for many in the country, and a staggering number of foreign citizens, the truth about what really took place on September 11, 2001 remains under relentless scrutiny and doubt. The mainstream media and politicians love to pass these claims off as "conspiracy theories" (the threat of being a social outcast can get the best of us), but the facts tell a much different story. Here are just some of the major coincidences surrounding 9/11. Part One Getty Images   1. WAR GAMES ON 9/11 (AND THE LONDON BOMBINGS) Were the hijackers lucky on 9/11... or had an insider tipped them off? That morning, the majority of the eastern air defense of NORAD
This Great Burden
I have a huge burden on my shoulders that will never go away.  I will carry it with me until the day I die.  You see, I suffer from depression with anxiety and bipolar disorder.  This is probably the reason I have been single for so long.  I have tried to keep it under control, but the past couple of weeks have been total hell for me.  My gall bladder surgery has knocked my chemicals all out of whack and I am worried the person I have my eye on is just gonna say fuck this and drop me.   All I ask for is some understanding and support.  It means a great deal to me.
My Blog
"Davis, William C," wrote something to think about. A Little known Black History Fact. This information can also be found in the African American Archives at the Smithsonian Institute. Although not taught in American learning institutions and literature, it is noted in most Black history professional circles and literature, that the origin of the term "picnic" derives from the acts of lynching African -Americans. The word "picnic" is rooted from the whole theme of "Pick A Nigger. This is where individuals would "Pic" a Black Person to lynch and make this into a family gathering. There would be music and a "picnic" "Nic" being the white acronym for nigger.") Scenes of this were depicted in the movie "Rosewood" We should choose to use other words like "Barbecue" or outing instead of the word picnic I do believe that the "N" word falls in the same category The "N" word is a vulgar and derogatory word used in the same malicious manner by slaveowners as the wo
10 Things You Dont Know About Women
1. Women are innately self-conscious. This is not a choice; it's a genderwide condition. On a bad day, I look in the mirror and see my ten-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Bertha. On a really bad day, Bertha sees her two-hundred-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Brian Dennehy. 2. Women produce half the world's food but own only 1 percent of its farmland. So we're fine with you picking up the tab. And after about three thousand dinners at Nobu, we should be even. 3. Women like porn, too. We just hate it when you hide the porn. 4. Women remember everything . Don't believe me? Ask your girlfriend where you met. She won't tell you it was at a party. She'll say it was a Thursday, she had just come from dinner, where she ate a veggie burger, and she was wearing her friend Cathy's pink top, which was big on her because Cathy is a big girl. You were wearing a blue button-down, drinking a Jack and Coke with two straws, and talking to Bill, that mutual friend. She waved and
Wow 4 Hours At Dentist
yep fixed front filled in a few and pulled two wisdom teeth theres a pic of new teeth in me ablum lol
I Got Tagged...
I got tagged by my friend Brodie. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. So here we go -- ten random weird facts about me. I am allergic to cats, and I have three of them. I only meant to have one. But he was lonely. So then I went to adopt another one. And came home with two. Yes, this is the way I work. My internal thermostat doesn't work, and I'm usually either hot or cold. My big dietary sin is dairy. I love, love, love dairy. And no, skim milk does NOT count. I own not one, but two Tivos. One has a DVD burner attached. Yes, this makes me happy. I cannot imagine a kitchen without kosher salt and a covered every
What sign are you..?...go to "THE DEVIL"s page to get your sign .. check it out, pretty cool! P • I • S • C • E • S: The Piece of Good Ass Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT. Very high SEX appeal. Has the last word. The best to find, hardest to keep. Fun to be around. Freak in the sheets. Extremely weird but in a good way. Super good in bed. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. A partner for life. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet. 5 years of bad luck if you do not repost.
We Support You Parade Page 2
Calling all service members and supporters!!! Welcome to the “We Support You” Parade. Please line up and let us show our support for the men and women of our Armed Forces past and present. They deserve our love and support 24/7, so now we are not stopping just because a day has past, we are marching on. Do not let this parade stop!! Here are the rules: ****If for any reason you have a problem with Fan/Rating/Adding everyone on the list, but would like to join the Parade, please contact me (the host). This is to show support and give strength to those who have sacrificed so much for us.**** There will be 3 sections to this parade, you must start at the bottom of the page and work toward top. Fan/rate/and add everyone. In your requests or even in gifts, please specify if you are a Vet, Currently Serving, or a Supporter. If you have already added them, please leave them a comment letting them know you are joining the “We Support You” Parade. Present Service M
I Finally Broke
In my life, I am always the one who makes you smile when you are down. People look to me to find serenity, hope, faith and wisdom. We have problem solved with intellect over emotions in times of tragety, turmol and greif. I always have been honest, open and expressed myself articulately to those I have trusted. Very close people have called me their "Rock". Others I have trusted with my emotions, doubts and fears. With that being said, even rocks faulter. In the past 2 months, 2 Aunts passed away. One was the closest Family member to pass away in my life. A friends spouse took his own life violently a few days later. In that time another close friend had a heart attack. Another close friend who struggled with a deadly obsession finally lost her battle with addiction. Less than a week later another old time friend who was very instrumental in keeping me sane a few years ago overdosed. During all of this someone I loved and trusted very much was pulling away from me. They told me in
Sexy Red Head Up For Bid, Hurry And Come And Put Your Bids In
GlitterMaker Heres your chance to own your very own -slave for a month. Have you owned Red Headed Temptress yet? What are you waiting for? Click the picture below and BID BID BID This auction is an all type bid auction. Bi
Apple Pie With Maple Whipped Cream
* Active Time: 20 minutes * Total Time: 1 hour 40 minutes INGREDIENTS o Filling o ½ cup sugar o 3 Tbsp all-purpose flour o ¾ tsp ground cinnamon o 1/4 tsp each ground nutmeg and salt o 6 Fuji or Gala apples, peeled, cored and sliced ½ in. thick (8 cups) o 1 pkg (15 oz) refrigerated ready-to-bake pie crusts o ¾ cup heavy (whipping) cream o 2 tsp sugar o 3 Tbsp maple-flavor pancake syrup PREPARATION 1. Place a foil-lined baking sheet on middle oven rack. Heat oven to 400°F. Have a 9-in. pie plate ready. 2. Filling: Mix sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt in a large bowl. Add apples; toss to coat. 3. Line pie plate with crust as pkg directs. Add Filling, tucking in apples to fit. Top with remaining crust. Gently press edges together, turn under and flute or crimp if desired. 4. Brush crust with some of the heavy cream; sprink
The Gummy Bear Song - Long English Version
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Sex Gdd
  A married couple walked in to a Jamaican sandal shop. The proprietor said to them, 'I have some special sandals I think you would be interested in. Dey make you wild at sex.' Well, the wife was really interested in buying the sandals after what the man claimed, but her husband felt he really didn't need them, being the sex god he was. The husband asked the man, 'How could sandals make you into a sex freak?' The Jamaican replied, 'Just try dem on, Mon.' So, the husband, after some badgering from his wife, finally gave in, and tried them on. As soon as he slipped them onto his feet, he got this wild look in his eyes, something his wife hadn't seen in many years! In the blink of an eye, the husband grabbed the Jamaican, bent him violently over a table, yanked down his pants, ripped down his own pants, and grabbed a firm hold of the Jamaican's hips. The Jamaican then began screaming, 'You got dem on the wrong feet!'
Music Apprieciation
There once was a singer with a piano playing brother, and anorchestra conducting mother. He found himself wondering ,during the time he was performing, who am i going take as a wife? Following some leads, not caring about race or creed, his heart would determine who would share the rest of his life. There once was a singer with a piano playing brother, and an orchestra conducting mother. He found that he found what he was looking for, the one he took on tour, the one he trulies adore. Taking the vows, for richer or poorer, health and in sickness, but this last one promise he in good will implore. The once was a singer with a piano playing brother, and an orchestra conducting mother. He found himself staring, and his temper flaring, that life was leaving his wife. Throwing fits, cursing God, asking why he should go through this hurt, his softly asked for a final concert. There once was a singer with a piano playing brother, and an orchestra conducting mother. He found himself stan
Black Label Society Bylaws And Code Of Honor For All You Fan Out There
Black Label Society Bylaws And Code of Honor God, Family, Beer Suicide Is Not An Option Complaints Dept. Closed Live Life Stronger Than Death Thou Shalt Not Spilleth The Beer Refuse To Loose/Born To Booze Respect Is To Be Shown To All Society Dwellers Worldwide Colours Must Be Worn To all Black Label Society Shows And Events FEAR NO BEER BLEED BLACK LABEL SOCIETYSDMF FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!BLEED BLACK LABEL!!!!!!!!!!!
Montblanc Watches The Value Of Old Fashioned Tactics
Ulysse Nardin A.Lange& Sohne Sachsen White Leather Are you planning to get oneself a view quickly. Hublot, Rolex and additionally montblanc presence watches are a number of probably the most widely known manufacturers of wrist watches. On the other hand, these wrist watches might possibly expense huge bucks. You should wish to spend a lot on the single observe, the answer is to buy a discount follow. I are already buying lower price watches before and that i certainly not had a very hard time making use of them just like the designer label watches. If truth be told, I unearth discount and then authentic watches to achieve the very same high-quality specially when it comes to durability. The sole variation I view is relating to the items. Though designer wrist watches are created from important materials this kind of as metals and even gems, low cost monitors are produced from low-priced metals and gem copies. This could be the reason why price cut watches are much more
Dj Contest Jan 29th At 8pm Est. Big Prizes To The Winners
Stolen From Crazy Lips
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     W 2.   Flower:..............................  Wormwood 3.   Boys name ......................  Walter 4.     A Girls name:.................     Wendy 5.   An occupation;..................  Welder 6.   Something you wear:.......... Windbreaker 7.   Something you eat.............. Watermelon 8      Place
Boomy Auction
Ok so here is the deal: I need fubucks for spotlight, you need a boomerang and its up for auction. Bids are open until Sunday, April 10. Check my default to bid.P.S.:pls plsss plsssss bid LOL
Inside me Im screaming,but nobody pays attention. I f I had arms,I could kill myslef. If I had legs,I could run away. If I had a voice,I could talk and be some kind of company for myself. I could yell for help,but nobody would help me.       Normally I dont do Metallica,but this was too good not to put down.
Citrus Surprise Pie
Citrus Surprise Pie   1 9-oz carton whipped topping 1 can sweetened condensed milk   Mix on low speed until blended. Add 1 6-oz can of frozen lemonade, limeade, or raspberry juice. Mix well. Pour into graham cracker crust or prepared chocolate crust. Freeze for at least one hour before serving.
Pete Nuggets
I folded my clothes, but I refuse to mate my socks.  Why should my laundry get more action than I do? How bored am I at work?  Well today I looked up the difference between a Hotel and a Motel I'd like to say it was the gym that allows me to carry $100 worth of groceries all at once, but it's probably the economy.  While it seemed a good idea to do some research on my next car, finding one I really like is making it difficult not to make a move on it.     
Do You Ever Just Wanna...
                  Do u ever just wanna.....have you ever wished you could run away from your problems?not with alcohol or with drugs but away from everything?kids squabbling, your mates small mindedness, The mate that makes an issue out of the smallest insignificate things? Have you ever wished you could run away from the job that you do because you have to, because you cant afford not to have that job? do you wish you could run away from having to sacrafice about everything you think or do? We all know that we can escape in the internet, music, a book or watching a movie. but you just cant run away. because the same issues always find you or you find them every time you turn around. Do you wish you could ever run away? if so where would you go? (:
Searching The Silence
When Im searching the silenceI hear allot of voicesWhen I desire the lightI see the the sun fallingWhen I want to sleepI feel my painfully soulWhen I want to dreamThere is nothing in my mindWhen I want the beautyI just find the lugubriousWhen I want to stand upI feel that dizzinessWhen I want to climbI m just falling …hardleyWhen I stand in my kneesI notice that Im standing upWhen I want to smileI feel my tears When I want to loveI m just hurtingWhen I want to say my prayersAnother voices calls meWhen I m going to GodAllots of daemons are becoming to delight
[been Sleeping All My Life]
I'm not gonna lie some whacked out hand holding prayer circling hippy chanting crazy shit   happened in my living room tonight.   I was trying to listen to the top of the 9th and my dog was kinda wigging out and retards were everywhere. Everywhere.   I could go into greater detail so I will   My parents' wooptard friends (a married couple they've known all of my life) came over, since they're only in town about 6 times a year now, and my dad decided to have a party for the next 72 hours in celebration of this fact. One has chronic asshole-itus, and suffers from "cluster headaches". Anyway, his wife's ... moondog idiot brother (who frankly isn't allowed to touch me MORESO than anyone else on the planet because he gives off a really dim, oogey vibe) comes over unannounced. I'm pleased as punch. And he decides to do his hippy whacked out kookookatchoo shit in my living room to heal his brother-in-law's cluster headaches. which freaks out my dog- and I'm trying to list
Signs Of Sex
SEX ACCORDING TO YOUR SIGN: ARIES- know how to suck everything. TAURUS- Are Professionals at sex. GEMINIS- the most obsessed about sex. CANCER- make you hot and excite you to the maximum LEO- the only sign that can make you touch the sky. VIRGO- The sweetest in bed and the best. LIBRA- The best lovers. SCORPIO- sex, sex n more sex. SAGITTARIUS- will try anything. CAPRICORN- will devour you in bed. AQUARIUS- will do anything in bed. PISCIS- will make you hot, excite you and have various ways of doing it.    PSSST...IM A LIBRA
An Article I Found On "the Other Woman" (i Plan To Read This Everyday Until I Feel Whole Again)
The worse thing about being left for another woman is the insecurity that comes with imaginary comparisons between the "other woman" and us: Is she younger? Prettier? Better? Taller? Fun? NO!!! The fact is that he has not left you for another woman. He left the relationship and found the other woman a great excuse to do so. The added bonus is that the "other woman" becomes the focus of blame instead of him.  Remember this!!! Most women go through a myriad of emotions and physical upheavals that are filled with self-doubt and erode their self esteem until there is nothing left. The job of rebuilding their lives and themselves comes with a huge emotional price tag but in the end, they do far better than they ever thought because they rediscover things about themselves that had been long forgotten. Forgotten Qualities I miss you? I miss me! It is normal to mourn a relationship, but often, women miss themselves and the person they used to be. Those inner qualities are still there
Here's Another Erotica- Writer's Block
I'm on a roll now...have a total of 12 erotica in various states of completion...gonna work hard on typing up the written stories so I can post them here as soon as I can...don't expect too much for the next couple of weeks though, since I've got both Christmas and my 25th birthday within a week of each other. But I will be posting them as much as I can. For now, enjoy Writer's Block, my newest one online. This one is a little different than the others I've written in that it deals with metafiction, which is a is a type of fiction which self-consciously addresses the devices of fiction. (Click on the link for more info, but for now, enjoy the story.) Writer's Block Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Summary: I'm ha
Top 2 Results!!!
The Top 2 winners are!!!!!: Mr. Adorable and 'Dracul~Vampyre God~' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everyone that participated! There was A LOT of comments. hehe Hard to keep up with. Grats guys!
Talk To Me!!
Hi all.. First person to buy me a 7 day blast will receive a "SFW" phone call from your's truly. Serious inquiries only:) Please Rate Blog, thank you
Here's To The Good Times And Here's To More To Come
so yeah things are good but they could be better in all ways as far as my work life my personal life goes and everything inbetween I still work at the herald and I've been there for pretty much a year now but yeah the more I'm there the more I don't think I will miss it there the co workers I work with well most of them are ok and some are a pain and a few are actually rad to work with the other day I went to my fiance's parent's house out in Oak Harbor and everytime I'm out there I never spend enough time out there I go there to get away the stress from work and life but we had to head back I had to work the next day oh yeah did I mention I'm startin to feel like a workaholic anyway I think in a couple of weeks I'm taking a much needed vacation later
Worried Sick And Dying Inside.
At approximately 6 pm on the evening of November 26th, Krista Lyn Breeze Godfrey, age 13, walked with her friend to the corner of her street, said goodbye, and vanished. She is my daughter. And she hasn't been heard from since. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, white tennis shoes, plastic and beaded bracelets, and a tan spaghetti strap shirt. She has shoulder length curly blond hair and blue eyes. She is 5'4" and weighs about 115 pounds. She could possibly be traveling in a blue Volkswagon Jetta with a man described as being in his mid to late 20s. It's being assumed at this point that she has been taken across state lines. This isn't a cry for pity or a way to bring my personal drama/trauma onto the site. This is a plea. If anyone sees her...if anyone knows or thinks they know the Pinal County Sheriff's office at 520-866-5111 or call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. I miss you, Shortcake. Please come
On Auction Again
ABOUT TIME!!! She's in an Auction and she would love to be owned to make new friend's... Would you like to own her??? Then come check her out!!! I promise I'll she will be worth it!!! She is a real sweetheart and one of the Fu-Angel's Read what she has to offer and then click on the icon to take you to where you can place your bid!!!! READ AND CLICK HERE -------------------- (repost of original by '"Heart of Fire's FU-ANGEL'S & Lost Boyz Club FAR~I HOOK UP THE PIC'S' on '2008-10-24 09:35:42')
Stop It.
For anyone sending Fat Sonny negative, or bashing messages you better stop it right the fuck right now. He's a good guy and doesn't deserve to get hate mail from my friends. He's in my fu-family, so i dig the guy. I will not put up with it. Sonny and I were never in a race, we both turned on our auto's on the same day, that shit will happen from time to time. He wants to level so he can pimp out his friends. But hearing my friends were bad mouthing him after-wards made me sick to my stomach. I won't think twice about deleting someone if i hear about it again.
Live Auction @ Wykd
    WYKD Storm Radio presents Rock-n-Roll   Auctions!! Live Sundays @ WYKD Lounge!                              WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD   Not only are we Slaves to the Music, Now we'll be your slave too.   Here's the LowDown! The Rulz: 1. You have to be a member of WYKD LOUNGE to be in auction. 2. You have to be a member to bid. (so invite ur friends tell them to join) 3. To enter send 1,000 fu-bucks to RAIN....... Entry fees must be in to Rain by midnight on Saturday. 4. You have to be in lounge to be auctioned off (no refunds on entry fee) What the WYKD Slaves are Offering to their Ownerz: Random stash rates Random gifts Daily profile comments 100 11's if you have them / if you have no 11's then 200 10's (which can be spread out the 7 days) Other items maybe be added by the Slave if Bidding is High! This is for one week ( 7 days ) Whatever the winning bid is, will go to the person that was bid on...... Be there Sunday at 8:00(
What Was I Thinking
It never fails. Its all the same. I'm tired of the games u play. Well count me out. Yeah it makes me heartless. Yeah it makes me cold.. You react upon reactions. I never meant for this to happen. I never meant to be this way. I don't know what i was was thinking but today it really did change. I will always be there. I will always have ur back.. But nothing more than that.. I won't come to u with anything. I won't do this. I can't.. I'm sorry.. I fucked things up.. Go figure its just like me... What the fuck should i even care. Im waisting to much time in such a hollow place... what was i thinking.. who were u to play back on it.. U had a part in it.. but no it's selfish of me To even blame u at all.. Cuz I knew better...
Why Is Everyone So F&*kin Miserable This Holiday Season?...
…hey everyone, how is your holiday seasons going? I just want to say something ( like usual) why does it seem like everyone is just so blah this holiday season?…is it : - The Economy ? - The Government ? - Employment ? ( under or not) - Lack of interest ? - Have the holidays lost their meaning? I ask these things because all I see, not just around here with all of the begging and whining in statuses and complaining about this and that, but it’s just about everywhere you look, the decorations aren’t so fine tuned, the holiday parties at the jobs aren’t what they were even last year it seems, travel is down… So what is it? I’m the one usually known for being a grinch. And I seem festive. That’s not a good sign. Today I actually cut someone because for the past week, all that I am seeing in my shoutbox from them is complaining about their VIP running out and no one has renewed it… Really? … I couldn’t take it any more.
Questions 1-22-10
Ask me anything. Go ahead, I'm bored.
My Crew Shines True - Supernatural (bkps Reps + Guests)
  My crew shines true - supernaturalSAVV Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:My crew shines true - supernatural, like the third eye on a blind dude. Let me remind you - B-K-P-S is a life-style; fuck a rhyme, fool. I'll blow the hand off the sign you throw up, if it ain't mine: schooled. Like a mine field and if it mine - screwed. Kinda' rude, hella nice - tried and true, immaculate, like Jesus Christ to a ripe bruise.. Each1Teach1 of Brass Knuckle Poets Society Said:fuck is up with the lack of nice crews? need to take heed and some advice too, if you aint coming hard as fuck you aint spitten to the right dude, better hope you catch yer boy in a nice mood, cause i crumble flakes into the water like fish food, B is to the K like its P into the S, synonymous with ridonkulous when we rockin this...youd need the 3rd eye and an eagle or a hawkeye with a twist, to even catch a spy report before you conquer this...Teach1 sponsors this, and any and all brodcasts, download it to yer eye phone,
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With A Side Of Pee
I am hooked on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's crass. It's dark. It makes me laugh until I hurt. It's pure genius. I blame my dear friend The Olive for ever demanding I watch it in the first place, but that's a completely different matter altogether. I don't have cable or satellite so in the last several weeks I've managed to buy all 5 seasons and watch them over and over again.    I watch them while I write. I watch them while I fold laundry. I watch them while I do homework. I watch them...ok you get the point.    The only problem is that with all this watching, my 5 year old has been seeing more and more and has become quite a fan of the show. This is to my detriment which I will prove with the following example:   Two days ago, I came home to find that my cat, as cats are often guilty of, notified me that his litter was too full by shitting in my kiddo's tub. I was just happy that he's not the kind of cat who leaves said notifications on the carpet. My kid, however, wa
When my heart goes to sleep,You are on my mind.Your beauty amazes me,Forever on my mind.I would love you near me,But I know it will never be.Even as just a friend,I hope you will always be.You are in my heart,And will never leave.And in my friendship, You can always belive.
Ultimate Way For You To Cover Ed Hardy Watch So It Can Be Be As Durable Doa
Rado Esenza Black Steel Diamond Mens Watch R53541716 bleNow delivering very well past a pair of jeans and t shirts these colorful trendy together with one of a kind style merchandise are rather a good deal popular and are outcome of your genius of electrician and tattoo actors Don ed hardy apollo watches and built Christian Audigier. Rado Integral Ladies Watch R20430722 Wedding, doubtlessly, is the greatest of all primary pursuits to a bride. Little bride wants to damage such a large day, in like manner select an appropriate and trendy wedding gown gets the premium priority of each and every young woman. The well-known vogue lines features an incredible brand of fashions such as the ed hardy antoinette watches Antique Tattoo Belts for men and ladies. LV Khaki Leather Watch with Diamond Scales
Title Game Bling
Ok Fubar, wtf? Every time a major championship game/series is coming up, you put up blings for the teams involved. Since I joined Fubar last September, you have made Texas-Alabama for last year's NCG, Colts/Saints, Yankees/Phillies, Giants/Rangers, etc. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Oregon and Auburn are slotted in the NCG for college football. Is there a Ducks or Tigers bling? Noooo, only an Auburn one after the game. Now you have ones up for the NFC & AFC title games? Seriously, it's not even the Super Bowl yet. I guess you guys are a bunch of Cal and/or Stanford fans and felt like snubbing Oregon or something. Way to show some love for the PAC-10. If Stanford was in the NCG I bet you would have had it up two weeks in advance. So thanks for not putting up an Oregon bling when many of us were looking forward to it for over a month. 
The Glow Radio Saturday
Saturday Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is The Freak Show with Tony the Misfit featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Sunday Morning The DJ Joe D Show Live from Toronto, Canada at 7am PT/8am MT/9am CT/10am ET/3pm GMT Every Sunday Morning DJ Joe D will be Live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute.The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content & Novelty Songs of the Week.Tune in for this great new show
Brawndo Ta...
Brawndo TA...: start talking or i delete To Brawndo TA...: took care of that for ya Brawndo TA...: looks like ive been right all along i accept almost all friends requests and i will speak to anyone.. i love a good conversation..more than points, pimps, bling or anything like that but being an ass will get you blocked immediately.
Scared. It Happens.
I was raised to have a certain amount of respect for the earth, and mother nature can be a bitch. Watching the news latley, It seriously scares me to watch all the natural disasters that are occuring. I see pictures of the devestation and my stomach just flips. If you are one of those people who says "oh, well its not happening to me so...." kindly just delete yourself off my list and refrain from opening your fucking mouth because YOU WILL be put in your place.    It seems to be getting worse and worse, one thing after another. People losing their whole families, and in some circumstances, their whole community.   I usually dont go for the whole doomsday shit, but we are not immune to disaster.    Im not going to outline  my paranoia in this blog, just, give your loved ones an extra squish today, and be thankful for them. Stop taking everything in your life for granted. Take a minute to keep these people in your thoughts, Take  that 10 bucks you would have spent on bling and tex
You Got Bin Laden, Now Get Out Of The Region, Islamists Tell U.s.
You Got Bin Laden, Now Get Out of the Region, Islamists Tell U.S. Tuesday, May 03, 2011 By Patrick Goodenough Jamaat-e-Islami leader Munawar Hasan, center, addresses a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan, to react to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. (Photo: Jamaat-e-Islami) ( – Now that it has achieved its goal of killing Osama bin Laden, the United States should withdraw its armed forces from Afghanistan and the broader region. That’s the message being sent by Islamists from Pakistan, Egypt, and the Iranian government. “If according to U.S. President Obama, America has achieved its target and killed its enemy number one, the U.S. has no justification to stay here any more,” Munawar Hasan, leader of the Pakistani Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami, told a press conference called in Lahore on Monday to respond to the news that the al-Qaeda terrorist leader was dead. Hasan expressed doubt that the U.S. would withdraw from
Some people seem to need to feel superior to others and will categorize them with a name. I have been called a hick because I live in the country, have horses, and so on. After thinking about it, I wear the name with pride regardless how the other person meant it. Hicks, like almost all groups, people choose to segregate, are some amazing people.If you hunt for me, you will find I am listed among the HicksThe poor common folk that choose to live back in the sticks.The kind of folk who have a job but also have to do choresthat build bonfires and teach the kids how to make Smores.Among those that if you do need any help are glad to giveand by the Golden Rule most still their lives do try to live.We are dirt poor by the standards most will use to judgebut from this great way of life one of us will rarely budge.You might think us ignorant, having taken no college courses,but we have the knowledge of things like survival and horses.We may not have all that city people have, who are on the r
Why I Oppose Mandatory Drug Testing For Those On Welfare.
"Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users... are employed" Are we testing the people of Japan or did we drug test the people of Haiti, do we test those effected by hurricane's or other natural disasters? No, yet we spent and continue to spend billions helping those who need(ed) the help. Being on welfare does not make one a drug abuser, as a matter of fact "Seventy percent (70%) of all illicit drug users, ages 18-49, are employed full-time."[1] There are a lot of misconceptions about those on welfare, with 70% of all illicit drug users being full time employed that leaves 30% that has to be divided between those who are not working, not working full time, drawing unemployment, on welfare or whatever. That means that the other 30% of users are not entirely just welfare cases. The public view of those on welfare is way off base and although the test tend to reflect on average a good result there are many, many cases where the results were incorrect. To make a long story short
Sorry, I'm So Sorry...
Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry for making you mad Sorry for everything I said Sorry for being me Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry if I disappointed you Sorry if I hurt you Sorry for everything Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry that I liked you Sorry that you did Sorry for turning in to a bitch Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry that I loved you Sorry that you didn’t Sorry that we had to fight Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry for still loving you Sorry you don’t love me Sorry for ever loving you Sorry, I’m so sorry   But, sorry for falling for my best friend Sorry I can't be much more Sorry for spilling my feelings Sorry, I'm so sorry  
Lesson 2
Hello, again. I need your help.... Well, that's not quite accurate. I need you to help you, help me, to help all of us. But we're not ready. We are burdened by psychological insecurities and instabilities. Failing to acknowledge that they exist, even if not consciously, binds one to fall prey to them. But I'm not here to demean you. I'm here to help. It's imperative that we individually deal with these issues before progressing forward, so that they do not cause worse problems later. You might call this magic, you might call this spirituality, you might call it applied psychology...   I call it "effective".No materials are required beyond your own consciousness, focus, and Will, which are imperative. If you live in a loud or shared environment, headphones with your choice of music playing may prove to be beneficial. Physically, you will not have to do anything that you would find embarassing if an observer were present, so take comfort in that.As a preliminary exercise, I want
Greece Selects Prime Minister After Days Of Wrangling
ATHENS — Lucas Papademos, a respected economist and former vice president of the European Central Bank, was named Thursday to lead a new Greek unity government that has pledged to abide by the tough terms of a European aid package in the hopes of saving the country from bankruptcy. The announcement came after four days of often chaotic negotiations that put the feuding among Greece’s political parties on full display. Mr. Papademos, who has a low-key, avuncular manner,sacs louis vuittonemerged from the presidential office building shortly after the statement about his new post was released at midday and spoke briefly with reporters, striking an optimistic note. “The course will not be easy,” he said. “But the problems, I’m convinced, will be solved. They will be solved faster, with a smaller cost and in an efficient way, if there is unity, agreement and prudence.” Mr. Papademos has only a few weeks to persuade Greece’s creditors in th
Obama Seeks New Pacific Influence
HONOLULU—President Barack Obama plunged into a long-awaited and high-stakes mission to re-establish U.S. leadership in the Pacific but is bumping into the expanding influence of China at every turn. Mr. Obama hosted a forum of 21 Asian-Pacific nations in Hawaii over the weekend. But one of those countries, China,sacs louis vuitton occupied an outsized share of the president's attention and that of his aides, underscoring the challenges the U.S. faces in the Pacific. One of Mr. Obama's core objectives is to serve notice that the United States will serve as a counterweight to China's growing economic, diplomatic and military influence. "This trip is very much about extending a clear signal that the United States is going to be fully present in the economic, security and political future of the Asia-Pacific region, and it takes place in the context of a rising China," Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser at the White House, said in an interview Sunday. The president fra
A Face Book Post
What a kiss means.. actually read the whole thing cause its nice!+ Kiss on the stomach = I'm ready+ Kiss on the Forehead = I hope we're together forever+ Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything+ Kiss on the Cheek = We're friends+ Kiss on the Hand = I adore you+ Kiss on the Neck = We belong together+ Kiss on the Shoulder = I want you+ Kiss on the Lips = I love you What the gesture means...+ Holding Hands = We definitely love each other+ Slap on the Butt = That's mine+ Holding on tight = I don't want to let go+ Looking into each others Eyes = I just plain love you+ Playing with Hair = Tell me you love me+ Arms around the Waist = I love you too much to let go+Laughing while Kissing = I am completely comfortable with you --ADVICE!--+ Don't ask for a kiss, take one.+If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love --REQUIREMENTS--+ Post this again after reading!!If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now and can't get them out of your headthen Re-post this
Maximizing Your Rockstar Without Scrolling
Getting 2500 likes with one Rockstar hasn't been easy, and now that we no longer scroll globally, it can be more difficult!! I will give you a few pointers on what you can do to acheive your goal and hopefully not have to buy a second Rockstar!!   Pick a busy day!!  Friday nights seem to be the busiest in my opinion.  Wednesday's are usually good as well.  The other option is pick a day when there is a fabulous bonus (like 300% for likes) and even unlimited 11s!! If you can do it on one of those evenings, you will have a better chance because more people will be online! If you can afford it - get a Happy Hour - this will simplify your life!!  Running a Rockstar during your HH will make a huge difference.  2500 likes with a HH will be easy, especially if you get a decent time of day. If you are going for 5K likes you will need at least 2 Rockstars usually unless you have HHs or an excellent bonus, cause remember you still only have 5 Mumms. For 10K likes it's much easier if you hav
Why try to meet me?When you're hoping and praying, That I won't kiss you sweetly... You might want to keep me?But don't…  “A high this good is not meant to last and it won't!” That's you talking. It also means you might turn a good man, into a dead man walking...shhh!/ If my final days have to be this way, then please don't let the governor pardon me./ Just let me embrace my destiny with bliss... because I enjoy taking the shot even if I miss. You see, I'm not scared of anything, and I know you could have any “thing”… you choose. But hopefully in time you'll choose mine and I'll redefine and show you, it's- not- just- any...thing./ Please forgive me... for the fire of my passion's light, For when inspired... it's not me, it's everything I desired to be, but then I relize... They call me Feenix because I burn when I take flight.  
Always Broken Everyday R.i.p...........
everyday my body always in pain because i have been thought so much in the pass i risk my body i have surjure 2 times on my ribs because 5 people jumped me for no reason they stab me , they kick me and they punch me it's hurt so bad my heart hurt so bad sometime i feel like god is  watching me to make sure i wont get hurt but i wear a cross neckless i made it a little skull on it got my name on it say matthew culver god is watching over you and i hope i touch someone heart out there because this is ture this is real i hope someone feel my heart my pain my feelings and my soul r.i.p..........
Dear Idiots That Say "i Don't Care About Fubar"
"I Don't Care About Fubar." I've always loved people that say this phrase. It brings me high amusement when I see it in a blog or status or hear it in shoutbox. I'm a believer as you know, normal people should be, in actions speak louder than words. But before I go off on this, and I'm really not inclined to due to lack of motivation, here's some signs a person is full of shit when they write, status , or say "they don't care about Fubar.." 1. The always seem to be running something or talking about it. 2. They blog about things that happen with people from here, then at the end say "don't care." 3. The make a bazillion phone calls to people from here and on them say "I don't care." 4. They watch the daily ranks. 5. They try and level. 6. They actually throw a public fit when someone cuts them from their family due to "famp" reasons. 7. They hang out in lounges incessantly, for no real reason or gain. 8. They give a shit about who's blinging who or faving what
ἈnΆГkh? What's That?
In the prolog to “Notre Dame de Paris” Victor Hugo describes how he found this stone while walking through Notre Dame with the word “ἈNΆГKH” in it. It’s an ancient Greek word and means something like “inescapable doom” and he wondered what lost desperate soul spent so much time up there to crave it into stone, what haunted it? And out of this wondering he wrote “Notre Dame de Paris” I think you know it better under the name “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
Things That Irk Me--photos Being Marked Adult
thank you whoever did that...I don't understand why some mods mark pics as nude when they aren't even violating the rules. I see no nudity in that last thong pic you just marked's simply ass cheeks and a stip of fabric...and it's been a regular pic for months why now change it? gotta love it... and yes, I know I bitch about it, but damn....there are adult pics and then there are simply ones that are suggestive... and, mods are supposed to be objective...
Resucited!.. For Now
i'm better, i had a bad evening and night yesterday again... high fever, cough and all, but yeah i wont die i guess lol i got back my voice!!!!! i tryed singing the next song i'll post but oh well not a lot because i don't want to hurt my throat back is sore, and that's why i'm sitting here for sometime... special thanks to kinky, patrickk23 and fireman for being worried about me (actually they where the only ones) but here goes the song! it is in my stash so if you like it you can go to find it there and many other classic songs anytime
My Nsfw Photos
Enjoy them while you can I'll be deleting several of then shortly. I hate a lot of them. I promised myself that I would NEVER post photos of myself that I didn't like on the internet and in my need for points and leveling I changed my opinion on that knowing what sells on cherrytap. Thanks to CherryTap's new laws I no longer receive points for those photos. I wish that I could say I was removing them because I re-discovered my morals or something equally as classy, but really its because I like my tits but I don't want to share them with the internet. Some of them will stay because I think they're pretty, but probably not the ones the majority of you want to see. Thanks as always for your continued friendship. There will be plenty of cleavage, smiles, and eyes for those that you that like those too.
Dodger In Globe
Salutes N Stuff
What is a fubar Salute? A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your fubar profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2, Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: or fubar *Photoshopped or any “type” print set will NOT be accepted. *Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. *Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add on to your Salute: You may wear your fubar,LostCherry or cherryTAP t-shirt, and show your Home Page (which has to be clear) as part of your background. Please include the above three items to ENSURE your salute is verified. All Salutes are approved by the fubar bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos wil
An Unbelievable Day!!!!
First, I would like to apologize to those friends that have stopped by and left comments today. I am very sorry that I have not been able to reply to your comments yet. It has been a strange and unbelievable Valentine's Day, to say the very least. It started with me taking the day off from work to take my youngest daughter (17) to the Doctor to determine if she had an infectious disease. Last week she had terrible headaches and a fever and her primary Doctor could not determine what was wrong with her. Actually, by today, she was back to normal and the specialist we saw said that she did not have anything abormal and that unless she had the headaches again, she should be fine. With that, she and I went home and then she left to go to school. Unfortunately she did not go to school, she and her best friend decided to cut classes for the day. This has been a big issue lately and she has been on restriction 3 times in the last three months due to this. Well, it has been raining
Absinthe’s Mind-altering Mystery Solved (tx Scrawl Baby!!!) Absinthe’s mind-altering mystery solved Proof positive: High alcohol content responsible for psychedelic effects Courtesy of the Albert Maignan's painting of "Green Muse" (1895) shows a poet succumbing to absinthe's mind-altering effects. LiveScience Absinthe’s mind-altering mystery solved Most viewed on By Charles Q. Choi updated 1:51 p.m. ET, Tues., April. 29, 2008 An analysis of century-old bottles of absinthe — the kind once quaffed by the likes of van Gogh and Picasso to enhance their creativity — may end the controversy over what ingredient caused the green liqueur's supposed mind-altering effects. The culprit seems plain and simple: The century-old absinthe contained about 70 percent alcohol, giving it a 140-proof kick. In comparison, most gins, vodkas and whiskeys are just 80- to 100-proof. In recent years, the psychedelic nature of absinthe has been hotly debated. Absinthe was notorious
Irish Coffee
An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his advice in reviving her husband's libido. 'What about trying Viagra?' asked the doctor. 'Not a chance', she said. 'He won't even take an aspirin.' 'Not a problem,' replied the doctor. 'Give him an 'Irish Viagra.' It's when you drop the Viagra tablet into his coffee. He won't even taste it. Give it a try and call me in a week to let me know how things went.' It wasn't even a week later when she called the doctor, who directly inquired as to her progress. The poor dear exclaimed, 'Oh, faith, bejaysus and begorrah! T'was horrid. Just terrible, doctor!' 'Really? Oh my, what happened?' asked the doctor. 'Well, I did as you advised and slipped it in his coffee and the effect was almost immediate. He jumped straight up, with a twinkle in his eye and with his pants a-bulging fiercely! With one swoop of his arm, he sent me cups and tablecloth flying, ripped me clothes to tatters and took me then and therepassi
Club United Memebers
Are you looking for an awesome family well look no more we are one of the newest fastest growing famlies on FuBar all you have to do is read the rules be at least a level 3 have a salute and rate -fan - add all the family members leaving them a message that says Club United if they are already your friend. Leave Club United as a comment when you are done, leave the homepage a message and we will add your link remember this is a drama free family and drama will result is being removed . Club United Home Page See Blog To Join!!!@ fubar Founded May 18,2008 We Are Club United..And let me clarify that we accept all other Clubs as well...We are not competing and the Family was started so we could help others or just share our friendship...So Come aboard love to have you.... This is what you have to do its so simple and so much fun. You will get to meet and make new friends. We are NOT a bombing family. Just a bunch of fubarians wanting to make new friends Here's the
Baby You Dont Have To Wait
Sex Story #16
We meet for the 1st time after chatting on line and several phone conversations. I am walking towards u, as u are standing beside ur car, watching me as I get closer, I look up, our eyes lock, a smile across both our faces, I reach u, we embrace into a tight but gentle hug. We look at each other, saying it's a pleasure meeting u as we tremble in each others arms as our lips meet,  in a deep, soft, passionate kiss. We are both so hot with desire for each other after all the erotic conversations, not being able to stop how we are feeling for each other, thankfully we are in a somewhat secluded area, our hands exploring each others bodies as we kiss more deeply, our breathing heavier, knowing we want each other right here and now. Not wanting to stop to find a more secluded area, or a bed to be completely alone. I help u out of ur shirt, admiring ur tattoos, my hands running over ur back, ur shoulders, admiring ur smooth skin, kissing ur chest, gliding my tongue over ur very erect nipples
when first the mist of color and light and then the dark of new moons night has came and went all that's sot will hence be sent  
Sad And Funny
Not in my shoutbox, but yeah..I seen this in my bar tab.   Bah..she has a man too. =/
Bad Romance
A few days ago, my friend Lard Spitsonya offended my other friend Sucksaman69 by posting a blog questioning his sexuality and NOT TELLING HIM. This is the key, as I am to understand, that Sucksaman69 was not informed that this blog was posted. QUOTE:“What ticked me off was he didn’t tell me he made one… Someone else out of the blue told me”So being offended or ticked, Sucksaman69 deleted and blocked Lard Spitsonya from his page. :(Well the next day, finding all of this amusing, Eatsmanonweekends posted a follow up blog announcing Lard Spitsonya’s engagement to Sucksaman69. It included a flyer and announcement, included photo shopped photos and all! Eatsmanonweekends told Lard and Dicksa Craven about the blog, but Sucksaman69 stumbled upon it, read it, and commented “rolls eyes” and went on his way. BUT he did not delete or block!So being curious by nature, I pondered this, and realized that the real truth is Sucksaman69 is in love with Eatsman
20 Credit Limited Edition Bling Auction
I am holding a Limited Edition Bling Auction. It will start tonight at 9 pm EST and run until 9 pm EST on Saturday. The highest bidder has WINNER'S CHOICE to choose between one of the four Limited Edition Blings. Bidding starts at $2 mil. So go ahead and place your bids under this blog and start the ball rolling. Have fun Fu-Landiers!!
Somewhat passionate   she rings the merry toll   singing out from the hilltops   whats hidden deep below   And with but a wisp of sound   Crimson skin set aglow     (still not finished)        
Before I compare her beauty to a roseAfter today I can compare her nomore.Nothing in this world can ever compare,If only I had known this before. Today its as if I saw her in a whole new light,As if God handed her to me from the heavens above.A smile so beyond perfect with her soft eyes to match,I could only wonder,would I be worthy of her love.   To see her a blessing,To hold her would be a dream,I fear one touch of her hand my mind would go beyond repair. To have one kiss from her beautiful lips, For nothing else I would ever care.   I would hold her love so deeply in my heart, I would treasure her love above what any man could see.I would cherish and hold her foever close to my soul.No other man who ever lived would be as blessed as me.
Stength...what Do You Have?
So over the last few weeks i put all my effort into making someone realize all it takes is strength.... That being told "I Love you" Isnt always the truth but an easy way to play with your mind and your strength. People allow themselves to fall so hard for ppl...yet deep inside know damn well the person they fell for is making them look like a complete fool...Why do they do this? I Don't have the answers for that..but i guess maybe for the stimulation of having the "Someone loves me feeling" As sad as that really is.   I have no idea why im writing this..other then i need to vent. The worst feeling in the world is to know your close friend is being played so BAD yet is so whipped he or she can't see it for him or herself.... With that being said i have a question.. U as a person whoever is answering the question...If you were promised by whomever you love they would get a divorce 3 maybe 4 times but they never, would u continue believing all the excuses? or would you move on and sto
Check Out Lost Chapter
Please click/copy and paste the link below and check out Lost Chapter. They are a new band that just got signed to Deka records. Im on the street team to drive traffic to their website. My buddy is one of the guitarists and they need more support for their music. If you like metal then youll love it! Visit them, I am counted for clicks :) Thanks Melanie
Since 1993, AdvoCare® has been a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Navigate through this site to learn more about our cutting-edge nutritional supplements and skincare as well as the opportunity to earn a full time income with a part time commitment by sharing AdvoCare products with others. Our products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. We have a multitude of product endorsers that includes professional athletes, champion amateur athletes, and acclaimed entertainers. Thanks for stopping by!
Signs Of Sexual Attraction From A Woman
Some girls can't help but flirt. It doesn't matter who they're talking to or how they like the looks of him, get them talking to any guy and their eyelashes will start to flutter. You can't really blame them. If all it took for me to get my own way was to giggle and thrust my chest out, I don't think I'd ever stop. But it's not much help to us men. We've all read articles about female body language. We know how to spot if a girl is flirting with us and we've been told that means that she fancies us. Now it turns out that that isn't necessarily true. So how do you go about recognizing which are the compulsive flirts and which girls are genuinely hot for you? Well, I'm about to tell you. The first thing to remember is that some body language cannot be faked. Sure, she can twirl her hair and hold your gaze, but there are certain signals which only genuinely interested girls give out. Start by looking into her eyes. If she likes the looks of you her eyebrows will twitch momentarily u
Loved Ones
Broken Chain, By Ron Tranmer We little knew that day, God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death, we do the same.It broke our hearts to lose you.You did not go alone. For part of us went with you, The day God called you home.You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide. And although we cannot see you, You are always at our side.Our family chain is broken, And nothing seems the same,But as God calls us one by one,The chain will link again. Dedicated to my mam my brother and a dear friend.  
Your Crime
Pain is the stain in the carpet, From my heart where you broke it. Evidence of your crime for them to see, never to be washed away
Incredible Ugg Boots
A few of several weeks ago, I discovered myself consuming lunch in Soho using a good friend although the ugg boots sample selling was in total swing. When we walked by and saw that there is no line, we could assist but go in and poke around. I discovered a pair of incredible dark brocade leggings from Resort 2011 which i cannot wait around to put on after the climate is chilly enough, however the issue that caught my eyesight probably the most was the UGG Cardy boots. Sadly, because this is commonly a Fall 2011 piece, it wasn’t for ugg boots sale. Instead, it experienced been getting carried by some within the girls functioning the sale, presumably to maintain the tasers they certainly require so which you can maintain an unruly sample selling crowd below control. It took all of the do it yourself handle I experienced to not snatch 1 away of an staff and sprint as rapidly as I could for your Spring UGG Cardy boots.  When discussing ugg boots earlier this week, I pointed out tha
12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty And Freedom Should Watch Their Backs (repost)
Do you love liberty and freedom?  If so, you better watch your back.  The control freaks that run our society are stripping away our liberties and freedoms a little bit more each day, and lately they seem to be particularly focused on coming after those that are not "integrating" into the system.  Just like the rest of the western world, America is being transformed into a "Big Brother" police state control grid.  Nearly everything that you do is being watched and monitored.  A whole host of organizations know that you are on this website right now.  If you want to go to an NFL game next weekend, there is a good chance that you will be on the receiving end of an "enhanced pat-down" and if you are producing raw milk on your farm there is a good chance that the feds will show up for a pre-dawn raid on your property.  In many areas of the country, the government forces us to shoot our kids full of vaccines and implant dangerous microchips in our pets.  Virtually wherever we
So yeah....I'm so sick of being single (online and/or offline....I'd be happy to have someone either way to be honest)....sick of rejections...sick of games....sick of women putting out little hints that I can't seem to pick simply, with Me, if you are interested say something for crying out loud!
Bitch Please
  *** When people write: "2011 NEW YEAR, NEW ME!" And your just like: "bitch you said that  2008, 2009, and 2010. ***
My Well Being
So ive decided to take this foreign boat. At first things seem to be okay. We seem to be totally in sync but just as i think things will be just fine, the winds begin to pick up again. While trying to steady this vessel i suddenly realize that I am starting to get sea sick. What in the world? I love to be in the water so what is going on? So instead of me worrying about this boat, im beginning to worry about myself. I have been in plenty of boats and on plenty of bodies of water and not once have i ever been sea sick. What am i to do? I have never been in this situation before and because I am all alone, Im terrified. What if something happens to me. The only thing I can say is that Im putting my faith in Him who is Almighty. He knows whats best.
Be Good To Yourself
Trust yourself You know what you want and need. Put yourself first. You can't be anything for anybody else  unless you take care of yourself.   Let your feelings be known.They are important.Express your opinions.It's good to hear yourself talk.   Value your thinking.You do it well.Take the time and space you need.Even if other people are wanting something
Canada Goose Leather Coats Have Become The Most Suitable Option Brought On By The Winter
   Canada Goose overcoats is often the best choice in that room the christmas season canada goose despatch parka, merely because they are perhaps with lightweight downwards accessories controlling involving friendliness. Recognized designer another Canada Goose coat, additionally you are intendedCanada Goose Coats to acquire fascinated by it might be shape-keeping and as well as warm-keeping just after kind of get started with. The Canada Goose low cold weather wear coat is generally a prepare supplies kind of functionality home managing style and design and comfort.Canada goose Teams give the large selection highly relevant to high-quality along with fine Canada Goose Parka to cope with regarding favored on garments. There are several Relatively cheap Canada Goose Parka collection is usually well-liked internally Manteau canada goose of a the Canada and therefore demark. Canada goose cover would be in the outstanding away Canada Goose Kensington jackets people beyond the
Since It Appears No One Can See My Stash Anymore I Want To Share This Poem
First & Final Affair65 miles per hour, is what the speedometer read.A long desolute road is all that lie ahead,Upon entering the town of Lytobed.I halt to a stop, for the light had turned red.A figure sitting along-side the road,Caught all my attention as my eyes arose.Our eyes met, their very first glance.And I knew all he needed was to be given a chance.Motioning him at once to get into my car.As he sat down, I saw a falling star.Immediately he told me of lost loves he knew.I noticed at once he was out for something new.Every bone in my body did a shivering dance.He was a Frenchman, and his voice was that of romance.He had an accent of love in the sound of his voice.His masculine body was one of prime choice.A fire inside me arose of “do I dare”?Feeling the electricity of his obvious stare.My nipples erect and at full attention.With every word that he did mention.Across my thighs rushing thrills of desire.His touch felt like the lust of a fire.Turning off the road
My Daughter's
When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I can see exactly the kind of person I want to show her how to be…kind and empathetic, generous and unselfish, fun and loving, happy and appreciative of life. She is a clean slate right now, and we have the power to influence who she is and what she values in life.
BDSM TOTAL MIND CONTROLL ( Just my thought's on mind controll part ) In the BDSM world alot of Dom's use mind controll to keep the submissive in controll ...Why you may ask ....To bend the mind into giving up free will ( or so I have been told ) But as a person and humanbeing in my thought's total mind controll is the worst way to treat a submissive.As I have said befor ......Submmising is a gift not something that should be takin lightly and to give such a thing is one of the hardest and most giving way a sub can say I love you Striping away ones self and molding the sub's mind to acept and do the thing's the Dom wants.But is this love ? Is it truly submissing ?I say no...In my thought's it is a way of robing one of their true self and a way of being selfish. We are who and what we are to make us a indivusal. In time the sub will go threw a burn out stag ( i have been there so I know this one frist hand ) It's where the min
The Legend Of The Sacred White Buffalo
The White Buffalo Legend The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down the The Legend of the White Buffalo--a story now approximately 2,000 years old--at many council meetings, sacred ceremonies, and through the tribe's storytellers. There are several variations, but all are meaningful, and tell of the same outcome. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother. Spirituality among Natives Americans and non-Native Americans has been a strong force for those who believe in the power of the Great Spirit or God. It matters not what you call the Creator. What matters is that you pray to give thanks for your blessings and trust the guidance given to you from the world of Spirit. Many truths about Spirit are told and handed down from one generation to the next. The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman tells how the People had lost
Attn Ddr Members: Lets Knock Off Some Points!!!
Calling all DDR members!! And everyone else who may see this!! These awesome members need your help!! They are a very long way from leveling, but could use some help getting close!!! So, just take a few mins to F/R/A them and maybe rate a couple pics or stash. *~*Chelle*~* R/L GF of Qhexill99~DDR Enforcer needs 1,715,821 points knocked off!! ·P3nisFlytrap·™·©·®·a.k.a.Kk♥Mistress Of Many♥R8 B4 U F/A Me!♥ needs 1,963,540 points knocked off!! *Puffz*OWNER OF SWEET&SPICY* ♥TIMBERWOLF FUWIFEY♥ needs 2,260,736 points knocked off!! ☠ SEXY B~ THE GONAD SLAYER ☠~{§håÐðw Lêvêlêr}FU-MARRIED TO JIT73 needs 7,290,172 points knocked off!! MONK~FU-OWNED BY CYNZDREAMS~ needs 358,099 points knocked off!! Darkkwind needs 394,156 points knocked off!! *Moon*~Irish Assasin~ The official Fu-Spinster & 3rd degree blackbelt in UGLY needs 1,038,335 points knocked off!! ~♥Ðani♥~♫DJ LUSH♫~CO-OWNER @ DiR
They moved my surgery time up and I am now home and in loads of pain. They weren't able to do everything that needed to be done because it was wors than they thought. So they will be scheduling the basically the same procedure to be done again sometime in the near future. I'm just so damn tired of this. After 5 years of dealing with, I have had it. But what do you do? Lay there and let them do what they have to do. Anyway, thanks for all the kind words and prayers and please continue with them. Much love, Mary
Want To Win A Bling Pack?
So ya want to win a bling pack and can't afford one, or have some extra Fubucks floating around? If so, check this auction out.. O'rly...the Official Fubar Owl has been around forever, is a funny part of Fu history and is coming up on celebrating his TWO YEAR Fubar Anniversary next month. To celebrate this, he's digging into his cheap pockets and giving away... A Bling pack in this ebay - style FUBUCK ONLY contest! Winner take all. Highest Fubuck Bid wins a bling pack. It ends next Saturday so bid high and bid often click the link below to bid on this auction.... Click to place your bid on a bling pack!.. ..while you're there check out the rest of this hilarious profile. Screenshots that are dated back to the Original Lost Cherry days, hilarious pics and videos, pics of him meeting real Fubar members, and just alot of fun overall. We're trying to get him in the spotlight...and if you need a laugh, I'm sure this is just the thing for you... Orly? The Official FU
About Me
What I am all about: Slapstick serious when I need to be happy (if i've had my coffe) remember that :) I'm easy to get along with unless don't lie to me damn gotta lie. just go be there cause you want to not cause you feel like you need to or don't have any place to go believe you me Things that have bothered me: Do we really need to get into that Naw. I am looking for: I would like to meet a man that just walks into my life one day Personally, I don't think there is any such thing as a soul mate. People who look for the perfect people find themselves up to be disappointed. The reality is you have to make the best of life in a world full of imperfect people and you make it work by putting time and effort into it, that's all. Enjoy me just the way I am, and no desire to remodel. Respect, communication, agree to disagree Someone I can say anything to and won't be judged, or refuse to hear me talk. Just knowing he has your back in a situation, very important to me per
Contest Help Me Plzzzz
just one rate plz merry christmas muahhhhh > >

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