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Disclaimer And Such Information
Greetings This is a roleplaying profile and a fan page for the character of Claire from Heroes, I am not the actress,none of the pictures are of me nor am i in any way involve with the production of the show. On myspace I had a roleplaying profile for the character, since myspace has gotten bad I decided to start roleplaying here, in time perhaps I shall find other roleplayers, if need be I shall create rules, but enjoy!:)
I am not Ian McKinley, he is a fictional character from the movie Final Destination 3. Anyone that thinks that they are the character they roleplay has problems to say the least. Rules To come soon
I feel disconnected from my heart as if to be a part of the heart would somehow at this moment be overwhelming all the truths that are so clear would somehow weigh to heavy in that moment so I disconnect if only for the length of time it takes to write these words or maybe a few days more it is odd to watch life detached not at all something that fits well this soul to watch as I always have yet watching removed from the real from the soul in life that I cherish so very much I promise myself that I will come out from behind that growing wall of misguided comfort soon after all while the heart may be heavy it is a heart uniquely fitted to just my soul it will never weigh more then my human spirit can bear tjs2k61102
Discrepancies Within The Bible
as found on: Discrepancies Within The Bible Any time someone points to the Christian Bible to justify their moral standards (or, more often, their bigotry) their opposition will usually shrug them off by pointing out the various logical inconsistencies and logistical improbabilities contained in the text of the Bible. How likely is it, they argue, that the Earth was really created in seven days? Or, if God only created two original people -- Adam and Eve -- and left it up to them and their descendents to populate the Earth, doesn’t that mean that God created people to commit incest? Is incest then a "Bible value"? So why pick on homosexuals? And so on. Because the Bible was constructed by different authors over at least 3500 years, it is rife with discrepancies of both logic and detail. Not only are there things within it that don't make sense from modern scientific and materialist perspectives, but there are also disc
How simple it is to disconnect. Like flipping a switch. ...and then come the overwhelming sounds of silence.
Discover Girls
When I stair at a guy I think I'll love you forever When I'm quiet either I'm tired or something is majorly wrong, try to figure it out even if I don't want to talk, I need someone to be there for me, and to understand where I'm coming from not persecute me. GIRLS LOVE PRESENTS I LOVE PRESENTS LOL When girls ask how something looks Be honest but in a NICE WAY, you don't have to be mean about it When we say, oh you don't really have to go We mean PLEASE GO...I want you When we say I want you We mean it When we go for your hand let us have it, it means that you're ours Girls not as confusing after all
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I'm not obese. I don't have any physical disabilities. I'm not mentally challenged. I don't have any underlying illnesses. I am a OEF/OIF war veteran. I am NOT hispanic/latina or Indian, Pacific Islander or any other heritage other than European. So what the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK REALLY... I'm tired of applying for jobs, and getting interviewed and not getting hired because I can press 1 for ENGLISH. It's so frustrating. I spent six years serving my country and I can't even get a simple job (while in search for my dream job mind you) at a grocery store because the girl who was being interviewed after me spoke ESPANOL as a first language. I'm sick of it! I've been upset and crying all afternoon. I dont know what else to do other than keep trying and I'm getting sick of it and I just need something for an income while I find a good paying job. So no, I didn't get the job at Safeway and right now I am really hating myself and my life and everything about it.
Discovering Divine Design
November 14, 2006 Discovering Divine Design As for me, being on the way, the Lord led me . . . —Genesis 24:27 My Utmost For His Highest Cover About this cover We should be so one with God that we don’t need to ask continually for guidance. Sanctification means that we are made the children of God. A child’s life is normally obedient, until he chooses disobedience. But as soon as he chooses to disobey, an inherent inner conflict is produced. On the spiritual level, inner conflict is the warning of the Spirit of God. When He warns us in this way, we must stop at once and be renewed in the spirit of our mind to discern God’s will (see Romans 12:2 ). If we are born again by the Spirit of God, our devotion to Him is hindered, or even stopped, by continually asking Him to guide us here and there. ". . . the Lord led me . . ." and on looking back we see the presence of an amazing design. If we are born of God we will see His guiding hand and give Him the credit. We can all se
THE FOLLOWING BLOG MAY OFFEND SOME READERS SO IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE DO NOT READ!!!!!! THE FOLLOWING BLOG IS AN INTRODUCTION TO MY MANUSCRIPT. IT'S BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE LIFE OF A YOUNG GIRL BEING MOLESTED...The true events of the life of a young girl is what my manuscript is based on. Although all the names used are fictitious, the events are real. A very detailed description of the molestation this young girl endured is how my book begins. In order to allow readers to truly delve inside the world of a molested child I felt graphic detail was necessary. I can only hope the graphics of my story will shed light on a crime that has been underappreciated and the offenders treated lightly. I hope this small introduction makes enough people angry, enough to help change the laws that will protect other children so this might not happen. I also hope that this introduction confirms that if this has happened to you, you are not alone, and th
Disciples Of Black By Slayer
Discoviers Part 2 Of Treaspassing
I could hear the blonde moving around in her bedroom, but couldn't see anything. Finally I saw her enter the closet wearing a gray sports bra, and a pair of shorts. She grabbed a T-shirt off a hanger without even a glance in my direction and pushed the closet door closed. I was in pitch black, and my heart was pumping a billion times a second. For an indefinite, but excruciatingly long amount of time, my heart raced and my hard-on throbbed. Finally, when my heart returned to it's normal beat, and my dick to it's normal state, I moved away from my hiding place and surveyed my situation. The closet door wasn't actually all the way closed, as I'd originally thought. It was ajar just enough that I could see a slice of light coming into the closet. I carefully moved to the brightness and peered through. I could see that the bedroom door was now open, and I felt it was a safe assumption that the blonde had left the room. With the bedroom door open though, and not knowing where either of
Disconnected !
Disconnected Video - Queensryche lyricsQueensryche Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureFree Layouts
Burning lights all around the room Loud music erasing the concern for tomorrow Sitting all alone in corner somewhere Drowning deep inside my own sorrows Staring at some rabbits leaping like crazy Screaming just to forget what they hide inside What difference would such people ever make? If they don't realize somewhere someone has died I guess its only me looking for an excuse to be depressed So addicted now of blaming others, i think i am obsessed But then this is how circle of life is supposed to rotate When everybody is falling in love my heart is loving to hate May be this is the effect of dark room with animals Or i am just inebriated while having yet another for the road Who cares as long as i am keeping all this to myself No one cares to pay attention to a heart brutally gored
Greetings and Bonjour to All whom come to find the Dark World of the Vampire Lestat, As you can obviously see this is a roleplaying profile and none of the actors are me, a friend told me about this site and I figured it would be an interesting site to portray the character. I am just stating that I am not Stuart Townsend nor are any of the pictures are of me, Lestat is a character dear to my heart created by Anne Rice. If your a non roleplayer, whom is a fan of the movies or books,feel free to add me, and you can do the same on my myspace profile where I roleplay Louis, although Lestat I perfer but there are tons of Lestat's there. Below is my Louis profile just to show you that I am a deep roleplayer. I perfer multi paragraph roleplayers, but for now I shall do oneliners or out of character discussions being there aren't many roleplayers on here. Lestat
Discrimination In The Workplace
I have found a loophole employers use to get rid of disabled employees legally. It's called the 90 day probationary period; When you can leave for no reason and without notice and they can ask you to leave for no reason. I lost 2 jobs because of my disabilities and had no legal recourse because I lost them in the probationary period. I am BOYCOTTING Domino's Pizza because they discriminate against the disabled and handicapped. I ask that anyone who is disabled or handicapped or people who love them join with me in this boycott and let Domino's know discrimination and the workplace don't mix!
and yet here is another one that may offend but again... if it does... it proves a point! I didn't write this, but I admire the person who did! Good reminders as we enter the New Year! Try to see the glass half full and not half empty! In this case, MUCH more than HALF full! Discontented? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67% of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69% of the country is unhappy with the performance of the president. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I starting thinking, ''What we are so unhappy about?'' Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4% of these unhappy folks have a job? Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any time and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen
Discover The Hidden Meaning In Your Name
Discover the hidden meaning in your name Elizabeth Consecrated to God : Hebrew Gentle, affectionate and tolerant you are nonetheless determined and ambitious with the ability to lead. Sympathetic and understanding you are a humanitarian who wishes to improve the lives of others less fortunate. You have a keen intellect, strong intuition and creative ideas which are always put to practical purpose. You are loved by others for your inspiring optimism and for being a genuine friend.
This dude is going to tell me I don't know what true "Metal" is because I don't, because I fvcking HATE trivium and slipknot(aka bitchium and lameknot..and I never denied that trivium is Metal, they ARE. They're just weak.) What's REALLY going on here? Mayhap this dude's mad because a woman...a BLACK woman(well...a woman who obviously isn't 'white'.)knows more about Metal than he does? It's happened before : The security gueard for Amoeba(music store) was in denial or something...I was trying to explain to him who the Burzum dude is...he was saying Varg was never in Mayhem. And when I tried to argue that..he was just, not even willing to argue, he was THAT sure I'm wrong. I mean, he didn't even give me a chance. He just looked at me and figured I don't know shit. Well, this is just what it all seems like....I could be wrong. I hope I am.
I have made some new friends on yahoo im from this site and I love it because I love making new friends. However, there is a problem with some of my new friends. I AM A PINUP MODEL!! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR PENIS! DO NOT SEND ME PICS OF YOUR PENIS! ( pics will be deleted) I am a lady If your intention is to learn about me and be my friend, 2 thumbs up! PS thanks to all of you that have joined my group!
Discrimination In The United States
I was busy last night running through random ideas and thoughts and the throught of racial and religious discimination in the United States came to mind and I began to feel sick. The thought of hate crimes and hate in general popped up next. Following all of these ideas came the thought of worldwide spread hate. The thought of all of this distanin and malaice throughout the entire Globe caught my attention and made me reflect on myself, and how I act, the memories of how I've acted since I was a child made me smile and made me proud to say that I'm American. After going over everything in my mind I came up with ways to try to show people why discrimination is outdated are is no place for it in the United States today. Being caucassion, I realized that all caucassions trust me before they would trust someone African American or Arabic - American. After much thought I also realized that it's the same for every other race, they would trust their own race before trusting me. This is the
I may be offline for a while... did not get a chance to pay the phone bill (and won't be able to until Tuesday or Thursday at the latest)
Discarded…and Out!
Discarded…and out! Pulling my self off of anothers shoe Tattered worn and black and blue On the outside and with nothing with in Watch others grow with helping hands and her smiles over flow! Being on the outside with bruised ego and battered pride For once I really cared and watch her being circled was more then a scare Being left out with grins and stares I mention my problems And I get a empty glare. To have a heart is a crime when all will not give you the time. Discarded and criticized the daily news and me the head line So I will shuffle the shadows and make my way No need to raise my head just to be kept away I will stand on the outs and watch . picking up the emotional scrapes With verbal lashings upon my back .. Wishing for a hand jetting out form the pich black To offer a way up and out . scottbaker
ok it is plain to see that i am lightskinned! i hear see this all the time. it really pisses me off i know it may sound very weird but omg i want to scream! the one thing i cant stand is when people who aint lightskinned and no where near being lightskinned claim that they are lightskinned. that is a disracse 2 my race[lightskinned] yes i say that being lightskinned is a race. but omg they be like omg you so black and then they like 1 shade lighter than them omg that makes you so ugly and then i stand next you you there is a big difference biotch. to make a long story short i dont like you if you claim a race that your not COMPRENDAE
Being discrete is something that many of us take for granted; I however, feel that it is necessary to include this subject. Some individuals feel that if you behave in a discrete manner that you are afraid or ashamed of whom you are. In the same sense this type of individual would be rather flamboyant about his or her life choices, due to the fact that he or she is proud of who they are. There are individuals that are unable to be open about who they are and what life choices they have made due to his or her occupation or standing in the community. There are those that feel as if their family and friends would not accept them for who they are, and hence masquerade as the average citizen in order to keep up a standard of appearances. Which approach is better? That is a question that should be left to the Master. A slave should not expect the Master to tell all his or her friends about their new acquisition, or expect the Master to introduce the slave as such at anytime other wh
Disclaimer...for People Who Just Don't Get It.
After my last post, I felt it necessary to do this so as to avoid further confusion. No, I'm not a man-hating bitch. No, I don't make generalizations lightly...or often. This blog is a storage place for the thoughts and feelings that I feel the need to unload for whatever reason. Maybe the emotions are too strong...or too destructive...or just too damn big for me to carry around inside of me any longer. Do NOT take anything I write in here as gospel. These words are me. They are my every breath. They are my thoughts, my emotions, my essence. You may find some of them beautiful and some of them ugly...some of them light and some of them dark. But that's all part of being human. There exists within us all a conflict between these two sides of the same coin. We are all two halves brought together to create a whole. And these words show that conflict within me. I write what I write because it makes things better. It's easier for me to let go of anger...or pain....w
Discreet Sex
i seek a female neighbor for daytime action
Discreet Photography In The Portland, Me Area
Hush Hush Photography, providing discreet amateur photography to fun loving adults. If your in the Portland, ME area and need discreet amateur erotic photo (video coming soon) work done then look no further. I have an excellent record of keeping all work confidential and discreet. How I usually work is when a client asks for my services we set up a time and date, I arrive at their home or hotel room they have booked for the occasion and I take the shots they want. First and foremost I am an amateur photographer, do not expect Playboy style photography. On the flipside I am also not the blurred, finger in the pic, out of focus, photographer that the majority of people are either. While I may be very liberal in the work that I may do, I do have general guidelines that I follow. I will not: Shoot anyone under the age of 18, I.D. is required for proof of age. Shoot any act that I personally feel is depraved and /or illegal. (Ask before dismissing anything) Shoot male / male
Discusting Soap Opera
These people don't have any moral whatsoever..Makes me sick to my stomach Anna Nicole Smith 2007/02/22 Anna Nicole's TV funeral Anna Nicole's TV funeral Anna Nicole Smith's mother has accused Howard K. Stern of selling the TV rights to her funeral for $1 million. Virgie Arthur claimed in court - during the battle to determine where Anna Nicole will be buried - that the lawyer and lover of her daughter is profiting from her death. Arthur said: "I have not profited from the death of Daniel and Anna Nicole - but he has. "I heard that 'Entertainment Tonight' is buying her funeral for a million bucks. He's the one who is getting the money - I'm not. That's why he wants her body." Stern claims Anna Nicole wanted to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Arthur wants to take her daughter home to be laid to rest in Texas. She is now asking for Daniel's body to be exhumed so he can also be buried in Texas. Yesterday (21.02.07) Stern, Arthur and Larry Birkh
Discussion On "what Is A Soul? "
In a recent mumm the question was asked What color is the soul? I responded Mutlicolored: It is as brilliant as a sunbeam on a warm summer day. As red-orange as a blazing fire amongst the logs of the campfire and sometimes as blue as a cold winter early dawn morning as day just barely breaks right after a snow fall. Lifes journeys give us the beautiful hues so our soul isnt bored as it grows and learns. This blog will explore and hopefully generate a discussion on what is the soul.
Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire
It's taken me 50,000 separate wrecks to get here and I've learned absolutely nothing. As I'm standing here alone, upright and motionless I am drowning in her sea. The rising and stinking of every consciousness I've ever known Now detached and disconnected. The endless cycle of idea and action, Endless invention, endless experiment, endless hope and endless disappointment. and I thought all I needed was just one breath to stay afloat. For me it was the breath, the last breath, the last breath that I never wanted. Any of this. I never thought that this would capsize, but this isn't a boat, its a coffin! And now I'm moving forward. Into the sea...into the great sea. So I begin with the end in mind. The cycles of heaven, 20 centuries gone by, come home. I've fallen three miles now... and I still can't shake this dragon, but the end is coming like a flood. It's going to be a year for growing and the greatest amount of forgetting. My sea is dying, but death is a
Discrimination Against Hunters!!
Man Gets Probation for Dead Deer Sex By Associated Press March 21 2007, 5:15 PM EDT SUPERIOR, Wis. -- A 20-year-old man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer. The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minn. "The state believes that particular place is the best to provide treatment for the individual," Assistant District Attorney Jim Boughner said. Hathaway's probation will be served at the same time as a nine-month jail sentence he received in February for violating his extended supervision. He was found guilty in April 2005 of felony mistreatment of an animal after he killed a horse with the intention of having sex with it. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of extended supervision on that charge as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner's consent.
Discovery Channel
Discount Martyr
I peel the flesh straight off of my bones. The bitter taste of slavery penetrates. Religion. Crush me with your words and deities. I've given up on deifying myself. I've given up on most everything by this point. Memorize these words, you'll be using them to eulogize me. Sky bled without meaning. Even ghosts are filled with life on this day, so that they might die once more. He called the few people he loved the most. And walked into the middle of the highway.
A Discussion In School
In class today (Technology Science & Culture)The issue was brough up about Gun Control. With most of the students being young and inexperienced in the world I got the usual barrage of "we need to ban them all", & "Guns Kill people". Here is my listed response verbatim: Ahh the professor takes up a subject that I am a qualified expert on. So we understand that I'm not talking out of my backside, I will explain. Please note this is not to brag, this is to let people know that I DO know what I am talking about. I shot my first gun at age 8. At age 11 I was competing regularly. in 93 I was rated among the top 10 shooters in the nation for my given discipline. I have been a certified Instructor for over 11 years. I served in the U.S. Army as a member of the 3rd Ranger Bn., Ft. Benning Ga. I have worked as a lobbyist in having the Right to Carry law passed, then re-passed in my home state of Minnesota. On an average year I used to put 60,000 rounds downrange. Mind you this is with a
A Discreet Encounter
He walked through the door. All I could think was. . . it must be Christmas. He was so appealing to me and we connected somehow. No words were necessary. Our clothes came off quickly, both of us ripping at the other's until they were completely naked in the dimly lit room. I took one of my fingers and rubbed it against my clit, taking it and putting it into his mouth, letting him savor my juice. I rubbed my finger against my clit again, this time sucking my own juice off my finger. Then we began to kiss, both of us savoring my sweetness at the same time. He pushed me back on the bed so that my head was hanging halfway over one end and my nipples were protruding upwards into the air. He suckled on them one at a time, not only taking my rosey pearls into his mouth but licking the entire breast starting at the base of each one with the tip of his tongue and making light, circular strokes until he reached the hardened prize. I was in ecstasy. So many nights had been spent alone rub
Discussion Between Me And My Boy Tubz
my boy tubz stayed the night and he just got picked up and we were having a talk about if me and chrisy got married right now, how the world would turn to hell and I would be the supreme ruler over all, and we'd have the best of everything, weed and all and we'd have all our homies smokin up with us and everything, the world would become molten lava and flames cept for one piece that I lived on and everyone that set foot on my piece without permission would desintegrate. Being the chrisy don't like pot she would either get to like it or die and the second she did the world would turn back to normal and then we'd have a whole shitload of ppl mad at us and ready to kill us and then we'd die, she'd be in hell and we'd die and go to hell to, we'd remarry and then the ground would split open and out would pop us and we'd say "WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!" yeah me and my boy Tubz are fuckin crazy like that, mind you none of this would actually happen irl just in our imaginations, and Tubz is my
Disc Golf Tournament
im tryin to organize a disc golf event to benifit the local disc golf community so we can add another course to the oxford ma area if u would like to help in any way please let me know and i will be sure to get back to u
Discover Your Sins
Greed:Very Low  Gluttony:Medium  Wrath:Medium  Sloth:High  Envy:Very Low
Discipline Not Sex
When most new HOH start with LDD they run into the problem of becoming aroused while spanking their wife and stop the discipline for sexual satisfaction, although there is nothing wrong and a whole lot of good about lovemaking, to stop in the beginning or middle of a discipline defeats the purpose. A wife is disciplined for her own good and that of the relationship, to help her grow and to teach her submission, respect, femininity, honesty, love and honor of her HOH. A wife is not disciplined for the sole purpose of her removing her clothes for the HOH sexual gratification. When a wife has her discipline stopped short of crying and replaced with sex the HOH is sending mixed signals and can cause disappointment in his wife, she may relish the idea of making love to her Husband at any other time, but to do so when disciplining her will be a let down, and as Kim has said feels more like a reward then punishment. The purpose for her discipline is to correct her behavior,and attitude
Discovering Ones Self...
Discovering Ones Self... There lies a path Deep in the woods. Once it forked- The bad, the good. I chose to take The path which led to the left, I did not know what was in store For I had no map. Years have came- And years have gone. Now this road that I travel- Is dirty and battered. For it's littered with my dreams That have been broken and shattered. Paved with my wrongdoings- And dotted with pieces of my heart. That has been given away- And just torn apart. Revengence and anguish are common, Wherever you turn they're near. So close am I To falling- Into the darkened depths Of life. I cry out For help- No response I'm alone. There lies a path Deep in the woods. Once it forked- The bad, the good. Heed my warning, Because I know. Follow your heart- And you'll know where to go.
Discipline And Punishment
Last night Kay as per her guidelines came to me and requested her discipline, taking her to the kitchen, she stripped and bent over the table. Picking up the new loopy she had made for me, I proceeded to spank her bare ass, right from the start I could see little loops of red form on her ass, the sting from this item causing her to whimper. Going slow I spanked her for about twenty minutes, then having her stand in the corner her red bottom showing. After a 15 minute corner time, I instructed her to bend back over the table, upon which she inquired as too why since the discipline was over, I informed her that now was the punishment time for her use of forbidden language ( saying the "F" word ), I also made a loopy like the one she made, but mine is heavier, I then scolded her for using language that a lady should not, with each word spanking her already stinging bottom. Kay took this well, and after another thirty minutes worth of both loopy's her bare bottom was quite red and
Disciplining Kay
Since we started LDD, Kay has been disciplined quite a lot, on most occasions the spankings are done OTK, with hand or strap, till her ass is warm and stinging. On some occasions Kay will misbehave earning her a punishment spanking, on those rare times, Kay is given her maintenance spanking, put in to the corner and made to wait. When ever Kay is disciplined or punished she must request, then strip nude, and after thank me for taking the time to correct her behavior. After her time in the corner, Kay is then removed and told that she has broken a guideline and must be punished, she is then led to a table and bends over, ass sticking out, back arched, waiting for her spanking. These spankings are more intense than the regular maintenance, and after receiving the first her ass still hot and sore, she is subject to a second. When I feel Kay has learned her lesson and her ass is red, sore and hot, I will then hold her and tell her how much she is loved, she thanks me, and cries, no
Discover The Day;
everday you step out to the world; step out of yourself. remember who you are & embrace it. look at yourself like no one else does or will. with love & acceptance that is [unconditional]. before you love others you must learn to love yourself otherwise there is no real love, just a facade of what you wish were true. quit complaining; if you can/t deal with yourself. ::no one can::
Discharge Suggested For Anti-war Marine
Discharge suggested for anti-war Marine By HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH Associated Press Writer KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A military panel recommended that an Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform during an anti-war demonstration lose his honorable discharge status, brushing away his claims that he was exercising his right to free speech. Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, argued that he did nothing wrong by participating in the March protest in Washington, D.C., because he removed his name tag and military emblems from his uniform, making it clear he was not representing the military. His attorneys argued the demonstration was "street theater," exempting it from rules barring troops from wearing uniforms at protest activities. After a daylong hearing Monday, a three-person Marine board recommended he receive a general discharge under honorable conditions, one step below an honorable discharge. It would let Kokesh keep all of his benefits. "Wha
Discipline (bdsm)
Discipline is the use of rules and punishment to control overt behavior in BDSM. Punishment can be pain caused physically (such as caning), humiliation caused psychologically (such as a public flagellation) or loss of freedom caused physically (such as chaining the controlLee to the foot of a bed, for some misbehavior). Note the issue of legal consent which may or may not represent a defense to criminal liability for any injuries caused. Bondage versus discipline Bondage when used as a punishment is still bondage, but because it is overtly being done in response to a 'rule' being broken, it is also part of the discipline. Punishment does not need to be physical. It can be loss of privileges (such as having an orgasm this month), being ordered to do a task (such as writing lines on a blackboard) on threat of further punishment if not finished correctly, it can be verbal humiliation or really any act that can be inflicted on the controllee or get them to inflict on themselves th
A Discussion Concerning Cherryblast
I have bought a few, no one has given me any, so ... whatever. Women don't feel inclined to buy gifts for guys who are married unless they are real close friends, and it is not the kind of thing guys buy for one another because buying a guy a blast doesn't really increase his status. As this place is a meat market and the end game is a fantasy which leads to intimacy, the dynamic is about gain in status to impresses a member of the opposite of sex in order to seduce them into a closer relationship. Such a gift is meaningless in my specific circumstances. People do not tend to give for the sake of giving, to be nice, any longer. There are exceptions, but those are rear. Nova, you can't burst my bubble, I don't have one. LOL. You have had two bought for you, I have paid for mine on my own. Maybe all that means is that I am not popular. I will annotate that someone did send me their old webcam so I could make a salute and get out of the holding pattern in the site. Maybe that translate
Why do people discriminate against other people? Most people would probably say because of hatred. I think it's just the opposite actually, I think it's fear. Fear along with maybe tradition and peer pressure. If you ask people why they don't like a certain group of other people you will get varying answers, but I venture a guess that they all stem from one of the three things I just mentioned: 1) Fear-ignorance breeds fear, so the less you know about someone the more likely you are to fear them. 2) Tradition-"Well, my dad said they were bad, or nasty, or no good so that must be true." Or, the good ol', "That's just how I was raised." Whatever happened to thinking for yourself and forming your own opinions? 3) Peer pressure-Everyone around you feels the same way so it must be the right way to feel. Again, try using your own brain and form you own, independent opinions. I love the line in the Aerosmith song "Living on the Edge" that says something along the lines o
Discovering I'm Bi
It was back when I was in my late 20’s. I was into the party scene, and had a friend (who needs to remain anon.) that I hung out with a lot. One night we were partying with a girl named Judy. I had known her from when I first moved to Phoenix, and had slept with her a few times before that night, and knew her likes and fantasy’s. I also knew (or thought I did) my friends desires. He thought Judy was hot, so being open minded and always willing to try something new, I suggested a 3-some. That was all it took, the clothes came off and my friend and I spent the night filling her every need, doing everything two guys could do to satisfy her. Through it all I noticed I didn’t feel uncomfortable being naked around my friend, and it didn’t bother me when our bodies touched when we were filling Judy’s every opening. After that night I never gave those feelings a second thought, until one night we were partying, and he made some comment about the lack of a woman at the moment, and something
Disco Biscuits
I wrote a song for my band the other day, im in a progressive house band and pretty much everything we write is in 4/4 beat but i wrote a song in 12/8 which is more like a zz top kind of rhythm or something more like the blues than dance music. Anyway, the guys in my band were just totally amazed and blown away that it was actually possible to write a dance track that wasnt in the standard 4/4 rhythm, they treated me like i had just invented the wheel or something. Other than that there isnt much happening these days, i work way too much and usually just spend my free time asleep.
The Discordian or Erisian movement is described as a 'Non- Prophet Irreligious Disorganization' and has claimed 'The Erisian revelation is not a complicated put-on disguised as a new religion, but a new religion disguised as a complicated put-on. " It all started with the *'Principia Discordia, or How I Found the Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her'*, a collection of articles and ideas compiled by Greg Hill (Malaclypse the Young-er). The central theme is 'Chaos is every bit as important as Order' as illustrated in the story of The curse of Greyface: *Humor is central to Discordianism, but Discordianism should not be dismissed as a joke. Profound experiences frequently accompany the practice or Erisinaism. It is a perceptual game, one which demonstrates that the absurd is just as valid as the mundane and chaos is just as valid as order. It frees the practitioner from the order games (that most have forgotten are games) to play games with order or games with chaos, or both
Discordianism / Erisian
The Discordian or Erisian movement is described as a 'Non- Prophet Irreligious Disorganization' and has claimed 'The Erisian revelation is not a complicated put-on disguised as a new religion, but a new religion disguised as a complicated put-on. " It all started with the *'Principia Discordia, or How I Found the Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her'*, a collection of articles and ideas compiled by Greg Hill (Malaclypse the Young-er). The central theme is 'Chaos is every bit as important as Order' as illustrated in the story of The curse of Greyface: *Humor is central to Discordianism, but Discordianism should not be dismissed as a joke. Profound experiences frequently accompany the practice or Erisinaism. It is a perceptual game, one which demonstrates that the absurd is just as valid as the mundane and chaos is just as valid as order. It frees the practitioner from the order games (that most have forgotten are games) to play games with order or games with chaos, or both
There were several mumms out in the past few days regarding child discipline. I have issues with the way some people dole out discipline, but that is in their house. I don't approve of children having melt downs in the center of the mall. Don't walk away from the kid, pick his heiny up and leave the mall. I love children and spend the day with 70 of them. I can't wait to have my own. I don't know why, I just can't wait to teach the little rugrats all kinds of things. You know, things like how to ice skate, ride a bike, eat raw cookie dough and run with scissors. The important things in life. Yet, there is one thing that will be invaluable to my kids when I am teaching them. That thing is discipline. I'm not saying that I'm going to walk around my house with a board, carrying it like a Samurai warrior just waiting for my chance to pounce and begin tanning some hide. I am, however, saying I just won't let my kids run over me as if I am some animal waiting to be road k
Do your friends...the one's that you physically hang out with on a daily basis...know what Truly goes on behind your closed doors? Or do you find it better to keep them in the dark to keep them friends?
Discriminatory Treatment
I will admit, because of where I was raised I have never really had any experience with prejudice. I grew up in a predominately white community in Ohio. There was only one black family in the school system I attended and I had no exposure to any other races or cultures until I went to college. Yesterday, I spent the day with my sis/BFF and her niece and her mom. We basically had fun wandering around Salem, until we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. I don't know if it was just our waitress, or if that is the predominant attitude there. She never asked us the usually questions: Did we want the soup or appetizer, did we want the salad bar, etc. Once we got our food, which was very good btw, she made one quick pass by to ask us how our food was. She never returned to see if we might want anythng else. She never asked if we wanted coffee or dessert after our meal. We finally flagged her down for the bill. When she brought it, she just dropped it on the table without saying a word.
Stevie Nicks with Lindsey Buckingham Buckingham Nicks Crying In The Night (S. Nicks) Lyrics Stephanie - Instrumental Without A Leg To Stand On (L. Buckingham) Lyrics Crystal (S. Nicks) Lyrics Long Distance Winner (S. Nicks) Lyrics Don't Let Me Down Again (L. Buckingham) Lyrics Django - Instrumental Races Are Run (S. Nicks) Lyrics Lola (My Love) (L. Buckingham) Frozen Love (S. Nicks - L. Buckingham) Lyrics Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac (1975) Rumours (1977) Tusk (1979) Fleetwood Mac Live (1980) Mirage (1982) Tango in the Night (1987) Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits (1988) Behind the Mask (1990) Fleetwood Mac 25 Years: The Chain 4 CD set (1992) Fleetwood Mac 25 Years: The Chain 2 CD set (1992) The Dance (1997) Stevie Nicks Solo Releases Bella Donna (1981) The Wild Heart (1983) Rock a Little (1985) The Other Side of the Mirror (1989) Timespace - The Best of Stevie Nicks (1991
So yeah.. related to my last post.. I have been feeling rather disconnected the last few days. On the outside looking in, longing but not knowing how to reach out for it. You know.. How do you approach a submissive you are interested in? well it doesn't matter anyways, cause I cant do it like 90% of the Dominant people out there.. thats not me. I'm Old Guard, but also soft and sweet.. i smile a lot and laugh.. I refused to form an image that was contrary to who i am.. and I am kind.. thats all there is to it, I'm kind.. even if I'm fucking twisted and evil.. -grins- so when I was always approached it was either I let them know i was willing, by kneeling at their feet.. or they said 'your mine.' and I said ok.. but the world feels more complicated now.. its no longer 'PC' to go up to some one you like.. and who seems genuinely interested in you.. and say 'your mine.' then your considered one of those foolish newbies who thinks every submissive in their general location, is thei
Disclaimer: This humor does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either myself, my company, my friends, or my cats; don't quote me on that; don't quote me on anything; @copy; Copyright (C) 2007, 2007 Crazysane; all rights reserved; this document is distribution copyrighted to the extent that you may distribute this posting and all its associated parts freely but you may not make profit from it or include the article or parts of it in commercial publications, or as part of any fee-based services or products; further redistributions only allowed unedited and in its entirety by electronic transfer (anonymous FTP, Gopher, WWW, Mail servers, and IRC), storage media, and printed copy as long as this notice is included and no monetary fee is charged; warez list subject to change without notice; text is slightly unintentional and coincidental; all models are over 18 years of age; dry clean only; do not bend, fold, or mutilate; anchovies or jalapeños added to mp3 list upon request; your m
Discrimination Of Natives, Officials Same Class As Bush.
This is the Situation.Conversation Blast.Last week I saw a Blast with Tits Showing isn't that NSFW.I have seen Blasts Advertizing Porn Sites.I have seen Blasts by Call Girls seeking Clients.I have seen Blasts seeking Cock to Suck.But my Friend Sexy Goth here paid for this Blast I will Post.Never Recieved.Black Knight Bought her a Gift Blast Never Recieved.She just won a Blast from the Sexiest Cowboy hat Contest.Chances are this Blast won't Blast Off Either.I Think the Officials of Fubar owe Sexy Goth 1 year VIP in my Oppinion,for Discrimination.Of a Native American for one.Her Problems started when she Married a man from Pakistan.Just because Our Horses Ass of a President Decides to Create Wars from that part of the world. Fubar Officials are nothing but a bunch of Hapless Cry Babies.Get a Life Let her have all her Blasts Admit you all are Hapless Jerks an Purchase her a 1 yr. VIP for being Ignorant Bastards. Ok so Cherry Tap says thay dont pick faverits HA HAS FUCKIN HA You hav
Discarded Love
Discarded Love Bleak midwinter And snow lies all around My heart is cold and empty And I long to walk on the hot sand With the sun burning my body And my love close at hand Will you ever return? Or will I always live in bleak midwinter Send me word of where you are Have you found a new love? Have you moved on to someone new? I am still in a frozen state Stuck rigid where you left me Unable to move on One kiss would thaw my bones One moment of bliss would unfreeze my toes I would follow you to the ends of the earth But my feet are frozen to the ground And all around there is no sound In this frozen wilderness I will live forever Suspended in time A monument to discarded love Not mine however just thought it was worth sharing.
Discovering Your Life Purpose
"Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory, nor defeat." how many of us believe that God has a purpose for our life. Almost every hand will raise. But then, I ask how many know what their God-given life purpose is How sad that so few make the commitment to discover their life purpose. How sadder to think that we have lived without ever having discovered —let alone fulfilled—our God-given life purpose. We serve God by serving people— and we serve people by developing and using our God-given natural and spiritual gifts. Wrapped up in these two principles one discovers his or her God-given life purpose. No matter what your life purpose is, if it is God's will, there will always be a way to fulfill it no matter how great the challenge.
I speak but no none listens I scream but no one hears I scrawl my thoughts and feelings in the dirt but the rain washes them away No one will ever know where I have gone or why Will anyone wonder? Will anyone care? Probably not Perhaps it is for the best A fresh start A clean slate Identity erased I have nothing left here anyway So I disappear quietly into the mist Maybe one day I will return See if things have changed Then again why bother?
Discovery Channel
A elderly couple was watching a Discovery Channel special about a West African bush tribe whose men all had penises 24 inches long. When the black male reaches a certain age, a string is tied around his penis and on the other end is a weight. After a while, the weight stretches the penis to 24 inches. Later that evening as the husband was getting out of the shower, his wife looked at him and said, "How about we try the African string-and-weight procedure? "The husband agreed and they tied a string and a weight to his penis. A few days later, the wife asked the husband, "How is our little tribal experiment coming along?" "Well, it looks like we're about half way there," he replied. "Wow, you mean it's grown to 12 inches?" "No, it's turned black.
To let you know that some of the posts in this folder will be original work most of them will not seeing as I am not as poetic as the authors of these poems however when I am able to find the author of the poem I will put their name at the top of the post
Disconnected... I see your face and fall deep to the back of my mind beneath sleep electric head and paralyzed disconnect to float away without control a fragment in space such unspeakable beauty a tear drops my eye in-between worlds visions overlapping till becoming so clear too real to be real but unlike a dream somewhere in-between perpetual falling perpetual flying I felt you there patiently waiting being at a loss giving up I give in I let go as I fell to the sky I felt your hand come out of the dark taking control I felt your warmth on my face I felt your smile in my heart you brought me close into your essence we took the sky and into the night carried on your wings we took to flight the air like cool water the moon white like milk laughing to laugh feeling to feel hand in hand free as the breeze... Lucy~
My nephew Nicklas came home from first grade this week and told my sister there's a cool new kid in his class, but when Nicklas tried to talk to him, the kid said, "My mommy said I'm not supposed to talk to white people." Nicklas was very nonchalant about this statement; my sister's reaction was a lot less nonchalant. We're not in the Deep South in 1960 or something. This is a racially integrated area of the Chicago suburbs, where Caucasians, Hispanics, and blacks seemingly live in harmony. But this kid was told not to talk to white people! You can bet that if this kid were white and said, "I'm not allowed to talk to black people," there would be a lot more uproar. My sister and I were raised to be color-blind. I have friends from all cultures, all colors -- the thing that matters is that we get along and have fun together, not color or background. So I was aghast at this. Why is this okay? I've had long talks about racial integration with my friends. Debated at length the effect
Discover Ur Past Life (test)
Discover Your Past Life Don't go bananas — in your former life you were a tiny monkey named Oompa. Here's what we know about you: Adorably sweet demeanor and sharp as a tack, you found success working with a street performer named Juan, who worshipped you and treated you like his own child. He bought you a gold satin jumpsuit with royal blue ruffles, a matching top hat, and a sequined bag for donations. He would play your favorite disco tunes on his accordion, prompting you to dance around and flirt with the crowd while you collected spare change and picked pockets. Everybody loved you. And you loved everybody. You and Juan took your gig around the country and raked in the riches. You were one happy little monkey.
Discovery Chanel
i think some differnt cultures in this world seem strange to us becase they are really stupid. i will be so fuckin glad to get my dvd player back
Discrediting The '9/11 Truth Movement'
DISCREDITING THE '9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT' ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 29 Sep 2007, 22:48 DISCREDITING THE '9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT'----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: HarryDate: Sep 29, 2007 10:43 PMDISCREDITING THE '9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT'(Ben Heine © Cartoons)http://desertpeace.blogspot.comDespite their efforts to discredit the truth, one day it will come out... below is a report of the attempts by the 'anti truth movement' to hide the facts...The Goals: Discredit, Divide and ConquerBy Erlenda, editor of Peace by TruthWhat all other front-line reporters of the 9/11 Truth movement, like Kurt Nimmo, Michael Rivero, Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones and so many more have experienced, has finally happened to Christopher Bollyn as well: being stabbed in the back by a couple of guys who had pretended to be allies, by agents Smith and Hufschmid.The people who are so prominent in the 9/11 truth-movement, who Smith and
come in and get a tat of $100 or ore and tell us u are on here and get a discount of 10-20%....BUT THE CATCH IS YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE FRIENDS LIST FIRST TO PROVE THAT U SUPPORT OUR SHOP.....MUCH LOVE SINKING INK TATTOO
Discoveries by SolitaryBiSoul © The young woman lay motionless on her bed, lost in thoughts of a dark haired man. His blue eyes haunted her dreams of late, and she so eagerly wanted to see him again. That night at the club, he had ignited a spark deep within her. The desire to be touched, teased, fulfilled. He had stirred the urge to explore her sexuality and she was more than willing to begin the journey. The problem was she had no idea where to start. At that moment, the phone rang. She sat up in bed, reaching for the handset on her nightstand. "Hello?" "Don't talk, just listen." "Who is this?" "I said, don't talk. Tomorrow night, at 8 o'clock, you will go to Pulse and sit at the bar. You will wear the black dress that will be delivered in the morning. You will wait for me. Talk to no one until I get there." "No, I want to know who this is." "You know me, and I know you, quite intimately, in fact. We met last weekend at Pulse. We danced, and you let me pene
Discussion Technique
DISCUSSION TECHNIQUE A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
Discouraged With Fubar To Say The Least.
Well, I am getting a little discouraged about Fubar. The contest went bad, I was accused of things I did not do, and my comment ability was taken away. I have emailed 3 times to support and no one has bothered getting back to me. They just don't care. Those 2 nasty women have written ugly things about me and that is okay because they are friends with Support. They can get by with what ever they want. So I enter what seems like a harmless contest and then all Hell breaks loose. I haven't really even been on Fubar. Every time I log on and see no email back from Support, I get more discouraged. Sorry if it seems like I am ignoring you all but there really isn't much I can do on Fubar any more but blog and use the shoutbox that doesn't work 50% of the time. It being Friday was supposed to be a good day. I get woken up by Peter at 5:30 in the morning with him searching for his wallet. He is tearing apart the house looking for his wallet. Keeps coming in the room, yell
Discovery Reaches Orbit
Discovery Reaches Orbit Image Above: Space shuttle Discovery leaps from its launch pad Tuesday morning to start STS-120. Image credit: NASA TV 23 Oct 2007 11:38 A.M. The crew of STS-120 is safely in orbit and on their way to the International Space Station following a flawless liftoff from NASA"s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The seven astronauts aboard space shuttle Discovery are to spend 14 days in space during the mission. Objectives for the flight include delivering a new segment called Harmony to the station, along with new station crew member Dan Tani. Tani will stay on the orbiting laboratory and Discovery will bring current station resident Clayton Anderson back to Earth. Discovery's crew will also move a tower of solar arrays to its new position on the orbiting laboratory. Discovery is scheduled to land at Kennedy on Nov. 6. Watch NASA TV Live.
Discover Your Sexual Personality
your sexual personality is Omega-ELDN-9. Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Omega), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (9). As an Omega, you are someone who feels sexy, looks sexy, and really knows the ropes when it comes to lovemaking. Your sex appeal is more overt than others and your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high.
Discovery Completes Capture And Hard-dock To Station.
Discovery Arrives at Space Station, Joint Operations to Begin Soon Image Above: Space shuttle Discovery performs a back-flip over the Atlantic Ocean about an hour before docking to the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA TV 25 Oct 2007 9:08A.M. Space Shuttle Discovery and the STS-120 crew arrived at the International Space Station at 8:40 a.m. EDT, delivering a new module and crew member to the orbital outpost. The STS-120 astronauts and the station’s Expedition 16 crew will conduct pressure and leak checks before the hatches between the two spacecraft open about 10:30 a.m. After the crews greet each other, they will quickly begin joint operations. One of the first major tasks is the station crew rotation. STS-120 Mission Specialist Daniel Tani will switch places with Expedition 16 Flight Engineer Clayton Anderson, who will be wrapping up a four-month tour of duty as an Expedition crew member. Tani is scheduled to stay on the station until he
Discrimination ???
Dominos Pizza did this....... because of this...... They are saying the Insane Clown Posse is a gang. They are not a gang. The Insane Clown Posse believe in God. They speak of God & Heaven aka Shangri-La in their 6 Joker Card albums. If you believe this is wrong like I do, and many other people, please repost this. For those of you who repost this, I thank you.
Discipline Episode 3
Discarded Treasure
Indulge @ I'm left forgotten in the shadows again Not in your thoughts not on your mind I'm abandoned here all alone trying to figure out where to go from here all on my own You just discard me like an unloved former treasure that no longer brings pleasure to your heart So I'm broken apart and scattered around I'm stumbling, hurt and falling down I'm nothing but torn and tattered pages you've written through the ages
Discs With 15m Bank Details Lost
Discs with 15m bank details lost Chancellor Alistair Darling will make a Commons statement at 1530 Confidential details of 15 million child benefit recipients are on computer discs lost by HM Revenue and Customs, the BBC understands. The chairman of the organisation, Paul Gray, has resigned. Revenue and Customs says it does not believe the records - names, addresses, date of birth and bank accounts - have fallen into the wrong hands. Chancellor Alistair Darling is to give a Commons statement on "a major operational problem" at 1530 GMT. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said he understood ministers had been aware of the problem for nine to 10 days. Mr Darling is expected to outline the measures taken to protect those whose data has been lost. 'Privilege' The resignation of Mr Gray was accepted because discs had been transported in breach of rules governing data protection. In a letter to Revenue and Customs staff, he said: "This is not the way I
Hiding in the darkness, Disconnecting from reality. I feel the waves of hopelessness Crashing all around me. My nights seem to be endless, And my days are even longer. Each day I grow more restless. My disconnection growing stronger. The shadows that surround me Through the cold and darkened night, Keep my soul company Silently convincing me to keep up the fight. My walls of protection are sensing my distress And rising quickly from somewhere deep inside. Growing into a stone cold fortress, A place for me to run to and hide. Disconnecting from my life. Disconnecting from my feelings. Disconnecting from my loved ones, My only way of healing. I thought this journey of self-discovery I started over a year ago, Would finally help me break free. Would finally help me to let go. How do I let go and disconnect from the guilt I feel For trying to follow my heart? And why in the hell does it have to be such a big deal That I finally want my life to start?
Disclaimer #2
PLEASE READ SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!! Well Let me go out on a strange limb and just state this PEOPLES OPINIONS are there very own not mine unless stated or written by me. Just because I post your comment or better yet respond to your comment dosent mean I feel or those thoughts are my expressions I write to write and get my point my views and thoughts out, don't like what you see then don't read it. Look I speak my mind cuz I have that right and choice. I never directed anything I said or wrote on here or anyywhere else to be taken so far or in offense to anyone. I feel that some of the things I said or responded to may have had more of an effect on some more then others and I want to go on record saying I apologize for not clarifying things. I never wanted it to be an attack on any one person or subject matter. I appreciate everyone you decides to read and put thought into responding......BUT again it was a general thought by me and it was always to serve a big
Discovering Carlaj
The years are creeping by. Im not sure if destiny has been kind to me. I think if I look at it from a different angle she has. I have most things that I need and want. There is a void and loneliness is filling it. BTW...I dont welcome lonely!!! The other angle. The soul is alot stronger that the things that come my way and break me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Hows come I never remember this stuff when I really need too? Things that I discovered about me... Im a chance taker. I got that from my mother. I used to like my father. The safe way...and the safe way only. So silly the present me were the things that I suppressed, denied, and above all avoided..
This is the year 2007. As far as we know in the year 1492 the first "Holocaust" began against a race of people that were on this land for millenniums. The American Indian are still discriminated against in unbelievable ways. Treaties made in good faith, are not honored, and still being broken. Indian land and sacred ground, including burial grounds, are still being desecrated and taken away at the discretion of the American Government. The Yucca Mountains, are going to be a nuclear waste site dump, under Senate Joint Resolution 34. On July 9th, 2002 the Senate voted 60-39 to overturn Nevada's veto of the proposed high-level radioactive waste dump at Yucca Mountain, capitulating to the nuclear industry's well-financed lobby despite broad-based opposition from environmental and public interest organizations! The Yucca Mountains site lay on an earthquake fault. On June 15, 2002 there were earthquake tremors! The fact that this ground is considered sacred to the Shoshone and the Pauite nev
Discovery From Hell
I just found out that I am a jerk a real no care person I just found out that I am no one nobody a nowhere person I just found out I didn't know I was hiding from love love of life and the wonderful people in it I just found out that I have gone astray and didn't even know it I just found out
A Discovery
A new beginning. A new me. Looking deep inside. Seeing the real me. My emotions, my personality, my love, my lust. Working to improve what I like about me and to change what I don't. You are there too. A new dream and wonderful fantasy. Longing to tell you how you make me feel. Wanting you to feel the same. Loving the mystery. Hating the anticipation. For now I wait patiently, in silence for you. Enjoying our time together. Soon you will know, you will see that from here on out you will now and forever be apart of the new me. The real me.
Discuss The Bullshit Bible
Discovery Channel
I have started reporting daily news for the Discovery Channel's new website Investigation Discovery. Check it out and feel free to comment: While you there be sure to check out: Hollywood: Sometimes celebrities aren't posing for the red carpet – they're posing for their mug shots, as told by crime writer Corey Mitchell: Bizarre Crime of the Week: The bizzare, the unusual and the just plain strange crimes, as told by crime writer Gary C. King:
Discovering The Way
Discovering the way When sitting on the side Speechless without a word, Just looking for some ways To find the door that mach your key, Holding strong to give you hopes but, In your mind you're somewhere else. Going crazy in little circle Bang your head against the walls, Keep on looking at the road As the sun is slowly dying Asking questions you forgotten Jumping on the walls with rage Wondering about the road. Than you stop to look at your self Wondering who are you now, Stupid questions popping up, As slowly into the mirror you look Discovering who that person is.
please read this yall.. tell me what ya think i sit and watch my son play at the park making new freinds not caring weather they light or dark fat or small skinny or tall they dont worry bout the clothes others wear and they dont mind to share then i look at the adults at the park seeing how the white seperates from the dark wat happened to the kid in us wheres the trust why is it we look down on and frown on the under class and why cant we even say a friendly hi when we pass we lock ourselves away in a world where all compassion has gone astray we hide in our fancy cars and nice clothes in a society where mony only makes you grow wats wrong with the shit job with familly and friends now its all about economy and making ends i neva really looked at it this way before untill i watched my son make friends in one minute at a grocery store a black kid walked down the isle my son walked up to him with a smile and said wanna be friends they shook hands and that
The Disciple-ship
Arrrgh! The Disciple Ship be ready to set sail! If ye be wantin' to sail with this crew, ye must first fan, rate, and add the all sailors that are on board before you are granted passage. A daily target will change from sailor to sailor, so that they can be granted some booty that will help them on their way to level 26. Yo ho, Yo ho - what say ye, matey? Shall we sail, or will ye be walkin' the plank? If ye be wantin' to ride, speak to the captain! RogerLee ? Fu-Owned by Hopigalerin ?@ fubar THE CREW ? DAWN ? Fu-Owned by: INDRADRAGON@ fubar Be needin' 1,709,669 til she be disciple Heartistic Soul@ fubar Be needin' 3,567,617 til she be disciple Trouble™ AKA 20/20 - Captain for 2nd Alarm Hotties/Club F.A.R* Suave's Fu-Wifey?@ fubar Be needing 3,841,211 til she be disciple †ShãÐØW† {owner of NBSD} {{NO Salute=NO ADD}}@ fubar Be needing 5,370,069 til she be disciple ~*RedKandy*~FuOwned by bill118911~S*U*P*~Club F.A.R.~2nd Alarm Hotti
Disc 2 Of Mix Cd I Made 5 Years Ago (see Previous Entry)
Once again, I was horrible with mixed cds then. All female singers. I had created it for my girls night out before wedding almost 5 years ago. 1. I Love Rock n Roll - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (the Spazmatics [80's cover band] let me sing along once and his mouth dropped open and then smiled. good times. I fangirl them.) 2. Lovesong - Snake River Conspiracy (the BEST Cure cover of this song. Guaranteed. If you don't have it... get it.) 3. Mediocrity Rules - Le Tigre 4. Oh Bondage, Up Yours - X-Ray Spex 5. 6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps (another of my favorite songs) 6. Before I'm Dead - Kidney Thieves (yes, Queen of the Damned soundtrack. best soundtrack ever, I swear.) 7. Just a Girl - No Doubt (I could have picked a better No Doubt song than this! I think I know why I did though.) 8. Strawberry Gashes - Jack Off Jill (sadly I do have strawberry gashes on my ankles now cause of surgery. right next to my stars... makes my name pretty damn fitting now) 9. Shitlist - L7
that girl with her eyes and smile and hair when i think of her it makes me smile everywhere her voice is birdsong in my ear as my day goes by it feels as though im floating and youre the reason why each passing day i yearn ever more for your touch,for your kiss when i go about living its your smile that i crave that i miss you and only you can be that girl that makes me soar the one walking beside me brightened by your light >
I was talking with my (only) friend Alexis about peoples' bad habits. She made the comment that she wished everyone came with a disclaimer, forewarning those they encounter of possible failings and flaws. She thought they should have it tattooed on their forehead to be read upon first approach. So I was thinking about mine. It would go something like this: Intense, prone to over reaction. Loyal to a fault, quick to defend friends. Loner, arrogantly intelligent, with serious blonde tendencies. Brutally honest. Tends to speak before thinking. Horribly sarcastic I know there is more, but that's all I have for now. Please feel free to add anything to you want.
! Since alot of half baked whores are having issues with reading my disclaimer and understanding it, I wanted to write this blog and break it down for those of simple mind. if you're some half dressed whore looking for attention, look somewhere else. I already have a great woman, Rayvenred, and she means more to me than all you skanks combined. I'm here for friends only, so don't even bother. Now, if you're just looking for a good laugh, I'm the guy. I am a mummer by choice, because the lounges suck, and I love to piss people off. If you get mad over a comment I made on your mumm, put on your big boy/girl panties on and deal. Like I said, I love pissing people off and seeing them get all butt-hurt. Also, if you rate or fan me, don't expect to get rated or fanned back. And don't come bitchin about it either.
Disciple Her Please
Discovering The Way
When sitting on the side Speechless without a word, Just looking for some ways To find the door that mach your key, Holding strong to give you hopes but, In your mind you're somewhere else. Going crazy in little circle Bang your head against the walls, Keep on looking at the road As the sun is slowly dying Asking questions you forgotten Jumping on the walls with rage Wondering about the road. Than you stop to look at your self Wondering who are you now, Stupid questions popping up, As slowly into the mirror you look Discovering who that person is. Dan Ursoi Copyright ©2007 Dan Ursoi
I was recently walking through a mall about to purchase a some bad ass sunglasses, when the associate informed me of a websight that offers special pricing for government and military employees. If you are a UNIFORMED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE you can get a up to 75% off Oakley sunglasses and products. This discount is avaliable for all military, legal departments, and even the United States Postal Service. If interetested "shout" me or send me a message and I will give you the sight. The sight is a official sight of Oakley and not a sub contracted sight.
Sometimes the frustrations in life get to you Lately I find myself feeling very discouraged as I try to find a better job, Shane will soon be 18 and out on his own, George is not far behind... What then??? The media says we are not in a recession, yet... jobs are harder and harder to come by... the price of fuel is eating what little money I was making at this job, to the point that my income is close to $100 a week or less. How do you raise 2 teenagers on that?? I've been on multiple Job interviews, and submitted my resume'... I keep trying... Sometimes the tears just seem to come ...I get frustrated and overwhelmed...
I misbehaved, done some things I know I shouldn't do I touched myself even though you told me not to You commanded me to wait for you Ooh I tried, but I can smell you on my sheets Taste you on my skin so vividly Daddy, I disobeyed you now I want you to come punish me I need some discipline tonight, don't hold back I've been very bad, make me cry Ooooh, daddy make me cry, babe I need some discipline tonight I've been very bad, make me cry Ooooh, make me cry, oooh babe I misbehaved, and my punishment should fit my crime Tie me to something, take off my clothes Daddy I want you to take your time Ooh I'm scared My heart is beating fast shiver as you grab my neck It's better when I don't know what to expect Did I upset you daddy? Take out your frustrations on me Did I make you mad? Take out your frustrations on me You be the teacher, I'll be the student Tell me to do it and I will do it You be the teacher, I'll be the student Tell me to do it and I will do it
Discovery's "10 Way The World Will End" - Part 1
Discovery's "10 Way The World Will End" - Part 2
Discovery's "10 Way The World Will End" - Part 3
Discovery's "10 Way The World Will End" - Part 4
Discovery's "10 Way The World Will End" - Part 5
Discourse On You
I wonder if hope alone is all I need, but then I remember the things that make me a man, the reason you hold my hand, and I marvel at the winds of fate, the hours I spend in wait, to hear you laugh beside me again.
Several months had passed since Lori and Gabrielle met and discovered each other in the forest glade. They both held fond memories of the events that occurred during the weekend. Gabrielle decided to catch up with Lori where she lived, and the arrangements had been made. Gabby arrived at the airport with her belly awash with butterflies. Remembering the sweetness of Lori, the smell of her body and the softness of her heart, Gabrielle was certain the wetness in her pants would soak through as she walked through security to look for Lori. Lori was not difficult to spot, even in the large, crowded terminal. Dressed in her leathers from head to foot, all five foot-one of her tiny friend looked absolutely delicious! Tall black boots covered the lower portion of Lori's legs. Tight fitting pants outlined all her attributes, including her soft mound. Gabrielle could see the tiny cleft of flesh pressing against the seam of the garment. A thin leather vest under the heavy jacket allowed G
Discovering New Music
I think the advertisers are getting a good ear for new music. If it weren't for ads for Old Navy and Apple Computers, I probably would never have heard of Ingrid Michaelson and Yael Naim. The American Movie Classics station has been using some pretty cool music bites in their ads too. I just need to find out who they are.
Disciple By Slayer
Drones since the dawn of time Compelled to live your sheltered lives Not once has anyone ever seen Such a rise in pure hypocrisy I'll instigate I'll free your mind I'll show you what I've known all this time God hates us all, God hates us all You know it's true God hates this place You know it's true he hates this race Homicide - Suicide Hate heals, you should try it sometime Strive for peace with acts of war The beauty of death we all adore I have no faith distracting me I know why your prayers will never be answered God hates us all; God hates us all He fuckin' hates me Pessimist, terrorist targeting the next mark Global chaos feeding on hysteria Cut throat, slit your wrist, shoot you in the back fair game Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high Sounds a lot like hell is spreading all the time I'm waiting for the day the whole world fuckin' dies I never said I wanted to be God's disciple I'll never be the one to blindly follow Man made vi
Disciple Me!
WOW! HAPPY HOUR! AGAIN! 11 pm FU Time! Get me to DISCIPLE! Only 500 k to go! Come Rate the Crap outta ME! Bling Me, Bling Me, Bling Me and I will make you a Ty Salute and love up your page! xoxo ~Twiztid'sGirl~AKA PebblesinAZ...Read Blogs and Profile!@ fubar
You never listen to me, You cannot look me in the eyes. I have struggled to see Why its so easy to push me aside.... I no longer believe, That you were ever on my side. How could you know what I need, When I'm the last thing on your mind... Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you [chorus] So disconnected, going through the motions again So disconnected, everything goes over your head So disconnected, you got me hangin by a thread So disconnected, when will this cycle end? You dont really know me, I dont think you ever even tried We're on the same routine Where you say you never have the time What do you want me to be? Do you want me in your life? I feel so incomplete You left me to fall behind Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you Too out o
Disciplining Your Child Is Not The Government's Business
Nowadays, the government are getting way too much into how families should teach their children how to be. I mean, with our society becoming more “politically correct”, it’s making it to where if you just pinch your child you’ll get in trouble with the law. About a year ago, the state of Massachusetts was trying to make it illegal for parents to spank their children. I don’t know if it went through, but I think that is ridiculous. I know it is illegal in Sweden to spank your child, so I will never be living there. So what is a parent suppose to do if their child is getting in trouble, just talk to them, I mean, probably even yelling at them might constitute to verbal abuse. However, I can understand if there is a child getting abused by their parents, then yes, the law should be called in. But if there is a child that got into some kind of trouble and they need to be disciplined, them saying they’re going to call the police if they get spanked is uncalled for. That’s the proble
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Okay so one of my BEST friends on here is close to leveling and he needs some help Only 1 million to Disciple and his crazy ass deserves it LOL It may seem like alot but if you go and luv him up, its not alot at all And since my kids stole all his money he REALLY needs fubucks so he can have spotlight one more time before he hits 26 So RATE, FAN, ADD, BLING my boi like crazy...tell him his chicken gravy sent ya ;-) Jeezy ♠ NeaNeas Husband ♠@ fubar This has been another MILF production :D The Baddest MILF®@ fubar
Discharge: They Lie You Die
I would like to thank everyone that help me become disciple! I met some great friends along the way so make sure you rate and fan them !!!~*~Çðñ£ïÐêñ¢ê ï§ whå† måkê§ mê §êx¥~*~The Baddest MILF®'K:M:P'KimberlyKØ£ë™Meowzette~!Xx*luscious*xX!~§Ë®×ÞRMT®×RñÄ™'Member:Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls~Club FAR aka 'SquiRteR Kayla J?SS B? aka '† Skitz †''Your Ultimate Desire™ & Owner of The Lust Lounge & Captain for Fu Luv
Definition: A statement made to free oneself from responsibility. also called hedge clause. A few recent events have convinced me of the importance of publishing a disclaimer about certain behaviors I may at times engage in, thereby releasing me from responsibility of said actions. 1. Accused of being a tease v., teased, teas·ing, teas·es. 1. To annoy or pester; vex. 2. To make fun of; mock playfully. 3. To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction. Disclaimer: I occasionally do these things. And by occasionally I mean often. However, the 'you're a tease' comment that is shouted at me is meant as an insult. I believe my skill in vexing and mocking should be celebrated, not demeaned. So this is half a disclaimer...I only take responsibility for the kind of teasing where the 'you're a tease' comment can be met with a 'thank you.' 2. Accused of stalking Disclaimer: Well, this has only happened once. It occurred because I
Disclaimer, And A Word To Some People I Don't Like Very Much.
It should be duly noted that not all works on this blog are of a consistency that I would like to maintain. It is also the truth that while I was writing I was learning, and therefore there are a lot of issues, and Problems with some of the earlier writings. Mostly academic based issues. Therefore it is expressly my intention to make all such readers aware that I was in certain not entirely off base. I posted these for the enjoyment of some of my close friends, and for no other reason. A word of caution though is that you must be aware that some topics are dealt with albeit controversially. If you do not in fact like what you have read, constructive critiques are something that would be appreciated, but name calling, and direct insults will not be answered, and could be reported if they are threatening enough. I doubt anyone will be that bad. Again I want to say that this blog really is a spectrum, and that unfortunately some of my most recent, most informed, and most educ
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Ambrose wins Zippo 200 Jimmie Johnson takes on fuel a… AP - Aug 9, 7:02 pm EDT WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (AP)—Marcos Ambrose took advantage of a fortuitous pit stop midway through the Nationwide Zippo 200 at Watkins Glen International on Saturday and easily beat Kyle Busch for his first career NASCAR victory. Ambrose, from Tasmania, was in the pits on lap 42 when the fourth caution of the 82-lap race flew. He gained the lead on lap 48 but gave it up right away to top off for fuel. Ambrose worked his way up to third with 12 laps to go as Jeff Burton and Jimmie Johnson battled for the lead. But the two leaders ran out of fuel with less than four laps remaining and Ambrose coasted to the victory in the No. 59 JTG Daugherty Racing Ford. “I just feel like a weight is off my shoulders, just a huge relief,” said Ambrose, who was third last week in the rain in Montreal after leading the most laps and second on the road course in Mexico. “We’ve come close. We haven’t been able to c
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< tr> To get on this train r/f/a all members. And in case you're not sure what those letters mean... RATE/FAN/ADD ...and you MUST do all three. Let them know that you are joining the "STAYING ALIVE" in your friend request. If they are already a friend leave them a comment like "Staying Alive" or something similar and don't forget to re-rate them. Don't just pass them by because you're already friends. >>>>>>>NO DRAMA
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Tempting Enchantress One million from Disciple Rate her Fan her Add her Comment her Bling her Auto 11 would be perfect Help this sexy lady be our next Disciple! She is a wonderful friend and is always helping other people. Now it is our turn to help her. Stop by her page... And spank that sexy bottom of hers... She'll LOVE it! ******************************** Lovingly Pimped Out by: Carrie Please repost Thank you! (repost of original by 'Carrie ~~R/L Wife to Syrano~~ Proudly Owned by Master Riggs~~ Proud Owner of Master Riggs~~' on '2008-10-04 18:48:46')
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Here's the deal... I only have 1.3 million to go to Disciple! If anyone could please give me an Auto 11's Bling I will return the luv by rating ALL your pics during HH's only! (I can't return the bling becuz I don't have enough left.) HELP ME DISCIPLE TODAY?? ♪♫♥♥Teresa♥♥♫♪Proudly Owned by Dr@gonMaster©@ fubar
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Disco Deceit
"I could have been killed, Captain Black!" cried Sam Dancer, greatly upset. "My partner left early tonight, and I was closing the disco all alone. Suddenly, this guy came in with a gun! He took our money and then he too a shot at me! Luckily, the bullet just scraped past my arm." Sam showed Captain Black the bandaged flesh wound. "This is where the robbery took place?" the Captain asked. "Yes, Nothing's been touched. I've seen enough detective movies to know that you'd look for clues." Black stood in the middle of the mirrored walls of the dance floor. Each smooth glass surface perfectly reflected the scene of the crime. Then Black turned to Sam. "You left one clue too many, Sam. Or, rather, you didn't leave it. You're lying." ~Why doesn't the Captain believe Sam's story?~
A Discussion On The Economic Potential Of Hemp
The United States today finds itself in a near unprecedented crisis, the likes of which we have only just begun to realize. Underlying the growing economic troubles, one factor exists which strikes at the heart of the issue, a simple truth that, insofar as real, corporal commodities with which to base the solid foundations of a strong economy on, nothing remains unique to the United States. Real manufacturing on a large industrial level has been outsourced in favor of multi-nationally sanctioned work forces in near slavish conditions, information technologies have left our shores through the miracle of global communication and real, solid labor has been falsely deemed by elitist 'princes' to be beneath the desire of the American worker. We have been reduced to a nation of waiters and waitresses in a time when no one in the land can afford to dine out. What remains of the greatest free market in history but rusted out white elephants, subsidized fallow fields where cotton once was k
I realize more and more each passing day that something in altered..I don't feel the way I should anymore and with talking with my girl friend we realized we both don't really feel what is needed for a realtionship. Not to say that I am single but it's odd. I know I'd die for this girl no questions asked but I couldn't tell her I loved her. I don't even know if I could tell my family I loved them at this point. It's like my soul has drifted off and all that remains are the bones and the skin in my existance I am alive very much so alive but am I really living? Something is fucked up in me please if you have advice feel free to drop it on me.
Discussion On Legalization Of Hemp/cannabis
“Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men." Harry J. Anslinger The idea of outright legalization of Cannabis is probably one of the more controversial and difficult issues to overcome when considering the reform of laws currently governing this plant. With roughly four score and seven years of demonization and social conditioning, propaganda and draconian legislation, most Americans are not only ignorant of the history of this plant, of its multiple uses, but even its real names, relying instead upon the ethnic slang used to redefine Cannabis in the early days of the 20th Century. This became grossly apparent when one day in May of 2008, I took an early draft of Proposition 420 to the offices of U.S. Representative Trent Franks of Arizona and was granted an audience with one of his staffers. After about ten minutes of describing the benefits of Hemp/Cannabis, this individual asked me if I could tell him what Hemp/Cannabis was. Only under its slang name had he ev
Dislaimer, I'm not kidding...I am not pretty, I am not skinny, so keep pretending I am, but if we ever meet, when you look at me and want to gag, just remember I warned you...I just don't want to get your hopes up..not that I am meeting any of you, well there is one guy who I want to know who you are..I hope you know...but...still worried you will turn and run...those are just pictures people, yes they are me, no they aren't photoshopped..duh..but you all say I am beautiful, georgous, sexy...yada-yada...and I just feel like plain jane, if I'm that lucky..anyways I am dead dog tired..night all!!
Disciple :)
Made it in 1 month and 5 days :) Thanks to my FANTASTIC FRIENDS !!!!! I will do my best to re-rate you all, just give me a little time :) SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
"disciple" Yay
A great big friendly "HELLO" to everyone, and I hope you all have Happy Holidays in the next few weeks. I know this, YOU All sure help to make my holidays brighter! I had such an amazing weekend once again with running my auto'11's, this past Friday and Saturday, although, I must say this one didn't come without a little drama, which I have never expererinced on here before...but I didn't let that stand in the way of finally reaching this awesome level, so of course I can't not say "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to all of you who came out and rated my pic's, every click helps as we all know, some of you stayed and rated every photo and I have alot of them, so to all of you die hard's thank you so much. You all rawk. It was so exciting at the end what a "head rush" when I got there! Of course we all have someone on here who maybe will go the extra mile and for, me that is Wicked_Wanda, I must give a special shout out to her, she is always there for me and I apprecitate it so much, so if any of
Discovering True Selves
Soul Seeing When we want to see deeply into the heart and mind of another person, soul seeing, also called soul gazing, allows us to see their soul. The soul is the purest expression of an individual and is not bound by physical forms or fleeting emotions. Through a simple art that involves looking deeply into a partner’s eyes, soul seeing can show you a person’s inner beauty that you might otherwise miss. It is possible for someone who appears cold to have a warm, giving, nurturing soul or someone of average appearance to have a beautiful soul. Soul seeing is a way of looking past shapes, sizes, attitudes, and behavior to see the real individual that lies beneath the surface. It allows you to see the true essence of another person, the radiance of their being, and their spirit within. Soul seeing is accomplished by sitting face to face with another person. It is helpful to first state your intention before you begin. As you stare softly into each other’s eyes without stopping to
Unfortunately, Due to SEVERAL factors, All my blogs will have the following disclaimer. Disclaimer: This is a blog. That fact means nothing. It would be distinctly unwise, not to mention uncharitable, to play connect-the-dots with my physical and online life, work and my "life of the mind," as scanty as either might be. My attitude at work, my reaction to ideas, the length and tone of my discussion in the shoutbox, the time it took for me to return your email, and the quality and quantity of my response to you in any medium are probably not tied to anything you read here. At least not in a way that you will be able to confidently assume without sharing years of psychotherapy and the bills that come with it. I'm a human being and my blog reflects that humanity. -REL
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Dischord With Heaven
I kept my voice low so that even God needed to bend his ear. My lament drifted up to him. "What more?" asked God in his ever so old manly gentle yet senile way. My response was to simply turn onto my back and slash his face with my sword. God recoiled quickly with shock, the befuddled look of amusement melting quickly. "Do you imagine that you wound me?", he chuckled in sarcasm, "you would have them worship many, not one?" Cast hard across the universe and crashing upon the ground, the air torn from my lungs, i will not pray. Who's to say they know God's voice?
Discovering The Way
Discovering the way When sitting on the side Speechless without a word Just looking for some ways To find the door that mach your key Holding strong to give you hopes but, In your mind you're somewhere else Going crazy in little circle Bang your head against the walls Keep on looking at the road As the sun is slowly dying Asking questions you forgotten Jumping on the walls with rage Wondering about the road Than you stop to look at your self Wondering who are you now Stupid questions popping up As slowly into the mirror you look Discovering who that person is Dan Ursoi Copyright ©2009 Dan Ursoi
I dont understand why some parents are to lazy to correct there children. i dont believe in beating your child or children but, i believe in spanking them if they deserve it. Just remember you have to explain to them why there getting there ass cut and why not to do what they have done. Sometimes you can just tell a child why not to do something if you have a connection with them. There's a difference in beating the kid just because your a dick head and you shouldn't have children anyways, and spanking them when they deserve it. Hello!! they will know who is the the boss and respect you more as they grow up. ive seen so many kids just be extremely bad because thats how they were raised. Children learn most of everything from there parents. Teach them love, sports or a hobby instead of video games, responsibility's, manners and most of all that there is someone up above. PPl once you have children its all about teaching them and taking care of them.
Discarded Love
Bleak midwinter And snow lies all around My heart is cold and empty And I long to walk on the hot sand With the sun burning my body And my love close at hand Will you ever return? Or will I always live in bleak midwinter Send me word of where you are Have you found a new love? Have you moved on to someone new? I am still in a frozen state Stuck rigid where you left me Unable to move on One kiss would thaw my bones One moment of bliss would unfreeze my toes I would follow you to the ends of the earth But my feet are frozen to the ground And all around there is no sound In this frozen wilderness I will live forever Suspended in time A monument to discarded love
Discover The (real) Language Of Love
They say up to 90 percent of our communication with one another is nonverbal ��" but is he getting the right message? Sometimes what's in your heart and mind doesn't come across in your body language. When dating and mating, it's important to make sure your body language is as sharp as your conversation skills. From first impressions to first dates, a smile can be worth a thousand words. A smile conveys warmth and friendliness, and helps put the other person at ease. Eye contact is another body language biggie ��" direct eye contact shows your respect for the other person, as well as your interest in him. In fact, if you want to show a man you're really into him, look deeply into his eyes as he speaks to you. Trust me ��" he just might forget what he was saying! To catch the interest of a guy who you're not on a date with (yet!), catch his eye and smile. Then look away. Hold his gaze the next time you glance over. Other signs that convey yo
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Alright, just a few things before we get started. 1.) I'm not an employee of,, or (or any other associated name). All content covered in LC/CT/Fubar's Terms is still property of LC/CT/Fubar respectively. I claim no rights to the website, or any of LC/CT/Fubar's property. 2.) You're not allowed to cover any of the Ad Space on the page, and I won't show you how to. Period. If you use any of my Tuts (Tutorials) and apply what they teach to go against LC/CT/Fubar's intentions and get caught, that's your problem, and your possibly deleted account. Enjoy the bottom of the ladder and don't whine to me about it. 3.) I've only made a custom skin for a few people. I figure with some of the questions people continue to ask, this section should help out immensely. As people continue to ask questions I'll go more in depth into the said sections and of course post screen shots along the way. 4.) Mozilla Firefox owns Internet Explorer anyday. I use FF over I
  2060925 Discarded trash along the road of life, the elderly are left by those who should be carrying them. Broken and unable to care for themselves they wait for the only release they can. They take what they are given, and give all they have to get even bad attention. A well of knowledge lies within their eyes. And when death finally come, the well is forever dried up. Those old eyes have saw things that the young will never know. But yet, they are discarded for what does not last
Disclaimer Inside
I am a flirt. It is a fun part of me. One of my most relaxing moods results in flirting with everyone. I posted a knotty poem today in response to a NON-MUMM that was posted. A decent poem but I was being silly and decided to be creative-ish. I know sometimes people take the literal meanings of things typed. My actions will contradict my words at any given time. I mean no harm when I am jovial. Tis just for the laughter. I belong to no one and no one truly belongs to me. I adore all of my friends! I happen to sleep alone. If I post something that confuses you or makes you curious, you only need to ask me to clarify it if you want to know. I will tell you. I can't promise you will like the answer, but you will be given it just the same. I find the internet to be wondrous in the amount of friends I have made and the conversations I have be afforded by this. I tend to stay offline when I am happy and content with my world. So please note that I am generally not so happy when I am onli
The Discordian Society - Definition
NO TWO EQUALS ARE THE SAME! THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY The Discordian Society has no definition. I sometimes think of it as a disorganization of Eris Freaks. It has been called a guerrilla mind theatre. Episkopos Randomfactor, Director of Purges of Our People's Underworld Movement sect in Larchmont, prefers "The World's Greatest Association of What-ever-it-is-that-we-are." Lady Mal thinks of it as a RENAISSANCE THINK TANK. Fang the Unwashed, WKC, won't say. You can think of it any way you like. AN EPISKOPOS OF THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY is one who prefers total autonomy, and creates his own Discordian sect as The Goddess directs him. He speaks for himself and for those that say that they like what he says. THE LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCORD: A Discordian Society Legionnaire is one who prefers not to create his own sect. If you want in on the Discordian Society then declare yourself what you wish do what you like and tell us about it or if you prefer don't. Some Episkoposes have a one-
Disciple Bound 6/15/09
 > > > > > Click here or above to go to her page! (repost of original by '~~ ♥ texasgurl ♥ ~~ aka DeMoNAnGeL #6' on '2009-06-03 10:29:32')(repost of original by 'Jasmine~~Protected by Dj Tomicide &  Holydiver~~' on '2009-06-03 10:44:43')  
The submissive has to surrender their being to the full control of the Mistress to be trained. Training needs discipline. They have to learn, when they step out of line, punishment will be their first reward. And that is the role discipline plays in various situations. Are you not feeling just a little guilty about your hidden desires?  Have you not sneaked away, played truant, to visit your Mistress?      That is stepping out of line, not being the person you really are, and you must be disciplined for your attempts to play another part. Discipline can be administered in various ways. How would it be done? The use of toys is essential and requires a working knowledge and uses for each one.  Often a heavy hand is required for those brave enough to be spanked over the knee, often replaced by paddles and slippers, which sting and burn the skin with its touch. Light, sensuous whips, genital w
Discrimination Rears Its Ugly Head
Once again discrimination rears its ugly head....                                                               Will it never end?
Disciples Rise
(Speaking)Disciples of The WatchI stand before youIn the name of the one...true GodWho was cast out from HeavenBut is meDo you hear me? (We hear, We hear)I now command youTo seek out and destroy the Nazarene childSlay the Nazarene and I shall reign foreverFail...and I parishSlay the Nazarene and you my DisciplesShall truly inherit this EarthFail...and you will parish without traceSlay the Nazarene and you will know the violent rapturesOf my father's kingdomFail...and you will be condemnedTo a numbing eternity in the flacid bossum of ChristDo you hear me? (We hear Master)Disciples of The WatchThere must be no delaySlay the Nazarene and the victory will be oursNow and forever moreDo you hear me? (We Hear, We Hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear, We hear)Upon the mountain I stand as I offer my handThe two Disciples of The Watch willing to make the final standAgainst the Holy one, the Nazarene, the unborn childA fuckin' bastard of a thousa
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Discovery's Rainbow
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Disco Night
  November 14 - 10 PM estClick the pic to join the fun!Guest Dj'd by 808PlayBoy
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Disconnected ~ In Flames
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I just fucked My sister, while ranting about popular culture, and now I have $1000 of crack money, but I  insult women and jews. Lmao, just make random sentences.
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Bleak midwinterAnd snow lies all aroundMy heart is cold and emptyAnd I long to walk on the hot sandWith the sun burning my bodyAnd my love close at handWill you ever return?Or will I always live in bleak midwinterSend me word of where you areHave you found a new love?Have you moved on to someone new?I am still in a frozen stateStuck rigid where you left meUnable to move onOne kiss would thaw my bonesOne moment of bliss would unfreeze my toesI would follow you to the ends of the earthBut my feet are frozen to the groundAnd all around there is no soundIn this frozen wildernessI will live foreverSuspended in timeA monument to discarded love
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Ha-ha, well now, we call this the act of mating But there are several other Very important differences Between human beings and animals That you should know about I'd appreciate your input Sweat baby, sweat baby Sex is a Texas drought Me and you do the kind of stuff That only Prince would sing about So put your hands down my pants And I bet you'll feel nuts Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert And you're getting two thumbs up You've had enough of two-hand touch You want it rough, you're out of bounds I want you smothered, want you covered Like my Waffle House hashbrowns Comin' quicker than Fed Ex Never reach an apex Just like coca-cola stock You are inclined to make me rise an hour early Just like daylight savings time Do it now You and me baby we ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel Do it again now You and me baby we ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel Gettin' horny now Love, the kind you clean up With
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So I found this article (originally in Esquire).... lets hear your humble opinion. 11 secrets men don't know about women: 1. Women don't like explosions, in art or in life. 2. Women aren't as funny as men. We're often cleverer, frequently wittier, but to be really funny demands a certain clownishness that our grace just does not allow. It's fine, really it is. 3. We grow pathetic goatees and look awful in cargo shorts anyway. 4. Women are aware of about 10 percent of the things men actually think and say about us. Best to keep it under five. 5. Women love to be taken out to eat. It makes our day. 6. A clean apartment will get you more bedroom antics than you'd think. 7. Given the chance, women will smell and re-smell the scented-candle display at the store. We really can do this for ages. 8. Our
Discovery's Dawn
The Discovery Of Heaven
Is something I value in people.  
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Discrimination Is Total Immaturity ?
Wondering why some would be on a site like this one (also, wonder where all the stuff goes that seems to be censored ?); if always angry & venting at others ?  And ...What is up with the age discriminations. Fear of their own future reality ? Maybe that is why the term; "Grow up" was started !  Seems like older ones have been here longer; so maybe they have more longer inheritance rights to be here. And like made room for newer ones to sponge in on all of their stuff. It is not very smart to mess, with anyone; of any age. But older ones always seem to know which wrench to use when no one can fit it. Plus, they don't care about the future consequences if someone crosses them . That is something to overlooked by immaturity. I saw an add ; "Don't mess wiyh older people because they are already pissed off, at all the ways they are disrepected."  Age has nothing to do with anything, but each person's individual number record, of days alive on Earth. Average person hangs out on Earth for abo
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Disclaimer Needed
i've been accused of being an asshole a lot lately and while i wouldn't dare dispute such obvious claims it does lead one to wonder... i mean... when where and how did they come by this information? couldn't have been on introduction cause god knows i've never used a crude term like that to people i barely know couldn't have been over the years i've disregarded or abused people  it just HAD to be on facebook of all things... *Sigh* maybe my brother was right... TEH INTERWEBS IS SERIOUS BIZNISS maybe i shouldn't joke about killing old ladies and gingers or rape or any other topic that people may find offensive   anyway as the title states this is a disclaimer... and as such i've been authorized to share some information if... you were offended by something i may have said recently if... your friends and family are off limits for me to pick on if... you can't take a fucking joke or even recognize it if... you believe the invisible man in the sky will strike me down for all my
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[DISCONNECTED]Hey we are the fire puppieswhy you so yuckyalways showing puppiessaying bark bark barkearning points from hereearning points from theretaking mywaste anglessuch a waste waste wastecome and join the funwhere there are lots of pointscome and run this jointget to #1 run a boomerang like a arangatangand run some autos yeah i said autosor go all the way and eat some haydown by the bay run a god mode in mayand eat some clayHey we are the fire puppieswhy you so yuckyalways showing puppiessaying bark bark barkLet's go make lots of moneyi said lots of moneyi'll sell my soul for a fubuck or twosellin' out lots of showsbangin' lots of hosmaybe a fulord hochasing lots of moneyyes fubucks moneyor get some bling or maybebeg to bling bling blingmaybe i'll fan add rate, and act like an ape eat some chocolate cake and act like i'm 8 because we are the fire puppies!
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North Face Jackets Occupy movement has been proud of its "leaderless" organization, where the loose-knit group builds consensus among various interests with different agendas from pro-union to anti-Wall Street to marijuana legalization sympathizers at daily "general assembly" meetings in the plaza. But it has also made it difficult to pinpoint blame or corral troublemakers. About 100 people were arrested before dawn Thursday, including people partaking in so-called "black bloc" tactics of wearing black face masks, dragging Dumpsters into North Face Steep Tech Agency streets to form barricades and launching M80s at police. A meeting facilitator, who would only identify herself as "Milani," said it wasn't just outsiders committing vandalism. It was Occupy organizers, too. "The person I saw putting toilet paper up, they're a facilitator at the general assembly," she said. "The person spray-painting, they're on the events committee." Some protesters tried to calm the nighttim
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Disco Lady
The Disclaimer
   I decided to write about events, both large and small, in my life. The names and places are changed so anyone connected with the original events would not be offended. These are all true to the best of my memory. I don't care if anyone comments (good or bad) as this is just something I have thought about doing for myself. There will be no real order nor is there any agenda behind this. Again, this is just for fun and I hope whoever reads these will see the humor in these as I post them.
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Egypt is one of the most fascinating countries of the world. It is one and the only country which has incredible mysterious culture and customs and practices quite different from the rest of the world. Officially this Arab Republic of Egypt is in north-eastern Africa bordered by Israel and Gaza Strip to the north-east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. The country is mainly bounded by the Mediterranean and Red Seas and geographically dominated both by the Nile River and its fertile well fed valley but by the eastern and western doom by the deserts. But it is one of the most tourist loved places of the world hunted by international tourist worldwide. Egypt is perhaps best known as the home of the ancient Egyptian civilization with its intricate wonderful temples, hieroglyphs, mummies and pyramids. Egypt Tours stimulate the imagination of every visitor and capture the attention and memories to the incredible dramatic world of ancient culture and traditions. There are lots o
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Most of my self-defense students have got questions regarding  Led flashlight. As with most categories of gear which tumble inside the strategic or self-defense type, you will find way too many choices to truly seize the complete subject using a small report. A few things i wish to carry out, nonetheless, can be strike a few of the more standard topics which aren't understood for most people. This informative article won't protect each and every probability or scenario; I'm just attempting to supply adequate standard understanding make it possible for somebody who has no experience of any type in order to feel as if they could search for the best light. Let's start having a short sum-up involving why torches create this kind of fantastic resources. Many people make a strategic torch as well as immediately think of the huge MagLite which can be used in order to hit away a Yeti. I must point out which in case a person can be assaulting me personally, I shall be all too pleased to struck
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Aloevera relates to the Aloes kind of northern Africa. This plant grows around the warm areas of Asian countries and the continent of Africa. It is actually farmed largely for the healing qualities built in. Typically the sap of this plant is applied in numerous makeup products and medications. It's got a therapeutic and tension relieving impact on dermititis and is particularly utilized in the relief of diabetic issues. Right now, it's well known as a healing herb and growing strategies stick to boosting succulence. That is to ensure the surviving of the herb even amongst lower rain fall. The actual herb indicates inability to ice and low temperatures and is immune to insect and aphid strikes. This herb performs perfectly in well drained and soft sandy ground and desires a good amount of natural light. Aloe-vera is considered to be really good at relaxing burns and abrasions. It is usually used frequently around the treating of chronic wounds and boosts the process of recovery. Scient
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Discretion Or Darwin
I saw a cute bumpersticker on the ride I just got back from: "America is Freedom of Speech, if you don't like it get the *expletive deleted* out!"   Nice sentiment I'm certain but there is such a thing as discretion regarding other people's rights and sensibilities.  If you don't like what I write, if you don't agree with it you can ignore it, yet if I follow you around to make sure I can use my "right" to free speech on you whether you like it or not I can get arrested on a variety of charges.   Discretion or Darwin Award -- case in point.  I once worked with a lovely lady (she had a beautiful smoky singing voice) and she related how her brother had been arrested and tried for murder.   According to the prosecutor the "victim" was a sweet innocent young man unfairly cut down too young by a heartless beast, leaving the "victim's" loving family bereft of its sole wage earner.   According to the police record the "victim" had been arrested numerous times for: possession of drugs,
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This what I have found out in myself I am strong I am emotional I am passionate I am beautiful I am bull headed and I am a female.   If you cannot accept me on my worst days, you do not deserve me on my good days.  If you cannot handle a strong female in your life, then I suggest for you to step aside.  I am not going to change my life to satify your desires.  I have done that way too many times in my life.  Where did that lead me?  No where.  So, now I am going to stand up for myself.  I am going to become a strong person that GOD always wanted me to be.  I am going to be one of those people who will push you over if you get in their ways.    
OH Daddy, I'm feeling very discouraged today.  I wish you were here to help me.  I don't know what to do and I really need to hear your voice.  It always comforted me and kept me going.  But since you've been gone, I've had to go it alone and it's so hard.  I need you, Daddy.
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A Disc Jockey’s DreamWell, we all know, that I know, that we know, we are all talking about, a DJ, in doubtYes, a DJ, is a person with content and filled with a lot of lust and cloutSome how, they know just what song to playThis is done in a mild way, like slipping on a beautiful milky wayPlaying the right song, is on the top of the chart, of the nightDoing this with a smile, and some style also some serious delightKnowing just how to read the vibes from insideIs done with a lot of real, perfect, prideClicking the beats, that catches your heart that started to collide with a get down feelingIt's your heart, that they will be stealingMusic pumping and spectrum is flowing in perfect intro's inLet’s get this party started typeOf thing, and dancing all through the nightA Disc Jockeys dream is to Party...!Being in love with music is very hard to get away! 
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When you have a development venture that you need to get done, you can usually depend on development organizations to deal with perform for you. There are a lot of organizations out there, and with the latest financial system, they're willing to provide you low provides. Sometimes, however, the smallest bid can mean the smallest awesome of development. It can be challenging, but it is possible to type through the awesome development organizations from the bad. First, be sure to discover development organizations that have a awesome popularity. Perhaps a buddy, buddy, or online has been in company with the company before, and specifications that they are awesome to perform with. Even if you've never observed of an company, you can get a awesome concept about them by either asking around, or looking online. By writing the name into a online look for motor, you can identify what individuals everywhere have been saying about them. You can also evaluate out the organization's web page to c
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Discovery - Children Care Perfect
Giấc ngủ cho bé yêu nhà bạn cực kỳ quan trọng nó ảnh hưởng đến sự phát triển của bé sau này. Hiểu được điều đó Bibomart đưa ra các sản phẩm, phụ kiện mang đến cho bé yêu nhà bạn những giấc ngủ sâu, ngon, tốt cho sức khỏe của béSản phẩm giường 3 tầng Discovery mang tới những giải pháp tối ưu cho không gian hẹp, các con thân yêu có thể ngủ cùng phòng với bố mẹĐẶC TÍNH SẢN PHẨMGiường 03 tầng tiết kiệm diện tích và không gian cho gia đình.Thanh vạt : Sử dụng thanh vạt ngang cho mỗi tầng  Dùng được cho cả trẻ em và người lớn giới hạn 80
Disdain & Respct
I want to see teeth when I see disdain I want to see fists when I see A fight The fast time when I  know it will come to blows That flash that happens in a fight When you either  fight or run away Showing your teeth is a display of agression Now showing of teeth means something else   Has anyone been near a full grown  male chimp? When he shows you his teeth he is is pretty much going to bite your face off And roll you into a ball & hide you in a tree And eat you slowly Keeping the protein to himself  
dont i even matter will i ever in your mind you treat me like ive contacted something and the cure you can not find you look at me like i am death and you can catch it quick what have i ever done that makes me make you sick i try to show you i can heal but you dont seem to care i try to show im worth the love but still you wouldnt dare i want the chance to prove to you and now im asking please let me be the inaculation to take away this disease
Diseased (demon Part I)
It infects me still Raging through my blood Controlling my mind My body It started so simply As a common cold Then it became the flu Now. . . It burns within me Twisting, destroying As it takes over me Then it releases me for a moment . . . I look around I see for the first time The damage it has done And I weep . . . For I am diseased Diseased . . .
The Disease
The Disease Joey Carlton This is a story about a little boy. I will not tell you his name, but I will say that I know him very well...better than anyone else knows him. On the day that this story takes place, he was at a nursing home, I believe...or it may have been a funeral home, I'm not sure which, and I can't recall the name of the nursing home or funeral home, but neither can the little boy, who was, on the day that this story takes place, seven years old. The reason he was where ever he was was to say goodbye to his grandmother, who was still alive, but dying, none the less. She was about fifty-four years old, but she looked about ninety-four. He had never liked visiting his grandmother, because she scared him. His grandmother couldn't talk; she could only moan. And she was always twitching about madly, all over the place, saying, "Aaaghuuughaaaaagheeehaghugh." His grandfather told him that she hadn't always been like this, and that she had a disease that mad
Disease and pain No longer the same game Hopes and dreams gone in a second Spirits beckon Coughing and not keeping anything down Will I soon be under the ground? Calling your name but your off in another game I wish you would of stayed So maybe this time I wouldn't feel so played I'm glad I got this disease because now I don't have to see you with my niece I wish you would know but now I have to go No matter what or how ever many times I called you a SLUT I get a new life maybe this time without you in my sight maybe this time I'll be able to fight Once more I will say I finally get my wish
Disease Found Only In Third World, Makes Debut In United States
Medical professionals in South Texas have identified another disease that has apparently slipped across the border – caused by a rare brain worm that can be fatal and is being spread by unsanitary food-handling practices. Remember this the next time you go to any restaurant and see non-whites from the Third World preparing YOUR food! ____________________________________________________ INVASION USA Rare brain worms latest border disease Fatal disease found in developing countries with poor hygiene habits hits South Texas Posted: January 13, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2007 Medical professionals in South Texas have identified another disease that has apparently slipped across the border – caused by a rare brain worm that can be fatal and is being spread by unsanitary food-handling practices. While not yet classified as a "major outbreak," several cases of cysticercosis have been id
Dis Es A Dark Day For Deh Good Cherriez Yarly
Deh pak of top cherrie cheeterz are winning yarly. Good peeplez r gettin hurt fo sho. Meh hope 1 day dey will stop yarly but dey will have 2 get deeleted befo dat day eva happen! If dis madness continuuez meh will reveel mah true self and fite dem all 4 sho! And dey do not want 2 c deh devil no wai. Me pwnd lotsa n00bz yarly! hoot! =(^_^)=
Disenfranchised (a Matter For The Courts)
Disenfranchised. Once again standing at the presapiss of my own indecisiveness. I watch and learn and repeat the same mistakes. Dare not pass judgement onto me, I have passed it myself. Complete with the regrets I'll wake up with tomarro. But I live as I am. Scaveging on the world around my undug grave. I shall survive. If the wish me to or not. But then again. Here I am, a faded image. Here I am, the peice of trash u never pick up. Floating around the bedroom floor. But then again.... My doing is my own. Disenfranchised. I.R.M. 02/13/07
i cry out to you my tears splash across your face but im not there, when i look into your eyes, it's like im nowhere you hide behind your lies building walls that i despise. you say "i love you" just 3 words 8 letters that i fight cuz when i hear your words slur i know that i'm right you're drunk again i can smell it on your breath, the poison drips down your chin and i hate you, 3 words couldn't be more true because im leaving this place, gotta take a step forward if you wanna win the race but tonight im drowning in a pool of my own sorrow maybe i'll wake up refreshed, wake up to a better tomorrow, tonight i'll picture pain i'll paint it with my blood, a self-portriat dramatic and morbid but the odds of you finding any appreciation is too slim, i'll keep my outlook grim.
Disease Of Your Affection
Don't lie to make me happy I don't need a tainted charm Your false feelings Bring emotional harm I am afraid of loneliness Our love no longer true But I can stand alone Without leaning on you Disease of your affection Penetrating me Your love like a virus Attacking violently Not to worry, I'll be fine I'll make it through the day But when tomorrow comes I'll have the courage to walk away
The Disease
The body is weak The chemicals are strong Her body is scared By tracks in her arm What is this world she tries to escape Why is her will to live so weak Where is that strength we must have inside Why does she constantly throw life aside She's surrounded by love and friends she can't see I lay awake at night wondering how can I be How can I be that friend to her How can I be that strong influence for her How can I be the one to show the world to her What is this disease that haunt's my friend What can she do to bring it to an end She needs to see her beautiful soul inside She needs to realize the love she hides The world is waiting for something to happen The world is waiting for her to be happy
You are the one disease For which there is no pill You bring me to my knees And bend me to your will I just can't get enough My heart is on the floor Addicted to your love Can't wait to get some more You infect my heart With every single beat Just finish what you start Girl I'm begging please If this is all a dream Please don't wake me up Just let me stay asleep Let my eyes stay shut I don't want to know If you're just fantasy Dont think I can let go Cause you are the best disease
Dis Eez For Ma Hunnie
Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You I love you in the morning and in the afternoon I love u in the evening Underneath the moon Skeeramaninkadink kadink Skeeramaninkidoo I love You I love You I love you!! Boop Boo Boopoo Beedoooo Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
Disecting A Downrater...
I wonder what makes them tick. What makes them so hostile that they spend every ounce of their time trying to bring down others? I don't have down raters very often but the few I have had, I have paid attention too. I had one lady who had to have weighed like 250lbs. I had one who didn't even have a real picture was a cartoon charecter. I had another who had only one pic and was nice one minute/ bitter the next. Well this blog is in Honor of all those downraters. I have finally concluded that every last one of them has absolutely miserable lives and they feel like blaming everyone else for their problems and taking it out on them. Repeat after me...." I am in control of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions." What is it going to take to make all these bitter people realize that life is a blessing no matter what is going on. That no matter how they feel about themselves...ALL people are beautiful. Size doesn't matter, ethniticity doesn't matter, age doesn't matter. We
Curing diseases may be a projection of your benevolence for the world. Many of us want to feel as though we are good people who have something to contribute. Disease and the cure thereof allow us to feel power to influence the outcome of other's lives. Getting a disease could be revealing of a self-defeating lifestyle choice if the disease creates a particular handicap. If the disease is transmitted from a particular person, you may be ambivalent about their influence in your life. If the affliction holds taboo quality, for example, AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease, there may be internal anxiety about the moral quality of your life. Getting a disease can also reflect a fear that is either rational (family history) or irrational (news story as trigger event). Is the disease peculiar in that it is only apparent to certain persons or only comes over you in the presence of certain others? The body often symbolizes the emotional content of relationships. Are you embarrassed
Disease Spreading By Illegal Aliens
Remember this when you go out for FOOD If you travel into the Third World such as Mexico, Central and South America, you will notice that while visiting a bathroom there is a box for used toilet paper in the corner and no soap or paper towels at the lavatory. The sewage systems can not handle toilet paper so it is a habit to throw it in the box provided which is open to flies and cockroaches. Additionally, for most Third World people, washing hands is non existent. Today, in California, Florida, Georgia and spreading to other states across the nation, recent arrivals are so accustomed to throwing their used toilet paper into boxes, they throw it into trash cans. Whether they work at the counter or chopping tomatoes, they often do not wash their hands. Thousands carry head lice, leprosy, tuberculosis and hepatitis A, B, and C. Currently in 2007, an estimated 1,000,000 illegal aliens cross America's southern borders annually while avoiding a health screening. They ar
Disembodied Voices
In the valley where technology thrives People are dying Like a decaying corpses Rotting Stench so rancid It curls the nose Disembodied voices scream To be heard Who will hear them? What became of community? What became of friendship? What became of intimacy? What became of marriage? What became of relationships? What became of our voice? What became of our choice? Our choice, your choice, Everyone’s choice? Do those relationships exist today? Did they ever really exist? Are they relics of the past?
I'll take the blame So you don't have to feel ashamed. I'll hide your pain So deep that you won't feel a thing. [chorus:] As I hold you I'm drowning too. I'll hide my tears To help you through. But inside I'm screaming for some healing, Never felt so empty and I'm telling you it's slowly killing me. Pleading for some meaning, I need to know there's something more to living than this horrible disease. I'll block it out, The screams that fill my mind with doubt. Pleas quiet down, I need you to be calm, not shout. [chorus] Calm wash it down, to help you take it easy, To keep your heart from freezing Just for now. Calm wash it down, to help you take it easy, To keep your heart from freezing Just for now. Screaming for some healing, Never felt so empty and I'm telling you it's slowly killing me. Pleading for some meaning, I need to know there's something more to living than this horrible disease.
A Disease Close To My Heart
Diseater Of The Heart
can you phathom the thought of the earthquake caused by my tears but it seems im the only one who can feel the tremors dont worry im the only natural disaster that doesnt come with a price tag only sour grapes take the edge off like that song we sung out loud while the passing crowds gawked the smiles crep from my platelates and the mountin of my heart has grown again
I was working a club in Illinois this weekend, and right next door was this really nasty strip club. Normally I love places like that, but the girls here looked so skinny and undernourished that I wanted to tip them with food. There's something wrong with having a strip club where if you actually get to sleep with one of the dancers... you'd still have to fantasize about somebody else. Most nudie bars somehow always have a girl named 'Mercedes', this one only had a 'Kia.' I don't have a lot of money, but still wanted to look like a big shot, so I started throwing nickels at them. They asked - "What are you doing?" I'm making it hail. And the saddest part - I had just seen the movie 'Enchanted' - where the fairy tale princess comes to the real world looking for her prince and finds that life isn't always flowers and puppy dogs. I realized that this one dancer looked exactly like the princess... if she had failed in her quest, worked her way down the ladder, lost a couple tee
The Disease No One's Talking About.
Hepatitis C: The disease no one's talking about Hepatitis C: The disease no one's talking about ALAN GUSTAFSON The Statesman Journal The disease is a 'silent epidemic' that is getting little public attention, state official says Ann Shindo takes to task the federal government for failing to confront hepatitis C in Oregon and across the country. "Remember when Reagan didn't say AIDS? That's where we are with hep C," said Shindo, the coordinator of viral hepatitis prevention for the Oregon Department of Human Services. "It's (like) 1988, pal, and no one's talking about hep C. "We have four times as many people nationwide living with hep C as HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and we have no federal funds and state funds to address this epidemic." The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 2 percent of all Americans, more than 4 million people, are infected with hepatitis C. I
The Disease No One Is Talking About (ty Desa)
Hepatitis C: The disease no one's talking about ALAN GUSTAFSON The Statesman Journal The disease is a 'silent epidemic' that is getting little public attention, state official says Ann Shindo takes to task the federal government for failing to confront hepatitis C in Oregon and across the country. "Remember when Reagan didn't say AIDS? That's where we are with hep C," said Shindo, the coordinator of viral hepatitis prevention for the Oregon Department of Human Services. "It's (like) 1988, pal, and no one's talking about hep C. "We have four times as many people nationwide living with hep C as HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and we have no federal funds and state funds to address this epidemic." The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 2 percent of all Americans, more than 4 million people, are infected with hepatitis C. It kills about 10,000 people per year. Each year, there are anywhere
You are the one disease For which there is no pill You bring me to my knees And bend me to your will I just can't get enough My heart is on the floor Addicted to your love Can't wait to get some more You infect my heart With every single beat Just finish what you start 'Girl I'm begging please If this is all a dream Please don't wake me up Just let me stay asleep Let my eyes stay shut I don't want to know If you're just fantasy Dont think I can let go Cause you are the best disease
Disease--matchbox 20
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The Disease No One's Talking About....
Hepatitis C: The disease no one's talking about Hepatitis C: The disease no one's talking about ALAN GUSTAFSON The Statesman Journal The disease is a 'silent epidemic' that is getting little public attention, state official says Ann Shindo takes to task the federal government for failing to confront hepatitis C in Oregon and across the country. "Remember when Reagan didn't say AIDS? That's where we are with hep C," said Shindo, the coordinator of viral hepatitis prevention for the Oregon Department of Human Services. "It's (like) 1988, pal, and no one's talking about hep C."  We have four times as many people nationwide living with hep C as HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and we have no federal funds and state funds to address this epidemic." The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 2 percent of all Americans, more than 4 million people, are infected with hepatitis C. It kills about 10,000 people per year. Ea
Disembabyment: How Our Babies Were Taken For Adoption
"Adoption is not about unwanted children. It is about unwanted mothers." If you are like most people, you may believe that adoption begins with a mother wanting and choosing to GIVE AWAY her baby. This is what the adoption industry wants you to believe. And in most cases, NOTHING could be further from the truth. A Trackers International survey of 1000 natural mothers found that 97.7% were coerced into surrendering against their will. We are women who WANTED to keep our babies. But because of factors such as being single, ill, young, and/or just vulnerable to family and agency pressures, our babies were taken from us by force, coecion, and lies. Some of us were still drugged from childbirth when social workers or lawyers demanded our signatures. Others of us never signed - our own parents signed away our children. Others were told that we would not be allowed to see our babies until we signed the papers. Others were told we would be responsible for hospital bills of thousan
I have become so enchanted with all those around They used to be such good friends We used to talk and have so much fun And we were the talk of the town Times have changed and so have we all We climbed up so high we had to fall Yeah I tried to save us from this And feel like its time to move it on Down the road I don't know where it'll take me And i don't care cause at least I will be free I hope they find the something or someone who makes them smile And I will pray for them all the while There's been so many things going on And should have been fixed But now that time is gone So I say so long Maybe it's what I helped to be wrong I ignored it at first Dying for that thirst I forgot that life is land When you are drowning In pain and hate Ohhh ohh life is love Love is great All the things we forget to appreciate I offer myself to prayer So that none of us knows again that despair So save us all and keep this in your heart And don't let the great things f
I had a dream that I was a doctor on an operating table and I was looking inside my own body. I cut myself open and peeled back my flesh to see what was inside. Then I cut open the rib cage. It was all there lungs liver kidneys ect. All of it in pretty decent shape. Then there was the heart, or lack there of. In it's place was nothing. Everyone else was shocked and horrified thinking it had been stolen but the me in the mask looked calmly and said no folks this is why we're disecting him. This is the man without a heart. He had one one time but over the years of break and repair it finally shattered to dust. This man somehow lived without a heart. Sad to think he lived without love. But such a creature is incapable. All well, at least his fate finally came and his torment at an end Here is a modern day frankenstein monster, more a monstrostity than a man.
  Curing diseases may be a projection of your benevolence for the world. Many of us want to feel as though we are good people who have something to contribute. Disease and the cure thereof allow us to feel power to influence the outcome of other's lives. Getting a disease could be revealing of a self-defeating lifestyle choice if the disease creates a particular handicap. If the disease is transmitted from a particular person, you may be ambivalent about their influence in your life. If the affliction holds taboo quality, for example, AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease, there may be internal anxiety about the moral quality of your life. Getting a disease can also reflect a fear that is either rational (family history) or irrational (news story as trigger event). Is the disease peculiar in that it is only apparent to certain persons or only comes over you in the presence of certain others? The body often symbolizes the emotional content of relationships. Are you embarrassed
You are the one diseaseFor which there is no pillYou bring me to my kneesAnd bend me to your willI just can't get enoughMy heart is on the floorAddicted to your loveCan't wait to get some moreYou infect my heartWith every single beatJust finish what you start'Girl I'm begging pleaseIf this is all a dreamPlease don't wake me upJust let me stay asleepLet my eyes stay shutI don't want to knowIf you're just fantasyDont think I can let goCause you are the best disease
Diseased African Monkeys Used To Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents
To most people, vaccines sound medically harmless. “They’re good for you!” say the doctors and drug companies, but they never really talk about what’s in those vaccines. There’s a good reason for that: If people knew what was really in those vaccines, they would never allow themselves to be injected with them. Aside from the dangerous ingredients many people already know about (like squalene or thimerosal), one of the key ingredients used in flu vaccines (including the vaccines being prepared for the swine flu pandemic) is the diseased flesh of African Green Monkeys. This is revealed in U.S. patent No. 5911998 – Method of producing a virus vaccine from an African green monkey kidney cell line. (…) As this patent readily explains, ingredients used in the vaccine are derived from the kidneys of African Green Monkeys who are first infected with the virus, then allowed to fester the disease, and then are killed
Diseases Of Life
A good friend of mine, who I met online and have stayed in contact with for years, IM'ed me this morning asking if I was religious. It was a little of an odd question, but then again I have odd friends. I told him I had my own views of religion and faith, but that I did not associate with any one organized religious belief system. He then asked me if I prayed and I do sometimes. I asked him why. Apparently his father has been diagnosed with cancer, Lymphoma to be exact. It nearly broke my heart to hear that. I would have given him a big comforting hug if he didn't live in Kansas lol. But I gave him what comfort I could through words and thoughts and will continue to do so as much as I can. I do know a little what he is going through. As odd as this may sound, I'm glad it's a disease that his father has a chance of getting rid of. Not many people are in the same boat. My father has been diagnosed with MS, which is Multiple Sclerosis for those of you who don't know what that stands for.
Where do you run? Where do you go? What are you supposed to do? When you are killing yourself Inside out I know I can win I can beat my body But I am not safe In my own skin Please body, please Don’t let me down today Not today Will I be weak? Is death in three years? Or three days? You take away my hair You steal my freedom You seize my innocence And possibly my future But you cannot take my hope I have faith But inside my failing body I wonder silently How can they rescue me From myself?
Disease Curing diseases may be a projection of your benevolence for the world. Many of us want to feel as though we are good people who have something to contribute. Disease and the cure thereof allow us to feel power to influence the outcome of other's lives. Getting a disease could be revealing of a self-defeating lifestyle choice if the disease creates a particular handicap. If the disease is transmitted from a particular person, you may be ambivalent about their influence in your life. If the affliction holds taboo quality, for example, AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease, there may be internal anxiety about the moral quality of your life. Getting a disease can also reflect a fear that is either rational (family history) or irrational (news story as trigger event). Is the disease peculiar in that it is only apparent to certain persons or only comes over you in the presence of certain others? The body often symbolizes the emotional content of relationships.
I must say who invite a woman into thier life knowing they have children involved should be shot if they don't like kids. Why not 1st get to know yourself (your likes & dislikes) learn how to properly provide for yourself then get involved if you still feel its right.   I am so feeling burned right now its not funny.  If i have 1 more pretender just out for a quick roll in the hey i'll go postal.
Diseases You Don't Want
If you have had warts on your hand then you know how embarrassing it is. Nail fungus has the same effect on you. There are many exterior diseases that cause embarrassment to the affect person. I know a young woman at Wal-Mart who has that disease where the skin is has red blotches on the face, arms and body. Her face is covered with those red blotches and it‘s not flattering. I would suspect she had to endure teasing about it all her life. Here are some embarrassing diseases you may be aware of BlastFM where internet music comes alive for a good time. Give us a listen 24/7. You will dig us
Disease Of Your Affection...
    don't lie to make me happy i don't need a tainted charm your false feelings bring emotional harm i am afraid of loneliness our love no longer true but can i stand alone without leaning on you disease of your affection penetrating me your beauty like a virus attacking violently not to worry, ill be fine i'll make it through the day but when tomorrow comes i'll have the courage to walk away 
Disease by Kenneth Matlock on Friday, March 30, 2012 at 3:42pm ·  When it lays in utter ease With me it will never please I do not want that which comes over short seas   I alone crawl inside my skin Under and in filled with sin What do you see, something not so kin   What is it you want with me? What inside do you really see? Do you think that in the end we will ever be?   Maybe you don't, maybe you do You'll find it will leave you oh so blue The wretched thoughts cling to your mind as glue   Without them you crumble inside Like a bitch along for the ride What will make these feelings subside?   Nothing.   It's the way we live, poisoned within Though the poison is the nectar of men It will fuel your every desire You'll see me there, always waiting, watching again.
Diseños De Fibra De Vidrio Para Duchas
También conocido como cabinas de ducha de fibra de vidrio, no sólo estos recintos mejorar el aspecto de las duchas o bañeras, pero el conjunto del cuarto de baño también, por lo que es animado con un llamamiento atractivo. Fibra de vidrio es muy suave y resistente a los arañazos, como resultado de lo cual, no se raya fácilmente o raspado. Esto evita que el agua se derrame en el piso del baño y salpicaduras en las paredes y los espejos y, además, que no presenten fugas. Casi todos ellos tienen bandejas de fibra de vidrio de ducha con pisos antideslizantes, que se suma a su mayor resistencia y durabilidad. También puede encontrar algunos de estos recintos con una función de toalleros, así como varios estantes, que son grandes para el almacenamiento de accesorios como barras de jabón, champús, exfoliantes, etc.-grifos ducha Diseños disponibles para Cajas Recintos de fibra de vidrio de ducha están disponibles en una variedad de diseños y estilos para que coincida con el esti
Diseñadores De Moda Y Ropa Ecológica
Eco-friendly ropa es un término que ha llegado a ser de uso común en los últimos diez años, y este uso es el resultado de la reciente investigación científica intensiva que ha estado produciendo evidencia que nosotros los terrícolas que cambiar nuestros hábitos de vida. En cada momento de nuestras vidas, estamos viendo productos cambiados o modificados para cumplir con normas ambientales más estrictas.-abrigos de mujer En la moda, también estamos viendo ese cambio. Los consumidores de hoy son mucho más conscientes de la exposición a los productos químicos y los hábitos derrochadores del pasado. Por eso, muchos diseñadores de moda son mucho más conscientes de los tejidos que están utilizando para sus diseños. Así que muchas de las telas que todos daban por sentado que en el pasado tienen un lado oscuro real para ellos. Los materiales sintéticos, las fibras hechas por el hombre por lo general derivados del petróleo, se ha demostrado en muchos casos a causar irritaciones de
Diseñado Para La Evaluación Iphone5 Build Audio Jbl De La Nueva Base
Audio para el Hogar no tiene cuántos años, pero es un tipo completamente diferente de escuchar con audio y Hi-Fi multimedia tradicionales productos de audio. Situado en el uso exquisito de audio para el hogar vida en el hogar, y nos permite la libertad de disfrutar de la música en cualquier momento que desee. Función de Audio para el hogar en general muy adecuado para nuestras vidas a considerar, es actualmente el Bluetooth estéreo doméstico y la interfaz de iPhone especial los dos tipos existen. Con el iPhone5 para el cambio de interfaz de acople inferior, causado por un rayo interfaz actualmente no tiene demasiado sonido mucho puede ser adaptado y compatibilidad de audio Bluetooth ventaja de tener un buen desarrollo.-moviles libres baratos IPhone5 lanzamiento con un período de tiempo, el nuevo sonido emerge gradualmente. Como veterano fabricante de audio, JBL ha sido centrarse en el uso de la demanda de los consumidores y las interfaces actuales Lightning autorizados y
Why now? It feels too little to late. You can't feed me your lies,  about literature and likes. "I'll read it all tomorrow."  Tomorrow never comes, though... Just promises that it will. So I dream alone,  and that's okay. In the end, its just me anyways.
Disfunctional Family
In the begining I was new to it all. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and actually the whole idea was pretty silly to me. Then I started hanging out with them more and more and I realized why they are called a family. They are not your typical family, they dont live together, hell most dont even live in the same state, but that never seemed to matter. They loved each other like brothers and sisters, I knew about their kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives. They knew more about me then my realy family knew about me. They were my internet family. A group of friends that were always here for each other no matter what happened. Well something happened that we forgot to take into consideration. Time happened. We have real lives, real families, real jobs. We cant spend our days on the computer and stay up all night talking to each other. In the begining all you think about is each other you are so excited and all you want to do is be there to talk to them, afraid you
i couldn't just let it be, let it stay a beautiful thing. i had to fuck it up with thought. and now every time i look, it's become so ugly to me, so hideous i have to turn my head, pretend i never saw the burns, the incessant blisters, and all by my own doing. horrified, i'm sitting close to you. unknowingly turning the volume up on all of my tells. and how you stay so oblivious, i'll never understand. horrid excuse for poetry, horrid excuse for stolen glances.
D Is For The Draft Issue
During the last presidential election, some Democrats argued that the re-election of Pres. Bush would lead to a new draft of young people so to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. They believed that this may influence youth voters (18-30 year olds) and their parents to vote for Sen. Kerry. Well it didn't much. Only 17% of the youth vote turned out in vote on election day. This is the same percentage as in the 2000 presidential race. The military draft was a non-issue because there was no real chance of it being used. Pres. Bush couldn't enact the draft because he doesn't have the constitutional power to do so. Article I-Section 8-Powers 11, 12 and 14 of the US Constitution grants the powers to raise an army, navy and militia to the Congress. The President is only the head civilian leader of the military as the Commander-in Chief as stated in Article II-Section 2. If Bush tried to act like he had that power, then the US Supreme Court and US Congress are constitutionally bond to stop him w
Disfigured Objects Or People
We are used to the modern proverb it's all screwed up as a metaphor for situations and relationships that fail to meet our expectations. Dreams of this nature often reflect our verbalization of people or things that fail to fulfill our needs. How many disfigured people or objects you encounter in your dream is an indication of what facets of your life are not meeting your expectations. Can you ascertain how the object or person came to be disfigured? Does the disfigured object continue to work, or does the disfigured person seem unaware of what you are seeing?
Disfigured Bald Eagle
ST. MARIES, Idaho - She has been named Beauty, though this eagle is anything but. Part of Beauty's beak was shot off several years ago, leaving her with a stump that is useless for hunting food. A team of volunteers is working to attach an artificial beak to the disfigured bird, in an effort to keep her alive. "For Beauty it's like using only one chopstick to eat. It can't be done" said biologist Jane Fink Cantwell, who operates a raptor recovery center in this Idaho Panhandle town. "She has trouble drinking. She can't preen her feathers. That's all about to change." Cantwell has spent the past two years assembling a team to design and build an artificial beak. They plan to attach it to Beauty next month. With the beak, the 7-year-old bald eagle could live to the age of 50, although not in the wild. "She could not survive in the wild without human intervention," Cantwell said. The 15-pound eagle was found in 2005 scrounging for food and slowly starving to death at a landfill
Who actually puts the "func" in disfunctional? (Man of the Year) Robin williams as Tom Dobbs 12:20pm June 06....When I saw it.
Disfigured Objects Or People
Disfigured Objects or People   We are used to the modern proverb it's all screwed up as a metaphor for situations and relationships that fail to meet our expectations. Dreams of this nature often reflect our verbalization of people or things that fail to fulfill our needs. How many disfigured people or objects you encounter in your dream is an indication of what facets of your life are not meeting your expectations. Can you ascertain how the object or person came to be disfigured? Does the disfigured object continue to work, or does the disfigured person seem unaware of what you are seeing?
Disgaea - Sexy Pleinair Picture Go check it out and rate it. She's awesome there and that whole picture rules. Admit it!
Disgaea - Etna & Flonne Schoolgirls ( Demon & Angel ) If you do check it out, rate it and leave a comment! Check around for more, too, so you can see them in their normal outfits. =p
Disgaea - Angel Etna & Demon Flonne (switched Outfits)
Disgaea Ii: Cursed Memories Opening Movie
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A Disgusting Lil Joke!
A guy is in a bar with a bunch of his friends. After a while of shooting pool and drinking, he whispers something to his friends. A few minutes later he walks over to the bartender and asks for a shot of tequila. After he takes the shot he says to the bartender,'' I'd like to make a bet with you.'' The bartender replies, ''Sure I'm in a betting mood.'' So the man bets the bartender $1,000 that he can piss in the shot glass placed all the way across the room and fill it up and not spill a drop. The bartender says, ''I'll take that bet.'' So the man walks to the other side of the room and places the shot glass down. He goes back to the bartender and starts pissing. He doesn't even get a drop in. He pisses all over the place. In the bartender's face, all over the barstools and everything. After he was done pissing, the bartender laughed and said, ''You owe me $1,000.'' The man paid the money with a big smile on his face. The bartender asked, ''How come you're so happy?'' The man
The Disgusting Truth:
You should learn how to speak respectfully to a lady, asshole. You disgust me. (The Respectable "Cinnamon Julie" sentiments:) Babii gurl learn some etiquette for urself and maybe then U will understand what respect is...Be E-Z yungin.....Muah!!
Disgaea 1 - Flonne & Etna
Disgaea - Flonne & Etna Clothes Reversed
Disgaea Schoolgirls
Disgaea Flonne Lingerie
Disgaea Pleinair Kimono
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Disgaea Ii - Yukimaru
Disgaea Ii - Sexy Warrior Guy
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Disgaea Ii - Etna
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Disgaea Ii Sexy Beast Mistress
Disgusting, But Halarious!!!
Through Anguish I find serenity with anger I find fault and misery throughout mankinds defiance and self gratification I find ignorance unjust yet we stand aside oblivious blinded bye what we see blackened and despaired our hearts to grieve such a loss is horrendous yet to forget losses much more ignorance and demonic I say unto thee Thirty Two dead is sad Hundreds who die in the call of duty to me that truly is a price burden upon my own soul for when do we have such a day where we remain in stealth for the dead memorial day I think not.. no silence there no honor of those who truly died or are wounded not all of us fly OUR NATIONS flag among that day
Disgruntaled Ct Addict
The Contests of Contests.B.G.D.'s vs. Lovingman.We held the lead by 2,000 points the entire way but lost it today.Traitorous Loyalty or lack of it,caused this Defeat.It's my Appinion that Ct Corporate controls the outcome of these friggin contests.The errors u sometimes get at the most inoperative time is just to regular to be accidental.As I have commenting Bombing down pat.There all fixed.Just like my Morph contest that was Fixed at well.Can't prove non of it,just Gut Feeling.But I know it was. Hopefully I can get back into leaveing comments for my morning rounds.I also will be Deleeteing up to 200 Traitors whom came to my Cof from either the L.D.C or Club F.A.R..All friend Requests will be put on hold,as well.All Family members if u don't have a Morph pic yet an if u want one let me know.I'd rather have everyone with a wolf Morph.Shame I join'd club F.A.R,I'd rather not be affilleated with any organization here on the Tap,to tell the truth.I'd rather have just 50 friends,no call f
Disgruntal Workers
Do you have a co-worker that you just can't stand. One that really just irritates the poo out of you? That one that is so super duper sweet that she will do anything for you? But there is just one thing...they have really bad breath and just has to talk to you up close and personal and right over your shoulder. Then there is the one that has to have everything their way. Even though you have been doing things the same way for the past twelve years, she comes in and has to change things her way. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!! Help...I am in a nightmare that won't end!!!!!!!!111
Disgruntled Once Again
Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Disgruntled once again Today seemed to be the day of ranting in my world. What started off strange even in my slumber seemed to roll painstakingly into place upon my awaking. Every little thing seemed to keep me on the edge I was balancing so unsteadily upon. Is there an exclamation to not being into the mushy love that oozes out of peoples pores on Valentine's day? For Christmas that would be "bah humbug" so what is the exclamation for Valentine's day? Whatever it may be, it definitely needs to be added to my vocabulary stat. I am sure that I'm not alone on this feeling, thus explaining the sign of a local bar advertising the celebration of their Anti-Valentine's day party on February 14th. It's an excuse to muster up some stale emotions that have been sitting in the corner collecting dust inside your heart. I say get out the Swiffer, and rid yourself of those emotions with one steady movement. Should this day be the neutral day to feign
Disgruntled Waitress.
I'm a disgruntled waitress, I've served your food, I've filled your drinks, I walk past to assure your doing good, I bother you to care for you correctly, I have a family too you know, I have three children, and a husband at home, I don't come here for your pleasure, I don't come here for my own, I need to bring home money, to help raise my small family, You've laughed at my mistakes, You've sworn at me, and tossed your food, I've tried my damndest to please you here, It's not my buisness your day was sour, It's not my fault you argued with your spouse, Or that you had a bad day at work, I can't help you woke up on the wrong side of bed, I can't change that you've come in angry, The steak I brought you was under or overdone, I didn't cook it, blame it on another someone, I quit my job a few months go, I couldn't handle the reality that people are mean, Now that my family is broke, I think I need to work again, How
~ Disgrace~
There are moments in this life where at times a I feel a whisper .. A wind.. Maybe its an emotion .. I feel thirsty and its a deep core thirst for something I cant ever seem to find .. Whenever I get that feeling I am usualy found surrounded by books and a cup Of tea In my hand .. Most of the friends who come into my home .. Notice 2 things .. I have ten Million wine racks full of amazing wines .. And more books then anyone has ever seen .. I cant help it .. They both have a smell and a flavor I crave almost daily In any case .. Tonight I was reading some amazing Gibran works .. Most people stop at the prophet .. But infact he hasd many many works worth reading .. I was reading some Gibran and OSHO and I was lost in thought .. Its amazing how one word .. One phrase can lead your mind tumbling down a rabbit hole .. I often wonde if it is this that confuses the way I think so often .. I had many things stop my mind tonight I think spontaneity is all encompassing.. And close I think to mo
What is wrong with people. You tell them that you dont want to talk to them and they throw shit in your face that you said when you were drunk. They say you cheated on them when actually thats not true at all. Its quite opposite, he cheated on ME! But I am done with that stupid rediculous phase of my life. I have moved on. Nothing good came of it other than lessons learned. NEVER TRUST THE ONE YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD TRUST THE MOST. they will send you to hell and back over and over again. Other than that things are going great in my life right now. I am staying strong and not going back to the past. All it is, is a horrible memory. Work is going great right now. In fact I just got off work bout an hour ago. The hotel party kicked ass, I had an unexpected visitor but he made me very very happy......and satisfied. The best yet. LMAO. He is so fucking sexy. LOL. My very own bad boy. And when I say i mean in a very good way. Memories that will stay with me for a long long t
well, i post my first mumm quite innocently and was instantly innudated with a string of offensive crude comments. i had asked whether men prefer bitchy girls or nice ones. i get a few kind comments but mainly guys inviting me to suck their dicks. gee thanks, but i'd rather shove a porcupine down my throat. i was told this place was full of really cool laid back people , however i am starting to seriously doubt this assertion. it's funny how people magically get the gumption to say nasty things when they can hide behind a computer screen. i guess i've learned my first lesson here- always make mumms frinds only.
Gas prices are getting WAY out of hand now. I just spent $50 on gas and got about 3/4 of a tank of gas. It was just over "e" to start, light wasn't on yet, and ended up just below full. $4.00 per gallon its just crazy. Mind you, I only drive a Mazda 6, thank God I don't have my Equinox anymore I'd have to get a 2nd job just for gas money. GRRRR Just had to vent, thanks for reading!
the neocunt biblefucker McCunt picks a woman to be a VP. This woman is an unknown. And these assholes did it to spite Clinton. Neocunts have turned politics into HS Drama baby bullshit
anyone watch the new 90210? Were you disgusted as I was? not one plot as the original. All different plots
Disgusted With People
i help people with their leveling all the time but when i need help there is noone to be found to help me especially a couple of ppl i know that i was there for and they never help, some ppl are so effed up. i am so tired of crap, thanks to certain ppl i doubt i will help anymore. My points hardly moved in a month. what kind of friends do i have? I know 2 ppl that help me the most. thanks yall
Master stood and looked at His treasurer, at His rose. The girl that lay before Him, naked, covered in a soft twilight, reflecting from the moon's electric light. He looks, she sleeps. She sleeps, peacefully and contently. But it was morning and Master was not happy. The way that He saw it was that He was standing there with a cup of coffee that He had brewed. Lazy wench He thinks, she knows the rules. As part of her service, she gets up and tends to Master's needs, and that includes the early morning coffee. He stands there, He twitches, He gets cross because He sees His girl asleep, whilst He has been up and alone. His night had been broken, through very bad sleep, His football team had had a succession of losses. He was grumpy and irritable and because His girl had not awoken to His presence, which in turn, intensified His position. He stood in the doorway with coffee for two. The aroma filled the bedroom, His delicate treasure began to stir. He progressively moved forward,
I am sooooo thoroughly disgusted at some close "friends" right now it's not even funny! I've been off doing my good deeds, accepting requests, buying drinks, showing love TO OTHERS all the while stewing MADLY over some SHIT. Well... really I've had it. I do stuff for others cuz I WANT TO and to HELP out... NEVER do I ask for ANYTHING in return. However, common curteousy goes a LONG WAY with me. If you say you're going to do something THEN DO IT. But... I guess it's just too easy to get caught up in the rate game, the leveling game... and forgetting the words you speak and who your TRUE friends are. Forgetting and foregoing GREED and POPULARITY contests... yes, apparently that is TOO MUCH to ask! Well... I'm done!! If you're taking this to heart, then I guess this is for you. Thank you's are great, but walk the walk if you talk the talk!!! If not... keep your mouth shut! You know... I've had more "new friends" rate my stuff than ANY of my SO CALLED friends or f
Master stood and looked at His treasurer, at His rose. The girl that lay before Him, naked, covered in a soft twilight, reflecting from the moon's electric light. He looks, she sleeps. She sleeps, peacefully and contently. But it was morning and Master was not happy. The way that He saw it was that He was standing there with a cup of coffee that He had brewed. Lazy wench He thinks, she knows the rules. As part of her service, she gets up and tends to Master's needs, and that includes the early morning coffee. He stands there, He twitches, He gets cross because He sees His girl asleep, whilst He has been up and alone. His night had been broken, through very bad sleep, His football team had had a succession of losses. He was grumpy and irritable and because His girl had not awoken to His presence, which in turn, intensified His position. He stood in the doorway with coffee for two. The aroma filled the bedroom, His delicate treasure began to stir. He progressively moved forward,
Lyrics | Atreyu - At Least I Know I'm A Sinner lyrics
Disgusting Little Boys
You disgusting, egomaniacal pigs, Cheating on your wives & girlfriends E V E R Y F U C K I N G C H A N C E Y O U G E T, STAY AWAY FROM ME. Seriously, do I have a "I'm a whore" sticker on my forehead? Uhh, that would be a no. Actually, a HELL no. Trying to play off being a "friend" just for sex? Playing games to get into my pants? Seriously? GROW UP. If you're not getting something from who you're with, BREAK UP WITH THEM, FFS. Be single. Why is this such a hard concept? You lowlifes are stocking up on Karma, I'm telling you. When little boys play with matches, They get fuckin burned. And that's what you are you cheating bastards. Little Boys. Ugh. -REL
Once Again.......I Was Right About RJ Cheating, I guess my instincts were right....even though i hoped i was wrong..but... once turns out...that my cousin and good friend (kayla)...tho i did not ask them too..and for once i behaved (miracle i know)and i'm not saying they were right to do this but...they figured payback was a bitch...for what RJ did to me again...and they knew i should probably know the truth and I did want the truth but would have rather heard it from him. I think in any relationship..if one wants out..they should be might hurt..but it is so much easier to heal if you hear the truth.... Anywayz... they gathered up some things they could find easily, since his new gf is into drama as RJ is apparently....and she spammed it all over the net that they have been together since Sept (around the 17th) ...yet he was engaged to me...did not leave me till middle of October...(amazing huh?) at least now i know the truth but, one thing i am asking is
Guys like this one make it very hard for good ones. Because we have to pick up the pieces. Nyte aka Tony, you need to get off your ass and stop doing this to women. And for the one who just took him back, you must like the treatment he gives you.
Disgusted With Veteran Healthcare
I am completely infuriated about the healthcare that US Military Veterans are receiving as of late. It really disturbs me how they are treated and handled with such blatant inconsideration. For example, I have seen nurses mistreat veterans on several occasions, man-handle and verbally brutalize them. It sickens me beyond belief. They are shown absolutely no respect as a person, let alone the veteran that they are. Furthermore, the treatment my husband has been receiving (or rather, lack thereof) at Jerry L. Pettis Veterans Memorial Hospital is in such disregard of what they should be doing that it is deplorable! The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, for starters. They have several doctors set up to see the Veterans. That is all well and good, but when you are seeing several doctors for the same problem, this is where it becomes plaintive. My husband has been going to the VA for the last two years for orthopedic reasons. Both of his knees are in crucial need
Disgusting Factoids About Me
I have had a week before showers I pick my toenails, then they lay around the house Sometimes I pick at my nails, then my finger bleeds like crazy, and I drip the blood all over as a joke Once I smeared blood on my face like war paint in the shower I pee in the shower    
You know what really just pisses me off and gets under my skin?!..Is the people in the place I live have the courage to murder a man that has fought for their freedom. This man of honor was murdered and stuffed in his own trunk! It disgust me that someone could actually do that to him, or anyone at that matter. The man was a fighter for this country, the land of the free. The land that should be safe for all of us to live in. No one deserves such a death, especially the people that are trying to save this country! I honestly hope they catch this so called "man" that did this. To me he's not a "man" at all, he's a coward! For him to have the luxury of living another day, not behind bars, with the ability to his family or friends is a disgrace to me! For any man or women to come home to a place they love, a place they call home, and get murdered on the streets they protect is just totally out of respect for any part of the military, and out of respect for this country! I'm just totally D
Disgust - And A New Scamming Fake...
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Im telling you this cuz im done with it. Its not even worth it. Everyone makes me feel like shit when pple push me away they dont even get a clue when i say i love you All they do is say fuck you.                                     Ive been pushed.                                     Ive been torn.                                     ive been thrown                                 into a bush with thorns.                           The blood is pooring down my face now i know im a mistake                     The good hearted person is dieing today with these words they say                   Now everyone knows that my life isnt magic its just tragic.                              Ive been pushed.                             Ive been torn.                         Ive been beaten in the face                                   with thorns.                                            The life is living in these veins. Of pain and agony and still remains. Im living my life in shame, fro
Before I go to work... My rant goes out to all the girls out on fu who are in their 30's who think its still cute to wear their hair like they are three. Such PIG TAILS. We all know who you are..girl in spot light today, gross disgusting. And if any of you think that a female that old is hot in pigtails, please go register as a sex offender (coz they look three) right now, and delete me from your friends list. Thanks.
A white woman, about 51 years old, was seated next to a black man on an airplane. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess. "Madam, what is the matter?" the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it," she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calm, please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the seats on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another seat is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one seat in the first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued, "It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circums
Lose,That seems to be all I can do.For, pain and sorrow,Is all that I know.It’s around every corner,Every place I go.Can’t trust, can’t love,Is only leads to one place.Right back here,Where I started,Disgrace.
The Disgraced General?
So here we have yet another (disgraced ) person of the party elite. For myself, I am much more concerned with....How much treachery he has commited abroad and domestic, how many murders he is responsible for, how much he has bowed down to corporate america and how much of our prosperity he has helped to drain away. Who gives a shit about his private sexual life or any (affair( when there are so many greater issues like I mentioned. All attention is focused on this unimportant matter. Could it be some kind of smokescreen for something truely horrific that they were worried about leaking out that would truely show the nature and loathsome actions of what has ben going on for decades. But no! All you hear is this guy is almost beyond reproach! Notice it is not so serious a matter that he will loose a pension or anything like that. After all its not like he pissed off his corporate masters or anything like that. If he truely is sorry for his actions lets see this by him forking over his bl
A few months ago my niece was sent off to a girls home to get help, bc we thought she needed it because she got to the point she was uncontrollable. She comes home every other weekend to spend time with family. Whiile she is there she is in a therapy group. Today December 3, 2013 she had her session. She done her normal routine with the lady and they actually when in a lil deeper into her feelings. It has come out that she has been raped. She told the location where it happened and everything. It started 2 years ago when she went to hangout with her cousin every single weekend him and his girlfriend. I figured they were using her to babysit. Well all of a sudden she started refusing to go over and when they called for her she always said she was grounded or she already had plans. I never thought anything of it. I should had questioned her. He told her if she ever told anyone he would kill her. My heart and mind is in a million pieces. I love her to death and I wanna be there for her.
Dishwalla-counting Blue Cars
Must of been mid afternoon I could tell by how far the child's shadow stretched out and He walked with a purpose In his sneakers, down the street He had, many questions Like children often do He said, Tell me all your thoughts on God? Tell me am I very far? Must of been late afternoon On our way the sun broke free of the clouds We count only blue cars Skip the cracks, in the street And ask many questions Like children often do We said, Tell me all your thoughts on God? 'Cause I would really like to meet her. And ask her why we're who we are. Tell me all your thoughts on God, Cause I am on my way to see her. So tell me am I very far - Am I very far now? Its getting cold picked up the pace How our shoes make hard noises in this place Our clothes are stained We pass many, cross eyed people And ask many questions Like children often do Tell me all your thoughts on God? 'Cause I would really like to meet her. And ask her why we're who we are. Tell me al
A Disheartening Reality
A Disheartening Reality Robin Marie Poncek Tuesday April 3, 2007 1030 P.M Unpredictable suffering seems to beseech me Lost among the chaos of sorrow Wrapped in the embrace of loneliness Drenched in uncertainty and fear With failure knocking upon the door Dare I answer, can I accept that Shivering at the brink The world is turning to ash slipping through my fingers No longer knowing what is above or below A sickening spiral downward Desperate grasping for any chance The tide is high and I am out of air Mere survival is the key Praying for the dawn to come But fearing it more and more Shall such disaster maintain How much of this can be endured Hanging on by a thread which is frayed half way through The damn of tears has been overwhelmed and demolished The raging river run rampant Do I give in and give up all I fight for Accepting all failure and worthlessness
Dishonorable Acts
Dishonorable Acts {excerpt from, "The Responsibilities and Duties of the DOM," by LES IS MORE) For a Dominant to allow a submissive to be actually harmed in ANY way is dishonorable. For a Dominant to allow a submissive's rights to be violated is dishonorable. For a Dominant to play with and discard a submissive just for amusement is dishonorable (exception is a submissive that has declared this is the treatment they need). Unless the submissive has declared them selves to be unowned, another Dominant's interference in a relationship is dishonorable. To chase after or scene with Another's submissive without the other Dominant's permission and full knowledge is dishonorable. No Dominant can be expected to live up to the above 100% of the time, others will respect him/her for trying and the harder she/he tries the more respect all will have for the Dominant and his/hers. Written by: LES IS MORE(m) Copyright©1998
Dishes And Ungodly Smells
So the moniter on my computer went dark...sorta grayish brownish and thats a sign it may not last much longer. Son of a bitch. I just had the fucking hard drive replaced. What the fuck... anyway, moving on. I just spent all damn day doing the dishes. Yes, I did say all day. with some breaks in between to eat, fo to the bathroom and tend to my kids. Other than that, its been dishes non stop. Wanna know why? Because I went 2 months without washing any. Thats right. 2 months. It got to the point where I had to empty out one of the big plastic rubbermaid tubs in my basement so I could soak the dishes. I intended to do the dishes the day I did that. But I got distracted by the computer. But then the water in the tub started to stink. So I just started staying out of the kitchen. But then the smell expanded to the living then I started hanging out in my bedroom. And then the smell just engulfed the entire house. Don't get me wrong, I don't really keep a nasty house otherwise clutte
Are there guys out there who really want a woman for a relationship other than a sexual one. I know there are, its just hard to find them. I have talked to maybe 2 lately. What is it with people in general I suppose just using the internet specifically for their own selfish reasons, either by using others for their own personal gain. I have heard so much crap and have had stuff happen to me. A Man uses a sweet kind woman and lies to her just to get money. Others just want to get on cam and ask " Can I see you r pussy"!! I am so tired of it all. I would love to find a good decent man. I am still considering the fact that I may not find one from here. I have met many men from here. I can honestly say that maybe 1 or 2 have even been worth my time. I truely believe that there is someone out there for everyone and we all should be happy. I am going to stay optimistic. Good luck to all and please be honest with all you come into contact with. It also makes me so mad when guys, women too, p
Can Cold Water Clean Dishes? Who knew? ! This is for all the germ conscious folks that worry about using cold water to clean. John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of West Virginia. After spending a great evening chatting the night away, John's grandfather prepared breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. However, John noticed a film like substance on his plate, and questioned his grandfather asking, "Are these plates clean?" His grandfather replied, "They're as clean as cold water can get them. Just you go ahead and finish your meal, Sonny!" For lunch the old man made hamburgers. Again, John was concerned about the plates as his appeared to have tiny specks around the edge that looked like dried egg and asked, "Are you sure these plates are clean?" Without looking up the old man said, "I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don't you fret, I don't want to hear another word about it!" Lat
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Steve is shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it's missing a seal, so whenever it rains he has to smear vaseline over the spot where the seal should be. Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him. "No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don't say a word." She tells him, "Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them." Steve sits down for dinner and it is just how she described it. Dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So Steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her on the table and has sex with her in front of her parents. His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word. A few minutes later he
Well the weather in the central plains will be in turmoil for at least a week. The roommate from hell actually washed some dishes. My friend guilted him into doing it but the results are the same. He washed them!!! EEKKK! Take cover all!!! LOL!
what is your favorite dish ?
Im going to do some dishes
Tell me how it is from the get go, no games no stories and no lies Tired of the bullshit tired of the pain tired of this rain of lies also disguise!! You have no fucking idea what it does to another being dishonest, it hurt, it kills, even ruins lives!! Brings the person down making them feel low wanting to run feelings inside become over wellmed feeling the weight opon you ends up feeling like a ton! This world is corrupted honesty has gone out with yesterdays news I am glad to become your muse!! Go away with your dishonest bullshit I don't want it here leave it where you found it take it and shove it up your ass because your lies cuts me like glass!! Our world we live in in harmony isn't beautiful any more it's become ugly and stained by lies. No one cares no one breathes truth anymore, If you can't be honest with me I don't want any part of you!!!!
Dishes ( Lol )
He watched her, so sexy & beautiful, as she moved around the kitchen, wearing nothing but one of his old t-shirts and a skimpy pair of panties... He could feel the desire building as he watched her from the sofa. Finally she stopped at the sink to wash a few dishes. He got up, walked to her and slipped his arms around her waist and kissed the side of her neck “MMM ‘she said as she leaned her head back on his shoulder “I’ll be done in a minute” “That’s ok. Don’t mind me “he replied as he gently sucked her ear lobe causing her to shiver, he slid his hands up to cup her breasts, his thumbs caressing her nipples through the fabric and smiled as they became stiff peaks. “You aren’t gonna let me finish the dishes are you?” she asked playfully “Told you don’t mind me you go ahead’ he whispered in her ear. He slid one hand down over her stomach, under the hem of the t-shirt into her panties, while moving his mouth to the other side of his neck nibbling & kissing. He pressed his knee between h
Dish Network
No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar. ~Abraham Lincoln A half truth is a whole lie. Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind. With lies you may get ahead in the world - but you can never go back. Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and yet all the honesty in the world ain't lawful tender for a loaf of bread. The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff. A lie has speed, but truth has endurance. When you stretch the truth, watch out for the snapback. A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. Truth fears no questions. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom. Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children. The truth brings with it a great measure of absolution, always. Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. Respect for the trut
blue tear drop eyes making reflective pools in the moons pale light whispered promises on the wind falling away with the leaves as they scatter we are lost and all but forgotten hidden from the plain sight of shallow jaded eyes outside the range of normal perception in an endless night this is the path we choose to tread,naked and unshod,fearful of nothing and no one words fly as arrows and fall lifeless at our feet our protection and power surrounding us at all times accept the truth as you utter the oathand embrace the task ahead glory lies slightly beyond these mediocre struggles and heartaches it is there i await you
Dishwalla - Countin Blu Cars
Dishwashin Daddy And Belly Flop
Life is so precious.
Dish On Smallville
Now that Smallville's Lex is gone, please tell me Chloe will get her job back at the "Daily Planet." She was fired so unfairly. — twistedlyn Matt: I want Allison Mack's plucky newshound back at work as much as you. Alas, Chloe will have some serious 'splaining to do before the government loosens the cuffs and lets her return to the keyboard.
The Dishes
Steve is shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it's missing a seal, so whenever it rains he has to smear vaseline over the spot where the seal should be. Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him. "No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don't say a word." She tells him, "Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them." Steve sits down for dinner and It is just how she described it. Dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her on the table and has sex with her in front of her parents. His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word. A few minutes lat
This site has ruined my relationship with the one person I truly loved. I met this woman through a friend, and it was love at first site, at least for me. Now, all through the relationship she told me that she loved me deeply, BUT, there was something not right. She befriended somebody on here, and one night I caught her getting in his car at a bar. hat the Fuck? So, I confront her with it, and of course she lies! "That wasn't me" she said. Gee, her son even said it was her. Now I find out that in the time we were together, she has been playing me and a few other guys. I lost my heart to this woman. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, why can't people just be honest? I thought men were supposed to be the "pigs". Are there ANY Honest people left in this world? Am I the ONLY one? Cause if I am the ONLY honest person left, I am lonely!
3d Is Hard!
Trying to learn some new 3D software.It's different from others I've used.Pretty cool features though.There's lots of help online from other CGrs.You can really appreciate an animated movie or short if you understand just how hard it is to make.
Dish Network
Dishwalla/somewhere In The Middle
Dishwasher Repair
Wanda's dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, "I'll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a check." "Oh, by the way don't worry about my bulldog Spike. He won't bother you. But, whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!" "I REPEAT, DO NOT TALK TO MY PARROT!!!" When the repairman arrived at Wanda's apartment the following day, he discovered the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he has ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work. The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling, cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman couldn't contain himself any longer and yelled, "Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!" To which the parrot replied, "Get him, Spike!"
Dish Network
Dish Network
Disheartening Story, Proceed With Caution!
He died in poverty and torment, a little boy buried in a new suit donated by a department store. Adrian Conway's grave lies in the "Garden of Hope" at Mount Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks, where a small orange Garfield doll sits on the simple marker: "Playing in God's garden." A dozen years later, the 3-year-old child is still remembered by many in Sacramento and beyond. His 1996 death became a rallying cry in the community and a benchmark for Sacramento County's Child Protective Services, forc
dishabille\dis-uh-BEEL\noun; 1.The state of being carelessly or partially dressed. 2.Casual or lounging attire. 3.An intentionally careless or casual manner.
Just to be precocious... sardonicbitter.The first words out of my mouth this afternoon were"are you there god? Its me..." I don't think god was amused.Or there. Probably busy getting someone a job, a date, a life, or smiting a teenage drama queen.Such important work to be done.I wonder how many scratch-off ticket conversions there have been in my life time. As condoms, cigars and a defiantly lingering lighter fall from my upturned jeans. Number...surely I got a number in there.Or a name, or a homepage...something. Nothing.Just the same bits, scraps, receipts and gum wrappers. That's hardly fair. Did I make all those good times up in my head?Was I really just drinking with the lights off and the shower on? It'd explain the set of footprints smudged through that thick layer of dirt on the floor...but not the second set leading to the ledge. Maybe all this maudlin nonsense drove another one off.Took a topple off the overlook?Or am I just catching up to the inertia's haunt of my o
Dish Of The Day
go and rate that photo,if you're interested leave a comment & i will post the receipe for you thank you xoxo
Dishwashing Slut
I will wash your dishes and clean your laundry butt, i want to eat some home made food, ill take what you gave to your mutt. Cause you made me hungry, im shaky,I'm prepared to act like a nut ,, and worst case scenario, ill be your laundry and dish washing slut...
Dis Id Effing Great
Melissa -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
@>~ Disillusions ~
Disiam On My Space US .
Dis Is Reeeel Crap Yarly
Hints and tips on how to poo while at work. As much as we try to >convince ourselves otherwise, the WORKPOO is inevitable. For those who >hate pooing at work, following is the Survival Guide for taking a dump >at work. THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE....... >CROP DUSTING -- When farting, you walk briskly around the office so The >smell is not in your area and everyone else gets a whiff but doesn't >know where it came from. Be careful when you do this. Do not stop until >the full fart has been expelled. Walk an extra 30 feet to make sure the >smell has left your pants. >FLY BY -- The act of scouting out a bathroom before pooing. Walk in and >check for other pooers. If there are others in the bathroom, leave and >come back again. Be careful not to become a FREQUENT FLYER. People may >become suspicious if they catch you constantly going into the bathroom. >ESCAPEE -- A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal Or >forcing a poo in a cubicle. A sudden Wave
Dis Is How It Izz Now Heeere Yarly
Disillusioned (a Poem)
Like bubbles floating on a breeze You've stolen a dream from me Snapping like a bubble popping What was once bright Is now dull I've lost the fight Love was once full Is now a child crying in the night Soapy bubbles Washed away the rose colored light Now I see with a clarity The truth I tried to hide from me Truth is a glaring brightness Stinging the eyes It resonates Breaking free And helps me to love me
Is there any truly decent men left in this shithole world?
Dis Is Muh Site
bid on sumthin if u like it i post new things ever day check it out oo n if u tell ur friends ull get a chance to win $100 dat be fun huh heres the link
From Pamela's Blog at: You Don't Know Me (dissociative anonymity) You Can't See Me (invisibility) See You Later (asynchronicity) It's All in My Head (solipsistic introjection) It's Just a Game (dissociative imagination) We're Equals (minimizing authority)) Personality Variables True Self? Self Constellations Across Media Altering Self Boundary It's well known that people say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldn't ordinarily say or do in the face-to-face world. They loosen up, feel more uninhibited, express themselves more openly. Researchers call this the "disinhibition effect." It's a double-edged sword. Sometimes people share very personal things about themselves. They reveal secret emotions, fears, wishes. Or they show unusual acts of kindness and generosity. We may call this benign disinhibition. My response: "Or they show unusual act
The Disillusioned
Hey friends our band has posted a couple of tunes for you enjoyment. @ Check it out let me know what you think.
Dis Is A Good Fubar Song Yarly
Dis Is Da Shit!!!!!
i am taking a break from FUBAR and i have no idea when i will be back or if i will be back. i have become so disillusioned by all the buying of rates/points. it is not the site i joined, and there is no fun in rating peoples stuff anymore. everyone wants a quick fix to the top or next level and will quickly tell you to bling them to level them when you are rating them instead of rating their stuff....yes, it has happened to me several times. it use to mean something to level someone by rating their stuff, now people just spend their money, throw a bling or 2 or 10 to someone and it is all done..that quickly. i use to go begin rating someone, and chat with them while i was rating their stuff and made some friends that way, but since i left the old acct behind, i just cannot find those people anymore...and if you go to rate someone these days, you barely get a thank you...everyone wants you to bling them to the next level. so this is my farewell for awhile...maybe forever...m
Disinfectants: Keeping Your Home And Business Environments Safe, Healthy And Clean
Disinfectants: Keeping Your Home and Business Environments Safe, Healthy and Clean You may know about the MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) Virus in the United States. Staphylococcal (staph) infections are communicable infections caused by staph organisms and often characterized by the formation of abscesses. They are the leading cause of primary infections originating in hospitals (nosocomial infections) in the United States. sells disinfectants that are effective against this deadly virus and many other viruses. Hand sanitizers are extremely effective in reducing vulnerability to viruses, especially when soap and water are not available for traditional hand-washing. We offer Purell hand sanitizers and other hand sanitizers. If you are interested in disinfectants and air fresheners, we carry a carry a full line of these products. For those interested in environmentally friendly products, we offer green disinfectant deodorizers.
Disillusionment Dismayed by illusion is but an intrusion into where you wish you were even before you find your way. The past is in your face until you put it in its place and take control of the desires that that make your heart want to race. But now inside and behind all of the confusion lies the peace and resolution to the fears that captivate your travels. So now if all that you possess are the fears that prevent your rest then lift your face up to feel the rising sun of day. A simple smile can send your disillusion back to its point of intrusion and create within your heart a hope and love and inclusion.
The Disiplined
In the mind of a centered and disiplined man, you will find no sign of infection, no running sores, no wounds that haven't healed. It WILL NOT be this mans fate to quit life unfulfilled like the actor who fails to complete his lines,and walks offstage before the play has ended.What is more, there is nothing obsequious or conceited about him; he neither depends on others nor is afraid to ask for help;he answers to NO man for who he is and what he does...yet he hides nothing
Disintegrating   I read her words for her voice is gone Messages come coldly delivered to me She speaks of coming home when I am down But this is not the future I see She whispers some words Words that my heart longs to hear But the words have no real depth Though the message has become clear I will have no part in your home For you have made a life elsewhere I will sleep in this bed alone
"disillusioned Junkie"
"Disillusioned Junkie" You told me loved me but that was just a lie statements of a false chemical high Musta been high to fall for your bullshit Like a disillusioned junkie Addicted 2 being Loved Longing to be held & caressed wrapped in warm & tender moments  Like a Hallmark card consumer -I was a gulliable sap a fool refusing to see beyond the fascade of a magical moment Mislead by the hope of a fantasy  come true heh...and my favorite part is that you aint even realized what you lost cuz truth of the matter is once you let a butterfly go
Disillusioned Moth, im grateful for those who helped me last night. heres a more sensible addendum. i suppose the planets were just misaligned or some great karmic debt was paid or the cosmos just wanted to give me a big 'fuck YOU, fucker!' last night.. whatever the reason, it was genuinely, deeply, absurdly fucking bad from every angle; that said, i simply have to believe, cos its the only way i know, that it was a necessary evil. some things are too heavy to even consider, so life runs off course and manifests in indelible ways at random times. fuck, i sound just as crazy as i did last night.. and i am.. but th falling from grace was sincere and genuine and necessary to 'us' and to ourselves. there was no ego involved with either of us..nor games..nor manipulation..nor orchestration..or even premeditation. it was authentic emotion on both sides.. painful,but meaningful, like most all things, worthwhile, in life.. well, again, thank u, my friends.. especially paul (he really was subjected to my ful
Disk Trouble
ok, time to write more.. I have a new problem, my hard drive.. one that i just bought.. is crashing / acting evil.. I think I may have just lost many hours of work. I don't even know how many hours total. I'm hoping that I might be able to find a disk warrior demo.. one that is like the current version.. that such a version might be able to recover my stuff.. as the sort of formating im using... my older version fo disk warrior doesn't touch.. So that's a painful thing that I'm going to wait till im feeling less annoyed.. to try and deal with. In the mean time I just got this design patterns book... which is like kind of advanced software developer stuff.. that I both can't wait to dig into and feel a little intimidated about. One of the things that sucks is that sound work I described in my last entry... well its lost.. if i can't get it back from the disk... I feel sorta trapped in my "i need a new computer" sorta situation.... that is I think that's what it
Diskoteka Avariya- Zakolebal Ty | Deal Keren Diskon Murah Dan Diskon Promo Indonesia
Racism/Discrimination Smelly/Hairy People/Feet Snoring Cleaning Toilets Snakes/Spiders/Heights Eating Something Off The Floor Oxfam/Gross Ads During Dinnertime Noisy Eaters People Who Chew Their Toenails Ignorant/Arrogant People Snobs/Snotty People Lazy People Being Taken For Granted People Who Copy My Site/Ideas People Without Manners Celebrity Stanning Smoking Rapists Politics Child Molesters Voting Mornings! Car Alarms/Horns Alcoholics Junkies Excessive Swearing Sweating Exercising Hair In Food Creep Crawlies Filling In Forms Doctors Dentists Insomnia Spitting Being Stared At Bad Breath Confrontation Pets In Beds Fake People Annoying Adverts Egotism
With my years in the computer industry I have identified the one most single annoying thing I will ever encounter. Programs that take the focus away from your current window. Let's explain focus. Focus is when you have a window selected and are working in it, for example, I have Firefox open and am using it to type in this message box. However, I have other programs running, and at times they have events happen. Normally this just means a flashing little box, but sometimes they decide that they need window focus, so they take the focus from the window you are working in, and transfer it to themselves. However, this is usually a buggy process and doesn't work, the windows stay in the background or minimized. Nice developers don't even try to do it. When this happens though, you stop typing in said window. Now, there are a few people in the world who actually type without looking at what they are typing. I typically have at least three or four other processes going on when I am typing
I freaking LOVE the dislike button. When some moron is in my shout (like the dude now asking if I have NSFW pics and asking if I can add him), I can call him an asshat from the convenience of my shout box! :D Best. Idea. Ever.   Oh and when I informed him there is free porn online, he said he knows, but he just wants to see my beauty. LMFAO yeah okay, buddy, good luck with that.
this is to funny not to blog... i was in my yim and the conversation went like this Friend : lol    olo... for dislexics Me: lmao.. im dislexic but only in the morning Friend: i am during sex (litterally if i laughed any harder i would of pissed myself) Friend: always hittin the wrong holes
You kissed my lips Caressed my hips And burned my heart out of my chest You jerked me around You tore me down And swore it was for the best You swore me no pain You swore me no sorrow And love that lasts 1,000 tomorrows You lied I cried You took my heart from me You took what I gave for free And all I can do is bleed You picked me apart Dissected my heart Just to see how it worked You know my mind But still you act blind Pause, stop, and press rewind You always knew There was no one but you But still you say “I love you, we’re through” Love Me? Fuck that! Fuck You! “I love you, we’re though?” You make no sense My pain is intense Are you fucking dense? Doubts are a weak fucking defense Sleep is lost Food is a dream My soul screams Fucked over you said? Are you fucked in the head? Or are you dreaming in your bed? If you can
lemme just start off by saying.. people need to grow the fuck up . Man up .. Woman up.. whatever.. just start being human. so im sure you all remember the tragic events in september that left me heartbroken and lonely. losing my mom is still the hardest thing i deal with daily. my stepfather has made sure i know how much he doesnt want to lose me as his daughter.. and i appreciate that.. in the conversation we had tonight he tells me that my cousin.. had come over and "scoped" out some things she would like.. asking for some of my moms sewing machines.. afghans.. jewlery.. you know.. things to help her "remember my mom" i find this to be complete bullshit. this woman doesnt work.. nor does her dirty ass boyfriend. and when you are nearing 50 .. i think you should know how to hold a job. further more.. how will these material things bring you closer ? my step father told her no , they werent his to give away since it all belongs to me. im not materialistic. i mean i am.. but thing
Not the best title. My last attempt to post a MUMM was a few months back, and I learned the techniques of a small gang that seems to think that the MUMMs are their personal stronghold. With the possible exception of VICs, bouncers and admins, the only person who "owns" this site in a real sense is B.J., so I'm not quite sure why they think that Laws of MUMMing (I cannot be arsed to get the title that was used, it does not matter whether it was Rules or Laws-- I have only the greatest sneering contempt for such a concept if they truly believe in their right to set down such rules, and to enforce them by intimidation) are theirs to enforce, when they are not to be found even by extrapolation in the ToS, and then it is to be left to bouncers in any case. I didn't mind that the comments went off-topic, I thought it was a sign of much joy of attitude, but realize from consultation with those who know the people involved that it's more a sign of a favorite means of power play
Dismembered And Disseminated
Some vacation this is turning out to be. I wasted my entire first day playing Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour. I guess I am entitled to do so seeing as how much I have been working lately. I think my parents are getting divorced. Most of this has to do with my youngest brother urinating in bottles and leaving them in his room like some twisted agoraphobic shut in. I have been getting a lot of calls from my family concerning the ordeal, which in itself is unusual because my family and I rarely speak. Such is life I suppose. Tomorrow I will get up early and find something constructive to do with my time....maybe.... It's strange to feel lke there is more you could be doing with your life when you are already well above the norm for your age bracket. I feel uncertain about my future and displeased with my present. Management is not all it's cracked up to be. It's time consuming and has little reward. The power I weild seperates me from my own family. Mom is always mak
**~ Dismal World-snapshots From The Not So Happy Globe~**
**~ DISMAL WORLD-Snapshots from the NOT so HAPPY Globe~** ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: bobby Date: 30 Sep 2007, 12:34 ***** ~ DISMAL WORLD-Snapshots from the NOT so HAPPY Globe love to∴Trinity∴ DISMAL WORLDSnapshots from the NOT so HAPPY GlobeUnforgettable Photos1957. The first day of Dorothy Counts at the Harry Harding High School in the United States. Counts was one of the first black students admitted in the school, and she was no longer able to stand the harassments after 4 days.January 12, 1960. A second before the Japanese Socialist Party leader Asanuma was murdered by an opponent student.1963. Thich Quang Duc, the Buddhist priest in Southern Vietnam, burns himself to death protesting the government's torture policy against priests. Thich Quang Dug never made a sound or moved while he was burning.1962. A soldier shot by a sniper hangs onto a priest in his last moments.
Dismantling The Patriarchy One Drink At A Time!
LUPEC stands for "Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails." Their site offers recipes for such favorites as Amaretto Alexander," "La Moulin Rouge," and "Pink Passion Punch." You can revisit dozens of their past meetings that celebrate the art and culture of the mixed drink, and read the bios of the members that include their "first alcohol-related memory" and the kind of "fantasy bar" they would like to run. Their mission statement: In a post-millenium world of beer and prepackaged Chex Mix™, LUPEC works tirelessly to breed, raise, and release cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct. The collecting of anachronistic recipes by women, and the resulting creation of endangered cocktails in an all woman setting is intended to achieve the following goals o To create a secular "coven-like" atmosphere in which Classy Broads of today can invoke and honor the spirits of their Forebroads o To continue the 150 year American trad
Dismantle Me
Dismantle me Skins to bones I want to feel you take a hold of me I want to feel it all Dismantle me Heart to soul I want to feel you take all there is of me You’ve left nothing of the true me anyway . . . so just dismantle me, every bit that’s left of me and let me go
The Dismount Was Only Worth A 3.5 However The Laugh Factor Was 10.0
Holey smokes…I almost can’t stop laughing at this segment of the totally weird and stranger then us news worthy bit I have this am. It’s not about the injury mind you I would never laugh at that…unless it was truly funny and to not laugh would be, well in bad taste…or something of that nature. Judge for yourself. A 38-year-old woman described as "very large," using the "abductor" thigh-tightening machine at the New York Sports Club in Harlem in July, failed to dismount properly, according to a witness, and was "sling-shot" off, across the room, startling other gym users. Paramedics had to use a "Stokes basket" instead of a regular stretcher to carry her out, according to the New York Post. I can’t help it…the theater of the mind image of this woman flying through the air has my goat. I normally don’t let the goat out unless the incident calls for it, and seeing a large woman flying across the room as if catapulted would be simply hilarious. I would have loved to pick on the devises n
As my time being single grows by the day I continue to feel conflicted in my emotions towards the opposite sex. I haven't been in a relationship for almost 2 years now.I admit my life has been... unstable to say the least. I can't say I don't have regrets. I have made many foolish choices and they have ultimately led me to my current situation. After all I've been through one thing still weighs on my mind.I've had numerous relationships which, obviously, have all failed one way or another. Even after all I have experienced I still want more. Why? I really wish I could just swear off all humanity and go live on an island with the lifestyle of my choosing but of course that will not happen. I almost feel obligated to find someone like it's been imprinted in to my DNA. Of course it has been written inside my mind, that's human nature, but what I'm saying is I feel the pull. I feel it more everyday.At the same time I've put a wall. It's a bigger, stronger, psychologically impenetrable defe
Dismembered Heart
Twisted shadows of ones mind,tears into the soul of my love.Leaving behind wounded and blind,I await for someone to give me a shove.Pushed to the edge of demise ,Weak in body and torn apart .You can see it in my eyes,I'm left standing alone with a broken heart.
You scored as Ariel. Your alter ego is Ariel, the little mermaid! You are a dreamer, and you often want what you can't have. You can be rebellious and sometimes disobey your parents to get what you want. Ariel94%The Beast75%Donald Duck69%Sleeping Beauty63%Cinderella63%Peter Pan56%Goofy50%Cruella De Ville38%Snow White25%Pinocchio19%Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
Disney Princess
You scored as Belle. You are Belle! Belle is the only princess who finds love for inner beauty. She is down-to-earth. She is smart and sophisticated, and she loves her family very much. Belle92%Pocahontas88%Mulan88%Jasmine83%Ariel83%Tinkerbell79%~~Disney Princess~~created with
Disney Character
You scored as Donald Duck. Your alter ego is Donald Duck! Try as you might, you have a nasty temper that is hard to control. But you try hard to please, and you arn't one to go down without a fight. Donald Duck75%Ariel56%Cruella De Ville56%Sleeping Beauty38%Cinderella38%The Beast38%Goofy31%Pinocchio31%Snow White25%Peter Pan13%Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
The Female Disney Character Personality Test NalaAt a young age, you were playful, adventurous, always wanting to be on top, and didnt always obey the rules. Now older, those traits still show, but now you're more mature.I will now label you: playful, intelligent, thoughtful, fun-loving, and wild.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Disney Radio
my mind goes odd places late at night and I have yet to have a rant in my blog yet so its time for one... haven't ranted in awhile... Ya know maybe if I had lived somewhere closer that had better radio stations I would've written this rant a while ago but since I just found out yesterday it get saved for today. With acquiring my new XM radio I was ecstatic at the possiblities, naturally with baseball being at the top of my list, but then in skimming the music stations availiable I came across disney radio. Now the kid in me pretty much sported a pre-teen woody at the possiblities of all the disney music I enjoyed growing up, like the Duck tails theme and other great cartoons from my childhood. The possibilites I thought were endless as to what musical enjoyment and memories I could get from one radio station. Imagine my shock and horror, not to mention extreme shrinkige of the inner child hard-on, when I discovered the station to play nothing but teeny bopper bullshit pop music.
Disney On Ice!
I toke my son to see Disney on Ice a couple of days ago and we were both pleased by the performance. My daughter just turned 2 and so she would not have remembered this show as much as JJ did. Gosh, he still remembers his birthday from a year ago when he was 3. The night was cold, though but the stadium was full and I was glad to even find a parking space...had to pay like $6 for parking though. Now getting there was not the problem, leaving however was....but I knew some shortcuts so that I would not have to spend like hours of trying to get to the interstate. The show all together, actually was magnificant. It kind of reminded me of visiting good ol' Walt Disney World just like I use to when I was in the army. I hope to one day take my kids there just the same when they are older. All I know is that the show I saw that night was wonderful and even JJ kept quiet during the whole show. He was pointing at the different characters he knew ...some of them I had to tell him who was
Disney On
Ok...I took my 3 girls to see Disney on Ice last night and had a good time. My older girls are 13 and I realized last night that I embarrass! Of course my 5 year old thought I was just too cool because I knew the songs and was chanting "Mickey and Minnie" 13 year olds looked at me like I was crazy! My daughter looks at me and says "Mom, can you be quiet your embarrassing us!" Oh well...Disney is about being a kid again...I guess not a teenager again!

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