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PROUD AMERICAN's blog: "Go ahead make my day"

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                                                                   What Can Be Said


  What can be said,

when there are no words at all?,

about nineteen brother firefighters

who rushed into roaring flames

in what would be their final call.


 As debris fell around them

and smoke filled their chest

still they battled on

because they are some of the very best.


They run into places

where others run out,

they are some of the bravest there are,

this there is no doubt.



  Yes, there are risks

and sometimes lives are lost,

but to lose nineteen brother firefighters

is such a terrible cost.


  They rush into roaring flames

  often on dangerous grounds

 they are the best you'll ever see,

 they were the bravest ever found.


 What can be said

when there are no words at all,

we'll take your memory

and act of heroism with us

everytime we answer the call.


                                                         Danny K. Winchester II   (7/12/13) 

                                                                     YOU STOOD BESIDE ME



  You stood beside me

   through bad times and good,

   you understood me better

   than I ever could.


  You stood beside me

   when I sometimes cried

   for a brother firefighter

   that heroicly died.


  You stood beside me

    when times were rough

    'cause you understand

     a firefighters life

     can sometimes be

     a little tough.


  You stood beside me

    through the laughter & the tears

   you stood beside me

   for over    years.



  You did for me

     what no-one else could,

     and now it's my turn

     let me stand beside you.

What happened to Patriotism ?

What happened to National Pride?

what happened to honoring those

that for us in time of war that have died.


They went away

in a time of great tragedy

they went away

in a time of great fear

they went to a far away land

and fought for everything we hold dear.


They weren't forced to join

like some in past years,

They know of the risks

yet still they all volunteer.


He didn't ask for glory

She didn't ask for fame,

They're just proud Americans

and just want to be treated the same.


She's coming home tomorrow

He came home yesterday

They are among the many

heroes of heroes

who fight for this great land

each and every day.


It's now been 11 years

and yet it's getting harder to understand

what it is we're still fighting for.



She came home

to no heroes welcome

He came home to no ticker tape parade

it seems we've all forgotten

how heroes are truely made.

                                                       26 New Angels

In the night sky

not too far

26 New Angels now stand

as shining new stars.


They left for school one morning

with smiles on their face

it was somewhere they thought

was supposed to be a safe place.


26 Angels who used to teach and play

then in an instant

would all be taken away.


An unspeakable act,

just a few moments of terror

the act of a coward took away

26 New Angels, that 'til then

knew no fear.


Though they were the children

they taught us a lesson that very sad day,

 Love every day you have

'cause in an instant

it could all be taken away.


Look out to the night sky

wherever you are

26 New Angels now stand

as 26 new shining stars. 

Let me stand with you

In good times and bad

Let me stand with you

when you're happy or sad

Let me stand with you

in sickness and in health

Let me stand with you

whether a pauper or one with wealth.

Let me stand with you

whatever shall be shall be

stand with me

and I'll stand with you

now and for all eternity.

                                                                      The Tire Swing



     Sittin' in a tire swing

   thinkin' about everything,

   and sometimes nothing at all

   thinkin' about how it could've been

   and how it should be

  hopin' I would receive your call.


    Where were you

   when I needed you?

   where were you

   when I was scared?

   why did you waste my time

   if for me you never cared?.


    Where did you go?,

   Why didn't you come back?,

   you took my life for one crazy ride

   then suddenly sent it off track.


    Where were you when I needed you?,

    where were you when I was scared?,

    why did you waste my time,

    if for me you never cared?.


     Isn't it funny

    how things turned out?,

    now you're the one waitin' for me?,

    I never knew how good revenge would feel,

    or how easy it would be.


     Where were you when I needed you?,

     where were you when I was scared?,

     why did you waste my time,

     if for me you never cared.


      How do you feel now ?

     are you waitin' for a call

     do you think it's gonna be from me?

     if you thinks that's gonna happen

     all I can say is , just wait and see.


      Where were you when I needed you?,

      where were you when I was scared?,

      why did you waste my time,

      if for me you never cared ?.


        Sittin' in a tire swing,

       with a smile on my face,

       now that you're out of my life,

       I'm in a far better place.

Raise the curtains

turn up the lights

Johnny's singing for you tonight,

songs of triumph

songs of strife

things he's seen  all his life.


He sang from his heart,

his words were true

and when he sang

you felt like he was singing to you.

He performed songs by himself

and his wife June

and through the years

his voice was never out of tune.


Although Johnny's gone away

a place in our hearts he'll alway's stay.

Through his words he'll live on,

and as long as we remember him

he'll never be gone.


Wipe your tears, say goodbye

be strong

try not to cry,

Johnny's gone and won't be back

turn down the lights

fade to black.

                                                                    On This Special Day



      On This Special Day

     we remember those

     that have gone away.


      Here in spirit

     and here in our heart

     in our lives

     they'll always be a part.


      They watch over us

     from Heaven above,

     we feel their presence

     we feel their love.


      Their spirit watches over us,

     like they've always done,

     as we start a new beginning

     and two hearts become one.


        As day becomes night

      and night becomes day

      together we remember

      those that will forever be with us

      on this special day.


                                                               Stories My Father Told Me



        Put on my favorite jeans,

      got in my pick-up truck,

      put on my cowboy hat

      it always brought me luck.


       Travelin' down the road,

     when a song came on the radio

     reminding me of something

     my father said oh so long ago.


       Don't ever take for granted,

      the things God has given you,

       Don't ever give up on your dreams

     like so many do.


       Just when you think something happens

     for no reason or rhyme,

     alway's remember God answers prayers

     one prayer at a time.


      Ridin' back home in my pick up truck

     my good ole' 4x4 Ford,

      tellin' my son all the stories

      my father told me before.

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