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I Slowly Die
I Slowly Die A Rondeau . I slowly die each night I lie bereft of an Angel's hand Counting the cost, feeling the loss, in a way I can't understand for there are things like golden dreams in the realm of fantasy Which haunt and plague like something vague in a distant memory These I keep when I'm asleep and lost in that morphic land My loneliness, my secret bliss, my most precious contraband Is something real which I can feel but it's something I can not stand So I built a fence of false pretense but when no one's around to see I slowly die When I'm at home and all alone, there's no drive there to demand Any action, satisfaction, or even a reprimand In the end I can't comprehend all that has happened to me But one thing I know and wish could show; this is not how it should be All things change and rearrange; what once glittered now fades, and
Is Lovreal Are Is It Nothing At All
You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change. You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance. Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it. In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.
I Slowly Die
I Slowly Die I slowly die each night I lie bereft of an Angel’s hand; Counting the cost, feeling the loss, in a way I can’t understand. For there are thing like golden dreams in the realm of fantasy, Which haunt and plague like something vague in a distant memory. These I keep when I am asleep and lost in that morphic land. My loneliness, my secret bliss, my most precious contraband, Is something real, which I can feel, but it’s something I cannot stand. So I built a fence of false pretence; but when no one’s around to see, ______________________________I slowly die. When I’m at home and all alone, there’s no drive there to demand Any action, satisfaction, or even a reprimand. In the end, I can’t comprehend all that has happened to me, But one thing I know and wish could show; this is not how it should be. But all things change and rearrange; what once glittered now fades and ______________________________I slowly die.
Is Love Real?
I don't know why this always happens but it does. you meet someone and things go great for awhile. Then all of the sudden the have family to be with, friends they have been neglecting, and then the big kicker - they are married. I am either the luckiest or unluckiest man alive. I find the best women to be with and then after a few months i find out they are married. Now I'm not saying that i am the best thing out there since sliced bread but im not that bad i don't think. Why cant i find anyone that isn't married and wants me for me and not money. I give my all and then get shot point blank in the chest. I don't think that i am suppose to be happy in life anymore. what do you all think? Is there still love out there or is it just an illusion anymore?
Is Love Real
is love real or just a cover word for bullshit I've had too loves in my life the first one left cause and i qoute (i love u but I'm not in love with you ) and the other cheated and said he realized he loved the other girl more so is love real or do we just think we love someone cause we dont want to be alone or do we want to control them so we wont be alone like my last boy friend i realized i did'nt love him but yet i was furious at the thought of someone else being intrested in him i wanted him to be with me and serve me but i know thats selfish so is love real or is it just an illusion like a nicer word for i want u to serve and worship me and no other or has it become just a saying to get the oppisite sex in bed i personally hope it is'nt but i still sometimes wounder.
Is Love Real Or Over Rated
What I needed most was to love and to be loved, eager to be caught. Happily I wrapped those painful bonds around me; and sure enough, I would be lashed with the red-hot pokers or jealousy, by suspicions and fear, by burst of anger and quarrels.
Is Love Enogh
I have often been asked the Question is love enogh. Until recently I always believed that if you had someone to love that returned that love to you you could make it through anything, but now I have to question that. The question is what is more important your personal happiness or the happiness of your children. this is the question all single parents have to ask themselves. Eventually you may have to give up the one you love that makes you happy because your children just aren't happy. This I know is the hardest thing II have ever had to do in my life. I know I still love boo-boo Kitty very much but as a parent and I think most parents would agree, I have to do what I feel is best for my children even if it makes me misserable. My love for my kids eclipses anything IO could feel for any other person. Of course we all get tired sometimes but we have to do whats best for our kids its what makes a good parent. If anyone has any answers to the question is love enough let me know.   Is
Is Love Real?
You say you love me. you say that you carewhen you look at meits as if i'm not even thereyou promised to always be therei fell for all your liesyou said you would never leave mebut i fell for your alibis.the truth is you paint a beautiful picturewith all the words you saybut the photo is distorted and growsmore so by the daytell me you love me again or say it to youselfyou may even start to believe it, when your alone, with yourself.they say actions speak volumes, i got it loudand clear. The volumes you speak, are ringing in my ear.saying you love mesaying you carebut it still remainsam i really there.
Is Lsd The New Xanax? As the FDA paves the way for clinical LSD trials, scientists are exploring its medical benefits. Is acid the new Xanax?
Is Lust Poison
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Submitting to lust. Passion and emotion combined to a rush. A drug without a form. The expression is revealing. You are addicted and you want more. You find a victim. You release it. But it’s still not gone. It’s still there roaming around. A disease without a sound. A curse with a touch of heaven. A gift who gives you pleasure. A fulfilment with no border. A need that is growing older. This is a bliss from god or a burden from the devil’s dust. This is what is given. A dangerous word called lust.
The 60-is..! Lyrics. Lmao.
Some of the artists of the '60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers. They include: 1. Herman's Hermits--- Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker. 2. The Bee Gees--- How Can You Mend a Broken Hip. 3. Bobby Darin--- Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash. 4. Ringo Starr--- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends. 5. Roberta Flack--- The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face. 6. Johnny Nash--- I Can't See Clearly Now. 7. Paul Simon--- Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver 8. The Commodores--- Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom. 9. Marvin Gaye--- Heard It Through the Grape Nuts. 10. Procol Harem--- A Whiter Shade of Hair. 11. Leo Sayer--- You Make Me Feel Like Napping. 12. The Temptations--- Papa's Got a Kidney Stone. 13. Abba--- Denture Queen. 14. Tony Orlando--- Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall. 15. Helen Reddy--- I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore. 16. Leslie Gore--- It's My Procedure, and I'll Cry I
Is March Of Dimes Spending Your Money Wisely
Tell the March of Dimes to use your donation to support prenatal care, education, social programs, and modern human-based research, not wasteful experiments. Human-relevant research helps babies and mothers The March of Dimes spends up to $30 million of your donations annually on animal experiments that can potentially mislead and hinder progress for humans. MOD should stop using this money on animal tests and instead channel these donations exclusively to worthwhile services, including prenatal care, education, social programs, and human-based research. The most significant advances in birth defect and infant mortality prevention have been achieved through human-based research: After years of funding experiments sewing the eyes of newborn kittens closed, the March of Dimes found that cats have little capacity for regaining sight. In contrast, a 2006 case study showed these experiments do not apply to humans. After decades of futile animal research, a brain abnormality li
Ismael The Stalker
This jerk has been doing this to the whole KOW and fubar aint doing nothing ..FTW Lost Goth has him on blocked even but he still get s threw ...hell look what he popsted on comments on my profile about her and this time he has been nice about it he is mailing her calling her a fuckin cunt everything and nothng is being can he keep getting threw to everyones profiles and her mail when he is blocked?talk about a stalker · X*XMonster Blac... just checked you out! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... left you a new photo comment! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... left you a new photo comment! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago · X*XMonster Blac... rated your photo a '1'! 2 day ago
Is Married Life Really Like This?
TO MY DEAR WIFE: During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, w hich is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired! 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo
Is "matt" Fucking Aroud On "jill"?? Read..........
I know this friend of mine named Jill. Jill has been dating matt for a few years now. They are engaged to be married. Matt has been acting distant to Jill and Jill doesnt know why. Then There is this hoochiemama woman named Stacy Stacy is a bit of a slut. She is sorta coming between Jill and Matt. Matt spends most of his time with Stacy and not his fiancee Jill. Do U think something is going on between Matt and Stacy or not?
I Smell Sex
I hear the door creak open. Then I hear footsteps, a mix of bare feet and, I suppose, high-heeled shoes on the carpet of our living room. I keep my hands pressed firmly on either side of me, the velveteen couch soft against them. I take a deep breath and smell a mingled bouquet of perfumes and female bodies. I look into the darkness and listen for the next cue. The first thing I feel are lips, against mine, kissing me. One tender, soft kiss, its taste familiar, the brush of your smooth cheek against mine, your fingertips tracing a path down my chest to the top of my boxer shorts. Then you're gone, and I feel another kiss, someone else's, the unfamiliar taste of a new woman, her tongue grazing my lips very gently. Her hand caresses my cheek, then my neck. Then there's another kiss, from someone new, someone more aggressive with her tongue, forcing it deep into my mouth, kissing me hungrily, her teeth nipping my lower lip. Then two more kisses in rapid succession, one on my lips
I Smell A Pirate Wedding! Drinks All 'round!
Without naming names, in order to protect the guilty, there's a Pirate wedding about to take place between two lovely people on CT and NO IT IS NOT ME...however, I am the Captain, and therefore I am empowered to perform a "marriage ceremony....right HERE on this deck....RIGHT....NOW!(Shades of Jack Sparrow, but I just get carried away.) Anyhow, I was HONORED to be asked to be the bearer of "The Big Question", so I sent the young (and very pretty) lady a black rose, with the following absurdly awful poem. Hey! It was all I could come up with on such short notice! This rose comes to you from the Pirates of the Retrib-U tion. I am it's Captain and BLANK is one of my "crew". He told us how much he loves you.... and so this rose is black, just like the flag he wears, and true like the scars he bears, His love shines like the steel of his blade, in hopes that a life together you will have made, by being ONE and no longer TWO! So to you, the very lucky lady, and
I Smell Like Seamen. Xd
Hmmm. I do. I smell like the seaaaa. I just got back from the beach like an hour ago. I was tired of just laying out. Plus, I wanted to get home and chill before I went to Jana's to have a trio night with mah girl amanda and jana. Lmao. I woke up at 7 to go to the beach with a friend of mine. We didn't want to go at night, and I called Zak and woke him up and told him to get up and we'd be there in 45 minutes. So, we got there, and it's sunny, and we decided to play volleyball. It was fun. then me and haley laid out in da sunnn and got some nice ass sun burns. I took one picture with Zak's camera and... uh, it's pretty much funny because it stopped working after that [i think the battery was dead]. and he made fun of me and said my crotch shot broke his camera. heheheeeeee. I was giving him a little sneak peak of what I was viewing! GOSH. I had to borrow sister's bikini type thing because the cherries aren't cute. :/ oh well. zak said he'd send me that picture as soon
Is Me
I Smell Sex And Candy
Is Mercury In Retrograde?
Seriously!!! First some fudge-packing-fuck-nut goes out of their way and makes a homemade virus that crippled My computer... I spent $129 on the special 4.5 hour call to tech support... Thankfully Deana was kind enough to actually do the call because I would have castrated the poor tech-support agent just for not magically making it all instantly better and calming My nerve that by that point were a shambles from internet-withdrawl. The computer actually worked for the last week till last night... oh, it was majorly "tits-up". The machine isn't even 3 years old. Thank Mr. C.S. for his Christmas gift of an external harddrive, which saved My nearly all of My photos, nearly all of My extensive video collection, an the 6,000 plus music files... much less doing it in a way that was simply a USB, plug-and-play! And oh how I should write the Pope and rally that Jen be canonize as a living saint! She shows up last night with a pristine and software packed laptop, she sold it to Me
I Smell P*ssies!!!
Is Me ----
Hello! i"M ploy form thailand ^______^ is glad that know an everyone please !!!
I Smell Like Oranges
Overall today has been a positive one. And now my hands smell like oranges since I just took 15 minutes to peel a single orange. Clematines are so much better. So much easier to peel. Thankfully I didn't have to escape over to Brad's house tonight. Mom's bf was going to have a friend over for supper- the friend he has been trying to set me up with. Um.. no. I don't like mom's bf and would not be interested in a friend of his. Actually I'm not much interested in anyone right now. My back still hurts. I hate my mattress. Phoo.
I Smell Like Fish.....eew!!!
Helloooooooooooo!!!! Today was a good day for me. Sure, I had to pull a double, but I made almost $200 in tips. Sure...I smell like fish, but thats what happens when you work Friday fish fry. Last week I felt like such an idiot because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. It was my first Friday night so...I guess that is understandable. Tonight, I was calm and handled almost everything all by myself and was even helping others!!! Everyone else was freaking out, but not me. It felt good. I think I showed everyone my real potential and my real self. YAY!!! I gave up my Saturday morning shift (even though I didn't want to) to Lindsay because she got back earlier than expected and was kinda upset that her shifts were given away. Considering I didn't fall asleep till 4:30 this morning and woke back up at 8....I figured sleeping in tomorrow morning will be nice. The money I would have made would be nice though...oh well. I am kinda bummed because I am working al
I Smelled A Surfer Because Im A Ninja
This is funny, don't spoil the fun, and keep it going...........Type out the sentence you end up with, in the subject line and forward to your friends...also, send it back to the person that sent it to you. Pick the month you were born: January-------I kicked February------I loved March--------I karate chopped April----------I licked May----------I jumped on June ----------I smelled July-----------I did the Macarena With August--------I had lunch with September----I danced with October-------I sang to November-----I yelled at December-----I ran over Pick the day (number) you were born on: 1-------a birdbath 2-------a monster 3-------a phone 4-------a fork 5-------a snowman 6-------a gangster 7-------my mobile phone 8-------my dog 9-------my best friends' boyfriend 10-------my neighbor 11-------my science teacher 12-------a banana 13-------a fireman 14-------a stuffed animal 15-------a goat 16-------a pickle 17-------your mom 18-------a spoon 1
I Smell Like
Your result for The My Personality Smells Like... Test... Eucalyptus39% Eucalyptus glodulus has a slightly camphorous smell and promotes concentration. It means you're quite cool and balanced. You may be a bit too reserved. You might not like being told what to do but you usually do it. Try and do something creative in life. Either that or find some release for those emotions you find hard to let out occassionally. Take The My Personality Smells Like... Test at HelloQuizzy
I Smell Like Piss...
I really need to write more like I used to. It kept me thinking clearly and gave me a chance to look at the things that were bothering me as well as the projects I have done well on. So I need to write more for reflection on not only my personal life but my business life as well!   I just put in the movie Moulin Rouge. I have only seen this once about 6 years ago and I have owned the movie for two or three years as my ex girlfriend Leslie bought it for me as a gift. I assume she thought I would love it because of my appreciation for the cabaret and burlesque.   The movie has some pretty neat imagery but I remember hating the way they incorporated modern music into the score. I realize this isn't a traditional musical but that really fucked it up for me.   I'll see what I think of it now as an adult...   I'm an adult now and that cracks me up. I have no idea how people (and I guess by “people” I mean my Grandmother) allow me to live on my own. I am like a 5 ye
I Smell A Woman Walk By A Few Times And The Smell Of Her Peiod Made Me Feel This Since Of Arousel That Was Almost Uncontrolable And All I Could Think
a right womans smell of her period should tell you if she is right for you or not and you know they say if you can handle the smell youll love the tase
Is 2 Minutes The Same Lenght Of Time Outisde Of The Us?
So, I'm on the fucking phone w/Dell....I'm so fucking pissed w/ them right now!! Anyway, I got some guy named Kevin on the phone. I can say his name, b/c we all know by his accent there is no way in Hell that his real name is Kevin. Anyway...he says, "Can I put you on hold for 2 minutes?" Well....7 minutes later I'm still listening to their to loud, annoying ass fucking elevator on hold music! Damn bastards!! BUY HP!!
I Smile, But Its Not As Bright As It Seems
I smile I laugh I cry I break I fall apart I fall I hold back the tears I hold my breath But the feelings still stay Jumbled in my head Making me dizzy Seeing stars around my head Loneliness sadness happiness It surrounds me it embodies me With it I live, Because without it, I'd forget It involves my entire soul, my heart, my mind Tears stream down my face I wipe them from my cheeks I close my eyes and embrace it And yet I smile The sun shines thru dark clouds Shadows all around, swallowing the ground Quiet, silence, peaceful, yet sad So there I stand Tears dried upon my cheeks A soft smile, a tender glow in my eyes, a distant look I wish, I hope, I know, no , I feel You here with me still This moment, will always be here in my heart.
I Smile As I Die
Cold grey stone that shows me the way. Engraved is your name and the date you were taken away. The silence is mocking of the way that I feel Are you really gone, is this truely real? My broken heart just can't stand this pain I know now that your sudden death was in vain. Such a cold morning the air steals my breath The tears haven't stopped falling since the day of your death. Words now mean nothing since you have been gone My sobs penetrate the world when I hear a sad song. Life has no meaning, so why do I stay? So today my life ends here,next to you where I lay. The little white pills and the bottle of scotch Will soon take away the great pain of my loss. Feeling so sleepy, I know this is right. Soon I will join you, no more will I fight. My head is less muddled....... now it's all clear I feel your presence, you soon will be here. Your fingers grip mine 'come with me' did you say? This moment I longed for, finally here, it's today. Now darkness comes I can see y
Is Microsoft’s ‘singularity’ The Os Of The Future?
Microsoft’s TechFest internal science fair wasn’t just about social networking and telescopes. The company also discussed new technology closer to its roots: an operating system kernel concept called “Singularity” intended as a showcase for some cutting-edge computer science. The software isn’t the next version of Windows or a reheated DOS. It’s a prototype of an operating system intended for computer science research that Microsoft said demonstrates the possibilities for software that is more dependable and secure than contemporary OSes (yes, that includes Windows). “Singularity is not the next Windows,” Rick Rashid, senior vice president of Microsoft Research, said in a statement. “Think of it like a concept car. It is a prototype operating system designed from the ground up to test-drive a new paradigm for how operating systems and applications interact with one another. We are making it available to the community in the hope that it will enable researchers to try out new i
Is Missouri On The Map???
You Should Live in Missouri If you don't want to live in Missouri, you might also consider: Nevada Arkansas Nebraska New Mexico North Carolina What State Should You Live In?
Is Mine Not Yours
Think its time we got this straight Sit and talk face to face There is no way you could mistake Him for your man are you insane But see I know that you may be Just a bit jealous of me But your blind if you can't see That his love is all in me See I tried to hesitate I didn't want to say what he told me He said without me he couldn't make it Through the day, Aint that a shame But maybe you misunderstood Cause I can't see how he could Wanna change something thats so good All my love was all it took (The boy is mine) You need to give it up Had about enough (Enough) Its not hard to see The boy is mine (Boy is mine) I'm sorry that you (Sorry that you) Seem to be confused (Confused) He belongs to me The boy is mine Must you do the things you do You keep on acting like a fool You need to know its me not you And if you didn't know it's cause it's trueI think that you should realize And try to understand why He is apart of my life I know its killing you inside
I Smile...
I think of you I smile I talk to you I smile I see your face I smile I dream of you I smile With regards to everything about you I smile Can anything wipe the smile from my face? 100% doubtful So until that ever happens I smile If you are reading this Try to make someone smile too. When I know that you do that for me I smile.
I Smile Because...
I Smile Because...
Is Milk As Good For A Person As They Say?   Q: I supplement my diet with milk to get plenty of calcium. Is milk and other dairy products as healthy as advertised? -  Kelley Garrett, San Antonio, TX A: Surprisingly, no. Cow's milk is simply, just that, for cows. Man is the only animal that drinks milk into adulthood. Milk is higher in iron and sugar than humans need. Although milk is high in calcium, only approximately 30% of it is bioavailable (easily used by the body) as compared to 60-70% for fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, roots, seeds, and vegetables. On a calorie rather than an ounce to ounce basis, the latter beats the former for bioavailable calcium, by a long shot. In industrialized nations, milk is fortified with vitamin D, to enhance calcium absorption-this being almost totally unnecessary as 10-15 minutes in the sun, two to three times a week, in healthy individuals, is sufficient to stimulate the body's skin to produce sufficient vitamin D, for ca
I Smoke Weed
Title: I Smoke Weed By: Me so, what if I smoke weed no stems, no seed one hit and I feel I'm free nothing like some good weed nothing like it at all, indeed I can shut my eyes and just be me I smoke that sticky green it's nothing like people make it seem it's wonders are still unseen it's stories, not well told it's constantly bought and sold sometimes it's worth it's weight in gold it's smell is timid yet bold it's been given a bad name but I still smoke it, just the same it's nothing like they claim and for those of us that smoke we must hide to toke this is some kind of cruel joke we can't let the man see if he does, he might take our weed try as he may, he won't succeed it's not a want but a need no stems, no seed so what if I smoke weed
I Smoke Too Much Maybe
In writing, while knowing, the message will never get where it’s going Freedom can be attained, the freedom to spill it, till nothing remains, Worked out in words, the feelings and fears, even when spoken, no one seems to hear knowing that she will never read this Allows me to free all my little secrets, But right now The only secret I’m trying to keep, Is she’s the reason I can’t sleep, She’s the one, Stealing my dreams, She’s the one, Driving me insane, Can’t help how I feel, To me it is real, Not saying it Can’t change it Doing nothing about it Might
Is Moving Back Home For A Little While
I won't be online as much and only to check in for about a month. For the select few I became friends with enough to exchange numbers the cell will not work when I leave tomorrow once the roaming minutes are used up. I will be activating one of my old phones as soon as I can...... fyi I hate change this sucks
I Smoke To Stay Sane Read To Find Out Why
I have recently received several lectures on why I shouldn't smoke. I know smoking is bad for me and some day when I am ready I will quit. To be honest I have only been smoking for a little over Two years. The fact that I haven't been smoking longer with all that has happened in my life in the last 3 year is a miracle in itself. I don't drink party or do any drugs that are not prescribed for me lol. Smoking is my one vice and it's the one that keeps me sane. A summarized laundry list of events that have happened in my life in the last 3 years you will find below. When you are done reading tell me if you wouldn't be at least tempted to take a puff or two off a cigarette from time to time. * Left my abusive husband after 10 years of marriage* Fell In Love For The First Time Ever* Had my Heart Broke By The Same Love * Started a New Job As A Trainer * Lost over 50 pounds Shedding Years Of Depression at the same time.* Was Torn Between My Friend and My Brother In a Bitter Second Divorce* W
Is é Mo Anam Trí Thine
My soul is on fire Your ashes I bleed Smoke on the altar All that I dreamed. My heart the liar That sacrificed me. Your touch is the fire Igniting  me… Your eyes the mystery Your eyes the dream, Yours the secret, Devouring  me. My heart is on fire, Emerald the flames, Questions and answers, Whispered her name, Wrapped up in answers The truth In her name.
Is Mounting By The Day, And It Seems To Be Getting Worse. No Training Camp, No Pre-season, And Any Day Now, Likely The Loss Of The First Regular Seaso
DETROIT -- Albert Pujols is out of the starting lineup again for the Los Angeles Angels and manager Mike Scioscia indicates the star wont start Sunday, either. Torrey Smith Authentic Jersey . Pujols hasnt played since Wednesday because of an injured right calf. Scioscia said he tried to run before Saturdays game at Detroit, but the team wants to take advantage of an off day Monday, give Pujols more time off and evaluate him after that. Scioscia did say Pujols could be available to pinch-hit Saturday. Pujols is hitting .283 with 28 home runs and 86 RBIs in 121 games in his first season with the Angels. Ray Rice Ravens Jersey . The slugger was out of the Texas Rangers lineup Monday night against Seattle because of what the team called an upper respiratory problem. Hamilton said he hasnt felt right for more than a week and called manager Ron Washington when he finally got up earlier in the afternoon before coming to the ballpark. Lardarius Webb Womens Jersey . -- Thanks to a repave that l
Some of my garyisms why is there braile on a drive up atm? Where does the the word fuck come from and why does it have so many uses? how does a blind person know what a seeing eye dog sees? why is it u can remember where the keys are on a typewriter/keyboard but never remember your phone number? why do you only see one shoe in the middle of the road? was the person wearing it like umm i hate my left shoe and tossed it out the window while driving? How do blind sky divers know when to pull the cord? why is store bought lemonade made with lemon flavor but dawn dish liquid made with real lemons? how do blind people know how to read braille? why is it when u watch a fishing show u wonder what lures they are using or whether or not they are using live bait? who decided the days of the week and why did they choose to work for 5 and off for 2? where does the term horny come from? how do deaf people know when someone is talking to them from behind their
Is Muscle Milk Bad For You?
As with any other energy drink that can be purchased, this supplement is the same as just about any of them. The only real difference is actually in its ingredients. Cytosport Muscle Milk has actually been known as a rip-off due to the significant fat content. This fact puts a great number of buyers off mainly because they believe they are basically likely to end up being obese! Specifically what is definitely not realized by nearly everybody is the fact that fat in the protein powder isn't the kind of fat which makes you add too much fat. This particular product was designed to imitate the way in which human milk is working for a baby. It includes a kind of fat generally known as triglycerides and that is a much less complex type and also stimulates the build up of whole body mass, just as a baby really needs. When you go to the gym and really don't only sit around, it's not going to get kept in our bodies. It's going to be processed efficiently and improve the development of good mu
Is My Life Meant To Living, Never Die At All?
Today on November, 4th, 2006 at 12:55 to 1pm Bear, Erin and I was in terrible accident... Our first terrible one in our life. Erin was a driver, I was a passanger, and Bear was sitting in back behind Erin... Two of us wore seatbelt, Bear didn`t. Anyways, we was sorta in hurry to be at the appointmet for Bear's Tattoo at 1pm in Aurora mall which is about 20-30 minutes drive. So then, Erin was getting off the highway toward the curve toward Denver, Erin did slowed down a bit but speeding still since we were in hurry. All suddenly, Erin lost the control of the car and drove off the highway then turned to other side of highway and then we crossed the highway curve and went dow the hill. Erin still tried her best to stop but she couldn`t, and then the car turned a bit to the my side and suddenly we flipped on my side and the roof hit down onto my head, we rolled down the hill three times. Bear crawled out of the back door window (since it was broken) and took Erin out quickly since
Is My Wife Gay If..
Is my wife gay if.. she'd rather do the laundry, or clean the kitchen, or pay bills then have sex? No, those are things that need to get taken care of at some point. she has several gay friends? No, friends are friends. Why would straight or gay make a difference if they are friends. Those friends want her to go to a “Kings of Drag” performance in Sacramento. No, friends have fun together. If they are planning a “girls night out” that lasts five days and is taking place at a secluded cabin on the california coast with three lesbians and two other that have experimented in at some point in their lives. Uhhhh, nooo? Ish. She told me she wants to experiment? No. Maybe. Maybe just ask her to take pictures. Something is definitely going on. I hope she finds what she needs. Either way. (Pardon the pun)
Is My Child Normal?
Zach will be 3 August 24th. He cannot stand, walk, run, talk, drink from a cup....etc. By age 3 By this age, your child can run circles around you - and does exactly that when she isn't skipping, hopping, jumping, rolling, climbing or otherwise being her incredibly active self. You may wonder where she gets all that strength, considering that her arms and legs may have slimmed down to the point where they look almost scrawny. But developmentally, this is perfectly normal. This year will probably bring a gain of just four or five pounds and two or three inches for most children. Cognitively, however, your child will go through an enormous growth spurt this year. For the first time, she will be able to think in a symbolic way. A doll can now represent a person or a box can stand in for a house, and this opens the door to truly imaginative play. "Let's pretend" games are not only fun, but also developmentally necessary. They allow your child to try on a variety of identities, from B
Is My Superman Real?
And if he were real He'd love kids as much as I He would be the guy that would have just as much fun playing board games as he would going drinking He'd tell me if I looked good at any point in the day without me wondering if he really noticed or not He would accept my flaws and embrace my differences He's help me change the things I WANT to change about myself and my life He'd let me into his mind without me begging him to open up a little He'd understand that sometimes mommies need an extra hand if available He would love me unconditionally. He would know damn good and well he could never want to be without me. He would know the little things about me and tell me all the little things about himself He would surprise me with cute little romantic gestures for no reason other than to show he cares. He'd be my everything and I'd be his. I want to be married again someday, but I never want to divorce again Where is my true superman?
Is My Happiness Going To Fall Apart
Thursday, May 03, 2007 Is my happiness going to fall apart Current mood: confused ok so the past couple days i get this feeling that im gonna lose my happiness that twitch (john) has brought me, its like not only is him and i fallin apart but our friendship that we've had over the years is too, idk after the talk last night i feel like he might just hide from wats going on, i know hes going thru alot right now but i dont think he understand that i was there for him all along while we were friends, that im still here for him now, and no matter what happens between us i'll always be there for him, last night i was crying while talking on the phone to him and i dont think he knew i was, i was crying cause im worried about him, about wat we have, i just want him to be happy, and i dont like the fact that right now hes not, i honestly dont even know if i make him even a tad bit happy or if i make this worse, im just so confused and thats y im writing to get my thoughts out cause i
Is My Profile Picture Not Cutting It?
At some point I'm going to add pictures. But for now, does my profile picture provide enough information?
Is My Willpower Strong?
You Have a Fairly Strong Willpower Temptation doesn't get the better of you all that often. If you set your mind on a goal, you'll do your best to achieve it. And while you don't have a perfect record with willpower, you do okay. If you fall off the wagon with something, you're usually not off the wagon for long. Is Your Willpower Strong?
Is My Toilet Too Clean?
Ok, I clean my toilet by hand. I don't use a toilet brush. My best friend says I'm crazy and no toilet needs to be that clean (I'm laughing at my OCD while I write this). Am I crazy? I just don't think that the toilet brush can get it clean I know I'm weird
Is My Life A Game
Is my life a game?Is my life a game to you?Is my life a piece of toilet paperyou use and throw away.Am I not a real person with feelings to?Am I something to be used and thencast aside like yesterday underwear?Was I something to just pass the time?You never loved me.You only used me.You waited till Igave my heart to youthen you trampled it in tothe ground
Is My Life Really That Important To You?
Is my life really that important to you? Apparantly it is, or you wouldn't be up in it all the time! Why do you feel it's ok to tell me how to run MY life? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me what I should believe? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me who to love?  Why do you feel it's ok to tell me how to raise my children? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me I need to lose weight? Why do you feel it's ok to tell me who my friends should be? It's not your place to tell me all of these things. It's not your place to tell me how to run my life. It's mine and not yours. I have my beliefs and you have yours. Not everyone is the same. The beauty of being human, is we get to choose, we have freedom and free will. I don't tell you what to believe, please don't tell me. I love who I love because he is an amazing person. You should be happy that I am happy, and have found a wonderful man who I can spend the rest of my life with. I raise my child the way I do because he is
Is My Playmate Really Gone
I'm going to miss my Playmate, sure there's Nicole and the kids but they don't know the real me, can't know the real me, and now the father is back. Things have changed, everything has changed, I always prided myself on being an outsider, but now I feel the need to connect with someone. I saw myself in Ron, but instead of helping him like Harry helped me, I gave him a piece of fortune cookie advice the he had never  even heard. I failed him, he deserves better and he'll get it from now on.
Is My Humor
Is my humor over some people's heads?
I Sneak Up And Hit You Like A Fuckin' Tornado.
Dear Matt, You stupid, self-centered bastard. All this time, you drone on and on about how hard it is, how much you hurt, blase blase,whine whine. Have you ever considered that maybe She is going through the exact same thing? You can't expect everyone to be able to just say how they feel. I mean, fuck man...How many years did it take you? There She sits, a thousand miles away from you, loving you, willing to hold your hand and take that giant leap of faith, and all you can do is pushpushpushmoremoremore. You signed up for this, skipper. You knew going in how it was going to be. She warned you. She cared enough to say "Hey, you want Me, fine...But bare in mind..." and in return, all She gets from you is incessant whining. I should slap you. You have a gift, Matt...A precious treasure that you're going to crush because you're so fucking afraid you're going to lose Her, you squeeze too hard. Then what? You destroy that which you hold most dear, and you have no one to blame but yourself.
I's New Here
Whats up peoples??
Is Not Talking
is not talking to any of u unless u want to talk or add me to ur list or what ever i am here to chat and look at pics of people that are actually interested in chatting if u want me off ur list let me know
Is Nothing Sacred?
I've been watching Dr. Phil which I catch every now and then and this particular episode was about a woman who had cheated on her husband. This is about the gazillionth television program that I've seen about people cheating, especially women. Now, I am a woman and I cannot understand this behaviour. It makes me question why women bother to get married at all. It's like using the word "love" too much. If you say it constantly without sincerity, the word is cheap and means nothing at all. And yet these are the same women who drag men kicking and screaming to the altar. I feel really vindicated that my opinion of most other women is that they get married not because of love or even commitment, but because they get to show all their friends that "Ha! Ha! I'm getting married and you're not...I'm getting married before you!" If they don't believe in God and aren't afraid to go before Him and make a vow, at least they should think about whatever children they may have. It's always the ch
1984 Is Now
1984 is now vibratting our illeagal sounds the thought police have the control give way to the rise of the proles o'brain has lost his mind victory mansions are on fire tonight ministry of love will put up its fight hate week has begun right big brother is watching you all the sheep have no clue telescrenes are the tool of the game loss of free thought is a crying shame just lost hairs from the lions main war is peace what the hell is up with that freedom is slavery i cant get by with what they gave ingnrance is strangth the 3 states desire is to terminate 1984 is now 1984 is now 1984 is now (i dont know about this one, it needs alot of work)
Is Not The Same
You are so many people that, please tell me, who I’m I speaking to? Don’t you see that you are not the same? You are the one who says: “stay with me, I promise to give you storm, give you a bad time…” I promise, (if you are listening baby) to give you art… Because is not the same to say: “Stay and we will see” than “Stay, and we will see’. Is not the same “to be” than “to be at”, is not the same “to be at” than “to stay”, No way! Neither “to stay” is the same as to “stop by”. Is different to be conformed or to fight, is not the same, is always different. Please open the door, give me some air because I will suffocate. Iis not about which side you want to be on, to be in one side or to be on the side… (You see), I don’t know how to say it, is not the same, it is different. To live is the most dangerous thing life has to offer  
Is Not
Whoever is not satisfied with your user name pick your own new one, dammit!
Is Nsa Wrong
if a man is really trying to get his shit and life right, is wrong that he looks for a NSA type relationship if he is upfront with you?
Isn't It Funny
How you show a little skin and out of no where you get all this attention hmm. Superficail much :) But anyway. Im tired. That fucking hamster drove me insane. Im hungry to lazy to cook. Im sad. But don't care. My phone rang 16 times in 10 mins :) Can we all guess who called me. Lets not go there. Dear Heart, Fuck this shit :) The end. Love me.
Isn't She Lovely?
Isn't she lovely Isn't she wonderful Isn't she precious Less than one minute old I never thought through love we'd be Making one as lovely as she But isn't she lovely made from love Isn't she pretty Truly the angel's best Boy, I'm so happy We have been heaven blessed I can't believe what God has done Through us he's given life to one But isn't she lovely made from love Isn't she lovely Life and love are the same Life is Aisha The meaning of her name Londie, it could have not been done Without you who conceived the one That's so very lovely made from love
Isn't It Enough
Isn't It Enough? is this your way of asking the broken girl to ask for help when she lies low in the dark hungry for the end wasn't it enough when she took your hand and promise showed you the last scraps of hope and love wasn't it enough that she waited and prayed to abandoning Gods for you to find happiness wasn't it enough that she kept her aching need a secret when you were in the arms of love with a failing woman and now you want her to beg to tell you of the poison in her heart that the will to live is gone when it's all crying to the deaf
Isnt Any Fucking Subject
Here I sit wondering what the fuck is happening.My life just seems to be getting rodundant.I really wish I could meet someone who actually sounds interested in me,yeah I know,not on this fucking box.You know seems like to me that there isnt very many genuine people on here,dont get me wrong I love L.C. but the shit is getting deep.I just want to be loved and treated like I treat other people,which is with the utmost respect.I just want to be loved!
Isn't It Funny...
Isn't it funny how things that were once near and dear to you can later serve as life lessons and comic relief?
Isn't It Funny....
Isn't it funny how life plays out! In the last few days I have had a lot of things on my mind...what should I do, shouldn't I do that, should I...etc, etc, etc... Well it always seems just when you are down on your luck the something or someones makes a difference in your life! I don't oftne tell the people who have made a great difference in my life how much they mean to me - but they certainly mean a great deal!
Isn't It Funny...
its funny how. one person can have such a giant effect on you and the way you feel from day to day. someone can put you so high up in the clouds, and make you feel invincible; or they can shove you right down in the dirt. its rediculous, its fucking retarded; that the price you have to pay for letting somone in your heart is that they OWN it. they own your emotions and THEY get to pick and choose how you feel at any given moment. they might not mean to, and they might regret it, but that feeling is now etched in your brain. it doesn't just go away after a good nights slumber. you will ALWAYS remember that soap sud fight in the laundry room, that grade 7 pact to be best friends forever, the day they told you they loved you, the day they told you you weren't as special as you once thought, nooks and late night conversations... every single memory, good or bad, is driven right to the depths of your heart.. a little token of what that person has helped you become. because believe it or
Isn't Life Simple.
Life I as simple as 1 2 3 then why all these men want to play games on me.. I can see through the bs and flattery .. so be a man and be honest please.. I lay in my bed and these thoughts come to mind so I up writing them and trying not to sigh.. my soul just become darken and anger begins to feed.. Why does the mind play tricks on me.. I have been pushed to the dark side of no return.. See things pass me by as I grow old.. learn to see through the black clouds to find a shining light that shows it all not in site.. Things are as simple as black and white as long as you open your eyes you will see it without a doubt.. laying in my bed tossing about.. If this has what become of my life full of sleepless nights.. I turn my soul away from the devil cause he will never have the purity I see in me.. but yet these thoughts and feelings are beginning to consume me.. there darken and evil and full of rage.. There is no particular rhythm or reason it just me.. Isn’t life as simple as one two
Isn't It Time We Jailed Bush ?
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Isn't It Time For Washington To Listen?
According to a Time magazine poll taken nationally in the United States 82% believe that the U.S. is not doing enough to secure its borders 82% say that the United States is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country 71% support major penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants 69% believe illegal immigrants should have greater restrictions to government services, such as driver's license, health care/food stamps, and attending public schools 68% say that illegal immigration is an extremely/very serious problem in the United States 62% favor taking whatever steps are necessary at the borders, including the use of the military, to cut the flow of illegal immigrants into the country 56% favor building a security fence along the U.S.-Mexican border 51% think the US would be "better off" by deporting all illegal immigrants, while 38% believe the U.S. would be "worse off" Of course the results of this poll may be skewed by the fa
Isnt She Cute
Isn't Life Grand?
Isn't Life Grand? by Travis Teeter Nights alone in the world, searching for all the answers.. Staring into a half empty glass, glancing at the exotic dancers.. I'm sick of things the way they are, nothing stands out.. I'd rather be on the phone, singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout.." Money changes hands, as I get another drink. I smile, and feel warm.. But thats just the booze, it'll wear off before I get back to the dorm.. I just want someone to laugh with, have a good ol' time.. A pretty face to look at, that I don't have to give every dime.. Get tired of doing nothing good, just wasting away in a self-made hell.. It should be fun, but I'm bored. What more is there to tell? Was I better off a child, not knowing? Just continuing on as always? Or better off coming up short. Wasting my life away, by the days.. Its not easy being me, I'm not perfect by any real means.. But atleast I'm not one of those idiots, crying, fucking teens.. Think they've got it
Isn't That The Way They Say It Goes... Well Let's Forget All That
Just a quick little note to start out my blog (my first blog ever! believe that!?)Dedicated to my two favorite people out here in cyberspace. When I got a link in my email that lead me here, I almost immediately found myself falling for a young woman with one of the sweetest faces and most enchanting eyes I may have ever seen, not to mention a smile that made me melt. Silly of me, I know.Soon after, I got a visit from a fellow geek and nice guy that sorta reminded me of a younger version of myself, before I became such an insufferable cynic (I wont go into the very long story that got me to this point, suffices to say, many failed attempts at love and success), with a great life philosophy and much cooler glasses than me.So, hopefully without sounding TOO jealous, I hope the two of them make like penguins and find themselves close enough to keep each other warm way up there in cold country (brrrr)Just don't act like THESE penguins :D Be more like these two Thanks for bei
Isn't It Crazy...
Isn't it crazy how a person really thinks they are over something or someone, time passes by, you get on with your life, they cross your mind less and less and then WHAM something happens or they pop back up and all the hurt and anger and tears come rushing back like it never went away, not to mention the love you once felt. You can't forgive them but you can't exactly give them completely up either. I do have some closure now, which is always a good thing to have!! Ya know I am almost positive I have lost my freaking mind. I need some serious fucking mental help.
Isn't This A Bitch?
Ok, so I go to Penn Station yeah? Atarah and I fuck around Manhattan all night, till her train back to Jersey dips. Guess what?! The train to H-town only runs 3 days a week. And today ain't one of em. ...FUCK. So. Now what? I make some calls...Take my WV ticket money, and catch 5:01am to Farmingdale. Neat...Melody and Jason saved my ass. Oh fuck. Now how am I getting home? Heh...stay tuned.
Isn't Anyone Like Me???
So, my friends (no offense to them they are cool most of the time), tell me I should be more picky. Actually, the word one of them used is 'conceded'. I said, "You DO realize that is not a positive character trait right?" I am just not so wrapped up in looking @ people all the time, unless when I look @ them, I see who they are inside. "So why should I be conceded?" "Because you're like, pretty, and you pick guys that aren't good enough for you. ok, the one guy you were chillin w/ over the summer...what was his name? Idk, he didn't take you out on any dates, and he was totally wrapped up in drugs. I mean, he wasn't even cute and you said you were 'falling' for him?!" I told my friends how shallow their whole reasoning was and they said he treated me like crap anyways. I thought he was sweet, and even though he's a jerk on the outside, I felt like I could see the soul behind his cold exterior... My last words on the conversation were: "I am not looking, and I won't let myself get wo
Isn’t A Teacher The Student Too?
Isn’t a teacher the student too? Don’t read me wrong people. I do have an open mind and my quest is always for new friends, knowledge and a life of happiness. With my wife at my side, I could care less about all the talk and rumors, its all B.S. and life is too short for that. I am human first, I do have faults and know them well. I don’t need anyone to point them out, no one knows them better then me! But as we grow older and with experience we learn that school is never out ! Its just the classes that change for us. So I guess you could say even a master is still his best student in life and a Dom his. The only thing one can master is that the decisions made in life, good or bad is his as are the results So in this line of thinking we are Dom’s and never a master in the full circle of the life we live. What is right for one is not always right for someone else . I don’t know why you are here, but I do know that I am here to live my life the best and fullest as
Isnt It Great
ya know...its kinda's goin on 8 am and we just got in from an all usual...but while we were out doin our thing...diggin holes and shit...across the RR tracks there was crazy fire fights and gun fights and tanks shootin and all that i kinda found this REALLY funny...but most normal(sane) ppl would try and find someplace to hide...get outta harms way kinda thing...but guessed it..we got outta the trucks and started standin on the hoods and roofs tryin to get a better few of the "fireworks" show...most of us were complaining cause it sounds like "they were havin too much fun" and we should go most in the military would understand this and think its normal....i'm well aware that it's not...i just found it quite humorous...nothing more...sleepy time.......
Isn't It Romantic?
With Valentine's Day upon us, I just wanted to send out love to all my cherry tap friends and family! This is my first Valentine's Day without my husband in my life since 1996. I'm spoiling Philip rotten and going to do the ice cream sundae party at his school on Wednesday afternoon. It's fun to hang out with first graders as they sure don't view things like we adults do! Don't forget to tell that special someone in your life how much you love them and if possible, at least get a card if you can't get a gift. It's the thought that counts.
Isnt It Liek Ppl Who Are Not In The Situation To Always Get The Wrong Impression!!!
when u direct something at one persion and another persion who is not even in the picture deleates u from there account and wont tellu why and wont let u say ur sorry but its not at them , dont u think thats really stupid ??? i know i do , what an immeture thing to do w/o even asking to find out. This has to do with a certain 15 yo i found on here who is tellin ppl she is 21 and when i found her on myspace w/o asking her for her name there , her profile said she was 15 what a small world, so to all those ppl on here who have come onto the messinger and trash talked me , stop its getting old and its not tword u , the persion who this is tword knows who they are . SO STOP ALREADY!!
Isn't It Funny
I guess sometimes we want something so bad we will tell ourselves that what we feel is something it isn't. We get so made at others for lying to us when we do it almost everyday. It is how some of us con ourselves in to getting out of bed. It is how we deal with the cruelty and loneliness of the world.
Isn't It Funny
I guess sometimes we want something so bad we will tell ourselves that what we feel is something it isn't. We get so made at others for lying to us when we do it almost everyday. It is how some of us con ourselves in to getting out of bed. It is how we deal with the cruelty and loneliness of the world.
Isn't It Strange
1. Isn't it strange how a 20 dollar bill seems like such a large amount when you donate it to church, but Such a small amount when you go shopping? 2. Isn't it strange how 2 hours seem so long when you're at church, and how short they seem when you're watching a good movie? 3. Isn't it strange that you can't find a word to say when you're praying, but you have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend? 4. Isn't it strange how difficult and boring it is to read one chapter of the Bible, but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel or ZANE GREY book? 5. Isn't it strange how everyone wants front-row-tickets to concerts or games, but they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row in Church? 6. Isn't it strange how we need to know about an event for Church 2-3 weeks before the day so we can include it in our agenda, but we can adjust it for other events at the last minute? 7. Isn't it strange how di
Isn't It Obvious?
Can you hear it in my voice Was it something I let slip Does the whole world know Isn't it obvious? I'm the one who's in control Now I'm acting like a fool Do my feelings show Is my face aglow Isn't it obviuos? That I don't know what I'm doing anymore I'm feeling like a little girl Caught up in emotions I'm out of control isn't it obvious? Do you see my hands, they tremble Wonder why I can't look you in the eyes Don't know how long I can keep this inside Isn't it obvious? That I don't know what I'm doing anymore I'm feeling like a little girl Caught up in emotions I'm out of control isn't it obvious? Suddenly these emotions are in control of my heart Can you see it in my eyes Every glance, every smile must give me away And I feel so much I can't hide That I don't know what i'm doing anymore I'm feeling like a little girl Caught up in emotions I'm out of control isn't it obvious?
Isn't It A Pity
Isn't Is Sad That Some People Will Never Find Love...
and just have to settle for a substitute for love???? Do true loves still exist in this world???? ;) I am still hopeful. Are you????
Isn't It Weird?
So last night I was pretty hungry at 1 am or somewhere near there and of course Wendy's and lots of other places were closed....sooo somehow I ended up at McDonalds.... Strangely enough....they now have nutritional information on the package...along with the calorie count. My double cheeseburger had 460 calories while my small fries had 250....anyone else seen this phenonemon in any other fast food chains? What are everyone's thoughts on this? Is it about time, or do you not what to know and just want a quick meal you don't have to think about?
Isn't It Amazing?
Isn't it amazing how you "like" a song until you actually read the words and it takes on a totally different meaning? It's like I understand the artist's meaning and feeling behind the song itself. Here's one that is tugging my heart strings at the moment. Anna Nalick Breathe (2 AM) 2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, "Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?, I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season" Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes Like they have any right at all to criticize, Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason 'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button, girl. So cradle your head in your hands And breathe... just breathe, Oh breathe, just breathe May he turn 21 on the base at Fort Bliss "Just a Day", he said down to the flask in his fist, "Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year." Here in
Isnt Life A Real Bitch
Funny that I say this....I mean isnt just a bitch in a 1/2 when ya sorry stupid punk ass self gets busted for being a player and when ya do you have to go off and hide and run cause ya know if ya dont then ya wont be able to play no more....anyways lmao have a great day all
Isn't It?
i usually say, 'fuck the truth' but mostly, the truth fucks you...
Isn't My Sis One Hot Bitchen Babe??????
Isn't My Sis One Hot Bitchen Babe?????? I think so! What Do You All Think?
Isnt He Lovely?...............for Someone Special
Eyes that smile and twinkle as a star Lips, the softest shade of pink Skin so smooth and tanned the perfect brown He’s just so lovely, don’t you think? Hands so large yet gentle as a dove Shoulders broad and oh so strong Arms that open wide for an embrace With him it’s right where I belong Feet the nicest, smoothest feet I ever knew Knees as lovely as can be Ears so soft just like the velvet of a rose This man is mine, he’s all for me His heart is filled with love that overflows His soul is angel kissed with care His splendor comes from inward, shining out His brilliance and his beauty fills the air Isn’t he lovely, this man I call my own Isn’t he just the best there is? Yes, he is, he’s that and so much more And to think that he’s all mine and I am his
Isn't It A Craxy Thing
Isn't it funny how when you are just about to give up on finding your right match whack, you are slabbed in the face with this wonderful man that was always there and you didn't even realize you loved him until he said something to you about dating. Yep that's what happened to me. Smacked me right dab in the middle of my heart and keeps on doing it everyday. Did I ever expect to have one guy be so caring, and trusting with my heart. The heart thats been puled this way and that by asshole men all my life. Have I ever felt this way about anyone before? Not like this, Yes I have been engaged to be married and yes I was married but my reasons for them were all the wrong reasons. I married because I got pregnant, stupid reason I learn that the hard way when he started hitting me and our child. Did I want to marry Barry? Not really, I just was settling because I thought he loved me which I was wrong. Did I love him, yes I did at one time, but that love was pushed right out the door when he m
Isn't The Question You Ask
"Isn't the question you ask, the same question I always heard while growing up? Don't you want to fit in with them? If it is, the answer is no... I refuse to be a shallow sellout like those others. I am beyond that.
Isn't This The Truth??
FEMALE PRAYER Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. Amen. MALE PRAYER I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a bass boat. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit. Amen
Isn't It The Truth!!?
Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock ( MADE IN JAPAN) for 6am. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA ) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor ( MADE IN HONG KONG ). He put on a dress shirt ( MADE IN SRI LANKA ), designer jeans ( MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and tennis shoes ( MADE IN KOREA ). After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA ) he sat down with his calculator ( MADE IN MEXICO ) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch ( MADE IN TAIWAN ) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA ) he got in his car ( MADE IN GERMANY ) filled it with GAS from Saudi Arabia and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (Made In Malaysia ), Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals ( MADE IN BRAZIL ) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV ( MADE IN INDONESIA ), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job
Isn't It Weird
The oddest things give us inspiration to have hope. Have given me the inspiration to write again. Just wanting something I can't have again but just enough to hope for it. I know exactly that which I feel and whom it is about and though there is a man that has given me the inspiration to write he isn't who I write about. Who I write about is a man I lost many a lifetime ago
Isnt She Wonderful??
At last my love has come along my lonely days over and life is like a song Ooh At last the skies above are blue well my heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you I found a dream that I could speak to a dream that I could call my own I found a thrill to press my cheek to a thrill that I have never known You smile you smile oh and then the spell was cast and here we are in heaven for you are mine at last
Isn't It Great Life Is Open-ended!
Elizabeth Lawton, known as "Grandma Layton," is an American artist who never drew a picture until she was sixty-eight years old. She spent all the years before that time trying to cope with depression. She had gone through therapy, medications, and shock treatment and continued to be severely depressed. But then she signed up for an art class and the act of drawing cured her depression. She continues to make fabulous pictures. What does she think about the critical acclaim her artwork has received? She says she wants others to know about her art so it may give hope to those who have also "suffered from feelings." Many of us have suffered from feelings. We must remember that we can each turn to our creativity - at any age - as a source for our well-being. All we need to do is have faith in the potential goodness within ourselves and those we love. What creative activity can I look to for comfort today?
Isn't This Awesome:
imikimi - Customize Your World
Isn't This Cute.
Funny Videos
Isnt It The Truth...
Im really scared... I dont want to do this... I dont want to go... But I have to... This is so horrible... Doing this alone... Its going to hurt a lot... They are going to hurt me more... All so full of knowlege, Yet so empty of feelings... Emotions, Whats that? A world full of hope, Yet many drems lost at sea... The feelings you give me are not so free... I guess this is the end... Where I stop my restraint of tears... They say its almost over, But they still sit and dweal for years... I cant take no more... The pain it just keeps rising... To finish this project... Is far out of the question... The only issue I have... Is a question that is unanswerable... WHY!?!
Isn't It Amazing...
I have recently found myself in a situation where I was hurt by a man...(not so surprizing eh?) Well, I had the opportunity brought to me to talk to this complete and total stranger about my issues, share with Him my thoughts. So, I said to myself "What the couldn't hurt, it isn't like this person knows me and I can get it off of my mind." So I took up the opportunity to do so. Through out the midst of it all I found this part of the world that I really never knew. That a person can be so Amazing. He, the stranger, has become someone that shares a lot of my thoughts, has given me a lot of strength, and has pushed me in many ways to pursue happiness. I have done nothing other than smile 99.9% of this time that has been shared. I have learned that life doesn't have to go in the direction it seems to be taking, if we choose to walk into something with our eyes wide open. To feel this bond with someone that once was a complete stranger and to have it become a part of what I
Isnt That The True Dream Of Love?
Standing there screaming things you really don't feel. Words of anger flying everywhere. Hurting eachothers hearts, the same hearts we intrusted eachother with. Why do we do this? Why do we say such hurtful things to eachother? Always wanting to have the last word, Never seeing the pain in eachothers eyes. Searching forever just to find that one special soul. Finding them and envisioning a world neither can live up to. Living your life to protect the one that you end up hurting. How ominous relationships can be, not understanding. Why do we search so long to find that one? The one that possesses everything we have searched for. Only to try to change them. If you have to change them, what did you love about them to begin with? To find the one that we don't want to change, the one that doesn't want to change you. The one that anger doesn't have to exist with. Hurtful things don't need to be said. Love can last a lifetime. Isn't that the true dream of love?
Isn't This The Truth?
I am Meth! I destroy homes, I tear families apart. I take your children, and thats just the start. Im more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me remember I'm easily found. I live all aroung you in schools and in towns. I live with the rich, I live with poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab but not like you think. I can be made under the sink.In your childs closet, and even in the woods. If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names but there's one you'll know best. I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome, try me, you'll see. But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go. But try me twice and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie. You do what you have to just to get high. The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms will be worth t
Isn't Black Beautiful.
No not every thing black is beautiful, Nor is every thing gold n silver beautiful, The only thing that is truely beatiful is nothing, Yet nothing isn't beautiful at all either its just that nothing, The it might be nice or cool but black is just that black, It's the the oppiste of white or light, It's what is behind every thing n in every thing, Now Red is the color that is beautiful, Its is a color that is power-full, It's the color of hate, Of love, Of passion, Of the blood of your ex-girl/boyfriend, babby's mother, ex-wife/husband, Now thats truely a wonderfull color, The only thing more beautiful, Is that of the every swirlling thought of death, That is the most beautiful thing death, Sweet slumber, No more pain, Or sorrow, Or agony, Or lonelyness, Or Lust Or emotions period, Or controlling ex's, That is truely beautiful, DEATH; RED; And my child.
Isn't This The Truth??
October 2, 2007 - Tuesday ISN’T THIS THE TRUTH????? ISN'T THIS THE TRUTH ?????? When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern "seat covers" (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty. You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck, (Mom would turn over i n her grave if you put it on the FLOOR!), yank down your pants, and assume " The Stance." In this position your aging, toneless thigh muscles begin to shake. You'd love to sit down, but you certainly hadn't taken
Isn't It Amazing?
Isn't it great that you can go from happy to crap in such a short time? I think God or the higher power or whoever created humans has a great sense of humor....not really, but it sounds good...... I found myself praying the other night that someone would just cut my feelings totally out of me. I think it would be the best thing for me at this point, at least I wouldn't let people hurt me and I wouldn't care if someone just trompled the shit out of my heart and move on. I can't stand the fact that I can let someone affect me the way that they do, and take me from one extreme to another in a short time.... I know i will be happy again sometime, but this is the period that I freakin hate the most....the period that says hey, you are a freakin failure once again... Then the next question is why bother at all? And why the hell do I question myself when I know its not always me that us messing shit up? I guess I am just as bad as the women who stay in abusive relationsh
Isnt That The True Dream Of Love?
Standing there screaming things you really don't feel. Words of anger flying everywhere. Hurting eachothers hearts, the same hearts we intrusted eachother with. Why do we do this? Why do we say such hurtful things to eachother? Always wanting to have the last word, Never seeing the pain in eachothers eyes. Searching forever just to find that one special soul. Finding them and envisioning a world neither can live up to. Living your life to protect the one that you end up hurting. How ominous relationships can be, not understanding. Why do we search so long to find that one? The one that possesses everything we have searched for. Only to try to change them. If you have to change them, what did you love about them to begin with? To find the one that we don't want to change, the one that doesn't want to change you. The one that anger doesn't have to exist with. Hurtful things don't need to be said. Love can last a lifetime. Isn't that the true dream of love?
Isn't It Nice?
How nice is it when you find money in your purse, wallet, pocket, etc. that you never knew you had? Even finding five bucks is nice but I just found a $50 bill! I have no clue where it came from or how long it was in there but it definitely made my outlook for the day a little brighter :)
Isn't Already Here?
he human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist. 100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed. The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000. The report claims that after they reach their peak around the year 3000 humans will begin to regress These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years. "Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance. Men will have symmetrical facial
Isn't It Ironic?
Isnt it ironic? We ignore who adores us. adore who ignores us. hurt who loves us. love who hurt us.
Isn't He Lucky?
If the devil on my shoulder were in the room right now my exboyfriend would be undergoing major changes. He's log into myspace tomorrow to find he's a 16 yr old chic who's into hot lesbian sex with stinky 97 yr old grannies who don't bath. He'd learn that he's a gay guy who learned to love hot man on man action while he was in jail for raping his cat. He'd find out that he's in this country illegally and is looking for an older woman who doesn't mind the fact that he has sex with his dog to marry until he because legal. He'll give her mind blowing sex and make it worth her while and all it will cost her in the end is half her fortune and a world of heartache. He would be saying how sorry he is for everything he ever did to hurt me and owning up to it all being his fault. If the devil on my shoulder were in the room right now he'd be becoming all the things he hates. He'd learn that he really isn't that hot and that the sex wasn't really mind blowing. He'd find out that he really wasn'
Isn't It Strange
IT IS STRANGE ISN'T IT... Isn't it strange how a 20 dollar bill seems like such a large amount when you donate it to church, but such a small amount when you go shopping? Isn't it strange how 2 hours seem so long when you're at church, and how short they seem when you're watching a good movie? Isn't it strange that you can't find a word to say when you're praying but.. you have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend? Isn't it strange how difficult and boring it is to read one chapter of the Bible but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel or ZANE GREY book? Isn't it strange how everyone wants front-row-tickets to concerts or games but they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row in Church? Isn't it strange how we need to know about an event for Church 2-3 weeks before the day so we can include it in our agenda, bu
Isn't It Funny?
Isn't it funny how when your life starts to look up, your ex shows back up and tries to complicate things. After splitting from my hubby for cheating on me with my brother's girlfriends mother, I met a great man here on Fubar and things were great for awhile. We laughed,joked and I even traveled to another state to be with him. We were so in love I thought and everything was great. When he started having problems in his life that he needed to handle, he shut me out. He felt that he needed to handle it all on his own. Maybe he thought that I should/would wait on him forever, without so much as one word. I did wait one him for 3 months. Not one email, IM, letter or phone came that told me that he was ok or even still alive. I recoiled inside myself and detached from reality for months while gathering my strength again. Through the whole ordeal, I had to watch my family fall apart at the seams. My hubby was in and out of my life while seeing the other woman and me at the same time. I suff
Isn't Life Sweet!
i sure missed everybody here! it feels great to be here! lol p.s. going to n.c. for my sons wedding right after Christmas!!! Add this video to your MySpace profile with just one click. Cool! Music Video Code by New Music Videos and Codes Note: Selecting the text area above will automatically copy the HTML code to your clipboard.
Isnt It Ironic?
Inst it ironic? We ignore who adores us. Adore who ignores us. Love who hurts us and hurt who loves us!
Isn't It Funny?
There are things that come up in life that is beyond our control. There are also things that we let escape us without taking a moment to understand why. I have learned many things over the last year, some I wish I never knew and others I hold close. Life is short, too short actually. I always thought that I would know what I would do when faced with certain things in my life, truth is that you never know until that time comes even then you are still unsure. God gives us strength during certain trials then there are those times that we face our trials feeling as though there is no strength to be found. There are moments of happiness and moments of tears, the end what matters is who we turn to during both of those moments. Take time with your family, your parents, siblings, children, and also your friends. All those you love hold them close and tight. Be quick to forgive and to remember the good instead of the bad. Life is funny those that
Isn't Funny......
Isn't it funny,how we all live on this planet together,living out our lives day by day,right along side one another,and yet we all experience life differently.I mean,I grew up rough,runnin wild in the streets,around drug dealers,ex-cons,and prostitutes.When the kid next door lived a non-impoverished life,and had it good. I live my life day by day anymore,taking it as it comes,never looking to the future,at least to far ahead that is.I met some people on here,that well,had it alot worse than I did,and they are like me in a way.We all went through some stuff growin up,and we turned out ok.We have alot to be thankful for,and we cherish our friends and family more.W e don't take anything for granted,we only ask that we be treated the same as we treat others.Respect one another,be good to each other,lend a helping when you are called upon.You just may save some ones life one day.
Isn't This Somethin......
Some advert eh ? PS.....No offense please.....
Isnt It Funny
how you can THINK that you are very special to someone and they let you believe that and they use that and they twist that into something unholy? how they can abuse your soul and say fuck your heart its me that makes the rules and you have no say when i come and when i go.... they walk away like other befor them, they lie to you when you only seek the truth, they make it so that loveis not worth trying for, and with each piece of your heart that falls it makes life that much more not worth living because you never want another to do what so many other have done befor him...... they make it lonely, they make it sad, almost so that you feel your already powdered heart start to blow away in the breeze
Isn't That How It Is ???
It isn't just music anymore. To her, it is beyond background noise, beyond entertainment, beyond emotion, beyond feeling, beyond ability. It is freedom. It is bondage. It is everything in between. With every blessed passionate note she can feel the stars burning behind her eyes, and the stars bleed firey rivulets of emotion. She can feel them stabbing into her brain, feel them piercinging pain down into her heart. She is a beautiful angel, laying broken in its talons. Every shard screams for more, contrary to what her fragmented form would suggest. She is lonely; yes, she is afraid. She is unable to control the effects of the drug. She shudders from the delectable poisoning. She gleams a glow of golden hope. He is nowhere to be found. He is still leaving; he is still taking; he is still sadistically smiling. He has never had anything to give. He is not welcome anymore; he is detested. He is the rhyme, the melody and the reason. It isn't just music anymore, nor shall it ever be
Isnt She Lovely?
I'm sure some of U have noticed I've been MIA for a week. My daughter started labor last week, but it wasnt progressing. Her Doc here in my small town is running for state senate, so my family wasnt at the top of his list. I tried so hard to keep her strong. Its been the most heart wrenching week I've ever had in my life. There's nothing worse in this world than watching ur baby go thru pain and noone will help her. Finally after a week of labor, she dialated. Thank God. Soooo, she was admitted for the 3rd and final time. The "wonderful" Doc came in, gave her an epidural and left. There she laid, dialated to 10 for 5 hrs, while he went home and slept. She of course felt no pain, so it was ok with everyone but me. Finally, he came back and broke her water and told her she could start pushing with contractions whenever she liked. I was like OMG! He went to the room next to hers and slept. Soooo, her labor nurse tells me we'll be doing the work. We were to watch the monitor for the TOCO n
Isnt Easy Getting Devorced
no matter how long uve been married & then separated devorce is hard i have been away from my husband for well over 8 years & finally paying way to much finacaly & emotionally for something he is sitting back & not even helping me on. I know im ready to be devorced from this so called human being but what was supposed to cost me under $400.00 is now almost $1000.00 & what was supposed to be 3 weeks is almost 3 to 4 months. I thank god him & i never had children together, then he would make it harder then this really is now. I'm in 1 state he is in another & all he has to do is answer the door & sign 1 or 2 pieces of paper you think he could do that much heck no he cant & now the judge is threatening to pull us both in court. Well there is no way in hell i would allow him near me or even see me. I thought he would have wanted this over more then i do but im finding no matter what once some1 controls you they dont want to stop. He is trying to control me & im hoping he is figuring out t
Isn't It Funny...
It's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye. It's funny how good memories can start to make you cry. It's funny how forever never really seems to last. It's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past. It's funny how 'friends' can just leave you when you're down. It's funny how when you need someone their never around. It's funny how people change and think they're so much better. It's funny how many lies can be packed into one 'love letter'. It's funny how people forgive even though they can't forget. It's funny how one night can contain so much regret. It's funny how ironic life turns out to be. But the funnies part of all... Is that none of that's funny to me!
Isn't It Funny. . .
some ppl say you're really important to them... yet you are really low on their fam list... hmm funny... when someone is important to me they are higher up on my family and my friends list... guess i'm just weird...
Isn't Life Strange
Isn't She Beautiful
Hard 2 Handle ~ Steffy's & La*La's FuWife~">@ fubar
Isn't Someone Missing Me?
Can you stop the fire? Can you stand to fight her? You cant stop the fire, you wont say the words. Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. Maybe someday you'll look up, And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one: "Isn't something missing?" You won't cry for my absence, I know - You forgot me long ago. Am I that unimportant...? Am I so insignificant...? Isn't something missing? Isn't someone missing me? Even though I'm the sacrifice, You won't try for me, not now. Though I'd die to know you love me, I'm all alone. Isn't someone missing me? Whispered: Can you stop the fire? Can you stand to fight her? You cant stop the fire, you wont say the words. Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. I know what you do to yourself, I breathe deep and cry out; "Isn't something missing? Isn't someone missing me?" Even though I'm the sacrifice, You won't try for me, not now. Though I'd die to know you love me, I'm all alone. Isn't someone missing me? And if I bleed, I
Isn't It Funny?: Part Einz
That it's typically those who are silent are the ones in need. I'm not even sure who on here will give a crap. I write because my heart is too heavy to be by itself right now... and no one I thought cared for me will give me the hour I need to just .... I don't even what I need. A hug would be nice. A conversation that involves nothing negative. A joke. A good fucking cry with someone, because this crying for hours by myself shit needs to end... I rarely post the shit I go through. I've learned people don't like to read it. And even less actually do anything about it. Maybe it's flabbergasting. or.... fuck. I don't even know what it could be. I'll start with the burning question that's on a lot of people's list, some of them I answered. Some I didn't because I got sick of having to go through it.... and then 80% of those I told didn't really understand... either because they don't have kids or never had a custody battle. July 31st and August 24th I went to court. The 31st I was sum
Isn't It Funny?: Part Drei
That the ones that hurt, never speak. (I'm breaking this up because no one would read any of it if it were two miles long.) I occasionally post some of things in my life that stress me out... I never really get much in the way of response or they turn into empty promises. But like I said in "einz" it's too much for me and no one has time for me. I take that back. One person did, I happened to be at my father's crying. And my phone had died. I've seen a lot of shit come and go in my short 26 years... a lot. A lot more than most see in their lives. I have been abused in every way imaginable from just about any person you could think of that could. I have seen death. In the droves. I have been shoved down, kicked and then maimed mentally, physically, verbally and psychologically. I have been mind fucked and mind bended. I have been lied to, made to lie, seen someones lies. I have been made to be silent. And made to scream. I had to deal with watching the one person that I belie
Isn't It Funny How I'm A "fat Cunt" When I Destroy All His Hopes And Dreams But Not When He Thinks He's Gonna Get His Dick Wet? As
from: Dshady1 Why so serious Lansing, MI subject: RE: Dshady1 sent you a Sex Machine   received: 10/4/2009 07:05 pm replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   really u can go fuck yourself you fat cunt....=== '`·.¸¸.ஐ< Sweetness >ஐ.¸¸.·´' wrote the following at '2009-10-04 18:56:22'..>> *blink* > > Did you hit your head on something? I'm not your baby. I don't even know you wtf kind of question is that. ffs > > > === 'Dshady1' wrote the following at '2009-10-04 18:50:00'..> >> > a sex machine baby....> > === '`·.¸¸.ஐ< Sweetness >ஐ.¸¸.·´' wrote the following at '2009-10-04 18:23:52'..> > >> > > Be what? > > > > > &
Isn't It Nice...
to have a friend like you? A friend who helps me see myself in a whole new way? I think it's real nice...♥
Isn't It The Truth!
HARLEY DAVIDSON FACES STIFF COMPETITION WITH NEW LINE OF MOTORCYCLES FROM JOHNSON MARINE . At a press conference late Monday, the CEO of Johnson Marine, makers of Johnson outboard marine engines and other recreational equipment, unveiled a new line of heavyweight cruiser style motorcycles designed to compete head to head with industry leader Harley-Davidson. Peter Long, Johnson brands marketing manager said, "We have studied the market and determined that Harley, while highly successful, has narrowly missed the mark when targeting motorcycle buyers". Long added, "We at Johnson are convinced that our product hits the target dead center and promises to draw sales away from Harley-Davidson in a way no other motorcycle has been able to accomplish". The new line of bikes, marketed under the name Big Johnson Motorcycles, will, according to Long, deliver what Harley has only promised. "Our research show that this, a Big Johnson, is what Harley buyers are really after". At the unve
Isn't It Nice To Forgive?
Isn't it nice to forgive people that kill for no apparent reason, except for hate?  Now I understand to forgive personal debts, but murder?
Isn't It Ironic?
So I’m standing around at a NOFX concert… Yeah, I know. I should have thought this through a little better. Anyway, I’m standing at this concert and I have a total Final Destination moment. This happens due to the summation of several factors.  1. I am on the second floor of a bar/club and I can feel the vibrations of the double bass drum from the band playing on the ground floor. 2. The entire building seems to be made completely of wood.  3. There are numerous men who are much too big to be jumping around like kids who are, indeed, jumping around and punching at each other like children. Hereafter these men shall be referred to as fatties, huge bitches, or big ass motherfuckers.  4. These huge bitches are making the floor bounce like a fucking trampoline right underneath my feet.  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = death trap.  In my mind, I see these fatties causing the floor to give way beneath us. It would splinter like a frozen sheet of ice covering a lake and start to br
Isn't A Fucking...
Isn't a fucking idiot better than a celibate one?
Isn't It Ironic?
People that hate entire ethnicities complaining about a coupla chicks being mean to them. People that want entire populations to be persecuted talking about their right not to be persecuted for their beliefs. People that excuse racism because it's 'their freedom' censoring anyone who disagrees with them. I could go on but I have a job to get to...selective morality really pisses me off.
Is Number 11 The One To Break The Cherry ?
A young man married a beautiful woman who had previously divorced 10 husbands. On their wedding night, she told her new husband to, "Please be gentle... I'm still a virgin". "What?" exclaimed the new groom. "How can that be if you've been married ten times?" "Well, husband #1 was a Sales Representative; he kept telling me how great it was going to be. "Husband #2 was in Software Services; he was never really sure how it was suppose to function; but he said he'd look into it and get back with me. "Husband #3 was an automotive technician; he said that everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the engine running. "Husband #4 was in Telemarketing; even though he knew he had the order, ..he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. "Husband #5 was a scientist; he understood the basic principle but he wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of- the-art procedure. "Husband #6 was an Administrator; he thought
Is Number 11 The One To Break The Cherry ?
A young man married a beautiful woman who had previously divorced 10 husbands. On their wedding night, she told her new husband to, "Please be gentle... I'm still a virgin". "What?" exclaimed the new groom. "How can that be if you've been married ten times?" "Well, husband #1 was a Sales Representative; he kept telling me how great it was going to be. "Husband #2 was in Software Services; he was never really sure how it was suppose to function; but he said he'd look into it and get back with me. "Husband #3 was an automotive technician; he said that everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the engine running. "Husband #4 was in Telemarketing; even though he knew he had the order, ..he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. "Husband #5 was a scientist; he understood the basic principle but he wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of- the-art procedure. "Husband #6 was an Administrator; he thought he
A skinny little bitch to be my whore.
I So Abhore Violence...
and I am listening to fighting and yelling going on upstairs... it sounds like they are going to fall down in my apartment.... Police have been called.... Auughhghgh... What a day! What a day! Guess it might have been meant to be my day to stay home... so sad. K PS - Freaky... I wish it were my cats. I live in apartments. :(
I So Agree With Ths
I So Agree Its Not Funny!!
Hmmm...I really hoped you opened this to see my problem...rather then to see the new E-Drama bullshit to repost and cause a bigger headache to those involved...WOW! last time i checked this site was for 18+ for ADULT... sadly i can not say MATURE adults since as i am sure you all see the many bulletins on our bulletins boards a day about "ohh those dirty down raters" get over it you get the same amount of points whether they rate you a 1 or 10i really hate the bullshit "fubar courtesy" rate a 10 or don't rate at all...whats the point of a rating system if we all rate each other the ALMIGHTY TEN...stupidity is when you post a bulletin about a down rater...just to get people to go to their page and down rate thats smart...NOTPLEASE STOP asking me to repost your bullshit she/he did what to whom ...hmm both are adults...let them handle it... and if it is getting to the point of threats and shit hmm last time i checked the bouncers where hear for a reason use em or get the fuck o
I So Agree With This
Sometimes u gotta run away so u can see who will run after u. Sometimes u gotta talk quieter just to see whos listning. Sometimes u gotta step up in a fight just to see whos on ur side. Sometimes u gotta make a wrong decision to see whos there to fix it. Sometimes u gotta let go of the one u love just to see if they love u enough to come back.
"Get down on your knees." The command was curt, delivered in a low growl. Isobel obeyed, unthinking, knees sinking down onto the plush carpeting. Yet the sensation on her kneecaps was rough and abrasive, like the man who stood in front of her. She felt a frisson of indignation stiffening her spine. He must have sensed it, because he gave her a derisive smile, gloating in his power over her. "Daddy, please." The words caught in her throat. She was so reluctant to beg, but the plea slipped out as easily as she'd fallen to her knees moments earlier. "No Isobel, you have to learn your lesson." He reached down and caressed her cheek with his large hand, dipping it into the thick, dark auburn mass of silky soft hair at her temple and rubbing the silken strands between calloused thumb and forefinger. "If you can't respect my sexual privacy, then you'll just have to be a participant." Her Daddy's disapproving tone belied the hungry expression in his green eyes. They glowed
Isobel Part Ii
He was with the stupid other redhead again. Isobel breathed quietly through her nose, one eye held to the crack in the closet door. It was a walk-in, so she wasn't cramped. The space stretched out behind her, seeming cavernous and empty when all her attention was focused on the scene being enacted on the other side of the door. Did Daddy suspect? Did he think she wouldn't have the nerve to do it after yesterday? She smiled grimly. If he thought what happened yesterday would be a deterrent, then Daddy didn't know his little girl at all. Isobel had huddled in her room, as father commanded, throat deliciously raw while she'd relived those few short minutes over and over again. She wanted to do it once more. She wanted the taste and the feel of her father's cock in her mouth. No, who was she kidding? Not just once more. No way. She wanted to do it repeatedly, frequently. She'd realized last night, for the first time, why she'd never let any of the boys she dated touch her or make ou
Is Obama's Momentum Unstoppable?
Is Obama's momentum unstoppable? Has Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination? Mr Obama is popular with moderate and independent voters It is certainly tempting to make this conclusion based on his amazing string of victories on Saturday and Tuesday evening. But the short answer to the question has to be no. Senator Obama has now more states than his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, including the last six (plus the Virgin Islands and the national capital, Washington DC) and he now leads among delegates pledged to vote for him at the Democratic National Convention. In addition to his momentum of victories, he has made significant inroads into constituencies that were the core of his opponent's support. Thus, in Virginia and Maryland, exit polls revealed that he tied with Senator Clinton among white voters, and actually defeated her among women, lower-income voters, rural voters, those over 65 years of age, Catholics, and Hispanics. Swing gr
I Sob
please forgive me. please listen to what i have to say. please hold my hand. please call me out every time i wrong you. please accept me despite my faults. please let me be yours. please kiss me. please listen to my truths and forget my lies. please let me start over. please love me for what i am. please leave a message after the beep. please look into my eyes. please put your arms around me. please answer if i call you at midnight. please forget this ever happened. please. please don't assume that i'm just like her. please get me a drink. please drink with me. please treat me like you treat your sweetie. please tell me a secret. please come back to me. please don't make me feel guilty for being different. please kiss me again. please whisper "i love you." please let me feel your heart beat. please put your hand on my chest and feel mine. please don't tell me something that even you don't believe. please tell me what you want me to be. but most of all, plea
Is Obama A Communist?
Eye for an eye is a judeo/christian belief not a Christian one. I hate communism, but I also hate commercialism. A little commercialism I can live with, A little communism I can't. If OUR governments;federal, State, and even city taxes are redistributed back to poor who won't work, how is that not communism? I can deal with paying taxes to my local government to take care of local matters but not for paying some traitor in D.C. to over see them. Why am I buying his goddamned lunch every day when I can't afford my own? We are heading for extinction and our government has laws in place that ensure the survival of other races over our own. Thats a fact.
*****is Obama The Anti Christ,the Beast 666?****
*****IS OBAMA THE ANTI CHRIST,THE BEAST 666?**** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBAMA IS MABUS, THE ANTI-CHRIST, THE BEAST 666!!! 1.- He will come as a man of Peace (Obama promises peace in Iraq, defeat for the United States,a country he claims to serve but betrays.) He will be a liar and a cheat, Son of Satan. 2.- He will come mounted on a white Female horse(Obama mother is white who had 12 African husbands and lovers)He will be a homosexual an abomination to God. 3.- He will come to deceive( Obama says he's a Christian but in fact he was born a Muslim, practices the Islamic religion, prays Friday’s facing Mecca) 4.- He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, if elected, Mabus will be his name. Millions of godless people will follow Mabus and will kill for him. 5.- He will try to destroy the Jewish People and Israel,the nature of the Beast is to hate Israel( Obama has said he loves Arabs specially Pa
Is Obama Really The First Black President? Not Necessarily
It is all in the Library Of Congress. What you are about to read here will forever alter your views on history in our nation. The following information has been researched by David Coyle and many other people have reseached it but Dr Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA has done the most extensive research. All of these men have black ancesters and Abe Lincoln was half black. There was a picture of the cartoon that Abe Lincolns oponent ran in newspapers. You can check it out at Calvin Coolidge was our 30th president, and he succeeded Warren Harding. He proudly admitted that his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. However, Dr. Bakhufu says that by 1800 the New England Indian was hardly any longer pure Indian, because they had mixed so often with Blacks. Calvin Coolidge's mother's maiden name was "Moor." In Europe the name "Moor" was given to all Black people just as the name Negro was used in America. Abraham Lincoln was our 16
Is Obama The Messiah That The Muslims Are Waiting For??
Is Obama the "Messiah" that the Muslims Are Looking For? Bible-believing Christians are joyfully anticipating the return of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah. Islamic followers have a false “Christ” for which they wait. He is called Mahdi, which means “Divinely Guided One.” The full meaning is “a messianic deliverer who will fill the earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world.” (Britannica, 1991 Ed. Vol. 7, Page 696.) It is scary to hear the hyper descriptions, reports of emotional titillation, and the actual term “messiah” being assigned to Barack Obama. Muammar al-Qaddafi, president of Libya -- one of the nations to join Russia and Iran in marching on Israel -- recently endorsed Obama. Here are his words, “There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan origins, a Muslim, who studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama,” said Qaddaf
Is Obama A Natural Born U.s. Citizen?
CHANGING OF THE GUARD 'Constitutional crisis' looming over Obama's birth location Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see 'usurper' in Oval Office Posted: November 14, 2008, 8:40 pm Eastern The California secretary of state should refuse to allow the state's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until President-elect Barack Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office, alleges a California court petition filed on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others. The legal action today is just the latest is a series of challenges, some of which have gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, over the issue of Obama's status as a "natural-born citizen," a requirement set by the U.S. Constitution. WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi even traveled to Kenya and Hawaii prior to the election to investigate issues surrounding Obama's birth. But his research and discoveries only raised more qu
I So Belong Now
So yesterday at work I was asked to help by the premises manager to carry some stuff down from the third floor of this building to outside. Out of him and his three staff he only had one guy helping me carry these 13 heavy sacks, even though it turned out he and the other two could've helped as they had nothing else to do. K, so we start taking these bags to the agreed drop off point, when this guy (Ian)  suddenly changes his mind and wants them taken somewhere else, further away and smaller. He says because they're a fire hazard (outside, I think not). So I talk to Rosie (his second in command) to make a compromise, whereby we move all 13 to the original place first, then from there to where he wants them. But no, apparently the kids are going to play with them so he doesn't want them there. I know this is a pile of shit and that he is talking out of his ass, so I go talk to his boss, who agrees they should stay in the original place. He gets pissed off with me and stops the guy
Is Obamacare Constitutional?
A reporter recently asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D;CA)where in the Constitution Congress is given the authority to forceAmericans to buy health insurance, she responded, "Are you serious?Are you serious?" Responding to a follow-up question to thisnon-answer, Pelosi's press secretary said, "That is not a seriousquestion." I think otherwise and so should all Americans who value the liberties which our Constitution protects. And once the mandate question is thoroughly examined through the lens of theConstitution's original meaning, the answer is inescapable: it is not constitutional.For those with a traditional understanding of the Constitution as acharter of liberty (as opposed to the 'living version'), the list ofCongress' powers in Article I, Section 8, grants it no authority torequire any such thing. To defend their unprecedented expansion of federal power, Obamacare's proponents rely upon excessively broad interpretations of Congress' powers --namely the powers to regulate inte
Is Obese Being Applauded By The Media?
Plus size model holds record for world's largest hips at 8 feet round Published January 21, 2013 The Sun Mikel Ruffinelli, of Los Angeles, Calif., boasts the world’s biggest hips — measuring more than eight feet round. The mother of four’s amazing natural 100-inch curves mean she struggles to get through doorways — and needs two seats on planes. Mikel, 39, drives a truck because her more than 400-pound frame cannot squeeze into a car; she also needs a reinforced chair at home.  Yet the plus-size model – only 140 pounds as a teenager — is proud of her figure and does not want to lose weight, even though she often attracts jeers. “Everywhere I go I get attention for my hips — both good and bad,” Mikel said. “When I walk down the street, I can hear the shutters going on camera phones and people laughing at me…Some people assume I’ve had surgery to enhance my…hips, but it’s all
I So Can't Wait!!
Me and my hubby have been living with my sister and her hubby and we were renting out the basement. Well we finally got our own place and we can start moving in on Thursday. We both have wanted this for a while and can't wait to have our own place. No offense to my sis, cause I love her to death, but we are married and need our own place! Just thought I would share that with everyone!
I So Did It!
Oh yeah I so did it. I got my diploma and I am out of High School. Now what do I do?? LOL!!! Besides get a job... I'm not going to college. For many different reasons. But who cares for right now I am on an offical break from the school life. I just need a break from life it's self. Only if that was possible. LOL! So much is going on. I am going to get my tattoo June 2nd. YAY!!! I will take a picture for everyone to see.
I So Dig Swingers...
Have I said how much I dig swingers lately? I don't think I have. Sometimes a few can be annoying...esp the ones that think just cuz you're a swinger, you're gonna jump in the sack with them. That's esp annoying when they're someone you would NEVER even consider being around..ever...even if they were the last people on Earth! I guess they figure that since you have the whole 'swing' thing in common, you must be down with them...blah! There are some people that are just awesome, though. They're great to hang out with, and sex with them just makes things cooler. I so love those guys! Too bad that some people treat swinging like dating...esp in the Deep South. I don't mean to sound bad, but if I'm already fucking someone on a more than random basis, how can I really go steady with them? Weird! For the most part it's cool, though. I do miss my Texas swing, but I hope to make it work out here in Alabama. Anyway, that's probably more than you really wanted to know about me,
I So Hate Ppl That Lie!
Dollar-bills and coins enter and leave the wallets of enemies and friends Mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends fill with reminders of your dreams Demographics enjoy comforts that you are failing to endure Now you wait for a last chance to remain as innocent and pure Kings, queens, bishops, rooks, knights, and pawns rule the face of the Earth Feet march, left and right, race against time, forgetting to breathe Now you wait for more lessons in sharing everyone’s frivolous concerns Dollar-bills and coins enter and leave the wallets of enemies and friends
I So Hate Begging Lol
I hate begging and grrr to the higher spotlights lately! Over a month ago I was like dang I'll never get spotlight cause of where I was at fu-buxwise. Then I started getting more and I was like sweet...spotlights at the time were going for only between like 20 million and at most 25 million. I figured okay...I'll get a bit above that and I'll be good. Then...we had a bird decide it needed to get a spotlight for over 36 million. Then the Halloween spotlight was way up there. BUT then the spotlight went back down to like 18 million. But then this week...ahhh! wtf people! I can understand paying these prices if you want it for your birthday, your fu-versary and things like that. But I'm still hoping and praying the prices come back down or else...I'm gonna be out of luck. lol I'm not giving up. Plus I've got a few ideas for thank-you's to everyone who has helped. Which I have to start working on cause the list of helpers keeps growing! And thank you so much
Is Oj Out Of His Ever Freakin' Mind?
I can't believe that he has the nerve to write a book about "What If" he had killed Nicole!!! Everyone seems to think that he did it, despite the criminal justice system failing. Is this meant to be a slap in the face from him seemingly saying, "I got away with it and I know it!"????? What absurdity. There is a rise protesting the distribution and promotion of this book. If you so agree, I would suggest that you, too, do everything in your powers to bring it to the attention to the media that you won't take this laying down and stand up to the media stating that you are tired of any promotion of this book that they are planning to do. Wasn't Susan Powers who had coined the phrase, "Stop the Insanity!".... Well, this ought to be a message that is sent to all the media as well. Aughghghgghghghghgghhhh.... It would seem that, if OJ goes ahead with this little project, he might be writing his own death sentence as many would view this as a direct confession of his role in
I So Jacked This Off Craigslist
Ok, so here's a "I just feel the need to share this with someone (I obviously can't tell anyone I know)" post. The story needs to be told . . . Since my wife shows an interest in sex extremely infrequently (you wouldn't guess it by our three kids), I have been largely left to my own devices over the years. Sometimes I get . . . well, you know . . . curious. (BTW, will someone please explain to me what the deal is with all the wives out there -- mine in particular -- who love sex until a few years into a marriage? Please, please unlock this mystery for me. Yes, I want to keep things new (please again). And yes, I want to experiment - quite desperately in fact. And oh, how I love to eat that kitty cat. Simply love it. Oh, but wait, what's that you say? All you want to do is missionary? And you don't really want foreplay? Well, shoot, I guess I'll have to say I'm down with that, too, especially when given the alternative of the fabulous Ms. Rosie Palm. But _no_ sex? Oh, sorry, I m
where is the sun?.....nowhere to be found.... where is my shade? cover me whole.... where is the water? quench me..... it can't be this reality abound.... where is the earth?.......that i lay my head on.... where are the souls?.....that occupy it with me.... what happened to everything? existence... it's gone within a front of my face chorus: don't know...where i am now... can't see....the way.... don't want.....this isolation.... give me.....a sign today...... where is the guide me through.... where is the taste.....that i used to savor.... where is myself......i can't find it..... i'm stuck with nothing.....looking for something... what's happening here......can anyone see it.... what's going on.......does anyone know.... what the fuck......happened to my world... this apocalypse is's got me wanting.... (chorus x 2) what happened to love......i can't feel it.... what happened
I So Love Thunderstorms
OMG! When I was a lil girl, I was so frighten of thunderstorms. I literally had to hide behind my uncle's chair to be in my safe haven. One time, we had to go out and it was really wickedly windy outside. I told my dad that I didn't want to go outside, that I may fly away. He calmed me down saying that I won't and that he's here for me. The funny part was that, he told me to hold his hand so tight and you'll be safe. DUDE, did I ever gripped on his hand. *lol* But my pops got me out of being scared of thunderstorms. When lightning flashed and then the rumble of thunder, my pops will tell me, "See, only boom booms! Nothing to be afraid of." I was still holding my ears so tight. But shortly after, took awhile, I started to be REALLY fond of my thunderstorms. And I thank you so much pops, for turning me into a thunderstorm freak! *smiles* LOVE'EM! Here's my MOST FAVORITE Poem ever: THUNDER Day becomes night When the clouds comes rolling in When the weather is not so pleasent,
It was a cold winter’s dawn and his shirt was torn, As he staggered upon the beach. Still thinking of what could have been, Only to be isolated within his own dream. He gazed at the sand to see an imprinted hand, Soon to be washed away by the sea. He began to pray why was she taken away, As tears ran down his face. The pain he feels will never heal, for he knows it’s all too real. Replays of time still repeat in his mind. Another love? No, he will never find. Disillusioned by drink he begins to think, Is that her standing upon the shore? He drops to his knees as chest becomes sore, His love to see once more. The weather soon changed and it began to rain, He grabbed his heart as it started to drain. The pain had gone and the sun shone, marking the light of day. He looked down to the sand in complete dismay, As he saw that's where he lay. There two paths crossed, for years they were lost. Happy again, together they could b
I Solemnly Swear....
I have decided to TRY and change my point of view about CherryTAP. I spent my weekend randomly visiting friends and catching up with their pages. Some of them I'd never even seen. I have no idea if some of them had ever even left me a point...but it was disheartening that I had ALL those friends and I never even attempted to give them some love, with the excuse that it was overwhelming enough keeping up with messages and comments. So I'm done with contests for awhile which should make some of you very happy :) and I am going to concentrate on reaching out to the friends on my list and show them the love they deserve for getting me where I am. I cannot however promise I won't ask for a fan here and there or that you won't see my face on a blast EVER again. I am a CherryTap addict you know!! By The Way DON'T FORGET My 30th Birthday Is DECEMBER 19th ***SMILE***
Lies and deception floating in the air Can anyone save me? Does anyone care? Fighting for freedom in a cold stale world Nothing to comfort me, no one to hold
Isolate The Fire
Born in January amidst frost and ice The scars of winter rape keep my temperature too high Maybe I’m just a hell-spawned demon Maybe that’s why I always have a fever I am a space heater I spit flames Fingertips of cauterizing pens Can I scorch your insides? High-rise apartment building garbage incinerator That grumbles in the night Trash is rendered to ash before it reaches the tongue licking flames Do you see the steam rising off of me as I walk through the rain? Lie down in the snow and melt a five foot radius Say you want to burn Douse me
Isolated Isotope
DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER If your sensitive about race relations. I was a little drunk when writing this and had to get something off my chest. My first & last emo blog lol! ------------------------------------------------- I live in a world as a reluctant observer, never on the inside, only on the outside looking in, much like a suffering child watching close knit families eating supper at dinner tables from windows covered with frost. I'm Lost. Shunned by the blacks, in fact, perhaps I could never grasp their perspective and objective as I walk my own path to oblivion. I encounter others of my race, as they slow their pace they ask me, in a nasty tone and cringed face "Where are you from? Why do you talk white?" I turn and sneer, replying in a satisfying retort of sorts... "I was hooked on phonics at an early age, Ebonics is not my identity.", perhaps my comment has preservered? They roll their eyes in revolutions of 360 while they frown. I ask "Do you know what i
I'm at a funny place right now... my self confidence is growing by the day. All my going to the gym is paying off and I'm noticing that I have more muscle and less fat. Girls have been noticing me (even) more than before. But at the same time, I'm feeling more and more insecure. I'm still feeling the need to drive myself to perfection. I despise certain things about myself I cannot change, and that pisses me off to no certain extent. I'm having trouble bringing myself to eat much lately. This is only half related to my insecurity, but half because of all my stomache problems. Hell, I had a bagel this morning and was writhing in agony not too long after. I just had a fat blaster smoothie... I'm waiting to see how I'll react to that. Hopefully not too bad, as it's fruit and ice. I've noticed I've been sleeping better since I moved back in with my parents. I feel more rested when I wake up, and I haven't needed a nap like I did every day at the apt. This week will have the
Otsegolation - Static-xif we gain by severancewe gain most of allannihilate your kindnesstwisting those involvedscenes of revolutionscenes of your destructionwe are desolationwe are isolationfeel it coming againfeel don't care at allfeel it coming againfeelisolation
a wall of rain makes the earth sizzle i'm sitting, watching, the muggy afternoon suddenly fades, and there's a chill in the air again. i let it mist my clothes, my shoes, i wouldn't dare move from the spot until it stopped, mesmerized by the destructive beauty of nature. a clap of thunder makes the ground tremble, jolts me back to reality like a gunshot, and i go inside, a last, longing look over my shoulder as i head back to work.
I So Love This...
THE BROKEN HEART. by John Donne He is stark mad, whoever says, That he hath been in love an hour, Yet not that love so soon decays, But that it can ten in less space devour ; Who will believe me, if I swear That I have had the plague a year? Who would not laugh at me, if I should say I saw a flash of powder burn a day? Ah, what a trifle is a heart, If once into love's hands it come ! All other griefs allow a part To other griefs, and ask themselves but some ; They come to us, but us love draws ; He swallows us and never chaws ; By him, as by chain'd shot, whole ranks do die ; He is the tyrant pike, our hearts the fry. If 'twere not so, what did become Of my heart when I first saw thee? I brought a heart into the room, But from the room I carried none with me. If it had gone to thee, I know Mine would have taught thine heart to show More pity unto me ; but Love, alas ! At one first blow did shiver it as gla
ISOLATION In the soft silence of the night, I can hear its nearing blight. Constant ringing, chronic humming, loud, obnoxious, steady drumming making its way toward my brain. Am I going crazy or am I going sane? Maybe it's this world descending. Maybe it's my own life ending. I can feel my mind just petering while my life is teet-teet-teetering. All of this incessant damage, I can't handle; I can't manage. Yet, without it, I find I yearn. (It's a cycle-just turns and turns). I must touch it, feel its vibration. It's loud, this utter isolation.
Isolated Life
Alone I sit within this Hell. No way to escape. Nobody to help me. My screams cannot be heard. Locked away from the world. Destined for lonlyness. Yet Enraged with lust. Sorrowful tears build up. None do flow. I wonder why. No answers come. Why is this Happening? When will it end?
I So Love Squeeze
If I didnt love you Id hate you Watching you play in the bath A soap suds stickle back navy A scrubbing brush landing craft Your skin gets softer and warmer I pat you down with a towel Tonight its love by the fire My mind goes out on the prowl If I if I if I if I if i If I didnt love you Id hate you Im playing your stereogram Singles remind me of kisses Albums remind me of plans Tonight its love by the fire The wind plays over the coals Passionate looks are my fancy But you turn the look into stone If I didnt love you Would you sit and glow by the fire If I didnt love you Would you make me feel so Maybe love me Oh if I didnt love you If I didnt love you Id hate you Cocoa mugs sit side by side Its time to poke at the fire But its not tonight Looks I find Taking a bite on a biscuit The record jumps on a scratch Tonight its love by the fire The door of your loves on the latch If i, if i, if i Didnt, didnt, didnt Love you, love you, love you
I Sold My Supra
Yesterday, i went to the this new Showroom called Red Line. and there i saw alot of exotic cars and some of them Muscles. like chevy, Dodge etc etc. for last some days i have been facing some problem related to my Ride. and i finally decide to sell it .I put my Ride on a Sale in that Showroom and put the estimated price of $80,000 including the Modifications and everything. and i am expecting the call from any buyer who fall in the price range. I didn;t want to and it hurt me so much when i did but i had to coz i don't want any more trouble from the freakin cops and others. ~SIGH~
I Sold Myself For You
I wanted you, you didn’t I wanted love, you didn’t I sold myself For you Enduring the pain of penetration Shiver at the touch of their greedy hands Gagging on their poisonous fluids Crying silently, waiting in a barren room I sold myself For you Willing or not, I take it Happy or not, I shake it Sick or not, I suck it Forget this lie, just fuck it I sold myself For you This habit, I can’t break it This lie, I cannot take it This life, I want to forsake it I sold myself For you Was it really worth it, All these awful nights? What did I receive, But deceit, cheats, and lies? I sold myself’ For you My old life, I want to revive, A time of happiness My childish fun and innocence, Retaken from those dark, long nights I sold myself For you Is that really true? Did I sell myself for you? Surely, I did not All the repercussions are mine I sold myself For pain The pain you brought upon me, With your heartless rejection After all the years Or jubilant
Isolation, Double Standards, Feeling Blue
I'm a flirt. I'm a tease. I like sum attention just as much as the next person. It's hard being in a relationship where your significant other doesn't think of you as attractive, desirable, or anything positive. I'm told I'm every degrading name in the book. Told I don't matter. Denied luv and affections. Is it no wonder I wandered elsewhere for sum attention? Now that person, the significant other, is using me like a firehydrant. Following me everywhere I go, Peeing on me like a dog pee's on a fire hydrant. Still doesn't want me, still treats me the same, but won't allow me to talk to anyone else. They talk to anyone, and everyone, chat, webcam, phone.....and yet I am called a whore, cunt or slut if I do so. What makes it different for them, than me? If I talk to someone, they immiedately go behind my back to start shit, so they will no longer want to talk to me. I feel isolated. I feel alone. I have never felt so lonely, without friends, someone to talk to, to s
Some people love, And they know it's real. But me and some others, Don't remember how it feels. See, I'm isolectic, A very rare and unheard of disease. That when ever I see you smile, To me it is a tease. See, my neurons in my brain, They don't work at all. I lack of serotonin, Which means I have no emotions to fall. I can't feel happy, I can't feel shy. I can't feel sad, I can't even cry. Though, I wish I could cry, It would be such a relief. I would sell my life to the good, Just for me to be in grief. You might think it would be great, To not know how to love. All I can do is hate, That's all I receive from above. I can't feel emotions, Because my receptors died. Man, I wish this was all a dream, And I could wake up from this lie. But this is real, And it could never change. I need to face reality, I will always derange.
Some people love, And they know it's real. But me and some others, Don't remember how it feels. See, I'm isolectic, A very rare and unheard of disease. That when ever I see you smile, To me it is a tease. See, my neurons in my brain, They don't work at all. I lack of serotonin, Which means I have no emotions to fall. I can't feel happy, I can't feel shy. I can't feel sad, I can't even cry. Though, I wish I could cry, It would be such a relief. I would sell my life to the good, Just for me to be in grief. You might think it would be great, To not know how to love. All I can do is hate, That's all I receive from above. I can't feel emotions, Because my receptors died. Man, I wish this was all a dream, And I could wake up from this lie. But this is real, And it could never change. I need to face reality, I will always derange.
subject: Explanation of the poem ISOLATION post date: 2007-09-10 06:40:59 views: 13 comments: 0 ratings: 0 This poem was created about 4 or 5 years ago. It was a collaboration with one of my best friends, who is a brilliant artist. She was making an oil painting titled "Isolation" and wanted to add words to make it more abstract. So she enlisted my help, and this is what I came up with. It was so much fun! I'd love to try again one of these days. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks for popping in to read about "Isolation" (To read the poem, please click on the link box to the left side of the page) *Sereana* subject: ISOLATION post date: 2007-09-04 18:16:39 views: 6 comments: 0 ratings: 0 I am in the picture, but out of focus... Seeing red in a world of black an white...who but me would be Overlooked in a crowd of one... Longing to be held... Accustomed to feeling empty...i am Tepid with the memory of happiness...trying to Igno
I So Love Being Called A Looser By Loosers
Im straight out up front as who what I am and cant handle me dont start bs also if u remove anypart of deal for nsf i delete if dont know u personally i say what i mean mean what i say so fu if u cant take fng truth
Isolated Feelings
Isolated feelings, it's like my heart is bleedingI can't escape it, inside my head it keeps repeatingIsolated feelings, it's like my heart is bleedingI can't escape it, inside my head it keeps repeatingEvery time I seem to close my eyes I feel so dead insideSo I cry myself to sleepAll I ever do is think of the pain feels like I'm going insaneSo I cry myself to sleepI don't want to be talked to, I don't want to be touchedI don't need your advice, I don't want to be fuckedPeople think I have it all, but I don't have muchI just want to fly away, but to the ground I'm stuckI'd just rather walk away, but you don't seem to understandWhy should I voice my opinion, when you have the upper handIt's kind of sad I'm right back in the same positionI got so many eager ears but still nobody ever listensAnd my friends, yeah man I ain't got much of thatJust people dying to be in the presence of that bitch RazAnd that's fine cause in reality I'm ugly insideIf you really knew the truth I bet you'd quit
so you think i'm crazy want to take me away inject me with electric shock i'm not going nowhere hear what i say loud and clear reveal your sly intentions and free my isolation a second longer say it's alright a second longer say it's alright a second longer i'll be insane the second i become you and what you say run your wires through me fry electricity gas me till i pass on out you will not control me with your failed philosophies weep to ease the tension and free my isolation a second longer say it's alright a second longer say it's alright a second longer i'll be insane the second i become you and what you say lost my mind today it was my desire i told them what was wrong but they called me a liar yeah, they called me a liar i am not afraid why should i care what they say i told them they were wrong still they called me a liar so i set 'em on fire a second longer say it's alright what your gonna say PS: Thank you Lewis love, for helping me figure this out! LOL!
I Sold My Soul For A Photograph
  I Sold My Soul For A Photograph   I sold my soul for a photograph, No regrets, I never looked back, Obeyed the rules, never broke the pact, I sold my soul for a photograph, I would have sat upon the sun, I would have swallowed a bullet from a gun, I would have given up my heart & lungs, Just to see the photograph again, I sold my soul for a photograph, No regrets, I never looked back, Obeyed the rules, never broke the pact, I sold my soul for a photograph, I'd swim into the jaws of death, I'd get a knife stabbed into my chest, I'd swallow nails just for a laugh, If you think I'm crazy, You don't know how far I'd go, I sold my soul for a photograph, No regrets, I never looked back, Obeyed the rules, never broke the pact, I sold my soul for a photograph, Of you; Just to see your smile again..
Some people love, And they know it's real. But me and some others, Don't remember how it feels. See, I'm isolectic, A very rare and unheard of disease. That when ever I see you smile, To me it is a tease. See, my neurons in my brain, They don't work at all. I lack of serotonin, Which means I have no emotions to fall. I can't feel happy, I can't feel shy. I can't feel sad, I can't even cry. Though, I wish I could cry, It would be such a relief. I would sell my life to the good, Just for me to be in grief. You might think it would be great, To not know how to love. All I can do is hate, That's all I receive from above. I can't feel emotions, Because my receptors died. Man, I wish this was all a dream, And I could wake up from this lie. But this is real, And it could never change. I need to face reality, I will always derange.
I Some Times Feel This Way
The Holes Bottom Some times I wonder at the depth I had sunk some times I think it would be better to be drunk some times I feel all the hurt so damn deep some times I just want to fall down and weep some times I want to scream out in my pain some times I watch my dreams go down the drain some times I see the things I held to me so dear some times I wish just to give up the sweet fear some times I wonder do we really have a soul some times I feel so damn lost in this hole some times I pray for my life just to be at a end some times I get hope from the kindness of a friend some times I see that things could be much worse some times I see that it is all not a curse some times I find that I have something in life to give some times I find a new reason just to live some times I talk with the spirit who dwells inside me deep some times I find I have sown a greater harvest to reap some times I laugh and find a joy that makes me whole some times I see t
I Sometimes Sit And Contemplate
I sometimes sit and contemplate, as the day draws to a close, What fate has wrought upon me; what might it, yet, impose? When down memory lane I wander, nostalgic thoughts ever stray, To much happier days; of my childhood, when life meant just pleasure all day. Soon, thoughts of my future intrigued me; I would scheme out what I would be When launched all alone on the merciless waves of a cruel commercial sea. With what mixed emotions I lived through each phase, ‘til my interest flagged with the passing of days; When all I had strived for seemed done but for nought, And my ship for success, in dire distress, had berthed; but at the wrong port! If I took the wrong paths on life’s journey, should I lay the blame to fate? Or to my own miscalculations; to my own lethargic state? But it’s useless to bathe in self pity; to attempt to clutch at a straw, For, I know, in my past there’s no glory, so why dwell on what’s gone before? There’s a moral to every story and equally s
I Sometimes Need A Little Help! :)
Okay you all as bad as I want to say inface and set a new Fubar record in the fastest time ever on fuber to make Godmother I cant turn my back on my Posse and let them battle a battle alone.. Please Posse I beg you guys do not enter any more contests until the family gets organized again. You ask why arent you getting support in your contests? You didnt ask but if you did i'd simply say becaue I got hit with a huge ass blow. Our team is all over the place right now.. Also we are suppose to be on break. Mish and this contest here are the last two contest I will back. I need a vacation even more so then ever now. I need I need I need and I'll say it again, I need to bust some ass and make Godmother in record time. It's goes deeper then just setting a recored guys. Come on now we all know what the hells been going on lately. This will show that you can not knock good down and doing wrong for whatever your reason are will not provail. I think I had already made that point. My g
I Sometimes Hate My Fuckin Job
ok yeah i know that this is dumb but i just got done arguing with a 70 year old male.. hes like well the other girl only charges me this much.. and i started to get pissed off and talkin loudly lol.. hes goin to talk to my manager.. hahah like that will do anything.. fuckin prick i charged him the regular price.. and my boss fuckin loves me.. aint goin to do nothing cuz i did nothing wrong but raise my fuckin voice at him.. cuz you know what..THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALLWAYS FUCKIN RIGHT !!!
I Sometimes Wonder...
I sometimes wonder why when I have finished one ordeal, before I have time to catch a breath, I am being slammed with another challenge. I came back from getting several tests run on me and started to ask myself what it was all about? Why me? (Sarcastically:) How did I become so lucky? Just looking back on the last three years alone: a stroke in February of 2005, discovering over a year I had lymphoma and it was what caused the stroke, went for treatments for that, that goes into remission, months later I find out I have a second type of cancer, treatments weren't working, and I finally get rid of that after two surgeries. Now I am left to deal with migraines that hit worse than when I was a teenager, seizures and a heart condition from all the drugs I had been given over the past three years! I realize I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I would think I have a right to ask why me and when is it gonna end? It sucks when you don't know the answers to questions like that...
I Sometimes Wonder
I Sometimes Ramble On And On... And This Is What Comes Out.
Your past is and has a huge impact on your future. The way you handle situations lead you on the journey you face. It molds you into the person you will eventually become. How you deal with the problems that come your way helps you and will in the end make you stronger or make you fall apart. and the biggest part of it all is that it all depends on one thing... YOU. Only you can take your challenges and use them to either learn from them or waste the experience. My mind races. They call it thinking. Sometimes I wish I could stop it from thinking. Most times I always think at the wrong times. Why can I never think before I speak? Why can't I at that very moment think about the consequences that will come from the words I sometimes say? Think about how it will affect the other person and how they will feel. They say everything happens for a reason. People come and go in and out of your life. You lose people you love. And yet through it all you live. You survive. If you truely did car
Is One In Hand Worth A Hundred In The Bush?
OK...there are thousands of chics on here. Hundreds displaying themselves provocatively, and down right in xxx. Many are willing to have virtual sex with you. Which is better, the REAL one at home with you, or a hundred virtual pussies you've never had before?
I So Need You!!
I'm not offering bribes for votes.. Just simply asking for help. Right now I am behind by a lot and really need everyones help. I will as always return the favor for everyone who helps! I try to get to everyone and rate and fan all pages. I also will comment bomb contests. Just let me know that you need me. Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping me! ♥ Please click on the picture to vote ♥ ♥ HUGS AND KISSES ♥ Music Codes - MySpace Layouts
I Soo Need To Get One Of These!
I Soo New Lol
okay so i trying to get the hang of this i hope i doing everything write if not plz do poke and wag ur fingers at me i'f i'm not cheers.
I So Owned You Guys!
So we (Jamie, Chuck, Jay, Amanda and I) decided to have a shot for shot cam drinking game...WELLLLL I did drink about half that bottle..sure as hell felt it when I woke up! Hangover on top of a migraine..NOT GOOD lmao..Now CHUCK is saying I didn't win. Ok...1 didn't do it (JAY)..2 ran out of liquor (Jamie/Chuck)and one had to leave (Amanda)..leaving drunk me there so I won right??? Course I did lmao. ADMIT IT CHUCK!!! ANYHOO...I don't wanna see jager for awhile lol Ok and So I passed out in a chair with the cam on lol and may have puked once or twice BUT still OWNED!
I Soo Connected With This Guy!!
10 Reasons It Doesn’t Pay To Be “The Computer Guy” May 02nd 2007 by Shaun Boyd I only met my brother’s ex-girlfriend’s family once — the year they invited our family over to share Thanksgiving dinner. Since we were basically a group of strangers looking to make a good first impression, the table conversation was nothing more than friendly idle chitchat. When I asked our hostess for more mashed potatoes, she took the opportunity to ask me about myself while dishing out my second helping — “So Shaun, what do you do for a living?” Hesitantly, I responded: “I work in computer support.” The transition to silence was immediate. All eyes suddenly turned to me, raised eyebrows all around. If you hadn’t heard my response, judging from everyone’s reaction you might think I said something outrageous like I was a male stripper or a gynecologist — but I knew the awkward silence would soon be broken by an overwhelming outpouring of computer questions. “Oh wow, a computer guy!” —
I Soooo Hate Doin My Taxes...
ok like i went and baught turbotax..u know the "easiest most self explanitory thing out there" yea bullshit..hahaha ok ok ok so maybe it is easy..and helpful..but so confused...its like they ask u all the question..but dont neccisarily explain in good enough detail what it is that counts or need to be there or some yea i just did my taxes...if i did them right (which i hope with everything in me that i did) then im getting back more than i expected i would...more than i got last year *does happy dance* yay!! not as much as i need..hahaha but enough to maybe get the creditors off my back for the time it will help pay for all my lovely medical bills ive got now and the ones coming up..ugh :/
I Sooooo Want A Ticker!
Anyone want to donate some FUBCUCKs to me so I can get a ticker? :P
I Sooo Want 'top Dude' Status...
What's up, I'm new to Fubar, and have not a single clue on how to use it yet, gettin there tho... I dig it, and ready to get hammed. I play music, and hope you all can check it out by visiting my other communities...LOOK ME UP in the 303
I Sooooooo Love Her !
i dont know where i would be with out her , she is my (everything ) without her (i am nothing ) 1 week , 4 days she will be here . there only remains one ???? for her , but later on that , when i talk to her i feel like she is right beside me , when we meet , it will be very emotinal , i am look forward to this so much that i wish she was already here , i care so much about her that if i miss her call i feel like i missed the best lady of my life , but i know its not true cause i just call her back . there is only one song that  says what i wanna say ( the band is called hardline , the song is called everything ) i can't really put into words how alive she makes me feel , this will be the farthest from home she will travel , til we go my dads place further up north , later on that too ! if you could measure how much love i have to give her , well you know the planet saturn ?? , times that by about 1,000,000 , now  i know that she will have to go back home but til then its will
Iso Psp Tubes
TO those of you out there that use PSP to make your graphics tags and more, I am looking for tubes or pics designed by artists... ~Keith Garvey ~Jasmine Beckett ~Jennifer Huntington(I know this is the right last name...may have first name wrong) And any Goth/Dark/Fantasy/Halloween Tubes also, if you have any you'd be willing to share, I'd greatly appreciate it! I also have many PSP tubes,masks,accents and more to share if anyone is interested. Thanks!! ~GT~ P.S. I love any tags done by 'Simone's Creations' too if anyone has those to I do also! =)
Is Oprah Racist?
Iso Pdf
ortion. Peening shall not be used on the internal layer (root) of the weld metal nor on the fina layers unless the weld is postweld heat treated. WC-4410 PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN BEFORE WELDING WC-4424 Surfaces of Welds WC-4411 Identification Storage, and Handling of Welding Materials Each Certificat Holder is responsible for control of the welding electrodes and other materials that are used in the fabrication and installation of components (WC-4120). Suitable identification storage, and handling of electrodes, flux and other welding materials shall be maintained. Pre- cautions shall be taken to minimize absorption of moisture by electrodes and flux WC-4412 Cleanliness and Protection of Welding Surfaces The method used to prepare the base metal shall leave the weld preparation with reasonably smooth surfaces. The surfaces for welding shall be free of scale, rust, oil, grease, and other deleterious material. The work shall be protected from deleterious contamination and from
Is Or Isn't "nsfw
I've been having pictures reported for being NSFW, and being deleted even though they were not nsfw. Personally, I think that if a picture offends someone, there should be an allotted amount of reports followed by an investigation of the picture to determine whether or not the picture is or isn't "NSFW". And i believe others here on CT agree with this. Something should be dont about it. Repost this if you agree. And/or Make sticky if possible. ty (repost of original by 'Fan Me - Friend me - Rate me - And i'll do the same for you.' on '2007-02-05 20:01:32') (repost of original by 'AlyCat **Raven's Babygirl**' on '2007-02-05 21:24:46') (repost of original by 'Fireman' on '2007-02-05 22:50:29') (repost of original
Is Orgasm For You.... [you Must Be Brave To Answer!]
- True or Fake Wile having sex (Acting)? - How many percent% Was Fake or True for you? - Have you ever came in FULL orgasm with one of your Friends!? For me: - True (Never Acting) - 85% True 15% No Fake but acting because it wasn't one from the best i've ever had! - YES! I had FULL Orgasm with a friend and it was amazing(and she was sooo good). Are you brave to share too?
I So Should Have Been Anne Sexton...
What crazy ass poet are you? (pics) Sylvia PlathYou are Sylvia Plath. You killed yourself while raising small children, shame on you! How selfish. Very accomplished poet in her early years, but then started getting rejection letters after a while. You write what you feel and your work is not hard to figur out. You are very intelligent and take glory in getting awards. You need acceptance to feel good you need to love yourself. Get that Scorpio self-confidence that you have deep inside! You might have not killed yourself. Whatever you will do in life will be discovered and celebrated after you are dead.
I So Suck At All Of This
yeah everything! how come i always end up being the strong one! i just want to pull my hair out today! Im going to vent here and thank god most people dont read this! y is it expected that i pick up the pieces and plan everything and do everything and y the hell do i allow it! i just pray oneday i see some major happiness and hope when im old and dying..someone will have a heart like mine and take care of me! well i have to go put today and tomorrow behind me... 1 down..2 2 go! i love the line that god will not give u more then u can handle.. Ha! yep! so im told! Thank god for humor! if u know me..i mean know me! u know just what im talking about! outta here
Iso Standards
sed for corrosion resistant overlay cladding. Where the Welding Procedure Specificatio or the welding material specificatio specifie percentage composition limits for analysis, it shall state that the specifie limits apply for the fille metal analysis, the undiluted weld deposit analysis, or in situ cladding deposit analysis in conformance with the above required certificatio testing. (c) The preparation of samples for chemical analysis of undiluted weld deposits shall comply with the method given in the applicable SFA Specification Where a weld deposit method is not asme bpvc section i provided by the SFA specification the sample shall be iso standards removed from a weld pad, groove, or other test weld5 made using the welding process that will be followed when the welding material or combination of welding materials being certifie is consumed. The weld for A-No. 8 material to be used with the GMAW process shall be made using the shielding gas composition specifie in the WPSs that wi
Isotope Separation
thanks for making me feel lessreminding me somehow that there's a need to distressdigressing into depressing delusions, driven to see past the illusions and diabolically demeaning definitions derived from your stereotypical conclusions about the outsides of a woman. you stole my ability to see beyond my imperfections, idolizing idiotic inconsequential portions of my identity only to secretly sequester the parts of me that fit the parts of you so profound and perfectly to their prolific perilous fate.. drowning beneath your disgust and disapproval, disguised in a devilish ruse to help you obtain and abuse the very treasures that trolled yet so well hidden inside of made me trust you and turn myself over, let go of my inhibitions when you didn't want to own them and leave me lay broken in the wake of your indifference and indecisionyou slay me with precisionwe are alike in many a measure, identical properties that perpetuate pleasure and pleasingly plot to unite us as one at least
Isotopo Radioattivo Sui Vestiti Di Arafat Chiede La Palestina Per Riesumare Il Corpo Per Determinare Se è Stato Avvelenato Da Israele
La nuova sonda nella sua morte ha cominciato questa estate, dopo un laboratorio svizzero ha scoperto tracce di polonio-210, un isotopo radioattivo mortale shopping online abbigliamento , sui vestiti ha detto di essere di Arafat. I vestiti sono stati forniti dalla vedova di Arafat, Suha, e consegnato al laboratorio della stazione televisiva araba satellitare Al-Jazeera. Separatamente, la signora Arafat ha chiesto al governo francese di indagare, mentre l'Autorità palestinese chiamato esperti russi. Morte di Arafat è rimasto un mistero per molti. Mentre la causa immediata della morte fu un colpo, l'origine di una malattia sottostante ha sofferto nelle sue ultime settimane non è mai stato chiaro, che porta a teorie della cospirazione persistenti che aveva il cancro, l'AIDS o è stato avvelenato. Molti nel mondo arabo credono Arafat, il volto della lotta per l'indipendenza palestinese per quattro decenni, è stato ucciso da Israele. Israele, che ha visto Arafat come un ostacolo
I Sound Like An Emo Princess...
Sometimes I wish I could just un-sew my soul from the rest of my being and set it free. I hate the fact that I am constantly thinking. I took a walk in the yard today and ventured out to where the pool is. The trampoline is over there as well, it brought memories of last summer back. Don't get me wrong, I love the direction my life is heading in. I just miss having the security of having someone to wake up and go to bed with. I miss watching someone face light up when I give them little surprises. I can't wait to get back out on my own. I am just afraid of being hurt again; once I allow myself to fully be open. Yet, if you don't take chances then you will never know anything for certain. God, I sound so fucking emo...
I Sound Needy....
I long for the warmth of someone's arms, the soft caresses, butterfly kisses along my neck and chest. The deep sighs and teasing touches. Bodies pressed tightly together, gripping one another as if one was to let go the other would disappear. No, I am not just speaking of sex but more of the act of expressing love. I miss the feeling of being wanted on every level known to man. Feeling important to one person; not them making you their world, just them putting you as one of their priorities, even just for a moment. I crave for those "just because" phone calls. Not a "just because" phone call six times a day. Just a quick hello because they missed hearing your voice. -sighs- Damn, I sound so needy....
I Sought
I Sought You
I sought you but I could not find you, I called you, but you would not answer I wandered over mountains and thru valleys The moon & stars were bright, but were dimmed By my thought of you eyes sparkling in my mind. The road through wooded meadows was frightening Few travelled on that lonely road Those I met had never heard of your name I travelled and travelled, but still Not a one heard of you nor seen you At mid-night, I thirsted for loveliness I lay under the shadow of the leafy green Weeping Willow I cried while calling upon your name, but no voice replied. Only the bubbling of the pebbly brook answered my question The waters had drowsy sounds, the hills were dark My heart grew tired from travelling, but there was no place That suited me, and if you weren't there it would never suit me I was too homesick for your face, Thinking of you, at the roads edge I fell asleep
I So Win!
I successfully burned water... I should get some sort of medal or a cookie or something for that! Left the pot to boil and totally forgot about it ...I'm addicted to this stupid thing already ... oh man lol
I So Wish
that i had somebody that didnt hurt me and loved me and cared alot about me but i doubt i'll find him.. ugh im just tired of guys cheating on me..i mean do they really think it makes them look it doesnt..and im tired of guys trying to hook up with my friends trying to get back in my life like i will take them back or something... when will i ever find him...gosh
I So Want To Put Your Name Here Baby...(my Love)
My Love, You're a sweetheart, You have problems just as we all do, But I am here now to help you through them, Please open up to me and allow me to be there for you, You're my sweetheart, My Love. 10-30-07 ~*Lauren*~
I So Want To Say
I so want to say something that would melt your knees, but the words won't come. In stead, all I think about is how you'd feel in my arms. 8-11-02
Is Owl The New 'gilligan?' (or, Will Work For Food)
"No phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury..." So, earlier this week, my landline phone joined my cell phone in the lovely state of disconnected-ness. Aside from internet access, I am now completely shut off from the outside world (unless I actually go outside). My electric bill is next up, and the only reason my lights are not off is that I was promised by Direct Energy that a supervisor would call me regarding not being contacted before when I was having trouble paying this bill before. However, without a phone, someone over there is liable to say "He's being a smartass" and shut me off anyway. I'm still one payment away from owning my car outright, but with my Debt-to-Income ratio being what it is, I'm on that treadmill that makes it impossible for me to even have $200 available to pay the damn thing off. So... Anyone in the North Dallas area have any gigs they need done during the day? I'm willing to travel as far out as a 20-mile radius from Allen, Texa
Is Paris Hilton Asset Or Liability For Online Diamond Retailer?
Online diamond retailer recently introduced millionaire Paris Hilton's designer watch brand on their e-commerce site and indicated: "Paris Hilton has made a name for herself on the fashion scene with her newly launched watch collections that tie together her exceptional sense of fashion with classic and wearable pieces. Available only at exclusive retailers, Abazias Diamonds is proud to carry exclusive pieces from Paris Hilton's newest watch collection." Paris Hilton with Oscar Rodriguez, CEO of The "Paris Hilton Watch" Typically, a company selling a luxury product will associate themselves with a high profile, celebrity "ambassador," to help promote a stable, consistent, refined, upscale, classy, etc. brand image... For obvious and well known/well documented reasons, Paris Hilton's name doesn't exactly conjure up any of the aforementioned attributes and characteristics...... In my linked article above, brand expert Ramesh Thomas, mentions
Is Passion A Lost Emotion
In my life I have found that people no one in general, have different Ideals on what is Passion. I think Passion is what can bolt out of someone or can be released threw emotion. I dont think Passion is reconized for what it is anymore. It gets confused for Desire, Lust, Greed and is kept in side or pushed back into ones ego. For me passion is what drives me. I feel passion like most people but not in the way I think others do. For instants I love sex but I live for all parts every thing that comes with it good and bad. I want more than just the feeling I want to see the heat and risk the art of bonding with that someone, just to bring the Passion out. What do you think?????
Is Pakistan A Threat To World Security?
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Pakistan poses a "mortal threat" to world security. Is she right?
Is Patriotism Dead
The last couple of weeks have taken a huge toll on patriotism. Just prior to Memorial Day, there was a liberal talk-show host declaring he was uncomfortable calling those who fell in battle defending our rights heroes. Then you have some teen in Houston refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because he was tired from jogging to school. Now, over the weekend, there was news from Coney Island that a principal cancelled Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA" from her graduation ceremony for kindergarteners. She said she was going to use Justin Bieber's "Baby" instead. She banned Greenwood's song because it was not 'age-appropriate', but a song about teen love is? These are just a few examples that made the news recently. It makes me wonder about what happened to patriotism. When I was growing up, if you were to walk down the streets, you'd see houses with flags unfurled. Every holiday, like Memorial Day, July 4th or Veterans Day gave us a parade. Bands played "America, The Beaut
I Speak Episode I
Hey there everyone. I know.. I've been a member since before Halloween, and I don't post a blog until near Christmas?!?! Sorry.. I've just been really busy.. No rest for the Wicked, they say.. ;) Work's been insane. My case load isn't getting any smaller. You'd think corporate attorneys had less work around hte holidays. It seems to be the exact opposite. So.. Here you are, here I am. First off, a big hello and a big hug to all of you. Thanks for adding/requesting me for friends. I really appreciate it, and you've all been really great from day 1. It's for this reason that I opened up my NSFW folder to all of you.. That, and I'd feel bad for kicking the people on my family list off to add more, since I'm really happy with those on my list. They're all real people that I talk to at least once a week, if not more... So... yeah... I consider myself Bi now, after labelling myself lesbian for so long. Why the change? I dunno... I still love women. I love their face. I love their ey
I Speak My Mind, So I Must Be A Bitch.
must be........ Just pick one If you hate stereotypes and think ppl should just shut up and stop POST THIS. IF YOU DO NOT POST IN 100 SECONDS YOU WILL BE CURSED 4 100 DAYS pick the stereotype that fits you I'M SKINNY, so I MUST be bulimic. I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists. I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun. I'm BLONDE AT HEART, so I MUST be a ditz I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed. I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat. I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be smart. I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy. I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS. I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape. I'm ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist. I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch. I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat. I'm ATHEIST so i MUST hate the world. I DON'T HAVE A RELIGION, so I MUST be "evil" and not have any morals. I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people. I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible. I am LIBERAL, so I MUST be gay.
I Spent All That Time........
I met her when I was 17, she was 15. It was something that Ive never seen before or experienced. Truly the most beautiful, funny amazing girl I had ever met. We started dating shortly after we met and instantly fell in love...certainly our first. About a yr into our relationship she became pregnant, I was then 18 and her, 16. Suddenly everything stopped...everything changed. The smiles, the hugs,the talks, and cetainly all the fun. We were always the "it" couple but now we were two kids making 3.35 an hour and a 16 yr old pregnant. I remember....(sighs)...working a very rare Sat. night at Burger King, I was outside sweeping in the rain...her dad walks right up to me and says "If I ever see you with her again, your going to jail" life completely changed. It get worse....The next day I learn she's going to have an abortion...ok so now I have at the time was the most amazing gf I have had ever seen or known, for sure the very first time I was in love and now I'm facing jail,a gf I ca
I Speak Of You!
The Degredation of moral decay each of us fucked up within our own heads feeding the urges unrestrained doing what we feel the sins of carnal pleasure filling your soul making something truly horrific....yes indulging urself in physical pleasure is fine but overindulgence creates a void within'll soon became what you hated most how could you do such a thing....even now i look down upon you once you were decent now....nothing more then a pathetic soul how i wish to watch you suffer to feed on your pain to laugh at your discomfort an misfortune HAHahahahhahaha but all in good time....all in good time.
I Speak Thru My Music
cuz sometimes it's the only way i know what to say....
I Speak
I speak words of wisdom. Listen to what I say and then dismiss every word as moot. 3-31-03
I Speak My Mind...more Should
This may piss a few off you off...ah well, you dont have to agree with me, I need to vent and Im just stating my opinion. Im very proud to be Canadian and I make it known. I think that everyone should take pride in their country and stand behind it but, at the same time, by doing this, not to be arrogant and put yourself above other countries...Unfortunately, I have come in contact with alot of bullshit lately, on this site but not limited to it. I get the Canadian jokes in my lounge, Flirtations, which is fine because those people Ive known for a while and I can throw it right back at them without them getting offended. But when people I dont know or that I dont call my friends are just ignorant to the fact that not everyone on this site is American just blows me away really...I think its pathetic. I cant tell you how many Happy 4th of July comments I get every year...CANADA DAY is July 1st btw. And, yes, this is an American based site so obviously there are more Americans but s
I Speak To Angels......
I haven't felt quite right of late.....bad dreams and little sleep. It's not been good and I have been neglecting my need to express myself within the music I listen too. I was visited by an angel during the night, last has given me a little inspiration to post something by James Blunt. Some think he produces trite love songs which are highly commercialised.....meh, I think he produces songs which speak to many people on different levels. His lyrics are thought provoking for me.....and my choice is to always listen to what artists poetry set to music. I really want you....... Tears and Rain..
Ispiration Comes From Everywhere
i know atleast one person who should know where this came from lol your names in it Like the roar of the engines screaming through the streets like the roar of a predator, carnivorous beast look up to the sky hear the thunder clap lightning strikes to start the attack on all your sences sonic force here on out we're changing the course of human existance my mouth is a gun the age of extiction has begun ao take your pop culture trends and decents cast them aside and follow your dreams be the voice of solitude coming up from the masses Stay that way til your dust and ashes
Isp Is Having "issues"
My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having yet more issues with their security settings. I can't use webcam and some other features in Yahoo because of it. But, hey - according to these guys I'm lucky because some people can't get into any sites at all. Well, I guess I should pray to the God of the WWW or some shit. Their worldly advice? Hang on for a few more days, we're working hard to resolve this server issue.
I Spiral
I spiral I work my way through the curves and I slip on the slopes I build myself up and then I spiral down and crash my hopes I see this maze of twisted ways and means I trip myself up and forget all my dreams I spiral so far down that I can't even remember up .the way I see things is not half but more like an empty cup. I dust it all off and start again. I smile in your face and tell you I am a friend but.............. I spiral
I Spit On Your Grave 1978
Isp In Nc(compuserve?)
For those of you who may already know I am moving to Mocksville NC. I have been looking online now for about a half hour. My ISP is Compuserve dial up. I cant find any info on this ISP for that area of NC. I have found other ISP'S available there dial up, dsl, etc. Can anyone tell me if Compuserve is available there or not..the Compuserve pages arent help I have tried that a few times now lol. I have also noticed that their are a lot of cheap prices for these ISP'S, probably limited but discovered a lot of them is all lol. I was thinking about PeoplePC instead. Anybody know anything about that? I also want to get the lowest ISP if we decided to go with something other then dial up. Any help would be appreciated.
An Ispirational Story Like No Other... Please Watch Video
I Spit Coffee All Over My Key Board....
Abhi King: heya... 11:52am reply Abhi King: i dont say..ur most beautiful woman... 11:52am reply Abhi King: but u got some sexy pics 11:53am reply Abhi King: u can ping me if ya looking some good time..out of ur league ------------------------ his status is lonely I guess that explains why he is willing to go "out of his league" I feel so lucky
Is Posse Comitatus Dead? Us Troops On Us Streets
In a barely noticed development, a US Army unit is now training for domestic operations under the control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. An initial news report in the Army Times newspaper last month noted that in addition to emergency response the force “may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control.” The military has since claimed the force will not be used for civil unrest, but questions remain. We speak to Army Col. Michael Boatner, future operations division chief of USNORTHCOM, and Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine. [includes rush transcript]
I Spot You
I spot you in the crowed room among the sea of a million people I can't help but notice how you pull me to you How my heart flutters just when I catch you eye My feet start to move towards you in a motion I feel like im floating how can this be Suddenly im in the midst of your embrace Waves of chills float from head to toe I'm at the mercy of your desire I will do whatever you want I can feel my walls breaking with each passing moment You undress me with you eyes with each deep glance Burning deeper into my soul I start to lose all myself control I give into the temptation letting you have all of me Each passing movement of your finger tips on my skin Sends a billion tiny goosebumps that never end Laying me down on the cold floor You gaze into my eyes Laying upon me I can feel each breath you take Hearing my heart beat faster and faster Taking your lips you press them to mine Grasping your hands around my wrist Holding me down in a perfect place I taste you kiss
I Spoke To A Few Of The Coaching Staff At Newcastle - Friends Of Mine From Over The Years
The 26-year-old told his new club's website: "Harry Redknapp is a top manager and as soon as I spoke to him I knew this was the right move for me. "I've always admired him. He is a great man in the game and I have a lot of respect for him." cheap jerseys "From what I have heard they [QPR] are very determined to put things behind them and start afresh and get back into the Premier League where the club belongs," he added. "I want to play my part in that and do everything I can for the club and the fans. I really think we can go straight back up." Redknapp said that Simpson will prove to be a "fine acquisition" for the club. "He's a good professional, a good character and a good player who knows his job in the side," Redknapp said. "It's a fantastic piece of business for the club on a free soccer jerseys "I spoke to a few of the coaching staff at Newcastle - friends of mine from over the years who I know and trust - and they spoke very highly of him.
Is Prostitution Viewed Only As Violence Against Women Oppressive?
Is Prostitution viewed only as Violence Against Women oppressive? by Liv JessenI am the head of the Pro Centre, a national centre for prostitutes in Norway. I am a social worker by profession; and for seventeen years I worked daily among Norwegian and foreign women and men who sell sex and among some of their customers. In talking about prostitution and society's view of this phenomenon, it is natural for me to base myself on the Norwegian/ Scandinavian reality. Since the Seventies, parallels have been drawn between prostitution, pornography, rape and domestic violence. A radical feminist theory on prostitution has developed. The theory is that prostitution should be regarded as violence against women. In this chapter, I will try to argue that this is an imperfect or at worst an oppressive theory that can continue to stigmatise prostitutes. Furthermore, I will argue that this theory can go hand in hand with views that regard prostitution as a moral or social problem - theories that the
Is Probably Not Fit To Walk
Pink is probably not fit to walk, let alone find her way home.
Is Purple Creepy??
I Spy!!
I Spy
I SPY... I spy, a being of kind. A being that inspires light and courage. One that will stand alone, against the test of time. I spy, a soul of fortitude. A soul that will take any test put before it. One that will not fail, for the only failure is when it fails to try. I spy, a mind of cunning. A mind that will learn from it's mistakes. That will use those lessons, to forge a path most fear to take. I spy, a pair of eyes that have sight. A pair of eyes that see, through shadowed veils, and can tell the real from the fake. I spy, a heart that's true. A heart that beats with certainty. One that will accept the reasons and seasons, and knows no hate. I spy, a person I wish to see. A person that sees with mind wide open, and mouth closed shut. That lives for the joy of living. A person who will say, "If my muscles hurt, it's because I've used them. If I have wrinkles, it's because I've loved, laughed and cried. These are things I have earned, be
I Spy, Evil Eyes
I spy, evil eyes I spy, evil eyes. Something that, you cannot hide. All the words, that you have spoken. The ones your very own eyes, have choked on. This is one place, you can't control. The windows to your, very soul. So look at me, when your speaking. Words of truth, is what I'm seeking. Don't turn away, and look at the floor. As if it's something, to be ignored. I spy, evil eyes. Blackened soul, full of lies. Nasty thing your, trying to hide. But through your disguise. I spy, evil eyes.
I Spy
She wasn't expecting me for another hour, yet I came early. There was no answer to my knocking, and as always before, I let myself in, thinking she must be asleep still. I walked quietly through the house, glancing around, but went straight to her bedroom. I expected to see her buried under the covers, sleeping soundly, but she wasn't there. The sound of water came to my ears from another room. It shut off suddenly, and I was struck with anxiety. I heard her footsteps as she padded down the hall. I turned and slipped into the closet, sliding the wooden door shut in front of my face. I peeked out through the wooden slats and saw her come into her room, naked and toweling her hair dry. She ran the towel over her face and then lower, drying the rest of her body slowly, as if she enjoyed the feel of the rough terrycloth against her soft skin. Her movements were languid and drawn out, bending over to dry her legs and feet, she gave me a full view of her round ass, and her thick labia bet
I Spy With My Little Eye.
I-SPY - 2003 Superstar Eddie Murphy (the nutty professor) teams up with Owen Wilson (Zoolander, Behind enemy lines) for a hilarious, action packed thrill ride. Famke Janssen (X-Men, Goldereye) also stars as an ultra-sexy secret agent. A super-powerful experimental spy plane is stolen by an evil arms dealer and is about to be handed over to an international terrorist. The U.S. Government drafts an egotistical boxing star (Murphy) to join a suave special agent (Wilson) on a dangerous top-secret mission to get the plane back. Armed with the latest high tech gadgets and a whole lot of attitude, this ultimate odd couple might be able to save the world - that is if they can just get along. Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson, great combination! I laughed my ass off. Even if this is a re-make of an old movie it was well done. Comedy fills this film and works wonderfully with the plot. Owen has always been great at playing the "dumb" or "clumsy" part. Eddie was excited to play the bo
Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam In Iraq
Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq Orly Halpern | Fri. Jan 05, 2007 Jerusalem - Although few tears were shed in Israel over Saddam Hussein’s death last week, a small but growing chorus — including government officials, academics and Iraqi émigrés — is warning that Israel could find itself in more danger with him gone, and that it might even regret having welcomed his toppling. “If I knew then what I know today, I would not have recommended going to war, because Saddam was far less dangerous than I thought,” said Haifa University political scientist Amatzia Baram, one of Israel’s leading Iraq experts. Saddam was feared and reviled in Israel, both as a tyrant and as an enemy of the Jewish state. He demonstratively supported Palestinian terrorists, and few have forgiven his bombarding of Israel with Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War. “Retrospectively, justice has been done,” Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh told Israel Radio this week.
Israel's President To Be Indicted On Rape, Abuse Of Power Charges
Please Rate This Blog Israel's President to Be Indicted on Rape, Abuse of Power Charges 23 Jan 2007 Israel's attorney general notified President Moshe Katsav on Tuesday that he plans to indict him on charges of rape and abuse of power, a stunning accusation against the country's ceremonial head of state.,2933,245883,00.html
Israeli War Crimes
Israel Attacks Syria..bush Defends It Israel, U.S. Shared Data On Suspected Nuclear Site Bush Was Told of North Korean Presence in Syria, Sources Say By Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright Washington Post Staff Writers Friday, September 21, 2007; A01 Israel's decision to attack Syria on Sept. 6, bombing a suspected nuclear site set up in apparent collaboration with North Korea, came after Israel shared intelligence with President Bush this summer indicating that North Korean nuclear personnel were in Syria, U.S. government sources said. The Bush administration has not commented on the Israeli raid or the underlying intelligence. Although the administration was deeply troubled by Israel's assertion that North Korea was assisting the nuclear ambitions of a country closely linked with Iran, sources said, the White House opted against an immediate response because of concerns it would undermine long-running negotiations aimed at
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out !!
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out !! I have about 13 minutes left of it to watch, but I wanted to post it for anyone who is still up.
Israeli Attack On The Uss Liberty
Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty
Israel Warning Over Gaza Protest
Israel warning over Gaza protest Israel's military has strengthened positions along its border with Gaza ahead of a demonstration against the months-long blockade of the territory. Three Hamas fighters were killed by Israeli air strikes near Gaza's border on Sunday, the militant group said. Tens of thousands of Gazan women and children are expected to form a human chain stretching the length of the coastal teritory in Monday's protest. Protest organisers say they have no intention of breaching the border. Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported there are fears of casualties if the troops try to halt the demonstration. "Israel will not intervene in demonstrations inside the Gaza Strip but it will ensure the defence of its territory and prevent any violation of its sovereign borders," said a joint statement released by Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defence Minister Ehud Barak. "Israel will work to avoid a deterioration of the situation but declares unequi
Israel's Nuclear Programme
Israel's nuclear programme Israel built the Dimona plant with help from France While Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, few international experts question the Jewish state's presence on the world's list of nuclear powers. Its nuclear capability is arguably the most secretive weapons of mass destruction programme in the world. Unlike Iran and North Korea - two countries whose alleged nuclear ambitions have recently come to the fore - Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, designed to prevent the global spread of nuclear weapons. As a result, it is not subject to inspections and the threat of sanctions by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. The extent of Israel's nuclear capability has been the subject of often wildly inaccurate intelligence estimates since the 1960s, when the country's nuclear reactor, at Dimona in the Negev desert, came online. The suspicion and fog surroundin
Brigadier General Says Israel is the problem not Iraq Jan 7, 2003 by James J. David a retired Brigadier General (James J. David is a retired Brigadier General and a graduate of the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College, and the National Security Course, National Defense University, Washington, DC. He served as a Company Commander with the 101st Airborne Division in the Republic of Vietnam in 1969 and 1970 and also served nearly 3 years of Army active duty in and around the Middle East from 1967-1969.) Question: Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons? Answer: Israel Question: Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections? Answer: Israel Question: Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions? Answer: Israel Question: Whic
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
I saw you in my dream We were walking hand in hand On a white sandy beach of Hawaii We were playing in the sun We were having so much fun > On a white sandy beach of Hawaii The sound of the ocean Soothes my restless soul The sound of the ocean Rocks me all night long Those half-hound summer days lying there in the sun On a white sandy beach of Hawaii The sound of the ocean Soothes my restless soul The sound of the ocean Rocks me all night long Last night in my dream I saw your face again We were there in the sun On a white sandy beach On... oooonnnnn of Hawaii
Israeli Troops Enter Gaza Strip
Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip Israeli forces move towards the Gaza Strip Israeli ground troops have started to enter the Gaza Strip, Israeli military officials have confirmed, a week after the offensive against Hamas began. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the intention was to take control of areas from which Palestinian militants have been firing rockets into Israel. Witnesses say armoured vehicles crossed into northern Gaza at four separate points, supported by helicopters. Earlier, Israel intensified air and artillery attacks on the territory. In one raid, at least 13 people were killed when a missile struck a crowded mosque in Beit Lahiya, Palestinian medics said. Witnesses said more than 200 people had been inside the Ibrahim al-Maqadna mosque for evening prayers when it was struck. If you commit the stupidity of launching a ground offensive then a black destiny awaits you Khalid Meshaal Political leader of Hamas UK protests over Ga
When is that nutcase of a prezzie going to take a hike and get Obama in the White House,maybe then we will see and end to the suffering of innocent men women and children in Gaza. Are Americans so fucking brainwashed that they only get fed a diet of verbal diahorraea by Fox news,you really need to take a look at yourselves in the mirror,seriously man.
I hope the whole shit there stops by the time I go there next year to visit my fam.
How is it that we, as a nation that seems so concerned with human rights (Gitmo not withstanding), are allied with a country like Israel? The complete lack of common decency in regards to Gaza is absurd! I just read an article today that Israel boarded and escorted an aid ship out of the Gaza blockade. They boarded the vessel, searched it, found no weapons of any kind, and still would not allow them to deliver food and medical supplies to the survivors of the onslaught by Israel. I understand that Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel for a long time, but in all of that time only a couple dozen Israeli civilians have been killed. As retaliation for those attacks Israel killed over 1000 Gaza civilians! These people have been under a blockade for a long time, starving, wounded with no supplies to heal themselves, poor, and we sit by and give aid and support to Israel? Why not Gaza? It is after all the Hamas that are attacking Israel, not Gaza. We went into Iraq without prov
Is Radio Dead?
No radio stations are not dead but they need to see the doctor. According to a new study from TargetCast radio is still a strong force but losing its energy. TargetCast says that 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 prefer their MP3s to the radio and about 45% like internet stations to radio, and 49% say radio is not relevant to them. What does that mean to the future of radio? Your guess is good as mine but it doesn’t look great. For more info check out Jennifer Lane’s Audio4Cast at
Israel's Son
Hate is what I feel for you And I want you to know that I want you dead. Your late for the execution If you're not here soon I'll kill your friend instead All the pain that I feel couldn't start to heal although I would like it to I hate you, and your apathy you can leave, you can leave, I don't want you here. I'm playing this pantomime But I don't see you showing any signs of fear. All the pain I feel couldn't start to heal although I would like it to This time I'm for real my pain cannot heal you will be dead when I'm through Hate is what I feel for you and I want you to know that I want you dead. You're late for the execution and if you're not here soon I'll kill your friend instead All the pain I feel couldn't start to heal although I would like it to This time I'm for real my pain cannot heal you will be dead when I'm through Pain and execution Put your hands in the air, Put your hamds in the air, yeah I am, I am Israel's son Israel's
Netanyahu at his best   Even those who aren't particularly sympathetic to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, could get a good measure of satisfaction from this interview with British Television during the retaliation against Hamas' shelling of Israel.The interviewer asked him: "How come so many more Palestinians have been killed in this conflict than Israelis?" (A nasty question if there ever was one!)Netanyahu: "Are you sure that you want to start asking in that direction?" Interviewer: (Falling into the trap) Why not?Netanyahu: "Because in World War II more Germans were killed than British and Americans combined, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the war was caused by Germany's aggression. And in response to the German blitz on London, the British wiped out the entire city of Dresden, burning to death more German civilians than the number of people killed in Hiroshima. Moreover, I could remind you that in 1944, when the R.A.F. tried to bomb the Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhage
Israel Chemicals Signs Second Indian Potash Deal
Israel Chemicals Ltd. (TASE: ICL) has signed its second potash contract in India this month. The new contract is for 415,000 tons, with an option for an additional 25,000 tons, amounting to $203.4 million and $215.6 million if the option is exercised. It follows on the $490 million Indian contract for one million ton with a 100,000-ton option signed last week. The average price in both contracts is $490 per ton, $120 more per ton than in Israel Chemicals' previous Indian contracts. The new contract will be delivered through March 2012. In July, Israel Chemicals signed a $285 million Chinese contract for the delivery of 500,000 tons of potash at $470 per ton. The three contract total $975 million, burberry outlet not including the options. Earlier this week, Migdal Capital Markets raised its recommendation for Israel Chemicals to "Buy" with a target price of NIS 65. Israel Chemicals' share price price rose 1.2% by mid-afternoon to NIS 48.55, giving a market cap of NIS 61 billion. Africa
'israeli, Jordanian Face Espionage Charges In Egypt'
An Israeli and a Jordanian were set to go on trial in Egypt on suspicion that they were spying for the Mossad, according to a MENA news agency report cited by AFP on Sunday. According to the report, the Israeli citizen had allegedly tasked the Jordanian with recruiting Egyptians working in the telecoms sector “to obtain technical data in order to damage the national interests of Egypt.” The last time an Israeli was accused of spying in Egypt was in June when Israeli- sacs louis vuitton American citizen Ilan Grapel was arrested at his downtown Cairo hotel by state security officers. He was taken before Judge Hesham Badawi of the Supreme State Security Prosecution who ordered him detained for 15 days on charges of “spying on Egypt with the aim of harming its economic and political interests,” according to the MENA news agency. Grapel was in Cairo working for a nonprofit organization helping African refugees. His family, friends and the Israeli government have all
Israel, Hamas Attempt Truce After 3 Days Of Mutual Attacks
A tense cease-fire between Israel and Hamas appeared to go into effect on Sunday night as Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket attacks came to a near standstill following three days of violence. But there was no official confirmation by the sides regarding the acceptance of the ceasefire and rockets continued to fall on Sderot and Ashkelon after 9 pm, when the cease fire was reportedly supposed to go into effect. Popular Resistance Committees spokesmen told the reporters that the organization did not agree to the truce and did not see itself as obligated to maintaining it. According to Arab reports, tiffany outlet a senior Israeli Defense Ministry delegation had arrived earlier in the day in Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials who mediated the cease-fire between Israel and representatives of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Defense officials said Israel was looking for a way to end the current round with Hamas, citing the lack of international support as one of the reasons Israel cou
Israelis And Palestinians On Diplomatic Brink
High anxiety has overtaken the United Nations,juicy couture outlet as Palestinians, Israelis, Americans and Europeans do an edge-walk around the most towering issue of the day, the Palestinian bid for statehood. And the brinksmanship seems set to continue until Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appears at the world body in New York next week to announce whether he will abandon the bold move, or press it to a bruising conclusion. “We will see if anyone carries with him or her any credible offer,” Palestinian foreign minister Riad Malki told journalists from his headquarters in Ramallah. “Otherwise on (Sept. 23), at 12.30, the president will submit the application.” He said that the Palestinians would go for full statehood by seeking endorsement from the UN’s most powerful body, the Security Council – reaching for the top tier on the diplomatic ladder. A less lofty goal, the General Assembly’s recognition as a non-member observer state, is a
Israel Under Pressure To Limit Retaliation To Palestine Statehood Bid.
ERUSALEM/NEW YORK — Israel is coming under international pressure to limit the scale of its threatened retaliation to a Palestinian statehood bid amid warnings of an explosion of violence in the region. U.S. and European diplomats were scrambling for a compromise on Monday that would recognize Palestinian aspirations,juicy couture outlet placate Israel and persuade both sides to resume negotiations. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, arrived in New York on Monday before he gives his historic address to the UN General Assembly on Friday, when he will make his case for international recognition of a sovereign state of Palestine. Mr Abbas admitted he had come under "tremendous pressure" to drop his bid and return to talks with Israel, but insisted he would not back down. "We have decided to take this step and all hell has broken out against us," he said. In a sign of unease among supporters of the Palestinian cause in Europe, France called on Mr Abbas to make an explicit com
Israel: Violence
More on December 24 2011, Lately in the Public Sphere, as has Stated PM Netanyahu, Statement: "InThe Public Sphere"; Women have been Violently Segregated against, This Actions are not to be Associated with any Real or Hallachic, Religious Truth or Concept, this is Probably Why and not to Ever Justify a Virtual Movement who would have as Core any Segregation against Women in General; PM Netanyhu spoke to The Security Minister and The Atorney General to Instruct Them against those Crimes, to pouch them to be of the Utmost Severity against the Individuals Responsible for These Crimes.More in the Sources... Sources: "PMO:".
Israel: Free Education
More on January 8 2012, for the coming Academic Year 5773, Education will be Free for Children from 3 years old: Kindergarten then, and older.The Order of Priorities, according to PM Netanyahu, are being Changed towards a Stronger Focus on Education and Security, Security with an Encrease of the Budget of The IDF.More in the Sources...Sources: "PMO:". 
Israel: Railway Line From Tel-aviv To Eilat
More on February 2 5772, It has been Decided by the Ministerial Cabinet: A 350 km Railway Line for Passenger and Freight will be built between Tel-Aviv and Eilat.This Project is in the israel National Strategy to Change The Country into a Continental Land Crossing Route of Power and Interests.More in the Sources... Sources: "PMO:".   
Israel: Ramon Airbase Wastewater Treatment Facility
More on February 16 2012, a New WasteWater Treatment Facility is being Built to Recycle Sweage Water to be used for Parks and Agricultural Irrigation.With this Factory, IDF, Israel will Save Thousands of Cubic meters of Water every year and half of a Million Shkalim.  More in the Sources... Sources: "IDF:".
Israel: The Attacks On Il
More on March 11 2012, Iran keeps exporting Terrorism out to Israel: Being Opposed and Punished Econmically by The International Community for Its Actions which are to Conduct Illigal Millitary Nuclear Researches. Iran through different Terrorists Groups has hit several time in Israel: According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 130 Rocket Attacks have been led from the Gaza Strip since begining of March 2012. Israeli Civilians are apparently targeted: Rockets Strike mostly Schools and other public and Populated Places. The Iron Dome: The Israel Missile Anti-Missile and Anti-Rocket Defense System Intercepts roughly 90% of the Rockets. Several Wounded Victims have been counted in all the Areas hit by Rockets: More than 40 in all.  IDF has responded to the Attacks by trying to Neutralise the Terrorists Positions and Weapons. More in the Sources... Sources: "MFA:
Israel: March 2012 Attack
More on March 10 2012, According to IDF SpokePerson: Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, The Terrorist Organization known as Hamas would be in Charge in Gaza Strip, holding Authority, this Terrorists Organization would Permet different other Terrorists Groups to lead Attacks against Israel. Then Hamas being in Charge in Gaza would be considered as being behind The Rocket Attacks led against Israel.  Still according to The General, 130 of those Rockets have been launched from Gaza, very little of them actually reached Israel, thanks to The Iron Dome: The Israel Anti-Rocket Missile System. In legit, therefore Legal Reponse from IAF several Terrorist Interrests and Quarters were hit and destroyed.  Terrorists Groups in Gaza, through the Event, seem to evolve into just one Multi-Group acting with Cohersion. More in the Sources... Sources: "IDF:".    
Israeli Airstrikes In Gaza
Thursday 15 November 2012  Israeli aircraft attack targets in Gaza following rocket strikes against Tel Aviv carried out by Islamist militants. ddddd There were more than 25 air strikes on Thursday night, according to Reuters witnesses. One attack targeted an electricity generator feeding into the house of the Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. A police station and tunnels on Gaza's border with Egypt were also hit.Earlier, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired two rockets at Tel Aviv. One hit the suburb of Rishon Lezion, triggering air raid sirens. The other landed in the sea, according to Israeli security sources. No-one was hurt.They were the first rocket attacks on Tel Aviv since 1991. The Israeli armed forces are preparing to call up 30,000 reserve troops, as speculation mounts that a ground offensive in Gaza is being considered.Meanwhile, Egypt's prime minister and security officials will make a one-day visit to Gaza on Friday in a show of support for the Palestinian e
Israel Vs Hamas: Deadly Theater
  Tony CartalucciInfowars.comNov 16, 2012 The Western allied, funded, armed, and directed sectarian extremist organizations, namely Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and their subsidiaries of Hamas and the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” were created and to this day are backed specifically to counter real opposition to Western designs of hegemony across the Muslim World. The West has also created and continues to perpetuate Israel as it exists in its current state, a purposefully provocative militant nation that serves as a beachhead for Western objectives throughout the region, as well as a perpetual impetus for filling the ranks of extremist groups who are then turned loose against the West’s enemi
Israel Blocks Tel-aviv With ‘iron Dome’
Israel Blocks Tel-Aviv with ‘Iron Dome’     The Jerusalem PostNovember 17, 2012 The Iron Dome intercepted two Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv on Saturday. The missiles marked the third attack on the heavily populated central city in as many days, after Palestinian terrorists from Gaza fired two missiles toward the financial capital Friday, prompting red alert air raid sirens to sound in the city. Video From ABC News: While police said that one of the missiles landed in an open area, a military source told The Jerusalem Post that the Iron Dome intercepted both missiles. The Defense Ministry deployed an upgraded Iron Dome battery in the Gush Dan area in the center of Israel on Saturday morning, after rushing its production
Israel Bombs
Israel Bombs Targets on Syria-Lebanon Border     Harriet 30, 2013 Israeli warplanes have attacked a target on the Syrian-Lebanese border, according to unconfirmed reports, after several days of heightened warnings from government officials over Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons. The Reuters news agency cited a western diplomat and a security source as saying there had been “a hit” in the border area. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it had no comment on the report. The report followed claims in the Lebanese media that IDF fighter planes had flown sorties over Lebanon’s airspace from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday morning. Read more
Israeli Warplane 'struck Target On Syria-lebanon Border' Amid Weapons Fears
Reports of attack on 'research centre' come as Israel monitors region for possible WMD convoys leaving Syria for Lebano Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is believed to be in talks over a possible response to the movement of chemical weapons. Photograph: Jim Hollander/EPA       Israeli warplanes have attacked a target close to the Syrian-Lebanese border following several days of heightened warnings from government officials over Syria's stockpiles of weapons. Syrian state television said that military command had confirmed a "scientific research centre" north-west of Damascus was struck at dawn on Wednesday, causing damage. Two people were killed and five wounded in the attack on the site, which was engaged in "raising the level of resistance and self-defence". Earlier, diplomatic and security sources were cited in media reports as saying a convoy of trucks had been struck close to the Syrian-Lebanese border. The Israeli Defence Forces said it had no comment. Le
Israel Announces “security Zone” In Syria
Kurt Nimmo, February 4, 2013 Israel is considering a “buffer zone” stretching ten miles into Syria “to protect itself from fundamentalist rebels on the other side of the border,” the Sunday Times reports. The proposal, which has been drawn up by the military and presented to Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, is intended to secure the 47-mile border against a growing Islamist threat if President Bashar al-Assad’s embattled regime loses control of the area. The “Islamist threat” in Syria is funded and armed by the CIA and Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Obama administration likes to pretend it is actively working to keep arms out of the hands of al-Qaeda in Syria, but the truth is something quite different – al-Qaeda and its affiliates play a key role in undermining the al-Assad regime. One of the most effective fighting groups inside Syria is Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist organization aligned with the Free Sy
Israel Attacks Syria
Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime     Tony CartalucciInfowars.comMay 5, 2013 Unprovoked, Israel has attacked Syria numerous times over the past 2 days, including attacks on the Syrian capital of Damascus, in what appears to be a series of intentional provocations designed to drag the region into a wider conflict its US sponsors can then enter militarily. Neither attacked directly by Syria, nor able to cite credible evidence in regards to perceived threats Israel claims to be reacting to, the assault on Syria represents a Chapter VII breach of the Un
Is Really That Hard
is really that hard is really that hard to be a risk taker is it really that hard to have faith is it really that hard to be faithfull is it really that hard to be a true friend is it really that hard to love someone with no strings is it really that hard to make the first move is it really that hard to be yourself let me know how hard it is
Is Real
Life, not but what is but what of? Tears of time flood our vision of reality And drown our thoughts with beliefs. Illusions to make perverted minds To do biddings of those we know not And those not known to many. The clock turns, each strike demolishing itself in an unknown glory. Victory is loss and loss is victory. Life winds down and the illusion fades into a misty thought. One which haunts our mind and that of time.
Is Real Life Better Than Fantasy??
Is Ready For This!!! DP
Is 911 Really A Joke?
WHEN I FIRST SAW THAT GUY... car medallion hanging around is neck coupled with a replica of BIG BEN and oversized glasses that I thought ONLY Bozo or Rizzo the Clown could have in their wardrobe, I was totally amazed. Even more so, I was enthralled by the complaint chortled out in his song... "911 is a joke". They were in process of installing the emergency alert system to Ann Arbor's Police Department. Recovering from some sort of "knock me out and cut my groin" attack by a stranger (still don't know who did it) while living on campus at EMU... I was expecting problems or outright non response from the emergency teams; after all, he was from a larger more well known community.... New York City. If it couldn't work there... perhaps it wouldn't work in a lace like Ann Arbor either. To that regard, I resigned myself to an alternate direction of thought... maybe it's a "good thing" when things happen that we don't really expect. To address that further; my mom was complaining about my you
Is Real Hiphop Dead?
hell even nas said it himself. he wasnt completely wrong either. alot of ppl took this slightly out of context tho imo. what i think he meant is that mainstream/commercialized hiphop is dead. it was on its last leg then this bitch soulja boy came by n killed it. then lil waynes phony azz walked all over da dead corpse. real hiphop only lives in da underground NOW. i kno it...u kno it...da record execs kno it...hell da WHOLE FUCKIN INDUSTRY KNO IT! today wit mainstream radio confusin what hip hop is n so called hip hop web sites callin kelly rowland, christina aguilera n numerous others hip hop. everyone has it so twisted that nobody really kno what real hip hop is anymore. at best what they r pawing off as hip hop is a mix of pop n R&B. sure thur some great hip hop artist out but many more just lost in da shuffle cuz it gotten 2 da point where even record labels confused bout what hip hop is. take soulja boy receivin a nomination 4 a grammy award 4 best rap song 4 da 50th grammy awa
Is Reading Other Peoples' E-mails A Crime?
 Recently I came across an article in  a Michigan online Newspaper about a man being charged for reading his soon to be ex-wife's emails.After his wife filed for divorce, the man. who is extremely talented with computer technology, hacked into her email account via  her laptop computer and accessed her emails.He explained that he thought that she was having an affair .He now faces up to five years in jail, if convicted. As there is no clear law regarding emails, the prosecutors are relying on a Michigan law used to prosecute identity theft crimes or trade secrets.It reads:    " A person shall not intentionally and without authorization or by exceeding valid authorization do any of the following: Access or cause access to be made to a computer program, computer, computer system or computer network to acquire, alter, damage delete or destroy property or otherwise use the service of a computer program, computer, computer system or computer network."   Hmm...   This could set precede
Is Ready
Pink is ready to conquer today's tasks.
Is Role Playin Good
Is role playing is the coolest thing or is not good To all my friends here on smut vibes do you like the role playing game and live that fantasy game with the guy or women on the other end of the computer. I never have done it. What kind of desire they want. But I just want to ask what you think, does it work. I want to try to be that guy who the lady’s dreamed of or wanted. but me I’m just a normal guy who likes to keep it real.
Is "romance" Attractive To Women?
Is "Romance" Attractive To Women? >CHECK THIS OUT: If you want to look through all of the programs I have... that will teach you how to meet and date the kinds of women you've always wanted, just click on this link (and make sure you watch the great free video clips): You've probably noticed that I don't talk about the idea of "romance" very often. There's a good reason for this. I think that most guys use romance in completely the wrong way, and in the process screw up their chances with the woman that they are interested in. I'm going to take some time here to talk about my personal perspective on romance, how it is misused, and how to use it to really make a woman feel attracted to you. Most guys make one of two main mistakes when trying to be "romantic": 1) They try to use romance to CREATE attraction. 2) They use TOO MUCH romance, thinking that more
Is Romance Dead
when you are laying on the couch with her head on your chest. It's right then you start to feel like you are truely blessed. when her touch can make you melt .and it feels like nothing you ever felt. when you could talk to her and not have to yell and you started to remember what it was about her, at first you couldn't tell. then you realized it was her you fell in love with from the start... and from that moment you realized that she was the one with the key to your heart
Issac Hanson!? What The Fuck!?
Is Santa Dead
I'm going to have to explain this to my children one day. I hope they understand. There are approximately two billion children (persons under 18) in the world. However, since Santa does not visit children of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Buddhist (except maybe in Japan) religions, this reduces the workload for > Christmas night to 15% of the total, or 378 million (according to the population reference bureau). At an average (census) rate of 3.5 children per household, that comes to 108 million homes, presuming there is at least one good child in each. Santa has about 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 967.7 visits per second. This is to say that for each Christian household with a good child, Santa has around 1/1000th of a second to park the sleigh, hop out, jump down the chimney, fill the stocking, distribute the remaining presents under the
Is Satan Really The Bad Guy??
   According to Christianity, Satan is the epitome and embodiment of all evil things, described as "the father of all lies" in the Catholic Church's Catechism (paragraph 391). It is his works that tempt humans into doing bad deeds. If something evil occurs, we can be assured that Satan had something to do with it.   The History of Satan   According to Catholicism, Satan only exists because God allows him to (The Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 395). This raises some serious issues about how righteous God can be if he allows evil to exist, but I digress. Satan, as the story goes, began as the angel Lucifer, who outrightly rejected God and rebelled against him. God cast Lucifer and those who followed him into Hell, a place of eternal torture and despair, where God was not present.   Like any good propaganda machine, Christian authorities have made sure to limit the disenimation of information on the enemy (Satan) to what they want the public to know. For example,
Issei Sagawa:
While studying in Paris, this brilliant Japanese student spotted Renee Hartevelt, a beautiful Nordic-looking woman. He fell instantly in love and could not stop thinking about the white skin of her arms. She was the perfect woman for what he wanted to do, but he had to be careful. He had to be ready. Renee was 25, blonde, and independent. She spoke three languages and had a bright future, with the aim of getting a Ph.D. in French literature. Sagawa asked her to teach him German, and since his father was quite wealthy he could pay her well. She accepted. He found these Nordic women overpowering, and even as he claimed he loved them, he wanted to posses and destroy them and so he did. He lured her to his home to murder and eat her to satisfy his long-held sexual fantasy. Avoiding prison for his crime, the cannibal is now a celebrity in Japan.
Issei Sagawa:
While studying in Paris, this brilliant Japanese student spotted Renee Hartevelt, a beautiful Nordic-looking woman. He fell instantly in love and could not stop thinking about the white skin of her arms. She was the perfect woman for what he wanted to do, but he had to be careful. He had to be ready. Renee was 25, blonde, and independent. She spoke three languages and had a bright future, with the aim of getting a Ph.D. in French literature. Sagawa asked her to teach him German, and since his father was quite wealthy he could pay her well. She accepted. He found these Nordic women overpowering, and even as he claimed he loved them, he wanted to posses and destroy them and so he did. He lured her to his home to murder and eat her to satisfy his long-held sexual fantasy. Avoiding prison for his crime, the cannibal is now a celebrity in Japan.
Is Sexuality A Choice?
Is Sex Important In A Relationship?
Sex plays an important role in relationships, no doubt about that. I accept what people say, that sex is not what’s MOST important, that love and friendship in a relationship is what actually matters but I would say that on the other hand sex is what actually makes the difference; what makes us talk about two people being a couple and not just two buddies who care deeply about each other. Imagine that you are with a man/woman that you love, you care about him/her, you want him/her to be next to you but there is no desire, it’s nice to talk with him/her, hug him/her but he/she doesn’t really attract you anymore. What happens next? And I’m not talking about when you are 80, but when you are 25, 30, 40, 50, and for as long as you can be sexually active for that matter…? You just pretend and try to do the do, you start looking around for someone else to excite you all over again, you just forget sex and you think of all the other good things that you share with that person? And if this is
Is Sex Work
> > Is sex work?> > A U.S. Marine Colonel was about to start the morning briefing to his> > staff.> > While waiting for the coffee machine to finish its brewing, the colonel> > decided to pose a question to all assembled.> > He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and> > he failed to get his usual amount of sound sleep.> > He posed the question of just how much of sex was "work" and how much> > of it was "pleasure?"> > A Major chimed in with 75-25% in favor of work.> > A Captain said it was 50-50%.> > A lieutenant responded with 25-75% in favor of pleasure, depending upon> > his state of inebriation at the time.> > There being no consensus, the colonel turned to the PFC who was in> > charge of making the coffee. What was HIS opinion?> > Without any hesitation, the young PFC responded, "Sir, it has to be> > 100% pleasure."> > The colonel was surprised and, as you might guess, asked why?> > "Well, sir, if there was any work involved, the officers would have me>
Is She Replacing Me?
I wrote this poem tonight on 10/01/2006. Please read and tell me what you think about it and then repost it so that others may see it and can tell me what they think about it. I am going through a rough time right now and I always put my feelings down in a poem. Thanks everyone. IS SHE REPLACING ME I sit here waiting on you to make up your mind One week, one month, one year When will you once again be mine? When will you be here? I feel as though I've been replaced. You never have time for me. Are your feelings that misplaced? How worried should I be? Everything we used to do together. The places we'd go, the people we'd see. Will those be ours again ever Or has she replaced me? Her name I always hear. Mine is always last. My biggest fear I'm fading away fast. Does it have to be? PLease come home now. Is she replacing me? Please say no way, no how.
Is She Really Out There For Me?
I sit in front of my computer day in & day out, thinking to myself..."is the woman of my dreams out there?" & if she is where is she? why hasn't she materialized? I'm not a hard person to get along with...actually I treat the woman I'm with maybe too good...I do all the thing I think women like...mostly I do them out of habit...I used to be a personal security guard for nude dancers...this means 2 things...#1 I've seen lots of naked women there for I'm comfortable around this type of thing...#2 I've learned to treat them like ladies no matter what they do for a living it doesn't make them bad...when I left the club all the ladies cried...this tells me one thing...I was doing everything right...what gets me is how I always get this..."I got a man" are all the good ones taken? what woman doesn't like to be held & told she's beautiful? I don't know what's going on...there's just too many games being played & too much's acually been a long time since I've felt something real...w
Is She Really Bossy ?????
ShowStatusBar="1" loop="false"> Kelis Im Bossy Music Video Code
Is She The Reason
B. Knowles, K. Rowland, M. Williams, P. Douthit, S. Garrett, V. Carstarphen, G. McFadden, J. Whitehead I thought that this was something (This) Promising that one day This would turn into something (This) Thought that feelings Were starting to grow I didn't have to guess Starting being skeptical Always unavailable Like ya didn't know But now I'm feelin' something (This) Tellin' me this may not be That real something that You was showing me Now I'm ready And you runnin' Damn you got me open Now I'm feelin' like I'm chokin' Now where I'm to go? I can't Believe that you Can't feel my heart And I can't Believe you let me Fall so hard Stop playin' How could you Let it go this far? If you had doubts That I wasn't the one You said That your the type To take it slow You said Before I stepped I'd let you know Stop playin' Before you let me See you with her You coulda told me A change was gon' come Is she the reason You don't call Like you us
Is She Less Beautiful?
Is she any less beautiful because of the scars?
Is She Naked??
JJ - Founder of Stiletto Girls (Club F.A.R ) and (Brits On Tour)@ fubar come on give her some love tell her sherry sent ya..let me know u went and helped her be so thankful xoxo
Is She A Whore
So theres this girl i know and have known for a couple of years... She claims her husband beats her.. yes i have seen marks... but.. I know for a fact that the girl has cheated on him numerous times in the past is is cheating on him again with someone in the apartments they used to live in. The guy she is seeing now is also an abuser that from his own mothers lips. My exhusband saw them walk out of the complex today and i asked him not to say anything to her husband who my ex works with. but so does this make this girl a whore? Shes not happy and she admits it but she wont leave her husband..... i tend to think it does. She just continues to fuck other men then gets pissed off when her hubby gets upset over anything And do i let my ex rat her out to her husband?
Is She Sexy Ore Wht Lol
Is She Out There
i know i have an angel, she looks out for me everyday, i can tell because of the things i have done, been in trouble so many times, i just want to thank her and give her my love, because she gave me strength to carry on, when there was nothing else to do, and now i see the things that i can be, she opened my eyes so i can see,that there really is something out there, i just have to reach out and grab it, for life can pass you by, and why wouldn`t you give it a try, all you have to do is take it as it comes, and give it the best that you got, ask god for the things that you need , and not the things you want, this is what i do almost everyday, and i am glad he is here to stay, and watch over me, to help and guide, me things through the rough times that i have, surrounds me with friends and family who cares, and sent me an angel to watch what i do, so this one is to god and his way of thinking, i just want to tell him thank you, for giving me all my blessings and people who care, and for
Is She Attracted To Me?
All the signs are there -- if you know how to read them By David Wygant Sepcial to Yahoo! Personals Updated: Nov 20, 2007 RATING THIS ARTICLE Be the first to rate: Sign in to rate! Read all 10 comments TOOLS Email Article Printable View Add to Add to Digg I get so many emails from men asking me this question: "How do I know if she is attracted to me on date?" This a great question, and knowing the answer will make going in for that kiss become her idea and not yours. That's right, guys -- the first kiss has to be her idea. She has to want it and desire it, and learning what her body language is saying is key to the first kiss and knowing if she is attracted to you. When you are out on a date, sit across from her at a table, or if you are about to sit in a booth, let her sit down first and see where she invites you to sit. Some women will invite you to sit right down next to them in the booth and some will not. If she invites you to sit do
Is She Out There?
I need a thug miss phattie girl with brown eyes that 5'5 ghetto love with thick hips and thick thighs stilletto dyme with thaick lips that catch eyes its no surprise if you fit the description Im wishin and itchin to get the chance to be yo man you aint gotta be roxanne ma do yo dance give the girl a hand eyes locked I knew Id have her goin first glance as I chilled in my b-boy stance I spotted you hangin witcha girls gettin you amped I followed suit meeting on half the distance bringin love to existance granting all of ya wishes fullfilling ya dreams
Is She Who?
so life is goin on do it
Is She... Or Isn't She?
Ok so here's the deal, I work at a great place with great ppl and it rocks hardcore. However, all that could be in danger. So I work with this manager who is a SHOW STOPPER no lie. Thats not a problem because after all ppl should have eye candy to look at while at work. No what is a problem or could become a potential problem is that she SEEMS to be interested in makin' our relationship more than jus' management and subordinate. Now I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to women Im not one of the most observant ppl you will meet so the whole "signals" thing is lost on me. Im from the school of "if you want something go get it and leave the games to the kids." The signals I think I've been picking up on though are as follows: She finds reasons to spend massive amounts of time with me while at work from hangin' with me in my work zone to spendin' her lunch time with me. She telss me about personal business I dont jus' mean things that go on at home, which is
Is She Really Gone ??
Is she really gone ?? Current mood: sad Jillian... I’m at a loss for words.. you are my best friend.. you have been there through everything with me. you are the one unconditional friend, the person who never judged me and would do anything for me. and i would to the same for you. we have always helped eachother out. we battled addiction were my shoulder to cry on, and now your not here to cry on.. i wish ther was something i could have done.. i just talked to you the other day and you were in such good spirit... and now... i cant tell you goodbye i cant give you any advice.. i cant help... It has taken almost everything in my life away from me.. and now it has taken my best friend.. i will always miss you and love you... Rest in peace Jillian. i cant believe your gone.. PS... i hate you heroin and im glad i stopped hanging out with you... it always end in tears... Police report - Woman’s death investigated PLYMOUTH – Police are inves
Is She That Into You?? - Great Article On The Opposite Sex. . .
She's just not that into you -- or is she? Story Highlights Dating world can be full of confusing signals -- especially for men Study: Woman better at reading facial expressions, body language Expert: Men more likely to heed woman's words, than her actions Single guy: Maybe women should keep us guessing --we like a challenge By Sarah Jio (LifeWire) -- When it comes to women, says Mark Tardif, 44, sometimes it's hard to tell what they're thinking. Last year, the college administrator from Waterville, Maine, met an attractive woman at a conference and was having a great conversation over a glass of wine. Then something unexpected happened: "She undid the plastic clasp holding her hair in a bun, letting her blond hair fall, then flipped it side to side." Tardif was confused. Could it really be a sign of interest, he thought? No, he finally decided. "I told myself to get real and put it aside," he says. And so when the evening was over, there was no linge
Is She Why You Can't Love Me.... Written For My Ex... He Left Me For A Girl Named Emily *look Close Lol*
Even though I love you, Even though I care, Even though I stand beside you, Even though I'm scared, Many people think I'm stupid, Many things just make me cry, Many hours spent dreaming of you, Many hours I wonder why. I just can't seem to tell you, I just can't comprehend, I just can't think clearly, I just can't let this be the end. Love is a knife that slowly turns, Love is my morning wake, Love is what I don't get from you, Love was my biggest mistake. You're not in love with me at all, You're leaving me today, You're throwing my body into a grave, You're ending my life this way.
Is Sho A Bad Influence?
this part is normal for me then i can see how it pisses me off here i was being nice and she deleted me but here i was just being out right mean so should i make a blame shoshonni pic now? i'd have mummed it if i could figure up a way not to lose my privliges 
Is She Mine
Is She Right???
A cop tells a Hooker that it's illegal 2 sell Sex...     She says 2 him.....     "But Officer, I'm not selling Sex...     I'm selling condoms with a free Pussy sampler!!!    
Is She Out There ?
i know i have an angel, she looks out for me everyday, i can tell because of the things i have done, been in trouble so many times, i just want to thank her and give her my love, because she gave me strength to carry on, when there was nothing else to do, and now i see the things that i can be, she opened my eyes so i can see, that there really is something out there, i just have to reach out and grab it, for life can pass you by, and why wouldn`t you give it a try, all you have to do is take it as it comes, and give it the best that you got, ask god for the things that you need , and not the things you want, this is what i do almost everyday, and i am glad he is here to stay, and watch over me, to help and guide, me things through the rough times that i have, surrounds me with friends and family who cares, and sent me an angel to watch what i do, so this one is to god and his way of thinking, i just want to tell him thank you, for giving me all my blessings and people who care, and fo
Is She..
Is she..someone you think of when the days just too fast.. Does she touch you like she's known you today, tomorrow and past. Is she the happiness that rings in your ear. Can she sit with you for hours and still need to be near. Will she love you forever inside and out, no matter the situation, relationship or start. Can she be your best friend, you lover, your heart. Does she know your next sentence and laughs when its confirmed. Will you look at her in longing and want all she embodies. Will her banter keep you in laughter in tears. Have you making cute faces and cross boundaries you've feared. Does she want you and know you, does she like you and love you. Will you know truly that she utterly adores you. Can she tell you everything no matter how inconsequential, in hope that you will see her completely. Hide nothing and know that there's always that potential.. to again have you hold her, and kiss her on the head. To make her smile and blush and catch the tears she'd shed. Is she som
"is She Easy To Please?
with a pop his dick was  standing erect again. Without words her turned his body around and mounted her. in one movement he slid all the way inside her well- lubricated pussy. and then fury overtook them both. they were riding a wave and it was going to break soon. He pounded ferociously but nothing was too much for Denise. she stuck her finger in his ass hole and groaned, "Give it all to me. I can take it. I want all your come baby.     The overture was almost over. with each thrust he seemed to move further into her body. his balls bounced gently against her ass and her round breasts were buried beneath his massive chest. both bodies moved as one now, hips undulating to their own rhythm, far more passionate than the orchestra's "god, you're making me fly. i can't fight it back. I'm coming now. fuck me harder. Harder. i want it all."   And he gave it. his cum went shooting into her like a series of liquified bullits, round after round his dick creamed it all into her. Denise's pu
"is She Easy To Please? The Threesome"
Later on Mmmmmm.. she thought of what had just had happened a little while ago made her luscious breasts stand out against the lightweight sweater. Her pussy was begining to steam and she was sure that the mixture of juices dwon there was giving off a definite smell of sex. a smell that made it clear to the other two people in the restaurant that she hadn't had enough. the waitress came out with a menu and cooly inquired whether denise would like something sweet. at the same time, she hiked up her skirt to reveal two appetizing alabaster thighs and a hint of pubic hair. denise was caught off guard and reacted at first like the girl had been just hours ago. then she changed in to the girl who'd just gotten herself one nice fuking.   Staring at the woman's long shapely legs she replied, I like them to melt in my mouth." "well my man and i are pretty good a whipping up something special. and it's all included in the price on the menu. a full course dinner at a very reasonable price, i t
Is She So Gone That I Will Always Be Lost And Alone
To live without love of a true woman aches a lonely heart.  To know that once was is lost and forgotten.  To ache deep within your soul wondering if this is really what was to be.  Not knowing if her spirit still touches you.  To not have your day brightened with her smile.  Not hearing a voice as heavenly as angels singing.  It hurts to know the loss of one so young.  To know that a touch so longed for will never be.  To feel a pure heart begin to wilt as the roses no longer bloom.  To never carry through with promises of days anew.  Reality is escaping from what it once knew.  Leaving without a trace of love so true.  Slipping from the grasps of what was to be.  Wanting nothing no longer to last from inside of me.  She was pure and true and without a doubt the most amazing woman anyone could want.  She is now in the hands of angels that know her not. She is a stranger umongst a new place.  No one to hold her and take the place.  I should be with her and take her pain away. To never l
Is Shot Into His Own Goal. But Antonio Candreva
MILAN, Italy -- Novara claimed its first win in six games with a 2-1 victory over Lazio on Wednesday, which could seriously dent the Roman sides hopes of claiming third place and the remaining Champions League spot. In an entertaining match, Lazio defender Modibo Diakite gave Novara the lead shortly after the half hour when he turned Andrea Mazzaranis shot into his own goal. But Antonio Candreva levelled moments later. However, Giuseppe Mascara sealed the victory with a free kick 11 minutes from time. Lazio forward Libor Kozak had earlier had a goal ruled out for offside. Lazio remains third on 55 points, but Udinese can draw level if it beats Inter Milan later. Novara is eight points off safety, with four games remaining. The 33rd round of fixtures was postponed following the death of Piermario Morosini on April 14. Morosini -- on loan from Udinese -- collapsed and died after suffering cardiac arrest during Livornos match at Pescara in Serie B. Lazio could have taken the l
Is Sick
So I think I have the flu. And I can't sleep.
Is Size So Important?
 The girth of a person, or how tall someone is, you horny bastids!
Is Slow The Right Way?
Is taking things slowly that bad? Is getting to know each other in a matter of months bad? Is taking your time to build this "house" a bad thing? In these days couples seem to be willing to jump head first into relationships. Not thinking about the outcome, not thinking about their kids if they have any. I am in a situation where my Heart wants to lead my life. I am taking things slowly, with my guy, us both having kids, understand that children get attached to a person. And if you choose to jump you may end up hurting your kids. So this is a first for both of us. It is kicking our asses. Leading with your heads, is very hard, you want to say the "goodnight I love you" But you don't because you don't want to rush this semi perfect thing. You want to hold each others hands all the time, sit next to each other during a movie, kiss and be like teenagers. But you can't, you have to think not just for yourself but for your kids. My kids really like my guy, which is wonderful,
Is So Amazing ...
Cannot belive I am facing 50 on thursday ... Don't know where a lot of the years have gone .. Know I don't feel like people say 50 should ...
Is Someone Really Worth It?
is someone really worth it? Current mood: sad ok this is me just thinkin out loud so it might not make much sence but i have to do it. is someone really worth dying for? yes i guess so in the matter of if u truly loved someone people always say they would take a bullet for them or if something to do with your kids. but im talking bout is an ex worth killing urself for? to me nothing is worth killing urself with ur own hands. nothing ! u are not god, so y act like him and try to take your life before your time is dun here. everything happens for a reason and they happen when they are suppost. so if u are going though a ruf spot in ur life it doesnt mean that life isnt goin to get any better or hey this is how it is always goin to be so y not end it cuz it sucks right now. and the biggest thing that gets me is how can u sit there and look at ur child and still have a gun in ur mouth? that totally fucked me up. u own inncent child who knows nothing but love and happiness no matter
Is Something In The Ether, Stirring?
Something in the Ether? There is something stirring in the world - a kind of intellectual buzz coming from seemingly nowhere. This buzz is causing a great deal of imaginative inspiration and the uncovering of ancient truths once lost to mankind and now being re-found. When I was writing and researching for The Serpent Grail due out in May 2005 I was acutely aware of a void in the Grail arena. Everybody, to my mind, was going down the wrong path. Bloodlines of Christ, aliens and even medieval propaganda did not explain what I had discovered. It seemed there were no others on the same trail. And then another researcher called Gary Osborn got in touch. He wanted to tell me about an incredible discovery he had made. I welcomed his thoughts as I always do. But this time I was in awe. We had both come to the same conclusions from completely different angles. Amazed and somewhat in shock we decided to put our thoughts together to create the definitive Serpent Grail book. Befo
Is Spell Check On The Internet? (1/28/08)
I got another blank friends request, this time from some sleazy loser who should probably save up for hair plugs instead of living on welfare checks and trolling fubar. Once I hurt his pwecious feewings too many times, he put me on ignore and kept sending me shouts. I couldn't reply, but I'm pretty sure he's used to talking dirty to himself anyway. **Name has not been altered, he's a pathetic dickless bitch** ->drmmaker128: Blank friend request? Give me a reason. drmmaker128: I saw u so sweet and sexy sweetie and i tought I'd like u as a friend ->drmmaker128: Uh... no. drmmaker128: ok fine but nice shirt drmmaker128: besides why do i need a reason to be ur friend anyways? ->drmmaker128: Because I won't add you otherwise. Gawd, thought that was pretty obvious. drmmaker128: so it just seems like u don't want to make friends then. So why r u on fubar anyways? ->drmmaker128: To make friends with people who can spell. Clearly you are not in that minority. drmmaker128: it
2007 Is Starting Off With A Bang!!!
Hey everybody, Happy belated New Years!  How 's 2007 so far?  Broken any resolutions yet? Need whip cracking to keep your ass in gear already? So far so good around here.  I have a lot going on. Provided I don't have difficulty with the documents needed to make the trip, I will be going to Amsterdam in the first week of March.  Yesterday, I sent off to Texas for the first documents I need to get My California State documents, since I put that off till now.  And after that I can finally get My passport filed.  I am hoping all goes well with Hollie and she get's to come with Me This year is off to a bang with little mentions of My name here, there and everywhere.  It's all starting with winning one of the KSEX Listener's Choice Awards. Then being the star of a video in one of the  DVD series nominated for a 2007 AVN Awards. And look at these webpages for cameos of either My face or name: Eros Zine: Interview with V
Is Stephen Colbert The Greatest Living American?
It seems that Google bombing isn't going away. The internet nerds are all doing the dance to make Stephen Colbert the Greatest Living American. In less than two weeks the position for the term "greatest living American" in Google has gone up to the number one spot in Google for the Now I am sure Stephen is a great guy, but is he really the greatest living American?The cool people over at Digg seem to be getting behind this Google bomb of "greatest living American" so they can win the top spot for the term in Google for Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Nation - As of today The Colbert Nation only has spot six in yahoo, spot two in MSN and its not listed in on page one at all. However the number one spot in Ask seems to be the Google bomber:SEOmoz | Help Make Stephen Colbert the "Greatest Living American"Help Make Stephen Colbert the "Greatest Living American" ... Use the anchor text "Greatest Living American"
[is Still Bein A Smart Ass]
Isstant Level 55 For Call Of Duty 4
just do as the directions say and you should be fine... worked for me first time, just dont forget to back up your orginal files to the desktop incase of crash then atleast you dont get compeltly wiped...have fun with it enjoy..
Is Stamina Good Or Bad?
Both, you should have a stamina of 10. Anything more than that and you have to increase your health alot as well. Thattakes away from your energy (you need it to do missions) and also from your attack power and defense power!
A fifteen year old boy dumps his pregant Girlfiend, and tells her she HAS to have an abortion. A husband forces his wife to have sex, agianst her will; the exuse is martial obligation. Do these people have issues? Yes. Love does not IMPLY ANY TYPE OF OBLIGATION, NOR DOES MARRIAGE IMPLY OWNERSHIP. Those that we love are not articles of property. Likewise, any action in favor of you are not done bcause its an implied social axiom. It is done becuase its a freely given token of affection and/ or appreciation. It's irksome that relationships and marriage have been reduced down to a sense of "servitude" , and that Love as a human and initmate act has been obscured tothe point of "If you love me.. I own you." If I love you.. I do so becuase I CHOOSE too not because you demand it. Likewise what I offer is a GIFT, not a reqirement for your substantion of the love we share. This is hwat I think... anyone else?
Issues With This Store! Please Read!
This is about a store in Lacey, if anyone lives in this area, please be aware of how crooked these people are. The store's name is: Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership for Less (yeah right!) My girlfriend and I have both been screwed by these people so many times. I have leased to own 2 computers and a wrap around couch at this particular store in Lacey. I know all you that have leased to own items have probably been through the same as I have. There are employees there that have called us several times in one day to "remind" us of paying our bill...and not just from ONE employee, several in one day. Also when in the store you can hear the employees goofing around and cursing back and forth to each other...Wow! So professional!!! Once we even heard the store manager chewing a new A** out of one of his employees..and out in the open near the front desk. I also have a new updated computer from them..that has XP Media Center on's a Dell Dimension 5100 (and for those out ther
Issues Maybe
Stereotypical Qualifacations Everyone is judgeing me Force me to insanity Look inside and will find Someone with an open mind Tell me what I should be Never let me just be me Censor my creativity No more individualality Stereotypical qualifications labling me since birth Be my own man, not your slave, different for what it's worth Two roads in a yellowed wood, I chose the one not taken Thoughts are sleeping in my head let them be awakened Open eyes to an open mind Deviation cannot hide No more room for normality And your conformist society Big brother is watching you Controlling everthing you do 1st amendment is what I teach Sure is different from what you preach
An Issue With My Task Bar
So as some of you may know I like plus size girls. I love sexy curvy women. Myself I'm thin and work out. There is this girl I work with who I have been friends with for awhile and she recently told me that she "liked" me. She is a very pretty girl don't get me wrong but she is just to skinny for me and I think dating people you work with is like shitting where you eat.I informed her that I only wanted to be friends and she asked if I thought she was ugly. I laughed and told her that she is very attractive (which is true)but i liked thicker women. Not that they have to be fat but curvy. Now that she has been shot down she is telling everyone that I have a fat fetish. What should I do?
Looks like this whole job situation has gotten out of control. Find out that for 2 months my coworkers have been bitchin about me behind my back to the owner, who for some misguided reason waited until now to tell me anything. wtf, i dont think i will ever understand this kinda shit, if theres a problem say something to me..... i guess maybe thats to hard or doesnt create enough drama. add in that we start paying for a second location starting the 1st which hasnt even started the buildout (if ya dont know all retail locations start out as a shell, four walls doors windows roof and thats about it, the rest is done by the renter) which will prob take a month to do, plus inventory and setting it up. so thats at least 2 months of rent for which there will be no income for. its like a line of dominoes, money has to come from somewhere, take the rent out of this stores income which is that much less inventory in the store to make a profit on which has already been stretched thin as it is try
Issues With The Site:( My Legs Are Sexually Offensive Apparently
yet again, for the umpteenth time, my pics have been rated NSFW, no, not the ones you gotta be on my friends list to see(which ARE NSFW, and are marked as such) but the ones that are showing nothing sexual or offensive, same thing been happening to hubby's pics, we are both sick of it, we have only been members for 10 days and have sought help from bouncers, support etc, but have had no help recieved to either of us(one bouncer said he would investigate it to hubby and we haven't heard back).I appreciate that folks are busy, but i think its a bit ridiculous that we still have heard nothing back, days later....and you can't sent support a pm if you have no profile pic, well everytime i put a pic up someone feels the need to mark it as NSFW and its removed...hence i can't send message to support......well, that NSFW thing works eh??????? PMSL, maybe they should review the pics before tagging them as such......anyways, if this shit doesn't get sorted we will just leave, if we feel this wa
My issues have issues with issues. Stop touching me.
Issues Of An Ex
He came back into my life (yet again) after being gone for only a month. I know he does this is fuck with my head and heart. (Mostly my heart.) He doesn't realize I don't need a hero anymore. There's nothing to save me from. He feels his purpose is to help me find happiness with or without him. But maintains that my true happiness is only with him. He wants me to doubt my decisions and feel remorse for the life I live. All because my life no longer has room for him. He says he loves me and always will and that I seek out ways to hurt him. Once again, because I'm living without him. He says I deserve to be happy, yet he makes me feel selfish. I know I don't have to justify anything to him. I have a good life, so why can't he understand that I'm capable of happiness without him?
ISSUES Knowing I need to branch out but scared to spead my wings. After all this time I now know why the caged bird sings. Unwilling to do what needs to be done unsure of what a new life will hold. Sure it would be nice to get out on my own but I've heard the world is cold. Somedays I want to get away but other days it seems like I could stay. It's just so hard to choose my mind changes day to day. I'm too young for this it isn't my job I'm not a mom I need a break. But I'm too old to run away from my problems and I'm willing to do whatever it may take. Sure I could take off and find who I'm meant to be or even fall flat on my face. But then again maybe this is what I was meant to do and I just need to set the pace. Only time will tell what my heart will lead me to do and if my head will go along. Untill then I'll just continue to flap my wings and sing my song.
hey ya'll. just wanted all of ya to know i HAVEN'T forgot about ya. I am stuck on dial up for a bit longer, and for some reason when i go to load anything other then my homepage, it freezes, so I haven't been able to do ratings or leave comments like i wanna. But when i get my cable back... Watch out!! lmao.. i am gonna be comment bombin people lol!
Ok, guys who have girls pictures up for their main picture have issues. Unless maybe it\'s their girlfriend or something. These people need that much attention? What really goes through their heads? Maybe they want attention from guys. Or maybe they want attentin from lesbians. What ever works I guess. It seems kinda misleading, although it says on their profile thea they are male. If they are transvestiets, or crossdressors, that is completly understandable. I mean no disrespect to males who dress up in womens clothing. I think it\'s great they do that if that\'s what makes them happy. They should be able to have their picture up there like that if it\'s what they want without anyone giving them any shit about it. I can understand putting a drawing, or other picture up instead of your picture. Some people like those pictures and that\'s great. Be who you are. Maybe you aare just someone who likes having a picture of some girl as your main picture. I guesse that\'s ki
Ok people I am having mad computer issues today so bare with me while I try to figure out what is wrong..worse case scenario...I throw it out the window LOL
Ok in my stupid class I am taking, we are debating that individuals have the right to bear arms and so forth but I stated that if it was a right that we had then how when we commit a crime are we not allowed to bear arms???? Rights can not be taken away am I correct on this or not. Just want to clarify. I see bearing arms as a privelage not a right
Issues That Need To Be Addressed
Ok, most of you on my friends list know that Shannon (Bitch) is one of my 2 best friends in Fubar. Those who don't know, you do now. For whatever reason, I have not been able to see any of her activity in 4 or 5 days now. She and I have checked all of our settings. We couldn't figure it out. It just came to me... within the last few days, someone on my friends list has blocked her and has their family block crap on. Whoever blocked Shannon in the past week, I'm asking nicely, please turn your family block off in your profile settings. I'm friends with everyone. I don't judge others. I rarely block people, and when I do, it's with good reason. But, if I block someone, I certainly wouldn't force YOU to do the same. I'm thinking it's time to start deleting friends. I love you all dearly. And, if you are about to be deleted, you know who you are. If you have blocked Shannon and have your family settings on, please delete yourself from my friends list or turn the family block crap of
A long time ago I told myself that I was going to sit and take stock of things. Fix that in myself that is broken. I have done a great deal of that lately and done quite a bit of soul-searching. I've learned alot about myself and about what i want out of life. Patience has ALWAYS been a big problem with me. A friend used to say "I want what I want, I know what I want,and I want it now". That sums alot of things up for me. Not that I'm impulsive....well get me to a gun show and I am. That is the hardest for me. Knowing what I want, knowing what I want to do but having the patience to see things through.
So basically. I can't seem to make a salute that is approved. Anyone have any tips?
Just wanted to say hi to all my friends. Please understand if im not sitting here or take a moment to answer. I am dealing with some circulation issues in my legs and have to get up often.
Issues For Tonight
Here's tonight's issues; We got a foot of snow today. I've not been kicked off line but it's slow. I'm not fooling with videos and pics are loading slow. Some people have told me they need my sizes for Christmas presents. Magnums I'm on my second cup of Earl Grey tonight and I feel smarter already. Why is it during happy hour alerts run almost an hour behind?! Thanks for the mistletoe kisses, whoever sent them :)
hey guys im havin sum trust issues with ppl right now im sry for the trouble... i hope it doesnt riun the friendships i have made on here.. i love u all muah just bare with me ok...
Had some issues on here, so I left, it took about a week to get back to normal, so I am here again. The phoniness of this place kills me. I don't do lounges, and don't rate me just to ask me to rate you. Just because I rated you doesn't mean we have to be friends. With that in mind have a great day and stop by now and then
Issues And Men
It has occured to me lately that I am surrounded by men in my life. All of which are more than willing to tell me that I have issues of one kind or another. Not that I disagree with them.. Lord knows I have my issues. The problem in my mind arises because I was recently told that I should have only 1 man in my life. Here is the problem. The men in my life all take different roles, and have different meanings to me. If I could roll them all together... well... the world would come to an end because the perfect man would be created. Let me explain a little.. I have a boyfriend, who I live with. He is a wonderful provider, kind, very loving to both myself and my children.But he has his own issues. He works too much, stresses too much. I have a soulmate. He is strong, opinionated, loving. He is my teacher and my guide. For the most part I can tell him anything and expect an honest opinion on the subject. But he has his own issues as well. He is demanding and irritable. I have one th
I wanna wake up I've been walking in my sleep to long Wake up So sick of dreaming I wanna slow down I wanna be part of what is happening around me Without breathing Without feeling Without screaming So I'm leaving I'm unconsciously unconscious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid I turn the page To a chapter that they thought was just a phase But it consumed me You're right I am a failure And when my life turns to shit It won't have anything to do with the fact that it's all you ever taught me how to do So you can relax! Without feeling Without breathing Now I'm leaving I'm unconsciously unconscious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid Turn the page I've been hiding, Drowning, I've been running, Starving, I've been feeling nothing I'm
Issue Purchasing Fubar Merchandise...
Regarding items such as HH's, Stickies, Blasts, Tickers, and Blings It has come to our attention that Fubar has been having an issue with giving out these items upon payment, if you have and questions or concerns about this, please contact Fubar Support, leave a detailed message and your user ID number, along with any reciepts. A little about the above... This announcement applies to anything you purchase on This means Happy Hours, bulletin stickies, blasts, tickers, Fu-Bling, as well as T-Shirts. Make sure you screenshot the confirmation screen whenever you buy something on Fubar. This is your receipt. This is the best way to prove you bought and paid for something. While we're on that subject, try this: make a separate photo album for your receipts. Upload your screenshots to that folder (set it private if you want). You can copy the image location within your browser and send the link to Fubar Support. The best part: you'll earn points for uploading the ph
I wanna wake up I've been walking in my sleep to long Wake up So sick of dreaming I wanna slow down I wanna be part of what is happening around me Without breathing Without feeling Without screaming So I'm leaving [Chorus] I'm unconsiously unconsious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid I turn the page To a chapter that they thought was just a phase But it consumed me You're right I am a failure And when my life turns to shit It won't have anything to do with the fact that it's all you ever taught me how to do So you can relax! Without feeling Without breathing Now I'm leaving [Chorus] I'm unconsiously unconsious Why am I filled with hate? I'd like to blame my parents I'm sure you'd do the same Swallow the hurt Spit out the jerk that's to afraid Turn the page I've been hiding, Drowning, I've been running, Starving, I've been feeling noth
Issues With My Left Kidney
I am not sure what is going on yet. Trying to get doctors to tell me. But My left kidney has had some type of damage done to it. I knew it was slightly smaller than the other, but it has gotten even smaller within the past year. To give you a little bit of details my right kidney is of normal size which is 10.1x3.4x4.8cm. My left kidney measured 8.3x4.0x3.2cm last year. this last renal kidney scan showed it now measures 7.3x2.8x2.4cm. I am not sure what is going to happen or if there is even a chance yet that it could happen to the other good kidney. But I am still continuing with college. Can't let this slow me down on the career I want to get into. If you could just keep me in your prayers. And anyone one who has any thoughts or have had this happen to them please let me know. I feel like I am in the dark right now on this. Thanks Angel
Long story short......... My mom and I bought a house in 2006. Mortgage split me 2/3 and her paying the other third if she babysat my child. In July she stops contributing to mortgage to save for vacation (I was okay with this because it may be her last long drive). She comes back from vacation and within days she is not living there. By the end of August she picks up her things. She has not stated her reasoning. She left me holding all the financial responsibility that I can not afford. She left me without daycare without any warning. There are other things these are just the main things that bother me most. I have not spoken to her since this, I was hoping that she would come around and at least apologize and try and make things right in someway even if it is small. Effort would be appreciated. She has sent me a text message and voice mail requesting to see my kids, I have not responded to this and I have no idea how I should. Any help or advise would be greatly
Is Sucks
when u find some one great that does not live near by you get to see how great of a person they are but will never get to see them probably never again if u met them once or not ever get to meet them but oh well
anyone ever heard of or been called a "DDR"? anyone talk to me and thought hmmmm hes being moody and weird!? anyone think to them selves, wow Deacon seems a little off today. did you think one of my blogs was a bit... not like me to do?   well I believe someone has been in my account and have knoweledge that at least one blog listed I didnt write cus i was off shore and not online.   anytime between the middle of march and last week, let me know if you think you talked to me. someone has sent emails, drinks and sb msgs to people from my fubar profile and it wasnt me. im trying to figure some things out   ill be a coward if it makes you feel better...i told ya i would call you when i had time...but you kept calling and i figured out you were still loggong in to my fubar, and figured out how you did now after four days of not answering your calling private #....quit ffs. i dont have time for this shit! dont go away mad just go away   do you have every detail of every
Issues With Lounge Owner/ Own Lounge Configs
"Issues with Lounges and Their Owners/Staff Members/Members": 1.~My First job was in DT. everything was fine and dandy, until something happened and i got booted by one of the staff with mods booted me, i then thought it would be best to just resigned from my Bartender Job within Double Trouble. and i was just a member of the lounge, then i started feeling like i wasnt even welcomed anymore and my respect went away, so i stopped coming around, and well i continue to visit now but only whenever i feel like stopping in. 2. ~My Second Job was in Angels and Demons (also a name of a movie which is recently coming out), well i was joking around and the co owner took my joke personal (which is STUPID), and well then i got into a convo with the Owner and well words were being side and well my mods got taken away just cuz i cant be myself. it seems that i cant be myself within these lounges cuz the people are too stuck up, it dont matter if youve known them for a while or not, theres a freedo
I have issues.  Just thought I'd mention it. Not big issues... actually, they hardly qualify AS issues. However, I am kinda feeling them at the moment... like an itchy rash.  Anyone got any anti-itch cream?  
If you really don't want to know anything about me then leave right NOW!!!!          My name is Ryan. I am a 25 yo. I have not had the easiest life in the world and I have trouble telling anyone about me or my life. So just hang on for this ride if you wanna read...        I grew up in a single parent home w/ my mother. I had minimal contact with my father for most of my life. And by minimal I mean I went 21 yrs with only seeing him for 36 days total in that time. I hada home in North Carolina and he had been diagnosed with lung cancer and liver matastization. I really wanted to know my fater so I brought him to live with me there. I only had 6 months of time with him before he died. There is nothing in the world that would make me wanna trade that 6 months for. I learnd so many things about him that I had always wanted to know.      My mother is the only rock in my life. She has been there for me as much as she possibly could the enitre time. She is the strongest person I have e
Issues... Thoughts, Feelings.... All That Stuff....
Do you ever kick yourself in the ass?  I don't mean literally but you know...  over something you did that you shouldn't have done, or, something that you didn't do but should have done?  I'm sitting at a point in my life right now to where I either have to dwell in what's going on or force myself to move on for the sake of sanity.  Everytime I turn around, something in my life that seems like a big deal to me, is changing.  Some things for the better and some for the worse.  99% of these things are things with my friends.  I don't have the ability to say "don't do that" or "do this".  They are my friends, not my children.  They live their lives the way that they want to.  No matter how I try to convince myself that everything is going to turn out great, I just can't shake this nasty feeling I have deep within my gut.  This nagging feeling that says "you will never feel that way again, that moment is gone, you will never get it back no matter how content you were"...  I was honestly ju
The Issue Of Girl Friends And Wives
I've talked to a couple of men who have this belief that there are two types of women: 1) The girl friend that you have fun with, who indulges your wild fantasies and provides stimulation and fulfillment for that very real and very important side of men: that undeniable side they've chased and yearned for since puberty. 2) The wife who is safe, reliable, and domestic, the mother of your children, the one you allow yourself to love, yet she is almost asexual to you and leaves you wanting more (i.e. cheating husbands). However, there is this negative connation regarding "the girlfriend" (remember, the movie "Analyze This" where Robert De Niro's character has both a girlfriend and wife and makes a statement about how his wife shouldn't or doesn't give head because she "kisses the children with those lips.")  (Now mind you, I've been both the wife and the gilfriend along the course of my life, so this more an observation that brings up questions more than anything else.) I think it's
Issues Against The World
Endless fading or your dark silhouette Trying to remember, yet to forget Read the news about a war taking lives You turn to see the stock market taking dives So tired of a plastic, money painted worlds While you smile at riches and count your pearls Your greed hid with deceiving little smiles your anorexic wannbe hid with style Walking in stiletto black heels Trading your life for drug deals Sipping away years with alcohol You get high and then you will fall Yeah, life is something so easy to spend Cutting off breath to fit life's latest trend Spitting blood, and starving yourself To turn your image into something else buying and selling bodies in one night stands giving no thought to life's reprimands money,lust,glory, and fame all become a double edged flame Just paint on you fake plastic smile Your bloody hands oh so vile some one dies, shed crocodile tears and pretend there is nothing to fear So go ahead waste you life Remember lust forget the strife so go ahead and just forget but
Sometimes you're so sure Got the metal pressed against your headFinger is itching on the triggerSometimes I'm so damn sureJust a few ounces of pressureI'll create a portrait of red and matter on the wallsA big exit from the stage of a play called "Life"Wasn't it interesting?Wasn't it so much fun?
People have some serious issues here ! I can't believe how there are so many people caught up on being re assured on just how they appear to others seeking approval by taking on so many friends just for points rates bling how sad ! Theres people with friends in the thousands ,friends? I don't think these people know the meaning of the word Friends a friend is someone you share a part of your life with simple things like wow i'm feelin bad or great today or I sure could use someone to talk to rite now!   I'd like to challenge those with so many friends to try and visit each one and say hello to each one ! I don't think you can do it and I also think your just using people to gain only for yourself. How much more insecure do you need to be before you realize that your not a friend your a sad example of the word! Don't include me in your game because I'm not here to make you feel better about yourself by rating you everydayhelping your self esteem. And for those with whom I chat with or
The Issue On Same-sex Marriage
The issue about same sex marriage i disagree with the fact i think it should be between a man and a woman and nothing else. Reasons why its not that we hate gays its the fact to them marriage means nothing to them. The word "marriage" to us is a sacred bond that god has put for us and has been between a man and a woman it has been since the beginning of time. The gay approvers thinks not being able to marry is taking away thier civil rights. Technically its not for the simple fact that we allow them to have domestic partnersip which is like being married and getting the same benifits as a married straight couple do but i guess the dont see that. Times like this you gotta realize we people dont have much time left on earth and events are happening around us. Now the biggest point to this is that same-sex couples are trying anything and everything to get this ban oveturned even lieing about that the children would not be affected well that didnt go so well when in mass there was a commer
Recently my grandmother and my father passed away leaving my grandfather alone. I am the only one left to take care of him. Now he calls me like every week complaining that he doesn't feel well and wants me to come stay with him for a few days. Now I don't have a job and I don't drive due to my own health reasons so I have to rely on my boyfriend to take me to his house. My grandpa lives about 45 min away from my boyfriend, So, I feel like I am putting alot of stress on him to take me over there to stay with him. Which of course I feel horrible about cause I don't like asking. But lately my grandpa has been calling almost constant and asking me to come stay because he don't feel good. Of course I tell him that I will come over and help him out but, I have to work with my boyfriend's schedule because he has to drive me there. So, I was thinking and wondering for anyone that actually reads this, Should I talk to my grandpa about getting a nurse to come in a few days a week to check on hi
Issues Of Searching Modest Wedding Dress And Shoe Components
Issues Of Shoe Components When we talk about shoe components of people issues that occur to be produced to support making your footwear final longer. Christian Louboutin d'OrsaysThese may well consist of this sort of issues as shoetrees, Christian Louboutin Sale shoe bags, shoe stretchers, Christian Louboutin Boots and shoe polish. One favorite shoe accessory could be the shoetree that is inserted into your footwear if you are not putting on them which allows retain your footwear within their authentic shape. Christian Louboutin Shoes This exercise will retain the footwear from shrinking along with retain them from getting deformed,Christian Louboutin Sandals specially with the circumstance of leather-based footwear. Christian Louboutin Shoes These components are also an great storage space device and because you can buy these shoe trees with the type of racks which will maintain a big quantity of footwear they will do double duty being a shoe tree and support decrease clutter. Anot
Issues On Gay Marriages
Well I guess I'm headed to Hell in a homemade hand basket made by Aunt B. just with my marriages alone. People look at religion for everything, God please get me thru this and I promise " blah blah blah" ..... Countless wars & bloodshed all in the name of "God" babies born and died within a few hours, days,months cus of a disease or other factor that we have no cure, so innocent children die and people say " it was Gods way, or his plan. No you don't carry a life inside you for 9 mths to have someone tell you that BS. It's not a plan life is screwed up, yeah you can't stop everything that happens, but don't put everything on GOD, he didn't make a full scale plan to kill a baby. SHYT HAPPENS!!! A drunk driver can hit a kid, go to jail and in a yr or too he gets let out on parole " cus he found god" and he honestly believes god forgave him for killing an innocent child, but what do you hear at funerals when someone dies by the hands of another " god has a plan, or god does things in myst
Issues With Dial-up
Well first of all let me just say it totally sucks on dial-up, but I'm very surprised that Fubar is even working at all. I am having problems uploading pics here. I tried uploading a few pics using the single uploader and both of them failed to upload. Also it seems when I leave comments on people's mumms that they seem to post, but when I refresh the page and look again they are not there. I seen somewhere that fubar had a mobile site and I was going to use that because it would load better for me, but when I go to the mobile site I just see a blank page. It must be down?

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