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Oh Boy.....
Body Scanner Operator Caught Masturbating at Colorado Airport August 4th, 2010 by Hugh Muzzbe 5 Stars - Excellent4 Stars - Good3 Stars - Average2 Stars - Fair1 Stars - Poor 4.5 / 5 (235 Votes) Email this Print this Most Popular PDF version XML version TXT version
Airport Security
FINALLY - A great alternative to body scanners at airports . . .The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at the airports.It's a booth you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. They see this as a win-win for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling. It also would eliminate the costs of a long and expensive trial. Justice would be swift. Case closed!You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system . . . "Attention standby passengers - we now have a seat available on flight number 1234. Shalom!"
Just Smile
This time of year...crazy. Yeah I know everyone says it but it's beyond true. We all have so much on our minds some tend to forget the things that really truly matter. Those that give it all for us in many different ways. The reason for the holiday, which is so very different and vast across the religious spectrum.  We forget to smile, we forget to give and to give thanks. We often times forget that it's not about what everyone can do for us but more so what we can do for others. This year has been a good year. Many things have changed. I've met some truly amazing people who've taught me more about myself then I could've ever known. People that have opened my eyes to who I really am and the friendship and love and understanding that I am truly capable of.  I've helped people that needed it, put smiles on a lot of faces so little fiery red head in particular, who reminds me so very much of myself at that age. Free spirited, open minded, and a love and devotion that could go on
This Tide (......)
My Eyes drift while those blades shake to the thunder...................      Waves Brake then awake.......................................               My Fate Her Lake...............................                    Those..............................                        Us.........................                      The...................                     Ones............                   You watch.....                Near The Shore......              Dancing As Before........           Holding Our Hearts Within     .............................................................Such Sound
Ignorance Is Bliss
What are you Thinking I ask As if I care I listen To you stumble Through Your explanation As I pretend To remain Aware Not exactly What I Signed up for A love that Becomes this Watching you Smile As you babble Defines the fact That ignorance Is indeed Bliss
Taxed To Death
This is a sound off story in my local newspaper   Congratulations. Between Governor Quinn taking an additional $200 a month with his 66 percent tax hike and governments continually raising my property taxes as the value of my property has diminished by 25 percent, I give up. You have finally forced me to look to another state to live and away from my family and friends to try and make a living. I suppose I should be grateful to you for finally bringing down the taxable fair market value of my home for the first time since I’ve lived here (although you are still $34,000 over what my recently appraised house is worth. I guess it was foolish on my part to expect a decrease in my taxes, but lo and behold, you simply raised my tax multiplier so I am actually paying more than last year). Like many others, I was unemployed for 11 months. I am once again gainfully employed and trying to dig myself out of the hole caused by, among many other things beyond my control, bureaucrats who a
What Comes Around
                                                               What Comes Around         I saw my first true love      just the other day,      I said "Hello" to her      but she just walked away.        I told her I missed her,     and asked if she still cared     she looked at me and said     "Why should I?,      when I needed you the most      you weren't there."         I didn't know what to say,      or if there was anything to say at all      Although I had feelings for her,      for me out of love she would fall.           Right then        everything I always wanted        suddenly came to a crashing halt        now I'm counting the many ways        it was all my fault.            I didn't know        I hurt her so bad        I didn't even give it a thought       I should've known that love and respect       were the only things you ever sought.           Later on I realized       without me your life       would simply carry on,       now I
Darkness Falls
Tonight.. As Darkness falls.. Upon a moon                kissed weary earth. Stars Sparkle in ebony skies          Dancing in sweet rhythm. To our whispered words of love   Two bodies wrapped together In a sensuous lovers embrace. A deep hunger for each other.. So Plain to see upon each face.   Each heated touch... Each fevered kiss.. Kindles white hot passion.Brings oh such bliss.    Two hearts come together.. Now to beat as one.. Two Souls joined forever... Two bodies become one.
Tired Of The Broken Promises.
I think I'm finally starting to go numb over the hurt and betrayal and broken promises. The thing is, I hate the way this feels more than all that other stuff. Just once, I want to find someone that makes a promise then actually keeps it. Not make a promise because it's convienant at the time and not care if it hurts the other person when you don't keep it. I want to stop being that girl. The one you promise the world to, then yank it all out from under me. I deserve better than that. I deserve someone that knows how to act like a human being. Someone who doesn't use me. Someone who actually cares how I feel. I deserve someone that will treat me with respect. Who will be honest with me. If little promises don't matter to you, how am I supposed to believe that the big ones do? Something as simple to break as watching a movie together may not mean much to you, even though it was your idea and you promised that time, but it may mean the world to the other person. You never know what that
A Soldiers Christmas
Precious Moments
Life provides only a series of precious moments that make someone feel for an eternity. Her love and strength through adversity. The test of time that proves no one will ever see her back away. The broken scraps recombined to make herself whole again are only a shattered reminder of something that can not be destroyed. The beauty of her heart only shadowed by cracks it has been given. With each beat is life proving you can not break her. That strength, you could not anticipate. Trial by fire and brimstone this girl has been through hell. Never backing to to a corner she stands strong and proud, this world can not bring her down. Wolfs in sheep's clothing nipping at her knees, she pleas for peace and no one will let her be. Kind and simple is what she displays, the advantages people take their loss her gain. Once she turns her back you must forever let her go, If you hurt her once the torch that burns you is the last thing she will leave your heart to feel. Emptiness is all that she lea
Your tongue burns my cool skin like molten flame, As you pierce my soul I silently scream your name, I kiss your lips and taste your bloodied soul, Feel the blood engorge us and make our love whole, You come to me silently on wings of blackest night, Consuming my heart with your dark lover's bite. Joyously my blood gushes forth and splashes your face, As my fevered body you now so passionately embrace, My soul sings your black desires in endless refrain, My dark angel lover you make pleasure such sweet pain.
A Little More About Me
Well the first part i told you all what i like and dislike right well here is more about me.. hmmm lets see, ok here we go, things I like to eat, I am too pickie at food and their are some things I do like and I do dislike.. I love to make a scrap book of a Celebrity or Celebrities, but try to do it on my own time.. I like to read romance books (Because of this my sister Amber got me into the books so be thanking her lol) I do like to play a playstation my brothers when he comes over.. I love to watch movies.. There are so many kinds of movies I can't put them on here on this blog but someday I will try to put it on the blogs so you all would know me better in time.. I love to post lyrics of different artist and mostly I do like different kind of music as you all know that.. I like to watch tv sometimes if there is a really good show coming on or movie.. What I do don't like is that people making fun of other people like me or my online family I think that is really
For Steve...
In my dream he came to me I could feel his presence there... It seemed so real Pinned down to my bed I sighed aloud I looked around, no longer my room He took me to another place A dark and dire place Indescribable by words I felt my body there But different somehow And he was there somewhere too Invisible hands groping me I felt his weight on top of my body Pulling and tugging Biting me Ravishing me My legs forced open No way to fight him Invisible to me Spreading me, Taking me Trying to move- No hope. Brutalized I lay there Entering me everywhere Longing to see my attacker But there was no one there The fury of his invisible loins The power of his unseen hands I instantly awoke to cum-soaked panties And a burning down deep in my body Breathing heavy... Smiling widely... My power renewed A whore for this invisible man Wondering if he will come to take me again... KinkyScreams 2006 ©
There You'll Be
Music Video Codes By Music
Not Safe For Work
What is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: * Explicitly sexual in nature (suggestive) * Overtly tasteless * Slandering to any person or ethnicity *Images of your butt or chest that do NOT include a face *Drug related Images In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged as NSFW if it also contains a suggestive body part without the member’s face in the photo. Accounts will be terminated for abusing the adult content policy. This includes Bulletins, Comments, MUMMs, Cherry Stash entries and Blogs. We realize that we may not catch everything right away, and this is where the community can help us all out by flagging inappropriate content when they see it. Let’s keep CherryTAP a fun and clean place to hangout! (from the desk of Scrapper)
The Book Of Jenn: Rant 1
I have been composing this in my head for a bit now, yet still cannot seem to find a way to say what I need to say without sounding harsh. Which I'm not. (I swear, new friends, when ya get to know me you'll see I'm a very sweet person, this is a new kind of blog for me! lol) I AM becoming jaded, thanks to the reason for this blog, so perhaps that is a better word. A friend and I recently had a conversation about believing in the fundamental goodness of people versus being jaded and knowing for a fact that most people suck. I've always been a believer. As a little girl I was stuck on a plane once a month to go visit my dad and inevitably walked off the plane with a new friend. I would hold their hand and confidently walk up to my mom or dad (whomever was meeting me at the airport depending on which way I was heading) and announce that so-and-so was coming to dinner. My plane seat-mate would smile apologetically at my parent and my parent would smile apologetically at my seat-mate
1. Silence is Creative More and more we are required to "think outside the box." This requires us to come up with new ideas. This may be within a business, a school, or a non-profit organization. Creativity is not found within the known. Creativity means to bring the new into being. All "thinking about" is simply juggling with the old. You might come up with an answer but this is not developing creativity. Creatively needs the silence of "non-thinking." It requires that you quiet the chattering mind. Silence and creativity are one. 2. Silence builds trust Silence allows you to trust yourself. You give yourself time to listen to your inner voice. You learn to discover your unique ways of knowing. You discover that you do know the answers. You simply think others know better than you do. You have been taught this for most of your life. Listening silently to the promptings of your heart you begin got know your own voice. You become your own master. 3. Silence gives rest
Just Life
For a few months my life seemed to be going in a downward spiral. With many aspects in my life. My sugar being bad and then taking my state exam and not getting things the way they were suppose to be. Well things have quite fallen into place and normally it happens around may. Wonder why... hmm but anyway I got the state job and training starts Wed. Im soo happy. I just gotta find the paper work to see where and when and what all I need. But other then that everything seems to be going well. Not sure if Im gonna stay at my other job because the last two weeks my boss has been demanding. Time will tell. Lets see how things go in the next two days. That will determine weither I stay or not at Hpg
Naughty Or Nice?
Naughty or nice!?!?Horned Angel!Your a lil bad but u know when 2 turn it off and be classy! Your not afraid 2 be a lil wild..but ur not drinking and doing drugs every night!! Good job!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
help me with levling i wanted to be level by tomorrow, for my birthday & it doesnt look that way i still have way over a million left to go.
Today Is A Very Sad Day
I was notified at 10am this morning that a very very good friend of mine of over 10 year died of a brain aneurysm this morning at her home. She was only 35 years old. This was totally unexpected and no one knew that anything was wrong with her. I am in total shock, and very sad about this. I have tried to hang out on here but I can not keep my head on straight. So if you could please keep my family and her family in your prayers. She left behind a husband, a 12 year old son and a 8 year old daughter....
Valentines Day
I was going to ask who would be my Valentine this year,but I don't have too.I have been blessed with so many great friends,they all are so great.So remember this from me to you I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE,nothing means more to me than friends and family I wanted to do something for you all so please be kind Remember this Sharon Loves You and I always will try to be here for you, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
A Real Man!
Friends without Faces We sit and we type And we stare at our screens... We all have to wonder What this possibly means With our mouse we roam Through the rooms in a maze Looking for something or someone As we sit in a daze We chat with each other We type all our woes... Small groups we do form And gang up on our foes We wait for somebody To type out our name... We want recognition But it's always the same We give kisses and hugs And sometimes flirt... In IM's we chat deeply and Reveal why we hurt We do form friendships But why we don't know... But some of these friendships Will flourish and grow Why is it on screen We can be so bold Telling our secrets that Have never been told Why is it we share? The thoughts in our mind With those we can't see As though we were blind The answer is simple It is as clear as a bell We all have our problems And need someone to tell We can't tell real people, But tell someone we mus
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Just passing through and wanted to say I miss some of my Fubar friends..soooo...I'll say follow me on twitter and those who wish to keep in contact please contact me there...thanks and be well...see not much has changed..laters..
As We Grow Old
Its funny,  when we are young we never think of how we will look, what we will have ,  or our health for that matter. Then as the years creep up, we see phyical changes that we really arent impressed by.  And some of us try and  fix the problem. Some of us resort to surgery's, and for the poor like me, we just try and keep our weight to a certain point but sometimes its not as easy as it was, when we were in our mid 20's. Then theres the health issues we have to face and it just for some of us depresses us beyound words. I think now that I am 51, if I could just have a second chance how much I would change.  But that isnt reality its just a dream. I get so emotional, that I cant walk as far as I once did with out having breathing problems,  I cant do the things I once did. And I think ffffffffffffffffffffffff, Im only in my 50s,  this sucks.  Wtf am I gonna be like when I hit the 60's with God's blessing. It hit me hard when Michael Jackson died.  We were born the same year.  An
Today I am euthanizing one of my cats. Poor feller is about 15 years old or so and..barely a bag of fur and bones. He's old and feeble and it's his time, tired of him suffering...he can't even hop up on the couch anymore, doesn't eat, etc.   So forgive any blah moods
A year ago today my beloved brother-in-law lost his battle with pancreatic and liver cancer.It was a long battle for him and I guess us too.And though in the end his body could take no more,I still feel like he didn't lose.He remained the strong man he had been all of his life.My sister today is still grieving very much and probably will for a long time.They had been together all of her adult life.I used to envy her for their lifelong relationship,I don't know now how I could stand to lose someone that you loved that much.I still can't believe sometimes that he is really gone.He was one of the finest men I have ever met,and believe me when I tell you that is a fairly short list.He was a lifelong watermen,a father,a husband,an uncle to my children and a true friend to many,many people.The whole community where they live is still reeling  even now.My sister today is of course upset and it will be a hard day for her.Its a hard day for a lot of us.He was my brother-in-law,an uncle to my ki
Everyone has heard of the Seven Deadly Sins cause Brad Pitt was in a movie based on it:P and really people tend to be more intrigued by sin. We are supposed to be good and we are judged by our behavior so it is natural to be curious as to what the fuss is about. But, not many people know about the Seven Heavenly Virtues.......go ahead and look'em up....I'll wait a sec....Too lazy? OK....they are Chastity, Temperence, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility. I am not religious by any means but I do believe both of these lists are very well thought out and meaningful, but I wish to only talk about charity today. It is close the x-mas and channachau , kwanza and all the big ones. I think we should hold a thought of charity in our minds at ALL times but it is easy to get carried away by life and stress. But, this is the time when we should exude it. There are people that have less, there always are and always will be. Money isn't everything. used clothes, any food, old toys ca
Kids These Days
Was so close but pummelling some little punk in to the gravel today, I mean || this close. Was out playing football, these guys join in sometimes even though we hate them. They're these 15, 16 year old gangsta wannabes with their jeans around their kneecaps, the lingo and such like.    Anyways, to the point, the little shit came in and nearly fly-kicked me in the head when he shouldn't have been in the goal area to start with (as per the rules we play). Needless to say I swore at the little knob and he tried his little tough guy routine with all his friends around. I was struggling to stop myself grabbing his throat and just squeezing.   I hate kids.
A Photo Blog
So because I can, Im gonna right a little about myself. Just some random things.Things from the past.Read if you like. There will be pictures. Firstly, I miss being close to my younger sister Rachel. We were tighter then you can imagine.But things happen, and people change,and you grow apart.But one of the greatest nights of my life is when Rach and I were pretending to snort pixie sticks, pretending to be Gangster, and listening to BSB.     Fuck we were fabulous. Still are. You wish you could be that gangster.Rachel and I used to get all dressed up just to take pictures together with the webcam.It always was a night of glam, and laughs.And random weird videos that no one would understand but her and I.When we were younger, rach and I would play Barbies all night. till like 3am.She always ended up playing with most of the barbies cause she had the better imagination.Pics of us when we were youngins:     yeah. i looked like an old was for a christmas thing for school,he
I was going to type a buncha stuff here, but some stupid invalid HTML specified error came up.  This site is about as helpful as a kick to the nuts on stuff like this, so here are the main ones.   1) STOP BEHING WHORES.  Those of us who decide to get VIPs buy them ourselves.  Quit fucking begging in your statuses for VIPs, Bling, etc etc etc because it's really fucking annoying.  I repeat, STOP BEING WHORES.  Goes for girls AND guys.  If someone wants to buy you that shit they will out of their own free will. 2) I hate people who say brb and come back hours later, say brb and don't come back at ALL.  Also, those who leave a conversation in the middle of it are fucking rude.  That's all there is to it.  Try to dispute it, you can't. 3)  Fubat hates tits, that is all.
Was reading the news on my yahoo home page and saw this title "Disease Pushes Teen To Love". And I just had to watch it. It made me cry.  If they could have a love like this at that age they ,why cant people have love like this no matter what age?
Hotd Jan 21, 11
Vatican Shows Off Its Goods in Fort Lauderdale   Haven't they already gotten in enough trouble for this sort of thing?
I Hate You All..
Day 2 Cigarettes today: 4 Urge to kill Scale (1-10): 10  - Talk to me and I will kill you..   Another shit day.. Every question that is asked of me is now the stupidest fucking question I have ever heard. I see other smokers and want to punch them.. I think Jen is avoiding me.. (I can't blame her).. I bought some weed from my Uncle to help me chill the fuck out.. God bless him, He gave me the greatest deal ever on a quarter ounce.. I'm expecting tomorrow to be more of the suck.. I can't wait.. /wrists.. 
Books In My Hands This February The Doldrums Of Winter...spring Only One Ides Away..
What I've Just Finished:   The Cathedral Of The Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones.  A heavy, thick, and gorgeously jacketed novel, written by a Barcelona author and translated from continental Spanish, this story takes us to 12th century Barcelona and the true story of the building of one of the most important cathedrals in Spain, through the life of a single man whose lifetime coincides with, and is intertwined with, the construction of the Cathedral Of The Sea. Fascinating.. gripping.. and enlightening.. I could not put it down, and would never have known that this book was not written in English originally, so skillful is the translation.   Edenborn, by Nick Sagan. If the author's name sounds familiar.. yes, he is the son of Carl Sagan, famed astronomer, author of Cosmos and Contact, and founder of SETI, the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Edenborn is the second in a post-apocalyptic series.. an Earth devastated by plague and now inhabited by a grand total of less than two do
Its Kinda Long.....but Its A Good Read
George Washington's name is inseparable from America, and not only from the nation's history. It identifies countless streets, buildings, mountains, bridges, monuments, cities — and people. In a puzzling twist, most of these people are black. The 2000 U.S. Census counted 163,036 people with the surname Washington. Ninety percent of them were African-American, a far higher black percentage than for any other common name. The story of how Washington became the "blackest name" begins with slavery and takes a sharp turn after the Civil War, when all blacks were allowed the dignity of a surname. Even before Emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their own surnames to establish their identities. Afterward, some historians theorize, large numbers of blacks chose the name Washington in the process of asserting their freedom. Today there are black Washingtons, like this writer, who are often identified as African-American by people they have never met. There are white Washingt
Cap Crazy They Say?
They Say I Am Cappy Crazy They Always Ask " Why Do You Cap Every First Letter?" Most Already Have Their Minds Made Up That I Am Strange Or Trying To Do Some Power Text Thing To Show Off Or Seem Uber Proper.....The Fact Of The Matter Is That I Was Born Into This World With Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS). Now A Little Lesson For Those Who Don't Wanna Google,Congenital Rubella Is A Group Of Physical Problems That Occur In An Infant When Its Mother Is Infected With The Virus That Causes German Measles. With That Being Said There Is Real Reasons That Are Behind My Cappy Madness. Here Are Some Of The Many Complications A Person With This Can Have:(copy & paste) Complications may involve many parts of the body.   Eyes: Cataracts Glaucoma Retinitis Heart: Patent ductus arteriosus Pulmonary artery stenosis Other heart defects Central nervous system: Mental retardation Motor retardation Small head from failed brain development Encephalitis Meningitis
Daddy's Girl
I wrote this over 10 years ago   Daddy's Girl   In the darkness of a room A little girl hides in the corner As the tears roll down her face The pain and fear is upon her The pain of her daddy's hand And the fear of another day Because she knows come tomorrow Everything will be the same   Where does a little girl run to Where does she hide When the man that says "I love you" Is the devil in her eyes And who does she turn to  In the darkness of the night Where does a little girl run to Where does she hide   And now her eyes are dry She has cried all she can But the pain still remains And the fear of a man A man that says "I love you" And that she is daddy's girl And one that has destroyed Everything in her world   And when the yelling stops She puts her hands on her face And drifts off to sleep To dream of a safer place
Celebrate May 5 !
This was received by my sister, "from a friend", in May of 2011. I have edited it for effect.   Tomorrow is May fifth.  Most Americans, through news media, will think it is ONLY Cinco de Mayo.   On five May 1961, LCDR Alan B Shepard was the first American to go into space.   I know this as I was a crew member on the aircraft carrier USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39) which was the recovery ship. All I did was to stand on the flight deck and watch his descent by parachute to a landing about two miles from ship.   I watched as Marine helos picked him and capsule and deliver them to ship.  This was one of the greatest moments in my life.   Alan B Shepard is also only one of twelve persons that have walked on the moon.     Dad   Jim   JJ   Red
Why Am I Getting An Error Message When I Try To Pimp My Friend Out? Heed The Warning...
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG*****   The online members bar on the Old Hotness and Old Janky have been around since day one. We have been very clear about our NSFW policy, but many of you like to ride the line and show off your wares. Some of you have pushed it too many times or too far and were filtered from appearing on the online member bar. Many of you did not know this until we fixed the pimpout bug that allowed you to circumnavigate the system. If you are getting an error message, it means the person was filtered and can't be pimped out. They used their breasts or chest to impress with the things they suggest and were filtered at some point.  No, we are not going to unfilter them. Fubar is a site for adults and NOT an adult site. If you can't be mature enough to keep your main photo to our standards, then as the old saying abuse you lose. It is nothing personal. Many of us do not want to see your junk floating across the screen. Many of you may have been
Speak Out!!
Please post your suggestions and feedback here.  Please be constructive or your comment will be deleted. Thanks -theme night ideas-contest ideas-complaints -lounge enhancements-crazy ideas you think are cool  
Am I blind ? Why can I no longer see? The light is what I used to embrace. Is it because you left me? Is that why i cant see? The dark is where i now sit, because it comforts me. One million questions plauge my mind. How could the ones you pledged to love forever, you now leave behind?  Where are our answers? The children have questions too! No answers for us, you just push us further away from you. So many regrets things I need to say, things we want to do. No peace of mind for us. It's now all about you! Our love for you will never die!  It kills my soul to think fourteen years to you was a lie. You blinded me, thats why I no longer see. So now the darkness is where I sit and all that can comfort me.
The Roads We Travel...
My Friends....WrOte This For My Friend Tube Screamer aka Heavy Equipment he Is Going through alot as we speak...I will always be here for him n everyone of u...Each day we make a choice to live our lives....where we go..who we meet...who our friends are....who we care about....who we love....the job we have.... how we treat others....the life we lead.....each of these things makes up the roads that guide us on our life....we may not know where we are going and we may not know where we will end up...but we can live life and do the best that we can. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes...its what we learn from those mistakes that helps guide us through life.....all I can promise is to be who I am and who I will be and wait and see how life will be...but I will be. So as we travel the roads today....I like to remember that each person I meet is a friend, and each friend has something to share with me...and its what I do with what they share that matters....because each frie
Sun Sets
As I sit along the shore line watching the sunset I reflect back over my life . I think back to the choices i have made in my life . I wounder if I made the right ones. I wounder if  could go back in time would i have done things diffrently.  I watch the colors fade from yellow to purple. Its strikes me that when we take the time to look back at ones life that all the choices we have made be them right or wrong we did for a reason . We may never know the true reason we made them. We may regreat the choices we made . In the end it comes down to trying to make the best out of the life we have right now . Just as the sunset is a beautiful part of nature, so are we . The sun will set everyday . Each one is diffrent there are no two alike . Just as with ppl there r no two alike . We must take a page from nature and see that what choices we have made  make us just as beautiful as the sunset.  Just as the sunset touches our lives we touch the people around us . We make there life a little b
18 And Life To Go (skid Row)
18 And Life Songwriters: Sabo, David; Southworth, Rachel Bolan;Ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stoneLived 9 to 5 and he worked his fingers to the boneJust barely get out of school, came from the edge of townFought like a switchblade so no one could take him down, oh noHe had no money, no, no good at homeHe walked the streets as soldier and he fought the world aloneAnd now it's 18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to go18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to goTequila in his heartbeat, his veins burned gasolineHe kept his motor running, but it never kept him cleanThey say he loved adventure, "Ricky's the wild one"He married trouble and had a courtship with a gunBang bang shoot 'em up, the party never endsYou can't think of dying when the bottle's your best friendAnd now it's 18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to go18 and life, you
Chapter 29
three strikes
Whatta Hoar!!
 PoSTaL: so wifey....hehe I want to be ultimate hoar and be fu single for awhile  8:23am reply  PoSTaL: but I don't wanna ever hurt your feelers! 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: lmaoooooooooooo 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: you can divorce me 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: its cool 8:24am reply  PoSTaL: ya?!?! you won't get pissed at me? 8:24am reply  PoSTaL: you sure?! 8:25am more To  PoSTaL: well i was hoping to get all yer points offa the godmode i
Ok, is it just me or is it a bit weird for some random bloke to send me the sweet piece of ass drink once or twice every day?   Never any messages, or friend request, or any of that *normal crap.
My Definition Of Love
Timmy's Definition of Love by ~TimLaSureMost people think of love as a concept – an intangible element that we spend our lives searching for, grasping like grains of sand but rarely holding tightly enough to fully experience. Some people even believe it’s a myth – a poor attempt to place a label on excuses for human inadequacies.I say love is something you can see, almost everywhere, once you put reason in the trunk and allow whimsical to ride shotgun.  It’s physical and metaphorical, apparent and incalculable, subtle yet smothering. Right now, where you sit, look and you’ll see it.Love is the sweat dripping from a father’s forehead as he tightens the chain on his daughter’s bike. It’s the tension in the muscles of a hand holding a pick over the strings of Stratocaster illuminated by flood lights and vibrating from twenty thousand screams. It is the water drawn 300 feet in the air by a redwood tree. Love is the smacking sou
Well not looking forward to having to baby sit tomorrow. Really need to have something fun to do. I just wish that I could see my boo ugh well got to go
Mr. Right Is Totally Wrong..
Well, as some may know, For the past six months or so I'd been having a fling with my best friend Pete. Even though I knew it was just fun, or supposed to be, I couldn't help myself. I was twisted in his words and movements.. His hands and lips like magic, sigh.. He eventually told me he was thinking about dating me, ecstatic as I was we layed all night together watching movies.. Well I come to find out he was just as confused as I was. Right now he wants to have someone there for him while he can run around with bar skanks, an open relationship, which I'm not down for. It's taken me two months or so to get going with my life, even when he left he made me stronger. Though I still wake up and wish I saw him there again, where he was everynight since I lived here, next to me with sometimes his hand in mine. So secretive, we couldn't tell anyone. Its was so exciting and I think that was our downfall.. Friends with benefits with my best friend was the best and worst idea I've ever had.
Air Jordan Femme Talon
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Air Jordan Pas Cher
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Joke Of The Day......
Secretaries Powell and Rumsfeld are sitting in a bar. A guy walks in and asks the barman, “Isn’t that Powell and Rumsfeld?” The barkeep says, “Yep, that’s them.” So, the guy walks over to the two and says, “Hello, what are you guys doing?” Rumsfeld says, “We’re planning World War III,” to which the guy replies, “Really? What’s going to happen?” Rumsfeld says, “Well, we’re going to kill 10 million Afghans and one bicycle repairman.” And the guy exclaims, “Why are you going to kill a bicycle repairman!?!” With that, Rumsfeld turns to Powell and says, “See, I told you no one would care about the 10 million Afghans!”
My Grammy Died Last Night :( :(
Sorry everyone, I know this is a downer, and some of you are probly wondering, "why post a bulletin about it?" I don't know. I am SO sad. I love my Gramma so much! I haven't known her all my life b/c of growing up in Africa, but I did get to know her after we moved back to the states, and I've always enjoyed her in my life. I moved to Arizona a few years ago and lived with her at first. It was great. I really was glad to have the time to spend with her and would tell my mom (her daughter) and my siblings that they should spend some time getting to know her because we never know when we won't be able to anymore. And I would give them grief over the guilt they would feel if they never got to know her. And now she's gone :( I got to know her fairly mom says she can't stand her, so they aren't too close...I haven't talked to my mom yet, going to see her in a bit. But I started balling when my sister told me. I just feel so bad and so guilty b/c of course there were
Easy Cook Recipe For Spicy Oatmeal Cookies
An easy to make recipe for those who would like quick and simple: SPICY OATMEAL COOKIES 1 pkg. Duncan Hines spice cake mix 2 c. oatmeal 2 lg. eggs 3/4 c. vegetable oil 1/2 c. milk 1/4 c. brown sugar 1 c. raisins (optional) 1 c. chopped nuts (optional) Combine all ingredients and drop by spoonfuls on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350* degrees for 12 minutes.
Excessively Sweet!
HAHA got ya! now kiss me xoxo ;) i'm having a rough day here... lol too much work to have done :) i'll be back soon!
My Horoscope
Your brain doesn't know the meaning of the word 'break.' All this overtime is producing excellent results. Tackle any knotty issues, and you'll see solutions leaping to present themselves. You're filled with inspiration. wow how true this is... Ive put in alot of OT the last week workign the carnival. my ass also shrunk a little. *looks at it* Yep it did
what is the best free music player on line that u can get
Thanks Sherry For Finding This :)
Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see.... "The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true, given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed, and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence, 2/3's of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What are we so unhappy about?'' Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a job? Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any time, and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen in the last year? Maybe it is the ability
A Click A Day And You Don't Even Pay
Even if you hate animals, feeding them through this helps you avoid having to feed them yourself. Breathing is kinda nice, too. Think about this everytime you eat or have a snack If you like boobs, click this. If you hate boobs, click it anyways so people don't die. You were a child once... If you can't read, you can't use the internet. Help someone else get addicted to fubar, teach them to read.
I think it is about time to have one of my infamous rants lol I have been on fubar for nearly a week now and a few things are eye-catchingly (I know it’s not an official word) obvious. The first thing anyone would notice is the huge amount of cleavage galleries, especially of older women. The first thing that comes to my mind is that they must be trying to distract from something else, namely face and brain. But that would be like having to choose between electric chair and lethal injection; what ever you choose it is a bad choice lol But honestly, posting tons of booby pics? Where is the self-worth there? Would you not get attention otherwise? Are you so pathetically in need of attention? And then they complain about the perverts they attract. I am sorry but THEY are attracting THEM and have to take just as much blame for the drama they are creating. They want to come across like a cheap piece of meat then they shouldn’t complain if they are being treated just like this. Primit
Wants To
Wants to wish all My Family and Friends a Happy Easter
In A Photo Contest
in a photo contest need to be the first one to hit 60,000 comments no scripting plz or i will be diqualified here is the link everyone plz show some love have a wonderful day everyone and thanks alot
I´m Sooo In Love With This Song
Fully Committed To Now
Why We Are Not Shown the Big Picture Sometimes, we may find ourselves wishing we knew what our lives are going to look like or what gifts and challenges are going to be presented to us in the coming months or years. We may want to know if the relationship we’re in now will go the distance or if our goals will be realized. Perhaps we feel like we need help making a decision and we want to know which choice will work out best. We may consult psychics, tarot cards, our dreams, and many other sources in the hopes of finding out what the future holds. Usually, at most, we may catch glimpses. And even though we think we would like to know the whole story in all its details, the truth is that we would probably be overwhelmed and exhausted if we knew everything that is going to happen to us. Just think of your life as you’ve lived it up to this point. If you are like most of us, you have probably done more and faced more than you could have ever imagined. If someone had told you as a chi
Bling Pack Auction
I will give out a Bling Pack to the higher bidder on Feb 1st. Bid starts @ 250K.
my #4 family gg is the best plzs read her blog and go help her she is the best add her fulove her lots and lots plzs
Deleting My Profile
To all my friends, the time has come for me to delete my profile - life has just crashed down on my in a HUGE way and I need to focus on saving my home and Fixing My life - if i can I will miss my friends on here - but if you would like to keep in touch via email - then just send me a PM thanks for all the fun - much love and good luck to all of you! may life bring you nothing but happiness :) xo rebecca  
Perfectly Perfect
Well, since Stacie wrote a blog about me, I'm gonna write one about her. That's the way it works, right? But...hmmm, what to say about Stacie? She claims she can be a bitch, but in all the years I've known her I have yet to see it. She's the sweetest girl I have ever talked to, genuinely caring and kind. One of only 3 people in my ENTIRE life that I can stand to talk to on the phone for more than 20 minutes, I dunno...must be something to do with trains.  Still to this day, she is the only person who "gets" me. She understands me better than anyone, I think she's still the only one who has attempted to truly understand me. When everyone else turned away, she was still there, she is faithful to her friends to the end. Crazy-funny and still incredibly smart, it's always a blast to talk to her.  She is just all-around awesome, and there are no words I could use to explain even part of what she means to me. For those who know her, you already know what I mean and are nodding along. For t
Please Read!
hiya I just wanted to say first to Mendi & Wizard: Thank you for making the group  The CherryTap levelers and giving me a chance to be a crew leader. I remember asking about being a recruiter lol because we the best leveling group on fubar! :). and Tech Thanks for being the pain in the ass that I can pick on and ask questions and vent and smack :) and to the group that stays on the page until they are leveled thank you: If we didn't have you members we wouldn't have the group: I wanted to say something but didn't know if I should put it on the Cherrytap levelers profile or my own I decided to use my page I need some traffic on my page hehe lol I don't know if you guys notice I been going to everyone pages almost every day and wanted to explain why. The reason why I do that is to see how close you are into leveling because the family is important and we don't want to forget you to help you level. What I do is check to see who is less then 900k to level and I will check maybe ev
New Hire Information
Welcome to the Bad Habitz Staff Crew!! Things to do after becoming staff: Add your position at Bad Habitz Radio (or BHR) to your name. Ex. Sinful Rawker Owner of Bad Habitz Radio. Let Sinful Rawker know what picture you would like used for your staff picture by clicking here to send her a message. Also let her know if you would like a custom comment as seen here. Please read and familiarize yourself with the basic Staff Info Blog. It has almost everything you will need to know to work at BHR! And finally come in and introduce yourself to everyone =D
My Angel
the angel is here,> wispearing under her breath,> she wispears good thoughts,> she wispears to me,> > dont cry my friend,> it will be all right,> it wont be long,> your angel is here,> > stand up and yell,> as you will not be forgotten,> show me your strength,> show me your heart,> > your angel is here,> you are always in my heart,> you shall overcome,> you shall be healed,> > the angel wispears,> im waiting for my journey,> the journey we all shall have,> > dont shed a tear,> we will see each other again,> you will thier angel,> to guide them through life,> > this is your angel, > dont ever lose your heart,> > bedrock
Point Hoaredness #2
seximandi's status: wanna see all of me send me some bling i can activate or 2 million fubucks or a blast ...can make a deal for a happy hour   well...... at least shes offering pics LMAO......... still no class though.
Army Sgt. Michael C. Barry
Army Sgt. Michael C. Barry Died February 01, 2003 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 29, of Overland Park, Kan.; assigned to the 205th Medical Battalion, Missouri National Guard, Kansas City, Mo.; killed in a vehicle accident on Feb. 1, 2003, in Qatar. serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Buried In Stone
My search I fear,  Has led me wrong.  I could not help, What I had done.   Who knew for so long, My heart would still ache. Years after my spirit, She would break.    I call for her,  But never hear her voice.  My tears fall as I realize,  She has made her choice   I will never be anymore to her,  Than a memorey buried in stone.  As my soul drifts without her, It will forever be alone
Be Careful For All Those Picking Out A Bvlgari Check Out For Themselves With Jewelry
  Christian Dior Chronograph Diamond Marquetry Style Quartz Men Watch White Finance institutions may perhaps maybe not end up correctly known for their sartorial suggestion, but this may perhaps possibly adjust immediately after one particular monetary institution released design ideas with regards to strategies to wear mens bvlgari limted edition watches.Swiss larger UBS has produced a variety of manifesto for its workforce whereby it gives you tips on the most effective form of garments, elements as well as attractiveness item to set on to be capable to recognize accomplishment to staff members. Christian Dior Chronograph Diamond Marquetry Style Quartz Black Men Watch $262.62 This includes a part about mens bvlgari diagono watches, at their side turning into advised for specialists.In the event you wear a watch, it hints reliability and that punctuality is definitely of brilliant problem to you, the e-book stated.Nonetheless, as an alternative bizarrely, it goes on
Lay Me Down To Sleep
Lay Me Down to Sleep   I never meant to hurt you Is all you that you could say Then you just turned around And just slowly walked away Hearing you say good-bye Brought pain beyond compare Thinking you’re not coming back Is a pain I just can’t bare   The tears just keep falling No matter what I do With each lonely tear drop I can only think of you What could I have said or done To have kept you here with me This empty space you have left Is killing me slowly   Now I lay me down to sleep A broken heart is what I keep On tear stained pillows Is where my lonely mind goes My tears fall without an end My broken heart just won’t mend The loss of you cuts so deep As I lay me down to sleep   I lose a little more of you With every tear I cry As each tear drop falls down A small piece of my heart dies Without you here next to me The nights seem to never end I pray that with the sunrise You’ll be here when I awaken
Whispering so softly Holding back tears Screaming on the inside Drowning in fears Choices to be made Every single day Holding the moments as they slowly fade Gaze so tender captivating the eyes Lost in the tranquility Wishing for lies Embracing the second As it swiftly ticks by Feelings forever extant Choking on the truth That need to be said Left with the complex abstruse Knowing at the end of every day One will forever be left With so very much to say
Another On Justin :)
Pinkel calls LT Justin Britt “the guy”–the undisputed replacement to injured LT Elvis Fisher Leave a Comment Posted by Nick Gerhardt on August 16, 2011 After the injury to LT Elvis Fisher, redshirt sophomore Justin Britt ran with the first team offense at Mizzou practice in the Devine Pavillion, August 13, 2011. (Photo by Nick Gerhardt) Sorry freshmen; Gary Pinkel and the Mizzou Tigers elected to take the experienced option in filling the spot vacated by pre-season All-Big 12 left tackle Elvis Fisher. Justin Britt, a redshirt sophomore from Lebanon, Mo., entered the season listed at left guard behind senior Jayson Palmgren. When the season begins, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the two will be playing side-by-side. “[The coaching staff] thought we thought next year we were going to move him to tackle anyway,” head coach Gary Pinkel said. “This just speeds it up a year. He’s a very good athlete, and he’s a very smart guy. He&rsq
Let's Be Clear (repost)
Let's Be Clear By Jim Kirwan 6-7-11   The last time that the United States Military did anything to actually defend this country was in World War II. Every 'action' after that war was nothing more than a political action in which the US military was nothing more than an armed political force that was assigned to duty in foreign places to underwrite the most criminal of corporate interests which has brought us to this impasse that passes for life in 2011. (1)   From Korea to Vietnam, from Vietnam through Grenada and Panama: With side ventures in Chile and Africa, US military forces have been nothing but a bunch of paid thugs assigned to destroy other countries for US Corporate interests. Anyone in a US uniform that has served in Iraq, either in 1991 or in George Bush's illegal invasion and occupation has to know that everything they did there had nothing to do with protecting this country: Because it was always about suppressing t
100 Truths About Me
100 Truths...About Me 1. Last beverage→ Mtn Dew 2. Last phone call→ My mom 3. Last text message→ My sis 4. Last song you listened to→ Billy Squire ~ My Kind Of Lover 5. Last time you cried→ Few days ago FIVE HAVE YOU EVER: 1. Dated someone twice → Oh boy, yes, only one person,lol 2. Been cheated on?...............yeah 3. Kissed someone & regretted it? yes 4. Lost someone special?→yes 5. Been depressed?→ Yes LIST FOUR FAVORITE COLORS: 1.Blue 2 Camo 3.Blaze Orange HAVE YOU: 1. Made new friends → Yes. 2. Fallen out of love → never been really 3. Laughed until you cried → yes 4. Met someone who changed you → Yes 5. Found out who your true friends were → oh my yes 6. Found out someone was talking about you → yes 7. Kissed anyone on your friend's list→ LOL yes 8. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life → umm.....Like 4 9. How many kids do you want
The Loss Of Pimps
Afternoon all, below is a message I ahve sent to Fubar Support. if & when I get a reply i will post it here.   please feel free to get in touch with Support & complain to them about the loss of pimps     Dear support I logged in today to find out that I had lost the ability to pimp people? When I went to the fubar support lounge to query this I was directed to Scrappers blog to place any complaints I have on this blog. I posted 1 comment & then went back to post another comment & found I had been blocked by scrapper as I got this message “ERROR: this users permissions don't allow you to do this. If you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list CLICK HERE.” So for an admin guy he doesn’t like you disagreeing with him. My point I was going to make was if the pimp ability was being abused by a small section of people who kept scrolling across the top, then stop the few not punish the many. Your change to the pimp allowance & be
Top Quality North Face Jackets In The Winter Months
For women who sadly are checking for jackets to beat the ice cold then it should be A fact North Face jackets. These kinds of jackets usually are best-known for its type combined with consolation. There's an easy large choice of potential creations to pick out from .It all cause it to very difficult to decide the jacket involving plenty of amazing patterns. There are types of models geared to just about any women. If a professional is looking of a jacket having a wonderful sense of North Face Jackets style and design and the other can select North Face's Chloe Jacket. The jacket was developed in the shape of an important pea and it is constructed from bamboo as an alternative for made of woll. The jacket appears to be like vintage for twin breasted design and style as well as the jacket also contains a umbrella want constructing. The jacket likewise goes along with Prima Studio insulating material which ensures you keep a heated. The Actual North face jackets (Within Remedi
People Trying 2 Level Up
One Of The Happiest Days Of My Life!!!
last night i got the news i have waited a lifetime to hear, my Dr is signing the papers i need to have the main surgery. if all goes well i should be completing this journey soon and i can finnaly put the male in the past. i actually worried about how i wwould feel at this moment and i can say that i am ecstatic! soon i wil no longer be trans i will only be female. looking at dr is chicago, ann arbor, and montreal. ps i may be begging for money for the deductable so bare with me :D   i could not have made it this far with out the support of all of you, 
The Night Before Christmas
T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house the whole damn family was as drunk as a louse. Dad at the cat house mom smoking grass and I myself just settled down for a nice piece of ass. When from the roof tops arose such a clatter I sprang from my piece to see what was the matter away to the window I flew like a flash threw open the shutters and fell on my ass. The moonlight abreast the new fallen snow gave a whore house luster to objects below but what to my blood shot eyes did appear a minature sleigh and two mangy reindeer with a short little driver holding his dick I knew right away the bastard was Nick. Slower than snails his reindeer came and he cursed and he swore as he called them by name now Dasher! now Dancer! up over those walls quick now dammit or I'll cut off your balls! He came down the chimney like a bat out of hell tripped on his dong and then he fell. He filled all the stocking with pretzels and beer and a big rubber dick for my br
Standing By
Standing by,All the way.Here to help you through your day.Holding you up,When you are weak,Helping you find what it is you seek.Catching your tears,When you cry.Pulling you through when the tide is high.Just being there,Through thick and thin,All just to say, you are my friend.
Chapters 15, 16, 17
Chapter 15 Jacques Cousteau       Patsy's head slowly emerges from the pool like Martin Sheen in "Apocalypse Now" and blows out a whale like spray of water from her tiny green snorkel. Her lips are blue, both from the cold and from the fact that her Kermy mask is WAY too small for her. Her eyes are completely unseen and unseeing due to the condensation fogging up her mask. She whisper yells to him in her best French accent... "Ze harroweeng depths have foggid oop my pricelezz diveeng equipmon....SACRE BLEU!" Of course, he laughs way too loudly for the lateness of the hour so she tries to smack him but misses badly...managing only to splash them both with a hard slap to the water instead. This makes him laugh even louder so she frantically pulls off her mask and throws it at him, missing of course. He grabs it and they wrestle briefly until he let's it go abruptly, JUST to see her glower in a hollow victory. She spits grumpily into the glass part of the mask and smears it around
Hello Everyone
Hey people, I see all the drama going around about people giving unwanted advice and/or opinions...Come on folks, this isn't myspace...I'm basically writing this to introduce myself to everyone... I am a 33 year old armed security sergeant, working for a security/private investigation organization in northeastern Ohio. My hobbies are surfing the net, drag racing, target shooting, going to car shows, and anything else that captures my need for speed. The love of my life, Erin is also on my page, first spot in my family when noone on the list is online... The rest of my family list except 2 are people I know personally, all are awesome people. My friends list is primarily made up of pretty, classy, and curvy ladies that I think have class...I'm not big on the ones that take pics where You can see the ovaries...Come on Anything else You want to know about me, just ask...I love to chat...Oh and become my fan, I return the favor...spread the love and the po
Doh! Blocked!
Yep, that's right, I've been blocked! Woooo-hoooo!!! As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has ever blocked me, but maybe there are all sorts of people out there who hate me and I just don't know it yet. Granted, there are no few people who consistently rate me 1's, blah blah blah... but I don't think I've ever been blocked before. I was actually pretty pissed off at first and was ready to do Rant 2 in the Book of Jenn. But then I ate. And realizing that I literally had not eaten ALL DAY, last meal was last night around 7pm so almost 24 hours ago, I was a tad bit irritable. I ate. I feel much better now and more inclined to giggle. So here's what went down. This last weekend there was a glitch and all my settings were changed so no one could communicate with me. I got a few gifts from really nice people inquiring if everything was okay, and one "clue" from a jerk who just assumed I did it only to him. Anyway, this particular user sent me a shout a day or two ag
About Me!!!
There is not much to say about me. I am currently seperated from my husband. The greatest thing in life Are My Children,Family and Freinds. My two girls are 13 and 6, they are my pride and joys. I would do anything for them. They make you realize what life is all about, things that we as adults might have forgotten. The truch is they are my world. before I had my first daughter I didn't real know about life, I only knew I loved my first husband and screwed that up, then when Samilee came along, I was still messed up for about 6 months after her birth, man did she make me grew up and fast. I love this little girl and knew I had to change. Which I did. She was a dream come true and my silver lining I needed. Things in life dont come easy and sometimes are very much worth waiting for. I got remarried and swore I would make this one right, I gave my all, everything I had to give I gave. That was taken advantage of for years, I didn't want to give up, I kept trying and trying.
Reposted Bulletin
HELP KEEP KIDS SAFE ONLINE What Is About? The sheer volume of information you can find online is almost beyond comprehension. For example, type the word “sponge” into the Google™ search engine and you will wind up with more than 19,000,000 results. That may seem like a lot, but compare it to the more than 161,000,000 you find when you search “Internet Safety” and you begin to understand the enormity of the web. has been created to help people find the tools and tips needed to keep you and the ones you care about safe online. INOBTR is working with experts in law enforcement, child services, education and more to help define the risks children face online, while also providing guidance on how to handle these situations. The information you find here comes from respected sources including the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC),, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), the FBI and more. These organizations, like INOBTR, a
Back From Cancun!
I'm back from Cancun, it rocked! I'm exhausted right now, so I'll post something tomorrow about my trip. Hope y'all have had a great week!
2007 is done. As I look back over the past year it has been one of ups and downs. On the down side we lost one of our best friends. Barb, my mother-in-law passed away in Oct. She was not only family but she was one of the best people I have ever known. We also said see ya later to Lee and Wolfe as they went back to Iraq for a second tour of duty. We talk to them on line but it's not the same as being here. We also let someone into our lives who talked about trust and honesty, but it turned out they were nothing more than a two-faced liar who didn't know the meaning of the words and we are better off without them. On the up side we made many new friends here and in person. Some have become family. 143. Others have become close friends who we look foward to seeing again soon or for the first time. Also Lee and Wolfe came back on leave and we spent some good times with them. Doe got a new job that she loves. We contected with family we haven't talked to in awhile throught here as well a
A Statement And A Little History Lesson..
..hrmm..that's what I have to say. I know what many of you are coming here to look for, some kind of reaction about like, what happend to my stuff. Apparently I wasn't alone in the purge, in all actuality, I consider myself lucky considering that I haven't been deleted or shut down in any way. See people, there's an unwritten, unspoken rule around Fubar that has been around since the Lost Cherry days: you can't publicly bash site admin here on the site. It is their site and they can do what they wish. That, more often than not, will result in you getting locked down, flagged, reset, deleted, etc. It doesn't matter if you agree with any changes, policies, features or not, it is how it is. How you react and adapt to the changes that take place around here usually determine your shelf life. Now, with that out of the way, speaking of adapting and reacting... like, based on what's happend, I'm taking a step back and determining what and how to approach things and what method to use
New Screen Name
can yall help me with a new name ....i think its time for a change ...something to drawl the people to me ....yeah i know i am a point whore ...and needs lots of attention...please comment
My Next Fight
Indiana Cage Fighting Seymour Fight Series 1 (3 Consecutive Weeks Multiple Thousands of Dollars given away) Title's on tha line. When: November 8th, 15th, 22nd Where: National Guard Armory 1925 1st Ave. Seymour Indiana
A New Life
The moment your lips touched mine i knew what love meant Like shifting time a light has lit our path Between the hurt and the lies, stronger we have grown To never have known you is like being empty inside As we travel the long road i hope your hand is in mine Love is what you make of it Love me or not My feelings will remain the same Trusting me to bring you a new life  
Questions 8-18-09
It's been a while, and I've been kinda gone. So, since I'm bored and the mumms are stalled and boring I'll do this again.   Ask me ANYTHING!! Any question will be answered truthfully..from the embarrassing to the thought-provoking, the inane to the questions of life's mysteries. Go ahead, don't hold back...ask me whatever you wish.
The Galactic Center
Blarg is all i have to say right now...   I think in a few hours.. i am gonna take a few pills and sleep... sounds like a good plan right?
Sunday Fun Fakes :d
Hey kids, it's been awhile, here's a refresher for all of those that miss the fake blogs and stuff. Been gettin ready with other stuff and of course the annual end of summer blog for Labor Day weekend... Check out these fails... It never gets old huh? lol...hope everyone is well, don't forget to follow using the blue link above so ya don't miss anything that comes down the road... These fakes may be a threat indeed to normalcy, but based on what I've been hearing and seeing, some of the biggest threats, fakes, liars and cons are the ones that aren't "fake." That's the scary part...just remember to get -all- sides of the story before jumping to any conclusions no matter how "hot" that dude or chick is in your Hope you all had a great weekend....and peace...
I broadcast my friend and I having fun watching tv and smoking. She will not flash and I do not flash with her in the room. Dont be rude. Say please. We will zone out and I may forget about the cam and laptop althogether. I am sorry but this is just what happens lol.
Happy Thanksgiving Night....y'all!!
Congress Targets Loud Ads
Congress Targets Loud Ads 5 hours ago - ABC News 2:24 | 51337 views Congress passes legislation to curb high-decibel TV commercials. Reported through Yahoo! News       Rock on!Shawn
Rose In December By Halestorm
I've taken all this timeStanding in the snowAnd I'm so afraid of what could fall from my lipsAfraid of what I knowBut still I carry onFollowing my heartThings could let me down, and I could be betrayedBut love never lies....soLet me be your Rose In DecemberAnd I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow meltsawayLet me be your Rose In DecemberI'll stand here forever, loving you, as a rose in decemberCool, autumn daysWhen everyone else walked awayThey told me to forget, and to spare myself the stormBut, I knew you were worth the waitAnd as the snow fellLanding on my heartBurying my emotion, but still I stand here frozenBecause I know I love you, oh, I love you...soLet me be your Rose In DecemberAnd I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow meltsawayLet me be your Rose In DecemberI'll stand here forever..loving a rose in decemberAs a Rose.....As a rose in december.
Tips Designed For Truck Oem Keeping Track Of Technology
We all assume that your chosen truck tracker is known as a have got to, specifically for navy organization. It concept contains unspent suppliers thousands and thousands and even Wireless Device left them how to have access to a more efficient product. Home elevators this is often accessible on-line, be sure that you buy a professional small business that really can provide gains. As i consideration it is excitement to visit the other suppliers could very well enjoy keeping track of concept. That pin-point dependability, ability to implement disproportionate make, and even prompt treatment might be created for below: You might now not aim to benefit from the kindness that your choice of librarian will show as you yield an important arrange 5 quite a few years the later part of. As the rentals meeting terminated, she'd can simply tilt the eye glasses, bite an important ask and even propel an important mouse. That retriever associated during the arrange would most likely li
I Need You
I need you now more ever I need you love forever and never I need to see you every day   My love for you has grown My heart has so much love for you    I need your love more and more I need to feel you around me I need your smarts to get me though the day   When your not around i feel down  When your not with me i am sad When your mad i cry   I need your love to show me the way  I need your smile I need your love that has my heart   I love you so much from the start  witch i hope will never end
More On My Son!!!! Mizzou!!!!!!!!!!
Britt looking forward to offensive line test at Mizzou By MIKE DeARMOND The Kansas City Star Receiver Marcus Lucas (right), shown playing against Iowa State last year, will make his first career start Saturday. More Sports: Talk high school football today Texas A&M announces withdrawal from Big 12 Royals scratch Paulino from today's start because of back spasms MU’s James Franklin keeps faith while opening up Royals lose 2-1 to Tigers on walk-off homer in 10th Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers hopes to bloom this season Texas A&M denies it sent withdrawal letter QB-turned-receiver Pick follows path Meier blazed at KU Collin Klein will start at QB for K-State against Eastern Kentucky
Steel Grey eyes like the storm aboveHold so much force and powerOne swift move or slight glanceFeels better than a hot showerA sweet smile that is relaxingTruly calms ones feelingsFull cheek and lipsThat can bring about sweet dealingsSoft vibrant hairThat loves to dance in the windWatching its sweet danceMakes thoughts slip one’s mindA relaxing joyful voiceMakes the heart leap with joySo soothing and warmIt is truly better than any toySo much is unknownYet everything seems so devineAt times it is to speakThough I truly wish you were mine.
Ugh well today was so boring, had to baby sit yet again which I mean it isn't to bad becasue I am making money but I ended up having to stay an hour later then normal and now I have to go back again to babysit tonight. It sucks so bad cause I have only been home for like 2 hours. I am just wanting to have a night at home to relax. But I cant do that. I miss my boo so much that I am going crazy. I wish I could see him right now, but I cant cause I have to baby sit and he is in the hospital right now. It sucks I wish I could be there with him so he wouldn't be alone. I just hope that he will be ok. He had to go into surgery this morning at 6 and so far he is ok. I just wish I could be there so I wouldn't be so worried about him. I was just happy that he called me to let me know what all was going on, now I am just waiting for him to call me again so I can find out what he has to do tonight. But I am just glad that he knows that I am here for him and that I love him with all of my heart n
A Short Declaration
This is a public statement in order to clear the air regarding any misconceptions surrounding me....   I am aware that I am viewed as a cold, heartless and savage monster by many. I am also aware that some people consider my actions to be "unpredictable" at best and "downright evil" at worst. While I make no apologies for my actions, I would offer a simple explanation to any interested in them.   I am rather infamous for my cutting sarcasm and (according to popular opinion) inappropriate comments. Bear in mind that 98% of the time, they are meant in jest and simply intended for my amusement and the amusement of others viewing them.... Unlike "certain others" on this site who shall remain unnamed? There is almost never any genuine malice in my posts.   I am also aware that, due to my often nasty comments? I am also disliked by many and considered to be a menacing, harassing and/or threatening individual. Therefore, I shall address this topic in order to make my demeanor and intent
c'mon people i need some fans! i have almost 4000 friends but not even 1000 fans!
How Does A Parent Go On When They Have Just Lost A Child?
SABBATH'S SISTER WROTE THIS IN A BULLETIN JUST LAST NIGHT JUNE 10-2007. hey everyone who knows my brother.hw quite breathing family thought we lost him.he was out by his computer.our mom came in with his two babys.and notices he wasnt breathing.before he would sign going to the hospatail.all he would say he wanted his babys.and scream he wanted his son that passed away 4 years ago/they have a tube down his troat.more update as they come in.leave him youre prayers he do leave his heart.his youngest baby.his siter ================================================================================================== SABBATH HAD APPROCHED ME IN THE SHOUT.. EYES FULL OF TEARS WITH A VERY HEAVY HEART THAT WAS FULL OF CONCERN, FEAR, SADNESS, AND GUILT. I STOPPED WHAT I WAS DOING AND FOR THE NEXT HOUR OR SO I OFFERED AND EAR. THAT NIGHT I WAS FOREVER TOUCHED AS SO WAS HE. WE MADE A BOND THAT EARLY MORNING THAT ONLY GREW STRONGER AS TIME WENT ON. MY HEART NOW IS SO HEAVY A
The wife and I are leaving for Cancun tomorrow. We're driving to Georgia first to leave the doggies with her sister, then we're flying out of Atlanta Saturday morning for Cancun. We leave Cancun the following Saturday, and we'll be back home on Sunday. I hope y'all have a great week!
Understanding A Long Wait
Those that have had, or have had to deal with cancer must understand exactly what I am now going through..... How can you put yourself into a spot of waiting for results and doing more tests to find out if you have prosatate cancer.... I do not know what to do or how to cope...All prayers would be appreciated...Please pray for my family, daughters and especially my girlfriend LH. I'm lost.....For the first time in my life, I am totally lost..... Thanks to everyone who has offered their support and prayers and thoughts. I was notified today, by the doctor, the tests have come back negative. I was told to have this checked yearly, but, Happy as can be now. Thanks to you all, again.
i have not been on much i have been having some problems so i am on very little but i was hoping i still have friends out there that will vote for me the address is : Thank u Eileen
How Much Is Enough?
For anyone who has read my other blogs, you know I am in love with a man who is suffering from a devistating illness that is eating him away from the inside. Every passing day he endures pain and frustration with such grace. I was talking to a friend about him and he told me that my love is the bravest man he ever met. I agree wholeheartedly. They have another serious diagnosis for him. I know this is horrible. He had an amputation and they are considering more radical treatments (and possible amputations) for him. I am losing him slowly and painfully.I just wish I was able to have the means of going to Texas to stay with him for a few days..If anything. He knows how I feel and I think my love would help him now. OK that was selfish. I want to be with him. Men do not understand what a woman feels or how strong and true a womans love is. I love this man and I need help. Please pray for the solution. If anything, I need to be there very soon. I will regret every day of my exis
Do U Need Help Leveling? ...
For everyone that is looking to level. Just sharing some helpful hits and some links to help make it easier on you from a bulletin. To those looking to level easier when you find things on other friends page, DO NOT RIP pictures that you would like to use, ask them if it ok and give them credit for it. There are no points on ripped pictures!!! For those that are at 99% the only way to level up is to add a salute. If you need help adding one here is a blog on how to add them from Year of the Dragons .. click here Having stash makes leveling so much easier. {I checked and you get 7 points per thumbs up, 12 points per thumbs up during happy hour}. Here are links to help you find stash easier. Thank you to The Confederate Bomber for allowing me to share with you. MUSIC & VIDEOS: imeem EZ-Tracks noolmusic youtube pcplanets videocodezone flycodes music-codes GAMES: jigzone addictinggames embedgames owensworld sploder
I just wanted to make a blog...
A Funny!!
If you've read or heard this, please pardon the repetition. A businessman meets a beautiful girl and agrees to spend the night with her for $500. He spends the night with her but before he leaves, he tells her that he does not have any cash with him, but he will have his secretary write a check and mail it to her, calling the payment "RENT FOR APARTMENT." On the way to the office he regrets what he has done, realizing that the whole event was not worth the price. So he has his secretary send a check for $250 and enclosed the following typed note: Dear Madam: Enclosed you will find a check in the amount of $250 for rent of your apartment. I am not sending the amount agreed upon, because when rented the apartment, I was under the impression that; 1) it had never been occupied; 2) that there was plenty of heat; and 3) that it was small enough to make me feel cozy and at home. However, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that there wasn't any heat
The Meaning Of Life
I had a dream but it turned to dust I bought a bike all it did was rust I wanted bread all I got was crust Sold some dope that was one big bust Ain't found nobody who I can trust I'm 80 yrs old all I can do is lust Stop all this whining it is a must So I will eat those green eggs and ham Prolly kill me me who gives a damn JUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT KIDDDDDDDING SMILE REAL BIG
Today Is never going to end... Today Isn't just around the bend, My life is stuck... Please god change my luck, The fights and tears... Have gone on for years. The endless nights, I spend lying awake.... Just for our sweet childrens sake, The things I think of..... Trying to be JUST above. The kitchens not clean... Now he's going to scream, The laundry's not done... Now he's really won, The bed is not made.... The feelings are going to fade. Every day and at night... You think you see the light, But then morning is near.... And you are still here. How can I end this fight... How can I make it right, How can you see me for me... And not how you want me to be. Just look into my eyes... Maybe this time you'll see the prize, That awaits within me... For the world to see. So let me out of this box.... With my hair all in locks, Ill get out there tonight... And put up the best fight. So to end this sweet day.... I'll send the asshole away
His_BaByDoLl Hi Everyone! I am in a contest and need your fu-love! Please take a minute and RATE this pic for me! If you have time… comments are welcome, too! Click this link to rate/comment my pic
A Great Loss In My World
PapaGnome@ fubar As many of you know I just got back from TX for Ren Faire. The wonderful man you see above is the whole reason i travel to TX. If I hadn't met him online oh so many years ago, I'd never have gone out there. This pic was taken this past Saturday at faire. Sadly, we lost this wonderful, gentle soul last night. I am soooo going to miss you Mike. You will alwayssss hold a very special place in my heart. I love you and miss you very much
50 Signs Of Fibromyalgia
50 Signs of Fibromyalgia:1. pain2. fatigue3. sleep disorder4. morning stiffness5. cognitive or memory impairment6. irritable bowel7. chronic headaches8. TMJ syndrome9. numbness and tingling sensation10. muscle twitching11. skin sensitivities12. dry eyes and mouth13. dizziness14. allergic symptoms15. mitral valve prolapse16. heel or arch pain17. brain fatigue18. painful periods19. chest pains, noncardiac20. depression21. panic attacks22. irritable bladder23. multiple chemical sensitivities24. joint hypermobility25. suicidal26. personality changes27. lightheadedness28. disequilibrium29. severe muscle weakness30. intolerance of bright lights31. alteration of taste, smell, hearing32. low frequency, sensorineural hearing loss33. decreased painful sound threshold34. ringing in the ears35. exaggerated involuntary rapid eye movement36. changes in visual acuity37. intolerance of alcohol38. enhancement of medication side effects39. intolerance of previously tolerated medications40. severe nasal
R.i.p Ash
sorry to tell everyone this but ash has passed away this morning u all know she was in the hostipal for a long time well she doing good so she was moved into a hospice to finish healing well she got the flu real bad n she couldnt fight it off but if u have any questions ask n i will try to answer them as i can this is sammie so lets please have a moment for her
Love This Song And Him
Chinese Proverb #367
There's a fly hovering about 12inches above a pond, and a fish is watching it, thinking to itself "you know, if that fly drops 6inches, I can jump up and have me a nice lil snack" There's an eagle watching the fish watching the fly, and the eagle is thinking to itself "If that fly drops 6inches, the fish can jump up at the fly and I can swoop in while the fish is distracted and eat the fish and have a nice lil snack" Now there's a bear watching the eagle watching the fish watching the fly and its thinking to itself "If that fly drops 6inches the fish can jump up to eat the fly, the eagle should swoop in to eat the fish and I can grab the eagle and have me a snack" Now there's a hunter watching the bear watching the eagle watching the fish watching the fly and the hunter is thinking "If that fly drops 6inches the fish will leap for the fly, the eagle will swoop down for the fish, the bear will grab at the eagle and while the bear is distracted, I can shoot it and have
No Answers (orig Posted On 9/1/09 On My Tagged Account)
Ever been hurt so bad that your so numb you can’t function or even think straight. Your cruising along in a relationship and it’s great, everything is more perfect than you could have ever imagined. You get closer and closer, confessing feelings for each other. Finally, after all that searching your happy and content. Your basking in the sunlight and even rainy days seem somehow wonderful. You start to make long term plans with that special person, you share inside jokes together, you keep bonding closer and closer. You have finally found someone who totally gets you and you have a connection you have never felt before ever. And then one day that special person decides it’s just not right and they want out. You hit a brick wall full force and think to yourself that any kind of physical pain would be better than that feeling at that single moment. Been there? We all have. You sit there in utter disbelief and confusion. You just can’t figure out where or what went
Tears Fall
tears falllike acid rainupon the groundblood leaves a stainthere is a voiceinside my headtelling mei'm already deadi am brokenfeeling lostknowing my lifewill pay the costtears fallthe soul will tojust rememberthe girl you knew.....            Forgotten Angel
What's Your Fave?
Ok! It's that time of the year again. What is your favorite Christmas song? I want everyone to post a YouTube link to your favorite version of your all time favorite Christmas song :)
Almost Done
got 26 days left here. it's been a fucking trip couple days i was on the shitter and incoming gets called and i hear explosion right behind the bathroom. and just other been going on same shitty ass days. like recently got into a vehicle accident just a ft long dent to the top right of the hmmvee door but nothing to serious. but there going to fry me any way possible. and dealing with some other people here who can get on your very last nerves is fucking crazy. now im just hoping I get though the rest of this deployment safely and with out getting into trouble. 
Blended Families
"Blended Families" Let me start with a basic definition, courtesy of (see, I cite my sources like a good girl)  blended family : –noun a family composed of a couple and their children from previous marriages. Notice a key term to the definition, "their".  Blended families are not defined by drawing lines in the sand, stating "his" and "hers".  Rather, its an all encompassing term, specifying a new family formed by including both parties AND THEIR children.   Granted, things are complicated.  More often than not, both biological parents are still in the picture to some extent, and often, one parent may object to another party stepping in to fill this role.  Of course, for the case of this blurb, I'm not talking about replacement parents.  More specifically, I'm talking about the social dynamics of a family structure who live within the same dwelling, where one of those parties is not a biological parent. Regardless of your position on the subject, certain fac
Wifeys Obituary
Samantha Ellen Gelenaw-Farden View or Send Sympathy Notes Back to obituary listings September 24, 1982 - December 04, 2010 Birthplace: Manteca, California Resided In: Chico, California In Loving Memory of our beloved Samantha “Sami” Ellen Gelenaw-Farden, who went to heaven on December 4th, 2010 in Chico.   Sami was born September 24, 1982 in Manteca, CA to Roger and Marilyn Gelenaw, she was the youngest of three children. At a young age her family moved to Chico where she was raised and she graduated from Pleasant Valley High School. She was a loving wife, mother, daughter and sister.   She will be greatly missed by her husband; Randy Farden, daughter; Evanna Jeanne Farden, mother; Marilyn Reyes, grandmother; Eva J. Weahunt, two brothers and sister in laws; Robert “Bubba” Waddell and Reidun Gilbert, Louis & Mariah Gelenaw, nephews; Anthony and Chandler, aunt; Jane Weins, she was loved by her husband’s family and all that knew her.  
One Day She's Going To Make Some Wonderful Guy Very Miserable..
Here is a peek into what it is like to live with a Princess...      Katie: Hey, I rented a new movie you might like, it's not a chick flick. It's about a boxer. Ryan: What's it called? Katie: I don't know, let me find movie.  *holds up movie* Ryan: Katie, That's Million Dollar Baby. I watched it like 5 years ago on HBO.. and yes, it's a great movie.. but it's hardly new..   
Fed Up (tired Of It All)
I'm tired of being played. I'm tired of being treated like I'm in last place. I'm tired of being treated like I'm a no name. I'm tired of being lied to, why won't they just tell me the truth? Forget about my feelings, and let me know how you really feel. If you don't want anything to do with me or don't wanna be bothered by me, just tell me. Life goes on, friends come and go. I'm a misfit and an outcast anyway, so it doesn't make a difference. I'm tired of all the games and the fake people that pretend to be a friend. It makes me so sick and makes me wanna go off and go on a rage. It makes me wanna change into a person that's out of my character.   To put it plain and simple I'M FED UP AND TIRED OF IT ALL!!!
"There is a very dark and painful side to life, but that is natural. People in our culture think they should never be unhappy. They think that being unhappy is unnatural. They try to make it go away. They take pills or they go to therapy to “fix” themselves. They blame themselves or others for their suffering. We need to understand that sadness is as much a part of life as joy. It would be easy just to get bitter and cold while focusing on the dark side, but there is also an amazing, wonderful side of life. If you look for it, there is true magic all around us. Maybe that sounds trite to the hardened, self-protective modern ego, but there is magic in this miraculous life. If you open yourself up, you do make yourself vulnerable to pain but the deeper the pain you experience, the deeper joy you have."
Team Mother Pt 2
I sat on the edge of a sagging mattress, in a dingy motel room, and let my gaze play over the enticing cocks of the four naked high school seniors standing in front of me. Brandon was the only one yet to turn eighteen, but with his birthday coming next month he was close enough that I didn’t give his age any thought.Each of the boys was sporting a potent hard-on, despite all having just jacked off into my hand only minutes before. With the ice broken, they were no longer taking furtive peeks at my middle-aged, but respectably trim, body, and were instead openly gawking at my mature form, which was barely clothed in little more than a skin tight t-shirt and even tighter shorts. I let my legs drift apart just enough for them to see the growing wet spot there if they were so inclined to look.“Well?” I said, drawing their attention away from the points of my nipples pushing up from beneath my shirt. “Shall we play another game, or would you fellas rather get some re
Good Friday!!
SO now that I know how to post blogs, I get to start my ramblings......and today being "Good Friday", I figured I would start with a Lent related topic.   I grew up Christian, more specifically Lutheran.  See when you are a Christian, apparently you have to then specify your denomination to help legitimize your status.  I find it quite amazing that so many people read from the same book, the same words, yet they turn them and twist them into such differences.    One of the areas that sticks out is Lent.  Many Catholics give up something for Lent and they dont eat meat on Fridays.  This practice is widely accepted and is the reason there are Friday night "fish frys" and pepper and egg sandwiches as well as the double fillet o fish sandwich at Mc Donalds.  The funny thing about this widely accepted practice is, there's no commandment from God, Jesus, the apostles, or anyone else to do this.  This was a rule made up by the Catholic Church in one of their "Canons" which is their rules
Assignment For The Day: Navy Seals
I posted this on my EP account (I Want to Get Pregnant Group).  Tell me what you think about it:   *** I think this is one of the most wonderful reasons why being a woman is so much fun. You are a nurturer and a cradle of life. I consider motherhood and womanhood as a blessing. My version of feminism is different from the kind of feminism that you will get to read in books, magazines and most of the websites. For me, feminism is not about gender bending. It is about giving the same importance to women and empowering them. It is about empowering the female or the womb power and making women love themselves for who they are.  Women can do sports, manage a business, take leadership roles, and excel in fields outside the home. But you can never compare them to men. They are different from them, yet they are equals. Women are the cradles and nurturers of life. Men are designed to protect it.Some people ask, why is there a limited opportunities for women when it comes to some fields like
A Rock Fan's Typical Day At Work
I've created a playlist on the hard drive of my works PC which describes the typical working day:   Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) Greetings From Shitsville (The Wildhearts) Same Shit Different Day (Demolition 23) Dysfunctional Professional (Backyard Babies) Mental Ward (The Dickies) Down This Road Before (Jackyl) Shut Your Mouth (Motorhead) And The Bullshit Goes On (The Wildhearts) What Do You Want From Me? (Alice Cooper) Don't Talk To Me (Girlschool with Lemmy) F*ck Off And Die (Backyard Babies) For F*ck's Sake (The Almighty) Save Me (The Donnas) One Of These Days (Medicine Hat) Home (Poison) I decided it might be wise to remove "Get The F*ck Out" by Skid Row after the boss's son walked in right in the middle of the chorus - still, the timing was appropriate.  I think this nails the day down pretty accurately.  Anyone want to offer an alternative set?  But keep it rockin'!
Sex Application First Name: __________________ Middle: _________________ Last: _____________________dob: ______________ Height: ___________
Sex Application First Name: __________________ Middle: _________________ Last: _____________________DOB: ______________ Height: ____________ Weight: ____________ Hair Color: ____________ Eye Color:______Age: ______Measurements: Bust:_____ Waist:_____ Hips:_____& or Length:______Home Address 0r Email: __________________________________________Interests: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Favorite Color: _____________________Hobbies: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please check off or answer all the questions as best you can't in true honesty & to better serve to match you with a p
Watermelon Fruit Salad With Fruit Salad Dressing
Watermelon Fruit Salad(Makes 5 to 6 servings)   2 fresh oranges, cut into segments 1 cup green seedless grapes 1 head of lettuce 2 fresh peaches, sliced 1/2 cup fresh blueberries 2 cups watermelon balls Combine. first 4 fruits. Place in circle on a bed of salad greens. Pile watermelon balls in the center. Serve with Fruit Salad Dressing.     Fruit Salad Dressing   Fold 1/2 cup whipped cream into 1/2 cup mayonnaise. Add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon or orange rind. Chill. Makes 1 cup.
Advantages With Portable Mp3 Player
A great deal more with taking a person's portable Mp3 player down with your huge Mp3 case rich in a person's most popular rails, taking into consideration, until the times of a Mp3 arrangement, a lot of CD's often obtained generally merely a number of 7 inch Car DVD Player for Benz E-Class W211,G-Class w467 with GPS digital TV FM of this most popular rails because hard drive as used by each one songs appeared to be pretty massive. Down came out a Portable Mp3 Game enthusiasts and already with audio remaining became a Mp3 trying to play arrangement each one songs at this moment gets attached to a small part of originates from which had been one time made use of quite a few rice. Therefore them is possible that you may wear your popular music collecting might be many audio all of in a tool to suit in the users hand of this fretting hand an element that taking not long ago appeared to be just about exceptional. This means you won't ever currently have this infuriating scrape
You Did What?
(fill in the blanks) I went to the bank yesterday evening to pay for my _______.  As luck would have it, I managed to get the window with the hot german girl. I handed her the ______,  with her thick german accent she says "I would be more than glad to ________".  After all the paper work was completed, she gave me a sucker and said __________.  And with that I _______. The End
2 Hilbillys
Two hillbillies are having lunch when a woman seated nearby begins to choke. Hillbilly asks her,"kin ya swallar?" The woman shakes her head no. Hillbilly asks her "kin ya breathe?" Woman shakes her head no. Hillbilly walks over,lifts up her dress, yanks down britches and licks her butt cheek. The woman has a violent spasm and spits out food. The hillbillies buddy says "ya know,I heerd of that there hind lick maneuver but I aint niver seed nobody do it"
Defaults At Fault
just taking a quick second to thank all of you super creative fu that insist on having complicated gifs and mini movies as a default. everytime i try to log onto the site with my phone, your default of you turning into the entire cast of twilight really bogs things down. add that to the girl who has to have a gif of herself smiling, then not, then giving the finger, then the tongue out between the fingers, the boob squeeze, devil horns, and finally followed by peace sign. dont forget the 50+ year old lady that somehow morphs into megan fox, or angelina jolie, then into a cartoon dominatrix, then finally a butterfly. the question is... why? guys, you dont escape the wrath. stop turning into dragons, tigers, dracula, chewbacca, a zombie, rob zombie, rob schneider, etc etc its rediculous. youre not dracula. youre not a tiger. why would you wanna show a girl how much you resemble a zombie? "hey baby, in just .31 seconds, i can look exactly like ive been dead for 6 years. wanna see?" 
All The Young Angels
    EXT.WASHINGTON SQUARE-NIGHT There is a small group gathered around the fountain. A lone man is jamming on a tenor sax. Next to him is a well known local POET. He goes by NORMAL. He is a 30 year old white man wild rasta-like hair and a surprisingly innocent, almost cherubic face.                            NORMAL(expressively,varying tone and tempo) This a poem called death to the angels. All the young angels all the young sons butchered, murdered in the slums jungles kosova gaza rwanda Tortured murdered all the young angels all the young sons Brighteyed innocent.
Easy White Clam Sauce, For Pasta
This is my all time favorite!!! Easy and cheap to make but taste like garlic goodness! White Clam Sauce (Easily doubled) 1/4 C olive oil 1/4 C butter 3 cloves (or more) minced garlic. I use a heaping Tbsp of the jarred minced garlic 3 Tbsp dried chopped parsley 2 5.5 oz cans minced canned clams with juice. salt to taste.   Heat oil and butter in sautee pan over med/high heat add garlic. sautee garlic till golden. then add juice from canned clams. Add chopped parsley.  Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. then add clams. Simmer 3 minutes more. Thats it! Done! Its a thin sauce a little goes a long way serve over spaghetti and  sprinkle with some parmesan cheese and eat it up!
Looking For A Wife In All The Wrong Places
giggles at some people around here       Hello Beautiful,How are you doing and everything with you ? hope you are doing fine ?? I'm Jermaine woods,38 years old widowed with one daughter..i am a Computer engineer...I am new to this online thing and i'm looking for a wife,a woman who is honest,loyal and caring....i will really love to know more and more about you,so tell me how old are you ? are you single ? do you have kids ? what do you do for a living ? what do you do for fun and more about you........I'll be hoping to hear from you soon...Hugs and KissesJermaine.
Natty's Down To 885, Let's Show Some Love :):)
natty@ CherryTAP
My Mood
I haven't been online much lately... been trying to deal with some very disturbing issues at home. I dont' want my friends to think I am abandoning them though.. I still luv ya all, just trying to get my head straight and figure out what I'm going to do.
When Life Becomes A Sea Of Pain
When life becomes a sea of pain And every moment agony I must endure again, again, It is a curse to have to be. And every moment agony, And every longing fixed on death; It is a curse to have to be And fight by instinct for each breath. And every longing fixed on death Even as I must go on And fight by instinct for each breath, Sailing thus, though loved, alone. Even as I must go on, You watch me helpless from the shore; Sailing thus, though loved, alone, I need you with me all the more. You watch me helpless from the shore As I endure again, again; I need you with me all the more When life becomes a sea of pain.
Hunger's Denial
in the dark i sit feeling the erosion of a rotting corpse all about me longing for release my soul crys out to only feel warmth of the heart once again in the dark i sit longing for release if only for a moment's peace not feeling the emptiness expanding ever wider in the dark i sit longing for release to not have the desperation of knowing i will survive such horrid tortures in the dark i sit longing for release all my desires denied and betrayed by the very rotting corpse i lay in in the dark i sit longing for release i implore for the Hunger of my boday and soul to finally Quicken in the dark i sit longing for release only to find denial and betrayal
Boston Ff
Please pray for the families of the 2 Boston FF who died a few weeks ago. The media is having a hay day raking leaked reports of drugs and alcohol on board during their deaths.
Then You Die
I got a voice mail from my ex wife saying that my sister in law passed away Friday. Talk about being hit hard. She was the the baby of the family and may have lead the hardest life of her of her family. She was under 40. I remember all the hear ache she caused my in laws. I remember all the heart she she caused my ex. She walked her walk and got lost in the lime light of drugs. One of the last times I seen her she looked like a human raisin. All the life sucked out of her. Last I had heard she found the road to recovery and was on it. She didn't die from an over dose she died from the after effects from years of abuse. She leaves behind both parents, a brother, two sisters an ex husband, a daughter and grand child, numerous nieces and nephews. Years ago I was on the same path of destruction. For those who read my profile you know I have over 13 yrs of sobriety. I know at least one person is asking themselves what are you doing here. FUBAR home of the online happy hour. Well th
Fat guy gets out of the shower at the YMCA. His buddy looks at him and says "Gawd Damn, How long has it been since you seen your dick?" Fat guy says " It's been a long damn time" His buddy says "Well why don't you diet!" Fat guy says "Why, what color is it now?"
The Owner Of Me For This Month
Ok so here we go .... i just went through my very first auction cool huh. i think it was pretty bad ass had an awesome turn out. I also went for more than i thought i would since i didn't promote it as well as i could have. but anyways. the person who won me... is not only one of the coolest people I've meet on here but she is always wicked funny. so if you are reading this and do not know "BrightEyedArtist" you should check her out in my top friends. i am also going to post her link in here permanently because lets face it she rocks. and thank you so much for being so cool about the auction:D ☠☠☠BrightEyedArtist☠☠☠@ fubar that's her link check out people she rocks and a great person to have as a friend.
Private Pix
Ok, here's the deal. I have some pretty hot private pics in my Ultimate Bad Girl folder. I do love to show off my body, but not to just anyone. You gotta spoil me first! Bling me! = 24 hour access Blast me/Ticker me/Bling pack me! = One week access Vip Me! = One month access Happy hour me! = Lifetime access And I will be adding new pics from time to time.
Blog Update For Cds
I just made an update blog entry on our real blog about the hypnosis CDs. If you have not heard my voice message yet on my profile regarding it you can still check it out here. Copy and paste this link into your browser.
Staff Rules
March 20-21 In Rowlett, Texas!!!
Join The Party! March 20th AND March 21st! Fu Party in Rowlett, Texas! You get TWO clubs for the price of one! Weekends for those wanting to rock the night away, AND The Crazy Horse Saloon for those who want to two-step! Price? There is NO cover charge! We had a blast the last two parties we had! Check out party pics below and on many of our pages. Let Blueroses or Tulsa's Angel know if you will be able to attend! Those Attending This Affair: Debbie ~Blueroses~ Barbara from Tulsa ღTulsa's Angelღ Amber Sexy Green Eyes ~ Shari ¢¾Brown Eyed Girl ¢¾ ¢â Beth From Ohio ♥ ÐJ ÇÚÐÐLÊ GØÐÐʧ§ ♥ Bonnie from Oklahoma ÐJWîççâ Dale *Phantom*
Country Cannon
Come check out my lounge Country Cannon! Drama free, no rules except be respectful to each other. Play lots of country music and just a good place to chat with people. Check it out!!
Oh, What's Broken Now?! [fixed]
Problem: Unable to comment on MuMMsDate: 8/6/09, 04:00 fu-DTStatus: Resolved 8/6/09 It appears someone broke MuMM comments. Members are reporting an error message akin to "Error: sorry, failed to post your comment" when they attempt to post a comment to an existing MuMM. These members seem to be able to comment on everything else without issue, however. Resolution: fixed mumm comments... database filled up. woops.[babyjesus[
She Ra Cunt Haters Untie!
Yeah, I know it says untie, I was tryin to be fuckin funny, if you don't get it, you can't join the club so neener neener neener! Yeah, I know as women we have not just the right, but the hormonal composition to be bitchy, and sometimes even cunty, but usually it's provoked.  You know, serious infringements like eating the last of the chocolate ice cream or cutting me off in traffic.  I'm talking about the abnormal over the top cuntiness because you looked crosseyed at somone's fu-lust, or because you simply presumed to exist on the same spiritual plane.  Come on bitches now, smile at your sister try to love one another right nao!
How Fights Get Started...
How Fights Get Started...My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels.She asked, 'What's on TV?'I said, 'Dust.'And then the fight started....******************************************My wife and I were watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?""No," she answered.I then said, "Is that your final answer?"She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, "Yes."So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."And then the fight started.....******************************************Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, and slipped quietly into the garage. I hooked up the boat up to the van, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour. The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the weather would be bad all day.I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed. I cuddled up to my w
America's Great Plains: The Photography Of Michael Forsberg
Coach Handbag My Favorite
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Seized. Overwhelming need. The madness spreads it's seed. Old. The moonlight not as bold. Bones ache from the weathering of bitter cold. Run. To those who harness the plenty and the warmth of the sun. A journey that with first step has scarcely just begun. And I plan. And I plot. Fly. It all begins in mind's eye. Join me.  
The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid. We fear we will not find love, and when we find it we fear we'll lose it. We fear that if we do not have love we will be unloved... Just be patient and it will find you...
Amazing Photoshop Tutorials
This incredible web site has tutorials - beginner to advanced-, articles, tips & tools, videos, links and a great section for budding artists. You'll be amazed at the amount of content and education for such a great price- FREE!   Check It Out!
Edge Of Forever
Was organizing some ole band stuff, and ran across a recording of me playing at a wedding years ago. It all started with kind of a long running promise. My friends Kim n Dave, had prodded me early on " If we get married, youre gonna play our wedding right? I want a rocknroll ceremony!". I always kidded around, saying "ahh yea, sure, why not" thinking it would pass as just as kind of a joke. Well, theat time came, and Dave hit me up again. "Are you serious?" I asked. "I cant go blasting out all the grammas and aunts, not everyone is gonna have a taste for that." "Nah man, you promised! Just do it all Jimi Hendrix style, tear it up brutha!"   says Dave, not letting go of the issue, and making feedback sounds whilst playin air guitar.. I finally conceded "Well, tell ya what, lemme work on it. I will try to come up with something that will perhaps appeal to everyone, and still get your rock element that you want." So I broke out the 4 track and tried to put together an arrangement. I
How To Sign On/off Cam In Smotri
This is the step by step process to sign in and out of smotri so there are no accidental deletions of a broadcast after you are done using cam :)    Step 1   Step 2     Step 3     Step 4     Step 5     Step 6     Step 7     Step 8  
My Webcam Social X
MY WEBCAM SOCIAL is about 'webcams' and my blog content du jour for the past three years.. began blogging in 1999 various topics but when asked to do a post by a host site in 2009 about 'webcam chat'... i found a subject of online value, interest and ever changing scope.. to write and test for readers and sort, recommend and become a reliable 'guru' too. Get It ON & Get OFF...WEBCAM SOCIAL X YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST the hottest 'webcam social' blogger surfing sites to aid, assist and recommend tried and true applications, roulette and webcam chat community. I just gave my blog a needed face-lift and content redux BLOG CLICK HERE
Like A Good Infection...
somehow im back again haha i wasnt sure i could use this anymore since my computer hasnt been working up to par but an infection can only be treated not cured! although i did feel a bit of relief when i couldnt log in anymore since i actually like to meet people in "real" time even if it starts off from an online anti-social social network. when that DID happen in real ended, not right away but...i have an ex via fubar haha. out of some strange act of machine and human...i jumped back on here almost to the day i got off! yeesh thats weird. i did make some friends though and i know one of them has my artwork by her requesting it and we've never met in person yet either so thats awesome. there are actually a few other folks ive got to know through here that i would love to hang out with still too. so now that i know i can use this crapper again...i have to! muhahahaha
Hiya...My name is Breezy! I live in Sunny Florida...I love the sun,fun and water! I love to go out dancing,I love to laugh and have fun.Im just your average girl next door...nothing special about me.I have been told that I do have a bubbly personality and I do seem to be the life of the party.Im an open if ya want to know anything...just hit me up!   ~me~
Home Sweet Home
i remember an icy day 4 years ago when i had just finished starting a pot of my yummy homemade veggie beef soup, walked to the mailbox in the ice, i had received my first letter from my son who was in boot camp in chicago. one of the first lines was "im doing ok mom, but i would give just about anything to have a big bowl of your homemade veggie beef soup right now." needless to say, i didnt eat the soup. i sent it home with my sister.     fast forward to now... i have a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove and homemade apple cinnamon muffins(his favorite)  baking in the oven. my son is here to spend the day. 
Good Times
Ok I'm new to all this, I would really apprecite some help, some love. I mean help the Newbie. Anyway go ahead and set thing's straight out of the gate I Love me some beautiful women/girls. I'm all about some fun to, so you see me i know i look good, lets have some fun on here or in person, bring it on. I really need some help though! So if you're willing to persue me, I'm willing to do as you please......that sounds bad, but females only plz. I'm not here to make friends with dudes! Anyway open the doors to good times lol.
Uni Job Then Baby
Today during quiet time about three or four girls were sitting around playing with the lego i happened to catch some of their conversation as i stood over by the door just filling in the paperwork. i had partially heard something mentioned about a baby in a tummy when a little girl said to the other " no you have to go to uni first then get a job before you have a baby"
Article On Endometriosis, Read If Your Curious About How This Disease Effects Me
What It Really Means to Have Endometriosis In last week’s post (“What is endometriosis?”), I said that endometriosis by definition is a disease process where the inside lining of the uterus, the endometrium, flows back up inside of the body around the ovaries and bowel where it implants and begins to grow. Quite frankly a lot of this medical stuff can be quite dry and boring and does not convey what it is like for a woman to have this disease and how it truly impacts her life, her family, her career, her sex life, and her ability to live her life in very basic ways. In reality, this disease can be like having tens or hundreds of excruciatingly painful blisters covering the inside of the pelvis. Infertility and pelvic pain are the two most common symptoms of endometriosis. Patients with endometriosis can experience horrific pain – for the lucky ones it lasts just a couple of days during their period, and in the worst cases the pain is 24/7. The dic
For Serious?
Did you know that if you are raped for "legit", your body will stop itself from getting pregnant? Yeah....I didn't either.   Some people need to learn some shit. How do these people get into public office?    What's funny? Both presidental candidates think the guy is nuts =]   Btw, I do NOT agree with the guy who said that.
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Just An Update....
The job market is looking better here now that the F-35's have gotten to MCAS Yuma. I'm still jobless, but I have a better chance now, I think. I've also gotten back in touch with someone I haven't talked to in over 4 years. I'm so excited about this Christmas. I'm doing it for myself this year. It will be difficult without the kids, but I have someone now that will make it a wonderful holiday.
My Time On Fu/being Red
First and foremost, I want to thank all my fam and friends.  I have met some really good people on FU and some not so good people lol. FU represents different things for different people. I first got on FU when I was still married.  I wasnt doing well in RL with my marriage and FU was a nice getaway.  Nice break from the stresses of RL (all you unhappily married people know what I am talking about).  Little by little I got hooked on FU.  It was easy to get hooked.  It gave me something to do  (levels, ...) and I would talk to people all day. I even got addicted to sending out blings, it was so easy to do.  During work, I would just jump on between my patients and at night, as soon as my kids went to bed. About 9 months ago, when the planets were lined up perfectly, I threw in the towel and filed for divorce (yes, I tried working it out but she was not intereted).  Took 3.5 months for the judge to sign the papers from when I served her with the papers. The divorce was as amicable as
I would stand still and not move but this world makes me so confused i'll spin around in circles untill this world makes sense just to get rid of this frustration Earth is barely visible in my rotation spinning around and around laughing out loud smiling from ear to ear never giving a care the wind flowing through my hair i'll spin around in circles untill this world makes sense confusing frustrating messed up everything is in a blur around me just like my life i cant even begin to visulize what lies ahead what there is for me to do next when everything stops spinning i will just fall down and rest until then i will spin around in cirlces in and open field around and around never once falling down the sun setting dimming the Earth the fumes of hte flowers flowing twords my nose I'll spin around in cirlces it's all starting to make sence now i can stop my spinning i can view the world clearly now
Now? Or Next Time?
well...with today being day 28 in my cycle..I began to get worried that things were still not back to normal...I was gonna call the dr and see what to do next. Its a good thing I waited because things are on schedule like they should be. Mike and I talked about this and after this round we wanted to wait for the next one to show up on its own before starting to try again. Part of me isnt sure I can wait that long. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when "it" showed up today if that makes any sense lol. Do you all think I should wait one more cycle to be sure things are all good or do you think I should just go ahead?
So some of you on my friends list know from talking to me that I have just started the divorce process. I decided to be nice and tell my husband that he could stay here until he found a place. Well this morning he didn't have to work. He let me sleep in and even brought me breakfast in bed. Which he has never done the whole time we have been together. Why is it that after I tell him I want a divorce he is doing all these sweet things for me? I just don't get it.
hey this is for the next level up i g et lol
1st Contest!! Win A Free Happy Hour!!
imikimi - Customize Your World
Help Me Get Closer To The Next Level...
Come & fan me rate me, i have 250 pics you can rate and comment on, you can buy me gifts, leave me comments on my profile and crush me! Anything that can help me level up! PLEASE help me out! Anything will help me and I will go and rate your pics and comment them too! I just need assistance leveling up! Thanks!! :D
I Saw You!!!
Our Secret World A secret world for you and me A magical bond one can not see It wraps us up and holds us snug Ever so tight like a woven rug Blinded by its pixy dust Our eyes gaze at each other in lust Together in its love two hearts beat Both now feeling truely complete Missunderstandings arise along the way With love as strong as this they soon fade away Inocently we share, give and trust Open hearts for this love is a must This kind of love is so rare People see, notice, stop and stare There is nothing in this world we can't take on Together we are bonded so tight from dusk to dawn We truely are each others best friend We know in our hearts our love will never end In this secret world we just floated in Our souls smile for our life together can now begin RSM & T by, Mizz Shady its your vibe at graphics
Vote For My Logo Entry!!!
Own Me?
That's right!!! You could own your every own Cubby. He's even house-broken. :D So i'm in DaisyBlue @ LarryB's Bish auction. Here is just some of the things you get by owning a Cubby. Plus some other surprises. I'm sure i'll make a great bish to some lucky person, so go place a bid on me if you think you can handle me for a month. :P I have changed the name part. I'll put you in my name for 30 days. Go buy a Cubby. If you dare...... Click below
Your lips, your eyes, your soul Are like a work of art, The most creative thing of all Is your beautiful heart. If you were a painting, No colors could express The beauty deep inside you, A rainbow, nothing less. If you were a sculpture The clay could hardly make Your figure of an angel Without one mistake. If you were a euphony No choir could really sing All the beautiful music Your eyes could possibly bring. So here I am, an artist, With inspiration beyond belief But to capture such rare beauty, I'd have to be a thief.
Add Some Sexy To Your Friends List
If you don't have these four ladies on your list, you are really missing out! These ladies are all amazing! AND HAVE SALUTES!!!Please take a few minutes to check them out... You will surely want to add them if you don't already have them. Send them a drink, bling them, and of course, rate or re-rate them!*~La*La~* Hard2Handle & BnwB's FuWife @ fubarMsCharlotte2U~ No Rate~No Add~ @ fubar Auto's On...Qtazabutton @ fubarღ◊ÑΣ JÂÐΣÐ HΣÂЯŦღR/L Fiancé of TALღ @ fubar I hope everyone has an amazing day! Michele :) Hard 2 Handle ~La*La's FuWife~@ fubarPLEASE RE-POST
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Help Me Win!!!
This soldier has one order for all you FU people DOWNRATE ME! That's right I said DOWNRATE ME! With all the A11's going and Cherry Bombs going downrating has become nearly impossible so here is your chance to downrate someone. So help a soldier out and downrate me. You will feel better. And please rate the others a 10 or higher. It starts 3/11/09 at 11:00 A.M. FU Time So click the image below, it will direct you to where you need to down rate!!!! out for Wonder Woman and her Auto-11s. If she has Autos turned on...then DO NOT RATE. Rate all others but leave his alone Solder Of Fortune Thanks You!! (repost of original by 'Jenna~Fu Wife and R/L Girlfriend to Soldier of Fortune~' on '2009-03-10 13:16:08')
Behold The Woman
"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit." --Amen.
 Plez help in these contest have to click pics I left in comment , sorry can't seem to post them in a blog and make them clickable...tks for the help
Upper Management
A Galss By Glass Account Of $5 Wine.
After a long afternoon of raping/flirting with bloggers in Wicked's latest creation, I decided I should head to the store to pick up supplies for taco night. I didn't have a lot of spare cash so when I came across a bottle of $5 Cabernet I was pretty excited. "I can use this for cooking" I thought. and oh look at that a 55 cents coupon. Excellent. I picked up a few more items and headed home. When I got home I opened the door, my arms full of grocery bags, to find Baxter looking all innocent. This is a bad sign. I walked into the apartment to find he had torn up the garbage on the living room carpet. He claims it was the garbage gnomes but they haven't been here since I stopped working. Baxter says they never show up when there is peoples.I knew he was telling tales. Garbage Gnomes! As if!  I yelled and screamed and cleaned up the mess. That's when I found the gnome hat. Damn gnomes! I apologized to Baxter but I still felt bad. I looked at the wine. "oh that will make the sad go away
Ok....i Couldnt Wait.......
Pick your Artist:                                                                                                                      Led Zeppelin   Are you a male or female I'm a man   Describe yourself: Dazed And Confused   How do you feel: Ten Years Gone   Describe where you currently live: Misty Mountain Hop   If you could go anywhere, where would you go: South Bound Suarez   Your favorite form of transportation: Im Gonna Crawl   Your bestfriend is: Poor Tom   You and your best friends are: Sick Again   What's the weather like: The Rain Song   Favorite time of day: In the Evening   If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: In my time of DyingWhat is life to you: The Battle of Evermore   Your current relationship: The Girl i love she got long black wavy hairYour fear(s):When the Levee BreaksThought for the Day: Nobodys Fault but Mine   How I would like to die: Out on the TilesMy soul's present condition:  Achilles Last Stand   Most Faithful C
According To You!
According To You I'm stupid I'm useless According to you I'm difficult Hard to please Forever changing my mind I'm a mess in a dress Can't show up on time Even if it would save my life According to you According to you But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible He can't get me out of his head According to him I'm funny,irresistible Everything he ever wanted Everything is opposite I don't feel like stopping it So baby tell me what I got to lose He's into me for everything I'm not According to you According to you I'm boring I'm moody You can't take me any place According to you I suck at telling jokes cause I always give it away I'm the girl with the worst attention span You're the boy who puts up with it According to you According to you But according to him I'm beautiful,incredible He can't get me out of his head According to him I'm funny, irresistible Everything he ever wanted Everything is opposite I don't feel like stopping it So baby tell me what I got to lose He'
Tears Of Joy.
The blood in my veins,In my lungs my breath.She owns my heart,soul and mind,Along with all the rest.She can forever make me smile,And for her,I will do the same.My need to make her happy has grown,Since into my life she came.Beautiful I asked for your hand,And tonight you did accept.From now on your happiness will shine,And your heart never again show regret.My heart grows more for you,Each time I look in your eyes.And I promise you this,tears beautiful,But only tears of joy you'll cry.
Mind you, I listen to all kinds of music and I've searched high and low  across linguistic boundaries as well for that one song to call my favorite.  It's been hard because there are so many wonderful songs out there and it seemed like every song that I came across, I was loving on every one of them.  Kind of like the men in my life.  I know it's terrible.   Let's save that problem for another day.  Ok. Neeedless to say, it was rather difficult  for me to decide on just one.  Well, after careful consideration and extensive research I have concluded that this is the masterpiece song of all songs.  There's no doubt about it.  I want this song played at my wedding and also at my funeral.  Whenever that may be, and if the latter happens to come before the other one,  well, there's not much I can do about that now is there? lol  *cough-cough* Yes, it's a love song and without further ado, here is the masterpiece song of all songs.  Enjoy. :)   November Rain Lyrics Artist(Band):Guns N' Ros
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The Quench Of Queensland
Back on the 10th, took the scenic rural drive up to Queensland, via Ballina and Grafton, a landscape marked with small townships amidst sugar cane fields and cow pastures backdropped with eucalyptus covered mountains....when the rains started. This didnt make getting acclimated to driving left side of the road any easier, but trudged on.I did like how the rest stops had holding tanks that accumulated rain from the small shelter's gutters for use as flush water in their restrooms, dont see much of that in the states. The cicadas were like natures symphony in the treetops at my stops along the way. I recorded a bit on my phone just to remember how it sounded. Further north I got the worse the rain set in, pissing sideways in fact. I saw the tributaries were starting to flow over the banks, and had to make several detours due to impassable roads, so switched over to local news radio to get the updates of road conditions ahead. Turned out this was a good idea, as things were worse than tho
(sung to the tune of "Mr.Crowley" - by Ozzy Osbourne)   Mr.Charlie, what went on in your head? Oh, Mr.Charlie, don't you know you look dead? Your lifestyle to me seems so classic with the ho's and the blow You talk with your hands always spastic Yeah, you said what we already know   Mr.Charming, did you say you were pure Mr.C.Harper, piss in this and we can be sure When babbling things incongruent your DNA is not of this Earth believed that your brain is so special ...yet smoking up thousands worth...   Mr.Charlie, Please get off your high horse! Mr.Charlie, You've got talent, of course! Your ranting this time is so drastic I hear that 911 call Approaching a time that is tragic CBS has their backs to the wall   Are you polemically bent? We want to know what you meant We want to know... We want to know what you meant, yeah   *originally written 4:09am - 4:28am   3/1/2011 - by Bare77
Yoooooooooooooo Bitches!!
 "AMERICA!"   I don't know who put this together but, they deserve a lot of credit.   Osama Bin Laden, your time is short; We'd rather you die, than come to court. Why are you hiding if it was in God's name? You're just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.   I have a question, about your theory and laws; "How come you never die for the cause?" Is it because you're a coward who counts on others? Well, here in America, we stand by our brothers. As is usual, you failed in your mission; If you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishing.Americans are now focused and stronger than ever; Your death has become our next endeavor.   What you tried to kill, doesn't live in our walls; It's not in buildings or shopping malls.
Love Real Or Just Play?
Many people gripe about not knowing how someone can fall in love with someone online or even in person so fast, and is there such a things as love at first sight? Well people let me let you in on a little something. There are many kinds of love and where it blossoms does not really matter. But in cases that there are the people out there that are not honest and I totally get that. But man, whats with all the whining, if you go on a site there there are people, someone is bound to click.  Dishonestly really pisses me off tho, Since there have been many times, I have been nice and cozy in my bed and the man I was supposed to marry was making plans to run away with some girl on the internet. Yah there's  people out there that totally need a good bitch slapping for sure.
All Man's True Ailing!
"Steve had a deeply self-destructive streak. He didn't have much supporting him in terms of an intellectual life. I mean, I owe a lot of who I am and what I've been and what I've done to the beatniks from the Fifties and to the poetry and art and music I've come in contact with. I feel like I'm part of a continuous line in American culture, of a root. But Steve was from the South, which is one of those places that is like nonculture. There's nothing there. There's no substance, no background. And Steve wasn't a reader, and he hadn't really been introduced to the world of ideas on any level. So a certain part of him was like a guy in a rat cage, running as fast as he could and not getting anywhere. He didn't have any deeper resources. My life would be miserable if I didn't have those little chunks of Dylan Thomas and T.S. Eliot. I can't even imagine life without that stuff." -Garcia On Mydland's Death This is the "800 Pound gorilla" in most lives these days. Without substance, ideas, in
Adult Truths Worth Reading Twice!!!
1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to "nap" when I was younger.4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?6. Was learning cursive really necessary?7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.10. Bad decisions make good stories.11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again.13
"Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics. You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded. Because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. And the only way they could get into your body is if the stars were kind enough to explode. So forget Jesus. The stars died so you could be here today."
I just found out that someone I know was arrested last night. From what I heard he was arrested for possession and pills. At least that's what I got in a text about it. However, when you look him up on the jail site, they  have him listed as a felon. I thought most of those cases were misdemeanors.... I've been trying to look up what he would have had to have done, drug related, in my state for it to be considered a felony, but I can't find it. Any ideas?   I tried texting his wife, but she's not answering so I'm way out of th loop, lol. Which considering the arrest, I should be happy.
I'm Wondering
Why doesn't Fubar give the Diabetics a better bling than what they did? I'm sure there is a ribbon for the cause, just like with every other one.    /rant over.
She Kept Her Word So Things Are Better
Appropriate Member Of Her Ability Christian Louboutin Wedding
"Oh? Is it? Had heard SPIDER instill obedience in Christian Louboutin Replica your hands, the face of others is always cold, only in front of your face, never smile, originally I thought it was just rumors, it seems really true. such a good chance you actually do not recommend their younger brother, but she did not pose such a color did not come. you know, HUNTER is the task of the top teams, not flirting with you two places. " Words not only for the JACK, that is, it can be called on Lin Feng slander, as she gave LIAR older, looked up he wanted to refute, but in an instant by JACK tightly squeezed hands, suddenly only life and life can anger a belly to swallow. "SPIDER is the most appropriate member of her ability Christian Louboutin Wedding is weak is strong, I believe you are more than a few BOSS." "You ..." the right word choking LIAR cynical sneer, he had to Samsam looked away and say no more. But after nearly two hours of waiting, Lin Feng also looked forward to BOSS o
Long Island
In the streets, the dead roam free...  Always lost in mindless pursuit of the living..  Cal looks down the alley...  "We have to be careful, if one sees us ,  they all see us.. Behind him cries are muffled..  children clutched to mothers.. Men hold their manhoods cheap.. ahead there is a school bus the windows blacked out. Slowly, too slowly for Cal's taste people are loaded onto the bus. Once everyone is on the bus, they begin the long trek out to the settleement. Here and there zombies see the bus and wander towards it, but they lose interest not seeing any people and go back to milling around. The ride seems unneventful. They move unnoticed, save the dark haired woman who is standing by the edge of the road. She is watching them intently. There seem to be more zombies as they near the compound. Cal tells himself that he must be mistaken. It must just be the time of day. The undead do migrate, but tend to drift towards the city. Radioing on the cb to the compound. Large Steel gates o
Party Tonight With Me In Pimp's Boom Boom Room!!!!!!!! 11pm Eastern - 1am Eastern!!!!!!
Tonight come and party with me in Pimp's Boom Boom Room! I will be doing my DJ Show "Ariel's Underwater Jam" for the first time from 11pm to 1AM Eastern time! Please join me with your song requests and come jam with the rest of the fam!  Free drinks and LIVE Entertainment! We need 12 NEW LOUNGE MEMBERS TONIGHT TO REACH 400 MEMBERS AND IT'S MY UNDERSTANDING THE 400TH PERSON TO JOIN TONIGHT WILL GET A SPECIAL GIFT!!!!
Thank You So Much...
Many words I want to express but just cant as of now..But many of you on this site have shared a huge part of your life with me..Can I just say thank you to all that have been here with me through all the pain n sorrow..Yes its been hard on my whole family which is very large..Thank you for all the Gifts, Flowers, N Cards..Alot of you r asking question please hold them until I can buried my niece please..a service will be held for the public Friday, Dec. 21. A Mass of Christian Burial will follow at St. Rose’s Church  Saturday, Dec. 22. Burial will be at a later date and will be private..So again I will be leaving to have my last moments with my little princess Joey (Josephine)She was a very beauitful little girl always smiling or just trying to make u smile ..her favorite color is purple..I cant write no more ..I will miss her dearly ..Thank you so much for all your support Fu Family n Friends..Love Ya All..Suzanne (Harley)
Me And Pregnancy
well, i just found out that i have been having contractions since i have been 31 and a half week pregnant (just before 8 months). but get this, i dont get them when im sleeping or when i am sitting down, but i get them when i am working and when i go for a walk or shopping at walmart. which i thought walking when your pregnant is good for you. cuz it makes for an easier labor. i guess i am gonna have one hell of a labor cuz i cant walk without being in pain. oh, i also get to have an ultrasound every other week, i get to have doctor appointments every week, and i also get to have an NST every appointment (thats the belly band thingy that montors the heart beat and if i have any contractions). i feel like this aint no normal pregnancy. but my doctor says that i am doing quite well and it seems like baby is just fine too. all i can do is hope and pray for a healthy baby. cuz its hard on me. my last two werent this bad. but i dont know about this one. if you got any advice ill take it. i
What Makes Life 100%?
What Makes Life 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants over 100%. How about achieving 103%? Here's a little math that might prove helpful. What makes life 100%? If A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then, H A R D W O R K 8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = 98% K N O W L E D G E 11 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5 = 96% But, A T T I T U D E 1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = 100% And, B U L L S H I T 2 21 12 12 19 8 9 20 = 103% So, it stands to reason that hardwork and knowledge will get you close, attitude will get you there, but bullshit will put you over the top. And look how far ......... A S S K I S S I N G 1 19 19 11 9 19 19 9 14 7 = 118% will take you. So now you know IDS ENTERTAINMENT
Porno Life
The porno of LYNETTE SMITH's life will be called ... "10 Things you always wanted to do with a vibrator" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
im in a contest so if your bored please stop in and leave a few comments the more the better than ks
A bbleesed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and the worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults. CHARLES KINGSLEY Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself....If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might. MERLE SHAIN We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; si in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over. SAMUEL JOHNSON A friend is one to whom one can pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and, with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away. ARABIAN PROVERB more to come>>>>>>>>>
Can I Get Your #
Name:_____________ Number:_______________ Best time to call: __________ text messaging (yes or no) _________ phone service __________ I dare you to copy and paste this and see how many numbers you get.
Am I Invisble Again?..:(
I wonder if anyone can see that I have posted new pics and I am being ignored..*sniffles* I hope not..LMAO Hugs and Kisses!..LOL
Dwr Is Up And Running Again Join Us!
Bw's Auction
FOR SALE!!! I will be hosting an auction starting on Sept.26-2pm fubar time and ending on Oct.4-2pm fubar time. If you wanna enter send me a message with your picture, what you have to offer and 20k fubux. You can choose to end you auction earlier if you got a bid you would like to accept. Most rates will receive a Silver Heart bling from me. If you have any questions message me. Remember i'm just the HOST.i'm not responsible who and what bids and if they pay or not. Come get your own sexy fu-slave! Pimp out brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
You guessed at my intentions then you ran away in fear. You cowered there behind your wall and said none may enter here. You showed me glimpses of the truth then denounced it as a lie. You hid inside your heart of glass and glared at passersby. You gave me so much pleasure then assaulted me with pain. You told me there was sunshine where there was only rain. You showered me with kisses and then pushed me far away. You told me you would listen but you don't hear a word I say. You said you couldn't catch me before I even thought to fall. You gave me everything there was but what I wanted most of all.
Christmas Poem
I've Been Tagged Now So Are You Lol!!!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? died 5. Your father? died 6. Your favorite thing? life 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? love 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 14. Where were you last night? shopping 15. What you're not? fake 16. Muffins? corn 17. One of your wish list items? LOVE 18. Where you grew up? NY 19. The last thing you did? this 20. What are you wearing? shirt 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? dell 24. Your life? ok 25. Your mood? ticked 26. Missing someone? yes
Guys Are Sucky Sum Times ->richieinfl...: Ok sweets richieinfl...: a loser, and stop calling me sweets, sounds kinda gay ->richieinfl...: one of what sweets?> richieinfl...: oh ok didnt know you were one of those lol ->richieinfl...: i dont give it out sweets sorry richieinfl...: nice, ur name there? mine is dreamzmadeforever ->richieinfl...: yes yahoo. richieinfl...: yw hun, do you have yahoo or msn messenger?
  I have some great friends on here, One even wants to see me level bad enough to give me Auto 11's!  I will unleash my 11's Friday around high funoon for those who would like to help me out in my Quest. In the meantime, feel free to rape him or rate him anyways. Oh, an give Kit your Fubucks. I would say go help out JWH but she's not being very nice. I even have a ticker now, however that works.  But I is getting organized. Now I'm scared." target=_blank>Just">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar
We Like You So Much...
...that we're gonna link your profile to another website without your permission. A website that you have deliberately chosen not to join, for your own reasons. This all via a new feature given to users on this, your current website of choice, your haven. Am I interpretting this correctly??? A once forbidden action is now a forced feature??? When these ppl activate this link saying they "Like you", those links are in effect shown on thier facebook page creating a direct link to your fubar page???? I dont want to jump to conclusions, but if the above is correct, then to me this greatly decreases the "place to get away" value of this establishment.  
In Those Eyes
Emotion   Arisen   In a soul   Open   Bare   Laid out   before   those eyes   Filling   Minute   Holes   Blooming   A flower   In those eyes...  
Jimmy Dean
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Jimmy Dean, a country music legend for his smash hit about a workingman hero, "Big Bad John," and an entrepreneur known for his sausage brand, died on Sunday. He was 81. His wife, Donna Meade Dean, said her husband died at their Henrico County, Va., home. She told The Associated Press that he had some health problems but was still functioning well, so his death came as a shock. She said he was eating in front of the television. She left the room for a time and came back and he was unresponsive. She said he was pronounced dead at 7:54 p.m. "He was amazing," she said. "He had a lot of talents." Born in 1928, Dean was raised in poverty in Plainview, Texas, and dropped out of high school after the ninth grade. He went on to a successful entertainment career in the 1950s and '60s that included the nationally televised "The Jimmy Dean Show." In 1969, Dean went into the sausage business, starting the Jimmy Dean Meat Co. in his hometown. He sold the company to Sara Lee Cor
Your Loss
It's finally over, you did me in.I hung around through thick and thin.You used me good your talents are great.You got what you wanted you had tha right bait.My heart is broken my soul defeated.I did not deserve the way I was treated.You were a goddess to me and that's all I could seeMy gut knew tha truth, but heart didn't agree.My self respect is all but gone.I let myself be your little pawn.You had your plan when it all began.I let you use this stupid old man.Tha truth would have been nice once in a while.But I found out too late that truth is not your style.Tha kissing and holding you said you enjoyed.Turned out to be something you would rather avoid.I was devoted to you and you know that's true.Not a thing for you, I would not do.Money and time, I took care of you over tha yearsI was even there to dry away your countless of tears.You think you won but I have news.You really lost, and you'll sing the blues.You could have had me as your toy.Now, your life will go on, as
Your tears should fall. When I am away. Your heart shouldn't feel alone. Throughout all these days. Across this sea I send. Kisses soft as an angels touch. All my heart can feel. It misses you that much. I send my arms to hold you. To make your soul feel warm. And shelter and protect you. To keep you away from harm. Soon our lips will meet. And worries will go away. You can truly believe. Soon will come that day.
To A Wonderful Lady My Gram's (r.i.p)
There are moments in life when you miss someoneSo much, you just want to pluck them fromYour dreams and hug them for real.When the door of happiness has closed, another will open.Let us not spend too long staring at that closed door,that we don't see the one which has opened for us.we are all together, celebrating someone who made us smile,Someone who made our dark days seem bright,Someone who made our hearts sing.My Gram's would tell us to dream what we want to dream,Go where we want to go,be who we want to be,Because we only have one short lifeAnd one chance to do all the things we want to do.Gram's had enough happiness to make her sweet,enough tries to make her strong,enough sorrow to keep her humanand enough hope to keep her happy.The happiest of people don't always have;the best of everything,They just make the most of everything and everyone who come their way.Gram's, when you were born you were crying,And everyone around you was smiling.You have lived your life to the very end.Y
Restriction Purchase For Cars
"Oh, Magotan? ah, no goods in stock." "Gone? When to have the goods?" "The fastest is about a month." "What color do you have?" "Silver, white." "We want black!" "Oh, black cars should be waited for a few days." " what is the interior decorations? " "Well, a car pretty good, it’s particularly tight now." This phenomenon came up in Beijing , reported by "International Herald Tribune" Warm times of car buyers allows the industries begin to worry: Is the automobile market growing too fast? It will bring the pressure of the energy, environmental protection, congestion, etc if the auto market grows too fast. It heard that Beijing will introduce the policy of Restriction Purchase for cars next year in order to control the traffic congestion .Because of this statement is spread here and there, it leads to a large number of the panic buyers and most the car models are without stock, predicting that new cars will be increased to 800,000 in Beijing this year.However, it appeared a doubt th
Auction Link
Up For Auction ~ Go Take A Peek, Rate The Pic & Make A Bid Too! Click the Pic Below!
Champion Part 1
    Kaplin paced through the halls of the castle.  A final night loomed ever closer now and he worried for the outcome.  Years spent planning, working and striving to bring things to this point and if they failed it would all be for nothing.  The halls were empty and the sound of his boots were hollow in the vast corridors.  It was the sound of death walking ever closer.   His mind wandered and his feet did the same.     He had been looking forward but not seeing where he was going.  He stopped in front of a plain wooden door, unadorned with the crest one would normally find on rooms of such importance.  This was a special room indeed though.  Behind this door was the most treasured possesion he had.  Hesitating as he placed his hand on the knob, his breath caught in his chest.  Closing his eyes Kaplin was able to gather himself and open the door.    He walked into the bedroom, red velvet on the windows blew in the wind, the ornate posted bed in the center was shrouded in pale yellow s
You can't hurt me, it's impossible you see. You would have to matter, you don't count, not to me! The walls are so high, i won't lie. You have no chance to get in, once, someone did. He mattered, i let him count. He had my heart, without a doubt. Then, he ripped it out. Tore me apart, shattered my soul, he took his toll. He made me feel, things i though were gone. He destroyed, what i thought was strong. What i had been building, for so long. Now he is gone. i have rebuilt, stronger and higher. No one in, no one out. No more love, but no more pain. It keeps me happy, it keeps me sane! So, before you even try, know that you can't hurt me. Know...that you don't count!
My New Motto!
Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be The future's not our's, to see Que Sera Sera What will be, will be   Thank you, Doris Day!
[a Lot Like Homework]
Finishing these Fallout 3 expansions feel a lot like homework for a class I never wanted to take.   Don't lock me in a room, corridor, spaceship whatever   in a game about exploring the wasteland.   I'll get bored and feel taken out of the core element of the game.   It also doesn't help that ... Fallout 3 is notorious for bugs. Crashes. Etc.   For one stretch I was averaging a game crashing bug every six minutes of gameplay.   Not fun.   Now I just play in constant fear of it happening. Like it did an hour ago, after a prolonged gun fight (my 4,000 shootout with aliens in 6 hours) and a tedious sequence where I had to blow up some generators (my 30th blown up generator since being abducted by aliens) and it happened RIGHT at the area's exit.   There's a reason I didn't run screaming to the store to get these expansions when they came out. There's a reason I haven't finished them in ... 3 years?   See above. ... the part about being locked up in a game about
Ugg Boots Heat Is Australia
The routines are ugg sale designed being complicated due to the reality that the only real approach to reach the preparation targets which have been certain for any constrained time. power necessary to type at this phase belonging to the strength and you can get countless ideas with this software to assist you to consume sufficient calories. certain you usually do not consume as well much, due to the reality that the training course has diminished the ugg sale and obtain a firmness that defines type as element of its objectives. it genuinely is mentioned that after in preparation right after preparation times have reached a rather large stage of intensity, you can actually basically melt off up ugg boots australia calories from fat every hour. You may perhaps consider this can be properly done, however, the madness of UGG Classic Tall? Well, we are able to only say that, judging through the essential madness we now have seen, the technique just isn't working. Was accessible for a whil
Are Winter Coats From Abercrombie Supposed To Be Tight Fitted?
Cold weather tends to make in length years due to darkish atmosphere and unpleasant really winds. Although, typically the winter doesn't suggest you should decide to put on ungainly, outsized and in addition dreadful clothing. Many women be prepared for that long run cold months by means of dread. With respect to even bigger mothers, the contests might be sometimes larger. Full figured for women who live now received a fixed Canada Goose Jakker selection found in gear. Yet still, there is certainly loads of secrets to nevertheless visual appeal posh. No matter what cool you'll find it on the outside of, if you think the proper stockings, you might still be eye-catching. Can be purchased visit us below for even more Baseball coupled with Snowboard Sweatshirt Information and look a ton of amazing Mountain climbing Two decades Women Over Leather coats. To keep cozy whether the climate is certainly icy, clothe yourself in films. Tiny, pliable components actually are much more
Good Single Mother Quotes {that Help Me Get Through My Day.}
I have a lot of friends in my similar situation, I thought this would be something for all of us. I don't care about others opinions but a lot of these are pretty awesome to help me get through my day.   (Disclaimer: These aren't all "easy going" so if your easily offended, get off my page.)    When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~ Sophia Loren   Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own. ~ Aristotle     Your children need your presence more than your presents. ~ Jesse Jackson   Every child is innocent and every child should be given a proper childhood which would result in having a fighting chance in life. Not having proper parenting and coaching guidance in their corner they only stand to hurt and be hurt and overall be knocked out very early in life. A child's hardest thing to learn in life is learning goo
Blissful Moments
She gazed upwards into her lovers eyes the blood within her veins coursed through her body. The caress of his touch brought her higher loosing herself in the passionate moement time seemed to stop their bodies consumed in heat coming together in loves spellbinding curse. The passion tore through them  like lightning pure, white and hot Their hearts roaring skin pink with pleasure the world seemed to stop at the moment as all things fell into place
Self Balance
Sometimes I wonder why & realize I don't like the answer. Then I ask myself how & find more of me then I had known was possible. Sometimes I may not like what I find but I know that I can either stand, fight & change it or just be a coward & walk away. I just have to remember that the easiest paths are not always the best. I also need to keep in mind that the road less traveled may seem appealing but it also may lead to destruction. Balance is required in all things. We as selfish beings tend to believe that we can always keep ourselves in check, when the reality is that it takes others to help us stay that way. We only see the part of ourselves that we want to see & know. Others see what we keep hidden from ourselves, while constantly trying to fool others that what they see & experience is false about you. We need others to maintain who we truly are & keep us honest. Be able to look at yourself with respect & love, knowing that the people around you don't confront you about your flaw
August 14, 2012
Well this was a long day, though I don't think it helped that I stayed up most of the night anxious about the internship mixer today. Now I'm honestly not sure why I went considering 75% of the information I received beforehand was wrong. Most All of the companies I did research for weren't hiring/looking for MIS majors. But you learn to make the best of the situation and then be glad for long lines(also it was insanely hot out so that gave me time to cool off from the walk over). All-in-all I felt like I made it out with at least a little dignity, didn't seem completely incompetent as people can do when left to randomly walk up and start talking to employers, and was able to possibly interest a company or two in me(I hope). In doing all the prep for this I did realize my GPA is insanely low thanks to one or two classes...the reading only or team based grade classes. Hopefully I will be able to balance achievements with grades this coming semester as I haven't been able to in the past.
A Guy On Another Site Sent Me Messages, And His Last One Had Some Bad Words, Then My Reply -
    Becky i have been busy today, but a guy on another site left me some messages, and because i had`t answered, he sent another saying fu , i sent - 24 minutes ago · Comment · Like · View Becky Leuallen 11 minutes ago i have been busy "" sorry i did`t get right back to you, but that gives me a ideal of your personality, that you did`t think i might be busy right now, and to say bad words to me, and you hardly even know me, then it would only get worse if i got invalved with you, and i been in a few of those kind of relationships, and i want a man who will treat me better then that this time around, and if i can`t find one who will i`m better off staying alone.
A strange feeling when public suddenly gets more public then expected and I can’t even find it yet I’m sure it’s somewhere if not where is it from? I still need a vacation but instead I think I will have to look for a job since my plans vanished. One day and it can really make me sick, that’s the main problem isn’t it? Saying one thing yet doing another. What a wonderful place it could be if people would just stick to their word, but then do I? I try but it’s not enough and I lie you know… no you don’t and if I told you, you wouldn’t belief it, would you?
You Can Do This
THIS IS A HOOT!!!! DON'T CHEAT AND LOOK AT THE BOTTOM FOR THE ANSWERS!!! History Exam.. Everyone over 40 should have a pretty easy time at this exam. If you are under 40 you can claim a handicap. This is a History Exam for those who don't mind seeing how much they really remember about what went on in their life. Get paper and pencil and number from 1 to 20. Write the letter of each answer and score at the end. Then, best of ! all, before you pass this test on, put your score in the subject line! 1. In the 1940's, where were automobile headlight dimmer switches located? a. On the floor shift knob b. On the floor board, to the left of the clutch c. Next to the horn 2. The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle had holes in it. For what was it used? a. Capture lightning bugs b. To sprinkle clothes before ironing c. Large salt shaker 3. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters? a. Cows got cold and wouldn't produce milk b. Ice
Murders In Boston This Year
THIS IS ALL THE MURDERS IN BOSTON THIS YEAR... November 07, 2006 Two men shot; one dies (THIS ONE WAS PIGGY) 11 Hamlet St. 21:11 One pronounced dead at the scene; the other taken to a local hospital in critical condition November 04, 2006 Shot to death 36 Georgia St. 00:11 Victim pronounced dead at the scene of a gunshot wound.... November 02, 2006 Domestic dispute turns fatal 75 Armandine St. 09:11 Niles J. Reavis, 41, of Dorchester, to be charged with the murder of Sandra Reavis, 39, of Dorchester.... October 28, 2006 Dismembered body found in two neighborhoods 95 Hollingsworth St. 16:10 Brian Lee accused of killing, dismembering his father, then dumping his head, arms and legs in Roxbury.... October 26, 2006 Stabbed to death 177 Harold St. 20:10 Man pronounced dead at the scene.... October 22, 2006 Multiple gunshot wounds prove fatal 3118 Washington St. 00:10 Man found in rear of building; taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital, pronounced dead.... October 16, 2006 Man found shot to
Quotes On Religion
I'm really starting to like this guy...he has brought us a lot of understanding about the solar system and was a great are some of his views on religion, and then there are a couple that I'm not too sure what they are in reference too.... 1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. [Carl Sagan] 2. Such reports persist and proliferate because they sell. And they sell, I think, because there are so many of us who want so badly to be jolted out of our humdrum lives, to rekindle that sense of wonder we remember from childhood, and also, for a few of the stories, to be able, really and truly, to believe--in Someone older, smarter, and wiser who is looking out for us. Faith is clearly not enough for many people. They crave hard evidence, scientific proof. They long for the scientific seal of approval, but are unwilling to put up with the rigorous standards of evidence that impart credibility to that seal. [Carl Sagan] 3. One of the saddest less
Lost 6 Pounds
Hey friends, I've lost 6 lbs with only a little change to my diet...cereal and fruit twice a day and then a regular's great and it makes my cock look bigger lol :D
About Me
believe it or not Im a VERY sweet & down to earth kinda girl. Yes I look super high maintenance, but im not completely. Im totally NOT a stuck up bitch. Unless of course you wrong me in some evil way. Im NOT a judgemental person. Im very accepting of people, and I dont think everyone has to look like they just stepped off of a magazine cover. If I were to judge someone in a negative way it would more likely be about wether or not they acted like a good human being. Im not a whore. haahaa, I know that sounds funny for me to say, but its true. GEEZ, dont hold it against me, Im a good human being! And I do work a regular day job! I live a pretty much happy normal day to day life. So kissess and all that junk, heehee. Also let me just say it, in case you didnt already know. I am a TRANSSEXUAL! Most people know what that means, but some of you dont, so heres a very simple explanation. I was born a boy, somethings happened over the course of my life, and now I am the girl yo
I Gotta
Whooooo!!! Lawdamercy!! I am NOT a morning person, why I keep a day job is beyond MY ass...... I spent the night at my mom's last night and dumb-ass me left my cell charger at home (oh nooo not that!!!), so I run outside into the sprinkling and humid as all hell morning weather to hook it on to my car charger. I turn the key in the ignition and the radio pops on....."Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yay!" and refreshingly enough it was NOT followed by "Death row's in the motherfuckinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn house".........LOL I knew as I sit there if I listened to all of of Atomic Dog, I was going to be late for work.........MONDAY!!!...LMMFAOOO!!! Who told the radio station it was cool to play the album version at 7am on a FRIDAY morning, they know folks have to be in by 8 or 9.....LOL. However, I sat there....the whole time, nodded my head and bounced till the last dog barked....... Over the years...that song has made me drive around the parking lot of the store I was going to, sit i
A Woman's Poem!!
I shave my legsI sit down to peeAnd I can justifyAny shopping spreeDon't go to a barberBut a beauty salonI can get a massageWithout a hard-onI can balance a checkbookI can pump my own gasI can talk to my friendAbout the size of my assMy beauty's a masterpieceAnd yes it takes longAt least I can admitTo others when I'm wrongI don't drive in circlesAt any costAnd I don't have a problemAdmitting I'm lostI never forgetAn im
Come Help Me Please
come help me i need 140,000 comments please i am trying to get a super pack and would love the help from all my friends and family memebers click the pic below to help me out
Comee Rate My Photo's Please
need to level up
White Fire
Deep in my heart A white fire burns For eternity with you What my soul really yearns Undisputed passion Undivided devotion Tender yet stronger The purest emotion Quenchless by doubt Unaffected by pain A Phoenix from ashes Resurrected again Burning intensely This nova inside Elevating my spirit This zephyr I ride Fuelled by your glow And guiding my way An amplified color Now bright from dull grey Beyond my own life This undying flame Unravelled in meaning When I call out your name
Help Pervy Get A Happy Hour
Please Help Pervy get a Happy Hour What do you have to do? You have to be at least Level 7 on Fubar Then goto Stephanie Lynn's page You must do this in order 1. Rate her (10 or above) 2 Fan her 3 Add her as a friend when you add her your request must say Lindsay aka 'Pervalicious Babyy **[I Kidnapped Lisa] sent me to Rate/Fan/Add you -------------------------------- Then go back to and send Pervy a message and she will give you 3000 Fubucks    
B-day Gift
Attack Prinny
This Rubar fabulous girl has Auto 11's today. Princess@ fubar Go rate her all day please. And while you are there, join her and Alien's FU Adoption. (It's in her last blog) Should be the best auction Everrrrrrrrrrrr PS. After your done rating Princess. Go show the Spotlight girl Miss Licks mad luv too. If i have to tell you where to find the Spotlight girl you don't deserve to be on my friends list.. Peace out bishes....
Game Warden
A game warden was driving down the road when he came upon a young boy carrying a wild turkey under his arm. He stopped and asked the boy, 'Where did you get that turkey?' The boy replied, 'What turkey?' The game warden said, 'That turkey you're carrying under your arm.' The boy looks down and said, 'Well, lookee here, a turkey done roosted under my arm!' The game warden said, 'Now look, you know turkey season is closed, so whatever you do to that turkey, I'm going to do to you. If you break his leg, I'm gonna break your leg. If you break his wing, I'll break your arm. Whatever you do to him, I'll do to you. So, what are you gonna do with him?' The little boy said, 'I guess I'll just kiss his ass and let him go!' May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey plump, May your potatoes and gravy Have narry a lump. May your yams be delicious And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off of your
Turning Auto-11a On!
My 1 year Fu-Versary is March 15th, I will be turning my Auto-11s ON at 12:01am CST on that day, so for those of ya needing to level, have at it, on me. Love ya all bunches. GOOD LUCK LEVELING!!!! HUGS&MUAHS!!!!
F Word #3
So folks, how did you like it this time? Come on...give it to me. The link is if you haven't seen it yet. I love the fuFacts about how to take a good bathroom pic. I want more for the next issue. Anybody have a great topic? Come on...I know you do.
Not so timely advice to the guy smoking crack in the open stairwell last night in my dream.   I wasn't there to bust you so you didn't need to try to be so inconspicous.  It was a lousy act and only drew my attention more to you. In dream reality I was merely trying to find the rest of the people from a high school reunion I was attending even though I didn't go to that high school and neither did most of the people at the reunion. I hope that you got back to enjoying your crack after I left you alone.   I don't remember catching up with the rest of the reunionees but I don't blame our little interlude. Cheers.
Fans !! Ease Up Will Ya!!
An Orlando Magic fan wants Glen "Big Baby" Davis to apologize. Not for beating his team with a game-winning shot Sunday, but for running into his son afterward. Ernest Provetti was standing courtside beside his 12-year-old son Nicholas when Davis' jumper beat the buzzer and gave the Boston Celtics a 95-94 Game 2 win at Amway Arena in Orlando. In his excitement, Davis came into contact with Nicholas as he celebrated. Provetti wrote an e-mail to the NBA league office Monday calling Davis a "raging animal with no regard for fans' personal safety," according to the Orlando Sentinel. Apparently Glen may want to heed Provetti’s words because in a different sport “Soccer” the fans seem to police matters on their own, like this fan below did in an Iraqi Soccer Match. A soccer fan in Iraq was given a red card in a recent game in Hilla, Iraq The Iraqi soccer fan shot dead a player of the opposing team as he tried to score an equalizing goal in the final minutes of a match,
Level Her Now! She Only Has A Bit Less Than 66k To Go.
Beautifully Broken@ fubar
Help Finding Trades On Fu
Trades can be a rough thing to find on Fubar. Here is a place for members to comment & leave info for where others can find auctions, trading or sales of autos, bombs, tickers. So if you know of anyone leave a comment with a little info & our members can check in here to see whats goin on out there. REMEMBER THIS IS GIVE & TAKE SO DON'T COME HERE TO FIND INFO & ALWAYS OUT BID OR OUT BUY YOUR MFKN FAMILY.
"a Woman And A Fork"
A Woman and a Fork There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live.. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes.She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. 'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly. 'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply. 'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.' The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say. That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked. 'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor. The young woman explained. 'My grandmother once told me t
15 Signs You Are A Drunk
15 - You spent Sunday night in jail for cow-tipping — with your Oldsmobile.14 - Although armed with fire extinguishers, friends stood at a safe distance as you blew out your birthday candles.13 - Thanks to you, Jack Daniels stock is up 15 1/4 since Friday.12 - Boris Yeltsin called personally to ask you to slow down on the Stoli.11 - For some reason, there's salt on the rim of your basketball goal.10 - Your name is Otis and Sheriff Andy has brought you some of Aunt Bea's pancakes.9 - For the money you spent on Thunderbird, you could've bought the automobile.8 - You're now the proud inventor of the "Slim Jim": Ultra Slim-Fast shakes made with Jim Beam.7 - Answering machine full of warnings from Coach Switzer.6 - Absolut wants to run an ad featuring a picture of your liver in the shape of a bottle.5 - Yet again, dry cleaner employees greet you with, "Hey, it's Vomit Man!"4 - The doorman asks for your I.D. just to see how long it'll take you to find your pants.3 - Your liver, in a fi
Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 3
Naked Gunman just KILLED bugs and collected a bounty of $1,843,681,000, with $331,862,580 going to turf tax! Naked Gunman just KILLED rex and collected a bounty of $2,308,860,000, with $415,594,800 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED corn lolipop and collected a bounty of $1,225,598,000, with $220,607,640 going to turf tax! [dva] Spook [f4] just KILLED {I.F.T.} Ridend... and collected a bounty of $1,255,278,000, with $225,950,040 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED TAC***LIL KILLE... and collected a bounty of $1,151,559,000, with $207,280,620 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED Arizonadesertgtp and collected a bounty of $2,014,276,000, with $362,569,680 going to turf tax! Naked Gunman just KILLED =V=I=O=L=E=N=T=J= and collected a bounty of $2,509,177,000, with $451,651,860 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED DEADLY and collected a bounty of $1,410,470,000, with
When the cams started on Fubar i was happy, because i love looking at cams and pictures. Lately however it seems that because i am 67 years old , i am not supposed to look at cams, I am too OLD i am led to believe, I have never disrespected anyone here on Fubar.  Please give me the same respect I afford to you.   Just because i look at your cam does not make  me a pervert any more then the 21 year old looking at you. If you see me checking you out don't be suprised that I am a Grandpa..  Hence the name Gramps.....Just close your cam to me, if that bothers you, not a big deal.LOL   Just remember that if you are broadcasting, anyone who opens your broadcast can see you.  NO age limit on the cams, you just have to control that your self and be aware that there are people older then 21 on here.LOL Thanks for letting me vent.  Have a good day.
0/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: Introduction Welcome random search engine visitor. Many philosophies believe that you somehow ended up on this page for a reason. It is not known if it is the result of predestination, random chance, fate, a higher power, or something else. This article provides a synopsis of the possible implications of the 10/10/10 date singularity, and of the number ten; followed by a quick metaphysics experiment. Reference List: 101010, Mathematics, Binary, Chaos Theory, Fractals, Psychology. Reference List: Metaphysics, Paranormal, Fate, Destiny, Random Chance, a Higher Power. Reference List: Prediction, Predictions. 10/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: Mathematics 101010 (base two (binary)) equals 42 (base ten). Oddly enough, this is evenly divisible by the number of days in a week (7 (lucky)); and equally oddly, is also evenly divisible by the number 6 (which is generally designated as being unlucky). Both a Ying and Yang sit
Facts #1
1.  Americans spend $36,000,000 at Wal-Mart Every hour of every day.              2. This works out to $20,928 profit every minute!3.  Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St.  Patrick's Day (March 17th) than Target sells all  year.4. Wal-Mart is  bigger than Home Depot + Kroger + Target +Sears  + Costco + K-Mart  combined.5. Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people, is the world's largest private employer, and most speak English.6. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the world.7. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and keep in mind they did this in only fifteen years.8. During this same period, 31 big supermarket chains sought bankruptcy.9.  Wal-Mart now sells more food than any other  store in the world.10.  Wal-Mart has approx 3,900 stores in the USA of which 1,906 are Super Centers; this is 1,000 more than it had five years  ago.11. This year 7.2  billion different purchasing experiences will occur at Wal-Mart stores. (Earth's population is 
Awesome News
I won some meet and greet passes to go see Trapt on December 9th plus I found out Kid Rock is coming back to Greenville and will be   here in February. I am uber excited :D :D :D
Been told a lot lately about how I need to like myself more and be ok with being alone. So that get's me thinking, If I was happy being by myself, why the hell would I want anyone else around?
Meant To Be
Your tongue twists soLike a snakes hideThe evil spews from youIt you cannot deny. Darkness will always follow youIt's embedded in your bonesYour heart is so coldMore than I've ever known. I cannot understandThe changes in youI cannot understandWhy you do what you do. Do you even thinkAbout the things you've doneNow you're losing meA heart you had once won. Whenever you are cruelOr there's hurt in what you sayEvil burns in your eyesYou push me further away. I hope soon your eyes openAnd your heart can truly seeThe way you're goingIs not how you were meant to be.
Emoticons Link
Tips On How To Masturbate.
If you're a girl..1) Get something small if it's your first time, like a lip gloss container. Make sure it's got a rounded tip.2) Put a little water on it. 3) Get yourself on the ground or your bed. Make sure you're comfortable.4) Put your feet up on something. Make sure they are higher than your head. Spread your legs.5) For the ultimate experience, relax first. Just lay there. Think about nothing. And DON'T BE NERVOUS.6) Slowly begin to touch your breasts. Feel them (have your eyes closed or open but if they are open make sure you're not focusing on anything)7) Keep one hand on your breast and slowly move the other one down to your thigh. Move your hand up and down your thigh while massaging your breast.8) With your breast hand, slowly take the lip gloss container or your object of choice. Your clit might start to get a weird feeling like you really want to touch it. DON'T.9) Tease yourself with the object by gently rubbing the spot between your poophole and vagina. This will drive y
How To Avoid Online Work At Home Scams
Avoid being scammed Tips on how to avoid being scammed, when looking for a Home online Business. Scammers use phychology, and prey on vulnerable groups, e.g. sick, unemployed, low or no income group, and many more. Scammers prey on your desperation. Therefore being vigilant is of prime importance when searching on line for a Home Businss. Perhaps you can't leave home or you want a change in what kind of work you do. You've seen advertising for work-at-home jobs but are afraid to commit due to worries concerning scams. Sure, not all work at home sites are scams, but most are. Step 1 Avoid Business opportunity sites that claim unrealistic income possibilities e.g. 5,000 dollars in 5 days, are most unlikely. Step 2 Do your research. The first thing to do is to learn to View an Advertisement Effectively. Click Here For Access to Real legit Jobs Online Step 3 Look for logos on the site, B.B.B.( better business bureau)and or Check
News That You Can Use.....
So a day ago I put on the news and read that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a firefight with the Navy Seals and CIA Operatives. Outstanding! Of course, the usual peanut gallery of people (on FaceBook) posted the typical tripe of:   Martin Luther King Jr. – we should all love each other Not all Muslims are like this We need to love each more     In a perfect world that would be all nice and good….but my delusional friends, there has and will never be a “perfect world”, unless you count the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name. Man has always engaged in war, of looting, of conquest. Some for profit ,others for protection of homeland and others for religious reasons (like our dearly departed terrorist OBL – piss be upon him).   But “religious reasons” you may ask? How? Radical Islam wants Sharia law implemented, The Caliphate (ie…Islamic domination over the world, etc). Recently Pastor Terry Jones burnt a Koran. As a
Summer Time
Ok ladies, I am starting this blog for Summer.  The purpose of it is to share ideas, recipes, activities, etc.  Feel free to comment and add your things, your holiday fun, trip ideas, things to do with kids (that won't break the bank) and so on.  Have fun and HAPPY SUMMER. I'll start it off with a simple recipe. hope you enjoy   Sangra Recipe: 4 oranges, 2 juiced, 2 halved lengthwise and thinly sliced crosswise 1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup brandy 1 bottle dry red wine, chilled 2 lemons, thinly sliced 2 cups seltzer or club soda Ice cubes, for serving In a large pitcher, combine orange juice, sugar, and brandy; stir well to dissolve sugar. Add wine, orange slices, lemon slices, and seltzer; stir to combine. Fill glasses with ice before serving.
Forever Walking
  Forever walking with no place to goWish you had some stuff and somebody to showYou find yourself sitting on a bridge aloneTrying to remember how to get back home…. 15 years agoModern day Jesus was the man I speak aboutThe only thing he needed never ran outNo bills to pay no worries except for the rainYou can’t lose something if you never had it In his life there was nothing to gainThis man had nothing but love to giveA little wine some fruit of the vine……. a little beerNo worries because he had nowhere to steerThe only way he knew how to liveEveryday he celebrated the Cana of Galilee Wedding Making wine on nothing but a dimeAt night he would lay down and dream on his cardboard beddingIf people saw Jesus they would walk right past himJust like most people who looked at this manThey would not dare to shake his handDirty clothes and dirty feetSpent his time with bums on the streetThe man I speak about still walks aroundBut now he is walking far from the groun
My Man
You're my man, my mighty king,And I'm the jewel in your crown,You're the sun so hot and bright,I'm your light-rays shining down, You're the sky so vast and blue,And I'm the white clouds in your chest,I'm a river clean and pure,Who in your ocean finds her rest, You're the mountain huge and high,I'm the valley green and wide,You're the body firm and strong,And I'm a rib bone on your side, You're an eagle flying high,I'm your feathers light and brown,You're my man, my king of kings,And I'm the jewel in your crown.
Always Together
I dream of holding you I dream of feeling your face I dream of kissing your lips I dream of us never being apart Looking in your eyes, i see beauty you are inside We might be far apart, our hearts will always be together as one
Exactly How Far Up Your Arse Is Your Head?
Y'know, I don't care if you always feel the need to turn anybody's trauma into your own issue, rather than actually helping someone. I really don't care if you disparage every member of your family, friends and relevant others constantly and incessantly. I don't care how desperate you are for attention, what you are willing to do to try and get it and how pathetic that makes you look. I don't care at all if you want to look like a beached walrus after a day in the sun, or be a rampaging drunk cougar on the prowl, just so guys can tell you their 2-incher is tingling over you. I don't care if you're a mean-MuMMer one second and a delicate flower the next because someone was meaner, or fubar did something to you that they didn't do to anyone else at all in the history of the universe EVER. I don't care what persona you decide to 'be' online. Some I may like and some I may not, some I may mock or deride or otherwise state my piece about but I really don't care...not in any significant way
So I lost my job yesterday...apparently it wasn't okay for me to be behind on my numbers after taking a week off to get married.....a trip they knew was planned when they hired the end of the "exit interview" I was told I could still apply again some time in the future. Why the hell would I want to go back there?! They treated me like shit the entire time. I was pretty damn good at sales. People liked me and I was honest with them. I'm pretty sure the backstabbing bastard I worked with just bad mouthed me the entire time I was gone and he was working with the district manager. I'm so disgusted with that place right now.    Well now I'm back to job least favorite and most stressful activity that I've ever had to do...   *le sigh*
Election Mumm Contest..
And the winner is..... Brad @ fubar 100k to enter the election mumm pool, winner takes all (less 20% transaction fee). Person who guesses closest to actual number of election mumms posted from 5:00am to 11:59pm. 100k fubucks per guess submitted.  You may enter as many times as you wish through 8:00pm tonight.  Once you fupal me your guess and fubucks, post a blog comment stating your entry and I will verify for all other entrants to see.   In the event of a tie, prize will be split.   To see the current tally of election mumms go to   11/06/12 Update and I will update as the fubucks come in..   87 Vixen260  30 Slutty J 57 McNear 29 Sherry 129 LilBoops 145 InkBoi 92 Canni 121 MB the Tard 110 Drill 75 Snow Bound Sailor 67 Brad 25 Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Mean
Where Is The Love?
Love has stoped ruling the world Sex has taken over It runs our lives dictates how everyone in the world dresses and acts sex is found everyday at the wrong times and in the worst places love is getting lost to the world it is being destroyed as quickly as sex is being recreated life is dieing chlidren are dieing love is dieing all because of sex you may not accept it now but in your subconsionce you do you accept that the fact that you have given in to you have given in just as we all will to sex what is the world coming to I ask? and all I get is OMG, your still a VIRGIN
some one just ripped my pic with out asking...and im really upset about it, i have moved it to my private pics but it does not undo what that person has done, only one person has permission to rip that pic. now my other friends cant see that pic because of that one persons selfish act. sorry guys.
A Dream I Had Last Night
A Dream i had last night............ I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor, my dream. That's my nightmare, that snail, Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor and surviving.
Omg What To Do?!
Well now, the holidays are over and I hope they treated you well...I also wish the best for all of you in the new year and all that good shit. Okay, standard disclaimers, please do not repost the content of the Friday Freaky 5 in bulletins or on your own blog. I tend to write these questions freehand, so be respectful. Also, it's no fun if the questions are answered all over the net. My friends and the friends of my friends CLOWN and this is usually a funny read by the end of the day. That brings me to my next point, participation is the key, so try and see how honest you can get your friends to be. Feel free to repost the bulletins, this is such a good time. Okay, I'm finished with my bitchinn! It's time to get this party started! BTW...You are supposed to answer all 5, not just read them. I will be checking to see who kicks more all or the Myspace crew! 1. You are finally going out on that long anticipated first date with so
how did i get myself into this postition. when heartache seems to be my only disposition. i try and i try but i can't see past, fast days and wrong ways of a life that won't last. i'm feeling down while falling out and getting up just to fail. the quickest things, the biggest dreams insert the final nail. i'm filling in blanks, blankly staring to fill eyes wide to an underside that fucking makes me ill. a grasp i never had, a heart that wasn't mine. an eternity i could have wasted waiting in line. words escaped my lips and now i just regret. not telling you a hundred times that this was finally it
Import From The Uk
...HE was 6'4" and extremely Handsome. His blue eyes shined thru his blonde hairas he looked down at me. Smile, dimples and a bit scruffy in a sexy way, he leaned over and kissed me...from that point his lips carressed down my neck to my freshly showered nipples in his lips...I grabbed his hand and lead him back to my room. We got in my room and he laid me on my back..suckin and kissing me down to my hot lips..he spread my pussey open with his face..sucking and licking me. I could not beleive this political 27 year old would be making me cum this much with just his mouth tongue and fingers...he slid his long fingers in and out of my pussey and ass making me cum over and over again. I didnt want him to stop..spreading my lips licking and sucking pussey was throbbing from cumming so much..but I wanted him in me. I told him I wanted him to Fuck me..and he got up and i could not beleive how large he was...up..undressed..and I could not beleive how well endowed this man was
How To Change Your Online Status
***NOTE*** You have to be at least a level two fubar member to set your online status. 1. Go to “profile settings” 2. Change your homepage style to either “power” or “original”, the option is located at the right midway point of the setting options 3. Enter the bouncer ID check (case sensitive) and click submit. 4. Go to your homepage. 5. POWER - the option is to the right of your primary picture 6. ORIGINAL – the option is under your username 7. Either select a status from the dropdown menu or click customize if you want to type in your own status message
Happy Turkey Day Canada
wishing all canadians a great thanks giving also new pics up
I have my own car. Once the final details are done I will be driving to work instead of being driven. No one will drive my car but me.
Is It Cupid Or Am I Dreaming???
CUPID HAS HIT FUBAR!!!!! Starting Sunday, Jan. 6th until Feb. 13th we are doing a different kind of contest. To celebrate Valentines Day, we are offering a great deal. For 1,000 fu-bucks Fu-Cupid will send the person of your choice 2 Fu-gifts (Chocolates and a rose) and a personalized valentines graphic that includes a picture of them, and a personalized message from you. Included, for each of these that you purchase, you will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes listed below. These can be purchased for friends or that special someone, or even to a secret crush! PRIZES: Both of the following (2) purchased from Pink Pleasure: Burning Pleasure: Victoria Secret $25.00 Gift Card Red Lobster $25.00 Gift Card Ruby Tuesday $25.00 Gift Card 2 Blockbuster $10.00 Gift Cards 2 1 day Fubar Blasts 1 million Fu-bucks 500,000 Fu-bucks 425,000 Fu-bucks 250,000 Fu-bucks 150,000 Fu-bucks 50,000 Fu-bucks WHEN YOU PURCHASE A DEAL FOR SOMEONE,WHO
MySpace Comments
I'll Be Urs
HELLO ALL!!! Well... here up for auction!!!! What im offering: ~ Owned by (your name) in my name for 3 weeks. ~ 3 SFW salutes of ur (resonable) request. ~ Will rate 75 of ur pics '10' everyday for a week. ~ Add you in my family for 3 weeks or longer. ~ Crush you for 3 weeks. ~ Rate up to 150 of ur stash during the 3 weeks. ~ Gift you a fu-bling from me. ~ Random gifts including 2 "spicy" gifts. Just Comment this blog to bid... No Min bid. Open to all. Bidding ends Friday March 21st @ 3am. You can bid: fubucks, blasts, vip's, HH's, fubling packs... or get creative :P but please place all bids here not in my shout or messages...thx So Start Bidding!! Im lookin forward to meeting my new OWNER!! :)
Im Not
Get your own glitter and more at
Mystically Addicted World Tour
This table has a background image 1. Must Fan, Rate, and Friend all staff and members of the tour. (if you are already friends and have rated anyone. Just send them a shout saying you are taking the tour. 2. When you are done with the staff and members, you must go into Mystically Addicted Lounge and become a member and meet all the staff. 3. Once you have done that. You will be added to the Lounge List so people can add, fan and friend you also. 4. We are doing this for people to help level and meet new people, It wouldn't be fair if you didn't follow the rules. 5. Having fun is most important. So enjoy meeting new people and besure to check out the Mystically Addicted Lounge, Drinks will be serverd at anytime. 6. IF with in a week a person as not responded to your request please make sure you get back with me and i either talk with them or remove them .. where here to make many good friends ..... Texashubby-tech_&_lounge_designer@ fubar Gµññý_§ Øwñè® ºƒ Mý$†î¢
My Fu Crushes! Love Em Up! Xoxo
> I CAN'T HAVE JUST ONE CRUSH! It's not fair! So... I officially declare all of the following my FU CRUSHES! They are 2 good to me and the greatest of friends! SO, go FAN, ADD and RATE, RATE, RATE them all and I will come show ya lots of luvvin' back! Argonutz@ fubar ~~~ *Pink0828*~*~Owned By Tendercop & jeff_dahl2000&Bleuskyhere $$$~*~Owner of RavinJuggalo~*@ fubar ~~~ Guidomedic ~Love is Friendship Caught on Fire by the Flames of Passion~@ fubar ~~~ ♣~~♥~~★Ðå §wêê† Ìrï§h þrïñ¢ê§§★~~♥~~♣~~W.¥.K.Ð~~@ fubar ~~~ DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE@ fubar ~~~ Synful Sinsations~Mrs.USAdaddy in R/L!~FuWifey to SexiSam! FuBomberPride
An Awesome Fu Needs Your Help
Please go show my young fu-friend Tina some love... CAN YOU HELP HER COMPLETE HER MISSION? Let's rain on her Fu add, fan, rate love today and take her to the 8th level!!! ... ¤ Tina ¤ Club Fantasia's Uber Hot Ninja ¤ MILF ¤ Club Fantasia Greeter & P.T Dj ¤ Kel's RL W@ fubar Please also go show some FAN, RATE love to the boombastic blogger... ~/~ Sassy Laurie aka Princess Liea~/~ Please help me level...
This Song Has A Lot Of Meaning Right Now...
Lyrics: 'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground And I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you're sorry Didn't think I'd turn around, and say... That it's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I'd take another chance, take a fall Take a shot for you And I need you like a heart needs a beat But it's nothing new - yeah yeah I loved you with the fire red Now it's turning blue, and you say... "Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you But I'm afraid... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late whoa..... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, yeah I said it's too late to apologize, yeah I'm holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground...
Chicken Scallops With Lemon
CHICKEN SCALLOPS WITH LEMON 1 1/2 lb. boneless, skinless chicken filets Salt Freshly ground pepper Flour 2 tbsp. butter 3 tbsp. olive oil 3/4 c. beef broth 6 paper-thin lemon slices 1 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tbsp. soft butter Cut chicken into 3/8 inch thick scallops . Pound 1/4 inch thick, season with salt and pepper, dip in flour and shake off excess. Melt 2 tablespoons butter with 3 tablespoons oil in large, heavy skillet. When foam subsides, add chicken and saute 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Transfer scallops to platter with tongs. Pour off all fat from skillet except a thin film on bottom. Add 1/2 cup beef broth and boil briskly for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Return chicken to skillet and arrange lemon slices on top. Cover and simmer over low heat 10 to 15 minutes or until chicken is tender. Transfer chicken to platter and surround with lemon slices. Add remaining 1/4 cup of broth to skillet and boil briskly until stock is reduced to syru
Gothic Santuary( Nightwish)
object width="425" height="344">
Silly Shoppers
You know I have just read about a temporary Wal Mart employee that was just trampled early this morning by a bunch of impatient shoppers. Not only was he trampled to death. The shoppers just stepped over him. How ridiculous is that. All for a damn sale. I just don't get it. It someone's life not as important as a damn sale. I just don't get it. Why don't people think anymore. Ok I am ranting and raving on here. But I can't hold this in. Somebody please tell me why shopping for a sale would be more important than a persons life. Especially someone who was a temp employee. That means this person got a part time job to help out his or her income. Maybe something to help out his or her family. And now this persons Christmas is ruined. So people please stop and think about all this. Please be more courteous this time of year. It is that time of year. Time for loving and having fun. Not trying to get the best deal on whatever. So when you are out shopping just remember we are all out the
Khristmas Kat
I am currently in the DLS Christmas Auction. Come see what this Kat is offering.....Just click the pic above, be sure to R/F/A Luv up the hostess This bully made with much luv by ★♎★Lucretia★♎★ @ fubar (repost of original by '★♎★Lucretia★♎★ Proudly FuOwned by SixtyNineMunch' on '2008-12-15 21:47:47')
I fear I dream I scream I see the faces of those that race to rush me to my demise. They are gonna get me or will I escape this time? I can fight I am brave I bleed Protective of the ones I love and hold dear. We are in this together, my brothers & I. Trained for this battleground with experience alone. On the peaceful nights, I look up to the sky seeking an answer or a sign. Is God out there? Watching over me... us? The battle starts again suddenly. Defenses up & we are ready. We are growing Learning as we go Together we survive. Each day is new with lessons learned. Life Death We respect and fear Life for the unknowns in it Death for its permanency. We are told there is peace in death, but is there? I am a soldier on a different battleground. No, I didn't volunteer for this. Never asked or wanted it. We fight a different battle with the same message. I would trade battlefields in an instant. To experience this all for a purpose.
3 Fallen
on saturday 4/4/09 3 pittsburgh police officers were brutally gunned down while responding to a domestic disturbance, they were more than police officers, they were fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, nephews, basically hard working men. please take a moment to think of them and their families. yes my friends this is so outa carictor for me, but I did have an occasion to work with thease men, they will be missed
Life Is Life
my life has been really crazy lately..  Yes  i am a proud mother of a baby girl Named Kaylie. She is my world..   yes I am lucky I have 2 jobs.. when most people cant even get one..  Yes I am single.. and that gets lonely and hard sometimes.    Recently... I was in a relationship with a guy.. and he and I thought about getting married... and then I found out I was pregnant and he was meeting other girls and texting other girls.. (all named Jessica which was weird) so I dumped him...  So in case you didnt follow that  iam pregnant again.   THey will be 15 months apart.. How does a girl do the single mom thng workin 2 jobs..  I need to get back out on my feet.. and I just cant get my ducks in a row.   Oh while all this is going on.. Recently my daughters father (who dumped me after I got pregnant the first time) was in a coma.. and thankfully he woke up...  and my dad was diagnosed with lou gehrigs disease.  Most people who get that only live 1-5 years..  He has had for a long time.. and
Publilius Syrus
There are some remedies worse than the disease.  ~
Manute Bol
(CNN) -- Manute Bol, one of the tallest players in NBA history, died Saturday at the age of 47, a spokeswoman with the University of Virginia Medical Center confirmed to CNN. The hospital did not disclose the cause of death. Bol, who was listed at 7-feet-7 inches tall and 225 pounds, played for the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat in his 10-year career. The native of war-torn Sudan was known during and after his career for his charity work for his home country. In 2004 after he was nearly killed in an auto accident, Bol told Sports Illustrated, "God guided me to America and gave me a good job. But he also gave me a heart, so I would look back." Bol donated his NBA earnings to charity, according to the article. Bol, so tall and so lanky, was somewhat the oddity when he came to national attention as a player for the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1984. He was a dominant shot blocker and rebounder at the Division II
Crazy Bitch!
Many of my fu-friends that know this crazy bitch, and have heard her deny that she stalks me but this dumb cunt found me on Facebook and asked to be added to my profile and was told to fuck off.  When I wouldnt let her get on as a friend on facebook she located my sister and my son and begun hassling both of them. At first I didnt know it but she had said that my son and sister were so much nicer than I was and that tipped me off immediately that she had already contacted them. As soon as she had said that I asked my son and daughter if she had and they had both said that she did. I told them about her and asked them both to remove the bitch, and my sister did but my son thought that it was funny being a wiseass like his father he laughed at me and said no. I said ok but I will laugh at  you when she starts harassing you and your friends like  she did me. My sister was telling me how the dumbass was "liking" every single comment that she made. She blocked her  soon after. The one thing
2011 New Years Resolutions
It's that time of year again and normally I don't make resolutions because to be honest I almost never keep them lol But this year I'm going to make them and I'm going to do my best in keeping them.  What's the saying "Don't Quit Quitting"! So here goes in no particular order of importance:   1. It's time to get back to exercising at least 3 times a week and eating healthier. I thought maybe this year I'd like to possibly take up running (won't guarantee this will happen but I might try it at some point).   2. Remove the toxic people from my life and surround myself with more positive, happy, and supportive people.   3. Catch up on all my reading that I've fallen behind on. I have a box full of books that I've been meaning to read and if that means I have to spend less time on the computer, then I'll be MIA around here a little bit more.   4. Spend more time focusing on my photography. I went to school for it, so I might as well do something with it.   Hope everyone ha
Never Ending Season
I feel like i've lost my breath,My whole world has stopped turning.The fire that seared through my veins,Is now cold,no longer is it burning. I can feel the cold as it grows,My heart grows gray,totally defenceless.How to attack this I don't have a clue.It overwelms me,so relentless. Like looking in a mirror,Clouded with vapors and steam.My image burred and shaded,And I wonder what this all means. Have I finally gone and lost my soul,To give up on life for what reason.To never touch hope again like in the spring,Forever I am trapped,doomed to this season.
Rock And Roll
live and let live real honest kindness respect trust
I Fucking Have Cancer
I was just sending this to a few people but I am adding it here so you all know what is going on with me. I hope you will read it and understand why I've been distant while becoming sick over this past year...Overview of my life starting Thanksgiving week/end of November:A. Found out had to move out of Darling house but would get $1500 if could be out by the first. Went house hunting that day and found 2 possiblitiesB. Go to GoodNeighborClinic and begin treatment for PID - a shot, a set of 2 orange horsepills plus a week's worth of blue pills. All make my stomach cramp and my ass explode uncontrollably.C. Get moved in time bc the 2nd place is kick ass and the owner rocks -- Thanksgiving weekend. Get the cash for keys on the first. I paint the bathroom, kitchen AND start a mural on the ceiling of my studio.D. December go in for follow-up. To be sure I still don't have it I get a shot. PAP smear came back ugly so they referred me to Methodist Dysplasia Clinic.E. Jan 12th Go to MDC and ge
My wish for you: Comfort on difficult days Smiles  when sadness intrudes Rainbows to follow the clouds Sunsets to warm your heart Laughter to kiss your lips Friendship to brighten you being Beauty for your eyes to see Faith so that you can believe Confidence for when you doubt Patience to accept the truth Courage to know yourself Love to complete your lifee
Genesis, Washington State
God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day.He inquired of God. "Where have you been?"God sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction, and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?""It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put Life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a great place of balance.""Balance?" inquired Michael, still confused.God explained, pointing to different parts of earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over there I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things,"God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."The Archangel, impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land are
Stupid Encounters #70 Omg The New Cs5.5 Is The Shit!
C51 Creations: CS5.5dj.tsmooth: i am gonna raise elements to 7dj.tsmooth: ill say 7dj.tsmooth: but there is soooo much on cs5dj.tsmooth: honestlyC51 Creations: is that your final answerC51 Creations: no nodj.tsmooth: i mean thats toughC51 Creations: CS5.5dj.tsmooth: what is that?C51 Creations: CS5 1/2C51 Creations: its the new onedj.tsmooth: i got the newest oneC51 Creations: just released todayC51 Creations: no nodj.tsmooth: oh really?C51 Creations: this is CS5.5dj.tsmooth: i wonder what has changed?C51 Creations: 3 hours ago C51 Creations: just releaseddj.tsmooth: damn that sucksC51 Creations: EVERYTHINGdj.tsmooth: everything?C51 Creations: its badassdj.tsmooth: that would be hard to believeC51 Creations: You dont even need a computer anymoredj.tsmooth: u mean from cs5 to cs5.5dj.tsmooth: huh?C51 Creations: no like its set up like WiiC51 Creations: like virtaldj.tsmooth: like wii?C51 Creations: you can use power wandsdj.tsmooth: i wouldnt like thatdj.tsmooth: i hate wiiC51 Creations:
96 More Days
the clock has started ticking as of today. 96 more days and the world as I know it will change. What does that mean? Nothing, yet everything! Its a personal challenge.... my goal its all the time I need.... but it will go very quickly... in the mean time I will still want, and need To Live. to Laugh and Love. I am in love so that one isnt hard... Now to live and laugh.... for 96 more days.   ~ragdoll~
Facebook Is A Cia Databank
November 12, 2011 Remember when Mark Zuckerberg called his users ''dumb f****''?by Sandeep Parwaga( my Feb. 16 article ''Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts,'' I argued  that Facebook and Google data mine information about you. This is now public knowledge.  The Associated Press reported November 4 that the CIA has an entire center dedicated to monitoring Facebook and Twitter.  They also monitor TV stations and print newspapers [2] and [3]. "The Open Source Center," established in 2005 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [4], has been operating since the 9/11 Commission's  call for foreign counterintelligence. Though the CIA claims it only monitors foreign activity, I am skeptical. Not only been the CIA been using proxies, but has devoted an entire center for that operation.Facebook A Privacy-Eroding Network, Not Social NetworkRemember when Mark Zuckerberg called his users ''dumb f****''? [5] If that is not a clear sign of the disdain for the
After Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Years Of Hardship Ordinary People Suddenly Had Time
In consumerism. After cheap Christian Louboutin shoes years of hardship ordinary people suddenly had time, money and enthusiasm to put into re-inventing the post war world, and fashion was an important part of this. Clothes for the average working person became more readily available, there was a surge in the availability of materials and patterns to make your own, but most importantly mass production 'off the peg' clothing became available at prices that Christian Louboutin Outlet allowed most people access to latest fashionable styles. The baby boom led to a high demand for children's clothing. Some styles of children's clothes sought to include fashion ideas that were making their way into the youth and even adult styles. Dresses were the most popular item of clothing for women and girls, three tiered dresses with a bolero cardigan were popular for younger girls. Little boys were Christian Louboutin Dorsay dressed in brightly coloured shorts, tartan shirts and stripy T-shir
What Love Is To Me
Love is the unconditional, unwavering, unfaltering, undisclosed and unmistakable act of emotion that transcends understanding. It is only limited by the one who gives it, even when it is unwanted. It is most effective when it is unwarranted. Loves limitless power can overcome the greatest of mountains in life and can scale the highest of peaks. To give love is to give the greatest of gifts one could ever receive. Love freely and often, as it is God's reflection shining through you.
Part 3 Dragon Totem
The Majestic Dragon Totem possesses the following virtues: Leadership, magical prowess, vitality, mastery, insight, divine illumination, protection from outside evil forces from all directions, grounded energy, fulfillment of potential, inspiration, longevity, personal happiness, greatly increased riches, infinite wisdom, luminous beauty, majesty, indomitable spirit and strength, invisibility, power of transformation and metaphysical knowledge. Dragon Pearls and Stones are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Dragon Pearls are characteristic of its host; they possess all the magnificent characteristics that may be seen in the Dragon itself; the magical and supernatural perspective of the Dragon is contained within the pearl waiting for a suitable owner to bestow its inner magic to. One who possesses a Dragon Pearl or Stone is indeed a unique and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, wizards, witches, spiritualists and practitioners
Admitting The Truth
guys need to understand; lying to a girl about something they already know the truth about makes them an asshole. admitt
High Class Escort Service In Dhaka,bangladesh
Welcome to Bangladesh Escort. We offer the most stunning luxury escorts, top models and call girls for the best in female companionship and entertainment worldwide. Living up to our well earned and prestigious reputation as a world class escort agency, our service is impeccable and our clients are treated with the upmost integrity and discretion at all times. Our elite escort services are unequaled thanks to our unique selection criteria and extensive knowledge of the escort market. Our High Class escorts are carefully chosen for beauty, style, character, charm and intelligence and of course that special quality  we know you are looking for in a high class elite escort. Bangladesh Escort top luxury escorts are passionate about satisfying the desires of our high class gentlemen clientele. Our Top model call girls are versatile, seductive and high class in any situation. Bangladesh Escort call girls are expert adult entertainers and models, eager to make your days and nights colorful, bl
They hit us hard, We hit are knees harder. They took the two from us, We took two from them. They made us cry, We made them cry harder. They will take and take, but they will never take my freedom away from me. Copyrighted from
Water Please!!!
Silly But Funny A fleeing Taliban, desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghanistan desert when he saw something far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he walked towards the image, only to find a little old Jewish man sitting at a card table with a bunch of neckties laid out on it. The Arab asked, "I'm dying of thirst, can I have some water?" The Jew replied, "I don't have any water, but why don't you buy a tie? They are only $150. Here's one that goes very nicely with your robes." The Arab shouted, "I don't want an overpriced tie, you idiot, I need water!" The Jew replied "OK, don't buy my ties. But to show you what a nice guy I am, I'll tell you that over that hill, about four miles is a nice restaurant. They have all the water you need." The Arab begrudgingly thanked him, then staggered away towards the hill and eventually disappeared. Four hours later the Arab came crawling back to where the Jewish man was sitting behind his card table. The Jew sai
Hello all My name is Jerry I am 24 with brown hair and green eyes. I am engaged to the most wonderful person in the world! I like to hunt, fish and be outdoors. I am looking to meet old classmates and friends that i have lost touch with.
Spokenword(video Blog) : Masked By Marq
This was a flyer from a night I headlined a poetry reading at a local Caf'e ~[]~ Many people wear mask to concealed they are fake Talking trash in their head,... while they smile in your face Then as soon as you are out of earshot,... they bash you to your peers Phony ass friends that would mock your tears They’re two-faced frauds with wicked intent Manipulating others, so perceptions are bent They will lie & they will cheat Trust them if you dare But the cycle is bound to repeat & leave you worse for the wear Marq, my words Sooner or later their treacherous ways Will surface again to leave you dazed It’s a cycle of trickery that chisels away At your faith in others, compounding your dismay So be careful whom you believe, for there are but a few. Be weary of the counterfeit; to thy own self be true. And to the bogus beings, covertly on the make. Pick a face & be real for god sake! Copyright 2007 'All Rights Reserved' S.M(arQ).Hall Written: 12
What Should I Do?
I dont think things will work out with the one that i love. i wish things would i wish she would give me a chance to prove myself again once i have less stress worring about our fincial problems. but then agian i feel i need to move on cause i dont think she would ever love me again the way she use to. i miss her and love her so much more then she really knows. but you know if not being with me makes her happy i hope someone comes along thats can take care of her as good as i did. maybe she'll realize that there is no one like me and as good of a person i tried to be and come to her senses but i hope she does before its becomes to late.
I Hate That You Have To Leave!
I hate that you have to leave! I wish you could just stay here with me. I would treat you betta than any otha, i want you to be my one an only lova. cant you see, we met for a reason, you're supposed to stay forget about leavin. you run through my mind all damn day i hate it, but i wouldnt have it any other way. i can show you, an make you mine, all i need is for you to share your time. with me, thats all i need, to make you see, that you an me, we could be, oh so happy. Ok that was a weirdly formatted poem, but that shit just came out like that. enjoy.
Boating Trouble/accident..
well... we had a great camping/boating tril, however all things didnt go well... sunday afternoon, my buddy was backing my boat up to anchor and said he felt a slide vibe in the prop, we figured he just got the prop in the sand and didnt worry too much about it, well just to becareful we felt the blades on the prop for bends etc, everything felt ok. so we just figured we were right about the sand, however, monday afternoon was the first time we fired it back up and when i was leaving the island we camped on i noticed the vibe was there, and grew worse with more throttle. well, when i went to back up to get ready to put the boat on the trailer things got really bad... there was crap banging and sounded like all heck breakin loose... finally was able to get on the trailer, and when we pulled out and got stopped, there was an old tie down strap wrapped around the prop, complete with metal look and metal bracket.. from the looks of it, it had been in the water for a couple months,.. so nee
Hurry! Vote!
If you haven't Rated to VOTE for the funniest picture in "The 5 Thinger Discounted Contest" yet... click this lil vote picture to do so! Come see what these funny FU's do in their spare time! ONLY 6 Hours left. Ends tonight at 7pm FU TIME!
Nsfw Or No?
Okay now, I caught this on my this NSFW?? I'm not saying, I'm just saying......oh hell........what say YOU..??? Nsfw or no?
Help Me
so my birthday is thursday & i would like to level by then but i dont see that happing since im just under 2 million to go. :-( someone please help me.
alison june noble kin, born to usher in the sun precious one adored beloved brought to life to save my own you are my soul and i will always love you and hold you and keep you safe my daughter my friend the one who makes me think and smile and wipes my tears when i am frustrated how our relationship changes day to day and never becomes a burden with the laughing eyes and brilliant mind and beautiful smile you are the greatest of my works
Come Join Tropical Train
New Train Come join the tropical train all you have to do is add, fan,&rate everybody starting with the owner and co owners Please pm message summer uk to be added to the train and to get ya tag if u come across some one you have already fanned and rate just leave a profile comment to the tropical train ************************************************* OWNER 'UKLADY66' UKLADY66@ fubar ************************************************* CO OWNERS ***Co OwNeR oF PiNkLaDyS lAp DaNcE *** AlsO mEmBeR oF lOcOmOtIoN *** sArGe BaD gIrL***'Fu OwNeR o f Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Stalker~Of~Alex~Fu~Owned~By~Alex~AKA aka '****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**' ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**@ fubar ************************************************ 'Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Stalker~Of~Alex~Fu~Owned~By~Alex~&~Tracy~' Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4
My Day
Pretty much staying on the ground I'm 44 years I don't need to be jumping out of no plane or off a cliff with some rubber strapped on me. so personally i'm just keeping it calm Love to jump on a motorcycle and ride off anytime
Major Stash And Mumm Changes Coming Soon!
New Blog per Baby Jesus, please read for important news! hey everyone, STASH: in the next week or 2 i'll be moving the Stash to some new equipment. instead of trying to get all the old stuff onto the new gear, we're just going to start fresh. once we move to the new equipment, the old stash entries will be gone forever. if you have anything important in your Stash that you'd like to keep, go into your stash, edit the entry, cut & paste it and mail it to yourself. when the new stash is live, you can then cut & paste the old items into the new stash and you'll be set. in addition to running on new equipment, i'm going to tweak some of the settings on the Stash's so that we can add more features to it later. one of these changes will be reducing the number of total stash entries you can have on your account. it will be a small number, probably around 15 to 25. the idea is to keep the important/good stuff in it and let the random crap go away. i'll also be making some tw
Entertain Me
mumms are slow and dull entertain me < sits and waits
have you ever felt like knocking the hell out of someone cause they get on your nerves so bad
Fans! Ease Up Will Ya!
An Orlando Magic fan wants Glen "Big Baby" Davis to apologize. Not for beating his team with a game-winning shot Sunday, but for running into his son afterward. Ernest Provetti was standing courtside beside his 12-year-old son Nicholas when Davis' jumper beat the buzzer and gave the Boston Celtics a 95-94 Game 2 win at Amway Arena in Orlando. In his excitement, Davis came into contact with Nicholas as he celebrated. Provetti wrote an e-mail to the NBA league office Monday calling Davis a "raging animal with no regard for fans' personal safety," according to the Orlando Sentinel. Apparently Glen may want to heed Provetti’s words because in a different sport “Soccer” the fans seem to police matters on their own, like this fan below did in an Iraqi Soccer Match. A soccer fan in Iraq was given a red card in a recent game in Hilla, Iraq The Iraqi soccer fan shot dead a player of the opposing team as he tried to score an equalizing goal in the final minutes of a match,
15k To Go
roadrunner03@ fubar
Chef Jay Is 89k To Disciple
Please, go rate the heck out of him!!!   Chef Jay@ fubar
Plato- 9/30/09
I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning.
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Locked Away
Who knows whatMight have happenedIf you loved yourself enough,No to need to keep provingYou still possessThis mysterious "it".Your ego brush-strokedAgain and again"You are handsome""You are passionate"You are the tormentedDarkness that is scaredOf being broken.So you keep yourself locked alone in fear.  Poem By Tammy C.
The Dance (poem)
THE DANCE  The redness of the skies are a magnificent sight. The clouds that are forming look like cotton balls. The flickering figure hypnotizes me with its great amazing dance. Drawing me nearer and nearer to the figure. The figure flirts with me. Eventually asking me if I would care to dance with it. I instantly agree. As I begin to dance with the figure, I forget all that’s around me. I declare my love to the figure. The figure says it feels the same. I know that we will be together. And forever will we be in the dangerous dance of love.
My New Apartment
I will be soon moving into a new 3 bedroom apartment....i need some decorating writing this blog now cause i will be stepping out in about an hour or so....i will be back later in the day to respond to comments and such...Ideas welcomed and i will take pics as soon as im moved in...i am PSYCHED about the fireplace and the patio(its small but i have off the living room and one off the master bedroom....
Going Home
to being where i left off this place was okay cause the people made it bearable and the place sucked overall IDF attack kids stealing c-wire and TCN being stupid just every other day shit that I do back home I do here. didn't do anything really important so that why i rate this place a 4.
Chanel Different Watches Helps Make Ladies Solon Desirable And Males Solon Sorcerous
$178.50 Patek Philippe Accuracy Grey Rose Gold Frame Men Watch Typically the cheaper and most beneficial ceramic chanel watches we have found a single of scorching wristwatch in lowest amount. the authorized timepieces in the Olympic Games Finished fifty years the entire world celebrated observe maker directs revolutionary progress in neuro-scientific sports timepieces. As there are plenty of superior athletics horologes obtainable the best way to pick a suitable 1 If you ever nonetheless haven't any process about that allow me grant you. $165.55 Patek Philippe Silver Dial Steel Bracelet Men Watch Welcome to our fabulous collection of chanel ceramic watches! they called genius of your company. Luminor Marina Automated 47 mm chain replacing strap check out comes along with tools and iron screwdriver. embodying a useful and stylish design. Omega developed the performance simulation and additionally testing strategy, when compared with three many yea
From Rev
Like a puppy Whose tail Has been Cropped You chase after Nothing And cannot be Stopped Trying to follow Memories Of what No longer Exists May cause pretend Happiness But will Never provide Actual bliss   Sometimes Hideing Is Just The Best I Can Do
What's Wrong With This Picture...
Just sayin... And this umm yeah.. Nice to see the failboat still showing sailboat how it's done.. Happy MLK Day!
Staff Application For Pinkaboo
Some people think that they're the only one with a capacity to love or to feel sorrow or pain.  We all can! Hardly worth getting on my soapbox... :/   *leaves - takes soapbox with me*
My Thoughts & Beliefs!
I follow the beliefs of the American Indian, which is spiritual, respecting the land, water, people and elders *and also the ones that have passed to the other side*. *I don't believe in something that MAN has written, then passed the wordings down from generation to generation, then contradict themselves in the process*. My ancient ancestors knew nothing of  these written words *but as it turned out, it was something that was pressed/pushed upon them *do or die*, it's something I can't or will not walk a path with. So much division with religion, so many books stating their beliefs are correct...Bible, Koran, etc.,* mine is better than yours* mentality. *Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Jainism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, the list is long and far reaching*. I don't knock someone for what they believe in, to each their own.
The Jedi Code
The jedi Code There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. "The tenets of the Jedi are more than just words to be memorized. Learn them, understand them. They will lead you to the true power of the Force; the power of the light side."
Makes Me Start To Wonder
sometimes just what I should think/do....everytime I go to the doctors that I see, they seem to remind Me that in the next few years, I am going to either have to plan on a possible kidney transplant attempt and/or that with My disability, the average life expectancy in the first place is a maximum of 40 and I am nearly 36 now. I just wonder sometimes if I should keep fighting and trying to survive and everything or say h#ll with it and let nature just take its course and not care. I mean if I'm going to die supposedly in the next 4 years approximately anyway what's the purpose right? Yeah okay so all of this is obviously rhetorical in nature since really no one would truly understand what I am going through/go through regularly unless you have My disability or a family member/friend with it. I guess I just needed to get it partially out of My system.
9:51pm PST So I decided to go out to a Salsa class right?  I mean I have been on and off for the past couple of weeks.  I decided I would stay longer.  OMGosh the partner I had made me feel really dumb and there were other chicks who couldn't even carry a beat.  So I kept dancing the steps the professor taught us.  He kept stopping me everytime there was an extra turn.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one he stopped.  I kept insisting that after one of our steps, there was a twirl where he had to let go while stepping back and me step forward. Ugh... huge mistake.  I never felt so uncomfortable and out of place.  And then he had to nerve to tell me that he'd been to other classes, and that he's intermediate close to expert.  I'm like well, you should be considerate cuz most of us are barely learning.  He just went on and on and on about himself each and everytime we partnered up.  You see, you are supposed to switch partners.  So the way the instructor does it is she asks the guys to
You & Me
I miss you, sooo much. You have always been my rock, the one that I look to for strength, peace of mind and the knowledge that all would be well in the end. I think about you every day wondering if you are all right, and also the family.. I wonder if I will ever see or hear from you again, I can only hope, and pray.. Sometimes, I can almost feel you here,beside me watching over me just as you always have through time... If you were here, you would know just the right words to ease my mind. Things have been so hard and you knowing me so well, would know what is in my heart and how to deal with all the pain.
Sleep will not come these dreams will not ease begging for forgiveness and life's sweet release I know I'm not worthy of all that you are I know I'm unfit to erase all your scars living each moment and hoping it's my last delving right in to overcome my past so much is spinning and churning inside so much relies on life's tender lies feigning and hoping and trying so hard knowing deep down I'm simply fit to discard love isn't easy and so it slips away numbness replaces cascading throughout filling my mind with senseless self doubt urging myself to just carry on keep on moving forward  you must stay strong the nights are longer now the stars failing to shine living inside my most fragile mind holding together and staying so strong when the days that destruct me remain so long
  二,工作中小记之抓我前后的情况  当然只是,在工作单位,我不敢再做事了,我一做事,机器设备发疯似的损坏,所有人都忙得昏天黑地。有人说,反正你的工资是全单位最低了,每个人都可以欺负你,而且再也找不到比这个岗位更差的岗位了,你再怎么努力,也没人会多给你一点&#
How many years have to go by,How many tears do I have to cry,How many fights do we have to have,For you to understand. . .I want to come first.I'm done having to ask,I'm done having to tell,I'm done waiting around. . .I want to come first.Please put me first once,Or twice,To show me you still care,To show me you want me.I feel as though,This is all one sided,It hurts to think. . .I will never come first.
How Far
There's a boat, I could sail away There's the sky, I could catch a plane There's a train, there's the tracks I could leave and I could choose to not come back Oh, never come back There you are, giving up the fight Here I am begging you to try Talk to me, let me in But you just put your wall back up again Oh, when's it gonna end How far do I have to go to make you understand I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are So I'm gonna walk away And it's up to you to say how far There's a chance I could change my mind But I won't, not till you decide What you want, what you need Do you even care if I stay or leave Oh, what's it gonna be How far do I have to go to make you understand I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are So I'm gonna walk away And it's up to you to say how far Out of this chair, or just across the room
Today Is My Moms Birthday
Today my mother would have been 48. Though she is gone I plan to celebrate it anyway. I love my mom and I miss her so much. Please show her some love even if you dont beleive in life after death, it wont hurt. Buried at IN LOVEING MEMORY@ LostCherry
Pt 2
Well it's time I posted part 2 of about me.. I was born in 1961....I was for the most part a happy and healthy baby...with one small glitch. I didn't have a socket for the ball of my hip to fit into. The doctors had to break my hip and force the ball of my hip to form it's own socket. The doctors told my mom and dad that I would probably never walk. Well when I was old enough I went to Shriner's Cripple Childrens and had to wear my shoes on the wrong feet and they were UGLY shoes I remember the day I finally got to wear "girl" shoes for the first time. I was in 2nd grade and my mom got me a pair of black and white saddle shoes...boy was I proud..... I remember we went to where my 2nd dad was working for the gas company at that time and told him that I was finally ok.... He said my face was a beam of light that day. My brother had the same thing but his wasn't as severe as mine. He really enjoyed the time I was in my "frog" cast.. My mom said he used to sit on
Day 7
Well its nearly 11am and this is my 7th day without a fag, I had a sudden urge to have one before but I fought it, but that was the first time since Friday night I had one of them, so I am just glad for the patches as I think I would have given in by now, at least if they can get me through the craving stage then I will be okay
The Horror
" I've seen horrors...horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to judge me. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that...But you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face...And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies.
Language Games
"Language games" is not to denote something frivolous, by the way- see and -Eric
Sorry!! But Back Now!
Hey all you lovely cherries!! hi.. I am writing to let you all know.. I know I havent been here.. There is only on reason why I wouldnt.. Something happened with the interent.. It was down for a couple of days!! The problem is fixed and I should be back tommorrow.. Yeahhhhhhhhhh... Just wanted to let you all know.. that I am still here... Thanks cherries.. Have a great cherry filled day!! Jeannie
Bang Me :)
Cancel My Vip?
I'm thinking of cancelling my VIP..I posted a Mumm..plz vote thank you... click here to vote...
Caption This 3
2:08 AM, the side door of a bar opens on a warm August night. A woman steps out, she has mid length straight dark hair and is carrying an instrument case. She is followed by another woman, and then two men. There is the slight smell of marijuana in the air as they gaze at the lights of the city. The men are talking. One, slightly stockier and carrying a guitar, seems to be intently telling a story. The other listens, smiles and replies. The reply brings a grin to the first man’s face, a wide smile, his white teeth glow in contrast to his olive toned skin. His grin turns to a laugh and his head rolls back. The conversation carries on, with chuckles, smiles and laughs. At length, the first woman steps into the street and stops a cab, opening the back door she climbs in and slides across to the far side. The conversation stops, the second woman says a few words, shakes the guitar bearing man’s hand and backs off a step. The two men embrace, smile and part. The guitar goes in
This Is Cute
Quote for the day: 'Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So - if you give her any crap, you will receive a TON of SHIT'
Auto 11's
Help me level. Rate all folders & send me an email & I will give you a bling & 10,000 fubucks
Discovering True Selves
Soul Seeing When we want to see deeply into the heart and mind of another person, soul seeing, also called soul gazing, allows us to see their soul. The soul is the purest expression of an individual and is not bound by physical forms or fleeting emotions. Through a simple art that involves looking deeply into a partner’s eyes, soul seeing can show you a person’s inner beauty that you might otherwise miss. It is possible for someone who appears cold to have a warm, giving, nurturing soul or someone of average appearance to have a beautiful soul. Soul seeing is a way of looking past shapes, sizes, attitudes, and behavior to see the real individual that lies beneath the surface. It allows you to see the true essence of another person, the radiance of their being, and their spirit within. Soul seeing is accomplished by sitting face to face with another person. It is helpful to first state your intention before you begin. As you stare softly into each other’s eyes without stopping to

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