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Tonight as I lay in bed with my snoring, grinding his teeth husband, my thoughts racing all over the place regardless of the meds, I begin to wonder if it is indeed time to make another change in my life. My homeless sister and her just as homeless boyfriend are crashing on the floor of my step-daughters bedroom, she isnt in there, shes in a group home. And since the thoughts are racing so quickly there is no way i am going to be able to sleep, I come here, maybe, hoping to ease some of the stress, get virtually drunk? I dont know, I do know I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, housebound since major knee surgery 6 weeks ago, I am slowly going insane. I need to get out of here and soon, or I will probably end up killing my husband with a hockey puck for ignoring me during hockey season, I try to be supportive, "Let's go Flyers" wooo hooo, but it gets real old real fast, then the game is over and hes either asleep in his chair or comes to bed and passes out from the beer and weed he has consumed, and then commences to snoring and grinding his teeth, same routine every night, maybe not always hockey, maybe baseball, football, or basketball, theres always a season for one of them, and I have nothing against ANY of them, the only one I truly enjoy watching, is football, the others, I could really care less about. But the sports take him away from me, as does the beer and the weed, Im lonely, im a prisoner in my own home, with a demon from hell for a step daughter who comes home on weekends and is making out with boys on the brick wall behind the house, shes 12, he was 17. Do they make chastity belts anymore? I guess I better stop here, people will be tired of reading. will write more tomorrow.
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