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Salome (part 18)
HERODIAS: I will not have her dance. SALOMÉ: I will dance for you, Tetrarch. HEROD: You hear what your daughter says. She is going to dance for me. You do well to dance for me, Salomé. And when you have danced for me, forget not to ask of me whatsoever you wish. Whatsoever you wish I will give it you, even to the half of my kingdom. I have sworn it, have I not? SALOMÉ: You have sworn it, Tetrarch. HEROD: And I have never broken my word. I am not of those who break their oaths. I know not how to lie. I am the slave of my word, and my word is the word of a king. The King of Cappadocia always lies, but he is no true king. He is a coward. Also he owes me money that he will not repay. He has even insulted my ambassadors. He has spoken words that were wounding. But Cæsar will crucify him when he comes to Rome. I am sure that Cæsar will crucify him. And if not, yet he will die, being eaten of worms. The prophet has prophesied it. Well! wherefore dost thou tarry, Salomé? SALOMÉ:
Salome(part 19)
HERODIAS: Do not dance, my daughter. SALOMÉ: I am ready, Tetrarch. (SALOMÉ dances the dance of the seven veils.) HEROD: Ah! Wonderful! Wonderful! You see that she has danced for me, your daughter. Come near, Salomé, come near, that I may give you your reward. Ah! I pay the dancers well. I will pay thee royally. I will give thee whatsoever thy soul desireth. What wouldst thou have? Speak. SALOMÉ (kneeling): I would that they presently bring me in a silver charger ... HEROD (laughing): In a silver charger? Surely yes, in a silver charger. She is charming, is she not? What is it you would have in a silver charger, O sweet and fair Salomé, you who are fairer than all the daughters of Judæa? What would you have them bring thee in a silver charger? Tell me. Whatsoever it may be, they shall give it to you. My treasures belong to thee. What is it, Salomé? SALOMÉ (rising): The head of Jokanaan. HERODIAS: Ah! that is well said, my daughter. HEROD: No, no! HERODIAS: That i
Salome (page 20)
SALOMÉ: I demand the head of Jokanaan. HEROD: You are not listening. You are not listening. Suffer me to speak, Salomé. SALOMÉ: The head of Jokanaan. HEROD: No, no, you would not have that. You say that to trouble me, because I have looked at you all this evening. It is true, I have looked at you all evening. Your beauty troubled me. Your beauty has grievously troubled me, and I have looked at you too much. But I will look at you no more. Neither at things, nor at people should one look. Only in mirrors should one look, for mirrors do but show us masks. Oh! oh! bring wine! I thirst .... Salomé, Salomé, let us be friends. Come now ...! Ah! what would I say? What was't? Ah! I remember ...! Salomé--nay, but come nearer to me; I fear you will not hear me--Salomé, you know my white peacocks, my beautiful white peacocks, that walk in the garden between the myrtles and the tall cypress trees. Their beaks are gilded with gold, and the grains that they eat are gilded with gold also, an
Salome (part 21)
SALOMÉ: Give me the head of Jokanaan. HEROD: Ah! you are not listening to me. Be calm. I--I am calm. I am quite calm. Listen. I have jewels hidden in this place--jewels that your mother even has never seen; jewels that are marvelous. I have a collar of pearls, set in four rows. They are like unto moons chained with rays of silver. They are like fifty moons caught in a golden net. On the ivory of her breast a queen has worn it. Thou shalt be as fair as a queen when thou wearest it. I have amethysts of two kinds, one that is black like wine, and one that is red like wine which has been coloured by water. I have topazes, yellow as are the eyes of tigers, and topazes that are pink as the eyes of a woodpigeon, and green topazes that are as the eyes of cats. I have opals that burn always with an ice-like flame, opals that make sad men's minds, and are fearful of the shadows. I have onyxes like the eyeballs of a dead woman. I have moonstones that change when the moon changes, and are wan w
Salome (part22)
SALOMÉ: Give me the head of Jokanaan. HEROD (sinking back in his seat): Let her be given what she asks! Of a truth she is her mother's child! (The FIRST SOLDIER approaches. HERODIAS draws from the hand of the TETRARCH the ring of death and gives it to the SOLDIER, who straightway bears it to the EXECUTIONER. The EXECUTIONER looks scared.) Who has taken my ring? There was a ring on my right hand. Who has drunk my wine? There was wine in my cup. It was full of wine. Some one has drunk it? Oh! surely some evil will befall some one. (The EXECUTIONER goes down into the cistern.) Ah! Wherefore did I give my oath? Kings ought never to pledge their word. If they keep it not, it is terrible, and if the keep it, it is terrible also. HERODIAS: My daughter has done well. HEROD: I am sure that some misfortune will happen. SALOMÉ (She leans over the cistern and listens): There is no sound. I hear nothing. Why does he not cry out, this man? Ah! if any man sought to kill me, I would cry ou
Salome(part 23)(final Act)
SALOMÉ (cont...): Well, Jokanaan, I still live, but thou, thou art dead, and thy head belongs to me. I can do with it what I will. I can throw it to the dogs and to the birds of the air. That which the dogs leave, the birds of the air shall devour .... Ah, Jokanaan, Jokanaan, thou wert the only man that I have loved. All other men are hateful to me. But thou, thou wert beautiful! Thy body was a column of ivory set on a silver socket. It was a garden full of doves and of silver lilies. It was a tower of silver decked with shields of ivory. There was nothing in the world so white as thy body. There was nothing in the world so black as thy hair. In the whole world there was nothing so red as thy mouth. Thy voice was a censer that scattered strange perfumes, and when I looked on thee I heard a strange music. Ah! wherefore didst thou not look at me, Jokanaan? Behind thine hands and thy curses thou didst hide thy face. Thou didst put upon thine eyes the covering of him who would see his God.
Salome Looking Out The Window
The french revolution was our first task to free ourselves from religious belives. What we did not concider were the concequences this would lead to. First we had to meet the egyptian heritage that both christianity and the old testament (along with greek and roman culture) is built on or spring from. Next we were facing the fact that christianity was upheld and protected by the jews. In the building of christianity we used them much the same way they were used in Egypt or the way europeans used africans in America to build their new land. This story ended with the slaughter of millions of jews during World War 2. But neither setting free the head cutter or removing the walls of our belives made it possible to build anything on the long term. We see that today in Europe, where the muslims are waiting (not very patiently) to take over.
Salon Macabre
Won't let me message you...and you're not family anymore...did you block me?
salon tools
Salsa Verde
reen salsas are almost always more mild than red salsas. The main difference between regular salsa and salsa verde is that tomatillos are used instead of red tomatoes. Due to the tomatillos, salsa verde has a tangy, zesty flavor with the underlying tastes of hearty roasted green chiles and onions. INGREDIENTS: * 12-15 tomatillos, husks removed, quartered * 5 cloves of garlic * 1 medium white or yellow onion, skin removed, coarsely chopped * 1 bunch cilantro * 1 teaspoon salt * 1 teaspoon vegetable oil * 1 jalapeno, seeds removed * 3 large green chiles, roasted and skins removed * 1 tablespoon lime juice PREPARATION: Add onions, jalepeno and tomatillos into a food processor and pulse 4-5 times. Add in remaining ingredients and pulse until desired consistency. Salsa verde can be served immediately, but is better when it sits in the refrigerator overnight to let the flavors meld.
Salsa De Tomatillo
Original recipe yield: 2 cups PREP TIME 20 Min COOK TIME 10 Min READY IN 30 Min INGREDIENTS * 10 tomatillos, husked * 1 small onion, chopped * 3 cloves garlic, chopped * 2 jalapeno peppers, chopped * 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro * salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS 1. Place tomatillos in a nonreactive saucepan with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil. Simmer until tomatillos soften and begin to burst, about 10 minutes. 2. Drain tomatillos and place in a food processor or blender with onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, salt and pepper. Blend to desired consistency. Servings Per Recipe: 16 Amount Per Serving Calories: 10 * Total Fat: 0.2g * Cholesterol: 0mg * Sodium: < 1mg * Total Carbs: 1.9g * Dietary Fiber: 0.6g * Protein: 0.3g
Salsa Chicken Fiesta
Prep Time:10 min Start to Finish:35 min Makes:2 servings 1/3 cup Bisquick Heart Smart® mix 1 tablespoon water 2 tablespoons fat-free egg product or 1 egg white 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese (1 1/2 oz) 1 large boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 1/2 cup Old El Paso® Thick 'n Chunky salsa 1. Heat oven to 400ºF. Spray 8x4-inch loaf pan with cooking spray. In small bowl, stir together Bisquick® mix, water and egg product; spread in pan. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup of the cheese. 2. In 10-inch nonstick skillet, cook chicken over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until outsides turn white; drain. Stir in salsa; heat until hot. Spoon over batter in pan to within 1/2 inch of edges. 3. Bake about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining 2 tablespoons cheese. Bake about 2 minutes longer or until cheese is melted; loosen from sides of pan. High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): Add additional 1 tablespoon Bisquick® mix to crust mixture. Nu
Salsa Arroz Con Pollo
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:1 hr 45 min Makes:6 servings 1 cup uncooked regular long-grain white rice 1 cup Green Giant® Niblets® frozen whole kernel corn (from 1-lb bag) 1 can (14 oz) chicken broth 1 can (14.5 oz) salsa-style diced tomatoes with green chilies, undrained 1 can (15 oz) Progresso® black beans, drained, rinsed 3 tablespoons Gold Medal® all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cut-up whole chicken (3 to 3 1/2 lb), skin removed if desired 1. Heat oven to 375°F. In ungreased 13x9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish, mix rice, corn, broth, tomatoes and beans. 2. In heavy-duty resealable food-storage plastic bag, mix flour, chili powder, cumin and salt. Add chicken, 2 pieces at a time; seal bag and shake until chicken is evenly coated. Arrange chicken, meaty sides up, on rice mixture. 3. Cover with foil. Bake 1 hour 15 minutes. Uncover; bake 10 to 15 minutes longer or until liquid is absorbed and juice of chicke
Salsa Chicken Fiesta
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:45 min Makes:6 servings 2/3 cup Bisquick Heart Smart® mix 2 tablespoons water 1/4 cup fat-free egg product or 2 egg whites 1 1/2 cups shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese (6 oz) 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 1 1/4 cups Old El Paso® Thick 'n Chunky salsa 1. Heat oven to 400°F. Spray 8- or 9-inch square pan with cooking spray. In small bowl, stir together Bisquick® mix, water and egg product; spread in pan. Sprinkle with 1 1/4 cups of the cheese. 2. In 10-inch nonstick skillet, cook chicken over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until outsides turn white; drain. Stir in salsa; heat until hot. Spoon over batter in pan to within 1/2 inch of edges. 3. Bake 22 to 25 minutes or until edges are dark golden brown. Sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup cheese. Bake 1 to 3 minutes longer or until cheese is melted; loosen from sides of pan. High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): Do not use 8-inch pan. Use 3/4 cup Bisquick® mix. I
Salsa Dancing
My daughter is the one on the far left. She is fairly new to this type of dancing. (like only a couple of months!) Yeah I am a proud mom. LOL She hadn't even had a chance to rehearse with her partner prior to performance as he had gone on vacation. Check it out people!
Salsa Update50
WOW can you believe it has been 6 months already that I have been getting naked for you. I am getting so hot as I make salsa. Can you help cool me down? I am dressed in a black satin short jammies. While I was waiting for the tomatoes to cool I gave the peppers some extra flavor. I, then, peel the tomatoes with my big 40ddd tities. Then what better way to smash them than with my sexy feet, luscious legs, and tits. The contest is half way over. Make sure to get in on it. Don't forget to check out my videos. I have 16 of them now. I also have over 3400 pictures and 24 video clips on the members sextion. I will be adding bonus sets 1-2 times a month. They are just for members. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Salsa Biscuit Chicken
INGREDIENTS (Nutrition) * 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves * 1 onion, chopped * 1 cup salsa * 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese * 1 (12 ounce) can refrigerated biscuit dough * add to recipe box Add to Recipe Box My folders: * add to shopping list Add to Shopping List * add a personal note Add a Personal Note DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Bring a saucepan of lightly salted water to a boil. Add chicken breasts, and boil until easily shredded, about 20 minutes. 2. Saute onion in a medium saucepan until soft. Remove from heat and stir in salsa, then stir in cheese until melted. Add chicken and mix all together. 3. Roll out biscuits individually, adding a little of the chicken mixture to each one; then roll up, secure with toothpicks and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. 4. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for about 10 minutes, or until biscuits are golden and hot.
Salsa Chicken
Salsa Chicken Recipe Feedback: User Rating 4.5 out of 5 (2 reviews) 22 Write a review By Chelsie Kenyon, .See More About:mexican chicken recipesquick and easy recipesbudget recipes Sponsored Links Fried Chicken Good Family Eats of the Week Make Something Healthy & Tasty Chicken Crockpot Recipe Slow Cooker recipes. Quick prep time for simple & delicious meals. On The Border® Restaurant Featuring Traditional Mexican and Mesquite-Grilled Specialties! Mexican Food Ads Mexican Tamales Chicken Quesadilla Recipe Free Mexican Recipes Tamale Recipes Cappuccino Recipe This recipe is so simple you will wonder what you ever did without it in your collection. Ingredients: •4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs •2 cups of salsa •3 cups chicken broth Preparation: Bring chicken broth and salsa to a boil in a large pot. Add chicken and simmer f
Mexican husband says, ''Vieja, when I die put my ashes in ur Salsa so I can tear that ass up one more time.''
9:51pm PST So I decided to go out to a Salsa class right?  I mean I have been on and off for the past couple of weeks.  I decided I would stay longer.  OMGosh the partner I had made me feel really dumb and there were other chicks who couldn't even carry a beat.  So I kept dancing the steps the professor taught us.  He kept stopping me everytime there was an extra turn.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one he stopped.  I kept insisting that after one of our steps, there was a twirl where he had to let go while stepping back and me step forward. Ugh... huge mistake.  I never felt so uncomfortable and out of place.  And then he had to nerve to tell me that he'd been to other classes, and that he's intermediate close to expert.  I'm like well, you should be considerate cuz most of us are barely learning.  He just went on and on and on about himself each and everytime we partnered up.  You see, you are supposed to switch partners.  So the way the instructor does it is she asks the guys to
Salt, Lime, Tequila... Perfect...
You Are a Margarita You aren't just the life of the party, you are the party! You mix a good drink, bust out some great music, and know how to get down. What Mixed Drink Are You?
Salted Oatmeal
Humans are a silly, unpredictable, imperfect species. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful to be a part of all of that imperfectness. On a regular basis, we make mistakes that force us to learn more about our work, our daily lives, and the love that even the most hardened of hearts looks for while we continue to breath. And we make every attempt to remember these feelings when the people that we have shared them with leave our lives, whether it is on a permanent basis through death, or because of relationships that have moved on, disintegrated, or, were built on foundations that were not strong enough to last. Portions of this “remembrance”, those thoughts that strike a cord in our cortex when presented, are the songs and music that thread their way through a relationship. Most all of us can dredge up memories when listening to music that was special in a relationship. I still get weepy when hearing “Dust in the wind” by Kansas, “Let it be” by the fab four, and
Saltwater Days
She loved sweet saltwater days when the sun holds nothing back And washes the beach's visitors in its generous yellow-white light. V-Shaped shadows glide over the bright hot sand As brown pelicans ride a sultry, slow breeze. White foam on blue-green water curls and churns And deposits tasty morsels for gulls who chatter loudly As they run on orange-stick legs while laughing children Chase them relentlessly on low-tide sparkling sands Skittish crabs do their sideways crawl toward shorelines Teaming with muscles tumbling inland on endless turning tides. The ocean swells in ancient breath and pushes The edges of the earth back once again. By Kem Lewis
Salt In My Wounds
drawing blood from a bite lost in translation blacken my eyes tonite wrap yourself around my soul take my heart back again make my flesh become whole a cut from your words salt in my wounds the pain returns a spot on the moon live your life forget what you see sharpened tongue crucifies me an angel in black a devils plaything your light pours thru cracks and with it it brings thoughts of you a feeling of leaving
The only Woman or man worth your tears, is the one that won't make you cry
Salt And Peppa ~ Push It
shoutout to tony this is 4 ur crazy ass
Taste the outbreak, reeling in the flames, eating the city one street light at a time. The gothic scene scrapes the nail polish off. Pulling hair one strand at a time to feel the true grief, evolving in a state of pleasure. Licking the lips of an era, caressing the bosom of a toughened soul. Wrapping the present in the rhythm, I kiss the neck of a blurred an anticipation.
Saltwatersurfer@ CherryTAP Check out THIS hottie! rate the shit out of him, folks! he's good peeps!
Saltwater Fish!!!
What can i say i Love Salt water Fish!!!
Salt & Vinegar
Salt & Vinegar.....Mmm......Salt and vinegar chips! Boyfriend? What ex-boyfriend? Baby, I done drank you off of my mind! LMAO!! Fuck it! I need more alcohol!!!
Salt Codfish Fritters (bacalaitos)
INGREDIENTS: 1/2 pound salt bacalao, cooked and shredded 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 2 tablespoons basic Recaito 1/2 yellow and 1/2 red bell pepper, seeded and diced 2 cups water 2 cups corn oil 1 Combine the bacalao, flour, salt, pepper, baking powder, garlic, recaito, and bell pepper in a bowl. Add the water and mix well. Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. 2 Heat the oil in a frying pan until hot but not smoking. Drop the batter by spoonfuls and fry until golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels. Keep the fritters warm in a low oven until you finish frying.
Salt In Our Wounds By Him
A worthy mention. "Salt In Our Wounds" Here we are In the maelstrom of love Waiting for the calm To soothe our hearts Here we are And don't know how to stop Waiting for the war To end it all Love is insane and Baby We are too It's our hearts little grave And the salt in our wounds Love is insane and Baby We are too It's our hearts little grave And the salt in our wounds Here we are Right back where we began Waiting for sweet love With open arms Here we are Just like before Waiting for the warmth Of that tender storm Love is insane and Baby We are too It's our hearts little grave And the salt in our wounds
" Salt And Tequila "
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. So........... If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one that sent it to you.
salt on my lips i just can't lick clean oil on my fingers glitter in my eyes air in my lungs fingers on my thighs feet off the ground head somewhere else stomach in knots tied to right here right now heart beating fast whisper in my ears how long will this last skin covered in sweat bones covered in bones talent wasted soaked bedsheets torn wallpaper salt on my lips tongue on my lips and you.
Salt Lake City Mayor To Faux News: No Way
Salt Lake City Mayor to Faux News: No WAY This is too FUNNY, just watch "Fox and Friends" try to do damage control here after realizing that this man has not drunk the Kool-Aid !!
Salty Then Sweet
Wrapping me in your arms of smoke…… Covering me with your bittersweet cloak…… You run your fingers across my brain…… And never a reason for me to complain…… Waves of pleasure, sight and sound…… You bring me beauty from all around…… Deep release within my soul…… You've opened me up and here I go…… Waves of calm, touch and taste…… Rolled sheets of white at a sinful pace…… I breathe you in and hold you tight…… I sigh you out as I lose the fight…… Then reality knocks upon my door…… So I begin again and feel the soar…… Please don't judge me for feeding my need…… Everybody always wants salty then sweet……
Salt And Lime
"Salt And Lime" Who knows what tomorrow holds Or where we might each be The lighted path is long and narrow, It's hard right now to see. I'll never ask you to stop dreaming... Regardless of you and I. I'll keep my feet on the ground, While your head's off in the sky. Their may be a fork in the road, When we eventually have to part. If that happens anytime soon, Just be sure to take my heart. I know we each have our share of worries, Nothing at all time won't fix. With just a little rock-n-roll music, Some Boston or maybe some Styx. Just take "US" as we come, babe, One precious day at a time. The rest will be history... With a little salt and lime.
Salt Covenant
What is a Salt Covenant? During Old Testament times, agreements and promises were sealed by salt covenants. Each man would take a pinch of salt from his pouch and place it in the pouch of the other. Their agreement could not be broken unless they could each retrieve their own grains of salt. A Marriage Salt Covenant does the same thing by asking the bride and groom to combine their grains of salt. Their commitment to each other can not be broken unless they can each retrieve their own grains of salt. Since this is not possible it is a symbol of an unbreakable covenant and promise of love. Why do you use salt? Salt is considered a pure substance. Many people believe salt to be a good luck symbol and consider it to be a the purest of all earthly materials. It is used in many religious ceremonies as a symbol of purity.
Salt, Pepper And The Spices Of Life
*You're sitting at a table, having a meal with some friends. Bowls of soup are served to everyone at the table. Before tasting the soup, the person next to you reaches for the salt and pepper, and for the next 20 seconds vigorously shakes into the soup more salt and pepper than you would use in a month. You have a pained look on your face. These thoughts immediately go through your mind: "Why would you put salt and pepper in soup, or on any dish, BEFORE you taste it? How do you know how much to add?" You might also think, "How can someone put so much salt and pepper in their food?" Of course, the roles could be reversed. You might be the one who loves to put a lot of salt and pepper on your food and the person next to you eats the soup without adding salt or pepper. In that case, you think, "How can she eat this bland soup without putting any seasoning in it?" When it comes to salt, pepper, onions, garlic, curry or just about any type of seasoning, we tend to see things only
Salt Water
Salt In An Open Wound?
Reasons Being Single Sucks Even More Than You Thought By Dan Seitz There's a lot to love about being single. You save money on Valentine's Day gifts, you get to meet new and interesting people and sometimes you even get to have sex with them. But it's not all knocking boots and freedom. There are some aspects of single life that might, in fact, be seen as less than desirable. And then there are these five facts that will make you wish you got married in high school ... You Get Paid Less Single People Tell Themselves: Of course my married co-workers take home a little more scratch than me! They tend to be older and lamer, and most corporate pay-scales are directly tied to how old and lame you are. "We deserve more money, because we're so close to death. " The Truth: You've got one part right: Your married co-workers take home more money. Just how much you're getting cornholed depends on who you ask, but a recent study pegged it at about 27 percent. But it's no
Salty Seaman In From The Sea
hot seaman looking for a port
Saltwater soul is floodedwith tears i won't cryit is not a stream, or a rivermy soul is stagnantwith unshed saltwaterthe flood comes up halfway through my heartabove it is just a vaccuumit is not nothingnessa vaccuum sucking the life out of my heartsucking the life out of my headi am retreating into myselftrying to save a piece of me from drowningit is too latea temporary whirpool formsthe black hole inside me moving underwater temporarilyboth the me i try to saveand the me i sent in to save itdrown in my soulbefore my soul's breath is pulled in as wellleaving an empty shellwith blank eyesblank expressionmy body moveswith no directioni am dead insidei do not care if i get resurrectedor if things remain as they arewith my drowned heart and suffocated soul ~sinamynlee
Salt And Mensa
Mensa is an organization whose members have an IQ of 140 or higher. A few years ago, there was a Mensa convention in San Francisco, and several members lunched at a local cafe. While dining, they discovered that their saltshaker contained pepper and their pepper shaker was full of salt. How could they swap the contents of the bottles without spilling, and using only the implements at hand? Clearly this was a job for Mensa! The group debated and presented ideas, and finally came up with a brilliant solution involving a napkin, a straw, and an empty saucer. They called the waitress over to dazzle her with their solution. "Ma'am," they said, "we couldn't help but notice that the pepper shaker contains salt and the salt shaker..." "Oh," the waitress interrupted. "Sorry about that." She unscrewed the caps of both bottles and switched them.
SALT             I can't hardly believe what I found when I got home from taking my GF to work. My entire room was salted by my cousin. She came into the room, without permission, and without knowledge of what might be here. In fact she did so without caring what might be in here. And showered the ENTIRE ROOM with Sea Salt.             I know because I confronted her on it and she stated her reason. She has no remorse of her actions. She does not realize what the repercussions of this are or the ramifications of it. I brought to her attention that doing what she did, entering without permission and salting someones belongings, was a way of trying to bring harm, including insanity and death, to them. She said that she had never heard of such a thing. I pointed out that movies and TV Shows, such as Charmed, had even had episodes about it. Again she had never heard of it.             So I point out that now most of my evening is going to be spent cleaning everything. She says that &
Little Susie came home from school with a smile on her face & told her mom, "Frankie showed me his weenie today at the playground". Before her mom could say a word Susie went on to say, "It reminded me of a peanut." Relaxing with a smile, Susies mom asked, "Really small was it?" Susie said, "No, salty." Her mom fainted.
Salty Tears
Salty Sweet...
Saltwater Cd In Progress
There are 3 songs available to give you a taste of my upcoming CD saltwater on my myspace artist page: Take a look. Some editing on this page is in progress. I'll finish it. I promise. A wise band once said "All you need is just a little patience."
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark~
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark 2 sticks of butter 1 cup of light brown sugar 1 bag of pretzels (you'll use about 3/4 of the bag) 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips Sea salt Preheat the oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, cover with pretzels In a medium saucepan melt the butter over medium-low heat. When it begins to bubble add the brown sugar. Stirring occasionally let the butter/sugar mixture meld together and brown. This should take about 3 minutes. Do NOT let it boil, you will have sticky goo that is no good. When you have a nice, brown caramel pour it over the pretzels, slowly and evenly. You can then use a spatula to spread it out, you have to work quickly and gently. It hardens fast so even pouring is the best method. Bake the sheet for 5 minutes. Remove the sheet from the oven and sprinkle the whole bag of chocolate chips evenly over the mixture. Place back in the oven for about 45 seconds. If you let it sit there too long the chocolate will burn. Remo
Salute To The Forces Of Nature
I call the Thunder Shake the earth beneath my feet Your sound rolls throughout the air Like the hoof beats of a thousand steeds. I call the Lightening Streak through the skies. Your electrical impulse stirs everything that has life. I call the Rain Fall from the skies and flow upon the earth Nourishing all that you touch. Sustainer Of Life. I call the Snow You who falls quietly Blanketing the earth with your cold beauty. Giving a serene look to the landscape. I call the Hail You who falls with such intensity Beautiful but also destructive. Your power speaks for itself. Forces Of Nature Respect is what I give you through this writing. A Child of nature I've been called many times. A Child Of Nature I'll always be . It will be so until my time has ended. SO MOTE IT BE.
A Salute To Them
Salute To My Fellow Veterans
I Just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to All the Veterans both Past&Present.For All You Do&Have Done for this Country,You Deserve Our Respect,Loyalty&Support.You Are What Makes This Country Great.I Pray You All Stay Safe and God Bless.
I notice that under 'Photos' there's now an area for 'My Salutes', for photos demonstrating that, well, you are who you say you are. Increasingly a problem, especially for some people (not me, yet, of course). Neat.
THIS IS STUPID! im sorry but i dont have a webcam and the digital camera i use is packed away in storage for when i move, and even if it wasnt i wouldnt conform to this, its ridiculous and if you wanna think im fake then do it. take me off your list because i dont wanna be friends with someone who thinks im fake. i know who i am and thats all that matters, so if you wanna think im fake because i wont run off and do this, then thats sad because i can tell you now that a lot of people wont do it... yes im pissed off so right now isnt a good time to push my buttons
Salutes Good And Bad..
Now there's some salute disscussions going on. Remember those old b&w movies where one person starts a crusade and then this mob with tourches raides homes drags the accused in to the town plazza and gives accouts of why this person should be banished..?? Well .. hmmmm NOt everybody has the time to make them nor to buy a camera or to get a webcam. But... "the mob will say yes" . I know cuz on another site "the mob let by an angry person.. who has since left lol" Attacked my friend who made 8 different salutes.. to conform to some faq and this witch hunt this person made. I found out that this angry person was singliing out certain men's profile and the women in the friends lists. It burned this person up that my friend looked good .. with makeup.. without makeup.. on a bad hair day.. good hair day.. Lets face it .. there are those in the world that look damn good.. and are good people. but some find it hard to accept.. oh man do they ever! lmao
Very excited about the new salute feature and hopefully that will discourage fakes from joining here! I doubt it though unless it becomes enforced. Anyways, I will be posting my salute in a bit and I suggest you do to! I will be making a blog entry later on some of the other fakes I've been finding lately. Stay Real!
I will e adding a slaute as soon as I feel like putting on my face. I will be doing it tomorrow I suppose. And as for my sister page I will try to get as many girls as I can to be in the pic next time I go there.
I have put a few pix in with the girls holding the salute. However (and this is why they call me Duh-kota), I didn't realize I had to be the one holding the salute. So, I will be posting an offcial salute tonight after work.
'salute' Pictures
Hey friends, I'm sick and tired of people on the interent lying to me... So at some point i'm going to Clean out my friends list...those without a 'salute' picture will be removed...It won't be right away cause I know not everyone might have access to a camera or whatever..... But get it done as soon as you can..... I'll give about a weeks notice before I start removing people... so if you are in my friends list and are fake, you might as well remove yourself right now.... I hate that it has come to this, but it has, I can't take it anymore...
Salutes And Sick
hmmm need to make a salute. lol. actually sat in class and doodled the the paper for the salute. which did cause some curiosty in the guy sitting beside me. (hi ben) He was supposed to get on and check out the site. but came home and just started feeling really bad. so no salute yet- the sick look just doesnt work for me. =) not trying to scare you guys away. so hopefully if i feel better tomorrow i will make one. so far i have laid in bed most of the day- and did get up to go eat dinner but just felt sick when i looked at food ended up taking 3 bites and was sick to my stomach. so now i am back in bed with the laptop... guess i am going to go take a shower and lay down. hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Salute To Single Parents
The hardest job in the world is that of a single parent we over look all the things they have to do that are taken for granted. The single parent is the provider, healer, mom, dad, tutor, teacher, educator, director, advice giver, best friend, and lover. To those he/she has in their life and all the worries that come along with it like a home with both parents. Yeah things are a little different but for the better of their child/children. There are those who like to fault the single parent without knowing the real responsibility of what all they are faced with daily and what they have to deal with on the regular. I know first hand what it is like for the single parent because I come the home of one. The greatest person in my life was a single mom that took care of me and made sure that I did the right thing while working. No I wasn't always watched but that only made me a better person and gave me quicker wits and understanding of what all life may have in store for me.
OK can SOMEONE explain to me why this picture is not acceptable as a Salute. Here is EXACTLY what the FAQ says... What are Cherry Salutes? --------------- A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your CherryTAP profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with your homepage on your computer in the background, a hand written note with your name, or while wearing a site t-shirt. All Salutes are approved by the CherryTAP bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account being removed. --------------- So what did I do wrong? Do I need to put my member number on the sign? Is it because I am ugly and have a face for Radio? I don't get it. I will try one more and add the number, but Where does it say in the faq that I need it? Oh well I guess if I lose my account for having too many Salute attempts... it has been fun knowing you all. LOL!
Hi again Cherries. OK, what the hell is going on with this Salute photo thing? I followed the rules, I took a pic of me with the damn paper, holding it near my face and with the monitor behind me with my homepage up. I got a little creative and took it like a mugshot, which I think shouldnt matter! So I send it, I wait, and it comes back rejected. Here is what pisses me off. Tell me why the fuck it was rejected, you didnt like the mugshot, maybe you couldnt see the monitor very well, something! Just going to say it has been rejected, oh and if you send another that is rejected you could lose your account! What a crock of shit! Take a candid pic, how the fuck can you do that! Hey Bob, I am going to get this all set up, and then sometime today, just pop in and snap a damn pic of me, make sure I dont know its coming and please make sure I am holding this fucking piece of paper up too!
Salute Photo!
ok so i sent in my pic to be approved for a damn salute ppic..they sent it back and said that it was rejected! and why? they said that i didnt follow the guidelines for it..but then i see people with alot less on their pics and they have a damn salute pic!!!! im a lil pissed off! and do u think they would write me back and tell me why? i highly doubt it! sorry just had to rant a lil about it
First off let me state that this bulletin is NOT attacking ANYONE here on cherry, I am just using this pics as examples....Between the NSFW BS and now the decision making process on the salutes I am getting fed up.... there is several salutes that have been approved that do not even have the correct criteria like , here is the criteria for a salute: A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your CherryTAP profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with your homepage on your computer in the background, a hand written note with your name, or while wearing a site t-shirt. All Salutes are approved by the CherryTAP bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account being removed. Here are the salutes for your top ten cherries here on Cherrytap: and here are the shots that I HAD approved but due to personal probs had to remove and then when I tried to readd - they've been reje
Salute... Your Shorts
So who wants to fill me in on wtf a salute is? Sign the same thing?
Salute Photo
OK, I know I told some people that I never do one, but I did it. I submitted a picture to be considered as a Salute. Evidently Mike and the gang are trying to weed out the "fakes" or just trying to make more money off the site. I wouldn't be surprised if the next rule is you have to be a VIC to advance beyond some level. It was a pain in the ass to take that picture. At first, I tried writing out all the info they wanted, but the light reflected off the paper so badly, it washed it all out. I'm not even sure the picture will be approved because the user# and such is kind of blurred. Oh well, my friends know that this is me and that's what really matters. On another note. Sorry I haven't been around much this past weekend. I was working 12 hours shifts. I was only coming online to check emails and messages. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.
i don't understand why we have to have these damn salutes i have posted about 3 of them and they all have been rejected now i know a few people on here that have their saluted accepted and don't have their home page on the damn thing my pics are clear and they have my cherry tap user number on it but still they get rejected i think this site is going to hell and i;m thinking about leaving its getting to be way to much pretty soon every one is going to have pay just to be a member on here
Salutes Update
Well damn! The first set my son took for me with my cell phone camera were rejected... why because I printed my name with the computer instead of handwriting. Like that is going to make a difference, totally fed up on day 2 of creating a salute. Changed clothes, took off makeup, and relaxed only to get peeved more.. so handwritting caused my demise.. okay.. Time to get hubby's help. Big guns help, took my digital, and had him help me take some UGLY ASS pictures at my worst to do this salute thing. If these don't pass I give up. You can see my website clear, as well as my face and my handwritten note and my zits and wrinkles and all. Wish me luck, here I go again!
Salute Goes On Be Fair
Just so you all know Cherry Tap Support does respond and they are kewl.... I blasted a blurb to them and this is their answer, their response is on top of My blast.. Some good drama huh? Chuckles Cherry Tap Support: we have had problems with salutes,we apoligieze,as long as the handwritten sign is visable with your user name and will be approved. === 'Rocker Mom stuck @10' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-02 10:27:58'.. > > I have a question and a complaint > I joined cherry tap and love it here, > I am sure you have to create certain rules > to make sure things flow smoothly. > What I don't understand is that certain folks > don't have to do a standard salute and > they get approved while the rest of us > ugly ducklings get put through the ringer > so to speak. > > It says a picture of yourself in front of your > homepage with a sign and it must be clear. > Or with a T-shirt from here, > yet I see salutes if its a pretty gal, as long as sh
Salute Rejected Again
'CherryTAP Shop' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-02 17:12:56'.. > > > Your SALUTE has been rejected! Please review the FAQ for what is appropriate for salutes. If your salutes are continually rejected, your account will be removed. > > The rejected salute photo is below: >
Salutes And How To Make Them
Directions for making a ¡°SALUTE¡± A ¡°Salute¡± is a voluntary procedure for members who would like to verify they are a real person. We do respect any member¡¯s freedom to be anonymous. Salutes are submitted to be verified by CT staff to ensure authenticity. Members can ¡°salute¡± in the following ways 1. Please make a HANDWRITTEN sign that clearly states: CHERRYTAP.COM and your SCREEN NAME and your MEMBER ID# along with a clear picture of YOU in the photo. The CT staff should be able to clearly read your sign and see you in the photo. Please use a dark ink/ marker to make your sign. (Example, ID #22) 2. ¡°Photo shopped¡± and typed salutes will NOT be accepted. If it looks misleading, it will be rejected. 3. The following items WILL be allowed in your photo as part of your verification if you wish. Please add your member URL and ID as mentioned above under number one to the photo: a) Your LostCherry T shirt. b) You sitting next to your PC, with
Salute Photo...rejected.
I just posted a salute photo and it was rejected. I had a sign up like it said, but it wasn't good enough. I read somewhere that you wouldn't progress in ranks unless you had a photo, but i don't know if that is true or not. If it is, then that is the most ioditic thing I have ever heard of. I have pictures posted of me that are really me, and I don't need someone telling me that what I posted was rejected for whatever reason. I wrote to cherryshop and I probably won't get an answer. If people want to post fake pictures and fake accounts let them. If people want to post salutes to show that they are real let them, but don't punish me or other people who choose not to post salutes. I used to think that this site was cool and i have met a lot of cool people, but now I am not so sure about this site. If this is supposed to adult and they don't let teenyboppers on then what is the point of all this?
Salute Photo
i just posted 2 photos on my page need comments as to weather i shoudld post one or both as a salute all comments welcome
Salute Pics & Babyjesus' "god Envy"
Well I wont be levelling up because I refuse to give in to something that was intially created as a VOLUNTARY activity. Oh its voluntary but if you dont do it you'll be penalized? I could do a salute photo but now I'm not just on principle. Any cute pussy who whines to his majesty babyjesus gets her way and he changes rules and goes against his initial ideas. What pisses me off the most is the fact I was real enough to pay good money for a Cherry Blast a while back from my credit card which, by the way, is a common method of verification on other sites. I'd have to be pretty talented and crooked to fake a credit card. You can be sure I wont be spending any more money on this site. Nor will I be promoting it. Sure I only brought in 19 referrals but every little bit counts. But...god wannabes must play...
Salute Photo
For those who haven't seen it yet, I posted a salute photo. Come by and check it out. Show me some love by rating it.
Salut Cendre Du Pauvre!!
Having almost had one of my accounts (not here) hacked a couple'times, I do support the salute policy, but I can't hear the word salute right now without thinking of a piece of music by that title by Charles-Valentin Alkan, a very weird 19th-century composer-pianist. (I haven't heard it yet, I think... I'll check; if it's at our local library I probably have, once..., though I've heard much else by him.) Descriptions of the piece suggest that if anything else it's one of his -less-... normal ones. :) So I hope to hear it sometime. (Though one googled article is dismissive: "We pass over Op. 41, a group of three fantasies, as offering nothing new, as well as Op. 45, the Salut, cendre du pauvre-a paraphrase. " (This is a reprint of a 1924 article by H. H. Bellamann for the Musical Quarterly, accessible in full- online I mean- to people like me with university IDs but not to the general public. But yes, the google search did turn up that excerpt.) Off to have my tea and rest; I k
Salute Info
What is a Fubar Salute? A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your Fubar profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2, Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: *Photoshopped or any “type” print set will NOT be accepted. *Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. *Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add ons to your Salute: You may wear your Fubar or CT t-shirt, and show your Home Page (which has to be clear) as part of your background. Please include the above three items to ENSURE your salute is verified. All Salutes are approved by the Fubar bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account bein
Salute Pic Contest!!!!!!
Hey everyone I need help I entered a salute pic contest and anyone that can help by commenting would be much appericated. So Lettttttttttttttttt's get ready to Comment Boooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbb!!!! follow this link
Salute To The Fallen...
Do not stand at my grave and weep:I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the softly falling snow, I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the field of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the grateful rush Of beautiful birds in circling flight. I am the starshine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom. I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing. I am in each lovely thing. So do not stand by my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.
A Salute... (i Meant For The Original To Be Posted Here)
Do not stand at my grave and weep:I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the softly falling snow, I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the field of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the grateful rush Of beautiful birds in circling flight. I am the starshine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom. I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing. I am in each lovely thing. So do not stand by my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not Mary E. Frye
Salut! ;) - Part 2.
Given how life's been going lately- I'm on the mend, now, but I intended to be on Long Island today, for one; and I didn't expect to be within a thousand points of level, for another; and I need a salute to shoot over the post, for third- I think I'll need to set myself a deadline of middle of next month, or so, to get the photo, to hie myself to a place that makes scans, to send the photo in, to get it verified as a salute. But - will get there. Eric
Im starting to get frustrated with all the fakers on here Everyone should have a salute! end of story!!! the end
Salute Guidelines.......please Read
1. A HANDWRITTEN sign that clearly states: CHERRYTAP.COM, SCREEN NAME, and MEMBER ID along with a clear picture in the photo. We should be able to clearly read the sign and see the you in the photo. (Example, ID #22) 2. “Photoshopped” and typed salutes will NOT be accepted. If it looks misleading, it should be rejected. 3. The following items WILL be allowed in the photo as part of the verification: a) A LostCherry/CherryTAP t-shirt. b) Any signs written on their hands, arms, head, but they MUST have the same information as above. Nudes or exposed photos are NOT acceptable. 4. Do NOT put your salute in a private album. If we can not see it, it will be rejected. 5. Photos that do not show your face or are to dark to clearly make out your face will be rejected. Make your your face is clear to see. Also if the salute is to blurry it will be rejected also. Follow these guidelines and you should be good to go on
I got one approved ! woohooo! finally.. yeah I was lazy.. lol oh yeah.. Go colts! lol
Salute Photo..
I don't have a camera again right now, but as soon as I get one I will get a salute. It won't be for awhile, because I'm in the process of doing some other shit when I'm not busy so when I get the time I will get to a store and get a Digital! Oh, and the baby thing, I might not be! I started yesterday, but my mom says I could still be. . . So we'll just have to wait untill my app. to find out. I HOPE I AM!! lol.. Alright... Keep sending the love!!!!! Later ♥
this is my new cherrytap salute check it out
How to make a Salute? 1. Make a sign of yourself having your nickname @ UID(User ID) #81630 2. Make sure you face is clearly visible 3. Indecent exposure pics will be rejected 4. Salutes in Private Albums will be rejected. 5. To tag a photo as a salute you have to click the option "Tag a photo in this album as a salute" "WHY DIDNT I GET MY SALUTE APPROVED?" Ask yourself these simple questions..... Please follow these guidelines in approving salutes: A HANDWRITTEN sign that clearly states: FUBAR.COM, SCREEN NAME, and MEMBER ID along with a clear picture in the photo. We should be able to clearly read the sign and see the member in the photo. (Example, ID #22) “Photoshopped” and typed salutes will NOT be accepted. If it looks misleading, it should be rejected. The following items WILL be allowed in the photo as part of the verification: a) A LostCherry/CherryTAP/fubar t-shirt. b) Sitting next to their PC, with THEIR fuba
je reve de toi
"salute"/sign Pictures...
alot of sites like this allow you to upload "Salute" pictures of yourself holding a sign with your screen name to prove that you're real...but it's really easy to make a fake sign picture that could pass of as real...all you need is basic photoshop skills and a little time... before: and after: or you can do it with a picture that doesn't even have a sign in it... before: and after: as you can see, it's pretty basic shit, so even though someone has a sign with their name on it or whatever, that doesn't mean that they aren't fake...
Salute Pictures
Now that I have 2 salute pictures. How do I get them verified ?
Salute Pic
I guess I have to put up a salute pic... I'll do that.... when I don't look like a gremlin. LMAO I'm too lazy to be bothered right now. Stay tuned!
I will be working on that lol I just need to be creative for my pic. Now i need to know what the hell do i write on that paper...HELP SOMEONE
Salutes And New Pics....
Yep that's me, at home, looking like a bum, and I put up a salute pic... hope you likey! And if you don't.... blow me.
Now, if this isn't the dumbest shit I've ever heard of. I've been a member for a little while, and let me ask a question... why the fuck would I need to prove to anyone that the pic I have up is actually me? Why do people need validation from others that they've never met, and may never meet? I mean, if I ever... and I do mean ever, meet someone on here, I don't expect not having a salute to be the biggest problem. Shit, serial killers could have salutes too.
Salute To Police Officer Doyle: Champion Of Elephants
Other Viewing Options Animal circuses are not only dangerous for the animals who are beaten with metal bullhooks and forced to perform confusing and stressful tricks, they can also pose a very real danger to the public, as seen in this video footage. What started as a routine traffic patrol for Palm Bay, Florida, police officer Blayne Doyle 14 years ago would change his life forever. While on duty in February 1992, Officer Doyle was asked to respond to the arena where the Great American Circus was performing. A veteran police officer, Officer Doyle states, “I have seen my share of danger over the past four decades, but I can assure you that although I've been shot and stabbed; been in automobile, motorcycle, and airplane accidents; and been in more than my share of other life-threatening situations, I have never seen a situation as frightening—or one I was less capable of controlling—than that day that Janet snapped and ran amok.” Janet was an 8,000-pound rampaging elephant who was c
So I'm gonna devote my evening to making salutes for friends...anyone want one??
Salute To You
Salute Photo Got Rejected
Oh Well, what can you do. Webcam sucks.
Salute Photos
What is up with the salute photos anyways? I mean mine keep getting rejected and I don't know why....can everyone come check them out and let me know if they think they are any good? I've got one on my default photo album and two more under a file called My Salutes..... Thanks In Advance, Harley Fay
Salute Contest Yarly
come vote fo mah salute in deh Most Crestive Salute contest fo sho. it es deh most creative on deh fukkin cherrie lolz
Salute Contest
Salutes: Did You Know (copied From A Bulletin)
YOU CANNOT GO ABOVE LEVEL 10 WITHOUT A SALUTE I SEE ALOT OF PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW THIS AND ARE STUCK AT A LEVEL.. MY POOR FRIEND EVEN PAID $100 FOR A HAPPY HOUR AND HAD NO IDEA HE HAD NO SALUTE SO EVEN WITH ALL THE LOVE WE SHOWED HIM IT DID NOTHING FOR HIS LEVEL... PLEASE LET OTHERS KNOW THERE ARE ALOT OUT THERE WHO HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT SALUTES AND HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE ONCE YOU REACH A HIGHER LEVEL CHERRRY RULES ON WHATS A SALUTE What are Cherry Salutes? A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your CherryTAP profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with your homepage on your computer in the background, a hand written note with your name, or while wearing a site t-shirt. All Salutes are approved by the CherryTAP bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account being removed. Roo & I could've used this bulletin back when he was stuck at level 11...apparently they had just started doing that--t
Salute Bullcrap
Okay, i think im not the only one who can agree with this crap. I have posted i think like 4-5 pics of slautes on here and all of them have been rejected. WTF, they say that i need to read the "faqs" and I HAVE OBEYED THEM!!!!! fuck these people. I think all of you would agree that most of the pics on here of my salutes, are USABLE!!!!! Let me know what you think...
to all the people who helped me on my salute was approve..thankyou all so much..angel
was rejected. Nowhere did it say I couldn't write my number in binary. I even wrote it in base 10 at the bottom :/
Salute Pics
Salutary Thoughts
Oy, what an overused pun. Even if it's been pointed out already, it's worth another person pointing out again... The salute photo (and I haven't posted my attempt yet either... I know) isn't about "see? I'm real!" whatever that means (erm... you were maybe... don't know.) It's about being or not being the person people thought they were adding if they came from another site, about being the person in the other photos (if relevant- since there -is- no question of that in Orly's case...), that your account hasn't been hacked since you set it up, or given by you without your friends knowing to someone else, and the security of your friends-only blogs, photos and other items likewise (and any privileges your account has, not just ability to read/see/etc., go with your account to whoever has the password, obviously- including administrative; think of a hacked bouncer account, say.) (This last part is more of a tangent and hacking is a separate issue, on consideration- never
Salute Contest
Salute Contest
Salute Contest
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute. The contest will start next Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must recieve your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest (1st Entry In)
The first entry is in already! Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute. The contest will start next Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must recieve your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest (clarification)
It should be a salute to me, so have either my sn or name on it. (sorry that it wasn't clearer to begin with) Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute. The contest will start next Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must recieve your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest (clarification 2)
It should also be sfw(sorry that it wasn't clearer to begin with) Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it. The contest will start next Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start next Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute To Our Forgotten Heros
Salute Contest
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest (4 Days Left To Enter)
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Finally with a little help figured out how to submit a pic to be a salute, but it was denied. :( oh well, better luck next time I guess
Salute Contest (3 Days, 3 Hours, 22 Minutes Left To Enter)
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salute Contest (2 Days, 6 Hours, 13 Minutes Left To Enter)
Anyone on my friend or family lists can enter. All you have to do is make me a salute, having either my sn or name on it, that is sfw. The contest will start Sunday (April 8th) so you must enter by then, so I must receive your entry by the end of Saturday (the 7th).
Salutes, Yay!
Woot, WOOT!! My salutes are approved :D
A Salute To The Troops..
You BOYS sure like to talk that trash When these MEN ain't around You'll be throwin' your fits While these MEN throw it down. You BOYS never appreciate their efforts And take for granted all the work that they do. That freedom of speech you love so much? They fight everyday to protect that for you. You BOYS jump at every chance to disrespect them by day But by night when you're at home sleeping sound Those same MEN are still fighting and dying for YOUR freedom, So you can keep putting them down. You BOYS won't ever truly appreciate Just exactly what it takes to be who they are Until they finally say, "I quit," and split Leaving YOU behind to fight this war. But before you start all that whinin' and cryin' Remember they are more than just merely men, They are the crème of the crop, the best of the best And with or without support vow "Semper Fi" 'til the end. So all the BOYS can continue to talk their talk, Because the talk is all they have and will ever b
Salute, Bitches
Ugh, I have to post a salute soon. Why? Cant you just TRUST it's me in those pics??? COME ON BABYJESUS!!!!
A Salute
Buried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at This is just a salute for all the soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines. From, SSG G. (thats me) United States Army
Salutes ( To Do Or Not Todo)
Recently I've been seeing alot of typing about people that don't have SALUTES. They are talking about it in BULLETINS, MUMMS,and EVERYWHERE. I think they are like me just hate the idea of making a fool of themselves by doing them. YES, I know they have to be done. I always thought if you didn't do one by the time you hit level 8 you couldn't move up, but I've seen that alot of the other higher levels that don't have a salute pic but that's their choice and who am I to judge them and I'M NOT. I just don't understand what's the BIG DEAL. But removing them from your friends list just because they don't have a salute (in my eyes) is just stupid. No I'm not calling them stupid just the action.
Salute Contest No Voting By Me Allowed
starts 11 pm. est may 1,2007.No Voting from me just friends etc. Thanks. Truthfully don't care if I'm rated or not.Thanks.I know Lnger give a Shit. contest opens in 30's the bulletin
Salute Contest
My contest will open tonight [May 1] at 11 pm central will end one week from today [May 8] at 11 pm central time! There are two separate is the ladies and one is the gentlemen. There is a 3 day blast for the winner of each even if you're in the contest you can bomb for someone of the opposite gender. THERE IS NO SELF BOMBING Each comment will be worth one point. In the case of a tie the number of rates will be multiplied by 2 and added to the number of comments to determine the winner! And now the fun stuff! Here are the contestants for my salute contest! The ladies first: Alison Mommy 2 be USMC sweetheart White Tiger Misty Morbid Dragon Slave Dragons Fire brat Bending Paris Babydoll0215 AND now the gentlemen: Mysta Rhyme The Big Mike Harley Rider
Salute Pictures
i cant stand it no more... today's sexy's soap box... salute pics.. if i can have one so can you... i hate phony people.. not that everyone without one is a fake or a phony...but... the salute is sooo easy to do... just scribble some shit on a piece of paper...and take the pic... damn... so..i have decided that if you dont have a salute pic... you wont be on my friends list much longer... squad members included... there are some who's circumstances i will be excused from the day of obliteration.... thanks this has been sexy's soap box!
Salute Photos?
What's up with all the salute photos? What exactly are the for? On other sites they've been put up if someone was called out as a that the same here?
Salute Contest With Gifts
I am in a contest and here is the link...... I will give special gifts to the ones who bomb me the most...the contest ends.....May 8 at 11 pm....much love babydoll0215
Salute Contest With Gifts-
I only have a day and a half and the competition is gaining on me....please bomb me and I will buy whoever helps me gifts.... Here is the link
Salute To A Lecturer With's To U Shoba
I've always had this belief about lecturers not giving a rat's ass about students because they were paid to do their job but she was different. I told her that I was doing her subject as an elective and she gave me no indifference to the matter. Shoba was a tough cookie, a strict one at that. I remembered dreading those journalism classes only because I didn't like it, but I pursued on because I could sense that she cared. Today was our last class with her. I thought of all things I would fail but she gave me a credit on her paper. My eyes almost went out of my sockets when I saw it. I told her if it wasn't for her I would have failed the subject. I totally hated it and she knew. But of all those 15 weeks she never gave up. We would have smoking breaks together and then she would just talk to us. About life, about what we wanted to do and become in the future..about everything I remembered one day she turned to me and said You know we should no
I just posted one it's not great but what do you get when you just get out of the shower and no one to help take the picture? Thanks to everyone that has stopped by to help my out. Yesterday I was rated #54!!!!!!!!!
ok, i need some help here,i have to take a salute pic before i can level up, but i can't get my cam to work, lol...anyway what i need to know is do i still get the points from now until i take my pic?....i mean do the points build up or i just don't get any until i take that pic?
ok, well they rejected one of my salute pics if they reject the other one then i just give up, the only reason that i see for them to reject it is cause my computer isn't in the backround with my page on there....hell the wire on the cam isn't long enough to do that anyway if somebody can tell me what i'm doing wrong i would appreciate it....dam this site is a lot of work, lol
Salute To The Troops
As we pass Armed Forces Day and approach Memorial Day, I would like to take time out to our service members who are standing watch while we enjoy our way of life. If it wasn't for the men and women in uniform, both past and present, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Our troops never start a war, but they're always called upon to finish it. When disasters strike, it is our troops that are called upon to step in and lend a helping hand. They are a source of strength for the weak. They are the pride of America. I would like to say thank you to all of the servicemembers in uniform. You're all doing a hell of a job under trying circumstances. Signed, Former Artilleryman The king of battle is artillery....
Salute Pics!!!(for My Bombers)
I got about 10 pics up and my Digital Camera Died.. its Charging now..LOLSo if you're not listed below, I didnt forget you. Yours will be in the second wave once my Camera recharges.:DMy Current standing last time I looked was second place. Contest ends Sunday night if you would like to continue to help me out, it would be much appreciated. HUGS ALLMy Contest LinkMy Bombers(in no general order)Just Plain JohnSexxy MommaPaulLauriaKennethfryguyDocElizBriBekkaFor those just tuning in...If you want your very own Salute, pic click the link for my contest and comment bomb me.And dont forget to send me a Cmail letting me know you bombed so I can get you on my Salute list!!Thank you ALL♥ brat ♥
Salute Pics(for My Bombers) Part Two
Wave 2 of my personal salutes.:DI am still in second place and need all the help I can get!. Contest ends Sunday night if you would like to continue to help me out, it would be much appreciated. HUGS ALLMy Contest LinkMy BombersPart Two(in no general order)JoLingtrinSD ChickSweet But Bitchy ~CharlieSweet & SassyDigvibGuardian Angel ~ ChrisJimeXistenZHootieLasherpeppermanBarbie Doll
Okay... ummm.. So I am supposed to do some sort of take a pic of myself with my CT ID#? WTF For? I made the profile.. I got a pic or 2 of myself.. and for fuck sakes I even have a pic of my son's memoriam tat.. But in order to be looked at as a real person I have to take a frickin pic of myself... WTF? I pot some Guess what I am trying to say.. is that I'm not going to go out of my way just to take a pic that will make people realize that I am a real person and not some fucktard that makes up shit for shits and giggles. Take care and be safe my Friends.
Salute Pic Rant!!!
I am not one to go off on many things that annoy and frustrate me, but I AM PISSED OFF NOW!!! I joined Cherry Tap some 3 - 4 months ago and during the course of learning the "in's" and "out's" of how to participate in the program, I began to enjoy it. I knew many people who were involved in Cherry Tap that involved me and encouraged me to participate and came to know many more. Once I reached level 10 "Friends of Cherry Tap," I was not allowed to level up unless I posted a Salute pic. Okay, fine. I read the Cherry Tap "Bible" in regards to Salute Pics and followed the requirements to the letter. Where did that get me, you may ask? MY ACCOUNT WAS OUT OF THE BLUE REMOVED, after the powers that be at Cherry Tap declared not ONE, but FIVE different Salute pics (and signs) FAKES!!! I received rejection after rejection and then found my account deleted!!! What the hell??? All of the Cherry points I had legitimately earned were gone, my friend's, fans and ratings erased, comments...
Salute Pics(for My Bombers) Part Three
First I want to extend a BIG Thank you to everyone who helped me all week!You have ALL been awesome!!I came in second and got a Corvette!:DThank you all so much!!Here are the last of the Salutes.. at least that I know of..lolWas so hard to keep track of all of!!I appologize for the delay, I had some camera issues..ugh!!My Bombers(In no peticular order)Big King FunWolf - Kris's DemonCannonbillLustful1LicksSir ShoetoJables♥ brat ♥
A Salute For Our Lost
Salutes And Nsfw - Link
Year of the Dragon has reposted in her blog several blogs from Scrapper clarifying NSFW rules, and in blogs covering salute submission. (Earlier repost by someone else inaccessible, replacing with one on a public blog whose owner is a bouncer (a very good one, I think!) - edit 2007-09-09) Yes, you may want to read this.
I have a question, how do you personally feel about someone that fakes a salute and why are we becoming relaxed on this issue when it was CT that came up with the moving up a level if you or anyone has a verified salute. I have seen about maybe 5 down right fake salutes and anyone can make one in the manner some are doing it in but what person allows a fake salute on CT and why? Hmmmmm maybe there is something we don’t know or maybe the person doing the grading can’t figure out what is right and what is wrong with a salute. Any person that has worked in Photoshop, who knows anything about black n white photos can tell you that editing the content in the photo is extremely easy depending on the content and where it is located but then again there are some Morons who will remain unknowing…duh huh! I think and I know many will not like this but that a VIDEO SALUTE is the only way to go now. Come on just about everyone has access to a camera which can take a small video so why
OK I finally got a salute pic on my page.So now will I get past this level 3 stage that I benn stuck at forever? Any help will be "loved".Thanks Doc.
Salute Contest
Create me the best salute and win two happy hours and a million dollar mansion, be creative, be sexy, be funny, your choice but all it needs to say is Kayo and the winner gets to choose when they would like to have their happy hours as long as they are both before the end of July
this is not fair my salute has been waiting seven hours to get approved can anyone tell me what to do to complain about it took 20 pics in three days and 10refused why dont they except pics that have been painted on my computer the rules are so hard if you can upload any pic to page why not a pic from computer with art of the computer its better and more classy
Salute Got Rejected
can you look at my salute pic everyone on my page and tell me if theres anything wrong tell me in a message or comment i want to know as on my quickcapture on my webcam it was ok if its ok am asking people to rate blog so i have evidience to put forward derek
Salute Contest
Best Salute Photo Send me link in cmail of your photo you want used. I will rip it to contest folder. Rates Count as 10 pts Comments as 1 Most comments + Rates win.. 1st One Month VIC or week blast 2nd 1 day blast 3rd 100k in big pimpin gifts MUST FAN n FRIEND THE HOSTESS to bomb. 7 days ONLY~! Contest will start when I have at least 10 ppl entered STARTS 7/8 5pm EST... ends 7/15 5pm EST
Salute Contest Over!
I want to thank everyone for entering and making this the best contest I have had so far! Just look at the point totals seperating 1st and 2nd. 1st place Crazy Lady ~ ÌñÐêþêñÐêñ† Family of CT Rating - 10.17 (97) = 970 pts 61604 - Comments = 61606 pts 62576 total 2nd place H♥llieH♥ttie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad} Rating - 10.01 (123) = 1230 pts 61299 - Comments = 61301 pts 62531 total 3rd place Captain Caveman -nWo-CT Pimp & Ho Society*Jessie's CT Hubby* Rating - 10.16 (92) = 920 pts 20000 - Comments = 20000 pts 20920 total Thanks again everyone! ***Christie*** ~Enchanted~@ CherryTAP
Salute Photos
So, why do salute photos gotta be so fuckin hard to make!? I mean, I have a small webcam and theres so fuckin much ya have to put into them to have done a salute correctly. All I know is that its bullshit! This has been a pissed moment.... of Chadsterness.
Denied! On three different occasions! Do they need two forms of ID? WTF is the problem, you stupid whore! The first one I submitted didn't fully show my face. Mmmkay, so I submitted two more with my face clear as day. And this bitch says they're grainy or illegible. Huh? If my boyfriend can read both of them without his glasses, I don't see what the fucking problem is. Fine! Deny my salutes. I don't fucking exist. I'm just a figment of your imagination. No wonder this site is renamed Fubar. It truly is fucked up beyond all recognition.
Salute Contest ~ Help Cherry Out Plz
PLZ come vote for my newest ct friend......she's gorgeous and lets show her some fubar love! If I ever wanted anything more in my fubar life it is for this girl to win.......Please Please Please......Muahz! Thanks much love and respect, Jackie COMMENT BOMBERS WELCOME
I've been asked by a few people to do salutes for them,..So if you want one done..please comment and tell me you do. ..Thanks.. btw: Will be done on friday!
Salutes Contest
Hello my dear Friends, I want to play with you lol....I think about starting a contest here for my male friends and fans...Here are the rules...send me salutes made for me (creativity is a must) ... i will put them in a special album ...the pic with the most comments and highest rates will get a big pimpin gift from me and an exclusive pic (NSWF of course ;))...let the games begin ...this contest will begin now and end at 25th if you want to join mail me your pic link....Hugs and kisses Zuzana
Salute Rejected
hahahha So I finally log onto Cherrytap ooopps, I mean, fubar, after a couple of busy days and submit my previous salutes to get verified. Both were rejected... booo hooo... I'm going to cry all the way home.... hahahhahah Guess I'm not real enough... oh... and another thing... do we now get points for NSFW stuff? I mean a bar named fubar but you can't do anything above "G".. hmmmm... I can buy someone drinks but can't see a pic of cleavage... Yeep, makes sense to me.. If anyone needs me I'll be in the gym
if anyone wants an adult salute hit me up and ill get it ASAP this applies to anyone interested
Salute Photo
If you don't have one, make a salute photo for your own profile. Bomber families are more credible and reputible if all the members have salute photos. If you don't like the photo I have ripped into the family album let me know which one you want me to rip and I will change it out.
I just want everyone to know, I will post my salute!! I'm sick right now so forgive me if im jumping in front of a camera looking like ass. As soon as I feel better I'm going on a photoshoot with my bestie who is a Photographer and I plan on taking alot of hawt new pics and stuff =D
Salute 2
So You fucking assholes can suck off, I posted a salute, if it gets rejected i dont care sorry i feel like shit and thats what it was SHIT So YEAH I'll have better ones when I FUCKING FEEL BETTER
ok so I've done some for alot of people. I want some of my own :( Nobody has done 1 for me. If you do one for me I'll do one for you. SFW of course lol Very very few and special people get nsfw salutes from me lol I love you long time if you do! lol
Salute To The Godfather... & Thanks
Thanks bro for helping me out... Not hard being so smart but Loco make finding new members LOOK Easy... Thanks for the Luv man... AMERICAN][D][][V][][D
Salute In Question
This is the salute which was deleted. As we speak, I am uploading my newest salute pic which I just took with my camera phone. This time, I am in front of my home page. Not that it's a very clear pic of my homepage but worth a try. I'll flag it for approval and will post it in my next blog for discussion. Exciting!!! Will it pass and if it does, will it stay???? (They usually get deleted in 24-48 hours). Why should anyone care, you ask??? Well, because it's me!! LOL...but seriously, I should be able to keep a salute just like the next guy/gal. Plus, I love a challenge! Love ya! Tina
Salute To Dj House Contest
Salute For Salute!!!!
Salute Accepted
Salute Accepted. I'm offical.
Salute Photos
i hope that you all that don't have a salute photo will get one soon we can't help you level up until you get one it helps you to have one so that you can get the points as well ok Thanks from C&T Stash Club --seejaykaygee-- ps this is for the ones that can go pass friends of fubar
A Salute!
Salutes N Stuff
What is a fubar Salute? A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your fubar profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2, Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: or fubar *Photoshopped or any “type” print set will NOT be accepted. *Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. *Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add on to your Salute: You may wear your fubar,LostCherry or cherryTAP t-shirt, and show your Home Page (which has to be clear) as part of your background. Please include the above three items to ENSURE your salute is verified. All Salutes are approved by the fubar bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos wil
tomorrow is a day off for me, first labor day in 7 years ive had off..... soooooooooooo since im gonna have a bunch of time on my hands Im gonna make salutes for whoever wants one, speak up and lemme know and I'll make one for you too :) Ive gots a few in mind already but if you wanna be added to the list respond here , message or comment me and lemme know :)
Salute Pics
just in case anybody is wondering.... i took my 5 approved salute pics down because ive decided... i dont wanna be a **ROCKSTAR** or a ~HenchMan~ or even a *fu~king godfather* ive gone as far as i wanna i did re~upload them so people can see im real {{just in case theres any question}} and feel free to continue checkin out my stuff n rating and COMMENTING ill do the same when dial up dont hate me,lol i still need the fubucks to buy drinks,lol and dont forget to stop by n say hi once ina while or you may just end up deleted,lol ***HAVE AN AWESOME NIGHT!!!*** ~nnc~
Salute Contest
Can I get a lil help from my friends? I'm in a contest to win a VIP or 7 day blast!! The person with the most comments wins. Check my bulletin or click on the link below for more details!! I appreciate any help you are willing to give. Love ya!! :-)
(Ok here is something new) (Lets see what happens)(Sexy Salutes. Id love to get some sexy salutes. For what i mean is, Take a sexy photo with my name posted, Id do the same in return, Lets see if I get any :P )
Salute Hummm...........
I need to create a Salute phote but I don't really know what I should do. I don't want to have a piece of paper with my info on it. I would like to do a lil something more interesting. So does anyone have any ideas? Remember its a Salute photo not a NSFW pic. Duh! Anyway I am Kreative but not today, so suggestions are welcome. Either comment here, leave me a message or give me a shout with your ideas. =D
what the fuck!??!?!?!?!?!!? i know i have seen salutes done by people with just their damned computer screen! why the fuck can't i do the same fucking thing????? oh hells no. i have to write out mine. what the hell? salutes are fucking stupid to begin with. if i wasn't an actual person, would i have so many nsfw pics of my fat ass plastered all over this place???? I think not! not to mention, i have a whole album devoted to family-outside of the internet, i might add, my real family. and my actual pets. hell, i only created an album for shit i like this fucking week! my JTHM album! if this fucking salute doesn't go through, i guess i'll just fucking stay at freak level for eternity. fuck it. who gives a shit? i have more interesting site memberships elsewhere any fuckin' way!
Salute Photo!!!
Anyhoo....I have like 50,000 points or something but I haven't leveled up yet because I need to submit a salute photo. Unfortunatly I cannot because I do not have a digital camera and or a camera phone that will work to upload a GD "salute". I am looking for a camera - used so...let me know! Or if you know how to get around the BS tell me! Thnx xoxo Bunny
so i just reached level 9 and i need to submit a salute photo, but i dont want to do the typical hold up the sign blah blah im asking for your help/advice for a creative pic...HELP ME PLEASE!!! thank you my babies, i love you all HONEY
I have seen several people who made salutes for other members of fubar... well... where's mine?! I have made some for a few friends on here that I have grown really close to. Yeah, some are a little NSFW, but those friends really deserve it!! Is there anyone who cares enough about me to make a salute pic? LOL If so... make one and notify me when it's up so I can rip it. I ♥ you all, and you know this!
Salute Me
Hey I want to put more pics up soon as I level so I was wondering if anyone is interested to make me a salute pic that I can put up in my album and in return of course I will stop byu your page and show my gratitude by rating your page and so on.... Interested??? Well then what are you waiting for let the saluting begin..... thanx
Our wonderful yet dorky friend lisa and i have made a bet to see who can have the most salutes by the end of the night, so if you wanna help us win....... do one :)
i feel to show everyone that is a true uk member we should all have salutes. its not hard. all u need is a piece of paper put down ur screen name with ur id and @ peace love ya all
Salute From Angel Eyes
Make an on-line slide show at
Salute Contest
I am sponsoring two contests, The first being a Solute David photo contest and the second being an Ass, Armpit, or Breasts contest. The winning salute will receive a 30 day VIP from me, and the winning Ass, Armpit or Breasts will win a blast. Rules: Salute David: Your salute must be a photo of yourself and include a message to me "FrogMaster David". Your salute may be rated G or rated XXX its completely your call. Winner will be decided by popular vote. Ass, Armpit, or Breasts: Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Send a close up photo of your Ass, Armpit, or Breasts so that people are not sure which one they are looking at and have to guess, lol. As proof of it being your own photo with pen or marker write "David" somewhere on yourself in the camera frame. Winner will be decided by popular vote. How to enter: To enter post this photo in your photo gallery, then notify me of where to find it. I will then rip it to my contest gallery. Dates
Salute Pix? O'rly??
if you want a saluute from deh fubar owl yarly you make meh one and den meh make you one fo sho! have deh g00d weeek yarly ^(O_o)^
The 7-12 Salute, Show Me Some Love!
I used to do this alot back in my Clubbin days, collect salutes from people and proudly keep them stashed so I could savor the memories. I want to start this again. Keeping a tradition rolling is the only way to go. So if you love me (I really don't need the proof, cause I believe you do) show me!! make me a salute please!!
So I was looking over my pictures, and I've saluted some friends, but no one has saluted me. Yet people continue to ask me to do it. So here's an idea. If you make me a salute, and tell me that you did and it's a decent salute, I'll give you a gift. Granted it's an internet gift, but it gives points. It's up to you if you wanna do it. Spanks and licks, Laura.
they approved my salute
Salutes For You
just wanted to let you know I like to take pics of all kinds if you would like a salute or a pic dedicated to you,are even a certain pic suggestion just let me know,I love you all and you all look great!
Salute For Peggy Sue??
******For my friends, fans, family and anybody who wants to...I am collections Salutes TO ME. Take a picture of yourself as if you were making a fubar salute except instead of putting your name on the paper, you write a note to me, Like HEY Peggy ...:-) It can be on a diaper, a paper towel, roll of TP, a shirt, in the dirt whatever...the more unique the better...I am going to make a pic folder for them. If you make one for me, email me the link to it once you get it uploaded. Anybody who makes one for me will get 500 fubucks. I have my first one, it is in the folder appropriately titled Salutes made for me :-) A very unique salute indeed...very creative :P
Salute :)
Thank you for your patience :D
OK, now that I have room in my album again, who wants a Salute?
Salute To The 2007 Rockies
I know they didn't go all the way, but it was a wild year down at Coors field this summer. There was a time where the Rockies were the talk of the town. The Blake Street Bombers sold out all of the their games. And prior to the opening of Coors field, they drew 75,000 a game to mile high stadium, a record that won't be broken. But the lows have been here for the last decade or so. I know its gone back and forth, where the team would give us hope, only to crush it. This season was no different. After the hope of spring training, this team played awful for April and the beginning of May. Then they go on a run, taking two of three from the Red Sox, sweeping the Yankees, only to lose 10 in a row. And this went on all season. I remember with about three weeks to go attending a day game against Pittsburgh. They got killed and lost two of three to Florida, at home. But they were only 4 1/2 games out, but with three teams ahead of them. I remember having a conversation that Sun
Saluting Fubar
A few days ago I finally got my salute photo uploaded here. I just want to thank my lovely wife for helping me with it. I hope everyone liked it.
Salute Thee
This weekend, it is time to say thank you to our veterans. There are numerous opportunities to do so, starting this morning . More programs and parades are planned Sunday, which is actually Veterans Day. The holiday for most schools and government offices is Monday. We sense that Veterans Day is getting more attention now than it has in years past. Why? Perhaps because we are losing World War II veterans at such a rate that within a few years, there won't be many left to honor. Perhaps because of the alarming reports that many Iraq war veterans are struggling to get the medical treatment and services they deserve. Perhaps because of the troubling number of vets who are homeless. Whatever the reason, we're pleased to see Veterans Day regain significance. People do not have to attend an event to acknowledge a veteran. It can be as simple as saying to a family member, friend or neighbor: Thank you. Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. As A Veteran Myself I say yo
Salute For Votes
ok, I just had an idea....I am evil~! I need votes for this I am proposing to do (boob) salutes for anyone who can get me 15 votes. The comments should have your name in them and I am watching....if I miss it just e mail me and let me know you got 15 of your friends to comment for me. Please be honest~I am 6th place now and I want 3rd, at least~! Help me out~ and don't forget you have to become friends with Cannibal first. Send her a friend request and then go to my pic...#1032R ~~smooches~~
A Salute To The Military!!
When you wanna complain you have to work 2 hours of over time this week or you are to tired cuz ya didn't get enough sleep.STOP!! Think of the military that we have in Iraq and other places going days without sleep and not knowing when they will see their homes again!! To the military guys and gals !! Thank Your for letting me sleep safely in my warm bed every night !! It's a honor, not a privilage !!
Am having problems taking a suitable salute pic. One that would get Fubar approval (yea right!!!!) A new cam is NOT an option at the moment. Any suggestions? Hmmmmmmm?
Salute Pic?
Would the new primary pic be clear enough for a salute with a salute added to it?
Not to bash Fubar, but I think that everyone no matter if they have a VIP or not should be required to have a salute. Too many ppl are making false accounts to satisfy some insane need to stalk ppl. The salutes verify who the ppl are and to show that they are real people. If they get to buy VIP's to skip this step how is anyone to se if they are who they say they are. This is just my thoughts and I still will not add ya b/c u are at a level 150 without a salute unless I know u. K, have had my say am jumping off the soap box and decorating again. Have a great day!!!
Salute Downrater..
This Guy rated my page a "10" but gave my Salute a "1" then Blocked my ass..lmao what's the matter couldn't he take the pressure of what I was going to do him..lmao Douche bag! travis121@ fubar Go Show him some Fubar Luv..lmao
Salute Rule Sux!!
Salute Pictures Exchange - Do Me One I'll Do You One
Hello friends and Fans!! I have created the new picture folders "FOR MY FRIENDS" AND "FROM MY FRIENDS" I want to do a salute picture exchange with all of you. Do Me a cute, sexy, hot or whatever kind of picture salute, your face must be showing of course and your Fubar name to be considered a salute. I will in return send you one, of course the way I'll do it will be only under My discretion (so don't ask for skin shots). Let's do this... it will be fun :) Kisses and spanks Goddess Ambrosia p.s. since I don't have any more picture space I will be posting the salutes in blogs until I move to the next level and get more space... I'm only a few points away so if you want to help Me move to the next level.. by all means.. stop by and show some luv!! as you know I run out of picture space too quickly... lol
Salute Pictures For Tattoed & Pierced
Salute For Me - From Doggy G
Salute For Me - From Willie E
Salute Pictures For Doggy G
Salute Pictures For Willie E
Salute To Ems Workers
He's been up for 48 straight, with 10 tripsheets to do, and the pager just went off again. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. She prays she can fit in a 2 minute shower, in the middle of a 48 hr shift, so she can scrub the blood off from the last patient before the pager goes off again. __________________________ You complain of a "headache" and call in sick. He comes to work, regardless of what is ailing him, because there is a shortage of EMS workers, and no one can cover him. __________________________ You drink your hot coffee on your way to the mall. She grabs a quick cup of cold coffee at the ER, to help stay awake for the next one. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He makes sure the monitor and laryngascope have batteries. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. She counts on her "buddies" to have her back when things are
You make me a salute... I make you a salute.... its that easy lemme kno...
Salute For Golfchick
imikimi - Customize Your World
HERE ARE THE 2ND ALARM HOTTIES GO SHOW THEM ALL MAD LOVE. BE SURE TO SPANK THEM REAL HARD Raen~ Deputy Chief of Operations~2nd Alarm Hotties/ owned by Master Wylde@ fubar sexypirate13....@ fubar ÐJ §ëx¥ §HÈLL ÖWÑÈR Ö? ?ÅRÈÑHÈÌGHT@ fubar ~Beach Bunny~Capt. 2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar ~bi Naughty Nurse~ Capt. 2nd alarm hotties@ fubar Priceless™AsstChief&HIO/2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar *§qµ¡®t* *2nd Alarm Hottie Officer*@ fubar Fre¥a ? Evil's Pet ? Cpt 2nd Alarm Hottie Fu/gf 2 Mydnyte
Saluting Courage
Salute Photo And Holiday Cheers
Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone! After over a year, I finally posted my first salute photo for your viewing pleasure...or maybe a good laugh. Now you can rest easy knowing that The Booty Whisperer is not a myth unlike The Great Pumpkin or the tooth fairy. - and if you wouldn't mind, I would love to have some hits on the pic if you are in the luv sharing mood this evening. As always, I will be sure to repay any luv provided. On a departing note, ladies be sure to continue uploading beautiful booty pics and feel free to get my opinion or attention anytime. Take care and again Happy Holidays, Festivas, or whatever you do or do not celebrate this time of year!! ~ BW ~
A Salute From Me
So I'm thinking of doing some salutes for my friends and others as well basically whoever would like a salute from me (Sfw only you wanna get points for posting it don't you?) So if you want a salute let me know but also I would like to be sent between 500-1000 fubucks for making these for you Like I said you can send anywhere from 500 to 1000 and I will make you one If you don't have a lot of fubucks not a problem send 200 and I will still hit you up with a salute
Im takeing requsets for Salutes if you want one just drop me an email and I will get it made for you it can be a naughty or nice .
Salute Contest
to make it in my contest you got to send a nude salute to me i'll send 50,000 but it need to see nude body not cover up send pics to this blogi'll pic the winner on Feb 1
A Salute??
Who Is Willing To Make A Salute That Says Sarge's Bad Girl ? Can Either Be SFW Or NSFW ..Your Choice..Also You Do Not Need To Make One..But It Would Be Appreciated If You Did..Thank You In Advance Sgt. Raider (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls)
Can anyone help me with a salut please!!! Lol i cant figure out how the hell to do it!!
do you want a personal salute from me? i will make one for 5,000 fubucks, i will even put whatever you want on it for 10,000 fubucks. if you want one let me know!
Salute Or Status Screen Shot?
Who Is Willing To Make A Salute That Says Sarge's Bad Girl In It? Can Either Be SFW Or NSFW ..Your Choice....You Can Also Make Me A Status Screen Shot ..Just Something "Bad/Naughty" Bad Girl Type...Also You Do Not Need To Make One... But It Would Be Appreciated If You Did..Thank You In Advance Sgt. Raider (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls)
Salutes By Stevens
Greetings & Salutations~ > > > > Thanks for sending your FUBAR Salute picture in for review, but we need you to make > > another one and submit it back to us. > > > > What is a FUBAR Salute and how do I make one? > > > > A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your FUBAR profile. > > > > > > Salute ProceduresYour face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: > > > > Your SCREEN NAME, > > Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; > > AND, the words: > > > > Things that wont be permitted: > > > > Photoshopped or any Computer typed print set will NOT be accepted. > > Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. > > > > Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. > > > > If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add on to yo
Salute Contest
Salute Contest- Hey please click the link to vote my salute as the best!!! Thanks!!!!
A Salute For A Salute....
Yup you read right I will do a salute for anyone that makes one for me Want one?....Just let me know and do 1 for me and I'll send one to you....
" Salutes "
You people call 'em salutes, I just call 'em signs. But anywho,I wanted to do some salutes for people.Wanted to know if there was anyone in particular whod want one. If not then Arthur,Paul,and Sarah are gonna get one for sure.
It is way harder to take a picture of yourself than I thought it would be. Had to write the info backwards and find a mirror. Any one else have that problem?
Salute For Me
so i been surfing fubar. came across people who has pictures of salutes made for them. like they got a pic of a friend holding a paper with their name on it saying they love the person. so if you wanna do that for me then by all means go right ahead. L0L.
Salutes And Cheating
This is just an FYI. If you submit a fake salute that is OBVIOUSLY fake. You WILL be shown the door. If you have multiple accounts that are set up for cheating, you WILL be shown the door or reset. If you CHEAT on referrals, you will be reset. We have anti fraud detection in place. You may think you are getting away with it, but you will be reset soon ;) Please read our terms of service!
Salutes & Graphics 4 Comments
Hi all. As you may see im a member of the Pianoman’s Pu$$ycat Playmates… This means I can be rented or make salutes for you… Yes it is at a cost but who wouldn’t want a Playmate’s salute? I am not going to have a price list as I will go on how I feel about what you ask me to do. I will do sfw and Nsfw and mostly anything that you would ask… So to get a salute… All you need to do is…. 1. Send me a private msg asking for one. Give details of what you want and if you want to offer Fubucks, blasts and such great. 2. Ill get back to you as soon as I can, with my price for the salute. 3. If you agree then send payment though and I will do and give you salute. If you are interested in renting me then private message me and I will let you know what I will do for my owner… Visit the Pianoman’s Pu$$ycat Playmate’s Homepage if you want more details…. homepage for PIANOMAN'S~~~~~PU$$YCAT PLAYMATES~~~~~@ fubar
i think its so fucking ridiculous that fubar makes ppl put a salute up...they say u can't go past level 10 without one...its like do it leave options, ur forced into doing it which is totally wrong...well they cancelled my VIP status and i get no points 4 rating and commenting on ppl, rotflmfao...guess soneone told them i hadn't posted a salute and got jealous that i had gotten t rockstar level without posting a salute...well i really don't liking taking pic's coz i'm not photogenic, guess thats a fault of mine, but i don't like being forced into doing something that is so foolish so i'm thinking of deleting my acct,. i know alot of u r saying thats so stupid, just post the salute...well guess what i posted a salute about 1 hr ago and they rejected it....hahahahaha. well i can say to fubar is that with all the blasts i gave to ppl to keep u guys going ain't worth it...i'll delete this acct. tomorrow, gotta give my respects and love to my friends b4 i leave...
I haven't taken a lot of new pics lately, so I'd like to change that. I've decided to make salutes for my friends on here. I don't know if anyone will even request one, but I'll offer the service anyway, lol. I just have a few rules: 1.) Please private message me about it, no shouts or comments on here. 2.) Please have spoken to me before and "know" me at least a little before you request one. 3.) I will do NSFW salutes, but not for just anyone. So don't get pissy with me if I won't do one for you. 4.) If you'd like to offer anything as payment, that would be greatly appreciated, but not required. Bribing will be acknowledged, but not always accepted. :P I think that pretty much sums it all up. If you're interested just send me a private message and let me know. If you have any requests about the salute just include that in the message. If not, you will get a generic sign of your name and maybe a message from me. :) Take care friends! ♥
Salute Me.... Or You?
I would love for someone to create a salute for me. I am open to what the "price" shall be... obvisiously the better the salute the better the price. Let me know what you think. If you want a salute back, I can do that!
Salute For You
So I posted a few new pics and since a few of you have been asking for a few comments on pics, they have different numbers on what number to get too. Who ever is 25 or 160 or 200 gets a salute. Also the higher the comment number, the sexier the salute! So number 200 is gonna get something much sexier than number 25 *disclaimer* you do not get to choose the pose, I do and I'll keep a total of my winners so everyone gets the salute. You can only win one salute.
So, now that I am not VIP anymore I guess I have to post a salute to level up. I thought I bypassed that bullshit. Obviously, I'm not afraid to have my picture taken but I feel like a total dork doing the whole salute thing. But I guess I'm gonna ask my BF to take some salute pic for me later tonight. And so, I guess I'm going to work on a stupid sign all day at home with my markers and shit and make it all pretty and then try to get all pretty. What a bunch of bullshit I don't want to do with my day. I do promise you one thing, it will be dead SEXY!
Salute To Black History Month
Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute - U2Add to My Profile | More Videos
Salutes And Cheating
***SCRAPPER'S BLOG DATED 6 FEBUARY 2008*** This is just an FYI. If you submit a fake salute that is OBVIOUSLY fake. You WILL be shown the door. If you have multiple accounts that are set up for cheating, you WILL be shown the door or reset. If you CHEAT on referrals, you will be reset. We have anti fraud detection in place. You may think you are getting away with it, but you will be reset soon ;) Please read our terms of service!
Salute Photo Guide
Here is some information on the salute policy, as of February 28, 2008. This is not new information, but hopefully it will shed some light on what we expect when determining whether or not to approve a salute photo. The goal is to put together a picture that not only says you're you, but can also link itself to your profile. This is why the three basic elements of a salute photo, listed below, are important to have on your handwritten sign. A salute photo must have a picture of you with your complete face showing, as well as a handwritten sign with the following on it: Your current Fubar screenname Your Fubar ID number (it can be found located between parentheses in the title bar of your Fubar home page; mine is 58128) The word "Fubar" In lieu of your Fubar ID, you may use your custom URL if you have one set (for example, mine is, or The sign doesn't necessarily have to be on paper. Approved salute photos have had the s
Ok. I decided I had to start a new catagory for updates and general information and that is what I suppose will go here. So I guess I will start out by saying it appears I have to put up a salute now. I guess the main point I really want to emphasize, and the reason I have no pictures of myself up yet, is that this page is not about me. While I may be the one that is pushing keys over here, it is all of you and those WE support that this is about. If it were not for the number of pics and what nots that I could post, I wouldnt even worry about it. So, I guess there will be my salute coming in the next few days. Also, I have added a new album titled local heroes. I plan on taking pictures of all the police/fire/ems in my area as well as any other places I may go. Also I would post any pics I may be able to take of military personel. But please do not think this is just my local heroes, I would love to post any that you may have and would like posted. All you need to do is let me know
Salute Contest
Im putting on the "who loves RyaWolf" the most contest. make me a salute and send me the pics so I can make a folder for it for the most original out of ordinary salute. Winners get a fu-bling package and a 7 day blast. so get those pics going :)
I'm not posting a salute photo. Why not? 2 reasons: a) My digital camera is broken. b) I'm me and the people I know on here already know me IRL, so why the hell would I need to 'prove myself' to strangers? Seriously. If I was going to impersonate someone I'd impersonate someone that was at least somewhat photogenic. I'm sick of the stupid Fubar support spam, "POST A SALUTE TO LEVEL UP", every fucking day.... ugh. Of course they don't reply to my return messages.
A Salute Of Thanks
Across this field of green grass Stretch markers everywhere All that lay in this hallowed ground Certainly have something special to share I walk along in silence now Reading the names on each stone as I pass Feeling the hardness of their beds Covered by a soft blanket of grass I see soldiers as they walk along Searching for a stone that means so much With tears streaming down their cheeks Finally their fallen comrade’s stone they touch I see the many flags waving briskly From a breeze that across their bed that now blows The flags marking the site of the bed Of one of this great nations fallen heroes I see the changing of the guard now Only sound is the movement of their feet I watch as they stand in silence to honor These heroes they were never able to meet A family stops and kneels in silence Beside a grave marked by a flag and white stone Honoring the passing of a loved one Tears are shed as their pride to them is shown None of the ones buried here in this
I have been into checking out salutes lately, and all I can say is WOW! some of them are sure different than their default pic....I guess they had a bad
If any women are in need of some FuBucks i`ll pay 10,000 for topless salutes of 20,000 for full frontal. Must Include my first name and a sexy comment, nothing too spectacular, I`m just bored :)
A Salute To My Comrades In Arms Past Present And Future
Salute Me
Gonna be whipping the camera out soon to do a salute for someone so if anyone else wnts one let me know, will be happy to do so. On another note, hope everyone's week has started well
Salute Photo Guide By Owl
Here is some information on the salute policy, as of February 28, 2008. This is not new information, but hopefully it will shed some light on what we expect when determining whether or not to approve a salute photo. The goal is to put together a picture that not only says you're you, but can also link itself to your profile. This is why the three basic elements of a salute photo, listed below, are important to have on your handwritten sign. A salute photo must have a picture of you with your complete face showing, as well as a handwritten sign with the following on it: Your current Fubar screenname Your Fubar ID number (it can be found located between parentheses in the title bar of your Fubar home page; mine is 58128) The word "Fubar" In lieu of your Fubar ID, you may use your custom URL if you have one set (for example, mine is, or The sign doesn't necessarily have to be on paper. Approved salute photos have had the s
I never know how to start a new blog, never know what the hell to say. I'm not really even sure why I'm here except that it certainly looks interesting so I shall stick around for awhile and see what this thing is all about. I am supposed to be working. I have 34 reports to finish by Monday- which majorly fucking sucks. I love everything about my job except the damn reports and it feels like that is all I do every spring. So what is this whole rating thing about? What is the point exactly? To meet people and make friends? On da innernet? And yeah- I know, it's spelled internet. *eyeroll* This is probably the most insanely boring fucking blog post EVER. Sorry- sorry that you had to sit there and read this shit. I never know what to say in the beginning. It's difficult to find my voice right away- we'll see if I stick around long enough to do so. Ciao...
Ok anyone who knows me knows that I am one unique motha fucka. Also anyone who knows me also know if you call me a liar or a cheater you get ur ass beat down. I dont lie and I dont cheat nor steal. Now any of you who have had a salute denied maybe you'll feel my pain. I have a webcam built right into my laptop computer. I needed to salute fubar before I could level up. So I sat there for a good 2 hours last night only to get disappointed today by them telling me I photo shopped it. And honestly I didn't. With my webcam I can pick different backrounds and shit I can even have elf ears if I wanted to. But I figured Hell if I'm Saluting a fuckin internet club I'd atleast Salute our soldiers and the Statue Of Liberty. So I picked a forground which is the only one on my pic's like it. and they said I photo shopped it. Its a crock of shit that you can't be yourself on this site. I knew that it had to be too good to be true. and it is. FuBar and Their FUCKED UP Bible can kiss my ass. Dont fuc
want a personal salute from me????got spare fubucks?? if so just private message me for details!!! id be happy to work something out with ya ;)
I will make one tonight..since so many girls people think that I'm the faker. *grin*
Salute Making Time!
I am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wants a damn salute?????? lol
Saluting Fubar
I have finally managed to post a salute; so if you folks want to see what this ugly mug looks like, go ahead and take a look. I'll be back rating/adding/fanning(huh?) A.S.A.P. Take care.
She needs 50K Comments for a Bling pack! SHE IS A GREAT MATE!! SO I AM OFFERING A FEW THINGS!! As a added bonus heres a list of items I am offering!! They are:: 100 comments = photoshop picture of you 500 comments = Sfw salute 1000 comments = NSFW salute (cleavage) PICK THE AMOUNT U CHOOSE N WHEN U DONE PM ME CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF MY WORK *AngelDawnKris*Owned By Barrylicious , Armond,Guidomedic & SweetThing*@ fubar TY N PLEASE REPOST
Salute Photos 05.31.08
Salute Pics.
If you want a salute pic i will be doing them this weekend. Tell me what you would like and i will personalize just for you. Don't be afraid tell me. I'm not shy and you shouldn't be either. Name it and it's yours if it's not
Salute For The Sarge?
Have You Made The Sarge A Salute Or Would You Make One?? Can Be SFW Or NSFW ..Your Choice..All ♥ Will Be Returned
I'll be making salutes here in the next few days, if you want one, send me a shout or something letting me know you want one and tell me what you want it to say and what you wanna see in it.
Salute To My Fans! Xoxo
You Are All... SHINING STARS!!!
The Saluted Fakes...
Let's see where do I began, a certain Fubar member post several MuMMs about "Unsaluted" people shouldn't get VIP, Blast, Happy Hours, Bling Packs... These people who are so "anti-unsaluted" needs to learn that this site is first and foremost a business, and secondly a social site. They wont change the rules for the many whiny members because they won't risk losing the thousands of dollars a month in revenue from the "fakes" getting the VIPs, Blast, Blings, Happy Hours. I am the first to say that i got my VIP so i can level without a salute, last time i checked my credit card where i brought my Year VIP, and to day have sent 308 dollars worth of bling credits to people randomly ... i don't send when people ask i rather hate that actually... Well anyway this blog isn't about that certain member, since i am not on his list cause he only accepts saluted people only which is his choice, i tend not to care what people do on their list... this blog is as the name implied the "saluted
kissyface (kandy kiss member)she makes it so easy to spoil her. the devil loves ya alaina.@ fubar
please c my Redneck Family Circle salute and please make 1:-)
Who wants one :D
Salutes For Friends
ok i started something that i want to do. give a salute to everyone on here. so if you want one from me comment here or message me, i'll do my best to get to all of them asap. but i do work at night to so please work with me here . i want to be able to do a salute for everyone single person on fubar if i can lol thanks
Well im doin salutes got a few of them done but i dont think i have everyone so if you want one let me know! bee tee double yew Mummaz and Mummettes rock the hardest! muahz :)
If you want a salute from me let me know... taking requests for the next set :D
Salutes For Rates
I've been on Fubar for two years now. I joined back in June of 06 (deleted old account). Anyhow levels really never meant anything to me and still I really don't have to be a certain level to be happy. But, I really want to be a Godmother. So here is the deal. For all of those who help me out by rating pictures or stash I will make a salute for you. If you rate pictures and stash I will make a salute and a custom graphic. There are examples of the graphics I can make in my stash. Send me a private message when done so I know to make yours!! Thanks!!!
Salutes For Comments
I'm in a give away for a three month vip. I need 25,000 comments in 4 weeks. I'll need all the help I can get. I don't have a lot of fu bucks to pay people but, I can offer this. 200 comments= SFW Salute 300 comments= Custome graphic (see stash for examples of work) 400 comments= SFW Salute & Graphic 600 comments= NSFW Salute So if you would like to help out click the picture below and bomb away. After you are done send me a private message and I'll get what is owed to you. I will check to see how many was done. Thanks!!! Thank You to the wonderful hostess of the giveaway. You are the greatest!! Stephanie Lynn@ fubar
yes, i am finally getting caught up on these, slowly but surely. why is everyone's favorite color "blue?"
Salutes To Donaters....thank You!
Oh my gosh! I can't thank you all enough for your help to get me a spotlight. But for those that donated to the cause, my husband (passionman71) and I have salutes for all of you, they are located in a special folder in my photo album titled donation salutes. Grab yours and thank you again SO much, the love shown just about made me cry! Here's one of the salutes, you can click the link and take you to the folder, thank you all again, love you bunches! And here are the folks who donated to my spotlight, show them tons of love! Kat1114" Owner of Farscapecat & Co Owner of AMANDA. {Yeahmons Angels}@ fubar Scarlett{Shadow Leveler}~Proud owner of Passionman71, BooBoo & MissCrys@ fubar J.P. ~Shadow Leveler~Owned by Not telling@ fubar SARCASTK1 {SHADOW LEVELER} Owned by BooBoo@ fubar jenn Shadow leveler & * Fubar Addicted Bombers*Fu owner of sbmo
Salute To Jonlee
I have been on fubar several times and have deleted my account several times. I put up a salute today when I took a current photo. I think there should be some rule put on fubar that you have so much time to post a salute or your account get's deleted. The reason I say this because you have no idea who is talking to you in your shoutbox...or who is befriending you with out some sort of confirmation of who they really are. Just my thoughts on the subject.
Salute To Deacon Blue
Optional, just for fun, create a salute to the club owner, Deacon Blue, including Jager in some way of course :P
round one of the thank you salutes have been made.. they are about to get posted. if you go looking for yours and it isn't there it means i have NOT made it yet... it will be made but i just made 32 of them have at least that many left i think... please.. be.. patient! thank you for the help and i am STILL needing donations for all you slackers that haven't donated fubucks yet :D
Mission Statement The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes was created to provide a way for individuals, corporations and others to help our severely wounded and disabled Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and their families rebuild their lives. Who We Are We are the leading nonprofit charity organization dedicated to helping severely wounded troops from the War on Terror. There is nothing on this earth tougher than an American warrior. However, more and more troops return home every day suffering from debilitating injuries… Injuries that didn’t just shatter their bodies, but also left many of them with the invisible scars of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). That’s why the nonpartisan Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is so grateful for your generous donations that help wounded War on Terror troops heal and rebuild their lives. To date CSAH has helped over 6,200 severely wounded troops and their familie
Salute Pic Contest
My salute pic is in a contest, I need rates and comments, if you want to help, here is the link: Thanks and I will return the love to each and everyone that helps :)
YOU, yes YOU too can have your own personalized sexy, sexual or just plain vanilla picture of me giving you a salute. I am in the army and i do know how to salute....... a vip will get you in if you're not already in myh family. i promise you; access to my faimily is far from boring
Salute Photographs
I come to the realization there always has to be someone in your way when it comes to things. I told myself I would use my father's web cam to get a Salute simply because I'm having no such luck on meeting people on here and it would prove that I'm really me. Thinking I did everything that was required for a Salute I get a message from a bouncer. Said my Salute photo has been rejected because I didn't follow exact regulations. Give me a break. I looked up my account number to write the confusing numbers down and now I have to write the website and make certain it's not in a folder of any kind. I swear I've seen other users with just the numbers on here and this bouncer is literally being just a dick. It was like talking to a brick wall. Saying sorry that's regulations. Sorry that's regulations. He doesn't care or give a shit that I have to take an airplane and fly all the way back to my old man's house just get another photograph.
Salutes, Nsfw, Bling?!
Look Below... Salutes? NSFW Salutes? Family Add? Bling? MEGA Points for you? That's right, you can have ALL of that... I dont normally ask like this, but I figured what the heck! This is all fun anyways right? Well heres the deal... My HH is on 10/2/08 (Thursday) @ 8pm FU TIME and I am under 1 million to GodMother now. So I need YOUR help to get there, but I wont be the only one benefiting. YOU WILL TOO! All I am asking for is a bling pack...even if its the smallest one... that will get you a personal salute from me...but heres the thing... the bigger the bling pack...the more NSFW your salute gets plus a family add! Not only that, but during my HH (and I will keep track).. YOU get blinged by me! So for example: If you purchase a 12 bling pack...I will
If you have requested one from me, please re request in my blog. I have been very busy lately and haven't had much time for fubar and I probably forgot. My apologies. Just leave a comment and I will make you one as soon as I have the chance to. Thanks, Kelly :)
I just posted a salute to my default album check it out.
if i owe you one please email me. i dont have a good momery cuz of the brain injury i had. i'll try to get themdone some time this week. let me know if u want a regular or is u want a nakie one. also if anyone else wants one let me know.
Salute Video From Me...
Would you all like to have a Awesome Salute Video From Me...Then All You Gotta do is Make me a Picture Salute or Buy Me a BLING PACK..and I Will Make You a Rocking Salute..Sooo far Ive Done Just 2..So check them Out in My Stash,so you can get an idea...So Yea... Much Luv; Thickness85 MUAHZ!!
hey if you want me to give you a salute just message me how you want the salute, or where you want the salute, or what you want me doing in the salute. and i will put it in my salute folder for you to get and if you ever want more i will be more then glad to make more for you any amounts of them you want to have
Salute For Malicious Mel..woohoo
Hello to all friends and foes here...I have decided that Iam willing to do up salutes for friends on here....if ya interested drop me a line by messaging me here [please not in the shoutbox but as a private message let me know also if ya want ya salute any certain way....Check out the couple i have done already ya will like
Well now fortunately and unfortunately my salutes have gotten rather popular. So popular infact that I need to start charging for them. I'm not asking much, just what ever you think the salute I have done for you is worth. I am doing this because few of you realize just how much goes into these. To you it looks like just writing on me and taking a pic. I WISH it was that easy. If you still want one, then tell me your favorite part of my body, yes, this does include smile salutes it does NOT include me writing your name on my "mother" spot. There is absolutely NO charge of any kind for military salutes. Military salutes, please remember that I only have so much room on my body, so try to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Much appreciated
Salutes ...
Ok Sarge's Bad Girls.. Who Is Willing To Make A Salute For The Sarge Or Just For The Bad Girls....Can Say Either Sarge Or Sarge's Bad Girls On It... Either SFW Or NSFW Your Choice..Or Both If You Would Like..
Salute You?
there's this guy always coming onto yahoo begging me for a 'private' salute. he seemed nice enough when i gave him my yahoo id. now, he's just annoying. he'll trade, he says. somehow i dont think it will be a fair trade at all. he really gets on my nerves. i decline everytime. he never gets the hint. today, he asked what i am interviewing for. i said a pillowfluffer. he says, i'll take the job but i'm a handful. (was i offering said job? no.) handful, how? i ask i am an active person and i need lots of blowjobs, he says. ( i sense an opening here...) um, you don't need lots of blowjobs. you want them. and if i hire you it's my game. i'm the boss. you're not going to get a real guy if that's what you want. i just like to get head and fuck you til you can't move. so, that means you won't lick your own cum off my feet? cuz that's part of the job requirement. woot! he has left the building. hopefully never to return.
Thanks To Tulsa For This Idea...Just Changing Her Idea A Bit... I Would Like For Every Bad Girl To Make Me A Boob Salute... If You Have A Reason Why You Can Not ..You Can Let Me Know In A Private Message... It Can Be Either SFW(Boobs Covered In Some Way.. Or NSFW(Uncovered Completely) .. Or Both If You Choose.. Only Requirement Is That I Can See Boobs/Cleavage In The Pic If It Is SFW. Ok I'm Adding Something Else Here.. Who Would Be Willing To Make A Leg(Thigh) Or Booty Salute? You Now Have 3 Choices.. More If You Consider They Can Be SFW Or NSFW. Thanks, The Sarge
i am starting to think that the authorities here on fubar hate me. i'm stuck at level 10 because none of my salute attempts have been approved. they keep sending me hateful messages, saying ridiculous things like, "this is not a picture of you" or "your user ID# must be written in decimal format" or "if you continue submitting bad salutes, your account will be deleted". i really want to advance to the next level so that my social status will improve. maybe then i could get some chicks or something? unfortunately, i'm too lazy to attempt another salute right now. thus i appeal to you, kind reader, to do one for me. i'm thinking that a voucher salute just might do the trick - a picture of you or someone else holding a sign that says something like "i know .. . is a friend of mine. and you, sir, are no .". or maybe ". is real. i know. i've tasted . myself". or ". gave me many hours of ecstasy with his lil **** when he sucked on my ****, gently carressing my **** and then OMG
I'm cold and bored and look like shit. Who wants a salute? LOL
Salute Pictures
I Highly suggest to ALL my Friends to upload a Salute to their Profiles, if i keep getting these Strange Messages and ADD Requests from People that do not have one in their Profile I Might require for everyone to have one. Just a little Heads Up
I posted a salute pic, and for some reason its not showing on my page in that little square with a salute pic. Hmm...
Salutes Plzzz
So i was wonder if someone will do salute for me i am looking for the most creative one . it can be nsfw , sfw hell i don't care as long as it has my name and your face in it .. please i will get you something special if you do top family and a vip... so post them to your page and link them in the comments.. this will be fun.. i will leave it open for a month .. and pass the word around
hi...i would like for u to make me a salute with u in it,only if u want to..just an idea..when i get back online,i will do the same...thnk u for beingmy friend and makeing the them to me u
Salutes Slide Show Enrtry
For those who don't know.. there's a whole list of reasons why they'll reject a salute that aren't listed in the 'bible'. I submitted a special birthday salute and it was rejected because my dog happened to be in it. If I'd known that, I would have made sure he wasn't in it, but nowhere in the rules did it say anything about animals and salutes. I've seen salutes that break the 'rules' listed in the message I got along with my salute rejection... sure makes things confusing. Here's the list! Thank you for sending in your FUBAR SALUTE picture to be reviewed, however, your SALUTE has been returned, because one or more of the following items that have been marked with an (X) need to be corrected: ( ) You need to shoot a candid personal photo of Yourself holding your HAND WRITTEN FUBAR SALUTE SIGN, WITH YOUR WHOLE FACE CLEARLY SHOWN. Dark glasses, painted faces, masks, and/or bandannas, etc...are NOT allowed. ( ) Your sign is covering your face and we can not see you clearly
I need to know who I have to make one for yet and who wants one. Want something special let me know(credit for this line goes to Lil Spicey). If you want a couple of different salutes let me know. And so on and so forth. Just comment the blog below and tell me what name you want on it. ***For everyone who is new to this blog if you don't sign it you't get a salute*** Finished ones are as follows: Beach Babe Harley DJ Sexy Eyez Lil Spicey Blazing Eyes32 Lace Rockermom1978 Tanzie Rockon40x Sexy Seductive Angel Ninja Beautiful Disaster UR SWEETEST ADDICTION *purr* ~Kittylicker~_69 Papa's 81 Katilac olɐɥ uɹoʇ HockeyBrat Bad Kitty, No Catnip DREAMZ DaviGurl !!Wild Child!! 2cuteforwords Ones to be made: Indy Colts Becky Luvbug Those who have made me one in return: Harley Tanzie Beautiful Disaster DaviGurl ~Kittylicker~_69 Bad Kitty, No Catnip Luvbug rockermom1978 ****This list will be updated as I upload the salutes.***
I don't salute!Don't see any CMH holders in here and no officers.Did my share in service.If you are that stuck up that you require a salute,I don't want to know you.
SALUTE AUCTION today 7pm central Come get some sweet and sexy salutes from these KO Girls!! ENJOY!! This
if u want to see what im talkin about click on the pic
Salute For You
Rate all the pic that are available in my pictures and i will make you a personal salute saying whatever you want!
My phone was stolen, and until I get another one, no salute for me!
Want me to make ya a salute? Post what name you want and anything else special. All I ask is something in return...XOXO 4 down so far... make that 5
Salutes For You.
I am willing to make a salute for anyone how can do the following: 1. Rate all my default Photos and at least leave 3 Comments. 2. Rate all my "Alittle Naughty" Photos and leave at least 7 comments. 3. If you have not re-rated me re-rate, fan if haven't. If you are not a friend you jmust become a friend first before starting. 4. Go to Adoring Daddy's Home Page. (Rate/fan/add.) Its that simple!!! This will get you a paper salute if you would like one of my other salute and you may take a look you must: 1. Do all above. 2. Rate all the folders with the following names, Christopher, Chelsey, Austin, Trista, Trever, Kaetlyn. ( There is not alot lof pic in most of these folders). You DO NOT need to leave comments. When rated these folder I will like you to add rated on the last photo of each folder tho. When done please PM me (DO NOT SHOUT ME) and then give me 24 hours to complete. I will also return some of everyone
Salutes 4 Rates
Salute will be sfw but cute i will do my best to keep track of everyone rating but it would be best to drop me a message here or my shout box or fu mail I also can do kinda cool photo shops, if you want one of those lemme know too happy rating XOXOXOXOX
Salute Auction..come Bid On Me!!
¢¾A Beautiful Mess¢¾ KO Girl Salute Auction most RATES get a 1day blast. BID COMMENTS ONLY!! win me and you get RATE! 1 sfw salutes (cash bids get 2 nsfw request salutes) CLICK A PIC AND COME BID !!!!
some of you may have have made me salutes for my old profile but i dont have them no mo im gonna work on some later who wants one i also think we oughta make some for reeka
Well, I made it to the hotel and I have to say that I should have stayed here last week. It's cheaper, more soundproof, has room service until 3am and the food is cheaper! Plus I have a fridge and microwave in my room. =/ Anyway, I figured after my shower I'd make some salutes for my friends. No, not gonna be able to do the ones I talked about in my last blog. Sorry..haha. If you want one, leave me a comment and let me know!
If I offered an NSFW Salute to you...what would you offer me???
Salute Instructions -- Official Documentation.
What is a Salute and why should I make one? A salute is a candid photo of yourself holding a HANDWRITTEN sign with your screen name, member ID, and proving to the world that you’re the real person behind your fubar profile. Members often write their information on their hands, feet or other body parts. Please do not submit NSFW salutes. You will NOT be able to move up past level 10 without a verified salute. SOME PEOPLE REQUIRE YOU TO GET A SALUTE EARLIER IN ORDER TO INTERACT WITH THEM. I REQUIRE IT IN ORDER FOR YOU TO DO "SHOUTS" AT ME. If you do not submit a salute by level 10, your level will freeze along with your points. This means, until you submit a salute to level up, you will not accumulate points by participating in the day to day actions on fubar. Submitting a salute is a level-up requirement. If you do not wish to submit a salute, that is OK. But your level will freeze at level 10. How do I make a Salute? Take a ph
Salute Contest...
I've got some bling that's up for grabs so I decided I might as well make this fun. I've decided to make a contest. I would like to get salutes and it seems like it's hard to get people to do them for you with out some type of compensation. I will give bling to whoever makes the most creative/unique salute for me. This contest will remain in effect until tuesday morning.. march 10th around 9am est. Any salutes that are done please email to me at and make sure to put fubar salute as the subject line. I will post the salutes in album as I receive them. It would also be good if you sent me a private message on here letting me know when you've sent a salute. You can be guy or girl and the salutes can be nsfw if you want.. but it would be more creative if it wasn't nsfw.... If it's a hard decision I may give bling out to multiple winners. So have fun and lets see your creative side.
Salutes For Friends And Fans.
Friends Fans, I'm up for photo suggestions, and thought what better way than offer a those who want their own personal salute from me! Let me know if you'd like one!
Salute Pics 09
If you want a salute pic i will be doing them next weekend. Tell me what you would like and i will personalize just for you. Don't be afraid tell me. I'm not shy and you shouldn't be either. Name it and it's yours if it's not
I have about 2 pages of salute requests I'm trying to sort through and get done. The problem I am having is trying to sift through my friends to let them know that their salute has been done and posted for them to take. So, if you had requested one, please go pick it up. If it's not there yet please keep checking. I hope to have them all done today (along with the new requests). BTW. If you have a request for one, please leave your request here and I will get it done ASAP.
Take them all or just one. Take only what was made for you! The link is to my Fubar photobucket. If you can, Make me one back! -Miss Tyler
Salutes And Other Nonsense
im like 5 million to disciple and im thinking i want the spotlight before i get there, cause then i cant have it anymore, so im not picking a special day, because well i dont have one to pick, soooooooooo it would be super spiffy if you would donate to it plzzzzzzz!!!! and im making salutes tonight, cause footie will beat me if i dont, who wants one and what do you want (within reason)
not all of them are up, my interwebs on my phone went down so i cant send mms, blarrrrrrrrr ill get them up asap
Well today is my second fuday and I would love it if my friends could make me some salute.. If you want one private message me. So I know who does Shoutbox moves way too fast...
Salute To Our Teachers
The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, 'What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?' He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.' To emphasize his point he said to another guest; 'You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?' Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, 'You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, then began...) 'Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental. "You want to know what I make." (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the ta
Salute To You......
!!!Salutes!!! Hey freinds! Want a salute special for you? Let me know... SB or PM me for more details... Yezzir I'm real ;) See you soon I hope! Thanx for stopping by.... It's always a pleasure, really..... -MomsDontLikMe 
Salute Contest
Salute Contest Rules will be simple: Salute can be NSFW or SFW. Must contain my Name or ScreenName.   Contest will run until April 15th. Due to NSFW and SFW I will offer 2 sets of prizes. Will have an updated blog soon.   If interested please PM me so I have an idea of who is entering.   Hope to see you soon Chris aka Dj Army Medic
i are making them...anyone want one?
Salute Contest
Ok so im in a contest for the most points ... i need rates , comments and bling to be sent to the host... if you send Bling be sure to put my name on it to get credit...  Please help me win this!! !   Thank you
Salute Contest Ends 4/29/09
Salute Contest Everyone can play!! Make a salute to me (GeorgiaQT) or (Selina) **must be a real salute....and send me the link in my messages by April the 14(monday).  I will then post them in a folder...who ever has the most comments and rates will win an auto11 or bomb..your choice. Contest ends 4/29/09 (wednesday) will bling at first HH   Good Luck!!
Make me a salute & I'll make you one back! :) Let me know if you do it!
I'm making salutes today...Anyone want one?   Just drop me a comment =)     P.S.   How's everyone's day going? Well I hope! It's Friday!
I shall finally be getting of my arse and making new salutes tonight, probably zombie ones, let me know if you want one.
I just wanted to let the friends I owe salutes to know that I have not forgotten. Being sick and other things with home have been kinda crazy. My face looks horrible so I'm waiting for it to hopefully clear so I can get my salutes out to you all. Thanks for understanding. xoxo lisa
Well, ive decided...i want them. Lots of them. Ive even deleted an entire folder to accommodate them, lol. I want YOUR salutes; With the Anonymous Motto "never forgive, never forget" upon whichever canvas and with whatever medium you so desire; as well as my aforementioned name, "Anon" or "Anonymous". Poo, blood, crayons, markers, flesh, pubes...anything. Male, female, and tranny are welcome; as well as albinos and midgets. If you necessitate some form of compensation, im willing to assist you in that aspect.... SO, get to it, NAO!
Salute For Me
To all my friends i am willing to pay for salutes (a pic of you holding sign with m,y name on it) pm me for more information Thank You all............... Tricia   come on people trying to make BIG folder i will pay 50k
I see that there alot of people who make salutes for other people! Ladies! I would love to see who would actually take the time to make a salute for me! I am quite sure that if someone takes the time to make me a salute that would mean they seriously would like to be friends with me! SO, if you make me a salute not only will I return the favor but I will indefinately add you to my family! I am intruiged as to see how many people will make me a salute! Once you have made it please send it to so that I can post it on my fubar page! Thanks and hope to see a salute from all of you!!!!!!
I'll have one posted soon.   lol!
Salutes A Must
Okay I am SO past the "fake" woman of Fubar trying to get full on access while at the same time trying to get me to cyber! SOOOOOO my new rule is no salute, you cant even look at my profile! Just the way it is... Love it or leave it, i dont care.
    ☆ ѕσ нєяє'ѕ тнє ∂єαℓ... ι ωσυℓ∂ "love" тσ мαкє ѕαℓυтєѕ fσя αℓℓ му fяιєи∂ѕ тнαт αѕк вυт ι нσиєѕтℓу ∂σи'т нανє тнє тιмє тσ ∂σ тнєм αℓℓ... ι тяу тσ кєєρ ιт ℓιмιтє∂ тσ му fαмιℓу αи∂ ¢ℓσѕє fяιєи∂ѕ... ι'м 
Salutes For Friends !!
i will be making salutes for those that show luv !! pm me if you want one. if you are one of the special ones and you ask nice you may have a nsfw salute ;)  hit me up, show me some luv !!!
Salutes (must Read)
Salutes seem to be a hot topic of discussion around here lately. I've come to the point that I feel the need to rant about it. So a blogging I will go. According to the fubar bible "a salute is a candid photo of yourself (showing your entire face, unobstructed by sunglasses, etc.) holding a HANDWRITTEN sign with your screen name, member ID, and proving to the world that you?re the real person behind your fubar profile. Members often write their information on their hands, feet or other body parts. Please do not submit NSFW salutes. You will NOT be able to move up past level 20 without a verified salute." This means that with or without a vip you will not make it passed level 20 without a verified salute. Obviously this is a new rule as we have seen many users passed level 20 without a salute. "Salute requirements according to the fubar bible: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; AND
Salutes Must Read!!
Me and my big mouth are at it again!! This time I blogged about salutes! Go read the blog and give me your thoughts! Blog URL:
salutary \SAL-yuh-ter-ee\, adjective:1. Producing or contributing to a beneficial effect; beneficial; advantageous.2. Wholesome; healthful; promoting health.
Dear friends, fan and others perhaps new friends. Would you like a NSFW salute ? : 15000k and adding me as your friend. It will be a salute of my boobs.   Would you like a NON NSFW salute : 10000k and adding me as your friend. It would be a picture of my pretty face.Lol. PM me and tell me what you like.   MUAH
you want a salute picture from me let me know.. I'll add you to the list but I would like one in return please.. thanks - BabyDoll
Saluteeeeeeeeeeeeee ;) Leave Comment If You Want One!
I'm becoming quite the Salute junkie anymore... I've had many requests for them, but there's just one thing... My memory sucks and come salute time I always forget who wanted one... Soooooooo... I decided to start this blog... I love all of my fu friends and I'll be more than happy to make you a salute if you just leave a comment in here! :) I'll let you know when I get it done... Sometimes it can take a week or so, because I am a mother and it'd look awful funny if my kids walked in while making sexy salutes... :P And not only that, but seriously I don't feel all that sexy EVERY night of the week... haha :)  So... Just leave me a comment... I WILL get to it :)
Salutes & Shit
Ok I am terrible about doing salutes and snapvines. I left my first snapvine today..yay! So I am trying to cum up with a list of who I need to do salutes &/or snapvines for. If you want one let me know!
Salute Pics
Well to those of you who wish to know more than I can say about the salute.  my friends know my story but I will lwt the others who are curious know why I dont have a salute or many pics on my profile. Ok my eyesight isnt that great so maybe this is better.  The reason I dont have a salute or more pics is because I cant download anything on my fricken computer.  I have tried everything and ppl have helped me but its blocked.. As you know my man is out of town alot and found out I posted pics up. WHere?  he doesnt know but some how the fker blocked me from downloading anything so.  Im stuck.  But after getting very angry because I couldnt figure it out trying to prove myself to some of you.. You know what I dont have to prove myself to no one.  I am who I am and if you cant believe that,, then go on.  I know some of you that I talk to regularly are not the ppl int he pics you posted but its cool Im here for a descent conversation not looking for love and a baby daddy or money or whateve
who wants one?   im gonna be bored tonite so im gonna make some
Lost the web site address for Michele's blog.  Other than that everything is cool.
Salutes, Just Plain Silly...
I love the profiles that are viewable only by people who have salutes. This amazes me because 95% of you are only here to level and receive bling. So, I don't see why it matters who is fanning, rating, crushing or adding you. Also, this is the only site that even has this, for a so called adult site it sure seems pretty childish to me. I mean you don't have all your friends on facebook, hi5 or myspace send you a pic with a name or number to prove that they are who they say they are, do you? I'd hope not!!! People say they don't want to be friends with a fake person, well just because someone sends a pic with a name on it, doesn't mean they are being themselves on here. It is the internet people don't forget that. All kinds of things can be photoshoped in. I have a pic with Jerry Rice and I have never met him.. haha.  I just find it all a little silly. Of course this is only my opinion, to each his own though.
Salutes Version 2
I'm gonna make more salutes tonight. Most will probably just have your username on it...because I'm lazy, but yeah. If you want one...leave a comment on here.   I know I just made some, but now I have more paper...if you got one  then and you want another one..that's fine lol.   Gotta go for a few. I'll be back when I get the boys to sleep. Love you all!
A big Hell Yes! to the salute from Hard to Handle.  The lady is incredibly beautiful,glad to have her as a friend.
Salut Je Chercher La Famme De Ma Vie
salut tout le monde
Due to the high demand for salutes, I'm forced to charge you for them. This is to separate the clowns from the serious. From now on, regular salute 500,000 fu-buck. NSFW salutes 1,000,000 or a bling. I decide if I make the salute or not. If I feel uncomfortable or disrespected, then no deal. I feel this is necessary in order to maintain order to avoid the idiots. If your interested, please e-mail me Thank you, La morena
doing salutes either tomorrow or the next day...anyone want one?   card members get their choice of salute...the rest of ya get whatcha get
Im gonna do some.Some of you are gonna get one if you like it or not,some wont.Some of you dont want one and please use this to let me know if you do or dont.I dont take normal salutes,so they wont be done tonight.I have to think of ssomething good for this round.Cheers      
Salute To Me Contest!!
Link me ur salute for 1000 fubux. I will choose a winner on friday for 1 MILLION fubux!!! Thanks & good luck!!
Salute Me If U Like
as my first blog ill have to mention that my profile and what it is so far even as outdated as it is is legitimate its the real deal of who i am
Hi there,   I need some help raising some cash. Therefor I sell boobies salutes.  Would you like one? Let me know...Fu$ 500,000 Dead cheap huh.   MUAH
Saluting...stop Asking
OK,this is for those that have asked me to salute...STOP ASKING!! Why not make one? Better question is why make one? I came to fubar around 3 1/2 years when making a salute meant you could level past level 10. No salute no leveling. A salute meant people knew you were who you say you are. Now fubar is absolutely cluttered with bogus accounts,Many made by users of fubar under an assumed identity. Or just plain lurkers being nosey. No salute is required to level anymore,and having the comfort of knowing who it is you are talking to is all but gone. That is unless you block all greenies,and block all that havent saluted yet...which has become outrageous in its numbers. What made saluting work and made it attractive is all but gone. Why salute when the next user doesnt have to? And you are left unsure who you are speaking with etc? Those that have known me for a long time on here know I am who you see in the pictures. If that isnt good enough..well fuck off. Simple as that. Because Im
Hey ya'll :) Just wanted to say... If you want to talk to me regularly or be in my family, you MUST have a salute. Just gotta know that its really you on the other end. So... if you're real, I know this won't be an issue. Muah!   And a little shameless self promotion since you're already here.... Go here to rate me please for a contest: If you really want to, you can bid too ;)  
Salutes I Make
Seems like I get a lot of requests for salutes and honestly, I DO NOT have the time to make them for everyone who asks. I'm a very busy person and I know ya'll expect something for free around here but that's not gonna happen. And no, trading "sexy" salutes will not work. I don't need them or get off on them, although I do appreciate any salutes done for me. So you want to know what you need to do to get a salute from me? Well, here it is: 1 totally PG-rated salute (yes, I will be wearing a shirt, so don't ask for me to be in a bra or something else): 5 credit bling about 5 sexy salutes, in my bra and topless, but without nipples showing (just check my salutes made for others album): 35 bling credits (may be made up of bling packs and blings) about 10 topless salutes (you have to be in my family for these - sorry! and that alone requires a 25 credit bling pack): 65 credit bling pack AND 20 credits of bling ;) You want more? Okay, let's negotiate, but THIS is my starting point. Yo
    It's that time again for me to make salutes for people. I will make them this week. Leave a comment below if you want one. If you already have one, no need for another. Have a blessed day!! :D      
Salutes For Crushes
Salutes are made on Mon, Tues, or Wed...depends on my hours at work and dr appts.
So I guess I owe quite a few people salutes at this point - especially since I lost motivation on the origami ones :(   Since I now have running water again, and nothing else to do, I might as well do them tonight - any special requests?
Salute Pics
I have been noticing more and more, with amusement, that many of the women on this site have pic after pic after pic of them selves done up all pretty, and some not so pretty, for their photo shoots of themselves in various poses. One after another of slightly different expressions and poses in 20 and 30 pic sequences. Yet when you view their salutes, they look like they just got up out of bed, and decided to make thier salute while waiting for their coffee to brew... WTF is that??? Is there some sort of cardinal rule that makes people think that making yourself as presentable as the rest of your pics makes your salute less "real"?   maybe some of you can offer some insight that i might be missing.
Wanna SFW salute from me?? Send me a bling(s) I don't already have of 3 or more credits. Want a Boob Salute?? Send me bling(s) of 10 - 15 Credits that I don't already have . Want a Pink Kitty and Ass Salutes?? Send me bling(s) of 20 and up credits I don't already have also can send bling packs of 12 and up more u send better pics and amount of em u get in return.
Maybe with the fubar admins and their prudishness we should only post salutes as primary photos!
    I can understand about Salutes to a certain point.  But please,  I can not even talk to people or ask them to be friends.  Because of the salutes.  I wish that people would just put their petty differences aside.  Oh well, such as life.  Thank you.  
I was wondering if anyone could do a salute for me.  I will do the same in return.  I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.  You are the best.
Salutes!!!I have none, so if you have that salute block crap up that prohibits Me from commenting on pictures, blogs, pages, mumms, statuses, etc, can you do Me the favor and remove Me from your list. I am too lazy to and so I figured I would get you to do the dirty work. Since I cannot comment on anything you post, then what is the point exactly of you being on My list?Has science buried god?I know those of faith shall say of course not. Let us look at simple statistics of the United States.  [while Atheism is growing world wide, it is growing faster here than it is as a general world view]100 years ago, there were an estimated 8% of the US considered themselves Atheist or Agnostic. Nowadays in the year 2010, 22% of Americans consider themselves Atheist or Agnostic.According to statistics if this current trend continues,  in twenty years times, they expect 25% of Americans to self identify themselves as Atheist or Agnostic.And then, if that trend continues at that rate, in 35 years [1
Salute Anyone!
Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that Im going to be doing salutes for people. If you would like one done for you...Please let me know...I will be happy to do one for you! I love taking nude pictures! You can have one that is not nude if you would like! Just tell me what you would like. You can choose what I wear or not you want my pussy, ass, tits..whatever! I will be adding a salute folder to my pictures! MUCH LOVE!! XOXOXOXOXO (h) (r) Love Always, Crystal AKA Whats Her Juggs
So I figure I'm gonna give this a shot. I've seen lots of people on here putting up blogs and stuff about selling things, so I figure I'm going to try it.   Everyone likes salutes on here as I've become quite aware of in the last year and a half being on Fu.    So I have a proposition for ya'll.   If I know you well, I will make you a free SFW salute, if I don't know's a 1 credit bling.   "Special salutes" Top-3 credits per salute Bottom front/back (if you know what I mean)-5 credits per salute Full-10 credits per salute   Fetish salutes You let me know what your fetish is, and we can work something out. I'm up to ALMOST any fetish (ie: feet, pigtails, naughty teacher, naughty nurse, etc)   I'm also willing to negotiate fubux for salutes, or negotiate bling, etc.   PPL who spoil me get spoiled back...I can promise you that. Look @ my #1 family's bling.   Just think about that for a bit...and get back to me.   x
I'm sitting here trying to get a web cam so that i can make my friends salutes, when it occurs to me - I haven't gotten any salutes from them . Now I'm gonna be down in the dumps for awhile
Salute Contest
Want to Win 2 Happy Hours And A Fu-Pony Or A 1000 Credit Bling pack? Then Enter My "Best Decaying Purity/Az Salute Contest. SB Me For Details.
I can't think of you anymore It tears me up inside I can't see your eyes before me You make me want to die I turn it into anger  And walk the fuck away Not giving a damn  Not caring for a second I was never really here to stay  You and I both knew better We knew I'd bolt for the door Precautions never mattered I blocked myself in Never letting down my walls I wilted from within It's time to reclaim my self  Time to relearn how to live It's my life now  As it alwayz should have been Fuck you and the past I can't handle this heartache any longer You knew we'd never last No more tears shed from these eyes of mine I won't succumb  I will never be yours  Both fingers raised behind me Saluting you as I go
I have been thinking about Salutes and how some of you have special "trademark" type salutes... well since i have coined as you were in blogs and mumms and such, I am requesting some of my own special salutes.   the request: Simply make a salute for me with the words "as you were" on the paper. It can be just that, or with Deacon on it too.    and since i am so lazy about making salutes, I will offer a shit face or buzzkill for whome ever you like, yourself or someone else.   some of you might get a return salute cuz I owe some anyways..   so like always     as you were :)
Salutes For You Peopl
I am gonna be making salutes for my friends list peoples... if you have a specific request.. let me know now :D
Salutes, Want One?
so im bored, and stuck at home....and i am going to make salutes! so sfw, nsfw, idc, just tell me what you want, but noooo im not going to be naked in any of them lol!!!! who wants one??
OK..I will be doing salutes this week!   If u r US Military & want a salute from me let me know! I will do one nsfw & one sfw!   If u r a friend & just want one I will do u a sfw one unless we talk about something else!   Just message me or leave a comment here letting me know u want one!   I will also be doing nsfw salutes 4 all of my crushes as well!   Thanks, SexyBiChris =)
A Salute Made For My Natal Day
             a salute for my birthday.... thank you so much Tim Biocourt
Salute Contest: Classy Not Trashy
Let's take it from trashy and move to classy...shall we?   So I've seen my fair share of NSFW salute contests for bling around here. Well I don't want NSFW or trashy salutes. (I know, I know, shock gasp) I want classy salutes. (ZOMG is there such a thing!?) Ya dont have to be in your Sunday's best (although if you want to, go for it), but you do have to be covered for the most part. I'm not saying to not flaunt what your momma gave ya, because some of you truly are blessed, but there is a way to do that without having it all hang out. Each person who enters will post a salute (to me) and I'll upload it to a folder. Entries must be recieved no later than 12am (midnight) on the 10th of October. Voting will begin on the 11th of October and I will announce a winner on the 24th of October which happens to be my 22nd birthday. They can be birthday salutes to me, or they can be regular salutes, doesn't matter to me either way. Submit a link to the salute in a private message to me and I
well i have 40 some pics of me & will be adding more  over time but if you think im doing a salute ur crazy i dont think i need to hold a little paper up to make friends & ya dont like me cus of that then ur lame im here to have fun  & become best friends & more  if it happens  to turn intoo more great
I stand here with my arm raised with a tear in my eye.And I dare to look around I see hundreds of people just like me trying to hide our fear. I have my laces tied and my shirt buttoned.As I wait my turn, turn to board the plane to take me far away. I’m afraid of dying at the hands of my enemy. Then at the distance I see the flag start to rise and I think of my country at what these people have done.I stand firm and wipe the tear from my eye. I think of all my brothers and sisters that died on that day that day that shocked the world.As my fear starts to fade it gets replaced by pride and anger.I look into the sky the flag is fully raised.As I start to board the plane I see all the faces angry and sad for all our brothers and sisters.And all I can do is pray my decision was right and I can change the world in this small way.And I hope this simple American solider can find his way back home.
I here to claim that with all the fake profiles and ppl on here, that it doesnt seem like a bad idea to make ranks and get fakes out of here or less to deal with to make it a requirement for someone to have to have a salute in order to get passed rank 5. i know i ain't the only person  to think this just think it would be better off. Thanks for the time,  Checotah
Salute Tips For The People Who Seem To Need More Tips (repost)
Why is a salute important? I could write a novel but I will be blunt....his is the internet and people lie about who they say they are. I have been fooled many times and so have you. It fucking sucks when you find out the person you thought was coo and real l is a fraud. Early on we developed the salute process for this reason.'s goofy to take a photo of yourself with a piece of paper....BUT this is fubar. On fubar your salute is your ID. The more CLEAR and SIMPLE you make your salute photo the higher the probability of it being accepted. Bogus salutes slip by us daily. I have seen some go unoticed for 2 years and then judgement day comes. Someone calls out the salute and the birds flock to check it out. There are dozens of forensic salute specialists on this site. If three of them call bullshit, we will unnaprove and request a new salute.I do not care how long you have had the salute up. If we ask you to submit new salutes, then please do it. So why am I writing yet another
Salute This Douchebag
Fucking assholes. Username- check. Member number- check. The word Fubar- check. Unobstructed face- check. Clear non photoshopped pic- check. What the fuck is the problem with My salute? Sometimes I really, really hate people.

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