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I Am In My First Auction... Come Show Me Love:) Show Me What U Got:)
 Go to the link below.... and show me love... i am in an auction.. MY FIRST auction:) **copy and paste link below and paste in browser**  
Stupid Encounter #61
TooMuch419...: hi sexy 7:58pm TooMuch419...: hello 8:00pm iC51NerdGo...: Hey whats up? 8:01pm TooMuch419...: your hot 8:01pm iC51NerdGo...: Thanks 8:02pm TooMuch419...: what made you stop in i see you are orgy ? 8:02pm iC51NerdGo...: Im a few lounges... someone invited me 8:02pm TooMuch419...: who ? 8:03pm iC51NerdGo...: Sweet Teddy but hes not in there now so i dont know 8:04pm TooMuch419...: he will be here dont leave 8:04pm TooMuch419...: faerie is on cam 1 u can join her if youd like 8:05pm TooMuch419...: imma have this place packed hopefully 8:07pm iC51NerdGo...: right on 8:08pm TooMuch419...: cam 4 me sexy 8:09pm iC51NerdGo...: Im on cam in orgy
One Year Plans, Help Please!
My boyfriend and i will be celebrating our one year in april but im one of those people who likes to plan way in advance so can i get some ideas please and thank you. anything i want it to be really special and cute/sexy. i kinda have a little something planned but i want more ideas please and thank you!?
I see you standing you hold out your hand I place min in yours.   You lead me through the mist only to stop and ask me what I see. As I tell you: my dreams You move closer to tell me: All I have to do is say 'yes'.   You back away but never leaving me. Always watching Always waiting for me to answer.   As I turn to you You already know You start to lead, but place me next to you not allowing me to fall behind   For this how it is to be .. together Next to each other Not in front of the other.
I asked you, could you love me you told me for always.   I asked you. Look into the eye of a dragon to see the untamed heart of a woman You told me you did.   I asked if you could  break the walls of that heart to accept the passion You told me you could.   You tore down the walls, Only to bring them back .. stronger To show you love, you turn your back. To show you strength, you scoff and tell me it's weakness.   Should you find the love of a true heart, Live for that love.   Accept the passion for with passion comes the unbridled love of a woman who has yet to be touched.    
The Devil Left His Bags
You put the devil out, but you let him leave his bags.Never quite looked at it like this before...You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad,but you are still resentful and angry.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of financial debt, but you still can't controlthe desire to spend on frivolous things.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of a bad habit or addiction,but you still long to try it just one more time.You let the devil leave his bags.You said, I forgive you, but you can't seem to forgetand have peace with that person.You let the devil leave his bags.You told your unequally yoked mate that it was over,but you still continue to call.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you're stilltrying to sabotage the company after you've left.You let the devil leave his bags.You cut off the affair with that married man/woman,but you still lust after him/her.You let the devil leave his bags.You broke off your relationship
There has been one that has past.  Though I never new him, he is still a person and should be lifted and cared about.  His family and friends will morn his passing.  At some point during the process they will come to terms.  Those that new him from here mainly let your grief happen.  Everyone deals in different ways and no ones is better or worse than someone elses. You were born of this earth and will die.  That is a harsh fact of life.  though you don't know when, how, or why.  But know that you have touched people.  Living a life the way you choose to live it.  Hopefully to it's fullest, taking not one day for granted.  Being sad is a part of life.  But remembering and allowing that memory to live is a path to happiness.  Looking back on conversations and letting it out.  Yes, it happened and you can't change things.  What you can do is remember, and keep him alive in your thoughts, in your heart, and in your words.   Allow not a harsh word to be spoken, nor a negative thought pa
Cutting The Government the above link and see how much we waste and receive absolutely nothing from it.  I have calculated that of the nine studies thus far, $17.5 trillion could be slashed out of the annual budget.  Of course it would be painful, however, take the savings and apply it to the $14 trillion debt, we would have a surplus of $3.5 trillion realized in the first year.  Interesting?  Imagine, just one more year at the current tax rate.  The following year we could be at 1% of income earned.  Imagine the new jobs and personal spending that would occur.  Life would be great!
When I Die
I'm going to have to keep a list of passwords so when I die, someone I trust will have access to everything. Just thinking out loud.
Huge hugs and stuffs!   Tomorrow is a long doctor day pffft! Also my kitty Sugar loses his balls and Cory's cat Monkey gets her vagina mulitlated..pray they have a safe kitty surgery day!   I want to apologize for involving my friends in drama. I do not do that and hate being involved in it myself. Most of it was for shits and giggles and I refuse to let trash get attention from me any longer. She is using  friends of mine and myself, to get attention she can't get on her own..   Thank you for helping me being a point whore too!     not any longer ~huge hugs~
Is This Normal Life?
Husband said “let’s go into Braehead shopping centre and have a wee walk about” This basically means me and Ashley end up sweaty, tired and bored,  breathing in itchy manufactured air conditioned breezes and we start picking fights with each other.   The whole place smells of processed burgers, ice cream and sticky cotton candy. Ashley isn’t good at clothes shopping.   She laughs loudly and animatedly at dress’s I pick up. I think the style looks fine and then she snorts and gets husband involved “That’s a busy pattern Janey” They both snigger.   “That makes me think am on acid, put it down, dogs will bite you if you wear that” she giggles. Shop assistants hate Ashley as she picks outfits up holds them against her and sings songs like “Don’t stop me now” and dances about like a dick!   Then husband loves a good walk through a sports clothing shop, he doesn’t do sport but he likes bundles of chea
My Personal Life Story
encase of someone of are asking why i re posted this it was because i change a few things and really took the time to really re do everything that has happen to me in my past to let it go also giving you a little insight to me as a person.   let me start this out by saying iam not looking for someone to pity me or feel sorry for me i don't need my ego stroke come to think of it i don't got one but anyways.   iam use to rejection after all my mother rejected me and i feel my father did too and the worst thing is i don't no way nor do i care any more   my father grew up with his dad but his dad never show him affection and me and him act way to much a like if you put us together in a room alone we would more then likely kill one another in fact i took my sword to him once before and mind you the man is 6ft6 iam not really sure on how much he weights tho and he is buff just go to show you i don't back down from no one.   as for my mother like i said she r
My Life... As Dictated By Me ~ Seeing Through Colorful Eyes!
If my life was a portrait, it would show all of my true colors and be etched in gold. If my life was a photograph; it would never get old. If my life was a secret; it would never be told. If my life was a set of arms; it would always have you to hold!
Savior-rise Against
Lyrics to Savior : It kills me not to know this but I've all but just forgotten what the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them as the telling signs of age rain down a single tear is dropping through the valleys of an aging face that this world has forgotten there is no reconciliation that will put me in my place and there is no time like the present to drink these draining seconds but seldom do these words ring true when I'm constantly failing you like walls that we just can't break through until we disappear so tell me now if this ain't love then how do we get out? because I don't know that's when she said I don't hate you boy I just want to save you while there's still something left to save that's when I told her I love you girl but I'm not the answer to the questions that you still have but the day pressed on like crushing weights for no man does it ever wait like memories of dying days that deafen us like hurricanes bathed in flames we held the brand uncurl
The Brittney Jones Sex Tape - 5 Stars Review!
I just watched the Brittney Jones Sex Tape Video Online and gotta say it was pretty HOT!!! I give it 5 Stars!!! Check it out for yourself!
So I was meant to take the stupid effing Clio into a car auction tomorrow, not going for a private sell because the electronics are MESSED up. But I have to DRIVE the stupid car to the auction place, well I was gonna get my mum to drive it then I follow in my Yaris to take her home. Anyway my mum just backed it out of the drive to put in the front (so I won't be blocked in by my brother's car when he comes home) and the car STINKS of burning...rubber/metal or burning car stuff smell. But it's only in REVERSE that it was doing that.   My mum says she isn't going to drive it to the auction house and I hate driving that car anyway. I can't do it in a private sell because it won't go for much. UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH and I dunno whether its worth fixing and then re-selling or just selling it as reduced price.     Anyone know WTF going in reverse would make the bonnet smoke and seem like it's gonna blow up???
Life's Dreams And Goals
Well, here i am 39 yrs old, and still havent reached my goals yet in life. My goals very simply are to start my own cattle ranch and run it with someone i love.  But it seems like these days Cowboys are no longer cool or exciting. I admit, im a little long in the tooth, a little grey hair around the edges, but i do have the passion and fire still left inside my heart, no matter how weak my heart may be.  i am sick of meeting cheaters, game players and liars.  If there is anyone out there who would like a piece of my dreams and goals, and would like to share a good man who is honest, faithful, and DOES NOT CHEAT, then get back to me.. Ps.. I grew up idolizing the show Dallas lol So excuse the Ewing in me lol  
Dearest Father...
Beneath The Skin
Don't love me because my hair is pretty and I look fineLove me when I am at my worst, When I am down and out and need you the mostAm comfortable with me, The untamed mane, the quirksNot tolerating the abusive jerksWith all this emotional baggage I don't wear my heart on my sleeve I can't or I wouldn't be able to breathe I know my short comings and my pitfalls But can you love me, for me And just pretend to be in it for the love and care? Not he who dares to only strip her of her virginity But who will love her the mostThe one who can look past the rags and the bags Under her eyes when she criesThe love that knows no boundsThe type that comes from deep inside, Just trying to hide from that heartbreak And take, take that the world seems to want from us daily, But maybe, Just maybe We can find one another through this fog of reality? I am hereShe is waitingWe are ready.
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Apparently Somantics is my best work yet on this site >>I'd like to thank my viewers.And satan.Who'd have thought that the blog with the MOST crazy robot posts would be the most followed?*scampers off to do more character designs and plot planning*
Polar Plunge Donations!!!
Link to page for donations!!! One of my friends needs your help raising money for the Special Olympics!!! This is about more than giving it is about helping children and adults out that have disability's. I'm not asking for a ton of money all that I'm asking is for my friends to donate $1 which will help out greatly. So dig that change out from the couch and help out. Click on the link above to read more about it. The first donation has been made, I challenge all of my friends to at least donate $1 dollar. DO YOU have what it takes to take on this challenge? Help out the Special Olympics!!! Put a smile on there faces and show them that in this world people do still care!!!
Been a long night. One night i dont ever want again in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people like to trigger others buttons and try to ruin there lives. Well Jess.......I love you with all my heart and soul. You are the reason i breathe everyday. I learned last night exactly how much I love yo.Yes alot of peeps  went on a search party and im sorry. but this blog is dedicated to you...The future MS Peacock. I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow . My days of emptiness are gone for good.Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise. You're the last thing I think of Each night when I close my eyes. You're in each thought I have And every breath I take. My feelings are growing stronger With every move I make. I want to prove I love you But that's the hardest part. So, I'm giving all I have to give To you... I give my heart. Without you life has no importance
The Glow Radio Sunday's
Sunday on The Glow Radio: The DJ Joe D Show is live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute. The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content & Novelty Songs of the Week. at 7am Pacific/9am Central/10am Eastern Next is "Acoustic Sunday" with Tony the Misfit at 9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/Noon Eastern DJ Kellie Khaos is next with "Sock Hop Sunday's" featuring a Oldie's Mix of music  at Noon Pacific/1pm Mountain/2pm Central/3pm Eastern Next is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock Show featuring 80's, 90's, Hard Rock, & Metal Music at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central/6pm Eastern next up is "Thee Witch" The Mistress of Goth, Hard Rock, & Metal Music  at 6pm Pacific/8pm Cent
Add the year you were born, for an example 67, and your age or how old you will be this year, in this example 44. The number will always be 111. Weird huh? NSFW because I know you swear a lot
The Thousand Year Snake (concluded?)
The trail was either cold or never there.No flattened grass, no slick trampled mud.Why couldn't it ever be a thousand years in the desert on a day with no wind, downwind and downhill?He felt the earth, tasted it, pleaded with it, threatened it a few times, but to no avail. The mountain was on the snake's side.All he could do was calculate the trajectory and make an educated guess based on the creature's size and destination. The fact that there was no trace meant that he was aware of Alorid's presence... but why be so cautious and leave the skin in plain sight?Almost as if the damn thing was taunting him. Waving a sign of his failure in front of him of his nose.It was almost as if the snake was laughing at him.Or was it the mountain?Snakes are rumored to be pleasureless, unfeeling murderous things.Perhaps that's why it wanted to become a dragon.They at least have two emotions Alorid had seen, a smug sense of pride and anger.In the language of dragons, snake meant cold brother. If this
Club Wrat Headliner Happy Hour
Something interesting happened on Friday. I came home to find a note scribbled on a scrap of paper from my son. Apparently I won something from a local rock station, 95.9 WRAT (The Rat). Here's the note I got: By the time I got home and called the number, they were gone for the weekend. I'm not sure if the happy hour is on February 4th or if that's when they need the guest list. I'll have to call tomorrow morning and find out. The usual contest is for 40 people, open bar, free buffett on a Friday night at Headliner's in Neptune, NJ. I'll post more when I find out more. If you're local and want in, let me know!
Check This Out.... Just Amazing
Check out my friends, Eklips & Kjer - they are just fucking amazing!     Eklips....   Eklips' facebook page....         Kjer.....       Kjer's facebook fan page....       Say Michele sent you. :)     Hard 2 Handle@ fubar    
To Every Guy
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured
Stupid Encounter #60
2:19am clamdigger: shout me your cats page 2:22am iC51NerdGo...: 2:24am clamdigger: ty 2:24am iC51NerdGo...: welcome why did you want it 2:25am clamdigger: i love cats 2:25am iC51NerdGo...: right on 2:26am clamdigger: hope she adds me lol 2:27am iC51NerdGo...: Hes a he 2:27am clamdigger: ok im gay for kittys 2:32am iC51NerdGo...: umm clamdigger@ fubar
Whats Left
Awaiting punishment in this isolated life i set offended and amused i am not ignorant of all social graces yet mistakenly more knowledgeable than people like to believe no longer young and beautiful they expect a more happy a more pleasant me as if my expressions are to always be happy yet i see the annoyance on the faces of not strangers but the ones i call my friends happy you say ha ha ha hows that for happy...dont know what more to give,or if if have anything left in me.give me life or give me pain just give me myself again
The Past
The only unbearable thing is that nothing is unbearsble any more,I drank from this life and was poisoned by the night, so i will weep for you at the break of dawn. Crazy is a judgement a criticism made in a world of others the word cant hurt me now for i am in a world of my own!
Relationship And Love
Relationship.....The definition of relationship in the dictionary is this Definition of RELATIONSHIP 1 : the state of being related or interrelated 2 : the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: as a : kinship b : a specific instance or type of kinship 3 a : a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings b : a romantic or passionate attachment Love.......The definition of Love in the dictionary is this Definition of LOVE 1 a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests b : an assurance of affection 2 : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion 3
The Story Of Someone And Me
This story begins earlier than you would expect. When the gods first brought forth man it seemed it was the best they had done. They reveled in the glories man gave unto them. But one day when Zeus was walking among the disguised as a simple man he noticed the corruption and excessive moral decay. He brought this to the others and the sent Nemisis out to see if man was worthy or if they would withdraw. After a long search she was about to report her failure, then she came to a small farm. This farm was enough to take care of the family needs but greed had no hand in the building of the farm. As she approached she saw a man and his sons working in the fields and decided to approach as a poor traveler. She hailed the man and asked for a loaf of bread. The man took her to the house and called to his wife. As his wife entered his face lit up just as his wife's did. The love between them was almost a tangible force. The couple offered to have her join the for their evening mea
Ok...been Thinking Again
  I noticed that I think a lot. But I guess that I know that I need to clear my head. Cause if not, and if I bottle shit up, I could end up depressed, or anything like that. I try to release that pain at least one time or another, it makes me feel better. And listening to music helps me think about different things too, well at times, or it helps me release what needs to be released, like maybe a few tears or in my case a Nah, I try not to cry a lot, or any if at all possible, I try to be happy, but at times I just find it hard. I try to hide that pain, but at times it's kind of hard to do from time to time. Especially if I hold something in for so long.    Well, on the other hand I am feeling better. But I am at work, had to be here last night an hour early...But I am off for the next couple of days from that's the plus  I am sooo not ready to work like 5, 12 hour shifts....not ready what so ever... But it will be a pretty decent paycheck, so I ca
Discrimination Is Total Immaturity ?
Wondering why some would be on a site like this one (also, wonder where all the stuff goes that seems to be censored ?); if always angry & venting at others ?  And ...What is up with the age discriminations. Fear of their own future reality ? Maybe that is why the term; "Grow up" was started !  Seems like older ones have been here longer; so maybe they have more longer inheritance rights to be here. And like made room for newer ones to sponge in on all of their stuff. It is not very smart to mess, with anyone; of any age. But older ones always seem to know which wrench to use when no one can fit it. Plus, they don't care about the future consequences if someone crosses them . That is something to overlooked by immaturity. I saw an add ; "Don't mess wiyh older people because they are already pissed off, at all the ways they are disrepected."  Age has nothing to do with anything, but each person's individual number record, of days alive on Earth. Average person hangs out on Earth for abo
Hello family, well if you've taken the time to read this than I suppose i've peaked your interest, thats a good thing, we're all on here either out of boredom or looking for something, right?? I realize there are alot of people who play and look at the pics only but I'm so much more than that I am an older woman who has seen alot of life good and bad, and like all of us I do have the playful side that can talk nasty but its soo much better when you establish a rapport with the person, get to know who I am as a woman, I'm that before I'm anything a person with feelings and the best turn on and compliment you can give me to peak my interest in you is to come real, yea you take a chance but how else will I know you, I will if you will and i don't bite my tongue, if I dont respond to you I'm not interested, if I do come with some degree of respect because I'll give it till you don't! I'm a nurse, and getting ready to relocate back to alif to be closer to my sons who ,mean the world to me,
Give In To Me
I'm gonna wear you downI'm gonna make you seeI'm gonna get to youYou're gonna give into me Come on, come onInto my armsCome on, come onGive into me You're gonna take my handWhisper the sweetest wordsAnd if you're ever sadI'll make you laughI'll chase the hurt My heart is set on youI don't want no one elseAnd if you don't want meI guess I'll be all by myself Come on, come onInto my armsCome on, come onGive into me
Boutique Replica Zenith Chronomaster Watches Collection
  Masterpiece of the Zenith Chronomaster_Zenith ChronoMaster collection_replica Zenith watches, its resolute classical elegance offset by modernity: the ChronoMaster Open Grande Date Moon and Sunphase will surprise. Illustrating yet again the Manufacture’s specialist ability, this unique complication of a Grande Date, Moon and Sunphase chronograph reveals a new El Primero 4047 calibre, with 332 components and 41 rubies, through the opening in the dial. The barleycorn guilloche on the dial, the wavy guilloche on the counters and the moon disk, the delicately pearlised plate and the guilloched oscillating mass are so many precise and refined indications of authentic watchmaking know-how. In one 45 mm size, the rose gold cases show off a silver dial whilst those in stainless steel offer the choice of a black or silver dial. Aristocratic and refined, the Zenith ChronoMaster Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase records the mechanical measurement  of Time in style. Founded in 1865 by its
The Key Of Time---hublot Watches
Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot watches_replica Hublot watches_Hublot replica watches was founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco and had made such an impressive name for itself that it was acquired the luxury conglomerate LVMH in 2008. In 2009 Hublot created the first system to detect fake watches with an internal smartcard that authenticates the watches on Hublot servers. Well the brand isn’t stopping there and introduces their Hublot La Cle Du Temps Watch that is different from any other watch the brand has created before. Awe-inspiring in all its complexity, this limited edition luxury timepiece is part of the Hublot Confrerie line, a series of watches that represent the Swiss brand’s most futuristic and exclusive work. The name La Cle Du Temps, which translates to the key of time, was chosen for this piece owing to a special set of functions. Upon the owner’s command, time will slow down or speed up as displayed on the Hublot watches_replica Hublot watches_Hublot replic
Quotes Of The Day Lol Or Week..year...which Ever
d3c0m Xx TM xX: you two are tighter than a crabs ass js him on me and my sister rofl   Ryan x Mr Bree ...: nutter butters were invented when i put peanut butter on my balls and ball stamped tks forehead   delete   Ryan x Mr Bree ...: my bed got so much jizz on it, it looks like i pissed the bed, my mom trying to install one of those anti bed wetting devices   delete Ryan x Mr Bree ...: id rther hump the bed then the floor, it has more padding   delete Ryan x Mr Bree ...: id have to say these panties are way more comfortable then the other pair i had on but the other pair makes my ass look better, such a debate UGH!   delete Crystal Goddess...: Jack Frost ne
Fatal Weakness...
Free Programs
is theyre any free programs that i can download since limwire is no longer in use i have frostwire it aint that great ive tried it always says its corrupted any other ones out theyre
Sooo Ummm Yeah..
Have you ever wanted to grb someone by the shoukders and just hsake the stupid out of them?
Error: You Just Made The Fucking List.
I was fucked up. My mind was experiencing the effects from drinking the sickeningly sweet contents of two bottles of cough syrup. Procured off the shelf, and carefully chosen for a single active ingredient. Disassociative - That's how dextramethorphan "hallucinations" are described by medical journalists who've poked and prodded bits of data shaped like people, into an overly simplistic assessment of its effects. They didn't… weren't able to… extrapolate. All that I'd read and studied from analogues of their data in the form of user-accounts and Erowid dossiers, clearly stated (in my opinion) there was more to it than that. I was also of the opinon recreational use was an act of desparation. My own desparate rationalization being my use was "investigative". Fool that I am. Movie of this fucked up evening - David Cronenberg's interpretation of William S. Burroughs' novel of his own fucked-up-ness, Naked Lunch. Titled by Allen Ginsburg. Or so I've read. Have I ever to
My Thoughts On Gun Control
Carolyn McCarthy introduced legislation that I applaud: if passed into law, it will ban magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.  Handguns and hunting rifles, no more than 10-rounds/ea. or less; what more do people need, really?  Pointing to a rifle designed to slaughter large numbers of people, or to 30-round magazines for a handgun, claiming "gun" equals "reasonable" does not work for me;  nor does its self-hating ignorant opposite on the spectrum "gun" equals "bad." While reading about the McCarthy bill, I came across discussions/debates re: federal legislation to ban anyone with a mental health diagnosis from owning a firearm.  Such restrictions are already in place in many states to varying degrees.  It occurs to me that a huge number of Americans have been prescribed an anti-depressant.  Will we as a country declare that to be an acceptable reason to restrict them of their natural right to defend themselves? The McCarthy bill is good, common-sense legislation, b
Mumm Disguised As A Blog
When I get a pimp hand from someone that blocked me, should I spread out the 11s I would have given them?
Yes I'm single and any guy who wants to change that is going to have to be pretty damn amazing! Single, doesn't mean that you know nothing bout love. Fact, being solo is wiser than being in a wrong still very much single!So is now taking applications if you think your suitable for the position apply here the pay is terrible but the benefits r great...
A boy gave his girlfriend a challenge; To live a day without him & if she did it, he would love her more. The girl agreed and she didn't talk to him for a day Without knowing he had only 24 hours to live because he was suffering from Cancer. She went to his house the next day. Tears falling from her eyes as she saw him lying in a coffin with a note on the side: "You did it baby, you can do it everyday, I love you
A Beautiful Soul
A beautiful soul is arriving this day to stay,Inside my heart where there is always light.No one else can cast a shadow to douse our life,We spend our lives together not parting from sight.We sit by a cozy lit fire to unwind before we dine,we whisper words of endearment as we sip chilled wine.Our words of love flows through our beautiful soul,making each other complete and whole. Lovingly we touch our beautiful souls; caresses soft and light,kisses so feathery we can barely feel its delight.  oh! how exquisiteit feels to be touched so light; its almost too surreal this beautifulsoul, how he takes me to the highest heights.His love makes me feel so elegant; our love is well spentembraced in each others arms, a night with eloquent intent;augmented by our love we both represent; loving ourselvestill we're both content, basking in our gift of love in life's segments.A beautiful soul enclosed in a dream where lovers hide; casting noshadows to disguise what we hold inside, I close my eyes. R
Contest! Artists Needed!!
I need a logo for my band and I'm too lazy to draw one up myself so I'm calling on you to design one for me. The winner gets their design used for my band and credit where credit is due! If/when stickers are made you'll be sure to get a couple. If you need musical inspiration to make this happen go ahead and get yourself a listen here: By the way, my band's name is Writing Checks For Ice Cream
Kendra Wilkinson's New Girl On Girl Lesbian Sex Tape Leaked!
Bulletin For Dj Fu Blue
Friend Requests...
If you'r going to add me  to your friendlist, the following requirements are a prerequisit...   1) You're female and were born that way.  2) You write something in the friend request so I know you're not just looking for people to add and give you points. 3) You're not a member/owner of a lounge I've been banned/ejected from.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The 3 requirements listed above are the requirements for me to add you. I'm not being conceited or trying to make myself sound cool or whatever else you may try to accuse me of trying to be, I'm just being honest about my preferences.   That's all. Bye =)
L.o.w.l Novel Teaser (be Gentle Blog Readers)
Theo watched as Soli disappeared back into the jungle then began to unbutton his ragged shirt sliding it off his arms followed by his torn trousers and undergarments. He grabbed his locket and opened it. He looked at it for a moment then closed it and tossed it gently on his pile of clothes before he lowered himself into the pond. While he washed his short angel blonde hair he saw Malinshin in the distance gathering wood. He swam to the pond’s edge. “You’re not here to see me naked are you?” Theo called out to her jokingly. She dropped the wood startled and looked around. He chuckled briefly “Sorry to alarm you” he smiled slowly shaking his head side to side.             She saw him in the pond and came over after regathering the wood she dropped. “You scared me half to death” Malinshin admitted as she placed her hand over her racing heart. “I guess I’m good at that.” He replied. Malinshin picked up his locket and opene
I am a little irate right read if ya want. Fu-Marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement! I chose my fu-hubby because he is a great friend.  We don't EXPECT anything from eachother.  We have fun on here and earn some points while we do it.   POINT 1-putting your name in his/her name and vice versa...if you are going to do it, hey more power to you but it IS NOT a requirement! Nor is owning that are automatically put on their page as their don't be greedy! And yeah, don't expect the person to do it if you aren't willing to as well! POINT 2-trading bling...someone gets pissy because the RL wife gets better bling from him than than you do? Get over yourself..our money is together because we are REAL LIFE therefor if my REAL LIFE HUSBAND gives me bling guess what, I helped pay for that!!! Oh and another point...I help pay for everything he gives you be thankful! POINT 3-pimpouts...we have 3 pimpouts a day we can give
Easiest Way To Get Out Of The Endless Bouncer Checks
The easiest way to get out of the endless Bouncer Checks that I have found is, 1. Stop inputting the CAPTCHA characters 2. Open your home page in a new tab 3. Click the link for your Front Page (Public Page) 4. Enter the Bouncer Check CAPTCHA 5. Close the new tab 6. Go back to the tab you were working in 7. Click the 'Go back one page' button on your browser 7. Continue rating :)   Hope this helps.
The Things People Say In My Shout Box
ugly girl@fu...: Soooo do you like bust a nut from going to people's pages starting shit 12:59pmNot Tellin...: You're a jackass, I giggled at a comment my friend made. Get over it. 1:00pmugly girl@fu...: im a jackass because im NOT browsing people's profiles starting shit. Your friend needs a life also if he gets joy out of bashing people on the internet? i mean who does that? 1:01pm her ...: idk how he even got to my NSFW picture. From the looks of seems like he got picked on alot during he has to get payback by doing it on the internet to random i understand 1:03pm ...: i mean look at him. lmao...make sure to tell him that though. He looks like a fucking loser!! hahahaha 1:04pmNot Tellin...: You tell him you stupid twat 1:05pm...: lol im stupid once again because im sitting on the computer comment on randoms people pictures because I dont have a your right  1:06pmNot Tellin...: *you're 1:07pm...: lol is that all you can say? We bot
Might Be Another Crappy Day
   Well today might be another crappy day. I say that cause I woke up like 3 hours ahead of time, and I got to be at work an hour before I am originally supposed to.But next weeks schedule looks to be crappy too, but I will be getting more hours, so there I can't really complain. I will just be really tired. I just feel with some of my friends, that I might be losing them, and I don't want to lose any friends, I have been there for all of my friends one time or another, when they needed me the most, or just needed someone to talk to, or keep their secrets at one time or another. I have come to realize that I am just going to wait for a boyfriend, even though it's been 7 months since my previous ex, I feel that it is better that way. Because the ex has been trying to get in contact with me, and it seems to open old wounds that I had because of what he did to me. But I feel it is best just to be single for a while, maybe a whole year or longer. I mean don't get me wrong I want marriage a
Stength...what Do You Have?
So over the last few weeks i put all my effort into making someone realize all it takes is strength.... That being told "I Love you" Isnt always the truth but an easy way to play with your mind and your strength. People allow themselves to fall so hard for ppl...yet deep inside know damn well the person they fell for is making them look like a complete fool...Why do they do this? I Don't have the answers for that..but i guess maybe for the stimulation of having the "Someone loves me feeling" As sad as that really is.   I have no idea why im writing this..other then i need to vent. The worst feeling in the world is to know your close friend is being played so BAD yet is so whipped he or she can't see it for him or herself.... With that being said i have a question.. U as a person whoever is answering the question...If you were promised by whomever you love they would get a divorce 3 maybe 4 times but they never, would u continue believing all the excuses? or would you move on and sto
My Failures
 In this life we all make mistakes and we all encounter failures.   My failures are things that have been out of my control. I wrote an entire book about the failures in my life and than failed to have it published.    I had one very interested publisher and was ready, posed at the counter of the post office...I turned around, tucked it into my carrying bag on my right arm and walked back to the car and drove home. Why? As I stood there I realized that this book was NOT written for anyone BUT me. No one needed to read about these things, no one but me would really care. This book was between me and God. It was God who set my pen to paper and allowed me to write this as a form of therapy.  Much needed therapy, so I could let go of these failures and move on.   I realized through this self-therapy that I'm normal. I have emotions and I go through trials and tribulations just like everyone else. I found out that when it's all said and done, I have family and friends who know and l
Things Im Sick Of
smokers who cant use the ash tray, quit being lazy ,use the damn thing, thats what its there for! lounge inviters who cant read profiles or prfile names for that matter, quit being lazy, learn to read!
The Glow Radio Saturday
Saturday Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is The Freak Show with Tony the Misfit featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Sunday Morning The DJ Joe D Show Live from Toronto, Canada at 7am PT/8am MT/9am CT/10am ET/3pm GMT Every Sunday Morning DJ Joe D will be Live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute.The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content & Novelty Songs of the Week.Tune in for this great new show
At&t Sux At&t Sux At&t Sux
I  Hate At&t. they are f'ing morons. They are billing me for a collect call, and I haven't had the # in 3 years. After more than 10 calls to the less than helpful customer support and many claims that i would no longer have this fraudulent bill, I feel its time to become a pain in the butt. I Do not have any at&t service, and haven"for as long as I can remember, so being billed for a service that has not been provided, is fraud. they are Morons. AT&T sux
Show Your Love
If you love someone let them know.  If you do not then let them go. If your love is real then let it show.  But if it is not don't pretend. Melt yourself away like snow  and let the game end.   Tell him or her what they mean to you tell yeah or nay that your love is  true even though is it not easy to do it is better hurt than being untrue   if for them you care not man up and tell them so instead of making their heart your sandlot play no more and just go   love them as they come to you don't change them into someone new love them simply as they are the same up close or from afar   (i so suck at poetry)
[that Smell Shouldn't Be Here]
Welp, its above freezing so I went ahead and primed my gouf's shoulders with an untested enamel spray paint....that stuff went down effortlessly.LikeZAPbond. I don't think I'll ever use the primer I was using beforeEVER again. That was TOO fucking easy.Waiting for it to dry, Course I immediately got tagger's hand and the paint set on my skin almost instantly.Had to get it off with *sniffs* Bluchk. I think there's still some vapor in my clothes or something.Had to get it off with rubbing alc.Waiting for it to dry, I'm told enamel takes a fraction of the time acryllic takes to cure, and its much sturdier.We'll see soon. Granted most of the model grade enamel is about twice as expensive as acryl. ... not that I'm using model grade anything except this primer.What else do I have for you?OhProtomen albums.FuckingRock.Rock Opera.Megaman 2.Believe it.I wonder how long til part three comes out?Anyway, this part of the process is pretty simple. Prime. Sand out uneveness errors or flaws. Repeat
To Love is to Risk not being loved in Return. To Hope is to Risk Pain. To Try is to Risk Faillure,BUT Risk MUST be Taken because the Greatest Hazard in Life is to Risk Nothing."
Laying In Bed Watching Tv...trying To Fall Asleep
so im watching this program called "when women kill"...and this psychiatrist points out one of the most chilling and unfortunately true things ive ever heard:   "the problem with dating a married person is it's a lose-lose outcome regardless of how it turns out. if the person does decide to leave their wife, theyve already demonstrated their capacity to leave a wife, so how comfortable and trusting can you feel in that relationship, moving forward with that person?"   *sigh*
A Thought For Today
Todays Thought
Roads Unknown When we keep making the same mistakes We dont blame ourselves it is alway others fault But we are the one that construct our destiny We are the makers of our predestination Then suddenly as the lights go on You realize where you've gone wrong So it is time now to step off of that path Change the course of your life, endeavorer to break away Take the road that you have never traveled  Allowing ourselves the chances to succeed  Pushing open new doors to new opportunities Take possession back of your life Don't let it guide you, make it follow you So you can look back in you life and say with pride Some of the best roads I have traveled were the ones unknown
How I Became A Total Slut
My name is Barb. I am a 53 year old, white female, 5’ 5”, 138 pounds, with 38D breasts. I think I still look very good for my age with a nice body. I have two sons, 25 and 28, and a 32 year old daughter. This is a true story that happened just over three years ago, a month before my 50 th birthday.It was the night my divorce was final from my second husband a couple years ago and I had gone out with my girlfriends to celebrate. I came home a little tipsy, but not drunk. My youngest son had some friends over partying and playing cards. I knew everyone and said hi. I then went upstairs and took a bath, laid down on the bed and started masturbating. A few minutes later I heard a loud bang downstairs so I jumped up, grabbed one of my robes and went down to see what happened. I was at the bottom of the stairs when I realized I still had my vibrator in my hand. I stuck it in the pocket of my robe before anyone saw it. This robe happened to be missing the tie for it, so I just had
Por Amarte Asi
Siempre seras la niña que me llene el alma como mar inquieto como mar en calma siempre tan lejana como el horizonte gritando en el silencio tu nombre en mis labios solo queda el eco de mi desengaño sigo aqui en mis sueños de seguirte amando Sera como tu quieras pero asi sera si aun tengo que esperarte 7 vidas mas me quedare colgado de este sentimientoo Por amarte asi es esa mi fortuna es ese mi castigo sera que tanto amor acaso esta prohibido yo sigo aqui muriendo por estar contigooo Por amarte asi a 1 paso de tu boca y sin poder besarla tan cerca de ti piel y sin poder tocarla ardiendo de deseos con cada mirada por amarte asiii por amarte así Asi voy caminando en esta cuerda floja por ir tras de tu huella convertida en sombra precio del amor que me negaste un dia contando los segundos que pasan x verte haciendote culpable de mi propia suerte su mundo esta despierto con hacerte mia Sera como tu quieras pero asi sera si aun tengo que esperarte 7 vidas mas me quedare col
For Everyone Else....
First of all I'm as hormonal as fuck trying to keep myself from not being that way.... No one needs to deal with the homonal pregnant chick at work or durring sex. However I must warn you I still aam that way so this may be bitchier than I mean it to be, just bear in mind that that i want and need is a little different from what most people need. I love lovey! i love him inside and out and he loves me the same way!! He makes my sun shine brighter my moon glow bigger and the stars when he is around are so bright that people come out thinking it's noon, when it's only 3 am. However we both have sexual tendencies toward things that are unique and not exactly what you are expecting when you meet us. I want sex in general... I don't so much want to get flounced upon by a fat hairy dude or pretty much have you cheat on your wife/girlfriend/fiance to fuck me. Lovey wants me and a good stiff pound in his ass... Pretty much thats it. We have varying levels of intrest into almost all thing
I Want A Lover With A Slow Hand
    Life is always giving us opportunities to grow and evolve, right?  Ever the introspective one, I’m always attempting to look within, challenge my beliefs systems, and heal my wounds by being radically honest and self-aware.  I had the opportunity recently to connect intimately with a potential partner.  For several reasons, I decided that it was going to be several months before we had sex.  Of course, there were times when I was hot and bothered and I rationalized how several weeks rather than months would be sufficient for our self-imposed abstinence.  Of course, at times, I was so incredibly aroused I was willing to say, “To hell with weeks, days, hours, or minutes, I need you inside me NOW!”  Calmer heads prevailed and we didn’t have sex.  I’m fortunate that we didn’t because I subsequently learned that he was not anywhere near the quality and caliber of man that I was looking for in a partner and sex would have not only made me more intima
Absolute Vibez Radio Live
Start you day today with Absolute VIBEZ Radio. Tune in chat or just request your djs play your song. Absolute VIBEZ Radio:  24/7 Hit Music.  Check out Absolute VIBEZ Radio Lounge today. You don't want to mis this and every thursday night....Thursday Night Pillow Talks with Dj 1 Love, Dj G Money Dj OnTheBeat Al and other guest djs. Check out Sunday HOUSE Vibez...the best in House music with Dj 1 Love, Dj OnTheBeat Al & Dj Charlie C.
The Thousand Year Snake. (continued)
Rumors.Hunches.One child described an "oogy feeling" when the dew came down and a thick mist settled on his mountain.As if the world shuddered, chilled in its sleep.As Alorid approached this mountain, the tempo and murmor of travelers and foreign rumor disappeared, after four days of walking, the small villages dotting the road disappeared, first with the loss of peddlers, cryers and bustle, then the children running through the street, and down to the last few woodsmen nodding gruffly heading downhill to their shacks or woodsheds.The world of man seemed to disintegrate as he drew near. As if the world of the ancients was making tiny, almost invisible comebacks with every step.There old gods wound around his feet with the slightest signal. A strand of ivy twisted on the underside, a butterfly lit against his cheek, the complete inability to start a fire. Mushrooms moss and rounded stones facing the wrong way.A coy, but gentle warning.This is where the gods lay sleeping.Tread lightly hu
Why?? Why Do People Use Sarcasm?
  Sarcasm can cause discord in both romantic relationships and friendships.  Sarcasm is a large component of social interaction and conversation.  To demonstrate a sense of humor, people frequently use sarcasm as a means of “breaking the ice” during initial encounters with others.  People also use sarcasm as a means of being comedic with groups of friends.  They say something contrary to what they feel and/or believe for the purpose of being funny.  Sarcasm, in these instances, seems harmless and playful.  But is it really?  Too much sarcasm is annoying and hurtful, but can even a minimal amount be too much?  People often joke around by saying the absolute opposite of what they mean. Sarcasm is an indirect form of speech intentionally used to produce a particular dramatic effect .  The subject of sarcasm is complex because many factors are involved:exaggeration, nature of the speaker, relationship of speaker to victim, severity of the criticism, and whether or not the
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A Work Of Erotic Fiction
Was it real......   Hey there, my name is Amy and I am a freshman at a major university in Durham NC. I am 5'5” 112 lbs. 34c-26-33 and a fiery redhead. I am shy at first but when I get to know you, you better watch out because my bite can be ferocious.   Anyway, I had my first sexual encounter when I was 12, with a neighbor boy that was 16. He told me that having sex was awesome, I found it to be boring as hell. I didn't do it again until I was 16 and this time it was better but still I knew it had to be better than what I was getting. I had my share of boyfriends and we had sex but nothing that blew my mind. I've read about how woman would have orgasms and I wanted to have one! I did play once with my female cousin, she is much older than me and it was fun and she did give me my one and only orgasm, from a partner that is. She showed me how to please myself and I have since then, many times.   I was to share a dorm room with another girl but at the last minute she
New Kendra Wilkinson Girl On Girl Sex Taped Leaked!
Finally there is no more doubts about whether a lesbian sex tape exists or not, Vivid Entertainment has it and plans on releasing it very soon! Click Here For A Sneak Peak of Kendra Wilkinson's new Lesbian Sex Tape!
Fucking Really?
threats against my life over a pimphand? really? (those screenshot will come later)   how did i get 15 friend requests in two hours?     It really annoys me when people show online and wont answer you dont want to talk just fucking say so...   I had entirely to much fun repeatedly smacking my ex...the only contact i have had with him in months lmfaoooooooooo   and now i have to pee..   goodnight.
Iwc Portuguese Automatic Limited Edition Watch
  At the SIHH this past January, it became clear that IWC had declared 2010 its "year of the Portuguese." This watch line, iconic as it is, has a name that most enthusiasts have a hard time divining where it might originate. The company itself, situated in German-speaking Schaffhausen, calls the line the " IWC Portuguese Automatic_replica IWC watches_ IWC watches," which means "Portuguese" in German.  The unusual name actually originates in the fact that two Portuguese merchants approached IWC in 1938 in search of a timepiece to be worn on the wrist that could function as accurately as a marine chronometer. This was done since many of their clients had marine-associated professions. Before the era of electronic GPS, the marine chronometer was the sole instrument available to aid sailors in navigation determining both longitude and latitude, therefore allowing them to precisely determine position at sea.    The IWC Portuguese Automatic_replica IWC watches_ IWC watches 's classical styl
New Replica Breitling Bentley Grande Complication Pocket Watch
In Basel 2011, Breitling will launch its new Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling Bently Grande Complication_replica Breitling Bently pocket watch which integrates most precise and complicated two functions into one watch, automatic adjustment perpetual calendar in leap year; date, week, month, leap year and moon phase displays;hour, quarter,minute repeater. A new unique member will come into Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling Bently Grande Complication_replica Breitling Bently family in the memory of the founder of famous Britain Auto Vehicle maufacturer----Owen Bentley. This complicated functions Breitling Bentley “Grande Complication”pocket watch will be on show at BASEL Fair April, 2011. New Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling Bently Grande Complication_replica Breitling  Bently consists of nearly 700 components. It adopts an unmass applied design in the end of 19th century as its movement blueprint. Seeing through its transparent case back, you can comprise everythin
The pain of being depressedThe pain of supressing my angerThe pain of being aloneThe pain of wanting a shoulder to lean onThe pain of feeling the worldThe pain of being afraidThe pain of worrying how to keep goingThe pain of wondering whyThe pain of not feeling worthy of being happyThe pain of wanting the pain to stopThrough all the pain , one thing remains the same....will it ever change?
Incredible Boiling Point For Ugg Market
Uggs the snowy area boots were all the rage especially for these years, regardless of the star common peoples takes it as the tidal current. In London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong So long as is the region which the moist person gathers, treasons ugg boots the men and women then bend over to pick up all are. This pair once by the fashionable public figure harsh criticism was “in the history is ugliest” the shoes, has made the global most irresistible popular unrest. Its manufacturer US Decker Outdoors Thing Company serves under somebody's banner brand uggs are becomes the fashion new legend by the consecutive number year 50% above sale rate of increment. A pair “in the history is ugliest” how can the boots the salt fish turning over become the moist person's love thing, it how market detonation to incredible boiling point? The long-haired pelt boots are the surfing equipment originally.  The traditional promoted pattern, for instance made the advertisement, on th
From Jarl Hunden
I flew into the house with bow drawn to ear, In hopes of finding someone with which love I could cheer.I froze in place my heart filled with fear. There sat a K-bar, a K pot, and Kevlar, with sand filled boots, sand camo, and gear.I looked about wondering where I could hide, And caught sight of them and wanted to die,For there they sat looking fearsome and mean,Then I realized it looked like they were caught in a waken dream.They looked at a picture and sat stone still,I looked too it was of them and some friends, in gear on a hill.I saw the discharge papers, and felt the heartache it brought,That was all from their love of country they had got.They looked at me and smiled a little bit feral,And said calmly, “Don’t worry you aren’t looking down my barrel.”“Go on and find those that need love and to them give it,Those ones out there that from it will benefit.”I stood amazed, as they had none,And yet wished to send me on to everyone.I looked at this person o
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Hope For Humanity
Just like everyone, I have my vices and guilty pleasures.  American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures, and this year there is a contestant that has blown me away with his story. For those who don't watch, Chris Medina is from Oak Forest, Illinois.  He's 26 and works as a barista.  He has been with his fiancee for 8 years, engaged for over 2.  Two months before they were to be married, Julianna was in a devastating car crash that left her with a fractured skull,among other injuries.  Since waking from her coma, Chris has been one of her primary caretakers.  At 26 years old, this man has proven himself to be a genuinely good human being.   Julianna still has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but insurance doesn't cover her treatment because it is still considered experimental.  If you have it in your heart and pocket, please help her and donate to her recovery fund! Follow this link:
Life Comes At You
Life comes at you when you least expect it, and in so many ways. When your kids grow up, when you notice they have kids of thier own.  When one day a child walks up and says Grandma!! LOL! You expect life to deal you certain cards along the way, getting older, getting fatter(maybe), even getting those grandkids! But it doesn't prepare you for when your youngest son to come to you and say " I'm joining the ARMY", that tore my heart out. That's when life hit me full force and I knew I was getting OLDER! He left on the 24th of Jan. and things have not been the same in the house. A little more empty, a little more lonely, a little less laughter. AH! Ain't it good to be a MOM!! Life comes at you fast and you hold on!
Just Been Thinking
Ok, I have been thinking about a lot here lately. And it seems to me that there is a lot of things that I either haven't done yet or experienced. Like getting married and having kids....haven't done or gotten yet. I am good at making friends, but evidentially I don't know how to pick up a guy or win his heart, and I am not really sure why. Almost all of my friends seem to be married with kids, married or just have kids, and every time that I am around them, it's like I want that, but then there are times I know that I am not ready for at least the kids part in my life. It also seems to me, that when I am not dating anyone, I notice how hard I find it to try and not think about my dad's death from almost 2 years ago, but if I am dating someone, I seem to forget that pain. I don't seem to understand how that is, unless it feels that hole in my heart. With the whole dating thing, I know too many people around here where I live for me to date any of them, because they either dated my frien
Stuck In The Middle
Yes I'm hurt and in tears. I don't go into the mums much anymore because it's a hateful place. And now I feel I have to straddle the line between the man I'm in love with and my friends who I love... ALL because of politics and it isn't fair.   I'm about to delete my profile and just forget I know fubar.   I should NOT have to make a choice between my friends and the man I love.
Premature Ejaculation
Down your neck, down your blouse, tracing with my fingers. Lace gently falling away as they go. On your skin, scent of rose lingers. Silken lace replaced by bronze skin. Flesh exposed, lips cry in demand. Heartbeats race through frozen time. It's over before it began.
Ignorance Is Bliss
What are you Thinking I ask As if I care I listen To you stumble Through Your explanation As I pretend To remain Aware Not exactly What I Signed up for A love that Becomes this Watching you Smile As you babble Defines the fact That ignorance Is indeed Bliss
Today Is A Good Day
Excited about tomorrow! My baby sister and I are going to shop together..I really hate shopping,but love her. Poor thing has to have  some bone removed from her elbow soon,so she deserves some time with her wacky big sister ;)   Every friday should be bone your spouse day! ....js Cory is losing weight and getting super hot rawrrrrrrrrrrr I am getting more and more nervous about Feb 8th,but ready for it to be here!..discussing my  surgery then and hopefully setting a date!!!! I hope workman's comp will agree and NOT back out and let me have my life back. Mom is at dialysis and I am keeping my fingers crossed..we are taking things one moment at a time. After tomorrow... I am grounding myself from Bath & Body Works!....... I am in lust with that store..everyone needs to get the scent "FOREVER SUNSHINE",soooooooooo you can smell like ME!   that is all!.....why are you reading this???? go bone now!
Many of you may know that I am a single mother with 2 young boys, living with my parents. My mom and I never got along very well as I was growing up and even though everyone said it'll get better when you have children it hasn't. I can not take living here with her much longer. I'm not allowed to see my friends, to drive the van, or to take a minute to myself. I stay home most of the time unless she's off work and I have to go some place. If I do want to go somewhere I have to ask her. I want to work but she will not let me drive the van. So she gets pissed at me for having her drive me places and for me not working. I clean all the time and watch my boys 24/7. I'm trying to lose weight and the doctor for my boys wants my oldest to eat better. He hardly eats as is, so I'm trying but she ruins it by offering him dounuts and candy, just plain junk food. I don't know what else to do. I don't have anyone that I can talk to about what I'm going through as I'm not allowed out of the house. M
You must walk into the day, for the sun forgets to rise without you whisper. You must venture out into the night, for the moon must reflect upon its insecurities. In your perfume weighs the essence of your passion. In your breath lays the touch of the gentile wind. Your Tears breads life to an ocean and in your love brings comfort to my heart.
No Mumm Friday!
Today I won't write any mumms, only comment!
How To Get Access To My Pics... Woman Only
Ok ladies you want to see some man meat well ill let you see all you want.. all i ask is you send me a salute. and since its only fair your seeing me naked. That salute should be as well. with my screen name... i promice you wont be disapointed. Oh their are other ways you could get access but thats for you to offer up.. so send a message and lets have some fun with this.
The Glow Radio Friday's
 Friday  on The Glow Radio: Starting our Friday will be DJ Kellie Khaos with her "Freaky Friday Show" where anything goes within reason starting at Noon pt/1pm mt/2pm ct/3pm et/8pm gmt next up is the Rev DJ Furg and he will be spinning his mix of  Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock. and Metal Music on his Church of Rock starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & you can also find
Final Writing//my Girl Ameriaca
My Rant And Rave, If Your Offended....then Obvisously You Are One!!
  I honestly don't care if you think I'm crazy. You're just a figment of my imagination anyway! ;-) People come to this site to make friends and have fun, Of course its an adult site and frankly fubar lets you get away with just about anything and more or less if you have up NSFW pics its to gain your popularity and 95% of the time it works, But I have to say the way it make u look both men and women. If you worked this hard in life as you did on a website. You might end up somewhere in life, So your not sitting your ass on a computer all day seeing how much you can gain off someone else.I have come to the point if I am going to do, I will do for myself.I am so tired of being nice and get nothing back in return, Oh but these people who show there ass get all they want even from fubar them selves..Screw that I am WAY above that!!!! I dont have to show and will not show my ass to get what I want.. If someone is going to give me a gift thats fine if not fine to i wont die!! I don't
Placing The Blame
placing the blameborn carrol sue on may 7 1989 to her parents.she weighted 5 lbs 3 oz and was 2 months premature.she began her life fighting to keep alive.on july 16,2007 she lost her fight to stay alive by her own will.all her life shed been delt the worst hand in the 3 her father was shot through their front was never solved.after that her mom became an alchhalic and dated anyone for a drink.she witnessed her mother being beaten many times till ne day the beating was so severe she slipped into a coma.she never recovered.carrol sue was 13 when she wnt to a foster home.there she was raped by three of her foster brothers and abused by the 17 she became pregenant,she married the man who made her pregnenant.he was a 36 year old alchohalic her foster dad had made her date for money.the abuse began immediately,she lost 3 front teeth on her wedding night compliments if her new loving husband and a beer bottle he smahed into her face becouse she refused to have sex
i lay here ,night after night and i look up thru my sunlight to the stars above .i watch as they glisten in the midnite sky and i feel the dampness as my eye begin to cry.i toss and i turn searching for something to hold,but all i find ,is a bed so cold. i go to town ,and i watch as people stroll by,never do they notice the tear in my eye.i see couples as they walk and hold hands .i see the couples as they share a life so grand.i go back to my house and down the road i ride,its th e lonliness in my heart i try to hide. i go to my spot so tranquil and cool,i stand there for hours skipping rocks across the pool.then its back to that place that i call home,where once again alone i do roam, ive traveled the world and many a place,but there is only that one longing face.the one that can make my heart warm.and release the happyness and let it swarm,.but such a life for me was not to the loner,i must be free. as the Years pass my life does not change,and t most it must seam so strange.b
To My Daughter
the lonerhe sat there by the cool brooke listening to the sounds as his bike slowly cooled down fron the hard ride.the brooke made a peaceful splashing sound as it cascaded over the rocks that vainly tried to block its rolling journey.he droped a cigarett between his fingers and struck the match against his worn boot.the match came to life spilling an errie light across the the mans flickered across the wettness that had crpt slowly from the corners of his eyes and left its trail on his stubbled cheek. he had met many yet had left them behind,now swallowed in the depths of time.yet their remained one that haunted his mind.he had many that vainly had tried to be his friend,but they all had faultered and disappeared in the end.all but the one he held dear to his heart,and that memory tore him apart. he inhaled slow and deeply then silently blew away the smoke as he retreaved a lone picture from his wallet.the bright moon lite made an earrie glow across the glossy finish of the ph
Put You On Blast
Haters List! Copy and Paste.   1.) 2.)
Read Bottom Up (kinda)
people are dumb here i know what you mean=== 'liverjuice' wrote the following at '2011-01-27 21:49:05'..>> a god mode was given to me when they first came out, many people got mad at me cause i was polishing their bling..i can spend money on here for useless crap, but i choose not to.> > and so you know ive made my own game in fubar, i buzzkill people running god mode, if theyre cool and give me an 'lol', or bomb or do nothing within a few minutes ill shit face them, if people complain, pimp slap me, buzzkill me or get other to go after me i laugh and get my amusement! === ' Angel Eyes' wrote the following at '2011-01-27 21:43:41'..> >> > URE A DUMBASS IM 10 SECONDS FROM BLOCKING YOU ITS PATHETIC THE WAY U BUZZ KILL PEOPLE ON GOD MODES WHY CUZ YOU CANT AFFORD EM AND ARE JELOUS? REALLY? THATS NOT MY FAULT NEXT TIME YOU GET THE IDEA TO DO IT DURING SOMEONS HH TO GET ATTENTION THINK ABOUT IT DO IT AFTERWARS I STILL CAN PIMP SLAP YOU ALL NIGHT IF I WANTED TO BUT YOU ARNT WORTH IT and pimp
Gotta Love This...
"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She's loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect, you aren't either & the two of you may never be perfect together. But if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can.   She may not be thinking of you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she know's you can break: her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she... makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there."— Bob Marley
Just A Little
just a little bit of all of u if only it was a taste the idea was love at first bite i choked on u too tough to crack i watched that hard shell shatter crumbling into the dust that slipped through my fingers fuck ur walls...
Road Trip
Hey all, How are ya? I'm not bad.    Just packing, I am going to the states for 2 nights and 3 days, starting tomorrow. Just to shop really. My bf/fiance gets to have time to himself this weekend!!! Isn't he lucky lmao   Well catch ya later.
Careless Whispers
I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. As the music dies, something in your eyes calls to mind a silver screen and all its sad goodbyes.   I'm never gonna dance again These guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though it's easy to pretend,  I know you're not a fool.   I should have known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that I've been given. So I'm never gonna dance again, the way i danced with you. Ohhhhh.   Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend. To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind. But there's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find.   I'm never gonna dance again These guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though it's easy to pretend,  I know you're not a fool.   I should have known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that I've been given. So I'm never gonna dance again, the way i danced with you. Ohhhhh.   Tonight the music seems so loud, I wish that we could lose
New Corum Golden Bridge Watch
Corum Golden Bridge_replica Corum watches_corum replica watches, the respectable Swiss watch brand, is keen on some of their Vintage models recently and re-launches them by adding a few new features. These Corum Vintage re-issues includes the Corum Golden Bridge Tube, the Chinese Hat and the Round Golden Bridge which is hot from oven. The original Round Golden Bridge watch is not that old – it was unveiled in 1994, but from the standpoint of design, it can be called “Vintage”. The round case, 41mm at diameter, is presented on 18k red gold. It showcases the brand’s signature Corum Golden Bridge “extra thin” mechanical hand wound movement that has beautiful bridges fashioned from real gold via the bi-sec ts structure.    The dial, Corum Golden Bridge_replica Corum watches_corum replica watches dressing in decent black, features vertical texturing and looks quite elegant. The triangular hour markers in red gold is hand-applied on the rehaust, creating
Rado Watches, The “heroine” Of Accessories
“watches has become the accessory of Accessories.”this is a popular saying spreads in the fashion society. ACC consists of Rado watches_replica rado watches_rado replica watches, hair ornaments, caps, hats; even cellphones could also be called accessories. At present, accessories have already become the new darling of Luxury Brands for its combination of all possiblity and impossibility originalities and designs.And it is unquestionable that handbag is one of the best carrier in accessories. Take some for example. When we talk Rado watches_replica rado watches_rado replica watches with people, Rado,rolex, Ulysses nardin would be the first flash mind in your hand. As the oldest and best harness brand, Rado now is reputable for its famous watches and scarves. What a wonderful and great change it is! And kelly used to be a big sack for palcing the harness which was designed to meet the need of Noble’s Riding Club. But now it becomes a very popular watches because of the
I Am Only Me
I am only me, that is all that I can beNo more, no less, don’t second guess I love, I laugh, I live and cry,I’ve wished at times, that I could die Some days I’m funny, others I’m not,sometimes I’m in overdrive and can’t stop I am a loyal and honest friend,You know that I’ll be there until the end   I am a romantic, sensual, and passionate too,to the love of my life, I’ll share this with you I can be sweet and shy or sassy and bold,I’m quite a handful, or so I’ve been told I am not perfect, I do have my faults,like when I get scared I put up high walls Or I’m not as forgiving, as I’d sometimes like to be,because when I hurt, I hurt deeply My logic is all my own, at times misunderstood,because I don’t always do things for my own good I have many facets, like a diamond you see…I am only me!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Not For You
If not for you, I wouldn’t knowWhat true love really meant.I’d never feel this inner peace;I couldn’t be content.     If not for you, I’d never haveThe pleasures of romance.I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,Of love’s sweet, silly dance.     I have to feel your tender touch;I have to hear your voice;No other one could take your place;You’re it; I have no choice.     If not for you, I’d be adrift;I don’t know what I’d do;I’d be searching for my other half,Incomplete, if not for you.
True Love Is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
True love is a sacred flameThat burns eternally,And none can dim its special glowOr change its destiny.True love speaks in tender tonesAnd hears with gentle ear,True love gives with open heartAnd true love conquers fear.True love makes no harsh demandsIt neither rules nor binds,And true love holds with gentle handsThe hearts that it entwines
How_to (nsfw_update - 09/01/2010)
created @ 2010-04-02 10:35:12   HOW_TO (NSFW_Update) It's not secret info. It's not late breaking news. It's arguably's most discussed topic. NSFW Pictures I'm pretty sure you've gotten that message in your inbox... the nasty letter from Fubar_Office informing you that your favorite picture of you wearing a speedo, bra or thong has been flagged as containing adult content (commonly referred as NSFW). I'm also sure you've looked at that photo and said, "Well, I don't see this as offensive," and stormed into the Support Lounge or sent a shout / private message to a Bouncer and stated, "Please, Tell me why this image is offensive??" It seems the bigger issue is that the general membership and the Bouncers that moderate public photos are not on the same page when it comes to what is considered SFW and what is NSFW. This article will serve two purposes: To educate the reader on exactly what Bouncers are instructed
Small Contest..... Starting.. 1/27/11 ~2/3/11
How many of us ... dont have money to spend on this site.... but want to feel loved and involved like others that can spend money ... Well how bout  u check this out... I am running a small contest.. it isnt much... no money items (blings) are being offered.. but i am offering lots of love.. there is a pic included that explains it all (in my pic folder).. If u cant afford the 50k to enter then just mssg me and we will discuss it... Lets help each other out:) and lets have fun.. I ask that there is noooo drama:) JUST FUN:)    I will be keepin track of everything... I WILL DETERMINE the WINNER of what i have to offer  by who has most RATES and MOST COMMENTS.. (DUPLICATES WILL BE WEENED OUT) It is the resposibility of the BIDDER and CONTESTANT  to hold up to their ends of the deals.. i will not be involved in the exchanges...  REMEMBER HAVE FUN.. and NO DRAMA...  If u want involved in contest and read and agreed to everything.. hit me up in a mssg or through here and let me kno wh
I sit here in myself, a co-pilot to the inevitable downshift.  Reach out to touch me and burn the tips of your fingers with cold. Rated at the highest point of low, I shirk the snakeskin. Slough off the intent. I hunger in other ways not to know. Listen to the sound. The sound of promise, It drowns in all forms of good intentions.
Waking The Demon
Helpless, my eyes are bleedingFrom the fear that's insideYou sealed your demiseWhen you took what was mineDon't try to stop meFrom avenging this worldNo voice to be heardWaking the demonWhere'd you run toWalking in shadowsWatch the blood flowThere's not much longerSo don't try to fightYour bodies weakeningWalk to the lightThose painful timesSo alone so ashamedI'm not coming backThere's nothing to gainCaution there's just no limitsTo the boundaries you pushI warned you but still you justFuck with my mindThere's no escape fromThis rage that I feel[ From : ]Nothing is realWaking the demonWhere'd you run toWalking in shadowsWatch the blood flowThere's not much longerSo don't try to fightYour bodies weakeningWalk to the lightThose painful timesSo alone so ashamedI'm not coming backThere's nothing to gainBreathe for meDon't wake me from this slumberStay with mePossession taking overBreathe for meDon't w
jobbery\ JOB-uh-ree \noun; 1. The conduct of public or official business for the sake of improper private gain.
I have an unfortunate personality.  -  Orson Welles
Perfection In My Eyes
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,And for us to be together, to never be apart.No one else in the world can even compare,You're perfect and so is this love that we share.We have so much more than I ever thought we would,I love you more than I ever thought I could.I promise to give you all I have to give,I'll do anything for you as long as I live.In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,By the way you look at me I know we will last.I hope that one day you'll come to realize,How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
My Favorite Conversation
Have you ever met someone with no opinion on something?  They are the worst people to ask anything.  Not because they honestly have no opinion, they just lack the stones to say what's on their minds.  This leads to my favorite conversation.  Let me give you an example:   Me:  What do you want to eat? Them:  Oh, I don't care, anything. Me:  Ok, let's get some pizza! Them:  Oh no, anything but pizza! Me:  Fine, let's get a big plate of steaming horseshit.   Eating seems to lead to most of these conversations, but it can really be about anything.  Sometimes people will ask me for something at work, and I'll be like "No problem, I'll make it happen, what do you want it to look like or do?" To which they usually reply, "Oh, I don't care" Then I do it, and they will be like "Oh, that doesn't meet our standard!"  This is where I get a little angry.  If you have a standard, tell me.  If it doesn't match what I have in mind, I'll tell you.  Basically, I'm usually going to do whatever y
My New Job Plz Past On To Others!!!!
I am advertising for companys online just started this job im now a work at home mom!!!!
Recommendations For Choosing Proper Colour Bridal Dress
Ask any bride what she desires probably the most for her wedding? And her response will most likely be "to glance the best". Cheap Maternity Wedding DressesBe it Indian bride or any other bride response is heading to get the same. searching fabulous is of utmost value to her. For achieving the preferred glance the proper bridal dress that falls beautifully for the entire body is must. wedding dresses dress tends to make a amazing main difference to looks. Their value might be judged in the simple fact that even excellent searching females would fail to steal the hearts if not elegantly and smartly dressed. good bridal dress is should for getting cynosure and earning excellent compliments. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses It also boosts up the self-assurance in bride. But while choosing a wedding dress, apart from proper style, one more significant point to maintain in thoughts could be the colour of dress. Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses proper colour bridal dress that completely fit bride
Fu-owned Auction 16 " Sweet Kittie Sixteen " Starts This Sunday 9:00pm Est (1 Hour Delay)
Recommendations For Choosing Proper Colour Bridal Dress
Ask any bride what she desires probably the most for her wedding? And her response will most likely be "to glance the best". Cheap Maternity Wedding DressesBe it Indian bride or any other bride response is heading to get the same. searching fabulous is of utmost value to her. For achieving the preferred glance the proper bridal dress that falls beautifully for the entire body is must. wedding dresses dress tends to make a amazing main difference to looks. Their value might be judged in the simple fact that even excellent searching females would fail to steal the hearts if not elegantly and smartly dressed. good bridal dress is should for getting cynosure and earning excellent compliments. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses It also boosts up the self-assurance in bride. But while choosing a wedding dress, apart from proper style, one more significant point to maintain in thoughts could be the colour of dress. Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses proper colour bridal dress that completely fit bride
Some Of My Poetry.
   Dreams come true? In my long lonely nights I dream I fill my dreams with fantasies of a love that's true In dreamscape I search for a dream  A love that comes to very few Morning comes and apprehensively I wake Forced to face the day, continuing to live Ironically thinking that to live is to hope Hope for a love with as much as I have to give Then feeling as if all hope is gone When my dreams feel like they are unattainable goals Disillusionment visits me with vengeful brilliacne As each lover leaves and devours pieces of my soul Yet I continue forwardPushing open new doors Searching still Wanting more Til I find my dream my one true love With in whoms eye's shall see A bright new furture Where I was always ment to be
Movie Revew: Red
Red Action/comedy This film is among a few others like it, mixing a action based story with realistic dialog and reactions with a comedic twist. Films like this will be the main for "action" genre  for some time due to the viewing public ( and my own) loss of interest in serious cut to the line type of action movies we became accustom to between the 80s and early turn of the century  ( around 2000- 2002) ( another factor is the state of our country, with the issues we have seen the market nearly demands some light witted  dialog even in the most blood packed movie.) This is a fun movie, good for a date night, Over all rating of 9/10 Age range 16-40
Movie Revew:black Swan
Black Swan Good girl goes bad with fame, classic story, long drawn out and seemingly pointless. I could not watch it fully, lost interest quickly. 110% chick flick.. Target audience: 14 to 45, woman, ( a note to the woman, watch this with a glass of wine with some female friends, your man will not sit long, and if he does will not pay mind to it, even if he says he likes it, hes being nice or  he is gay)   8/10 for production quality 5/10 for story Due to myself not falling into the above target audience  I personally give the film a 1/10  
Movie Revew: Death Race 2
Death race 2  The Prequel to death race, Overall not a great film,  if you are looking for the story that brought you to the movie Death Race, watch it, if you are looking for more action, blood gore etc. you will not find it. Over all rating 5/10 Only worth having if you already own the 1st, watch back to back for a decent movie night. Other then the above recommendation I would not recommend wasting your time on it.
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...keeping Them Separate Is Harder...
Greetings Neighbors and Fubarians:   Some of you may already know this, but , my son is going through a real tough breakup from his girlfriend of four years.  As it has been stated, he came home and she told him that she didn't feel attracted to him any more and needed to leave.  Now, my wife and I called talked to him last night.  He was an emotional wreck grasping for any advice to win her back.   Yet, the following is the advice I gave him: 'Son, you need to work on building yourself first.  You need to get right for your children and yourself, before trying to be with anybody else' Well, you think I told him right or was my advice to cold and unfeeling.  The Yadlow wants to know..for the sake of my son and the grandchildren...   Meanwhile, I wish you all to receive the love you need and deserve.   Peace
A 'lil Bit About Me
First of all I'm trying to get into college. For either game design, singing, or acting.I'm trying to get into a band as a vocalist. Kinda trying to teach myself screamo. But it's really hard. I'm trying to get a guitar and learn that too.I have a cheapy game maker that I'm making a hentai dating game on. I'm teaching myself so it's been interesting.I draw. Anime. Horribly. But I do.I write. Stories, songs, and poems. Stories are always unfinished ideas. Like right now I have a choose your own adventure story idea going. I hope to push myself to finish this one as long as people play. My songs and poems don't rhyme unless they have to or I think of something clever. My songs are usually "emo woe is me" lyrics about my exes and life in general. I love watching movies and reading. Fantasies, romance, comedies, high school stories. I'm what some people call Pansexual. Pansexual is when you like both male and female equally and have no preference. Whereas Bisexuals would rather be with o
Nsfw Images On Comments, Blogs, Mumms, Profiles, Etc!
*FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG* If you are posting PORN or overly NSFW comment tags on people's profile you will be either deleted or suspended from leaving comments for a week. If you have multiple accounts, we will suspend all of your accounts and/or delete you. This is clearly posted on the site. NSFW content must be marked. Comments, blogs, bulletins, stash, etc, etc. fall under this.   If you are reading this blog because you are getting an error message when you post comments, bulletins, blogs, etc, I would rethink about the content you're posting. You are suspended for violating this policy. You are more than welcome to put your favorite NSFW content in a photo album and mark it NSFW.  If you are a repeat offender, your profile will be deleted. The majority of people here do not want to be forced to look at soft porn when cruising the site.  If you see someone who is abusing their comment privs, please report to a bouncer.
Avatar Policy
*****FROM THE BLOGS OF SCRAPPER AND BABYJESUS***** We are making some changes to our avatar policy. Please read this blog which was posted on Babyj's blog. Starting on Thursday ( 11-26-09 ), we will begin enforcing a new policy for primary photos / avatars and it will apply to everyone. This does not effect non-primary photos (i.e.: random stuff in your photo albums), only the photo that you select to be next to your name everywhere on the site. The policy will be: * no bare chests. (men, or women... duh) * no lingerie, bras, or underwarez. * nothing deemed sexually suggestive, at our discretion. Any primary photos which we find in violation of the policy will be marked as NSFW (even if they wouldn't normally have been marked NSFW had they NOT been a primary photo). Repeated offenses will result in suspension and/or removal of your account (the same as if you break other rules on the site, repeatedly). We want as ma
Avatar Policy Enforcement Update (12/05/2009)
From the desk of Scrapper:   We have been very cool with everyone about our new avatar policy and enforcing it. The majority of users are cool with it and have rocked on. There are still people who are playing musical avatars and blatantly disregarding the policy. As of today, we will be strictly enforcing the policy. 1. Any one blatantly violating the policy will have their photos flagged and they will NOT be removed. We have a special note on photos that shows us if it was flagged as an avatar. If it was, you will NOT get the flag removed. 2. If you want to complain about the policy, do it to a friend. The majority of our users are very happy and supportive. If you are going to be a negative nancy about it and have nothing nice to say, my only response to you is--Don't log in if you do not like our site. 3. If you are one of those people who try and justify your avatar abuse with conspiracy theories pointing to other users who are getting away with it, rest at
A Troll Or Not?
Some have been saying I have a troll, and others are so sick as to say I fap to it.  First, who the hell cares?  Do you really think there are almost six million members with NO multiple accounts?  As it is said in Yiddish, a nekhtiger tog, , a nightly day. something that cannot be found.  I like having fun, not fapping to myself, that is fucking nasty!
Chapter 1 Gabrielle
It was a night so dark and treacherous, filled with the shadows of the monstrous creatures born of nightmares. I could hear the wind howling at my back like the sound of an animal left to die in the woods. It sent chills along my spine as it glided over the grass like a snake in the water, moving flawlessly. My great lion paws padding the earth leaving barley a mark as I shifted back to my human form. My tail was always the last bit to go back to place as I walked upright on my two human legs. I swept my strawberry blond hair from my face as I used the back of my hand to wipe the still warm blood from my mouth from the kill I had just made deep within the dark forest. I walked to my car, parked just to the side of the road in the edge of the shadows just as I was about to open my door a figure swooped from the darkness much faster than a normal human, or even animal that I was aware of. Before I even knew what was happening I was on the ground and I felt fangs sinking into me. Fangs
To Read When You Hit The Bottom...
the skies so dark with evil and torment,the earth so scorched with rage and fury,the ravaged by time and despair,when it seems theres no hope,look up, remember the skies,like it once was,look around you and remember,what the earth once looked like,look within yourself,remember wom you were,then gather up courage and hope,to let others see for themselves,that they, are not alone on this,cursed place, help them remember themselves,till everyone remembers...if they do,then whos to say its racked with evil and grief,when all they see is hope and remembrance,of whats past, and work to build the future....
Souls Aree Powerful....
eyes. are like windows,the windows of the soul,for a person to peer in,to see whom what has been,see whom what is,see whom will be.'tis a gift,to not be taken lightly,for tis has potence of,enlightment or choas,for the soul,is a powerful force,seer be warned,seer be wary,for that window,is two way mirror,no matter,you will not escape,unscathed of what,you've seen in,thy eyes,the windows of the soul.
A Heartfelt Poem, Straight From My Soul
of this world there's a woman...this certain lady carries the candle and key to the darkness in my lonely heart that been locked up....of this woman, to be bring me light, must first travel the night within my soul...  and heart...for me to be open, I must first melt to the candle knock the rust off the lock.. its a task I so tried for so long....but finally I gave it thought...I can hear the lady on the other side...calling my name in the dark, jiggling with the lock... playing with the candle to light up this rusty padlock on my soul.....I banged at the door to cheer her on...but it came through as a whisper.... a whisper she heard clearly for it said...please me with this door...I want you so ever badly... when you heard those words through my lips...through sat down and cried...cried and let the tears each tear...captures the candle each sparkled into  the night...each cry make me quiver at the sight....
Obamacare And The Military
ok check this out, A reservist/Guardsmen with over 20 years and 3 deployments to Iraq/Stan and under 60 if they retire and want medical they will have to pay over $900.00/mo for coverage until they reach age 60. the only other option is the VA where they wait for 6 months to see a doc that is so over worked the quality of care can be horrid. Did you know that our President and the former congress would not pass this bill if the retiree did not should ALL the cost? no contribution from the country that called them. Now service connected disabilities after you fight like hell to get them will always be covered by the VA. This angers me to no end.  
Chrome Plated Heart By Melissa Etheridge
I got a chrome-plated heartI got wings on these fingers trying to tear it apartI got angels crying from up aboveAnd they got rust in their eyesThey got rust on their loveBut I have learned to leave no stone unturnedAnd keep the wall against my backAnd the love is real as the day is longAnd the night is blackAs black as nightI got a two dollar stareMidas in my touch and Delilah in my hairI got bad intentions on the soles of my shoesWith this red hot fever and these chromium bluesAnd I will feel another lovers wheel[From:]And drive for miles and not look backAnd the love is real as the day is longAnd the night is blackAs black as nightOn my chrome-plated heartWings on these fingers trying to tear it apartI got angels crying from up aboveAnd they got rust in their eyesThey got rust on their loveAnd the only way I know where the train will goIs when I'm sleeping on the tracksAnd the love is real as the d
Me So Bored
Do you like to cuddle?Hrmm only teddies and pillows, rarely actual people. Actually I dunno, I don't really get much of an opportunity to cuddle. Hugging as greeting is kinda weird though.Who has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?ErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmDo you cry easily?I cry like a baby.Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?NoEver cried while you were on the phone with that person?No Are you excited for anything?Not right now no.How are you feeling right now?Kinda sleepyWhat are you doing right now?Doing this but I'm starting to lose my attention span, am I halfway yet?What should you be doing right now?It's 9.30pm so any of the following: sleeping/watching tv/picking my nose/scratching my buttAre you worried about anything right now?Not really, sometimes I worry about how I'm not worried. :-oHow do you think this day will be?Well it's night time, so day is kinda over.Ever gotten in a car accident?NoDo you hate the last person you kissed?No Have you ever
Why Is It People See Fit To Deceive And Hurt?
So just recently I was cheated on for a 8th time. Her excuse was just like all the others, I can't be with a soldier and college student. I feel it's shallow and somewhat selfish for one to expect anyone to give up what makes them happy because one partner feels that all free time should revolve around them. All I want is someone who can accept me for who I am and what I do. It shouldn't be this hard to find one decent female, should it? It seems that we now live in a society where people almost have come to expect to be used and cheated on, or hurt in another way. I for one, refuse to settle into a relationship with the knowledge that I'm more than likely going to be used and cheated on. People need to start treating others with respect, respecting what they do, and take pride in the fact that they're with someone who does what makes them happy. If one's spouse is working and going to school to better themselves and possibly their relationship in the long run, be supportive, don't go
Open Up To Me
Open yours arms and let me inShut your eyes perk your ears and tell me what you hearListen to the waves crash across the open sandFeel the sun against your skin,like the touch of a warm handWatch the sun rise above a blue covered skyLook above and see the birds fly by. Open your heart and let me in tell me what you hearThe sound of beating from a open heart as you take a closer lookA Whispering voice soft and slow rising in the breezeA sound of music soft and clear travelling along at ease. Open your mind and let me in tell me what you thinkA ticking clock its chimes ringing gently in your mindA fade song begins to play as the clock strikes nineYour mind is wondering what has happened hereAnd ever thought you had before slowly disappears, Open your arms and let me in and let things fall apartWash your soul of all your sins and shower your heart with loveGive your mind the peace its needs for it will start to goLet your arms ambrace me and give me the love that flowsWatch the sun ris
9 Words Women Use! :)
NINE WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine:This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes:If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.  (3) Nothing
Ever get the Feeling That is you Do not die In public No one Would even Notice That you Were gone That you try To follow The right path But everything Just turns out Wrong All your Pall bearers Would cop out Citing something Better To do I guess we All Have days Like this When the dark Embraces you It gets hard To find A way Through
My Encounter With Tom In Jaimaca
So there's this guy Tom that is deeply in love with his girlfriend Tonya.  So Tom decides to get her name tattooed on his penis.  So when his penis is not hard you see the letters TY.  Tired of the hustle and bustle  Tom decides to go to Jaimaca and while he is there visits a nude beach.  He comes across this man known by the locals as the Tha Major and notices he has a TY on his penis as well.  Tom says hey man I notice you have a TY on your penis I have the same tattoo for my girlfriend Tonya what does your say?  Tha Major looks at Tom and replies...Mine says "Welcome to Jaimaca and have a nice day"!!!!!!
Hotd Jan 27, 11awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted Awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted
Awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted   This one is cheating a bit because it is taken from the Village Voice blogger but as it is best conveys the story I am using it.   More of the story from the New York Daily News. Mexican soldiers on Wednesday seized a large drug catapult that smugglers were using to launch packages of pot into a remote area of Arizona.  I love that the soldiers played with it...  errrhhh tested it for legal reasons... after they seized it
Dj Contest Jan 29th At 8pm Est. Big Prizes To The Winners
Welcome To Fubar!
fubar = fun! fubar has a little something for everyone. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, meeting new people or getting your game on, everything you do on fubar earns you  points which helps you level. When you level you unlock new features which allow you to have more fun. fubar runs on fubucks the common virtual currency which allows you to buy drinks for friends, play games and help other members on the site. Whenever you earn points for doing things on fubar, you also earn fubucks. The more points you accumulate the quicker you will level up and unlock new features.  If you need immediate assistance, stop by the fubar Support Lounge and chat live, 24/7.   Browse the fubar bible for help by section. Top Questions Points, Levels, and Profile Questions
Again...just Random Shyton My Mind
So i was thinking, what the hell am i on fu? Like seriously why am i on fu...i have nothing in common with like 99.7% of the people on here, of the 300 plus people i made friends with i only talk to like 5 of them(ok maybe a little more but not by yeah its great seeing free boobs and all but i have wifeys, and online why the hell do i get on fu. then it hit a ton of bricks...just BAM...(think emril )....survey says: because i like having the chance to meet new people. now i know i am not the great conversationalist most of these smooth gentleman are on here, and i know about 60% of the people i am friends with only have me to make their numbers look good( i accept that). i know, i am married so i am limited as to how "serious" i can take this or as to how far i can push the envelope(computer or not, females on here still have feelings and emotions so ....respect is paramount). flirting is fun, and i can flirt alot on here.....hmmmm***wondering is anyon
[whole Sardines]
Are you enjoying your life right now? Yes and no. I find leisure time is much more enjoyable when its actually that, and not what you're always doing..   What would you name a baby boy or girl?  I've always liked Mikhael Anton or Ivan. I was on an Eastern European kick for a while there. Girl was Sophia until I found out it was trending into one of the most overused names of a generation. No Aydens or any such variation, because no one needs to see a school room where you call for "Aiden" and half the class turns toward you... It overtook John. Srsly. Girl name... girl name. I could try to break the Judeo/christian name kick since my mother and father selected celtic barbaric names for their spawn. "Teamhair" it is. ... seriously look that shit up.   Do you like anyone right now that you can't have?  We'll go ahead and call that a "yes". But I had to think about it.   What's the next movie you will see in theaters? True Grit if I get off my ass and see it, or The King's Speec
A Little Pick Me Up From Me To You.
:::THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD EMO CLEAN UP SQUAD LEADER!!!::: Why hello! I bet you are sitting there, elbow deep in a bag of cheetos, the latest self help guru on your television set, hand on your sad deflated little pecker, or if not, an Oral B toothbrush at the ready to be shoved down your throat and you are thinking: Why don't I just kill myself? No one wants me around. I should just do it.  Well lemme tell you something: You aren't gonna do it. The fact of the matter is this; if you are so pithy and whiny to sit there and bitch and complain about how hard it is to go to school and then come back and sit your dumpy ass down on the couch and cut your wrists-not deep enough to do any good, mind you-then you aren't a strong enough person to do the world a favor and kill yourself. Damn it all. But far be it from me to judge. I'm sure your life is so hard, afterall, living with your parents must be tough on you. The point of the matter is t
Boo Made Me Do It......
Do you like to cuddle?It's something that I've become addicted to over the years, and if its the middle of the summertime I'll pay for the extra electricity to keep it cold enough for its necessityWho has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?My daughter, because like me she has the inate ability to shoot from the hip with deadly accuracy at timesDo you cry easily?No, but I've noticed that since 40 its nowhere near as difficult as it once was.  Call it manopause *shrugs*Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?Yes. Ever cried while you were on the phone with that person?No.Are you excited for anything?I live in a village of 300 people......We get excited when someone's raking their leaves next door.How are you feeling right now?Zombiish but improving.What are you doing right now?Wondering why I copied this quiz from Boo - was cute when she did it?What should you be doing right now?Earning what my company pays me to do.......ooopsAre you worried about anything right now?M
[i Steal Surveys. The Sun Is Not Out]
Do you like to cuddle?Only if it leads to sex.Who has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?I'd have to have emotions...Do you cry easily?Nope.Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?uuh... who was the last person I ki- nope. Ever cried while you were on the phone with that person?Never been on the phone with that person.Are you excited for anything?Robots. I'm always excited about robots. How are you feeling right now?Dozey. Could use more caffeine.What are you doing right now?This.What should you be doing right now?*shrugs* working probably.Are you worried about anything right now?Working probably. And losing my teeth.How do you think this day will be?Uneventful. But I might make Dango.Ever gotten in a car accident?Hah! Hahahahahahahaha.Do you hate the last person you kissed?I barely know her. Apparently she's pregnant and married now.Have you ever been used?Yup.Cheated on?Yup. And anyone that says no, probably hasn't been in a relationship.Who did you last ride
Passwords In Fumafia
You know I use to enjoy playing fumafia. Then they decided to change up the game to where You just about have to have a password to spit across the parking lot. Every thing you do there that has to do with making yourself more powerful in defense an attack is password protected. And some that own these things like hospitals weapons an armor if you are not one of there friends of that turf. You cant get what you need. Its kind of like when you use to play games. Like football or baseball or basketball with your friends and if you didn't get picked to play on there team you were just SOL. They want us to get down on our knees an beg like a Dog to get a password. There are some out there that have to beg for food an a place to stay or a ciggarette. Thats bad enough But we do what we have to do. But begging for a password to play a game thats not happening.
[and That's The Problem With Sleep]
Grotesque trolls having sex with pornstarspulling strange oozing cancer out of my bodygetting electrocuted by wall sockets and lightswitchesyeahfuck sleep.The nightmare king has returned.And not the loveable scamp from little nemo.I've been trying to work him out for a few years.Story.Drawing.*yawns*mobile suits.He kind of evades explanation. But he's definitely there. Thursday... missed wednesday during the gauntlet. Didn't make it 30 hours.What should I do today?I'm still scared of building more, but its gotta happen sometime.I know that if I sit down to it, something will get done.Oh-and I fucked up on my mecha forum :Bbut the leader of the tribe told me it was okay to make mistakesI dunno why but ... that really made me happy.I'm feeling a bit accomplished other than that though...part of a short story (I like it so far) reduction and repair is done on my goufI got a color scheme done for something I wanted to finish a LONG time ago. (at least a year).I am one of those people that
Anyone Want A Creepy/zombie Edit?
If anyone wants a creepy/zombie edit or anyother kind of photo  edit let me know :) I do them for free : )      
A Melancholy Moment
Well there you are just going along through life and you think all is just fine,but then along come those past ghosts that creep in when you least expect it.And you're all out of Ghosts Be Gone spray,so you have to allow those pesky thoughts to run their course. (Shutter) Well so while I go through my ghosts,I will post some of my favorite poems and some love quotes I like too. Here's hoping your ghosts skip your house tonight. :) Quotes: "If you press me to say why I loved him,I can say no more than because he was he,and I was I." "Love is like War.Easy to begin but very hard to stop"   "Love that is not madness is not love" by Pedro Calderon de la Barca       "Time is too slow for those who wait,too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love,time is eternity"  by Henry Van Dyke     Poems: Let it be forgotten Let it be forgotten,as a flower is forgotten.Forgotten as a fire that once was
Tell Me How Good I Write A Poem:)
Look at the stars tonightAs we see the same lightAnd in that momentIt will be alrightIf you miss a falling starI'll catch it for youKeep it in my heartAnd we can share it tooKeep holding onAs life goes alongPain is short-livedAs you are so strongI will hold your handAnd look in your eyesBut it is only thenThat our star will shine.I wrote this poem tell me what u think    
Let Her Answer.
i was looking a am/wf or am/bf dating.  (being a half-er im obsessed with interracial dating)  well the question was would a wf, a hf, or bf date an asian guy?  all the answers can from guys.  dudes nobody cares what u think it was a question for girls.  why do u feel the need to answer?  and if u are going to answer at least have something intelligent to say.  actually forget i said anything,  the lack of brain cells displayed every time u type make me feel and look better.  keep up the good work
this winter has been full of things that are repeated every year but there has a few things that are new and exciting some of wich are minute and mundane but others are once in a life time things like when i realized that change is the only that will make my life for the better i have to grow up and make smarter desisions to better me and my family which i havent been the greatest to but as of late has been good another sign that things are turning around in my life.  sence ive been out of the marine corp i have had many issues that need both medical and spiriual help and its slow but coming along my relationships are nonexsitant in an adault sence but i have my family around to keep me busy i know one day i will find someone that wont judge me for the issues i have as far as my ptsd and and a few other things that are wrong but hey i am a great person and i know when the time comes god will put someone in my life any ways im finnaly in a positive mood and am glad to be in this world
::pre-deployment Thoughts::
After not hearing from the mister for a week via the phone, I finally got to hear his voice again tonight. It's funny how in such a challenging circumstance, just hearing his voice can bring me comfort and make me smile. I hear that voice and just hearing it assures me that I'm doing the right thing and that he is worth the wait.....and if this cost me a friendship or two, then so be it. I also know it won't be easy with him being gone, so if you pass a Starbucks and happen to see a dark red-headed chick wearing a "Bauer 2012" shirt that's around 180s lbs with her head buried in a *NEW* Trenta-sized frappucino from Starbucks, just carry on!   MMMMMMMM Trenta sized frappucinos....
New Tag Heuer Replica Watches Tag Heuer Carrera Mp4-12c
At the next trade show in Basel the Swiss watch brand will present its new Tag Heuer Carrera_replica TAG Heuer_ TAG Heuer Carrera watches MP4-12C automatic flyback chronograph watch that was created together with the famous McLaren sports car maker. Unveiled earlier last year, the new McLaren MP4-12C supercar will soon go into production and into a show-room near you. Trying to get even more attention to the eagerly anticipated supercar, which is expected to become one of the fastest production vehicles in the world, both brands once again joined their forces and presented this new baby. The Tag Heuer Carrera_replica TAG Heuer_ TAG Heuer Carrera watches will be  officially revealed in March, 2011 at Baselworld 2011 show. It will be issued as a limited edition model with a total run of 1000 pieces. Based on the well-known ETA 2894 chronograph ebauche, the new movement comes with an add-on module that features an annual calendar and a big date functions. We have already seen this mov
Basel Arrival 2011: Replica Breitling Watches Watch
  In Basel 2011, Replica Breitling Watches_Breitling Bentley_ Breitling replica watches will launch its new Breitling Bently pocket watch which integrates most precise and complicated two functions into one watch, automatic adjustment perpetual calendar in leap year; date, week, month, leap year and moon phase displays;hour, quarter,minute repeater. New Breitling Bentley pocket watch consists of nearly 700 components. It adopts an unmass applied design in the end of 19th century as its movement blueprint. Seeing through its transparent case back, you can comprise everything in sight, exquisite hand polishing, rounding chamfer and “Côtes de Genève”Geneva arabesquitic. There is patter design that Owen Bentley standed at the side of racing car model on the 18 K yellow gold case back in the respect of Owen Bentley. New Breitling Bentley pocket watch blends the modern grace with antique flavor. Every one would acclaim it as the peak of perfection. New Breitling Bentley pocket w
High School Graduation Speech (2007)
With our futures just beyond those doors, I agonize over what I could possibly say to inspire my fellow ppers and those of you looking on before us this evening. A good friend once told me a story about a special woman. Knowing she was soon to die, the woman wanted to arrange her own funeral, as to make everything the way in which she wished it to be. Sitting with the funeral director, she laid out all her plans, of which consisted of a simple oak coffin, lined with silken plush, and one simple flower arrangement that would adorn the wooden casket. After several hours the director finally asked her if that was she desired to have, and in the sweetest, firmest voice she replied with this simple answer; I wish to be buried with a fork. The look on the director's face was one of bewilderment, curiosity getting the best of him he inquired as to why she would want such a thing. The reason was simple, after dinner waiters always tell you to keep your fork, because the best is yet to come.  
All About Me
I just want you to know that I would climb any mountain, sail across a stormy sea, if that's what it takes me baby, to show how much you mean to me. Hi, It's me that guy you saw in the cowboy hat. Someone once asked me if I was as tough as a cowboy. Now, I wasn't really sure how to answer that. When I was a younger man, I did all the things that real cowboys did. I rode,roped,branded,drank and had a few fights and yes even ate a few to many beans. LOL Even rode a few bulls in my lifetime. Would I do it now I don't think so. Had my heart broke more than a few times. Fell in love more than most men. Kissed my fair share of ladies. But now I am looking for my last rodeo. This buckaroo is looking to catch that one special Lady. The one that is ready to ride off into the sunset.Now you can probably guess what type of music I like. (RAP LOL) I heard that they once took Country music. Mixed it with Rap and they called it crap. (Not into Rap) Country is my favorite I also like o
The Farther I Go
I wrote this December of 2005.    I’m sitting just inside the center of the universe Might as well be another black hearse Hands reach out to touch the nearest thing Streched clear out into the unseen Can see you with my eyes feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go Can see you with my eyes feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go I spend my time all alone in the dark Closer to the world yet farther apart My heart yearns to be one with the earth But I’ve been separate from everything since the day of my birth Lonliness consumes my heart The harder I look the more it gets dark I search within my self hoping to see all I can find is an emptier version of me I can see you with my eyes I can feel you with my soul The closer I come to me the farther you go I can see you with my eyes I can feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go. You reach out your hand to touch I am just not into feeling that much I try t
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Okay so I lost my mind and I've decided to enter my friend's auction (if you want to enter I will give you his link-he's taking entries starting Friday.) I went crazy apparently (and he won't stop bugging me about it.) Here is my dilemma: I don't know what to offer. I'm obviously not offering naked pictures or naked cam time. I thought about 1 pimp out a day for a week or two, top friend add, blog/blast/statuses about them, Yahoo add, sfw salute, maybe some sfw cam time (I'll wave and maybe say hi to them on mic), all ten of my awesome 11s for a week or two. I know some people have different offers when cash bids come into play, but I am not assuming I will get cash bids. Obviously if by some fluke that happens I will adjust my offers.     Can you think of anything else that's not unreasonable? Oh and if one of you could bid at least 5 fubucks so I don't look like a loser, I'd appreciate it.
gung-ho\ GUHNG-HO \adjective; 1. Wholeheartedly enthusiastic and loyal; eager; zealous. 2. In a successful manner.
The computer is a moron.  -  Peter F. Drucker
Feeling Lost
living in my own hell no one cares or understands all alone in this worldalone with my thoughts thoughts vile and dark matching a soul black as night so many faces and layers no one really knows what lies under the dark they see what is projected but never the truth the hurt and scared girl afraid of what is next cant go forward wont go backward stuck in the darkness no sees her tears or her fears so she stands brave and tall as long as she stays in the dark
Death Again....
The death of my uncle has made an amazing impact...more than I ever imagined. He was adored like my Dad was. My uncle had so many bizarre sayings that entertained the children and obviously the adults as well. There has been a saying going through my head for about 2 weeks now (before his death) that he would say if a food was particularly delicious. We received a message from an old friend that we haven't heard from in many years (my parents best friend), she recited the old saying... I mourn.........
Helpful Suggestions When Picking Plus Size Women Clothing Online
Have you realized the value in the Internet? It is not just getting utilized in researchers but additionally in a assortment of purposes. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses plus size women who have complications in buying for their outfits can make utilization of the web to glimpse for great fitting outfits online. By looking the net, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses you can available the doors to an endless array of outfits choices, most recent fashions, lower rates, and uncommon clothes objects which can suit large women. You don't must waste materials time with buying in neighborhood malls only to become dismayed that you just can't locate a size that fits you. Discount wedding dresses Just remain property and sit in top in the personal computer for as extended when you have an web connection, you can store until you drop. Different occasions need you to definitely put on distinctive sorts of outfits and together with your size; you will certainly lack time in buying locally for outfit
Once upon a timeWhen the world was just a pancakeFears would ariseThat if you went too far you'd fallBut with the passage of timeIt all became more of a ball.We're as sure of thatAs we all once were when the world was flatSo I wonder thisAs life billows smoke inside my headThis little game where nothing is sure, ohWhy would you play by the rules?Who did, you did, youWho did, you did, youWhen was she killedThe very last dodo birdAnd was she awareShe was the very last oneSo I wonder thisAs life billows smoke inside my headThis little game where nothing is sure, oh[ From: ]Why would you play by the rules?Who did, you did, youWho did, you did, youYou say who did, well you did, youIf all the things that you are saying loveWere true enough but stillWhat is all the worrying aboutWhen you can work it outWhen you can work itOh I wonder thisAs life billows smoke inside my headThis little game where nothing is sureWhy w
Guess What She Is Doing?
    Yesterday, while driving to get the kids from school, I heard a commercial come on The Michael Baisden Show. It was a commercial about a company that works for Disney that finds child talent for TV shows, commercials, movies, and appearances on The Disney Channel. I figured since my daughter has my artistic side (singing, dancing, acting, etc.) that she would like this. So I called the 800 number and what do you know? I got her an audition!!! I will be taking her on Saturday. Her audition is at noon. The lady on the phone said they are looking for child talent for a TV commercial, so that is what she will be auditioning for. Wish her luck!!! We are both very excited and I know my little lady will do very well!       P.S. I already researched the company. They are BBB accredited and it is not a scam. I know someone will come in here and say be careful. Just know that I already thought about it before you did :P  
There is a time and place that seems so far. To be the one who who hopes and feels for the near. I can feel my heart jump when you say "HI".  I can hear my voice tremble when I answer.   There is a time and place that seem so far. Far for what is in reason Far for when there no season You have given me time, you have given me hope. Given to what is already. When the time is there to give something else, it's not there Only the tears of another. The breaking of a heart.   There is a time that seems oh so far away, that the heart can not fathom.
Chris Brown - I Need This
stop, whr am i, Shock, I can't cryPop, I need some spaceNo, this isn't meOh, please let me breatheI'll be back sooner than you knowI need this space just like you need airI need this time, time to clear up my mindWait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...I need this feeling, whoa yeah, I really need thisWhoa, I've been blindI hope I'll be fineDon't call me back, noYes, I see lightNow, it's so brightCall my name, I'll be thr soonI need this space just like you need airI need this time, time to clear up my mindWait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...I need this feelingWait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...I need this feeling, whoa yeah, I really need thisI need this [x2]I really need thisYou know it's not personalSorry if I'm hurting youPlease don't give up on me nowI needed this time aloneTo know I could come back homeTo breathe, breathe, breathe
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Click Here To Join Us Any questions or to enter please private message... DJ GHOST RIDER OWNER OF PHANTASIES@ fubar
Helpful Suggestions When Picking Plus Size Women Clothing Online
Have you realized the value in the Internet? It is not just getting utilized in researchers but additionally in a assortment of purposes. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses plus size women who have complications in buying for their outfits can make utilization of the web to glimpse for great fitting outfits online. By looking the net, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses you can available the doors to an endless array of outfits choices, most recent fashions, lower rates, and uncommon clothes objects which can suit large women. You don't must waste materials time with buying in neighborhood malls only to become dismayed that you just can't locate a size that fits you. Discount wedding dresses Just remain property and sit in top in the personal computer for as extended when you have an web connection, you can store until you drop. Different occasions need you to definitely put on distinctive sorts of outfits and together with your size; you will certainly lack time in buying locally for outfit
Plz Help Me To Get The Next Level
Hi everyone. I've been stuck on this level for quite some time now. I really want to get past it.   I am willing to trade someone fu bucks for an auto 11 or a vip......I really want to be able to make the points I need (7,897,954) to get to the next level! Being on dial up makes it very difficult to rate photos and such. If anyone is willing to let me pay them Fu Bucks in exchange for an Auto 11 or VIP, plz shout box me!!!!! If you have any suggestions plz leave a comment.... I'd really appreciate your help!
Usurper Obama▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated CAUTION... LOTS OF READING AHEAD. I, Einstein, being of sound mind and body will be playing the role of the Leftist propagandist!     I, Pyro, being of sound, mind, and body will be taking the position of 2nd amendment loving REAL American   So I just found out that Obama is a socialist. He also has a deep seeded hatred for white people or the white culture. He hangs around with fascist and commies. He bowed to some commie and is handing America over to them. I hear he was born in Kenya and is not a citizen. I, as a god loving American want to know why is he allowed to be president?I will go through a few points of why he is not qualified to be president!!! I think all of my REAL Americans will agree with me! He bowed to the Emperor of Japan!I as a REAL AMERICAN know that we should never bow to any foreign leaders!!! He is a typical Democrat always bowing to show that we are weak and will submit to foreign leaders   Yes, every American knows that
New On This Site!
                                                PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO MAKE MY DAY! i just wanna say im new to this site and i have ignorant people blocking me for no reason today is actually the first day that i have been on in awhile cause of my work, he asked me to add pictures of myself and i did than he went and blocked me and had other people block me also!!!I dont know why because i am new here and i am only trying to enjoy the site and meet new people!!!THIS ONE PERSON EVEN ASKED ME IF I WAS ON HERE FOR SEX!!!!! AND YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!SO WHY I 'AM BEING BLOCKED BY PEOPLE I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!IS THIS HOW YOUR TREATED ON THIS SITE!!!!IF SO ILL DELETE IT CAUSE I DONT WANT KNOW DRAMA!!
Three Days Grace- Animal I Have Become
  I can't escape this hellSo many times i've triedBut i'm still caged insideSomebody get me through this nightmareI can't control myselfSo what if you can see the darkest side of me?No one will ever change this animal I have becomeHelp me believe it's not the real meSomebody help me tame this animal(This animal, this animal)I can't escape myself(I can't escape myself)So many times i've lied(So many times i've lied)But there's still rage insideSomebody get me through this nightmareI can't control myselfSo what if you can see the darkest side of me?No one will ever change this animal I have becomeHelp me believe it's not the real meSomebody help me tame this animal I have becomeHelp me believe it's not the real meSomebody help me tame this animalSomebody help me through this nightmareI can't control myselfSomebody wake me from this nightmareI can't escape this hell(This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal)So what if you can see the darkes
Hey What's Up Fubar Peeps!!!!
Just wanted to say HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!! kinda bored here and didn't know what else to say or do... Hope all is having a wonderful HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!
Love Me
"Love meAnd worship meI'll lavish you and ravish youFulfil all wishes and fetishes tooMany never want to seeMany never want to knowThe truth behind their fantasiesTheir deepest needsLet alone be shown them"
A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped and every oncein a while a $20 fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, "Ma'am, there are $20 bills fallingout of that bag." "Oh really? Darn it!" said the little old lady. "I'd better go backand see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me officer." Well, now, not so fast," said the cop. Where did you get all that  money? You didn't steal it, did you?" "Oh, no, no", said the old lady. "You see, my back yard is right next  tothe Golf course.On Golf days, a lot of Golfers come and pee through a knot hole in thefence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Killsthe flowers, you know. Then I thought, 'why not make the best of it? So, now, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my hedge clippers. Every time some guy sticks his thing through my fence, Isurprise him, grab hold of it and say
St. Valentines Day Massacre
Once upon a time on fu-land A battle was created ST. VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE by Nemesis of HELLPIT RADIO and i would like to have every brutal dj from all over to come and thrown down some tunes on 02/14/11 which is valentines day it a free for all battle theres is no fee too pay its just too have fun!!!!! Lets have fun!!!!!!
Ok I wrote this back in 2007 when my ex husband and I were having so many problems and were splitting up. I share it now only for feedback on the writing. The pain behind these words is gone; but I'd like to get everyones opinion. Thanks.     My Dearest Love, Will you be mine? I tried to let you go, But Alas, I cannot.  The love I feel for you is too deep, This pain could kill me. A life without you is just that, A living death. A future without you is not one that I can see, I cannot even begin to dream it up. I know I've done things that made you angry, And I apologized for them, I am only human after all. Change is not one of those things I do often, But for you, I would flip this whole world upside down Just to see you smile at me the way you once did. You feel it, Just as I do, This love is too strong, Our happiness comes in each other. Together, we are an unbeatable force, Alone we are cold and defenseless. I don't fear facing this world without you, I
Janey Godley’s Podcast “episode 29”
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In the 29th episode of Janey Godley’s podcast the mother and daughter discuss The Appalachian Trail and their desire to walk it, the Andy Gray sexism scandal, Tommy Sheridan's sentencing. Their favourite comic Rob Brydon provides this week's celebrity question and they tell us all about their attitude to comedy. Ashley has a rant about how she feels being the daughter of a comedian and Janey spills the beans about nasty comics. The STV Nightshift programme gets debated and both of them talk about Ashley not having a boyfriend (again). Janey ends it by telling a big odd story about a man with a Samuria sword who loved her.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, b
If You Need A Good Laugh
do you want to hear something funny Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married......If this does not make you laugh out loud, you have lost Your sense of humourThe other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls..' I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I heade...d for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed... 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals = 12 cuckoos MIDNIGHT!)The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, I told him 'MIDNIGHT'.... He didn't seem p***d off in the least. ........Whew, I got away with that one! Then he said 'We nee
I Reliaze This
All of us on here have different reasons for being on fu, but this is...more than a game, or at least it has evoled into more than a game. there are real people with real feelings that get hurt on here and a select few whose numbers seem to be growing just dont dont care. All of us have some form of head trauma, be it daddy issues or what ever. the reason we come here is to get away from that and to meet cool ass people who help ease the pain of real life. For some reason the growing trend on here is to be disrespectful and act like the biggest asshole in the world. not everyone on here is that hard core and none of us are that important that we can afford turn our proverbal noses up to the next man and walk past like they dont exist. we are all here for one form of recognition or why cant we just all get along and respect each other... not to say we have to like each other just respect each other( i know thats asking to much), but why add to the number of asshole on this
none stopn me ima keep movein forward dont hate i got glad
Fu Birthday Wish List
Yup. Birthday is just around the corner! March 8th! It's a Tuesday! Wanna be a doll and love on me? Here are some things I'm looking for! 1. Happy Hours 2. Famps to run during those happy hours for my family (h) 3. Boomys 4. Blasts 5. Bling packs of any size 6. Fubux    :) Well get to it! Anyone who gets me anything will be soiled and loved on during my birthday week! I'll be keeping tabs here ;)   People Who Get Loved On   White Mamba (Duh!) Chaotic Dream (Duh!)
Super Bowl 45...the Facts
I think this will go down as one of the best SuperBowls of all time. I'm a rabid Steelers fan...born and raised in "the Burgh". I have mounds of respect for the Pack...espically Aaron Rodgers. In the bitter a Steelers fan we dislike the usuals, "Belicheat" and his "  butt puppet" Brady, Clevland "Brownstains", Cincinnati "Bungels"...and of course the biggest wanna-be Steelers and cry baby Baltimore "Pigeons". But after much soul searching, I can't really find anything wrong with the Pack. Great orginazation with traditions steeped in "Blue Collar" hard working American people...(sounds like another famous "blue collar" town..hmhm). We as teams don't fall into the trash talkin, mud slinging like the rest of the NFL owners seem to allow their teams to do. To bad we have to play in Dallas..the perfect example of wasted money and "know -it- all" owner orginazation.Maybe together we can bring class to an classless Nfl...starting in Dallas!! If the Steelers come out with another vic
Saw: The Final Chapter
When I saw the first 3 installments, they began to get old, however I did watch the rest.  But for a very different reason than whether they were any good or not...  In a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, the biggest reason was to see what kind of new ways they would come up with to mutilate people - i.e. challenge the special FX department to see how good they could pull it off on film...  in some scenes, they did fair, and most it was just all about blood spatter, spray, etc...  eh...  not really scary, wouldn't even call it gore...  just plain morbid...  Morbid should be left to the guys like Rob Zombie...  but anyway...   Saw: The Final Chapter was a bit better than 4, 5, and 6 both in entertainment value, and storyline...  the SFX weren't much to write home about...  the opening scene was rather well played out and a bit shocking, more than scary...  (if you haven't seen the movie, I won't give it away...).  In typical Saw fashion, the movie transgresses to the main characters and th
Slave Auction
Slave Auction   Feb 1st-Feb 8th    500k FuBucks To Be In It   What Are You Willin' To Do for: FuBucks VIP HH And You Have To Do That For 2 Wks-A Month   Tell me in here if you want to be in it. And say which pic you want to be posted.
The Glow Radio Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block
Wednesday Night on The Glow Radio: First up is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock" Show spinning 80's,90's,& Today's Rock & Metal. starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is DJ Reese & her "Shut Up & Rock!!" show; starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt Closing Tonight is Tony the Misfit & his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music  at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________   Tune in and enjoy the best tunes anywhere on the Web.  The music community for the co
My Movie Reviews...
OK, seeing how I usually rent and watch a butt load of movies...  I figure I should be semi-qualified to give reviews... I'm not talking technical know-how, or artistic value... but real, down to earth reviews...  but hey...  I like "B" movies too...
State Of The Union 2011 - By Blazintommyd
  I was disappointed by the State of the Union addressAdmittedly the response from the Nazi Fascists made it even worse leaving the impression well you can have the President or full blown unbridled Nazi Fascism. It's kind of like you can have Mussolini or Adolf Hitler but never Stalin. So essentially it was the same old shit since Ronald RayGun was Fuhrer. But this was actually the 1st time I felt completely disconnected and alienated from the entire event and all of the people. I've been wondering if it's something that has to do with age, like one of the founders of Letterism had said you have to be 50 something before you can comprehend what it is. I can view a Letterist film and feel inspiration, interesting thoughts, pleasant imagery; but let alone soulless and dull, there literally wasn't a single thing in the President's speech or the Nazi response which was of any interest to me, at all, except "limited government" unfortunately to them limited government only means the abol
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Random Shit
1. What is your best friends name? Jenn Foooooo! 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now?...commando homies... 3. What are you listening to right now? True Lies is on TV! 4. Whats your favorite number? 11 5. What was the last thing you ate? i had a blueberry yogurt yayyyyy 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? black teehee...its the most used! rawr 7. How is the weather right now? its snowin bitch! no schoool! 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? my friend from on here lol 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? the frontal buldge...if its not be enough looking im out lol 10. Do you have a significant other?.........nope. 11. Favorite TV show? VIVA LA BAMMMM, Rob and Big, Robs Fantasy FActory... 12. Siblings? one older sister...two older half brothers...who dont talk to me...douchebags... 13. Height?5'7ish 14. Hair color? dark dark dark dark black for the retards 15. Eye Color? brown 16. Do you wear contacts? yessu
How In The Hell???
Ok, I have to ask...I was in the military for 8 years....I can fold damn near any item of clothing known to mankind...I got a set of FITTED sheets for my bed for Christmas, and i decided to use them for the first time about 5 days ago....I wash them and when i went to fold them i swear it took me 45 minutest to even get them to look HALFWAY folded....Ok i know theres somebody out there with OCD that can help me out....i have never been so perplexed on how to fold a fitted sheet...I got so frustrated with them i was ready to tear off the corners just so i could fold the damn things properly!!!!!!   Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated...
The Thousand Year Snake.
You wouldn't think that any man of any signifcance had just walked through the door. Swatting clouds of road and weather off himself as he scanned for an available seat.Two empty stools next to the bara large round table in the center of the room, probably reserved for the alehouse champion.Krunk!Drowner of men, breather of beer. Eater of pretzels!A dark corner's only good when you don't come into an inn thirsty.So he plopped down at the bar, setting his pack with a thick thud in the stool adjacent."something clean, and warm," he had been drinking river water for the last week. Not spring water, cool, crisp and fresh. That dark stuff with things swimming, feeding and breeding in it."tea alright?"The stranger puffed out a relieved sigh. He was accustomed to some typical blather of strong drink "to warm you up" or "clean out your head". This keeper knew the value of a sober man."All I've got is bullion." The stranger reached into an earth colored pouch and slapped a marble-sized lump of
So I've had like 3 people block me in the last week or so - one of them I think because the other girl he was talking to found out. LOL I told you she would you crazy fool. Not that he and I had talked in weeks or anything but why send me a message to my inbox then block me so I can't even reply? I"m like NO I'm not his gf wth I' have someone I dig and he knows that   The other two IDK it's just weird. Not really a big deal but if there is a girl you're "dating" on fu or whatever just say it that's totally cool I'm just here for friends pretty much anyways. It just seems lame to me. Why block someone? With the few odditys I don't know that anyone really meets anyone from here...I mean I don't really care it's not that big of an issue just something I suppose I find interesting.    Anyways, I'm gonna shower and get back to life in Denver...To the Library, ok maybe just to the store but none the less to somewhere!
The People I See ~ Ramblings Of A Feverish Brain
Some of you are here for fun Some of you are here to find sex or love Some of you are genuine Some of you are only here for people when they are happy Some of you think I have aligned myself with someone you don't like and leave without looking back Some of you listen only to what friends say and don't use your own observational skills to pass judgment - and we all judge whether we like to admit it or not; it's how you do so that defines you as a person Some of you need to put others down to make you feel better Some of you, very few, are truly awesome - these people are in my family list, though some are still missing Some of you feel slighted to have been deleted from my list and thus avoid me - this I understand because I have felt the same way, but I tried to make it clear in my blogs and about me why it was done All of you are real people, despite what most say.  Someone physical lies behind the screen, whether they choose to be themselves or someone totally different
So True...
[Chorus][Will. I. Am]It's funny how a man only thinks about the... [BEEP!]You got a real big heart, but I'm lookin' at ya... [BEEP!]You got a real big brains, but I'm lookin' at ya... [BEEP!]Girl it ain't no pain in me lookin' at ya... [BEEP!][Pussycat Dolls]I don't give a... [BEEP!]Keep lookin' at my... [BEEP!]'Cos it don't mean a thing if you lookin' at my... [BEEP!]Hah, I'ma do my thing, while you playin' with ya... [BEEP!]HahahahahahaEvery boy's the same, since up in the seventh gradeThey've been tryin' to get with me, tryin' to (hahaha hahaha)They always got a plan, to be my one and only manWanna hold me with their hands, wanna (hahaha hahaha)I keep turnin' them down, but they always come aroundAskin' me to go around, that's not the way it's goin' down'Cos they only want, only want my (hahaha hahaha)Only want what they want, but (nahaha nahaha)[Chorus]Do you know that "no" don't mean "yes", means "no"?So just hold up, wait a minute, let me put my two cents in, and one!Just be pati
Dear Richie, Here I am, writing to you once again.  Isn't it crazy how you are still the person I write to for advice and comfort?  I guess you could say I still have a bit of Hero Worship going on with you.  Even if you aren't fighting to get home anymore, you're still fighting with the demons from your past.  I guess that's why I turn to you, and yet you never see these letters.  I always say I'm going to send them to you, but it never happens.  I have a question for you, but being me, I won't come out and ask it.  Ok, yes I will.  What is wrong with me?  I mean, other than being totally crazy, seeing things, and having panic attacks if I get stuck in a confined space.  Why do I attract men who want either just sex, or they want a wife to make them feel good about themselves.  I have no problem making my man feel amazing.  I love to make him feel like the only man in the world.  I delight in seeing his chest puff up in pride, I love letting him know that he is super-man in my eyes.
Turn Me Loose By Loverboy
I was born to run,I was born to dream,The craziest boy you ever seen,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.And I was here to please,I’m even on kneesMakin love to whoever I please,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.And then you came around,Tried to tie me down,I was such a clown,You had to have it your way,Or no way at all.Well I’ve had all I can take,I can’t take it no more,I’m gonna pack my bags and,Or no way at all.So why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.Why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,I wanna fly.I’m here to please,I’m even on my knees,Makin love to whoever I please,I gotta do it my way,I gotta do it my way,And when you came around,You tried to tie me down,I was such a clown,You had to have it your way,Well I’m sayin no way,So why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,Or no
On The Dark Side By John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
The dark side's callin' now Nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows She walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy Makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you From a love that's blind You slip to the dark side Across that line On the dark side, oh yeah On the dark side, oh yeah The dark side's callin' now Nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows She walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy Makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you From a love that's blind You slip to the dark side Across that line
[converse About Meat]
Actually this has nothing to do with meat.K.Still all wonked out on the sleep thing.Gonna get another cup of coffee here in a minute.Picked up some creamer because the coffee I bought is... dreadful.Part of a quest came to an end last night.I finally found someone that had video of the assault colors from Gundam Crossfire for his Gundam.So... I don't have to take a picture of my own TV, or hack a screencap or vid cap mod, or ... leave the game open while I photoedit the damn thing.Here.     Oddly enough the beam saber handles do appear to be white on this version of the Gundam.I'm probably gonna change that.Dunno if I'll go with the gunmetal or unbrushed titanium (that's the khaki/yellow)Sleep is stupid.I probably owe you people some non-gundam posts and thoughs.I probably owe myself that.God I think about robots a lot.Recently I posed myself the question do I like girls or robots more?... I honestly haven't worked that one out yet.Robotic girls make a better fuck than girly rob
Its a cloudy dayThe rain is softly fallingThe plants around meCovered in rain dropsI reach out my handTo touch a raindropIt rolls off the leafFalling into the palm of my handAs i stared at itIt reminded me of how...I held a tear of yoursIn my hand...I started to thinkOf the things I said and doneThe hurt I caused you...I felt a painDeep in my soul, mind, and heartMy body started to feel weakI truly didn't mean to causeYou painTo make you cryTo lose love  in me...As I'm walking down this streetAlone, cold, sad, and afaridI feel a chill in the airI looked up to the skyThe clouds were darkLike the pain in my heartThe once softly falling rainTurned into pouring rainI prayed to God for forgivenessFor the pain I caused yuI prayed that you  in me againI closed my eyes and...Then i saw your faceThe tears that you were cryingI saw the pain in your eyesThe sorrow in your heartI opened my eyes...I couldn't tell if i was cryingThe rain was covering my faceOut of all the raindropsOn my
2011 Contract After serious & cautious consideration ... your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2011It was an easy decision to make ... but try not to screw it up!!! My Wish for You in 2011May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be tears of joy.May the problems you had, forget your home address! In simple words ...May 2011 be the best year of your life!!!
The Husband Store
A store  that sells new husbands has opened in New York City , where a woman may go to  choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how  the store operates:           You may visit this store ONLY  ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper  ascends the flights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or  may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down except to  exit the building!           So, a woman goes to the Husband  Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door  reads:        
~forgot To Remember~
You walked out the door And leave me I say its okay As I turn away Away from the anger The disappointment I need to stop and accept This is what will be Day after day I start to forget Forget what was said Its time to just forget You As I walk out this door And slam it shout I forgot And now its time for you To remember Remember what you said Remember what you did Remember it’s you In the end Because I forgot
Love – a small word that means so much For some it’s emotional, others it’s spiritual, some it’s physical touch. It takes a second to say it, and a lifetime to show it. A minute to give it, and forever to grow it. They say love is magic; that’s the conclusion. But sometimes magic ends up being an illusion. People mix up love for either like or lust. Love can only be revealed through enduring trust. Love is sacrifice, giving your time, talents, and treasure. These three speak of unspeakable measure. Four letters with power beyond your imagination, Can change your world, and give you a revelation.
Why Dating Is Like Used Cars...
You decide maybe you want a new car. It's been awhile since you drove one. The last one is a pile ready to be taken to the scrap yard because it no longer functioned with YOU behind the wheel. You make a little list. Think about what options are must haves, which ones you could do without. You look around different places. You notice different makes and models and see which one will meet your needs.   You get out there and really start looking at the ones with for sale signs or that are at the dealerships. You ask friends if they know of any good cars. You take a closer look. That isn't the style you were looking for, the body has rust or it is too new of a model and isn't going to work.   This car has a few dings, you can live with that, it sounds good as well so you open the door and see that it has perfect interior, looks brand new and realize oh, that is because no one has gotten inside to drive the damn thing long because the engine seized up.   The next one lo
The Abortion Of Language
The abortion of language I am not talking about the word as it relates to the modern nomenclature The abortion of language means that words with nuance Words with punctuation No longer resonate I am sure that I will get many pro-life people Who scroll My two beliefs stand on this point Don't put pregnant in jail & just read  The Republic for gods sake
Pat Riley’s Favorite Watch Hublot Watches
  Not only football / soccer manager, Hublot watches_Hublot replica watches_replica Hublot watches also acknowledged the successful coach of basketball team as PAT RILEY of MIAMI HEAT was presented a gift of premium watch at his residence in Miami, January 20th 2011. With the club’s superstars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade favor the brand, the Swiss luxury watch making company Hublot seems to make a right decision in making Miami Heat the entry gate to increase the public profile of its brand in US – with regard to the fact that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country. Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver handed over the gifts of engraved King Power 48 mm Unico King Gold Watch to the Basketball Hall of Fame Coach PAT RILEY and a 38mm Black Magic Big Bang with a diamond bezel to Mrs. Riley, at the charity event titled “An intimate evening at Casa Riley with Miami Heat team”. Two Hublot watches_Hublot replica watches_replica Hublot watches hundred VIP
Replica Breitling Watches Motors Review
  The Replica Breitling Watches_breitling replica watches_ Breitling Bentley watches is my favourite watch, and probably draws the most looks and remarks… some for its sheer size, and some for it’s beauty. The beautiful Replica Breitling Watches_breitling replica watches_ Breitling Bentley watches large applied wings logo looks fantastic in the 12 o’clock position, and inside beats a 30 second chronograph which is more accurate than your standard chronos. Subseconds are located at 3 o’clock. Slide rule bezel with inner gear system that allows the watch to be more water resistant white still using the inner bezel and without the inconvenience of using a crown to turn the inner bezel like the IWC Aquatimer and Sinn 903. The back of the watch is simple, with the model and some text engraved. Serial number and model numbers as well. The Replica Breitling Watches_breitling replica watches_ Breitling Bentley watches 6.75 has a much nicer caseback, and I wish this
The morning bears witness to the sweet breath I watch you take in to sustain the happy slumber you have attained within my grasp. The disdain I feel for the ineptness you have had to wallow through slowly recedes as I glimpse a smile cross your soft lips. It is brought forth by your wakening to see me watching over you as you rested making sure you were safe from harm. A glitter of hope slides into the corner of my eye as you stretch and let me into your waking world of endearment. As I see you coming to full awareness I wonder if you will send me packing to carry on my life as is, alone and desolate. To presume that I am worthy of your attentions would be a grave mistake on my part, who am I to warrant such a thing. I think back to what we have shared and speak upon a whisper to you,  have I proven myself worthy.  I seek the answer within your eyes that pull my innermost emotions from their pooling well kept cavern. To do so lightly is a common practice from a common man as th
As I sit my mind heavy and tired, Long days work done…. relax time expired. Wishing for sleep to come furious and fast, The fatigue in my bones just cannot last.   I am so tired but cannot sleep, I hear this quiet peep peep peep. I look around but nothing to see, Why does this disease seem to only plague me?   To the left I look and then the right, The illuminated numbers tell me it’s night. As the cascade of dawn filters out the black, I turn to my side to receive a light smack.   Time to wake up says my beautiful wife, Have to go to work to pay for this life. Falling asleep happened when I don’t know, Off to work none the less I must go.   The kids, the wife, the house and the car, These are the things that make me go so far. All I need are those smiling faces, To take me to the best possible places.   Then it happens right out of the blue, When I woke up the sky had a strange hue. Not black not grey not blue not red, Have I succumbed? a
dharna\ DAHR-nuh \noun; 1. In India,the practice of exacting justice or compliance with a just demand by sitting and fasting at the doorstep of an offender until death or until the demand is granted.
Photography helps people to see.  -  Berenice Abbott
I had a momentary lapse in judgement, got annoyed/pissed, whatever (girly some might say.) I was thinking about taking a break and signed on just to check things quickly. Got a giggle when I saw that I had been pimp slapped while I was logged out and said screw it. I try not to get too emotional involved on here because I don't want it taking over my offline life, but I was human today. I flipped out for no reason, it was stupid. No one offended me. I felt bad about the previous blog because I thought people took it the wrong way. If you are a woman and on my list (even if you're not coughMissyfitcough), I ADORE you. I have told a few of you I wish we hung out offline because you are completely awesome and someone I would be proud to call my friend. I am hypocritical, I know. I tell strangers they have saggy tits or roast beef vaginas. Is it right? No. Most of the reasoning we have is that they put it there for the world to see, so they deserve it. Do they? Maybe. I have tried hard n
Just some stuff going around in my head....The State of the Union Address: Why during prime time ? You're fucking up my television schedule. And why so long ? All he really has to say is "Shits fucked up and I'm gonna try and fix it"....people will clap, and I can get back to some fine television viewing. Anteaters and aardvarks. Why is there both ? They're basically the same damn animal. Does the world really need both ? Cleavage. Ladies, if you're going to put it out there, we will look. Just a fact of life. WAR. What is it good for ? Well let me tell ya. It keeps me employed and getting a paycheck. Boredom. I am suffering it from it right now and thats why I'm doing this. I'm not doing it because I think anybody is interested in what I have to say right now. If you are reading this, are you bored too ? Well that's all for now.
In Which I Get Called Ma'am
I'm not much of a girlie girl. I never have been. I hardly wear makeup, I hate shopping for clothes and giggling pisses me off usually. So tonight when I went to the store I was in my sweat shirt, sweat pants and had my hair up in a bun. Usual attire for me and the store.   Now some thing that MOST of you don't know about me is I'm a mom. I have a son about to be 20 and a daughter that's 17. Yeah I'm old enough to have kids that old. Yeah I know I don't look it. And yes I'm told that a lot. So when this young man walked past me and nodded and smiled I smiled back thinking he would be perfect for my daughter and chuckled to myself.   I get to the front of the store and he's actually a clerk there so he checks out my groceries and says, "Can I help you out with those ma'am?" I just stared at him. Huh? Who me?? Umm no I got it thanks. He smiled and nodded again and I was on my way.   Driving home I realized I LOOKED like someone's mom!! That was just too cool! It was awesome to me b
A Few Ways To Wear Ugg Boots
Although ugg boots were around in Australia well before, it was the surfers of the 70s warming their feet with their fleecy boots that really got the boom going. With this in mind, there is something really sexy about someone in their swimmers wearing discount ugg after a swim – short or tall. Another alternative along the same vein as the surfer look is wearing uggs with mini skirts or shorts. This look works particularly well with denim as the fabric for the mini or shorts but you can get away with any fabric. Keeping the length of the skirt above the knee gives the best effect. Wearing ugg boots over skinny jeans can be made to look super casual right through to smart casual. You can use this look with normal jean cuts, however regular tucking will be necessary. To really make this look work, get yourself a pair of skinny jeans. UGG Classic Tall Boots or Side lacing Ugg boots work well for this look, depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve. Ugg boots can also be w
Points Which Will Make Your Prom Night Be Memorable
There's no doubt that prom night is among the most specific nights inside your life, and one that you'll remember for many years to come. Discount wedding dresses Arguably, prom night is even larger than homecoming or your quinceanera. Right here are some points which will make certain your prom night is memorable - for all of the correct reasons! Preparation is Key There are so countless components to prom night that it's simple to neglect anything important. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses It's most excellent to begin having a checklist which has every thing you have to do, and issue examine goods away when you go along. Shopping for Prom Dresses It's essential to begin buying for prom dresses early. Remember that the formal nightwear can consider as a lot as eight months to arrive, so begin searching for prom style properly prior to then. Cheap Little Black Dresses When thinking about your choices, locate a design that fits your system type, is properly made, Wholesale wedding dre
Points Which Will Make Your Prom Night Be Memorable
There's no doubt that prom night is among the most specific nights inside your life, and one that you'll remember for many years to come. Discount wedding dresses Arguably, prom night is even larger than homecoming or your quinceanera. Right here are some points which will make certain your prom night is memorable - for all of the correct reasons! Preparation is Key There are so countless components to prom night that it's simple to neglect anything important. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses It's most excellent to begin having a checklist which has every thing you have to do, and issue examine goods away when you go along. Shopping for Prom Dresses It's essential to begin buying for prom dresses early. Remember that the formal nightwear can consider as a lot as eight months to arrive, so begin searching for prom style properly prior to then. Cheap Little Black Dresses When thinking about your choices, locate a design that fits your system type, is properly made, Wholesale wedding dre
The Flesh Is Weak...
I dreamed a dream of days gone by, when hope was high and life worth living I dreamed that love would never die, I dreamed your God would be forgiving Then I was young and unafraid, and dreams were  made and used and wasted There was no ransom to be paid, no sung unsung no wine untasted   But the tigers come at night, with their voice as soft as thunder As they tear your hope apart, as they turn your dreams to shame And still I dream she'll come to me, that we will live the years together But there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot weather   I had a dream my life would be, so different from this hell Im living So different now from what it seemed, now life has killed the dream I dream.
[the Meat Of Kings]
Apparently while I was buzzed last night I ate about 1/3rd of the prosciutto I had.Bummer.I'm not going to remember most of that experience.Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep (surprise)I've been up a whole 20 minutes.And someone told me I inspire them.Aw. That's always nice.But last night I also drew my old personalized suit Abgrund and in doing so, I may have come up with an existing bandai kit that might be modified into him.See Abgrund is this big, spooky (I'm not bothering to scan and post the picture right now) faceless hulking gimp. He has a spinal column-like midsection supporting two huge arms with lode chains.His eyes re 8 small rivets that look something similar to spider eyes, clawed fingersetc.I was trying to draw something that was the sum of my fears as a mobile suit, so I drew a blank (hah- get it? Cuz he has no face) and out popped Abgrund, now that I have him, I think of him more of an interdimensional pet with the ability to rip a tank in half with his hands.The Gyan
Just Words...... My Definition Of How To Love Someone
When I say I love you, it means I love myself enough to let that feeling become a reality once again in my life. It's not to be measured against those words from anyone else, for they are not the same. Caring about someone so much that it enhances ones care for themselves is something not too often felt.   If you have ever been around a person who makes you feel like a better person just by being in their company, you know what I'm talking about. When someone can brighten your day by doing something so little as saying hello to you with a smile that comes from a deeper place than the muscle reaction to raise their lips over their teeth.   Caring about someone enough to not care about them for ANY of your own selfish reasons. Not basing your advice to someone by factoring in what you want. Being there for someone even if they aren't there for you in return and still answering the phone once you realize it. Being man enough to admit to them when you're wrong, when you'r
Where I Stand
Where I Stand                                 Maggi Smith                 10/10/10 I was using you, you were using me, We stood side by side.   We fell in love, we were happy for a while, And then we made a child   I loved you, you loved me, We thought we would be happy for all time.   I’m still yours but you got scared and bored And now you are no longer mine.   I love you, you love me But I’m not enough to make you happy anymore.   I’ve given you wings to help you feel free, Now I lie and cry in a ball on the floor.   You smell of her when you come home, We shower and I wash her away.   You make love to me as though you still care;  I smile and pretend to be okay.   I cannot eat, I do not sleep, I spend most of my time alone crying.   I’ve given all that you want, all that you need. For this sacrifice my spirit is dying.   I walk behind you, my head hung low; You don’t even hold my hand.   You walk ahead not soothing my
We All Fall Down
We all fall down                               Maggi Smith                          9/03/10   Put your hands in mine, Pull yourself up to your feet, Get your balance, let go. You smile, you laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands again, Pull yourself up to your feet, Get your balance, let go. You take a step, you laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands once more, We’ll try it one more time. Get your balance, let go. You take a step, you laugh, you take one more, I smile… filled with pride.   I close my eyes a moment, Pull myself up to my feet, Open my eyes to see how quickly you have grown, You take another step, I laugh, I fall down, I hug you and  I cry.
Sad For A While
Sad For A While    Maggi Smith      10/14/10   You say “Cheer up, you need to smile, don’t be sad and please don’t cry. Let’s go out, let’s have some fun, let’s be happy you can meet someone.”   Leave me alone, let me be, please stop talking, stop pushing me. Yes, I’m mourning. Yes, I’m sad. It’s perfectly normal for me to feel bad.   I need to cry, to acknowledge the pain. I need to mourn or I’ll go insane. I’m tired of being angry, don’t want to be mad. Just leave me alone and let me be sad!   My heart is broken, my pain is real. Please back off, let me feel what I feel! If seeing me hurt is too upsetting for you please don’t come around till the hurting is through.   I know you are worried, you’re my friend and you care, But pushing me to stop feeling just isn’t fair.   Soon I’ll feel better, so I will smile, But if you really love me, let me be sad for a while.
No End In Sight
No End in Sight     Maggi Smith    10/16/10   The dark is getting darker. I can barely see the light. The air is cold, chaotic. The end is almost out of sight.   The walls are cool and moist, They chill me to the bone. The ground is damp and dank. I fear I’m all alone.   I try to call for help. The wind blows and stills my voice. I listen closely in the blackness. In this place there is no noise.   The silence here is deafening. The lack of life is queer. Am I all that is breathing? How did I get here?   Sadness is descending, Made from loneliness and pain. All happiness is dying, As it begins to rain.   The raindrops burn on contact Leaving red marks on my face. The walls are closing in now. I’m running out of space.   I’m searching for some shelter To shield me from the rain. The walls are getting closer. I fear I’ve gone insane.   I call for help once more. No one can hear my cry. I bow my head, surrender. It is my time
I'll Carry On
I’ll Carry On                Maggi Smith                         10/16/10   I’m tough, I’m strong. No matter what I’ll carry on.   I listen, I advise. For my age I’m fairly wise.   I’m always there to help a friend. I’m loyal, protective until the end.   I’ve been through hell, more hell than most. I came out stronger, this is my boast.   I’ve walked through fire, my feet ablaze, I’ve cheated death in many ways.   Don’t disrespect me to my face, I will always put you in your place.   I’ll make you cry, I’ll make you mad, I’ll make you see what you’ve done bad.   I’ve loved and lost and loved some more. I’ve fought hard for what’s worth fighting for.   I’ve given all I had to give. I’ve almost lost the will to live.   At times I’ve felt weak but knew I was strong, No matter what I’ll carry on!
Hourglasses                  Maggi Smith         10/10/10   I can’t breathe… this heat consumes me. You… your heat consumes me. I’m still searching for you.   I’m wandering, lost and alone… stationary. Trapped in a desert created by broken hourglasses, hourglasses broken by you. So much time has been lost and the heat is rising.   You’re wandering, scared and confused. Frantically smashing the hourglasses one by one In a desperate attempt to keep from aging, growing up and becoming The man I know you can be and the desert is growing wider.   Patiently I have waited. Waited for the sand to be swept into a pile, Waited for the shards of glass to be sifted out and pieced back together. Waited for the hourglasses to be finally repaired by you and me together But time is standing still.   How many hourglasses must be broken? Can they all be repaired? Can we get back the time we have lost?   I am hopeful, but for now; The
Little Caterpillar
Grow Little Caterpillar 8/28/2010 It’s time, little caterpillar, to come out of your cocoon.                                                                                            Come out of your self-built second womb. I know that you are scared; the world is a frightening place.                                                                                          Take a chance, poke your head out and let the sun shine upon your face. Know that you are lovely, one of the loveliest creatures on earth.                                                                         Open your eyes to the beauty that is you, so that you can see your own worth. Climb out of the shell of your own making, now rest upon the side.                                                                                
After All
After All Maggi Smith 10/16/10 I love, I laugh, I hope, I dream. I fear, I cry, I hurt, I scream. I go to bed alone each night. I search the darkness for the light. I bang my head against the wall. I am only human, after all. I dry my tears to hide my pain. I wear a mask to hide my shame. I long for joy, I long for peace. I long for love, for sweet release. I need to be needed, need someone to care. I need to know I’m not alone, that someone is there. I need to be held, comforted and kissed. I need to know when I’m gone that I will be missed. I could wish upon a star, or choose a God a pray. I could use a magic spell; the outcome will still be the same. I’ll still go to bed alone each night, I’ll still search the darkness for the light. I’ll still bang my head against the wall. I’ll still be only human, after all.
Is It...'polite' To Offer To Donate A Kidney????
So here's a lil background. I have 2 uncles on my mum's side of the family. One has always lived here in England and whose family I am closer to. My other uncle is the eldest and he used to live in America till his wife left him, took all their money and abandoned her children too. I have two cousins by this uncle but the eldest (girl) still lives in America and his younger son lives with my uncle, they live in England now too. So my uncle came back cos he needed money and shelter from my grandma even though he took a BIG chunk of my grandad's money when he died to move to the states. So anyways, he came back and he lived with my other uncle for a bit till they had a massive falling out (Oldest uncle is a bit of a jackass) and he moved out. So my eldest uncle now relies on my mother for stuff now, even though way back when he used to just not even bother with her (my mummy's the youngest out of them all). And his son, who is around my age, is a bit he has no social s
The House, And Me Being M.i.a.
So as most of my friends already know, I am almost finished the renovations! It's been a really long, annoying road to get this all done, but progress has been made in leaps and bounds as of late!   If you've been wondering where the hell I have gone, that's where. Sorry, but getting the house finished and moving in is way more important to me than this place is. I finally have a real kitchen! All I need now is my sink hooked up and it's totally done! My dad is bringing my fridge to the house tomorrow and finishing installing my sink. This weekend, John Paul is coming to do the bathroom floor, then I can finish my master bathroom! After that's finished, I can gut and redo my guest bathroom and I'm finished with the inside! This has been a large portion of my time and energy for the last 5 months, and I can now breathe! All that is left after that is my fence!   Now it's time for a vacation!
Sitting Here All Alone...
like anyone will ever read this.... so here i am sitting here alone and probally listening to the wrong type of music to be writting anything less than a letter 2 someone. what have i done 2 deserve a pain wieghing so heavily on this torn, tattered , soul. did i not love you the way you deserved? did i not tell you that i loved you enough? was i not there when you needed me most? did i not linger on your every word?  did i not any of this? is this why im alone, as usaul.... did i not share the teers, was it not enough to brand my heart with your name upon it? was i not kind enough? did i not make laugh enough? all these i ponder every waking moment of every day! Did i not sing to you the love songs of our life? did i not hold you tightly as we danced? did i not say your name softly? is this why im here     alone, as usaul... none of these questions can i answer, but just know i will love the next in all the ways i asked of you, and maybe i wont be here     alone, as usaul!
Reason #694 I do not like woman and do not get along with most of them:   If you mention a quality or "talent" about them you don't like, they usually respond with "Well you're a fat cow." "You're fat." "You're ugly." etc.   Me telling you I think you have a crappy personality or you can't sing e.g., is no reason to attack my looks. Yeah, I'm not anorexically thin, I apologize. *eye roll* Thanks for pointing it out to me.    
God Save The Queen
Royal snub for the Obama’s: Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding: President Barack Obama and Michelle are not invited! Michelle is livid over the snub and Obama can’t believe it…What is happening and what can I do about it seems to be the thoughts in Obama’s head. Meanwhile, William and Kate have it together. Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning a royal wedding April, 2011. Prince William personally told the wedding planners to strike the Obama’s from the guest list. He stated, “He did not want Michelle Obama trying to pull her center of attention ploy trying to upstage Kate on Kate’s wedding day”. Sources reveal that William states, “She may run Obama, but she doesn’t run him or England ”. The Democrats and Obama would like to play the race card as they have done so many times in America, but it is difficult when other black heads of states are invited to the wedding and will be warmly received.
if you had me for 1 hour what would you want to do to me  
I've dug up miles and miles of sandSearching for something I can't seeAnd I've just got bruised and battered handsAnd a brand new void inside of meComplete with walls I did createFrom all the earth that I've displacedA mess that I have made from whatI've just let pile and pile upI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing I wantCause you're everything I needExplore the cave that is my chestA torch reveals there's nothing leftYour whispers echo off the wallsAnd you can hear my distant callsThe voice of who I used to beScreaming out "someone, someone please"Please shine a light into the blackWade through the depths and bring me backI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing
The Glow Radio Tuesday
Tuesday on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church Of Rock" he will be spinning a mix of Punk Grunge,Rock & Metal starting at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central/6pm Eastern Next up is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock" Show spinning her mix of 80's & 90's,Rock & Metal starting at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern Closing the night will be the Bossman James Bound spinning his Smooth Grooves and Romance Music starting at 10pm Pacific/11pm Mountain/12am Central/1am Eastern   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
Color, Tarot Card And Personality
Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz. You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Stability |||||||||||| 43% Orderliness |||||||||||||| 56% Accommodation |||||||||||| 43% Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 70%
Seriously?...Are there no more morals? Values?... People have gotten so out of hand. The consequences are so light now that people think it is ok to do it first and realize it is a mistake afterwards and start all over again with a second chance. People aren't suppose to make mistakes at all. They were given a chance to make the mistakes so they learn from it, but people don't learn shit nowadays. They take advantage of everything..and I mean EVERYTHING!...we're given choices...choices that we make and should think about what comes of it depending on your actions. If consequences were much more serious and much more bigger..I think people would actually think twice before acting.  Why is OK to do so many things now? Things like..Cheating? Divorce? Being married more than once? Corruption? Animal Abuse? Pornography? Sex in exchange for money? Underage sex? These things are becoming so common it is unbelievable!  Can you not see how you're all being ruined as you're the ones ruining ev
This month's recipients...  yeah, I was feeling generous...  LOL StaycMarie AKA xKoTtOnMoUtHqUeEn420x (my current owner... go figure) and Minnie the Moocha
The World I Live In And The Love I Have Found
To the readers of this,   I sit back daily and watch many things on this site. I have watched fu marriages and fu divorces. I have watch real relationship come together because of fu and break up because of fu.    About Five years ago I meet my perfect match. We meet at the oddest of place during the oddest of times. He became my best friend and nothing more. As time went on and him trying to hook me up with a friend of his and that not being  what I wanted. I just was takin a break from the relationship world. The drama and the headaches of what he wants or what I want and it not working. I wasn't looking to be with anyone, just my children and myself. Over months of becoming good friends with this man and him being there for me as nothing more then just a good friend, he stopped and asked to be with me. Not in any sexual way. Just be my partner.  I remember this day as if it were yesturday. As he asked me to be in a relationship with him. I told him to call me later and we woul
80's Night{crazy~sixx~radio}powered By In The Wildside2(nsfw) You Are Invited!!!!
CRAZY SIXX RADIO BUSTIN' OUT THE BEST MIXES OF THE 80's PLUS ALL YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COME JOIN THE CRAZY SIXX!! JUST CLICK THE LOGO
Care Bear Countdown
So 50 came and went and then out of the blue I got a card that said “now you are 50, you must collect your own shit, scrape it with a stick and send it to us in the post, so we can check if you have cancer of the bowel”   It’s not the welcome to being 50 I wanted. Things are giving me signs, I clicked on TV and Sex and the City was on, there was Samantha getting banged in the downward dog yoga position by a young bloke, she is really old and she isn’t scraping shit and posting it to NHS bowel collection unit is she? No she is having sex that doesn’t even fuck up her hair, when I have sex my hair and body look like I was thrown from a suicide bomb site. In fact when I wake up now- I look as if I have just been rescued from a hostage situation deep in the woods.   Then to make matters worse, I clicked over the channel on TV and there were teens getting their vaginas totally waxed clean and having shiny diamantes studded around the vulva, it’s calle
About Me
Hello To Anyone Who Reads: Since the about me and interest sections are so small I thought I would write a blog and therefore I can say anything I want and express myself thoroughly . Hey My name is Amber and I am a Aries. As for now my life is so complex and there is little time for myself much less a special someone or a relationship for I shall remain in Baltimore until 2012 where I reside as a pediatric resident. I work long hours , and so far have filled my grief filled days with a purpose in life to continue breathing. I lost both my mama and my fiancée within such a short period of time that in a way I became a recluse and I truly forgot how to breathe and how to smile, yes me (Smiley) forgot how for awhile. I have never been much for the net, but I started using it and finally I am coming out from under the rock I was under for 16 months and have started living again. I am only sharing this with my friends because I have came so far in my life and went to school al
My Immortal
I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fearsAnd if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leaveYour presence still lingers here and it won't leave me aloneThese wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too realThere's just too much that time cannot eraseWhen you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tearsWhen you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fearsAnd I held your hand through all of these yearsBut you still have all of meYou used to captivate me by your resonating lightNow, I'm bound by the life you left behindYour face it haunts my once pleasant dreamsYour voice it chased away all the sanity in meThese wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too realThere's just too much that time cannot eraseWhen you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tearsWhen you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fearsAnd I held your hand through all of these yearsBut you still have all of meI've tried so hard to tell myself that you're goneBut though you're still with me, I've
[there Are No Efreets]
Y'know, its sad that some of the most bad assed and unique mobile suits ever produced don't have a corresponding model licensed by Bandai.Sure we've got the Gyan, and the occasional "this or that custom"But where's the Efreet? Forearm gatling guns.Electrified kunai.Calf mounted rocket launchers.Smoke generators. Overall performance boost to the Gouf and Zaku.I mean... yeah it doesn't have the thrust, generator or armor performance of a Gelgoog but...fuckwhat did?Man... what do vegetarians with legume allergies and seliacs eat?> protein. Tofu's soy bean... so...Man.That'd suck.What was I on about?I forgot I took one of those big pills and now I feelright.What else did I have to say?Efreet-   Can't sleep.And I'd like to make love to a beautiful woman.Preferably on the quiet and tortured side.
First Blog Of The Year.
2011!!! WOOO!! So far it's been just like last year, only more friends and stuff. Working a lot and likeing my job and not wanting to harms as many people as I normally do. I guess the new year is good so far.
Look in my eyes, what am I thinking I know what you did, I know about her I know what you said, I connected the dots I read your thoughts, Read mine what am I thinking? Get out leave forever Take her with you, See if I care And it isn’t unfair I wasn’t stupid I opened my eyes now, I’ve learned from this... Love isn’t bliss.
Just A Biker I Saw You!
JUST A BIKER But, You Didn't See Me I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But, you didn't see me, a
Finding A Fuwife
Okay I have tried to find a fuwife on here by posting in my status and have had no luck and now I am trying this another way. I mean really is it that hard to find one or are people too picky and have to have someone who looks like a barbiedoll? I may not be the best looking female but, I have a huge heart and alot of good inside me to offer to someone I mean ask my friends they all know. So if you are interested then let me know or if you just want to comment this blog.
I have been in a good mood most of the day and night till I get home all the kids have move out now  not stress out or any thing wtf I get asked why are you always in your room.I like being in there it is dark and my place that I can come to when I am in a dark dark mood ...some of you just do not get it I am a dark person.
Makin Skins
How do i make a skin on here.. i have some graphic  ability... but more HTML.. can anyone help me with this.. anything will be greatly appreciated...    Thanks soo much  
New Beginnings And Wasted Scotch Tape A.k.a. Digital Toasted Mini Wheats
Where to start...A lot has happened in the past couple of years. I've been threw three cars and three houses in three years. 3-3-3 halfway to hell. Let's start with employment 1. I quit my job on my 30th birthday a few months ago. 2. Good riddance. 3. Still unemployed, but took a road trip to Florida and still doing just fine. Vehicular CARma 1. Bought a Toyota Matrix after my nasty breakup a few years ago. 2. Totaled it two years ago by spinning 180 and rolling 360 into a frozen creek w/o seatbelt. 3. Bought flat screen TV and got completing out of debt with insurance money. 4. Spend remaining $900 on Saturn with cracked head for new wheels. 5. Totaled Saturn last year when it collided with a Kubota on the same road the Toyota was lost. 6. Bought fully loaded Buick Century with insurance money and loving it! Housing 1. Lived with my best friends for one year after seperation. 2. Moved in with my better half and lived in 100 year old farm house for two years. 3. Bought 3 bed 1 bath
Photo Challenge
That sounds WAY more sensible than this is gonna be.   Basically, I have a Happy Hour to do *pauses for gasps of awe and amazement*...Helly has one too, but cuz she's like a proper decent hoar now, she'll probably be looking for ways to maximise her levelling abilities and stuffs (ie, she won't want to be associated with me...especially now).   I don't like the idea of just going through the motions (minds OUT of gutter tyvm)...because someone was very generous. SOOOOOOOOOO   I wanted to do an homage to the poor abused lollipops of fu. Realistically (and sadly) I do have enough god-awful lollipop pics of my own to get me through, BUT the kind gentleman Mr Higgs Boson did agree to letting me swipe his for the hour as well.   Which gave me a more betterer idea (more betterer is deliberate, stfu)...I think the more god-awful lollipop pics I can get the better (Mr Boson aside, obviously his is a work of art).   Sooooooooooooooo I think you all should help me. All being the operat
Stupid People
YourAchill...: wanna fuck me?   cancel Chat 8:07pm more To YourAchill...: wow really??? I think you need to go back and learn some manners from your parents unless thats your thing is talking shit like that and for another I have someone and he doesnt take kindly to the shit you just said so get the hell out of my chat box thank you and have a nice day   cancel Chat 8:08pm reply YourAchill...: ok fuck you too   cancel Chat 8:08pm reply YourAchill...: bitch  
What Would It Be Like
 I wonder what it wouldve been like had i been born white......would i get all the hot chicks???.....would i have a fulltime job??....would i have it easier in life if i hadnt been born black??...Dont get me wrong, i dig who i am....i just wonder sometimes..Is life easier being a white dude????   *waits for the reactions*
paphian\ PEY-fee-uhn \adjective; 1. Of or pertaining to love, esp. illicit physical love. 2. Of or pertaining to Paphos, an ancient city of Cyprus sacred to Aphrodite. 3. Noting or pertaining to Aphrodite or to her worship or service.
Love is love's reward.  -  John Dryden
Gixxerprincess clearly this isnt gixxerprincess(jenn echard). yes shes a fake. shes stealing the pics of simona
A Skull Ring ...
To me a skull ring is a constant reminder that life is short, and you should live each day to the fullest.  Keeping that in mind, I found and ordered a sweet new skull ring. It's gonna take a month to be made and get here. Maybe I'll post a pic of it when I get it. Other then that, I have nothing new or interesting to say. Just another boring day. ~ Same shit, different day
Depois Do Prazer
Tô fazendo amor com outra pessoa Mas meu coração, vai ser pra sempre seu O que o corpo faz a alma perdoa Tanta solidão, quase me elouqueceu Vou falar que é amorVou jurar que é paixão E dizer o que eu sinto com todo carinho Pensando em você Vou fazer o que for e com toda emoção A verdade é que eu minto, que eu vivo sozinho Não sei te esquecer E depois acabou, ilusão que eu criei Emoção foi embora e a gente só pede pro tempo correr Já não sei quem me amou Que será que eu falei? Dá pra ver nessa hora que o amor só se mede Depois do prazer   Fica dentro do meu peito Sempre uma saudade  Só pensando no teu jeito Eu amo de verdade E quando desejo vem É teu nome que eu chamo Posso até gostar de alguém Mas é você que eu amo   Vou falar que é amor Vou jurar que é paixão E dizer o que eu sinto com todo carinho Pensando em você Vou fazer o que for e com toda emoção A verdade é que eu minto, que eu vivo sozinho Não sei te esquecer E depois acabou, ilusão que eu crie
There Are A Few Asshats
There are a few asshats who enjoy giving pimpslaps,  maybe I should hang with my groups on facebook for a little while?
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Need To Get My Buzz Meter To 50%
please help me level up !! we'll send back the favor!!! thank u
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Attributes For Searching Your Best Modern Prom Dresses
Prom season. You've been searching forward to it all yr long. It's the climax towards the college year's interpersonal scene. Naturally, Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses you wish to start looking your best. In fact, you wish to do much more than that. You wish to be the head-turner. The belle from the ball. The lady who helps make other girls jealous due to the fact she's obtaining the stares from their dates. So you totally require the great prom dress. Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses The a single that's ultra-cool and super-hot! Not one thing that the mom wore to her prom back again within the dim ages. Good news! Today's slicing borders trends in prom apparel provide you with a multitude of possibilities which weren't obtainable even a amount of brief many years ago. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses So in circumstance you wish to be the forward-thinking fashionista at this year's principal event, you require a crash training course in what's warm this prom season. Here are 5 attribute
Shining Star
Ooh, ooh, yeah (Chorus:) Honey, you are my shining star Don't you go away Wanna be right here where you are Until my dying day So many have tried Tried to find a love like yours and mine Girl, don't you realize how you hypnotize Make me love you more each time...yeah, baby Honey, I'm never gonna leave you lonely Give my love to you only To you only To you only (Repeat chorus) Feels so good When we're lying here next to each other, lost in love...yeah, baby Baby, when we touch--love you so much You're all I ever dreamed of...yeah, baby Honey, I'm never gonna leave you lonely Give my love to you only To you only To you only (Repeat chorus, ad lib, and fade)
Cant i feel sorry for myself, you and i both know i am a loser. Never really done anything that mattered, need to talk to my friend, maybe get a little closer. Loser ,loser , yeah that`s me, don't know what I really want to be. Sometimes easy things are hard to see, especially when it comes to me. Why do i have to be so slack, lying face down , not on my back. Sitting here in my favorite chair, with nothing to do but stare. Watching the outside, it is starting to rain, going threw to many things in my brain. Like pain, suffering, anguish, loneliness; i hate when i get like this. Every once in a while I get this way, always on a dark and dreary day. Don`t know how to get out of my hole, that really is my greatest goal. Feeling like the loser that I am, don't do the things that I know I can. Motivation is what I really need, get a job, or go do a good deed. Shaking like a leaf,because I am so cold, I never really have been so bold. As to tell people what i am really thinking, well
I Need You !
Sitting here and I wonder why, doesn't matter how hard I try. No need for me to tell a lie, I am usually an un-happy guy. I need you here to brighten my day. I need you to tell me to stay. I need you to make me smile. I need you to hold for a while. Thinking of you, I feel a lot better; no matter what kind of weather. She tells me that I look good, would be with her if only I could! I need to see your pretty smile. I need to see the sparkle in your eyes. I need to hear your beautiful laugh. I need to feel the softness of your touch. What I really need is to be with you, so I can show you why my eyes are blue. You like me just the way that I am, all I want to do is be your only man. OH, did I tell you that I NEED YOU!!!
The Princess
Once upon a time there lived a king. The king had a beautiful daughter, the Pincess. But there was a problem. Everything the princess touched would - no matter what: metal, wood, stone, you name it - anything she touched would melt. Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare marry her. The king despaired. What could he do to help his daughter? He consulted his wizards and magicians. One wizard told the king, "If your daughter touches one thing that does not melt in her hands, she will be cured."The king was overjoyed and came up with a plan. The next day, he announced a competition: Any man that could bring his daughter an object that would not melt would marry her and inherit the king's wealth.Three young princes took up the challenge.The first brought a sword of the finest steel but, alas, when the princess touched it, it melted. The prince went away sadly.The second prince brought diamonds. He thought diamonds are the hardest substance in the world and would not melt
For The Girlys ♥
How Many Of You Will Rread This
i posted this to see how many people will read this.....
"the Laws That Forbid The Carrying Of Arms
"The laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Can it be supposed that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity...will respect the less important and arbitrary ones... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants, they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."   ~Thomas Jefferson, quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria in "On Crimes and Punishment."Let Us Remember Tacticus who warned, "The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates."
OK peps..I am gonna host another/contest auction! This one is 4 everyone! Some cum all...lmao! I need at least 20 people 2 enter 4 it 2 be a good contest!    It will start Wednesday 1-26-11 & end on Sunday 1-30-11! There is no charge 2 enter the auction/contest! I do them 4 fun & 2 help others! Ownership lasts for 1 month! U can accept any bid at any time if u want!    Here is what I need from u if u want in:   1. A link 2 a pic of u (SFW)   2. A list of everything u want 2 offer (please no really long lists)   Please send info & pic in a private message not in my shout box! Put subject as Auction so I know what it is! If u need help with ideas I will be glad 2 help out!   This is how the contest part will go:   The contest will be based on rates! If by chance there is a tie it will be based on rates & comments combined!   1st place: Boomy 2nd place: 5 credit bling 3rd place: 3 credit bling   So get me ur info asap!   Thanks, Christina =)
Putting It Out There
wow, its funny sometimes how you watch people on here, and the things they will do sometimes to get you to rate them.some people beg, some people even go as far as paying you just to rate them. hey i wont lie ive begged a few times in in my time being on fubar, and i have only once offered to pay for some one to rate me.and i even offered a fair price shit who could beat 1 mil to level some one lol....of course it didnt get much effect cause evidently no one was interested in makeing an easy mil. but any way ive come to the rare conclusion, that if you dont post NUDE PICKS  being of the MALE and or FEMALE gender, u aint getting no rates, or if u aint willing to be some ones little  CAM WHORE u aint getting no rates or if u aint a vip or litterally kissing some ones ass, now im not saying everyone on fubar is like this buttttt most are. you still have your good peeps out there some where. but it just sickens me how, i can sit and rate profile after profile and yet no one ever comes back
Word Of The Day --> Transvestite
Whenever something negative happens I tend to try to vent it and get the negative energy out of my life by posting a blog. I am not sure that this is always the best thing to do because…. The way the ppl on the internet behave, the ignorant ones here read what I have to say and put more negative energy towards me with comments, insults and other displays of their own ignorance. So… I am going to vent for a minute about this whole “transvestite” thing. Several times on chat now, ignorant guys (the ones that don’t even know the difference between transvestite, transsexual, gay etc.) make comments to me like “Are you a Tranny?” and at first I was like… what the fuck are you talking about? How could you say something so ignorant and asinine? How miserable does your life have to be that you get online and just insult random people? This has been my reaction most of the times that I have seen this which seems to be once a day on a bad week.
Not A Lot Of Farms In Detroit.
A teacher in a Detroit kindergarten class   asked the kids what kind of sound a pig makes. Little Tyrone stood up and yelled: "FREEZE, MUTHAFUCKA!!" Not a lot of farms in Detroit.
What Does It Mean To Give More Than 100%?
This is a strictly mathematical goes like this:  What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Here's a little mathematicalformula  that might help you answer these questions: If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%
10 Things You Should Know....
1. I have cramps and I feel a little stabby 2. Italians have devils eyes. 3. roK is a whore 4. Im in love with a strippppeeerrrrr (and witchie) 5. This Mocha is fucking delicious. 6. I can Rock the walk of shame. 7. My internet boyfriend can beat up yours. 8. Look! My dog is licking his balls! 9. Why am i blogging? 10. I am fully aware of how nerdy i am....
Cincinnatti Clam Shack
When banging a girl, alternating between her pussy and ass. The resulting queefs and farts will fill the room with a stanky sea food aroma reminiscent of a clam shack. fucking awesome!!!
Sick Rambling.
I think it's stupid when people put outfits on their dogs. Or when they treat their dogs like little mentally challenged babies. REAL fucking stupid. Mostly, I just don't like little dogs because I see no purpose in them. Dogs are for protection, to me. My dog would fuck a bitch up for trying to mess with me. Anyways, I get my dogs hair shaved sometimes because she sheds and it gets all over the house and whatnot. So a few months ago when it was pretty cold I bought her a dog sweater. That way she wouldn't be cold. Because I got her shaved as a convienence to myself and the couches. I don't think I would ever walk my dog while she is wearing her dog sweater because I believe in some way that it would embarass her. But I felt a responsibility to buy her a dog sweater for when she is in the backyard, like when I am not home. She doesn't seem to mind it. But it's starting to warm up and I am pretty happy about that, because dog outfits are stupid.also, i realized something about fubar. th
My grandfather's hands always smelled like motor grease.Even when clean.He had dark leathery skin.Even toward the end.Last night I had a dream.Where we were cutting out saplings.He brought an axe, I asked if I could help.In the shedthere were saws, hammers, and bladesbut no second axe.How like my grandfather.But he did have a hatchet.A small, toyish thing.And it broke on my first swing.I felt no particular shame.As he cackled and resumed work.That's just how he was.So I told him he would have a heart attack soon.And that he'd survive but never quite recover.Four heart attacks actually.All in the same day.And that I would miss him.He knew. Because it had always been up to me.Strange that he'd say something to a boy so shy.So melodramatically self involved.Some days I miss him more than this.Some days I don't think of him at all.But I do know that there was sunshine when I woke up.Light that wasn't there before.
My Heart
Woke up about 6 am still groggy from my meds. I wish that I could b close to u. U make me laugh, u make me smile,I think of u often well always. Just to have u in my life makes me want to continue. I would b nothing without u! I would give anything to have u here with me even if it were just a few days that would make me ecstatic. And as for all those that say they care........ I call b.s. On that cuz betrayal doesn't show care just selfishness!
Be Positive!
To be honest , Saturday was okay...But Sunday , wow, not too good.... Why can't people (someone in particular)just be happy and stop sweating the small things... Pick and choose your battles in life and you will be a happy (too be sure) better person period.... I hate to say, but some people are  not happy un-less they're miserable... Sad but true...I can't be around negative people for long.. When you try to help and they won't help themselves , what can you do... Sorry ...I live is too precious and sweet to be negative and unhappy.. no matter what , you are in total control of yourself and what you want to make of your life......Once you stop blaming everything around you for your problems and short comings , your can take responsibility and your life will turn around... You are where you are because you choose what you wanted... Nobody has a gun to your head and made your life miserable, you choose what you want in life and if you truly what to be happy then change your life..Do wha
:snow Removal...
So I just walked in the door, JUST walked in, and my girlfriend is crying about the snow needing to be shoveled. I simply said to her "Its 6degrees out, Ive been out there for the last 3hrs, lemme warm up a bit first." Not two minutes go by, and she's back up asking when im going out to shovel the snow. I stated that the snow had been out there since this morning without no one shoveling it, it can wait just a lil longer. She gets all huffy about it, and says shes gonna do it herself. I thought to myself, "Good, you'd just find something to complain about the way Im doing it anyways"   A few minutes go by and I hear the wind blow past the house, I figured Id go check to see the kind of progress shes making, so I throw on my hoodie and step out side, ONLY to see my neighbor coming towards my place. The woman is a busy body AND a P.I.B. in general. I hear her yelling at me before she even gets to the house, she makes her way up the stairs and continues "Do you realize how cold it is ou
As some of you may or may not know, I'm leaving for Israel on Wednesday.  I'll be back on February 6 (Super Bowl Sunday, not that it matters anymore). So, this week's playlist is an ode to travel and journeys and all that jazz. Stay well and see you in a couple of weeks! 1.  Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band 2.  Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel 3.  Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul & Mary 4.  Open Road Song - Eve 6 5.  Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band 6.  King of the Road - Roger Miller 7.  I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash8.  Freedom of the Road - Martin Sexton 9.  The World at Large - Modest Mouse and of course... 10.  FREEEE  BIIIIIRRRD - Lynyrd Skynyrd 
it's funny how hello is always accompanied by goodbye. it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry. it's funny how forever never seems to really last. it's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past. it's funny how "friends" can just leave
So Strong.
  She looks so strong, standing there, smiling. Little does anyone know last night, she feel asleep crying.   - - - - - - - - - ♥ - - - - - - - - -
I See You
I See You  I hate to interrupt This mindless escape This ritual of ego That uses upThe moments of your life So that you do not have To reflect upon the emptiness Or contemplate the waste And the unshed tearsYou race against the realization Of the empty shell that you have become Afraid to see what's on the other side Of those hollow eyes Do you wake at night Uneasy feelings creeping up your throat Clawing their way from night to dayNo I've never seen you But I see you for what you are You have my pity and my contempt Because in your headlong rush into mainstream You drag others in your slipstream Causing turmoil and numbness in your wakeThe skin covers the decay, but There's something in the way you talk You speak
Love To Hate =]
    Roses are dead, violets are too,I`m still in love but not with you.You thought you hurt me, and made me cry,But I was in love with another guy.Simply because you have no class,All you can do, is kiss my ass.You sit around and talk your sh●t,So f●●k you and your little ass dick.You thought you left me, but I left you,What my man is doing, you can't do.You tell your homies you played me like a b●tch,And I tell my girls you have a little dick.You said you loved me, but It wasn't true.Well guess what Motha FuckaI played you too.
In Re The Ttitle Of This Blog
NSFCL - is a better term for what BJ refers to as NSFW  The History of 'save the kids from filth' is a very recent one, which was commenced by fmr Supreme Court Justice Stevens in FCC v Pacifica. Stevens was appointed by Gerald Ford who attempted to have William O Douglas impeached from the US Supreme Court because of Douglas' unflinching position on the 1st Amendment and a Swedish film "I Am Curious Yellow" which the GOP attempted to ban as it dealt with the Christian Democrat movement in Sweden. Ford became US President after it was revealed that Richard Nixon was carrying on a number of illegal activities through the Office of the Presidency. Aside from hiring people to break into Democratic Party Headquarters, one of these actions regarded the secret bombing of Cambodia: which was Nixon's extension of a covert policy of warmaking against North Viet Nam, commenced by President Truman, as revealed by Daniel Ellsberg leaking the top secret "Pentagon Papers" to the NY Times. Nixon w
I've been thinking alot about life these days. Like why are we here, and I think the answer is to make the best of what we have in this life. I look at it this way you can be all pissed off for how little you have or you can be thankful. Look I know there are people out there with hardly anything and if you're one of these people be thankful because there are others in this world with alot less. I don't have much myself, but I thankful for what I do have because I know that I could have a hell of alot less. Also be thankful for those in your life because you or them could be gone tomorrow also because we are who we are beacause of them . I know that I thank God everyday for those that I have and have had in my life. I just hope that before my life ends whenever that may be that I can make a difference in at least one persons life if I can do that then I believe I will have lived a full life. And with that being said I bid you a good day, good evening, and good night.
We all judge others by there apperance, the way they walk, even the way they speak. Im sitting here thinking of that and Im reminded of a saying and im paraphrasing here "you shall be judged in the same matter in which you judge others". So for those of you out there who think you're perfect I got a news flash you're not. So don't stand around judging others because chances are you have more faults then they do. Me I know Im not perfect I've made mistakes and I do judge others but not by their looks, their speech or anything like that. I judge others only on the actions that they do no more no less and that is exactly how I wish to be judged. Also if you make a mistake try to learn from it so you don't make it twice. 
I've heard it said that,"beauty is in the eye of the beholder",and I'd have to agree. You may be with someone that is perfect to you in ever way, but sometimes people are influenced by others. They hear other people make comments about them or the person they're with and all of a sudden start to see flaws that they didn't see before. All I have to say is fuck what other people say. I mean if you think you look good and the person you're with looks good to you and you to them then who gives a shit whats others say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so don't let other peoples views mess with the beauty you see weather it's inner or outer it doesn't matter as long as it's beautiful to you.
We all fear something it could be something small or something big. We choose to try and not let it hold us back from things, some of us try to pretend it doesn't exsist. The real problem is what do about it when we come face to face with? I mean we could try to beat it, but sometimes we just can't no matter how much we try. Me I accept it but I don't let it control me, I don't let it prevent from living. I live my fear everyday so I really don't have to worry about facing it in the future. So I say face your fear cause win or lose it doesn't  matter cause once you face it,it doesn't hold power over you any more.
My Touch
I await you're touch although I know it shall not come, but I dream of it I seek it all the same, No other can touch me the way you do, the way you did and my heart and soul is lost and still within your very control....   You are still here with me although you lie beneath the earth so cold and I wonder will I still be loving you once I am gray and old? Life for us was not suppose to end this way, but kids and the American dream should have been out fate..but I cannot question God and the soul he takes.   You're scent is still within my bed as your shirt I still wear and I am consumed by the very though of you and my heart, soul and body explodes with rapture divine and oh how I wish you were still here with me and mine
homograph\ HOM-uh-graf \noun; 1. A word of the same written form as another but of different meaning, whether pronounced the same way or not.
Faultless to a fault.  -  Robert Browning
Zenith Defy Classic Power Reserve Elite Gold & Steel Watch
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Longines Master Collection Watches Celebrating For Valentine’s Day
People usually judge strangers by major brands suits they wear. A feature of conciseness and suitablity for daily-wear will be highly impressed in people’s mind. For men, a proper watch is also an important feature of your maturity. That’s why we see many people keeping warmth on Swiss watches year after year. Here we introduce a kind of replica longines master collection_replica Longines watches_Longines master watches for your reference. Longines watches always stand on the leading edge of watch-making industry. Date back upto 1832, Longines endeavor to reach a exact balance between technology and elegance. As its advertisement said, “Elegant manner, true personality”, longines asked Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart as its brand ambassadors for the intention of their legendary glamour. longines master collection_replica Longines watches_Longines master watches rose gold watch is one of the best of Longines family. Our company replica watches producing depa
Sad But True.
Alright now try to imagine this: you're home just kicking back watching some TV when (crash) the window breaks a bright flash of light and a loud BOOM goes off in the room. Your door gets kicked in then rushing inside yelling n shouting out commands--FREEZE--GET DOWN--DON'T MOVE--PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM--with guns drawn the police force everyone to the floor then cuff all of you up and check the house for someone they're looking for to arrest! Then finally one of them start to question you for information,scared you don't understand whats going on...well explaining that you've just moved in a few weeks ago they verify what you told them and who you was a mistake!         My friends sister moved into this guys house they were looking for! To make things worse her parents and in-laws were there for dinner!!!  
Double Standards
So lets discuss the double standard applied to men and women. I don't mean the typical things where women are treated unfairly, I am not going to beat that dead horse I mean something a little different.    If a man says I wont date her because...she has small breasts, she has glasses, she has curly hair or what ever he is considered a superficial dirt bag that needs to look beyond the outer packaging. I ask then why is it considered to be well with in reason for a woman to say " I can't date him because he is not tall enough". I can almost understand a woman that is 5'9" being somewhat picky, but only slightly. I do not on the other hand accept that a woman shorter than me at 5'5" should be allowed to say they will only date a man unless he is  5'8" or taller. I know what you are thinking, ok so you found one girl that said that. I would like to inform you that it is more common than you might think. So I explored some dating sites to see how common it was. As a general rule almost
Old Men
i love how guys in their 40's hit on women my age, its kinda shameful that i can find real classy women in their late 20's, 30's, and early 40's and they cant. what makes it worse is the young women fall for the stupid bullshit the old nasty wrinkly balled old men dish out. Im not gunna act like im missing out on anything because im not, i prefer a lady with a little class as opposed to some skank that will spread her legs for anyone that will talk nice to them. i guess im just different, i dont need sex to be happy with a woman. im part of a dying breed of gentleman.
Life Has A Way
Life has a way  of allowing you to think you are in control of getting you to lower your defenses of building your trust of encouraging hope then one day BAM you don't give a damn you are spiraling floating laughing crying such a crazy world everything happens for a reason everything has it's time and it's season I don't worry about my life, not the big things anyway I know my life is but a speck on the finger tips of a higher power so I just float along enjoying my life's song the high notes and low each moment makes me who I am
We Are One
  i love sitting with you under the starry filled night sky listening to the sound of your voice as you talk about this or that just the two of us, kicked back in our chairs  sometimes we share a beer, sometimes i have a smoke you holding my hand or caressing my hair  the rest of the world just melts away  this night belongs to us  we are bound to it in love  we are one  
A Year Of Hell In My Life & The Great Friends I Made.
How does someone make it back from a year of hell. I'll tell you how they do it. Well you start the year off with some great friends (never lose those friends no matter what). You move into the 2nd month by getting get 3 new tattoos all along thinking its going to be good month only to find out that someone in your family has cancer (I love you Tony. You are the best lil brother I have & I better not lose you). Then you end the month by going to the hospital yourself. You then start off the 3rd month in & out of the hospital for a total of 2 weeks for what you would thinking it has to do with hard time breathing but it is something else all together & end up having 2 surgerys. Along the way making some new friends (Carlos & Tray). Then move into the 4th month happy as hell your grandpa made it to be 81 years old & is still going. Then come to find out with out knowing its the last birthday you will have with your mom (R.I.P. MOM). Then you move into the 5th & 6th month with no problems
Choosing The Dress Show Your Figure To Wonderful Benefit
Every girl would like to listen to the rear of her the phrase: "Who is this chic girl in a exquisite dress?". Discount wedding dresses A apparel is normally a universal and obligatory factor inside any lady's wardrobe. absolutely nothing so emphasizes femininity as this factor of the lady's wardrobe. The chief factor would be to make your apparel display your figure to wonderful benefit and conceal the shortcomings. Don't neglect that women's apparel is created to not attract interest to itself, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses but to you - its possessor. You ought to keep in mind that not everyone match vivid colours, but at a similar time every single girl can select for herself a apparel of an great suit on the ideal tone.For example, vivid scarlet color is not suggested to put on for females with luxurious blond head of hair and reasonable skin. A vivid tint of red-colored on this circumstance will overshadow the woman, and even though searching at her, the principal interest wil
Cupid's Auction
      taking entries now 10 mill Fubux or 5 credit Bling it will run for 2 weeks and starts when i have 5 or more entries   There is a Bonus prize the person with the most rates WINS! (300+ rates gets a boomy) (less than 300 gets a 5 credit bling) message me a SFW pic and your list of offers along with your entry fee. Thank You   TERESA OWNED BY ICARUS@ fubar
Best Playlist Contest...explanations And Leaders
Thank you so much everyone!  This contest is and was amazing!  I can’t believe all the wonderful lists there are on fu and I’m extremely happy I made a couple of great new friends!   I have about 10 more lists to listen to and provide stats for; I still can’t believe how many entries I received.  If I missed you somehow in the blog, please pm me or shout me (my sb is set to friends only)   If I didn’t save a ton of your tracks it’s because I already have them in the external drive, NOT because your list sucks monkey balls ;)    My cuz is Ivan from Five Finger Death Punch.  Because I’m irritated with him at the moment AND I prefer Motogrator over his new band… I skipped those tracks. I sorry…LMFAO   If you want to know what songs I skipped, saved or giggled/goose bumped to…feel free to ask.  I wrote everything down on scrap paper, so I dunno if I’ll remember exactly, but I’ll try!   I thought up this con
Choosing The Dress Show Your Figure To Wonderful Benefit
Every girl would like to listen to the rear of her the phrase: "Who is this chic girl in a exquisite dress?". Discount wedding dresses A apparel is normally a universal and obligatory factor inside any lady's wardrobe. absolutely nothing so emphasizes femininity as this factor of the lady's wardrobe. The chief factor would be to make your apparel display your figure to wonderful benefit and conceal the shortcomings. Don't neglect that women's apparel is created to not attract interest to itself, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses but to you - its possessor. You ought to keep in mind that not everyone match vivid colours, but at a similar time every single girl can select for herself a apparel of an great suit on the ideal tone.For example, vivid scarlet color is not suggested to put on for females with luxurious blond head of hair and reasonable skin. A vivid tint of red-colored on this circumstance will overshadow the woman, and even though searching at her, the principal interest wil
Driving Me Crazy
Tired tonight. The construction on my house is really getting old. I am sick of having to vacate my home everyday from 9-5 while these fat fucks take way too long to paint.  I mean seriously.....11 days to paint 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and part of a hallway.....I shouldve known better..... start on the kitchen tomorrow....FML   carpeted the wood floors and stairs on t he upper level..... I was actually excited. This means I am getting old.....when new carpet makes me all hot. I just want to lay on in naked, think I's so squishy! but WTF do I do with all these area rugs now...... Burned out from driving to detroit and back in two days. The trip down was horrid. Treacherous even. I counted 7 cars in the ditch and accidents in a 25 mile stretch along I-75 just past Bay City... Had to follow my Fiance down, he had purhcased a 89 Honda Accord and we werent sure if it would make it.... but it did. Just not the windshield wipers. They didnt we had to keep stopping
Play Time For Babygirl
I lay in bed completely naked. Slowly rubbing baby oil all over my body, paying special attention to my tits and my pussy. I begin to pull and tease my nipples, my other hand finds my swollen, tender clit, I feel myself slowly pinching and rubbing my clit. As the fever builds, I stop and tie my tits as tight as I can get them. They change to a deep purple. Next, I clip clothes pins on each nipple as I continue to tease my clit, taking my other hand and fingering my pussy and my ass with two fingers. Sensation building, I slip a third finger in my tight little ass.My fingers find my mouth, gagging myself, imagining it's your hard cock in my throat. While I am gagging, my clit massage gets faster and faster, my desire to cum getting stronger with each passing moment, finally exploding over the edge, I can no longer keep myself from cumming. I spank my clit several times as the pain is replaced with the pleasure of the moment, I slip three fingers into Daddy's cunt. With my other hand, I
My Dreams Pull Me Through
M y heart sings of promises , a love so pure and true , When I think about tomorrow , all I seem to think about is you, From the time the sun rises, at first morning light , My dreams I carry with me , for in them all is right , It makes my day easier , with my silent pain inside , I can think on my dreams , and know I'll survive , For in them you're with me , and we are alone , as I look into your eyes, I know you're mine and mine alone , The love I see within them , Is deep ,true and pure ,  the intensity and passion is beyond all I ever known, and it is in that very moment, I know I'm yours and yours alone, I offer you my heart and you offer me yours , as you lean in to kiss me , I fall a little more, The sun appears from the clouds , and warms my heart ,  thats when I know from you I'll never part, You are my hope , My dream come true , I can feel it arise inside me, in the thoughts I have of you, and like in my dreams, my love is unconditional and forever true, a
The Road That Leads Away
i took the road that leads away from you. i took the road that took me far away. although there was so much to say, looking across the open bay. i took the road that leads away, from the people that really cared. i wonder where you are? have you forgotten; how it use to be. i took the road that led away from you, and i now i only wonder why.  
Where Do We Go
where do we go? when we dont know who we are? looking in the mirror, who do you see, who do you want to be. questions that may never be answered. questions that become a mystery. stairing out into the empty sky, just want to say goodbye. where do we go, when there is noone else to turn to. i stepped off the path, cant find my way back. where do we go? new doors are opening, but which one do we take. where do we go?
Stupid Encounter #59
2:42pm Midwest Man: Killer body 2:43pm iC51NerdGo...: Thanks 2:43pm Midwest Man: Anytime 2:45pm Midwest Man: We should take pics together 2:46pm iC51NerdGo...: of what 2:46pm Midwest Man: us looking hot 2:47pm iC51NerdGo...: Ask my manager 2:47pm Midwest Man: I'll have my manager get with your manager. Midwest Man@ fubar
Sleepless   You invade my thoughts the moment I close my eyes to sleep Questions and curiosities flit through my mind for hours I see you through pools of blue hiding depths I may never know I feel myself wrapped up in you as I try to end my day Not only arms and bodies but minds and souls It's as if my soul has found a friend to love but cannot keep I want you for myself but have no rights to you at all Our lives may never be linked beyond the friendship we have Paper trails never created and souls never entwined You will always belong to me in my heart and in my dreams I have folded you up and tucked you there forever Making you free to love another but always-always mine.   Melissa Lay 
Past Love
I express more with words on paper than I ever could in person It soothes me, calms me, makes everything clear I write to purge my soul of emotions I cannot handle My heart is bleeding out, the memories I created of you The problem with those memories is that they are a fairytale I made you perfect in my mind and forgot your flaws I loved you regardless of them and gave myself to you Our personalities made an interesting match with each other Inspiration, diversity, fire and passion that led to destruction You held back a piece from me that I longed for I gave up and moved on to find someone willing to share I healed and sought out a new friendship with you I needed you again-someone who understands part of me that most don't You need me to accept what you are willing to give I have loved you, lost you, let go of you and need you   Melissa Lay 2009
Run to me my friend I stand here waiting Open arms Open heart Open mind   You need my touch I am here to hold you Open arms Open heart Open mind   Let your sorrow pour out I am here to listen Open arms Open heart Open mind   Always here my friend You're never alone Here in spirit Here in person Here forever   Melissa Lay May 2010
Alcohol   Sedated and numb I fade from his mind You give him what he wants His emotions are blind   I am stripped of hiim I lose him everytime I long to know him more But I see he isn't mine   I was robbed at birth And again later in life You stole my father I gave up being a wife   Constantly first and better I resign myself to alone You have ripped my life apart Left your sins to atone   So I lock up my heart Let my love fade Sedated and numb by sadness My emotions drift away   I concede him to you You win yet again I am never first And I will never win   Melissa Lay May 2010
Seduction   I want to touch your body Feel your nakedness Wrap my legs around you Cover you with my kiss   I want to feel you close Your skin pressed to mine Run your hands down me Slide a finger inside   I am wet with desire Trembling from your touch Pulling you against me Needing you so much   Send me to my knees I'll swallow you with my lips Bring you to the edge Running my tongue to the tip   Climbing on top of you Sliding you deep inside Kiss and caress my breasts  Body and soul collide   Every inch and every place I want to kiss touch explore I fall over the edge My body wanting more   Melissa Lay 2010
Untitled Part Two
It pours from me like sunlight does from the sky. It is inescapable and uncontrolling. Unwilling to be harnessed as it flows out of every pore I radiate its warmth with each stray thought or memory of us It both steals my breath and gives me life I cannot tamp it down out of fear it would burst out of me even more It pushes me to want more like any addiction would It is the most powerful drug I have tasted I would die gladly before living without it forever It has brought me to my knees and I stay there willingly Content in its presence
Elevator Ride
The elevator was crowded,He was backed up against the wall,Then he felt my rump press into him.At first his mind became clouded,And then he had an urge to squall,He got an erection on the drop of a pin!I pressed back against him harder,And I felt his hard cock pressing,Between my soft warm yielding crack.This inflamed and fired his ardor,My warm heat felt like a Blessing,He began pressing slowly back!That elevator ride was long,And our hip movements were real slow,He was thrilled with this happen-chance.His exploding climax was strong,When I left he felt such a glow,I left him with real messy pants!!
Bully Test
Curves Of A Woman
Soft, sensual and roundMimicking the mother's groundThey leave you breathless upon viewMaking you all wet and your mouth cooSensitive to the touch of a handLeaving a lovely impression in the sandLuscious for the eyes to look atWhile slinking around like a wildcatKnowing you want to take her homeSo your mouth and hands can roamAcross her breasts and deep into her thighsUntil the room is only filled with her sighsThose are some words aboutThe beautiful curves of a woman
Cum For Me
Pink is the tongue that licksFlicks the tip of your cockAs I look into your eyesWatching them close with desireWarm and wet is my mouthTaking you deep insideWorshipping the part of youThat brings you such pleasureMy eyes close as I enjoyThe salty taste of your skinHow smooth you slide in and outI lose myself in youMoan for me, beg meTo let you have sweet releaseTighten and tense your body, grab my hairYes, that’s it, cum for me
When I Write
when I write aloneI visit a friendI find her sulking, pacing,waiting her turnin her dark secluded cornershe shies awaybut when I write alone I let her playshe makes visiblewhat superficial lenses missshe carries my baggageall my burdens and shamethrough her eyes I’m a slave to expectationbut when I write alone she says “Fuck perfection”throughout the day, no one can hear hershe never fights inside her cella good girl, she sitssilently suppressedbut when I write alone we’re a vessel possessedset free under lamp lightI let her write, write, open her veinssometimes it’s heartfelt, seductive, or lamebut she scribbles and scratches whatever comes outfor several minutes or pages, until nothing remainsand our hearts beat with a sated tonethen I tuck her away for next time, when I write alone
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. :)
It's time. Shannon and I have set a date (yes, a wedding date. No, we're not kidding.) We're also going 'dark' from the internet for a while, too. We're going to focus on our family, our lives, and our future - and the internet has been nothing but problems for us both - aside from being the place we met. I know there are a few of you that won't understand, and that's ok - this is for us, noone else. Those of you who ARE true friends, feel free to toss me an email or a text from time to time... neither she nor I want to lose the few friends we've made on here. I'd thank each person specifically for the help you've given me over the years, but I'd be here a while - you know who you are ;) On that note... *gives final slurpz to those who deserve it* Rob aka m0p/Master0fPuppets
Finding Her Master
Robin leaned her body closer to Joe, a heavy sigh coming from her lips as she melted against him. Dropping her suitcase to the floor, Robin stepped back from Joe, shrugging her shoulders back, the coat slid down her arms, falling around her ankles. Robin walked back to Joe's embrace, giving Joe a deep kiss on his lips. Joe ran his hands down Robin's back. His fingertips gliding down her spine, Robin's body trembled at his touch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeper. Joe continued down her back, his palms grasping her ass, pulling her closer. Robin tensed at his touch on her sore ass. Then she moaned deeply as the pain turned into pleasure sending a flood of her juices down her thighs. Robin ground her pussy on Joe's hard bulge in his pants."Ohh, goddd, Joe! What have you done to me? After you left, I felt so desperate for your touch, your voice commanding my body. I could not bear to be alone without you. This weekend has been intense for me. I have never felt this
These Things Are Called Bad Encounters
Its your favorite dirty little slut with another tale... but this is one filled with adversary and disapointment. So I go out of my way to make a sultry dirty little add for 3 different things... One for a woman, one for a couple and another one for a man. After many disappointing emails messages and pictures we discover we are stuck with finding another man because most people aren't quite ready for us... So we start screening the tons of cock and face pics out there and come across two people we already know... One a guy I went to school with and another that we had hung with at the bar once. There are freaks just crawling out of the seams at this place!!!!! We go on and narrow it down to a handful and make sure our specifications are clear... We want a man.. We BOTH want to get fucked and we both wnt to play with you!!! By this point it is 1 am on friday so we postpone our endevours to a later date. One of the cantidates sounds most interesting... He has the same name as lovey and e
Packers Dope Sheet
Here are some highlights from the Packers-Bears NFC Championship GameDope Sheet: GREEN BAY (12-6) AT CHICAGO (12-5)Sunday, Jan. 23 - Soldier Field - 2 p.m. CSTPACKERS TRAVEL TO CHICAGO FOR NFC CHAMPIONSHIP The NFL’s oldest rivalry continues this Sunday as the Packers and Bears meet for game No. 182 in the all-time series and for just the second time ever in the postseason with a berth in Super Bowl XLV on the line. No two franchises in NFL annals have met more than Green Bay and Chicago. The Bears hold a 92-83-6 edge in the series, which includes the one postseason matchup. The lone playoff meeting between the rivals came on Dec. 14, 1941, at Wrigley Field in Chicago. In a Western Division Playoff contest necessitated when both teams finished the year 10-1, each having given the other its lone loss, the Bears topped the Packers 33-14 behind their offensive trio of George McAfee, Norm Standlee and Hugh Gallarneau. Not only is this only the second postseason meeting between t
Never Ending Nightmare
Nightmare lying here in the darkScared like my dreams made their markI wonderDreamer always aloneLost in a part of myself I can't find anymoreI wonder if it's gonna end tonightI can't sleep alone anymoreI need you here with meEven though I closed all the doorsThere's somethin' holdin' meNever Ending NightmareAlways there instead of youNever Ending NightmareNo escape this time from youLately been around someone newNeeded to fill in the spaceThat once sheltered youStill I worry, if you're gonna be alrightI can't sleep alone anymoreNeed someone here with meAll I ever wanted and moreMy dreams are fighting forNever Ending NightmareAlways there instead of youNever Ending NightmarePunishing me for the things I doNever ending NightmareNo escape this time from you
Lance Hates Stuff! #10
Ya'know what I hate? The new Nickelodeon shows... I know I am too old to really care about what they show on Nickelodeon but I can't help but be irked when I'm flipping through the channels and there is no "Rugrats" or "Doug." I mean I learned life lessons from "Clarrisa explains it all." And scared myself shitless when I watched "Are you afraid of the dark?" It's so sad to see such a fuck up of a human being have her very own show (Jamie Lynn Spears in "Zoey 101") being broadcast to young america!They even have an anime show on there now, what happened to leaving the Dragon Ball Z type shows to the Cartoon Network??? And no wonder kids are so fat, there isn't any physical competition shows anymore like "Double-Dare" and "Guts". I have no faith in the generation behind us to lead when we're all invalids with the kind of televsion they are shown. Tisk tisk Nickelodeon, tisk tisk.  
New Pic
Only way i can add a new pic haha
Valentine's Day Taking Entries!
Idk Just Ranting I Guess
I left my bf october 9th 2010 but here i am i came back coz he promised things would be diffrent which they arent so im stupid for comming back to help him get his life in order when i cant even get mine together i mean i look for jobs nothing in return i try to  push myself too far (so say ppl around me) then i get frustrated so bad idk what to do i mean half the time i wanna just end it all well most of the time. Idk what anyone says about cutting yea some ppl its an act to get sympothy not me i get stressed so bad when i start thinkin of ending it i cut my arm on the top and then things are ok im not stressed anymore i been in the hospital for mental break downs 3 times in my life but i just dont know how not to keep from being so stressed
[mmm Birthday Money]
Well >> I bought groceries.Almost exclusively protein because..fucking BEANS!!!I've already ate a 1/3 of a chicken, and I've only been up since... 5.Okay, sleep schedule's still a bit off but whatever.Also, I spent about $25 at Michaels. ... and I forgot to get more alligator clips.But more importantly-Schwaaaaah~G3 Full armor paint scheme.Lilac, cyan and white (pearly white if I can pull it off).It's just a color swap project, so I'm not terribly involved in any of it. It's not like I swapped straight over to that idea and abandoned my Gouf.... *stares suspiciously at his gouf*That is a big damn project by the way.Fuck.And I still have to buy super duper fine sandpaper...Fuck.Oh- yeah hobby stores don't carry the super duper fine sandpaper.So what all did I pick up at michaels? What I'm hoping is a flat acrylic blackluminescent green and pink (for lenses and stuff, typically this stuff is BRIGHT green or BRIGHT pink but I've also seen it mixed with other colors and it looks pretty goo
Soldier Of Fortune
I have often told you stories About the way I lived the life of a drifter Waiting for the day When I'd take your hand And sing you songs Then maybe you would say Come lay with me love me And I would surely stay But I feel I'm growing older And the songs that I have sung Echo in the distance Like the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guess I'll always be A soldier of fortune Many times I've been a traveller I looked for something new In days of old  When nights were cold I wandered without you But those days I thougt my eyes Had seen you standing near Though blindness is confusing It shows that you're not here Now I feel I'm growing older And the songs that I have sung Echo in the distance Like the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guess I'll always be A soldier of fortune I can hear the sound Of a windmill goin' 'round I guessI'll always be A soldier of fortune
Let's Play A Little Social Baseball
I've been on this site a little while and yea I've navigated around to get an overall feel for what goes on here. It is true that I do not accept friend adds from guys, Fact is, I have male friends in the real world. We hang out, watch sports, play sports, have drinks,(usually a few beers) and we talk about anything and everything. Guess what, I also have several female friends and take a guess what we do. Exactly the same thing. So here it is guys. Despite what you may have been taught or told, Women are not toys that were put here for your amusement. When you are rude, disrespectful and downrite stupid it is not funny it is not charming and it ain't cute. News Flash....Women are precious Human beings. They too have feelings, wants, desires and dreams. So here are some things to know. 1st, if you want a gal to show you her body and make you masterbate you ain't getting laid anyway. Go try getting a job in the porn industry odds are you don't have what it takes and would be laughed out
Mission: Coherance
Mission: Coherence      I once again am considering the way that I look at the world.  Is it possible that I may be wrong in my shunning of Religion as a whole?  Is it possible that I should walk into the light of God and be saved?  Should I dedicate my soul to the one true lord God?       Nah, I've got a better idea.                          I'm just going to live my life however I see fit.  If this God fellow is one who would punish me just because I didn't say that he is my savior.  I don't think he's the kind of person that I would get along with anyway.             It's been addressed in another's blog, that you get nothing from worshiping Satan.  Well, technically you don't get anything from worshiping God either.  The only thing you get from one or the other is a crutch.  A way of dealing with a world that you may or may not like.  You choose either Hate, or Love, and you let it rule your life.  Either way you end up sacrificing a part of who you are.  You surrender you
Ghosts And Science
     There's a lot to say right now.  A lot that I want put out there for the world.  (or at least for the few people in the world that would stumble across this.)  First though, let me begin with a theory.  I already know that at least one person on my current friends list thinks this kind of stuff is complete bullshit, but work with me here.       Ghosts.  I'm sure they exist.  I'm not sure that they are the spirits of the departed hanging around for…well… who knows why.  They do exist though.  In some form of energy.  Some form of random or not so random accumulation of positive and negative energy that has managed to affect the physical plain or our way of perceiving said plane.  It makes sense to me.  The mind itself is a part of the Brain.  The brain being that squishy grayish thing in the skull composed of neurons and other such tiny little bits-n-pieces.  The mind however, being the information stored within it.  The brain fires off tiny sparks of energy to
Telemarketing And Weak People
Telemarkiting and weak people.      Do not look up quotes for health insurance on the internet.  You'll end up getting pestered by soliciters all damn day and eventually you'll end up snapping and scareing the hell out some poot guy who had nothing else to do with his or her life then bother people and slowly loose any sense of self worth they ever had.       I despise people that earn a living like that.  It's pointless.  No one ever buys and if you do buy, it's probably because you're weak willed and were pressured into it by their non-stop bullshit ranting that seems to leave no other answere then "yes sir" or "dude, fuck off and shut the hell up you useless sack of waste."  there is no middle ground with these people.  they read from a script and do it badly at that.  Then of course I end up hearing from the dumb fuck who deals with people and dosn't even speak the freaking language.  well you know what Habeeb, Fuck you too.  if your going to call me at all sorts
It's Late And I'm Half Asleep...
It’s late, and I’m half asleep. Okay...Strap in, I have some time to kill.       Life Lessons...they suck.  That's the truth of it.  There is no way out of life without learning a thing or two.  Well, there are some people who have managed it, but only through an unimaginable amount of ignorance.  I like to call these people RELIGOUS FUNDIMENTALISTS.  Thats right.  Their assholes.  No real exceptions to that one.       Just so you know, This really won't have a coherent point.  Actually none of my blogs do, but this one less then most.       I've always viewed life as a maze.  If you've read my blog by the same name you'd know this.  But recently I've been thinking of it more as a tunnel that has no end.  No white light at the end and no real entrance.  Like a doughnut in a mountain.  You just keep on moving through the same thing, but each rotation is minutly diffrent.  Nothing noticable, just some small detail that wasn't the same the last time.      
So, You Want To Talk Politics... wanna talk Politics... So very many people have decided to make entire blogs about their opinion on politics.  Well, unfortunately, my mind doesn't work on the "Single Track" method.  So my Blogs are scattered about and quite random in their topics.       But I figured today, I'd talk about Politics.  Because I know that you readers so desperately want to throw me in the same guild as those other "writers".  So I'll talk about Politics.       First things first.  The Government isn't as messed up as you think it is.  The Government isn't the problem.  Think about it.  We choose who runs the government, so if there's a problem with it, who's to blame?  That's right, the Government is fine, the People are fucked.  Don't yell about how a politician is doing things wrong and how he/she/it isn't working for the good of the people.  You and your peers elected him.  Even if you didn't vote FOR him, you were part of the Election and thusly are to blame.  Long live
Fire And Ice
Fire and Ice      "Some say the world will end in fire; Others say in Ice; From what I've tasted of desire; I hold with those who favor Fire.  But if it had to perish Twice; I think I know enough of Hate; To say that for destruction Ice; Is also great; And would Suffice." - Robert Frost.        Ironic that a man named Frost would be of those who favored fire for the day of reckoning.  I myself believe that the desire and the lust for power and pride will be the end of life as it is known, But I also believe that on this day, Ice shall have it's say as well.  Hatered is one of the most volitile emotions one can feel.  It is the one thing that will turn any mortal into a demonic force.  I'm not talking of the common "I hate Tuesdays" hate either.  I'm talking Rage.  That animalistic vengence that cries not only for the blood of those you despise, but for their screams of agony.  The Hate that can come only when all light is gone and nothing else exists.       Fire an
The Archetype
The Archetype             Only once in every lifetime are we granted a glimpse of true emotion.  Only once do we know what Hate really is, only once do we know what Love is, and only once do we know what fear is.  Only once do we as creatures feel the epitome of those feelings.  Sometimes they can last for years though.  Most of the time however it's gone in the blink of an eye.  Vanished from reality and forever only a memory of life.              It is these times, when the feelings and thoughts reach an archetypical point, that we learn something about ourselves.  Something that has before been missing in the picture and puzzle that is our identity comes into play.  These are the moments Legends are made and tales are told.  These are moments where romance blooms and the fires of Hell rage out of control.  The Paradox made time and space so eloquently scalding the memory upon the skull and mind.  Somehow, we manage to survive these moments and move forward with the smoke from
On The Other Hand, It Is A Rather Nice Handbasket...
On the Other is a rather nice Handbasket.      In the storm, I saw life.  In the Lightning, I saw what was and is.  In the thunder, I heard the truth.  We, are fucked.       That may be a little harsh to those of you who actually want to have a little faith in this world, but it's true.  We're fucked.  Plain and simple.  I've looked into some political opinions I've been reading lately and, while there are some valid points, its just the same coin from a diffrent angle.  Politics, no matter who is saying what or how strongly they believe in it, is all about being a convincing Hypocrite.  From the Bush supporters, who just seem to fall into the back nowadays, to the Bush Non-Supporters, who are just as closed minded and void as the people they try and beat down.  It's kinda funny when you think about it.       Of course we're not just fucked because of the Politics, or the lack of action on the behalf of the population to do anything about an incompatant Le
In The Interest Of Self-mutilation
In the interest of Self-Mutilation      Self Mutilation is not always a physical thing.  Sometimes it can be the illogical need for emotional hurt.  Such as looking up old friends and re-living past events that scarred you emotionally.  It's still a form of masochism but only in the most rudimentary of definitions.  It's not something that describes a personality crying out for a release of emotional pain by forcing an physical pain, it's the need to stimulate the emotional stillness within ones self that can provide proof that there is still something there.  It is said that the most memorable moments in a persons life are the tragic ones, but what happens when it all just runs together in a blur?  When the Tradgedy no longer holds any power over memory?  The only way to make sure that the pain can still be felt and that one hasn't been completly nullified in the field of emotionl empathy, one has to look back on the most painfull of memories and feel the pang in the d
Why I'm Glad Anne Rice Stopped
Why I'm Glad Anne Rice Stopped Horror movies have always been a favorite of mine. While it has in fact been quite a while since any of them have scared me, I still think they are the greatest thing cinema has popped out as far as a date movie. Nothing beats having a woman jump onto your lap while your laughing your ass off at a man who was just been killed with a toilet seat. As you can tell, it leaves something to be desired in the intellectual field, yet it has everything else I could want in a night out. Whiskey, women, and unrealistic amounts of blood flowing from minor wounds. Yet despite my love of this genera, I must complain about one facet of it. The vampire movie. In the beginning the vampire held a new fascination for us. It was something that seemed unbeatable and irresistible. Now though a vampire is not an immortal bloodsucker from hell. Now, thanks largely to people like Ann Rice, the vampire is just a human who happens to have an odd taste in liquids.
An Essay Written In High School. Aka Why Nice Guys Finish Last
AN OLD TALE BUT A GOOD ONE _____________________))_)_)_)_)_)_)_)_)-----))_--)_   Sometimes I wish I could Re-live certain moments of my life. Certain parts that have been screwed up so badly that even now, I can feel the pang of regret as fresh as when it just happened. I wish that I could go back and warn myself of the stupid mistakes I was about to make, and beg myself not to let it happen. One particular day that strikes me thusly, is the day I began the destruction of a friendship that meant more to me then I could have imagined. It started during lunch a day or two before the signups for the High School trip to the Renaissance fair was called to an end. I was telling my friend (Who for the sake of some level of privacy will be referred to as, Miranda) that I was considering not going to the fair. This was apparently not what she wanted to hear.      "But if you don't go then I won't know anyone on the trip." She said with one of the many looks that made me bend to
The Original Version Of "the Maze" (published)
The original version of "The Maze" We go through our younger years being led through the corridors. Eventually though, we are shown to a door. The sense of security we have grown so accustomed to almost forces us to walk through that door into the darkness beyond smiling and without a second thought. The door slowly closes behind us and by the time we realize that we are alone it's too late. The door is closed and locked firmly. This is when we enter The Maze. This is when we enter our lives. We stumble around in the darkness looking for a light that must be around somewhere. These lights could be friends, loved ones, religion or one of many sources of light in the darkness that is The Maze. Even if you are one of the lucky few to find a light it will not protect you from all things that lurk in the shadows. These lights are more like candles than flashlights. The soft glow of the flame may protect you from sliding your hand along the wall oblivious to the protruding nail
A Longtime Friend
            I walked down the hall and headed for her dorm room. I had justcome back from our friend's room where I was staying for the weekend. I wasjust going down there to say goodnight. I had known her for 3 yrs, our friend,her girlfriend, I had known for 4. I had had sort of a crush on both of themalmost the whole time id known them. I hadn't ever considered anything comingof it as they were both very into women. As I walked towards the door I beganto think about all of this. I realized my crush for her had gotten stronger. Igot to her door and knocked softly as I opened it.              I didn't see her at first when I opened the door. The side ofthe large closet next to the door partly obscured her room. She came into viewand I was stunned. She was nude, partly bent over, drying her still wet hairwith a towel. She had apparently just returned from a shower. Her small yetcurvaceous body glistened slightly in the light of the lamp on her desk. Shewas still a little damp from her s
Just A Little Update
Just a bit of an update from my last blog.  So far there is no medications that are helping with any of the symptoms and this week I get to go to a lovely neurologist to find out why I fall and black out.  More and more tests yay can't wait but who knows maybe something will finally come out of it all.  I just wanted to say a big thank you to my friends that have helped me out either by just talking or simply letting me know that they are there I can't tell you how much I appreciate it......much love Jen
Modern Man's Hustle~~ Atmosphere
"Modern Man's Hustle"The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicksSexy little bitch, shorter than expectedAbout five-foot five big an' thick in the breast and thighsBeautiful, dark eyes a strong stareLarge lips, soft hands and long hairI said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at itIll make you smile just so I can sit and look at it,[Chorus 2x]I will show you all you need to knowYou must hold on to anyone that wants you And I will love you through simple and the struggleBut girl you gotta understand the modern man must hustleWho cares what Jane saysShe always spits the same spitId rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hitLittle sister needs seclusionSomehow she'll discover it through the pop musicGot used to the feeling of fallingBut you'll never see her followingBouncing back and forth between the healing and the holleringRiding the outer ring of your own private saturnThoughts scattered all across the grey m
Will You Love Me Forever?
So it's been a long time since I've done one of these blog things. It's always been a weird way to chronical of our relationship, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Where to start? Hmmm... I guess I will start with where we're at. It's a pretty exciting time to say the least. We've both made the choice that we're going to finally do this. I'm mostly excited but a little scared. I'm excited cause I'll get to be with you and I know you were made for me and I was made for you. I'm scared cause... Well I don't know why lol. Maybe it's cause we're down to the nitty gritty. Probably cause I've had my doubts that we would finally make this happen. I've never had doubts about my love for you just so that's clear. We've been through a lot of obstacles to get to this point. It's about damn time we've finally gotten there. Hell I finally feel comfortable refering to you as my girlfriend. There's always been that grey area there and didn't know what to call what we have  lol. Ok, I'm going to
Do You Know How To Farkle?
Hey everyone who is interested in joining the latest craze FARKLE is an amazing dice game but the name just makes it sound so naughty like it was made for FU.  We really need a Farkle ability bling or plain Farkle bling to celebrate the rage.  Don't leave us sitting in the dust Scrapper even FB has Farkle!   Now put your heads together all vote on my blog and send a message to the powers that be on FU that you want and need to Farkle!  Get a Buddy never Farkle alone.... it is always more fun to Farkle with others.  Let's have a FU FARKLE FRIDAY!!!
Don't You Want To Know?....rants & Raves Reveal And Launch !
Well, hello my friends and welcome to a very special edition of this here blog. Hope you all had a great week and have an amazing weekend... Sometimes on here and in real life, thing get to a point where you have to try something different, a new approach, new methods, new ways of doing things. For years now it seems that this blog has been a place where people go to sort out some of the questions they have about people, fakes and other "General Threats" to the fu population as a whole. Despite what some, minority group of people think or believe of this approach, it has been an effective deterrent for stupid for quite some time now. I mean, don't people want to know if the person they are talking to is actually the person they say they are in their pictures before spending cash? Don't people want to know if someone they are interested in is sending "So Hot" or whatever kind of bling they want to send today to three quarters of Fubar? (see previous posts for more details if you have
I Am So Freakin Cool
I went to a mystery dinner thater was a mix of improv and was freakin awesome Had the bessssst time :D I was sooo tired, and sick to my tummy....stu ill went and I am so glad i did!!
The Dream
The Dream   When rain trickles And the winds blow While candles flicker And tree limbs bow I dream of you And of our bond The memories of us Have grown so fond I lie awake In darkness cloaked The picture I see My mind invoked I see your face Those entrancing eyes The beautiful lips That tell no lies I hear your voice The song it sings The words it speaks The thoughts it brings I feel your touch Your soft skin near The gentle embrace That calms my fear I smell your fragrance Your personal potion The strong aroma From a body in motion I feel your love Your soul's tenderness The warm affection That you express I fall to sleep Your picture I hold What dreams may come As each day unfolds     Melissa Lay October 1, 1998
Haunting Memories
i thought i had you gone for good...but you found a loop hole in my life to haunt me as long as you want....why dont u just crawl back into that loop hole you found and go straight to hell and take ur memories with you what i did was wrong but you have no right to give me hell till im old..go away..just go away for good.just know some point in my life im gonna find her whoever she is and hopefully drown ur memories that i thought was gone and put hers in with the new and out with the old.goodbye forever Brittany im stabbing this night all the way to the peak of the soul you once loved.making a new life for me starting alllllllllllllllllllllll over from the get-co ON MY before i were the only special gurl in my entire that was family to me the only one i ever love so fucking ur gone with everything to where i cant breathe i cant see i cant live i cant be me i cant be happy i cant be the kid you once from here on o
What So Many Search For....i Had!
I've been siiting here think about my ex-fiance a lot lately, not the same way I used to, it's more along the line's of wondering how he is and if he is safe over there in Kuwait. I wonder how his kid's are doing too, I wonder if they are happy and healty, and yes, I even wonder if they know the real reason why I left Kansas. Randy and I met on here June 6th 2009 while he was deployed to Germany, and we got very close very fast and I even fell in love with him almost from the first week.....but it would be 8 month's before he would admit that he was in love with me too. In March of last year we finally met in person, and it felt like my life was just beginning to have true happiness in it again, and he proposed 6 day's before I left to come back here....and of course I said "yes". I couldn't believe how lucky I was, and it wasn'r because he was a Soldier in the Army either, it was because he was everything i could have asked for in a man. He has two children, a daughter that will be 13
Start Shopping Your Prom Dress In November And December
It's barely autumn, and also the winter holidays appear for being a extended way away. You are obtaining right into a regimen of back-to-school: homework, tests, Discount wedding dresses friends, activities, and sports. using the feasible exception of university planning, following spring is possibly the final factor in your mind. Wholesale wedding dress Why have to you begin pondering about a prom dress once the prom is so much away? It is not well-known by most prom-goers, that the most effective selections are discovered before for the New Year. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Prom dress producers are currently delivery outfits for the shops in October for that upcoming prom season. through the time the prom periodicals strike the information stands in December, Cheap Quinceanera Dresses a amount of individuals will currently have positioned orders for that most famous dresses. how can they occur throughout these new styles which have however for being within the magazines? individu
Start Shopping Your Prom Dress In November And December
It's barely autumn, and also the winter holidays appear for being a extended way away. You are obtaining right into a regimen of back-to-school: homework, tests, Discount wedding dresses friends, activities, and sports. using the feasible exception of university planning, following spring is possibly the final factor in your mind. Wholesale wedding dress Why have to you begin pondering about a prom dress once the prom is so much away? It is not well-known by most prom-goers, that the most effective selections are discovered before for the New Year. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Prom dress producers are currently delivery outfits for the shops in October for that upcoming prom season. through the time the prom periodicals strike the information stands in December, Cheap Quinceanera Dresses a amount of individuals will currently have positioned orders for that most famous dresses. how can they occur throughout these new styles which have however for being within the magazines? individu
Subject: A Blonde's Year In Review
  January  Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight.  February  Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels.....Helllloooo!!!.......bottles  won't fit in printer!!!MarchGot really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months.....Box said ' 2-4 years!'  April  Trapped on escalator for hours ...  Power went out!!!MayTried to  make Kool Aid.....wrong instructions....8 cups of  water won't fit into those little packets!!!  JuneTried to  go water skiing.......Couldn't find a lake with a  slope.   JulyLost breast stroke swimming competition....Learned later , the other swimmers cheated , they used their arms!!!AugustGot locked out of my car in rain storm......Car swamped beca
Used To Be
      You used to talk to me like I was the only one around. You used to lean on me like the only other choice was falling down. You used to walk with me like we had nowhere we needed to go, nice and slow, to no place in particular. We used to have this figured out; we used to breathe without a doubt. When nights were clear, you were the first star that I'd see. We used to have this under control. We never thought, we used to know. At least there's you, and at least there's me. Can we get this back? Can we get this back to how it used to be? I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way. I used to listen. You always had just the right thing to say. I used to follow you. Never really cared where we would go, fast or slow, to anywhere at all. I look around me, and I want you to be there. Cause I miss the things that we shared. Look around you. It's empty, and you're sad. Cause you miss the love that we had. You used to talk to me like I
Real Life Of An Addict. Please Comment With Honest Opinions Before I Submit To Admissions.
Slaying the Monster                               By Sally M Smith      This isn’t going to be a typical essay; you may not consider it an essay at all, but a story. This is a true story, this is my story. Let me share with you how I got here, how I came to know exactly what I am meant to do with my life.    I plan to spend my life helping kids slay the Monster named addiction. I say Monster because it takes over, eats at you bit by bit and is out to destroy not only you, but those who love you as well. We often find ourselves asking why we are here. What is the meaning of life? Why was I created? I feel that I have found the answer to those questions, and while I know I may be wrong I honestly hope that I am not. I believe we are here to struggle and suffer and use what we have learned from our own experiences to help others overcome similar struggles in their own lives.    As a child I was introduced to drugs very early on by my mother. She would give me prescription pai
Irony Of Life
 4:44PM  1/22/2011Irony Of Life  Life is sometimes cruel..., It chooses the wrong times to place things in your life, With little to no warning , Your entire world could be right , and in the next , you're watching it fall apart right before your eyes,   Human nature ...,  is when your weak , you reach out for someone to catch you ,and place you back on your feet,  We call this a rebound , in the human world , When your heart weeps , you look for another soul , to once again make it whole,   What they fail to teach us ..., is when we are vulnerable , those who reach out to us are not always sincere, some mean what they say, and will support you all the way, but others are predators out to play ,and in our confusion we give in anyway,   What we fail to learn ..., is when this happens again , we should not give in, but allow ourselves time to heal, and see who is still there at the end, for that is the one who is, sincere , in his love for you, that is the one who tr
Life Keeps Changing Where Are We At.
Next Month
Starting next month I plan to be around more. I plan to blog daily, if they get read or not I care not. I've taken the last couple months away from this to reflect and to regain who I am. Drama from the past as made me a bitter person and I took time away just to put that behind me. These blogs maybe about myself, my life, my health, my diet, could be political. These blogs could be of a spiritual or religious nature and maybe nonsensical or just plain goofy because I can. 2011 is all about me and no drama.
I always laugh when i see status's that say things like "$25 bling pack to see my naughties" "bling me for access to my private pics" "$65 bling pack gets you a nsfw salute" "buy me a god mode and i will let you see my goods" "buy me this and i will give you my yim" "buy me that and i will give you my messenger, let you text me for 1 hr, let you see me on cam for 5 mins" Really? Do guys really give these fustitutes these things to have a peek at their snatches? Guys really toss money at them just to have a peek at nsfw folders? Why dont these gals have a lil digital sign on their profile "now serving #1032" I speak only for myself when i say if i want to pay to look at snatches or naughty pics i will go to the newstand and buy a playboy or hustler. Not only will i save a ton of cash but I will be guaranteed that the pics i am looking at will be pics taken by a professional photographer and be of a professional model. Not a nasty skank with a yellow cooter thats just dripping with dise
Help Jak's Friend Out If You Would
JAKs friend Jordan is in a magazine contest and needs votes on her pics. if you are offended by 420 then you dont have to vote. here's the link to get to the pics   if she wins she'll get to be in their next calendar. thanks so much for your time.   John "JAK"
The Glow Radio Saturday
Saturday Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is The Freak Show with Tony the Misfit featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Sunday Morning The DJ Joe D Show Live from Toronto, Canada at 7am PT/8am MT/9am CT/10am ET/3pm GMT Every Sunday Morning DJ Joe D will be Live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute.The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content & Novelty Songs of the Week.Tune in for this great new show
A Must Read!!! You Will Laugh Till You Cry :)
ONLY A MAN WOULD ATTEMPT THIS Just try reading this without laughing till you cry!!! Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife... A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest... The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse- sized tazer stun gun. The effects of the tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button and pressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth betw
Tears Of Fire
i hate the fact that i cant sleep anymore or do like i use to i feel nailed to the ground all the time like my wings have been clipped or something it sucks i need guidence for my mixed emotions on what to do anymore the docs arent helping trust me and to make things worse we literally have no money having to sulk down and borrow save or ask family really hurts sometimes i give up now please dont catch me this time just let me hit the ground im serious i dont now what to do anymore im running out of ideas............. HELP ME before i just crash and burn............ im so bummed out
Abstract Poetry From My Heart
there is something inside my being that is locked up with no key never has been One to pry to find me inside my desires and hungerings can noy be ignored as if my soul could explode there is a box deep inside that tries and tries to hide  Soulmate Soulmate where art Thou for now i know You hold the key to that box inside of me please hurry now so i can see You unlocking that box inside of me True submission i will be all of Yours and none of me Your loving arms i long to caress while Your holding on to the one thing You have waited for Your everything the key You have i know is true please hurry and unlock Your wants and desires from me.
Elderly Dog Help And Suggestions
I have an 11 year old dog named Bella. She has been with me since she was 5 1/2 weeks old. She is one of the loves of my life. Greatest dog, well trained and so well mannered. Loves everyone and everything. In the past few months my 2 year old fell on top of her and hurt her pretty bad. She was treated and had gone back to normal. Now with the bitter cold weather here and the snow within mins of letting her out to go potty her arthritis starts to kick in and her joints start to lock up. Today was the worst and I was to the point where I wanted to run out and pick her up and carry her in. My heart sank to see her in that condition. She has been started on Glucosamine, and is perfectly fine when she is indoors. Even still jumps over the baby gates and up onto furniture and beds without one issue. I am looking for any suggestions on how I can make her life easier when she goes outside. Is there any other vitamines or anything that I can do that has maybe worked for you before? Mind yo
Nsfw Image Folders Visible...
photos in NSFW folders now seem to be visible to non-friends. Even if this is a bug, be sure to make them friends or family-locked too if that is your intention.
God Mode
    Everyday i come on here and see all sorts of shit. I've noticed one thing in particular that lets me know that some on here are actually snobs and kind of reminds me of high school. The GOD MODE.     People run it for many reasons. Some use it for a majority of the blings it has like the boomerrang, famp, 11s, polisher, and bombs. I see some use the pimp hand, which I think is stupid. Why would someone WANT to stop someone from gaining points? Plus if you pimphand someone doesn't it stop the peoole in their fam from gaining points as well? i think it just shows hatred and immaturity. I dont care who gets upset about me saying that, but it's just my opinion. I've seen someone pimp hand someone while running a blind out of sheer spite because they are friends with someone they hate. Isn't that kinda childish? Like being in high school?      Anywho. Another thing I've seen is trading fam spots just to benefit the points. For whatever reasons. To rank, gain more points, whatever. Isn
What Would U Pick
If u could take one thing out of this world what would it be.

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