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Is It Time To Give Up?
Honestly. Is it time for me just to give up hope of ever having life not kick me in the grapes every single day? WTF am I doing wrong. How can so much go to sh** in such a short time. It's times like these that make me sympathize with the guy wandering around the bad part of town talking to the mailboxes. I don't know about you but I'm tired of trying to "look on the bright side." "The light at the end of my tunnel" always turns out to be a freight train. When "things could be worse." they usually get that way.
Is It......
Freaking Tuesday yet???? I cant wait to get my box back :) And my STEELERS LOOKED freaking Awesome yesterday! I LOVE HINES WARD!!! Have an awesome Monday :)
Is It A Dream Or Reality? By Sq
At night I lay cozy in my bed, While images of you dance through my head. You are standing there naked for me to see. You are beautiful and vibrant, a total fantasy. You walk slowly towards me with that look in your eye. That wanting, haunting look that gets me so high. Come closer my love and closer still. I have a void I want you to fill. Reach out your hand and caress my face, Oh please, oh please pick up the pace. I want you so bad I could just scream or cry. Touch my neck, now my breast, now my thigh... I feel your hot breath upon my cool skin, I feel your hardness probing to get in. My body painfully aches for yours, I want you inside me... on all fours. Now enter my love, and feel this pure bliss, Fuck me, suck me, seal it with a kiss. Faster and deeper, now slow and then steady. I wanna make you climax, are you almost ready? Your breath and your moaning are growing strong, I realize now that it will not be long. I writhe my hips against you, just to teas
Is It Just Me..2
Ok perhaps i didn't think that blog through before posting it daughter was distracting me somewhat at the time. I know that even those who turn gay have the same emotional distress as straight women do. And yes i know not all guys are this way..just the ones i've met either in person or online then in person seem to be. I guess i'm just morbidly depressed deep down inside that love has a hard time grasping hold of my heart. To many heartaches and in the past..and the heart not wanting to take on any more pain. Perhaps that's why i'm so reluctant to make a commitment to anyone?
Is It Really Worth It
Ok heres my best friend wanted me to go out and my bf got all pissy at me for it....well it came down to me blowing my best friend off and goin to see my man tonight....the thing is my man doesnt like my best friends husband and now thats why he doesnt want me to go...I feel tho Iam torn between my best friend whom I dont get to see very often and my man that I basically see anytime....To make matters worse my best friend claims that the ONLY reason my man is doin all this is cause he pissed at her (my best friend)....but she wouldnt tell me online what was going on and that she was going to tell me or a few beers tonight!!! ughhhh wtf!!! So I have already told my bf I was coming over but do I now say fuck it and go or do I just stay home and wallop in my own dreaded misery? Opinions on this would be nice bhut if they are going to be rude and negative save em cause I dont wanna get more boggled then Iam already thnx all
Is It Over Yet
This past weekend was a nightmare i swear. i know that if things dont start getting better i am going to loose it. Its like i have been in hell and no way out.
Is It Over Yet???
Come on, come on! This damn day is dragging. I wanna go out and get my CDs. :(
Is It Me Or Are We Acting Too Much Like Big Brother
US says NKorea must do more to get off terror list Tue Sep 4, 10:37 AM ET;_ylt=AgSQGs_28eTdhXNuIU9lHGP9xg8F US negotiator Christopher Hill said Tuesday that North Korea must do more to dismantle its nuclear programme before it is taken off a list of states sponsoring terrorism, a US official with him said. "Their getting off that list will depend on further denuclearisation," he was quoted as saying by an official travelling with him. North Korea said Monday that the United States has decided to remove it from a list of states sponsoring terrorism -- a crucial step towards the normalisation of relations between the two countries. A foreign ministry spokesman told the official Korean Central News Agency that the US decision came at a weekend meeting between the chief nuclear negotiators of the two countries in Geneva. "Both sides discussed the issue of taking practical measures to neut
Is It Peace?
"And Elisha the prophet called one of the children of the prophets, and said unto him, Gird up thy loins, and take this box of oil in thine hand, and go to Ramoth-gilead:" The ninth chapter of 2 Kings opens with Elisha taking a definitive step to fulfill God's will and being quick about it. "Gird up your loins" is an older way of saying "hurry up" since the outer clothing of Israel's mid-9th century B.C. was typically a robe which when you walked would drag on the ground. If you were in a hurry you would raise the bottom of your robe around your waist to eliminate unnecessary drag. Elisha sent this messenger to Ramoth-gilead where King Joram of Israel and King Ahaziah of Judah had just fought King Hazael of Syria. Someone there was going to become the new king of Israel, and the box of oil was what the messenger would use to anoint or signify the LORD's choice of him. Why Elisha didn't do this himself (he did anoint Hazael in 2 Kings 8) may be attributed to what he knew was g
Is It Possible To Have A Mutually Exclusive Sexual Relationship Without A Title?
Is It True
Do you all think i am to trusting and caring and sweet and all that stuff i have been told i am that why i believe every thing people tell me and why i end up getting hurt so much i am just a down home country girl some people do not like me and thats ok with me i am not going to change for them i was rasesd that people are good and when they say stuff they mean it but over the years i have learned that is not true most people are not what they say they are they come off sweet and kind and every thing you would want in a friend but they want some thing and when they get it they trun ugle they become some thing you would not want in your life at all but then there is some people that are like me take me as i am like me or you don't well i am going to say some thing that may bother you if it does well sorry but some of you will be like yess christy you finely got it its what we have been telling you so here goes i am going to be me and if you don't like me i don't care i am t
Is It Destiny
Is It Destiny ? By: Carlos For :Princess Heather We came together just by chance. Could it be destiny? We weren't ready for this romance. Why now destiny? Who is this person they call "Fate"? Can he be knocking at our door? Sometimes he brings love. Sometimes it is hate. He gets the blame whatever the score. Are you one and the same? Upsetting our lives whatever your name. If you are destiny or if you are fate. You can leave now before it's to late. Goodbye destiny. He just won't leave. What can we say? He says not to tempt him. So, get out of his way. If he says it is so, then it is meant to be. Me with you and you with me. Thank you destiny.
Is It Just Me?
So this is like the 3rd ct page I have had and have ended up deleting before I do it again I'm just wondering is it just me or is there a lot of drama on here? i'm on here to have fun chat with people meet people whatever ...not to have bitches coming to my page bitching about there men talking to me ane on and on ...So will someone please tell me is it the page or is it me? cuz i had 3 diff. bitches on my page just today and honestly i only know one of the guys there even talking about s wtf? i just wanna be on here and chill not have all this bullshit going on is that to much to ask?
Is It Worth It?
OK here's the deal.. I have just as many problems as anyone else here. THE DIFFERENCE IS: I don't often let my issues be known by too many people. I have recently put myself in a position to finally get my shop going THE RIGHT WAY! And there seems to be a high level of hope to getting it to happen VERY SOON!! I put myself in an akward position in my personal life as well I just hope I can do the right things there. And if you are reading this please know that I would never do anything to hurt you. I find myself in need of getting my head clear and I truely hope that my truest friends can understand that I have to get through these issues on my own. I have never felt this deeply about anything, and frankly it scares the hell out of me!!! I know some of the people here will read this and try to read between the lines, DO NOT BOTHER!! If my issues concern you in any way, or if I feel I can talk to you about it, I will let you know. OTHERWISE LEAVE IT ALONE!!! PLEASE!!
Is It Possible ??
Is it possible for a man and a woman to share a completely platonic relationship?
I Sit
As I sit down at my desk, I wonder what to write. Should I write about hardships, or suffering and plight. Does this poem have to be sad though, I ask myself all the time. It hurts me just to think about it, I can't, I won't, not this time. I think well maybe, just this once, I can go back to my better place. So I think about the sad times, and almost bring a tear to my face. I write and sit, and I sit and write, till it chokes me up inside. I've almost finished it now, I can read it once, then hopefully put it aside. Dare I ever do another one, I probably won't this time. I'd rather write about my happy times, my loves, my goals in life. So was this writing worth it, in its truth all said and done. At least the sadness is out the way now, I can go back to having fun.
Is It The Unknkown?
you have to stay on track, in order for things to make sense, you can't stray to the unkown keep your ship afloat and all will be unharmed but, sometimes it is the unknown that scares us why walk through the dark shadowy forrest when a paved road is infront of you is it the mystery? the wonders that make us curious as to what could be out there? people walk the line of the safe road to ensure a stable path what would ever happen to us if we stepped off course? will we sink into the quick sands of misery and kill ourselves of hope and brightness? or if we take that great chance and take that first step into that unknown, could it possibly alter our lives somehow ... for the great?? a really good and trusted friend just told me: "if we dont take chances we may never know what life may bring" this is how i replied to him ... "even a small thing can be a chance, like... deciding to go to a different store for your last second purchase, or buying a soda from a differ
Is It In Our Nature?
Hey hey hey, Once again I like to thank you all for checking out my blog. And I promise for each Comment I get I shall give you ratings and a lil something special to say thanks. So today's blog is a lil debateable for both men and women. It bugs me that as MEN we are already being Judge by the female sex. Most women look at our watch shoes or dress code to cast an opinion on what we are like. Which can be said for men aswell. As we tend to check out the breast ass and if ur lucky your eyes. But the one comment that bugs me is that All men are the Same. When women say this they normally mean the negetive of the male species. So it begs the question Are well really all the same? is it in our Nature to Cheat & Lie? Is there any men out there that will never cheat? Please let me know what you think on this subject. Thanks again for checking out the blog man. **REMEMBER** Men need some1 to cheat with, so the ones that know they have a lady at home. Ar
Is It Really That Hard?
You know I am so depressed with something i saw today.. I ask a friend of mine to get on here and sad to say she did and because she is not what most consider to be "beautiful" noone has really even taken the time to befriend her. I dont understand it at all. It almost makes me want to leave this site... someone does not have to be beautiful in the worlds eyes for anyone to make them a friend and just say hi every now and then.. sad sad sad day for me for i am understanding what the world is really about....
Is It A Conspiracy When The Government Documents Plan?
Is It A Conspiracy When The Government Documents Plan? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Freedom to Date: 28 Sep 2007, 09:57 Is it conspiracy when government documents plan?'The careful deceptions of a powerful elite who want to undermine our sovereignty'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted: September 25, 20072:53 p.m. Eastern© 2007 Author and WND columnist Jerome Corsi apparently is among the "conspiracy" theorists President Bush recently ridiculed, but others are taking his new book, "The Late Great USA," more seriously, making it No. 1 this week at At the concluding news conference of the recent North American Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting, a trilateral plan coordinating operations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, the president was asked whether there was a plan for a North American Union. He made a joke about the question, saying he was "
Is It Night Or Day???
Well I am very new to this. Someone who will remain nameless has again enticed me to join another online community. Well anywho looks like it is another sleepless night for me. Seems like I have plenty of them. I am a nightowl or a vampire not sure which as I stay up all night and sleep during the day. Not sure how I make it through work during the day but I do it. I hope to be changing to nightshift soon. Not much to life. I work and go to school and work some more. It's a saturday night and I should be out doing something but look where I am, in front of the screen again. I am determined to break this habit and get back into life, somehow someway I will do it. I don't have a current picture that I can post at the moment but as soon as I get a chance I will submit one. Well I think i will go do something, anything... good night all!
Is It Monday?
It starts raining I look at the clock 1:45 p.m. I walk over to the computer log on to check out the radar, non stop rain on the way. I grab my car keys and say well better go sit in that pick up line before it gets to long. Sitting there waiting on Matthew to get out of school texting and low and behold it slacks off to a light drizzle. I pull out of line and park the car grab my umbrella and walk up tp the pick up area like I usually do, its better than sitting in line for 30 minutes as im to impatient. I stroll up to stand beside all the other impatient people picking up there kiddos. I look down and holy shit I forgot to change my shoes!!!! I was wearing my pink terry clothes slippers that I loaf around the house in. Luckly they sorta look like flip flops with the areopostle monkey on them. I just shake my head and stand there like it was the choice of attire for the day. Next, I go over to pick up the middle child sit in line for 30 minutes only to realize she h
Is It Enough ??
They say a friend in need Is a friend indeed. I wouldn't know Up until now I have never had one. A friend that is, Not a need. I have had needs a'plenty, Just no friends to fullfil them. But now, Just when things look blackest I seem to have found a friend. But not just one... Somehow, By some miracle I don't understand, There are people lining up To try to keep me here. To help me feel better Or to try to feel better... I certainly never expected this. I'm not sure where they came from, But they're there And deep inside I can't help feeling That these are my true friends. That I should be very grateful for them And to them. Which I am. But I'm asking 'Is it enough?' And I'm afraid I don't know What the answer is..
"i Sit And I Try!"
I sit and I try Trying to make her see Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong For so long I have been at this And still the whole thing is nothing But sweet ass bliss! I sit and I try And for what I don't even know why It's hard to make her see What is beyond this reality! It is hard to make her see that Our love was meant to be! I sit and I try And then I think of just why I try For she is the angel in my eyes I look at her and I speak the words That are all so ever true The words that I speak is this Baby I love you!
Is It Really Worth All Of This?
Life turns on a dime Seeing is believing only To the naked eye! To speak the words That are not all so kind To seek vengeance upon Those who caused someone That you love pain What is there to gain from all Of this? Ask yourself this one thing Is it really worth the trouble? Would she really want you to be This way? Look deep inside yourself for the answer Look for the truth that lies within yourself! For it's not heaven that is enjoying this It is that of hell that is swimming in all of this Bliss! Is it really worth all of this?
Is It Love Or Is It Something Else?
Are your palms sweaty? Is your heart racing? Is your voice caught within your chest? It isn't love; it's like. You can't keep your eyes off them. Am I right? It isn't love; it's lust. Are you proud and eager to show them off? It isn't love; it's luck. Do you want them because you know they're there? It isn't love; it's loneliness. Are you with them because it's what everyone wants? It isn't love; it's loyalty. Do you stay for their confessions of love because you don't want to hurt them? It isn't love; it's pity. Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat? It isn't love; it's infatuation. Are you there because they kissed you or held your hand? It isn't love; it's unconfidence. Do you pardon their faults because you care about them? It isn't love; it's friendship. Do you tell them everyday they're the only one you think of? It isn't love; it's a lie. Are you willing to give up all of your favorite things for their sake? It isn't love; it's charity. Do you st
Is It A Guy Thing
Is it a guy thing to look at naked women on the net . when they have a women at home And not want to make love to her . and is it a guy thing to lie and say it is always a pop up when you catch them on it .
*is It Friday Yet?*
I got into an arguement last night. Well fuck, it wasn't even an arguement. I wanted it to be an arguement but for some reason I didn't want to argue with myself. Oh well fuck it. Work blew fucking nuts today. And my supervisor pissed me off way more than usual cause he's all happy and giddy cuz he knocked his wife up. *rolls eyes* "Stoopid humans. Shooting DNA at each other to make babies." *giggle* I mean I can't handle his brand of happy especially at 3:15 in the freakin' morning. If you can tell me which cartoon and what character that quote comes from I'll buy you something. Or maybe I'll just give you an e-cookie. *kisses*
Is It Possible To Have This Love?
Is it possible to have this love? A love so strong your hearts not big enough to bare the weight. So over whelmed of this constant feeling of ecstasy and excitement. Just the thought of you brings butterflies in my stomach. And when you make love to me, mmm making love to you is like floating in air. Oh and when you look in my eyes, it’s the most intense, my body starts quiver under yours. You looking at me, loving me, loving being inside of me. I never want that feeling to stop that feel I can’t describe. It has no words, it has no meaning, and it’s an entity of its own. I lye awake at night just thinking if you, getting wet with every thought of you. Your big hands on my breast, your gorgeous lips on mine, your hard dick in between my fingers. I can go on and on about you and your love. A love so sweet I can get a sugar high. I get high off your love and I’m addicted to you.
Is It Friday The 13th???
Just a small glimpse into my day for my friends. Went food shopping, came home and the kids had bought our loveable puppy inside. He is happily sitting in the middle of MY bed, using my new lace lingerie as a chew toy. Did I mention that the puppy is a 130lb Lab???? After chasing the dog outside I start cleaning the mess he has made. Easy right??? Noooooo. He had been in the kitchen too. What fun. Two hours later you go to use the bathroom. No toilet paper!!!! How is this possible you just went shopping right?? Ahhhh the lil darlin's used the whole lot to paper someones car!!!! Now you've made a black forest cake for a party tomorrow, your mother in laws 70th birthday. Whats this......the kids got hungry and a sandwich just didn't cut it. You can make another one right???? It only takes about 3 problem. Ohhhh and the bridal jewellery you worked on to day...the pink pearl and crystal choker and bracelet....well damn.....your 16 year old just had to give i
Is It Possible
I was gonna mumm this but figured i didnt want to hear sarcastic comments from a bunch of other ppl. Is it possible for a person to fall in love with two ppl at the same time? My husband and i split like 4 months ago and i fell for someone. shortly after i fell for someone else. I was confused on what i wanted. One was closer, could provide a stable home and said all the things i wanted to hear. the other was just natural at showing how he cared and it was so easy to fall for him. so i ended up going with the first one and he was the wrong choice. but i just could not decide that is what made it hard. I ended up hurting the second one and i can understand how he feels. I really wanted to try to work something out with the second one and now he wont, says he needs time to think about things. I know he feels rejection, i completley understand that, but if he loved me as much as he said he did, why not give it a go and see what happens. nobodies perfect and we often take the w
Is It Over Yet?
I wanna go home. =[ So, how's everyones afternoon and stuff? Feel free to comment, I don't bite. ...well at least i never get caught but yeah. tell me something cool. =]
Is It That F*cking Hard
You know the saying behind every BITCH there is a man that made her that way I like to change it a bit cause we can't blame it all on the man cause it is caused by many that make her that way. Its just all the Bullshit that goes around .I am the type of person that likes to see people happy but yet I find myself always feeling like crap. I think I am going to be done with everything all I ask from peps to keep it real no bullshit but I notice from a few its cant be that way so I ask this from my friends that I luv so dear should I stay... I am really getting tired of the lies an fake ablies I am real with you is it that fucking hard to stay real with me...
Is It Cheating? (what A Stupid ?)
I've seen this so fricken much I could puke; If you have to ask if it's cheating, the answer is simple...YES!!!!!
Is It Cheating?
When your husband kisses someone else? You tell me what you think....think of this as a poll....What should be done about it? We've only been married 5 months...opinions wanted
Is It Heaven?
Is it Heaven to feel your hips against mine? Is it Pure song to hear your words of love? Is it my flame that makes you so yielding to my touch? Is it Desire yielding ecstasy as our body tremble beneath earth-shattering echoes our soul joined as one Love Passion Yearning Blood rushing through our veins The beat of our hearts, Thumps Throbs Moans Cries Subsides Escalates Inhales Exhales Sedated We travel the voyage over intergalactic waves Resounded, Felt Grasp Holding Water of the ways carrying my depth of milky torrents, Moved Languid flow Mind as one Body as one Soul as one Transcendence Songs of Angels Purest of Sound True sound Beyond earthly revelation Water of Life Life's Essence Not of this earth Her Essence Rings True The purest of Sounds.
~is It Yll........~
I keep getting comments and annonymous emails from different fubar accounts stating yll are different ppl that have a crush on me. To be honest I am flattered beyond all belief!! BUT there is a boy that I am crushing hard on now.. (cough cough.. the one I said "yll could SO easily fall in luv with me!!"). I guess im just saying is there is no reason to hide behind a fake name or profile. A personality is all it takes for me to be happy~
Is It Worth It
is it worth it a life time of sarrow livin for tommarrow just waitin for another day is it worth all the pain the tears i cry why cant i just be happy on the inside what have i done i thought that i was doin the right thing but nothing is the same notin is what it seems the grass is just as green and all i want is to be me livin for today is it worth it not knowing what tommarrow will bring will the grass still be green is it worth it hiding behind a mask trying to be someone who is not me sacraficing a lifetime of happiness to please everyone elas but me is it worth it
Is It Posible To Love Someone More Than Life It,s Self???
I often ask myself this .. Seems like youd want to die if you could ,to save another out of love. Guess this is what Jesus felt , when he gave up his life for all us. My soul cries out now , for I know id lay down my life for another ; if it came down to it. My heart is speaking out now . My heart knows the greatest feeling of love is love tGet More at COMMENTYOU.como to another person.. ...hugs diana
Is It True That Some Dreams Can Predict The Future?
There is no scientific proof that dreams can predict and foretell the future. Yes, many people have had dreams that eventually came true afterwards. This can be explained in how we unconsciously gather little information here and there and when you have a dream, it puts together all this unconscious information before you are consciously able to do so. In short, you unconsciously already know what was going to happen and it only appears as if the dream had predicted the future. Another explanation is that such dream are mere coincidences or is the faulty memory of the dreamer.
Is It Just Me?
Or do people have no concept of what MILF really means around here. Just sayin'
Is It Big Foot?
Submitted by Stance, Howlieman: It's furry and walks on all fours. Beyond that, about the only thing certain about the critter photographed by a hunter's camera is that some people have gotten the notion it could be a Sasquatch, or bigfoot. Others say it's just a bear with a bad skin infection. Rick Jacobs says he got the pictures from a camera with an automatic trigger that he fastened to a tree in the Allegheny National Forest, about 115 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, hoping to photograph deer. "We couldn't figure out what they were," Jacobs said of the images captured on Sept. 16. "I've been hunting for years and I've never seen anything like this." He contacted the Bigfoot Research Organization, which pursues reports of a legendary two-legged creature that some people believe lives in parts of the U.S. and Canada. "It appears to be a primate-like animal. In my opinion, it appears to be a juvenile Sasquatch," said Paul Majeta of the bigfoot group. However, the Pennsylvania Game C
Is It Or Isnt It
is it right 2 love some 1 u dont no an b in love wit some u loved 4 a long time an really love both is it cheatin or not please comment on this an let me no
Is It Possiable To Become A Millionair For A $1.00
HEY ALL, Think about it! Just imagen if everyone who would read this would tell a friend and so on about this challenge,then imagen if everyone send me one dollar,I dont care pennies or nickles and dimes in an envelope, could I become a millionair? Think about it ,for a price of a coke or a lotto ticket you could keep track on how much I recieve on my site and how long would it take to become a millionair? I could be done just imagen the possibilities,ENDLESS Can american make Americans Millionairs? $1.00 thats all. So send me a dollar and youll find out? E-mail me for further info. :)
Is It Really Green Eggs And Ham
no one reallyknows
Is It My Turn
i guess not so ill just have to sit and wait until it is
Is It Gloomy Or What?
Well today is starting off interesting let me tell ya. I often wonder why I should even get bothered in peoples lives sometimes. Seems like I cause chaos...where ever I go and who ever I kno. Then I take a shower and my phone rings. Its my doctors office with some news. They wanted me to come in to talk with the doctor. Ummm no...LOL. I am not paying for another doctors visit. And besides you kno when they want to talk to you...its kind of serious. So I waited on the phone for a good 15 mins. Finally the doctor came on and asked me if I wanted to really kno on the phone and I said yes. Because I dont have the money for another dr. visit. He said he would do it for free...and I still said no because curiousity is now running in my mind. I had my usual women things tested but I always have to have another thing done. Which is a ultrasound on my uterus. Because of my fucked up family past, they recommended it since I had been 15. Which I dont really talk about that honestl
Is It Real?
As I sit there, thinking, someone comes towards me and grabs my hand. Frightened, I jerk back; But he assures me that he is here to help me and love me. He begins to caress my neck, my shoulders, my back; And I give in to his orgasmic touch - And I trust him, though I have only just met him. And I touch him, his soft, silky skin, caressing him. Still sitting there, he wraps his arms around me and holds me for hours on end - And he tells me he cares, something never before heard by this lonely heart. Now, as we lay there on the beach, underneath the stars, his soft, sensuous lips touch mine. And I give myself to him, as we make love beneath the stars. And our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls entwine. He knows my every need, fantasy, desire - And he fulfills and satisfies each one of these as I have only dreamed. Now as we lie there, the sun begins to rise. It is not just a new day, but a new beginning as we plan to spend the rest of our lives
Is It Lost
The world all around me, Slowly fades away. As my thoughts of you, Take over my mind. I see us lying Under the moonlit sky. Your arms wrapped tightly around me, As you softly whisper you love me. But then i open my eyes, And realize its just a dream. A dream of what maybe lost, And may never get back. For now you're gone, And in My arm's nothing as i sit here alone, With nothing to hold onto but a dream.
Is It My Turn To Live?
Is it my turn to live? I have waited for so long to feel alive and live a normal happy life. Many a time I have had my heart broken, ripped to shreds, unable to be put back together. I need to move on. I feel like a ghost trapped in this mortal plane. I no longer feel the rays of the sun fall on my face, the wind in my hair, and the touch of you. My thoughts seem to always stray to you. Can I live without you? I dare not think of it, it only brings me to tears and more grief. I'd like to think that we were meant to be together. For so long I have walked as an emotionless zombie. Bring me to life! Only you can bring me to life! For so long I have loved no one and have never been loved. So is it my turn to live?   Written by Danielle K.
Is It Possible
would it be possable to keep the man i love from leaving if i bought his love. i mean i know i would be happy cuz he would still be with me. anybody reading this give me ur opion on this i would love to get some feed back cuz it just might save my relationship.
Is It Love?
When we clain that it's love that we have for someone, are we correct? Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and is your voice caught within your chest? It is not love, it's like. You can't keep your eyes or hands off of I right? It's not love, it's lust. Are you proud and eager to show them off? It's not love, it's luck. Do you want them because you know they're there? It's not love, it's loneliness. Are you there because that's what everyone wants? It's not love, it's loyalty. Are you there because they kissed you or held your hand? It's not love, it's low confidence. Do you stay for their confessions of love because you don't want to hurt them? It's not love, it's pity. Do you belong to them because their sight makes you heart skip a beat? It's not love, it's infatuation. Do you pardon their faults because you care about them? It's not love, it's friendsh
Is It My Fault??
Ever since I was little my Mother kept on Drilling in my head that it was my Fault that she had quit school and her father dying and her getting into drugs and since I have been on my own I had been with abusive men saying it is me was my Fault that they hit me. I had received a Phone call from the kids dad about an hour ago that before he hung up telling me that him hitting me was my fault cause I do not know how to mind him. That is why I threw his butt out in the first place. Sometimes it is very hard to make me realize that it is not my fault that it is the other persons fault. But I do get told all the time so at times I do feel that it is. I pray everyday that there is someone out there that will take the blame for their own actions and want me for me and not for a punching bag or a scape goat.
Is It Tomorrow Yet????
Boy I know one thing for certain....I gotta quit driving so hard. That way i won't arrive at desination a day early and have to sit in a truck stop BORED TO TEARS!!!! And it's only 8pm......Damn...
Is It A Sin?
Is it a sin, to love again? I cannot win, this pain's not fair And yes I walked across the highest mountain And yes I painted you a pretty sky Now you say its over Forgot to tell you I am sorry Never had the time to lie Now its like a sad old story Why do lovers always cry I never had the time to worry I never had the time to try Now you say its over Is it a sin, to love again? You broke me in This won't repair
Is It Worth Saving?
War in Iraq and no freedom. Third world countries and no sympathy. Rich, famous people. Poor, homeless victims. Murderers getting away with murder, innocent lives crucified. Are we really an evolving species? Man is no more civilised than beast. The human-race is nothing more than a rat-race. Life - taken for granted. We are so blind as to see close encounters with death to open our eyes. Must we all die to see life as it truly is? Is what we believe really worth staking our lives on? World domination and extermination are embeddable. Why judge others for something they can’t control? Why tell someone you love them when you’ll just fuck another? Why give life, when it’ll only be taken? Do you judge me to be a fool, or a realist? Is our selfish, superficial species really worth the effort? Why play God when we have a choice to believe in one? Each and every man for himself? It makes one sick to know that the animal kingdom have more heart and self-sacrifice. This planet - abused. It'
Is It
Ive always had the same problem with being on networking sites. Like I never get messages or always got to approach people first. Im not sure what it is. Is it me? Am I ugly,am I boring,am I not wanted to talk with b/c I post no nudes? What is it. This isnt to get people feeling sorry for me its not. Trust me I know we all have jobs,got stuff to do but Im ALWAYS the one that has to shoutout to my friends first & its like they dont want bothered. Been hella long too since I even got a gift bought for me. it me?
Is It Forever............
I vowed to you to always be there.. No matter the cause...because I love you Never to forsaken, and always be around. Even if just a phone call away was all I could be. Now as I sit here and wonder Is everything you say true...I wonder. You say you care.. But you are never there. Lonely and alone I feel, why do you like making me feel this way. It is a curse for me to be alone..forever. Without you...never feeling your touch. Never feeling your breath against my face. Never feeling our bodies as one. Is this Forever? Destined to be alone? Is this forever? If this is forever, I dont want a part of it. I want you close to me, loving me, holding me, caressing me..wanting me, needing me.. But that is not the feeling I get now. A lonely feeling, and uncared for feeling, unloved...this is how I feel now.. To make this feeling go away would be priceless, but only you can make it go away....
Is It Love?
i have a friend. this friend is an amazing person. i often wonder how fortunate i am to have this person in my life. this person gives me hope that i will meet someone special. because she makes me realize that there are still people out there who hold themselves accountable to principles. ideals. beliefs. sad to say i know, but for the most part i don't think people believe in anything anymore, well not enough to stand up for em. anyways, the other day i was thinking about how she became single again (her ex said he loved her when they got married and before... but one day he told her that he didn't love her anymore.) and i came to this astonishing realization. you don't just not love something anymore. let me see if i can put it in laymans terms. I love baseball. I love playing it and its variations (ie softball) I love watching baseball (ie my yankees) I love going to watch baseball whether it is little league or the majors either softball or hardball. I love baseball. No
Is It Worth It
is it worth it when you are friends with some one and you say something to them they take it the wrong way and you never speak to them. this happened to a friend of mine she said something and her friend seem to turn their back on her wont talk to her or anything i told her that if they were a real friend that they would always be there for them. so if you need to say something that might hurt someones feelings let them know that if it is going to hurt them then that is the way it is but one can to keep things bottled up inside as it will eat away at you and then when you do say something it will be totally wrong. and you could really loose a very dear friend. be wise at what you say and let the other know that you mean no harm.
Is It Just Me Or What
all the letter y's i see are jacked up even if i refresh my page please let me know thanx 4 your time
Is It Real? Or Is It Cyberreal?
Is it real? Or is it cyberreal? This is an insane time to be living on this earth. Think about it- we have these cyber relationships with people all over the world and keep up our cyber lives on a daily basis, like we are writing the screenplay to our very own made for tv movie. We edit the image that we broadcast out to make for interesting reading, some shock value maybe, tone down less attractive details and accentuate the positive. Is that a real profile? It's certainly cyberreal. Even with the edited versions of ourselves that we put out there, on occasion, some real self breaks down the virtual wall and jumps out acting crazy. I thought I had gotten pretty good at the judgment of "online character", but I've had to remind myself that the "real" moments are fleeting ones, it's the edited, practiced, sometimes fabricated, possibly enhanced, spell checked, reread, re-edited and rewritten version that we see most often.
Is It Me U Tell Me
Your Aura is Blue Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life. You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships. The purpose of your life: showing love to other people Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor What Color Is Your Aura?
Is It Over Yet?
Ok anyone that knows me knows I hate this time of year. Absolutely HATE it! Why, you ask? Well it's simple.....people! Yep that's it. I hate people. Maybe it's not so much people as it is that they get stupid and mean. I hate the selfishness of Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I'm as selfish as the average person, if not more so. And I often live in denial of my selfishness. However Christmas time is the ultimate selfish period of the year and everyone denies it. People will ram you to get a car park at a shopping mall. They push past you desperately seeking the last ham or toy. People are in a rush and they don't care who else they hurt as long as they are okay. It's the selfish gene at its most virulent- everyone looking after their own family at the expense of everyone else. Yet we call it the season of good will. The stores get crowded with loud crying children who seem to be completely unsupervised as they throw all sorts of shit into the isles, old people looking for "the" dea
Is It You?
I'm looking for a lover not a friend Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to I'm looking for someone who won't pretend Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel, Someone who can keep me real and who knows always Baby I like to have you in my way And I'm looking for someone who takes me there, Wants to share, shows he cares Thinking on the one that I've been waiting for Is it you? is it you? Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for Could you be the one for me? Could you be the one I need? Is it you? is it you? Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for Could you be the one for me? (Could you be?) Could you be the one I need? I'm looking for someone to share my pain (Uh) Someone who I can run to, who would stay with me when it rains Someone who I can cry with trough the night Someone who I can trust who's hardest right And I'm looking for someone
Is It Real? Or A Dream?
Well, it looks like Cass and i are finally gonna start living together today. I've waited for this day for a while now, but life always threw something in our way. But thanks to desperate thinnking, its looking like it might happen! I cant wait for her to come to me, ilove her so much, and just want to make everything as close to perfect as i can.
Is It...
...out of line to be pissed off at some one for deliberately smoking in front of me? It's his house- granted but so far he has been going outside. My mother has also. When I was in NJ my brother, his gf, and my dad would all go to the other end of the house. That doesn't work here because this house is a lot smaller and more open. At Dads when they smoked in the kitchen I could not smell it in the living room. It upset me to the point that I nearly threw the bowl of applesauce I was holding at him. Instead I set it down and stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind me. I sat in the front seat of the car crying my eyes out. I don't care that he feels he NEEDS to have his fucking cigarette. No one NEEDS to smoke- but I have an obligation to keep my baby healthy. I wish so much that I could move out of here. I almost want him to kick me out- but that comes from the hormonal, irrational part of my brain. If I had gotten a hold of Brad I think I would have asked to spend
Is It Wrong
I make it a point to never cheat, but is being with a member of your own sex cheating? I love to kiss it's one of my favorite things to do. I can sit for hours and kiss, especially a pretty woman. I love a womans touch,smell,feel, caress, needing.. and yes TASTE! Don't get me wrong I love having a mans hands on me , knowing the feeling of the strong masculine hands caressing my body, holding me, needing me, loving me but really .... is it cheating? I often wonder. On Saturday night when I am picking a woman in the bar out to play with for the night... humm ok exciting myself. you get the idea.. what do you think?
Is It To Much To Ask
is it to much to ask ... for a hugg for a kiss for an i love you once a day for some understanding for some kind words for some kind of acknowledgment i guess so cause you give it to others and not to me
Is It A Double Edged Sword?
Well, I should be asleep right now but I can't sleep. I was reading earlier.......I know.....what a anyways, and I read something that hit me and stuck with me and I guesss I'm just doing this blog to get my thoughts in order. I have found that writting these sometimes helps. I'm not too sure if I want people to be able to read these but I'm kindda curious about what people will say about this...if anything. And since I am a "kat" kills and only satisfaction will bring me back. So, on that not lemme get back to point. In the boo that I am reading the phrase that hit me was something like this....... "It's better to have loved for ten days, than living your live and not loving at all." Now if you haven't noticed it sounds close to the popular... "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...." I guess it would all depend on who you talk to about that. I for one am not too sure. Yes I have loved.....and still do...which i
Is It Wrong?
love,friendship,..O K Ive been married before and got into an argument(because i wassnt happy with our sex life..I had sex with other women ,(which was just good sex), ....I tryd to tell her,making love ,and sex,are two differnt my mind anyway...?Was i wrong??
Is It Dead?
Christianity! Is it dead or does it still flurish? The word itself means many things to many people. For myself, IT means I have not the right to judge others for what they may or may not have done in they're past. Weather it be true or not is not my place to judge. For those who listen to this gossip, then they are as guilty as those who spread it. Christianity is a good word but only as good as those who use it wisely and in the text for which it was created. I am not the judge, jury or exicutioner therefore I will not condem my breatheren for the mistakes which they have made and which they are heartily sorry for! Does this make sense? And if so does it mean then, christianity is still alive? I hope so for all of our sakes!
Is It That Freaking Hard To Be Honest
ok iam so done with people lying why cant you just tell the truth soon or later the real truth comes out and all your lies got you was nothing and that you hurt someone ..does it make you fell good to do that to people cause iam telling you something right now i can see why people change from nice to being a totally bitch........there is nothing you cant say that i wont understand but yet you just keep on using me people can only take so much before they come to the end of there rope...and iam a really nice and sweet person but you fuck me over one to many times and you will see a whole other side of if you cant be honest go away and leave me be ....
Is It Possible To Feel Hapy Like I Do Now
well i am goin to start off by saying hey to every one. i know its been a while since ive spoken. well there has been alot of crap that has been goin on here at home, with my dad and his situation getting worse and having to put up with his crap along with the illness tell you its starting to get to me. well to the reason i am writing this. last night i went to see the lights in McAdenville. i met a really good person to take a stroll through the lights and got to admitt i had one hell of a time. i never thought i would feel safe talkin and opening up to another girl. but last night i had no worries at all. dont think i have ever laughed and had as much fun. it really sucked when tina had to go home cause all i could do is think of her. think this is a beautiful start of something good for once in my life. ty tina for a great time last night hope we can get together soon and do it again hugs n kisses
I Sit And Wait For Him
I sit and wait for him. I’ve played and replayed a multitude of scenarios of the two of us together. As if watching it on a movie screen, I hear the music, smell the fragrance of lust, and feel the unbridled passion stemming from days of pure fantasy. Like a well crafted and somewhat sophisticated erotic film, I am the star. I am the one getting fucked. I am the one screaming. The scenes are hot and it makes me even hotter. Never before have I let go so completely to a stranger. Someone I’ve only spoken to, whose alluring voice has guided me through wild masturbating episodes always leaving me wanting more. Always making me come. And although I am fully aware of the danger, I cannot stop myself. It’s like an addiction. The unknown only adds to the excitement. I sit and wait for him because that is all I can do. The telephone rings and I know it is him. I am ready. His voice spills over my nakedness like the darkness. I hear his hunger for me getting stronger each time we speak. T
Is It Just Me...
Is it just me or has people been taking this site way to seriously? the whole pointless point thing is really not worth all people have made it to be...and whats up with the rediculous mumms lately?? let me know what you all think night night much love to my TRUE friends ~cin
Is It Love?
1. Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing? and your voice caught within your chest? it isn't love, it's like. 2. You can't keep your hand off them, am I right? it isn't love, it's lust 3. Do you want them because you know they're there? it isn't love, it's loneliness 4. Are you there because it's what everyone wants? it isn't love, its loyalty 5. Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don't want to hurt them? it isn't love, its pity 6. Are you there because they kissed you, or held your hand? it isn't love, it's lack of confidence 7. Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat? it isn't love, it's infatuation 8. Are you willing to give up all your favorite things for their sake? it isn't love, it's charity 9. Do you pardon their faults because you care about them? it isn't love, it's friendship 10. Do you accept their faults because it's part of who they are? then it's love 11. Do you cry for their pain, even when they
Is It?
Is it wrong to love and care fore a Older lady?
I Sit Here(poem)
i sit here thinking of him his sweet embrace his soft touch his glorified smile his outstanding personality i sit here thinking of how i messed up writing all those things hurting him for no reason believing a rumor causing uneccessary pain i sit here thinking of how i lost him knowing ill never get him back knowing i might not see him again feeling as if the world might end hurting more than ever before i sit here thinking about how i want to cry some how knowing that i can't feeling so numb inside wanting so bad just to die
Is It Too Late Now?
I always want to tell you Never had the chance Our lives are always busy Running around, doing our own things We are so caught up in our own life Forgetting that we have each other Its only when you walk away I realize that all its too late. If I could just go back, I will tell you How much I love you How much I misses you How much I love looking at you Licking the ice cream off your fingers When the ice cream melts away From the cone How much I love staring at your eyes, In your eyes, I see the love that gives me joy in my life Telling me I could end my search in looking for love How much I love holding your hand, In your hands, The nights have never felt so warm before Mornings are always woken up with happiness How much I misses your voice Sweet and gentle Your words get me through the day Making it ok for me to go on I love the things you do, Every bit of it Its only when you are gone, I realize that all the words should have been said
Is It Realy Or Just A Game
Is It Over Already?
wow...Christmas came and went by so fast this year. We had a wonderful Christmas. My kids got way too much stuff~! But they are happy and that is all that matters to me. I have debated on saying anything about my last few days but I might as well....besides I need all the prayers I can get now. I found a lump in my breast and had all the tests and the results came back today not good....cancer cells are present. So I go tomorrow to see a surgeon to schedule surgery to remove the lump. It actually isn't all bad....the lump I feel is a cyst but within the cyst is a cancerous cell. SO if the cyst hadn't come up I would never have found the cancer this early. I have faith I will be fine. I will make it through this and the cancer will not be in my body after the surgery is done~! Please friends, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will update when I can. I promise I will update~! I just need a few days to collect my thoughts and get better. Thanks to all who have show
Is It Really Possible?
We live in a crazy world. There are a lot of crazy people. And then are not so crazy people that simply have different views, morals, priorities, interests or lifestyles than you do. In all of this mess, men and women search for love. We look for treasure amid trash. The Holy Grail: one person that we can love who will love us, that we can respect, and that will treat us with respect. We look for a loving caring partner to have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. But where do we find people? We find them at our jobs, we find them in our churches, we find them in bars, we may even find them at a gas station or grocery store. Some have used personals adds or dating services. And they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess. And then, you meet people, and they put their best foot forward... try to be likable... This gives you a false picture of who they are. Eventually, they get tired of standing on their “best foot” and you start to see h
Is It Abnormal?
Is it abnormal to want to give someone the benefit of the doubt? To want to think everyone has good in them? To feel happiness when making someone else happy? To be unselfish? To not want to be alone the rest of your life? To occasionally have suicidal thoughts? To sometimes feel the urge to run away? To keep part of yourself hidden from the rest of the world? To be trustworthy? To not trust others completely? To feel antsy more often than you feel relaxed? To want romance? To expect kindness? To be nice? To feel like nobody gets you? To lay awake at night because your mind won't shut down? To believe in such a thing as love at first sight? To make excuses for other people? To not allow your 13 and under kids to buy rated M video games? To laugh when you feel like crying? To need to feel loved? To have sex with a friend you know you will never have a relationship with? To feel guilt? To cry in Disney movies? To lock your bedroom door when you are home alone? To
Is It Saturday?
Gosh my days are all so mixed up with Peter being off of work and the kids being out of school. I just realized today is Saturday! I didn't get online at all yesterday. I was quite busy with who knows what? I guess it was important?? LOL We did buy a new television stand and a bookcase for the family room yesterday. Our old one is getting sent to the cabin since it needs one and we have been looking to replace it for a while now. Peter has spent hours just putting the bookcase together shouting some rather nice profanities as well! Now he is starting on the television stand. I wonder how long this will take him?? It has been so cold here the last few days. It is snowing in low levels here in California. I thought that it might snow here yesterday but it didn't get quite cold enough. :( I want it to snow! My son got xbox 360 for Christmas and he has been playing it all day. Funny thing is, Peter is really getting into it too and he has always said the games were
Is It Over?
Is It Really Worth The Risk?
This was written by a friend of mine, Gene. I'm trying to figure out if it really is worth the risk ... I guess in the long run it is, but I still feel so fragile. Heartache is such a risk. Afraid to take the risk? The burden to great? Tempting fate & baring ones soul To serve up ones heart to another. Giving your all in hope of acceptance. Holding back nothing. Speaking from the heart. In hope of that special moment When you connect with your true love. The words unspoken, Communicated through a glance. Each knowing that moment. That special feeling. Time around you in a stand still. Nothing existing but you both. So much said but nothing uttered. Now with chance taken seize it! Hold it & cherish it. So few & far between does it happen. It is a special treasure. Live life to the fullest. Don’t hold back. The reward is worth the risk!!!
Is It Wrong
It seem like every time i get in a relationship there always some kind of drama happening. im so tired of these bitchs that right angel. trying get him to hate me and telling all these lies about me. come on now. sercly grow up a little bit. telling me i look like im on fucking crack lol sry i dont even do drugs so i dont know what the hell you be smokeing. but i dont do that shit. and then has the nerve tell my bf like they kno me i just use fucking men and bullshit sry i dont even need man in my life i can do so much better when out one. im tird trying to make shit work when i kno deep down i didnt do shit but sicne im the nice person i am i didnt have to give anyone a apolgy at all. cuss they one starting all this bull shit just because i tell them i dont like the fact she keep righting my boyfriend and i get one back of her telling me she gonna kick my ass and punch me in my face. what ever sercly. then has the nerve come to are door. and start shit. thanking he gonna not pertect m
Is It Cupid Or Am I Dreaming???
CUPID HAS HIT FUBAR!!!!! Starting Sunday, Jan. 6th until Feb. 13th we are doing a different kind of contest. To celebrate Valentines Day, we are offering a great deal. For 1,000 fu-bucks Fu-Cupid will send the person of your choice 2 Fu-gifts (Chocolates and a rose) and a personalized valentines graphic that includes a picture of them, and a personalized message from you. Included, for each of these that you purchase, you will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes listed below. These can be purchased for friends or that special someone, or even to a secret crush! PRIZES: Both of the following (2) purchased from Pink Pleasure: Burning Pleasure: Victoria Secret $25.00 Gift Card Red Lobster $25.00 Gift Card Ruby Tuesday $25.00 Gift Card 2 Blockbuster $10.00 Gift Cards 2 1 day Fubar Blasts 1 million Fu-bucks 500,000 Fu-bucks 425,000 Fu-bucks 250,000 Fu-bucks 150,000 Fu-bucks 50,000 Fu-bucks WHEN YOU PURCHASE A DEAL FOR SOMEONE,WHO
Is It Too Late To Cancel 2008?
Eight rhymes nicely, unlike some other digits. I accomplished the unthinkable: ending my time off. Kinda gives me a waterfall of tears! wah!!! Serves me right! I wanted to propose we skip right past 2008. 2007 was nothing to write home about, but survivable. 2009 surely will be fine. Also rhymes with 69, but that is another blog :) Now that the date ends in "08" not only does that mean it is a leap year - which has February 29 in it, a day which salaried people across the land are not compensated for - but it also has a Presidential election. YIKES!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yes folks, it's here, an election year. A year when the BS is eyeball deep. There's enough hot air around that helium will be dirt cheap. Traffic will stop in major cities so rich butt holes can get to expensive fund raisers. There will be a clown on every corner. I will get phone calls from Colin Powell and Barack Obama. TV will have so much mud flying that HD will mean heavy dirt. Yes my friends, anot
Is It Just Me?
I try to spoil my boyfriend and he gets upset with me... do all guys hate it that a woman tries to make them happy spoiling them??? Is it him or just me?
Is It Spring Yet
i was just wondering if it was spring yet, i miss riding my bike and wanna go uncover it so i can go riding, well i think i am gonna go get some fox racing stickers for it today, help spice up the body a little bit, vote on my mumm and tell me what i should do
Is It True
is it true that people join different sites to find an make friends, an when you try to become friends with people they act likr you have a plague or something. well i have tried an it must be true what do yall think.
Is It Love Or Lust?
Is it me or does anyone else find themselves having weird feelings for people who you think you know, but have never actually met in person. I dont know what kind of feeling it is. I hesitate to say its love, because I dont know that you can love someone based on their representation of themselves on line. There are a few exceptions, as I have one myself. I dont want to say its infatuation or lust, cause again, it's not just someones representation of themselves, and until you meet in person and spend time with that person you dont know for sure if that is the real them or not. However, having said that, I know that I get a certain feeling of excitement, or joy when I see certain friends or people on line. It's more than just "Yea your here"....its like "OMG I havent talked to you in forever and I miss you so much"..... I just want to know what the feeling is and how to deal with it cause sometimes I have to admit that it drives me crazy. That is all I have....probably no
Is It Me?
Hey Fubar... Wow life sure does have it's ups and downs... I'm looking for a special someone to fill my lonely time... I signned on to Fubar in hopes to make new friends and I'm still looking for those but maybe this isn't the place to find that Special someone? I was talking with this guy and he's AWESOME except miles of earth seperates us from going any further... Why can't life be easy an send me a soulmate? Anyone have the same thoughts or advice on what I'm doing wrong? Please if you don't have anything nice to say then just move on and leave me alone, I can take advice but if you think I'm ugly or shouldn't be on here, GO AWAY...
Is It Safe To Eat?
Cloned Animals Are Safe to Eat, FDA Says By LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Posted: 2008-01-16 11:01:12 Filed Under: Health, Healthy Living WASHINGTON - Meat and milk from cloned animals is as safe as that from their counterparts bred the old-fashioned way, the Food and Drug Administration said -- but sales still won't begin right away. cow The decision removes the last big U.S. regulatory hurdle to marketing products from cloned livestock, and puts the FDA in concert with recent safety assessments from European food regulators and several other nations. "Meat and milk from cattle, swine and goat clones are as safe as food we eat every day," said Dr. Stephen Sundloff, FDA's food safety chief. But the government has asked animal cloning companies to continue a voluntary moratorium on sales for a little longer - not for safety reasons, but marketing ones. USDA Undersecretary Bruce Knight called it a transition period for "allowing the marketplace to adjust." He wouldn't say how l
Is It Possible To Love Someone This Much
How is it possible to love someone so much Even though we've been apart I still crave his touch I heard his voice on the messages he had left on my phone Instead of it comforting me it made me feel more alone This is just so freakin hard to move on It has been a few months since he has been gone I thought that he was the ONE perfect in my eyes How could he say that he loved me when all of those sweet words were just made up freakin lies We had something to celebrate at the end of April and the beginning of May Well it will not happen, happy birthday is something that I will not say I wonder if his mouth would drop as he stood there in aw If on April 23rd he received the air hockey table that we saw Listening to music like the cd he made for me makes me feel better Just like getting my feelings down on paper like I am doing in this letter Can you tell me how to mend this broken heart I need to know where I should begin to start I think about his family at times wonderin
Is It Sex, Or Romance
Are you a Romantic, or is it just Sex? You not only must answer each question, but, if there is a why to the question, you must answer it as well. And please, put some effort and heart into your answers. No one-liners’ or worse, one word answers like ‘because’. Let’s keep it fun and interesting. I am incorporating some of this into my next romance novel. I need some input, so please be honest. Let’s get the typical preliminary portion of the survey out of the way first: What is your favorite season? Why? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite fruit, and why? (Now here’s the part where you actually tell why!) What is your favorite drink: alcohol and what, or non-alcohol and what? (You may put both if you wish.) What is your favorite cologne? What is your favorite scent on a woman? How does that scent make you feel when you discover she is wearing it as you breathe her in? What does it do to you? Does it
Is It Love
Is it Love? For all you people who say “love you” when you have no clue what love is exactly!!! something to ponder upon… Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and is your voice caught within your chest?? It isn’t love, it’s like. You can’t keep your eyes or hands off of them, am I right?? It isn’t love, it’s lust. Are you proud, and eager to show them off?? It isn’t love, it’s luck. Do you want them because you know they’re there?? It isn’t love, it’s loneliness. Are you there because it’s what everyone wants?? It isn’t love, it’s loyalty. Are you there because they kissed you, or held your hand?? It isn’t love, it’s low confidence. Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don’t want to hurt them?? It isn’t love, it’s pity. Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat?? It isn’t love, its infatuation. Do you pardon their faults because you care about them?? It isn’t love, it’s friendship. Do you t
I Sit Here Shakin' My Head,what The Hell Have They Done Now....omg... (bobby Made This So Very Sweet Of Him Tysvm Love Ya!) .
As I Have Traveled Thru This Place, So Many Of Us Call Our Second Home, "FUBAR" I reflect upon, The fact that it is made up of many types of people All unique in their own little ways, I Have Seen Alot Of People Fall In Love I Have Seen Alot Of People Hurt By Others I Have Seen The NSFW People I Have Seen The People That Help Others I Have Seen Alot Of Different Aspects Of "FUBAR" So Of These Things Make Me Happy Some Of Them Anger Me Some Of Them Make Me Sad. As i Traveled Along The Long Road To Godfather Part Of The Time Alone,Part Of The Time With Friends I Look Around And i Watch How People Help Others, Sometimes,Ya Never know,You will See Me By Ya Spankin',Rating,Adding,Fanning and if i am asked i go along to help someone along the way, with no abandonment i head on over to help The Way It Should Be Never Begging For The Recognition in Return. When I First Joined CherryTap,i said to myself,Awesome Finally A place Where I Wouldn't be inundated
I Sit Here Shakin' My Head,what The Hell Have They Done Now....omg....
As I Have Traveled Thru This Place, So Many Of Us Call Our Second Home, "FUBAR" I reflect upon, The fact that it is made up of many types of people All unique in their own little ways, I Have Seen Alot Of People Fall In Love I Have Seen Alot Of People Hurt By Others I Have Seen The NSFW People I Have Seen The People That Help Others I Have Seen Alot Of Different Aspects Of "FUBAR" So Of These Things Make Me Happy Some Of Them Anger Me Some Of Them Make Me Sad. As i Traveled Along The Long Road To Godfather Part Of The Time Alone,Part Of The Time With Friends I Look Around And i Watch How People Help Others, Sometimes,Ya Never know,You will See Me By Ya Spankin',Rating,Adding,Fanning and if i am asked i go along to help someone along the way, with no abandonment i head on over to help The Way It Should Be Never Begging For The Recognition in Return. When I First Joined CherryTap,i said to myself,Awesome Finally A place Where I Wouldn't be inundated
Is It Possible?
We live in a crazy world. There are a lot of crazy people. And then are not so crazy people that simply have different views, morals, priorities, interests or lifestyles than you do. In all of this mess, men and women search for love. We look for treasure amid trash. The Holy Grail: one person that we can love who will love us, that we can respect, and that will treat us with respect. We look for a loving caring partner to have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. But where do we find people? We find them at our jobs, we find them in our churches, we find them in bars, we may even find them at a gas station or grocery store. Some have used personals adds or dating services. And they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess. And then, you meet people, and they put their best foot forward... try to be likable... This gives you a false picture of who they are. Eventually, they get tired of standing on their “best foot” and you start to see h
Is It Time To Walk
Do you ever wonder why you do things .Why you keep trying or just being nice.I only ask for people to be honest and truthful dont make excuses for things you dont want just be honest and upfront with me.But i guess that is not meant to be kinda starting to like the look of a long lonesome highway
Is It Really Cheating?
According to Webster, and his dictionary, cheating is defined as the following: to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud; to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice; to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting; to violate rules of dishonesty, to be sexually unfaithful. Now I know a lot of people who would disagree with that last line. Them girls be spittin’ if their man even so much as turns his head in the wrong direction. Oh.No.He.Dinnit! You know what I’m saying? Hells yeah. But is that fair? Is that even cheating? Let’s find out by reading the rest of my article… I can be a huge flirt. So it would be completely hypocritical for me to unleash my wrath upon the person I’m dating for doing the same thing that I might—even though it’s very possible I’d do it anyway because my wrath doesn’t like leashes. Go figure. The point being that, when considering what cheating is in my opinion, I have to first think about who I am and what I do. Would someone
Is It Cheating If It Happens Online?
Case one: Your significant other is on the computer taking to someone miles and miles away. They exchange emails, pictures, and maybe even have phone sex... Is this cheating? Case two: Your significant other orders porn, or watches it endlessly on line masturbating to it all of the time. They even have a favorite porn star they really get into. Is this cheating? No most of you are inclined to say case number one is and number two isn't ... but look further. In both cases, there is no physical contact. In both cases, there more than likely is no plans for a meeting in person. In both cases, they are getting off on the thought of someone else but you. In actuality, its no different. As a matter of fact, case number one is cheaper, and happens less. If you'd like to think there is some mental connection... come on, lets get real. If you still think it's cheating. Let me ask this. Is getting a lap dance cheating then? In my opinion the chances
Is It Strange
After talking to a few friends and considering the possibilities I have to ask is it strange to be a 39 year old female who has an active sex drive to decide that she doesn't want to have sex? Don't get me wrong I am not saying I don't want to have sex at all or that I don't like sex, I'm just curious if its strange or not to want to NOT have sex until I know I am having it with someone that I feel more then just Lust for. I am not looking for love, or words of love or even a commitment of any kind but I'd like to know that the person I'm crawling between my sheets with remembers my is that strange or is it a matter of with age wisdom does come?....Any comments or opinions are welcome and by all means feel free to
Is It Really Worth It?
So, here we are again. Second time around and this place just gets worst. It's like being on a training exercise back home. You know there really isn't shit to do, when you hear about Marines picking up trash in the villages or towns. We start a base wide cleanup in a couple days. I thought this is what we paid the local nationals or third country nationals working for us for. But, who am I? Just a lowly E-4. It's boring enough that some NCO's don't have anything to do, but think up bullshit jobs to keep us busy. I guess there's something wrong with having time off and trying to relax. It's bad enough that out of around 40 of us in my platoon, at least half is getting out! And that's all people they thought would be staying in. Sometimes, I really do wonder why I stay in. I have committed 11 years so far of my life to the Army. 7 years of it on Active Duty. 6 total deployments, 2 here in Iraq. Well, I have the time to figure out what I am going to do. I'm up for reenlistmen at
Is It Just Me?
It looks like I've had another dating meltdown. I've been talking with somebody for about a month and a half now. We met online and we have not actually met in person. This was one of those cases when I really wanted to take things slow and see how they went. And they were going great. She's intelligent, college educated, successful, sports oriented and funny as hell. Really, what's not to like? When I say taking it slow, not only have we not met, we have not even exchanged photos. No a/s/l, no sex talk, no pictures of body parts. I don't even know if she has those parts. She could be a hermaphrodite. Or a eunuch. Regardless, I don't know. I thought we really clicked. Similar interests, great conversations (and long ones), desire to get to know eachother before taking the next step. Then a week and a half ago she hopped on a plane to visit one of her best friends for her Bridal Shower or bachelorette party or something like that. And that is the last time that
Is It Really There??
IS IT REALLY THERE? Distance can be such a terrible thing Bringing confusion and despair When I think of you all the time Wishing that I was there Wishing I could look into your eyes Look into your face and see you smile Wishing I could feel your touch Wishing I could hold you so much Your flesh beneath my fingers slowly setting off those little tingles Wishing I could kiss away even a mile of the distance I would spend all night so you would remember The feel of our love it was always so slow and tender But at this time Distance keeps us apart But it will never erase Your love from my heart So I close my eyes and atlas Your there Touching me Everywhere.
Is It True
hursday, January 31, 2008 product of your environment Current mood: inspired yet baffled It has been said that a person is a product of everyone he or she encounters; so with that in mind then would it also be true to say that when two people get into a relationship their not just uniting two personalities, their trying to make the hundreds and thousands of people, situations and life learned lessons that they've either encountered or witnessed so far in life compatible with each other. In which often lands in conflict and end's in heartbreak.So what if the solution to this was to forget what you've witnessed or encountered, would this be possible without losing yourself? Which brings you to your next question or maybe it's the only real question that matters,if I forget what I've witnessed or encountered, who am I? which is a question a lot of us ask everyday. Think about it for a second, who are you really without the everyday influences good and bad, that you h
Is It
Lust Leading Love Adoration Aiding Attachment Passion Proving Pleasure Convenience Controlling Confusion Frustration Fueling Failure Hurt Healing Heartache Envy Educing Ecstasy Sex Sealing Seduction Jealousy Jeering Joy Love Leading Lust
Is It Love?
You are getting attracted. You think about him/her. You want to be with your object of love. You are showing all the signs of being in love. But is it love? Or is it infatuation that will go away after some time? Let us examine this in little more detail. What is the difference between love and infatuation? The first difference is that infatuation is short lived. It disappears soon. How will you test it? Think about all the qualities that are making you fall in this love. Now think of another person. Imagine that the new candidate has all the qualities in greater measure. Think deeply and imagine as much as you can. Are you still in love, or you are shifting your allegiance to the new candidate? Take another scenario. Imagine having a bad fight with your lover. Imagine of him/her calling you different names and arguing furiously with you. Are you still in love? Will you go back next day to them? Or you already hate them? Take this test. After many years, your beloved is los
Is It Work?
The Commanding Officer of the US Marine 26th Regiment was about to start the morning briefing with his staff and Battalion and Company Commanders. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish it's brewing, he decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his usual amount of sound sleep. He posed the question of just how much of sex was 'work' and how much of it was 'pleasure?' The XO chimed in with 75-25% in favor of work. A Captain said it was 50-50%. The Colonel's Aide, a Lt., responded with 25-75% in favor of pleasure, depending on his state of inebriation at the time. There being no consensus, the Colonel turned to the PFC who was in charge of making the coffee and asked for HIS opinion? With no hesitation, the young PFC responded, "Sir, it has to be 100% pleasure." The Colonel was surprised and, as you might guess, asked why? "Well Sir," began the PFC, "if
Is It Goodbye????
You need to make a decision. If we're friends, then it needs to be friends no matter the status of your relationship. I WON'T be a part time friend! I won't be there only when things are bad and you're lonely and need someone to keep you from being bored. Walk away this time and I won't look back anymore! I've let you back in too many times. I've let you use me. I've let you make me feel like all I am is a toy to be tossed aside until the newness of a new toy wears off. NO MORE! I am too valuable. it goodbye? Southern Princess
Is It So Freaking Hard?
You come to my page... you rate me.. and then you leave... is it so freakin hard to click the "fan" button, and then, when it reloads, is it so freakin hard to click add friend button? I mean c'mon people... if you're gonna visit, at least do those things, and please, at least rate one pic... that way, we all get points, and we all win..
Is It Just Me?
Is it just me, or is this conversation completely hard to follow? MIchael T: Its not just Rate I comment almost every pic Can only come up With so many comments per picture... So its all good ->MIchael T: I only rate and comment people that I talk to regularly. With the rate resets, there are plenty of people to rate without adding others MIchael T: Oh Thats my bad.... I just rate fans Over and over again... I never chat except in this shout box.... So thats why I mentioned Raten an commenting.... It just happened to be sur ->MIchael T: Because you seemed to make a point of talking to me like I should know who Sue is MIchael T: Because You said You didn't know If You cared not Why did you bring up the fact you didn't know ->MIchael T: That matters to me why? MIchael T: Ok Sue Is A friends MoM ->MIchael T: I don' know who Sue is and I don't send friend requests MIchael T: I am rateing and comenting on sue's pic If you want to start the prosess Of the friend
Is It Me!?!?!?!?!
like i have always said before you go and critisize others, take a step back and look at yourself. And i have done that it just blows my mind about how crazy people in this world are ( yea i know hypocrite becasue im nuttier than squrrel shit lol) but anyway i sit back and look at some of the retarted ass things that people do and say. I see people sticking needles in their arms, getting high, stealing, hell even people who will take and run halfway across the country for a person who gives u a couple nice e-mails and a few sweet text messages and a phone call saying i love you on occasion (i.e 76% of the people on here). And then when you tell them that that is a retarted ass thing they are doing....whatever it is, they have the nerve to get mad..i just dont know is it me or has the whole world gone COMPLETELY CRAZY
Is It Real?
when and if you find someone.. whether it be in a club, a store.. at the mall or online. you get to know each other for a bit.. then suddenly you find yourself thinking of that person.. but then shit happens and things always change.. some often face a "no call no show" type of thing... he or she never speaks to you again... others experience the long distance relationships... you get to know the person even more over the phone.. internet.. through pictures and conversations of personal level... and then a problem comes into play.. they dont want you to do anything(virtually) but then you get curious and take a longer deeper look(well as far as you are able to) at what it is they do online as well... only to find that they themselves dont heed what it is that they asked you NOT to do.. they have.. take our fave FUBAR.. profiles of opposite gender who are in pictures that you are requested not to post yourself.. is that ok? for them to ask of you what they themselves dont
Is It So Wrong?
So, I’m sitting here at work… listening to the radio... and “let me love you,” sung by Mario comes on. I feel he should be singing this to me. Crazy? Maybe. Unordinary? Not really. I should deserve to be treated like a queen… like a princess… like if somebody really loved you, he would make you his number one… no questions, no excuses, “no reasons not to”. That to me is just a cop out so “other girls” don’t find out. Yes, I AM talking about somebody specific. Theo, and I know he’ll read this, and I’ll get a text message about it. Whatever. Seriously, I’m thinking about making this blog available to those I don’t even know to read, so maybe they can gain a bit of knowledge. Theo, you say you love me, you talk about having kids with me, talk about having me come see you…. Talk talk talk. However, when it comes to something simple like “moving me up on myspace” you go into this huge hissy fit about it, and give me tons of reasons and excuses to why you can’t do it and why you won’t.
Is It Spring Or Something Greater
so it seems like lately everyone i know wants a baby or is having a baby. i think spring is coming. or maybe its because everyone that i hang out with are at that point in our lives where we are ready for children... well the women anyways.
I Sit In My Corner And Cry
you knew i loved you. but you went to her instead. i was here waiting for you, like you said you would come. i love you and miss you. but she has your heart now. so i just sit in my corner and cry. for the love i have for you is eating me up inside. so what am i to do now that you are gone? all i can do is sit here and cry. the pain inside is something i cannot take. for it eats at my heart, like a starved pirana. i want it gone! you are the only one that can make it go away. but for now i will sit in my corner and cry.
Is It Made More Glorious?
...Gods love, true Love never know loneness or pain of separation, the Isolation being rejected caused, or the sting of death. That's what death is a sting. Like unknowingly putting our hand on top of a bee or wasp. A momentary pause, hardly noticeable except for that last breath. Pain is far greater. More threatening. Like falling it has to be experienced lived through. Suffered before it can be endured, handled with grace. Yet no matter what love faces its always triumphant. Always eternal. Life’s breath will end. Love even after death continues. Death makes love more glorious. More forever, more forever in that sort in which I became. Love, that love which brought me into being was always. Not there as in a particular place or time but rather present. Not as I know it now. My love has its limits, boundaries, determined by experiences, disappointments, wants needs, lust, greed, truth, lies and deceit. Everything exists; I exist now, in this time and place because of love.
Is It That Hard?
To be real? To be honest? To be YOU? Why are there so many fake people? Why do people try to be someone they aren't? Why do you have to tell "me what I want to hear" and assume that is ok and then change suddenly and confuse the fuck out of me? Is that fair? I am a very understanding person and I don't judge. I don't care who you are, just be honest about it. Don't pretend to like me in fear of hurting my feelings...I'm a big girl and can handle the truth! INEEDLOVE too but I don't need fake friends or fake people in my life. I've been doing just fine by myself all this time and I will continue to do just fine. Let's just keep it real ok?
Is It?
Is it wrong to have a love thing for a older women?
Is It To Much
im what people call a blogging whore i love to blog its how i get my poems out in the mainstream and it lets people kno what im thinking so if you call me a blogging whore i tell you shut your fuckin mouth
Is It True Love
When I think of my love for you the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away. I cannot recall the moment in time it began, but only the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy it brought to me. For at that moment I knew happiness. A happiness I had never known before. For just the thought of you gave me joy beyond belief. The thought of being with you and being held by you was my one desire I knew once we first met none other would ever do, for I knew love. I knew love as I had never thought possible in this life time. It is a love of passion and desire. It is a never-ending need to you, for you, only you. When I think of my love for you I realize I now know the true meaning of love. I will love you as long as this life endures and beyond, for you are my dreams, my realities. You are my heart You are my meaning of true love.
Is It Just A Fantasy?
Last night at about 10 pm i was in the middle of watching a movie. A pretty bad ass movie, called we own the night. I was at the foot of the bed, laying on my frontside. My b/f was laying on his side of the bed with his legs and feet propped up against the the small of my back. Through out the movie, he would massage my back and ass with his feet. Granted that it felt good, i was too engrossed into this movie and i wanted to finish it. I mean, play with me after the right? anyways...i smacked him and told him to quit. He rises up and then starts massaging my ass with his hands and then kisses it with some nibbling. O.k...he got my attention. I then start focusing on him. What does he do? Lays right back down!!! Can you believe this?, maybe i sound a lil too easily aroused but dammit! Then, i lay there, shaking my head. He says, what? with a shit eating grin on his face. I said, you know what! Now, he does this alot. i can be in the kitchen cleaning
hey girls this is the guys and we have something we would like to say to u We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it makes us mad.... It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS< you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel
Is It Worth
I sit here and think Think about the things I do Think about the way I live Then I sit and ask myself Is it worth it? Is the way I live worth all the hurt I go through Is it worth all the pain, all the heartache Are the things I do worth the pain, the anger, the trouble Is it worth the disappointment, the hatred, the disrespect Is it worth losing the self respect that I have Is it worth losing the respect of others Is the way I live and the things I do really worth any of this
Is It So Worng
I think turely being ur self really mess with sum pplz minds. That u can speak some much about ur feelings without becoming an a-hole without picking at them but expalining urself. i just found out more ppl who are hurting always hurt pplz who dont disreguard u. my adive dont let them hurt u
Is It Really That Hard?
Is It In Yet?
Is It Morning Already?
YYYYAAAAWWWWNNNNN ... that's about how I felt this morning when Daddy came upstairs after Mommy had gone to work and Jeffrey was already dressed and eating. [Who is this?] Oh. Daddy says it's rude to not introduce myself ... I'm Sarah, their oldest and bestest daughter [also our ONLY daughter] who Daddy gave the babyneese translator to today. I just pointed up to the shelf where he keeps it and said "KKKEEEYYYSSS"! Daddy needed a break today, and he said I do a pretty good job saying what's on my mind. But he's got to check this out and supply in brackets where he thinks I'm mistaken, like he doesn't trust me! Sometimes that's really a good thing, Daddy says. Sunday afternoon we went to our local hardware store Menards to get a grill to put together for some backyard grilling this summer. Daddy wasn't thrilled about it, but it was a grand reopening sale and when he wasn't pushing Jeffrey and me in the stroller, he had a good time too looking at some lawn ornaments, pushing u
Is It Woth It... Better Yet Is He
Is It So Hard
Is It Wrong?
Is it fubu-incorrect not to add the Juggalo people?
Is It Her Genes? Oldest Known Person Turns 115 On Sunday
SHELBYVILLE, Ind. - Maybe it was a lifetime of chores on the family farm that accounts for Edna Parker's long life. Or maybe just good genes explain why the world's oldest known person will turn 115 on Sunday, defying staggering odds Scientists who study longevity hope Parker and others who live to 110 or beyond — they're called supercentenarians — can help solve the mystery of extreme longevity. "We don't know why she's lived so long," said Don Parker, her 59-year-old grandson. "But she's never been a worrier and she's always been a thin person, so maybe that has something to do with it." On Friday, Edna Parker laughed and smiled as relatives and guests released 115 balloons into sunny skies outside her nursing home. Dressed in pearls, a blue and white polka dot dress and new white shoes, she clutched a red rose during the festivities. Two years ago, researchers from the New England Centenarian Study at Boston University took a blood sample from Parker for the group's DNA
Is It This Easy?
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Is It Really?
Am I really a part of a life that consists of love, care, and gentleness? Am I really a part of a social respect that has me understood by most? Do I really have every last ounce of you to hold forever? Please tell me that I am the one that makes your heart stop. Please tell me that I am the one that makes your mind race with anticipation. Tell me honestly my love for I can no longer be left in the great wide unknown. I want to know every part of your mind, your soul, and your being. I want to be stuck in oblivion with you, revolving around you. An orbit of loves true meaning... Is it true? Is it really true? Am I yours for the rest of my life?
Is It Worth It??
although i think the word 'fantasy' is kinda corny...i am looking for some input on this you ponder the situation, which i will purposely keep vague, consider in your own mind that 'fantasy' of your own...and what you would do if all of a sudden it could become reality there's a specific something that i've been very interested in doing for several years...and the situation has just never presented itself as a real possibility until now...i guess you could say the stars have aligned and all i have to do for this to happen is say when... in my mind, this would be the ultimate something...or so i think...but now i'm questioning if it's something better left undone...left as a fantasy. the real question is would it be better as a fantasy or as something i've experienced. i was wondering what everyone thinks...i don't think it's necessary for everyone to know what this situation is or for me to know what your specific fantasy is either...i'm looking for opinions from t
Is It Just Me?
Yesterday and today, when I have fanned people, they don't show up on my "Fans of" tab. Is it just me, or is that a new Fubar "feature"?
Is It True?
When you said you were my friend, was it true? When you said you really mean it, was it true? When you said you wouldn't leave, was it true? When I'm lonely and lost, are you here? When I'm sad and confused, are you here? Do you listen to my pleas, or just turn away? I don't know if I can keep going. I don't know if I want to. I need someone by my side. So I can be by theirs. With honesty and hope. With love and compassion. With tenderness and care. Will you be here? I don't think you ever were. But I have always been here for you.
Is It Time To Leave Ny?
I am writing this with the intention that someone...anyone will read it and give their advice / opinion. For the past few months I have been wrestling with myself in terms of where I want to be in my life. It seems that as much as I try to tell myself otherwise, I feel like perhaps its time for me to move out of here and take a fresh start on things. A little back story that has lead me to this: Alot of the friends I used to know have pretty much moved on with their lives. Some are married with kids, others just lead very busy lives or are in relationships and have disappeared off the face of the earth. It has been coming down to where I spend weekends home alone sometimes because no one is available to go out or live to far to hang out(people I know in CA, MA, WI, Canada). I used to have 2 close friends of mine that I would open up to about everything in my life. One of them stopped talking to me over an argument a few years ago, the other I realize is too busy with his ow
Is It Too Late?
Will the promise you made Hold on forever Is it an empty promise From your voice Was the love promised Long forgotten The life together we planned A lie after all Will I be a passing moment In your life Will you whisper in my ears one more time Saying,"I'm the One." Or will it going to be a dream Shattered and tired I'm lying here Holding on to a promise Blinded by your words Hoping for a dream to come true Is it too late to wake up now?
Is It On? My Friend Sean Owen!!!
Is It Me??
is it me or do most the people on fubar seem fake as hell? i mean lets rate peoples pics for what they really are, ok, everyone rates a 10..... cum on now there are some ugly ass people out there,lets be honest.your still going to get points but rate them for what they are, thats why we have a rate system right? way to many 10's out there, and that tells me your being fack as fuck, so be kind and be honest...
Is It Assualt Witha Deadly Weapon Or Dead Weapon?
Good Morning and happy Monday in what ever you have planned. I have work planned for me…yuck! Assault with a dead weapon? It normally is state “Assault with a deadly weapon”, however in this case it sounds like the weapon was already dead. WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A New Zealand man accused of assault with prickly weapon — a hedgehog — has been fined by a court and ordered to pay most of his fine to his teenage victim. Whakatane District Court was told Thursday that William Singalargh picked up the hedgehog and threw it several yards to hit a 15-year-old boy in the North Island east coast town of Whakatane on Feb. 9. Police told the court the unusual assault weapon had hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks. The teen did not need medical treatment. Singalargh was convicted of common assault and offensive behavior following a defended hearing. He had pleaded innocent to the charges. He was fined a total of 700 New Zealand dollars (US$545)
Is It Justice
I guess you just don't know how much it hurts. I cannot think you know and just don't care. Destiny provides one's just deserts By turning out one just as would be fair. Just as a child learns to its delight That lying sets one fabulously free, So you say "love" to get the rapture right, Getting so the most you can from me. And then, of course, you tire of your pleasure, As those who seek but pleasure often do, And sacrifice by far the greater treasure Upon the altar where you worship you. Justice would demand you be the fool, But you are far more ignorant than cruel.
Is It True
Is it true that i'am changing to you Is it true that you think I dont want you Is it true that there is nothing elso to do Well i'am lost inside of me and you And I dont even know what to do And yea i know I hurt you But I guess I will leave you So I want hurt you Beacause I know I fuck up between me and you So I will just vanish from you So I will finally know that you live A happy life for you And I know I can never hurt you But always know that I loved you And again i'am sorry that I hurt you So goodbye world Beacuase all I do is hurt people thats around me
Is It True
They say its better to have loved and lost Then to never have loved at all But that idiot obviously never felt the bliss of love And then the terrible miserable fall. I know that love is a truly wonderful thing A feeling like none other in life to feel But when that love goes away It takes forever for your heart to heal. Once you have experienced both sides of the coin You have to ask it its all worth it to you Do you want to risk your happiness In hopes that the new love is true.
Is It Wrong Of Me?
is it wrong that i wish my ex husbands new girlfriend would die in a fire, or get hit by a bus? and before you say it, no he's not happy with her!
Is It All Really Worth It?
Ok, it's the day after Christmas and I am sitting here debating if my current relationship is worth all the trouble that it seems to be taking to make it work, is it just me or is there something severely wrong with this? I had to work half a day on Christmas Eve before my girlfriend returned with her mother to take me to Owatonna, Minnesota for Christmas. Neither one of us were really happy about me having to work that day, nor about me being expected to be back on the Friday after Christmas. This was also her week off of her birth control which, I guess makes her very crabby and moody and just plain psychotic. Needless to say, this Christmas celebration was quite interesting for me. I don't think I have ever been so confused in my life. She left on the previous Sunday and went home (to Minn.) to spend some time alone with her family before I came up. OK, that's cool enough I thought, then came the "you aren't answering the phone, why aren't you home? Where are you?" messages. As w
Is It A Dream?
ALONE watching the rain late night hitting my windows cracked open just little to feel the wind. ALL i see is thunder light up my room. Spell bound and erotic the rain can be IT make me hopefull that one day romantic novle story come true fo me would happen you know the strong tall man ripping pecks teh come hither smile and me wrapped in nothing but his arms LOL thenI come out of mY DREAM and live in this moment
Is It Just Me??
Or are these morphed photos kinda creepy? Every time I see some dude with long hair and a beard morph into a wolf it makes me want to puke. What about the chubby 19 year old girl that transitions into some bulbeous eyed japanimation? Nothing wrong with guys that look like Greg Allman, or chicks with carrying around the "Freshman 15" but the weird morphing photos give me the full-on heeby jeebies.
Is It Really Possible To Make Money On The Internet For Free?
Hello, This is Jack Louis with an important thought for you to ponder. Is it really impossible to make money for free? Most would tell you so. But the old adage, "It takes money to make money" was stated long before the development of the Internet. Its true if you're in real estate, but there are now infinite options available through the Internet. This is nothing new of course. There's no limit to the number of people with systems who will charge you anywhere from $70 to $3000 for their "industry expert secrets". You've all been there before. Some flashy page filled with promises, followed with a spot for your Visa Car Number, and you receive all of their "highly-confidential secrets" in the form of some long, complicated book, eBook, training course, or video series. So you've spent your money, and so far, you've definitely not gotten anything in return, other than continued promises that all of these things you just payed for will somehow materialize into that beautiful
Is It True ? I Think It Is
This will make you re-think A Trivia question in Sunday School : How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelation? Guess the Answer? Revelation Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what that is. Almost a four year term to a Presidency. All I can say is Lord Have Mercy on us.!!!!!! According to The Book of Revelation the anti-Christ is: The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything Is it OBAMA?? I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to repost this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media it! I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere.
Is It Wrong
I Sit Here
I sit here quietly and watch the sun set Thinking of someone that I've never met I wonder does she think of me too Needless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your face To take you away to a better place You feel so right, too good to be true I just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regret Losing my heart to a girl I've not met I say there is nothing I can do I cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for me But wonder if that could possibly be I'm tired of being so alone and blue But I always smile when thinking of you
Is It Me?
i seem to be in this spiraling path to hell, i cant seem to stop it . i cant say anything right with out someone thinking im being a bitch, or pushy, or just anything from what i mean by it.ive been told that i come on strong, but then 5 min later im told im not doing enough. i cant find a happy medium. i guess ill just shut my mouth and say nothing
Is It Something In The Air?
Why is it that a lot of men on here just keep chasing and yes even stalking women after they say they are not interested, are they that hard headed. And why don't the men say the same thing? Or are they just slut puppies that don't care and think that they are Gods gift to women? LOL. Well Ladies, I apologize for my gender mates, we are not all like that and you guys: GET A LIFE!
Is It To Much To Ask??????
This is What I want I want to wake up to someone and not wanna ever get out of bed. I want to lay down and night and not be able to sleep because looking at her just makes me happy. I want someone to Sweep me off my feet for a change, to pawn over me and send me love letters and put silly little love notes in my briefcase I find at work. I want to know when the day is over I can come home and relax and not have a Chores list on a daily basis. I want someone who thinks spending sunday afternoon in the bed watching TV and the kids piling on us is fun and fufilling. I want to Mow the yard with out the lawn mower dying I want to sit in my big comfy chair and take a nap with out someone waking me up to see if I was sleeping. I want someone that enjoys getting in the car and just driving to anywhere no plans no ideal but just going until we find somewhere to stop. I want to a good morning or good night kiss to be a kiss because it feels good and w
I Sit Here In Silence
i sit here in silence. no words you will hear. i am scared for if i speak, no one will hear me. i sit here in silence waiting. i know you don't hear me if i speak. for if i speak you will not care. i feel that is how we live. sitting in silence. not to speak for if i do, you will not hear me. you won't even care. i'm not bitter. i just wish you would listen. for when i do speak, i have a lot to say.
Is It Too Much To Ask?
Is It Me Or????
Is it me or does it seem like all this site is a place for fucking and sex??? What happened to meet people .. being friends?? I have learned the true term of a friend on Fubar when I no longer made my NSFW pics available for everyone to see. Now that everyone can't see my ass, pussy and tits they don't have time. Or if I refuse to let someone see me nude I'm a fucking bitch!! Go figure!! It's to a point,,, I am thinking f deleting because it is getting so old!! There is more to life that fucking and sex,, if that is all that I am seen for then you really aren't looking at me!!!! Thanks to the REAL friends I have that stop by just to say hi,, for all the others that just want to use me to jack off by,,,, FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF!!!!
Is It Worth It????!!!!
Is it really worth it to continue to be nice and sweet to people who do nothing but use you for everything they can get from you then when you are of no use to them, you're disposable/replaceable???? I really am starting to think why bother. It causes too much hurt and pain and all the way around is just more stress and irritation to deal with, plus it takes all the energy you have to front up so no one notices how crappy you've been made to feel. Only those certain people who actually care enough to be there for you and see through that front you have so wonderfully constructed to fool everyone with, seem to be the reason. Even those are very few and far between. I already know I'm not the average person when it comes to emotional things. I feel and see things very differently than most and maybe that's the problem. I guess maybe I have a different philosophy on how people should be towards others, especially if in fact they are friends. I think maybe too many people cal
Is It Wrong To.
Is it wrong for a man to think of himself as a male lesbian??
Is It Me Or Is Niko Hot.......??
I'm in love with the fictional character niko bellic. he is so sexy, i love his accent and how he goes around f*****g everything up ,the casually make a booty call as he walks away from the massive explosions. The way he talks dirty to the hookers as he let's em' ride the bologna pony. oye!!!!! he drives me am i crazy?
Is It Me?
yeah... this is an update from the last blog..... i met a girl that i like but then it seemed like she vanished i liked her personality, taste in music, how open she was, and definitely the way she looked all i could say was wow!...... but idk whats going on she wont talk to me anymore and i really wanna see her.........she knows who she sooo sad :( no more updates...
Is It Bad That I Only Left 1 Unchecked?!?!
You Are 95% Kinky If you've heard of it, you've tried it. You're that kinky. You're open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they're safe. You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures. But that's not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky! Are You Kinky?
Is It Necessary To Know How To Kill?
****************************************************** "Violence is not always the answer, but when it is the answer, it's the ONLY answer" - Author Unknown ****************************************************** ********************* NOTE: I realize the subject of this issue is highly controversial but urge you to read through this entire issue before forming an opinion. I will revisit this subject more in the future. ********************* Lets start with a couple of questions: 1.) In this day and age, what could possibly be the reason to teach someone how to kill another human with his or her bare hands? 2.) Do I actually advocate instructing clients in this very specific, lethal material? The answer to the first question is that there are MANY reasons why it is essential one get this lethal knowledge. So, what are my reasons for taking this very controversial position? First off, I'v
Is It Just Me?
Having a chat in shoutbox got me wondering. I have one person on this website, that everytime i see him i cringe. I completely hate him. I find myself alienating my friends that have recently added him, and i know that sounds childish. But i just hate seeing him around. My mood totally changes, from good to angry. Am i the only person this happens too? Yes i should grow up and deal with it, it's just a website. But it affects me so bad that i just can't help it. So instead of telling people how i feel, and why i don't visit anymore, i just dont go. So if you dont see me on your page, now you know why. I don't blame you, or even him. It's me. Hope you understand. So is it justme? Do you have people like that? Or is Emo Cubby just lost his mind again? Your thoughts?
Is It Wrong?
I tend to have a lot of alone time these days. Sometimes my mind gets to wandering and I thought about a few songs I wanted to have played at my eulogy. Is that a bad thing? Here are the songs (possibly in this order): Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Smashing Pumpkins - Soma Faith No More - Zombie Eaters Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise Chris Daughtry - Home Here are the meanings: The Pink Floyd song reminds me of my life sometimes. There are many days when I feel like I'm a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl year after year. Soma's chorus reminds me of how I feel sometimes. Even in a room of people extending everything I have... I still feel all by myself... as I've always felt. Zombie Eaters is basically a song for my mother who I never really felt wanted me in the first place. Mayonaise just reminds me of me. Home pretty much says it all. If I'm on my way out... I'm going back to where I came from. Sorry for the babble. Just thought I'd look to the blogs
Is It Worth It Yes It Is!!!!
when deserving of whats to come shouldnt the punishiment match the crime?? just saying wouldnt that be justice instead of giving a killer a free room and board for 25 years and even than he migh not serve the whole sentence. thats why i like to bounty hunting you get the guy and get to see justice performed the right way. not to mention a sweet paycheck. idk am i out of line or what give yer input ill listen
Is It True Love?
Is It Just Me.......
Is it just me.....Is anyone else feeling this deep, all encompassing sadness? I'm working really hard to keep this feeling at bay, not permitting it to overtake me. Maybe just the Mercury Retrograde getting closer, the Full Moon, the approaching Autumnal Equinox.....? Glad I slept halfway decently last night! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Later! Muah!
I Sit Here In The Dark
I wrote this during my darkest hours. When I felt all was lost. And finished it when I got home from the hospital. I sit here in the dark I sit here in the dark, alone while the house sleeps Wondering where everything went wrong Nothing is turning out the way it's suppose to be I was going to do something with my life Prove everybody wrong and be somebody Instead I am sitting here in the dark wondering why Why is my life turning out this way? Why do I always want to break down and cry? Why is it I can never seem to get anything right? Is it because of my childhood? The years spent in a system where nobody cares Going from too many homes in just as many years Always having to prove myself by pretending to be somebody else Always trying to be what I thought was the perfect child Making no waves, causing no mischief Never arguing or defying authority Wishing to be accepted rather than tolerated Living in fear of the unknown Hoping and praying this time would be di
Is It Wrong To Cry Over A Squirrel!?!
On Thursday September 25, 2008 I was sitting in my bedroom when my father yelled “Michelle, there is a buddy of yours in the yard.” Immediately I knew that it was a squirrel. IM always feeding the cute little things. So I gathered up my crackers, peanuts, and the other foods that I am always feeding them. I went to go sit down the porch. Well, as I sit down I begin calling for him. He turns around and starts wagging his tail. So now I know he has my attention. Well, the little squirrel comes running across the road. As he starts to run across the road this friggin idiot comes speeding down our road. I know he is at least going 50 mph. He was going way to fast to begin with. Well, he hits this squirrel. My head bows as I am sitting on the porch. I begin to cry. It was an awful feeling. Its like he was just standing there a few seconds ago and now his little body is just so lifeless. I was really pissed. The fuckin prick just looked at me and gave me a nasty ass look. M
Is It A Dream?
Is it a Dream? How real could a dream be? To see the beauty in one’s eyes as they look upon you To smell the scent of the one you long for To touch the softness of their hands in yours To hold them with no fear of loosing them when you let go To hear their voice when the morning sun peaks over the horizon To feel their heart beating next to yours while you sleep So tell me how real could it be?
Is It A Game?
So... is life a game, are we just actors set aforth a stage, with displays of what we know to be life in our own little way? Could it be that the people we are could turned out to be so different? I am amazed by the way life can change and the amount that others have over ones true self. Life should be fun, exciting and an extension of self. Should it not? Confessions are used against us as we are mocked by they who judge, yet the mockers have no conscious of what they too have done. Funny how our world is as it were, Just a place full of actors wishing to be more then who they are. Kelsey L Hollinger 10/15/08
Is It Just Me Or...........
do these cheesy ass pick up lines bug anyone else?? come on if you're ganna come at me at least be original lol!!!
Is It Nba Or Nfl?*
36< /B>* > have been accused of spousal abuse** > > > 7 ** > have been arrested for fraud** ** > > > 19** > have been accused of writing bad checks* * > > > 117 ** > have directly or indirectly > bankrupted at least 2 businesses ** > > 3 ** > have done time for assault* * > > 71, > repeat* *71 ** > cannot get a credit card due to bad credit ** > > 14** > have been arrested on drug-related charges** ** > > 8** > have been arrested for shoplifting* * > > 21** ** > currently ** > are defendants in lawsuits, and* * > > 84** > have been arrested for drunk driving** ** > in the last year* */ >
Is It Really That Effin Hard
soo i been seeing more and more everyday who is and isnt true on here. it seems as those who reach oracle seem to think they are better then you. they forget who helps them reach that goal. i have busted my ass over and over again to help some of them reach oracle... i didnt ask for nothing in return but i figured they would at least say thank you. i mean is ty or thank you really that hard to type.... i mean it takes fukking 2 seconds to say it. i have rated many oracles pics over and over again and never got a rerate, a few pic rates, or a comment from them... now im not saying all of them are like that but yes most of them are. once they get where they wanna be they stop helping us who helped them. i dunno i dont get it did no one teach them manors or something? or are they just all about themselves... who knows. all i know is it would be nice to get at least a ty once in a while when ur taking ur time out to help others. sorry bout the bitching and the misspellings lol im on lots
Is It Me...
Is It Me????
For several months now I have taken classes on how to b a good mentor, because I had been asigned a 10 year old girl to be mentor for. Yesterday I met the girl and her family for the first time, and one hour ago her mom called, an said that they didn't want to be a part of th mentor-program after all, and gave lots of silly reasons for it... So now I just can't shake the feeling that it's beacuse of me. I guess they just didn't like me or something... But it made me very sad and upset.... :'( Gone to cry myself a riverand wait for better times... :'(
Is It Just Me?
Ok, I know people like to spend money on here and they like to buy people the cute little blings and what-not...but seriously...why would someone spend $650 on one bling??? I think it is asking too much for any of the blings (even though I want a ghost:)), but what do you say to someone who spends $650 for ONE little bling???? It just doesn't make sense to me....someone please explain....
Is It A Dream, Or Could It Be Reality??
MySpace Music Playlist at What life should be and the way it shall be, Nothing less will satisfy me...So let me start with this story of a dream I have and please tell me if you relate..because it quite amazing as you will read.. It doesnt matter how or where our paths cross, Its the feels of that very first moment my eyes meet yours,Could it be fate that has brought me to you, Maybe this wonderful plan GOD has set into action? Or my Mother looking down on me. See there is this one man he comes from my dreams,Though his face is in a bit of a blurr, He is romantic in the way he touches my face before he kisses my lips,So gentle the way he holds my hand, He is passionate in the sweet words he whispers to me.And his words are the kind of words that makes my heart glow, Like the brightest star on a clear summer night. He is the man that I wish to wake to every morning with a sweet Good morning and a kiss.I want to sip coffee together before we part for the day. And as w
Is It Just Me......................
.....or are the cherries big?? lol jus wonderin if it's a fu-fart? or somethin new??
Is It Real ???
I Sit In A Bar
I sit in a bar With cigarette in hand Stuck contemplating How I can possibly end A poem that can never
Is It Enough
Is It Real?
Well... i have finally asked myself this question after the most previous relationship. Everything just seemed so right most of the time, but with the snap of a finger everything goes wrong... the reason i ask is it real is, in my opinion, if you say you love someone then u should really mean it... if you love someone, then no other person should b able to step between you and the other persons relationship.. I Know i was in love.. i gave up mostly everything i had for her, but honestly phone numbers and an xbox360 and tv are nothing to me.... i gave all my love for her... maybe one day love will b a real thing in her heart as well... and congratulations to lucky man who wins her heart... she is a great lady.. i still have un dying love for u april.. i learned alot in the relationship we had.. Thank You for the time well spent... much love..
Is Itreally?
when you awake you feel..... but what do you feel? pain? love? peace? do you really know? i mean really? what is it that makes you.... that wants you..... that compells you... to feel? love? lust? want? need? yearning? feeling? to live in the past... is to kill your soul.. to live to want.. is to kill your self.. to live to live... is just to die....
Is It For Real??
It's my feeling that this site compared to others is the most authentic site there is ... at least that's my experience. I honestly believe that there's less game playing here ... The biggest complaint I hear from men on these sites is that guys ALL want to get laid without getting to know their date or person ........ Well Dahhhhhhhhhh >>! Am I out to lunch or are men as sexual as we women? .... To look at this site the answer is YES! .... Then why the game playing when it does happen? .... and game playing it is - big time ... Men talk about wanting an equal playing field but do they? ... are they prepared for what that entails? .... How many guys on this site for instance are hit on compared to women? The old age tradition of boy chases girl is still well and truly entrenched in our culture ... I've got great faith in this site because sex is what it's all about ... get that out of the way and I believe there's no need for we girls or men to manipulate, coerce, convince, bl
Is It Time To Go?
Hello everyone I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and the best of luck for 2009. I have been getting itchy feet here on Fubar in recent weeks and months and it was my plan to leave today by just slipping away. I have been feeling that all good things come to an end and have come to realise that many people are only interested in points and levels, (which I genuinely couldn't give a toss about) and not true friendships or more. People who only talk when spoken too and I wonder if I am just a thorn in their sides or just tolerated. Many people have absolutely nothing to say or the time to say it. I have found that many people seem to think(and sometimes its very true!), that the most interesting thing about themselves is their tattoos! I have met some really wonderful people on here though and I hope that they know who they are, but I have also dealt with some scum too, out to manipulate, use and upset anyone without feeling or compassion. (Google "Sociopath
Is It Possible
I sit here and wonder after another relationship that failed...*and not because of me* it possible to find a REAL man...u try to do all u can to make a guy happy and all u expect is to be treated right in return! it's like no matter what u do or say it's not good enough! i am not a picky girl all i want is someone who treats me and by girls right...i don't wanna be cheated on,beat on,stole from,or lied to! i don't think that is too much to ask! shit i have work 2 and 3 jobs to take care of the guys i was seein at times..y can't i find one that will get off there ass and help out! i just don't understand!maybe i am just not worthy of anythin better than what i have found! i dunno! LIFE AND LOVE SUCK!
Is It Wrong??
Is it wrong for me to want a man to wear a certain pair of my panties while he does housework? They are pink sheer boy shorts with pretty lil butterflies on them. Anyone have any cake? I suddenly have an urge for cake.....
Is It Possible
Hi all! Just writing to say that I am going to see if I can "get my wings"! I will be running an auto at some point tomorrow to try to accomplish it. I am nearing the point level needed, have the "bucks", but still need two more referrals to accomplish it. If you have any ideas or leads in this regard, PLEASE PM me and let me know. I have ALWAYS said I have the GREATEST friends on ALL of Fubar. Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!! manly ***update*** only need one more person to join!!!! ***update again*** thank you thank you thank to 25 - ready to go now!!!!
Is It Wrong For Loving You
Is it wrong for loving you is it wrong for being true Tell me darling tell me please is it wrong Have I waited for so long has your love for me gone Is it wrong is it wrong for loving you Way down deep inside my heart you're the only love sweetheart Yes the only true love I ever knew But I ask myself inside no need telling myself lies Is it wrong is it wrong for loving you [ guitar ] Is it wrong for loving you is it wrong for being true Tell me darling tell me please is it wrong Have I waited for so long has your love for me gone Is it wrong is it wrong for loving you
Is It Wining??/
well to bring eveeryone up to date as to whats been goign on. my oldest daaughter was diagnosed with cancer about 4 months ago. she is curently in the hospital. and isn't doign that well.. it seesm that the cancer meds has caused blood clots. and has creted a problem with her breathing.thes past few daays , just like these past 4 months have been pure hell for of all us. here is a girl , who has allways been there for everyone. and now this haaas happened to her. her world has been turned inside out. her children age 19 months,6, and 7 yrs are suffurign as well.when you take that breath today, stop, and imgine what it would be like to havev a dedly disase like this.picture what life would be liek livign day to day with an oxygen tube stuck in your nose. and watching your life slip away, one day at a time. god give me the strength to be able to go on, and handle teh pain that i see my daughter go through. god bless you all out there in fubar land
Is It Too Much To Ask For?
Is it too much to ask for for a guy that will be straight up and honest with you. Who makes you feel good about yourself and you make him feel good bout himself, and you can just sit around relaxing or going and doing something and just have a smile on your face because being around each other makes you happy. Don't know why but i keep dating the complete opposite.
Is It Worth It?
I'm 26 yrs old and a single mom of three great kids. I'm really starting to wounder if finding the right person is worth anything at all. I've been a single mother for awhile my kids seem happy this way,it's me that misses the contact and stuff a partner brings,but it doesn't seem worth all the trouble anymore trying to wait or find someone right.I feel I'm a good person and woman, I have never done a man wrong,yet i get hurt or just dumped on by this thing called love. I have old fashion values and yes I'm a flirt,but when I'm with someone I'm all theres.Yes I have more guy friends then chick friends,but they understand they are just my friends. Guess i'm done going on and on.
¿is It So Easy?
"It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands"Author : Jaka
Is It Really Out There?
I am really starting to wonder if there is such a thing as true love! At least for me. In the past few months I have seen what true love is and want that for myself, but does it even exist anymore? I just watched my mom take care of my dad for 2 months until he passed 2 weeks ago. They were married 44 years. Even with his last breath my mom was proclaiming her love and devotion to him and up until the last week of his life he was proclaiming his for her. I've read some mumms about nice guys vs rude guys, questions about what men look for in a woman, about men being romantic or liking romance, but do you men really vote the way they feel or do they just vote the way they think women want to hear? And it's not just men, us women do it too! What do people have to do now to find that kind of love? With everyone having sex on the brain how do you really build a strong lasting relationship on true feelings not lust! Do we all just need to slow down, as the old saying goes "take time t
Is It !
ijust cant fake it..................
Is It Supposed To Hurt?
Is it supposed to hurt like this after 4 months and one day you come across things while cleaning. Heard your voice today on the answering machine my heart skipped a beat. Found one of your shirts my heart raced. And found your sunglasses and i thought of our last night together here. I know in my heart that this is for the best but what i wouldn't do to talk to you. As i sit hear with tear filled eyes is it supposed to hurt like this after this long. if this gets to you please say something .
Is It So Hard To Be Faithful???
I’m just sick and tired of thinking I met a great guy and then finding out other wises. Why can’t I catch a break and just meet a great guy who will love me for me and treat me right and be faithful. I just don’t get what is so hard for people to be faithful these days. It’s like what the fuck. It’s not that fucking hard to just be with one person. It’s just mind blowing that I keep thinking I have a great guy and yet again I end up getting cheated on I'm just so sick of getting my heart broken.. I want to be like most of my friends happy with a great guy and have a family. Instead of what I keep ending up in. What the fuck can I catch a fucking break???? I'm so sick of letting someone in for them to let me down and breaking me even worse than before.
Is It Just Me????
Maybe I am just a magnet for cheating, but it seems that the only people that are into me, ARE IN RELATIONSHIPS!! That last girl I hooked up with was ENGAGED to a dude. And the last few men I have been talking to ALLLLL are in relationships. (well not ALL but most) I have been the "Other Girl" MANNNNY times in the past. I used to love it. All the fun of a relationship but no fights. And I never had to worry about them wanting to BE WITH me. You know, since they already had someone......... But I am over it. I'd like a single, attractive man/woman that I get along with. Is that too much to ask??? Single people?? Where are you????
Is It True?
I have been having one fucking nightmare after another these last fews weeks and I think I need to take a break.I have court tomorrow and just spent another two hours in attorny office this after noon.I don't know if it will be for a day or days or maybe weeks but I need to try and figure out what I need to do over this horrible mess and I need to do this alone.This I use too.I know there are many who care and some that just need to see pictures.Either way I go for now.I will keep myself online but please don't expect me to talk at this time.I need to breathe.Thanks to all my friends for understanding and I sorry for blowing gasket last night in lounge.I think I finally hit my breaking point.So it true that sometimes you do feel like a nut and sometime you don't.Right now in life it is nuts and I no wish to bring anyone into this until I get it straight.It is my mess and I will fix it. Thanks Mimi
Is It Me
Sometimes I sit and pondered if I am just meant to be alone. I know I'm not a bad person or even an ugly person. Yes sometimes I wear my feelings on my sleeve but it's because I can only be me. I've tried changing to please others but in the end, I didn't like the person that I had become. I have my faults just like everyone else but sometimes I just wonder if the values and times of some of the old ways have changed. If they have, then I refuse to revert back to someone that I don't like just to please someone else. So take me for me as I am or just keep looking elsewhere. I know somewhere out there is someone beautiful lady who will do just that. So until that day comes, I CAN ONLY BE ME.
Is It Gone?
I think of you at the strangest times, Then have a sudden urge to call. Whether or not, I get all foolish. Do you feel the same at all? Sometimes I wish I lived near you. I wish you could be here. Sometimes I wish I could be in your arms, So you could wipe away that tear. We have such a strange relationship. It's kind of off and on. The reality is that we never went out, So nothing really went wrong. It started out as just a crush, Then evolved something intense. In each other we found so much in common. Everything we shared made sense. We learned each other's darkest secrets, Deepest fear, and hidden pleasures. We fell in "love," we kept it simple, Without any sort of pressures. We slowly picked up the sentiment, And got romantic with each other. But distance clashed with our desires To be with one another. Temporarily we agreed and called it quits, But I never forgot the meaning. I admit I still miss you, but it's been so long... Did you ever lo
Is It
Is bein on here just a "game" . y or n what are your thoughts ?
Is It So Hard 2 Talk To Me Right?
DON'T call me sexy (i.e. "hey sexy, what's up") if u don't know me. DON'T tell me what you want to do to me in your friend request. DON'T analyze my fucking life from a picture. DON'T tell me your LIFE story in a friend request.. chances are idgaf... seriously. DON'T tell me i'm beautiful or that i'm amazing... you don't KNOW me... DON'T try to hit on me and then go hit on all my hot friends in my family list... HEHLOH!! DOOFUS!! we tell each other!!! DON'T EVER EVER think that because you HAVE a child, KNOW a child, think like a child or have SEEN a child somehow that makes you more able to talk to me because i have one... Bella is NOT a game to me.. unless you KNOW me DON'T discuss my daughter's beauty to get to me... i HATE that shit... she's not a toy, i don't use her to get men so don't use her to get me. DON'T talk to me the way you talk to a whore... (like ur mother) cuz chances are high that you will get told the fuck off.. DON'T think that just because i wear sexy clothes or l
Is It Simple Attraction, Infatuation, Or Real Love?
What so many people get wrong is confusing attraction with love. A young man has just seen a young lady and jumps into conclusion; oh mine! "This lady is beautiful, she's just wonderful. Check out here legs, the way she walks, the way she talks, wow! She's beauty-personified. I knew i had found love. I just can't wait to get her, it would really be wonderful." Quite romantic, is it? But as romantic as these expressions sound, they are very untrue. It is just a fleeting passion. Why? Because you can't really love someone you don't know. In other words, what has been experienced by this young man is simple attraction.
Is It Possible ???
for those that don't know i've recently lost my wife. *lost as in she left me* is it possible to go back once someone leaves ??? i believe that if you TRUELY love someone as i love her it is possible. i loved her unconditionally. still DO love her. i have never felt this much pain over someone since the loss of 2 great women. my mother and her mother. i love her so deeply that my soul hurts which has never happend to me before. I'VE NEVER been affraid of my future until now. for her i would do anything, and i do mean ANYTHING !!!! i've recently been going to church and volunteering again. something i haven't done in YEARSSSSSS. SHE once told me that if i have the faith of a mustard seed that i could move mountains. we'll i've got the faith of a MILLION MOUNTAINS in my love for her. she made me a better man b/c she called me out on things. something no other woman has ever done. i was and still am proud to call her my wife. my soul hurts and i
*is It Worth The Heartache*
Current mood: sad Category: Romance and Relationships Everytime i get my heart broken, i still manage to be shocked... After it being broken so many times, you'd think i'd be used to it and be immune to certain things. But still as i stand here, once again heartbroken, i feel the rush of tears down my cheeks, dripping onto my shirt. I feel that dull but familiar burn and ache in my chest...... My mind at times racing with thoughts, no one should be forced to remember and at times blank as if my weary mind has just shut down...... And again i sit here wondering if it is all worth it..... Love that is.... Is going through all of this over and over trying to find the one person i'm suppose to be with, enduring heartbreak after heartbreak, worth the love i may one day find???? Even in the midst of everything i have to say...... YES If one didn't believe that love is worth the pain and heartache it takes finding it, why ever love at all????? As i close my eyes i
Is It Real??
Someone tell me how do you know if its real? Can it not be true even after time goes by? Should you stay bc its the easiest thing to do? How do you truly know they feel how you do? If its all falling apart can it get better? I ask these questions bc at times Im so unsure and other times its like wow couldnt be better. I am so caught up and into this person that I feel Ive lost myself. I feel so wrapped up I dont wanna share. I have nothing but pure selfish jealousy love for this person although I try my best to hide it in order to keep him, but I feel alone beings it seems he isnt on the level of love that I have for him. Is this healthy to still feel nothing but complete utter love for this person Ive been w for over a year and have a child with? I just feel Ive found my soul in him. Everlasting love is what I wish to give.
Is It To Late ?
Is it to late? by me This bullet has destination Blood and death ‘on the brain’. Flying at speeds of light With intention known, And a target, to be met. Before the sound of the fire was registered The metal has pierced outer layers pain erupts, as flesh hangs and the bodies wine, pours over and out. He had never watched what his weapon succeeded before. That time had come. Unbeknownst to him Emotions, that would take over. A conscience forming, If one man starts Puts his weapon down, Will another deem to follow? I hope so, War has no winners Just losers. Mrrcp 2007
Is It Really True?
I need a males perspective on this. Last night I couldn't get to sleep and I decided to watch a movie. I ended up watching "He's just not that into you". It was an alright movie, but the ending was somewhat predictable, just like any other 'chick flick'. I figured the movie would just bore me enough that I'd fall asleep within the first 15 minutes of it..but nope. I watched the whole thing. Anyway, in the movie there's one girl that is so desperate to have a guy want to be with her. She's the type of girl that, when a guy says he'll call her, she walks around with her cell just waiting and then she panics when they don't..always thinking of some off the wall reason as to why they didn't call. At some point in the movie she meets up with this one guy that basically tells her how she will know when a guy is into her and when he's not. They seemed to make sense and I'm wondering, did a guy just blow the cover off of every thing that other guys use to keep a girl wanting him? One of
Is It Me?
WELL DONE! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's 70's First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a van - loose - was always exciting and great fun. We drank water from the garden hose or tap and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle or can and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cakes, white bread and real butter and drank cordial with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because......
Is It Really Yours
Why are so many people being deleted and along with that so many on a friends lists or family? do some abuse their powers that may be and try to run other peoples lives? Being new i have to ask because if i dont i shant ever learn
Is It Possible
Is it possible to find one in this world To share, to hold, in love grow old Is it possible to find one in this world To sing, to cry, in arms to hold?   Is it possible to find one in this world Who knows your heart and soul Is it possible to find one in this world Who completes your spirit makes you whole?   Is it possible to find one in this world To fall as deep and long and far
Is It Too Much To Ask?
Is it really too much to ask? Find a decent guy who says what he means and means what he says? I'm tired of playing games, tired of being played. I guess I am just not destined for that fairytale love.
Is It Possible?
Is it possible to be friends with someone if you have a "hate/hate" relationship with them? lol   Just something that came up tonight.
Is It Just Me?
Is it just me or is my hubby losing his ever lovin mind. For the past while,  he doesnt seem to be paying attention to much around him never mind me.  And that has me worried. Hes been seeing a variety of doctors and having test to see if there is any physical problems with him.  And ever time I get a call from the doctors office. I make sure to write down on the calender his time and were he has to go for what . Well just recently I told him he had two appointments on the 13/14.  He swore he had one yesterday and we headed off to it. I said I told you so,  told you ,  then he gets home and still doesnt believe me and when I show him he gets pissy at me like WTF. Then admits he didnt pay attention and now its gonna cost him money to get a doctors note and the lost of a days pay . Then if this isnt bad enough a friend of mine on line didnt pay attention to what I said either.  And that just  sent me into a tail spin. I said wtf is it with men any more. Dont you pay attention . 
Is It The Last.....
Is It Love?
Is It Love?   He's about to kiss you - you can see it coming. You close your eyes and, like, 300 years later his lips are touching yours. In the evening sky above, fireworks explode into a thousand colors. Someone speaks (and you know it's not either of you because your mouths are, well busy.) "He's the one," the voice says."This is love." And then you wake up. In the real world (and not the MTV Real World, which is about as real as Velveeta), it's not always easy to know when you're in love. First of all, it's the most overused word in the English language. "Love" can describe the way you feel about veggie burgers, platform sneakers, Quentin Tarantino movies...oh, yeah, and people. And if you ask a million different answers. The only thing clear about this enigmatic emotion is that no matter how hard it is to nail down, you definitely want to be caught up in it.   The reason love is so hard to define is that there are so many components to it. It's a single emotion composed of a
Is It Love?
Is It?
Grumble,grumblingwhat's that sound?Tumble,tumblingall around.Crumble,crumblingsmashing the landRumble,rumblingbreaking stone into sandwhat could it possibly be?a volcano or a bomb?a childs temper tantrum in front of his mom?I think I knowSanta fell down drunkOr a leprechaunfight a rabid skunk.No,no that can't be itthat would just be nuts.Taking on a leprechaun?even a rabid skunk wouldnt have the gutsLook there it is!all tye-dyed red blue and greenI gotta admit thoughits the biggest bouncy ball i've ever seen
Is It A War Or Not ?
So why are we over here again? Well first we came over here to get Saddam and help them create a government. Well we killed saddam and we tried to help them make a goverment but they dont want our help. They just keep attacking us and its like WTF if they keep shooting at us what are we suppose to do not shoot back well thats the ROE right now. Its like should we even be over here. What is our purpose over here. I mean we havnt even done anything in the past 2 years. But for some reason the iraqis keep treating us if we dont leave their going to attack us even harder. So why dont we just leave and let them settle out their issues and what ever tribe wins sheit or suni. We come and help that one tribe. But until then lets get the F out of here. What do you all think?
Is It The Same
OK EVERY ONE  YOU TEL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND PLEAS BE HONEST AND DETAIL ABOUT YOUR ANSERS.. do you beave that it is the same thing to be engaded or morried on fubar as it is  in realy life... does a fu relashipon mean the same to you  as one in rela life .... tell me what you thing and why .... this should be a good blog  should get alot of diffrent openins wouldloe to know what you all think
Is It You Im Thinking Of?
I awoke one day to find an angel Crying pretty tears. I asked this creature of such beauty From whence had come her fears. Someone had said her pretty wings Weren't quite white enough. I looked, and saw wings of light, With not a wrinkle or fluff. I said, "Oh, you amazing Creature sent from heaven, Your wings are bright enough for me To think that I'm in heaven." If you don't mind my saying Just how much I feel, And how much beauty I see in you - A beauty that is real, You are that angel, bathed in light, That fills my heart with love, And only Satan in his hate could Tamper with such a dove. Do not listen to those who cause Your angelic tears to fall. They don't know beauty when they see it They don't know you at all. You're so beautiful to me As your heart shines true, No one can convince me life's Not made for such as you. People may want to destroy A temple with stained glass, But I want to treasure and preserve The pearl, that it may last. You are a treasure of more value
Is It Dead?
I belong to a few sites, but it always seem they are the same.  Is Romance dead??  I guess my age is showing.  It is not like it was when I was younger.  No one wants a mystery.  They want to know it all and tell all they want to do to you.  I want a man who remembers what romance is and likes a bit of mystery.  Yes, I do have shots of me and my cleavage online, but that is what it is my cleavage.  I dont need to see what the man has.  If the time comes and I meet a man, then I may want to see what he has.  I like having fun and all that, just it is so show me what you got and i will show you what I have, BEFORE you have even met.  I am guilty of this, but I am beginning to realize it takes some of the fun of getting to know someone, if you have been given a play by play first.  I want romance, I love romance , and I need romance.  Sex and romance are not the same thing.  Sometimes having a romance makes for great sex.  Think about that.
Is It All Lost For Me
  My hart and soul has lost the flames that make me want life love singing happiness I have gone into this place that has not feelings of good or bad no happiness no real lafter I want to cry all the time yet not even a single tear has fallen. I have ran as fare as I could till my legs became useless still I fell a may never come back to the world and see it like I once did I fell all the bad tings in my live all the hate I have for any thing I hate all the times I threw my what around stepped on people and just cased them hart ache I now swim in all that I think a sewer plant has less stench flowing from it them my soul dose I have died inside theirs not a breath of happiness left in me that I can fell have death has found me butt left me in a place worse then death my own self pity. Maybe I will have this  back I can fell all the happiness I once felt before.
Is It?
doesn't life get crazy. and yet you have no control though you think you do. LIFE ON THE EDGE sometimes feels it's the only way to get by. suppress the business with rebellion. it's not right. sometimes i just want to get crazy with a hot girl who wants to get crazy back. but does that make things better? i feel like i'm livin on a JAGGEDEDGE!
Is It You?
We met each other online and as time went on I knew that someday you will be mine. What you needed was time to see if we entwine. I felt alone and depressed but when I heard your voice on the phone I knew that you would be someone special in my life We talked for hours and made each other moan. Lets get together and become one We can let everyone in the world know what we have become. Two people who started has strangers Two people who became friends Two hearts, two souls who are now one. I love you in many ways you’re my inspiration, my angel that was sent from above I want to be the one by your side until my dying day.
Is It Is It Not
 having sex, a 1night stand, or just oral        i luv having sex, i hate 1night stands        i love sex because 1hr or 5. im da bomb like tic tic        i hate 1night stands because i need to open it up      at least twice so i can get da feel of it        i love gettin head ( licking, kissing, crazy head fakes )      but coke2dope dont eat anythang that walks away. i know      it isnt fare or cool, but hay their are reasons.......       what i want is da business b4 & after. after i smash it so good       u shouldnt want da face action because you should be sleep      or unable to move. i know it sounds great but so true                                  what you think get at me
Is It Really Worth It?
As I sit here in my lonely room, reflecting on recent events , I am forced to consider the following. After extending all that I have to the people around me, and I do mean everything including mind, body, and soul as well as money , I can not for the life of me understand why it is that a simple " Thank You " never comes to mind for these people. I did not ask for or want anything in return. I didn't do it to have something to hold over someone's head, I didn't do it for any type of accolade, I did it out of genuine concern and compassion. I am truly selfless in this act. I do it to help those a little less fortunate get a little firmer grip on their situation. I am sincere in my desire to be a good friend and helping those in need breath a little easier. With that being said, now that I have extended myself to these people they are nowhere to be found. They don't call, they don't answer my calls, and are never home when I stop by. I am not hounding these people, I am trying to find
Is It Me?
For all to see and to know. I'm Finally Divorced. And now I find it so weird to get back into the dating seen. I really dont think i know how, but i guess guys around here find me to scary to talk too. Hell i dont know. Just because i have alot of tattoo's doesnt mean that i'm mean at all i just like them and just says i can handle more pain then others. So i have to wonder if it is me, why guys dont ask me. Tell me what you think? Have i lost my beauty because of my tattoo's?
Is It Just Tension...
Like everybody, I have a certain taste in the opposite sex. Theres a woman in class who is in NO way my type, but we spend a lot of time in class together... and Im finding myself REALLY wanting her. Is that normal? Is it just because we spend so much time together that that is happening? Especially since if I saw her on the streets or somewhere else I wouldnt give her a second look?
Is It Love
Have you ever wondered why sometimes life throws you nothing but pits and nothing spectacular. You love someone and then soon discover that it or they were not at all what was original. And though you had many problems still stayed with them and tried to work it out the best you could, just to discover that you were not the only one. It leads me to wonder why I dont just close the door and hide away forever. I guess the old saying is true cherish every moment you have with your loved one as it might be the last time you have together. Take care all and thanks to those of my friends and family that have always been there for me no matter what has happened. Love yall.....
Is It Wrong?
is it wrong that i want you to miss me when i'm gone?is it wrong that i want a lot on your mind cus of this song?is it wrong to wonder how people would feel if i died?is it wrong that i only believe feelings the times people cried?my life becomes meaningless the moment you don't carenothing seems important if you don't want me therecan't shake the feeling that nobody cares when i go awayimma be pissed if i can't watch over my own funeral somedayimma sick ass dude i'm jus curious to hear what they sayas i lay, in a box would i feel a tear hit my face and hear em pray?as i hover above looking down on it it really makes me weakmy spirit would breakdown cryin if you told me you loved mewanna hold you but i can't, just send a breeze and hope you know its mesorry that i always wished for this day, guess got bad karmanever gave any warning signs cus i didn't wanna alarm yaso if i really was loved my time on earth and went on like i wasn'ti'm sorry for the time i wasted, think sayin that would
Is It Possible?
I know it's only been one day. But I really do feel better. I'm not perfectly better but I didn't wake up feeling like hell. As of right now, I feel like I could actually stay awake for most of the day without having to lay down.   What I'm wondering it possible to feel like hell one day and then the next day feel better? There are two differences in the days. 1. I've been on meds now for 24 hours 2. The house temp. is a lot cooler. Is it really enough to make that much of of a difference?
... Is It Too Late? ...
I have came to the conclusion that this world will never be what I want it to be, or even what I expect it to be. I don'tbelong here. Heh. Who would have guessed that one. I won'tleave everything I have to make anyone feel that it's not too late to make things right. Because in reality, it's never too late.I can keep telling you that it's gonna be alright, everythingwill be fine. But in the end, you still want to change your mindand wish everything to end, including your life. Every so often I tryto make things right. To make you feel wanted. To make youfeel needed. The way that it should be, but still... It's not enough.Maybe one day, you'll realize this, and I hope that it's nottoo late for this to happen so you can enjoy what's left of an already fucked up world. No one ever sees this side of you,the side that I have seen, that I've heard, that I've witnessed.When something's wrong, nobody knows, but I see it. I hear it. I sense it. I have done everything I could. To try to make you
Is It Wrong
is it wrong   Why? Is it so wrong to want the things inside you noticed to come alive Why does anyone have to keep your wants hidden away and never allow them to be felt or seen or fill with such a strong need ,that when if ever was mentioned ,what truly would allow me grow and become so happy in life ,be so wrong when I ever allow it to be known and not stay hidden I secretly cry inside To have feel Its shame and wrong that whats inside me has to stay hidden away and not be known as to allow it to be known will only hurt or guilt that is not me at all deeply inside me to not live a life with allowing whats inside you be known and breath as PART of who you are is such sadness inside ones self To be told be myself although is that not part of who I AM what lays deeply inside me my own soul to be released and allowed to bloom and be noticed and LOVED in was I need to be complete is it wrong? Kiss my tears away and notice whats inside me too to
Is It Live... Or Memorex?
Do you remember... The sweet smell of my perfume? Can you forget... The soft feel of my skin? Do you long for... The taste of my kisses? Do you still tingle from... The heat of my breath? Do I still haunt... Your dreams at night? Am I on your mind... Every waking moment? Can you still see... The passion in my eyes? Do you feel... The pounding of my heart? Am I alive... Or are you still dreaming? Come to me tonight... Don't stop that feeling!   Written by: Sexualsecret_68 (aka Sthrnbelle).  ALL rights reserved.
Is It Just Me...
or do some of these people on here have some really scary default pix on purpose?   Yeah yeah...I'm bored, and about to go find something else for my drunken ass to do...
Is It Just Me...?
Is It Me Or....
Does it seem like pulling teeth trying to get ppl to talk to you on here? I try to put myself out there as much as possible, so I can make new friends. Anyone who actually takes the time to get to know me knows what I bring to the table. I don't even know what the point of trying to contact anyone is anymore. If anyone has similar experiences, let me know. I'm near the point of just not coming in here anymore.     Another thing I have noticed is how many on here live their "lives" on here and other internet sites. It's sad how people will hang around here constantly, want to involve immerse themselves in others' business, yet refuse to even think about meeting people in person.    A few months ago, I was interested in someone on here. I was told by more than enough to forget it, bc as others said, she lives on here, and makes zero effort in real life. They were right, and I moved on. Not trying to come off as a negative person, but go out and enjoy life, IN PERSON, instead of behind
Is It Wrong??
To have such horrible and fucked up and twisted thoughts? Example: Acts of sadistic torture.. Like I would LOVE to do this to a few people O.O Tie em up to a pole, buck naked, in the middle of a cow pasture, filled with a bunch of hungry baby cows... I think I've lost it.  Finally!
Is It Saturday Yet?
It's almost the weekend! I can't wait, it really starts tonight at 8:05 for me, but I think I am going to make it start right now! *LOL* No normally I'm not this happy for the weekend, but Saturday night a few friends and I are going to The Hotel, it is a club here in Salt Lake City, on 155 West 200 South, I really can't wait. Other then really looking forward to the weekend, I am almost done with all the boring work and tests before the BIG A+ exam. I think that is going to be my Christmas gift to myself, it only cost about $180 and it is a pass or fail kind of thing, and if you pass it great, if not you have to study some more and come back in about two weeks to pay to take the test again. I'm scared! Yep that is my life in a nut shell really, study, study, study, school school school. All “work” and one weekend before the holiday of partying.
Is It December?
Yes, it truly is December. I know this because everywhere I look is fake snow, bright baubles and scented shopping malls. I do love it though.   Husband isn't a big Christmas fan, he has made it clear the tree can go up, but it mustn't get in the way of the flat screen telly and it better not flash too much, as that exacerbates his Aspergers Syndrome.   I told him that him talking about the happy Christmas tree exacerbates my hormones and makes me feel like taking him straight to punchy town, he told me such a place didn't exist. I said it was a metaphor - he said he didn't like metaphors - I said "shut up or I will poke your eye with a Christmas bauble" it went on for ages, suffice to say I won and he dragged the tree from the cupboard with an annoyed face.   Every year we go through the same crap. I don't want a gift as I don't need anything and I can buy stuff myself. He doesn't want anything as we can never get him what he wants (his own house with padded corners, a butler a
Is It The Message Or Did They Follow All The Little Rules?
I have seen over and over a message with genuine content shot down by peers, hell everyone because of grammar mistakes.Do you think it is the message that is important?  Or should it just be discarded because of a misplaced comma or forgotten period Yeah I did that on purpose for all the English Prof's    
Is It Too Late...?
Is It Really Worth It?
Is it really worth it to be back here after I was gone for a year? The answer is clearly becoming NO. I thought when I left the first time that there was too much begging and too many self serving people on here. This site was for ADULTS but it was the "go by my rules on life bible thumpers" who were trying to DICTATE what we posted, did and said here. Since my return, I have seen MORE beggars, cheats and liars than ever. No wonder this world is the way it is. Doesn't anyone EARN their keep anymore. It's so unnerving when I see so many supposed good people BEGGING for this and that. MANY OF YOU NEED TO FACE THE FACT THAT YOU AREN'T WHAT YOU PRETEND TO BE ON HERE NOR ARE YOU WORTH THE TROUBLE OR THE MONEIES SPENT EITHER. I have tried to be friends to so many of you and yet you don't return the gester only begging for me to join this or buy you that. To this I will tell you "FUCKING GET A LIFE LOSER"! This world does not, will not and never will REVOLVE AROUND YOU! There have been only
Is It The End?
  Yes, it is the end of the year. That time when we look back and think…screw that… I am looking forward! I am NOT looking back to see what I could have done differently, I refuse to mull over old shit and worry about it. I am old enough now to just look ahead! I have just discovered the delights of PS3- Ashley got it for Christmas and I love watching her play, I may even try to do it myself. The last time I played a ‘video’ game was at the Weavers Inn pub in the early 90s. It was a space invader game and the sound effects made me nervous, so I am not that great at them but am willing to give it a go.   I was watching Ashley create a digital image of herself on the PS3, then she entered this digital city centre and seemed to ‘run’ around meeting strange folk who wanted to either fuck her or swap sex files with her, not much different from real life I suppose. Except that smart city scape looked very clean and didn’t have dog shit or hav
I Sit Wondering
I sit wondering Does he really care I sit listening To every word he says Hearing every tone in his voice Hearing the absolute end In his voice He tells me he loves me He tells me how much he cares I dont know how much He is telling me is the truth Through the alcohol And the drugs Ive been there for him Doesnt matter how hard I try I cant do anything right So I just try to figure How to get away from himTired of being drug into a hole Tired of my life going to hell I sit wondering If these words he says are true I wonder If he loves me like he says he does
Is It Just Me...
...or is Tori Amos REALLY annoying? I'm burning some CDs for a friend of mine who happens to like Tori. I usually do a quick listen to the CD after it burns just to make sure it sounds okay. OhmyGod! Seriously, I'd rather listen to nails down a chalkboard!
Is It Luck
So not so long ago in freshman year of highschool I was asked by my teacher to write an outline and thorough 5 page essay about goals I set forth to acheive. Being the sarcastic, rule bending, lil wench of a student I was.... I wrote a thorough, well thought out essay about learning all of the things I need to know about goal that I would be a wonderfully successful goal setting adult. Somehow I still managed to get an "a" on the the very top of the paper in red scratchy ink letters read: "Brianna, I have always enjoyed your writing and I truly have an appreciation for you passive ways, when it comes to bending the rules. However, I truly hope somewhere in time you do learn how to set goals and you make some...then meet might be great someday and people will expect more of you. I hope you know you will be asked to do this again sometime." OH Mr. Lincoln in all his hard edged teaching and exciting literally moments (fact one time he jumped on the de
Is It Love?
dreams of you fill my head at nighti see you and i know all things are rightas time passes and the hope flashesi awake from my sleep and my love lashesfor you as it has always beento live without you would be sinyour tender touch i do crave and needin the end i always cave with speedyour sweet kisses send shivers down my spinein your warm arms i know you'll always be minei can not run and i can not hidefor you have my heart,body,soul, and mind
Is It A Dream
Is it a Dream by Michael How real could a dream be? To see the beauty in one's eyes as they look upon you To smell the scent of the one you long for To touch the softness of their hands in yours To hold them with no fear of loosing them when you let go To hear their voice when the morning sun peeks over the horizon To feel their heart beating next to yours while you sleep So tell me how real could it be
Is It True?
Is thier one for you and me? Current mood:  strong Category: Life Is it true, could their be?Is their a soul mate out their for me?A man with honesty, loyalty, respect and dignaty too?For me to enjoy life with and conquer our goals and dreams too.To stand by me threw and threw.To open the door for me instead of shutting it in my face.Who could be if anybody, the one they say's for meIs their really one in this life he planned you or me?If this is true where could you be?Am I suposed to find you or will you find me?Pay attention who sits next to you.You never know what your future may unfold.That one person sitting next to you could him you seeTo stand by me threw and threwYour future may bring him back around.Or don't let him walk away from you if you think it's true.Love at first site can happen too.Like ring around rosey or riding a merry go round.Who should you choose  is right or wrong for you?Learn from your experiences, and alw
Is It Real??
  You tell me that you love me, but how do I know for sure,is there any way known that can show your love is pure?Is it a matter of faith that I must just assume to be truemust I go through life hoping that I am still loved by you?I always do my best to show you how much I truly careit is my every thought to make you happy and be therein hopes that you will never have a doubt about my love.I always want you to think of me as a gift from up above.I see all the things that you do for me and do appreciate,I worry so much that I will miss a sign until it is too late.We all have heard of the man who has sex just beforethen he leaves his house to go out and find some whore.There are women that will kiss their husband and thenthey will head off to have sex with some strange men.So I am left to wonder if there is a sure way to ever know that your partner will be faithful and still loves you so?
I S It So Wrong?
Is it so wrong if I make some people laugh with my weird sense of humor?
Is It So Wrong
Is it so wrong to make mumms and blogs mainly from what I see on fubar?  Or should I be more original?
Is It Just Me
Or has fubar just lost it's fun???    
Is It Weird
Is it weirdThat my top 3 fave songs are about suicide Is it weirdThat I was picked on in school Is it weirdTo be told you're throwing your life away Is it weirdTo be called stupid by your parents Is it weirdTo get angry for no reason Is it weirdTo want to hurt everyone around youIs it weirdThat last year I thought I was someone special Is it weirdThat I thought I was attractive Is it weirdThat I now can't stand to look in the mirror Is it weirdThat after all the pain she caused , I still want to hug her Is it weirdTo give up on true happiness Is it weirdTo feel so much anger, hate and pain Is it weirdTo feel like noone cares
Is It
Is it being  female genitalia to block on fubar or just being careful?
Is It So Terrible
Is it so terrible that I clean up lthe grammar on someone else's SFW smumm, and reposted as an NSFW smumm? A.  Terrible and mean B. Someone should do it!
Is It Really Fair To Ban A Breed Of Dog For The Actions Of A Couple Of Dogs.
is it really fair to ban pittbulls as a breed for a couple of attacks.i own a fullblood rednose pittbull and she is the most wounderful dog i could ever ask for she loves children,cats and she gets along with other dogs,and how i got her is that someone gave her to me they  where tryin to find her a good home cause they where holding her for their godson which he kept her in a small cage and beat her her whole life. she is now a big part of my family and she is doin very well she is now learning that everyone is not goin to beat her like he did.i think that if the government would just sit down and take the time to think that maybee its the owners fault that those dogs are attacking people and not the dogs,i mean they are just like kids if u teach them to hate people then they will hate people and attack them. then there is also the question of what where those people doing to the dog for the dog to attack them cause i know that a dog will not attack u unless it feels threatened or tha
Is It
Is it in or im that goes ahead of perfection? I refuse to look it up. Spelling and me never got along. Perfect I am not and my failures are too many but I am content with myself. Glory to God N  
Is It Fair?
So I wrote this blog like 4 months ago but someone magically had it deleted so ill try again and if that doesn't work then I guess I can go through blogger where I can even include specifics.    I spent a lot of time and money getting to level 45. It took a lot of friends to help me get there .. trust me when Isay my wallet complained day in and day out, and I even can say that this whole leveling thing took a toll on my personal life and that of a person who helped me from the first in the sense that i couldn't go places I wanted to go so that I could do it here,and that arguments ensued from bombing 6 times a day.. anyways one day I was going around fu comparing how good people are at leveling like for example i was like 900 something to 34  but I was like 74 to 45 thats pretty good .... and I just wanted to compare how fast the people on fu leveled who leveled first whose the most recent it.... it was my "I'm bored out of my mind nothing to do once you level" thing right ..  then
Is It Over
sometimes the art of letting go opens a door to realize how much youstill care for that person. but the saddest part of that is, you let gonot because you wanted to...but because he wants you to. and theresnothing you can do, but to grant that wish..:
Is It Ok To Post Naked Pics Of Ourselves Here?
I may just break out with some pics if it's ok!
Is It Too Much?????
WHAT DO I WANT? IS IT TOO MUCH?.... What am i searching for....... am i searching for too much....... what am i asking for....... is it too much to be asking....... i would like someone who won't cheat....... someone who understands why you don't go to bed mad....... someone who will be my best friend....... someone who will love and except me for who i am....... someone with a great personality,.... lovely smile,.... deep eyes (right to the soul),.... someone who understands my sarcasm,.... someone who loves my daughters,.... someone who understands that i can get jealous,.... someone who trusts me,.... someone who will be 100% open and honest....... someone to CARE!....
Is It The Heart Or Just Being A Dumbass?
    How come when it comes to love, it seems like the HEART has a brain of its own. You cant teach your own HEART nor dictate it. The HEART knows what the HEART wants.  Sad to say, when you are hurting or having some LOVE ISSUE, the HEART dont know what to do... How long will it takes for the HEART to realize that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...Coz the same person kept hurting you repeatedly and your HEART kept forgiving and loving the same person over and over again. when will the HEART listen to the BRAIN when it comes to decision making? When will the HEART will say , OK, THIS IS IT, IM DONE, IM OVER THIS PERSON, THIS PERSON DOESNT  LOVE ME, IT IS OVER...etc. etc. etc..?  Is it really the HEART or People just being a DUMBASS?
Is It...'polite' To Offer To Donate A Kidney????
So here's a lil background. I have 2 uncles on my mum's side of the family. One has always lived here in England and whose family I am closer to. My other uncle is the eldest and he used to live in America till his wife left him, took all their money and abandoned her children too. I have two cousins by this uncle but the eldest (girl) still lives in America and his younger son lives with my uncle, they live in England now too. So my uncle came back cos he needed money and shelter from my grandma even though he took a BIG chunk of my grandad's money when he died to move to the states. So anyways, he came back and he lived with my other uncle for a bit till they had a massive falling out (Oldest uncle is a bit of a jackass) and he moved out. So my eldest uncle now relies on my mother for stuff now, even though way back when he used to just not even bother with her (my mummy's the youngest out of them all). And his son, who is around my age, is a bit he has no social s
Is It Important To Swallow Or Not To Swallow
Here a question.  Do u women like to swallow our love juices or do us men want you guys to do to make it look cool? Or is just something else
Is It So Wrong
Is it so wrong to want to know u come first and that you matter? Is it so wrong to want to be told that you are beautiful?  Is it wrong to want that which you give to that special someone in return? To know that you mean as much to them as they do to you?
Is It Gone
The day may pass with or without a cloud a night will pass when only you can shed a tear but will the life pass without any fear?   we all have pasts  we all have regrets its what we do with our faults so we dont repeat and be last.   Some hold on  some let go some are just so confussed not knowing what they should do.   The idea is simple  together or alone happy or sad the decicion is yours good or bad.   some words were said meant or not the hole was dug that brought silence and regret. anger flew and damage was done a friendship ended that will be missed.   The ring still hangs there  needing to be reached to be grabbed by one  and held onto by two.   but who wants it more or wants it at all it could have been special it could have been.   Bikerlkn4you    
Is It So Wrong?
A friend of mine had a question, and maybe it will be seen here.  Is it so wrong if a person puts the opposite gender's photo, if the actual gender is listed?
Is It Too Much To Ask For?
Now many of you know me and some of you know me personally, but haven't I always approached you with respect? I'm asking because apparently some people haven't read my profile. I'm not against flirting, but some of you are taking this shit to a whole new level. Man, some of these motherfucking men need some damn etiquette lessons. How the fuck are you going to approach me and say "are you ready to cream" or "I'm currently stationed and my dick is hard" and "I want to rub my dick all over your body". Here's a good one..."are you single, because I'm looking for a girlfriend".  I've even got "I love you" & "I miss you". How the fuck can that be possible if we NEVER had a conversation. If we did have a conversation, it wasn't an actual conversation...more "you are pretty" or "I can lick you from head to toe." I'm getting pretty fed up. I'm going to start blocking assholes! There's only 1 person on my block list now, but I have no problem filling that bitch up. Then when I cut your vers
Is It Bad?
Is It Weird?
Is it weird for a guy to have a jelly pussy? Girls have dildos!
Is It Just Me Or...?
are there more deceptive people than ever on fu? I mean, I understand it IS fu, but there are a ton of social networking sites out there. this one just seems to generate the shadiest of people. which is bad for a girl like me, who wants to see the good in everyone. and believe the things people tell me. and honestly, I don't understand the choices some people make. it's like one road leads directly to happiness & one road leads to a bunch of complicated crap AND in no way ensures happiness down the road at all. just more confusion and probably that person being led on. and they choose road TWO. WHAT IS THAT? maybe some people are addicted to misery....
I Sit Here In Silence
i sit here in words you will hear.i am scared for if i speak,no one will hear me.i sit here in silence waiting.i know you don't hear me if i speak.for if i speak you will not care.i feel that is how we live.sitting in silence.not to speak for if i do,you will not hear won't even care.i'm not bitter.i just wish you would listen.for when i do speak, i have a lot to say.
Is It The Work Of The Devil?
Is It The Work Of The Devil?   I sit alone at night thinking, thinking of all my medical problems. I wonder why I'm even alive Why would I live through everything that's happened to me only to be let down.   I only went through what I did hoping I'd be a mother for my reward for all my hard work. I wanted to show a child how to grow as my mom did I. I probably would of quit fighting a long time ago. If it wouldn't of been for my mom.   I believed forever that God would let me bear my own child, if I did all those surgeries. I guess God works in different ways Maybe it's for the best that I don't carry a child When the time comes for me to help a child God will bring me to them and if I'm meant to be their parent God will
[is It A Full Moon?]
I have the dumbs. Things and individuals that don't normally turn me on, have inspired a reproductive imperative. Anyone see that episode of Star Trek where Spock goes all crazy, smacks up Kirk and gets a divorce because he's randy?   Picture that times a thousand.   I usually can just crank it and get over it but... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs* not working the last few days I dunno, this happens several times in a year where I'm about ready to jump strangers in strange places, at strange times.   I need some intimacy- some worship, something naive to corrupt. I'm bored AND sex deprived, bad combination in my book sooooo what have I been doing to distract myself from this?   Whatever it is, its not working. At least I've got some work to do, and some potential for monies, but if I don't fuck someone up soon I might be forced to ship myself to an abandoned island away from the coed across the street.   On the upshot, I almost want a job... but it still needs to be a pretty
Is It Right?
So i just read about a Mother having her 200 lbs son being taken from her and placed in foster care, Now with that being said, The mother and his School teacher are trying to fight CPS in this one due to the fact apparently the mother has been trying to get him under control, In the artical i read i wrote and i quote "ive got mixed feelings about this but if there is undeniable proof that the mother has been trying along with the school being they want to help so much Then i find this outlandish and retarded. that child might have a thyroid problem and the meds might not be working, But for those who just let their kids eat because they want to eat not because they are actually hungry and let their children become obese then yes there is no difference between starving a child to death and Feeding one to death.." anyone agree with what i said , or disagree place your comments below
Is It Worth It
I'm getting more pissed with every passing heartbeat. Yet, one can only wonder, isn't every pasing heartbeat another step towards death? Are we not in this world, only so we can die? Is the only reason of living, dying? What purpose do we have, to get up every morning, to a scarred body, work, and do it all over again? Are nothing but toys to a supposed god, moving around and doing everything he "commands"? Does this not mean that suicide is the easiest way out? People say that you shouldn't kill yourself because it's easy, well, isn't anyone who's ever cheated on anything taking the easy way out? So they really can't be saying nothing and still not be involved with hypocrisy. Do we live in a world of liars and hypocrites? Or do they just kee
Is It Who I Am?
I realized something as I was cleaning up. I couldn't stop! I thought back, and I came to a sudden realization that I've been like that for as long as I can remember. I call it my "cleaning mode". It's origin is very clear to me. When I was nine years old, my father married a woman named Denise. That single even made my life a living hell for seven years. The way I see it, I got lucky. A lot of people go through what I did for far longer. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Denise was, quite simply, EVIL. She could have gotten a great job with the CIA interrogating. She was a true expert at mental torture. I was the main target. To this day, I still don't know why she hated me so much. I can't ask her though. I'll explain why soon. My sister was her star child. She was treated better than Denise's real children, who were still treated pretty well. If you ever saw Cinderella, you would have a pretty good Idea what my life was like.  I was charged with cleaning everything. I cleaned bot
Is It Wrong...
... That this made me smile a little bit?   I woke early one morning,The earth lay cool and stillWhen suddenly a tiny birdPerched on my window sill,He sang so lovelySo carefree and so gay,That slowly all my troublesBegan to slip away.He sang of far off placesOf laughter and of fun,It seemed his very trilling, Brought up the morning sun.I stirred beneath the coversCrept slowly out of bed, Then gently shut the windowAnd crushed his f***ing head.I'm not a morning person.-Author unknown
Is It Perfection?
Beautiful disaster....A perfection of sins.A passion within....This is where it begins.Touching, caressing....whispered desires.Breathing, Feeling....Connection on a new level.Biting, licking...Kisses all around. Steady, Picking up rhythm....pure ecstasy.Explosion of desires....satisfaction on fire ...
Is It Love?!?!
Pnut: true Pnut: but your not an idiot .. sometimes Pnut: lol Friend: lmao well then fuck u in the ass with a clean dildo this time lmao Pnut: roflmao Pnut: love you to Friend: its gotta be love on my end cuz i put away the rusty dildo this time Pnut: lmfao Friend: lmao Pnut: well fuck i must be doing something right then
I Sit Here In Silence......
As I sit in silence There is no place to run Laid out before me Are the all the things  I have done All the hurt and the pain From the past until now I washes over me In waves I hurt so many With my childish games And the words that I say So I sit here in silence Forgiving myself for everything Hope and pray for Those that I hurt along the way Time to set it all free Learn not to go back  To the old me.
Is It Only A Dream Or A Taste Of Heaven?
Is It Just Me
is it just me or are the men on here always trying to hit on the women who are here to meet other women
Is It Just Me Or...
Is it just me or has this site gotten better and better? I love Fubar and am going to be a long standing member for as long as I can, or as long as my computer keeps running.
Is It Legal To Sell Pest Control Products To Anyone?
Many people wonder about all these do it yourself pest management shops that are promotion expert fantastic products to anyone on the road. Is this really legal? Some of the substances that are used to management bugs and rats or rodents or rats or rodents or rats or rodents are really risky, even to people. The truth is that it is certainly lawful to offer pest management products to anyone. It is also try that you can't offer all pest products in every scenario in the US. Some declares have restrictions on certain products that can be marketed and of all the sites that I've seen, that offer they, those restrictions are specified on their website and they won't offer those products to people in those declares. If you do buy your pest management, ant management, bed bug management, or any other management item on the internet, create sure you buy it from a website that provides the content information protection linens (MSDS) for each item. This claims that they are conscious of the
Is It Sexy?
It's Halloween season and costumes are being designed and purchased.  So ladies, if you could only wear one costume that would make you stand out and get your guys or a bunch of guys attention, what would it be.  Consider that you must be able to wear it in a lounge in the general public or a private club.  Not just bedroom wear.  Please post your idea and if needed a discription or link if yours is unusual or special in any way.  
Is It Really That Difficult
Well the new year is amongst us and Congress seems they are stuck in a time warp. They run for office so they can do the business of the people.However what we get is just more of the same, non commital on the tough issues. The honor to serve is not one of smooth sailing or of self admiration. We are where we are because no one has the will to make the hard choice. I don't care what your politics are but the American people deserve better than this from both parties. So as we approach the new year can we please get back on track to sanity and civility. The country deserves it.
Is It So Hard To?
It seems in every changing world with, all the huslte and buslte of life we seem to be lacking. I find it ironic the more advanced we become has a society we miss out on the one thing that makes it all go. What is it? Simple PASSION that makes you who you are. I mean without it you become void and shallow. What is it that makes you well you? Passion can come in an array of ways for instance. A warm embrace that stimulates you from head to toe. The mere thought that you do not evert want that embrace to go away. The passion of a hobby or activity that makes you feel special and alive all over. The passion of family and friends knowing that you are blessed with this group of people to go on lifes journey with. Passion of meeting some new and all the many moments that are yet to come. The passion of a long slow kiss that has true feeling and sets your soul on fire. Perhaps your one true soul mate  has you look into their eyes an find the pasion burning there. Well what every your pasion i
Is It Lust, Or Is It Limerence? Crazy In Love Might Be More Than Just A Catchphrase.
She saw him from across the room. Their eyes met. She made her way across the crowded dance floor to reach him. It was like a slow dance as she made her way to him. Finally, they stood inches apart and gazed into each other’s eyes. She believed she had found her Mr. More Than Right. From that moment forth, she placed him on a pedestal and her perfect lover could do no wrong. She pined for him with an acute longing, and she obsessed about him day and night. One problem: He did not feel the same. Still, she believed and hoped that one day he would. She had fallen into a state of limerence. And she was hooked bad. Limerence might sound like nothing more than an odd word, but it actually is a condition that some think should be classified as a mental disorder. The term, created in 1977 by psychologist Dorothy Tennov, refers to an overwhelming obsession with someone and an intense desire to have those feelings returned. Limerence is more than just a crush because a person becomes o
I Sit And Wondering
I Sit Look Back On My Life
Is It Wrong?
is it wrong to tell someone you love them more then a gay man loves cock?
I Sit Wondering Where Did I Go Wrong.......................
I Sit Alone At Night And Look At
I wake up and feel my soul filled gaps that pure angel that flies through my dreams awakens a longing in me immeasurably and start looking for you, and when you hear the excited voice ditch your word that I pamper you with honey and milk, my lips revealed, with a kiss of yours on my lips and lit trupu-start to give a hand you uncover mine and my eyes start to get into it. During a kiss include a kneading me and I'm struggling to find a way out of his chest as slave lips and my hand hit it, not trying to get rid of you and not come home.                                           Sant full of disturbing thoughts of losing your love is the toughest test but you petting me loving my future working pointers for us, stepping forward with your foot, as I have come to love, you never forget, not your body or to a craving nfranata us, I trust you and nobody can see innocence, the purity of the soul unsurpassed. The smile you've captured the look and beauty with poisoned me thinking with her 
Is It A Dream ?
I got up this morning I felt high like was dreaming , but I was a wake I never been this relaxed. They say been high on life I am there . I even layed back in bed . And when woke back up I felt the same way . I got nice place , awesome woman 2 great dogs . 
"is It You"
 I'm looking for a lover not a friend Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to I'm looking for someone who won't pretend Somebody not afraid to say The way they feel about you And I'm looking for someone who understands How I feel Someone who can keep it real And who knows the way The way I like to have it my way And I'm looking for someone who takes me there Wants to share Shows he cares Thinkin' you're the one that I've been waiting for  Is it you?Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for Could you be the one for me? Could you be the one I need? I'm looking for someone to share my pain Someone who I can run to Who will stay with me when it rains Someone who I can cry with through the night Someone who I can trust whose heart is right And I'm looking for someone And  Appreciates that I'm there Someone who listens And someone I can call who isn't afraid of love to share an won't Take for granted how much I care  is it you ?
Is It Wrong To Wait
Am I wrong to search the world over before I Lay with someone that doesn’t make my blood boil when she walks in to the room Is it so far fetched that I would see the stars in her eyes . or that her smile would bless the room with light . is it wrong to hope that when I hold her in my arms that I would feel whole and complete . or that she could speak and it tickle my ear with a pleasurable flock of goose bumps . the search must go on before I lay my head in the wrong arms I think somewhere
Is It Better To Burn Out.....
so here i am once again.  Lost, confused, and I still don't know where I am going in this chaotic ocean.  The walls taunt me with their talk of moving inward, and the shadows cast upon them tell me they'll offer no resistance.   In bold futility I leave them to their madness.  This...terriable sadness that does little to comfort or bandage old war wounds left upon my skin.  Every where I go, everything single fucking thing I do i hear the voice screaming "get out before its too late" Is it the town's simplicity or my acts of defiance that provide me with such blissful sorrow?  Is it that I have dracoian views of new laws and logic or that I intend to never be tamed by a place that feels so beneath me. Yet, I still feel enchained by this terriable feeling that my life is somehow designed to be one of bitter spite and wishful thinking.  my resolve is to escape...but how can one find the fire escape without setting fire to some sort of memento...a useful idiot, a perfect little lamb to
Is Jesus A Human Or Alien
So I have been thinking. Maybe Jesus was an Alien, and the Virgin Mary was a virgin because she was probed by aliens and seeded. Now I am Catholic and don’t believe in the whole Scientology Crap but I do believe in Aliens and other forms of life. So here we go. We have never ever seen another Human like Jesus. Chris Angle, David Blaine All BS. But Jesus did superhuman things. When he was born they said the star of Bethlehem shined on him. Could that star have really been an Alien space ship? Very easy to be confused 2000 years ago. Again we see in this time frame Moses ' following had a bright glow in the sky to guide his way. Alien Ship I think so. Parting of the Red Sea, Yep Alien technology. Now I can believe in a higher power but I also believe that humans have been visited by an alien race to guide us in our ways   More to come...
Is Joomla Perfect Choice For Complicated Website Development?
Are you thinking to prepare a Joomla website for you? Then you have arrived on the right place. We are amongst the leading Joomla web development companies in India. Until date, we have developed several website Joomla and our client views us as the best in Joomla applications. According to the current market details, Joomla is a top PHP based CMS for creating feature-rich sites and sophisticated website design Joomla. The easy-to-use interface of Joomla web design is a effective tool to generate, change, and post. Is not that great? The web material with high-degree expert touch is what Joomla style is all about. Joomla design allows the manager to create several groups and material items, include online forms and several other eye-catching features.Our Joomla web designer is your best bet to drive your business to the next stage. Our unique Joomla designs are best matched for your specific market, while conference all the complex difficulties. Our Joomla designers possess the skills
Is Justice Going To Be Served ????
Is Kissin Special
Do u think if u were to kiss ur date on the first time.......Does it mean that ur in love or u think u should wait........Name 5 reason on if u think kissin is special
Island Encounter
The husband and I arrived on the island late Friday night. We settled into our room for the night after making plans for the next day. While my hubby went off to golf, I went to have a manicure/pedicure, shop for some nice club clothes and a nice bikini. I was told the best place to have my nails done was not at the resort, but was at a local shop in town. So I rode the resorts bus to the outskirts of town, where it dropped me off. I stopped a few locals, and after figuring out the accent, got directions to the nail salon. While having my nails done I noticed what had to be the darkest black man Ive ever seen , working at a tattoo parlor across the street. Looking at him from a distance got my nipples hard and I knew that if I got a better look, Id be wearing wet panties - so I decided to get a better look. After my manicure, I left for lunch (my pedicure was arranged for the early afternoon). I found a local grill to eat at. After I finished eating, I wandered over to the tattoo parlo
Islander Pride
Sep 20, 2006 5:58 PM "Roses are red ISLANDERS are brown thats my race so don't put it down!! My ISLANDER pride I will not hide My ISLANDER race I will not disgrace My ISLANDER blood flows hot & true My ISLANDER peeps I will stand by you thru thick & thin till the day we die Our ISLANDERS flag Always stands high I yell this poem Louder than all the rest. cuz every 1 knows ISLANDERS ARE THE BEST!!! ISLANDERS Pride in my mind ISLANDERS is my kind So step aside and let me through Cuz its all about the ISLANDERS crew Life sucks and then u die but if your an ISLANDER You die with good ass pride!!!! IF YOUR A TRUE ISLANDER U WILL SEND THIS TO 10 ISLANDERS""
It is so peaceful On my island of Dreams Wide open spaces Vivid Blue Skies Pure Yellow sands Warm Blue Waters That go on and on for miles Birds singing in the trees The gentle sound of Water Playing upon the shore The feel of the sun Warm upon your face Gentle winds blowing To keep your body cool Close your eyes And leave your cares behind And welcome to my Island The island of my dreams Dave Emmerson
Island Of The Dead (pt 1)
Looking out off the coast of the island a lone Vampire stands...watching waiting for what He is not sure what He is sure of is His property and His island...alone they are for now but the others will come He is time.... He calls this the island of the dead even though He walks amoung the world of the living, He is undead as is His property that He knows lives for Him only...He feels the need to feed and the time to leave the island for a bit but He always returns before the daylight comes... He looks around at the ruins of a once Rustic Castle and it's grounds that thrived hundreds of years ago when His heartbeat in His chest...before the wars...before He met His so called death that brought Him to be as He is now...does He regret, He has all He needs and takes what He doesn't... The blood moon high in the sky...He knows that someday it can end as many of His kindred have fallen before Him and at His side...But He knows that the time is here and it is His time to d
Island Of The Dead (pt 2) Her Onyx Bonds (story Of Onyx Illuzion)
she sits and she waits for Him to return each night she is too new to it all to leave His island...she knows that the sunlight is no longer her friend that it can kill her in an instant...He has told her many times..He calls her His wicked one...she doesn't see where He finds her to be wicked she is here and she is obediant...maybe His touch to her skin makes her that way she doesn't know...she sits alone in the graveyard waiting for His return...she looks at the onyx that adorns her wrists and reaches up to feel the collar of onyx that is around her neck a small lock that holds it closed sealed with His blood marking her His till her demise from this earth...thinking of the day He came to her...the day her humanity left her body as the blood filled His veins making her His property till the day He draws His last immortal breath...
Island Of The Dead (pt 3) The Awakening (the Story Of Scarlett Illuzion)
eyes widen as she awakens to her new life another of His property...this one hand picked by her new sister, she wears a piece of scarlet leather around her neck hiding the marks of her new life....He gave her immortality as He did her sister onyx...He loves her as he loves the one He first brought here to the Island...onyx fell for her new sister during a trip to the world in which they go to feed...upon returning home she told her Master about her desire to have someone to spend time with when He is away...returning from His last trip she came home with Him and slept till today when He awoke her and placed His marks upon her unmarred skin and then placed the collar upon her neck...she smiled to Him and then to her new sister...she now felt at ease and at home
Island Festival Pork Chops
Ingredients: 6 boneless pork chops, 1-inch thick 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 1 cup orange juice 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup water 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme Salt and pepper, to taste Instructions: Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Brown chops 2-3 minutes on each side; add orange juice, onion, water, thyme, salt and pepper to skillet. Bring to boiling, cover; reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 7-8 minutes, until chops are tender. Remove chops to a serving platter, keep warm. Cook orange juice mixture, uncovered, over high heat until sauce thickens slightly. Spoon sauce over pork chops. Nutritional Information: Calories: 180 Fat: 7 grams Cholesterol: 65 milligrams Carbohydrates: 5 grams Protein 22 grams Sodium: 85 milligrams Saturated Fat: 2 grams
Islam, Peace And Reality (beware You About To Run With The Big Dogs So Tighten Your Chinstrap)
Okay boys and girls, here are some things that I was thinking about lately. Warning, right off the bat I will tell you that by no means do I think I know everything, but I am very well educated on these topics, both academically and through my experience in the special operations arena of the US Army. If you want to take issue with anything I say, please do, but make sure you are right. First I was thinking about the Islamic faith, terrorism, and the United States. Local politics. And where we seem to be headed as a nation. The last part is my personal opinion. I keep hearing people say that the Islamic faith is a peaceful religion. The absolute truth to that statement is wrong. According to the Holy Qur’an anyone who does not submit to Allah after the revelation (being invited to the faith) is called an infidel. (Bin Laden read a letter of invitation to all of the US recently) As such they can live as a Dhimmis community (less than Muslims) or die (Jihad). This is a faith of War,
The Island Prt 1
It was a soft breezy Saturday when I awoke on the morning of our boat ride. I lived alone on my boat, the S. S. Lily Pad. We had scheduled the trip for 10 in the morning. A quick look at the clock radio told me I still had 3 long hours to prepare. I stretched a bit in bed before I kicked the blanket off and sat up. My jet black hair spilled half way to the small of my back and half covered my breast. At 28 I have never been ashamed of my body; least of all, my breasts. They hung proud on my chest- a modest size that never got a complaint from my female or male lovers. My nipples were the size of quarters and this morning erect and perky. I stood up and walked to the bathroom to start my morning shower. Turning on the shower water I noticed in the mirror my reflection. My ebony skin was smooth and unblemished without scars, pimples or tattoos. My cunt was bare with a few stubbles. I'd better shave too. I retrieved my Lady Razor and cream before stepping into the shower. Forty
The Island
I picked up this movie just because of the highway chase scene. I thought it was a good movie with a decent plot line and not much predictability. Rotten tomatoes scored it at 40% though I would put it about 70-75% myself. Any higher and I would have bought the movie on DVD.
Island Lust
Well it was great for them until the boat starting filling with water did they know what was happening no they didnt but all they knew is that they were going to have to go somewhere and the only place was an island right off the coast and they knew that no one would find them for days and she liked him but he didnt know and he liked her but she didnt know either but they were totally clueless to each others feelings and desires. But When they did get to the islnad the first thing he did was go find wood for a fire he knew that he needed her to be warm but she need to get out of her wet clothes and so did he they both knew but didnt want to do it, The fire was started and he went to her and looked in her eyes and he knew what he wanted to do and she knew what she wanted to happen he told her you need to take theses wet clothes off and she said go for it, so her started with her wet skirt that covered her very skimpy thong binkini's she was in so much lust she didnt know what to do, he
Islands In The Stream
Baby when I met you there was peace unknown. I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb. I was soft inside there was something goin' on. You do something to me that I can't explain. Hold me closer and I feel no pain Ev'ry beat of my heart we got something goin' on. Tender love is blind it requires a dedication All this love we feel needs no conversation. We ride it together makin' love with each other. Islands in the stream that is what we are No one in between how can we be wrong. Sail away with me to another world And we rely on each other from one lover to another. I can't love without you if the love was gone. Ev'rything is nothing if you got no one And you did walk in the night slowly losin' sight of the real thing. But than won't happen to us and we got no doubt Too deep in love and we got no way out and the message is clear This could be the year for the real thing no more will you cry. Baby I will hurt you never. We start and end as one in lo
Island Love
We are on an island, in a bungalow; the windows are open because it is warm and there is a cool breeze blowing the curtains around; ceiling fan is on there is a canopy over the bed. White sheets are on the bed and we are lazing; I am on my side facing you, eyes closed. You roll over and just stare at me, my eyes flutter open, you smile at me, and I smile back. Your finger rubs my cheek and traces my lips; you continue to smile at me. You trace my face, down my neck across my shoulders; I shut my eyes and breathe deep. You remove the sheet from my body; your fingers continue down my arm and up my belly, circling my nipples with your fingers gently grazing them. I feel you in front of my face, my breathing quickens, and your lips softly touch mine. Your tongue licks my lips and gently parts my mouth open, I breathe deep as I feel your tongue search mine out. You kiss me long and passionate, wrapping your arms around me and pushing me into you; our chests pressed together, you wra
"island Of Loneliness"
“Visions of Love” Gentle breezes brushed the shore on this dark gloomy day. Never ceasing waves tirelessly pounded against endless grains of sand. Dark clouds glided across heavy skies absorbing the suns rays casting an eerie feel to the day. A lone toucan sat upon an outstretched branch of a nearby palm that lightly swayed under the slight winds. The toucan, which was normally very colorful, appeared somewhat grayish amidst the day’s gloominess. His head scanned the coastline observing all that transpired. The toucan had lived on this island, the Island of Loneliness, for many years. For as long as he could remember the only human he had ever seen here now stood at the waters edge. The human’s companion a spirited black stallion grazed nearby on some sparse grass that thrived beneath some coconut trees. The toucan tried to imagine what went on in the mind of the human. He seemed very lonely, eyes gazing intently upon the horizon. Sir Rychard’s heart had given up hope of ever fi
The Island
"The Island" Before I arrived here, people said, "it's nothing but misery." I observed my surroundings, and it didn't seem that way to me. It appeared to me, exactly how it was explained. A place where you are physically and mentally trained. I give forth 110% each and everyday, To build my mind and body, the Marine Corps way. the Drill Instructors work hard to complete their mission. Those who can't cope, leave in the fetal position. They teach us all sorts of knowledge and drill, And then our trademark of how to kill. One needs Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Dedication, One also needs some sort of awesome motivation, To become one of The Few, The Proud, The Best, Otherwise known as America's finest, One could never understand, unless with their own eyes seen, What one must go through to become, a United States Marine. -E. Dunphy, Lcpl, USMC (c) 1997
Island Fever©
The water, sparkling clear, almost like looking into an aquarium. The warm air caressing the skin like a lover. The salt air tickling the nose. There is nothing like the ocean in the Caribbean. The water stays warm year around and the weather almost always nice. Soft tropical breezes, the sound of the waves as they pass beneath the boat. A few seagulls trail in our wake squawking for a free meal. Coconut oil never smells as sweet as it does on your lover on a warm southern day. On a lark I had decided to bring my "Toy" on adventure. We had arrived yesterday,but with the connecting flights and long layovers, we were too pooped to have much fun last night. A few daiquiris and in bed for the fun today. We got up early and rented a boat, and snorkel gear, bought what we would need for a day at the local market. I had asked around to find a private,out of the way place to snorkel and be alone, and with quick GPS coordinates,we were off. Twenty minutes later we had the entire ocean to
Island Fever, Part 2©
If you ever go to the tropics, go full out. Don't settle for a small,dark little room in an ho hum hotel. Go for the exotic. Find one with private villas. where you have personal staff to cater to your every need and want. Imagine waking up to warm ocean breezes, the warmth of the sun caressing you awake and the smell of fresh fruit. Mangos, the sweetness of pineapple, the smooth texture of the bananas, all to satisfy your hunger. The smell of the clean air billowing through the sun drapes surrounding each window. No distractions like a TV or the noise of the city. Just the steady tempo of the waves kissing the white sands, the wind playing through the palm trees, and the pitched melody of birds singing to start the day. I couldn't wait for our first morning waking up together here. After the day we had, I looked forward to relaxing tonight and sinking into an exhausted slumber. But do things ever turn out as planned? Once we had docked and turned in the boat, we made our way t
The Island
I am the island Surrounded by loneliness and despair Wave upon wave of misfortune Reeking havoc on my soul My weaknesses are increasing As I struggle with life’s burdens Sharp pains course through me My greatest fears come to light The realization of my failures Ripping through my chest I long to provide for my family Bring happiness to my world The light which I seek is fading Snuffed out by the rolling tides
Island Seafood
Prep & Cooking Time: 20 min. Yield: 3 servings Serving Size: 6.000 ounces 1 tsp ground ginger 8 oz canned pineapple, light syrup, including liquid 10 oz frozen, oriental style mixed vegetables 8 oz imitation, surimi crab meat 2 tsp low sodium soy sauce Directions: 1. Drain pineapple, save juice and set aside. Measure juice to 1/2 cup, if less than 1/2 cup, add water to make up the difference 2. Cut crabmeat into 1 inch pieces. In a saucepan, over medium heat, combine pineapple chunks, liquid, vegetables, crabmeat, soy sauce and ginger 3. Bring to a boil, stir occasionally. Once mixture is brought to a full boil, reduce heat and cover, simmer for 5 minutes Nutrition Facts Per 6.000 ounces Total Calories: 115 Carbohydrates: 23.50 g Total Fat: 0.50 g Protein: 5.08 g Sat Fat: 0.09 g Fiber: 4.32 g Cholesterol: 4 mg Sodium: 274 mg Diabetic exchange: Meat: 2.000 Fruit: 0.500 Vegetable: 0.560
Island Time Is The Right Time For Me
Just got back from the Cayman Islands! OMG it was great. Cant wait to go back next time! If you get a chance to go swimming and being with the string rays is a must do! It was so wild ot get to hold and pet them standing on a sand bar in the middle of no where! Looking back at the photos it almost looks like swimming pool water- but it wasnt! Check out the photos!
Island Barbecued Chicken Leg Quarters
Pineapple and purchased barbecue sauce combine to make this easy and flavorful baked chicken recipe. INGREDIENTS: * 4 to 6 chicken leg quarters * salt and pepper * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * 1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple, undrained * 1 cup barbecue sauce, spicy or mild, your favorite * 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour * 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons cold water * 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger * 1 teaspoon minced crystallized or candied ginger, optional PREPARATION: Wash chicken pieces and pat dry; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Heat oil In a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken pieces and cook, turning to brown all sides. Arrange the browned chicken in an 11x7-inch baking dish (or larger). Combine remaining pineapple and barbecue sauce in a small bowl. Combine flour and water in a cup and stir to form a smooth paste. Stir into the barbecue sauce mixture along with the ground ginger and candied ginger, if using. Pour the s
The Island Of The West
The Island of the West (by Starhawk) The ship is on the shoreline, The crossing it is near, The time has come to say goodbye To all who loved you here. Give back your body to the earth Like a child to its mother's breast, And may you then grow young again, On the Island of the West. Lay down, lay down your burdens, Lay down your treasures too. The love you gave and gathered Is all you'll take with you. But know to me your memory Will evermore be blessed, And may you then grow young again, On the Island of the West. They say there is an orchard Across the farthest sea, Where fruit and bud and blossom Grow together on the tree. The hurt will there find healing, The weary there find rest, And may you then grow young again On the Island of the West.
~ Islamic Hypocrisy Religion Of Peace? ~
Islamic Hypocrisy
~ Islam A Different Look ~
Love the song, watch the young girl 4-5 years old that just can't wait to blow herself up. So sad
~ Islam To Destroy Israel And United States (hear The Man Yourself) ~
Iranian speaker talks about Destruction of Israel/USA Cant spin this away Iran has called for the DESTRUCTION of Israel and to defeat the USA. That islam will rule over the world. Says they have hezzbollah cellls all over the world waiting for the order to strike to spread Its values. Exporting the revolution. A global threat with a nuclear program scary stuff And some of your Presidential hopefuls want us to Talk to them?
The Island
"The Island Here we are on an island with no one but our selves...She was mad at him for getting her stranded..she runs towards the ocean..trying to see if she can see something that would rescue her, she didnt see she turned around to go back up from the water she noticed him..taking off his shirt..she stares at him as his muscle bound body was glistening from the sweat..she licks her lips with desire for him..wanting to be near him..she starts unbuttoning her shirt as her eyes never parted him..he notices her staring at him..he walks over to where she is..and whispers in her let me help you with this..he starts to slide her shirt off, fondling her breasts as he starts to kiss her neck..feeling the desires for him..yearning for his touch she starts to rub his cock..she feels it starting to erect..she unbuttons his pants and slides her hand in ..groping his balls and strokes his cock even harder and faster..he starts tonguing her breasts and nibbles
The Island Of Blonde
I have to take just a moment to say thank you to my husband for being who he is. It isn't easy living on the island of blonde. Now mind you I'm not a complete ditz, lol, otherwise I would not be mistaken for an attorney most of the time. However, I do have those moments, and I will share a few with you, and I'm sure you will appreciate what he goes through, all with patience and a LOT of love. Since coming to the Island of Blonde, he has become fluent in the lanquage. He understands immediately, that when I mention we need "D" batteries for the dogs collars, I really mean 9 volt and thats what he comes home with. He does not ask me to clarify or laugh at me when I ask, when going to Memphis for the first time, if we have gone south enough to see an aardvark, that I really mean armadillo. He just smiles and says "No baby we haven't". He has found that there are complete blackouts on the Island that go much further than simple lapses of memory. A perfect example would be having no
Island Dream's
The clear blue sea is calling me back to my island home Sun and surf, place of my fathers birth beckons to where I roam I can feel the salt hitting my face as the breeze flows through my hair A calypso tune plays in my head and it seems like I am there A barefoot walk I am taking strolling along the shore My dinner is a gift from the ocean no need to ask for more This simple life I would love to live, my remaining days by the sea The only thing that would make it more perfect is if you were living this life with me So come into my dreams tonight and let me show you the way To the sun and surf and paradise where there is no work and all play Can you hear the music beckoning you to our paradise in the sea And smell the salt in the air calling us home, you and me So come into my dreams tonight and away to the warmth and the sun We will sail on an island breeze back home to our island of fun
Islamweb Hajj
Islamweb Hajj This message was sent according to your acceptance up on IslamWeb service agreement Assalamu Alaykum Dear brothers/sisters, congratulates you on the advent of the Month of Thul-Hijjah. On this occasion, we have built Islamweb Hajj for you; it includes a variety of enlightening and beneficial materials.We would like to invite you to visit it and participate in our Hajj Quiz, the winners of which will receive valuable prizes. Hurry! Send this link to your mailing list and gain abundant rewards for every benefit each of them gains. To Unsubscribe from IslamWeb please go to the following address ( ISLAMWEB - Do
The Island
San jabar, the place with no disgrace No pain across anyone's face No judging upon the race This is a beautiful place An island of the sea For many lovers like maybe you and me Where we can all be free An live and just be A place of freedom you see Diseases and wars are no more What is all this violence for? So much in this world we all have in store This place has a cure For everything that everyone has A sickness a condition, the pain that hurts Is all of a sudden gone, many people say Not many people have answers not even today Mysterical place, where the water is blue The food is pure and true Soo much to do If only i could be here with you The tree's that sway Mountains that simply take my breath away A scenery on display It is a shame in time i have to go away Tear in my eye As me and maybe someone special say good bye Moments and events that happen i began to cry Some day some time i will visit again In my soul and in my heart I know f
Alright so this is funny. There is a cartoonist that makes a Muhammad cartoon which a Danish newspaper carries. Now this is bad for Muslims for a couple of reasons. First it is a picture of their prophet and this is a no-no. Second it has him in funny situations, one of which is him wearing a turban that is a bomb. Why do I think this is funny? Well the Danish newspaper and the artist are getting threats like mad for it. Seems they have upset some people. But let me ask you this. If the hard line fundamentalist Muslims are upset by this then why do they do what they do? You see, in Islamic laws and traditions, including the Sharia, their Holy Law, It is a sin to do a lot of the things that fundamentalists do. What are these things, you might ask. Well for starters committing suicide is a very bad sin. Funny enough there are distinctions in Islamic law between putting one self in harms way for God, and actually committing suicide for him, seems the later is a s
I Slayed The Dragon!!!!
The Tail of the Dragon that is, Highway 129 - The Dragon, as many have found, is truly a unique road. In 14 miles there are only two intersections; NC28 to Fontana Dam and the lightly traveled gravel road at Parsons Branch. There are no buildings other than the Crossroads of Time. There are 318 curves in the 11 miles located on the Tennessee side. Most of the time there is very little traffic and the vehicles that do use this road are primarily motorcycle riders and sports car drivers looking for the thrill of their lives. I drove the dragon in my little Solstice sports car - all the way there were photographers getting pics of my sweet ride! Some of those pics can be found on - here is a link to one of the pics... It's a great road, loads of fun and of course I had to get my official "Lady Dragon Slayer" t-shirt at the end of the ride. I'll do some pics of me in it someday soon! See ya!
Islamism And Heavy Metal
being a fan of metal for 12+ yrs. now, i always enjoy reading articles or other things relating the style of music i love most in other fields such as politics, social interaction, religion, art, etc. here's the most recent one that caught my attention, and i found incredibly cool to read. thought i'd share it. Islamism and Heavy Metal Today's post is a guest blog from Mark LeVine, Professor of Middle Eastern history, culture and Islamic Studies at UC Irvine and author, most recently, of Heavy Metal Islam: Rock, Resistance, and the Struggle for the Soul of Islam (Three Rivers Press/Random House) By Mark Levine Heavy metal has had a more powerful and controversial appeal than perhaps any other element of Western culture that has taken hold in the Muslim world. It might seem strange that a genre of music long associated with sex, drugs and even Satan worship should be popular in Muslim countries. But heavy metal can't be reduced to the "hair" or "glam" metal epitomized
Islands Of Adventure (panorama)
This is from Grad Bash 07, This was taken at 2 o'clock in the morning =] the Music was giving me a headache after house of dancing in the clubs at the park. so i walked around and took a shot of the park, what do you think?
Island Fever©
The water, sparkling clear, almost like looking into an aquarium. The warm air caressing the skin like a lover. The salt air tickling the nose. There is nothing like the ocean in the Caribbean. The water stays warm year around and the weather almost always nice. Soft tropical breezes, the sound of the waves as they pass beneath the boat. A few seagulls trail in our wake squawking for a free meal. Coconut oil never smells as sweet as it does on your lover on a warm southern day. On a lark I had decided to bring my "Toy" on adventure. We had arrived yesterday,but with the connecting flights and long layovers, we were too pooped to have much fun last night. A few daiquiris and in bed for the fun today. We got up early and rented a boat, and snorkel gear, bought what we would need for a day at the local market. I had asked around to find a private,out of the way place to snorkel and be alone, and with quick GPS coordinates,we were off. Twenty minutes later we had the entire ocean to
Island Fever, Part 2©
If you ever go to the tropics, go full out. Don't settle for a small,dark little room in an ho hum hotel. Go for the exotic. Find one with private villas. where you have personal staff to cater to your every need and want. Imagine waking up to warm ocean breezes, the warmth of the sun caressing you awake and the smell of fresh fruit. Mangos, the sweetness of pineapple, the smooth texture of the bananas, all to satisfy your hunger. The smell of the clean air billowing through the sun drapes surrounding each window. No distractions like a TV or the noise of the city. Just the steady tempo of the waves kissing the white sands, the wind playing through the palm trees, and the pitched melody of birds singing to start the day. I couldn't wait for our first morning waking up together here. After the day we had, I looked forward to relaxing tonight and sinking into an exhausted slumber. But do things ever turn out as planned? Once we had docked and turned in the boat, we made our way
The Island
I am the island Surrounded by loneliness and despair Wave upon wave of misfortune Reeking havoc on my soul My weaknesses are increasing As I struggle with life’s burdens Sharp pains course through me My greatest fears come to light The realization of my failures Ripping through my chest I long to provide for my family Bring happiness to my world The light which I seek is fading Snuffed out by the rolling tides
Islands Of Adventure (panoramic) (florida)
Taken when I was on a School Trip at 2am In the Morning :) Its a Panoramic Picture, (about 5 pictures put together as one in Photoshop) Please Dont Not Take Thank You.
Island Dreams
Island dreams in hot solar rays, footsteps on the grainy sand, clear blue oceans where dolphins swim, pina colada's and coconut palms. Stories in reflected glories, with laughing and founding desire, morals be delicious soft silky love, like the wings of a peacefull white dove, Hearts beating in redness fury, a cold strike upon the stone, with love flowing fast and smoothly, a tremble and shake from the bones. myspace graphics
Island Dreamz
  *My~IsLaNd~DrEaMz* You are the reason people believe in love.You can be the stars at night the twinkle and the gorgeous sight.The clear blue sea is calling me back to my island home Sun and surf, place of my fathers birth beckons to where I roam I can feel the salt hitting my face as the breeze flows through my hair A calypso tune plays in my head and it seems like I am there A barefoot walk I am taking strolling along the shore My dinner is a gift from the ocean no need to ask for more This simple life I would love to live, my remaining days by the sea The only thing that would make it more perfect is if you were living this life with me So come into my dreams tonight and let me show you the way To the sun and surf and paradise where there is no work and all play Can you hear the music beckoning you to our paradise in the sea And smell the salt in the air calling us home, you and me So come into my dreams tonight and away to the warmth and the sun We will sail on an island
Island Girl Auto 11's
Island Girl's Voyage
  Myspace 2.0 layouts Come and show Island Girl some LUV!! She is always looking to make NEW FRIENDS!! Stop by and Rate, Fan, Add, Bling her!! She has on here auto's so LET'S DROP THE BOMB ON THIS PAGE!!! Brought to you by: DkAngelPrincess
Island Of The Misfit Boys : Junior Banditos
christopher.: oh my gosh. i have seen it all. a 51 year old mom got her 12 & 14 year old sons, and their friends to commit armed robbery. really, wtf?xxxx: whoa lolchristopher.: wait, wait... damn them ... there were three men, too. 18, 20 & 20christopher.: i like the imagery of the junior banditos.xxxx: lolchristopher.: i do. that's hollywood movie, style christopher.: it'd be like Island of the Lost Boys 2 : What Happens when they Come Homexxxx: hahachristopher.: yeah... i'm a dork, but stillchristopher.: i can picture it... a group of five kids, four boys 12-15 and one girl, maybe 16, as kind of the ring leader, and they all run away from home... like the goonies, but for criminals.christopher.: but it's not crimes for crimes sake, see... these kids, their homelives suck... abusive fathers, neglective mothers... and they have to leave, they have to get out and save themselves. they steal and shit to survive. that's all. xxxx: there has to be one older boy..christopher.: why?xxxx: ha
Islanders, Tavares Agree To Terms On Six-year, $33m Extension
The New York Islanders have agreed to a new six-year,burberry outlet cheap $33 million contract extension with star forward John Tavares. The team has called a news conference for Thursday at which they are expected to officially announce the signing of the deal. Tavares still has one year left on his entry-level contract and will earn $3.75 million this season including bonuses. His extension begins in 2012-13 at $4 million, and will pay $5 million the next season. The contract will pay $6 million in each of the final four seasons of the contract. Tavares, who turns 21 next week, scored 29 goals and 38 assists last year in his second season with the Islanders. He was the first pick overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and produced 24 goals and 30 assists in his rookie season.
Island Yes, we all. would like to be. in a place like that. You can say, that, is where, it's at!   So, just come, with me and take, my, hand. This way, we both, will really, understand! That lovely, water, of light green, and the sand, of white. This, is such, a beautiful, and lovely, delight. The fig trees, pineapple trees, coconut trees, are there, to be seen. Knowing, all of this, is like being, in a deep, dream. It was hot and the heat, was beating, down, on me! There, was nothing, but water, as far, as, the eye, can see. The peace, was quiet, and not a sound, anywhere, around,  it was like, being, on, another world! If only she was my one and only prestigious pearl. With the sound of the waves hitting the sand. What, was happening, to me, made it, my only fan! Yes, my love I was fixed in a special way. Yes, in this place,I will always stay.   That city, thing, will be, OK. But, on that, "Island", is my spot, to play!
Is Last Five Majors And 40-2
Wimbledon, England (Sports Network) - Reigning champion Novak Djokovic and six-time titlist Roger Federer were a pair of easy opening-round winners, while 2010 runner-up Tomas Berdych was a straight-set loser Monday at The Championships, Wimbledon. The world No. 1 star Djokovic popped 13 aces and throttled former top-ranked Spaniard and two-time Wimbledon quarterfinalist Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-3, 6-3, 6-1 on the famed grass on Centre Court at the All England Club. The 32-year- old Ferrero is also a former French Open champ and two-time Grand Slam runner- up. The 25-year-old Djokovic is now 28-1 over his last five majors and 40-2 over his last seven Grand Slams. Djokovic reached his first-ever Wimbledon final and captured his first-ever title here with a victory over Rafael Nadal a year ago. Djokovic and Nadal have met in the last four Grand Slam finals, with the Serb winning three of them. Nadal, however, beat Djokovic in the French Open finale three weeks ago. The third-seeded former N
Is Lc Being Hypocritical
I got this Message yesterday about one of my pics in My Buttons Album This Picture was flagged cause it says Fuck.. I also notice in this Message it states that NO ADULT CONTENT IS ALLOWED IN THE PUBLIC AREA OF LC But yet I see Primary Pics with boobs hanging all out or their asses up in the cam. I have even saw U> I mean actual sex videos. Yet my pic gets flagged for saying Fuck Whats up with that. Makes me wonder If LC isn't being a lil on the hypocritical side. Why is it ok for certain girls/guys to use these pics as a primary photo or ppl can leave pornographic video comments IN PUBLIC LOCATIONS OF LC But The word fuck is flagged it don't make sense to me at all. All that is telling me is we can't say the word Fuck with out flagging it but we can leave videos of ppl actually fucking and nothing is ever said. LC needs to stop being this way I am not the only one who has complained about this I have saw many bulletins posted on this same subject. But anyway I can go on all night abou
Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Too bad there is no video with this one but as soon as I can find it I will post it..:) Absolutely love this song...:)
I Slept With Anna
Ok I will finally come out and admit it. I slept with Anna Nicole. Hey why not it seems like everyone else is using it to get their claim to fame. Hey for $400 million I would admit to sleeping with Janet Reno. Hell for $200 million I would sleep with Janet Reno. No I am not desperate but if the money is good what the hell. OK for a small compensation of $20 million the stains on Monica Lewinski’s dress were mine. No the cigars were not Cuban because that would be illegal. So big deal Anna was banging half the celebrities in Hollywood; like that is something new huh. When Sonny Bono did a nose dive in to a tree while out of control on the slopes nobody came forward to claim his cash; and you didn’t see anyone going out of their way to bang Cher for what she got out of it. Wait did Cher actually get anything out of it? Things we will never know. Anyways now we got Prince Frederic von Anhalt the dashing 59 year old husband of 90 year old Zsa Zsa Gabor trying to cash in on the fortune. Zs
I Slept With Three Men Last Night
I Slept with three men last night I slept with three men last night. Vastly different amazingly insane. Consuming my entirety. Heaven allowing I would be please to sleep wit all three for eternity. Cocky, selfish my animal appears, basic desire nibbling at my ear. Reaching nor for heart nor for soul but pure satisfaction. Eating fruited apple of seduction. . Ripping emotion from equation , my animal ripping givers me his lust. Moaning insentient satisfaction, fantasy, reality in middle nights. Aww the king, confident and alluring, slow firm thrust forcing voluntary submission =. Submitting my hunger of his confidence. Power hands hold me tight moving my arms above. As he rules I rise with every move. Soft smooth another arises kissing flaws only he defines as beautiful. Losing my mind, finding my soul. Lost waiting not to be found. Lips meeting lips. Craving his gentle moves as is penetrates forward I move in. Intensely waving in his passion. He is not my sin. As sun
I Slept...
I slept... A tender kiss, a warm embrace, I live each day, to see your face. A smile of gold, and a laugh that's true. These are only a few of the things, I love about you. The way you walk, is care-free and simple, like you don't have a care in the world. Your sexy eyes, outlined with lashes, beautiful and naturally curled. Big strong arms, and beautiful hands, keep me warm and safely kept, I loved the way you sat and held me, while dreamily, I slept... Lindsey Ruth Goolsby Copyright ©2007 Lindsey Ruth Goolsby
Isle Girl/jamie Gertz
anyone see this?
Isle Of Lonely
No longer loved, I was cast adrift in the middle of my years To float about aimlessly and wash ashore in this desolate place, A forgotten and deserted isle in midst of the Sea of Human Tears,Where I wander about without the warmth of a shared embrace. Castaway, my soundless footsteps now walk the sandy seaside, With wide eyes searching the bleak and empty horizon before me While paying no attention to the rising and lowering of the tide. Around this solitary and obscure place, the deserted Isle of Lonely, Frantically waving to the nothingness and lighting signal fires, I busy myself with everything I can do to be rescued from here, But daily, the loneliness increases, as do my unmet desires. As I cry to selfish winds and an uncaring sky, blue and clear. From time to time, a boat for two drifts fairly close to my shore, But then, I clearly see a man and a woman upon the deck, And sadly sigh and know there is no room for one more. So here I stay stranded all alone to impati
Is Life Half Full -- Or Half Empty???
A friend of mine -- pip1966@ CherryTAP has posted in his blog, called Something sent to me by a friend..., the following quote: "Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it'll never begin." --anonymous to which I responded: LOL... I know what you mean. Oftentimes, people ask me, "Aren't you worried about getting older?" I reply to them, "What do you mean? If I calculate correctly, based on the lifespans of my my grandparents, I shall live for another 40-50 years. In that sense, I have only begun to truly enjoy life." Just wish I could get out of working so very hard all the time!!! :) Sooooooooooooooooooooooo..... I am curious. Do you see your life as half full???? or, half empty????
Is Life Bad
Is Like A Flame
Is Like A Flame
I Slipped Away
I slipped away further from you trying to find what is real, You're somebody else that I never knew, and someone that I can’t feel. I shut it away I keep it in me. Is this what it takes to keep me alive? So you take me and you break me, and you see I'm falling apart. Complicate me and forsake me, you push me out so far; there's no other feeling. I slipped away closer to me the only thing that is real. I’m falling behind and now I can see your absence helps me heal. I shoved you away I keep you for me. Is this what it takes to keep me alive? So you take me and you break me, and you see I'm falling apart. Complicate me and forsake me, you push me out so far; there's no other feeling.
I Slipped And Fell
Today I slipped and fell in Stonededland. How I got there I don't know. But I do know that the sky was meow blue and the time was 4:20. and this chinese man was waving at me from inside my loopity looped dragon water bong glass pipe thingy with a bowl. I think I'm gonna wave back.
Is Like Making Love To A Beautiful Woman
MAKING COFFEE Making a cup of coffee is like making love to a beautiful woman. It's got to be hot. You've got to take your time. You've got to stir.. gently, and firmly. You've got to grind your beans until they squeak. And then you put in the milk. LAYING A CARPET Laying a carpet is.. very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You check the dimensions, lay her out on the floor, pin her down, nail her, then walk all over her. If you're adventurous - like me - you might like to try an underlay. HANGING WALLPAPER Well, hanging wallpaper is also very much like making love to a beautiful woman. Clean all the relevant surfaces, spread her out on the table, cover her with paste, and stick her up. Then you clean your brush, light your pipe, stand back and admire your handiwork. PUTTING UP A TENT Putting up a tent, is.. very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You rent her, unzip the door, put up your pole an'.. slip in to the old bag.
Is Life Roug??/ Dont Give Up!!!
Ok so we constantly hear people complain about how terrible life is! Well maybe theyre right, day in and day out you hear stories of people who are so miserable and so worried about what everyone else is thinking and doing. Maybe thats the problem, everyone is so caught up in everyone else they sometimes forget about the big picture! YOU! When you made your presence on earth no one told you it was going to be easy. The world is full of ups and downs and cowardly people that will always have satisfaction out of bringing someone else down! When is enough enough? Today! Start a new begining , meet new friends, or help a stranger. There will always be someone in the world that has it a little bit worse than you! From experience I know that during struggles and overwhelming circumstances its not always easy to listen when someone says it will get better, but it does! I have lost so many good people that I care about and still today see others I love ki
Is Life Funny
life is funny when you're out getting high, looking in from upside down face first into the light....nothing to stop you, no need to fight just let it be, float right by..time stopped by the light will soon turn dark...then time back to where we began..before we got high and back into life...funny or not its just life
Is Lil Over 12,047 Level21
c2k (a.k.a) colorado2kentucky *Rating Revolution*@ fubar
Is Life A Loosing Gave?
Is Living Life
Is living life to the fullest a sin?
Is Love Something True?
What is love? I ask myself, Late in the night. Is it beauty? Is it grace? Will I get it right? What is love? I ask myself, When every ones asleep. Is it charm? Is it wealth? Or something underneath? What is love? I ask myself, Is it something true? Love is what I see, When I look at you.
Is Love Complicated?
Love is complicated... Why are so many people afraid to just let go? To live? To love? Love is not as complicated as we would like to make it. Is it that hard to trust anyone in this cynical world? It frustrates me that decent people have to suffer due the stupidity of a select few. No one's perfect..including myself. However, I know of my mistakes. I allow them to eat away at me daily like a cancer. I judge myself for these mistakes far worse than anyone else ever could dream. I examine every move I have made in my life ritually. It teaches me where I have come from. It helps me see more clearly where I want to be. I've gone through a very bad bit of depression over the last 4 months. Almost daily thoughts of suicide ran through my head. I still have depression. Now, however, I realize that the person causing me this pain wasn't her. It was myself. I was trying desperately to grasp at things that were not there. Trying to control what was out of my hands. I also realized that
Is Love Supposed To Have A Reason?
Is Love Supposed to have a Reason? Can reason make love real? You asked me why I love you, sent me searching for why I feel. I can tell you that I love you for the way you make me heal. I look into your eyes and know what sweet intelligence you possess; The gentle love you have to give is felt in your caress. I love you for what you have made yourself to be. . . I love you for your goodness you share with me. . . I love you for the courage you create to face your pain, And I love you because I do, over and over again. DeEtte Tolander Copyright ©2007 DeEtte Tolander
Is Love Worth The Pain?
Is love worth the pain that is inflicted on one person or the other? The pain that comes from words spoken in anger, or frustration, words that you can never take back once spoken? Is love worth the pain? When distance seperates you from the one you love, knowing there isnt a damn thing you can do about it? Is love worth the pain when you see the one you love is hurting, knowing that you can't hug then or comfort them in anyway other then saying a kind word to them. The pain is unbareable. but what are we to do. Accept it and move on with life. Does it even matter?
Is Love.....
For is love only a dream, Beautiful in the slumber But ending with the twilight With the streaming rays of east For love is a rose Full of hypnotic beauty Until the wilting, results in death The last petal falling to the ground Love takes on the sea Mystefying the minds It's beauty evident Until the waves are tossed upon shore Is love but a truth Or is truth never found Only lies escape the lips For the wonder never to live.
Is Love Real?
A guy I graduted with from High School posted a Blog on one of my other sites with the same subject. Asking if love is real and talked about how easily people fall in and out of love. I didn't know how to respond to him. Although he had some good points of people who had arranged marriages and people who stayed together to have someone, I've always looked for the person that I had a deep attraction and who could be my best friend. Most of the time, the deep attraction was blindin me to think it was love but I didn't have that person who would be my best friend. I look at my parents. They were friends with eachother prior to dating and getting married. Their first marriages fell apart for different reasons and found eachother in the end. Although they have their separate things, they do things together. They have their date day. Going to ball games, dinners, movies, or whatever they want to do (or what my dad plans for them to do). I wouldn't say their communication is the best out
Is Love Asked To Much?
Is love asked to much? do i deserve such? i dream to touch and refuse to grudge i want you right here if only you were near and we had no fear it could be so dear Always on my mind in a pretty kind still hoping to find us a way to bind.
Is Love Just A Word?
I want someone to love me And not just break my heart, I want someone to like me for me And not rip me apart. Every time I fall in love They leave me here to cry, Then theres no one else Time continues to pass by. I wish I could find someone That didnt tell me lies, I want a love that last Not one that only dies. Is there even a true meaning Of a relationship without lies, Is there even a true meaning Of a relationship that never dies? Love is just a word That seems to mean so much to everyone, But look how they end up Not having so much fun. Love is a funny thing It seems to have its ways, I just want someone Thatll take my breath away.
Is Love Complicated?
Love is complicated... Why are so many people afraid to just let go? To live? To love? Love is not as complicated as we would like to make it. Is it that hard to trust anyone in this cynical world? It frustrates me that decent people have to suffer due the stupidity of a select few. No one's perfect..including myself. However, I know of my mistakes. I allow them to eat away at me daily like a cancer. I judge myself for these mistakes far worse than anyone else ever could dream. I examine every move I have made in my life ritually. It teaches me where I have come from. It helps me see more clearly where I want to be. I've gone through a very bad bit of depression over the last 4 months. Almost daily thoughts of suicide ran through my head. I still have depression. Now, however, I realize that the person causing me this pain wasn't her. It was myself. I was trying desperately to grasp at things that were not there. Trying to control what was out of my hands. I also realized that the
Is Love Painful?
Is Love Painful? “The pain associated with relationships has more to do with fear, than love.” Who hasn't experienced the pain of love? Or is it the pain of rejection? The pain of self doubt? The pain of fear? It's important to distinguish between love and totally separate feelings. When it comes to pain surrounding love, we're more likely referring to the “add-ons” of love. The love baggage, we might call it. For some reason, many people assume negative emotions are a part or element of love. But experientially we know this isn't true. Love is not painful, it feels incredible. The pain and hurt we feel doesn’t come from love, it comes from our doubts, fears, anxiety, perceived rejections, broken trusts, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. So why do we as a culture lump all those other feelings in with love? Perhaps its because we feel these uncomfortable emotions most often in association with our love relationships. Our primary relationships are important to us, so we a
Is Love All There Is
Is love all there is to have, people use that word like its salve, spreading it like butter, words is all they mutter, the feelings that go with it, are the things most people forget, im not asking for your devotion, i dont even want sexual motion, i want someone for who they are, even if they are near or far, thoughs of them all day long, like a true love song, racing through my head, even when i lay to sleep on my bed, love is what i want to find, so i too will have someone always on my mind, i will be gentle and ever so kind, for i am a unique guy to find, i have hidden for 20 years, have had alot of tears, love greater then the sky, more carring then any other guy, a heart of gold, is what im always told, true romance is the key i hold, i am just a average guy, all my poems tell the reason why, but one thing i never try to do is lie, because that makes wonderful people cry, i have the beautifulest friends, to whom my heart dearly tends, so smile and e
Is Love Something We Feel Or Is It All Nonsence?
Love is it a real feeling ? Love is it a thing ,that we just think is real? Do we know about love , Or are we taught to love thru actions? Are words about love or, Just words of such? Words to reach out and help, so we dont feel so left out, Whats this love all about. And Life does it respond to this thing called love or do we as people reach out and care and show our love , some how to all that lack it here or about . How will I know love the real one . My God loves me he does ; But human Love, what is this , Ive never had this experience. Oh my Mom and dad loved me but, not the same as a mans love . So I guess God knows my Heart; and keeps me way apart ; fom what will break or torment me ; cause he did love and save me. Why am I to be a certain way , is is a calling to, and a way , to serve my Lord and not doubt, that Im am so loved by him. As day gose by to night , Im to be a starlet in His heaven to show light to other l
Is Love All There Is To Have
Is love all there is to have, people use that word like its salve, spreading it like butter, words is all they mutter, the feelings that go with it, most people forget, im not asking for your devotion, or sexual motion, i want someone for who they are, near or far, like a true love song racing through my head, even when i lay to sleep on my bed, love is what i want to find, someone always on my mind, i will be gentle and ever so kind, for i am a unique guy to find, i have hidden for 20 years, have had alot of tears, love greater then the sky, more then any other guy, a heart of gold is what im always told, true romance is the key i hold, i am just a average guy, my poems tell the reason why, but one thing i never try to do is lie, because that makes wonderful people cry, i have the beautifulest friends, to whom my heart dearly tends, so smile and enjoy what you have to give, thats when you truely know how to live, this is a hug and a kiss from me to you
Is Love Suppose To Hurt
what does love mean to you? is love really suppose to hurt? can anyone tell me why when you really care about someone that they seem to want to hurt your feelings. maybe they dont do it intentially but maybe they do and you just dont want to see it that way. sometimes i am so lost for words when someone comes and asks me what they are suppose to do when someone that they feel they love says such ugly things to them and i tell them that this is not love. but yet they tell them they love them then they say dont ever call or text them anymore but the very next day the person calls the one they tell that too and begs for forgiveness. you know that this person was hurt so bad and deeply by another and maybe they are afraid to love another because of this but you try to explain that this is not love and the person that you are explaining this to doesnt want to accept that this is a form of abuse. then they tell you that i really love them and i know that they care about them. you just dont k
Is Love Real?
You say you love me. you say that you care when you look at me its as if i'm not even there you promised to always be there i fell for all your lies you said you would never leave me but i fell for your alibis. the truth is you paint a beautiful picture with all the words you say but the photo is distorted and grows more so by the day tell me you love me again or say it to youself you may even start to believe it, when your alone, with yourself. they say actions speak volumes, i got it loud and clear. The volumes you speak, are ringing in my ear. saying you love me saying you care but it still remains am i really there.
Is Love Real?
Is love real. I dont believe so, it's just humans not want to spend the rest of their lives alone. Now I know you can love your own flesh and blood but to actually love someone who's not related to you, not possible. For me, hope is gone and this is something I am almost sure I wont just bounce back. Love what a joke. Now dont get me wrong, I hope I am wrong but the things I've seen and been put through makes it hard to believe in anything or anyone.
Is Love Real
I just wanna know if love is real? cause I have a friend that need to know what to do...
Is Love A Fairytale
Is love a fairytale Or is it real Why can’t I touch it If it’s something I can feel You can give it as a gift But you never have to wrap it You can receive it as a gift But you have to open your heart to see it You can play with it But it’s not a game You don’t need to drop it But you can break it all the same To find one that’s true Is the most precious of all When you find it, you’ll know Your heart will never fall
Is Love Woth It?
I know that "is love worth it" is a stupid question. Yes true love is. But I'm not talking about the love of two people for each other as in "eros" or "erotic" love, as in love between a man and a woman, or partner to partner. I'm talking about love that happens with people that surround your partner or spouse. Perhaps I am all messed up. All of the people that have taken me for a ride say so, without hesitation. I know better, but it can't be that everyone else is nuts, and I'm normal. Those of you who have chatted with me even just a little have a feel for the type of person I am. I give my heart easily, give the benefit of the doubt. When I get burned, I turn away. I close up tight to that person. I put out the fire of love. In effect I "kill" the love, and take on an "I don't give a feces". And so it is again. But oh the toll it takes. In the past I did it for a time with my natural sons. My ex was going to rake me over the coals and use them as a weapon, and I didn't let

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