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PROUD AMERICAN's blog: "Go ahead make my day"

created on 01/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/go-ahead-make-my-day/b175601  |  34 followers





        He never believed in anything

      like miracles and such,

      for him it seemed like the whole

      world suddenly lost all touch.


        He saw a world in chaos

       He saw a world at war,

       He used to believe in peace on Earth

       but now that doesn't exist anymore.


         One day he went for a walk

        just to clear his head,

       then he saw someone having trouble

       with their car, instead of ignoring them,

        he helped them out instead.


         When he opened the hood 

        it was worse than he thought

        after looking at the transmission

        he could tell it was completely shot.


          So piece by piece

         he took that engine apart

         put it back together,

         then that engine once again

         would start.


          He tried to pay his rescuer,

         who helped him 

         when he was down and out,

         but his rescuer refused the money

         and said, " That's not what helping 

         your fellow man is all about.


          He put the money back in his wallet,

         astonished in what the man had to say,

         now he beleives in miracles 

         because of what happened 

         one amazing day.


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