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Here is some information on the salute policy, as of February 28, 2008. This is not new information, but hopefully it will shed some light on what we expect when determining whether or not to approve a salute photo. The goal is to put together a picture that not only says you're you, but can also link itself to your profile. This is why the three basic elements of a salute photo, listed below, are important to have on your handwritten sign.

A salute photo must have a picture of you with your complete face showing, as well as a handwritten sign with the following on it:

  1. Your current Fubar screenname
  2. Your Fubar ID number (it can be found located between parentheses in the title bar of your Fubar home page; mine is 58128)
  3. The word "Fubar"
In lieu of your Fubar ID, you may use your custom URL if you have one set (for example, mine is http://www.fubar.com/owl, or http://owl.fubar.com). The sign doesn't necessarily have to be on paper. Approved salute photos have had the sign information written on the member's hands, forehead, and even on a pane of glass.

What are some things that might get your submission rejected?

  • Signs added after-the-fact. We can usually tell if someone has run it through Photoshop or has superimposed a post-it note onto an existing photo and run it through a flatbed scanner. It's been done. Don't do it.
  • Animated salutes. While that may not be that intuitive to know, it's easier to fake an animated salute than a static one.
  • Photos featuring more than one person. The salute photo's purpose is to link your real existence to your Fubar account. If any questions about your identity could be raised as a result of that salute photo, it will be rejected.
  • Obscured faces. We occasionally see salute submissions where the sign is covering up most of the member's face. This defeats the purpose of a salute. If more than 25% of your face is covered, we will reject it. We will also reject salutes where the member is wearing dark sunglasses (this ALSO hides your identity).
  • Salutes without a handwritten sign. Although this basic concept is implied by the numbered list above, many people submit salutes without that sign, thinking a Fubar T-Shirt or a picture of their Fubar.com Home Page is enough. It isn't - they are only complementary additions to your salute. The sign is still required. In addition, the sign must be in your handwriting. Don't print out a document from your word processor, showing off your fancy fonts.
  • New salutes with CherryTAP or LostCherry instead of Fubar on the sign. Yes, some salutes will say the former names of this website. If you already have one up, and it was approved when we were still LostCherry or CherryTAP, you don't need to take it down - it is still valid. Be aware that we will not accept any new salute submissions without the word "Fubar" on it.
  • Salutes in a private folder. Salutes are meant to be public. Other members should be able to preview the up-close-and-personal salute photo. And, tying into that, we come to...
  • NSFW images on salutes. If the photo could not be shown in a public place, then we will reject it.
  • Content-modified photos. Don't run your pic through Photoshop to "spice it up" or "airbrush stuff out." This subtracts from the authenticity factor of your submission.
If your salute photo is rejected, you'll get two fu-mail messages: one from Fubar Shop telling you it wasn't approved, and another from a bouncer telling you why. Please don't submit salutes that are obviously fake. If enough of these show up, you may lose your account. As always, feel free to ask a bouncer if you have any questions about your potential submission.
View the Original submission, on Owl's profile.
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