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Life, Love And Fubar
It's strange for me to be writing this really because having started I'm not really sure how to continue. In the time I have been here at Fubar, I have made a few enemies, some very good friends and one person in particular who makes my whole exsistance mean something. No matter what the relationship, I am thankful for each and every one of you. You have all been the source of a great deal of happiness to me and have become a part of my life that I cannot go a day without, and even though Fubar will only allow me to put 50 of you into my fu-family, I wish that I could include each and every one of you. Some of you have known me for quite a long tme, others are only recently getting to know me but I would like to think that I have touched your lives in much the same way that you have all touched mine. Having said that, and probably sounded like an old fool, I suppose, its time to get to the point.  I have for a couple of months been suffering from some health problems. Those of you th
Live &let Live!!!
Everyone Should Really Read This!
  The Perfect Storm Our solar system is part of a huge disc shaped collection of stars and planets called the Milky Way. We're located somewhere on the edge of the disc, slightly on top of the narrow disc. But very soon we'll be moving to the bottom of the disc. This change, from top to bottom, begins on December 21, 2012.Yes, that's right. On the same day when our Sun is at it's solar maximum, something will happen that's never happened before -- the ecliptic of our solar system will intersect with the Galactic plane, called the "Galactic Equator" of the Milky Way! If you imagine our solar system as a bunch of peas on a plate, with a huge meatball in the center, imagine the Milky Way as a city-size pizza with the "Guiness World Book Record Meatball" in its center!  The last solar cycle was at its maximum in 2001. Each active solar cycle has a period when the flares are strongest, usually happening near the solar equator, called the "solar maximum." This is significant because the n
Ending Time
Chaotic visions, dreams unremembered, diminished capacity, thoughts dismembered.   Fractal shadows, midnight skies, endless stars, hooded eyes.   Stolen glances, passionate breath, ending time, sudden death.
This Is Pulled From My Personal Website
Yes I actually have my own site: I am of Chilean and (believed) Native South American mixed descent. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and brought to Texas and raised by my mother, grandfather, grandmother and uncle. While I had no actual father living in the house, my granddad and uncle both shared the role and as such my views have become rather conservative. I am, however, not one big on politics so I am able to see the viewpoints of those who tend to be more liberal. I have lived a rather unique life from this sense and while it has presented it's own unique challenges it has also formed me into the individual I am today. I graduated early from my high school after feeling neglected by my friends at the time and proceeded to attend Southwestern University(not to be confused with Southwest Texas at the time), however it was not to be. My lack of political sense caused me to throw in the towel over a class which I did not understand nor care to. Up
Everyone says that love hurts, but that's not true. Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts. Everyone confuses these with love but in reality- Love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again. Sometimes it works in love, and sometimes it hurts instead. Do remember, the love that you will have for someone someday when it works out for you; will easily be greater and will easily cover up the pain that you may have felt from heartbreak in the past. So don't give up on love, because there is always someone who loves you. Even if it's not the person you were hoping for.
Zawilec (anemone)
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
Break Time
I have come to the realization that I need a fu-break. I have been trying now for about a month to get into the top 10 chicks. I see how hard it is to get there and not that I am not up for the competition so dont get me wrong. However, I just cant afford to buy into the 40 or 50 families it takes a day in order to rank. Nor do I have the money to run the ability bling.  I want to thank a select few for all they have done to help me in the ranking game. Red Hot Candy Apple, Smalltowngirl, Suby, KMP, Psycho Bytch, Simply Brina, Freedom OG, Thatguy, Uniquelyme, Luckyfknbitch, Mz Cuffed, Secret Huntress, Shnookums, NaughtybyNature, Stonez, Seed, Temptress, Steve, Chelley, Candi, WillIam, & MFKN BigMarine. These guys and gals have kept me in family and in boosts with out any question. If I failed to mention your name I apologize. But so many of you have been really good to me and I love you all.    I am going to be finishing up the ability bling I have at this point and then taking my m
I'd Do Anything, Goodbye.
Somehow I find myself unable to hide my bliss. For some reason I miss you when you're gone. Sometimes while I sleep I'm still in your arms. In it too deep, can't dig my way out.. I gave it my all but you filled me with doubt. Something inside is starting to stir, my feelings built up like a storm. Ready to fall in tears from the sky. All in all you're the one I need, The one I'll never have, The one who sees me as who I can be but loves me as I am. The one who stole my heart, the one who tore it apart, The start to a life of confusion, you in my life was the greatest intrusion, Nothing in the eyes of others, but everything to me. I'd do anything to help you smile, so I guess I'll let you be.
I Will Cancel My Account First!
For a second, please view me and this post as just Gypsy Queen Stang....not bouncer. I need for you all to seperate the two for a second. Now, I will not mention any names but really need to vent. I saw a bulletin today (I'll leave the user links out) but the text subject read: "let me do this again-- SHE WAS DONE WRONG BY ALOT OF PPL- AND HAS A HEART OF GOLD-CHECK HER OUT---" This bulletin goes on and on about how a woman, who had like 2 or three fake accounts on here at one time is actually "good as gold". Let me tell you something about fools gold. It looks pretty and makes awesome jewelry but in all actuality, it's not worth shit. I do not want to discount the courage that it takes come clean after running a fake profile, but, I don't want it to go unnoticed that in defending her fake persona, she was belligerent, disrespectful to members and staff and over all unpleasant at best. I have seen that bullshit propaganda going around about how much she's changed.
Perhaps A Few Answers
Lately I've had a few inquiries regarding some preferences of mine, as well as some questions about women in general. I thought to myself, "self, maybe we should put it in a blog". Er.... did I say "we"..... damn. ;p The main question I get is why I prefer not to see men's NSFW stuff right off the bat. There was one man who was pretty offended that I had some posted of myself but wouldn't come and see his. At first I was a little taken aback, but when I thought about it I understood it more. The easy answer would be to say that I'm an exhibitionist and not a voyeur. But it's really not that simple. I'm NOT a true exhibitionist, I don't like to get naked or have sex in public, that doesn't get me excited. People who like my pics do though.... and sometimes the thought of having sex somewhere I COULD get caught is fun, but if I actually were caught I would be mortified. And I do have a little voyeur in me, I do enjoy the site of an attractive naked man..... but he has to be so
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Please Sign My Guestbook
Just put a Guestbook on my page, please sign it. Thanks
Bob Old List
♥☆ Best Of British ☆♥ To find out more about the group then please click here to go to the blog :D We don't want any drama so if you have any problems, try and deal with it among yourselves and not the group thanks! I've made us a lounge wooohooo please check it out and subscribe. It's for us all to meet up, chill out, have a chat and get to know each other better :D click to go to the lounge It has music and is decorated :D Please be sure to RATE, FAN then ADD each member, this is what this list is about, making friend :D Remember to tell them that you're a Best Of British (BOB) member so they will definitely add you :D Start from the top and work your way down the list. Once you have them all added, its probably best that you refresh this page incase anyone else has joined, as I'm adding members all the time and don't want to miss them (Y) You do not have to add everyone in 1 day, you can keep coming back but the sooner you add everyone, t
Your Rank
In light of recent events that I have had to deal with in the wonderful land of Fubar drama, I feel I have to let it be known, that I dont care about your rank! I dont care about your level! I dont care about your so called ""status" on here! I dont care about any of that! I will not ever bow down to a higher ranking member on here, because of the fact they are a high ranking member! What the heck is that anyways? LMAO I am who I am and I will continue to do what I do. Soo...I have decided I dont need the higher members of this site to bother me at all. I dont need them to come to my shoutbox and threaten to get me kicked off, or tell me how their followers will do what he wants. I dont need any of it. I have always done my own thing here and will continue to do so. I never bothered anyone and will continue to do so. I love the friends that I have, and if this bothers some, then maybe they just done need to be my friend. I respect some people that are higher leveled and t
What Should I Call Her?
Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born. The child asked God. "They tell me you are sending me to Earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" God replied,"Among the many angels. I chose one for you. Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you." The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy." God said. "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you everyday. And you will fell your angel's love and be very happy." Again the child asked, " And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?" God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweetest words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care. your angel will teach you how to speak." "And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?" God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach
Lithuanian Poet
Brought to me by "Girlish K" April 18,2008 * * * To live is to long for eternity, to plant a tree – to pave the way to another world which is in us – to drink up love to the last drop so to halt the fleeting moment – to bear a child under your heart so to prolong your longing – up on a sky-high silvery lily to climb to a star and there in the infinite to leave your footprints as a sign that we're bigger than ants. Translated by Lionginas Pazusis Written by Janina Degutyte (lithuanian) ------- Just wanted to share this poem with you today Hugs, K
Get The Giddidy Outta Here!
Okay so I wake up this morning..draggin ass of course, hair all over my head .., (don't act like you don't know what that's like). Anyway, I roll over, hit the mouse and peep out my shout and all I see is a message that says "Giggidy"....WHAT??!! Oh lordy, I knew this was going to be a long day. Now maybe I was being temperamental but for some reason that annoyed me. It is probably because I knew that if this was a guy who was putting his best foot forward that he was getting ready to trip over it. The conversation went something like this... (bottom up, you know the drill) GODWHIN &#...: you got it ->GODWHIN &#...: OR if you really dislike me.........feel free to stop talking at any time ->GODWHIN &#...: lol nope, blocking is for bitches, if you want me blocked then do so GODWHIN &#...: hey block me ->GODWHIN &#...: I'm allowed a typographical error on occasion but nice's not my fault that you approach women in a manner that makes you appear infa
Made By Ms. Sassy
MEET MY FIRST FU-OWNER… HE WON ME IN MY FIRST EVER AUCTION TEXCAJUN@ fubar HE’S A REALLY GREAT GUY AND RETURNS ALL LOVE… SO CHECK HIM OUT AND SPANK HIM HARD! THIS PIMPOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOURS TRULY Ms. Sassy {Shadow Leveler} Proud Fu-Owner of Happy Country Girl and MzCaBiBBW@ fubar (repost of original by 'Ms. Sassy {Shadow Leveler} Proud Fu-Owner of Happy Country Girl and MzCaBiBBW ~ Fu-Owned By Texcajun' on '2008-10-27 07:26:16')
Girls Vs. Grown Women
Wanna know the difference??? GIRLS vs. GROWN WOMEN Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits in. Girls want to control the man in their life. Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling. Girls check you for not calling them. Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't. Girls try to put a man 'on lock' by using sex. Grown women know that it's the sex of the mental kind that makes a man want to 'lock' you down. Girls fake-moan, lay there and take the stabbing. Grown women say, "Just stop", get up, get dressed and walk out. Girls are afraid to be alone. Grown women revel in it--using it as a time for personal growth. Girls ignore the good guys. Grown women ignore the bad guys. Girls make you come. Grown women make you come home. Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their m
How I Do It
Just so ppl know how I randomly bling it's like this...I see my bar tab and mouse over with my eyes closed.Whoever I land on gets Blinged....I ususlly pick 3 or 4 so that's how it goes ppl.   The bling is usually 1 to 3 credits....Only occasionally do I bling special abilities bling
Spread, Gagged,
MMMMMM What do you think of me spread, chained, gagged, and blindefolded?
Thursday is my 2 yr fu-versary.....I am full of failz
B.k.p.s. - Fupoetry - Fence Wit Us
Status response on Savv's profile. Saving it here so I wont lose it. Savv's status: You can't decipher this. You can't attack my tactics, or block 'em. You can't decipher my plans, you can't recite my mantra. You can't parry my blows, you can't riposte 'em - Savvage Baresark shit... My Reply: (I wrote some of this last night but today.. more kept comin to me.. I ended up with this ill shit.) Engarde! So busta's want'ta fence? Bk'll leave ya limbless! Dare'ta vers'us wit verses? Ya'cant be serious! Rapier hilt to da helm, now stay out our business! No dechipherin such sickness, it confounds the witless. No way to teach sense... not even with a syllabus. How can ya decrypt this, enigmatic wickedness? Intelligence is my law, & criminal is ignorance.
Delete Me If You...
Are just using me as a temporary replacement for someone else. I don't demand to be anyone's best friend but I certainly will not play second fiddle in lieu of anyone.
Un Sponsored Poster Campaign Depicts Humans As Evil Monsters
UN Sponsored Poster Campaign Depicts Humans As Evil Monsters A new poster campaign sponsored by the United Nations depicts humans as evil horror movie monsters intent on slaughtering wildlife, another abhorrent example of how eugenicists are following through on the Club of Rome's 1991 promise to portray Homo sapiens as the enemy in an effort to construct a world government around the pretext of saving the earth.
Tarot Card
Think you know a thing or two about kissing? You probably do. But the facts below are so off the beaten path, we'll bet you don't know them all - and they could come in handy. Not only could they provide some steamy "Did you know?" small talk, but they'll help you see all the benefits a satisfying liplock can bring into your life. Happy smooching! 1. Two out of every three couples turn their heads to the right when they kiss. 2. A simple peck uses two muscles; a passionate kiss, on the other hand, uses all 34 muscles in your face. Now that’s a rigorous workout! 3. Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike. 4. Kissing is good for what ails you. Research shows that the act of smooching improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches. 5. The average person spends 336 hours of his or her life kissing. 6. Ever wonder how an X came to represent a kiss? Starting in the Middle Ages, people who could not read used an X as
Poem I Wrote A While Back
Ok so this is some old stuff, I am workin on some new stuff, I finally have some inspiration but I thought I'd start off with showing you some off the old first. Hope you enjoy. Yeah kinda depressing but hey what ya gonna do? lol In An Instant   Sometimes as I lay at night,I see a vision in the light.I see the way things used to be,Dim and unclear with uncertainty.I see the the way he he held her tight,Not knowing i was there that night.Looking at him,As he turned her loose,I thought to myself,There's just no use.I walked down the road.The music was blarring.With tears in my eyes, I couldn't help starring.His eyes met mine,With a look of surprize.I Knew In an InstantLove had Died.
Wasp fly overhead wings of…., lines within…… so many drifting minds, day dreaming about their lives, each hour…. spanning seconds…. special moments, tides, rhythms of lovers dismissed then reattached reasons that thrive to keep such ideas inside…. Frames…. disfigured lanes…… broken shores…..creaking doors finding a place to be sane….perpetual motions…… songs of oceans tides clashing back and from written…dwelling hearts finding time apart to understand choices…part of the plain…adoring parts designed…violets and sunflowers…sensual examinations…..translucently covered….those lips…breaths..
Absolute Vibez Radio Live
Start you day today with Absolute VIBEZ Radio. Tune in chat or just request your djs play your song. Absolute VIBEZ Radio:  24/7 Hit Music.  Check out Absolute VIBEZ Radio Lounge today. You don't want to mis this and every thursday night....Thursday Night Pillow Talks with Dj 1 Love, Dj G Money Dj OnTheBeat Al and other guest djs. Check out Sunday HOUSE Vibez...the best in House music with Dj 1 Love, Dj OnTheBeat Al & Dj Charlie C.
Me Time
It's a ME night.  :) Soaked in a Warm Vanilla Sugar bubble bath, gave myself a mani and a pedi, shaved all areas which needed shaved, and slathered myself in Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and Cherry Vanilla scented perfume.  I smell yummy.  Relaxing with a cup of Madigascar Red tea. :D   Got some poetic justice today and I am in a fine mood.  :)   Don't mess it up.  ;)   /rates dravenx a 1  
Think It Is Time For Another
My Day   When the day starts getting weary I think of you and smile A secret little knowing  When I think of you my dear   When afternoon gets restless And I need a little something Just to keep me going I close my eyes and think of you   When evening falls apon me I smile with the knowledge That your just around the corner And just a heartbeat away   In sleepless nights you visit You bring with you a whisper You ease away my worries You calm my restless heart   An in my dreams you follow You make my heart start racing You tell me what I need to hear And make me whole again  
Romantic Temperamental Asian Fashion Young Girl Spring Dress Collocation
  In warm spring, young girls full of sweetness and romantic temperament are the most atrractive scenery line in public. if you choose to wear the newest sweet Asian fashion dress, the released elegant temperament will be beyond your imagination. In this sunshining and beautiful spring, just put on newest spring dress below recommended to become the fairy spring girl.   Pure color chiffon dress, made of gentle and soft chiffon fabrics, creating a romantic fairy lady atmosphere. Big clothing collar, is use with loose-tight design, off-shoulder design is loose and very sexy, skirt lap is designed with organ fold, showing out romantic girl wind.   Colorful and beautiful small flower patterns, diffusing out a lady flavor of cute and exquisite. Very simple braces design style, matching with breast line of stereo feeling, is very sexy. Chiffon skirt lap send out fantastic taste. Wide belt design, is very of cultivating morality.   Colorful and sweet dress with wave point pattern, is s
Ended Winner Was No Games
The easiest contest ever!   From now until i level ALL fubucks are being GIVING AWAY to who ever HELPS the MOST!!     Meaning who ever sends the most people to rate profile & photos rate blog & stash fan me friend me like me will get ALL fubucks made when leveled!!!!   to enter please comment here & change ur status so i can verify it!        
Two Ladies In Heaven
Two Ladies Talking in  Heaven 1st woman:    Hi! Wanda.2nd woman:   Hi! Sylvia.  How'd you die?1st woman:    I froze to death.2nd woman:   How horrible!1st woman:    It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What   about you?2nd woman:   I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act.   But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV.1st woman:    So, what happened?2nd woman:   I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement.  Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds.  I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died.1st woman:   Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.  PR
Ladies & Gentalmen.... Welcome 2the Most Eternal Show Onearth...(the Story Of My Dark Carnival)"
 DARK CARNIVAL The Night Was Heavy & Cold thick with fog surrounding this forest a place you'd been to perhaps a thousand times before... the toes of well traviled foot prints lined the old dusty road. Well travled it such a short time that sight alone spoke volumes about this land & so strangly out of place. For none hardly ever cam this path none thought to special or diffrent then any other  but a place people would never look twice to find. & some how not trully know how or why it felt if it drew you here a longing a calling of spirit perhaps of the nagging tugs of a restless spirit... The night was cold just a chill to the air that brough the mist form the lips of the living with each breath drifting before their faces but the dead walked here as well drifting among the  clouds that hung low to the trees hlaf seen half understoon the floaded on half noticed in & out the vison of each passser by some to notice  others to walk by never even knowing the energy that passed around t
Letter To My Mom
For as long as I can remember you were there. My earliest memory was of when I had a nightmare and went in to wake you up, I was about 4. I ran from your room, into the bathroom crying hysterically. You came into to find me and asked me what was wrong. I turned to you, with tears streaming down my face and cried, "I saw your bum!" You laughed as you replied, "Well yes, I have a bum, the same as you. It's not like you've not seen it before. You've come in when I have been in the bathroom." "Yeah, but I saw the whole thing!" What did a 4 year old know about a parents body? It was traumatizing. Not to mention killer on your sex life apparently.  Years later when I reminded you of that story, we had a big laugh over it. There were so many things that happened that I could call to my memory in an instant that would remind me of how we'd laugh (the water fights in the basement, or the wheelchair races you'd try to stop in the basement. Even the time for Andie's 16th party when we put the
Quotes And Sayings!
When my heart is breaking and you sit back and watch the pieces hit the floor along with my tears and do nothing I realize you truly don't love me anymore.   Sometimes you just have to let people go, because sometimes going on without them is easier than trying to pretend like things will ever be the way you want i told you i was scared of getting hurt and you still left me here sitting waiting for something to happen when in reality were just watching the world go by. is hoping one day she will love someone who honestly will appreciate the honest good loving woman she is and love her back forever Sometimes it takes more strength &  pain to let go, but time heals all wounds. Never settle for less than u deserve so always be a choice, never just an option. What happens when the one who used to take away all your pain is now the one causing it? sometimes I wish I could put my feelings in a jar and close the lid! There's only so much heartache girl can take before her
It's Been Almost 2 Months
The 28th will be 2 months since mom passed. I don't know what's wrong with me. Half the time I seem to be alright, the other half I feel like I'm in some horrible B-Movie flick. The dreams are the worst. Last night I dreamed that I went to my mom and dad's apartment (he just moved from there on Sunday) and when I walked in she was sitting at the table. She smiled at me and I felt like my heart was going to explode from my chest. I didn't know what was going on.  I looked from my dad to my mom and waited for an explaination. My dad said, they made a mistake, mom didn't die. She's fine. They were able to save her. They didn't want to give us false hope until they knew for sure she was going to be ok. Instead they made us think she had died. In the dream, I was livid. I was so angry. It made no sense. Why would he have gone through everything we had gone through if that were true.  Then I looked around the apartment. There were boxes everywhere. They were moving and hadn't planned on te
So tonight I was on the phone for 4 hours with my ex's new wife. I find I actually LIKE her. Oh and the fact that she has discovered my ex for what and who he truly is and plans to leave him as soon as she can helps that fact out a lot. While I am sorry for the kids I know that they will be ok. She is doing everything in her power to move my youngest down with me b4 she leaves him and both she and I will fight to keep the older 2 with her. They have bonded with her, and she has done wonders for my son. He needed someone who could fight for him and she was able to do that since my ex has still  (2 yrs into their relationship) has not moved up to MI. She was able to fight without his influence on my son and was strong enough to stand up and fight my ex to get the help my son so badly needed. I know that the kids are going to be well taken care of, and in the end that's all anyone can ask for their children.  I still get to pick up my little one on the 17th and it seems like her entire r
*** I Need To Get This Off My Chest Before I Have A Heart Attack :o
*** Dear Mcdonalds fries, yes, I know you miss me..I miss you too!! I miss you somethin fierce, but please understand, your jus TOO easy t'get... I need to respect myself, and right now, it just isnt safe for us to be together....sincerely yours. [send]   .......Dear Papa Johns, you KNOW you have my heart, right? I'm sayin, it gets wild every time you come through the door cause you always look so hot. And thats why I hafta back off for a while. Your jus too yummy for me to resist. Seriously, I'll eat you all night. But trust me, its for the best so we dont ruin a good thing. "mwuah." [send]   ......Dear Whopper, You love it when I call you juicy, and I love the fact you let me have it my way....EVERY time!!...Thats some serious dedication right there. And I cant ignore the goodness....SPECIALLY when the beef gets up between those big beautiful buns. But Imma leave you alone for a while, cause your a whole LOT to handle, and its gettin harder for me to breathe around here. ....Its
De Lingerie, Daisy Lowe Diz Que Magreza Não Lhe Cai Bem
A top Daisy Lowe posou para a capa da revista semanal inglesa Grazia e revelou que gosta de exibir curvas avantajadas e que os padrões muito enxutos das modelos não são seu objetivo. "Ser magra não me cai bem ", disse. A modelo de 24 anos, que é filha do músico Gavin Rossdale, aparece de lingerie na publicação e afirma gostar de divulgar um modelo de corpo mais saudável para jovens mulheres. "Recebo muitos tweets de meninas que dizem que odeiam suas aparências", diz. Apesar disso, Daisy afirma sentir algumas inseguranças em relação ao corpo e diz que já sofreu em editoriais por ter muitas curvas. "Já houve momentos nos quais me senti muito triste porque as roupas não entravam durante os ensaios, e me sentia péssima", completa. Daisy mantém uma rotina de exercícios na academia e diz que malhar permite que desfrute da comida, uma de suas paixões. "Amo comida. Amo fazer bolos, tudo que é caseiro", diz.
Get out of the shower, look in the mirror. Perfect. Remove my white strips, brush my teeth, smile. Perfect. Brush out my hair, straighted it out. Perfect. Eyeshadow and mascara applied, beautiful green eyes. Perfect Put my jeans on, the ones that make my ass look good. Perfect. Green sweater, the one that makes my eyes stand out. Perfect Sunglasses, some lipgloss, shoot a smile in the mirror. Perfect. My favorite night, getting all dressed up. Perfect. My hair done up, in beautiful curls. Perfect. Long beautiful dress, cuts low to show cleavage. Perfect. Green and brown eyeshadow, to compliment the dress and my eye. Perfect. Beatiful gems, gold with green saphires. Perfect. Nylons and heels, to top it all off. Perfect. Stand in front of the mirror, smile, laugh, cry. Perfect. Or not. Get out of the shower, don't want to look at myself. Imperfect. Remove the white strips, that make my smile brighter, so no one looks at me too close. Imperfect Brush my ha
this goes out to all my friends I will be bringing the babies home on Tuesday afternoon. If you would like to actually view them please let me know and I will give you my yahoo addy. if you already have my addy just let me know if your interested anyways. my yahoo id is ldy_lylith
Which Hole Is That?
So there's this story that I can't believe I haven't put on here yet. Well, I sort of can because it makes a certain person look pretty stupid in a very hilarious way. Then of course I realized that none of you know who this person is and I don't have to tell you. So, we'll just say this is a friend of mine from college and we'll call him Fred. This is a true telling of a conversation Fred and I had once. Enjoy. Fred: So, I have something kinda wierd to ask you. Me: Go for it. Fred: What does it feel like to pee out of that hole? Me (very confused look): Ummmm, which hole would that be? Fred (embarrased now): Well, you know, it's just that it's such a BIG hole... does it sort of drip out? How do you know when it's done? Me (laughing hysterically and not feeling bad about it one bit): We don't pee out of our VAGINA!! Fred (completely abashed and in total seriousness): What?! Do you pee out of your BUTT???!!! I'm not kidding. At this point I literally couldn't st
Ri Dcyf
the ri dcyf(dept of children youth and families) sucks. they are playing games with my family. they made my bf leave 1 week after our daughter was born because hes a flag in their system from 12 yrs ago. they said all he needed was to be evaluted by a professional. they never set up the appt. he called and made it today. we have worker thats supposed to be doing that. she never even sent in the medical info to cover it. how pathetic can they get. they are making impossible for me to go back to work. anyone who watches my kids have to be screened. i dont know what to do anymore im ready for a breakdown!!!
Supernova Window
6/5/2007 Dear Readers: Just a little note to all my faithful readers to remind them of the value of my predictive work and how important it is for you to be aware of the Universal Code. This window starting today (and for the next 2 weeks) will be little sample of what the upcoming Dragon’s Head Aquarius/Leo will do to the world starting in August 2007 for many months to come. My new 2008 Moon Power will give you much more information, guidance and predictions when it comes out at the end of this year. As always even if you have your 2007 Moon Power copy, you MUST take the time to go to my website Click here and read my quatrains. My heeding will make the upcoming dramatic news quite clear and allow you to prepare yourself especially if you travel a lot because of the accuracy of my timing. Here is a sample of my last quatrain and the unfolding predictions. NEXT NEGATIVE DRAGON WINDOW JUNE +5th +) Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird news /Surprises/Explosions/Shocking news/E
My Kids And Me
well now that i have had time to let all this sink in i am just as happy as i was the day i found my kids nothing has changed in that regard i love the fact that every night i get to chat with my kids on yahoo messenger and call them take them out to dinner never thought this will b a reality hearing my daughter tell me she loves me and my son calling me dad it feels funny hearing my kids call me that because i havent been in there life for such a long time ( people who know me know the reasons why) but im gonna love getting used to hearing them call me daddy i look forward to getting to know them and love them more each day learing what makes them click and what dosent and i cant wait till the nexttime i see my kids so i can hug and kiss them and sit and talk with them and my son is gonan b hell on wheels just like i was oh well mom always said me son would put me through hell guess now i get to find that out lol
First It Was Coffee / Popcorn/ Laundry / Then Pizza / Now Its Chicken Oh Hell Brew
Marking Pics
No sooner did post a couple pics that, I did not think would conciderd to be NSFW. So I decided to say F--- it and open my NSFE files for you all. Enjoy Love Raylene
Im In Agivaway For A 3 Month Vip Plz Help Me
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Clap Again
Hurt Feelings
there is a guy who goes by the oh so boring name of "dave" on this site. he comments on my shoutbox all the time. obviously, he's never read my tips and pointers blog. likely, he hasn't read any of my blogs or my profile for that matter. all he ever says there in the shoutbox is "hi" or s'up? or something just as boring as his lame ass username. anyone who has actually read anything i've written must realize they should step it up a notch. unfortunately he has not the brains to do so. today, that douchebag did the same thing again then rated me a 1 and blocked me when yet again i did not respond. come on...this is the fucking internet for god's sake. why do people take it so personally? and really, if you walked up to a girl in a bar and say "hi" will you get a good response? no. have some fucking game, dude. goodbye, dave. you will be sorely missed. or not.
Yall Plz Help Him Level
DJ Hockeyman: Owner of Exile Deviation Radio296,974 TO HENCHMAN
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MySpace Music Playlist at CLICK on ANY pic U would like to BID or Rate...
Unheard Solo.
It's cool again, like swimming in iced lemonade.Only it smells like october, only it tastes like december.I watched a cricket saunter as he serenaded. Not surrendering to innevitability.You will perish, long before you could scatter every seed, kiss every rose, sample every flavor.I pressed the tip of my shoe over his wirey legs, and retro antenae with a brisk crunch.Not something I normally do, but I felt the needthe callto end his life with a much more merciful method of mortismuch better to see it coming, blame me rather than god for your brevity on this aimless adrift clod of metals and mud.I'm much more likely to give a damn.Just ask him who you should have prayed to when you get there.Just when I thought I had her worked out.Passed like a stone, blocked and glazed like an immunizationshe managed to meander back into my meager miscalculated misery.You came by, smiles and a trail of rosy scent announced with such a final stomping strut.And we talked, at your insistenceabout some of
Manipulation, Apathy & Stupidity.
Well, another week comes to a close, another oh so exciting week in real life and in Fubarland. Anyone have any fun stories to tell this week? Lol… I don’t know about any of you all, but of late I am getting hit with this feeling of two very prevalent things on here, they are… Apathy & Stupidity Apathy, for the verbally challenged, is when people just stop caring and do not give a f. I hear about it from so many people now weekly, it’s amazing. They don’t rate pics, they don’t rate pages, they don’t fan, they don’t talk..blah blah blah. Whambulance special. During these times I think to myself and often ask those people that say these things “well what do you do that’s different f
Dennis Hopper
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dennis Hopper, the high-flying Hollywood wild man whose memorable and erratic career included an early turn in "Rebel Without a Cause," an improbable smash with "Easy Rider" and a classic character role in "Blue Velvet," has died. He was 74.Hopper died Saturday at his home in the Los Angeles beach community of Venice, surrounded by family and friends, family friend Alex Hitz said. Hopper's manager announced in October 2009 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.The success of "Easy Rider," and the spectacular failure of his next film, "The Last Movie," fit the pattern for the talented but sometimes uncontrollable actor-director, who also had parts in such favorites as "Apocalypse Now" and "Hoosiers." He was a two-time Academy Award nominee, and in March 2010, was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.After a promising start that included roles in two James Dean films, Hopper's acting career had languished as he developed a reputation for thro
Naughty Story
My Daughter And Her Journey.....kicking Leukemias Ass
First let me say i am not posting this because i want you to feel sorry for me...or her.  She is in remission and this ordeal will only make her a stroger person in the future.  If she can overcome this......nothing will stop her. I guess i am posting this because FUBAR seems to have alot of drama lately......people have forgotten what is really important in life. So seriously....quit feeling sorry for yourselves that you dont have that bling or this bling.....that that person bought this for someone and not you................   This slideshow design generated with Smilebox
Bigfoot Baby
My niece is soooo cute in this.
It is not good to have a rule of many.  -  Homer
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. :)
It's time. Shannon and I have set a date (yes, a wedding date. No, we're not kidding.) We're also going 'dark' from the internet for a while, too. We're going to focus on our family, our lives, and our future - and the internet has been nothing but problems for us both - aside from being the place we met. I know there are a few of you that won't understand, and that's ok - this is for us, noone else. Those of you who ARE true friends, feel free to toss me an email or a text from time to time... neither she nor I want to lose the few friends we've made on here. I'd thank each person specifically for the help you've given me over the years, but I'd be here a while - you know who you are ;) On that note... *gives final slurpz to those who deserve it* Rob aka m0p/Master0fPuppets
Bully Test
Ewww!!! Its A Dude!!!
For a while there I was on foot.Fresh out of jail,long hair swaying out from under this constant do-rag I wear (I even sleep in this mutherfucker ok?) Anyway,Im strutting up to the store about a mile down this highway from my house-After awhile i noticed people giving me these turn around looks like they looking for something in my face.Ok so,im blind right? Adjust with my glasses and soon enough, I hear this pickup slow down and Im watchin-and out the back window this young guy is all staring hopefully and his face goes from hopefull to horror to looking like he is going to puke his guts out. Suddenly it hits me-Baggy jeans swaying long red hair-Guys think im a chick from behind but when they get a load of this face they cant help but puke.I get lotsa satisfaction from this and it might help if just one-ONE would stop and offer to ethier shake my hand or start a fistfight rather than run off,beacuse these are the same pukes I had to beat off of my little sister in Highschool.Sadly th
Deal Of A Lifetime ;)
Get in on the best deal on Fu! For 7 credits, you get in on TWO famp/rang runs AND a God Mode. Some people here charge 5-6 credits just to get in on a God Mode. This is TWO famp/rang runs AND One God Mode. I will add you to fam for all three runs for just 7 credits. :)  I have over 14,000 friends and almost just as many fans. You won't be sorry. Tons of rates and I bomb my family multiple times during my God Mode runs. Send me a message or SB me if you want in. :)
Philly - F U Get Together
There were a few of us that are in the area that were thinking....why not have a get-together for all of us Fu-Folks!! If you would be interested...please let me know....we were thinking of having everyone meet up at the Dave & Busters up in the Franklin Mills Mall. This way there's no $$ out of pocket for anyone (accept for the cash bar) There are games, billiards and a ton of TV's....and is easily accessible from I95. Possibly on a Thursday night..later on in the summer....this way we avoid the weekend crowds....and it's not called thirsty Thursday for nothing!! LOL So, if you're from Philly or anywhere in the area....pass the word on and let's make this get-together a huge success! Once we see how many would be interested, we'll finalize the details and set a date!   
I Love You
I'll love you when you're sick and weak,And love you when you're strong,I'll love you through our arguements,if you're right, or if I'm wrong.I'll love you in our times of plenty,and in our times of need,I'll love you when I have to serve,And I'll love when I can lead.I love you more than life itself,More than water, more than breath,I love you more than the word love,ever could define,I'll love you through whatever comes,I love you with a burning love,that fills me through and through,I can never say these words enough,for truly, I Love You.
Emotional Harassment... Should I Stay Or Should I Go...........
Venizelos Says Greek Loan A Priority As Papademos Takes Control
(See EXT4 for debt crisis news.) Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said his priority is to ensure the payment of a sixth loan under a European Union-led bailout to avert financial collapse, hours after Prime Minister Lucas Papademos took charge as head of a new interim government. Venizelos retained his posts as deputy premier and finance minister in the government sworn in yesterday by Archbishop Hieronymos of Athens and All Greece. The clock is ticking on the payment of the 8 billion-euro ($11 billion) loan installment under the 110 billion-euro EU-led rescue agreed on in May 2010. The tranche must be paid before the middle of December to prevent a collapse of the country’s economy. “The ministry’s first priority is to secure the payment of the sixth loan on completion of all the necessary actions,”sacs louis vuitton Venizelos told reporters in Athens yesterday. He said that the group of euro-area finance ministers can appr
Save The Internet And Boycott These Companies (repost)
Madison Ruppert, Contributing WriterActivist PostSOPA would put completely legitimate sites, like End the Lie and countless other alternative news outlets at risk of being shut down, along with literally any site that freely allows users to post content.That includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Craigslist, Dropbox and literally any website or service that allows users to upload content.The United States Attorney General can not only seek court orders against “foreign infringing sites,” meaning any website with a non-U.S. domain name, but can also demand that internet service providers (ISPs) would have to cut off access to the site by not resolving domain name requests.Furthermore, if served with one of the Attorney General’s court orders, search engines would have to remove any links to the site, payment networks would have to stop all payments to the site from U.S. customers and advertising networks would be forced to stop serving advertisements
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 17
{DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ÇLȦSSIFIEƊ and collected a bounty of $189,822,741,092, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED Joe and collected a bounty of $102,304,069,556, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ȺɲȺЯçĦǼ and collected a bounty of $159,648,436,330, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED OMULIS MAD and collected a bounty of $65,540,531,760, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED Julie and collected a bounty of $1,561,020,060, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED YOU MAD? and collected a bounty of $4,201,860,000, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED big boy brown and collected a bounty of $73,998,408,595, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ∑√ĮŁ ₴ᵽїɗɛƴ™ and collected a bounty of $336,1
Yahoo Nose Picker?
Joys of YAHOO Messenger / cam   babydoll_1_2002: OMG ! What did you just do? Did you just pick ur nose as you asked me to view your cam? Blues Rookie: I didn't see you accepted, I thought you didn't wanted to see. babydoll_1_2002: so u desided to pick ur nose? Blues Rookie: well, what more can I say, then that I am sorry. babydoll_1_2002: u always pick ur nose? why not blow it? Blues Rookie: my nose was itchy,  I didn't have a hankerchief here Blues Rookie: when I have one, I use it Blues Rookie: but let us change subject ok, I said I was sorry Blues Rookie: I can't change what happened. babydoll_1_2002: but u invite a girl to view ur cam and u risk me being able to see u pick ur damn nose! I think i will throw up! why not turn ur head or get some toilet paper? Blues Rookie: I'm nor perfect, I never said I was. Blues Rookie: Megan, relax babydoll_1_2002: BUT U PICKED UR NOSE ON CAM! WOW Blues Rookie: pfff babydoll_1_2002: too me thats worse then turning a cam on and see
i really dont like blogs but ill read them even though they have no nudity lmao love you all
Tag Your It
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. THE BIGGEST HABBIT I HAVE I WOULD HAVE TO SAY IS MY KIDS.. 2. The 2nd worst habbit I have is a big heart. 3. TAKING PICTURES.. I AM SHY a weird habbit i would say is Im not shy in front of the camera. Depending on who is taking the picture. 4. bad habbit smoking cigarettes.. hell i think most do it now days. lol.. 5.singing.. omy god. the damn karaoke is a habbit in a habbit. usually i love to go hang with friends. lmfao. @ some that dont sing or just stand there and talk to themselves.. 6. not much more cept... having a wall up so people cant get in... Sometimes its a good thing. sometimes its a bad thing. Ok, tag, you're i
well thn im kind of new here so i thought id write another about me in my profile mii names mahalia my bestest friend in the whole wide world is JO3 and..ilove music movies and sports i always fnd time 2 do all those thingz and still sleep attend schoo and hang out with my friendz =) ( o y3a im cool lol) i have one sibling my little brother and hes nine hmm.i love meeting new people and just having fun im 16 yrz old and im a junior at new utrecht hs my borhtdayys on jan 1st and...well thts all i could think of lol
Avn - Las Vegas, Nv.
After much thought and a reverse cancellation, I WILL be attending and signing at this years AEE expo in Las Vegas. I will be roaming around the convention floor being a fan and taking pictures with all the hot girls on Wednesday, Jan, 10th. My signing dates and times for the EVIL ANGEL booth will be as follows: Thursday, Jan. 11th: 2pm - 6pm Friday, Jan. 12th: 2pm - 6pm Saturday, Jan. 13th: 9am - 1pm I'm excited to see all of my loyal fans and all of the NEW fans as well! On Saturday night, Jan. 13th, I will be at the AVN Awards, I'm up for 11 awards, so let's see if my movies are really any good! I'm also up for Female Performer of the Year. Do I really deserve it? We'll see! See you all in a couple weeks! Update: 10:39am Prepare for a shocker at the convention due to my role in iODiNEGiRL. That's all I'm saying :)
Nothing In Particular
So there I was jumping up and down in room with low ceiling wondering why my head hurt... I always wondered why the put padded ceiling in loony bins till I said that line right there.... amazing the things that come to mind sometimes... anywa just had to put some damn thing up here tonight, but my mind is blank... short term memory loss lol... Check out the site You can catch me nightly from 12-1 am est, and on Saturday nights from midnight till whenever I fall over EST... I dunno when fall over time is, but its usually late.. lmao.. anyway peace out peeps, and yes I do bite...
History Of Squirting
Thank you Virgo for the blog. Now i need someone to study this and do this to me. Study this carefully. History of Squirting If you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how "the experts" can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counselling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this "problem"), and in some cases divorce. "The G Spot" by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry, has dozens of letters from women who went though various personal tragedies because they would ejaculate during lovemaking. Doctors, gynaecologists, and psychiatrists invariably told them they were peeing and needed either s
20 Rules Of Wva.
THE RULES OF WEST VIRGINIA ARE AS FOLLOWS: style="FONT-SIZE: 7.5pt; COLOR: #993300; FONT-FAMILY: 'Verdana', 'sans-serif'"> 1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 3. Let's get this straight; it's called a "dirt road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 4. They are cattle. They're live steaks That's why they smell funny to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? Rt. 50 goes east and west, I-79 goes north and south. Pick one. 5. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $150,000 corn pickers and hay balers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. style="FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: 'Verdana', 'sans-serif'">6. So every person in West Virginia waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone ri
Bitchez & Flies.........
Two things I have learned that aren't about shit are bitchez and flies. I fell out today with someone over something that seemed pretty meaningless in retrospect...the reader's digest version of it is: 1. Friend posted a blog 2. Someone commented 3. I disagreed with what was said so I commented 4. A snyde remark was made about me being "fu-popular"...... It was ON from there.......CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF WHAT HAPPENED FOR YOURSELF Okay, so we have this infantile pissin contest all day (yup, I have bored days too....LOL) but it got pretty heated. Back to bitchez and flies........the person I had the disagreement with chose to block, he exercised his option and I really dgaf about all that.......but it takes a bitch to block someone then blog the following: "January 11, 2008 @ 11:15 am I have SS's of what was said, and a certain somebody pushed me over the fucking edge, she thinks cause she's a "fubar supporter" she can treat me like shit? F
My Rant
Ok so here's my rant for the day lol. I've cleaned up my family list to the people i talk to. This is how i look at people. LOWER CLASS = They'll help others if they can MIDDLE CLASS = They'll give a hand to those who need it if they can provide it. HIGHER CLASS = Will help to a certain degree than when they get what they want, they're too good for the ones that aren't up their level. lol not sure if any of that made sense...but i've been getting to realize that more and more. Don't mind this bullshit talk haha as it's just my rant for today...ta ta for now ;)
Where The Hell Have I Been??!!
*Waves Hi!* I know it's seemed like forever since I've been around but actually it's only been a few weeks. Historically, when I see people bitching in the bulletins about the site or the drama...I've been very consistant in saying "If you're that bothered...log out". I've taken my own advise. Right now (and this may change later) there is so much "non fun" related things happening on the site that I chose to step away for a while. My real life is very full, I've been working, traveling and working on I have been very active on site for almost two years now and I really just needed a break. The addiction to fubar is a very real thing and I had to evaluate how much time and energy I was spending on here versus how much time I could be doing something else in "real life" that makes me equally as happy and is equally as fulfilling to me right now. I am NOT ignoring anyone. Many times I am logged on but if my status says "BBL", I'm more than likely not around.
looking for a fu- wife shut me for details if intersted in helping I will pay you in fu bucks i
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I would do anything for my friends and family that I am capable of. 2. I hate my job. 3. I HATE it when people lie/steal from me. 4. I HATE it when people tell me they'll be there for me and never are. 5. I HATE it when people play with my feelings wether it be guys or my female friends. 6. I love FuBar!. 7. I want to see Fubar my girly friends. 8. I want to be an Vet. 9. I think my body is ok. 10. I tried to kill myself when I was 16. 11. I lost the love of my life(RIP). 12. I don't speak to my parents. 13. I want to have another baby. 14. I believe in ghost. 15. I want to marry a man. I am
Because No One Ever Reads The "about Me"
About ~*CutePsychoKttn*~ I am definitely a walking contradiction; an enigma in most senses of the word. I am happily married; completely satisfied with my life and my partner; but my marriage is flexible and I desire more from life; from people I interact with, and from the experiences that are allowed us in this lifetime. Pushing the envelope of social standards is what I crave; polyamorous is what I am. I truly believe that drama is not a negative; but the spice of life that makes this time we have been blessed with worth experiencing.I have posted ads on adult websites where "getting laid" is the primary objective for lack of a straight forward avenue I can follow to obtain what I pursue (as sex is not my number one priority). I prefer the intensity of meeting and connecting with someone new and exciting but then the prolonged period of learning each and every nuance of that person. Maybe we develop a relationship full of passion and spontaneous i
Thank You All!
I just wanted to thank everyone that has stopped by and dropped some birthday wishes. I think I was able to reply to all, but if I missed you, just let me know. Thank you all again, for making this a very Happy Birthday!!
From A Friend
God gave a gift to the world when you were born; a person who loves and cares, who sees a person's need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than herself, who touches each life she enters & makes a difference in the world. May the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied. Today is your day to shine as every day should be. Happy Birthday
007 Adventure Ride
007 I'm a Bond Fanatic!! Join me as another Bond, Bond Girl, Villian or Femme Fatales. Here is the link to pick your character for your tag. There are 3 Simple Rules: 1. Please choose a character from above link and message me with: Which character and what movie they were in. 2. F/R/A everyone on this list, or comment if you are already a friend with "007 Adventure". 3. Buy everyone a Martini (500 fu-bucks during non-HH or 250 during HH). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LoneStarStateCowboyMscFrkEvonneTonyaMzCaBiBBWDuckyTexas AngelRebelicious Dixie AngelDBrown1004Vitamin DESinful BratWhispers Haunt MeEmily IMAX
Black Friday Shopping
Plan ahead and shop smart. This site compiles all the ads for your convenience.
Come Give Me Some Love
Bambi Meets Flower
One of the cutest parts of the whole movie. i'm actually going to watch it right now on VHS. =D
New Corruptor's Insane Planet Posted
Pretty good response so far to the Corruptors Insane Planet. If you like jokes, weird news and stuff check it out. It's marked NSFW just so you know and don't get offended. Party Hard Corruptor Newest entry under Corruptor's Insane Planet
Are You Rude? I Guess I Can Be...don't Mean To Be...
I saw an article that made me think for a second. Hmmm I do that sometimes but do not think of it as rude perhaps I should take a step back. “Are you rude?” 1. You know what's rude? When someone -- Interruptions are offensive on many levels. When you interrupt someone, you suggest that your time and ideas are more important than everyone else's and that you have no interest in listening to what they have to say. A rare offense is forgivable, but habitual interruption is problematic, says professional coach Susan B. Wilson. "Some folks interrupt incessantly, whether you are on the phone, in a meeting, deep in thought or in another conversation." Thank the maker I don’t fall into every category! 2. No thanksAside from the phrases "Because I said so!" and "No," perhaps the most common thing you'll hear parents say to a child is, "And what do we say?" The prompt is, of course, for the child to thank someone for a kind gesture -- a practice lost on many adults.
Good morning......   that is all.
Update On The Medical Stuff
so 3 weeks ago I went to my GYN... and she did a cervical cancer test on me. Yesterday, it came back as a negative. Thank god.... now the problem is that we don't know what is wrong... I went through a full round of blood work today (seriously... 4 vials? wtf is that shit... not little vials either.. BIG ONES...) had cultures done of my vajayjay... and also had 2 freaking ultrasounds... oh and urine test for hormones and stuff... i dunno... lol anyway.. I was watching the lady who was doing my ultrasounds.. and at one point she made a face and was looking at the screen... she kinda startled me when she said "have you been having pain?" i was like yeah.... and she asked "where.." i said left side....and she said hmm... she was looking at my left ovary.... but didn't tell me anything... I go BACK to the doctor on the 7th... hopefully it was nothing... i am a littttttle worried though
Another Year Gone By
The 14th of April is here, and it never gets any easier. My little brother was taken in a car accident from us. He was only 25 years old when he died. There was never a man out there that was as good as he was. He lived each day like it was his last, which is why he has left such a lasting impression on people. He always took the time to talk with people. He never rushed anyone. He even made time to call and bullshit with me on Saturdays to chat with me. I miss him terribly. He was a great man. I wish I had more time to talk with him and just hang out with him. He was years ahead of everyone else out there when it came to living life. His faith was unshakable. He never backed down from what he believed in, but he always listened to someone else's perspective. He was a much better man than I, but each day, I try to be better than I was the day before. I know I have a long way to go to live up to what he was. I love my brother, even today. His name is Shawn, and he will be forever missed
Mini Text Art
(o)(o) ..) .( ...( Y )..     -------//////-------- ------( o o )-------- --oo0--(_)-0oo-----       @..@    (----)   ( >__< ) ^^ ~~ ^^                         |_ _|              n    (O O)    n             H   _|\_/|_   H           nHnn/ \___/ \nnHn                        \__\/|     |\/__/     .. .. .. .. .. ..»../.. .. .. .. ..{/..*. `;.. .. .. .. {/…./`´»~ ( ¯..).. _.).. ..| ../.. ‘|.|.. ..|. |_ ..| /     .. .. .. . . . . ..»ii,. . .. . . .. ..{/..◐.`;. . . . . . . . {/./`´. . . . . .. . {/./. . .. .. . . {/./. . .. .. .. {/./»~ ( ¯..).. _.).. ..| ../.. ‘|.| ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿.. ..|. |_ ..| /. \ĺ⁄ \ĺ⁄.\ĺ⁄ \ĺ⁄.l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡.̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌l̡*'̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡.̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌l̡
Omega Watches End Up Sophisticated With Modern Technological Innovation
Bell&Rose BR01-92 Tungsten Steel Blalck Dial Rubber Automatic M Anybody trying to find type designer watches utilizing a print can potentially take into account heading for tortoiseshell impacted by the guidance of the single writer. In an posting for dark Course magazine, omega constellation womens watches mentioned this girl thinks this sample will undoubtedly be the new leopard printing. Bell&Rose BR01-94 Steel Blalck Dial Rubber Strap Automatic Men Watch Rolex yacht master keep an eye on the estimated expense of not under two dollars, whilst the Gold Edition 33000; s / s types have a lower total price.Its classic, a lot more sophisticated and looks much better for your daily accessories want sunglasses and omega constellation gold watches the girl explained. Still, Microsof company Alcaca added that tortoiseshell is not just for ladies, using the craze working for men of all ages as well. The specialized specifically recommended the fresh new Nixon 42 20 Chrono Watc
"webb Of Lies"
I cannot believe you hurt me this way I relive that same pain every single day I really believed that I would someday be your wife And now I just relive the empty fact that you are no longer in my life   Daily and nightly many tears flood from my eyes I feel as though I am drowning in your giant sea of lies I cannot believe that none of it was real For if I did, just for one moment, I know with no hesitation that this broken heart has no chance to ever heal   You tell me to believe, you tell me to hope But when I look around, all I see is an empty noose at the end of a dangling rope Once upon a time, I thought all my wishes were finally coming true Yet here I am, lost, blindsided completely out of the blue   I knew your heart. I knew your soul Or so I once believed, before you tore this gaping heart hole I want to forgive. I want to not hate But sometimes I contemplate if it’s just too damn late   I once called you "prince", you once called me "angel"
Achievement Points
How come When tryin to get the achievement points... u do what u are suppose to and u dont get the points..... such as...   I have 420 videos loaded... but yet didnt get the points or the achievement for  "Add 250 videos" ..   Anyone else had this prob. or is it just me... ugh im tryin to do what i am suppose to...   FUBAR PAY UP!!!:)
Why Have Empathy?
No one had empathy for me What is empathy? I will make a knew definition   Empathy requires being there Example...if you see a dog's corpse in the field with no context You have no empathy. It is just a dog that died in the field at some time And it is has interrupted your nice walk By smelling really bad & making you decide whether to call animal control to pick it up An annoyance No empathy If you had been there when that dog died Lets say it had cancer And it was instinctually going away from the pack because it knew it was dying And YOU knew it had cancer STILL no empathy because you knew it was dying But you think it is cool that it did that....selfless You would bury it And be sad but not too much so Then what about if it was tortured & killed The empathy would be there I guess So then what is empathy?  You can only have Empathy if you were there
A War For Your Soul
Today a friend did forward me a Video in 3 Parts. I wanna ask u all to take ur time and watch it..and then think about it...Comments r apriciated!! One Love!  
Death Begins In The Colon
Death begins in the colon Recent studies report that many diseases that human beings experience come together than we carry in their mouths every day. Our diet ultimately is responsible for any evil displayed. The diet, lifestyle and extrinsic factors make us sick. When the balance is broken somatic / mental illness are our being.   However, there are people who are more likely to get a special kind of evil by heredity or environment. We said that our diet plays an important role in our health. Eating the proper and timely manner will lead to a state of full health.   The question is do we feed? The answer in many cases can be daunting. Moreover, sometimes we abuse a special type of foods that are not all food. our digestive system is a complex machine processing of nutrients and many of us know how it works.   This article will not delve into how the process of digestion, but to orient the reader about its maintenance and avoid the excesses that we all crave.   Much was said
How To Use A 'webcam Social'
Webcam SOCIAL 101: Beginners WEBCAM SOCIAL 101: Read & Choose a Website HOW to USE a 'webcam social': cruise member's photos and on their profile beneath [interests] it should contain a webcam contact for the member. Send them a message directly from this website. State intention that you would like to add them to your application and cam2cam soon. BE POLITE and move on if rejected. Have fun. Search the navigation bar and try various chatrooms. THIS site hosts 8 because of purpose to expand member's comfort zone and make new applications familiar. IN navigation tab, click on [TIME Card] anytime you go on webcam. Consider it similiar to your Yahoo messenger flag [VIEW MY WEBCAM]. Fill in the form, each time you go LIVE. Invite your friends and choose your favorite chat client on this site. Then start a cam2cam conference and see who else may join randomly when visiting website. Start a sub-group of your own favorite fetish or other related interest that can be seen on recre
About Life, Experiences And Self
Life works in, sometimes, mysterious ways; or at least that is how it seems when we are in the middle of a certain situation and we cannot wrap ourselves around the scope of meaning and the influence (the result) that particular situation will have on our own personal development. We often times allow ourselves to remain stuck in that situation until the situation resolves itself or until circumstance forces us to resolve it.  As time passes we gain the ability to look back with a more objective, analytical view and recognize the changes we underwent in the process. We gain a determination not to find ourselves in a similar situation again when it concernes a negative experience. Key in this however is how strong is this determination and are we able to implement this determination into our lives to prevent a repeat. How honest can we be with ourselves in scrutinizing our actions, or lack thereof, in the development of this situation. How far can we go in the dissecting and analyzing
My Sick Lil Computer Named Pavillion
My computer is sick.... Ive noticed a change in him these last few weeks... Taking longer to respond to my touch... follow my commands.. I thought he was just lil tired. I didnt realize u was so sick ... We spend so much time togeter... I love when my fingers are tapping away at ur sleek keyboard and seeing how well u respond to my touch...Hours of pure enjoyment for me.. I know u enjoyed it to by how hot u got ** blushing** Now I see u falling to pieces in front of my eyes.The more time I spend with you ... trying to fix u and make all the lil things right that is going on in your framework... I get more and more fustrated and mad it u.. I HATE YOU COMPUTER... WHY DID U GO AND GET SICK ON ME LIKE THAT? WE CAN'T EVEN VISIT THE SPECIAL PLACE CALLED THE INTERNET.. I care for you to much I am not giving up on you , my sweet Pavillion... I shall get you into a program to protect you and make u feel safe... This is only one day with out being able to have some me tiime on the computer. I
Doubts And Fears.....
Doubts I have they care me away the fear of what maybe   I know they also drive you crazy when I tell them to you   Forgive me  for they are not  meant to hurt you   I thought if we both knew what they were we could handle them together as one   My mistake for they are only  MY doubts and fears   There really no reason for them to be here A constant fight with the feeling with in   A battle that one day  I hope to win
My Bio Stuff-was On My Main Page, But Moved To My Blog...
I graduated from a small, private, liberal arts college, with a Bachelors in Arts in Literature. My interests are early English and European writers, as well as some American authors and poets. I love Emily Dickinson as well as Edgar Allen Poe. I am very interested in Sensatonalism, Erotica, and writing from the real Gothic period, not what people have turned goth into today...My thesis, which I got an A on, is on Vampires and the role of Sexuality and women vs men. I'm very much into the sexuality and psychology of Vampirism--it's much more than simply sucking warm, gushing blood. I'm looking for my Superman!(I love Smallville--but Christopher Reeves will ALWAYS be my original Superman). I'm very warm and friendly, easy going, sensual and confident. I have long ago grown into a woman who knows who she is and what she likes and wants, and I'm excited about starting the next stage in my life. I lived in Phoenix AZ for about 2 years then moved back here to upstate NY 2 summers
Hello Friends
hi ive been entered in the pretties smile contest and i need your vote. would you be so kind as to click on the pic below and vote for me? please!!!!!. thank you!!!!
My Craaaazy Lifestyle...
well.. Lately I have been very busy. My finances are suffering so I have been trying to book extra gigs to fill in the broke spots... lol Earlier today I booked a gig from a friend of mine to do some of my trade stuff at a persons home for a few hours... this gig will help me get back on track with some bills that need to be paid. Earlier this week I got another class to teach.. this one is called "Structured Cabling" and happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 1pm at the AT&T facility in North Hollywood... I am already teaching a "Basic Electricity / Digital Electronics" class at the AT&T facility in Pasadena on Saturdays... :) Busy busy busy... seems like when it rains it pours... lol Thank god I have friends that hook me up with extra money gigs to help out... :)
I Was Looking For This E-mail Itwas Sent To Me On The Anniversary Of 1 Yr Of 9/11 I Would Like To Share This Brew
The proud warriors of Baker Company (USMC) wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is by taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country." Semper Fi imikimi - Customize Your World 1st Sgt Dave Jobe
Adult Questions
Body: ADULT QUESTIONS 1. Is there anyone on your top friends list you had sex with? What kind of sex? Cyber, Yes. Phone, Yes. In real life, No. 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? All the time is good :)~ 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? I prefer the right, but sleep on the left as it is. (this is in the in bed already time frame. The opposite when looking at the bed) 4. Lights on or off? off 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? ummmm no :( 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? nope thats all free 7. Shower or bath? Bath... but don't have time too often 8. Do you pee in the shower? Yup :) 9. Mexican or Chinese? I've only had mexican, don't know any chinese I've been interested in. 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive :) 11. Love, money, or lust? Lust, the rest comes later :) 13. Credit cards or cash? Cards :) 14. Has there ever been anyone i
Updates & Changes...
...hey everyone. Just a quick update...well, I've been mad quiet latley and well, partly recovery from my amazing New Year's jaunt with Ms Chelle Chelle, and then having to work like crazy since I've been back...blah.. ..but anyways, back to the issue @ hand... ...people looking for the blow ups and fakes will still find them here, and after a week or so I'll also be adding them to the two new blogs I have called Fubar Fakes Exposed and Classic Fubar Blow Ups. Seems like alot of people have a hard time finding something when I'm referring to it out there on the boards or in messages, so I'll just make it easier for everyone to come back to to reference by posting them there also after the inital shock and drama wave ...anyways, on the future docket will be the issue of the mass resets, people still supporting kiddie watchers, cheaters and such, a ton of fakes running wild here on fu (aka the Stilletto Girls and well, you know who ..more of the same real
Days Go By
Days go by and though the tears have stoped a day does not go by without thoughts of you fludding my mind. You've been gone now for 17 days, but i find it no easier that time has passed, i miss you so much and yet i'll never hear your voice ever again. I listen to the memorial page so many have worked so hard on for you and i listen to the videos people have shared. And every time i do i cannot help but cry because i miss you. I dont know why god had to take you , i wish you were here now with us because i need your help so bad. I know your in heavan i know that your happy and safe but it doesnt change the fact i miss you. I know one day we will all see each other again, i know one day we'll be happy, We'll all see each other and rejoyce, but until then i'll miss you huni, till that day i'll be sad. I hope you know we all miss you, i hope you know we all still cry. I hope you know how much we love you, i hope you know that you'll always be part of me. I carry you where ev
Just Added New Passengers!! Im Done For The Night Any New Add Ons Will Happen In The Morning
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What A Disgrace
Subject: What a Disgrace Here ARE STRONG, POWERFUL AND COURAGEOUS WORDS COMING FROM A RETIRED COLONEL. AND READ WHAT LINCOLN HAD TO SAY AT THE END. WOW! 33 Senators Voted Against English as America 's Official Language on June 6, 2007. On Wed. 6 June 2007 23:35:23 - 0500 Colonel Harry Riley , USA , Ret. wrote: Senators: Your vote against an amendment to the Immigration Bill make English America's official language is astounding. On D-Day, no less, when we honor those that sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock, character and principles of America , I ca n only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens. I don't much care where you come from. What your religion is. Whether you're black, white, or some other color...male or female...... Democrat, Republican or Independent. ....... But I do care when you are a United States Senator representing Citizens of America ....and Vote against English as the official language of the United States
I Believe...
Birth Certificate shows that we were born A Death Certificate shows that we died Pictures show that we lived! Have a seat . . . Relax . . . And read this slowly. I Believe... That just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do love each other. I Believe... That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I Believe... That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I Believe... That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I Believe... That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I Believe... That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I Believe... That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be t
A Last Message To All My Family And Friends
Make a Smilebox scrapbook
V-day Date
Linking In Blogs
This s a quick blog being done to show someone how to link photos in blogs. While I have another blog in this blog folder showing how to link photos. That is more so for your profile page, and other websites that use HTML well here goes, should be rather easy and straight forward. First post the photo you wish to be used as the link. I am running under the assumption you already know how to do this, if you don't then CLICK HERE!Okay once you have the photo in the blog, simply click on the photo once. And then click the “link” icon, it looks like this Once you click that, this menu will come up.Remember to put in the whole URL in the link URL box, including the http://whatever.come/net/org depending on what you are linking to Depending on the browser you have you may or may not have to put www.. I use Firefox and when I put http://www... I get an error and thus it will only work if I put Some browsers make you put the after th
The Fixture
Wow...I just went and had my last buffet at the hotel social hour, and as it should be, it was taco night! hahaha. As Im departing sometime tomorrow, I hung around and had a chat with the matre d Alfredo who've Ive become pretty good chums with over the past 2 months. Whilst Im talkin to him, Angelina from catering comes up and bids ado, and then the staff comes out givin me hugs and handshakes, citing they'll miss my stories and my horseplay (Im always heckling everyone, even strangers). I had no idea I had become that familiar, now Im huggified and full of draft beer, and I think I might even be bit verklempt! lol *fans face* It was nice tho, and  have to admit, I am gonna miss this place a bit, good stuff, good times.  
blog entry, make me smile
Best Friend
If I have touched your life in anyway.Then i am truely blessed.If I say I am a true friend,You should never expect any less. I always try to improve,To stand better in others eyes.To constantly improve,This I will always try. There will be times I stumble,And many time I will fall.But hopefully in the end,I hope I will still stand tall. So please bare with me friend,Through all the good and bad.And hopefully someday you'll say,I am the best friend that you have.
Behind The Scenes
Doing an honest toy review is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be (which in no way excuses my lack of reviews lately), being objective is harder than you think when it comes to personal pleasure, and having to keep in mind that even if something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for one or a few of my readers.  The easiest part about it all is just explaining what the toy is made of and what it does, the basics, but then again being impersonal isn’t always advisable no matter what someone is reviewing because a big part of a review (especially when it comes to adult toys) is about describing personal feelings.  As for toys for boys all I can do is make my readers aware of what is out there, believe me I really wanted to do a review on the Tenga Eggs, but my test subject wasn’t as comfortable with male sex toys and I am with female (something about synthetic is pointless when the real thing is right there also he couldn&rs
Dimention 27 Chaper 1-7 Preview .... Submit Your Pics To Have A Character Based On Your Image!
  "Dimention 27" Chapter one a lot to do with advertising Lock Downly the third was the last in a long line of space captains. His great grandfather the first Lock downly was known as the brilliant invention of the dimention jumper. The same inventor was now known as Lock Downly senior. After whom Captain lock downly the first took over, followed by Lock Downly the seccond, Who was replaced by Captain Lock downly squared. a clone of captain lock downly the seccond. and it was almost time for captain lock downly the third to walk in his fathers, granfathers, great grandfathers, and a clones, foot steps and Become a space captain and an inventor. incidentally it is this captain lock downly (the third one)to whom, who, whoms?... its the guy whos we follow in this adventure..... not his cryogenicaly frozen great grandfather, grandfather, his granduncle the clone, or his father, whom although not frozen for tax reasons or to preserve death along with the first the lock downly's I ass
Will She Find Her Prince
One more written over ten years ago...but thought women might like   Will She Find Her Prince   She dreams of a fairytale As she sits in her room With a knight in armor To come to her rescue He rides up on his horse And calls her from below She runs to see him And climbs from her window   Will she find her prince Outside of her dreams Will he ever kiss her And wake sleeping beauty Cinderella had her slipper Snow White had her kiss And she keeps wondering Will she ever find her prince   Her feet hit the ground She runs to his side As he pulls her up They turn to the sunrise And as they ride off Comes a knock at the door So she wakes from dreaming To later dream some more
Mike Aka Babyjesus
View on YouTube   Connie vs. Katy   View on YouTube
Leg Contest Idea
so with summer bearing all these leggggsssssssssssssss & stuff   :O I was thinking  it might be fun to have a leg guessing contest .... just thoughts in mah head .. if peeps entered their legs unknowing to others & then peeps had a week or so (or until the next credit sale so I could buy the prizes)  to guess who's legs were who's & maybe they win something or mebbe not ... WOuld you be leggy for this or Should I just STFu now *pounces on some of ya  stabs others* and as always peace baby      
Addicted To You
Addicted To You I wake, eat, sleep, and dream you.This emotional journey before us -almost too much to bear sometimes.Yet, every time I hear the ringing of the phone,or see your name pop up online, I know that I am addicted to you.But it is far more than that,and please listen very closely.I am a very reasonable and sane person,not given to idle whims or fancies,not taken in any more by false hopes and promises.Yet, somehow, you are different - very different.I don't know what happened, or how or why,but I feel as though I fell out of a cloud,tumbling down to earth to a sure death -and at the last possible second,you caught me in your arms.Yes, I am addicted to you,but I know the consequences of addictions,and, fear not, I will not harm youor cause you pain in any way.Of that, I give you my humble word.I want to breathe you, to feel you,to taste you, and to hear your soft whispersagainst the sensitive nape of my neck -telling me that you're addicted, too.
This Place Never Ceases To Crack Me Up
this is exactly as he typed it!  LMAO     Sorry if this email to you seems Bothering but am sure you would understand after explaining my reasons was wandering around when i came across your Profile it was just stunning could not believe my eyes .am sure you must have a lot of admirers chasing you around and even knocking down your door .well won't blame them cause i will be doing the same as well maybe mine will be a little rational cause i will be chasing you with a wedding ring. Sorry for not introducing myself, My name is Raymond. am a Soldier stationed in Afghanistan and am very hard working man and am a fun loving guy, sincere ,considerate in all that i do and also very Happy with what i got. Well was wondering if we could be able to chat sometime cause you look like a nice person to be with, well am looking for a soul mate ,companion, a lover and a soul mate someone to be there for me as i would be there for her as well and a best friends .Would really appreciate it if i can g
Locate Quality Connected With North Face Coats
You could possibly would actually truly feel problem to find a delightful North Face jacket at a fixed retailer and also purchase it around similar sites, you need to realize the way to identify a huge items and even fake. Different illegally reproduced packman want to earn an income, they typically identical several model outfits or other people market these questions more cost-effective charge. So does the north face jackets. The spurious peddler will always make yourNorth Face Jackets small amount of rewards by simply establishing the imitations, simply because the buyers don't see the way to stay from getting ripped off. There may be quite a bit unfounded evidence of the normally fabricated using you must distinguish strategies for using them. Step one: Look into music labels because the labeling of any newer clothing usually are carry out. The Fake in North Face jackets possesses mutable tags, usually there is always one recording label, and often you will discover nu
Fubar 2012. Time To Look In The Mirror.
Hey kids, it's been a little bit now and I figured that I would just throw some random thoughts out there as usual from time to time, hope some of this helps some of you figure out exactly what goes on around here and for some people, take a look in the mirror.... I've been here almost six years and have over 500 blog posts. I've seen and heard about some crazy stuff to say the least. From program running scripters, to top member murderers to con artists and egomaniacs of all shapes and sizes. And of course fakes. People use fake accounts to do a ton of things here. Spy, cheat, transfer credits via a con of a hot default image. People paying other people to make salutes for them so that at least the account is real, even if the person running it really isn't the person you see in all of "their" pictures... ..over time, there are cycles. There's the overspending attention-needy male. There's the fu female who thinks she isn't good enough to get mass credits and it's easier to make
Rock N Roll Here! Free Beer
We did a show this past weekend, great time!  Check out some Ragencobra on here!! Let's Rock!!  Post what instrument you like and all! Keep this going,, talk about beer, what ever just listen to Ragecobra
Closest Friend Lost!
We used to sit up late night, Talking and joking about our life, You'd talk about Mel and I'd talk about Yuum, But no matter what we always had fun. When I was sad you'd make me laugh, Through all the rough times we had a blast, When I was sick you were by my side, You saved my life when I wanted to die. I was destroyed when I lost my son, You helped me see life just begun, You helped me see it wasn't the end, I realized then you were my best friend. The came the time I had to move, I wonder if I would still see you, We kept in touch once a week, You were there when I was in need. But then you moved, Our calls became few, All I know is I really miss you!
Introducing Team Tits!! ~ Contest Over
Well the contest is over and Team Tits lost to the ladies with the hot asses! Thank you so much for all your help. I personally came out on top with a win as MVP. ~Our Official Logo~ ~My Prize~ ~The Picture That Won~
Taking Up 'the Title'
The following was my reply to an "on-line Mistress'" insistence on her (self-imposed?) title's relevance, and validity: Personally, I like to Whip Ass. I actually went to an Academy, and lived in a Dungeon for four (count 'em (4)) months, learning exactly HOW to Whip Ass. My immediate trainers, I referred to as "Sir" or "Ma'am". And, the woman who ran the whole Academy was (is) addressed as "Mistress". Now, every so often when I'm out in public, at some nightclub, and sometimes on the city streets, small groups or individuals will get down on hands, and knees, kiss my fingertips, or my boots (hell, my docksiders!) and address me as "Master". These good people couldn't give (pardon me) a 'flying goddamn' about my parenting skills, my humanity, or my artistic and creative abilities. They address me as such because I Whip (their) Ass! Now, I could run around demanding that I be addressed as "Grand Arch-Lord Blowhard of Kansas City", or somesuch... But, you will notice I go by (always
The Ten Rules Of Ems
1-Skin signs tell all 2-Sick people don't bitch 3-Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round, any variation on this is a bad thing. 4-About %70 of the battery patients more than likely deserved it. 5-The more equipment you see on a EMT's belt, the newer they are. 6-There is no rule six, insert your own. 7-When dealing with patients, supervisors, or citizens, if it felt good saying it, it was the wrong thing to say. 8-All bleeding, seizures, falls will stop....eventually. 9-All people will eventually die, no matter what you do. 10-If the child is quiet, be scared.
Just A Thought!!!!!
I close my eyes and softly sigh.. letting a slow smile spread across my lips as I picture myself lying on my side next to you, facing you, my eyes seeking yours. I pause for a moment, smiling.. taking in the wonderful sight of you, with me. I can only wonder how I got so lucky. My heart flutters, skips a beat and then does a flip as you smile back at me. I reach my hand out, resting it on your chest, feeling your heartbeat under my palm. Your hands cross over, gripping my hips, pulling me in closer to you. Purring softly as I feel my body melt next to yours. Wiggling my hips against yours, managing to slip my leg in between your thighs. Curling up against you, my head tucked under your chin, my legs entwined with yours, a content sigh filling the air. Whimpering softly as your fingers caress my neck, gently gripping my throat, lifting my face up to yours. Your lips brushing across mine ever so softly, sending shivers down my spine. Your fingers grip a little harder, a slight gasp escap
How To Be Apart
Clarification On Tit Comments
On my profile I wrote this: 1. Why do men think I will respond to comments like NICE TITS..CAN I SEE MORE?? While I do appreciate the compliment (I like my breasts too) if I wanted to show everything to the world the pics would already be posted. Do some women take that and then immediately get naked?? I just don't get it. Guys, I have a TON of male friends here with CHARM that can teach you how to make me want to take off my clothes. Let me know if you want some lessons. There has been some misconceptions surrounding this passage and I thought I'd clear them up. I do realize that 80% of my pictures involve my breasts. I like them, I think they're pretty, I have an obsession with my own breasts. I also realize that by posting these pictures that I am going to get certain kinds of comments about them. All I meant was that if you're going to approach a woman I don't understand why you start out with comments like "Nice rack" or "Can I see your nipples" no part of that will
Hey Hey
* Merkaba *
Merkaba (Merkaba Fields or Merkaba Vehicle) A set of counter-rotating, electro-magnetic energy spirals. (See: Merkaba Mechanics) Energy moves form the seven outer layers of the Auric Field (D-9 through D14) and into manifestation within dimensions 1-7, through the structure of Merkaba Fields. Each form has fifteen dimensional Merkaba Fields, which hold its morphogenetic imprint intact within the 15-dimensional Unified Field. Through the rotation of the 15 Merkaba Fields, an energy structure in the form of an "egg" or capsule is formed within the dimensional Unified Field of each of the 15 dimensions. (See: Ascension) (Voyagers II – Page 463) Merkaba Fields are the energetic ‘organs’ by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock. They enable us to move (which in reality is to expand) into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.
Now, this chick is a wanker for two reasons. 1 - she actually believes that the term "alien" when referring to immigrants to a country is a racist term. And 2. She blocked me from her shit for pointing that fact out to her. I guess I'm just a big racist Nazi bastard...
Jangl Information - New Feature
This is a repost of the original blog created by Sinderella on the new Jangl Feature: This is a great new feature fubar is now providing for its users. It allows you to leave voice messages for other fubar members without giving out your real phone number. Every member of fubar is set up to receive voice messages from other fubar members using Jangl. If you want to call someone and leave a voice message, Jangl makes that simple as well, using your Jangl account. To call someone and leave a voice message, click on “Call Me”. This link is located on every member profile, immediately below the member name. Next, verify the phone number from which you will be calling. You must use the phone number of the phone you will be calling from. (Jangl gives you the option to store phone numbers in your Jangl account.) Jangl will have you set up a pin number to use to log into your Jangl account. Make sure you read the Jangl terms of service and check the box that you agree to them. Comple
Flaming Freddy Firestorm
another one of our characters for the Scarybirds Mobile Combat Game By daughterofhell at 2007-10-18
Rockband shit. So I don't have work all this week and that allows me to stay up till 4-5am everyday playing Rockband and drinking. When I wake up at 12pm everyday I ask myself if its worth it and I say no, but then the night comes and I say YES!
A man finally gets his prescription for Viagra. Eager to try it out, he takes one as soon as he gets home, and waits for his wife to come home from work, but in his excitement he forgets and leaves the package open on the table and his cockatiel eats all of them. Seeing the results and panicking the man grabs the bird and stuffs him into the freezer to cool off. Unfortunately, his Viagra kicks in just as his wife comes home and it is hours later before he remembers the cockatiel. He runs and looks in the freezer expecting the worst, only to find the bird breathing heavily, drained with sweat and totally exhausted. 'What happened?' the man asks. 'You were in there for hours and yet youre not only alive but youre sweating like crazy?' The cockatiel pants, 'Man, have you ever tried to pry apart the legs a frozen chicken?'
My Life !!!
Ok so in the last few days I have found out a few things!! How much my family hates me!! Up to including my own mother!!! I have always been the black sheep. Well shit the outcast of the outcast in my family!!! Yet the way I was raised was matrilocal. That I was in line after my mother was gone. I have been raised almost the same way but for one major factor like my mother and her mother! They were never abused like I was!!!! Which has lead to a major diffrence between me and my family!! And also trying to break the cycle of abuse from mother to their children!!! I am the last to know anything in my family now. When I shouldn't be. Oh well I have never really wanted my so called birthright!!! But it still hurts to be sunded!!! I have just lost my great aunt to malpractice. And top of all that no one told me of my grandmother!!! Yes, I may not call or keep in contact with my family as often as most people do, but I have learned since they do not want me in the
When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing - then we truly live life. - Greg Anderson When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what? - Sydney Harris The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible. - Richard M. DeVos If you live for love you spread kindness and compassion everywhere you go. When you stop believing in your heart you are but a sterile vessel wandering in the wilderness. - Francis Hegmeyer Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life. - Thich Nhat Hanh
Posted By A Friend
  GOT SOME TIME 4 THIS AWESOME PERSON?Prophet ~~} Oracle12,567,377 Points to go! ~ Cathy~ "No Fan = No Add" HELP HER LEVEL RATE/FAN/ADD/CRUSH/COMMENT/BOMB/BLING HER!Brought to you By : •• . .ΜFĸŋ JÇ. . ••. . §ëЯ. . ••. .
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Start off with saying do I ever feel like an ass today!! Yesterday was cool as hell. April picked me up and we were going to hang out at her house for a few hours, instead I think we went to a ton of stores. She dropped me back off at the hotel to take a bath and to get ready to get Ernie from the airport. April was nervous as hell, not quite sure why, but she was. Last night we took a cab over the bridge into Michigan to a bar. Right when we got to the bar, I felt awful so when the cab dude came back over to Michigan to drop people off I got a ride back to Canada with him. He had to drop me off at the original bar that we got picked up from, but had radioed ahead to have another cab there. I got back to the hotel, thinking I may have felt terrible from not eating, so I tried calling pizza places and didn't get an answer anywhere so I had a bag of chips and a fruitopia. I am not sure when I fell asleep, but I slept so damn hard that I did not hear them banging on the
The Beatles - Baby It's You
Monsters Vs Aliens
If you have seen Monsters vs Aliens, you know that scene where the President is playing the keyboard in front of the alien machine thingy? My son and my nephew broke out dancing to it right now when it came on. It was so freaking cute. That is all.
Bug#3: The Evolution Of Music Video
"The hugely popular BUG returns to Norwich Playhouse for another programme of extraordinary, extreme and downright brilliant music videos from around the world, presented by comedy genius and music video fanatic Adam Buxton (The Adam & Joe Show, BBC6 Music).A hugely popular bi-monthly event at the BFI Southbank in London, BUG explores the range of creativity in music video today – from exciting work in mainstream videos, to off-beam DIY no-budget experimentation. BUG#3 promises more brilliant clips rarely seen on a big screen (or even a TV screen) and some incredible online discoveries – with insightful and hilarious contributions from Adam. It’s an essential night out aspiring filmmakers, music video fans – in fact, anyone who wants to see great visual creativity and great music on the big screen." That's what I'm doing tonight. Adam Buxton's website Norwich Playhouse website
In Pain No More
in pain no more, A beautiful soul was taking from us, to walk with the angels, no need to be sad, its time to celerbrates ones life, we have had our ups and downs, tommorow is another day, the sun will rise, Knowing your in no more pain, you are always love, and you will always live in our hearts, love you grandma, R.I.P. bedrock
God Modes....
Lmao!!! Ok so I got told this morning that the God Mode bling should ONLY be used for ranking on fubar.... Hmmmm.... Then I was told that I was completly oblivious to what the God Mode is supposed to be used for nor how anything really works on here.... Well the way I see it, I BOUGHT IT.... I will do with it as I please and use it for whatever it was i used it for.... Fubar has become a popularity site, and I'm not all about being popular on a GAME site... Do people fight to be popular on a game site simply because they can't be popular in real life OFF of fubar??? Has God Mode actually gotten to that many peoples heads that they feel they need to TELL others how its supposed to be used??? Last I checked it didn't say anything about WHAT God Mode was SUPPOSED to be used for on fubar.... So as far as I'm concerned, YOU use your God Mode bling how YOU want to use it.... and Ill do the same.... Dont come to me asking me to add you simply because you want more rates... i dont give a shit
Breaths In
Simple Bliss Breaths            In Visions began               Started her trance Reflecting what she dreamt Beneath the moon She saw the fool Dancing to his tunes He ran next to the winds Thinking of that last kiss                     Rain started falling                           Drops echoed Through the mist she watched Smiled, Laughed Debating questions                Within his glance Answers Returned Gone
Franck Muller Low Cost Acquiring Gives An Array Of Downgraded Shapes And Designs
IWC Replica Watches Classic Pilot If you need to benefit the everyday people to your investment shadow in Emergency services, franck muller mens watches specially designed innovative wristwatch Shade Ideas. Swiss discount keep an eye on is popular realize it's a huge. There is certainly a wide selection of outlets, websites, wholesalers and various places that provide these type of goods, several of them using extremely tempting gives and discounts. But how are you able to inform the big difference relating to the actual thing plus a low priced? Emporio Armani Steel Black Dial with Roman Numeral Hour Markers Leather Men Watch This shows franck muller long island watches generally provide new design allow for take into account the delighted and even carefree time, so that you can full of laughter. One issue to discover would be the shiny steel screws. If the picture frames tend not to have these chances are they'll are usually not a genuine pair. A different issu
Week 2
So this week was not that great, but I was still down. I lost .8...not quite a pound but with my nephews birthday and the superbowl...i am ok with it :)
We Use This To Sustain Ourselves
In the sunny kitchen of your soul(Its there open your eyes!) Does your cup runneth over? Or did your minds eye forget the location of the tap to begin with? We sometimes get too caught up in the struggles of whats behind us to be ready for what lie ahead-our noisome restless minds not really alive but yearning for what we think makes us happy-Breathe and imagine a place where you felt truly safe and warm when you were a child-and as an adult you should do your best consideration....... It comes to you sometimes by just closing your eyes and listening to silence and meditating on the sound thats not By seeing what isnt there,and yet comes to you if you simply believe it will(And it will,it does it really does!! Try it!
For Those Who Think They Know Me Read This Part 2
Save America
You cannot legislate the poor into equality by legislatin the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for it,another person must work for without receiving. When half of the people realize they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half realize it does no good to work because somebody else is going to enjoy the fruits of their labor, that, my dear friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
Blocked! Omg?!!!
Mumm poster has me blocked... soo..... here is my response to her wanting to know what "Love" is.... It's a biological response to external signals processed by your central nervous system and imprinted in your brain over time. There may very well be spiritual aspects to this, but they aren't exactly clear or currently definable in scientific terms. Now, this is very general and non-specific for good reason! There is no defining what it is for any one person or group, or you fall into the trap of religion and people controlling how other people think and feel about a given subject, which, in my opinion, is very wrong.
You said some things to me that made me think you cared.  I believed you. You did some things to show me you meant it.  I believed you. You brought me under your wing.  I believed you. You did some things to shed some doubt.I still believed you. When you asked for help, I was there. When you needed someone to listen, I was there. Then, you turned your back on me. Where were you when I needed you? I am who I am because of the people in my life.  Trust is not a toy for me.  I will give anyone a chance, but once that gift is broken, I will not replace it.Believe that.
I Adore You As Much As The Nocturnal Vault...
Je t'adore à l'égal de la voûte nocturne Je t'adore à l'égal de la voûte nocturne,Ô vase de tristesse, ô grande taciturne,Et t'aime d'autant plus, belle, que tu me fuis,Et que tu me parais, ornement de mes nuits,Plus ironiquement accumuler les lieuesQui séparent mes bras des immensités bleues. Je m'avance à l'attaque, et je grimpe aux assauts,Comme après un cadavre un choeur de vermisseaux,Et je chéris, ô bête implacable et cruelle!Jusqu'à cette froideur par où tu m'es plus belle! — Charles Baudelaire I Adore You as Much as the Nocturnal Vault... I adore you as much as the nocturnal vault, O vase of sadness, most taciturn one, I love you all the more because you flee from me, And because you appear, ornament of my nights, More ironically to multiply the leagues That separate my arms from the blue infinite. I advance to attack, and I climb to assault, Like a swarm of maggots after a cadaver, And I cherish, implacable and cruel beast, Even that coldness which makes you more b
What Is Compassion
The definition of compassion is: wanting others to be free from suffering. So compassion is the definition of the highest scope of motivation. It is said that to generate genuine compassion, one needs to realise that oneself is suffering, that an end to suffering is possible, and that other beings similarly want to be free from suffering.   "Nirvana may be the final object of attainment, but at the moment it is difficult to reach. Thus the practical and realistic aim is compassion, a warm heart, serving other people, helping others, respecting others, being less selfish. By practising these, you can gain benefit and happiness that remain longer. If you investigate the purpose of life and, with the motivation that results from this inquiry, develop a good heart - compassion and love. Using your
I Believe Adore Is Truly A Terrific Thing, It Two Unrelated Strangers Together
I believe adore is truly a terrific thing, it two unrelated strangers together, then the dependencies of the lifetime, a lifetime is long, appears to get longer. somebody can accompany you eat, consume with you, accompany one to accompany you happy, sad, in relation to this believe of two sentences friends, without a doubt yes, buddies may be so, but buddies may be multiplied by 365 times 24 several hours so that, unknown. The result in of men, for this can be what arrived out, say so brilliantly! Blame it all to some guy .OMG. Smile, first, I am a man, it does not wish to shirk responsibility, please refer towards particular back again analysis. it experienced been placed in top of four term linksThe initial could be the life, there are countless lifestyle, individuals consume music, individuals perform hard, individuals preserve funds on meal and expenses, Mulberry Outletsomebody handsome happy.   It is everyone's lifestyle is different, the selection of what sort of lifestyle is r
Heart Boulder
Hinder us to find, to create, only is our psychological obstacle and the thought of boulder.Once upon a time there was a family garden pendulum with a big stone, width is about 40 cm, height have ten centimeters. To garden, and not careful will play to the a big stone, not fall is scratch.The son asks, "dad, that a hate stone, why don't you take it away?"Dad so answer: "you said that the stone oh? From your grandfather era, has been in now, its volumeSo big, do not know to want to dig what, fine boring dig stones, not to walk a little bit more careful, can also trainingYour response ability. "After a few years, the secondary rock until the next generation, the son to marry the daughter-in-law, when his father.One day daughter-in-law angrily say: "dad, garden that a big stone, the more I see more not pleasing to the eye, another day please people move outGood. "Dad said: "come on! That a big stone is very heavy, can move out word was in when I was a child I moved out.Which meeting let i
Daiily Life With The Boys
Well been a week here in edmonton after 2 weeks in athabasca,,going right on living with the bros PARTY ON BOYS,,,TO CRAZY ALREADY,HAHAHAHHAH ALL MY GREAT FRIENDS ON THE LC COME AND SAY HI :)
Trust starts you You must have an open mind And have trust in oneself first Without this nothing can be built For trust is the foundation Of all relationships Trust is slowly learned And then earned from one to another It is not an given, its in knowing ones heart Trust merely gives the other the Opporitunity to be oneself To be honest without holding back Trust lets you be yourself So if you have trust in another Your own freedom will ring Without trust you are Killing yourself deep down inside And nothing else will matter Trust starts with me By keeping an open mind and Doing the next right thing The truth of my trust will be seen
Self Bondage
Mistress was away on business and left me home alone. Before she left she decided to tease me to no end by playing with me for 3 solid hrs before getting up and walking out there door leaving me on the floor on the verge of climax. She would be gone for 3 days by the time i saw or heard from her again and i couldnt take it. I searched the house for something to releive this tension she had built up but found nothing i could use. I went into the bedroom to the toy chest Which i knew i wasnt to ever use without Mistress instructing me too and i pulled out some of my favorite toys.Mistress always left the spare keys in the same place when she left just in case. So it didnt occur to me to check for them before i started taking toys out to use. I dug around the chest and found my legirons a locking ball gag My favorite butt blug and my harness before sitting on the bed to put it all on. I started with the leg irons making sure to double lock them and make sure they were plenty
WHY? when did i invite you to take the last of it that hope that kept things burning there are no more angels for these weary brown eyes perhaps there never were and you were the lesson to end it all that foolish ways must stop the ring would never turn the heart is mine and mine alone bound by fear and anger and shown on a lonely hand bearing the symbol of our ancestors the loving heart melted and fell through the cracks into mother earth and to a quiet surrender leaving only unanswered questions in this the deep of night when did i invite you to break my heart Goodbye to the Heart is there a synopsis to this pain that has repeated again dark and challenging a wind of change for the worse thank you, sinner against the love borne thief of hearts and man with the perfect words when you stole the last gift did you think or care did your words hold any meaning or are you as shallow as the air in this hell? is love so viscous a thing that it flows
Read This Before Fanning Or Adding Me
OK, I don't know where to begin, but I am just as guilty as anyone here, but I think we are losing the point of why CherryTap was created. We are all supposedly here to make new friends, get to know one another. But all that is getting lost in the whole, get the points, move up, ignore who we are talking to. I have been chewed out for sending someone kisses, because they are CT married to another, ignored by the people posting the blasts, even thought they say they will respond to everyone that rates, comments, or fans them. This is starting to become a points game, where everyone is just a pawn in the hands of the people that can afford to become a VIP or buy a blast. Now don't get me wrong, I have a lot of good friends that are VIP's and we chat alot, am talking about some of the others that hold it over our heads to get the points. Let take back control of the site, get to know our CT neighbors, interact with them, and find good friends. Going forward, I will take
For My Friends
If you love me or is my friend you will read this hole thing. What would you do is for every moment you were truely happy there would be 10 moments of sadness? What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and u never got to tell them how you felt? So, I just want to say, even if I never talk to again in my life, you are speical to me and you you have made a diffrent in my life. I look up to you and respect you, and truly cherish you. Send this to all your friends, no matter how much you talk to them, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent if to you. let old friends no you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember everyone needs a friend. Don't ever leave the one you love for the one you like, becaus the one you like will leave you for the one they love. tonight your true love will relize how much they love you between 1am and 4 am in the morning. tomorrow the shock of your life will occur. If you break the chain you will have bad luc
Just wanted to let everyone know that it is nothing personal against them that I have set all my albums to private. I have ALOT going on at home right now and feel it's best for me to take them down.
Filipino Expressions Philippines has many dialects.? Yet, we, the ?people in this country are united?through our ?national langauage:? Filipino. ???? The people in this country, also known as Filipinos are very warm and hospitable.? So, if you like to visit Philippines you will be welcomed with sincere smile and greetings from us.? Please take note of some Filipino greetings and expressions with their equivalent in English: ? Good morning!???? ...............???????? Magandang umaga. Good?noon???????? .................?????? Magandang tanghali. Good?afternoon ?? ................????????Magandang hapon. Good??evening????? ..........??? ???????? Magandang gabi. Thank?you.?????????...............????????Salamat. How are you????????............?????????? Kamusta ka? I'm glad to meet/know you...............??Ikinagagalak kitang makilala. Where are you going???????????????????????Saan ka pupunta? HAve you taken your meal?? .............??Kumain ka na ba? You are handsome.
Just my mind and heart is full tonight. So many thoughts and feelings that I'm tired but restless. So i sit here once again writing out those thoughts and feelings dear to me,instead of sharing them. So here go's nothing. Most of you won't get this. Laughter and tears rolling through like storms. Lust and hate fill the air. Kisses and touch rush over like waves. Pains and sadness rip at the soul . Time runs away like the tide. Souls cross and cross again. Screams and dreams mix again. Lost and found become one. Safe and danger blur into one. Outside becomes inside. Through it all a soul remains.
More Of Ultimate Bad Fakes..
..really. It's getting old with these fakes there are so many... Salute for: Amanda (Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club)@ fubar ..surprise surprise. Why do they do this and who's paying for this? How fucking dumb are people. lol. It takes a sick bastard to get off on soap, whoops I mean making fake profiles like this...blah. Figured I'd share this retardation, invert the colors in your paint program and you'll see the drastic difference in the white in the sign and the rest of the white pics. The song is random. lol.
Great News
As everyone knows, I have been working on getting the funding together for my next film.. While that funding has not yet been obtained, my Partner called this evening and tells me funding has come in for a revisit to our first film Red State Road Trip! So, in the next week or so, I will be away from the internet for a while as we get this next installment of that film completed! I'll try to update this blog while on the road letting all know what the progress is like. in the mean time I'll miss everyone on fubar while I'm away.. Shoot I miss you already and I'm still planning travel!! So while I'm gone.. Keep up the point race and maybe I'll be an Oracle when I return!
I Has A Hh
I is a whore and as a result this amzing chick got me a HH. TODAY~8PM fu-time. Miss it & die (except Mac). Make sure you show Confidence lots of love, she has a HH after me. ps...I has 5 more to use. You will get tired of me :P pps...Feel free to get me more HHs.
Witchie Woman
She makes me tingle. That is all.
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Hey Yall
hey yall...i'm without internet at the i wont be around much for a while...which sucks...i've made some really good friends here and i'm gonna miss talkin to yall daily.  i'm dealin with some stuff in real life and jsut wont be around...if ya wanna stay in touch you can email me at i'll reply when i can...   xoxo, april...yeah, that's my name...some of yall didnt know
I Miss You..grandma
To my Beautiful grandmother,I love you and miss you everyday I think about you all the time,And everyday it hurts to cry.So much has happened in my life,I'm not sure how hard to try.Tears are falling constantly,My heart hurts everyday.I think about your beautiful smile,That I pray I see again someday.The sweet smell of your perfume,Has slowly faded away.But all your helpful teachings,Are always here to stay.I can't express how much you taught me,So much I can't explain.All the times I can remember,Never once heard you complain.So many hearts were broken,The day God called you home.It seems as though each one of us,Were left to survive alone.I know there was a reason,That you had to leave.To keep us in your watchful eyes,So now you watch us all from Heaven's door above   R.I.P 3-08-2010
Long Day 2.75
"Well, your parents sound very supportive.  Mine were alright. Mom taught me how not to feel sorry for myself. I made the mistake of telling her how no longer had the desire to live and mom grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall and said 'Look, you want to end your life? I'll do it right now. Do you want me to do it? I will. I'm your mom and I love you but I'll end your life if you want me to' you can see what my answer was. And dad? well, let me just say his best fatherly advice I can remember him giving me was 'Son, they are all pink on the inside' when it came to dating advice. They taught me in a round-about way. They were old school and I don't regret having them as parents. Hey...I'm low on my drink. Let's head back." Thinking I painted my parents in negative way, I decided to change the subject. "So, have you stayed in Anchorage the whole time you been here?" "Sadly, yes I have. Busy starting the business and such. Settling in apartment and such." "Well,
What This Blog Is About....
This blog will be about some stuff that my girls and I talk about..... Pretty Simple.   I will post stuff as we come up with it - so no schedule to how often things are updated here. But Im sure some of it will shock you - most will probably make you laugh... And it will definitely give you an insight into our warped world...     In some cases, names will be changed to protect the innocent or insecure.    
equations,... crazy i am or nasty so sweet another +- finding breath to be so -+ some move/others stay +- simple lips drench in decay -+ another voice go run and play+-  
At A Cost
Her attention comes at a cost, Who pays the greater price. Because she chose this path, Does it mean shes not right.   How can I ever judge, I see all my crosses I bare. All she ever needs from me, Is to know I really do care. I hope her path is happy,   And she stumbles to few times. And in the end she knows friendship, And I hope that friendship was mine.
Dance Party
You'll Rather See Me Down, Then You'll Love Me
  Was looking towards music to calm me but my iTunes needed updating. So i'm waiting for that and by time that finishes it'll be time for me to start to get ready for work.  Im starting to believe i've was loved more when I was down and depressed.  I hate using the word depressed because I feel its disrespect coming from me.  All the emotional things i've been through isnt depression just basically sadness. The word depressed brings more weight to explain my feelings, it was that deep.  I just feel right now that I was more loved when I was like that.  I havent really felt like that in a while, so much so I cant think of when.  I dont even let myself get that far.  There is a more upbeat me.  Smiling more.  Looking at life differently and the more I go down this path, the less it seems people like it about me.  I'm thinking its because being down caused connections with others where we all felt we had people that understood our emotions and why we have them.  Didn't feel wrong to have
Office Conversations
Just thought I'd share.   Boss: I know you're feeling like I'm changing my mind a lot... Me: It's not a feeling. You fucking ARE changing your mind a lot. Boss: *giggles like a schoolgirl* Will you punch me if I just... Me: Yes. Yes I will. Boss:*giggles and does it anyway*   Arsehole Beancounter Whom I Despise But Have to Tolerate for HR-STUPID STUFF: Do you intend for some of your emails to be sarcastic? Me: Nope, I intend for pretty much all of 'em to be sarcastic. Arsehole Beancounter Whom I Despise But Have to Tolerate for HR-STUPID STUFF: Oh. *awkward pause* Arsehole Beancounter Whom I Despise But Have to Tolerate for HR-STUPID STUFF: I sometimes don't get nuances. Me: Really? Hadn't noticed. WHOOSH   Boss: Just want to say awesome work, congratulations. I know this week's been pretty difficult... Me: The week hasn't been difficult, you've been difficult. Colleague: *almost falls out of chair trying not to laugh* Boss: Well fuck you too. Colle
From A Distance...
  FROM DISTANCE .... I WATCH FROM A DISTANCE AS I SEE DEEP INTO YOUR EYES  EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLKY FOR A MOMENT I  TIME ,I SEE THREW THAT  SHIELD  YOU HOLD  TIGHT,AND EVERY SO OFTEN  YOU SHOW THE TRUE YOU YOU  ,A WARM  , KIND , LOVING  HUMAN BEING  ,AND IN THAT MOMENT  I I BEGIN  TO SMILE AS I CAPTURE  A PEACE  OF HAPPINESS THT I WILL TREASURE  IN  MY MIND  LIKE A MOVIE  I CAN REWIND OVER AND OVER  EVERYTIME  I WANT  TO FEEL  A LIL JOY IN MY LIFE ...... WITTEN BY TAMARA                                                                                                                                                                                                                         JULY.1,2011
Jake250: I wanna cum right in ur hair To Jake250: you're disgusting Jake250: mm I wanna shoot all my warm sticky cum all over ur face and in ur hair..and rub it around with my dick To Jake250: never gonna happen Jake250: mm it would if I were there To Jake250: no. it wouldn't. you disgust me. Jake250: oh it would happen.. if I had to hold you down and force you To Jake250: so you're a rapist? no wonder you're online perving women Jake250: whatever it takes     This is just really disturbing to me. Sitting behind the computer seems to make little boys feel invincible. Rape is real. Its not something I find amusing at all. Do the women of the world a favor.. Play in traffic.
Boyfriend Application
  basics: name:   e-mail : AIM : MSN : yahoo! : birthday [mm.dd.yy]:      location:  physical: height:      weight:  build:  heavy    muscular    beefy    lean    skinny eye color:      hair color:  tattoos/piercings? website/picture URL:  smartie pants: what year? drop out college freshman  college sophomore college junior college senior keep goin' do y
Baltic Sea
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
Dreams come like a welcome friend when I lay to sleep at night. You are there, so I long to sleep and to dream...of things both past and future. My mind takes me to places that are comforting and wonderful, all because you are there. Our Bench....and the conversations there. Drives in the car....anywhere....just to feel your hand in mine. Your head on my shoulder as we curl up together on the couch, or the feel of your body against mine as we hold eachother close. Then my dreams take us to far away destinations....Rome, Athens, Germany, anywhere our hearts desire to see. I dream of traveling anywhere, EVERYWHERE with you....sharing experiences and feelings and memories with you. I dream of a time in the future when neither of us are young in body, but mind and spirit are still as a teenagers....wide open, quick, sharp, and always yearning to learn and grow. I dream of sharing not just moments with you....but everything that life can offer....both good and bad. I yearn to drea
My Friend Of 16 Yrs..
All day today I have been contemplating taking my elderly cat euthanize him.  It makes me cry to think about it, he has been there since I was 25...  Kuki is his name, he is or was true to it.  A crazy cat that has no idea that he is any different from dogs, people or other cats.  As of late he has been not doing so well, he has polyps in his ears the vet said to just leave alone as he probably wouldn't make it out of anesthesia and over the last week, he no longer desires food.  I was thinking when I do, that I will get him cremated and keep him in a nice little teak box...Anyways just wanted to express myself...I am sad.  This was him 3 yrs ago..
Code Of Conduct
                                   2ND ALARM HOTTIE CODE OF CONDUCT   Rules are simple,if you would like to be apart of 2AH, just do the following. Rate/Fan/Add all of the people listed in the Hotties homepage family. Add hotties Officers to yourtop FRIENDS and the Home Page (HH) and Our Founder To your family.(if you do not have room in your family message us privately and we can discuss that issue.) Hotties have been around for some time now, and we would like to get back on top. Were a family, and we will stick with you no matter what,were here for support. We believe that inner and outer beauty is the most beautiful. And Our girls are the most amazing and beautiful girls around. It is recquired to show love to the page daily, you do not have to do it everyday but at least 2-3 times  a week,You SHALL leave a status comment or profile comment to confirm. We will always keep in contact with you, if you have suggestions,questions we are open to hearing what you have to say. 2
For All People Youthful Wives To Show Your Slim
north face cardigan Jackets are not only tough, however in the the same time obtain the not only dusty factors. possibly the most rudimentary characteristic would be to show some sort of slender dark pec, and that's enormous poise greatly these adolescent ladies and definitely all the take pleasure in most typically associated with superstars when it comes to winter seasons, the instant spontaneous short lamination food dyes may very well be just normal beneficial appearance North Face UK rrn the direction of various, and therefore the virtually instant modify and thus lightsome personality class feather upon collocation weaving the particular covers. north face Anderson is the actual relaxed system for everyone individuals young adult females to signify his or her's small shapes rrnside your icy winter months. Procuring that have north face newer popstar parka is without a doubt relaxed and other reveal in vogue ambiance. Gaining using the main aim regarding retains touch
Sooo my mom is having an operation 2moro and I am sitting here worrying trying hard not to think of it to much ... but how does one not think about it when i 12 hours it going to happen. I really hate seeing ehr in the hospital i hate it i hate it soo much. I might lose my mind b4 morning sighs ... please say a pray for her 
Where The Hell?
Well, another year is in the history books or as I like to call it..."The where the hell has the time gone" book. It's been an eventful year. A BUSY year at that. I didn't get my vacations I wanted, I didn't get the down time I was hoping for, I didn't get the sanity that I've been asking of Santa every year since I could talk. I did however get many other things. Some up, some down, some just downright weird. The one thing that I really wish I would have accomplished was getting my TARDIS all fixed up...alas...that didn't happen either. Damn Menards has been out of my time vortex flux device for months *sigh*. I guess it's on the to do list for 2012. :P Speaking of 2012, I hope everyone has figured out the world is not going to end. And if you are still convinced it's such, when you have all that sex this coming year, please use protection, we don't need the gene pool becoming more polluted when all those babies are born in 2013 ;)  I'm happy to report that in my case, with age come
I Think This Fits Me
------------JANUARY-------------Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. one guy/girl kind of person. Loveable. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. loves music. pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn. A fighter.
Column: City Kicks Off Revolution With A Bang
Manchester City's nike free run shoes$50 players are champions of England -- yes, that is a phrase we're all going to have to get accustomed to -- because they believed in themselves like those at Manchester United used to.Like the great teams that Alex Ferguson has produced in his quarter-century at United, City's players refused to accept that hope was lost, that they couldn't make the seemingly impossible possible.Not only did they take a page out of Ferguson's never-say-die play-book to win the Premier League title on Sunday, they rubbed salt in the wound by trumping one of the Scot's greatest triumphs, too."Football, bloody hell," Ferguson famously exclaimed after United conjured two goals out of nowhere in injury time to crush Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final.It was a moment that, for the people of Manchester, especially in those households that support the Reds, seemed like it could never be topped -- one of football's most spellbinding dramas.Well, this was even
Erotic Thoughts In My Car
i got in my car today . .and all i thought of was you .. having you there .. touching ur skin .. tasting your lips .. feeling your passion ..  my heart skips a beat as i imagine our first embrace .. wondering if this time i'll see you face to face .... i keep telling myself not to get excited .. no its time for me to go to work .. but i can't help it i can't get you out of my mind .. your voice make me tingle ... i keep imagine your strong hands all over my slim hot body caressing my curves like a long lost lover somehow just knowing .. how to please me .. and just knowing how to please you ...  biting my lip as i imagine taking ur hardness in my mouth for the first time pushing far back down my thorat choking on you ..  chokig hard .. watching the pleasure in ur face and written on ur body as you moan .. and become more breathless ... imagine the first time you caress my breasts , so full and heavy .. your lips take my nipples and twirl them over and over .. forocing me to cry out ..
The Hooded Figure In Black
Growing up in a big house you always here the occassional ghost story. In our family there was the old man that died upstairs in the old part of the house. My mom and dad would tell us stories that the old dresser that was in the room was strange. We were always interested wanting to hear more so we would pester my mom until she would explain. She would tell us that she would put her wedding ring on the dresser then leave the room for something come back it would be gone. Concerned she would look under the dresser, behind it, and look on the sides of it... nothing. She would become worried that she had lost the ring. She would look around the room floor to see if it might have rolled off the dresser. When looking up the ring was staring at her from the dresser top right where she had put it. She stopped putting things on the dresser. My father told us of him placing his wallet having the same experience with his wallet disappearing and then reappearing on the dresser. He stopped placin
Okay so i know most people dont care but.... In my past i havent had the best luck with guys...but. the thing that hurts the most is about this guy justin... iv had known him for years but nothing really happend with us mostly becuase of his family and my family. but i LOVED/LOVE him and the thing that pisses me off the most is that when we actuly got togather i went camping for the weekend and when i came back and checked my messages on fubar i saw that he was in a relationship with some other girl... he said that the distence got to him but meanwhile he was only 2 hours away.. but whatever... it really hurt and im not going to get over him be cause i know that something snaped when i saw that he was with her...something snaped... i dident eat for weeks i dident talk to anyone i just sat in my room and looked at his pictures and cryed... i acturly started cutting again be cause of him and he was the person that helped me stop cutting and i know what yoru thinking about me well no im
Catfish Of The Day, 2/21/2013.. Fresh Catch...
Here's today's fresh Catfish: Check out the Hotness... Check out the Salute: From hot blonde white female to black male. All in the name of points. Ever wonder what's under that skirt? Peace.
Dark Lies
Watching as time passes by my eyes. i seem to wounder why life is filled with lies. deep in there heart they dont want to do it. but something wispers in there ear "its ok lie a bit". with that little voice in our minds. its hard not to lie at times. one lie turn into two or three after a while the voice is the only thing you belive. as the lies get easier to speak aloud. the voice begins to cloud your mind. feeding you ideas of your doing the right thing. when in real life the real horror begins. your friends begin to leave your side. your family can't even trust you because of your lies. you are alone on a small island with only the darkness, thinking about the friends you miss. you look to the voice for advice. but the voice is gone leaving you alone in this abyss. as the darkness begins to engulf your soul. you wounder why did you have to lie more and more. with no voice and your loved ones gone. you feel like this is all wrong. the darkness begins to feed on
My Life (part 2)
My Life (part 2) Ok, lemme back up a bit here...... Finally managed to graduate High School without being killed, hooked on drugs, becoming a father at 16, or being beaten to badly by the gangs. Whew, was a bit close, but I made it, even managed to make the top ten percentile. There I was, fresh outta school, a free man, ready to take on the world. Biggest thing I remember was that very next day, waking up, staring at the ceiling and thinking to myself "Self, your now looking at a lifetime of work, paying bills, and responsibility"....I pulled the covers back up over my head !!! Actually, I enjoyed that summer, drank a bunch of beer, spent a lotta time at the lake, got me laid royally by a sweet little blonde (was my girlfriend), and then joined the US !!! LOL...I remember being at the AFEES station in Dallas, there for my physical, standing in a huge room with about 50 other guys, all of us in our tighty whities. 25 on one side of the room, 25 on th
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel hot, Hot, HOT!!!
Just to let everyone know, I do have a man. I love to flirt and he knows that. I just don't take it too far. I'm very playful but please do not ask for sex.
Click The Pic To Listen To Show Stoppin Radio's DJ Krazii K.. She's Got All The Music To Make You Party All Night Long!!
Points- Bought And Paid For
If you are reading this...thank you. Do not think that it's me bitchin about how the site is run or any of the new features, these are just my reflections on some things...... When I joined the site last May, I came in at member 34k ish. The site had a much different feel. You actually had to work to get your points, there was no free ride....other than a blast to help spike your points. As labor and time intensive as it may sound, getting out and earning points was how we met people. Also, I recall that they didn't have "restrictions on cherry spotlight". You could run as many and as often as you won the bid if you had the bucks. That changed when the community bitched about bouncers running the spotlight. As it was, we didnt get extra points for bouncing, those who ran them were also top promoters..... That brings me to now. I see the spot running for almost 800k cherry bucks....LOL. I guess times they are a changing. If you are willing to spend real money on fak
Buy Me A Kiss Please
Interested !
anyone likes me? haha. or wanna be friends. yes u know u do. i have myspace.
The Lake
im standing on the egde of a lake, wondering how much i wanna take, i could do this all day and all night, but now im wondering should i put up a fight. I listen up high I listen down low, wondering how deep does this lake go, until i dive in i shall never know, but maybe that is 1 step i dont wanna know. I could sink if i dont swim, the question i wonder is "would i save him?" the ansa is yes so now i scream, "WILL SOMEONE HELP ME OUT OF HERE PLZ" the deeper i dive the lower i go, how deep it does go no-one wil ever know. until that time il stay here, on the edge of the lake where no-one can hear!!
Own Me?
I'm Up for Auction!!! Come Bid On me~ XoXoX~ click either pic to bid :} thanks love always, shelly
Blood red rose petals waft gingerly to the rain-soaked ground, buoyed by the mournful wail of prisoners of Lucifer, their cries drenching the earth with moist regret. Against the black sky, the green grass luminescent, a silhouette of everlasting memories and misplaced destinies. Black-brown ripples pierce the heavens, the cry of the predator travels the unbounded emptiness. Here the rabbit flees. But here is not everywhere. -VT
Kicks Husky
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am addicted to sugar free rockstars. 2. I am very much a people person, although I am shy when I meet someone. 3. One of my favorite shows is CSI Miami 4. I have flown to NYC to go on the Sally show, was a back up show that never got recorded. 5. I used to breed ADBA Registered American Pitbull Terriers 6. Hence my screen name, I love evil clowns and have Pennywise from IT tattooed on my leg. 7. I love horror movies. 8. I have lived in 11 different states. 9. I was in the USN, got out because I got pregnant with my daughter. 10. I have a Valentine Baby.... Now, who's next? anyone that read
Please Rate My Pic - Round 3
I'm in my 1st contest!!! All you have to do is rate my pic. That's it. Just click on my picture: It's Round 3!!!! All rates have been re-set!!!! Please show love to the sponsor as well!! Thanks!!!
Wise Words
Read Each One Carefully & Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, & the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand & touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on someone, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful. 10. Don't cry because it is over, smile
Two Serious Questions
I want to beat this issue once again, for my own sanity and for my friends who I care about. Two questions...   1. Did you see my blog about the death of my nephew? 2. PLEASE Have you talked to the young people in your life?   A week after my nephew was killed a kid in FL was killed the same way, which makes me wish I would have hit this thing harder. Last night, like every day, I had to drive my car along that stretch of tracks where Andrew was killed. I always live that scene vividly in my mind. Then I was driving on a four lane near a Walmart and a kid with a bag of groceries all dressed in black was running through the traffic against the light. I slowed way down and when I got close to him, YEAH, he had a wire coming out of his hoodie. You can imagine how mad I was.   Don't be affraid of making some kid mad by telling them to take those damn earbuds out of their ears while walking in dangerous areas. And keep educating people about this.
Fishy Man
Ladies, have you ever said to yourself, "Why can't men understand women? Why don't they understand us and our needs better?" Enter. . . the Pisces male.Our fishy Piscean man is a self made man. He doesn't hatch a plan for success but more so, plants a seed for it and patiently waits for it to sprout. One word - visualization. He plants the seed for his intentions and then visualizes what he intends them to become. He is a patient man and regardless of whether or not his intentions are already realized, he'll carry himself as if they are. By behaving as if he has already attained his goals and received their rewards, he thus becomes his own self fulfilling prophecy. You could say he's a master at the Universal Law of Attraction. Intention, visualization, behavior modification = manifestation. That's our Pisces male in a nutshell.Sextrology puts it best by saying, "Infamously unbeholden to anybody but himself, he trails nary a trace of emotional or psychological baggage, often tossing as
Very Important!!
Since I am a total idiot I have lost all the numbers that were on my old cell.I got my replacement cell today.Please text me with your name,so I can save your number again.   My back is about the same,I go to court about it to get new docs next months.Not going to hold my breath on that one. I am still rarely poking my head in this site right now.The fun isn't here for me anymore.   Miss tons of you.Please text me the numbers or send them to me via private message on facebook or I will check my messages on here for them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- update 11/20/09 they posponed my courtdate AGAIN,at least they're sending me to another surgeon for an evaluation.Still just a waiting game.   hugsnstuffs Kit
Blog For Bling: Win A Bling Pack , 7 Day Blast Or Pimped For A Month Contest !!
Well, I’m sure that got your attention didn’t it?…but it’s actually true, it’s the: “Blog for Bling!” Contest!! Yup, that’s right the lucky winning bidder of this contest receives their choice of either a $20 Bling pack or a 7 Day Blast!! Damn !! Cheap-ass JD is finally spending some cash! Lol. Well then what do I have to do you ask?… Well, you know how people get people that magic 1000 rates to help them vote on a MUMM to level and then tell them who sent ya? It’s the exact same thing, except what you’re rating and commenting on isn’t a MUMM, it’s my blog :D….There
I'll Just Hold My Breath
Today I got an email from a person that felt very wronged by my actions towards them. The thing is...I didn't act in any way toward the situation between the two of us. I was passive and just let our friendship slip out of my hands. So my inaction was actually a huuuuge action. I don't know if that makes sense. I was told that I was caddy backstabbing bitch. I agree. It was not my intent nor in any way something that I even really realized I was doing. I will be the first to admit when I'm wrong. I want to thank this person for pointing out the fucked up shit that I was doing and I want to apologize. I am sorry. It actually isn't just this one person...there are actually 2 people. They know who they are. I am really really really sorry. Over the past 5 weeks I have been witness to some crazy bullshit on this site. I have watched best friends turn on eachother at the drop of a hat. Without remorse. Totally indifferent to how their actions were going to effect the people they clai
This One's For The Point People...and Some Clarification....
I know there is alot of drama with you point people clearly by all the stuff I hear and see. So, I figured I'd just give my point of view on it & some other things... What you do with your profile is up to you. Don't let anyone try and tell you or heaven forbid "bully" you into kicking someone out of your family because they want to move up the ladder. If someone has screenshots of this, feel free to share. That type of stuff is stupid... I know there are people that make deals. For temp and perm family adds based on what really amounts to how much they can benefit or whatever. It's a complicated game no doubt. Just make sure you actually keep track of what you are doing, with proof preferably, so you can cut down on your "misunderstandings.".. If you see or know of someone making fake profiles for bling transfers please get your proof together and send it please. It's a huge issue on alot of levels apparently....those people need to be called out for the scammers they are for
St. Pattys Day 2 Morrow. .
I swear in many ways you were taken from me to soon. I tried to protect you from the world, and now you will never have to see it, yet alone live it. Carolina, you were to world of my hope and happiness, and I wanted was to give you a better life then what you had. I wanted you to have it all, the happiness and the joy that you deserved. I loved you when you were still alive, and now that your gone that love is still alive. you are and always be my baby girl.
I'm not treating Fubar like I used to. I'm not really in my own lounge.  When you have a place to call your own and you don't feel comfortable in it, you tend to not want to be a part of it. I don't MuMM.  The sarcastic humor turned into pure animalistic anger and hatred.  I had a MuMM that was posted with a real, bona fide query, and it was changed to "Friends Only" because the bouncer involved told me it wasn't a real MuMM. I asked her where in the guidelines and Bible it says that what I did was wrong, and she just never replied to me.  Meanwhile, people post ridiculous, mundane, bullshit MuMMs and they remain posted.  While I am all about freedom of speech, I am also about a level playing field, and if you have rules, they should be governed equally amongst everyone. I don't rate.  I never really did.  Only when I'm close to leveling will I rate, and even then, it has to be REALLY REALLY CLOSE.  Still, though, rating just to rate?  If I see a picture I dig, I'll rate it.  But I
Creative Writing Championship 2011, Round 1 Entry
This is a 1,000 word story Genre: Fantasy Location: A public library Object: A remote control A Tooth Fairytale I pick up the remote and turn on the sports channel, but golf is on so I turn to one of the news channels and a show is starting. I set the remote down as the title “The Sexist Tooth Fairy Union?” flashes across the screen. The documentary looks low budget, flood lights are berating a table in front of the Non Fiction stacks of books and three tooth fairies sit at the table. They introduce themselves as Bob, Ken and Steve. The voiceover tells me that they are the only three male tooth fairies working today. Although, it doesn’t seem like they will be working much longer. The three have co-authored a book about the sexism and discrimination in the tooth fairy union and Bob says he thought other kinds of fairies needed to be aware of the conditions of tooth fairies. I admit working as a Hobgoblin I rarely pay attention to the social inadequac
From My Dear Friend Elcool43
Beneath this umbrella, may you be safe from the storms of life, regardless of their power... May you reach the heights of joy in everyday living... May each of your loved ones know peace and joy...For, knowing you, they should do no less! May the blessings of your beliefs carry you anew atop the churning sea of living in safety from want, each day of your life. Keep ye well, my beloved friend, For you are a credit to the human race, A shining example of friendship in the first degree.  Happy New Year! love, anthony  Thank you dear friend!!
The Backup Role
Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (InterITA), Doni (RomaITA), Heurelho Gomes (TottenhamENG) Defenders: Luisao (BenficaPOR), Lucio (InterITA), Juan (RomaITA), Thiago Silva (AC MilanITA), Daniel Alves (BarcelonaESP), Maicon (InterITA), Michel Bastos (LyonFRA), Gilberto (Cruzeiro) Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (PanathinaikosGRE), Josue (WolfsburgGER), Elano (GalatasarayTUR), Kaka (Real MadridESP), Ramires (BenficaPOR), Felipe Melo (JuventusITA), Julio Baptista (RomaITA), Kleberson (Flamengo) Forwards: Luis Fabiano (SevillaESP), Nilmar (VillarrealESP), Grafite (WolfsburgGER), Robinho (Santos) Reserves Ronaldinho (AC MilanITA), Alex (ChelseaENG), Marcelo (Real MadridESP), Carlos Eduardo (HoffenheimGER), Sandro (Internacional Porto Alegre), Diego Tardelli (Atletico Mineiro), Paulo Ganso (Santos) 49ers Deion Sanders Jersey . Almagro hit 18 aces to Potito Staraces three but went serve for serve with the Italian before finishing off a 7-6 (1), 6-7 (5), 6-3 win. Almagro made the decisive break for 4-2 in t
"do Not Rip Or Take" - About...
does it even make sense to say this about images you (or someone) has "borrowed" from their copyright-holders? (For example consider all the fantasy-dragon folders and folders of photography of models in peoples' image folders around here - which I generally do rate unless I recognize the person who created the image or recognize the person in the image and am in fact acquainted with them (over the internet, anyway); but that's not the issue I'm addressing here and is somewhere - else.  Back to point- can you really say "do not rip or take" images you didn't create, weren't given and either are general public domain/CC-license property (in which case I certainly can take them as I please, the original owner said so or they're _in public domain_ ... pfft) or in some cases they're images you (they, someone) has no right to display?   Well, yes, you can say it or write it, but it's a sequence of words without meaning.
Not Finished Yet, Preveiw ;p Warning: Masochism.
I roam the streets, night by night. Eagerly waiting with fearfilled eyes. The way you hurt me is a sinful delite, the torture I crave when you're away. When you don't want me I'm so ashamed. I'm back to my safe place, way out of sight. Deep in the graveyard and out of the light. Now I'll sway in the wind with my eyes closed tight, and patiently wait for my master tonight. Headlights? I hide behind a headstone. Then he steps out and my blood runs cold. He staggers twards me and I bow my head, I smile and cry with hopeful dread. What will he do with his blade this time? How many times will I cream on his knife? His hand on my chin I raise to my feet, his lips against mine and my body goes weak, he catches me. A stinging pain in my neck again, I moaned and tiredly grabbed his hand. I opened my eyes to a fires crackle, cuffed to the truck while my feet are shackled. whisky and cigarettes overwhelm the fires scent, shirtless and drunk, he walks out of the tent. Six foot something, with the
Gastritis And Me
well, this morning after i woke up, i got the horrible pain again on top of my stomach, getting every second worst... went to the hospital again, and they gave me serum and meds to my vains like the last saturday :( i have no luck, and i got an appointment with the specialist of stomach for next wednesday... my arm hurts too where i got the needle, it's the second time in less than a week that i got that vain hurted they said i need more tests, because that can be a vesicle problem and that's for surgery :-/ geez... ok, i stop ranting, because it doesn't help me feel better anyways! i need to distract my mind from the pain i still have (yeah i got the meds, but my stomach still feels sick) you all have a nice day and happy thanksgiving for me!
Fuck Or Pass Game
There is at least one person on your CT list that wants to fuck the hell out of you. So lets play the fuck or Pass! game. The rules are simple... if you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a message saying "yep, I'd Fuck you." SCARED? lol this sH!T's funny YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! and see who replies. There is at least one person on your CT list that wants to do u so!!! repost this as "Fuck or Pass" Don't be a bitch and not re-post it
Clarifying My Photos
You've probably noticed by now that I am in the process of posting new NSFW photos from a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. A couple things about those new photos. First, just because I have photos that some people would judge as sexy, doesn't mean I want to talk about sex with you or have sex with you. Don't bore me or piss me off. Treat me with the respect I deserve. I present a well-rounded picture of myself here, and if all you choose to notice is my sexuality, you will end up booted off my friends list. Second, I choose what I will, and will not, show. I prefer my photos to be in a more old-fashioned pinup style. I like to maintain some class and mystery -- show enough to entice while remaining relatively chaste. If you prefer porn or full-body nudes, the internet is at your disposal. Nagging at me to provide more than I'm comfortable with will only piss me off. Which brings me to the photos available only to family. Do not assume that because you are cute, we'v
Slow Dance
SLOW DANCE Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die Cause you never had time To call and say,'Hi' You'd better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss
Who's M.anna?
I've had the spotlight. You've had the spotlight. Lets help a friend out and get her the spotlight. She is a sweetheart, and i don't pimp many people out now a days, but Anna deserves a hand. Everyone has FuBucks now a days, what's 100k between friends? If you have more, that would be great. But with Christmas coming up, lets be generous. I thank all of you. :D M. Anna ♦ Midwest MILF OWNS my b00bs!@ fubar PS please re-post this LOTS. :P
11s Auction

hi everyone hello, hows it going im new to this site help me out !!!
Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey--william Wordsworth
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE--I FOUND IT! Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, on revisiting the banks of the Wye during a tour, July 13, 1798 by William Wordsworth Information about this edition Wikipedia has more on: Tintern Abbey (poem). Five years have past; five summers with the length Of five long winters! and again I hear These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs With a soft inland murmur.—Once again Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs, That on a wild secluded scene impress Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect The landscape with the quiet of the sky. The day is come when I again repose Here, under this dark sycamore, and view These plots of cottage-ground, these orchard tufts, Which at this season, with their unripe fruits, Are clad in one green hue, and lose themselves 'Mid groves and copses. Once again I see These hedge-rows, hardly hedge-rows, little lines Of sportive wood run wild: these pastoral f
Not gonna be on here long,because I am extremely uncomfortable tonight.I did have a pretty decent pain day though. Ginger is having her kittens!!!!! just wanted to announce it,if I feel better will give updates.One looks like a dark smoke color,the other is black & white. hugs and loves!
Tired Of Drama
Lately there has been a lot of drama in my eyes. IF you got a problem with someone DON'T involve me with it. Either settle it yourselves or keep it tween the two (or more) of ya.     LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!!!
Today my friend told me that another friend of ours (who'd gone away to uni but came back a few days ago) said that he always feels happy when I smile.   I haz infectious happiness. :p   Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
Sketch Commissions!
Hey all! I've opened up sketch commissions!   Please see for examples of my work   $5 for pencil sketches, $10 for digital color!   I'll draw any character of your choice, human or animal.
Courtroom Bloopers
Q. What is your brother-in-law's name?A. Borofkin.Q. What's his first name?A. I can't remember.Q. He's been your brother-in-law for years, and you can't remember hisfirst name?A. No. I tell you I'm too excited. (Rising from the witness chairand pointing to Mr. Borofkin) Nathan, for God's sake, tell them yourfirst name!Q. Did you ever spend the night with this man in New York?A. I refuse to answer that question.Q. Did you ever spend the night with this man in Chicago?A. I refuse to answer that question.Q. Did you ever spend the night with this man in Miami?A. No.Q. Now Mrs.Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?A. By death.Q. And by whose death was it terminated?Q. Doctor, did you say he was shot in the woods?A. No, I said he was shot in the lumbar region.Q. What is your name?A. Ernestine McDowell.Q. And what is your marriage status?A. Fair.Q. Are you married?A. No, I'm divorced.Q. And what did you husband do before you divorced him?A. A lot of things I didn't know about.Q. And
Today the sun rose,But it I did not see.Something more beautiful,In my eyes came to me.A smile that glows,More than the sun can shine.Now a friend to me,I hope for the rest of time.Brooke send me your smile,For today and now on.And I promise mine forever,Now our friendship has begun.
About Me
Hello,   I thought I would reintroduce myself...   My name is Cassie.. I am just now getting back onto this site... after being away for a year or so...don't really remember.   Bad stuff happened here on Fubar for me awhile back causing me to put myself in a mental hospital aka a looney bin. I was there for three months. It was really bad for awhile.. and I am finally much better now.. it isn't so scary anymore. Things happened here and offline that made me lose everyone that I loved and I am working my tail off to get my life back in order. And to make friends again.   I am a fun loving, sweet.. down to Earth person.. so, if you are interested in being friends.. or if you are a friend from while back.. please stop by and say hello... that would mean a lot to me. I miss people here...   Anyways, I am rambling now.. thank you for reading this..   X0x0x0x Cassie.
My days are darker without you, my nights so very silent, empty, seemingly dead. I know you are there just out of my reach I know I can feel you if I can coax myself to sleep. I wake up in the morning turning to and fro, all I want is your arms around me and for this lonliness to just go. Seems I can't wait another moment without you at my side, I know I must have patience and not believe my minds lies. I see this every day when I look about my room, the only thing missing from it's presence is you. Nothing I wouldn't give up, a million miles to you I'd run. Somehow along the way I've fallen so very hard, wouldnt' change a second but maybe speed up time, give myself an advantage and finally make you mine. Never in my life have I wanted something so much, I dream of you in so many ways you could never know. Quiet walks and golden beaches, fingers trailing softly down your cheek, kissing you gently upon your lips and letting my breath simply speak. 
Today's Story
     Insane   All alone she stands in the rain Hidden tears and hidden pain She's got everything to loss and nothing to gain Secretly she goes insane   She keeps her secrets from her friends Their meek support they try and lend She has no defenses so she can fend And closer still there comes the end   All that you know is she is feeling blue Guess there is nothing you can do She's been hurt by many and loved by few She's going mad you know it's true   And when the lights go out You think you hear a shout You'll know what it's about She's gone mad you have no doubt   It's time now she's set free
Blah. Okay. Here goes... Hope everyone is happy the weekend is here. I know I am, that's for sure. Lotta drama and crazy goin on? Then again, what would Fu be without some kind of rukus huh?..Sorry I've been away and busy and all that, just how life goes sometimes...unlike -some- people here I actually have a job, cars, a house, and other things to address. So sadly, as much fun as it can be sometimes, Fubar takes a back seat to those things....I know there's people here that login here and are sooo into things that they have it on their phones, they have it rollin on their laptops, minimized at work, etc....some people just stay logged in all the time just, well, idk why they do that but it's their choices I guess....which kind of brings me to the point of this little ol posting...choices. You know that last blog I posted with the story of the Scorpion & the Turtle? If you didn't get it, let me try and explain it to you in some sort of way it's understandable and applies to lif
Creating A Bomb Folder
I do things with a purpose...I want to create a Legs Bomb Folder featuring 250 of our Fu ladies...I do not like my other bomb folders that are just thrown together.  I am determined to create this folder and asking the ladies if they would help. It can be just your legs or a whole body shot as long as it shows legs...I have 5 now which I have communicated with these ladies for quite sometime and it was left to me to choose a photo...which I could do with your permission of course.  I ask that the folder be used as a bomb folder or take your time in rating and commenting...remember I will delete any and all crude comments...this is just to be a nice fun folder where the ladies are sharing one of their many great assets.  So ladies if u please help me create this folder made by all 250 of us :)
Mr. President, You Do Not Speak For Me!
Since 20 January, 2008, I have watched as our President, supposedly the leader of our great country and a representative of Americans everywhere, bow and scrape before the leaders of other countries as he apologized for one transgression after another. I found the pictures (photo ops?) of the president bowing to the Saudis and others offensive. True, they should be treated with respect, but gravel? Never! Surely, he has someone on his staff who knows something of ettiquette, someone who knows the proper way and the meanings of the ways to bow to the Japanese Emperor, for instance. So, either he did the bowing and apologizing by mistake, or he did it intentionally, believing America has a lot for which to apologize. Mr. President, you do not speak for ME! I am an American! I will not apologize for being an American! Yesterday, he made a speech laying out his vision of the Middle East, calling for Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders which would provide little or no security for th
Balancing The Line Between Sanity And Whatever Else There Is Out There?
In a little less then 2 months will be the one year anniversary trip to Patrick B. Hassis, which some may or may not know is a mental hospital and I spent a week there the first week of August 2010 due to a psychotic episode when I had and was planning on carrying out a suicide plan. I planned to soak my wrist in ice water until the went numb, the to put three vertical slits in my wrists then let them bleed out in wartm water to pull the blood out faster. I was also cutting myself to release the pressure. I know many people don't understand why girls cut but for me it's like letting the air out of a balloon, the bad stuff just goes "woosh" with the air and it really does make me think clearly for a bit.   Iadmit, the past few weeks, I have been thinking about suicide a lot more recently then I had been. This is totally my fault for not keeping my therapist appointments and psychiatrist appointments, but now I'm getting that knot in my throat and trying to relationaze the effect me ta
Top Five Worst Things To Say Or Hear In Bed...and Then Some
1. "It'd be nice if these were bigger..." 2. "I wonder if I paid the gas bill this month...?" 3. "Are you done yet...?" 4. "My last girlfriend/boyfriend would let me do that..." 5. "Is it in yet...?"   1."your sister was so much tighter" 2."your brother was so much tighter" 3."P U - did you shower today?" 4."Before you start, go downstairs and make me a pizza." 5."DEAR GOD! Thats what you look like without makeup?"   1. "Glad you won't deflate" 2. "Wait,let me pick the scabs" 3. "Down boy. You'll get your Scooby Snack after we're done." 4. "Do you accept food stamps?" 5. "Damn sis, at least mom gives better head."  
Bloodstained Petals Part 2
She kicked that treebranch as hard as she could out of her way, hating it for stopping what was up to this point a very therapeutic skating session. Now with presence of mind gone, and pain from her kiss with the bikepath, she decided she couldnt do any more out there today. spying a parkbench she made her way to it and sat down. Untying her skates, her mind reeled back to everything she had been holding inside until now. "alot of baggage here" she thought. Sarcasm took over jus for a moment and wondered if the Salvation army would appreciate me dumping it all on them as a donation? " Hell i wont even ask for a donation reciept. I didnt want to be greedy or selfish. I'd share everything i have in this life, why not my baggage too! Not believing it was a viable option, she just sat there wondering what to do next. created me in your image to do good things as you would have them done, i have done everything you have asked of me, without questioning, without reservation
I've Decided To End My Life.
People I love are sick, others seem to have forgotten me and in the last 4 years, at least 20 people that I knew, worked with or were related to have died. So has my dog, so has my car. I am in debt up to my ears, I have the IRS after me, bill collectors too. Things keep breaking in the house and I can't afford to fix them. I been unemployed since July of '09 and have sent out at least 10000 emails with resumes and have had people ask me to stop sending. I have tried to find work outside of my feild but was told that I have no experience, or have gotten no response. Unemployment cut me from $405 a week to $154, and couldnt understand why I was angry when I called to question it. Every day there seem to be fewer and fewer job options or names to send resumes to. I'm 53 yars old and going back to school at this time of my life seems futile, I'll be in my mid to lat 50s when I finish, and then I'll have to go in as an entry level employee. Thats if jobs are available at all. Every day I w
Out Of The Ashes
                                                                 Out Of The Ashes             Out Of The Ashes,         Rubble & debris         A memorial now stands         on what used to be.            With heavy hearts          and tears in our eye's          we vow to rebuild          in memory of those that died.            Though it's been ten years          many hearts have yet to be healed          we also honor the heroes we lost           in that open Pennsylvania field.            Another memorial is in the works          though donations are few          if everyone can give a little          this too we will see through.            Before you go to bed tonight          look up to the stars in Heaven          say a prayer and never forget          those we lost          on that clear cool day          on 9/11.
Her eyes, pale refraction of sorrow   through distance Not replaced  There heaved silence  Relegation and pure slopes.   Hail, the reeds tousle and sway  To some unknown rhythm; One we're dying to know.   Catering to unseen dictation:  The kind we're unable to regret   We kindle, lest we retire Lest we exit    Or worse, lest we forget.    Janelle Gregory  12/28/11
Khloe Kardashian Keeps Her Celine Trapeze By Her Side At A Clippers Game
Here’s Khloe Kardashian and her BFF Malika Haqq looking super enthralled at the LA Clippers game. Khloe’s got a lovely python-front-flap Celine Trapeze Bag sitting in her lap, and as you browse through the additional photos after the jump, you’ll notice that both Malika and some unseen person sitting behind Khloe are carrying Celine Luggage Totes. Ladies and gents, we may have reached Celine critical mass in LA. As you probably know (because you’re all such massive sports and/or E! network fans), Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom was traded to the L.A. Clippers after a single, slightly disastrous season in Dallas. Sadly, it looks like a third season of KUWTK spin-off “Khloe & Lamar” is out of the question until Lamar gets his game back. Happily, the Clippers beat the Rockets in this game, so that’s a start, right?
My Sex Tour
Tuesday Is Here!
hi everyone... tuesday is here, and i'll have my video endoscopia... if you don't see me around tomorrow it's because maybe i'll be under too much anesthesia... otherwise i'll be here early ;) ahh... and i'm bouncer now ;) hugs ♥
Strange Freaky State Laws
A local ordinance in Atwoodville, Connecticut prohibits people from playing Scrabble while waiting for a politician to speak. A Virginia law requires all bathtubs to be kept out in the yards, not inside the houses. It is illegal to ride a streetcar on Sunday if have been eating garlic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In Cleveland, Ohio, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license. It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona. In the country of Turkey, in the 16th and 17th centuries, anyone caught drinking coffee was put to death. Before the enactment of the 1978 law that made it mandatory for dog owners in New York City to clean up after their pets, approximately 40 million pounds of dog excrement were deposited on the streets every year. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a tollbooth. Louisiana law prohibits couples who are shopping for a new bed from putting it to the "ultimate test"-- in other words,
Tan Tan Ta Tan!
well i'm going to be out for sometime! i'm going to the wedding (civil action) of my friend Juan Carlos awww well i know that will depress me a bit and will make me really happy at the same time but i'm going to do it for him :) he's the one that gave me the hint about comming to the central bank (he's in another section called internet), when they were looking for people for development... yeah i'm in IT Security right now, lol i never entered in development, but i'll explain later what happened in the interviews ;) hugs to everyone :)
10 Things You Can Do Instead Of Hateing
10.take a shower 9. watch a porn, or a movie 8. go swimming, ride a bike 7. clean the house, apt, your room, whatever 6. make some mac & cheese, a grilled cheese with ham 5. workoff that mushroom top 4. wash the car 3. go shopping 2. read a book, newpaper, listen to some music 1. do whatever it takes get ya game up. upgrade your life style make it better for your family on the real hateing is for losers that don't won't nothing in their life and is fine with working at a gas station for five years so if i hurt someones feelin with this one it just means you are a hater so don't take it personal
To My Special Someone.....u Know Who U Are...
If I had no more time No more time to be here Would you cherish what we had? Was I everything that you was looking for? If I couldn't feel your touch And no longer would you be here,I'd be wishing you was here To be everything that ive been looking for for i don't want to forget the present is a gift, and i don't want to take for granted the time you may have here with me cause lord only knows another day here is not really guaranteed So everytime you hold me, hold me like it's the last time Everytime you kiss me, kiss me like you'll never see me again Everytime you touch me, touch me like it's the last time Promise that you'll love me, love me like you'll never see me again How many really know what love is? millions never will, don't know until you lose it That is everything that we've been looking for When i wake up in the morning and your beside me, Im so grateful that ive found, evthing that i have been looking for... Alicia Keys...
Blogs From My Myspace
Feel free to comment!!! I had a moment of clarity today, I realized that not only havent i said thnks for the friendships, but i havent shown the thanks to my friends for awhile, Id really like to appoligize for this. Sometimes in my kaotic head i forget that without friends id be a gonner, So thanks very much everyone who has been their for me!!! And please allow me to be the same type of friend... 4:22 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove November 15, 2007 - Thursday Reality’s fatality Category: Writing and Poetry Realization of realities fatality, Dreams unaspired, dreams desired. Soul searching for inner desires. Touch, whisper,breath on breath, Eyes engaged to late to betray... Just out of reach these desires, My mind tangeld in wires, Heart pounding... Missing the touch the feel of inner heat, Let the warmth engulf you, Take comfort in it. Just out of reach down the hall of memories now it glides... 6:57 PM - 0 Comments -
Comedy About This Democratic Leadership..
Welcome to 4 years of democratic Oh yeah and two more of Obama's pics for the top positions dropped out due to scandal...change we really can believe in..what next, an AIG rep running the treasury? Pathetic. And this is what you all voted for. Lovely.
Want me to make ya a salute? Post what name you want and anything else special. All I ask is something in return...XOXO 4 down so far... make that 5
[what Constitutes "severe" And "chronic"?]
Well... I just put my head down on the table at dinner and scared the hell out of my parents. I finished eating and within 3 minutes I had one hand on my stomach and one hand on the table pressed as hard as I could, and ... I remember trying to push my head THROUGH the table. Every muscle in my body tightened, especially over my kidneys, in my abdomen, neck and shoulders. and I honestly felt like my stomach would fall out of my skin if I stood up, if I didn't throw up solid organs first. ... I'm gonna go lay down now.The whole ride back I felt like telling my dad to drive faster or I'd ruin his interior.Possibly with a unique cocktail of blood acid and food. And yeah... at least once every other day for 20 minutes to 4 hours.If you had to ask.  
C51 - Bling It!
=== 'James Sands' wrote the following at '2010-09-02 23:14:26'..>> My dick is 13 inches when soft. Me...Well aren't you just special. I don't give a fuck
Welp, good news I AM TUMOR FREE :D:D:D:D:D yay :D   on another note.. i have been told by my best friend that Thursday.. I have to go with her to this club called Cowboys.. no it isn't a country club... cowboys is the football team here.. I really REALLY loath that place... but its her birthday and she says thats where she wants to go.... damn her..
This Is Good!!
I Am passing this on because it definitely works, and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives? By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil Show, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and have not finished. So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Crown, A bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, about a quarter ounce of pot, a package of Oreos the remainder of my old Prozac Prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some doritos and a box of chocolates and the rest of my Xanax. You have no idea how Fucking good I feel right now. Pass this on to those whom you think might be in need of inner peace :)
Angel And Demon
An angel and demon forever in flight one in darkness the other in light bothe kept searching for what they need yet all they found was heartache and greed then one night her light shown through and deep down within he knew that between these hearts the connection done the angel and demon will forever be one.......                          Sherry R.
Wanna Own A Princess
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag,drifting through the windwanting to start again?Do you ever feel, feel so paper thinlike a house of cards,one blow from caving in?Do you ever feel already buried deep?6 feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thingDo you know that there's still a chance for you'Cause there's a spark in youYou just gotta ignite, the light, and let it shineJust own the night like the 4th of July'Cause baby you're a fireworkCome on, show 'em what you're worthMake 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"As you shoot across the sky-y-yBaby, you're a fireworkCome on, let your colors burstMake 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"You're gonna leave 'em all in awe, awe, aweYou don't have to feel like a waste of spaceYou're original, cannot be replacedIf you only knew what the future holdsAfter a hurricane comes a rainbowMaybe your reason why all the doors are closedSo you could open one that leads you to the perfect roadLike a lightning bolt, your heart will glowAnd when it's time, you'll knowYou just gotta
The Future Direction Of Philips Car Lighting
Speaking of car lighting, I have to mention the Philips automotive light which does business mainly through the following product line: headlights (xenon lamp, halogen), car signal light and interior decoration light, non-car product line (motorcycles, trucks and buses). The company has 48 sales offices covering all the major countries and regions. Philips owns the first market share in the world and leading almost all the covering areas.   For the future direction of car lights, Philips owns itself thought.   View from the current situation in China, the most important point for Philips and other automotive lighting business is to guide customers to shift from price-oriented to value-oriented. Customer demand is divided into two categories: one type is value concerned, such as private car and business vehicles drivers. For these customers, Philips wants to use leading technical innovation to provide upgrade products to meet their high demand. Another type is cost concerned, such
Weather Ya Know It Or Not
Sky was black as pitch when leaving the base today, so obviously I knew I need to get to the car as soon as i could as this wasnt your typical afternoon shower. The vast parking lot there has but one available exit, as its next to the river. I reached the car just as things were getting blustery. Now this isnt what I'd call twister country, thats more prevalent in the outlying county where there are more open fields for the conditions to culminate. But as I got in the car, I lost the syline on both sides of me, the right of me being the direction of the exit to the secure lot. In a few moments it became the clouds were tapering down to ground level, and I thought "no way , to be sure not", but then i saw the roofing coming off the Ops Center at the end of the lot, and then the debris field swirling, giving it some definition, and thought, well shit, what now, thats the exit. The funnel cloud to the left of the lot was more listless and not really throwing anything up. By the time
Testing 3
      Come check out the hottest new lounge on FU! The place may be new, but the dawgz in it sure as heck aint no green horns! If you're looking for a new place to call home, you've found it...We're looking to hire for all positions! Click on any picture to enter Da Swamp Yard NOW!!!
Staff Application Alucard's Reborn
I do apologize deeply for now having to have staff go throgh applacations but we have had trouble with staff prior so now we are doing applacations please fill this out FUBAR NAME POSITIION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR TIME IN THE POSITION(APPLYING FOR) IF NONE THAT IS FINE LOUNGES YOU WORKED FOR (LIST ALL) AMOUNT OF TIME IN THE LOUNGES (LISTED)
The Ugg Boots Of Styles
While this ugg boots is regarded as 1 of fall’s declaration pieces, I wonder how several of you strategy to go purchase it.The UGG Classic Short boots is exactly about fuzzy shearling with a amount of bold dark polka dots. even though some risk-taking fashionistas are certainly scurrying out to purchase this ugg boots, I would only contemplate purchasing it to double like a pillow in occasions of sudden sleepiness. ugg boots continually styles collections to appeal to several diverse styles, through the subdued towards the funky, and also this shoes falls to the funky category. I remember this UGG Cardy boots becoming carried affordable the Fall 2011 runway, catching my eyesight a lot much more compared to outfit, despite the simple fact that not necessarily in an excellent way. If I saw this UGG Cardy boots in someone’s arms and do not know any better, I’d presume it experienced been the vintage uncover within the lifetime. The dusty teal ugg accented with tortoise
Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged
Home      About NaturalNews      Contact Us      Write for NaturalNews      Media Info      Advertise with Natural News       Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged   Friday, July 20, 2012by 
This Week -- For My Birthday
YES   I am running for red/top ten chick of the week   Why? Simply because I finally have a good shot at it and I have a lot of help and better support system than last time   I am buying into familys and swapping as much as I can-- so if you see the status that im looking-- chances are ill probably swap.  Im not accepting buy ins. Im not accepting credits-- I just wanna rank high just ONCE      My birthday happens to be on the next reset date-- August 16th - Thursday     so please help me out- and ill try my best to help out as well. Its just for this week-- not permanent whatsoever! 
Sunrise To be uplifted To feel inspired Chase the moon, The hearts desires When storm clouds gloom I'll dance in raindrops See the majesty Of the mountain tops To laugh, to dream, to hope and cry And do it all, no questions why Arms and mind open Embrace the world in And with the rise of the sun Each day, chase life again
Common Sense
I am 65 years old. My parents told me about Mr. Common Sense early in my life and told me I would do well to call on him when making decisions. It seems he was always around in my early years but less and less as time passed until today I read his obituary. Obituary - Common Sense Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair, and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with
“creating The World,” By The Cree People
In times long past the Great Spirit wandered around but found nothing: no sights, no sounds, no beauty or color. He decided to fill the world with light so he could see; he decided to give the world life so there would be something to look at. He called for the Great Turtle to become land, and he shaped hills and valleys on the Turtle’s back. Over the Turtle he put blue sky and clouds. Then he thought that the world was ready for life. But what kind of life? What would living things do? He considered long and hard until he fell asleep from exhaustion. In his sleep he dreamed of plants, of creatures that flew or swam or crawled, of two and four leggeds. When he woke he saw that everything he had dreamt of had come true. The world was now real, land and sky and water now teamed with life. The Great Spirit did not like what he saw! It all seemed imperfect. But then he watched a beaver swim to a branch, nibble it off, and carry it over to the place where he w
Lucky Man
I have days where I hate my job, this little town and the whole world too and last sunday when the bengals lost...lord it put me in a bad mood I have moments when I curse the rain then complain when the suns too hot, I look around at what everyone has and I forget about all ive got but I know Im a lucky man gods given me a pretty fair hand, got a house and peice of land, a few dollars in a coffee can, my old trucks still runnin good, my tickers tickin like they say it should, Ive got supper in the oven a good woman's lovin and one more day to be my little kids dad, lord knows Im a lucky man got some friends that would be here fast, I could call em any time of day, got a brother who's got my back, got a momma who I swears a saint, got a brand new rod and reel, got a full week off this year, dad had a close call last spring it's a miracle he's stil here my old trucks still runnin good, my tickers tickin like they say it should, I got supper in the oven, a good wom
Christmas Kisses???
Iam sorry if i offended anyone this past weekend. It seems i took my sister out to the bar for her first time. Instead of being a night of fun with my baby sister it turned out to be a joke because someone had to put something in my drink to try to et me to pay attention to them. well poor guy didnt get his way (thank goodness) my sister got me out of there so if i was mean to anyone over the weekend im sorry i just wasnt up to par after that little incident.
Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE! Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE! Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE! Sorry have not been on much i had surgery and was laid up hope u are all doing good..Misses all my friends on here..Hope u are all doing good.. kisses and hugs..Love u all
I Am In A Contest
Please help me out in this contest for a VIP. I will return the love!!!!
My Actions On Fu Latley And The Upcoming Weeks...
First I want to say thank you to everyone who has been helping me on my mission to gather enough fubux for that all elusive spotlight!!! Yet it seems the closer I get,.. the more costly it becomes :( Secondly, to the 325+ persons who have sent me addy's. I have taken on a new personal policy to fan & rate every person whom I add from now on, I also have been leaving them a personal comment at the same time. I used to just hit accept all to my friend requests... but then I felt bad that I wasn't returning the love that has been so kindly bestowed upon me. I have been dreadfully tired and sick, and have had horrible marital problems going on since 2 days before Christmas.D.J. & I split, then got back together,.. and are right back to being miserable and fighting daily.. oh well.. I gave it the good ole Navy try! The medical stuff has been going on since October of last year. And for those of you who don't know.... I have multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my neck (tumors) and blood
Why Does This Bother Me?
There was someone on here that hurt my feelings really bad. He was a good friend but one day got a bug in his rear and decided he had to block me. We were friends. Yeah we flirted a little and one day he shouted out of the blue "You know I would so do you if I had the chance" and he was serious. He went away to another country for a few days. In that time I left a few comments and crap. When he came back he was so frickin cold to me. The one chick he was talking to from another country I guess told him she was uncomfortable with my comments. a man and just talk to me..or be a friend. I have a bf and I just flirt or what ever. If someone crosses a line with me I tell them and can remain friends..I don't hide. I think the other day I saw the skank float by with a status about him in it. I won't hurt. I miss my friend. He knew I had a BF and I talked about him all the time. I just don't get it. I wish I could get over this...
Scooby-doo Is Got A Mystery Train And Looking For Friends To Join ! Chec Out The Deatils!
New Pic Up At Freakdaddys!! *free!*
I put a new pic in for the contest at freakdaddys! The contest has a football theme, so go check me out! it'd be awesome if you voted while you're there! you caan even do so every 24 hours, so think of me often! :) thanks bunches for any support from my friends here! ~kaylee Kurves
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I GOT A AUTO11 UP FOR AUCTION IT ENDS TODAY 01-02-09 9PM FUTIME! CLICK TO BIDBrought to you By : 2nd Alarm Hotties™
For Those Who Care, Lil Update
A lil update about my arm, on Feb 9th went back to my bone specialist expecting to find out when my 5th surgery would be, they took x-rays and come to find out my bone is finally healing on its own, best news in 8 months (which is today) It's wild to think all this happened that long ago, and that my mom has been gone this long, feels like it just happened. I'm sure sum of u have noticed I'm not around like I used to be, honestly I'm just bored with the net, rather stay busy in my real life, then to sit on the pc all the time. I've also had my share of trouble makers, and sum friends who meddle into my love life, so I decided I will not be sharing my personal life with a few people on here, simply because I'm grown and am intelligent enough to handle myself. I will also be moving, hopefully before fall, when my daughter starts school, so I've been going through things already, seeing what to keep etc...makes a move so much easier this way lol I just wanted to blog and let everyone know
10 Alternate Uses For A Coathanger..
I want to thank Hugh G Joak for coauthoring this blog with me. He is my inspiration on most of my crazy ideas and blogs. I would like to give him full credit for today's blogs theme. You are my rock, Kumquat.. 10 Alternate uses for coat hangers: 1. To hold your Pippi Long Stocking hair do 2. Breaking into cars. 3. Punk rocker earring 4. Giant Bubble Blower 5. Electrical outlet tester 6. Hill Billy toothpick 7. While wearing a cast a scratching device 8. Car Radio Antenna 9. To capture large dust balls from the far corners of your bed. 10. Makes an excellent cat toy ( just need crazy glue and feathers ) Thank you for stopping by Kumquat and Snow Pea
Love Is Not A Crime
I shouldn't. Even though I say I shouldn't I can't seem to help it I look at only your face again... again Even though my heart, soaked in tears, is torn I can't turn my neck around My heart that desires you seems to be asking... Is love a crime? Are these feelings bad? Even though you say it's wrong, I'll take the punishment, if only I could have you My chest is so numb and my heart seems like it's going to burst Even though you hate me and curse at me, I can't love anyone but you Even if I become a criminal... Even though I pass a day in tears, I can't seem to talk My heart only want you, often I... Even though I hide, these feelings cannot be hidden They cry out to me - saying that they can't live without you Is love a crime? Are these feelings bad? Even though you say it's wrong, I'll take the punishment, if only I could have you My chest is so numb and my heart seems like it's going to burst Even though you hate me and curse at me, I can't love anyone but you Even if I become
The 12/8/2009 Spotlight Is Fake. And Busted In This Blog...
So here’s today’s spotlight on 12/8/2009... 23, Female from New York you say?…haha Nice salute you posted today too, pretty unique, I wonder why all the letters are the same and you had to change pens midway…eh? Makes no sense to me, check it out… This screams edited when magnified …. Upon further review of her pictures below… They are found to be uploaded on what I believe is a European social site called by a user known as Lutkaa back in December of oh, 2007...exact same photos… This is called cold busted. Colder than it is in the Swedish Alps. I bet it just moved here or had it’s jaw broken or something right? Someone fill KennyMac in before he wastes any more money on it…People never learn….Peace…
Calling All Wicked Clowns
So I'll be going to the Gathering Of The Juggalos this year!!!!!! whoop whooop!!!!!! So me and bunch of my crew here in town we're caravaning it up to Cave-In-Rock, Illinois from Arlington, Texas!!!!!!! So if your down with the clown and you are going... let a ninjette know so I can keep an eye out for you!!!! Also some of the Wicked Dollz will be there as well... I do know for a fact that myself, Pyro Doll, ToXiK Poison Doll are going for sure for sure!!! We already gots our tickets!!!!!! So keep an eye out for us sexy wicked bitches!!!!!!!!!! Last year Mary Jane Doll enetered the baby oil wrestling... who knows what we will be getting into this year!!!!   MMFWCL
About Me
Cherokee Word Set
English (Français) Cherokee One (Un) Sagwu Two (Deux) Ta'li Three (Trois) Tso'i Four (Quatre) Nvgi Five (Cinq) Hisgi Man (Homme) Asgaya Woman (Femme) Agehya Dog (Chien) Gihli Sun (Soleil) Nvda Moon (Lune) Nvda Water (Eau) Ama White (Blanc) Unega Yellow (Jaune) Dalonige Red (Rouge) Gigage Black (Noir) Gvhnige Eat (Manger) Agi'a See (Voir) Agowatiha Hear (Entendre) Atvgi'a Sing (Chanter) Dekanogi'a
The Glow Radio Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block
Hump Day Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at:
Darks And Greys
Days have now gone by,No words spoke,hearts now numb.The world now empty and cold,Now lifeless for some. Darks and greys now rule,Barren empty plains,endless.Like being trapped in stone,Nomore hope,nomore wishes. Only one thought now remains,No longer like the ones before.To never feel or hurt again,To love nevermore
I respond to your need, like a hunter to the pride. Your the passion that I seek; the huntress by my side. The bleeding of your past - I'll rip it asunder and redefine... show you wonder when all you knew was lies. Like a reef, I team with life and you validate me like the sea and tide. I'll be your foundation when you need to ride, understand you and let you soar after we collide. Instinct tells me to shield you and hold you tight; encircle you from behind. When you look in the mirror, the gaze that you feel is mine. Kaleidoscopic colors swirl in your mind - Heaven is the way we intertwine, caressing with fingertips... sexy as calypso and nakedness; the pleasure of our dance, a perfect trip. The passion of your kiss, perfect lips - I close my eyes and all I see is bliss... not just a gift, but an answer to my wish... you receive me as I crash into your hips. My gypsy takes it like a whip, and welcomes my tryst. Wear my love on your arm and let me kiss your wrist.
Fair Dinkum, They Tell Me Its Sunday
Stayed local for the weekend, and have gotten better acquainted all the frivalties of Sydneys sceneries and todos. Got to pay my mercan touristy dues. So I purchased an all about pass for the aquarium, wildworld, sydney tower, Oceanland Manley. So far Ive seen the aquarium, with its walkthru tanks with a large array of sharks, rays, indigenous fish and dugong manatees. Spent the rest of that day walkabout Darling Harbor and the shops and ferrys/speedboats/steamboats/catamarans. Went scoped out some local rock and metal Fri night, and wound up at the hotel pubs which had a multi-bill lineup with a good variance of polished metal (megadeth"ish") right on to the all out cookiemonster metal of current. Yesterday, went up APM tower and caught the full view of the city from the ocean to the blue mtns and all in betweenst. Took a stroll thru Olympic park and its numerous stadiums & arenas. The once olypic torch is now moved from atrop the stadium to across the street in the park and is now
A Bikers Story...
A Biker story   A tough looking group of bikers were riding when they saw a girl about to jump off a bridge so they stop.     The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says,  "What are you doing?"   "I'm going to commit a suicide," she says.  While he did not want to appear insensitive, he didn't want to miss an opportunity he asked "Well, before you jump, why don't you give me a Kiss?" So, she does and it was a long, deep lingering kiss.   After she's finished, the biker says, "Wow! That was the best Kiss I have ever had. That's a real talent you are wasting. You could be famous Why are you committing suicide?" "My parents don't like me dressing up like a girl......"
Planning A Trip
i am sick of looking at 500 websites to find the cheapest flight what website is best?
Hope Of Light
When darkness falls on our weary hearts, and hope seems to fade away, We tend to lose a sense of life, not wanting to move on to another day.Life is full of pain and discouragement, we wander around lost and hurt, Wanting to feel something more, Needing to pick ourselves up from the dirt. One tragedy after the next may come, none more tragic than the rest, Shoving us deeper inside ourselvesplacing us on an impossible precipice.We must be strong and look ahead, never giving ourselves completely.For if we do our souls could be lost,forever longing for peace eternally.Light is there if only we could see, unveil our eyes from under the sheath.Welcome the sun and all it's warmthand allow ourselves to once again breath.  
He's Just Not That Into You By Greg Behrendt And Liz Tuccillo
He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo Cut your losses and don't waste your time .  Why stay in some weird dating limbo when you can move on to what will surely be better territory? Don't want to hear it?  Fine.  Here's the answer you're looking for, "Hang in there, baby.  He's not the loser everybody's telling you he is.  If you wait and keep your mouth shut and call at exactly the right time and anticipate his moods and have no expectations about communication or your own sexual needs, you can have him!"  But please don't be surprised if he dumps you or continues to drag you through a completely unsatisfying relationship. He is a man made up entirely of your excuses.  And the minute you stop making excuses for him, he will completely disappear from your life. Men, for the most part, like to pursue women.  We (men) like not knowing if we can catch you.  We feel rewarded when we do. Don't let the "honeys" and the "babys" fool you.  His sweet nothings are exac
bored and banned from mums still ¬¬ so i'm bloggingg. so this new fucker cat from downstairs bit my hand, the fleshy bit under my thumb. cant even fap properly cause of it. but anyway, i was trying to stop this psycho cat from getting my cat so i stupidly put my hand in its face and it bites me.  two teeth went in and its sore as fuck and swollen n red. havent been to the hospital yet, duno if i should call up and see what they see or just go down. or wait till tomorrow and just call the docs. hmmmmmm if i had a ride it would all be good but i have to take bus and i dont wana do that... thinking it might be infected though so tomorrow i'll definately be going somewhere
Author Unknown
                                                                         Author Unknown          Somewhere in the pages    of a book written long ago,    there was something about love    everyone was supposed to know.         Lost in translation     from a language that is no-more     was the true meaning of love     and who it was meant for.         Love was a feeling      that was meant to be shared      but where and how those pages got lost      and people forgot how to care.         What was on those pages      very few people knew      I happen to be one of them      let me share it with you.       Love is something special     love is something true     and if you think you're in love     be careful , 'cause sometimes     your thoughts can deceive you.       Love is something to embrace,     not something to fear,     but if you forget to return that love,     your love will disappear.
The Ghost
Needles in the grass, poking through your shield. Scratching at your ribs, bleeding in the field. Misty colored droplets; leave your heavy head. The Ghost in the wind, replaying all she said.     Tumbling through his mind, like a wheel inside a clock. Coal, embers, fire. He could not make it stop.     Flames engross the pure- The pure begin to wilt. The wilting turns to ashes-­­ The ashes; into filth.     - "What a dirty solider." the ghost said condesendingly.   "Please forgive me, Mi'lady; it's what you've made of me."   Her laugh was that of nightmares. Her laugh; grizzly, sarcastic and cruel.     - "I've made nothing of you. I am just a memories fool."     - "I am of your own making." - "I am the monster with in."
Fu-owned Auction Xx Preview
Prelude Of Love
I walk upon the clouds, not wanting to get off, just gazing at the love that was brought forth to me. From the first time i saw her, i was amazed, astonished, admiring this beautiful woman. Our worlds were distant then, me mated with another her in the same path. Our planets were afar along time, but the admiration grew into a devoted friendship. This friendship, grew as we grew, my heart growing more fonder of the friendship in front of me. As time  elapse, we adapted to our own worlds,the communication as distant as the time spent apart. She grew to admire others , i devoted my time to my path in life. but then something changed.... She became the same as i , single and heartbroken, me single an searchin... We began to see this in the same light, but both leary of events in both our paths. I saw something along time go that brought my heart  to hers. Our paths now on the same road, our planets align, our worlds united as one. Were it takes us, i dont no, but my souls been
(how To) Use Ascii Characters
(How To) Use Ascii CharactersMany people use HTML without knowing it. For those that do they can conform it to the way they want (essentially Fubar is created with 1/4 of HTML, 1/4 of CSS, 1/4 of PHP and 1/4 of Javascript). There are many forms of html and each can be used in different ways (ex. anyone who knows binary code should know what [01100110 01110101 01100010 01100001 01110010] spells).This blog will do the following:Enlighten the user on what the character will look likeWill List the necessary ascii code following its main characterSpecial Characters for HTMLSpecial CharacterMain Characters|Space|[ ]![!]"["]#[#]$

you know, job interviews suck. no matter how well they go, they still suck. and no matter how many i go to, i still get stuck on the fuckin' "what are your strengths and weaknesses" question. usually i can tell ya a million weaknesses. today, i came up with two. well, three but the third was given to me by the interviewer and that was "chocolate". don't ask. i'm too old for this shit. and then there's the waiting. just shoot me.
Steps On How To Make A Background Skin
Make sure your image is hosted online somewhere - you will know it is when it has the ending tags like jpg,gif,png,etc... Click on Create Skin at the top - delete the code in the window then Copy this code below ¡é and put it in a skin that you will create. TIP: DARKRED will not work you will have to use RED. If you have any questions ask me i'll help you out body { background-color: #000000; background-position: left center; background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-image:url("URL HERE"); scrollbar-arrow-color: white; scrollbar-face-color: 000000; scrollbar-highlight-color: white; scrollbar-3dlight-color: white; scrollbar-shadow-color: white; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: white; scrollbar-track-color: 000000; } A:link {text-decoration: none; color: white;} A:visited {text-decoration: none; color: white;} A:active {text-decoration: none; color: white;} A:hover {text-decoration: non
Tripped A Beauteous Down a winding pathway In a garden old Tripped a beauteous maiden But her heart was cold Came a prince to woo her Said he loved her true Maiden said he didn’t And so he ceased to woo Came a perfumed nobel Dropping on one knee Said his love was deeper Than the deepest sea But the whimsed maiden Said his love was dead And the perfumed nobel Accepted what she said Came a dashing stranger Took her off by force Said he’d make her love him And she did Of course... by Boyd Rice
Jenna Jameson Calendar
Jenna Jameson Calendar click the pic to see more of her mmmmm yummy :)
Ok My 120 Friends!
EDIT New site design rolls out at 10pm est (10 minutes) for!EDIT Alright my 120 friends! I am in the middle of a MODEL drive for I need some lovely ladies interested in being models. They do NOT have to be naked! We have full nude, full nude/no face, and full face/bikini/skimpy/tease. So if you know a lovely lady willing to take some pix and get some money with! Send her my way or send her on over to PLEASE I NEED YOU GUYS! SO as some incentive for helping me... I'll take 5 new pix for every model and you guys find that is SERIOUSLY interested in being a cherryspacegirl. Keep in mind cherryspacegirls do NOT have to be gorgeous stick figure blonde (tho those are great as well lol) we are really looking for ordinary beauties, onces you might find on your myspace or cherryap friends list! So theres you incentive! 5 new pix for every model I get! Also, guys feel free to stop by and get on our mai
It's My Birthday, send me your nudie treats!!!! LOL Thursday Nov 30th is my birthday, and I just love pressies and surprises, so be a lil daring and make me sumtin sexy of you and send it to my Cherry Tap inbox or email me at And dont send me internet porn clips, pics of someone else, cartoons, morphs of you turning into a frikin hamster or sumtin, or otherwise generic page comment material,...or it's cake in the face for you!! lmao!! j/k :P surprise me! :) And of course, as always, my discretion is assured, so dont fret that. xoxoxoxoxo Maji
Hey Everyone!!!!!
i am very new to this site and still trying to figure out this... myspace i got it down to the "t" but this will be a while. give me time i will get back to those that request to be friends and leave comments. muah!
About The And
12 Mar CherryTap in the news Over the last few days CherryTap (CT to the users) has gotten a mention in the Washington Post and on TechShout. The articles are nearly identical. Seems that CT now has a story about how it got started. Wonder if itfs true or something they made up for the press release? Also, if therefs no advertising on the site (as stated in both articles) then whatfs the CherryBank and all the little links all over the place that lead to other sites? Oh, and then why is there a section in the TOS that says we canft cover up the banner ads? I just wonder if the users realize that all the pictures that they put in the CT profiles are being shown on Cherry Photos along with a link to email it to others. Considering how fussy some of them get when someone eripsf their photos on CT, Ifd hate to be nearby when they see this that their photos are being displayed on another site without their permission. Especially since the currently posted TOS says nothing about
A Baby Is Born!!!
My best friend had her baby yesterday at 5:34pm... He weighed 8pounds 13oz and was 22 inches long and had a head full of black hair... I'm So happy...
Ok Im Board Lookin 4....
some fun someone plz save me ..... plz IM ..... Ash
Stang's Underground Has Closed
I wanted to blog this myself before the rumor mill got started. I have become disenchanted with some things on FUBAR, however, although I have considered it, I'm not disenchanted enough at the moment to leave my friends. I am being much more selective about how much money I choose to spend on and for the site. No ,the lounges do not cost money but you pay for the DJ box and server space....The site, the people on it and those close to it have been very good to me in the past and I am not trying to "damn" them, I am not bad talking anyone all I can say is that I am not super happy with some things at the moment. Additionally, I had some people who were associated with the lounge who merely wanted to have a name...that's NOT what it's about. I will be hanging out in one of three lounges mostly and these are the 3 that I endorse: After Hours Club Fantasia Club 54 Thank you to all who have come in to party with us but I think we've had our run. Maybe if some uber de
If You Like What You See
I want to start off by thanking everyone who has taken the time to look at the photography, and digital art I have put in my albums here. Due to the limitations, it is only a small fraction of what I have done. If you like what is here, and want more, you can see more of my work in either my online gallery, or my Flickr photostream. You can see my gallery at WickdArts Design Gallery which is the best place top view my stuff for those not having a Flickr account. My Flickr photostream is Unpolarized Flickr Photostream If you really like what you see, and would like to buy a print, or other things displaying my work, you can check out my CafePress store at WickdArts CafePress Store Please be sure to tell your friends about me, and send them over to take a look at my work.
My Special Nsfw Pics
If you want to see my special NSFW pics just donate 30,000 fubucks and I'll make you a family member for life. From what I've seen that beats out what some other women are offering on here. Plus, when my GF's get their memberships started you will have a 1 week pass into their special NSFW pics as well, and if you want to keep access to their pics same deal, 30,000 fubucks for life time family. Message me if you are up for it.
True Story For August 23, 2008 - Strip Club Visitation
True Story August 23, 2008 Stars Cabaret, Salem, Oregon We pulled up into the driveway of the Stars Cabaret in Salem, Oregon nestled between a McDonald’s and the Phoenix Inn just off of Interstate 5 at exit 256. We noticed there was a sign at the entrance of the driveway that stated that NO COVER CHARGE WITH A HOTEL KEY. So … as we entered the club and stepped into the foyer, my husband showed our hotel key to the hostess and she said, “You may choose wherever you wish to sit.” Cool… we saved $12.00 right there. It took a more than a few seconds for my eyes to get accustom to the dimly lit interior of the club but one thing my ears had no problem getting used to was the loud music that was being played. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light I then noticed that there were three stage areas with a pole in the center of each stage. Around the stages was a raised bench-like portion of the stage. On the outside of the stage area for each stage was several chairs wit
the world so cold and cruel crushed under the weight the pain and anguish overcome me as i begin to slip into the darkness of heartache indecisiveness the tought of never being able to love eats me alive to he point i cry at night when i think about the pain of being alone seems like yesterday i was away from my troubles and today they have seemed to double i cannot slip the feeling that i went wrong somewhere between here and there from afar someone else's life looks like that of a star
Just My Thoughts....again Lol
Okay I know this is fubar and I know that there a lot of fun loving lemme see ya naked people out there. Woohoo love to all of ya but, I'm not one that will show "that" kind of stuff to just anyone. I believe in having fun don't get me wrong but I will only be doing that with the one I'm with. I know that there are others out there just like me. I just wonder where there hiding... lemme know if you see them. I do know of some. That's why there on my friends list. :) Just my thoughts...
Take A Peek At This
feel free to click the pic bids go up offers go up as well those who know me im not cheap when giving
My Honey Bun
Shopping for our grocies .   whahing dirtycloth taping all her shows putting upwith torment from yelling kids listening to he said she said not knowing which one did making sure they take a bath they have to brush there teeth keeping both eyes on the little one cause he's a little theif always in a hurry never time for fun I tell her not to worry cause she's my honey bun                                                   this was wrote by my husban for me on 9/02/04                                                             
Hosting A Auction!
    Dee75Auction!!   The Rules 1. All entries must pay a 100k fee to join payable to me min bid will be 100k 2. you must send me a link to the photo you would like to be used in the auction along with a list of things you would like to offer. 3. I will post all pictures with the list of offering on Monday March 1st and the auction will end 2 weeks later on March 15. 4. All bids must be paid to each member by that day all offerings are good to the high bidder for 30 days. 5. Auctionees have the options to close the auction at anytime if they wish to accept that bid. 6. you are responsible for promoting your auction picture althought I will promote the auctions Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in joining this auction. I am NOT responsible if the bidder wont pay up!   Brought to you by: Dee75@ fubar >   > > >
So What Do You Want To See?
here is your chance to have your opinion count! give me your ideas on what you want to see in my pics!! and no i dont mean gross shit.... so the faster you leave me your ideas on what you want me to take pics of the faster you'll see what you want!! just leave me some comments is all you have to do!
Tattoos? Tattooing? Clean?
Ok, you decide to get a tattoo, you know what you want and where you want it. You  pick a tattoo place , it looks very clean even the  people tattooing look very clean. You sit down to get ur  tatt, the tattooist has rubber gloves on and  pulls out 2 desposable needle in a air tight package, you  dont think anything about it  cuz when you go to ur  dr. and they go to draw blood they take the needle out of same type of package. Think about this ur getting a  tatt on ur back u can't see what the tattooist is doing with the needle lets  say  he pricks his fingure and keeps tattooing pr the fresh needle he took out of the package well, no one knows who package them or if that person has anything  and by using that 1 needle BOOM u now  have hep or even worse aids all becuz of the love for a tattoo. Even though u watch your tattooist take the fresh needle out of ir gas enchambered package and everything is going smoothly you dont know who packaged that needle up. If your tatt
Wanna Be Double Banged(rated) Today?
  My #2 Fam has a boomy goin.... and i have a deal for u all... u love to get rated right? u love to get polished right? and u love ur pics rated right? well i gotta deal for you:)   Anyone who goes n shows my #2 fam love.. not only will her boomy hit u back ... i will also rate u and 20 pics and polish if i can... lets show my #2 fam lots of love... leave me mssg n let me kno u hit her and ill get u back... :) You must leave me mssg on my pro letting me kno u have done so.. that way i can make sure i get u back...    So lets attack my #2 and blow up her boomy.. hit her hard.. and we will hit u twice as hard:)   Thanks all:)
Is It Too Much To Ask For?
Now many of you know me and some of you know me personally, but haven't I always approached you with respect? I'm asking because apparently some people haven't read my profile. I'm not against flirting, but some of you are taking this shit to a whole new level. Man, some of these motherfucking men need some damn etiquette lessons. How the fuck are you going to approach me and say "are you ready to cream" or "I'm currently stationed and my dick is hard" and "I want to rub my dick all over your body". Here's a good one..."are you single, because I'm looking for a girlfriend".  I've even got "I love you" & "I miss you". How the fuck can that be possible if we NEVER had a conversation. If we did have a conversation, it wasn't an actual conversation...more "you are pretty" or "I can lick you from head to toe." I'm getting pretty fed up. I'm going to start blocking assholes! There's only 1 person on my block list now, but I have no problem filling that bitch up. Then when I cut your vers
The Battle That Rage's In My Head Part 2
today is 2001/5/01 @ 2315 cont. from yesterday........   so i had today off and as normal i thought to much but just let the day go with out saying anything but i find most times that not an easy thing to do there are way to many how should i put it......well just to many fucking mouth breathers around for u not to just want to walk up and punch them in the fucking mouth and i am one who is not afraid to do it.....hell whats the worse that can happen to i get my ass kiccked or i kick some one else's ass or well it just looks like we both kicked our own ass but hey thats the fun of right u never know whats comeing ur way but back to that later i got to talk to her alot more today still seems a bit off but i know she has alot going on and im an insecure kinda go may not see it but i hide it well very few ppl know this till now but fuck it i need to fix it some or i will never have some one like her to stick around i dont wany to be one of those grummpy old men that hayes the world besi
Thoughts And Such....
Thoughts for the day... by Adam Grreen on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 2:34pm I'm going to send this to tons of people and see if I get any good responses. It might seem ingenuin, but I'm not talking to anyone in specific here. Mostly I'm talking to everyone. So why not just post it as a note, or blog you  might ask? Because it's far less likely for people to read it that way.  I'm playing the numbers game here. Out of hundereds people, there seems to be only a few that will like me that I actually like. It takes a lot of time to write to hundreds of people. Also, however disgenuous this seems, it's more than most have done for me. Yes, believe it or not, I don't get messages very often. And when i do, they are awefully short. I would love to get a long message like this, if it was actually written by the person who sent it. There are people who post generic shit to everyone, that they didn't actually come up with themselves. Most of it is crap, there's some good ones tho
Ugg Boots I Most A Suitable
One of my preferred elements of style could be the reward of ugg boots. I remember getting blown aside through the pleats printed within the flat skirt of the ugg attire when i experienced been younger, and also the capability to trick the eyesight and make one thing anticipated away from one thing absolutely unexpected is among the ideal visual treats you will find. it is the form of creativeness that reminds us all why we spend these prices UGG Cardy boots. That’s precisely the form of response which i experienced towards the UGG Cardy boots when I very first saw it. On original visual inspection, it just appears like frequent dark ribbons overlaid on the cream-colored fabric; a wonderful UGG Classic Short boots, but not only a especially fascinating one. The reality, though, is a good deal a great deal more interesting. You’ve possibly currently caught on how the “lace” is in fact finely honed ugg boots, shaped inside a way that is just as intricate and com
Happy New Years Toast
New Years Comments Graphics - Comments The Gift of a New Year Here’s to the year that’s almost past its expiration date—2011 We all had some surprises, didn’t we? Some good, some distressing. Let’s use everything we got from our experiences, everything we learned, to enrich the new year. Here’s to the new year,2012 a gift we haven’t opened yet. May its bright, shiny package contain even more than we hope for. And even while we’re delighting in new treasures, let’s appreciate fully what we already have— the blessings we take for granted. Make a list, and check it twice. And here’s to all you wonderful people (wave glass around to encompass the whole group) who are putting up with my toast; I hope in the new year you see yourselves the way I see you: intelligent, interesting, and likable. (Raise glass) To 2012 May it give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "the good life." Redneck Graphics - Comments
After years of keeping my heart locked away...  years of keeping it safe to heal..  you asked for it and I gave it to you..  I gave it freely and with happiness..  then you broke it and gave it back..  I took it back reluctantly..  and with tears of hurt and sorrow..  Realizing only after trying to piece it back together..  that you kept the key...  why?
Happy Mothers Day To All The Mothers N Mommys..
Before I was a Mom -I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday.Before I was a Mom -I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations.Before I was a Mom -I had never been puked on - Pooped on - Spit on - Chewed on, or Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and My thoughts. I slept all night.Before I was a Mom -I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests...or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.Before I was a Mom -I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew
Jacob Wayne Cox, 20 CHATHAM Jacob Wayne Cox died Saturday. Services are 2 p.m. today at Edmonds Funeral Home, Jonesboro. Burial will be at Concord Methodist Cemetery, Chatham To a great soldier, an awesome friend, and an all around wonderful man. YOU WILL BE MISSED VERY MUCH! I love you doll!! and i'm soooo sorry it had to be this way. i promise I will see you again someday! To all of you who know him.... you know that he was a great guy and he will be missed terribly. To all of you who didn't know him..... You missed out because he was awesome. This was written to him from his sister Brandi: Born on Earth Wednesday October 9, 1985 Went to Heaven Sateurday July 8, 2006 You may be gone from Earth but you are still very alive in our hearts. No one knows all the pain you went through here on Earth. But we know that where you are there is no pain. Someone came up to Grandmother at the funeral and asked her if she knew what happened? She answered "no". And he said
Candles dance like sparks in your eyes; The air is filled with your muffled cries; Keeping ourselves going through sheer will; The agony of ecstasy makes time stand still; The world seems to shake and the colors whirl; And I stare into the eyes of this quivering girl; Watch as the shock waves ride her heightened nerves; Drinking in the beauty of her gentle curves; Shivering at the power of physical delight; The sweat of our labors glistening in candlelight; Greedy mouths come together once more; Groping hands seeking out new senses to explore; Giving of oneself with no physical limit; An act with no emotion except what you give it; The power of flesh is a wonder to behold; Pound for pound, it is worth more than gold. KinkyScreams 2006 ©
Grrrr! Now What!!??
I finally get my results for my blood work drawn on Thurs....which I had let over a week pass between that draw and the one before it and *SIGH* the results showed that my HCG levels have only dropped 1 point in over a week!! DAMMIT!! I cant stand this anymore. I am SOOOO scared right now because it is moving TOO slow....hopefully on the birth control patches things will start to move a little faster.
Don't you hate it When that person comes along That makes you desperate And everything seem wrong She steals away The ones you love Everyday They says shes from above You don't see Anything in her But you know your free To be a blur Nobody realizes You aching inside Nobody hears your cries Because away you hide Well welcome to the club Of jealousy galore Where your but a stub And nothing more Where you feel the ones you love Slipping away With that "gift from above" Everyday
My Private Pics
ok since i have joined this site there has been nothing but, the guys trying to see my pics. like they are saying that their wife is only wanting to look or posing as a girl. well, i'm going thru my friends list and if no one is show any pics like mine then i'm gonna delete u from my friends and when i'm done deleting all of them i'm going to make it where everyone on my friends list can see my pics
* Twin Flames * Reincarnational Identity * Incarnate * Incarnate Matix * Tauren *
********************************************************************************************* Twin ********************************************************************************************* (Twin Flames) ********************************************************************************************* Each world level (Source Worlds) and/or Identity has a Particum (PCM) side and its corresponding Twin Parallel Partika (PKA) side. We have a Twin at Each Level of the Time Matrix & Beyond (See: Source Worlds) Usually, a soul (Soul Matrix), HU-2 identity, manifest into 12 simultaneous incarnations, two in each of the six time cycles in one Harmonic Universe (HU). In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female; this relationship is referred to as "Twin Flames", but does not necessarily imply a romantic "soul mate" involvement. (See: Reincarnational Identity) (Voyagers II – Page 148) **********************************************************
Agloco-make Sure You Don't Get Left Behind... I started Mylot for a few days witm my Agloco Downlinie Builder -UltimateRep . I come there to find a new friends and business expiriens. Just what have i see? I started ern too.As I login everyday, I notice that its members is growing fast. I know that now mylot has gain its popularity for posibility to find new friends, business contacts and too for money. early, you can earn there! Mylot has over 80.000 members from around the world. I guest it's because people find mylot as online community where you can get fun and make extra money at the same time. It is easy to earn money there, if you know how. Join my myLot Network! If you are a member of mylot now and want to increase your earning, here's some tip: Quality post is money. I don't know for sure how mylot determine to measure quality of each post. It is impossible to do it manually, so there's mu
I Love My Cherrytagz
Since im in a Photoshop mood and people have been asking for these I made a few today. Get more @ Get more @ Get more @ There you go!
Ok Here It Is... About Me! (again)
Heya All Here Is A More Detailed ABOUT ME... My Link is posted after it if you want to see the rest of my profile after :D ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* Thank You For Dropping By... Just wanted to answer some quick answers about myself that are asked a lot... Yes, I Am A SINGLE MOM. I have sole custody of my 8 year old son. (No his father does not keep in contact at all. His decision.) Yes, I Am 33 years old. I have good genes :P Ohhhh I am proud to say I have not been carded at all this year :D 2008 is looking up already :P I have been losing weight. I have a blog about it my weight loss. The link to it is below.. please read it before pre-judging me. I have to date lost over 140 lbs and I want to lose
Any Harder
Any Harder It's not enough, When you try to sleep, And you're racing through my head. It's not enough, When you're in so deep, That I'm drowning in my bed. And I know that, Life never takes you where you want to, Go and you just miss things moving faster. But it looks like everything will be alright, If you just don't make things harder, And tonight I'll find a way to make it right, If you don't make things harder. It's not enough, When you try to sleep, And you're thinking of the past. Is it never enough, When all you want, Is a sign that this will last. And you know that, I'm thinking thoughts of you and, Know I thought things turn to disaster. And it looks like everything will be alright, If you just don't make things harder, And tonight I'll find a way to make it right, If you don't make things harder. It's alright, Ok, We'll get through another day, It's alright, Ok, We'll get through another day. Looks like everything will be alr
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts
Donations 4 Spolight??
I have been working my ass off trying to get Spotlight! Click on the pic above to help me out and donate some fu bucks. I will do whatever it takes to make the Spotlight before my birthday and before I can't anymore. Please Re-Post! !~*Shawty Ur Next Wet Dream, PLAYMATE @ FORBIDDEN INC*~! ALEX [*OWNER OF THE LOVE SHACK*]@ fubar
Well, according to EST it's officially his birfday!! Show him lots of luv n tell him I sent ya! :P Pedro El Loco@ fubar
A Litlle About Me
1. whats your name spelt backwards?Leinad 2. What did you do last night? smoked out with friends. 3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? A pic of me at the library 4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? No 5. Last time you swam in a pool? 2 yrs ago 6. What are you wearing? Stewie Griffin pjs 7. How many cars have you owned? 3 8. Type of music you dislike most? rap and most country 9. Are you registered to vote? yes 10. Do you have cable? yes 11. What kind of computer do you use? Dell 12. Ever made a prank phone call? No 13. You like anyone right now? Not anymore 14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Maybe 15. Furthest place you ever traveled? L.A., California 16. Do you have a garden? no 17. What's your favorite comic strip? Batman 18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem? Yes 19. Shower, morning or
Secret Admirers.....wtfevah
Lately, I have been playin the Secret Admirer game thingy. Most of the time, the choices are......shall we I still go ahead and guess. If I don't get it in 6 guesses, yes, I will pay the 4K to get 4 more guesses. I would say that 95% of the time, if I guess right, I would not have matched that person on a bet. No offense to anyone, but I do have my preferences. When I end up matching someone, I will usually get an email telling me they can't believe I matched them! LMAO I'm clicking randomly, if I matched you, it was by pure luck. Don't go getting a big head over it. hehe that's all.
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Sherry 2. A four letter word: Star 3. A boy's name: Steven 4. A girl's name: Sheila 5. An occupation: Scientist 6. A colour: Salmon 7. Something you wear: Shirt 8. A food: Snapper 9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap 10. A place: Savannah 11. A reason for being late: Sleep 12. Something you shout: Shoot! 13. A movie title: She's Just Not That Into You. 14. Something you drink: Sweet tea 15. A musical group: Smashing Pumpkins 16. An animal: Sloth 17. A street name: Spring 18. A type of car: Saturn
Now Hiring!!!
So you want to be a part of the staff at the Anti Lounge, huh? If you don't have a salute, stop reading. The answer is an unconditional "No." Close the blog. Move on. So... what are we looking for? Well, the Anti Lounge is hiring new staff to help out with the following: PROMOTIONS Your job would be to bring people to the lounge through bulletins, profile comments, and invites through the shout box. If you can make graphics, that's a plus... but it's not necessary. CAM STAFF If you like being on cam, then this is perfect! We're not looking for risque stuff, just people that like to hang out and have a good, casual time. GREETING All you have to do is welcome people into the lounge and start conversations! It'll help if you know more about the games we play and our other promotions, because you'll be the one that helps spread the word to make people feel at home! In the Anti Lounge, everyone does a little bit of everything. We do this so everyone feels like t
Bdsm Quotes
"The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands." - Benjamin Franklin "It's the submissives that show to others what type of Dom owns them." - Anonymous "Submissives need to be told what to do. Slaves need to do what they are told." - Unknown The Master is an artist , His slave the clay, with the whip He will shape her , with humility He will mold her, Some will admire her, But only the Master, not even the slave, will know her true beauty, for her true beauty lies in her love for her Master. -J. Yednak- "You don't love a slave because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because You love her." -Unknown "A slave's life is mostly composed of patience and study. Yes, study. If not with actual books, then following the example of greater, senior slaves. Or learning every nuance of their owner's character, so that they can more completely and seamlessly offer themselves at the right time and in the right manner." - Laura Antoniou
Dooo Eeetttt!!!!
  Come on, fill it out for me. Please! Copy, paste, answer. you know the drill   1. I know who are you, tell me who you want to be. 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Have I ever gone too far? 5. What do you think of me? 6. If I spanked you would you laugh, cry, or just hope that I do it again? 7. Am I a good friend? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Am I your type? 13. Do you think I am smart? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. If you could would you kidnap me and what would you do with me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Was it right? lol??? 22. If you could give me anything what would it be? 23. How well do you know me? 24. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 25. Do you think I could kill someone? 26. Have we ever had sex? 27. "HYPOTHET
What Did I Do To Deserve This?
This woman rated me a "1" and then sent me a message which follows   What did I ever do to her?   Folder: INBOX SENT     from: OhSoSexy United States subject: BITCH   received: 06/24/2009 02:11 pm replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   You are sooooooooooooooo old! Take your old dirty ass offline you old dirty skank!!!!!!!!   What should I do?
A Mom :)
♥ A baby will make love stronger, days longer, nights shorter, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. ♥ ♥ I Love My Baby & I Love Being A Mum!! ♥
Shadows New Bully
Feb. 4
Yesterday was a hard day for me, my grandmother passed away on this date on 2007, and it was hard to loose someone I have known for all my life and another person in the family in the short period.When she passed away she was short of her 99th birthday, she would have been 101 today.She was a good woman, worked hard, and raised her 12 kids, with my mother being one of them. She took care of me, she loved me, she showed me how to cook. She help me become a better person.I miss her.
I Am Done
i am done being made to take the responsibility of others stupidity. not a day goes by i am stuck being left out of the loop of those around me and then when told something at that last minute its my fault for not keeping in touch or asking questions when i am not even included in others thoughts or ideas and what not.  i am sick of dealing with the negativity of those around me, just wish everyone would just finally go fuck and off and leave me the hell alone i have no need to be put thru everyones childish negativity. i learned to have no need to include myself amongst people who show me no sign of interest of including me in their ideas and plan.    
Black Holes In Merging Galaxies
Oh No, Not Pumpkin Again
My friend says I need to stop imagining what it feels like to be Pumkin ("What's the chance he will be really devastated?") and just tell him it's not going to work out. So, yeah, another Saturday, a week or two later, we're supposed to meet again.  As it draws nearer, he sends me txts about how much he is looking forward to seeing me, and I am kind of cringing, but I tell myself it could be OK; if I don't do it I might miss out on something (his OKCupid profile is awesome, of course,t he didn't mention anything about bad breath.) He comes over and I spend the day watching him smoke pot and eat my lorazepam. When 6 pm comes around he passes out on my bed. He wakes up around nine only to go outside and smoke another "bowl". The next day he tells me he is sorry and "what a lousy date I must be", and I am too lame to say "yes, motherfucker, you are," instead I say "nah, it's OK, you had a headache...." He asks if he can see me tomorrow night to cook me the meal he was supposed to have c
Dear Karma, I Think I Love You...
There is guy that comes into work all the time. And you can tell, JUST by looking at him, he's a real piece of shit. Some things have... "happened" at work and we KNOW its him that did it, we just have no way of proving it. Well, he comes in today with two "lady friends" and they sit down and start scratching lotto tickets. One of the ladies comes up and said "I dont understand this, can you double check it to see if I won?" Fine, I deal with stupid people ALL day anyways, so Im used to it. So I run it through and "FILE CLAIM" pops up. So I tell her that she has won more than what we're allowed to pay out. In Illinois, anything over $600 has to be paid by the lotto offices because Uncle Sam needs his cut. So I tell her to go downtown to the Thompson Center to cash in the ticket. She looks at it and asks how much she won. I look at it again, and Im checking all over the ticket to see why she would have to go downtown to cash it in. And after adding up all the possible prizes on the tick
So yesterday I ran out of the wellbutrin that I was put on when I was vaguely suicidal a month ago... it worked GREAT, but the mail order place hasn't filled my order yet.  In the meantime, I'm apparently stupid and emo enough to take a lot of things personally - though at least I was able to keep myself offline during the worst of it. Suffice it to say, I've got a lot of shit going on right now that I haven't talked about, because I was trying not to write depressing blogs. I, too, come here to escape from the crap that is my real life - and I lean too much on my friends.  When those I've trusted most decide to throw that away, it makes my real life problems come to the surface again.  But, I digress.   I can't take back what was said, but I can promise to try not to do it again.  I'm about as far from perfect as it gets, though, so no guarantees.  My friends know all of this about me and will support me, and I will try my best not to disappoint them. Thanks to Lilboops for making
Photo Challenge
That sounds WAY more sensible than this is gonna be.   Basically, I have a Happy Hour to do *pauses for gasps of awe and amazement*...Helly has one too, but cuz she's like a proper decent hoar now, she'll probably be looking for ways to maximise her levelling abilities and stuffs (ie, she won't want to be associated with me...especially now).   I don't like the idea of just going through the motions (minds OUT of gutter tyvm)...because someone was very generous. SOOOOOOOOOO   I wanted to do an homage to the poor abused lollipops of fu. Realistically (and sadly) I do have enough god-awful lollipop pics of my own to get me through, BUT the kind gentleman Mr Higgs Boson did agree to letting me swipe his for the hour as well.   Which gave me a more betterer idea (more betterer is deliberate, stfu)...I think the more god-awful lollipop pics I can get the better (Mr Boson aside, obviously his is a work of art).   Sooooooooooooooo I think you all should help me. All being the operat
The Glow Radio Friday's
Friday  on The Glow Radio: The Rev DJ Furg and he will be spinning his mix of  Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock. and Metal Music on his Church of Rock starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & you can also find us on Microsoft's Media Player; click on the Media Guide Link & click on the Internet Radio Link & find us in the Classic Rock area or you can go to our website at:
Surgery Update
I had surgery on Friday to fix a complication caused by my diabetes and I have to say I not feeling as bad as I thought I would be at this pint. I’m healing nicely and been getting good rest.  Walking slowly but able to stand for a while and sit for a bit as well. Making sure that I try to do anything to tear up my stitches.   So now that this is done and out of the way now all I have to do is heal and get ready for my next surgery, which will be on March 15 for my right eye (I have cataracts) and soon after that would be my left eye.
What The Hell?
Ok so about 3 weeks ago I was finishing up at work and stopped by Arby's for some much needed lunch, Went in and got my food and went out to my car. Not as soon as I put it in reverse, this asshole drives up ina cargo van, drops off his "amigo" and tried to squeaze this van into the space next to me. Already starting to excalate, I say " Pardon me sir, but if you move I can get out and you can get parked easier" he starts yelling at me, by this time Im pissed off and starting to get racial because he is talking to me in Spanish. So by now Im like so ready to get out and beat the shit out of someone, he almost hit my car, so I say " Dude, I took to the time to learn your language, Just because Im white dont mean shit, So please move so I can leave, I was here first, and while your at it go back to mexico you asshole". Yes I do apologize for being racial but damn it, He was in the wrong and I had to say something. My point is how far must it go to be forces to be like that? Racial slurs
Something From Facebook!
Okay so every now and then I hit this application called "God wants you to know" mine said.. One this day of my live..."God wanted me to know that when I am unsure how to proceed, stop. Be still and enter into the silence. Allow your mind to cease its restless thinking. Wait. Let the answer come in its time." Maybe I should have read it sooner. Everything happens for a reason and I guess things change for a reason too. I want so much to be happy and successful that I often forget those in my life that make me happy and I am successful even though I don't have a lot of things that would show it. I do however have wonderful friends, my kids, my health, and hopefully the one man that makes me smile and forget the stupid stuff that happens around me. 
Apple Is Like A Club
Apple is like a club. We in the scenic spot, the meeting is to the bar, the evening dance everybody had a good time. But, the company employees on the demand is very high also, at any time for 24 hours the sleepless work, and every one of us has a strong sense of mission and lofty goals, everyone to work together will be all that we dream into reality.-apple employees ROM. Barr saidIn 1980, full of passion, struggle unremitting jobs to start up apple's enterprise culture, therefore, he wrote a memo apple culture:Let the world each have a computer,Is our dreams and our efforts for this.We work together to struggle and unremitting;We manufacture first-class products;We produce different things, and profit from it;We hand hand, heart to heart, even not win is lost;We are full of passion, be full of originality,To make the company's for the road ahead.We all staff on the on this journey,Everything we do and the company's fate is closely linked,We want for the company to create a beautiful
What America Means To Most
If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 yrs. hard labor.If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot.If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get a job, a driver's license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & tax free business for 7 yrs. No wonder we are a country in debt

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