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Toy's In The Attic Will Be In Colonie Ny And Haverhill Mass This Weekend
this weekend we will be at the road house in colonie ny on friday and at mal's lounge in haverhill mass on saturday.....come on out and have a good time....and if you see me say for more info
To My Real Friends And Family
1 thank you 4 my brithday wish. 2 the one who for got you off my list? 3 i had a fuck up brithday with my real family? 4 fubar my family and friends who did show love thank you so much 5 hugssss to you !!!!! 6 i see were i stand who my real friends and family thank you 4 reading this
Submissive Look
LMFAoooooooooooooooooo  yes  I really am  Laughing    "hello, i have to admit that you have a very submissive appearance to me. it seems as if you are waiting for someone who takes control. you have a sort of body language as if you are that sort of female i prefer to see with a collar arround her neck instead of a necklace. and i am sure i am correct about your personality, in that case you see it as pleasure and priviledge to show the needed respect by adressing me as sir when you thank me for this little gift"   *can't stop giggling*   that is all    peace baby  
Keeping The Light. (part 2. Holding The Light)
- People come to me with their problems.Forgetting that I'm a tradesman not a hero."A maiden chomping razorbacked beast is terrorizing our village! We can pay you in cabbage!"Or I can buy the skin from a reputable source..."The mind-stealing slug is making all of our children mad!"Spend the money you would've burnt on hiring me and place salt around the edge of your town and on your children's cheeks before bed.I'm not doing this for the fame, the fortune, the castles, the titles.I'm here for the wonderfor the craft.The other day a mercenary approached me. Or ratheran assassin. What's the difference really? One flails wildly in battle for their gold, the other uses discretion in their targets.They're both hired killers.He asked me if I was interested in a rare prize.He certainly knew the right way to approach me...but what he was hunting...I daresay I was interested in skinning.Though... the pelt of a living god... an upright, walking, talking one at that.I'd have to wonder how that wo
Yeah - This Guy...
kdub2:whats up today me: great - it's a local youngster lol kdub2:is that bad or good me: and apparently you're a cam whore kdub2:again is that a good or bad thing me: nice (that's sarcasm) kdub2: im on cam right now too me: say something interesting or get off my box kdub2:ok i lke older women me: yeah guess what - all men have dicks - you're nothing special - run along now kdub2:ok hunn later me: & I'm guessing you couldn't carry on a decent conversation if your pathetic life depended on it kdub2:ya if i wanna too but im too horny right now 9:57am me: of course you are (more sarcasm & an eyeroll) kdub2:later tryin have someone watch me cum
I remember that wednesday always signaled the middle of the week, now its a remind that i can never get anything done before friday... It used to be the break, now its the tell tail sign that laundry is piling up and most likely i'm running out of underwear...shit, i need some more pretty panties.... i used to get laid regularly on this day, but now i'm just to freaking tired, I think Wednesdays should be excluded from the week, serves no purpose at all, other than the clock ticking away... Well that's Me, and my complaining ass. Hope anyone that reads this finds it amusing Lilpandora XOXO
Want An Animated Picture?
Alright Whats up Everyone? A lot of people have been asking me for Animated Pics! I love to do them but there's Diff Kinds. So Let me explain the style and Prices here:    Basin Animation - up to 10 Pics you choose in a slideshow Style. 2 Million FuBucks or 1 Bling Credit. Animation with background - up to 5 Pics. 5 Million Fubucks or a 6 crt. Bling Pack.   Animation With Colorful Background - up to 10 pics or less - 12 crt Bling Pack or a Boomerang. Like Me Slideshow - up to 10 pics or less - 12 crt Bling Pack or a Boomerang.   Picture Animated Background - 1 picture 1 Animated Background - 10 million or a 6 Crt bling Pack. Animated Video gif - How ever long the video is + Cool Background - Auto 11 or bomb or 65 crt Bling Pack If you are looking For a Video For this picture... Please hit up Kryptonight he charges 6 Credits for each picture! His Link is:
This Is My Favorite Lyric By Dir En Grey
The intention is clear, I stare, with this left hand, unableTo be wordedEvery time I bleed, there lies the reason to live ... And IDiscover words being so vivid and brightEven loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my handSo even if I engraved the meaning that I lived in my hand, itWill only be known as flowers of vanityThe FinalOne by one it multiplies ... why be a sad bait?Deep within the hell of my heart ... I can't go backA self-torture loser, not being able to see tomorrowSuicide is the proof of lifeEven loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my handSo even if I engraved the meaning that I lived in my hand, itWill only be known as flowers of vanitySo I can't liveWhat's lost can't be born againA song that's not even seeking the proof of livingLet's put an end ... The FinalLets bloom flowers of attempted suicide.
Automobile Dealer And Quality Hotels In Winnipeg Blogs
Automobile Dealer Automobile Information Quality Hotel In Winnipeg Air duct cleaner
Mexico Vacation Blogs
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And Then There Was Bloka.... Tee Hee Hee
"Oh wow I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom" said it a million times in a year? Yup somethin like that HA we matched in that admirin thingy Yup there is some  I have come to really enjoy  a crazy kinda friendship  with so many flavors of crazy with the jokes free the times always end with some sort of smiling bestest drinkin buddy  I never had a beer with somethin like that  got one of the best recipes from didnt ask for reinforcements but got.... plenty. Thank you! accepting of the twists, adaptable to the different walks of life this is my friend Hope no one has to walk around without at least  one  like  this one!    
Automobile Dealer And Quality Hotels In Winnipeg Blogs
Automobile Dealer Automobile Information Quality Hotel In Winnipeg Air duct cleaner
"bling Ranking" On Fumafia
I have mentioned this in the fuMafia Blogs, with many who agree with it, with no response from Admin about their oppinion on it, except to reject my Blog Posts. There are many who complain about the gap between Blingers and Non-Blingers.  And many things have been introduced in the game to try to make things more "Fair" for both sides.  But, it never fully addresses the issue, and it's never fully fair.  It always favors 1 side or the other.  When it's made fair for Non-Blingers, Blingers complain because they spent "Real Money" for their Wins, only to get easily beat by someone who has paid nothing (which is understandable, I would be pissed too).  And when it's made fair for Blingers, Non-Blingers feel that they can't keep up with the pace because of the Gap that is there that the cannot catch up to easily (such as the 5,800 Skill Points difference in the Diamond Missions that now seperate Blingers and Non-Blingers who are the same level). What I propose happen is a "Bling Ranking"
Fed Up (tired Of It All)
I'm tired of being played. I'm tired of being treated like I'm in last place. I'm tired of being treated like I'm a no name. I'm tired of being lied to, why won't they just tell me the truth? Forget about my feelings, and let me know how you really feel. If you don't want anything to do with me or don't wanna be bothered by me, just tell me. Life goes on, friends come and go. I'm a misfit and an outcast anyway, so it doesn't make a difference. I'm tired of all the games and the fake people that pretend to be a friend. It makes me so sick and makes me wanna go off and go on a rage. It makes me wanna change into a person that's out of my character.   To put it plain and simple I'M FED UP AND TIRED OF IT ALL!!!
Fell In Love With A Killer
I always liked to take a small walkpass the line of the wild side When I looked into your intense eyes I knew it was lust at first sight You weren't my type, you were the one that everyone warned me about It was time to shed my skin, couldn't bethe virginal girl for very long You took me into your home and inalso into a look of your soul I finally saw what they said when they told me you were so cold Oh why couldn't I seen it myself Why was I so vulnerable as I lie in my own blood and as I feel the intense cold pale death looming around me as you make your escape traumatizing my memory haunted forever by my fate oh mother, oh mother, please,I ask that you have mercy 'and please be a forgiverI'm sorry that I fell in love with a killer You took me by the hand and told me to close my eyes you told me to take deep breaths and everything would be fine that's the moment you literally took my breath away whispered to me not to say a wordor you'd blow out my brains I became a prisoner inside m
About Lead Generator
Businesses – all businesses – grow and prosper if they can can find enough customers to purchase their products or services at a high enough price, and keep their expenses to a minimum. The Lead Generator – uniquely – can help you with both sides of this equation. In fact, it’s built to do just that: to make you money, and to save you money. How does it work? We’ll go into detail in a minute, but for now, consider the fact that every company – no matter how large or small – is simultaneously both a supplier of products and services, and a buyer of products and services. While normally you can’t get much leverage from your buying power (except, maybe, with a particular vendor on a particular transaction,) what the Lead Generator does is enable you to leverage your buying power to increase your sales. Specifically, it leverages the fact that you buy lots of products and services – to put you in a position to sell more products
We’re Looking For Resellers
The Lead Generator is looking for Resellers to promote and sell the Lead Generator in their local markets. As a tool to help businesses grow, the Lead Generator is unsurpassed. But you need to have a minimum of around 60 users in an area to make it work well. And so, while we are actively supporting the Chambers of Commerce through the Biz Bond brand, and we are about to launch our online marketing initiative, we are now also opening up a Reseller Channel for the Lead Generator. If you already sell business development services like sales training, CRM systems, or marketing consulting, adding the Lead Generator to your offerings can be a powerful tool. Conducting seminars on the Lead Generator will draw dozens more attendees than you’ll get for sales training or CRM systems, you’ll close 80% of the attendees on a Lead Generator subscription that pays both residuals and commissions, and you’ll pull through extra demand for your traditional offerings.[....] For More
New Blog Feature Let’s You Get Noticed
The Lead Generator has a new feature. Now you can post a blog – where you can keep people updated about what you’re doing. And because it’s on the Lead Generator, it’s going to get noticed! If you don’t already know what a blog is, think of it as ongoing PR for your company. A good business blog will contain case histories, success stories, new product announcements, and other items that you want people to know about your company. Unlike your Company Description, which tends to be static, a blog is dynamic – you can publish a new “blog entry” every day (or even multiple times a day,) if you want. And unlike an Ad, it can be about anything you want, so people don’t expect it to be strictly promotional. You can give your opinion on things, tell about a new initiative your company is making, or anything you want. Readers will be able to provide feedback, too, so you can establish a dialog with your “blog followers.” Sinc
User Training Available
Starting December 22nd, we’ll be offering a series of webinars for users of the Lead Generator. The first ones will be GoToMeeting webinars, which means that attendance is limited to 15 people. But starting in January, we’re going to run them as GoToWebinars, which will have much more capacity. The idea is to offer three levels of training: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced techniques. The Introductory seminar will cover basic Registration and Posting of your company’s data, as well as Basic Search. The Intermediate sessions will cover searching for leads, prospecting and responding. And the Advanced sessions will cover blogging, contact management, and advanced search techniques.[....] For More Details  
Well I am on the road to healthy weight loss and being more active.  The worse is all the measuring and the weighing in and knowing that if I am to make this work I have to cut out all alcohol and all sugary, fatty, non-healthy, non-essential foods.  Bright side, I love to cook and cooking healthy shouldn’t be all that hard for me.  But yeah I am a bit down tonight after all is said and done, I hope tomorrow will be better.   Brought to you by
Goodbye Dear Friend...
The finality of it all is closing in…suffocating meThis is so new to me, yet so realNot so distant memories seem lifetimes awayIt was false, you were never true. Fraud.I wish I knew youI wish more that the final drop of blood would just squeeze out And this pain would ceaseWhat’s the point?Your half-hearted smile fooled us allHe was right about youAnd I was so wrongA trusting foolIt is natural for me, to keep an open doorBut this is completely new territoryFor I know that I cannotAnd it kills me. I hate this.The skies reflect my mood, my soulLike a mirror…gray and bleakI do not belong here. Once you were my best friend, my everything, my lifeNow, emptiness is my reality…deafening silence.So, now I say goodbye…to my once dearest friend Though it was all fiction, it will always be my shattered reality.
Steamy Shower
I’ve been home alone all day cleaning up and making everything look nice. I’m in the kitchen finishing up the dishes,  and I hop in the shower, hoping to be done before you get home.  I’m just finishing up my shower when the curtain opens and I see Michelle there, naked too, she just walks into the shower and starts kissing me, roughly grabbing my boob pushing me against the wall pressing her body to mine.  Hot water streaming down on both of us while she sucks on my tongue and lips  one of her legs between mine rubbing into my pussy.   Then she takes her mouth from mine, trailing down my neck to my nipples, already hard she takes them into her mouth sucking and biting them teasing them till I’m hotter than the water.  Then she just drops lower, on her knees in the shower she starts to lick my clit, easing her way down inside me a little and back to my clit until I can’t stand anymore.  My knees are weak and so she takes my hand and leads me out of the sho
Just Couldnt Stop
I see you sitting at the computer looking hard at something on it, trying to study something ... i slowly come up next to you and sit next to you on the floor ... gently i start to touch your ankle, slowly bringing my hand up your leg... toward your knee, small circles around your knee and on the inside of your theigh... my fingers just catching the edge of your boxers skimming underneath, on both theighs... i catch a little bit of your cock soft but growing as im rubbing your legs... working my way up... i turn your chair to face me.... moving your boxers out of my way, so i can see what ive been thinking about all day,  building up my desire, just wanting your hard cock inside me all day, my desire is peaking and i need release... im almost too impatient for it and have to mentally slow myself... i want to just jump on you now and squirt cum all over your lap... but back to the slow rubbing of your hips and cock... i lick the tip of your cock, and run my tongue from the base to the t
Burn Supper
im cooking dinner... its almost ready... everything is on low just simmering.... u know ive been in a bad mood for a couple days and just dont know what to do for me... but you decide to be sweet, and kiss the back of my neck while im bent over the stove.... and the warmth of your lips and the heat of your breath just drives me over the edge.....i lean into your kiss as you bring your hands to my hips causing a burst of flames to shoot from my neck to my hips... and below... you turn me in your arms, and grab my butt ... while you kiss my neck, and nibble my ear... all i can do is moan from the pleasure of your touch...  im instantly on fire from your attention... the look in your eyes as u pull away from my face tells me how much you want me, your eyes are clouded with passion as you gently pull me around the corner toward the bedroom...  i follow you as if there is an invisible leash connecting us... our eyes are locked as you lead me to the kiss my neck, and shoulders as y
Steamy Shower
’ve been home alone all day cleaning up and making everything look nice. I’m in the kitchen finishing up the dishes,  and I hop in the shower, hoping to be done before you get home.  I’m just finishing up my shower when the curtain opens and I see Michelle there, naked too, she just walks into the shower and starts kissing me, roughly grabbing my boob pushing me against the wall pressing her body to mine.  Hot water streaming down on both of us while she sucks on my tongue and lips  one of her legs between mine rubbing into my pussy.   Then she takes her mouth from mine, trailing down my neck to my nipples, already hard she takes them into her mouth sucking and biting them teasing them till I’m hotter than the water.  Then she just drops lower, on her knees in the shower she starts to lick my clit, easing her way down inside me a little and back to my clit until I can’t stand anymore.  My knees are weak and so she takes my hand and leads me out of the show
A Vision
i have a vision... i want to share with sitting on the leather sofa wearing a tank top and shorts. we are just sitting here watching the news with a couple glasses of wine....when i stand up to go to bed after the news you grab me gently wrapping your arms around me with a warm strong embrace you kiss my neck and nibble my ear gently... your hot breath on my ear and neck, makes my whole body get weak from desire... my knees start to bend slightly and your hold on me tightens so you can work your way to the other side... you are gentle but firm you are taking what you want... doing something you have been thinking about doing for a few hours while watching me drink wine relaxing with you after a long day... you take one hand to grip my breast... holding it, rubbing it, starting a fire inside me... you lay me down on the couch, continuing with your hand on my breast working it out of my shirt so i can feel your hands on my skin burning me up with desire... anticipation of the p
I Had A Dream... Hehehe
I had a dream the other night... its been hanging with me for a couple days... i keep thinking about it, it was so hot wet steamy and just mmmmmm..... u were there, so i want to share it with you.... maybe u will know why im so stressed when u hear about it, i hope i do it justice im not sure i have the vocabulary to actually paint the picture for you.... but i will try....i was dreaming and asleep alone in bed.... i was just taking an afternoon nap... needed a little rest... i started feeling a warm hand on my leg... slowly making its way up.... waking up my senses on the way toward my knee... then a second hand joined in on my other leg.. slowly just gliding up my legs....stopping on my theighs for some light massage... and gently pressing them open....then i felt a warm breath on my inner theigh followed by a warm wet kiss.. gently working upward..  gliding by my pussy to the other theigh to give a warm wet kiss there too, then slowly working up to my pussy lips where a tongue darte
Animals react They don't create Did Giraffes figure out how to travel to the moon They did not & the last time I saw a Giraffe He seemed to be quite happy to be fed & left alone   So when you come across a Human that merely reacts Treat him like you would a Giraffe Feed him & ignore him because he will never Create a godamned thing
some girls don't wanna be talked to like cheap whores. around here that will cost ya ;) $3.99 per minute to be exact. should have learned some respect douche.
– Tue Feb 22, 11:45 am ET GUWAHATI, India (Reuters) – The more, the merrier is certainly true for Ziona Chana, a 66-year-old man in India's remote northeast who has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren -- and wouldn't mind having more. They all live in a four storied building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state, sharing borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, media reports said. "I once married 10 women in one year," he was quoted as saying. His wives share a dormitory near Ziona's private bedroom and locals said he likes to have seven or eight of them by his side at all times. The sons and their wives, and all their children, live in different rooms in the same building, but share a common kitchen. The wives take turns cooking, while his daughters clean the house and do washing. The men do outdoor jobs like farming and taking care of livestock. The family, all 167 of them, consumes around 91 kg (200 pounds) of rice and more than 59 kg (130
Campestres Restaruant 259 Greasy Ridge Rd, Princeton, Wv 24740 (304) 487-0003
 So this past Monday, my wife and I decided we were going to start checking out the local sit down restaruants that we have driven by hundreds of times and yet, never ate at.  We start this week at Campestres Restaruant.  Upon entering, we were immediately whisked away to our seat.  I was asking if they had a sling to put the baby carrier in, when one employee came up and turned the high chair upside down and sat the carrier in that.  It surprisingly worked really well.  We took our menus and ordered off the lunch menu which was available from 11am to 3pm.  Everything was really well priced, and in what seemed like 10 minutes, they hd our food on the table and ready to eat, mine on the platter was still sizzling.  Gotta love fajitas!  The wait staff was extremely friendly and professional.  After completing our meal, they were very quick to clear the table.  But for this guy, I will n0ot give a full on approval for any restaruant unless they possess one key essential quality, CLEANLINE
Finding The Evening Dress Which Suits Your Personal Taste
The primary benefits of cocktail attire are assortment of types and harmonious mixture of elegance and originality. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses The cocktail attire is fantastic for theme parties, Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses trips towards opera or even the ballet, a wedding, and also a formal lunch or dinner. This attire is superior and stylish within the design in the traditional glamor or fitting and bold should necessarily be within the wardrobe of any girl.Discount wedding dresses properly matched towards circumstance and figure cocktail attire appears especially amazing and admire others. Today you can come across cocktail attire pretty different style, from gorgeous fabrics, probably the most well-liked of which more than the final various decades are silk, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses satin and chiffon. In every single period cocktail attire inconspicuously altered or overgrown with new details. probably the most typical period is altering that rises nearly towards hips,
Ugg Made In China
Jan. 5 hearing, "unless to Nordic skiing, in the zero degree Celsius and minimum temperature in Australia, people basically wear snow boots vain, those in China, a large hot UGG snow boots, most of this was made in China, which seems by their own play called 'fashion' of the game. "a Chinese living in Australia evaluated the emerging" UGG hot. " "UGG hot" in the rise of China Beginning last year, was criticized by many professionals as the worst fashion trend of "UGG craze" in China, popular for a time the streets were snow boots. Many people think that it will soon disappear, to this winter, this trend did not decline trend. UGG boots originated in Australia is a pure quality handmade sheepskin boots, which is full of so-called "Australian wool" extremely warm to wear, but not very pleasing appearance. In fact from a practical point of view, the basic winter in Australia do not need to wear snow boots. Melbourne, the most southern area, winter minimum temperatures around zero Celsi
Rob's Love Poem.....just The Greatest Man In The World!
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Come to my bed, I only want YOU   Such sweet long deep passionate kissing, My precious Michelle feel what we've been missing I've never felt such heat and desire, Babydoll you put my soul on Fire   Fire's so hot from deep inside, All I ever want is you by my side United forever in each others heart, Nothing can ever tear us apart   Nothing compares to our love making passion, Neither has ever felt this much satisfaction Unimaginable pure pleasure and bliss, Michelle my love I've never tasted a sweeter kiss   The touch of my hands on your soft skin, Feels so good never want it to end Michelle you are my love my life, Soon you will be my wife   Rob and Michelle so meant to be, Together forever through Eternity My love for you grows more each day, You make me so happy that's all I can say   I love you so much more than words can express, compared to your love for me mine always seems less                                                  
Finding The Evening Dress Which Suits Your Personal Taste
The primary benefits of cocktail attire are assortment of types and harmonious mixture of elegance and originality. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses The cocktail attire is fantastic for theme parties, Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses trips towards opera or even the ballet, a wedding, and also a formal lunch or dinner. This attire is superior and stylish within the design in the traditional glamor or fitting and bold should necessarily be within the wardrobe of any girl.Discount wedding dresses properly matched towards circumstance and figure cocktail attire appears especially amazing and admire others. Today you can come across cocktail attire pretty different style, from gorgeous fabrics, probably the most well-liked of which more than the final various decades are silk, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses satin and chiffon. In every single period cocktail attire inconspicuously altered or overgrown with new details. probably the most typical period is altering that rises nearly towards hips,
National Guard
Ok ppl it's been awhile since I've done one of these. ok here it goes.I have a friend that is wanting to join the national guard.but she is getting flack from her family since she is a single mom.does anyone have any comments or suggestions that I can give her????Any feed back is appreciated.
For Today
Hopeless   Ever consider life is just not in your control Life spins you til you can fathom where you are any more Each day gets you discouraged until you just don't want to wake up And knowing that there is a tomorrow just brings you down even more  Despondency is a weight around you neck Choking the very spirit from you Draining your reality Exhausting optimism   Depression reaches to irrational revelations Pessimism becomes the lifeline to disillusionment Discord and anarchy flourish Chaos reigns   Despondent we scrutinize for a way out Self-mutilation to some Suicide finds solace for others Change of scenery consoles few In the deepest depths of our misery Blackness is a consistency Melancholy, anguish, discouragement over take us This is hopelessness      
Lost Art...
"I put all my genius into my life; I put all my talent into my works" ~Oscar Wilde "The important thing in writing is the capacity to astonish. Not shock - shock is a worn-out word - but astonish.” ~Terry Southern   I know you're scratching your head, wondering, "Just what is she getting at with this?" The answer is quite simple. The lost art of meaningful, documented communication known as writing needs to become rediscovered. Written communication has been used for over 8,000 years in one form or another. It had been used to record history, debts, feelings, accounting, and random thoughts. It's memory has never failed, and it's purpose has never ceased to be necessary. It doesn't need electricity, or even paper. It's permanence as record will go on as long as there is someone with the interest to read it. In the "Digital Age" the importance of reading has been trivialized to the point that the art of the written word is rapidly becoming lost. The masterful texts that ha
Tuesday Nite Special
                         Tuesday a night of fierce passion and rough sex yes yes i no wedsday is hump day but y wait if ur arround a fun and attractive person grab hold and make ur day agree like this hate it then fu*** off ;)
If You Know A Biker
IF U KNOW A BIKER" PLEASE" REPOST!!I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall.I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant.But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by.But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window.I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children.But you didn 't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you stare at my long hair.But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love.I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those that ha
Just Me
So here goes ya'll thot id just fill sum peeps in on my fu tendancies...number one I do like to get on fu sumtimes and strictly return love...not always in the mood to chat. Ive found that when i turn off my sb then everyone sends me pms saying "i tried sbing u and its turned off." Well put two and two together I TURNED IT OFF bcus i dont wanna chat... I am infamous for updating my status and then leaving for awhile..yes i know i know strange bcus when u do that people see ur on and trying talking with u. but the fact of the matter is  i do more the fu all day and sumtimes i update and leave then i come home to people thinking im avoiding them that is not the case by any means..if im ignoring u i will block u. Now one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES is when im going about my business likeing peeps rating and leaving status messages and all of a sudden i see that one person has blown up my shout box going from... hey how are u...hi...u there...hello...fine i guess ur ignoring me bitch all with
Pisces On Love And Sex
When your Venus is in Pisces, you love tenderly and compassionately. You are a peace-maker at heart, and your sensors are so strong that you pick up as much as possible, and perhaps more, from your partner. You have a sense of humor in love, although you have your shares of ups and downs, as you are a very sensitive person. Harshness bothers you. Wistfulness is almost as natural to you as breathing when it comes to love. No matter how you approach other areas of your life, there is a romantic side of you. You crave making a connection with a person—many would call it a deep connection, but spiritual is a better word, as your ideal love rises above rather than plunges below the mundane world. You can be devastatingly attractive to some people, and your charm is of a tender and soft quality. Others sense your warmth, but also some elusiveness. As much as you want to connect and share with another person, you also resist being pinned down. You prefer to enjoy a certai
How To Catch A Fish. The Pisces Love Mystery.
How to catch a fish. The Pisces love mystery. So have your eye on a Pisces woman. You find yourself attracted to her because there is something so mysterious and intriguing about her that you just can't figure out. Join the crowd. Making a Pisces woman fall in love with you is the easy part, its keeping her attention that's hard. You may always feel like there are parts of her you can never touch. If you are astute enough to notice theses things. And if you are not you wont last long. She needs her shadows to feel safe. When she loves she does so with every bit of her soul. This requires her to be very vulnerable. She needs that shadow to run to when she is overwhelmed or if things go badly. Everything has meaning to her; the wording of your speech, whether you kissed her goodnight, did you call her at lunch. For instances; she asks what are you going to do tonight. You say, "I don't know I think i'll stay in watch some tv then go to bed early." What she he
You Tube Video's
You tube has changed there embed codes and members are haveing and issue  with loading the video to their profile. Here is what needs to be done to be able to load the video to your profile. 1. go to youtube and choose the video you would like to be on your profile 2. click on "Embed"   3. do not use the code that comes up when you click on embed 4. Scroll down a little and you will see 4 different boxes. 5. you will want to check the last box so you can post the video to your page.  the code will then revert back to the code to where you can post it onto your page.
Innocence Imprisoned
amanda knox and her parents are getting railroaded.if you believe this is true also.comment back thanks!
The Religious Right Cheers The Destruction Of The Wisconsin Teachers Union (repost)
There are myriad reasons why some Americans hate union labor and the past week has proven that for every benefit unions are responsible for, detractors come up with nonsense reasons unions are anti-American. Some reasons people claim unions are bad are that they drain resources from state coffers, produce lazy entitled workers, or are inherently anti-American. Of course all of the reasons are untrue, but truth has never been important to conservatives and especially Republicans. There is one group that is quietly cheering Governor Scott Walker and all Republican governors who have been paid off by the Koch brothers to break unions, and that is the religious right. Governor Walker claims that union pensions are the cause of the state’s budget woes, but the teacher’s union has offered to renegotiate the pension deal they legally made with the state. Walker has ignored the offer because he wants the unions out of the picture all together. Walker is a Baptist mini
Mini Porn Fantasy..
one day i just had a crazy thought, you were asking me about coffee or something, and it just popped into my head like a lil scene from a porn... i saw me all in black long and see through... with a bodice all of lace... a small whip in my hand ... one knee on the bed...  tied by silk scarves you are naked on my bed.... i tease you with tickles with a long soft feather... tease you and touch you with a soft lick here and there... followed by swats from the whip on my other hand... climing over you to tease you further with little strips of my skirt brushing that skin i licked and i swatted so its tingling again... soft touches like kisses as i move over you... kissing and licking and tickling everything i see... lick bite and suck your nipples and running my fingers through the hair on your chest... just love the rough feel of it on my fingertips....follow it down to that place where my happiness lives... my favoite play toy... where i can lick and tickle with the feather again, rising
What Is Love...
What is love...  “When you look at love, you're looking into the face of appreciation.”Love is Accepting.    Acceptance is labeling someone as "okay" and having no particular desire to change them. Who they are is perfectly fine with you. You pose no condition on whether you will love them or not. This is call unconditional love. When your love IS conditional, the moment they step outside your set of conditions, love evaporates.Love is Appreciating.    Appreciation is one step beyond acceptance. Its when your focus is on what you like about another. We look at them and feel this sweeping appreciation for who they are, their joy, their insights, their humor, their companionship, etc. When someone says they are "in love" with another, they mean their appreciation is so enormous for this person that it consumes their every thought.Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.    We want those we love to be happy, safe, healthy, and fulfilled. We want them to feel good in all ways, phy
A Video For The Ladies & Thoughts Of The Day...
Hey ladies, this one's for all the dudes that hit you up with dumb stuff in shoutbox Ninja!...enjoy the's more right than not apparently.. Thoughts of the Day: Actions speak louder than words. Proof is always greater than bullshit. peace.
Gentle Rolling Stream
sitting here i start to dream, i think about a lush flowing creek. Gently flowing through the woods, natural walls of rocks surround this quiet little stream.... then i start to almost hear your feet lap against the water, as you stand behind me grinding into me, what i most desire.... remember back to what i wore, that short grey skirt (i am such a flirt) with satin underwear.... my bare feet planted on the cool flat rock, you simply bent me over and slid in your cock.... the stream couldnt drown out my moans and cries, as you brought me to orgasm again, and again... your fingers in my ass and on my clit while you drove into me so deep... we finished together enjoying the wet hot explosion with your grasp on my breasts... i melt from your touch, since the very first one, memories of times like this, remind me again, and again... 
New Diddy I Wrote ... 4 Txsunshine
The warmth of the sun provides me with smiles,An expression that spans the length of miles & miles...Stretching across forever lasting an infinity, the love from the sun reaches all that can be reached.
It's Been A While
It's been a month or so since I've blogged here last, and apparently some have missed the last one I did post. (Take some time to catch up if you need to.)   I know you clicked thinking you knew what this blog was all about. HAHA! You're so wrong!   I wanted to take this time to put a spotlight on the importance of accomplishment.   There are so many milestones in life (and I'm talking real life, not online life) that sometimes we forget to step back and really take the time to relish the feeling of accomplishment. Life moves so fast sometimes that we forget to acknowledge to ourselves that we have done something wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with praising yourself for reaching a goal. As a lot of y'all that are close to me know, I just finished a remodel and the house, and it is now officially a home. However, what most people don't know, is that the house I remodeled actually is owned by my uncle. He's in the Navy and stationed elsewhere, and my sister is the
I've been on Fubar for over 4 yrs & also on Facebook for over 1 year. Over the years I've noticed people's status change from "single" to "in a relationship" & back to "single" so many times. I love my friends dearly & hate seeing them go thru the pain of breakups. It just really makes you take a step back & think to yourself" Do I really want to be in a relationship now??" Everyone should be happy but does taht mean you should also go thru s much pain & heartache just to be happy?? Just a thought & something to ponder.
Are People Too Shallow
Are there some people too shallow to look beyond looks, and if so,, do they need medical or psychological help?
Just Thoughts....
“When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.” “I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”“The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don't let anyone or anything to get in your way.”“You've spent your whole life running and running, trying to catch up with something that has never been there for you. And all you've done is go farther and farther away from the precious love that's been waiting for you all the time.”“I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might b
The Differences In Us All
The Differences In Us All The weight of the world presses upon me Sadness purmeates and suffuses me As I weep for the losses humanity suffers At the hands of the greedy and unempathic God and Difference is an excuse oft used To rape, to mame, to take and to kill The sheep in us a herders dream Extremes in thought and belief leave no room for compassion No room for other It is societies fate To someday be peaceful or dead Through our own complacency and the generous application of hate To become the same But humanity always finds a way to see the differences And the conflict and pain always endures  
The Glow Radio
Tuesday on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church Of Rock" he will be spinning a mix of Punk Grunge,Rock & Metal starting at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central/6pm Eastern Next up is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock" Show spinning her mix of 80's & 90's,Rock & Metal starting at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern Closing the night will be the Bossman James Bound spinning his Smooth Grooves and Romance Music starting at 10pm Pacific/11pm Mountain/12am Central/1am Eastern   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
More On My Travels.....
Hello everyone, I figured I would send in a little update. I am going to be heading to New Orleans on March 15th to stay the night with my husband... Then it is Texas... I will be buying collectable shot glasses and a few other things as well why I am there. I also plan on having one hell of a night of beautiful memories... I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them so everyone can see. I know this is short and sweet and will be updated more once the day gets here. Talk soon hugs and loves Rie 
[weekday Update! ... Now With Twice The Ill]
[Real life update]So Sunday I went into the urgent care for some diagnostic tests.I don't really want to publically state what's wrong but here are some fun factoids.It might be a chronic condition that I've had a long time.Its not contagious. Its fairly unique to my anatomy and "something guys just get".And I've got some internal bleeding and infections as a result.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!So I'm on a 10-20 day anti-inflamatory/anti-biotic regimen, I have to do some home-diagnostic tests, and I'm generally out of energy and in constant discomfort to slight pain along with some pretty high fatigue and lack of sleep and stress.Cancer is ... pretty much out of the equation.Unless I don't respond to medication and then I'm totally fucked.*thumbs up*But due to my test results and my age, all indications are that its an infectionnot cancer.I wonder who I'm trying to convinceme or you?[/real life update][Long ass video game rant that I've probably already written]AnywayWatchin
A Guide To Being A Perfect Boyfriend / Husband - Yes I Wrote All Of This, And Its From The Heart/ Past Experiences - What I Want In A Guy
1) if she walks away from you - follow her 2) if she tares at your lips - kiss her 3) when she pushes or hits you - grab her and dont let go 4)  when her hand rubs against yours - grab it and hold her hand 5) if she's cold - give her your jacket 6) if he lets you wear his clothing - he likes you in them 7) if she comes  to you crying - ask whos ass am i gonna kill 8) most women PERFER to be called BEAUTIFUL over sexy. by calling them sexy, iot most of the time makes them feel like just a trophy girl, if you  tell them they are beautiful, they know you mean inside and out   * most of the time girls jsut want their man to cuddle with them, so sit on the couch, watch a movie, and put your arm around her   * girls love when their man holds them, and hugs them for no reason at all   * those kisses out of nowhere ? yeah we love those too.   * dont say  you love us if you dont, cause sooner or later we will find out the truth   * if u feel like cheating, just end the realtion
Seize The Day
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lostIt's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache overI see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with timeBut I'm too young to worryThese streets we travel on will undergo our same lost pastI found you here, now please just stay for a whileI can move on with you aroundI hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever?I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is doneWe both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave youI see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with timeBut I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture)Seize the day or die regretting the time you lostIt's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache overNewborn life replacing life, replacing all of us, changing this fable we live inNo longer needed here so where should we go?Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death?But girl, what if there is no eternal life?I see my vision burn,
What Your Name Says About You.
Well according to a French poll,women who's names end in A are easy. (i'm sure that's just in France though.*cough*)  Ok there was that Lolita chick but still. lol   Also the men with the name Chris have the most success with the ladies,and the men with the name Ed,the least.  (Edwars Scissor hands comes to mind) lol    Gin-A lol :P
In No Particular Order, My Life.
      I cannot begin in any real way.  There is much to say should some poor soul take an interest in my life.  I could start at the begining but I find not doing so would allow me to place the more relavant and interesting aspects in the forefront.  There are many stories and many events... This is little more than an introduction to these.        I think I will place each story individually in this collection of blogs.  So that hopefully by title a given reader will be able to navigate them according to what interests them most.  From the ten year long death of my father, to my regretable engagement and subsequent breakup.  My injuries of youth, and the misdeeds of a drunken and educational High School experience.              Now, those issues have been stated, I will continue with the introduction.  A breif explination of my Name.  Ezra Cold.           There is a movie, that I hope you have seen, called "The Mothman Prophecies"  In which a character or creature called a Mothm
Next You Get Pulled Over!!!
A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left. “Amazing,” he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal even more. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a Florida state trooper, blue lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought,   “What am I doing? I’m too old for this!” and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.  Pulling in behind him, the trooper got out of his vehicle and walked up to the Corvette. He looked at his watch, then said, “Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a new reason for speeding – a reason I’ve never before heard – I’ll let you go.”   The old gentleman pause
some  people wonder why most the time i am sad....its because i go throught life with strifes and pains and troubles and stres that builds up and i want to just give up and that no one has to worry about me, life kicks me in the BALLZ and laughs at me for no reason whatsoever and walks away with me layin there on the cold ground. What the fuck did i do deserve it? why is it hard to get by when the government ND STATE TURN AGAINST YA AND TAKE AWAY THING YOU NEED....Reasons arent sound enough for me its my turn to deliver the pain, but what can i do? iam just aguy..who is down on his luck, livin by the  skin of his teeth....trying to live as long as i can with out killin myself or just naturally going lol......iam so fucking tired of the BS i have to go thru to live, this is MY life and ican live the way i not a nuber....Iam ahuman being,a citizen of the USA and State of Washington, City of  God Damn Tacoma.....thats who I am!
In Case You're Wondering
Yes, I'm fine. I am in the North Island, the quake was in the South Island.   Yes, all the people I know that I have been able to get info about thus far are fine. Property damage but in terms of what's happened, we are very, very lucky and thankful.   Your thoughts and concern are appreciated; I'm sorry if I am rude at such times, but it is the way I am (yes, anyway).   Also, whilst I don't do begging and am not starting now, if any of you even consider blinging me in the coming months, I will be seriously pissed off that you have not considered going here instead. They do good work, it is needed, and I am not exactly a fan of bling at the best of times (if you are offended by the way I've put that, rephrase it in your head in a way that suits, don't expect me to).   Sweetness & light & all that shit - no, no comments, because let's face it I'd probably ignore them anyway.   I'm sure I'll be back to my loving self soon.    
Me As 22 Feb 2011
well i depressed right now becasue i am here in iraq and my wife and son is back home i miss them so much ive been sitting in my room for almost a fucking week while everyone else goes out on missions i dont know why they are doin this to me im not hurt or anything but i still dont know y they are leaving me behind i just dont know what to do i fucking hate this fucking country i wish we never had to come here and the days that i do go out i really dont do anything i just wish i hold holding my son and my wife right now and i know they want the same if any of you vets went through the same thing please tell me how the hell did you deal with this because i am goin very insane right now and i realy dont know what to do or how to control it
Catching Up
First things first: I'm wasted.   That being said...I miss many of the people online I used to talk to. Life is hectic, life is erratic, and life is cruel. It has it's ups and downs etc etc etc...but to lose contact with those who make you I miss many of you, but have no time or opportunity to catch up. opportunity right here on this post, for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. What's new?
Another One Of Justin... Possibly Starting Center! Woohoo!!
OFFENSIVE LINEThe Starters: Missouri brings back four starters from last year's team. The tackle positions are set with Elvis Fisher and Dan Hoch. The starting guards are Austin Wuebbels and Jayson Palmgren. The only new starter will be at center where it seems Justin Britt will get first shot to replace Tim Barnes, but Travis Ruth will be in the discussion as well.The Challengers: Along with whichever player does not win the center spot, Jack Meiners will play major minutes. Mark Hill could push for time in a reserve role. Coming off redshirt seasons, Anthony Gatti, Nick Demien and Mitch Morse all have a chance to position themselves well for the future.Major Spring Storyline: Who replaces Barnes? Before Blaine Gabbert and Aldon Smith went pro, many would have said Barnes would be the biggest loss off last year's team. Missouri has had a stunning line of succession at center, starting only four players going back to Rob Riti in the late 1990's. For the first time, there is some questi
About Car And Watches
Watch companies also use F-1 drivers to perform live tests on their watches. On the F-1 driver's wrist on the track, a watch is exposed to acceleration forces and vibrations that cannot be simulated under laboratory conditions. Interestingly, F-1 has become a treasure house for watch companies in the development of new materials. F-1 engineers, for instance, are experts in the use of Grade 5 titanium used in accelerator pedals, gearboxes and parts of the transmission. Tag Heuer Replica Watches_Tag Heuer watches_replica Tag Heuer uses the material since it is much lighter than steel but more scratch-resistant and shines like white gold or steel, like the Kirium F-1 model. Carbon fibre, a material used for the chassis of F-1 cars, has been transferred to watch dials. For such people, TAG created the SLR Chronograph, a special edition offered only to buyers of the Mercedes- McLaren SLR sports car. Beautiful cars are what we call expensive toys for grown-up boys. So are expensive watches.
Corum Bubble Diver Watches ca Treasure Enlightens Us
  Style item, symbolic of ourselves, Corum bubble diver watches_Corum golden bridge watches_replica corum watches states some of all of us. Corum chronograph wrist watches once again as part of your situation along with el display "Master Tourbillon Wild" Jaeger-LeCoultre. Between your outlines associated with Corum bubble diver watches looks at this outstanding bold and inventive exuberance the posh manufacturer. The actual vortex awakens from 6am on the selection of gemstone, gem and actual peacock down and Numida Meleagris. Respectable supplies and valuable mix smoothness and colors inside a delicious decorated stylized in between it is directly outlines towards the roundness from the situation. Created within white gold or platinum or even red, Corum bubble gmt watches will get the remodeling and gown the woman’s body associated with expensive diamonds. Corum bubble diver watches_Corum golden bridge watches_replica corum watches requires a womanly outline, fram e arranged b
A Little Poem
when i think of love...... i think of happiness, love stories, kissing you, making love, roses and teddy bears, watchin movies, making jokes, when i think of love...... i think of sadness, broken hearts, angry words being tossed around like a rag doll, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! HAHA!! when i think of love...... i think of the way your arms hold me tight when i get scared in the night, the way you mone when i bite, the look in your eyes when i tell you the moment is right, oh how i when i think of love.... i can hear your voice but cant see your face, your not real, at least not yet, maybe....YES! you will be here soon to help save my heart from cardiac arress...
inkhorn \ INK-horn \adjective;    1.  Affectedly or ostentatiously learned; pedantic.noun:    1.  A small bottle of horn or other material formerly used for holding ink.
Love is being stupid together.  -  Paul Valery
Your Dog Noble Of Patek Philippe Distinctive Watches Lies Not Only In The Country's Elegant Appearance
patek philippe ceasuri watches is really a prestigious, acclaimed gathering or amassing that produces in this write-up and trustworthy watches which can be admired only by abounding as the Roll Royces for the chronometers. Panerai 10 days discount is certain to present the same features you anticipate from a Panerai Luminor such as custom alligator strap, swiss cost cut watches and watertight to 100 measures. patek philippe celestial watches discounts seem in evolved models for men and females. These are just a number of of the striking features you'll be able to locate on this line of watches correct from Paneria. No wonder stars just like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Brad Pitt use these exclusive wrist watches.patek philippe perpetual watches amalgamate an incredible adroitness with distinct actualization moreover to abreast designs. In the event you're looking for a marvelous, top trendy watch these lower value rates are the suitable for one. A number o
Suitable Discounts Of Laid Back As Well As Formal Louis Vuitton Timepieces Are Offered
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Franck Muller Watches Appropriately Createed Moment Articles Final But Not Least Supply A Create
The announcement which Swatch Group would end deliveries of ETA exercises also spurred top brands to take remedy measures. For some ages, we have seen an increase in advancement of in home chronographs featuring interesting discount franck muller master banker watches Casablanca innovations. Patek Philippe unveiled its Annual Date Chronograph Ref. 5960 having a vertical dvd clutch that allows all the chronograph hand to be used for any running seconds, together with single counter for any hours and minutes. Chopard unveiled a action with column bring, vertical clutch, instant restart and 50 hour power wildlife reserve, which powers ordinarily the franck muller transamerica biretro watches Chrono One. Piaget created the 880P fantastic quality, with a second 24 per hour time zone and fly back functionality; it proudly inhabits the brand new Polo FortyFive collection, launched in 2009 to celebrate any 30th anniversary of the Polo version, having a sporty elegant look that joi
The Ferrari Watches Out Of The Assortment Offer All The Prosperous Blend
The situation is generated with highly rubbed stainless steel steal, and then the figure of the entire body of the observe were unquestionably produced depending on ferrari red watches shape. Get pleasure from your favorite Profit teams. You will be not to miss the major moment! Simply click live stream hyperlink. It provides video also as clear sound. This wrist watch has a tachymeter scale around the flange for all of the challenging functioning out you may possibly possibly can though cruising any ferrari chronograph watches from 250Kph on the Autoban. Normally the crystal is released with Sapphire to be confident optimum scratch protection and minimal reflectivity. Combining comfort opportunity, functionality, and some of the coolest styles, The puma corporation shoes consistently top the wish databases of sneaker supporters everywhere.A Crown and control keys contains a grid texture together with the logo of ferrari california watches is generally marked at the top a
Gucci Distinctive Watches Activism Introduced Highly Effective Political Reverse Just Before
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Piaget Watches Worldwide Began To Realize The Functions
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The Tradition To Dress The Mother Of The Bride In Human History
What may be a tradition? The dictionary tells us that it can be an inherited pattern of believed or action; a custom. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses The term arrives from an older Latin verb that suggests "to hand over, deliver, entrust." Traditions connect individual beings to their ancestors and supply guidance and protection to long term generations. Cheap Little Black Dresses among the oldest and most sacred traditions in human history is marriage. Marriage can be an institution that dates back a huge number of years. Sociologists and anthropologists have a quantity of theories concerning its origins,Cheap Homecoming Dresses however the reality is that the custom made predates recorded history. The result, however, has generally been the same-a bride and groom are joined inside a interpersonal union that may perhaps also have legitimate ramifications. The guidelines and rituals differ significantly from location to place. The watershed motherent in time in your background of the w
Ok Comment On This And Let Me Know How You Feel
it is ok to have pic of ex gf or bf on you page if you are with someone new is that ok ....
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Sitting here alone. With no room to say, Casting aside all I used to be Never to speak of it again. Traveling through time just to stop. Hoping that on day the life I've choosen to live by, Will never let me down. Running down the street, Chasing a future I can not see. Praying that through all this pain I may find a way to see. The path through the homeless prices. Letting the past not catch up to me. Holding on to the me thats already gone. The house which I never stayed. The place where a home was never made. Parents to whom I love, But never really wanted to stay with. Hoping they never really let go. Of that life they always knew. To the daughter they never gave up on. The life to which I hold in my hand. Placing the hope of all they are in me. The homeless people with nothing left to give. A homeless mind that may just end up breaking. 
The Tradition To Dress The Mother Of The Bride In Human History
What may be a tradition? The dictionary tells us that it can be an inherited pattern of believed or action; a custom. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses The term arrives from an older Latin verb that suggests "to hand over, deliver, entrust." Traditions connect individual beings to their ancestors and supply guidance and protection to long term generations. Cheap Little Black Dresses among the oldest and most sacred traditions in human history is marriage. Marriage can be an institution that dates back a huge number of years. Sociologists and anthropologists have a quantity of theories concerning its origins,Cheap Homecoming Dresses however the reality is that the custom made predates recorded history. The result, however, has generally been the same-a bride and groom are joined inside a interpersonal union that may perhaps also have legitimate ramifications. The guidelines and rituals differ significantly from location to place. The watershed motherent in time in your background of the w
Wow Me
I sit her still and quiet... trying to draw your eye... subtle light plays on my skin as i slowly move my legs... quietly i adjust my pose awaiting some clue from you, my sexy stockings on my legs their belts upon my thieghs... tiny strip of black string with a tringle with a couple polka dots.... to cover almost nothing... giving shape to what you want... and my oh my is it hot... been thinking of you inside me, been wanting to feel your touch, i want your tongue to tease me, your teeth to fire me up... rub me grind me stroke me... slide a finger inside me.... ill take you with my mouth a lil to taste me on your cock... then slide it up inside me hard as a fuckin rock... take control and tease me, slow me down a bit... take some pics of my excited sopping wet ready to drip.... mmmm.... ill probably squirt on your mouth and i will kiss you clean... i love to taste me on you... and to feel you again!
Is fubar a friend's site, a porn site or a combination?
Fingers stroking So much time passed Touching the tiny mound of flesh A monotonous rhythm Each breath restrained The petite fold of skin Retracted from the glistening dot Beaconing sensitivity Controlling moments with Simple thoughts Rub forward then back Calculating the pressure Minute but agony producing No more control Release Hot daggers of pleasure racing down an arched spine The taste of blood from a bitten lip Clinching contractions of delight Moaning, neck twisting, distorted Convulsive ecstasy searing tension Beyond the limit Becoming darkness Awakening Coated in warm sweat The slippery sexual moisture Abundantly flowing Filling the air With the fragrance Of fulfillment
2nd Alarm Hotties
Any Angel wishing to become a 2nd Alarm Hottie please send a private message to MajaBabyyy. She is our #1 friend and the Hotties Dept Chief. Let her know you are a member of BiHeavenlyAngels.
St Patrick's Day Auction
The page will be hosting it's first auction for St. Patrick's Day. All Angels and Hotties are free to enter and all others will pay 1 million fubucks. I am going to place a 2 million fubucks minumum bid on it. If you are interested, please see the picture in our default folder for rules and info. 
Wish A Bitch Would
I'm so fucking tired of all these bitches in Topeka saying they want a good man when they really want a guy who beats on them and is strung the fuck out. FUCK that I need a woman who can handle me and can suck and fuck like a porn star. I want to lick a bitch from head to toe and even the cracks
Fighting The 5 Fascisms In Wisconsin And Ohio (repost)
by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis The escalating confrontations in Wisconsin and Ohio are ultimately about preventing the United States from becoming a full-on fascist state.  The stakes could not be higher---or more clear.  As defined by its inventor, Benito Mussolini, fascism is "corporate control of the state." There are ways to beat around the Bush---Paul Krugman has recently written about "oligarchy"---but it's time to end all illusions and call what we now confront by its true name.  The fights in Wisconsin, Ohio, and in numerous other states are about saving the last shreds of American democracy. They burn down to five basic realities:  1) The bulwark of modern democracy is the trade union. This has been true since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. All social programs can trace their roots to union activism, as can the protection of our civil liberties.  The first Germans Hitler put in concentration camps were neither Jews nor gypsies---they were tr
The Devil
The Devil Knows My Name… He Knows All My Weaknesses… He Loves Them One And All… He Wraps His Me Around His Finger Once Again And I Can’t Think Of A Place I Would Rather Be. In His Arms Again… Feeling Whole Again. The Devil Knows My Desires… He Knows The Darkness In Me… He Made A Home In My Heart… I Can’t think Of A Place I’d Rather Him Be.
Mike In Photos...
The Fall
So far of a fall So much waste So many years So much hate   Fallen from grace Wasted oppurtunity Years spent wandering No Love shared   A bright and promising future An intelligence highly evolved A lifetime of oppourtunity A real chance   Thrown away on fear Paralized to move Hating thine own self Never knowing thy self   Now later in life What do I have Nothing but emptiness and a desire to strive   I feel nothing emotionally I fear nothing anymore Hunger has become a daily friend Longing just a memory   They say people can change That we all evolvle We can change if we choose Chosing what choice   For our life has dictated the choices to us People we once wanted have drifited away Becoming the one thing they always said they werent Lonely arent we the fallen   The fall was great Our fall has never stopped Falling for it all Falling just because   I made my fall I made my choice I made my mistakes I made my call.
Who Killed Michael John Baldwin ? Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Who killed Michael John Baldwin?: LAPD reaches out to the community to help solve crime that took place last Friday morning over at Jefferson Blvd. and Margaret Avenue area. By Randy Economywww.Economy4ABC.Blogspot.comWednesday, February 9, 201112:23 a.m.Los Angeles: Who shot and killed Michael John Baldwin of LA last Friday morning over at Margaret Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard at around 7 a.m.?The Los Angeles Police DepartmentPacific Area Detectives are asking the community to help find the person or persons responsible the death of the 29-year-old inside a in a stolen Lexus early Friday morning. Here is the situation and the facts of the case: INCIDENT TOOK PLACE LAST Friday, February 4, 2011, at about 7:00 a.m. LAPD responded to a shooting call on Margaret Avenue, just North of Jefferson Boulevard.   Victim Michael John Baldwin of Los Angeles was pro
A Mom's Cry
JDRF WALK  February 27, 2011 Mall of America     Dear Family & Friends,   On February 27, 2011, I’m going on a 1-mile walk at Mall of America. I’m sure most people don’t write you to announce their walking schedule. However, this is an important event for me, for the hundreds of thousands of young people, like my daughter Triniti, who suffer from diabetes. On February 27th the walk to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will take place. I will be there because I want to find a cure for my daughter's disease.   Triniti was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was two years old. For the past six years living with diabetes has been a daily struggle. Each day, we test his blood sugar four to four-six times a day. She also receives bolus' through her insulin pump throughout the day. Often times, she doesn't want to check her blood sugar and get bolus' but she understands that she must take the insulin to survive. But insulin is not a “cure&rdqu
Heartful Thoughts...
Hell's Traitor
The time is 2:30 a.m. a night club on Washington street in down town St. Louis is closing a young girl comes out and stumbling around in a drunken state of mind decides to drive home the only problem is that her car is a few blocks away. In the drunken state that she is in she decides to take a shortcut through the alley.  As she is walking down the alleyway all she sees is nothing but abandon building and spray paint that makes a gang symbol. She keeps walking and as she is walking the alley seems to get darker and darker. Till it gets so dark that she cant see her hand in front of her face. She rummages through her purse for a lighter or something to light the path in front of her. Need a light lady? a mysterious man voice says. With that headlights from a car turns on in front of her she starts to run the other way but another set of headlights from another car turns on and blocks her way four guys start to come towards her. You looking for a good time lady? One of the men says whil
Music Monday Again
1.  Beck - Tropicalia2.  Shout Out Louds - Normandie3.  Scott Mathews - Eyes Wider Than Before4.  Radiohead - No Surprises5.  Fitz & The Tantrums - Money Grabber6.  Nick Drake - Cello Song7.  The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way  
Its Kinda Long.....but Its A Good Read
George Washington's name is inseparable from America, and not only from the nation's history. It identifies countless streets, buildings, mountains, bridges, monuments, cities — and people. In a puzzling twist, most of these people are black. The 2000 U.S. Census counted 163,036 people with the surname Washington. Ninety percent of them were African-American, a far higher black percentage than for any other common name. The story of how Washington became the "blackest name" begins with slavery and takes a sharp turn after the Civil War, when all blacks were allowed the dignity of a surname. Even before Emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their own surnames to establish their identities. Afterward, some historians theorize, large numbers of blacks chose the name Washington in the process of asserting their freedom. Today there are black Washingtons, like this writer, who are often identified as African-American by people they have never met. There are white Washingt
The Glow Radio Monday
Monday on The Glow Radio: The Rev DJ Furg will be spinning his mix of Punk,  Grunge, Hard Rock. and Metal Music on his Church of Rock at 3pm Pt/4pm Mt/5pm CT/6pm Et/11pm Gmt Next we have The Premieres of two new shows first up is The KJAK Show featuring Classic Rock Music from the 60's, 70's, & 80's at 6pm Pt/7pm Mt/8pm Ct/9pm Et/2am Gmt Next is DJ Sass N Jazz spinning a mix of Jazz & different genres at 9pm Pt/10pm Mt/11pm Ct/Midnight Et/ 5am Gmt Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our we
Rant On Fu Dj's
Well most of you know me as a supportative person usually when it comes to dj's mixxing and what not on fu. well i tell you now imma lil pissed. where the fuck do you come up with calling yourself a REAL dj because you own a controller. djing is more than using a mixxer and hitting the sync button. its a craft that is learned from actuslly really using your fucking ears and not your eye. learning how to incorporate 2 songs using a fuckin pitch control and not a sync button. I have been doing this since 1986 i can use records. cds. mp3's ..videos or what the fuck ever and blend em with my eyes shut. I have played clubs from 5000 people travelled and toured canada. use 4 seperate tt's or cdjs and keep a dance floor rockin. there is more to djing then just slapping 2 tracks together and sayin look i can mix....give me a fuckin break. just cus u can buy some fisher price controllers for 80 bucks and use a cracked version of vdj does not make you a dj....or using acid pro and blennding trac
Todays Thoughts
Sunset   Shadow crept slowly, lengthened and spread Sound was a whispers night crawlers fed Quietly leaving it's place in the sky It sank out of sight, I heard a loon cry.   Colours of crimson, violet. blue Oranges, yellows their colour so true. Light slowly faded, dark was on like a glove Sun's other cousin came shining above.   There followed a symphony unique in it's own You realize quickly your never alone. Owls cry good evening, wolves howl ado The miracle of life is really seen by so few.
How My Ex Girl Friend Did Amateur Porn.
My ex and I decided to try swinging, it was very interesting. She was not the prettiest woman in the world, she have a great body and attitude. We invited to a gangbang and she got more attention than the woman who was suppose to be getting the gangbang. The guy who set up the event was a producer and asked if would be interested in doing some videos and we said sure. She never did any feature type stuff she not pretty enough, she did the fill in stuff to make gonzo videos and video clips for porn theaters. We were in South Florida working for someone doing some clips and someone had brought in a new guy who was very well endowed, this guy was scary hung. The actress he was suppose to be with was not going anywhere near him it was very funny. Everyone else said no too. My girl always looking for a challenge said I will try. So she went a freshen up and grabbed a bottle of lube , she laid back and I filled her up. It started the usual way, with a blowjob, she could hardly get his head i
The Schedule... So, There's a few shows coming up that i figured i would tell everybody about, because i for some reason feel compelled to AND it's kind of part of the whole, Promo thing that i do!   First and foremost - to all my New York friends out there, 2.26.11 - NEXT SATURDAY at Tammany Hall in NYC, Acey Slade & The Dark Party will be performing at the Hate The Hate Benefit.. Here's the official press release -      "Tim No 37 presents HATE the HATE is designed to raise awareness against Hate Crimes, Bullying and Discrimination that has been running rampant in the United States. Time for us to take a stand!The proceeds of this event will go to:The Hetrick-Martin Institutewww.hmi.organdThe Trevor Projectwww.thetrevorproject.orgCO-HEADLINING this phenomenal event are:THE AUGUST INFINITY and KHZalso performing are:Acey Slade and The Dark PartyStar KillerKristaKing Hell!Ghosts of EdenHosted by: Juliya of FUSE tv, Ms Jenncity and more
Can You Help Me Decide On New Name Please
Is There A Such Thing As Being Too Nice?
Absolutely, I get caught up in it on a daily basis :/
St Andrews Cross - Dubbed A Chris Cross
Nice variation of a St Andrews Cross... dubbed a Chris Cross since the builder's name is Chris :-) Very sturdy but portable enough to put in the trunk of a car... awesomeness
Upcoming New Toys - Already Ordered And On The Way
nice aluminum crop extremely nice metal chain flogger I cannot wait :-0
New Toys From Winter Wickedness
Nice set of dragon's tongues... matched... hand painted with inliad rose tips on handles - gotta get ready for florentine scene now 2 different little stingy things nt sure they have a true name, lol, handmade and awesome... one is cable wrapped with fur on the other side - very decieving look, the other is a braided plastic a very nice sap  
Points For A Day
It's Been A While.
I had this trend going on as I posted in social sites for a while; it was called Negative/Positive, where I would ideally name off something negative, but add the positive counter to it. Here is one of those this morning: Negative: Mass texting is so impersonal, and to be honest, rude in some instances. Positive: Mass texting is certainly useful in some instances, such as business. In my opinion, it's better to know the message you're receiving is meant for you :) Anti-social people are taking over the world, and while I've been in that category for much of my life, I want to come out of my rabbit hole, and love the world I live in! Part of that is learning to be direct with the important people in my life. So, what I am saying in this blog is, get out of your damned rabbit hole people! -Dean
My Own Personal Hell
the walls surround me as i fall on my way to hell my addictions overwhelm my senses as i scream in pain am i insane or my thoughts are tamed with sanityjust let me be i want to die in vain but u never left..not yet my only fear is u leaving me alone in my own hell my personal cellfor ever i will dwell  nothing will ever be the same all i got is my insanity so just let me be my own personal hell ..and me the demons annoy me hit me beat me and scratch me they consume me control me HOLD ME!! reject me  disrepect me ..just kill me !!!im locked up in my hell my personal cell and i will never tell will i die or try to survive is this a lie in my mind is the key to my insanity will you help me or just let me be  the thought of killing myself are so violent noose hanging from my neck  as i jump off in silence the gun pointed to my dome as i blast it off..pure violence im alone in this world as i truly was no one understands my pain only insane  my own personal hell in this cell that i dw
This Beautiful Death The Moment I Laid Eyes On U I Knew That U Could Stop Time Showing Me The Real Meaning Of Life And How To Not To Let It Die ,this
this beautiful deaththe moment i laid eyes on u i knew that u could stop time showing me thereal meaning of life and how to not to let it die ,this death keeps eating me away and tells me that i am ok it hold me in its arms to keep me safe from the pain it tells me to that u are mine and not to worry tonight and even if the world is against me im still beautiful in your eyes i was broken i was lost but its not me that u saved, i laid to rest this beautiful death a grave i did not make an angel took its soul  to hell  and there it rested , and from its shallow grave u stole it this beautifiul death u gave me  opened my eyes 
Tips To Naturally Relieve Back Pain
As our society continues to spend nearly all of its time sitting down, we are finding it more essential to relieve back pain. We waste hours in a commute to work, hours upon hours sitting in front of a desk. We are stuck in front of a computer at work or home and after that finish it all off with sitting in front of the television. After that we go to bed eventually and wake up in the morning not feeling very refreshed or renewed, our backs still hurting. That's the time we decide we need to find a way to relieve back pain. There are many solutions that we have tried to come up with using various expensive chiropractors and physical therapy. There are in addition many treatments that require surgery or harsh chemicals/medicines. These may not be necessary and could, in some cases end up causing further harm than good. This is especially true with prescriptions that are often prescribed to fight the pain. Not only can they allow harmful side effects, they can become addic
3 Weeks Now...
....that I have been a juvenile mentor.... and while it's technically a volunteer position, I can honestly say this is the best "job" I've ever had :)
Empty Eyes
As I sit and stare into eyes that can't stare back, I wonder why do I bother? Black and empty, spheres of glass looking at my own reflection, so small and indistinct. Yet I can clearly see the ugliness inside myself. It sits and stares, held at arms length. It was meant to show love, but now only reflects sadness. As I hold it and tears rush down my cheeks I wonder, why do I bother? Why do I stare? Why do I cry? I look at the symbol, this icon of love, this canine companion.... It's nothing more than a toy, but with it comes memories and emotions. Dreams and hopes. All gone now, but when I look into it's eyes, I see where it remains. The tears of sorrow give way to pains on anger... I feel the heat building inside me, a rage of the impotent. I couldn't change what happened, I only did what I thought was right. I hurt us both, complicated both our lives. And in the end, we both wept. We both yelled. We both got hurt. It did end, and all thats left are the memories in the g
i live in a town where everone looks down 0n me 4 my tattooes and i dont get it this is"nt tvland you know and im not crying about it like a lil bitch but you know there are other shit going that they go and look at and fix beside telling me im trash for haveing tatts  and how im going to hell 4 being the way i am you know i always got black on and i love slipknot and mushroomhead but anyways i know there are others dealing with the some shit
malinger\ muh-LING-guhr \intransitive verb;    1.  To feign or exaggerate illness or inability in order to avoid duty or work.
I am I plus my circumstances.  -  Jose Ortega y Gasset
Living In A Dream
I was never the kindTo be taking my timeAny place that's worth a damnAnd today's another dayThat I've gone and thrown awayAnd I don't care where it lands'Cause I'm just thinking about usI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behindI'll be gone for a timeTuning out for a whileIt's gonna look like I'm not all thereI've decided that todaySeems alright to piss awayIgnore my empty stare'Cause I'm just thinking about usI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behindWhen I come downAnd look aroundI can't believeThe fantasy is gone like a memoryOut of my reachFading out from meYou're fading out from meI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behind
Replica Breitling Watches For Your Summer Vacation
Following the trend of Limited Editions, Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling watch_ Breitling replica watch has continued with the Montbrillant 01 Limited, featuring the Display back that will only be available on the Limited edition. Movement: Breitling Caliber 01, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, selfwinding, high-frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour), 47 jewels. Over 70-hour power reserve. 1/4th second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers. Calendar.Case:Steel or 18K red gold.Waterresistant to 3 bars.Bidirectional rotating bezel (slide rule). Cambered sapphire crystal, glareproofed on both sides.Transparent sapphire crystal caseback.Diameter: 40 mm.Dial: Mercury Silver.Straps/bracelets: Barenia leather, crocodile leather/ Air Racer or Navitimer (steel only). “Montbrillant 01 Limited Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling watch_ Breitling replica watch is writing a new chapter in the history of the Montbrillant chronograph by equipping it for the first tim
Corum Bubble Watch, A Fun To Acquaint The Time
The Corum Bubble_Corum Golden Bridge_replica corum watches accumulating has something for anybody - unless you crave something chaste and alert that is. Punch best abandoned is amazing with a accomplished spectrum of colors accessible complimented by precious stones or Mother of Pearl for added beam and glamor. Apparent in 2000, this replica watches artlessly surpassed annihilation that preceded it in agreement of beheld effect. The Corum Bubble collection’s actual name is evocative of fun and originality. You cannot advice cerebration what the aesthetic aggregation at Replica Bell Ross Watches anticipation if the abstraction of designing a watch with a massively domed azure clear punch was aboriginal put to them. Aesthetic eyes and addition followed with an aboriginal generally abandoned ambit appear to an adherent clientele. Chopard watches accept a acceptability for creating timepieces which are innovative, aesthetic and awful unusual. The advanced and assorted portfolio of
Something To Remember!!!
While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man whispering softly into her ear. While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there's a man that makes her feel better. While you make your women CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her.   While many may not believe that statement.  It is true  .... just remember this when you are screaming and she is leaving ... but here is the most ponient part ... it can be reversed!!!
Shout Out
Would you rather acknowledge people in your status frequently, or only when you are point whoring? 
Factors To Bear In Thoughts When Deciding On Your Wedding Shoes
A pair of bridal shoes is frequently the final issue that the bride thinks about, Cheap Quinceanera Dresses you invariably picture whatever you will appear inside your wedding attire in your huge morning but entirely neglect concerning the bridal shoes even although they would be the 2nd most essential product soon after your wedding gown. And the unexpected broad variety of selection on provide could be daunting. But there are many important factors to bear in thoughts when deciding on your shoes. Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses Firstly it is your morning and just mainly because the conventional way would be to put on a plain ivory or whitened court shoe, there is frequently a great deal far more selection and design on provide should you appear around. Timing is really important, should you are obtaining your attire produced or if your attire calls for any alterations then you definitely will require your shoes for that attire fitting to obtain the proper duration for the dress. Som
Factors To Bear In Thoughts When Deciding On Your Wedding Shoes
A pair of bridal shoes is frequently the final issue that the bride thinks about, Cheap Quinceanera Dresses you invariably picture whatever you will appear inside your wedding attire in your huge morning but entirely neglect concerning the bridal shoes even although they would be the 2nd most essential product soon after your wedding gown. And the unexpected broad variety of selection on provide could be daunting. But there are many important factors to bear in thoughts when deciding on your shoes. Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses Firstly it is your morning and just mainly because the conventional way would be to put on a plain ivory or whitened court shoe, there is frequently a great deal far more selection and design on provide should you appear around. Timing is really important, should you are obtaining your attire produced or if your attire calls for any alterations then you definitely will require your shoes for that attire fitting to obtain the proper duration for the dress
Life Lessons
ALL WE ARE IS A SHOOTING STAR   Maybe this life is just about love and tenderness. I was sitting here and decided to listen to music stored on my computer. The music brought me back to a time I believed in love. That’s is magical and mysterious. But, as with anything…………If love is not nurtured and cherished, you can have it fade away. I believe this with all my heart. I have decided to take all the different parts of all these songs to try and explain what love is in my heart…….If words don’t come my way……..I hope it still shows…….What my heart wants to say…..I surrender to this feeling so true……….I find it hard to believe that someone could ever feel that way  about me? I guess I will forever feel a loneness inside I cant explain. I am good with words, but it seems they have no meaning anymore. People can say anything but I have learned that without action they are meaningle
All My Kids And My Family
Sexy Appearance Of Tila Tequila Trumps Jennifer Aniston On Same Show!
Pretty funny skit featuring two sexy babes, one has a sex tape the other does not have one yet, that we know of any way! Watch The Sexy Tila Tequila get all of the hosts attention and Jennifer Aniiston get jealous and angry! CLICK HERE TO WATCH FUNNY VIDEO NOW!
All Bout My Dad That I Miss
i wish my dad was here i miss him so much. i have not seen him in 15 years and i just wish you would come back home because so hard not seening you in my life. i can remeber when he was a around. it was so good times to have him in life and now he is gone and i want him back. i love my dad a lot. i am dad's girl and his not seen his grandkids that he has. i miss u dad and i love u i just wish would come back to me.                                                                                       love always your daughter tracy
The People That I Have Lost
dear kim, i wish you was here to see your sister's kids and my kids. i wish u did not leave us like u did but i guess god had different plans for u, i wish u was here because i can remeber when we would hang out. i find myself thinking about u every chance i get. you was my best friend and it is hard to know that u r gone but i hope u know we miss u alot. u will always be in our hearts and we will never forget u. i have lost u and both of my grandma's and i think about yall alot, i wish yall knew how much i miss yall and i am thinking of yall everyday. just wish u was here so u could have had kids and we could have let our kids grow up together like we did.i know yall are up there in heaven looking down on me and seeing me cry but i try to be strong for yall and i know yall r taking care of my kids and one these days i will see yall again.just know i will never forget yall but sometimes i feel like yall r here with me,and i know my grandma's r taking care of u.god knows i miss yall.
Know What To Look Out For.
My exwife was one and I didn't even realise it until a lot of damage had been done. PLEASE READ THIS and help safeguard yourselves and your loved ones.     THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR (Source: Psychopath. We hear the word and images of Bernardo, Manson and Dahmer pop into our heads; no doubt Ted Bundy too. But they're the bottom of the barrel -- most of the two million psychopaths in North America aren't murderers. They're our friends, lovers and co-workers. They're outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren't even aware they've taken you for a ride -- until it's too late. Psychopaths exhibit a Jekyll and Hyde personality. "They play a part so they can get what they want," says Dr. Sheila Willson, a Toronto psychologist who has helped victims of psychopaths. The guy who showers a woman with excessive attention is much more capable of getting her to lend him money, and to put up with him when he
Fun Times
I've been drinking all weekend. It's been so much fun, but I think it's going to take a few days to recover my bearings. I really have to return my bottles to the store for mor alcohol too.    WOOOO Party!!!
What Should You Do If Your Girlfriend Starts Smoking?
........................................... Slow down. And possibly use a lubricant.;-p
I Love The Way
I love the way you touch meso soft and sensuously.It makes me tingle all over. I love the way you kiss me.It starts a fire deep down inside of meand makes me yearn for you even more. I love the way you look at me.It makes me feel beautiful and treasured.Most of all I love the way you love me. When you walk in my whole day gets better.And even when you’re not with meyou’re in my thoughts always. It doesn’t matter what we don’t have or what we do have.The most important thing is we have each otherand no one can take that away. I am the luckiest woman in the worldand I don’t need or want anythingbut you beside me loving me to the end of our days  
The Real Reason I'm Leaving...
I have made so many wonderful friends here and I'm so very sad to say goodbye to all of you!  I've been in tears the last half hour at the thought that I won't get to say hello to all of you anymore.  For the most part, you all have been very kind and generous to me and I can't thank you enough for being my friend! To clarify, I am not leaving because of any fu-drama.  It's just my own personal decision that I've made to better my life.  I've become addicted to this site and addiction is a very ugly thing.  I spend my whole days here. I get up and log in on my phone first thing in the morning.  I've fallen behind in other aspects of my life because I'm constantly on here checking my messages and returning rates. I just can't do it anymore. I have 2 wonderful kids who need me to be the best mom that I can be.  This site gets in the way of that.  I am sticking around long enough for my fu-fiance, Razor, to get his money back since he has invested quite a bit into "owning" me, but once
More Stuff
As the Rain Falls   A place, a time, a dream A place in time A time to dream As the rain falls   A dream, a hope, a love A dream of hope A hope to love As the rain falls   A love, a need a kiss A love I need A need to kiss As the rain falls   A kiss, a start, a life A kiss to start To start a life As the rain falls   A life a wish a differance A life we wish A wish for differance As the rain falls
New picture of me.
The Unforgiving Fruit Bowl
I'm trying to be healthier.  As part of that quest I have bought a bowl for fruit.  I have placed this bowl right at the enterance to the kitchen.  Now if I ever want to bypass the bowl to seek out a treat that is less than good for me, I must justify myself to "The Unforgiving Fruit Bowl." This will consist of whatever justification I can come up with at the time:  "I did five miles today, I can have a cookie!" or "I spent all day walking around, burning calories, I am allowed that pop tart" The Fruitbowl will not tell me no, after all it's just a bowl of fruit.  I hope that this will encourage me to partake of more healthy snacks.   Oh, little post script.  If you remember an early blog, about the girl who didn't like banter?  Yeah, turns out she's studying to be a teacher.  Pete can banter bishes!
Billionaire Tea Party Tycoons Financed Wisconsin’s Anti-union Governor, Records Show (repost)
By Stephen C. Webster Saturday, February 19th, 2011 -- 9:49 pm   Who were among the financiers behind Wisconsin's Republican Governor, now embroiled in a controversial attempt to destroy public sector unions? None other than reviled tea party financiers Charles and David Koch, is who. Turns out, the billionaire oil tycoons' political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker (R) roughly $100,000 in campaign contributions during the 2010 election, according to campaign finance records highlighted by Mother Jones. The contributions came from the same source -- Koch Industries PAC -- and though through two channels which were both legal under current campaign finance law. About $43,000 worth of PAC monies went directly to Walker's campaign, while the Republican Governors Association (RGA) sent $65,000 from the PAC to Walker. Wisconsin's governor also received help from the RGA by way of a $3.4 million ad buy on television and direct mail attacks against his political oppo
When you get less than a 10 on a pic, even if you get points, do you mark the person less than a 10, or give them a 10 or 11, "like" them and mark their only pic a 10 or 11?
Tribute To Dale Sr. After 10 Years You Are Still Missed
The Heaven 500The Heaven 500 was just getting started, an all-star race, for the racing departed. Heroes of the track, with nerves like steel, and sitting on the pole was a cat named Neil. Adam Petty was there, with his beautiful smile, Kenny Irwin, determined to finish in style. Lee Petty was glowing, with grandfatherly pride, with Davey and Clifford, each had a new ride. Fireball Roberts floated in on a cloud, while Tony Roper waved to the Heavenly crowd. Morosso and Nemechek, then Tim Richmond appeared, Kulwicki strapped in while the racing fans cheered. The honorary starter, for this Heavenly race, Ralph Earnhardt was chosen, a tear on his face, but the red flag flew even before it had begun, with every eye, wide open, and looking to the SUN. A last minute entry was the cause of delay, while the fans were instructed to kneel and pray. The Heavens turned black, and the clouds turned dark, the lightning was brilliant, the thunder did bark. Then out of the rumble, for all there to see
The oaks stand strong against the winds and the beeches hold through the cold, but the maples falter. Amongst them, gold and crimson are carried away, in flocks, like black birds grouping before the migration. The air is stained red from their gathering. The floor a crimson blanket, huddled together they stay  until time brings them to their fate and the calm returns. Yet in the distance movement appears. A flicker in the breeze and all alone. Clinging to the limbs and hanging in the light of the horizon. Blinding, the morning dew adorns it. A dark shadow by itself in the sunset. Tenaciously it hangs on to its source. Waiting for spring when the new buds will open and crowd. The small groups of beeches will whisper. The oaks will quietly watch  and the green will consume. Possibly a gentle drift to the ground where the sun warms or blown to be carried away by torrents. Beautifully hanging and waiting.
Sassy (tracianne) Reminded Me Of This Poem I Wrote 22 Years Ago
AVERIL   Has anyone here seen Averil; Dressed in a French Bikini? She lives in a world of Enchantment, Where no one grows much older than - seventeen.   In Averil's eyes, Life is the seven wonders, Every star a wishing star, That shines for her.   Take a leaf from Averil's book, Open your eyes, take a look, So much beauty to be found, Take the time to look around.         D.L.M.G.OLEN ©1989
Life Is A Journey
Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.Some of these challenges will test our courage, strengths, weaknesses, and faith. Along the way, we may stumble upon obstacles that will come between the paths that we are destined to take. In order to follow the right path, we must overcome these obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles are really blessings in disguise, only we don't realize that at the time. Along our journey we will be confronted with many situations, some will be filled with joy, and some will be filled with heartache. How we react to what we are faced with determines what kind of outcome the rest of our journey through life will be like. When things don't always go our way, we have two choices in dealing with the situations. We can foc
There comes a time when you must stand alone.You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.You must be willing to make sacrifices.You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.           Work hard at what you like to do and try to overcome all obstaclesLaugh at your mistakes and praise yourself for learning from themPick some flowers and appreciate the beauty of natureSay hello to strangers and enjoy the people you kno
I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day. I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.I would have talked less and listened more.I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained or the sofa faded.I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lif
Good Weekend/nintendo Wii
Wow great weekend.. I finally got a Nintendo Wii. Always wanted one.... they are cheap at walmart paid $211 for mine but with no game..just whatever it came with then I went to GameStop and bought Donkey Kong Returns. Not a bad game.. I want the mario and final fantasy games, as well as Just Dance... Wii fit.  
Thoughts On A Sad Clown
break the walls and rebuild the cage.  fragile minds with talented hands.  so fukken determined...   i fiction of breaking your' jaw, that's what my fist's for!  you walk from the car with a head full of steam, a look of determination; but i kow it's all for show.  im a bit of a show boi myself, i can take you...   steel crushing bone, you wont be going home, no not tonight my darling; tonight we find out exactly what you're made of and i dont think it's much.   you're fukked off in the head, but that doesn't make you a monster, i see one in the mirror everyday.  i know fear, and you're nowt to fear.  simple jumped up redneck wanna play games?  you've just met your' first real psycho.  i can take you.. hands are talented and sore.  face has gone numb.  nerves burst with energy, every step i take feels like wakling on your face.  i wanna make you hurt like me.  you know pain and sacrafice?  yu've given so many so much of it, i wanna see how you like being on the recieving end of it. 
I Love Interwebz Drama - It Is So Much Fun.
My lovely message this morning: My lovely reply: I'm sorry...who's butthurt again. I love interwebz is so much fun! How dare you slander me in the MuMMs! Bitch, I don't say anything that's not true. lmfaooooooooooooooooooo
im real, everything on my page is 100% me and real. no fabrications what so ever. you will never see me posting pics in my default that arent me so i can get more attn. be real people. quit with the fake profile and shadiness. get a god damn life. sorry your too ugly to have friends. be real and you would get more. there is enough creepers here to go around. 
im a bit guilty of caring what people think about me. i say i dont give a shit a lot. all fabrications. i do care. im guilty of trying to make everyone happy and be likable to everyone on here and in my life outside of here. most people are misinformed or judge me too quickly. some people simply dont like me based off of what other people say about me. some people dont like me because of the people im friends with. my whole life, ive been taken advantage of. people misuse the fact that im super generous and will do anything for my friends. i like to help people and for that i seem to get walked on more then a treadmill. doesnt really seem fair to me. i never ask for anything from my friends except to be a friend and be real with me. if people would actually take time and get to know me they would understand that im not a bad person. pisses me off that people are accusing of doing shit i havent done or trying to get my account deleted for a blast that was approved by fubar. those are ju
New To Online Date-like-thingies
Ok so I'm sort of new to a lot of this.  I'm in that dreadfully long process of separation and the whole thing with final negotiations and what not.  I'll post more about that when we see through to the conclusion coming soon.  So now the other process of getting back out into the scene so to speak and while everyone seems to say that they want the nice guy, I'm quickly learning that the old adage about nice guys finishing last, well there's much of that that seems to hold true. So I'm beginning to rethink this nice guy shit as it's just not paying off.  Hell, thinking back it doesn't seem to have paid off over time anyway so why the hell not. What seems to be out there?  A lot of medical staffers.  People that work shift work and end up with the mids.  Obviously, my heart goes out to them.  They are there at all hours of the night while people go do stupid stuff and get injured and go to the ER because no matter how bad they screw themselves or others up it's all fixable, right?  Oh
Mental convolution. Blur the lines of thought and action. I know. What has my mind gone and done without me? Again.  Succumb. To whim. Promise. Folly is my deepest sin. all aboard....
Iwish You Enough
I never really thought that I'd spend as much time in airports as I did. I don't know why. I always wanted to be famous and that would mean lots of travel. But I'm not famous, yet I did see more than my share of airports. I love them and I hate them. I love them because of the people I get to watch. But they are also the same reason why I hate airports. It all comes down to "hello" and "goodbye. I have great difficulties with saying goodbye. Even as I write this I am experiencing that pounding sensation in my heart. If I am watching such a scene in a movie I am affected so much that I need to sit up and take a few deep breaths. So when faced with a challenge in my life I have been known to go to our local airport and watch people say goodbye. I figure nothing that is happening to me at the time could be as bad as having to say goodbye. Watching people cling to each other, crying, and holding each other in that last embrace makes me appreciate what I have even more. Seeing
About Me.. Expanded
Hai!   Thanks for reading this.. anyway, alot of people really enjoy reading my about me section; and while humorous and to the point in its given form, it is far from complete, theres so much sillyness on the site its hard to even think of wear to begin, so in no order of importance, here goes my list of things about me:   1. I don't care about your tits or what you want to see them.. Did the Military thing for a while, wore a uniform, saw them in all shapes, sizes and colors. They all pretty much look the same, and if the urge to go out and see more ever comes up, strip club door fees are 10 bucks.. I also don't do the random  "HERES A PICTURE OF MY COCK!" email thing ladies, so have no fear. 2. Guess I should point out the brutally honest thing now, huh? 3. If your twice my age, I'm really not interested. If your background is you in a nightie, I am beyond not interested. put your clothes back on grandma! 4. This Fu-Famous thing needs to just die in a fire. I don't care what
Make It Stop
I don’t know what is wrong with me, why the tears I cry. I wish I had stability, and a reason why. This feeling isn’t comfortable, not in any way is it right. I want to be normal again, this hopelessness has me shaking all through the night. I wish I could shake these thoughts away, fragment what has become of me. My feelings shrouded in this gloom, I want so badly to be free. Make it stop. Make it stop.
Sex Story
So sat here naked on my bed i wonder what your voice sounds like and i begin to drift off into my little sexual fantasy. I think of travelling to see you, all full of nerves because already i know you're interested sexually and i know i so don't want to dissapoint. when i first see you i think wow, i must've won the lottery and just think how strikingly sexy you are but i feel to shy to speak them. you obviously look at me and think i pass the first test, which is such a relief. We go into yours and have a couple of cups of coffee while we chat and get to know each other better. the more we talk the more relaxed we both feel. After about an hour or so we decide that we are both a bit hungry and decide on going out to a bar and having a few drinks and a meal at the same time, so both take turns to get ready.                                          A little while later we both are in the local having a nice meal and getting nicely relaxed as the alcohol kicks in. At some point the conve
Sex Story
I'm sat at a bar and i look over and see you sexily teasing a straw with your mouth. You don't notice me at first and im thinking you look hot when you turn your head and see me staring at you. I look away quickly knowing i've been caught, and after a minute or so i look back over to see you with a smile that says 'I seen you watching me'. I'm really nervous at this point but i smile get up and walk over to where you're sat at the bar and introduce myself, at which point i see your drink is nearly empty so offer to buy you one. You smile and accept, i ask is it ok if i sit next to you. I know you're alone and you offer the seat to me. As the evening goes on and we're chatting you occasionally brush my leg with yours just ever so slightly.  As the night goes on and I am starting to relax i offer you another drink, but you decline put your hand on my knee lean over and whisper ' but if you walk me home you can have one at mine' well, my jacket was on so quick and before I knew it we were
Sex Story
 One evening the rain beats down while im walking along a long road to nowhere, fields all around. I can feel the rain soaking through to my skin so I decide to try and find shelter, and as I make that decision the thunder starts and my head just drops as i look around. In the distance I spy what looks to be a barn in the distance and a light coming from within so I head straight for it at a quick pace. I find the path or road unsure which all the way up to the barn, nothing but a farm well in the distance so im glad that I find shelter so soon. I call out as I near the barn to whom ever is inside so they wont be startled and as i get right up to the open door a female voice calls back so I enter. When I step inside I see what looks to me to be an angel, beautiful and blonde, about 5ft 6inches but the prettiest eyes and nicest smile ive ever seen.                                                  Then you speak to me and tell me to get my jacket and shirt off otherwise i will die a deat
Sex Story
One day you are online and you see an advert for discreet sex dating pleasure garuanteed, you feel a slight feeling stir deep within and think why not! Very nervously you fill in details and press enter. You now wonder why did you do that? But you hopefully they might not get back to you and you carry on with what you were doing. As the next hour goes past you get an email from the site about your request for a sex date and your heart skips a beat as you open the message and read on. It gives you a date a couple of nights later and an address and how to get there etc. Now your palms are really sweaty and all these thoughts run through your head like who might turn up and what might be in store it's so nerve racking just not knowing but also just the thought turns you on and even excitement makes you think 'stuff it!' and thats when you make the descision to go ahead and do it. over the next two days you get some nice a nice sexy outfit and shoes ready for that nite.                    
Misspelled words are a HUGE turn off. If you can't spell your compliment, please keep it to yourself.
Broken Angel
Finding God
The "p" Possibilities Passing Parking Lots Filled With Poor Poverty Stricken Poets Pouting And Poking The Eyes Of Pretend Prophets Preachin
The Pain Of It Being Over
Cease To Believe
I believe feelings are short lived. I've lusted and loved them. Tossed them and dogged them. Each one , The one. I've been sold the brooklyn Bridge too many times to count. The end result always ending the same. A stomach full of pain.. A ora of shame. And my heart remains unclaimed. My will is weak. And ceases to speak. I no longer want to be.
Love is Fleeting Hold on tight Love is Fleeting It can change overnight Love is Fleeting It takes off with flight Love is Fleeting Sends you soaring way up high! Love is Fleeting It can leave you High and Dry Love is Fleeting When you stare deep in their eyes Love is Fleeting When u have to say goodbye Love is Fleeting When all you do is cry Love is Fleeting When its all a Lie Love is Fleeting When you thought you found "The One" Love is Fleeting When you not "The Only One" Love is Fleeting When you don't give up Hope Love is Fleeting When you cant Cope Love is Fleeting When your Hollow inside Love is Fleeting Being The Brides maid and Not The Bride.. Love is Fleeting When He's not by Your side Love is Fleeting Wanna Give It A Try?
My First Blog
I have so many things that go around in my mind each day, but am afraid to share them with others for fear of ridicule. I am not really a crazy person. In fact, I was once told by my doctor that I'm probably the most sane person he's ever known. If that's the case, then why do I feel like I'm crazy? Is it because I'm normal and all those around me aren't, thus making me the abnormal one? What is normal really? The Norm is defined as "A standard, model, or pattern regarded as typical." So, if everyone around me is crazy, then that's the norm, and I am abnormal. I think I'm a pretty boring person actually.  
Dear Eddie....
Hey. It's me again. It seems that you always weigh heavily on my mind when something bad is about to happen, and lately, you've been on my mind alot. I seem to think that you try to guide me away from things and people that would hurt me, but you have always done that. Why should death stop you? I know that's what you would say to me if you could. I understand that since you're gone, it's harder to communicate, but you know I am always listening for you.  No matter where I go, I feel like you're always right there, with your hand on my back. You touch my face every time the wind blows, and I taste your tears everytime I cry. I remember how you always smelled, cigarette smoke, adidas cologne and pot. I've never been one to get high, or smoke cigs, but you suddenly smell so good now that I can't smell you every day. But sometimes, even in a crowded room, I smell you, and I know you're simply saying "im here, I love you", and you know I love you too. It's these moments when I know that yo
Ensign: The Life Of Our Lord
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                          18 February 2011   “My dear children, I am very anxious that you should know something about the History of Jesus Christ.”  Bet you didn’t know that Charles Dickens, the author of “A Christmas Carol”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, and “Oliver Twist” among other works also wrote a biography of Jesus.  I didn’t know either until recently, and for a work that originally wasn’t intended to go beyond Dickens’ own family, it’s a good read.  It seems that after the author’s own death in 1870, the manuscript of “The Life of Our Lord” remained in the family through the life of Dickens’ sister-in-law and then his youngest child with the admonition that it not be publis
Books That Wound And Stab Us, Part 3
“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back.” (p.11) I’ve read fantasy author Neil Gaiman refuses to read Joseph Campbell’s 1949 book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” because he doesn’t want to know that the structure of story was, has been, and will be laid out, that he’s fated or has no choice about what his characters do in specific situations.  George Lucas the creator of “Star Wars” relied on this book heavily to make the adventures of Luke Skywalker gel as epic storytelling.  I recognize from my first novel “Progeny” as well as other works I’ve done how even when we don’t focus on this as a symbol of that it’s still there.  All stories that stick with you are really the same basic story.   Tam Elbrun: (to Data) Why does everything hav
Happiness / Friendship/ Life
"Who once free from Earthly illusion looks into the empty eye of the Sphynx,  Forgets his seriousness out of overseriousness and looks back at you and only smiles;  And if you lift his mask he only looks back at you and smiles." anon? Circa? Ancient Egyptian?
Touched   There are some people that touch our lives more than we can express. I am bad not to let those adored people know how I feel.   I truly try....I fail more often than not. I apologize for that.   Because I do indeed cherish, appreciate and love you with all that I am.   Most of you know who I mean............................   PEACE and LOVE....ENDLESSLY   Always your Tart 
[oh Happy Day]
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? Regularly >> 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? Mine actually wore off after a while 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) Yeap. I like spiders though. 4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? Truth be told, I probably have 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Yeah, long boring stretches of highway in eastern kansas have a hypnotic effect on me. I might be able to drive Highway 75 in my sleep. 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? yes... and I said "Oh, I'm terribly sorry- I just sneezed, could you please forgive me"    7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? See above. I didn't shake at all.  8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components
Hi To All My Fave People
SDMF@ fubar     That guy up there, he is a friend of mine...he needs fans to level. If you could pretty please help him..well I will do a favor for you I might even let you pick said favor.... You can unfan him after...just please fan him...and if you wanna say i sent ya and toss him a rate or comment that would be cool too :D
Thinking About What The Littlest Member Of Your Wedding Will Wear
One from the most adorable elements of any wedding will be the moment in time once the teeny tiny flower girl starts her stroll comfortably the aisle. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses in the cute princess dress, she'll distribute adore and joy for that shortly being betrothed few with flower petals, casting them left, then right, using a beaming smile and rosy cheeks. Flower girls are normally the youngest people from the wedding party; someone's youngest cousin or smallest sister. like a bride, you'll certainly be overwhelmed with discovering your personal gown, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses allow alone pondering about what the littlest member of your wedding celebration will wear, so to assist you along the way, right here are some delightful outfits for fetching flower girls. Organza Tiered Tea-Length Ball Gown For most small girls, becoming a flower girl is among the pinnacle moments of the childhood. For just that moment, all eye balls are on them. Inexpensive bridesmaid dres
Captivated By The Beauty Of You
You have most piercing eyes That are utterly astonishing How beautiful you are so mesmerizing Oh! how I wonder if your heart is as Wonderfully soft and warm loving as blissful,   I wish I was one of your tear drops Because I would be born in your eyes Live my life across your cheek That blooms with such bliss!!! Oh!  how I wonder,   When you wipe me away If  I'll be just a memory to you So when you shed a tear drop for that one Special moment, I'll be reborned and knowing I just wasn't a memory,   I'll live  on in your heart" To be a treasure to be cherished Like aTear that turned into a Gemstone!!! poem by Lester Copyright@2004
British Army
British Military Officer Fitness ReportsThe British Military writes OFR's (officer fitness reports). The form used for Royal Navy and Marines fitness reports is the S206. The following are actual excerpts taken from people's "206's"....- His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.- I would not breed from this Officer.- This Officer is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won't-be.- When she opens her mouth, it seems that this is only to change whichever foot was previously in there.- He has carried out each and every one of his duties to his entire satisfaction. - He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.- Technically sound, but socially impossible.- This Officer reminds me very much of a gyroscope - always spinning around at a frantic pace, but not really going anywhere.- This young lady has delusions of adequacy.- When he joined my ship, this Officer was something of a granny; since then he has aged considerably.- This Medical Officer
Thinking About What The Littlest Member Of Your Wedding Will Wear
One from the most adorable elements of any wedding will be the moment in time once the teeny tiny flower girl starts her stroll comfortably the aisle. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses in the cute princess dress, she'll distribute adore and joy for that shortly being betrothed few with flower petals, casting them left, then right, using a beaming smile and rosy cheeks. Flower girls are normally the youngest people from the wedding party; someone's youngest cousin or smallest sister. like a bride, you'll certainly be overwhelmed with discovering your personal gown, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses allow alone pondering about what the littlest member of your wedding celebration will wear, so to assist you along the way, right here are some delightful outfits for fetching flower girls. Organza Tiered Tea-Length Ball Gown For most small girls, becoming a flower girl is among the pinnacle moments of the childhood. For just that moment, all eye balls are on them. Inexpensive bridesmaid dres
so lastnight i said i wont be back on fubar after tuesday what i fail to say is this iam not leaving fubar   i just might not ever log back in for some time due to the fact i might be going back to jail its not a for sure thing   but firday i got some news around 10 to 10:30pm someone reported me to adult protective servise so i will know what will happen at tuesday that is all for now
Sad And In A Blah Mood
Bomb Plz!!!
Have i asked you to bomb me?(yes) Did i ask nicely?(yes) Did i rate/fan/add you?(yes) Did i look at your status update?(no) Are you feeling that I'm annoying you? Well just tell me, I will block YOU so i can continue to rate you. Thus no longer bothering you for bombs! Yay! Now that was polite and easy! Thank you for showing me the same respect.
But If I Did...
I don’t lie down at night wishing you were beside me and imagining the feel of your arms wrapped around me tight… I don’t wake up each morning with visions of your sweet face filling my mind… I don’t dream of your touch, your kiss, your caress… I don’t spend my waking hours envisioning your smile and the light in your beautiful eyes… I don’t long for you with every breath I take… I don’t yearn for you… I don’t love you…   But if I did, how would you feel about that?
As many can attest to I've been pretty cool about who gets into my family-- No exorbitant fees or constant begging. However, I've to admit that I am finally fed up with the shabby treatment I get from most of you. I've to beg or pay for pimps, while running a famp; I receive no gift blasts, nor trinkets of acknowledgement.  I'm done.  Please don't mistake this for a request, that time has passed; this is just a notice to refer to when ya realize my famp points are no longer yours and ya wanna know why. ***This doesn't apply to all-- the few know who they are. Ya (h) is always appreciated*** No hard feelings.
My Life
So..heres a blog about me again. Its been awhile. I am mainly posting this for those who have wondered where I have been or why I am not on here as much as I use to be. Well Back in July when I got a bunch of lab work done..I was told that I was borderline diabetic. My dad just fund out 2 yrs ago that he is..and I know it runs in the family but I have made up my mind that I am not going to get it at this age if I can help it.  So..I started dieting. In september I decided to join curves.  In the past I have never actually exercised when I dieted.  This is the first time I have..and to tell you the truth..its true what they say. The more yu exercise the better you feel. Since then I have lost 38lbs and am just 13lbs overweight now. I have had more lab work done for a wellness program at work. I just got the results back this week. My bloodsurger and cholesterol and all is outstanding! :D  It was a big relief not to see my A1c level normal (thats the test to test how your body
Why Am I In The Hospital
I started to get really sick in August of 2007.  After many tests, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis.  The tests also showed indicated a brain tumor.  Over the next several months, I underwent many more tests and my health continued to decline.  After Krissy found me blacked out, I was admitted to the Mayo clinic in mid-August of 2008. Since my admission to the Mayo Clinic, I have been undergoing radiation therapy.  These treatments have caused a number of side effects.  The radiation treatments crashed my immune system resulting in meningitis and pneumonia.  Additionally, I have lost my hair, my good eye sight, some of my hearing, and my voice. One of the worse parts is the never ending pain I have inside my torso!  It seems that the pain is so bad that I can barely breath or think.  I also feel like I have the flu but 1000% times worse than I have ever had.  I have to have dialysis due to kidney issues from the meningitis. I started to have major respiratory issues in mid-September
Well Here I Go
It's been asked about why I cover my hair, or wear a hat.  It's simple and complicated at the same time.   If you haven't read my profile ... a little low down here.  I am Traditional/Conservative Jew.  I believe in being covered and mosdestly clothed.  Especially in a public area.  When I am with one person or family then I am not wearing a hat or scarf.   It is both personal and religious.  I prefer for that one to see me in the way he wants to.  Though he will know me and know that I am beautiful when I am covered for him.  I do believe when I can be accepted this way, then the natural course of things can happen.  and everyone can be happy.   xoxo Maia
Proud Flesh...
The Glow Radio Saturday
Saturday Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is The Freak Show with Tony the Misfit featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Sunday Morning The DJ Joe D Show Live from Toronto, Canada at 7am PT/8am MT/9am CT/10am ET/3pm GMT Every Sunday Morning DJ Joe D will be Live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute.The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content & Novelty Songs of the Week.This week the entire show will be dedicated to Novelty Songs & will b
Just Wondering
Do you ever wonder who would have you back if bling dissappeared? I know who would do you? Chaotic times on fu
My Night Tonight.
First of all it was a shitty day at work, that is a given. I come home and se chaotic dream removed me from her fam. A craxy person vanessa...screen name of the second is heckling my family, my fu wife is mad at me and so is my best girly girl chrissy. I say to heck with it I am so fu dramad out for the dqy. BTW what you gotta do for 5 creds LMAO
The Flesh and hunger. All pretense torn asunder. Your form fills me with wonder. I yearn. I burn. Beyond the lusty connotations  Beyond the primal motivations Want to drink you in  Want to taste your sin Wipe off that surprise. You lay it bare. Hush now, I've come to take it from you my dear.
February 2011-update
I am moving!! This is a great thing for me. A bad thing for anyone who looks forward to me being online. I won't have a computer for an unknown length of time. Most of you have my yahoo and or my number. If you want to say hi use them! ;) Many wishes for everyone to be healthy, happy, and well while I am offline!   xoxox
Lmmfao. And He Just Can't Stop Trying To Say Shit!
it's been a long while since i had one of these! lol   8:30am dkcollin: hey sexy boobs 8:31am Ninja: are you that stupid to think that will make me swoon over you? 8:32am dkcollin: i saw it i only like them but not attracted to you sorry baby to break ur heart you're that good 8:33am dkcollin: i don't think so 8:33am dkcollin: you're not 8:33am Ninja: you are so full of shit. You commented on them because you wanted me to get all giddy that someone paid me a very disrespectful comment 8:33am Ninja: in the hopes that I would strike up a conversation with you 8:34am Ninja: and that maybe I would let you see somemore 8:34am Ninja: You're a fuckin moron. 8:34am dkcollin: haha yeah right 8:35am Ninja: you want a woman with no games, then stop trying to play them dip shit 8:35am dkcollin: see you're lookin at my profile u trying to talk to me 8:35am dkcollin: i don
Comment Stalking And Stealing Surveys
This one I stole from Majik after comment stalking Prinny ~   1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? *looks around* I think so. 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? There's that line on there about 'except by the consumer' or something, isn't there? I tore off my tags so I don't have any to check. 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) As a flamethrower, because my brother and I saw James Bond do it.4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? Not recently. 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Many mornings on my way to work. 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? LOL! No. But I've taken to pulling my shirt up over my nose if I know it's going to be a bad one. 7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand?
Wont Tolerate Low Life People...
I am done dealing with retarded people in my life, you fucking backstab me you will be eliminated, I will not acknowledge you, you will be put on ignore, block, gone from my life, afterall I did for people, I am kind hearted, never mean, I'm a sweet person, with a good  heart. but you fucking hurt me like that, you are a sick mental human being who shouldve never been concieved. I hope  bad karma gets you good. Because thats what you fucking deserve.    The End.
Toyota Sponcifier Contest Plz Vote For My Car Design
Posted From My Ipod
Good morning! I think Fubar needs a mobile status icon. I think they need one that signifies "new blog!" so people have a better way to signify there's a post of some relative importance. They need a crying wolf to go with the fox one, and maybe a chicken-little, too. They need a... Oh, nevermind. Won't happen. You can't see any of the status icons from the FSB. *resumes previously scheduled broadcast, already in progress*
By the sea a woman sits and waits for her love to come. She knows he will be there as soon as she falls asleep, but she is not ready. She wants to feel his arms around her, taste his sweet lips and feel the warmth of his body next to hers. Her dreams are filled with passion, but her nights are spent alone.
The Zen Rock Test
You Are Self-Aware You are a deeply introspective person. You believe that the most important thing is to be true to yourself. You are quite vulnerable, but only because you work hard to let down your walls. You are emotionally honest at all costs. You know how to express your truth. You have a serious side, but you also can be uproariously funny. You have a good sense of irony. The Zen Rock Test Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
What Black And White Animal Are You?
You Are a Skunk You are confident about your place in the world, and you've happily carved out your own niche. You have a strong personality, and you have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You don't think that you are strange, but others tend to think you are a bit eccentric. You are brilliant and a rule breaker. Social graces don't come easily for you. What Black and White Animal Are You? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
The Martini Test
You Are Chic You are a natural leader, and it's likely that you have climbed the way to the top of the social ladder. You aren't superficial, but you are image conscious. You love admiration and approval. You are also a bit of a perfectionist. You are unnecessarily hard on yourself. People love you just the way you are - flaws and all. You don't have to be perfect. The Martini Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
What's Your Dark Element?
Your Dark Element is Metal You are a very formal and elegant person. You are neat to the point of being meticulous. You are both humble and proper. You never want to be a burden on others. You are a bit cool and aloof to people you don't know well. It takes you a while to warm up. You can be bossy and inflexible when you feel stressed. You don't budge easily. What's Your Dark Element? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
What's Your True Eye Color?
Your True Eye Color is Aquamarine You are a lively, outgoing, and even chatty person. You thrive when you're around others. You love to play, and you're always looking for new playmates to add to your circle of friends. You may be lighthearted, but you're also an intellectual. The world fascinates you. You are both inquisitive and adventurous. You have a lot of questions, and you're willing to travel the world to find their answers. What's Your True Eye Color? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
The Strappy Shoe Test
You Are Logical You've got a lot of flair and creativity, but you temper it with organization. You have an eye for innovation, and you're always inventing totally new ways of doing things. You see the big picture, and while you delight in details, you don't get hung up on them. You get bored by routine easily. You need to be around similarly open minded people in order to thrive. The Strappy Shoe Test Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
Having trouble controlling racing thoughts; The silence in my mind is gone. There is no calming the troubled personality. There is no normality when the ideations are running wild. Let the fantasies run free; but I will gain no dreaming if that happens. The mind, rejuvenated. Falling into a comatose state of existance. But not falling into what could be called slumber.  Rather more a waking. Nightmare, there is no escape for me. From the terrors, such troubled terrors.
Paper Girl
Paper girl Write a lie With the truth hidden inside   Tread on the edges Of depression But always pull away   Paper girl A precipitation Of lonely desperation   Rain down on The winter flower Ever forced to stay   Paper girl Burn the world And this fateful door   Light the match Of truth and light And burn these walls today
Title Unknown
The imagery that is called for Will never come. The sweet lines and subtle metaphors Refuse to be written. It is seemingly impossible to conjure a dragon And make its scales believable— To make the murderous gleam of it’s eyes pierce straight to the heart. The sounds and tones Are as brittle as bones Rattling and shaking And never waking. There is no rhyme Nothing is set to time No beat to keep. The message and meaning, Is really just a joke. No morals or Prince Charmings— Heroes and Heroines cease to exist In the world of blackness and despair Where grey veils cover the air. 
On Wooden Floors
Love me dead on wooden floors. Lovely days gone by. Pushed. Left behind, my sweet everything.     Heart shaped match sticks spark, like tiny stars dying out in the dark as cold grey rain washes them away with out shine as we fall apart .     The first to cry, I always walk by and by on lullaby chords and the folds in your voice, in the clash of our lives.     We will let this night makes us break and lose our words, as we bleed out out happiness on wooden floors.
Come with me, we'll go and see a world through eyes of despair. Where children cry their tears of blood that rains from out the air.   Where bodies lie in every stye that wraps 'round every bend, and broken dreams lay in the streets, never to flourish again.   Harpies flare through razor air, and harlots ire the land. Stay your breath, lest, shall you fall unto their starving hands.   Screams of fear ring loud and clear; cacophonies tremble the wind. Banshee wails doth trail the gales; listen to the gospels of sin.   Gaze unto horizon's hue; so beautifully bleak, and black. Miasmic decay corrupts the dawn, and chokes the daylight back.   The countryside's nowhere to hide, for there's where cannibals dwell. Marrow, bone and bloodied flesh fill the outskirts of our Hell.   Drops of flame akin to rain fall from out the sky from toxic clouds of blackened smoke; We're all gonna fuckin' die.   What say you, O, filthy shrew, shall we sign you in? Come insi
Sunshine beams through the window pane, Waking her from sleep. She rises from her sheets and pillows, She yawns long and deep.     She's padding to the mirror, She's looking in disgust. She brushes through her crimson hair, She wipes away the dust.     Her friends all say she's beautiful. They say that she's a star, She can't believe what they believe, She envies who they are.     She hate's the person she's become, She walks away with a sigh. She grabs the shining, shimmering blade, She softly starts to cry.     She brings the knife upon her wrist, Space already occupied by scars. She wants to force herself to feel, Outside, wheels roll on tar.     A knock breaks the silence of morning, She tries to hide the blade. She rushes to the front door, Glad to not have stayed.     The he stands in the threshold, He holds roses scarlet red. He gives her a defeated look, And fighting tears he said:  
Bring Me Down
Bring me down Onto a pile of roses Colored red and bleeding     Bring me down Into a rushing river Cold and clear     Bring me down Shadowed in the dark Forgotten and beat     Bring me down Into life Loved and lost
Once Upon A Time
Once upon A time There was Truth to the Myth of what You And I Had found In a blank paged Fairy tale.   Snow White Doesn't sleep In a casket made of Glass Slippers will break If you wear them.   Walk across this Written word With fingers Gently Seeking Loving You And me No more.   He loves Me He loves me! Not Enough.
People Are So Fickle
Goodbye To Old Love
Shadows greet me, as I'm walking through the park, And as strange thoughts invade my mind. I look up at the sky and see a falling star, Deep in my soul awakes a lonely desire.     But long time has passed, since I last thought of you, And no matter how hard I try, I simply can't deny. I loved you for a moment, despite your emotions, And I saw a spark in you which lit my sleepy fire.     But when the lights are dark, and the moon is full, I look inside my heart and I see the truth. No matter the pain, I'm still alive in this place, And all that's left are - dead memories of You.
Title Unknown
The softest skin underneath my fingers, I slowly breathe in your air. Waving you gently with the rhythm, That unravels our souls with pain.     Our life are still chained to the past, But we fight through the frost of winter. Our hands wrapped around each other, We break the bounds which dragged us down.     Our love now blooms, despite the coldness, And we're free of our damned boundaries. Our souls entwined shall rule this forgotten temple, And, as the roses fade away, we'll die together.
People Are So Fickle
[in Office Chairs]
Just doesn't have the same effect as "in cars".Couldn't sleep. Woke up and had to piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss.That's kinda rare for me. I thought for a moment maybe I was getting old, but ... nah. Couldn't be.The good news is that it wasn't too far from 4:00 and I just got $5 from my aunt for v-day, and a coupon for bogo egg mcmuffins.Fuck yeah!McMuffins.Here's another statement I'd like to makemint shakeswhy only one month a year?Mint is probably my second favorite dessert flavor.Moving on-First thingymaflip: why the hell is there so much god damn king of the hill up in here?Secondly: Calf thruster is arguably done.3 more to go... *sigh*I'm still not 100% on the outcome but... I dunno, I'm thinking it can be fixed- or I'm just being too fucking critical.I could either build moar thruster, or I could kill more samurai.Both have their merits, but I think I'm gonna- try - to build moar thruster.Story...story later. It's gonna be a long morning.
Jlm Member Of The Week Award
The Justice League Mafia is going to be holding its 1st ever "JLM Super Hero of the Week Award"... The winner will be decided by their commitments to the JLM in better the group. Each week there will be a new member selected for their deeds and will get some cool awards... Each week the reward will vary but they will have there profile link added to the JLM Profile...   The JLM Counsel Members will vote on the nominees the night before winner will be decided on Sundays profile, and announced in "Velvet's Playground" at 9pm EST... Good Luck to all thr JLM members and let's keep up the good work  
A Little Something...
I have curves, so im fat. If I wear makeup, I'm fake. If I like to get dressed up, I'm a hoochie. If I say what i think, I'm a bitch. If I cry sometimes, I'm a drama queen. If I have guy friends, I'm a slut. If I stand up for myself, I'm mouthy. Seems like you can't do anything now a days without being labeled.. So what, go ahead and label me, see if i give a shit. repost this if your proud of who you are :)
Dental Insurance - Is It Really Worth It
2-18-11   There is 2 types of insurances, PPO and HMO.    With PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, the provider (dentist) can be either in network or out of network.  What this means is if the provider is out of network, you can see any provider you want.  It is the patient’s responsibility to pay for the difference of the treatment.  For example, if a crown cost $1,000 and the insurance pays $700, the patient is responsible for the other $300.  Now, if the provider is in network, then the insurance will dictate the cost of the treatment.  This means that if the crown is $1,000 and the insurance says that their price is $900, the provider can NOT collect the $100 difference.  The provider has to write off the $100.  Collection of this difference is considered as fraud.   With HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, you can only see that particular provider.  Personally, I think HMOs in dentistry are a fraud. With this type of plan, the patient’s cleanings and xrays ar
Tag Heuer Watch: Excellence In Swiss Watches
The life and times of Edouard Heuer was a span of aspiration towards excellence and superior performance in the form of precision design and nonpareil quality. He began the company in 1860 in his unpolished which was Switzerland. The Tag Heuer Replica Watches_replica Tag Heuer watch_ Tag Heuer replica watch making company spent manifold years with success in these aspirations. A centenary and a quarter later (1985) they were put into the glistening glitzy lines of TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde). TAG is world renowned for designing and manufacturing components for Formula One race cars. With that glistening ecumenical racing environment comes a smooth sports-car appearance. TAG Heuer watches are made by means of this solitary styling earlier silent of the nonpareil quality and design that company has produced for manifold years.  With the look of theTag Heuer Replica Watches_replica Tag Heuer watch_ Tag Heuer replica watch on your wrist, you can dive into sunk water and silent se
Longines Evidenza Moon Phase
  In the movie White Noise: The Light, the main character Abe, played by Nathan Fillion wears a longines master collection_Longines Evidenza watch_replica Longines watches. In the opening scene, the watch is given as an anniversary gift to the main character by his wife. The wooden Longines box is clearly shown, followed by an extreme close up of the watch. The brown leather strap of the watch seen in the film looks different from the standard brown alligator strap from this longines Evidenza model. The back of the watch is shown next, with an engraved text "Nine Years into Forever". Later in the fim, we can see the watch on Nathan Fillion's wrist and towards the end of the film, the Evidenza watch gets several seconds of screentime when Abe is going through his belongings and finds his watch (which at that point is broken and missing part of the strap). The longines master collection_Longines Evidenza watch_replica Longines watches seen in the film has a stainless steel  case, brown
What A Month!
February has turned out to be a great month for my band. On Feb 4th we played the Battle Of The Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville, KY and then on Feb 5th we released our first Album "End Of The Line" by Endless Chaos We had a huge release party at our place of residence and it was super sweet. There is footage on ustream because it was recorded live. You can check that out here:  You have to forward it to about 1:56 It was alot of fun! We usually do a house party 2 times per year to support local original music. And so this is why we invite other bands to play. Anyway. I am very pleased with how far our band has come in 3 years. It really takes a while to get everything in motion. And its alot of stress, but its all worth it for your dreams right? -Lady Jazmin Endless Chaos
Out Of Office Replies
I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position.I'm not really out of the office. I'm just ignoring you....You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.Sorry to have missed you but I am at the doctors having my brain removed so that I may be promoted to management.I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send me until I return from vacation on 4/18. Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received.The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection and is unable to deliver this message. Please restart your computer and try sending again. (The beauty of this is that when you return, you can see how many people did this over and over).Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged $5.99 for the first ten words and $1.99 for each additional word in your message.Thank you for y
"This is for the Fat girls. This is for the little brothers. This is for the school-yard wimps, this is for the childhood bullies who tormented them. This is for the former prom queen, this is for the milk-crate ball players. This is for the nighttime cereal eater and for the retired, elderly Wal-Mart store front door greeters. Shake the dust. This is for the benches and the people sitting upon them, For the bus drivers driving a million broken hymns, for the men who have to hold down three jobs simply to hold up their children, for the nighttime schoolers and the midnight bike riders who are trying to fly. Shake the dust. This is for the two-year-olds who cannot be understood because they speak half-English and half-GOD. Shake the dust. for the girls with the brothers who are going crazy, for those gym class wall flowers and the twelve-year-olds afraid of taking public showers, for the kid who's always late to class because he forgets the combination to his lockers, fo
The Majikal One's Survey
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? who hasn't? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? lol not in the store, but THE moment I get home hellll yes 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) I entombed a spider in Aquanet :D 4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once?  nope 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Nope, I don't drive after I drink...but it has happened as a passenger 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? yes...  7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? Told em I had just sneezed lol  8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components of a sandwich, but never actually made a sandwich? (ie-peice of bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese, squirt mustard in mouth)  I've been that drunk 9. Not
The Dream
Asleep at last The days events ebb  quiet now  it wont last, drink it down  savor the nothingness  She is here, I feel her waiting  watching Allowing me my pithy lull What torments will she grace me with tonight Time  I go softly   I Lie on my back in the company of the darker sister within Beg her for rest, its been days     Dark dreams consume me Your scent creeps into the air like a rapacious invader   Impossible Flashes of your silver grin hit me like lightning  Pulse races like a trapped thing under my skin  Manic to be freed   Panic No, not this Anything else I'd rather a million dreams of pain and gore than this   "Baby" Your voice Your thick disarming voice So perfectly male Deep, rolling from your lips Stirs my blood like a tempest   The weight of your hands on my wrists  Skin trembles against yours  Heart rages inside my chest so fast too fast dizzy now   Your leg slides between mine until it can go no farther Waves of electricity j
Scorpio And Pisces (romeo & Juliet)
Scorpio is sitting in a chair by the fire watching Pisces read.    Scorpio: Come here Pisces: Yes Sir   Pisces closes her book and walks over to him dropping to her knees, her hands in her lap. She peers up at him through her lashes, a quick flash of amber before she respectfully drops her eyes.   Scorpio: I want you Pisces: I'm yours Scorpio: No, i want to possess you, command you... Pisces: I'm yours my love. Do as you wish. Scorpio: No, i don't think you understand. I want to do vile things to you, things a good man should never do to a woman...    He rakes his hands through his hair in frustration...   Scorpio: Look at me.   Pisces looks up at him this time giving him the full weight of her gaze. She looks so fragile to him eyes so innocent yet knowing. How can she both... Her throat so delicate so breakable the site of her makes his blood boil and slam through his veins. Those lips... so plump begging to be kissed, to be bit. He grabs her by the hair and yanks her
The Candle
Why am I sitting here all alone, feeling so out of place, even though I'm at home   Can anyone besides me see, the shell so tightly wrapped around me, from which no escape can be found   The key is fit for only one who will bring me out into the sun Until the day she appears life will remain very drear   The sun goes up, the sun goes down sometimes like a merry-go-round Yet there is no joy in riding alone always feeling some what out of zone   Friends and realitives try thier best yet i wish they would give it a rest no amount of sympathy or understanding and ofcourse advice not withstanding can fill the gaps and holes seemingly made by the pieces missing from my soul   Once in awhile someone will come who can let in a little sun for awhile it may even be fun even so the rough edges will cause friction turning the fun into fiction   Dreams begin to tumble dark clouds start to rumble suddenly I'm back in my bubble the shell of which has 2x doubled th
Real Life
Ya know....we all have real lives...sometimes a site like this is a temporary escape from the real lives that are not always so perfect but not horrible enough to leave.  Tired of the whole "get a life" HORSE SHIT!!!!! Do NOT judge anyone if you do not know the situation!   JUST FUCKING SAYING...........................................
These Voices
These voices in my head won't be silenced. They scream at me about my past mistakes. Carving a deep scar of regret. And current problems don't help. It's like everything I have ever messed up on is a weight. And all that weight is on my shoulders. Every time I screw up it adds weight. And I don't know how much longer I can take this. I am scarred, tired, and depressed. Just as I am losing something that holds me together...something else comes and keeps me from ending it. I say "you're the only thing keeping me alive." So when they leave, why does something else always appear? I always hear the same thing from everybody.."Forever and Always" Like that's the first time I have heard that. I have tried multiple things to get rid of the voices and the pain of living. I have tried drinking. The vodka only strengthens the memory and misery. I have tried drugs and painkillers. Nothing. I have tried being competitive, as to create a drive to succeed. I don't think that is working to well eithe
Maji Sayz....
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment?3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider)4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? 7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? 8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components of a sandwich, but never actually made a sandwich? (ie-peice of bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese, squirt mustard in mouth)9. Not counting medical facilities or online...Whats the largest number of people that have seen you naked at once?10. What was the situation in question 9?11. Have you ever recycled a miss work excuse? And did anyone remember you already used that one? 12
Stinky Mcstinky! (x2)
So when I went away with my friends anywhere they are always shocked when I don't pack deodorant or use it religiously like they do. But I'm a simple girl...I'm not fussed about smelling like a bucket of flowers. My most common scent is prolly when I just smell of soap out of the shower. I don't see the need for deodorant myself cos if I get stinky then I just go shower...DUR! Right but my friends, they don't get stinky like straight away either but it seems like they think that no smell=bad and that they have to smell of something flowery 24/7.   In my own lil world, deodorant and perfume doesn't really play much of a factor. I'll prolly spray it if I remember (which is pretty much never). Is it normal for most other people to use it regularly? Like just another daily routine such as brushing your teeth or something?
Stinky Mcstinky!
So when I went away with my friends anywhere they are always shocked when I don't pack deodorant or use it religiously like they do. But I'm a simple girl...I'm not fussed about smelling like a bucket of flowers. My most common scent is prolly when I just smell of soap out of the shower. I don't see the need for deodorant myself cos if I get stinky then I just go shower...DUR! Right but my friends, they don't get stinky like straight away either but it seems like they think that no smell=bad and that they have to smell of something flowery 24/7.   In my own lil world, deodorant and perfume doesn't really play much of a factor. I'll prolly spray it if I remember (which is pretty much never). Is it normal for most other people to use it regularly? Like just another daily routine such as brushing your teeth or something?
Stolen From Crazylips
1. First thing you wash in the shower?My hair.2. What color is your favorite hoodie?White3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?Maybe.4.Do you plan outfits?it depends on where im going 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? horny6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red?im sitting on it, my red sectional couch with ottoman7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?aim.8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?I dont remember many dreams...unfortunately9. Did you meet anybody new today?I see new people all the time in the business i work in10. What are you craving right now?Sex.11. Do you floss?Yes.12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?Its gotta be with corned beef...13. When was the last time you talked on aim?Whats aim?14. Are you emotional at times i can be....                                                                                                                                                               15. Would you dance to the taco song?What is the taco song?
What Is Wrong With People Now These Days?
There is alot more to life than just having sex. It about spending ur time with ur love one and making each other happy for the rest of ur life. This society has gone way over its heads and the people dont care about nothing anymore but themselves. Its about helping one another, getting them out of the down fall and giving them a hand when they are in need. I know one thing i cant trust people now these day and the one i do trust are my true friends and we stick up for each other through thick and through thin. Why do we judge other people. If u stop and read the bible it says thou shall not judge. the more u judge other people. the more God is going to judge u. im not being mean. i am just stating the fact. what about people doing drugs. do they think it makes them feel good, i guess. Well ur wrong it makes them lazy paridnoid and everything else. For all u people out there that does drugs u need to get a better life and stick with it. Dont ruin ur life over drugs. What about the econ
Window Through Which We Look
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says,I'm not trouble I'm just a challenge to handle.
Just thot id give sum of u girl out that a lil heads up on sumone.  About 4 monthes ago I started talking to what I thot was a nice person on here.  So we became pretty good friends and started to exchange text and talk on the phone sumtimes. So anyways as time went by he went on to tell me about how he had mental health issues and was having thots of killing  himself and others. So I continued to be a friend to him while he went into a hospital and tried to get help. He left like two days later.  He did some favors for me on and off fu and always claimed this was out of the kindness of his heart and that he was being a good friend.  Well he started asking me to send him pictures that I did not want to.  I told him sorry I dont do that.  Now u see heres the thing when u say ur doing sumthing as a favor expecting nothing in return then thats what i assume u mean.  To me that doesnt mean Im gonna help u then start being a bitch if u dont give me what I want.. anyways long story short I b
Rum Garlic Shrimp
One of my favorite recipes that I picked up in the Bahamas, and of course, had to put my New Orleans spin on it! Ingredients: 2-3 lbs Large Peeled, deveined, and butterflied Shrimp Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (Or a spiced rum of your choosing) Chopped seasoning Diced garlic Diced tomatoes (one large can of petite diced is plenty) zucchini fresh mushrooms, pre-sliced and cleaned  (optional) Cayene Pepper If you have it: Liquid crab boil Butter or margarine Linguine Prep: Dice your zucchini and steam it. Ziplock and Glad make wonderful microwaveable steamer bags. If you use them, cut 1 minute and 30 secs off the cooking time. Pasta: Follow directions on the box. Always add a small amount of olive oil to your water and stir frequently to prevent the pasta from sticking together.   Directions In a Large Saucepan (use one with higher sides), melt the butter/margarine in the saucepan over MEDIUM-HIGH heat. Stir in the chopped seasoning and 2 table spoons of garlic. If y
If You Give Me A Bling Pack..
I am in dire need of some bling credits, so I can get myself a god mode bling.. If you send me a bling pack, here is what I will give to you. 65 credits- 15 credits goes to you, 1 sfw salute, 100 pics rated, family add for 1 month 135 credits- 35 credits to you, 3 sfw salutes, 200 pics rated, family add for 1 month, pimpout 350 credits- 150 credits to you, 5 sfw salutes, 250 pics rated, family add for 1 month, 5 pimpouts, 1 ticker promoting you. 1000 credits- 500 credits to you, 10 special sfw salutes plus salutes everytime I make them, PERMANENT family add, unlimited pics rated, crushed, 20 pimpouts, 1 day blast promoting you. PLUS FOR 135, 350 OR 1000 CREDITS.. DURING MY GOD MODE(s) WILL BOMB YOU AND POLISH UNLIMITED BLING, YOU WILL GET POINTS BECAUSE YOU ARE ON MY FAMILY, WILL F/R/A 15 OF YOUR FRIENDS AND BOMB AND POLISH THEIR BLING, AND IF I HAVE A HH/GOD MODE TOGETHER: I WILL PROMOTE YOU DURING MY HAPPY HOUR.     Contact me if your interested :)
Shrimp Scampi
This is an easy recipe for shrimp scampi that will be just as good as getting it in a restaurant. Follow directions, and enjoy!   Ingredients 2-3 lbs of large Peeled Shrimp, Deveined and Butterflied. (To butterfly a shrimp, you need to hold the shrimp in your hand with the vein side up to you, start from the head end and slowly make a slit down the center about half way through the shrimp. Do not split it entirely in half. This will also remove the vein at the same time) Cayene Pepper White wine (I use Chablis) Butter 3 tablespoons Diced Garlic (use the kind that comes in the jar. It's easy and will save you a lot of time) Half cup chopped seasoning A packet of Garlic & Herb salad dressing mix Angel Hair Pasta (you can cheat here with the Garlic & Herb Pasta Roni)   Prep: Butterfly your shrimp and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle a teaspoon of Cayene pepper over the shrimp (and a Sprinkle of cajun seasoning if you have it), and sprinkle the garlic and herb mix on it as well. Y
So I've been getting a lot of requests for recipes and such from a lot of people looking to learn how to cook, or improve their skills. To this, I will happily oblige! I LOVE to cook! I was born and raised in New Orleans, and in my momma's kitchen. She's an amazing cook, and I have learned many things from her, and many more on my own. In this blog I'll share some of my favorites, and let you know where and how you can tweak them for your own desired taste. Some things are not changeable, as they will change the consistency of the sauce or meal.   If you have a certain request, just let me know!   First thing you will find in almost every recipe that I make is chopped seasoning (onion, celery, green onion, bell pepper). I absolutely cook with this RELIGIOUSLY. It is the base of almost everything I cook, and the flavor you get from using fresh chopped seasoning can't be duplicated in any jarred/canned food or sauce. Almost every grocery store sells fresh chopped seasoning already mi
The Glow Radio Friday's
Friday  on The Glow Radio: Starting our Friday will be DJ Kellie Khaos with her "Freaky Friday Show" where anything goes within reason starting at Noon pt/1pm mt/2pm ct/3pm et/8pm gmt next up is the Rev DJ Furg and he will be spinning his mix of  Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock. and Metal Music on his Church of Rock starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & you can also find
Delirium Shadowy feminine figure Lurks outside the glowing window Watching silently Coveting in the night Two angels illuminated By flickering firelight Cast in passionate embrace Lamenting why it is not her... Imagining that it is! Happy enough in her delirium She continues the fight Though reality eludes her In him she will never delight For his heart belongs to the light  SMF
Buried Alive
Take the time just to listenWhen the voices screaming are MUCH TOO LOUDTake a look in the distanceTry and see it allChances are that ya might findThat we share a common DISCOMFORT NOWI feel I'm walking a fine lineTell me only if it's realStill I'm on my wayOn and on it goesVacant hope to take[Chorus]HEY I CAN'T LIVE IN HERE FOR ANOTHER DAYDARKNESS HAS KEPT THE LIGHT CONCEALEDGRIM AS EVERHOLD ON TO FAITH AS I DIG ANOTHER GRAVEMEANWHILE THE MICE ENDURE THE WHEELReal as everAnd it seems I've been BURIED ALIVEI walked the fields through the fireTaking steps until I found solid groundFollowed dreams reaching higherCouldn't survive the fallMuch has changed since the last timeAnd I feel a little less certain nowYou know I jumped at the first signTell me only if it's realMemories seem to fadeOn and on it goesWash my view away[Chorus]HEY I CAN'T LIVE IN HERE FOR ANOTHER DAYDARKNESS HAS KEPT THE LIGHT CONCEALEDGRIM AS EVERHOLD ON TO FAITH AS I DIG ANOTHER GRAVEMEANWHILE THE MICE ENDURE THE WHEEL
We Don't Need No Walkie-talkies
It's times like these when i wish i didnt have any real life friends (sounds selfish i know). My best friend from school is currently in a relationship with an aggresive coke head who treats her like shit, I personally dont understand these kinds of relationships i like nice guys. My point of view is forget about him but that's not helping i just don't know what to say seems like there's nothing i can do to help it's up to her in the end. The worse part is social services are involved as she has a daughter of 10 years and i fear that she sees all that goes on if not she must be feeling her pain. All i get out of my friend is i cant stop thinking about him grrr i just feel like washing my hands of it all once again selfish but there's nothing more i can do for her but be there even though it's killing me inside............
Madeleine Mccann Is In America, Claims Pi Marcelino Italiano
The disappearance of Madeleine McCann has taken a new twist as investigator Marcelino Italiano claims Maddie was snatched by an Algarve-based paedophile ring from holiday apartments in Praia da Luz and taken to the US. It gives hope to parents Gerry and Kate McCann that Maddie may yet be traceable, three-and-a-half years after she first went missing in Portugal. A spokesman for the McCanns said an investigator had done 'absolutely the right thing' by going to police with his suspicions. According to Marcelino Italiano the paedophile ring has taken a dozen other children, believing they can get away with anything. He was quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: 'I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America.' The Angolan, who also works as a nightclub bouncer, has given in a dossier - including the names of two prominent Portuguese businessmen - to police in Huelva, south-west Spain, according to the newspaper. The McCann's spokesman sai
Being Naked And Sex....(all Responses Welcome)
So there was a Survey taken with 2400 women asking....would you rather be skinny but sexless for a yr or overweight and orgasmic with your guy for a year?? They ALL said they'd rather be skinny and sexless.... Do Men REALLY care what we women look like naked?? Is it more of a heeeey ur naked and with me... I Like it!!!!!  kinda thing? All opinions welcome. =)
 Their are a few People on the net with SDMF on thier names and don't even know what it means. They make it out to be a  net trend and its not. A few of them have went to other lounges calling people racial slurs. . These kind of SDMF are the net trend SDMF bylaw #7 says Respect all. I myself am sick of the racial bs that goes on here. Just because your of one certian race of people dont make you any better than anyone else. js    In real life we may not get along with all people example if i have a friend i may not like some of his or her friends. I will not choose sides I am a grown adult not a teenager. There is a lounge ran by  net sdmf on here and he trys to bully people if he dont get his way he will pull mods or bann you if you talk to me. He also has went to most of my family members on my page saying stupid stuff (harrassment and childish)  I have only met a few real SDMF on this site just because someone has SDMF on thier names dont mean they are real js.   I have been scamm
Thoughts Of You
  Thoughts Of You   We gaze at the stars, imaginary ones will do, whatever it takes, just to be with you. Wrapped in your arms our heartbeats combine, so close together, our souls intertwine. Together all night, as one, that night might be over, but we've just begun. My love for you grows, with each passing day, I never thought it possible, to love one this way. The dreaded day has come to say goodbye but our love with last it is obvious why. Our love is so strong, it will stay throught the years, it will shine in the laughter, and brave through the tears. It will live through all the good and the bad, and remind us each day, of the blessing we had. You are gone now but remain in my soul, left with thoughts of you, my heart remains whole.
So it seems once again I'am here...Not at this site, but at a point where im not sure what i want. Or, more specifcally, who i want.
What Shall I Do? What’s My Future?
These days I am so bad in my mood, I can’t be absorb in my job, I don’t have an appetite in food and can’t fall asleep in the night. It makes me crazy, but I have no idea what shall I do. During the spring festival, I am really happy with my family. I love them and I am glad that I belong to these family. However, all good thing will come to an end. We must do ourselves thing so that we should leave each other after the spring festival. Now I am on my job, but I know I will not do it forever, it’s only temporary after I graduated. Recently, a though flashed through my mind, I want to give up the job. I want to create my own business. But what should I do? How can I do? I am really confused with it . I do only know that I must insist on my current job to accumulate the enough social experience which is the basic process for my dream. Come on! Come on! I can do it!      
Stupid Encounters #62 Don't Fuck With A Nerd!
Note his Stats: Status:I can turn anyone into a billionaire but are you willing to put you life in to it and the thing is to become a billionaire nothing is free but I can do it in less then a year but there are always repercussios to get there 11:50pm iC51NerdGo...: you should talk to my buisness consultent... see what we can do for ya 11:50pm KING OF KINGS: well would reather talk to you and only you 11:51pm iC51NerdGo...: you know what thats ok if you can't talk to my business consultent then your not serious... Im a business woman 11:52pm KING OF KINGS: well you know 11:53pm KING OF KINGS: it is up to you weathere you want som kick ass money 11:53pm iC51NerdGo...: no its up to you if you want some kick ass help I got money coming out my ass you see how many God Modes I bought myself? 11:54pm KING OF KINGS: yea but I mean I have one guy willing to design it for 100 bucks 11:56pm
New Breguet Store In Taipei
Taiwan Siwoqirui Xiang Huang, general manager of the first watch health, Breguet Classique Grande Complication_replica Breguet watches_ Breguet replica watches, vice president of Greater China Mr.Martin Ganz, Taiwan Siwoqirui Deputy General Manager Mr. Cai Guangming watch Breguet, chairman of Mr. Pan Siliang Regent Hotel. Shop brilliant debut new image Senior Swiss watch brand Breguet store at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei hotel lobby opened a new image of the shop, show record the new design thinking and superb tabulation process technology to provide customer service to honor. Breguet boutique stores in 2009 on June 3 grand opening of the Breguet Jin, vice president of Greater China, Martin (Martin Ganz), Mr., Taiwan, Sri Lanka Wo Qirui General Manager Mr. Huang Kongxiang watch, Deputy General Manager Mr. Cai Guangming Breguet Taiwan, Formosa International Hotels Group Chairman Mr. Pan Siliang and Formosa International Hotels Group, co-chaired by Chief Executive Miss Xue Yaping store
Tissot Watches For Your Sports
Tissot watches _replica Tissot watches_ Tissot replica watches, the pole-position multi-disciplinary brand, has pulled out all the stops with the Racing-Touch, a model housing no less than 11 functions, all easily accessible via the touch-screen dial. Combining cutting-edge technology and a decidedly modern look, the Tissot Racing-Touch is designed for a broad range of sports activities. It has a chronograph, a logbook that memorises results and personal data, a dual timezone display, two alarms, backlighting, tide calculator and compass are all available at a touch on the glass. This broad range of technological possibilities is complemented by an equally wide spectrum of colours and combinations that make the Tissot Racing-Touch an indispensable accessory for sports enthusiasts. Tissot watches _replica Tissot watches_ Tissot replica watches Hours, minutes, chronograph (add/split/lap functions), logbook, two time zones, two alarms, tide calculator, compass and back-lighting Case316L
Tanning Is Racist
The bizarre trend of Norse people Tanning their skin...going to bizarre extremes of creating tanning booths. Quite literally taking the sun out of the equation   I grew up with a racist parent Who said WE can change the color of our skin & still be superior He said that while we were on all expenses paid vacation to The Cayman Islands in the 70's. My Father off-shored the corporate financial institution of Tiffany & Co in the 70's He grew a set later & left the Company to start his own But was compllict   The bottom line was a FUCK YOU to the civil rights movement I said FUCK YOU to that ..I happen to believe in civil rights I read & understand the constitution of the uniited states of america   Tanning is an old school way of saying..."See look...we can have darker skin but we will stiil kick your ass!"
Subs' Needs
I need to feel safe. Before I can begin to open my submissive nature to You I need to feel safe and have reason to trust You. To let down my walls and give You control of my will may take time and testing before I feel safe enough to permit either of us to go beyond the initial stages of our relationship. Even after I've given myself to You fully, I need to be reminded I am safe with You. I may like to feel the thrill and excitement of fear and the unknown, but I need to be sure no matter how You stimulate those emotions during an intense scene or situation, I will remain safe in Your care. I need to know You accept me for all I am. I will be many things to You as our relationship grows and I need to know You accept me as a person during each transition along the way. I need to know You accept me as a friend, lover, companion, and Your submissive but also accept me as parent, child, employee, community member or other roles I fill in my obligations to family or society. I need to hav
Becoming A Bridesmaid Carries Quite A Few Responsibilities
Being inquired to get a bridesmaid inside of a wedding can be an honor. Not everybody would have that opportunity. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses becoming a bridesmaid may be a possibility for you personally to get component on the most valuable evening of the couple's life. Of course, when you're requested to get one, Cheap Little Black Dresses this pride arrives using the chance of putting on a bridesmaid dress. But can you seriously know what you're intended to make an try to do in trade for becoming inside of a stunning bridesmaid dress? do the bride communicate what sort of support she desires from you becoming a single of her bridesmaids? Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Or are you currently just anticipated to stroll straight down the aisle along using the other people on the wedding entourage and sit and stand since the celebrant says so? The actuality is, Cheap Homecoming Dresses becoming a bridesmaid carries quite a few responsibilities. although these might not be explicitly
There is a time there is a place where you once took me to hold me.   That time that place doesn't seem to exsist It seems to be missing   To hold you hand to touch your face to kiss your lips to have that which i have longed for will it come to be?
Mel's Fault
Show me what your soundtrack would look like. Opening credits: Rosemary's Granddaughter...Jessica AndrewsWaking up: Sunrise ...Norah Jones  Average day: Bad day...Daniel PowterFirst date: Something To Talk About....Bonnie RaittFalling in love: What's Love Got To Do With It...Tina Turner  Love scene: These Arms Of Mine...Otis Redding Fight scene: Complicated...Avril LavigneBreaking up: In The End....Linkin ParkGetting back together: If You're Gone...Matchbox TwentySecret love: Slip Away....Clarence CarterLife's okay: Strong...Leann RimesMental breakdown: Into The Void...9 Inch NailsDriving: Fast Car...Tracy ChapmanLearning a lesson: Don't Stop Dancing....CreedDeep thought: Breathe....Melissa EtheridgeFlashback: Welcome To The Jungle...GnRPartying: Party People...Nelly and FergieHappy dance: Pump It...Black Eyed PeasRegretting: Still Rainin'...Jonny LangeLong night alone: 3 am ...Matchbox TwentyDeath scene: Fade To Black...MetallicaClosing credits: Life Ain't Always Beautiful...Gary A
Time are changeing people change and thing are not so clear. echoed cries distroyed live just wanna disappear i dont know whats worth fighting for or if i have the right Cause its been this way too long...    
Becoming A Bridesmaid Carries Quite A Few Responsibilities
Being inquired to get a bridesmaid inside of a wedding can be an honor. Not everybody would have that opportunity. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses becoming a bridesmaid may be a possibility for you personally to get component on the most valuable evening of the couple's life. Of course, when you're requested to get one, Cheap Little Black Dresses this pride arrives using the chance of putting on a bridesmaid dress. But can you seriously know what you're intended to make an try to do in trade for becoming inside of a stunning bridesmaid dress? do the bride communicate what sort of support she desires from you becoming a single of her bridesmaids? Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Or are you currently just anticipated to stroll straight down the aisle along using the other people on the wedding entourage and sit and stand since the celebrant says so? The actuality is, Cheap Homecoming Dresses becoming a bridesmaid carries quite a few responsibilities. although these might not be explicitly
YOU DON’T KNOW You don't know, but I am the mom who cries every morning and hopes every night for his safe return. I am the mom that drags herself out of bed every morning so that he will be proud of her when he comes home. You don't know but I am the mom with a million things to say, but none will come out without the thought of him. I am the mom who checks her phone every 5 seconds just to make sure I haven't missed his call. I am the mom who stops and stares and wishes for him to return soon each and everytime another man in uniform walks by.   You don't know that when he left a part of me went with him and a part of him stayed with me.   What you don't realize is that I understand the true meaning of not only love but of longing and anticipation.  You don't see, but I am one of the few who gets goose bumps and choke back the tears as my heart fills with pride everytime I hear the national anthem play. I am one of those moms that will stand tall and stay strong on the out
Show me what your soundtrack would look like. Opening credits: The StoryWaking up: Whatever   Average day: Just Another Day in ParadiseFirst date: OrdinaryFalling in love: Something BeautifulLove scene: With MeFight scene: HeadstrongBreaking up: What I Didn't SayGetting back together: Come Down to MeSecret love: StayLife's okay: Fine AgainMental breakdown: Down with the SicknessDriving: Break StuffLearning a lesson: What I Cannot ChangeDeep thought: She Don't Want the WorldFlashback: Ruff Ryders AnthemPartying: Party Like a RockstarHappy dance: Like This Regretting: 21 GunsLong night alone: It Never Entered My Mind Death scene: WastelandClosing credits: She Don't Want the World
Wax On, Wax Off.
Stolen from Jasmine via Ick. 1. First thing you wash in the shower?My face, if my hair doesn't need to be washed. So, usually my hair. 2. What color is your favorite hoodie?I have a gray zip-up one I wear a lot, but I wouldn't call it my favorite. I haven't felt that clothing connection in a while. 3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?No, and clearly not anyone else since it's been almost a year since I've kissed anyone. 4.Do you plan outfits?I wear scrubs for work and comfy clothes for play. They don't really take any planning. 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?Meh. I have today off of work, so that part of life is pretty good. 6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red?The ring on the drumset I have for Band Hero. Anyone want to buy a drumset for Band Hero? 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?Aim. Amex. Acronyms and abbreviations FTW. 8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?It was weird and the details are gone, but a blast from the past crashed my subconciou
You Don't Know
You don't know what you've got till you really loose it. You don't know how bad your going to feel when that special someone leaves or isn't around until they are really gone.  You don't know how it feels to be lonely until you sleep by yourself for the first time in years. You really don't know what true love is until it gets ripped right out of your hands.  You don't know how to tell your two year old where her father is until she comes up to you and asks. You don't know what the words i love you means until the love of you life tells you it on the day of your wedding.  You don't know what its like to stay up late with your daughter because she wants her daddy until that night you are up all night because she is screaming for her daddy. You don't know how mad your daughter is until she goes off on you and tells you how much she hates for taking her father from her. So hold on to what you have because you never know when it's going to be ripped right out of your hands.
Black Heart
wrap your legs around my neck so i can eat my way to your black heart licking and sucking up every drip of the juices that flow from your dark condemd soul chewing and nawing my way through the muscles,bones and viens of your darkend corpse, ripping you to pieces feeling the high of extacy as i eat my way nightmare dreams lined against the wall like art in the gallery hall deep within my soul I am shallow hallow like a tree almost invisible by the naked eye rippled plains for my evil imagination to expand apon run your fingers threw my soul wrap your legs around my neck so i can eat my way to your black heart allowing me to suck the life from you violently rapping away your innoscence feeling more alive with each and every sweet seductive bite i take ripping off more im like a canabal that feeds on meat feeling the taste of your  sweet blood lingering on my tounge craving more of its lousious taste wrap your legs around my neck so i can eat my way to your black h
Why Do Guys....
  OK, so why do guy feel the need to reference their dick in their name and/or status? You know you see it nonstop here. I just dont get it... I dont care about some strange mans morning wood. I dont care that John has a 7inch dick. Or they will say something like.. "ILOVETITS" as their name. Dudes!!!! Relax - you look pathetic!   You dont see women going around doing it... "Michele TinyPussy"  "Tina Saggy Tits" or "ILOVEHAIRYNUTS!"   So why is it that dudes do this? Does it go back to the fact that most mens world revolves around their dick? IDK - Im looking for some insight to this.       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
Oh Jeremy Clarkson, You Ma Be An Arsehole But You Sure Do Crack Me Up.
This is taken from an article he wrote in his column in the 'The Sun' (and FYI this newspaper is only worth of reading for entertainment purposes). It's KIND OF a retraction I guess about saying offensive things to Mexican people.   Last weekend, on the Top Gear motoring programme, we may have accidentally said some unkind things about Mexico To be specific, we suggested that the people of this great central American state are feckless, lazy and flatulent. We also said that their food tastes like re-fried sick and that their ambassador in London would not complain because he'd be asleep. Well, if he was asleep someone plainly woke him up because he did complain and, in doing so, seems to have started an international incident. At one point on Wednesday we were receiving 200 complaints from Mexico every minute and the channel which screens our show over there was warned it could face an advertising backlash. At home, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, was said to be consideri
Bastard Out Of Carolina.
[Disclaimer: If you don't stalk my other blog, which is probably the case 'cause only a few people do, then you're reading this two days late.] I figured since this is my last night in Vegas, I might as well blog about the week I spent in North Carolina right before my current company trip. Better late than never, right? Besides, I haven’t written much in the past month since my time has been occupied by work and Lost, so what would some amandababble hurt. Itinerary, January 23rd: Wake up at the buttcrack of still night, finish last minute pre-travel needs, drive to airport, park car, check in at Continental, discover I’m dressed too perfectly to get frisked by security, arrive painfully early at terminal yet inhale a fast food breakfast, hurry up and wait, board flight, read, get off flight, lather-rinse-repeat last three steps, get rental car, drive to Greenville, hotel, sleep, breathe. I hate connecting flights with a passion but, with a book within my grasp, I can ge
Stolez From Ick
1. First thing you wash in the shower? Always meh hair. 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? ...I don't wear hoodies. 3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Errrr prolly not...I dunno actually. 4.Do you plan outfits? Pretty much always, unless I'm ill. 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Cold. :( 6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red? Chinese red envelope (has lucky money in it) 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? What? 8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having? Just now...dreamt that I had a really really cute baby and all my friends were going 'oooooh awhhhh' over her. Weirdly enough the baby looked caucasian and then someone gave me a bra and that it was my birthday. Weird. 9. Did you meet anybody new today? No 10. What are you craving right now? Steak 11. Do you floss? Sometimes, I always make my teeth bleed when I do it and I over brush as it is...can't really affford to torment my gums even more. 12. What comes to mind when I say c
Father, Have Your Arms Grown Weak??
Father, Have Your Arms Grown Weak?     Sweet Heavenly Father,I fall on my kneescrying out to you once more,pouring the very being of my soulout amongst the winds thatthey may carry my prayers even faster to Your ears.My baby girl, you know the one,I placed her in your care at 15...she's 24 now and her pain is somuch greater, more sophisticated,more devastating to herself,and I.I'm doing as you would want,my Heavenly Father...I am raising her two young sonsas my own, loving thembest as I can,guiding them forward to Youdespite the doubt that tears at my heart once more.You KNOW, as no other can,how I cry out to you for she still can't call to youon her own.She's been beaten,she's been broken,she's without hearth or home,without hope or dreams,without me to hold her....and I'm dying inside out for thelife she throws away!Dear Sweet Jesus,I knew way back whenI wasn't strong enough tosave my little girl,and my entire being laid her in your armsI swore to stay back and let youw
Seasons Of The Heart...
I sometimes sit and wonder about where it all went wrong, don't dare to sit and ponder it often takes too long. Things happen for a reason  this much i know is true, life floats by like a season as people pass on through. They come and go like a summer's breeze and fall like autumn rain, in the winter's chill and freeze we wrap up warm to hide our pain. Just as the spring arrives anew we think about what's past, starting a fresh with a love that's new a special bond that lasts.
The Glow Radio Thursday
Thursday on The Glow Radio:  DJ Kellie Khaos is Live Now!!! with "Thirsty Thursdays" Country Music  & Bar Drinking Music Next is The Reverend DJ Furg & his Church of Rock starting at 3pm Pt/4pm Mt/5pm Ct/9pm Et Next is Thee Witch spinning Hard Rock, Goth, & Metal starting at 6pm Pt/7pm Mt/8pm Ct/9pm Et next up is the return of our very Sexy DJ Summer she's back playing Today's Hits,Alternative, & Rock starting at 8pm Pt/9pm Mt/10pm Ct/11pm Et closing tonight will be the Bossman James Bound and tonight he will be spinning Classic Rock Music starting at 10pm Pt/11pm Mt/Midnight Ct/1am Et   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
Web Filter Help
Ok so my boss is a total dick and got some kind of fucking Web Filter called Barracuda, my question how do i get past this shit? any way around it? or is it so good its impossible?
Great Deals Now!!
Hi I've been working on that project for 2 months to build the BIGGEST SHOPPING CENTER ONLINE, There is Over 1000 different stores where you can find anything you want, like Grocery, Medecine, Cigarettes, Wine, Flowers,Clothings,Tickets,Party Supplies,Trip,Hotel,Jewelry and More So if you want to shop at anytime you want go shop here and don't forget to bookmark the page so you can return anytime you want Hope you enjoy and have a nice day
[you Were All Too Slow So I Grabbed My Own]
1. First thing you wash in the shower? I had to think for a second, but probably my chest. 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? My favorite black hoody was decomissioned years ago, but current is grey. I'd probably like an olive-drab or brown one, I do earth tones well. 3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Who the fu... yeah probably, y'know if she wasn't married and pregnant now. Okay... at least not pregnant. Not that I think pregnant chicks are gross- just that I gotta draw the line of immorality somewhere. 4.Do you plan outfits? Fuck no, are you kidding? Blood spattered jeans, flour spattered hoody? New boxers >> that's planning? 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? WIRED!!! Waaaaay too much caffeine. 6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red? My exacto knife's handle. 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? Aim. ... And I say "wow" not "W-O-W" since I can say world of warcraft even faster. Actually- I usually say World of warcraft. People that say "wow" k
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Suckkkkk It!!!!!
GUESSSSS WHAT??? I'm officially 6.2 pounds lighter this week!! That's effin right....6.2 this week, bringing my total for 3 weeks to 11.2 I am a fat class rock star!!
Being Told
Interesting as it may seems,but lot of guys are not been control by their girls,they just are after something at first and many will fink they are bin controlled, after getting it,,,,,,Guess what THEY WILL BE DUMPED, THATS IS WHAT SOMEONE TOLD YOU
Dual Dueling Headlines. Feb 17, 2011
S.I. swimsuit cover a "dream come true" for model Giada shows great ways to dress up your taters   from the style section of one on top of the other just like here.   Irina shows great ways to dress down your taters... sometimes the humor is in the juxtaposition.
Cross Dresser On Fu! Way!....
Ummmm.....check this out... I don't know about that whole situation but it is pretty damn funny regardless hahaa..figured we needed a LOL after that last serious dramatic situation we had here...if you missed that shady and all that check previous recent blogs below for that blow out..rofl...thanks Paul..hope you guys are having a great week!...
Handsome Stranger
Sitting alone at the bar , one drink in my hand .. large  and sweet tropical an exotic island where i'd like to escape away to for the winter dress is short and black but still leaves a little to the imagination long legs showing .. my pretty heels making them look even sexier still ..i sit confidenlty and drink slowly tasting one sip at a time letting the flavour wash over me as a ocean.the dress is tight around my cleavage pushing it up higher .. for all everyone to see .. the bar is fairly quiet , mostly the regualrs are here .. but im used it it . ive been in so many bars they all feel the same .. the women keep thier distance .. and the men draw near .. they seem so shy ... scared to make a move ... i trun my head to see if anyone is there that might take my fancy ... and just i do , i notice someone .. hes got my attension straight away .. i almost lose my breath looking at him .. my mouth drops open in lust as he catching me staring i turn bright red .. and he smiles
The Forest Of Darkness
Nightfall approaching; fear overtaking The stench of death, lingering about this forgotten landscape The grim and frostbitten trees surrounding me Meeting their death at the heart of winter The darkness ever growing Consuming me; swallowing me whole Unable to move forward Unable to go back The cold, harsh winds Piercing me, burning my flesh Rain falls upon this impure land Drowning all hope from within my soul There is but one way out of this forbidden place Staring up into the unforgiving sky Straight into the eyes of winter I give myself to the land Become one with the trees Let go of this world Become one with the earth And fade away to nothing more But a mere memory.
1st Ufo @ 6yo. Prophecies B4 7yo. Good Et Connection
September 10, 2008 When I was 6yo I seen my 1st UFO flying over my backyard at nite. It moved so slowly that it was more like floating because it didn't fall out of the air at such a slow speed, made no sound, and was black with flashing white lights on it. Less than 1 year later and before my 7th birthday I started dreaming about possible futures while sleeping. I had some possible future dreams that had pure white color ETs that are about 5 feet tall and built like the famous Gray aliens you probably heard about. They didn't scare me at all and I found them to be much nicer to me and more interesting than human beings when I'm awake. They are the beings that showed me the "End of Times" and how to avoid the bad "End of Times" possible future. In 2006 while at the spiritual class that I went to with my friend Tiffani and the very 1st time I went we did a group meditation and we could see eachother's spirit guides, guardian angels, and deceased pets to name a few of the
To Serve & Protect
A certain Fubarian, a self-appointed guardian of the Fu-nation, regularly posts blogs berating other members of the site who don't fit into his view of what a good member is. The first time he came to my attention was when someone linked me to a blog of his about mummers. In this blog, he referred to everyone in the mumms as being pieces of shit who existed only to piss on other people's mumms. It's my guess that his 'coke or pepsi' mumm posting friends whined to him about having their piece of shit mumms being pissed on.  Anyway, that's ancient fu-history now. Now to the present - I was linked to one of his latest blogs (you can actually see it listed on the recently posted blogs list), and read it while laughing my arse off. Now... in essence, the blog is another Fu-Public Warning Broadcast about some dude who 'played' a bunch of women for real money and places to crash. The blog lists all kinds of screen-shot evidence to back up the claims he makes about this person. The piece de r
Ill Just Call It The Urge ..
A new year has just begun , the old memories are slowly fading away , away to a private place .. a darm room and i've locked the door and put the key on my keychain .. along with most of the hate , the rage , the betrayal .. it serves no purpose to dwell in this pain constantly, and yet sometimes its like it sneaks out when u least expect it .. whewn u least feel like u can handle it but still u have to go on. And when u keep going on , hour by hour , day by day u realise that you can .. and you must find a way through .. your heart begins to sew its itself up and the scars ..   But once the deicsion is made to leave to return is alomst impossible becuase the heart has moved on in many ways .. and yet the connection is still there ... i still love him in some way and i always will but .. i don't think i'll ever trust him thesame way again or ever froget what he did .. to us .. to everything we had .. and that still burns .. burns a hole deep in my soul ..i fear it always will
Adult Truths.
1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die   2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.   3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.   4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.   5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?   6. Was learning cursive really necessary?   7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.   8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.   9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.   10. Bad decisions make good stories.   11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.   12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blu Ray? I don
Keeping The Light (part 1 "bringing The Light")
"On the first day there was passion, fire, chaos.On the second there was awe, breath of the land, wonder.On the third he brought contemplation, stillness, thought.On the fourth day was life, all the noise of grass and earth, joyOn the fifth day there was song, lamenting the loss, understanding.On the sixth day there was rest, silence returning to the land, death.On the seventh day there was cold, waiting to emerge, reborn anew."The chorus of veiled, middle aged men stood silent after their prayers amongst the procession. Their Godking raised his splendorous hand, his robe of  all colors, colors unseen, colors unimagined, sparkled before the gathering of hundreds.His most devout, and loving children all packed into the tiny inner sanctum of his greatest cathedral. Abuzz with hope, the room was alive with silent admiration and worship.The face of their Godking having not aged for as long as their grandfathers' grandfathers could remember. His smile embracing, cooling, and soothing them w
[keeping The Light]
K I'm kinda working out some background story or at least some plotlines for "the bad guy"in that novel I've started and stopped 20 times.Fun factoids:In the present form of the book there's several forces.Humans (no surprises there)Gods (not that surprising)Devils (again, with Enkechel... not that surprising)And titans (Whoa!? ... I dunno, that's the best word for it proto-gods)...Actually you can think of "Gods" more as a anamoly unique to this setting. They're neither good nor bad (much like the devils/demons) but unlike the demons they were willed into being by man.A desperate, powerful, or deranged enough human wills these gods into being, and consequently, reality gets torn a new one. Every time.I think that MIGHT be the reason that there's an absence of arcana in this story, in favor of heroism demonology and deific powers and mundane anti-heroes.That being said there's this guy I've had as a concept for a whilethis kinda... lordly type menace. All seeing type, prideful, powerfu
Janey Godley’s Podcast “episode 32”
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 32 of Janey Godley’s Podcast the mother and daughter comedy due broadcast directly from Adelaide in Australia in front of a live pub audience, Janey tells a group of strangers that Ashley hasn’t had a boyfriend while Ashley tells all about Janey’s bowel problems and couch defecation. They talk about their recent stop over in Singapore and the time they spent at Universal Studios, Ashley gushes about the new Battlestar Galactica roller coaster while Janey vents about the man who tried to steal their bag.   After technical difficulties and up to four hours of recording and re-recording Janey and Ashley are happy to get the podcast finally recorded and into your ears we hope you enjoy! Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the w
Subject Its All The Status I Have Ever Used On Fubar Under My Status Comments
When God asks what you’ve done with your life, try not to say “Didn’t you read my statuses
Worth Repeating: Approved Drugs, 10,008 Deaths; Marijuana 0 (repost)
Photo: As It Stands Over a 10-year period, more than 10,000 people died from taking FDA-approved drugs, while zero died from marijuana, which is considered by the federal government a highly dangerous Schedule I drug with no medical uses. Welcome to Room 420, where your instructor is Mr. Ron Marczyk and your subjects are wellness, disease prevention, self actualization, and chillin'. Worth Repeating
[and This Potato Soup Is Good]
Its actually quite warm in here right now.So ... my power outage and internet outage this morning ate my last blog post, so I'll give you the gist of itSpent $20 on beans, potatos and whole tilapia.Moving on.So, tonight I made the potato variant of what I had been eating over and over and over and over againsofrito (onions, peppers, tomato)oilcuminpimentonsaltblack beansand just a small amount of chorizoI took 2 russet potatos, cubed and boiled, tossed them into my sofrito and spices and beansand some reserve starchy water from the initial boil (enough to cover)brought the combo to a simmer- covered and put it on low heat for 20 minutes.Hwaaaaso creamy it'd be better with some dairy and stock in itlike... a trillion times betterbacon would work too.Anyway, came out kinda funky looking all mushy and yellow, but it was tastey.Probably could've used some olive oil at the finish too.And some greens like, chives or parsley.I haven't checked my mail since this morning... but I can't wait to
Just Writting...
contrary to popular belief I am not perfect, I am not a saint, I am not a mind reader, I am not a millionaire... what I am is an imperfect bitchy broken mess with a heart a mindset that cause me a lot of pain and happiness all at the same time... A girl with a mindset that everyone ELSE needs to be happy and my needs and wants will come later or that the people i am caring for will take care of my needs... and in the end there usually isn't enough of anything left for me... Why is it that no one can see that all i want is for some one to love and care for me as much as i do for them... i want them to think of me before themselves... goodness knows i think of them and their wants and needs before my own... why is it so hard for others to do the same... I am tired of feeling used and abused and bitchy...
Biggest Shopping Center Online,
There is Over 1000 different stores where you can find anything you want, like Grocery, Medecine, Cigarettes, Wine, FreeDating,Flowers,Clothings,Tickets,Party Supplies,Trip,Hotel,Jewelry and More
Books That Wound And Stab Us, Part 2
“The fate of the world – to be decided by a vote among the power elite.  To think that it would come to this.  Before we vote, let me say one more thing.  To institute a utopia, we will have to take total control of the world.  To the average person out there, is that any different than what the Overmind tried to do?  In either case, no free will!”   What if superheroes took their own rhetoric seriously?  That’s the overarching premise of Marvel Comics’ September 1985-August 1986 twelve-issue series “Squadron Supreme”, where the title heroes, after their world (an “alternate Earth” to the world where Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, etc. live) was totally devastated in large part due TO them under alien mind control – the “Overmind” in Nighthawk’s closing speech above to the group.  Instead of aiding in recovery from natural disasters and defeating super villains, what if heroes really acted with their power
One Day She's Going To Make Some Wonderful Guy Very Miserable..
Here is a peek into what it is like to live with a Princess...      Katie: Hey, I rented a new movie you might like, it's not a chick flick. It's about a boxer. Ryan: What's it called? Katie: I don't know, let me find movie.  *holds up movie* Ryan: Katie, That's Million Dollar Baby. I watched it like 5 years ago on HBO.. and yes, it's a great movie.. but it's hardly new..   
Is stupid forever?
Ulysse Nardin El Toro Watch
For many brands, modern implies futuristic—a road that can easily lead to design irrelevance in just a few years. However, ulysse nardin el toro replica_Ulysse Nardin watches_replica ulysse nardin watches has embraced an approach to stand out from the status quo with a model that is both modern and technical looking. For example, the second time zone function features a quickset function whereby pressing either the right or left ceramic pushers located on the lower sides of the case, allows for adjusting of the hour hand by plus or minus one hour. This easily allows for tracking a second time zone with incredible ease, while the 24-hour format GMT hand keeps track of your home or reference time. Those who are familiar with other GMT watches will appreciate just how convenient this function is. Looking at the perpetual calendar, you will find easy-to-read windows (not tiny dials) displaying important information. At the top is a large date indicator framed by a stylized window, a
Breguet – Classique 7337
Building on the success enjoyed at its launch in 2009, the Manufacture Breguet Classique Grande_ Breguet Classique 7337_replica Breguet watches is offering a re-edition of its Breguet Classique 7337 this year, perfectly embodying the values of the House: elegance, refinement, timelessness and technical innovations. The brand’s distinctive off-centred chapter ring and small seconds at 5 o’clock lend the customary asymmetrical touch. Exactly like on the historical watch N° 3833, the day and date indication appear on either side of the phases and age of the moon indications appearing at the top of the off-centred chapter ring. This creation with its hand-guiloc hé dial bears eloquent testimony to the constant quest for excellence and exclusivity characteristic of all Breguet Classique Grande_ Breguet Classique 7337_replica Breguet watches creations. MovementUltra-thin automatic, Calibre 502.3 QSE1, 12 lignes, 35 jewels, 45-hour power reserve; silicon balance-spring, hand-gui
Recommendations For Searching The Affordable Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams
When it arrives to purchasing a wedding dress, the first point that arrives to thoughts could be the staggering price! Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresseswedding outfits can operate from hundreds to a huge number of dollars. while you start searching for the good wedding attire that no a single will actually forget, Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses remember these 9 recommendations for searching the gorgeous, but affordable, wedding attire of your dreams. 1) Consignment stores Some men and women call it thrifting, other people call it hand-me-downs, I call it smart! Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses quite a few girls understand which they will only put on their wedding attire when within their lives. So, they market it to some consignment store who then resells it at a reduced price.Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses It could possibly be used, however it will most almost certainly be in pristine condition. i understand quite a few brides who not merely have discovered a bargain at a consignment shop, h
Open Political Forum For All Parties And Persons To Express Their Own Political Stories, Agendas Etc.
I'm a Conservative. I believe in balanced budgets and less government. My goals are to vote for those who best represent the Conservatism.
Recommendations For Searching The Affordable Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams
When it arrives to purchasing a wedding dress, the first point that arrives to thoughts could be the staggering price! Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresseswedding outfits can operate from hundreds to a huge number of dollars. while you start searching for the good wedding attire that no a single will actually forget, Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses remember these 9 recommendations for searching the gorgeous, but affordable, wedding attire of your dreams. 1) Consignment stores Some men and women call it thrifting, other people call it hand-me-downs, I call it smart! Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses quite a few girls understand which they will only put on their wedding attire when within their lives. So, they market it to some consignment store who then resells it at a reduced price.Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses It could possibly be used, however it will most almost certainly be in pristine condition. i understand quite a few brides who not merely have discovered a bargain at a consignment shop, h
My Pre-req
2-16-2011   I always wanted to write a blog about clarifying dental products, treatment, insurances, ...  My works is on a referral system from other dentists so I see all their work.  Half my job is about putting out fires because someone somewhere upset the patient.
It's Gonna Hurt Me, More Then It Hurts You [feb15,2001]
I'm standing at the fork in the road, and I Don't really know which way to go, it's like 17 years ago all over again, and I I'm a little girl lost alone, and yes I wanna know what lies ahead, and yeah my Feet are planted and I don't wanna take a step cause I won't make it any further with you on my back Carry a burden I can't do it this time, goodbye Then again, do I listen to my heart, do I cry for help I keep second guessing myself Why does it have to be so, hard to let you go Its almost sun down I gotta put my foot down and I know if I do It's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you I know, how much you need me Breaks my heart, believe me Now I know what I gotta do But it's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you More than it hurts you But its gonna hurt me more than it hurts you More than it hurts you But its gonna hurt me Now ordinarily I wouldn't give up I'm no quitter, but under the circumstance I Think it's better that I wash my hands of ya, love ya But I'm thinking that I can't
Mary Roach: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm
A very interesting and educational speech given by Mary Roach (author of Spook and Stiff), on scientific facts about orgasms, it’s not pornographic but is very entertaining.   Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Video on
Good Morrow
scholars. End
Kelly Coming Home Tomorrow!
Got some good news for a change today! Kelly is coming back home to her family  tomorrow! She should be home by 4 PM. They have adjusted her insulin & she will be on antibiotics thru IV for some time and she still has to wait to see if what they did takes and then find out how they are going to close it up. With no infection now there prospects are alot brighter then they were before! She will also be on the port vac for about 2-3 weeks i believe!
Bulletin / Coder Help When Needed!
Are You in Need of a Lounge Coder or Person to Make Lounge Promotion Bulletin's?   First off let me say thanks for reading this Blog I will do my best to assist you in your problem or issue. In this Blog I will link you to different sections of Fubar to get you on the right track.   Bulletin's - These are pictures or graphics that move flash shake etc. that make people wanna come and join your lounge or event. A lot of people lay claim to being able to make these but when it comes down to the doing the bulletin or graphic they have less or no experience in doing so.   Here is a link to the FUBAR Coders Page where it show's the FUBAR Coder's who can help you with any kinda bulletin , skin , lounge coding etc.. you will need   ** Keep in mind FUBAR Coders are very busy and it may be 24 hours before they get back to you but please be patient. **   __________________________________________________________________
Blimps, Anorexics
I feel  morbidly obese and anorexic women are not pleasant to look at it.  A  Right  B  Wrong C  Individual taste
The G-ki; A Odd But Amazing Vibrator
Now onto the star of this review the G-Ki by Je Joue, a very uniquely designed g-spot and clitoral vibrator.  The G-Ki is fully adjustable nine inch vibrator (five of those inches are insertable) which is what makes it so unique.  It is jointed in two places, one close to the head and the other near the middle with a raised bump that has to be pressed in before the joint moves.  You can customize it to reach just the right place in just the right spot.  It’s adjustability is also what makes it a great clitoral and g-spot vibrator, with it placed into an almost J-shaped it reaches both and makes it easy to rock it back and forth a little giving nice firm pressure onto the g-spot.   To read more of my review and the others check out my adult toy review blog (^_^) hope its enjoyable.      
Own A Mermaid In The Lucky Charms Auction
> LUCKY CHARM AUCTION!!!!!Bidding starts at $250,000 Fubucks!   Arctic Mermaid aka LillyCurrently at $500,000 Fubucks! CLICK ON MY PICTURE ABOVE TO BID ON ME!!! Auction will end February 28th and ownership will begin on March 1. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT!!! COME AND GET YOUR LUCKY CHARM!! AUCTION BEING HELD IN ~ * ~PHAT GIRLZ LOUNGE ~ * ~ YOU GOTTA COME BY AND CHECK OUT THE STAFF! MINIMUM BID STARTING AT $250,000 FU-BUCKS !! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR COME ON AND GET YOUR LUCKY CHARM If you wanna ENTER THE LOUNGE click the PIC below!! SEE YA SOON !!!
Not Afraid
(Hook)I'm not afraid to take a standEverybody come take my handWe'll walk this road together, through the stormWhatever weather, cold or warmJust let you know that, you're not aloneHolla if you feel that you've been down the same road(Intro)Yeah, It's been a ride...I guess I had to go to that place to get to this oneNow some of you might still be in that placeIf you're trying to get out, just follow meI'll get you there(Verse 1)You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'emBut you won't take this thing out these words before I say 'emCause ain't no way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhemWhen I say 'em or do something I do it, I don't give a damnWhat you think, I'm doing this for me, so fuck the worldFeed it beans, it's gassed up, if a thing's stopping meI'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedlyAnd all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balconyNo if ands or buts don't try to ask him why or how can heFrom Infinite down to the last Rela
For Those Who Have Children....or Not...:)
My Promise To My Kids(or child), I will stalk u,flip out on u,lecture u,drive u crazy,be your worst nightmare and hunt u down like a hound dog when needed because I Love You!! When u understand that i will know your a responsible adult. You will never find someone who loves u,Prays for u,cares about u and worries about u more than me. pssss...I love u!!! Mom(or mom n dad or dad...)
My Lil Buddy
We got Bandit as soon as he was old enough to leave his mother...that was May of 1999.  He's traveled more miles than most people will ever dream of.  From Biloxi, MS to Florida...Florida up the east coast, and then to Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, onward to Anchorage, Alaska.  Then the ferry ride from Alaska to Washington, across the US, and back down to Florida.  This was all in just over 10 years.  The last trip he made was from Florida to where I sit typing this, Indiana.     He's been quite a healthy cat, despite the fact that his owner had never had a pet before, and did an awful job of keeping up with the important parts of owning a pet.  That's what truly is amazing....almost 12 years, and almost never was ill.  Until about 2 weeks ago.  As most fo you read last week, he wasn't eating and barely drinking.  So I took him to the vet, nothing really jumped out, but a bit of an infection, so the vet gave me some meds to give to him.  In this past week, he still hardly ate, and
Oh For The Love Of God!
I had to rewrite this like 3 times when trying to mumm but I just give up now cos mumm making is retarded! Anyways my topic for the mumm was 'Do we all wanna look caucasian?'   This pertains to women opting for surgeries to make themselves look prettier, smaller nose, lighter skin etc etc. I was focusing on eyelid surgery, a procedure operated mostly on Asian (Chinese, Viet, Japs, Korean etc) women and men. (Jackie Chan had it done). And it just made me wonder why having a double eye-lid was prettier, I mean honestly I find it prettier too. It makes the eye look bigger and is 'cuter'...I think. HOWEVER double-lids within out ethnicities is not veyr common. Apparently: 'Approximately 75 percent of all Koreans and 50 percent of all other Asians are born without the double eyelid crease.'. And yea natural double-lids are pretty but the operated ones are really obvious and do not look natural...but they are still regarded as prettier than the natural single lid and is something to aim
The Glow Radio Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block
Hump Day Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is The Freak Show with Tony the Misfit featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at:
I Am A Dreamer
Dreams In my dreams My thoughts become reality Wishes and my fantasies Castles and my nights in shining armor Where dragons slain A maiden saved Where sunsets last forever We have no second thoughts No doubts No resolutions When even in my nightmares Sub-thoughts rid them selves Bring on the night and all its glory Bring on the dreams and still it's story For when daylight beacon's me Thoughts only chance to be set free Diminishes as dawns whispers call As does another castle Fall
Need Help
i need some one to help me with my pro as in skins and doin the background... ur help will be much appericiated ty
Does everyone truly  rise to their level of incompetence?
The Poem I Wrote For My Dad And Pollies Wedding Gift.
May you Always be blessed with each others company. May you Always find rest within one another’s loving embrace. May you Always have A heart that hears out each others needs. May you Always feel the joy that being loved should be. May you Always be understanding. May you Always rejoice. May you Always feel loves fancy. May you Always long for the sound of one another’s voice. May you Always be filled with romance simply for the sake of romancing. May you Always sing unto one another A song of good praises. May you Always dance with glee. May you Always be bound to one another in the name of the Lord God Christ our king. May you Always remain dedicated to this loving endeavor firmly rooted forever growing. Truly, deeply, wonderfully in love together may you always be.
Broken,bruised,beaten,and trapt under. Tattered,trampled,troubled,and left to wonder. A rift that has been rent.A hole.a blunder. Abased,abated,abhored,and ripped a sunder. Saline,the salty taste of no signifagant other. Wailing,the sound it makes,when the mind gets to cluttered. Flailing,the arms that reach for another imagined lover. Failing, reason for my greif...FEAR is a MOTHER! Bent,belittled,beguiled,defaced. bottled,backstabbed,blind sided,erased. Baffled,bothered,befriended,frustrate. Beggerly,babbling,dripping,dropped. I have been slain, by being forgotten!
The Tragedies Within
If lonliness were  tears that fell, then where were you when it rained? if sadness were worth a thousand words, then why cant i explain my pain? the tragedy that has been, and gone now fills my mind again . im lonesome for a woman to hold, and not just to befreind. if beauty is not just skin deep, then how lovely i must be. tears they fall, and words run out,the tragedy is me. please look inside of theese blue eyes. im lonely for some one to see,that lying behind  the blue pools of my mind. is a man yernning to be free fully capeable of being both passionate, and caring. not without logic im sometimes philosophical, and even wise. ever longing for the slightest of efforts in freeing me from what lie deep down inside of... the tragedy within
I Wrote This For My Ex...
Butterfly   Butterfly, butterfly where might thou be, aloft beneath the skies of blue, or simply mingling? Butterfly, butterfly how much you mean to me. So deep are my cares for you , yet see you do I so scarcely. Butterfly, butterfly when will you come unto me again ? Butterfly, butterfly where might you choose to land ? Butterfly, butterfly why do I frighten thee ? Butterfly, butterfly how could I capture one so free ? Butterfly so beautifully you spread your graceful wings, fanning at the flora grown from seas of blue to fields of green . Butterfly so majestic that winds are swept at such great strength , enough to turn this earthen wealth upon the axis whereby we lean. O butterfly how resplendently you have attained this awe of mine, an yet I yearn wholly in hope to see you from time to time. Butterfly I lay in wait betwixt the flowers of spring, perspirating below the sun-praying that my patience be blessed by both a visit from you, and the cool breath of a comforting breez
EVERLASTING Even as a child I knew that you were there: At a time when i was forced to hide you were the only one that  I could tell. As I grew higher, as I grew up tall you never left me stranded, you never left me at all. you were always by my side,and when I thought that you were gone, you were following behind me making sure that i didnt fall. Covered by your armour, wrapped up in your loving arms, I stood right before you Lord especially when I thought that I walked alone. He will never leave me nor forsake me, not even when I have fallen prey to sins, no matter how unruly or angered that I have been, and even when I tried escaping from his everlasting will, the Lord my GOD did not forsake me for I belong to him. According to the scriptures nothing can seperate us from his  eternal love, not a fowl flying above us nor the sinfull flesh that i do so loathe, not a creeping thing come crawling, not a boistrous wind. for this faith that I have recieved from my dear Lor
D.n.a. Said No! But My Heart Said Yes...
Every childs laughter reminds me of the one that i thought to be mine. every smiling face every bit of chatter from a little one leads me to think of who it was left behind. Why do I feel so emotionaly unstable as if a part of me is not at home? Why do I feel as though i have commited some kind of abandon? when D.N.A. said "to me she did not belong." Why am I so mournful? Why do I still feel so unclear? Why am I still crying? wanting Karleigh Hope to be so near. Why do I miss so much who I cant see? Why do I so badly need to from her to hear? Is it all just my imagination, or are these feelings that i feel for real? Am I just holding on to what has gone terribly wrong, or am I wrong for having dissapeared? I still see her beautiful face shining brightly, i can still hear her adorable laughter in my ears. I still want to sing lulabies for her hold her close and tell her Daddy loves you dear. I still want to change your diapers. I want to be there when you ill.
Haunted: What ever I do thoughts of her stay with me. where ever I have gone my heart continues gripping, holding tight onto a love that leaves me useless. When the thoughts of her arise I am left naked ,and defenseless. with no safe place to hide, how can I unearth prevention? If I can not escape why then do I still seek evasion? How much further, how much faster need I go to gain some kind of  distance? Is this my lot in life to reflect on her throughout my whole existence?
a lot of people spell love with lies...hearts flutter bend and shake quickened by a wicked word of untruth that is so wanted by the believer to be believed. blind eyes can deafen wanting ears - dreamers of a dreams lose touch with realities hands, all in the name of wanting to be wanted by that special somebody, we lose the ability to determine the difference between love and lie...
twiddle the thumbs, in search for some thing to do check the email again to see if any one has thought of you, maybe ill watch a movie, or listen to some tunes, but no matter what you are doing boredom is bound to ensue...
Another Thought
sometimes a smile is just so worth the kiss that a man such as i would chance nearly any risk...climb the highest mountains scale the tallest walls, dive the deepest depths or brave the strongest tides of all...why oh why is she so tempting me to strive... when lord when will her lips belong to and when will i win the chance of starring into deep her eyes close enough to kiss those sweet lips that fill me up with such strong desires...
Poem Called Paw.
I cling to what i can, things that make me want to live. i hold on tight as i can grip, hoping that i wont slip. it is hard to live when lifes been what it has, so i hold on tight to what i can ....emptiness is what i hold on tight to what ever keeps me sane...when all you have to hope for is your grip, it is so much easier to begin to slip. so i hold on tight to that which i have to behold... in hope of keeping grip upon this life thats letting go
Just An Observation
The leaf dances as rains stike the ground. tiny civilizations move in leaps and move in bounds, scuttling they forage searching for places to hide, within a forrest of grasses fallen foliage, dirts, and rocks alike... take to a new position little parts of life. await for the newness that a new rains end shall devise.
Poem Called Missing
This is the one that was left behind, wishing that he were able to look into your beautiful blue eyes. I am the man lost in the terrible grief, of having been robbed of the sweetest of dreams. I lay awake starring at the pictures of you burned into my mind. I stare at the shame that I simply can not hide. I die night and day, again and again. I suffer beneath the weight of loving you with no chance of escaping. It is like I dove into a body of water that froze as i fell in, as i turned about to try returning the ice it kept me within. So here i am still drowning while i wait to completely freeze. I am breathless...! I am shaking...! I am helpless...! I am in much to deep...You...Still...I...Need...!
A Poem For An Old Friend
I have seen the stars amidst the moon lit skies reflect upon the oceans waves. I have witnessed the heavens join together with saltwater tides in the act of pushing sands to cover over my feet. I have felt the stinging air of a swift ocean wind as it pelted me with a beaches debris, but rarely in my life have I felt such a high as I felt when you hugged tightly me. When you spoke with me I cared not for any other conversations, your attentive ears were rivaled only by that of your splended speach, and into your eyes I was drawn as your expressive face erased everyone in this world but we. With such great energy you possesed my attention, compelled me to frolic and play as once i had in my youth, you jiggled my fat, and you rode upon my back, all the while tugging at my hearts reigns.
Summer daze-beneath a blue skies haze, a fuzzy feeling-an unwelcome cry, as if remorseful for the summers that have already died . Every year it is the same old thing, caterpillar covered trees: but I am the tree-they eat upon my leafs-just leave me be, setting me free from this caterpillar problem having being. A summer’s breeze tears at dead branches leafs, while a deeply rooted me- watches in disbelief . Here I have grown-here I can not remain, if I could only move-could just move to break free, I would shake these caterpillars far away from me. Twenty two year old roots: have bound me to this place. Longing for someone to transplant me some place safe. problems arise as quickly as they part- I would gladly shed my skin, to find my one true heart . I would give up all my limbs-all my leaves, and every piece of bark. All to find that at the heart of me lay a caterpillar covered heart.
So Cold
Crowded streets are cleared away one by oneHollow heroes separate as they runYou're so cold, keep your hand in mineWise men wonder while strong men dieShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIf you find your family don't you cryIn this land of make believe, dead and dryYou're so cold but you feel aliveLay your hand on me one last timeShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIt's alrightIt's alrightIt's alright
Recap Of Last Week
Thursday night I  ate some fried chicken with their "special receipe sauce"  that apparently I was allergic to.  Bumps developed on the back of my neck and scalp and itching started that night. I woke up to patches of hives and severe itching all over my body. The doctor gave me a steriod shot on Friday and called in a percription steriod if that didn't work. It didn't. Steriods and itching on Saturday and Sunday but it was subsiding. I got a call at 4 a.m. on Monday that my mother had passed away. Happy Valentine's Day. Three days of steriods apparently affects your sleep. I laid in bed until 3:30 a.m. before falling asleep on Monday/Tuesday morning. I normally wake up at 5:30 a.m. I spent Tuesday dealing with the side effects of these steriods which felt like an overdose of cocaine. (yes, I have) Sweats, chills, wrapped in blankets but still could not fall asleep. I stopped taking the steriods today and I feel almost normal.    So, how was your week? 
Blog Worthy?
I just got an email from KFC announcing that they are celebrating Black History Month....   What's next? Will I get emails from Newport as well?
Issues On Gay Marriages
Well I guess I'm headed to Hell in a homemade hand basket made by Aunt B. just with my marriages alone. People look at religion for everything, God please get me thru this and I promise " blah blah blah" ..... Countless wars & bloodshed all in the name of "God" babies born and died within a few hours, days,months cus of a disease or other factor that we have no cure, so innocent children die and people say " it was Gods way, or his plan. No you don't carry a life inside you for 9 mths to have someone tell you that BS. It's not a plan life is screwed up, yeah you can't stop everything that happens, but don't put everything on GOD, he didn't make a full scale plan to kill a baby. SHYT HAPPENS!!! A drunk driver can hit a kid, go to jail and in a yr or too he gets let out on parole " cus he found god" and he honestly believes god forgave him for killing an innocent child, but what do you hear at funerals when someone dies by the hands of another " god has a plan, or god does things in myst
DeceitJust like a vampireYou sucked me inBeauty hid your dark intentionsHeavenly scentLingered in my noseMelodic voiceSet my heart aflutterWith each exquisite syllableSplendidly beautiful faceConsumed me like a drugMost alluring of lipsInvited me in for kissesLeft me weak in the kneesWild with desirePassionate encounters beyond compareYour seduction is completeI close my eyes, you are all I seeYou have me at your mercyAll your talk of soul matesYou’ve no soul to be foundIt’s too late, my heart to you is boundAll you wanted was my life bloodNow you bleed me dryToss me asideNext victim already in sight SMF
Application For Og
**********PLEASE EMAIL YOUR APPLICATION AND ATTACHED PHOTO TO:********** Cam Girl Application: Your Fubar Name: Link to your profile: Link to your VERIFIED salute: Yahoo Messenger Id: Experience in Fubar lounges: Are you banned in any Fubar Lounges? If so, Why? Time frame you are usually on Fubar: Do you take comments personally or Get offended easily? If so, What kind of comments? Must be willing to participate in games and events in the lounge. MUST SUMBIT AN UN-PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE OF YOURSELF. MUST BE WILLING TO COME IN THE LOUNGE MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. Note: This is an NSFW Lounge. We allow nudity on cam. It is not required, however showing a little skin is appreciated. People often take screen shots of what happens on cams. If you are only planning on coming in once in a blue moon, please do not apply. We take care of our staff, and if someone just so happens to bother you, it will be handled. We reserve the right to refuse employment if
Real Friendship
once i thought that geeks and normies were all the same people....Boy was I wrong. geeks think they know it all and they think they are better than someone else just because they have more knowledgwe than the other person. then they take advantage of that person's weaknesses,thinking they are having fun and not doing any harm at all to that person!! well I have news for the geeks'vs' the normies on fubar...This crap is a boldfaced lie!! You are a fool and an outkast if you take advantage of someones weaknesses,make fun of them and the like. it shows that a geek will be a geek forever and that they have no self worth because they care less for others and their feelings!! they are selfish in many ways that hurt others but might be generous in other ways. I think that is an abuser's and a geeks way of keeping a leash on their victums!!! So for all you geeks out there who think they got it good...and know it all??? You really do not mean anything to me,and I could care less what the ge
Are You Free Like Me?
are you free like me? do you see what you see? do you hear what you hear? im free as can be. i see through my eyes i hear only me... you cant penatrate my mind i wish you were free like me its a shame..
Meh Just Something I Wrote To Put On
Graveyard Of Heros By Shane Ross   this is my first time writing something im going to show other people so please if you have any ideas that could help me feel free to let me know my story is about 4 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers who lived and died on reach i hope you enjoy it   logan-team leader Kyle-riflemen mac- sniper shane-heavy weapons   august 30th 2552 outskirts of new Alexandria "So this is it "Mac said looking at the mass of covenant troops that stretched for as far as the eye could see "We make our stand in this bunker surrounded by thousands of grunts and brutes led by a few hundred elites well id say we've hit the jackpot boys this is our ticket straight to hell" " If im going to hell mac then im taking as many of those bastards with me " replied shane as he went back to reloading his rocket launcher and checking to see how much ammo he had for his assault rife "i got 6 clips left for this thing how about you guys" kyle looked at him " iv got 5 clips for my D
Milkman And The Blonde
Milkman and the Blonde JUST WHEN I THINK I'VE HEARD THE "BEST BLONDE JOKE" EVER, ALONG COMES ONE LIKE THIS! A blonde heard that baths in milk would make her beautiful. She left a note for her milkman to leave 25 gallons of milk. When the milkman read the note, he felt there must be a mistake. He thought she probably meant 2.5 gallons. So he knocked on the door to clarify the point. The blonde came to the door and the milkman said, "I found your note asking me to leave 25 gallons of milk. Did you mean 2.5 gallons?" The blonde said, "No, I want 25 gallons. I'm going to fill my bathtub up with milk and take a milk bath so I can look young and beautiful again." The milkman asked, "Do you want it pasteurized?" The blonde said, "No, just up to my tits. I can splash it on my eyes."
Music Projects Online
I've put both projects online on myspace with several songs   Black Metal project: Acoustic/Atmospheric project: All writing, playing, recording and mixing done by myself   Please check it out and let me know what you think
Never Making The Same Mistake For Anyone Again
back in June 29 2009 i ended up pulling a knife on this guy who was my ex roommate for hitting my now ex gf i told him i would kill him if he did it again blinded by rage and poor judgmental i almost took his life he ended up calling the cops on me the man is 33 years old and he is alot more fucked up then i am and  he was off his meds my family was in danger and iam sorry but most cops don't give a flying fuck when you do call them at least in my experience that's what i have learn from when i called them before in the past specially in mesa and they either just write a report or they just think its a joke   i had my grandma who was living with me at the time my dog and 4 cats i was not going to just stand by and watch him do what ever i realize it was poor judgment but no one in my same shoes would not do the same thing   i was facing prison for my act even tho it was in self defensive i was facing 2.5 years   since they lower my charge i now am on probation for 3 years they s
The Best Defense To Ft Is Found This Time
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The secret side of me, I never let you see I keep it caged but I can't control it So stay away from me, the beast is ugly I feel the rage and I just can't hold it   It's scratching on the walls, in the closet, in the halls It comes awake and I can't control it Hiding under the bed, in my body, in my head Why won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?   I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin I must confess that I feel like a monster I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun I must confess that I feel like a monster   I, I feel like a monster I, I feel like a monster   My secret side I keep hid under lock and key I keep it caged but I can't control it 'Cause if I let him out he'll tear me up, break me down Why won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?   I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin I must confess that I feel like a monster I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun I must confess that
Ugg Boots Are The Branded Names
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So the fuck what? I am an inept, incompetent assgarb, got a problem with that?
Replica Rolex Datejust Watches- Never Out Of Fashion
  Lots of humans are absorbed in adorning themselves with as abundant bling and hip-hop adornment as accessible these days, and Rolex Replicated watches_Rolex Replica watches_rolex watches will absolutely be able to fit the bill area such a appearance is wanted. With advances in technology the manufacturers of aboriginal watches are application added foolproof technologies to avert their watches from getting copied. But then, the manufacturers of Rolex Datejust Replica Watches are aswell application the aforementioned technology to accomplish their Rolex Datejust Replica Watches and appropriately these timepieces are exact replicas of the original. There are endless humans who accept been able with these Rolex Datejust Replica Watches and ar e cutting them with pride, but they do not apperceive that they are not originals. You are aswell assured that the Rolex Replicated watches_Rolex Replica watches_rolex watches plan as able-bodied as the aboriginal Rolex Datejust does. So what if
About Ulysse Nardin And Rolf W. Schnyder
   Some of the Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_Ulysse Nardin watches_ulysse nardin el toro replica produ ced with Schnyder at the helm include the trilogy of astronomical watches crated in 1985. The famed Astrolabium Galileo Galilei has a clear relationship between time and the heavenly bodies in space that determine time on Earth. The complex trilogy has the added fame of being entered in The Guinness book of Records.   speaking of the luxury goods market, Schnyder is adamant that there are two categories: mass luxury and luxury for ladies. “Technically, luxury means that you don’t really need it, and Ulysse Nardin falls within the niche luxury market” he says of the watch brand which is known amongst a circle of high profile society members worldwide. “In our world, there are not so many mechanical watch making companies with their own innovations” he says. “Tradition alone does not make a watch. A lot of makers who are in Switzerland would probabl
Darkness Surrounding
Darkness coats us.The smell of fall.Changing season.The graveyard is alive, black cat across my path,the chill of cold wind, the breath of the dead.Imprisoned souls.Trapped for eternity.Black crows break the silence.The garden of the dead s alive tonight and you can't stop it.Just enjoy it.Open up your mind and you will feel it too.The sound, the touch, the thoughts, that you've been so blind to.You can feel the thoughts of the dead.Feeling the thoughts of the dead.True or false, it's still there, teaching me.True or false, still there, teaching me.You can feel it tonight.The wood has rotted away.Take the time absorb it.Their time is slipping away.Stone all carved by hand.Statues that resemble their faces.They still breathe.Come join us.Smell the burning ember's, time flickering away.Timeless but soon gone.Timeless but soon gone.I can find myself, alone with just my thoughts.As time crumbles away.As I crumble away.
Landmark Pigs
so, on the way to take evan to daycare one morning....   I was driving along one of the three roads that lead from the town i live in and the next town over. After coming over a hill, I see several lumps on the horizon. Getting closer I see these lumps are actually pigs.    Pigs are not cute and charming like Babe. They're huge fuckers and hitting one could lead to severe injury and car damage. It could possibly lead to a lot of free bacon but since I don't eat it, it wasn't really worth the trouble. Instead, I proceeded slowly until the car was surrounded by oinkers and I was forced to stop. Logically, I called 911.    "911, what's your emergency?"   "Yes, I'm stopped on Lake Douglas road between Bainbridge and Climax and my car is surrounded by pigs. I guess they must have gotten out of their pen."   "The pigs are in the road?"   "Yeah, and someone needs to put them up before they cause a wreck. They're pretty big. Someone could die."   At this point, some of the pigs
Waxing My Nut Sack
ouch! do they soak your nuts in icewater before putting on the wax and yanking the hair? please pay me no mind. just thinking out loud and wondering. lol
Everybody has a favorite movie. I have movies that I HAVE to watch when they come on no matter how many times I've seen them. 1. RoadHouse 2. Urban Cowboy 3. Mommie Dearest 4. Face Off 5. Wizard of Oz 6. Gone in 60 Seconds 7. Gone with the Wind
Dressed Resplendently - Formal And Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dress
Weddings are consistently a great excuse to invest just that small little a great deal more on formal evening gowns, suits and outfits which will most likely be put on for just that one time. apart in the bride, the mother of the bride will also must be dressed resplendently. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses whilst most outfits are created with the more youthful person, there are boutiques which have formal evening put on specifically catered with the mothers of the brides. Mother of the bride outfits do not must be matronly in look, even although created for more mature ladies who are normally of their 40s and older. Discount wedding dresses As for most fashions for more mature women, mother of the bride apparel styles highlight elegance and glamour above other style aspects. Just such as the bride's wedding gowns, mother of the bride outfits differ from design and style to design. Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses probably the most typical design and style that is each timeless and
Update On Kelly!
Last washout surgery was tonight . When they did this washout they found no infection in the muscles, skin or the tissue. However, I have to assume the infection in the bone is still there..but since no infection anywhere else it pretty much means it is now dormant. With 3-6 months of anti biotics via IV it should pretty much assure that this is going to remain dormant.Since there was no infection, pus or drainage they were able to put on some kind of biolayered graph that is suppose to get sucked into the arm and grow or attach to the arm and then as long as it takes..which he said with an exposed bone sometimes they do and others they do not...then they would be able to do a skin graph and cover that up.She has probably at the most 4-5 days more in the hospital at which time they will check to see if this graph is taking.I find it amazing that 24 hrs after they removed her teeth the infection is gone...Makes me believe that the infection was coming from the infected teeth and once re
Dressed Resplendently - Formal And Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dress
Weddings are consistently a great excuse to invest just that small little a great deal more on formal evening gowns, suits and outfits which will most likely be put on for just that one time. apart in the bride, the mother of the bride will also must be dressed resplendently. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses whilst most outfits are created with the more youthful person, there are boutiques which have formal evening put on specifically catered with the mothers of the brides. Mother of the bride outfits do not must be matronly in look, even although created for more mature ladies who are normally of their 40s and older. Discount wedding dresses As for most fashions for more mature women, mother of the bride apparel styles highlight elegance and glamour above other style aspects. Just such as the bride's wedding gowns, mother of the bride outfits differ from design and style to design. Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses probably the most typical design and style that is each timeless and
Why Valentine's Day? Why do we need one day?To show someone loves. Hugs, Kisses, and Caresses... Little gestures of love.Flowers, candy, and jewelry... Little tokens of love. Does it really matter? Why only one time a year? Romantic evenings, Heart felt words...Why do I need only one day a year? Valentine's DayWhy this day to show you? What you mean to me. When there are 364 other days... I can do the same. So why valentine's Day?
    Reminded of time spent, each time I look at my skin. Pretty marks on my inner thighs, take me back to where I've been.   Feeling the torture of his palm, pain and pleasure mixed with sin. With his fingers acting as bow, He plays my clit, the violin.   He strokes harder as I moan. My thighs feel the sensation of pins. Juices flowing freely now, I float away as my head spins.   Fingers dipped in deep, Not wanting this to end. With complete abandon, I explode. He continues...I cum again!
Me Again
Far Away   In stars at night and children's eyes There is a land within that lays Dungeons, dragons, maidens fare Knights, and castle's in the air Where evil fights and good guys win Where hidden secretes lay within Magic is the source of power Midnight is the witching hour In my heart I always long To live a time where I belong Riding on towards the sunset Where new challenges will be met King Arthur and his Lancelot In battles with Black Knights they fought They find the golden laden chest Then does end another quest But will be more stories told Of Maidens fare and Knights so bold In stars at night and children's eyes There is a land within that lays  
Her Story
It was the beginning of a new year. She always reflected on her life during this time. The previous year brought forth changes in her that was a long time coming. Not just in her relationships but in her core. Because of her past, she had a hard time with love and she settled for less than she deserved for a long, long time.In September, she realized how her actions have affected her kids -which were her world- and vowed to date but not let anyone close to her or them again. They deserved so much more than the 2 men that she had brought into their life in the past 4 years. To her, it was a small price to pay to have a happy family again.She decided to join a dating site, not because she was looking for love but more for the companionship that she missed in a relationship. There were several times over the months she was on it that she just could not understand why these incredibly attractive men were attracted to her. She many times would find a way to not date when asked
Is It So Wrong?
A friend of mine had a question, and maybe it will be seen here.  Is it so wrong if a person puts the opposite gender's photo, if the actual gender is listed?
Storms 1
Dark clouds cover the sky, I hear thunder rolling, Lightning dips the black forest in light. For a moment I can see every leaf Shaking in the wind. A frightened rabbit darts into his hole. The first raindrops start to fall; I need to find shelter, too. I begin to run And the storm unleashes its full force on me. It drums on my face and shoulders, Like a punishment for an unknown offense. My fingers are already numb from the cold; I can hardly stand anymore. Close by I can make out a lightened window. Tripping over a fallen tree in my hurry I have to give myself over to the storm
I am going to ask you to just tell me some songs that i could down load (If I dont already have them) in a few of your fav types of music.. This will kinda serve as a request blog for Area 51 to get a better Idea of what people want to hear..   so, take a moment to list a few songs by artist and title for me.  and I will be sure to get more music that people want to here.   as you were
13 days and I will be in Vegas to see my hunnie. So excited. can't wait. First time on a plane here we come lol. Not sure what to expect in Vegas. Cept a damn good time.
Muslim Women And Sharia Law
20 years from now, I will be in Heaven --bye !!  This was written by a woman born in Egypt as a Muslim.This is not hearsay, and it will scare the life out of you. Make sure you read the paragraph (in red) towards the end.Joys of Muslim WomenBy Nonie DarwishIn the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this child.Consummating the marriage by 9.The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave)And for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy.Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce.To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry.The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives 'at will' and he does not have to say why he has beaten her.The husband is permitted to have (4 wi
Under the fainting tree, She sat there, On this darkened, gloomy day, The clouds so burned, They turned to ashes, Silently they drifted by, Slowly and un-noticeably, She sat there still, The clouds illuminating it's darkness, Its shadows below upon the softened earth, It laid out the shortness of its breath, Yet she sat there still, Crackling of thunder and flashes of lightning, The air began to weep its voice, And the sky began to fall, It cried, It sobbed drops of burning tears, As it fell from above, It coloured and drowned, All that it touched, Into the deepest blue, Into the blackest dew, Into the greyish view, And still she sat there, Staring at the monuments, The eeriness of the crosses, Which made her unable to move, That took her thoughts away, That made her stay, Its coldness, Its fraileness when felt, She sat and stared, Feeling the saddened soil beneath her fingers, The absorbence of life being takened away, How everything was
Women And Money
Laurie Anderson: Women and Money PozLotus | Myspace Video
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson: Women and Money PozLotus | Myspace Video
Books In My Hands This February The Doldrums Of Winter...spring Only One Ides Away..
What I've Just Finished:   The Cathedral Of The Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones.  A heavy, thick, and gorgeously jacketed novel, written by a Barcelona author and translated from continental Spanish, this story takes us to 12th century Barcelona and the true story of the building of one of the most important cathedrals in Spain, through the life of a single man whose lifetime coincides with, and is intertwined with, the construction of the Cathedral Of The Sea. Fascinating.. gripping.. and enlightening.. I could not put it down, and would never have known that this book was not written in English originally, so skillful is the translation.   Edenborn, by Nick Sagan. If the author's name sounds familiar.. yes, he is the son of Carl Sagan, famed astronomer, author of Cosmos and Contact, and founder of SETI, the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Edenborn is the second in a post-apocalyptic series.. an Earth devastated by plague and now inhabited by a grand total of less than two do
ok so I been out of tuoch.  little background left the active duty side of the army for the resererves, to become a drill sergeant. which is cool. got a civvie job and lost it looking for new job.  been in florida on the gulf coast near sarasota for the last month now back in ga for reserve drill this weekend.   Oh yeah by the way the spouse ups and tells me she wants a divorce which really honestly been a long time coming.  ok fine. Also she wants me out of the house which ok i understand, by the end of the week next week.  Some times it feels like I cant get a win and am fighting one of my drepressive states because of it all.  But there is good news I havent tried to drown my sorrows away, so I am OK.  Put on a smile and say "FUCK EM"
Books That Wound And Stab Us, Part 1
“This, however, was not done out of any wicked desire to keep people ignorant.  The feeling which prompted the heretic hunters of that day was really a very kindly one.  They firmly believed – nay, they knew – that this life was but the preparation for our real existence in the next world.  They felt convinced that too much knowledge made people uncomfortable, and hence to perdition.  A mediaeval Schoolman who saw one of his pupils stray away from the revealed authority of the Bible and Aristotle, that he might study things for himself, felt as uncomfortable as a loving mother who sees her young child approach a hot stove.  She knows that he will burn his little fingers if he is allowed to touch it and she tries to keep him back, and if he will only obey her, she will be as good to him as she possibly can be.”   To the best of my knowledge, the history/social science teachers I had in high school – Mr. Rutherford in tenth grade, Ms. Balsamo in eleventh,
Fu-hubby Application
WILL YOU FU-MARRY ME? Thanks for taking the time to fill out this application. You can send your responses to me via message on Fubar. Name:____________________________________________ Age:_____________________________________________ DOB:_____________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________ _________________________________________________ What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ What was your longest previous relationship and why did it end?__________________________________ _________________________________________________ Complete this sentence: "I want my relationship with my future fu-wife to be ____________________ ________________________________________________" Tell me about the best sex you ever had. Where? When? Why? ____________
Another Fubar Haiku. Inspired By Most Ladies On The Site.
I'm a Fubar whore See my nasty little snatch Bling pack gets you in
A Fubar Haiku. Inspired By Most Ladies On The Site.
Wanna see my tits?You have to buy me FuBlingFu whores are not cheap
My V-day, Oh It Sucked Ass
Hope everyone had a better V-day, than I did. I started my day off @ school which was good, but I spent ALL day waiting for Den to say or do something NEVER HAPPENED!  he say" Happy V-day"  and" Love you" to some bimbo from imvu but not his real wife..ahhh I'm so f*cken pissed off..then late last night we r sitting in our living room with our laptops he goes to get him self a bowl of ice cream and starts eating it n front of me.... I was like wtf he could have asked me if I want some but NO that be like he was showin he cares and we cant be having that , now can we?I fell so stupid for caring sooo much and I know what you all will say" just leave him" but I cant right now bc I have no job and everything thats money now a days. love ya 
How was everyones Valentines Day? I went out and had some quality time sunday, it was fun! yes.. mmmhmmm.  So anyways, it seemed like fubar was a ghost town on the day for lovers. If you dont know already, and im sure you do from all my status messages about it, my Area 51 lounge is up and running. We have myself, Peacey and a certain other streamer you all know. When he is on air, you might recognize his streaming data name, but apparently he has been forced underground on fu... and DJ P (amongst other names, he changes his sn as much as witchie does lol) I am streaming right now and I am all alone in Area 51 :( anywho, come in and listen with me
That Was Singapore
The flight over was fabulous as we got four seats to ourselves and managed a bit of a sleep. Ashley was super excited as she had big plans for our arrival in Singapore, what she wasn’t expecting was the furious heat that melted her face as she got out of the airport. Oh by the way in the airport as I collected my bag, I slipped on some vodka from a broken duty free bag (not mine I don’t buy booze anywhere) and almost did the splits in my flip flops. Ashley turned round and there I was legs akimbo holding onto a trolley. I survived.   Just so you know whilst am writing this blog in the hotel lounge of the Ibis- there is a musical combo making me sad. She is ‘quirky’ (which you know I hate, nobody should wear fat Mary Jane shoes over the age of ten) and he is a bad guitarist who is prone to sticking out his tongue in a ‘look at me being cheeky’ when in fact he is really bad on the strings and she sounds like a owl being sexually assaulted in a sack w
What Is This Love.
What Is This Love?      With each new life experience,  The more certain I am that love creates lunatics!  How can a single emotion cause such profound madness?  Love makes you do and utter things that you swore you never would  Love makes you dance like a trained organ monkey on the street…  Begging and hustling for some spare change and a smile  What is this word called love that turns grown, robust men into babbling idiots?  Can the mere touch of a woman’s tender hand alter the mind of a renaissance man into a drooling toddler?  Many say that the power of a pen and paper is mightier than the sword  But this force named love can stop a raging river from advancing down a mountain spring!  How can such an emotion free a person’s soul…  Yet capture a man’s heart in it’s clenched grasp?  A man in love is a brilliant fool  Love does n
Ewww!!! Its A Dude!!!
For a while there I was on foot.Fresh out of jail,long hair swaying out from under this constant do-rag I wear (I even sleep in this mutherfucker ok?) Anyway,Im strutting up to the store about a mile down this highway from my house-After awhile i noticed people giving me these turn around looks like they looking for something in my face.Ok so,im blind right? Adjust with my glasses and soon enough, I hear this pickup slow down and Im watchin-and out the back window this young guy is all staring hopefully and his face goes from hopefull to horror to looking like he is going to puke his guts out. Suddenly it hits me-Baggy jeans swaying long red hair-Guys think im a chick from behind but when they get a load of this face they cant help but puke.I get lotsa satisfaction from this and it might help if just one-ONE would stop and offer to ethier shake my hand or start a fistfight rather than run off,beacuse these are the same pukes I had to beat off of my little sister in Highschool.Sadly th
A Passion For Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches
  Schnyder’s life has been a roller coaster ride of great experiences. After opting to travel to Asia on a frequent basis, he initially decided to venture into a company producing watch components in Kuala Lumpur. “Many people get confused between Precima and Ulysse Nardin” says Schnyder. “It is a totally separate company and I founded Precima in 1974” he adds. “It was a great experience and contrary to what people say, you can’t make all the parts in a watch yourself” says Schnyder of Precima. “However, I found my true passion lay in Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_replica Ulysse Nardin_Ulysse Nardin watches and had to let go of Precima” he adds.    Aside from timepieces, the talented owner and president of Ulysse Nardin who calls Kuala Lumpur home, reveals a second passion – for Asia. “I had always dreamed of Asia when I was young and that was what made me decide to apply for a position with the Diethelm Company,
Unequalled Excellence With Omega Seamaster Timepieces
  If you are looking for a water resistant watch then be amazed at what Omega brings you. omega seamaster watches_replica Omega Seamaster_ Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive and 300M Chronometer are water resistant watches that can take you up to 1000 feet or 300 meters deep in water. The Omega Seamaster 300 M Chrono Dive has a window that will remind you the day of the month. Th is is usually located on the 3 o’clock or the 6 o’clock position in the dial. In addition to its normal function on telling the hour, minutes and seconds, it is designed with a Chronograph responsible for measuring short time periods. A screw-in- crown or self locking crown is screwed inside the tube of the case. It as well has a Helium Escape Valve which would allow helium to escape out of the watch after being under water or used in pressure chambers. A steel case is used in the omega seamaster watches_replica Omega Seamaster_ Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive. It is designed with a domed anti-re
Death Of A Fantasy....
Death of a Fantasy     For so long,I clung to a visionof what it would be like to layin your be held closeagainst your chest,safe in your steady breathing.For so long,I played over the fantasyin my heartand taking my hand,pulling me close,slowly undressing me,wiping away my tear!For so long,I held the image closeof you touching my lips,caressing my neck,exploring me soft touch,one smooth stroke,one gently ultimate melding of two!For sooo, sooooo fantasy oflove, desire,being wanted,being cherished.....kept me whole,kept me sane,kept my sexualityALIVE....INTACT!!!For oh, oh so long.....BUT.....Fantasy and reality,rarely mix,rarely match,rarely exist in the samerealms of the mind.....and the truthwas persistant, demanding recognition...screaming for the fantasyto acknowledgewhat really was.YOU took my hand,shoved it down your pants,pushed meto my knees,removed my clothes roughlydemanded I open my mouth....
How Do I Say Goodbye.....again??
How Do I Say Goodbye....Again?     For years upon years,I clung to the hopethat fate wouldlay me finallyin your arms,and then you'd take me...mind, body,and soul!The day has come.The years of wanting,waiting,simply gone now.I laid in your arms,allowed youto take me, mind,body....but it was NOT fate,and my soulis left bleedingalone.Along time ago,when things were different,when things were sane,when things meant somethingreal to each of us,but in our own ways,a goodbye was voiced...a heart was devastated,a mind crumbled,a soul pulled the piecesback together again...Soo, so much of medied the day youwalked out of my life,leaving behind only broken promises and empty words of how lifewould go on for everyone,that things would work out as they this wasn't an endingbut a new beginningto be written....yet my tears never dried,my desires for youto hold me neverfaded away,and I was never the sameonce you were gone!BUT...Should fate now be blamed,for me accidentally finding you
More Writing
Blade cuts watch the blood drip down Down in depression wearing this frown Frown on the inside but outside a smile Smile while I walk this lonely mile Mile I walk carrying this pack of stone Stone I carry by myself and all alone Alone while in the crowded place Place of despar without a face
My Writing
Walking down the darkend streets Shadows following at my feet Threatening with thier awkward stance I see themloom and reach with every glance Stalking me down they feed my fear Ready to strike they hiss a devilish sneer.
Husband Doesn't Celebrate Valentine's Day?
I've got my valentine...sitting right over there....on the sofa. He loves valentine's day for romance..and.... But this is the second year in a row with no candy. I LOVE chocolate... where's the chocolate love? I love DIAMONDS... LOL Ah well, not trying to get sympathy or anything..just saying.

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