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      I cannot begin in any real way.  There is much to say should some poor soul take an interest in my life.  I could start at the begining but I find not doing so would allow me to place the more relavant and interesting aspects in the forefront.  There are many stories and many events... This is little more than an introduction to these. 

      I think I will place each story individually in this collection of blogs.  So that hopefully by title a given reader will be able to navigate them according to what interests them most.  From the ten year long death of my father, to my regretable engagement and subsequent breakup.  My injuries of youth, and the misdeeds of a drunken and educational High School experience. 



        Now, those issues have been stated, I will continue with the introduction.  A breif explination of my Name.  Ezra Cold.


        There is a movie, that I hope you have seen, called "The Mothman Prophecies"  In which a character or creature called a Mothman is mentioned.  This is a creature of actual urban legend.  It is said to appear before tragic events and can foretell such events.  A being capable of reading the incoming future.  In the movie the Mothman calls the main character and introduces himself as "Indrid Cole".  This was misheard by myself and my friends as "Ezra Cold".   

          I did not simply take the name for the sake of the name.  It was given to me.  My friends called me that as a joke.  I posses the ability, trait, trick whatever you may choose to call it to read people.  This allows me a sense of what will happen to them.  I am OFTEN correct.  This is not something supernatural, and it's not a perfect system.  I simply understand the corrupt being that is Humanity.  You will see why once this blog and all the tales are told.  This has jaded me horribly.  I rarely trust, I often seclude myself in order to preserve what little remains of my core being, and I hide behind humor and wit when I believe the truth of who I am is being revealed. 


          I say this now because I no longer wish to be that way.  I shall expose who I am in this blog.  For all to see.  Because I wish to become a more complete person.  One capable of trust again, capable of healing where I should heal and living as I should live. 




                                My Name Is Ezra Cold, Come into my asylum...

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