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It Is About Time, This Is Done
Bass Pro landed — at last Central Wharf site will be the location of multilevel store After six years of casting its line, Buffalo has finally hooked a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store for the downtown waterfront. The long-sought retailer has signed a predevelopment agreement for a multilevel, period- style store on the former Central Wharf site along the Buffalo River. The 100,000-square-foot store … about half the size of the Bass Pro store originally proposed for the nearby Memorial Auditorium site … will be flanked by an Erie Canal Museum, 50-foot-wide waterside boardwalk, a public plaza, marketplace and a 300-car parking ramp. Bass Pro President Jim Hagale said the retailer intends to be "respectful of the historical significance" of what he called a "very special location." "Our store design will pay tribute to the heritage and national importance of the Erie Canal Terminus," he said. "I can't think of a more appropriate type of retail business to be l
It Is Time To Start Cleaning
im gonna start cleaning my friends list becuz i dont talk to about 95% of you and i try and chat with you but most of you dont reply back so its time to clean up my friends list so if you wanna stay on the list then give me a comment and rate this blog for me. The peole I talk to i still love love you and dont worry ur not going anywhere and i know who you are and the ones i talk to you you guys are AWESOME, I love you guys
It Is Love
It is Love that gives us purpose Keep Our Souls Nourished, Grow & learn. It is Love that Guides us on the Right path and Helps us choose Each Turn. It is Love that gives us Courage to stand against our Fears; to open up our Hearts , to let us see each other's Tears. It is Love that gives us Trust and hope when little things go Wrong. When distance stands between us, it is Love that keeps us Strong. It Is Love Which makes Our Lives Bloom By Taking Away Our Gloom It is Love that offers Harmony and a friendship that is True. How wonderful that I can share a Friendship like this with You! Big friendships to u
It Is Shameless Self Promoting
GODFATHER CONTEST Contest will end Wednesday, May 16 2007 @ 9pm contest link
It Is Our Time To Strike Back
Alive we shall remain so long as we do not allow the Jewish run media to overtake our lives. We must fight every urge that we may have to play into the MTV culture, we must not believe everything the New York Times or the Washington Post tells us is true, we must question numbers brought to the forefront by the Jews and their lying ways. We as a people must not allow our schools and cities to be over run by the filth the Jews bring to every crevasse they inhabit. It is the Jews we as a people must look out for, for they are the very people who teach our children that black is more desirable than white, it is the Jews who pervert our children, it is the Jews whose very existence on this earth is to wreak havoc on the Gentile world. We must not stand for this any longer, we must hit the Jew where it hurts him the most, we must cut all funding to the stolen state of Israel, we must force the Jews to be held accountable for all their misdeeds and we must place every last one of them ba
It Is With A Kiss . . .
It is with a kiss . . . It is with a kiss that I initiate this entreaty, Lest it becomes another broken treaty in my indigenous lust Without let, rhythm of feverish dissonance, ice of contaminated passion. Into grace I exit through you, fractured circles of seismic constellation, Even in this age when mysticism unhinges into a pariah, I prefer the mystification of your body, monetary sign in inverse crucifixion, Because, after Mammon ravaged my body, I found purity in this non-exchangeability Of kiss as a sign imploding the death of value each labor of love must accurse. Into grace because grace is hell, and accumulation, so a wise merchant told me, paradise. I want my sex to do the praiseworthy idleness of the devil's handmaiden. A thousand days of ascent for a singular descent straight into the abyss, We storm the strait gate to force the God of Empire to fuel us massacres, glorious dignities of dying in flight, wings aflame, drenched in the searing whiskey of utopi
It Is Sparky_g's Birthday..... Show Him Some Love
Come Show Sparky Some Love sparky_g@ CherryTAP Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.ComGet More At YourSpaceCorner.Com
It Is You
When I hear a love song It is you I think of When I sleep at night It is you I dream of. You are all around me Everything comes back to you When I think of love It is you I see. When I speak of happy times It is you I speak of When I talk about bad times It is you my heart pines for. You were my lover, my friend You were my world How could things become so crazy And turned upside down? Why is it you I think of Each time the phone rings And it is you I write of When I tell my story.
It Is Not The Age It Is The Attitude!!
A 92-year-old, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with his hair fashionably coiffed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window. 'I love it,' he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy. 'Mr. Jones, you haven't seen the room; just wait.' 'That doesn't have anything to do with it,' he replied. 'Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged ... it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it.' It's
It Is Late.
Goodnight,all my lovely cherries,thank's for all the love today. Have a great week,and I will see you all monday evening with some love of my own,lol. Have a blessed Monday,be safe.
It Is Our Duty Kinsmen
I hate the fact that we live in a day and age where the true criminals get off scot free and the good guys go down on charges of hate crimes or the willful denial of a person civil rights. We as a people have every right to protect ourselves and our honor, once it’s challenged, no matter what words were exchanged or what we were thinking while in the act of battle. However a Negro is allowed to call us every name under the sun, same with mestizos and chinks, but Odin forbid we actually take a stand for we are the ones who will end up in prison for years on a simple assault case which didn’t warrant such punishment. My belief is, the government is scared of us, they know they have been messing up for the last eight decades or so, and they know that we the few white men and women left who question everything we’re told, who know that the money we spend on taxes each year aren’t going to us but to an alien people who don’t even appreciate the help, and they too know that we are not a p
It Isnt Working!!
I did everything the right way and i cant get my background to show up!
It Is Okay
It's okay...I knew the answer before I asked the question. I guess I just wanted to hear what you would say. I'm silly that way. I will have no trouble getting over this. I will be able to move on. I cannot have my tomorrows more fucked up than my todays...and that is what you are. It is not worth the pain. It is not worth the anger. It is not worth the tears. It is okay.
It Is Time...
Well, it's been over a week.  I guess I'd better clarify something...As of Sunday before last (5/27/07), I am no longer going to be in the poly relationship I was going to be in.  It broke down due to a combination of misunderstandings and not knowing the other's personality.At first, I was upset over it.  Now, after thinking about it for a while, I am kind of glad it happened.  If a simple misunderstanding could cause this much of a problem, imagine if I left everything behind (like I was going to do) to move to a new city.  If it didn't work out then, what would I have been able to do?I refuse to assign blame one way or the other.  I'm just sending this out to let everybody know it didn't work out this time...tag: polyamorous, marriage, polyamory, relationships-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at
It Is True
It Is Time ....
to let you go.
It Is Harder Than I Expected!
Been in the triple digits and had a cold snap of high 90's this week. A severe drought here has Montgomery and surrounding counties deciding on water restirictions. Lakes have dropped 5ft+ in water levels. Been trying to date since my bf's death.....and it is difficult. I keep telling my late bf's spirit that I am trying to do what he had me promise him before he got deathly sick, but it has been an up hill battle for me. Unable to 'relax'. I have tried and tried..but no success yet. Did not think it would be this difficult to have an orgasm by someone else's hand..or....! Would be nice to find someone with intelligence but not belittle the one he is with, no matter what the circumstance. Someone with a heart and compassion. Someone who can coax the kinky side of me out and I not feel so inadequate whenever I am with someone. Only felt like that twice in my life..with a lover about 24 years ago and my son's father...20 years ago. Relaxed, comfortable, not shuned for my thoughts
It Is So Stinkin' Early...
Within the next 18 days, I will: 1. See my college roommate who I haven't seen in like 6 years. 2. Hang out with my parents! 3. See my downright awesome family & fantastic friends. 4. Go to a graduation party for my little chicken & my darling, LuLu. 5. Go to my cousin, Danny's, wedding. 6. See my kindred spirit, Jason. 7. FINALLY hang out with Travis...Woot Woot. 8. Find my very own seat at the Commercial cause there will be lots of drinking... And...there will be lots lots more...absurd stories, I'm sure, are headed your way... YaY. Good times. NY.
It Is About Time
An Oregon woman who says she was wrongly accused of music piracy filed a federal lawsuit against the Recording Industry Association of America, claiming the trade group used abusive tactics in its effort to collect thousands of dollars. It is about time!!!! Poeple, the biggest source of pirated music, videos, and software, is not you, me, or your buddies, but the People's Republic of China (PRC), with it's State Run Factories. 8% of the PRC's GDP comes from piracy/counterfeiting.
It Is Over......
I am tired of the drama, the fake people and the lies. So here is how it is going to go. I removed some people from my family list yesterday and my friends list. Boohoo so sorry to see you go... Uhh not! And today I added the 4 people that were there for me yesterday. Ya now one of them I have known since I had my other account and the other three I have just met recently. I am really pissed at certain people right now. Every time that I have been asked to help out someones friends by either rating their page, or rating, adding, and fanning or comment bombing in a contest I have fucking been there. But you people do not know how to return the favor. I posted bulletins and a blog and personally told a few of you. But you know it is all fucking good. I was told by a few of you if you could get cherrytap to load you would help me. Then you are on here all night and still on this afternoon. Well that is all good I see how it is. So here is what is going to happen. Look at my family list...
It Is...
It is within those darker moments that we dig for that treasure we secretly long for forcing hands to penetrate the soil we walk upon during every day lives, clawing at each stone that poses a barrier between that what we live and what we crave, digging until our fingers bleed and the scars that remain can no longer be hidden. Finding nothing but a hand stretching in mercy steadying our restless souls embracing the us that we lost along the way..
It Is Sad
i feel sorry for the person that had a crush on my and took it off it doesnt mater that you took it off its why that i feel sorry for you
It Is All About The Love
Cool Slideshows!
It Isnt
it isnt about leading them on as much as i hate feeling like i done something wrong and you cant talk to the person and ask them why
It Is Time To Change From Redneck Humor To True American Humor!
It is time to change from REDNECK humor to TRUE AMERICAN Humor! Only it isn't seen as HUMOR, but the correct way to LIVE YOUR LIFE! If you feel the same, pass this on to your True American friends. Y'all know who they are... You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, "One nation, under God." You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You've never protested about seeing the 10 Commandments posted in public places. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter Festival." You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You bow your head when someone prays. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You stand and place your hand over your heart when they play the National Anthem. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You treat Viet Nam vets with great respect, and always have. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You've never burned an American flag. You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: You know what you believe and you aren't
It Is Midnight Here !!! :-)
It Is Almost 1 Am!
I am sitting here at almost 1 am and I am lonely, horny, and drinkin (Plum Loco - New Mexico)... lol :P I have my profile up in another window so I could hear the music that I have on there... I feel like such a dork! Well I went to Las Cruses today and watched Harry Potter. It was such a great movie... Granted not as good as the book but still awesome. I recommend that everyone go and watch it. *dances to JC Chasez's 'All Daylong I Dream About Sex'* I should go to bed so I could apply for a job but i can't sleep. I probably shouldn't blog and drink but I am in one of those I don't care moods. Ya know I hate Drama! I am tired of people saying one thing and doing another, I am tired of lies about stupid shit, I am tired of people blowing things out of proportion, I am tired of people starting shit, I am tired of discrimination, I am tired of bigotry, I am tired of close minded idiots, I am tired of bad things happening to great people and good things happening to bad people... Just not
It Is Finally Done!
My new extreme large scale stage escape called "The RAMMSTEIN" is finally completed. It will be the show ender at numerous large scale concert venues throughout Canada, the USA, and Europe this coming year. Check out the pics of it in The RAMMSTEIN photo folder I have created. This thing is escape the handcuffs and chains before your face is melted off or before you suffocate from the super heated air in the metal head box. Criss Angel eat my shorts! No tricks or illusions here folks. This is REAL.
It Is So Hott Here!
I cannot believe the temperature that we have this year in the valleys of Oregon. My husband is very lucky for he has been on the coast of Oregon with his business for the past few weeks where it is much cooler than here. He will be coming home on Tuesday and take me with him on his ventures along the coast for several days. That should be fun and so nice to get out of the heat for some time. Next month we plan to drive down to the Bay Area and visit with his family and my brother in San Francisco too. A Giants game sounds like it may be possible while there and then we need to hurry back so my son can register for football at his school. I can't believe that summer is flying by so fast. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage
It Is Amazing.............
Does anyone believe in being honest anymore??? It amazes me how many people lie and pretend to be your friend when they clearly aren't. Feel like I am back in high school with these people playing games. I don't have time for it and won't be a part of it anymore. If anything I am faulted for being TOO HONEST! Damn what a fault I have! lol
It Is Official
So, it is official. I start school on September 19th. I am pleased with myself that I finally took initiative and I finally going back to school. While at the same time I have butterflies and knots in my tummmy. Wow...
It Is What It Is
it's 11:45 and their are over a half million people on here and it's still dead and boring. what a shame lol.
It Isn't Difficult To Make A Woman Happy... Really!!
It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. a friend 2. a companion 3. a lover 4. a brother 5. a father 6. a master 7. a chef 8. an electrician 9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic 12. a decorator 13. a stylist 14. a sexologist 15. a gynaecologist 16. a psychologist 17. a pest exterminator 18. a psychiatrist 19. a healer 20. a good listener 21. an organizer 22. a good father 23. very clean 24. sympathetic 25. athletic 26. warm 27. attentive 28. gallant 29. intelligent 30. funny 31. creative 32. tender 33. strong 34. understanding 35. tolerant 36. prudent 37. ambitious 38. capable 39. courageous 40. determined 41. true 42. dependable 43. passionate 44. compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. give her compliments regularly 46. love shopping 47. be honest 48. be very rich 49. not stress her out 50. not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. give her lots of attention, but ex
It Isn't Wat You Think It Is
It Is The Soldier!!!
It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is drapped with the flag, who allows the protesters to burn the flag.
It Is Time For Bush's Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, To Quit
It Is Time For Bush's Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, To QUIT Michael Chertoff is responsble for allowing all of the Chinese Poisons into America and it is NOW TIME for CHERTOFF to QUIT
It Is True
love helps us but our hearts get us there if you love someone, let your heart not you dreams be the one to guide you to your goals your heart always knows the real truth even if it feels wrong to you
It Is What It Is ....
Watch out for these DOWNRATERS !!!! Block'em NOW ! gumbyslut64@ fubar *~*Baby gurl*~*@ fubar
It Is In The Way (( Woman Only ))
It Is In The Way (( Woman Only )) Is it in the way that you Thrust so deeply into the very pits that holds delight, or in the way that I feel Secure to allow you? No, It is in the way your eyes Light up when you see me Gasp with pleasure when you do! Is it in the way that your Tongue flick across my breasts To tease me with thrills, or in the way your fingers Trace across my arching back, Sending sexually charged bolts like butterflies to my stomach? No, it is in the way your body rocks against mine in Perfect unison and balance To spill the juice that your cup holds! Is it in the way your body Tense when you greedily drink from My cup that is always overflowing, or in the way that you savor the sweet tastes from a treasured cup? No, it is in the way you know how special this offering is! Is it in the way that your Lips seek out mine for a long, Sensual, lusting kiss. Or is it in the way that you Clutch to my body when You're caught in the throes of
It Is Beter To Burn...
I will pursue my dreams and what makes me happy -- life's too short. I will allow time for me today. I may even get my fifteen minutes of fame by seeking recognition from others and striving to sparkle in the limelight. Sometimes it's better to burn out than to just fade away.
It Is As It Is
"You are who you are No one can change that and certainly not you Just be true to you "
It Is A Girl
I am having another girl.
It Is Like Looking Through The Petals Of A Soft, Pink, Sweet Flower.
I really love performing oral sex on a woman. I can remember fantasizing about it long before I ever had a chance to try it. I find a woman's pussy to be an almost magical and mysterious source of excitement and pleasure. It feels so good around my penis that sometimes I just want to go down there to try and unlock its mysteries! I love the anticipation of kissing my way down a woman's stomach. I love a woman's soft silky pubic hair, especially when it is neatly trimmed into an alluring triangle-seeming to point the way to go for pleasure! Sometimes I will wrap my arms around a woman and just rest my face on her pubic hair. It is comforting for some reason, being so near the life-giving power of a woman. I also like to gently rub my face against her, it is as if she is scent-marking me as hers. I also am incredibly turned on by the way woman's pussy looks. I love a woman's outer lips, they seem to exude raw sexual power. I remember the first time I really saw a woman from
It Is Now Time For All My Freinds To "shine"
To All My Family,Friends,And Fans! As you all know I never ask for any type of help,ratings or comments from anyone. I send out Lots of Comments to Alot of people and never ask for anything in return,except for them to be a friend. Well,the time has come for all of my people to "SHINE" for me,as i am asking you all to go to a very dear Friends profile and extend some of the Love that i send to all,to Her She has been accused of being a "FAKE" and If you know her, you would know that not to be true! She as REAL as the Sun Risin' in the Morning! She has told me she is sick of this. She Told me that she may leave here. If this were to happen. I WOULD BE CRUSHED! All i ask is to stop by and leave a little Love to Her Let her Know that she is supported here. Tell her i sent ya She really needs her spirits Lifted. So,I say to you all My Great Friends,Just give a Little, of what you get from the good people here! Jus
It Is
My eyes see right through you Love you for everything you are Everything you want to be You make me smile when I want nothing more than to cry Being in your arms makes me feel safe I try and fight it but I can’t It consumes me I try and deny it I don’t want this I am scared to death Feels like you’re crawling under my skin Into my heart It’s easier to be broken & hide Always waiting for that second chance Memories seep through my veins Emotion takes over Dreams become reality Reality becomes a dream I smile in the eyes of the sun I open my heavy eyes I see you smiling upon me Reaching for my hand I want to take a chance LIVE IS LIKE A NOVEL WITH THE END RIPPED OUT
It Isnt
it isnt because any of you it is becaues i am renting this computer and i fell short of money to pay for it this month so i have to get it back next month
It Is All Lies!
I have spent the last few days thinking about death and how television, movies and books portray it. I want to say for the record it is all lies. When I was 16 years old I was surfing off the coast of Delaware during a storm in December. I wiped on a massive set and my board cracked me in the head knocking me unconcious. I drown that day. My friends were able to pull me out and revive me with CPR but one thing I am certain of is this. I saw NOTHING! There was no semi-nude pottery making with my girlfriend. No tunnel of light with all my friends and family waving to me and telling me to step into the light. Not even a fluffy cloud with angels playing harps or bagpipes or whatever. Now I know what you are thinking my friends. He was 16 so he must have been chuck full of sin. Well of course I was. But then where the hell was my lake of fire with the souls of the damned burning forever. Where was my eternal torment of being thirsty and never being able to reach the pint of Guiness. At the
It Is All About The Brownie Ha Ha
It Is Time For Another Rant
I was reading an article earlier today (which is posted in the "news" section of my stash) concerning a man who has applied or attempted to apply for over 100 jobs over the last couple of months and was either denied the job due to his tattoos or denied even an application. When will the world wake up and realize that tattoos and other body modifications are VERY mainstream now? I also posted the article on my myspace and was told by a friend (whom I actually have nothing in common with and believe we like to hang out because we like to argue with each other, lol) that an employer not giving a job to a modified person is NOT discrimination. How the hell is it not? Ok, I know we CHOOSE to adorn our bodies with art, but does a person also CHOOSE whether or not to practice religion and if so, which one they will practice? Are there not religious groups that are seen as "unfavorable" for various reasons and sometimes have a difficult time finding employment due to their religious beliefs?
It Is Everyones Duty To Resist Unlawful Arrest
It Is Everyones Duty To Resist Unlawful Arrest ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Liebchen Protesting 800 FEMA Camps Nationwide Date: 18 Sep 2007, 21:35 ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------Thanks: Taste the TruthDate: Sep 18, 2007 5:29 PMThanksFrom: DudeDate: Sep 18, 2007 8:54 PMfalse arrest .. it is pretty shamefull that no one did anything more than yell is very shamefull ... none of those students were carrying there own tasers or pepper spray .. ... what is wrong with people .. not enugh time, not informed enuf .. and dont car and dont have room for all that and 'dont want to get in trouble.'getting out of bed gets me in a lot of troouble but i do it EVERYSINGLE DAY !----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: JeremyDate: Sep 18, 2007 11:37 PMI just posted a New Blog about this!!---------------------From: The White Rose ResistanceDate: Sep 19, 2007 12:06 AMPolice state USA: Student assaulted and tasered by po
It Is Free To Watch By The Way
It Is You I Dream Of
It Is You I Dream Of A flower grows from beneath a blanket Of fine and purest white It reaches toward the sun for warmth, For heat and for the light My love for you grows stronger still, Despite the surrounding cold My heart is yours, bartered gone For yours has it been sold Its petals shine from morning dew Its stem grows stiff and strong It stands strong through the freezing cold It stands the winter long I long for you, for your soft touch I miss the way you smile The longer that we stay apart The longer every mile The flower stretches through the snow It reaches toward the sun And now without you the color is gone The flower's petals, dun But as we talk, and as we learn The flower comes back to life The snow now melts and goes away As you take away my strife Spring is here and growth abounds As you and I are one We are together, we are in love The snow for now is done I see the future, in dreams I have Of our life, long and true I see
It Is Getting Close...
to october 8th -sighs- that will make 3 years to the day that my very very very very close friend Dan passed away. he was a little more then a friend, but it never went anywhere. i cant belive its been 3 years, i still cant believe it happened. i keep thinkin that i will wake up one day, and ill get online, and there he will be...bitching at someone in a chatroom but im not getting into any sappy, emo, depressed moments about this now, i still have a week or two before it starts to kick in that the time of year is actually here.. but i wrote this almost 3 years ago after he died.. I'd go back If I was given a wish, Just one, Only one wish. Which I could wish anything, Anything in the whole world. I'd wish to go back, Back to that day, The day thoughts raced through your head, The day you wanted to leave us all. Yes, that day. I'd go back, Just to see you, Just to talk to you, Just to show you how much I care. I'd go back I'd go back to let y
It Is Saturday
Why does it have to always be about money? there are more things better then money and objects. still i wish i was rich so i could buy some things like a new car or tv or gardn hose. when i do the kids next door will wish they has kept commetns by themeselfs.
It Is Official...
Ok everyone it is official I am deleting this account and will not be starting another one on this site. If you have me on messenger then I will talk to you soon and if not I gave everyone fair warning that this was going to happen for over a week. I wont be officially deleting until tomorrow afternoon so if you get your request in to me through a fumail message I will send ya my yahoo id. My shout box is off. Also my profile, picture comments and everything that I can possibly control had been shut off. There are a few people that know why this is happening and they are my closest friends. anyways see some of y'all on the flip side. And for those of you that I don't it was great knowing ya peace and love to all. Take care and be safe and remember life is what you make of it and you can never control your destiny :P Toodles.....................
It Is So True.........
1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't know - it never happened) 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn)
It Is Monday
This is great... I have so much planned to do today that is outside of the hospital and I get to visit with the schools in the area to see if I can get some kids interested in becoming nurses and join our nurse education program when they graduate. It should be fun. Hmmmmmm... should I go in my scrubs or in civilian clothing? Any suggestions?
It Is Raining Outside
It is raining outside today, but it only covers up the tears that are falling. The thunder crashes as it covers up the sound of my heart breaking. The dark clouds remind me of the darkness in my life. I cant remember the last time i could actually smile and not have the tears fall. It is raining outside and so are the tears. I can no longer see through these tears that keep falling from my eyes. It hurts to know that all my friends live so far away, and there is noone here. It is raining outside forming an ocean, which my tears have helped out. This raging sea i cant swim acrossed. I am drowning in my own sorrow, It is raining outside. And the tears wont stop falling. It is raining outside, but it only covers up the tears that are still falling.
It Is Dreaming Of U
A flower grows from beneath a blanket Of fine and purest white It reaches toward the sun for warmth, For heat and for the light My love for you grows stronger still, Despite the surrounding cold My heart is yours, bartered gone For yours has it been sold Its petals shine from morning dew Its stem grows stiff and strong It stands strong through the freezing cold It stands the winter long I long for you, for your soft touch I miss the way you smile The longer that we stay apart The longer every mile The flower stretches through the snow It reaches toward the sun And now without you the color is gone The flower's petals, dun But as we talk, and as we learn The flower comes back to life The snow now melts and goes away As you take away my strife Spring is here and growth abounds As you and I are one We are together, we are in love The snow for now is done I see the future, in dreams I have Of our life, long and true I see the times where all I ne
It Is Fixed.
Got the lab top fixed. So i am back online now. YaY just thought i would let those of you know that have rates my things or posted new pic's that i am still here, I have not forgotten about you. :D
It Is Women's Turn...
Alright, here it goes.... Men it is time we must teach these tempestuous women a lesson....Stop chasing them make them chase you. Isn't it about time they told us what they want? They imply being independent which would show a lack of fear to attempt new things... So, Ladies it is time you actually walked up to the guy you like no matter what he looks like and make a fool of yourself for a change. There is statistically more women than Men and being the new aggressive species it is your time to hunt and gather for us for a change. You want a man, thunk him on the head and drag him back to your place.
It Is You I Dream Of
A flower grows from beneath a blanket Of fine and purest white It reaches toward the sun for warmth, For heat and for the light My love for you grows stronger still, Despite the surrounding cold My heart is yours, bartered gone For yours has it been sold Its petals shine from morning dew Its stem grows stiff and strong It stands strong through the freezing cold It stands the winter long I long for you, for your soft touch I miss the way you smile The longer that we stay apart The longer every mile The flower stretches through the snow It reaches toward the sun And now without you the color is gone The flower's petals, dun But as we talk, and as we learn The flower comes back to life The snow now melts and goes away As you take away my strife Spring is here and growth abounds As you and I are one We are together, we are in love The snow for now is done I see the future, in dreams I have Of our life, long and true I see the times where all I ne
It Is You I Dream Of
A flower grows from beneath a blanket Of fine and purest white It reaches toward the sun for warmth, For heat and for the light My love for you grows stronger still, Despite the surrounding cold My heart is yours, bartered gone For yours has it been sold Its petals shine from morning dew Its stem grows stiff and strong It stands strong through the freezing cold It stands the winter long I long for you, for your soft touch I miss the way you smile The longer that we stay apart The longer every mile The flower stretches through the snow It reaches toward the sun And now without you the color is gone The flower's petals, dun But as we talk, and as we learn The flower comes back to life The snow now melts and goes away As you take away my strife Spring is here and growth abounds As you and I are one We are together, we are in love The snow for now is done I see the future, in dreams I have Of our life, long and true I see the times where all I ne
It Is
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It Is Our Time
The Nation I once took pride in has betrayed me; it has sold me and my people down the river with no remorse for its actions. I find that living in the modern day America is not what it should be; whites are scared in their own neighborhoods, due to forced integration my people’s our children are forced to settle for an inadequate education in order to allow blacks, browns and yellow a chance to partake in the public education system. White woman are brainwashed into taking chances of contracting AIDS and other known black diseases due to their unsupervised television viewing. The media in this country as in other countries around the world has been overtaken with the tribe known as the Jew, which in turn kills any chance of unbiased news ever getting to the people. Even the constitution in my country is being changed illegally, I would not be surprised if by the end of the 21st century the very amendment which sets America apart from the rest of the world is abolished due to Jewis
It Is Up To You To Decide
Since the introduction of political correctness, the world has seen major changes for the worse. We are now forced to live in a society where all non whites are welcome into white neighborhoods and are allowed to attend white schools. We are no longer allowed to create laws which exclude a person based on their color or their religious creed and we are forced to allow men of color the chance in dating and or bedding down with our women with no chance to get back at them for doing so. We also have allowed laws to come onto our books which forbid us from taking retaliatory actions against a non white for actions committed against us with stricter sentencing guidelines which state that we attacked a non white just because we are racists and with that hate crime stipulation placed in front of our trial we are given an extra five years on a simple assault charge. What has happened to our people? When did we give up the fight to remain on top? How can we change this? These are a few q
It Is.......
It is the voice in the back of your mind that whispers all the things that seem too cruel to say. It is all that is locked up tight. Never to see the light of day It is not a husband.... It is pain. It is not a father.... It is failure. It is not a son.... It is hate. It lies drowning in a pool polluted with frustration and self loathing. It is all my hatred pressed down to the head of a pin. It's heart is black...Beating in time with mine. It is not a leader.... It is useless. It is not wanted.... It is black. It is not needed.... It is worthless. It is everything and nothing, all at once. All it has is darkness. It needs to feel. It needs to hate. Keep it locked up inside of me, so only I can feel the pain.
It Is The Veteran
It is the VETERAN , not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN , not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN , not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN , not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN , not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN , not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN , who salutes the Flag, It is the veteran , who serves under the Flag, ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM. We can be very proud of our young men and women in the service no matter where they serve. God Bless them all. Forward this if you support your veterans
It Is Time To Bring On The Hard Stuff......chocolate! ;)
What a day it has been! Wow, and it is only 2:00. I have been awake since 5:00am but woke up many times before that. I was working by 7:00am with our accountant and it took us over 3 hours to find and fix the mistakes that Jennifer made to the previous quarter. A bit frustrating to say the least! I found out my computer is 6 years old. Kind of old for a computer when you work on it daily! It is time for a new one. Especially since it has been giving me the System Failure error when I start it up and have to keep pushing the start button until it decides to work! lol Jennifer said she would have Richard at work order me one but then I would end up with what he picked out and not what I want! And I am sure it would be a Dell he would pick out for me and I prefer HP! I need some chocolate really bad! That or wine? Hmmm? Decisions decisions! I am horny. We have had great sex 2 nights this week and none the last 2! I need sex!!!! I better get to have fun tonight!
It Is No Different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Didnt Write This But I Agree
It Is Thanksgiving Time Here
in United States. Have a wonderful and safe time. Remember to be thankful for all you have, including the family members that annoy you--when they are gone you will miss them. Happy Thanksgiving
It Is My Turn To Live!
It's my time to live! I have waited for so long to feel alive and live a normal happy life. I've moved on. I am the happiest i've ever felt. I no longer live the mortal life but, in life eternal. With my Damien at my side, forever bound together, we shall rule for all eternity. The rays of the sun fall on my cold yet happy face. Now that I have you, I no longer yearn to die. You saved me and forever I shall be in your debt. My thoughts no longer stray to those of suicide, for you fill them all. Can I live without you? The answer is nay. I would gladly give up my life just to be with you. Can you see me? I see your face in the crowd I want to shout right out loud! I want to be with you again and again. I know that we were meant to be. We are like yin and yang. I have walked as an emotionless zombie for way too long. You've brought my to life again. Only you could do this. For so long I have loved no one and never have I been loved back. SO NOW IT IS MY TIME TO LIVE!
It Is All Gone
I have fallen so bad this time. A time that is not worth forgiving. My heart has failed me and there is no mending. Words cant even begin to show my deepest sorrow. Now there is only hope but for me all is lost. I cant bare to look you in the face for the things i fear the most ,will come true. I have lost the things i love the most. The things that can never be replaced. I have taken things away from you. The things that are dear to you. I feel more for you of course then myself. I have seen i need to change who i am. I carry evil and wrong doing to all i see. There is something wrong with me and i am working on fixing it and it will never take away what i have done to you. These words are final and thats it, i have no more. Nothing to give
It Is Way To Freaking Early For This!
It Is Fun For Me
OK Just so some of you know..I am here on FUBAR to have fun and take a break from daily life.My escape .SO no I dont get caught up in the drama..If after sometime of chatting and so forth I make you part of my r/l that is my chocie not yours.I am very close with some of my friends on here .FUBAR is fun lets keep it that way.I just had to get it out because of some people trying to stir the pot.stir away..but I perfer to be shaken lol LOVE TO MY FUBAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS
It Is Official
It Is The Soldier
IT IS THE SOLDIER, Not the reporter, who has give us the freedom of the press. IT IS THE SOLDIER, Not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. IT IS THE SOLDIER, Not the campus organizer, who had given us freedom to demonstrate. IT IS THE SOLDIER, Not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. IT IS THE SOLDIER, Who salutes the flag who serves under the flag and Whose coffin is draped by the flag Who Allows the protester to burn the flag
It Is The Soldier
It is the Soldier, Not the reporter who has given us Freedom of the Press. It is the Soldier, Not the poet who has given us Freedom of Speech. It is the Soldier, Not the campus organizer who has given us Freedom to demonstrate. It is the Soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag. Author Unknown
It Is My Grandson Chris' 20 Th Birthday
damn i feel old.. he told me last night he felt old. he said he wished he was 17 again. all i could do was laugh.
It Is Nfl Sunday
I am off work today (thank goodness) and the day is filled with NFL games. My team (Seahawks) play at 10 am pacific time in Philadelphia against the Eagles. Two birds of prey one on one and only one can win. I hope it will be the Seahawks. It should be a very close game according to the guys on the NFL network and ESPN. They are showing a split decision on the outcome of this game. Shaun Alexander is playing after being sidelined with injuries for several weeks. But he will be playing half the time with Morris coming in to play also. Something like tag-team running backs for the game. That is a great way to play coach instead of leaving Shaun in for the entire game. He is still healing and could use some rest on the sidelines while Morris eats up some yardage too. If you would like to see the video for today's game from the NFL.COM web site you can check it out here along with all the other games for today and tomorrow night.
It Is Said :
- "The child born on Christmas Day will have a special fortune." - "Snow on Christmas means Easter will be green." - You will have as many happy months in the coming year, as the number of houses you eat mince pies in during Christmastime. - In Greece, some people burn their old shoes during the Christmas season to prevent misfortunes in the coming year. - To have good health throughout the next year, eat an apple on Christmas Eve. - The gates of Heaven open at midnight on Christmas Eve. Those who die then go straight to Heaven (an Irish beleif). - Christmas candles should be left burning until Christmas morning and should rest undisturbed from time of lighting until they are snuffed. - Singing Christmas carols at any time other than during the festive season is unlucky. - The yule log should be lit by a piece of the log used on the previous Christmas. Once that is done, no evil spirit can then enter into the house. The remains of the Yule log we
It Is Finished
Well the semester is over and so far I have passed two of my classes. I am ready to go home now for the holidays and I am wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR and I might not be on as much so please be patient with me until I do get back.
It Is Not Necessary To Understand Things
It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them.
It Is All Over Until Next Year :( Or :) ?
Well, it is all over with. A big huge build up for a month and it lasts one day! Actually, that isn't true because I have been celebrating for a couple of weeks now. It is just such a big let down when it is all over. The 26th sucks! I look at all those decorations I need to put away and think to myself that next year I won't put out as much as this year. Yea...right! It is 10pm and I am getting very tired. What a wimp I am. I can't even stay awake past 10pm anymore. LOL I guess that is part of getting older? My Christmas was amazing. My husband is a crazy man and bought me a Journey diamond necklace for our 20th anniversary that was back in September but gave it to me on Christmas Eve. It is 1 1/2 cts! He hung it from the mantel and kept trying to get me to notice it by lighting a fire, turning on the lights over the fire place and I still hadn't noticed. Then he tells me to light the candles on the mantel and then it caught my eye! I as shocked! It is beautifu
It Is Upon Me.... Finally!!
OK Matt and I went to my school orientation today. I know I went ot one before but that was the one to see if I got into school. This one is for I got into school here is all the shit you need to buy and good luck with figuring out where to go and when orientation. I was glad I had Matt with me though. We started out in the caf. with the student president attempting to tell us about certain things and doing more jumping around and what not that getting stuff right. So it was good for a laugh when he introduced people who actually knew what was going on and set stuff Then we were all sent on our way for numerous college life workshops, which Matt and I just plain avoided. I dont want to be on a sports team, or join the student council. My main goal is to get through this with good enough grades to make a life. Which the way they talk about it, isnt gonna be easy. Oh well I like to go against the grain so I will just pass everything with A's and show them
It Is What It Is....and It Ain't Much....
So today I did something I thought I’d never do. Stand up for myself. Let me explain. I’m not good in the whole confrontational thing. Not my thing. Anyways, let me give you a rundown of what happened. About 2 months ago or so, I started talking to a woman on fubar. I had no intentions other than making some conversation and perhaps a friend. Ready for a headache? Well here it comes : 1.Woman is living with BF we’ll call him B for argument purpsoses* . 2.B is abusive , physically and mentally to this woman. 3.I suggest that she leave him for her own preservation. 4.She refuses as she quit her job, B provides for her and he doesn’t have a car to get to work. Yea. 5.B’s best friend moves in. We’ll call him Mr. A. 6.Mr A. takes a liking to this woman and they become involved. Btw, those 20 Xanax’s you were saving, now would be a good time To take them. : ) 7.Mr. B doesn’t like the fact that Mr. A is doing is his girl. 8.Mr A. cheat’s on the woman
It Is Time
it is time that i say goodbye to the KOW...i can't devote the time to it and I am not happy about all the recent drama. i hav a lot going on and i just can't handle additional drama at this time...i wish those that are in KOW all the best and will understand if u no longer wish to have me on ur friends list...if u still want to be friends i am more than happy to have u. I wish you all the best as u move forward :)
It Is That Time Of The Year Again.
I have spent the weekend basically in, cause I have gotten this cold thing that has been going around. I hate it! But it isn't like I don't have anything to do, like study, duh.(Will explain if asked). I seem to always get it when the weather is going crazy. I hope everyone else is doing good.
It Is Just Me!!
It Is U I Loved I Have Loved
There is something that I see In the way you look at me There's a smile, there's a truth in your eyes But an unexpected way On this unexpected day Could it mean this is where I belong It is you I have loved all along It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched for so long And it is you I have loved all along There were times I ran to hide Afraid to show the other side Alone in the night without you But now I know just who you are And I know you hold my heart Finally this is where I belong It is you I have loved all along It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched for so long And it is you I have loved all along Over and over I'm filled with emotion Your love, it rushes through my veins And I am filled With the sweetest devotion As I, I look into your perfect face It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched for so long And it is y
It Is What It Is!!!
Okay so I think it's time to let people know who I am and what I'm all about. I'm not going to state the obvious like age, relationship status, etc. because that info. is apparent if you look at my profile. I am a girl who is very lucky to be where I am right now. I was involved in some very bad things as a kid including gangs and drugs. I dropped out of school at age 16. You're probably thinking "where is she going with this", well you'll see soon enough. I work for the State of California as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst. This position is one that people on the outside of state government can't even touch without a Bachelor's degree...or if you are on the inside of state government, you have to have an extreme amount of ambition, motivation and intelligence. I have been extremely dedicated and worked very hard to get where I'm at in my career, which is not something most people with my past have been able to achieve. So enough of that. Now on to the rea
It Is A Momentous Day!
I was going through some papers - preparing for tax season! Isn't that what people do? Never mind. Today I found the certificate I was given when I got my pet birdie Garfield. It has his official ACS (American Cockatiel Society) hatch date. Which is: 02/02/1981 So, officially, today my buddy is 27 years old! My goodness. He is twice as old as the normal lifespan of his species mates in the US. I knew it was this month, but all these years I was thinking it was Lincoln's birthday. DOH! This is what he looked like at age 5 weeks, I had to feed him this way for several weeks. Maybe that is why he thinks I am his mom lol! Here is his cuz Fluffy, she came along in 1984. RIP Fluffy! She passed on of natural causes in 1994. She was the sweetiest! My buddy Garfy & I have been through a lot since 1981. He was the one that called us to my mom's room when she had passed on in the night. How did he know? No idea, but he knew and made a lot of noise until somebody came to c
It Is What It Is
Well lets see. Over the last couple months i have been going through alot in my life. My divorce to my ex is final, i got primary placement for my son, and well i joined fubar. I love the site its a great place to meet new people who for some are able to let their true selves show and they are able to express themselves. And for others its all about the popularity. Thats great to each their own i guess, but when someone of these people actually start talking to you and then just at the drop of a hat just stop, not reasoning nothing. That really pisses me off. Dont get me wrong i have met some great people on here now, i just wish those people if they dont have any interest in talking to me just say so... Well i just had to vent for a sure ill have another topic later
It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn. . .
In my life I have blacked out a few times. All those times, of course, were due to excessive amounts of alcohol being imbibed. Other than those times of adolescent and young adult misjudgments I had only passed out one time in my life and that was because of heat stroke; that was until tonight. I have been sick since January 28th or somewhere around that time. I finally went to the doctor the other day and he told me I have a great combination of strep throat and a sinus infection. He prescribed 500mg 4 times a day of cephalexin whish is a very common treatment for my symptoms and something that I have taken in the past. I have been on the medication for two full days now and I can actually breathe which is a nice change. I am in no way, shape, or form back to 100% but I can almost function as a human being again so I decided to go back to work. I went into work at midnight still feeling crappy but needing to work so I trudged along. Most of the night passed without much ex
It Is I
hi people it is i ad again it is cold out i wish iwas in florida calforina las vegas or arizona where it is warm and sunny i be on the beach i forget texas and any other warm spots
It Is Open................
I am offering: rate pics and stash during hh,sfw salute pic, added to family/top friends,owned by you in name, if VIP is bought will be owned by you as long as it lasts and would rate you w/11's,will drop your link in Mumms Would add more if I think of it, or am tempted. lol
It Is Time - A Sonnet
It Is Time A Sonnet . It is time for us now to disband the Law It is time that we declared freedom for all It is time to place the perversions of priests into History's trash heap where they belong It is time to conquer fears of a far-gone age It is time to seek Truth beyond the written page It is time to celebrate the subtle differences which have so subdivided this singular race Speak to me not of your clans and tribal creeds Speak to me not of any pride or bigotry Speak to me not of gods of worn-out welcom sated upon the sacrificial blood of Man Speak to me only of a future wherein It was time we saw ourselves in each other
It Is A Question
Ok so like years ago when i was in Italy I got this crazy dragon tattoo and it didnt really turn out the way I wanted,( helps if the artist understands what you are saying right?! Anywho tonight at the expo I saw so many awesome designs that I am torn from getting my dragon redone or just tossing that idea and getting a Aztec Sun. Man the artist I met is awesome he got his degree from UT in Austin in design and really is an awesome artist... hmmm decisions decisions. But one thing is for sure I sure as hell am not going to get another tattoo with ink that glows in blue light man that was such a rip, my sun never glowed.
It Is What It Is
U can talk trash and insult me if u feel like thats whats gonna make u feel betta.I'm a trend setter and a go getta and if I wasn't then there would be no reason to block me from lounges and hate that I get it popping.Making my own lounge has crossed my mind cause I make it happen and Im not a hater.People who feel the need to look at me funny cause of my color or the way I speak the thats fine with ol boy ova here trust and know that everything that Rises will fall and everything that falls shall rise again.I make u want to lick me and punch me all in one motion.Just watch the video!!!!! Video Yeah! Yeah!
It Is The First One That Scares Me A Lil'
My Bar Tab: For Me: clear 'for me' tab · angel of death just checked you out! 2 min ago · dirt track driver just checked you out! 2 min ago · Basil, Leave me... just sent you a message! 2 min ago · ' ~ HoT ~ &... became your fan! 3 min ago · ' ~ HoT ~ &... rated you a '10'! 3 min ago · bigstan just checked you out! 3 min ago · ' ~ HoT ~ &... just checked you out! 3 min ago · GABO just checked you out! 4 min ago · fair1 rated your photo a '10'! 4 min ago · fair1 rated you a '10'! 5 min ago · fair1 just checked you out! 5 min ago · hyteckredneck74 just checked you out! 5 min ago · hawkeye rated you a '10'! 6 min ago · batch just checked you out! 6 min ago · hawkeye just checked you out! 6 min ago · new friend request from 'fyrso' received! 6 min ago · fyrso just checked you out! 7 min ago · bladibla just checked you out! 7 min ago · new gift: Fuzzy Navel from 'Basil, Leave me...' received! 12 min ago · the_pictureman rated you
It Is Time To Move Forward For Djing!!
There is a time when you feel that you have hit a fork in the road and must turn to move forward to greener pastures that will allow you to grow the way you are most comfortable in doing so. I know, I know... sometimes, part of the growth is being able to do some things that one might not like to do; however, soul searching has to determine to draw that line when it crosses one's own moral values as well. As such, I am leaving Blue Orion Lounge and moving my DJing skills with sites that are more conducive to my growth..... CLUB GLOW -- 5-7pm Mondays-Fridays ALL HITS RADIO -- schedule to be determined SUNSET CAFE -- guest DJing 12p-6p SUN March 30, 2008 Come see me at these places and say "Hi!". DJ Devine In order to squash any rumors that you might hear about why I left, I am putting my resignation letter I have sent to the staff of Blue Orion Lounge today in this b
It Isn't You, I Promise
(He told me last night to sleep with the angels, then to come back to earth and sleep with my devil who would gladly burn in hell for one night in my arms..yeah, I'm beyond confused right now. That is not what I need, that is not what I want. So, if this poem confuses you don't feel bad. I'm there myself.) There's something about the way you said it, That I knew you were telling the truth, But I wasn't quite ready to believe you, I didn't want to believe you loved me, too. I wanted to love you with all of my heart, But I didn't want you to love me at all, I wanted you to beat me, and not care, I wanted you to say you would, but never be there. I know all of this sounds insane to you, It doesn't even make all that much sense to me, But things in my past make me who I am now, I wanted to let you love me, I just didn't know how. There's something about being abused by a male, That makes future relationships seem impossible, I don't know if you'll wait for me to
It Is Seriously A Poem Jim Morrison Would Have Wrote
Smoke clears the empty room and makes everything very open. As I awoke to find the innocence stolen. The joker laughs his head in a fog laughing and dancing as he slipped into a cold and unforgiving bog. He sings a song filled with gloom and doom speaking that god will save him. But the only thing that changed his jokers smile was the light that shined on his body. A light so bright it filled him with with fright the smell filled his breath as he fell into darkness and death.
It Is Me After All
a,As I wake by your side, My feelings for you I can not hide, I touch your face in the morning light, Being with you just feels so right You make me feel like I'm a king, Like being inside an awesome dream, Although this is real, that I know, As the love that surrounds us continues to grow I think of what the future holds... Marriage, children, us growing old, And as I lay, with you dear, I'm just so glad you're mine, you're here
It Is Not That
I am not defined by the fu-world. Perhaps that is part of the problem here. Many of you have made your loathing of Myspace a dominant character trait... and that just seems silly to baby Jesus certainly has not done that... he just created the site , making money each time you morons pay for things on fubar. He has moved on to things that matter to him now, while many of you are still obsessing over how to make the whole world of mypace reject what they see as something deeply tied to their myspace culture, heritage, family, and (I mean here that they SEE IT that way, not that it actually is that way).In any case, I'm not impressed by any of this at all. I don't see what difference it makes anyway to be on Fubar or Myspace. I always make sure not to ridicule people on Myspace for that matter alone. The ridiculous Fu-cultists known as the FU-ADDICTS are a bit different than ME. Or maybe not. Depends on your relationship with BabyJesus, apparently. And It se
It Is Cancer
THE WAITING IS OVER....AT LEAST UNTIL THE NEXT STEP I mine as well just be blunt and get it over with. There really isn't any other way to ease into it. My doctor called me last evening to inform me that I do have the C word. Cancer...yes I was actually not that shocked. I knew in my mind for 3 weeks now that I had it. I just needed to hear the doctor confirm what I have been thinking all along. So, the waiting of the unknowing is over. Am over that hurdle. Next hurdle is a private consultation with her to discuss and educate me on what kind I have, stage, treatment, all options etc. This will happen either tomorrow or Friday depending on scheduling and gettting the written report back from the Pathologist. (The call from my doctor was actually pre-mature without the written report in her hand but she knew I was going outta of mind not knowing so she called me with the only finding of ...that is was cancer.) With all that being said, I am ok for now. I have a g
~~it Is You I Have Loved~~
There is something that I see In the way you look at me There's a smile, there's a truth in ur eyes But an unexpected way on this unexpected day Could it mean this is where I belong It is you I have loved all along It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched for so long And it is you I have loved all along There were times I ran to hide Afraid to show the other side Alone in the night without you But now I know just who you are Nd I know you hold my heart Finally this is where I belong It is you I have loved all along It's no mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home, my heart searched for so long And it is you I have loved all along Over and over I'm filled with emotion Your love, it rushes through my veins And I am filled with the sweetest devotion As I, I look into your perfect face It's no more mystery It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched for so long. And
It Is Time
It Is Time It is time for us now to disband the law It is time that we declared freedom for all It is time to place the perversions of priests Into History's trash heap where they belong It is time to conquer fears of a far-gone age It is time to seek Truth beyond the written page It is time to celebrate the subtle differences Which have so subdivided this singular race Speak to me not of your clans and tribal creeds Speak to me not of any pride or bigotry Speak to me not of Gods of worn-out welcome Sated upon the sacrificial blood of Man Speak to me only of a future wherein It was time we saw ourselves in each other
It Is Love
~This poem is dedicated to the woman that touches my body and soul and makes my heart race with love, lust and hope. I love you!~ It is Love I’m not sure how it started, But you came You came to me in the dark of the night Calling Pushing Fighting your way I longed for you to go To leave like all the rest But you stayed by my side And here we are Now there’s no looking back You called my name And I ran to you Your arms tightening their hold You called for me And reached out for me in the night Now I know what you have It’s called Love I held my breath and paused to wonder Where are you going And look where I’ve been You wanted me all the same You’ve loved me in night In morning In day And here you are still with me Always with me No looking back We have each other I long for your lips To reassure my doubt You ease my fear You show me the way I know what I feel It is Love I tried to push you out You went only a step back You held my ha
It Is A Nice Day!
Fubar is my love.
It Is Was It Is !!!
It doesn't interest me what you do for a living, I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring with your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow; if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or even your own; if you can dance with the wilderness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being a human. It doesn't interest me if the story you're telling me is true. I want to know
It Is Finally Over!!!!
As of today, Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic Presidential nomination "mathematically". Hillary Clinton is about to give a speech, which may be her concession speech to congratulate and support Obama as the Democratic nominee. And as much as I'm excited and engaged in this year's Presidential election, I am relieved that it is over (for the most part lol). Now with that being said, this country needs to prepare itself with the best and WORST qualities of our citizens. We are gonna see hatred, racism, anti-Muslim rhetoric, age discrimination, separation and segregation at it's utmost. "But Coley, didn't we see that already with the Democratic Primary? lol". Yes, we did. But not to the degree it's about to escalate to. We're gonna have to do a reality check of ourselves. As a whole, is the United States ready to elect a Black man as President? Well, I offer this. If his skin tone, his name, his "religion" (which is Christianity, even though sooooo many Americans swear up an
It Is What It Is!!!!!
No matter what you say or what you do you will never break me but i only have one thing for you and that is it:
It Is Coming
The end is within sight. Things are coming to a head and sooner rather than later all that you have come to know and hold dear will be changed forever. When the time comes and that change has been made where will you stand and what will you regret not having been able to do or say? I myself will be prepared and ready for what is to come, for i fear not what will happen, instead i welcome it
It Is Friday The 13th, I Love Fubar And Another Book Goes Out But Not Undercover. Diary Entry.
Do you know what, it is a pleasure to come here and escape the scammers and spammers as well as all those who are constantly in your face. I mean, I love my Mum but I don't telephone her everyday of the week so why should I have to say how I am to a certain person on Moon on the Wain. As soon as I log on he is there and I don't think he has anything better to do. Well, he who know all said he was not going out today due to the bad luck factor but he has been forced to due to a nurse or doctor's appointment. I cannot remember which. He has also to go out and get the newspaper and post a parcel for me. I cannot believe it because when I logged on this morning there was nothing except for the horrorscopers spiel and then half an hour later at about 5am Nielsen's Book Data sent me another order and I had to open it. Well it was from the same bookshop that purchased the other two and as the postage gets silly doing one book at a time I think I need to phone him and ask if he
It Is What It Is Poetic
I will from time to time come across poetic things that capture my mind and ears or streach my soul and heart to beyond the end of time.... I will place things I feel are poetic here or maybe I will get creative and write something for you all but you as my friends and family please feel free to chime in as well.... always love to hear the music of someone else poetic mind and soul
It Is Over :(
Memories (It is over) We were friends BUT know we are not.. We were like sisters What Happened??? Sometimes I have no clue BUT then I know What went wrong I moved and left you You met new friends... It seems like we just Have our memories Of each other anymore You told me I need to be A better friend to you Maybe you are right... BUT then I realize That I have been a good friend 12 years and you have not Came to see me once 12 years...... not once I realized that our friendship Is over and that makes me very sad When all the bad stuff Happened to me you were There for me I am sick of you holding that over my head I cant take it anymore A friend does not do that This is so hard to do I love you more then anything BUT girl I got to say GOOD-BYE.... I will always love you But I can not do this anymore So I am saying good-bye
It Is A
It is yet another rainy day so I am here lookin about not like that matters to anyone. Reading this will give you some idea of who I am more or less my fears then anything else. I mean I am full of them even as old as I am. Guess some would say I am a strange ole man but that is what I am. My kids think I am strange so taht is how it goes I mean I have no real worries about it. My 19 year old thinks that I am very strange but hey that is life.
It Is So Awesome
I never knew that true love could exsist. I always thought that it was a fairytale that we all look up to to have some hope in life. I thought I had found true love several times, but really I didn't. I now realize that I had settled for second best. I always thought that true love was for everyone else, not for me. I was wrong there too. I have found true love. I have found the man of my dreams. He is my total Mr. Wright. He treats me like a queen like I should be treated. He has me spoiled rotten. I can't stand being away from him and he can't stand being away from me. We are so bad about not wanting to be apart that no matter what we find a way to talk to eachother atleast once a day. We look forward to the next time we see eachother. When we are apart it's like a part of us is missing and when we are together we feel complete. I honestly can say I truely and completely am in love with him. I would move heaven and earth for him. I love him so much that even thou
It Is A Wise Man
It is a wise man who keeps his skies wide open in all circumstances, for within a cloistered cave, only shadows can be seen 4-14-03
It Is Too Early
It is too early to say this war is over and be raising cairns. It is almost too early to say that it has begun. 4-19-03
It Is Harder But
It is harder but by far more noble to put forth the Hand of Peace than it is to brandish out loud the shaken Fist of War. 9-16-02
It Is The Veteran
It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN who salutes the Flag, It is the veteran who serves under the Flag, ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM. I'd be EXTREMELY proud if this email reached as many as possible. We can be very proud of our young men and women in the service no matter where they serve.
It Is All About Spreading The Love
It Is Ok News I Guess
Well my doctors apointment went ok even though my apointment was at 10am and did not get in there till 10:30am i hate when they do that but yea anyways i did find out that i will be going through surgrey you guys are probley wondering why well because when i was 16 i found out that i had a knot on my right brest so i went and got it checked and they said it was fine well later in the years i went back this past feburary and got it checked again well they told me it was a cyst and that i needed to watch my waight and stay off caffine well i watched my waight kinda and well the caffine thing worked for awile then it stoped i have to have caffine lol they told me to come back in for a checkup in 6 mounts well that was today so then now i have found out that he doese not know what it is so he is going to give me surgrey to take it out and find out but man if that didn't frighting me because it could be canser, cyst or any other kind of cyst but now i am really scared because i have never b
"it Is A Sin To Want For $$$"...
and that's exactly why I went out on a binge, working my way into MONEY MAKING career paths and education there for. I studied REAL ESTATE and consulted with men (older white men*) on their familial grounds for "supporting their families." My own "men" were never interested in doing that. They did not WANT to be RESPONSIBLE.. men. The conversation held at EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY in the office my department of GEO/GEOLOGY studies one early morning set my mind. The professors, office secretary and I resolved that "older white men" like themselves, were blocking progress. They needed to move over so that their students could live the lives they'd studied for. Other men, Contractors and land developers in commercial and residential building and real estate pretty much agreed. In college in Illinois and then at MIDDLETON REAL ESTE SCHOOLin Southfield, Michigan studied REAL ESTATE and became licensed; and then employed in Oakland County Michigan by JOHN ROSS of BANKERS REAL ESTATE. In 1
It Is Me
It Is There But Not Spoken
Eyes that can see her around me The one person that has set me free My love , my heart you saved me from falling apart Thanking you is at least a start I'm no longer alone and far away From the world and the life I wish to stay Everything is good and going right A uplifting feeling when I see her in my sight Her voice her eyes, I quickly realize She does not want to leave me, not even in the heaven skies For me to leave this wonderful person the chances would be never Would be the greatest error and demise, I wish to stay and forever The present and the future seem so bright A beautiful feeling that feels so right If she needs a shoulder I will be there Need anyone to talk to, I have plenty of time to spare Do anything she needs me to do She is the one and only one, hate to see her down and blue To be on cloud nine, with someone that is all so fine I am all hers and she is all mine I need you and you need me Together we can break all these barriers and ch
It Is Just Wonderful!!
I checked out Miss Butterfly's new proofile page and you won't believe it!!! She has put us all (Friendship Circle) in a very cute and adorable format on her profile page!! You just have to see it to believe it!! I love it so show that lady some extra luv for advertising all us us to Fubar and how much she cares for us to even create it! HoakieGirl Founder
It Is Time For Amend And Fix My Friends List
It's time for my to amend and fix my friend list. If you want to stay on my friends list then sent me a private message or profile comment. Thank you very much
It Is What It Is....let Me Get In On This....
All i did was correct the spelling and just blew it down.. MF's... Yea. Here we go... part 2 of this blog %#&@$!.... iight.. let me get into it...... Aint it funny how... mmmhhmmm...not we not going to touch on that and get deep..... iight here we on some real %#&@$!....why mf is always hating... iight.. i know mf's got a job to do and %#&@$! but on some real %#&@$! wtf... i want a mf to get it like me or better wtf... why not... open more doors. bring up the $$$ U Dig.... iight like a mf like me got a hooptie little 94 lex gs300 champayne joint... little bruises on her but she good... i be driving thru like my old hood and %#&@$! i and i see the bull%#&@$! on mf faces.. i mean mf i was cool wit.. we got paper and all that.... Ya mf want to know how much u paid how she ride word cuz word men. thats whats up.. wit some funny %#&@$! behind the tone.. wtf pop off %#&@$!..... lol but i am trying to get a
It Is What It Is
You see it yet it no longer fazes: Burning bodies, Wasted ammo cases' Too far removed with in your living room, your place-tomb. Fucked up nation: Your children die buy the moment, You write it off as bravery, Because your to cowardly yo call it What it really is, Nation-sanctioned suicide. The God of war has reawakened, And is once again is running free, The old war Gods are in full swing, And at the end of the day, Death and violence rule supreme.
It Is Possible To Work And Enjoy Working Too.
Work and enjoy You never have to choose between work and enjoyment. You can do both. You can choose to do work that you enjoy. You can also choose to enjoy whatever work you do. The work you do enables you to create value. The work you do while enjoying yourself enables you to create immense and highly meaningful value. There is a reason why you have chosen to do the work you do. Explore that reason, connect it with your deepest purpose, and you'll find a way to enjoy whatever the task may be. One of your most persistent driving desires is to make a difference. Enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to work at things that will indeed make a difference. Work with enjoyment and gratitude. Not only will your work bring rewards, you'll also find that your work is itself a great reward. -- Ralph Marston
It Is Now Official...
As of 4:29 pm this evening, (11-11-2008) I am now officially a Grandma...My Grand daughter, Tatum Rayne was born weighing in at 9 lbs 11 ozs and 20 inches long...Just posted her pics...Please check her out...She is BEAUTIFUL... Notice the weight and take note of her birthdate... 9/11 on Veterans Day...Pretty neat huh...Must mean she is an Angel...
It Isn't Free
It Is What It Is
check this out if you want to get to know me ask if you want to see me look at the pic and if you want to talk to me drop a line for all the playas out there who think your the shit delete me for the real genuine peeps out there sweet hit me up I am tired of the game and desperation in peeps I am looking for friends for now may be a lil fun later I am tired of the mind games I want some one real and that is actully inteligent in my life and some peeps are and some peeps arent what can I say truth hurts get over your self if you think you can talk to me drop a line if not that is cool your lost not mine
It Is Diffcult But Rewarding
To believe when others are doubting To work when others are dreaming To care when others are neglecting To give when others are grasping To forgive when others are condemning To smile when others are complaining To praise when others are criticizing To build when others are destroying To risk when others are hesitating To serve when others are demanding To persist when others are quiting.
Itis Realy Real ...
It amazes me at times...when there is such blatant disregard for another person's feelings and yet they either claim to care...funny huh? Well it appears that once a person lets them selves open up and allow another gives them the right to take all the secrets and inner thoughts etc. that person has and exploit it...use it to make them feel wither inferior ...or weak...any of those feelings that take you back a few steps once again and has you doubting yourself in some way or another ...Why can't a person open up and rather then exploit them...people do hurt the ones they claim to love....I would sure hate to have them hate me!
It Is Snowing
winter reminds me of when I was a kid ... so much that just takes me back to those times .... I think this song was about those days!
It Is Said...
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
-it Is The Middle Of This Day-
-it is the middle of this day- ------------------------------------------------- The Sun is hidden behind these dark grey clouds that have teased us greatly with rain, but given none... I feel a tickle in the back of my neck, could it be what I believe it is? It seems when this happens a twist of reality comes my way, bad news, good news, it does not matter... I have no other choice but to wait it out. Today will be a slow day for me, I have made my coffee but have no creamer. It really pisses me off, and I know when one thing goes unbalanced the rest follows. Like quicksand, you cannot even try to escape, it will pull you down regardless of your screams... Such a fucked up world to play with me daily and keep me from this cleared path I have worked on for years, cropping and studying and learning my location... Detours are everywhere, always, and it is not my doing. I am convinced of it now. I did not give any permissions to accept anyone to touch or use my things, but it is bec
It Is...
"One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else"Author : UnKnown
It Is Said
that god never gives you more than you can carry at times like this I think he sees me as hercules and Im really not as I await the last few hours I relive so much of the past and I sned out all I can all my love all my remaining strength to that someone and no matter how hard she pushes Im right here holding a candle of hope to light the darkness right here an anchor to hold on to in this time of turmoil never waivering constant steadfast loyal not only to her heart but to my own just a little more strength to bear her burden my door is open and my heart pure my thoughts only of her well being not for my gain but to keep somehting in the world worthy of admiration worthy of exsistance
It Is Official We Are Now Man And Wife
As of 11:13 today Tina became Mrs.DeMars, I am both proud and extreamly happy to have her in my life as my leagle wife she is all I want for my mate.
It Is Abt Us
i am still love her like hell cuz my heart is always be her not anyone or world.. only her she is such women but i undy what she do.. well i can't sayin more
It Is What It Says It Is Lol!
Masturbation Blessing From Chrissy Fu Freakies this day I give to you my Masturbation Blessing. If I have "stirred" something in you that causes you to touch "it", trust in your heart that I'm both flattered and honored (). Is no need to tell me I can feel the vibrations from all over the world (maybe thats why I cant ever sleep...ya'll are noisy!lmao)! So go forth and touch it guys and gals! With my heartfelt blessing! May God Bless ya and keep you from going blind Always, Chrissy
It Is Cheating?
So.. a friend of mine and I were talking this morning and we got on the subject of relationships and cheating. He thinks that flirting with other girls isn't cheating, even if it involves sending detailed texts and online messages to someone. He also thinks that showing your naughty spots on cam isn't cheating. He thinks it's all "fun", however, he has told me that if his wife had ever done that to him, he would be pissed off. This friend has done all of the above and sees nothing wrong with it when he does it. Now, I don't necessarily think it's cheating, but it isn't right either. Keep in mind that I was on the receiving end of these texts, online messages, phone calls, and cam.   Is it cheating??
It Is A Cool Picture
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
It Is What It Is.
Believers in fate would have you believe that we (humanity) drifts on the ebb and flow of the tides of life. That our existance has purpose, but that purpose is to exist and uphold the order of things purely through existance. I do not believe in such thngs. Through out my life, There have been made as many choices are there were different paths to choose. For each crossroad came new circumstances and new lives that would be impacted by my decision to be. I have reached a place in my life, purely because of the decisions I've made, be them wrong or not, they have put me exactly where I am today. Aside from the crossroads there were many times that i could not choose, that I would take the only path avialable to me, to take the path that HAD to be taken, and too has led me here. Today I am faced with yet another of these situations. Given a choice, and choose I must. To remain in quickly dwindeling safety, or to make a full break, and run hard and fast, to chase the dream I have had
"it Is Always Thde Real Thing"
"just nothing to say!"
It Is What It Is
If the past is coming back ot stare you in the face you have two options run or face it, So I am facing it you want to look at me fine, you want to talk to me then talk but do something, dont hide behind a screen name
It Is Time To End It
It is Time To End It   Do you remember the spaces you filled? Do you remember the smile you caused? Do you remember the fire in my eyes? Do you remember the life now paused? I see your face everywhere I look You are my total eclipse of the sun I stand in the darkness of you leaving I have no strength to run Why has my life shattered? How did I let myself become this low? I curl up inside my corner alone
It Is Amazing
It is amazing how some feelings for people are like a flame on a match fast intense and go out all most immeditaly after it is lite. Others are slow and take work to get it going and the flame is sometimes non-existent.
It Is Donut Day... But The Trilogy Also Moves On To Make A Repeat Of Itself!
It is donut day... but secretly its ball kicking day... that in it self should have a national holiday... everyday like 429... well it should be every day at 6 20 which kinda looks like B K D YAYYY Ball kicking Day!!!!! lmmfaoooooooooo! Men... I now know why girls have periods because for a whole month minus a week we have hearts... and we have to be very kind to are men and then when it comes around to our period... BINGO like they throw fireballs at us like: And their HUGE like that and we never see it comming and then their all like omg your such a bitch so we're like whoaaaaaa wait what? So we're like ok... weman are sooo strong mentaly because P Yeah see that guy in the pic he dosent even know whats comming his way!!! MUAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And so the Trilogy repeats... And we get in are spider ship and we go back to spendeling mens webs! The End hahahahahahaha I love youuuuu!
It Is What It Is....
GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I fucked Kaliko, Courtney, SmackDaddy AND SupaFly this weekend!!!!!   Surprised???? Me too. Wud of liked to know too so I cud of enjoyed every minute of each one of em. This is my explanation as to why I am gone off this site. Over the last 10 months since I have come back I made it to Oracle. Yaaaay me!! I have made so many friends real and Fu and found so many other fakes, phonies and wannabe's I feel that no matter how hard someone can try the Fu will cross over into real life. You find friends, enemies, haters, tru love and even a baby daddy or mama off here . I have been through a lot in the last 10 months and those close to me know the deal. I have come to a point in my life that I need to do me, I LOVE my true friends and if ur lucky enuff to be one you know this,  BUT with that being said once b!itches on here decided that MY life is more interesting than their own we have a problem.  I DO ME so you DO U!! My ass became FuFamous on here for some dam reas
It Is What It Is
My life is full of surprises every day i get up an head out the gate looking for new twist on life IEDS  i am the protector of the inocent and the protector of our military routes keeping them free of destruction life is short live it or just let it float by its your choice i chose my job in the military to you all can live your lives  to the fullest. I know that one day i might not make it back in the gate from a mission but you know what i will know that i did my job gave my life for others so they can live     " it is what it is" is my motto and "its the life we live" as my creed of the route clearance team give a shout out to a solider and never for get 9/11
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It Is I.
What do you seek, old man? I seek what was lost, and what will be. I am what was lost. Youth. Energy. Innocence. Naive. The simple view .... You were never that innocent ... True, you were older before you were younger ... Future, what would be, the shadow of what would become, wickking up the short line of time to the your past, my now. Did the darkness of winter's frost cast it shadow on the child that I was? Do you have to ask? No ... I suppose I didn't ... But what else it is Old Man? What did you learn? What do you know now that you were not to know then? That what is the past colors the present. The present foretells the future. Alterable ... yet .... Yet ... yet not ... unless .... Unless I knew from the begin what is the end .... But .... But I did, didn't I? I could see it coming. The collision. The crunch. Like train cars, accordian atop one another .... You saw it ... I saw it and I was no longer there .... You were as alone in the house as you are on this
It Is What It S
Yep   that is  life. People  come  and  go  in your life, if  you are lucky  enough  to make  one  true  friend  do everything in your power  to keep them. You  will find  that having a  true  friend is  so  much  more  valuable  that  you  could ever imagine. a  friend  is  the  person  that  no  what  you  do  or mistakes  you make  is  always  right beside  you , holding  your hand  or lending  you a shoulder to  cry on. A  friend  knows  the  person you are  on the inside and  no matter  what  will always be there.  
It Is True
It is true, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I have tried so hard to help you. I see the strength in you but you don’t see how strong you are. You tell me you are right and that I am wrong. You have beaten yourself. If you don’t believe you won’t ever get out of it. You sit there and feel sorry for yourself, scared, and yet you do nothing about it. You lay helpless. I’ve never seen a wild thing feel sorry for it self. A bird will fall frozen from a bow before ever feeling sorry for it self. It is coming to a point where I am starting to think there is no fix for you, I can’t fix you. It isn’t because there are no means to do it; you have simply given up on yourself. You refuse to drink the water that your so badly need.
It Is A Wondrous Thing And We Step Out On Pure Creative Love To Do It..
“Call it "womb awe" or even "womb worship" but it's not simple envy. I don't remember even wanting to be a woman. But each of the three times I have been present at the birth of one of my children, I have been overwhelmed by a sense of reverence... It was quite suddenly, the first day of creation; the Goddess giving birth to a world... Like men since the beginning of time I wondered: What can I ever create that will equal the magnificence of this new life?” Strider1957 Sam Keen quotes
It Is..
Domingo, 21 de octubre de 2007 a las 18:10 |    Its the simple things that we sometimes forget... It is the sound of waves crashing against rocks at the shore. Crashes at the Rock by Darryl Campbell It is the setting moon, giving way to a beautiful new day. It is her smile, unseen, yet felt 'neath each word she writes. It is the subtle swirling of whirlpools whirling. It is that rare majestic moment shared between two people on the damp sand, as the tide falls, hours before dawn. It is the sparkle in her eyes, remnant of the thousand suns dotting a darkened sky. It is the lethargic whisper of summer winds and spring rains. It is the off-balance shudder step as she jumps into your arms, planting a long awaited kiss on your lips. Its the smile you flaunt, alone in your bedroom, when a thought of her creeps into your mind...They are the slowly dying artifacts of once cherished romanticism. And just when realization strikes... just when you've thought you lost it for all time... A frien
"it Is What It Is!"
I am done playing this game I thought I said!Worn out, mentally exhausted and sick of being the accused and abused!The undying hunger to find my way has starved me of my hope and dreams.Drained my energy takin my last breath of life with it too! Many time's i stated before...... "If it's meant to be then it will happen weather or!"If it is ment for me to be somewhere or with somebody....The right one will come for me, faith will take me where i am to be......I don't remember how happiness feels anymore!A reason to stand up is getting harder to come up with everyday.Strength to heal, forgive and laugh from getting klicked in the face, used or pressured.I am done being their for anyone anymore!
It Is Not The End
Do not cry...For I am not lostI have just taken a different path;In my journeyDeath has not become of me;For I am not deadI am only contemplating lifeNo tears will be shedFor there is no sadnessOnly through joy;Will these tears be acceptedSo, don't see my death as a goodbye;But a message that life comes and goesFor life has come for me;But I am not goneI am merely waiting and watching...For...the unexpected
It Is He. (for Djn)
It is hethe other me that gazes with gluttony into the glare of glorious adoration that fills the hallows of my eyes for him and overflows in sighs shaped like searing tears at the thought of never belonging to him wholly and devoted, undying and resounding the ever-pounding waves of unbridled love my heart sings for him like a silly serendipitous child belting out a round at their first recitalI am the title of the book that shook and plans to steal the heart that hides beneath the him that is real. I am the pages of the song he won't sing but that he whispers sometimes when he drifts off to sleep. I am the words that burn the pages of his fury the space in between when he begins to worry and the glue that binds it all together, I am the weather the storm the tsunami of desire that rages and burns and builds on his fire, I breathe sulfur-steamed sedation into his kiss and inhale the breath that he's lungs freely give ; just to feel him become a part of me.I am the sorrowful sea siren
It Is What It Is.
If I died tonight, would anyone even notice? Would people cry and question fate? Would they even acknowledge my absence? Would they care that I'd sacrificed my life to everyone else and that, even in death, I was enslaved?   Would what was clutched in my hand even rate a second glance? Would they see it for what it is? Or, would they all just say "I told you so" and whisper inanities beside my casket? Behind my back.   I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to live a thankless life. I can't bear to complete another useless task. I have no more unheeded words to lash out with. No more prayers to be answered.   Life is kicking my ass. Maybe death would be kinder.  
It Is A Little Known Fact That Superheroes Sometimes Walk
To the best of my knowledge, none of the heroes in my books (“Progeny,” “Legacy,” and “Litany” so far) fly without help.  Oh wait, the hero Mariner does but he’s wearing the armor with its rocket pack, and one of the villains Zephyr is able to manipulate the wind so she can be lifted up by it.  But no one so far comes to mind of my creations I’ve made capable of unaided flight.  There’s probably something in that, and perhaps WHEN I actually finish “Victory” this year I will know it.  I heard the line when Sarah, Jeffrey, and I were watching “Elmo’s World” on Sesame Street this morning and it stuck!  Titles do that; ideas, more accurately, and they usually become my titles that I write around.   I didn’t think “sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot” – the main characters’ denigration of their boss Mr. Hart in the 1979 movie “9 To 5” – would quite f
It Is What It Is
Carpe Diem, tomorrow is never certain you must seize the moment, don't let it go once it is gone you might not have that change again   Things can always be worse, no matter how bad they may seem right now there is some one that wishes they were you you are still here, you can change it all   Not all evil is evil, not all good is good too much water will kill you a glass of red wine is good for your heart   Reality check it seems rough and abropt if you fully understand it, you will see the beauty in it   Ignorance is bliss if you don't have a sense of self the truth will always come out, sooner or later
It Is Just Too Hot
The night is stiflingly hot.  The window is wide open and the light, ocean breeze is barely less than warm and not enough to relieve the heat.  We lay next to each other on top of the covers, too hot to touch.  Eyes closed you try to relax in the heat and you wait for the next faint breeze to offer some relief.   You feel him shift his position next to you.  After a moment you open your eyes to see him propped up on an elbow looking at your body beside him.  You smile as you watch his gaze glide over you; over the curves of you body all softened by the mockingly cool blue light of the moon streaming through the window. You close you eyes again intent on sleep when you feel him move closer.  You think "Not tonight... it is just too hot."  Waiting for the inevitable touch you are surprised when you feel his cool breath blowing on your neck.  You relax and enjoy the cool sensation as the air dances across your hot, sticky skin.  He draws a new breath and the cool air washes down your b
It Is Sad How Far People To Try To 'scam' Money Out Of Someone Else..
What is sad, like corporate corruption, people are after money, for the most part. Why? because they're insecure and they're out to buy a new Mercedes or some other materialistic crap to try to cover up their insecurities with. Why are people so greedy? Really, why would someone need to make millions and millions? They're insecure. Why would someone not be content with a few million dollars a year, instead, scam others out of tens of millions of dollars? Think about it.. security is one thing, but why not settle for $5 million dollars instead of $50 million?? What good does so much more money do? Just allows these people to live such lavish lifestyles, and why would they do so? Back to them being selfish and insecure, they've got to try to show up others and why do they feel the need? They're insecure, truly insecure; they're scared. This cracks me up though, stupid Yahoo bots trying to get people to go view some half-naked girl on a webcam. Personally, I've never and would never, hav
It Is All In The Moment.
There is nothing more gratifying then to do something for someone just because. The happiness in their eyes the smile upon their face and the speechlessness is priceless. I remember vaguely a time when it was always instilled to the children that “It is better to give then receive”. I never quiet understood that saying. It is possibly because I never viewed a gift to be a requirement, but merely a gesture of the heart. For year’s I have pondered this topic and as this world involves more into materialize greediness and lack of respect the saying does now appear to make sense. Which is truly sad, in it’s own right truth be told.   Those that know me know I have the biggest heart ever. I would do anything for my family and friends if it is possible for me to do so. Even for a stranger on the street I have gone out of my way to help someone I do not even know. What is sad about all this so far is that 9 times out of 10 one like myself often ends up being used and
It Is Better To Have Love And Lost Than To Never Have Loved At All (orig Posted On 8/12/09 On My Tagged Account)
Is the old saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” true? I think so. I’ve loved and lost and felt the pain. We all have at some point. But, after the pain fades, you can remember and take comfort in the good times. Because no matter how bad the relationship turned out there were some good times to remember. Even then as we sit and ponder new relationships we still hesitate, remembering the hurt that came from old breakups. We drag our feet, hold our emotions back, and back peddle in a new relationship. Then we remember how great it is to be in a relationship…the laughing, the comfort the security and the love, and we want to move forward and feel those things again despite our doubts. If we could only just freely let our emotions show, open ourselves up completely and fully to the other person. Just revel in the moment, relax and let tomorrow take care of itself. How wonderful life would be. However those walls and mem
It Is Not The Flame That Burns.
IT IS NOT THE FLAME THAT BURNS. It is not the flame that burns, It is only you, that learns, No matter how you twist and turn, It is only you that burns, Wrap the wounds with foolish pride, Hide the scars deep inside, Then bow our heads and bend our knees, Only to break within the weave, Through this veil of tears we see, Between what is, and , cannot be, In this night the blind can see, By the dream of memory, It is not the blade that cuts, When we bleed it turns to rust, We call the dance because we must, All is made from bright stardust, It is not the flame that burns, It is only you that learns, No matter how you twist and turn, It is only you that burns
It Is What It Is
Stress Stress is eating at me every minute and second of the day, how do I cope with the horrible effects and make it go away?I feel so tired and run down and I don't sleep, I lie in bed at night and wonder why it runs so deep.Everyone asks why do you look so sad, do I tell them that my stress is eating me up and that I feel really bad?Does everyone notice how I walk around in a daze, and that I have deep black bags under my eyes nowadays.I wake up every morning feeling so hopeless, like nothing ever goes right and wondering why my life has to be such a mess.Stress is my one worst enemy, it’s taken over my mind and my whole life in every single degree. Starting Over
It Is Deer Season
magnificent beast comes into view prancing gracefully out of the cover of the woods into the sunlit meadow grazing in the field enjoying the bounty God has provided him as the fatal shot is fired the hidden hunter smiles
It Is To Laugh
I have now seen it all. We all know the vast majority of females on this hoar sponge of a web site are drama queens. It seems they all thrive on being the center of attention, the fantasy "piece of ass" for every guy on this site. Gimme, gimme, gimme is all you see from them. Selling boobage for a happy hour; cam sex for some bling credits. And we all know they gutter slime guys this sponge attracks do everything they can to keep that atmosphere going, in fact they expect EVERY female to be here for just one purpose; provide cheap porn thrills for web site gifts. But now I've run into two guys who do much, much worse. And I know there are more guys on this page that fall into the same category of wagon-rut snake droppings. I'll only deal with one here since the other has conned a very dear friend of mine past  the point of reasoning with and she is still on this site oozing with blind love and devotion for this worm. But the other is even worse. He's conned a friend, who I talk to alm
It Is What It Is
ever think oh i'd never do that just to get something, the more and more i'm on here the more and more i'm getting sick  of really being on here, seeing the same thing again and again  ill do this for this or you give me this ill add you to this, blah blah blah just so  much for having respect for  oneself i say no names cause i ain't going to slander shit  bout no one you really need to learn.  but alas no one ever does  not pointing fingers directly cause that'd be trouble ooh right do one thing over and over placing certain people in certain spots  getting just really sick of it all no one is ever who they are, people come an go mind you there are few people i do deem important to me an they know who they are, the few things i can do to help show it,  hardly get asked for anything do not get told  to do  things  to get other shit needless to say i have had a lot built up over the last while it has been sitting an stirring and not going any where building over  boiling til it woul
It Is Said That This Patek Philippe Watches Are The Perfect Devices
IWC Replica Watches Spitfire Pilot Particularly sometimes each of the patek philippe uhren watches could honestly be very best wide variety of that powerful course of customers. Around the boosted advantage, the idea will get unmanageable in direction of the common man. Hopefully you've had a way to check out on a pair during a shop to view the way feels. It is also worthy of researching on the internet concerning top pair to match your encounter form. IWC Replica Watches Portuguese Inhabitants in excellent investment capital collectively with preoccupation for your intent of observe variety are definitely serious about the many patek philippe grand watches. Should you are however unsure, your optician should be able to give you feedback on your own deal with style along with what kind of model would suit you preferred.
It Is A Man Thing...
As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky back country. As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch. I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play. The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I've never played before for this homeless man. And as I played Amazing Grace, the workers began to weep. They we
It Is Friday And I Am Not Naked, A Sad Sad State Of Lack Of
it has been over since my car accident and i have no one to play with my uranas
It Is You I Dream Of
A flower grows from beneath a blanketOf fine and purest whiteIt reaches toward the sun for warmth,For heat and for the lightMy love for you grows stronger still,Despite the surrounding coldMy heart is yours, bartered goneFor yours has it been soldIts petals shine from morning dewIts stem grows stiff and strongIt stands strong through the freezing coldIt stands the winter longI long for you, for your soft touchI miss the way you smileThe longer that we stay apartThe longer every mileThe flower stretches through the snowIt reaches toward the sunAnd now without you the color is goneThe flower's petals, dunBut as we talk, and as we learnThe flower comes back to lifeThe snow now melts and goes awayAs you take away my strifeSpring is here and growth aboundsAs you and I are oneWe are together, we are in loveThe snow for now is doneI see the future, in dreams I haveOf our life, long and trueI see the times where all I needAre comforting words from youI see the times when winter comesAs winter
It Is Great To Laugh, Even Better Too Love!
My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30 am this morning, can you believe that...... 2:30 am?!  Luckily for him I was still up playing my bagpipes.   Man calls 911 and says "I think my wife is dead" The operator says how do you know?   He says "The sex is the same but the ironing is building up."   I was in bed with a blind girl last night and she said that I had the biggest penis she had ever laid her hands on. I said "You're pulling my leg."   I saw a poor old lady fall over today on the ice.   At least I presume she was poor - she only had $1.20 in her purse.   My girlfriend thinks that I'm a stalker.  Well, she's not exactly my girlfriend yet.   Went for my routine check up today and everything seemed to be going fine until he stuck his index finger up my ass! Do you think I should change dentists?   A wife says to her husband you're always pushing me around and talking behind my back. He says what do you expect? You're in a wheel chair.   I was exp
It Is A Wide Choice To Install Led Daytime Running Light
     In some countries and regions,If you do not turn on the lights during the day, you will be sentenced. Why so many countries take so measure on the led daytime running light. In fact,it is main for the use of the light really can reduce the accident.      It is reported that it can reduce vehicle accidents by 12.4% and can also reduce the car accident by 26.4% at the same time.      Of course,in different places,the money used for sentencing is not the same.It will need at least 15 euros up to 5,000 euro in Austria, 33 euros in Italy,40 euros in Slovenia and Hungary,it reaches at least 70 euros in Denmark in the Nordic countries.50 euros in finland,60 euros in Iceland fined,180 euros in Norway.Some other countries also start this polity.      It is necessary to install the led day time running light.There are still some people think that car led daytime running light in daytime will take more energy to turn on the led light during the daytime.In fact,you don't have the need to w
It Is What It Is
“No one has to the right to tell you who you are and control your life, cause it’s yours. Your life is meant to be lived by no one else but yourself. We sometimes let people get the best of us, destroy us and change our opinions on what we believe is true. Only you know what’s right for yourself, you have the power, you make the choices and you learn. Each experience we go through in a life is a lesson to be learned. We all make mistakes, why is that so hard for some to understand? No one should be judged by the mistakes they have made. It’s past news. Everything happens for a reason, and without the hard times, how would we ever realize our true strength? It’s only through a time of suffering when we realize how strong we truly are inside, when we realize how much we can actually put up with and deal with before we eventually break.”....Author unknown
It Is Produced Christian Louboutin Replica By Ninety Five Precise Procedures
Moreover, it is produced Christian Louboutin Replica by ninety five precise procedures and introduced into the market in 1995. The new introduced handbag of 2009 is made of wild animal skins, such as crocodile skins. Both wild animal and sexy woman are attracted. The Coach brand has always been known for being elegant and timeless, and their signature monogrammed pattern has become iconic. However, their current philosophy involves being on Alexander Mcqueen Boots top of the contemporary style trends and brilliantly adapting them. Aside from being incredibly pleasing to the eye, their handbags are also affordable. It is safe to say that with the current economic climate, affordability is a vital quality. Become a 2010 Trendsetter With a Coach Bag On Your Arm The world of high fashion and luxury is historically based in Europe because couture houses Fake Christian Louboutin such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and Valentino originate in France in Italy. One of the
It Is Only Friday
I wasn't that sure I would feel like or even be able to do this again and for that I am sorry. Sometimes I feel youthful and sometimes I feel way older than I should. Maybe it was just a terrible on set of a virus that didn't just creep on. Anyways.... this morning started out kinda strange. My son woke up and said, "Hey Mom, ya know what today is?" I just said, "Friday"..... then he said "Do you know what else today is?" I said "The day between Thursday and Saturday." I then gave him a hug and said, "Happy Birthday!!... I love you!!" I went into the kitchen and decided to put the powder cream and sugar into my cup before I put the coffee in. Please try an remember this is at a little after 7am. I then stick the cup in the microwave for 1 minute and 5 seconds. It gets done and I open the microwave.... oh god... I forgot to pour the coffee in the cup there is a cloud inside the microwave. My memory is failing at the most inconvient times. I go to pour my cold coffee in the hot cup and i
It Isn't Wrong
     There is plenty that I would like to one day have. But I'm not going to ask for anything, I believe I should earn it. There is a few things I kinda figure will remain a dream. I have heard everyone needs a dream. It may just give you a reason to keep going. If all your dreams have been achieved then maybe you can just stick around to enjoy the glory.      With all that is possible my dreams don't seem so wrong. I am not in search of Superman. Yet, my love is not a toy to be played with. In my heart I know the truer the person the less they will play with me.      What I write in this blog I hope just may be accepted as not just typed words but words with feeling. I am not a cheater or a easy catch. I am like a genie in a bottle or a princess in a tower. I shall remain here till I am rubbed the right way and/or rescued.         Just maybe someone can and will someday accept that I am just me. I try to explain this in my poetry. Take all this as you will and remember I care how I
It Is What It Is
It Is My Day
My Birthday is October 5th. There is really only one thing I wished I could do and need it so badly, but it seems everyone else wishes for me to do other things. I want to go to the Smokey Mountains and just spend some me time. All by myself. This year has been so crazy. I just feel I need it more for my sanity than anything else. If I don't have the money for it, camping out will just have to do. I just want to shut off my phone, sleep naked and wake up and walk out on the deck and stretch and say Good morning world with no one around and yes totally naked. I want to walk to a creek and watch the sun go down over the mountains and rise in the morning. It being this time of year the leaves should ne changing and in the mountains there are so many trees to look at. I just want to wake up to the sound of quiet and sit out on the deck and see what God has made for all of us to see, that we ignore everyday in our life. I don't think this is a crazy idea, especially if you knew of my y
It Is You I Dream Of
It Is You I Dream OfA flower grows from beneath a blanketOf fine and purest whiteIt reaches toward the sun for warmth,For heat and for the lightMy love for you grows stronger still,Despite the surrounding coldMy heart is yours, bartered goneFor yours has it been soldIts petals shine from morning dewIts stem grows stiff and strongIt stands strong through the freezing coldIt stands the winter longI long for you, for your soft touchI miss the way you smileThe longer that we stay apartThe longer every mileThe flower stretches through the snowIt reaches toward the sunAnd now without you the color is goneThe flower's petals, dunBut as we talk, and as we learnThe flower comes back to lifeThe snow now melts and goes awayAs you take away my strifeSpring is here and growth aboundsAs you and I are oneWe are together, we are in loveThe snow for now is doneI see the future, in dreams I haveOf our life, long and trueI see the times where all I needAre comforting words from youI see the times when wi
It Is A Contest. Great Prizes.. Starts Dec 10 Thru Dec 31st. Let's Rawk.
                                                                                 It is a Contest   I am throwing a contest. The earlier you get your entires in the better your chances are. The Winner are determined by RATES & COMMENTS. Make a picture with you holding a sign saying anything you wish, but please add FUBAR to it. Put it in your dafault so that I may rip it to my folder. It will also give you exposure by doing so. Let's have some fun ... please let me know either by email or SB so that I will know yours is ready. That is all you have to do peeps to win. Totally free for you.   Must have at least 25 to enter. You can start sending in your entries on 12/10/2012.Winner will be decided on Dec, 31 2012 so you can boom on New Years Day..MUST have a SALUTED profile and all entries must be you holding a sign with the FUBAR name in it.Will you be a Naughty Santa or a New Years Baby.This is for Male or Female. Join in the fun and get CREATIVE. Naughty, but no cocky pictures men
It Is All Coming True
I am writing this blog and I am really worried for the state of our country, for Christians and the coming death of the dollar. Pastor Lindsey Williams is giving this information from one of his elite friends to the Alex Jones radio show. I posted this video on Facebook for everyone to see. It is the next 4 years ten points predicted by the elites ......these are:   1. We are NOT ready for the financial collapse yet but forced debt creation for every household, business and church under massive debt to be forced into their new currency. 2. The elite are doing this with students forced debt and the students will be forced into this debt creation 3. Tax the rich is a smoke screen. The middle class will be taxed into the death of the middle class. Obamacare is a tax because the people will not pay a preminum but they have to pay the tax. Thirty hours per week or less or you will have to pay for Obamacare. People will be forced to go to the elites because the people cannot survive on 3
It Is Official!!
I can die happy right now. I fuown JUICY luxuria! I know it probably won't last long, but Dreams do come true.....
It Is What It Is Ecnn
Elite" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">Elite Crew of No Nudes - slideshow" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">slideshowGod Love Venom She Today Came Up with This Club Called ( Elite Crew Of No Nudes ) and Its On Our Profiles Sick Of The Asshats Askin Can I See Your NSFW (When I State Their No Me ) I'll Start Blocking Without a Response If Guys Can Not See On My Profile The Tag That Reads ECNN. So Best Read Before Openin Up Your Mouth . My Status Was Excatly What It Might I'm Makin This Loud And Clear Their Is No Damn Folder Of My Naked Ass Or Any Part Of My Damn Body On Here If I Seem Pissed F'n Yes I'm Find a Nake Ass Somewhere Else Damn It Have a Great Day Thank You Venom Love You Girl
It Is What It Is, After All.
When all of my loves have been extirpated, what, if anything, will sustain me? I know your perversions; they are mine, as well. Your sentiments may seem innocent enough, but your actions betray you. The banalities of this life have become increasingly evident, yet I persevere; longing for something worthy of a challenge; but, alas, I'm impotent in my willingness to confront it head on. Take my hand, if you dare. Do look down, you've got nothing to lose; but I'll make no promises... I've lost too much already. If you know me, you know too much... or perhaps, not enough. Question your 'absolute truths'; they'll always say what you want to hear, and they're often as unreliable as anyone you may or may not know.
It Is Undeniable That Any Football Kit Like A Jersey Can Be Customized
Great Option Of Football KitsFootball is undeniably a growing sport around the world. Therefore, you can find many retailers offering football kits for each football players and football aficionados. As a matter of truth, these retailers provide kits from your straightforward socks to excellent, well-designed jerseys. Certainly, Maillot France supporters can really demonstrate their love and support to their favourite gamers and teams by way of purchasing and utilizing football gears. Occasionally, people gears really add spice on the excitement of the video games. Nonetheless, you'll find aspects to contemplate in acquiring some kits.Comfort ought to be regarded as in acquiring any kits associated with football. The size from the football shirts and jerseys are crucial since nobody needs to feel uncomfortable Maillot Espagne very loose ones. Acceptable dimension will just make any person so cool.Picking the correct kit can be a must in acquiring football gears. It's not a
It Is Reported By The Uefa President Michel Platini's Invitation
UEFA president Michel Platini by the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel will travel women Wembley Stadium to watch between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final. In addition, according to the German "Bild" message, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will be a new term in the local time Saturday arrived in the German capital Berlin, visited Germany for a state visit and will watch the Champions League final in Berlin on live television. It is reported by the UEFA president Michel Platini's invitation, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will travel women Wembley site to watch Bayern and Dortmund's Champions League final between, on the scene for these two German teams cheering in Prior to multiple World Cup and the European Cup, Merkel's figure appeared in the German national team scene. cheap soccer jerseys 57-year-old Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will be the new term in the local time Saturday arrived in the German capital Berlin, which is the
It Is Totally Ruled Out, He's Not For Sale
United have tabled a bid for the former Arsenal midfielder as David Moyes looks to lure him back to the Premier League.Wholesale Barcelona jersey The Red Devils have made Fabregas one of their top targets this summer as they aim to add some creativity to their midfield. Moyes revealed earlier on Friday that he was waiting to hear soon on the club's bid for Fabregas as he tries to make his first big-name signing at Old Trafford. However, Bartomeu has moved to quell any talk of an imminent transfer for Fabregas by insisting they will not entertain any offers for the Spain international."Barcelona can assure you we will not entertain any offers for Cesc," Bartomeu told Sport. "It is totally ruled out, he's not for sale." Fabregas has always repeatedly said he wants to stay at his hometown club and it appears Barcelona have no plans to lose the 26-year-old this summer.The player's stance was reiterated by Barca boss Tito Vilanova on Tuesday as he said: "It's normal to receive offers for
It Is Not Just About
The Lenovo Horizon is not just bending the usual in computing today but it teleports back and transforms everything. The screen is 27 inches diagonally. Many of the company's competitors will probably find it confusing whether Lenovo is marketing a tablet or an all-in-one PC. The debate can go on forever.myefoxIs the Horizon a tablet or a PC? What is it exactly? Running on three hours worth of battery can confuse most consumers. There is also the optional table and rolling adjustable stand to fix, secure and elevate the Horizon.iPad made waves because it was bottomless and a touch screen - that was years ago. From then on, rivals of Apple Inc. started producing their own versions ranging from ten inches to eleven. Samsung alone has nearly every size anyone think so. Today, it is not just about touch screens and bottom computers. Variation is crucial and Lenovo brings to the table their 27-inch table PC.bought one, like the quality, screen is very good and responsive. But I am sending i
It Is Time
When I an not here there will be more space, when I cease breathing you will forget my face. Not many see the hurt the hurt I have taken in. I think of when it was easier in my eyes its not a sin.   Time wasn't always on our side remember love, live and learn, I pray your next lady of the night knows you're so hot you burn. I will trust you will keep your grin  so much good can't be wrong, I only wanted to touch you like we were living out our song.   Like the rain starts to fall so does my lost melody, I know you need more  the end will let you see. You are going to be just   in love with your time here, without me around anymore to burden you my dear.   I don't want to, its alright, it is time I deserve to rest some more and then die I need you to know its alright, it is time nobody knows me, so don't ask anyone why.
It Is What It Is
sometimes life can be a royal pain in the ass. many of my relationships have come apart because i feel as though i'm at fault and to be truthful i am the one who screwed up and as a result have no special lady in my life but i am not gonna give up for someday my princess will find me
It Is Only For You
As I look up, what do I see, the clouds and birds flying free. I just try to imagine you today, and I am lost in dreams with nothing to say. The dreams are so real, the heat that you have, I know what I feel. I sense a fire as started, I want to keep the embers warmed without a moment departed. The rippling of every muscle in you, is strictly amazing, when you move like you do. I love everything about you, babe you know its true. Your shortness of memory, means the most to me. It lets me not feel that bad when I forget, I would like to think it was meant to be that we had met. If everyone is doing somewhat the same everyday, I like to think you have grace in every way. From when the sun does rise, and you sleepishly wipe your eyes. Till you fall asleep and somehow know our love is always there, you never have to wonder if I still care. I am with you in every step you take, when you get hurt, its two heart that break.   It is only for you that I show, so I hope that you know. I want
It Isn't Paper To Us All...
i am sitting in a cold room the candle's dim, expanding all the gloom i can't turn to you for comfort you merely pile on more dirt i write because the paper, never goes away it does not matter what i scribe, nor what i have to say it starts out plain and perfect, a canvas with no mark and let's me vent my anger, and bear witness to my scars the paper is never troubled, nor offers up advice it just humbly hears my burden, and has no words as cold as ice the paper never runs, it never needs to hide the paper's always there whenever i must confide it does not care i'm told i'm worthless, but does not multiply the thought it does not shrug away my fears, nor leave me more distraught it never offers me hostility, nor false promise, nor false hope the paper's simply there for me, whenever i must cope it was empty, clean, and bare, but a page there is no doubt
It Is Sang By Choir Without Background
Zinc coating has been so successful in the prevention Authentic Matt Forte Jersey of rust and corrosion that even Audi have been surprised by their car's durability; so much so that their ten year anti corrosion guarantee has been extended to twelve years You also may choose to have shorter pieces of music played during your ceremony Often many of the search engines listed will be dead sites Take a gander at the other two matchups Authentic Lance Briggs Jersey Russian Christian Music is one of those few music which doesn use any instruments in it, It is sang by choir without background music and Catholic masses in catholic church still perform Bach organ music which were created long time ago Check that all of the equipment is in good working order If you can not find it online, ask for them They used to be Authentic Julius Peppers Jersey operated by hand but now little generator motors do the hard work yougoggle These products, such as the Gatorade sports drink or the Acce
It Is So Important That Modern Versions
Because of the large number of products available Haloti Ngata Official Jersey for treating acne, it can be difficult to decide which one to try Support your body natural filter and eat a liver healthy detox diet Later in the movie, Rambo attacked the town center where the cruel sheriff was hiding For many people, the smaller ones offering local service are the way to go The Authentic Haloti Ngata Jersey only drawback it suffers from is the exorbitant interest rate it carries with it Scrape off as much adhesive as you can because the new seal bonds better to a clean surface More often than not, illicit affairs often take place through the phone The show revolves exclusively around what Beatles fans come flocking to Haloti Ngata Jersey see their favorite flawless music played by this brilliant group of musicians and impersonators You need to think carefully before laying your trust in a lawyer after all in some cases your life, future, money or property will be in his hand
I - Tit
Apple announced today that it has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. The i-Tit will cost $499 or $599 depending on cup size. This has been hailed as a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them. Happy Holidays......hope you smiled.....Peace
I Titled This Track Twilight
Listen to CJ - twilight
It Jokes (cartoon)
It Just Occured To Me..........
OK most of my blogs will always be some funny story about a call or a patient that I ran the previous shift. And most of the time my blogs will make you pee your pants laughing. But this first one.. well this one is just an observation that occured to me tonight.... Tonight I took my son to the County fair and we went to pet the animals... and I smelt a very familiar smell.. then it occured to me.. it smelt like most of my patients (not all just the shitbags) and I realized we were standing next to the goats. My patients smell like goat piss! And sometimes the entire call wreeks of bullshit! God I love my job ;)
It Just Takes A Minute To Do....
Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, , you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them...
It Just Proves There Are All Kinds Of People Out There.
It just proves there are all kinds of people out there. Stella Awards Time once again to review the winners of the Annual "Stella Awards." The Stella Awards are named after 81 year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued McDonald's (in NM). That case inspired the Stella Awards for the most frivolous, ridiculous, successful lawsuits in the United States. Here are this year's winners: 5th Place (tie): Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas, was awarded $80,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The owners of the store were understandably surprised at the verdict, considering the misbehaving little toddler was Ms. Robertson's son. 5th Place (tie): 19-year-old Carl Truman of Los Angeles won $74,000 and medical expenses when his neighbor ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. Mr.Truman apparently didn't notice there was
It Just Had To Happen
My life is shattered... Well! My life is shattered. I was officially turned down to be the next "yellow" Wiggle today. There is no other person that is more qualified for that job! (OK…I have no theatrical training, but how hard is it to sing goofy songs, dance, and smile like an idiot.) The certified letter arrived this morning. I was so excited! I thought I was a shoe in. I opened the letter and this is what it said: Dear Mr. "X", After reviewing your application and viewing your audition video to replace the "yellow" Wiggle, we have determined that you suck. Actually, you suck really badly. Not only do you suck beyond all suckiness, you're funny looking too. We have never viewed an audition video as bad as yours. What the hell is wrong with you? The dance moves you performed with a cat were most disturbing. Salsa dancing with a cat is wrong and you should be imprisoned for it. Not only are we turning you down for the position on The Wiggles, we have ta
It Just A Stupid Survey...
1. How tall are you barefoot? 5-5 1/2 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? uh,, that would be a FUCK NO 3. Do you own a gun? dont really like guns, when it comes to fighting I believe in the art of war, not a second of death. A real weapons man would be able to use any weapon besides a guns to get the job done. 5. Do you get nervous before "meeting the parents"? Most Parents like me, never got nervous about it 6. What do you think of hot dogs? the are made up with the same ingredients as dog food 7. What's your favorite Christmas song? christmas blows... i hate this fucking holiday 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? espresso w/ cream 9. Can you do push ups? i dont know how many... should I try? 10. Is your bathroom clean? for the most part, but my crap is all crammed into my bathroom 11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? have you seen my collection? to amazing to pick 12. Do you like painkillers? only strong ones 13. W
It Just Keeps Getting Better...
Just to vent for a second... I HATE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!! While dashing out into the world I almost became part of an accident on the Intersate...and when I say almost I mean less than two feet from getting a new hood orndament for the car...sheesh...thank goodness for good brakes and quick thinking!! OOOO...AND I got home to find we now have 6 puppies! I love my dog but she better be done this time!! LOL... At least Joanne finally went back to sleep so I have a few minute peace and quiet before I start waking people up so we can go shopping
It Just Doesn't Feel Right
Technology is improving it gets better every day, But I feel it is removing our skills of yesterday. Making us lazy, making us crazy; At times life seems so hazy. Always in a hurry, always in a rush; Life gets a little blurry, to make a life more plush. Having to live behind locked doors; Saddened by all the wars; Never knowing who you can trust; Under going a transformation, that has been left in the dust. With all the troubles in this world, one would come to surmise; Where oh where is our Lord? But he comes in many a disguise.
“it Just Took Off Like A Rocket” One St. Paul Woman Said.
A water heater “Took off” because of the thermostat malfunctioned causing the water inside to overheat. The water heater left the basement traveling through the 1st floor, the roof, and another 150 feet into the air before coming back down. (This incident happened in St. Paul in 1991 don’t ask me what made me think of this story, but I think It would have been quit a site, (lmao)
It Just Don't Stop & I Love It!
I'm fairly new around here and I've got to say that I don't think in my 10 years online, have I ever spent so much time in one website! I thought I spent a lot of time on my own what with constant updating and tweaking here and there then entered my life! It all looked a bit bewildering at first cos there's such a lot to do. Not only build another profile, get some pics up, then the music, then some graffix ect, no that's not enough. Seems I got to build some cherry points up and the only way to do that is not only update my own little portal here on Cherry, but browse a few profiles, add comments, look at pics, listen to music and generaly have some fun. I've been here about 3 weeks already and still not found the time to get to any of the chat rooms floating around. Then just as day turns to night and I think about getting to bed, that little scrolling picture list at the top along with Cherry Blasts, produces to me another interesting profile pic, so I gotta go h
It Just Will Work Out
I know that this crap will get better. My life can't stay like this. Some how my hope carries me through with no sign of things getting better. Some how, some way, soon this will get better. God what I would give for a couple days in a cheap hotel.
It Just Wasn't Our Time
I've dusted off these old cowboy boots of mine Goin' to try this dancefloor one last time It's been awhile since you left me girl She wasn't worth the pain I cause Nothing left at home but memories of you And the shadows on the wall Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just wasn't our time Just polished off the last of this bottle Drowning in my own sorrow Knowin' I losted you girl It's been hard at times to swallow I want you back girl But the tears and the rain keep a fallin' Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just wasn't our time Girl I Woke up this morning Heard you found a new guy Who makes you laugh and makes you smile He's been lovin' on you While all this time I've been livin' in denial Sittin' here knowin' your not comin' back this time Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just w
It Just Keeps Going
It never ever stops. . . . 0_0
It Just Feels Right.....
I'm so sorry for everything. I screw things up and they become tangled I can't unravel it. I wish I could say that things would get better....that people would stop hating me, but I might take a chance at lying if I said that. Look me in the eyes and you'll see that I regret the things Ive done...but would never change a second of my life. For the past is what has made my present...and that is what molds my future. "Distance never seperates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad cause I miss you I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss." One day you're going to want that girl. That girl that knew she wasn't perfect, but tried to be perfect for you.The girl that believed the scraps of you she was given were worth it, because something was better than nothing. That girl who wanted nothing more than to be there for you, & loving you was the only way she could.
It Just Hits Home - Guess I Do Like Incubus
Meet me in outer space. WE could spend the night; watch the earth come up. I've grown tired of that place; won't you come with me? WE could start again. How do you do it? Make me feel like I do. How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew. Meet me in outer space. I will hold you close, if you're afraid of heights. I need you to see this place, it might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you. How do you do it? Make me feel like I do. How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew. You are stellar.
It Just Busted Out..
.. and i kept going!... hold my head whipe my tears tuck me in before i go to bed kiss me goodnight tell me you'll stay be there when i wake don't runaway carress my face hold me tight tell me it's ok while the tears flow tonight make me smile tell me you care always be there because thats all i need go figure
It Just Gets Better And Better
To be honest with you, I thought about setting this to private but I have realized that my greatest strength is to be able to tell people in public fashion how I see the situation and perhaps see something that I didn't and even correct me. With that said, I smile on what I see this morning. Again a repost off of fubar: So I have my ex husband blocked from my fubar account so he can't see my profile or any pics. well he figrued out that this profile was me and went to a mumm that had been expired for about 3 days and in one of the comments I had said that my ex was a drunk pos that was why i left him. He gets all pissed off and starts texting me saying horrible things to me and then goes and copy's the comment and posts it in his blog on his myspace. btw we have been seperated for almost 2 years and i have been remarried for almost a year so my question is do you think this is something a sane (nothing to worrie about) person would do or do you think he is unstable (crazy) and I
It Just Isn't Buttsex Without U
Who ever the first man that misguided his bunker busting man-missile into the Hidden Crotch Caves of some hizzy was either a genius or insane. Now I personally have never walked down the back alley, but I have pondered the thought. Not saying I'm into it, but hell, I've never done cocaine before either..........who knows how good it might be. Anyway, I was wondering what circumstances were surrounding the first Cock to Colon event, and I think it went down like this. -------------------------------------- It was a early in the Cenezoic Era. A Tuesday in what is now Brussels, Belgium. The cavepimp 'Helmut Thunderstick' said to caveho 'Helga Legspan' in a crazy Neanderthal language "Bitch, why we always gotta fuck missionary? God Damn!" Helmut sighed and continued "You smell like 9 gallons of nut sweat, your fupa has more hair than the back of an Italian Woolly Mammoth, and when I'm buckin one in ya, them rocks on the cave floor be hurting my early-man ass!" Helga shrieked
It Just May Happen...
Last night I dreamed I started my own business. It was an advisory service based on Biblical Financial Principles. My boss (today's his last day) is starting almost the exact same thing. I told him of my dream, what I wanted it to encompass and why. Him and I went back and forth on different ideas etc. What he is doing (unannounced to any one else here including upper management) is what I have always thought about and then dreamed of last night. Now him and I are getting together Sunday to get into the nuts and bolts of how it works. Apparently all the vacation time he's been taking (he's had 2months saved up) was to start his business and begin building clientelle. I've as a hobby started working on seminar material which he's seen and loves etc and with my background in helping a small business and a department hear at my present employer get off of the ground it looks like this thing just may happen! As a manager goes he's the greatest I've ever worked for and actually t
It Just Is Not Fair...
I will just come right out and say it: I want to be a mother. I have spent the last decade of my life being lovingly refered to as the "Family Nanny", but as much as I love my nephew and dozen or so cousins and second cousins, I just want to start my own family. Well, as fortune would have it, my darling one feels up for the challenge as well (poor However, despite several attempts at conception...well, we have yet to get any "positive" results. So, today, I was a bit excited upon realizing (and forgive me if this proves to be too much information) that I am "late". So, of course, I rushed off to purchase a pregnancy test. I frowned at the little window as only one pink line appeared on it...I am not pregnant. Now, at this point you may be wondering about the title of this blog, "It Is Just Not Fair". Allow me to explain: I have a cousin named Danielle. Danielle is five months older than myself. She had her first child at the tender age of fifteen. Before she gr
It Just Came To Me....
I'm actually really happy right now. =D i just finished a great book. It's called "Impulse" by Ellen Hopkins. It's really good and i recommend it to people who like free-verse poetry..It's about how three teenagers try to commit suicde and fail and they are commited to a mental hospital. It's about their struggles from the first day to the very end and how they become friends. it's kinda sad but it's really good. once you start reading it you don't want to put it down. Another book that is really good is called "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins. It's about a girl who goes to visit her father and how she gets addicted to Coke. Then when she gets back to her mothers house she ios raped and has a crack baby. It was a great book. it is also in free-verse poetry. Another good one is called "What Gives" of corase it's also in free-verse poetry. However it is a true story. It was intended on being a 300 page suicde note. It's about this girl who starts thinking about suicde and writes it all down. T
It Just Hit Me...
I just got out of the shower *HUSH PERVS* and it just hit me, my mother is not around anymore. Since passed on 11/02 and I have worked in the medical field forever, it seems, but Every so often it hits me SHE IS REALLY GONE. I took care of her until her last breath but why can't I just move on. Oh well. have a great weekend ALL!
It Just Isnt Fair
Why? LIFE IS JUST NOT FAIR I just dont understand.....I went through 4 yrs ok 5 if you wanna get technical about it years of hell.....all I am trying to do is improve the life of my divas & myself. I filed for divorce after C left me...I am doing what I can to make things better here at home....trying to be the mom i used to be (somewhat organized, having structure..disipline etc)..trying to find a car...going to go back to work, found a wonderful man who loves all of us, looking to move us from this hell why is life pushing me down? Why is life not letting me achive the goals? Why?? It was all looking like life was looking up....divorced filed....I found my love.....was gonna have a tax rebate check to get a better car....there were cars to be found....I was moving up and out of here, to apartments that were cheaper..nicer..& bonus closer to the man I ~~no check for a month ~~no cars for what I have to spend right now ~~no @ home jobs to be had ~
It Just Keeps Getting Better And Better :)
i am sure of you know...part of me hates you is moving here to switzerland so we can be together :) i guess when it feels right just does:) i plan on showing him all the beautiful alpine meadows and great skiing...and cant wait for him to share some hot chocolate with me and go yodelling :D for real i am uber excited!!!!!! he will be here by the end of this month hopefully. i love you baby ♥
It Just Is
Have you ever heard the saying "Sometimes love just isnt enough"? Well, in my eyes, it damn well should be. Love should be something you have to work at, on both parts. Through the hard times, the shitty times, and the best of times. Love is not easy, if it is, its not going to last, and its not real. It shouldnt be jumped into with both feet first, yet you shouldnt have to be drug into it kicking and screaming either. Love should make you feel every emotion in the book there is, whether you show it or not is up to you. It's not something needed to be screamed from the rooftops, it should be whispered softly and meant. Love is not clean, its a messy messy thing, but in the end, if you have the patience, and want, it can be so worth it. It's about respect, about stopping to think before you act whether or not your love will be hurt by your actions. Love is being able to disagree without losing your partner. Its about being able to talk things through even if you
It Just Feels Right..
All this still makes me mighty astonished... Amazed even that despite what you have been through with me..on and off again as we were..and the hurt I regrettably wish I could reverse.. you waited..never once wanting to stray Nobody that i've met or known for as long as I've known you..has done that I wish I was able to hold you now but I hurt by lack of funds.By The gods! I pushed but you did stop then I vanished in hopes you could forget but that fell through. My foolish as they were are within the past and I pray that they remain as such for through these mistakes of mine I have opened my if I was born anew.. never have you denied feelings for me...sometimes I ask why but catch myself.. You are my love..since the beginning..Soon,I pray that soon we will be faced to face so I can see you and you can see Aishitteru Also I want to wish you a happy birthday and my love i send to you Awesome © Safe Tags From CILM
It Just Keeps Getting Worse....
Like my father's accident wasn't enough now my mother-in-laws house burned to the ground in a bizarre accident early Sunday morning. She lived on a back road not far from our home. There is a sharp curve just before her house and apparently a guy was driving while intoxicated and took the curve way too fast. He lost control of the car and hit the tree just off from the back of Rose's house. The car then burst into flames and slammed into the deck off the back of the house. He fled on foot and never let anyone in the house know what was going on. The fire spread quickly from the deck into the cellar and then to the rest house. If not for a neighbor getting up early we would have lost more than the house. At the time there were 4 people inside. One of them being my oldest son Zachary who always spends weekends with his grandmother. The other three were of course my mother-in-law Rose, my sister-in-law Amy, and Amy's girlfriend Nikki. All did manage to get out without any in
It Just Wasn't Our Time
I've dusted off these old cowboy boots of mine Goin' to try this dancefloor one last time It's been awhile since you left me girl She wasn't worth the pain I cause Nothing left at home but memories of you And the shadows on the wall Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just wasn't our time Just polished off the last of this bottle Drowning in my own sorrow Knowin' I losted you girl It's been hard at times to swallow I want you back girl But the tears and the rain keep a fallin' Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just wasn't our time Girl I Woke up this morning Heard you found a new guy Who makes you laugh and makes you smile He's been lovin' on you While all this time I've been livin' in denial Sittin' here knowin' your not comin' back this time Spinnin' around and around Feel like I'm losin' my mind Thought we would last forever It just w
It Just Makes Me Mad
I am making this NSFW just in case i use cuss words. I am so sick and tired of feeling unimportant to people. I am tired of people looking down on me for one reason or another when i work my ass off. I know no one is gonna read this and i dont care i just need to vent. I had one place i used to vent but i am not allowed there anymore for reasons that are unimportant, stupid but unimportant. I know i make mistakes and sometimes i do talk to people in a way that is not perfect, but i dont always hear the way i talk to others and what i say come out wrong and i dont mean things the way they actually come out but damn dont talk to me like i am not a person. It pisses me off and just hurts my feelings. I dont need a pity party and i dont care if i dont get it i just need to vent. This blog is not about anyone in particular just how things are going. I found out my aunt was close to dying the other day from overdosing on medicine, mostly her fault but some of doctors fault. My mom has hep
It Just Hit Me
like a ton of fucking bricks tha I have not leveled in like a year.But what shocks me most is why all of the sudden I give a fuck?? This is Tatoe's brain completely losing it....
It Just Can't Be! So Shocking!
Found out something very disturbing about my Chris last night....he has NEVER seen the masterpiece that is fight club! I cannot...I mean CANNOT marry a man that does not know who Tyler Durden is! The wedding is in 5 weeks, we must do something about this!
It Just Looked Like Fun
Blame Philemon.  I know he got it from someone else, but it's his fault I saw the damned thing. ------------------------------------------------------------ Do you have any alcohol bottles in your room? Ummm yeah, I have some Mike's Hard Pomegranate in my mini-fridge  Last person to text you? Shawn (h) Do you think you like anyone? Yeah, but I really should stop thinking so much...   Who's the biggest whore you know? RL?  Dirty Chris.  But since none of you know him, I'll say online it would be.... hmmmm...  I plead the 5th Do you prefer to be friends with boys or girls? Srsly?  Neither.  I prefer to be friends with men; most women I know are either too catty or I'm too prone to want to switch teams ;) Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you? No, but I've fallen on a cop once when I was drunk... ahhhhh Senior Walk memories Had sex in a movie theater? Not really... in high school I got fingered a few times but that's as far as it got Has any one of your f
It Just Felt Routine And There Was No Emotions In It !
ever just meet someone knowing it was just for se_  , really wanting a relationship, but hoped this would help even for a while, but in the start of it realize because there was no real attraction or love connection going to be with them, that it just felt routine and there was no emotions in it, and that, some how that tied into the feelings of it to, because it did`t feel like you thought it would feel.
It Just Never Will
The strong one, YOU say. Well I am feeling, pretty weak today. I was your Goddess, the ONE for you. Then I got scared, fear came through. My wall, I promised myself I would shut it out. But it came through anyway, it smelt the doubt. The doubt that lives in me, screaming it's too good to be true. But it couldn't be more wrong, when it comes to YOU. You're still here, just not as close as I would like for you to be. And the one to blame, well that would be me. YOU are the ONE real true thing, just no longer mine. So I remain stuck, in that moment in time. When you were, the way it felt, that's where I live now. Searching for a way to get it back, somehow. Nothing is impossible, both YOU and I know this. Only YOU can complete me, with just one kiss. I want to feel the earth move, make time stand still. And without YOU, it just never will.
It." Just Like Belichick Wants Him To Do. "
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. Antonio Brown Womens Jersey . -- Training camp is the time to take chances. If a quarterback completes a risky pass, he could try that again during the regular season. If its intercepted, he knows it might be a bad idea to throw it when the games count. But New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick still wants to see those passes in practice. Plenty of them. "Thats part of what practice is for," he said Wednesday, "to take risks, to push it, to see how far it can go. To see how much you can do. Sometimes, its going to come up a little bit short, but if its done in the right context then you learn from that and you realize, This is how far I can go and I cant gamble beyond this, but I can push it this point. "But if you never push it to that point, I dont think you ever really know how far it can go." Brady pushed it in practice. And the ball ended up in the hands of safety Patrick Chung. The interception came Tuesday when Brady threw into triple coverage in the end zo
It Just Could Be
You could guess that today could be worse than yesterday. I think it just could be somewhat better. Here is my reasoning, cuz I know that is what you need. I haven't felt alot of pain yet, to me that means just like I said. I know there are other lives out there and there is more or less activity. If you are by any ole chance reading this, I have invited you to try an visualize my side. You can go ahead and take your munchies in the other room, I don't like munchies anyway. I don't even eat that much of chips or popcorn. Yeah, yeah my step father lived and breathed popcorn. I am not him. I am me and as different as I might be, I ask you to just accept that I am here too. I am not rich or famous and I don't want to be. There is more sides than gamers and non gamers on this site. There are people looking for dates, I don't think I would recommend it. There are people wanting to be heard, I'm down with that. Been there. There are those who walk a toubled road and have chained and bolted
17 & It Just Ends This Way
Our 17 years of friendship just ended up that way. It feels so hurt but do you ever really ask how I feel? We are supposed to be bff but everything changed ever since that bitch entered your life... You just know her not long   She doesnt know you like I do but everything your fiance trust is her. I know you from the age of 7 sweetie before you had your fiance and the rest of the girls. When you were pregnant I was the last to know.Fuck it hurts. Im sorry I wont attend for your wedding. Anyway congrats.
It Keeps Going
Induced let the focus blur and the night come undone held in the imaculate deception throbbing inside the hate if hope has fled and anger taken it's place where does love fit in need nothing taste blood cold biting in the pace of prayer break down break anything Let it Go resist the inevitable alcohol carries away to the cowards release where pain is the freedom chase away possibility with psychology so loud, so angry let it all go let it win Winter Water Nymph dance in the ice cold water where the end waits and blues flow on the currants of the air in rhyme wasn't born with the illusions you see less than what you see Induced let the focus blur and the night come undone held in the imaculate deception throbbing inside the hate if hope has fled and anger taken it's place where does love fit in need nothing taste blood cold biting in the pace of prayer break down break anything it's a beautiful mask walk walk with the onl
It Keeps Them Seperate
So it was bed time for my boys. They are old enough now that they do not need to be seeing me change clothes.  I tell them to roll over and close their eyes, no other rooms were avaliable for me to change in.  Right when I'm almost finished, my youngest rolls over. The following is the exact conversation between us three.  Green is my oldest Red is my youngest Pink is me Mommy, your boobs are big Just go to sleep  But mine aren't that big, see??  (followed by him lifting up his shirt and rubbing his nipples) That's cause you're a boy. Some boys have boobies He's right. Some boys are big and they have boobies too. Just lay down and go to bed (I bend over to pick up my clothes that I'd had on) What's that crack for?
It Kills Me
you know as i look around CT, there are some beautiful women here. i look through and read some comments on here left by others. do some of you guys really think just b/c you leave a "i think your sexy" or what ever that these girls are gonna come to you. maybe my perception is wrong. i've left your gorgeous comments on here, but with no intentions of tryin to get with someone. i put i'm married on here b/c i don't want no secrets or hidden agenda. would i hook up with someone if given the chance? yeah probably, but that chance really isn't coming. just felt like getting something off my chest.
[it Kinda Reminds Me Of The Time I Was Getting Screened For Cancer...]
So I keep hearing the phrase "You'll find someone who deserves you" The real lesson here, before I get too far ahead of myself is Wear rubber boots when you go out stomping in the rain. OBEY YOUR INSTINCTS, DRINK GATORADE! Trust no one with your hairpiece. Now there may be ineuendo in there, there may be a legitimate message... But like fuck if I'll actually admit it. I've got a smile on my face, despite getting the worst news I've received since my grampa died. Worse than rejection letters, worse than credit fraud, worse than court summons. And no. I'm not telling you about it. It's bad... why am I smiling? No really, I'm asking. Why am I smiling? It's ... really, really bad. But its not my fault. Just another knife in my heart. The next... big scary damn box... isn't my fault either. And it's the last one. I promise. Two options Good news... I already knew, Bad news- a shorter game clock. I won't know for a while. But at least now I
It Knows No Bounds
by Dove Though I wasn't looking for anyone new, One day I got e- mail and in it was you. Charming, sensitive and so debonair, I strongly resisted it go anywhere. But letters and stories captured my heart, Filled me with passion almost from the start. Love on the Internet, how could it be? These things just don't happen to people like me. But doves and butterflies flew into our lives, Carrying messages we could not deny. Each person has meaning and love to express, And we could deny our hearts nothing less. It's a beautiful love that has grown between us, Something beyond any words we discuss. Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such, Far down to our souls, beyond human touch. My love's not confined by what it can see, I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream. Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear, "Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear." It's the soul that captures love in a way That eternally melts hearts togethe
"it Leaves Me Dead Inside...dead Inside...naked Now, Fearless Now, I'm Naked And Fearless, And My Fear Is Naked. It Leaves Me Dead Inside"
It Leaked, And I Got It
Well, Joe stayed up all night waiting for the Tempest to leak. He came to bed for about two hours tho. When I woke up to go pee, he asked me get up and listen to it with him, I agreed with no force lol. And lets just say I wasn't appropriately dressed. But yeah we listened to it. ITS FUCKING FRESH AS FUCK!!!. This Is All You Get Unless You Ask. Track Names: 01-The Sky Is Falling 02-Ride The Tempest 03-Alley Rat 04-Haunted Bumps (all the ones they already released were the best ones) 05-Growing Again (one of my favs) 06-Hum Drum Boogie (yeah sick fucking song) 07-I Do This ( like the new homies) 08-What About Now 09-Watch My Car (another fav) 10-News At 6 O'Clock ( fucking fresh to the max) 11-The Tower 12-The Party (i already explained) 13-Bitch I Lied ( fucking great) 14-Play My Song (you rock assholes haha good song) 15-Mexico City (not a bad song at all) 16-If I Was A Serial Killer ( I FUCKING LOVE IT) So yeah... Even if I didn't write something for every
I Tliked This
Your Observation Skills Get A C+ You tend to notice the big things in life... But the details aren't exactly your forte How Observant Are You?
It Lives
A hint of things to come A momentary lapse in reason A means to an end Bittersweet the victory A reality check of denial The road to madness Scars of the past too real The present day world void of feelings Welcome to the dark A distant memory An old friend coming back from the dead Two halves become whole The birth of a new life The death of the one that was once known Rise from the ashes The beast now lives Unrestrained by his former master Free to unleash hell
It Lives!!!!!
To many who know me, I’m known as the crazy…funny….happy Thacker. And for the past few years that IS who I’ve been. But there are others out there, mainly from years back, that know that there’s a whole other side to me. There’s a dark….twisted….demented….devious side to me. One that was caused by years of being people’s whipping’ boy. All the issues I had growing up, and I never had anyone to talk to about them. I tried with my parents, but all the advice they ever had for me was to “turn to God. Ask God for guidance. He’ll lead you down the right path.” Yeah, that worked REAL well. A young kid kneeling beside his bed talking to “God”. And nothing ever happened… apparently I was merely talking to myself. So instead of letting it out, I kept it all inside….let it sit there and fester for years. Until all that pent up frustration…anger…and rage twisted my inner self into a deranged person. But a few events changed me. And the people responsible for that, know who the
It'll Never End
No matter how far we've come, I can't wait to see my tomorrows with you, but the sun sets, and i feel the light betraying me. my eye's are burning up, the darkness is holding me tight. My walls are closing in, till the sun rises again. The sounds of your voice painted on my memories,. This lack of control i feel is never ending. When i close my eyes, something pulls beneath the surface of my chest, it's the love i feel for you in my heart. One thing I've begun to realize, It doesn't matter how hard you've tried, to get someone to love you when they don't, can really make you lose all pride. There's a place so dark in my heart, and now I know it will never end. Jolene
Itll Make You Smile
Problem and Solution After every flight, Quantas pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet," which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Quantas' pilots and the solutions recorded by maintenance engineers. By the way, Quantas is the only major airline that has never had an accident. (P = The problem logged by the pilot.) (S = The solution and action taken by mechanics.) P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement. S: Almost replaced left inside main tire. P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. P: Something loose in cockpit. S: Something tightened in cockpit. P: Dead bugs on windshield. S: Live bugs on back-order. P: Autopilot in alt
It'll Be A Long Time Before I Do That Again.
yesterday I hugged my father. I spent the duration of the day smelling like Ralph Lauren Polo. Anyone that knows the scent of that knows is super strong. I suddenly got a headache I couldn't shake. LOL
It'll Destroy You
“It'll destroy you if you try to make it mean anything to anyone but yourself.” ~Henry Rollins
It'll Be Ok, Someday
so here i am. in awe, in shock. angry, sad, lonely. i miss him. i hate him. he is my other half and i am not sure what that says about me. i did not choose him. there is so much he does not know, does not understand. i guess i can say the same for me. he crashed into my life so many years ago, with his shy eyes and his wicked sexiness. the first time we really looked at each other, we fell into the other person's soul. we made love that night. and i mean made love. wholly. fully. it was always that way. i saw into him, i saw the dark, the sorrow, the anger, the longing. i was drawn to it. i saw love inside of him that i don't think he could see. i still don't think he sees it. i made him go away. i was young, we were both young. and i had BIG PLANS. i did not want him to get hurt. so i "protected" him. i guess in a very twisted way similar to how he "protects" me now. The plans happened. I missed him. I reached back, he was gone. or so i thought. only now i kno
It'll Make You Smile :)
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It'll Cost You To Use This.
If this one would take my hand,And forever stroll through this page.I would hold it forever,Until my dying days. To make her fu-love grow,For me would be without question,To forever hold her heart,That would be my destination. So my dear beauty here is my hand,To join yours with mine happiness to me.And my fu-darling would you please,Would you please fu-marry me?  
It'll Never Be The Same
How did that get there? great, got a bruise on my knee. Never been graceful at all, tripping over my own feet. Slammed my own hand, in my damn car door in-fact. Is this even possible? Who the Hell does that? My daughter is following in my footsteps, it seems. Never pays attention, always falling over things. Goodness, I'm a menace, and she shares my name. Two of me in this world. It'll never be the same.
It'll Be Yours One Day
A married couple had been out shopping for most of the day. Suddenly the wife realised that her husband had "disappeared". Somewhat irate she called her husband's mobile and demanded, 'Where are you?'Husband: 'Darling, do you remember that little jewellery shop where you saw that beautiful diamond necklace and totally fell in love with it but I didn't have the money at that time and I said "Darling it'll be yours one day."'Wife, tremulously, 'Yes, I do remember that my love.'Husband, 'Well I'm in the Pub next to that shop.'
It Looks Like I Can Be A Citizen
Hey I found this cool test that has the questions for citizenship on it. I took it and discovered I could become a US citizen, but most of the scores I see were extremely low, I'm just wondering what everyone else gets. here is the link Oh yeah I scored a 28
It Looks Good
It Makes Me Sad!!!
This is a challenge to all of you who read this...It makes me so sad to think of all our soldiers male and female that are away from home in a foreign country fighting for the honor of our country so I challenge each and everyone of you to just 5 minutes of your time tonight to say a pray for them asking Jesus to keep them safe and return them to their loved ones... I sure hope to see alot of prayer going on tonight....And God bless all of you!!! Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at
It Made Me Laugh A Bit.
This is a blast I saw today. It made me laugh. Just like I said in the subject. "Cherries! Listen close. Read my profile and follow the guidelines or you may find yourself deleted from my friends. One big pet-peeve, STAY IN TOUCH! or you're gone simple." hehe. Follow my guidelines to remain worthy of being on my list, or I shall destroy you! Enough of you have ignored me and have thus forced me to pay for this blast to remind you of your nothingness. Something like that.
It May Be Possible To Cure
autism, since Lazik eye surgery cures near-sightness (on a vaster scale, this being brain and not eye, and nowhere near as understood)- that is, the fact that it's a born, genetic condition may not be an insuperable barrier. But I doubt it very much. (And I'm not sure I want my AS cured, but realize the questions are different for Kanner's Autism, for HFA - High-Functioning Autism, for Asperger's. The scientific issues, probably not so different. The novel "The Speed of Dark" - which I recommend!- suggests somewhat how someone- one, particular, fictional person, not a "characteristic person"* with HFA might consider the issue, do they want to be cured, what does curing them mean to them... * Stephen Shore: if you've met one person with High-Functioning Autism, you've met one person with High-Functioning Autism.
It May Be True
What Color Is Your Aura? Your aura shines Red!Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
It Made Me Smile.
Friend of mine took pics of my boobs at Ozzfest last year. *They were covered!* Anyway I caught her doing it so I shoved them into the camera. Last weekend we were all drunk at a bar and she was telling me how *in a druken stooper mind you* "You've got the best boobs and I keep those pictures for lonely nights" OMG I never laughed so hard in my life. Eh just a little something that brightened my day. =)
It May Take You Two Minutes To Read This
It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring a
It Made Me Think.
Do you think angels have anal? Do you think I've suffered long enough? Do you think I've had too much sugar today? Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! hehe... i said "anal".
It Makes
Real Love is out there we just have to keep on searching
It May Be Over....
But this was the best countdown ever! Get your own countdown at
It Makes No Sence
It Made Me Laugh
KERMIT JAGGER A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack. "Miss Whack, I'd like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday." Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it's okay, he knows the bank manager. Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some collateral. The frog says, "Sure. I have this," and produces a tiny porcelain elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed. Very confused, Patty explains that she'll have to consult with the bank manager and disappears into a back office. She finds the manager and says, "There's a frog called Kermit Jagger out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow $30,000, and he wants to use this as collateral." She holds up the tiny pink elephant. "I mean, what in the world is this?" (you're gonna love this) (its
It Makes Me Think About Are Troops
It Makes Me Cry....
It Makes Me Mad
People ask for help in leveling up and you spend time and effort to help and they don't even so much as say thank you........
It Makes You Think About Stuff...
Something not to laugh about The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary: I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are: Christmas trees. It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, "Merry Christmas" to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu . If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away. I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for
It May Be The End Of The World As We Know It, Pt. 29
Gracias to my friend Kathay, who reminded me of a rather intriguing news story from earlier this week. If you don't know, scientists are investigating a meteorite strike in Peru. According to one report, "The incident caused considerable alarm, with about 200 local people reporting strange sicknesses and a foul odor emitting from the crater." Soon, wild theories have abound as to how and why villagers are getting sick after the meteorite strike, ranging from an Andromeda Strain-like virus escaping into the atmosphere (read up on your Michael Crighton) or a spy satellite that crashed. Of course, you know what this is. A misinformation campaign conducted by government agencies who don't want the masses to know what's really going on. For all we know, giant Martian tripods could be preparing underneath the Earth, ready to surface and wage war against humanity. Or it could be bacteria that merely turn people into zombies. Flesh-eating zombies. I can hear those poor Peruvian souls
It Matters To Me - Faith Hill
Baby tell me where'd you ever learn To fight without sayin' a word Then waltz back into my life Like it's all gonna be alright Don't you know how much it hurts When we don't talk When we don't touch When it doesn't feel like we're even in love It matters to me When I don't know what to say Don't know what to do Don't know if it really even matters to you How can I make you see It matters to me Maybe I still don't understand The distance between a woman and a man So tell me how far it is And how you can love like this 'Cause I'm not sure I can When we don't talk When we don't touch When it doesn't feel like we're even in love It matters to me When I don't know what to say Don't know what to do Don't know if it really even matters to you How can I make you see It matters to me
It Matters To Me
It Makes Sense To Me.
Change is what happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go
It Mat Be True?
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (Because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (They don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (They don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (Because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (So they won't hump women's legs at cocktail parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (You need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (Don't's never happened) And my personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your heart......check yourself!!!
It May Not Always Be So
it may not always be so; and i say that if your lips, which i have loved, should touch another's, and your dear strong fingers clutch his heart, as mine in time not far away;if on another's face your sweet hair layin such silence as i know, or such great writhing words as, uttering over much,stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;if this should be, i say if this should be--you of my heart, send me a little word;that i may go unto him, and take his hands,saying, Accept all happiness from me.Then shall i turn my face and hear one birdsing terribly afar in the lost lands EE Cummings
It Matters
Love We think about it Lose sleep worrying about it. When we don't have it we search for it. & when we discover it we dont know what to do with it. We Fear losing it. It is our source of pleasure & pain but we cant predict which it will be from on moment to the next. Its a short word. Easy to spell. Difficult to define. & in prossible to live with out.
It May Get Wild Up In Here! Bad Kitty's Animal Owners Auction
*~*Bad Kitty's Menagerie Auction*~* ~*~Your favorite Fubarians and their Pets~*~ Come Bid On and Rate your Favorites Rulz for the Auction & Rate Contest: 1. NO DRAMA (If drama starts the auction & contest WILL be CLOSED! 2. The Hostess is NOT a participant in the rate contest. 3. No Comment Bombing (comments are for bidz encouragement and comments by the Hostess and auctionee. 4. Serious Bidders ONLY! (Why waste anyone's Time!) 5. Miniumum bid is 50,000 Fu Bucks Prizes for the rate contest: 1 - Bling Jet for most rates over 200 (200 - ???) 1 - 5 point bling for most over 100 (100 - 200) 1 - 1 point bling for most under 100 (0-100) One prize for each category! One person per category ~*~Bad Kitty-The Hostess & Frisko- Pet Ambassador~*~
It Makes You Wonder
Tonight I watched a beautiful sunset. I'm always amazed by sunsets. I guess because it's the only one you will get for that day. You will never have another for that day..that's shot. Kinda like get one chance to live. As I sat and watched the sun go down beyond the trees and the colors deepen it was hard to imagine that anything bad or negative could be going on in this world we live in. But the deafening silence of my house stood as a stark reminder of the imperfect world we have. My husband and kids went to run errands..they didn't say they were leaving..didn't invite me to go or even say bye. They just left me..left me behind..alone. And while to some people that may not seem like anything bad..but to is. it crushed me. I try to treat people like I would want to be treated. And I would have never done that to them. is what it is. So as I sat watching the sunset..I found myself deep in thought. I wondered how many people would not live to se
It Made No Sense
It was like leather sticks with mushroom coating. Like cow tongue licks with weather side roaming. A naked watch that was watching me. A lever to pull that grew like a tree. Slowly but surely the muscles were fat. Uplifting but low...the owner was a rat. Sold to the corner where the slobber sets in. It's wet and smells bad like a few.....of our friends. It was like a condom... That was made out of stone. A cracker of wisdom that was so damn old. Like crows it was... Washed with no rinse. Like me it was... It made no sense.
It Matters
This is somethig /i wrote awhile back except for the 38 things part at the end but yea whatever. Why is it always when a guy says he cares 9 times out of 10 he truely means it but when it is told back to him he has a hard time believing it but devotes his whole heart to hoping that its true even if it aint meant to truely be? Why is it when a man is hurt he balls his eyes out after trying to act tough and realises he is alone? Why is it always when a man is afraid he confides in himself to find hope or an answer to get himself through? Why is it when a man cares he tries to show it but can never really come to terms with how he wants it to be done? Why is it that the simple words I Love You can mean so much to the mans heart and do so little to help but cause so much pain in a man if the words are broken? Why is man the one thats toyed with but yet called a dick if something even remotly similar is cast into play? Why is that if someone tells a guy something bad a
It Makes Sense
nothing in life is forever including your problems
It Makes You Think..
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Patricia 2. A four letter word: Piss 3. A boy's name: Patrick 4. A girl's name: Paula 5. An occupation: Pimp 6. A colour: Purple 7. Something you wear: Pants 8. A food: Pasta 9. Something found in the bathroom: Plunger 10. A place: Paris 11. A reason for being late: Passed out 12. Something you shout: Piss Off 13. A movie title: Platoon 14. Something you drink: Prune Juice 15. A musical group: Primus 16. An animal: Panda 17. A street name: Pennsylvania Ave. 18. A type of car: Prius 19. The title
It Matters To Me--faith Hill
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
It Makes You Think!
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Dave 2. A four letter word: Dude 3. A boy's name: Donavin 4. A girl's name: Dorthy 5. An occupation: Drug Dealer (lol) 6. A colour: Dark Red lol 7. Something you wear: Darn Big Cock lol 8. A food: Dorito's 9. Something found in the bathroom: Douche 10. A place: De'Venta 11. A reason for being late: Dick Broken (Beth) 12. Something you shout: Don't 13. A movie title: Don't Stop Daddy lol 14. Something you drink: Draft Beer 15. A musical group: Da' Funk 16. An animal: Dingo 17. A street name: Denison
It Makes Me Sick
July 16, 2009 (ALSIP, Ill.) (WLS) -- Complaints about problems at Burr Oak Cemetery date back at least a dozen years. One man says he saw a skull on the grounds and scattered headstones back in 1997 and reported it to police. Ray Davis says he alerted the cemetery office after he discovered the unearthed human skull. He recalls they acted like it was no big deal. But they promised they would take care of it. It later occurred to him that they never even asked where it was. He says he also got nowhere with the police. Ray Davis is a retired Chicago police officer who knows a thing or two about investigations. That's why he took pictures more than 12 years ago when he and his sister went looking for their sister's headstone at burr oak cemetery. They found Hazel Ford's headstone sitting with others, not in place at her burial plot. But then they made a much more startling discovery in a pile of branches nearby: a human skull. The date is still stamped on the picture, April 13, 1997. D
It May Seem Like A Good Idea
never get two of your best girl friends together,  Trust me, somehow you'll end up some weird tranny that calls himself Caroline on weekends.    Just sayin....
It Makes Me Believe That Anything In This World Will Have A Turn For The Better
North Face Outlet Do not like me, I will leave you.12. do not like what can Idea in mind on it. Can not ask all your friends all the world, is loving you. Cherish the people are nice, the other to go with them!13. As announced to the world we love, we are a pair, and will never break, never betray.14. God will not only may keep a person, give her much luck in the future will give her much suffering. She can do is grasp the opportunity of happiness, by virtue of its efforts to rush to the maximum possible peak. So you can not miss any opportunities.15. If you still can not fall in love with me, I will give you the right to break up.16. in the world no one can really believe, only believe North Face Women's Realization in yourself, because only he will not will not betray you, deceive ourselves, to leave her.17. I would like to rely on their own power base in the world, have enough influence to have enough money, you can protect the people I want to protect, you can in the f
It May Have Been Said Before
Once you may think you have it figured out, something just might change and surprise you all. The way I heard it, today is the first day of the end. Hasn't it been that way since the world began?? Just a little FYI... things may get better and things may get worse, but I hope that you can believe that your lifetime is precious and its a gift to you. A gift given so you'll have time, time to have the time of your life. I hear ever so often to live life like there won't be a tomorrow, nope..... not me. I try to take each step surely. Excuse me but I was a livewire and I may not be so firey now. I was taught that life is too short to do things that don't really matter. You aren't so wrong if you think before you act. I may not read all the statistics, if more people would give instead take and love instead of hate, I am truley thinking that there would be less fighting and more peace. A true smile can brighten my day. The warmth of true love seems to let safety become more sure. I gues
It Matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am GREAT!!! Not something I usually say or even think. I got the fan working on the desk cooler for the laptop. Maybe like no big whoop to you, but it matters to me. In short I have discovered that the usb port it was plugged into, doesn't work. After yankin' it a little I plugged it into the port on the otherside of the laptop. Onto other news.... I ain't gonna take much more of the sex orinated, fudge packer's on this site. I can't text right now and I don't text strangers. I don't want to see any monkeys or snakes either. May be something not understood by many, but I am in love. I know my status doesn't state that, it doesn't need to. I have found what I have been looking for my whole life. May never get to hold him, but the love is there. Every question in some way deserves an answer and I am not so sure that everyone knows, but I am not that able to go real fast. If you wait for me, I will wait for you. That is the best I can do. I don't know a whole lot of people that will e
life is what you make it so make it worth wild everyday
It Me
i am still here for you all and i luvs ya all and miss you all and i will be back on here as soon as thing slow down and most of you all know where and what i am doing talk to you all soon thank you muahhhhhhhhhhhhh xoxoxoxox michelle
It Means
Fly off the handle A watched pot never boils. Every dog will have it's day. Easy come, easy go. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. Ice. You really need to read "What's it mean" first. The answers make no sense without the linked question.
It Means
Sweet True Adventerous Caring Individual Exceptional
It Means Nothing
I have no idea who Jess is but, she took a song that was in my head, matched them up with some graphics and put them on utube for me to find.........Thanks Jess :-) She should know by now it's for her......... :-|
It Me People">">
It Means Alot - Keith Richards
Tell by her movement A flick of the hand You know where you stand What does it mean It means a lot Ah hug oh yeah What does it mean Tell me Tell from a distance Tell from a glance (It means a lot) Tell by the way she dance (It means a lot) (It means a lot) Call it love Takes two (It means a lot) What does it mean (It means a lot) Takes two If she is shy If she should blush (It means a lot) It should tell you enough (It means a lot) We'll call it love (It means a lot) Takes two baby (It means a lot) Oh What does it do for you Does the same thing for me Trial by jury Trial by judge Get this things out of court Let's call it love What does it mean (It means a lot) Call it affection We call it love (It means a lot) Heaven's above (It means a lot) Ooh cool it (It means a lot) It means a lot It means a lot Ain't no illusion Little lie It means a lot Don't get too excited baby before the facts 
It Might Just Be Brain Damage
I keep telling myself that I don't have a giant tumor growing in my brain. This despite all the evidence to the contrary. I suppose that an inability to remember anyone's name could be attributed to something other than brain tumors. I might just have simple brain damage as a result of my misspent youth. I did a lot of hard sugar when I was young. I'm talking right out of the bag. How many times did I sit at the table with my best friend and eat spoonfuls of pure cane sugar? Must have been hundreds of times. Then we'd hop on our sweet bikes with banana seats (his had an actual steering wheel instead of handle bars - I was jealous) and we'd ride down to King's and accuse other kids of stealing gum. um... What's your name again?
It ?might Be Your Luckey Day
[ photo: 3307676301 ]
It Might Be Fun...........
The current bid is 90,000. Can you beat that?
It Moves!
OMG!!! Maury and Irv got a phone call today from the slut Angel when last we heard from here she was in a home for pregnant unwed angels!!! lol Anyway she called today to let the boys know she felt the babt move today and that it has been very active! yeah happy news! Beforeyou all go counting no it is not to early for the baby to be felt yake in mind this is an angel and skull who are the parents duh!!!! they progress quicker! Now back to the news.I am now assuming that the baby will be born with legs and the such which of course this has maury and Irv so excited even tho they both know only one can be the dad they still can't wait for the birth so the bothe of them went to go tell daddy skull the good news and he was not as happy as the boys of this big move cause that just means one thing to him he knows if this baby is moving it has legs and with legs is doom this thing could go for world domination or even worse demolition!!!! whooo now he has not told the boys why he showed up o
It Must Of Been Love
It Must Be Asshat Day!
ASSHAT! This guy just doesnt let up. I finally had to take him back off my friends list, block him on msn yahoo AND here! Grrrr I mean.. just grrrr [gotta read from bottom up..hehe] ->Me: how many fawking times do I have to tell you.. I AM WITH SOMEONE! ASSHAT: why not ->ME: seee. gahhhhhhhh NO! ASSHAT: sexual stuff maybe? ->ME: what kinda 'stuff'? ASSHAT: and do stuff ->ME: there isnt.. but why would you drive all the way here just to "hang out" ASSHAT: sometimes but im serious is there a prob for us hanging out? ->ME: do you let up? ever? ASSHAT: when we hanging out
It Must Be Nice
to be a parent living in a nice ass house have top of the line shit and just throw ur kid out with no money and no place to go for the simple fact she has a new bf great parenting kudos
It Must Be Fate ....
So my Sis & BFF Persia had a set of 18th Century replica iron shackles she acquired last year. Some how she had lost them and has been trying to find them for the last several months. This past weekend she finally found them again, in her room. :) It must be a sign. Just like in Cinderella, if she finds the man that fits those shackles, she will find her true love. I wonder how many Prince Charmings will line up for the fitting. :)
It Must Be October
It Must Be October The harvest moon hangs round and high It dodges clouds high in the sky The stars wink down their love and mirth The Autumn seasons is giving birth Oh it must be October The leaves of red bright gold and brown To Mother earth come tumbling down The breezy nights the ghostly sights The eerie spooky far off sounds Are signs that its October The pumpkin yellow big and round Are carried by costumed clumsy clowns Its Halloween lets celebrate Come one come all and don't be late We know now its October We'll roast and toast some luscious food For apples we'll be bobbin While tales are told around the fire Of timely ghosts and goblins Oh how we love October The moon has grown pale The stars have grown dim Our Halloween party is over With a hi-de-ho homeward we'll go What a delightful month October Happy October! Wishing you and yours a wonderful day! {{{Hugs}}}
It Must Be October!
It Must Be October The harvest moon hangs round and high It dodges clouds high in the sky The stars wink down their love and mirth The Autumn seasons is giving birth Oh it must be October The leaves of red bright gold and brown To Mother earth come tumbling down The breezy nights the ghostly sights The eerie spooky far off sounds Are signs that its October The pumpkin yellow big and round Are carried by costumed clumsy clowns Its Halloween lets celebrate Come one come all and don't be late We know now its October We'll roast and toast some luscious food For apples we'll be bobbin While tales are told around the fire Of timely ghosts and goblins Oh how we love October The moon has grown pale The stars have grown dim Our Halloween party is over With a hi-de-ho homeward we'll go What a delightful month October
It Must Be Nice To Be A Man
The perception of marriage from a dominated woman. It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to not have to understand It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to not balance the children It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to insult at a whim It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to control all things It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to expect all to love you It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to be a father, and husband by title It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to hold title, but no responsibility It must be nice to be a man It must be nice not to be concerned with what you desire It must be nice to have it when you want it It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to say "we don"t have the money' It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to spend the money we don't have It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to leave the house every day It must be nice to be a man It must be nice to gripe when you
It Must Be True
Being bald i've long realised that bald men make much better lovers! recently unnamed females have dared to disagree with this statement (obviously not based on personal experience of me lol) So waht do you think ladies....Bald Men.....Hot or Not?
It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
It Must Have Been Love--roxette
It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
It Must Have Been Love'
Lay a whisper on my pillow Leave the winter on the ground I wake up lonely,there's air of silence In the bedroom and all around Touch me now, I close my eyes And dream away... It must have been love, but it's over now It must have been good, but I lost it somehow It must have been love, but it's over now >From the moment we touched till the time had run out Make believing we're together That I'm sheltered by your heart But in and outside I turn to water Like a teardrop in your palm And it's a hard winter's day I dream away... It must have been love, but it's over now It was all that I wanted, now I'm living without It must have been love, but it's over now It's where the water flows, it's where the wind blows It must have been love, but it's over now It must have been good, but I lost it somehow It must have been love, but it's over now >From the moment we touched till the time had run out It must have been love, but it's over now It was all that
It Must Be Bash Women Week Huh?
WTF is going on this week like come on, whats with you whinny ass men pissin and moaning about Woman woe's. You think we are fake, that we just take and give nothing in return,  we use you to get to someone else, we only want you around when we are down and misserable that another male friend is treating us like crap and then toss you aside like yesterdays news. WAKE THE FUCK UP,  you do the same shit to us as well but of course you'd never admit you have a part in the problem hellllllllllll no that would hurt ya big fat ego's You tell us when we get married we change in to monsters or super bitches......Like hellooooooooooooo,  some of you men whine when you cant get what you want and go crying boo hoo to mummy for it. You are all loving and giving when we are dating and as soon as the marridge is final, you put on the lazy ass cant get my fat ass off the couch to help or use the control BS. And when we dont tower down to your comes the gloves and boom we are tramps, 
It Must Be Said
I doubt that calling this blog blowing off is a good title but it is what it is I can  not stress enough that what I say in my about me is how it is. I am just going to say it straight forward as I always do. I hope I don't hurt any one's feelings by doing this, but it is stressing me out to the max. I have a lot going on in my life as some of you may know. I go to school, I have a son, I also am going through some bad news over my sons father about his health, I am also in a new relationship with this fantastic girl. As some may have noticed I am not here as much, I just put new status's up and approve comments. I can not be in any relationship with anyone else on here, I can not and will not be stressed over what you may or may not feel for me. I have had several wanting to meet  me. Well it is not going to happen. I now cam only with 2 people now, so stop asking me to do so. That is with my fu-hubby or my son when he is @ his fathers. Some people know about some major shit th
It My Way Having Fun
this will start out w me at my mountain get away. That is high in the mountain w a and big window doors that lends u in2 a open living room and a kitchen and a spirl staircase that lend up to a big bed w a waterbed and out to a balony w a hottub. now i call some friend over and it is a close gf and some some guys that will blow yr mind. but back to my gf she a redhead like me that wants 2 play w some1 that has a fun time and she got a body that will make yr mouth water on site, and the men 1st one is a cowboy that his muscule that r i could lick for day and the other is a sly well built blond man that i met on a jouney to a store 1 night so i am play w fire but u know that the best way to play. So she calls and i tell her that i have some drinks and the hottub is ready so come overand have some choclate strawberries and wipped cream and some more toys to play w. Are u game i ask her. she come back Hell yes i on my way. ni tell her to brang her swimsuit but she will nt need it becuza i
It Never Ends
You say you love me but how can that be true? Your words they hurt me The pain you inflict… How can you mean it when you say you love me? You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. It's not just the words you say that cause all of this pain. Knowing it once was different knowing what it could have been is what hurts the most. You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. Why do I continue on? Why do I stay? Wouldn't it be easier to let it go to just let it fade away? But you say again that you love me. Yet it never ends the cycle continues over and over again.
It Never Ends!
i hurt my back at work last week and now im too hurt to work so ive been filling out applications all over and now the insurance company called me and said my jobs trying to act like i didnt hurt my back there. like what the hell i told them i was gunna quit already and they are still messing with me. i have a job interview on tuesday im gunna totally take it just to get away from there i dont care if im fully healed or not! :(
It Never Fails
Why is it that when i finally get my money problems strait it starts all over again?! This is why I hate my life! Am I too nice for my own good? Because when iI try to help others I end up hurting myself. It's always gotta be like that doesn't it?! Just let me recevie a million dollars for no reason that the government can't tax me for, I would pay off all my bills, pay my rent atleast 2 months in advance and get myself a car that works. If only dreams could come true.
It Never Just Pours
Ha..ha...ha. Who says I don't have a sense of humor when it comes to the irony of life. Yes folks things continiue to get worse for this driver. 7am this morning I get busy and get someone out to fix my little headlight problem. by 9 he arrives and begins to set about working on it..Dispatch contacts me with a load to heading to Ca.....things are looking good....well maybe anyways...load hadn't been scalerd out so was 50/50 chance I would have to bring it back...but still...was feeling possative...and then...yes folks just when you think you see the light....a dark cloud forms overhead. I notice that one of my tires have gone flat and need to be replaced...and then discover that I can't get to the place because it is a no trucks route...and then get told be there in 7 minutes...that was over a half hour ago.... So yet again I play the game of sit.....and wait. How long who knows....will load still be there....don't know......Another day looking totally wasted......pretty much at thi
It Never Fails.
ever since I started working in retail (3yrs ago & this is my 4th xmas season) I have been sick xmas day. & let me tell ya im getting sick, it never fails. some yrs it was worse then this, at least i just have that annoying cough right now.
It Never Last!!!
I've been coming here day after day looking at beautiful women and their hellashis bodies and I must say there has been alot of 20's out there, but what I want to get at, is this. No matter how much we rate each other or how many times we're rated, we still crave for more and more, I'm included in the equation!!! We all love ourselves, but oftentimes we seek the love of others to try and validate or to secure the love we have for ourselves. And, that's usually what happens on here! This is a wonderful place to meet people, but we all know that this is a means of letting go and feeling free to be who you really are. We view each others pictures and see things that are very tempting, but after the day it leaves you temporarily satisfied. There's really no fulfillment in all this. I'm in no way trying to encourage anyone to stop coming to this site!!! But what I'm getting at is, is it really satisfying you or are you being fulfilled? Just a thought!
It Never Gets Any Easier
Another wonderful, but short weekend with my 2 beautiful little girls just came to an end. It never get's any easier having to pack their things and get them ready for the ride back to their mothers house. It never gets any easier gettng on that plane flying back home and seeing the girls comfortable yet empty rooms, reminding me that it will be another month before I see them again. I talk to them as I have everyday since they left, once when they wake, once when they are settling down for the day, but it never makes it any easier. How do you explain it, how do you make anyone understand feeling like this was worth getting away from a bad relationship? I love them so much, but am I selfish for ending the family because I couldn't take her anymore. Everything she has done since says I had no other choice, but why does it have to hurt so much. Will they be forever scared because of me? Will they never trust, or feel love? I hope and pray that in the years to come
It Never
Fucking ends with SRS!! Got back in late friday night and im headed back again this morning! This is the last time i fucking offer to go out of town to work! Now with that being said!! Im getting married! Popped the question to becca Monday and she said yes! We dont have a date yet but i'll let everyone know when we do!
It Never Changes.....
Remember my blog about stupidity? In 1999, as the nation was still coming to grips with the tragedy at Columbine High School, then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) took to the floor to identify what he saw as the real culprit: science classes. “Our school systems teach the children that they are nothing but glorified apes who are evolutionized [sic] out of some primordial soup,” DeLay said. Young people learn modern biology, DeLay said, which in turn makes them feel insignificant, which in turn leads to violence. Pretty stupid. Surely no else would be that dumb, right? Guess again. These are the words of Ken Ham, a leading creationist activist, who leads an outfit called Answers in Genesis: “We live in an era when public high schools and colleges have all but banned God from science classes. In these classrooms, students are taught that the whole universe, including plants and animals — and humans — arose by natural processes. Naturalism (in essence, atheis
It Never Was...
You better crawl on your knees the next time you say that you love me fall on your knees, cuz this time I won’t be so kind can't you see that this is life and life is killing me is it yours? is it mine? our sky fell down tonight, to wash away our pain tell me , over and over and over and over and over again it never was time for us, it never was time to let me in show me, over and over and over and over and over again it never was time for us, it never was time to let me in you better see how evil you can be when you see my evil smile it's the one that you'll remember when I am not so kind can't you see that this is death and death is saving me I say burn all your bridges while you still have control of the flame I know it's hard but you... tell me, over and over and over and over and over again it never was time for us, it never was time to let me in show me, over and over and over and over and over again it never was time for us, it never was time to let me in
It Never Stops
I dont know what to say about her... she know how i feel i dont want to hide any of it. i want to be with her. i want to be with her for her. i love everything about her. she makes me laugh we have such a good time. this weekend we learned a lot. love you babe...
It Never Fails!
The ONE time I always manage to stay up for the new episodes of Law & Order SVU, they suck ass. Though that Lauren chick was CREEPY! How's everyone this fine morning? :D
It Never Fails!
So far I'm the only person dressed up for Halloween @ work today. :(
It Never Rains....
I've suddenly come to realize one of the worst pains. When you want something, or more importantly - someone, and you can't have it. I'm 26, hopefully going on 27, and I've only just today come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to be with the one person I'm in love with. I don't want peoples sympathy, I don't want people to comment on how sorry they are for me but I've had a lot of shit go on in my life. I'm totally aware that there are people out there that have infinately worse lives than me and will continue to have shitty lives but I've had my fair share of crap come my way. Having said that, I've also had my good times. I've had a steak dinner at the Eiffel Tower. I've rowed a boat in Central Park NY. I've swam with dolphins in Jamaica. I've jumped from a plane at 13,000ft for charity (ironically it was for Cancer Research). On one hand, I've had things happen to me that I wouldn't wish on anyone. On the other, I've experienced things that most people never wi
It Never Ends Does It?
omg, i don't think i will make it through the remainder of this day, which is not long, without totally unleashing all my fury onto somebody or something... i have been dating around here and there with someone i met off fubar, thought we were really good friends... i logged onto my myspace to check my mail there and accept some friend requests and low and behold there was a message from some girl i didn't know saying on the subject line "there is something you should know" omg, of course i had to check it out, even though it was probably a 'myspace virus', i just gotta know (sorry mom)(no it wasn't a virus) the email stated that this person (who shall remain nameless at this time seeing he is on fubar) has a 2 month old son, and pushed her and the baby out of his apartment... saying that he is trying to sign over his rights, blah blah blah so i confronted him about it, just thought for some insane reason that this shit was untrue... yeah right, lmao he said it was a
It Never Stops :(
Dear Friends: Please send this to any person or rescue that you think can save Poor Fluff, Golden Ret./ Chow Mix or any animal at this shelter. They are closing for renovations tomorrow and all animals will be pts (Put To Sleep). Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 8:45 AM Subject: FW: Poor Fluff-North Carolina-Senior-His home burned and he will die tomorrow!!!! Look at Fluff’s Pics Attached above!!!! FLUFF We think this poor old fella belonged to folks whose home burned to the ground. He and several other pets are now homeless and in need of your help - and quickly! This guy is sweet and very scared. Shelter is closed for renovations on Wednesday May 21. This one needs to be out before then! My Contact Info Bladen County Animal Shelter Elizabethown , NC
It Never Ends.
I hate blogging. It's always me bitching about something, and i was never a complainer before. But it's the only way to let people know what is up with Cubby. The back is actually not bad today. Finally got all the drugs out of my system and am feeling more myself. The night i got from the hospital was a weird ride. Pretty sure i was having a tea party with Pink Elephants and ghosts. Cubby rule #531: Never let a nurse stick you with a needle without knowing what it is. But as i said, the back feels good today. :D Yaaaaaa. But instead of taking it easy to make sure it stays that way. I'm off to a Wedding. LOL. It's my best buddy Fred's wedding and i'm the best man. So i kinda have too yanoo. :P It's both Gloria's and Fred's second marriage so it's very informal. So no sexy Cubby in Tux pics later. Sorry. Lmaoooo So, for those that miss the Cubby comments, i should be leaving some tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has missed them. Thanks to everyone who gave me well wishes in the
It Never Fails....
I swear no matter how many times you state it on your profile or in how many ways you say it - there is always some asshat surprised that you don't want to fuck him and his wife. Please read from the bottom up as it is a shoutbox convo: ->Heart~Brok...: There is no need for you to have an interest in me - I am married. As foryour apology - FINE.... but maybe next time you will actually read someone's priofile before propositioning them Heart~Brok...: As I said. An error in my judgement. I do appologize. But truthfully you are wrong for saying the things you do about me. I did not view you as a cum dumpster. I was displaying an interest. I thought you could be an adult and if your not interested just over look it or simply say I am not into that and I would have oppologized right away. So for what it is worth I am sorry! ->Heart~Brok...: that's just it - i could give a shit less about your life - you don't even know me as a person but you think i look good to you so you hit me u
It New Called The Cupid Shuffle Line! Come On Learn New Dance
It Needs To Stop!!
It Never Stops
Just when I think that things can not get worse they always seems to go and get screwed up a notch worse. I don't even feel like I really have anyone to talk to, maybe one or two people but you can't always get a hold of them. I feel so alone right now and I don't even know what to do. I'm stuck in a house for a few more days alone and I am still looking for somewhere to store all my stuff (another long story)and I am trying to keep myself from going nuts. To make things worse... lastnigt all my tires magically became flat. Wow, did I piss off the gods? Bah... I am pathetic to have to create a blog just to get things off my chest. I'm going to shut up and just keep it inside
It Nevers Rains.........
It never rains, but it always pours, at least in my life. My van broke down today, and I don't think its fixable. I am out of work and have no income. I can't even go and sign up for unempolyment benifits, that office is in another town thats 20 miles away. I can't even begin to look for a job, cause I would need a vehicle to find one. And if I did get one I would need a vehicle to get to it. Yea I give up. I don't know why it seems like I have to suffer so much, I really don't. I know people who are a lot worse and unkind than I have ever tought about being, and yet they seem to have it easy. I just don't get it, and I am done trying to figure it out.
It Never Fails....
This December hasn't been too awful by any means. But it never fails. Every December for now the last 5 years I can't just get through the month without bad things happening. And people wonder why I hate the end of the year so much and why my anxiety disorder goes into over drive... My grandpa's been in the hospital 3 times this month already, one being for surgery, and the other two for later complications. My dad's been in the hospital sick again and will probably end up there again very very soon. He didn't look very well last night and...yeah. I'm almost sure if things don't change rather quickly, this was my last Christmas with him..... And now my uncle died this morning. Nice way to start out the family Christmas party....and I've still got 6 long days left of December. I'm just at the point now where I won't be surprised if Matt doesn't show up. I think I'd be more surprised if he did still come down here than I would be if he didn't. Things just kind of suck today and I'm jus
It Never Ends
i see the status messages....i read the comments, i'm even informed through my shout box.   I DONT DO DRAMA! -yours -theirs -his or -hers   keep in mind 1 thing please. while your in my shoutbox bitchen about someone...they are in my shoutbox bitchen about you! i don't take sides!  IF your my friend or EVER were you KNOW THIS! i don't remove people from my list because YOU tell me to. same as i dont remove you when THEY tell me to.   IF you wanna remain my friend, best to just STOP with the drama and gossip in my box. it wont help your cause, because i wont help your cause!   I'M HERE FOR FUN!!!!!
It Nike Roshe Run Woven Doesn't Matter Which One
Adidas start-up, although only a small workshop-type businesses, but their eyes have been aimed at the world market.Corporate Hospitality Group provides protected way for purchasing tickets and hospitality.Review Sites and Forums Can be of Great HelpThere are always some people like discussing that whether Kobe Bryant can exceed Michael Jordan as the most NBA players in memoirs.The shoes are so popular that Nike releases some retro shoes almost every year.With such a talented side it is easy to see why England is being hailed as one of the favourites to clinch this year football showcase.That colorway of the Jordan 14 will release later this year.   So Internet connection is MUST have thing if you want to and that is all you need plus the software.rower and Olympic gold medalist, were part of the series of discussions about sports media and management.Kidd entered counseling, anger management courses and quit drinking; he later reconciled with his wife.The thousands of te
It Not Just For Vietnam Veterans Anymore
I was There Last Night I Was There Last Night By Robert Clark *The High Ground* P.O. Box 457 Neillsville, WI 54456 A couple of years ago someone asked me if I still thought about Vietnam. I nearly laughed in their face. How do you stop thinking about it? Every day for the last twenty-four years, I wake up with it, and go to bed with it. But this is what I said. "Yea, I think about it. I can't quit thinking about it. I never will. But, I've also learned to live with it. I'm comfortable with the memories. I've learned to stop trying to forget and learned instead to embrace it. It just doesn't scare me anymore." A psychologist once told me that NOT being affected by the experience over there would be abnormal. When he told me that, it was like he'd just given me a pardon. It was as if he said, "Go ahead and feel something about the place, Bob. It ain't going nowhere. You're gonna wear it for the rest of your life. Might as well get to know it." A lot of my "brothe
(it Now Has A Title!!) Timeless Memories
I wonder, do I ever cross your mind Do you ever wish you can turn back time Back to when we would laugh and smile Picking up the phone, each others number we would dial I am blessed to still call you friend And I hope that will never end We were as close as two peas in a pod In the end it was my heart that you robbed Do I continue to sit around and wait Because deep in my soul I know its fate Or do I give up and let these feelings go I need you to tell me because alone I don't know We once made a pact with each other That we wouldn't give up on the other But you have moved on and I feel perhaps I should too You'll always be apart of me, just like my rose tattoo Copyright ©2008 Donna H.
It Not Just A Day Off!but A Day "to Remember And To Love One Another"
"it Not Just Anther Day Off! It A Day To Remeber A Great Speaker!
Graphics for Martin Luther King Day Comments REMEMBER "MARTIN LUTHER KING" " A ANGEL SENT BY GOD TO BLESS US WITH HIS WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE" Graphics for Martin Luther King Day Comments Graphics for Martin Luther King Day Comments AKAMRS. T~LIL PLEASURE~LIL BUSINESS~DYLON'S DIVA~@ fubar
I Toally Fucking Fun!
You scored as Fun. Your fun fun fun! Please rate my quiz!Fun100%Outgoing88%Nice75%Immature31%Shy13%Dramatic13%mean6%what kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)created with if there were ever a doubt!
I To Chill And Look At Moves
My name is Trap in the thing's I like is someone that's good looking at all ttime not to bad but just hot in sexy
I Told You!!
You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow. Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three. James Bond, Agent 00788%Captain Jack Sparrow88%Batman, the Dark Knight83%Lara Croft79%The Amazing Spider-Man75%Neo, the "One"71%The Terminator67%El Zorro67%William Wallace63%Maximus
I Told You Not To Call Me Here! Subject: Cell Phone Block REMINDER ...9 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone : 888-382-1222 . It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute! of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you are wanting to have blocked . You cannot call from a different phone number.
I Told U So
You said you needed your space I wasn't where you wanted to be I didn't stand in your way I only want you to be happy And so how surprised am I To see you here tonight Oh, can't you see That for worse, or for better, we're better together Please just come back home No, don't say that you're sorry And I won't say I told you so Sometimes in our life We get to where we wonder if The long road that we're on Is headin' in the same direction Well, when it comes to you and me We're right where I know we should be Oh, can't you see That for worse, or for better, we're better together Please just come back home No, don't say that you're sorry And I won't say I told you so (I told you so) Sometimes it's like we're deep in nothing but love The slightest thing can grow so foolishly Remind me, please Oh can't you see That for worse or for better we're better together Please, just come back home No, don't say that you're sorry You don't gotta say you're sorry,
I Told Her And She Just Smiled
I finally got to talk to my love the other day. I told her I missed her and that I had met someone that she knew. I told her I met a man she used to like and that I thought she was right about him, he is a nice guy. All she told me was, be careful not to hurt him he doesn't deserve to be hurt. I felt a big rush of love for her when she said this. I wanted her to be jealous in some ways but when she told me not to hurt him that he didn't deserve it that told me she is as wonderful as I think she is. She was more worried about his feelings than her own and that says alot. This didn't stop my love for her even though she says she doesn't feel that way for me my love for her has only grown stronger.
I Told Ya So!!!!!!!!!!!
A mum you have posted has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This mum was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature. Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'. This mum removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should seizure and sue em:P
I Told You So
i knew my stepdad was a piece of shit. he wrote my mom a letter from jail and told her that he has STILL been drinking and lying to her about being sober... which just confirms what i've been trying to tell mom ever since we ended up back here in july. so now, when i see him next time and he gets pissed off at me for being "disrespectful to him as my elder", he has no leg to stand on. i'm so fckn happy right now. does that make me a bad person? probably, but ignorance is bliss so i don't wanna know. today's a beautiful day- i think i'll go read in the sun...
I Told U Not To Get Lippy
This is ur punishment
I Told You
see i told these people, dont fuck with me. i got guns and helicopters a phone call away. did they listen? no. but i got my bike back. so joe is happy. plus the fact that im going back to school. damn . all i need is a car and a hot girlfriend. any7 ladies want to fill the position? no? i thought not. oh well, more for tierd im sleep now
I Told You I Look Good In A Pink Name
So I kinda whored myself out after being away for 3+ months (shush!) and I had put "I look good in a pink name" as my status. And this wonderful man just bought me one!! :D YAY! Thank you very much. Go give him some love. DAMIAN@ fubar
I Told You So
My friend Chris called me today. He says he is going to need to come in to talk to boss/mom about what his rights are, in regards to his kids. Because he's done with his girl. He says she's a bitch. Well, Chris, I told you so. Your mom, brother and best friend Dave (who, btw, is this rockabilly's walking wet dream....sans the attitude) told you so. We told you so 5 years ago when you hooked up with this girl. Good to know you finally listened to us. Hindsight is 20/20, c'est no? Le sigh....I just wish they didn't have to drag the kids through this now.
I Told Them....
I finally told my family that I want to move out. They really didn't take it that well, except that my mom somewhat did, but not my dad. At least I told them, right? Now, time for the next step....BRB!
"i Told You."
“I Told You.” I told you that kid was strange, I told you he wasn’t right. Ever since they moved in next door, I locked the doors tight. You see, little Jimmy has some “hobbies”, unlike other boys He has some darker interests, and he plays with darker toys. Remember that summer when he went on and on About earning some money and we let him cut our lawn? And we heard that screech and imagine that He’d run the mower right over our cat. Yes, I know, “It was an accident” he said And as he walked away and he turned his head Then I saw that smirk, that little grin And I knew one day he’d do us in. I told you back then and you said “No way!” But remember what happened that cold Christmas Day? Remember the red handprint we found on our door? I dreaded to think what that kid had in store. You said “He’s just eight.” He’s just a small child But I swear he is evil, he’s sick and he’s wild He lives in a place inside of his head A place filled with nightmares, the lan
I Told You So
Suppose I called you up tonight and told you that I loved you And suppose I said "I wanna come back home". And suppose I cried and said "I think I finally learned my lesson" And I'm tired a-spendin' all my time alone. If I told you that I realised you're all I ever wanted And it's killin' me to be so far away. Would you tell me that you loved me too and would we cry together? Or would you simply laugh at me and say: "I told you so, oh I told you so I told you some day you'd come crawling back and asking me to take you in I told you so, but you had to go Now I found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again". If I got down on my knees and told you I was yours forever Would you get down on yours to and take my hand? Would we get that old time feelin', would we laugh and talk for hours The way we did when our love first began? Would you tell me that you'd missed me too and that you'd been so lonely And you waited for the day that I return. And
I Told Him I Wanted A Time Machine.. :p
The following is an original poem written here and now by yours truly, Daddy Rocks Hard.... If I had a time machine I'd tell you what I'd do I'd go back and be reborn again so I could live right next to you. I'd be your friend from childhood on and we'd laugh without a care We'd know each other inside out & have so much we could share I think it's like a fairytale, or something in a dream I know that time machines aren't real but I'll let my imagination scheme If I had a time machine I'd probably break it fast Who knows the trouble I'd get in just playing around in the past So with this all being said I'll tell you a secret you must hold tight Getting to know you is a pleasure my dear, now have a wonderful night. The End.
I Told You I Was A Bitch
I have a question for everyone. Now I already know this is going to affend some people, but I really dont care. Say your sleeping with someone and they have a girlfriend. Ok, yeah i know already presenting with a problem, but I do have a point. So if your sleeping with this guy, that should already tell him that I really dont care about the fact that you have a girl friend and i really would rather not hear anything about her. Then he wants to tell you that hey I really want to get back with my baby mamma I need help can you call my gf and tell her your fucking me so she will break up with me. Ok first off I am not to fond of putting myself in a situation were im going to have to beat some bitches ass. I know your saying how does she know that she can beat the gf's ass, but believe me i can if pushed. Anyways, well said baby mamma has a man and wants him and her man. Now if he were to get back with the baby mamma then that means i dont get anymore sex. So why the hell would i want to h
I Told You...........
Every morning for over a year now I have been stopping into the little deli that is on my way to work, for a cup of coffee and a little friendly conversation. Behind the counter, works the lady who owns the store, she always has a friendly smile and loves to talk about most popular subjects. After a couple of minutes of conversation with her you soon find out that she is well informed about many worldly things, and more often than not you come away with a little more knowledge than you entered the store with. At first we talked about the weather and than government and then the towns people. After a while our conversation would often include a little sexual comment, and more and more our communication turned erotic. At first we went through the usual uncertainty of, how much can I say, will I get her mad or upset or even worse, loose the new friendship we had found. The human species is a funny animal, many times afraid to say what really is on their mind. The reasons for this strange
I Told You, Now I'm All Alone...
I told you there's no more adventures for usThe path we both shared are no longer hereIts finally time to say goodbye becauseWe must now learn to go our separate waysNow I stand here alone in the middle of the roadDon't know which way to go or where to lookI stay silent as I breathe in the toxic airThe poison that surrounds me makes it harder to breatheI close my eyes because I always rememberWhat my mother used to tell meShe always said "Don't ever give up, even if you only have little hope"I always smile when I remind myself butThere's always something about me thatAlways keep me puzzled, dazed and even confusedI never truly understood why my father left butThe thing that bothers me the most is howHe his words remain within my presences, within my mindI wish I knew how to let this go, I wish I knew how to say "your wrong.."I always been afraid to lose what meant the most to me since thenEvery year that passes my heart grows a little fond of this sorrow butMy strength within my heart
I Told You
itold you so i told you that you were ganna miss me an i told you that we were meant to be itold you so i told you things that id never tell another an  that we were  right where we needed  to be i told you id make my mark an its hard to say that i was wrong when i know it was so much more i told you so just  why couldnt you see see that we were better together i told you so going in all the right directions now i see just what all you  did to me but lookin back now i can tell you i told you so an i can see it in your face that you need me like the ground needs the rain yet in the end i can now so i told  you  so and turn and walk away
I Told You
“I told you. You don't love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song only your heart can understand.” 
It Only Hurts When I Breath
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It Only Hurts When Im Breathing.
Pretty much. I didnt know it was a crime to miss someone. See if i do it again. Im sick of him i truly am. So whatever i guess its time to move on. Dear heart. Dont let him in. Dont miss him. Dont talk about him. Dont look at him. Dont think about him. Understand. It only hurts when im breathing. < /3
It Only Take One Smile To Brighten Someones Day
this is to all that have put a smile on my face. Papa Dukes and Shatterdreams yea i know u spell it all weird u bitch i couldnt remeber it lol. Thank u so much timm an susan for being there for me when i need it n when he would come a pick the baby up and i would run in the house crying u were there two catch my tears an tell me that everything will be ok n when court comes he will get what comes to him. N just remember when u need a baby sitter for layla call me i will do it in a heart beat To The Truth thanx for making me do that fucking corn maze evertime that i think back to the nite me u shawn an that girl what ever her name is did that haunted house i go back to that damn corn maze an that guy chasing me n that girl with the chain saw and us leaving u an shawn in our dust lol. . thank u sweetie i love u dont for get that u are my best friend thank u for being there everytimeme and david got into a fight and he would bput me in tears. n also makin sure i smile u get me every
It Only Feels Like The End Of The World
Well, she's about 90% moved out. It's all done but the paperwork now. Had to endure watching her pack last night. My head feels like it's caving in. It would be easier if we could hate one another. I will survive by reminding myself that we live and die; life is a temporary condition so it follows that everything in life is temporary. People come and go. Try to be thankful for the time you shared. There is still that part that is empty. There is still that piece of me that wonders if I will ever find happiness. WHEN is my time? WHEN will I find someone that loves me and would never think of throwing me out like a candy wrapper? It just hurts to think of everything I invested in this -- my home, my life, my family, every last penny -- and to watch it fall apart because she has "things she needs to do". It just FEELS like the end of the world. This is not a cry for attention. Just trying to get it out of me.
It Only Hurts When I Breathe....
It Only Takes One Person To Make Change..
Eyes to every corner, a look in every way, litter trips you over, the world is not okay, the dump is getting big, the garbage all around, times to passing by, we cant see the ground, the grass is turning yellow,every tree is dying ouy, the flowes are bending down, the bent over spout, the air is not fresh, the animals are, the homeless are poor, the hungary are not fed, the racist run along, the murder runs away, the capture is hidden, the rapes everyday, global warming taking place, weather to fierce, the rain causing sickness, the winds are pierce, distasters all time, the earth is shaking fear, the people waste their lives, some change for a year, the world is getting colder, the ice is getting high, soon the world's gone, everyone will die, well all die with regret, left the world with regret, looking down at home, a tear will shed so sad, but one day that might happen, it might and might not, not until we sin these battles, not until weve faug
It Only Takes One.
Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey DEFY Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey Obey
It Only Reminds Me Of You
I see you, beside me It's only a dream A Vision of what used to be The laughter, the sorrow Pictures in time Fading to memories pre-chorus: How could I ever let you go? Is it too late to let you know? Chorus: I try to run from your side But each place I hide only reminds me of you When i turn out all the lights Even the night only reminds me of you Verse 2: I needed my freedom That’s what I thought But I was a fool to believe My heart lied when you cried Rivers of tears But I was too blind to see pre-chorus: Everything we’ve been through before Now it means so much more ... Only you... Bridge So come back to me I'm down on my knees bOy can’t you see... How could I ever let you go Is it too late to late to let you know
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathin'
Hope life's been good to you since you've been gone. I'm doin' fine now - I've finally moved on. It's not so bad - I'm not that sad. I'm not surprised just how well I survived. I'm over the worst, and I feel so alive. I can't complain - I'm free again And it only hurts when I'm breathing. My heart only breaks when it's beating. My dreams only die when I'm dreaming. So, I hold my breath to forget. Don't think I'm lyin' 'round cryin' at night. There's no need to worry, I'm really all right. I've never looked back as a matter of fact. Hurts when I'm breathing. Breaks when it's beating. Die when I'm dreaming. It only hurts when I breathe.........
It Only Takes Two Clicks :) Need Help Bad!
Hey everyone I am still in third place in my first contest. If anyone could just take a minute out of their busy day and just click on my picture below and rate it I would really appreciate it. No comments are needed. I have helped out so many people when needed, now I am asking for your help. Thanks all and have a great night!!!!!!!! Love, Kassidy xoxo
It Only Takes A Minute Please
I am in a blast contest and all I need you to do is RATE, FAN, AND ADD two of my friends. It only takes a couple of minutes and youll get a suprise if you do it. Just let them know that I sent you and send me a message that you did it. Thank you and I hope you have a great day *HUGS* ♡bbG~Elƒin Magical@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar
It Only Hurts
Can hold my breath only for a little while 'til reality starts sinking in once again i'm settling for second best turn the pages skip to the end to where i swore that i would try since the last time i crossed that line in the back of my mind i know it only hurts when your eyes are open lies get tossed and truth is spoken it only hurts when that door gets open dreams are lost and hearts are broken miles away promise from a burning bed two worlds should never collide one word would end it if you ever heard tear the page out that reminds me when i swore that i'd be strong now the next time has come and gone well maybe i'm wrong i know it only hurts when your eyes are open lies get tossed and truth is spoken it only hurts when that door gets open dreams are lost and hearts are broken i know what your feeling it's hard to believe in someone, someone who's not there i know that your waiting 'cause love is worth saving but only for so long, so long, so long i swore that
It Only Gets Better
Okay, so I was released to return to work on Nov. 30th (last Friday) I called in that morning to make sure they did not change the Friday times again and the supervisor said he was looking forward to me returning and that they could sure use the help... I got to work a half hour early so I could check in with HR and give them my Dr's note.... Had to have them re-activate my time badge because I had been gone since Oct. 31... Clocked in, went to the before-shift meeting and went to work. Not even 15 mins after being on the floor I was asked to come in the office. BOTH of the big supervisors were there and they pulled me in the office and shut the door... (now of course I am nervous, who wouldn't be) I knew I had done nothing wrong, so I was trying to figure out what could be the reason..."Oh, I got it"...They are going to offer me a permanent position... NOPE! Couldn't be further from accurate. They told me that I did not work there. The old HR person had conta
It Only Hurts When It Beats
I gather the pieces of whats left of my heart I wonder, as i do, will i hear it's beat start? Do i lock it away, and prey it will mend? Then i ask myself, can i free it again? I opened it once, and gave it away. For the feeling of love, i would again today. My heart trembles from the hurt that i feel. Then i ask myself, how can all this be real? I know in my heart, it will not know defeat. Because, after all, it only hurts when it beats.
It Only Takes A Minute..please Help Me
> Stop by and see this wonderful lady...rate her a 10 or 11, fan her, add her as a in friend(in the request, put ♫♪Sugar & Spice♫♪ Sent Me) > > > Stephanie Lynn@ fubar
It Only Hurts When Ur Eyes Are Open
It Only Hurts
Song lyrics | It Only Hurts lyrics
It Only Rains On Me
God it feels like it only rains on me. They say when it rains it pours. I ask what do they know about rain? Because when it rains on me, it floods. I'm treading the waters of worry, And I am in a hurry. I'm drowning in this flood of violence and hate. I taste the blood of waste. God it feels like it only rains on me. The waters of worry rise around me. I can't run away. I say that it is because I am too strong to fail. The truth is I am terrified of the alternative. Out there I see deep water I can not tread. At least here I have a handhold. God it feels like it only rains on me. I feel like a fraud hiding behind t
It Only Hurts
IT'S NOT FINISHED JUST HAD TO GET THAT MUCH OUTTA MY HEAD It only hurts when I remember the sound of your voice. It only hurts when I remember all the things we said. It only hurts when I close my eyes & see you there. It only hurts when I forget to not remember.
It Only Hurts ( Finished Version)
It only hurts when I remember the sound of your voice. It only hurts when I remember all the things we said. It only hurts when I close my eyes & see you there. It only hurts when I remember I forgot to forget. It only hurts when remember I knew better. It only hurts because I chose to be a pawn in your little game. It only hurts now but one day I’ll be free of this pain you put on me.
It Only Takes 1 Time
well this is my first time for a blog so i guess im not a blog virgin anymore really i have no idea what the fuck to talkk about .... so how about this some one can send me a message and then i will think of somehting good to blog about
It Only Hurts
It Only Takes 1 Person To Piss U Off If They Do It Right
This guy really made my day n pissed me the F*CK off MATT@ fubar See what he had to say Now how come he 26 n talking like that when back then when it all happened he wasnt even planned yet??? I n also all the germans now dont have anything to do with what happened back then....   Well after me not responding n ignoring the guy i just got this from him again   wowers it keeps going now all germans in his status  

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