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I had to rewrite this like 3 times when trying to mumm but I just give up now cos mumm making is retarded!

Anyways my topic for the mumm was 'Do we all wanna look caucasian?'


This pertains to women opting for surgeries to make themselves look prettier, smaller nose, lighter skin etc etc.

I was focusing on eyelid surgery, a procedure operated mostly on Asian (Chinese, Viet, Japs, Korean etc) women and men. (Jackie Chan had it done). And it just made me wonder why having a double eye-lid was prettier, I mean honestly I find it prettier too. It makes the eye look bigger and is 'cuter'...I think. HOWEVER double-lids within out ethnicities is not veyr common. Apparently: 'Approximately 75 percent of all Koreans and 50 percent of all other Asians are born without the double eyelid crease.'.

And yea natural double-lids are pretty but the operated ones are really obvious and do not look natural...but they are still regarded as prettier than the natural single lid and is something to aim for.



I mean it's disappointing really that we happen to think that is prettier because it's not exactly great for our cultural pride.

I mean it's not even young generation of insecure girls thinking they want it because of what the mass media is telling them, it's even a few generations back of elders who think that is how we SHOULD look. They always think the paler you are the prettier you are, the bigger your eyes are the prettier you are...There is an argument that the eyelid surgery is not to make the eye seem more caucasian but a nicer version of an oriental eye...but HELLOOOOO most orientals DON'T have that!!!

Does make me wonder...do we subconsciously all just want to look 'white'?

Has the looooong reign and dominance of Western culture made ethnic groups want to assimilate to look like them?????



I have no idea...

But here's the article I was reading.


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