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created on 11/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/my-profile/b21769
Not that there's a need for me to apologize, but, sorry that it's been a few days since I've blogged, but I've been exceptionally busy! Listen to all this shit thats going on right now... The first thing I'm going to talk about, I'm really excited because I have longed for this to happen for some time now. I'll be having a meeting this month with a major adult sex toy company about possibly making my own line of Belladonna sex toys! I really feel like this is a positive step in my career. I know my toy line will do really well, especially since I have toy driven girl/girl movies. I will probably even have a Belladonna signature Pussy/Ass mold that you can personally punish, if you must. I will definitely keep you all informed on the status of that venture. And speaking of other business opportunities, I was contacted by PT, a director for VIVID, the other day. He's interested in casting me in a movie he's shooting sometime next year. The role he has in mind for me is Cleopatra. I always get so happy when people think of me for roles, even though I rarely agree to do them. The thing is, I have a very strong brand and by working for other companies, it defeats the purpose of having built up that brand for Belladonna Entertainment. So, if I agree to do this project, it has to be a very good offer, both worth my time AND VIVID's. Don't get me wrong I love to perform for other companies. It's so much fun to just be a performer and shine, but I have learned a lot about business, marketing and self worth from Aiden and others in the past three years. This month, I'll be shooting my new movie, Manhandled 2. I'm really feeling this one... The cast includes: Natasha Nice and Kurt Lockwood, Rebeca Linares, Mark Wood and John Strong, Jada Fire and Sascha, Ashley Blue and Tony T, Me, Jade, and Tony T, Me, John Strong and Mark Wood. I'll be doing my second DP in three and 1/2 years and I cannot wait for it! This time I'll be doing it with guys I've worked with in the past and I KNOW they're great performers so this scene should totally be on fire! On the 26th of April, I am proud to announce that I will be doing my first live web show in 2 years. It will be a girl/girl with Sammi Rhodes and live it will be! You can chat with us and even request things you'd like to see us do. I hope to have you all there with us! On Thursday, I will be attending the XRCO awards. I have been nominated for best single performance in Fashionista's: Safado and my movie No Warning is up for best girl/girl release. I will let you know what the outcome is... Wish me luck! I'll finally be getting my Aphrodite tattoo finished on the 24th with Dean Deakyne and I'll be so happy when it's done. I have been waiting so long to look down at my arm and see her finished. Oh yeah, if you must know I dyed my hair Jet fuckin Black yesterday. I really don't care to mention these details of my day, but you know, Aiden insists. He says if he read my blogs, he'd care to know about that kind of useless information. Oh and here is some more useless personal information. About my pool. You know that great tropical paradise of a pool I was talking about getting a few weeks ago. Well, Aiden had the designer come over last week to start on designing and give us a quote. Things she could have done before hand, instead of wasting her time coming all the way out here from Oxnard was ask what type of environment our yard was and if we already had a soils report. So when she saw, she told us because we lived on a hill and the backyard was basically a giant slope, we needed to get a soils reports and a geology report. She said depending on what the ground is like underneath the hill would depend on if we were going to have a $50,000 pool or a $500,000 pool. I can live with a $50,000 pool. I really don't need a $500,000 pool. I mean come on. Who in their right mind would spend half of a million dollars on a POOL! Not me! And Aiden probably would, but fuck that! I control the bank account! ha ha! Anyway, she also said that the reports could run up to $4000. Just to CHECK to see how much the pool is going to cost. So basically if they do the $4000 "test" and find out that the pool is going to cost $500,000, I would basically waste $4000. Oh what to do... what to do? And speaking of $4000. Is there anyone out there that can clean my pipes! And I mean REALLY clean my pipes! My first house has a plumbing problem downstairs, and the home warranty says their not going to cover the costs because the problem is OUTSIDE of the house. The plumbers thing that roots have grown up in to the pipes and causing a blockage and they may have to replace all the piping under the house. I'd much rather tear the house down and rebuild and try to save a sinking ship... Are there any plumbers out there that love to work on underground piping for a sexy lady like myself who doesn't want to spend $4000??
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