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created on 11/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/my-profile/b21769

Another successful day at Belladonna Entertainment. I'm proud to announce that I signed the contracts today with Doc Johnson. Yes, you heard me right. I, Belladonna, will have my own line of sex toys distributed through Doc Johnson! Don't run out to your local sex shop right now because there is quite a process before my pussy and ass will hit the store shelves! We toured around the plant and they showed us from beginning to end and I can't even begin to describe how complicated and precise the process is to make a dildo. If everything goes smoothly, you'll start seeing my toys in adult stores about 6 months from now. In the next two weeks, I go in to get my molds done. My ass, my pussy and my mouth, you name the hole, and it's yours! I'll also be using all of my own signature toys in my movies! And they even said if I wanted some custom one off toys, they would make them for me! I feel so grateful right now. Maybe there are some other girls in this business that have their own lines, and they may not be grateful, but I AM GRATEFUL! I'm also proud to announce that Belladonna Entertainment has won for the third year in a row, Best Girl/Girl release for our movie, No Warning 2 at XRCO! If you haven't seen this movie yet and you're up for some hot aggressive girl/girl action, I highly recommend this title. Something that almost slipped my mind, which shouldn't have, because I'm really excited about this as well... I've hired another cartoonist and possibly a third. Still waiting to hear back from him... if you're out there reading this... Holla atcha girl, yo! Just kidding. And yet another thing I'm REALLY proud and excited about is... my beautiful breasts are growing. They're like two budding flowers breaking through in the spring time. I love when my breasts feel all swollen like this, it just makes me want to show them off to the world! I mean I even had a dream the other night about my scene on Wednesday about how much passion there will be because of my breasts being swollen. Don't ask me why this makes such a big difference for me, but it does. It really does! I wish I could show you them, but fuck, you know the rules! Oh, Aiden has a new project that he's going to be working on in the next 3 or 4 months and I'm really impressed with his concept on this title. He's always had this idea, what would it be like to give two different directors a script and let them produce it using the same cast and seeing how differently the same story can turn out. He originally wanted to do that with me, but I shot down his idea because I don't see the financial benefit in making two of the same movies, one directed by me and one directed by him in the same package. So essentially, we'd be spending double the money to make one movie. So I had a better idea. Let's have him make the movie using a certain cast and me using a different cast and release it as two different movies, as in Odd Jobs 1 and Odd Jobs 2, which in the beginning was intended to just be a double disc movie. But to make a long story short and not give away any details, we've already started to schedule this project. I really think you guys are going to love it! Well, you know, some of you won't, but I know a lot of you will! I'll give you a hint. Toilet plunger. There's one thing I almost forgot to mention. You know that Green Clean place I've been looking for. Well I found it! I must be the BEST house cleaner to ever walk the face of this planet because GODDAMNIT no one can clean a goddamn house like I can! NO ONE! There were two people, they arrived at 9am. They left at noon. For the mathematically challenged, that's 3 hours. Let's not forget to mention that my house is 3500 sqft. Does it seems a little odd to you that in 3 hours a 3500 sqft home could be clean from top to bottom and I mean CLEAN. Not a little once over. I mean anally clean! Corners, underneath, furniture moved for christ sakes. I mean come on. When they cleaned the floors, they went AROUND the furniture. Not under it. Not behind it. Not over it. Around it. The thing is... I really don't think I'll ever find someone who is as good as I am. So therefore, I must do it myself! Just like the saying goes... If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. And now I totally understand how Aiden feels when I tell him to hire someone to help us with workload. When will cloning arrive? And who will benefit more on that one? Me or all of you guys!
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